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Name: 20220923_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 23, 2022
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In this discussion, Patrick Byrne highlights the challenges faced by populists in identifying common enemies and discerning truth from falsehood. He emphasizes unity among practitioners and shared principles rather than partisan politics. Issues discussed include medical institutions, government influence, and insurance companies' impact on doctors' decision-making. Alex Jones discusses Russia-NATO tensions due to the crisis in Ukraine with potential for nuclear war. He encourages listeners to support InfoWars as they cover this developing story. The speakers criticize high insurance costs, government involvement in healthcare leading to increased costs, and media portrayal of drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as dangerous. They promote effective medicines like ivermectin during flu season. Alex Jones discusses international power structure, nuclear confrontation, climate change agenda, military affairs, weight loss supplements, drag queen stripper shows for children, false claims made by Stacey Abrams, Planned Parenthood's editing website information about the presence of a beating heart at six weeks, benefits of high-quality fish oil, and infowarstore.com and jonestaxrelief.com.

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We're now going into full operational mode.
Massive wars, collapsing borders, billions starving to death, massive power outages.
Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to see this happen unless there's a mass awakening.
They plan to bring down the world population massively by 2030.
So we'll be talking about that more.
Owen Schroer is taking over here in a few minutes and then I will be back in Austin tonight.
I'm here.
At this giant out-of-control show trial that is just again part and parcel of the weaponization of every system globally that the New World Order controls against the people.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, September 23rd, 2022.
I am still in Connecticut this morning, but I will be back tonight, and I'll be doing an emergency three-hour broadcast this Saturday and the regular Sunday show, 4 to 8 p.m., because Russia has now gone from calling up 300,000 extra troops, a partial mobilization in just a week, to a full national mobilization, first time since World War II.
Total mobilization
A national draft.
Putin's now moving his frontline, highest quality troops and weapons systems and class A weapons up to the border with Ukraine and is announcing a massive escalation.
He's set to give a speech today and it's expected to be basically a declaration of open war.
And he's going to tell the Russian people that they are at war with NATO and the United States.
So we are now officially going into a war with Russia.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and of course the main architect George Soros, the same guy getting thousands of DAs elected to carry out the destruction of our country and the massive explosion of crime.
Russia's enemies are our enemies.
That said, I did not support Putin going into Ukraine.
I said it was a trap.
I'm an American.
I love America.
But the same globalist forces destabilizing us in Europe and Australia and Latin America and Africa and Asia
are doing this to collapse the industrial society.
There are hundreds of millions of people on the verge of starvation.
More than 60 million in the last two and a half years under globalist lockdowns have starved to death.
We're living in World War III.
A modern, great, reset attack.
And that's why all the old rules are over.
That's why there's massive surveillance in America by corporations and government.
That's why there's massive censorship.
That's why the lawfare has gone to the next level.
Because people are getting in line with the globalists and the establishment at every level.
And not just Democrats.
Ted Cruz is suddenly supporting all of these policies and supporting the merger of big tech with big media to create open cartels of censorship and control.
So you're going to find out who's good.
You're going to find out who's bad.
As for me, when the going gets tough, I try to get as tough as I can and not back down an inch.
As I've said thousands of times, I will never give up.
I will never give in, but I could give out.
And we're going to come back and cover all this huge military news.
I'm going to tell viewers and listeners again.
They are using these show trials to not just try to destroy InfoWars, but drive a wedge between us and our audience with incredible truths, half-truths, and lies.
That's what they do.
They mix truth with a whole bunch of lies, maybe 5% of it's true, and then they sit there and try to drive a wedge between me and my audience, between all of us, to try to destroy us.
They admit, yes, Alex Jones hates the globalists, yes, Alex Jones hates the New World Order, which is true.
Then they act like that's criminal, or somehow racist, or somehow terrorist.
Then they add it to all these other ridiculous lies that we have hundreds of millions of dollars, and that InfoWars is flesh and cash, so that you don't support your own voice of freedom.
InfoWars is seen by the globalists as the main beacon of truth and justice, and we were made for this time.
28 years of hard work, your support, your prayer, to bring us to this point so we can tell these giant truths.
To the entire populace in the world that wants to know the truth.
We're reaching tens of millions of new people a week.
And I want to thank you, the hardcore listeners, who over the years have backed us.
But I'm telling you now, it is beyond essential.
With everything that's happening in the world, this design collapse.
And the Great Reset that you continue to support the broadcast because now is the time.
Now is do or die.
Look at how your support has made The Great Reset and The War for the World the number one book in the world off and on the last three weeks.
That's incredible.
That talking point is now going out to leaders and going out to other key decision makers everywhere to further expand the huge awakening to the globalist agenda, which is now expanding at a very rapid pace all over the planet.
We are identifying the enemy.
We're identifying who is behind the attacks.
We are identifying
What their agenda is and how to stop them.
So please, all of you watching, I want to thank you for your past support.
And I want to encourage everybody to not wait and to go to infowarestore.com and get the limited edition copies of the Great Recent War of the World that are signed.
And yes, you can buy the book at Infowarstore.com for the regular price, but this is a fundraiser.
That's why it's $99 to give us the funds to operate.
Just like NPR will sell a coffee cup for 50 bucks or a t-shirt for 100 bucks.
You know the shirt didn't cost that.
The markup is there as a fundraiser.
So get the Teddy Roosevelt coin at 1776coin.com today.
We need the money to continue to fight and stay on air.
This is the critical time.
All the planets politically are aligning and our most important work is here today.
So thank you for commissioning us in this fight.
Please go to 1776coin.com right now, get the Teddy Roosevelt, man the arena coin, and I'll be right back.
So don't ever, as dark as the hour is, and as out of control things are, don't you ever not realize how important you are in what you've done with your word of mouth and your action.
And I'm talking to people that went to that clumping courthouse in Connecticut, Plymouth, or Stakers up everywhere.
We commend you.
Yes, that's what you're referring to?
Why don't we talk about cryptocurrency?
Because one of the ways that you encourage your audience to give you money is in cryptocurrency donations, right?
And you have a page on your website that's just for cryptocurrency donations, right?
InfoWars.com forward slash crypto.
Is that a little advertisement just there?
Well, we're fighting the deep state.
We need money.
This is it.
Get crypto.
Fund InfoWars.
Sponsor us with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right?
That will end up as a clip on your show tonight.
Your advertisement for your cryptocurrency page.
You know, I mean, I mean, people want to keep us in the fight.
So I mean, I hope whoever the big whales are, they'll give us money before we keep doing it.
We'll just keep, we'll just keep minting money as you're in this courtroom.
Cash, cash.
Alright, let's move on.
People care about the First Amendment.
Thank you for joining us on this special Friday edition.
I will be back in Texas tonight, and I will be doing a three-hour emergency broadcast live from noon to 3 p.m.
Central that will be commercial-free.
By commercial-free, we'll still play some promos and take a few breaks, but it's going to be an internet-only show streamed out at InfoWars.com forward slash show, and some TV and radio stations will obviously pick it up.
But tomorrow,
Noon Central, we are going to do a deep analysis of all the different factors.
Now, the globalists on record are coordinating more than a dozen different systems to bring down civilization.
And through that process, they will pose as the saviors and come out on the other side with a global police state technocracy designed to carry out the forced depopulation that you've already seen accelerate with the mass starvation, the lockdowns, and the forced injections.
But that was just the beta salvo.
We're now going into full operational mode.
Massive wars, collapsing borders, billions starving to death, massive power outages.
Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to see this happen unless there's a mass awakening.
They plan to bring down the world population massively by 2030.
So we'll be talking about that more.
Owen Schroer is taking over here in a few minutes, and then I will be back in Austin tonight.
I'm here.
at this giant out-of-control show trial that is just again part and parcel of the weaponization of every system globally that the New World Order controls against the people.
So, let's talk about what's going on.
Just last week, Putin called up 300,000 troops.
That's their main reserve army.
Now they announced conscription today, total mobilization, total mobilization first time since World War II.
Total official mobilization.
When the Soviets launched wars like Afghanistan in places, they would keep it quasi-secret.
Now they're going to be completely public.
Putin is set to announce in the next 48 hours, either he is saying tonight or tomorrow, that Russia is officially at war with NATO and the United States.
They're going to cut off diplomatic ties.
They're going to escalate into full war mode, which the globalists knew would happen.
They've been planning.
And so
In world history, this has never happened before.
This is bigger than what took place in the early 1960s with the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the U.S.
put medium-range and short-range missiles in Turkey, so the Russians put medium and intermediate-range missiles into Cuba.
So, ladies and gentlemen, look around you with the COVID releases and the lockdowns, and they're talking about SCGs and global taxes and World IDs.
This is all part of the worldwide destabilization with Klaus Schwab and the new world order saying you will own nothing and you will have nothing.
Putin again has announced he's going to announce total mobilization.
They are reportedly now moving their class A weapons that they have not used yet up to the border with Ukraine.
They're moving in bombers.
They're moving in fighter jets.
They're moving in all their weapons.
And yes, they're going to get slaughtered again.
Because they've walked right into a trap, and it doesn't matter.
The Russians are now going to double down, triple down, because this isn't Afghanistan.
They see this as their country, like if America got invaded, because all of Eastern Ukraine has always been part of Russia.
That's where it was born.
And so most of Russia's wars have actually been fought over Ukraine and Crimea.
They fought more than 15 wars in the last
A thousand years, conservatively, with the Huns and the Muslims and with the Europeans and everybody else over that zone.
And so this is a Russian civil war, Islamic civil war.
And the president of Serbia just said two days ago that he talked to Putin and he talked to NATO leaders and they said, no, within two months, a full war.
Full war.
And then when the Russians get their ass kicked again, because they're up against weapons that are 30 years more advanced than theirs, they are going to probably use tactical nuclear weapons or chemical weapons.
And you're going to see nuclear reactors get blown up in Europe.
You're going to see terrorism.
You're going to see power outages.
We'll probably actually see real cyber attacks back and forth.
And so this is what the neoliberal crazy world order
Indigenous Germans and higher outside people.
Again, to pit the outside groups against the Germans.
This is all divide-and-conquer strategy.
As they collapse the third world, starve them to death, bring them in, flood them, brainwash the first generation, and then put them in the positions of managerial control and have another divide-and-conquer strategy.
I mean, this is the epitome of race-based politics.
This is Nazism, but just a different flavor of it where you move the pieces around.
This is absolutely
The most criminal activity you can imagine.
That's just one more of the facets.
Shipping in the fentanyl, the drag queen pedophile story times, all the lawfare, the weaponized judiciary, people being arrested in the UK for saying they don't support seven-year-olds having their genitals cut off.
They come and arrest people at their houses, they criticize it on Facebook.
You've seen the video.
That's all coming here.
Everything you see in Australia, everything you see in the UK, everything you see in Germany is being duplicated here in the United States.
This is a world government takeover plan.
And the big think tanks and the big universities tell you what the plan is.
And that's what my book, The Great Reset and the War for the World, explains in just 300-something pages.
Their entire battle plan, bibliographed where they sit and where they do it.
That's why I say it's a Death Star blueprint of the enemy operation.
This is everything.
And the great news is, the mainline Republican Party now is adopting an anti-Great Reset, anti-New World Order.
They're now recognizing that we were right about everything.
But I wasn't right about it all.
I have the enemy playbook.
Damn it.
We know what's going to happen.
I'm going to be back in Austin tonight.
Three-hour special show tomorrow.
On Sunday as well, we are in maximum emergency mode.
I need everybody you know to
Tune in to the broadcast to share the links to InfoWars.com.
The censorship is intensifying.
We're now getting reports on iPhones and Androids.
We try to send links to InfoWars.com or Band.Video.
It won't let you do it the first few times.
Pavlovianly, they don't want to get caught admitting they're blocking text, which has actually come out in the news.
This is an information war.
And please, we need money.
The Democrat Party lawsuits and all these show trials keep saying I have all this money and I'm hurting my listeners and I'm scamming you because they're the ones scamming all of America bringing in tyranny and they're desperately afraid of grassroots people funding operations.
Just like they're coming after President Trump and his fundraising saying it's illegal for him to fundraise.
They're trying to cut the money off to the American resistance.
There isn't anywhere where the resistance is stronger and more over the target with the actual
Enemy Battle Plans than InfoWars.
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It's again, number one.
Thanks to all of you.
I want to commend you and thank you.
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Don't wait and get the coin because we've got to keep the tip of the spear on air and
I'll never give up.
I'll never give in, but I could give out.
So thank you all for your support.
Owen Schroyer takes over.
Pray for peace.
Pray for a global awakening.
And get out in the streets peacefully and say, we need to do a peace deal with Putin.
This thing needs to end right now because this is escalating into potentially the end of civilization as we know it.
God bless and good luck.
And we are back here on this Friday edition of the broadcast.
I take those first two segments earlier this morning.
I went into court and my lawyers decided that we destroyed the other side so bad yesterday, and that's the consensus, even in mainstream media, that there was no reason for them to go back and cross-examine me.
Next week is when my lawyer, Norm Padice, gets to put on our case.
Even though we're really constrained on what we can say and do, we'll be able to basically prove everything they've already opened the door for.
It's a lie.
Again, this is a historic moment because they have completely weaponized the judiciary.
They're trying to shut down any opposition.
But despite that, it's blowing up in their face.
I'm not making predictions that the jury, told by a judge I'm guilty, will quote me some big number.
But at the end of the day, it's a pyrrhic victory because you can't get blood from a stone.
Now, I want to hit some really big news right now.
And then in the next segment, I'm going to get briefly, before Owen takes back over, into what's happening with the whole Sandy Hook situation that I know the viewers and listeners are completely sick of.
You're worried about open borders, inflation, exploding crime, pedophiles out in the open, just all of the insane things that are happening.
We'll also get more into the Russia situation, which I'm going to hit here first in a moment.
But please, just understand, ladies and gentlemen, that nobody's been more accurate in exposing the New World Order than this show with our incredible guests, our incredible callers, and our incredible crew.
And the corporate media is continuing to put the lie out that we have all this extra money, and that we are doing great, and that you don't need to support InfoWars.
That is a lie.
And we have never
Been closer to being shut down than we are right now.
Thank God, five months ago, a Bitcoin donor
Made a huge donation by the time I sold it.
It had gone way down in value, but I still do believe in cryptocurrency as an alternative to what's happening.
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A win-win situation.
And look, I understand we're in a depression.
I understand if people can't support the broadcast, then we're just going to have to implode.
We'll still be on air in some form.
And that's just how God wants it.
But just like that big Bitcoin donor came through and so many small donations came through, we're going to be able to stay on air.
If you continue to support us.
Our mission is so critical.
People are listening more than ever.
But we're not getting the support we need right now.
So we've gone back in the red as of this week.
We're in the middle of a bankruptcy that we need to be solving through.
Or that's going to be it for this permutation of the Infowars operation.
So don't let me prove it to you with layoffs and problems and things like that.
That's not going to happen.
You're going to come through.
God's going to come through.
But just know this.
Everybody that orders product
Always get your product.
In fact, I was always proud the last decade or so.
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We had some issues with the bankruptcy, holding up money to pay for shipping for a few weeks.
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So we folks got irritated that their orders were behind a few weeks.
As of yesterday,
Not just all the books were shipped out as of last week, but all orders are up to the day.
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I want to thank the viewers and listeners that put up with it.
It was an unforeseen thing with the bankruptcy, because they had to budget for us to even be able to ship, and it was a nightmare.
But that got fixed.
We went and had a hearing with the judge.
The judge said, of course, you should be budgeting whatever money you need to ship.
You don't need permission for that.
So that got handled.
The books all got shipped out.
And we're not going to do very more signed books of the Great Reset and the War for the World.
Hey, sweetie, my daughter just walked over.
Give me a kiss.
I love you.
I'll see you in a minute.
So that's what this is all about, America and the world.
There's nuclear war.
It's going to hurt your kids.
It's going to hurt her.
But I'll talk about that in a minute.
The point I was trying to get at here is that InfoWars has never been more critical.
And the book, The Great Reach of the War for the World, can be bought at the regular price of 24 bucks at InfoWarsTore.com.
But if you want to get it signed as a fundraiser, and know you kept InfoWars on the air at this critical time, you get the signed copy.
We're not going to do many more.
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The other half is unsigned.
So we got a few thousand books left.
I wish I could plug one time a day and pay for everything.
I mean, I wish we had some massive donor on a routine basis.
Whoever that big donor was got us out of the hole, literally saved him from wars and all the important work you've seen the last five months.
We didn't know how bad it was until we actually did the bankruptcy and did all the accounting and we were insolvent five months ago.
But that donation fixed the problems.
But then we have gotten right back.
I love you so much, baby.
We have gotten right back into the same situation.
You know, my daughter's never been on air before, but my wife's put out pictures of her on Twitter, and so we went over here and head in the woods.
We're staying out here at a little country Airbnb, and we're trying to hide so she wouldn't come over and see us, but she found us here on this couple acres we're on here in Connecticut.
We're about to fly back to Austin, and she came over.
Sweetheart, what do you want to say to all the viewers out there?
There is a beanie on your head.
That's right, Rob Do has a beanie on that has a bird on it, a bird symbol.
That's from Omaha, the place called, what is it, Early Bird.
It's a breakfast restaurant.
Can I get a kiss and finish up real quick?
I promise I'm gonna come play hide and seek with you in three minutes, okay?
Love you, bye.
Love you, sweetheart.
Now, now, that said, ladies and gentlemen, Russia has totally mobilized.
As a national draft, yes.
Are those poisonous mushrooms?
I don't know what kind of mushrooms those are, but you never want to eat mushrooms if you don't know what they are.
You only want to eat mushrooms if you're with an expert out in the field who has, you know, research on it that does it, or from a store, okay?
Because mushrooms can kill you, like you said, if they're poisonous.
How much time do we have left in this segment?
We're at 8.30.
Okay, so I gotta end this segment.
I'm gonna come back and talk about the Russia situation more on the other side.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
And we are back.
Thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer is loaded for bear, about to explode out of the gates with massive breaking news and information.
But I'm about to get on a plane and come back to Austin, Texas.
Again, a special emergency live broadcast.
Noon tomorrow for three hours with analysis on the Russia situation.
In my 28 years on air, this tops it.
And as I've said many times, first few years I was on air, I'd say, oh, this is our biggest story ever.
This is our biggest story ever.
Maybe once a year.
And now the last few years, every few weeks, I'm like, this is our biggest story ever.
Because everything's escalating.
We're moving towards this, this, this incredible quickening.
But CNBC has got the headline that tells it all.
Putin's incredibly dangerous nuclear threat raises the risk of an unprecedented disaster.
The unprecedented disaster is already here with two plus years of lockdowns in the third world, killing over 60 million people with starvation, putting hundreds of millions on the streets, marching in UN-driven caravans towards Europe and the United States and Canada.
Tens of millions sick, millions dead from the shots, and now the West goes over, overthrows a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, sends in U.S.
weapons and troops the last few years, pushes up to the Russian border in ethnic cleansing of Russians, the Russians then take the bait,
Which was terrible.
For major bombardment of Ukrainian cities.
So this is the United States in a war with Russia.
And it goes right into the Great Reset and right into their entire operation while our cities collapse, homeless everywhere, feces, needles, a hundred plus thousand dying of fentanyl a year.
This is total bombardment.
And we must remove the Democrats.
We must remove the Deep State.
It must stop.
And Putin should pull out of Ukraine.
But there should be an armistice.
There should be a ceasefire.
There should be an international delegation with, I don't trust the UN, but some type of multinational peacekeepers that are in those border areas where the Russians sent in their troops for their police action.
Because the Russian police action to push out the Azov battalions
Has failed.
And is failing.
And so Putin knows that, so he's escalated.
And again, that's the doctrine.
Then the West escalates, then he escalates.
There's not much more escalation that can happen here.
And then when you look at what's happening in America and the rest of the world with inflation, things are absolutely falling apart.
Think about our children.
Think about the future.
Think about what we're all being maneuvered into right now.
Here are some of the other just insane headlines.
On Infowars.com, ladies and gentlemen, that everybody should really be aware of and understand.
And I know Owen's about to take over and cover these, and I'm sorry it's so windy out here.
But the left is celebrating the murder where the guy ran the guy over with a truck because he was a Trump supporter.
Turns out he was chased down by a mob and killed.
The left's celebrating that.
We've got all these other insane articles.
PayPal banned anti-pedo group.
With pro-PETO group remains on the platform.
The main system, the big corporations are promoting pedophilia.
They are promoting just absolute, complete evil.
This is the religion of the system.
And then this incredibly important article, I'll hand the baton to Owen.
Analysis, globalists now pushing de-globalization to usher in the Great Reset.
What did I tell you a thousand plus times on air from their own battle plans decades ago they would do?
Get everybody globalized where not any nation on earth is not independent from the other.
Where we're all dependent on each other with global corporations controlling all the key resources and all the transportation and all the energy.
Then they pull the rug out from under everybody, cut off the resources using a plague that they said they would do in Operation Lockstep in 2011.
Then things collapse.
Then the third world disintegrates.
They flood us.
We collapse.
And then there's just decades of depopulation and war, and then the globalists have a few city-state systems in every continent that are armored with walls and high-tech control that the elites live in, like Hunger Games.
That's based on their real plans.
And then we live outside.
I don't know.
How did I know that then?
Because it's the plan.
And now they've announced it.
They say the age of globalization is over.
Globalization means you can fly here, go there, eat kiwis, you know, from...
New Zealand, three days after they're picked, in Texas.
And that's a citizen of the world.
It is open, and fun, and great, and I'm not against that.
I want resources to travel, and us being an open, free world.
They want a global corporate system that controls the world to then cut the world off, and isolate us, and ban air travel for the average person, or owning a car for the average person, or air conditioners for the average person, because it has a bad carbon footprint.
It's called feudalism.
And feudalism is the most ancient form of government.
It's the most popular form of government.
In history, and by the most popular, not with the people, but the most common form, because elites set it up to make you poor, to make you controllable, so they can dominate and run your life.
Cut off your resources to get full control, to carry out depopulation.
That's what we're fighting for.
This is the most important broadcast in the world, because we are the top experts.
And I'm not bragging.
God put us here.
You put us here.
You're here for a reason.
So please realize how critical this time is.
God bless.
Owen Schroeder takes over.
All right, thank you, Alex, and I will finish up this segment covering some of the news, but I just wanted to let you know that we've got in-studio guests coming up today.
Dr. Judy Mikovits and Mickey Willis and Patrick Byrne coming up.
That's going to be in the one o'clock central hour, the third hour today of the Alex Jones Show.
In the meantime, till then, we're going to be covering all the latest breaking news.
Alex just mentioned this story.
We have it at Infowars.com.
PayPal banned anti-pedophile group, while pro-pedophile group remains on platform.
So, gays against groomers, you're out.
Oh, I thought the left loved gays.
Oh, no, no, no, only when they're part of the cult.
And then they had the account that WeStandWithMaps, which is the minor attracted
Individual, also known as a pedophile, and they're allowed to stay on PayPal.
So you say, I like pedophiles, PayPal keeps you around.
You say, we don't like pedophiles, PayPal bans you.
And really that's just an extension of the discrimination that happens against conservatives.
And you've just now reached the point where the left liberals are now pro-pedophile, and so conservatives have to posture themselves as anti-pedophile.
You'd think everybody would be anti-pedophile, not your modern-day liberals.
So, they exist on PayPal.
They also... PayPal has shut account of group who fought to keep schools open during the pandemic.
That was in the UK.
Us4Them, a UK parents group that campaigned to keep schools open during the pandemic, has been banned.
From PayPal.
So it's really just political conservatives aren't allowed to operate, liberals are.
And it just so happens now in the year 2022 that part of the liberal political paradigm and ideology is pro-pedophile.
Pretty incredible to think that's the case, but here we are.
Then there's DeSantis, who's looking better and better every day.
And I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater with Trump, but
You know, we can give Trump the credit where credit is due.
We can say, here's the faults.
That's all fine and good.
He's obviously still being politically persecuted by the deep state.
But more and more, it looks like DeSantis might be the one moving forward.
Democrat Palm Beach County Commissioner endorses Ron DeSantis in re-election bid.
So when you have Democrats endorsing Ron DeSantis, which of course they did, many endorsed Trump as well, it's looking good.
And of course, who's going after DeSantis?
That would be
I reject socialism outright.
I reject...
I reject Marxism, Leninism, Communism, any of these isms that have come out of a political theory that basically denies the worth of each and every individual, denies people's aspirations to reach for the stars, denies the fact that we have inherent God-given rights.
That's it exactly, and it created the most prosperous nation on earth, rejecting that ideology, and now the Communists are trying to destroy it again.
Ladies and gentlemen, something truly
I don't even really know how to classify it.
It's sickening, it's depressing, it's evil, and the story just gets worse as we move through the news cycle this week, and that is the story of the 41-year-old Democrat who mowed down a young man and then said it was because he was a Republican extremist.
Now, before I get into the latest developments in this story,
Let's just put the correct context and framing here.
Two weeks ago, Joe Biden declared that conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters were extremists and the biggest threat to this country.
And there have been numerous other similar warnings given from the FBI, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media.
Now, of course,
It's been open season for violence on conservatives and Trump supporters since 2016, when thousands of individuals wearing Trump hats around the country, just out on their daily lives, having dinner, walking in the park, going to school, what have you, were attacked by radical liberals and leftists, or just other brainwashed minions of the leftist communist propaganda.
And so we remember all that.
We remember all that violence.
We remember all the violence at Trump rallies.
We remember the Democrats rioting at Trump's inauguration.
And so it's been open season for violence on Trump supporters for a long time.
We've had a Trump supporter shot and killed in Portland by Antifa.
We had a Trump supporter shot and killed in Denver by a liberal.
Four Trump supporters killed by police on January 6th.
And all of this gets covered up by the media and they don't make a big fuss of it because it goes against their official narrative which is the big lie that Trump supporters are the violent extremist group when of course it's historically documented that that's the Democrat Party from the KKK to the Weather Underground to what they're engaged in now.
Joe Biden says Republicans are extremists.
41-year-old goes out and runs down a young man and says, oh, he was a Republican extremist.
He had to die.
I was scared of him.
Now, there are new details emerging here.
What we know from the police report is that it was Brants, the Democrat, that ran over the young boy.
It was his own words that he said he ran him over because he was a Republican extremist.
Now as far as any more details upon what that means, we don't have any.
In fact, the lack of details are causing the police to reach another conclusion, but I'll get to that in a second.
And this is just the fact of the matter here from Mike Cernovich.
Joe Biden is radicalizing an army of domestic terrorists, using them to commit acts of violence, including murder.
Now, I've been warning about this for how long, folks?
This has been one of my main warnings and issues on The War Room for the better part of the last two years.
And Brandt, the Democrat, has already admitted to striking the pedestrian with his car because he called him a Republican extremist.
And then, also was guilty of a hit and run.
Now, I don't know of any other hit and run situation where if you hit and run and kill somebody, you're released the next day.
So, I mean, it's even, it's like, we know the two-tiered system of justice, we know liberals can get away with anything these days.
It's good to be a Democrat.
But, that's pretty incredible.
A hit-and-run where you kill somebody, and you're released the next day, $50,000 bond.
Kyle Rittenhouse had a $2 million bond in an act of clear self-defense.
But this guy gets a $50,000 bond in a hit-and-run, vehicular manslaughter situation?
Something ain't right.
Now, here is Attorney Drew Wrigley's comments on
The taking of Kyler Ellingson's life.
The loss of a young life is always a tragedy under any circumstances.
Outrageously, in this case, it is alleged that the suspect admitted that his actions were motivated by a dispute over political beliefs.
There is no place in civil society for this hateful violence.
I call on all North Dakotans to join me in praying for Kyler Ellingson and his family and condemning any and all politically motivated crime.
I also call on Americans, including political leaders, to end this type of rhetoric.
Political violence has become all too common and must come to an end.
It goes on, but I'll stop right there.
Now, have Democrats condemned any of the political violence that they've caused?
In fact, they endorse it and fund it.
Just check the 2020 riots.
All summer long.
Or a Democrat that went out to try to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh that they didn't want to talk about.
Democrats trying to kill Rand Paul multiple times that they won't condemn.
And there's so many others, it's just like, I forget them all.
So many others.
A Democrat going to a Republican baseball practice to try to commit a mass murder.
The list just goes on and on and on.
A Democrat just tried to stab Lee Zeldin, a Republican running for governor in New York.
And the Democrats have not condemned a single act of violence.
No, they endorse it, they encourage it, and then they say that Trump supporters and Republicans are the extremists.
But the police now, as the investigation goes on, have released new statements.
And they're now saying there is no evidence that slain North Dakota teen was a Republican extremist.
Now, what's odd about this
And there's still, the details are still murky, but the story goes that Brant, the radical Democrat, chased down Ellington, the young man, down into an alleyway.
He had to chase him into an alleyway to run him over.
Now does that sound like somebody who's trying to get away from danger?
Does that sound like somebody who's trying to flee a scene and not be involved in a political dispute?
Does that sound like somebody who's trying to run from a threat?
Or does that sound like a deranged maniac hunting somebody down in their vehicle?
Again, the details are slowly emerging from this case.
I think there's still more questions than answers, but the fact that he went into an alley to run this boy over, I think says a lot.
But how could it be?
No evidence?
That Kyler Ellingson was a Republican extremist?
Well, of course not!
But here's the question.
Of course, Kyler Ellingson wasn't a Republican extremist.
We know that.
There are very few Republican extremists, if any, out there at all.
I don't know a single one.
I know plenty of liberal extremists.
I deal with them every day.
In fact, I don't know a liberal these days that isn't an extremist.
So, was Kyler Ellingson even political at all?
And why did Brandt feel the need to run him down and kill him in his vehicle and then leave the scene of the crime?
Now here's what I'm afraid of.
Because we've seen the left do this in the past and you have to understand their psychology is all the same.
Could this be a situation where
Perhaps Brant and Ellingson did have some sort of a confrontation and Brant was so upset about it and he's already a deranged liberal and so as I've said dozens of times on The War Room, folks, these psychotic liberals are a snap away from a psychotic break.
And so is that what happened to Brant?
Did he have that psychotic break and then chase a little kid down to kill him in an alleyway?
And then, and then, thinking, what have I done here?
I just ran a kid over in a car and probably killed him and fled the scene.
How can I possibly get out of this?
I know, I'll say he was a Republican extremist.
Could that be the case here?
Would that shock you?
Now we've seen similar things where
Liberals will be upset about the way something went, and so they'll just say, oh, somebody called me the N-word.
Of course, there's no evidence of it.
All parties and witnesses involved at the scene deny the N-word was ever used.
But that individual says, I was called the N-word.
And so this has happened with brutal beatings in public areas like malls and parks.
Where a black individual will brutally beat down somebody and it'll be charged with assault and battery and they'll say, well, he called me the N-word.
Except there's no evidence of that, no proof.
Are we now living in a situation where you have these new abracadabra words, you get caught running over a kid in a car, you say, oh, he was a Republican extremist, charges get dropped.
You get caught beating someone to death in the streets, you say, oh, he called me the N-word, charges get dropped.
Boy oh boy.
I hope that's not what happened here, but it's starting to look like it.
It's the fourth coin that we've released in the last year.
And I believe the most powerful.
The man in the arena coin, Teddy Roosevelt.
Citizen of a republic.
Man in the arena.
There's only 10,000 of this coin.
It exists in the world.
It will never be made again.
It's not just an amazing historic coin.
It funds the information war against the globalists.
This is something you want to hand down to your grandchildren.
This is something you want to own.
And as a fundraiser, it is funding the information war against the globalists.
Ladies and gentlemen, 10,000 coins are available.
They'll sell out very quickly.
Why would an individual be motivated to fake a hate crime?
What is the agenda there?
Well, there's a few reasons.
They want to frame their opposition as the bad guy.
And they want to then have this victim mindset.
This infinite victim mindset, where they're always the victim no matter what, because there's hate groups looking out there trying to get them.
And so therefore, when they commit acts, criminal acts, violent acts, it's justified.
Because they're the constant victims.
You see, the victims can't be the criminals.
And so it's a psychological game that they play.
And we have dozens of these accounts of all the fake hate crimes.
And it's always liberals doing it.
Of course it is.
They write the N-word on a bathroom in a school, turns out to be a black student.
They spray paint the N-word onto a lawn in school, turns out to be a black person.
Somebody goes out and kicks over a bunch of headstones at a Jewish cemetery, turns out to be a Jewish person.
We all know about Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace, the rest of it.
And so they've now reached the point in this psychological attack where they now want to be able to commit crimes and acts of violence without any repudiation because they just say, hey, I'm the victim.
That's a Republican extremist.
That's a racist.
Leo Terrell was breaking this down on Fox News last night and everything he says in this clip is true.
Well, I...
I'll tell you right now, this is where this driver who, in my opinion, didn't commit vehicular manslaughter, he committed second degree murder by running over this guy.
He used a so-called magna defense, saying that these guys were extremists on the right.
And I'll tell you right now, Bill and Dana, Joe Biden got blood on his hands.
He has been dividing this country, calling 75 million people ultra-MAGA extremists.
And this person who's accused of this crime used that as an affirmative defense to run over someone and leave him there without rendering any help.
This is what has happened with Joe Biden basically dividing this country by declaring 75 million Trump supporters supreme extremists and supremacists.
I'm going to show you how much media coverage this story got elsewhere.
Leo, if everybody can take a look here.
Guess what?
And even if this excuse by Brandt turns out to be ridiculous and not true, you can imagine that if it had been the reverse, you would have seen a lot more coverage.
Leo, last word to you.
Yeah, thank you Dana.
It's obvious.
The left-wing media is basically providing cover for the Democratic Party's hatred towards half of this country.
There is zero coverage on this issue.
It's affirmative evidence that they are shielding the president on this issue where he has divided this country based on hate and trying to divide this country based on political affiliation.
It is outrageous and that gentleman should basically face the full extent of the charges against him.
Thank you, Leo.
Good to see you.
Thank you for getting up.
Thank you.
You want to know what it's like living in an authoritarian regime?
Folks, you're getting a taste of it right now under the Democrat Party.
I mean, you're seeing it all.
The rigged media.
One side is allowed to cheat in elections and deny elections.
The other side isn't.
One side is allowed to engage in all kinds of extremism and violence and the other side doesn't and then gets accused of it.
And now in court, Brandt, at his bond hearing, is basically, I don't believe he was coached on this, maybe he's being genuine, he's basically pretending to be a complete idiot.
Or he is.
He might actually be, you know.
Completely mentally disturbed.
Mentally ill.
I mean, it fits the bill.
He's a liberal.
So we know that that's a mental disorder.
But in his bond hearing, he's basically saying he doesn't understand any of the charges.
He doesn't understand fatality, hit and run, failing to render aid.
He doesn't know what any of it means.
Are they really about to let this guy off the hook?
So I don't know how much more proof the people of this country and the world need to see
That it's actually Democrats that are the party of violent extremists and have been since their founding out of the KKK, into the weather underground, and now into what should we call the modern-day Democrats?
Truly amazing stuff.
Now, David Hogg, sadly, has turned into a puppet of the authoritarian regime and a puppet
We're good to go.
Well, I got news for you, David.
Disarming civilians is an act of violence.
And every authoritarian that this planet saw in the 20th century, from Lenin to Stalin to Pol Pot to the Nazis and Hitler, they were all left-wing ideologies, either communist or socialist, like you.
And they all disarmed the civilians like what you want to do.
So I find it disturbingly ironic that the very people celebrating their non-violence are the most violent people we've ever seen in this country and they want to disarm the population which is indeed an act of violence.
And if you don't believe that's the case, then tell me, are you planning on bringing guns to these disarmament events?
Are you going to have guns to protect yourself?
My guess is yes, it will.
Because why?
Because disarming civilians is an act of violence.
And the fact that I have to explain this in the year 2022 is quite pathetic, actually.
Really pathetic.
But let's talk about Democrat violence.
We've got plenty of it.
In California, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks Bakery, hit by burglars.
Just never stops.
Just never stops in Los Angeles.
And I told this story the other day, and it just keeps happening.
I was thinking about going to take a trip to L.A.
to visit some friends this weekend, and every person I talked to said, just do not come here.
It's really that bad.
And I'm looking at Airbnb reviews.
You go look at Airbnb reviews, you go look at the most recent reviews in the LA area on Airbnb, every single one of them says, I got robbed, I got carjacked, I got stabbed.
And it's a one-star review.
Because that's how bad Los Angeles is under Democrat Party rule.
Same thing in New York.
New York City teen saved from stabbing outside school when knife breaks.
So this young man gets out of school, goes to the local bus stop, which is a bus stop for three different schools, by the way.
So he goes to the bus stop to go home.
A gentleman just walks up to him, doesn't say a word, just walks up to him and tries to stab him right in the chest, but the blade on the knife fell off the handle and so nothing pierced.
Luckily that nothing happened to the young boy.
Sixteen years old, walking to the bus to go home from school, and a lunatic, released out onto the streets by the Democrat Party, tries to stab him for no good reason.
Sex fiend gets sweet deal from Manhattan D.A.
Bragg on teen rape charge, then attacks five others.
A man accused of raping his teenage relative secured a sweetheart plea deal from Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and then went on to allegedly sexually terrorize five more people in the Bronx a month later.
Justin Washington was promised a plumb 30-day jail sentence along with five years probation.
So he was released and then attacked five other people because Democrats.
Now, I've got a video here if you guys want to roll the b-roll of clip 8.
Elderly woman robbed at gunpoint in downtown Los Angeles.
Walks into her apartment complex.
Stalker is sitting there in the main area.
Takes out the gun and robs her right there.
Man, it's just, it is just really, really bad, isn't it?
If you're in a Democrat-run city, folks.
And now they say more than half of the residents of San Francisco have been robbed.
So the odds are, if you're in San Francisco, you've been robbed.
That is just unbelievable.
Now there's higher levels of law enforcement where there's problems as well.
FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust persecution of conservative Americans.
And of course that's the point of the authoritarian Democrat Party running our government now is if you're a whistleblower against them they will torture you and they will destroy you and they will ruin your life.
That's a protection so that no one else comes forward.
And you know, there was an interview Dan Bongino did with the FBI whistleblower as well.
I watched the interview and, you know, I mean, it's alright.
He says some stuff that's interesting, but it's really not that groundbreaking.
It's really nothing that you wouldn't have already assumed is going on.
We need to get real hardcore details about just how corrupt the FBI is, or rather, what the leftist liberal ideology has done to law enforcement, because that's the real story here.
The Justice Department and law enforcement is being used by Democrats against their political opposition illegitimately.
That's what's going on.
And any FBI whistleblower that steps forward has their lives destroyed by the Democrats.
DOJ drops a bomb, admits federal government ran informants inside the Oath Keepers on January 6th.
Spring this on J6 attorneys less than one week before trials begin.
Oh, there were no FBI informants there.
Well, okay, maybe there were dozens actually.
And who is Ray Epps?
And why has he not been charged?
The only individual we've seen encouraging people to go into the building the night before and the day of right there as the barricades were going down.
More on the Gateway Pundit.
Ten facts on the dozens of federal operatives who infiltrated the Trump crowds on January 6th.
Ah, but back to the street crime that happens in Democrat cities.
Shock video.
Suspect attempts to behead man with scissors and knives.
It's not a white supremacist.
You might be surprised to find out.
So that's what you get when you live in a Democrat-run area, sadly.
And it continues.
Now, the Democrats want Gavin Newsom to run for office in 2024.
They don't want Joe Biden.
They want Newsom.
After all, look what he's done to California.
It's such a bastion of success, isn't it?
In fact, there are three states that lead the nation in people leaving, and that's California, New York, and Illinois, all run by Democrats for decades.
Go figure.
Here's an old clip of Gavin Newsom talking about homelessness in San Francisco when he was running for office there.
And let's listen to what Gavin Newsom said in 2008 and how that sticks today.
We believe, fundamentally, that food solves hunger, that shelters solve sleep, and that housing solves homelessness.
And if we're going to solve the problem of those that are out on the streets that we define as homeless, we better solve the housing problem if we're going to have an impact.
And that's why we established this framework, what we call a 10-year plan to end chronic homeless in San Francisco.
All right, now how did that go, Newsom?
How did Newsom's 10-year plan to end homelessness in San Francisco go?
Oh, well, it's now 15 years later, and homelessness is worse than it's ever been, and he's the governor of the state.
How much longer do we have to put up with him?
How much longer will we be victims of Democrat extremism?
I hope the end is not near.
I hope this is just the beginning.
I hope Infowars survives all this.
I hope America survives all this.
I hope freedom and prosperity survives all this.
But you know all those things are hanging in the balance right now because of the Democrat Party and the World Economic Forum.
Welcome back here to the Alex Jones Show.
One of the ways we will make it through all this is with your support at InfoWarsTore.com, not to mention all the prayers and the spreading of the videos and the links.
That is so imperative as well.
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And I gotta say, and Alex will not be testifying today, but, you know, it's funny, and it's not just, I just notice it because it's me and Alex, and we're in the same building all the time, and we're doing the same thing a lot, and how simpatico we are, and like, we don't even have to talk, and we just know what the other one is gonna do, and what the other one is thinking now.
And if you recall yesterday,
When we started covering the case, I kind of had this feeling like, you know what?
I think that this case is going to be handled a little differently than the one here in Texas.
And I think that Alex's attitude and approach is going to be a lot different too.
And boy, did we not see that yesterday.
I happen to think Alex was incredible on the stand yesterday.
And I realized something as well.
I realized why this moment was so important
And the way Alex executed his strategy on the stand yesterday was so perfect because here's the thing.
One of my biggest rubs and one of the main issues I discuss on the War Room is the lack of political debate or discussion or discourse at all.
And we all know why that is.
Liberals know they're not smart.
They know they're not informed.
They know they're not intellectual.
And so they know they can't win in a debate.
So they don't.
They refuse to debate.
And they even go further than that.
They censor their political opposition because they don't even want the truth interfering with their lives.
Joe Biden cancels presidential debates.
All these Democrats that are running for office in the midterms refuse to debate their Republican counterparts.
Now, I will say, in fairness, Gavin Newsom did challenge Ron DeSantis to a debate, and DeSantis balked.
I don't know, I don't like that from DeSantis, but you know, he's got his own strategy, he's making up his own mind, and he's doing a great job, but I think the world needs that debate, quite frankly.
And really, it would just probably be a preview for maybe a 2024 presidential debate.
But we don't get any debate, and we need debate.
You know, because it's healthy.
Because it humanizes us.
How often have you in your life maybe really not liked somebody?
Or you thought you hated this person and you thought you had beef, and then maybe you met him and there was some awkwardness, maybe some tension, maybe things even got a little out of hand, but then at the end of the day, maybe you felt better about that person.
Maybe you felt like, yeah, you know what, I don't like you, but I respect you.
Hey, you know what, maybe I disagree with everything you say, but you know what, we're both in this together.
Have you ever had that experience?
I know I have.
And that's what political debate does.
It's not successful all the time in that regard, but most of the time it is.
We need to be able to hash these things out, even if it gets vitriolic, even if it becomes a shouting match.
It's part of the process, in my opinion, to keep things peaceful.
It reminds us we're all in the same room.
We're all in the same country.
We're all on the same planet.
We're all in this same life consciousness.
We need that reminder that we're all in this together whether we like it or not.
And we're already losing the human touch with all the technology.
And now to remove that from the political discourse is just dangerous, and I think that's part of the reason why we have this large divide between the left and the right.
But let me get back to my point.
Why was Alex Jones' approach on the stand yesterday so important?
Because ladies and gentlemen, that was the closest thing we've had to a legitimate political debate
Between the left and the right.
That I've seen in the last four years.
Five years.
That was organic.
It was raw.
It was natural.
It wasn't scripted.
It wasn't bogus.
It wasn't controlled.
Well, maybe in a way.
Actually, I guess I can't say that it fully wasn't controlled.
Obviously, Alex Jones not allowed to say some things up there.
But wasn't it refreshing?
And notice how there were a couple viral videos from Alex's testimony in the Texas case.
There's like 10 viral videos of clips from that exchange yesterday because that's what people want.
It was the purest form of a political debate that they've seen in years.
And people are hungry for it.
Now here's the funny thing.
Did that happen in the courtroom?
Because the liberals there, the attorneys in this case, figured, I'm now in a controlled environment, I'm now in a rigged environment where I'm not actually going to have a political debate, I'm going to have a political attack on my enemy.
But that didn't go so well, did it?
Because Alex stood there strong like a rock with his sword and shield, politically, and went tit-for-tat with the lawyer who thought he was going to have an easy run-of-the-mill run-over of Alex, considering the judge told Alex he can't say a bunch of things.
But you know what?
I'll actually give the judge some credit, and I don't know, I still wouldn't say that this is a fully fair case for Alex, but I think the judge was a lot more willing
To hear Alex out yesterday than we had originally anticipated.
And so thank God that happened.
Because we needed to hear that yesterday, folks.
But isn't it funny?
The only time a liberal will try to debate Alex Jones is when they're in a court of law and they believe Alex is gagged and has his brain tied behind his back and still Alex came out on top of it.
It's the closest thing we've seen to Alex Jones in a debate in like ever, folks.
And it was awesome.
We need more political debate.
Just liberals are scared of it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I was already planning on covering some Biden news here when we just got a new clip from Biden.
This just happened moments ago and
I don't even really know how to properly introduce this and so I'm having the crew go through the internet right now to find some other videos before I cover this new one so we can get a full picture of just how creepy Joe Biden is and why people believe he's a pedophile.
But first just let me do this.
We'll start on a little bit of a lighter note.
Joe Biden went to the U.N.
building in New York City, which, by the way, should be shut down and turned into high-rise apartments.
Get the U.N.
out of New York City, but that's another thing.
Joe Biden went to the UN in New York City yesterday to address climate change, which is hilariously ironic, considering he took a motorcade of about 50 vehicles there.
I wonder how that helped climate change.
So I'm going to play this clip.
This is Joe Biden's motorcade on the way to the UN to fight climate change.
Gas-powered vehicles are actually better than electric cars for the environment.
Yes, that's actually the truth.
I know you've been lied to about that too, but that's the case.
So these are all gas-powered vehicles.
I'm gonna see if I can count how many there are.
Joe Biden's motorcade to the UN in New York City to address climate change.
Guys, let's start the film.
Here we go.
Alright, we got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
These are big gas guzzlers too.
21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.
They just keep coming.
Big gas guzzlers.
That might be it.
It might be stopping at 35 here.
Looks like at least 35.
There might be two more there, so we'll just say 35.
35 vehicles, non-electric, for Joe Biden to address climate change at the UN.
If that doesn't show you what frauds and liars these people are, I don't know what will.
Now, let's get to the less innocent part here.
Why do people think Joe Biden is a pedophile?
Well, maybe it's the Ashley Biden diary where she thinks she was molested by her father Joe in the shower when she was young.
Or maybe it's clips like this from Joe Biden.
This just happened moments ago.
Folks, you try to make sense of what Joe Biden says right here.
You gotta say hi to me.
We go back a long way.
She was 12, I was 30, but anyway.
This woman helped me get an awful lot done.
You gotta say hi to me.
Say it again.
We go back a long way.
She was 12, I was 30, but anyway... This woman helped me get an awful lot done.
Anyway... Boy, that's awfully awkward, isn't it?
Boy, that's awfully weird, isn't it?
You better look at me.
When we met, she was 12, I was 30.
I've asked the crew, and this is how we work here, folks, we have the best crew in the business, other people that do TV news reporting, they have their whole segments ironed out, and I said, crew, let's just surf the web and let's find all the videos and images and everything of Joe creepily groping and what many might consider assaulting
Women and children when they come to the White House.
So that's the b-roll you see on the screen here is Joe Biden groping little kids inappropriately touching women and children when they visit the White House.
There's hours of this footage.
These are not isolated incidents.
They happen all the time.
And then we find out from his daughter that Joe would get in the shower with her when she was a young girl and touch her inappropriately.
That's in Ashley Biden's diary!
So what is going on here?
Now, it's easier for me to access my memory than it is for the crew to just find all these video clips that I just have in my head
Because I have a photographic memory.
I know, I remember for a fact, at least three times when Joe Biden was running for president in the last presidential election, during his campaign, where he approached young girls
And was touchy or flirty with them, or even in some instances, invited them backstage after the event.
I remember in particular, I believe it was a 12-year-old girl.
He goes, how old are you?
He goes, why don't you come see me backstage afterwards?
She said, oh, I'm 12.
And so the crew is just pulling all of this stuff in the spur of the moment here after the recent Biden video just dropped.
Yeah, here he is touching a young girl during a political event.
I mean, folks, there's something really, really creepy happening here.
Here he is taking a young girl backstage with him after a political event.
I mean, literally, folks, I mean, you can see it on the screen.
I'm not making this up.
This is happening.
Look at him.
He grabs the little girl's arm and takes her backstage.
Gets up close to her, whispers in her ear, touches her face, grabs her.
You know, it'd be one thing if there wasn't so much background video and photo evidence of Joe being inappropriate the way he touches children and women.
But now we have Ashley Biden's diary.
Now we have Secret Service whistleblowers saying that we had to cancel parties because the Bidens would show up and touch our wives.
We know about Hunter Biden and his obvious sex addiction, porn addiction, sleeping with his brother's wife, not paying child support to the stripper he knocked up.
This is a disgusting, despicable family, folks.
And you know, the gracious part of me says the Bidens clearly have
An addiction that they're struggling with to sex and they clearly have a minor attracted person somewhere in their makeup that comes from Joe Biden or who knows maybe it happened before even Joe.
Maybe Joe dealt with some of this from his dad like Ashley did.
Maybe that's where Joe gets it.
We don't know.
But there's such a body of evidence.
It's so overwhelming with eyewitness testimonies and accounts from his own family of Joe's inappropriate touching, that it's so disgusting, it's so creepy, that you can't just sit here and feel bad for them.
They're predators.
Joe Biden is a predator.
He preyed on his own daughter.
He preys on young children that come to the White House for photo ops, and grabs them.
And grabs little boys' genitals.
Sniffs little babies' ears.
Grabs women's behinds.
You know, Bill Clinton was obviously a pervert and a sex freak in his own right, but
For as much as we know about Bill Clinton's sordid sexual acts, I've never seen any videos or photos of Bill Clinton doing what Joe Biden does to children.
On camera.
Is Joe Biden a bigger pervert than Bill Clinton?
I mean, think about that statement.
So, I appreciate the crew getting all this B-roll ready on short notice.
And, folks, there's more out there, okay?
There's more out there.
There's dozens of videos of Joe talking to little girls saying, come backstage with me, Joe telling little girls how pretty they are.
And now, guys, as we go to break, just roll this new clip.
He was 12, I was 30, but anyway.
This woman helped me get an awful lot done.
At any rate.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm calling a quick audible here because that new Biden video just dropped.
And we just did that segment covering Biden's creepiness.
And then the crew is putting together a short compilation of Biden acting inappropriately towards little girls that we're going to air in the next segment.
But so I'm going to sandwich that now with
Obama's corruption.
Corruption is treason.
This is from Maga1776.com.
And this is just Barack Obama.
They say scandal-free president.
Well, you tell me scandal-free after this.
Fast and what is Fast and Furious?
Fast and Furious was designed to capture Mexican drug cartels in 2009 out of the Phoenix ATF office.
Guns were sold to suspected criminals who were allowed to walk into Mexico without interference from agents with the intent of later tracing the guns.
No attempts were made to trace the more than 2,000 guns.
The guns were used to commit crimes in which Americans were killed, as well as the 2015 terror attacks at the Bataclan in Paris.
The Obama White House used executive privilege to try to halt the investigation despite denial of involvement.
Attorney General Eric Holder was charged with contempt of Congress.
Hundreds of deaths have been linked to these guns.
Guns funneled by the Obama administration resulted in murder.
That's Operation Fast and Furious.
Scandal free, they say.
What is Uranium One?
Rosatom, Russia's state atomic energy agency, purchased Uranium One in a series of three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013.
Shortly after Rosatom announced their intention to purchase Uranium One, Bill Clinton received $500,000.
For a speech in Moscow from a Russian investment bank linked to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.
Despite having made an agreement with the Obama White House to disclose Clinton Foundation contributions while serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did not disclose a series of transactions totaling $2.35 million from Uranium One chairman to the Clinton Foundation during this time period.
Uranium One shareholders would donate $145 million to the Clinton Foundation over the course of the company's sale.
Ultimately, this granted Russia control of over approximately 20% of the United States' uranium deposits.
Remember that Russian collusion?
Well, they were lying about Russian collusion with Trump.
Everybody covering Uranium One.
Remember that corruption from the Obamas and the Clintons?
Remember that one?
Maybe not, because the media covered it up.
What is the Iran ransom payment?
In January of 2016, Iran held five American prisoners.
The Obama administration transferred $400 million in U.S.
assets to Switzerland and other nations, which were converted to foreign cash.
Including francs and euros.
American officials permitted Iran air officials to take control of the money and depart from Geneva only once the US hostages were boarded and wheels up on their way home.
The 400 million in foreign bills stacked in the pallets were flown from Geneva to Tehran in an unmarked cargo plane.
A further $1.3 billion was transferred in a series of 13 money transfers of $99,999,099.99 from the U.S.
Treasury Department Judgment Fund.
Each transfer was one cent less than the $100 million limit imposed on such transfers.
Attorney General Loretta Lentz pled the fifth when questioned on this matter.
Isn't that amazing?
Trump pleads the fifth, liberal media freaks out.
A Trump supporter in contempt of Congress, media freaks out.
But when it's Holder and Lynch, nobody bets an eye.
What is martyr transfer?
Just before leaving office in 2017, President Obama authorized the discrete transfer of $227 million to foreign accounts.
Of the funds, $221 million went to the Palestinian Authority, the self-governing Palestinian body established in 1994.
The Palestinian Authority 2016 budget included $175 million for the care,
For the families of the martyrs, as well as $140 million reportedly allocated for prisoners, payments to prisoners, and former prisoners.
Obama just giving cash.
Cold hard cash to Palestine.
What is Obama Slush Fund?
The Department of Justice under President Obama acquired billions of dollars from corporate settlements.
As an example, a $1.2 billion settlement was made by Volkswagen.
This money should have gone to the Treasury Department.
Rather than be given out to the consumers it was meant for, $3 billion of this money was in turn funneled to left-wing activist groups like La Raza and the National Urban League.
There is now compelling evidence to suggest this money was funneled through a series of steps to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, as well as Obama's Organization for Action.
They stole your money.
What is the TARPIST?
The Troubled Asset Relief Program.
...was a program in the late 2008, under President Bush, through which the United States Federal Government purchased approximately $430 billion in troubled assets in order to slow the damage of the subprime mortgage crisis.
In 2016, files were leaked from the Clinton Foundation, which contained much or all of the Democrat National Committee's internal fundraising documents.
This suggests that the Clinton Foundation was a front organization for DNC fundraising efforts.
Now, you may notice a common theme here.
Obama stealing money, and the Clintons stealing money.
And when you understand that, you understand now a lot of the deep state crimes that were committed against Donald Trump in 2016.
And it's really sad that Americans have been duped into such a radical hatred of Donald Trump.
I mean, folks, it's a genocidal hatred that they have for Trump and his supporters.
The brainwashing is so powerful.
The propaganda is so powerful.
It's turned these liberals into genocidal maniacs in their hatred of Trump.
And the whole thing was derived because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were stealing money.
Hand over fist.
And so here's how it went.
All of these politicians were dirty dealers.
Now, Obama knew Clinton was a dirty dealer, and Clinton knew Obama was a dirty dealer.
And they did a lot of dirty deals together.
So when Obama's time was up, Hillary Clinton made sure that Barack Obama knew that, hey,
I know all the financial crimes you've committed and I'd hate for that to become a bigger issue.
You better help me get into office.
You better help me beat Donald Trump or all of your financial crimes are going to be exposed.
And so Obama obviously
Obligated to protect his own self-interest with his financial crimes, said, okay, fine.
We both did a bunch of financial crimes together when I was president.
I'll help you beat Donald Trump for my own sake, because they weren't exactly the best of friends.
So that's what happened.
Barack Obama illegally spied on Donald Trump.
They tried to frame and set up Donald Trump.
And it was all because they were scared that if Donald Trump got into office, all of their crimes would be exposed, investigated, and perhaps even prosecuted.
Now, none of that happened under Donald Trump, sadly.
He said he would do it, he didn't.
Probably his biggest failure as president was not taking care of the deep state.
And now the deep state is worse than ever.
That's a fair criticism of Donald Trump.
But nonetheless, can you imagine what damage has been caused to this country?
You've seen it.
You don't have to imagine it.
And all of it was caused because dirty politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder
We're so scared that their crimes were going to be exposed and prosecuted if Hillary Clinton didn't get into office, that they launched a propaganda campaign the likes of which we've never seen in the history of this country, to foment so much hatred and anger to a genocidal level against Donald Trump, hoping that that would protect them from being charged and investigated for all the crimes that they've committed.
And you know what's sad?
It worked.
It worked.
Because the mainstream media went along for the ride, because they didn't want to be called a racist, and they didn't want to be called a misogynist, and so they had to stand up for Barack Obama, and they had to stand up for Hillary Clinton.
And now, as we're about to hit the midterms in 46 days,
The Clinton Foundation is back, and John Podesta is back, and they're once again making money hand over fist.
They got away with all of it, and Trump did nothing.
Now you notice, Democrats run on politically persecuting their opposition.
Just look at Letitia James in New York City.
Will a Republican ever step up and say, I am running to criminally prosecute the crimes committed by Obama and Clinton and Biden.
And I bet if one did, they would win the election.
The best-selling book in America last week was The Great Reset and the War for the Worlds, written by Alex Jones.
Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of his book last week.
But the New York Times lied about that because the New York Times doesn't want you to know that.
The New York Times wants you to believe that Alex Jones is more discredited than the New York Times.
The paper that started the Iraq War by lying about weapons of mass destruction and got a million people killed.
So they lied about his book.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
The historic book that lays out the plans of the Great Reset Death Star.
And exposes the New World Order's plans for global enslavement.
Get your copy now at Amazon.com to keep the book at number one.
And InfoWarsTore.com to help keep InfoWars on the air.
The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Now number one in the world.
So we played for you the new Biden creep clip, and we're going to play a little compilation here for you as well as we get the in-studio guests set up.
Quickly, a couple headlines.
GOP lawmaker obtains new documents that show Joe Biden and Hunter Biden working to sell U.S.
natural gas and drilling assets to China has whistleblowers who will testify.
Well, it's public information.
They sold our strategic oil reserves to China and Europe.
Actually, they just gave them to Europe.
But they sold him to China because it was Hunter Biden's firm working with the gas companies in China that bought him.
So he made nice millions of dollars probably, or Joe did.
But he can't pay child support.
We'll see if anything comes of that.
Meanwhile, the Biden economy struggles.
Average American needs annual wage increase of $11,500 to keep up with Biden inflation.
Greatest economy ever.
It's official, Dow is down more than 1,000 points since Biden inauguration and 3,000 points from its all-time high now under Joe Biden.
We've got this little compilation.
This, you know, it hit us like it hit us like a tidal wave here or hit us like a wrecking ball, if you will.
Joe Biden creepily talking about how he met a 12 year old girl when he was 30 and how great she was.
And so we just combine that and compile that with some of the other creepiness from Joe Biden here for you on the Alex Jones Show.
But guess what?
We got a lot to do.
Gotta say hi to me.
We go back a long way.
She was 12, I was 30, but anyway.
This woman helped me get an awful lot done.
I love those barrettes in her hair, man.
I'll tell you what.
I'm looking at her, she looks like she's 19 years old sitting there with her, like a little lady in a race car.
I'll tell you what, honey.
What I'm gonna do, if you give me a dress, I'm gonna write you a longer answer and tell you the exact things I would do, okay?
I'll bet you're as bright as you're good looking, I tell ya.
I don't want you to have to stand all alone, but it's up to me.
By the way, he gave me permission to touch him, alright?
He gave me permission to touch him, alright?
We got a lot to do.
But guess what?
Gotta say hi to me.
We go back a long way.
She was 12, I was 30, but anyway...
This woman helped me get an awful lot done.
At any rate.
Maggie, do you want to come over here?
Thank you.
Come over here.
Come on, you make me look better.
Do you guys mind moving this way?
There we go.
Thank you.
You've got to look up at the center photographer up top.
Thank you.
Thank you.
But guess what?
We got a lot to do.
Gotta say hi to me.
We go back a long way.
She was 12, I was 30, but anyway.
This woman helped me get an awful lot done.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently...
Alex Jones!
It always comes to mind.
Russian scum!
Reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support The Information War at infowarstore.com.
And never give up the fight.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back here live at the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, and I am now joined in studio by Dr. Judy Mikovits, her site, TheRealDrJudy.com, and Mickey Willis, PlandemicSeries.com.
And, Doctor, obviously your work, your commentary during the COVID and the vaccine issues has been so paramount.
And now, Mickey, you're...
Documentary I've got all people sharing the links telling me I gotta watch it I haven't seen it yet, but it's getting rave reviews But you guys wanted to I've got a bunch of news we can talk about but you guys wanted to bring an issue to the fore here that that I wasn't really aware of and That's Mickey what you described as division
Thank you.
Yes, it's just reached a point right now.
We were hoping that it would that it would kind of blow by and we wouldn't have to respond to it, but it's reached a point right now I think that is critical enough that we should really be addressing this and that is I've been a frontline activist and as a filmmaker I've been on the front line of just about every major people-led resistance that we've had in the last 20 years and and I've seen you know it starts with the
The citizens starting to whisper rumors like he's controlled opposition.
She's deep state.
And while that's an incredibly real tactic that's used, I've never seen it properly applied to anyone that deserves it.
And so when people come to me now and they say something about someone good, it's always about people who are making great progress on the front line.
And they start to spread these rumors.
I always tell them that you're actually doing the work of controlled opposition right now.
Because as soon as you start sowing these seeds of doubt and turning each other against each other, that's the beginning of the end for us.
And I honestly believe that is the only way that we're going to lose this battle is if we start to turn on each other.
So now you have these ideological differences with scientists who have differences of opinions regarding vaccines and different compounds and they're starting to slander each other online.
They're starting to question whether or not somebody is being paid by Big Pharma.
And I'm in this unique position because
I'm interviewing all of these doctors and I have a kind of a very different process that we do and that is they stay at my home sometimes for a number of days or I go to their homes.
I get to know the people intimately and so when I hear these rumors started about people that I know, really good people, it's difficult because I know that it's only to break them down.
And now there are really some top doctors who are at odds and making videos out there to tear down each other and it's just we have to get the message out to people that this is the only way that they win.
This is causing this kind of battles between us all.
Well, and I think that diversity and thought in the movement is a good thing, as long as we're still all on the same track, you know, moving forward.
But obviously, there's reasonable caution.
I mean, there's reasonable caution.
You know, we know how the deep state works.
We know how operatives work.
We know how they can infiltrate movements.
And I'm kind of in the same position as you were.
I'm talking to everybody, and you kind of have this be suspect of everybody, but also
You want to welcome as many people into the movement as possible, so how do you balance that?
And my approach has always been, just pay attention to the fruits.
Pay attention to the fruits of the labor, and if that starts to go sideways, then maybe you get a little more cautious.
But Dr. Judy, what have you seen, or what is your take on all of this?
Yeah, what I've seen, and it's actually been for a really long time, the division according to trainings and types of different practitioners in medicine, different doctors.
I'm a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology.
What that means is I only think about sensing at the level of the cell surface and down, and how that works in the whole body.
Now, an MD's job
Is and I've spent 40 years developing drugs from their therapeutics from plants because I'm a natural products chemist.
So God's given us everything we need.
Let's use it for food.
And so then my job is to teach practitioners.
Now, chiropractors you teach differently than medical doctors because they have different training.
Of all kinds.
So, the language is very different, but the narrative told to the doctors, and it's happened a long time.
The PhD doesn't have a voice, and we experience that in courts of law when we're trying to explain how injuries can happen through vaccine.
I served in that National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.
As a witness from 15 to 19 and the doctors weren't speaking the same language.
So it came off acrimonious and what we were really all trying to do was heal the child, understand why certain kids get hurt and others don't.
And we see that all the time.
So it's just, it's a language that's been spun by the media.
And it's like the chiropractor doesn't have the same kind of voice as the naturopathic doctor or the MD and the PhD.
So it's just they've created a chaos and it's really not us.
We've spent our lives collaborating and we have all of those practitioners on any given paper.
And that's so the division has been created really
Accelerated in the last two decades in fact when heads of the journals in the in the the scientific journals gave impact factors so your journal or your voice is more important than another voice as far as what and and Tony Fauci actually admitted and and Tess Laurie was the PhD that testified to this in a court showing how they accelerated that in the in the past
Well, and you might know more about that with Fauci, or at least as much as anybody else, with your history.
You know, but if we talk about in the more current issue, not in the past decades, but let's just say the last two years in regards to doctors, you know, trying to tell the truth about COVID or how to heal people from COVID or now the vaccines, I just look at it as, hey, people are going to have different opinions.
I guess I'll put it to you like this.
People accuse Infowars of being controlled opposition.
People consider me controlled opposition, Alex, and it's just like, I'm me, okay?
Like, I know me, I know Alex, I know the crew, I know we're not controlled opposition.
So I just don't react to that.
There's no point.
You just gotta keep pressing forward.
And I think that's the message, really, that the doctors that might be being accused of this have to do, is just don't listen to the riffraff.
Stay on course, keep doing what you're doing, and eventually the fruits of your labor will prove who you are.
Yeah, correct.
You know, I think that it's time to rise above a lot of the stories, right?
We get mired in... I, as a media creator, I constantly look at what is the mainstream saying on loop?
Because that's what they want us to think and talk about.
That's all the distraction points.
And all this stuff has been used to strip away our liberties and for them to gain control.
And yet we still obsess on getting stuck in these stories.
Why does Anthony Fauci come out one month and say masks work and then masks don't work?
Because it stirs everyone into a dialogue and it distracts us from the big game.
And so we need to be the ones in this era to rise above that, to meet in a place called humanity.
These doctors need to drop all their egos and all their rankings and all their hierarchy and come back to realize if we're in the same foxhole
We've got to stop putting a rifle to the back of our teammates' heads.
And just because we have ideological differences, we have to mature past that.
You know, really grow the hell up and understand that what matters most is unity.
Yeah, let's talk about that more on the other side of this break.
We'll be right back.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
It's an honor to be here, Owen Schroer filling in.
I've got my guests Dr. Judy Mikovits and Mickey Willis in studio with me.
And now we're joined by Patrick Byrne on the air.
And you know,
There's a couple individuals to me who have really been kind of rising above the noise of it all as more of a unification factor and Patrick Byrne has been one of those individuals and so he joins us now on the air with a message of unification and that's going to be the key here isn't it Patrick?
Now the challenge is
Knowing what's true and what's not in order to get the unification.
So how do we do this Patrick?
Because obviously the bad actors in the medical institutions and the government are all going to try to divide us as the populist movement continues to grow.
And what's happening is the thing they've been scared of
All my life is a populist movement that unites the left and the right.
Good for you, folks.
And the gentleman who just was speaking, Mickey Willis, I don't think we've, we may have shaken hands once, sir.
We have.
But I so applaud the message you were just, you were just passing.
And of course, Judy Mikovits, we have, I've had the honor of shaking your hands on a number of occasions.
You're wonderful.
The in-group, we have to really thwart the people who are trying to get the war started.
And they're trying to get the war started by making this an us-them thing where it's Republicans versus Democrats or it's MAGA versus RINO.
It's not.
It's really, in my mind, the in-group and the out-groups.
The in-group are the people who see the PSYOP and understanding that we're being manipulated versus the out-group.
And the out-group are the people who are trying to
Get us all to hate each other and start a war and I mean there's example after example of that.
It's now become clear to me this is deliberately being engineered because I know the truth.
I know the truth better of what's been going on for some years sort of better than just about anyone.
As for reasons you may understand or may not.
And it is clear to me someone's trying to get a civil war started.
Just so you know, 90% of us die.
It's all been modeled out in national security circles back in 2005.
If a civil war starts, 90% of us die over the course of one year.
Or now a nuclear war is being talked about.
Yeah, I don't give much.
I think this is more... I think that the Ukraine thing has a...
A domestic purpose.
A domestic purpose.
Look, we could have had peace with Ukraine anytime in the last seven years.
All we had to do was, you know, agree not to have Ukraine join NATO for 20 years.
I was in a conference with
Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, and Jack Vesey, Reagan's two-term Chief of Staff, who were saying, I mean, so these are hawks-hawks.
This is 2016, this conversation occurred.
No, 16.
And they were saying there's absolutely no strategic reason we can't say, Ukraine, fine, let it be Switzerland, let it be Finland.
We do not need to absorb it into NATO.
It's an enormously provocative act for us to be absorbing Ukraine into NATO.
I don't care.
It's about time someone says it.
And I think that this whole thing has a lot of, you know, HL Mencken said that American domestic politics amounts to trotting out a series of hobgoblins to frighten the domestic population to get them to do what you want.
Not to say that Putin isn't a real hobgoblin.
He's a terrible guy.
And he's a, you know, he's all the bad things people say, but this, we, we, this has been driven.
This has almost been engineered or provoked.
And why right now coming out of a global pandemic and at the edge of a global
You know, financial crisis, right now we have to fight for Ukraine's right to someday join NATO.
That sounds a little fishy.
No, it's completely absurd, and on the Putin comment as well, Putin can be the worst guy on the planet, doesn't mean he can't still tell the truth sometimes, and so when he talks about what he's trying to do in Ukraine, and he's wanting to stop the NATO expansion, he's just telling you, he's like, this is how I feel, this is why this is going on, and it's Western aggression that's causing me to do this, and sadly the people of America don't understand this, because they get lied to by their media, but I want to divert off of that, and get back to the topic at hand here, because
I will just say this, as far as the division is concerned, I think that you guys are really activated on the grassroots, and there's a lot of other doctors and activists that are really in tune to the grassroots, and the populist movement is becoming so big now, that naturally there's going to be some conflict, naturally there's going to be some division.
We need to make sure that we're all moving the ball forward.
Sometimes we might run the wrong route, sometimes we might get off course, but as long as we're moving the ball forward with the populist movement, we need to get back to independence,
Yes, I'm not really aware.
I mean, I'm vaguely aware that there's tension among people on our side.
I couldn't tell you who it is or what it's about.
I don't follow any of that, all that Peyton Place stuff at all.
I'm just about the mission and the mission is the principles.
I've always been loathed to define myself as a Republican.
I really have.
All my life, I've said a small L libertarian, small R Republican.
Followed Milton Friedman that way.
I've lately come to call myself a Frederick Douglass Republican.
Frederick Douglass' great contribution and his emphasis, there's really two ways that people have fought for progress in America.
One, the progressives who want to overthrow American principles and so forth, and the others who saw in the American founding this brilliant algorithm that could be driven, or a crank, that could be driven and drive us forward.
Frederick Douglass was the latter.
And as critical as he was of the United States, his criticism was along the lines of, you white people aren't living up to your principles.
But your principles are the right principles.
So he ended up being the greatest 19th century defender of the principles of constitutional Republicanism that you can find.
So I've really started to call myself a Frederick Douglass Republican.
So what we need now is to go back to the principles, like you were just saying.
Principles like the doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct.
I've never seen doctors tell me... I've been around doctors my whole life.
Doctors are like normally...
They get to do what they want.
People advise them.
Other doctors give them advice.
But doctors are their own CEOs.
Normally, in this last two years, I would say they've turned into a bunch of employees.
Would you like to comment on that, Dr. Mikovits?
Yeah, I think they've become employees for the last 20 years as insurance companies take over more and more of the decision-making.
Doctors' hands have been tied for quite a while.
Anything else on that, Patrick?
I've spent my whole life.
I've been a 37-year end of state.
I had cancer three times in my 20s.
I've had 114 surgeries as of now and 500 times.
So I've experienced deep American medicine deeply for 37 years.
I would agree with what Dr. Mikovits just said.
I think they've responded
...to commercial pressures, but there's not, with very few exceptions, old doctors still practice the old way, but young doctors have a totally different relationship with their patients.
They don't understand it at all the same way.
Well, you know, it's funny that you guys bring that up, because I had a story here in front of me that I was going to address today.
This is from NPR.
The heartbreak and cost of losing a baby in America, despite the deaths of their babies, hospital bills continued to accumulate.
Though they had insurance, these parents faced exorbitant medical bills for their fragile, sick infants.
And it's funny, Jude, I hear you talking about, oh, this has been going on for decades.
And you know what the common thread here is?
And it's not just in the medical industry, it's across the board.
As soon as government gets involved, costs skyrocket.
Whether it's education, whether it's the medical industry, and so I find it ironic that the left in America is complaining about the high cost of insurance and medical bills and so we need more government involvement.
No, it's the government involvement that caused the healthcare costs to go up.
Just look at any of the graphs.
Same with education.
Patrick, I can see you're chomping at the bit to comment on that.
We gotta take a break.
Four minutes and Patrick Byrne will be unleashed.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're having great conversations here in the break.
We really just need to have recordings going 24-7 here, but we got Patrick Byrne.
You guys should see this guy.
He's a madman.
He's got like six phones in the break.
He's like over here, he's like on a FaceTime call, and he's got another one.
He's got like a corded phone over here, and then he hangs them all up, and he comes on the air.
So I don't know how you still focus.
You had something you wanted to say when we had to go to break.
Do you even remember it after you just had the ten phone calls?
Oh, and you were making this great point about that when the government gets involved, how expensive everything gets.
You might think of that Milton Friedman, I just wanted to give you a quick Milton Friedman line.
Milton Friedman said that all socialist products have at least two out of three virtues, two out of three features.
They're expensive, they're poor in quality, and they hurt the poor.
Public education is the trifecta.
It's the socialist product that is expensive, poor in quality, and hurts the poor.
Most of them do at least two.
What you were pointing to is, once government gets involved in medicine and such, at least two of those things happen.
They become very expensive and low in quality, in comparison.
Now, Doctor, you also wanted to comment on that, and you were saying the repurposing of drugs at the FDA is something you've been dealing with for years.
Uh, sure, because the FDA actually gave itself authority in the 60s for efficacy of drugs.
Their job is food safety.
And the story I use is glyphosate from Rhonda causes cancer.
Remember the guy says, glyphosate's perfectly safe, and he has a little vial, and he says, well why don't you, the journalist interviewing him says, well why don't you drink some?
He goes, of course I'm not gonna drink it!
Oh, you just said it was safe, but you don't want to drink it?
Oh, okay.
But because the insurance companies control the situation now, doctors will prescribe whatever the insurance companies tell them to and not the drugs that might work.
So just as Patrick just said, the poor are the ones that don't benefit because the rich can afford the latest innovation.
So my frustration is and where I, you know, admittedly lost my cool.
I've been working for a decade to say quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger and got caught, you know, off guard in an interview and had no idea what something called NIH active was.
And I'm just like, well, you know, you're repurposing drugs and we've had them all along and the taxpayers already paid for them once and now people are going to have to pay again and we're going to have to do decades of research.
Well, you know, now they're trying to repurpose the COVID vaccines.
I don't know if you've seen this latest thing, but nobody wants the COVID vaccines.
Biden already purchased billions of them.
So now they're like, OK, well, we're just going to give them to animals and we're just going to give them out to free to people in Africa.
Just we got to get rid of these vaccines.
We got to get rid of this product so we can buy more.
It's a giant boondoggle.
And, you know, the amazing thing we were talking about in the break, too, is.
The story of Ivermectin goes well beyond COVID.
It wasn't just that they didn't want you to get healthier if you got COVID with Ivermectin.
Ivermectin is a well-known wonder drug for all kinds of things.
They didn't want us to know about this.
They did not want us to know, and if you go to pandemicseries.com, the very first video that you'll see on there is called The Truth About Ivermectin, and it's making the rounds right now in a very big way to correct that narrative.
The simple fact is this, when they establish an EUA, an Emergency Use Authorization, that is what allows them to override our constitutional rights.
They want to prolong that as long as possible to continue their agenda.
If we were to admit, or if they were to admit
I was wondering what that neighing back there was.
And so it is something that is incredibly, just watch the film and you'll see all the top doctors and people who have been working on this for years talking about why it became a Nobel Prize winner and the extent of its efficacy, which is really extraordinary with almost very little side effects.
And so I highly recommend that people get past that narrative and understand that as we approach this thing that they call flu season with all the variants and compromised immune systems, that we start to take back the medicines that actually work.
And allow doctors to have control over what is given to their patients without so much influence from these, you know, government bureaucracies and the insurance companies.
Patrick, you've got something to add here?
I wanted to add, I was a student in Asia in 1983, a bunch of Dartmouth kids, and before we went, they gave us all hydroxychloroquine.
I remember to this day, they told us, this is like, what the dosage was, it was for anti-malaria.
And they say, if you stay on this 10 years, 2% of you will develop a heart rhythm.
Other than that, it's safe.
And that was it.
And over Asia, I was down in Thailand and I remember in dusty little villages there'd be some little corner shop and on the shop would be two
Jars, one filled with aspirin and one filled with hydroxychloroquine.
One bot or five cents a pill, four cents a pill.
If you had a toothache, the kids, you know, a kid would buy the aspirin for his toothache.
And if he had malarial symptoms coming on, he would buy the hydroxychloroquine.
It was considered benign.
The World Health Organization has a list of about 30 or 40 drugs that every country
COVID, would you try hydroxychloroquine?
They were talking about some radical chemotherapy treatment.
But isn't this a perfect example, though, of profit over people?
And when you have businesses in charge of people's health, of course, they don't want you to have ivermectin.
They don't want you to have hydroxychloroquine.
They want you to have that expensive medicine.
No, I respectfully disagree.
For the insurance companies, it would have been far more profitable if they had just gotten everyone to take hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
It would have been much better for them.
They would have had the huge payouts.
Well, the government was the one who did the ridiculous payouts.
It all had a role.
It wasn't just the profit motive.
It's because it was one piece of a larger puzzle.
And that larger puzzle is the PSYOP, which we're living through COVID to drive the panic.
Tribalization masks to drive the separateness, demonization to drive the otherness and to get us on the verge of war, and now we're at the genocide phase.
So COVID had a role in that arc of disaster that all genocides face, and that's why they needed it to play out and couldn't treat it with hydroxy or ivermectin.
And mark my words on this, because Biden accidentally stumbled onto the truth a couple of days ago by saying that the pandemic is over.
To maintain the EUA, they will suddenly start reporting a spike in numbers or something else happening so they can sustain it.
Watch what happens over the next week.
Yeah, and what I noticed, the trend, was they're saying the new BA5 or BA4 variant, and now they're repurposing the vaccine, saying, oh, it's for this.
They never changed the ingredients.
It's the same defunct vaccine.
You know, Mr. Willis, that they, on August 19, the CDC, or the FDA, I forget which, they did change their chart where ivermectin has been added, but not as a frontline treatment, as a sort of an additional treatment that can be considered.
They did, and ironically, whether it's connected or not, I don't know, I'd like to believe so, but two days after my short film, The Truth About Ivermectin went viral, is when that was changed.
And that's probably the principal thing that angered me, that it was changed ever so quietly while millions of people died who didn't get it, who needed it.
And the attacks on the individuals that talked about it.
I mean, it just, you know, it really shows you how sick our media is, and how sick the people that go along with these government bureaucracies are as well.
They knew Ivermectin worked the entire time, and they kept it from the people,
And then, quietly, they, shhh, okay, now we'll let them have ivermectin, now we'll tell them that ivermectin is okay, as we're ramping down the pandemic.
It's really sick stuff.
We've got another segment coming up with our great guest, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't go anywhere.
This is important information.
The documentary, PlandemicSeries.com.
Check that out.
Share that with friends and family as well.
Well, this has been a great hour here.
We're almost an hour with Dr. Judy Mikovits, Mickey Willis, and Patrick Byrne, and I told the doctor I was going to throw something at her here, and so I'm going to see how this goes.
Now, I was shocked that I learned about this, because I'm just constantly going down rabbit holes and all this stuff.
And I hadn't been down the rabbit hole of the Plandemic series yet.
A lot of people are sending it to me.
There's about to be a new one.
But I wanted to ask you, doctor, and I forget the doctor's name.
We'll talk about that.
I think it was a Russian doctor named Dr. Berzinski or something along those lines, who was working with peptides in the 1980s, and he discovered that he could cure cancer with these peptides.
He had dozens of examples.
He petitioned to Congress, he petitioned in front of the FDA, he won a bunch of lawsuits, he had all these eyewitnesses saying he cured me with cancer.
Are you aware of this gentleman?
Have you heard of him before?
Oh, absolutely.
I knew you would be able to.
Tell this audience about the doctor and his work.
Well, the peptides were basically peptides from your own immune response, and if he applied them appropriately to the organ system, he could in fact turn down the flame, stop the burnout, the inflammation drives all of these diseases, cancer and all.
And so we've had, this is the whole point, the peptide teas.
Um, that, um, the late Candace Peart developed, and is the subject of the movie The Dallas Buyers Club.
We had peptide T, which would have cured AIDS.
And isn't that funny?
It was, once again, Dr. Fauci, who was there, and they made The Dallas Buyers Club, and it's funny looking back on it, because now, you know, they were always
They didn't really get too into detail about who was the individuals or who was in charge of, you know, causing all these gay people to die that had AIDS.
And really, the movie was about Anthony Fauci.
I mean, the whole basis was how Anthony Fauci let a bunch of people with AIDS die knowingly.
Yeah, unfortunately that was my whole life from the day I walked in there June 10, 1980 into the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland at Fort Detrick.
That was it.
And our last book, Ending Plague, tells you the ugly detail of this 40-year plague of corruption, really.
Do you believe that we already have the cure for cancer?
We have many, many.
There's no the and there's no it.
They're multi-system diseases and every single person is different, yet we could put together a protocol to extend and cure, in fact, every single case.
Amazing stuff, folks.
Just amazing stuff.
And if we didn't have such a corrupt government, this stuff would be available to the public, I believe.
Now, we've got Plandemic, the series, PlandemicSeries.com.
I thought that your stuff was new because recently a bunch of people were sending me to it.
I said, oh, this must be new stuff.
It's been out for a while, actually, but you've got another one coming out.
We have Pandemic 3 coming out right now, which is going to hopefully take us beyond the mire of all of the human drama and all the stuff that we are constantly enticed to get stuck in, and to really look at the history of when these agendas started, how they've been perpetuated, what our role as the people in and how we unwittingly carry the water for the tyrants that are behind this thing, and ultimately how to get out of here and rebuild our lives and future.
Patrick, we've got about six minutes left in this segment.
What else would you like to add today?
Well, I love the note that I came in on that Mr. Willis was sharing, just that this is about understanding, you know, it's great that we understand the individual pieces like the COVID and how it could have been treated by ivermectin and the really odd aspects of the vaccine that make one question it.
Uh, to be generous and the election.
But what's really important is to understand the whole picture.
And the whole picture is we are being driven.
These pieces all fit together.
The strange things that have happened over the last few years all fit together.
It is part of a slow coup to take down the United States.
And they win if we get violent.
That's the great irony.
They win if they get violent.
So actually, the best idea I've heard in the two years I've been fighting, in this particular battle, well, is this thing called OneMoreMission.com, where we are asking, think of the, this wasn't my idea so I can say how brilliant it was, this was a brilliant idea.
We are asking retired police and first responders and vets
To focus on working in the polls, in the polling precincts.
They've been asking me, I'm sorry there's somebody mowing the yard here.
They've been asking me for a year, how can we help?
How can we save the country?
Well, and the answer is, it isn't by running around in the woods teaching other citizens how to shoot.
That's not how you do it.
Lay down your guns and show up and work in the precincts.
Well, let's just look at it from a common sense perspective.
The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other mainstream media outlets have been criticizing for the last year that Republicans are poll watching.
They don't like that.
They write stories about how Republicans and Trump supporters are, they say, stalking mail-in drop boxes.
Now obviously this is all in response to the 2000 Mules documentary which showed how
Obviously, it's Democrats that are cheating.
They're the ones that don't want you there watching them.
I mean, it couldn't be more obvious.
Oh, don't watch 2,000 mules with all these people dropping off ballots with rubber gloves on.
And now the mainstream media says, oh, you're stalking Dropboxes.
This is a criminal act.
Well, clearly, you're trying to cheat using the Dropboxes if you don't want us there.
If we're all concerned about election integrity, why don't Democrats and Republicans watch these polling locations?
But your solution is different.
Take the politics out of it and just say, hey, let's have trusted members of the military, let's have trusted members of first responders pay attention to this.
Yeah, of all the people who could volunteer...
Wouldn't they be the best to volunteer?
And we have this site, OneMoreMission.com, you can go and in five seconds, your state, your county, it tells you exactly who to call to volunteer, get the trainings.
A lot of the work is paid work and, you know, it's beer money work, but you can work for four weeks and make a big difference, or just work on three or four days around the election.
Maybe it's volunteer, maybe it's paid, but I've had hundreds of people ask me, you know, tell me, Patrick, I swore an oath to the Constitution,
Just because I'm out of uniform, I still feel that oath.
How do I help?
And they're like pulling their hair out.
How do I help?
They don't know how to help.
Finally, a way has emerged that is if a bunch of retired cops or retired firefighters and retired veterans will go and work in the polling, I'll be so much more comfortable.
Who in society is going to doubt that result?
What is the website, did you say?
Yeah, as in you've got one more mission.
It's time for you folks, you vets, to save the country again.
You gotta save the country again.
You did it in Kandahar, you did it in Fallujah, you did it in Inchon or something, but it's time for you to save the country one last time.
Yeah, you know, it's funny, too, just to kind of close on the voting issue, how, I mean, we can go back.
Obviously, Democrats question elections.
They've questioned every presidential election that they've lost in the 20th century.
They don't believe they lost them.
They don't believe Hillary lost.
They don't believe Al Gore lost.
They've had Kamala Harris and others do.
I don't know.
In transparency, Owen, let me mention this is not a fight of Republicans against Democrats.
We're discovering there are dirty Republicans all over the country in on this.
There are dirty Republicans in Nevada, in South Carolina.
This is a corrupt uniparty establishment taking over from the people.
And they are self-conscious.
They know that they have made this break for it.
And there are absolutely Republicans involved in this.
And I guess from my gut, from all the experience over the many years is about 75% of the Democrat apparatchiki that I meet, I'd say about 75, 80% are corrupt.
On the Republicans, it's about 65, 70%.
So there's a slight edge, but it's that the Republicans are corrupt as hell.
Oh, and at the county level, they are keeping, they are keeping America First candidates out of the running.
They've done all kinds of... Yep.
They're terrible.
The precinct strategy that Bannon talks about and you guys talk about, that's a, that's a good two year solution.
That's not a... Oh, I dealt with the corrupt Republican Party here in Austin, Texas that banned me from being a precinct chair and kicked me out of their events.
So, even though everybody there was in support of me, the Republican power structure made sure I couldn't be there, so I know all about that.
Patrick Byrne, thank you so much.
Great stuff, as always.
Dr. Judy, TheRealDrJudy.com, Mickey Willis, PlandemicSeries.com.
You guys are great.
Yes, just 10 seconds, final comments, Doctor?
Yeah, I just want to say, you know, we know who wins.
God wins.
God is love.
Love wins.
And we have to lead with that.
So to the best of my ability every day, I'm going to try and do that in the future.
And for anybody I've intentionally or unintentionally hindered, added to division, I want to apologize.
Well, she should apologize to you because she stole your 10 seconds.
I just want to say thank you.
Infowars work has never been having a bigger effect than it's having right now.
And today is do or die time.
If Infowars gets the funding, end of the midterms, end of next year, we're going to stay on air and be more effective than ever.
But if we don't?
I respect your decision, and I'm ready to basically implode and shut down our main operations.
I've done my work.
I've put everything into it.
I'm leaving it all in the field.
But I believe at a gut level, you're going to come through, plus you're going to get great products that your family already need.
So don't procrastinate.
Show InfoWars.
You want us to stay on the air.
Go to mforestore.com where we got three great products back in stock.
Vitamin C and Zinc, highest quality, super strong, back in stock.
Vitamin D3 and Calcium, and of course, DNA Force Plus.
All these products are 50% off together in a combo pack, or 40% off individually.
So they're great products you already need for your immune system, and we need the money to stay on air, so please take action now.
Thank you.
Byron Donald's representative from Florida.
He's one of the good guys one of the greats even Young member of Congress here.
He is laying it out and telling it like it is in clip 7 Go down the pathway of providing dollars to people and they don't have to exchange labor Which is the way our economy functions for money to pay for their goods and services.
Do you think that leads to a labor shortage?
Yes or no?
Like I said, I believe we're experiencing a shortage of good jobs, not a shortage of labor.
And I think it's really critical not to blame working people.
I'm not blaming working people.
What I would say is I'm blaming government policy.
Because if you're given money...
Without having to exchange it with labor, having to take your talents and abilities and you're getting money as a result, it depends on the industriousness of the individual at that point.
I'm not blaming anybody.
If you're giving out free money, shoot, okay, cool.
Most people are just going to go ahead and take it.
We know this, but if you have a legitimate economic choice to make at your kitchen table, I can go work 40 hours or I can go work 20 hours and our living does not change.
People have their own decision to make about what they're going to do.
The point I'm making is, that labor shortage which was created by the quote-unquote American Rescue Plan led to a labor shortage.
And that labor shortage has led to price increases because you had people who had the revenue and the disposable cash flow to buy goods, but not enough goods in circulation to purchase.
Mr. Goodspeed, is that an accurate assessment of what's happened in America since Joe Biden became President of the United States?
Yes, I think that's a fair description.
So, let's establish a couple things.
Are prices up?
Yes, they are.
Electricity prices are up.
Good prices are up.
The only reason why fuel and gasoline prices are down is because the President's been basically buying down the price with releases from the Strategic Petroleum Preserve, which by the way, that's coming to an end as well.
We are in a recession.
I think we've covered a lot here.
Look, I understand the majority party's desire to try to put this on corporate America for raising prices.
But if you do not have enough workers working
There's not enough goods produced.
If there's not enough goods produced, but everybody still has money to go buy goods, the price of each unit actually goes up.
That's how inflation is always created.
More policies of the same is only going to lead us further down the road to perdition, which we are already on.
With that, I yield back.
More Byron Donalds in Congress, please.
10 more, 20 more, 30 more.
Can't get enough of them.
Now there's another phenomenon happening right now and it's a good thing because we need political discourse and that's basically...
People are trying to do what Alex Stein did.
Of course, he has a different approach to it with comedy.
But now leftists are trying to go find Republicans walking in and out of the Capitol.
The difference is the leftists run from the media.
Marjorie Taylor Greene stands there and goes toe-to-toe with them.
But what about Jen Psaki?
Well, Ben Berkman was able to catch up with her.
Let's see if she had the courage to respond to basic questions here.
Could I ask you a quick question?
Okay, I'm Ben with Real America's Voice News.
Oh, hi.
I'm not going to do any interviews, but it's nice to meet you.
I'm just wondering, though, are you disappointed that they replaced you with, instead of circling back, somebody who openly lies about the border crisis that Joe Biden's created?
Nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you, too.
I'm just wondering.
You've got Corinne Jean-Pierre, who says the border's secure, but you know it's a lie.
Joe Biden knows it's a lie.
MSNBC knows it's a lie.
You think they'll ever be held accountable?
Have a nice day.
Take that as a no comment.
That's the problem.
They know it's a lie.
Biden knows it's a lie.
They're just lying to you straight face down.
These are the enemies within.
You've got busloads of illegals coming, being dropped off here all over the country.
Open borders policies that are invading our country, all being brought to you by the enemies within this city and their protectors, the mainstream fake news media, CNN, MSNBC.
Real media should be here calling them out, confronting them, exposing them for their lies.
But instead they're allowed to just get away with it.
They can't do that anymore.
It's time to hold them accountable.
That's how it's done right there.
Liberals can only talk when it's a controlled environment where they can get away with lying.
And that's why liberals are so scared to death of legitimate political debate.
Alright, let's get back into some of this news that I have on my desk.
Medvedev says nukes can be used to defend new Russian territories, warns hypersonic missiles can hit the EU and US.
And you know, this is such a tough topic, because you have to be honest about it, but you also have to maintain your approach of peace and anti-war, which obviously everybody should be.
But at the same time, we have to address the root cause of what might lead to this nuclear confrontation, and that's Western aggression.
And it's not just Western aggression in Ukraine against Russia, folks.
I think it's the entire world that's sick of the Western aggression that's been going on in the Middle East for decades, and now again in Ukraine.
And that's why Iran is unifying with Russia and China, because they've got their own agenda in the Middle East and North Africa that they don't want the U.S.
to interfere with.
Same with Russia.
And then India just is looking for some sort of relief with the problems that they're going through with their massive population and they know they're not going to get it from the Biden administration so they're looking to make deals with Russia and China.
And so there's a whole new shakedown happening right now of the international power structure and the US is being left behind because Joe Biden is an inept creep and Washington DC is probably the most corrupt place on the planet.
I've got to be a realist about this.
The United States, if there is a nuclear confrontation, do not fall for the propaganda that the United States and Western aggression is not partly to blame for it.
Obviously, whoever throws the first nuke is going to be the real one to blame.
But let's not act like there isn't a direct cause and effect here.
And so I think it's sad that our media is not calling for peace.
I think it's sad that our media is not calling for an end of Western aggression in parts of the planet that have nothing to do with benefiting the United States people.
And I think it's sick that I've not seen any calls for a peaceful drawdown and a peaceful resolution to this situation except from Vladimir Putin!
Where's Zelensky calling for meetings for peace?
Where are any of the NATO countries calling for peace or a resolution?
Where's Joe Biden asking Putin to come to the table?
Can we at least try?
Could we at least try to stop a World War III?
Could we at least show an effort that we don't want it?
No, I have a feeling that some people really want it.
And they don't care how many people die.
In fact, they may want them to die.
How mad will these western, warmonger, military-industrial complex individuals... How far do things have to get?
And it's just sick.
I think they're so removed from reality that the death and destruction they cause doesn't even phase them anymore.
And it's dangerous because it affects all of us, folks.
And guess what?
My guess is you're like me.
I don't have a nuclear bunker in my house.
I don't have a fallout shelter.
I don't have a big million-dollar bunker with all kinds of foods and amenities like the elites that cause all this do.
And now in Poland, they're basically warning their people like, you know what?
Nuclear confrontation very real.
Here's what you need to do.
Here's iodine in case there's a nuclear war.
Nuclear war is possible, says U.S.
Admiral Charles Richard.
Russia claims it eliminated former Blackwater mercenaries and Azov fighters in Ukraine.
Look, folks.
You can say Putin is the bad guy all you want, and he might be, but a bad guy can still tell the truth.
And I believe Putin.
In fact, I don't have to believe him, folks.
We know what's going on.
All right?
I'm not going to say how we know.
Anybody that has a discerning mind, you know how we know.
Folks, we've known
Alex has talked about it, folks, months ago.
We've known, we've had the intel, that Western mercenaries and Western special operators have been operating in Ukraine for months and have basically just now been given the green light with the new weapons that have arrived to go out and kill Russians.
And they're doing it.
And Putin knows it.
This isn't Ukraine versus Russia, folks.
This is America versus Russia.
And that is dangerous.
Very dangerous.
If NATO wanted to do its job to protect Ukraine from Russia, then that would be fine.
But it's not NATO, folks.
NATO's not doing a damn thing.
It's the U.S.
And it is Nazis over there, despite the media lying to you.
We have it at Infowars.com and the video.
Swastika seen on Ukrainian military tank during German TV interview.
So you've got swastikas on their tanks.
You've got the Azov Nazis who do open Nazi rituals.
They have Nazi tattoos all over them.
They use the Nazi black sun as markings on their equipment.
They invited one of these Azov Battalion members to the U.S.
to be part of some video game tournament, and he had to wear long sleeves because he had Nazi tattoos all over his arm.
I mean, forget about skinheads, you know, downtown or whatever, lifting weights or doing whatever in the junkyard.
These are actual Nazis ideologically.
But then again, so is the liberal left, so I guess there's a reason why there's that unification.
Now, Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling out some Republicans right now that voted on a horrible bill.
21 Republican senators just voted with the woke climate agenda to give power to the UN over Freon and force Americans to pay more money to companies to replace your Freon with a coolant that will not cool as well.
This will cause your AC and refrigerator
And she's right.
And guess which Republican wrote that bill?
Liz Cheney.
And then Blunt, Boozman, Burr, Capito, Cassidy, Collins, Ernst, Graham, Grassley, Hyde-Smith, Kennedy, McConnell, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Rubio, Sass, Tillis, Wicker and Young voted for it.
Now, I don't know if you've noticed this.
Have you purchased a dishwasher lately?
Well, you may notice that your dishwashers from the 90s work a hundred times better than new dishwashers.
That's because the new dishwashers have all the
Environmental, ecological bullcrap.
So, your dishwasher doesn't even work.
I have a new dishwasher in my home.
I never use it.
Because, what's the point?
I put the dishes in dirty, they come out dirty.
Because there's regulations on how much water your dishwasher can use.
So it doesn't even clean the dish!
That is all the green climate change agenda bullcrap rolled up into one.
Now, back to the war issue.
And it's Liz Cheney.
There has been one
Member of the military that's been going and doing interviews that is trying to stand down the war between the United States and Russia, and that's Douglas MacGregor.
And thank God for Tucker Carlson having him on and Michael Savage and others.
Because he's the only one that doesn't want war.
Now, of course, Liz Cheney, in her father's footsteps, is a diabolical warmonger.
And so she's now calling on Fox News to ban Colonel Douglas MacGregor.
Like a good Nazi.
Liz Cheney, just like her father, a diabolical warmonger.
And it's funny how liberals love Liz Cheney now.
Did you forget what Dick Cheney did, or do you just not care anymore?
It's disgusting.
Absolutely disgusting.
Where are the marches for peace?
Where are the calls for peace?
Where are the calls to stand down?
Where are the calls for a summit?
I'm not seeing them anywhere.
Meanwhile, Tehran streets in the hands of the people.
Nothing from the Jihad squad.
Isn't that funny?
They always talk about women's empowerment.
Haven't heard anything from them on what's going on in Iran.
Lisa Daftari points out, notice how Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, and all the other self-proclaimed champions of human rights are silent about the women of Tehran?
Is it because there's no opportunity to blame Israel?
Or are siding with terrorists again, this time the mullahs in Tehran?
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if any member of the squad even knows what's going on in Iran, let alone could locate it on a map.
Boy oh boy, there's a lot of sickness and corruption to cover here, and it's hard to measure what is worse.
But does it get much worse than child abuse?
And sexual child abuse?
Here's some of the latest on that topic.
Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgender Clinic nukes website after Matt Walsh exposes big money maker motive.
It was all over their website and they had video clips of it.
Matt Walsh documented all of it.
And they say, hey, we need to get ahead of this transgender movement.
It's going to make us a bunch of money.
Can you be more of a diabolical psycho?
Could you be more of a
Complete demon than to think, hey, let's chop up little boys and girls for money.
Well, you're a liberal, so it fits the bill, doesn't it?
And it's not just that they like chopping off little girls' breasts or chopping off little boys' penises.
They're really into that and they like doing it for money.
They also like killing babies for money, but that's a separate issue we'll have coming up.
Folks, I gotta tell you though, they are losing their minds.
Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it's expanding quickly.
You can't even make sense of it anymore.
Because here's what I think the left is trying to do with this story in the LA Times.
Let me just explain quickly, so maybe you can understand it.
You have the Gays Against Groomers group that is gaining popularity.
And you have stories like the one from Chloe... I forget her name.
We uploaded it.
Marjorie Taylor Greene brought her to Congress to testify.
And there's all these stories that are being told now from former trans youth that got tricked and deceived by these liberals to chop your breasts off or chop your wiener off or go on these chemicals and these drugs that destroy your body.
They just completely destroy you.
And so there's all these kids now coming up and talking about it.
Chloe Cole, thank you guys.
There it is.
And they're talking about how they got deceived and duped and they were victims of child abuse at the hands of the liberal ideology.
So the left has to find a way to respond to this narrative, and try to get their whole agenda back on course, and I think that's what this story in the LA Times is about.
So, you may hear them say, well this story makes no sense, but when you understand that backdrop, then you see the sense here.
From the Los Angeles Times, experimenting with trans boyhood to bring my adult self back to life.
I've been in the process of making a home within myself for years now.
I've never had an aha moment when the fog lifted to reveal the word trans.
Writes Lil Kalish.
And so I think what they're doing now is, all these people that have the trans regret, they need to have a new narrative here that's, oh, that's not trans regret, that's just empowerment.
And so it's a former woman, or a former man,
And they regret not being what they were, what they are, a man or a woman.
And so then instead of saying, oh, I regret this, they just say, oh, now I'm just going to pretend I am a man or pretend I am a woman in my old age.
Even though I've destroyed my body with the trans surgeries, all I have to do is pretend I'm still my original self.
And that's just good enough.
So it's, oh no, no, no, you don't have trans regret.
Just close your eyes and pretend it never happened.
It's fine.
This is just, folks, I, oh my gosh.
Michael Wayne Martin, 57 years old, had over 1,000 DVDs containing videos of children being raped.
Sentenced to only 180 days in jail in California.
Thousands of DVDs of children being raped, 180 days in jail in California.
How is that not a life sentence?
Now, they're saying this is the biggest... Detective arrest man with astonishing amount of child pornography.
They're saying this might be the biggest ever.
This might be the biggest bust ever when it comes to child pornography.
To me, there's an obvious question here that I don't see being asked and answered, and that is, where the hell does someone get 1,000 DVDs of child rape?
And why is there not an all-hands-on-deck investigation to finding out where these kids are being raped and filmed?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
The government has spent millions of dollars persecuting me, Owen Schroyer.
I've never committed a violent crime in my life.
And they spent millions of dollars persecuting me and going through my electronic devices and everything.
How many FBI agents are on the scene to try to find out where a guy gets 1,000 DVDs of child porn?
And where are the investigative teams to find out where these poor children are being held and raped?
You at the FBI should be ashamed of yourselves!
Every single member of the FBI should go right to Chris Wray's desk and say, Sir, I'm sick of being a political tool of the Democrat Party.
I'm sick of discriminating and persecuting white people.
I'm sick of being told I need to look for Trump supporters with no violent history.
I want to save children that have been kidnapped and are getting raped on film!
This is disgusting!
A thousand DVDs of child rape.
Where is the mass investigation?
Where is the mass media crying out for help finding out where these children are?
Do we not care about the innocent?
Yeah, that makes me pissed off!
Yeah, that angers me to my core!
That I'm the enemy of the state!
I've never broken any laws, I'm the enemy of the state, they spend millions of dollars persecuting me, and there's children that have been kidnapped and are getting raped on camera, and the FBI does nothing!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I misspoke.
The FBI does do something, as they just had the story up on the screen.
The FBI actually covers up child rape.
Like they did with the U.S.
gymnastics program.
And why are there so many of these creeps in schools?
Columbus High School teacher admits to taking upskirt videos of students for seven years.
Hillsdale schools allow teachers to wear a safe space badge with a QR code that takes their children to a porn site when they scan it.
And then I've got this.
In clip three, this is a stripper, a drag queen stripper show for kids, and folks they don't just do, guys just roll the b-roll, they're not just doing like in the classroom stuff or book reading stuff anymore.
No, that was so four years ago.
Now they literally take them to gay bars, they literally take them to strip clubs, they literally take them to sex dungeons, and they take kids there and they say it's gay pride, it's trans youth, and now it's just total pornography being shown to kids.
It's liberal.
Now, what else do liberals do?
They lie.
There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks, says Stacey Abrams.
That's a clear lie.
Everybody knows there's a heartbeat at six weeks.
It's science.
People that say they believe science don't believe science.
Now, what did Planned Parenthood do in response to that?
They edited their site, where they used to admit that there's a beating heart at six weeks.
Planned Parenthood has now erased that from their site.
You see what Democrats do?
Democrats lie to you.
They get caught lying, so they go and they erase the proof that they've lied.
Owen Schroer here, still sitting in for Alex.
He is going to be back.
Tomorrow he's going to be doing a special broadcast and then of course back on Sunday as well.
Now I am about to be joined by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny.
It's so great to be joined by her and she's going to make a big announcement in the next segment, ladies and gentlemen.
You want to talk about getting involved to save this country and humanity, quite frankly, on planet Earth.
You're going to want to hear what Dr. Tenpenny has to say in the next segment.
I want to go over some of this other news with Dr. Tenpenny quickly here, and I want to start with this, Sherry.
We've got, obviously, Rand Paul is kind of leading the charge right now to get a little transparency into Anthony Fauci's involvement with the creation of COVID-19.
As well as the lockdowns and the vaccines and everything else, Rand Paul promises to find the origin and the paper trail for LabLeak COVID-19 virus.
Now, he needs to be in touch with Thomas Renz from Renz Law, and I don't know if you've talked to Thomas Renz, but he just released this last week.
Powerful, I believe it's about a 12-page document here that I have in front of me, and it's all
The proof that Fauci and the NIAHI or whatever it is knew about the gain-of-function research, knew it was COVID.
We have all the documents.
Anthony Fauci signed off on it.
Peter Daszak signed off on it.
The EcoHealth Alliance, they all knew it.
A great breakdown also from Kim.com explaining it all with the documents and he shares the Wren's Law document.
Dr. Tenpenny,
I believe Rand Paul is genuine in his efforts to find truth about the origins of COVID.
How do we get him in touch with Thomas Renz and others so that we can have a team effort here and Rand Paul isn't out isolated on an island trying to get the truth?
Boy, isn't that a great, great question, Owen.
I mean, seriously, Tom has got all the proof.
In fact, Tom and I are good friends and we speak, actually we spoke earlier this morning about a couple of different things.
And I think that if Rand Paul could get that document and then have a conversation with Tom, Tom has said that in many of the things that he feels that the document, not only the document that you hold in your hands, but other documents, supporting documents that he has, that this absolutely should be jail time
For Fauci and friends.
Well, and I mean, we're talking about...
Whether you want to say it's a disaster, like a, you know, just a disaster that happens.
Hey, there's oil leaks, there's stuff, you know, disasters happen.
If they want to say this was accidental, but there's no denying that they were the ones doing the research.
It got banned in the U.S.
under Obama in 2014.
They transferred the research to the military lab in China and ultimately that's where this virus came out of and Renz has done a great job.
And thank God for Ron Johnson with the second opinion hearing that we heard from Thomas Renz and others that are listening to him.
I mean, obviously, Wren's Law has had some forms of communication with Ron Johnson.
Do you know, though?
Are Ron and Rand having any conversations?
Because I think that's where the meeting of the minds needs to begin here.
I have no idea.
Obviously, I don't run in those circles, so I couldn't tell you what they talk about.
You don't like D.C.
You know, it's interesting, Owen.
I used to spend a lot of time down in Washington, D.C.
It used to be the Alliance for Natural Health, the American Association for Health Freedom.
I used to do some lobbying for them.
And I used to love going to D.C.
The energy, the pulse and everything.
I just came back from two days in Washington.
It's a very different place now.
I think so.
If you've spent a lot of time there like I have over the years and then you go now, it's just not even the same city.
And just not, nobody's there now.
But even in a shorter time span, though, I remember, you know, I went there a lot, obviously, when Trump was president, just to do, you know, media coverage and events.
And even then, D.C.
was awesome.
was bumping.
Everybody had a good time.
After COVID and the shutdown, and now Muriel Bowser, I mean, folks, you really can't explain it.
It's like a communist hellhole.
Like, you can't find a place to eat.
Businesses are boarded up.
There's no street activity at all.
I mean, they really destroyed that city.
Fences everywhere, barricades everywhere.
I mean you can barely even walk into a restaurant or a hotel without going through a security scan or something like that.
I mean it's really not the same place.
So back to your question about how can Tom get this information to Rand Paul.
I don't know but I think it's critical that he can and if anybody's listening that might have any avenues for the two of them to have a personal meeting.
I know Tom would jump on a plane and be there in a heartbeat.
Well that'd be great and really to have another second opinion hearing with Rand Paul and Ron Johnson and bring the similar characters back.
That way the Senate and the House who are looking to find the truth of the origins of COVID can unite and then also find out what's been going on with these vaccines as we're getting more information here.
Coroner rules New Zealand man, 26 years old, died from Pfizer COVID jab.
Add that to the list of tens of thousands.
Wave of mainly heart deaths, top 17,800, but government still won't release data on vaccination status, which should be done.
I mean, that should be common sense to say, hey, look, there's a phenomenon happening here.
We've got excess deaths.
Let's do a fair, impartial study and see if this has anything to do with the vaccine.
To me, doctor, it's obvious why they're not doing that because they know this heart death is related to the vaccine.
Otherwise, they'd have no problem in examining this.
Well, that's absolutely true, and the data is irrefutable.
I mean, I identified 40 mechanisms of injury last year of how the COVID shots can make you sick or kill you.
I've identified more than that now and drilled down into a lot more things that we have learned about in the last year, and that's why I'm doing a webinar on that on Saturday.
We'll talk about, I think, in the next segment.
But I'm telling you that we know unequivocally that the spike protein causes direct damage to the heart muscle, which is myocarditis, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, and you know, Peter McCullough
And Dr. Brian Bindel are going to be totally vindicated when it's sadly so that they were right at the very beginning that we needed to stop these shots before we killed more hearts and more children.
Now when you've got a three-month-old or a six-month-old baby that's had these charts, these shots, and they're screaming in pain and you don't know why.
And it's because they have myocarditis.
You've shaved decades off their life and probably killed them.
Because myocarditis, even under the best of circumstances, if you've been treated with steroids and anti-inflammatories and you're released to go home, 50% of people die within five years under the best of cardiac care.
Now that we're giving these shots to five-year-olds, to teenagers, we know there are more than 900 deaths of professional athletes, mostly from heart disease, but also from blood clots and pulmonary emboli.
I mean, this is not about health.
It's not about safety.
It's not about keeping you from getting sick.
It's about killing people.
And I think it's long overdue that we call a spade a spade.
I know you and Alex have been doing that for a long time, as what I have.
But sooner or later, these people are going to be called on the carpet, held to justice, and justice will be served.
Especially against the doctors and the nurses that refuse to look at the data and continue to push these shots on children and adults.
They tell cardiac patients, you need to get these shots because you've got a heart disease and it's killing them.
They tell cancer patients that are in remission, you need to get one of these shots so you don't get the flu.
And oh, by the way, we are causing recurrences and massive amounts of cancer from these shots.
It's a bioweapon that is designed well to kill people.
And you know, of course, the CDC is still promoting him.
Rochelle Walensky promoting.
She just got another booster today.
She says, according to lab data, it's safe.
Well, let's see the lab data.
She doesn't share it.
Who paid for that study?
But you know, the ignorance is there's a genuine ignorance out there about this.
And it's shocking to me.
There's a famous wrestler called Triple H. He's one of the most famous of all time.
And he recently had to retire because he had a heart problem.
And I was listening to an interview he did talking about it and he even says in the interview, it just shows the ignorance and you feel so bad.
He says, yeah, I had a COVID vaccine and then a week later I had a 99% blockage in my heart and I had to have surgery and he doesn't even connect the dots.
He doesn't even realize it.
I mean, you don't just have 99% blockage overnight and not notice.
I mean, am I right?
You're right.
It's because it causes cognitive dissonance that people can't get their head around the fact that they... And the doctors don't want to admit it either because they promoted it.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny with a big announcement on the other side, folks.
Don't go anywhere.
So Owen wanted me to tell you that I've got two major announcements, two announcements that I think are really important to everyone listening here, no matter where you are in the country and around the world.
The first one I will talk about for anybody that applies to Around the World, and that is a webinar that we're doing tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time, on the COVID shots, where we were, where we've come from, where we're going, and an analysis of the more than 200 COVID shots in the developmental pipeline.
to 2 p.m.
We're going to be doing a review of all of the injuries that are happening so people know they can continue to warn and keep warning their friends and family members that even if you've had one shot, don't take two.
And if you've taken two shots, don't take three.
And please stop injecting your body with these horrible, horrible things.
Thank you.
The middle of 2020 and they are here with cardiac deaths, neurological deaths, blood clots, blood clots in the lungs.
They're a horrible thing.
And we're going to be talking about all of these things and telling you what you need to be warning your friends and family members about.
Now, I know many people in this audience are very much informed, but the way that we have laid this out in terms that even my staff looked at it and said, boy, Dr. Shera, you've really done a great job with this.
And it put it kind of over the moon in terms of simplicity that people can continue to share this.
So, in order to join the webinar, today is the last day for enrollment.
It's at 10 o'clock Eastern Time tomorrow, Saturday, September the 24th.
It's a four-hour webinar, about two and a half hours or so of a presentation, and then we'll take a little break and then we'll have full question and answer, not only about the information on the webinar, but any other question you want to ask me about shots or about supplements, about Living Right, about whatever you want to ask me about, that will go from about 1230 p.m.
to 2 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
So if you go to DrTenpenny.com and at the top where it says Events, the first tab down is where you can find the link to join the webinar.
And the other thing I will say about this, and this is part of a big announcement, is that quite frankly,
This could very well be the last big vaccine webinar that I do for quite a while, maybe ever.
There's a lot of other things that are going on in my life and the Lord's kind of taken me in a different direction that I'll talk about here in just a minute.
And so to get the consolidated reformatting from 20 to 21 to 22, it's a big deal.
Now, many of you took our 20 mechanisms and 20 plus mechanisms of injury
webinar last year.
This is not the same material.
And a whole lot more information all packed in.
You'll get a PDF file of the slides.
It's a 94-slide presentation.
And for any of you who have ever looked at presentations or done presentations, you know that that's really a lot of information.
You'll get a PDF file of that.
You'll get an updated version of the COVID shots and all of the mechanisms of injury with active links.
You will get an audio recording of the webinar.
You'll get the transcript of the webinar, which will be lightly edited to make it a little bit more readable.
It will not be an e-book.
It will just be lightly edited.
So if you go to drtenpenny.com and at the top of the page where it says Events,
Click, hover over the events and you'll see the first tab down where you can join our webinar tomorrow.
And I really hope you'll join us because, as I said, this might be the last big webinar that I do about vaccines.
It's really, really important information and we'll cover a lot of things about the shots, about where we've been, where we're going, and what I anticipate the future will look like.
With this tsunami of deaths that's kind of coming our way.
The second big thing that I want to talk about, which will apply to anybody here in the U.S.
for sure, is, and it's sort of a lead-in, we were talking about it with the cardiac deaths and all the things that were happening with the arrhythmias and the myocarditis on the first segment just a few minutes ago.
You know, myocarditis is a really big deal.
It's an inflammation of the heart muscle that causes a lot of damage to the heart.
And even under the very best of circumstances, the best medical care, the death rate from myocarditis is 50% in the first year.
I'm sorry, in the first five years.
So about May of this year, in May of
That's not correct.
In February of this year, of 2022, I was introduced to a technology called ECP.
ECP, which stands for External Counterpulsation.
It is an FDA-approved medical device that has been available since 1995 and approved for cardiogenic shock
Thank you so much.
This viable technology that could have been treating people with blockages and made it so that you didn't have to get a stint, multiple stints, bypass surgery, has been thrown aside by the conventional medical doctors and really pretty much ignored by cardiology.
ECP stands for External Counterpulsation and how it really works is that you lay on this very heavy, big and
It's a medical device table.
It's a little bit larger than a massage table.
And you have what is the equivalent of blood pressure cuffs around each calf, each thigh, and around the lower part of your waist.
And those pumps, those blood pressure cuffs, are attached to your chest by a 3-lead EKG.
So it monitors your heart, so your heart pumps, then the blood pressure cuffs pump.
And heart cuffs.
Heart cuffs.
Heart cuffs.
Yes, absolutely!
Running uphill on a treadmill for more than an hour, it increases nitric oxide, it increases VEGF, which is vascular endothelial growth factor, which means that your body will grow new blood vessels around the blockages.
It also helps your brain circulation, it helps with depression, it helps with blood clots, it helps to perfuse the lungs, it helps with
Yes, it even helps with erectile dysfunction and there's a published study on that.
And what that is, is because it's a flow perfusion problem.
Well, we have created a center.
It's called Tenpenny Health Restoration Center.
It's in Cleveland, Ohio.
We have five beds in our center that are treating these patients.
And we've been open now for two months.
I found out about this technology in February of this year.
In May, I said, we have got to get this to the people.
So we opened a center here in Cleveland, Ohio.
It's called Tenpenny Health Restoration Center.
You can read all about it by going to tenpennyecp.com.
There's a phone number there that you can call, ask questions, make an appointment.
And in eight weeks, we've already had people who've come from Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, and even Arizona.
There was a couple that drove in from Arizona that were, he was an over-the-road truck driver and didn't want to drive, so he and his wife came into town and went through the treatment center at our centers.
We actually have five beds in our center and in just eight weeks we've seen absolute miracles.
We have another location located in Ventura, California.
It's smaller.
It only has two beds and is very much looking at using these beds as a passive exercise and to improve your circulation.
So I hope that you'll call the center or you'll go to the website and you'll look because our vision is to open one of these centers all across America.
The Lord's put some really important things in my lap in the last couple of days.
And I think that over the next few months, maybe the next couple of years, we will be able to put ECP clinics all across America.
So we can bring this incredible technology that will heal the heart and do all sorts of wonderful things.
So I hope you'll go to the website.
You'll take a look at what's going on at our ECP clinics.
And more than that, I hope you'll go to DrTenpenny.com
And under the Events tab, you'll join us for our webinar.
You'll join us for our webinar, which is tomorrow, which is September the 24th.
It's Saturday morning from 10 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
If it's not a convenient time for you because you've got other things planned or you're going to be out of town, please register and that you can listen to it on the follow-up.
So I thank Alex and I thank Owen for letting me get a segment in here and talk about two amazing things that I'm able to do and provide for you educationally and for your health.
And I thank you for all your prayers.
I thank you for all your support.
What I've been doing for the last 22 years to try to serve our community.
I'm totally blessed and very grateful and I love everybody there very much.
Thank you for having me on your show today, Alex.
And thank you for Owen for giving me this segment all to myself.
To talk about these amazing two things.
Just how dishonest is the New York Times?
It's really a philosophical question.
It's hard to answer directly.
Let's see.
How drunk was the guy you saw passed out in the men's room at a Packers game?
How angry is Hillary Clinton at her husband?
Well, the answer in all cases is very.
So thoroughly and so totally that it's hard to put into words.
So instead of describing the dishonesty of the New York Times with conventional adjectives, we'll give you a specific example.
Because we think it tells you more.
So last week, the paper told us that the best-selling book in the United States was a title called, I'm Glad My Mom Died, by a child actress called Jeanette McCurdy.
But that was not true.
That book was not the best-selling book in America.
In fact, the best-selling book in America last week was The Great Reset and the War for the Worlds, written by Alex Jones.
Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of his book last week.
Jennifer McCurdy, whatever her merits, we have no idea, sold 34,686 copies of her book.
So Alex Jones sold a lot more books.
Alex Jones had the biggest book in the country.
But the New York Times lied about that because the New York Times doesn't want you to know that.
The New York Times wants you to believe that Alex Jones is more discredited than the New York Times.
The paper that started the Iraq War by lying about weapons of mass destruction and got a million people killed.
But Alex Jones is worse!
He's a mental patient.
No one listens to him.
So they lied about his book.
What else are they lying about?
You wonder.
Since you mentioned the great recent The War of the World that you championed, and I really appreciate you reading it, it's mainly, it was easy to write, it's their quotes, it's their battle plan.
What if people would have read Mein Kampf that Hitler wrote?
Everything he said in the book, he did.
Well, this is their Mein Kampf.
This is their admissions right here.
This is their confessions.
That's why I call it the blueprint of the Death Star.
No, listen, here's the beauty of the book.
You actually quote them at length.
You take a couple of the top books, you take a couple of the top thinkers, you tie it all together, and this is what people have to understand.
Look, once you read this, you'll understand what we're up against, okay?
You'll understand exactly what this apparatus, you know, what Alex calls it the Death Star.
But you understand what we're up against.
And we're not going to back off this.
We can't back off it.
The United States is actually the centerpiece of this battle.
Because they understand, just like in the Revolutionary War, if they can take the liberty and freedom of American citizens, they can take it anywhere.
And that's why you have to fight back.
And by the way, Alex, I not just read it, I tell everybody, get a pen.
I always get my great pens here.
I had my pen and I'm underlining everything.
And here's the beauty of it.
You footnote everything.
This is not Alex Jones's opinions.
What Alex Jones's team has done is pulled it all together
It's all referenced right there.
You can go to a footnote.
I know you've got an online site about it, too.
That's why I think Tony Lyons and the guys at Skyhorse did such a great job.
But listen, once you read this book, you understand why the Alex Joneses and the Steve Bannons are not going to back off.
There's all kind of other things we could do.
There's all kind of other things Trump could do.
There's all kind of other things Tucker Carlson could do.
We're all in this fight.
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Oh no no no!
I don't even know what this is!
How did we get here?
I just caught you, American!
You visited Bandar Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video, or I have to hurt you!
It comes from China.