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Name: 20220921_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 21, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including crime rates in Brazil, propaganda campaigns about air travel, psychological warfare, the future of transportation, Tavistock Institute's involvement in shaping public opinion through tactics like demonization and lies, and the need to question information given by institutions.

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news.
Denver is now handing out free bug-out bags to help you just in case you run into emergency.
Lisa, alright, I asked you last time, I need to know the checklist of everything I gotta put in my bug-out bag.
Toilet paper, paper towels, toilet paper, paper towels, we've got cotton balls.
Two opportunities to get these free emergency preparedness bags.
So, really an important effort, especially when we're talking about severe weather.
Yeah, and I know a lot of people are going to go and get those bags, but for people who maybe can't make it out there, is there anything in there that's, you know, too tough that you couldn't just put one of those together yourself?
Yeah, there's a lot of stuff you could easily put together yourself.
I mean, if you got any extra cotton balls, you know, paper towels, toilet paper.
The city of Denver is letting the locals know they should be prepared for an unexpected order to get out of town in a hurry.
And many people are connecting dots between this and the Denver International Airport.
The Denver International Airport has long been rumored to be sitting atop an underground military base built deep beneath the surface and connected to several other underground bases.
These rumors are the result of several interesting facts.
From 1995 until he was found dead a year later, Phil Schneider gave dozens of lectures claiming to be a geological engineer hired to build deep underground military bases known as DUMs for the U.S.
His father was Captain Oscar Schneider, a former Nazi stationed in Florida working black operations for naval intelligence.
Phil Schneider was showing samples of what he claimed were unknown exotic metals.
He provided maps of the underground dumps and showed off dramatic scars that he claimed were from a violent skirmish with a non-human species deep underground.
In January of 1996, Schneider was found dead in his home, days after he mysteriously died of strangulation.
Investigations were never completed, and it was ruled a suicide.
His evidence went missing.
Before he died, Phil Schneider used his clearance to take investigative author Alex Christopher into the top underground levels of the Denver Airport, where they took pictures of a long road heading off to multiple destinations.
Built upon 53 square miles of land, 25 miles from downtown, the Denver Airport was billions of dollars over budget.
Different contractors were hired for each section, some of whom have come forward and claimed it would take days to show you what's down there.
Inside the otherwise unimpressive airport, there is a capstone with cryptic Illuminati and Masonic imagery marking a time capsule buried beneath to be opened in 2094.
The airport opened with a famous four-piece mural depicting biological warfare, death and destruction, the surrender of all national sovereignty, and the emergence of a new religion.
On the floor, for no apparent reason, is what appears to be the symbol for gold and silver in a mining cart, AUAG, which is also the abbreviation for a deadly strain of hepatitis discovered in 1965.
Outside on the surface, the runways form the shape of a swastika, and passengers are greeted by what has become known as Blucifer, a 32-foot horse with glowing red eyes that reportedly killed its creator when a piece of the sculpture came loose and severed an artery in his leg.
This is why many people are talking about Denver's bug-out bag program.
Which is good, because now that we know who the people committing these historic crimes against humanity are, we can't just let them slip away into some hole somewhere.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
That's some pretty wild stuff there, isn't it?
That begs a lot of questions, doesn't it?
Of course you can find that Gregory's video at band.video.
Bug out bags, underground bases, and the Denver International Airport.
Share it with your friends and spur the Great Awakening.
Tomorrow's news.
I got soul.
You got soul.
We got soul.
And we're not going to allow our souls to be conquered by a bunch of lying demonic scum that run our government, run our media, want to run our country, run our lives, and run this planet into submission.
Not on our watch.
And that's why we have been slated for destruction.
That's why Alex Jones has been slated for destruction.
And so while Alex Jones is currently in Connecticut, he does still have an emergency breaking report that he's just decided to do live on air in the next segment.
So he wants me to let the audience know that's coming up in the next segment, breaking news from Alex.
As he's in and out of court all day, And it's pretty amazing, isn't it?
It's pretty amazing to be watching a completely tyrannical, rigged, politicized, weaponized justice system against opposition to tyranny, against opposition to Democrat Party rule, against free speech.
And that's truly what's going on here.
Now, InfoWars is obviously in a very interesting place right now because we've been deemed for destruction.
The orders have been made that we must be destroyed, we must be taken off air.
That's what the censorship's been about, that's what these lawsuits have been about, and yet we're still here every day.
That's thanks to you shopping at InfoWarsStore.com, and they don't know what to do about The money thing here because, I mean, they really think InfoWars has a bunch of money.
They really think Alex has hundreds of millions of dollars.
We don't.
And so they're frustrated because they now are learning that all this money they think Alex has just goes right back into the company.
And they can't get it.
So now what do they do?
Now what do they do?
That's their question.
That's their conundrum.
They really thought they could take all Alex's money, or take all the money that InfoWars has in the bank, and that would end this whole entire thing.
And that's just never how it's been.
There isn't a bunch of money in the bank.
All the money goes right back into the operation.
So there's no money for them to take, and because that's the operational procedure here, Alex can actually file bankruptcy, file insolvency, and they can look and they can see, okay, yeah, you're really, the company's not making a profit, and hasn't in years.
But let me just say this, ahead of Alex Jones joining us, because this is the problem.
When Alex Jones is not on the air, even as informed and aware as this audience is, perhaps the most informed and aware audience on the planet, even still, most people don't fully comprehend what's going on behind the scenes, and they just tune in because they know that this is where you get the best information.
And so if they tune in and Alex isn't on air, they tune right out.
And, you know, maybe that's because they don't like me, but it's mostly just because they tune in to hear Alex.
So you don't hear Alex, you tune out.
And the problem is, when that happens, the sales at InfoWarsStore.com drop dramatically.
And so let me just say this, if you're tuned in today, please consider some financial support at InfoWarsStore.com.
Because when Alex is away in court like this, sales are way down, you know, the listenership kind of fluctuates because more people tune in because they want to hear what's going on in the court case, but then sometimes they tune out when they see that it's not Alex Jones.
So folks, please consider going to InfoWarsTore.com.
Making a purchase today, whether it's one of our great supplements, whether it's the new book from Alex, The Great Reset and The War for the World, which is just still selling massively, still a top seller on Amazon for weeks on end now.
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So, that's a great way to support us financially, but also to arm yourself with the information and the intelligence that the tyrants that want to conquer you don't want you to have access to.
So, just remember that, folks.
Don't take InfoWars for granted.
Don't take Alex Jones for granted.
Don't take this crew for granted.
We say it a thousand times on air, but it's like, until it happens, people don't understand how real it is.
They want this shut down.
They want this operation shut down.
Every day.
Just InfoWars being on air at this point is a victory against censorship.
I mean, forget the fact that If you guys do a doc cam here, forget the fact that I've got enough information and research in front of me on my desk.
I mean, it's absurd.
You look at this desk for six hours of news.
I am prepared to give you six hours of news today in the most hardcore InfoWars fashion.
But quite frankly, That's just the cherry on top.
That's just the gravy.
Just InfoWars being on air.
Just you tuning in today.
Just the website still being live.
Just you sharing that link with your friends and family.
Just you saying a prayer for Alex and InfoWars.
That is victory.
That is already victory.
Just us showing up and being on air is victory.
But we're not just going to show up.
We're going to deliver at the end of the day.
So just remember this, folks.
Don't take InfoWars for granted.
Don't take Alex.
Don't take this crew for granted.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
Get yourself a great product and support free speech in the process.
Now, Alex joining us on the other side.
He's live on the scene in Connecticut from an undisclosed location.
And, you know, I don't want to be the one to cover the court case too much.
Because I would rather Alex cover the case and then, you know, the other media following it covering the case and I'll just focus on covering the news.
But I will say this, the channel, the number one YouTube channel for legal battles, Law and Crime Network has obviously been covering the last two Sandy Hook cases and I was talking to, well I don't even know if I want to say this because I don't want to get the individual in trouble, let's just say I was talking to somebody who works there, or let's just leave it at that.
And he told me that the views and the interactions In these InfoWars cases, on their network, is the biggest they've ever had.
And the only thing that really rivals it is the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard thing.
But the Alex Jones InfoWars stuff, most views, most comments they've ever had.
Well, if you go now to their channel on YouTube, they have now blocked the comment section on all the Alex Jones court videos.
The comment section is blocked.
Now, the excuse was given, oh, threats are being made to the family.
Well, if that's happening, then okay, shut down those accounts and let's investigate those individuals.
We'd have no problem with that.
We don't support that activity.
We completely denounce that activity.
Always have.
But so they just say, oh, a threat's been made to the family, so we're shutting off the comments section.
Instead of identifying the individuals that do that and just shutting them down, and then you can go further if you want, that's not up to us.
We don't support those individuals.
But you know what?
I'm not buying it.
I believe the comment section has been turned off on a direct order from either YouTube or the Democrat Party because 9 out of 10 comments were in support of Alex Jones, 9 out of 10 comments were in support of InfoWars, 9 out of 10 comments were calling out this judge and this kangaroo court for the rigged justice system that's going on.
Just like was the case in the Texas.
Legal case.
All the comments were in support of us and support of justice against the corrupt judge.
And now, because of that, they've shut down the comments on the rest of the videos.
Alex Jones up next.
Tomorrow's news.
Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you live from Connecticut.
It is Wednesday, the 21st of September, 2022, and I'm not going to be talking right now about attempts to shut down InfoWars and the concerted deep state efforts to silence us because that, quite frankly, pales in significance.
We'll cover it some later as it's important, but it pales in significance compared to what's really going on.
If you study history, if you study warfare, and you know even what the main line analysis is, This proxy war with Russia and Ukraine was always going to expand, and it was always going to escalate, and the most probable outcome is a limited nuclear war.
We're talking about end of the civilization we've known.
Perhaps a human-ending collapse.
If you understand what will happen, there is even a limited nuclear war.
A new Ice Age.
450 plus nuclear reactors melting down and exploding.
Power outages in most of the world for years that will cause an estimated 4 billion people to die.
We're talking zombie apocalypse for real.
Ladies and gentlemen, Putin has done a partial mobilization of 300,000 troops.
Putin has said, the quotes are up on Infowars.com, that he's not bluffing and he's threatening nuclear war.
The United States and others have pumped 70 plus billion dollars of high-tech weapons into Ukraine.
And they are beating the Russians.
Now, the West started the war eight years ago, overthrew the elected government there.
I said when Putin went in, I said, this is going to be a trap.
We told you back in October that by the end of February, Russia was going to invade.
And ladies and gentlemen, we are now at war with Russia.
troops, NATO troops, leading Ukrainian troops are battling the Russians at point-blank range, and they are defeating the Russians.
Now, in any doctrine of war and modern warfare, This will respond, this will escalate, this will lead to something far worse.
And now the Serbian president and others have come out and said, when they talk to NATO officials and others, they expect a giant escalation of the war with direct warfare with Type A assets, that means in the air, you name it, between NATO and Russia.
So I'm gonna say it again, NATO is now going in a slow burn, but once it hits flashpoint, it explodes.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Troyer here, back live in the studio.
Alex Jones' connection has frozen.
We will be monitoring that, hopefully having Alex back up any moment now.
Okay, Alex is back live.
Alex, we've got your connection back, go ahead.
How much did I get out, Owen?
We only missed about 10 seconds.
Okay, so when I was getting ready to travel here this weekend, I was talking to military folks, I was talking to DC sources, They were saying, man, they're really coming after you.
Stick in there.
We don't know how you're taking it so well.
And I said, listen, taking it well?
I expect there's a good chance we could have a nuclear war while I'm in Connecticut.
And I'm worried about getting back to Texas, taking care of my family.
I'm not worried about any of this garbage.
The real threat is the global depression that's already here, the massive inflation, millions of people getting heart attacks, myocarditis, including children.
It being confirmed, it causes that.
We have a psychotic elite in control of big pharma, the UN, our government, that push deadly poison shots on children.
They know a race through immune systems.
People need to understand that we're not at Kansas anymore, okay?
And Russia has said that they're going to continue to escalate, they're not going to lose, and that they're ready to go to nuclear war, okay?
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, and this is how civilizations end.
And the globalists that are running our country and the world are crazy.
They've been cutting off the resources.
They've been dissolving the borders.
They've been shipping in the fentanyl.
They've been devaluing the currencies.
They have been starting all these wars.
And they told you, you will soon own nothing and have nothing and be happy.
And when I was at the UN last year, they had giant signs up.
That showed like weird bunkers and people in a concentration camp and it said soon you won't live in cities, you'll live in communes, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
So the opening salvo was this biochemical genetic engineering weapon that they released from a lab and the vaccine is three times worse on average, so-called vaccine.
That was the opening salvo.
We kept saying for two and a half years, what is it they're going to do that's so horrible that all these people are dying?
They're distracted by something even bigger, because if you understand the globalist mindset, they hit you with one weapon and they always escalate, so that you're not worried about the last weapon, you're worried about the new attack, which they always, again, pretend somebody else is doing.
Well, in this case, it's war with Russia, it's financial collapse, it's depression.
Okay, so FedEx came out and said, we're going basically into a sustained long-term recession, depression.
We see all the numbers, Coming out, ladies and gentlemen, of the establishment digging in, the elites digging in.
I have been in multiple high-level meetings with top people.
I told you this six months ago and again a few months ago, and I'm not going to name names, these were private meetings, who were asking my advice on where they thought they might need to evacuate to and some of the evacuation points that were there in the Southern Hemisphere.
I can tell you that People like Larry Page and others of Google are living in the South Pacific.
I didn't meet with Page, but I met with people that, let's just say, are very close to him.
Other household names.
And they're all exiting the country six months ago.
Now, that's now in mainstream news.
They are running nuclear attack drills on television saying, prepare for nuclear attack and tune into your local radio station or internet.
There won't be radio and TV or internet in the South, okay?
The power's going to be off for a long time.
It took decades to build all this infrastructure.
We'll be blown away in seconds.
I'm gonna tell you again.
I am staying here with the ship.
But things are so bad now.
If I was asked to again come here in the next few months, I'm not going to.
Not because I'm bucking the quarter of these people.
I gotta get ready with my family and to try to... hopefully we'll survive.
So I'm just... Okay?
This is it, ladies and gentlemen.
And everybody better be praying.
Everybody better be on their knees.
Because you're this close to the end of your life as you know it.
And it was even a limited nuclear war, a sustained long-term depression.
This is a war on humanity by the globals who want to destroy human civilization, and then on its ashes build a technocracy in their own words.
They've told you the future is not human.
That's a quote by Harari at the Deimos Group.
So, I love you.
I care about you.
I care about the crew.
I care about everybody.
And I wish this wasn't the case, but ladies and gentlemen, That's why all these top rock stars and country music stars and hip-hop stars and pop stars are canceling all their shows.
They've already been told.
They're not being told why.
It's why over a thousand CEOs and over a hundred top ones resigned two months before COVID was released in 2020, in late 2019.
The war games have been done.
The drills have been prepared.
And I'm not trying to scare you.
This is a fact.
And people just keep expecting civilization to go on forever.
But I told my head of security who's been in, you name it, the military and all the other groups.
And I said, I believe that we got about a 5% chance of nuclear war while we're gone next week.
And I said, I think it's about a 30, 40% chance the next month.
He said, it's funny you say that.
That's exactly what.
He and his compatriots believe as well.
And I know people at the highest levels of Army Special Operations, the highest levels of the CIA, okay?
And they all know this, and they all understand this, okay?
So I'm just telling you right now, I'm telling you right now, that we better have a mass demonstrations, we better have mass prayer vigils, we better have absolute mass awakening, or all the football and all the crap is about to end, okay?
You better come together and say no to war, and no to cesspilation, and demand that Putin, and demand that Biden, and demand that NATO absolutely stop the cesspilation now, and have a ceasefire armistice, and just like North Korea was divided, give them the right.
Alright, we're gonna be rejoined by Alex Jones any second now.
Owen Troyer here in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin.
And... You know, it's a difficult...
To do commentary on because obviously.
I don't want war.
Obviously I don't want to see nuclear war whether it's.
Here in America or in Ukraine or Russia or anywhere else.
But at the same time you gotta be a realist.
And you have to understand that.
Stolen elections have consequences.
And we also have to understand that.
The American political regime and elite have become so corrupt, and that corruption is worldwide, and Putin may have decided already in his own mind that he's going to be history's actor, and he's going to take out this corruption in the West.
Now, I don't want that.
I don't want to see war, but I have to be a realist.
Stolen elections have consequences.
And when you have corrupt, power-hungry, mad people like Nazis, they get dealt with.
So Alex Jones back with us now on these major issues developing around the world.
Alex Jones.
All right.
We're okay.
I think we're still having a connection issue.
So we're going to get that.
We're going to get that settled and taken care of.
And we'll go back.
Here's some of the headlines.
Putin warns West he isn't bluffing and Russia has lots of weapons as he orders partial mobilization of reserve troops to Ukraine.
Putin's upcoming wartime speech could signal major war coming.
Putin announces partial mobilization into Ukraine.
War escalation says West wants to destroy Russia.
Serbian president warns great world conflict within two months.
So let me just kind of just give you the full layout here of not just the recent developments but overall developments that have led us to get here.
The Western political empire of the Bushes and the Clintons and the CIA and their economic hitman going back decades Really, since the 70s, have been launching illegitimate wars, proxy wars, and doing regime change all over the world.
And at first, they could do it pretty easily.
They had the economic power, they had the pull, and they could get away with some of this stuff.
And the internationals that they would do deals with would get paid off handsomely as well.
And so at first they didn't mind it.
Then they realized that these U.S.
power brokers were actually stealing most of their country's wealth in future.
And so what did the U.S.
do in response, basically?
They ramped up their game and then they took it to war.
And so, oh, okay, well, if we want to do regime change, we'll just do all-out war.
We'll just go kill a million Iraqis.
All right, we've got Alex Jones back.
Connection is solid.
Alex, just breaking down what's led to this situation now.
And it's just incredible that our media is not covering it accurately.
Problems (indistinct)
Instead I'm out here in the countryside about to go back into town.
And so the connection is sporadic.
I apologize for that.
But I am coming in clear now.
Yes, I can hear you.
All right.
I'm not sure if Alex can hear me, so we may have a connection problem yet.
Yeah, guys, I'm not sure he's hearing you.
Alright, we're gonna have to try to reconnect.
So, picking it back up.
So, we've seen what America did in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And what they tried to do in Syria.
And really Syria was kind of...
The block.
Syria was kind of where they couldn't get their regime change, and that was because Syria has strong relations with Russia, and Russia said, you know what?
We've had enough of U.S.
interventionism in the Middle East.
We've seen enough of your blood-soaked regime changes.
You're not going to do that in Syria.
And so the West launched their proxy groups out there to kill people.
They launched their false flags with chemical weapons, all as an attempt to remove Assad, and it never worked.
That's because Russia stood against them.
That's what happened.
And so Russia now kind of sees itself, Putin kind of sees itself as the only... Kind of like the tank man, almost, in a way.
The Tiananmen Square tank man of the international world standing against Western proxy wars and regime change wars in the Middle East.
And they were successful.
Assad is still in power in Syria.
And so that's when the West with NATO decided they would up their anti-Russian rhetoric and up their anti-Russian propaganda and up their anti-Russian agenda in Ukraine.
And they did that during Obama's years and then Trump got in and that kind of stopped.
Because anti-Russia was not one of Donald Trump's policy issues.
And that angered them.
So that's why they lied and they said Trump was colluding with Russia and was a Russian asset.
That was obviously all a lie.
So here's where it's at now.
The leaders of the West, our political elite, are so insane, so corrupt, so criminal, that really no one in the world wants to deal with us except the same European countries that are under the same umbrella of political corruption and the New World Order, Great Reset agenda with the World Economic Forum.
But that's not where the world wants to go.
And so China saw what Russia was doing.
And Iran saw what Russia was doing.
And India saw what Russia was doing.
And then other countries have kind of noticed it as well.
Japan, Brazil, Mexico.
And so the dominoes are starting to fall.
And now...
You have a new international power structure emerging against the West and that's China and Russia and Iran and India as the main factors and then other countries that don't want to be globalists and don't want to have corrupt Western influence and World Economic Forum influence and UN influence and globalist influence like Brazil and Mexico and Japan and Turkey and many others They see this opposition to the Western elite corruption forming and they kind of look at it with curiosity.
So your media is not telling you any of this.
But the world is moving on from the corrupt political elite of the United States of America, folks.
And you're being sold out right now.
And you're going to be told that it's your duty and it's your job To protect the Western political elite, like the Bidens, like the Clintons, like the Bushes, who are all going to tell you we have to go to war with Russia.
And so what's scary about this is Putin's commitment, knowing that whatever the next move might be, it might happen in the blink of an eye, and it might change the entire landscape of the international order overnight.
And so that's what Alex is talking about.
And if you're not seriously considering this yourself, you don't understand how real the situation is.
So it's a real question.
Do you want to be in Austin, Texas in this massive population dense area with this huge population density growth?
Or do you want to get out to the countryside in case the worst happens?
So you don't have to be amongst the zombie hordes They're going to lose their minds if the power grid goes down.
So these are very serious situations and sadly, sadly, the American people are in a compromised position where our leaders are the bad guys and other world leaders are going to try to take them out.
You know, there is some other big news developing.
The Democrats weaponizing the justice system against their opposition.
Letitia James in New York now filing new charges against the entire Trump family.
You also have an oil refinery on fire in Ohio that killed two people, so the infrastructure continues to be under attack.
This is Biden's America.
Stolen elections have consequences.
And so as big as these issues are, and it's a sign of America's demise and collapse under Biden, the issue of nuclear war and world war with Russia is bigger, and that's why Alex Jones is with us now, breaking it all down from Connecticut.
It appears we have a solid connection with Alex now.
We go live to Alex Jones in Connecticut.
And again, I apologize for the problems.
I did not mean to be live today.
I was supposed to be in court testifying.
They changed the day again until tomorrow.
They did this last week.
They did this yesterday.
They're doing it again today.
And I just feel silly sitting there in a whole court case that's one of the biggest stories in the United States about questioning a mass shooting.
And like, I'm the ultimate villain on the planet.
And meanwhile, Russia just mobilized 300,000 troops, is threatening nuclear war, and it's in their doctrine that they're losing on their doorstep to use nuclear weapons.
And Putin says, I'm not bluffing.
And NATO says they believe they're about to have a nuclear war with Putin.
And do people understand that if you think inflation's hurt people, a limited nuclear war will completely take the stock market 90 to 100% The whole societal breakdown we're seeing is going to accelerate to the 10th power.
And we have Washington run by globalist criminals that have armed all our enemies like Communist China, that are saying the number one threat in the world is American conservatives.
And now on the national news, NBC News and places, when they have prayer vigils and Christians put their hands up, It was what you do, you reach out to God.
I mean, you can tell people on air, reach out to God.
It's that act of free will.
They're not calling that a Nazi salute.
I mean, this is just the mass insanity of the establishment.
Their minions are like this.
And remember all the fires a few years ago.
out of California, they caught a bunch of Antifa and leftists starting those fires to quote "bring
down human civilization." So the leftists are blocking railway stations and blocking highways
with the Extinction Rebellion and burning things down around the world on the bottom.
And at the top, the globalists are cutting off the energy, dissolving the borders,
having global lockdowns to destroy the industrial civilization.
And they say they're doing this on purpose.
It's not even my opinion that they're doing this.
While they're injecting us with deadly mRNA shots that erase our immune systems and cause cancer and heart attacks, I mean, this is their war.
And the globalists have an exit strategy to collapse the world economy, collapse the world system, And then Klaus Schwab and the other globalists believe, because they'll control the military, that they will emerge from their bunkers, emerge from their redoubts, after there's been this huge cataclysmic war and all this, and then AI machines will rise and they're going to have this great technocracy.
These people are crazy.
The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Klaus Schwab, the Bill Gateses of the world, everybody knows they're the ones behind it.
When I say everybody, I mean half the public in the world.
We're having giant million-person rallies.
Five million-person rallies in Brazil.
Million-person rallies in Germany and Italy.
Million-person rallies.
500,000-person rallies in the UK.
All about the New World Order.
All about Klaus Schwab.
All about the Great Reset.
All about the New World Order.
My book about the Great Reset is number one in the world, thanks to viewers and listeners.
People understood the topic, and the point is, It is that people know they're doing it.
They plan to carry this out and have people not know.
We know.
So my message to Klaus Schwab and his controllers and the Rothschilds and your crazy puppet Biden is stop now, you crazy maniacs.
They're running the blue cities in the ground.
They're running leftist control companies in the ground.
And now, in military doctrine, this is the standard setting.
If the Russians start getting their ass kicked on their border, they use nuclear weapons.
Let me say it again.
If the Russians start losing on their border, they use nuclear weapons.
Let me say it again.
If the Russians are getting their ass kicked, whoo!
Kick the Russians' ass!
Yeah, the U.S.
is in there with high-tech weapons and switchblade drones annihilating the Russians.
The Russians then use nuclear weapons.
The Russians use nuclear weapons.
And you notice in this war, They go, oh my gosh, this biggest nuclear power plant in Europe might melt down and blow up.
It's already been hit a few times.
What do you think happens when the electricity goes off in surrounding areas?
Those plants operate off of outside electricity.
You'd think they operate on their own.
They don't.
And so within two weeks of major power outages, you know what nuclear reactors do?
They melt down.
They're not like a hydrogen bomb that detonates at 2,000 feet, does a big airburst, and just blasts everything to pieces, and has limited fallout.
Only lasts a month.
When a nuclear reactor, depending on the type, runs from bad to worse, melts down, it starts spewing and exploding and burning and ejecting deadly radioactive isotopes out because it's called a dirty bomb.
The biggest dirty bombs in the world are nuclear reactors when they melt down.
Think Fukushima.
Think Chernobyl.
Think Three Mile Island that just had a leak and killed a bunch of people.
So we have 460 plus nuclear reactors worldwide that are energy reactors.
There are several hundred nuclear submarines in the world that have reactors, a bunch of aircraft carriers that have them, and a bunch of secret nuclear reactors.
Let me let you know that.
Oh yeah, there's a bunch of secret nuclear reactors, small ones, and if they don't get taken care of, they blow up.
They blow up!
So you can't have a nuclear war.
We need to be praying We need to get past left and right.
We need to have people in mass vigils.
Start with one woman with a candle at the Austin Capitol or the D.C.
This is not about politics.
It's about peace and stopping this out-of-control war.
Where is the old liberals that were against war?
Now they're total fascists that want war.
And then where's the right wing?
Ted Cruz wanting all this war.
This is completely insane.
So we're distracted with transgenderism and Alex Jones and Sandy Hook and all this stupid garbage.
The world is hurtling towards absolute war.
And Putin is issuing ultimatums.
And he's saying he's already cutting the energy off to Europe.
So the inflation is already bad enough.
Now it's going to be devastating.
Europe's paying 900% more for gas.
They're paying about three times more for electricity.
And this winter it's set to quadruple that.
Total economic collapse, annihilation of society, as we know it, by design, has been engineered, has been prepared, and this is the facts.
You're getting tomorrow's news today, so I'm going to explain something to you.
I never take my wife and my five-year-old, because my other children are teenagers who've grown up.
They're back in Austin.
I love them just as much, but they're big.
I never take them with me on these trips, these things where I have to go be summoned by these globalist courts.
They're with me now.
My daughter's right out there running around in the backyard of this Airbnb playing in the grass, chasing butterflies right now.
And I hear her giggling and laughing out there, and it enrages me that the New World Order has put us in this position.
It is fucking bullshit!
And just like Planet of the Apes ends when Charlton Heston finds back he's back on Earth as he finds a melted Statue of Liberty and he says damn you to hell you murdered us you blew it all up you bastards we are up to that point we are two minutes to midnight right now and this is BS and they're running nuclear attack drills in Denver.
Nuclear attack drills in New York.
Nuclear attack drills in Miami.
They're telling the police to get ready for nuclear war.
They've got bug-out packs.
The underground bunker's all prepared.
And as I told you earlier before my video cut out, I have had multiple meetings in the last year with top globalists, Bilderberg Group members.
I went and met one on the West Coast, and I met one secretly in Austin about two months ago.
And they all sat there, and they all told me the exact same thing.
They said, yes, we thought you were wrong.
It looks like it's out of control.
That there's people on top of us that are totally insane.
What do you think's going to happen?
So, I'm going to explain to you, ladies and gentlemen, I have had multi-millionaires, well-known household names, ask me, are you planning to evacuate to the Southern Hemisphere?
And I said, I don't have the money, and I believe it's going to be so bad, even the Southern Hemisphere is going to be annihilated.
I'm going to go down with a ship.
But that's why I take this so serious, because this is real, people.
This is absolutely real, just like everything else you see.
You don't believe we're in the lockdowns?
It happened.
You don't believe they didn't get rid of the borders?
It happened.
You didn't believe they doubled the price of things?
It happened.
And it's getting ready to get worse and worse and worse because we have psychotic criminals in control who are run by a dark, evil force that want the collapse of civilization, Agenda 2030, the post-industrial world, the build back better on our ashes.
That's why InfoWars has to stay on the air as long as we can.
Every day is a blessing.
That's why you're spreading the word, you're sharing these articles, these videos.
This live feed later, we'll be posting a Bandai video.
This emergency nuclear war imminent threat, okay?
That's the reality here, and that's the issue that's going on.
Civilizations come and go.
So many civilizations have committed suicide, but they didn't have nuclear weapons.
They didn't have chemical weapons.
They didn't have stuff way worse than that, okay?
All sorts of physics weapons.
All sorts of fission, fusion, and antimatter, cyclotron projectors, and just everything else.
It's horrible.
So I'm going to tell you again, ladies and gentlemen, the world is on the verge of a civilization-ending event.
Owen Schwartz, you continue on doing a great job.
Please pray for him.
Please pray for him for us.
Yes, we're being targeted because we're trying to speak sanity to the satanic evil.
Remember, the only answer is God and prayer and getting right with God.
And then God working through you as the Holy Spirit to have the strength, the will, the focus to be leaded, guided and directed by God to do what is needed.
God, please lead God and direct us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Thank you for your support.
Oh, we'll come back in the next two hours and knock it out of the park.
God bless and good luck.
It was the United States and Russia who had to team up to defeat Adolf Hitler.
When a power mad When a corrupt leader emerges with blood in his eyes, other world leaders have to step up, take him out.
It's happened throughout human history.
And the sad truth of it is, the most corrupt political leaders and government leaders on this earth are in the United States of America.
And you have Biden now saying, We don't want a Cold War with China.
We don't want a conflict with China in a speech he gave today.
And you just have to wonder, are our political leaders really that out of touch?
Are they really that lost in their own sauce?
Joe Biden illegally launched a war against Russia three months ago.
And China knows it.
Iran knows it.
India knows it.
Mexico knows it.
Turkey knows it.
North African countries know it.
Really, everyone knows it.
The media just won't tell you it.
And so what they do is, they disguise it as a humanitarian issue.
And they say, oh look, the poor Ukrainians, we have to go in there, it's a humanitarian issue.
Well, what about Yemen?
Is that a humanitarian issue?
Well, no, that doesn't count.
They don't have an agenda there.
So it's the US fighting Russia in Ukraine.
That's what's going on.
And Russia wanted to demilitarize Eastern Ukraine, take out the proxy groups in Eastern Ukraine, which many of them were Nazi battalions, Azov Nazi battalions.
They don't hide it.
They run around in their Nazi garb.
They have the Nazi tattoos all over them.
They brought one of the Nazis to the U.S.
for like some video game conference and they made him put an arm sleeve over his arm because it had Nazi tattoos on it.
So they know.
We've played the videos.
It's American special operators on the front lines of Ukraine driving Russia back.
And so now Putin is just sitting here trying to tell you, but whether you think Putin is good or bad is irrelevant.
Putin is just sitting here trying to tell you, hey, we're running operations in Ukraine and the U.S.
is starting a war against us.
And we're going to be forced to respond if it doesn't stop.
And our media is so corrupt and so inept that not only are they not telling you that that's what's going on, they're actually backing the warmonger Biden and the warmonger military-industrial complex out of the West that they used to fight against, that they used to stand against and call out.
Now they're fully behind it as they're fully indoctrinated into the propaganda and brainwashing that Has caused them to completely lose their minds in this new liberal insanity, Democrat progressivism.
So, I don't know how this goes, but I will tell you this, at the end of the day folks, Vladimir Putin is not your problem, okay?
He is nowhere near your problem.
Xi Jinping is a bigger problem for you than Vladimir Putin.
But even Xi Jinping is not a problem in comparison to Joe Biden and whoever is running him.
And Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and whoever else has signed on to the Great Reset World Economic Forum Build Back Better Plan.
That is going to crush your life, crush your way of life, crush your freedom, crush your prosperity, and steal your future.
And they want you to believe that Vladimir Putin is your big enemy, because if they launch a war against him, they want you to back them.
As they completely steal your future, and steal your birthright of a free American citizen.
If you don't have an instinct burning inside of you right now, To get the hell away, as far as possible away, from Democrat Party extremism.
I just don't know if you're truly alive.
We might have to check your pulse.
Obviously, we've covered what the Biden administration has done to the world.
As now we're on the brink of a world war situation with Russia, Biden illegitimately, illegally starting a war with Russia about two months ago.
Now it's really starting to come to a head.
But really that's just Western extremism, the military-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about, that liberals used to stand against, now they're for it because it's Joe Biden.
But you also have the Democrat Party extremism happening on a very local, personal, domestic level.
With all the violent Democrat crimes.
Trump supporters being shot and killed in Portland.
Trump supporters being shot and killed in Denver.
Trump supporters getting shot and killed in D.C.
like Ashley Babbitt.
And you just had a situation in North Carolina, excuse me, North Dakota, where an individual 41 year old adult male Got into a political conflict debate against a young conservative man, 18 years old, and decided he would kill him by running him over with his vehicle.
That's Democrat Party extremism.
Guess what?
Wasn't covered at all on the news last night.
Now, I do expect it to be covered on Fox News tonight.
They're usually at least 24 hours behind the cycle because their news shows are prepared by noon every day before they go on, you know, hours later.
So, very rarely are primetime cable news actually up-to-date on these issues.
My guess is they'll probably cover it tonight, at least on Tucker.
But no mention of Kaler Ellingson Last night, in any news, killed by Shannon Brant, who admitted in his statement that he did it for political reasons.
This is Democrat Party extremism, folks.
The Democrat Party is the largest terror group in the United States of America, and it always has been since its beginnings out of the KKK.
Nothing has changed.
It went from the KKK, to the Weather Underground, to where we're at now.
Democrats killing teenagers in the streets.
And of course, the Liberal Democrats are lying.
And they say, there's no evidence it was political.
Because we have the statement from the man that drove the car, and he said it himself, that he did it for political reasons.
But he said he was an extremist.
He said he was an extremist Republican.
So he was doing what the Democrats told him to do.
You see an extremist Republican, you go kill him!
Democrat Party Extremism.
Now here's, here's the, here's the rub right now.
If you're an accelerationist, which sometimes I'll admit that I feel a little bit of the accelerationist mentality, then you want stuff like this.
Now I don't want anybody to die obviously.
So let me further explain.
When I see the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, as corrupt as the day is long, now filing all new charges against every member of the Trump family, obviously that's bad for the country.
That's weaponizing the law enforcement, the Justice Department, against your political opposition.
That's obviously bad for the country.
But, if you recognize how bad things are and you become an accelerationist, you kind of say, you know what, good!
Good, Democrats!
Keep going after DeSantis for what you've been doing all around the country for the last two years with the illegal immigrants.
Keep going after Donald Trump illegitimately because you fear him politically.
Now, sad to say this, I don't genuinely mean this.
It's just trying to make a point.
Keep killing Trump supporters in the street.
Keep shooting the Ashley Babbitts.
Keep running over conservatives with your vehicles.
Keep showing the world who you are.
At the hopes That maybe finally enough people in this country in leadership roles and position of power will finally step up, stand up, say and do the right thing to stop this Democrat Party terrorism from completely destroying our country ahead of Joe Biden completely destroying the United States of America.
But you know what?
I sit here and I see all of that and I think it all out and I realize it's not gonna make a damn difference.
If Donald Trump, if when Donald Trump was in the White House for four years and we couldn't do anything about these extremists and these terrorists and these liars and these crooks and criminals, how the hell are we going to do anything now?
How the hell do we have a chance to do anything now?
And it's quite upsetting.
It's quite upsetting now to be seeing the rest of America waking up and catching up to InfoWars as far as their understanding of how corrupt our politicians are, how corrupt the Democrat Party is, what the New World Order is, what the Great Reset is, what Build Back Better is.
I think it's too late.
Sadly, I just think it's too late.
Because we've crossed a line now where I just don't know what else you do.
What else do you do about Democrats with hundreds of political prisoners?
What else do you do about Democrats murdering Trump supporters and didn't... By the way, the guy that ran over the young man because he was a conservative, he's released from jail.
So what do you do?
Democrats murder you for your political beliefs, they get released from jail the next day.
What do you do?
The Democrat-run city is completely overrun with violent crime.
What do you do Joe Biden illegally starting a war with Russia and Ukraine and now the whole world might have to pay the price with a nuclear war?
What do you do now?
It's over.
They stole the presidency.
The Supreme Court is gutless.
The Republican Party is gutless.
The American media is just as corrupt as the Democrats.
And so...
You feel like you just gotta get the hell out of Dodge.
You feel like you just gotta find yourself a place in the country and just hope you can somehow be isolated from all of this collapse coming down around us.
Because quite frankly, I don't see any leadership saving us, folks.
And, you know, InfoWars has always been the leadership, the voice of truth, the leading edge, the tip of the spear in media.
And as you can see, they're trying to cut that tip off.
They're trying to destroy that.
They're trying to get this thing off of air.
Just like they got Trump out of office.
So what do we do?
What do we do?
I don't know what the solution is.
Certainly pray.
Certainly The gut instinct to just get the hell out of Democrat-run cities, get the hell out of population-dense areas.
Hell, at this point, you might just want to get the hell out of this country.
That's how bad things are getting.
But, uh... It's hilarious.
Joe Biden today, showing how ignorant he is on international affairs, saying, hey, we don't want a war with China.
Hey Joe, in case you haven't noticed, you started a war with Russia, and China's on Russia's side.
I guess you missed that one, Joe.
I guess your staff didn't tell you about that one, did they, Joe?
How China and India and Iran are forming a new international power structure against you and the globalists?
I guess you guys missed that one, didn't you?
I guess in your hubris, you missed out on everything going on around you, didn't you?
In your hubris, in your dominance, in your lust to conquer humanity and destroy a free and prosperous nation, the United States of America, I guess you missed that fastball that whizzed right past you, didn't you?
You missed it, didn't you?
Russia, China, Iran, India, new international power structure against the corrupt West.
Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, others, Japan, looking at it saying, hmm, this ain't so bad.
I guess you missed that one, didn't you, Joe?
Guess you missed that one.
I guess you missed that one when you gave Russia control of Nord Stream 2 and they cut off energy to Europe and Germany, like Trump said they would.
I guess you missed that one too, Joe, didn't you?
Of course, Joe doesn't care.
He's got his millions.
He's got his mansions.
He's got Air Force One.
He's got the whole media on his side.
He lives in La La Land.
Just like all you other liberal Democrat moron a-holes.
Oh, it's just disgusting that this is what we've done with our life, our consciousness, our potential experience on this planet.
We're just throwing it all away, letting us get conquered by a bunch of demonic rulers.
And then lying us into World War III.
Alright, some heavy commentary today.
There's really no easy way to cover it.
I mean, let's keep in mind Joe Biden just said the U.S.
would protect Taiwan with troops.
The White House then contradicted that statement and said it's not true.
So Biden illegally launches a war against Russia and Ukraine.
Then Biden says we'll have to draft U.S.
people into fighting for Taiwan against China as well.
Just amazing stuff.
And then this!
This is a nice one.
This is a nice howdy-do for you.
Human composting is now legal in California, leading the way to Soylent Green.
Just, I mean, you know.
Why not?
Only in California, am I right?
Only in Democrat-run California.
But, um... I wanna move on from this stuff.
It's just, it's a little heavy, obviously.
I'm gonna weigh you down, but there's a lot of other news.
It's just such an important issue and the media is not going to be honest about it.
And just any night now, that things could escalate and get even worse.
And it's really just such a shame.
And it's so heavy, it's hard to just lift it up and toss it off and move on.
But that's what I'm going to have to do here.
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It is a great gift and a great way to inform the public on where we're at right now, historically speaking.
Okay, boy oh boy, where do we go from here?
Let's do some of the open border news.
And you know what though?
I'm going to probably, this is probably going to take a couple segments.
It's just amazing, isn't it?
How Democrats and Liberals can just lie to your face and just be the most openly obvious hypocrites ever.
It's just amazing stuff, isn't it?
Record numbers of illegal immigrants under Joe Biden.
Record numbers.
I mean, just groundbreaking record numbers.
Like, just blowing the competition away.
Not to mention, more terrorists have been arrested trying to cross the southern border than every other year in this country's history combined.
Think about that.
Under Joe Biden, in less than two years, under Joe Biden, more individuals on the FBI terror watch list, the international terror watch list, have been apprehended at the southern border than every other year in this nation's history combined.
And then you've got The middle of the night flights all over the country.
You've got the bus loads.
You've got the cabs.
You've got the trains.
All paid for.
tax dollars.
All well documented by ourselves and others.
And then the Democrats and the mainstream media are going to take that issue and they're going to blame Republicans?
They're going to blame DeSantis?
DeSantis attempted to catch liberals in a lie.
The GOP refuses to accept that his plan flopped.
What much of the GOP doesn't get about the Martha's Vineyard story?
Uh, no.
DeSantis did catch you in a lie.
You said you wanted illegal immigrants.
You said you were a sanctuary city, specifically in Martha's Vineyard.
And so, illegal immigrants went to your sanctuary city of Martha's Vineyard and you kicked them out.
You are the very definition of a liar.
In fact, a liberal is now above a liar.
I think being a liberal is inherently being a liar, but it's worse.
Because you use lies to conquer and destroy other people.
But they're in total denial that they got caught in their lie.
They're in total denial that they've been fully exposed on this issue.
They're just completely in denial about it.
But they know, the Democrats at the top know, that they can lie to you all day long and the media is going to cover for them.
They know they can get away with that.
And so they continue.
Now who's down there reporting at the border probably more so and better than anyone else?
That's Bill Melligen.
And now the White House is trying to get Bill Melligen shut down and banned and censored from the Internet.
A complete violation of the First Amendment right.
This has now been confirmed by whistleblowers in big tech companies and just Mark Zuckerberg and others just admitting it on television that the government, the White House, the FBI goes to them and tells them to censor Trump supporters and censor conservatives.
It's on the record.
Now they're trying to do it to Bill Melligen.
Bill Mellingen says Politico reports that the White House has become irritated with me and our Fox News teams reporting at the border.
And so here's how they do this, folks, because I've already, I've already, I mean, you know, we were the first wave to be hit by these people, these censorship fascists.
What they do is they identify an individual.
The government reaches out to big tech and says this individual needs censored, but they kind of have to cover their tracks.
So then, the Democrats reach out to their friends in the media, usually Politico, or Media Matters, or the Daily Beast, and then they'll write a hit piece about the individual that they want to see get censored, and then the next day that individual gets censored off the internet.
Now that, we're at the stage in Bill Melligen censorship right now, where they've now published the story in Politico, Doocy at the Border.
Ducey at the border.
And it says here, the Fox News reporter is getting under the skin of some people in Joe Biden's administration, and he's not Peter Ducey, it's Bill Melligen.
And so why are they mad at Bill Melligen?
Because he's down at the border every day with a Fox News crew, with cameras, and they're showing the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that come across the border every day, and talking to Border Patrol about the terrorists and the child rapists that they arrest.
So don't be surprised tomorrow if Bill Melligen is off Twitter.
Democrats complain about an individual, they write a hit piece about him, the next day he gets censored.
Let's see if that happens.
I've seen the playbook before, folks, and I'm not intentionally butchering Bill Melligen.
Am I saying it right now?
I'm not intentionally butchering the name.
Um, Mellugin.
This playbook has been run dozens of times.
It's been run against me.
Democrats target you for censorship.
They tell their friends in the media, write a hit piece on this individual, they then share that hit piece with their friends in Big Tech and say, censor this individual, and then that individual gets censored.
That's how they work.
And usually it's Politico or Daily Beast is their go-to source.
And so now, Bill Mlugian has a hit piece against him in Politico, and they're calling for him to get censored.
Because, he's reporting the truth on what's happening at the southern border, and now, that The Democrats have a problem with illegal immigration because of Ron DeSantis putting illegal immigrants in liberal cities.
Well, they can't have their hypocrisy exposed by Bill at the border because, well, that would be embarrassing for them to have another one of their hypocrisies exposed with the illegal immigrants.
Oh, $50,000 is too much for Martha's Vineyard, but $50,000 is just fine for one border town in Texas.
See how that works?
Well, now, a Democrat sheriff is putting all the Democrat Party talking points out for the media, and that's the sheriff in Bexar County.
Even the Democrat sheriff investigating DeSantis agrees the border is not secure.
Well, yeah, Sheriff Javier Salazar has to admit the border is not secure.
He can't completely lie to the people of that town that see the tens of thousands showing up every day.
But just keep in mind, this guy is a loyal Democrat.
He was actually riding around on the Biden campaign bus when it was going through Texas.
You may remember that.
And it got surrounded by a bunch of Trump supporters.
You may remember that.
They're suing those Trump supporters, by the way.
The Democrat Party is suing the Trump supporters that were riding around next to the Biden bus in Texas.
And this sheriff was on that bus.
So, I mean, he's thick as thieves with these Democrats.
But what has happened on his watch with the illegal immigrants?
How about the deadliest illegal immigrant encounter on record?
At least 50 people found dead in abandoned 18-wheeler in San Antonio.
The final number was 53.
That was in his county, Bexar County.
The deadliest illegal immigrant encounter.
53 dead in a semi-truck.
But he's gonna tell you about how DeSantis is bad.
He's also got other issues that he's ignoring to attack DeSantis.
Bexar County Sheriff ignores triple murder case.
Instead opens investigation into Florida Governor DeSantis.
Uh, yeah, Sheriff, we just had a triple murder case.
Don't bother me, okay?
I'm doing work for the Democrat Party to attack the number two presidential candidate of the Republican Party.
That's much more important.
Uh, sir, there's a murderer on the loose.
Yeah, did you not hear me?
I'm trying to hurt the Republican Party!
That is more important!
Illegal aliens flown to Martha's Vineyard file lawsuit against Ron DeSantis.
Let's call this what it is.
The illegal immigrants are not following any lawsuits.
Democrats are.
Democrats went and they grabbed these illegal immigrants and they said, hey, would you like to be a part of a lawsuit?
We can make you a bunch of money.
And they don't know any better.
Many of them don't even speak English, so they just say, okay, they're getting coerced.
Democrats are now coercing illegal immigrants into litigation so that they can be used against their biggest political opposition ahead of the midterms and the 2024 presidential election.
So Democrats are filing a lawsuit against DeSantis and they're using illegal immigrants as cannon fodder to do so.
There's a problem though.
DeSantis' office responds to lawsuit from Martha's Vineyard Migrants, points out they signed a consent form.
So they said, oh, they were removed without their consent.
They didn't know where they were going.
Ah, DeSantis beat you guys again.
He was ahead of the curve on that deal.
They all signed consent forms that said exactly where they were going and how they were getting there.
Now, here's a question I have.
And I'd like to see Ron DeSantis ask this question as well.
Because what happened?
DeSantis sends 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.
They all knew they were going there.
They signed a consent form to do just that.
Well then what happened?
Well, the Democrats in Martha's Vineyard, in less than 24 hours, rounded them up and put them in a bus to ship them off of the island.
We all witnessed that.
Fifty illegal immigrants showed up.
Democrats glad-handed themselves that night, put them in a church, and then called the military to remove them the next day.
Which they did.
Now here's my question.
Did the Democrats at Martha's Vineyard get a consent form to remove the illegal immigrants?
Just curious.
Do you think the Liberal Democrats At Martha's Vineyard that used the military to remove illegal immigrants from their island.
Do you think they got a consent form to do that?
I'll bet you they didn't.
Isn't that funny?
DeSantis has the consent form to Move the illegal immigrants from Florida to Martha's Vineyard.
Do you have a consent form after you moved them from Martha's Vineyard to a military base in Massachusetts?
Did you get that consent form?
I mean, obviously, I mean, you must have, right?
Because you're upset claiming DeSantis didn't have a consent form, but he did, so you guys obviously had a consent form, right?
The Democrats said Martha's Vineyard must have had consent forms, 50, 53 of them.
When they transferred the illegal immigrants, right?
I mean, they... I'm sure they did.
Yeah, right.
More Democrat Party hypocrisy and fraud.
And then it's all the way up to New York.
This is just, folks, it's just hilarious, honestly.
And if these people weren't about to destroy the planet and civilization as we know it, it would be funny.
I'd just come on and laugh at them all day long.
But they want to destroy our lives.
They want to kill us.
They want to put us all in jail.
So, it's not really that funny, is it?
Mayor Eric Adams says New York City has received 7,600 migrants since May.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my!
So less than 1% of 1% of how many illegal immigrants we've received here in Texas.
And he says he needs help, folks!
Mayor Eric Adams says he needs help because a couple thousand illegal immigrants have arrived since May.
Mayor Adams calls for reassessment of New York City's right to shelter practices as migrant strain homeless system.
Oh, you mean you don't have the infrastructure?
Oh, you mean you can't handle all the illegal immigrants you wanted?
Even though you said it was a sanctuary city?
And you have open border policies?
Oh, and now you can't face the music?
Now it's a problem?
You need help?
Well, Texas has needed help.
Florida's needed help.
This country's needed help.
And all you've done is add to the problem and throw gasoline on the fire.
Now that the fire's in your backyard, you want help?
Sanctuary, New York City.
Asylum seeker dies by suicide in New York City shelter.
And who does Mayor Eric Adams blame?
I bet you can guess.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams blames Republicans.
Failure for migrant killing himself.
I mean, you Democrat liberals, you are so insufferable.
You are such demons.
You are so disconnected from anything that's good and wholesome.
You promote open border policies.
You call anyone that wants to shut down the borders xenophobic.
You then virtue signal and say that you run sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.
We then send a very small fraction of the illegal immigrants that you've brought in to your cities, and you say you can't handle it, you need help.
This is all Republicans' fault.
Diversity is strength, after all.
Iraqi migrant arrested for rape of 12-year-old in Stockholm, Sweden.
Iraqi migrant arrested for rape of 12-year-old in Stockholm, Sweden.
Diversity is strength.
Diversity is rape.
I mean, diversity is strength.
So the crew is pointing out to me, notice how Democrats are talking about illegal immigrants' rights.
And illegal immigrants using the American court system to go after Republicans.
That's odd.
That's really odd, isn't it?
How do non-citizens have rights, and how can non-citizens be using the U.S.
justices system?
Of course they can't.
That's a lie.
Just like I said in the last segment.
It's the Democrats suing them, and they're using illegal immigrants like a human shield, basically.
Like a pawn that they wave in front of you.
They're really sick people, aren't they, these Democrats?
They are really, truly sick people.
But oh, they'll talk about an illegal immigrant's rights, but they'll take your rights, an American citizen.
You know, I gotta tell you too, folks, it's not just the understanding of how real all this is, and then the instinct of self-preservation and survival.
To get the hell as far away from Democrats as you possibly can, get the hell as far away from Democrat-run cities and population-dense areas as you possibly can.
But, you know, there's another instinct here, and you see why it exists with what Alex Jones goes through.
Folks, just coming on air and talking is putting yourself in a serious personal risk situation.
I mean, there's an instinct for me to just say, Just stop doing this.
Just stop covering the news every day.
Stop telling the truth about Democrats every day.
Stop calling out the globalists every day because you're just marking yourself for death at their hands.
For death and imprisonment at their hands before everyone else's.
But see, there's a conflict in that your survival instinct also understands that fighting these tyrants Is survival.
Standing up against these tyrants is survival.
Maybe not for you individually, but for human freedom and prosperity.
But again, you wouldn't have liberal Democrat policy without hypocrisy.
And here's Ron DeSantis calling that out in clip 5, dealing with the illegal immigrants and the lawsuits now being filed against him for what the Democrats have been doing since Biden got into office.
So when Biden is flying these people all over the country, and he's flying them all
over the world, and he's doing it in a way that's not going to be the same as what he
is doing in the United States, he's doing it in a way that's not going to be the same
as what he's doing in the United States.
So what is your response to that?
Well, I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
I didn't hear a peep.
I haven't heard a peep about all the people that have been told by Biden,
you can just come in and they're going, they're being abused by the cartels.
They're drowning in the Rio Grande.
You had 50 that died in some shed in Texas.
I heard no outrage about any of that.
I haven't heard outrage about all the fentanyl that's come across the border that's killing Americans in record numbers.
I don't hear I don't hear outrage about the criminal aliens that have gotten through and have then victimized people not only in Florida but all throughout the country.
I didn't hear any outrage about that.
The only thing I hear them getting upset about is you have 50 that end up in Martha's Vineyard.
Then they get really upset.
And I'm sorry, those migrants were being treated horribly by Biden.
They were hungry, homeless.
They had no opportunity at all.
The state of Florida, it was volunteer, offered transport to sanctuary jurisdictions because it's our view that one, the border should be secured.
And we want to have Biden reinstitute policies like remain in Mexico and making sure that people aren't overwhelming.
But short of that, If you believe in open borders, then it's the sanctuary jurisdictions that should have to bear the brunt of the open borders.
So that's what we're doing.
But what happened was...
They were provided an ability to be in the most posh sanctuary jurisdiction maybe in the world.
And obviously it's sad that Martha's Vineyard people deported them the next day.
They could have absorbed this.
They chose not to.
But what it shows is, if 50 was a burden on one of the richest places in our country, what about all these other communities that have been overrun with hundreds or thousands?
It shows you what now these policies are on the front burner.
People need to be talking about Biden can't defend his policies of open borders.
It's doing huge damage to our country.
It's costing a lot of money.
It's costing lives with the drugs that are pouring across.
And so the question is, is why are you supporting Biden's policies?
Why don't you step up and tell him you're failing and let's do it differently?
Because you know what?
He inherited a border that wasn't like this.
He has created the crisis.
But now at least we know nobody can deny that there's a crisis.
Everybody now knows and it was only because you had to have the elite who want to have the cost on everybody else and they don't want to have to shoulder that.
That's the only reason now people are talking about this.
And of course, everything he just said is completely 100% accurate.
But the truth doesn't seem to really cause any issues for Democrats, does it?
The truth never gets in the way of a good Democrat lie.
The truth never gets in the way of a good Democrat tyrannical operation, does it?
It just begs the question, what do we have to do, man?
What do we have to do to protect ourselves from these Democrat tyrants?
What do we have to do to protect ourselves from their policies that are crushing us?
It's a real question.
I mean, seriously, what do we do?
Everything Ron DeSantis did was great.
Everything Ron DeSantis said was great.
So what is he dealing with now?
He's getting sued by Democrats.
I mean, it's just... Oh, man.
And that's why, sadly, Well, maybe not so sadly, I don't know.
It's sad that you feel your only hope is to pray to God.
Because there seems to be no human option, no peaceful, political, human option left to deal with these Democrat tyrants.
And I'm not a violent person, never gonna call for violence, I didn't sign up to be in the military.
You know, so.
But I'll tell you what, you know who did?
And Russians.
And they're trying to tell us that if you don't deal with your criminal politicians, we got nukes, and they're fighting us right now in Ukraine.
Unbelievable stuff.
Now, coming up in the next hour, we're going to be joined by Alan Dos Santos.
Who is a Brazilian journalist and commentator who dealt with the liberals and the communists in Brazil who banned him from his home country.
That's what communists do when you tell the truth in media.
And so he got banned, his operation got censored.
I mean, in a lot of ways, Alan is kind of like the Brazilian Alex Jones.
So of course he's been censored and lied about and excommunicated by the commies in Brazil.
But I'm not having him on to talk about himself, I'm having him on to talk about a big story developing in Brazil right now, where a former president of Brazil, Lula, who had been tried and convicted of crimes of money laundering in one of the most famous political corruption cases of all time, Operation Car Wash, in Brazil, the Communist Supreme Court released him from jail, and now he's running for president again!
And it's kind of a weird thing when I'm hosting the Jones Show and the War Room because there's kind of some crossfire where if you follow the War Room but then I follow up with a story on the Jones Show and then you look for it on the War Room and you don't see it or vice versa.
So I was explaining how I've got a lot of friends in Brazil.
Some close friends.
And some of them are, you know, conservatives, you could say.
Some of them are liberals.
But the liberals were the ones that hated Lula the most.
So when I saw that polls were saying that Lula was winning, I was just stunned.
And so I actually heard back from some of my liberal Brazilian friends, and I asked, I said, Yeah, I know you're not a big Bolsonaro fan, but I mean, what do you think about, uh, they're saying Lula's now leading in the polls, and they're just stunned!
They're like, I can't believe it!
He's corrupt, he got caught, and they're upset!
But see, that's what happens when you have a real leader.
You might not think Bolsonaro's perfect, you might not think Donald Trump is perfect.
They're real leaders, folks.
They're real, independent men that want to be real presidents and lead their country to victory.
Doesn't mean they're not flawed.
Doesn't mean they won't make mistakes.
But what happens when a true populist leader arises, they have to destroy him, and they have to cheat to remove him from office, and just like they did in the US, they're now doing in Brazil.
So Alan dos Santos, who you might call the Alex Jones of Brazil, is going to be joining us in the next hour.
Incredible stuff.
You know what, though?
I just hope I'm alive to see it.
All of this corruption will someday come to an end, and a true age of prosperity will begin.
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Months ahead.
Don't fight the crowds.
Don't fight all the crap.
This is do or die time, folks.
And I'm gonna explain it again.
If you let the new world order take over, if you let them continue their design collapse, it's here.
It's not coming.
You're gonna wish later you'd done something now.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
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He's been banned, he's been censored, he's been lied about, he's been attacked, but he's never stopped fighting, and we love him for it.
And so Alan, you know I've got a little bit of a soft spot in my heart for Brazil.
And I've got friends out there.
Of course, it's your home country.
And when I saw new polls out of Brazil, that Lula was ahead of Bolsonaro, first of all, I didn't believe it.
Because Bolsonaro's popularity seems to continue to be rising since he was elected.
And then secondly, because Lula?
The disgraced president?
The arrested president?
Operation Car Wash caught guilty president?
And so I couldn't think of anybody better to come on air today with me to try to explain this phenomenon and make sense of it.
And so let me just kind of lay out my understanding and you correct my course if I'm wrong or add the details.
The same Communist Supreme Court that tried to banish you from the country and successfully did, released Lula from jail and now he's thrown his hat into the ring and I guess the fake news media has propped him up as the lead candidate?
Do I have that right, Alan?
Owen, it's a very pleasure for me to be here and show.
And yeah, you're right.
So this is what's happening right now in Brazil, the same thing that's happening in the United States when the elite gets together with the people that control the country and the elite of the bureaucrat too.
They want to change what people want because for a long time we have been slipping about the communism.
So a lot of Brazilian people, religious people, people involved with conservative, conservatism movement and so forth, They have been sleeping for decades.
So now we are waking up due to Professor Olavo de Carvalho teaching people what is communism indeed, and due to Bolsonaro politically, because Bolsonaro was showing to people that we have hope, we can have hope, we need to have hope, and we can elect a truly person that will represent the people.
And Bolsonaro did it.
He got it.
And his popularity is rising as more than people think so.
You could see that in London, where, for example, Macron was booed by his own people and Bolsonaro was praised.
People on the street was screaming to him, saying, please, president, save us from communism.
Bolsonaro, he's a strong man, because he's fighting not only the communists, but all the bureaucrats, and it's hard.
Let's just briefly, we don't have to go off into too much of the details, but let's lay this out for audience members that might not understand or know the story about Operation Car Wash.
Lula was president of Brazil some years ago and there were investigations with money laundering and other shenanigans.
He was arrested in Operation Car Wash.
What are just some of the basic details of Operation Car Wash so that the audience can understand?
So to try to pass some bills and laws at the Congress, the Workers' Party was bribing all the congressmen to do so.
So this was a very huge scheme to change everything, even change the Constitution, because in Brazil it's different than here.
There are some points that you can change the Constitution.
And so that's what they got.
They were installing communism in Brazil and somehow they were paying the congressmen to do so.
But the problem is all these schemes went too far.
And when all this corruption went too far, someone got caught.
And once the first one got caught, wasn't a very well-trained communist that will keep silent.
So then they start to talk who was responsible for it.
So basically Lula was really, really, really condemned by the court.
And the Supreme Court later, bureaucratically speaking, was just saying, you know, when you cook your food, not in the kitchen, but you cook that in your room, for example.
So they just say, OK, the trial was invalid because it doesn't supposed to be in the federal courts like that.
But we all know Lula is really a person that was guilty for all these crimes.
And the biggest corruption scheme and crime in Brazil, and I think one of the biggest in the world, a lot of money.
When I see corruption here in America, people talking about the millions of dollars, million here, million there.
In Brazil, it was a billion, more than a billion.
Some of them say that it can get trillion.
So it's crazy.
You know, it's a lot of money.
And they released Lula one year before the election just to make him some strong person to fight Bolsonaro during the elections.
It's not working because Lula can't go to the streets and he was known For gathering people, gathering the poor, you know?
His protests and rallies, all the stuff.
But now, only Bolsonaro gathers people.
And it's like here in America, you know?
Young people, old people, people in a wheelchair.
And the Supreme Court says it's an anti-democrat manifestation, and it's like an anti-democrat Putting your t-shirt, the green and the yellow from the Brazilian flag and just asking for someone save the people from communism.
How can that be an anti-democrat?
So this is basically trying to summarize everything that's basically what's going on in Brazil.
And it's not just about corruption, Owen.
We all know that Lula da Silva financed All the communist countries in South America, like Argentina, like Bolivia, Venezuela, now Chile, Colombia, Brazil was kind of a bank for them.
And now China is offering money and we all know that China is behind all of it.
And they're trying to shut Bolsonaro down just to make Brazil their backyard.
And of course, just so people have a better context of the situation, Bolsonaro is like the Brazilian Trump, folks.
I mean, the populist revolution, the popularity, the rallies.
I mean, quite frankly, you know, we talk about Trump rallies being big events and parties.
Bolsonaro rallies are even bigger, folks.
They're even bigger.
They're even more of a party atmosphere, more of a festive atmosphere, more of a patriotic atmosphere, but it's the same energy.
So you understand why they're going after Bolsonaro.
But just getting back to the Operation Car Wash, so the Supreme Court though, they didn't declare that Lula was innocent, they just said because you tried him in the wrong court by our measurements, even though he's guilty, we're going to release him from jail.
I'm not a lawyer to say that in English.
It's hard for me.
But what I can explain to you all, they basically were discussing about the legitimacy of it and not the case in C. You know, it's like this is not the place that he would be on trial.
But nobody said that he was innocent.
I can kind of make a little analogy.
The analogy would be like, folks, it'd be like if you're in a court case, and they've got video of the defendant killing someone, and it's on video, and you're like, well, there's the video, so, okay, he's obviously guilty.
But then they find out that the Prosecution edited something in the video, just a small little thing in the video, let's say maybe they edited one corner of it for one thing or edited something out and then they say, well, you edited the video so we have to release this guy even though we know he committed the murder.
So it's a technicality, they knew he was guilty, they released him anyway.
It's more than this. The problem is, let us say that you, you, the person was caught on video
doing the killing or the stealing, whatever. But the problem is, let us say this is a state problem,
okay? This is a state crime and everything started in the...
in a federal crime, you know?
Nobody added anything, nobody did anything.
Everyone knows that he is guilty for everything that he has done.
But the problem is they started it on the federal court.
So that was the problem.
So it was a procedural issue.
Either way, though, so I'm going to get to this on the other side of this break, because
this is the question.
So everybody knows Lula was guilty.
They never said he wasn't guilty.
They just said because of the process we're going to release him.
Obviously that's because they wanted him to run against Bolsonaro.
So my question on the other side of the break will be, are the polls real?
Is Lula really ahead?
The great Alan Dos Santos is with us.
Glad to be joined by him.
And so we were covering how the I mean, it was called the greatest political scandal in world history.
Multiple mainstream outlets called Operation Car Wash, with the former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, the greatest political corruption in U.S.
history, or the world history, excuse me, at least that we know of, that got caught, all came out in a court of law, and resulted in an arrest.
And so the Communist Supreme Court, though, has released Lula from jail, and he's running for president again.
I mean, folks, this is crazy stuff, but that's what's going on.
And now, Polls are saying that Lula is actually ahead of Bolsonaro.
Now, from any neutral observer, you can look and see how popular Bolsonaro is.
Not just in Brazil, but around the world.
Now, for somebody that's informed and anti-communist, like me, I understand the importance of Bolsonaro's leadership in Brazil and for the world.
And I would even argue right now that Bolsonaro is probably the best world leader that we have.
So of course the communists have to remove him from office.
Alan, I was asking some of my more liberal Brazilian friends about these poll numbers and Lula, and they're like stunned.
They're saying they can't believe it.
They can't believe this corrupt leader is back.
And these are liberals, by the way.
They don't really necessarily like Bolsonaro.
And they're just stunned.
They can't believe it's so corrupt.
So, are the polls fake?
Is Lula really ahead of Bolsonaro?
Or is this just entirely fabricated?
Your thoughts, Alan dos Santos.
To be honest with you, 100% fake, because first of all, the parties in Brazil, we do not have just two parties like here in America, two big parties.
We have a lot of parties in Brazil, more than 20.
So the parties, they hired private companies to make their own pool.
They cannot publish it.
They cannot publicize it.
Within them, you know, they know Bolsonaro is ahead.
So this is why some people are now saying, I'm for Bolsonaro since I was a child, you know, but they are not.
And this is a sign, you know, this is a perfect sign that Bolsonaro is ahead.
So these politicians that weren't that anti-communist, but they want to support Bolsonaro now.
And everyone knows.
I mean, if you just see the rallies, you know, it's a very short gathering when you see Lula da Silva and when you see Bolsonaro.
It's massive.
Even the places that used to be very, very, very brainwashed by the communists.
Brazil is a poor country, so it's easy to sell promises, you know, sell paradise for them.
And these places now do not believe in communism anymore.
They do not believe in socialism.
And when I say socialism and communism, it's not a figure of speech.
If you ask these people, they really will condemn communism and socialism.
And they will say, I'm for Bolsonaro.
And this is very, very impressive because imagine decades of brainwashing, brainwashed people by the university, by the media, by some priests, Catholic priests and Protestant pastors that back in time were supporting the socialists.
agenda somehow, or the socialist politicians, they are not doing that anymore, you know.
And it's clear that some companies, that's the funnest part, that some companies,
some private companies that is publishing the polls, they are somehow partners with some
politicians or some businessmen that we all know, used to know as a supported communist agenda.
So it's, you can't believe on this post, you know, although I would dare to say that we still have a lot of people that need to be Clarify, you know, they need to know exactly what Lula da Silva's agenda is, what is the Communist agenda, and what's among the poor people.
But even them, they are waking up, you know.
It's hard for the Workers' Party now to realize that the poor and people that are not, you know, very smart in a sense of politics, agenda and strategy and tactics, even these people now are waking up.
And this is why they hate free speech.
They hate free press like Infowars, like Tercelevi, because we get in touch with these people.
We talk to them.
We explain to them in their own words what is going on, what media do not do, you know?
And this is why they hate such a free press like InfoWars, Alex Jones, you, Terce Livre and my staff.
Because we talk to these people, the rest of the people that the Workers' Party is still counting on, these few people that are still in doubt, you know?
They are running away from them since they got here.
You know, I think you have the same experience here in America when people are kind of lost, you know, trying to see what's going on.
And then Even if you count on these people on the poll and you interview some of them, later on they will watch something like InfoWars and then they open their eyes and they see what was going on, they change their mind.
So even if you count with these doubt people, you know, people in doubt, if you count with them, it's not enough to get the numbers that they are showing on the polls.
Bottom line is, you don't believe in the polls.
I don't believe in the polls.
They rig the polls here just like they do there.
And to me, the body of evidence is just, look at the real world.
Bolsonaro has massive rallies.
I mean, folks, I've seen rallies, it looks like millions of people.
I mean, just crazy stuff.
Just like Trump was having huge rallies.
And then the Lula, tiny little rallies.
Biden doesn't even have rallies.
Now, I obviously don't follow the bigger picture of Brazil.
I'm watching that news.
I'm very concerned for this planet.
And I know Bolsonaro, as the president of Brazil, gives the world hope to me that we can have a good leader down there.
It appears to me that, you know, Brazil's had its problems, it's come out of the age of communism, it's got a lot of violent crime, but it appears to me that things have gotten better, truly they have gotten better, under Bolsonaro, dealing with the crime, economically doing better, the unification, the patriotism, as opposed to Argentina that seems to be slipping more towards the left again, more
towards the communist mindset again, they're failing economically, they're having crime problems
again, where Brazil is going the other direction. Is that a fair
breakdown of what we're seeing between those two big great countries in South America?
Oh, definitely.
Even after COVID, Bolsonaro kept the country economically healthy.
And we are talking about a country that was exploited and destroyed economically by the Communist Party.
We are talking about a third country, you know, a very poor country, but very rich at the same time.
So even with all these corruptions, I don't know if you have saw Bolsonaro saying at the UN, we paid all the debts from these companies that the Workers' Party was stealing money from.
And even paying back everyone, even setting up the country, even, you know, trying to revival everything in Brazil, Bolsonaro is doing a great job.
Even economically, you said the crime rate in Brazil is so low, so low, that we are now at the same crime rate like 10 or more than 15 years ago.
Folks, that's amazing.
Because, I mean, we can talk about this on the other side of the break, but that is truly a great accomplishment for Bolsonaro that people don't talk about.
Because of course communists breed crime.
Free market erases it.
With Alan Dos Santos from Tessera Livre, and I want to talk about more of the situation in Brazil, but I do actually, Alan, eventually want to talk about how you've been, how your news organization has been since the censorship.
It's been a while since we've caught up on that issue, so it's great to see you at the desk with the microphone and that beautiful banner behind you.
But getting back where we left off to the Brazil issue with crime, you know, It was my understanding, you know, say 15 years ago...
In Brazil, you wouldn't buy a house, or build a house, or an apartment complex, or live in an apartment complex, if it didn't have a private gate, a big wall around it, you know, electric fences, like, really high security level.
Pretty much any city you go to in Brazil, folks, I mean, you're gonna see walls, fences, electrified cameras everywhere, because the crime was so bad, and I hadn't really looked into the issue, except other than just seeing Brazil coming back economically, that usually means less crime, and that's been the case.
So, I mean, outside of the favelas, where obviously, you know, the drug wars are raging on and, you know, sometimes you might see military driving in there and, you know, it looks serious.
I mean, other than that, you're telling me the crime rate has gone down since Bolsonaro's gotten in too?
Yeah, I have numbers here just to show you.
The number was, is...
Brazil's homicide rate was 23.66 homicides for 100,000 inhabitants in 2020, but it used
to be 30.8.
So we went from 30.8 to 23.6.
So this is Bolsonaro effect.
And the most important thing is Bolsonaro was not working together with the Congress
to make it easier to get your gun and your ammo and all this stuff.
He was not only doing it.
He was smashing all the journalists that was, I mean, talking bullshit about it.
Let us say that clear, you know, because all the journalists and all these rich artists, they say we need to ban all the guns and all the stuff, but they have their own security, right?
So Bolsonaro was, Bolsonaro was unmasking it in front of everyone, you know, like saying that, oh, you, you want to ban it?
But the problem is you have your own security.
What about the poor?
You know, what about this poor co-op close to the favela, or close to the poor area in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and so forth?
So they do not have their own private security, but you, Rich, you have, you know?
And he was changing people's minds, because this is one thing that I see clearly in the whole world among anti-communists.
They think only passing bills and laws will change things.
You need to change people's minds first.
Because that's the way the law and the bill will really pass through the Congress and make that difference that we want.
So you need to change what people are believing.
And people are believing so many lies about it.
And it's hard for a person that never lived in a free country or in a free place to believe that it's possible.
I don't know if you saw a funny video that people made of Californians going to Texas and saying, oh, look at that.
Have you seen this video?
Oh, yeah.
About the Babylon Bee.
It's hilarious.
They freak out over a gun on the hip.
Yeah, so this is the situation for Brazilian people that never have been in a place with freedom, where you can carry a gun and, I mean, that's it.
You're in a free country, in a free place.
So Bolsonaro was changing this myth that the media was creating in people's heads, you know?
And that was the greatest thing that he did.
I mean, we now have our own rifle association in Brazil.
We never had such a thing before.
So we were inspired by the Americans and doing great as you guys do, you know, with the association, conservative movement, institutional stuff.
We are now starting to have all of it.
And it's just the beginning.
You guys cannot stop.
Owen, I beg all.
American citizen that are listening to me right now.
The only one republic that wasn't found with a socialism agenda in its constitution was the United States.
That's the only one republic that wasn't inspired by socialists.
Even when John Adams went to French Revolution, you know, he was in France and when he came back, he said, that's not what we are doing here.
So you cannot compare the Republic starting in France and Republic that started here in 1776.
So the experience to have freedom like what you guys have here in America is inspiring the whole world.
But the problem is, if this republic falls, if this republic dies, I dare to say it will be very, very hard to build freedom outside of here.
That's why the globalists want to destroy the U.S.
because they know that.
Yeah, because imagine how could we have a very realistic place to show, you know, like you are banning the guns.
We all know the experience of it.
It's really bad.
But let me show you a reality of places like Texas, places like Florida, you know, where you can go and buy your guns.
Tell me about this reality, because debating arguments could be easy to, you know, to say whatever you want.
But when you show the reality, when you show the reality for this person, look, I am just safe because I could defend myself.
And that's the problem.
People, they have a hard time to believe when they couldn't see the reality of it.
And Bolsonaro could say to everyone, look at the United States, look at some states in America.
They are safe because they have guns.
And guns are not against the honest people.
It's just against the people that want to destroy your family.
It's quite simple.
And Bolsonaro is getting it.
And in just four years, Bolsonaro went from 30.8 to 23.6 million people dying.
He saved a lot of people.
And what the communists call him?
to 23.6 millions people dying.
You know, he saved a lot of people.
And what the communists call him?
Genocide, due to all this crazy COVID stuff.
But they are the killers.
Well, that's amazing to hear, because I remember my favorite gun, it's a side-by-side double-barrel shotgun, and it's made in Brazil.
And I remember at the time, I would joke with my Brazilian friends, because it says made on Brazil on the gun.
And I said, hey, look, my gun is made in Brazil, but you can't even have one.
So have the laws really changed?
I mean, where are the laws?
I mean, because it used to be no gun rights for Brazilian citizens.
I mean, where is that situation now under Bolsonaro?
It is changing slowly.
The Supreme Court is trying to ban guns during the elections, saying that they could have like kind of plot or something like that.
We know they want to take these rights away, but Bolsonaro is getting it through the Congress.
So this is this is the funny thing.
Bolsonaro is a dictator.
Can a dictator change things in the country through the Congress?
It's so ridiculous.
Their arguments are so ridiculous.
In other words, liberals in Brazil lie just like liberals in America.
Oh yeah, definitely.
Definitely, yep.
And this is the point here.
You cannot say that Bolsonaro is a dictator because he's doing everything through the Congress.
OK, but the Supreme Court, the judicial power, it's not doing their job.
They want to do all their powers job.
You know, they want to legislate.
They want to executive power.
Bolsonaro is not doing it.
So how can a dictator Do his own job and still become a dictator.
It's crazy.
Have you seen the documentary that BBC made together with I think NPR in America talking about the Amazon is on fire?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's their big global warming, climate change bullcrap.
Let's talk about that on the other side.
One more segment with the great Alan Dos Santos.
Let's talk about that issue.
And then I just want to get an update on how your news organization has been doing since the censorship.
We'll be right back.
Catching up with my friend Alan Dos Santos here from Tercer Livre.
And last segment, Alan, here.
Anything else you want to talk about?
Let's get it out there for the people to hear.
Or, you know, I'd just like an update on how your news organization and how you've been doing since the censorship since we last spoke.
It had to be over a year ago now.
They censored you like they censored Alex Jones.
And I just want to know how your website is doing.
And of course, let people know where they can find you.
Final segment here with Alan.
Any other information you want to put out there regarding Brazilian politics ahead of the big election for Bolsonaro?
We got to hope he stays in there.
The whole world should hope he stays in.
And then just talk about how you've dealt with the censorship of your news organization.
Hey guys, I'm not hearing his audio.
Is that on?
Hold on.
Yeah, it's my bad.
There we go.
The communists censored him again, man.
I'll tell you, they're everywhere.
So, I'm getting back slowly, little by little, since the Supreme Court want to me arrested and deported by United States.
I lost all my money in Brazil.
I need to build everything here where I'm free.
Due to the U.S.
Constitution, the U.S.
flag, and all the U.S.
soldiers that died for this freedom here.
So I'm free now.
I have my own website back.
It's terracalivre.com.br.
Or you can find me on Locals and also Nogater.
I'm building everything slowly.
But I would like to say something very important for everyone who is listening to us here, Owen.
People need to support InfoWars and Alex Jones.
A country that left behind their heroes, their fighters, cannot go longer.
This is very important because if I'm rebuilding everything in my company, it's because I have my own people on my back.
They are helping me.
And it's hard for them because they need to pay in dollar here in America to support me, to make this show go on.
If you need to rebuild your country, if you need to take your country back, you cannot left anyone behind.
Because that's the path to be destroyed.
And communists, all of them, they know if you scare someone, you know, if you arrest someone, if you go after someone, the truly friends will be filled.
They know that most of people will run away from you.
I passed it through it.
And I know the feeling.
And you cannot let Alex Jones and Infowars be destroyed by these elites and all these globalists.
Because they have all the money they want to do whatever they want.
They have all the politicians.
They have all the drug cartels.
They have everything.
We just have you.
I just have you.
To help me to build my my company back and talk the truth to my audience.
Infowars is the same thing.
That's the one thing that I would like to say.
We cannot left anyone behind.
You said it so well because that's what it really is.
It's the power structure.
It's the corrupt power structure trying to silence the voices that call it out and the voices that they view as a threat.
I mean, that's so obvious.
That should be common sense.
Sadly, we've lost our fellow human liberals.
They don't have common sense anymore.
It's a real sad thing or they've just totally abandoned it.
They've abandoned everything that's good and prosperous.
But you're absolutely right.
And you know, I'm actually, I mean, I'm sure you feel the same way.
You know what?
It sucks that we have to battle harder to stay on air.
It sucks that we have to battle harder to fund what we do.
But at the end of the day, I would much rather have to answer to this audience.
I would much rather have to answer to the people than some big giant corporation that pays me to say what it wants on air.
I would rather be attacked by the bad guys and be fighting the bad guys, whatever the cost be, than to be uplifted by the bad guys and be rich and powerful and influential, but sell my soul.
That's absolutely true.
And you know what?
People want that too.
They want real people.
They want real talk.
They do not want puppets anymore, you know?
And this is why they will support Terceira Livre.
Brazilian people are already doing it.
And this is why U.S.
citizens will help Infowars and Alex Jones and you all, because we all will rebuild our countries by our hands.
And we're going to do that.
We are not going to give up.
You know, another great example of journalists being attacked is the great Julian Assange from WikiLeaks.
It's amazing the persecution of Julian Assange, spending a life basically in jail for exposing government corruption.
In the US, and it's the Mexican President, and it's Mexico that has to say, hey, why are you doing this to Julian Assange?
Julian Assange should be viewed as a hero.
Why are you trying to kill him?
Julian Assange's wife actually put out a video today about this.
I may air it on The War Room.
When do you think we cross the barrier and the threshold of people realizing, hey, It's the Julian Assanges of the world.
It's the Alex Joneses of the world.
It's the Alan Dos Santos of the world.
They're the ones being demonized by the very corrupt establishment we claim we're fighting.
Maybe we should be listening to them.
The elite knows that once you find the truth, nobody can convince you differently.
They know that once you know the reality as it is, you will not fall into their traps.
And they just, what keep them all in that pedestal, it's the lies and the traps they made around them as a castle, you know?
And when you destroy all the bridges that keep all these lies holding up, they will fall as a sand castle at once.
Alan Dos Santos.
Again, tell folks the website one more time.
It's terkalivre.com.br, or you can find me on Getter and Locals too.
Just type my name, Alan Dos Santos, and thank you so much for having me here.
I did just that.
I plugged your name into Getter.
I just followed you.
I'm glad that you mentioned you were there, because of course you're banned on Twitter.
I mean, you know, we can't have Alan Dos Santos.
We can't have you.
We can't have you on Twitter.
Great stuff.
It's a reward.
Yeah, exactly.
It means you're fighting the bad guys.
It's a badge of honor.
Alan Dos Santos, great to see your smiling face again.
Glad to catch up with you.
And I'm definitely going to want to have you on again soon before the next round of elections in Brazil to cover this news and to keep the United States updated on the situation there.
Because I think we need to protect Bolsonaro at all costs.
I think he's the best leader in the world right now.
Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
Alright, there goes the great Alan Dos Santos.
Telling you folks, we need to protect Bolsonaro at all costs.
And I know it's not our country, it's not our election, but this is a populist movement worldwide against the corporate world government.
And Bolsonaro understands that as good as anyone and has proven he's willing to stand against it as good as anyone.
And obviously Alan understands the importance of free speech as a Brazilian citizen who has been excommunicated and censored and attacked and lied about in his own country for telling the truth about the government.
Really amazing stuff.
Who's got the fourth hour today, guys?
Kate Dally is going to be coming up here in just five short minutes.
I will be back hosting the War Room, and folks, I mean, I got tons of news.
I barely scratched the surface today.
So, get ready for a big loaded War Room transmission coming up at 3 o'clock p.m.
Central Time.
Folks, keep us on air.
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So either way, it's a victory folks.
The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
And I gotta tell ya, you know, A lot of these books that people put out are just a money-making deal.
Most people don't even write their own books.
They don't even know what's in it.
They just put their name on it, sell a bunch of it, and it's just empty fluff.
Not this book, because people are actually getting this book and reading it, and their jaws are hitting the floor.
I've never seen a book Actually being ranted and raved about like this.
I mean, seriously, like my friends are texting me about it.
My family's texting me about it.
It's like, hey, this book's amazing.
I've never seen that before, folks.
This truly is.
It is the textbook to have to inform the population on what the globalists have in store for you.
And with that information, we can stop it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for the hour and from the from Kate Dally Radio dot com, the Kate Dally Show.
Wow, so glad to be with you today.
I don't really have great news to tell you the truth, but I don't want this to be jump off a bridge radio either.
So informing is always good because then we can prepare and we know what's coming and it's really, really important.
Will you be flying in five years?
Will you be flying by 2025?
In three years?
Less than three years?
A couple of years?
Will you fly less?
Well, what is their real five-year plan look like?
And what does it look like for us, the peons, the lowly citizens of this nation?
It's a really interesting part of the propaganda that we're in, the propaganda overload, because we're seeing a lot of headlines.
And I don't know if we aren't paying attention, we probably wouldn't see the effect of this that it's having on us, but we're getting a constant influx of A gazillion, I love that word, gazillion headlines talking about this.
I'll kind of give you an example.
Airplanes are incredibly polluting, but could we ever live completely without them?
Yes, says the article.
Yes, we can.
It's very, very interesting.
What would a flying-free world look like, says the BBC.
Five reasons why flying won't be fun in the future.
No fun.
Now, it is terrible.
We have to squish in seats made for small Asians.
No offense, Asians, you're just smaller people than most Americans.
And it's really rough, to tell you the truth.
It's hard to fly.
Do you guys remember back?
I don't because I wasn't alive at the time.
But I do recall hearing about the fact that we used to fly, we used to dress up, and it used to be kind of a fun thing where we were comfortable the entire way, pretty much sitting in first class, even though you bought a back of the bus ticket.
Not so much anymore.
They're making it very uncomfortable.
Here's another one.
Five ways flying could change in the future.
Why should it change in the future?
What's wrong with it?
Is anyone asking that?
Will I ever be able to fly again without feeling guilty?
I don't feel guilty when I fly.
I pay a lot of money.
Then I have to pay for a bag.
And then I have to pay for a tissue.
Then I have to pay for chips.
Then I gotta pay for a drink.
What am I feeling guilty about?
Oh, Mother Earth.
That's why I'm feeling guilty.
The whole carbon footprint of 2.5%.
Here's an opinion from the Washington Post.
For the love of Earth, you know, Mother Earth needs to have her worship ceremony.
Stop traveling.
Stop traveling?
We all travel.
That's the fun.
I look forward to vacations, don't you?
Some require traveling.
Will I ever be able to fly again without feeling guilty?
Just cracks me up because I really don't.
Will ordinary people be able to fly?
You and me.
Will we have supersonic jets that are able to go around the world in no time for the elite, but us little people, us littles, can't go?
Are we going to be outpriced?
Are the flights unreliable right now?
Are there really staff shortages?
Has anyone asked that?
Maybe it's not a staff shortage.
I'm sure the shot's done its damage, and I'm sure they really wanted to make the airline industry take that shot.
Maybe it was for a reason.
You have less pilots, you have less staff.
Maybe there's partial, that could be a partial reason.
But maybe the big overall reason that started in 2020, because these articles started in 2020, not just this year.
So how would they have known?
How would they have known that flying was going to become an issue and a problem?
I don't know.
And as we're outpriced and as it's unreliable and as you can't count on your connecting flight, which seems to be happening a lot, as it's expensive, will you be priced out?
The government took control of the airlines with a huge bailout and nobody was noticing in March of 2020.
I guess there was a grand old reason that that happened, more so than we think, because the government has control over what they do, but nobody was looking.
So I'm going to come right back.
There's a couple other things on the horizon you need to know about in their real five-year plan that they have for us and how we can fight it.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kate Daly for the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
So will you be flying in five years?
I think my friend Katie Hopkins has it right on this.
I don't think we will be.
And I think we need to prepare for a world in which we are told that we must save Mother Earth.
I was looking out the window the other day and everything looks suspiciously same as it has my entire life.
Still not affected by that dire climate change where I'm supposed to die in a burning inferno or freeze up like a popsicle at the end of every 10 years of my life.
Anyway, so now again, it's still 10 years out.
Our demise, that is.
And so we must save Mother Earth by lowering the carbon footprint.
Here's what's in the articles.
A world of no flights.
I sound like the movie guy.
A world of no flights would present some serious logistical challenges that could also open up the door to huge changes to other low carbon forms of transport.
Oh, honey, you get to ride the train.
Lucky you, you Amtrak dweller.
Yeah, and so the train's fun.
It's long, you know, that or a covered wagon, I guess, as they out-car us and out-fly us.
So we won't be able to do those two things.
I'll get to that in just a moment.
But it says, demand management, essentially people flying less, is the most effective way to reduce those emissions this decade, according to the recent report from Transport and Environment.
Those lucky folks, the environmental group that is.
Weighed in and said that we don't have sustainable aviation fuels, really.
And what we could do in the future with this is really save Mother Earth.
If we save that whole whopping 2.5% of emissions tax.
Now remember, emissions tax was a total fraud put on by one of the Committee of 300, Harlan Cleveland, back in 1996, came up with the riveting idea that we could come up with this tax for emissions.
Where are the money supposed to go?
No one knows.
That doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter how you save the earth.
It just matters that you take taxation for it.
And we were the only country that bought into it.
The other countries said, no, they weren't that stupid.
We do it.
Remember when President Wilson, a hundred years ago, used to keep sheep on the White House lawn?
And he was asked, why do you keep a flock of sheep on the White House lawn?
And he said, because it reminds me of the American people.
Anyway, so there was much more to COVID than we thought, and grounding all the flights on Earth, they said, right now, grounding all of them would put a 2.5%.
So if you just kept jets in the air for the elite, you know, the same Hollywood and politicians that cry for Mother Earth, but drive around their big black SUV or fly their jet, you know, to the events.
Shh, don't say anything.
And so, of course, then we're only saving about 1%.
If we ground everybody and we keep them flying, yeah, a whole whopping 1%.
But that's what they, I think, plan to do.
And I think she's right.
She put out a great video on it.
And I think we should be paying attention because I've been seeing these signs too.
Very, very strange signs.
They keep saying how unreliable it is for no reason.
People want to go back to work.
So why aren't they hiring?
Obviously, people want to take flights.
What you need to do is book a flight, and book a flight, and book a flight, and book a flight, and make those flights as full as you possibly can all the time.
Because where there is demand, it's going to look highly suspicious when they really try to knock the flights down in the coming years to keep us grounded as far as that goes.
We are in a situation where we have a couple of things happening with our utilities.
We have a couple of things happening with cars.
And so let me get to that because it's kind of this overall five-year real plan.
And it's good to know what they have planned because they don't always win.
And I like to think that if we could, you know, take off the cover of this once in a while and see it for what it really is and see what they're trying to do and how they've been doing this since 2020, maybe we could get a handle on this, know our enemy a little bit better and stop this.
Insane, like a guardrail.
I feel like we're cattle in the guardrail.
We should all start mooing together.
They love to manage us.
In fact, they even came out with articles saying, by the way, five top tips for handling flight cancellations like a pro.
Honey, if you're feeling like you can't get on the next flight, we'll teach you to suck it up a little bit more and handle it like a pro.
Thanks, mainstream media.
You're awesome.
Really appreciate that.
So then they had articles that came out and it said trains, a sustainable future is on track.
Wasn't that like 75 years ago?
Didn't we take the train because we had no other alternative like flying?
So now they're talking about sustainable future.
Well, back when Build Back Worse came out, It was talking about all the funding.
There was an entire section I noticed as I was reading through it that it was 66, at the very, very beginning and start, $66 billion to pump into Amtrak.
Why would you be pumping more money into Amtrak?
It's not like when I want to go to Florida, the first thing I'm thinking is, wow, can I take the train?
Because I know those seven days will be extra special.
As I try to get there.
No, we take a flight.
We want to get there immediately, don't we?
So it's not like everybody is pumping for Amtrak, okay?
So why are they putting all this money into Amtrak?
And you notice that they just closed down some of the... I was going to call them flights, not so much.
Some of the ground movement, we'll just call it that, ground movement.
Because of the strike, right?
And so we would know that shortages were coming.
Boy, you can control a lot of things because mostly on trains, it's food and products and plastics and all kinds of things that get shipped around.
Not necessarily so much as people.
I don't know.
I kind of had this vision of the boxcar.
Okay, so they're setting up trains with all of this money to be kind of the next bastion of hope for us.
And they're going to consistently call them sustainable.
Just watch the news.
They'll consistently refer to trains for the next couple of years as the best thing since sliced bread.
You just didn't know it.
You just didn't know your family vacation was now going to take three weeks.
Because you have to get there and you have to get back on a train.
They also are setting up warm banks in Europe because they're expecting, so the average bill for utilities is about two to $250, right?
$150 to $250.
And now it's going to jump up to upwards of $350 a month.
And there's going to be a lot of people that can't afford that.
So what's going to happen?
Well, they're telling you to get nice and cuddly.
You can go to the community center.
You can go to a library.
Haven't stepped foot in one of those for a long time, but you can go there to get warm.
And then you can go home to your very cold house that you might not want to live in anymore because, you know, it's cold or it's too hot in the summer.
But here's a nice little apartment for you in town.
You know, it's closer to the warm bank.
As you're all sitting around in this little hovel trying to, you know, do this and kind of sit there and get warm together, then you go out in the freezing cold.
I'm sure it's going to do a lot of good.
And what are they selling it as?
That's the most important thing to always remember.
What are they selling it as?
They're selling it as, well, you all touristic, sweet, good citizen, you.
You good world citizen.
Friend of mine was in California and the smart meter would not kick the house under 83 degrees.
Well, it was a little bit hot.
Sweltering, in fact.
You can't go below 83 degrees?
Yeah, the air conditioner, as soon as everybody left the home, was so smart, in fact, that it basically shut itself off.
And if you tried to mess with it, if you tried to turn it on, you know, say four or five o'clock in the afternoon, you couldn't.
You couldn't get that thing Down below 83.
Are smart meters going to be an issue?
You bet they are.
I was warning about this six years ago.
I know Alex was warning about this for years, and it's the truth.
We are in a situation where we're putting them in control.
Because we love our technology.
It's shiny and it's fun.
No, it's not.
It's going to absolutely control your utility.
Look what's happening in Europe.
In Europe, they have the Birmingham City Council, England's biggest serving 1.14 million people.
The latest to announce facilities such as churches, community centers and libraries will be available for people to stay warm during colder months.
You didn't know you're going to be hanging out at the community center, did you?
Yeah, as you're paying rent on that very expensive place that you own, you also get to go hang out at the community center.
Or an old-fashioned library to get warm.
And this is what their local democracy reporting service is telling you.
I love how they step in the word democracy at every turn.
It's fun.
No, we're a republic.
We're a republic over here.
I am talking about Europe, though.
They can refer to themselves as that.
But the government has been urged to step in, of course, and help control this dilemma coming.
It's going to get colder.
And it's going to get more burdensome to try to heat your place.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, you horrible little citizens of the world and domestic terrorists.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
It sounds crazy, doesn't it?
The whole good citizen thing.
You know, everything's gonna be done in the name of good citizenry.
When I was talking about California, there were people that my friend knew that said, well, you know, we're doing our part.
Remember the Walmart slogan?
And of course it was on everything in 2020 when all this came crashing down.
We're all in this together.
And I had a t-shirt made that said, we're all buying in this together, into this together.
We're all buying into this together.
And we are, unless we say something, unless we do something.
For some reason, we still have our heads down for the large part, hoping it'll change.
It's not going to, unless we do something about this.
So, the Los Angeles Fire Department has deployed what it believes to be the first, believe, do you not know?
Believed to be the first electric fire truck in North America.
In fact, they brought the prototype around, it looks ridiculous, the Menlo Park Fire District.
It's a pretty violent place in California, Menlo Park.
Anyway, first interested in the truck and aimed to secure the first order.
They were the first to jump on board that puppy and say, yes, this is the way of the future.
And of course, they came out, it starts at about, well, it's almost a million dollars.
And 1.2, I guess.
And they recently received the truck.
And so the city of Los Angeles fire chief, Kristen Crowley, who loves the future, and I mean, big heart emoji to the future for this gal.
This was the idiotic statement she made.
It will reduce noise.
And it will bring it basically to nothing in regards of diesel emissions.
We'll actually create the space for our firefighters to be in a healthier environment around our fire engines.
When was... I don't remember.
I don't recall firemen being picked off by diesel emissions.
Do you?
I always thought it was the fires, you know, inhaling all the smoke.
Yeah, I don't remember a single death attributed to diesel emissions.
They spend most of their time waiting for a call, and then they get in the engine and they put their headphones on.
I don't remember.
I don't remember the... Are they all cowering around the back of the engine to suck in all those emissions?
I mean, how does that work exactly?
How is it healthier?
I guess you have to come up with reasons.
When you want an electric firetruck really bad, that will give out after eight hours and need a diesel generator.
The irony is just so thick, for sure.
That you're in a situation where you go, yes, and it will reduce noise.
Do you mean the noise we don't hear as the sirens are wailing?
Is that the noise that we're not supposed to hear?
And she kept calling it an engine.
It's a motor.
It's not an engine.
It has gas.
Last time I checked.
Anyway, super smart that Kristen.
Anyway, so I didn't realize that the fire Engines themselves were so loud and disturbing over the wailing that you get to hear at three, four, five o'clock in the morning in your city that wakes you up when it's five miles away.
So that's fun.
I like that.
And just to know in my heart of hearts that it's quieter just makes me feel all giddy inside.
And of course, she was right there to really talk about the health and how they're super giddy about this and they really want to embrace the future.
And they're going to embrace it first in California.
So many things start in California and New York.
What is it about those two places?
Anyway, electric fire trucks and electric police cars.
These are coming our way.
To save Mother Earth and the two reasons that she made up, fighter engines and that we had some dire problem with firemen just peeling off, you know, dying because of those nasty emissions.
Not because of the smoke they inhale out of fire.
Not the building exploding, no.
No, none of those things.
Just the diesel emissions.
Oh, Kristen, you're making this place such a fun place to work, right?
And a healthier place.
You need a good old good citizen badge.
Good old global citizen badge for you.
Anyway, so I also wanted to talk about... It's just crazy, right?
I also wanted to talk about disability payments.
This is another thing that's going to be happening.
Now, they've been edging into it here in America.
How have they been doing this?
They've been doing it by the federal government giving these wink wink grants for your utilities.
Oh, you can't afford utilities?
Oh, I know we're two and a half years past COVID, but here's, you know, some time on your bill or you can't afford it.
Hey, here's a little stipend.
Well, those are all forms of disability.
And what it's going to amount to is more and more people are going to be put on disability.
They're going to be living off the government in the form of disability because When you're Yang and you want to pass the universal payment, but you can't because we're America, then what do you do?
Well, you get it through in other ways, right?
You really got to work hard to figure out how to manipulate it so that people don't recognize it like that.
It's that.
It's basically, we're going to screw you so hard on your utilities, you're going to be so worried about how to pay your bills.
We're going to come in and help you, and there's your universal payment.
That's how it works.
It's insane, but they're doing it.
Six million people are receiving a disability cost in Europe, in London right now.
Six million people in Europe, I'm sorry.
And they're being paid this qualifying disability benefit, right?
And here's the deal, with the shots and how it's compromising health, and as much as the mainstream media wants to be that stupid and not talk about all the sudden deaths, because there is no such thing as sudden adult death syndrome, then are we going to have more and more on disability?
You've got autoimmune going through the roof, cancer going through the roof, people that are going in for surgeries.
Doctors are quietly asking them, hey, have you had the shot?
Because if you have, I have to give you a whole bunch more meds.
For your blood to be able to coagulate.
So we're having problems.
So what should we do?
Tell me the truth.
Did you get the shot or not?
We're having so many issues that I do foresee a lot more people on disability.
It's the disability universal payment.
That's what it is.
And it'll be broadened and more people will receive it.
And as you're receiving those good old government funds, You won't squawk as much when the utilities are sky high or you can't fly or you're being outpriced of your car or gas.
Are they going to make it so that when you're driving your car, you're going to have so many more tickets to pay, you know, of course, the budgets for the police departments.
It was never supposed to work that way, but here we are.
And of course, more insurance.
Are they going to make that super expensive?
The cars themselves more expensive, gas more expensive, outprice you out of a car.
What screams independence?
You can get in and drive them all over the place.
You have freedom, right?
And if you have a car under 1992, well, you have even more freedom because you don't have any mechanisms that the government control inside those cars.
That's fantastic.
But the problem is, is that will you be able to?
As King Faradolah puts in all of those and spends, you know, $900 million on EV chargers across the country.
Spare me.
What happens if you don't go get an electric car?
Well, here's the deal.
I don't think that's the issue.
I don't think that's what they're actually trying to do.
They're not trying to move you into an electric car at all.
In fact, when I come back, I'll describe what I think.
But it has nothing to do with trying to get you into an electric car.
I'll tell you that much.
And I think if you can peel back the cover just a little bit, Maybe we'll kind of see this big plan of theirs, their real five-year plan and how this thing operates.
Because it isn't about putting your butt in an electric car that you can't afford and that will run out.
I don't think it's about that at all.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I love it.
You're a horrible citizen like me.
My biggest goal in life is to become a horrible, horrible global citizen.
May we all achieve that in our lifetime.
That'll be something to be proud of.
I'd like to put that on my obituary to tell you the truth.
Oh my gosh.
So let's recap.
Will we be flying in five years?
I don't think we will be.
I think the goal is to propagandize you so hard into thinking that flying's bad that if you fly, you will start to feel guilty because they're telling you to.
And as you fly that uncomfortable flight next to the stranger as you're pretty much sitting in their lap, the entire time and it's that uncomfortable with a Stasi-like
crew, it is going to get more uncomfortable, more expensive.
They're going to outprice you and price you out of it, I should say, and we might not
be flying.
Take all the flights you can right now, but I would seriously bulk up the flights because
it'll look insane when they try to shut that down with the demand being that high.
Don't give in to all the propaganda and the headlines, right?
I know I'm preaching to the choir.
I know you guys know.
It's just frustrating out there because there's so much propaganda.
You don't realize all the headlines that have been coming out for three years on this topic.
Two and a half, almost three years.
It's insane.
So cars, what's the end game of cars?
I don't think it is to put you into an electric car.
They know that'd be impossible.
People are not just going to give up their car to go into an electric car.
Who would be that lame?
Nevermind, there's people in California that would be.
I can say that because I was raised there.
I was raised there.
Anyways, so there will be those people that just absolutely want to drive those cars.
The problem is that most of America isn't coming on to this little game.
And I do think that it isn't about putting you in an electric car.
It's about putting you in no car.
It's about Agenda 2030.
It's about the implementation of saying to you, oh yeah, we were wrong.
Yeah, electric cars aren't going to work for the entire nation because, you know, those batteries are even more toxic.
And now that you've done away with your car, if you have, or now that we've outpriced you, you can't drive your car because of insurance and tickets and registrations going up.
And the cost of fuel and everything else.
And maybe those places don't even get fuel.
Maybe the gas stations don't even get the fuel.
And we have such shortages that people just finally go, okay, I don't know if I can drive.
What am I going to do?
This is why they've been implementing all of those bike trails in every single neighborhood across the country.
You've seen a rash of bike trails pop up.
This is why.
They want to make it so that you walk or bike.
And for Mother Earth, just know that you are loving your Mother Earth when you're doing all that, okay?
Because that's what they want you to think.
They want you to think that you're doing something.
And there are going to be a lot of people that say, we're just doing our part.
And I'm going to pat myself on the back for being that good citizen that I am.
But why are you sacrificing?
What's the sacrifice for?
Didn't do anything.
But you're going to sacrifice and you're going to be happy about it.
It's a lot easier to control people when they voluntarily do something than trying to force them.
And they figured that out.
Tavistock back in the day, and it's still running strong, figured that out that psychological operations on us would work a lot better than just trying to force us.
Especially here in America, we're supposed to be a free country.
How do you do that?
Oh, you just put psychological warfare on just about everything.
We are a product of psychological warfare.
And so it won't be about putting you in an electric car.
That's their solution right now.
Oh, we're going to move towards electric.
No, it's going to be no car.
And will people give up their homes and cars?
Cars too expensive, homes too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer?
And go into that government approved housing that they've been in a scramble to really get up in volumes, okay?
And then also gardens.
In 2009, they passed the people's gardens and you were supposed to register with the USDA.
You didn't do that?
I can't imagine.
I'm in shock.
Who would?
I don't know.
But anyway, there are people that would.
And now they've made it a bigger, broader, expanded program because they'd like your little garden.
Your little garden, you see, isn't just your garden anymore.
It's the people's garden.
Your garden is my garden.
No, I'm not out there watering.
I'm not out there paying for fertilizer or seeds or anything, but it's my fruit too.
And so I get to claim it.
How fun.
And so they're really expanding that program and the USDA, they want to see that happen.
Also, I was looking at an article the other day that said this invisible army, this invisible army of abortion murders will affect election results.
They're going to come out in election time and they're going to affect election results.
And it reminded me of the invisible army of Tavistock, to tell you the truth, because why are we in this pickle?
Well, there's two reasons, actually three.
One is a product of one of them.
Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 kind of run things behind, when we say they, we're always talking about them.
And the vehicle that they used to do that would be Tavistock.
Tavistock used to be Wellington.
It used to be a psychological warfare.
The first real good project they had was to try to entice us into World War I.
And so what they started doing was they started demonizing the guy, what was his name, Hilsey, the guy that ran Germany.
And they started saying all these things about him in the press.
They started saying that the Germans were throwing up babies and they were landing on bayonets.
That sounds familiar.
I remember hearing that about Iraq.
Anyway, and so they kept demonizing him, demonizing him, demonizing him.
And to the point where they were saying so many things about it to try to rile up our interest in World War I. Eddie Bernays was in Wellington and then turned into Tavistock.
And so many people, oh my gosh, there's so many people in this.
A Russian spy that George Orwell actually looked up to and wrote most of his stuff from.
this Russian spy. And so there were all kinds of people, this brain trust, this Tavistock
brain trust. It says it didn't start till 1946, but that's just when it changed the
names and changed hands. And they have been on a clear assault against us ever since.
So when I've said on this show before, did the Nazi eugenics ever end?
Not really, no.
The programs kept going and they were really against us.
They got their two wars right after the Federal Reserve got shoved through.
They waited for the Federal Reserve.
You got to have the Federal Reserve in control of the money before you profit off the wars.
That's how that works.
And so the Tavistock works for the Club of Rome, and it works for the CFR, and it works for Trilateral Commission.
Remember Kissinger kissing up to China in the 70s?
The German Marshall Fund.
You name it.
I mean, talk about every single group.
The Bank of International Settlements.
And so you have all of these groups that were steadily feeding us propaganda, opinion, opinion polls were a big deal.
That changed a lot because they were able to say 90% of Americans feel this way.
They'd like to kick their puppy.
And then you're like, I don't like to kick my puppy.
Should I like to kick my puppy?
Do 90% of other Americans think that?
Ooh, maybe I should change my views.
Maybe I want to kick a puppy.
That's how that works.
So the opinion polls came out and started shaping how we viewed things and how we saw things.
But I thought it was interesting in that script of how they demonized and demonized and demonized.
Even to this day, you still might look back in history and go, well, that guy was evil.
I'm not talking about Hitler, the guy before Hitler.
Was he?
Should you question that?
I mean, We were told ISIS was going to come get us.
We were told the Taliban was going to come get us.
We were told a lot of things.
Shouldn't you invest maybe a little bit of time in figuring out if that actually happened?
They got us into a war with Germany, and we were very, very reluctant to do so, for good reasons.
George Washington warned, do not, do not become that entity that goes around creating war.
But they were smart enough to know that we couldn't make the first move because we would never be behind that.
The move always had to be made and then we were going to rush in to save the day.
That's how it works.
And I'll come right back and I'll talk about that.
This is really interesting.
The script hasn't changed.
We, the people, just fail to see it over and over and over again.
We're consistently manipulated to the core.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Welcome back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
And let me start here because I always like a little bit of history in the news because everything is better in context and understanding.
We can't see how we got here and we can't see the script being played out again and again.
That's frustrating at best.
It's for people not to be able to see that.
And we clearly have a good old vision problem in America of not being able to see the clear lines of manipulation because they're happening again and again.
Let me give you some examples.
So it was Kaiser Wilhelm that was in the press consistently.
We did cartoons about him and we told everybody he was doing these super outlandish violent things. Was he? They also said the German army was
taking Belgian kids and they were chopping off their hands and they were raping all the
women. And those accounts, they got this guy that was really respected over in Europe,
this Count Bryce, and they said, you go and do an investigation.
Everybody will trust you.
Because for a short time, he was the ambassador to here, to the USA.
And so he goes and he doesn't investigate anything.
He doesn't name anybody.
He doesn't really look at anything.
He's just told to pass this off.
Because as soon as he passed all that off as truth, we were at war.
We were at war.
And it was going to happen.
That's exactly what they wanted.
And so we have this problem of propaganda.
Every single time that we go into battle, every single time we go into a war, it's always the same story.
All of the sudden, that dictator of that country turns into a monster overnight and he's gassing and killing his people.
And we must save them.
Think about it.
It's there's never any other story.
Boy, that's a lot of like instant madmen.
How does that happen?
Just instant.
What are the odds of that?
Every single time.
And we've been in war consistently since we formed the UN for peace.
We've been in war.
Military action, not declared war by Congress as it should be.
But isn't that interesting?
So if you go back into time just a little bit, we were told Assad of Syria was suddenly the same thing.
Overnight a madman.
We must go and save the people.
Hmm, the white helmets were actually the bad guys in that.
Osama Bin Laden, we were told the same thing.
Obviously he was CIA and obviously he was, you know, friendly with the Bushes and everything else and then all of a sudden he was this madman who sent a bunch of people flying into the towers.
And then of course Saddam was throwing babies on the bayonets and gassing Kurds.
Do you know they actually went and did an investigation on that and that actually didn't happen?
It was actually Iranian gas.
That was dropped.
He wasn't gassing the Kurds.
The Kurds actually were moving into the northern territories of Iraq trying to take the land and call it their own.
So of course he was going into battle with them.
But he wasn't gassing them as everybody was told.
That was a lie.
And when the truth came out, nobody cared.
Absolutely nobody cared about the truth because the lie had already been told.
The lies were there.
The Clintons used the same lies about Serbia.
We're told the same thing about Ukraine right now and Russia, of course Russia.
And they're still, they're still trying to sell that.
And I heard even, like last night, it was a story, oh my gosh, you know, Russia is losing.
I wouldn't trust one thing that they say about what's going on over there.
Not one thing.
Because all they've done is lie to us for over a hundred years.
So, you know, every single country that we've had a military action with, there's not one normal president of any of those countries?
See, you can't go to war with somebody normal.
You can only go to war on a madman that's killing his people.
Because how do you get the American people to do that?
Oh, because we feel sorry for the people that are, they say, are being abused, so we rush in.
This is taken from the British Military Handbook.
Demonize and take control of the enemy through public perception and other tactics.
Tavistock also wrote the CIA manual on guerrilla warfare.
The World War II program of buying liberty bonds was written by Tavistock.
It was directed by London.
Who funded Tavistock?
The Royal Family.
You know how everyone, 5 billion people were watching the funeral of Elizabeth and really getting into the pomp and circumstance of this?
Isn't it interesting that they were behind funding this mass propaganda effort along with the Rothschilds and along with the Rockefellers?
So, Tavistock even came up with the name isolationist.
Remember they used to call Ron Paul an isolationist?
Ron Paul is a fantastic student of the Constitution.
One of the best people to interview ever.
And they had that negative term spun out because in World War I, if you were not all for going in on the pretenses that they handed you, then you were an isolationist.
And that was supposed to be a big boogeyman word.
You know, you're an isolationist.
Oh, how terrible.
Anyway, why was Switzerland never bombed?
Why were our offices in Germany never bombed?
Why were munitions never bombed?
Oh, the profiteering of munitions.
Yeah, that's why.
And of course, Voice of America.
It all started with a bill and the Smith-Munn Act gave them the ability to lie out there, to absolutely just lie.
And so we get to 1991, 16-year-old daughter of Kuwait ambassador.
Funny how nobody recognized her.
Anyway, sold the lies about babies being thrown to the ground and stomped on.
Desert Storm was suddenly a war.
Never proclaimed.
Just a military action, right?
I mean, go, right?
And just like President Wilson sent our troops over to France to meet their death, we basically said that Saddam had to be removed to make the Middle East safe again.
Is it?
Do you feel safe?
I don't feel safe.
I don't feel safe from my government.
That's what I don't feel safe from.
And, of course, that 16-year-old, did they pay Hilton and Knowles $600,000 for that stunt in front of our Senate?
Because it was a lie.
It was a lie, and neither one of them were ever punished for that lie.
But isn't it interesting that they never, ever changed the script?
They couldn't, we're so dumb that they couldn't, they didn't even have to change the script.
We would just believe it.
Because who's going to believe, or who's going to go back in the time and look at World War I?
Nobody, right?
By that time everyone's in nursing homes, really, right?
That would remember that.
Unless you were a kid and you had an expert memory.
And here we are, we had League of Nations, United Nations, but we never ever had We never had anything, never a different script.
It was always the same.
And I marvel at that, that we absolutely are okay with that.
Somehow, someway, we don't see the parallel and the shocking, just the mimicking of every single event.
Suddenly a madman, we must go in.
When are we ever going to wake up?
Tavistock works for the black nobility and so, yeah, no one ever talks about them, do they?
And this is how they got to COVID.
And this is why I think things are happening a little faster now.
They realized with COVID that with no cemeteries, no actual evidence of any pandemic, no one dying in the streets randomly, no evidence that masks worked, the only solution from day one was only going to be a vaccine and nothing else, no medication, oh no, just a vaccine.
And that that vaccine was already in production first week of February before they even named COVID.
98 symptoms encompassing just about every single illness on the block, right?
And they knew they could still get away with some of the biggest lies.
I think we have bigger lies coming and I think climate change is going to be the lack of vehicles, the fight for utilities, the fight for just being able to afford a grocery store run, all manufactured from the top.
All manufactured from the top.
What are we going to do?
If you can get more people to see this, more people to see this, wouldn't it be interesting if they stopped wearing the mask?
And I mean metaphorically in everything.
If they stopped getting emotionally manipulated by everything.
If they just stopped and they looked at the big picture and peeled back that outer layer to see that this is all contrived.
All the things that we deal with now, the music, the abortion, the changing in the pronoun crazy, everything, every movement was brought on by Tavistock manipulation, that also Stanford, Hoover Institute, you name it, Wharton, all kinds of things stem out of Tavistock.
But they're very, very good at what they do for a reason.
They've perfected it.
And they know exactly what pushes our buttons again and again.
And they're just hoping and crossing their fingers that we won't figure it out.
They do have weaknesses.
They don't want us to look at fusion.
They don't want us to see nuclear power as a plus.
They demonize that.
They demonize everything that they want you to feel is bad, right?
They want you to think is bad.
And they prop up all the stuff that actually helps us with our liberty.
They demonize those things and tell you they're no good.
Man, we really have to wake up.
And I hate saying that because I hate that phrase.
It's getting old.
Wake up, wake up.
But we are asleep at the wheel and the flying and the cars and the electricity, all these things are happening and we better wake up to it.
We better see it going on right now.
We're not going to stop it.
I'm Kate Delly, your guest host for the Alex Jones Show today.
It's been a pleasure.
Glad you joined me.
Thank you.
It's your decision.
I'm not complaining.
If God doesn't move you to do it, or you think it's not important, then don't.
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You want somebody to stand up?
You want somebody to take action?
I don't want to spend all day up here fundraising, but I will do it because I don't want to shut down.
I want to see a million dollars in it.
Because we're almost in the red again.
Damn it.
And I'm not bitching at you.
I am fighting for you.
I love you.
And I appreciate you.
But believe me, I will never give up.
I will never give in.
You put a gun to my head.
Believe me, I will do whatever it takes to never back down on these people.
But I can't do it without you.
I am in your hands.
You are in my hands.
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