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Name: 20221013_Thu-2_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 13, 2022
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
We return you now to your regularly scheduled program.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
So he gets up and he says, don't give him money so we can't appeal so they can shut us down.
That's their mission.
Obviously, Democrat Party Ambulance Chaser King Daddy says, don't give us money, what do you do?
It's totally disgusting.
Let's play it one more time and go to the sequel of sequel.com.
Listen to your enemy saying, do not support us.
Listen to this.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
Thanks to your rigged court and all the rest of it.
No, nothing stops.
We've got dozens of organizations ready to put us on air anywhere.
You're not shutting crap down.
We're intensifying.
I'm going to launch a whole new show in defiance of you.
Steve Quayle, one of the icons of the Liberty Movement.
We're totally vindicated.
World government out in the open.
Poison shots.
Nuclear war.
All of it's here.
And these people are inversing reality, Steve, and saying, he lies to you.
He divides you.
He controls you when we're doing the opposite.
Everything they say is what the left's doing.
Defunding the police.
Destroying the borders.
The fentanyl.
Devouring the currency.
Launching wars.
Drag queen pedophile time.
No one's buying it.
He's so tone deaf.
Just because they've got a rigged cord doesn't mean they've rigged them.
In the minds of the people, Steve Quayle.
Well, Alex, I think we're watching Saul Alinsky's Rule for Radicals, the 12th, if you will, protocol to continue to make you the target of all the leftists, the communists hate, because they hate one thing, the truth.
And obviously we're going to talk about World War III, that's already started.
And, you know, someone said the first casualty in any war is always the truth.
So, I want people to understand that they should look up, simply, Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radical, dedicated to Lucifer, and look at point 12, and you're watching it, and that was the most, how should I say this, in maddening, there we go, maddening character assassination, because they're basically, Alex, saying that anybody who listens to you doesn't have a brain, and you're responsible for free thinking.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fight for the truth.
The truth is what objective reality is.
We've not seen any truth relating to anything as to World War III that's going on right now.
We've had the President say he's going to shut down Nord Stream.
We had Victoria Nuland say it.
We had one of the Polish ambassadors say it.
We've got people in NATO that did their own investigation and they know it wasn't a truck bomb.
But multiple stories of either a harpoon, missile, or two of them.
United States munitions or an underwater submersible torpedo.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we're at World War III and hardly anybody yawns, anybody burps, and anybody goes beyond the obvious controlled narrative of all of the networks.
And primarily, ladies and gentlemen, Alex has been on for a long enough time that I got news for you.
He documents everything.
What you watch in the liberal leftist
We're good to go.
That Russia has not quit advancing their advanced weapons systems.
Well, the United States, in my opinion, I believe, anybody who's in the military that would tell the truth, we basically... Wait a minute, we're way behind.
We're way behind.
Yeah, we're so far behind that even the guy that was going to take over the Pentagon's artificial intelligence said, we can't even keep up with the Chinese because they're 20 years in advance.
The United States has no hypersonic missiles.
We have tests.
We don't have any functional.
We're good to go.
Right now, the Russian government giving warning to their people to prepare for nuclear war.
This is not grandstanding.
This is not bluffing.
And the same thing that's happening to Alex, that's happening to Donald Trump, and that's, again, Lucifer's rules for radicals.
Obviously, Saul Alinsky, but he dedicated the book to Lucifer.
I got people to understand that.
I got to get them to understand that.
We are now at the point
Where we, the United States, have been exposed for fighting proxy wars, and you can't claim that you're responsible for Nord Stream chuckling, it'll never happen, and then have the Polish ambassador, whatever, spokesperson say, good job you guys, and then all of the evidence and all of the demolition evidence pointing to the fact that we, the United States, are using
Ukraine, and we are using it as a surrogate warrior against Russia.
And in essence, people need to understand this.
To vilify President Putin is the international bankers, the Illuminists, the globalists, because he broke the back of the fiat money and the fiat dollars.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, when he put a gold floor under the ruble, and he did something that was astonishing,
He took the power of the printing press away from all governments, including his own, unless it's tied to a commodity basket.
In his case, gold.
Now look, when someone does something that's a genius level event, that is genius level, when you see the president of Russia, basically with the United Arab Emirates, their spokesman president, when you see him with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.
Yes, Saudi Arabia is now on Russia's side.
Yep, which is now on Russia's side.
And everybody is telling the United States, take your worthless paper money and shove it.
I'm being nice.
The bottom line is, is that we have now a situation where the headlines, the headlines, the headlines are echoing the fact that how do you unload $31 trillion worth of US paper when there's nobody to buy it?
The brokerage houses, these are all mainstream news.
They're saying, look, liquidated, liquidated, liquidated.
And so we're basically being stripped of our false financial picture to the world.
And people are saying, we're going to trade commodity for commodity.
We're going to trade items of value.
And the trading partners
Are going to say we're going to do this.
There's a plan in play right now called Operation Sandman.
The warning about it for almost a year now that there will be a concerted and a consortium of effort to absolutely repudiate the U.S.
dollar at some point in the very near future.
People need to understand the history.
They need to understand the Ukrainian history and all that Russia wanted.
Listen, this isn't a big deal.
Just to honor their borders and keep NATO in the specific boundaries that we agreed to.
So, why?
The international bankers have bankrupted the world pretty much with their quadrillion, and that's a real number, dollars worth of derivatives.
And derivatives is just a group of assets that have been sold so many times that it's hard to figure out or unwind who bought what and who owes what.
But here's the deal.
If you're talking a quadrillion dollars, there's no way to even pay it back.
So, we're at the precipice.
We are absolutely now teeter-tottering, and we're looking over the abyss.
We come back a little bit, we look over, but every time we look over the abyss, Alex, we're shifting that point of the fulcrum, or the diving board, closer to the edge, and there is a point of no return.
So, we've got the economic apocalypse, we've got, obviously, financial Geddon, we've got Armageddon, and by the way,
They're using that word, they.
It's the left that's using the word Armageddon, and it's like everybody thinks that somehow nuclear war is just like, oh, they'll just blast a few nukes off in the Ukraine, or, you know, launch a couple bombers, stealth bombers over Russia with some tactical nukes, and Russia will capitulate.
I've spent the last 28 years of my broadcast career checking the developments.
And by the way, there's stuff that Russia has that's secret.
But look, when they demonstrate a Kinzhal hypersonic weapon, when they demonstrate a Poseidon nuclear torpedo with a 100 megaton warhead that can generate a tsunami 1,500 feet... I totally agree, but let's talk about...
The hundreds of thousands of troops confirmed now, you talked about on the show last week, but now it's all over the news.
Hundreds of thousands of troops in Belarus, only 40 miles from Kiev, preparing to invade.
I mean, this, no matter what side you're on, this is insane.
This is escalating out of control.
And again, this is not only escalating out of control, but NATO and the United States and the entire Western defense posture still thinks that this is going to stay confirmed, actually, excuse me, contained to a ground war, just like World War II and all of the different wars, you know, like in the Middle East and stuff.
The Russians, Dmitry Medvedev, is a rational guy.
So is President Putin.
And the fact that Putin's rational, look, if you're trying to provoke somebody to kick your rear end using nuclear weapons, that's insanity.
But then to turn around and say to the man that's keeping the button from being pressed, and this is not pro-Russia, this is pro-truth.
It's just like what's going on, Alex, in your legal battle.
You are the, basically, you're the front of the spear, the tip of the spear.
You're the bow of the iceberg, icebreaker.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the truth is so threatening.
To the people that control the narrative.
You control the narrative, you control the outcome.
That they'll do anything to silence the truth, silence the truth tellers, even to provoking World War III.
And this is the big issue tonight, Alex, as we're on together.
It's not something they don't want.
It's not something they fear.
They want it with all of their globalist, luciferian might.
Because at the end of the day,
Everything that you've talked about in all your videos, population, depopulation quotes, plans, how they're going to do it.
We've watched millions, probably more like at least, I'd say 50 million people dead worldwide on COVID.
Why would you believe that people have never told the truth?
I agree.
So can we stop it or is it biblical?
Is it unstoppable?
No, it cannot be stopped.
It cannot be stopped.
It cannot be stopped.
These are the days that, obviously, the Four Horsemen, the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation, by the way, they, the left, uses, or the press, mainstream press, my how they're interchangeable, they use those biblical terms, the Apocalypse.
The Apocalypse means the revealing, that which has been hidden, brought into everybody's view.
And ladies and gentlemen, look at the timing of this!
After the COVID lockdown, the solitary confinement, and I call it the solitary destruction of the United States infrastructure, we're watching all of the events that are absolutely prophetic in the forehorse of the apocalypse, but all of the prophets in the Old Testament, even non-biblical prophets, are seeing
And since this timeout, we cannot pull it back.
All we can do is give the truth to whoever has ears.
And that's why this is, I agree, that's why this is so important.
They want to distract us with big billion-dollar judgments.
We don't have two million dollars.
All this is crap, listeners.
It means nothing.
The poison shots, the open borders, the world government, the nuclear war, that's the issue.
We're not going to let them distract us with their BS.
Well, and I think that's the whole plan, because if they can make you, you know, the villain, the arch enemy of freedom of the press, you know, in essence, all they're doing, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to understand this, identifying Alex, vilifying him, nullifying him, and ultimately destroying him.
And that IVND is what we've warned about when you first started dealing.
And this is for reference, historic reference, the MAIAC, MAIAC or whatever,
We're fighting for truth and truth is basis of life.
Falsehood is the basis of lies, and the whole world lies in evil ones.
So what we're watching, Alex, is we're watching, in my opinion, we're watching the financial decimation of the dominoes put into play that the United States
dollars going to go away.
Even Biden has been talking about that and going to a digital currency.
No one's going to trust the U.S.
digital currency if they didn't trust the U.S.
dollar that they can't collect on.
There's nothing in the way of a commodity-based solution.
To all of the bogus financial documents that are out there.
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, every form of derivative, every form of contract, things that people don't even know exist.
And most people, if I said, how much is a quadrillion dollars, and gave you all of the examples of a quadrillion, then ladies and gentlemen, understand there's not enough stuff
In the world to pay that off so Alex the reason why they're spending like there is no tomorrow is because they're trying to initiate So there will be no tomorrow and that's not bogus.
That's not right-wing speech.
That is act
Just stating the obvious.
The obvious is that look, we're decreasing our military.
Morale's at an all-time low.
They've kicked out some of our most gifted, talented, and trained people over the assassination.
Those are my words.
And the problem is, is that people do not recognize what nuclear
We're good to go.
I mean, what good does that do, you know?
And again, it's unfathomably ignorant.
Right now, the word has gone off around Russia to get prepared for a nuclear war with the United States.
You said 28 years.
I've been on air 28 years.
When I was first getting on air, you were already on air writing bugs.
I think you've been on air about 30 years.
You're forgetting how long I've been on air.
Yeah, you're right.
And again, I'm sorry.
I started actually 35 because I was on a guest on shows.
Okay, so let's just back up here.
When I first heard you, it's not about kissing your ass.
It's about recognizing who's right.
I thought this guy's really smart.
I knew a lot of what you were saying was true.
My knowledge was limited.
And then as the decades went on, it became horrifying that literally you were dead on.
Ahead of your time, but literally dead on.
I know you've talked about the Holy Ghost and literally divine, you know, information, and I've heard that 10 years ago, like, okay, yeah, but I've since had that happen to me.
We've just got to know this is about good and evil.
People can't get too down during this period.
This proves God's real.
This proves the devil's real.
It proves Revelation's real.
And it proves the answers to this evil is real, and there's real spiritual warfare going on right now.
We're going to find out who's good.
We're going to find out who's bad.
Well, Jesus said, by their fruit ye shall know them.
And ladies and gentlemen, God's the author and finisher of life.
They who want to destroy innocent life, they who want to destroy all life.
And I'm telling you, Alex, it's not going to stay, and you know this, and that's a rhetorical question.
It's going to broaden the scope of who they want to kill, who they want dead.
Identify, vilify, nullify, destroy.
And let them feel good for themselves.
And that's not what this is all about.
What this is about is hardcore reality, objective truth.
And the people say, oh, there are no absolutes.
Well, you just made a point that there are, because the left claims there are no absolutes.
But then, of course, we who claim the Bible is the absolute Word of God.
I think the biggest disconnect in America, in my opinion, is you cannot live like hell and expect God's blessing.
There are people that don't want anything to do with God.
They don't even want to hear the name of Jesus, especially Satanists and Luciferians.
But at the end of the day, Alex, we're watching the global genocide in motion.
The devil wants to destroy all human beings.
Jesus said if he didn't shorten the days for the elect, and the elect are those who have come to know Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, there'd be no flesh left alive.
And I want people to understand something.
If they live within the context of the left's narrative, they're going to be swallowed up in a world that they cannot even explain, that they cannot deal with, that they emotionally won't melt down with.
And I'm trying my best, as you are, to get people
To just realize, why do you want to listen to those who are lying to you, who want you dead?
Let's go back to the show trial, just to give us some examples.
They have the judges to fault me.
They get all our information.
They twist it in front of a jury.
The jury gives them a billion dollars.
It doesn't exist.
Literally, I don't have, you know, a million and a half dollars in cash, which is nothing in a company this size.
That's empty, folks, with payroll and all the bills.
I'm not proud to say that.
I wish we had more funds, but that's for the listeners.
To then say, do not give him money.
Because they don't want us to appeal.
They don't want us to keep fighting.
They don't want to get money to these people.
They don't even try to get money for the plaintiffs.
They want us shut down.
They said it right there.
This is so obvious.
Well, and I think that, again, the most dangerous thing is, obviously, silence in the face of evil is evil itself.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, they're trying to wow people with the amount of money that's a judgment, as if, you know, they're going to collect it.
Alex, you've got two years, you said it, you've got plenty of options open, but ladies and gentlemen,
When you've got someone that's out in front, I would take that guy on and say, don't help Alex Jones, blah, blah.
Listen to who's telling you that.
Thank you for the $160,000, but it needs to continue to flow in because no one has fought
The fight, and I'm telling you this, you can have your opinions of all the truth tellers Alex, but he stands his ground, he stands what he believes for, and in essence, there are so few people that will do that, and that's why the MSATM, I call them Mainstream Accessories to Murder, my opinion,
We'll never tell the truth because they're all owned by the same globalist cabal and they're all... Well, that's right.
They're afraid of the populist spirit that we have and they're afraid of our guests and they want to try to send a message to everybody else, roll over and give up.
Yeah, and so again, you know, ladies and gentlemen, this is the most dangerous thing to the devil himself and obviously his followers.
And remember, the party... I think this attempt at intimidation is going to backfire.
Well, it is, because in essence, Alex, they're coming to the point now where they're so flagrant in our face.
We used to have to try and lead people kind of on a game of Clue, and they wouldn't see things unless it was in the headlines.
For all the time I've known you on podcasting, you bring out hundreds of articles, you know, in a given week or maybe even a given show.
But now the preponderance of evidence is in the grocery store shelves empty, or in the grocery bills doubling, or going to the gas pumps, or listening that Europe is going to shut down, you can't take a shower, better not heat your home, and oh by the way, don't worry about not heating because there'll be nothing to eat either.
The sanctimonious, and I would say this, satanic sanctions on Russia have backfired against the West dramatically.
And the whole situation of shutting down the American oil and gas producers, that's criminal!
It's criminal!
And so in essence, we need to understand, people need to understand, it's your family that's going to see the heating bills go up.
It's your job.
And people say, well, what about a job?
How do I get to my job?
Well, you better understand with what's going on in the financial markets,
That's going to be a bigger deal than you imagine, because there's so much corporate debt, there's so much what I would call domino, cross financial support, cross-collateralization, that's the word I'm looking for, that when the dominoes begin to tip, they're not just going to start at one end and go to the other, they're going to start in the middle and spread out to the east and to the west.
And that's what upsets them so much, is while they lie about us and attack us,
At least I'm not some baby being aborted.
At least I'm not being starved to death like people in Africa.
I mean, they're so upset it doesn't get to us.
That's why they couldn't help a big number like a billion dollars.
Oh, everybody's scared.
It's a joke, folks.
It's a joke.
And it's not a joke that there's such tyrants.
It's a joke that it's all for public consumption.
Well, this is nothing more than the prostitutes having their puppet stage to basically give only one side of the story.
Solomon, the smartest guy in the world, at least recorded as such, said only a fool judges a matter when he hears one side of the story.
So what, ladies and gentlemen, it's time you have to stand up.
You've got to speak up.
You've got to belly up.
Those of you that are watching this podcast and you know in your heart this whole thing is a setup, then you need to ante up.
And you need to fight if you don't have the ability to speak out then you know help Alex and help help and you're not just helping Alex I'm going to change that statement Alex you're helping the ability to push back and if you Alex were not pushing back the
Backflow against everybody who's ever been on a podcast, YouTube.
We've already seen the the shutting out and shutting down of all truth tellers.
But ladies and gentlemen, this is not, it's not the Alamo because there's going to be a better outcome.
But people stood their ground in the Alamo.
They stood their ground in so many battles.
And in essence, we don't retreat, we say charge.
But so many people... Let me stop you there.
I'm going to give you the floor here.
I'm going to try to shut up for the last 10 minutes with Steve Quill, who's so amazing, soquill.com.
I'm going to let a little secret out.
I've told the inner crew and people here that in the last year, I said, this is Operation Alamo.
And I said, we want to get wiped out by Santa Ana, you know, 200 and something against 10,000.
We're not looking to die here, but we got to be an example to everybody else.
And we've got to be the vanguard to say the truth and be absolutely radical when it's called for, so that we take the heat for everybody behind us as the icebreakers to make it safe for them.
And I've told my crew, are you ready for Operation Alamo?
They said, yes, sir.
We're ready to do it.
I said, then I'm not going to back down.
I'm going to go 110%, but I want you to be on board.
And the crew said, yes, sir.
We're ready for Operation Alamo.
And you just hit the key to all of this of why they fear us, because if they can crush us, they believe they can crush everybody else.
But while they've been busy trying to bring me down, there are thousands of new, very well-known, prominent people reaching millions of people a day and whole new crops.
We're good.
Well, the whole world, ladies and gentlemen, is turning against the United States, especially when they see what the United States now stands for.
And whether you like it or not, it's graft, corruption, it's bribery.
You're watching honest Americans being put in jail, hundreds of them still in jail, after January 6th.
And you're watching the decimation of not only free speech, but also the defamation and destruction
Thank you.
In essence, when they run out of people to eat that are in their own party, they'll start eating each other.
And so what we're watching now, back to World War III, because I've only got, what, a minute or so to talk.
World War III has begun.
The electronic weapon systems that Russia possesses have brought the state-of-the-art
I think?
We're good.
facilities there.
We're going to hit NORAB.
We're going to hit all of these different continuity of government sites, and there's a couple hundred of them, and we're going to do it all at once.
Alex, that's astonishing.
They're not going to hit one, then hit other, you know.
It's so astonishing to me, and that's the only word, is that they're telling us what we're going to do.
They're demonstrating what they have, and the United States, we dictate the world as if we're the
The biggest bully on the block, and we don't have it.
We don't have anything to back it up because we've watched our military be destroyed.
And remember Obama Nation's famous statement, America's the greatest nation in the world, and we intend to change all that.
Well, I wish someone would have challenged him, but again... Absolutely, and listen, we're skipping breaks tonight, so we've got a few minutes left, Steve Quayle.
I appreciate your budgeting time, stevequayle.com.
Talking about your awakening, your understanding, it's an amazing story, and just the fact we've got to get right with God right now.
I think more importantly than anything, we should get right with Jesus right now.
Spend a little time on that.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Number one, when you had asked me, and just getting the bottom line,
The Bible declares that the testimony of Jesus is a spirit of prophecy.
God is the only supreme deity and being, the God of the Bible, that can tell the end at the beginning.
And, you know, I had an encounter with Jesus, physically saw him,
And he gave me a panorama of history.
But he said something interesting to me.
By the way, I was not a Christian until I accepted in 1972.
I knew nothing about the Bible, nothing about Christians.
I was a hedonist.
I was doing everything you do as a hedonist.
Yet God, by somebody praying for me, and he gave me a panorama of history.
And he said, I'm only going to reveal it to you as a
Well, in this case, Alex, I accepted Jesus at a Hal Lindsey meeting at the Student Union building.
I didn't know, you know, Hal Lindsey explained to me who Jesus was.
The first time I had anybody explain to me who Jesus was, the Savior of the world.
I go home to my house, my mother's house is, I don't know, eight blocks from Montana State University.
I walk into my room, which I had a bedroom in the basement, and the bottom line is Jesus physically appears.
By the way, I wasn't drunk and I wasn't doing drugs.
Describe it, go slow.
What was it like, just all of a sudden?
Okay, okay.
I fell at his feet as one dead and I couldn't get up.
I couldn't get up.
And the glory of the Lord.
And when I say glory, if you want to know what Jesus looks like, go to Revelation chapter 1.
Because when he lifted me up and I said, Lord, who are you?
He said, I'm Jesus, your Savior, and I'm giving you a Joseph's ministry.
I didn't know what that meant.
I didn't know who Joseph was.
When he looked into my eyes, every cell in my body exploded with his love, his forgiveness.
I had an understanding of just the magnificence of God, though I couldn't have told you one Bible story, you know, probably maybe one, Adam and Eve.
And the bottom line is that we're like, it was so overwhelming.
For three hours I basked, I guess you'd say, praising Him in just the presence of the living God.
And after that, he told me, I would know him.
Now, understand, this is not a dream, this is not a vision.
This is like terra firma on eartha.
And he said, I know him in a very special way through his word.
And Alex, fast forward, and you know, after this experience, I had to go speak to an Assembly of God pastor, because he's the only one that could let me know what it meant to have an encounter with Jesus Christ.
And after that experience,
God put such a hunger in my heart because he told me something.
He said, you're going to know me through a very special way in my word.
Look, I don't know why God chose me.
A lot of people say, well, you're such a blah, blah, blah.
But God chose me.
And he when he said he'd give me a Joseph's ministry, that was to prepare the people of God as we come into these end times, which he showed me.
And I've always you know, that you've heard me so many times.
I always tell people, look, it's not like I just
We're good to go.
Yeah, and God dumps stuff into you.
I call it a data dump.
And I want to make it clear, I couldn't stand up until Jesus reached down and his arm and he lifted me up, okay?
And that's when I looked into his eyes, and his eyes are so wonderful.
See, we don't know anything about love anymore.
But God so loved the world, and the love of Jesus stands apart from the hatred and the destruction of the devil.
So, you know, and by the way, Jesus, no man has ever seen God the Father and lived.
Moses saw his kinder parts on Mount Sinai, but Jesus said, if you've seen me, you've seen the Father.
And so that's because, you know, and this drives people crazy that don't want to admit there's a trinity.
This sends the Satanists into rage.
Because this is real.
You were able to look into Christ's eyes.
I couldn't even do it.
I was just hammered on the floor.
Well, here's the deal, and this is, you can't, in the presence of the King of Glory, and I understand what that means now, because when I saw Jesus, and there are people who have seen Him on a road, and He looks just normal, but I saw Him in the John Chapter 1, Revelation Chapter 1, His head and His hair were as white as wool, and His eyes are something about, I can't, it's piercing love,
And after that Alex, two guys came to me from a Bible school, fast forward about 8 months,
And they sought me out because they had been praying and God said, go to Bozeman, Montana, this will blow people's mind, and pray for Steve Quayle and lay hands on him that he might know me in a special way.
Well, you know, so when you're kind of, I was at a Christian bookstore, I was there probably every day or every other day, and it was wonderful because it blew my mind, you know?
They come, how did they, I didn't know them from Adam by the way, they didn't know me from Adam except they knew my name, and the thing is is that what God wants is that impartation of the knowledge of Him, because the glory of the Lord is going to fill the land.
We're told as Christians to pray.
Steve, Steve, I want you to finish up, and we're going to let you go, and I appreciate your time, but this is so important in these times, is God has a plan for us, and what you did, because David, I get a lot of credit, he's a great guy overall, but I'm telling you, you, in your books the last 30 years, you predicted everything, and as you said, it was literally divinely inspired.
So that was God's plan.
And again, you know, people, they're afraid of that statement, Alex, because it basically takes away from their agnostic or their atheistic standpoint.
See, I was in the position of being the most non, in my opinion, redemptive person on the face of the earth.
But when God touches your life, everything changes.
And that's why I'm against phony
The walk with Jesus is a relationship.
And by the grace of God, those who have never sat in your chair or taken the heat you've taken, ladies and gentlemen, it's a calling.
God's gifts and callings are without repentance.
Sure, people can go back into the world, they can sin, they can do whatever, but what God gives someone, if they yield to Him, He'll take it.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, there's nothing I can say that can turn this around, because I believe, and I believe, challenge me as you will, most months,
Yes, but I believe we're Mystery Babylon, and in one hour, New York City is going to disappear.
And isn't it interesting?
Mystery Babylon may not be the mystery it is, or at least the daughter of Babylon, because the kings of the earth made themselves rich.
Now look, here's where we're at right now.
In a, not a New York minute, but let's say a New York minute and a half, if people could grasp what the Russians have made known plainly, look, don't
Think that you can just nuke us and go into oblivion or go on your way doing what you're doing in 90 seconds.
All of our missiles, our submarine-launched ballistic missiles, our Poseidon nuclear torpedoes, our Kinzals, our space-based weapons.
Look, in essence, if you are the kid in the sandbox with one scoop of sand and another guy's got basically a gravel pit of sand, you don't have any standing.
And this is why we're watching, and the U.S.
Air Force, I want to make this clear,
Is losing their good pilots, they're cutting their pay, and meanwhile they're paying all these illegal immigrants.
There's legal immigration, illegal.
Massive amounts of money.
We're giving 70 to 100 billion dollars to Ukraine.
Everybody forgets what we left in Afghanistan when we betrayed the people of Afghanistan.
So, in essence, all of the weapons that are going into that Ukrainian theater, they're being sold on the black market.
Sure, they'll use whatever they can, but the majority is being sold on the black market.
So, I would ask everybody, if you see stories that America's depleting its weapons, Western Europe is depleting its weapons, what do we have to defend ourselves?
Because, in essence,
We're not going to make it, Alex, as a nation.
We will make it as individual communities.
And just putting it into the Alamo, ladies and gentlemen, the Alamo, those who fought at the Alamo knew the odds were against them, but they knew the freedom and liberty was worth fighting for.
Every veteran that has served, God bless each and every one of you.
I am so incensed against the way we've treated our veterans, yet there are guys on the street and then, you know, the military spokesman says, go tell the military army guys that they don't make enough money to go get food stamps.
That is such a incoherent
Lack of respect, but when you hate the military, you're gonna do everything to destroy him, and I believe that's where we're at right now.
Jesus and Quill, join me again next week as we unfold this whole incredible thing.
God bless you, sir, and thank you for the time tonight.
Thank you, Alex.
Blessings to you.
Thank you.
All right.
Look, we got Robert Barnes that worked on the case for two years, and then he was so busy and everything else, he went on to other cases.
And he told me, he said, they're going to default you.
It's all fraud.
He was right.
And I didn't completely listen to his counsel.
That's my fault.
But he joins us when we come back after this very short, important piece on weather weapons to talk about the billion dollar, because they haven't added the attorney's fees yet.
They're wanting $400 million.
We're talking 1.3 million.
And people ask, it's all over the news, me laughing and joking earlier today when the verdict came in at the 2 o'clock hour.
I'm not laughing at the tyranny.
I'm laughing at the insanity of the corruption and the fact that they're saying, I have all this money and they're going to get it.
They know I don't have this money.
They're trying to sell fear.
We'll talk about it with Robert Barnes.
On the other side of this quick break, stay with us.
It lays the predicate and the foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer.
Project Cirrus is the first official attempt to modify a hurricane.
It was run by General Electric with the support of the U.S.
The official theory was that by changing the temperature outside the eyewall of a hurricane, which they did by seeding the clouds with various compounds such as silver iodide, a decrease in strong winds will result.
On October 13, 1947, Project Cirrus targeted a hurricane heading out to sea.
Approximately 180 pounds of dry ice was dropped into the clouds.
The crew then reported a pronounced modification of the cloud deck.
And the hurricane abruptly changed direction and made landfall near Savannah, Georgia.
The public blamed the government.
Irving Langmuir, who pioneered General Electric's Atmospheric Research Department, and admitted that the project was about learning how to weaponize the weather, also claimed the reversal of the hurricane had been caused by Project Cirrus, but the government denied it for 12 years.
After a short delay, the project officially continued, and in 1965, Project Storm Fury had targeted Hurricane Betsy for seeding.
On that day, the storm immediately changed direction and made landfall in southern Florida.
Congress blamed it on Project Storm Fury, but the government claimed that the hurricane shifted before they ever had a chance to seed it.
And after two months of congressional hearings, the project was allowed to continue.
During the Vietnam War, weather modification was weaponized in Operation Popeye.
And as a result, starting in October of 1978, an international treaty now prohibits the military use of weather modification.
In 1997, U.S.
Defense Secretary William Cohen said that we have enemies capable of altering the climate and setting off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
And so controlling the weather seems to be a very real thing.
And while the media lies to you, the government has placed gag orders on employees of the National Weather Service, who have sought legal counsel to reverse these illegal gag orders.
And they no longer need to seed the clouds.
Chemtrails, or as John Brennan of the CIA calls it, stratospheric aerosol injection, allows these black government projects the ability to put whatever they want into the skies.
And HAARP has the ability to change the temperature within the ionosphere.
In congressional hearings, it was made known that HAARP was a successful operation of controlling the ionosphere with ultra-high powered radio frequency, and that the Air Force and DARPA went on to develop their own versions.
The Air Force has gotten great value out of HAARP in the past.
We took it over from the Navy and managed it and actually did a number of experiment campaigns up there and have finished our work that we're interested in doing up there.
We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do, was to inject energy into the ionosphere and be able to actually control it.
But that work has been completed.
Frequency transmission manipulation of hurricanes is one of hundreds of patents on weather control.
With conductive particles added to the storm, radio frequencies from multiple locations can steer a hurricane.
According to geoengineeringwatch.org, this happened with Hurricane Ian.
This is Hurricane Ian passing near the Nexrad transmission facility in Key West, Florida.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
World War III, weather weapons, that's what we really cover.
My book, Number One in the World, The Great Reset in the World of the World, that's what I actually cover, not Sandy Hook garbage.
But they made a big mistake, obviously, you know, with NMA Wine in this rigged court in Austin and up there in Connecticut with these show trials.
But to have a lawyer argue against his clients and say, don't send money to Alex Jones, we're going to shut him down.
It's not about their billion-dollar verdict.
That's meant to scare everybody not to support us, thinking, oh, a billion dollars, he's over.
We have two years of appeals in Texas and Connecticut, and I'm in bankruptcy.
And bankruptcy only pays them what money is there.
They know that.
That's why they're lying to you, saying, don't send money to InfoWars, don't buy products from Alex Jones, because it's a bad bet.
With his clients behind him that were sitting there celebrating with $90 million for this person and $80 million for that person and $50 million for this person.
On and on and on.
It's a joke.
I'm not saying it's a joke.
They are a joke.
The lawyers, the ambulance chasers.
So here's Chris Manning, the Democrat Party mouthpiece.
The law firm is run by Senator Blumenthal and his son in there.
And they already got 73 million from Remington, wouldn't let us put on evidence, they've done all this, and he gets up at a press conference and says, don't give money to Alex Jones.
Wait a minute.
We're in bankruptcy where any extra profit they get, we get to stay on air though, which they don't want.
Well, sorry, all that money they lie about?
Oh, Jones had 60 million dollars.
Oh, Jones did this.
They look at a decade of money and go, oh, 60 million dollars.
It's all lies.
And they're pissed.
We gave them all the discovery.
Then they defaulted to saying we didn't, but they know there's no money.
I mean, let me explain something.
A company this size with 80-something employees and our own satellite uplinks, our own servers, our own stuff, takes millions a month to run.
They know, Alex Jones, they've done background, everything, has a little lake cabin and a house and sold the expensive house I had that I got as an investment a year ago, put the money in the inforce.
They know I'm making less than a half million dollars a year.
They know all that.
And so, they are so desperate that you not go to InfoWarsTore.com during this emergency fundraiser tonight we had set up a week ago.
Who knows the verdict will come in tonight.
But I want to go to Robert Morris for Balance of the Hour, constitutional lawyer, one of the smartest people I know.
But I wanted to get Matt, who's the morning producer for American Journal with Harrison Smith on, because we had an all-hands-deck meeting yesterday where I said, I expect a billion-dollar verdict.
I don't know how I know this out of the ether.
I expect a billion-dollar verdict.
It'll be a billion.
And I want you to know, we're in Chapter 11, Subchapter 5.
You'll be here for a long time, as long as our listeners just keep buying products and supporting us.
Got a couple million-dollar-a-month nut to crack because we pay for our own bandwidth and legal and everything else.
Sounds like a lot, something this big, folks.
CNN spent $400 million on CNN+.
Their average show had 10,000 viewers.
I could fart and have a million viewers.
I'm not bragging, it's just true.
Because you're awesome folks who tune in.
But we don't fart here, we're giving you real information.
So, they are panicking wanting to shut us down.
But here's Chris Manning, literally letting the cat out of the bag in front of his plaintiffs.
He doesn't want to get their money.
He wants to shut us down.
Here it is.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
When we battle forced injections and battle open borders and battle the Great Reset and battle the New World Order, it doesn't help anybody but me.
When I'm in the lion's den.
When Henry Kissinger tried to hire me over a decade ago in front of my producer John Harmon.
Oh, oh, I'm doing it all for me.
I'm in the lion's den for me.
Robert Barnes, you've got the floor, brother.
What do you make of this?
Well, it's an outrageous verdict at every level.
It's the biggest verdict ever issued in a libel or speech case in world history.
It's, to my knowledge, the biggest verdict for any kind of personal injury claim in history.
An FBI agent who knows nobody who died that day, who didn't suffer any physical harm that day, who testified from the stand that he couldn't identify you ever even saying his name or talking about him at all, got 90 million dollars.
The verdict is an embarrassment to American civil law and the justice system in America.
It's an embarrassment to the world!
This makes our justice system look like a joke because it was a joke with the way these judges managed it.
So that's the first part is just how embarrassing and absurd and ridiculous and preposterous this verdict is.
It proves what we've been saying all along.
These are show trials.
These are show trials that are not serious.
These are show trials that are not about actually remedying any injury.
These are show trials that are making a joke of American civil justice.
That's part one.
Part two is that what he exposed is what this whole case was always about.
I have never heard a plaintiff's lawyer in my life get up and say, please make sure my clients never get paid a penny.
But that's basically what he said.
Because they weren't bringing a case about their injury.
These plaintiff's lawyers were bringing a case to shut down and silence and censor one of the most important dissident voices in American political history.
This was about silencing, shaming, censoring InfoWars.
Silencing, shaming, censoring Alex Jones.
It was about smearing InfoWars.
It was about smearing Alex Jones.
This fake case about supposed fake news was all about allowing the gatekeepers to control what information you receive.
And they're still enraged and outraged that ordinary everyday people refuse to take the bait.
People that have been listening and watching and participating in Infowars for 25 years, at one level or another, know that what the plaintiff's lawyer said is a big, fat lie.
You couldn't have a better example of it.
And the illustration that they are frustrated and exasperated by the fact that they could not break through the front line of the audience of InfoWars, because this is the only media station in the world of this scale, the only network of this scale in the world,
That is entirely funded by the audience.
That is entirely an expression of and recognition... And it's that model.
It's not just me.
It's the model of people supporting independent press that scares the establishment.
I'm going to go back to you, but I mentioned Matt, the morning producer for American Journal, and I didn't ever go to him.
I want to make him go on air.
He doesn't want to go on air, but I'm going to make him go on air.
Appreciate you, Matt.
What did I say yesterday at 9 a.m., all hands deck, in the warehouse?
Yeah, you know, I've been following this trial pretty closely and I figured with, you know, 13 different plaintiffs that got bunched into one, their lawyers would want to seek a verdict that you wouldn't want to appeal.
Something that was fair, right?
And so yesterday we had that meeting with the CRO and you walked in and you said, guys, you guys got to keep your heads up.
You know, you guys got to do your work.
You guys got to focus.
People think the sky is falling.
Don't believe the hype.
It's not about me being right.
I said I'm looking for a billion dollar verdict.
And I, it's the Holy Ghost.
I mean, I'm not trying to brag, folks.
I don't get this information for myself.
It's literally, like, I got dialed into it, and I knew this was going to happen, and I told you guys this, but I want you to know, we're in chapter, sub-chapter 5.
I want the listeners to know, 100%, they are pissed we're going to beat this on appeal.
They're pissed we're not going to get shut down.
They are so upset.
Anything else, Matt?
Nah, just typing.
So what did you make of that meeting yesterday?
It was a 20-minute meeting.
Don't blame me rolling your eyes.
I just thought a billion dollars is unheard of.
I had to take media law class when I went through college, and before this thing even got started in Connecticut, I knew that just defamation and everything like this, this is going to be something that
People going through college and media school and things like that will read about, right?
And so, you know, I got my faith in God and, you know, I got my faith in what we're doing right here.
So, you know, we just got to we got to stay focused.
And I want to see a good ending to this, not something, you know, out of Hillary Clinton's wet dream.
I totally agree.
But I want to explain to listeners how I'm able to do this.
And so often we're like dead on.
If I go with my gut and my instincts and my spirit, it's right.
I said, billion dollar verdict to the crew.
And I just knew it was a billion dollars.
And I told Norm Pattis two days ago, yesterday morning, I said, it'll be a billion.
And he said, oh no, the judges, everybody I know, think it'll probably be like a hundred million.
I said, no, it'll be a billion.
Because I've learned to not go with my intellectual capacity, but go with the gestalt of the understanding.
So, it's the truth.
Thank you, Matt, for telling my story.
Going back to you, Barnes, again, the whole thing, the billion-dollar verdict is to scare everybody.
What is this really meant to do?
And then you predicted this on the show two weeks ago, a week ago, and in Connecticut two weeks ago.
You said, this FBI agent, I never said his name, don't know who the hell he is,
If they can get public officials to sue people and win because you question a public event or criticize the government, they have victory.
Well, here is this Texas major government official, Secretary of State, was in hundreds of newspapers yesterday.
Every Texas TV station that we looked at said, Alex Jones has released hell.
By questioning the 2020 Texas election.
I didn't even question Texas.
And they said we need to stop him doing this.
We need public officials to sue him.
So this is confirmed now, Barnes.
This is their next move.
No doubt.
I mean, there's three major perils with the precedent that's been set.
One is an attack weaponizing the legal system to suppress dissident speech such that an FBI agent can sue somebody for questioning the FBI's job or questioning the FBI's conclusions about a case.
Because that was his only real ground.
He didn't have any specific statements said about him ever.
He couldn't cite any.
He didn't recall any.
I didn't hear any testimony to that effect.
And so part of it is to be able to shut down dissident speech that raises questions about major events of the government.
A second aspect is weaponizing the legal system to go after important dissident voices, period, and to shut down independent free press and independent free speech, particularly those that have been impactful at raising questions, raising doubts, raising issues, exposing corruption and fraud in the war machine and in other aspects of the state.
And the third aspect is to be able to do show trials in the future.
The goal is to say, look, even in America, we can have an American civil justice system that would put the Soviets and Castro to shame.
And how we can do an open, overt, brazen show trial, stripped of all of the rights to your day in court, stripped of all of your rules of evidence and procedure that are supposed to govern these proceedings, stripped of all of the remedies you're supposed to have available to you.
And we can do it and get away with it.
Because once they can do it and get away with it to you, they can do it and get away with it to anybody else.
So those are the perilous public policy precedents that we have to push back against.
But the best way people can push back against, as revealed in what the plaintiff's lawyer said today,
Is they thought that this attack, that their caricature of Alex Jones, would effectively smear InfoWars enough so that nobody would listen, nobody would tune in, nobody would engage, nobody would keep it alive because it's a people-fueled, little-D democratic media organization of an unprecedented scale in American history.
They thought, we'll end this forever, no one will ever try it again, because we'll get the audience to turn on Alex Jones.
We'll get the audience to abandon InfoWars.
And that's what they have never understood.
They have never understood that this audience is a more informed, more intelligent, more engaged, more morally committed audience than anybody in their political circles ever could be or will be.
And as long as people keep InfoWars on the air, by buying products that they like anyway, at good prices, they will lose!
I mean, that's by itself.
Regardless of what happens with the courts, regardless of what happens with the bankruptcies, regardless of what happens with anything else out there, as long as the people stick with InfoWars, they cannot break through that line.
And notice Chris Maddy said that.
Don't give him money.
Supposedly, his plaintiffs are gonna get it, but he doesn't want that.
It's his mission to silence us.
No, they're not getting any of the money, folks.
And what it shows is that what they have figured out is that the audience is what keeps InfoWars alive.
And they thought they could use this public smear campaign through a public show trial.
That's what show trials are all about, public smear campaigns.
To be able to get the audience to turn away from InfoWars and Alex Jones and anybody like them.
In other words, hey, you can't trust those people that raise questions about the government.
You can't trust those people that raise questions about our public health policy.
You can't trust those people that question lockdown.
You can't trust those people that question anything related to COVID, whether it's vaccines or masks or anything else.
You can only trust the institutional sources because these other sources, they're bad, they're evil, they're terrible.
See, look at this big verdict we got.
The problem is, the problem with all show trials,
Is that show trials don't ultimately work because people see through them.
People have confidence in trials when they see the trial follow a certain methodology, a certain process.
When they see equal advocacy on both sides.
When they see evidence being presented on both sides.
When both sides get their day in court.
When they see the rules of evidence being followed in the proceedings.
That's what gives people confidence in a trial.
Having the appearance of a trial while stripping it of all the rules of evidence, all the rules of process, all the rules that allow you to have your day in court, discredits their theory, discredits the American civil justice system, and discredits the outcome that it bought and purchased.
And that is where, if ordinary people continue to support Infowars, then ultimately, their ultimate goal will fail.
And they told everybody right there what they fear.
They don't want us to have money for an appeal.
They want us to roll over and give up.
SaveInfoWars.com, InfoWarsTore.com.
As long as people continue to stand with Infowars, they can't win.
They've got to breach through.
This is true for revolutions and rebellions and protests throughout all of world history, that they have to get people to no longer hold the line.
If they get them to not hold the line, they allow breaks in the line.
That's how common cause interests get defeated.
That's how a corrupt elite win.
And the way you're able to do this is just continue to hold the line.
Continue to support and keep InfoWars on the air because it is a people, audience-fueled, audience-built, audience-structured media network.
What has it been about?
Think about the things you couldn't talk about.
It wasn't just you couldn't talk about how little you talked about Sandy Hook.
That you couldn't talk about the fact that you never intended harm to anyone.
That you couldn't talk about the fact that you never mentioned any of these plaintiffs by name in a defamatory form ever.
It was also that you couldn't talk about all the other things that you would expose, the context.
In which you question major events.
You couldn't talk about Operation Northwood.
You couldn't talk about exposing wars.
The first Iraq war, the second Iraq war, the Afghanistan war.
You couldn't talk about the Iraq war.
You couldn't talk about any of the issues of all the COVID lockdowns, all the pandemics, policies, all the vaccine corruption, all the fraud that took place in mask mandates and shutting down our schools.
You couldn't talk about any of that.
Because if that was allowed in, then the jury would see the context in which all of these conversations occurred, would understand what your voice is really about, and that's what they can't allow out there.
That's what they can't afford even a liberal Democratic Connecticut jury to hear.
Because they knew that those facts properly presented, if you got your day in court, they knew they were going to lose.
And that's why they always had to manipulate the process to create a bogus show trial for an outrageous verdict that's meant to silence and shame future dissident voices in independent media, and to completely corrupt American civil justice.
But it's also intended, what their real goal is, that's why he used, I mean, that was his one day to get
All the news attention.
Right after the verdict.
You're right in front of there.
I've been there many times.
That's your one day to get your message out.
And what does he say?
He doesn't talk to the world.
He talks to the Infowars audience and says, please quit.
Please quit giving him any money.
Please quit giving him any money.
Because it's that that they want to shut down.
They haven't found a way to break through the line that continues to hold up for independent freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of association, that has been critical.
I mean, who was the lead?
Not only in helping Trump get elected, but who was the lead in leading the protest to the lockdown?
Leading the protest to mask mandates?
Leading the protest to shutting down our schools?
Leading the protest against these corrupt drug companies pushing a vaccine on us?
It was the InfoWars audience.
That's who it is.
It's never been really Alex Jones.
It's about getting the InfoWars audience to not listen to itself.
To not support itself.
To not embrace itself.
To not share with itself.
That's what they... That's right.
We're a rallying point that they hate.
They hate the audience.
And he's like a snake up there.
Don't give it support.
I don't want my plaintiffs to get money.
It's not about that.
It's about silencing us.
It's all about getting people... The best form of censorship is self-censorship.
And what they want is people to begin to self-censor their support of InfoWars.
Self-censor their views.
And that's what a lot of what the all the different big tech censorship that we've experienced, all the woke manipulation of educational institutions and employment institutions and human resources departments.
It's all about weaponizing every tool they have to get people to not stand up, to not speak out, to not share in a community that helps create independent information that can get out to the rest of the world.
That's what this has always been about, and it's exposed it.
I mean, his press conference made clear this was never about false statements.
This was never about the families, frankly.
They were simply the tool by which they could try to shame the InfoWars audience into silencing InfoWars.
Well, Robert Barnes, I've got to say, this isn't fun, it's not happy, but I'm proud to be the main target of these people.
Stay right there.
Let's bring Norm Pattis on.
You guys can respond to each other right now.
I'm just going to let you guys go back and forth.
He was there.
He witnessed this.
He's been gagged.
I wasn't gagged, despite what the media said.
But now that the verdict's out, Norm Pattis can actually talk about what he witnessed and what he saw.
He wasn't allowed to defend me, but still got out as much as he could.
Norm Pattis, famous constitutional and criminal enforcement lawyer.
Norm Pattis, give us your view.
You're on the phone with us.
I'm deeply, deeply, deeply distressed, and I have never seen anything like the trial that I just experienced with you.
You know, for example, it starts with the default.
You know, from the day I got involved in this case, which was in March of 2019, the court has treated this case as though it were an express train, leading to where?
I don't know.
But everything seemed to be a crisis.
Everything seemed to be urgent.
Everything seemed to have to be done now.
And you were held up to a standard of perfection that no company can meet.
And so the claim initially was, well, you weren't providing information to defend the suit on an early basis.
In other words, under an anti-SLAPP statute that would have permitted you to attack the suit as unfounded on First Amendment grounds.
And then we had the threat was you were going to be defaulted if you didn't produce this.
You're going to be defaulted if you didn't produce that.
You produced some 90,000 emails after searching through millions of documents.
And they claimed that this was insufficient.
Then there was a fight about Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is much like a dictionary or an encyclopedia on a shelf.
It's a proprietary piece of information that you subscribe to, you can look into, and you can search the documents there to find things.
Your company didn't use it.
They believed you did.
When you didn't produce analytics that you didn't use, the claim was you were hiding something.
Then we get to the business about, you know, finding that
That people had been sending you child pornography that was unopened in your servers by your employees.
The FBI confirmed that.
You offered a reward for people who produced it.
You raised suspicions that the plaintiff's lawyers may have been involved in that.
So the judge took away your ability to file a motion to dismiss on an anti-SWAT basis.
We took that up to the Connecticut Supreme Court, and we argued that there was no violation of the law in what you said.
And you know what?
Nobody ever found there was.
But the court created a special rule just for your case that said in the case of Alex Jones, this was a threat to the administration of justice, and that motion was taken away.
We go back to Discovery, and they're continuing to ask questions as though you were IBM.
And when you couldn't satisfy the standard of perfection, they ultimately got you defaulted.
No, even in the context of a default, which is extremely rare in Connecticut, this default had teeth that no other default that I've seen ever had.
And that is, you were found liable, but you were also deprived of the right by the court to defend on causation.
And this is a little tricky.
So let's say with respect to a tort, there's both liability and then cause.
What harm did you approximately cause?
In other words, what harm are you legally responsible for causing others?
In this case, the court issued a rule, a ruling, that whatever they said that anyone, whatever they claimed that anyone said about them or did to them involving Sandy Hook was your fault.
And we were unable to challenge that on hearsay grounds.
Somebody threatened to kill me.
They said that da-da-da-da-da-da-da hearsay.
And so we had testimony about notes placed on doors in North Carolina that they were held to be your responsibility as a matter of law.
We had notes about death threats from unnamed people.
Without corroboration.
That was your fault.
Robbie Parker was confronted by a man in Seattle.
You must have sent that man.
And on and on and on it went.
And the court's ruling had the practical effect of eviscerating or eliminating the notion of proximate cause, near cause.
We were unable to say that there were superseding intervening causes, that is, other people who acted, extinguishing your liability in the case.
And the court basically held that from the day that the first person raised questions about what occurred at Sandy Hook until today, everything, everything, without foundation, without any viable evidentiary objections that I could raise, was your fault.
And as a result, the plaintiffs were able to say just about anything.
Then, you know, when I tried to raise questions about what was really behind the lawsuit, the court held that politics couldn't be raised in the case.
And even though, in the plaintiff's own exhibits, they had pictures of you talking about Obama, references to Hillary Clinton, the court held I couldn't raise those names.
Even, and so in closing argument, I had to show the jury an exhibit that the plaintiffs moved in the evidence, but never showed them.
It was just in the record, as it were.
And when I tried to argue about what it meant, objection.
Move on, counsel.
Then, with respect to a man named Mark Mills, I don't recall the year, Alex, as you know I'm bad with dates and names.
But one year at a Super Bowl party, a man named Mark Mills commandeered a microphone and said, 9-11 was an inside job, the government did it, or words to that effect.
You had him on the show and expressed admiration for his moxie, for his go-get-em.
And on the show you said, you know, I'd like to talk to you about some other assignments
Sixteen months later, he turned up at an event for a Sandy Hook parent, or a Sandy Hook victim, and was arrested.
That was held to be your fault, as though you sent him there, even though the 16-month hiatus occurred.
You also sent a man named Joe, oh, Dan Bodondi, with Wolfgang Halbig.
You know, up to Connecticut to go to some Freedom of Information Act hearings where they were trying to get records.
The jury was shown that on the suggestion that somehow these guys did what exactly?
Appeared at a public meeting demanding answers, which is their right?
No, no, no!
These were the Kraken that you sent!
And this was the sort of thing that the jury was invited to conclude
Um, um, must have happened to them.
But guess what?
There's no evidence that Badandi ever met a family member.
When I raise that, objection sustained.
There's no evidence that Halbig ever met a plaintiff.
Objection sustained.
Did you know that even as late as yesterday, as recently as yesterday and perhaps today, Holbig's still sending messages to the court complaining about the trial?
Sandy Hook is a hoax.
He feels he's being defamed.
That's probably your fault too, even though you've disassociated from the man.
So in my years as a lawyer, I have never seen anything like this.
And even in the context of a default, I feel you never had a chance.
Um, so the verdict, and then with respect to even the argument about damage, they produced not one solitary bill for any
Professional treatment that people suffered for any expenses they incurred.
It was all about emotional distress.
And then they argued that because you have a broad platform, and there had been some 550 million impressions on sites of yours in a given period, the minimum number the jury should consider was 550 million per planet, or $8.2 billion.
And this just as to reputational harm.
Never asking the expert, you know what, if I've got 550 million clicks on my website,
Does that mean it's 550 million people, or is it 100 million people looking at it 5.5 times, or 1,000 people looking at it, you know, some lesser sum?
No questions of these sorts were raised, and the plaintiffs were permitted to go to the jury and basically ask for millions, if not billions of dollars, without producing proof of any harm.
And the jury literally, Norm, the jury literally thought, a judge finds you guilty, they bought into it, okay, how guilty?
Oh, here's another thing.
Early in the proceedings, I made a motion to move into evidence the default finding against you, because I wanted the jury to know, you know, you're not IBM.
I don't say this to be offensive to you, but you're not particularly well organized.
No, we're a mom-and-pop shop.
We're a radio show on TV.
With 70, 80 chickens with their heads running around, complaining, you know, cut off, running around the barn, and it's a mess down there.
Well, that's not the impression they were able to convey to the jury.
They made it sound as though you were a sophisticated audience, and then they were permitted to argue the following, that you deliberately, intentionally placed a target on the Sandy Hook parents' back in order to make a dollar.
And so, you know, it was a shocking experience in the trial because I felt as though a caricature was placed on the stand and placed before the jury.
And their purpose was not to compensate the families.
Their purpose was to put you out of business.
Mattie said, Attorney Mattie, the primary lawyer for plaintiffs in his opening statement, that they had to stop you.
He repeated that theme in his closing statement.
I didn't hear what Attorney Barnes was saying as I came on.
I just heard the tail end of it.
Apparently he repeated that at a press conference.
This was a case designed and intended to silence you.
And when we ask questions in discovery, who's financing this litigation, they were instructed not to answer.
When we tried to raise this question in trial, it was deemed irrelevant.
When I raised the name Hillary Clinton, I was shut down and threatened with contempt.
So, from my perspective, this trial did not represent an example of an adversarial proceeding
That is designed to follow the truth.
It felt more like a struggle session.
You know, we had a testimony from 15 people who often spent as much as half an hour describing how they met their spouses, how they met the murdered child, or how they conceived the murdered child, you know, and what the child was like.
And it was often 27, 28, 29, sometimes 35 minutes before your name came up.
And they'd spend maybe four or five minutes talking about you, and then move on.
And so I had the impression that for long stretches of the trial, I was attending a very moving, and these were decent people, a very moving memorial service, but that's not why we were there.
Yeah, it's a memorial service where then you burn Alex Jones at the stake.
Yeah, well, and you got burned today, and I'm sorry.
I did everything.
Here's the good news, Norm.
You know my finances.
I don't have a million and a half dollars, so what do you expect?
You heard Matty, or have you not seen his press conference?
Let me play this clip I want you to take, and then I want Robert Barnes to take it.
Hold on.
Let's play the short clip.
Mattie's saying, don't send Alex Jones money.
Is that not a bar grievance?
He doesn't want money for his clients.
He says, don't send money to Alex Jones.
He's going down.
Even though they don't want us to have appeals, we'll be here for years, folks, if you support us.
They can't stand that because they've had their fraudulent trial, their rigged deal.
Here it is.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Feed your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these folks.
So they're the good corporate media, they're the establishment, there's the mission.
Don't give money to my plaintiffs.
Shut InfoWars down, Norm Pettis.
Well, I mean, that is the goal here, and I think
You know, they had an expert, a man named Clint Watts, who was an expert on social media and whatnot.
Came up through the FBI, worked in intelligence, helped take down ISIS, and worked to help defeat al-Qaeda.
And he did a great deal of work, in this case, $925 an hour, to determine the reach of your social media.
And, you know, and then he said something interesting.
He said, you know, I've done a lot of work for corporations, helping them to tweak their marketing.
And I've also done work with, you know, with respect to helping unearth terrorist organizations or uncover terrorist organizations.
And what I've found is, you know, the same method, means and whatnot are used to motivate people.
And so I asked him, are you saying Alex Jones is a terrorist?
Well, no.
But is he using the same methods and means that Coca-Cola uses?
Well, I can't say.
Well, what was he saying exactly?
And so, you know, and the notion, and Robby Parker wasn't repeating what Chris Maddy said.
Maddy wasn't repeating what Parker said, rather, at the press conference.
Parker was repeating at the press conference what Maddy said in his closing argument.
You know, the intention here is, I think, to silence you.
And, you know, I also asked their expert, you know, who I spoke to, did Alex, you know, they argued.
Their contention, Alex, is that when you talk about something, you're trying to gin up anger in your audience, because nothing sounds like anger.
So you get people angry so that they'll buy products.
They produce evidence.
That at one point you had somebody on the West Coast with a Geiger counter after Fukushima and they were selling iodine products afterwards and their contention was you deliberately lied about Fukushima so that you could line your pockets with money about iodine.
So I asked the expert, I said, look, are you saying that Alex Jones
I don't know.
Well I think I do know!
I mean, in the course of representing you over the past three, three and a half years, I've come to learn the following.
You're not compelling people to listen to you.
People are drawn to you because the mainstream media... Exactly, they think crucifying me... You're responding to fears that people have.
And they think crucifying me... And they think crucifying me, Norm, will bring them back.
You've been sitting there pacing for 20 minutes.
Robert Barnes, you've worked on this case.
Sorry, Robert.
No, no, you're doing great.
Norm, stay there.
Don't hang up.
Barnes, your take on this in closing.
Yeah, I think what Norm said is right.
I mean, Norm has been doing civil rights work for a long time, First Amendment work for a long time, criminal defense cases for a long time, and what he witnessed in this case he's never seen before.
I know I've never seen it before.
I study a lot of legal case history, been involved in a lot of political cases myself, but have looked at all of these cases, and it pales.
It makes the Westboro Baptist case, which was similar, kind of crazy.
You're there, Bob.
We're not cutting into you.
Keep going.
The Westboro Baptist case.
Crazy verdict.
$77 million.
That got the Supreme Court's attention.
They reversed it.
New York Times vs. Sullivan.
$5 million verdict.
Another crazy verdict.
That got the Supreme Court's attention.
Hopefully this crazy $1 billion verdict.
Of this show trial that is a disgrace to American civil justice, that denied Alex Jones' day in court, that's designed to silence, censor, and shame anyone who supports InfoWars, will be reversed at the US Supreme Court level.
And so, the people out there, the audience, as long as you keep InfoWars on air, then their effort to silence and censor will fail.
So you have the power to keep Infowars alive.
And didn't Matty show his ass there saying don't give him money, take him off air?
I mean, doesn't that go against his own clients?
Well, absolutely it does.
I mean, you know, if this was about money, if this was about recovery, if this was about emotional injury, any of the things they claimed it was about, then he would want tons of people to give in for wars.
He doesn't.
That's because that's not been the goal.
The goal of all this lawfare, this weaponized legal system, aside from setting perilous precedents of show trials in America, of taking away First Amendment rights,
Of gutting people of their ability to speak about a case outside the courtroom, all of which became impactful and consequential in this case, has been to shut down the most important dissident populist voice in America that has independent, audience-supported, entirely audience-supported, not corporate-backed, audience-supported network.
And the goal is to shut them up.
Because they were the leaders in the protest against the lockdowns.
They were the leaders in the protest against the mask mandates.
They were the leaders in exposing the vaccine corruption.
They were the leaders in exposing the lies that backed the war machine.
They were the leaders in exposing the deep state's illicit surveillance activities.
They were the leaders in supporting, particularly on the right, the Edward Snowdens and Julian Assanges of the world.
They need that voice shut up.
And that voice is the audience.
And you, the audience, get to control what happens with your voice.
Continue to support InfoWars and they lose.
Hopefully on the legal side, maybe Norm can address this.
The U.S.
Supreme Court should have taken up the case earlier, had a chance.
They need to take it up now.
I don't have a ton of confidence in the Connecticut court system, but the U.S.
Supreme Court should see this absurd verdict and the wildness and the craziness of what took place here, take up this case, and restore freedom of expression, freedom of association.
All right, Robert Marks, don't hang up yet.
Because I want you to be able to come back after Norm comments, then we're going to move to Owen and a bunch of big guests that are coming on.
But yeah, what comes next, Norm Patus?
Look, as shocking as today was, I think people need to brace themselves.
There are further shocks to come.
The Costco firm will be able to present an attorney's fee and cost application to the court because of the punitive damage finding, and their retainer agreement will likely have a 40% contingency fee in it.
And so the court is, there's a very real possibility the court will add a $400 million attorney's fee award to Costco.
And what's more, because this case proceeded in part under something called the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, the court itself can assess a punitive damages award.
So I would not be surprised to see the ultimate verdict in this case, by the time judgment enters, that is, by the time all the smoke clears, to be somewhere in the $2 to $2.5 billion range.
One of the things that is particularly shocking to me in this case is the use of the unfair trade practice to act against you.
You know, the unfair trade practice, like every state has one, and basically it's to prevent consumers from bad products or unscrupulous advertising.
There has never been an unfair trade practice speech that says that a person selling legitimate products but speaking something that is untrue, perhaps, you know, or unpopular, can be pursued for unfair trade practices.
There's just never been that case, and that is this case.
And so that will go to the Connecticut Supreme Court.
Because it's a state law statute, it may or may not make it to the United States Supreme Court.
Recall that the Connecticut Supreme Court issued a fourth re-ruling that made it possible for these same plaintiffs and their representatives to take Remington out for $73 million as a result of unscrupulous advertising.
It's so sad.
These dead children are literally an anti-First Amendment, anti-Second Amendment cash machine.
Their families have been weaponized, and the irony is that 10 years after the death of their children, we're still talking about Sandy Hook, and they have an outside influence on public policy and debate.
You know, there's an old maxim in medieval law that no person can be a judge in their own case.
I'm not sure that we want to sanctify those who've suffered greatly and make them into oracles fit for telling us, the rest of us, how we should live.
And that's precisely what we've let occur.
So I think, you know, today was shocking.
There are further shocks to come.
I'm hoping that your listeners will continue to support you so that you can continue to wage this fight.
Because, you know, first they came for you and deplatforming, and now we're all being told what we can and can't say.
And if this form of lawfare is permitted to stand, I think it's going to encourage others.
Norm, I totally agree.
Have you seen, I sent it to you, we talked about it two days ago, Republican Texas elections chief, Secretary of State, says Alex Jones released hell.
Questioning the Texas election.
Didn't even question the Texas election.
But it's my right to do it.
I questioned the national election and some anomalies in Pennsylvania and Michigan and Georgia and Arizona.
They don't have one quote here where they say, we need to stop him, he released hell.
So now the FBI just being given 90 billion monopoly money that doesn't exist, never said his name.
What you warned of, and what Barnes has warned of, and I'm going to let you go in a minute, Pat, as I get Robert Barnes' final comment on this.
This is, phase two is this.
But we're not going to give up, folks.
We have bankruptcy law, we have everything.
We're going to stay on air.
They can't stop me.
I'm not going away.
As long as you support us, it's all a lie.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
What do you make of this Texas thing?
It's frightening, and I think that people need to be careful.
The default is what made this case possible, and the court's misapplication of default law limiting causation is what basically held you accountable for what anybody in the country
I don't think we're ever going to see a trial unfold where that happens again.
But I think the Texas Secretary of State looked at this and he wet his chops and thought, or maybe more than his chops, you know, and said, hey, I think... Well, that's right.
Under this precedent, they've made themselves bigger public figures.
If other people question Sandy Hook, I'll be sued again.
Because if anybody questions it, it's my fault.
That's quite possible.
And as I said before, you know, Wolfgang Holbig is sending emails into the court, even yesterday, complaining and still trying to make his idiosyncratic case that Sandy Hook didn't occur.
And so, you know, Wolfgang is presumably creating liability for you as we speak.
Because I'm guilty for what anybody else says or does.
Thank you, Norm Pattis.
We'll talk to you soon.
Yep, bye.
Barnes, I know you got to go.
Appreciate you.
Owen Shorter's about to take over.
We're going to midnight tonight.
Folks, I'm in the war.
You want to back us, back us.
I've been in this so damn long.
We got nuclear war.
They've killed 20 million people with poison shots.
It's all going on.
I'm just going to keep being a man to the end.
Everybody's feeling sorry for me?
Don't feel sorry for me.
Feel sorry for the millions of illegals brought across.
Hundreds of thousands of kidnapped kids.
Feel sorry for kids at Drag Queen Storytime.
Their parents take them too.
I mean, look, I'm a man.
I'm tough.
I can take it.
Keep me in the fight.
Back us.
But man, this is just so shameful, Barnes.
Oh, it's completely shameful.
It is a shameful moment, maybe one of the most shameful moments in the history of American law.
Shameful for the American civil justice system that should be embarrassed and humiliated by this disgrace of a trial.
It's shameful to the American institutional media who helped cover it up.
Shameful to the so-called conservative politicians who haven't spoken out about this disgrace and this outrage.
Shameful to the plaintiff's lawyers who have manipulated the tragedy of other people to line their own pockets with power or money.
Shameful to all of those that were complicit in it.
But the people that have not been shameful have been the ordinary, everyday Americans that have continued to hold the line for Infowars.
And as long as you do, as long as you do not go gently into that good night, but as Dylan Thomas preached, rage against the dying of the light, then freedom and liberty will stay alight in America again.
Robert Barnes, in closing, Chris Maddy, Democratic Party operative, he showed his hand.
He said, do not send money to Infowars.
It's a bad bet.
We'll appeal it for years.
We don't even have money.
Under bankruptcy, as long as enough money comes in to operate, oh, they'll get the profit.
What's that?
It's all lies and it's extra money we have.
They know that.
They got all this covered.
So they are so pissed that we're still on air and still operating that you're sharing the articles and videos, listeners.
So go to SaveInfoWars.com.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Big sale going on right now, the biggest of the year so far.
InfoWarsStore.com, Vitamineral Fusion, 50% off.
We're good to go.
But not now.
Not now.
We're going to expand what we're doing.
We can't give up now.
We've got to beat these people.
I'm a fighter.
You're a fighter.
And if they're looking for a fight, they've got one, politically, non-violently.
We're going to stand against it.
The whole world's turning against the left and the megacorporations.
And I'm just blessed to be here with you.
Thank you so much, Robert Barnes.
Glad to be here.
And everybody just continue to hold the line.
Hold the line and InfoWars will stay alive.
And not only will InfoWars stay alive, Freedom and Liberty will have its best expression to stay alive as well.
All right.
I told, when the jury went to deliberations last Thursday, I told Norm Pattis, I said, I think they'll come in on Wednesday in the afternoon.
I don't know how I know this stuff.
The more I go with my instincts, my spirit, it's just... I told the crew it'll be a million dollars.
It is.
And I just... You have that same instinct, that same spirit.
And I also said I think it'll be Wednesday.
It's the Emergency Show Wednesday.
I announced it on Monday.
And here we are.
So, hey!
We got the Holy Ghost, folks.
It's hard to beat.
Nobody can beat it, actually.
That's a little sarcastic comment there.
Can't beat it.
And so, I'm in the arena.
Appreciate Robert Barnes.
Appreciate Norm Pattis.
Owen Shorter's coming here with some other big guests, some other breaking news.
We're going to midnight tonight.
Appreciate him working so hard.
Appreciate this crew.
And I want to explain.
They want to lie to you and say, don't bet on Infowars, don't donate money, don't give it money, because we're going to shut it down.
Really, we got two years of appeals.
Two years of appeals and everything going on in the world.
It's not going to matter in two years if they don't turn us around.
So they're so pissed.
And by the way, I can go anywhere with backers and do a show and don't think that's not there.
So all they've done is make us bigger.
You think if they hadn't done this, the book would be number one right now with world leaders reading it?
They screwed up royal.
So I want to thank Robert Barnes.
I want to thank Norm Pattis.
I want to thank the rest of the crew.
Robert, great job.
But, I mean, where can you donate better?
You heard the plaintiff's lawyers, the Democrat anti-gun creature, say, do not give Alex Jones money.
It's a lost cause.
He means you're a lost cause.
He wants to break your will.
He hates this show because I'm a focal point of liberty and freedom standing against these creatures.
But I'm not worried about it at the end of the day.
I've already hit the next level in this fight.
Thanks for your support.
And there are so many up-and-comers and so many great leaders.
I'm seeing God's vision unfold here.
But I've got more to do in the fight.
So go to 1776coin.com.
It's a fundraiser, man the arena coin.
There's a special running right now with 1776coin.com with the promo code 1776.
You get $30 off of the coin.
The coin's a fundraiser coin.
Infowarsstore.com or 1776coin.com.
And you know the plaintiff's lawyers are sitting there in their houses, in their miserable homes, in the horrible, wicked dungeons that they exist in, pissed I'm red-blooded.
Pissed that I'm related to the Founders of America.
Pissed my family raised Colonel Travis's son.
Pissed, pissed, totally pissed that my family and your families as well were badasses.
They cannot stand the fact that we've got war heroes in our background and everything else.
They can't handle it because they're chicken neck Tommy Weasels who cannot stand it.
And they cannot stand the fact that they can't break me.
Only God can break me, and only you cannot give us the funding we need to fight.
I won't be broken if that happens.
Like a lot of me has been in this fight 28 years I'm kind of like man I've been I'm in this fight but as long as I'm getting punched I mean I just keep fighting and and they keep punching me in the face and I'm just like opening up cans of whoop-ass over and over again because I don't know how to give up I've never done it never gave up one time and people in my life pushed me far and they always found out it was the next level and we're going next level ladies and gentlemen
All somebody had to do was hurt me bad, and they found out that I had angels on my side.
And I'm gonna just leave it at that.
So, God wants me in the fulcrum.
God wants me persecuted.
God wants you persecuted for the unborn children they're murdering.
God wants to see Manning up right now.
We're good to go.
And I want you to go to InfoWarshaw.com and get the incredible products you need.
You heard them.
Don't bet on Jones.
Don't give him money.
He's a lost cause.
They're saying you're a lost cause and you're not a lost cause.
This is a damn war.
And it takes money to win wars.
I got a few more tricks up my sleeve, though, that God gave me.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Airdore and Pattinson's press conference, a few other clubs.
The North Shore is going to take over.
And I'll be back, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
Central tomorrow.
Before that,
There is American Journal with the great Harrison Smith, ADM Central.
The coordinates are InfoWars.com forward slash show.
God bless.
Thanks for your support and good luck.
Okay, let's listen in.
We disagree with the basis of the default.
We disagree with the court's evidentiary rulings.
In more than 200 trials in the course of my career, I've never seen a trial like this.
And we very, very, very much look forward to an appeal.
The jurors heard
That Mr. Jones was responsible for the creation of all the craziness that affected the Sandy Hook world and the Sandy Hook parents.
You and I, we all know better.
Why the jury was permitted to make a decision based on an incomplete record is a mystery to us.
And it's a mystery that we will address in the appellate court.
From my perspective, this is as dark and disturbing an experience in court as I have had in a professional lifetime.
And that includes cases involving the death of children and the murder of spouses.
So we look forward to our prospects on appeal.
I congratulate the folks at Koskoff, Koskoff and Beter.
My heart goes out to the families.
We live in divided times.
They've been weaponized and used for political purposes in this country, in my view.
And today is a very, very, very dark day for freedom of speech.
Thank you.
What did you expect?
And now we head to Connecticut and the second defamation trial of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I spoke with Alex Jones and he was fired up, ready to testify.
Don't listen to corporate media, don't listen to the establishment, don't listen to Republican, Democrat leaders, don't listen to think tanks.
You want to hear why they fear InfoWars.com?
You want to hear why they fear Alex Jones?
Go to InfoWars.com and actually hear my show.
Watch what we say.
Watch what we do.
See what we really say.
Are you concerned about being held in contempt of court?
We've been covering it on Court TV.
You know, the judge, not happy this morning.
Jones called the judge a tyrant.
This is a travesty of justice and this judge is a tyrant.
You call this judge a tyrant?
And you actually use that word a lot with your audience.
You call people tyrants, don't you?
Only when they act like it.
It was wild at times in Connecticut today.
On his first day in the courtroom, Alex Jones did what Alex Jones does.
I didn't progenerate this.
I wasn't the first person to say it.
American governors didn't like being blamed for this, as the left did.
So we rejected it mentally and said it must not be true.
Near the end of the day, the whole thing devolved into chaos.
But I legitimately thought it might have been staged, and I stand by that, and I don't apologize for it.
And don't apologize, Mr. Jones.
Please don't apologize.
No, I've already apologized to the parents over and over again.
I don't apologize to you.
Don't apologize to you.
Well, Jones talked over his own lawyer's objections all day long, often promoting his website or advertising the products he sells.
And you have a page on your website that's just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
InfoWars.com forward slash crypto.
Was that a little advertisement just there?
Well, we're fighting the deep state.
We need money.
He mentioned his products, the ones he pimps, he mentioned those over and over today.
You sell a product called Basil Beat, don't you?
No, Basil Beat.
Thank you, Basil Beat.
He kept giving the URL for his website out there.
1776coin.com is the website, right?
It's also known as patriotscollectibles.com.
I felt like I was in the middle of an infomercial.
That will end up as a clip on your show tonight.
Your advertisement for a cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight.
So I mean, I hope whoever the big whales are, they'll give us money before we keep doing it.
We'll just keep, we'll just keep
People care about the First Amendment.
Even during the course of this trial, he's delegitimizing it on his show, and at the same time he's selling products on the website.
I felt like I was in the middle of an infomercial.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
Good evening!
My fellow info warriors, on this momentous occasion.
Funny how that works.
We had already planned this extended broadcast, I don't know, a week or so ago, not knowing that it would be on such an epic day, where there's already going to be more people tuned in today,
Then on the average day with Alex Jones being at the top of Drudge Report, Alex Jones being trending on Twitter, and while obviously the gravity of the case and us being the mothership here, InfoWars, will draw us all into that conversation, it's important
That we remember, there's things we're being distracted from right now, and there's court cases we're actually being distracted from.
The antics of Daryl Brooks, in his defense, the Waukesha massacre, when he drove his car through a crowd of people.
Why isn't there more live news coverage about that case?
The things that are happening are insane.
I haven't obviously had the time to go review the whole thing myself, but I've read some of the news strips and some of the transcripts, and Daryl Brooks is behaving wildly, often removing his clothing.
He's been allowed to cross-examine the victims, and he's had all kinds of crazy ravings and rantings.
Now, why isn't that a bigger case?
This man actually killed people.
In fact, guys, let's just pull up the numbers.
I don't remember the numbers off the top of my head.
We've got the great crew here.
5 dead, 40 injured.
This individual drives it through a crowd of people.
A lot of people suspected it might have been racially motivated.
Nowhere near the attention!
Nowhere near!
Are you going to hear about a billion dollar fine?
Why aren't people more upset?
Why aren't people more in tuned to the Daryl Brooks Waukesha parade massacre case?
Why is it Alex Jones?
Of course we all know why.
Because it's more than just Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is just their test case.
Like I noticed Sebastian Gorka celebrating the case, the decision today against Alex Jones.
That's funny because I bet you when it happens to Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka will get on his knees and lick his boots.
But we all know why they don't pay attention to the Daryl Brooks case.
And we all know why they pay attention to the Alex Jones case.
They want Alex Jones destroyed.
He represents everything they hate.
And they don't want anybody to know about the Daryl Brooks things because he represents everything they are.
That is a highly consequential case in which people died.
Nowhere near the news attention or the money settlement.
That you'll see from the Alex Jones quote-unquote defamation case.
What a lie.
Then you also have the Igor Danchenko trial.
No cameras allowed in this courtroom.
Igor Danchenko is just the loose thread.
He's the Reeps of Russian collusion if you will.
What Reeps is to January 6th
Igor Danchenko is to Russian collusion.
And so this is all coming out on the court record now.
Russian collusion with Trump never existed.
The entire genesis is Hillary Clinton opposition research that then the Obama administration and the FBI agreed to use as an excuse to spy on Donald Trump.
I still suspect the original opposition research was on Hunter Biden and they just changed out the name Hunter Biden to Donald Trump and released it anyway.
But that's a different thing.
But false Russian collusion, a story that tore the country apart, that led to riots and assaults and rantings and ravings, all a lie!
Conjured up by the Democrat Party and their friends in the media.
But then there's the big enchilada.
That's just like your sides.
That's just your side dressings there.
Then there's the big enchilada.
If Alex Jones has to pay a billion dollars for inaccurate coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre,
How much then should Pfizer and Moderna and all the news networks and celebrities that promoted the COVID-19 vaccine pay for their information, which was wrong, saying the COVID-19 vaccine was safe and effective.
How much should they pay when tens of thousands have died from the COVID-19 vaccine alone, according to the VAERS reports, which is a government database online.
And they suspect that that is a very conservative number that less than 10% would ever even report a vaccine side effect if they were to have one.
And the VAERS report has 30,000 dead from the COVID-19 vaccine.
So all those news networks out there, all the talk show hosts, all the celebrities, and Pfizer and Moderna and the rest,
How much should they pay for their misinformation and them getting it wrong?
Ten trillion?
Twenty trillion?
Or should we go to an alley that the liberals used to like to hang out in?
Maybe we should go down that alley that the liberals used to frequent all the time but you don't see them there anymore.
We'll go down that alley.
How much should the mainstream news and our politicians
Pay the public for getting weapons of mass destruction wrong, which led to a war that cost the U.S.
people $21 trillion and killed millions in the Middle East.
I'm not even sure we have a dollar count that high.
How about $999 trillion for weapons of mass destruction misinformation?
If it can't be applied universally, it's not logic, it's propaganda.
And everything you see in the courtroom against Alex Jones and in the media against Alex Jones is propaganda.
Now, that is my opening monologue of sorts, if you will.
We're about to be joined by Nick Rikita, who just dealt with some censorship of his own.
You know these things, these pesky little things, these commies.
So we'll get his expert take on this, his legal take on this.
I do intend on taking calls all night long.
So we've got Nick on and then Tom Renz coming up.
I'm not sure if we
Hold on a second.
What time is Tom on?
So we're going to have both Tom and Nick on at the same time.
We'll probably go with them until about the bottom of the hour or later, depending on how late they want to stay.
Probably open up the phone lines in the process too.
And guys, are we only taking top of the hour breaks tonight?
Or do we have any breaks?
And I don't even have to take a break.
So I don't even, I don't even have a clock.
This is like, I'm free tonight.
This is like a pipe dream for me.
I'm like in a video game now.
And I'm in a snowboarding video game with just unlimited pure, fresh snow and mountains to just tear apart now.
No breaks, no clocks with you till midnight.
Can take calls.
Got Nick Rakita and I got Tom Renz and your calls.
It's gonna be great.
Alright, folks.
We plan on staying on air through this.
We plan on staying on air until they, you know, maybe they'll just bomb us.
But we're going to be on the air.
And if you want it that way, shop at InfoWarsTore.com.
Now, it's not good, the situation we're in, obviously.
They want to shut down, that's what this whole thing is about.
But they're not going to get us to give up.
And they're not going to get us to give in.
And that's all of us.
That's the crew here, and that's you in the audience that have taken us this far.
You built this.
You put this ship in orbit.
You built this mothership and put it into orbit.
And so continue to support the investment that you've made by getting great products and supplements at InfoWarsStore.com.
All right.
So obviously,
The big story, a billion dollars for Alex Jones.
He has to pay to 12, I think 12 defendants or 12 plaintiffs rather.
And more costs expected in the next rulings.
Nick Orkita joins me now.
Nick, your initial response to this, after a couple hours of thinking it over and chewing on it, your secondary response to this, looking at the media's response to this, what is all going through your head with this truly, I would say, landmark decision today in Connecticut?
Look, a billion dollars seems reasonable, right?
Sure, hey, 50 million for you, 300 million for you, 78 million for you, 200 million for you.
Oh, now you're getting into the billions.
Now we're talking some money.
Right, it's, you know, I mean, just from the smell of it is obviously excessive.
You've got these families, they're going through profound hurt and profound loss.
And it's like the jury is trying to cure their hurt and loss with money.
Um, that comes from, you know, uh, obviously from Alex Jones, but that's not what is the source of their loss.
And they've conflated any potential damage that was done by Alex's words or phrases, which, um, as I said on his show, I'm not even sure exactly what they are since we never went to trial to get the facts on the record.
We just have a default judgment here.
But, um,
Whatever those things may have said and whatever damage may have been is just washed away by the overwhelming sympathy that the jury had for these kids' families.
And that's not the proper way to do court.
In fact, we tend to have court for the opposite reason, right?
Like the opposite point is to let cooler heads prevail.
But that was never an option in this case, Alex's
Alex is the unwanted and unthinkable man, and so therefore he must be punished for everything associated with Sandy Hook, not just for anything that his words may have been related to at all.
Well, and there's some other stuff that I'm looking at as far as, like, books that have been written about it, but they mention Alex Jones, let's say, a hundred times, but the actual killer barely even gets mentioned at all, and it's like, huh, that's an odd way for that to go down.
But I think, too, that the jury was convinced that there's a billion dollars to be had here.
I think that that was part of the presentation of convincing the jury that there was this money, and convincing, I guess, the plaintiffs as well that there was this money to be had, and therefore they had to get that high judgment.
I don't know if the lawyers actually believe that, I don't know, but I think that
That's why they didn't really allow Alex to post the financials and post a defense because then their argument saying, look at all the money he made off of this would fall flat.
I mean, they presented a case about
I think?
We have no idea what the actual financial situation is.
This is Econ 101, and that's what's so sad about this, is that you actually have to explain this.
Like, there are people in the mainstream media tuned in tonight thinking this is the fall of Infowars, they're popping, you know, glasses of champagne and they're having a party.
But they don't get this.
Like, what you're saying is Econ 101, but you really have to explain this.
Right, it's crazy, the lack of understanding.
I run into the same thing because
Some of my income through my show is public.
It's tracked by a company that uses a YouTube API to track various things.
And people will say, oh, you made X amount of dollars.
Like, well, yeah, but I also had to spend quite a bit.
You know, I have personnel costs and stuff like that.
You mean that nice microphone isn't free?
No, shockingly.
Dang, you don't get free internet either?
No, no free internet.
The camera costs money too.
No, you must be hiding money.
You must be hiding money, I mean.
And that's what they're all writing today, too.
They're like, Alex, we'll find your money.
We'll find your Russian bank accounts.
It's like, you guys are nuts, man.
And it's all about to come out.
Now, I will ask you a question coming up here in a second, Nick, but I want to bring Tom Renz in with this question first as Tom joins us now.
So, Tom,
If Alex Jones can get a billion dollar judgment against him for getting Sandy Hook coverage wrong, not resulting in anybody's death, how much does Pfizer, and Moderna, and AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, and all the mainstream media, and all the celebrities that said the vaccine was 100% safe and effective, and of course now we know it's not.
In fact, tens of thousands have died.
How much should they owe, Tom, theoretically speaking?
Well, I'm looking forward to telling you.
You know, I have every intention of finding out and hopefully it'll be an awful lot.
And you know what?
I'm just going to annoy some people right now and tell you this.
I hope it's enough that I can fund InfoWars out of my own pocket for the next six years.
I'm so annoyed by this garbage.
You know, the corruption right now is so mind-blowing.
The mainstream is doing everything they can to cover up what we're doing.
I launched, first of all, I put out a report showing that a disease that supposedly killed six and a half million people, according to the WHO, was created in a lab with funding from our government, where we sent technology to Communist China so that they could do this kind of work in their lab.
Funded by various things, including a company that Hunter Biden may have a stake in.
And no one wants to talk about it.
Now, I filed a billion dollar lawsuit.
And today, and you know, they want to talk about Alex getting beat up, but they don't want to talk about me going after bad guys that kill six and a half million people.
I mean, Alex, according to the court, made some mistakes in the reporting.
Every media outlet in the universe is excited to talk about this.
But let's talk about Anthony Fauci funding the creation of SARS-CoV-2 in a lab.
Let's talk about Andrew Huff.
A first-hand whistleblower vet, Sandia Labs, you know, PhD.
Let's talk about what he's done, coming out and speaking out on this.
Not a word.
But boy, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones, who has the audacity to report on things that, you know, that no one else will talk about.
We got to go after him.
I think that the corruption makes me sick.
I think everything about this makes me sick.
And, you know, there is one good thing about it.
At the end of the day, what we're doing is exposing very, very, very profoundly and to everyone exactly how corrupt these scumbags are.
And I think that it speaks for itself.
I think that people are starting to wake up and to see it.
And, you know, that is the one good thing coming.
Well, and like you said, millions dead from this.
All the mainstream media reported on it.
But I think the reason why now they obviously don't want to report on the vaccine side effects or the vaccine lies that they told is because they're all implicated.
They're all implicated in this now.
And so it goes beyond just covering up for Dr. Fauci.
They're covering for themselves now.
But, Nick, I ask you the same question.
If Alex Jones owes a billion, how much do the vaccine pushers owe?
Well, uh, they're very, very good boy government employees.
So, uh, they're going to owe zero dollars.
That's the just way to do it.
They'll get some sort of qualified immunity deal.
You know, they were just following some orders.
They didn't have proper discretion.
They were just doing the functions of their job and therefore everything will be just fine.
That's the way justice works, right?
Like that's, that's America now.
Well, remember, Bill Gates did come out and say they need to be immune to any lawsuits when they first announced that they were going to make the vaccine mandatory.
He said, we need to make it mandatory, make sure they can't be sued.
Right, because why would you want to allow people to have lawsuits against them if they clearly cut corners or if they didn't do appropriate research or if they didn't do really any of the testing that's required to bring a vaccine or any other drug to market?
I mean, we're talking about, I can't remember the exact number, maybe Tom knows, but the cost to bring any pharmaceutical to market is somewhere around six billion dollars.
And it's usually related to the amount of regulatory red tape and testing that needs to be done.
And then when that testing gets in the way of a good agenda, you know, that just kind of vanishes.
But the best part is we take away that front-end investment, but then we also completely try to mitigate their back-end loss if something should go wrong.
I mean, I think negative side effects from the vaccine are imminently foreseeable, and they're perfectly prone for a negligence claim, just like any other pharmaceutical.
But I have
Uh, you know, I have this nasty suspicion that they're going to do whatever they can to protect our wonderful saviors who have vaccinated us against this evil, evil killer.
Well, we all know.
I mean, it's public record.
We wish we could make, you know, the financials public here in the court, but they won't let us.
But it's pretty public how much the vaccine manufacturers made in the last couple of years.
We're talking billions and billions of dollars.
So we do know that.
We do know how much they've made off of this vaccine.
But, Tom, can you answer Nick's question?
Do you know how much it takes normally to get a pharmaceutical product to market?
I mean, it can vary dramatically.
The thing about it is, for these, the answer is even harder to predict because the thing that nobody seems to be talking about anymore is that these are gene therapies.
They're not vaccines.
Yeah, they had to redefine what vaccine means so that they could call them a vaccine.
And they did that because there's no way anybody was going to pass a law that would provide immunity.
They knew they were dangerous, so they wanted to call them vaccines to try and get that immunity.
But they aren't vaccines.
They've never been vaccines.
They'll never be vaccine.
Vaccines are dead or
attenuated viruses or diseases that are, you know, injected to create some sort of immune response.
These are gene therapies.
These are mRNA gene therapy based drugs.
And, you know, the simple fact of the matter is, is both Pfizer and Moderna have talked about them as gene therapies well before the jabs were out.
And mRNA is gene therapy.
So the cost to approve this and the timeframe would normally have been even higher and even longer.
You know, this would have probably been a 10 to 20 year cycle.
And if you listen, over the past, you know, decade or two, there's been a lot of lamenting about the fact in industry that, you know, they couldn't find anybody that would let them, you know, test gene therapies on them.
There was no one willing to do that.
So COVID comes out, and conveniently, they've got a bunch of gene therapies ready to test on an unknowing public.
They don't tell people that these have never been tested because no one ever wanted to be tested on.
Nobody wanted gene therapy tests done on them.
And so they lied to everybody.
Meanwhile, the population of the world has become nothing but a group of guinea pigs for a bunch of lab monsters and globalist jerks that are experimenting without any even remote
Semblance to informed consent on all these unwitting buffoons everywhere.
Yeah, and the trend or the cliche, I guess, the saying has been, nobody regrets not getting the vaccine.
There's a whole movement of people that regret getting the vaccine, but nobody regrets not getting the vaccine.
I want to pivot back to today's decision, though, here, Nick, and ask you,
We saw the precedent that was set with Alex Jones as far as internet censorship is concerned.
They hit Alex Jones with the internet censorship first.
It didn't really become a national issue until a few years later when it obviously started hitting more significant people like Donald Trump and then also just the average user that might post something against the regime speak.
So, where do you see this potentially going as a legal precedent to destroy any political dissent or opposition in this country?
To the regime, to the state, to the Democrat party, if they can just bankrupt Alex Jones and shut him down.
Because there is a defamation case going against Donald Trump right now that's about to get into the trial situation here, that they're demanding Trump has to be deposed or be there for deposition.
I mean, could they hit Donald Trump with like a trillion dollar fine?
I mean, is that the kind of precedent that's set with this decision today?
So the way defamation decisions are supposed to work, and why this one is so high, is you have a couple different types of damages.
You have compensatory damages and then you have punitive damages.
Now compensatory damages are supposed to be linked directly to the amount of economic loss that someone has.
That's what the entire purpose of this trial in Connecticut and the trial in Texas were supposed to do, since they defaulted them on the fact of the defamation itself.
They now say, okay, prove out damages.
And I've watched a good bit of the trial, and I just cannot anywhere see where any person suffered $60 million of damages, of economic damages, and then
Are expected to suffer a further $60 million of damages down the road.
So the difference between the compensatory and punitive damages are that that compensatory damage is supposed to have a tangible link.
In this case, I'm not seeing it.
Punitive damages are supposed to be the extra amount of money to punish behavior that we as a society don't want to see repeated.
And in a lot of cases, punitive damages are uncapped.
They're allowed to go extremely high and to really punish
Usually like a big company, right?
Because if you're going after an insurance company who's just not paying anyone out, and you get a class action lawsuit and win, you want those punitive damages to be enough that an insurance company with billions of dollars in revenue is going to feel the sting.
So those can go really high.
But defamation cases, they're often capped.
In Texas, we saw that Alex Jones was, they awarded something like $47 million against him, but it's going to be capped down to somewhere between $4 and $5 million because the punitive damages
Was the big part of that.
In this case, it's all compensatory.
So if you can convince a jury, apparently, that Donald Trump, for example, did a trillion dollars worth of damage to somebody who's suing him, then, and I guess we're now, you know, combining past damage plus future ongoing defamation damages, then sure, you could come up with any number of judgment, any judgment number against him.
You don't need to do that, right?
Like, Donald Trump is a billionaire, but a billion-dollar judgment against Trump would be exceedingly destructive.
His money's not liquid.
He would have to liquidate tons of property.
He would lose ongoing income.
It'd be a mess.
So if they're going to weaponize the court system against wrongthink, and that's what we're seeing, and then of course you tack on the added stigma of, well this is a boogeyman, you tell the jury that it's a boogeyman, and then you get the jury to want to punish the boogeyman on the compensatory side without the requisite facts to support it,
Then there's really not much else we can do.
We've got to rein this in.
I know that Alex is going to probably appeal this case, fight hard against the damages, because I just don't think there's facts on the record to support the damage award that was there, and hopefully the appeals court will pare that down.
But, you know, it kind of sometimes feels like freedom of speech is dead, doesn't it?
Well, maybe.
If it gets attacked, if it's being hurt at all, is it dead?
I mean, you know, that's kind of a question that you could ask.
I mean, we're still here talking and we know that that angers a lot of people that were on air right now.
But at the same time, if you can silence one man, is free speech still alive at all?
I think it's a question we should all be asking ourselves.
And it's been amazing how over time, so many things that the left-wing liberal side of America used to represent, like not going to war and
Free speech.
Now they're against.
Now they're against free speech.
Now they want to go to war.
It's an amazing thing.
Now, Tom, getting back to the vaccine issue, here's where I see this as a problem when it comes from a government standpoint.
And this is why I wish people had the foresight to know that this decision against Alex Jones has been so, it's so dangerous.
People are celebrating it because they're so clouded with hate.
They don't see how dangerous this is.
We're in a situation now
If this becomes precedent, where let's just rewind the clocks back and let's go to the late 2020s, if you're on air, if Tom Renz is on air and Tom Renz says, I wouldn't trust this vaccine, I wouldn't take this vaccine, it hasn't been tested, and it's going to cause a lot of side effects and death, well they would just say, you have to be silenced, we're going to sue you into oblivion, you can't talk anymore, and then hoping you'll just be so intimidated, or rather others will be so intimidated, they won't question the vaccine either.
Yeah, I mean, listen.
Whether it's the vaccine, whether it's, you know, school shooting, it doesn't matter what it is.
Now, the rules for defamation, you know, are different based on whether you're a public or private figure.
They're different based on a lot of different things.
You know, I mean, I've been very upfront and wildly outspoken as an attorney and everything else.
And, you know, if someone wants to try and come after me for it, well, I'll see him in court.
I'm happy to do so.
The thing about it is, though, is what we're seeing, I think that the greatest issue is less whether or not, you know, defamation can occur to a private figure in this case or that.
And I haven't gone into the details of Alex's case.
My understanding is that
Uh, that they have they made a number of rulings and determinations and the court just took judicial notice of certain things.
Uh, and and that it was a pretty egregiously bad thing.
You know, so hopefully he will have some room for appeal and, you know, he'll be able to get somewhere with that.
But at the end of the day, what we're looking at is the weaponization of the courts for a certain political purpose, right?
The courts didn't want to hear when I came in and told them that the vaccines were garbage.
Courts didn't want to hear when I told them the lockdowns were garbage.
You know, I'm looking right now at an appeal on a case over whether or not, you know, the lockdowns constituted a taking.
And, you know, we're looking at taking that to the Supreme Court.
You know, at the end of the day, the courts didn't want to hear what I said, but they're happy to go after a guy like Alex Jones.
Why is that?
Well, because these guys are activists.
There's no room for activism in the law.
Justice has to be blind.
If the courts are going to be respected, if justice is going to be respected, if the people are going to look to the justice system for any sort of actual justice,
The courts have to be non-political, non-partisan.
They can't be activists.
But if you go to law school, you get brainwashed from day one.
I will never forget, and I like my law school, but I remember that the closest thing to a conservative in my law school was a guy who thought John McCain was the best.
John McCain Republican was considered an outlandish conservative in terms of the faculty.
That's ridiculous.
That's absolutely ridiculous.
And what's more ridiculous is that they even knew that.
Why is that a relevant thing?
Why is your, why are your politics relevant in a law school?
But it's now injected everywhere and it's injected into the justice system.
And the fear that I have, you know, whether it's a free speech case or otherwise,
Is that if the justice system becomes politicized, like we're seeing with the DOJ, with the FBI, with, you know, cases like what we're seeing, you know, what's that peach of an AG up in New York State?
I mean, that woman's a piece of garbage.
Oh yeah, she's just something.
Show me the man and I'll find the crime, that's what Letitia James is saying.
Yeah, well, unless the guy's actually a criminal, then she's not interested.
The ax man that busted up a McDonald's was back on the street.
He stole some stuff, stole a bike, ran from cops.
He's back in jail.
Listen, I mean, she's a piece of garbage.
So, you know, I participate in General Flynn and Clay Clark.
They got the reawakening tour.
And I love it.
I mean, we're going to one next week in Pennsylvania.
It's great.
We go up to New York and this lady's up there calling everybody racist and extremist and stuff like that, and she's trying to stoke all this hate?
Meanwhile, we've got people from every color, every age, every persuasion of everything you can have there all talking about God, family, and country, but this woman's politicizing, using her political position
As someone who's supposed to be an attorney, supposed to be representing justice, to try and stoke political hate and violence, because she's a piece of garbage.
She's nothing but trash.
I didn't realize she showed up outside of the event.
I don't think she showed up, but she was putting out all sorts of things.
She was commenting on it.
Oh, okay.
Oh, letters to Clay and Flynn, and she was in the press talking about it being a hate group.
You know what's funny about that, since you bring that up, because I was talking to Clay too.
They had the same notion about the Reawaken America Tour that they have about Infowars.
And so they started digging into the Reawakening Tour and Clay Clark and they were like, where's all your money?
Show us where all your money is!
And they were trying to write hit pieces about all the money he had.
And he was like, actually I've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
I'm not doing this for money.
And they're like, what?
This can't be!
You must be hiding money!
They don't even get it.
And here's what it is, Tom.
The modern-day liberals and leftists, politics over everything.
That's what it is.
It's politics over everything.
Whether they're a big tech worker, whether they're a judge, whether they're a lawyer, whether they're a teacher, it's politics over everything.
And they have all this hate in their heart, and they've been told that politics is the outlet to push that hate onto other people or relieve yourself of that hate.
It's all projection, too.
I mean, the hate, you know, they accuse us of being haters.
Let me irk some more people because I haven't done enough of it.
So I want to announce right now that I am a proud Christian nationalist.
Very proud.
I can't wait to go to the Reawakening Tour in Pennsylvania and tell people about my Christian nationalism.
But let's talk about that because that AG piece of crap up in New York, she says that, you know, people like me are haters.
Well, which part of Christian nationalism is wrong, right?
Is it the Christianity where we're taught to love each other and to not judge people and to do unto others and treat people with respect?
Is that what she has a problem with?
Or maybe it's the nationalism.
Maybe she's got a problem with the fact that I appreciate a nation that's embraced freedom, facilitated equality, freed slaves,
fought for suffrage, allowed people to live freely on a level that no other country in history has done.
Maybe she disagrees with that.
I don't know which part of Christian nationalist she's got an issue with, but I'd love for her to explain it.
I would also love for her to explain to me, does she have a problem with a Muslim nationalist in Saudi Arabia?
Does she have a problem with a Jewish
How about a Hindu nationalist in India?
Does she have a problem with them?
I don't see why it's her dang business what I believe, nor do I see how she thinks she has the right to knock me down.
But, but, they go after Alex Jones for what's a thinly veiled attempt to assassinate his ability to get the word out.
But they don't mind trying to stoke hate and stoke violence against people for being a Christian or being pro-America.
God forbid.
Let me tell you what.
I have no more patience or tolerance.
And yeah, this pieces of garbage like her, she not only should not be an AG, she should not even be an American citizen.
We should ship her to China where she can embrace all of the freedoms that they have.
I mean, she's just a piece of garbage.
Well, you know, when Trump got in, they all said they were going to leave the country.
They didn't.
But maybe if he gets in again, maybe that'll be the day that they finally set sail to greener pastures.
I'm sure they'll find him.
They can never tell you where, but they always seem to believe it's out there.
Hey, Tom, thank you so much for joining us this evening.
Great stuff as always.
Keep up the good fight.
Thank you, Owen.
You have a great day.
Thank you.
Alright, Nick, I want to ask you a question, and this might be really low-level that I'm missing this, but hey, we had to explain Econ 101, so if you've got to give me a little legal 101 now here, it's okay.
How was it, I'm going back to the Texas case now, it seemed a little odd to me, and maybe this is the normal thing, but it seemed a little odd to me
The final number that they got against Alex in the Texas case, they went to each juror and they asked how much do you think Alex should pay and each juror had their own number and then the judge added them all up and that's how she got the final judgment.
Is that normal?
That seems extremely abnormal to me because you could be looking at a situation where nine of ten jurors say zero dollars but one juror says a billion and then the judge gives a billion?
Is that normal practice?
Am I missing something here?
That may be an artifact of Texas law that I don't get.
In most cases, what we have is the jurors come to a consensus on the amount of money that they're owed.
They review the facts and the evidence that were presented at trial, and they collectively, just like with their verdict, they render a decision based on those numbers.
They say, okay, this person lost this much income.
These contracts were destroyed.
Uh, they have some future contracts that were prospective that they lost.
You know, you go through that sort of analysis and you come to a conclusion.
Um, just, just having everybody say how much and then adding it together seems, seems a little bit suspect to me, but you know, what do I know?
Yeah, I thought that that one was a little odd too, but nonetheless, there it was.
You know, any other thoughts on this?
Any other reflections on all of this?
You know, I look at the response from the media and I just think it's sad.
I mean, part of me is like, wow, you've just certified InfoWars its legendary status more so than ever.
I'm kind of like, whoa, it gives me a little bit of a glow.
It's like, you're attacking me?
Wow, I must be really effective.
But what saddens me is that people really don't understand how when someone's freedoms is taken, ultimately yours are too.
It's like they really don't see that connection.
They really don't understand that connection.
And all these people celebrating...
What they view as the demise of Alex Jones, totally illegitimate, but there they are celebrating it.
It's like, that hurts me.
It's like, wow, you really don't see how you're hurting yourself.
You really don't see how you're hurting the future.
Yeah, I mean, that's one aspect of it for sure.
There are so many people who are willing to cheer the loss of rights, the loss of process for someone else, not realizing that the pendulum swings back and it'll swing back right into your crotch.
If you're not careful.
The other aspect of this that I was kind of touching on earlier is we were talking about Trump, we were talking about Alex Jones, but
It's not about the judgments that they're individually potentially going to face, because this is really about chilling speech.
I mean, there's a whole Supreme Court case about the chilling effect of the government punishing one type of speech so severely that basically everybody else will be kind of muted in their approach to things.
And I think a billion dollar judgment, which is
One of the largest civil judgments in American history, and maybe the largest defamation judgment in American history, you know, having that out there has got to put just at least a little bit of pause into a guy like you, a guy like me, anybody who talks about anything and tries to do so with some honesty, integrity, and some exploration.
You know, the next time there's some sort of tragedy, is someone going to wait 47 minutes to have a response to it like they did in Uvalde, right?
But I'm talking about from the speech side.
Are we going to have to carefully consider every single thing in the moment?
The news doesn't.
The news doesn't carefully consider things.
They get stuff wrong all the time.
And so the whole thing about this is make the boogeyman punish the boogeyman so that everybody else has to just go ahead and slow their roll a little bit by the narrative that's presented to them by the sanitized news sources
And that's the only thing that's the only way to gather our information.
But I really do hope that we get to start turning back the clock on some of this stuff.
Because with every big judgment like this, and I mean, this is going to be a headline grabbing judgment and make no mistake the attorneys for the families.
They're going to be putting on their, you know, their webpage for the rest of time, earned billion-dollar judgment, right?
Oh, absolutely.
Oh, yeah, they'll be running commercials, they'll be maybe even running for office, I defeated Alex Jones, oh, for sure.
Yeah, and so that's gonna be their thing forever.
Defeated Alex Jones, won biggest defamation award in American history, we're the greatest- Yeah, like imagine, I'm a champion of destroying free speech!
I helped weaponize the justice system!
Exactly, exactly.
And people will sit and cheer for it, but people are often cheering for their freedoms to go away, right?
Because having freedom is very, very inconvenient.
Having freedom means someone else has freedom, and if someone else has freedom, you might not be able to control them.
That's why people don't like it.
Not to mention having freedom means you gotta take a little responsibility, a little accountability.
And I mean, there's going to be some people out there who say, you know, Alex Jones didn't want to take accountability for his for his words and his actions.
And and maybe maybe there's some truth to that.
But that's that's not actually how court works.
You put up a defense because that's your right.
Your right is to defend yourself from your accusers, not because you're trying to avoid responsibility and accountability, but because you you just don't believe you did anything wrong.
And that's
That's fine.
If you say, hey, I have freedom of speech, I express some opinions, I'm very sorry that people had hurt feelings over this, then that's your right as an American.
And the really frustrating thing about this to me, though, is, again, going back to the idea that
That Alex Jones' speech somehow was more damaging to these families than the schools not protecting children, the lawmakers not allowing people to defend children in schools, making gun-free zones left and right.
You know, all of these other people who are culpable in this sort of tragedy, which
Which we have enough of them in the United States that you'd think we could start to figure out some ways to stop them, rather than punishing the people who talk about them later.
I mean, to me that just seems like common sense, but it's not all that common anymore.
The common sense response is a response they don't like, because they don't like people having guns, because it goes back to that whole freedom thing.
So they can't talk about the common sense approach to this, just like we protect banks with guns, you know, we always point that out.
Well, why don't we protect the schools
With guns.
It's the common sense approach.
And the amazing thing is that in this country, we have this cool system built around the Second Amendment.
And the system is where anybody and everybody might be armed all the time.
And the amazing, the amazing subset of that is that everywhere you go, people are armed constantly and you'll never know.
And guess what?
You don't die from it.
You don't die from it.
But we don't even have to fund guns in schools.
We don't have to do any of that because teachers will voluntarily acquire the appropriate licensure and training.
They will get their guns, they will carry them to class, and then they can defend the children in the cases of this emergency.
And if they don't want to, they don't have to.
But the real deterrent is that the shooter will not know if someone at the school is armed or not.
Right now, they know that they're not.
That's why it's open season on schools in this way and it's really horrifying that we compel children to go to these government schools and we do nothing at all to protect them.
I mean...
Anyway, it bothers me tremendously.
And it's like, what?
I never even was here.
I wasn't even here when it went down.
And then, and then they write books.
It's like, I don't even want to talk about this because it's just, I have a chilling effect, but they write books and it's about Sandy Hook and Alex Jones is mentioned a hundred times and they don't even mention, like, the shooter Jillen Roof, but, like, twice.
So how does that happen?
Where did all of a sudden Alex Jones get blamed for that and not the actual shooter?
Where does the gun company get blamed for that and not the actual shooter?
A lot of people forget that a lot of these people sued Remington, 76 million dollars they got from Remington.
Once you mentioned the gun companies, it jarred my memory.
I was going to bring that up too.
Adam Lanza.
Sorry, I said the wrong shooter.
It was Adam Lanza.
You mentioned Dylan Roof.
Adam Lanza.
But Adam Lanza's dead.
So since Adam Lanza's dead, they don't have their villain, right?
So they have to make a new villain.
But that's not how justice is supposed to work.
But you're correct.
They already got a $76 million settlement from Remington, who had no business making that settlement.
That was purely a business and PR decision.
I personally think it's the wrong one, but that's what they went with.
We don't hold manufacturers accountable for the bad actions of others.
Again, with Sandy Hook specifically, we've taken so much American law and tried to shove it into a paper shredder because
Unfortunately, we had some children die, and that is the trigger to get things to happen.
Which kind of goes back to all of the things that Alex Jones was saying about the case, is that that's what the elites want to use these things for.
It's really disgusting, but the elites are happy to stand on the graves of children to push their political agendas, and we've seen it all throughout this case.
Destroy Alex Jones, destroy InfoWars, that they're trying to check that box.
But they already had an attempt at gun control immediately following Sandy Hook.
I don't know if people remember that, but there was legislation to try and get another assault weapons ban.
In fact, several sporting goods stores just completely stopped carrying them.
Things like Dick's Sporting Goods was one of them.
There were a couple others.
I think a lot of guns got taken out of Walmart and they only sell air rifles in most of their locations now.
All of this is a result of people parading on the bodies of children
And then, but the bad guy, of course, is Alex Jones, who had some questions about the incident right as it happens.
All right, Nick, I appreciate you joining us late on this evening.
You do a great job on your legal takes all the time.
Very popular.
Where can people follow you?
The best place to follow me right now is RickadaLaw.Locals.com.
I also broadcast on Rumble and YouTube.
Well, I don't broadcast on YouTube anymore because I got kind of thrown off of that.
Wait, I thought they reinstated you.
They still ban you?
They did reinstate me.
I'm currently suspended, but I'm on thin ice, my friend.
Yeah, I mean, I think Rumble is like a few code algorithm, like platform fix looks away from really competing with YouTube.
I mean, the content is starting to get there, the quality is there, but the layout and the operating system needs a lot of tinkering, I think.
But I think they're getting close.
I think they're getting close.
All I know is I've been doing very big numbers on Rumble.
People are excited over there.
That's great.
I cover live trials when they're happening.
I do a nighttime show where we tell a lot of jokes, drink a lot of whiskey, and have a lot of fun.
We also talk about legal issues, and that's where I typically get thrown off the internet.
Well, off of YouTube at least.
I moved to Rumble, though, to avoid that specter of censorship and that chilling effect, because frankly, someone else's feelings shouldn't dictate what I get to say and do.
But yeah, that's where people can find me.
We'd love to have you over there.
Our chat is the best chat.
I love it.
I love it.
I like that.
Helping Rumble take off.
Getting good numbers there.
Moving the audience there.
That's good news for Free Speech.
Good news for all creators.
I got one more thing real quick.
Go ahead.
Can I do it?
Can I do it?
We're gonna stop these globalist pedophiles.
They're coming for your kids.
We're gonna shut it down.
We're gonna keep going.
Rumble all the way!
That's pretty good!
That's pretty good right there from Nick Rikita.
Awesome stuff.
Alright, wow.
Tom Renz, fantastic.
Nick Rikita, fantastic.
That's great stuff.
You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system openly rolled out and announced.
Whether you believe the Bible is inspired by God or the Word of God or not, what was written over 2,000 years ago by John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos is coming true.
A world government that makes you take a mark in the hand or the head to be able to buy and sell and that you must worship the beast, that means
Follow what the beast says, or you can't buy or sell.
It's not just that you have to have the mark to buy or sell.
You've got to do what the beast wants you to do, or you cannot buy and sell.
And that's where, in late 2022, we are.
Last week, the World Economic Forum was given over $100 million by the Government of Canada to roll out a World ID through the UN based on the Communist Chinese digital social credit score system.
And now, just today, Bill Gates came out.
Here's the article right here.
And his foundation donated $200 million to expand digital ID surveillance system for the same Chinese communist control program.
So the social credit score, communist China, and all the control you see is the model of this system being rolled out in Spain, rolled out in Italy, rolled out in Germany, rolled out in Canada, and now they're trying to roll it out here in America.
Just a few years ago, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, said, you will have to take a microchip to buy and sell in the near future.
And now here we are.
So this is a huge, huge issue that they can then dictate to you through this new digital currency, through this World ID, every action you take in your life, with a carbon tax, through the social credit score, through universal basic income, as they shut off the regular economy and small businesses, making you sign on for a government handout.
But with that handout comes all of the rules of the game.
This is no longer theoretical on some drawing board or some computer.
This is something the bureaucrats and the megacorporations and major governments are doing.
There's a race between the West and Communist China to see, with big tech, who can put this in first.
It's scary, but at least we are exposing it, and at least we know about it.
Just last week, PayPal said, if you criticize government, if you criticize open borders, or forced injections, or anything else, gun control, we're going to fine you $2,500 for what we say you're doing in your own personal life.
We're going to surveil you, and then we're going to censor you.
But within days of the announcement, they had to back off because of the backlash.
So submitting to this only makes things worse.
Standing up to it and saying no only makes things better.
And that's why it's so important today, ladies and gentlemen, to say no to World War, no to nuclear war, no to open borders, no to pedophilia, no to the Satanism that is the New World Order.
And you cannot do that better.
We're good to go!
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We've got a Save Info Wars 1776 Mega Sale running for the next week.
The biggest sales up to 60% off in the history of Info Wars at InfoWarsStore.com.
Thank you so much and join us during this important part of history.