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Air Date: Oct. 1, 2022
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In an InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones interviews David Icke on various topics, including decentralized media, crypto currencies, and the importance of building parallel systems in fighting information warfare. They also discuss Icke's theory about a non-human force manipulating basic human survival through nanotechnology, vaccines, and 5G towers. Additionally, they touch upon Icke's belief that we are living in a simulation created by an advanced race and how entities in a lower astral dimension are attempting to control our perceptions through fear-inducing events and manipulation of ancient rituals. David Icke discusses his experiences with psychic phenomena over a 30-year period, including receiving messages from entities about revealing great secrets on a world stage. He emphasizes the importance of being open-minded and not fearing consequences when sharing this knowledge with others. The speaker also touches upon how globalists are aware of these phenomena and work to control them while simultaneously exposing their existence in popular culture through movies like "The Island". The interview covers topics such as reality, consciousness, reincarnation, and spirituality in relation to technology, the nature of royalty in Britain, and being targeted by globalists.

It's Saturday, October 1st, 2021, this is an emergency transmission.
Infoworth, the most banned network in the world.
Get ready!
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Saturday, October 1st, 2022.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is one-thirty central time as I cut this.
We just taped a three-hour commercial-free so far blockbuster transmission.
This interview I've ever done with David Ike, out of the park, two hours long, no breaks.
That's coming up.
Just finished taping it five minutes ago.
But before that, at nine-thirty in the morning, I did an hour-plus interview with the inventor
of podcasting and one of the smartest people out there, Adam Curry.
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You're about to get three-plus hours.
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Most powerful David, I can interview ever incredible interview with Adam Curry.
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So we're going to go to break and come back with a great Adam Curry, David Ike and more.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this emergency Saturday broadcast.
When I say emergency, you see we are in a growing, intensifying emergency.
Geopolitically war, proxy wars, destabilized borders, collapsing currencies, the list goes
on and on.
And you have Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum admitting out of these global crises,
they are bringing in their great reset and their new world order agenda 2030.
So we're going to be looking at Russia.
I told you two weeks ago, look for a massive, massive escalation.
Now the pipelines are both been one blown up, one damaged, Nord Stream one and two.
Now they're talking about other pipelines are probably going to get destroyed.
You've got other European pipelines turning on the same day that Nord Stream was blown
You have Russia threatening nuclear war, Putin saying he's not bluffing.
And in the background of this, we have the private Federal Reserve, we have the head
of the European Union, all the big banking heads saying that they're soon going to roll
out these digital programmable currencies.
I was driving down the highway the other morning and I was flipping through the AM dial and
came across 1200 OAI and I heard a voice I recognized.
And then I drove under an overpass where I was they were going to break and I didn't
hear who he was talking to, but I said, I know this guy, this guy is so smart.
I got to get him on.
Who is it?
They come back, do another segment.
It's Adam Curry.
And I'm like, oh my gosh, I got to beg Adam to come on.
He's such a busy guy.
He is credited as being the creator or the first podcaster.
He's also a super smart guy and of course, well known for being the number one host when
they kicked off MTV back when it was the biggest thing in the world.
And he joins us now for a 50 minute transmission, no agenda show dot com to get into the entire
And you know, if you think I interrupt, Len Beck, I think he's a great guy overall.
He was really interrupting.
But he's raising a lot of great points, but I want to get Adam on.
This was the Thursday I was listening and here he is with a Saturday to just have the floor
and really be able to walk through all this because Adam obviously has an amazing background
as well.
He had family very close to him that was a CIA section chief.
So he has a whole background really growing up of understanding how the world really works.
And he's here with us to cover the midterms, January 6th, the whole waterfront.
Adam, great to have you.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Yeah, sure.
It's always good to see you, man.
Where do you want to start?
Because I'm going to try to just shut up and let you roll because the way you laid out
the digital currencies, the way you lay out everything, I mean, I listen to the show routinely,
but the way you laid it out on Glenn Beck was amazing and I wanted to give you more time.
Yeah, and I'm not a financial guy, obviously.
I would say because of my interest in Bitcoin is kind of how I learn more and more about
the financial system.
And this goes back to Ron Paul's and the Fed.
That's where I really started to understand what the Federal Reserve does.
And that's now, what is it, 15 years, it's been quite a while since that book.
But what I'm seeing, Alex, is the way it's presented in the media, what's going on right
now, it's upside down.
What we continuously hear is because of Putin, because of the war in Ukraine, because of
COVID, these are all the reasons that the financial system is in turmoil, but that's
upside down.
We have all of these things happening because of the financial system, and that's the part
that frustrates me when I see how it's reported is all of this, all problems stem from the
financial system as it is kind of, I mean, it seems like it's coming to its end, this
version of the system.
And we've had many versions of financial systems for the United States dollar.
We were at one point on the gold standard in the 70s, we were taken off the gold standard.
And if you think the government won't mess with your money, I mean, there was an actual
gold confiscation, it was illegal to have gold or gold coins, you had to give it up.
So anything can change ultimately.
But now we're in a world where I think, unfortunately, the money creation has just gotten out of
control, and that is truly the parameters for inflation are money creation and something
called the velocity of money.
So how fast people are spending money that they get into their hands, that has been bastardized
and turned into something called the consumer price index, and it only looks at the cost
of gas and the cost of food.
But really, that's not what the problem is, and of all the US dollars ever created, ever
brought into existence ever since the beginning, 40% was created in the last two years.
So when you have, and this is something that I did learn in high school, and I think everyone
kind of agrees, if you have X amount of money and X amount of goods, there's price discovery.
If everybody has a lot more money, then the prices will have to change.
So it's the supply and demand.
And we just got into this perfect situation, which now, in my opinion, is just being exasperated
and to just to prove that it's a financial issue.
The first thing that they did as this starts, well, in my opinion, we probably shut down
the economy as the first way to stop the bleeding since hyperinflation can actually happen.
And that was probably the main reason behind the COVID lockdowns.
But then, you know, now we come out of this, and there's no way to stop it.
You can't get it under control.
So we have to be able to control the money at a more granular level.
And that is why you hear all this talk of the CBDC or the central bank digital currency,
because they'll tackle the problem from the opposite end.
Because now they can really create and destroy dollars to manage inflation, and thus somehow
the economy and the prices.
They want to now, in essence, have control over your money so they can remove money from
you, small increments, you won't know it.
Or when they put money in, they can basically determine where it's going to be spent.
And this, and we'll have to get into the details, this all comes back in my mind to this drive
towards the green carbon neutral or net neutral economy that is now, and all the actions in
the European Union, they're ahead of us right now.
They are reigniting their carbon markets.
So the basic concept is your money will be controlled based upon your carbon footprint.
So you will be given personal responsibility to do the right thing if you want to access
your money in the way that the government now, in fact, intends.
And it sounds really far out there, and I don't know about you, Alex, but every single
time I look at something and say, crap, they're doing this, like vaccines, all these things,
it kind of comes into play 10 years later.
So I don't know if this is going to happen in 10 years, Powell, the chairman of the Fed,
he said, well, you know, central bank digital currency, we're looking at it probably three
years away.
But Christine Lagarde, who was the Powell of the European central bank, she made it sound
recently at Atlantic Council interview, like it was kind of happening.
And what was creepy there is she said, the way they're pitching this is credit cards
track you credit cards build a profile of you and these are exploited commercially to
sell things to you and know what you're doing.
And she says our central bank digital currency, it won't do that.
It will.
And not that they won't be tracking and building a profile of you, but they won't sell it
to commercial companies.
But the government could do a heck of a lot with that.
So this digital twin profile, they want to build that and they want to know who you are
and subsequently how to control you.
And you walk through that when I heard you on the radio the other day and you made the
point, this is not your opinion.
This is not something that that that's just we're surmising they can do this.
They're saying in these IMF World Bank Federal Reserve and also BlackRock statements that
also what the Bank of England came out about a month ago, not two months ago and said,
oh, we're going to program the tokens and we're going to program these new digital systems
and we'll decide when you can spend it, how you can spend it, we'll put it in your account
and then maybe it has two days.
That way we can have stimulus or we can take some of the value out of if we want to slow
things down.
I mean, this is total surveillance, total control, and you bring in the SEGs with all
these big private corporations and banks in BlackRock and then central banks admitting
that they're also going to tell you where you can spend it and how you can spend it
quote for the environment, but really it's to send the money right back to themselves.
Oh, absolutely.
Yes, the environmental social governance regulations that kind of came out of nowhere.
I think, you know, I really start tuning into it about a year ago is like, wow, this is this
thing is real, they in essence made their own ranking system and their own little way
of determining if you as a company are good at environmental goals, if you're good at
social goals, which would be your woke culture and governance, which is also a part of that,
making sure you have equity everywhere.
And so they make up their own rules and determine what is environmentally or socially or what
is friendly.
And since they make the rules, they can in essence determine who's going to get investments
or not, because when you look at the true investment market out in Wall Street, it's
pension funds.
These are the biggest ones, pension funds, retirement funds, and they're the ones that
are then making these decisions.
And if the so-called rules, which just kind of came into existence like many other rules
in our country say, well, you know, you can't invest in fracking or you can't invest in
pipelines or anything of this nature, then that investment won't go in there.
And this, to me, it feels also like there's a lot of subplots here, as right now Europe
is, and I have a lot of friends who live there, is really, it's chaos.
People's energy bills just for electricity have doubled in Germany that are close to
quadrupling in the UK as well.
This gets people's attention.
And so they're focused on, oh, it's because of Ukraine, it's because of Putin, they throw
all that out there, but really, it's your fault because we shouldn't be using these
horrible things to heat our home or to cook with.
But at the same time, the solutions they have, which is wind and solar, aren't sufficient,
may never be sufficient, and so they're not working.
So now there's this push, and they're going to do everything to shame us into it being
our fault.
And I think it's working, and you see people are just zombifying, they're starting to
shut down, okay, whatever you say, we'll just do it, we'll go along with it.
And that's when you introduce your carbon footprint.
And this is where it's going to get interesting.
Just listen to what they're saying.
Meat is bad because of methane that is emitted from cow farts and burps.
So if you're eating meat, they're going to calculate your portion of the fart, your portion
of the burp, and how much greenhouse gas that is, and that's going to be marked up somewhere
on your chart, which will be directly calculable against what you can or can't do without
your money.
And it doesn't, I mean, it sounds futuristic, but China, of course, already does this to
a certain degree with WeChat, and that's what kind of the platform is there.
And when I think about the government being stupid and being backwards, and the true
meaning of the term retarded, they actually are backwards, it's not really true.
I think that you look at DARPA and these guys, they were testing the effects of social networking
in the 70s.
So when it comes to a central bank digital currency, I have a feeling they have a lot
more knowledge and have been working on this for a long time.
And there's been tons of rumors about different types of financial systems, different altcoins
that were supposed to like XRP or Ripple that was supposed to be this backbone, and all
of that seems unlikely, but it seems very likely they do have a plan, and they've probably
had that for a long time.
The question is, what events will we need to bring this into play?
We're seeing events daily now, I mean, this is fantastic.
I mean, the most shocking one was the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines.
That's a big deal.
We have its own Wikipedia page in the future.
It's really just stunning to be at this moment.
Adam Curry is our guest here, and I'm just sitting back thinking about this.
Let's just talk about food for a moment.
You have a massive global inflation after all the stimulus, not just by the US, but
dozens of other major nations that did it, hundreds of smaller countries.
You have people paid for several years in the third world, that is, the governments
were paid IMF and World Bank money, to just shut down their economies that's now caused
mass starvation and collapsed the third world, now flooding via the UN refugee centers into
Europe and into the US and Canada, North America, and then you have in the Netherlands and many
other places like Australia ordering people to get rid of a certain amount of their sheep
and cows.
By 2030, they want it to be 90% of them.
That's why the farmers are obviously protesting.
You have the fertilizer prices exploding.
And you look at these numbers, the UN World Food Chief just said last week, this is going
to be hell on earth.
Hundreds of millions can starve to death, probably will.
We already know in the last few years of lockdown that tens of millions extra starved to death,
they are deliberately cutting off the industrial base of the planet.
Yes, and they have a plan for this, a couple years ago, I met a guy called Texas Slim
who was starting something called the beef initiative, beefinitiative.com.
And it was really interesting, he says, Adam, you have to understand, we need some real
food intelligence and like food intelligence, what are you talking about?
So as he kind of lifted the veil for me, in 2018, the final consolidation of Big Ag and
pharmaceuticals, we had Bayer and Monsanto and all these big mega mergers.
That was kind of when everyone decided, when those guys decided, here we go, we're moving
towards new food.
And this, of course, has not gone unnoticed.
The idea is, since meat is bad for you and bad for the environment, and the PSYOP is
also that it's been bad for you.
This has been something that's been jammed into people's heads for many, many decades.
You are going to eat meat alternatives and you need your protein.
So it'll be soy, plant-based products, as well as insects for protein, and that's already
kind of slipping in.
And in a way, you get Nicole Kidman eating some bugs on camera, part of the obvious promotion.
But really, they've already slipped it in, it has different names, cricket powders in
all kinds of flour products already.
But what is interesting is, particularly in the United States, the food industry, when
it comes to animal protein, it's a cartel of four major food processors.
So it's JBS, it's Cargill, it's two others, and ranchers and farmers, but let's just talk
about ranchers for a second, have been really removed from the consumer.
So it's almost like commodity cowboys, where we raise our cattle and then whenever the
processing plant says we can take them, whether they're ready or not, whether they could grow
more, they go, it's completely out of the ranchers' hands at this point, then the processing
takes place.
And what's interesting in Texas, most of our Texas beef, that's not what's in HEB, that's
not in our local supermarket chain, that's sold off very high prices to restaurants and
countries all over the world, where the elites eat our beef, and what we're getting is cattle
that's been, either it's been processed and slaughtered in Australia, and it's been frozen,
it's been in transit for a while, and who knows what inputs are going into that before
it finally reaches your kitchen.
Or we're getting it from the cattle drive from South America, which includes, I think,
10 different touch points of the cattle before they're finally up here and taken to slaughter.
All right, that was the famous joke with McDonald's, even in the 80s, it was a big investigation.
The burgers would say, all American beef on the wrapper, well, all American Brazilian
and Argentinian beef.
Correct, correct.
And just because it says USDA, I mean, it's all lies, all the packaging, it's all meant
to obfuscate the truth.
So the bottom line is, as Americans, we're not eating food, we really are not eating
food, and we don't know it because it all looks good and it tastes good.
You used to hear, oh, processed food, that's bad for you.
Yeah, it's not even food.
I didn't really realize it myself, to be honest.
But then when you start consuming real beef, you can get it directly from a rancher, which
is what the beef initiative is trying to do, to connect consumers to ranchers again and
create this parallel economy.
That's the only way out because the plan, and it's also, it's not hidden.
The plan is less actual animal protein, more synthetics.
And let me just back you up on this.
Just a few weeks ago, there were a bunch of articles from the W.E.F. from Bill Gates
saying to fight climate change, we need ultra processed food, and then the FDA came out a
few months ago and said, we're not going to even regulate nanotech in food.
That was a finding where we just don't have a jurisdiction.
So this is really a transhumanist revolution, you got Gates, the biggest private farm owner
in the United States, talking about his magic GMO seeds.
I mean, this really is a corporate takeover of the entire infrastructure.
Can you elaborate on your in-depth research and perspective on that, Adam Curry?
Yeah, I would say, here's an interesting one.
You mentioned the Netherlands and the farmers.
Well, I grew up in the Netherlands.
I moved there from the States when I was seven and actually went through the Dutch schooling
system and been there for quite a while and know a lot about it.
And also know a lot of the farmers and everything you've heard is absolutely true.
The whole idea of this net zero is to create this huge city, which would consist of the
Netherlands, the Benelux, essentially Belgium, I think they'll add a piece of Germany to
And that'll be just be this big bedroom community where everybody I guess goes to work or they
zoom in to work and all the farm production is supposed to diminish.
That's where you need that for housing.
It's a very small country.
It's the size of Rhode Island and they have 17 million people living there.
But what was surprising, since they are very famous and very big in their animal and other
farm exports, is that this company that I grew up with called Royal DSM.
Royal DSM was a Royal because of the Dutch Royal family's investment like Royal Dutch
DSM was a chemical company.
It was a chemical, yeah, big chemical processing company.
And I woke up one day and I looked around and I'm reading about food and processing stuff
and I see DSM acquired some company and go take a look.
These guys have completely transformed now with 8 billion euros in revenue every year.
They are the largest supplier to the world of processed food, i.e. bugs, soy and plants
of taste and texture products.
And that's it.
That's the key there is it tastes good.
It tastes right.
It feels right.
We don't care as Americans, we really are not good at recognizing food.
And it's hard because they're really making this stuff look and taste the way it should.
And even the way, what's not even natural, they do lots of tests to make sure that you're
going to like it.
And this is what's made us sick.
And I look at the statistics, 47% of all children in America are at least pre-diabetic.
I mean, that's a genocide.
And part of this stems from and the same people around from climate change, it all goes back
to the population bomb.
And Dvorak and I talk about this all the time on the show, you know, in the 70s, there was
the book that came out and everyone was freaking out.
And this is likely the genesis of the Georgia guide stones is we need, you know, we need
less people on the planet.
How are we going to do that?
I mean, the eugenics movement in the United States, which is rarely discussed.
But man, you know, Hitler was writing fan letters to the people who were involved in
It's, it's, it's very embarrassing and very little known about how, I mean, we had beautiful
baby contest at state fairs, you know, to show, Hey, look, this is my perfect baby.
And, you know, you know, after, you know, you look at some of these less perfect human
beings, we got rid of it.
You got to get rid of it.
Well, to be clear, Hitler got eugenics from the UK and the United States.
So Adam Curry, big picture here, the globalist want to scientifically control all of human
They said they're building a transhumanist post human world.
How do all these factors come together and where do you think from their own admissions
they're trying to take us and how is their operation to get us there going?
If this was a football game, pro freedom folks versus the technocracy team, freedom versus
team demon.
How's humanity doing right now?
How's humanity?
Well, humanity is not linked by a long shot.
You know, they wouldn't be, have to put so much into propagandizing us if they had it
all figured out.
In fact, it's really not a football game.
I don't think there's any finesse to it.
They're going with sledgehammers and the sledgehammers are money and food.
That's all.
I agree.
It is just brute force, controlling the infrastructure attack.
And the solution is we already see it happening 100 years ago, 90% of people were rural, 10%
were urban.
You know, today, 90% are urban, 10% are rural, but we're seeing a mass exodus back to the
country and people rediscovering local communities.
The UN talks about sustainability, but what they're pushing is the opposite.
We need real sustainability.
That means local community.
That's the only way to go and, you know, all of our problems stem from this, like our
education system, and I'll take some blame for that because in the 80s and 90s, when
we were coming up in the, I'm now 58, you know, party time, making, you know, making
a career, having a good time.
I was in New York, it was fantastic.
School board, you know, it's clearly some loser who couldn't get a better gig there
on the school board, you know, you know, it's the local city council, yeah, whatever.
So we weren't paying attention, and that's where a lot of problems crept in.
So that has to be dealt with locally.
But before that, and I know it sounds like doomsday, but it's important that you find
a rancher or, you know, whether it's beef or hog or chickens and farmers, although I
think you can probably get away with just animal protein if it really gets bad.
You need to go shake their hand, go find out, you know, how they operate, will they sell
directly to you?
And these are things you just need to do for your family, just, you know, it's not enough
to have, you know, rice and whatever else people are storing.
You really need to have access to, in my opinion, to animal protein, good, you know, pure animal
protein, which really starts with the source, which is the seed.
And so the farmers and the ranchers that are clued into this, they don't have Monsanto
And not only that, but they're here in Texas, they're starting to go back, but go back to
their old processes that they learned from their grandparents.
And by the way, for folks that don't know, every ancient culture, whether it was the
Hindus 3,000 plus years ago, or the Jews 3,000 plus years ago, when you read the Vedic text
for the Old Testament, it's God then made the grass for the cows to eat, and that gave
us the wealth.
And then Moses says, you know, in Exodus, stop worshiping the golden calf because that's
what they were worshiping, but people know beef and the protein, and what it does when
it's not been burned, makes us stronger, makes our hearts better, our brains better.
Humans have basically developed into what we are with bigger heads, larger brains, healthier,
longer lived, because we went from being mainly a herbivore to a nondivore to a carnivore.
And that's in all the real science studies, they know it.
And you take away red meat, clean, healthy red meat from people.
You literally emasculate them, you dumb them down, lower IQs and children, everything.
We are a transitional species going carnivorous, and they're trying to take us out of that
because it has immediate effects from just mainline research.
Can you elaborate on that?
Well, I agree with that.
And I think it was, I think it was Jordan Peterson who said that once we discovered fire and
we were cooking our meat, our belly shrank and our heads grew.
And by the way, I've been looking for this study, and I haven't found it, it seems to
have disappeared, but at the time when I saw it, it looked like it was pretty legit.
A study in Japan about something called soy rage.
If you're not feeding a good, healthy protein to your children's brains, weird stuff can
start to happen, and now we have to get into the medication of our children, which is so
flabbergasting how quickly this went from some Ritalin 20 years ago to now Adderall
These are just standard things that kids trade in the schoolyard.
The percentage of children on anti-anxiety medication is astounding.
And so I'm not quite sure what we do with the current generation.
Absolutely, let me just pause you there.
Let me just interrupt the famous Alex Jones interruption, Adam Curry kicking ass here
with us today.
I really appreciate you joining us on this Saturday morning, and we're going to air this
later in the day.
And then later this week, we're going to air it on the main show.
Let's get into the medications.
But when you mentioned the soy study, there's actually one out of Italy, there's one out
of Canada, there's a big one out of Japan you just mentioned.
We actually just found it.
We'll put it on screen, but it turned out that the burgers, the veggie burgers that Gates
was putting out in stores, people were rejecting them, and also the one that Burger King was
going to put out, literally had more soy in one patty than what someone gendered transitioning
would take of estrogen.
And so I saw those articles, I mean, I ate one of them just to see what it would do.
I literally got sick and threw up three hours later.
So we already know the foods weaponized, but this bombing men with soy feminizes men,
the study show, and hyperfeminizes girls.
That's why what girls used to go into puberty at 12.
Now the average is nine, they have three year olds going into puberty and it's directly
tied to the plastics, the bisphenol A, but also the soy.
So let's just back up what you said and put the study back on screen that you're absolutely
right Adam Curry about soy rage.
And you see these men that are on it and how they look crazy and just act so bizarre because
literally they are mainlining estrogen, plant-based estrogen.
There it is.
I'm glad you found that some PubMed, I'm glad you found that.
There's a lot at play here, take into account that according to the mainstream and according
to the political left, the most horrible, dangerous, hated people in the United States
certainly are white cis, cis, there you go, so white straight men.
This is, you can't just add, men are complicated and simple at the same time.
But men have some very specific needs that are not being met.
In fact, men are checking out, young men are checking out just in general in amazing numbers.
Now with all of this, Alex, I have to say there's so much hope and so much goodness because
we don't have to follow their systems, we don't have to use their systems, we don't
have to buy their fake food.
And we're gonna talk about solutions, I totally agree, but we have to identify the problem
and you're really smart guys.
We got time here, you know, commercial free, lay it out for us, but men need a mission,
men need a tribe, men need a culture, men need to feel needed.
And when men are told you're worthless, you're bad, you're cancer, they go and blow their
heads off or they drink themselves to death or they just play video games all day.
Men need to have a mission and the world is told men, you're obsolete, and women, you're
in charge, but really if you read Yuval, Noah, Harari and the rest of them, they say actually
the post-human era is in 2047 and humans are obsolete and humans are not in the future,
the future's not human.
And I think a lot of women, we see the numbers, are actually waking up to that now and realizing
that Gloria Steinem was CIA, culture engineering, none of this was empower women, so spend some
time on that.
Talk about the problem with men and what men need.
Well, I mean, I don't know if I'm qualified to say that, but I am qualified to see the
Let me tell you about the men that I'm working with and the men, the young men I'm talking
millennials, so around 30, could be a little younger, could be a little older.
They were born around 1990, which was a very complicated time, well actually it was a complicated
media time because we had the first Gulf War, CNN was at that point in hilarious if we go
back and take a look some of the green screen and fakery and stuff, although what was happening
there was real.
And I remember sitting with my daughter, you know, in her little rocker there, just watching
this day in, day out, it was quite a television experience.
So they grew up with that, then around middle school, we have 9-11, now that's traumatic,
it was traumatic for the world and you can only imagine how that sets certain brains
into motion and how they look at things, it's very young, very impressionable.
Then we invaded the wrong country, there was anthrax, yellow cake, aluminum tubes, weapons
of mass destruction, lots of imagery, imagery, imagery that just was so destructive and damaging
I think to that generation.
But it's okay, we're gonna find them, it'll all be fine, you know, and then that moves
on a little bit and well, then we get to the financial crisis, meanwhile this generation
is now in school, in college, many of them and they've taken out loans to get the education
they say is their guaranteed ticket, which has been another marketing exercise to say,
yeah, don't, just get this degree and you'll be good to go, they came out just as the financial
collapse, the last time we went through this, which is kind of the reason why we're here
today with the financial system and everything fell apart and they saw families having to
move and that was quite a disastrous couple of years though, 2008, 2009 and there they
were with their college degrees and it's like, well, this is what you got, $12 an hour, congratulations
or you can maybe drive an Uber or the gig economy and then the social contract was kind of broken.
That's not what was supposed to happen, now throw some COVID and lockdown at them and
now you see the result, the demoralization is incredible across the board.
We have quiet quitting, we have all these different things that people are doing and
I think in a way also positive because people are reevaluating their lives and this is a
real positive where if you worked at any company, any company that had Slack inside its organization
you were not working nine to five, you were working 24 seven because that had become the
culture of our corporate economy is always be on call, ready to answer the Slack message,
ready to hop on a Zoom call, do anything and I believe that people are reevaluating their
lives and saying, no, no, no, that's just not worth it to me and seeing as they came
from $12 an hour, they're probably willing to give up a little now that we're at $20
an hour, so this is a pullback in enthusiasm, oh yes, I'm sorry and we're all going to die
by 2030 thanks to climate change, I mean what do you expect?
Exactly, they're trying to get humanity to give up and roll over but then BlackRock
and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in the last year have sent threatening emails out that
are public to their employees saying, if you don't start working four days a week in the
office you're fired, so they told everybody else to quit, to get Main Street to quit,
to get the small farmers to quit so they can consolidate and vertically integrate the economy
but now even their own minions are quitting and the robot revolution hasn't shown up on
time to replace this yet.
Well I don't know when the robot revolution will come in but you're absolutely right
and there's no reporting, there's no real analysis of some of these systems that have
been broken because of this and also mandatory vaccinations, the most important one for the
United States is our aviation system, the system is broken, it is completely broken
because pilots and aircrew, other aircrew and ground crew, the system but pilots, you really
need pilots to fly, many of them would not accept the vaccine into their life and so
they either retired early or they quit, went to do, I know pilots who are ranchers now
and then there was, there's a large contingent who literally can no longer be certified to
fly because they have side effects such as myocarditis and other heart issues and it's
not that simple to train a pilot to be a commercial airline aviator.
And the same thing holds true there, if you studied and you got your pilot, I'm a pilot
flight, helicopters and fixed wing, just my own, not commercially obviously, if you want
to become a pilot you're going to spend probably, you could easily spend 40,000 but it's more
like 140,000 to become a commercial airline pilot, you're going to have that, that loan
that you're paying off and you're going to get in, if you're lucky into a regional airline
you're going to be making $35,000, $40,000 a year.
And now we've seen all these headlines of we're going to fire our white pilots and hire
minority pilots when we're talking a 3, 4, 5, 10 year learning curve, just the time you
invest is insane, I don't want to interrupt you but I don't want to get accused of trying
to cover up for Big Pharma and Prozac and the mass murder pills.
Let's go back to that segue where I interrupted you to get back into food and let's, let's
hit the drugs and your view on that and then move into politics, the world, where you see
this going and solutions.
Well, the media is our problem, you know, which is why I so enjoy what you do and podcasting
in general, which is why we started podcasting 2.0 to ensure that, I mean, your podcast is
on podcasting 2.0, you know, any, any podcast can be there unless you don't want it there
then it's, it's taken off, you know, there's, there's no, and it's distributed so they
can try and come after whatever we're doing, but it's distributed, there's no way to, to
take it down.
That's right.
Let's just get this in there.
You say you're not an expert, but you are really smart.
I know you know what you're talking about is all of this research.
You are an expert in old media, new media, and have been in the vanguard of media for
what is it, 40 years.
So speak to that, Adam, you, you know, you don't look that old, but you've been around
a while.
So you're, you're an OG in this, you pioneered podcasting, you, where do you see the censorship
wars, the dying corporate media trying to use censorship to cut down their competition?
But the more they do that, it just gives room for even more people to come forward.
What is, what's going to happen in this big struggle between dinosaur media ally with
big tech against the public's just craving for real independent ideas?
Well, the, the problem is the business model.
When you, if you have any corporate money involved in media, it's a problem.
So advertising is a problem because at best advertising is always censorship where at
the very minimum, you can't talk about a competing product while you are, while you
have a product or service who is sponsoring your program.
Having been in this business for a long time with, with, with commercial television and
radio, the advertiser rules, the advertiser, if they don't want a, their ads running near
around under over a particular type of content, they will, they will just stop advertising.
And that's why the media is cucked.
I mean, the media is, I mean, the, the, the two big, you know, right now, you know,
now the television advertising are saying, Hey, you know, we're going to be great.
This is going to be a great year and you know, screw the recession, everything's going to
be fine.
Well, you're looking to the numbers.
The reason why is because we have an election year, so they know that a billion dollars
or more is going to be spent on the midterm elections and pharma.
So Pfizer, we've all seen the, the supercuts, you know, they, they in essence own the media,
which is why there's no real pushback against anything when it comes to pharmaceuticals.
You know, there you go.
That's, that's a perfect chart of how it all fits together.
So now what Dvorak and I discovered 15 years ago, and we started the no agenda podcast
is it is very possible, and you know this too, to make a living.
Now, no, we only do an audio podcast.
We don't have video.
We literally do everything ourselves, our family members help out with some back office
And, you know, we keep it very lean.
I do all the audio production and we have been able to sustain ourselves and our families
with purely only support from the listeners, which we call producers because we expect
them to produce with their time, their talent or their treasure for 15, it'll be 15 years,
the 26th of October.
And it's only grown.
It's only been better and more rewarding to do this.
These models work the minute you have anything that is has finances attached to it.
That's what will be gone after.
So you know, and let's elaborate on that because I've uniquely gone through things that have
shown me how the system works that a lot of folks have haven't you have as well.
But to quantify what you were saying earlier, it's so important, whether it's CNN or ABC
News or any of these places, they're extincting themselves because they're owned and controlled
by corporate interest that simply use them as a repeater system.
And the public has figured that out, but they can't stop because their sponsors won't let
And anybody that's had sponsors learns over time, they try to take control of your life.
That's why we moved to direct sale of products at infowarstore.com.
Our radio and TV stations still have their ads as we will hear during most of the breaks
is the the affiliates break.
But absolutely.
And so as this decentralization happens, they've had this big concerted effort.
I remember a Wall Street Journal article five years ago that was a subscriber article, but
the article that linked to it that had some excerpts was I think Gizmodo and had the headline
hold on to your tinfoil hat, Alex Jones, you're about to be taken off the air.
And in that big 25 page article that it linked to out of the Wall Street Journal, they said,
and this was an article before news course split and sold off entertainment to Disney
and then they kept its news division, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and the local
stations they own and systems.
And they said in there, people got to read this article, I read an article like 10 times
back at the time.
That's why I knew I was about to be de-platformed.
They said, we're going to censor WikiLeaks.
And when the left, when the corporate media censors it together, when the left accepts
that, we'll have the left censor.
That's how they saw it.
And when we censor Alex Jones in the coming months, when the right wing doesn't stand
up for him, we'll set the president to censor them.
So it's Jack Spratt could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean between the two, they
lick the platter clean.
So people ask how I knew this was coming.
They skated it to their shareholders saying, you think corporate media is done?
You think we're going to be supplanted by the, they said the Alex Joneses and Julian Assange's
of the day.
Now it's Joe Rogan.
And of course you're bigger than ever.
And the Adam Currys and so many others.
But there they were telling their shareholders in no uncertain terms, we're working with
major governments and corporations and big tech to bring in a new dark age of censorship
against everybody.
And when they don't stand up to the first domino with Julian Assange and Alex Jones,
all the dominoes will go down.
But yes, there's been massive censorship.
Yes, they even censor a former president, but it's backfiring even more now in my view.
Can you give us your take on my analysis of, if you think it's accurate and how you see
this fight unfolding?
It is accurate, but what's interesting is everyone, most people I think are looking
at media the wrong way now.
Once the guardrails, the gatekeepers were removed.
So what I mean by that is, and this is, this was part of, I don't want to call it a vision,
but when I approached Dave Weiner to implement some technical changes in RSS for podcasting,
this was part, it was all part of solving a way to use the internet to broadcast.
And the whole point was, you know, we don't need transmitters.
By the way, take your time, stop, stop, because you are credited as being the founder of the
podcast idea, not just your new show in the last 15 years, yeah, new, but relatively new.
But going back, take your time here, because you are an expert on this, explaining this
ending over of power or keys to the public and this giant revolution that changed the
whole world, this is one hell of an achievement.
I mean, this is like literally the Wright Brothers and Kitty Hawk or Henry Ford and his
assembly line, and I'm not blowing smoke, this is real, Adam, this is a big deal.
So take your time on this.
It's fun to see that the core of podcasting is this one little thing called RSS, which
is you can make it in a notepad, you can write one yourself, you know, you typically have
a hosting company, but it's just an XML is what it is.
It's a part of, you know, it's a computer readable instruction text file, which you
can, your computers can read it, but as a human, you can read it as well.
And because it's exactly that simple, anybody with one of these files and an MP3 recorder
and a web server can create a podcast.
So how did you visionary see that decentralization and then help get the code change and launch
Cause this is a big deal.
Honestly, I didn't see the decentralization in that manner at the time.
What I saw, I just wanted to do a radio show.
I was like, you know, it's a pain.
People have no idea what it's really like to be in mainstream because you really are
very, there's line producers and people, you know, you can't say this, you can't say that.
There's people in your ear talking on the radio.
You know, we have this famously, oh goodness, the hotline is going.
That's the, the PD, the program director.
I screwed up.
I said something wrong.
I, you know, whatever it is.
It's very stressful.
And you just build up these filters and it becomes very debilitating.
And these are the filters that got put in in the twenties once radio became popularized
and then TV.
So, so that's why this is such a seminal moment for listeners and viewers right now.
Adam Curry, one of the former top talk shows in the world, what doesn't want people telling
him what to do.
He's looking at computers and he says, we'll do it this way, continue.
So that part was actually, we, we created that in 2000 and, and that worked.
But there was, you know, we were missing an element and it wasn't until I saw the first
iPod in 2003 where I went, oh, hold on a second.
This is not just a jukebox.
This is a radio receiver.
That's what I've been missing.
And so we automated that process.
So the first podcast app was in fact the, the iPod was the first one that was popularized
and God bless Steve Jobs for putting that into, into iTunes and into eventually now
the podcast app.
But it was actually much later, Alex, when I think it was March, around March of 2020
and the, and Apple had been a great steward of podcasting, but it kind of become the default
on ramp.
You know, you could go through Apple to really be in, in a podcasting, which was irksome.
It's not necessary, but if you wanted, really wanted exposure.
And then I think it was in coordination with maybe Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.
Apple took a number of shows off, including yours and, you know, like X 22 report.
I mean, oh man, these things are so dangerous.
And it wasn't, it just bugged me.
It was like, you know, this, this, this is a decentralized open system.
So everybody can stay with Apple.
And if you want to see shows go away, they can go away.
If you don't, then you can use any one of these 58 independent applications, which have
access to the largest, cleanest, most sanitized, i.e. no crap in there, this real podcast,
over 4 million, which, which all of these apps are connected to.
And now along with that came another issue was like, okay, so we have that you can, you
can use new podcast apps, dot com, by the way, as we can see all these different apps
and some of some of them you've probably heard of, they're integrating it quickly.
We needed a way to secure a value transfer so that people can get paid.
So you launched the first podcasting system and now you're behind what is the 2.0 podcast
revolution, getting rid of the great purges we've seen.
So elaborate in layman's terms, Adam Curry.
So most, most podcast apps use their, the big ones, Spotify and Apple, let's put it
that way, use their own database and you have to submit your podcast to be in their database.
But you don't really need to do that to be a podcast.
Anybody can subscribe or follow your podcast and most podcast apps, but you can't find
it, it's not searchable that way.
So when they pull things out, that becomes unavailable for pretty much everybody overnight
just because they have control over the index, over the database.
So Dave Jones and I, we created podcastindex.org, which is open free.
We have a full-on set of programming interfaces so app developers can create apps and there's
many, many really good ones that have been created.
And we have all these new features to draw people closer while you're seeing Spotify
and Apple trying to do exactly the opposite.
They want to close their walls, they want to lock everybody out unless you use the Spotify
system or you use the Apple subscriptions.
And so that's fine, but we still need a place where we can have, you know, the next Adam
Curry, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, where they have an actual way to communicate.
So in a way, we're literally protecting free speech in that regard.
And coming back to my original point, we need to move away from the idea you have to be
number one on the chart, you have to have the biggest, you have to have the largest.
That is the fiat mentality, you know, that's thinking about advertising and CPMs, how
many, how much might you get per thousand listeners or downloads.
That's completely unimportant when we have friction today.
We have frictionless value transfer with many different systems, Venmo, PayPal, Cash App.
You can send money to support people in any type of event.
That's the revolution is taking it away from the sponsors and big tech is individuals
sponsoring the information and news that they think is most important to get out.
And looking at this, I think the globalists are losing their battle to control decentralization.
And that's why they're so panicked.
Do you think that's accurate?
I think, yes, the elite messaging system is broken, of course, you know, and I would
say Trump broke that with Twitter, which is why they had to break Twitter, which is exactly
what Elon Musk, in my opinion, was sent to do.
Go destroy it.
I think that's pretty successful.
He's now destroying the advertising myth around these business models.
And I think Facebook is about to go as well.
You know, people are leaving in droves.
There's other.
That's one of the questions I had for you.
That was even in the Associated Press Day.
Record loss.
Facebook is collapsing.
So their own censorship.
Google is in deep trouble because they broke their algorithm what five years ago to start
controlling things.
It used to actually be the knowledge of the crowd.
What we search went to the top.
They now completely rigged that.
So they they're really committing suicide, aren't they?
Yeah, there is a excuse me is a form of hierarchy when you look at, I think Zuckerberg, I mean,
so his solution clearly what he sees and this fits into your transhumanist future.
That's the metaverse.
So that that is, you know, that's what Web three is all about.
And it's funny, you know, I was reading the the the signal or text messages that Elon
Musk had to discover in discovery, you know, this the the counterparty will say, hey,
we want to have every single text message you ever sent that had the word Twitter in
it or related to to this deal.
And so that all came out and you just look at the cluelessness, the cluelessness.
No one has an idea of what to do and and the business is crap.
It really is.
I mean, it's and now the bad thing is that's all being shuttled to TikTok.
That's where that's where the attention is going.
This is that's the main reason besides Apple shutting down some tracking capability for
TikTok is eating their lunch because they just have a format.
People are so saturated with news that, you know, they just want to look at these dumb
and Adam, I want you to elaborate on that in a few minutes we have left.
But what you just said is so important here.
Every time and I've seen this myself and the globalists have tried to hire me, I'm sure
you've had powerful people approach you.
They don't know what to do.
So they project this aura of invincibility, this order of incredible power, like the great
all powerful eyes, but it's really a little man behind the curtain and all it takes is
Toto to pull the curtain back.
I mean, we really, but that makes it more scary that this very group is blowing up pipelines
and starting wars and dissolving borders and trying to wage war against the general public
as if they drive us into submission, it'll make it easier to dominate us.
But actually it was the status quo that was making us go to sleep and dominate us by upsetting
the whole world.
They thought, as Klaus Schwab said, this angrier world would bring in their build back better,
great reset, but instead it is enraging people and whether you're in Brazil or Italy or Canada
or anywhere they're electing anti-globalist candidates, then I really think they've screwed
the pooch.
I really think it's blown up in their face.
I don't think we've beaten them yet, but I think it's safe to say they have really screwed
They're scarier because they got nuclear weapons.
Yeah, I'm not too worried about the nuclear weapon thing.
I mean, to me, that's just hyperbole.
They just throw that into, the whole idea is to scare everybody into submission.
That's, you know, that's the push.
That's the idea.
What's so beautiful is that I would say a good 30% of the world is switched on, is clued
in, is seeking alternatives.
This is the, just like we have to reject, you don't have to eat their food.
I know you walk through the supermarket aisle and it's cartoon land, man.
It's beautiful.
All these colors and it's going to taste, you can already, you can taste just what's
on the packaging.
You don't have to, you can get your source, your food somewhere else.
You don't want something as a rule and I'm not perfect.
I'm bad about eating bad food.
You don't want something in a box.
If you can't, you want, if you can pick it off a tree or buy it from a farmer, that's
what you want.
And it sounds, it sounds like, Oh, well, of course, you know, but you know, everybody
can have access.
You just have to go, you have to look around your local community.
And the more you look for a farmer's market, the more people go, the way the free market
works, the bigger the market gets.
And it's, yes.
And so that's why, and I haven't really brought it in yet, but that's why the, so there's
two things that I think bring us to, well, let me step back.
So along with that, we are, people are learning that technology and the internet is not Silicon
We don't have to be on Facebook, we don't have to, they have to use Twitter, Instagram
is not the be all the end all.
If you want to communicate, there's many decentralized protocols that people are using, experimenting
And back to my point, these little groups, you know, kind of like tribes, they intersect
and there's ways that technically that happens on the internet with mastodon is a good example
or other matrix or even going back to internet relay, chat, IRC, these things are in play.
People are finding them.
It's natural when the Silicon Valley companies, people are onto them.
They understand, they realize that they're being manipulated.
They are starting to either completely check out or seek alternatives.
And that is where the beauty is and where I think the United States is actually uniquely
qualified because we do have these, we do have this pioneering spirit.
We're not afraid to, in fact, you know, part of the preamble, you know, part of the declaration
is from time to time, we should, you know, have the right to change our government.
Well, you can't just change the government overnight, but let's change our behavior.
We have that under control 100%.
Give your kid a laptop and say, hey kid, load Linux on this.
And you know, and then we'll talk about what we can do and, you know, learn how to, how
to use some of these alternatives, which are actually not that hard to do.
Well, Adam, what's crazy about this in closing, and I really appreciate your time, but I don't
even got to go, is that you didn't know you were revolutionary, that you were revolutionizing
the world 22 years ago when you launched podcasting with just a few ideas, or the 2.0.
You probably knew what you were doing then.
Who knows what discoveries have already been made that are just now in their embryonic
phase that will challenge the system even more.
And I think that's the moral of the story is the globalist, the big corporations are
not all powerful.
They're the tail wagging the dog.
So it's negative as things are on the surface.
That's really the death throes or the death howl of this system.
So as long as we're independent and innovate and really don't even care what the corporate
media says about us, we're going to win.
So final comments on that, any other solutions, and I'm going to go out on a limb here.
You've already been at the top of international TV.
You had the biggest show ever when MTV was the biggest thing in the world, and you've
been successful ever since then.
I know I've been approached by big corporations to sell out.
Going out on a limb here, I don't think I am.
I bet you've been approached to go work for the system again and be their tool.
A, is that true?
And B, why did you say no to them when you were probably offered 20 times the money?
I've seen this happen.
It's subtle.
To be honest, I don't really think I've been approached ever with really, really big money.
I've been, well, I was a problem child at MTV from day one.
I think they kind of know, curry, he doesn't fall for that.
It was more in the Netherlands because I started my career there, and it was a big show all
over Europe.
Very quickly, I was invited to political things and parties where politicians were around
and rich people, and I just thought it was super, super creepy, and I'm not really interested.
I just wanted to be a DJ or just wanted to be an interviewer.
I wasn't really interested in that, and maybe that's subliminal somehow that that just from
early on, but that's never really done much for me.
That world is getting smaller and smaller.
The amount of people who are on the award shows, and that's actually a good example.
No one cares anymore about the award shows because they're tired of-
That's a great example, not just Big Tech is dying, Hollywood's collapsed, the award
shows have what, 10% of the viewers they had 30 years ago.
You're right, all these old mummies and Henry Kissinger at Galas and people hanging out
with Bono, it's a joke.
Everyone is rejecting it, but it's like they just keep pretending that we want Brian Stelter.
How do you see this ending?
Well, nothing's going to end for a long while.
Again, I'm not quite sure when we're going back to the central bank digital currency,
but the things now are, learn about what you're eating because we need to be strong, and you
need to be not afraid.
I mean, more and more people are starting to, and I love this about America.
People are saying, hey, I have to put my stake in the ground and say, no, this is not okay,
and I don't agree with this, and I don't need a fight.
We just need to be wary that when you don't have good protein running around your brain
and people are sending messages 24 seven through all different vehicles to rile you up to get
It's like my boy Paul out here who does the septic, he came back from a Ted Nugent concert
out here in Fredericksburg, and he was riled up, and he's like, this is a mess, and I'm
like, Joe, bro, let's just chill down out for a second.
It's going to be okay.
We got to take care of each other.
There's really not that much to worry, but they're not coming in with the stormtroopers
That's not going to happen, but to break the system, the easiest way is to not participate
in it.
And we have really the only two things that I see.
We have RSS, which is, we're expanding that.
So video will work well with this, along with basically anything you want to do, the index
I think will be more than just podcasts because the system is good.
And that goes along with the lightning network, which is, you can view as Venmo for Bitcoin,
which means that there's, it is censorship resistant.
Pretty much you cannot interrupt a payment from a listener directly.
That was my next question and finish on that, because I know you got to go and I've got
to go to our next guest, David Ike joining us.
This has been amazing.
Oh, cool.
You were talking about this on Glenn Beck, so glad you raised it.
So just like podcasts decentralizes media, something like Bitcoin is decentralized from
Ethereum and things that are going in line with working with the globalist, where they
can surveil you, they can't control what you do.
So the answer is continue with the revolution of us using and accepting things like Bitcoin
outside of these other control coins.
Spend a few minutes on that.
The main thing to look at is that Bitcoin is now in its 13th year, it has no CEO, there's
no organization.
It runs purely based on the protocol, which is open and anyone can see it and anyone can
see what it's doing.
And the individuals who run nodes, and there's more than 40,000, I run a couple of them,
lots of people run them, we should be running millions.
So there's pure, you can have sovereignty over your money.
And so just to state clearly, anything that has a CEO, and now even the SEC is saying,
Bitcoin is a commodity, like gold is a commodity, so you can use that for commerce, you can
use it to save it or whatever you want, you can use it to put it in your gold teeth.
Everything else is a security, which means it's like buying a share.
So Ethereum is now being classified as a company with stock.
So that's not really what you want, you want something that the people use.
And even, yes, the price is volatile, it's all over the place, but there are now apps
and the one I'll mention who just got a huge investment to market it from Bitcoiners, not
from Silicon Valley guys, is Strike, Strike.me, I think is the URL.
And that is true, it's just like Venmo, you set it up the same way, you load it the same
way, except then you can pay peer to peer, you can hook it up to send money to podcasts.
And that is extremely, I mean, it's very private, it's not, nothing is 100% anonymous
in that regard, but it can't be stopped.
No one can interrupt that transaction.
So this really is the future revolution.
As long as we keep innovating with our own decisions, decided to decentralize things,
we're going to build a better world and be in a better position.
A lot of my listeners already follow your show, but how do people find everything Adam
Well, the easiest way is, well, Curry.com, but for the show, NoAgendaShow.com, and I
just wanted to say, Alex, as we talk about this, and I think I've mentioned that to
you before, I've always been a jealous, not the word, but I've always been in awe of
info wars, info wars.com.
That is the best name, it is the best URL, ultimately, that is what's happening.
It is an information war on our brains and fighting back.
The only thing we can do is educate ourselves and use parallel systems.
We're not going to fix this, this is what's happening now.
I think my personal view is, let's build some systems that are parallel, we already have
this with food, with communications, people are doing it with healthcare, people are
doing it with home schooling, and then let's get our local city councils, et cetera, school
boards back on track.
The rest will just have to do what it does.
As long as we have these alternatives, we're going to be okay.
And to quote the who, and I guess Roger Daltrey, I don't need to fight to prove I'm right.
We just have to be out here in the fields and build the new world we want.
Adam Curry, incredible interview.
Thank you so much for the time.
Look forward to talking to you again soon, sir.
My pleasure, brother.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
We'll be right back with David Ige.
Stay with us.
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Yes, sir.
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Well, yeah.
Let's move on.
And people care about the first amendment.
The air raid sirens sound a lot like those beautiful whale songs.
Thank you for joining us on this Saturday emergency transmission.
David Ike, ladies and gentlemen, is coming up.
And again, a lot of times I do Saturday and other shows live.
This was a tape show.
So I've already interviewed David.
It's the best ever wait.
That's not high.
Wait till you see it.
Wait till you hear it.
Two hours commercial free coming up right now.
And that Adam Curry interview incredible as well.
What a trailblazer.
I mean, you just think about the innovations he did that changed our world that we would
be in so much trouble if it wasn't for him.
Think about how inventing podcasting changed and decentralized power.
So amazing.
We're going to go to the David Ike interview here in just a moment.
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It's an emergency reorganization because the plaintiff lawyers claim I make $20 million
a year.
They claim I've got hundreds of millions of dollars.
I don't have $2 million in cash and I don't have stocks and bonds, any of this stuff.
I don't have none of that's true.
So we're in the bankruptcy court to then basically keep InfoWars on air and the crew is under
a chapter five.
It will go on then and be reorganized and then any profit will go to these bloodsucking
globalist and these ambulance chasers, but there's hardly any profit anyways.
But they don't want us to stay on air and get money.
They've said shut him down.
In fact, I gave it to you guys Friday and Rob do have the clip of their lawyer a month
ago in Austin last week in Connecticut saying we want him off the air, shut him down.
And I forgot to play that Friday.
Can you guys grab that?
You know what I'm talking about.
I saw it on that, that YouTube channel is where that said, but, but it's just a minute
and a half clip and it's them saying we don't want Jones's money.
We want him off the air.
So understand what they call chapter five is basically a zombie operation.
InfoWars will become an invincible zombie in chapter five.
I won't get money or negligible.
I'm not getting paid anything yet and it keeps going and the crew gets paid and we continue
on their losses.
Don't work because their goals to shut us down.
Well, federal laws, you can't just go after businesses to shut them down.
So we're using their own laws against them.
And so that's why we have to make this bankruptcy work to keep the operation going because I
can't pay these big giant judgments in these kangaroo courts, but it's okay if we don't
have the money, we can continue on, but we've got to have enough money to operate.
So don't be surprised.
You wake up in a few months and I'm like, okay, we got a month left.
We're closing down.
I'm going to do a show over here now.
I love everybody.
That could happen.
We're probably not, it's probably not going to happen, but we are right there in the edge
of the red and the black, right there in the edge of the red and the black and we've
got to be in the black to show that we can pay these pirates, they're told, which they
don't want, but under the law, they're going to get it and they're going to sit there and
get their money every month.
You know, I'm going to appeal this.
We're talking two years from now, but we got to have my amazing bankruptcy.
We're going to appeal in a couple of years.
Then all right, if we're still around, then oh, you get the profit, which there's almost
no profit.
You guys found that clip?
I ask that with your verdict, you not only take Alex Jones's platform that he talks
about away, I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
That's what matters.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies and make sure he
can't do it again.
That is punishment.
That is deterrence.
But somewhere out there right now is another thing, getting everything ready for school,
fixing their lunches, home to work, thinking about being a third kid, and there can be
a day when that child doesn't come home from school and we know it and it's sad and that's
what it's going to be, and the question is going to be, where is Alex Jones with that?
Is he in the studio, getting ready to announce, or will you stop him?
That's going to be in your hands, and if we get all done with all the evidence, we're
going to come back and fantastic this, because that's what justice is in this case.
So here are these ambulance chasers admitting they don't just want your guns, they want
your tongue, they want your free speech, and they want to preemptively take me off the
air so that I can't question events, and I'm going to question Justice Smollett, I'm going
to question WDs in Iraq, I'm going to question all these false flags that left have been
caught launching and they don't want that because they want to silence you.
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Do you anticipate or maybe stay up at night thinking about the possibility you're going
to have to go back in the lab at some point and come up with something better?
It's not like we control the world.
Let's talk about rap toys.
Be sure to follow these dudes and don'ts to avoid a diplomatic incident.
Do offer them a cricket, mouse or vole out of your pocket.
Fun fact about voles, a vole ate my father.
Don't use loaded phrases like hissy fit or see you later alligator.
Got it.
Be respectful.
So when do we talk about the orgies?
Oh, come on.
So the song shake it off was about how I shed my skin every thousand years.
And the song bad blood was about how I drink blood out of my Grammys.
A toast to blood.
Save some blood for Paul Rudd.
I gave you my kidney.
And it was delicious.
Reagan, meet my favorite reptoid tentatives, Barb Shrike and Xarthax Griswold Walton of
the Reptoid High Council.
Good evening, your lizardness.
Few reptoids had had a great decade.
Thanks to propaganda in the media, we have made society more tolerant of our kind from
the Geico Gecko to the shape of water.
We even got K rule in Smash.
We did it, everyone.
The world temperature is rising.
The time is coming, brethren.
Soon we shall fulfill the prophecy, overthrow humanity and become the true rulers of the
Bizarre video, Pfizer CEO shocks the world, banned out video.
We're having a little fun here and I got David icon on this emergency Saturday show because
I want to cover the wheels coming off the whole Pfizer COVID hysteria, the emitting
and erasure of the incident that kills you, euthanizing the old people, Russia, the pipeline,
Elon Musk and his AI robots.
So much to talk about with the iconic David Ike, DavidIke.com or Iconic.com has his own
channel on banned out video, David Ike.
David, great to have you here.
It's commercial free.
We got about 50 minutes with you.
I appreciate you coming on with us.
I'm going to try to sit back and let you roll here.
Love the new studio, love how you've been fighting back and not giving into the censorship.
So you're quite the icon here.
Total trailblazer.
Great to have you here with us.
Thanks, mate.
I'll tell you what, it might be a good place to start with the subject in the intro, because
when I came out with all that stuff a long time ago now, decades ago, that it's in the
end what you're looking at is a non-human force manipulating human society.
Of course, people thought that was crazy and that was ridiculous and he's crazy and he's
mad and all the rest of it.
But as it's become more and more obvious, Alex, that what we're looking at is an anti-human
agenda in which the very basics of human survival are being very blatantly targeted.
More and more and more people are beginning to ask the question, well, maybe if we're
looking at this extreme anti-human agenda, maybe there's a non-human force behind it
then, because we're looking at the basics of life, the food warmth, the atmosphere is
being changed and you are looking at water supplies and access increasingly being targeted.
All these different areas of basic human survival are being targeted and then you look at the
human body, which is, as they call it, a biological phenomenon.
When you see these fake vaccines, which they've created this COVID hoax to justify, of course,
and they're putting synthetic genetic material into the body, which as we've seen many, many,
many times now, is self-replicating and building nanotechnology systems, which I say are designed
to connect the human body, the human brain, to what they call the cloud.
At the same time, the cloud is being created not just by 5G towers and 6G and 7G in the
pipeline, but increasingly from low-orbit satellites, vast numbers of them being put
up there by Elon Musk, who's supposed to be a man of the people who cares about our freedom
of speech.
Well, it's funny because creating this cloud and then connecting the human brain to it
via nanotechnology is straight off the script of this global cult, as I call it.
This global cult is the same cult that's behind the global destruction of freedom of speech
and all the censorship.
I think what we need to do a little bit, those that are beginning to see this, is to realize
where it's coming from.
Where I come from is that this world we call the human world, the so-called physical world
that we're interacting with, that's like a movie screen.
When it hits the movie screen, if you're sitting in a movie theater, when the film hits the
screen, it's a done deal.
You aren't changing it then, you're changing it from where it's being projected from,
where it's coming from.
The reason that the nature of reality, the nature of the true eye is not taught in the
schools and the universities, it's not explored by the media, is because we're not meant to
know that because once we realize the nature of reality, the nature of the eye, the nature
of who we are, the nature of what this is, the pen is dropped on how the whole thing,
the whole deal, is being orchestrated.
That's what I go into in my new book, Just Out Called the Trap.
First of all, we have to realize if we're going to grasp this, is what we call the world
of the scene is not everything that exists in the space that we're looking at.
It's a tiny, tiny, ridiculously tiny band of frequency, which we call visible light.
Visible light is an absolute smear, a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum.
According to mainstream science, that electromagnetic spectrum within which visible light, the only
band we can see, is a tiny part.
That spectrum itself is only around 0.005% of what exists in what they call the universe.
We are seeing next to nothing.
To understand that is to grasp how these non-human entities in the end, this consciousness that's
manipulating human society, can do it without us being seen as seeing.
And David, to interrupt, as you've been saying for 30 years, as I've read most of your books,
I haven't read the new one, but I read the first book she wrote 30 years ago that had
been proven to be dead on.
They don't even want us in the visual light spectrum.
They want us in the VR, in the matrix.
They want to even get us out of what we can see at this level to be able to totally confuse
And that's part of the lockdowns.
They now admit was forcing us into the metaverse.
Yeah, I mean, from where I'm coming from, and just after the turn of the millennium,
I said that this reality is actually a simulation.
It's a virtual reality.
It's an illusion to confuses and to hijack our perception of reality.
And I said at that time that the limit of this simulation, at the level we experience
it as the human world, because there are other levels of it, which I talk about in the trap,
that limit is the speed of light.
So the speed of light is not the fastest speed possible, as people like Einstein said.
No, it's pedestrian compared with what's possible, but it is the limit of this simulation, which
is why it appears to be the fastest speed when you're in the simulation.
And then in the spring of 2021, Scientific American ran a story, an article by an academic,
and he said that he concluded that we live in a simulation and the limit of the simulation
is the speed of light.
And one of the things I've been saying over the decades is that what we call the laws
of physics are actually the coding that's written into the simulation.
So when you're creating a virtual reality game, which mimics the reality we're in, you
write the codes, you write the rules of the game, the limits of the game, what you can
do, what you can't do, and what we call the laws of physics are actually the rules of
the simulation, which have been put in there as part of the control system.
And what this academic said in Scientific American is that we live in a simulation,
its limit is the speed of light, and he related, and I say quite rightly, the speed of light
to processing speed.
So if you're writing a virtual reality computer game, then you write the rules, but even though
you're doing that, you're still limited by your processing speed, as this article said.
And so that's the limit of the simulation.
And so this is like a projection.
I do explain in the books how it's created, how we actually create it in fact.
But it's the projection.
So the question is, where does the projection come from?
Where does this, because if you look at the Matrix movies, Alex, and the symbolism of
them, the Neo and Morpheus, et cetera, they're in the ship, they're outside the Matrix, outside
of it.
And so what happens is they go into the Matrix with that probe in the back of the neck, actually
in the reptilian brain part of the human brain, fun enough.
And they go into the Matrix, not with their bodies, they go into them with their minds.
And that's what I'm talking about in the trap, about how actually all this is happening in
our mind.
It literally is a mind game.
Where's the mind?
So basically, a little bit more to it than this, yes, but basically a way of putting
it really simply is if you can't see it, then it's not in this dimension.
And so it's in another dimension.
So you can see a brain, yeah, okay, there's the brain.
Well, therefore, it's in this reality, we'll call it 3D reality, there it is, the brain.
But the brain is not the source of consciousness.
What it does is process information.
It's the receiver.
Yeah, it's a receiver in that sense.
It processes information.
Now the question is, where does that information come from?
Because we have this whole concept now, although science denied it, right up to quite recently.
I mean, what you said 25 years ago is now accepted mainline science.
I read it in Scientific America, everywhere, all the big billionaires, they sound like
David Ike now, but they say, oh, we're going to jack into it and create a new reality for
you, instead of not letting you know that we could break free of this as well.
I mean, obviously, they're not going to bring us into some bigger, better reality.
Everything they do is to make the reality smaller and more controlled.
More and more myopia of sense of reality, that's what the metaverse is about.
It's about creating a simulation within a simulation.
In fact, a simulation within a simulation within a simulation.
So you've got the simulation we call the human world.
Then you've got the smart grid, which is actually another simulation.
And then you've got the metaverse, which is another simulation.
So and they admit the Internet of Things in the smart grid is a new world.
They call it a new dimension they're creating of the machines interfacing and directing us.
So it's a prison grid.
That's exactly what they're doing.
And that's why people should look at Elon Musk and ask, what the heck are you doing?
Because almost no, no, no, no, not virtually.
Everything he does and produces is straight off the script of the cult.
But I was saying, you've got the brain.
So you can see that that's in this reality and it's processing information.
And this concept of brain placidity, there's a placidity about the brain in this sense.
They believed until relatively recently that once the brain formed, that was it.
That was the brain for your life.
Now they know very different.
They know that the brain changes according to the information it receives.
So if you have one source of information, the cult narrative, let's say in all its forms,
and you never look outside of that for other forms of information and other explanations,
your brain, and this is mainstream science now, your brain will process information and
all the neurons and the neuron networks will form to process that information.
And let me interrupt you because you're right.
This is mainline science now.
Blue light is making little girls go into puberty earlier just from iPads and screens.
That's mainline scientific study two weeks ago.
And they admit that people that watch more TV, that isn't interactive, people that just
sit there and vegetate, don't grow the new neuron networks and literally get early on
set of Alzheimer's and die early.
And they admit young people in South Korea are dying from watching 20 hours of television
today because your body just literally turns off.
Bottom line, this stuff is killing us.
A very simple way of doing an analogy for this is imagine that you had Wi-Fi which is
outside the computer or around us, but you program the computer not to read, decode,
process vast amounts of information in Wi-Fi.
What you would do, the information would still be there, but it wouldn't be in a form that
you could see and interact with because the computer would not take that Wi-Fi and put
it on the screen in the form of words, graphics, moving pictures and so on.
And that's what they're doing with the human brain.
Because they know about this malleable nature of the brain, they are trying, this is one
level of it, they're trying to just let you have one source of information, it's what
censorship is all about, so that your brain forms, your neurons and your networks form
to process that.
And literally, if you're in that mode and it solidifies enough, it doesn't matter what
information you receive in other ways, because this is why people look at others saying that
the COVID era, and they say, look, why can't they get it?
It's so obvious.
Well, it's obvious to you because your brain is in a state where it can process that information
that sees through the illusion.
But if you're stuck in this repetitive that the brain will only decode certain information,
which is basically frequencies, then you're literally not going to be able to compute
what's actually happening.
And this is why they want us only to see the mainstream media, shut off all other media,
that's why they're going for you, because they want to control the source of information,
because from the information comes our perception, from our perception comes the way the brain
wires itself, and they're terrified of other information being made available to people,
which will over time, and with some who are more malleable immediately, will get them to
see actually there's a different way of looking at the world.
And at that point, the brain in its malleable nature will start changing and start firing
in a different way, and it will start processing another form sense of reality and perception.
Now, that's what they don't want.
What they have to do is hold us purely in five sense reality, because once we are processing
information and processing our perceptions only through five sense reality, they got
us, we're in the trap, we're in the jail, we're in the cell, and so they are seeking
to control in every way the information that we see.
And there's no doubt they're doing that, and you've been vindicated in spades.
So big picture, because I want to go through a lot of current issues with you, how are
things going for the architects of this post human world, this cyborg takeover matrix they
admit they're now launching.
How would you lay out the current state of the world because it seems like there's a
huge awakening happening, but they're also coming down on us with both feet.
Yeah, I mean, we are in a real state of transition here, and we go a certain way and we'll dismantle
this, we go another way, and it will get more and more extreme.
And again, we come back to the same thing, Alex, the stadium in which this is all playing
out, and the stadium in which the outcome of the game will be decided is the human mind.
That's it.
Because as I was saying, you can see the brain, so it's in this reality.
So where's the mind?
You can't see the mind, just as you can't see Wi-Fi, but you know it's there.
The mind is on the level that we directly interact with, with the brain, is an electromagnetic
That's beyond the limits of visible light, human sight, but it's there.
It's in another what you would call dimension.
And you know, people talk about a dimension of reality that is very close to this one,
on the dial, and they call it the astral dimension.
Some people call it the fourth dimension.
And in the lower levels of that fourth dimension, that lower levels of that astral dimension,
which is very close in frequency terms to this world, that's where it's being orchestrated
from as I go into a length in the trap.
And you know, this is where these entities are that are orchestrating this global cult
in the world of the scene, through people like Schwab and Gates and all the rest of
the world.
They have the new book and these entities.
Well, once you realize, Alex, that this reality, this global conspiracy is ultimately being
manipulated from this lower fourth dimension, lower astral dimension, then so much falls
into place.
Why do these people in the cult take part in Satanism and Satanic ritual?
Because who are they interacting with?
Because they are interacting with entities.
I mean, these people may be mad, but they're not completely stupid.
And they're interacting with these entities in this lower fourth, lower astral dimension
from where all this is coming.
So they do their rituals and they keep doing them.
You know, you see when you look into this, I know you have over the years, that they're
doing Babylonian rituals, they're doing Egyptian rituals now.
Why are they doing ancient rituals now?
Because those ancient rituals were specifically designed to create a vibrational environment
which thins out the difference in frequency between this reality and this lower astral
And if you keep doing this in the same place over and over again, then it thins it out even
And I've talked to people who've taken part in these rituals over the years, different
parts of the world, because it's a global phenomenon.
And they explain how these often hideous looking entities, often taking a reptilian form, not
always but often, slip into this reality during the ritual, where these satanists and these
super satanists, which is what the elite are, are interacting with them.
And so that's what they're doing.
That's what the rituals are for, to create this interaction.
Now, what do satanists do also?
They sacrifice kids.
They sacrifice adults too, but they sacrifice kids.
Why do they do that?
Why did the ancients say in places like Central America and all over the world, actually,
say Babylon, we are sacrificing young virgins, children, or someone else, to the gods?
What does that mean?
Why would they do that?
Because you come back to the Matrix movie and the Morpheus character, and he's holding
up a battery, and he says the machines have turned humans into one of these.
In other words, a source of energy.
Now, in this lower astral dimension where all this is being orchestrated from, the vibration
is very low and very slow.
That's why they are what they are.
That's why they are what we would call evil, which I define as the absence of love.
And so to absorb energy from another source, that energy has to be within the frequency
band that these entities operate on, otherwise they can't absorb it, like two radio stations
passing in the same space, but not interfering with each other.
The energy they want is the energy, which is the energy of them, is the energy of fear,
the energy of terror, the energy of anxiety, of depression, all these low vibrational emotional
human states.
And that's what they wanted during the Cova deal, record suicide, record depression,
families breaking up, people isolated, that's what they feed off of.
Yes, and you know, fear of nuclear war, fear of not having enough food, fear of the price
of energy, all these things, you take a world war, it's a bloody banquet to these entities.
Because of all the emotional charge that goes into fighting the war, all the emotional charge
from people back home who are terrified that their loved one is not going to come home.
So it's interdimensional transference of psychic energy.
Of energy, yeah, of emotional energy.
And so they've set up this reality to generate maximum amounts of low vibrational emotional
energy, of course they've done it very well, and they are then feeding off this energy,
and it's empowering them.
They don't want people getting on.
They don't want people loving each other.
They don't want people having joy and happiness and contentment, because these are high, these
are high frequency energies, for instance, when you're in a low frequency state, a low
emotional state, let's put it that way, but it's a low frequency state, in other words.
People say things like, I feel so heavy today, why is that?
Because that state of perception emotion is generating these low, slow frequencies.
And studies are now showing that electromagnetic, artificial 5G and other systems are actually
making people depressed, so they're artificially putting us into that type of system.
I forget the name, but the crews, sorry, go ahead.
What are you doing?
And this is why, this is the point, this is why they're doing it.
So when you are generating these low, slow frequencies through a low emotional state,
or they're coming the other way through this cloud and these low orbit satellites and towers,
then the energy, the frequencies going through your energetic field are low and slow.
And so when that happens, the field gets denser, and you feel this, oh, I feel so heavy.
But when you feel joy and love and happiness, life's great, then they are high, fast frequencies
that are generated from those emotional and perceptual states.
And so they go through your energetic field and they vibrate it very quickly and it becomes
So people say, I feel so light today because I feel so good.
So it's at this level, you see, and this is the other thing, I've done this in some of
my books, but I think it was in the 1950s that a guy studied the frequencies of different
emotional states and actually listed what they were.
And this is the point that we've already introduced, that yes, you can feel an emotional state
and generate the frequency, but if the frequency relating to that emotional state is coming
the other way through this bloody cloud, then the throttle goes both ways.
And that's how all this mainstream television watching literally is causing Alzheimer's and
killing people.
Let me raise this point, David.
How is this operation by this force running?
How is there war?
Because I asked you earlier, you said we're at crossroads.
I agree.
And how do we transcend it?
Because as an example, certainly we see limited reality, but at one point, the universe of
the dimensions, we're seeing what I believe is a limited layer of it or what you call
a simulation, but at least something tangible.
Why in literally, as you know, thousands of studies, people don't need studies to know
this, you go swimming in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, you go out of the stars
at night with the moon with your friends and laugh and tell jokes by a fire, you walk through
the forest or the fields and you feel light and empowered and connected to the universe
and God and the infinite.
Well then, when you go and plug into the VR matrix, you feel nauseous, you feel sick,
you feel depressed, you have nightmares, you don't sleep well, what is it about being
out in nature that counteracts this?
Well, what they're seeking to do is to negate that.
See, at the moment, if you're in a city, I mean, China is the blueprint, obviously.
You are bombarded with technologically generated electromagnetic fields that are designed to
put you in these low vibrational states.
But up to this point, you've been able to get out of there.
Get out.
You know, I talk about nature in a different way, but you can get away from that.
You get out into the areas that are not subject to that bombardment.
And therefore, I mean, these people that have this electrosensitivity where they're so sensitive
to electromagnetic fields generated technologically that they become very, very sick.
And they have to go and live in caravans in the forest to get away from it because that's
the only place that they don't feel sick.
You have this building syndrome where people get the same thing, where they work in an
office surrounded by these, bombarded by these.
What about the Havana syndrome?
Even the top, it's more than 20 CIA scientists sent in who didn't think it was real.
They're getting nauseous and super sick now.
And I think it's their own devices and their own systems.
And what they've tied into is physically making them ill.
And they think it's the Russians or the Chinese.
Well, you know, it could be any source of generating electromagnetic field.
So these satellites that are going up through people like Musk who's looking at 42,000,
well, I say eventually, that's the number being given now, they're seeking to take
out or generate these fields in 5G and what follows to every inch of the planet.
And they need to do that in their agenda because they want to connect, not least through what's
going into people with these fake vaccines, and of course, these fake vaccines are planned
to be transferred to every other vaccine and any other ones that they can justify and come
up with, with their excuses.
And therefore, if they're going to connect every human to artificial intelligence via
the cloud, as they call it, then they have to hit every inch of the planet with-
Absolutely, David, the time we've got, the time we've got left, I want to move through
a lot of the current things that are unfolding and happening.
But since you mentioned this, in the 1960s, there was an episode, Day of the Dove in Star
Trek where an energy-sucking vampire has come on board interdimensionally on the ship and
it's playing the Klingons off against the humans and the humans off against each other.
And as soon as they figure that out and become positive and loving, it dissipates, it makes
it go away.
So let's play a clip from Day of the Dove.
What are you doing here?
You're boarding for duty, sir.
Well, go ahead and release you from sick bay.
I release myself.
Then get back to sick bay.
Now in your life, sir.
I'm fit and ready for action.
The Klingons almost hit me at once and I'm not even a scorer.
I order you to get back.
I've got my orders.
I'm obeying orders.
Kill the Klingons.
It's never us, isn't it?
And so then they figure out that it's manipulating your emotions.
During Lieutenant Johnson's emotional outburst, his expression of hatred and lust for vengeance,
the alien's life energy level increased.
When the Lieutenant became unconscious, the alien lost energy.
It subsists on the emotions of others.
This one appears to be strengthened by mental radiations of hostility, violent intentions.
It exists on the hate of others.
To put it simply, and it has acted as a catalyst, creating the situation in order to satisfy
that need.
The Klingons brought together opposing forces, provided crude instruments in an effort to
promote the most violent mode of conflict.
And kept numbers and resources balanced so that it can maintain a constant state of violence.
It's got to have a vulnerable area.
We've got to get rid of it.
Then all hostile attitudes on board must be eliminated.
The fighting must end.
And soon.
Or we're a doomship traveling forever between galaxies filled with eternal bloodlust, eternal warfare.
Kang has got to listen.
We've got to pull our knowledge and get rid of this thing.
It's almost over.
We'll be back to David Eich.
This is important, though.
Lieutenant Agourle.
Yes, Captain.
Put me on ship wide into calm.
Aye, sir.
Ready, Captain.
This is Captain Kirk.
A truce is ordered.
The fighting is over.
Lay down your weapons.
This is Kang.
Cease hostilities.
This arm.
The cessation of violence appears to have weakened it, Captain.
I suggest that good spirits might make an effective weapon.
Get off my ship.
You're a dead duck here.
You're powerless.
We know about you.
And we don't want to play.
Maybe there are others like you around.
Maybe you've caused a lot of suffering.
A lot of history, but that's all over.
We'll be on guard now.
We'll be ready for you.
So, ship out.
Come on, haul it.
Out already.
We need no urging to hate humans.
For the present, only a full fight in a burning house.
All right, so that's a little long clip,
but they knew what they were doing when they wrote that back in the late 1960s.
David, I'd like your take on that.
Well, I thought that was fantastic, mate.
I mean, it just encapsulated, you know, what I've just been saying.
And this is the thing.
They don't care what we fight about, what we hate each other about,
and what we abuse each other about.
What they care about is that we do all those things.
They're not bothered at why, as long as we do them.
And notice the point is made that it equalizes the forces to keep it going forever.
It's an energy transference.
Yeah, well, this is the...
This is a point I've made in the books over the years.
This is why I say we don't need to fight.
The last thing we do is fight this force.
What we do is cease to cooperate with it.
And one way we cooperate with it is the fight.
So if you've got an electrical circuit, you need two polarities,
and the electrical charge goes between them.
So when you refuse to take part,
then that force, which wants to set up an electrical interaction with you,
so it vampires your energy, suddenly it's one hand clapping.
It's got no way of setting up that connection because you're not having it.
You don't want to fight it.
What you want to do is cease to cooperate with it.
And that's why the power of no is so fundamental.
The power of no has ended every tyranny in history.
The power of no says, I can see what you're doing.
I can see why you're doing it.
And I'm not playing your game.
I'm not being a pawn in your game.
I'm not having it.
So if you look at the COVID period,
if people had said no to house arrest, so-called lockdown,
better said no to social distancing, no to masks,
none of that could have been enforced.
And David, I want to go there and talk about
the fact that people did submit in Australia and the UK and the U.S. to some extent,
but they woke up, now the pendulum is swinging back,
1% of who was taking the Pfizer Moderna shots
according to a study that came out last month are taking it now.
So people are really rejecting it in mass.
It takes people a while.
Yes, you're vindicated.
I'm vindicated.
Our viewers and listeners are those rallies you have with hundreds of thousands.
The rallies Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have with millions.
I see this as an awakening, but you're right.
Now they're coming for the kids.
I want to speak to that.
But since you talk about how they're manipulating us and taking off our energy,
here's Julian Assange, now many years ago,
before he got arrested or put on house arrest,
explaining the goal of these wars like Vietnam or Ukraine is to be endless.
Here it is.
Because the goal is not to completely subjugate Afghanistan.
The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the United States,
out of the tax bases of European countries through Afghanistan,
and back into the hands of a transnational security alliance.
That is the goal, i.e. the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.
But it's bigger than that.
It's energetic at the end of the day.
So David, spend a few minutes just in the temporal level of this dimension for us.
We know you're really teaching us a lot here,
but specifically the last two and a half years of hell,
the euthanizing people here and in your country, the lockdowns, the police dogs,
the people being put in jail, the quarantines,
that helped build their emergency infrastructure that's still there.
We know they're going to come back soon.
I want your take on how that happens.
But it does look like they wanted to keep lockdowns going longer, control longer,
and that there was a massive rejection.
So when they saw the crescendo of resistance building
that would have been a chain reaction to take us over the top,
they backed off at least for a little while.
So your description of coming out that you're way more likely in studies
to die of COVID or get COVID if you have the shot,
that it doesn't work, that it erases your immune system,
that it is confirmed to be building some type of nanotech matrix in people.
I mean, this is part of something big.
What is it? How did it go?
And what do you see them getting ready to hit us with next?
Well, what they're doing, Alex, is going through their agenda for the human body.
Like I said, it's an anti-human agenda.
And they're moving from human 1.0, the biological body, as we call it,
to human 2.0, which is a far more synthetic body.
And this was described by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World.
And this new human is not meant to procreate.
It's meant to be produced technologically,
which is what Huxley was talking about in world state hatcheries.
And he said that with the world state hatcheries
and the production of the human species via technology,
that would be the end of parenthood.
So from that comes an enormous number of dots to connect.
First of all, the end of parenthood.
That's why in Europe and America, Canada, and so on,
you're seeing the influence and ability to make decisions by parents about their children
being completely and utterly erased.
Why are they doing that?
Because they're preparing for this no-parent society.
Now, if you don't need parents to procreate, you don't need men and you don't need women.
And so we had the toxic masculinity agenda,
where men started to be and continue to be abused and marginalized and attacked.
And I said when that started, Alex, they're coming for the women next
because they don't need men and women in this Brave New World of the human 2.0 to procreate.
And so they're now going for the women.
And the dominant force now in the hierarchy of political correctness is transgender.
So where does transgender come from?
Why did it come out of nowhere?
And it was suddenly everywhere.
Why are they targeting the children in this extraordinarily extreme, blatant, in-your-face manner with the drag queens and so on?
They're doing it because on the road to fusing gender,
because this new human is meant not to be male or female,
is no need for it to be because you are not procreating anymore.
You have to, on the way to fusing gender, you have to confuse gender.
You have to take out the basics in the perception of the population of what gender is, not male or female.
You have to scramble that whole perception.
And they are doing these horrific things to children, both perceptually and literally,
with the surgery and the drugs and the castration of young kids,
on the road to totally scrambling the perception of gender on the road to the no-gender human.
And the no-gender human, as Huxley described, would be produced in casts.
And these casts would be genetic casts, actually synthetic genetic casts,
which would have different abilities.
We come back to what we were talking about earlier.
They'd have different abilities to process information into a perception,
into a conclusion, into an action or behavior.
So the worker cast would be unable to process information,
thus understand any information beyond their ability to serve as the worker cast.
And to back you up, Huxley wrote that in 31.
His brother was a head transhumanist who ran the UN.
He said in a speech at 61 in his book, Brave New World Revisited,
that this was an actual plan of the elites.
And as you know, he was part of that British breeding program, eugenics program himself.
Yeah, I mean, his brother was a eugenicist.
I mean, quite obviously.
And of course, he would be involved in the UN,
which is a front for this cult to justify and to stepping stone towards total global control.
So these really are just human alien collaborators with a center dimensional force.
I mean, the Bible tells us that everything.
This is really it.
They're building a post human world, building a nightmare.
They see us as lab rats.
David, you've been vindicated.
Well, again, what I find interesting,
what I found interesting over the years as I researched this, Alex,
is that, you know, we look at the different religions and so on.
And what strikes me is not how the religions differ from each other,
but actually the common themes.
So I looked at the Christian belief in demons.
I looked at the whole, you know, demonic realm as Christians describe it.
I looked at Islam and the Jinn, what are the Jinn?
They're entities that operate outside of human sight, manipulating human society.
I looked at the Gnostics, which were a kind of vaguely a form of Christianity in theme, if not detail.
And they talked about archons in the writings that they left.
There was one amazing group of writings by Gnostics that were found in an earthen jar in Egypt.
These were mystic Christians that formed the basis of the Renaissance.
Yeah, and they left these writings, very substantial writings in an earthen jar.
It's estimated that they were hidden away about 75 miles north of Luxor in Egypt,
a place called Nagamadi, about 400 A.D.
And about a fifth of these writings, after they were found in 1945, were found to be about these archons.
Now, well, hold on a second, what do they say?
They called them archons because archon is a Greek word meaning rulers.
They said that these archons created what we call the physical world.
And that this was a bad copy of prime reality.
They also talked about the fact that the greater ability of these archons was virtual reality.
In the translation, what we would call today virtual reality,
the ability to manipulate and generate illusions that made people believe they were somewhere
was not anything like where they thought they were or what they thought it was.
And then you go to the Zulus in South Africa and they have the concept of the Chittahuri.
And wherever you go, I've talked to Aboriginals in Australia as I've traveled around the world.
And you see these common, common themes of entities operating outside of human sight,
which is not saying much given how narrow human sight is.
And they're always trying to drag us into their dimension.
Yeah, what they see, if we could think of mind, say fourth dimension is all astral dimension is the dimension of mind.
Now, you can be at the higher levels of it and see things and understand things with your mind
that people in these lower levels of the astral dimension where these entities are cannot see.
You're much more expansive in your understanding, in your ability to see the greater picture.
You go beyond that too, way beyond that, but you're seeing a much bigger picture.
Whereas in the lower levels of this astral dimension, this is where these entities are,
what are called archons and demons and all these different names for the same entities,
the gods as the ancients would perceive them.
And so they are dominating that area of this astral dimension.
So they want your mind, the frequency of your mind thoughts, perceptions to be in that level of the astral dimension where they dominate.
That's why they're trying to pull us into these low frequency states of mind and of emotion.
And David, I want to get your take on how people can break out of that, but I want to play this clip.
Can you talk about Stockholm Syndrome in your previous books and how they mind control people?
This is Jennifer Gibson, well-known actress, who took one of the poison shots and now has Bell's palsy.
She says she'd do it again, and I find one of the prime things that these people that are under this control
basically want to destroy themselves and don't care that they're being hurt by the system.
How would we break somebody, or how could she break herself out?
Jennifer Gibson, out of these things, grasp. Here's a clip.
Well, this is not a video I want to make, and it's kind of hard to make because as I'm watching myself,
I see what I'm going to say, which is I have been diagnosed with Bell's palsy,
which is paralysis on one side of the face. For me, it's this side here, obviously.
So I got it about two weeks after getting my vaccine, and I had a rough go with the vaccine, and I guess still am.
But I have to say that I would do it again because it's what we have to do to see people.
So I don't know why I'm making this video, but here's my word smile.
It's what we have to do to save people. She believes she's a hero.
Can't look at the statistics. Can't know the facts for herself. What is going on with this woman, David?
Well, you see, what you've got here, and we could talk about the fake vaccine as well, and it's effect on the psyche of people.
I mean, the number of people, I mean, we all interact with people. We both interact with people a lot, and we both read a lot.
Almost everyone I know that's taking it has less energy, is sick now, and acts more zombie-like. It's very sad.
Well, I'll tell you the word, Alex, that I've heard so many times in relation to people who've had loved ones or worked people with,
who they've worked with who've had the fake vaccine when they have it. It is vacant. These people are vacant.
And it's basically, we have what people call a soul, which is experiencing this reality through the human body.
And that soul is supposed to connect out into the great beyond and the great expansion of awareness, insight, knowledge, all that stuff.
The idea of these fake vaccines, one level of them, there are many reasons for them, is to break that connection.
So that basically, if I'm sitting here in front of a computer and I'm the soul, I'm interacting with the computer.
I've got the mouse. I've got the keyboard. I'm interacting with it.
But when you get a computer virus, which is essentially in theme, is what these fake vaccines are doing,
that computer virus takes over the operating system and it disconnects the interaction between me, symbolic of soul,
and the operating system, symbolic of the body.
So now the five cents level of the person is running the show. And it's been literally possessed by another force, by being disconnected from its source, what we call the soul.
So with this lady, something has happened physically. It's happened in the five cents realm of her life.
Therefore, she cannot ignore it. She can't ignore it. Her five senses are seeing it. They're experiencing it.
So that level can't be hidden from her.
But what can be manipulated is her response to it, which comes from perception.
Her perception is that even though I can't ignore it, look at it, what this fake vaccine has done to me, my response is still, well, I'd have it again, which is insane.
But that's the way the program works.
Now, if you were connected to what people call soul, if your mind was more expansive, as with all the people have not had the fake facts,
they would say, bloody hell, have you seen what this thing's done to me? Of course I'd never have it again. And no one should have it.
That's what you would say if you had any kind of expansive mind, but these people do not.
And therefore, they cannot, coming back to what I said earlier, Alex, they literally cannot process the information.
Absolutely. So how do you get her out of the trance? How do you, I mean, how do we help these people?
Or are they just lost causes?
Well, as I say earlier in our chat, everything is mind. Everything is mind.
This force is manipulating mind to perceive and conclude in a way that suits its agenda.
But mind, consciousness beyond mind, into the great beyond what people call spirit, is capable of overriding that.
You know, I've said in the trap that the mind is not in the body. The body is in the mind.
Mind is generating or decoding the information into what we call the body.
Now, once the mind is manipulated to believe it's in the body and the body systems are the dominant force in the relationship,
then when a doctor says to someone, you've got five months to live,
if you look at the statistics, you'll see that the doctor's prognosis for life turns out to be overwhelmingly the period that people live before they die.
Now, is that because doctors are so clever? No, no, are you bloody kidding?
It's because the mind takes on the belief that it has five months to live and that's what it creates.
A reverse placebo, psychosomatic, incredible. And I understand the technical is what you're saying, you're totally right.
I'm asking, if you had five minutes to talk to this woman on a park bench,
what would David Ike, just not as a philosopher, not as a best-selling author, not as a researcher, not as a trailblazer, a maverick,
just as a man, if she was saying this to you, how is there any tricks to get her to realize she can override the control?
She can get back in control, like, look at you. I mean, what have they done to you, sweetheart?
Do you give her statistics or is there some way to get her out of the Stockholm syndrome?
Well, in the end, you know, it's information that creates the program that programs people into that state of mind.
And therefore, it's information that can de-program.
So people need to flood her Twitter and Instagram with this interview today.
And so she needs outreach.
Yeah, what I would say to her is, look at, first of all, look at this level.
And look at the fact that you've taken a fake vaccine, which is not a vaccine by any previous criteria,
and you've got into this state.
Now, why would you then say you'd have it again, given what it's done to you?
I would then show her all the other people across the world just going by the VAERS system in America
and the yellow card system of reporting in Britain, which is only between 1% and 10% maximum of their actual deaths and adverse effects.
And I would point out that the consequences, not just for her, it's not just the one off, are absolutely massive,
both in deaths and in destroyed health long term and reduced life expectancy.
And then I'd ask them if they ask her if she really believed that someone who would promote that had the best interests of humanity at heart.
I would show her all the kids' figures who died by having this fake vaccine.
Because the question comes, why do they want to give this fake vaccine and it's the ones that follow to every man, woman and child on the planet?
Because they want every man, woman and child on the planet connected to the cloud and controlled by AI so they don't even have to manipulate perception anymore.
It comes direct from AI.
And that's the whole point.
And then I would start to ask her, who do you think you are?
Do you think you're just that body?
And I'd go deeper into the nature of reality.
And the only way you can get people out of the program is for them to expand their minds into greatest ways of consciousness beyond the program.
And this is what Alex, we call awakening.
What is awakening?
It's awakening from the five sense prison, the five sense focus of attention, because that's what it is.
The whole process of human control is of focusing attention on the smallest myopia of possibility of self identity of reality.
And so if people can start to ask questions, that's the process, asking questions of what they've been told.
And they'll realize if they do any research at all or read other people's research, they'll see that what they're told overwhelming.
Well, David, you have been so human.
So when authority tells you something, whether it's a fake vaccine or the reason for a war, what you say is okay.
On the basis of the entirety of human known human history, authority lies.
So I'm going to start on the basis that what you're telling me is a bloody lie like the gas pipeline this week.
And you've got to convince me with evidence that this time you're not lying and they never will because they're always bloody lying.
So awakening is and what you're doing when you're awakening, what's the process?
You're opening your mind to other possibilities.
Once you start that process, what are the other possibilities of what is happening or other possibilities of the reality I'm experiencing?
That questioning starts to open your mind.
You start to see things you couldn't see before.
And there's a real process.
And so many people watching this program, this chat, will have gone through this.
Otherwise, they wouldn't be watching this.
There's this process known as synchronicity, which Young talked about, the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Young, synchronicity, where things just happen.
You think, what's the chances of that?
What a coincidence.
Blimey, how did that happen?
And what it is, is this, when you are operating on a certain perceptual state, that frequency that's going out, that is a frequency reflection of the perceptual state,
is pulling towards you other frequencies, other magnetic fields called people, places, ways of life, experiences, that relate to that original perception.
So if your perceptions are only coming from mainstream media, the mainstream everything, then what you will do will experience things
that seem to confirm that what you're told by the mainstream everything is true, because that's all you're experiencing.
But when you start to open your mind and say, well, hold on, what's some other explanations for this?
What's the other possible explanation for this?
That changes the frequency you're putting out because you're expanding, opening your mind to ask those questions.
And what then happens is you start attracting to you, and it's a frequency attraction of electromagnetic fields on this level.
People, places, ways of life, experiences, coincidences that bring into your life information.
That's right.
That start to answer your questions, which you've started asking.
And let's be clear.
That's why the Satanists and people do the evil acts is to open up an interdimensional connection to get deeper into that.
The other side gets the energy.
Others get to get deeper into that.
They get information from it.
But when you're going with God or the light or you open freedom, then it's not a centralized thing.
It's open.
It's free in the universe.
It just expands.
David, I incredible interview.
I know you've got to go on this emergency Saturday show, but I had a few just basic questions, quick answers for what's currently happening in the world.
What's your big picture?
Is Putin really working with the globalist or is he in a real fight with them?
I think there's a real fight going on, but I think there's groups playing off both sides.
What do you think about the gas pipeline?
What do you think about all the major escalations we're seeing there?
The global digital currencies, just all these big, huge events we see unfolding?
Well, I said when they played the COVID card that they've entered the room now and they've heard the door click behind them.
Because if you're setting out Alex to transform global society, you can work under the radar for a certain amount of time.
And we've been pointing out over the years, over the decades that this is what the plan is.
But because it wasn't impacting blatantly and obviously on people's lives, it was done more subtly than has been since the COVID era.
It's all dismissed. Oh, that's not about nonsense. Only the awakening people saw it then.
But if you are going to transform human society in the image that you want, there comes a time when you have to actually do it.
And society transforms in a way that people can see it.
And let me just interrupt you because that's so important.
I remember 15 years ago on my show, 15 years ago, we just moved these studios and you said in a lot of shows to me after then,
but we ought to try to find that tape because it was so viral.
People really wake up seeing how long ago you and I and others predicted this.
You said, I, from my study, see in the year 2016 a global awakening and a big push against the new world order.
But then that will force them to counter strike in around the year 2000.
And if we haven't beaten them by 2025, the world's going to get progressively worse, but we could turn it around in 2025.
Well, now we're 70% through your predictions.
It's happening exactly like you said, you were on a couple of years ago.
I said, how did you do that?
And you just said, you know, opening up to the universe.
So can you briefly speak to that and then give us your forward projection into the future again as a literal time traveler?
Yeah, it's opening up beyond the universe, actually.
The universe is, in my view, the simulation, but yeah, if you open your mind and let it connect with expanded states of consciousness,
not, you know, some spaceship with some alien, but actually the consciousness that you are.
Because it's one thing to mention here.
Just because people use different names doesn't mean they are not relatively on the same page.
So I talk about a infinite consciousness that I call the all that is, the all that is has been and ever can be.
And others talk about God and others call God different names.
But, you know, a lot of the so-called gods are actually these entities.
But if you look at the bigger picture of what people call God and the way they see it, then, you know, we're not a million miles away from each other.
It's just that we use different language and have a different perception.
And what we can all unify behind is, whatever our cosmology or understanding of it is, we know it's real.
We know these evil forces are trying to cut us off from that bigger.
Yeah, exactly.
Because, you know, once you open your mind to and start connect with expanded levels of consciousness that are at levels of frequency beyond the realm of influence of these entities.
Sure. And David, you said this a year and a half ago.
I'm just, I find you so fascinating, specifically give us more than how you come on a show and your predictions never turn out to be wrong.
And you say in 2016, there'll be a global awakening in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America, other areas.
There'll be a big push against the globalist. And in 2020, they'll launch their counter assault.
And if we haven't turned them around by 2025, it's going to be hell on earth.
But we could defeat them then.
And by 2030, which they now admits their end date to beat us, we could beat them.
How in the, I mean, is it just an imprint you get?
Because I have similar things happen to me that I know we're right and we're right.
Or was it specifics or, I mean, are you talking to the watchers?
I mean, what's going on here?
Well, if I go back to when I had my awakening, I was a television presenter and what have you, and in 1990 and 1991 and the top of my head blew off.
And what happened in the spring of 1990 after I'd had a year up to that point where it progressively got more and more tangible that when I was in a room alone, I wasn't alone.
And through, what would it be, 1989, it got stronger and stronger until the spring of 1990.
And I was sitting in a hotel room working for the BBC, a place called the Kensington Hilton just down from Television Centre in London.
And this presence in the room was so massive that, and obvious, that I sat on the side of the bed and I said, if there's something there, would you please contact me because you're driving me up the wall.
Long story short, within a few days, I found myself in a, maybe a week, 10 days, I found myself in the front room of a professional psychic.
I'd never seen one before, who goes into psychic mode and says, I'm being told that you're going to go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets.
Now, this is 1990, what? And, but the reason I tell that story is because what came through that day, this lady's, this entity I'm seeing is telling me this, is that from this moment, we're going to lead you to knowledge.
And at other times, we'll put knowledge directly into your mind. And over the last 32 years, that's exactly what has happened. I mean, you know, you know, you would have experienced.
Oh, that happens to me all the time, where first I'll feel this really big presence. It happened about six months ago, laying in bed like 10 at night.
I felt the big presence. And then I said, okay, give me the info. And then I woke up the next day and literally knew all the stuff was about to happen again. It was just there.
Yeah, because what, what's happening is, is people who go into that mode are tuning in and it's about opening your mind. If you've got a closed mind and you're 5 cents centric, you, you're not, you're not.
Well, there's also a free will aspect, because you talk about a cold and angel, what you will, there's this powerful force, you know, it's there. If it's evil, you feel the back of your neck crawl.
This is just like calm focus, contentment, completion. And but then it's like, okay, you want this because it never forces is like, you want this? Is that what you're describing?
Yeah. And, you know, the, the, the challenge for those that tune into this stuff, and, and get this downloaded, it's literally a download. It's like a computer download is to not be intimidated into keeping it to yourself because you think, what will people think of me.
So when, when I started getting this stuff about this non human element to all this, and, you know, the reptilian element and all that, the, you know, most people, frankly, would have said, well, hold on a minute, mate.
Can you imagine what they're going to say when I come out with this? No way, fella. So the challenge is, look, I'm not interested in a statue and a round of applause. I'm interested in the truth.
I'm interested in human freedom from this, this tyranny. And so if I, if it crosses my line in terms of, I can justify this to myself and by then I could, I'm coming out with it. And the consequences for me of doing that, well, they'll just have to happen because I'm doing it anyway.
That's the challenge. And a lot of people will have had these perceptions, maybe, and they've kept them to themselves because they fear the consequences of talking about it.
David, I got to know more of this. So fascinating. You said you go in your bedroom, you feel this incredible presence. You can't ignore it. So you're not having a bad day, a good day.
And all of a sudden you walk around me like, whoa, it's only happened to me maybe 10 times in my life. It's like, whoa, I really, there's something here. Okay. And then it's like, do you want this information that when I was a child,
a teenager, what's happened to me as I was an adult, you never know what's going to happen. Usually it's when you're in some quiet place alone. What was the feeling you said was so intense?
Well, lots of things happened to me in the early 90s, especially on a hill in Peru, a place called C. Ustani in Peru, which was an energetic input, which had me shaking like I was plugged into the mains for about 45 minutes or so.
And after that, I knew things. And I could see, it's like they say, when you read the newspaper, the truth is between the lines. And I started to see what those lines between the lines were.
I just saw the world in a different way. And it comes a point where you don't even have to lie on your bed or anything like that, but it becomes a part of you. So it's not that there's some external force communicating with you in the sense that that force is you.
You're just recognizing the manifestation of your own interdimensional eternal will.
Yes, because it's like, in China, they firewall off the computer system so that Chinese people cannot access most of the internet or the stuff they're not supposed to have.
Now, therefore, if they only access what the Chinese fascist government wants them to see, then they'll have a certain perception.
But if they got access to the whole internet, this is just an analogy, they would have a vastly more expanded perception of reality and possibility.
And that's what happens when you open your mind to to expand. And by the way, we know this in science and closing. We know this in science. It's a well known process.
You can speak to it. The hundredth monkey syndrome. They found that in other animals and also in humans, you can have monkeys 20 miles away on another island with the same species who are taught how to use a rock or whatever to open a fruit.
And the other monkeys, same species for thousands of years have never done it. But because somebody showed them how as soon as they learn somehow six cents interdimensionally, because they're on the same frequency as the same species of monkey 20, 30 miles away, suddenly those monkeys know how to do it.
I mean, what that really illustrates that there's this ether out there.
Well, yeah, what I call the field. Yeah, the five senses as a few things on that the five senses. If you look at them, they decode what we call form things.
So I'm looking around this room and I can see things, computer, a cup, whatever.
But my five senses are only tuned to that frequency, what we call form. Therefore, I perceive reality as form with empty space in between.
That's why we all see the world. But there is no empty space in between.
There is a field of consciousness, energy, information that we can't see because of the narrow band of our sight senses, but exists. And that's what we are interacting with.
And this is why this cult wants to dominate the frequency nature of the field.
And if David, I know that's the case. Take the move of the island, which I won't do the whole plot of. You may have seen it's really good movie from like 15 years ago, where they have these clones of rich people in this underground base.
They think they're part of, you know, after a biological war, living in safety, when they finally get to go, they go to the island to be free and, you know, the outside world.
But really, that's when the their their person that paid for a clone of their body for organ harvesting needs the body part.
They think they went a lot or either go to the island or actually taken and killed their organs taken. But they find have to shut it down.
But suddenly, it's some type of psychic interface that the humans clone on the outside, even though it's a thousand miles away or 10,000 miles away, starts actually getting the memories and the understanding of their copy.
And so the globalists know this. They put it in all the literature of the culture. Now it's coming out.
Why do they simultaneously tell us what they're doing and how they're doing it while denying it and suppressing it? What's the rule there?
Well, there's two things really. I mean, like I said earlier, we're at the point now where they're actually doing it in the world of the scene.
Therefore, they can't hide it. What they have to do and they've gone into is sales pitch mode in selling it as a wonderful thing.
They can't hide it anymore because if they keep hiding it, it won't become reality in the world that we're living in.
So, yeah. And, you know, this thing about the field is really important, you know, the ancient tribal people, some of which, of course, still exist in Africa and places.
They have this communication system, which became known as the Bush Telegraph, where people out hunting could have an instinct of what was happening back in the village, even though they were nowhere near it.
And by the way, this is in mainline studies in Australia with the Aborigines that are so psychic and so tied into it that a lot of them work in the mines, in some cases, 3,000 miles away.
And the mine operators, people have learned when they say, because they're hardworking, I got to leave the mine, I got to go.
My mother's sick or my dad just died or my mother was just hit by a car 100% of the time they're right.
That was back before they even had the telephones and stuff to check.
Looking back 60, 70, 80 years ago, when they said something was happening to their family, they were always right. The Bush Telegraph.
Yeah, and just a simple example. The number of people I've met over the years, my brothers had this experience a few times, where they say, I've just had this amazing experience.
I was thinking of somebody, and I hadn't seen him for ages, but I suddenly started thinking of him.
And then the bloody phone rang, and guess who it was? It was them. Well, I mean, that's extraordinary, isn't it? No. Because when you were thinking of them, they were thinking of you because they were about to ring you.
And so the frequency that they give off as they're thinking of you, and they're actually, their attention is thinking of you. Therefore, it's possible to tune into your energy field because that's who they're thinking of.
And David, I've got a perfect example of this. My son Rex wanted to work on my family ranch for the last year. He's been gone most of the time after high school.
He wanted to take a year off and work as a farmer. And about two years ago, he wanted to borrow a sports watch that I had, not a very expensive watch, just a regular, you know, watch.
And he's moved back to town the last month, doing a bunch of stuff. And he came by the house the other morning, we were going to go on a hike before I had to go into work.
It's like 6.30 in the morning. He shows up, he walks in, and I just had this feeling. I never do this stuff, but I wanted to show him how real the sixth sense is.
And I said, I know you brought me my watch back. And he literally like turned white for the gulping and gasping. He says, how did you know that? I hadn't asked for it in years.
I never asked for it back. And he said, I've got the watch right here. I was bringing it to you this morning. And I have on there to say that.
But I've learned now, when I know stuff's going on, I go ahead and tell people because it's never wrong. I knew that my son had brought me my watch because I was psychically picking it up.
Yeah. And this is happening all the time. You know, what people call the paranormal is actually the perfectly bloody normal. But they call it the paranormal because they don't want us to think that's normal.
They wanted to think their normal is normal, i.e. five sense reality. That's what it's all about. I'll give you an example, Alex, of just how illusory reality is.
Now, what I'm saying in my books, what I say in the trap, the new one is, and I have been writing this now for, you know, 20, 20, 25 years, is that this world only exists as we perceive it in here.
And in here needs more explanation as well. But let's just keep it simple. Because the reality, the matrix is actually an information field. Think Wi-Fi.
So the information of the matrix that we're interacting with, decoding, is like a Wi-Fi field. And this is the thing. This technological world that's unfolding is actually mimicking the world that we're experiencing as what we think is the real world.
And they admit that. Google and all of them say they're building an artificial version of what they already know is there.
Yeah. And so how did the five senses work? They pick up frequency information, vibrational information. That's what the five senses do, whether it's taste or sight or anything. The classic is the ears, because I'm talking to you now, but words are not passing between us.
What's passing between us is a frequency field. So my vocal cords are vibrating a frequency field. The ears pick up that frequency field. This is mainstream science, by the way.
Pick up that frequency field, and they turn it into an electrical signal. And that electrical signal goes to the brain, which then decodes that information, now in an electrical form, into a holographic, a digital holographic reality, which exists only in here.
But actually, we perceive it as being outside of us. So what is happening is we are decoding information in this simulation field into a perceived reality.
And this is how computers work. It's like I say, the technological world of today is mimicking the reality we're experiencing. So if the Wi-Fi field where I'm here, then the computer decodes that Wi-Fi field or the part of it that I program it to decode at any point.
And it puts on the screen that Wi-Fi field information in a completely different form to what it is in the Wi-Fi field.
Well, let's just expand and finish on that. This has been a riveting interview, but I don't want to abuse your time. Is it that they're trying to suppress our natural ability?
Is our ability getting stronger? I feel like we're breaking out of it and we're seeing more connection to the psychic, more connection to the field and that there's almost a human, natural, spiritual, energetic rebellion to this suppression
and that some of us are going to call it transcend faster while others are going to fall to this control. I mean, is there a dividing of the wheat from the chaff or what are they trying to suppress?
What's happening, Alex, is the division is those who are going deeper into the program and those who are awakening from the program.
And as you open your mind and escape the program, the perceptual program, that's when people watching this who've been through this process and it's vast now globally,
they'll start to become more what we call psychic. They will start to suddenly have insights. They'll notice the synchronicity in their life.
Well, that's what I've noticed. The more I go with it and I'm not ashamed of it, the stronger it gets. It was already there.
I'm just opening those channels up more and becoming more focused on.
Exactly. That's how it works. And you can see now, Alex, why the whole foundation of this conspiracy is holding people in five cents myopia.
Because when you do that, and what it is, it's a focus of attention. Can I see it, touch it, taste it, hear it? Oh, it exists then, or if I can't, then it doesn't.
That mentality, which what? Dominates science, dominates medicine, dominates academia, dominates the media, dominates government, all of them.
And when you break out of that, then you start to access levels of awareness, insight, knowledge, another psychopath on the screen I see.
But yeah, what you're showing here, Alex, is absolutely what is happening. Symbolically, yes, in this case, but absolutely happening.
Imagine if you come out of the womb with a headset on, and you go through your entire life and out the other end with the same headset on,
and that headset is feeding you a version of reality, i.e. the simulation. You will go through your entire life believing that the reality you're being fed is reality, true reality.
And you see, when people put their headsets on, maybe in an empty room, how suddenly, because of the information they're receiving, they thrash around as if it's real.
Now, what is that headset doing? And the gloves they put on, and the audio they put on in these virtual reality games, it's hijacking and overriding the five sense system of decoding reality that we normally have.
So the sight senses will be influenced in terms of sense of reality by what's going into the eyes with the mask thing.
The feel of the gloves will give you the touch senses and will hack, they're literally hacking into the five senses. That's what these virtual reality games are doing.
And you will believe, if you have a headset on your entire life, that what it's feeding you is real.
And that's the human plight. That's the human plight. But if you take the headset off, and that's basically what happens when you start to expand your awareness, you start to see what you couldn't see before because you are now overriding the information that's being fed symbolically.
That's right. These are brain and body acts. We know all the big companies, all the intelligence agencies are obsessed with it for decades.
They're now rolling out from bed at operational. David, incredible interview. Only meant to have you an hour. Thanks for spending so much time with us on Saturday in closing.
I haven't read your new book yet. I've read almost all the other books. They're all incredible. They're all different.
I love the cover of this new one. Tell us a little bit about the trap.
Well, Kraike, you've got another hour, Alex. Very simply, I go into all the five cent stuff in the book and update all that to what's happening now. But there's a large chunk of the second half of the book where I look at reality and I ask the question,
OK, if this is a simulation, I believe it is, then where does the simulation end? My question was this, when consciousness leaves the body at the end of a human life, why the hell does it come back?
If it's had an horrific experience, why does it come back? Why is that?
And I started to look at what people call the spirit world and I was reading accounts of, you know, people take people into regression and some people go, they take them into what they call the between life state.
You know, a lot of these regressions are, you know, you were Napoleon in a previous life or something. But these specifically, the between life state, what's the memory there?
And the common themes are extraordinary. And when I looked at this, I thought, this is another fricking hierarchy. This is another trap. And a lot of things started to happen, a lot of information synchronistically started coming into my life at the same time.
That kind of showed me that what we call reincarnation is real, but it's a trap. So, you know, you leave the body and you're supposed to go through this bloody tunnel and whatever, and all that.
And then you come back and I looked at the Eastern religious and the Buddhist kind of version of all this. And I thought, well, what they're saying is that you have to keep coming into this world over and over again and having different experiences to learn lessons
and reach a point of what they call enlightenment, high frequency perception to break the cycle and get out of here. So I thought, okay, well, let me have a look at that.
So, if you, if you look at the projection of mainstream science of the size of this planet, compared with the perceived size of what they call the universe, it is the equivalent of a billionth of a pinhead.
Right. So I'm thinking, okay, let me just follow this through. You have to keep reincarnating onto a billionth of a pinhead to learn lessons so that you reach a point of enlightenment where you don't have to keep reincarnating onto a billionth of a pinhead.
Well, that makes nobody sense to me at all. None. But then I thought, well, hold on a second.
If this simulation is not only this trap is not only the level we experience it in the human world, but actually when you leave the body is still a trap. It's still the simulation is a different level of it.
Then you can then start to understand that you're not actually reincarnating into onto a billionth of a pinhead planet. You are in a simulation, think a more advanced version of the Metaverse, where you are just going in and out of different levels, this level and different levels of the simulation.
And, you know, you look again at ancient cultures and you look at the an old esoteric concept of what they call the ring pass not.
And the ring pass not is a it's like you can symbolize it as the as a bubble, the outer shell of a bubble. And it's a frequency trap.
And before consciousness can get out of the multi leveled matrix, the reincarnation matrix into prime reality and infinity, you have to reach a certain vibrational frequency states to to get through that.
And so now they're creating here on the earth a trap within a trap within a trap to keep us from figuring out where a trap.
Exactly, exactly, exactly what they're doing. So you can again, you can look at the Christian view, which is there is no such thing as reincarnation and if you believe in it that you're this that the other some of them believe.
But it's about, well, let's just let's just take a breath here.
Reincarnation is not a creation of what people call God in that sense. It's a creation of a very negative force, this, this trap, this cycle, literally recycling consciousness.
That's captured our soul in a form of purgatory hell.
Yeah, yeah, so so undoubtedly if this is purgatory, which which I believe it basically is the best concept for it, there's another level, obviously, that we could be sucked into even worse, which which people could call hell.
Because these creatures that act like this, that sounds like hell to me.
Well, this, this, this lower level of this astral dimension is what they call hell and the Gnostics who wrote about this stuff all that time ago.
Well, to me, this doesn't discredit the Christian system. It just means men are manipulating it actually makes perfect sense as someone who, you know, I'll call myself a Christian.
This makes perfect sense what you're saying.
Yeah, I mean, the point the point is that what I would say to everyone who follows the religion is we can see no point, a fraction of no point, no five percent of what it's supposed to exist in this universe.
And a single book within that frequency band is not going to give us all the answers. It might give us some.
There's a lot of truth in the Bible. There's a lot of truth in a lot of religious books and this stuff that I don't go with.
The point is if we just, just relax a bit and don't say if you don't believe this, you're a blasphemer, you don't believe this, you're, you're, you're this, that and the other.
And just say, well, let's just talk to each other because actually we're probably not a million miles from each other.
So is there a force that Christians call God, a benevolent force, a, a, all that is force?
I say there is. And I say it's a, it's a, it's a consciousness.
It's a form of consciousness. But is there also reincarnation between different levels of this simulation within that infinity?
Well, I say yes, there absolutely is.
Well, let me take epigenetics. That's another form. There's multi forms of consciousness where we know we have instincts that are passed on that are literally memories.
I mean, they've done studies with 20 generations, as you know, of chickens raised inside a facility, inside a five story buildings.
One of the studies that was done back in the 70s. It went on for more than 20 years and the chickens were raised generation, regeneration, regeneration, regeneration.
They never saw a hawk, never saw a weasel and they could project with a projector on the roof, a triangle or a square.
And the animals weren't scared of it, did run into the coop.
But when they would project the image of a hawk and put a hawk scream on it, they would all run into the coop knowing what it was.
And so the thing was they had instincts, though they'd never seen a hawk for 20 generations. They knew what it was.
So that is, you could call that reincarnation of information, take our genetics like this body suit, this earth suit.
How do you square that? We're manifesting in these bodies and we're spiritual beings. I agree with you. It's true.
But, but we look like our fathers and mothers and carry that genetic line as well. How do you integrate those because I had a vision.
Yeah, it can be very simply and what you've just described can be described very simply. And that's, that's, that's the understanding that the body is the vehicle.
Consciousness, the true eye is what is experiencing this reality briefly through the vehicle.
So the vehicle is the way that we interact with the simulation.
Thus, if you think of it as a software program, because that's how they, the cult see it as a software program, that's why people like Madonna talk about the fake vaccine as an operating system.
They know how this works. They don't want us to know.
So it's the passing on of the software program through procreation passes on these instincts. This is why a duck acts like a duck.
An elephant acts like an elephant and a duck doesn't act like an elephant.
It's because these software programs, information is passed on through the species generations.
What, what consciousness is doing is coming in to the vehicle.
Well, it's much more than that. As I say, the body's in the mind, not the mind in the body.
And, but, but the, the, the theme is the same.
It's coming into experience. No, I mean, I agree. So let me, let me add this point to you.
For me and what I've, in my own understanding, for my own, this is not any books, not any religions, not any systems.
I've, I've, I haven't gotten a lot of it because it's really amazing and very complex and trying to understand it.
It's nothing anybody's ever seen that I've seen in books or literature, but I know it to be true.
There are spiritual families and groups that are also coming into this dimension into certain bloodlines.
And just like there's evil bloodlines, there's good bloodlines and the enemy knows that.
Yeah. I mean, there's, there's groups. I mean, what's happening now and has been happening for some time.
I've written about this in the books in the past is that there is a massive effort going on now to turn all this around.
You know, people say to me, what chance have we got? And I say, well, if you're talking about the five cents world alone,
we've got no freaking chance. But if you're talking about the wider world of consciousness and expanded consciousness that is working to transform this.
Well, we've got every bloody chance.
Let me ask you this. I don't mean to interrupt. I'm just fascinating answers here.
I asked this before you elaborate a little bit, but just this is so important.
Why are so many powerful leaders against this over the centuries coming out of what we would call the United Kingdom today?
Ireland, Scotland, England. And let's say it, the most prominent people fight the New World Order.
You're real. I'm real in the world. Also, go back to that.
We've got a big Welsh background. I know you're English and why is so much coming out of the UK?
Is it the energetic lay lines? Is it why is there so much evil and so much good happening there?
Why are why are our bad bloodlines and good bloodlines emanating out of there?
Well, it's kind of funny. Actually, you mentioned that because I've just completed a film which is going to be on iconic before Christmas called Albion Heart of the World.
And it's about why these tiny islands that you can hardly see on the bloody globe have had such an impact on the world,
literally globally and the empire on which they said the sun never set.
But in terms of the bloodlines, what you call the good and the bad bloodlines and these bloodlines of the cult, these interbreeding bloodlines,
for a long time, and still a few today, but for a long time took the expression of royalty, interbreeding royalty, interbreeding aristocracy.
The point is, yes, and absolutely Charlie Boy, the mate of Jimmy Savile and the, as an ancestor of Vlad the Impaler, who was one of the great Satanist mass, mass bloodthirsty killers that ever lived.
And he has property in Transylvania as well, Charlie Boy.
They're in your face, but what happened is when the people rejected in your face royalty and many, many, many, many countries around the world,
these bloodlines simply went into another form, into the dark superfessions of politics and banking and business and all the rest of it.
Now, I talked earlier, Alex, about the fact that the plan is to create human 2.0 as in castes, in genetic castes, which have different abilities.
The worker cast has the ability to do its job and serve as a slave, and the elite have other genetic states, thus other abilities to process information.
Now, the reason that these bloodlines, which are hybrids, they're part human and part non-human, they're a hybrid field, which means they're part one, part the other.
Part human, part reptilian, part human, part other forms of non-human.
The reason that they incessantly have interbred over the years and still do, not so overtly as royalty,
but the Eastern establishment families of the United States and the aristocracy and the various groupings around the world,
they still interbreed obsessively. Why? Because they are seeking to retain a software program, a genetic software program,
which if they interbred with the rest of the population, that program would quickly be diluted.
But this program, this genetic program of the bloodline, say the blue bloods, allows them to process information in a more expansive way than the general population is part of their power system.
And thus, as we have a serious limit in what we could see through visible light, their visual acuity and their other senses are wider.
They can see further into this field than the human population.
Therefore, they can see things that we can't see.
And I'm talking the Rothschilds, I'm talking the Rockefellers, I'm talking to all these different people that are in the upper levels,
not the highest level, but the upper levels of this cult.
And so they are seeking to hold that software program, a genetic software program, that allows them to do that by incessantly interbreeding with each other.
So you'll have an interbreeding marriage between Charles and Diana, when he really wanted to be with this other lady he's married to now.
But the genetic program demanded that he interbred with Diana.
And this is what's going on all the time.
This is why you have all these official marriages of royalty and other of the...
Absolutely, what do you expect to happen?
Last question, we're going to end it here, and I appreciate your time, DavidIke.com.
The new book, of course, The Trap.
David, how do you, what do you expect to see happen with King Charles III?
Absolutely evil, Jimmy Surveill, we know the whole background, Jeffrey Epstein, all of it.
Now that he's on the throne, he gave this speech six months ago, declaring global war on humanity, a military operation to cut the carbon that'll depopulate.
What do you expect to see now with King Charles III?
Well, first of all, he's not going to be, for very long, able to hold himself back and enter the arena, which royalty is not supposed to do, of pushing political agendas.
He's obviously, absolutely, and in glove with the World Economic Forum and Schwab.
This is what I've been saying Alex now for a couple of years.
And that is that royalty, overt royalty like that, has served this cult magnificently over the centuries, because it's a wonderful way of imposing power simply by bloodline inheritance.
You don't have to persuade the population to vote for someone, they're the leaders.
But there came a point, of course, as I mentioned earlier, where the population grew up enough to say, we're not having that anymore.
Well, of course, they still have it in Britain and the Commonwealth, but overwhelmingly, they rejected it.
And the royal family in Britain and the Commonwealth has served this cult magnificently.
Because it's part of it, it's part of the bloodlines.
These people are Satanists, like the Queen and the Queen Mother and Prince Philip, all these people.
I exposed all this while they were all still alive.
And so you have this great reset now, which is a great reset of the entire global system.
And for me, this great reset new system does not require any longer, what we call royalty, because it's going to centrally control from the global center.
It's going to do it through AI.
And I said a couple of years ago that when the Queen and Prince Philip died, particularly the Queen, then the process of with dismantling royalty would begin.
And of course, they're going to use Charles profusely for a while to push this agenda.
But when you look at the royal family in Britain now, there's him and then his son, William, and then you're going down to Williams little boy.
So there's not a lot left, especially with, you know, Harry and Meghan Markle firing exorcet missiles across the Atlantic.
And so I do see royalty being phased out and this is one reason for it.
When you target Western society, which is what they're doing, they want to dismantle completely dismantle Western society.
That's why the Southern board of the United States is why even though the royalty isn't Western civilization, it's still a symbol of that.
They have to take it away.
Yeah, exactly.
So, so let's look at this.
You want to dismantle Western civilization.
So the first thing you look at is what's the dominant racial group of West of Western civilization.
It's the white race.
So you target that.
That's why that we've having this unbelievable races targeting of white people because that if the dominant race of the Western society, which they want to dismantle was the black race or the brown race or whatever.
They'd be targeting that in the same way, but it isn't.
It's the white race through historical reasons.
So they're targeting that.
Then you look at Christianity.
Now, for historical reasons, whether you're a Christian or not, for historical reasons, not least in Europe, America or all over the Western world, that has become weaved into the fabric of Western society.
Whether a Christian or not, there it is.
There's churches everywhere.
There's, you know, we have an Archbishop of Canterbury.
We have the Monarch of Britain as the head of the church and all that stuff.
We've weaved.
And so if you want to pull the cards out of the house of cards of Western society, you pull them out of the white race and you pull them out of Christianity for historical reasons.
I mean, Europe is massively historically founded, therefore still, on the weaving in its institutions, et cetera, of Christianity.
And then you look in Britain and the Commonwealth at the royal family.
We don't have Alex, a British government.
We have her now, his Majesty's government.
We don't have an opposition party in Britain.
We have her, his Majesty's most loyal opposition.
That's what it's called.
We have her Majesty's now, his Majesty's border control, passport control, treasury.
You take royalty out of British society and the whole thing has to be reset.
You look around the Commonwealth, Canada, Australia, who's the head of state?
The Monarch of Britain, stunningly in 2022.
So that has to be all reset once royalty falls and cease to be what it is now.
Now, I'm not saying that's going to happen tomorrow, but I'm saying it's part of the great reset.
Oh, I totally agree. And what you're doing is the 35,000 foot view that it's not that royalty is good, but it's seen as British establishment and culture, even though it's not.
So a lot of people see the left attacking royalty and think, oh, it must be good.
Like Paul Joseph Watson is a great guy, smart guy, but he believes that it's the Stockholm syndrome in my view.
Obviously, it's terrible. It's horrible. They're not even British. They're not Scottish. They're not Irish.
You know, they since King George the first 300 years ago, it's it's it's been this basically Eastern European Transylvanian was our bloodline.
And I keep saying final question when you've done deep research, we know it goes back to Vladimir and Pailer Prince Charles mainly.
He just lives more time than in the UK in Transylvania.
I guess now that he's not the king or is the king, he'll he'll he'll try to move back.
He's in all these documentaries admitting he lives in Dracula's own castle.
I mean, it's it's beyond bizarre. But who are these people really because they're not even German.
You know, they call them German, you know, royalty.
But they're not they're not the tutors. They're not the the stewards.
They're not really related to William the Conqueror because, you know, you know, England's been run by a bunch of other people.
But who are they? Who is the House of the Dragon?
Well, what what what what they what they are, Alex, is there they are expressions of quite obvious ones, if you look at it,
of this hybrid human non human bloodline.
And what was interesting at the Queen's funeral is all the royalty turns up from around the bloody world.
That's that's left almost all of it in Europe.
And they were saying, oh, there was this royalty from, I don't know, Denmark or somewhere or this royalty from here,
Walter from there. This is this cousin of the Queen.
This is this cousin of the Queen.
They're all the same bloody bloodline, these people.
And and and they've they were used for a long time to control everything.
And like I say, until the people rejected that role in most of the world.
And, you know, when royalty is dismantled, the people we call royal, who are this bloodline, they'll just go and serve the cult in other ways.
It's just that the institution will fall because of this great reset of everything that currently exists in terms of top down human control.
There's no reason for it anymore because the control will come from the global center and there'll be no need for these satirical out.
Out with the old row bloodlines in with the AI.
Who will the new super rulers of the planet be?
Or will will the Arkans publicly present themselves?
Well, who the rulers will be is us.
Because we are going to bring this nonsense to an end. It may not seem like it.
It may not seem like it sometimes when you look around.
But you know, as I know, what it was like.
I remember what it was like in 1990, 1991, 1992, 93, 94, 95 and onwards.
You were a true voice in the wilderness and now you've been vindicated.
In terms of public interest in any of this stuff.
And trying to get anyone to listen was was a real struggle.
I went around America. I talked to eight people just outside Chicago.
I talked to five people in someone's front room in New England.
But now the challenge is not finding people who want to listen to this.
It's finding the time to meet the interest as you know.
And so we, although anyone who's kind of come to this relatively recently
will be saying why aren't people waking up faster?
Well, there should have been with me in 1990, 91, 92.
And they've realized actually what's happening now is a fantastic
awakening to another reality that's been going on all around people.
But now they're seeing it.
Exactly. Okay. I've said 10 times final question, but I have a selfish question.
Before we went on air, you were asking me as well.
I really respect you David and love you.
And I, you know, if anybody out there, I call my guru at you.
I mean, you really taught me more than anybody out there other than maybe my own life experiences
in my family and my own research, but you're an icon in this.
What do you think I should do?
Because there's this giant synthetic attack on me. I'm not stupid.
I know I'm not that important at the end of the day.
Thousands of articles a day.
Every local TV station in the country, every cable, foreign news, hundreds of shows a week,
they put out more propaganda against me than even Trump many days.
I mean, I can walk into a restaurant, a bar, I'm on the TV with all these lies,
misrepresenting who I am, what I did off questioning, a mass shooting.
People don't know who Adam Lanz is. They know who I am.
Why do you think they're so obsessed and what is this project they're involved in?
Because I can tell you, I'm not getting orders from the CIA. I'm independent. I'm real.
And then I look at this massive assault.
This is more propaganda than they had before they invaded Iraq.
Sure, that was six months of propaganda in 1990, six months of propaganda in 2003,
but we've had folks do the numbers.
They've put out more propaganda in five years against me than before they invaded Iraq.
What is that? What is going on here? There is an obsession.
I know you've been under attack as well, but I don't think I'm even not articulate or that good.
I don't even, they are obsessed with me.
When I get around these globalists, they shake and physically can't even control themselves.
They hate me so much. What do you think is going on there?
Well, there was a few things.
First of all, I said decades ago that the plan was that eventually no one would ever see or hear anything
that wasn't approved by the authorities, the cult in other words.
And that's where we're heading.
It's a progression.
And that's why they started demonetizing alternative media sources.
And then they started to try to undermine their ability to research full-time.
And then they started outright censoring them.
It's happened to me. It's happened to you because, you know, they're terrified of people knowing the truth.
Because when people realize the truth of what's going on in big enough numbers, then it's over for them.
And so they're targeting as fast as possible every source of information and every person is putting this out to silence them.
Well, David, that's my view is I've just been picked as a lead elephant because if they think they can get me, they can get anybody and they admit that.
I'm just a beta test.
They're trying to perfect their attack on me.
I've just been chosen as the first one to really take down with the next level of control.
Yeah, but I'd say, you know, they're targeting you because of what you put out and not only what you put out, but what in America particularly you symbolize, which is the information alerting people to actually what events really mean as opposed to what we told their need.
But I would just say this, mate, I know I have been there's been a number of attempts to to take me out financially and in other ways over the years.
And but and when I look back, you see, there is a force that is there to work through and help anyone who will open their minds to connect with it and then have the guts to go with what that that force is is encouraging us to do.
Which is to put this stuff out, no matter what happens.
In fact, I should have added the attack on you in ninety one ninety two whenever they did that was on every channel everywhere for a year straight.
The ridicules what I'm going through now, you went through decades ago.
So I think that's why I'm asking you exactly if I just persevere and I'm strong and just trust we're going to win in the end.
Yeah, that's the reason I raised that that if you connect with this and and and and go with it and don't run around defending yourself, but just keep saying what you what you are putting out.
It's what I've done.
I've never stopped and said, oh, you can't say those things about me.
I've just said, well, I've some more, I've some more, I've some more.
And so when I look back, Alex, and it's it's it's hard for most people to comprehend that didn't see it.
But I was subject in ninety ninety one ninety two ninety three ninety four and onwards to unprecedented historic levels of ridicule mass ridicule.
I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at constantly by the people in the street going into a bar or a pub.
Forget it.
There was uproar and I I would I would turn on the television and a comedian only had to say my name to get a laugh.
He didn't need a joke.
But what I did at that time among amid that absolutely mass ridicule, it was it was extraordinary in its scale and its vision.
I went on a tour speaking tour of British universities.
Can you imagine amid all that ridicule?
You walk out on a stage in front of thousands of students.
And of course, they all came to see me for one reason.
They came to see me because they wanted to ridicule and have a laugh.
And that's what they did.
And I remember one night I'm speaking was at a university always.
I think it's a polytechnic that is university now in Nottingham.
And I walked out on the stage and there was uproar.
I hadn't said a word, but there was just screaming and abuse and all that stuff.
There were glasses, not glasses, but paper cups being paper.
You know, sorry, plastic glasses, you know, beer being thrown at the stage.
They were telling you.
And I let it die down until it went quiet because they got bored.
And I said, you think I'm mentally ill, don't you?
And I said, well, what does that say about you?
You paid to come here tonight to ridicule someone you think is mentally ill.
What does that say about you?
And silence for the rest of the night.
Because what people need to realize is when they think they're making a statement about someone else,
maybe it's me, maybe it's you, they're making a statement about themselves.
Not the person they think they're making a statement about.
They're revealing their true self.
And where I'm going to go with this is this.
If you had seen what I went through in the 90s,
you would have said that guy's finished, done, gone.
And the media in this country, they thought they'd left another corpse in the gutter.
Finished him, they'll never see him again.
And I got up and I started walking and then started running and then I started sprinting.
And now the interest in my work globally is absolutely, absolutely fantastic from that start.
So whatever they're doing to you now, Alex, you keep going, you'll find a way.
You'll find a way because this energetic guidance will manifest ways in which you will get through this.
I can feel it.
I can see it.
I've experienced it.
David, I can credible the new book, The Trap.
And I got to say this.
I've known you.
I've been interviewing you for 25 years.
Well, they're 28.
Very blessed to know you.
And you always seem strong and really informed and powerful.
But to me, just at a distance, it seems like you become even more authoritative, more piercing, stronger.
And I just hope you live.
I know you understand we live, you know, we're eternal beings, but I hope you're here for another 30, 40 years, David,
because I want to win this thing and see humanity turn the corner and be there with you.
And I can't wait to see you in person again.
It's been years since I saw you outside London covering Bilderberg.
But what is the transformation in closing been like for you?
Because you seem stronger than ever.
Well, that's what happens because it's all an illusion.
Aging is an illusion.
It's a program.
And what I was saying earlier about, you know, the body software program.
If you are in a state of basically non-consciousness, you're in a five cent centric person.
The software program is running your life.
It's making the decisions.
It's governing your behavior.
You're following the cycle of aging, which is in the software program.
But if you become conscious beyond this world, beyond the five senses, a more expanded state of consciousness,
that consciousness can override the software program of the body.
So you stay healthy.
You stay strong.
You get stronger the more that consciousness imposes itself on the body and overrides the software program.
We are the power.
And what's happened is we're in two worlds.
We've got the world of the cult, which is the secret society network globally,
and we've got the world of the population.
And the reason the secret society network is secret is to keep secrets from the population.
So information knowledge is passed over through the upper levels of the secret society network that's kept from the population.
And fundamentally, it's who we are, what this reality is, how we interact with it, how it affects us, how we affect that.
They don't want us to know any of that.
They don't want us to know that we are actually consciousness.
And the fact is, when you tap into expanded levels of consciousness, you go way beyond this level of consciousness.
This level of consciousness is the village idiot compared with the potential of human consciousness, human awareness.
So what they've done is they've set up a human society that limits access to knowledge and information.
And that's why the Rockefellers created the education system, what's called education system in America.
On record.
And so they hoard this knowledge.
You know, they have this symbol, the all seeing eye.
And that is so appropriate because it comes from this phrase,
in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king, this cult, these morons, these psychopaths, these pathetic people.
They are the one eyed man.
And what they've done through control of society and the way they've structured it and the suppression of information is they've made humans blind.
But when humans awaken to the two eyed, third eyed human, we bring an end to this.
That's right.
Because they are the village idiot compared with the potential of human consciousness.
And all we do is open our minds from the program and see that there are endless other ways to understand this world that they don't want us to know.
It's a perceptual game.
If they can control our perception, they control us.
Well, sod that for a game of soldiers.
I'll have my own mind.
Thank you.
And I'll control it.
Not that bunch of prats.
David, thank you so much for the time and your amazing energy and focus.
The new book, The Trap, davidike.com.
Have a great rest of Saturday evening.
And I look forward to speaking to you again soon.
I hope to shake your hand in person sometime.
But thank you so much, David.
It's always a pleasure, Alex.
Thanks, mate.
Each interview we do just gets better.
I'm going to come back with some final words.
And that's it for the Saturday emergency broadcast.
We'll be airing it on my show during the week.
Got to love David Ike.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back.
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Well, I got to tell you, I am so blessed and honored to be on air and have just aired that two plus hour interview with David.
I absolutely amazing.
You know, I played this two hours ago before the interview with David.
But here's two short clips of the plaintiff's lawyers, Democratic Party operatives in Texas and Connecticut saying,
we want Alex Jones off the air.
We want to take his speech away.
I could be a convicted murderer.
I still have speech, but these anti-American dirtbags using the deaths of children,
they believe they can use as a pretext.
I didn't kill those kids at Sandy Hook.
Of course, I questioned it from day one.
Obama came in, made it political, used their dead bodies to blame American gun owners.
And I did question it.
And I apologize.
The parents have hurt their feelings, but then I see the parents and their political tools now with these different charities and money making operations.
And 73 million from Remington.
And they have the nerve to say, I'm making money off Sandy Hook.
My listeners don't want to hear about Sandy Hook.
I don't want to hear about Sandy Hook.
I want to fight the inflation and the open borders and the devalued currencies and the fentanyl and the New World Order.
I want to battle the New World Order.
I want to promote God and country and family, but I can't do it without your support.
So thank you over the years for what you've done, but we're the tip of the spear.
They don't run thousands of news articles a week and hundreds of TV shows literally a week.
It's more than that.
Every local TV station in the country attacks me every day.
Thousands a day.
They are so scared of populism.
They are so scared of you and their hatred of you and your family, their hatred of your free speech, their hatred of your love of God is telegraphed through me.
They see me as you because I am a populist.
I am pro family, pro liberty, pro success, pro capitalism, just like you.
So break their will, stop them, annihilate them in their face.
Keep us on air in this most important fight because here's the deal.
I get two years of appeals as soon as this trial ends and one war in Texas.
Super expensive out of control.
You name it.
Then we got two years while it's on appeal and they screwed the Constitution one side up down the other.
I think things will be so bad the next two years that they'll probably have the appeals courts go ahead and say you can say somebody's guilty without a trial.
Not let them put on evidence.
That's fine.
We're just buying time to keep fighting them.
So buy us the time for another two years to stay on air now while we're doing all sorts of other stuff.
Believe me, we've only begun to fight as John Ball Jones said.
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Okay, great job.
The crew on this Saturday.
This is like a three and a half hour emergency transmission.
It'll be archived at Bandot video.
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Their minds are fertile to the truth.
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And Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow night 4pm central for the Sunday transmission.
God bless and good luck.