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Air Date: Sept. 24, 2022
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In a series of videos, Alex Jones discusses various topics such as global nuclear threats, his ongoing legal battle involving defamation claims related to Sandy Hook, financial difficulties faced by his company, deep state politics and censorship, and legal battles against media figures like Elizabeth Williamson. He also addresses issues such as vaccine mandates, lawsuits against the FDA and Pfizer, and the case of U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz. Throughout these discussions, Jones emphasizes the importance of freedom of speech, transparency in legal proceedings, and fighting against deep state corruption.

Infowars, tomorrow's news, today.
SAC, this is Crystal Palace.
Zincno Radders declare DEF CON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The whopper spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon class submarines departing Petropavlov,
turning south out of Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Alaskan Air Defense Zone.
From the front lines of the information war.
Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEF CON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
Three, two, one, impact.
Shall we play a game?
How about global thermal nuclear war?
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready, awaiting launch codes.
We are in launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in.
Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine launch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like everybody else.
Change again.
The only winning goal is not to play.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
It takes about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic and military responses.
They are voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump, but if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, we died.
With her, you'll end up in World War II.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S. military has just raised the threat level to DEF CON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's...
Look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, it looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the president gives the order, it must be followed.
I just got back last night from Connecticut in the show trial, and I've been following the news globally of war escalating to incredibly dangerous levels in Ukraine.
And I'm strongly considering not even going back to testify on my own behalf in our part of the show trial, because I'm that concerned I can get stuck there without my family when nuclear war breaks out.
That's why I took my wife and my youngest daughter with me.
The other children are grown up or almost out of school.
Two are out.
One is still in high school, and they've got my parents and family here.
I mean, it's that serious, okay?
And I've never acted like that. I've never behaved like that.
I seriously may not even be able to go to Connecticut and defend myself, because it doesn't matter.
We're going into a global depression.
The borders are collapsing.
People are dying by the millions from the poison shots.
We are inside the New World Order, ladies and gentlemen.
We are absolutely inside the global takeover, the great reset.
It's all here.
It's all happening just like they said they would do, and I've been warning for decades.
And all I can offer you is the truth, like Churchill did when the Nazis drove the British forces out of France into the sea at Dunkirk.
He said, all I'm offering you is blood, sweat, and tears, and pain, but the alternative is total slavery and death.
And it's a long, hard fight, and people can decide to roll over and submit to the New World Order and let the planet be depopulated.
Or we can have a mass awakening that transcends left and right, and it's all about good and evil, and we say no.
But this spaceship, this rock hurtling through space, this globe, our home, is under the greatest threat it's ever been in the history of mankind.
And it's all starting in Russia on its border with Ukraine.
That is the reality of this planet spinning through space and what we face.
I'm going to try to calmly go through this all today for the next three hours.
On this live emergency transmission, we can put the full show headline up, please, in a few minutes to let you know what we're dealing with.
Saturday, September 24th, emergency broadcast. Russia mobilizes for nuclear war. Watch live.
And the way you trigger the public to peacefully protest and to flood the streets with candlelight visuals that transcend party is by taking this live show feed right now and sharing it.
On mainstream platforms like Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and on getter and independent groups like GAB and everywhere else.
Because you are the info warriors and without you, ladies and gentlemen, we are not going to be able to stop this.
We have a good chance of stopping this, but even mainline analysts predict a 50% chance of a tactical nuclear war in the next few months in Europe.
That will cause a global depression, incredible problems. It'll be nightmare beyond imagination.
And mainline analysts and I agree with them, give it about a 20% chance of a full on nuclear war.
So I have a lot of trouble focusing on all the side issues.
While this is going on, there is a major normalcy bias that goes on in everybody, including myself.
Where you live in an open, somewhat free society and you just expect the lights are going to turn on.
You expect the grocery stores to be full of food. You expect there's going to be gas for your car.
You expect that hydrogen bombs and missiles aren't going to rain down on you and kill you and your family.
But every ancient civilization being corrupt and decadent and collapsed.
But now when our civilization collapses, which they've accelerated the cycle through the great reset and build back better,
you're going to have hundreds and hundreds of nuclear reactors that melt down.
You're going to have billions of people starving to death that will then be like the zombie apocalypse as they try to feed themselves.
Within just 15 days, almost everybody reverts to cannibalism.
If I was a selfish man, I would be in the middle of nowhere in a cabin on the backside of a hill, 100 miles from any town with a bomb shelter right now.
If I just cared about myself and just cared about my children, I would be gone right now.
But I'm staying at the helm of the ship and I don't sense me dramatic.
I don't see this say, oh, I'm some hero. No, no, no, we got a chance to stopping this and I'm not running from it.
I'm telling you deep down, I told you this months ago, you can see it now. I know you feel it as well.
Spiritually, intellectually, you can see it. Culturally, you can see it. Historically, you know it.
That people better take this more serious than anything they've ever taken in their lives. It's that real.
You better kiss your children, better hug them, you better hug your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your mom.
You better get right with God.
And I'm telling myself that when I point my finger at you, three more pointing back at me.
But we're coming under judgment, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, before I hit all the serious documented news, for a couple of weeks, I've been sent countless texts and seen countless videos talking about the 24th of September, 2022.
And how all these historic things historically have happened on this date and how it ties into the Jewish calendar and mysticism and the rest of it.
I'm not putting any stock in that, but every time the world's on the verge of a cataclysm, the general public will pick a date and decide it's that date that's causing it.
It's not that date that's causing it, it's the place and point in time we're in right now.
But regardless, it's something that, if it gets the public's attention to be concerned, that's wonderful.
But the stock market's already plunged last week.
The inflation's exploding.
Russia has called up 300,000 troops and put high tech military weapons on the border with Ukraine, including heavy bombers.
Putin has said that I'm not bluffing.
I'll use nuclear weapons against NATO, who's using weapons against us.
I mean, this is happening. Words cannot describe how incredibly out of control and seriousness is.
So this isn't about whether you're on the Russian side or the NATO side, the Ukrainian side or the American side.
This is about globalists that lit the fuse with the pandemic and the lockdowns and the imploding borders and sending in troops to overthrow the pro-Russia elected government eight years ago.
And Soros bragging about it on Fareed Zakaria on CNN.
They started this and Russia took the bait and went in there and I said it was a trap.
I told you in October last year, by late February, I expected a Russian invasion because that's all the pieces I saw on the intel I had.
When everybody else was saying Russia wasn't going to invade, when Russia was saying it wasn't going to invade, I was saying no, they're going to invade.
And this time the State Department is telling the truth because they know because they've lured Russia into this.
And that's who I really blame at the end of the day. And I don't like what Putin's done either.
And as Putin gets more corner and as Putin gets under more heat and as it at home, the hardliners and the main line Russian population wants total war,
he knows he'll be removed if he doesn't escalate. And so the more the West doubles down, the more he doubles down and there's not much more room for doubling down.
As we move towards tactical nuclear war, which almost every analyst agrees, if the tactical nuclear war happens, then the full on them will happen.
And the Pentagon's like, well, we're warning Russia against using nuclear weapons, but we'll probably contain it. We'll nuke them back, but it'll just be in that area.
It's not just going to be in that area. Just the way this proxy war has escalated to the edge of nuclear war.
If there's tactical nuclear war, I believe there'll be a full on nuclear war.
So you know we're tomorrow's news today and I don't want to be proven right about this and I'm not saying we're going to have nuclear war.
It's like saying to an alcoholic, if you keep drinking two bottles of Jack Daniels a day, you'll probably get liver failure.
And you go to the doctor and they tell you, hey, you got fatty liver and, you know, you need to stop. You need to go to rehab or it's going to kill you.
Now it's going to kill you in a month or a year or five years. You don't know that. You don't know.
But drinking two bottles of Jack Daniels a day or two bottles of whatever it is is not a good idea.
And if you're using the liver failure analogy, what's going on in Russia is 10 bottles of Jack Daniels a year.
A day, excuse me, 10 bottles of Jack Daniels a day. Nobody can survive that if it doesn't stop.
Stop drinking the 10 bottles of Jack Daniels a day. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
And so, yeah, we reached a point of desperation there.
You know, the Democrat Party law firm that's suing all the major gun makers and involving the Evaldi lawsuits now and that's had the right courts against us.
They would sit there looking at me confident and really not worried about them and what they're doing.
Well, they were lying about me and threatening me and trying to destroy me.
And so they blew up when they were questioning me and made fools of themselves.
Even mainline media agreed because they couldn't get why I didn't care that they were there lying about me and accusing me.
Because I'm thinking about nuclear war while they're sitting there talking to me just making stuff up.
I'm just going, man, I'm worried about my family. Man, I think this is going to go to nuclear war.
Don't you care, Mr. Jones? Don't you care? All these people are attacking you. All these people, Mr. Jones, why don't you care?
And they would sit there in the breaks looking at me just shaking their heads because you're idiots. That's why.
And when the nuclear bombs start dropping, you'll remember this, dumbasses.
Do you have any idea how we have a tiger by the tail here?
I can barely control myself right now to not get in my Winnebago and leave.
But I'm not doing it because I promise to stay here and I believe we have a chance to stop this.
And I've sworn not to give up. I will stay here until the power goes off.
They may do a cyber attack long before the nuclear war and blame the Russians for that. That's in the cards too.
So I only tell you that to tell you where I'm at.
I have to override my paternal instincts and I have to look at my five-year-old daughter that I'd die for any moment.
And I have to sit there and watch her play in the backyard in her sandbox with her Barbie dolls under dump trucks.
And I have to just sit there and just pray to God somehow we can avert this because we're already at war with Russia right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Right now. Right now. In Europe.
This is happening now. And we're so used to things being normal with the normalcy bias.
Even though the inflation is double power prices, even though it's done all this, people just still think, oh, come on, Alex, it's not that bad.
Well, the mainline Pentagon analysts believe 50-50 chance Russia starts using nukes.
Say that again. 50-50 chance. And I agree with that analysis. Russia starts using nukes.
Now, the globalist to push us to the edge of Armageddon to create total destabilization where everybody just gives up on life.
And so that's another reason I'm not going to give up on life is there's a very good chance.
If we created big enough buzz, if you, the heart of the resistance, the tip of the spear, the vanguard, make a big enough peaceful noise.
The civil disobedience, whatever you got to do, we can stop this together.
Well, like I said, I am strongly considering not even going into fitting myself in the Sandy Hook show trial.
Because they called me last time. I don't have to go the next time. I had to go to be interrogated by them on their, you know, their first half the trial that ends early next week.
And then supposedly however long the quote defense has his hands tied, can sit up there and talk about stuff.
And it's like, why do I even care if they get a hundred million dollar judgment? I don't have two million dollars.
Does it matter? And so that's the thing. Football doesn't matter. Acting cool and polishing your sports car doesn't matter.
What matters is getting right with God and stopping nuclear war.
Hopefully things deescalate the next few days and I'll go and I'll do it and I'll be on the stand. But it doesn't matter.
And it's because we put all these things in front of us that don't matter that we're going to lose everything.
Absolutely lose everything.
So I want to hit the factual information here in a minute, but there's so much of this September 24th talk out there.
No, I don't believe the days, the day of the stock market crashes. I don't believe the days, the day of the nuclear war starts.
And it's like this Q stuff. People always focus on some nebulous number for astrology instead of real meat and potatoes, mobilize Russian troops,
openly threatening nuclear war saying I'm not bluffing with one of the largest nuclear arsenals, probably the second largest, maybe the largest on Earth,
Vladimir Putin. I mean, that's a real leader. That's by leader. I mean, that's a real country. That's a real nuclear arsenal.
That's a real threat.
It's like Klaus Schwab, the New World Order is real.
It's a real thing.
And people still focus on the esoteric.
But and then when bad stuff happens, oh, look, the stock market crashed four days after it probably will this week.
A lot of experts believe even further already crashed last week, but they think real crash next week.
Oh, see, it's real because a bunch of people made a big thing about a date.
No, it was the overthrow of the elected government eight years ago in Ukraine and putting weapons on the Russian border and NATO moving heavy weapons in.
That's what caused this, not crystal balls, not Ouija boards, not tarot decks.
And I'm not attacking people that are into all this, but the mystical is your is your Holy Spirit connects to God and discernment.
It's not all the two stuff. It's not all the old let's go to Dealey Plaza and JFK Junior is going to meet us there.
I mean, no, no, no, no.
And then people focus on that instead of the real issues.
There's a short clip and then you know, the guy makes some good points, but.
And it's open for discussion, but it's not the heart of the matter major event on Jewish year.
Here it is.
Every seven years on the exact end day of the show, which is the exact end day of basically the Jewish year every seven years.
There's usually a major market collapse and it's actually usually on the exact day.
This is a Schmidt a year and it actually ends on September 26, which is a Monday.
So I've definitely said to keep your eyes on that date.
But here's when I saw this, I was like, what?
It's a German politician.
And even more interesting on top of the German politicians saying September 24 is going to be like a day that everyone on Earth will remember.
The Vatican has told all of its people that whatever funds they have across the world to send them all back to the Vatican by September 30, which is like four days after the end of the Shemitah.
And of course, when they tell people this, you know, you don't just wire billions of dollars on like September 29 when the when the Pope told you to have it back there by the 30th, right?
You probably do it a few days before.
And they probably mentioned that to them.
So the Vatican seems to know something's going on.
So something like these birds flying by, black birds, black clouds, something ominous seems to be on the horizon.
And then he adds something silly to the end of it.
So all those things are real.
Vatican things send back the money, all that.
And then they just put a date on it as if that's what caused it.
No, the war, the great reset, the collapsing borders, all these major governments are calling their money back in.
We reported on this couple of weeks ago that thousands of major concerts, hundreds of the biggest in country music, hip hop, rock and roll have all canceled the next four months around the country and around the world.
But how about globalist elites are even in the news moving the Southern Hemisphere? I've had meetings with some of them off record about the whole Russian situation. I told you this month ago, they've been moving and looking to move everything to the Southern Hemisphere.
Most of the Google founders are now hiding out in the South Pacific.
That's all real stuff.
Not the Schmeke.
And I'm not poo-pooing that globalists don't do things on weird dates and aren't people that are into the occult and mysticism.
All I'm saying is this is front and center, the Russian mobilization, the Russia threatening nuclear war. Putin's saying I'm not bluffing. That's a real thing.
And you don't stop it by obsessing on a date. You stop it by getting involved and by saying no.
Because God gives us free will to decide the outcome. We are giving free will.
New nuclear threats raise risk of cornered Putin. ABC News.
U.S. has privately warned Russia against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine for several months. Yeah, CNN.
Germany joins Poland and Baltics in push for harsher Russian sanctions. Yeah, that'll make things better. Only hurts Europe more.
Americans in Russia, Ukraine prisoners swap. One hundred of death was near. Missile strikes in Ukraine's cities as call-up causes chaos in Russia.
Putin's draft draws visitors in Russia, far-flung regions.
Donald Trump says stupid Biden administration could trigger World War III. Absolutely. That's what he threatened. I mean, Trump warned they would do.
Poland begins handing out iron-iron pills on fresh fears of Ukraine nuclear plant meltdown.
Putin's mobilization of 300,000. It says thousands. More troops unlikely to resolve basic problems in Ukraine. NBC News.
And it just goes on and on and on with what's happening in Russia.
Now, tomorrow on The Sunday Show, I think I'm going to go ahead and host all four hours.
We have Dr. Judy Mikovits with all the big developments with the COVID narrative collapsing and the new numbers coming out in studio, whether she did a great job with Owen, who also did a great job on Friday.
And I'm going to take your calls tomorrow on this subject, but she'll be almost one hour, but I'm going to go ahead and just host all four hours because I've been gone.
I want to be on air. It's such an important time.
And again, I've been on a razor's edge, not even defending any of this Sandy Hook stuff, because it's all rigged anyways, and it's not going to matter.
I mean, folks, the globalists are making their move and only being aware that they're the ones dissolving the borders, devouring the currency, cutting off the pipelines, destroying the energy infrastructure,
launching all these Armageddon operations, launching the GMO, launching the 5G, launching the deadly COVID, launching the deadly vaccine response to it.
We've got to really get there the enemy. We've got to really get there out to get us. The country's under siege, and they're attacking every other country.
They're attacking the human infrastructure.
And everybody, I don't care if you're gay, straight, old, young, black, white, liberal, conservative, we all get roped into fighting with each other.
You're delusional if you think Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the New World Order love you, and they completely run the Democratic Party and most the Republican Party.
Ted Cruz has come out and supported big tech, merging with big media and having total immunity. It's a horrible person.
Right here at the end of the line, folks, he supports World War III, by the way, in Ukraine.
He really now unclokes and shows you the horrible person he always was. I tried to hope that he was an opportunist and went against Trump and all that because he just wanted power.
But I hope that, you know, in the end, he care about his family, but he doesn't care.
He is a Goldman Sachs operative who is as bad as they get, just like Crenshaw and just like the rest of the scum. Shame on him. Shame on him.
He's worse than Beto O'Rourke, because Beto at least tells you what he's going to do, so you can stand against him.
He does not feel in the back like a wolf in sheep's clothing.
So this is a crippling economic attack.
Now, I've got a lot of really other important news that ties into all this I want to cover after we play a special report here in a moment.
Robert Barnes joins us in about 33 minutes from now. This is a special Saturday emergency commercial free show.
And I say that we're not running the regular breaks for our radio and TV stations.
We're going to just air news reports and, you know, things here when we do go to break while we get guest on and things like that.
They're very, very important, but I will just throw this out there and look, as things are so bad now, I get it. I understand.
But we need to push to stop the new world order. We need to try to stay on air.
Info Wars is again on the verge of insolvency. God just keeps it that way where we are treading water right now.
And I want to keep strong and stay on air with our whole crew and all our shows.
And I don't want to implode and let the enemy win. We have our most important missions ever to carry out.
I want to thank those of you that purchased the products. I want to thank those of you that supported us.
People think bankruptcy means you're closing your doors. There's dozens of different types of bankruptcies.
We're not closing our doors. They're trying to close our doors.
So I wanted to bankruptcy to prove in these courts that I have all this extra money to go under that scrutiny.
And a lot of people see that they go, oh, you're closing your doors.
No chapter five is emergency reorganization where you show you're having trouble paying your bills,
but then you go into reorganization where it sets the benchmark for how much money you actually have.
So we can stay on air, continue to operate and also show to the state courts everybody else
when they claim I have $400 million like they falsely did in the Texas show trial four weeks ago.
We can show certified all the stuff that is just a lie.
And then that allows info wars, free speech systems to stay on air and continue to operate
because they have federal laws where you're not supposed to just be able to sue somebody and shut them down.
So we're very transparent about that. It's why we're doing it.
And I'll just address this now here. I've never been in bankruptcy. We've never even taken loans here.
And I looked at the big situation that was going on, the fact that we were on the verge of insolvency and all their lies.
And I said, let's just put all the cards at the table and go into bankruptcy.
And then most lawyers don't want to work with us. Most people don't want to work with us, but I got some good lawyers.
But then the way the courts work is you have other separate lawyers that don't work for you that handle the actual bankruptcy part.
And those lawyers, the judge ruled last week, Judge Lopez in Texas, had not been transparent about everything they'd done in the past.
Not bad things, but the fact that they'd publicly done our last bankruptcy, but the Democrats kicked back.
So we got InfoWars, the website back, and InfoWars Health, that's a successful company, and some other things.
It was a very real bankruptcy that was tied to free speech systems to, like, quote, pay debtors.
But they kicked that back because they wanted their show trials. They didn't want that bankruptcy to hold up all these show trials.
And so the lawyers, not even the lawyers, the CRO that they appointed, did not disclose, even though it was public and all over the news.
Why disclose that? That they'd done the previous bankruptcy just months before.
So I guess if you've been in one bankruptcy and now there's another, you don't fill out a form or something, it's an issue.
So the judge removed the CRO and those two separate, quote, independent lawyers who were all, by the way, the lawyers are Democrats.
I'm not saying they did anything. I'm just saying, we were like, here's all our books. Here's all our stuff. And that happened.
So so people see that and they think, well, if I order an infowarsstore.com, well, I get my products.
Yes, everything we sell, we have in the warehouse, ready to ship.
And we've always been able to ship within a day or two and get in the order.
Most people get their orders within three days of ordering an infowarsstore.com.
But I talked about this a month ago. It wasn't the bankruptcy court.
It was the CRO budgeted a lower number than was needed to fulfill shipping every week.
So they had to wait to get a court hearing in a few weeks to even allot the money to ship the product.
Now, we get it. The judge said, of course, shouldn't even have been a hearing.
Of course, you can ship, you know, items that come in and that's not held.
So that two week thing got us behind about three weeks.
We had the books that were preordered that got us behind a month because we couldn't ship it for a month after the order came in.
But now as of last week, all the orders because we never got more than three weeks behind have been shipped.
And we are now shipping within less than a day unless you order on a Friday night.
But if you order on a Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we are with 90 plus percent of the orders shipping the next day like we were doing previously.
So I just want to give all our great hardcore fans and supporters and boosters that news.
Because when we got behind three weeks or some orders, people are like, whoa, what's what's going on?
We got all these emails and calls. Is this the bankrupt series? Am I going to get my stuff?
We sent emails out and said no. It was just a bankruptcy issue, though, that they had to get a hearing to even get the money to ship it out.
But all that's handled. All that's done. And I'm not against the folks we had hired to run things or that got separately hired by the court.
But it just wasn't gelling. It wasn't working.
And so now we're clear sailing. And, you know, the judge came in, did not criticize me or free speech systems or the lawyer we hired, who's a very well respected lawyer, the free speech systems lawyer.
He was not admonished. It was these other people. That's how bankruptcy works is they bring in third parties.
And so they rearranged, you know, the deck chairs on a routine basis. And that's what happened.
So M4s is is strong as long as we're solving. And we were insolvent six months ago because for over a year, we couldn't get in our products to supply chain breakdowns and other issues.
Finally, they all came in a month and a half ago, or most of them came in and suddenly boom, we got all these orders and we were in the black and we everything was going to be great.
And then the orders got behind three weeks for about two months. They weren't behind two months. They got behind on average for three weeks for two months.
You know, some orders, there wasn't a book in it or whatever. They got out in a couple of days, but a lot of orders, as most orders had a book in it.
That was another issue got held back. So we are now completely caught up as of Friday. I saw the numbers.
They were shipping half the orders that came in Friday were shipped by 530 Friday evening. That's as good as Amazon.
Now, and they still work on Saturday. Now we're doing overtime. So they're shipping stuff today. And there's Sunday, but I'm very, very proud of the crew.
And that's just inside baseball for everybody. And what's going on? We do our own shipping have our own high tech facility because other people wouldn't work with us.
It's a blackbolt. Five years ago, even before the platforming, mostly shipping companies wouldn't even work with us. And most of them, you know, are rip off and would still take a long time to ship it.
So we got, we used to ship a lot of our products before, but we'd also ship with some third party stuff, some of the items.
We went and got our own big warehouse. It's right by Joe Rogan's studio. It's funny. It's like you can walk like a minute to Joe's studio.
He moved in after we were already there. It's just funny. And people go over there thinking I'm over there, but we're not, we're not over by Joe's studio.
And it's just, it's just what a small world. And so it's there. We have the warehouse. We have the goods. We have them all.
But it's just one challenge we beat. Finally supply chain gets better. Finally, we get better manufacturers. Finally, it comes in and then this fiasco.
So if you want the great reset in the world for the world, it's shipping one of the day of you ordering.
When a signed copy, it costs more. That's a fundraiser. And I loved how in the kangaroo trial this week, they're like, you sell a silver quarter for three or four times markup.
And I go, it's not a silver quarter. It's a silver dollar. And it's a high end one, you know, with the fanciest in, you know, stamping there is.
It costs like 30 something bucks a coin. Yes, I know we sell it for 130 retail 99 discounted. It's a fundraiser like when NPR or PBS sell a coffee cup for 50 bucks or a t-shirt for 100 bucks.
Everybody knows a coffee cup costs $5. Everybody knows that the t-shirt costs $6, $7. They have way bigger, you know, markup in their fundraisers.
That's the point of the fundraiser. You get something to know. You're part of the fundraiser. This is a beautiful Made in America 999 silver coin.
There was a man in the arena, only 10,000 of them to get us out of the hole and know you were the man in the arena and put a donation in.
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They had a heyday with that, ladies and gentlemen. You know, I've sat there with gold and silver dealers for decades and would only have the ones on that would actually sell stuff in their spot.
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This is a memento, a piece of history. And already founding members got discounts on the new coin. There's a bunch of new stuff.
There's World War III. It's about to launch documentaries, special shows, special events for the members.
But the members didn't buy it because they wanted those special perks. Those are coming if we don't get nuked or shut down.
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My goodness, it's so simple. So get the great reset over the world signed. That's a donation as well. That's why it's $99 or get the regular book for 20-something bucks.
Number one book in the world right now. And again, listeners also have sent us emails.
Well, have you got the number one book in the world? Shouldn't that fund your operation? No. I haven't paid. I said 80,000.
They said I was being paid. It was $76,000. Came in two weeks ago. And I was going to put the whole thing into free speech systems.
That's my money. But I'm so running out of money. I'm going to keep 20,000 and put the other end of the company to keep the crew hard.
And yeah, they say at current sales rates, a couple of weeks ago, another $90,000. But that's how books work with the publisher and the bookstores or Amazon.
Amazon gets 65% of a book sale. So the publisher is making $10 on the book. And then after all their costs and all their stuff, I get like $2.
And then if it hits this giant amount in the contract, then I get like $4. Wonderful.
But yeah, okay, great. $76,000. You know, opposing war is going to come. And they only pay you twice a year in the contract.
20 Lines is being very nice. He says we're under attack. He just says, I'll pay every month as it comes in.
And so I'm completely transparent. You know, it's like on the trial. They'll get back to the news.
They go, okay, so you got $8 million in Bitcoin donations. I said, no, it was $9 million by the time we sold it seven and a half.
I didn't ask that question. I asked how much. And I said, well, it varies. It comes in at one thing. Why isn't your private account?
Well, that's how you set up Bitcoin wallets. And some wonderful person gave it to us.
And you told me you've given $5 million of that $7 plus million when you cashed it out to M4s and free speech. Where's the other stuff?
And I said, that's months ago when you deposed me, it's all in there, but $60,000 we left speculatively. You can go look at the wallet.
Objection nonresponsive. That's not what I asked. You can go to the wallet that's public and see it was 60 last time I looked at it a month ago.
And we're hoping it goes up. But I took it all and put it into this company and my crew and the back bills we had and then no money to buy a future product.
And we took a couple million of it and bought product, which is now most of it's come in. So thank God we've got the product.
Now you've got to buy the product and we can sit here and fund ourselves. And I won't be so desperately up here begging.
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The last thing I want to do is give up. But I'll tell you, if folks don't come through, if you're retiring me or you want me to massively cut back, don't buy the products because you're going to see something.
In fact, the crew, when they hear about bankruptcy, are we going to get let go? Is it over? Are we going to be gone? I'm like, no, we've given them all the facts.
This is a plan to keep everything going as long as folks support the broadcast. You're going to be here. I mean, I won't get paid hardly anything under the agreements, but that's fine.
I don't care. I mean, I want to be on air. I started out on access TV. All I care about is having my voice and having a house, a car, and they'll pay for school supplies and medical stuff.
I don't worship money. It's not why I do what I do. But now I'm going to tell the crew next week if we don't get major funds in the next few months.
And if stuff doesn't pan out with this, and if we can't get this bankruptcy straight and get this correct, well, then I will come in here in a few months and I'll say, hey, you guys got three months to get a job.
And I'll say, we'll still have some people maybe, but I don't know. So I'm just being completely honest with everybody, like, we can shut down.
So, you know, this building, the facility, all the crew, all the infrastructure we've got, it'll be a big victory for the New World Order, and they desperately want it.
So if you're one of those whales out there sitting on the folks that gave it to us, had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bitcoins. God bless you. I love you.
And we went and looked at their account. You don't know who they are, but you can see the account. They are still sitting on it because obviously they know something we don't know and they think it's going to go back up.
Hopefully it does. But whether it's a small Bitcoin donation or an Ethereum donation or whatever it is, infowars.com forward slash crypto.
And that's where you can go. And that's where you can make a donation, $10 of Bitcoin, $100, $1,000, $1 million.
And I'll tell you this. I sat on that Bitcoin for a while and we lost over a million dollars of it. So my policy now is I'm not going to speculate with it.
I'm going to sell it the second it comes in or the minute I find out about it.
And I'm going to put it into the account for infowars because this is my mission. It's my pledge to you. And that's my biggest frustration.
I put almost all my savings that was not that big emergency backup. I put $3 million in this place in the last year of my savings.
I sold my house and I bought this fancy big house four years ago as an investment. I was putting emergency money in the bank.
I had $3 million as emergency backup money for the company that I'd been paid over the years that I'd saved.
We're talking a decade of savings and I went and bought this big, fancy modern house and I saw the stock, I saw the housing market.
And I even told my wife, I said, be ready about three years. We're going to sell this because I predict before 2022 ends, you're going to see a housing market crash.
I just know this stuff. It's all I do is think about it. And she got to where she liked that house.
But six, eight months ago, we sold that sucker and I dumped that money into this operation.
And my wife's totally on board with it now. She gets it. She's like, my God, the housing market is crashing.
She's got family that owns some houses in Omaha and they've seen them go down in value.
So people are like, how did you know to do that? I mean, I study the New World Order folks and that's why we did this.
So my total mission is to be a good steward. My total mission is to fight for you because I'm fighting for myself and I cannot do this without your support.
So thank you all. And I just need everybody to tell everybody to tune in and everybody to go to mforeshore.com and get a great reset over the world.
Whether signed or unsigned, go to 1776coin.com, the Teddy Roosevelt coin. This will be the last coin this year.
There even is a next year, but this is the fourth coin in the set. It's not a founding member coin.
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It starts, you know, the free deals, the discounts as well. If you do that by getting the Man in the Arena coin at mforeshore.com or triple eight, two, five, three, three, one, three, nine, 1776coin.com.
Can't go to mforeshore.com to get it because it's sold by a separate group and outside folks who came in with the investment and said, hey, I bet you can sell coins and do them in a markup to find yourself.
All you want is the money back and 10%. So these nice folks paid for the coins, they did it, they funded it, and they've gotten 10% back on what's sold.
That's nice of them. It's good of them. So they make a little profit on it for putting the money up front that I didn't have.
And that's what that's what Patriot Collectibles is. We're working with them to try to launch a lot of cool Christian jewelry pro-life stuff.
People are asking for what you want. We're going to try to have it with about 100% markup because you're funding a new operation and a new buildup.
So the first stuff has, you know, a four times three times markup and the new stuff coming in is going to have a 50% markup or 100% markup depending on the product.
And then it'll be self-sufficient. And with a smaller profit, they'll be able to operate and still fund or operate.
So great folks, really smart people and glad that they got with us and had these ideas has turned out to be really wonderful.
And we've looked for other partners, other people that want to help us get around the platforming.
But you know, they're really trying to shut down infowarestore.com. But even if they ever shut it down, if you got your order in, it's getting shipped to you.
Okay, so just know that. All right, I spent like 20 minutes on that. I apologize for 15 minutes on that.
But it's just really, really important. And I want to give you an update on the situation and where we are.
Mark Barnes is coming up in 15 minutes, but I want to do this right now.
Huge developments on the poison shot, good developments, big developments coming up.
Matt Gaetz, Vindicator, that's just breaking today. It's on infowarestore.com.
I was talking to Steve Bannon on how the scene's about it. Got some inside baseball.
We've got more on inflation, more on the war, and more on mega cities that we told you about in in-game from global documents now being announced in Europe and in the Middle East,
as well as in Canada and what those mega prison cities really, really stand for and what we're facing.
And we're also going to get into U.S. oil buffer, historic low and wake of Joe Biden's unprecedented SPR release today.
But before I do that, one last thing.
We've done such amazing things as a crew and as host and as an audience together and whatever happens, I love you.
I want to thank you and I want to appreciate you for shouldering the load in this fight against the globalist.
And that's why when you call in and thank me, I just say, stop it.
I want to fight. I'm like a sheepdog that wants to attack wolves. Just who I am.
You're the same way. We're brothers and sisters. Let's just fight together and know I love you and you love me.
I'm not thanking you. I love you. You're not thanking me. You love me. We're in this together.
And it's beautiful and it's wonderful. And I'm very, very thankful.
And however this goes, this goes, but I've always promised the crew to I tell them, you know, there's not a path out of this or a way out of this.
I'll be honest with them. And I was just honest with them and I was honest with you that we're in all each other's hands.
So I tell the crew, work extra hard, be vigilant, get stuff done. This is serious.
It's important to stay on here during this period. They've thrown so much at us, so much at us.
And we still come through it together. Let's not let them win now. We can do this together.
So thank you for your support and I love you. Alright, here is a
Gregory's report and John Bowne report back to back. The Abomination of Justice and then John Bowne's report.
The tap root of the Tree of Evil, which is a riff off of a previous report I put out.
We'll come back with all this very important news. Stay with us.
The biggest concern for the judge in the Alex Jones trial is for the jury to see through their deception.
So before the jury is allowed in, she clearly reminds Jones how he's not allowed to defend himself.
There's certain areas that your attorney is well aware of as opposed to counsel that are not going to be asked about and cannot be testified about.
And I'm more than happy to go over. It's a very short list and I'm more than happy to go over it with you if you want me to.
But if you don't want me to, that's fine too. I'm simply trying to avoid any issues in front of the jury.
I don't want to have any unpleasantness. There's no other way to put it. So that's why I'm willing to do it if you want me to do it.
But I don't have to do it.
Well, please do.
Okay, that's enough.
The yes was enough. That's all I need to know.
And the lawyers know not to ask you these questions. So the only way there would be a problem is if you gave a non-responsive answer.
So if I just go over it briefly, I don't think we're going to have any problem at all.
So the lawyers are not going to ask you about nor can you offer any testimony about the plaintiffs' settlements with the former defendants,
Wolfgang Helbig and Corey Sklenka, the Soto versus Bushmaster case, and who the plaintiffs did not sue.
So I understand you may not agree with those rulings, and this is just a yes or no answer. Do you understand that you may not testify on those topics?
Okay. So there can be no testimony, and there's not going to be any questions, obviously, regarding the maximum amount of Sandy Hook coverage on your shows
or the percentage or proportion of Sandy Hook coverage.
But yes or no, do you understand that that's not testimony that you can offer? You're not going to be asked about it, and you can't offer it.
Okay. You may not offer testimony, and you're not going to be asked about whether you substantially complied or you produced everything,
or that you challenged the basis for the default ruling. All of these issues may be the basis for an appeal,
but they're not going to be asked, nor can you offer that testimony. Do you understand that?
Okay. Finally, the First Amendment is not an issue in this hearing and damages. No one is going to ask you about the First Amendment.
This is not the appropriate forum for you to offer that testimony. Do you understand that, sir?
All right. Is there anything that prevents you from understanding what we just talked about?
I understand as long as you don't ask those questions.
Right. They're not going to ask you those questions if they did. I mean, they're officers of the court, and they understand the rulings,
so they're not going to ask you those questions.
After attacking free speech systems, all American business model, the plaintiffs then focus on a single video that went viral 10 years ago,
featuring Robbie Parker. This video was played on Infowars because it was a viral video, which alone made it newsworthy.
Once the plaintiffs established that Infowars played this video, they dramatically introduced an emotional Robbie Parker in the courtroom.
The cameras move in for the close-up, shaking with emotion by the mere presence of Alex Jones for playing a viral video.
As far as Alex Jones' crimes, it's not clear what their claim is, but their argument is clear. According to the plaintiffs, alternative media should not exist
and should not be allowed to report the news. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Rees.
You saw this graphic, this political cartoon, radio listeners all describe it. It shows a tree and above the surface, the branches as inflation,
high taxes, open borders, globalism, recession, defund the police, violence, human trafficking, fentanyl, deaths.
It goes on and on. But the problem with the graphic by Brandt Co., a great political cartoonist, is it's got Joe Biden as the root and the donkey and Obama and a sippy cup.
There's a through line of hate from massacres of indigenous people to the original sin of slavery, the terror of the Klan, anti-immigration, violence against the Irish, Italians, Chinese, Mexicans,
so many others laced through our history. There's a through line of violence against religious groups, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-Mormon, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, anti-Seek.
And that's through line of hate never fully goes away.
But the root crosses are really the globalists like Klaus Schwab.
They're grooming a younger generation of globalist talent. They're focused on cultivating this next generation and they've proven that they're quite good at this.
This is a quote from Schwab in 2017.
I have to say that when I mention now names like Miss Angela Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they've all been young global leaders at the WEF.
But what we're very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We penetrate the cabinet.
But we see he's complimenting himself for doing what? Infiltrating the Canadian government, grooming the prime minister and then infiltrating his cabinet.
So again, where does that leave the daily beast in their theory that this is some sort of a conspiracy?
This is all a rebrand or a relaunch of the New World Order, which was again called a conspiracy, right?
And it was to create a totalitarian world government, perhaps something akin to what we've seen from the UN, from the EU or the WHO.
They've been in the news a little bit lately, unelected, unaccountable to the people, but they tell you what to do with your lives.
So what the great reset architects believe is that modern democracy and a free market capitalism, not kind of capitalism we have today.
We'll talk about that a little bit, but the free market capitalism has failed.
And the only way to fix it is by marrying corporate interests and the increasingly powerful state.
This will create corporatist super states or maybe one day a super state that will see a new world government take shape.
It's already happening, though it might not necessarily take the form of a government. It's a functional dictatorship via corporations.
That's what they're doing, and it's already happening.
And his corporate controllers, like Bill Gates.
This guy's unelected and he's got way too much influence in global health care.
He's a college dropout. He's not even a coder. Did you know that? He doesn't write code.
He's just a monopolist. That's what he's a criminal and a monopolist.
And he went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island, which makes a lot of people say he's a child draper.
He told Trump don't set up a commission on vaccines to study vaccines.
That would be a dead end. That would be a bad thing. Why? What are they going to find out?
They're going to find out that vaccines are safe and effective, right? Wouldn't that be good?
And the King of England who is involved in all this eugenics and depopulation, King Charles III.
At the moment we've so degraded natural systems, ecosystems, biodiversity, that it's becoming increasingly possible for nature to sustain us.
At the moment it's all take-take. Now we've reached the situation where we really need four planets like Earth to survive or to provide enough for everybody.
But really at the end of the day, it's the devil. It's at the root. The root cause, ladies and gentlemen, is not King Charles, not Bill Gates, not Claus Schwab, not the donkey, but it's evil.
Call it what you want. You can say what it is. You can play games all day, but this is a fight between good versus evil.
And everything the New World Order does is destructive to their own interest. They go out of their way to kill, steal, and destroy because they like it.
Because they hate God's creation. They hate human destiny. They are fundamentally spiritually jealous of the Tree of Life and they want the Tree of Death.
All right, folks, that's a very powerful report. And I want to now air before I hit more news and bring Robert Barnes on and hit this other news.
Some of these little excerpts that the crew put together, one of them is where they attack me over cryptocurrency, like I'm a criminal, show the crew put a little promo together from that.
And then we're going to go ahead and air before I left yesterday. Connecticut went to a Apple orchard with my wife and daughter, my five-year-old, and that's AJ talks about the ultimate revolution, God's Green Earth, which is the counter to the Tree of Death.
So here's a little excerpt from the trial and then we'll go to the ultimate revolution, God's Green Earth.
It's okay. Let's just stop it. It's all right. We're all good. Let's just stop it. Stop the tape. It's all right. Let's just stop. Let's reset. We're live show. No big deal.
It's not the crew's fault. They were supposed to already air that and I just jumped in at the end of the John Bound report because it was so good and messed that up. Get the audio faded up, get it ready, and now let's roll it again.
Because one of the ways that you encourage your audience to give you money is in cryptocurrency donations, right?
And you have a page on your website that's just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
www.crypto.com. We're fighting the deep state. We need money.
All right. This is it. Give crypto fun info wars. Sponsor us with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right?
That will end up as a clip on your show tonight. Your advertisement for your cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight. So I mean, I hope whoever the big whales are, they'll give us money before we keep doing it.
We'll just keep, we'll just keep minting money as you're in this courtroom.
All right, let's move on.
And people care about the first amendment.
There's a famous term people use and it's God's Green Earth.
And here I am in Connecticut on just a few acres of apple trees and you can feed thousands of people a month just on these couple acres.
This is God's Green Earth.
We have so much abundance. You find an airplane over most places in the country or the world. There's nobody there.
We're all fighting over resources. Look at Ukraine. Russia is openly declaring war now, shipping in 300,000 troops on the verge of nuclear conflict.
And here we are with the resources for everybody. We just work together. We keep killing each other.
And that's what there was between Christ and the devil or barbarism versus the Renaissance. Just take a look right here.
One tree alone produces hundreds of delicious, amazing apples a month.
Apple pies, you name it, all the vitamin C, everything you need. You could live off these we need to.
And it's right here in the palm of our hand. 100 years ago, 90% of people in the U.S. were self-sufficient and didn't take care of themselves on a farm.
Today it's 10% or less. That's a time bomb. That's a great reset.
Synthetic foods, GMO, taking us off the land.
They want genetic engineering. They want Franklin foods. We've been given God's green earth. We've got to recognize we've already been given heaven.
But we've got to take that victory and that destiny in our hands instead of all this idiocy.
We have powerful creptilies that are threatened by human destiny that are playing us off against each other. And it's just that simple.
It's a little bit of a switch and realizing that productivity in working together and being strong, not being run over, not being productive,
and building up a real economy based on agrarian farming society that Thomas Jefferson talked about when he went.
The power of people is spoiled. This is what God gave us in Mother Earth. This is a big treat.
And that's what M4 War stands for. So, Sunday, forest-based, spend time in nature, grow a small garden.
It's that first step to a bigger world. The global is when you lock in your house in a VR fake reality.
You want to counter the Prozac, counter the television screen sickness from Netflix. Just start putting your feet in the mud.
Just start taking a swim in a river. Just start going out in nature under the stars at night and you will break the spell.
They have a, believe me, because I've been through it and I broke their spell as well by bathing in God's incredible creation.
And one last point. God did just give us the fish of the sea and the cows of the land and the birds of the air and all this great fruit.
All these great vegetables. God gave us our children and our wives and husbands. The humanities are greatest value.
So when we abort and kill our children, we're throwing away the most incredible harvest we've got for the future.
So don't throw away these apples. Don't cut down these trees and stop killing our children.
So don't ever, as dark as the hour is and as out of control things are, don't you ever not realize how important you are in what you've done with your word of mouth and your action.
And I'm talking to people that went to that puppet courthouse in Connecticut, put in four stickers up everywhere. We commend you.
So we are in this public courthouse, yeah?
That's what you're referring to?
It's not mostly a peaceful protest where they burn down two million dollars, but that's good. But they can serve us, put up stickers and we're bad.
I know we all need to go to prison.
Why don't we talk about cryptocurrency?
Because one of the ways that you encourage your audience to give you money is in cryptocurrency donations, right?
And you have a page on your website that's just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
infowars.com forward slash crypto.
Is that a little advertisement just there?
Well, we're fighting the deep state. We need money.
Okay. All right.
This is it. Give crypto fun infowars. Sponsor us with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right?
That will end up as a clip on your show tonight.
Your advertisement for your cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight.
So I mean, I hope whoever the big whales are, they'll give us money before we keep going.
We'll just keep, we'll just keep.
I mean, see money as you're in this courtroom.
All right, let's move on.
And people care about the first amendment.
Well, my good friend, one of the smartest people I know, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, criminal lawyer, historian joins us for the next hour.
Thank you so much for joining us, Robert.
We're going to obviously get into the show trial.
They admit as the template to take down everybody else.
And your analysis as you did the last two weeks, live coverage of it in a fabulous job with massive viewership on your own platform.
And then after we cover this for 20 minutes or so, I want to get to the huge developments that I know you're also at the tip of the spear on suing Pfizer with whistleblowers and other things.
Adams to sunset private sector vaccine mandate.
I had some New York police off duty as our security.
They were really excited about this.
They told me about it a few days ago before even announced it.
Also, U.S. Supreme Court to consider case against COVID vaccine mandate for New York City.
The military has stopped it in four branches, but not the Coast Guard.
And it's even more important news when it comes to their fake prosecutions.
Matt Gaetz framed Matt Gaetz frame up collapses, DOJ prosecutors recommend no charges due to credibility questions of main witness.
A woman who's like 20 something years old now saying she had sex with him when she was 17, but he didn't know.
And then there's no proof of that.
That's not child trafficking.
That's not pedophilia, ladies and gentlemen.
So they protect Jeffrey Epstein's Johns.
They don't release the list of them and they act like Matt Gaetz is a pedophile because years and years and years ago, he was at some party on a Caribbean island with a bunch of strippers.
Well, I'm not saying that's perfect.
It's not a smart move, but he wasn't even in politics then hanging out with a bunch of strippers.
It's not pedophilia.
So this is a big deal.
We'll be getting to that coming up as well.
And so much more.
Robert Barnes joins us.
Robert will also obviously get into Russia.
The huge escalation there that is the big central story that their national drafting announced Putin saying I'm not bluffing threatening nuclear war.
That's coming up this hour as well.
I think it's important front and center to talk about this show trial and your observations of this and where you see this going because I don't want to be over positive.
They got a bunch of crying parents.
We're barred from putting forward evidence, but a lot of former judges and current judges and a lot of people called my lawyers and said, wow, this blew up in their face.
This is not going well.
Chris Matty's dad is a famous lawyer.
He's the main lawyer against me blew up at him.
It was screaming at him Thursday after I left the stand in front of everybody.
They are completely freaked out.
They're asking me to be sanctioned and all the rest of it for doing press conferences.
They don't think it went well, but start wherever you want because this is a historic case, obviously, and the blueprint to take everybody else down.
So lay it out for us.
Yeah, I mean, it's a show trial.
It is a classic version of a show trial.
I mean, even the Soviets would be embarrassed by aspects of this show trial.
And what I mean by that is it's a trial where you're not allowed to have your day in court.
The American system of justice is all about everybody gets their quote day in court, so much so that it's a common term of colloquially used in everyday terminology.
And yet that is precisely what they've stripped you and denied you from doing.
You can't even say the name Hillary Clinton.
You can't say certain words.
You can't claim you're innocent.
She even the judge even instructed that you couldn't even say anything beyond yes or no.
I mean, that's how ludicrous it was.
And why is that and then you've had a bunch of evidence presented that is absolutely nothing to do with compensatory injury, which purportedly is what this trial is limited to the almost all the evidence.
I mean, they were talking about Ukraine.
They were talking about big tech.
They're talking a lot about you.
They're talking a lot about infowars.
They're not talking about what damages individual plaintiffs suffer.
I mean, let's be clear.
Just interject here.
They showed a magazine we put out with Obama on the cover saying Obama comes for your guns.
Let them talk about how I didn't like Obama in case jurors were Democrats.
And when my lawyer tried to come back and cross examine the judge said no politics.
I mean.
Oh, it's very much scripted.
And there's the point of this whole trial is to present a trial where only one side is allowed to present their case.
And it's the part of the case that's not considered relevant for this stage of the trial.
And that's that's exactly what's taking place.
And fortunately, you were able to successfully resist their effort for you to play to their script for you to stick to their tail for you to play the villain in their role.
Because the truth of the matter, it's why they could never afford a trial on the merit.
That's why they could never give you your day in court as we've seen presented.
I mean, the lead witness was an FBI guy who knew nobody who died that day.
Why is he suing?
What is he?
He's still in the FBI FBI lawyer and FBI lawyer suing Alex Jones.
And he admitted that I never said his name and he never heard of me until the suit.
When he said on the stand, he didn't identify a single statement and he heard you make that caused him any distress.
He didn't report any of that that I saw on the stand at all.
And he's their lead witness, their lead plaintiff in this case.
That speaks volumes to what's going on.
You have a FBI lawyer helping to initiate and instigate this case suing for things like consumer fraud when he didn't buy a product or anything from Info Wars.
Suing for defamation and libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress when he never heard Info Wars mentioned him at all ever.
And he couldn't even identify what statement it was by Info Wars that caused him distress.
That shows you how nuts and his own testimony rebutted the plaintiff's theory, which is the Sandy Hook Denier community.
Long predated and long post dated anything Alex Jones or Info Wars ever said about the subject for a moment.
And so this has nothing to do with you.
They're trying to blame you for the actions of other people that they can't even tie or connect to you because it doesn't even line up chronologically.
So it exposed their whole case in a quick easy nutshell.
And then you add to that that they have had all this evidence.
I mean, how was a default judgment issued on the theory that you didn't produce discovery when they have more discovery than any plaintiff has ever had in the history of libel lawsuit.
They have all the banking, all the text messages, all the emails, the daily orders, which they cherry picked the few biggest days to make our viewers that we have plenty of money.
They have and they're showing it and then we're not allowed to say we gave them evidence.
Not allowed to say you're innocent.
Not allowed to say their whole theory of the case is wrong and bogus.
It is what Norm Pattis described it as in the opening statement in the case, your lawyer.
What Norm said is that this is an attempt to weaponize private grief into political profit.
And by the way, let me just commend you.
You were on the case for about a year, but you had so many cases and it was in multiple states that you bowed out.
You're the guy that hired Norm Pattis and he's definitely done a really good job.
Yeah, Norm is a great old school civil rights lefty.
He's like Dershowitz.
He's one of those people that actually part of the old left, the Berkeley free speech movement that still believes in free speech, that still believes in due process, that still believes in trial by jury,
that still believes in defending the dissidents, the independence, the outspoken voices disfavored by the institutional power and establishment.
And I think what we saw, I mean, everything was grandstanding from the plaintiffs.
90% of the evidence had nothing to do with what supposedly is being tried here.
Any aspect of the defense was mostly precluded in gag.
I have never seen a judge tell a party that they can't answer any question except by yes or no.
And many of those questions were simply not yes or no questions.
There are questions that could not be capable answered yes or no.
And then if you speak out, you're threatened with contempt charges.
If you speak out in front of the courthouse and exercise your First Amendment in front of the courthouse, they're attacking you and wanting to sanction you for that.
And remember, she said, you can't speak to these eight things.
You're innocent, bankruptcy, Remington settlement, any of that.
And no other lawyers won't ask you that.
That's all Mattie did.
Oh yeah, absolutely, because what he, the goal was to prescript the trial.
So the judge says you can't answer in certain ways.
The judge is allowing the lawyer to ask a lot of questions and go into a lot of evidence that has nothing to do with damages, nothing to do with compensatory injury.
And yet, that was the goal.
It's very much what show trials were all about.
Show trials were about scripting something for public theater.
And that's what this entire case has been about because the court has ignored basic rules of due process and trial by jury and rules of evidence in the process.
Not allowing complete, the rule of completeness, for example, requires they present your entire statement as to a subject.
They're refusing to do that, not allowing you to present it through contrast with it, not allowing impeachment material.
I mean, for example, I was waiting to hear from any of the plaintiffs how they, that their injury was caused by something you said or did.
And instead, what I heard were stories that didn't mostly relate to you at all.
And it's like, what, I mean, this is, I mean, they're now not only eviscerating First Amendment protections in order to undermine Second Amendment outspokenness in America while getting rid of due process under the Fifth Amendment,
right to counsel protections under the Sixth Amendment, right to trial by jury under the Seventh Amendment, all of those things.
They're also now trying to selectively say that if you say certain things and somebody else does something, you're responsible for what those things are.
But only if you're on the wrong political side, even if they have no causal connection.
How are people harassing Sandy Hook parents related to anything InfoWars said when InfoWars had said nothing about Sandy Hook?
And by the way, they have no evidence of anybody harassing him.
It's all literally, the only person I ever said his name is Robbie Parker.
And I said, the internet thinks this is fake. Here's the clip.
I said Sandy Hook happened for like a year. The internet didn't believe it. Our listeners said, please look into this.
So I said, let's look into it. So the idea that I can't even question is just insane.
I can't get into attorney client stuff, obviously, Robert, but they were calling our lawyers back there yesterday morning.
They were in full panic. They were on the ropes and they basically didn't even want me to testify yesterday and didn't know what to do.
And we said, yeah, we'll just come back and we're able to quote, present our case, even though we're handcuffed and straightjacketed and restricted next week.
Why even have, you know, Norm do a cross examination on the limited stuff?
Maddie said, because Maddie crapped the bed in Norm Pattison's words, but they were in complete panic.
Even the media agreed that it blew up in their face. Chris Maddie went completely insane.
We'll play the clip coming up here in a few minutes. Where do you see all this going?
Well, I mean, I think their script is not going to plan because their script is false and that's their problem.
And so they're trying to and because Norm Pattison has refused to go along with their effort to script this trial and and you refuse to go along with efforts to limit your ability to defend yourself adequately as you're constitutionally entitled to within the rules.
They're not having success and you're seeing their emotional frustration be publicly expressed.
I mean, to be honest with you, from a pure legal perspective, law lawyer perspective, this has been very incompetent representation.
I mean, these parents have had ineffective representation. I understand that this is a very politically powerful connected law firm in Connecticut.
But I heard from many people who are on the plaintiff's side in this case, who thought that the plaintiff's lawyer was terrible.
And it's because he's more politically motivated to prosecute this case. It appears to me that he is actually getting to truth or justice because actual justice would rule against him and actual truth is in fact against him.
And that's why he can't that's why he's stuck in this situation trying to do a Soviet style, Stasi style, Cuban Fidel Castro style show trial, but can't achieve it because the truth is still leaking out anyway.
The emotional truth, the normative truth, the factual truth, all coming out that these are mostly drummed up charges based on a false fake narrative that never happened.
Alex Jones and Info Wars didn't make money off Sandy Hook. Alex Jones and Info Wars were not the originators, instigators or primary propagators of any second guessing of Sandy Hook.
The main 99% of what Info Wars published and printed in broadcast is that Sandy Hook happened.
The question was, I mean, they can't even understand what the Reichstag fire is. They can't even understand what a false flag is.
A false flag originated from pirates, putting up a false flag to trick the both they were about to hijack and loot.
That doesn't mean the looting didn't happen or the hijacking didn't happen. A false flag is an event that did in fact happen, but the cause and the culprit are inaccurately identified.
And that is precisely what's been taking place and what were the issues concerning Sandy Hook, which is it turns out the politicians pocketed the money rather than put school safety first.
And if they had done so, if they'd done something as simple as allow teachers to lock the inside of the doors of the bathrooms inside their classrooms, be able to lock the inside of the doors into their classrooms,
be able to have other means of self-defense available, such as trained people with guns in the teachers and school safety personnel.
Then the reality is a lot of those kids are alive today, but the politicians couldn't let that message get out.
And the reality is the Democratic Party, he didn't like the fact that you put up a poll at InfoWars that asked what might be a future false flag.
But that's because what's the political reality right now? The political reality right now is the more school shootings happen, the more plaintiffs lawyers like his firm profit,
the more school shootings happen, the more the Democratic Party with their good and control agenda profit, they don't have an incentive to maximize school safety.
And that's why they're, that's why they covered up what happened at Sandy Hook and the school safety inadequacy that took place there.
And it's also why they're voting against school safety bills in Congress as we speak.
And that's why they're lobbying against it in state legislatures across the country.
Uvaldi didn't have to happen, other school shootings didn't have to happen if we would have implemented better school safety techniques.
And the big one is who's been the big profiter from school shootings? The media, the media knows from multiple studies that the reason why these nut jobs are attacking schools is because that's the easiest and quickest way to get major notoriety.
The media knows that if they gave them no coverage, didn't mention them their name, didn't put their face out there, didn't talk about them at all, that school shootings would dramatically reduce.
And yet what do they do? They actually double down and increase the coverage of school shootings.
Because why? Because it puts money in their pocket. It drives rating. That's who profited off of Sandy Hook. That's who profited off the shooting on Sandy Hook.
That's who profited from the cover up of aspects of Sandy Hook. The institutional media, the people that are aligned with the plaintiff's lawyers in this case politically.
And that is exactly what's really transp- and they can't talk about that. They can't talk about true school safety.
They can't talk about one of the things on the very first night that Sandy Hook happened, you were talking about we should be looking at big pharma.
We should be looking at the mental health crisis of young men in America. We should be looking at a culture that celebrates and glorifies violence amongst young men.
That we should be looking at the and we should be looking at school safety network. What we shouldn't be looking at is Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans.
And they've always been outraged by that because they wanted to blame the gun rather than let the world know big pharma has culpability here.
Because the way in which young men are being medicated on some of these drugs is often backfiring and has side effects they often don't fully know about or meaningfully remediate.
They don't want to talk about inadequacies of school safety because that didn't pay to the Democratic politicians and political class in Connecticut.
And they don't want to talk about culture that glamorizes violence because it's a culture they profit from.
And they don't want to talk about media glamorizing these individuals that commit these horrible crimes because big media profits a lot of the pockets the cash the most from anybody.
And that's why they had to blame the gun and blame Alex Jones. They couldn't blame the shooter. They couldn't blame mental health. They couldn't blame school safety.
They couldn't blame big pharma. And they needed to continue to happen because it's the only way they'll continue to politically profit off of these school shootings.
And that's what's disturbing. That's what's maybe most unsettling is a case. It's about preventing the harm from school shootings and the consequences to vulnerable parents is being used to cover up the true culpable parties for this school shooting
and to falsely blame those who are trying to defend constitutional rights and liberties in America. So if we're serious about constitutional rights and liberties we have to defend everything concerning this trial which is implicates 1st Amendment
2nd Amendment 4th Amendment 5th Amendment 6th Amendment 7th Amendment rights. They couldn't have a conscientious trial. They couldn't have a trial that comports with due process.
They couldn't give you your day in court even with a liberal Democratic Connecticut jury pool because they knew that the truth even with that liberal Democratic jury pool would set you free.
Would determine that justice is on your side not the plaintiff's lawyer side trying to politically weaponize family grief for their personal and political profit. And that's what they couldn't have the world know.
And that's why they've gone to such great lengths to strip you of your right to your day in court.
Robert Barnes I've got a few clips I want to play but there was that whole exchange with me and Maddie the full thing has been put on Twitter but it's like five minutes long where he's screaming at me he's yelling at me.
He's freaking out. And I call him an ambulance chaser. He doesn't know what to say. Why is everyone even on their side saying this was such a disaster for them.
Because there's a tactical way to approach this. In other words you know if he was motivated by protecting the interest of his clients first then that's a very different.
Well one there's really no relevance to your testimony because at this point it's only about compensatory injury. Right. So even putting you on the stand is about grandstanding political theater by the plaintiff's lawyer for his personal political profit.
Not for the gain and interest of his clients relevant material to the trial. So that's part one. But part two is his approach would focus on whatever injury he believes that they have suffered and discussing those issues with you.
Maddie's talking about you know what your views on a whole bunch of topics. Your view you're polling on whether things might happen whether it may be a false flag event before the midterms.
He's asking you about other products you do. He's asking you generic products. He's trying to misattribute and misallocate blame by trying to blame you for the actions of third parties you have nothing to do with.
He's also trying to pretend that info wars is successful or what he got any level of public support from Sandy Hook. Everybody who follows in force knows that's false. Knows it's always been false.
Sandy Hook didn't make money for info wars. Sandy Hook cost money for info wars. He knows that. So he's got to try to hide and lie in grandstand. But because he's dealing from a deck of deceit he cannot come across as a credible authentic truthful voice in the courtroom.
And that's why he continued to look bad is because he was unable to trap you. He was unable to provoke you into the caricatured response they imagine you are. And he was unable to get away with constant lies in the manner and method in which he made his presentation.
And as he couldn't get away with it in his grandstand vision of this political theater where he's the hero at the end of the documentary in the film he lost it. And that's and that's why people watching her like hold on a second.
I thought this was about parents. I thought this was about emotional injury. I thought this was about undisputed dishonesty. I'm not seeing any of that. I'm seeing politics politics politics theater theater theater because that's in fact what the plaintiffs council has always been about.
They have used these parents for the gain of the political class with which they are aligned and the political causes which which they are assigned. That's the reality of it.
I want to get in. I want to get into Matt Gates. I want to get into covid and their ongoing forced inoculations failing around the country. I want to hit the Russia escalation.
It's obviously the central big point here. But in a few more minutes of this why did Democrats in the deep state not think two three four steps ahead or are they because like fat people at a buffet.
Three trials. One's already happened in Texas. One is in the middle right now in Connecticut. Another in months here in Texas and the longer they run show trials. It's one thing to run one.
People started questioning. Now they're really seeing its rigged and everybody realizes they're being conned. So they're pairing very close attention now by the third one everybody's going to know it's rigged and it's going to blow up with their face.
I mean that as a lay person. That's what I see Robert. Oh exactly. And it was you know when I was telling people for months that these are show trials that these are based on a fake narrative.
It's a fake case. And it's a fake case because it's a narrative that's false. It's a narrative that's fictional. It's a narrative that was never true. Info wars didn't stalk anybody. Info wars didn't send people to stalk anybody.
Info wars didn't even talk about almost everybody suing ever. Info wars mostly did not was a critic as Paul Joseph Watson the editor in this entire time frame was a critic of the Sandy Hook Denier movement.
Info wars was a restraint on the Sandy Hook Denier movement. The infos made no money off of the Sandy Hook Denier movement. We had debates. We had on air debates on who was right.
Absolutely. Indeed people were mad at you calling you Beau Bridges saying that you were fake because you were critical of the Sandy Hook Denier movement for so long and so often and so many other people were at Info War.
And the reality is the reason why that the people went to conspiracy theories in the Denier movement was because the politicians in Connecticut were covering up their complicity and culpability in the inadequacy of school safety.
That's why they're destroying the school. That's why they're hiding information from the sunshine laws. That's why they're not producing information pursuant to freedom of information act or open records act request.
That triggered a lot of people's conspiracy theories. They end up being wrong in their conclusion. But there was in fact cover up taking place by the political class in Connecticut.
And the only case the Connecticut courts didn't allow to go forward was the one that exposed the schools for inadequate school safety. They allowed seventy three million dollars shakedown of a gun manufacturer's insurers.
And now they're allowing another effort to now by the way the judge bars me from letting him know about that. Here's the clip that sandwich put out. He said he's a lawyer as well courtroom drama.
You won't see in a show and this is real. Here is just part of the meltdown of Chris Matting.
That's the real Robert Parker isn't it? I mean I said years ago I thought I was saying it again.
Robert Parker sitting right here. He's real isn't he? Yes. And for years you put a target on his back didn't you?
Objection in the form of that judge. Well I mean I didn't you. I better not say his name. It's true. I haven't said other people say as many as they are.
You put a target on his back just like you did every single parent and loved one sitting here didn't you? No I didn't. No you didn't.
You didn't ask argumentative. There's no there's speculative. There is no foundation for it and it's inappropriate.
He's a real people. You know I think you just owe him a lot. Just like all the Iraqis but you liberals kill and love.
It's just you're unbelievable. You switch on emotions on and off when you want. It's just ambulance chasing.
Why don't you show a little respect? Objection judge I think that if you get what you give in this form. Objection.
You have families in this form here that lost children, sisters, wives, moms.
This is a struggle session. Are we in China? I've already said I'm sorry hundreds of times and I'm done saying I'm sorry.
I didn't regenerate this. I wasn't the first person to say it. American governors might be in blame for this as the left did.
So we rejected it mentally and said it must not be true. But I legitimately thought it might have been staged and I stand by that and I don't apologize for it.
And don't apologize Mr. Jones. Please don't apologize.
I've already apologized to the parents over and over again. I don't apologize to you.
You're going to do it again. Objection judge.
Objection. Objection argumentative.
Well, it's hard for me to get a word and then twice.
It is, but I think there's one officer in the court and one witness in the court or a new judge.
And I can't rule on your attorneys. Excuse me.
I can't rule on your attorneys.
And then she went on to act like my lawyer and me did it.
What do you make of part of that exchange, Robert Barnes?
Well, the judge has shown a lack of judicious temperament throughout the proceeding. I think the entire case has been an embarrassment and a shame on the American civil justice system.
This is a show trial that even the Soviets would be ashamed of.
And the court has not maintained any control over plaintiffs counsel whatsoever.
And that's why these things are happening.
Barnes, I'm getting this other clip ready. Keep giving your analysis.
Absolutely. So I mean, what you saw in that proceeding throughout, you've seen attempts by the judge to not grant to grant objections made by the plaintiffs counsel without any basis being identified.
Right. So for those folks out there in the law, you don't, you can't just say objection. You have to say objections, certain rule or certain evidentiary basis.
She wasn't even requiring until this week a basis. The plaintiffs counsel would just get up and say objection. She would just brand it, sustain it, but without any analysis, any argument, or even the legal basis being listed.
It was just embarrassing. It was something like out of idiocracy.
The judge in idiocracy has looked more fair and more impartial than this judge in Connecticut had.
And it's because of the sort of political partisan professional class prejudice against populist and populist voices in America. That's also part of it.
But it's also part and parcel of we cannot have these public tragedies and traumas, the events whereby people use those for political partisan gain.
And let's be clear.
And then say they're not political like they had this FBI agent never said his name, you know, who he was. He had never talked about on the show, never showed an image of him, but he's suing me and it gets up there and attacks me and cries.
Then they have a counterterrorism expert up saying, I'm this mastermind Lex Luthor, but he's a guy actually involved in real psyops. It's just totally insane.
The reason our information is powerful is we're saying drag queen pedophile times wrong, open borders is wrong, fentanyl is wrong, war with rush is wrong.
The power of the propaganda is is true. The power of the information is people agree.
I'm just a regular guy who gets on the air and covers news and that's what they're afraid of because I'm not taking orders from them.
Here's another clip with your big hit partner with your syndicated show, Viva Fry saying, I'm watching all the shows testimony from yesterday.
What is going on is truly making a mockery of the judicial system. This is a key clip here at us.
I can go in and I can pull up reports myself, but I've not been doing that because I don't we don't.
Who's doing it now when you do get it? Does anybody send judge? I'm not allowed under the judge's order to tell you about what happened to my company.
That's not true, Mr. Jones. What I'm asking you is who sends you daily sales reports?
He's answered, asked and answered several times.
I didn't get the answer, so can you say it again?
Okay, you're telling me to answer the question.
Right, so I'm going to excuse the jury again. You're going to get your exercise today for those of you who worship this.
So just put your pads down and you'll follow up.
I think he's following the rules here. I think he was probably going to say it's one of the bankruptcy.
Just the bankruptcy people are in control of it.
Who sends you the daily sales reports?
That was nice and loud.
That caused the identity of a person.
No, no, so in fairness to Mr. Jones, you could have said whatever the lingo is for a bankruptcy.
Yes, until yesterday, the CRO, the bankruptcy is in full control of everything.
And then it's not responsive to my question.
Because I can't see it.
So the question, no, you did the right thing.
You asked who gets the daily sales reports now, and if the answer was the bankruptcy person, then he knows he's not supposed to say that.
I said who sends you daily sales reports?
He says no one does. When he gets them, he gets them from the bankruptcy people.
I don't think he said no one does, but that's correct.
All right, so what do you propose to do?
Because he's following the rules.
Now, the reason that's so important is it's now the bankruptcy CRO, who the court removed for other reasons just a week ago or a few days ago.
Now, I don't get them every day.
I get like every three or four days, I got to call them because it goes to their bank and I've got to then get the report.
I don't get it live time anymore.
That's what bankruptcy is.
But that's not the issue.
She's barred me from talking about this.
He knows that and he brings that up knowing she's threatened me with criminal contempt, six months in jail, if I tell them.
And she promised, oh, he's not going to be allowed to ask you these questions, but he still does it, Barnes.
This is just, it just shows how we're straightjacketed here.
Oh, completely.
And it's a, like you said, show trial.
Everything about this is for political public theater.
Everything about this is to try to induce additional sanctions for the court to misuse and abuse its power as it already has in this case throughout.
And so it reveals the true motives also of the case.
If the case was about public justice for the parent, 90% of the trial wouldn't have happened.
Take that expert, as you mentioned, that expert actually testified under penalty of perjury that big tech never manipulates anything.
That it's other people who manipulate big tech.
Can you imagine saying that under penalty of perjury?
I mean, that is perjure testimony.
No competent expert could say that honestly under penalty of perjury.
So you have a so-called expert up there lying under oath who's going to face no consequences for it because of how corrupt the Connecticut legal political system has become in recent years.
And Connecticut unfortunately has a long history of political corruption.
In this kind of case, whereas you're being targeted, if you simply answer the question, if you simply defend yourself adequately, you're being, and this was the whole case.
This is how default came about.
I mean, default came about because if you said you were innocent and did not have evidence of your guilt because you were innocent, they said, aha, that proves that you're guilty and we have to default you.
That's how nuts this has been.
It's been nuts. I mean, this has been inquisition style justice.
And it's an I don't know of any American case that has been this egregious in its public display.
After we have people like Nick Rakeda, who's one of the lead lawtubers that covers trials, cover the written house trial, Johnny Depp trial, etc.
He because he started covering this trial because he was outraged by what he was witnessing.
It's like this is all insanity.
I mean, he just watched part of your testimony and the judge's behavior and plaintiff's counsel behavior said plaintiff's counsel's behavior was outrageous.
And the judges refusal to discipline him was the entire source of the issues.
Well, that's what Norm told me this morning.
He said, if I did what Maddie did, I would have been arrested.
And she didn't even overruling.
And she's not disciplining him at all.
She's not sanctioning him at all.
There he is caught directly asking a question.
He knew he was prohibited and agreed he would not ask.
And when he's caught, he just keeps asking it over and over and over and over again.
I mean, it reveals the end.
And why?
And he put in the filing that I couldn't mention financials or bankruptcy.
So you have a judge who's the whole goal is you're only allowed to give the answers they want you to give.
If you don't, they go ballistic, demand contempt, demand sanctions, demand some other action.
While they themselves are asking the questions they know that you can't answer.
Or if you do answer honestly, you can get sanctioned for.
It's insane at multiple levels.
This whole trial is a joke.
I mean, this trial, 90% of the evidence has nothing to do with what's supposedly on trial.
Almost none of it has to do with I'm a plaintiff.
This happened to me.
Here's how it happened to me.
Here's who caused it.
Here's how I suffered.
That's that's 10% of the testimony.
And the 90% is why Alex Jones is bad and dangerous and must be shut up.
And that's what the plaintiff's lawyer said in his opening statement.
He defined justice as shutting you up.
He defined justice as you never being able to get to a microphone ever again, just like you showed in that clip.
What is he obsessed with?
He's obsessed with you being able to have a voice in the future.
He's obsessed with it.
And that has nothing to do with the Sandy Hook case.
So Mars, let me raise this because I want to play a clip and then finish up with this and move on to geopolitics in Russia and Ukraine and the economy and pick your brain about Matt Gaetz and all of it.
What do you think this is going to do in the short term, midterm and long term?
Because obviously the judge is starting to panic.
Obviously, Matt, he's panicking. He's being criticized everywhere. If people see my God, this is really a kangaroo court that even mainline legal analysts who are Democrats are going, this is really embarrassing.
I mean, what did they think was going to happen when they did this?
They thought their show trial would look like a Soviet style show trial that it would play to their script.
And they don't know how to handle it when Norm Patis refuses to forfeit his duties and obligations of advocacy for his client.
They don't know how to handle it when you refuse to answer dishonestly and insist on answering honestly.
I mean, as you pointed out, you know, he was like, oh, aren't you just obsessed with your perception?
You're like, no, I'm obsessed with beating globalists. That's what I'm obsessed with.
And he can't answer. He can't respond or retort because that doesn't fit their script and they don't know how to react when their script isn't going to script.
And so he was projecting because all he cares about is looking at the camera being a cutie cake when, no, I'm ready to die for this.
I mean, I'm trying to tell the truth. I'm a good guy. Sometimes they get overzealous, but I care about defeating them.
That's the mission. I'm is defeating you, Jackass.
Absolutely. It's defeating this agenda that would strip us of our core rights and liberties in every this case is a perfect emblematic example of it.
It not only implicates First Amendment freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of association and the Second Amendment right to self defense.
That is depends on the First Amendment's ability to keep it robustly protected in the court of public opinion.
But it's the right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment because a lot of information was forced to be disclosed.
It should not have been legally or constitutionally. It's the Fifth Amendment right to do process, which is being denied on a regular basis.
And unlike you said, a lot of top lawyers are seeing this, but wait, all his evidence is on the screen. How is he defaulted?
Exactly. I mean, that's because they all bought the media narrative that, oh, Jones never participate in discovery. Now he's told me that's a complete lie.
You produced more discovery than any defendant in the history of a media libel case.
I've challenged people for over a year now to produce any case where somebody was defaulted who produced the amount of discovery you did,
or to produce any case where a media defendant produced as much discovery as you did.
Does anybody think the New York Times and the Project Veritas case and the Sarah Palin case and the Coving, Nicholas Sandman case, Covington case,
did they had to produce their financial information? I've seen no evidence.
No, they won't even produce their emails about Project Veritas.
Exactly. They'll produce nothing.
Correct. I mean, and what we're seeing is this political weaponization of the legal system with judges who don't enforce the law
and don't discipline rogue plaintiff and prosecutor lawyers that they're politically aligned with and jury pools that are very tainted.
I mean, you look at that Project Veritas verdict in the District of Columbia yesterday, that these are the kind of cases that are going to come about
because they're doing what the Southern corrupt political apparatus did during the 1950s, which is weaponize the legal system,
weaponize law enforcement, weaponize the justice system to suppress dissident speech on civil rights and civil liberties.
And that's how New York Times versus Sullivan came about. It was a huge verdict that was in excess of any reason or proportionality
because the jury pool wanted to punish civil rights people.
And unlike your case, in that case, they actually got a bunch of facts wrong.
I mean, it wasn't like NAACP and other civil rights organizations were purely innocent in that case. They made mistakes.
But the Supreme Court was like, hold on a second.
This is obvious over political weaponization of the state power of judicial control over people through the civil tort system.
That's going to gut First Amendment civil rights and free speech and free press in America unless we put a limit on it.
And that's exactly when they're reopening that door all over again in this case.
Robert, any constitutional right, you have to object to this case.
Let me do this. This is the final point. I want to head on this.
We're going to put a little clip and come back from Reagan, get it all the other huge news because that's where you're really going to shine here.
I want your view on Russia and the economy and Matt Gaetz and the midterms of 45 days and so much more.
But take Elizabeth Williamson.
This woman is a Sandy Hook groupie.
This woman writes her book, tries to make money on Sandy Hook, uses me of it.
She goes around for years and says stuff that's not true or twisted about me constantly.
We never really follow her.
But yesterday, I'm about to leave the Airbnb I met because we decided not to do the cross examination and just do my own case next week.
And one of my security guys walks over and says, look, here's the New York Times.
It's all over the news saying your lawyer just attacked you in court and said, you're a horrible person.
Everything you say is fake. You did a terrible job.
And so that's why you're not testifying today.
So I call Norm. He calls back in 10 minutes at a break.
He goes, he starts literally freaking out.
He said, we didn't even talk about you in the court case.
I mean, it was behind the, it was, you know, it was in chambers and, you know, they want to cancel this.
They're on the ropes. I didn't say that.
I think you did a great job. Everybody's calling me. He said, you did a great job.
He goes, you're joking.
And I sent her the text and he literally said he lost control.
He started screaming at her when he saw her in the hallway.
And so she says, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done it.
I'm thinking, Norm, I want to trust you, but it's hard to believe she'd lie that bad.
He goes, I'm telling you, she's going to retract. It's a lie.
She then said, I'm sorry. I made it up in a tweet.
So she puts it out against 20,000 retweets when I first saw it saying, well, Jones's lawyer says he's horrible.
That's why he's not testifying. He did such a bad job.
I'll show it to you in a moment. The articles on info wars.com.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
It's just like they lied about WMDs in Iraq, the New York Times and knew they were doing it.
They lie on purpose. Everything you're accusing me of.
I imagine if I was a court reporter and I said, this person's lawyer just got up and said their client's a horrible person.
You better be able to back it up.
What insulated world does Elizabeth Williamson live in?
She's basically, in my view, a stalker.
What insulated world do you live in where you go and make up a fake quote on Twitter
not thinking people are going to challenge you?
And the truth is we've not been challenging her.
But now they've gone so far.
Here's the headline. Alex Jones, Sandy Hook Trial, New York Times writer issues correction after tweeting fake news.
And she took the tweet down. She can't see it. We have a screenshot.
Alex Jones, Jones could have testified today, but as his lawyer said in court, didn't say this in court.
I went back and watched the video.
But as his lawyer said in court this morning, he's so badly damaged himself yesterday that he's time away from the jury.
Norm's doing victory laps. Everybody's calling him saying, Chris Manny, crap the bed.
Judges are calling him. Everybody's flipping out.
It's incredible. Everybody agrees. It blew up in their face.
He gets up there and says, well, everybody, you know, we have such a big victory. We're not going to do this.
She goes, I'm not going to let that happen.
So she goes in lies. He would know this is on television. None of it was said. Not even close.
And then deletes the tweet and says this, folks, I'm going to delete this tweet after talking with at Patis Norm Jones lawyer who raised it in the courtroom.
He wouldn't have said it's a lie. The judge would let him say it, though not with me.
I asked him after what's wrong.
He makes the accurate point that he did not say this as I wrote here. I apologize for the error.
It's not an error. You're a lying witch that flew in there on a broom.
I mean, I mean, Norm, Norm was beside. I said, Norm, stop freaking out.
When I told him, he said, he said, I called her in the break and he goes, you're joking. She didn't say that.
He said, we didn't even talk about you in the hearing.
We went back and they decided to recess for the day because they were in shambles.
He goes, he goes, you're joking, right? He didn't believe me.
She literally pulled it out of her butt to say that and think she can do that.
I mean, these people are insane. I know I'm ranting Barnes, but give us your take on this.
What you're seeing is another case of confession through projection.
So here you have a libel case being covered by a journalist for the so-called paper of record in America, the New York time.
And yet she's the one doing the lying and the libeling and the defaming.
So and it reflects a broader pattern because the big allegation by her and big media has been that Alex Jones and Info Wars profited off of Sandy Hook.
When the truth and that doing so will propagate more bad events in the future.
When the truth is, it's big media. It's Elizabeth Williamson. It's the New York Times that profited off of Sandy Hook that profits off of school shootings.
And they know their continued media coverage of it, their glorification and glamorization effectively with mass publication of the shooter increases the risk of future school shootings.
So the reality is it's a classic case of confession through projection. People accusing you of things that they are in fact guilty of.
And that's what this is simply emblematic of. Just as this whole trial has been emblematic of the circus and show trial nature of these legal proceedings for political weaponized purposes.
Her interaction, this one event is a perfect symbol, a sort of truth and a grain of sand to quote Faulkner of the whole nature of the big media's coverage of this case.
No, but I agree. But why would she think she could whole cloth make up something when nothing even was said like that? It was agreed behind chambers is going to happen.
They came out in the journey for the day. And then she just says, well, he just said his client is a joke and had to leave because he messed up so bad.
I mean, maybe like I said, five tornadoes hit Austin today and people go look, no tornadoes were even here. It's like, I mean, my career would be over.
And they just do this like constantly.
It's gaslight. It's gaslight from the old Broadway play that we made the movie that made our popular terminology.
That if you constantly tell somebody false news that they over time believe it just through the act of repetition and your stout, your institutional standing.
And then it just shows how accustomed they are to it. That she felt so comfortable, so at ease, lying about the case.
That that she didn't think there'd be any consequence for her lying about the case until Norm Patis raised it in court and in a press conference.
And then she had to deal with it. Then she had to address it.
But otherwise, you probably never would have because that's what they're used to the New York Times is used to getting away with it.
The federal judges came to their protection and Project Veritas came to their protection Sarah Palin's case came to their protection, Nicholas Sandman case.
So their history of the New York Times is they never suffer consequence when they lie and they libel.
And there's nobody more responsible for actual deaths from fake news than the New York Times over the last century.
Whether you're talking about the Soviet famines, whether you're talking about any dumb war needlessly.
By the way, take your time. Take your time. Soviet famines, they defended Stalin starving millions of death.
Not only that, Walter Duranty won a prize for his coverage for his extraordinary efforts to cover up the scale and scope of people being starved to death in the Soviet Union,
often for targeted reasons like the Cossacks and the Kulaks, who he didn't want to have independent political power against his Soviet state.
This mass murder tens of millions of people covered it up.
The New York Times initially helped cover up Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge, just like Noam Chomsky did in Cambodia.
You show your historical gravitas is amazing. There's a bunch of other examples.
It's not just WMDs. It's not just babies and incubators to launch the first Iraq war. They are the tip of the spear of fraud.
Absolutely. There is no media organization, arguably in the world, whose fake news is more responsible for more harm and more death than the New York Times.
So it's not a coincidence that Elizabeth Williamson, grifting off of Sandy Hook,
personally profiting off the pain of Sandy Hook, would lie in libel about you in a libel trial because it once again reaffirms that if the truth came out, even with a biased jury pool, if the truth came out, they would not get the verdict they want because they've been pitching a fake narrative about...
So let's raise this. I mean, I think Norm is really thinking about legal action against her. This is serious, folks, because this is premeditated pure whole cloth fraud.
What they excuse me of to claim that a lawyer tried to destroy his client, which could destroy his job and his legal career.
I mean, Norm was so angry, he couldn't even believe what I told him and he was just flying off. I mean, I've never seen it. Norm was so angry and Norm was a hothead.
So I am too. I mean, the fact that she thought she could just do this, let's put her picture back up there. I mean, who issues their official photo where it looks like you're a Mars attacks alien?
She's like Brian Stelter. She has no self-awareness of how nut she looks. I mean, Charlie Manson can't make a face like that.
I mean, if I could do eyes like that, I would put myself in a mental institution. I mean, anyone looks at that and says, that is a crazy person. That is a psycho.
That is a crazed lunatic. I know she's hated at the New York Times, but it's serious. She wants to put us out of business. I think the New York Times should fire her.
I mean, really, seriously, she's been caught fabricating whole cloth fake quotes.
Yeah, I mean, I remember a reporter who was fake news for the New York Times who got fired after the Wesley Snipes trial because he went absolutely berserk and ballistic because he was a political partisan hack secretly facilitating wrongful
prosecutions rather than an honest objective independent journalist. And that's just the reality of the New York Times. And especially they keep talking. I mean, they talk about people sort of harvesting the pain of these families.
Who's harvesting the pain of these families? It's these plaintiffs lawyers. It's the press is Elizabeth Williamson for their personal and political and partisan profit.
And it's really disgusting to see. And it's important for people to know out there, but to my knowledge, over 90% of the people who have a relative who died at Sandy Hook, they're not suing Alex Jones.
They're not suing in forward. The vast mass of people refused to go along with this case. Only a small percentage were convinced to go along with this case.
That's another fact he can't have presented to the jury. So it's part of a process where they are the ones responsible for more risk of more mass shootings.
They are the ones responsible for covering up political culpability and complicity and what happened at Sandy Hook where kids lives could have been saved but weren't because of rogue politicians pocketing money for reasons intended originally for school safety.
They're the ones covering up for big pharma and our failed mental health institutions for young men in America. They're the ones profiting off of all of it.
And they want to blame you for standing up for the Second Amendment and they want to blame you for second guessing what the politicians were doing.
And it exposes what the whole case is really about in a simple nutshell.
All right, well said. We're going to come back into 10 more minutes with Robert Barnes on war, on Matt Gaetz, on the vaccines being totally exposed. Huge things are happening. Super dangerous, super negative, super positive.
There's a ton to hit. But here's a little short Gregory's report with just some of the experts excerpts of the judge saying what I couldn't talk about putting handcuffs on me beforehand.
And we'll be right back with Robert Barnes info wars dot com tomorrow's news today.
The biggest concern for the judge in the Alex Jones trial is for the jury to see through their deception.
So before the jury is allowed in, she clearly reminds Jones how he's not allowed to defend himself.
There's certain areas that your attorney is well aware of as is opposing counsel that are not going to be asked about and cannot be testified about.
And I'm more than happy to go over. It's a very short list and I'm more than happy to go over it with you if you want me to.
But if you don't want me to, that's fine too. I'm simply trying to avoid any issues in front of the jury.
I don't want to have any unpleasantness. There's no other way to put it. So that's why I'm willing to do it if you want me to do it.
But I don't have to do it.
Well, please.
Okay, that's enough.
My lawyers, they told me about that.
The yes was enough. That's all I need to know.
And the lawyers know not to ask you these questions. So the only way there would be a problem is if you gave a non responsive answer.
So if I just go over it briefly, I don't think we're going to have any problem at all.
So the lawyers are not going to ask you about, nor can you offer any testimony about the plaintiff's settlements with the former defendants Wolfgang Halbig and Corey Sklenka.
The Soto versus Bushmaster case and who the plaintiff did not sue.
So I understand you may not agree with those rulings and this is just a yes or no answer. Do you understand that you may not testify on those topics?
Okay. So there can be no testimony and there's not going to be any questions, obviously, regarding the maximum amount of Sandy Hook coverage on your shows or the percentage or proportion of Sandy Hook coverage.
But yes or no, do you understand that that's not testimony that you can offer? You're not going to be asked about it and you can't offer it.
Okay. You may not offer testimony and you're not going to be asked about whether you substantially complied or you produced everything or that you challenged the basis for the default ruling.
All of these issues may be the basis for an appeal, but they're not going to be asked, nor can you offer that testimony. Do you understand that?
Okay. Finally, the First Amendment is not an issue in this hearing and damages. No one is going to ask you about the First Amendment.
This is not the appropriate forum for you to offer that testimony. Do you understand that, sir?
Is there anything that prevents you from understanding what we just talked about?
I understand this. I was going to ask you those questions.
Right. They're not going to ask you those questions if they did. I mean, they're officers of the court and they understand the rulings, so they're not going to ask you those questions.
After attacking free speech systems, all American business model, the plaintiffs then focus on a single video that went viral 10 years ago featuring Robbie Parker.
This video was played on Info Wars because it was a viral video, which alone made it newsworthy.
Once the plaintiffs established that Info Wars played this video, they dramatically introduced an emotional Robbie Parker in the courtroom.
The cameras move in for the close-up, shaking with emotion by the mere presence of Alex Jones for playing a viral video.
As far as Alex Jones' crimes, it's not clear what their claim is, but their argument is clear.
According to the plaintiffs, alternative media should not exist and should not be allowed to report the news.
Reporting for Info Wars, this is Greg Rees.
And you've called this judge a tyrant, correct?
Okay. And you actually use that word a lot with your audience. You call people tyrants, don't you?
Only when they act like it.
Oh, my God!
A huge shot!
Oh, my God!
Right hand!
Oh, my God!
That hand is ridiculous!
Oh, my goodness!
Why don't we talk about cryptocurrency?
Because one of the ways that you encourage your audience to give you money is in cryptocurrency donations, right?
And you have a page on your website that is just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
InfoWars.com forward slash crypto.
Is that a little advertisement just there?
Well, we're fighting the deep state. We need money.
All right. This is it. Give crypto fun info wars. Sponsor us with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right?
That will end up as a clip on your show tonight. Your advertisement for your cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight.
So I mean, I hope wherever the big whales are, they'll give us money before we keep doing it.
We'll just keep, we'll just keep minting money as you're in this courtroom.
Catch, catch.
All right, let's move on.
People care about the First Amendment.
Hi, Robert Barnes. Appreciate your time on this live Saturday broadcast.
We're closing comments on this because in Texas and Connecticut, they say we're going to shut him down.
That's our mission, but he can't say we're trying to shut him down.
And they say we're going to use this against everybody else.
I mean, thank God folks are finally starting to get this because I'm getting buzz everywhere that even mainline liberals are going, whoa, this is, this is dangerous.
If they can set the precedent that they can do a show trial in America that even would embarrass the Soviet Union, then they will use it as a precedent.
Just as the platform, the platforming of you, which you're also not allowed to talk about in the trial was the canary in the coal mine is to the intentions of big tech social media censorship control.
This case will be used as the template to use against other politically disfavored dissidents in weaponizing the civil and criminal justice system for politicized partisan purposes that will gut the meaning of our of everybody having their day in court.
Whatever you think of Alex Jones or info wars, everybody's entitled to their day in court, and that's what they're denying you anything that even vaguely resembles your day in court.
All right, what do you want to hit first, the huge vaccine news, the huge Matt Gates frame up collapses news, the Russian news, World War three news, the inflation news and all ties together.
What do you want to hit first?
Well, may I first big news that looks like the US Supreme Court will finally weigh in on the vaccine mandate context, at least as to title seven and the religious right to have a religious objection to it.
Because a lot of courts are waiting on the US Supreme Court to say that this in fact does violate your rights of religious conscience.
If they are actually going to take the New York case, I think the only reason they would do so is to say that the vaccine mandate violates religious rights under the First Amendment and Title Seven Civil Rights Act.
And it's analogous provision. So that could be a very big, big decision.
And that comes right on the right after the big Fifth Circuit decision just last week, which said now people can sue for big tech social media censorship in Texas.
Now, they can get their attorney's fees, they can get certain costs, they can get an injunction, they can get regulatory relief.
So that means anybody who gets censored by Google, by YouTube, by Twitter, by Facebook, by Instagram can now file suit in Texas to get themselves reinstated on those platforms.
If the basis of their exclusion was viewpoint political discrimination.
So that was a huge ruling that hopefully the Supreme Court will affirm if it takes it up at all.
So those are two big rulings. And then a third ruling on the vaccine mandate case came out yesterday.
The state court in New York recognized that the vaccine mandate on firemen and policemen was illegal and was not properly issued and demanded that those people be reinstated.
I met many of them up in New York a couple of months ago. So that too, you know, we're seeing some headway in the vaccine mandate context.
Even Canada has cases docketed to deal with it.
And again, you didn't bring yourself up here, but we need credit. We're credit.
So folks know who's effective. You were involved at the center of the whistleblower to Robert Kennedy and the lawsuits that have gotten the documents out that are bringing them down right now.
The whole agenda is forced inoculation to control the autonomy of your body to put into you what they want.
So there isn't a more important fight other than stopping nuclear war than anybody's involved in.
And we now I was there with several senior New York police officers who were in their off time providing security for us.
We've used for years. Great people almost say who they are.
These are great people, great military veterans as well.
And they told me Thursday they said don't announce it yet.
And then I got busy and never got to it Friday.
We announced it the morning, but the mayor is backing off forced inoculation in New York.
We've just got the word through the police union.
And so sure enough the next morning it broke Adams to sunset private sector vaccine mandates and not make the police department and the fire department and others take it.
I mean, that that shows the pressure everybody's put on them.
And it's outrageous they got this far. But boy, this is a big victory.
Oh, no doubt. And it comes on the eve of the court holding hearings in my case with Robert Kennedy against the FDA for trying to force this vaccine on children as young as six month old.
More medical data keeps pouring out that the vaccine is causing more injury than it prevents, particularly for young people.
And it's causing record levels of excess deaths in certain categories and disability claims in a wide range of categories.
So more and more of the evidence continues to accumulate in our favor, predicting what we said would actually be the case with this vaccine, which is not even a vaccine.
So Barnes, what comes next? Because, you know, I do this, you do this, the listeners do this and I'm not mad at any of us.
I'm just frustrated. If your whole life you live, just the one thing you've done with your Pfizer lawsuit makes your life heroic and a good thing and positive.
I don't think listeners get what they've done supporting you and me. And we all need to kind of not have a victory lap and just go, whoa, we're hurt.
We're bleeding, but man, we're starting to beat some ass here. I mean, you know, we need to realize we've got the initiative right now.
Folks need to get all this gloom and doom is terrible. We're exposing it, but it's to wake people up, not to demoralize folks.
And that we're winning closing comments on that.
Oh, yeah, no doubt about it. I mean, the Pfizer whistleblower suit for Brooke Jackson is the suit that could unwind all of this and expose Pfizer once and for all.
It would be the smart move of President Trump to embrace that suit to be able to say, you know what, I wanted there to be a safe, effective vaccine.
They lied to me. They said it was safe. They said it was effective. They said it was a vaccine. It was none of those things and support Brooke Jackson suit against Pfizer to expose their fraud on the American people.
The FDA suit that we're bringing against the FDA with Bobby Kennedy is going to be going to court.
And I'm now representing Amos Miller, the Amish farmer, because that's the attempt of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to monopolize control of food and what goes into your body.
Oh, they're so afraid of micro farms.
Oh, completely. I mean, they want Bill Gates, Bill Gates synthetic food. I mean, like he's talking about synthetic corn again the other day, they want synthetic food and Bill Gates food to be your only permissible diet.
Yeah, they're anti climate change food is toxic poison. Let's shift gears into this. This to me is huge because I know folks that know Matt Gates years ago.
He's a playboy. They're there. You know, he's he's married now. He's in Congress years ago. He's had some parties, young women.
Now they can't even prove one of them was 17 or 18. How big is it?
Because guys, if you're at a party, you know, years ago and the women say they're of age and they look like they're 25 and one of them 17.
Now they say that whole story is falling apart. None of it's true. They threatened to indict these people. They didn't lie about Gates.
Matt Gates frame up collapses. DOJ prosecutors recommend no charges due to credibility questions of main witnesses. How big is that?
Well, Matt Gates is one of the most important spokespersons against the deep state. He was planning on running for statewide office in Florida.
And right at that time is when they launched this story and launched this investigation. So we're seeing is the Biden Justice Department willing to weaponize every tool they have available.
But their case was so bad because it's also noteworthy that the person who is trying to entrap and extort Matt Gates and his family ultimately pled guilty as well.
So everything Matt Gates said from the get go was true. He said, this is a false claim by people trying to extort my family and blackmail my family into deep state effort to derail my political future.
And that's been in the case. Let's boil it down. They're at an ecstasy party six years ago. They don't even know if Gates took it. They're at a party hotel.
And they then try to claim he's done all these criminal things and they go talk to all the strippers that were there and they say Matt was really nice.
We didn't see him take drugs and he left the party early. So he's at a party with a bunch of people partying. And now he's guilty of screwing kids.
No, he's not. This is all a big lie. And again, they went to all these women and they said no, he didn't even have sex with us.
I mean, well, it was another case of confession to projection because we had the president of the United States yesterday talk on national TV and in a televised in a televised speech about when he was 30 meeting a girl when she was 12 with the obvious
inference being there. So it was confession through projection. I forgot that clip. Guys, I sent it to you. I don't see it on my list. It's everywhere. Type in Biden talks about being 30 and meeting a 12 year old and loving her all the time.
We know we know his second wife of the current first lady. He met when they were 16 and started dating. And again, this is the pedophilia thing. If you're 20 and they're 16, I don't think it's pedophilia.
Okay, going up to 10 year olds and five year olds, that's pedophilia. Okay. And so they play this game of like, Oh, I see these cases where prosecutors go after an 18 year old because he dates the freshman who's 14.
That's not pedophilia. If someone's a teenager, dating a teenager is a pedophilia. Pedophilia is an adult going after children. And they go, Oh, look, Jones is defending pedophilia. No, I'm not.
I've said they should tighten those laws up to explain what's going on here. But I mean, this is just crazy. Here's the Biden clip you're talking about.
I gotta say hi to me. We go back a long way. She was 12. I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done anyway.
He's a well known pedophile. His own daughter says he had sex with him in the diary, which they now admits real. So again, how big is this Matt's gate situation?
It was a failed deep state effort. It was an effort by the deep state to take gates out to at least limit his political aspirations and ambitions.
He's one of the most effective public spokespersons against the deep state. He has independent family money, so he doesn't need their money for anything.
He doesn't need their money for his future career. And that's why they fear him just like Trump. Exactly. Just like the just like they ultimately feared John Kennedy.
I mean, when you have people who don't need your money for power, for prestige, for prosperity, then they are always a threat to your control.
That's why they hate info wars. I'm not a Bob Kennedy, but I have the listener support. They fear any independent operation that has money.
Exactly that someone that you mean that what's unique about info wars, it is entirely an audience supported network.
That is that doesn't have any sugar corporate sugar daddies, big pharma, big advertisers. That's how the institutional media stays co-opted.
That's how they stay bought off propagating a message that serves the interest of big ag, big pharma, big industry, the military industrial complex, the uniqueness of info wars.
It's not only its populist message, but it's populist method of organization and support that people make it its function.
The people make it perform. And that's what's different. I mean, that's why people go to info wars store dot com by a product that they like that.
I mean, what's amazing is watching this trial where they try to make it sound bad that rather than rather than pimp out products, you have no idea about from big pharma that you've reason to believe could hurt people and harm people.
You instead put out products that you believe in that you personally vetted that you believe will make people healthier and wealthier and wiser over time.
So it's extraordinary. This is the model to use. It's a model that is not corrupted by advertiser dollars.
It's also a model that promotes products you can believe in that you think will make people better, make people healthier, make people wealthier.
Just by going to info wars store dot com and substituting in something they're buying from the Amazons, something they're buying from the big farmers, something they're buying from big medicine, something they're buying from big ag and buy it in a way that made in a way they can have confidence in.
They can believe in they can trust and do so at a level that's often cheaper and more affordable than comparable competitors and that makes their life healthier in the process.
That's right. The system is afraid of our own infrastructure. So let me ask you this. I want to be clear. If I found out Trump was on planes with 12 year old girls or 15 year old girls, I would go to war with him.
But he never was. He's not on the flight logs. He didn't fly to Epstein Island and the left just keeps lying and saying that if Trump did have to go after him.
But the Clintons and all these big tech people and Hollywood people did. And so they keep trying to make it about Trump and change the subject. But it's the federal courts and Democratic judges blocking the release of the Johns.
I say release it. And if Trump's on that list and we can prove it, then put him in prison. But that we know that's not there. So again, oh, you know, Trump's screwing kids.
Well, no, it's like 30 year old hookers and, you know, he apologized for it. But he's not a pedophile. It's the same thing with Matt Gates.
You know, because I read the, I read the indictments, I read the articles that they went and canvassed all these parties, all these places Matt Gates went to, they couldn't find anything.
So they made this up. Where do you think Gates goes from here now that he's being vindicated? Because I think you should sue the media. They called him a pedophile and sue the Democrats that did this.
Well, at a minimum, he should utilize this to get back into the game on a broader and bigger scale, because he had kind of receded a little bit from the court of public opinion, did not pursue statewide office in Florida.
I hope he gets closer to the Trump machine, the Trump apparatus, as well as the DeSantis apparatus, and he should be elevated within the Republican Party in terms of public prominence, because he's a critical and essential voice against deep state politics and a critical and
essential voice for populism. He's calling for reform of the FBI, where a lot of other ranking lead Republicans are, you know, cowering and hiding.
Well, yeah, let's talk about why they were so afraid of Matt Gates.
So I mean, he's one of the most important influential critics of FBI corruption, deep state collusion, international war mongering, bad trade policy, woke media and corrupt culture. He's one of the loudest and most consistent critics on all of those things, an outspoken person,
who is unfazed by any aspect of the corruption of Washington or Wall Street. And because his family has independent money, he doesn't need them for his campaign financing. He doesn't need them for his personal well being.
He doesn't need this for for his political future. And that makes him a unique threat to the deep state. His willingness, readiness and means of fighting them is someone that poses probably the biggest congressional threat to deep state prerogatives.
He's a well spoken, very articulate, has a good presentation. That's what they try to use against him. I mean, they try to use the perception of his personality and popularity of his personality somehow meant something bad and nefarious.
So it was all a hit job. It was all a smear job. It was all bogus criminalized lawfare. And it's all failed. The people who are trying to extort them are going to prison.
He, they're not even bringing charges because there was no grounds for the charges to be brought in the first place. So it's a complete vindication of Matt Gates. And I hope he leverages this to continue to rise within the Republican Party.
President Trump should incorporate him more often in public presentations and as part of his campaign team. Then Trump is less likely to make bad decisions along the way.
I totally agree. So, so let's raise this in closing at the Russian news and let you go and do a great job of our Barnes. You watch the trial. I don't know if you caught this part. You covered most of it live and it was viral.
Chris Matty, the Democratic Party operative, literally gets up there over an hour and brings up how we gave them total discovery, which is not allowed to say we gave them discovery of the 280 something thousand emails with key search terms they gave.
Weeks after they fall suit on us in 2018, we're sent a bunch of emails saying, I want to get you. I want to hurt you. We're going to kill you. Alex Jones for Sandy Hook and embedded because we're not tech people.
There are secret embedded links, just links to child porn.
So we turn the email over. They know how to scan them and magically find the secret links. And then Chris Matty gets up there and says, okay, you follow the law suit against the young Turks that you filed to get them to stop saying I'm a child pornographer and all this.
He said, yeah, it's true. The FBI said you didn't do anything. It was sent to you. You didn't open it.
Well, then an hour later, he says, so you did send child porn. Let's just admit it. You did it. So he wanted to cover himself earlier, knowing for clips on the Internet.
They would later say it. I said, wait, you just said earlier. I was innocent. So imagine the evil of that to know how to secretly find secret embedded invisible images.
I'm not saying he did it. He said, I said that I didn't say that offered a reward. I didn't say Chris Matty did that. I just said it's very suspicious.
And then at the end, he comes out an hour later and says the jury, he sent child porn to the families. Man, I mean, this is unbelievable. These people are unbelievable.
Robert, they had to use high tech systems were told to scan 280,000 emails and they scanned them and they reported us the FBI for the information. The FBI said we're not guilty because we never opened it.
But this doesn't look too good.
I know doubt. And the other thing is he brought up our suit that had the suit that I filed against the young Turks and others who falsely reported the initial news on this based on the misleading information being put out by the plaintiffs from.
And it was interesting. He didn't tell the whole story. He didn't tell the part that the young Turks. The reason why the suit didn't go forward. The young Turks retracted.
The other people involved, they got sued, retracted. And unlike the plaintiff's lawyers, in this case, you weren't going to go forward against people who admitted they made a mistake and withdrew the statement.
Now, for some reason, they left my personal phone, they left my phone number and address on the screen because they started getting all these messages saying, by the way, we can see it too.
But it was my office marketing. They've been obsessed with me for whatever weird reason from the get go. But it shows the nature of their unwillingness to have the truth come out.
That's why they have to rig a trial. You don't have to rig a trial if you're on the side of truth. You don't have to rig a trial if you're on the side of justice. You have to rig a trial when both are against you.
And that's exactly what they're trying to do.
Well, exactly. But I'll just say this. How do you get 280 something thousand emails and then scan them for secret links?
And then they find, I mean, it just, it doesn't sound good.
Well, there was a lot of concern at the time as to what the source of this was and whether it was somebody aligned with the plaintiff's lawyers, allied with the plaintiff's lawyers.
Whoever said it was attacking us for Sandy Hook in it.
I mean, exactly. I mean, it was, it was they sought information that was guaranteed to produce stuff that you didn't even know existed.
Emails you would never even open. And I would note your lawyers objected on the grounds that this was a crazily invasive and overbroad discovery request and the court compelled it.
The court forced you to turn over anything, even if it was in your spam box, you had to turn it over.
And that's how invasive the discovery was. You did massive searches on your entire computer for anything with any term the judge said you had to give the plaintiff's lawyers.
And then when information turns up on there that you'd never seen before, they blame you for it.
And of course, there were going to be questions raised about whether or not they were complicit at all about how that information got there in the first place.
They may be totally innocent. They may not be. But the whole truth won't be won't will never come out.
But what that truth shows is that, in fact, you completely complied with discovery so much so that you even produced junk email you got sent in the process.
Well, let's expand on that in closing and then we'll have the Russian thing and then we'll close out the interview.
I was never really sure about what was going on until he waited like 45 minutes an hour and then said, but you did send child porn.
And look to the look to the jury. And I was like, oh my God, you just did it. He did it right there. He did it right there.
Well, any completely misrepresented your public presentation about that.
What you said was whoever sent that child porn information, you would like to have outed.
And I said, whoever did it a million dollars and then he spun it that I said he was doing it.
Is this the P word again? Projection?
That's always a possibility. I mean, you can't really I'm not saying he did that. He's a nice person.
I mean, yeah, I mean, who knows? All I know is that he completely misrepresented at the time how that came about.
And he misrepresented in court your public presentation.
He made it sound like you stuck his photo up and pointed to it and said you wanted his head on a stake. All false.
That's all false. That's just that's just a lie. It's just one more lie.
I don't think Maddie sent me. I don't think Maddie sent me that. And we didn't say that at the time.
All I know is the whole thing's disgusting. All right, five minutes. I'll give you the floor.
I'll interrupt you. You're you're a political expert. You're also a political expert.
You've been very accurate on the Russian situation. 300,000 troops called up threats of nuclear war.
Putin says he's not bluffing. I'm not picking sides here. I'm saying this is an escalation.
At least a really bad things. Your take on the Russian situation.
Yeah, they're holding referendums in all the regions occupied by Russia.
Ukraine has said that anybody participates in those elections will go to prison if Ukraine ever takes back over.
They're basically guaranteeing that Russia will win each of those referendums.
And so what will happen is those regions will become part of Russia under Russian law within a week or so.
And that means any attack on it will be considered an attack on Russia.
That that that is a complete escalation and the partial mobilization is 300,000.
There's more than double their true presence that's currently occupying the regions in the Donbass and the southern regions north of Crimea and Crimea.
So you're talking about and Putin made it clear because some NATO people were saying, ah, you know what, he won't use nuclear weapons and maybe we can.
And he made it clear that if you go any further, nuclear weapons will be used to defend the country.
So the so what it showed in the problem is the West refuses to back down.
Another thing Putin pointed out in his speech is that Ukraine had agreed to a deal in Istanbul all the way back at the very beginning of this.
And then the British and the American Biden administration told him to not do it.
And that's the only reason why there wasn't a peace deal from the get go.
All kinds of lives could have been saved.
All kind of treasure could have been salvaged had we not interfered in that peace negotiation.
And we don't know what's going on in China. There's flights are being canceled rumors of whether she is whether there's a house, you know, an old fashioned palace coup going on.
We don't know Iran has protests.
They're shutting down the Internet.
They're repressing trying to repress those protests after their morality police killed somebody for not complying with Sharia law.
So I mean, it's it's we're seeing all of this sort of explosion of political turmoil and we're distracted by this continuous escalation of a needless conflict.
As President Trump has repeatedly said with Russia over Ukraine, the parts of the country, the parts of Ukraine that want to be part of Russia should have should just allow that to be part of Russia and the dispute.
Finish it. Go on.
No, there's no reason for continued backfiring economic sanctions that are going to induce a great reset agenda in the Western world.
The pound has dropped to the lowest level in 4050 years.
The euro has dropped to one of the lowest levels it's ever been.
They're having a fuel crisis in Europe.
They're having a food crisis in Europe.
That food crisis is expanding to other parts of the world.
The net effect of this is going to be really ugly that the West war on Russia has failed.
Even Henry Kissinger has acknowledged this.
It's time to do as Trump suggested, do a deal, cut a piece deal, get out.
So if we look at what's happening in China, the relevant and pertinent issues are is has there been a change of the guard?
At this point, it's just rumors, but some of the rumors were reinforced by sudden flight cancellations in different places and unusual military action.
The rumor is that there has been a palace coup and G who was up for a reelection to party leadership of the Chinese Communist Party was replaced.
Now, at this point, this is coming from unreliable sources, sources that don't have definite access to inside information, constant problem in China.
A bigger, broader problem in China, aside from Taiwan and the attempts of the Biden administration to provoke a military conflict of Taiwan are two set of internal controversial set of issues and policies.
One is more and more pushback by the Chinese people, public and populace against the extreme no COVID lockdown policies that are not only infringing upon people's core abilities to practice their everyday life, but is also badly impairing their economic well being and supply chain at a time.
And this goes to the second issue. They have a range of water issues throughout the country that are implicating their power source because hydro power is the primary source of their power.
And it's coming at a bad time with the supply chain issues because they have a huge real estate bubble that makes the American real estate bubble of 2008 look tiny by comparison.
One out of four Chinese are employed by the real estate economy directly or indirectly one out of three steel workers are actually working for the construction industry in the real estate industry.
What China did is they had their people build excess capital and created artificial internal spending on real estate boom that was unsupported by core economics.
So you had people that's where they had these ghost town, these huge huge whole complexes, whole created cities, whole towns, whole suburbs, all unoccupied with one high rise after the other.
Many of these having those may be knocked down because they were made so shoddy and cheap.
And it was almost pyramid scheme ish, almost Ponzi scheme ish that the whole belief was well real estate had always gone up for 30 years in China.
So surely it would keep going up for 30 years in China.
So people sunk their life savings and second, third, fourth properties and properties they could not rent out because the value of the property was often as much as 10 times higher on a monthly basis.
And those their mortgage payment was often 10 times higher than they could possibly get rent for.
That's a sign that anybody that knows the real estate economy of a complete bubble.
Robert, that's my next point.
I don't get into all this esoteric of the 24th of September.
The world ends all this stuff.
We're not saying that.
But Russia and nuclear war and the economy and the Ponzi scheme in China with real estate coming to an end and the stock market plunging last week and
FedEx saying the economy is flatlining.
I mean, I don't think there's any denial that we're in for some very insane times in closing.
What is your research tell you is about to happen?
Oh, the economy is definitely going to take a tank.
I mean, the Federal Reserve came out and said unless there's massive more unemployment and economic pain of the ordinary person, they're going to refuse to do anything but raise rates.
That means the real estate economy is predicted by some well respected experts to fall 50% within the next two years.
People will not be able to afford a home and that will impact the entire home build construction industry here in the United States.
Both Stanley, Drunkenmiller and Carl Icahn, two prominent members of Wall Street have said that the economy is going to tank from a 20% to 50% drop in the various stock in real estate and other markets that you were used.
Particularly the housing market was used for the consumer spending, which our entire economy is predicated upon when we shifted away from many.
And again, I'm no rocket scientist, but I said that I bought a very expensive house four years ago thinking it would double.
I sold it six, seven months ago.
My wife said, why are you doing this?
I said it was an investment to fund info wars.
I put the money in info wars and she's like, wow, you're right.
She sees family with rent houses.
She has plunging in value around the country.
And again, I could just see where this was going.
I'm not an expert.
I could see it.
How bad do you think it's going to get here in the United States?
It's going to get bad. We may have the lowest rate of home ownership in decades.
That's the path that's going on.
People will not be able to afford a home.
Your average mortgage has doubled in price since Biden took over double.
So within two years, your average person has had to pay twice as much for the same home as they did under Donald Trump.
And notice it's BlackRock is vacuuming up all the $200 to $500,000 houses in key areas for regular working families.
They're planning something big.
No doubt.
And BlackRock is deeply embedded in China.
So I mean, you look at where BlackRock is deeply embedded in these ESG policies.
So that are meant to sort of culturally use corporate power to take over and implement a cultural leftist,
wokeish agenda and enforce it on ordinary people.
Their power is way out of pale.
I mean, they make the big trust.
They make the Rockefellers and the robber barons and the Morgans and the Rothschilds look like small change.
The scale and size of their global economic footprint.
That's how big BlackRock is and has been too little attention paid to what they're up to.
Final question.
Final question.
And I appreciate all your time.
And then plug your great show with the Friar and the rest of it, Robert.
45 days off from the midterm, they say all Republicans are terrorists.
Anybody that challenges us are terrorists.
There's imminent terror attacks.
I see them priming a false flag or provocative event.
What can you speak to that and then other tricks to deep state my play?
I mean, I think the great concern is they'll continue to weaponize the legal system so that you see Steve Bannon and died it again in New York.
You see President Trump having to face a bogus Connecticut suit as well as the crazy criminal case that they're looking at.
You're seeing Esco.
You're seeing Mike Lindell have to hire Alan Dershowitz to sue the FBI because they're trying to go after him related to him exposing election fraud in 2020.
So you're seeing this constant escalation that ultimately failed when they try to take out Matt Gates, but they may want to escalate even further.
The only restraint right now is they're under the mistaken impression that Democrats are in good, good place for the midterms.
And so and they're wrong.
Republicans are going to sweep key governor's races, key Senate races, key house races.
The question is if they ever come to that recognition that that's going to happen, will we get a horrendous October surprise?
Will we get a Halloween for the ages?
Will we get war with Russia or war with China?
Will we get global conflict that could be extraordinarily dangerous?
Will we get emergency?
I mean, I think you already said it.
We're getting war with Russia.
I mean, it's Russia's do the national draft threatening nuclear war.
I mean, I think that's what's going to happen.
That's a definite risk.
And we have to be on a constant alert for that risk and to push back against it in the court of public opinion.
Because the whole get as both plaintiffs lawyers have been admitted in both cases in both states.
The whole goal was to take infowars off the air to prevent it from being heard.
Because I always tell people free speech is mostly about my right to listen to what I want.
Not just my right to speak.
Not just anyone else's right to speak.
Yeah, and let me clarify.
I'm not saying we're going to have nuclear war, but we're going to have a massive escalation in the Russian war.
And I don't see how that doesn't escalate.
I mean, it's just an incredible position to be and you have all the insider training by the Democrats.
They just seem to be out of control thinking there's no checks and balances on them.
I mean, they're trying to put the former president of the United States in prison.
I mean, you couldn't get that's never happened in America before.
They're they're re prosecuting Steve Bannon on charges he was pardoned for after prosecuting him on bogus contempt charges in the District of Columbia.
This is I mean, we cannot point to any other time in American history outside of parts of World War One where there was such an over open
weaponization of the legal system against political dissidents.
And this is going after people that they didn't even go after in World War One after Eugene V. Debs.
You're right. Historic moment, Robert Barnes.
You always do a great job.
You host a lot of great shows and great coverage of the show trial.
We'll have more coverage next week of my show trial.
I go back to Connecticut Tuesday and Wednesday.
I'll do Monday, Thursday and Friday.
How do people tune in and find your show?
They can get all the content at Viva Barnes law dot locals dot com.
That's where they can get all the curated say it again all the coverage.
Say the URL again.
Viva Barnes law dot locals dot com.
All right, Robert.
Thanks for the time.
Talk to you soon.
All right.
I'm going to go to break play some key clubs and then I'm going to come back and hit final statements on where we're at.
We're going to re loop this live show until 4pm tomorrow with my live Sunday show.
And I've announced I got Dr. Judy Mikovits in studio and I'm hosting all four hours tomorrow night.
4 to 8pm central standard time.
We've got so much.
We'll take your phone call special guest in studio and so much more.
But man, I mean, it's hard to estimate how dangerous this this this rush is situation.
I mean, this is crazy.
All right, I've got some other news I want to hit on the economy and on super mega cities in the new world order.
When we come back, we got another 27 minutes left in this live transmission.
Stay with us.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread.
And the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum.
We're beholden to scum.
Russian scum.
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand and the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you.
All life is survival.
Oh my God.
Lock the door.
Lock the door.
They're coming.
They're coming.
They're coming.
They're coming.
Listen to me.
Help me.
Your next please.
Your next.
They're in danger.
Please listen to me.
Something terrible.
Your next.
They're coming.
They're coming.
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Atlas, let's wake up.
Get you when you sleep.
Sit up.
Invasion of the body snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It's a trap.
Real homies.
It looked right at me.
You need to get out.
If you're looking at it as if it was human, it was not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered.
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
The barricaded street.
Invasion of the body snatchers.
The land of the walking dead.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alice Jones.
So I would say, you know, if anything that's happening at CNN and anybody who buys your
book, it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation.
And I don't believe in dividing our nation.
It hurts our great nation.
And so CNN is really the enemy of the truth.
And that's my opinion.
Thank you.
No American is an enemy of another American.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
Bill Gates blocks you.
Take the vaccine.
Don't run.
CNN is your friend.
This is CNN.
Face Force 7.
When you have US senators in both parties saying, we may need to go ahead and nuke Russia
first and the Russians are aware that's almost happened before.
What do you think that makes the Russians do?
Well, it makes them go into war mode.
So I don't like them invading Ukraine.
I don't like him putting his nuclear forces on maximum alert.
Only one level above that on their death con, just like our system.
And that's fire the weapons.
And so now we have Democrats all over the news saying, let's just use nuclear weapons on Russia.
Think of their ignorance.
Russia has hundreds of submarines off our coast with sea-launched missiles that would vaporize our cities within five minutes on average of being launched.
Sea-launched cruise missiles that fly at Mach 5.
Land-launched systems that can also launch from ships that are at Mach 9 and cannot be shot down.
And yes, the United States has those too.
That's a Pentagon lie that Russia developed system that we don't have.
It's on record the US has those systems.
The point is it's called mutually assured destruction or mad for a reason.
Because anyone that would violate the mad doctrine is insane.
And you know, I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war.
Especially when Russia is not starting to fight with us.
And especially after we just heard for years that everything happening in this country is run by Russia when that was all a giant lie.
The globalists are the outside evil force.
Hello Americans, I'm Paul Harvey.
Why were the devil?
If I were the Prince of Darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness.
And I'd have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population.
But I wouldn't be happy until I have seized the ripest apple on the tree.
So I set about however necessary to take over the United States.
President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
I'd subvert the churches first. I'd begin with a campaign of whispers.
With the wisdom of a serpent I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve.
Do as you please.
To the young I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.
I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around.
I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square.
And the old I would teach you to pray after me.
Our father, which art in Washington.
And then I'd get organized. I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting
so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting.
I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.
I'd peddle narcotics to whom I could.
I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.
I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.
If I were the devil I'd soon have families at war with themselves,
churches at war with themselves and nations at war with themselves
until each in its turn was consumed.
And with promises of higher ratings I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the plane.
The president of the United States is racist.
If I were the devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellects
but neglect the discipline of emotions just when those run wild.
Within a decade I'd have prisons overflowing.
I'd have judges promoting pornography.
Soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse
and then from the houses of conscience.
And in his own churches I would substitute psychology for religion.
I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls
and church money.
If I were the devil I'd take from those who have and give to those who wanted
until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.
I would caution against extremes.
I'm here to warn people. You keep telling me to shut up. This isn't a game.
In hard work, in patriotism, in moral conduct,
I would convince the young that marriage is old fashioned,
that swinging is more fun, that what you see on TV is the way to be.
And thus I could undress you in public
and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.
In other words, if I were the devil I'd just keep right on doing what he's doing.
Now you know the rest of the story.
All right, we got about 15 minutes left on this live broadcast.
Like I told you tomorrow night, 4 p.m. I'm going to kick off.
Dr. Judy Megovitz is going to be in studio with us with huge news.
I tend to also take hours of phone calls and just flesh all this out.
I don't have words to describe how serious the rest of the situation is.
I don't think you need to tell you that, but total mobilization, total war.
It's just an incredible moment to be alive.
But it is a tale of two cities.
It is the best of times. It is the worst of times right now.
But I wanted to hit mega cities here for you because in the film Endgame,
in fact, maybe we should end the broadcast today with the first six, seven minutes of Endgame.
You can find it still, they took down the versions with tens of millions of views,
but one had like 80 million views off of YouTube and off of Google and all the rest of it.
But go find an Endgame clip.
We probably have Endgame on our computer.
And I explained mega cities, cutting off all the other resources and surrounding areas,
how they would launch this somewhere between 2020 and 2030.
People are like, oh my gosh, how'd he know?
Because they wrote about it and they talked about it.
And they prepared it.
They'll just share the first five, six minutes, six minutes or so,
of Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
And it just starts getting into the mega cities.
But here it is in Saudi Arabia, in Dubai, in the Netherlands.
They're all announcing these mega cities where they tax you and regulate you unless you move into them,
where they take over the farmland everywhere and build these compact control grids.
Everybody else will be tax-controlled, dominated.
But inside these grids, if you're let in, well, you'll be given special treatment.
So this is the new system, the new class system that's being created.
The Netherlands, a group of institutional investors are planning the construction of a tri-state city
to get around nation-states on three borders, just like CERN is.
A mega-opolis with a population around 45 million extending across the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
For this to happen, they obviously need to buy up a lot of farmland, which they are now taking over.
And they exempt themselves from their SEGs, their carbon taxes, and they get all the power.
Now ask yourself why they want to build this.
Why would we want to live in a 45 million other people?
They want to move us where we're easiest to control, mega cities.
These are planned in several continents, keep asking why.
So mega cities are the big topic in 2022, but it's all in the seminal film,
in-game blueprint for global enslavement, and by the way, it helped keep us on air.
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Now here's Melinda French Gates.
Giving a little speech.
55 seconds.
Here it is.
For the tireless work she's doing to help steer the world through COVID-19 for being an extraordinary champion for global health.
And for the immeasurable inspiration she provides to girls and women around the world, including me.
I am thrilled to present the 2022 global goalkeeper award to a remarkable leader of our time, Ursula von der Leyen.
That's the head of the European Union and you see that rainbow swastika. That's the symbol of the Great Reset and the Bilderberg group and their spokesperson,
Klaus Schwab and the WEF.
So literally cutting off Europe, literally pushing for snocculations.
Any questions whether Melinda French Gates is a globalist are absolutely destroyed by that.
These are eugenicists.
These are depopulationists. These are psychotic killers of the very worst magnitude there is.
All right, I'm going to end the broadcast with the first eight, nine minutes of in game blueprint for global enslavement that is free and that is online everywhere.
Just search it out, share it. It's trademark and copyright free. Just save it and get it out.
Where we talk about the mega cities, we talk about the new world order. Here's just the first six, seven, eight minutes of it.
We're going to end this live show. It's going to reloop until 4 p.m. tomorrow.
Tell everybody you know, tune in. I cannot stress to you enough that we're winning.
We're so close to winning, but it's like we're 51% to 49 right now.
We're barely winning right now as the critical juncture.
Want to thank the crew, want to commend them for the great job they've done.
We have the DVD of in game available, a bunch of stickers that come with it as well.
But this is the seminal film tab in your archive. So it's a fundraiser.
If you want to get it for the price it is, that's great.
I'm going to remember.
We only have a few thousand copies left, I'm told, but very soon I'll put out a special printing of them.
If we have the money and try to sell them for near to cost so more people can get it.
But this film is the blueprints of the Death Star. It exposes the new world order.
Here's the intro to it and the mega cities.
I appeared before the congressional committee to tell what I knew of activities,
which might lead to an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.
And we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies,
to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.
President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it.
And he took the step without approval from either the US Congress or the people of the United States.
The secret organizations of the World Power Elite are no longer secret.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group. Could their objective be world domination?
I'm Jim Tucker. I've chased Bilderberg for 30 years.
I'll never give up the chase.
Bilderberg planned part of the whole world as nothing less than world government.
I'm not comfortable with that at all. Who elected these guys to run the planet?
They are the elitists. They feel they should run the world for their own selfish interests.
Now we can see a new world coming into view.
A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government
and only an educated and informed public can stop them in their tracks.
David Rockefeller admits in his own memoirs that he wants to destroy the United States.
He's a traitor!
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.
I need you to move off the property, please.
Some shots were fired.
There's Bilderberg's right there.
The Trans-Texas corridor is a vital part because we stop here in Texas.
We stop the new world order right here in Texas.
This thing started here.
And to save this country, we kill this damn thing here.
There is a chance for the President of the United States to carry out a phrase his father used, and that is a new world order.
Your new world order will fall.
Humanity will defeat you.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite, the dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind.
Countries are a thing of the past.
Every form of independence is under attack, with the family and even the individual itself nearing extinction.
Close to 80% of the Earth's population has been eliminated.
The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live within highly controlled, compact, prison-like cities.
Travel is highly restricted.
Superhighways connect the megacities and keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones.
No human activity is private.
AI supercomputers chronicle and categorize every action.
A prison planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control freaks whose power can never be challenged.
This is the vision of the global elite, their goal.
A program of total dehumanization where the science of tyranny is lost.
A worldwide control grid designed to ensure the overlords monopoly of power forever.
Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future unless the masses are awakened to the New World Order master plan and mobilized to defeat it.
Erected by a secretive group, the Georgia Guidestones are a testament to the elite's plan for a world religion, global laws, with a global court and army to enforce it.
And set in stone, it is written that the population never rise above 500 million.
In this film, you will learn how our world is truly governed.
You will see how highly secretive roundtable groups interlock to form a global intelligence network.
This group has been steering planetary affairs for hundreds of years.
Now in the final stage, they prepare for open world government.
A goal tyrants throughout history have lusted after.
Dr. Michael Kaufman is a published ecologist specializing in ecosystem research, forest ecology and ecosystem classification.
Dr. Kaufman played a key role in blocking the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the U.S. Senate.
The concept of New World Order has been around for centuries.
It's been receiving tremendous play over the last half of the 20th century.
George Bush, the first senior president, used it a lot in his speeches and really implies that he really wants to see an order in which we have a universal or a global type of governance in which every human being on planet Earth is ultimately responsible to policies that are being formulated at the international level.
This is a big idea, a New World Order.
President Bush said that the New World Order was in tune and that's what they were working for.
The UN is part of that government.
They're working right now very significantly for a North American Union.
That's why there's a lot of people watching that don't care too much about our borders.
They have a philosophic belief that national sovereignty is not important.
That's also the reason I have made very strong suggestion that we need not be in the United Nations for our national security.
It's really always the same. You go back throughout all of history.
The Roman Empire, the Soviet Union, Hitler during the Nazism was always saying that it's going to create the utopia for the average person when in fact history always shows that it does exactly the opposite.
Conquest and empire is as old as civilization.
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