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Name: 20220928_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 28, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including InfoWars' legal battles, geopolitical tensions between Russia, Ukraine, and the West, supply chain breakdowns, human smuggling, censorship, free speech, hurricane-related issues, personal advice for survival in uncertain times, and more. The show features guests Joel Skousen, Greg Mannarino, and Bill Scowson. InfowarStore.com products are promoted, as well as donations to the Legal Defense Fund.

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The CIA two weeks ago told the German government, the number one paper in Germany's reporting, Der Spiegel, that the Ukrainians would blow up the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea to cut money off to Russia.
Germany was on the verge of opening Nord Stream 2 despite all the pressure by NATO and the United States because they have 800 and 900 percent higher energy bills going into the fall and winter.
Now if you look at Kibono in Latin, who benefits from this?
Russia doesn't benefit, Europe doesn't benefit, but the globalist faction that wants to use Ukraine as the detonator to collapse Europe and bring in what they're calling Marshall Plan II to give unlimited trillions to the central banks, to themselves, they stand to gain from this.
Because again, they need conflict, they need lockdowns, they need pretext to cause the world depression to bring in the global central bank digital currencies that will operate according to carbon taxes and a social credit score and a vaccine passport.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
After Europe approved the COVID vaccine for kids, excessive deaths among children increased by 755%.
Recent studies now prove that the COVID vaccines are being transmitted to children through the vaccinated mother's breast milk.
A recent Harvard study shows that the COVID vaccines are far more dangerous than COVID-19 itself.
And the CDC has quietly acknowledged all this.
All of these facts were once explicitly labeled false by the mainstream narrative.
The awakening masses are now aware that these experimental vaccines are deadly and that we are all being lied to.
But we still don't know what these mysterious poisons are doing to our bodies.
Macroscopic research has shown us that some of these vaccines contain graphene oxide and what appears to be self-assembling nanotech.
Morticians have found massive inorganic so-called clots growing inside the vascular systems of the deceased vaccinated.
And the FDA has been using transhumanist slogans to push the latest COVID booster shots.
So it isn't surprising that people are now questioning the vaccine when it comes to a strange new phenomena being captured by security cameras from around the world.
Several videos show people suffering from the same strange attack.
First, they act as if they see something over their shoulder, compelling them to turn their head.
As the head turns, the body follows, and arm lifts, as if to point at what they are seeing.
Their body then spirals into collapse, and begins to spasm.
Turning their head to see something and then spinning into collapse.
These videos do not appear to be a hoax.
And if they are not a hoax, then what is this?
It has people speculating about 5G.
It has others thinking about CERN.
Whatever it is that is going on, we are still injecting this deadly poison into the young bodies of our innocent children.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Let me answer the first question first.
If Germany, if Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2.
We will bring an end to it.
But how will you do that?
Since the project and control of the project is within Germany's control.
We will, I promise you, we'll be able to do it.
With regard to Nord Stream 2, we continue to have very strong and clear conversations with our German allies, and I want to be clear with you today.
If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.
The CIA, two weeks ago, told the German government, the number one paper in Germany's reporting, Der Spiegel,
That the Ukrainians would blow up the Nord Stream Pipeline in the Baltic Sea to cut money off to Russia.
Germany was on the verge of opening Nord Stream 2 despite all the pressure by NATO and the United States because they have 800-900% higher energy bills going into the fall and winter.
Now if you look at Kibono in Latin, who benefits from this?
Russia doesn't benefit, Europe doesn't benefit, but the globalist faction
That wants to use Ukraine as the detonator to collapse Europe and bring in what they're calling Marshall Plan II to give unlimited trillions to the central banks, to themselves.
They stand to gain from this.
Because again, they need conflict, they need lockdowns, they need pretext to cause the world depression to bring in the global central bank digital currencies that will operate according to carbon taxes and a social credit score and a vaccine passport.
It's all official.
The head of the European Union announced again yesterday, we have the clip, that they are accelerating to a European Union issued digital token
Currency that is programmable, that surveils you, and decides where you can spend it, when you can spend it, how you can spend it, and for how long you can spend it, and they can value and devalue it in live time.
That's the official announcement.
If you ever wanted to know what the Mark of the Beast looks like, this is it.
The Federal Reserve came out, as you know, two days ago.
A private Federal Reserve head said that the United States is developing its own and will be deploying it very, very soon, and quote, it will not be
It will not be, quote, anonymous.
So, it's here.
As I told you, it's not coming.
It's here.
And people say, well, how did you know this 20 years ago?
You must be one of their agents.
20 years ago, they were writing about this plan, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why, after a decade of studying Bitcoin, I finally, in the last three, four years, said, yeah, I support it because we need to support independent open currencies.
That are not tied to the central banks.
And if you look at Ethereum...
Well, I'm not against Ethereum.
I'm just saying it's gotten in line now with the central banks and it's streamlining things where it's not going to be anonymous and where they have these six shareholders and stakeholders that basically control it.
And I'm not saying it's going to end up being the bases of the central bank digital programmable currencies.
But this is just huge.
So that's one of the big giant issues, the pipeline, what's happening with that, the latest in Russia.
The unbelievable awakening around the planet with nationalists and populists getting elected everywhere.
That's very positive news.
The UN, as I told you two and a half years ago, this was coming.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
They just ended lockdown six months ago.
Hell, three, four months ago in places like Australia.
But in Latin America, in many areas of Asia, the Middle East, they just started ending these a few months ago.
And after two plus years of being locked down, they're devastated.
UN Food Chief warns of hell on earth from famine.
Big report by Mike Adams up on theinfowar.tv and infowars.com.
This is so central.
And if your average soulless leftist doesn't care about third world populations, at least we should depopulate, they're collapsing.
They're coming here to swamp us.
So it is a big, big deal.
And speaking of the UN,
Out of all these clips, the first thing I want to play is Jacinda Ardern, the puppet WEF globalist who is the second most favored after Trudeau of Canada.
She spoke yesterday to the UN and said we must censor everyone and we must only have one voice on the vaccines that aren't vaccines and on climate change and on globalism.
She said free speech is a weapon of war.
Everything she said was a lie.
Everything she said was a fraud.
She's a globalist operative and she says their main mission is silencing us.
Well, of course, the hellish system that they're bringing in to control us cannot operate under free speech.
That's why the Democrat Party's Sandy Hook lawyers say take Alex Jones out, silence him, and then silence everyone else like him with these precedents.
That they're setting of rigged show trials, where they show no evidence against me.
I can't put on the name my own evidence.
And now they had one of the women up there, never said her name yesterday, testifying on people sending them pictures of random dead kids.
Never said this woman's name, never told anybody, send her pictures of dead kids, but the jury's told it's my fault.
And the crew stays here, and this operation goes forward.
And if there's any extra money in the future, after the appeals go on for years and the rest of it, then some of that money will go to these folks.
A tax on us being able to tell the truth.
But they don't want that.
They've said in Connecticut and in Texas, we want him silenced off the air.
They've gone to the bankruptcy court and said, we want Alex Jones taken off the air now.
We want it liquidated.
We want it shut down.
We don't want to sell the product to his warehouse.
We want to put chains on the doors.
They said this on TV.
You've seen it.
So the mission is keep us on air.
So we can go through these show trials.
We believe we'll probably very easily beat what they've done in Connecticut and Texas at the state Supreme Court.
Because what they've done is just 100% fraudulent and completely out of control.
Just outrageous.
Talk to mainline top lawyers, top people, they say this is just insane.
Even the Connecticut Supreme Court, who's left us, they're going to overturn this stuff.
It's insane.
So, the mission's there.
Keep us on air.
Go through the bankruptcy.
But if we don't bring enough money in, in the next... Because it was a 13-week plan, and then it got held up.
They removed the CRO that the court had basically put in there.
Not an issue with us.
They're putting in another one.
We're very transparent here.
They've already reported to the court that there's almost no money.
That's all coming out now.
So you don't hear the plaintiff's lawyers lying and saying, I've got hundreds of millions of dollars anymore, or 10 million dollars.
It's not true.
And soon it's going to be published in the court, My Net Worth.
You're going to be shocked by how little I have.
So, in fact, I'm in the negative if you add actually things I owe versus what I have.
And so this is a full-on fight right now to stay on air.
You've invested so much time and energy and word of mouth, and you've been proven right supporting this broadcast.
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How many times in the last few months did I say the globalist
Would blow up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
They've also damaged the Nord Stream that was open.
Russia doesn't gain.
People of Europe don't gain.
But the New World Order destabilizing does gain.
And it turns out the Navy, with the Navy SEALs, two months ago did drills in the exact same spot of underwater demolition
I have the news articles admitting it, mainstream news here in the stacks.
So when you hear, oh, only Ukraine could have done it because they stay in the game cutting off Russia's supply of money.
When you hear Ukraine, remember who runs the Ukraine war?
The globalists that run the Pentagon at the top.
World War III watch, the CIA warned Germany that Ukraine was planning to blow up Nord Stream Pipeline weeks ago.
Why would they report on themselves?
Because they want you to think Ukraine acted alone.
I love our military, I love our country, but I do not love the people running the policy of our government.
I knew back in October of last year, U.S.
Special Forces troops, didn't give me the details, but multiple people I know personally who were shipping out to Ukraine.
And then I looked at a lot of different publicly available data.
And the fact that the Russians would not be able to invade after February because the ground gets soft and they need to roll in when it's still frozen.
A lot of their tanks still got stuck because it warmed up a little quicker.
And so I said, by late February, I believe they'll invade.
They did.
That's what critical thinking allows you to do.
And again, go back two and a half years ago, I said supply chain breakdowns will be horrible in the West.
It'll destroy most small businesses and medium-sized businesses.
It'll consolidate and double and triple the profits of the big central banks and places like Amazon and the box stores, Walmart, Target.
It'll kill the medium-sized facilities, consolidate power and control, but the big thing it'll do is starve the third world to death en masse.
The numbers are usually six months behind.
In the first year of lockdowns, they estimated over 40 extra million people starved to death.
Last number we got more than six months ago was 60 plus million extra people starved to death in the last two years.
And they've done surveys in Europe and in the U.S., in places like Texas and Arizona, where 9 out of 10 of the illegal alien migrants are asked, why are you here?
And they say, I worked on a farm.
Or, you know, I worked on a ranch and it's been closed for years and they slaughtered the cattle and they killed the milk cows.
Or I worked in a factory, it's been shut down, I have to come here.
And most of them really are refugees from globalism and I feel for them.
But the criminals, the coyotes, the smugglers that make money off of it and kill the innocent people and torture them.
And then the left and the Democrats getting these millions of people, hundreds of thousands of children that just disappear into these labyrinths.
This is human smuggling on a gargantuan scale.
UN Food Chief warns of hell on earth from famine.
Hundreds of millions set to starve to death now.
Full report on InfoWars.com.
So with all of this going on and all this stuff happening, Jacinda Ardern, the darling, the number two of Klaus Schwab, the one he brags about the most after Justin Trudeau,
She addresses the UN and says there will be only one source of truth and free speech.
Because any other speech is a weapon of war.
She calls for censorship.
Citizens who think and speak for themselves are a danger to the new normal.
Talk about terrifying!
This is the stuff of 1984 on steroids.
Here she is in New York City.
This week we launched an initiative alongside companies and non-profits to help improve research and understanding of how a person's online experiences are curated by automated processes.
This will also be important in understanding more about myths and disinformation online, a challenge that we must as leaders address.
Sadly, I think it's easy to dismiss this problem as one in the margins.
I can certainly understand the desire to leave it to someone else.
As leaders, we're rightly concerned that even the most light-touch approaches to disinformation could be misinterpreted as being hostile to the values of free speech that we value so highly.
But while I cannot tell you today what the answer is to this challenge, I can say with complete certainty that we cannot ignore it.
To do so poses an equal threat to the norms we all value.
After all, how do you successfully end a war
If people are led to believe the reason for its existence is not only legal but noble, how do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists?
How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?
The weapons may be different, but the goals of those who perpetuate them is often the same.
To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves.
To disband communities.
To collapse the collective strength of countries who work together.
But we have an opportunity here to ensure that these particular weapons of war do not become an established part of warfare.
In these times, I'm acutely aware of how easy it is to feel disheartened.
We are facing many battles on many fronts.
But there is cause for optimism.
Because for every new weapon we face, there is a new tool to overcome it.
For every attempt to push the world into chaos is a collective conviction to bring us back to order.
We have the means.
We just need the collective will.
So, she says we have automated systems to censor people in live time.
We need to stop these people with their free speech that are disbanding communities.
Who's breaking down the local communities?
Who's shutting down the small businesses?
Who puts people under lockdown?
See, the WEF came out desperately months ago and said they're hiring hundreds of thousands of information warriors with the UN to censor people that question any of their agenda.
Biomedical tyranny, forced injections, open borders, stolen elections, the wars.
And they had an FBI agent assigned to the Pentagon who's involved in regime change around the world on the stand last week saying, I need to be taken off the air because I'm a danger and I'm a weapon.
But he is actually an expert in using information as a weapon.
I just talk common sense.
My information is powerful because it's true.
It resonates.
Theirs is based on lies and it can't succeed if you have speech.
Again, you could teach a college course on that two-minute clip.
Everything she said was an inversion of reality.
They're launching wars.
They're trying to keep the wars going.
They don't want peace.
They're trying to censor their opposition.
They want to lock you up in your house, give you a digital ID.
They're actually pushing this and everything coming out of her mouth is not for the people of New Zealand or not for the people of the world.
But is Klaus Schwab in the New World Order agenda with everybody from Trudeau to her to hundreds of other leaders they have in their pocket?
Saying the number one enemy is you having speech.
That's why we're the number one enemy because we're seen as the populist example.
Infowars as the prototype.
Of independence, though we're ragtag, though we're small in comparison, we have the truth and that frightens these criminals to their very core.
That's why you've got to take the live feed from InfoWars.com forward slash show and man that video and share it and take clips out and share it on Rumble and share it on Gab and share it on the enemy platforms, Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Google, because it's a war and I see you fighting and I see what you're doing and I salute you and I thank you.
But you heard her declaration of war against you.
It's that simple.
If you want to help take us over the top together, I want to thank you all for your support.
I fired the bat signal.
Check it out.
We'll be right back.
All right.
Joe Skousen is a really smart individual when it comes to geopolitical systems and collapsing civilizations, supply chain breakdowns, and the third world disintegration.
He'll be covering all those topics with us in the third hour today.
Yesterday I had pressing issues I had to deal with that had to go off air.
Owen got here very quickly and took over.
Hopefully that won't happen today because I meant to take phone calls yesterday.
We're going to be taking phone calls for the entire second hour.
I'm going to take a lot of them.
So I'll give the number out in the last segment, next segment.
Coming up, so we can get everybody online who wants to talk about all these big issues we're raising.
The pipeline, the war, the open UN attacks on free speech, the hurricane coming in and the left lying and saying we have record hurricanes when they're actually low compared to what happened previous to the 60s.
I have all those statistics here.
We've got a lot of new pedophile Jeffrey Epstein news that needs to come out.
We've got Russia news.
We've got AI news.
We've got so much to cover here today.
But I wanted to just play a smattering of clips that just illustrate the disdain that the establishment has for us.
Not just the high-level globalists like Prince Charles or people like Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab, but the minions
In the media and in local government that rule over us.
And the first clip, they say a picture can tell a thousand words.
Well, this short 28-second clip tells a million words.
Here you have this mayor who's tried to forcibly inject the public, who blames everything on racism, who promised to get elected to unify the people, being just as bad as the last horrible mayor, saying New York's great.
New York's doing great.
You need to come here.
We've got a brand, and places like Kansas don't have a brand.
Now here's the deal.
New York has amazing restaurants, amazing theaters, incredible museums.
I like New York.
I've been going to New York since I was a kid.
And New York used to have all this energy and was open and free and dangerous, but still real.
The people of New York, on average, are great people.
I love what's real New Yorkers.
But let me tell you.
New York is known for crime, and known for murder now, and known for police that can't even respond to major crimes.
New York is known for tyranny.
New York is known for rats and garbage all over the place.
New York is known for not being able to pay, even with a decent income, for housing.
New York is known for being a horrible place for children.
What is Kansas known for?
Farmers and ranchers and happy people and low crime and beautiful sunsets and hunting and fishing.
And maybe that's the problem for people like the mayor of New York.
Maybe he's never been to Kansas.
Maybe he doesn't know what Kansas is like.
Kansas is a place you don't want to go to because you might not come back if you're out in a rural area.
Does it have problems in the cities?
All our cities do.
We're a cursed nation.
We need to get back to God and stop that.
But folks had a heyday on Twitter and put out beautiful shots of the moon and sunsets and fishing and their families and factories and businesses and farms.
And it just shows that for some reason the pod people, who many of them, they're not all pod people, that live in these high rises in New York,
And DC and San Francisco that are hellish by any metric.
Some of the worst cities to live in in the world.
But they really believe those of us that live in rural areas are bad or crazy or stupid.
They don't understand that the really rich people don't live in the big cities anymore.
Maybe they've got condos or houses, they're there a few months out of the year.
They are trying to live in rural areas and raise their children there.
And there's a rush to the countryside and a rush out of New York City.
So yeah, New York has a brand and that is collapse.
New York has a brand, escape from New York.
And so here's a clip of the mayor literally laughing and joking as if for his city to be better, somebody else has got to be lower.
But that's the New World Order.
Collapse everything and then just feel happy that you're the mayor on top of it all.
Here it is.
We have a brand.
New York has a brand.
And when people see it, it means something.
You know, when we go there, it's not... Kansas doesn't have a brand.
So the globalists have run that once great city from the big apple into the rotten apple, and then they want to make everybody feel good by laughing at another American state.
Absolutely disgusting.
Here is a clip of a popular YouTube channel that does towing tests with pickup trucks.
And of course, a Ford Ranger would do 10 times the job that the new Ford Lightning EV pickup did because it has no torque, which is the whole point of a pickup truck.
We're not going to play much of it, but here is the towing disaster.
That's almost 90 miles of range in 30 miles?
Are you serious?
That's nuts!
What a joke!
Welcome to Hoobie's Garage, the dumbest automotive channel in all of YouTube, and this is my new 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck, and it is towing my new 1930 Ford Model A pickup truck that I bought for my show Car Issues on Motor Trend.
Now, I towed with the Model A today quite a distance, and it was a complete and total disaster from beginning to end.
Starting with having to film this video out of order because it was raining so hard.
So I already know what's happened, but Fast 2V is in for a huge surprise when it comes to towing with this electric Ford Lightning.
So let's start with the specs.
This is the standard range battery Lariat.
So is the luxury model.
So he goes over the whole truck for like five minutes and then he goes out and he can't get the car above 25 miles an hour.
I'm gonna say that again.
He's towing a light payload, a little old Ford truck, that I guarantee has five times the power of that new Ford truck, and it won't go past 20-something miles an hour.
I mean, this is a disaster.
This is a joke.
Who on earth
Would put something like this out.
Because again, it's not meant to replace things, it's meant to make you think they're replacing the coal power plants, and the cars, and the rest of it, when they're not doing that, ladies and gentlemen.
Is there any point even showing this?
The full video is on InfoWars.com.
It's twelve and a half minutes long.
Can't get the car up past twenty-something miles an hour.
Here, go ahead and play some more.
What a turd!
Alright, pulling into my neighborhood.
And we got the driving range low warning.
50 miles remaining.
Are you kidding me?
That's almost 90 miles of range in 30 miles?
Are you serious?
That's nuts!
What a joke!
So later he's able to get it up, I guess going partially downhill to 40, but the issue is they use 90 miles of energy in just a few miles.
So go see it for yourself.
It's an absolute total disaster.
A Volkswagen towing a trailer with that weight would do a better job.
A Volkswagen Beetle.
I mean, this is an insane disaster.
See for yourself.
Popular YouTuber tests Ford EV pickup towing capacity.
It fails spectacularly.
Hell, some golf courts have better power.
Okay, I'm going to come back with more of these clips that tie it all together.
Remember when they were offering free burgers and fries if you took your shot?
I want to go back to that.
We're also going to get to MSNBC's Joy Reid, to Paris Floridians evacuating illegal to illegal immigrants crossing the border.
And then we'll also get to clip 13 CNN's Don Lemon to Noah.
What effect does climate change have on this phenomenon?
And he gets absolutely destroyed.
Again, trying to claim that there are more hurricanes and they're more intense when actually the opposite has been happening because of sun cycles.
It's all coming up today and so much more.
The pipeline blown up.
What does that signify?
If you thought Europe already had big problems, where is this going?
Federal Reserve head says they're coming out with a digital currency.
It'll track everything you do and control what you do.
I mean, it is just all out in the open now.
And then your phone calls.
When we come back, I'll give the number out.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'll be giving the number out to take your calls next hour.
In just a moment, we got a ton of news to hit right now.
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So that is definitely a good sign of a huge awakening happening on a global scale.
Thank you all again for your support.
Without you, we cannot do it.
All right.
Getting back to the insanity of New York.
For TV viewers, again, here's a screenshot of the video we already played of the mayor laughing and making fun of people that live in Kansas, saying, what do they got?
What do they got?
They don't have a brand.
They're not the big fancy, you know, New York City being destroyed by these globalist parasites.
How does that make you feel better about running down Kansas when you've probably never been there?
You know what Kansas' brand is?
Happy people.
Great housing for low prices.
Low crime.
And I like this lady.
And another gentleman put out this tweet.
Todd Edmonds.
My Kansas brand.
View from my three bedroom house on a half acre, $980 a month mortgage with a beautiful lake behind them and woods and the moon and stars.
There's the Kansas brand, ladies and gentlemen.
What's the brand of the New World Order?
Absolutely disgusting.
Here's another tweet.
Anomaly says, Your new brand in New York is vaccine mandates.
High crime.
Filthy city.
Democrat psychosis.
Yes, New York has been a great city.
It's Americana.
We love New York.
We want to save New York.
Remember when the mayor said,
You know, I'll pay to have these people move to Texas that don't want to be here.
Well, they're already leaving.
What does that even mean?
It's absolutely insane.
So here's the last admitted communist mayor wanting you to take an experimental shot last year and eating a hamburger and fries and going, you want it?
He's so gross.
Even though I love hamburgers, I may never be able to eat another one.
I may not ever even enjoy a hamburger after watching this disgusting display.
Free fries when you get vaccinated?
I got vaccinated.
You're saying I could get this?
These delicious fries?
Wait a minute.
But there's also a burger element to this?
Let me check with Bill Neidhardt.
Is it too early in the day to eat a burger?
This could be breakfast?
What a creep!
I want you to look at this and think about, again,
Some people love hamburgers, some don't.
I'm not saying he's a pedophile.
But if this is appealing to you, just think of this.
But if I was going to cash somebody for a movie where there's like a pedophile ringleader that kidnaps little kids and say eats them, it'd be him.
I'm getting a very good feeling about vaccination right this moment.
Get a free donut too!
And yet microcarditis at the same time.
How much fun.
These people are sick and evil and out of control.
But look at what's happening here.
Judge orders NYPD union members fired over VAX mandate reinstated with pay.
New York Post.
NBA style.
Kyrie Irving, who I'm told is a big listener, says he lost a hundred million four-year extension for refusing COVID vaccine, but he wants to stand in solidarity with people and their bodily autonomy.
Just like Djokovic said, talk about people I admire.
Meanwhile, Dr. Marty Macri weighs in after mRNA systems found in the milk of breastfeeding mothers that have taken the experimental shot.
Absolutely horrifying that this is going on at this level.
But let's go to this clip.
This, my friends, is
MSNBC's Joy Reid comparing Floridians evacuating to illegal immigrants crossing the border.
Well, in a way they are.
They're fleeing the globalist lockdowns and the UN organizes them to come here.
That's a destructive evil force.
And I guess the Floridians are fleeing like people running from a danger.
Here it is.
And be careful about attacking people who have to move to save their own lives and safety because you never know when it's your people that have to move, when it's your people who have to migrate, when it's your people who have to get on that road.
So just a thought.
But of course what she's saying is a giant lie.
Oh, if people got across your border organized by the UN, they're the same as somebody in the United States going to a different state.
No, that's not the same.
But that's how the globalists want it.
They want to be able to completely get rid of national sovereignty and control us with permanent underclasses that they bring in.
Now, not to be outdone by Joy Reid, Don Lemon!
No Ratings Lemon is talking to the head of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and is saying, what effects does climate change have on the phenomenon?
And he's trying to, in the larger clip, to say hurricanes are worse, things are getting worse, we're having more hurricanes.
We have the numbers right here.
We've had half the hurricanes.
Since the 60s that they recorded previous to that, and the trend's going down, even less hurricanes.
But now every time a hurricane comes, they say it's humans' fault, it's all our fault because we're bad people.
If we just pay Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Al Gore carbon tax money, then everything will be okay.
So let's go ahead, ladies and gentlemen, and go to that clip.
Here you can actually see, pretty interesting for your viewers, you can actually see a second eye wall forming around the inner eye wall and that's basically the second eye wall has overtaken the original eye wall and that should arrest development.
Listen, I'm just trying to get that you said you want to talk about climate change, but what effect does climate change have on this phenomenon that is happening now?
Because it seems these storms are intensifying.
That's the question.
I don't think you can link climate change to any one event.
On the whole, on the cumulative, climate change may be making storms worse, but to link it to any one event, I would caution against that.
Okay, listen, I grew up there and these storms are intensifying.
Something is causing them to intensify.
So this storm is just, it's a massive one.
It's effects are also being felt in the south.
So he just told an accredited, respected head meteorologist that no, you're wrong.
They're getting worse.
I am Don, Supreme Leader of Earth, Lemon.
Here's some of the headlines dealing with it.
Hurricane Ian strengthens to powerful Category 4 as Florida landfall imminent.
We'll be covering that as it unfolds.
Hurricane Ian, MSNBC's Joy Reid compares Floridians evacuating illegal immigrants crossing the border.
We have the details on the hurricane up on InfoWars.com.
With 155 mile an hour winds, Cuba entirely without power right now after the storm crossed over Cuba.
Power grid collapse.
It's really part of living on this planet that this happens.
Florida's a beautiful state, but it gets hit by a lot of hurricanes.
That's why folks are used to it and prepared for it.
We're praying for everybody that's there.
It shut down airports and schools.
We'll continue to track that and break that down.
In my stack, I'll get to next hour, I've got some of the articles from the major meteorological groups that document that hurricanes are actually getting less severe and less common.
I don't see that in my stack.
I put it somewhere else, but everybody knows that.
You can find it for yourself.
Do your own research.
Remember they said the ice caps were supposed to already be melted, but meanwhile, you've got all these globalist buying houses right on the beach.
It's a load of BS, like you're an ignorant savage, that they can say, you were bad, storm come.
Now we need human sacrifice.
You know, in ancient Europe, they've dug up plenty of bodies, and all over the world as well, that were sacrificed when the crops didn't come in.
Oh, the crops didn't do well.
They didn't know what fungus was eating the crops.
They just said, we got to sacrifice some people.
So that the nature god gives us a more bountiful harvest.
Yeah, this is a great clip.
We'll play this when we come back.
We're totally destroying what's really going on with the so-called man-made global warming and now climate change.
So, it's open phones on any topic.
It's first-time callers, it's long-time callers, it's callers that agree, it's callers that disagree.
It's a free-for-all on all these subjects or anything you want to talk about.
The head of Joel Skousen joins us in the third hour of Hour of Calls.
But just be ready, I'm going to go to your call and move the next person.
The total free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
There it is on screen.
And we will take your phone calls.
And again, we're in the middle of a major fundraiser here.
We've taken on the Democrats, the Deep State, the New World Order.
You see them attacking us everywhere.
We need funds to make it through these show trials and then have the appeals so they can't shut us down for years to come.
This is the biggest hurdle in our history.
So please go to InfoWarsTore.com.
We'll be back with our number two.
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On this live, Wednesday, September 28th broadcast, we have a lot of other
Economic news.
We have a lot of medical tyranny news.
We have a lot of anti-gun news.
We have a lot of government insider trading news.
A lot of news.
I'm going to be smattering in here in the next hour, taking your phone calls.
But I wanted to play this clip of Dan Pena, American businessman.
He gets pretty heated, so we had to bleep it.
But just in a very short clip, he knocks it out of the park and exposes the fraud of so-called man-made climate change and the so-called solutions to it.
Let's just take Florida for example, which is one of the fastest growing beachfront condominiums on the planet.
In the prospectus when you invest, there should be, in the footnotes, if global warming is for real, they won't put it that way, global warming happens and water rises 10 feet, this investment you made is f***ed up.
Not one single investment prospectus written this century has alluded to global warming.
Not one f***ing
If it were really true, the banks wouldn't invest.
The banks wouldn't finance.
Not one f****** condominium.
Because the financial institutions, the banks of this world, know it's not gonna happen.
Otherwise, you couldn't get a goddamn loan in London.
You know those 30-40 year margins?
The world would be over by then.
With the greatest respect, ma'am, it's the greatest fraud that's been perpetrated on mankind this century.
And it's an excuse and a reason to take over and monitor and track everybody with a global ID and global digital currency in their own words.
There's Barack Obama's giant mansion.
That's just part of it.
Literally a hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean.
And his house is one foot above sea level.
He bought the house six years ago when he left office.
But he's everywhere telling you that everything's going to flood and we're all going to be dead.
And everything happening when they release a deadly virus is climate change.
Hate speech is climate change.
It's the excuse for everything.
All right, let's start taking some phone calls right now.
Let's just start getting to them in this short segment.
Let's talk to Robert in Thailand.
Robert, thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Well, I have two quick points I want to touch on, then I'll get out of your hair, Alex.
First, I wanted to just mention to people that when you debate with left-wing people online, make sure you mention the custody of power, that Biden is a puppet of George Bush and the Bush crime family through Obama.
That's something that people can mention in their debates.
Second, Alex, it's been over 10 years since I've talked to you.
You did a couple of segments on my YouTube channel, Funkmaster5.
And as a result of that, you actually created another syndicate, Super Admin.
But I've been fighting the drug war.
I've been exposing them lying about cannabis, curing cancer, and other stuff.
So I'd like to connect and show you guys some of the stuff we've been working on.
I'm coming out of retirement.
Well, I wasn't in retirement because I was fighting another front.
We're good to go.
Funkmaster5, I remember you years ago being on the show.
I remember that.
Just send Rob Dew an email.
I think you know his email here at InfoWars.
Well, he's a consultant now, but he can still check those emails from time to time.
And so I think that was your contact back then, wasn't it?
I actually, you know what, I met you briefly at Occupy Bilderberg.
I made the Occupy Bilderberg page about a month before you brought everybody in and lit it up.
Like I created the name and then you actually lit it up like a, you know,
A rocket, basically, and made it into the biggest... Well, it's our audience.
It's our audience that did that.
They get all the credit.
Thank you, Robert.
Appreciate your call.
Yeah, if you go back 10, 15 years ago, they said Bilderberg Group didn't exist.
Now they admit it exists and wants world government and its spokesperson and its PR group is the World Economic Forum that has taken over half the governments in the world in their own words.
But now we, the information and truth, are taking governments back around the world right now.
That's why they've got all these WEF spokespersons, like the leader of New Zealand, saying the main mission is to silence the people of the world.
Their words are weapons.
No, lady, you work for the weapons system, the New World Order.
Back in 60 seconds, more calls straight ahead.
Well, Hurricane Ian is a bad one.
Starting to make landfall as a Category 4, 150 mile an hour winds.
Pray for folks there in Florida.
But all over the corporate media they're saying, see it's your fault.
It's man-made global warming.
Same reason we got COVID-19.
Man-made global warming.
No, you made it in a lab.
And this is the worst hurricane season ever and the storms are getting stronger and we're all dead.
I'm not going to spend an hour on this because I want to go to your phone calls, but here's The Economist Magazine, published by the Rothschild family, the establishment, with a detailed report.
Hurricanes in America have become less frequent.
Isn't that interesting?
And it goes into the numbers that they are up to 70% less hurricanes than there used to be.
Here's a Forbes article from a few years ago.
No hurricanes are not bigger, stronger, and more dangerous.
In fact, they're less.
Fact check.
Pence says there are no more hurricanes now more than 100 years ago.
And you go into it, and yes, there's actually less.
Remember, they keep telling you that, oh, Glacier Park will soon be unfrozen.
It's not.
Oh, all the ice caps are going to melt by 2013, 2017.
The sea levels are going to rise.
They didn't.
Here's another one out of climate.gov.
Why did Earth's surface temperature stop rising in the past decade?
I would have Lord Monckton on a decade ago saying that the Earth's temperature has gone down, and they would say, oh, that's a lie.
But now it's completely admitted.
Did it get hotter in the 80s and 90s?
Was it the hottest ever recorded?
No, they've got ice core samples and mud samples going back just a few thousand years ago when it was hotter.
It goes through cycles, folks.
You go back 12,000 years ago, there were glaciers as far south as Oklahoma.
They're not there anymore.
But if you're driving around in Oklahoma or Indiana or Illinois, you'll see a big flat field and a big old boulder right in the middle of it that's round.
That's because it was under a glacier being rolled by the glacier slowly and being polished by that glacier.
Geologists will tell you that is a glacial field, a glacial stone.
Remember they said in the 70s that we'd be in an ice age by the 90s.
They don't know what they're doing.
They don't know what they're saying.
MSN and NBC and others spin it.
They go, well, it's the calm before the storm.
Here's an article from this year.
Yeah, storms are way down.
Yeah, they're not as intense.
But that doesn't matter.
It means really bad stuff's coming.
It's all based on the sun.
The sun is the main driver of climate.
The big article at CEI.org.
Everybody should read.
Wrong again.
50 years of failed eco.
Apocalyptic predictions.
But now, we're told we have to give up our electric cars, give up our gas engines, give up natural gas, give up coal power, give it all up!
Give it all up, give it all up right now.
Because we're bad.
No, the globalists want us to think we're bad, so we'll follow their criminal orders.
Steve in Florida, you're on the air, welcome.
Alex, God bless your brother.
I was calling in about the Nord Stream Pipeline, but when you're talking about the climate change, I find it interesting that all these hack jobs that are on television, or these World Economic Forum members like Jacinda Ardern, Karl Schwab, and Bill Gates, these guys aren't scientists, but yet they're asserting that climate change is real and you have to believe it because they say it's real.
And everything they said about the so-called shots was a lie, because they knew it was a lie.
Everything they said was a lie, and they tried to force it on us, and they did on many.
These are damn arch-criminals.
A thousand percent true, and they need to be held to account.
There are thousands of scientists out there that are respected, Nobel laureate prize winners, that are saying there is no climate crisis.
We only contribute three percent to the CO2 emissions that they're claiming.
And the CO2 is the trace gas!
And like you always say, we are carbon-based lifeforms.
So, with that being said, you look at the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and all the methane that's coming out of the ocean now, they've got to be rolling over, they've got to be shoving bloodshed out of their eyeballs right now.
Well, that's right, because there's more methane coming out of there than all the cow's rear ends on the planet.
That's right.
And this is the thing, this is what my speculation is, Alex.
I think this is going to lead to a declarational war, which is going to create emergency powers.
Notice, all this is happening before the midterm elections.
And there's going to be, like you mentioned, the CBDCs.
There's probably going to be a new pandemic thrown in the mix, GMO mosquitoes that are being released.
This is going to be
Probably one of the worst worst events ever in our lifetime.
I agree and and I mean you notice a month ago Thousands of major concerts hundreds of huge ones Rock concerts country concerts hip-hop concerts classical concerts.
They're all being canceled They're all being canceled.
What do they know is coming with 41 days to the midterms?
Well, they know they know something's coming and
And I think for the most part, they're heading to their bunkers, they're getting prepared, they're getting their final inventories lined up.
And by the way, you're not just saying that for new listeners.
It was CNN headline last week, elites moving to their bunkers to escape reality.
They even admit it.
What do you think the event's going to be?
Expanded war?
Economic collapse?
What do you think it's going to be?
Cyber attacks?
This is what I speculate.
I'm an analyst by trade.
I think what's going to happen, declaration of war, there's no way Russia is just going to let this pass.
Regardless of who did this.
I mean, it's interesting the USS Cursage was in the area and turned off the transponder prior to this happening.
But what I think is going to happen, they're going to have a declaration of war as a result of that.
I think the illegitimate Biden administration is going to invoke emergency powers.
They're going to issue out CBDC.
Now you have a stock market collapse.
You think fuel prices are bad now?
Give it a couple weeks and see what happens to the gas prices.
And for folks that don't know what those CBCDs are, explain.
These are central bank issued programmable digital currencies.
Yep, these are digital currencies that, on a granular level, I couldn't give my nephew ten bucks and say, here, thanks for mowing the lawn.
That's not going to happen anymore.
They will be able to control how, when, and where you can even spend your money if you're allowed to spend it, and if you even have any to spend.
That's how granular it is.
It's all a matter of... How long the money's going to work, how long it's going to... I mean, they're admitting all this.
This is not us saying this.
A thousand percent.
You could look at his executive orders that he put into place and just read them.
Just like you said, read the documents.
People have to do their own research and not just take what I say or you say at face value.
Just read the documents.
But all these things are going to happen pretty quickly.
The gas price is shooting up, which is going to create a massive stock market crash, higher fuel prices, housing market crash.
This is going to roll up quickly, Alex, and I thank you for everything that you do, and I know you're tired of hearing the people saying thank you, but you are the tip of the spear.
You're the one out there on the platform.
You're the one out there shouting to the heavens.
Well, I appreciate you, brother, and God bless you.
I mean, I'll tell you what I really hate doing.
I hate getting up here begging for money every day and the lies that I've got hundreds of millions of dollars when I don't have two million dollars in cash.
And I want to keep this crew employed.
I want to be strong through this crisis.
And we have been under such attack.
I asked for it.
I'm not a victim.
I'm just letting listeners know, thanks for your support.
I'm supporting you.
You're supporting me.
But we need folks to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get great products you already need.
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I'm not complaining.
I'm not bitching.
I just get so frustrated with knowing we can stop the New World Order, and knowing Infowars is having its biggest effect ever, and the fact that we're treading water.
So, I'm not complaining.
I'm just simply asking folks, go to infowarsstore.com, go to 1776coin.com.
If you want to support me, because the bankruptcy court
Said, hey, you should pay 40% of the legal bills.
Well, I mean, we're in a bankruptcy and we got a trial going and one more trial.
I don't have enough money in the bank to pay for that.
Okay, personally.
So we've got to make it over this hump.
The appeals process will take years.
It's not that expensive.
And we will be in a lot better position.
But by then we're going to be in a total depression.
So I'm just being honest with everybody.
Take care of yourselves.
But I think InfoWars is something people should take care of.
That is essential.
So thanks for your support.
All right, let's go through your calls quickly here.
Amazing points getting raised by the callers.
Dean wants to talk about something that I mentioned in the last few days, but I should have covered more.
All sorts of mass shootings in Russia.
Men in black uniforms showing up at recruiting offices, at conscription offices for their national drafts, shooting people, shooting the officers, going into schools, killing 17 people, injuring dozens of others, black outfits.
I mean,
The Ukrainians are blowing up journalists inside Russia.
Now the Nord Stream 2 has been blown up.
They're saying it's been sabotaged.
The Nord Stream 1 a week ago.
I mean, this is crazy.
This is war provocation, like the last caller said.
And Dean wanted to talk about it.
Go ahead, Dean, give us your take.
Yeah, hi.
Before anything, I want to say, if I was a whale,
I would buy all your products and then donate them back so you can make double the profit.
And I hope a whale out there hears me and does it.
I've done it at an auction.
Yeah, I've done it at an auction before, a charity auction, and bought the item and then
I said, re-auction it.
Oh, hey, hey, hey, listen.
I'm just so busy I gotta get around to it.
We're gonna go ahead and, even though we love it, we're gonna auction off the armored vehicle, even though it's a great PR thing and lets us go into anti-fare areas and it's famous.
We're gonna auction that.
I'm gonna auction my Hellcat, even though they're not gonna make them anymore.
I'm getting ready to, uh, I got two extra watches that people gave me.
I'm gonna auction those.
I'm gonna put everything into InfoWars.
Everything into this operation.
We're not going anywhere.
I know God's gonna come through.
I know you're gonna come through.
But, brother, what's your view on this?
Um, well, I wanted to bring up how Russia, they went into, they ran into Ukraine because of, um, neo-Nazis, right?
So now all of a sudden...
They have some guy goes into the school, shoots up the school, and he's got swastikas on his chest and all that.
Now, comparison to what you were trying to express regarding Sandy Hook, false flags, and how governments do that.
I know you apologize to the family and all that, but the family doesn't know that governments do false flags like that.
And what if Russia is doing the exact same thing, trying to villainize Ukraine, saying
There's neo-Nazis there, and look, they're even coming into our schools and cleaning up our schools!
I actually have the Der Spiegel article where the CIA told the German government
That they believe Ukraine would blow up the pipeline.
I think they were planning that.
So, I don't think Ukraine has capability with a submarine to go down there and do that.
The U.S.
did drills weeks before in that exact area with Navy SEALs and submarines.
So give me a break.
And I know the guys that actually carry those missions out.
They haven't told me anything, but I know the people in SEAL Team 10 that do that stuff.
That's underwater demolition.
It's gonna be a false flag by Russia.
All they gotta do is put a bunch of tanks down there and release the air and all air blows up.
You know what I'm saying?
I mean, I understand the CIA said Russia could do a false flag.
I'm not saying it's a false flag, but I actually have the article right here where they say that.
In fact, I'll cover that article here in just a moment.
Anything else, sir?
I know I watched a lot of Mission Impossible movies when I was a kid, but, you know, that stuff happens.
They do fake stuff, you know?
They do it fake.
You know, I don't want to talk about Sandy Hooker today, but since you raise it, let me just hit this briefly and then I'll go back to your calls.
I appreciate your call.
Because this is just out of control.
Scarlett Lewis came and shook my hand and told me she forgave me and everything and I told her I wanted to promote her charity that teaches kids peace and love.
It's not an anti-gun group.
She went on CNN and said I'm the biggest bully in the world and a terrible person again.
I mean, it's what I've seen is the more I apologize, even for stuff I really didn't do, most of it,
The more nasty these folks get.
And that's why I said last week, I don't apologize to you.
I didn't say the things you said.
I'm not allowed to defend myself.
I'm giving this whole list of things I can't say in court.
And I said I'm done.
I didn't do the things you said.
I didn't send people to your houses.
99% of what you say isn't true.
That's why they don't have anything to show the jury.
Because there's nothing there.
Well, here's the headline.
Alex Jones trial.
Families testify on confrontation with Sandy Hook deniers and how someone sent them in an email pictures of dead children.
What the hell does that have to do with me?
Well, the judges instructed the jury.
I created all this.
No, it was giant viral videos.
People questioning because we don't believe anything we're told anymore.
It's absolutely.
Completely dangerous.
Here it is.
Alex Jones trial.
Sandy Hook mother tells jury she was sent pictures of dead kids by hoax believers.
And my lawyer asked, did Alex Jones send that to you?
Those people say Alex Jones sent them?
There's another headline.
Judge in Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial denies plaintiff's motion
For a gag order to quote protect against mistrial because she can't legally do that under the precedence.
But she's already gagged what I can say in the courtroom.
They'll never win this on appeal if there's any freedom left in this country.
We have to make it through the show trials, then have the appeals, and then they still can't shut us down for years.
If they get those big judgments on appeal, then they're not getting any money.
They may be able to shut down this incarnation, but they can't silence me.
But long before we ever get to that, we're either going to back the globalists off or everybody's screwed.
Just understand that.
People say, how are you taking it?
Why are you not more stressed out?
Why are you not worried?
My wife, my security guys, when I was up there, we had people try to jump out of cars, attack us, all sorts of stuff.
They're like, why are you so calm?
And I said, we're about to have major war with Russia.
We already are having it.
The economy is imploding around us.
The borders are open.
They're shipping in fentanyl.
Everyone I know has family members that died from fentanyl.
It's hundreds of thousands a year.
They're going to release a new deadly virus.
So my job is to stay on air as long as God keeps me here, and I'm not worried about Alex Jones.
So I'm not worried about their lies.
I'm not worried about their attacks for me personally, but I need to stay on air.
That's a critical mission.
All I'm worried about is you, the audience, being active and involved and informed and supporting.
That's what matters.
I mean, I cannot tell you, and again, it's not bragging.
The enemy knows this, and it's why I'm under such attack.
We are the main influencing operation now, countering the globalist narrative across the board.
Infowars, if we were a bowling league, if we were a bowling team, we hit nothing but strikes, folks.
We are kicking their lies up and down the street.
And that's all thanks to your support, and I salute you.
Let's keep doing it.
Nicholas in New York, you're on the air, welcome.
Yes sir, go ahead.
How are you doing?
Good, brother.
So I'm calling.
I know you're not too happy with, you know, social services and stuff like that, but I grew up with my parents being foster parents.
Sir, I don't think all social services are bad.
There's a lot of good people.
There's a lot of bad people hiding in there.
A lot of bad people hiding in there.
Yes, that's for sure.
My mother now, or my parents, did the emergency home here up in New York for, in this area.
I don't want to get, you know, too much into it, but
Um, a few weeks ago, we got, uh, about 3 o'clock in the morning, a little girl who didn't speak any English, um, with restrained bruises from her legs to her hands to, you know, her neck.
She was handcuffed to one of those old radiator heaters.
Um, to what they, what their, um, you know, the person who spoke Spanish, you know, she was there for four days.
They found her walking the railroad track at, like I said, 3 o'clock in the morning.
She came to us for the weekend because, like I said, none of us...nobody in my family speaks Spanish, you know?
So it was very hard to talk to this little girl.
But, you know, my mom, like, gave her a... Hold on, hold on.
Don't hang up, Nicholas.
We gotta go to break.
Where do the millions of children go?
This is a microcosm example.
You're about to hear what people are witnessing on the ground.
Stay there, Nicholas.
Don't hang up.
I want to hear this start over when we come back and tell folks what you've witnessed.
Man, unbelievable stuff's going on.
The footage we've got from the border, you can go down there anytime you want.
There'll just be hundreds of unaccompanied kids, many of them babies, just being handed over to random men in vans.
You're violating Texas law!
Who is this right here?
You got those children in there illegally!
You're about to run a human being over!
You got those children in there!
You got those smuggled children illegally!
Who are you?
Where are you taking these children?
You're smuggling children!
You gotta be legally in that vehicle!
You're not a part of this organization?
Who are you?
We know you're smuggling these kids.
Where are you taking these kids?
Where are you taking these kids?
We got them in the back of there without children's seats.
Where are you taking these kids?
Sir, identify yourself.
This is a massive smuggling.
This is literally human smuggling.
These are children.
Where are you taking these kids?
And now... Sir, where are you taking these kids?
They don't even have car seats.
They don't have their seatbelts on.
Their seatbelts aren't even on.
Where are you taking these children?
Sir, identify yourself.
Who are you?
Don't fucking hit me.
I'll tell you right fucking now.
Who do you work for?
Are you a part of this organization?
No, sure.
I don't know.
So you don't know where these kids are going?
No, no.
They came from over there.
They're not being checked for COVID.
So you don't know who you work for?
We need to call the police.
We need to call the police right now.
I want to know where these kids are going.
You are violating state law!
They're not going there.
You're not making any sense, sir.
Identify yourself.
Who are you?
If somebody rear ends you, those kids are going to get hurt.
Who are these kids?
Where did you get them from?
From the church.
From the church?
Where's the church?
And the police came.
Anytime you go to the Texas border, hundreds of children an hour, many times without their mothers, pregnant women, you name it.
We have all the footage at the airport and on the street, the same woman handing off dozens of children saying it's her child, no paperwork.
Men coming in, loading little girls into cars, just disappearing around the country.
Here's some of that footage if you're a TV viewer.
And she comes in every hour on the flight, says, this is my baby, and just hands it to a woman, and they just take the one-year-old baby through.
And there she is with her Grim Reaper tattoo from the church.
So we're taking your phone calls.
Nicholas in New York says that he is working with family that runs a children's shelter and they talked about a little Latin American girl that doesn't speak English with signs of restraints on her neck, ankles and wrists and that she had been chained to a radiator.
Please start over and continue, sir.
So, yes, my parents are foster parents.
This is the emergency home.
This little girl was found wandering the railroad track at 3 o'clock in the morning by the police.
They, you know, they brought her into the hospital.
They, you know, went through and they found, you know, the multiple bruising.
There was also, she was, the caseworker indicated as well that
She was violently sexually assaulted.
Um, you know, so like I said, she was here.
She was at, you know, our house for two days.
She left to go to a better location, they said.
Well, within less than a week, this little girl was back at our house for now a week this time, though.
Um, you know, because I don't know what the situation was, but, you know,
The bruises on her were so severe she was still bruised, you know, they, you know, but then finally she went, you know, they found a Spanish-speaking family that, you know, she was supposedly supposed to go to, but, you know, believe me, I mean, the stuff I've seen, it's enough to make you want to puke.
It's disgusting, the stuff that goes on with these children.
It would give you nightmares.
And again, my sister, it took two years.
We got her when she was about a year old.
She's Korean.
And in Korea, if it's a single-parent home, they call them ghost children.
And they're scorned by society so that they have a big adoption program out of Korea.
My mother couldn't have children after me from an IED that she got, Dalkon Shield that sterilized her.
She won a settlement, by the way.
That just shows what these companies do, knowingly.
My sister's great.
She's just as much my sister if, you know, she was my blood.
Great person, Marley.
She actually works here.
Thirty-something years old now.
They adopted her when I was 15 years old.
And it took two years for them to jump through hoops to be able to adopt.
And tons of money.
But they are now just taking children and randomly handing them out to men in vans, we videotaped it, that just disappear into the country.
Some are found dead, some are found in enslavement.
Senate report said tens of thousands are in sex slavery.
That's a U.S.
Senate report.
Trump stopped it.
Biden continued it.
Obama started it.
So this is mass crimes against humanity.
This is the left.
And you have all these Democrats promoting pedophilia now, and the main Spanish minister in Spain saying pedophilia is good.
I mean, that's who these people are.
And this is footage we shot of them loading busloads of kids onto 747s, 737s, and flying them out.
And it's just so criminal, brother.
Anything else you'd like to add about this portable girl?
Uh, well, no, another thing that disgusts me is these people who come out saying that, um, you know, people shouldn't be allowed to adopt, you know, black children or Spanish children.
You know, you must be the same race.
Cause I have black, like my, like I said, my parents adopted kids and they're, they're, they're all have issues, you know?
So I have a, I have black brothers and Spanish brothers, you know, and they're, like you said, as just as much my brothers,
Yeah, they don't want people to assimilate and they fight so hard.
A friend of mine, he and his wife couldn't have children and so they adopted a disabled black child and there were racist black groups trying to stop them doing it.
No, instead the black groups say just abort these black people.
Just kill them!
Again, they don't want us coming together.
They want us in divided groups.
It is disgusting.
Nicholas, thank you so much for the call.
God bless you.
One last question.
We know what's going to happen to the little girl and how old is she?
He's gone.
It's just unbelievable, folks.
You gotta go to the border and see it for yourself.
I mean, just tens of thousands, you're watching daily, children being handed off to men that look like bigger pedophiles than Brian Stelter.
And I'm not saying Brian Stelter's a pedophile.
I'm saying he looks super creepy.
When I think of a pedophile, I think of Brian Stelter.
And when you see these men, it is just, the stuff they say to you too, like, I'm going to take them to Pennsylvania and show them the way of the Lord.
Why do you not want me to be here?
He followed an undercover cop we sent in.
It was a local cop, a female.
He was threatening her inside.
He followed her out and ran into us.
And was literally menacing us with the most evil eyes, ladies and gentlemen.
And some of my guys literally had to just back off because they were about to, they were about to attack him.
I mean, you physically see one of these guys, I'm taking these children, you're not going to stop me.
You're just like, you just want to attack.
I mean, it's, it's that close folks.
It's that close.
You saw me jumping on the hood of that car.
I mean, it just, there's a certain point where the rubber meets the road.
I felt so guilty.
I felt so guilty when I got back to our motel room.
I'm not being dramatic folks, that I started throwing up.
That I sat there and let them load those kids on planes.
And I sat there and I watched it!
And meanwhile the left thinks it's all funny!
If they can't abort a kid, they want to smuggle them over the border so they can rape the hell out of them!
Remember, the CIA, run by leftists, in Germany, hundreds of thousands of children placed with convicted pedophiles to create a new family based on men loving boys and women loving girls.
Pedophilia is their system.
It's who they are.
Get it through your head!
And there's all these enablers that are just there to get the money to be part of it.
And after you go down to the border six, seven times, you don't want to go back.
Like, I know there's a giant story down there, and I should be down there.
I'll be honest with you.
We can't go down there because my crew agrees they want to start.
It's a weird needle to thread.
But if you can't stop them smuggling, even if you expose it, you still feel dirty.
This whole country is aiding and abetting child trafficking.
And I'm going to say it.
I feel guilty that I've not done enough.
I'm serious.
Imagine the people that think it's funny.
It'd be like if you saw your neighbor torturing their child with electrical wires.
You call the cops, they do nothing.
You keep seeing it.
You either go over and you kill your neighbor, and I'm not saying do that, do not do that, or you move.
Because you can't keep watching it, now you're aiding and abetting it.
The police won't do anything, and every Saturday night at 6 p.m., the dad puts the daughter in the backyard and hooks electrodes up to her feet and starts shocking her.
That's a hypothetical.
And the police won't do anything, so at a certain point, you don't go over and beat his ass, or you'll go to jail, because they'll prosecute you.
You just move, and just let them torture the girl, and now you're guilty.
No, I think you go over and stop him and then let a jury try it and I think you're going to be let off.
I mean, we're getting close to vigilante time here.
We'll be right back.
I told you a provocation was coming to get Russia to attack.
Mass shootings, bombings, pipelines getting blown.
It's the globalists, you know it's them.
They stand to gain.
All right, Joel Skousen is going to knock it out of the park.
He's got so much to cover.
The world, food collapse, supply chain breakdown, the midterms, the Russia situation, the pipeline.
He is a big Russophobe, and I understand why.
I don't like what goes on in Russia, but it's good to get that other side perspective.
He's a big globalphobe as well.
I'd like the New World Order even more, but he's going to be joining us.
Kim has been on hold even before the last caller, but Kim wants to bring up Ted Gunderson.
John B. Gosch case.
That's the whole situation in Omaha, Nebraska.
The conspiracy of silence.
It's on record.
Giant Democrat-Republican run child kidnapping ring with the CIA involved.
And we know about it because a former high-level CIA operative who was also a state senator and who wrote the book, The Franklin Cover-Up, came out and exposed it and brought the whole thing down.
But Kim in Wisconsin, go ahead.
Hi Alex, I love you and all on your crew.
First, I would like to mention I bought your autographed book and I bought one off of Amazon and I'm disabled.
In a few days I'll be buying more.
Do you want me to buy them from you or off of Amazon or just give you the money?
Well, ma'am, if you're disabled and don't have the money, I don't want you to do it.
I want people that have the means to do it, and it's always folks that don't that do it.
But, you know, don't buy the signed book.
Buy the unsigned book if you want it at InfoWarStore.com.
We wanted to get it to number one on Amazon, but it'll be a long time until we get funded with that.
So, the critical place is InfoWarStore, and just thank you so much for your support.
Okay, and I did buy one of each, and I will buy more than on Friday.
Thank you.
The videos that I was bringing up, is there any way you could put them on your show?
And there's quite a few more that I've been looking up that I think if people saw it, maybe they could show them to other people and wake them up?
You know, I first put out Conspiracy of Silence.
The filmmakers gave it to me.
It was supposed to air on History Channel and didn't.
Not tootin' my horn.
We first put that out in, like, 1997.
Massive death threats.
And they even sent people to try to beat me up in a parking lot.
Luckily they weren't really professionals because four of them should have been able to deal with me, but they didn't.
They broke my nose, but that was part of it.
So yeah, so you're bringing flashbacks to me when you're talking about Conspiracy of Silence, that documentary.
Why don't you tell folks about it?
Oh my.
It's a movie that they tried to put out, but from what I understand, the
It was bought out from the Bush family bought it out and they stopped it from being aired and it shows how back from when the children were going to the White House and they'd call them cowboys and no that's a child that you're prostituting that's that's rape that's no but um they stopped the movie from being seen and it is videos out and it is on YouTube and you can look it up
I just want people to see it.
It's how they steal the kids and it all started with me was with Johnny Gash.
No, you're right, and we will take Conspiracy to Silence and put it on Bandai Video.
In fact, just tell one of the crew to post Conspiracy to Silence up there, absolutely.
And, you know, Ted Gunnarsson, what a great patriot.
He was tapped to be the FBI Director, but they stopped him from it.
He was a really old school guy, great guy, and he would tell me this stuff, and I found it hard to believe.
Everything he said later came out.
I mean, it's just whole towns run by devil worshippers, the Finders case, DC in a whole four-story building full of snuff film production crews.
I mean, you talk about hell on earth.
It's unbelievable.
There's some other ones like The Truth About Anarchy is a good one.
Oh my.
And another title is The American Dream.
And it's like a cartoon.
Well, so is kind of the truth about anarchy.
They tell it in cartoon form, but a lot of people won't listen unless, you know, you make it as simple as possible.
No, I agree.
I haven't seen it.
I'll look it up.
And another lady is Kitty Werthmann.
K-I-T-T-Y W-E-R-T-H-M-A-N-N.
She was from World War II in Austria.
And everything that you say, she says, and she tells people,
It's coming, and this was under Obama.
I believe she is.
I never heard of her.
What's her name again?
This is fascinating.
Kitty what?
Kitty W-E-R-T-H-M-A-N-N.
Alright guys, give me that and I'll look at it.
Thank you so much, Kim.
We love you and we appreciate you.
Alright, let's take another caller here.
Let's talk to Carlos in Canada.
Carlos, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
Good afternoon.
It's when the World Economic Forum
Yeah, I think so.
Many, many decades of years, largely in the hands of a few families, but essentially managed by Vanguard and BlackRock, of course, which are well known, along with others.
They can speak for 20 to more trillion dollars
Thank you.
We have to take this organization apart, because number one, Alex, if they really meant to give us a new world order, then why the evil stuff?
There's technological progress that can be brought in.
There's no need.
They like to kill people.
They like control.
They like human sacrifice.
They're bad people.
They want a return on investment, you see, at any cost.
And, you know, like when you hear and you have video of it, of
Bill Gates saying, oh, vaccines gave me up to 20% return.
That's better than anything else.
He didn't say 20%, he said 20 times.
Oh, good for you.
Well, there you are.
The return on investment is what's driving a lot of these things, but they are in an inversion, Alex.
This is why, for years and years, I have told people, as long as they don't change the Constitution of the United States, you have 50 states, you have 50 presidents, with 50, in a sense, mandates to take care of their people.
No, I totally agree.
What do you think about the Nord Stream 2 getting blown up?
Trump says he'll head a group for an emergency peace deal with Russia.
I agree.
We need peace now.
This is escalating out of control.
What do you say about that?
I'm glad you mentioned that because I've been, as you know, I've been doing a semantic analysis, an algorithm that I invented some years ago, and when I look at this, look at it from the perspective that is not being seen, which the semantic analysis is giving me.
It's saying, Carlos, listen carefully, okay?
When you block the pipelines, now you guarantee that Russia is going to protect the single pipelines that go through Ukraine.
Now you're talking about a situation where if there's an emergency, Russia has contractual obligations to deliver gas through Ukraine.
So now that you've cut and stupidly done what they've done, whoever's done it, now you have no reason to stop Russia from taking over the whole territory to protect the interests of contractual obligations to Europe.
So what do you think is going to happen?
It's not going to be a nuclear disaster.
It's going to be simply a military takeover to protect the interests of Europe versus Russia.
So, to me, it is insane.
Now, with regards to the pipelines themselves, okay, there are all sorts of reasons why bringing together Russia and Europe... Hold on, Carlos.
I'm going to do a next segment with you, and then Joel Scalise is coming on, and we'll continue with phone calls.
But I've got to go on a break.
Really important stuff as this whole thing escalates.
We'll get Joel Scalza's take on this as well coming up.
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Stay with us.
Who really stands to gain from the Nord Stream Pipeline being reportedly blown up?
Well, we know there's a lot of different forces at play here.
We'll talk to Joel Skousen about it coming up.
Wanted to have about a minute to finish with Carlos, take a few more calls before Joel Skousen joins us.
Carlos, so what was your point you were making about the pipelines?
Well, I was basically saying that if you consider that the other suppliers that are going to be coming in have to charge more than Russia would for the gas prices that they were making it available, you now have an artificially inflated price that has to be paid to other suppliers because of what has been done.
So this is something that has not helped Europe at all.
Second of all, it indicates that the Russian government has now to mobilize more people in the defense of the territories.
So yes, 300,000 new recruits are coming in, but that's because they're planning to basically go city by city.
The plans are to take over cities.
You don't bring in 300,000 new members unless you're going to go soldiers, unless you're going to go city by city.
So yeah, it's very, very possible.
What I said is that the pipelines will have to be protected from terrorism.
And that means you have to denazify Ukraine and demilitarize it.
And where have I heard that before?
So do you think Russia could have done this as a false flag?
Well, Russia never used the Nord Stream 2.
It was sitting there attempting the use of it.
People in Germany were advising, politicians were saying, let's do it, let's do it.
It was sitting there.
So this action is very timely to make sure that Nord Stream 2 and Nord Stream 1 are not on service for the winter.
So, you know, if there was a real winter crisis coming to Europe, would they be doing that?
Who would be destroying these pipelines?
If it wasn't simply because they have alternatives that are more expensive, and they have to pay that price otherwise, you know, opening the Nord Stream 2... Yeah, just like when the Feds wouldn't give Texas authorization to turn up the coal plants a year and a half ago, and then they made 40-something million dollars in just two weeks, gouging us with outside power.
Okay, Carlos, thanks for the call.
We'll get Joel Scouser's take on this coming up in just a moment.
Al Killer in Virginia, thanks for holding her on the air.
Well, Alex, if your hand still works, I'll give you $200 for a personal 2 Owl Killer signed book of your new Great Reset Worms.
You got it.
Mail a letter in with a request and I'll do it.
We should do that with mail-in requests.
I could do customized things to fund this operation.
Thanks, Owl Killer.
That's a great idea.
What else is on your mind?
So, you know, talking about the clear bombing of Nord Stream 2, they just reset the world with that.
Europe's done.
After this winter, and everybody's liquid and natural gas run out, that they've been stockpiling, it's over.
They just reset Europe.
We're blessed in this country that all it takes is somebody with the right mindset to take advantage of the natural resources we have here.
So we're inflated in that sense.
But they just reset Europe.
And because they can't, with our, with the policies over here, we're artificially reset.
Every problem we have here is done to, it's a self-inflicted wound.
But they just enacted the Great Reset.
I don't think people... Well, they're already paying 700 to 900 percent more for natural gas.
What is this going to do, even though the pipeline hadn't been turned on yet?
It just doesn't give them the ability to turn it on.
Is it a threat by Putin that he'll just blow up the other pipeline and then he doesn't have to take responsibility that he's cut off power to Europe?
And Putin said, I'm not bluffing.
Is this the prelude to tactical nuclear weapons and more?
This is a very dangerous situation.
The CIA warned a month ago that Der Spiegel was reporting to the German government that they thought either Ukrainians or the Russians might do it.
I would disagree with that, that it would be Russia that did it for the simple fact that you just look at the timing.
You have the Italian elections that just happened.
They know-
I just know this, just things get crazier and more out of control on a daily basis.
Back in 60 seconds with the head of World Affairs Brief, Phil Skousen.
Stay with us.
Why don't we talk about cryptocurrency?
Because one of the ways that you encourage your audience to give you money is in cryptocurrency donations, right?
And you have a page on your website that's just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
InfoWars.com forward slash crypto.
Is that a little advertisement just there?
Well, we're fighting the deep state.
We need money.
All right.
This is it.
Give crypto.
Fund InfoWars.
Sponsor us with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right?
That will end up as a clip on your show tonight.
Your advertisement for a cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight, so I hope whoever the big whales are will give us money before we keep going.
We'll just keep minting money as you're in this courtroom.
Let's move on.
People care about the First Amendment.
I really wanted to get Joel Skousen here on the Alex Jones Show in the third hour to give his take on this disaster that Soros helped engineer with Ukraine, but obviously Russia's got its own issues.
I don't support Russia invading Ukraine.
I said early on, I think this is going to turn into a disaster and that Putin's walked into a trap.
JoelSkousen.com, WorldAffairsBrief.com, he's the editor of the World Affairs Brief.
It's also the best-selling author of Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places.
We sell the book at infowarrestore.com and a documentary film we made about it.
And quite frankly, I'm a little...
Selfish here.
Joel is happy to come on about Russia and those issues.
I want to spend some time on that.
But then I want to talk about strategic relocation and the supply chain breakdown and the crime and the open borders and the energy crisis that's getting closer and closer because I'm really getting concerned about my family and I'm still here in Austin.
But if they turn the power off or take us off air, then I am going to go ahead and move with my family to try to weather this out.
And hopefully telephones will still work.
I'll be able to call into shows and communicate with folks some way.
But the World Economic Forum has declared war on free speech.
They've said they want to shut down.
Anybody questioning anything the New World Order is doing.
So there is an authoritarian race by Russia, China, the U.S., but the globalists manipulating it all into this authoritarian revolution, this totalitarian reality we're rapidly moving into.
So Joel Schausen.
Let's walk through the waterfront here.
Maybe we should start at the beginning.
February, the Russian invasion, what's happened then, how you think the Russians are doing, the escalation by NATO, Putin saying I'm not bluffing, now Nord Stream 2 blows up, and then just try to put all the pieces together.
Or you can just start at the end and give us your summation and then reverse engineer it.
How would you like to begin?
Well, you know, there's a major battle going on within the conservative community.
The conservatives are legitimately anti-globalist.
That is our major domestic threat.
But, you know, there's so many that have made the mistake of thinking because the globalists are against Russia, that Russia must be the good guy.
There are no good guys in this foreign policy world anymore.
There's a deep state operation throughout the West run by our own deep state.
But Russia and China are also in collusion to be able to bring them out their own version of the New World Order.
And as I pointed out in your show several months ago at the beginning of this Ukraine crisis, Russia faked its own demise.
The Communist Party never did give up power.
They simply went underground in the phony fall of the Soviet Union.
Myself and Christopher Story of the UK were the only two that really documented carefully why this was a phony fall.
And so, in the phony fall, they kept most of the communist bureaucrats in Poland, in Czechoslovakia, in Romania, in Hungary, in Ukraine.
Well, they didn't just do that, they sent them to take over the EU bureaucracy, something like 60% of the EU bureaucracy are former high-level communist operatives.
Well, that's right, including the current chief and the former chief of the German Republic, both former communists of East Germany.
But it's hard to tell whether they've been bought out by the globalists like Tony Blair was and like Barack Obama was.
He was a communist originally and then he was bought out and made wealthy by the globalists to switch sides.
It's a very complex situation, difficult to understand, but there's corruption in every aspect of the phony fall of the Soviet Union.
For example, Lech Walesa of Poland was a communist agent masquerading as a pro-liberty, freedom-minded person.
So was Václav Havel of the Czech Republic.
And so every one of the Ukraine prime ministers after the phony fall were in fact Moscow puppets, including Yulia Tymoshenko.
And of course there were some outright communists, like Viktor Yanukovych, who was the Prime Minister during the apparent Maidan coup in 2014.
But as I've outlined very carefully in the World Affairs Brief, just as the Russians falsified their own demise in order to get Western aid and trade, which really helped rebuild the Soviet Union and Russia, we rebuilt their entire oil industry, in Ukraine as
There was a lot of corruption, there was a lot of control, and it's very difficult to detect, you know, who's good and who's bad.
But eventually, the Ukrainians, after the 2014 revolution, which appeared to win, the West appeared to win, elected another phony pro-Moscow, named Pyotr Poroshenko.
Now, he claimed to be pro-Western.
Let me explain very carefully, in a short period, in summary, why this
A coup, so-called coup in February 2014 was a Russian false coup made to look like the Western people had won.
In order to, they had a communist president, you had Viktor Yanukovych, who was very unpopular, and that's why there was a protest movement.
And the globalists did fund that protested movement.
There's no question Victoria Nuland was involved in that, etc.
But when it came time to actually winning,
The protests, remember they were bottled up in the Maidan Square there in Kiev for many, many months, surrounded by the Berkut, which is the riot police.
They couldn't leave.
They could smuggle things in to support the protesters.
But on a Thursday,
Yanukovych claimed that he was meeting with the protest leaders and cut a deal whereby he would stay in power, but they would have certain powers, etc., and that they would end the protest.
Well, the protesters refused to accept that because they said, hey, the people he chose as our leaders aren't the real leaders, they're puppets, etc.
But on Friday, that Friday in February, suddenly the Berkut
The riot police stayed in their barracks.
In fact, the guards on the presidential palace didn't show up to guard anything.
And the protesters were free to leave and so-called win.
They went into the presidential palace.
They went into the parliament building.
The bear coup was nowhere to be seen.
And then the next day on Saturday.
The Communist Party and their allies, which had a majority in the Rada, which is the Ukrainian parliament, ousted their own president, Viktor Yanukovych, and he fled, claiming to flee for his life, even though the protesters were not armed.
This has all the signs of a false coup because only President Yanukovych could have given the orders to the Berkut to stay in their barracks.
That's as if the Trump protesters were protesting in Washington, DC, and suddenly the Marines
State in their barracks and the Democrats ousted Joe Biden.
I mean, who would believe that as a real coup?
It wasn't.
So that's some of the background and I want you to fill in the history and they get to the current things.
Everybody's tuned in for that.
It's important background, but Russia is getting its ass kicked from what I see.
And so why would they then do all this and set this up and then want to get in a war with NATO?
I mean, to me, it doesn't look like it's going well.
I mean, you have to understand the ending of that phony Mekong Coup to understand why they got into the war.
The purpose of that was to elect another pro-Western appearing
And then they would have a president they controlled that would antagonize, they could then annex a third of the country.
That's right.
So what did Putin do?
He did annex or at least he went in and invaded the Donbas and he annexed Crimea based upon Poroshenko threatening the people.
In fact, just this week Putin said any country that has Russian people in it
I am justified in using military force to come in and protect them if they are a threat, alright?
And that's why Russia put the Donbass, remember Russia did this, not the West, the Russian put the Donbass into Ukraine's boundaries.
So you cover the background, we're going to go to break, then speed through it and get to currently.
People want to know what you think about the pipeline, the future of this, Putin saying everything's on the table, I'm not bluffing, how big of a threat of nuclear war is, with Joel Skousen of WorldAffairsBrief.com.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Bandot Video.
We're trying to find the truth here, folks.
Listeners will ask me, well, you know, you say one thing one day, another another.
We're just trying to figure out what's going on here.
And 95% of the time we know what's going on.
I'll be honest.
This is the fog of war.
I'm not sure right now.
We're trying to suss it out.
We'll be right back on the other side with Joel Skousen.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today, from the front lines of the information war.
All right, I invited Joel Skousen to World Affairs Brief, one of the smartest people when it comes to geopolitics, to give some of the backstory.
He did.
He can finish up there, but then I want to move forward to what's happened in the last six months of this expanding war, the pipeline, where he sees all this going next, because this is so incredibly important.
Joel Skousen, please continue.
Thanks, Alex.
So, as I summarized,
Russia has always intended to take back Ukraine and Eastern Europe again after they had gained aid and trade.
And they began with Ukraine, which is an essential if you're ever going to go to the war with the West, which Putin fully intends to do.
That's what all these nuclear weapons are about.
You've got to start with Ukraine, which has the most industrial and agricultural might of the former Soviet Union.
But he thought it was going to be a walk in the park when he attacked because of so much corruption in Ukraine, so many communists that were, you know, back in the back pocket there that he felt would help sabotage the Ukrainian effort.
But it didn't work out that way because the West was able to convince Ukrainian leaders.
And by the way, for all his faults, Volodymyr Zelensky is only virtuous that he's not a Russian puppet.
He's the first president of Ukraine that isn't a Russian puppet.
And even though he's got morally questionable behavior and other background and is more or less a puppet of the West, at least he's not a Russian puppet.
And so he is trying to defend the country and the West is trying to defend the country.
And Ukraine does deserve to be defended.
In fact, Russia has alienated so many of the pro-Russian people in the East by destroying their cities in their artillery barrages.
That they really had to falsify this latest referendum.
And the purpose of that was, of course, to make the Donbass part of Russian territory so that they can make good on their threat that if the West now attacks Russian territory, they will use all the weapons at our disposal.
But he's bluffing in this regard.
As I've explained multiple times in the World Affairs Brief, you cannot use a limited nuclear strike to
Blackmail the West into giving up this defense of Ukraine.
If you did that, public reaction in the West would require that the West retaliate and Russia would suffer, you know, damaging retaliation.
Now, there could be counter retaliation from the Russians because they have mobile missiles which are not in silos, which could not be targeted effectively by the West.
But it would lead to a nuclear confrontation.
And here's the point that I've made.
The purpose of a nuclear confrontation
If done right is to use all your nuclear weapons at one time to decapitate the West military.
Now that would take more than 6,000 warheads to do that.
So we're talking about taking all of Russian's missile might to decapitate the West, including China as well.
But you see, Russia itself has shown in the Ukraine war that it doesn't have the military conventional capacity to occupy even eastern Ukraine fully, let alone Ukraine, let alone Europe, let alone the United States.
And so if you nuke a country and you can't consolidate that gain and occupy, then they simply rebuild and come back against you, you see.
And so
It doesn't do any good to do a limited or even an all-out nuclear strike if you've got a limited or unconventional power.
That's why I've said he has to wait for China to be ready, and they are in league for China to take down the West, but they've got to wait until they're ready together, and China isn't ready to take on the West yet, and so this is a bluff.
Now, the West's point of view, the globalist point of view, is that they
In fact, it surprises everyone that Russia's conventional military power showed so much weakness.
In fact, they are completely without reserves now.
It's going to take months to train and get equipped those 300,000 reservists that they're pulling back in.
And the train stations and the airlines are full with people trying to escape the country.
This is not a popular war.
But the winter is coming on from mid-October through December.
It's going to be a muddy night hole, a mud hole that can't simply operate until it freezes over.
And even that's a difficult operation with frozen sub-zero weather there in Ukraine.
So in the meantime, both sides are going to be effectively building up their resources and getting ready for offenses and counter offenses.
My personal feeling is that Russia is going to be able to only hold Eastern Ukraine and is not going to be able to take Southern Ukraine as they had thought, nor any more of Ukraine.
And so it's going to be a stalemate eventually.
This is going to be very bad for Russia because they're going to have to withdraw and it's going to look bad for them.
But the globalist intent, remember, has always been to provoke Russia and China into this World War III.
They need this World War III to talk Americans into joining a militarized global government.
And I want to talk about that next segment, but let's get to the pipeline.
What's your intel on Nord Stream 2?
They're also reporting in The Standard and Bloomberg as of this week that Nord Stream 1 has suddenly all been damaged and leaking and feared to be unusable forever.
I mean, what does that do to Europe?
Separate from Russia, what is that going to do to Europe when that's like more than half their gas supply?
Well, both Nord Stream 1 and 2 have been hit.
And Nord Stream 1 is the pipeline that is in effect.
And so it is the one that is leaking that you see.
Both pipelines had gas in them, but this was the one that was under pressure.
And so the gas supply to Europe has been completely shut down now.
And it is my belief, Alex, that the Western deep state did this.
First of all, only governments can do those kinds of deep, deep underwater explosives.
And so this either had to be, you know, the Russian government or the West.
And I think it's the West.
Here's why.
The mood was turning against sanctions in Germany in particularly because of looking for a very frigid winter without enough gas supplies.
And of course, as you know, Germany shut down their nuclear power plants, their generating capacity, their natural gas.
The generating capacity is not going to be able to provide electricity and wind and solar power just doesn't cut it.
And so Germany is refusing to bring back online their nuclear power plants.
And so they're in a world of hurt.
And the German people were basically going to demand that the government release the sanctions.
The globalists didn't want this.
And that's why I think they sabotaged the pipeline so that even if so that it does away with any German motive to release the sanctions, because it's not going to do any good now.
The gas is not coming back.
Not for many, many months.
It will take clear until next year before they could repair those pipelines, which is very difficult.
I mean, that's my gut level.
And stay there and elaborate.
But gut level, who stands to gain?
The Russians don't gain.
Really, at the end of the day, the Ukrainians don't even gain.
And you have the CIA saying, oh, we think the Ukrainians are going to do it to German and EU intelligence a few weeks ago.
And that's put out in the news.
But actually, the speculating globalist New World Order who want the Great Reset and have said they want this and have said they want to force Europe off gas, this
Yes, it does.
You know, I've said for many, many years, at least 10 years ago, that Europe should not yet be holding to Russia about gas because they can be held hostage, which is what was happening.
And Trump said that!
That's right.
But the West, in fact, knew that the Germans and the Europeans don't have the guts to take it and to suffer.
They're going to say, release the sanctions.
And that's why the CIA or the deep state has gone ahead and just blown both pipelines up.
Let's talk about that.
I agree with you.
I said I didn't know the answer, but that's where the evidence leaned.
I wanted to see what you had to say.
Didn't talk to you beforehand.
You just agree with my gut-level analysis with all the data.
This is a big deal, folks.
What's this going to do economically?
Separate from Russia.
Let's talk about it with Joel Skousen.
When we come back, you'll recap all that, Joel, and you'll have time.
Well, I've been saying since the start, I believe Putin walked into a trap.
But I agree with Joel Skousen.
The Pentagon and others thought Russia would fight harder or would have more success.
Because I know people that are over there right now.
And it's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Because the Russians have 20, 30 year old technology.
Their military is not joint forces trained.
They're not being coordinated by satellites.
They're not in live time.
It's like they're fighting Martians or something.
Because the CIA, the Pentagon, the Navy SEALs, the Army Special Operations are there.
And it's not like Army Special Operations is trying to hunt down Islamic operatives or stuff where you can't tell who they are.
This is classical World War II-style military up against a fifth-generational military, and they're just getting their asses handed to them.
And so I'm concerned that Putin will double down and will do a lot of violent things, and it's just an incredible moment to be alive.
We're going back to Joe Scalzi in a moment.
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All right, going back to Joel Scousin.
Joel, fast forwarding to where we are now, I agree with you that
It's a deep state operation.
Oh, Europe, you're about to turn the pipelines on?
You're about to capitulate to Putin?
We'll just blow those up for you, separate from Russia.
We can hit that too.
What will this do to the economy of the world?
They're already talking about Europe collapsing, a Marshall Plan, a universal basic income in Europe and the UK, where they give you money with programmable tokens, but they tell you how you can spend it for your gas, for your fuel.
I mean, it looks like this is a great reset operation.
What do you think?
It is, but the Great Reset is going to take a lot longer than being instantaneous like this.
First of all, remember that Germany is not going to collapse over this pipeline thing.
There is, you know, the Norway to Poland pipeline, which then can be redistributed into Europe as well.
So they're going to make it through.
It's going to be a real hardship, but they're just foreclosing the sentiment that we need to release the sanctions.
They're going to stop that.
And remember, this hurts Putin as well.
This cuts off the major remaining income stream he was having from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, and that isn't coming back anytime soon.
Sure, he can market gas to China and other places, but not at the same price, the elevated price that he was getting for that.
The Great Reset is the real issue and there's a war on to be whether or not we're going to get into this AI robotic society of the Great Reset and all of the digital currency or whether or not actual physical war is going to come first.
That's the race right now and the world the West is heading headlong toward war and Russia and China are clearly preparing for it.
The West is trying to provoke it.
But it's not as if Russia's innocent.
He's not innocent.
They've always been intending.
That's why they faked their own demise.
They're still communists.
And believe me, readers, Putin is not a Christian.
He's not a Christian.
You don't become a KGB colonel by being a Christian.
You don't bomb and artillery destroy cities all over the Ukraine if you're a Christian.
You don't kill innocent people if you do that.
And you don't persecute Evangelical Christian sects in Russia.
Sure, well just to be clear, no one's saying that everybody's going to die in Europe or that this is the new world war is about to take over, but they admit, Klaus Schwab admits, they're using this energy cutoff and they promised carbon lockdowns by cutting off the power, and clearly that's where they're moving, so they're introducing us to all of this now.
It's true.
You know, how soon they can do it is still a real question, and I don't think it could be done very, very soon.
They are very worried in the European Union about the anti-globalist sentiment that is building.
Sweden, for example, just elected a mostly right-wing president.
Italy just elected Georgia Maloney.
Now, she's kind of a suspect.
You've got to remember that Maloney, even though she's saying great things about God, country, family, and religion, etc.,
She's a member of the Aspen Institute, which is a globalist organization.
She has also voted as a member of Parliament.
She voted for the Green Deal.
She voted for all the mandates and COVID restrictions, which were anti-liberty.
It is positive.
It is positive.
I'm just not sure it's enough.
You've got to remember the deep state in the United States is all-powerful.
It's just all-powerful.
Believe me, I've experienced it.
You're up against a judge that prohibited you from using a First Amendment defense, of all things.
I'm not allowed to say I'm innocent.
I'm not allowed to point out.
I don't even know who these people are that are suing me.
I barely ever even talk about it.
But I mean, the Deep State is very powerful in Europe as well.
It's wonderful that we're having a resistance movement, but in Canada, I'll tell you, they keep electing this guy Trudeau, Castro's bastard son.
And that doesn't speak well for the Deep State.
As you know, the parliamentary system, you only got like 31% of the vote.
They've used manipulation like Merkel did to stay in.
Well, when you look at the real conservative votes in the United States, it's probably less than 20%.
You know, remember only half of people in the United States vote.
Well, that's my next question.
What do you see in 41 days of the midterms?
You know, I don't think that Republicans are going to... I think we're going to make gains in the House.
I don't think we're going to make gains in the Senate.
I think that Mitch McConnell is sabotaging the GOP chances by going against the Trump-backed candidates.
I think Trump, to a certain extent,
Is harming the system now.
I think DeSantis would be a better candidate in 2024.
And but we'll see how that works out.
I don't think anybody can win against Trump if he decides to run.
Well, that was my next question.
I don't think Trump's a bad guy.
I think he means well, but he has a blind side of this vaccine.
I even got folks to talk to him.
He just said, Nope, I don't care.
I don't hear from Alex anymore.
He contacted me and contacted
But Roger, I shot a video, got to Trump, and Trump said, I don't want to hear about this again.
I'm sticking with this.
And so he's so pig-headed.
I like the fact you like the Santas.
Even though he went to Yale, he's not perfect.
We should talk about the Santas when we come back.
But just in a minute, what do you make of Trump?
Well, you know, I think Trump has good intentions.
He really does want to make America great, but he doesn't have a clue.
He came in, he'd never been a conservative.
He knew no conservatives.
He paled around with Hillary Clinton, and so he didn't know how to pick.
He doesn't study conspiracy.
He only lives by briefings, and he doesn't get briefed by any of us.
You know, I could tell him, you know, the Deep State created Al Qaeda and ISIS and that would change his ability to be influenced by the intelligence community.
He made a big mistake in killing Soleimani, who was financing the anti-ISIS and anti-Deep State attacks by the Iraqi militia.
He wasn't the biggest sponsor of terror.
He was the biggest sponsor of anti-US terror.
I mean, this is a very complex world, conservatives.
You've got to really know conspiracy to understand what's going on in this country.
All right, Joel Scalzin, worldaffairsbrief.com.
Everybody can go there to the site.
Stay there.
Click on the link and get a free copy of it.
We're going to come back and talk about the Sanders, talk about the globalists, talk about it all.
Stay with us.
All right, Joel Scalzin, worldaffairsbrief.com is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And Joel, I want to do this.
I want to throw out some quick points and get your quick answers on this.
I really respect your view.
Since I was going to ask about the Santas, let's put him at the end.
Obviously, Putin not delivering on the super strongman image he's had is going to damage him.
I see kind of the Russophiles around the world kind of really turning against him right now.
I see that as dangerous.
It may make him lash out even stronger.
So a minute or two on Putin, what this does to him,
Then let's talk about Biden, who is degenerating super fast.
Who really is the president?
So let's look at Biden.
And then let's look at, like you said, DeSantis and maybe throw in Bolsonaro or anybody else you think is important.
Well, first of all, you have to understand about Vladimir Putin that he was chosen by Boris Berezovsky to be president when they ousted Yeltsin the drunk, who was just a place setter president at the foney fall of the Soviet Union.
Putin met with Berezovsky five times in his Spanish villa the year he ascended to the presidency.
So we know Berezovsky chose him.
But Putin eventually took all of the original oligarchs, who by the way were the hidden communist leaders behind the Politburo who manufactured this phony fall of the Soviet Union.
They came out and had the state bank give them the funds to be able to buy up Gazprom and all of the major oil industry to make them oligarchs.
Putin ended up killing Berezovsky, assassinating him in London.
He exiled Gusinsky and jailed Khodorkovsky and all the other oligarchs.
And so he set up his own younger oligarchs now who pay him, I'm, you know, rumored my contacts say about 4% of their income, making Putin the most wealthy person in the world.
But remember, in answer to your question, Putin is now a strong man leader, not just a communist, but a strong man leader like Stalin or Lenin.
And it's going to be very difficult to overthrow.
This is not a democracy.
He cannot be unelected.
He has to be overthrown.
And I'm not sure there's enough power within Russia because the communists are still in charge and he's their man to overthrow.
Sure, but what about the incredible danger if he was overthrown?
Who knows what will come out of that?
Well, that's right.
But still, you've got to remember the party is still in charge.
In the Kremlin, in the halls of Kremlin, you still have people saying the party says this, the party says that.
So they know that the party still rules.
But he's the strongman leader.
He's made himself president for life, just like Xi Jinping.
That happens when you're heading for a world war.
You have a president for life.
I don't think it's... Oh yeah, I forgot to bring up Xi Jinping.
Before we hit the Santas and Biden, Xi Jinping, all these rumors of coups, people being rounded up, trains shut down.
Some of it's true, a lot of it's not.
What's your intel?
Okay, it's still an unknown.
You know, there's a lot of rumors floating around.
A lot of false rumors, too.
I'm just not sure.
I don't think that Xi Jinping has been overthrown.
That's my gut feeling right now, but we'll have to see.
I agree with you.
Okay, let's look at Biden in the midterms.
I mean, he is degenerating.
I don't know if you've been watching, but he literally, like, from a week ago, he's much worse.
He's on vacation 60% of the time.
What are they going to do about that?
25th Amendment?
What's going to happen?
Well, I've been waiting for someone to come in and announce that Biden is retiring and getting out of the way.
He can't keep going like this.
His mind just isn't holding up.
You know, I think the problem is they don't have anyone that is willing to replace him yet.
This is a really touchy situation with this great reset going on, this build back better and this inflationary situation.
Who wants to own that?
Which of the Democrats want to own that?
That's the problem within the party.
That's one of the reasons they put Biden in is because he's dispensable.
He can get away.
He's disposable.
I mean, when this gets so unpopular, they can remove Biden and play like it's going away, but they're going to have to have somebody.
And I'm not counting out Hillary Clinton yet.
You know, somebody as smart as her is capable of coming in and claiming to be a moderate to moderate these policies.
But Biden is not, in my opinion, going to be running for president in 2024.
I think we're going to see a Republican landslide, except there's going to be massive election fraud again.
Yeah, there would be a massive landslide if it were not election fraud.
But believe me, I don't think they're going to let the Republicans... Oh yeah, they're not going to stop now.
They already got away with it.
I agree.
I think it'll be worse.
What about DeSantis?
I gut level like DeSantis, but I have a lot of questions.
But everything he says seems to be really good.
I get a good feeling, but I want to just operate off that.
What do you think of DeSantis?
Well, I get, I feel the same way, Alex.
I like DeSantis, what he's saying, but you've got to be cautious in the fact that DeSantis doesn't know anything about conspiracy either.
And so, you know, he's a smart guy.
But he seems to be a quick study.
That's right.
If he got the right advisors around him, if I had four hours with him, I could set him straight and help him understand what the deep state is doing.
And by the way, people don't know about you.
You weren't just an Air Force officer.
You weren't just an able aviator in Vietnam.
You led the main conservative coalition that they hate so much that almost took the country back with Reagan.
So it's not like you're just speaking out of turn here.
Yeah, that's right.
But in any case,
You know, Trump is literally unaccessible.
If you're not part of his inner crowd, you just can't get to him.
And so he's unteachable in that regard.
And he wants to be told what he wants to be told.
Trump doesn't like having conversations with me because I argue with him.
That's right.
He doesn't like to be argued, he wants to be briefed, and you know, he may disagree with their briefers, but he doesn't have the argumentative background to be able to back his gut intuition.
When he correctly said we ought to do away with birthright citizenship, they tucked him out of it in five minutes, and he didn't have the arguments to argue.
Yeah, his gut was, these vaccines are dangerous, but he has a two-hour meeting with Bill Gates and reverses course.
So as I say, I think DeSantis would be more workable.
You know, the establishment hates DeSantis and they're trying to get him out in Texas and put in Charlie Crist, the gay governor in there.
You know that DeSantis is probably on the right track because the establishment is so deeply against him.
Notice when George W. Bush was president, they never came out strongly against Bush on anything.
Sure, let me ask a selfish question.
Why do they hate me so much?
I mean, they literally seethe with hate.
Thousands of articles a day, every day.
It's just total lies.
What have I done?
I mean, I'm not...
Well, it's your effectiveness, Alex.
You've got the biggest audience in the entire hard right conservative movement, and it's impressive to them.
They fear the truth.
That's the problem.
I mean, that's why they've even refused to put your Great Reset book, which is bestseller status on the New York Times, they refused to put it on.
Because, you know, it would get people to read it, and that's why they won't accede to it.
Do you have any advice for me?
Because I'm in the darkest point of my life.
It's also the most positive.
I mean, I'm being persecuted because I've been good.
I'm trying to be good.
I'm trying to pray more, be close to God.
But what is your advice?
I respect you, Joel, about what I should do right now, what I should be saying and what the audience should be doing.
Just be more careful.
And what I'm saying is so that they can't find anything to pick.
I mean, I've reviewed the tapes about, you know, the Sandy Hook thing, and it was just a very brief minute when you bought into that thing about Robbie Parker and the others.
You know, I'm a real believer in conscience that it warns us when we're dealing with a little bit of fake news.
My mother called up when Steve Pachinick was on six years ago saying, no, Alex, it's staged.
And I'm not trying to attack Steve, but he won't come on.
High-level CIA.
She said, that guy's with the Bushes.
You better get off the Sandy Hook thing long before they sued me.
And my mom said, you're being set up with Sandy Hook.
And I'm just like, I barely even talked about it.
I just blew her off.
But my mother's conscience, her gut was right.
That's right.
And you know, all of us in the conservative movement need to really listen more closely to conscience, not only about the spiritual things and about our temporal lives.
We need to lose weight.
We need to be stronger mentally.
We need to study.
We need to get off the junk food.
I mean, if we're going to survive this, here's my basic point that I want to make.
You know, the big problem with Trump that I see is people think he's going to save us and we don't have to prepare.
I'm telling you, Alex, that nobody
is going to defeat this deep state.
It's too deeply entrenched.
That doesn't mean we don't stop fighting.
We need to elect good people.
We need to fight back because it teaches, it converts people to become the remnant that we need to survive when we have to go back to our rural roots.
Someday, everybody's going to have to leave the big cities.
And by the way, my conscience, my spirit just orders me to go rural now.
It's like every 10 seconds, get out of the city, get out of the city, get out of the city.
And the reason is because when this either Great Reset or the war comes, the supply chain is going to just literally disappear and you're not going to be able to... And that was my last question.
Do five more minutes, but do it now.
A minute now.
Supply chain, how bad is it?
It's actually recovering in some areas and getting worse in some areas, but they intend to sabotage it more completely.
It's never going to get very good, coupled with inflation, which really makes it very, very difficult.
That's exactly what we've seen as big manufacturers.
It got devastated, came back a little, but it's all screwed up.
Yeah, and it's never going to get any better.
The hurricane, everything else is going to play into this.
But what I'm saying is this, if you're waiting for good times to come back and get property and to buy your survival gear and buy solar and buy generators, don't wait.
You've got to do it now because things are just going to get worse.
We are never going back to good times in the United States.
Well, even Macron said that.
He said it's never going back.
The good times are over.
Of course, he's part of the conspiracy to make sure it doesn't get... Oh, exactly.
Alright, we'll do a few more minutes.
We've got one caller we're going to take.
Charlene, when we come back, stay with us.
Kay Daly's got a big guest coming up in the fourth hour.
Look forward to seeing and hearing that.
So be sure and stay with us.
I'm going to show her in one hour with the War Room.
Joel Scalzo, I want to cram one call in here.
I wasn't trying to bash Steve Pachinick earlier.
I was just saying what my mom said.
Now Steve won't come on the show for whatever reason, but we've got Charlene in Pennsylvania.
She's got a quick comment on Steve Pachinick.
I have no idea what it is.
Go ahead, Charlene.
Where is he?
Where is Steve Pachinick?
He's not posting new videos, he's not putting up on his blog, or his Twitter, or his Facebook page.
What's happening with him?
I don't know.
I mean, I invited him on the show and I'm not trying to bash him.
He was just the final guy that said, no Alex, it was staged, you're doing the right thing, say Sandy Hook staged.
And I just want him to come on, not about Sandy Hook, but about any of these issues, Charlene.
You got any questions for Joel Skousen?
No, he's excellent, he's awesome.
He's more intelligent than me.
No, we're all smart here in one way or another.
All right, God bless you, Charlene.
Thanks for the call.
In closing, here at Joel Scousin, WorldAffairsBrief.com, what other key items would you like to add to the viewers and listeners?
Well, you know, it's hard for me to cover everything I do in the World Affairs Brief every Friday, which I cover the news from the aspect of what the deep state is doing to us.
And your listeners can get a free sample copy by going to worldaffairsbrief.com and click on request sample on the left hand side and be happy to see all of you on Friday when I talk about
This pipeline and some of the details here we haven't been able to mention on the show.
All right, well here's my final question then.
The thing I was forgetting.
You're in the strategic relocation.
You build some of the most secure homes out there.
You're the guy that wrote the best-selling book on secure homes.
Even mainstream news admits the rich are fleeing to bunkers, fleeing to the southern hemisphere.
Why are they doing that?
Well, they know that a war is coming and they're stupid enough to be going to New Zealand and Australia and Southern Hemisphere where it's going to be taken over by China and they don't understand that.
It's really interesting that the people who are involved in the Deep State at the lower levels are not being told what's being planned at the highest levels.
A lot of them don't know.
They know that something bad is going to happen, but they aren't being given much guidance.
But you can get a lot of guidance by reading Strategic Relocation.
Listen, you need to stay in the United States.
The other countries that the expats are fleeing to now look good on paper right now, but I explained in the book why they're not going to be good at all when war comes.
And you've always said that for decades.
Now you're vindicated.
Look how we were the best house in a bad neighborhood during the COVID lockdowns and tyranny.
We were still the best place to be.
That's right.
South America wouldn't even let Americans leave the country, let alone, you know... So tell us, and people should read the book at InfoWarsware.com, they should watch the film, InfoWarsware.com, but just in a minute and a half, where are just top five best places to live right now?
I used to say that Canada was a good place, an escape place for Americans, but that's no longer true.
In fact, I'm telling Canadians, get out of the country because it's going downhill fast with that globalist president, and it's not going to change if he is voted out of office.
But in the United States, the best areas are from in the Midwest, from Missouri on out to the to the Intermountain West, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Northern Arizona.
I used to include Colorado, but it's a blue state now.
You don't want to move to a blue state because they're going to take all of your gun rights away and make it impossible for you to discriminate and make religious choices, etc.
But right now, the Intermountain West is still too expensive because of all the Californians that moved out to Utah and Idaho.
And so right now, Missouri is probably one of the top states to go to in terms if you stay away from the St.
Louis area by a long shot.
But rural Missouri still got a lot of good areas and fairly cheap land, which you can't say for the rest of the United States.
If you got to stay in Texas, where would you be?
Well, you want to get into the area west of Dallas-Fort Worth area.
It's still green enough.
It's not into the dry, far west Texas area, which has just got no water, but it's got good ranch land, etc.
So, I would go stay about 50 to 70 miles away from Dallas-Fort Worth.
It's funny you say that.
I know a bunch of really rich people.
Very well-known folks, and they're all moving to places like Weatherford, 30, 40, 50 miles outside of Fort Worth, 60, 70 miles from Dallas.
That's where all the money's going.
Crazy you know that, Joel.
That's right.
You're always impressive.
Thank you so much, Joel Skousen.
Look around you.
Everything I predicted from the Globalist's own documents, from their own admissions, is now happening.
Infowars credibility, my credibility has never been higher.
And it's because of your backing of this operation that I can steadfastly, despite the censorship and the boycotts and the attacks and the lawsuits, stay on air.
But now we're reaching the most critical juncture in the fight together.
So I want to ask all of you today to help keep me on the air.
In my decades on air, I've never asked for personal donations.
But I'm being forced by the Bankruptcy Court to pay for 40% of the legal fees, and I can't fund those myself.
It's unsustainable.
So please, visit.
SaveInfoWars.com, where you can make straight donations, $5, $10, $50, $100, whatever you can, so that I can continue to persevere.
I'll never give up, I'll never give in, but I could give out.
Thank you for your support.
Wouldn't be here without you.
Kay Daly's got a big guest on the economy and more.
He's about to take over here in about two minutes.
But as I've said, this is not a drill.
It's not a game.
It's not a joke.
This is the new world order.
So thank you all for tuning in.
We are seen by the enemy as the number one broadcast.
And I hate having to come to you and say, hey, please keep us on air.
But we are so close, ladies and gentlemen, to them winning.
And we've got to stay on air.
Most important work is now.
I don't want to lay off a single one of these great crew members.
We've launched the biggest sale of the year at InfoWarstore.com with products and items you desperately need.
With all that's coming down, and I think they're going to release new viruses, you name it, it's so important to boost your immune system.
We've got all the products like X3, sold out for so long, that is the critical thing for your body and your immune system and your health and just your stamina, libido, everything.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Thanks Alex, really appreciate you.
And also, I'm just glad to be here.
I'm glad that you're tuned in today because the information today is going to be so important.
My guest, Greg Manarino, the Robin Hood of Wall Street.
I love this guy.
TradersChoice.net is the website.
He's actually, people don't know this about you, you're actually a physician, you know, financial strategist, American trader, you kind of do it all.
And I love that about you because you come from a lot of different walks of life and I think it's very, very cool.
Welcome to the show, Greg.
How are you?
Thanks for having me.
It's been a long time.
And let's have some fun with this.
I appreciate it.
Oh, absolutely.
So you were talking today, you released a video today.
By the way, you have to check out his YouTube channel, Greg Manarino.
You're going to get the wildest updates and they are amazingly, let me just say this, your audience loves you because of your accuracy.
So let's hear about the Bank of England first, because you dropped a very, very explosive video today.
Well, here's the deal.
I've been saying now for months, literally no, weeks, that we have a big issue here.
And this, it's, you know, look, people are fixated on this, the stock market.
Okay, it's all well and good.
But the issue here is, is the driver.
And that is the global debt market, which is a ticking time bomb.
It's the greatest threat to human life.
People don't understand how big this is.
Thank you for having me.
Forget about
is at risk today.
And the action that was taken by the Bank of England here for another round of quantitative easing, after all we've been hearing, our central banks are going to tighten monetary policy, they're going to do this, that and the other thing.
Look, this whole system is so twisted and so perverted.
I've been saying that unless central banks take action, like now,
You know, this thing was on the verge of imploding and implosion in the debt market, again, is the greatest threat to human life and existence on the planet today.
This will lead to a resource problem, a shutdown of the entire global financial system, a locking up of the system.
People are going to take to the streets finally, like they should already be doing with all the corruption that's going on here.
But this is it.
This thing with Bank of England is humongous.
And it's finally getting some freaking airplay on the mainstream channels.
Look, you know how that works.
They never want anyone to know what's really going on.
It's all deceptions.
It's distractions.
It's look here, don't look here.
You know, I've been warning people about this for years.
And finally, to see it getting some attention really, I think, is an eye opener.
I don't think people realize the role that they play.
Do you?
Not at all.
Look, the whole system is designed to keep people in some kind of a state that they have no idea what's going on.
They don't know what they're doing.
They don't know why they're doing it.
And this is not just a phenomenon here in the United States.
This is something that's going on all over the world.
People are being kept...
You know, deceptively out of the know, told to be, you know, focusing on one nonsensical thing while other things are going on in the background.
It's a story that has been going on since forever here.
How those that really hold the power are able to keep it by keeping people in some kind of dumbed down, zombified state.
And this is how they get away with it.
You know, the masses of people, they have no clue as to what's actually going on.
Thank goodness for shows like yours.
People can hear the truth and maybe make some sense of it.
I mean, we've got to get this stuff out there.
It's just too big.
It's so true.
My guest, Greg Manarino, Robin Hood of Wall Street.
And so we hit on Bank of England, which I don't think people, it isn't talked about.
You're absolutely right.
What about central banks?
Now our central banks are, I love it that they call it what they call it.
It's not federal nor it's a reserve in any way.
But the central banks, let's talk about the central banks too.
Central banks, look,
Who controls the global financial system?
Who controls the global economy?
Who controls literally the freaking world?
It's central banks.
They control everything.
They are in full command.
I think so.
Central banks here, in my view, and I've been telling people this for years, this is the enemy.
This is public enemy number one, bar none, and they are out to destroy the global economy.
They're out to destroy the global financial system.
So as they work in concert to bring about a new world order, a central bank controlled
One world system, which we already have here, like I was just saying, the rest of it is just a side act.
And they are determined to do two things.
Well, one, if you wrap it up, to be the lenders and buyers of a last resort here, to bring about a decrease in the global population by bringing the financial system to its knees.
They are eliminating an entire class of people on a global level.
The middle class is going
I think?
The power, this enormous power to run the economy, to run the financial system to central banks, which are private entities.
These are no, like you were just saying, the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.
It's just, and they're not even part of the government.
Meanwhile, they run everything.
It's a sick situation and it's leading towards a climax.
The climax is going to be very simple here.
A complete meltdown in the debt market.
Henceforth, why today the Bank of America jumped in here with yet another round of quantitative easing.
And now they're saying it's going to be unlimited.
They're going to buy it all to stabilize the debt market.
I've been warning people about this for weeks now.
There was an instability here in the debt market.
Unless they did something, that was going to be it.
The entire financial system was going to implode.
Bank of England blinked first.
Let's see who follows suit.
We're going to go to a break soon.
And we're talking with Greg Manorino.
You have to check out his YouTube channel.
Become a part of TradersChoice.net.
I did that a long time ago.
Smart move.
And he calls it like it is.
No BS.
I like that about him.
I think we need to listen to those that are calling it.
And saying this is exactly what's going to happen.
And when we come back, we'll talk about some of the signs, some of the things that may roll out, the dollar, the market, basically your economy looking forward.
What do you have to expect maybe in this next year?
And is there an October surprise?
We'll talk about that too with Greg.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, guest host for the hour, katedalyradio.com.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
My guest, Greg Manorino, the Robin Hood of Wall Street.
Wonderful YouTube channel.
If you're not getting that, you should be.
He calls it like it is.
I like that.
And also traderschoice.net.
I want to make sure I get it right.
Sign up and subscribe to him because I'm telling you, you're going to love his videos.
He just calls it.
So let's talk a little bit about the dollar.
I know everybody wants to know how this is going to affect them.
What will it look like personally at home?
What are some of the signs that you think are on their way?
But let's talk about the dollar.
What's happening with the dollar?
Are they ever closer to their digital currency swap out?
Yeah, absolutely.
That's the end game.
I mean, it's part of the whole thing here.
Look, we're watching a phenomenon occur
Which I've spoken about for many, many years.
Central banks, again, public enemy number freaking one in my book here, are in a race to the bottom with regard to the purchasing power of their currencies.
They are strangling the global population to death.
By killing their currencies.
And what is the effect?
We're seeing it now.
Skyrocketing inflation around the world.
And you've got the mainstream propaganda ministry pushing the biggest freaking lie.
I think?
Globally, which is in free fall, like I just said, central banks are trying to kill their currencies deliberately to issue in a new system here.
They can raise rates from here until kingdom come, whenever that may be.
It's not going to make any darn difference.
So you've got the main, and I've been telling people this since day one, oh, the Fed's going to raise the federal funds rate, the overnight lending rate.
We're going to get some kind of trickle up effect and we're just going to slow inflation.
How about no?
How about it hasn't worked and everyone following my work?
I think.
The current administration is working in concert.
Around the world, the puppet governments are slaves to their central banks who are instituting this program and this act, whenever it might be, to continue to pull cash from the future into the now to continue to inflate.
It's an insane situation.
And people are getting wrecked and they haven't seen anything yet with regard to the purchasing power of the dollar and other fiat currencies are going up in smoke.
They're evaporating and people are going to suffer big time.
There's just no doubt about it.
What happens when we go to a digital currency?
Well this is what I see and I think a lot of people would have to agree.
What central banks are looking to do is, first of all, as I said, in my view, collectively, they are the governing body of the world.
Everything else is just a freak show.
So what do they want to do?
They want to exert as much control as they possibly can on a smaller population.
You see all this ties together here.
And I wrote an article years ago called Global Debt in the Human Bubble.
What central banks have allowed to occur here is this ballooning global debt.
Why is that even happening here?
Why is it that we can't have a budget?
Why is it that central banks, in collusion with their respective governments, continue to pull cash into the now?
It's because globally, every developed nation on earth has a debt-based system or a debt-based economic model which demands
That debt be pulled into existence from the future in greater and greater amounts just to sustain where we are at its current level.
So this mechanism here has hyperinflated global debt and the population has followed in tandem.
When this debt bubble bursts and it's going to, the population is going to die off.
That's why I am trying to tell people
We're good to go.
I'm stepping in here and starting another round of quantitative easing.
The US 10-year yield, which is the benchmark, okay, everyone who follows the market kind of knows this, okay, fell 24 basis points today.
Who's buying the debt?
Is it the average guy or the average girl?
No, it's the Fed.
They're jumping in here and following suit.
This is a coordinated effort here to continue to inflate
And people are going to suffer.
And anyway, going back to the question here, yeah, so central banks want more control.
They're going to allow the debt market to implode, the financial system to collapse.
And at that point, they're going to
You kidding me?
What they're going to do here right now, globally, what's happening here is central banks are not only have created nation slaves, but they're creating individual slaves, people who are dependent on the system, and they want more and more people dependent on the system here.
The more people that can get dependent on the system as it collapses,
The more people that will accept it, this is what they're doing.
And again, they need a big outcry.
And the big outcry is going to be a locking up of the financial system.
The credit market, the debt markets run it all.
The stock market itself is not independent of anything.
It derives value from what's occurring in the debt market overall.
We're talking about
I'm glad people are hearing this because this is so important.
Can you come back for one more segment?
Because there's questions.
There's so many questions.
I want to talk about October Surprise.
A little bit about that.
Yeah, let's say we have about 45 seconds.
We'll go to a break.
But I have a lot of questions.
I think the average person out there says, you know, I think they're thinking, is this a crash overnight?
Is it something that we are just, we're just made to, we can't afford anything.
It's just going to keep getting worse and worse and worse.
How does this happen?
How does this roll out?
I know last October they did a plan where they said we were going to crash the market and maybe for about 10 months to a year, they pay everybody's loans so that you're pacified and everybody's happy and then you have to go back into digital currency in order to claim your loans on your things to be able to make payments.
That would be very interesting.
We'll come right back with Greg Manarino, Robin Hood of Wall Street, TradersChoice.net.
We'll be right back on the Alex
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Back here with you, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
My guest is Greg Manorino.
So glad he's joining me today.
The Robin Hood of Wall Street.
I love this.
Check out his YouTube, antraderschoice.net.
Gives you great advice on what to maybe put into the stock market.
Just what's going on generally.
I love his context.
And also, I just wanted to mention, the thing that I was talking about in October was the drill.
The drill that they did last October where they were going to, you know, do some funky moves with people's money and act like it was chaos and digital currency saves the day, but you have to access digital currency, part of the system, in order to get your loans back, you know, to get your house payments online again or your car payments online again.
So is Greg still with us?
Yeah, I'm still here.
Perfect, Greg.
So let me put it this way.
People envision sort of a 1920s depression.
You know, does it look like that?
Does it look like much worse?
Because they always use that as the kind of the scalability of what can happen or what's going to happen.
But I've been talking to some billionaires and they've been saying it's going to be much, much worse.
So if this was a theater production of a 10-act play, what act are we in, do you think?
We right now we're in the extreme early stages of this.
And when this thing really gets going, look, people don't have to guess.
There's a couple of things that I have informed people that they need to pay attention to.
This whole thing is designed to and will eventually melt down greater than anyone can really possibly imagine.
Let me explain this to people who focus on the stock market.
There is no price discovery mechanism behind anything.
When you have a debt market,
Which has been rigged by central banks and they're continuing to rig as of right now.
Bank of England jumping in here with a new round of QE here.
Understanding that every asset derives value from what's happening in the debt market, which is exponentially larger than the stock market.
Nothing is real.
No one even knows where the bottom is with regard to the stock market.
We're going to have a crash.
When is that going to happen?
Look, there's no guesswork here.
There's one thing on my website that's free to everyone who wants to look at it.
It's called the MMRI, Manorino Market Risk Indicator.
What this is here, it looks at
Basically, the debt market, the 10-year yield, including the U.S.
dollar, puts it in a neat little equation and comes up with a number.
That number is color-coded as to risk in the market based upon action in the debt market.
So, by following the MMRI, which is free, 100%, by following the U.S.
10-year yield, by following the U.S.
dollar, we can have a very good idea as to, there you go,
As to when this thing is going to melt down.
And like I've been saying, the MMRI has hit record high after record high after record high just over the past few weeks.
And I've been telling people, unless central banks do something and do it now, it's over.
Well, what just happened?
I mean, sometimes I freaking scare myself.
I'm not lying.
But the truth of the matter is, this is easy.
It's easy to understand.
I have been, look, they're not ready yet in my view.
To implode the system and the implosion in this system is not going to look anything like the Great Depression here.
Okay, what's going to end up happening here?
First of all, it's a power shift.
It's a power grab is what they're really going for by bringing down the financial system in its current form and bringing forth a new one with more control over a much smaller population.
This is a key here.
This implosion in the debt market again is a survival issue, a resource problem.
I urge people to look up global debt and the human bubble.
It's an article I wrote years ago.
It's playing out right before our eyes right now here.
So the financial system
This is going to be pandemonium on the streets on a biblical scale.
I mean, people are going to be, you know, look, I've been telling people, you've got to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, every way you can for what's coming down the pike here.
And, you know, look, it could happen at any moment.
If, in fact, we did not see action from the Bank of England today within a matter of the
Days or weeks, this entire thing was going to come down.
But I've also been telling people for weeks that I don't think they're ready yet.
I think central banks are going to continue to inflate.
What do they do, central banks?
They have one product and that is debt.
They issue this debt here in the form of currency and they buy assets with it.
They're buying the world
They're the enemy here.
They're the enemy.
And people need to take action.
I'm telling you, me, you, Alex, and whoever else should go outside the freaking Federal Reserve.
And that's the building that should be stormed here, not the Capitol.
Right, absolutely.
You know, it was a manufactured depression, and it was right after, geez, coincidentally, the central banks formed in 1913, and then of course you had this depression, but you had the freedom.
If you had a dollar, you had the freedom to use that dollar.
It's going to look very different with control in the future.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's going to be an inflationary depression on a massive scale.
And again, yeah, because that's what they're going to do.
Once this thing comes down and your currency is literally worthless at that particular point, then comes the new system.
And people are going to beg for it.
See, that's the worst part.
People are going to beg for help.
They're going to beg for the new system.
This is how it's being set up.
It's so obvious to me, and I think to most people who follow our work, how it's being set up.
It's an incredible thing to see.
It's horrible to have to witness the suffering of people.
Right now, people are suffering.
But you know, you remember what Biden said?
There's no inflation and everyone's rich.
We're all doing great.
You can't make this stuff up if you try to.
No, you're right.
You're so right.
I know we only have a few minutes.
October surprise?
What would that be at this point?
You know, everyone I think is just in like Stockholm syndrome right now, expecting an October surprise.
What do you think that would be in this way, in the monetary?
Everyone's talking about this potential crash in the market.
Look, like I said, we don't have to guess you and me.
We look at the 10-year yield, we follow the U.S.
dollar or the Dixie, the relative strength of the dollar, or better yet, follow the MMRI, Manorino Market Risk Indicator.
When you see that thing spiking like crazy, like it's been doing recently, that should say, hold on a minute, something's going on here.
So we don't have to sit here and guess if there's going to be an October surprise, November surprise.
We can pretty much gauge
Where this is going to go by just following a few metrics.
And when it does happen, it's going to be extremely rapid.
We watch, just for example, today, the 10-year yield dropping like 24, 25 basis points.
If we had the opposite effect, where the 10-year yield was rising 20, 30, 40 basis points in one day, we'd destroy the stock market.
And people are going to run to the door, as they always do, at the same time.
So it's not a slow burn.
A crash is rapid.
A crash in the debt market or a meltdown in the debt market would be rapid, followed by a massive sell-off in the stock market.
Like I said, no one knows where the bottom is.
The Fed stepped in here at Dow 6000 the last time with quantitative easing 1.
The bottom could be Dow 2000.
No one knows where the bottom is.
The bottom is pit.
That's where we're going, unfortunately.
But people need to band together.
Be ready for a worst case scenario.
Prepare yourself.
The end.
It's going to happen.
It's just a matter of when.
And we don't have to guess, like I said.
Because a lot of people out there are saying, what do I do with my 401k?
What do I do here?
You know, how do I save myself?
It's very sad because people are stuck in an investment usually that only makes money when the stock market goes up.
And then what happens is you got the investment banks here.
What they do is they bet against their own clients on the way down.
And it's just a wealth transfer from one group of people to another.
What people need to do is to protect themselves.
I think this is the most undivided asset on the planet.
I have a nice hoard of it.
I own gold, I own platinum, I own palladium as well.
I think it's very simple to understand how this works.
You've got risk on, meaning cash going into the stock market.
When you've got a risk off scenario, like I was explaining to you, a meltdown in the debt market destroys the stock market.
Cash doesn't grow money wings and fly away to money heaven.
No, it just moves into other assets.
And in my view, it's going to move into commodities because they're real things.
All right.
Greg Manorino, always fun to have you.
Thank you.
And always, always informational.
My gosh, I hope everybody got all of that.
Join, subscribe, and of course, go to his YouTube channel.
You'll love the videos.
Greg Manorino, thank you.
Robin Hood of Wall Street, I love it.
And I just love how you call it.
I really do.
It's refreshing.
And I'll be right back talking a little bit about the gas lines.
Yeah, so thank you, Greg.
Really appreciate you.
I'm Kate Dally for the Alex Jones Show.
I'll be right back.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
Happy to be here.
So glad you're here, too.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com, The Kate Dally Show.
Listen, war and money, right?
Probably two of your biggest concerns right now, I would think.
Besides for food, inflation, King brought a lot.
I mean, we could go on and on.
But war and money, a big deal.
So I just wanted to comment on the pipelines since this just happened and kind of give you my two cents.
A couple of theories.
And a big thank you to Greg Manorino.
TradersChoice.net is the website and you'll get some great advice.
I love Greg.
He's fantastic.
He's fantastic.
It's fun to listen to him.
So are we going to war?
A lot of people think that the pipelines is sort of like every sunk ship that begins this road to a war.
Well, just to kind of go back in time a little bit, Nord Stream 1 was completed in 2011, and Nord Stream 2, which runs under the Baltic Sea, sort of bypassing Ukraine, of course, this started, I think this was 2020, 2021, right?
And so now we have a situation where we have this
They say strategic objection, right?
You know, this is what they want.
They want Europe is too dependent on Russia, increasing Russia's influence in Europe, and Russia could use it as a geopolitical weapon, utilities, of course, this pipeline.
So Ukraine has objected it because they lose around $2 billion in transit fees.
So a lot of people don't realize that part of it, that Ukraine is not getting the money out of it that they normally do.
And so, as long as Russia gas transits through Ukraine, Russia's likely to intervene, right?
And instability all the way around.
So, Europe requires about 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas each year.
And this pipeline will do about 110, which is kind of interesting.
So back in February, Germany halts the approval of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, right after Russia's actions in February, right before that all started in Ukraine.
And the Chancellor, Scholz, asked the German economy ministry to take steps to make sure that the pipeline couldn't be certified at this point in time.
And without that certification, it couldn't operate.
It's actually turned off.
Then, of course, Russia says they have a maintenance problem in August with the Pipeline 1, turned that off, and some people view it as a precursor to, hey, it's a threat, or B, really maintenance.
Who's to know?
The $11 billion pipeline was designed to double the amount of gas flowing from Russia to Germany.
And of course, it was completed in 2021.
But if Nord Stream did go ahead, then Ukraine would lose the money.
It's kind of an interesting little pickle that we're in.
So the United States would like to increase its liquefied natural gas exports to Europe.
This was being reported.
Well, isn't that interesting?
Germany, in August, Germany's natural gas was already 80% full.
And the country was going to reach its October target early.
And this was without that pipeline.
Number one, that pipeline.
Number two, that's shut up.
That's not even working yet.
But the number one, as it was turned off, they said, you know what, we've got 80% full.
So they're only about 5% shy.
We only need 90%.
So everybody's talking about the utilities.
Everybody's talking about Germany, how cold it gets, they're going to be without heat.
But is that actually true?
Because August 29th they came out and said, yeah, we're almost at 85%.
Gee, what was the other 5%?
Well, of course it was liquefied natural gas that they could get from us.
Hmm, interesting.
So it's a major win for Germany because, right, they previously sourced 32% of their natural gas from Russia.
But the EU needs to boost its supplies, right, to reserve to at least 90 to have a safe winter.
So are they still going to act like they're in a crisis to the German population?
Well, of course they are.
So they came out.
Robert Habeck, a German economy minister, said he hoped rationing wouldn't be necessary to get through the winter, but couldn't rule it out exactly.
So gas is now on short supply in Germany, he said.
But is it?
Back in February, there was an article written in Germany and it said, can Germany function without Putin's gas?
The green federal economics minister, Havoc, answered with this decisive, very, very decisive, yes, it can.
We can survive without that gas.
And he announced the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
Because they didn't certify it.
Well, there were a lot of green reasons why they didn't do it.
So Germany announces the withdrawal from nuclear power after the 2011 Fukushima disaster and said it would pull the plug on coal-fired plants, leaving observers kind of wondering, you know, well, how will the country plan to make its energy policy work?
Of course, and future-proof.
And so, one of the government's main predicaments in this was whether or not it could, on its promise to make the switch to renewable energy sources, of course, to meet the Great Reset, to reach its climate goal and to become carbon neutral by 2045.
Gas is seen as this sort of vital bridge in that endeavor, right?
And, of course, climate experts think it's barely adequate.
We're not going in the right direction.
So was the pipeline something that they could do this to, to create a situation where Germany is sort of now leading out?
See, we can survive and we can do all of these other things that meet the Great Reset.
They're really, really counting on the fact they can get this through.
And, of course, there's a lot of pressure.
The UN came out and basically said, uh, it's now or never.
It's now or never.
You're either going to jump on this, the future of this, or not.
And so is LNG gas sustainable?
Some people say it's not.
And some people say that it is.
It's only sustainable.
And, uh, and of course, uh, it can be this, you know, for climate change and pollution, it's the direction we need to go.
And so coincidentally, we get to sell this to Germany to fill in the gap, even though they're already almost there.
We're going to fill in the gap.
So you can either go with the narrative and we can go with the back and forth ping pong of what's happening, right?
Because there's a lot here.
There's a lot here.
There's a lot of steps have been made.
This isn't the first time it's happened.
We've had things happening 2006, 2007, all kinds of things.
We even had an incident back in 2020 with the pipelines.
But is it more like the Truman Show?
You never know.
If you go back in history and you're a fan of history and you study history, every war has been created.
They don't just use, the powers that be don't just use what's there, they create it from the ground up.
So, if you really wanted to look at this from maybe a different view, are the pipelines, were they created by the powers that be to be the plot in a very big theater production of war?
Could be, right?
You can't get pipelines to go through all of those countries without it being absolutely ordained by those that run this world.
And so if that's the case, this becomes the plot, right?
You have two very convenient pipelines that are going to sound very threatening and that they're going to to bring on a crisis.
And then, of course, it brings you into the emotions of, well, people are being deprived.
Russia's the bad guy.
Now we've got to go in and get Russia.
It's interesting.
I think they're very much a player in this.
And I think that if you really kind of take a broad view of this, if you really want to step out of the comfort zone, kind of look at it as the entire production is playing out.
Usually they use a ship, the downing of a ship, or the guy went berserk and he's murdering babies.
I mean, it's always some sort of emotional ploy to get us in.
People being cold for the winter and not having any utilities, that's a pretty big deal, isn't it?
And if the powers that be wanted to, you know, this wouldn't be happening unless they wanted it to be happening.
And so is this the big precursor for war?
The only way we can start to kind of see through this very big Truman Show is to really kind of concentrate on the fact that we see it.
You're not going to fool us again.
We're not going to, you know, we could end up in a war.
Very much so.
We could.
And this could be the precursor.
But I think what people miss is that it's so extremely manufactured from the beginning.
If the Rockefellers, or the people above them, of course, I'm not named, are the ones that made sure these pipelines happened, and this becomes the plot of display.
It'll be, it's kind of interesting to go back in the news and realize there's a real tug of war for information going on, on what's the truth and what's not the truth.
About, do they need this?
Are they compromised?
Do they not?
Is Germany compromised?
Is Germany just leading out in this?
There's a lot there that you might want to look at, maybe just a little bit differently.
It might help.
Because I think, ploy after ploy, war after war, we've been drug into these things for false pretenses.
And this might just be another one.
Are they all players?
Do they all play their part?
Maybe so.
Maybe so.
I really don't think, I don't think Russia has all the control over these pipelines that they want us to think that they do.
And I do think it sets them up as
You know, the enemy.
But in a war situation, who's really fighting each other?
Who's really fighting?
We took over Ukraine in 2014.
Is it really the Ukraine that's fighting Russia?
I don't know.
Probably not.
But something to think about.
I'm Kate Daly for the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks so much for tuning in today.
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