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Name: 20220920_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 20, 2022
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This since we're doing the remote guest While I'm while we're talking.
I just want to make sure our guests can hear everything we're saying and all that so I was told by everybody It's not the president Trump, but it is gonna make you guys wait.
Do you see this all right?
In fact this man is more hated by the media than Donald Trump and that says something okay, which is so I
If you're going to talk about the Great Reset, then you have to have someone who's the most banned man in America.
Alex Jones joins us.
To Alex, whoa!
Alex, welcome remotely.
I was told by all the people like, oh, you can't have Alex at your event, which makes me just want to have Alex even more.
Alex, you wrote a book on the Great Reset.
What is the Great Reset?
Why did you write the book?
Well, I saw Steve Bannon yesterday, and he's absolutely right.
And I love the title and the hashtag, Defeat the Great Reset.
The Great Reset is what Ronald Reagan, when he was first running for office in 1979, spoke about.
Nobody really talks about these speeches, but I've seen at least 10 of them, where he's talking about the New World Order and the globalists and how multinational corporations want to use a form of corporate communism to control everybody.
And so I didn't discover all this.
I grew up
With my father in Dallas, where I grew up, taking me to see speeches by candidate and then President Ronald Reagan.
And so Ronald Reagan, the first few years of his administration, really got into this big central topic.
There's not just communism I'm worried about, not just China and Russia.
Not just radical Islam, but really powerful corporations that are authoritarian and want to take over our nation that are really anti-free market.
So the Great Reset is the Bilderberg Group, UN corporate
And a month ago, they were given official U.N.
advisory status or on par with the Secretary General that the U.N.
signed a treaty with the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, who is announcing world government, announcing global IDs, announcing carbon taxes, announcing social credit scores, announcing carbon lockdowns, announcing everything.
So folks who really love the book, and it's been an off-and-on number one bestseller for the last two weeks,
And people ask, how did you write this book?
It's so powerful.
This thing was about 800 pages long, and then Tony Lyons at Skyhorse's crew did a great job cutting it down to 300 pages.
This thing could have been, again, 1,000 pages long.
It's mainly their quotes, bibliography, showing where they said it.
People read this, and they say, is this believable?
Then you go to the back, it shows the YouTube links or the World Economic Forum links where they are admitting it.
So Hitler, in the late 1920s,
Wrote Mein Kampf, or My Struggle, which if people would listen to him, we could have stopped him early.
Well, Klaus Schwab has written a bunch of books.
They're basically his Mein Kampf.
And this is a condensed breakdown of their own words and the blueprint of their global takeover plan and how they plan to turn the world energy off, implode the third world, flood the first world, replace it with migration.
This is the Death Star plans.
And so what's great is,
I was talking about the Great Reset many, many years ago and how they were going to trigger this big event to force us into a worldwide economic collapse and a social credit score and a universal basic income that controls every facet of our lives, which is now being rolled out.
And people really didn't listen back then.
But now they're listening because we're living in this operation.
And so that's why the Great Reset and the War for the World is so important.
We will beat them.
If mainline populist politics, which is the Republican Party now, we're taking over thanks to you, Charlie, and that great crowd and so many others.
Thanks to loyal Americans, we are winning this fight right now for the hearts and minds of the world.
That's why the deep state, not just here but around the world, is trying to silence people, trying to surveil people.
It just came out, as you know, yesterday in federally released documents that not only is Facebook and other big tech companies taking direct orders from previously Obama,
And then now under the third administration of Obama, Biden, but they are specifically spying on prominent conservatives' private text and delivering, without warrants, files on a minute-to-minute basis of everything we're saying and doing.
And so it's far beyond censorship.
It is total illegal criminal surveillance.
They're going for broke.
And just last Thursday in Senate hearings, the spokesperson, the corporate rep of Facebook admitted to all of this and just threw down the gauntlet.
So the battle's joined, but I am extremely honored to literally be here.
With the leader of the pack, Charlie Kirk, and the great Turning Point USA.
I mean, your buzz has been giant for six years.
And I'm telling you, everywhere there's victory, everywhere people are awakening, everywhere young people are being energized and others, it's Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA and what you're doing.
So I am very honored to be here and I salute you in the fight for Western civilization and the future of our world and in the battle to defeat the Great Reset.
So Alex, in your book you talk about the Green Agenda.
We see rolling blackouts across Europe.
Can you talk about the role that energy plays in the Great Reset?
This is a topic we haven't touched on very much in our conference here.
What does the Green New Deal, all this environmentalism, environmental fascism, have to do with the Great Reset?
Can you help connect the dots for our audience here?
If energy was a chess piece,
In the globalist game plan on the board, it's the Queen.
And for those who don't know about chess, the queen is the most powerful, powerful piece.
She can go any direction she wants, do whatever she wants.
So, control of energy in their takeover plan isn't a pawn, it's not a rook, it's not a bishop, it's not a knight, it's not a king, it is the queen.
And it is absolutely the most powerful piece and they admit that.
If you control energy, you control populations, you can bring them to their knees and make them capitulate with a social credit score, universal basic income, everything they're doing.
And so, yes, they're dissolving the borders and bringing in third-world populations as permanent underclass.
Yes, they're attacking family values.
Yes, they're funding our enemies.
Yes, they're devaluing our currency.
Yes, they are undermining our culture.
And all those things are important, but the central piece is energy, and energy has two heads.
Energy for electricity and cars and in factories and society.
So energy for machines and then energy for humans.
So we think as they cut off the pipelines and the Keystone and won't let us have new drilling permits in the U.S.
or Gulf of Mexico or Alaska.
All the great things Trump did within just four short years took us from the number three energy producer to the number one energy producer and a boom economy.
By simple executive orders that Biden signed his second day in office, he turned off thousands of sub-pipelines, tens of thousands of pipeline spurs, killed more than 20,000 new pipeline spur permits.
Even when they get the natural gas or oil, they can't get it to the central refining areas or to the trucks.
Now, that sounds important, and we'll go more into actual energy for the internal combustion engine, for power plants, and things like that, but it's still not the most important head.
It's the little head.
The most important energy is for us, seven and a half billion of us, and it's called food.
And their war on food is specific and direct.
In more than a hundred countries, like Sri Lanka and the Netherlands,
They're announcing the shutdown, Schrenk was started three years ago, of almost all farming, any nitrogen-based fertilizer that's totally healthy and good.
They've already announced within six years they're going to ban 80% of cows, this year 30% in the Netherlands.
That's why Klaus Schwab says you will have no beef, you'll own nothing, you'll like it, you're going to eat the bugs, is because they are literally listing not just carbon dioxide, a life-giving gas, the key fourth part of the carbon cycle, sunlight, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, you have to have it for life.
But they're now targeting methane that bovine burp and also pass through the rear end.
And so this is happening.
This isn't coming.
Their revolution is now a revolution against prosperity, a revolution against humans, a transhumanist agenda.
And so we've got to point out that the mass starvation of the third world, not from COVID-19, but from two plus years of IMF, World Bank imposed lockdowns.
Whereas we had six months of lockdowns and whereas Australia had a year and a half.
Some parts of Africa and Latin America just went out of lockdown the last six months.
So they're collapsing.
I've had national surveys, international surveys.
90% of the illegal alien migrants coming here, who I don't blame,
Some of them are criminals and we need to stop them, but 90% say, or 93%, depending on the poll, I'm starving.
The farm I worked on is closed, or the factory I work at is closed.
I have no food.
And so they deliberately turn off the food, turn off the energy, the third world collapses, then it floods us, the Western lifeboats, the first world nations, we then sink, and the globalists organize after the Great Reset
With their Build Back Better, which is the authoritarian technocracy transhumanist system, they want to build on the rubble of our great Renaissance, truly classical liberal civilization.
And so, everything is energy.
Energy for the combustion engine, energy for machines, and energy for humans.
And they're coming directly at those two key sectors.
So let's zero in on the food thing, Alex.
In particular, they are fascinated with getting rid of meat.
Talk more about that, but also talk about the other implications of getting rid of meat.
Testosterone levels, maybe replacing it with this synthetic nonsense that Bill Gates just happens to also be an investor in, by the way.
Super crony capitalist.
Talk about why they're so incredibly focused on eradicating meat from our planet.
What's going on with this?
Well, if you go back to Genesis, anybody should go read it, written 3,000 plus years ago by amazing Jewish scribes, inspired by God.
I mean, in the first chapter, they just keep talking about cows and meat all day long and saying that's the real symbol of freedom.
Now, Moses said later, we're not going to worship the golden calf.
That's idolatry, but they were worshipping a golden calf.
They were worshipping a cow.
And the cow is the perfect meat.
The Native Americans knew it.
Everybody knew it.
You can mate a bison with a water buffalo from Africa or India or with a Holstein cow in France.
So, meat, red meat they put out for 50 years is deadly and poisonous and horrible.
There are now thousands of studies that it annihilates heart disease.
It annihilates strokes.
It's what our bodies are made of.
We love red meat more than anything.
What we don't need is highly cooked,
We're good.
All right.
We're good.
Whether you're in India or whether you're in the Netherlands, where they worship cows again in India, a sacred cow, because the milk and the cheese, everything it gives them.
Everywhere they have the cow, we have a ranch.
We've had those Mexican land grants in 1826.
And we still have the land, we still have cows on it.
Well, without the property tax exemption or ag exemption, we couldn't pay for the couple thousand acres we still have left.
And so most of these family farms also have cows.
And so if you're not running a dairy or you're not running beef cattle, you have no money to even pay the limited reduced taxes you've got to pay.
So if you undermine beef, anybody that's been in an airplane or flown cross-country in a helicopter, I don't care if you're in New Mexico or New York or Texas, cows are everywhere.
And it's cows that are sustainable, renewable, delicious, and nutritious.
And so it's basically, if you want to starve people,
The first thing you do is target beef, and then you undermine all the rest of the agricultural system.
So Alex, that segues to a question that some people have, which is, I want to just be as precise and factual with this as possible.
Is there an agenda by the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, to depopulate the earth?
What evidence do you have to show that and talk about the research you've done on that?
I have so much evidence it gives me a headache.
Anybody can see my seminal film that before Google took it off had over 80 million views.
I put it out in 2017 and it's called Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
And people are always re-uploading it.
It's free to air.
There's no trademark, copyright on it.
It belongs to you folks.
That means use it.
And it's a two and a half hour movie.
And probably 30 minutes of it is just global leaders saying, we're going to take over the world, cut off the energy, shut down the family farms, and starve people down to 500 million.
The same thing was on the Georgia Guidestones.
Incredibly ambitious, genocidal goal.
And it is just replete, and so is this book.
Anybody can pull up Yuval Harari, who is the high priest of this globalist group, the WEF, that is just the mouthpiece of the globalists.
Anybody can pull up Klaus Schwab, or anybody can type in, World Economic Forum calls for depopulation.
They are specific.
King Charles III, he was Prince Charles, you know, said he wants to depopulate the earth.
His father said he wants to come back.
Prince Philip, in Reuters and in AFP, or the French News, and also in the Audubon Society, said, I want to come back as a virus to kill 80% of the world population.
Bill Gates' foundation.
You can find these clips online.
Until the late 90s, it wasn't called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
It was called the Depopulation Foundation.
And so his father was the head of Planned Parenthood.
So this has always been their agenda.
This has always been their goal.
They're not really bringing sustainable things to communities.
I think we should industrialize the third world.
I think we should have clean technologies.
I think people should try to shoot for no more than three children.
You want to have more?
That's great.
But we need, as all the scientists and demographers and historians and mathematicians and statisticians and Elon Musk have said, if you don't
Have you
We're good to go.
We're good.
Folks don't have to be rocket scientists to understand, if somebody's trying to cut off all the major farms in the world that aren't corporate owned, if somebody's trying to make you eat synthetic gruel, if somebody's trying to make you drink sewage water and saying you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll be happy, if somebody's saying the age of humans being here is over, the post-human age is here, that's in the Wall Street Journal, that's in the New York Times, this is a sick
Disconnected elite that disdain us and project their own hatred of themselves onto us, who have appointed themselves as God and they literally would make Hitler blush in how widespread and how wide-reaching their actual battle plan is.
And what's insane, Charlie, is they're actually implementing it right now.
We've left beta?
In the New World Order, Agenda 21, George Herbert Walker Bush, 1992, Rio de Janeiro, everything they called for, by the year 2020, they did.
They were a little bit behind, but almost got there.
Now they're accelerating Agenda 2030.
So don't believe me, they get up and say, great reset, build back better, Agenda 2030, and go read the Agenda 2030 plan.
It is biomedical tyranny, forced inoculations, carbon rations, food rations, carbon lockdowns, and they said last year, we don't care if you don't like carbon lockdowns.
We're not going to have to actually tell you you can't drive your car or you can't go to the store.
You won't have the money for the energy.
But who does have the energy is the third world and authoritarian countries, the globalists, these big corporations control, these crony capitalists, these middlemen that Trump talked about that are destroying the middle class worldwide to consolidate power.
China builds new coal power plants every week.
India builds them every few weeks.
Mexico builds them every few weeks.
But we've had over a thousand shut down here.
They could build
Again, hundreds and hundreds of new coal power plants, and it wouldn't pay for 30% of the electric cars they claim they're going to put on the road.
Scientists have broke it down.
There's not enough rare earth minerals in the world to actually make half the cars in the world by 2030 go to battery-driven, even though they're toxic and don't work, and most of the energy that gets delivered to the batteries comes from a type of carbon.
It's all a lie.
They're telling us they're replacing
The old, quote, dirty system with something new, but they are not replacing it.
It isn't going to work.
It's not designed to work.
Spain, a decade ago, was the first country to implement the windmills and all this crap.
And they are in a sustained depression now.
So I want to plug Alex's book here.
We have it, The Great Reset.
If you guys don't have a copy yet, you guys can get it.
So Alex, I want you to dive a little bit deeper into part of what you mentioned, which is immigration.
So what role does foreign policy also play in this?
For example, it seems as if the Davos crowd was very much behind intervening in the Ukraine war, getting behind Zelensky.
This can be confusing for some people.
Can you talk about how, you know, what happened in Ukraine was almost a proxy conflict in some sense, and not saying that in any way, shape, or form we're not denouncing what Vladimir Putin did when he invaded Ukraine, but why is it that all of a sudden there was tens of billions of dollars being spent from the West, nearly 70 or 80 billion dollars to Ukraine?
How does that fit in the Great Reset?
Well absolutely, Charlie.
I've never been to Russia.
I'm not a Russophile.
I know that Vladimir Putin is not a sweetie pie.
Neither is Xi Jinping.
That said, China has announced control of the whole South China Sea and is actually spying on us and infiltrating us and shipping fentanyl in.
If Russia was doing any of that, I would be absolutely in Russia's face.
The truth is, Russia is surrounded by the globalists in NATO.
They overthrew the elected government eight years ago.
I know guys that are my friends that have been over there the last eight years fighting and killing Russians in a proxy war with the U.S.
and NATO, and now that's official.
And so, they kept pushing the Russian border, they kept killing Russians in Russian areas that have been Russian since Russia was founded.
Russia was founded in Ukraine a thousand years ago.
The name basically translates to Slav the Great.
He was named Slav, so they called themselves Slavs.
He was like an Orthodox Christian bishop.
And so, that's their birthplace.
If Russia had troops in northern Mexico, I would be saying, let's blow them up.
I don't want war, but that would be provocation.
This is a provocation.
So you talk about foreign policy.
Foreign policy and immigration is everything.
You have the IMF and World Bank saying, if you want these loans, you've got to not end your lockdown.
And then when the lockdowns go on and on, people start starving to death and then the UN builds giant migrant processing centers where they put them on boats, airplanes, and buses.
In some cases, they just walk across Central America.
We're good to go.
Send them on buses and dump them out wherever Democrats want and wherever they direct them around the country.
So that is a direct effect of the globalist lockdown policy and the UN organizing those folks just like they brought in 15 million Muslims in the last decade.
The same guy that ran the refugee resettlement program into Macedonia, into Greece, into Italy, into France, into Germany, into Spain.
The same guy
They get them a job, they make them pay part of the money back to Democratic Party front groups and foundations, and then they also put them on welfare and then make them give them, and these investigations have come out, about half their paycheck.
So these are slaves, refugees of globalism, refugees of the Great Reset, refugees of the COVID lockdowns, being brought into the U.S., brought into Europe.
It's the same system in Europe, same system here.
They're given a cell phone and they're given an ID system that is then skimmed
Just like NGOs skim off the homeless groups.
That's why they promote the homelessness, ship the fentanyl in, give them all the drugs, tell the police don't stop them.
So it's a lifestyle choice to go take fentanyl or sit around drinking all day or taking heroin or whatever the drug is they're on because the left is siphoning off and skimming off the money off the top of that and farming illegal aliens, farming the child traffic slaves, farming the human traffic, farming the fentanyl
Hobos and drug addicts.
This is the plan.
I'm moving back to Ukraine.
I guess that was your central question.
We know now it's almost $70 billion since February.
That's just six months, folks, that's been pumped into Ukraine and almost all of it gets siphoned back into Democrat Party coffers.
And so we always hear about how money gets siphoned off to Israel.
And a lot of the aid money that goes to Israel does end up going back to US politicians.
That's true.
I'm pro-Israel, but that's a bad thing.
I don't like foreign aid because it's corrupt, just like Rand Paul said.
And we also see that happening in other countries.
But if you compare
The theft going on in Ukraine, never in U.S.
history has there been this level of almost $70 billion, as of a week ago, it was like $69 billion.
So I guess it was another billion, this was $70 billion now.
$70 billion we know of, black holed into Ukraine, and then it comes right back out, and then all these videos come out of U.S.
troops with Texas and Georgian and Floridian accents, literally removing mines,
Bringing troops in and slaughtering Russians.
That is extremely dangerous.
And if we're going to go to war with Russia, Biden should say, we're in a proxy war.
troops are dying.
This is going on.
No, no, no.
It was a big scandal when the general Russian public didn't know during the Afghan war, the 80s, that tens of thousands of Russians died.
They tried to suppress that.
Well, this is going on here today.
There are a lot of U.S.
Being buried in very private ceremonies, and their widows and widowers are being told don't talk about it.
So, we're in a war.
A physical war with the Russians.
And, again, the Russians have got their problems.
It's the culture of the Ukrainian opposition from World War II, when Ukraine was occupied by the Nazis.
If you weren't a collaborator, they killed you.
So they adopted Nazism.
And then persecuted the Slavic majority.
Now, the Azog groups are the main people, and they hail Hitler, they do the fascist salute, and so all I'm saying is, we are really in a lot of trouble here.
So Alex, shifting gears here, you know, the way that our own government talks about everybody in this room, they call them semi-fascists or domestic terrorists, it reminds me that back, you know, you were one of the few voices back in early 2000 that stood against the Patriot Act.
And I'll be the first one to admit, I used to be in favor of all these silly programs.
And I think some people in this room probably were as well.
You know, Bush and everyone said everything's going to be fine, it's going to go after Al-Qaeda, go after the terrorists.
But you said, hey, this is going to be used against Americans and against actual patriots.
Going into 2008, 2009, 2010, Barack Obama played his hand a little bit.
But Alex, it's very clear that our national security apparatus spends more time infiltrating political dissident groups that they disagree with on the American right.
Alex, talk about what you saw with the Patriot Act back in 2001, 2002.
Talk about how people then take you seriously at the time, but now it's a consensus view.
And then finally, talk about how they're using Department of Justice, FBI, all these national security apparatus as an arm of the Democrat Party.
This is a great reset discussion, but everything is a subset of that.
So restricting energy, food and energy for machines.
Cut the energy off to humans and machines.
But then let the authoritarian countries actually double and triple their profits like Russia's really doing.
There's a larger global agenda above all this.
And it's the same thing
The National Security State.
Nobody hates radical Islam and what I'd really call orthodox Islam more than me.
Nobody hates Al-Qaeda and those dirtbags more than me.
Nobody's saying there isn't radical Islam and terror attacks and a terror threat.
But you could look at how that legislation was written, what was put through in 2001, 2002, 2003, and from day one it was being used.
Against the American people.
Because it was written saying this could happen to U.S.
Under military law and the laws of war, if somebody's a citizen, and they're overseas, or they're part of a terror group, or they're here with a terror group domestically, nobody's held back from taking them out or going after them.
That's just not true.
And so now, the Great Reset is incredibly important.
And when I said the energy being cut off is central, that's central to their long-term goal.
But in countries, the globalists don't fully control like America.
You can't have tyranny worldwide under the U.N.
if you still have some free countries left.
And so, folks, the U.N.
really is taking over.
Last Thursday, Facebook again testified in the Senate that they take orders not only from the Biden White House on what to censor, they send them a list of accounts every day and who to ban, but the U.N.
also gives them orders.
So we have this multinational, international, corporate front group, the U.N.,
That has openly come out last June to the Biden Administration.
They put out their new counter-terrorism U.S.
government policy report.
Nowhere was mentioned radical Islam.
Nowhere was mentioned MS-13.
Nowhere was mentioned human smuggling.
Nowhere was mentioned the Russians or the Chinese.
And that's really what's infiltrated is the Communist Chinese.
It was all people that question elections.
People that question lockdowns, open borders, or forced inoculations.
And you can read the report for yourself.
And since then, they've had all their talking heads, Obama and Hillary and Biden and Kamala Harris and all these senators and congressmen, particularly the last month, in a fever pitch ahead of the midterms, 52 days out, saying,
Our opposition are terrorists.
We have to kill the MAGA movement.
We have to kill the Trump populist movement.
These are quotes.
We have to crush them.
They're illegal.
And then now, again, we learn Facebook is spying on all prominent conservatives and sending your private messages that are nonviolent to the FBI that has special political units set up a trillion times worse than anything Richard Nixon even imagined to do.
And so this is a political
One-party system that is hated, that is corrupt, that is insider trading, that is sold out to the chi-coms, knowing the world's waking up, knowing America's waking up, trying to start wars as distractions, imploding in borders as distractions, and trying to then openly outlaw their political opposition and to create a uniparty, one-party state.
So, I am predicting, and by exposing this they may not do it, but I am predicting they're going to false flag or provocateur
Absolutely incredibly violent acts, if not by the midterms, as an October surprise, I mean the next few weeks.
But sometime before the 2024 election, because they're telegraphing it.
They're saying Republicans are terrorists.
No, we didn't burn down $2.3 billion of
I think so.
And a political war.
And I know conservatives and populists and nationalists and America Firsters don't want that and aren't stupid.
We don't think the cops are our enemy or an average FBI agent.
We don't think car bombing a federal building is good.
It's bad.
So we have no motive.
We wouldn't do it.
But who has a motive and who is swinging from the chandeliers?
Running around like chickens with their heads cut off saying we're about to blow stuff up or shoot people.
That is them telling you what their desperate next move, their primal scream that Steve Bannon talked about.
That's what their backs against the wall, their cornered rafts.
We're winning ideologically, culturally, economically, spiritually.
The whole world's turning against globalism.
They're electing to leadership positions all over Eastern Europe and in Canada.
And that's what takes us back to 2002-2003 and this whole process.
So I want to re-emphasize what Alex just said.
I wrote a whole piece for the great website revolver.news.
I know a lot of you guys read revolver.news.
They do a fabulous job, which is you cannot allow them to provoke you into doing something that you do not want to do that you would regret.
We have to stay peaceful.
They would love nothing more than to try to provoke the entire MAGA movement.
Like, remember what James Lindsay said?
Go right up to the inch before your face and you slap it away?
It's very, very important.
And Alex articulated how they might try to infiltrate groups, they might try to infiltrate chat rooms, and we know this thanks to declassified FBI documents and DOJ documents.
And they're almost warning in advance, and Alex, I said the same thing on our podcast, which is why do they all of a sudden out of anywhere say, well these people support political violence, domestic violent extremism?
It's very strange how almost this drumbeat has come out of nowhere.
They have to get that narrative in the zeitgeist.
So I just want to re-emphasize, everyone watching at home, we remain peaceful, they lose.
In fact, it's very important.
You're totally right.
Two weeks ago, I did three hours on this, literally screaming it to my millions of listeners and viewers.
And it was a telltale sign.
CNN, MSNBC, The Young Turks, and there was more than that, I couldn't watch it all.
Dozens of programs said, Alex Jones calls for political violence.
And then they would show video of me without audio, but never say what I said.
So they were so upset by me saying, don't be violent, that they put out national reports saying I called for violence.
These people are
They are willing to go to any length, and I'm telling you folks, I used to think that I knew how bad they were.
Now that I've experienced this, at the level Trump's experienced it, they will create whole systems of lies, where the story is so elaborate, so big, so crazy, you think, well, some of that's got to be true.
No, they've created stories about me, and I'm not being a victim, but viewers need to know, and the audiences need to know, folks, I'm telling you, they create stories about me where none of it's true.
And they're whole complex narratives, whole complex things, and I'm like reading this or watching this, and I mean, you know, hour-long CNN specials, HBO specials, PBS specials, and I'm watching it, and none of it is true.
None of it.
Normally, you think, you know, they mix a lie in, you know, slip the poison in with a piece of candy.
No, no, no.
They have gone to the next level.
We all wonder, well, everybody hates the mainstream media.
People are waking up.
They're turning against them.
What will they do?
Will they stop lying?
And the answer is no.
This new CNN ownership, they're not backing off.
They're just getting less obvious about it.
It's very clear.
It's a whole system of lies.
That's well said.
For those of you watching at home, I'll just mention again, we have a Turning Point USA booklet for any, a gift of any amount to Turning Point USA, tpusa.com.
You guys can get this.
And I want to secondly also plug Alex Jones' book, The Great Reset.
It's fabulous for everyone watching at home.
Alex, we have a couple minutes remaining here.
I want to go through two remaining topics.
Number one, transhumanism, merging of man and machine.
The media hates when you talk about it.
And then finally, I want to finish with the last question of what can we do?
Because I'm looking at the audience here, and you're talking about this, Alex.
I could just feel the kind of vibe of it's overwhelming.
And so Alex, start with transhumanism.
Just do that really quick.
And then tell the people, tell the audience, tell the millions at home, tell the grassroots, tell the citizens what can be done to defeat the Great Reset.
Beautifully said, Charlie.
Thank you so much, sir.
Look, they're cutting off our energy.
They're coming after our freedoms.
They're imploding our future.
But once we wake up, they're the ones doing it on purpose and they can't pose as a savior.
And once their great reset is known, it's game over.
So their plan for us is poverty and implosion.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
Basically, euthanasia, abortion, poison shots, and depopulation.
That vision for themselves that we've seen from a lot of, not just Democrats, but Republicans as well, is I'm going to live forever.
Man, the age of humans is over and we're going to merge with machines and it's going to be so beautiful and there'll be no humans by 2050.
That's Yuval Harari.
You'll either evolve and accept this or you'll die.
That's their delusion.
So their plan for us is death and tyranny, tyranny and death.
Their plan for themselves is immortality and they're going to be gods.
That's the serpent in the garden.
It's the same lie over and over again.
So let me give the viewers and listeners the good news.
I go out on the street, despite the fact that I'm attacked everywhere.
And as an average citizen, which is a blessing, believe me, you don't want to be famous.
You don't have to be.
The average person goes out and doesn't know if people are awake, doesn't know if people are patriots, doesn't know if they're aware of the New World Order.
Believe me, all the attacks, all the demonization, whether I am in Austin, Texas, or whether I'm in Florida, or whether I'm in New York, or whether I'm in Canada, or the UK, or whether I'm in Las Vegas, or LA, I am mobbed.
99% positive.
Almost nothing negative.
They usually are violent and throw coffee on me and stuff like that.
But the good news is, they are screwed.
They have weird little leftist enclave areas in every city.
And they have their own, you know, the universities they've taken over that Charlie's trying to liberate.
But other than that, the corporate media, Martha's Vineyard, these elite areas they all hide in, the average person, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, gay, straight, they just want freedom.
They just want a future.
They just want justice.
And so, my book's number one in the world, thanks to all you patriots getting out to people, the great recent war of the world.
People are waking up.
And so, don't get down.
No, submission is death.
Resistance is freedom and liberty in life.
And so, it's like any fight.
When I was growing up in school and some bully was going to beat me up after school because I dated his girlfriend,
I don't know.
I don't know.
And so, I am so honored to be with this crowd of people, and so honored to be with you because, listen, we are at the tip of the spear.
So don't be down, don't be overwhelmed.
God won't give you anything you can't overcome through Christ Jesus.
So God bless you all, and we're going to win this in the end.
We have to.
One more time for Alex Jones, everybody.
Alex, thank you so much.
God bless you.
The Great Reset and the War for the World is the book that the government doesn't want you to read, that most of the big powerful companies trying to control your life, the big tech companies, they don't want you to read this book.
They want to control what you think, what you do, what you read, but you don't want that.
And Alex Jones doesn't want that.
And this book shows you what's happening and gives you the sort of playbook for how to fight against it.
And so by buying this book, you're going to prove that censorship doesn't work, that freedom is alive in this country.
This is essential reading.
And, you know, I would go right now and buy it before the censorship kicks in.
It's not going to be available in bookstores.
It's not going to be available in libraries.
They're going to try to take it down from every platform that they can, but they're not going to be able to do it.
Thank you Alex Jones.
I really appreciate you having me on and I appreciate you writing this book and getting the information out there.