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Name: 20221013_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 13, 2022
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In this Infowars episode, Alex Jones discusses his recent $1 billion verdict for reputational harm caused to Sandy Hook families. He expresses disappointment over the unfair treatment and emphasizes equal justice under law while seeking support from viewers/listeners. Jones promotes InfoWars' success and urges people to buy a product called X3. He also talks about society's legitimation crisis, struggling to differentiate between gangs and governments. Finally, he thanks supporters for their backing in the fight for liberty and freedom. Razzio's video focuses on the Fabian Society's influence on the New World Order (NWO) and its connection with other elite groups like the Royal Economic Society and Chatham House. He sees it as an anti-human conspiracy driven by eugenics, Malthusian ideology, and Marxist theory, led by a secretive inner party group inspired by Jesuits. The NWO plan includes transforming British colonies into democratic commonwealths under the guidance of H.G. Wells' advice."

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Secretary of State, Alex Jones unleashed hell on our election people, and that's so the election people now can start to learn I did it to them.
So they have the false memory that Alex Jones sent people after him, and Alex Jones did all these bad things, they can sue me for that, too.
And we know it's not going to stop, it's okay!
Get $50 trillion in judgments.
Get $80 quadrillion in judgments.
I don't care if I'm working for free.
I'm going to be on the air until I'm dead.
I'm never going to stop.
Do you understand, you anti-American control freaks?
And we're beating you, and people are waking up to you.
He sits there and says, Jones doesn't do anything for you.
No, just defend the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, our sovereignty, our right to our religious freedom.
Trying to stop World War III, telling you two and a half years ago the shots were poisonous and would give you blood clots, and having top scientists on.
And putting ourselves in the crosshairs of the New World Order every single day, unlike these establishment lawyers and Democrats and Republican rhinos that work for the most corrupt interests in the world that are running this country and the world into the ground.
So I'm proud to have this garbage come after me.
It's Alex Jones.
[Car engine]
Georgia Maloney, a patriot, an anti-globalist, anti-New World Order, anti-Klaus Schwab patriot,
being called a Nazi, a fascist, and all these lies, winning in a landslide in Italy,
and they are crapping their britches, the first Italian female president ever.
And she's awesome, she's totally for real.
They are scared as hell of her.
The 45-year-old firebrand insists she's no fascist, just a proud conservative and nationalist.
Comfortable, nevertheless, with some of the hallmarks of Italian fascism,
like this motto.
(speaking in foreign language)
God, fatherland, and family.
Exactly 100 years ago this fall, fascist dictator Benito Mussolini staged his historic March on Rome, eventually marching the country into two decades of dictatorship, and alongside Hitler, into World War II.
And it's not just Bolsonaro, it's not just her.
More and more and more and more are coming.
We have successfully triggered the chain reaction!
Unambiguous, of course, is our condemnation of Nazism and Communism, the latter being the sole totalitarian ideology of the 20th century that still is in power in some countries, surviving its tragic failures, and that the left has a hard time condemning, perhaps partly because it has received generous funding from the Soviet Union for decades.
What about this laziness then to, instead of welcoming the first female Prime Minister of Italy, so much commentary around the world portraying Georgia Maloney as some sort of hard right figure?
It's a shame, but it is typically the left media who rather than say, let's congratulate this woman who's achieved something incredible politically and for women who want to go into politics, the first thing they scream is fascism.
Get ready for the enemy counter offensive.
They're gonna say terrorists cut the power off in Italy.
Before the war was started, 55% of Germany's energy supplies came from Russia.
As of June 2022, the supplies had been reduced to a meager 26%.
In Italy, the authorities are treading carefully.
Their energy savings plan includes steps like extending the life of coal plants, temporarily halting work at factories, and shortening heating hours at workplaces.
It's a need for a great reset.
So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had
and everything will be normal again.
This is, let's say, fiction. It will not happen.
They are going to launch massive wars.
The president said that we have not faced the prospect of Armageddon
since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
He went on to say, I don't think that there is any such thing as the ability to easily use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.
They are going to pull out all of the stops, but every passing minute, every passing hour, every passing day, the people now know about the new world order and it's horrible plans for all of us and when the
general population wakes up and that's the next domino we're already approaching 30 40
percent. I'm getting chills. We're already approaching the next domino to fall and here's the great
point of danger.
The New World Order knows they are on the cusp of defeat, and so brace yourselves, because the New World Order incoming, it's here.
All over Europe, they're pulling down EU flags.
All over Latin America, they're saying Donald and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
All over Asia, they're saying the same thing.
in India, everywhere.
[crowd chanting]
[crowd chanting]
[crowd chanting]
People are unifying against the unelected head that you see on screen
of the European Union that threatened the Italians with massive
sanctions if they voted for this woman when she's an unelected
She was asked a question regarding, quote, political figures close to Putin contesting in the upcoming legislative elections in Italy.
We'll see.
If things go in a difficult direction, I've spoken about Hungary and Poland.
We have tools.
If anyone in Brussels thinks of cutting the funds that belong to Italy because the League wins the elections, then we have to rethink this Europe.
Adding that this is institutional bullying.
They can only get away with these operations, ladies and gentlemen, if we don't know they're the ones behind it.
If we expose they're the ones behind it, game over.
If one more domino falls against the New World Order, they're going down.
And we learn from more and more declassified documents and information coming out how weak the globalists are as populist and anti-New World Order individuals get elected all over the planet.
It's a key article up on Infowars.com.
Greenwald, Trump impeached to stop Assange's pardon CIA declassifies.
They would launch the second impeachment of Trump with no evidence of him meddling and doing illegal things in Ukraine just to distract Trump so that they could put pressure on him not to pardon Assange, a man that's been in solitary confinement in one form or another for, what is it, seven, eight years.
All because he exposed criminal activities going on in our government.
That's not illegal, that's heroic.
And just like it came out in government documents in congressional hearings six years ago, five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, in the Wall Street Journal and other publications they said, oh there was a NATO meeting in Germany and the CFR and others were there and they said, We're going to ban Julian Assange when the left doesn't defend him.
The left will fall to censorship.
And then we're going to censor Alex Jones.
And once we take him down, the right wing will be wide open.
Just like the next phase with these rigged lawsuits and default judgments that violate federal and state law and don't give you a trial by juries.
They're now bragging on every channel.
Now we're going to get all the other conservatives.
They gave a FBI agent, who I never knew he was, never said his name, never covered him, he admitted that on the stand, $90 million yesterday in Connecticut in this show trial, where the judge already told the jury I was guilty and told them to punish me, and I never said his name and he admitted it on the stand.
So here's the big takeaway here.
We're winning, the globalists are losing, and I want to make this crystal clear right now, let me get into all the other news.
Every major channel I checked last night and today, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, you name it, local, national, I probably watched 50 different clips.
They all read all the script and they said, this is the end for Jones.
He will never make it back from this.
He will be homeless.
He will be off the air.
He doesn't have a billion dollars.
Now first off, every constitutional lawyer we've talked to said, if they don't overturn this at the Texas and Connecticut Supreme Courts for the last two show trials, the country's gone.
Because they violated every rule, every law, every type of garbage.
These judges were beyond tyrants.
It's all on record.
Couldn't defend myself.
Couldn't say I was innocent.
But they could put on twisted evidence and we couldn't respond to it.
The total evisceration of due process.
So we have two years, on average, with these appeals, just to the Texas Supreme Court and the Connecticut Supreme Court.
Two years!
But they're everywhere saying, it's imminent, he'll be off the air.
And then, even if they get their billion-dollar judgment, the way bankruptcy works is, they can only get any profit out of this operation under Chapter 11, Subsection 5, Reorganization.
We're not in liquidation.
And that's why they're so angry.
And that's why, in Texas and Connecticut, At the end of the show trial, both lead lawyers, Chris Maddy and Banky here in Texas, came out and told the news cameras, we're going to destroy InfoWars and take them off the air and preside over the corpse of InfoWars.
They told the jury, we're not here about dead kids, we're just using dead kids to get your guns and your free speech.
We don't want Jones to be able to operate.
And yesterday, Chris Maddy, the former federal prosecutor, Got up there in a press conference and said to Alex Jones's listeners, do not send him money.
He's evil.
He abuses you.
He's bad.
So wait a minute.
He's in front of these plaintiffs that were rubbing their hands together when they heard all these ridiculous Monopoly money announcements, pie in the sky, garbage.
That they're going to get all this money.
But then he actually has our finances.
We gave him all the discovery.
He knows I'm out of money.
He says, to Alex Jones's listeners, don't send him money.
Don't bet on him.
We're going to take him off the air.
So you don't want money that down the road you might get some of for your plaintiffs.
Our listeners just want to keep us on air.
They understand that.
Is that not a violation, again, of The oath these people take, and of the bar, and of the federal and state laws of ethics.
I've talked to a bunch of lawyers, they go, absolutely.
They're up there saying, we don't want money for our plaintiffs.
The judgment is just something to shut him down.
You'd think under Chapter 5, they would want us to go through, reorganize, stay on air, I get paid almost nothing, and then any profit In a five-year plan, gets paid for the judgment, but we stay on air.
But they don't want that.
They've already been paid money by the big globalist donors to run this shenanigan.
They want us off air.
That's their goal.
So you've got to do the opposite of what they're saying.
I want to thank listeners for the incredible support.
We had a lot of big sales yesterday.
Biggest sale of the year so far.
Double Patriot points.
Additional 10% off.
Many items already 50% off.
With promo code 1776.
That's 60% off at InfoWarsTore.com on Vitamin Mineral Fusion back in stock.
X3 back in stock.
You go there.
You get $30 off in free shipping.
With promo code 1776.
And it's a fundraiser coin to keep us on air.
You've got my commitment.
I'm not backing down.
I'm not going anywhere.
And listen, there are dozens of offers right now to go host a show owned by somebody else in another studio.
And the show will be just as big instantaneously.
But I'm going to be loyal to my crew, the best people ever that have stood with me.
So we've got years and years.
If you just simply Donate hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Sounds like a lot.
It's not.
I'll be able to fight the last third show trial in Texas coming up in a few months.
There's three of them.
And they triple loaded here to make sure it happened.
And then I will be able to fight this through bankruptcy, have a five-year plan in bankruptcy, and it's here.
They'll still come after me personally.
I don't care.
Money means nothing at the end of the day to me.
They came to me in the mediations and said, just come out against the Second Amendment and we'll drop all this.
Not doing it, not shutting up, not selling out, not going away.
But without your support, we cannot operate and stand against these people.
So here's Chris Manning yesterday saying, ordering you, the Democrat Party, ambulance chaser, anti-free speech, anti-gun globalist, ordering you as listeners, do not give him money.
He doesn't care about you.
Yeah, I exposed the deadly shots, but nobody else would have been proven right.
Yeah, we exposed the open borders.
We exposed the pedophile rings.
Hey, where's Jeffrey Epstein's You know, where's the $900 million judgment there for the victims?
Oh, they won't let you know who most of the victims are, or who the Johns were.
I got a bunch of evidence on that we'll be covering coming up next segment.
So this is the dying corporate dinosaur media, the dying legal system that's metastasized like a cancer, trying to silence all its opposition, trying to bully us into submission.
They'll never succeed.
More people are getting active, more people are getting outspoken, more people are starting their own shows.
Whether your podcast or your blog reaches a thousand people or a million people, it doesn't matter.
They can't stop us all and it's a war to silence us and they're not going to win.
So their mission...
Is to shut me up and take me off the air.
And they say I'm the lead elephant.
They take me out, they think they're going to take you out.
So we are a rallying point.
We're trying to capture the flag.
It's not going to happen.
Here's Chris Maddy ordering you not to go to InfoWarsTore.com, not to go to SaveInfoWars.com.
If you want to make a straight donation for my personal legal defense, here it is.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, All Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you, feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
Okay, so you got these ambulance chasers, the biggest in their state, Democrat Party, Senator Blumenthal's son up there.
And they're exploiting us.
We all know who the exploiters are.
Everybody's fleeing the blue cities and blue states.
We know who the bad guys are.
They're so desperate, we're going to get the money for the appeals.
They're so desperate, we're going to keep fighting, and we are.
They're so desperate, they know that we're going to overturn these suckers on appeals, but regardless, keep going.
Oh man, these guys have given me the equivalent of 100 energy drinks.
We ain't going nowhere, I'm stronger than ever, and I'm honored to have this type of trash attack me and lie about me.
Because that means we're over the target, we'll be right back.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so do I. I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday, October 13 transmission.
All right, let me finish up with the show trial case.
Give the number out.
Have huge news next hour with a medical doctor joining us.
It's now official.
They knew the shots were hurting people, didn't protect them.
They lied.
Both Pfizer, Moderna, and our criminal government and other governments coordinated by the U.N.
and Bill Gates.
We're covering that next hour and taking calls on that subject.
But I do want to open the phones up for listeners that want to chime in about the show trials and where you see this going.
Understand they have four different counts.
900 and some huge number.
I've got it right here in front of me.
Close to a billion dollars.
And now there's the unfair trade practices claim and attorney's fees that the judge will
So she found me guilty and then told the jury I was guilty.
And then on other parts, she will now decide how guilty I am on top of that.
Might as well be 87 trillion, 45 quadrillion, all money on earth, everything.
It's a joke.
And national media spun things and took like 10 second clip out yesterday when the verdict
was being read and says Jones defiantly refuses to pay the 900 plus million dollars.
Some reason I need to pull the number up here.
It is 965 million.
I don't have $2 million in cash.
They know that.
We gave them our damn finances because the judges kept saying, we'll default you if you don't give us everything.
Then they use that as a blueprint for their case, wouldn't let us put on a case or respond.
Ladies and gentlemen, these people are absolutely weaponizing the judiciary against you.
So people ask, how are you taking it?
I'm much more worried about nuclear war, financial collapse, inflation, exploding crime, open borders, replacement migration.
This is just another signpost on where we're going.
This means nothing to me except I'm public enemy number one because we are the leading light exposing the globalist program and the Great Reset.
So I wanted to go over some tweets that I thought made really, really good points that I hadn't thought of.
And this is all true.
We've covered these points, everybody knows these points, but did anybody think about this?
Somebody should write an article about it from fullwars.com.
Jim Hoff reached out and said, what could he do this morning?
I said, how about you write about this?
So hopefully all of you will talk about this.
Look at this.
This is from Eliza on Twitter.
She says, damn, I wish that the survivors of Epstein received $965 million or that we knew the list of the victims they tried to suppress or who the Johns are.
That's right.
Here's another one.
Remember these rulings.
Luke Rodowski tweets, there's a difference between the two.
For any listeners, I'll describe it.
It's screenshots of CNBC News.
Purdue Pharma execs to pay $634.5 million fine in OxyContin case, where they made more than $10 billion profit, not just sales, profit over 15 years, knowing in their corporate documents that they go over and discovery that they were trying Could create a new opioid as addictive as heroin that doctors could prescribe and they would even then sell a drug to get people off of it later.
Like Pfizer is selling an anti-blood clotting drug to counter their shot now.
So for killing hundreds of thousands of people, it's estimated, they paid $634,000,000 for a tiny fraction of their profit.
Meanwhile, Alex Jones, that has less than $2,000,000 cash, Alex Jones ordered to pay $965,000,000 for Sandy Hook lies.
But I didn't lie.
to pay $965 million for Sandy Hook lies.
But I didn't lie.
I questioned it like everybody else did.
That's another corporate lie.
Do they get in trouble for lying about WMDs?
Lying about the shots that don't work?
Here's the chairman, says, the largest fine paid by the banking executives responsible for the trillions lost in the 2008 financial crisis was $67.5 million.
Alex Jones, before appeal, remember that, they don't tell you about that, must pay $965 million.
And now they're already acting like it's criminal.
He says he won't pay it.
You know, son of a bitch, he'll keep it.
I'll keep?
I'll keep the 900 million I got?
Bima Fry, well-known lawyer, says, yes, except OJ was found guilty of the actual deaths of two victims after a trial, where Alex Jones, that was a civil trial, was found guilty of making false statements about people who were murdered by someone else and without a trial.
Franklin makes the point.
Alex Jones, 965 million.
No person dead.
OJ Simpson, two dead people, $34 million.
God wins.
This is the way, says.
So when are we going to sue MSNBC for some of the lies that they've done?
I want $1 million.
I'm very hurt by their lies.
Thomas Paine says, if Alex Jones has to pay the outlandish amount of money, I can't wait to see what Big Pharma has to pay for actually wiping out kids.
Or now the 20 million dead.
6 million is a conservative number.
Jack Posobiec says the left was calling for the body of Ivanka's mother to be dug up last week.
Spare me their false outrage about Alex Jones.
Yeah, they're calling for harassment.
They're calling for attacks.
Members of Congress say go out and attack people.
Kamala Harris bails out looters and arsonists, but that's okay.
Alex Jones does none of that.
965 million.
Speaking of Alex Jones, the Young Turks denied the American genocide for years.
YouTube made them an official partner.
So they can deny 1.5 million Christians killed by Muslims and say it didn't exist when their grandchildren and children live here.
But that's okay.
And they have a right to deny it, the Armenian genocide.
You have a right to deny the Holocaust.
I think a bunch of Jews didn't get killed, Hitler was bad.
But you have a right to say it.
Well, if I want to deny and say it, I don't think Sandy Hook happened.
And that's what I really believe.
That's my right.
I didn't send people to harass those folks.
They know it.
Charlie Kirk says Alex Jones acknowledged he was wrong repeatedly before I was sued and has ordered to pay $1 billion.
Meanwhile, the largest fine paid by a banking executive responsible for the 2008 financial crisis was $67 million.
Who hurt more people?
Dan Rather, well, Alex Jones is already morally bankrupt.
Yeah, and you lie about WMDs in Iraq, buddy.
And Madeleine Albright said 500,000 dead kids killed by Clinton was a good price to pay, but she's liberal.
MTG comes to my defense, no matter what you think of Alex Jones, all he did was speak words.
He did not, he was not the one who pulled the trigger.
Were his words wrong and did he apologize?
That's what freedom of the press is.
Freedom of speech is freedom to speak words.
Political persecution must end.
Jen Psaki weighed in.
The evil raggedy Ann.
The damage Alex Jones has done to the lives of these families is horrific.
Nearly a billion dollars doesn't solve the pain.
Oh, because did that kill their kids?
But also, true, That the end of Infowars would be a public service.
Rowling weighs in.
Still not enough.
There's literally nothing he could do that could make it right what he put those families through.
And they're back in the spotlight again, complaining about people saying something about him again.
And it just goes on and on and on and on from there.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
We're going to take your calls on this subject and the weaponization of the judiciary and where you think it's all going.
I want to thank you all for your support.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
777-889-2539, 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
First time callers, we're gonna give them a chance, then later we'll open up for everybody.
But please, first-time callers only, 877-789-2539.
If your lawyer is out there and agree with me or disagree, you're welcome to call in as well, but this is an unprecedented case and no one's denying that.
Please remember, I have to pay 40% of the legal fees, I don't have the money.
Please make donations at SaveInfoWars.com.
Democrat Party knuckle-dragging Ambulance-chasing anti-Americans are ordering you...
Not to support Infowars.
They are ordering you not to go to Infowars.com.
They are ordering you not to bet on freedom and not let us get the funding to stay on air and file these appeals and stay on the air for years and years just in this incarnation.
They're saying we're defeated.
Well, rumors of my demise, as Mark Twain said, have been greatly exaggerated.
To quote John Paul Jones, founder of the Navy, when his ship was sinking, fighting a ship three times the size, In the Revolutionary War, the British captain hailed across and said, Surrender now.
And he said, Surrender.
I've only begun to fight.
And that is my message to you.
I have only begun to fight.
If you think you've seen resistance, you're about to see even more.
And I know our audience of activists, and I know they're going to take action.
But let's hear from the scumbags in Texas.
And let's hear from the garbage up in Connecticut with these judges and them ordering you, ordering you, not to support us.
Here it is.
I ask that with your verdict, you not only take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away, I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
That's what matters.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
That is punishment.
That is deterrence.
But somewhere out there right now is another thing.
Getting their kids ready for school.
Fixing their lunches.
Going to work.
Thinking about getting their kid.
And there's going to be a day when that child doesn't perform at school.
And we know it and it's sad and that's the reality.
And the question is going to be, where is Alex Jones when that happens?
Is he in the studio?
Getting ready to pounce?
Or will you stop him?
That's going to be in your heads.
And when we get all done with all the other things, we're going to come back and you're going to ask yourself.
Because that's what justice is in this case.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, All Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you, feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, Senator.
By the way, almost all of them testified that they never heard of me or saw me until they were approached by the Democratic Party and lawyers.
and shown all the controversy about Megyn Kelly.
They had a problem.
Nobody was talking about me and Sandy Hook.
2017, they made it an actual news story to get their lawsuit going,
and to go show the parents and say, "Here's the bad guy."
And the same thing is happening right now here in Texas.
And you can pull this up where the Secretary of State says, "Alex Jones sent people after poll workers."
No truth to it.
Absolute bull.
Didn't even really question the Texas election.
There was some evidence of fraud.
The Democrats failed.
I didn't question it nationally.
It was really Project Veritas exposed a bunch of stuff in Dallas and San Antonio.
They did a great job, by the way.
It was all true.
People got arrested.
But the headline is, Alex Jones released hell on us.
That's a Republican Secretary of State, and he needs to be stopped, just like in Sandy Hook.
You're not allowed to ever call or protest election fraud, and if you do, it's Alex Jones' fault.
In fact, pull that article up for folks.
I want them to see it, and I've got it somewhere in my stack here.
I can't find it.
Type in, Alex Jones released help.
You'll get the Hill newspaper.
You can't make this up.
So this is their plan, this is their operation, this is what they're doing, and they're never going to stop until the American people wake up and understand these cases are being developed and prepared to go after the American people in general.
Secretary of State Alex Jones unleashed hell on our election people and that's so the election people now can start to learn I did it to them.
So they have the false memory that Alex Jones sent people after him and Alex Jones did all these bad things so they can sue me for that too.
And we know it's not going to stop.
It's okay.
Get $50 trillion in judgments.
Get $80 quadrillion in judgments.
I don't care if I'm working for free.
I'm going to be on the air until I'm dead.
I'm never going to stop.
Do you understand, you anti-American control freaks?
And we're beating you, and people are waking up to you.
He just sort of says, Jones doesn't do anything for you.
No, just defend the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, our sovereignty, our right to our religious freedom.
Trying to stop World War III, telling you two and a half years ago the shots were poisonous and would give you blood clots, and having top scientists on.
And putting ourselves in the crosshairs of the New World Order every single day, unlike these establishment lawyers and Democrats and Republican rhinos that work for the most corrupt interests in the world that are running this country and the world into the ground.
So I'm proud to have this garbage come after me.
And they think, one thing I did that I said I could have done better, and I do think it actually happened, and they turn it into, I questioned it first, and I caused the problems, and I did all this, and now they're the moral, good, powerful people, and they're going to tell you how to live your life.
They're going to tell you how to raise your kids.
They're going to tell your kid how they can have their testicles cut off, or their breasts cut off.
They're going to get on Prozac and Ritalin.
And then when Adam lands and goes and kills a bunch of people, well, it's your fault.
They're selling the poison, the globalists, the left.
They're selling the satanism.
They're selling the entire stinking thing.
I'm going to go to your phone calls here in just a moment.
But again, it is a revolutionary act to say Alex Jones was right.
It is a revolutionary act to share Infowars.com articles wherever you can still.
It's a revolutionary act.
To go get high quality products that you need, like Vitamineral Fusion back at stock.
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Experience I want to thank all of you for support for being steadfast But you know this fight is your fight And you heard those lawyers order you to tell you like you believe their mind control that I'm the bad man And they're the good people because they want to take your guns and take your free speech And what the numbers out of New York City 71% of black people never make it out of their mother's womb and the left's out there targeting blacks for extermination Oh, but they love black people No, they don't.
They're run by the New World Order.
They're run by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, and they are our collective enemies.
And they hate the fact that we're raising the alarm and exposing them.
They want to punish anybody that does it.
Well, you know what?
Somebody's got to take their licks, and we're here to do it.
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So thank you for the support.
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1776coin.com, promo code 1776 on InfoWarsTore.com and 1776coin.com.
If you want to help my personal legal defense, thank you for those that have done that, go to SaveInfoWars.com.
We'll be right back.
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All right, we're going to your phone calls here in just a moment.
I wanted to tie a few things together here to give you the big picture that's developing very, very quickly.
Just yesterday, Kanye West was dumped from PayPal.
Yesterday, JP Morgan dumped him off of PayPal.
Candace Owens has put out a copy of it that he gave her, saying, we'll no longer do business with you after a 20-year relationship.
Here's the actual letter.
And PayPal, a few weeks ago, announced, we're going to fine people $2,500 for questioning climate change, anything else, elections, you name it.
We're judged, you're an executioner.
Then they said they wouldn't do it, and now they've come back.
And are saying that indeed they are going to do it.
PayPal is still threatening to fine users 2,500 for promoting intolerance.
That is discriminatory.
There you go.
And that's any definition they want.
And that ties into the next phase of this Leningradian.
Only proper online regulation can stop poisonous conspiracies, conspiracists like Alex Jones.
It says the government needs to ban me from any speech.
That is North Korea.
That's the bad guys.
That's a desperate criminal bureaucracy that is trying to establish a totalitarian state.
Not just an authoritarian state, a totalitarian.
That means all the way.
Nels in Nebraska, thanks for calling.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yes, can you hear me?
Yes, brother.
Well, first off, I'd like to apologize to you personally.
My cousin introduced me to you shortly after 9-11.
And I didn't believe that our government could be capable of such a thing.
And, I don't know, I was in the military, so I guess I didn't want to believe it personally.
Well, let's be clear, it's criminal elements working with multinational corporations and real terror groups.
So, I mean, there was radical Muslims involved at certain levels, but go ahead.
Yeah, I want to apologize for that.
And then I guess shortly after that, well, I went to Iraq and then I saw what was going on over there and it wasn't all right.
And then, then again, I've known our judicial system's been corrupt for a long time.
And I, I don't know, it's travesty what they're doing to you right now, this billion dollar judgment.
I hope you stay on air.
I'm going to support you any way I can.
And with that war on terror, I mean, there are 7.8 million veterans that still believe in the Constitution, that will defend the Constitution.
And Biden has declared you the number one terror threat, and so has the FBI.
That tells you they're the bad guys.
Yes, sir.
And I realize that now, and I mean, I haven't come under personal attack yet, but I'm sure that will come in the future.
Well, we're in it together, sir, and we appreciate your service.
God bless you.
All right, let's talk to Sunny in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to call in and say that I think your case has set such an incredibly dangerous precedent for all citizens of the United States because, essentially, we no longer have legal Um, right, to even question our government, expose crimes of the government.
And I just think that this tragedy in itself was used to attack our First and Second Amendment.
Because when you look at the fact that this and you know, I'm not saying that the tragedy didn't happen.
It is tragic.
But what I'm saying is that It's literally been used to destroy our country within.
Well that's right, they're now projecting dead children and then the guilt onto the First and Second Amendment.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Right, because in early 2022, I believe that Remington became the first gun manufacturer to be held liable for the mass shooting and they were ordered to pay the family $73 million.
And now they're going after everybody else.
Right, because now it's like you're essentially being ordered almost a $1 billion judgment against you for offering an opinion.
And you understand it's the same law firm and the same plaintiffs that just did this.
And the same court.
It's the same judge.
It's mind-boggling that this is happening in the United States of America and I think that everybody needs to get out and vote.
And everybody needs to do their due diligence and understand, you know, who is... Look at voting records.
Oh, absolutely.
And they want to make it illegal to question that?
The Secretary of State in Texas, a Republican, does.
And they're blaming me for people questioning fraud that's everywhere.
But just understand, Judge Bellis was promoted to the head judge in the state by the shadowy forces that run Connecticut after she did this.
She's been rewarded well.
Thank you so much for the call, Sonny.
Let's talk to Ed in Florida on the kangaroo trial in Connecticut.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'm kind of disappointed in the trial result, but I was expecting something similar to that.
I was curious about your appeals that you're going to try to pass through in order to... Are you listening?
Yes, sir.
I sure am.
Sure am.
Yeah, I'm going to pray that your appeals turn this whole thing around.
You said you've got like two years worth of stuff to come up, and I'm hoping that they... I'm distracted by it because I'm watching the television.
Anyway, yeah, I'm 76 years old, a few months older than President Trump, so I heard you mention once that you had Photographic memory.
I once had it too and it's long gone.
I'm not as fast as I once was.
Hey, I get it, brother.
Neither am I. But, look, it's just tyranny at every level and it's because we're trying to struggle our way out of these people's control and they're trying to assert it.
History's repeating itself again.
God bless you, Ed.
Great points.
Let's talk to Todd in Texas.
He wants to talk about the Secretary of State saying, I unleashed hell on the Texas Election Commission and their employees.
I actually kind of dropped the ball and only covered national issues.
I think we had Project Veritas on once, when they got people arrested for fraud in San Antonio and Dallas, and we did cover arrest, but I didn't... Republicans won Texas, so I... It's not even true!
They just make it up.
They'll look, Alex Jones, he just paid a billion dollars, which isn't true.
We need to stop these people.
What's your view on this, Todd?
Well, I looked into this guy yesterday, and funny enough, the first thing that popped up was an article that he wrote in the Houston Chronicle, and that's what I wanted to bring to you guys' attention.
You guys might want to make a little article about this.
It's him calling for a forensic audit of the 2020 election.
And it says, I'm going to read you a line from here.
Oh my gosh, he unleashed hell then.
He should be given a million dollars.
That's what I'm saying.
I think that he actually took heat for this and I think he's trying to put it off on you now.
Let me read you this sentence.
Yeah, I agree.
Give us the headline so we can pull it up for viewers.
Okay, it's called, it's a Houston Chronicle, it says, Opinion, Full Forensic Audit Will Restore Faith in Texas Elections, John B. Scott, November 21st, 2021.
Full Forensic Audit Will Restore Faith in Texas Elections.
That's right.
It says, uh, whether it was the specter of foreign interference in our elections or allegations of widespread mail ballot fraud during the pandemic, voters have been hit with a barrage of reasons to doubt the system.
And surprisingly, it's starting to take its toll on the faith and the integrity of our election.
These are his words.
I agree.
We put it on screen.
So I totally agree with your analysis.
You know he got approached and said, hey, buddy.
Yep, and now you're the scapegoat for the whole thing.
So I just wanted to point that out to you guys.
I thought it was pretty funny.
That'll be very useful, because I'm sure they're developing a case on us as well.
But you have to understand, I'd be proud to expose fraud in Texas.
There was a lot of evidence of it.
We barely did it.
I wish I would have done more.
I went and looked.
We covered it twice.
People that were arrested, charged, caught on undercover video.
Anything else, Todd?
Uh, no.
That's it, man.
Just wanted to point that out to you guys.
Thank you, sir.
Print me that article, please, guys.
That's why I love the callers.
That's why we're just going more and more calls.
Because the guests are great, but calls are just king.
Because they're so smart.
And boom.
I meant to research this guy, and I didn't do it.
And then boom, the callers did it, and right there.
He says voters are pissed.
He says voters have a reason to be concerned.
There were a whole bunch of arrests in Texas.
And then I dropped the ball, don't even really cover it, and now they're blaming me that people are pissed?
That'll just make me cover election fraud in Texas more now.
In fact, next time I see articles that are in the stack, I've got to remember to cover those.
Because you obviously don't like us doing it.
Alright, Sean, Kelly, Rick, Farmer Barbie, Don, Ray, Jay, Don, Chef, what's that, Chief?
My eyes are going out.
I got glasses two years ago.
I used to have 20-15 vision now.
I'm not as good as I used to be.
I'm like, trying to reason.
Chef or Chief?
We'll figure it out.
So, our number two, ladies and gentlemen, is coming up.
Remember, telling the truth is a revolutionary act in a world of universal deceit.
I just flipped the George Orwell quote.
It's, in a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
So, sharing the links to Infowars.com, telling folks about our local AM and FM stations, sharing the articles and videos, and not being afraid to say, Alex Jones was right, is really the battle cry maxim.
of our fight for liberty and freedom.
And remember, and never forget, the answer to 1984 is 1776.
Promo code gets you 10% off extra at Infowarstore.com.
Well, the corporate media that lied to you and said the vaccine was the vaccine and would protect you when they knew it would kill you, they don't want to point their finger at me and say, I'm the bad man.
They're the good guys.
We've got a medical doctor joining us coming up in about 15 minutes to lay out the latest bombshell developments.
But right now we're taking your calls.
Thanks for calling.
Sean in Colorado, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Glad to be talking to you.
Keep doing what you're doing, brother.
You're doing an amazing job and you're doing the righteous thing by continuing to speak the truth in spite of their opposition.
Guys, we need to step it up.
We need to support Alex more.
We need to continue to buy the products, donate, help him stay in this battle.
It's more important now than ever.
I got a really big thing I want to bring to you, Alex, but if it's okay, can I save it for last?
Go ahead.
First thing I want to say, guys, to get the truth out there more, I think I came up with an idea.
Using social media, it's a certain kind of social media that I think that the globalists, the left, you know, the opposition, didn't actually think about big tech.
That's using dating apps, all right?
Create dating profiles, and then when you connect with people, try to take them off the app, get the number, and then hit them with the truth.
I've been doing that.
I've been sending them, you know, PDFs, you know, Pfizer dump documents, you know, links to Alex Jones.
Anything you can send people that are still asleep that can wake them up is huge, and you can't get the platform for it if you take them off the app after you get it done.
And by the way, we're winning.
There's a 99% reduction in the uptake of the poison shots.
We are winning.
Absolutely, man, and that's so beautiful, and so much of that is because of what people like you are doing, Alex.
So thank you for doing that.
Brother, don't thank me.
It is you that's doing it, Sean.
What's the big point you wanted to make?
Alright, I don't know if I actually want to drop the name, but I think I may know who, and I don't care if the FBI tries to kick in my door right now, I think I may know who planted the bomb at J6.
I've tried to bring this to the attention of certain people who should care about this.
Nobody gets back to me.
So I tend to think maybe the White Hats know who it is, and they're not I'm not saying it, because maybe it's leverage that they can use in this battle, but I know somebody that, you know, I'm 99% sure that it is who this person says it is, because the person who said this is who did the bomb drop, or the planning of the bomb, that person is right, I mean, almost 100% of the time, and I think that you should try to get in touch with him, but I'm like 99.9% sure that I know who the J6 bomber is.
You want us to put you on hold and you can tell us the lead?
Yeah, yeah.
That would be great.
Or email, whatever.
I mean, whatever you want to do, it's fine.
I just think that you should know and I think that, you know, if it's supposed to get out there, it should get out there.
John, please put Sean on hold and get him to give us the intel and get his email.
But get him to tell you now so we don't drop the ball on this.
I'd like to hear what you have to say.
We've broken a lot of big stories this way.
We'll try to investigate it.
Thank you, sir.
Kelly in Colorado.
Kelly, go ahead.
Hey Alex, first of all, I want to tell you, man, I love you so much.
I'm a little emotional today.
I just want to say you saved my life.
I've lived and lived with you 20 years and I've been mad at you a lot over the years, but I just, you know, I lost a friend yesterday, my second friend to the shot.
And, you know, if it wasn't for you, I would have shot up, you know, if I, if I didn't I wouldn't say you woke me up, but I started listening to you about 20 years ago, and boy, I've not stopped.
I've listened to Owen.
I even called in.
I call into Owen all the time, and I'm always disagreeing with him, so I always sound like a jerk, but I disagree with a couple things with you, but that's not why I'm calling about, man.
What I am calling about is, you know, I don't even know if I want you to respond to this, but I want to talk to your audience.
You know, we live in an Orwellian, communist, Zionist, Bolshevik society, and You know, Sandy Hook, I'm going to say this.
I know every kid died that they said died, but it was a damn false flag.
It was not done by Adam Sandler.
He was there.
He was a schigo.
Everybody knows that.
My point is.
What they're doing to you, nobody's talked about this.
They're stopping us from talking about false flags.
You can't even talk anymore about Sandy Hook.
You're the number one guy out there.
There's a lot of other people that talk about it.
We know it was a false flag.
It was not done by one person.
People were escaping.
There's so many things that went on.
I'll just say this.
We have a right to question whenever we want.
And they definitely don't want us questioning big events because a lot of things are staged.
I appreciate your call, Kelly.
And people don't believe the system anymore.
That's why people didn't believe it.
Because the system lies so much.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, sir.
More calls straight ahead back in 60 seconds.
They see InfoWars as the number one enemy.
They see us as the American people, because we are.
They see us as populist resistors.
They can crush us, they can crush anybody.
We've got an incredible group of activists, listeners, and viewers that are men and women in the arena, of a race, color, and creed, and I thank you and I salute you.
Here's a point one of the crew members showed me from December 2015.
Sandy Hook families to share $1.5 million from a state of Shooter's mother.
So they got 73 million from Remington, but 1.5 million from the woman that bought the gun that Adam Lanza reportedly got and went and shot the little kids.
Think about that.
Sandy Hook families get 1.5 million from Adam Lanza?
Alex Jones, $965 million for questioning the whole thing, and why the CIA and FBI did visit Adam Lanza twice in the year before the shooting.
That's on record, by the way.
They don't want that discussed, they don't want that looked at.
A lot of weirdness.
You're just supposed to just, hey, the police stood down for 75 minutes in Uvalde, no big deal.
We're not saying it didn't happen, we're saying it should be investigated.
The head of the state police, excuse me, the head of the state police says the local police have completely lied to him.
Maybe he'll get sued by the families of Yuvaldi.
You don't question, you just sit there and you take it and you roll over and you shut up.
Well, I don't think that's going to be happening.
Let's go back to your phone calls.
Farmer Barbie in FEMA Region 4, thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, you have such a radiant, beautiful soul and I just, I love you so much.
Thanks for taking my call.
I will respect your time, and I'll be quick.
I wanted to talk about two quick points.
One, saving your soul, and two, saving InfoWars.
Firstly, if you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ, please open the channel and pray for the invitation.
Receive the gift of faith.
Repent your sins and be saved through His grace.
InfoWarriors, you can attain salvation and be washed in the blood of the Lord.
I submitted fully to God's will, and that's why I no longer sell used cars and gym memberships and how I became Yeoman Farmer Barbie.
So, that's that.
As far as how to save InfoWars, I can't take credit for this idea.
The Holy Spirit brought it to me this morning.
But I had an idea for a raffle that I'm calling Party with InfoWars, where you guys could sell raffle tickets online.
buyers would get a virtual ticket in their email and you could draw the winner on air.
The winner could be flown out to the studio or rent a car or whatever you guys wanted
to set up.
Put up in the hotel for the night.
Hang out at the studio with you guys for the day.
Maybe film a funny bit or be on the show.
You know, things like that are really smart ways to raise extra money.
A lot of the other things I'm going to do is, I got a couple of watches that I didn't buy.
People gave me as gifts over the year that are expensive.
I'm going to, I never wear them anyways, I'm going to raffle those off very soon.
We're going to, the armored vehicle's been great, but...
You know, it's time to sell it.
And then it'll be a fun auction, and I'm going to sell my private Hellcat.
I don't even need it, I don't even drive it.
I got it years ago, but it's a great car.
Just to show people how real this is, and that we're committed to keeping this operation going.
But that's another great idea, Farmer Barbie.
Anything else?
No, I just want to say thank you.
I love you guys.
I listen to Info Wars all day.
The chicken's here at broadcast all over the farm.
We just love y'all.
Please keep doing what you're doing.
You're saving lives.
You really are.
Well, we're trying.
Thank you so much.
You'll know people by their enemies, and the worst people hate us.
And look, I'm far from perfect, but I try to tell the truth, and I just try to fight as hard as I can.
The problem is most people don't know how the legal system works or they don't understand all this.
Even my family, even family members that I know that are successful and smart, they're just calling so upset.
Billion dollars, how are you taking it?
And I'm like, I'm great.
Well, why?
You owe a billion dollars.
No, I don't.
Get to appeal it.
Plus, I don't have a billion dollars.
It's a joke.
It's everything the left does is just overkill and over the top.
Two men can have a baby and all the rest of it.
It's just, it's ridiculous.
There's processes here, and they haven't gutted the country yet.
Yeah, if these appeals courts don't overturn this, that's another major coffin nail in our republic.
That's two years from now.
Does anybody think the way the world's going in two years, we're going to be worried about a billion-dollar judgment?
I mean, hell, the way inflation's going, a billion dollars might buy a hamburger in a couple years.
That's how inflation works.
It just takes off, takes off.
Why am I Republic Zimbabwe overnight?
I'll be like, oh, here, actually, I can pay the billion.
You know, I said I could never pay this billion dollars.
Well, I mean, not if devaluation really accelerates.
I guess I'll be spending my whole paycheck on it.
Because your paychecks will be in the billions as well.
It happens all the time.
It'll probably be more like billions, like a million in 10 years.
We're going into total world government, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's life and death.
I'm worried about nuclear war.
I'm worried about the next virus they're going to release.
I'm worried about it killing members of my family and my friends.
These lawyers and all these little corrupt nobodies, they have no idea what they're even involved in.
But they will.
Because the rug's coming out from under everybody.
But these corrupt individuals in the system that think they're winners because they're with the system are fools.
The system is out of control and been hijacked by eugenicist depopulationists.
Rick in Canada.
Rick, thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
So I listen to Crowder all the time.
You're on there this morning.
I hear a lot of things that go on, but I just get frustrated.
Um, so you're talking about, with all the things that you're going through over the Sandy Hook thing and all that, um, I don't remember exactly where it was called, but it was that last shooting that happened there in Texas.
They said all these things that happened, that why they couldn't do this, why they couldn't do that, and 99% of it turned out to be all bullshit.
So... Yeah, you're talking about Uvalde.
They, they, they, they lied.
They lied for, like, months.
All lies.
Yes, and I just don't, like...
It's not enough attention is thrown or to say, hey, well, look what happens here.
Like, you know what I mean?
And why wouldn't I think, you know what I mean?
What would happen there?
I know you're more informed than most of a lot of other people, but.
It's, you know what I mean?
It's just everything just, it seems staged.
Terrible things are happening by terrible people, but it seems like it's being pushed by certain people to do these things, right?
So it's kind of, it's frustrating on my behalf because people don't pay enough attention and bringing those things out to, you know, to recent, to past, to things that are going on.
Well, exactly.
And I said day one in Ubaldi.
This looks bad, but we need to wait and see.
And then I believed the police when they lied, and I said, okay, good job.
Then it turned out it was all lies.
They stood down for 77 minutes.
They had hand sanitizer.
They lied to the FBI.
They lied to the state police.
They lied to everybody.
And then now we're not supposed to question anything.
Just, we'll just, we don't know what happened.
Just forget it.
And it turns out the shooter was known.
He was threatening people.
Nothing was done.
It just goes on and on.
And then if you question it, oh, we'll sue you.
You don't question the government.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Here is Chris Maddy, the ambulance-chasing former federal prosecutor, who isn't going to be suing Pfizer for lying and saying their shot worked.
He's not going to sue anybody for heart attacks and kids.
No, no, no, no.
He's going to sue Alex Jones, who questioned Sandy Hook because the internet wasn't buying it.
And here he is ordering the viewers and listeners not to send us money.
Don't bet on Alex Jones means don't bet on yourselves.
Roll over and die and give up.
He's Tokyo Rose.
Give up, America.
Give up.
Oh, you saw the billion-dollar judgment.
He's gonna be shut down.
No, we're gonna appeal it for years.
And it didn't matter if you try to come whatever.
I'm still gonna be on air.
You're not stopping me unless I'm dead.
Here he is ordering you not to go to InfoWarStore.com and use promo code 1776.
Get an additional 10% off on the biggest sale of the year.
Up to 50% off with promo code 1776 and an additional 10% off.
That's 60% off and double Patreon points.
Vitamin Refusion back in stock.
X3 back in stock.
These are great products you already need and it funds the InfoWar, InfoWarStore.com.
Here he is ordering you, ordering you not to support us.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
And pause, you see that guy in the middle right there?
That's Stolen Valor, Senator Blumenthal's son, the guy that never was out of country, never in Vietnam, claimed he was a combat vet hero, and his father literally is a total scumbag, piece of filth, and there's his son right there, Stolen Valor Blumenthal.
Well, I was really impressed with him a few weeks ago when he brought his wonderful family to visit with us while he was on air, Dr. Paul E. Alexander, PhD.
He is a former professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine, a former COVID pandemic evidence synthesis advisor to the WHO in Washington, D.C., and he also worked at Health and Human Services and advised the White House and witnessed this whole train wreck.
I'm going to go over his whole bio, but how he worked with the WHO and more, but he has been dead on exposing what really happened.
And now the Pfizer spokeswoman Jay Small admitted as you know earlier this week in hearings that indeed it does not protect you and that they did not know protect you and they lied to the public and told you it would protect you.
We've already played these clips a bunch.
We've already played the compilations of them lying to us including Biden saying get the shot you're protected.
But I want to get Dr. Alexander's response to how big a deal this is and how this is sending shockwaves that I'm seeing and what he's seeing.
And also the numbers we're seeing, almost no one now is taking the new so-called COVID booster and any other big developments.
So Dr. Alexander, DrPaulAlexander.com, DrPaulAlexander.com, we really appreciate your courage.
You're one of the early people to expose this.
And so just give us an update on your view on what's unfolding.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me.
It's a pleasure and an honor to be on your show and the work that you do, bringing the truth to the people.
So, let me get straight to the point.
The reality about it is that As you said, we have parents right now that almost minimally are taking the boosters and taking the shots for their children.
Because parents have clued in and have listened to McCullough, listened to myself, listened to Dr. Harvey Weish, where we warned against the children with almost zero risk, statistical zero risk, for severe outcomes from COVID.
They're not candidates.
Healthy children.
We found that not one healthy child in America has died from COVID after infection.
Not one.
And that's the data across the pandemic.
Now, this revelation by Pfizer yesterday, its executive, was shocking.
Well, we knew it by looking at the data and what was happening around us in populations across the world, that this COVID gene injection early out of the gate by around mid of 2021 last year was not stopping infection in the vaccinated, was not stopping replication in the airways and was not stopping transmission.
This is very serious because the basis for the mandates for throwing people out of the US military for throwing police out of the police services for firing nurses was because they decided to exercise their natural immunity.
They were COVID recovered, yet governments, business places, agencies decided to fire people because they said you must.
It was a mandate that you, by you taking the vaccine, you will protect the larger society.
But now we know that even Pfizer knew that this vaccine, this COVID-19 injection was not stopping
So it was a lie. I'll be as straightforward as I can.
Pfizer, Moderna, etc. The FDA, the United States top regulatory agency lied.
They lied to the people by approving these COVID-19 injections.
But importantly, none of the mandates were needed.
So all of those schools, universities, businesses, where business owners committed suicide because they had to close their business because employees chose not to be mandated with the shot.
They couldn't start.
They had to close.
And their business was lost.
Many people ended their lives because of the mandate, because of what the government did.
So, these people need to be held accountable.
Pfizer needs, Moderna needs, the executives, Bhola, Bancel, they need to be held under proper questioning and full accountability because this is not a simple mea culpa.
You cannot just say now, oh, this will stop transmission.
You caused a lot of debt by the policies, the mandate policies.
The people are still today fighting in courtrooms.
So I think this is so shocking.
We saw it epidemiologically, but for this Pfizer executive to say it under oath, In that hearing is a stunning development and we cannot not talk about this situation.
We have to bring it out.
Well, Dr. Alexander, I mean, I'll tell you what I think is exciting, whether it's Congress here, the House, the Senate, or whether it's the European Union, Parliament, or whether it's the Brazilian government or Eastern, all over.
Really smart scientists and really smart leaders are saying, this is criminal.
We need to criminally go after them.
This isn't, oh, they messed up.
Oh, we need to have some payments here.
These people need to be investigated, need to go to prison.
They knew what they were doing.
I agree with you fully.
I've called for that over and over.
I've said, look, we are not a common court society.
We have good governance.
America, the greatest nation on earth.
Countries like Canada, UK, et cetera, we need To put these people under oath in proper public inquiries and investigate.
And if we show, if proper inquiries show that their actions were reckless, negligent, dangerous, that they caused people to commit suicide, that they caused the loss of life by their policies, we need to find them.
We need to take all of their money.
We need criminal prosecutions.
This is not a simple mea culpa because lives were lost.
You need to understand something.
When I was in the Trump administration, we were getting data coming up from the states where parents were taking their children to the ER with broken limbs.
Those parents were locked down and locked away from work and they were physically abusing each other.
They were abusing their children.
Children were sexually abused in the school closures and escaped being recognized.
Because schools were closed.
There was so much wrong.
So many children committed suicide.
So many businesses stoned us and laid off people for lies.
They lied because every COVID lockdown, every school closure, every vaccine mandate, we looked at the signs, every single one failed.
Nothing worked, including this gene injection that they brought.
It has failed and the Omicron variant today is largely resistant.
This vaccine, this gene injection must stop.
It does not work, does not protect the upper areas.
And now with this new bivalent booster, it's actually showing already it is ineffective.
This is a catastrophe that has happened.
And we need to stand up as people.
And people like you, Alex, I have to say, I give superb credit to,
because you have started in the fight.
You've not wavered because you are trying to help the health and well-being of the public.
And I thank you for that, for showcasing people like me, people like McCullough, etc.
When we come on to your show, it is very important that you keep talking and bring it to the population.
People need Well, let's talk about doubling down when we come back.
They're not getting for NIH.
They're not.
The FDA has failed the society as a regulator.
Let's talk about doubling down when we come back.
They're doubling down on funding more bat research under Fauci, a reward for what he
did in Mendazic.
They are doubling down with more boosters.
The FDA saying it's good for five and up, even though their own panels have told them
don't do it, resigned over and over again.
What do we need to do to stop these criminals?
Because only the U.S.
is giving it to little kids, as you know, and six months up.
I mean, why is the U.S.
the dumping ground for this when they even admit it doesn't work and makes you sick?
We'll be right back with Dr. Alexander straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
His site is DrPaulAlexander.com.
Dr. Paul E. Alexander, who worked and advised the Trump White House on COVID response, was a fly on the wall and witness it all and spoke out early about his concerns.
Now here we are with all of it coming out.
It's insane.
The blood clots, the deaths, the illnesses, the erasing of the immune systems, the mask, absolutely traumatizing children, annihilating their development.
How would you describe the process that's been carried out and now Big Pharma, we know, was behind it, I believe, premeditated.
You can give us your view, sir.
But just the fact that they're doubling down now only exacerbates the severity of their crimes, in my view.
Yeah, I agree with you, Alex.
And, you know, you mentioned the word, the show is in for wars, but we are actually in an in for war.
This is a war of information where one side is trying to prevent That's from speaking and that's why I put out my substack, Alexander COVID News.
And the thing is you had on, I believe, Dr. Ladapo and on the show, Joel Ladapo, the Surgeon General.
I mean, think about it.
He, they just produced a study showing that the vaccine, the gene injection, causes serious cardiac risk in particularly males.
And he's been under attack by the media, by so-called scientists and doctors
who are trying to vilify his work.
But they are saying, oh, well, his study included small sample size.
Well, Pfizer just got an EAU approved emergency use authorization by FDA
for the bivalent booster that you mentioned earlier, based on eight mice, not even human beings.
Eight mice decided the vaccination status of 200 million Americans.
Pfizer uses methodologies called immunobridging.
They're talking about the Adapo's methodology.
What about the immunobridging that they invented to approve these vaccines in children?
This process where they just look at antibody levels in kids.
The Pfizer trials and studies are junk, Madonna, pure garbage science.
So they have no right going after people like Adapo.
But they come after me, McCullough, they come after Rich, Kulldorff,
all of us who are trying to educate the public because they have been flat wrong.
Every single thing, Alex, in agreement with what you said earlier, all of the lockdowns, all of the school closures, all of the masking, the masking, The blue surgical masks that we use, the white cloth masks on our face, from the word go, we revealed all of the respiratory studies that showed for influenza, etc., even with this COVID virus, that it could not stop you from becoming infected or even transmitting.
All of these masks, from the word go, when we were wearing these masks on the buses, when we went out in public, in restaurants, I have to say it in the only way I could, because we wrote and we published.
They were junk.
They never worked.
And when scientists like yourself tried to expose it, you got censored.
I remember being in a grocery store in Florida on a short vacation two years ago, and it was all hysteria, and people screaming at me, put your mask on, even though there was no order at that time to do it.
Think of the discrimination and the bullying that people that didn't want to take the experimental shot or wear the mask have gone through.
I mean, this is the real discrimination that's going on.
Yes, and that's the point.
That's why when this Pfizer executive has now stated that the vaccine does not stop transmission, they didn't study it even, but we know it does not stop it, based on what has unfolded, all of the vaccinated people are becoming infected.
In fact, not even infected, hospitalized, and now we are seeing data and we have reports of them becoming severely ill and some dying.
So, the fact of the matter is that everything that they told us, Every single thing that the CDC, NIH, Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, were lies.
You can't put it together in any kind of coherent explanation that anything made sense.
But we went along each step of the way informing the public.
And as you said, we were cancelled, we were taxed, smeared, we were vilified.
But we have been proven, you Alex, If people go back from the beginning of this pandemic and what you were saying, and who you had on, you are now being proven, you are vindicated.
Because sadly, we don't want to win this kind of argument, but sadly we were correct.
We were correct when we said that everything was wrong.
Let me stop you because I want you to start over.
This is so important.
It's not about us saying we were right as you're saying.
It's that they're going to try it again and they need to be punished.
So as patriots and hardworking people, we don't like to crow about how we're right.
We like to kind of just move on.
But we can't move on.
They've got to be sued.
They've got to be prosecuted.
And we've got to keep pointing out to everybody we were right or this same criminal multinational big pharma Medical Tyranny, UN, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates' operation is getting loaded and ready to run a whole new attack very soon.
I agree with you.
And an example is this bivalent booster.
They've got a booster based on a rodent model to try to vaccinate.
And they're trying to vaccinate children.
They were approved yesterday, I believe, for five-year-olds.
I mean, we have laid out the evidence and the science.
Not one healthy child in the United States, not one healthy child in Sweden, in Germany, etc.
has gotten COVID infection and gotten severely ill or died.
If you bring forward a child that you say, this person, this individual got COVID and died.
What Martin Makary, Johns Hopkins University epidemiologist, has stated, his group have studied the data.
The fact of the matter is, those children were severely ill.
Those children had serious compromise.
Those were not well people.
So, all of the science that the other side is putting out, let's say quote-unquote CDC, is always to mislead.
It's always to deceive.
And all the public wants is proper information, Correct information.
I totally agree, doctor.
So you've been an advisory level at the White House and Health and Human Services.
What can Congress, what can governors, what can legislatures, what can we as citizens do to stop this war on our children?
Because you know, many jurisdictions in California and New York and other areas are still trying to bully parents into taking these experimental shots for their children.
This is a true crime against humanity.
What can we do?
Well, I mean, one of the key issues is what you've been doing, people like yourself, and bringing us on and showcasing us.
And when you speak, we have to keep arming the population with information and supporting them and let them know they're not insane.
Because that's what the governments, etc.
and CDC and these alphabet agencies tried to make the population and parents think that you're insane for thinking, oh, my children don't really need those masks and they don't need this.
No, you are not insane.
Parents and the population have become very critical thinkers.
And they need to remain so.
And they need to double down.
Because these people won't stop.
And the reality is, we have elections in November.
We need to vote every single one who did this to us.
All of those who voted wrongfully.
We need to look at their voting record.
Republicans and Democrats.
Not just Democrats.
Any single person.
Vote them out.
Congress and Senate.
And let's get our government in order.
And when... Jim Jordan.
I like Jim Jordan.
I like Scalise.
I like this Rand Paul.
I like these people.
I like a lot of things they say.
I don't agree with everything.
But when they talk about when we get back power, we will start on it.
I don't want to hear hearings.
We have all of the information.
And Jim, I'm talking to you.
I know Jim.
I met him in Congress.
I'm talking to you.
We don't want hearings.
You have the science and the data already.
We want people in a proper docket, answering under oath, and we want them held accountable.
That's where the American people have gotten to.
No more of these Congressional Senate subcommittees and stuff.
That's just a dog and pony show.
We want action.
We want action on the border.
We want action on crime in this society.
We want action for every single wrong thing that was done with COVID.
Because parents, grandparents died because of these policy decisions.
This lockdown lunacy by Fauci and Burks.
Their actions, whilst they worked for President Trump, their actions killed people.
We want them accountable.
And Francis Collins.
Those three.
We want to start with those three.
Francis Collins, Tony Fauci, Deborah Burks.
Bring them under oath.
Separately, and let us get to the bottom of this.
Don't care who you are, at what level.
You have to be accountable.
Because too many innocent people died, needless in the society.
Because they trusted.
They trusted the FDA.
They trusted the CDC.
They trusted Fauci.
They trusted the government, and the government lied.
They did.
Stay there.
Dr. Paul Alexander will be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, we're going to take your phone calls in the next hour.
those that are patiently holding I appreciate you being there but then Norm
Pattis is gonna pop in and lay out the travesty of justice thereby needs
understand as a blueprint for everybody else that just happened with this
kangaroo court where the judge found me guilty wouldn't let us put on evidence
and then that a billion dollar judgment which we're gonna appeal will be on for
years as long as you support us that's why the plaintiff's lawyers got up there
and said do not give him money he's horrible he's a bad person because they
don't want us to appeal because they know there's a very good chance I mean
they're saying a hundred percent what they did has never before been done if
they don't then we know that the whole system is even more corrupt than we thought
which may happen I'm not backing down.
I might be dead or put in prison by now, I thought.
I mean, I never intended to even be alive this long.
I want to live, but I'm signed on for this.
I signed on for this.
And, you know, I guess you could say it's in my blood.
I don't claim I'm a hero or anything, but, you know, a lot of my family, you know, highly decorated in the military, never made a big deal about it, but they didn't back down in a fight.
And that was fighting overseas.
Some cases, questionable situations, but they were still good people because they were Americans and they thought they were doing good.
But I'm willing to do whatever it takes here in this country when the actual, the Republic is under total attack.
And it's going to be And I'm not trying to ingratiate myself.
I'm not trying to butter him up.
And I know great doctors like Dr. Alexander aren't like this, but we need to celebrate
the moral courage of Dr. Alexander and Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr., I mean, the list goes on and on, Dr. Wakefield,
hundreds and hundreds of prominent people that came out and broke the back of this.
And Joe Rogan got in a major heat and really did this.
And this broadcast, we would still be under their tyranny.
They would still be coming with forced injections if you hadn't stood up.
So it's a real fight.
But I think the theme Dr. Alexander, who again, worked inside the federal government
and advised President Trump, is telling you is it's not just vengeance or vindictiveness.
It's not even justice to go after these folks.
We've got to beat the drum for their investigation, their indictment, their imprisonment, because they are a biomedical tyranny.
We just saw EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, who bragged they cooked up very similar viruses to COVID-19, and we know it's man-made, getting a bunch more money.
So these people are arrogant, And as Senator Paul has said, they are threatening civilization.
These bio-weapons are just as dangerous as nuclear weapons, in my view.
So can you speak to that, Dr. Alexander?
Tell folks about your sub-stack, and then any other key points you'd like to impart to folks.
Well, again, my sub-stack, you could reach it, and it's for free.
There's, I think, a $50 yearly fee if you want.
But otherwise, you can subscribe for free.
It's Alexander, space, COVID.
Look, Rand Paul is a good guy.
I respect his intelligence.
I like his battle capability and what he's doing.
But let me say it this way, you raise a very important topic here with this Dasek and they, you have a situation where they wrote a paper, Frank Barrack, for University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2015, with Mena Cherry.
That paper that was published in 2015 was a seminal paper.
That paper laid out for us what they... Imagine, they were telling us in 2015 what they were doing with this coronavirus.
They were stitching together various viruses, portions of viruses and creating these chimeric viruses and they were trying to examine the spillover effect, whether they could create the zoonotic jump from animal to human Uh, where they could make the virus much more infectious and lethal.
And they did.
They told us in that 2015 paper that we just created a chimeric virus that we have no response to vaccine-wise.
They said so.
Vaccine doesn't work.
Any of the antivirals, etc.
does not work.
And the dish that we just created here, and they looked at it in vitro, that's in the test tube on the dish, and they even reported in vivo.
That was in animal studies.
That paper by Menachery is so critical.
They told us this has pandemic potential.
Lethal pandemic potential to the world!
Nobody paid attention to the 50 paper and from what Barrick and they did, that's it.
And Dr. Alexander, stop right there.
And the Iran Institute of Biology.
Dr. Alexander, stop right there.
Your Skype has been great, but it broke up the last 10 seconds.
You were getting into chimeric behaviors.
Start over.
Yeah, well, what they did was they stitched together these viruses and they created a
new virus.
They were trying to examine a range of coronaviruses to see how they could make it more infectious and more lethal.
Whether or not you tell me in the future, well, the military was involved because they were benevolent.
I think the military is benevolent.
And to me it would be hard pressed to agree with you that the military should not have been looking at this.
Because if Soviet Union at that point in the Cold War, if China etc.
were developing biological weapons, we needed to know what they were doing and how we could react from an antidote point of view.
So even if you told me it was going on below the table, I would even be willing in some way to accept that because
the military is there to protect the society in the homeland. However, it was when Francis
Collins, Fauci, Barak, Daszak from EcoHealth, Barak from North Carolina, when
these people got involved, something seemed to have gone wrong there. Whether it was
because it became a money-making issue, or they lost control of what they were doing, or they were
just power-drunk people thinking they could create Frankenstein viruses, but they
That paper in 2015 told us, they told us, we just created coronavirus that is lethal, that has no vaccine response, No antiviral response.
We just created it in 2015.
So when these people talk about this, this started to spread in February 2020.
I'm telling you, we're already seeing data that's showing us information.
We could go back to December 2019, September 2019, June 2019.
We are even beginning to hear whispers now, this was around in 2018.
I am arguing it was.
Something devastating happened.
We need Francis Collins and Fauci under oath because they created a devastating monster with a bunch of poison pills.
We don't even know what's coming down the line.
And they're trying to force this vaccine that does not work.
And I want to tell the public it as simple as I can.
We actually knew that as long as from day one, if we would have strongly We should have properly protected the highest vulnerable elderly in our society.
We had early treatments.
We had prophylaxis treatments.
We knew of vitamin D and its role.
If we would have protected them in the nursing home properly, double down, triple down protections, and let the rest of society, it's the only way that you could tame a pandemic like this.
Because this vaccine failed out of the gate.
We should have allowed the society So naturally, harmlessly,
Live lives, stay healthy and well, and confront the pathogen.
We have become naturally immune.
Develop natural immunity properly.
And even maligned scientists like yourself, Warren, giving people experimental shots during a pandemic could soup it up and create worse versions, which it did.
But finally, enough people naturally got it to stop it.
Thank you so much for your time, sir.
We really appreciate it.
And we appreciate you visiting us in studio a few weeks ago.
God bless you.
Alex, you are a hero of mine.
You cannot stop.
I agree with everything that you're saying.
Please go forward.
Thank you.
God bless you, sir.
We're going to go to break.
Come back, take phone calls for 15 minutes.
Then Norm Pattis is going to come on, and he's going to host for two segments.
I'm going to go do Newsmax.
It's important I do these.
I'm doing a lot of interviews.
I'm exhausted, but I'm here, and I'll be here live tomorrow as well, and I appreciate you all and your support.
It means a lot to me, and I want to thank you for keeping me in the fight.
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And we will just continue on, ladies and gentlemen.
And you heard the Democrats at the press conference yesterday say, don't give him money.
Don't buy his products.
We're going to shut him down.
No, they know we've got two years of appeals.
They can't stand that.
So, yeah.
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Ain't happening.
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I'm about to move on.
People care about the First Amendment.
Live from Austin, Texas.
All right, callers, thanks for being patient the last 45 minutes.
That was an important guest.
Let's talk to a FEMA Region 5 American.
Don, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Love you.
Love your show.
Love you.
Just wanted to let you know that, you know, obviously you've been targeted, and I just wanted to say that if listeners think that they shouldn't support you if you were to fail within two years, those
coins that they buy from the coin store are going to be worth a lot more money than they
think that it is possibly imaginable and they should start to invest in...
Well let's hope that doesn't happen, but yeah, if somebody shoots me next week, we sell those
coins at the big markup as a fundraiser, but they'll probably be worth $5,000 a piece.
Absolutely, and knowing that, but your message has already been given because...
Oh this is a piece of revolutionary...
This is historic Americana.
Whether we win or fail, these coins are history.
Absolutely, and not only that, but we need to support free speech, and that's what your lawyer said, is that free speech is dead based on what is already happening, which is You have been denied your free speech.
You cannot comment on anything which is going to go across the spectrum, now across all media.
The biggest publication in Europe, the London Guardian, is the biggest in Europe.
The biggest in the UK, they are calling for me to be criminally silenced under law that I'm not allowed to be heard from.
So the next level, where I am not allowed to speak in public or have a show or anything.
In addition to that, you have now mentioned things that they don't want to talk about, which is the vaccine.
Which we now know is 37,000 probably dead due to the vaccine.
Sure, sure.
That's all fairs.
It's 1 out of 100 there.
It's probably 6 million.
Well, of course, but they lie about everything.
And that's why they don't want to talk about all these things.
It's because they say, OK, Alex Jones is the enemy.
OK, so if Alex Jones is the enemy, And he's been sued for a billion dollars, which is ridiculous.
What are we going to, what's our repercussion for trying to... What does that tell you, that they would rig court cases in Texas and Connecticut, have them be declared guilty by the judge, and do this?
They're scared of what we're doing.
Because we, not just myself, the callers, the guests, we have their number.
And the globalist bosses tune in, believe me they do, and they don't know what to do.
And here's the good news.
A lot of top people who've been at Bilderberg, been in the establishment, they're upset and awake now.
I can tell you that.
I've met with a lot of them.
And they agree the new order needs to go down.
So there's a big fight, not just the grassroots, but in not just government, but corporations everywhere, sir.
Thank you so much, Don.
Let's jam in one more caller.
No, I don't want to cut you short.
So let's just go to break in a minute.
We'll come back.
We'll go to Jay.
Everybody else, the order that your calls are received.
That was a great caller.
I gave him four minutes, but we got to give you each a minute and a half, or I won't get to all these callers in the next segment.
So be ready.
Get your information ready.
We're going to come out of this break, and I'm going right to you on the other side.
People are asking me if I'm down and stuff.
No, I'm not.
I mean, I expected all this.
I've talked about this forever.
I know this has happened.
It's happened to us all.
And I mean, I'm not a wimp.
I don't I don't like pain.
I don't like confrontation.
But man, once the switch gets flipped, I mean, I just I mean, I'm like a pig in mud.
I mean, it's just it's where I'm supposed to be.
And so it is what it is.
And I'm never giving up.
I'm never backing down.
I could give out.
And I just the most important thing, more than financial support or even word of mouth.
I need your prayers.
I really need your prayers for my family, because that's who they attack.
And I never give the enemy any any attention or credit for what they've done.
They've done a lot of really bad stuff to me and my family.
And I've just got my blinders on.
I'm moving forward against the enemy, but it's hurt my family.
Hurt them bad.
And they're tough.
They can handle it.
Our family's closer than ever, but just pray for the Jones family and the family that is this crew.
Please pray for them full force.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
They are the most powerful currency in the universe.
We'll be right back with more calls.
Stay with us.
All right, we're taking your phone calls.
Got a big guest popping in here, Norm Pattis, the lawyer who actually fought against their incredible rigged court system tyranny.
You want to talk about the New World Order and weaponization judiciary and how to stop it, he's joining us.
He'll be hosting actually the next segment.
I'm going to go do Newsmax and Eric Bolling.
I'll be right back to finish up with Norm and take phone calls.
It's only a two-minute interview on Newsmax, so I'm going to be right back.
But got to be done.
Jay in Georgia.
Jay, thanks for holding here on the air.
Hey, my brother Alex, man.
Great to be on here with you.
I'm just going to rapid fire it, brother.
We see the attack, the thing that's going on with this kangaroo court is absolutely atrocious.
When you talk about praying, my brother, we've been praying for you, M4 Wars, and all the M4 Warriors out there.
My name is Jay Rowe.
I'm on Facebook as that.
I'm an eight-year Marine Corps veteran.
I'm also a six-year Air Force Reserve veteran.
Why I'm calling in here, Alex, you've got the mentally, physically, and spiritually strong in this time and season.
You know this.
We know at the highest levels of the pillars of society that make up this, or have been infiltrated by a pack of pedophile, demonic, Luciferian cult members who want to destroy humanity.
We know that.
We know we've identified the enemy.
I believe what the InfoWars team needs is somebody with a spiritual perspective who's tenacious enough to come on air and lift up the name of Jesus Christ and solely speak on that.
I'm just saying, Alex, if there's room, I'll do it for free from my house.
I believe that's just the... Well, brother, lead us in prayer in the name of Jesus right now.
Yes, sir.
Father God, we thank you right now.
God, we lift your name on high.
Father, we thank you for the filling of the Holy Spirit.
God, we pray right now that your spirit move upon Alex, the Infowars.
God, we pray a hedge of protection around them right now.
Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, you said the weapons of warfare are not carnal, but they're mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds.
God, I pray that every Infowar listening to this right now, God, that you will fill them with your spirit.
And with power, because that is what it's going to take to overcome this enemy.
This is what we need in this time of season.
Our weapons of warfare are not carnal.
And God, I've come against this demonic attack that has come against InfoWars and the people of freedom and righteousness and truth.
We lift the standard right now in the name of Jesus Christ.
The blood of the Lamb is against you, Satan.
You will take your hands off of InfoWars and Alex Jones and InfoWarriors and the patriots of this great nation.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we call heaven down on earth right now to wage war against this devil.
In the name of Jesus, you Luciferian pack of demons at the World Economic Forum, you that have inhabited every facet of society and the government and media and entertainment and arts.
And religion, we call it down in the name of Jesus, God.
I pray that the spirit of revival will move right now in the name of Jesus upon the people of this great nation, Alex Jones.
And I pray, God, that your judgment would come upon these people in the name of Jesus.
Either have them repent or get them out of here in the name of Jesus Christ.
And I would do a free show, Alex Jones, For you, anytime you want, come on and lead the spirit of God.
Well, God bless you, brother.
We'll get your name and number.
We definitely should start having maybe a revival Sunday mornings or something on air.
Not that I claim I'm some preacher, but I love God.
Thank you.
You can get his name and information, but I feel the spirit, brother, and I love you.
There is no doubt these people are Satanists.
And they're attacking us.
Great points, sir.
Thanks sir, I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris.
Chief in South Carolina.
Chief, thanks for holding.
Alex, how you doing, brother?
Good, go ahead.
Hey, that was pretty hard to follow, but I wanted to bring up something Harrison was talking about this morning at the end of the American Journal.
His guest pointed out that there's a possibility that Trump could, if we take a big enough majority in the House, become the Speaker of the House.
And I'm not sure about the technicalities of that, but I wanted to propose a pretty radical sequence of events that could follow.
So if we win a big enough majority in both the House and the Senate, there's a distinct possibility that we could put forth and succeed in an impeachment of both Biden and Harris.
And then who would be the next in succession for the presidency in that case?
Remind me.
Speaker of the House, Donald Trump.
So FDR wasn't good for much, but as a lesson learned after his presidency, we He wrote the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, which basically limits presidential terms to two full terms and up to slightly less than a half of another term.
So if that happened, Trump could also run in 24.
Beautiful point.
I'm a little high on the Holy Ghost right now, but I do know you're right.
It would be the Speaker of the House after that.
And look, here's my frustration.
This is all coming out, and where is Trump on the shots?
I still, they hate him.
I know he's good, but I mean, I don't think if he got President again, I don't think he'd push new poison shots on us.
You know, he pushed Regeneron, he pushed hydroxychloroquine, he pushed ivermectin, he was pushing everything, just believing the medical, you know, independence, you name it, big pharma, and that's really his blind spot.
I really think he needs to come out against it.
DeSantis is, DeSantis knows how to callate the cabbage.
Yeah, and on that point, you know, I lost faith in electoral politics in November of 2020, so I don't know if I'll ever be brought back into the fold on that.
No, no, I think it's very important and the people are hungry for change.
Thank you, Chief.
Ray in Kentucky.
Welcome, sir.
I'm good.
You know why I'm good?
You know why I'm good?
Because I have you badass listeners and activists and I love you.
Go ahead.
That's what's up, man.
You know, I called you a couple weeks ago about the stuff in the schools against the children.
And after that call, man, I've been getting spiritual attacks left and right.
So I just wanted to bring you a little bit of this.
I know you're going into interviews and you need some balance and clarity in this.
So, okay, I'll make it quick.
In the good book, it says that We are supposed to fight against powers and principalities, and that's exactly what you're doing.
He gives us the power to cast out demons, right by the command of our word, in Jesus Christ's holy name, okay?
Now, aside from the religious aspect of it, as far as, you know, the thumpers go, I just wanted to say, Heavenly Father, bless Alex Jones and his whole family, because this is what he needs, and what he's asking for.
Surround him with the armor of God and keep him locked firm in place.
That any kind of demonic entities or any of that stuff can just stick to their worldly nonsense and have Alex rise up over them.
For support and love, man, in Jesus Christ's holy name, the Son of God, bless you, Alex.
Keep it going, okay?
God bless you.
I will, brother.
I really appreciate you.
Let's talk to James in Oklahoma.
James, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
I want to read a couple things real quick to ya.
Matthew chapter 5 verse 10.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye when men revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven.
For so persecuted they, the prophets, Which we're for you.
Yes, sir.
I'm listening.
Thank you.
You know, just, we know what it's about.
I mean, this ain't about the Sandy Hook parents.
You know, this is about you speaking the truth and the truth will set you free.
And in the end, Jesus Christ is the truth.
That's why you had so many people call into your show.
Absolutely, and there's always themes in the show.
We're not screening calls.
We just get good, you know, clean phone lines.
That's all we ask.
But notice the theme is calling on God, because that's really what it comes down to on the verge of nuclear war.
And let me mention something else real quick here.
You know, this is a matrix.
They're trying to draw you back to the matrix.
The money scheme is a joke.
The elections are a joke.
Everything's a joke.
You know, I mean, monopoly money is worth more than the dollar you have in your pocket because it's printed less.
You know, I mean, He wins in the end.
will win in the end.
I can handle it.
I want you to keep me in the fight, but it's all up to God and God working through you.
Thank you, James.
Tommy, Randy, Nate, Aaron.
We got Norm Pattis.
He's going to host for a segment.
I'm going to come back with some comments with him at the bottom of the hour.
Then I'll take your calls before this hour ends.
And then we're going to continue to plow on into the fourth hour today.
Tomorrow's news today, the coordinates of resistance.
It's a lot bigger than Alex Jones.
It's all of us in a family.
Well, good morning or good afternoon as the case may be.
This is Norm Pattis filling in for Alex Jones on this segment of the Info Wars.
I was the guy standing in court yesterday when the verdict came in against Alex Jones and free speech systems.
nearly a billion dollars for reputational harm and emotional distress to 15 members
of families who lost someone at Sandy Hook to an FBI agent.
I keep saying retired, he's not.
He was quick to remind everyone of that.
What happened, you're wondering, and what's the future hold for free speech systems and
is there legal relief?
Well, I'm a lawyer, so I still believe in the rule of law.
And I will never have had, have in my career, a greater honor than the privilege I had of standing in the well of a courtroom, oozing with hostility to Alex, and reminding everybody that equal justice under law is written, etched over the porthole, the doorway to the United States Supreme Court.
And that's the best that we can offer in this country.
Equal justice under law.
What I didn't expect was lawfare in this case.
An effort to twist the law to silence an unpopular voice.
To silence a man I referred to in my closing argument as a mad prophet.
You know, Alex goes.
And when he goes, sometimes I understand what he's saying, sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I flat out disagree.
But I will defend to the death his right to speak his mind.
And I know to a moral certainty that those of you listening out there, not a one of you have been compelled to listen.
You are drawn to the flame.
Is it a sacred flame?
A profane flame?
I'll let him make his own representation.
But you are drawn to the flame of his passion because he's portraying a world you know to be true.
A world in which things don't work.
And you're looking for answers and you're not getting them from the politicians, you're not getting them from the mainstream press, and you're not getting them from most institutions that serve our society.
There's a wholesale legitimation crisis going on.
Many of us can't tell the difference between a gang and the government.
And when that happens, society is in collapse.
And so what I think the Infowars is attempting to do, and it's attempting to do still, is to shine a bright light in dark places.
To unmask things so that you can reach conclusions for yourself about what's going on.
So what happened in the courtroom?
First, there was never a trial on liability.
Alex was defaulted by a judge.
A judge decided that his liability for certain torts, torts a Latin word, comes from the word tortious or twisted, for defamation, for intentional infliction of emotional distress, for breach of privacy by publication of private facts, and shockingly, a violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.
All these things were established without proof.
And so we moved into... And why?
Because Alex didn't quote-unquote substantially comply with Discovery.
Now, I'll go to an appellate court, or I hope I'll go one somewhere, I hope, we'll soon go to an appellate court and say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
There was no substantial compliance with Discovery.
What about the 100,000 or so documents that we gave?
What about the 30, 40, 50 depositions that Alex and his employees sat for?
What about the request for admissions that we answered?
What about the electronic data that we provided?
Was it perfect?
But what happened is, in the trial court, the lawyers for the Sandy Hook parents were able to persuade the trial judge that Alex Jones was a mini-IBM.
That he should have been as well-organized as a well-heeled corporation.
And when he wasn't, when he couldn't meet that standard of perfection, they held disorganization against him.
And you know, it was and it is disorganized.
There's no central switchboard at InfoWars.
There's no organizational chart.
It's a loose reporting structure of people.
It's a charismatic organization revolving around Alex's talent.
They got the default.
We went to trial, and the jury was told that liability had been established, and we were there solely to prove the extent of damages the plaintiff suffered.
But here's where it got absolutely crazy.
And I've never seen anything like it in 30-some years of trying cases.
And I've tried hundreds of cases across the country involving complex and simple matters.
Murder down to speeding.
Here's what the judge told me.
They could assume that it was established that any harm these individuals claimed over a ten year period was Alex's fault.
They didn't have to prove a nexus or a connection to Alex.
Did somebody call you in the middle of the night and mutter sweet hostilities into your ear?
Alex's fault.
Did somebody leave a card on your windshield?
Alex's fault.
Did somebody leave a note on your door?
Alex's fault.
Did somebody look at you funny?
Alex's fault.
This strained the concept of causation in ways that I have never seen done before, and so I would object on grounds of hearsay when they talk about a threat they received overruled.
I would say lack of foundation.
How do you try that to Alex?
They produced evidence about a young man named Mark Mills.
He was once a caller on InfoWars, and Alex spoke to him about his crashing of a Super Bowl press conference, where he got up and said, 9-11's an inside job.
Alex said, I'd like to send you on some assignments.
Do you want to work with us?
They spoke off the air.
No one knows what they spoke about, because Mark Mills wasn't called as a witness.
Alex Jones wasn't questioned about it when he was on the stand.
There's no evidence that Mark Mills was ever employed by InfoWars.
But yet, when he turned up 16 months later at an event hosted by Sandy Hook parents, or Sandy Hook family rather, and was arrested for something, they didn't tell us what, he was concluded to have been sent there by Alex.
And that's just sheer madness.
And so those are among the sorts of issues that we will take up on appeal.
In terms of the trial itself, Alex was called as a witness and he was cross-examined by the plaintiff's lawyer.
And this was also a shocking display of anger, the likes of which I'd never seen.
The man began to scream at Alex.
Alex held his composure, pushed back.
I'm in the background screaming, Objection!
Nobody could get a word in edgewise.
It was sheer chaos.
I thought that Alex had been abused by the plaintiff's lawyer.
When I raised that topic with the judge, she didn't want to hear about it.
She warned me that I might be held in contempt.
God is my witness, I have never been in a courtroom where I was threatened with contempt for being an aggressive advocate on behalf of my client.
So, you know, yesterday the plaintiffs asked for $550,000, you know, their lawyers did,
for a plaintiff, some $8.2 billion.
We closed our, uh, closed arguments, okay, closing arguments so we could go tomorrow.
The jury had the case briefly Thursday.
They were out all day Friday, no court Monday, because it was, you know it, Indigenous Peoples Day, also known to red-blooded Americans as Columbus Day.
The jury came back Tuesday, was out, and along the way they were asking questions of the court.
However, what are we to do?
What are we to make of these damages claims?
There was no evidence that anyone visited psychiatric facilities and produced bills.
There was nominal evidence of that, I should say.
But no bills were presented.
No one presented evidence of lost wages.
No one presented any economic harm at all.
It was all what lawyers call soft money.
And so the jury didn't know what to do with that.
I had my hopes that they would return a modest verdict, that they wouldn't let passion and anger about Alex and his message, Sympathy for the Family, cloud their judgment.
But I fear they did.
And the result was a verdict of about $9.7 billion.
The bad news is there's more to come.
There'll be further proceedings in which attorney fees will be awarded.
That'll probably be about 40% of the $1 billion.
So there's $400 million.
And then maybe another billion in punitive damages just passed by the court.
So there is a concerted effort to silence Alex and the info war.
I'm not sure it's related necessarily to Sandy Hook's case.
Because rather than thanking the jury for the justice done to his plaintiffs, For the creation of all the craziness that affected the Sandy Hook world and the Sandy Hook parents.
You and I, we all know better.
Why the jury was permitted to make a decision based on an incomplete record is a mystery to us.
And it's a mystery that we will address in the appellate court.
From my perspective, this is as dark and disturbing an experience in court as I have had in a professional lifetime.
And that includes cases involving the death of children and the murder of spouses.
So, we look forward to our prospects on appeal.
I congratulate the folks at Koskoff, Koskoff and Beter.
My heart goes out to the families.
We live in divided times.
They've been weaponized and used for political purposes in this.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, All Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you, feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
That this massive financial penalty, which does nothing to alleviate the suffering from the loss of their kids.
I'm sure all of these families, I know all these families, would trade every penny to have their kids back for a minute.
What exists in the law to make sure that the financial penalty is paid by Jones?
Let's first note what exists in the law to actually give payback for lies, because we've assumed over the last many years there's nothing that can be done.
We've accepted it.
Just today, Trump was ordered to stand for deposition next week in a defamation suit by Gene Carroll, and it's the same.
So this You know, does show that the law can sometimes redress the lies themselves.
What can be done?
It's an old sorry tale that it's one thing to get a verdict and another thing to chase it.
You can attach his assets.
I'm sure there will be subsequent litigation where he'll say bankruptcy and they'll try to get forensic investigators and say he doesn't have it.
But we're talking about such outsized numbers that even if he's able to bob and weave some,
I just don't see how he winds up anything but basically broke now for the rest of his
So it's in fact, defendants who have been held guilty often do squirm away.
One of them is named Donald Trump.
But there are mechanisms to attach assets.
And at the end of the day, the sheriff will come and attach the home once you can prove
that he's got assets to pay.
That'll be the fight.
And by the way, if he doesn't have enough, everything he does have goes to them.
Total and complete lies.
Everything he gets now goes to them.
Uh, no.
They don't want you to know about appeals.
They don't want you to know about any of these processes.
And when I do my show, for basically nothing, you get nothing.
And I keep waging war on the New World Order.
You will not silence us.
That's why we got two years of appeals straight ahead.
I got to pay for 40% of those appeals.
Free speech pays for 60.
That's all you're paying for that.
It's a war.
You want to fight?
I'm the dog of the fight.
Bet on me.
You know, Chris Manning said, do not Donate money to Jones.
Do not buy his products.
Do not bet on him.
Do not bet on yourself.
We're gonna go back to Norm Padish to get more information from him.
I just finished up with Eric Boulding on Newsmax.
We're gonna go back to your phone calls here in a moment after Norm leaves us, but here's a short clip of the Ambulance Chaser Mini-Me.
Up there from Koskoff and Coskop, the folks that destroyed Remington, here they are now coming after the First Amendment as well.
Here he is saying, ordering you, do not go to Infowarsstore.com, do not get 50% off on X2, do not get 50% off on X3, do not get 50% off on Mineral Fusion and DNA Force, do not use promo code 1776, conditional 10% off, submit, rollover, die, dirty, American.
Here it is.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, everybody.
The ultimate show trial.
Even mainline lawyers are saying, historians, this is the worst show trial in U.S.
Totally rigged at every level.
The appeals, where is it all going?
Because they're now admitting it's the blueprint to go after everybody else.
Well, apparently so.
I don't know if you saw The Guardian yet today.
You know, they're calling for out-and-out government regulation of speech to prevent things like this from happening again.
I think the good news for those of us who care about free speech in the country is this case will not serve as a precedent.
Because I doubt any other case will result in a default of this sort.
And I'm pretty confident we're going to be able to overturn that default.
And the jury should have been permitted to consider what you gave, why you gave it, why there wasn't more.
And if the court really thought you withheld something, let the jury draw an adverse inference.
But by all means, let you defend the basis of your speech and your right to speak.
And by all means, do not send the jury in with a blank check on causation,
such that everything anyone in this country said that expressed any skepticism
about anything related to Sandy Hook for the last 10 years.
10 years, that's all Alex's fault.
And I just don't think there's an appellate court in this country brazen enough to let
that stand.
As to Attorney Mattie's claim, you know, I mean, as I was listening to him talk, I kept
waiting to hear the music from the Exorcist play.
I mean, that to me is chilling.
He stood in front of the jury and asked for compensation for his plaintiffs.
Then he stood on the courthouse steps and said, we're coming to get you, Alex.
We're going to silence you.
And those of you who listen to Alex, we're going to deprive you of his voice.
But here's the fallacy in what Matty said.
I said it before Alex came and joined us here.
None of you, not one of you, is forced to listen to Alex Jones.
When you turn the radio on, what you're listening to is a voice that you trust for one reason or another.
Now, Maddie told the jury that Alex's job is to make you afraid so he can take your money.
I think there's an opposite reality, and it's the reality that I've seen at work in my experience with InfoWars in the last three and a half years.
Alex is talking about what scares him, and it scares you, too.
And to keep up that fight, they need to raise money and they sell products.
Well, that's right, and you've been here.
You've seen that it's... Norm, you've been here.
You've seen the opposite.
Nobody's telling me what to say.
I'm doing my own preparation.
I don't control the other host.
I'm literally just a guy on the radio that's on TV who's pro-America.
The idea that, oh, they default to us because we didn't give them the evidence of some secret manipulative plan, it's because it doesn't exist.
They got to take isolated pieces of evidence because of this default and the rule of causation and weave it into a story that suited their purposes.
And their purpose was silencing you.
I was never able to talk about everything else you were involved in.
The jury doesn't know, I don't think, about the Great Reset, a bestseller.
They know very little about your war with the World Economic Forum.
They know almost nothing about your concern with artificial intelligence in the hands of big tech and social credit scoring such that we all become automatons in a scheme rigged and designed by programmers serving other interests, perhaps Chinese Communist Party interests.
They know nothing of that.
They think that you woke up one morning and said, I'm going to get rich quick.
I'm going to put a target on the back of the Sandy Hook families and I'm going to ride that all the way into what exactly?
Where's that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
The jury was not even permitted to know by court order that free speech has been forced into bankruptcy as a result of crippling legal fees resulting from all this litigation.
In fact, it affected our trial strategy.
Because Alex was in the following position.
The court had ordered him not to testify about a whole class of things, which he believes to be true, but yet to sit for cross-examination.
Alex asked the court at one point, you know, if I answer this question truthfully, I'll be in contempt.
If I answer it consistent with your order, it'll be perjury.
So therefore, he decided not to testify at all, because even if he had been placed in that vice, if he had pled the fifth in the jury's presence, they would have drawn an adverse inference against him.
So Alex sat for a cross-examination, was abused during it, and then boycotted the rest of the team.
Hold on, stay there.
I want to explain the big secret to the mind control here.
This is big news when we come back.
I'm going to explain something really key to everything that you already know, but are you consciously thinking about it?
Am I consciously thinking about it?
Norm Pattis, a few more minutes with you, then phone calls, and then Jay Dyer.
Stay there, Tommy, Randy, Nate, and Aaron.
We will get to all of you.
Jay Dyer got preempted yesterday.
He's coming up in the next hour.
I'm going to hit some phone calls here in a moment.
A little bit in the next hour before he takes over.
But before Norm Pattis has closing comments here, great lawyer, great page we have taken on this uphill battle, I want to explain something.
I know listeners already know this instinctively.
When I say it, you're like, we already know that.
I know you know that, but do you really get it?
How the enemy uses psychology, the tricks they use.
Because once you're aware of it, it's all game over.
In fact, I meant to tell the crew to do this.
Pull up Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first temple scene, where he's got the bag of sand and the gold idol, and he wants to put the bag of sand on the lever so it doesn't trigger the booby traps, but it doesn't weigh exactly the same amount so it does trigger it.
They took Adam Lanza and Prozac and his mom getting the gun and the school stand down, just like Evaldi, and they moved that aside, the idol, and put the bag of sand up there, Alex Jones.
In fact, Ben McBreen or one of the crew can create a meme where it's Adam Lanza's, you know, the idol right there and you got Alex Jones the bag and then they just move it and switch it out.
They do this everywhere.
A white supremacist goes into a mainly black grocery store and kills a bunch of innocent hard-working people and they blame all white people and all gun owners.
No, one scumbag did that who turns out had a federal handler.
They don't want us questioning that.
When some crazy evil black person goes out and kills innocent white people, black people aren't to blame.
That bad person's to blame.
But that's how they're manipulating us and dividing us.
So, I was on with Eric Bolling.
His show's on tonight.
It's a big hit show on Newsmax.
Actually, I watch it sometimes here at the office.
I like Eric.
I've hung out with him at dinner a few times over the years.
He always plays good cop, bad cop on air.
But I just said, when I'm in the grocery store or at church, people walk over and they say, why don't you stop talking about Sandy Hook?
Why don't you leave the kids alone?
Even have Elizabeth Williamson, that makes her money and lives off Sandy Hook, come over to me and say that.
When am I going to stop talking about it?
I barely ever talked about it.
They took it and blew it up and made it big, and then said, why is it such a big scandal?
Jones should stop this.
And Bowling said to me, you'll see it tonight when it airs.
But they don't censor it.
He said, why don't you stop?
I just told him.
20-something minutes in evidence of me talking about Senators, that's all they had.
It's my right to talk about it and say it.
So, they scapegoat me as killing the kids, psychologically, at the back of the mind, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook.
Oh, what the families went through, and they cry about their kids getting killed, and they talk about me for weeks.
Is that's how they tell you you're Hitler.
They tell you you're a white supremacist.
They tell you you're bad, because you don't submit to their agenda.
Meanwhile, they're the ones aborting 70 plus percent of black babies before they're born.
Meanwhile, we kicked Hitler's ass.
Both my grandfathers almost died in World War II in the Army Air Corps.
How are you calling me Hitler?
So they play this game, stop letting them put you in the position of the bad guy so they can be in the superior position.
But that's the trick they play.
And Bowling knows over at Newsmax, he's got to play along with that.
But I just said, I barely covered it, they make me the Sandy Hook guy, and he's like, why don't you knock it off and stop talking about it?
Why don't I knock it off?
It's in thousands of newspapers today!
A billion dollar fake fine!
Norm Pettis, closing comments.
On that topic, we were prohibited from saying that you rarely covered it online by an order of the court.
Because when you got deplatformed, you didn't have archives of all your videos.
They were at YouTube.
YouTube deplatformed you.
You couldn't get them.
You couldn't produce them.
Therefore, they were able to say you talked about it all the time.
You were unable to say you couldn't.
But the truth is they used PrisonPlanet.tv, now Free Archive, of Everyday Show to go back and that's all they could find.
So we did actually produce it.
They just used YouTube taking our thing down to claim we didn't produce it.
Yeah, absolutely.
They used Twitter, remember, early on in Texas, the judges, saying that because Twitter took my tweets down, I was in default, perhaps, because I had deleted tweets.
Well, you didn't, and we all know better, and jurors should have been able to hear that.
But, you know, I mentioned earlier the Unfair Trade Practices Act.
This is the part that keeps me up awake at night.
Most states have Consumer Protection Acts, and it protects you against unscrupulous business deals.
Somebody can't sell you a lemon and tell you it's a cure for cancer.
They can't make false claims about products they're advertising.
That's what the Unfair Trade Practices Act's addressed.
I've never seen it used in this instance where they didn't like the content of Alex's speech, and because he supported his speech with the sale of products, the legitimacy of which none have been, no one questioned, because they didn't like that, they persuaded the judge to let this go to the jury on an unfair trade practice damages claim.
I never saw such a thing, and I think that's another claim that has excellent chances of being taken down on appeal.
If it isn't, everybody who relies on advertising of any sort and says something that someone disagrees with is going to be liable for an unfair trade practice claim.
It's just madness, and I think it's a sort of PC hysteria run amok.
You know, did Alex say things about Sandy Hook that turned out to be wrong?
Did he intentionally lie?
I didn't see it, but yet they were able to tell the jury over and over and over again that because of the default, liability had been established and Alex was a liar.
And Norma, isn't the biggest issue here is the media says, I'm done.
It's over.
Don't, don't support him for us.
He's going off the air.
If people just support us, we're going to appeal, be on for years.
Even in this incarnation, they can't stop us.
That's the big lie.
They're scared of us having an appeal.
Don't let the British, don't let the British tell you you can't drink tea.
You know, I mean, the fact of the matter is, as long as we the people can express ourselves, find one another, and arrive at truth as we understand it by our own lights as best as we can, there's freedom.
But when you're told what to think, how to think it, when you can think it, that's tyrannical control, and that's consistent with big tech, that's consistent with a world run by AI, it's consistent with everything that you've talked about in your book on the Great Reset.
That's right.
It's a power structure losing control, desperate to bully us into submission, picking out a few leaders to demonize us, hoping everybody loses faith and they break our will.
They're not.
Norm Patus, thank you so much.
Great job, my friend.
Be well.
Be well, Alex.
Yeah, they sanction the lawyers, they harass them, they attack them.
Norm had a lot of chutzpah, a lot of will to take the case.
We appreciate it.
All right, I want to jam some calls in here before Jay Dyer takes over, but just very briefly, I want to thank all the folks that have donated at SaveInfoWars.com for the Legal Defense Fund.
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So take advantage of that, 1776coin.com.
It pisses the globalists off so much, but we are in this fight together, and if they can break us, they think they can break you, I'm betting on you.
They said, don't bet on Alex.
They mean don't bet on yourselves.
So, $30 off that retail price of a fundraiser coin, $10 off with the 7076 on the signed copies of the book as well, at InfoWarshaw.com.
All right, let's get these calls through here.
Tommy in FEMA Region 6, thanks for holding her on the air.
Alex, oh, thank you very much, and you're welcome.
I've supported, I've bought a lot of stuff, and you're very welcome.
I want to get to a couple of points.
First of all, I want to send out some blessings and some praises to the people who really opened my eyes maybe a year ago or so.
Clay Clark and Mike Adams.
You know, you remember playing their videos like two years ago before the vaccine came out.
I love Clay Clark and Mike Adams.
Yes, those two, I mean, before that vaccine came out, they really opened people's eyes, and I know that they really saved a lot of lives there.
And you did, too, Alex, by showing them.
I love you, and so, and Dr. Group, too.
I want to praise Dr. Group and for the wonderful products that you all put out.
Now, my second point is that Now, to go against... I've been wanting to sue the Biden administration for the border, but I kind of like just to pee on in the middle of nowhere, and how can I go up against these tyrants, Alex?
Well, brother, you're calling to talk radio.
You're supporting the truth.
Many hands make light work.
Okay, that's awesome, right there.
But I think everybody should pick up.
The thing is that they lie, they steal, they cheat, and they break all these laws.
Why can't we all sue them back?
I agree.
If enough of us sue them, there's enough courts that are decent.
The Democrats pick their corrupt courts they control, but there are a lot of good courts out there, and brother, it's happening.
Thank you, Tommy.
I appreciate you, and I love you, too.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Aaron and Rhode Island, we're coming right back to you, then Randy and the Nate, and then Jay Dyer is awesome.
And I took over yesterday because the verdict came out then.
I apologize.
He's a great historian.
You're going to get information that is their own words from their own books and documents the Globals have written with Jay Dyer coming up next hour.
But I'm just so pleased to be here.
I mean, you know, people are upset and feel sorry for me.
Don't do that.
Just support.
And just realize, I'm a big boy.
I knew this was going to happen.
I stood up.
I'm doing it.
And I'm going to follow through to the end.
Aaron in Rhode Island.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
Two things for you.
So I guess one thing that's slipped by this summer, early fall, was I guess there's a Class action lawsuit for Tylenol for a meta-analysis that caused autism for pregnant women.
And I know like all the vaccine people have been... I never saw that.
Say that again.
There was a study about Tylenol lawsuit or causing autism?
A meta-analysis I think on PubMed for acetaminophen or Tylenol causing autism in pregnant women.
Very interesting.
I'll look that up.
I know Tylenol is horrible for your liver.
No, definitely.
Secondly, obviously I can't give you hundreds of dollars, but I'm the dude that sent you the Alex Jones action figure, and I think if you sign that, you might be able to raffle it off for a couple hundred at least.
You know, we should do silly stuff like an Alex Jones action figure.
That pisses the left off.
We should create an Alex Jones action figure.
We should do all sorts of stuff.
Well, I sent you one and marked it to you and Harrison, so it might be in your office somewhere.
I think I've seen that around here, brother.
That's beautiful.
Thank you.
All right, thanks for the call, Aaron.
Let's talk to Nate in Colorado.
Nate, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
years on the a few years homeschool back in 2000. So good to talk to you first time caller.
Talk right into your telephone for me. Yeah, skip the phone, skip the talking. Good to
talk to you. Alright, uh, talking about this uh, Phony Shorty Club over there and going
along with the themes of some of the other callers, it reminded me of a Bible verse,
uh, John chapter 15.
It says, If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.
If you are of the world, the world will love its own.
Yet because you are not of the world, because I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.
So, that's what it is.
It's about the spirit of Satan and the world.
Whoa, whoa!
First the spirit of, you know, God and you.
Well, I don't plan to be perfect, I don't plan to be an angel, but I do hate tyranny and pedophiles and Satanists.
And exactly.
You're going to get persecuted if you fight these people.
If you're over the target, you're going to be getting flogged.
It was a joke listening to that verdict come across.
You know, those astronomical numbers.
It just made me laugh.
It's like Dr. Evil and Austin Powers.
One million dollars!
I want a hundred billion dollars!
Love you, brother.
Thanks for the call, Nate.
Randy, Pennsylvania.
You're our last caller.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
I'm all right, brother.
Go ahead.
So you need to do a fundraising dinner.
I know you did your thing last year, but I'm talking like a steak and having people buy the food, make business cards up with you guys on them with a resume, some opinions on them.
I agree, they just bomb threat any event we do, but we should do hotel galas.
That's a great way to raise money.
You're absolutely right.
I love you.
Anything else, brother?
Thanks for holding us to say that.
All right.
We're going to come back.
and so I love you. God bless. Anything else brother? Nope that was it. Thanks for holding to say that.
All right we're gonna come back I got a few news items I'm gonna hit and then
Jay Dyer to take over.
But people are really getting this.
They lied to us about Big Pharma.
They gave us poison shots.
They covered up the Johns with the pedophile operations with Jeffrey Epstein.
OJ got found guilty in a civil trial of killing Ron Goldman and his ex-wife.
He paid $33 million.
They want $965 million from me.
It's a joke.
And the media is spinning it.
Jones says he won't pay.
Yeah, because I don't have it.
It's ridiculous.
But they spin everything.
Well, we've got this article we're going to hit when we come back.
Pop star MIA questions $1 billion Alex Jones verdict.
Shouldn't every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?
Because they got paid to do it.
I tell you what, make a deal with you.
If they arrest Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Albert Bourla of Pfizer and charge them Nuremberg II and give them life in prison, I'm ready to go to prison for five years for questioning Sandy Hook.
Like questioning Sandy Hook five years, murdering tens of millions, life in prison.
Oh, but see, it's about demonizing me so they can say they're the good guys.
That's all this is, is the dying corporate media trying to prop themselves up.
up it's not gonna work.
Look around you.
Everything I predicted from the Globalist's own documents, from their own admissions, is now happening.
Infowars credibility, my credibility, has never been higher.
And it's because of your backing of this operation that I can steadfastly, despite the censorship and the boycotts and the attacks and the lawsuits, stay on air.
But now we're reaching the most critical juncture in the fight together.
So I want to ask all of you today to help keep me on the air.
In my decades on air, I've never asked for personal donations.
But I'm being forced by the bankruptcy court to pay for 40% of the legal fees, and I can't fund those myself.
It's unsustainable.
So please, visit.
Saveinfowars.com, where you can make straight donations, $5, $10, $50, $100, whatever you can, so that I can continue to persevere.
I'll never give up, I'll never give in, but I could give out.
Thank you for your support.
Wouldn't be here without you.
We're into the fourth hour here on this Thursday, October 13th.
2022 transmission.
Jay Dyer, amazing researcher and author.
It's about to be taking over.
The War Room is in 54 minutes with Owen Schroyer.
I'll be back tomorrow with some big guests that you don't want to miss.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
Weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Harrison Smith knocks it out of the park.
He was always great, but he's just amazing now.
Really a thoroughbred.
8 a.m.
American Journal.
Be sure and find it at the verbotenforbiddeninfowars.com.
So, The folks that made OxyContin that came out in documents in the lawsuits and criminal investigations knew it was poisonous, knew it was heroin, but did it on purpose to make billions of dollars.
Hundreds of billions total, 12 billion profit or whatever.
I question a mass shooting, the public's questioning, I'm the devil, I must pay $965 million, they're supposed to pay $600 million.
OJ gets found guilty in a civil trial of killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
Whether it's true or not, 33 million.
I'm 900 plus million.
People see through this.
And the media's lying, saying Jones is off the air.
He'll never pay the billion.
He can't do it.
That's not how it works, folks.
I can go do shows anywhere I want, but I want to keep this crew employed, I want to stay on air, and I can't do it without you.
But look at this headline.
Popstar MIA questions 1 billion Alex Jones verdict.
Shouldn't every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?
They paid some celebrities, like basketball players, millions of dollars to say it's safe and effective and it works and you should take it.
The UK rapper highlighted the disparity between Jones' monumental penalty and the lack of
repercussions faced by Big Pharma giant Pfizer.
Points out mainstream media was never held for lying to the world about WMDs in Iraq
or the 2008 financial crash.
That's exactly what we exposed in the Great Reset and the War for the World.
British pop star M.I.A.
questioned Alex Jones' billion-dollar Sandy Hook verdict Wednesday, asking if there's also be reparations or repercussions for celebrities who push the COVID vaccine that has proven to have deadly consequences.
If Alex Jones pays for lying, which I didn't, shouldn't every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?
Paper plans, Singer boldly asked Twitter, clearly disquieted by the astronomical sum.
Very important article on Infowars.com.
It's not hype.
We are the resistance.
We're the tip of the spear.
We're changing the world.
So I want to thank everybody that has supported, that's prayed for the broadcast, that's spread the word, that's bought products, that's used the 1776 code, get an additional 10% off at checkout at the big sale.
This is an economic war, and you saw the plaintiff's lawyers say, In Texas and Connecticut.
We don't want money.
We want to bankrupt him.
We want him shut down.
We want him off air.
The fight is here.
They are obsessed with us because I'm real, folks.
I love God.
I love justice.
I love the truth.
So here's a clip of Chris Matty, the ambulance chaser, par excellence, saying, do not He reaches out to you, the viewers, don't give Alex Jones money.
He's using you.
He's hurting you.
Here's the ambulance changers that bankrupted Remington.
Here's the ambulance changers that won't sue Pfizer.
Here's the ambulance changers that don't care about human smuggling and open borders.
Here's the, they just want your free speech.
They want your guns.
They want to dominate you.
They're the parasites.
And here he is saying to you, do not donate.
Do not buy products that boost your immune system.
Do not go there.
Alex Jones doesn't help you.
He only hurts you.
That's an inversion.
That's who he is.
Here it is.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, All Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you, feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust, and the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, everybody.
We're not fighting pedophilia, we're not fighting over borders, we're not fighting the poison shot, we're not fighting the drug order.
No, these lawyers, these ambulance chasers that want to take your guns and your free speech, they're saving you.
They're saying, don't buy products, don't donate at Save Info Wars, listen to them.
And I say, it's your choice.
Listen to Chris Matti, Democratic Party, and George Soros, or listen to your own heart and common sense.
All I want to do is stay in the fight.
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Go to 1776coin.com.
Use promo code 1776 to get...
$30 off on the historic coin that you're the man in the arena.
Please take action.
Jay Dyer, I appreciate you moving from yesterday to today.
I know the verdict came out you were supposed to host.
I love you.
Jay Dyer, jaysanalysis.com, YouTube Jay Dyer.
He's an author, best-selling author, comedian, TV presenter, known for his deep analysis of Hollywood, geopolitics, and culture.
His graduate work focused on psychological warfare in film, and he is the author of a bunch of best-selling books.
Esoteric Hollywood wanted to and the co-creator of the co-host television show, Hollywood Decoded, and he joins us now.
Jay Dyer, take over.
Thank you.
Yeah, I just got this book.
I don't know if you've heard of this guy.
Have you heard of him?
This is a pretty good book.
It just arrived, so looking forward to reading that.
Y'all should look into selling this book.
He's an interesting character there.
He has a lot of good ideas.
But hey, that Alex book, again, I was joking.
I'm happy to have it.
It's a great one.
I just started it.
It came in the mail the other day.
So we're actually going to do a Global Elites lecture series also on Alex's book because it's such a perfect breakdown of what's going on.
And Alex was so ahead of the times when it comes to breaking down this whole New World Order plan.
You know, for what, over 20 years.
So, amazing accuracy there and, you know, in the light of what's happened the last couple days, all of the correct things that are said, all the accuracy, the 90, 95% accuracy there is overlooked.
And now, oh, everything is wrong because you, you know, you're at the center of this big, you know, media circus, right?
Which is, again, a lot of psyops because what about the 95% accuracy on everything else, right?
And, you know, a lot of the books that Alex has mentioned over the years are the books that I heard him talk about that I just started reading on my own to really understand and get an idea of what's going on in the world.
And that's what I do is break down these books as well from the elite, from these writers.
And the next book that we've been lecturing through is an analysis from a historian who was just documenting all the stuff that Professor Quigley, Professor Anthony Sutton, And a lot of these writers were putting into their books Brzezinski as well.
In fact, did you know that Brzezinski in Between Two Ages actually cites Professor Anthony Sutton on how the West built up?
The Soviets?
There's a footnote where Brzezinski goes into citing and basically vindicating this analysis, this thesis, that the Fabians were the real movers and shakers behind the third wave movement.
So what we're going to talk about today, what we're going to lecture through is this key element you have to understand, which is the alliance between Fabian socialism And big capitalism, big monopoly capital, which is something I've talked about a lot on the fourth hour here.
But this element, this is so crucial to understanding how this is being rolled out in terms of the Great Reset.
This is a plan that goes back over 100 years.
But I'm going to show you, I'm going to blow you away with How a lot of the stuff that we thought was new in terms of the last few years or stuff that we thought was new in the controlled 60s counterculture movement, that was actually pioneered not even by the Frankfurt School Marxist or the cultural Marxist.
This was actually pioneered way before that in the 1890s by the Fabian socialists.
And that's why the elite, especially the British imperial elite, they saw such a power, such a tool Through Fabian Socialism, that they wed themselves to it and adopted this slow-kill permeation strategy.
Which is how they've been so effective and how they have gotten to where they are in the last hundred plus years of the New World Order.
So we're going to go deep into the origins and the history of not just the classical Marxist stuff.
A lot of people know about the history of Karl Marx and all that.
And that's not really what we're facing in terms of hardcore strict Marxism.
What we're facing is Fabian socialism, which is allied with monopoly capital.
And once we understand that, then we understand what's going on with the Fortune 100, the Fortune 500.
The cashless society that they want to bring in, which the head of the BIS just said the other day, we're going to track everything.
We're going to, we'll be able to halt every cash payment.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
We are discussing the history of Fabian Socialism.
And Fabian Socialism is so key to understanding where we are today because it's more or less the overall ideology that is being pushed everywhere.
You might say, well, aren't we controlled by a big, you know, Fortune 100, Fortune 500?
They're not.
No, actually, they are socialists.
Now, a lot of the people in those groups, the CEOs, they don't know anything.
They don't know Fabianism.
But what we want to get into is the history of this ideology as a tool for moneyed elites to push a consolidation and centralization program.
That's the key here.
That's why it's so useful and so effective.
And we have to go back to, as we said, Marx himself, who came up with this idea to actually create a secret society.
Marx knew that if he could have a little inner core group and operate in a covert way, he would be much more effective than if he just tried to be public and overt.
And so he came up with what he called the Communist League, which was his own little kind of inner core secret society.
And he was fairly successful because he ended up getting a lot of liberal democratic wealthy money to defend him.
And you might think, well, but didn't Marxism eventually become against liberal democracy?
Yeah, but that's when it was later on achieving power and prominence.
But when it was early on, it needed money, right?
None of these things work without funding, without money.
And so Marx was perceptive enough to understand that he could probably get more done by having a secret society that initially allied itself with liberal publications and liberal financiers and liberal corporate interests.
And so we get, at that time, after Marx, there is a famous figure named George Bernard Shaw, the famous playwright, who decides that not everything that Marx said was right and it needed to be modified.
So Shaw comes up with this idea.
We touched on this a little bit last time I hosted, that we need reformed Marxism, because Marx wasn't right that the proletariat, the workers, they didn't rise up to overthrow the capitalist pigs.
No, in fact, all they cared about was, you know, going to getting their lunch break and, you know, getting a better paycheck.
And so George Bernard Shaw said, what we actually need to do is take a slow, Motion, turtle approach, right?
A wolf in sheep's clothing approach to how we transform the entirety of society.
And we could do that through cultural warfare over many decades much more effectively, Shaw said, than if we just outright tried to have a, quote, workers' revolt, right?
So this was a terrible idea on the part of Marx, totally divorced from reality.
Unfortunately, George Bernard Shaw was much more perceptive and he caught the attention of a lot of very wealthy elite people.
In fact, not only did he attract the attention of Lord Milner and the Rhodes circles of the diamond magnates and whatnot, he actually attracted the attention of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford.
So it turns out that the corporate monopoly magnates Had a great interest in this because they read Shaw's writings and said, Hey, this is actually a much better way to infiltrate, transform, socially engineer, collectivize and nationalize all of the wealth and then transfer it off to private entities.
And so they realized early on that this was a great scam model.
And the amazing thing is that according to historian Yohann Ratiu in his book, The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy, which is a copiously documented four or five hundred footnotes in this five hundred page book, that the British East India Company model became the model for the Rhodes-Rothschild-Milner diamond model, which was the South Africa company, right?
That was a chartered company.
It was a monopoly corporate situation.
So monopoly corporate interest and the structure, the charter that they have actually becomes the model for the Fabian Society.
The Fabian Society, the socialist society, right?
Literally said in their early meetings, we're going to model our structured society, our secret society, the same way that the Rhodes, Milner, Astor's Secret Society was modeled, and that's what Quigley covers in his book Anglo-American Establishment.
So it's the same Secret Society, just using a different structure, different model, and different fronts.
Keep that in mind.
And it is explicitly a Secret Society.
In fact, it was Cecil Rhodes himself, the diamond magnate, who said, I'm going to construct this, the Rhodes Trust, around a Secret Society model.
Now he himself was involved in other secret societies and occult groups.
So whatever we want to think of all these different esoteric philosophies, the point is that it's a society, it's an inner party, an inner party elite that operates as a shadow government.
So this is the real shadow government.
This is the origins of the real shadow government.
And then the Fabians modeled on this.
And by the way, including some of the same people like Lord Milner, who was a Fabian, they said, let's just utilize this structure.
To have an inner party elite, inner party, that's from them, and an outer party of a bunch of dum-dums, idealistic dupes, who actually think that this is to fix things.
It's not to fix things, it's to transform society.
And by the way, there's also interesting quotes from George Bernard Shaw, where he seemed to actually have an affinity for Satanism as well.
So again, when we talk about some of these people being, you know, Luciferians and Satanists and so forth, there's actually truth to that, right?
Some of them were.
Now, they had all kinds of different philosophies, but this is a key point here, because you remember we did a fourth hour on Alex Jones a couple months ago, where we talked about the occult spies of the New World Order.
You remember that?
It's a great fourth hour.
If you didn't see it, go look it up.
It's on Bandai Video.
The occult spies of the New World Order.
How does that relate to this?
Well, Annie Besant, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, they were Fabians.
Did you know that?
And they saw that theosophy could be wedded to Fabian socialism and that this could, according to, quote, Blavatsky, bring in the new age.
So not only were they connected to the Fabians, George Bernard Shaw, in these circles, through accepting Fabian socialism, they were also connected to the real power behind the British Empire, right?
The Milners, the Astors, the Cliveden's, these people.
This is the real structure and power of the British Empire.
That's the talk I did, exactly.
And in the 1890s, they were already cooking up this plot for global government.
The one that we're living through today.
Same plot.
And how do we know that?
Well, for one, These three witch women, and they were actually witchy women, but they were also probably spies as well.
There's a good bit of evidence to suggest that.
For example, Madame Blavatsky was a close associate of Soviet Bolshevik spy Nicholas Rorik.
And Nicholas Rorik is the spy slash New Ager meditative guru guy.
Again, a pioneer figure for the New Age movement in the 60s.
Who was working with the Bolsheviks as an espionage agent and who was tied to Henry Wallace.
He was the mentor to Henry Wallace, former VP and Secretary of Agriculture under FDR.
And Warwick is the one who told Wallace and FDR to put the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill.
No joke.
So, you understand, this is the real... You want to know who's the all-seeing eye?
It's these people.
It's the Fabian Society, the Fabian Socialists, working for these zillionaires.
There's Madame Blavatsky, a hideous witch woman.
And, of course, Madame Blavatsky also had an influence on the National Socialists.
Okay, so this is not divorced from, right, Theosophy had an influence on National Socialism as well.
So keep in mind that all of these Socialist movements really have their locus and their center in these Fabians who are working for the outer party, Fabian ideologues, working for this inner party of the real elite running the British Empire.
Lord Balfour, Lord Milner, all of these people, Lord Curtis.
Don't go anywhere, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were discussing the history of the New Age movement and its origins in these spies and espionage figures tied to the Fabian Socialists.
And one thing I wanted to mention was that I think one of the key reasons why the Fabians had such a direct connect with these New Agers is that They didn't really necessarily always believe all this stuff, but they understood that religion being co-opted would be a perfect means of promoting the New World Order, right?
Promoting a global governance.
In other words, a global governance needs means by which it can unite the population of the world around singular ideas.
And one of those singular ideas would be a New Age movement, a kind of all religions are equal, you know, syncretism kind of thing.
And that's exactly what people like Besant, Blavatsky, and Bailey were all pushing, and that's why they were so useful too.
Both the Fabian Socialists and one of their key institutions that they helped set up, the Fabians I'm saying, the United Nations.
So both the League of Nations and the United Nations were set up by this power structure and these people.
Remember, this is not disputed.
This is a historical fact.
Dr. Carol Quigley's magnum opus 1,200, 1,300 page tragedy and hope is a history of this group of people.
So what I'm telling you today, this is the real secret society that is really running the show today.
And really behind both the League of Nations, the United Nations, behind the Cold War, and behind the Great Reset.
Exact same group, exact same ideology wedded to eugenics, wedded to Malthusianism.
In fact, all the Fabian socialists who were of any note early on immediately adopted eugenics.
They were Malthusians.
The difference being is that you had this sort of fake left-right dialectic amongst some of the British elite, right, a hundred years ago.
So there was a kind of a fake right wing and there was this Fabian socialist fake left wing.
But they were both working for this inner group, again, exemplified in figures like Cecil Rhodes and figures like Lord Milner, and they were allied with their colleagues on the Eastern seaboard of America The Princeton, Harvard, Yale elite.
So these are all part of one superstructure, one inner core that runs the whole Atlanticist power block.
Every time I talk about this, people are like, what's he talking about Atlantis?
I'm not talking about Atlantis.
The Atlanticist, right?
Geopolitics, power block.
The Western power block.
These are the people that run it.
And they still do.
And they were able to eventually bring the United States, which is a non-interventionist power, back under the sway of these Royal Society groups through the machinations of people like Well, Bill Donovan, who was working at the behest of these British intelligence figures, working for these figures, right?
And even going back earlier than that, with Colonel Edwin Mandel House sort of co-opting and working as an agent for these elite people to bring Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve and all of that into play, right?
So it's the same people pushing the Federal Reserve Act, pushing all of the stuff that Woodrow Wilson pushes, including the support for the Bolsheviks, all that.
That was all done by these people.
It's the same power structure.
And I'm just trying to stress that it's not accidental that they pushed the global religion movement, the New Age movement, 60 years before the 60s counterculture New Age movement.
And guess what else they pushed?
60, 70 years before the 1960s.
Socialization through degenerate art and toxic culture.
They were pushing amazingly weird, creepy, blasphemous stuff in the 1890s.
Including bestiality as artwork, because they knew that if you destroy the culture through the arts, then what that does, it debases the people, and it allows these wealthy people to come in and restructure society.
I don't just mean rich people, I'm talking about unimaginably wealthy people, right?
We're talking about the wealthiest 0.001% on the planet.
These people, that's who we're talking about here.
The Fabians realized early on in the 1890s that the key to restructuring and reorganizing all of society would be through culture war.
So they were way ahead of anybody in terms of the conservatives nowadays that talk about culture war.
I mean, these people were doing the culture war 120 years ago, right?
And they realized that degenerate, gross, nasty, disgusting art would debase the culture.
And it was Fabian socialists that were pioneering this.
Again, 50, 60 years before even any of the Theodor Adorno or any of the cultural Marxists had any such an idea.
So they were way ahead of their time.
And this is precisely why one of their famous acolytes, that you've heard me talk about for a long time, H.G.
Wells, what did he push?
He pushed the New Age movement 50, 60 years before there was a New Age movement.
He wrote a book called God the Invisible King, wherein he talks about worshipping Lucifer, and he says that Lucifer is this enlightened deity, not a demon, but this enlightened deity that will bring the New Age.
And he says, I'm not an atheist, I'm not against God, it just needs to be a God of all the religions, man.
And it wasn't just him, in fact, the Theosophists, Annie Besant, Blavatsky, and others, they actually made intimate connections with other way ahead of their time New Agers like Gurdjieff.
Gurdjieff was a crucial figure for preparing the way for the New Age movement in the 1960s, the counterculture and so forth.
And it was all because all these people were connected to this inner core group of the Fabian Socialists.
They also set up a bunch of academic societies and front groups.
Long time ago, they set up the Coefficients Club, the Rainbow Club, which are all these sort of pseudo intellectual reading groups.
And then they started setting up things at universities.
They set up all kinds of reading societies and inner secret groups at universities, all the while pushing these socialist ideas while in the inner party, inner group being 100 percent self-conscious and self Uh, recognizing that they're allied with and funded by zillionaires.
This is the key.
If you understand this, you'll understand all of it.
And get this, this is the great irony.
Uh, according to Razzio, the historian, he says that in 1897, the Fabians had announced that just like the chartered company in Africa, talking about the, uh, Cecil Rhodes charter, that's a corporate charter, corporatism.
The Fabian society will capture and control all of the British natives.
For its profit and for their own good.
The chartered company was the Milner Group, founded by Cecil Rhodes, which was known as the British South Africa Company, chartered in 1889.
So the model for corporate world government is British East India Company, Dutch East India Company, British South Africa Company, all the same things, corporatism, that then becomes the model for the Fabian Socialists to push Nationalization, socialization of everything under the guise of helping you.
Everybody falls for all the dupes fall for this, right?
It's not going to help you.
It's a scam.
It's a plot.
And these inner party people know that.
That's the thing.
And they think it's funny.
Right, Rossi even talks about how the Fabians thought it was funny how much subterfuge, cunning, deception, lie, and con artistry that they would engage in to gain power, to do what we call, what they called as we talked about a couple of shows back, the permeation strategy, the long march through all the institutions.
And in fact, they were so adept at this that a lot of the Labour Party people that, in the British Labour Party, that went into running for office didn't even know what the inner party was up to.
They didn't know that.
They thought, oh, we're just going to help the workers.
We're the party of the people, right?
And Churchill, for example, Churchill had in his own government installed numerous open Fabian Society members.
So let's not fall into thinking, oh, Churchill was a hero in this.
Churchill, I don't know, maybe he didn't know the inner designs of what they were up to.
But regardless, Churchill installed all of these Fabian Society members in his cabinet.
It's kind of amazing.
So they were already heavily into this.
And by the 1990s, people like Miliband, people like Tony Blair, they were already openly again promoting all of this British Fabian Society nonsense.
And remember, the fake right wing is just like in America, a fake right wing as well, right?
So the Brits had their fake right wing.
But, the Fabian strategy is so effective and that's how the UK has turned into the socialist government and they're pushing the exact same thing for the United States and on the whole world, universal basic income.
Don't go anywhere, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, this is Jay Dyer, today's analysis.
We're breaking down what is the essential operating system of the NWO, of Great Reset,
of Klaus and Company of Davos.
And we have to understand this to grasp how it is that socialism can be wedded to gigantic
big state capitalism.
In fact, Ratziu goes so far as to say that national capitalism or the socialization of
the entire economy is actually a form of big state capitalism, which is identical to, you
got it, Fabian socialism.
If we understand that, then we'll understand exactly why all the institutes that the Fabians helped set up explain the entire process.
What did they help us?
What all did they set up?
Well, not only did they help to set up the United Nations, the Fabian Society was instrumental in creating the Royal Economic Society.
And so we had people in the Royal Society, again, who were very fixated on, very fascinated by this idea of Fabian Socialism, and so we have people like...
We have institutions like the Royal Economic Society, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House.
We have the League for Institutional Democracy, the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921 set up in the US, the Commonwealth.
In fact, all the transformation of the British colonies into commonwealths was actually a strategy pioneered by these Fabians.
John Ruskin, for example, was a famous Fabian who influenced all these figures.
The World Bank, the IMF.
The World Council of Churches, Bilderberg Group, the Aspen Institute, these are all Fabian institutions set up directly by people with Fabian ideology, and the list goes on and on and on.
Trilateral Institute, I can keep going, and part of the reason for that is because Both Walter Lippmann at Harvard and David Rockefeller fell under heavy Fabian socialist influence.
Now, everybody probably knows, if you've listened to me for a while, that David Rockefeller did a thesis, a grad thesis, under von Mises on libertarian Austrian school economics.
But that wasn't his only influence.
In fact, David Rockefeller, early on, when he wrote his college senior thesis, was called destitution through Fabian eyes.
And that was because he was under a guy named Lasky.
At Harvard, who heavily influenced him in terms of Fabian socialism as well.
So David Rockefeller had both an Austrian economic and a Fabian socialist influence.
And that's what produces this sort of figure that we have in a big state capitalist figure like David Rockefeller, who would go on to talk about how Maoism was a great social experiment, a great project, who talks glowingly about socialism and many, many papers and things that he wrote over the years.
And it was no different with Ford and with JP Morgan.
They were all influenced by George Bernard Shaw and the Fabian writers.
And it wasn't because they were philanthropists, good-hearted philanthropists.
It's because they read Shaw and they understood that this style of economic scammery is a great means to concentrate wealth and to transfer it.
And you can even get deeper into this in terms of crashing the economies and then buying things up for pennies on the dollar, which is what they're doing presently, what happened in 2008.
A lot of this stuff is done by design, and that's what the people at these levels have realized.
Another figure you may have heard about who was very influential in the World Bank and IMF in today's monetary policy in the West, John Maynard Keynes, a committed, rabid Fabian.
And again, so many people think, Well, these people are just incompetent.
They're so incompetent.
They can't do anything.
They can't run anything.
You understand that a lot of the political class, right, they might be incompetent.
But the people in this inner party, they're not incompetent.
They know how to run these kinds of strategies to destroy economies by design.
And when you understand that, so many things actually make much more sense, right?
Especially in terms of what's happening, for example, in our country.
It's not just a bunch of dummies.
It's not just a bunch of incompetent, you know, political goofballs, right, who are just compromised because they're, you know, coomers or something like that.
It's way more than that.
It's a strategy.
It's a technique.
The Fabians learned it a long time ago, and that's why their strategy and their techniques are being used from the 60s on, especially the culture war.
Subversion was something crucial to Fabian strategy and Fabian ideology.
And so they were able to capture institutions.
They were able to influence many global figures, including Mahatma Gandhi, who joined the Fabian Society, including other members amongst the elites of The India, people in Pakistan, for example, which is basically a creation of the British Empire as well.
They became Fabian Socialists.
Even figures who, according to some intelligence writers, eventually got... Well, this actually makes more sense.
Think about the figure of Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela was this Fabian Socialist who was supposedly this crusader for the workers and African rights and so forth.
But the reality is that according to researcher Stephen Dorrell, he was actually recruited into British intelligence a long time ago.
And so, what's going on?
Well, it makes perfect sense if you understand the Fabian thesis here, right?
That really the British Empire became the Fabian Empire and a tool for the promotion of slow-motion socialism.
Now, the Fabians had this strategy that when they had slow motion socialism in place, that they could begin to call for the total nationalization of everything.
And this was a strategy not just for the UK, but the Fabians were behind the European Union.
This is where the EU comes from.
Again, the EU was not actually dreamt up at Bilderberg.
It was first discussed at these higher levels at Bilderberg, but the real strategy and the real mindset behind the European Union was from the Fabians.
Again, people like Count Kalergi, people like George Bernard Shaw, these people decades ahead of the early Bilderberg meetings in the 40s and 50s, which first talked about creating a European Union.
They had said we needed a United States of Europe decades prior to the existence of Bilderberg.
So if you remember, I did a popular talk for the fourth hour here.
I think we got three or four hundred thousand views on Bilderberg some months back.
And I was talking about how Daniel Esselstyn's Bilderberg book mentions the fact that the EU was discussed in the 1940s and 50s at the first Bilderberg meetings.
And that's true.
But actually, it turns out the Royal Society had dreamt up this idea decades even prior to that.
So it's even earlier.
And to let you know exactly what we're talking about here, when George Orwell wrote 1984 and he wrote about the inner party elite who is completely above the law and really knows what's going on and is self-conscious of all this deception and wickedness, that that inner party elite is this.
That's who he's talking about.
Ing Sock.
In 1984 is English socialism.
It's talking about these people, the Fabians.
That's who he's talking about.
And in fact, Milner's Fabian Society would go on to influence and help create not just League of Nations, United Nations, the EU, but according to Razzou, through a high degree of psyops, they would also be instrumental in influencing and helping to create the Tavistock Institute.
And Razzio in his great book is perceptive enough to realize that ultimately the Fabian approach is an anti-human conspiracy.
They have all of the same eugenics and Malthusian ideology of any of the other socialist systems including National Socialism, but it's not identical to National Socialism because it's International Socialism.
So it's just a modified form of this.
And they were instrumental, including following the advice of HG Wells, to transform the British colonies into a democratic commonwealth.
So it's the same inner party group, but they just use a cloak of democracy.
And that right there tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how the world is run today.
All the calls for democracy, democracy, democracy.
We need to transform these other countries in terms of our foreign policy into democracies.
It's not for America.
It's not for Americanism.
It's for the inner group that are the successor to this inner group.
That's it.
And how is it modeled?
Well, according to George Bernard Shaw and according to what Quigley says, this inner secret society is modeled on the Jesuits, not run by Jesuits.
Jesuits are allied to a lot of these Western intelligence operations and are kind of a tool of a lot of these people.
It's not run by Jesuits, okay?
It's people above Jesuits.
But the society itself of the inner party is modeled on Ignatius Loyola's structure of the Jesuits.
And that's something that we've seen in Quigley.
And it also comes up again explicitly in the writings of George Bernard Shaw.
So this is the plan.
There's not a million different plans.
There's one global NWO plan.
It was planned back long ago.
It has elements of Marxist theory, but it modifies it to become reformed Marxism in the strategy of George Bernard Shaw, Milner, Ruskin, Rhodes, Blavatsky, Besant, all those goofy religious figures who are actually just spies.
And it's the same plan that we're seeing pushed nowadays with the same transhumanists, Huxley.
Julian Huxley coins the term transhumanist.
He's one of these people.
And it's exactly what Klaus and everybody today is pushing.
It's the same plan.
Rolled out.
Clear as day.
This is it.
This is the plan.
So, if you understand that, you understand the whole thing.
And you understand the real meaning of 1984 from Orwell.
By the way, this is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
you can go to my website and get my books, including my new book, in the shop.
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