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Name: 20221015_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 15, 2022
1030 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including World War III, COVID camps, artificial suns, globalists' plans for the Earth's Great Reset, censorship of information, and the importance of staying informed. He highlights dangers such as nuclear war and potential cataclysms. Greg Reese delves into theories about recurrent novas of our own sun and ancient structures built with dimensions that memorialize astronomical cycles. The videos discuss lawsuits against Alex Jones for spreading misinformation, big banks tracking purchases, and propaganda tactics used by big tech, pharma, government, corporations, and leftists. Throughout the discussions, Jones emphasizes the importance of supporting InfoWars and remaining aware of ongoing global events.

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It's Saturday, October 15, 2022.
This is one of the most important broadcasts we'll ever do.
Get ready.
Inside World War III in the COVID camps.
Tomorrow's news, today.
We are living in epic times.
We are at the crossroads of human destiny and our future.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very honored and blessed to still be here in ATT&CK Formation on this Saturday emergency broadcast.
I want to thank you all for caring about the future of humanity.
For myself and my family, I salute you.
And of course, the InfoWars family as well.
And I only ask you pray for the broadcast and you share the articles and the videos and this key report that is streaming out at InfoWars.com and Bandai Video and now archived as we speak.
We're good to go.
It is the final countdown.
All right, I've done a lot of preparation for this commercial-free... When I say commercial-free, we're not going to have regular commercial ad breaks.
I'll have a few plugs here from the operation.
But this break-free transmission.
Two original special reports that just came out today on critical issues.
That's going to be coming up.
Eminent Cataclysm and the Plan to Survive the Great Reset.
Also, watch this before you take the next clot shot.
Both those reports by John Bowne and the Great Gregories are coming up.
Obviously, we're here today to cover these two big folders.
The red folder and the dark orange folder.
World War III and the COVID camps.
And this is a boil down and analysis of what is actually taking place right now and how it all ties together.
That is the first big tranche we're going to be covering.
David Icke was on with us yesterday, but he's come out with a new, very powerful special report dealing with the enemy's plan to launch new viral releases and new lockdowns, which I concur with.
That's coming up in the next hour with so much more.
But the first thing I want to mention that I'll get to after we cover these two big giant topics, the reason you're tuned in, are these two reports.
Government playing God.
And what am I talking about here specifically?
They're going operational.
White House is pushing ahead research to cool Earth by reflecting back sunlight.
The White House is debating whether or not it should spray toxic gas in the atmosphere to, quote, fight climate change.
This is real.
We have that, and then we have this, that I'm going to play first, and I'll get into later.
I remember being about nine years old, and my dad would put on PBS at the time, usually on the weekend, and he would order pizza and everything, and he'd be drinking beer, and he'd say, come on in here, son.
And he's into science, and he'd say, Voyager is about to send back images from Jupiter.
Or Voyager is about to send back images from Saturn.
He'd do this on a routine basis.
This was bigger to him than Dallas Cowboys, and he had season tickets to that.
I mean, this was big.
And we'd sit there and watch all day into the night the images of Voyager.
And another time, he got even more excited when I was, I think, about 10 years old, and
They were about to release classified footage that he'd been told about by some of his friends of what had happened a year previously in an underground base in the United States, of the United States creating an artificial sun.
And my dad was talking about fission fusion, how dangerous it was, but how incredible it was, and how that's what experts believe might have destroyed Atlantis.
That's what Plato wrote 2,300 years ago, where they described this artificial sun that gave them power that was in the middle of the city.
And I remember seeing it and my dad's mouth was hanging open because this is what he'd been trained for and first gone to school for.
He was going to UT when he was 15.
It's part of the Plan 2 program.
And they had theorized it and were trying to develop it then, but by the early 80s, it was already happening.
Then a few years later, he really freaked out saying his sources had told him that a black hole had been artificially created in Colorado.
I'm a little kid here and this is wild.
And a few years later it was declassified that they had created an artificial black hole.
But a lot of scientists didn't want to do it because they thought it might destroy the Earth.
It might get out of hand and suck the whole planet in.
Or they could create a strangelet that's similar that they admit is one of the problems and a side effect of the Hadron Superconducting Super Collider cyclotron in Europe, in France, in Switzerland.
So that's just some background here of the Atlantean moment.
Whether Atlantis existed or not, Plato, who everything else he wrote about they basically dug up and found already, said there was an island in the Atlantic Ocean with an advanced civilization that automaton described as robots that humans sat in the head of and controlled like science fiction, and that they had flying ships around the world and visited people, and that they had a floating energy source that looked like a sun above their city that they were able to gather power from, but that it blew up.
So this is the real Illuminati religion.
The U.S.
has done it.
Europe's done it.
The Japanese have done it.
The Chinese, the Chinese have gone ahead with it.
And they built the biggest ones that are known in existence.
The others are secret.
And they are not doing it on an underground basis.
And on a small scale.
They created the largest known artificial sun ever yesterday and launched it off the Chinese coast.
So the average person cares about what Hollywood's saying or they care about the football this weekend.
Ladies and gentlemen, China's $1 trillion artificial sun reactor just got five times hotter than the sun.
And they didn't launch this inside a laboratory.
They just launched a full-blown artificial sun in the atmosphere, which many scientists believe could chain reaction and destroy the Earth.
So, Atlantis reportedly blew up doing this, and it reportedly melted and blew the island into pieces and thousands of miles away.
Molten glass rained down, and they found molten glass that has the same isotopes as areas of the Atlantic Ocean as far away as central Russia and Greece.
So Atlantis reportedly did this.
China just did it publicly.
So it's not Plato saying this now, who's the father of eugenics and the whole world system today.
Who's a historian and philosopher.
It's now happening.
Let's roll the footage from China.
China's fusion reactor ignited artificial sun for 70 minutes.
According to Chinese media reports, one of three of largest fusion reactors in operation in the country was able to keep the plasma heated to 70 million degrees for more than 17 minutes.
Here is the video.
We're going to have more footage of this for you coming up later.
But you just saw...
More clips of it.
An artificial sun ignited.
Now, in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 Space Odyssey, that is an Illuminati trilogy, or Odyssey,
In the movie they ignite Saturn, but in the book it's Jupiter, or vice versa, I forget.
That's the coming of Lucifer, the new sun.
So the whole religion of these people, going back to Atlantis, is artificial suns.
The Nazis were obsessed with it.
They called it the Black Sun Project.
So, I'm just giving you some key words to search for yourself and look into this.
Tesla as well.
You just saw open-air ignition of a sun many times hotter than the thing that gives life on our planet.
Yeah, humans have God-like power, but we don't have God-like souls or brains.
This is our Atlantean moment that we are now approaching.
And there's more clips of it more up close I will have for you coming up.
But this should be the top story in the world.
And it's a minor footnote, ladies and gentlemen, because people don't care about science.
And it's because of scientific ignorance that you can get away with poison shots that aren't vaccines, that hurt you and kill you, and then claim, oh, trust us, trust the science, even though everything he told us was a giant lie.
Okay, so there's that information.
That's coming up today.
Pretty big deal.
Which folder should I hit first?
World War III and safer places in the U.S.?
I'm really interested in that.
I'm sure you are.
Or should we hit COVID camps first?
These are all admitted, but it's kind of faded off into the background noise when this is part of their main agenda during the controlled collapse.
Let's hit World War III first.
Let's go ahead and do that first.
There's a key article up on InfoWars.com from Zero Hedge that has the best basic analysis of this that I want to hit first.
Russia has one of the largest, if not the largest, nuclear weapon stockpiles in the world.
They've threatened nuclear war if NATO continues to pour in troops and weapons and defeat them in Ukraine.
And now New York and other major cities are having nuclear war attack drills.
And so this is something we should really talk about and really deal with because, you see, you're thinking, well, I don't want to die.
I don't want nuclear war.
Why would the globalist controllers want that?
Because they have the underground bases.
Because they have lost control of civilization's development.
They want control of the science they now have in the bunkers.
They want to get rid of us so that we can't get control of our governments and ever have any direction or control on the future of humanity.
It's all about control of human evolution in their minds.
But first, let's look at the technicals.
Best Places to Survive a Nuclear Apocalypse in the U.S.
The Feds run ads all over the country, New York started a few months ago, but now it's all over the country, telling you when the nukes go off, tune into this local app or local radio station.
You won't have electricity, you won't have cell phones, AM and FM radio will be off, your electricity will be off if you're lucky and not dead from the airburst.
Because what Hollywood messes up, and what even our own videos we put out mess up, is it always shows a missile hitting the ground.
They detonate it 3 to 1,000 feet for an airburst.
They detonate and send out their blast.
If it hits the ground, it blows up a small area and shoots radioactive debris up and doesn't kill one-tenth of the people.
They don't hit the ground with nukes.
That's tacticals.
Take out troops on the ground.
Your strategic weapons come in through the atmosphere, launched over the North Pole from China or Russia.
They come in over Canada.
They come in over the Midwest, New York, West Coast, the South, the Midwest.
And as it comes into orbit, the top of the ICBM pops open and it's got 10 to 20 to 30 warheads, some of them dummy.
So that, you know, laser tracking systems, you know, don't hit the right missiles.
And they come in and open up and then fire dozens of warheads down your cities, okay?
Then they detonated thousands of feet on the air.
The smaller the warhead, the closer to the ground they detonate.
The larger the warhead, the higher.
Some of these super high-powered ones detonated 10,000 feet.
And then it's bye-bye.
It's our Atlantean moment.
Whether it's nuclear weapons, or whether it's fission fusion, or strangelets, or superconductor supercolliders, they are all playing Russian roulette with the entire future of our planet, with any matter, you name it.
So here's a good article from ZeroHedge on Infowars.com.
Best places to survive a nuclear apocalypse in the U.S.
Why do I know this?
I made the film Strategic Location.
And we sell the book Strategic Location by the top strategic location expert out there, Bill Skousen, and this basically mirrors his analysis.
So after President Biden's Armageddon comments and Putin's Armageddon I'm not loving comments, it's important to go over these.
So here is a map we'll put on screen for you of nuclear targets inside the United States.
And the black and purple sites are the areas that will be hit by the most weapons.
Now if you wonder why these areas out in the mountain range in the Rockies and up to the Canadian border
Are the most black.
That's where our ICBM intercontinental ballistic fields are mainly based.
So those are really bad areas to be in right around that.
But then you see cities that have military or tech or bases in them or population centers.
These are the admitted Russian targets inside the United States.
You might want to look that up.
We'll blow that up for you.
But you might want to go look at the map put out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Okay, let's move over to U.S.
nuclear targets.
Again, we already mentioned those.
The ICBM bases, the sub and plane bases, the command and control targets.
You've got Site R in Virginia.
You've got Cheyenne Mountain.
You've got all the things going on out in Colorado.
Colorado Springs.
You've got nuclear storage depots that are also in purple there.
Not a place you want to be close to.
And this is a really important map right here.
We're going to spend some time on this.
This is fallout zones according to federal government studies and NOAA studies.
That's the federal agency that studies the weather of where zones are in nuclear fallout.
So that when it falls out on you and the food you're eating and everything else, you don't die of radiation poison bleeding out of every orifice.
And you can see the areas here that are seen as safe, safer.
Blue is the safest.
Red is the most dangerous.
You can see that Maine's a pretty safe place.
West Texas is safe.
There's a few areas in the inner mountain region where the mountains block any of the fallout.
Those are safe.
You might want to look at these places.
I've been looking at these as well.
I intend to stay at the helm as long as possible, but if any tactical nukes get used in Ukraine, it'll probably be hours till we get nuked.
But I'll take that as the immediate time to go to West Texas.
If I don't have property in West Texas, I'm just going.
So there's that important information to know.
But not a lot of safe zones, as you can see there.
And there's videos and reports.
Just as a good primer, if you want to understand what you're up against, what we're up against, just go to InfoWars.com and we're going to have it added to the live show feed area today.
Another important article here.
World-ending nuclear war with Putin could wipe out 5 billion people and block out the sun for years, experts warn.
It's a really good report, because I know the research on it, I know it's accurate, and you might want to look into that.
Just a little bit as well.
We sell it because imagine if good iodine is so amazing, it protects you from a lot of different types of radiation getting into the thyroid, radioactive isotopes.
Why wouldn't you want it for what it does to block fluoride, chloride, bromine, the bad halogens?
It's essential in the body.
It's incredible.
We have the triiodide, all three types your body needs for not radiation.
No, it has some help in that for your energy, for your immune system, for every cellular function.
Iodine is essential.
One of the biggest missing links in our health in the world is not having iodine and not having iodine that's bound into other elements so you don't absorb it.
This is not bound.
You will absorb it.
It is incredible.
It takes about two weeks to kick in to see the results for your skin, for your... I mean, I'm not trying to be cheeky or catty here.
But everybody obsesses on things like...
Sex enhancement and all the rest stuff for older men, and our testosterone goes down, all the rest of it.
The building block of testosterone and everything is iodine.
It's why they hit you with the opposite of iodine, the food and the water.
And so, Dr. Group 11 years ago said, you should come out with an iodine.
We're coming out with it.
It's really good.
Take this sample.
He says it'll make those skin spots, add a few of those from the sun, go away.
I used to have, when I was younger, like spots from the sun.
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You're going to feel like you're 18 again.
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Two, three weeks into it, I thought I was 18 again.
Not that I really had a problem, but I'm like, man, I'd forgotten that, you know, that I was 18, that my male member was bigger.
You know, just never got, and I'm just being technical with you, to understand what this does to your body.
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And I only bring up the example of erections, because it's the easiest one to gauge.
I mean, Group's telling me, yeah, you take this for a month, your sunspots will go away.
I'm like, yeah, right.
I thought Group was a good guy, but give me a break.
You're really going to feel it in the morning.
And about two, three weeks in, I'm like, what?
Because you remember being like 16, 17, 18, and an erection would be so intense it would hurt?
Remember like, man, this is like, ah!
We're good to go.
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I'm digressing, let's continue.
Ukraine's admission to NATO guaranteed to lead to World War III, Russian official.
Russian army will be annihilated if Putin uses nukes.
EU's Burrell.
Putin signals readiness to de-escalate airstrikes on Ukraine.
Ukraine responds by saying we're getting ready for nuclear war, and Zelensky called for pre-strikes for nuclear war.
The good news is U.S.
citizens and others are waking up, German citizens and others are protesting and going out to leftist events, to AOC and others and saying, you're causing World War III, you did this with George Soros, you're the problem.
So that is some good news.
As NATO holds more nuclear talks, Russia holds World War III drills.
Dugin, whose daughter was just killed by Ukrainians, says World War III is coming.
So it just goes on and on, ladies and gentlemen.
But I wanted to just talk about safe zones and things like that.
But the most important thing to understand is the globalists want to depopulate people.
They want to reset the human populations.
They believe they can survive a nuclear war.
And they want to get rid of the majority of us because they know their scientific dictatorship plan is failing, their Mark of the Beast plan, their world government.
They're biomedical tyranny.
They tried their vaccine scare takeover, and that failed.
Yeah, they got some idiots early on to go along with it, but overall it backfired now.
So their next plan was war.
Remember what the EU had said a few years ago, three years ago?
He said, if you don't accept the Great Reset and the New World Order, if you don't accept globalism, there will be nuclear war.
So they're telling you, we're going to give you a nuclear war to get rid of you, and the few that survive will be under our new global system, and you'll put up with it.
See, you've got to get your mind around the fact that if Hitler would have had a bunch of nuclear weapons and he was losing, he would have done this too.
They're losing, so they want to turn the chessboard over.
That is their plan.
So, we're going to play a special report dealing with this.
Then we're going to come back and hit the COVID camps and how it ties into nuclear war, global collapse, and whoever's left during this nuclear war, how they're going to use that as the smoke screen for rounding folks up and taking full control.
But here is the report by Greg Reese, his latest report, imminent cataclysm and the plan to survive the great reset.
It's not for a conclusion.
Humanity's waking up.
There's a lot of forces and corporations and governments and the ecclesiastical system and educational system that don't want an end to the world.
And so it's a very tiny group maneuvering us towards this.
If we admit the crisis we're under, we can avert the Atlantean moment again and not destroy civilization for another 12,000 years.
Let's go ahead and go to this report.
One of the oldest stories on Earth is that this place is victim to a recurrent cataclysmic event akin to a reset button that can send advanced civilizations back to the Stone Age in a geological instant.
The Great Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible.
The three cataclysms of the Vishnu Purana.
The sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria.
The history of the world is rich with stories of cataclysms.
The Five Sons of the Aztec teaches that the present world was preceded by four other cycles of creation and destruction.
According to official records from Commander of Project Nanook, Major Maynard White, the U.S.
government discovered in the late 1940s that the Earth undergoes major magnetic flips about every 10,000 to 12,000 years, which causes the surface of the Earth to catastrophically shift in the space of one day.
This information was officially kept from the public.
The mysterious Great Pyramid of Giza was built with dimensions that memorialize the golden ratio, pi, and the speed of light, and along with the Sphinx, forms a working clock of the Great Year.
The Great Year is the astronomical cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic.
A cycle that repeats just about every 26,000 years, leading many to speculate that the cataclysm is a somewhat fixed event in this cycle of time.
Many researchers believe that the Great Pyramid, along with several other ancient structures that memorialize the Great Year, were built to warn us about the recurrent cataclysm.
Our sun has its own recurrent cycles, and in almost every cataclysm story throughout history, the sun plays a major role.
Researchers have found 11, 88, 200, and 2,400 year cycles, which involve the oscillation between solar minimum and solar maximum.
Solar maximum being when the sun exhibits the most sunspot and solar flare activity.
Many researchers now believe that this cycle leads up to a recurrent nova of our own sun.
Recurrent novas have been observed all over the night sky.
The mainstream theory is that stars become congested with atmospheric material and eventually expel this material in an explosive outburst.
And there is much evidence that our own sun experiences these recurrent novas, which likely is related to the solar flare and sunspot cycles.
The latest research tells us that the Sun is more electrical than it is nuclear fusion, and that it has an electromagnetic relationship with the Earth.
This would suggest that the magnetic reversals of the Earth occurs when the Sun novas.
And so the big question is, when will that be?
Douglas Vogt has been studying this subject for decades, and predicts that a recurrent nova will next occur in 2046.
He arrived at this date based on sun cycles as well as biblical coding.
The Mayan long count calendar began in 3113 BC and was marked by days, not years.
1,872,000 days.
Nearly all sources brought the Mayan calendar to an end in 2012 by dividing the number of days by 365.24 days in the year.
But Jason Brashears of Archaics.com points out the fact that prior to 713 BC, there were 360 days in the year.
In 713 BC, all the civilizations of the world changed their calendars to add five days.
In Persia, these extra five days became known as the Bad Luck Days.
In ancient Mexico, the Useless Days.
And for the ancient Maya, the Unlucky Days.
When we adjust accordingly, we have 864,000 days before the calendar change and 1,008,000 days after, which brings the Mayan calendar to an end in 2046.
This also raises the question, what happened in 713 BC?
According to the Bible, 86,000 people were killed by an angel that year, followed by God moving the sun by 10 degrees.
Perhaps one of these cataclysms occurred that year.
Ben Davidson, of Suspicious Observers, has been closely analyzing all this scientific data, and based on the rate of decline of Earth's magnetic field, he concludes that the solar nova will occur between 2040 and 2060.
This is one of the oldest stories on Earth.
And if it is true, then it would explain why so many people are convinced the world is going to end in 20 years.
It would explain the entire man-made global warming cover story.
It would explain the United Nations Agenda 2030.
It would explain why Ray Kurzweil estimated the transhumanist singularity for 2045.
And it would explain the entire outrageous desperate transhumanist goals of the World Economic Forum.
For if this is true, it would mean they are attempting to achieve the impossible.
Maintaining their power throughout the Earth's Great Reset.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, this is Greg Reese's most important work in all the globalists say 2046, 2045, 2047, end of humanity.
They're digging in, they're getting ready.
I told you in 2012 it wasn't the end of the world.
I said the globalists were creating a cosmology, preparing you for that.
But the sun can create the end of life as we know it, and a major reset.
The globalists are getting ahead of that, pretending they're God.
They will fail.
But we should be really, really aware of this, and be prepared for it.
That key report is now live at Bandot Video.
I suggest you share Gregory's new report, Imminent Cataclysm and the Plan to Survive the Great Reset.
Six minutes of key information.
A word of the wise.
Watch it, study it, share it.
Because whether it's accurate or not, it's what the globalists believe is going to happen.
Now, let's move on to the COVID camps.
I'm not an enemy of Glenn Beck.
Glenn, back when I was exposing government documents and admissions under George W. Bush, and then Obama, admittedly building FEMA camps across the U.S., bills, legislation, the emergency camps being built by military sources, England said Jones is a liar, there's no FEMA camps.
And then I said, Beck's wrong to say that.
And then some of my listeners got mad at him.
And then Beck has blamed me for people getting mad at Beck.
Well, they got mad when he endorsed Ted Cruz over Trump.
I don't want to be an enemy of Glenn Beck.
Nobody should be meaning Glenn Beck.
But I saw a clip of him this morning from yesterday saying, I threatened him and sent people after him to come get him.
You know, Glenn, that's not very nice and I didn't do that.
And you sound like the Sandy Hook people.
People are pissed at you for things you did and you know what you did.
Not supporting Trump hurt you, not me.
And I say that because we don't have time for fighting.
And this is not about Glenn Beck.
But the camps are here.
And before they use the camps, they can't just build the camps.
They have to then sell you that they're normal and no big deal to accept that they've not just been built, but they've metastasized, not just here, but in China, and in Europe, and in the UK, and Australia, and New Zealand, and Canada, and the US.
Every country that's under IMF World Bank control
We're good to go.
All right.
Go out of beta, they have to have a cover story and the cover story is there.
So we've been vindicated yet again.
And look, here's an overhead shot.
When I get up here and say we've been vindicated, it's not to say that I'm the biggest, smartest guy around.
It's to say I know their program.
I know what I'm talking about.
And only admitting this is going on and not letting them normalize it will stop the next phase.
For radio listeners, let me describe this political cartoon that went viral on Twitter.
It's Bill Gates in his pink sweater, his man boobs, sitting there with Klaus Schwab, the Nazi.
And Bill Gates says the narrative, meaning the COVID takeover, is collapsing fast.
And Klaus Schwab says, not as fast as the people who followed it.
Meaning yes, people are waking up faster, last narrative, it's not going well for them, but they've got new tricks up their sleeves.
That's the point of what I just said to you.
Now let's get into the evidence.
The most important thing here is, this is not debatable, it's out in the open, and whether you are in North America, or whether you're in the Pacific, or whether you're in Europe, or wherever you are in the globalist system,
They used the virus they released, the poison shots they brought out, and even Canada and Australia have now said, oh, if we don't like you politically now and you're fighting future lockdowns, we're also going to lock you up for your political views.
So they're normalizing these camps that are standardized under UN treaty and UN agreement directed by the UN so no country can tattle on the other country and say China's wrong or Australia's wrong or the UK's wrong because they're all doing it.
And here is the United Nations plan.
It's now been expanded.
It's two and a half years old.
And I've played many times ahead of the UN Global Emergency Response saying, we're going to go in the homes, take the kids, put you in camps.
They've got these here in the US.
Guidance on isolation wards, quarantine facilities, and configuration of TCC-PCC barracks.
That's a UN operation.
IASC, Interagency Standing Committee.
So it doesn't matter where you are, it's all UN-directed.
Just like in the last few months, they've said, oh, the UN actually directs the disinformation bureaus and big tech that censor you.
And the head Google spokeswoman bragged with the UN official that they work with Google to censor anybody questioning global warming or lockdowns or the poison shots or them blocking therapeutics or any of it.
You're under UN control.
We've got to awaken to that to be able to say no to it.
Victoria COVID quarantine centers closed after the cost of $580 million to build, Daily Mail.
But they're still ready to operate in Australia.
China turns Winter Olympics Village into COVID quarantine camps.
That's June of this year.
Even though there was no cases, locking everybody down, training them to live under the control and digitally have to scan to even leave their house.
This is how China rounds up thousands of people for COVID quarantine.
Go watch the videos.
See it for yourself.
Major Chinese city locks down 21 plus million people as Chinese cities battle COVID-19 that's non-existent.
That's all the kabuki theater, all the fear.
What is life like inside Europe's coronavirus quarantine centers?
Fact check.
Quarantine camps are real, but COVID-19 camp claims stretch the truth.
USA Today years ago said, yeah, they're real.
Remember at first I told you they were building them.
Oh, they're not real.
Well, they're real, but they're still good for you.
And it goes on and on with what they've established with razor wire around the jail cells.
They lock you up in and, oh, where'd Bob go?
Where'd Chan go?
Where'd David go?
Where'd Sanchez go?
Oh, well, they died in the COVID camp of COVID.
And this is all just execution centers for what's coming.
Getting everybody ready in the police and military and bureaucratic infrastructure under the health departments run by the UN.
We'll be able to take full control.
Yeah, there's a cartoon by D's from 19 years ago predicting what would happen and who they'd be putting in the camps.
And now they say, anybody against a war, anybody against election fraud, anybody against open borders, anybody against forced shots, anybody against lockdowns, you're going!
During an economic collapse, during a nuclear war, they're getting it all ready.
So these are the camps confirmed.
These are the camps openly set up in everybody's face.
Shutting down major cities in China and Europe as a beta test in Australia for what they're planning in the future.
All united
Nations directed.
Germans who keep refusing quarantine can be put in detention centers under new COVID rules in Germany.
London Telegraph.
Oh, now they're detention centers in the U.S., in Canada, in Germany, in Australia, all over.
The same nomenclature, the same rollout, the same treaties.
Because you're not agreeing to this, you've got to go to a detention camp.
Not because you have COVID, but because you're not agreeing to being locked down.
Got your attention yet?
So, there's that.
You just saw the proof of World War 3 on the verge of it.
You just saw the proof of the mythical camps now out in the open.
And people have moved on from the camps.
Well, they're not using them now.
You know, people backed off until they release a new virus.
Until they create more fear.
Until they use what Patton Show 5G can do to make you feel like you've got pneumonia.
Turn the 5G on everybody's dying.
Oh, we got to have camps again.
Oh the PCR test shows you've got this new virus.
Lock everybody up and just get everybody used to it.
Where'd Bob go?
Where'd Jill go?
Oh, they went to the camp.
Oh, they died in the camp.
Well, just keep your mouth shut or you're gonna be going to the camp as well.
And they're coming after your guns, your finances, your right to travel, everything.
And all these fools
Go along with the system, believe me, they're going to get ahead doing this, and all you're going to get is totally enslaved and destroyed.
This could be a more important broadcast.
I don't know how long we'll be on air.
There's huge bounties out in the system to take us off air.
Massive judicial corruption, but that's okay.
I expected this to happen, and I believe in you, and I'm betting on you, and I believe, especially in America, we have a chance to expose this, get it out to our legislatures, members of Congress, and others, and other talk show hosts like Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, and others, and that we can get ahead of this and stop it.
We're very close.
But if we don't go back and make a big deal
About the COVID lockstep, New World Order, U.N.
censorship of medical doctors and scientists and citizens.
And say no to U.N.
And say no to Big Tech censorship that's key to them getting the next hysteria chicken little operation going.
If we don't expose and start prosecuting them for the deadly shots and for the release and for the gain of function, they're going to do it again.
And David Icke is coming up in a powerful interview and analysis to break all this down.
Now I want to go to another special report.
I'm going to come back and get more into fission fusion, the artificial sun and Hadron Superconducting Super Collider and more.
But here is the latest John Bowne report.
Watch this before you get the next clock shot and we'll be right back.
Every day, the COVID news and what they did to us is bigger than all the previous news combined.
It is.
It is insane.
It is all out in the open.
God is showing it to us.
We have all these experts and all these patriots and all these good people that stood up and spoke out.
And now they admit that the so-called COVID vaccines erase your immune system, cause massive heart attacks, heart swelling, blood clots, cancer, infertility, and literally hundreds of other horrible things.
That's the highest death rate the Western world's ever seen.
Worse than World War I, worse than World War II, worse than Vietnam all combined.
And so they desperately, desperately, desperately, desperately needed this to roll out.
In the early phases, before it got exposed.
But because it did get exposed early, the majority of people did not take the poison shots.
Now, almost no one's taking the poison shots.
They went on TV, the executives, the politicians, all of them, and read the script, put out by Pfizer, Moderna, and Bill Gates, and Peter Daszak, and the EcoHealth Alliance, and Fauci, all the same Ringling Lear criminals, involved in making the virus, releasing it, running the global UN response.
Here's the key.
They're now saying, well, we told you from the beginning it wasn't going to work.
No, no, no, no.
You said at the beginning you didn't know if it would work.
But you lied and censored anybody that pointed that out and told everybody 96% effective, 84% effective, 72% effective, 67% effective, 51% effective, 44% effective.
And now they go, well, actually, it makes you get COVID and makes you sick and gives you an eight times chance of dying.
There's a lot of indications right now that are telling us that there is a protection against transmission of the disease.
There is no variant that we have identified that escapes the protection of our vaccine.
To come now with a treatment of 90% effectiveness, you know, personally makes me very proud.
It's necessary a fourth boost right now.
The protection that we are getting from the third, it is good enough.
Actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths.
It's not that good against infections.
Everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves but reducing their transmission to other people and allowing society to get back to normal.
We can kind of almost see the end.
We're vaccinating so very fast.
Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinating people do not carry the virus, don't get sick.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops.
Public execution!
Public execution!
This is what the Dutch Prime Minister and Health Minister told us.
You don't get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others.
You do it for all of society.
That's what I said.
Today, this turned out to be complete nonsense.
In a COVID hearing in the European Parliament, one of the Pfizer directors just admitted to me, at the time of introduction, the vaccine had never been tested on stopping the transmission of the virus.
This removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport.
The COVID passport that led to massive institutional discrimination as people lost access to essential parts of society.
I find this to be shocking.
Even criminal.
Was the Pfizer Covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?
Regarding the question around, did we know about stopping humanisation before it's entered the market?
These, you know, we had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market.
This is scandalous.
Millions of people worldwide felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth that you do it for others.
Now this turned out to be a cheap lie.
We were shocked.
To find out yesterday that they haven't tested their vaccine to see if it's stopping the spread of the virus.
We heard allegations here and statements from the representative of Pfizer stating, and I quote, that they cannot release the contracts because they have certain interests.
What about the interests of the people?
What about their health?
Because it's our authority and our job
To make sure that we get to the bottom of this.
Peter Halligan?
He's a most experienced analyst in the financial industry, extremely used to looking at statistics and translating them into a summary statement.
These numbers are best estimates at this point in time using government data for the global consequences of the clout shot in terms of death,
and morbidity, otherwise known as serious adverse events such as heart attack, strokes, pulmonary emboli, etc.
Global deaths directly attributable to the vaccine, 20 million.
Two zero million.
And two billion, big B, two billion
If you're vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized, you're not going to be in an ICU unit, and you're not going to die.
You're okay.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
We have breaking news at this hour.
President Biden has again tested positive for COVID-19 and it's back in isolation.
They think you're a fool and they hate this audience because they know you're not.
They know you're tuned into the truth.
They know you want the truth.
And you know that you are the light in the dark of the night that could reverse their entire operations.
What an incredible report by the great
John Bowne, watch this before the next clock shot.
It is a life and death situation.
There's no doubt if you email everybody you know, text everybody you know, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, who cares if we get banned.
If you share that video at Banned.Video, you will save lives every time you send it out.
There's already a 99% reduction in people taking it, but they're going to come back with their new fear-mongering.
That's why we're in a race against time.
Look at this headline.
Moderna CEO confirms new mRNA injection to repair heart muscles after heart attack.
It's the exact same vaccine as, which isn't a vaccine, as Pfizer.
Just three times stronger.
Equivalent of four shots.
So it's equivalent of four of the Pfizer shot.
And there's the facts.
Right there, now they're going to take care of those heart attacks they gave you.
All right, David Icke is coming up.
He was already on Friday, but this new report is so powerful, dealing with the attack on the free press and the vaccine poison and more.
David Icke, so, how many in damages are they going to pay?
Talking about big pharma, if I'm supposed to pay a billion dollars.
And the media has been spinning all this, saying, Jones refuses to pay his billion dollars.
You see, like, three-second clips of me laughing, saying I'll never get the money.
I don't have two million dollars.
That money's for appeals and everything else I've got fighting these people.
We'll be here for years.
I'm more worried about nuclear war and the globalists.
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I want to get to the day that I can interview you and so much more, but let me go back to what I started the broadcast with.
Let's roll it with audio.
Yesterday, almost got no attention, launching the biggest ever fission fusion artificial sun with all the magnetic waves and all the power they feed into making one.
It's a trillion dollar machine to make this.
Trillion dollar machine and
The concerns of scientists is the sun might start sucking in atmosphere if it gets a big enough gravity well and could basically suck up the atmosphere or the whole earth in a matter of minutes.
So instead of launching in an underground base where it can't get more oxygen, they have decided to now launch it into the sky and you watch an artificial sun, the biggest ever admittedly made, I'm sure bigger ones have been made underground, China, that's got three of these machines, three trillion dollars worth,
...launches one into the sky, endangering the whole planet and threatening Earth.
There's a race towards destruction.
But why not?
The fission-fusion, the cyclotrons, the superconducting supercolliders could all create similar effects that could destroy the Earth.
In fact, you guys showed it earlier.
Mainline science.
Put it on screen.
Trillion-dollar machine!
On the coast of China, on a platform, feeding it more power than a city of 20 million people use in a day, to ignite an artificial sun that they then blasted into the atmosphere.
And yes, it's limitless free energy, if you can contain it, if you can control it.
So, let's roll it with audio, here it is.
That's reportedly from 10 miles away.
That gives a new meaning to the words, playing with fire.
And that leads us to this next article.
This is out of CNBC.
In 1992, a group of scientists won the Nobel Science Prize, Physics Prize, for doing a test secretly with NASA, spraying aluminum dioxide, barium salts,
...and other things into the atmosphere, and then ionizing it with radiation from the ground from droplet radar to control the weather.
And that's
Particles there, and they can fully control the atmosphere.
White House is pushing ahead research to cool Earth by reflecting back sunlight.
The White House is coordinating with a five-year research plan to study the ways of modifying the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth to temper the effects of global warming, really create an ice age, a process sometimes called geoengineering.
The research plan will assess climate interventions, including spraying aerosols in the stratosphere to reflect sunlight back into space.
And it goes on.
Should I play the CIA director under Obama admitting it's a secret program they can't tell the public about?
And again, I like Joe Rogan, but he won't even talk about it.
Somebody got to him on this.
Years ago he knew about chemtrails, now he won't talk about it.
Well, here it is.
But they don't want us mere mortals discussing the toxic garbage they're putting into the atmosphere.
And again, most of it's not done with old-fashioned little bombs they put out.
It's added to the jet fuel put out by the jet engines.
The companies don't even know what's going on.
And then the electromagnetic pulses from the HAARP systems are what control it.
And that's all the mainline facts.
That's all patented.
It's all happening.
It's all going on, but they don't want a discussion of it like we're little animals.
Just go watch your Netflix.
Don't worry about the artificial suns.
Don't worry about all this.
Just go away and go to sleep.
All right.
I got a lot of other news to hit here on the economy, on war, on everything else that's very important, on the social credit score already being rolled out in the U.S.
I'll hit that briefly at the end of this David Icke interview, but I'm not playing this just because David defends me.
He explains they're coming after everybody.
He really knocks it out of the park here.
He always does a great job, but this is David Icke at his finest.
The full video, if you want to share it, it's at band.video.
It's also at Infowars.com.
David Icke.
So how much in damages are they going to pay?
Val Jones owes a billion for questioning Sandy Hook.
And they found me guilty.
I told somebody to go pee on somebody's grave.
The judge did.
No video of somebody peeing on a grave.
Nobody that saw it.
No witness to it.
Nobody says I sent them, but a billion dollars.
Somebody said, we peed on your kid's grave.
That's quite the incentive.
And now the parents are so public and out there, I would imagine more is going to happen.
They will be blamed on me as well.
That's the precedent.
Secretary of State in Texas says anybody protesting elections is a terrorist.
Alex Jones should be arrested.
It's all his fault.
You shouldn't question elections.
So I'm just the...
We're good to go.
Hello and welcome to the David Icke videocast from the iconic studio in Derby, England.
So much going on this week.
And a few days ago I was going to have the subject in the video this week of what's happening in Ukraine with the anti massively upped as a result of happenings like the explosion
On the Russian bridge and blowing up of the pipeline and so on.
But then came the revelations from a Pfizer executive.
That confirmed what some of us have been saying all along and that is we have been monumentally lied to.
About the effectiveness and the safety of the fake covid vaccine fake because it does not comply with any previous definition of a vaccine.
And I'm so glad I did because what I was going to say and will say
About that subject fits perfectly with the news overnight as I record this of the absolutely insane ludicrous laughable damages award against the alternative broadcaster Alex Jones.
Whatever you may think about Jones, those that still have a mind to think that is, to award that money and by the time you see this maybe it'll be even higher with legal costs and whatever the judge may add.
A judge by the way just like the last one in the first case that denied Jones the right even to defend himself.
Total stitch-up!
The award surely to any balanced human being is insane.
So why?
Why was it 50 million the first one?
Now a billion plus?
It's because you cannot divorce that award
From the explosion of censorship under the mantra of misinformation.
A mantra of misinformation that spews from the mouths of absolute liars.
Irony or what?
Because this
It's not about punishing Alex Jones.
It's about destroying him and destroying his operation and his ability to challenge the official global cult in the end.
And those that are cheering, including a so-called journalist,
Called Julia Hartley Brewer?
Yeah, great that they've done that!
Those that are cheering will see the chickens come home to roost eventually, if ever they step out of the official narrative too far.
Because the precedent has now been set of what's called lawfare which is very close appropriately to warfare because this is a war on the alternative media a war on the ability to challenge the official stories the official lies mendacity and
Those that cheer today.
Will take the consequences.
And the ironies.
Do not end there.
Indeed, they become.
In their nature.
When you compare Alex Jones to those on all levels, and I'm coming to them all, who not only produced a deadly, ineffective fake vaccine,
But pushed it, pressured people to have it, made it often mandatory.
And what has happened since?
Enormous numbers of people have died all over the world from taking that fake vaccine.
Enormous numbers and even more have had their health destroyed for life.
So, how much in damages are those that created this monster?
And promoted it, and pressured people to have it, and abused them for not having it.
How much in damages are they going to pay to those who had the fake vaccine, suffered the consequences, when they wouldn't have had it without being persuaded by those people, pressured by those people, and forced by those people?
How much are they going to pay?
Well, I can tell you how much they've paid so far.
Bugger all!
But Alex Jones has killed no one.
And he's up.
For over a billion dollars.
I did mention Irene, didn't I?
I must have.
So let's look at this.
And some of those you know who said, yeah, billion dollars, yeah, great, yeah, let's destroy him.
Are the same people that promoted and produced and sought to impose the fake vaccine with all the consequences that have followed.
So, there are so many remarkable things about what has happened.
In the last, what, two years?
One is the gullibility of people!
They said it's safe, so it must be!
So authority never lies to you then?
Oh no!
They said that if I have the vaccine, I won't be able to pass it on to anybody, because it's safe and effective.
So global corporations and authorities and governments, they don't like you then?
They wouldn't do that!
And it's remarkable that a long list of people who contributed to mass
Global murder, which continues by the day.
Anyone noticed how many young people are just dying?
Oh, no medical explanation.
It's a mystery.
Did they have the jab?
Oh yeah, they had the jab.
They didn't want to get COVID.
Who are those contributors to global mass murder?
Politicians, yeah?
Health professionals and experts.
World Health Organization, Bill Gates.
Klaus Schwab.
Excuses for journalists.
The censors of Silicon Valley.
All of them are responsible.
For the death and destruction this fake vaccine has wreaked.
How much are they going to pay in damages?
Sod all!
When they should, many of them, enormous number of them, should be in jail for life for crimes against humanity.
What happened this week with Pfizer?
Well, a Pfizer executive turns up at the European Parliament to be questioned about the jab.
And one proper
politician called Rob Roos, a Dutch MEP, tells the story here of what happened when he questioned a moronic Pfizer executive.
If you don't get vaccinated, you're anti-social.
This is what the Dutch Prime Minister and Health Minister told us.
You don't get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others.
You do it for all of society.
That's what I said.
Today, this turned out to be complete nonsense.
In a COVID hearing in the European Parliament, one of the Pfizer directors just admitted to me, at the time of introduction, the vaccine had never been tested on stopping the transmission of the virus.
This removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport.
The COVID passport that led to massive institutional discrimination as people lost access to essential parts of society.
I find this to be shocking, even criminal.
Please watch the video until the end.
For you, Mrs. Small, I have the following question, which I want a clear answer to.
And I will speak in English, so there are no misunderstandings.
Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?
If not, please say it clearly.
If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee?
And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you very much.
Regarding the question around, did we know about stopping humanisation before it entered the market?
We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market.
This is scandalous.
Millions of people worldwide felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth
That you do it for others.
Now, this turned out to be a cheap lie.
This should be exposed.
Please share this video.
It's the final segment of this incredibly important broadcast.
If you just joined us, the archive will be a banned out video in the next few minutes.
World War III and the FEMA camps use as a cover.
We'll cover it all.
Tomorrow's news, today.
All right, the last two hours have been incredibly important information.
Really appreciate it, David.
I really appreciate the crew coming in on Saturday.
I'm gonna get some final news.
I mean, this transmission will end, but it's archived as we speak at Band.Video, or should be there soon, and it's streaming at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If you just joined us the last 30 minutes or so, or last hour, World War III and the COVID camps and their next phase of the plan was covered in the first hour.
So as soon as this broadcast is over, I suggest you go to Band.Video.
I suggest you share it like your life depends on it, because our lives do depend on it.
We're all in this together.
Okay, I want to hit...
Their main plan, not just poison viruses, not just war, not just open borders, not just collapse, not just drag queen pedophile time, but big banks tracking everything you buy and what you do, and then punishing you for your behavior.
So a week and a half ago, PayPal came out with their official rules and said $2,500 fines for anybody that questions elections, open borders, lockdowns, vaccines, global warming.
They said, we're going to ban you.
They backed off for a week as folks were leaving the platform.
They came back and said, you know what?
We are doing it.
For the folks that left, left, the rest of you, we're going to abuse you.
But that's not PayPal doing that in a vacuum.
That's what Communist China and Italy and others are doing right now.
PayPal is still threatening to fine users $2,500.
Chase Bank allegedly shutters bank account of religious freedom nonprofit.
Now they put the letter out.
It's true.
Also Kanye West.
Demands donors list.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau considering investigation of PayPal over fining people for legal speech.
See, if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
They wouldn't be doing this if they were all powerful.
Here's an article.
Turkey introduces jail terms for fake news.
The left criticizes it, but not here.
China's internet censors race to quell Beijing protest chatter.
But the London Guardian called for a law to be passed banning me from ever speaking in public again.
These are tyrants.
We don't hear anything about COVID, most want it though.
And the politicians paid off by Pfizer and Moderna to lie to you about the injections.
But that leads us to their gaslighting.
It's not just big tech and big pharma and big government and big corporations engaged in gaslighting.
It's also
Ourselves, in our own lives.
And nobody gaslights more than liberals.
Major studies are out, hundreds of them.
Leftists are five to ten times, depending on the study, more likely to lie.
More likely to claim they give to charity, but they don't.
More likely to steal.
And that's what leftism is, is gaslighting writ large.
So in the Daryl Brooks trial where he mowed down a bunch of people with a car because they were white because he was angry about all the left saying whites are evil and deserve to die, that was the media invoking violence against people for division.
What they claim I did to Sandy Hook parents with no evidence.
And so they have a witness who saw him killing all these people.
The witness says, you continue driving, because he's doing his own defense.
You continue driving into the parade route.
Daryl Brooks, who is you?
Witness, Daryl Brooks.
Daryl Brooks.
I do not identify by that name, nor do I know anybody by that name.
Obviously he knows he's on trial.
He did this.
He is Daryl Brooks.
But this is gaslighting.
And so it's insulting to us to see this type of gaslighting.
But compared to what Biden and all of them do, this is nothing.
So here's the meme.
Obi-Wan Kenobi at Los Isley Spaceport.
He says, I'm not the Daryl Brooks you're looking for.
So here is this classic example of gaslighting.
I heard a horn beeping and then a Ford Escape came through the parade route and you drove past me and wouldn't stop and you continued driving into the parade route.
Who is you?
Darryl Brooks, the defendant, seated at the table.
Let the record reflect that I do not identify by that name, nor do I know anybody by that name.
Now that's a joke, but it's not.
Biden shuts off our power plants, shuts off our pipelines, and then says he wants us to have cheaper energy, while his own white papers say he wants to bankrupt us.
Or Democrats question all the past elections, but say you shouldn't question them, you should be arrested if you do.
Meanwhile, Politico, because they're getting ready to question the landslide coming in 24 days against them, says, oh, there is fraud with Stacey Abrams in Georgia and everywhere else, and the Republicans are going to steal it.
Politico says you can't trust the voting machines now.
The very company suing Fox News and others for questioning them.
That, my friends, is the mass gaslighting.
The rest of this news and more, Lord willing, if we're here, tomorrow night, 4 p.m.
Central, 4 to 6 p.m.
5 to 7 p.m.
Eastern, The Nolan Schroeder, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, Sunday Live.
We'll be here covering the latest developments.
Every day on air is precious.
Every day on air is amazing.
And again, I want to thank you all for your support.
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And that's it for this transmission.
Now it's up to you, the ball's in your court.
We came in, we built the infrastructure, we covered the truth.
What an incredible two-hour, 15-minute broadcast.
Now the ball is 100% in your court to take
You're the reason we're so successful, and I thank you again.
Great job, crew.
That's it for this broadcast.
I'll see you back tomorrow night, 4 p.m.
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All of them.
And yeah, in the next few months, we'll get a few million dollars off of this.
I'm gonna dump it into this operation.
Because the bandwidth alone will cost that in the next few months.
And all the expenses.
But yeah, there's a lot of good stuff coming in the future.
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