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Name: 20220930_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 30, 2022
2379 lines.

In this recording, Alex Jones discusses various topics including transgenderism in schools, government involvement, independent media support, and legal battles faced by Infowars. He encourages listeners to visit saveinfowars.com for financial support and promotes sales on infowarstore.com. The episode also features interviews with Robert Owens discussing election integrity and Michael Yon on the vulnerability of Western civilization due to potential BASF shutdown. The show concludes with an appeal for support for InfoWars.

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The House Democrats just voted against requiring parental notice for consent before a school provides services related to sexual orientation or gender identity.
San Francisco United Unified School District of Kindergarteners, let's talk about your sexuality and keep it secret from your parents.
And they give them a checklist of what type of human or animal they want to be and what their sexual identity is in kindergarten.
Beyond pedophilia, not just raping children, but raping their minds, their futures, who they are.
That's just one of the stacks we're about to hit when we come back.
Stay with us.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, September 30th, 2022.
(upbeat music)
Tomorrow's news, today.
I tend to do hours of research at night and hours of research in the morning.
And then I come in here very frustrated and with a sense of insurmountability.
Because there's no way to cover all of this properly.
But then I realize it's all part of the human process and all part of cycles we go through and we're entering the bottom of one of the most deadly cycles in human history, if not the most deadly, with the high-tech weapons and systems that are on the surface of this planet, beneath the seas and in the air and space.
But when I really get focused, I find a place of clarity and understanding and Can really articulate why the enemy's doing what they're doing and what we have to do to stop them.
And so right now I'm in one of those focus places.
We'll see if I can stay there and just calmly go over this because the gravity of all of this is so unbelievably important.
All over the United States and in Congress, government is passing legislation for public and private schools in kindergarten up to fifth grade Elementary school to target children to tell them that they're another sex and to let them use pronouns and change who they are.
Like they're picking which superhero they want to be here.
They're picking what color their backpack or school lunchbox or notepad is going to be.
And then when the child, led by these evil people, led by this evil program, says, okay, I'm a girl or I'm a boy, when they're really a biological boy or girl, The school forms a file and a relationship with the child and begins destroying the parental control over the nurturing and raising of that child, so the system can absolutely confuse them and wreck them.
And they have to do that with the chemicals and biologicals in the food, the water, and the so-called vaccines, because more and more people in major studies are becoming androgynous.
Through what happens in utero and afterwards with the GM crops and the chemicals and the biologicals.
So, this is a larger program.
There's always been homosexuals in the world.
In every culture at every age.
That happens.
But this new system people identify as hundreds of different things and men and women shave their heads and do weird body modifications and now call themselves aliens.
I was talking to friends that were downtown this weekend in the bar district and they said there were just big groups of men and women running around.
You couldn't tell who that what they were and they all had shaved heads and were calling themselves aliens.
And if you look at the guy that's over the nuclear weapons Depots and over the nuclear waste depots or you look at The individual that just leaked all the Information on Delta Force or tried to sell it to the Russians.
It's the same deal.
It's a cult of Transhumanism giving up your humanity getting ready for the chips the body modifications all of it.
These folks are the icebreakers or the front lines of this transformation into a post-human world And that's why the big corporations and Virgin Atlantic and all of them are funding it and pushing it and selling it.
And now they're coming down with both feet, like a trillion pound gorilla or colossus, onto the backs of our children.
So, I have a stack of news dealing with this.
But the House Democrats just voted against requiring parental notice for consent before a school provides services related to sexual orientation or gender identity.
San Francisco United Unified School District of Kindergarteners, let's talk about your sexuality and keep it secret from your parents.
And they give them a checklist of what type of human or animal they want to be and what their sexual identity is in kindergarten.
Beyond pedophilia, not just raping children, but raping their minds, their futures, who they are.
That's just one of the stacks we're about to hit when we come back.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this Friday, September 30th, 2022 transmission.
I'll be here for the next four hours.
I know it's Shroyer, 3 p.m.
Central in the War Room.
And I'm coming in tomorrow at 9 a.m.
on Saturday.
And we've got three big guests lined up that I'm going to tape.
9 to noon and then sometime around 2 o'clock p.m.
tomorrow we will live stream and post the powerful When I say commercial-free, we don't run the regular 14 minutes of breaks for TV and radio stations.
There'll still be a few breaks and promos and reports we play, but it is commercial-lite, to say the least.
I had a three-hour show last Saturday, and it had five minutes of ads in three hours.
So basically, podcast-esque show.
Look for that big guest.
Unbelievably important information tomorrow.
And if you miss it, it'll be posted to Band.Video.
We'll obviously be airing some excerpts on the weekday show next week.
Let me be very calm here about this and just read to you the headlines that we're going to be going over.
The Communist Chinese government has launched private police forces in more than 50 countries and now they've launched a major outpost in dozens of cities.
In Canada.
With the blessing of Justin Trudeau.
Kind of a big deal.
Tying into the new world order and how China is the model.
Moving on.
More sanctions, more military escalation.
12 billion more in weapons this week being sent.
Now, so it'll make it 80 plus billion that Ukraine's been given.
Putin has annexed parts of eastern Ukraine.
Threatening nuclear war.
It's an insane stack of news on that front.
Phone outages, power outages in Europe, part of the Great Reset.
Zelensky has publicly tried to enter NATO and filled out the NATO form for basically annexation into NATO.
This is quite the tug of war.
We have all of that coming up.
We have a lot of really important housing market news here in the United States.
Stock market news.
The stock market's lost $43 trillion since Joe Biden got into office.
The housing market bubble has officially burst in the United States by many metrics.
That's all coming up.
We have so much to get to here today.
But the first things I want to get to here is the attack on our progeny.
The attack on our young.
Any species that doesn't protect its young ends up becoming extinct.
Food on the table for another species.
And we have several big stacks that deal with this.
All over the world, not just here, but in Australia and New Zealand and the UK and Germany and France and Canada and the United States and Mexico.
Governments are passing laws publicly, and the Democrats have passed it in their bill,
it's not to the Senate yet, to not tell parents when kindergarteners up to age 10 or the fifth
grade, so ages 5 to 10, K through 5, that they will form a government relationship with
a child and that they will just put out a buffet of different sexual preferences, sexualizing
children and children can rename themselves and children can rename their new identity
and that will be put in a file and will officially become their new identity, cutting off parental
rights and driving a wedge into the children and manipulating them.
This is a seriously sick, evil cult with these mask-wearing, vaccine-injecting cult members just leading their children into this globalist buzzsaw.
So we're going to be getting to that.
San Francisco Unified School District teaches young kids they can pick their gender.
Whistleblower documents show.
Wait till we show you the documents.
California implements extreme new sex ed curriculum, teaching second graders how to have anal sex.
I mean, this is just total weaponization.
That's all coming up.
We actually have the documents that they're giving to kindergartners and up.
So, it doesn't get much more evil than this.
And then you see the national news showing the abject freak shows of where the man's a woman and the woman's a man and There's this big movement now where they go, I'm not even a human, I'm not a dog, I'm not a cat, I'm an alien.
And I talked to one of my good friends two nights ago, and they went down with their wife, down to 4th Street, which isn't, you know, the out-of-control criminal overrun area like 6th Street, but still, they walked down by 6th Street, and they saw just all these creatures, black, white, Hispanic, you name it, and they couldn't tell what they were, but they looked like aliens.
Shaved heads, weird green eyeshadow, clownish looks, just like Drag Queen Storytime.
And they asked him, you know, what are you?
And they were hissing and saying, we're aliens.
Now, I said that, without even telling the crew I was gonna say that, last segment,
within 10 seconds they pulled up Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, where these groups go on together,
we're like 10, 15 boxes, you know, up on the computer screen
and they all look completely like aliens, they're into how they've lost their humanity,
they're into how they're sexless.
This is what the Globalist planned in "Brave New World", published in 1931, all the sex that he later wrote about
in "Brave New World" revisited non-fiction was the actual plan.
And again, it's not their fault, folks.
They're plugged into TV since they're children, they're eating GMO, they are electromagnetically poisoned, they're being subliminally programmed, and they are lifeless, they are jellyfish-like, like Neo when he's in the pod before they Uh, use electronic stimulus to rebuild his muscles.
Remember, it takes a few months with him.
After they get him out of the pod, they put wires into all his muscles to basically shock him to rebuild him, which is a real thing.
Neo couldn't walk when he first got out of the Matrix pod.
And so these people are proto-Matrix pod.
According to Globalist, this is the post-human world.
They're the weakest of us that already fell to this.
And they're mainly nouveau riche and middle class people's children, where you go to a restaurant, you see the parents all talking, drinking iced tea, drinking, you know, adult beverages, eating steaks, and you'll see the whole end of the table, five, six kids.
There's two or three couples there, and they've all got goggles on or iPads or phones, and none of them are talking to each other.
And so to them, That's completely normal, but they're being inserted into the matrix right in front of you, and then the GMO, the chemicals, the injections they're being given will make them these sexless creatures.
And so they will then adopt and take on what has been done to them, and they will celebrate it, and the culture given to them by the corporate media will celebrate what they've now become.
Then they have the highest rates of suicide, the highest rates of murder, the highest rates of drug overdose, the highest rates of pedophilia.
And because they're arrested development as children, just like Michael Jackson, they only identify with other children.
So some are just arrested development and aren't pedophiles, but many are, and they then sexually identify with children, and that's why it's a pedophilic system.
This is all set up by the CIA and by major think tanks and major psychological operations.
That's why you even seen New Yorker Magazine last year.
Tens of thousands of children per major city over 30 years, 40 years, transferred to NAMBLA homes.
To form the new family, where a man and a three-year-old boy have sex, and that that is now his relationship, and then they go out and get more children taken by foster care, and create stables of these creatures.
And that's why these creatures in all their videos tell you, we're here to groom your children.
We're here for the next generation.
They go to city council and say, you ain't stopping us, we want your children, we're gonna get them.
And they go to the schools, sometimes unannounced, and have their children sit on their lap, they do all this.
In other cases, the leftist women bring their children, like to Moloch, to the fires of Moloch, they bring them and set them on their laps, and the children rub their crotches and hump up and down on them, and the women praise it.
This is so open, this is so good.
You saw the Ministry of Culture in Spain say, children have a right to have sex with adults, and they're going to.
If your five-year-old wants to go out with the pot-bellied pedophile that lives two doors down, he's gonna take your five-year-old and he's gonna have sex with him.
And that's how it is.
These people are pure Satanists.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
What's happening is... Millions of people are going to PrisonPlanet.tv, our archive of the show, going back 16, 17 years old.
It is.
We're on air 28.
And they're going back to shows from 15, 16 years ago and they're watching them and they're saying it's like he was in a time machine and went into the future and came back.
16, 17 years ago, it's longer than that now, 2005, I went to London and I traveled to the Tavistock Institute where they developed the plan in the 60s and 70s for the transgender movement.
And the chemicals in the food and water.
And to create the gender identity crisis.
And they wrote hundreds of white papers on it.
It's British Intelligence MI6!
You don't think all the Hollywood and all the big media companies and Disney and NBC and the BBC and all of them are pushing transgenderism?
All of them are pushing sexualization of children?
Governments are secretly, and now it's public, all over the world, taking children and giving them to pedophiles to create a new culture!
A pedophile army!
But at its root, it is scientifically done.
And B.F.
Skinner wrote about it.
All of these guys, they developed these plans.
If you look at John Lee and West, and Ewing Cameron of the CIA MKUltra program, they publicly ran operations with tens of thousands of kidnapped children in Canada and the US.
Electroshock, drugs, brainwashing, and most often the children, ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, were being programmed as assassins and sex operatives.
To go out and then help kidnap other children.
Back before our government was totally run by the New World Order, back when there was still some journalism, I remember learning about this 25, 30 years ago on the History Channel.
They actually had documentaries about it.
And then I remember meeting Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI in Los Angeles.
They wanted him to be the FBI director, but it got blocked.
And he called me even more, and decades later, it all came out.
I'm getting chills right now, folks.
But it's scientifically being done.
In fact, guys, we have newsletters all the time.
I wrote in the New Yorker Magazine last year about the experiment of giving tens of thousands of children to convicted pedophiles.
That's your government.
They claim they love children, they want to take our guns to the children, all this, it's a lie!
And it says the German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles, it wasn't a German experiment, it was a globalist experiment.
I told you about the German experiment 20 years ago.
Ted Gunderson said they were flying kids out of Germany and Eastern Europe to auctions in Las Vegas.
Turns out now documents have come out and released by the FBI two years ago confirming those auctions were indeed real.
What do you think Ted Gunnarsson just pulled it out of the air?
But imagine being the first Ted Gunnarsson to expose this and people think you're crazy.
He could have stayed at the FBI.
He left the FBI so he could expose this.
He discovered whole towns run by devil worshippers.
Well, now they're expanding to take over everything.
At the end of the day, that's what they are.
They're devil worshippers, hiding behind science, hiding behind the science of psychology and psychiatry, and they are now expanding it down to the grassroots level.
They're not in beta anymore.
They're in operational.
So I have this big stack of news, and I said I'd get to it later, but I'll actually go over the documents last segment of this hour, but remember when we're covering all this other information.
That when you see high-level Democrat politicians, particularly, and some Republicans, when you see some of these judges and these Democrat lawyers, nine times out of ten, they are devil-worshipping pedophiles.
That's why they look like vampires, that's why they act like vampires.
They're all these types.
And you learn the look of them, and then you see their policies, and they support sexualization of children, chemical castration of children, physical castration of children, because they want the spiritual act of destroying innocence and the future.
And it's hard to come to grips with it, but when you actually get around these people, you see the deadness in their eyes, you see what they are, they're like wraiths.
And they know what they are doing.
Now wrap your mind around the fact That major Obama and now Biden administration officials and major officials over agencies in major countries of Europe like Spain are openly saying your child has a right to change their sex or change their name at age five or six and to be picked up for a date by full-grown men and women.
And they've passed laws in California that men Can't have consensual sex with 13-year-old boys.
It's not consensual.
You can't sell liquor to a 13-year-old.
You can't have them sign up for the Army.
You can't have them sign a contract to buy a house.
You can't have them sign a contract because they're not of age.
We know they're not competent to make those decisions.
That's why they have a parent or a guardian.
And the system's coming in saying, we're the guardians and we're going to do this to your children.
So that's coming up.
When we come back, though, you want to see Stockholm Syndrome, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to get a front row seat to Stockholm Syndrome on steroids, and this is par for the course.
I've seen this hundreds of times with prominent people, thousands of times in the news.
People who admittedly are having heart attacks or being paralyzed by the injections saying they'd do it again.
People whose children have died saying they'd do it again.
Because they are caught under this mind control.
With all that's going on, ladies and gentlemen, it's more important than ever to keep InfoWars on the air, and I thank you for your support.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So, there's different classes of those that have fallen to evil.
We've got to put a handbook out on it, illustrated.
Try to get people's attention.
But you've kind of got the zombie folks that are in a trance, that just watch TV and are online all day and eat GMO, that don't exercise.
The glow-in-the-dark type folks.
They can be black, they can be white, but they have that translucent, weird kind of zombie look.
Because they're in a trance medically, in major studies, the general public, compared to even 50 years ago or 20 years ago, is in a near daydream, waking, sleeping, sleepwalking state.
So you got the Zombo's and they're every age, color, race, they're everywhere in the industrialized world.
Then you've got people that kind of become more like gremlin wraiths who take down the whole operating system of corruption and hatred of the family and they love soy and they love GMO and they love whatever the system does and they worship the system and act like they're avant-garde rebels when they're totally backed by the new
world order and they just do whatever the system says and They will try to get rid of their humanity any way they can
To make themselves look as ugly as possible and they act in big groups and in coordination
The zombies don't so much act in coordination, they just mill around mindlessly.
The gremlin wraiths are mischievous, hateful, project their own hatred of themselves onto you, follow whatever the globalist New World Orders say, whatever the new thing is, they're the...
MPCs with a limited mission.
You've got dumb MPCs just wandering around, muttering, bumping into walls.
You've got others that have a low-level evil mission to submit and provide cannon fodder to the higher-ups.
Then you get a Renfield.
And again, that's from Bram Stoker's Dracula, which is all based on archetypes of real things, where the Count, you know, lives under the castle, and he comes out at night and kills people, and he's from the House of Dracula.
Prince Charles III, who it's based on, Jack the Ripper, King of England.
Look it up.
So they have a taste for blood, they go out at night to kill.
They don't live forever, but they have a spirit that's ancient that wants blood and destruction.
They have Renfields who like to torture animals and who like to drink the blood of rats and eat insects.
And that's what a Renfield operator does.
And so Bram Stoker even wrote letters and described this as different archetypes in society.
He didn't use the Carl Jung term because that hadn't been developed yet, but archetypes were always there just by other names.
If you read the Odyssey or the Iliad or, you know, any of those Greek books, you'll see similar archetypes there as well.
In fact, let me go back to one of the Odysseus on his big mission.
And the first place he goes, The first island he goes to, it's the Lotus Seers.
Or is it Ulysses?
I mixed them all together.
I haven't read that stuff in 40 years.
35 years.
And Hapus Kru just leaves and just eats the flowers that make you high and everybody just lays around and are zombies.
But I'm digressing.
There's examples of this everywhere.
And so, you have the zombies, you have the gremlin servants, and then you have the Renfields that actually serve The Draculas.
And there's a hierarchy in those.
And what does Renfield bring?
He brings kidnapped babies to Dracula, who then gives it to his brood of women when he has his sex orgies.
So they're giving you archetypes of this.
And so Renfields are your corrupt CPS workers.
Renfields are your corrupt family court judges.
Renfields are the people in Germany and the U.S.
at the orphanages that deliver children to the pedophile rings.
And there's different levels of Renfields.
Low-level Renfields just groom and deliver children.
Then you'll have Renfields that keep children ready and trained, and they're trying to transition, as Renfield is in the book Dracula, to being a full vampire.
And so they actually rape children, they hurt children, and they're always begging Dracula, can we, can I take part in killing them?
And then Dracula slaps them down.
Because you've got to really work hard and beg to get to the point where you're actually slicing up children and drinking their blood.
And that's literal, that's what these people do.
They torture children to death.
And British snuff films, all of it.
So, these are the classes.
Zombie, Gremlin Wraith, and then you get Your low-level Renfield, mid-level Renfield, higher-level Renfields, probably five or six levels of Renfields, depending on the system they've set up, because some of the systems vary.
And then you get the vampire class above that, and you get the king of England at the top, Count Dracula.
So, that's it!
Basically, that's how it actually works, and you should just know that.
So, it takes a Von Helsing, who's a scientist and a doctor and a researcher, who has a strong will, That's who you are.
That's who I am.
We'll take these guys on.
And you gotta know who they are.
You gotta know the different classes of them.
And once you know this, you're like, oh, there's a Renfield.
And they always act the same.
They go, I'll get you!
They get really excited around about Helsinki.
My master will get you!
I mean, they literally do this.
People have seen them do it.
And so, when you see a Chuckie Schumer, that's a vampire.
When you see a Hillary, that's a vampire.
When you see a Prince Charles, that's Count Dracula.
When you see these people, that's who they are.
And they want to hurt you and your family, they want your children, they want to annihilate you.
And the sooner you realize that, here's footage of Queen Elizabeth dying, when you realize that, It's a joke, folks.
It's from the movie The Dark Crystal, if you're a radio listener.
When you realize that it all makes perfect sense, then now you're a scientific observer.
When you're in the courtrooms or when you're around these people and you're just, mm-hmm, okay.
I trust in God, go off the valley of the shadow of death.
And you don't fear for yourself because you realize I'm a man.
I'm a woman.
I was given power.
I was given strength.
My parents were good.
My family was good.
I have the spirit of the Holy Ghost.
I'm strong.
I'm here to protect children.
And God put me here as a champion to fight these people.
And God just please make me be straight and strong and good because I've got to be good to be able to stand against these people.
And once you realize that compendium of it's Count Dracula meets the Matrix, meets Brave New World, meets 1984, then you understand the real model of the world they're building and what they're doing.
Mad scientist meets Count Dracula.
Now take Jeffrey Dahmer.
He killed animals, tortured little puppy dogs and kittens.
He was obsessed with having sex with dead things.
He was, I believe, demons controlled him.
And he graduated from being a wannabe Renfield to going out and getting gay men to his house and drugging them and injecting acid in their brains and trying to turn them into zombies.
He did turn some men into zombies that would survive two, three days by injecting them in the frontal lobe with boat cleaning acid.
So they used to clean the bottom of boats off and he would then eat their bodies and, you know, chop them up and then keep them and have sex with their dead bodies for a long time.
And he was graduating himself to be a vampire.
And that's the big Netflix show right now.
And, oh, he was listed as an LGBT thing because it was LBGT.
And, oh, no, they don't want that on there.
Oh, no, he wasn't LGBT.
Don't, don't, don't, you know, don't compare us to that.
And then you study the practices of the black hole that are these organizations and movements and groups, and it becomes so incredibly dark and so incredibly destructive.
Do I hate somebody that is gay who just has a relationship with somebody?
Absolutely not.
We're a lot of nice people that are.
But that's the gateway into this whole thing.
And it's heterosexuals or pedophiles as well.
But the entire LGBTP movement has turned into a giant pedophilic operation.
Now I said...
This segment I would get to the big Stockholm Syndrome news and I didn't.
I'm on a big jag right now about this other news.
Here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to control myself.
I'm going to get focused.
I'm going to come in and I'm going to hit the pedophile news first.
Briefly with the actual documents and articles.
Just knock that out because I talked about it.
Then I'm going to hit the Stockholm Syndrome news.
And a bunch of people sent me this yesterday because it just blew them away.
And it's real.
And so we're going to be playing that when we come back.
Again, we're in a battle with the Deep State and the New World Order.
Your word of mouth, your prayer is paramount, and your financial support is key.
So I want to thank you all for your support.
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dollar at 1776coin.com.
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All right, so I've been talking the last 45 minutes or so, 50 minutes or so, about Europe,
the US, Canada, all the major globalist controlled countries are literally saying, starting in
kindergarten, we're going to directly come out and say, "Hey, pick what sex you are,
pick what preference you are," and screw up kids' accredited identity when they think,
Are you Superman?
Are you Batman?
Are you Aquaman?
Are you this?
Are you a furry?
Are you a reptoid?
Are you an alien?
That's actually one of the preferences now.
San Francisco Unified School District teaches young kids they can pick their gender.
Daily Wire.
California implements extreme new sex ed curriculum.
Can't even read on talk radio what they're teaching.
The future of sex ed has arrived.
Is America ready?
San Francisco public schools subvert parental rights.
Every House Democrat just voted against requiring parental notice and consent before a school provides services related to sexual orientation or gender identity.
Parents have a right to know what the schools are doing to their kids.
They have a right to stop what they're doing.
San Francisco unified the kindergartners.
Let's talk, this is a quote, about your sexuality and keep it secret from your parents.
I mean, let me tell you something.
If my wife, who never did this, wonderful person, said, I learned from my daughter, hypothetically, that mommy was having secret talks with her about sex, I would find out what it was, and if it was weird, we'd get a divorce yesterday.
If my parents, or her parents, when they kept our daughter, who are great people, if my daughter said they're telling me about secret sex stuff and I can't tell you, there's gonna be some furniture turned over, the police are getting called.
Of course, that never happened.
But when it's some creepy-ass school, oh, it's liberal, it's so good!
If you're in a park, and you're sitting there at a children's birthday party, and a weird, creepy man walks over and says, hey, to your eight-year-old son or daughter, I want to talk about your sex, you'd call the police.
You'd beat their ass, probably.
But what it's done in these captured schools, where they wear the mask, and there's all the armed guards, and the media advertises mass shooters to go there, It's totally open.
Here it is.
San Francisco Unified to Kindergarteners.
And here's the documents, ladies and gentlemen.
They're up on InfoWorks.com.
Kent Daniels has written an article.
And it says you can change your name.
What would you like it to be?
What would you like to be used with grown-ups?
Would you like to say you're a boy or girl or something else?
Here's some examples.
This is Kindergarteners.
And then the school creates a database and has them announced in front of the class Who they are and what they're doing.
And then, don't tell your parents.
I mean, this is beyond evil, beyond priming for pedophilia.
It is the government forming a sexual identity with your child.
It's not your 14-year-old son kisses a girl for the first time under the bleachers at the football game.
Or it's not your 16-year-old daughter, you know, for the first time, you know, meeting the love of her life, she marries three years later.
It's literally a government run by psychologists and psychiatrists with a program to arrest their development, screw them up, and destroy their innocence.
Yet another video of Democrat witnessing Congress claiming biological men can have pregnancies.
These people are sabotaging reality on purpose.
And if we don't stand against it, shame on us.
Nobody should be in a public school, but I can tell you, Private schools, can't find many of them that don't teach this as well.
This is a total takeover.
Just like they're trying to teach kids to eat bugs.
They know children follow orders, children look to adults to be protected, and they're betraying that incredible trust.
These people are beyond satanic.
Now let's move on to this.
Canadian actress, very well-known actress even, I know who she is, I don't know most actors' names, I've seen her in some movies, reveals she has Bell's Palsy.
She's paralyzed on one side of her body.
Two weeks after Vax says she would take it again.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
Unbelievable that this is going on.
Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson.
Paralyzed and she'd do it again.
Total and complete absolute Stockholm Syndrome.
And don't forget Fauci's net worth soared 66% during pandemic.
He made 5 million, his wife made 7 million.
She's involved in it as well.
So here is the actress Jennifer Gibson Saying she'd do it.
Again, she says the vaccine made her really sick, but that's okay.
She's a hero, and we've got to get out of this together.
Even though all the studies show it gives you COVID, makes you sick, higher rates of death.
All the numbers show it.
She cannot admit the system attacked her.
But she says something very hopeful.
She says, beautiful woman, now look at her.
She says, I don't know why I'm even doing this video.
Because inside, Beneath the programming is the real human spirit crying out for help.
You're doing it because you know you're wrong.
You're doing it because you're helpless.
You're doing it because you submit to a system you think is there to help you when it's there to destroy you, lady.
Here's the clip.
This is not a video I want to make.
And it's kind of hard to make because as I'm watching myself, I see what I'm going to say, which is I have been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which is paralysis on one side of the face.
For me, it's this side here, the left, obviously.
So I got it about two weeks after getting my vaccine.
And I had a rough go with the vaccine.
And I guess still am.
But I have to say that I would do it again because it's what we have to do to see people.
It was.
Back it up ten seconds.
She calls it my vaccine.
A, it's not a vaccine.
B, it's not your vaccine.
It's a globalist injection.
And C, you have to do it to save people when it actually spreads it, sweetheart.
Let's continue with the Stockholm Syndrome victim.
Weeks after getting my vaccine and I had a rough go with the vaccine.
Um, and I guess still am, but I have to say that I would do it again because it's what we have to do to see people.
So, um, I don't know why I'm making this video, but here's my word smile.
Don't know why I'm doing this video, but here's my weird smile.
You know what pimps do.
They go to areas where young runaways, young people are wanting a better life.
New York, LA, you name it.
And these young women, 16, 17, 18, show up.
And the pimps just go through them.
They find out who they can stalk home, who they can torture, who they can meet, who will submit.
But about half the women don't submit.
They go back home or they, you know, get a job and get out of it.
But about half submit and just go under their control.
And baby, I'm doing this for you.
Knocking their teeth out.
And that's what all these people from Jeffrey Epstein to Harvey Weinstein, to all these people are about.
Sucking your energy.
Hurting you.
Destroying you.
Annihilating you.
Because they get off on it because they're satanic predators.
Now this woman's under Stockholm Syndrome.
Think about the children getting the heart attacks, the microcarditis, and the blood clots, and the death.
The good news is 1% of who were taking it six months ago are now taking it.
People have rebelled, they're awake, they know.
And the mandates are falling.
They're going to come back again.
The people that did this must pay and must be brought to justice.
Everybody needs to flood this poor lady.
Jennifer Gibson on her Twitter, on her Instagram would say, honey, here's all the studies that it gives you, COVID, that it makes you sicker.
And if she's already had an effect on the second shot, whether it's Pfizer, Moderna, it doesn't matter.
They all were designed to do the same thing.
Create spike protein in the body that fries and cuts your DNA helix into the death shot, the kill shot, the clot shot.
If you take a third shot, honey, you'll probably die.
But you heard her.
She will do it again to serve the system.
Let's not be Jennifer Gibson.
Let's say no to Fauci, and no to Bill Gates, and no to Prince Charles, now King of England.
Let's say no to the UN and the New World Order, and to all these globalists, and wake up and realize it only gets worse submitting, it only gets better resisting.
Resistance is victory.
We own our bodies, our children are ours, not yours, and we say no to you.
All right, we have a special guest joining us.
I'll tell you about the guests when they join us.
I'm going to have it as a surprise.
And then we have another special guest joining us in the third hour today.
And I'm tempted to actually take these three interviews tomorrow, 9 a.m.
until noon.
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Their job is to keep us off air and people are pissed I've been off air and I'm pissed too.
So we'll see what happens, but look for that tomorrow.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
But remember, this is a war of information and truth against lies.
And man, they hate us because we're the truth.
The closer you're going to get to it, we make mistakes, but we're trying to tell the truth.
Big difference for them trying to lie.
We're trying to empower you, not disempower you.
So please empower us together.
Share the links, InfoWars.com, Band.Video.
Nothing can stop you when you take action.
And I salute you all.
All right, we'll be right back with our number two, InfoWars.com.
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Talk if you can for a moment about the safety.
What have you learned about serious side effects in this vaccine?
Do you anticipate or maybe stay up at night thinking about the possibility you're going
to have to go back in the lab at some point and come up with something better?
Many of your medicines we know from the COVID vaccine are very effective, very welcome.
The logistics around that vaccine were not straightforward because of the new technology.
It's not like we control the world.
All rise for the reptilian anthem!
Let's get down to business.
Let's talk about Reptoids.
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Fun fact about voles?
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Don't use loaded phrases like hissy fit or see you later alligator.
Got it.
Be respectful.
So when do we talk about the oranges?
So the song Shake It Off was about how I shed my skin every thousand years.
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A ghost to blood!
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Uh, Reagan, meet my favorite reptoid zentitives, Barb Shrike and Zarthax Griswold Walton of the Reptoid High Council.
Good evening, your, uh, lizardness.
We reptoids have had a great decade.
Thanks to propaganda in the media, we have made society more tolerant of our kind, from the Geico Gecko to the Shape of Water.
We even got K. Rool in Smash!
We did it, everyone!
The world temperature is rising.
The time is coming, brethren.
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Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
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He owns an independent grocery store operation chain in...
He's one of the biggest farmers, if not the biggest in Florida.
He supplies many of the big grocery stores as well.
He's Alfie Oaks.
He's an American patriot.
Remember, he was the first big store, two years ago plus, to say no to mask, no to staying closed, and no to all the garbage.
And he said, what you need is health.
You don't need these poison shots.
Boy, has he been vindicated.
Well, he's right there at his headquarters.
Talk about a foodie paradise.
Incredible prices, incredible food.
Wish we had some of his stores here in Austin.
I would definitely go there.
Because the prices are like half the whole foods and the food's way better.
I don't know what he's, you know, what he's doing with this, with these vegetables he's growing, but it's incredible.
And I wanted to get him on a few months ago, and it just fell through the cracks about supply chain breakdown, so he can really tell you about that.
But he is right there in Naples, Florida, his headquarters that got the brunt of this.
But he joins us right now to discuss what's happening and where all this is going, not just with the hurricane and the response, but the supply chain breakdowns.
The entire COVID narrative falling apart.
He's completely vindicated.
We're vindicated.
The listeners are vindicated.
Alfie Oaks, Alfie4America on Twitter and Alfie4America.com.
And of course, you can find out more about his sheet of table stores and more.
Alfie, great to have you on with us, my friend.
Great to be on here.
I tell you, it's been interesting down here.
I've been through every hurricane that's hit Florida for the last 40 years.
And, you know, we've never seen anything in our area like this with this immense storm surge.
But, you know, I'll get into some of the damage we had in a minute.
But I want to talk about what's been great through this whole thing is our Seed to Table store seems to always be protected.
It's as if we've never even seen a storm here at the store.
We do have generator power that runs everything.
But we have right now, right outside the office here, there are thousands of people, thousands in the store right now.
Shopping, they're connecting to Wi-Fi, they're on, you know, they're getting power to charge their phones because so many are without power, you know, hundreds of thousands without power.
And that's always been your goal is for grocery stores to be community centers of culture, and I've been in your office right there on the American flag.
You're up on the second floor of this beautiful overview of your massive store.
Yes, that's exactly where I'm at right now on the other side of the flag there.
When we opened the doors at 7 o'clock this morning, that parking lot had more cars in it than the picture you showed earlier.
So it was a packed parking lot at 7 o'clock in the morning, and it goes like that all the way until 10 o'clock at night.
People are coming in the morning for coffee and some people just stay for three or four
hours here because, first of all, it's just like it always is.
It's happy.
It's happy as can be.
There's a recent picture right there.
It's just amazing.
People come to me right now and they say, "Thank you.
Thank you for being here during the COVID when we had nowhere else to go and you were
We could come here, we could be happy and love each other and feel normal.
And she says, now you're doing it again at the Hurricane, where no other place, no other business in town was open the day after the Hurricane.
We've been wide open, you know, supplying people with good, healthy food.
And we have a great supply chain with all of our vendors, so it's really working out well.
Look, it's not about a victory lap.
I mean, they lied about the shots.
They lied about how they work.
They make you sick.
It's all admitted.
What do you make two and a half years after this hell we've been through with it all being an admitted fraud?
It was 100% a fraud.
If you don't think that, you're just simply not paying attention.
I knew it was a fraud, as you did, before it ever started.
We knew exactly what the reasons were.
We knew that this new globalist, new world order is manipulating just about Every corrupt leader, you know, throughout the world is the whole reason they were able to propagate this insanity throughout the whole entire world.
So we knew it was coming and we've been resisting against it and more people now are waking up.
Some people it took six months, a year, a year and a half, two years, but more and more people are waking up.
And now we know that the only way that they stay in power here in the United States is to fraud the elections and we're going to see what happens.
And that's what you said two and a half years ago.
Steal the elections, but also cut off the food.
Look at the global food crisis.
Can you speak to that?
Yeah, again, it's totally manipulated.
They are doing this intentionally.
When I watch my farm input costs going up 300%, well, that's not typical inflation.
Why are farm inputs... And let me stop you interrupt, because what really impresses me and not just your great grocery stores, you are one of the biggest farmers in the state.
So that really impresses me.
You're a farmer, you are producing food in America, despite all the scams they run to make that really hard to do.
So you can really speak to this.
So you said two and a half years ago, it's about cutting food off.
You said that was coming next.
So elaborate on it now.
He's got a lot of credibility.
Yeah, well, I mean, what they're doing is they're trying to run the American farmer out of business.
Really, they're trying to feed people on food that I wouldn't even eat, the genetically modified Roundup Ready wheat and things like that, the meat that they have.
That's filled up with the, you know, with pink slime and then the milk that they have that if you don't get fresh raw milk from a reputable dairy, the milk products that are out of most of the dairies in the country are very poor.
It's just, they're really poisoning the people with the food that they have.
And then good food, the people that are trying to grow good food, like myself, it's getting more and more difficult, really for everybody.
To go back to where I interrupted, tripling in your cost to farm.
Yeah, yeah.
So we have fertilizer is up 250% from what I was paying two years ago.
250% increase on fertilizer.
We have diesel fuel is more than 100% more.
Seeds are 300% more.
Plastic, the plastic mulch that we use, millions of dollars worth to cover the beds.
Is maybe 350% more.
And these aren't regular inflation.
Usually the plastic would follow the oil market.
So it should be maybe double, but it shouldn't be three and a half times.
But these globalists, you know, we know how BlackRock and Vanguard and State Street are all involved.
The globalists are basically in control of a lot of the boards that control the companies,
the publicly traded companies in this country, and they are manipulating the input cost for
all the farmers in this country to reduce the acreage.
So this year is the first time in my lifetime that I've ever reduced the amount of acreage
that I grow.
We've always been growing and growing and growing, and this year we actually cut our
form back to about half of what we of what we grew last year.
And that's what European farmers are seeing, a two-third cut because the energy is just too expensive.
The UN said yesterday, hell on earth was their quote, but they did this with the lockdowns.
Yeah, it's exactly what they're doing here.
It's a global effort, right?
So we know that these things, no different than the COVID scam, was a global effort.
This is a global effort for food reduction.
I don't know how far it goes.
We watched the insanity of Bill Gates buying up massive amounts of farmland.
We've got to find the clip.
You were on two and a half years ago.
We played a clip of you, I think it was from Facebook, saying they're going to cut the food off, there's going to be mass famine, that's the plan.
You knew then, how'd you know?
Because it's pretty much the playbook.
I mean, when you go back and you watch where, when socialism has tried to take over any country, that's, you know, food manipulation is one of the first things.
Stalin and the Ukrainians, he cut their food off.
Yeah, it's just basic.
You know, there's new technology, so some of the tricks have more technology, but the principles are always the same.
If you go back, you know that they're going to suppress information, they're going to censor, they're going to cut your food supply off, they're going to try to turn everyone against each other, right?
So, all these things are what they do every time.
They've done it through thousands of years of history.
This is not anything new.
So we're, you know, anyone that's really paid attention to history can see exactly what they were doing.
Alfie, I'm going to try to shut up for two segments and we'll let you go.
I'm going to cover news in the last segment of this hour on Russia and so much more.
When we come back, I'm going to just let you host because I want you to talk about all the amazing things you're doing because I'm really impressed with you.
I mean, you really aren't just a business owner that started out with, you know, roadside produce, but you're also a farmer and you're a leader and you stood up to the lies of COVID.
I want to hear your predictions of what's coming next.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Alfie Oaks is our guest.
Alfie, why is Florida, and then I want you to just take it away with whatever you want to talk about, the epicenter of the Liberty Movement right now?
And what are you thinking of Santas versus Trump?
And then let's just move into the big picture as a business owner, as a farmer, as a guy who's a trailblazer.
You told us what was coming two and a half years ago.
Tell us what's coming next.
Well, I think it all depends on if they're successful in stealing the election this time.
I think that's the only thing that can save them.
I think that we clearly know that the American people now are more awake than ever.
They've had enough.
The masses are fed up and they're going to show up, I believe, to vote these guys out.
The fraud that's baked in right now in so many different ways, and I've spent thousands of hours in the past years working on election integrity, and I'm working with a group with Defend Florida, with Lyndell's team.
And sadly, we were supposed to on Wednesday, the day, you know, the day that the hurricane hit here, we were supposed to do a Zoom call with our local sheriff, who I've got him.
He's one of the most conservative sheriffs, Sheriff Ramboskin.
He wants to be the leader and show an election fraud that occurred here in Florida just during our own primaries.
We feel pretty strongly that there was 370,000 fraudulent votes in the last election here just in Florida.
And we know that we have a lot of proof of fraud votes that happened during our primary.
And the Senate has made some new laws that's going to allow the sheriffs to arrest people.
So we're hoping to get after it.
This hurricane may have delayed that a little bit, but we have a long ways to go in fixing up all the election crimes that are occurring.
Sadly, the gentleman that was appointed to head up the Election Crimes Unit just mysteriously died of a heart attack, like two days after he said that they found major crimes and major fraud within our own election system.
So all this seems a little, he's not a very, he's very good in shape, younger.
Younger guy, maybe a little bit younger than myself.
And so, you know, when this stuff happens, you just wonder how deep the corruption might be.
Oh, absolutely.
This is a foreign multinational takeover.
But as you said, the people are waking up.
So no matter what the globalists do, no matter what they pull now, they're just putting off the inevitable.
I don't see how they ever get out of this now.
Yeah, I mean, they're not going to get out of it without You know, they're not going to get out of it without the people not resisting.
The people are going to have to resist because the people are awake now.
So everything they're doing is against the will of the people.
And I mean, I think yesterday we just sent another 12 or 20 billion to Ukraine.
That's not what the constituents want.
If you took a poll of the people in this country... They've done national polls.
Close to 90% don't want money to Ukraine.
It's just insane.
They're all ruling against the will of the people, and the people have got to stand up.
And I don't know, if we don't have the red wave in this election cycle, then it's going to be revolution time.
And I don't want to see, I'm a very easygoing, loving person, but our country was founded by people that eventually had to revolt against a tyrannical government.
That's what made this great country.
You're absolutely right, and that's why they're trying to divide us along racial lines, the rest of it.
That's why I love your store.
It's so diverse.
Beautiful people.
It's amazing.
It's an Oasis.
And we could duplicate that everywhere, couldn't we?
That's why I wish you could just expand nationwide, Alfie, instead of Whole Foods being owned by Jeff Bezos.
Well, we would like to.
I just don't want to kind of bastardize what we have going on within the quality of what we do here.
At this store, we have almost 800 employees, and every single one of them I have a personal relationship with.
And it's just that culture that I wouldn't want to open without it.
No, that's the problem with duplicating something is you can't.
It makes it really difficult.
I don't like to say that I can't, but I could maybe do one every two years if I wanted to do it the right way.
I never say never, but going back to them trying to divide us, I made a post that went pretty viral.
And it was basically where I everyone that showed up in the store yesterday.
Thousands of people elbow to elbow.
I mean, this store is cram packed because we're the only place in town.
So, and I got on the phone.
I said, listen, I said, my.
My prayers are out to everyone in here.
Most of you people are without power.
Some of your homes, total homes have been destroyed.
And I said, we are blessed by God that we can serve you.
We thought ahead.
We spent $5 million on generators so that we would have massive generator power to run this 80,000 square foot building.
And I said, we're blessed to serve you.
And I said that I noticed throughout the store that there's more Democrats in here than I've ever seen before. I've
seen people wearing some Obama shirts and things like that. And I said, you know what? I said, I
welcome you here. I want to take care of you. And maybe this is, if anything I ask is that you maybe
learn a lesson about what conservatism is all about. It's about exactly what we did here at Seed
the Table by being self-sufficient, by being proactive and being by strong business leaders.
And that's what conservatives are, and we need more of them in government. So that's right.
That's a beautiful message.
I remember when they wouldn't turn the power on because the Democrats under Biden a year and a half ago ordered the power not to be turned on in Texas.
We had to put in $150,000 plus in equipment just to have our own generator here.
But a story you're big, absolutely.
We're talking millions of dollars.
That's what conservatism is, is being self-sufficient.
But it takes money to do it, so it takes support.
And the globals are so scared of a conservative populist economy ever taking off.
They write about it in white papers.
They're so scared of independent media, independent grocery stores, independent systems.
But that was why this whole COVID was targeted to take out the small businessman.
The Amazons, the Walmarts, all those people did great.
This was a specific target to take out the small businessman, because those are who they're most afraid of, because they can't be controlled, because they control their own destiny.
And we're not gonna bow down.
So I'm praying that we have a red wave here.
And you mentioned earlier, what do I think about about President Trump or DeSantis.
I think they're both great leaders.
Personally, I'd rather see Trump because of the fact that he's got four years of DC under
his belt and he's had a couple more years right now.
Plus they stole the election from him.
100 percent.
A hundred percent.
There's zero doubt.
I bet my children's lives on it is how certain I am.
And I could go on for 10 hours explaining all the reasons that I know that specifics.
The server that had the 2020 steal was right here in Naples getting all the data out of it.
And there's a lot that people don't even really have not even heard yet that's in there.
And there's a lot to come.
There's a lot of good things happening.
In the Supreme Court right now, there's a couple good lawsuits.
I don't know if you know Kurt Olson that was Trump's attorney and Mike Lindell's attorney for the election integrity.
Really great American.
I sent some of these lawsuits to him that were from a guy named Bob Schultz.
Hold on Al, we do five more minutes.
Let's talk about positive things that are happening.
The Supreme Court ruled three months ago that the EPA and FDA can't just make law on their own with the carbon tax.
So yeah, the Supreme Court's actually doing a good job on a lot of fronts.
A few more minutes with Alfie Yokes, straight ahead.
We got some big breaking news when Alfie Oaks leaves us in about five minutes.
Wait till you hear this.
But Alfie Oaks, you said something in the first segment that I think you should elaborate on.
I want some final comments.
We appreciate your time.
I know you're a very busy man.
You, because I've talked to folks outside.
I saw your stories.
Amazing who you were years ago, before I met you two and a half years ago.
I talked to some big farmers and big producers there, and they said, no, Alvey's one of the biggest farmers in the state.
When you drop that bombshell, because you're a hard charger, you don't give up, that you cut your farming operations by half because the energy and the fertilizers and the seeds all went up 300% or so, that's the same numbers we're seeing everywhere or even worse.
That is bone-chilling to think about.
That's not just inflationary.
That's not up, you know, inflation 20% a year.
That's 300%.
That is so huge.
What do you expect those ripple effects to be?
The Federal Reserve, private run for profits, now saying this is basically the new normal.
I mean, what is this going to do to civilization if farmers everywhere, not just here but all over the world, in some cases are cutting production by two-thirds, on average by half?
My God!
Yeah, it's not going to take long.
I mean, this is, you know, again, who does it affect?
It affects the people that are in the lower middle class.
You could even argue that the lower, you know, the people that are on welfare might be taken care of by the government.
But who it's crippling, you know, is the middle class.
And COVID was an attack, as I said before, against the small business owner, but also very much so against destroying the middle class, which is Another backbone of the United States that really exists nowhere else in the world as strong as it does in the United States, and it's an attack.
It's attacked directly on us because this food inflation, the inflation of fuel, inflation of everything.
It's all being manipulated 100% intentionally to have the effect and the only way out is to change leadership.
Trump got in and really started turning things around, and that's why it was necessary at all costs,
at all costs to get rid of him, because he was in this globalist,
a new world order agenda, he was directly in their way, putting it in their face.
And now across the board, other than shots, he literally gave us a pause
in the great reset of the shutdown.
So for those that don't know, we don't wanna be alarmist, but if you've cut food production by half,
you're one of the biggest farmers in Florida, It's happening all over the world.
We already have hundreds of millions of the Virgin Starvation.
Here it'll be a hardship and put people in debt and maybe put some on the street.
But what will it do around the world to have food production crater like this?
Yeah, the United States obviously being such a wealthy country, you know, we have to realize that there's many people in different countries that are actually living off of less than three or four dollars a week that they actually live off of in a lot of these third world countries.
And they, you know, they are going to go through famines.
It's a whole other level for them when these, you know, just things, simple things.
It's all caused by Black Rock.
It's all caused by the liberal corporate system, the lockdowns.
These people are mass murderers.
Hitler killed people with bullets and gas.
They're killing us with starvation.
Yeah, this is honestly what these globalists have done with the vaccines, what they've done with what they're trying to do with the food supply and this hyperinflation.
It makes Hitler look like a choir boy.
These are very bad, very bad people with very bad intent.
And the only thing is people have to stand up.
Unfortunately, we've come into a time where there's a lot of apathetic people, a lot of people that weren't paying attention.
But I think what they haven't taken into consideration is the great American spirit.
And my store right now is filled up with almost all patriots.
And if stuff gets real, we're ready to fight.
All right, Alfie.
In 60 seconds, any other points you'd like to add or what's the best website for folks to visit?
Well, I have alfieforamerica.com.
It's alfieforamerica.com.
And, you know, the last message is that people have to stand up.
I always say that I'd rather die on my feet than be living on my knees.
And that's exactly what they want us to do.
And I think that we need to stand up.
It's time to be prepared to stand up if they try to steal the election here in the midterms.
Best website for people to visit?
What's the best website for folks to visit?
Alfie, A-L-F-I-E at oaksfarms.com and Oaks is with an E, O-A-K-E-S, farms.com.
Yeah, I'm optimistic that we're going to come through this.
You know, all the candidates that I got behind here in Collier County, we had a 9-0 sweep.
We got All-America First candidates that's taken over our school boards and our Collier County commissioners.
And these things are happening across the country.
As bad as it is, it's triggering an awakening.
So the only thing we can do is resist and we're going to win in the end.
We got to win in the end.
We will win in the end because we have truth and everything that's right on our side.
And prosperity in God.
Alfie Oaks, thank you so much.
God bless.
Thank you.
God bless, Alex.
Thank you for everything you do.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
He just quoted Zapata, the famous Mexican revolutionary.
And so I'm going to give you an Alex Jones quote, a riff off of Zapata.
It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
I'll give you a new quote.
You live on your... Listen to me.
You live on your feet.
You live on your feet.
You die on your knees.
What Zapata said is true.
It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
But you don't live on your knees.
You die on your knees.
You live on your feet.
You die on your knees, Alex Jones.
Put that on my tombstone.
You live on your feet, you die on your knees.
That's what I try to explain to everybody.
I know you get it, but the new listeners, folks, you don't get ahead groveling.
You don't get ahead submitting to tyranny.
You live on your feet, you die on your knees.
Another Alex Jones quote.
Resistance is victory!
People ask me constantly, how are you taking, I mean, you go to Yahoo, you go to Google, you go to Instagram, you go to Facebook, it's Alex Jones at the top, set against dead kids, families for weeks on, never said their names, never even talked about them, all made up, and it's like, oh my kid died, oh, and Alex Jones caused it, and it's just, it's all, you're like, oh my God, Jones, you're under such attack, we better not be like you.
I'm under attack because I expose these people.
I'm just going to be completely honest, I totally enjoy it.
I've reached that point of real peace where I don't just have peace with this, I enjoy it now.
I'm just pissed off that my flesh is weak when my spirit is strong and I run on energy by six or seven.
I want to work 24 hours a day against these people.
I love you.
I appreciate you.
We're standing for the children and everything they say is a fraud and a lie.
They create these whole systems of lies and they want to intimidate us and demonize us and put a stink on us so bad.
People think, oh, we better stay away from that.
That's because we have the spirit of liberty.
I have been blessed by God with x-ray vision.
Cultural economic vision.
I know weapons.
I know history.
I know warfare.
I know... I don't even need to read a book.
I already knew it all.
God gave these gifts to me.
And God gave you gifts as well that God wants you to use.
But you've got to use those gifts or lose those gifts.
I'm living on my feet, not dying on my knees.
I'm winning on my feet, not being a slave on my knees.
I am generating life and strength and honor on my feet, not submitting and rolling over and groveling on my knees.
On my belly, a yellow belly, I ain't pissing myself.
I love it!
You need to shift into that gear of victory and just combat operations.
Full systematic integrations.
God is ready to give you the download you need.
You're gonna get that download.
Pray for the download.
We'll be right back.
You wanted somebody to fight.
You wanted somebody to stand up to the New World Order.
We did it.
The listeners, the viewers, this broadcast.
Myself, the crew, the guests.
And now we're in the main battle.
It's really a simple equation.
And God keeps me humble.
But I gotta tell you, right now, I barely have the money to pay my lawyers.
I barely have the money to travel to Connecticut next week.
The bankruptcy court has me personally paying for my travel and everything up there.
But I'm almost out of money.
Go to SaveInfoWars.com.
That's the URL to make personal donations to InfoWars for our legal and our travel.
We need your help.
We're in the fight.
We're like the Alamo sending a letter out asking for help.
Whatever happens, happens.
It's up to you.
Want to commend those that went to SaveInfoWars.com, made donations.
Go there.
$5, $20, $100, $1,000.
I want to salute you all and thank you.
We'll hit this big news here in just a moment.
But just, I want to explain this.
We're in a war.
Plus, we sell products you need.
So we've got the InfoWare Store Supercell running right now.
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3 9.
All right.
If you really want to support us, get a piece of history as a fundraiser, get a signed copy of The Great Reset and War for the World, limited editions at InfoWarsTore.com and 1776coin.com for the Teddy Roosevelt Man in the Arena coin that is a fundraiser coin and a piece of history, 1776coin.com.
I spent most of the first hour on the Democrats passing a bill in the House to have no parental
consent for sex change counseling in the first five grades.
And I showed you the San Francisco documents where they say it's a secret what sex you are.
You can be one of 50-something plus deals.
California has legalized sex between a man and 13-year-olds.
California is legalizing inoculations without parole consent.
The Washington Post had an article yesterday I didn't even cover.
In fact, it's in the stat, guys.
Re-pull it for me.
Saying inject children without parental consent is a moral thing to do when it doesn't work, it's not a vaccine, and it's pure poison.
I mean, this is their full raping.
They think you're weak, they think you're stupid, they think you're submitting.
You die on your knees, you live on your feet.
Come up for air, America!
Come up for air, world!
And now, American Psycho 2.0, Gavin Newsom signs bill to allow minors from other states to receive medical gender transitions without parental consent.
So we're not just going to say, come here from around the country and kill your baby.
You can't kill the kids.
At least don't let them produce.
Cut their testicles off.
On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a piece of legislation that will designate the state as a sanctuary for children and teens seeking medicalized gender transitions.
Newsome signs bill protecting transgender youths and families, fleeing red state policies!
And here they are, forming sexual relationships with your children, saying don't tell your parents.
Absolutely insane.
Don't be under the Stockholm Syndrome.
That, cue that up again, of Jennifer Gibson, the Canadian, well-known actress, Who had a bunch of medical issues and got paralyzed on one side of her body or face from the shot.
The doctor told her that was it and she says she'll do it again.
That's mind control.
That's submission.
That's dying on your knees instead of living on your feet.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's roll that clip.
Well, this is not a video I want to make, and it's kind of hard to make because as I'm watching myself, I see what I'm going to say, which is I have been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which is paralysis on one side of the face.
For me, it's this side here, the left, obviously.
So I got it about two weeks after getting my vaccine and I had a rough go with the vaccine.
Um, and I guess still am, but I have to say that I would do it again because it's what we have to do to see people.
So, um, I don't know why I'm making this video, but here's my word smile.
You don't know why you're doing this video, you're crying out for help.
Now I haven't talked much about Sandy Hook Show Trial 1, Sandy Hook Show Trial 3 that's coming up, or Sandy Hook Show Trial 2 that's happening right now.
I won't be distracted by it.
But I gotta tell you, when a judge finds you guilty, and this is a new model, They let them put on whatever they want as if it's all true.
They can say whatever they want, talk for hours, not being interrupted by a lawyer, but the judge says I can answer yes, no, or I don't know, or I'll be sanctioned.
I'm seriously thinking about just boycotting it next week.
And going there and saying I boycotted it.
And telling the jury I boycotted it.
Because the jury hears them all day cry.
My lawyer can't say it.
Did Alex Jones ever say your name?
The judge has now said that.
Did Alex Jones have somebody send you an email?
It's all ours.
Here's my child.
They got killed.
Never mentioned of Adam Lanza.
And now let's move to Alex Jones.
It's incredible.
These parents are controlled by these lawyers that are using them, not just against the Second Amendment, but now the First Amendment.
Totally misrepresenting whatever said or did.
Of course I question any of these big events.
And now, with everything I've seen, I gotta tell you, this whole thing's as crooked as a dog's back leg.
So, Sandy Hook parents tie years of threats and vitriol to Alex Jones, New York Times.
Never threatened him.
Of the 20 plus families, only said Robbie Parker's name and said, yeah, the video looks scripted to me.
I'm allowed to say that.
But he's transferred the pain he has for his dead child to me.
He was sitting right behind me.
That's where they placed him when I was there last week.
And he was all angry and just mad at me.
I didn't even try to go over and shake his hand.
But they are manipulating these parents, ladies and gentlemen.
Sandy Hook's mom testifies that Alex Jones' followers, with no evidence, she just says, told her, watch your back, we're watching you.
And then they wonder why people come out there when they're political, and they're with Obama, and giving anti-gun speeches, and blaming gun owners.
They're public figures, international people.
The internet questions it, I cover the questioning, and they act like it's my fault.
Alex Jones damages trial.
Parents describe years of abuse.
Elizabeth Williamson that lied last week and said that my lawyer in the court said that I did a horrible job is why I didn't testify last week.
Alex Jones damaged his trial.
Parents described years of abuse.
And again, they want to set the precedent.
They already got our financials.
They already got all the discovery.
They always say, give us moral default.
You gave them stuff nobody ever gave somebody a defamation trial.
Then they said, fine, you're defaulted.
You gave us nothing.
And they put what we said and released all over the TV.
Here's an example.
They say I made $61 million last year.
We gave them 12 years of financials ordered by the court.
And I had been paid $62 million over 12 years.
$35 million in taxes.
And they don't tell you most of it was legal fees.
And then I was paid less than a million dollars a year.
Which, I don't judge myself by how much money I'm paid.
I'm in a war.
And after family court, they finally finished the math, my lawyers yesterday, I made about $300,000 a year.
Which I wish I was making a billion dollars a year.
I'd use it against them.
But think about that.
Twelve years!
They all know that.
But they tell the families, and the media says, Jones got rich off them.
I barely ever talked about him.
And they know that.
So it's truly disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, we've got another big guest coming up on the New World Order and the details of it and how to stop it.
I'll tell you about the guests once they join us.
Infowars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
I've got a lot of video of lawlessness around the country, more on Ukraine and Russia and the economy I haven't hit.
Oh, now they admit the FBI suppressed the Seth Rich story.
We've got that.
And we've got replacement migration news.
That I'll be hitting as well as we introduce our next guest.
Wait till you see this information.
Our number three straight ahead.
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Heads of every religion around the world were in attendance.
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.
All coming together in the spirit of peace and unity.
That all sounds good and nice, but what's really the intention of this meeting?
The Congress is held once every three years in the same place, starting in 2003 in direct reaction to the events of 9-11, first focusing on countering terrorism and extremism issues.
This year, Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, attended in person and delivered the keynote message.
Although his motto for the event was peace and unity, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, was never mentioned.
And it seems that the Pope, the supposed head of Christendom, is more concerned with uniting with other religions, rather than uniting in Christ, as the Bible teaches.
Is Pope Francis laying the groundwork for the emergence of a one-world religion?
The crux of the United Nations One World Order is global control, in part through a New World Religion.
As Robert Mueller, the former Assistant Secretary General of the UN says, quote, Was it not inevitable that the UN would sooner or later also acquire a spiritual dimension?
What the world needs today is a convergence of the different religions.
In the search for and definition of the cosmic or divine laws which ought to regulate our behavior on this planet, my religion, my nations, must be abandoned forever in the planetary age.
In the opening of the Congress, the final declaration was read aloud by Joe Bailey Wells, a bishop of the Anglican Church of England.
Aside from direct calls to address climate change, economic inequality, and various social justice issues, the Declaration states that the Congress is, quote, guided by our shared desire for a just, peaceful, secure, and prosperous world.
Bringing to mind 1 Thessalonians 5.3 which warns, When they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them.
The opening statement also calls for the, quote, necessity for spiritual and political leaders to work together in addressing the challenges of our world.
This idea of merging the church and state is also brought to light in Pope Francis' speech when he says, quote, there is a healthy connection between politics and transcendence, a sound form of coexistence that keeps their spheres distinct, distinct but not confused or separate.
Transcendence is a word he uses in place of religion, and later in the speech he even defines transcendence as, quote, the beyond worship, suggesting that all religions are at root worshipping the same thing, regardless of where their faith lies.
He goes on to say, quote, transcendence for its part, must not yield to the temptation to turn into power.
Further pushing the church and state into unity, quote, no then to confusion between politics and transcendence, but no also to their separation.
Just like ancient Babylon, the early Roman Church was both a church and state power, religious and political, and it was also a conglomerate of various pagan belief systems, before it ultimately merged with Christianity.
Is Pope Francis trying to lead religions of the world into a merger with the Roman Church?
In his speech he clearly states, "Our human family cannot advance if simultaneously united
and divided, interconnected and torn apart.
The Catholic Church believes in the unity of the human family."
Based on what he says, it seems he does want to unite the religions of the world under
the banner of Catholicism.
Pope Francis began his reign by expressing a desire for unity with the Eastern Orthodox,
the Anglicans, and many other Protestant denominations claiming, "Brothers and sisters, Martin Luther's
protest is over.
Is yours?"
Then Pope Francis began courting Muslims later in his reign, "To Muslims who worship the
one God, I see a tangible sign of the will to grow in mutual esteem and cooperation for
the common good of humanity."
This common good phrase is the true heart of the papacy, hidden in plain sight, not the divinity of Jesus Christ.
That's why the Pope can be seen wearing ancient pagan symbols from around the world, because his goal is unity of religions under the Catholic Church.
Catholic, which means universal.
This goal is made clear by Alice A. Bailey, the prophetess of the UN.
Quote, There will not be any dissociation between the universal Church, the sacred lodge of all true Masons and the inner circles of the esoteric societies.
In this way, the goals and work of the United Nations shall be solidified, and a new Church of God led by all religions and by all the spiritual groups shall put an end to the great heresy of separateness.
Although 2 Corinthians states, quote, come out from among them and be separate.
Alice A. Bailey further states, quote, then there will be neither Christian nor heathen, neither Jew nor Gentile, but simply one great body of believers gathered out of all the current religions.
Prophetically, the Bible clearly teaches that there will be some kind of universal religion, a beast system, that enforces a mark used to buy and sell, and that this beast will be led by a political religious leader that requires worship for your personal survival.
This Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions led by Pope Francis is a step in the direction of a New World Religion.
There's no question about that.
The only question left is... Will you be ready to avert its deception and stand up to the beast and its mark through the power of Jesus Christ?
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com The Globalists think they're going to enslave humanity.
That they're going to win.
But I believe and bet on humanity, and I know they've got a tiger by the tail.
We have a special guest that I saw on the American Journal a few weeks ago with Harrison Smith, and I wanted to get him on.
He's here with us from an organization that was more right than anybody out there, even more right than Alex Jones.
We'll talk to him in a moment.
But let me set the table with this information.
Remember this came out last week, it was in Der Spiegel, it was in the German News.
This is what the Great Reset looks like.
Germany's Greens plan to ban native Germans from a third of jobs to promote diversity.
They don't just bring in outside populations, they then don't let you have a job.
German Greens plan to ban native Germans from a third of jobs to promote diversity.
Now a 2002 document, several documents, Out here on screen.
Put up by the UN, said they'll bring in 600 plus million people for replacement migration in North America, and that they would do the same thing in Europe with 240 million.
Anybody can go to the UN website and type in replacement migration, you'll be reading it.
But they have ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, speeches everywhere saying if you say this, you're banned.
You know what else YouTube just restricted?
Videos from 2016 of Democrats questioning the election, questioning machines, and trying to block the electors.
You see, once you start censoring, you've got to cover your old lie, your new lie, with more lies.
So they don't want you knowing about the replacement migration, even though that's what's happening now.
So there's a headline by Kellan McBreen that says the infancy of a global police force, Chinese law enforcement services stations operating in USA and Canada and other countries and dozens of other nations, it's actually over 50.
To quote, monitor Chinese citizens inside the US.
This isn't the infancy.
This is nine months pregnant.
This is the global social credit score based on China.
This is big tech and corporations allied with authoritarian governments.
This is the owner of major basketball team coming out and saying, I don't care about the Uyghurs and slave labor.
Here's some of the headlines.
Chinese police service centers surveilling nationals across USA, Europe, and Canada.
Are you paying attention?
Breaking dozens of CCP police stations, or surveilling PRC nationals in cities across the USA and Europe and Canada, just like they're setting up dozens of capital police stations across the US.
China has opened overseas political stations in the US and Canada to honor Chinese political opposition.
They don't just have Swallow's Well with a communist Chinese spy.
So that's where we are.
I'm no fan of what Russia's doing, but Russia's not up in our grill.
China is, and the globalists set it up.
And the John Bird Society was founded...
More than, what was it, 60 plus years ago, when an army officer, John Birch, who didn't go along with the CIA in 1949, handing all the power to Mao Zedong to defeat Chiang Kai-shek, he was tortured to death, and so the term, the John Birch Society, was founded.
I'm not a member of the John Birch Society, but my dad read their writings and woke up when he was young.
My grandfather, his father, was aware of it.
My dad, when he was a teenager, did radio broadcasts in Dallas.
He'd drive up from our ranch 100 miles south of there every weekend to do them.
And the John Birch Society, if you go read the books and the interviews and the speeches they gave, it all was right.
It all came true.
So, you wonder why Alex Jones is tomorrow's news today?
Fifty years news today is the John Birch Society and Robert Owens joins us to balance the hour, National Council Member of the John Birch Society.
He is the Midwest Regional Field Director, the National Council Member of the John Birch Society, a writer for the New American Magazine, the host of the weekly video series Constitution Corner at jbs.org.
Prior to joining the field staff, Robert was a trial lawyer and practiced law for two decades.
The newamerica.com is the magazine, jbs.org.
He joins us now to talk about the Great Reset, the New World Order, and where we are.
To say that the John Birch Society and your founder have been vindicated, my friend Robert Owens, is an understatement.
Why don't you start a little history of the JBS, the original Alex Jones?
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you so much, Alex, for having me on the show.
And I wouldn't be much of a Bircher if I didn't begin by saying, Alex, if you're not a member, let me invite you to join the John Birch Society, which you can do online at jbs.org.
We have had tremendous members over 60 plus years.
Four-star admirals, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, scores a medal of honor winners that have been among our ranks, that have pursued... No doubt, the heart of the American Resistance is the John Birch Society.
Start at the beginning.
Tell us about John Birch.
Yeah, so John Birch was actually a Baptist missionary in China in 1940.
And when the Doolittle Raiders, the men that launched off of the USS Hornet and bombed Tokyo at the beginning of the war, when they rained down out of the sky, there was this Baptist missionary named John Birch that rounded them all up, led them over several hundred miles of enemy-occupied territory to a general named Claire Chennault.
And Chenault was in charge of the U.S.
Flying Tigers.
He was so impressed with this guy for what he did with the Doolittle Raiders that he gave him a battlefield commission on the spot.
Now, since he was a missionary, Birch said, well, I'd love to be a chaplain.
But Chenault said, well, son, I've got a chaplain.
What I need is an intelligence officer.
Birch went on to become the most decorated intelligence officer in the Pacific Theater during World War II and was a dedicated patriot.
At the end of World War II, just between the last bomb being dropped on Nagasaki and the surrender ceremony on the decks of the Missouri in Tokyo Harbor, Birch was leading a group of men, Chinese and Americans, when he was stopped by some of Mao's communists.
And that's when he was tortured and murdered at that point.
Now, the reason it became an issue, Alex, is this.
At that time, there was a guy named Alger Hiss that was in charge of the U.S.
State Department.
He had made a policy and had convinced Truman to pursue a policy to betray Chiang Kai-shek and install Mao Zedong into power.
And in fact, during that period of time, that transition was taking place.
So when the communists murdered this American hero, John Birch, Alger Hiss knew that this would be a PR nightmare.
So he had the whole thing covered up and nobody knew what happened until Alger Hiss was found out to be a Soviet spy.
Now, that's why in 1958, when Robert Welch, the founder of our organization, got together with a group of men and decided we need to have a Liberty Intelligence Agency for the Liberty Movement and a Leadership Training Academy, essentially a grassroots special forces school for American patriots.
And they decided to name it in the honor of John Birch for the sacrifice that he made and the call to action because he wasn't trained as a soldier, but when his country needed him, Alex, he rose to the challenge.
I get tears in my eyes to get all the John Birch societies done and the great name they have.
I mean, you guys literally wrote the blueprint of what was going to happen.
The vindication is insane.
I mean, it's like dead on what was warned of 60 years ago.
Well, and here's why, Alex.
It's not like we're Nostradamus or there's any secret sauce to it.
It's hard work and research.
So, Robert Welch was an amazing historian and an amazing intellect.
And over the course of 60 years, we've put together one of the world's largest all-private research libraries.
We have a full-time staff of researchers that are churning through this material and making sure that when it's pumped out, it's 100% solid and you can take it to the bank.
That's why when we had Osama bin Laden on the cover of our magazine in 1998, we were able to tell you with authority who he was, where he was getting his money from, and that he was no more Muslim than Mickey Mouse.
This was a hardcore agent of the New World Order.
Robert Owens.
I'm just going to let you host the rest of the hour.
I'm going to come back and introduce you.
I want you to knock it out of the park, but man, John Burns Society.
Robert Welch.
He's talking about the best there is, folks.
Stay with us.
So, InfoWars is tomorrow's news today, but I'm telling you, Robert Welch, you've got to find his speeches online.
Going back 60 years, exposing it all.
Incredible information.
Robert Owens is a lawyer, one of the main leaders of the John Birch Society, newamerican.com, you get a copy of their magazine.
We've covered some of the past, what was predicted, now where we are.
Where do you want to start?
Where do you want to go?
Well, Alex, you know, first of all, now I do feel slandered.
I'm not a lawyer anymore.
I'm a former lawyer, so now I can tell the truth, Alex.
It's such a relief.
So, where to start with the Great Reset?
Where to start with where we are in the New World Order?
Everything with John Burns Society predicted to a T. Yeah, so really it starts with this, Alex.
You know, right now we have a situation where most people have no idea how their congressman votes.
And so if you've got a bad congressman with a bad record, that's a reflection and an indictment on the citizens that live in that congressional district.
So the John Birch Society has a long and powerful campaign called Congressional Scorecard.
Years ago, we called it TRIM.
And what this does is it exposes The congressional records and not only how they vote, but how much money each voter that that cost American households.
So we've got national campaigns going around all over the country, exposing voting records of unconstitutional, unconstitutional representatives so that citizens can understand that because Ultimately, we're going to have no accountability at any level of politics until we have accountability at the electorate level.
So for me, when I'm telling my members and great leaders, and we've got wonderful organizations like Michigan Conservative Union that understand that education is important, but you have to put it into action.
And so they take our action plans and they actually roll it out.
To advance things like election integrity, nullification of all federal firearms laws, getting rid of the ability for transgender men to participate in women's sports.
All of these... All that's key to victory, and I want you to have the floor and get into all that, but just how does the John Birch Society, 60 years ago, predicted everything that's now come true.
I want to get to that next segment, but get into the Great Reset, the New World Order, where we currently are.
Yeah, so here's where we are.
Every time you hear a pundit say, look at those Democrats, how stupid they are.
Wrong, Alex!
They're not stupid.
They're evil geniuses and they're kicking our butts right now.
So we better know the score that we're getting hammered.
So, here's the thing.
We need to understand that when somebody like David Rockefeller publishes in his autobiography that he's part of a secret cabal that's specifically invested in destroying the United States and propping up a New World Order, We have to take those people seriously.
We need to understand what his organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, is all about.
And we need to get people educated and activated on that point.
Because when you start understanding where these politicians are, And how they're connected into groups like the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and those other things?
Well, now you can follow the money and you can follow the associations to understand the difference between the sheep and the goats.
Sun Tzu in the 5th century BC, when he wrote Art of War, said, if you know yourself and you know your enemy, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
We need to know ourselves.
We need to know that we're a republic, not a democracy, and that there's a difference.
But we also need to know the enemy.
We need to understand how the globalist mindset works, what their tactics are, and how we push back.
You know, things like Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, all of these things are part of a concerted effort.
This isn't just some stupid politician's nonsense.
And doesn't it scare them now that Congress finally knows about the New World Order and the Great Reset?
My book's been number one off it on the last month.
That really scares them, doesn't it?
Because as soon as we identify that they're the real players, it's game over.
Yeah, I'll tell you what, once we get a sufficient number of Americans to understand the Council on Foreign Relations and the globalists that are seeking to specifically destroy the United States, Alex, that's when we will have them on the run.
But here's the exciting part.
There are unbelievable warriors, and I'm going to give you a name.
Majewski, a fellow running for Congress in the Toledo area against Marcy Kaptur, a 38-year member of Congress, he is killing it.
He is on the warfare, fighting and battling and taking the stabs, and the worst stabs are from the establishment Republicans, Alex, right?
It's not really a Democrat problem, it's the Republican problem, because they don't want constitutionalists in Congress, and you're exactly right.
It's an incredible time to be alive, though.
We really are in the main battle now.
We're not in New World Order beta.
We're in New World Order operational, aren't we?
Without question, but I got to tell you what, you know, when you look at what, you know, what Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense, that this idea that if there's to be trouble, Let it be now so that my children will know peace.
I'm on the tip of the spear for Christ in this fight.
We are putting our members to work and we're getting amazing results fighting in these pits and really, you know, putting power to power.
Because power only respects power.
And so once we understand that we can take charge and we can make these politicians bow to our will, that's exciting.
Well, that's right.
I know we keep going back to the John Birch Society and like simping over it, but he gets no praise.
Most people that are mainline don't know what it is.
You guys wrote the book.
How did you get involved in it?
And just how crazy is it that everything that Robert Welch predicted is now here?
Well, I'll tell you, Alex, I was a hopeless neocon.
I was involved in Republican politics.
I even worked with John Kasich in college.
I mean, it was that bad.
So, after I left the prosecutor's office, I was approached by a member of the John Birch Society, a field officer, and he sat down and told me things and I thought, you are nuts!
No way any of that's true!
And I had a very proud formal education, so if I didn't know it already, Alex, it couldn't possibly have been true.
But he gave me this book.
He gave me this book called Shadows of Power by Jim Berloff.
And it sat on my desk for a while, collecting dust.
Finally, because I liked Mike and I didn't want him to be so wrong and be so silly in the things he was saying, I decided that I would read this book so that I could show him how wrong it is.
Well, I've been a member of the John Birch Society ever since, Alex.
Well, that's it.
If we can get anybody to humble themselves and actually look at this, you then realize you've been lying to your whole life.
Well, I gotta tell you, from my standpoint, not only did it require some humbling to realize that you're wrong, but the first thing that happened is I got mad.
I got mad at all the teachers, everybody that I had been involved with politics, because they had lied to me.
And that's what's great.
You were already a smart guy.
You already knew how stuff worked.
It wasn't telling you what to think.
It showed you to shift perspective, and then you saw it.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, then I got depressed, Alex, because I didn't have children at the time.
I thought, how can I bring children into a world like this?
And this is where my friend Mike Tommaso made such a difference.
This field officer for the John Birch Society said, Robert, you might be a history major and you might have gone to Oxford, but you're a terrible historian.
And he sat down with the Old Testament and he showed me that when the Israelites reject God, man, it gets ugly fast.
But when they find that book and they say, oh, let's start checking this thing out, man, restoration happens in an instant.
Stay there.
Let's talk about the current developments.
Stay with us.
If our people had fled Egypt like the Israelites did, and we're out in the middle of this desert and I'm a scout and I find an oasis of clean, healthy water, I see animals drinking out of it, I drink it, it's good, I'm gonna run back and say it's here.
So when I gush about the John Birch Society, You can literally go back to magazines they wrote 30 years ago, and it's just so dead on, like they had a time machine, but they were actually studying the enemy.
Because as they pointed out, Admiral Moore, Chairman of the Georgia Staff, he was on the show before he died, exposing the New World Order.
They had all the real intelligence people that were American patriots advising them what was really happening.
So that's why they were dead on decades and decades and decades and decades and decades and decades out.
That's why this is so powerful.
So, Robert Owens, National Council Member of the John Birch Society, website thenewamerica.com, on your show at jbs.org, videos, Constitution Corner.
I'm going to ask a lot of questions, but what would you term the time and the moment we're in right now, and just how the gloves are off, the mask is off, it's out in the open?
Yeah, so Robert Welch said, you know, during the endgame, the enemy is going to be running naked down the street.
It certainly feels an awful lot like that, doesn't it?
It does.
I don't want to get into a groveling session over him, but Robert Welch was just a super genius.
Well, he really was.
This was a guy that, age 16, graduated from college.
By the time he was 20, he had been to the U.S.
Naval Academy and Harvard Law School.
He took on Felix Frankfurter, a soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice, in a public debate on the issue of collectivism versus individualism, and proceeded, as like a first-year law student, to mop the floor with the dude.
He was an unbelievable intellect.
And in the free market economy, He literally took over the whole candy market.
They go, oh, he's a candy maker.
Like that puts him down that a super competitive market, he could dominate it.
Yeah, so he invented things like the sugar daddy, junior mints, and was just an unbelievably self-made man.
Now, this is what gave him the connection.
So, he was on the chairman of the board of directors for an organization called NAMM, the National Association of Manufacturers.
This was in the 50s, the real who's who of the true American capitalist.
I'm not talking about the international financial class, I'm talking about the ones that You know, are tied to the the prosperity of the nation and because he was so well respected, that's what gave him the opportunity to get these men together and really, you know, between 1958 and when it's founded.
In 1964, when Barry Goldwater pinched the nomination from Nelson Rockefeller, I mean, we had huge growth in that.
And that's when they totally turned against you, when you guys warned the Vietnam War was a fraud, all of it.
I mean, the whole system turned against you, like they've done Infowars.
Well, yeah, and what's fascinating, Alex, is we've actually been able to track back the initial orders that came out of the Communist Party, and literally the exact same story that came out of the Communist press was then published in Newsweek and Time and so on and so forth.
Literally within, you know, a couple days going forward.
It's amazing that you can see how this operates and it's absolute treachery.
Well, one, I want to get into the modern stuff, but those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
Obviously, you guys weren't defeated, but you were pushed underground to a certain extent.
Imagine if Robert Welsh and others would have been successful.
We would have turned this tide back.
We'd probably be on Mars right now.
Well, you know what?
Here's the thing.
Robert Welch understood that the cause of liberty was the purest and most sweetest pursuit.
That all people, it doesn't matter what color you are, what religion you are, if there's a free market, competitive economic system in a country where government exists to protect our God-given rights, man, it's unlimited what our growth and potential is.
All right, I've been babbling here.
We got 15 minutes, 20 minutes left.
What do you want to hit next?
Current events?
What's happening?
Well, here's where it really comes into play, Alex.
People understand that we can't just be moaning and groaning about this stuff.
We need to get to work.
So here's the thing.
We're going to have campaigns where we're going to have to push election integrity.
And I mean real election integrity, not these phony bills that the Republicans are laying out.
Stuff that gets rid of the machines where it's paper ballots.
Where there's some sort of control over the voter list.
What people don't understand is that the voter list now, it's like a game of three-card Monty that's going on with the Secretary of State.
So we've got to pass laws and really get through legislation to get that done.
So we can use the constitution to make that happen and to start making those changes.
We can use things like the doctrine of nullification to protect the second amendment.
Because if a state says, hey, we're going to nullify all federal firearms laws in our state, it doesn't matter what Joe Biden and his new world order commanders You know, push through.
Sure, just like they have sanctuary cities, we can have liberty cities.
Let's explore liberty.
So here's the thing, what my recommendation is, if you mean business, if you want to be part of an organization that is going to give you the absolute best information going, go to JBS.org and sign up.
They will put you in touch with a local field officer, guys like me all over the country.
We have some of the most unbelievable men and women as professionals that can put you
in a specific action agenda chapter where you're going to be doing things, where you're
actually going to be making a difference and pushing the purpose of liberty, not just as
an academic exercise, but as a specific political pursuit.
We're going to use the sort of things that we're going to see from Machiavelli or Sun Tzu, and all of these things get put into play.
We're going to make sure that we're a politician's worst nightmare and a statement's best friend.
Let's talk about the Great Reset where the New World Order is right now, the UN Master Plan for Humanity, the Chinese opening offices all over the U.S.
and Canada.
I read 30 years ago John Birch's Saturday Warning of International Police.
Now it's here.
Yeah, no question about it.
And we see that with the FBI, don't we?
I mean, what a flippin' sham that was.
I work with a lot of people up in Michigan and the whole phony abduction of Governor Whitmer.
I mean, what an embarrassment these people have become.
And really, you know what?
They're thugs and they're murderers at this point.
That's what we're dealing with.
That's what the FBI is.
And they've weaponized the systems, you know.
Look at the doctors that dealt with this COVID stuff, and all the licensing systems were weaponized, you know, against them.
You said Ivermectin, they're coming to pull your medical license.
You know, people wonder why there aren't many good lawyers out there that are liberty-loving lawyers, because they already had all their licenses pulled, because you start saying things that aren't part of the establishment set, baby, you're cut off.
And that's how it works.
That's what we're dealing with.
So we've got to fight back.
The war is now and people are dying.
We've got to get in the fight, Alex.
How would you describe, Robert Owens, the John Birch Society, the current battlescape?
Will the New World Order, the populist movement, are they winning?
Are we losing?
How would you describe what's happening worldwide?
You know what, it's like the Sword of Damocles is hanging in the balance right now, Alex.
It's easy to get down and say that, hey, they're cleaning our clocks and we're about to go under, and I'm not going to suggest that that isn't, you know, 100% possible, but I gotta tell you what.
I spend a lot of time traveling around, you know, Ohio and Michigan, Pennsylvania certainly, but also around the rest of the country.
The amazing strength of the patriots that are out there.
There's a lady in Michigan, Linda Wilder.
This lady is on fire for liberty!
And, you know, you would see this little old lady is what the world sees, but she's a powerhouse!
She's amazing!
That's right.
Well, no, the people have never been more awake.
Yeah, I'll tell you what.
We've got a project right now, and I'm looking at it, and I've got a member of mine, a white Jewish fella, and he's sitting right next to a black evangelical pastor, and they're working together for the cause of liberty.
Because you know what?
If you love liberty, it doesn't matter what color or religion you are, it's going to benefit you.
I think the globalists are in deep trouble.
Their whole vaccine push has fallen apart.
Yeah, well, you know what?
It's amazing how thoroughly people can be snowed in this thing.
And I think what people have to realize is that the mass of people, they're never going to really believe or be involved in anything.
What we need to hit is just the small core that matters.
If you look at the foundation of our country, the Sons of Liberty, the committees of correspondence, this was not like huge numbers of people.
Three percent.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Live on your feet, don't die on your knees.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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So Robert Owens of the John Burns Society.
It's just, it's crazy to know the globalists had these plans 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago.
And then to see them build them and launch them.
It seems to be easy.
People would rally and say no to this.
But that's why they're censoring us.
The internet's saying, nobody knows who first coined it is, if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda would not be necessary.
So, as negative as things are, we got Bolsonaro, we got Giorgio Moroni in Italy, we've got the new Canadian leader set to beat Trudeau, who's totally anti-New World Order.
I mean, you look all over the world, we are rising right now, but that concerns me, because the deep state globalists are going to throw out Everything they've got.
They're going to pull out all the stops.
What are you concerned about?
What do you see happening?
Well, I'll tell you what.
So I've got a 12-year-old son, Alex.
The war in Europe and the span that that's looking for, the possibility of the draft being reinstated, that my son, by the time he's 18, is going to be sent off to some UN meat grinder.
That's what personally has me terrified.
That's one of the things that puts my feet on the floor early every morning and saying, let's get to the fight because it's it's ugly.
No, I think we're going to see hyperinflation just absolutely continue to to rock the economy.
I think that there's an absolute war on farmers that's going on, and that is going to be absolutely devastating.
We're going to have some real food shortage issues and problems that come into play, and you know, those that don't have the ability or don't already have a sort of farm-to-table setup, they should probably start looking into that right now.
So I would say, you know, financial insecurity, food insecurity and war, well, The three big ones for me, Alex.
And it's ugly.
You know, I've interviewed him probably 30 times over the years.
He hadn't been on in five, six years.
I should get him on.
Who's the former editor of the New American?
What's his name, whose parents were World War II vets, and it was in Vietnam, and he thought they were crazy about the New World Order, and he researched and found they were right.
What's his name?
So, Jack McManus was the publisher for a long time of The New American.
We've had so many just absolutely tremendous people on staff.
That one in particular is not ringing a bell offhand, but Gary Allen has been on staff.
We've had just tremendous writers that have gone forward.
G. Edward Griffin, uh... was that was a major author for some of course he
wrote a creature from jackal island the
only definitive exposure of the federal reserve all you have a guy who's been fighting since the sixties as
well yeah well i think that was through the john birch society
of course um...
You know, he was on staff with Robert Welch, and Robert Welch was the one that encouraged him to start writing books.
And of course, the research for The Creature from Jekyll Island came out of the John Birch Society Research House.
As did None Dare Call It A Conspiracy and so many other books that really completely changed so many people's understanding.
That's right, and Welsh saw it all.
How did Welsh see this ending?
So what he saw this ending is this way, that we have to build a leadership system so that in the endgame when these people are really revealed and it becomes obvious to so many in the public what's going on, we've got to be there.
Welch's idea of the John Birch Society is it would provide the leadership to take all these people that were freaking out and waking up and realizing that they're in panic and make sure that they adhere to constitutional principles.
That they have solid intelligence information about who the enemy is, so they're not chasing their tails in the process.
And most importantly, and I think this is critical, Alex, to do so in a way that honors God.
Because if this victory is going to be realized, it's going to have God's handwriting all over it.
And it's important that we conduct ourselves in such a way that it would honor God in the process.
We're going to expect them to bless us, Alex.
Let's honor them in the process.
I agree.
The positive note is, the hottest thing in the world is exposing the WFF, the New World Order, Bill Gates.
Bill Gates puts a video up, he'll get a half a million negative comments, a thousand positive.
The globalists aren't doing too well.
Yeah, they're getting hammered and they're getting exposed, Alex, and their policies are evil, and even the churches are starting to wake up and realize that, you know, we see this issue in Michigan with this horrific abortion construct they're trying to enshrine in the Constitution there, and the churches are finally waking up.
To realizing this is evil.
But you know, Alex, I look at it this way.
We have the opportunity to be the catalyst for a third great awakening in America.
And if we can make that happen, man, I'll tell you what, we're going to have liberty restored.
We're going to have prosperity at levels that people can't even imagine.
And Robert, you're saying positive things now.
What would the new world order look like in a few minutes if they succeeded?
Uh, well, I'll tell you what, it'll look an awful lot like, uh, you know, 1984.
Uh, you know...
Orwell had really a first-row seat at how the Fabian socialists were.
And so, you know, go back, you can even get 1984 as an audiobook for those that aren't readers.
You want to know what it looks like?
That's exactly what it'll look like.
He was at the highest levels with the Communists and the OSS and the propaganda, and he turned against it.
Yeah, so yeah, absolutely.
He had a first row seat on all of it, and he knew exactly what was going on.
And that's why his books, that's why Animal Farm, that's why 1984, so amazingly profound works.
And here's the thing, and this is, I'll tell you, the most unbelievable members of the John Birch Society are naturalized citizens that came from communist countries, because they know it's a lie.
These communists lie.
They lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.
And until people realize that it's a lie, they can't see through it.
But once you understand that communism is a lie, built on a lie, built on a lie, such that any vestige of truth is completely eviscerated, that's where we need our people to be.
All right, powerful.
What do you think of Trump to Sanders?
What do you think is going to happen in the midterms coming up as well?
I think that DeSantis has an awful lot of links to the globalists.
Quite honestly, I'm not super impressed.
You know, God bless Trump.
When I heard his inauguration speech, Alex, it gave me chills down my spine listening to that inauguration speech.
It was amazing.
And the one from Italy too.
Oh my gosh.
It's awesome, but here's the thing.
When he's appointing people like H.L.
McMaster to be National Security Advisor, that dude still had horns and a tail on.
Come on!
What are we doing here?
Hopefully, people like, you know, if we're going to see a resurgence of Trump, it will be in a manner in which he's going to shed himself of any pretense of trying to deal with these people, because I think he thought he could deal with the devil.
And I've got to tell you what, Trump's an amazing personality.
Nobody deals with the devil and wins.
It's a surefire loser.
That's right.
All right.
Robert Owens, website JBS.org, Constitution Corner.
Thank you so much, sir.
God bless you, Alex.
Appreciate you, brother.
All right, Mike Adams on world famine, global collapse, all admitted.
It's hard to believe we're here, but it's really happening.
We should get ready for this.
Mike Adams is about to take over.
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Alright, let's move on.
People care about the First Amendment.
Mike Adams here taking over for the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
And I've got a bombshell guest to bring you, and also I think a bombshell critical analysis for your survival of what's coming.
Because of course, Hurricane Ian has just rampaged through Florida.
It's affecting even the phosphate fertilizer supply.
That is half of that supply for North America and 12% of the supply for the entire world comes out of one company in Central Florida.
And we're going to talk about that and tell you what that means on top of the nitrogen fertilizer shutdown due to the sabotage explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines and shutting off of Gazprom natural gas and so on.
But, folks, that's just the beginning.
That's only one storm of a much bigger storm that's coming, or really a series of storms that are coming.
And what you're going to learn here in the next hour here on the Alex Jones Show with my special guest, Michael Yaun, who is an international war correspondent and analyst, we're going to bring you I think an analysis that you have not heard before of a supercritical, vulnerable breaking point of Western civilization.
And it involves one large chemical conglomerate company that's based out of Germany.
And the name of that company is BASF.
And we're looking at whether BASF is going to be able to survive this storm, and then what happens to the Western world if BASF goes offline.
I believe that you're looking at mass famine across not just Western Europe, but also increased food scarcity in the United States, Canada, and frankly all Western nations.
I think you're looking at energy, an energy catastrophe across Western Europe, but also much higher energy prices in the United States as well.
We are looking at mass bankruptcy of almost every consumer, every person in a Western nation is not going to be able to afford to even purchase the basics moving forward.
Just the basics like food and heat.
We're already seeing a plummeting in the purchases of things like Nike shoes.
Nike stock price plummeted.
Well, because they have too many shoes.
People aren't buying them.
When you're trying to put food on the table and not starve to death, you don't need a $150 pair of Nikes.
You know, you're going to go to Walmart and spend $20 on just regular sneakers.
And that's happening across cosmetics, fashion, travel, all kinds of discretionary income is being now redirected into critical supplies just to stay alive.
And this trend is going to continue quite dramatically.
You're going to see plummeting.
Well, you're already seeing it in luxury housing, also luxury vehicles.
Those sales will continue to fall as people cannot afford what they're what they hope that the lifestyle they had hoped to achieve a lifestyle that was based on easy money and artificially low interest rates and lots of money printing and stimulus money and handouts all through COVID.
That's come to an end.
It's going to be a very tough.
Road ahead for people who do not prepare.
So what I'm going to do with you today here with my special guest Michael Yon will be joining us after this coming break.
We're going to not only lay out the vulnerabilities of Western civilization and what's coming, but also try to give you as much as we can a blueprint of how you can survive this.
And it is absolutely clear to me that not only was, of course, the vaccine a bioweapon that is killing children every day, as well as athletes and people of all ages, frankly, but every day there's another high school age kid that is dead after taking the vaccine.
That's a bioweapon.
But the bioweapon didn't have the full effect that the globalists intended.
It didn't kill off people quickly enough.
They did not get enough Obedience to the vaccine.
So now they're gonna pull the strings on the global economy.
And that's what the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2 was all about.
This is a takedown of the civilian infrastructure that keeps human civilization alive.
That allows you to eat, to heat your homes, to have a job, to pay your bills.
It's all being ripped out from underneath us.
A giant global rug pull that's designed to take down human civilization.
So we're going to come back after this short break, just one minute break, with Michael Yan.
Of course, I'm Mike Adams.
We're going to break it down for you, tell you what's coming, and do our best to show you how to navigate this and not die from this global genocide taking place.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back after this break.
All right, welcome back, folks.
Mike Adams here, fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show on this September 30th, 2022.
About to be joined here by a special guest, Michael Jahn.
He is an international war correspondent and analyst, and he and I, I interviewed him for the first time, I guess about a week ago, as he was traveling through Germany, and he actually, he speaks German.
He was able to see what's happening on the ground.
It is extraordinary.
It is horrifying.
What is coming?
And so he and I had a lot of offline conversations sharing intel and information about what's coming.
So what we're going to do here is bring him on and then sort of make public some of our private conversations or at least the the conclusions that we shared.
Mr. Michael Yan, thank you for joining me today from Europe.
It's an honor to have you on, sir.
Thanks, Mike.
It's a great honor to come on.
I'm actually in Dublin now.
As you know, I've left the mainland Europe.
I was over in I was over in Mexico actually three months ago and I saw that the Dutch farmers were starting to block the streets and that sort of thing.
So I was down in Mexico watching the Migration quote-unquote actually invasion into Texas at Eagle Pass.
It's unbelievable.
So I spent two weeks just on the Mexican side alone out there watching it.
I saw the farmers acting up.
I jumped on the airplane and flew to Netherlands.
And from there I've been, you know, all over Germany and Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, other places, Luxembourg, watching what's unfolding.
And as you can see, The energy issue is a kill shot.
We need that.
It's not just energy.
It's not just electricity.
It's not just that we need natural gas period.
Because as you well know, because you've talked about it for a long time, the Haber Bosch process is what's required to turn natural gas or coal gas into.
Ammonia fertilizers, right?
And so, and that's been going on at Ludwigshafen, Germany, since roughly 1915, due to, as you've talked about many times on your shows, Fritz Haber, the German chemist who first came up with the process, and then Karl Bosch, who took it industrial, and took it to industrial scale there at Ludwigshafen at BASF, or BASF, And now, BASF, I've been there twice in the last couple of months.
They depend on the natural gas coming from Russia, and that gas is now cut off.
So, Ludwig Toffen, I've been saying... Go ahead, sir.
Let me jump in here and explain something.
And by the way, you're joining us from Europe.
There is a slight delay.
I apologize if I'm speaking over you, and for our audience, just bear with us, because, you know, we're on two different continents here.
But this is critical.
So, what Michael just explained is absolutely crucial to understand.
BASF uses an enormous amount of natural gas.
About 60% of the natural gas they use is for their own energy, which is heat.
They have to heat, for example, for the Haber-Bosch process, they have to heat and create pressure in order to create ammonia out of natural gas and atmospheric nitrogen.
But the other 40% of what they use natural gas for is for the hydrogen element.
In other words, the hydrocarbons get broken apart and they have to strip off that hydrogen in order to make ammonia, which is NH3.
The H is the hydrogen from the hydrocarbons.
So what you just said is key, Michael.
You can't generate ammonia or fertilizer or polyethylene or resins.
You can't generate that from solar power or wind power.
Or hydropower, or any other so-called green power source.
You must have hydrocarbons, which is HC, hydrogen carbon.
If you don't have the elements, you don't have modern civilization.
So, with that said, go ahead.
I'm sorry to interrupt you, I just want to make sure our audience understands the basic chemistry behind why we have to have these elements.
Go ahead, Michael.
Oh, yeah.
It's so important that I did.
Jordan Peterson invited me on.
I did two hours with him on a show and then he asked to spend two days with me over in Netherlands, which we just did last week.
I mean, that's how important this is.
Jordan Peterson, you know, I took him out to farmers.
We talked about BASIF.
We talked about We had dinner with the CEO of a major chemical company that he's retired now recently and they made ammonia and he gave us a huge briefing on it.
As you can see, as this ammonia runs out, these ammonia-based particles, urea, ammonium nitrate and all this, as these things run out, we're going to go Basically, a global Sri Lanka here.
I mean, we're going to have a situation where famine will be on a scale that has never been seen before in human history.
That's just how the math is working out.
Of course, we don't know exactly how the math is working out because we don't know all the inputs.
But what we do know is it appears that about 70% of the ammonia production In Europe from 26 different plants is now offline, but that number is clearly increasing.
And so talking with various people in the chemical industry, it's quite clear that that there's going to be.
High risk of famine in Europe itself, not just Africa.
People keep saying Africa.
They don't know what they're talking about.
They're not paying attention.
It could actually happen in Europe by late 2023, if not, certainly by late 2024.
Because as you know, this has a long flash to bank.
Go ahead, sir.
The Europeans may end up fleeing to Africa to try to find something to eat.
That's that's how bad this could get.
I mean, you're going to have reverse migration here probably in 2023 and beyond.
But I want you to speak to how critical BASIF is for the supply of industrial chemicals that power all of industry across Western Europe because you and I were talking privately and I think that you told me in one of our conversations that you were meeting with either a former BASIF executive or a current one who said they make 45,000
Different chemicals, including resins and, you know, the polyethylene chemicals.
We're talking about glues, textiles, medicines, adhesives, antibiotics, sterile lint, all kinds of things.
Is that the right number, about 45,000 chemicals that they make?
That's actually what somebody at BASF told me.
The one that I had dinner with was a separate CEO with Jordan Peterson and quite a few others.
I'm talking with people every day, actually.
But when I was at BASF recently, the guy that actually gave us the tour said 45,000 chemicals.
said 45,000 chemicals. I said 45,000 you mean 4,500 or 45,000 and he said 45,000.
I said, that's staggering.
I don't even know that many words in all the languages I can speak.
So I mean, there's a lot of chemicals.
And so anyway, whatever those chemicals are, we know one of the most important ones is from the Haber-Bosch process.
And also we see right now, you know, the car factories like BMW and others in Europe, there's no way they're going to stay open.
They're going to close.
I mean, yes.
I've seen warnings from metals smelting organizations talking about permanent de-industrialization of Western Europe.
It's not like, oh, we're going to shut down for the winter and then restart in the spring.
They're saying this is going to disappear for generations if we can't keep this online.
If you don't mind, repeat what you told me.
I think one of the people you met with said that there's no way that BASF can continue to function beyond perhaps the next few months.
Is that about right or can you clarify that?
That's about right.
BASF has actually said In public statements, I track everything they say, everything that comes out daily.
That's one of the first things I read in the morning.
I mean, they've said BASF, because as you know, Germany itself is not going to have enough natural gas and other energy sources to even heat Germany through this winter.
It looks like they're going to run out of energy, you know, enough energy to keep things going.
At latest by February is what it looks like.
But I'm thinking probably earlier just based on this and that.
Let's see.
But the bottom line is, if they don't even have enough energy to heat homes, they're cutting down forests across Germany.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, I just drove probably a thousand miles between driving over to Czech Republic and back from Hungary to Germany and all over L├╝beck often.
And I'm watching forests cut down all over Germany.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, I'm in Ireland now.
They're cutting down forests in Lithuania and sending those forests here.
And likewise... Well, it's the new green movement of Europe, yeah.
I mean, you're not allowed to use natural gas, so I guess they're just going to clear-cut all the forests and call it green.
I mean, that's the insanity of the situation.
And remember what we were talking about yesterday, too, Mike.
Like, they're cutting down the green trees.
Those green trees are not going to burn very well.
I mean, we were talking about that last night, you know, privately.
So, as you know, it usually takes a couple of years for the wood to cure if you're just going to set it in the sunlight.
But at this point, it's going to be green trees and it's going to be a very smoky Germany.
All right, Michael, we're about to go to break here.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back, folks, with Michael Yaun with more details about the potential of BASIF cratering and bringing down Western European industry with it.
I'm Mike Adams on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
All right, we continue our conversation right now with war correspondent Michael Yon.
His website is MichaelYon.com, and that's Y-O-N.
For those of you listening just on the radio, you can think of it as the first half of the word yonder, I suppose.
Hope you don't mind me saying that, Michael.
Just remind people how to spell your last name correctly there.
But thank you for joining us.
It's already a fascinating conversation.
Let's continue.
What are your comments on the implications now For Western European industry, if BASIF goes down, and we know, by the way, I've seen in articles where BASIF says that a lot of their facilities have not ever shut down since the 1960s, and they've even warned, for example, in a Guardian article, that if they shut them down, they don't even know if they can ever get them back online again, or what's going to break in that process.
Can they get the parts?
Do they have to custom make the parts?
I mean, if they shut down, what happens?
Your analysis, Michael.
Yeah, interestingly, BASF made their own word up called Verbund.
Verbund in German means like it's an integrated system where everything works together, like our bodies, like a biological system.
When you go to that plant, it's 10 square kilometers.
It's absolutely massive, right?
So, I was there, you know, last month or so, touring around inside.
It's unbelievable.
And so, that word, Fair Boon, I asked one of the BASF guys, I said, this is a great word.
I'm going to start using this.
I've never heard it before.
Where did it come from?
He said, we made it at BASF to describe how our processes work, to describe how we bring in the energy, bring in the input, And do all these processes and try to waste as little as possible to make sure that every little effluent, every little off gas, every little thing gets added to some product, right?
And so that's what we're looking at.
We're looking at the breakdown of a complex system.
And so, which is what's happening globally as well, right?
And it's happening at the national level, or let's say the EU level in Europe, and it's happening at the national level in Germany.
And that's why I've been saying to people, watch Germany to see what's going to happen with the EU, and watch BASF to see what's going to happen with Germany.
So keep your eyes on BASF.
When you see BASF having problems, you know Germany's basically having a heart attack.
What do you think happened in the minds of BASF executives at the moment that the Nord Stream Pipelines were blown up?
I mean, weren't those pipelines what BASF was largely counting?
I know that's not the only source of natural gas for BASF, but surely, I mean, Nord Stream 1 was one of the major sources, was it not?
What are the implications, in other words, of the Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage, which may take years to repair, if ever, what are the implications for BASF?
Lethal implications for the company.
Now, there is plenty of natural gas in Europe, for instance, at Groningen in Netherlands.
And I'm talking with PMC and chats come in right now on it from Members of Parliament and that sort of thing over in Netherlands.
I just spent, you know, quite a bit of time over in Netherlands.
There's a lot of natural gas in Netherlands right next door to Germany.
But the Greens doing their Green stuff along with the World Economic Forum, the globalists, All the infrastructure is there and they're already pumping some gas, right?
All they have to do is burn the valves a little bit more and there'll be plenty of gas to keep the ASF going.
It's not even coming up in conversations.
Likewise, over in the UK, they've got a lot of gas in the UK sitting in the ground, right?
So, my paradigm is one that I'm constantly readjusting my paradigm so that they're predictive.
If you ever find yourself surprised, which we all do at times, that means your paradigms are off, right?
If you're surprised that the southern border of the United States is being invaded, that's because your paradigm is off.
We're being invaded because we're being destroyed, right?
Likewise with Europe.
I don't believe they're just going to open Groningen.
I don't believe in Netherlands, the natural gas deposits.
Because in my paradigm, which is turning out to be very predictive, it's not leaving me.
I've been saying, watch Nord Stream 1 for potential sabotage.
Of course, it happened to Nord Stream 1 and 2.
And I would say now, watch Yamal pipeline for Russia just cutting it off.
Or somebody else sabotaging it and watch the Norwegian flows.
There's multiple flows from Norway.
All are critical.
I think one by one, you're going to start to see these oil pipelines, these natural gas pipelines, undersea cables and other infrastructure.
Everything's now on the menu.
And under my paradigm, the globalists are committing, I'm not even going to call it a genocide because it's way bigger than that, a megacide.
I mean, the death toll from these famines alone can easily be in the billions, not millions, not hundreds of millions.
Way over a billion.
In fact, at this point, I'm not sure how we're even going to get out of it without going to that level.
And Americans who think this cannot happen in the United States are simply not paying attention.
You know, Mike, you've talked about it before.
It can happen in America.
The wipeout that's coming to Western Europe because of this energy shutdown, you really nailed a critical point there, Michael.
And by the way, for our audience, if they haven't ever seen your interviews before, you are an extremely well-read person.
You've read dozens of books just on famine and pestilence and pandemics and so on.
I want to ask you about that in a second.
But what people need to understand Is that this is a man-made crisis.
Okay, just like you said Michael, they could turn on other natural gas fields in the Netherlands or even other places across Europe.
There's plenty of energy in Europe, but the political class, they want the people to suffer and they want to destroy the ability for people to feed themselves, to grow food, to heat their homes, to have electricity, to power their cities and so on.
And so this is This is a global war on the infrastructure of civilians across the world, right now targeting Western Europe, but this is also happening frankly everywhere else, or almost everywhere, maybe not in Russia, but it's happening in the United States, it's happening in Canada, it's happening in Australia, and so on.
This is an attack on the civilian infrastructure.
It's like, not only did they not even, the globalists didn't really technically declare war against us, they're waging a covert war and just trying to starve everybody out while pretending that they have the solutions in their world of green energy.
It's completely insane.
Your thoughts on that, Michael?
I mean, this is a comprehensive war.
You see, for instance, we have a bad crop this year in the United States.
A lot of it's due to To to to drought, of course, and if we have this rail strike, hopefully the rail strikes will not go in the United States, but the rail strike at this time, right when it's time for harvest again, this can be catastrophic for the United States.
And so all of these things are additive, all these different pressures, whether it's.
The droughts, whether it's floods in Pakistan, all these things are adding up.
Normally, we're quite resilient because we are quite resilient.
But as we keep getting kicked in the legs and chopped down, and nobody's rising up at this point, no serious uprising, we're heading into massive amounts of warfare across the world.
Remember, these three things go together.
Pandemic, famine, war.
You get a big pandemic, you always get a famine and a war.
If you get a big war, you get famine and pandemic.
It's the triangle of death.
And turn these flat.
The tent pole of that human osmotic pressure is migration.
The human osmotic pressure, the push and pull of migration, when you get a big war, famine, pandemic, and those three come together, right in the Bible.
You know, I said this in many interviews.
I'm sorry to interrupt you, Michael.
We're going to go to break here real quick.
But when we come back, I want to ask you about the phosphate fertilizer industry in Florida and how that's been impacted by this hurricane and supply chain disruptions much more.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, continuing with our huge news today.
Believe me, stay tuned here.
There's a lot more coming.
Let me give out some websites.
Our guest right now is Michael Yon, Y-O-N, and his website is MichaelYon.com.
My website's NaturalNews.com.
You probably know that.
I'm also posting now on Band.Video.
So, every one of my daily Situation Update podcasts is appearing on Band.Video, usually by around noon Central Time.
I want to thank InfoWars for providing that platform.
And also, by the way, folks, none of this, this conversation wouldn't even be happening without the existence of InfoWars.
So, support InfoWars.
I think the URL is SaveInfoWars.com if you want to make a donation to help keep this platform on the air.
Because we, I mean we the independent media, we are months if not years ahead of the mainstream media time and time and time again.
And it's people like my guest right now, Michael Yan, who sees six months out or a year out or more, just like Alex Jones saw five, ten years out about what was coming.
And we have been proven right again and again and again about the vaccines, about the bioweapons, about money printing, everything you can imagine, about rigged elections, and now we are warning you right now today with my guest Michael Yan, famine is coming worldwide.
Famine is coming.
Famine is coming, folks.
Do not forget That you're not going to be able to just go to the grocery store and buy what you used to buy with the selection you used to have or the prices you used to have.
And by the way, I predict a massive explosion in small scale farming all across the world because suddenly home gardening or home farming is going to pay off big time in terms of cost savings compared to or even the supply chain of food not being available.
You're going to be able to grow for a fraction of what you would pay at the store.
Michael, bringing you back in, I know we're going to talk about Florida here in a second, but just what are your comments on what I just said?
Do you think that people are going to turn to small-scale gardening and farming in the spring?
I think a lot already are, not enough yet.
Of course, I grew up gardening with my grandparents because they did come out of the Great Depression.
We've all heard, our generation heard thousands of stories about the Great Depression, so I'm under no illusions of what is coming.
You know, and so, and I grew up actually gardening with my grandparents.
And of course, there were Liberty Gardens and that sort of thing before our time, but it is time to go back to that.
Of course, Very few people are going to be able to grow everything that they need to eat, but that's not what's important.
What's important is that we all supplement enough that we reduce the burden overall and we actually have enough to eat to get through these rough times.
And we can get through these.
Everybody watching this, everybody listening to this has a family line that has been through a lot of wars and a lot of pandemics and a lot of famines.
Every one of us came through family lines and have been through a lot of stuff and we're still here, right?
Now, there's a lot of people that aren't still here, especially the ones that didn't pay attention and prepare for rough times, squirrel away their acorns and that sort of thing.
And most important is to build your human networks, which you do.
Mike, you work on that a lot, building human network, building human.
When you read about famines and other times, you know, I study a lot.
I've read about 80 books between famine and pandemic, 60 on pandemic.
20 on famine.
And you'll see one of the things that's very important in famine is your human network, right?
And the human networks, the people will say it over and over.
I mean, to get through this thing, you have to have a human network that you work together, cooperate.
I'm sitting here in Ireland.
Obviously, they had a massive famine here in the 40s and 50s, 1840s and 50s.
And the population has still never recovered.
Even when we're surrounded by sea filled with fish, this place is surrounded by protein.
And yet they had massive famines that caused a lot of human osmotic pressure.
That's why so many Irish, of course, came to the United States.
A lot of them ended up being handed a musket or a rifle and sent off to the Civil War.
But the thing is, Knowledge would have precluded much of that famine.
Of course, not to get into the politics that the English helped cause the famine and that sort of thing, which is nearly always the case in famines, by the way.
There's almost always a malevolent human component in famine.
Some famines actually are only the result of, say, a drought or locust or something like that.
But usually there's a human component.
For instance, the Hunger Winter in 1944 and 1945 in the Netherlands.
That was during World War II, of course, 1944-45.
It was a very cold winter and the Nazis Stop the food flow in Netherlands and so for about six months.
It was a pretty severe famine United States was parachuting in food and getting our airplanes shot down, but trying Swedish were trying to send in food Finally, you know operation market market garden and those other things And our greatest generation came in and liberated the Dutch and brought a lot of food with them.
But that was, of course, mostly man-made because the Nazis interrupted the food.
Likewise, the Holodomor in 32-33 over in Ukraine.
It was a Stalin-created famine, massive famine.
And likewise, over in China, Mao's famines.
And of course Mao modeled himself after Stalin, so he copied Stalin's techniques and he put
Chinese characteristics on them and killed tens of millions of people with famine.
Famine can do a lot more destruction, believe it or not, than war can.
Famine can be sort of like a neutron bomb in a sense.
Keep in mind, during famine, one of the major causes of death is actually not starving to
death, it's disease, because most people, before they starve to death, your immune system
is going to be obviously highly compromised.
You're going to be eating things you don't normally eat.
You're going to be you're going to have there's not going to be electricity.
There's not going to be clean water and people die from disease, right?
You'll have some Michael.
I'm sorry, but when people lack food also they start to lose cognitive function and they lose the ability to make rational decisions about their own planning.
And I know you've talked about that and you've, you know, in all the books that you've read that you talk about with me.
But let's jump to Florida because this is another critical point.
So the traditional fertilizers that are used to grow the crops that feed more than half
the world include NPK, so nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
Those are the three major elements, or you could say minerals in the case of two of them,
that go back into the soil that have to be there for plants to grow.
Well, nitrogen has been cut off by sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and also the
economic sanctions against Russia that are prohibiting natural gas transactions from Gazprom.
So that's, if you were to put NPK on a chalkboard, you can cross out the N.
And also in the Netherlands, they're at war with N because they say nitrogen is a pollutant
now from the animal herds.
You were just there talking to those farmers.
Well, now let's go to phosphorus.
So, the hurricane that just hit Florida took out 50% of the production of the pelletized phosphate fertilizer industry, I mean 50% of what serves all of North America, the US and Canada, and this one company known as Mosaic, also serves about 12% of the global supply.
So this is an attack on not just the N, but now the P.
So, I mean, if you take out two of the three minerals, plants can't grow.
Now, I know you grew up in that area in Florida.
What are your thoughts about what's happening with the phosphate mining industry?
How long do you think they're going to be offline there in Central Florida?
All right.
I was just over there at that area that just got damaged some months ago before I just went to Mexico.
I was I was checked because I grew up.
We used to look for shark's teeth in those phosphate pits.
So I grew up in Winter Haven, Florida.
So if you look on the map of Winter Haven versus that, it's just short drive down the road.
And so I was there some months ago looking at the issues there.
I think that the plant there was not damaged as badly as reported.
Let's see.
Hopefully it was not.
I think that it was not.
But let's see how this shakes out.
Keep in mind phosphate Florida is one of the major producers in the entire world.
I'm very lucky to be where I'm from.
It was a citrus capital of the world and one of the phosphate capitals.
Of course, Morocco, where I was last year tracking migrants and looking at other issues there.
Morocco is also a huge phosphate producer.
I was talking with a Moroccan recently.
I said, that phosphate you guys got is worth more than your oil at this point.
It's worth more than your energy.
Yeah, good point.
Yeah, and likewise, China has a lot, and so does Iraq.
There's other countries that have phosphate, but certainly Florida, exactly where that plant is, happens to be, well, it's a gold mine of phosphate, as it were.
All right, we're going to go to break again, Michael.
I apologize for interrupting.
We're going to go to break.
And one more segment, folks, with Michael Yan on the other side of this break.
Stay with us here.
This is the Alex Jones Show, fourth hour, InfoWars.com.
Mike Adams, we'll be right back.
All right, we're continuing the final segment here today with, well, war correspondent, global analyst, Michael Yan.
He continues with us here.
I just want to bring in the complex ethical considerations of what we're talking about right now.
And folks, when we talk about Mosaic, which is the company that does the phosphate fertilizer in Florida, we pray to God that Mosaic comes back online as soon as possible.
We don't want to see any of these companies offline for any extended period of time.
Because human agriculture, human civilization depends on these corporations.
But Florida's infrastructure has been hit so hard, there are going to be delays.
Same thing though with BASF.
So, you know, B-A-S-F, out of Germany.
If any executives or anybody that works for BASF is listening, we don't want your corporation, your chemical plants, to just suddenly fail and drop off the grid to where all of industry shuts down and nobody has any fertilizer and everybody starves to death.
No, we don't want that either.
We want you to continue to be able to function and keep people alive, even though there is a complex history.
And Michael, I know you're familiar with this.
You know, Fritz Haber, the inventor of the Haber process to make ammonia out of natural gas.
I believe he was, I mean, he was a Nazi-supporting Jew who developed not only this process that feeds half the world, but then, I think in his name, his institution later on, was supporting Adolf Hitler and creating the Zyklon B and trying to win the war with chemical weapons, you know, trying to win the war for the Nazis.
So, you know, I mean, this guy, his process feeds half the world, but he was also trying to use chemical weapons to kill millions of people.
So these are complex issues, and you can go through history, you can argue all this, but right now, I don't want anybody to starve.
Would you agree with that, Michael?
In fact, when he got his Nobel Prize, a lot of people did not even want to go and turn their back on his wife, killed herself.
Unknown why she did that.
She shot herself.
And, and so I don't know if that was related to the things that he did, but But Fritz Haber was obviously a complex man and BASF.
Well, you know, in a fascist country, Nazism is basically fascism plus racism, right?
And so, you know, Germany was fascist plus racism, Nazism, right?
And so the chemical companies like BASF and others, they did They made their chemicals, right?
And so they did.
We see American companies doing that now with information operations, you know, not to name any names, but I think we know a lot of the names.
In fact, they're going after Alex Jones, right?
They're trying to destroy Alex Jones because all the crazy things that he said over the years turn out to be accurate.
They turn out to be true.
It turns out that Alex Jones has very bright headlights, and he's shining lights on a lot of these fast tech companies now, as one of my friends calls them.
Fast tech, and they're doing the same things that the chemical companies did in making Zyklon B. They'll do good or they'll do evil, wherever the profit is, right?
And so, but with BASF, and not just BASF, there's also Yara and other plants that make ammonium products, or nitrogen-based fertilizer products.
As those, one by one, shut out the lights, those are shutting out the lights of humans.
They just will not be enough food.
Because as you know, about 4 billion people, it's believed about 4, you've said this on your programs before, I've seen you, about 4 billion people are alive today because of the Haber Bosch process, because of the ammonia, right?
Because of the nitrogen based fertilizers.
Which we're just not going to have enough natural gas.
And of course, China use their coal gas to make some, but they don't make enough.
And besides, China is not exporting much fertilizer right now.
They're very clear that they're not going to because they've got their own problems.
And you see, there's all these other things that are quite that are important additive, for instance.
The corn harvest this year in the United States looks, and even as I drove across Europe, looking at the corn, it's quite brown and just not a good harvest this year.
And of course, what do the chickens eat?
Corn is in just basically almost everything, right?
I mean, corn is one of the things you need to keep your eyes on when we're looking at food security.
We have problems with crops, even if we didn't have fertilizer.
Let me add in there, what the globalists are telling us is we all have to eat genetically modified corn because it's more drought resistant.
So they're taking the crisis and then trying to push us into a monoculture, corporatized agriculture system where they control the intellectual property of the seeds and they can punish farmers if they don't use their seeds and so on.
So it's at every turn, the globalists are trying to enslave humanity by using food as a weapon, weather as a weapon.
Natural gas scarcity as a weapon, even winter as a weapon.
But just in the interest of time, Michael, we've got about five minutes left here.
I promised the audience we would talk about solutions.
So could you segue into that and just start with what can individuals do to navigate this coming winter and, let's just be honest, not die?
What can they do?
First of all, work on your human networks.
A friend in Texas, for instance, he's a former military man.
He said he went to his church, small town in Texas, and he just took inventory of everybody at church.
Like, what are your skills?
And one older lady In her mid-70s, she's like, she was very worried.
She's a widow.
He's like, I don't have any skills.
I'm worried.
He's like, well, let's talk.
I know you have skills.
You had children and everything else.
That means you ran a restaurant, that sort of thing, right?
You ran an operation when you raised children and grandchildren.
And he's like, what skills do you have?
And she talked about canning.
She knows how to can food.
He says, okay, you're basically the commanding officer of our canning operations then.
You will can the food, we'll bring you the things to can.
What do you need?
Tell me what you need.
Pressure cookers, what do you need?
Tell me the ones you need.
Tell me the jars you need.
Tell me everything you need.
You will be in charge of canning, right?
So maybe making these human networks and taking a lead, being a leader at whatever level you're comfortable being a leader.
Take charge, whether it's two people or one person, just take charge of yourself.
If you feel like that you can lead more, do that.
And be a matchmaker on finding people that need certain skills and people that have certain skills, because together we're quite strong.
We can get through this.
There'll be some challenges, but you know, I've spent more than half my life overseas, much of that in third world countries.
We can certainly get through.
And most of us will.
The ones who prepare and work in our networks will get through this with some interesting stories to tell on the other side.
So, you've got a good website.
For instance, I spent a lot of time on your website.
You reviewed some lights, which I instantly bought.
I've been looking for, you know.
So, listening to other people's experience is very important because none of us know the whole story.
We all know bits and pieces.
So, it's all about network.
Well, that's great news.
I'm really glad that your optimism is emerging here.
And also, you've been to many places where famine is taking place, and you've seen how people can pull together and get through this.
And that's a very powerful message for this audience to say, guess what?
This is not an automatic death sentence.
If you prepare, you can make it through this.
In fact, like you said earlier, Michael, your ancestors made it through far worse.
I mean, they didn't have air conditioning, for example, right?
You know, they didn't have LED flashlights, and they didn't have night vision optics, and really accurate, affordable rifles that can, you know, take out varmints and so on.
So, you've got tools now that never existed in history, and if you are smart enough to just take advantage of those tools and do the human networking like you said, Michael, then we can all make it through this.
Now, for those who are not prepared, I don't know.
They may not make it at all.
Last question for you today, Michael.
What do you think, you know, you look at these blue cities in America and they're in states of chaos right now, a lot of lawlessness, defunding the police.
You see a lot of flash mob looters now.
What do you think that these cities are going to look like by the spring of 2023?
Very ugly.
You know, I woke up this morning and I looked at something that Thomas Sowell said like 30 years ago.
I call him America's grandfather.
I mean, it's so much wisdom that the man has.
And he said at one point, you know, he had been warning universities for years not to allow these basically racist policies to take hold and that sort of thing.
But at some point, the universities realized what kind of trouble they're in and they started asking him for advice.
And Thomas Sowell at one point just said, Look, you've made your bet.
I've warned you for...
So many years and you've done what you're going to do, but these blue states, for instance, California, I went to school in California.
You know, of course, I grew up in Florida, but I went to school in California and I've been all over that state.
I was there last year and this year.
It's clearly going to have severe problems, New York City, New York State, or much of New York.
Not all of it, I think, but New York City, of course, and all these blue, basically every blue place is going to be a blue hell.
Wow, yeah, yeah, I think you're right.
Also, the city of San Francisco just put out a new flyer of free monkeypox vaccines, but only for people of color, trans, gay, and sex workers.
So if you're white, you can't get a...
Free monkeypox vaccine unless you also happen to be a prostitute.
I mean, that's that's the policy of San Francisco right now.
Just what a bizarre world.
But thank you, Michael Yon, for joining us today.
It's been a fascinating conversation.
The website, folks, is MichaelYon.com to learn more.
And, sir, be safe in your travels.
We'll talk again soon.
I'm Mike Adams.
Thank you all for listening today.
Infowars.com and be safe.
Get prepared.
A bigger storm is coming.
Take care.
In fact, I've gone through a lot of attacks, a lot of degradation, to tell the truth.
But I am somebody that doesn't like to beg.
And I'm somebody that doesn't like to bother people.
But you know, if I don't bother you now, if I don't push you now to fight for freedom even harder, we're going to have the globalists, these control freaks, satanists, and pedophiles ruling our lives and ruling the lives of our children and innocent people.
So I can override my instinct not to beg, and my instinct not to plead, and my instinct not to be annoying, and just tell you.
Who's delivered like Infowars?
Who's had an effect against the New World Order as big as we have?
And the answer is nobody.
And it's because we have you, an incredible audience of activists that have done an amazing job.
So, so much of our mission is completed.
I'd say 90% of the work we set out to do, exposing the New World Order, preparing folks for their attack, getting people ready to fight back, is now bearing fruit.
We're having incredible successes everywhere.
Nationalists, populists, anti-New World Order folks getting elected, the globalists in full panic mode, their poison shot agenda falling apart, the list goes on and on.
But now we reach the critical part of the fight where the deep state is targeting all the leadership of the resistance and they see InfoWars as the very tip of the spear they want to blunt.
So I want to ask you all to support InfoWars now more than ever.
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