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Name: 20221010_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 10, 2022
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its implications for global politics. He mentions that relations between Russia and Poland have been strained due to the war, with reports suggesting Russian troops are massing near Belarus. Callers discuss their beliefs on the current situation and potential outcomes of the escalating conflict. The speaker also talks about InfoWars facing attacks and legal bills, encouraging viewers to visit saveinfowars.com to support the operation. They announce a special guest joining them in the next segment and promote products available at the InfoWars Store for up to 50% off during their Super Sale. Jones discusses recent developments in the war in Ukraine, encouraging listeners to go to SaveInfoWars.com to support the show. He also talks about a billion-dollar lawsuit against Eco Health Alliance and recent legal battles against Big Pharma.

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We were dead on, we were right again, and now, ladies and gentlemen, we have the same globalist consortium that is Hillary and Obama and Biden and the powerful Empress behind them, that have gotten us into a proxy war and now a full-bore war with the Russians.
Russian bridges getting blown up, major bridges, pipelines, the Russians are now bombarding major cities,
Like the capital in Ukraine, Kiev.
And that's how you get into a full-bore nuclear war.
And cyber attacks have now been reported at U.S.
airports, and instantly, they said the Russians are the suspects at 3 a.m.
last night, and then now, in the last hour, U.S.
unnamed official confirms it's the Russians.
When all the pre-programming by the Deep State, Klaus Schwab, and the UN, and the Pentagon was, the Russians are going to hit us with a cyber attack.
But if you pull up Vault 7 documents from now seven, eight years ago, headline, CIA has tools to frame foreign individuals, corporations, and governments with cyber attacks.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got it!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Pfizer has commissioned Marvel Comics to publish a pro-COVID vaccine story where the Avengers superhero team pushes BioNTech's mRNA shot on children.
Yet another example of Big Pharma's ability to purchase influence from the entertainment industry.
This time with kids.
Before the story begins, the word from our sponsor's page at the front of the comic gives Pfizer's deceptive and deadly message.
Quote, vaccinate, stay up to date with the latest recommended booster for you, and be an everyday hero.
Released on October 4th, Avengers Everyday Heroes follows a family in the waiting room of a COVID-19 vaccine clinic.
On the television in the waiting room, a news broadcast details the Avengers' current battle with Ultron, the villain who is closely compared with COVID.
Pfizer's tweet promoting the comic even states, quote, When Ultron wreaks havoc, the Avengers act as the first line of defense.
People can help protect themselves by staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations.
Within the comic book story, the grandfather of the family further deepens the comparison between Ultron and COVID.
Quote, Ultron keeps coming back, keeps changing and evolving.
So the Avengers keep adapting and re-strategizing again and again.
The first time Ultron showed up, we had never seen anything like him before.
This villainous comparison is supposed to parallel the COVID variants like Delta and Omnicron.
Ultron even sounds like a plausible name for a COVID strain.
And the Avengers are supposed to represent the experimental mRNA vaccines and boosters that are reformulated for each new COVID variant as they fight the villain again and again, each time he evolves in his attacks.
The analogy continues as the wise grandfather character explains that the Avengers had to use new tools and even robots to fight Ultron.
But the villain, or virus, kept getting a step ahead of the heroes.
This is referring to mRNA technology itself, the new tool never before administered on humans, used to fight COVID as the virus mutates.
Scientists are glorified by the grandfather under the mask of the superheroes.
Quote, the Avengers gather information and take time to innovate and adapt, and then they figure out how to fight it.
This high praise leaves out the historically rushed release of COVID vaccines under Operation Warp Speed, skipping years and even decades of trial studies.
And it forgets to mention the thousands killed and millions maimed by the experimental jab in the process of fighting COVID.
The story ends with the family finally receiving their Pfizer booster shots in the clinic, as the grandfather says, quote, the Avengers are doing their part to keep us safe.
Now it's time for us to do ours by staying up to date with our COVID-19 vaccinations.
Clearly, Pfizer wants to instill on young minds the idea that their vaccine products are good for everybody, while much of the world is waking up and fighting back to protect children from the horrible side effects of COVID shots.
The recent overwhelming popularity of the Avengers movies with young audiences is probably what convinced Pfizer that their corporate-sponsored advertisement would be ultimately successful at reaching kids.
However, the thinly veiled analogy laid out between Ultron and COVID, Pfizer and the Avengers, is so see-through and clumsy that I find it hard to believe that anyone will actually receive their messaging, let alone even read this story.
Let's just pray that the young impressionable minds that take this comic in are smarter than Pfizer's very unimaginative creative team.
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Monday, October 10th, 2022.
The reporting Russia has launched attacks, cyber attacks against the U.S.
The false flag is here.
Here's an emergency report.
We put out two months ago a warning of staged cyber attacks against the U.S.
civilian infrastructure to be blamed on Russia as the final escalation into full-bore open war.
We are now at war with Russia, and what I predicted here and on Steve Bannon's War Room is now happening.
The young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, half of this cabinet, are actually young Nobel leaders of the world economy.
So if we penetrate the cabinet, the change is not just happening.
The change can be shaped by us.
We have to prepare for a more angry world.
How to prepare?
To take the necessary action to create a fairer world.
I see the need for a great reset.
So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had and everything will be normal again.
This is, let's say, fiction.
It will not happen.
There is only one way this pandemic is going to go.
It's going to get worse and worse and worse.
Pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which will bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.
Ladies and gentlemen, anybody that tunes in on a regular basis knows that every week I've warned
That the globalists, I believe, next, after the COVID attack, would launch a group of cyber attacks against US civilian infrastructure and blame it on Russia as a pretext to escalate war.
Why did I know that?
Because all the pre-programming by the UN, by Klaus Schwab, the WEF, by the Pentagon, by Biden, by Obama, and by Hillary, by Hillary six years ago,
In 2016, she was everywhere saying the Russians are going to launch a cyber attack and when they do, we reserve the right to use nuclear weapons against them.
Then you see Zelensky saying he wants preemptive nuclear strikes last week.
You see Biden saying it's Armageddon.
And I said at least five times last week, I said look for major cyber attacks against the West to be blamed on Russia.
Russia had their pipeline blown up.
Russia had their bridge blown up.
Russia's getting their ass kicked by NATO.
They walked right into a trap.
I wish it never would have happened.
I want to have peace, not have nuclear war.
But when you look at all the pre-programming that's taken place, it was easy to look at what their next move would be, because they love to tell you.
Here's Hillary Clinton six years ago during the campaign, wetting her lips, talking about nuking Russia if there's a cyber attack.
But we know from the Vault 7 CIA documents that WikiLeaks put out, now eight years ago they admit are real, it was how the CIA and other groups could spoof IP addresses in any country they wanted to.
They could have your computer, your Mac or your PC or your Linux,
Your cell phone, they could claim, had launched a cyber attack and put that address out.
Hell, even your refrigerators now and dishwashers have IP addresses.
They could claim your dishwasher launched an attack.
And frame you.
And then launch an attack claiming, oh, you don't need Japanese airplanes coming in to actually attack at Pearl Harbor.
You don't need a real attack to happen.
You just claim that you've been attacked when, in truth, the globalists have attacked we the people
Who are their main enemy?
Here's Hillary six years ago.
As President, I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
And then they put out Washington Post headlines that includes, we should give an interview, nuclear weapons.
Remember, the people running Hillary are running
The O'Biden administration, the third administration of Obama.
So what's happened?
Cyberattacks reported at U.S.
It says the attacker was within the Russian Federation, according to a senior official.
The Ukrainians are trying to draw us into the war.
They're the main suspects.
ABC News.
Some of the nation's largest airports have been targeted for cyber attacks today, this Monday, by an attacker within the Russian Federation.
A senior official briefed confirmed to ABC News.
Well, they know who did it right away, but nobody knows who wrote the pipeline.
Importantly, the systems targeted do not handle air traffic control, internal airline communications or coordination, or transportation security.
It's an inconvenience, the source said.
The attacks have resulted in targeted denial of public access to public-facing web domains that report airport wait times and congestion.
The attacks were first reported around 3 a.m.
Eastern Time, when the Port Authority notified the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency that the LaGuardia Airport New York system had been hit.
LaGuardia has been restored, but other airports around the country have subsequently been targeted.
The websites of Des Moines International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, Chicago Heron International Airport appeared impacted Monday morning.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport reported around 10.30 a.m.
ET time that its site is back up and running and that at no time were operations at the airport impacted.
Engineers and programmers are actively working to close back doors that allowed attacks and shoring up more critical computer infrastructure.
We'll continue to follow the development story
As it unfolds.
So here's some of the background.
Here's a report out of the Washington Post.
July 9th of 2001.
The U.S.
says it can answer cyber attacks with nuclear weapons.
That's lunacy, said Alan S. Weiner.
Yes it is.
What if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine?
The Atlantic hypes up.
Why hasn't Russia launched major cyber attacks since the invasion of Ukraine?
Because they know it doesn't help them and they'll be blamed for it.
Time Magazine asked that question in March of this year, but now it's happening.
And it goes on and on and on.
Russia hackers suspected over cyber attack on US airports.
London Independent.
Only Hillary Clinton's prepared for the nuclear threat.
That goes back to October of 2016 from the statements we just played.
And it goes on and on and on.
Meanwhile, I'm surprised the controlled corporate press hasn't come out and blamed the bridge being blown up.
We're good to go.
Veterans and for military folks and for cyber security experts to specifically talk about this issue.
I'm going to give the number out when we come back.
On the other side, we're going to take calls during this hour and some of the next hour.
We have several big guests lined up today that I'm still going to have on, but I'm going to cut back how long they're on so we can mainly focus on this issue.
There's also some extremely good news that's come out on a bunch of fronts.
Surgeon General put out a detailed year-long study confirming what other major studies have shown.
An 84% increase in death in men ages 18 to 39 after taking the Moderna or Pfizer shots.
The good news is we're exposing this evil and Big Pharma thought they'd get away with it.
They're not going to.
But that makes it even more dangerous.
Then PayPal last week said we're going to fine you $2,500 and spy on everything you say online and everywhere else.
And if we don't like what you say,
We call this information, we're going to fine you $2,500, truly, the social credit score.
They backed off of that this weekend, so people are really, really waking up.
Also, other good news, Democrat cities everywhere are announcing
We cannot take any more illegal aliens and declaring states of emergency and saying they've got to stay in Texas and Arizona.
So, well, just like that, suddenly they're not sanctuary cities.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
It's all coming up and more today.
Spread the word about the live links.
Override the censors.
Infowars.com forward slash show and band on video.
Share the link.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
The U.S.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... There's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the president gives the order, it must be followed.
Hard to believe we put this together six years ago, right before the election, just last week.
On November 8th, vote like the world depends on it.
And we had peace for four years.
We were dead on.
We were right again.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have the same globalist consortium that is Hillary and Obama and Biden and the powerful Empress behind them that have gotten us into a proxy war and now a full-bore war with the Russians.
Russian bridges getting blown up, major bridges, pipelines.
The Russians are now bombarding major cities.
Like the capital in Ukraine, Kiev.
And that's how you get into a full-bore nuclear war.
And cyber attacks have now been reported at U.S.
airports, and instantly, they said the Russians are the suspects at 3 a.m.
last night, and then now in the last hour, U.S.
unnamed official confirms it's the Russians.
When all the pre-programming by the Deep State and Klaus Schwab and the UN and the Pentagon was, the Russians are going to hit us with a cyber attack.
But if you pull up Vault 7 documents from now seven, eight years ago, headline, CIA has tools to frame foreign individuals, corporations and governments with cyber attacks.
It's not just the government that has those tools.
You hear about zombie attacks all the time, where hackers go out, private hackers, and get control of a bunch of people's private computers, and then take control of a bunch of computers, and then use them like a mainframe, or use them like a computer complex.
Sometimes they hijack up to 10,000, 20,000 computers, and then just launch devastating attacks with them.
So somebody in Russia did it.
They claim it originated out of Russia, when you can make an attack look like whatever you want.
My IT guys don't do stuff like that, but if they wanted to, they could attack somebody in another country, make it look like it came from Japan, and then attack somebody in Russia.
Or run computers out of South Africa, and make it look like they attacked somebody, say, in Libya, but really, it was somebody launching an attack from D.C.
This is a big escalation.
You notice now the escalations are every few days.
Things are going fast and furious now.
I want to open the phones up for cyber security experts, for military historians, for veterans, for active duty, specifically on World War III, and just that huge subject of Biden saying biggest danger of Armageddon since 1961.
I think it's worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The bridge being blown up, and the pipeline, and the mobilization of Russian troops, and the Russians bombarding major cities now, hitting major targets they weren't hitting before.
Civilian targets.
They're also being used for military operations.
So, things are really heating up fast.
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
And the Ukrainians are celebrating and laughing about blowing up the pipeline and blowing up the bridge and laughing about videos of wild boars eating dead Russian troops.
It's so much fun, they think, because they haven't been hit yet.
By a major bombardment.
And the globalists are trying to maneuver and push Putin into doing what Hitler did when he was engaging the Brits in the Battle of the Blitz.
Blitz bombing London and other areas.
He was hitting military targets at first, but
They sent in British bombers to bomb German civilians, and so Hitler then took the bait and started attacking British civilian targets, and it turned the Brits from 90-plus percent against the war to 90-plus percent for the war.
This is all just military history repeating itself over and over again.
If you're a TV viewer, we're showing you shockingly horrible footage of
Major buildings across the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev, being blown into bits.
So the Russians had not targeted civilian targets until now.
They hit some targets that have been taken over by the military.
But now the Russians are beginning to engage in a scorched earth operation.
So, massive, massive escalation.
Hope everybody says their prayers tonight.
Because we could go up in flame at any time.
We're going to come back, take your phone calls, get into so much more.
We've got a lot of good news as well, but this is obviously the front and center.
We've got some really bad economic news, we've got a lot of really good news on the COVID front, really good news on the social credit score front, and really good news on the open borders front as the Democrats finally start choking on the illegal aliens they're shipping in.
But separately, I can't operate
And I can't stay on air.
And that's the way God's done this.
And I love God.
It's all in God's plan.
But we're constantly in the black, in the red.
In the black, in the red.
Imagine if you had to drive around town and say you were a delivery truck.
But you always had to operate on a tenth of a tank.
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It's not like a car.
So we need your support now.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
Kanye West, in his big interview with Tucker Carlson, go ahead and cue that up, talked about how he's not saying they staged a vaulting.
But he saw them pre-position Matthew McConaughey as the anti-gun guy, talk about Yuvaldi, and then when the minutes of the shooting happened, he saw an official story on dozens of channels, different networks, different companies, and the exact same scripting.
Just like we played those videos where it shows ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, local affiliates, all saying the exact same thing in the exact same order because they're being given a script by the federal government on record to do it.
It happened under George W. Bush.
Congress legalizes domestic propaganda lying to the American people.
And so when you turn on local Fox, local Time Warner, local ABC, and you hear white people are terrorists, white people are the number one terror threat, white people commit the most crime, you know it's not true.
Who's telling him to say that in the exact same order?
The CIA, folks.
The CIA runs this country.
And who runs the CIA?
The Carnegie Endowment.
They set up the Rockefeller Foundation.
They set up everything.
They run the world.
Now the average person in the CIA isn't even privy to this information.
I've reverse engineered the whole thing, and it's actually in the Senator Frank Church Committee hearings in the 70s.
So we know exactly what's going on, and we have a government waging war on us.
Now listen to me.
I could sit here and show you 50 articles from the last two years, BBC, London Telegraph, National Post, Canada, Washington Post, saying
The Pentagon, the British Ministry of Defense, the Canadian Ministry of Defense, the German Ministry of Defense, the Australian military, all ran the PSYOP of the lockdowns and the fear.
Military used secret PSYOP fear program, so serious that it's not even allowed to be used overseas.
They had an army full bird colonel on last year.
I mean, we already knew this, but he used to work in there on OAN, laying out the documents how they weren't allowed to use some of these programs that he wrote in Afghanistan against our enemies, but that his particular program on a type of PSYOP was used that he knew of in America.
That's really dangerous and it's really destructive.
But when you know a PSYOP, and you know its uniformity, when it's being pushed out, it tells you what's about to happen.
If you're awake, it's having an enemy blueprint.
If you're asleep, it destroys you.
I went to the grocery store yesterday with my wife.
And there were still idiots, probably 5% of people, 10% maybe, wearing the mask.
Almost old, old white women.
Because they believe in the system.
They believe it wants to help them.
No lady, it doesn't want to help you.
It wants to kill your ass.
And so people are asking, why are you so concerned about the cyber attack against the U.S.
airports today?
Because all of the pre-programming and scripting is for this.
And Klaus Schwab of the New World Order and Bill Gates love to brag and say how smart they are.
Bill Gates three years ago, a virus will come out of China called disease X. It's imminent.
And when it happens, your civilization will never be the same.
They were running event 201 right then in October, November, three years ago.
And they did it!
Because they treat you like you've got a 70 IQ.
They treat you like you're asleep, because a lot of people are.
But guess what?
Those of us that aren't asleep can see what's happening.
And the good news is their propaganda is failing everywhere.
The danger is they're doubling down with a massive war.
So let me show you some of these headlines.
Again, cyber attack reported at U.S.
Within hours, it's Russia that did it.
We've got to have war with Russia.
The U.S.
says it can answer cyberattacks with nuclear weapons.
Washington Post.
And it goes on and on and on from there.
So this is the doctrine.
This is what they've been preparing.
And here's some of the background on it.
White House warns Russia prepping possible cyberattacks against the U.S.
One month into the war.
Starts in February 24th.
On March 21st, less than a month later, oh my God, they're gonna strike us, and if they do, we'll have to use heavy weapons on them, and that'll be a pretext for the U.S.
to officially go to war with Russia.
You wonder how the left's gonna keep control of America?
A war with the Russians, and they've already said Republicans and Trump are Russian agents, so anybody that wants peace, anybody that doesn't want nuclear war, well, we're all Russians.
See the scripting?
They've not just been doing this for no reason.
Biden warns Russia's cyber attacks coming.
It continues.
Again, planting that story two months ago.
Biden, Russia exploring U.S.
cyber attacks again in March.
So in the last six months they've been doing this.
It's coming.
President Biden warns of evolving Russian cyber threat to the U.S.
But what do they not want you to know?
And it goes on.
They don't want you to know about this.
The World Economic Forum in consultation with the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN put out Cyber Polygon that's just as important as the Rockefeller Foundation's Operation Lockstep that was the blueprint for the COVID-19 release and takeover.
And this plan that they've now removed that came out in 2020, right after the virus was released, says that there's going to be cascading cyber attacks all over the world by governments and private corporations and individuals.
And it will finally result in the grid going down in major countries and hundreds of millions dead.
But don't worry, they've got a new global ID.
You can't get online unless you have it that will fix everything.
And then if there's a microchip too, they go on to say that by 2026 you'll take a microchip.
That will stop your power being turned off.
That will stop the Russians.
Of course, it's not the Russians.
It's them.
It's the new world order.
50 times more evil than the Russians.
The worst Russians.
Okay, so that's what we're dealing with here, ladies and gentlemen.
The globalists are a hundred times more organized than the Russians.
And if the Russians were destroying us, I'd be at war with them.
They're not.
We're being set against each other.
In fact, guys, cue up the clip from Russia Would Love, the intro scene where they have the Siamese fighting fish killing each other.
It's about a minute and a half long.
The smart one hangs back while the other two, one kills the other one, the other's hurt now.
The third comes in and kills the other and now has dominance.
That's the new world order.
They removed Cyber Polygon from their website, folks, because we paid attention to it and figured it out.
We have the enemy blueprint.
They're starting to panic.
They don't know what to do.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with Steven, Derek, Brian, John, Tom, Mike, Joe, Greg, and many others.
But I'm going to say it again.
Now is the time to be praying morning, noon, and night, or whenever you can.
I'm not saying five times a day to Mecca, but I mean, you really ought to regimen it.
Just get it done.
I prayed for 30 minutes this morning.
I had meetings I had to go to.
I just said, no, I'm praying.
I got in my bedroom, turned off the lights, and got on my damn knees for 30 minutes.
I mean, I just walk off right now and go pray.
I mean, I'm serious, folks.
I don't get into my private life, but I pray a lot.
And I was intending to come in here today and say, cyber attacks are imminent.
And here it is.
So, I mean, I'm dialed into the Holy Spirit.
That's why you're here.
So are you.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to your phone calls right now.
And then I'm going to play Marble Framework Vault 7, how the CIA was planning to frame Russia for cyber attacks.
That's mainstream news.
We've got a big compilation that we're going to air next hour.
It's coming.
Joe Biden casually says Russia is planning a cyber attack against the U.S.
Yeah, because the globalists are planning to frame Russia.
They have the motives.
They have the history.
They're the ones behind it.
They're behind the pipeline.
They're behind cutting off our Keystone Pipeline.
They're behind the bridge.
They're behind shipping in the fentanyl.
They're behind shipping our jobs in China.
They're behind drag queen pedophile time.
They're behind the mutilation and sterilization of our children.
They're behind it all!
They are the great evil that has hijacked our nation.
Let's go to the phone calls here in the order they were received.
Let's talk to Brian who is in cybersecurity calling from Texas.
What's your take on this?
Alex, how are you doing today, man?
Good, brother.
Hey, first of all, I wanted to say, you know, really, God bless you and your family.
I know you have a daughter that's about as young as my oldest child, and obviously, I pray for the future that they are going to walk into.
But, you know, again, I also pray that you continue to stay strong in the face of this adversity because, again, I believe that you are powered by God, and with Him at your side, you can do anything.
Let me plug real quick.
I'm a 43-year-old former athlete.
My body was banged up for a bunch of years.
If I could go back in time, I'd buy about 500 boxes of those vanilla protein bars that you have, those coconut bars.
You know, I live on the X2, the B12, the super male.
And, you know, I really, I want to challenge the Christian men that are listening to your show today.
We're really at a time, you're at a time from a financial standpoint that you need people to step up.
There's so many good people out there.
There's so many good men that are sitting on their hands in this time when we are past the bell.
You know, you listen to the shows that, you know, yourself and Steve Quayle and Mike Adams give and, you know, the other people in the media that have been proven time after time to be correct.
And we're so late in the hour that it's like, what, how much louder can Alex Jones, do you need to stand up on your desk and tear off your shirt to get people's attention?
You know, and I, again, I pray for you.
I pray for this country.
And again, I am in the telecommunications game.
I've been in that real estate part of the business for 15 or 20 years.
And I've proposed this question regarding the cyber hacks, you know, many times and more recently.
And because of how the telecommunications and the cloud computing, all this stuff is decentralized, you know, I wonder how maybe a Bill Binney could talk to, you know, the sophistication of how an actual cyber attack could happen.
Obviously, the Vault 7 stuff came out and revealed so much.
But again, this is a sophisticated system that we have in place that is, you know, it's a worldwide system of communication.
So again, of course, they can target anything.
They can put anything on anybody's back, but I don't know how easily that can be done in the whole scheme of things.
You know, but I also know that they are going to do whatever they can to march us into this conflict with Russia, because how else do you hide an economic collapse, a recession, and obviously all of the stuff that's coming out.
Well, exactly.
I would blame the Russians if they hadn't been restrained just trying to kick out the Azov battalions to protect those Russian ethnic
Majority groups.
Russia does not want to escalate this.
That's really been their policy.
And I don't like that Russia invaded.
I think it was a big mistake.
I think they walked into a trap.
But if you look at the whole climate, the people running our country want escalation.
Brother, God bless you and I appreciate your call.
Great points.
We're going to move fast.
Get everybody here.
Who's up next?
Let's talk to Mike in Michigan, a historian on Russia and the goal of the war.
Give us your take, Mike.
Yes, hello Alex.
I want people to know this plan has been in the making for about 150 years.
If anyone knows anything about the Civil War, Russia actually saved the United States from a British invasion in 1863 that wanted to partition both the United States and Russia.
The entire globalist plan back then, same people, same old, same old, was to partition both countries in an attempt to put the Anglo-British establishment in control of the world as usual.
And this time we're seeing it all over again.
Russia is the United States' biggest ally, historically always has been until 1903 in the Bolshevik Revolution, 1917.
And if anything, this country should have been courting a new alliance with Russia in order to counter the Chinese.
Well, it's true the globalists fear a U.S.-Russian alliance.
That would be the dominant force in the world.
It'd be checkmate.
We could dictate a whole new future of freedom.
But that's not happening.
I mean, I don't, well, I don't know if it's too late yet.
Americans have to stand up and protest this.
Like, I'm not, like, select to serve as civil disobedience.
If we don't do this, this is going to be bad.
The last vestiges of Christian civilization are going to get blown up in a glorious fire, and all that's going to be left is atheist China.
So I really want people to understand what's on the line here.
No, I hear you, brother.
God bless you, and thanks for calling in.
I'm going to move quickly to everybody.
Let's go ahead and go to Joe, cyber security expert on Russia's cyber attack.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going today?
Thanks for calling.
Good, brother.
Just want to say God bless you and your family.
So, I just want to touch on a few things.
It's interesting that they hit websites for these airports.
That doesn't really make a lot of sense from a state actor's perspective.
I mean, that's something that layman's people would do.
You know, usually these SCADA and ICS, which is Industrial Control Systems, those things are fairly vulnerable.
We don't realize how they don't really do their due diligence in patching these systems.
They are wide open to attack.
And if Russia, a state actor, wanted to hit us, they would.
And they would hit us hard, and they would hit us fast, and they would shut down multiple things.
Like when Ronald Reagan blew up the Russian pipeline with software we gave him in the early 1980s.
Well, and what happened to the Russian pipeline not too long ago?
I mean, they went offline the same day that the new pipeline went online for Europe.
That's right.
Both Russian pipelines, one got blown up, one went offline when the new European pipeline went on.
I mean, the globalists are just out in the open about this.
Yeah, Russia's not going to do some Mickey Mouse bullcrap of taking down websites.
They're just not going to do that.
Sure, they're doing it to, the globalists are, in my view, I agree, to introduce us to the idea that the Russians are attacking us and, oh look, they shut down airports so you couldn't fly because your credit card wouldn't work and, you know, exactly.
They didn't go after real infrastructure yet.
They're just introducing the idea that the Russians are attacking.
When they go after the real infrastructure, I mean, state-level actors typically have zero days just waiting.
A zero day is an exploit that is ready to go, that hasn't been discovered yet.
Explain that to people, that they've got an industrial software, sometimes even in the chips, but that's if you make the chips, programmed in though, where at a certain date it turns on, it was given the order.
I mean, they can do multiple different things along those levels, and if they wanted to melt down power plants, they could.
If they wanted to melt down pipelines, they could.
I mean, they change the pressures in those pipes, and they can cause those explosions.
So everybody pointing to, you know, a bomb or a missile or a ship or
That's right.
Let's be clear.
Reagan, near the end of the Cold War, they sold Russian software that
Yeah, Alex, when I got back from fighting in Vietnam, I was in the infantry.
I joined the National Guard for five years.
And every summer camp, I had to go through nuclear warfare training.
Five years of that.
Now, I'm surprised all the people is not even making any preparations for any of this.
Even my own relatives, I tried to talk to them and they just totally ignore you.
You know, even now... They have a normalcy bias.
They don't realize that mainline analysts say we're in the most danger ever.
Worse than any time in the Cold War.
And even my family thinks it's not all of them.
A lot of them, they just don't get it.
I mean, you can go to Walmart or some place where you can buy a rain suit and dust mask and the dust goggles and swim goggles, something to protect you from the radioactive fallout.
Because that fallout, if you breathe it into you, that's what kills you.
I mean, if you just got it on the outside with a rain suit, then you can brush it off or wash it off.
But once it gets inside you, you know, that's it.
Game over, you know.
And I just can't understand why, not even protest, where's all the anti-war protesters?
You know, it's just like, everybody's in line.
Oh no, no, no, Sean Penn, everybody says, let's have, did you see Sean Penn say, we should hit Russia first?
That it's liberal to nuke people?
So liberal!
These people are degenerates!
And uh, and I'm just surprised at all this, when it's finally here and everybody just don't care, you know.
Well, that's how it works.
See, it finally hits you when you're not looking, brother.
That's how the universe works.
But, uh, when you, but this goes way back, like Alex would, you would look at, uh, the Jules Verne when he wrote The Time Machine.
Basically, what's going on right now, I mean, the character, well, a guy in his time machine, he went through two world wars in Germany, and when he came out in the third world war, it was nuclear.
And he had to jump in there to get through the
And the same with Albert Pike and his letter from Marzini where they all explained everything.
It's just a plan.
You know?
100% from your mouth to God's ears.
For folks that don't know about that, we'll do a special show on the Illuminati and their plan for nuclear war.
They knew about atomic bombs 125 years ago and wrote about it.
You know, a lot of H.G.
Wells' books were not fiction.
They were non-fiction.
He was the head of the Illuminati.
We're going to come right back with Tom, Greg, Derek, Steve, and others.
Great points, John.
Stay with us, Infowars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, we are in the greatest danger of nuclear war ever.
I feel guilty still sitting here in a target zone, Austin.
I mean, but I'm still going to stay here, folks.
Because one of the ways that you encourage your audience to give you money is in cryptocurrency donations, right?
And you have a page on your website that's just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
InfoWars.com forward slash crypto.
Is that a little advertisement just there?
Well, we're fighting the deep state.
We need money.
All right.
This is it.
Give crypto.
Fund InfoWars.
Sponsor us with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right?
That'll end up as a clip on your show tonight.
Your advertisement for our cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight, so I hope whoever the big whales are, they'll give us money before we keep going.
We'll just keep minting money as you're in this courtroom.
Let's move on.
People care about the First Amendment.
All right, we're live in Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
Putin has issued a public statement of escalating violence.
Terrorists continue to hit Russian targets, both in Russia and outside of Russia.
This thing is just escalating completely out of control right now.
We're taking your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Derek in North Carolina, then Tom and others.
Derek, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, how are you doing, man?
It's a pleasure talking to you.
It's a pleasure to talk to you while we still can.
I just have a really bad feeling.
I do, too.
And so I have to agree with one of your earlier callers.
I don't think this is Russia, and I don't think this is... One, it's just not sophisticated enough.
They're not going to go after public-facing targets.
But I do agree with you that I think that they could be doing this just to put the talking points out there, to put the fillers out there, to see what the public pulse would be.
People are just kind of losing support for Ukraine, Russia, whole garbage that's going on over there.
But the escalation just keeps going with the bridge, now with Russia responding to that.
So now we have to get ourselves injected, the U.S.
does, or whoever possibly could be involved in driving this and driving the narrative that Russia's going to attack the U.S.
And again, that's key.
Zelensky admits he's trying to do provocations to get the U.S.
fully in.
Exactly, exactly.
And there's no need for us
to be escalating it any further.
Russia's getting it's ass kicked!
Exactly, Russia's getting it's ass kicked!
That's right, the question, well Russia's not, Russia's responding now, and the question should be why is Biden not asking or offering to talk to Putin the way that Trump did?
Trump offered to, and it was good for them to talk.
Well hell, Zelensky passed a law saying no peace deals.
Well, yeah, so he didn't want to be involved in it or actually Turkey was trying to broker that deal to kind of get some peace talks going and they shut it down.
So we see the writing on the wall that they want this escalation.
You've been calling for it or you've been calling or saying that people are calling for it trying to get us aware of it so that we could possibly stop it, bring up enough awareness.
I think the public's smart enough.
I think we know that this is all BS.
But what can we do?
The public better know that when the Pope, who's a globalist, and Henry Kissinger, who's one of the most important globalists, are saying it needs to stop, it needs to stop.
Yeah, exactly.
Now you have King Charles and you have the World Economic Forum pushing this.
They want to see this destabilization on a global front.
But what we can do personally, I think that's what it comes down to.
What can we do?
Can we go out there and call somebody?
We can call our local politicians, but unfortunately, they are not listening.
The only thing we can do is work on personal excellence, being an example, being an inspiration to others, and being a true man.
And what that means is being responsible.
And we need to be responsible in our circle.
Our community, like, hey, enough is enough.
I agree.
We need peaceful demonstrations.
At the same time, we should call in the C-SPAN.
We should call Congress.
A lot of them don't listen.
But a big enough buzz they will listen to.
Look at PayPal.
Had to back off their new social credit score.
If they disagree with your politics, they were going to fine you $2,500 per infraction.
But I agree.
Being good leaders is the most important thing in getting right with God.
Thank you so much for the call.
I'm going to give this next caller only a minute and a half, so I've got to get to everybody.
Tom in New Jersey on World War III, Russian threats, currency economic doom.
Go ahead, thank you.
Hey, how's it going?
So basically I think the whole kinetic aspect of this is a lot of smoke and mirrors.
I think a lot of what's happening right now is the race against the clock as the dollar gets more and more valuable against every other currency except for the ruble.
We're good to go.
Hold on, hold on.
What you're saying is the key to everything.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to hold you over.
What Tom is saying is everything.
They admit they're doing this for a great reset.
They're bringing down the old system.
They're creating major depression and inflation and crises with the currency crises, with only the ruble and the dollar going up.
Everybody else is going to want to move to a new global system.
What he says is absolutely dead on.
Tom, stay there.
We'll get to everybody else, the order their calls are received.
Greg, and then Steve, and everybody else.
And then we got some special guests joining us as well on some really big topics that are important.
Wow, what a time to be alive.
We'll be right back.
Share that URL.
That is a key part of the resistance.
We have a special guest joining us coming up.
At the start of the next segment, and I'm jamming in your calls right now, on the top story we'll be covering throughout the broadcast into the War Room today.
I was going to do a special 12-hour broadcast on Wednesday.
I may even just do it tomorrow and right through Wednesday.
This is so important.
Big story up on InfoWars.com.
Russia launches large-scale strikes on some 20 Ukrainian cities in response to terrorist Crimea.
We're good.
And Putin went on to say that they can expect massive escalations in the attacks and warn Ukraine that any other attempts for terror attacks will be met with destruction of Ukrainian cities.
If attempts to carry out terror attacks continue, Russian response will be severe at the level of threats facing it.
Nobody should be in any doubt, Putin warned.
He threatened the more might follow if attempts to commit terrorist acts on our territory continue.
So this thing is escalating out of control very quickly.
Tom got cut off by the break line to start over, but some stations just joined us and explained this is really all about the great reset, a new global digital programmable token currency.
Break it down for us.
So I think the Great Recess is happening regardless.
It's just going to be who's controlling it, Klaus Schwab or BRICS.
As the dollar gets stronger and other countries look to move off of it because they can't transfer their currency to the dollar and buy oil,
You're going to have a new currency system emerge.
And 10 years ago, Saudi Arabia would never have done what they just did to the United States.
And now you got OPEC Plus and Saudi Arabia.
Most of these countries are members of BRICS.
The Saudis are applying to be a member of BRICS.
Everybody's getting on side right now.
If Russia was losing the way it was, there is no way on earth
I totally agree.
Russia's winning economically and creating a new New World Order, which they said the globalists are losing, but Russia's losing militarily with a major sacrifice.
But economically, politically, they're winning.
Yes, I agree.
And I think at the end of this, it's going to be subjugation via a CBDC and the World Economic Forum, or the collapse of the United States dollar as a world reserve currency, and Russia and China making the rules.
And I don't see a good way out of this.
I think these elections are really important, and I think that's why the cyber attack happened.
I think it was domestic.
It's meant to show fear.
It's a reason to put us into another emergency to stop these elections, or do the same old mail-in ballot bull trap that they did last time.
What do you make of the cyber attack?
Obviously wasn't really a real cyber attack.
Perfect deep state operation in my view.
No real infrastructure hit, but now they can start the process of setting Russia up for the major cyber attack the deep state will launch that can bring down major power grids.
I agree with you that it's just another crumb on the trail with the cyber attack and the PSA for the nuclear attack in New York not that long ago.
It's all meant to set a narrative so come November they can declare some sort of emergency and stop the elections.
That's right.
God bless you.
And all the pre-programming that Russia's going to launch a cyber attack, all the propaganda, now it happens, now they're saying more is coming, and that's the perfect pretext for limited power outages, things of that nature, to say it's a Russian cyber attack to declare an emergency, or to have such hysteria going on during the election with mail-in ballots that, oh,
You know, the Republicans are pro-Russia, and Trump's a Russian agent.
All that pre-programming to then basically try to outlaw the Republican Party.
The deep state knows they're losing political control.
They know we're peacefully winning, so they're going to want to overturn the chessboard and declare victory.
We are in the most dangerous position this country has ever been in since its founding in July 4th, 1776.
Bet your bottom dollar on that.
Anybody can see it.
Greg in Iowa.
Cold War veteran, Army on Russia.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
How you doing today, Alex?
It's awesome to listen to you, as always.
Big supporter.
Love the Great Reset.
Love the Vitamin Bodies.
Love it.
As a disabled vet, it's helped me get mobile again, get off the pharmaceutical junk that they push.
Love it.
Absolutely love it.
Thank you.
On the gun range today, I teach survival and other things of that nature.
I work with ex-military and teleguys doing farm security work around the country.
About a year ago, when this started about a year ago, they sold their houses, their cars, they're still downsizing, and moving to different locations.
Freaked me out.
All of this.
And they won't tell me why.
Just say, get your money out of the bank like you have, and get stuff.
Get stuff that you and your wife need.
I'm freaked because I spent almost 20 years teaching
Cold War tactics, Russia tactics, you name it.
For the Army and the Marine Corps.
I've had to recently just teach my wife how to react to an NBC attack.
And I'm pissed.
Part of my language as a Christian, I'm pissed.
Because I've had to teach a woman, a good Christian woman, how to freaking react to this stuff.
How to put a gas mask on.
How to put an NBC type suit on.
How to decontaminate.
And I'm furious
Where are the Christian men in this country?
We keep saying they're losing, but they're winning.
Their economy's booming.
They control the air, the sea.
They control what goes in and out of Ukraine.
Their economy's awesome.
Our fuel is $8 a gallon for diesel in some areas.
We don't have food.
We don't have electricity to meet our needs.
We don't have the water to meet our needs.
How are they winning?
I've taught it.
And every time they draw you in,
They closed the door on you.
That's what we taught each other.
We used Hind helicopters.
We used their tanks.
We used their BMPs back in the late 80s and 90s.
We had that equipment to teach with.
And all their tactics.
And I just want to know, when are we going to stand up and say, we're not with this, our Nazi government?
When are we going to do that en masse?
Because until we get off of our Netflix and our PlayStation and get out there and say something, yes, we're going to be targeted by the Gestapo FBI, the Stasi, yes, we're going to be targeted.
But until that happens, they're going to just run roughshod over us.
Greg, I hear your points, great points, and God bless you.
Think about how cynical the globalists are that the Feds ran ads in New York, they're still running them, saying, here's what you do when the nuclear bombs hit or when the nuclear missiles hit.
You just tune into your local radio station online or the government app.
None of that will be on, folks.
If you're in Manhattan, you'll be dead.
Or you'll be under rubble.
Crawling out into radiation.
I mean, that's what they're telling people to get ready for.
Alright, look, we got loaded phone lines here.
And I want to go to Steven, I want to go to everybody.
We got a special guest coming on, I'll continue with calls after that.
Steven in Florida, you're on the air, welcome.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
Hey, uh, quick product plug.
Last week, I got a package in the mail from you folks, which was Super Male Vitality, Ultra 12, Brain Force Plus, um, my, uh, Brain Force Ultra, and I've also had the Basil Beat.
The only thing I was lacking was the Turbo Force, because you guys ran out.
But over the weekend, I got to run a four-race series called the Aching Quad Challenge in Lakeland, Florida.
And I want to praise God and thank God for these products because they definitely enabled me to get first place for men age 60 to 64 in all four races.
So you definitely felt the difference in the products.
They're all top flight.
Thank you so much for the support.
Yes, sir.
Now, what I wanted to say, first of all, if you want to see realistically what we're facing with global thermal nuclear war, don't watch war games, that's a simulation.
Watch the 1983 movie, it's still on YouTube, called The Day After, starring Jason Robards and put out by ABC, of all things.
Very realistic to show what we're facing if we get hit with nukes.
That being said, I want to say this.
Mike Adams has interviewed several times, including on InfoWars when he hosted, J.R.
Who's brought out about how Russia and China have been doing joint military war games exercises over the last five to six years.
Iran's also joined in on this.
And just recently, there were Russian and Chinese warships spotted off of our Alaskan coast.
If you remember earlier this year, I think it was, or late last year, there was Russian warships spotted about 35 miles from Hawaii.
So what I want to say is this.
I don't believe Putin walked into a trap.
He baited us.
Between what Biden did, leaving all that hardware in Afghanistan, and now putting everything into Ukraine, we've left ourselves wide open
After the implosion that we're going to have here in the United States because of what the globals have done here for invasion by the Russians.
All right, Steve.
Interesting points.
Thank you so much.
God bless.
Our special guest, Nick Riccardo, straight ahead.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
All right.
Monday, October 10th broadcast.
I'll continue with your calls.
Start of the next hour, those that are holding, you're gracious enough to hold.
Love to talk to you about the out-of-control escalation into thermonuclear war that even mainline analysts say we're on the very edge of.
I want to get Nick Riccato on because I've seen some of his reports.
He's a very popular online commentator.
He's also a lawyer, and I know that Robert Barnes thinks very, very highly of him, and I think highly of Robert Barnes.
Nick Riccato is our guest, and he's riccatolaw.locals.com, Riccato Law on Rumble and YouTube.
And he's here with us to discuss the waterfront.
You know, you've got PayPal and its social credit score they pushed last week, $2,500 fines.
Actually, Robert Barnes broke that last week.
I didn't even know that, but I saw that later in the news.
They've now backed off of that.
He was, Bricade has been banned for calling out transgender activists who claim to provide hormone replacement therapy drugs to minors without their parents' knowledge or consent.
It's about the Democrats, the deep state admitting, defaulting me when we gave them all the discovery, then not letting me defend myself in these show trials.
Is the model they're admitting on MSNBC and CNN they're going to use against everybody else.
So the cherry on top of tyranny, with the surveillance and the open borders and all of it, and the forced injections and the intimidation of lockdowns, is now completely weaponized judiciary.
And he's been a defender of InfoWars, even though he disagreed with all of our topics and points, and he's been censored and attacked for that, so that's a feather in his cap.
So, Nick Riccato, thank you so much for joining us.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
Nice to be here, man.
It's nice to have you here.
We're on a bunch of radio stations.
We have like 14 minutes of break an hour.
I apologize, but I just want to give you the floor.
You're a smart guy to roll with any of the topics first you want to hit.
Well, Alex, I mean, first, I hate what they've been doing to you in court.
Like, I just want to say that straight out the gate.
I think that you have an extremely important case, which was an interesting exchange you had with the plaintiff's attorney.
In your Connecticut case, is this case important?
Of course it is.
The problem is, the important part of the case is the part that we missed.
We just went ahead and defaulted you and skipped over the question of was there any defamatory statements.
So much so that there's nothing in the record about what you actually said that we can link to any sort of tangible damages.
And that, I think, is just an affront to the First Amendment.
I think it's an affront to your due process.
Uh, and I think that that's just absolute garbage.
Um, so I'd kind of like to start there, if you're willing to talk about it.
Please do.
You're a well-known successful lawyer, and people want to get your take on this.
I mean, even Barnes, a few months ago, looked at her...
I'm not a lawyer, but the pretrial stuff we were allowed to say, and people didn't believe Barnes when he said that I can't say these 12 things.
Then she said it on the stand three times.
Can't say I'm innocent.
Can't say I'm bankrupt.
Can't say I never said their names.
I still did that.
So she said, I'm going to arrest you the next time you did, so I didn't show back up.
And it was crazy.
The whole idea that you're supposed to defend yourself without being able to speak about any of the aspects of what's going on with you with this case is ludicrous.
And I was watching your examination, and I was really looking forward to the cross-examination, but once the judge said, frankly, straight to your attorney,
Look, you got mad about how I treated the plaintiff's attorney.
So next time when you're up, I'm going to do it whole differently and have zero tolerance.
So she basically said, yeah, when you get up on the stand, you and your attorney are likely to be held in contempt of court.
But the other guy gets to do it scot-free.
It was a complete imbalance.
There's no impartiality.
And I said from the get-go, the moment your case got removed from federal court to Connecticut under extremely bogus circumstances, might I add, once that happened, I said, there's no way Alex gets a fair trial in Connecticut.
It's not possible.
It's not going to happen.
I didn't think you'd get that fair of a trial in federal court, but at least you'd have a little bit of diversity between you and the other parties.
Well, exactly.
Listeners got mad that I declared bankruptcy.
I'm out of money.
And from what I've seen, at least the federal court won't be completely out of control, hopefully, because everything they're saying is a lie.
And the reality of bankruptcy is when you're out of money, you're out of money.
It doesn't matter what else is going on.
But, yeah.
What do you make of them asking for $8.25 billion?
That's official.
Even Law.com confirms it, that that's what they want.
$550 million per plaintiff, 15 plaintiffs.
Absolutely absurd.
You know, one of the things that came out, I think you said during the trial, was people are blaming you for the kids being shot, more than they're blaming the actual shooter.
Which seems to be 100% true.
You've become the scarecrow, the scapegoat, the punching bag for these parents.
And frankly, that's not a healthy way to deal with things, to be mad at someone who gave an opinion you don't like.
As if they're the cause of your child's unfortunate death.
And that was the three plus weeks of testimony.
It was all about their kids being shot, but then they talk about me.
They would never even say Lanza's name.
They talk about their kid not coming home from school, then talk about me for an hour.
Right, as if you would have had anything to do with it.
And $550 million is obviously a ridiculous number.
I mean, frankly, I thought the Texas judgment was a ridiculous number as well.
The big problem I have with this is I didn't see them tangibly link what their damages actually would be.
Even assuming there was some sort of guilt there, I didn't see some evidence.
Explain that in layman's terms.
No proof I sent anybody to harass people didn't.
All, one person I said the name, one plane if I said his name, and said, yeah that video looks suspicious.
I mean, I literally hardly ever covered it.
Right, and it's like you got punished for the opinions of other people, is what happened.
And then of course projections upon you about what you might think.
But what I was talking about is, there's no link to what has happened to these people, and I'm frankly unclear on what exactly has happened to them in the first place, but there's no link to how what you have said has caused directly that thing.
It seems like you're consistently being held liable for the actions of others, which as an online commentator with a decent-sized audience, that's extremely concerning.
Because if I say something, I express an opinion about a case or about a subject, and then someone else takes that and runs with it and does something that I never asked anybody to do,
That's not my fault.
There's nothing I can do about that.
And I think everybody who talks about this needs to be really examining where they fall down on this.
I agree.
What about the FBI agent?
I never knew his name until he sued me.
Never talked about him.
We never talked about him.
Didn't even know who he was.
I don't even know who the guy is!
He wants $550 million.
Right, I can't figure out what damages that guy suffered.
First of all, the biggest damage is I saw that guy's picture.
I mean, I think that was more damaging to him than anything else.
It's a sad state for an FBI agent.
Yeah, he looks like a little kid dressed up for Army.
It was kind of embarrassing, if you ask me.
He really does.
But, no, the whole thing is just a huge blow to free speech and it's a pulse check on our country.
We have this constitution that says, no, we get to speak freely, we get to voice opinions, even if other people don't like them.
Those opinions can be popular or unpopular, they can be dangerous, they can be safe, and we have to protect all of them.
And we also get to put on a defense, which I was barred, even the local news said, Jones is barred from defending himself.
That was in the newspaper.
Right, which is, again, that whole Fifth Amendment due process comes in.
Where was it?
Where do we get our rights if they're recognized by the Constitution, but they're just snuffed out by a judge with an agenda?
All right, well-known lawyer Nick Riccati giving us an analysis of the waterfront.
Key information straight ahead.
Nick, what's the best website for folks to visit to find all your great material?
RicadaLaw.Locals.com is the centralized hub, but you can find a ton of it on YouTube.
I've been doing this for five years, talking about anything and everything.
All right, stay right there.
Popular online commentator and lawyer, Nick Ricada is our guest for the rest of the hour.
Then your phone call is coming up.
But let me put bookends on what we were just talking about and we're going to shift gears to other big serious topics.
If I saw another talk show host being railroaded, not allowed to defend themselves, I would be just as upset as I am about what's happening to me.
But one thing that's hurt us that I didn't think of,
We're good.
We're targeted, but we're going to win in the end.
We just need support and funding now to keep us on air.
We're not going away.
What will make us go away is not these lawsuits.
It'll be you not supporting them at Infowarswar.com.
So thanks for your support.
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So Nick Riccato, you wanted to get into the banks and the money and the social credit score and the whole PayPal fiasco.
What would make them officially put in their terms of services last week that if we don't like your political views, we're going to take $2,500 out per pop?
That really gives us a window into what the big banking establishment's planning.
Yeah, I mean, this has been coming down the pike for years now.
We saw it first, or I saw it first, I guess, with the deplatforming of people from Patreon.
That was a little bit confusing.
The first one I saw was Jihadwatch.
And some information came out about that where we found out it was actually the payment processors that demanded that Patreon shut them down.
And basically the exchange is, well, you know, we don't want you to do business with these people.
So if you do business with these people, we won't do business with you.
And the banks became absolutely untouchable.
They got to this place where they could control who the next person down the chain's customers were by just threatening to cut off their banking.
And now we see PayPal, which was kind of an alternative independent processor that rises up.
Threatening by an effective social credit score.
If you say hate speech or misinformation, whatever the hell those even are, if you say that, we're going to just take money from you.
We'll extract it.
And since PayPal operates as a pseudo bank, they just have access to take your money right away.
No court, no consent, and good luck fighting in court to get that back.
They just say, well, we have we have a term of service.
You agreed to this.
Like, when did I agree for you to take my money?
But banks really are the ultimate, they're the ultimate linchpin in our society.
We run on such a financially driven economy.
That if you can cut off someone's access to banking, you can cut off their access to anything.
It doesn't matter what your platform is.
It doesn't matter what your bank account is or how much money you have.
You can't exchange it.
You can't send it to someone else.
And to me, it's just crazy that we're allowing this to get as far as it is.
And Nick, there's another aspect too.
They're not saying we're going to fine you for what you do on the platform.
We're going to watch you.
So they're saying, we've got a spy agency.
We're going to watch you with these other groups.
And if you don't do what we want, we're going to fine you.
No judge, no jury, no due process.
I mean, if the federal government acted like this, that would finally bring them down.
But instead, it's the corporations doing it.
And the scary thing is, I mean, we know they have their own surveillance.
They have algorithms to watch just about anything because they have unlimited amounts of money.
But the other thing that they've got is an army of complicit idiots out there willing to go out and flag and report every single piece of wrong thing that they come across.
And it becomes a tool to weaponize the economic system of the United States against your enemy.
And so many people are just willing to give in to it because they think they're on the correct side of whatever.
And they don't realize the implications that once their opinion becomes unpopular in any way, it goes right back against them.
Well, let's remember 1984.
George Orwell, real name Eric Blair, at the highest level of famous socialists, fought against the fascists with the communists in Spain.
He wrote 1984 because he saw the communists for what they were.
And in the book, the neighbor that tattles on him
The day after he's put the torture camp, the neighbor's there now too.
So the neighbor thought he was getting ahead by tattling, no that's not how this works, you're destroying your own social safety net.
This country was founded with the idea that we were all kind of united together and there was this governmental entity that we suffered a little bit because we needed security.
We needed someone to gather the guns to fight back if someone came to our shores.
But that was the key to it.
We didn't trust the government.
We didn't trust like a policing system that was around.
We just hoped they wouldn't oppress us too much and we wrote down some law that says maybe they can't.
And now we're just, our entire society is giving right into it.
And the worst part is, it's not the government really even doing it anymore because they don't have to.
They've infiltrated corporations with enough propaganda that the corporations will just police everyone for us.
Where do you see this going?
Well, I have a hopeful side.
My hopeful side says the pendulum is coming to a stop and is going to start swinging back the other way.
And we'll get some people who will notice this is going on at the normal levels, and they'll start rejecting it and pushing back.
And I think a big turning point kind of for a lot of mainstream America was Johnny Depp, oddly enough, and his trial.
Because Johnny Depp was no far-right insurrectionist or whatever.
He's just a Hollywood guy, very popular.
And people saw how he almost got railroaded into absolute oblivion.
I mean, he was cut off from everything, made a pariah in Hollywood, made a pariah in society.
And then when the trial comes out and people start listening, they're like, oh, this guy was
This guy was absolutely railroaded and everybody just went along with it because that was the convenient narrative of the Me Too movement and this sort of socialist agenda that hits.
And so once that happened, I saw a lot of people start to turn and say, hey, I've been a liberal my whole life, but this is garbage and I don't like how they're treating people.
And so I think more cases like that are going to bring us back.
Same thing with transgenderism.
Taking over parents' parental rights, targeting children, putting them in databases, sterilizing them.
You've been a big critic of that.
I see that as really waking people up across the political spectrum.
Yeah, I think that was the biggest mistake that these people made during COVID, was they started going to kids.
They started pushing transgenderism in schools, they started pushing critical race theories in schools, and then they sent all the kids home during COVID, and all the parents got to see it.
They got to see it in front of them.
I mean, they'd hear about some stuff here and there, but you know, oh, mom, dad, listen to what we learned, yeah, sure, cool, whatever.
Then they're sitting there and their kids are at home, they're hearing the teacher's lecture about it, they're getting assignments and looking at them going, what is this?
What are we even talking about?
Where's just math?
Can we try teaching math?
Or reading?
Or any of those things?
Now it's all about race, it's all about gender, it's all about identity, and nothing about actual classical education anymore.
I think that was a mistake.
Because yes, going after kids is going to wake up parents.
But calling out transgender activists is a very dangerous activity I recently learned.
Oh yeah.
I got calls like four years ago from big tech, like vice presidents.
They said, just leave the transgender alone and we'll leave you alone.
That is so important to them to control the minds of the youth.
If you can form a sexual relationship with a child, you control them.
Now they can't rape them, but they can tell them they're another sex and prepare them for medical rape.
I mean, this is really abusive.
It's really abusive, and the scary part is, you know, you have weirdos individually who are out there grooming kids online for this stuff.
They meet them on places like Discord or whatever, and then, you know, these kids get caught at this most confusing point in their life when they're going through a bunch of hormonal changes, their identities are all out of whack, their peers are all different, and then they take advantage of that and start trying to push them as a token into their own agenda.
The worst part, though, is that hospitals and doctors and psychiatrists all across the country are seemingly complicit in this, and I think it's because a lot of them are just flat-out terrified to say anything else.
Because if you say anything against it, your medical license goes away, your psychiatric license goes away, the hospital's funding gets revoked, grants get dropped, and everybody's scared of this.
So I might as well just roll over and take the money like all these video show university directors saying, hey, we're making a lot of money off chopping little girls' breasts off, little boys' genitals off.
We'll be right back with Nick Racketech, lawyer.
Well-known talk show host to talk about the tyranny of tech censorship and the wheels coming off the whole COVID narrative straight ahead.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Just since Nick Riketa, well-known constitutional lawyer, popular commentator, joined us, there's been big developments in the ongoing escalations in Ukraine and around the world with cyber attacks.
We'll be covering it with your phone call starting the next hour.
But Nick Riketa, I wanted to get back to what you were saying before the break.
You hope the pendulum's stopping, beginning to swing back.
I'm seeing a lot of signs of that.
The problem is the corrupt institutional systems are pulling out all the stops they can try to stop that.
But the good news is we have the Florida Surgeon General
With their own one-year study that mirrors the other studies, there's an 84% increase in death for men 18-39 of heart attacks and microcarditis who've taken the shots.
The deep state did not intend for all this to come out.
They are in full panic mode.
Twitter removed the Surgeon General.
We're good to go.
Well, my view, Alex, is as the pendulum gets to the end, that's when we see that power is at its maximum.
And that's the scariest point.
That's when these places are going to lash out hard.
Bannings are going to increase and ramp up.
And that's when, hopefully, the tide will turn after that.
But it's going to be a bloodbath on the way to it.
Some of these, really, the only thing saving us, in my opinion, is places like InfoWars, and then independent commentators and journalists all across, basically everywhere.
I know Big Tech is trying to censor us, they'll ban us on YouTube, I've been banned on Twitter, they'll ban us everywhere they can, but more and more places are cropping up, places like Rumble, places like Odyssey, to allow us to actually get the message out, and that message cannot be stopped forever.
We're going back to a more democratized style of press that we had at the beginning of this country where every town had a hundred newspapers and everybody got to pick who they wanted to listen to and build trust with and that's the way it should be.
We should not be listening to five different voices that all have the same opinion and only approved opinions apply.
So as long as we keep building that and people keep supporting that independence, I think we actually have a shot of turning this thing around.
I'm not naive.
I don't put hope in individuals.
I put it in ideas and groups of people acting individually, but collectively.
But Elon Musk has done some things I didn't like, but he's moving in a direction I really like.
And his internal text messages just came out of this Twitter deal, as you know, as a lawyer.
You probably read them.
He's anti-censorship, he's anti-authoritarian, and he says, I want InternetX, or 3.0, back to freedom, but with all the new functions.
And if he can do that, if he can fix Twitter and take over, that is going to really turn the tide.
Very bold things he's doing, in my view.
Your take on Elon Musk.
Look, my take on Elon Musk is him buying Twitter would be one of the funniest things I can imagine, and Twitter can't possibly be worse than it is.
My view, Twitter is one of the absolute worst websites in existence for mental health.
It's one of the worst websites in existence for the spread of information.
Oh, it's a cyber re-education camp.
It is.
It is.
And it's also just a haven of pedophilia and child pornography.
And it's frankly disgusting how bad Twitter is at removing that stuff.
I don't know if you know, there's a case that's been going on for a while against them of a kid who reported to Twitter that his video was basically taken from him, he was catfished, and then it was uploaded to Twitter and they said it didn't violate their terms of service.
Let's be clear about what you just said.
There's thousands of cases and hundreds of lawsuits.
If you criticize open borders, you're banned.
If you criticize lockdowns, you're banned.
If you criticize a poison shot, you're banned.
If you're the Surgeon General of Florida, they try to ban you.
But if you're promoting pedophilia, transgenderism, drag queen story time, you're totally protected.
So they're not just accidentally protecting this.
This is a company value.
Yeah, it seems to be.
And we've started to notice this through a lot of the big tech companies.
It seems like their coding divisions, their development divisions, and their human resources divisions are all staffed with people of the same sort of idea.
Right, exactly.
And it doesn't really matter what the top levels of these companies are doing because the middle, the middle, the operational function is all of the same mindset.
And I almost think that some of the executives at these companies don't have that much idea of what's going on, but they're fine with it, but they don't really like get involved too much day to day.
Oh yeah, I was talking to a well-known person that's at Spotify, and he told me more than what was just in the news, something like 70% of the coders at Spotify are transgender.
And they won't let you get a job there unless you are, so it's a cult!
They've been infiltrating into these companies and building this culture, and they've been content to stay in the middle of everything.
A lot of people out there, they want to shoot for the top, they want to build the biggest thing they can.
I want to improve myself and my station as much as possible.
These people were willing to sacrifice all that to stay in the middle to exercise control.
And it's terrifying.
We see it through administrative government positions, and now we're seeing it all over big time.
Because they want access to children.
Yes, absolutely.
Because if they control children, which they're not having, they've got to co-opt someone else's kids.
They're not having them themselves.
They co-opt someone else's kids.
Then they control the next generation.
And they've always played the long game.
They've been doing this forever.
Communism moves very slowly.
And they have no qualms waiting one more generation or one more generation.
It's up to us to fight back against it.
All right, Nick, you know, I was a pioneer, not like Adam Curry, the pioneer, but I was a pioneer in podcasting one of the first hundred.
I kind of got out of it when I got the list that we're bringing back commercial free podcasting.
We've already been doing it once a week.
It's got about two million views.
I want to invite you on to do an hour commercial free.
You can send us all your points, clips you want to play.
Love to have you part of the show.
Really appreciate you.
About a two minute closing comment.
Well, first, thank you.
I'm flattered.
And I would love to.
Second of all, my closing comment is to you and to the audiences out there.
Stay strong.
Keep speaking your mind.
Never live under the boot of anybody.
Your opinions are yours.
It's the last thing that can never take away what you think, what you believe, and what you say.
You can be punished for it, and sometimes you will.
You should always speak prudently.
You should always speak boldly in that prudence.
Know that there are so many people out there fighting for freedom and fighting for you, and there's way more than you think that are on your side.
That's perfectly said.
And anything valuable, anything powerful, they're going to attack.
So as a rule, there's the old saying from World War II, they didn't have radar yet or wasn't deployed yet fully.
That they didn't actually know where the German factories were, but wherever the flak was, they steered towards it.
And sure, you're not getting flak if you fly around the target.
You've got to go into the flak, and we've got to understand that not flying into the flak is going to be much worse than submitting to it, and that's really what this comes down to.
Nick Riccato, thank you so much for joining us today.
People can find your great work at
Thank you, sir.
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I'm guilty every day coming up here and begging you for help, but I'd be more guilty giving up, so I'm just going to do it.
I'm going to beg even harder to stay on air because the work we're doing is so incredible.
I know it's a hard fight, and I appreciate you.
I'm going to hit some huge news out of Reuters.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you for the privilege of being part of your show today.
Yes, sir.
I've been with you.
You often comment how you've been doing this for 28 years.
I'm proud to say I've been with you for 24 of those.
I remember you when I lived in Austin and you were on cable access.
It's awesome to watch where you're at today, sir.
Yes, truly, this is by design.
This is the Deep State at Full Tilt Boogie.
And like any Trojan horse, it's in all levels of our government.
And this goes to what you spoke of earlier today, Alex, about the scripted, you know, media, not the alternative for the most part, but the scripted.
And this is Operation Mockingbird, which you know a lot about that, too.
But going further, yes, for such a time as this, brother, for us who are witnessing what's happening today in the world, not just in our country, but globally, it is definitely by design.
There's no chance.
The numbers would be astronomic for all these things to evolve at once.
So, you know, what we can do as individuals?
Well, you know, I believe in Christ, and what he tells me, I have a sound mind and body, and not to be afraid.
And yes, just like you, I've been vilified for
25 years when I spoke about these things that are unveiling themselves today.
But truly, the veil has been revealed, right?
The veil has been lifted.
A lot of the people that have been blind, they're seeing now.
But the problem I find, Alex, not unlike what you've said earlier, is when I speak about these things to people, even my family, they say the same thing they've always said.
You're crazy.
You are absolutely a nut job.
But the reality is, where I get my information is from people like you, certainly, but more than that, this is predicted, and it's predictable because it's from Scripture.
What we're seeing is the beast, and it's rocking at full tilt.
So, we have to go to who we believe in.
I believe in Christ, and, you know, He'll keep me uplifted and strong.
We either stand now, Alex, or we fall.
Just the way I see it.
So we have to stay strong, and I will be donating to your legal fund, sir.
I can think of no one that deserves it more than you.
You've worked so hard for so many years, and you've been very uplifting and positive in my life, so I thank you for that, sir.
Well, I appreciate you.
I just hate having to come to you guys so much for support, but we're under massive globalist attack.
They're so angry we're not off the air.
SaveInfoWars.com is the place for legal defense funds.
I want to thank folks for the donations.
We've gone through two mega trials that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece, hundreds of depositions, hundreds.
They just assaulted us, everything they've got.
The courts just let them abuse the hell out of us, but it's okay.
We're not victims.
We're overcomers.
One more show trial coming up next year, but we've got these big appeals coming up that are very inexpensive.
We're talking $20,000, $30,000, you know, for the appeals, maybe $10,000 for the arguments.
So three of those, $100,000 together.
Maybe a little more than $100,000.
So the bills go way down, you know, in through Christmas and a little bit of a bill for the next show trial next year.
But I'm not even worried about that.
I want to stay on air to fight the globalists and expose the war they're trying to start and just do that.
And so it's a sign of our victory that they come after us so much and they just hate all of us coming together.
They fear us having a focal point.
So thank you so much, sir.
But the Lord works in mysterious ways and Infowars is having the biggest effect it's ever happened.
So thank you.
All right, we're going to go right to break.
I come back with Roland, and then we're going to go to Mike and Dean and Paul and Kevin and Jeff.
Stay with us back in 60 seconds.
The coordinates are newswars.com, infowars.com, and bandodvideo.
Keep sharing those links.
And we are back live broadcasting worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
And here is the big news.
We'll put it up on screen for everybody.
Poland advises its citizens to leave Belarus.
Now, again, Ukraine was part of Russia.
It's where Russia was founded a thousand years ago.
And north of that is what they call white Russians, Belarus, because they have blonde hair compared to folks in the east.
That's just the name of it, Belarus.
And here's Reuters.
I just point that out because it's all been Russia forever.
Polish citizens in Belarus should leave the country.
Warsaw said on Monday, as relations between the two countries became increasingly tense, in part due to the war in Ukraine, the advice follows a similar recommendation given in September to Poles in Russia, a close ally of Belarus, who recommend the Polish citizens stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, leave its territory
With available commercial and private means, the government sent in guidance for travelers published on its website.
Relations between Warsaw and Minsk deteriorated in 2001 when Poland crossed its eastern neighbor.
By orchestrating a migrant crisis on the border, they've become even more strained with Russian invasion since.
And the reports coming out now are that masses of Russian troops are massing in Belarus, that if you look at the map,
Kiev, the capital, is very close to the border up there, perhaps for an invasion from the north.
The Russians have already invaded from the east into the west.
So, I'm going to take a few calls here, and then going out to break, I'm going to play a short compilation of globalist leaders saying a cyber attack would be the pretext for full war with Russia.
And that is now what we are seeing in a big, big, big way.
So this is again escalating very, very quickly.
Let's talk to Roland in Oklahoma.
Yeah, Alex.
Roland, you're on the air.
Good afternoon.
My belief is they cannot afford to have an election.
They know they're going to be wiped out.
So I think in my heart that they will have some kind of
False flag, maybe a nuclear device or three go off in this country.
As part of the new war, or bring destroying America, we have Chinese troops to the north.
Biden would love to call the United Nations in to our problem, setting up a complete
World War in this country, similar to that, what I experienced in Vietnam.
And that's what's scary to me, because the countdown is less than 30 days.
I think the globalists are trying to push Russia into bigger confrontation before the midterms because the globalists know they're about to lose their main command base.
I mean, I agree with you.
I think we're in the maximum danger right now.
And it's scary.
And people had best realize that and wake up now.
But maybe, maybe this is God's will that we be brought down to our knees.
Well, that's why the Satanists do the transgenderism and the pedophilia and all of us.
They know if they can do enough evil and we don't stop it, God will remove protection.
It's a ritual the Satanists do to make us wide open because they're already sold out.
They don't care what happens to them.
They want to bring us down with them.
You're absolutely right.
And by what they have done to this country the last two years, bringing in all these children, pedophilia, sex trade, everything, drugs, we've got to stand up and stop it.
And that's going to be, we need some good leaders because that is a time of choice.
Do you fight or do you surrender?
Hey Alex, how are you brother?
Yeah, well, look, um, I doubt you remember, but 11, 12 years ago I called in and I was talking to Joel Skelton
And we had a little bit of a debate on air.
I love the man.
Great, great insight.
Very smart man.
I lived in Ukraine.
Okay, long story short, 2015, I was an officer here in Pennsylvania.
I was on special teams, medically qualified on sort teams.
I met a couple up in State College, Pennsylvania.
They invited me to come over.
I was getting ready to retire.
I had job opportunities over there.
Went over.
Stayed in Kiev.
From Kiev, I went to Zaporozhye.
And please, people, they always mispronounce that name.
Zaporozhye is my city.
Met, fell in love with my wife, stayed there.
I was going to be a contractor until I seen the situation and the corruption.
The corruption in Ukraine is unbelievable.
I mean, absolutely.
It's out in the open.
A lot of people may not understand this.
They may not like it.
But like I said, I live there.
I'm now back here in Pennsylvania with my wife.
We still have family over there.
The things that are going on over there, um, it's the culture.
It really is.
They're the most bravest, wonderful people there are.
But, you know, when it comes down to it, um, things are going to happen.
Things are definitely going to happen over there.
I just talked to my little brother, my brother-in-law, I call him my little brother, Anton, this morning.
Zafiroshi got hit very hard.
Very hard.
The mood of the people over there, they're just tired.
They're just tired of it.
They're tired of the corruption, which happened before all of this, before Russia invaded.
People are just tired.
And they just want to survive.
And what we're doing, and what I've seen, when I went over there to be a contractor, I don't want no part of it.
I hear you, Dean.
Great points, and I appreciate your call.
We're going to go to break with a compilation of world leaders saying a cyber attack will be launched by Russia.
They're obviously setting them up.
We'll come back with more of your phone calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
Another area we spent a great deal of time on was cyber and cyber security.
I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructures should be off limits to attack, period.
By cyber or any other means.
I gave them a list.
If I'm not mistaken, I don't have it in front of me, 16 specific entities.
16 defined as critical infrastructure under U.S.
From the energy sector to our water systems.
Of course, the principle is one thing.
It has to be backed up by practice.
Responsible countries need to take action against criminals who conduct ransomware activities on their territory.
So, we agreed to task experts in both our countries to work on specific understandings about what's off limits and to follow up on specific cases that originate in other countries, in either of our countries.
Today, we are reiterating those warnings.
And we're doing so based on evolving threat intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States.
To be clear, there is no certainty there will be a cyber incident on critical infrastructure.
So why am I here?
Because this is a call to action and a call to responsibility for all of us.
But still, pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance
Look, we're being slept-walked into World War III.
There's no doubt about that.
Thank you for joining us on this live Monday, October 10th broadcast.
Taking your phone calls right now.
I've got a special guest popping in next segment to talk about some of the good news that's happening, but also some scary news.
Dealing with the next phase of the COVID power grab.
hospitals brace for unprecedented winter of viruses.
In the vaccinated, of course, who they're killing.
So that's all coming up, but this is a process we've got to go through.
This is what's going to separate the boys from the men.
Let's go back to your phone calls.
Thanks for holding.
Paul in New Jersey, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, believing the mainstream media on this war is like believing what Pfizer says about COVID.
You know, the fact of the matter is there's a money angle to this.
And the mainstream media is all supported and subsidized by the arms manufacturers, and the media is going to respond dutifully to make sure that the advertisements and, you know, support... Oh yeah, I don't believe a word coming out of the media about what's happening over there, but I do out of Russia and from my own sources in the U.S.
military, and Russia's getting a lot harder fight than they thought they'd get.
Yeah, but don't forget, this is, you know, they're planning the long strategy here.
Already, if you think about what they wanted in the beginning of the war, which was just two provinces and keeping Crimea, they wanted the Donetsk and Luhansk liberated.
Now they're getting Zaporizhia and Kherson thrown in, so they're going to gain four oblasts from the look of this.
And they're doing, and they're winning.
Russia is absolutely winning.
It's all a matter of time.
They're taking their time.
They're using excellent strategy.
And I think what's going to happen now, and we're seeing this today, is I think they're going to open up a can of
William Tecumseh, Sherman, whoop-ass, by bringing... So they're going to burn everything to the sea?
Well, not so much that.
They're going to bring the war to the civilians and make them howl.
Because remember what Sherman... You brought up Sherman, so he burned everything from Missouri all the way to the ocean.
Yeah, but more importantly, he brought the pain of the war to civilians.
And once you do that, that undermines the war effort.
But that's what Hitler thought with the British.
Yeah, but here's the thing.
The Western Ukrainians, to me, have been very smug.
They've been the main supporters of the Maidan revolution.
They've been supplying a lot of support for the war.
When they start getting a taste of the cold and are sitting in their apartments shivering in the dark because they don't have electricity, they're not going to have water, and they're not going to have... Well, it is true that most of the power lines in the nuclear power plant have been blown up, so a lot of Ukraine is in darkness.
Yeah, so I think Russia is going to turn on, and you know, they didn't do this for months, but you know, they were trying to keep the kid gloves on, but now I think they're going to open up a can of whoop-ass, and they're going to... Well, I don't think they're going to do it.
They've just done it.
Yeah, and once the infrastructure is down, and the utilities are down in Western Ukraine, I think the support for this war is going to start ending, and they're going to push for a reasonable partition, which is what you have.
Well, how do you know this isn't going to bring NATO fully into the war?
I just think everybody's going to punk out, because simultaneously there's going to be a lot of protests in Europe.
Already they're happening in Prague, Berlin, and in France, because nobody wants... Well, that's how Putin's winning, is the energy.
So why would the globalists blow up the pipeline so Germany wouldn't punk out?
It's just crazy.
Well, that's the West, you know, and the United States trying to push LNG.
That's a fantasy of Americans, to be able to ship American gas.
I spoke with you at the end of August regarding the FEMA climate controls on the East Coast.
And first things first, I'd like to have all the info warriors out there.
Go to the Gregg Reese Reports and float them around the society because of all the blindness and it's just a short... Oh, it's so frustrating to me that Gregg Reese Reports only get 400,000 views on average.
I mean, they're so damn good.
It's the same thing with the John Mayer Reports.
They're all in Bandai video just waiting to wake people up.
They're weaponized truth.
They're just ready.
That's what I bring to people whenever they ask questions.
I say, go watch this, or I'll send them the feed.
Um, but our conversation, uh, got me thinking about the pool beat chess on how to attack our grid.
Um, realistically, I think the grid will just go down long enough for them to, uh, launch their credit score system.
Oh, I agree.
They're not going to lock it down long.
They're going to shut it down and send the Russians in and go, oh, don't worry.
Look, look, look, all the central banks are already saying, soon your bank will be shut in October or November.
And then a new currency is coming out.
I'm not saying they're going to do it, but they're saying they're about to do it.
This is a big deal.
Yeah, about mid-December is what they're saying.
Now, my thought is that they can't really do much other than rolling blackouts because all the nuclear plants will start melting down, and that is just going to go completely opposite of what they want the United States for.
Well, you know the grids all have certain areas that are, you know, quote, backed up by generators, others that aren't.
It'll be so obvious they're going to selectively shut areas off.
Now my thought is, okay, Europe, Ukraine, all that stuff, it's a complete distraction.
People are going to die in Europe.
It's upsetting.
My thought is China is going to back doors in once we start rolling down the blackouts because they've been training in obviously Canada for a few years.
They've got the police setting up all over the place.
You know, I used to say that was impossible, but the media is so controlled that if they put Chinese generals on TV saying we run your life now, the average leftist would salute them in a minute.
Yeah, actually I spoke with Owen last February and brought this up to him, and I thought that it was kind of odd that they were training with the Canadians in the wintertime, and he was like, you know, I don't see that happening.
Now you see all these
I see videos out of Canada where like 500 paramilitary troops that don't look like fat asses are just running down the road in Canada and now they admitted to quote watch Chinese citizens in America and Canada.
I mean we are just this is a joke.
I mean our government is totally criminal has sold us out.
They've been, uh, Chinese firms, which we know is the government, have been buying up farmland all around our military bases, specifically the Drone Base in North Dakota.
And, uh, it's a scary thing.
Now, my concern is the, uh, all these ships that are sitting offshore that are painted with the, uh, you know, how they paint it.
And look, these are all women.
These are sex operatives they're going to put in and take over the politicians.
They've got armies of sex operatives in our country now.
This is Canada.
Oh yeah, the Chinese merchant marine is really their navy.
We're completely infiltrated.
God bless you, sir.
Appreciate your call.
All right.
Constitutional lawyer Thomas Rims joined us.
Really appreciate him coming on today with all this huge news unfolding.
We've got the Surgeon General of Florida saying 84% increase in death of men from heart attacks in certain age groups.
We're going to be looking at that.
We're going to be looking at
All the big developments.
He's heavily involved suing Big Pharma.
He's a real hero.
He joins us on the other side of this break.
This is big, important news.
It's one of the fronts we're actually winning on.
Though there's been a lot of carnage and collateral damage, we are winning on the front of exposing the poison.
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for this.
The Russians just blew up the German consulate.
And there are strikes all over the country.
It may be a false flag, probably not.
Putin said he's going to start targeting NATO targets inside Ukraine.
So, you don't need spider sense, folks, or the Holy Ghost to know this is dangerous.
But let me tell you something.
I've told you this for months.
I'm guilty every day.
But I haven't loaded up my Winnebago.
I got a Winnebago I haven't used in years.
I never take time off and just left.
But I'm not doing it because we have a chance to stop this.
But this is real as a heart attack.
Now let's talk about some of the positive news before I host some of the next hour and finish up with Kevin and others and get all this breaking news on the war with Thomas Renz who I had booked for a full hour.
He's an incredible patriot.
I apologize we had to cut him 30 minutes but he understands with this huge war news.
To give you some good news.
A silver lining in this nightmare.
Studies in Germany, studies in the UK, studies in Canada, Oxford studies, studies in the US, the Surgeon General, medical doctor, now we learned they're doing a year-long study, 84% increase in heart attacks.
Now, we already knew that.
18 to 39.
That's bad news.
But the good news is we have champions that are saying no, and this literally is going to scare the hell out of the globalists.
So on so many fronts, like gain of function, you name it, people are waking up.
Thomas Renz is a well-known successful lawyer.
He has been spearheading filing lawsuits against Big Pharma, having some really good success.
He's also a very articulate individual.
To learn to get him on with some updates on, I see this as extremely positive.
I've seen national numbers.
We're having uptake.
Oh man, I tell you Alex, I actually had the privilege of being able to watch you before I came on and I'll tell you I didn't expect to do this but I'd like to talk a little bit about COVID and the war.
Let me put this out there.
We just filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against EcoHealth Alliance and several others for the creation of SARS-CoV-2 in the lab in Wuhan, China with the Chinese.
So we've alleged that they've created it there.
We believe we can prove it in court.
And we're going to show it.
I think we're going to win this.
We've got a first-hand whistleblower.
We've got all these different things.
This is the greatest conspiracy ever unleashed on mankind.
Six and a half million dead by their numbers, right?
They kill six and a half million dead.
You've seen all sorts of distractions coming up to the election, coming up to all this.
You know, we filed one of the biggest lawsuits in history on this sort of thing.
All of a sudden, we've got some major talk of some war stuff.
We've got some... Oh!
No, no, no, no.
Go ahead.
Sir, I'm listening to you.
Oh, okay.
So we got some major talks of some war stuff.
We got some major talks of some chaos of all this stuff going on.
So the question I would ask is given that we, we put this lawsuit out there and given that we just released a report that tied this to Hunter Biden.
That tied this to the U.S.
intelligence community.
That tied this to the military-industrial complex.
Isn't it convenient that with all these ties to all these people that suddenly we're talking about a war?
No, I totally, absolutely agree with you, Thomas Prince.
In fact, when I was driving into work this morning, I was going to say, even the nuclear war situation is a distraction from this chemical, biological, nanotech attack that has been the viral release and the shots.
And you're absolutely right.
Tell people about the lawsuit that you just filed.
So, I mean, listen, this is kind of like, you know, if you build a dynamite factory and your dynamite factory blows up and kills a bunch of people around the factory,
Well, you're going to get sued.
You're going to have to pay for the dead people, the people who died from your dynamite factory blowing up.
Well, in this case, we've alleged that they created a bioweapon, that we've alleged that they've created SARS-CoV-2 in a lab.
We've alleged that they've created one of the most dangerous biological agents in history, and that that agent then got out and killed millions of people.
Well, if that happens, guess who's got to pay for those deaths?
Guess who's got to pay for that carnage?
The lockdowns and all the chaos.
And that's without the six and a half million dead doesn't even count the death from the vaccines, the death from everything else.
I mean, the abject chaos.
So, you know, this to me is the first major step towards accountability, and I'm really excited about it.
I am too, and I know you have my Skype feeds.
You can see me talking over you, so you stopped.
I was telling the crew when we archived this at Bandot Video, I'll tell them, hey, grab this clip and put it up front, because what you were saying was so powerful.
But I distracted you.
I was telling them, hey, grab this clip and put it up front for Bandot Video.
This is so huge.
You've fought a lot of suits.
You've been successful.
Now a billion dollar against Peter Daszak and this whole criminal cabal.
Elaborate on that, and then walk through how big this is.
Well, you know, we've got a first-hand whistleblower and we released a couple weeks ago a report and that report showed a number of things.
It showed that, first of all, it's almost inarguable that this was created in the lab in Wuhan, China.
It shows that Anthony Fauci almost absolutely certainly lied to Congress and perjured himself when he said that he wasn't funding gain of function.
I mean, these are documents that they have given us.
We have their documentation that basically show this, right?
So we've got all of these things coming out.
We've got all these things that show that essentially Fauci paid these guys to experiment on a bunch of viruses.
The result was that SARS-CoV-2 came out, it spread out, got out of the lab, killed people all over the world.
And you know, the rest is history.
So what we've done is we said, listen, if we can show that you guys have done this and that this did escape from the lab, there should be liability under current tort law, civil liability.
So we filed a suit and you know, it's very tough to sue the government on something like this.
Much easier to sue a private entity.
And so we filed suit where we think it belongs.
We believe we've got the right defendants here.
But we included John and Jane Doe, one through a thousand.
And we did that so that if the evidence shows that someone else is a necessary party who should be added, we can add them to the lawsuit.
So class action?
Well, we'll see.
We'll see where it goes.
We're going to go where the evidence takes us.
We have to be very disciplined and very careful to do this case exactly right, and we're doing our very best to do it.
Make Americans Free again, and it's helped an immense amount with this.
Another attorney named Patty Finn, and we've got a couple other attorneys.
Patty is a brilliant attorney out of New York.
She's done a great job on this.
We're just as excited as can be because we feel like if we can actually get this, get some accountability here,
That it'll open the floodgates and we'll be able to really kind of move on and hit this in all these different directions.
So millions are watching right now, and I know you filed this suit, and I got distracted with the war and didn't bring that up front.
What is the headline we give to this once we archive it and ban it on videos and go viral?
Billion-dollar, Americans filed a billion-dollar suit against Fauci, Wuhan, or against Peter Daszak, Wuhan, or against Chinese Lab?
What should the headline be here?
What's the big takeaway?
A billion dollar lawsuit filed against EcoHealth Alliance for the death of 6.5 million.
I mean, we're not right now suing for all 6.5 million.
We'll see what happens.
But if it turns out that they're responsible for the death of our plaintiffs, they'll probably be responsible for the death of everybody else under the same principles of law.
And, you know, at the end of the day, if you do something that's ultra hazardous and ultra dangerous under the law, and for whatever reason,
Yeah, that that causes the death of a whole bunch of people.
Well, you're typically liable.
And in this case, we've got gain of function research going on all over.
And Alex, you know, let me tell you about punitive damages.
Punitive damages are in court called punishment damages, right?
And they're not something that the courts love to do.
And it's not something that we always want to ask for as attorneys.
But these guys performed gain-of-function research on what they knew was a pandemic-type virus.
They made it more dangerous.
It escaped.
And these are all things that we've alleged and will prove in the case.
Now, as if that wasn't enough, as if the six and a half million dead people around the world isn't enough, Anthony Fauci just gave Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance another grant to do more gain-of-function in Wuhan, China.
More of the same.
We'll talk to him in a moment.
He'll do five minutes the next hour with us.
I'll come back in a few final calls at this big Russia development news.
Russia strike hits German consulate in Ukraine as capital's unprecedented escalation.
Separately, there is a run on iodine products right now because of the threat of nuclear war.
We're not selling X2 or X3 as an anti-radiation drug.
We're not selling it as a treatment for radiation.
We're not selling to protect from nuclear war.
Being politically involved, stopping war is the way to not get bombed.
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All right.
Well, I think it's critical, right?
So, I mean, if you look at what's happened, and I think your headline today is probably the most important.
You know, we look, we've got the same guys
That are behind, you know, what's going on with this war in Ukraine from the U.S.
And we just hit the pipeline, right?
I mean, it looks like the U.S.
hit the pipeline.
We see the U.S.
seeming to be involved with escalation.
Well, Alex, these are the same guys who funded the creation of SARS-CoV-2.
They funded this.
They supported this.
USAID, In-Q-Tel, all these crews were involved with this, right?
We know this.
We've got documents.
We've got paperwork.
We can show this.
At bare minimum, does anybody on this planet believe that we traded and put the technology in Wuhan, China to create what is essentially a bioweapon?
To create SARS-CoV-2, to do that genetic manipulation, and to create a dangerous pathogen like that.
Does anybody believe that we did all of that?
And that our military-industrial complex, our intelligence community, and all these other people didn't know about it?
Does anybody believe that?
You throw in the fact that we've got In-Q-Tel and CIA involvement and all these different things that we can show or have witnesses talking about.
It's hard to fathom that they aren't panicked right now, that their role in this might come out.
Now, am I saying that that's why we've got things going on in Ukraine?
Nah, I can't prove that.
But boy, the timing sure is funny.
Well, let me back you up.
I said this two years ago.
I said when the carnage from the shots comes out and the virus comes out, they'll start a war or something else to distract from the last crisis.
I think long before you filed your suit or the public woke up, they had the next crisis ready to distract us from the last.
That's just how they operate.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, listen, they've got to do something about this.
You know, the mainstream, I got to tell you, I don't think, I think I might be the only guy on the planet that's almost as censored as you are in the mainstream.
It's unbelievable.
You know, we've got, we're out here, we've produced everything that you could possibly need to show that Anthony Fauci probably perjured himself in front of Congress, that Hunter Biden should be investigated, that Joe Biden should be investigated, that this was created in a lab, that Anthony Fauci funded it.
We've given them everything they need.
Yet, despite this, crickets.
Well, guess what?
You want to ignore the report, that's fine.
Now you try and ignore the lawsuit.
Good luck on that one.
Because we're going to hold these people accountable, and I'm going to be really interested to see how much loyalty there is amongst thieves.
You know, Fauci and Dasik and all these guys, we got their emails of them collaborating and talking about the fact that they're going to cover up the lab origins of this.
You know, it'll be really interesting to see how loyal these guys are to each other when they start getting drugged in front of the court for the kind of money that we're going after.
I agree.
And Thomas Renz of Renz Law, tell us, where do we read the lawsuit?
I've seen the great video you guys produced on Rumble.
We're going to post it on the live show feed at InfoWars.com.
How does this great audience of amazing activists from every race, color, and creed, how do we help you force this through into the public consciousness?
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, you're taking the New World Order on at point-blank range, folks.
It takes money to win, and people should support you.
This is a war.
Let's shift gears.
What do you make of Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, the Surgeon General, and his big report, his big study?
Good news.
84% increase in death from in 1839 from heart attacks, myocarditis after the mRNA shots.
This is exciting to have this coming out.
Yeah, and I've met LeDoppo a few times.
He's a real good guy.
He's an honest guy.
He's a legitimate scientist, and he's a very, very smart guy.
You know, he's doing what every scientist ought to be doing, looking at numbers and then actually doing something with it.
I think, Alex, I think this is the death knell of this whole COVID fraud.
I think that's why this is all happening.
I think this guy, I think the work that we're doing, you know, we wanted to consistently keep pressure on these guys until it finally broke.
And I think that's where we are.
I think we've won this.
I think they know we've won it.
I think it's now just a matter of time and ensuring accountability.
I think that Ladapo, I think DeSantis, I think all these guys are fighting to get truth out on this.
Everybody's done.
We have to ensure accountability now.
Isn't it a shame that Trump did a good job on so many fronts, but he's letting, I don't care who does it, but he's letting DeSantis, DeSantis knows the right thing to do, he's doing the right thing, and Trump is doubling down.
Very sad for Trump.
I'm praying to God that Donald hears our message and gets behind us.
He's done so much amazing work for America.
One of the most incredible presidents we've had, the guy stood through attacks like no one should have to stand through.
But he has not been able to get the message from this.
Uh, you know, for whatever reason, I know you spoke out on it.
You know, I'm speaking out on it.
I believe that the Donald has to come out here.
You know, I support him as a man, as a president, but on this one issue, he has not been where he needs to be.
And I pray that we can get him the information.
And in fact, I will reiterate what I said, I think the last time I was here.
If the President will let us, I will raise the money and fly any experts he wants to talk to to Mar-a-Lago to give him a full brief on the actual truth about the vaccines, the disease, and everything else.
I would be honored to do it.
He spoke out against Remdesivir that kills people.
He spoke up for hydroxychloroquine and for other things that really, really, really, really help people.
And then he got good things approved, like the Regeneron.
He was just trying to help, but he knows he's tied to it, so he doesn't want to believe it.
But he wasn't a scientist.
They lied to him.
They created it.
They set him up.
He's got to get ahead of this.
I don't think there's much more time for him to do that.
I agree with you very much.
You know, I mean, ultimately, you know, he's not a scientist.
He had the smartest people in the world who are actually there.
Their brilliance isn't so much in science.
It's in defrauding people.
I mean, these guys are the biggest, best liars on the planet.
And their entire job was to convince him that, you know, they were doing right.
They've admitted it.
Birx has admitted her job was to lie.
I mean, I don't know what else you need.
So yeah, they did.
They lied to him.
But at the end of the day, at the end of the day,
The Donald did so much, there's no question that he's got the best interests of our country at heart.
He just needs to come out and get out in front of this one.
Absolutely, but the good news is regardless of what he does, everybody's turning against him.
The news is coming out, almost no one's taking the shots.
This did not go the way Pfizer, Moderna, and Bill Gates wanted it to.
I'll tell you what, regardless of what anyone on this planet does, regardless of my support for the Donald or anybody else, I'm going to fight this till I win it or till I can't fight it anymore.
We're going to win this.
We're going to have freedom and we're going to get accountability for every single person.
Who had to pay the price of these scumbag monsters trying to steal our country, steal our world, and make the trillions of dollars that they've made.
We will hold them accountable.
But things are turning, I mean, fast against them.
They are panicking.
They are scared.
It's why they doubled down and gave more money to the Eco Alliance to try to act like they've done nothing wrong.
It's disgusting.
So I want to talk about where else you think this goes, what the next shoot-a-drop is.
Then, the latest Russia news.
Russia confirms they blew up the German consulate in Ukraine.
Quite an escalation.
I don't support what Russia did.
I don't support what the U.S.
did or NATO.
This is insane!
It needs to stop now!
You crazy people!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're living in incredible times where I'm denied a defense and sued for eight plus billion dollars for questioning Sandy Hook.
But then when you create a bioweapon and release it and kill six million people, you're good.
Thomas Renz, Renz-Law.com.
We've got a huge Russia escalation.
I mean, this is the biggest news yet.
It's so insane.
Next segment, we've got a couple calls from Kevin and others we're going to finish up for.
Gerald Cilente takes over, but I wanted to have Thomas Renz filing his billion-dollar lawsuit that's at Renz-Law.com against the Eco Alliance and the terrorists that created, from my research, the COVID-19 virus and released it.
Key points you want to add, and what you think is coming next?
You know, I don't think anybody knows what's coming next, Alex.
Here's the thing.
If you look at the arc of what's happened, and I've been pulled into everything, because the same people behind COVID are behind all of this.
So if you look, so you've got COVID, you've got the lockdowns.
The lockdowns facilitate this nonsense with the elections.
You know, the drop boxes everywhere, 2,000 mules, all that stuff.
And the economic collapse, the collapse of the third world, their whole agenda.
The economic collapse, the food, now you see it translating down to the food, and it's always the same people, the same people, the same people.
Well, we know, you know, I mean, listen, if you watch, if you're watching InfoWars, which you ought to, you probably know that, you know, some of this stuff's been talked about, you know, Event 2050, all these things going way, way back, right?
And there's actual paperwork that backs all this stuff.
When Alex is talking, by the way, audience, when Alex is talking, he's not just talking, he's done some homework.
So when we look at this, I think they had to expedite things.
I think they had to rush things.
And I think that what's happened now is COVID didn't go the way they thought.
They could never account for nobody's like me fighting like we have.
You know, they could never account for we the people rising up.
They could never account for people saying, no, we're not going to do this.
And that's what's happened.
And so now you've got this total collapse of one of the core tenants of this whole plan.
Well, if we start getting accountability, and particularly when we start tying in the guys who are funding this and behind it, which, by the way, we have paperwork on.
That's going to start really causing some problems.
So I think they're panicked.
And I don't know what they're going to do next.
But I will tell you this, it is a dangerous time.
And it's a dangerous time precisely because there's no going back on this.
This killed six and a half million people.
The economic collapse, disastrous.
The results, everything that's happening is disastrous.
And now we're doing a war to try and cover things up.
I'm going to be honest with you, Alex.
I don't know what's going to happen, but what I do know is that the most dangerous animal is a cornered animal, and we've got some globalist monsters and some communist monsters and some enemies of America around the world cornered on a bunch of different things, and we're going to start shedding the light of truth on them.
But here's the problem.
I agree with you.
They're cornered, but so are we, by poison shots, economic collapse, out-of-control crime.
So that's like the immovable object runs into the unstoppable force.
Yeah, it absolutely is.
But I will tell you what, there's one universal truth.
Tyranny is always an illusion.
We the people ultimately have the power, and that's the one thing they fear.
That's why they censor us.
That's why they attack you.
That's why they try and shut down InfoWars.
That's why they go after everybody that speaks out, because they fear the people.
So if we can get the word out, if we can share this message, there's a reason my ugly mug keeps going on TV, and it ain't because I'm purdy.
It's because we've got to get the message out.
If we get the message out and we got enough people standing up for the truth, we will win this.
That is why they controlled Facebook.
That's why they controlled the media.
That's why they controlled Twitter.
That's why they did all what they did.
And at the end of the day, Alex, guys like you and I, we have the responsibility to educate people and to make sure that they're aware of what's going on because we the people win.
Thomas Rins, I totally agree.
We're not trying to say we're warriors, but it's an info and culture war.
We are warriors.
It's up to every man, woman, and child to be fully committed to this fight.
Everybody should go to Rins-Law.com and get the video where you break this down and the lawsuit.
We'll talk to you soon.
Let's get an update next week, sir.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
Look around you.
Everything I predicted from the Globalist's own documents, from their own admissions, is now happening.
Infowars credibility, my credibility has never been higher.
And it's because of your backing of this operation that I can steadfastly, despite the censorship and the boycotts and the attacks and the lawsuits, stay on air.
But now we're reaching the most critical juncture in the fight together.
So I want to ask all of you today to help keep me on the air.
In my decades on air, I've never asked for personal donations.
But I'm being forced by the bankruptcy court to pay for 40% of the legal fees, and I can't fund those myself.
It's unsustainable.
So please, visit.
14 hours ago, Putin threatened that he's about to escalate attacks.
It happened.
They've now blown up the German
Consulate in the capital of Ukraine.
So it's a full-bar war with Russia.
Here's Putin earlier today.
The Kiev regime has placed itself alongside international terrorist organizations, the most notorious ones.
And it is impossible to leave these crimes without a due response.
This morning, on the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, and according to the plan,
Um, strikes using high precision weapons from land, sea and air carries were made against objects in the in the Ukrainian territory.
We will make a serious
So there you go.
That's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
So Poland's advising their population to leave Belarus that's north of Ukraine, very close to the capital of Ukraine, and there's massive Russian troops
Building up in that area.
Russia strikes hit German consulate Ukraine's capital unacceptable escalation German foreign minister spokesman has confirmed the building which houses the German consulate Kiev was hit by Russian missiles and Monday's large-scale attacks so not since World War two as it's gone on with the Germans and the Russians and there's been attacks in at least 20 cities the statement noted however that the consulate has not been producing visas or been in operation since the war started so they just blew up the Russian
If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?
Ukrainian Army's Commander-in-Chief poses with swastika bracelet.
I checked this.
It's true.
It's in Getty Images.
He's wearing a bracelet with swastikas on it.
Which, to them, their grandfathers fought against the Russians.
Half of Ukraine was Nazi.
Hitler said his best soldiers were Ukrainian.
So, we're right back to World War II, folks.
This is just disgusting.
All hell is breaking loose.
You know, I've been getting better about taking phone calls.
I've been on air 28 years.
First 5-6 years on air, man, I could take 100 calls in a show.
I got kind of bad at it, but we're getting a little bit better.
So I'm getting to every caller every day.
So Kevin in Pennsylvania has been holding a while.
He's our last caller.
I'm going to hit some final news ahead of Gerald Cilente taking over.
Kevin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Two points I want to touch on.
So, the globalists are anti-human, as you know, and there's a formula for that that I kind of came up with.
It's disease plus poverty plus slavery and death.
And the inversion of that, the inversion of that, is the pro-human formula, which is health plus wealth equals freedom of life.
Think about all the things they do.
There's a lot of crime in general.
It affects your health and wealth, freedom of life in a negative way.
And like I learned from listening to your show, inversion is a big part of this, because really the globalists are safe.
And it's all about deception.
Inversion's a big part of that.
People have to really pay attention to that.
That's right, and they're not creative.
All they know how to do is invert what God does.
So whatever God does, they flip, which is easy to beat them.
Once you realize it's a flipping, it's not like you're dealing with something you can't calculate.
It's why my job's so easy.
It's an inversion.
Yeah, you just flip it.
It's like simple arithmetic.
And what they do, like you said on your show all the time, is they create a problem, and they often weaponize solutions to that problem, which makes the problem worse.
And whether it's COVID or climate change, they create this problem.
Like climate change being man-made, it's a fake problem, but COVID is a real problem.
They create it, then they offer the solution, and the solution makes it worse because there's another bioweapon.
And then people say, why don't they want to fix it?
They run things because they're anti-human.
They want to kill us.
And once you get that, it all makes sense.
It's not like, oh, they're just screwing up.
No, they're not screwing up.
It's a formula to destroy us.
Yeah, the weapon, they want to commit crime.
But they gotta do it in a way that makes them think they're helping you.
Because the best weapon is a weapon that is believed to be help and aid, and the best enemy, the most effective enemy, is the enemy believed to be a friend and ally.
So they gotta hurt you, but they wanna do it, it can't be obvious about it.
They have to say, oh, we're trying to help you with this problem.
But really, they're behind the problem, and the solution they're offering makes it worse.
The other thing I wanted to touch on is Trump not admitting that COVID vaccines are killing people.
I think this is critical because this is the one issue that if you can't admit that then you really shouldn't be running for office because...
This is being catastrophic for the world.
This is the biggest political issue of our time right now.
No, and I agree, but here's what's happening.
Trump is being made obsolete by Joseph A. LeDapo, the amazing, super smart, really cool Surgeon General of Florida, and by Ron DeSantis.
And so I don't care who gets the job done to stop the poison shots, if Trump wants to be an idiot and go along with the New World Order because he doesn't want to admit he was wrong, he'll just be
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
He's standing up.
And if Trump doesn't come out against the shots and people are going to look at that, they're going to see through it and say, okay, well there's something going on here.
I think he did well.
He did really well first.
I love Trump.
That's what's so sad about it.
I appreciate your call.
And again, this is what frustrates me.
They've had Democratic Party operatives.
They've had the system.
They had the trial lawyers.
In our negotiations for settlement in Sandy Hooker, Connecticut, they didn't even care.
We said, can we say this?
Yeah, go ahead and say it.
They said, we want you to come out against the Second Amendment and we will drop these lawsuits.
I said, hell no.
But to them, it's like buying and selling souls.
They think nothing of it.
Like the average leftist wants a job in the government or a job in a corporation for being a dirtbag.
I want to promote freedom however I can, wherever I can, and I fight to do it.
But they actually think like, hey, what's your price?
They've come to me.
The Kissinger Group, you know, News Corp, Roger Ailes, who wasn't as evil as them, but like, what do you want?
Book deals, jobs, everything.
I was offered the deals.
And I'm like, I want to stop tyranny.
I don't want money for money's sake to live in a hellhole country sold out to Satan.
I'll take money all day long.
Nice swimming pools, everything.
I'm not against that stuff, but I'm not selling anybody out for it.
What I want is success and victory for humanity.
I want my grandkids to look back and say, that guy stood up to tyranny.
That guy stood up for freedom.
We're proud of him.
Nobody remembers the people that suck Satan's... You know what?
So I'm not some hero in this fight that I'm willing to fight these people.
What they're selling is collapse and death and nuclear war.
I'm into self-preservation.
That's why people say I'm a hero.
No, I'm not.
I'm selfish.
I want to live in a free country.
I want to have a future.
I don't want to be a slave.
I don't want to be spied on.
I don't want to be forcibly ejected.
I don't do this out of heroism.
I do it because I know evil doesn't work.
There's a run on iodine right now.
People think it protects them during nuclear attack.
It has some effect for some isotopes in thyroid.
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We were going to end Sunday, the super sale across the board, 40 to 50% off, but I'm going to go ahead and have an emergency broadcast Wednesday till midnight with a bunch of special guests, not just my regular show, to fund the operation.
So look for that Wednesday.
It's going to run at least through Wednesday, the big sale.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, one of my good friends, Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster, is about to take over on the other side of this break.
And then in 45 minutes, Owen Schroyer and the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
Only way the broadcast gets out is you share the links.
Only when we break through the censors is you.
And remember, the propaganda would not be necessary and the situation was hopeless.
So The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, Owen Schroyer, 8 a.m.
Harrison Smith and American Journal only at InfoWars.com.
Gerald Cilente in four minutes.
Stay with us.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as that cover of the Trends Journal shows, that they just set up there, that was back in two days before
Russia invaded, not that one, the other one you had there with the bomb.
It was two days before Russia invaded Ukraine.
Our headline was COVID War, Ukraine War, World War.
You know, Alex said this is a continuation of World War II.
No, we see it as World War III has begun.
It's not going to hit the people until there's a nuclear strike or a false flag, a very disastrous one.
It's already begun.
As I say over and over again, in school they teach you the baloney that World War I began when they assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo.
Oh yeah?
What's an Archduke?
And who cares about a Sarajevo?
Oh, and World War II began when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
Nothing was leading up to it.
No, no, no, no.
It all began in one strike.
And that's what they're going to do.
And there was a guest that Alex Jones had on.
You know, he very passionately said, we have to educate the people more so we can reverse this.
I respectfully disagree.
All the information you give the people that don't know already is not going to make one bit of difference.
I used to get upset when I was a kid.
And my father would say, son, take it easy.
You know, when people couldn't understand what was going on.
He said, people have little minds.
What we have to do is unite those of us who already see what's going on and understand the implication.
You're not going to, the fools are going to be fools forever.
So there's that great quote by Samuel Adams.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
And that's what we have to do.
We have to unite and take action.
It's no, it doesn't make one bit of difference if you know what's going on and don't do anything to change it.
And of course, you know, InfoWars is doing it, we're doing it.
You know, we had this big rally over here.
Freedom, Peace and Justice.
July 23rd.
Scott Ritter, Judge Napolitano, Phil Giraldi, Gary Null.
You know, fighting for peace.
But that's not enough.
We have to really make this thing happen.
You know, these stupid people that are building bomb shelters.
Oh, your life is going to be wonderful after the nuclear explosions and you come out of your shelter.
Oh, it'll be so much fun out there.
If a nuclear bomb goes off, man, I want to be right around that thing.
I want to go out like dust.
You think I want to live in a post-nuclear world?
Everybody get this in your head.
The people that are running and ruining our lives are mentally ill.
They are out of their mind.
They are sick human beings.
They belong in mental institutions.
And you know what the mental institution is?
Little stupid boys and girls?
It's called Washington DC!
The freak house!
That's it!
Congress is a mental institution!
It's filled with freaks!
Who's your favorite freak?
I like Mitch McConnell.
I can't find a freakier, arrogant piece of crap than him.
Oh, you didn't see that Peter Schiff over there?
Oh, not Peter Schiff, excuse me.
Peter Schiff is great.
That other guy, Schiff, out there in California.
Matter of fact, I just did a podcast with Peter Schiff.
He's terrific.
That other guy, that little clown boy.
Hey, look at this guy!
Look at this guy!
Taking orders!
Taking orders!
Taking orders from that clown!
Hey, how about Lindsey Graham?
Hey, Lindsey!
Did you come out of the closet yet?
You arrogant boy!
The man that likes every war!
Go over there and fight, man!
Put on your military drag and lead the charge, fat mouth!
And all you other fat mouths out there that support this war!
Dress up, take your money, and go die!
I like Nancy Pelosi.
No, little Chuckie Schumer!
He's for me!
Get it in your head, everybody!
These arrogant, psychopathic, pathological, sociopathic freaks have taken us to World War III and the world is ready to explode.
There's gonna be a false flag or a nuclear strike.
And what are you doing about it?
What are you doing about it personally?
Yeah, there's the one.
She goes to Taiwan.
What the hell are you doing in Taiwan?
And I don't give a damn about Taiwan!
Get it in your head!
I care about my...
Country of America that's going down the toilet because all you crapsters flush the crap out of your mouth and into our society.
You like the homeless situation?
You like, what is it, 60% of the people living paycheck to paycheck?
45% of the people making six figures living paycheck to paycheck?
And you're setting $70 billion of our money to go kill people?
Because you're murderers!
You like the Iraq War, huh?
Hey, America!
Isn't America great-looking?
Hey, take the subway in New York.
Get a knife in your back!
No, walk Fifth Avenue and get your throat slit!
East Side, West Side, all around the town!
Look how low it's gone!
My kind of town.
Chicago is my kind of town.
One of the greatest murder rates.
Oh, and the clown that plays the mayor.
Can't make this crap up.
Yes, you can.
One of the callers said earlier about the disaster of the COVID war.
Unprecedented in, unprecedented in human history.
The damage it's done is incalculable.
And as I keep saying over and over again, when all else fails, they take you to war.
And that's what they're doing.
They've taken us to war.
They've taken us to war.
It's over.
Peace and freedom, gone.
Support InfoWars.
Support the truth or get your brains blown out by morons and imbeciles.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and listen, do everything you can to support InfoWars because these are critical times and they're doing everything they can to censor everybody that speaks out for peace,
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You're fighting the battle for freedom.
Alex Jones, the great staff, do what you can.
Before I go on to back to what's going on in the Ukraine war, I want to talk about what's going on in the economy.
And this is very serious.
The markets opened up today and then it went back down.
You're looking at the Nasdaq now, it's at a two-year low.
And this thing's going down big, it's going down hard.
We are going to go into the worst financial crisis, socio-economic crisis in modern history.
And it's global.
And we're doing better than other countries because the dollar is strong.
And the only reason the dollar is strong is because the other currencies are so weak, because the dollar is not worth crap.
Woody has 31 trillion dollars in official debt.
When you put the real numbers in there, it's like 200 trillion.
So this is very serious.
And you better prepare.
You help prepare with InfoWars products because you have to stay strong.
And I don't give financial advice in the Trends Journal.
We tell you what's going on.
What it means and what to do.
But you do what you want to do, we don't tell you.
And to me, even though gold prices are going down, that's the number one, the number one safe haven asset.
Silver number two.
Precious or the most precious metal.
Because all these currencies aren't worth anything.
You're looking at the Indian rupee hitting new lows.
You have inflation over there in Argentina, it's like about 80 to 100 percent, some ridiculous number.
You're looking at the British sterling.
Nothing shiny about it.
It recently hit all-time low.
So as we're looking at the markets, there's nothing to push them up.
There's a thing called a Plunge Protection Team.
Isn't that a nice name that the white shoe boys at Wall Street give it for rigging the markets?
Plunge Protection Team.
Hey, we're losing money.
Let's rig the market.
And we use the Federal Reserve to do it.
This is serious.
And it's only going to get worse.
You look at oil prices.
Yeah, they're down a little bit today.
They're around $95 a barrel for Brent crude.
$95 a barrel?
Oh, that's all?
Wait till the winter.
Over there in Germany, the people are paying 147% more in natural gas prices.
Business is going out of business one after another.
Italy, over 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses going out of business, thanks to the COVID war, and thanks to the moronic sanctions that the morons, imbeciles, low-life pieces of scum crap, politicians, the mentally ill, deranged, arrogant little freaks, who don't go fight wars, but go send your kids to go fight them,
These are the freaks that are leading us into devastation.
Doing nothing, nothing, but wasting our money and leading us into oblivion.
We, there you go, look at that, there's a little clown, little Bolton.
Now there's an arrogant little boy.
Do you think that little clown could fight his way out of a paper bag?
I'll tell you what, Bolton.
I'll have a fight for peace with you.
I'm probably older than you.
I'll be 76 in November.
Yep, spirit of 76.
Can you imagine that little fat mouth fighting for peace?
But that little freak loves every damn war!
They don't have me on TV!
They used to have me on Oprah!
Been on her twice!
The Today Show, Good Morning America, every year, all the time!
CNN, all of them!
We don't like you, Solenti!
You think for yourself!
We're prostitutes.
We're media whores.
We get paid to put out by our corporate pimps and our government whoremasters because only prostitutes would quote a piece of crap like Bolton.
How about bringing that guy Petraeus on?
Oh yeah, the former general that's going to tell you what's going on in Ukraine and Russia.
A guy that lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Oh, but he knows best, along with all these other experts that got it wrong.
World War III has begun.
If we don't stop it, we're going to die in nuclear annihilation.
You keep hearing the nuke word, you got it?
But maybe one day what will happen is, they've just hacked our bank.
Those dirty Russians.
You can't get your money out.
Oh, but don't worry.
Don't worry about it.
We'll see what we can do.
I tell the story of what happened on 9-11 when I tried to get my certificates of deposit out of the banks.
Couldn't get them.
Sorry, Mr. Salenti.
CDs are traded on Wall Street and Wall Street's closed.
F you.
That's where we're at.
You better prepare.
Prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen and you're prepared, you lose nothing.
If you're not prepared for the worst, then the worst happens.
We'll be right back in a few.
So remember, do what you can to support InfoWars, support the truth, support peace on Earth.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show, and remember, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Because by supporting InfoWars, you're supporting yourself.
Because they're doing everything they can to bring the truth out there that we need so badly now.
You know, the media... Again, I call them prestitutes.
In fact, you can Wikipedia it up.
I made up that name.
This is from CNBC.
Russian missile strike on Kiev and other cities draw angry condemnation.
Ukraine will halt electricity exports to the EU.
Top officials in the United States.
You mean top official pieces of crap.
Save this official words and dignitaries.
Shove it.
Some clown over there, some jerk said,
And the European Union and the United Nations expressed shock and horror Monday over Russia's coordinated missile strikes on civilian areas in Ukraine's major city.
President Joe Biden said the attacks quote, once again demonstrate the utter brutality of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine.
Let's just stop on that one.
The attacks once again demonstrate the utter brutality?
Hey Biden, all the wars that you voted for, every one.
Oh, you little draft dodger, you little fat-mouthed coward that didn't go to Vietnam and got all those draft deferments.
But all those other wars you supported, and the millions of people that America killed in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Libya.
Oh, those aren't brutal attacks.
But the media never said that.
No, no, no.
Only the Russians are the bad guys, and I'm going to keep going with this to show you their hypocrisy.
Secretary General.
What Secretary General?
Some little clown freak that can't get a job in the real world that's a member of the club!
Antonio Guterres was, quote, shocked by the attacks.
How come you weren't shocked by all the attacks of America's murderous wars, fat-mouthed clown boy?
Look at this jerk!
Look at this imbecile!
Look at him!
Follow his orders!
Follow his orders!
I'm the Secretary General!
Hey, Secretary, uh, take this letter down.
That's Secretary General.
Where were you?
Where was the United Nations?
Where was the media covering America's wars?
Day after day of the slaughter of the Iraqis.
Hey, Fallujah's a great place, isn't it?
In addition to the human toll, the strikes damaged significant parts of Ukraine.
That's Russia's strikes, right?
This is how they covered the destruction of the bridge over there in Crimea.
This is the Wall Street Journal today.
Russia moves to repair bridge to Crimea after attack.
How come?
How come it wasn't Ukrainian
Strike on Russian bridge draws angry condemnation.
Oh, that's fine.
Blow it up.
Oh, they only killed three people.
You only could call your own.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Here's the toilet paper record.
Hey, look at this.
No condemnation.
Hey, blow up the Golden Gate Bridge!
Oh, that would be something, wouldn't it?
Now, that would be a disaster.
What if the Iraqis came over and blew up the Golden Gate Bridge after you destroyed Iraq's cities?
What if the Afghans came and took out the George Washington Bridge after you killed all those hundreds of thousands of people?
Toilet paper record.
The New York Slime.
Blast on Crimea bridge disrupts supply route.
Oh, isn't that sad?
And that's different than saying Ukraine attack on bridge draws angry condemnation.
No, that's fine.
That's fine.
Look, and you ready?
A major blow to Putin.
Oh, a major blow to Putin, huh?
That's what you're getting now.
You're getting payback.
And as we used to say in the Bronx, payback's a bitch.
And that's what you got going on.
But, in a major blow to Putin, your new Trends Journal's coming out tomorrow.
And we write about how the hypocrisy of it.
A major blow to Putin.
Yeah, there's no magazine, by the way, like the Trends Journal.
We tell you what in the world is going on, what it means, what to do.
Trends Forecast, Trends Analysis.
We give you everything we can.
So anyway, they go on to say about what's going on and how this was a blow to Putin.
How come they never talked about America's humiliating losses in all those wars as a blow to Biden, excuse me, as a blow to Bush, as a blow to Obama, as a blow to RFK and Nixon, the Vietnam Wars?
Oh, no.
It's a one.
This is why
By the way, I... Come on, Infowars.
Because they're giving you the other side.
They're liars.
These are propagandists.
Go back to the Spanish-American War.
Remember the main?
Brought to you by the Hearst newspaper.
Look how they lied us into the Vietnam War.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.
Made you rotten hell.
Light us into that.
World War One.
World War Two.
War after war after war.
Lies after lies after lies.
So again, do what you can to support the truth.
We're showing you this because how important it is.
How the propaganda works.
And how the people buy it.
One after another.
One after another.
targeting China's access to technology.
Great, that's going to do a lot.
America's sold out.
They gave China all the technology they needed.
The deal was when they came to the World Trade Organization, brought to you by Bill Clinton,
China was a third world nation before that.
The deal was you could come to China and make all these products, but you only could own 49% of the company.
And you give us all the technology, you build the things, and we'll give you cheap labor to make.
All right.
We are in, not going in, we are in the worst geopolitical and socioeconomic crisis in human history.
People are fleeing countries all over the world.
They can't afford to eat.
Again, talking about the stupidity, I didn't finish it before, about the politicians putting the sanctions on Russia.
Oh, Putin's going to pay for this, Biden said.
We're paying for it.
We the workers of Slavelandia, the plantation workers.
So again, we're in very critical times.
Infowars is doing everything they can to help you.
And we're giving you everything we can in the Trends Journal.
It averages 150 pages a week.
No ad.
So we tell you, this is where we see it going.
This is what we suggest.
We're not getting paid to say it.
We won't take advertising.
So anyway, we're giving you all we can.
InfoWars is giving you all they can.
And now it's up to you to give all you can.
And also, if you want to, you could donate
The Occupy Peace, OccupyPeace.com.
And we're fighting for freedom.
Because if we don't, we're going to live hell on earth.
It's already happening.
Again, the damage from the COVID war is incalculable.
And now the Ukraine war.
We'll be back.
See you next week.
I wouldn't say that I'm a prideful person.
In fact, I've gone through a lot of attacks, a lot of degradation, to tell the truth.
But I am somebody that doesn't like to beg.
And I'm somebody that doesn't like to bother people.
But you know, if I don't bother you now, if I don't push you now to fight for freedom even harder, we're going to have the globalists, these control freaks, satanists, and pedophiles ruling our lives and ruling the lives of our children and innocent people.
So I can override my instinct not to beg, and my instinct not to plead, and my instinct not to be annoying, and just tell you, who's delivered like him full force?
Who's had an effect against the New World Order as big as we have?
And the answer is nobody.
And it's because we have you, an incredible audience of activists that have done an amazing job.
So, so much of our mission's completed.
I'd say 90% of the work we set out to do, exposing the New World Order, preparing folks for their attack, getting people ready to fight back, is now bearing fruit.
We're having incredible successes everywhere.
Nationalists, populists, anti-New World Order folks getting elected, the globalists in full panic mode, their poison shot agenda falling apart.
The list goes on and on.
But now we reach the critical part of the fight where the deep state is targeting all the leadership of the resistance and they see InfoWars as the very tip of the spear they want to blunt.
So I want to ask you all to support InfoWars now more than ever.
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Please go to SaveInfoWars.com today and make a donation on GiveSendGo, whether it's $5, $10, or $100.
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