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Name: 20220918_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 18, 2022
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You don't need CNBC to tell you the world is entering a depression.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're experiencing it and you're seeing it, but feel blessed.
You're not in the third world where they're being starved to death by the tens of millions every six months.
Tom Schwab said, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
And now it's happening.
In the last two months, I have talked to dozens of top talk show hosts and podcasters who are populist and conservative.
They've all come to me and said, have you seen revenue go way down?
And I've said, yeah.
They said, yeah, it's a recession.
I said, no, it's a depression because people are going to spend all their money on energy and food.
Energy for combustion engines and machines and energy for humans, food.
And that's their plan.
Bring us to our knees.
This is economic warfare.
And we've seen the head of JP Morgan warned something worse than a recession is coming.
We've got the FedEx CEO on Wednesdays sending shockwaves to the stock market when he said, across the board, logistics companies are seeing a flat line as the population spends the majority of its money on energy and food and critical services.
And the critical services have been set up to absolutely gouge and control the population.
Then things collapse, then they bring in their answer to it, the New World Order, the Cashless Society.
It's not coming, it's here.
Here's the CNBC clip I was just talking about with the CEO of FedEx.
Well, I'm not an economist, but, you know... Oh, you know more than economists.
They just push papers.
Come on.
You actually look at papers.
Well, I think so.
I think so.
But, you know, again, these numbers don't portend very well.
in the last few weeks is as bad as China in the last few weeks?
Yeah, the U.S.
consumer has, you know, definitely spending less.
But, you know, the U.S.
has been somewhat insulated because the U.S.
dollar is, you know, is the currency of choice for the world.
And there's some insulation there.
But, you know, I do see the U.S.
is slowing down, too.
Don't miss a second!
So, we are the best house in the bad neighborhood.
Germany has a 900% energy increase in cost.
We're good to go.
If you have any idea, I'm sure you do, you're feeling it, what this is going to do.
I'm going to say this front and center, right up front.
I'm leaving it all on the field.
I love my crew.
I love you all.
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I don't care about that.
I want to stay on the air.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, thank you for joining us on this live September 18th, 2022 Sunday broadcast.
Coming up in just a few months, we'll have our 29th anniversary that I've been on air.
And back then, I knew the new world order was coming.
I really sincerely hoped that we could stop it.
But we haven't stopped it.
Instead, humanity is not being caught flat-footed in the fight against this tyrannical takeover.
And we have the blueprints of the battle plan of the enemy.
We know how to stop them.
That's why they fight so hard to take us off air.
But I always wondered if we can stay on air until they launch their operation.
If we're unable to stop them,
Then what would the fallback position be and what would it be like to be living in the economic warfare where they said they would use the cutoff of energy, the cutoff of food, the implosion of borders, the cutting off of services, like defunding the police, to bring down civilization?
And how would they get away with posing as the saviors for their global cashless society gulag solution out of the collapse when they are the public authors of it?
I always wondered, reading Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Klaus Schwab, Bilderberg Group documents that had leaked out, because their own people are horrified by it, how they would get away with that.
Well, we're now living.
We're now seeing it.
And they're not completely getting away with it.
There's a lot of leaders getting elected, a lot of resistance.
Folks didn't know a year or two years ago what the Great Reset was, or what the post-industrial world was, or what agenda 2030 was.
That was something this audience knew, and a few other people, maybe 5% of the U.S.
population, maybe 5% of the world population.
That's just a dead reckoning number.
But now it's 30% or so know it's very serious and central.
Soon it'll be 50%, 60%.
The system hopes to have everybody censored and shut down when the real hell comes, which is basically where we're at now, at the beginning of the unfolding next level of this.
We're going out of beta into operational New World Order.
So today we've got a very important Sunday broadcast.
Owen Schroyer coming up in about two hours.
We'll be hosting Sunday live, 6 to 8 p.m.
It's a special show.
We only run local ads for radio and TV stations, so there's six minutes of ads an hour to the 14 minutes an hour like our shows.
A lot of folks only watch podcasts.
They say, why are you this format?
Well, we're still on hundreds of radio stations and TV stations and cable stations, but we are moving towards the future, not even having our own ads.
Only going to the local break 6 to 7 minutes an hour.
But Sunday live with Owen Schroer.
Always informative with your phone calls and more.
6 to 8 p.m.
only here because of your support.
This is the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Don't forget I'm live Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central right after
A great broadcast.
American Journal with Harrison Smith, and then of course the War Room after my show at 3 p.m.
Central to 6 p.m.
with Owen Schroer.
And the only way this broadcast gets out, gets past the censors and past the gatekeepers, we move the ball against the enemy, is when you tell everybody you know, friends, family, neighbors, strangers...
Be a text message, via email, via word of mouth, be a picture on the side of your barn, whether you hand out business cards at church, however you do it, we are the tip of the spear.
We're having the biggest effect out there and the globalists see us as the biggest threat because they know we've mobilized the general population, they know you're mobilized, they know you're men and women in the arena, so I salute you for that, but I want you to not get
Jaded or so close to the problem, you don't realize how central and how amazing and how powerful you are and how without you, we don't have a hope in the world.
But with you, we have an incredible hope.
Now, today, tonight, we've got the world economy imploding by design and how
We can expose this behind it and hopefully stop it from the beginning of that next segment.
Then we have the thing that's really gotten people's attention and really mobilized the public, and that's 50 illegal aliens shipped by Florida that were coming to Florida out of Texas to the elitist enclave of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, and the total conniption fit freaking out on the left over that, calling it a crisis.
When Texas deals with over a million people invading, that's what this is every single month.
Just in Texas, according to Border Patrol and ICE numbers.
We're looking at the incredible hypocrisy and the insane response of all these Democrat leaders calling for criminal charges against Governor DeSantis and Governor
I don't
We're good.
We also have incredible new revelations out of Facebook, where they illegally spied for the FBI on conservative leaders and patriots around the country.
We have massive news on the COVID vaccine front.
Massive news on so many fronts today.
You don't want to miss this broadcast, but here's the report that's so important.
The impending globalist plan revealed.
Oh, the folks down in Louisiana and Mississippi like to eat their crawdads and their bullfrogs and the rest of it.
And well, sometimes they just throw the whole frog in the boiling pot.
But they learned that if you throw one into boiling water, he'll just jump right out.
He just turned the heat up slow.
He thinks it's a hot tub at first, and then passes out and dies a painless death.
And that's where America and the world is right now.
We're in the middle of the New World Order, Great Reset, takedown of civilization.
The world is not driven forward by big, um...
This is a scientific technocracy takeover to force us onto the AI.
Global social credit score cashless society system.
If you're left behind, you're facing something far worse, which is to be completely irrelevant.
They won't even need you as a serf or as a slave.
Adding to the body a second immune system, which is not organic, but an inorganic immune system made up of millions of tiny nanorobots inside your body.
What I learned from a source, who is a very unique source, having infiltrated
I think?
Together with a strategy of creating these cartels, making life unbearable, it's called the push-pull strategy, where they push all these people out of these countries where it's unbearable living like this, and they pull them into the United States.
And then once you reach that critical number of over 100 million,
And in this invasion, they will then propose that, well, for your family and friends back home who need, you know, you need ease of travel.
They need a better life and so on and so on.
And we can do all this better with a regional government than we can with a U.S.
And they will have enough critical mass inside the country in order to effect that policy.
That's the globalist plan that we're working towards.
Now being aware of this is the key to winning.
And whether you're in Sweden, or whether you're in Italy, or whether you're in Canada, it's spreading all over the planet.
So the globalists are in trouble.
And this fight is literally in a tie position.
Collapsing borders is bad.
If you think all the terrible things in wars and police state political purges and censorship and cashless societies and gun purchases being tracked by the credit card companies illegally and putting you in a database.
If you think that's bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Last night I talked about my involvement in the development of a little microchip implant.
And many people
Have already taken that microchip implant.
The news media has talked about it being a good thing.
And they will tell you that it's a good thing to have this.
Your children won't ever get lost again.
They won't be able to give you the wrong medication.
You won't be able to lose this thing.
And so the plan is underway that you will receive it.
I would be remiss if I came to you and didn't tell you that God's Word says, don't you take it.
What matters for our children is we win this fight.
What happens to us doesn't matter.
And in that challenge, in that conflict, we will find the road.
All right, coming up next segment, we're going to look at the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party controlled by the UN that has broken the world's borders, that has flooded us with third-world populations, and then 50, or technically 48 people can sit at Martha's Vineyard, the most elite enclave in the US.
The Democrats run it, own it, live there, and they freak out.
And CNN has headlines, oh, we're enriched by them, they're the most wonderful people, they're the best, but we all shipped them out.
Within 48 hours to a military base and then the Democrats did fundraisers and raised a bunch of money and stole the money.
They're as bad as you can get.
Always showing you how they love you.
Always virtue signaling.
But not taking one person into their home.
Well, they flood the border states with tens of millions a year and the crime explodes and there's no jobs, no future for the people.
They weigh down the social safety system and it implodes.
This is the replacement migration, permanent underclass they brought in.
And now they've shipped them out to a military base.
So here is
Mariel Bowser of D.C.
saying, we're not a border town, we can't handle it.
So the poorest towns in the U.S., you didn't know, aren't in Detroit, Michigan.
They're not in South Side Chicago.
They're on the Texas and Arizona borders.
Per capita, the poorest places in America.
Covered with garbage, trash, dead bodies, murders, you name it.
But then the richest city in the U.S.
is D.C.
With tens of thousands of standing troops, all the federal agencies, all those rich people, all their servants, and they say, oh, D.C.
isn't equipped for this when it's D.C.
that is part of the World Economic Forum and the policies that collapse the third world, and who then, Biden famously said, if I win the election, he said, when I win the election, I want you to immediately surge the border.
And they have the nerve to turn around and say Republicans.
falsely incentivize these people to come here when they're the ones that brought them here.
Everything they say about us is the opposite.
Here's the Mayor of D.C.
We're not a border town.
We don't have an infrastructure to handle this type of level of immigration to our city.
But we will create a new normal here in our infrastructure and have a humane welcome for people and an efficient service provision.
But we don't have the ability.
We're not Texas.
You're not Texas.
So you create the policy that Trump had the border basically completely shut down.
He shipped people back that came here illegally so they knew not to come.
Trump cut illegal immigration by about 20-something times what Obama did.
With Obama they were flooding us.
Then Biden came in and they estimate Biden has flooded the border five times what Obama did.
You've seen all the footage of just tens of thousands every day at every checkpoint and just pouring across and just huge tent cities everywhere.
And then they turn around after the world lockdowns caused this and after the UN organized refugee camps literally fly and bus these people in.
They get 48 people at Martha's Vineyard and they run around like chickens with their heads cut off and say it's the end of the world.
And then Virtue Signal and CNN has the headline
Migrants that came to Martha's Vineyard enriched us.
And they all pat themselves on the back after they shipped them away.
I mean, the hypocrisy is the greatest we've ever seen.
There's the headline.
They enriched us.
44 hour visit leaves a tellable mark on Martha's Vineyard.
And now...
Hillary Clinton and Newsom and all of them are saying, indict Republican governors for human smuggling, or they're the ones that caused the whole thing.
I mean, just incredible.
When they control the Justice Department, it'll probably happen.
Here's candidate Biden.
I'm proud to have served with him.
What I would do as president is several more things, because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
But flee to Arizona, flee to Texas, flee to collapsing California.
Don't flee to the East Coast.
And they show up by the millions wearing Joe Biden shirts.
What did I harp on two and a half years ago?
Policers complained every segment.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
The third world will collapse.
They will then surge the U.S.
You heard Laura Lorgan talk about her high-level sources that were in the meetings with the U.N.
and Biden talking about this plan.
I don't need to have secret sources.
The globalists are arrogant.
They wrote the replacement migration plan in 2002, and they've been bragging how that's the plan ever since, and they're doing it by design.
Meanwhile, FedEx CEO says he expects the economy to enter a worldwide recession.
They say, logistically, people are not buying regular goods and services because they don't have money.
Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan, says it's something worse than a recession.
Morgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon, told wealthy clients there's a chance he was heading to something worse than a recession.
He tells them to get ready before they drop the hammer.
Inflation causing hardship for majority of U.S.
Army tells soldiers to go on food stamps to cope with inflation as U.S.
ships $60 billion to Ukraine.
And it goes on and on.
Italy has a 750% increase in all major products and energy in the last year.
Welcome to the New World Order.
Major escalation.
This period's far different and far worse in many ways than the 1970s.
California governor signs the most aggressive package of green laws meant to shut down the economy.
This is economic war.
But it's okay.
Biden administration awards $100 million to dismantle highways, calling roads racist.
After all, they fly around above it.
And in the last two and a half years of tyranny, the average billionaire has doubled their wealth, some have quadrupled it, mapping the world's billionaire population that's exploded during this economic warfare.
Now the good news is,
Patriot political candidates are seeing the biggest political contributions in U.S.
People know we need good leaders in that will stand against this like DeSantis.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis breaks gubernatorial fundraising record.
That's good.
But who created the talking points and the understanding of the enemy battle plan that now everybody from Tucker Carlson to Joe Rogan to you name it cover?
We did.
And so it's great, please, record fundraising for DeSantis.
But I'm asking listeners in these tough times, I know they're tough, to understand the Democrats are lying in these court cases.
We don't have $5 million, much less the $400 million they say.
We are close to implosion, and this fight is intensified right now.
And we need your support, and I thank you for your support.
But I need you to understand, in this war, if you want to win, we've got great products you already need.
Go to InfoWarshaw.com, because we are the political brain trust.
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We'll be right back.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see this.
Radio listeners can't see it.
Alex, over remotely, I was told by all the people, like, oh, you can't have Alex at your event, which makes me just want to have Alex.
This is a Sunday emergency broadcast.
The planet is now entering a global depression.
Only a mass awakening and reverse complete collapse.
That's the truth.
And we're all collapsing together here, except the billionaires that are consolidating power and doubling and tripling their wealth.
You gotta decide whether you want to fight or roll over and die, but rolling over only makes it worse.
You will reach a point down the road where you wish you would have stood up.
I know this audience is standing up, and I commend you and I salute you, but so many millions of people tune in every week just to make jokes and see what the spectacle's about, why Alex Jones is under attack, because we're putting up a fight against these people, folks.
This is economic, cultural warfare.
This is the new world order.
I'm gonna get back into the news here in just a moment, but I'm gonna say this again.
InfoWars is under attack.
We've got to stay on air and I want to thank all you that have kept us on air.
I'll encourage viewers to go to InfoWars.com to the live show feed that says Sunday Emergency Broadcast and there is a link to give cryptocurrency and a link to InfoWarsHore.com to give straight donations because we are taking on the Democratic Party Deep State.
We're taking on the New World Order.
We are creating the analysis and blueprint of the enemy that nobody else is doing.
And if we get shut down or we get crippled, it's going to be a big victory for the enemy.
So I'm going to get the news, but let me first say this.
There are several ways to support this broadcast.
And the biggest is by getting the fourth coin at 1776coin.com or patriotcollectibles.com.
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This is a piece of history, limited edition coin to fundraise and fight the Democratic Party lawsuits and to keep us on air and to be successfully profitable in this bankruptcy so we stay on air.
Do you understand?
That's where we're at.
So thank you for your support.
I know we're in a depression.
I know it's hard.
It's your choice whether you want to keep us on air or not, but everybody should go to 1776coin.com right now and get the coin.
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There's nowhere where you can more easily make a donation and get a piece of history and a coin and know that you were part of the fight.
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We have world leaders listening.
We have all the big podcasters listening.
Everything we talked about 20 years ago has come true.
Our credibility is incredibly high.
That's why the enemies of freedom are in a rage, ladies and gentlemen, to shut us down.
So get the Teddy Roosevelt coin now.
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Months ahead.
Don't fight the crowds.
Don't fight all the crap.
It won't matter.
I mean, most of the big rock and roll and hip-hop stars and country music people have already canceled their fall and winter gigs because they know, they've been told the depression's here.
So yes, you have to decide what are you going to fund during these hard times?
I'd get food and I'd get shelter and I'd get defense items and make sure you got plenty of ammo to protect yourself and your family from the crime and the collapse is coming.
And yes, I would then fund the tip of the spear and know it's going to be on the air as long as possible.
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And what I'm doing on this Sunday night show is I got to get on an airplane tomorrow and fly to Connecticut for the second rigged trial where the judge already announced I'm guilty and telling the jury I'm guilty and says we can't put on defense.
We can't put on evidence.
All lies.
That's okay.
That's what I expect.
I expected to be out of this attack.
I won't be here tomorrow.
It'll be Owen doing a great job and guest hosts and other special guests are coming.
But what I've been doing here in the shower the last couple plugs is cutting ads basically live on air.
We can run throughout the week when I won't be on air.
I'll be following special reports.
I'll be following updates.
A lot of big surprises obviously coming up.
You'll want to be tuning in throughout the week, but that's part of why I plug so heavily.
The first 35 minutes of the show is because
I don't want to lose.
I don't want to quit.
I don't want them to win.
I don't want to stop.
And I am literally in your hands.
So I'm done talking about it.
I just... It's such a paradox.
We are so close to victory and so close to defeat.
This is like, again, an NFL game in overtime.
This is like a boxing match in the 12th round.
This is like two horses in a horse race that are nose-to-nose.
This is do-or-die time, folks, and I'm gonna explain it again.
If you let the new world order take over, if you let them continue their design collapse, it's here, it's not coming.
You're gonna wish later you'd done something now.
And it's a no-brainer in the whole pantheon of things you can do to resist.
The Fundinfo Wars and to keep us on the air.
Okay, I'm done talking about this.
I'm going to move on now and hit all the news tonight.
But they really don't want to be heard, but they don't want to be seen.
And I'm going to do the best job I can, but I got to tell you.
When I see the arrogance and the evil and the corruption and the chutzpah
And the bravado, and the disconnectedness from God.
Wait till we hit the Southern News next segment.
When I see this, it just boggles the mind.
And there's really not even words to describe it.
The Democratic Party working for the UN and the globalists,
Does a worldwide lockdown, opens the borders, floods us with tens of millions of people, and then the Republicans ship 50 people to the Naval Observatory in D.C.
where the Vice President puppet lives, Kamala Harris, and they ship 48 people to Martha's Vineyard, and they ship a few thousand to Chicago, and they literally call it human trafficking, and they call it illegal.
When they're the ones running it all?
It's just so insane to watch them say, we are so enriched by the 48 illegal aliens that came here in Martha's Vineyard, but we shipped them all away, and to see gushing articles how good the left is, and how wonderful they are, and to see Twitter leftists celebrating how they love migrants when they're the first people that don't want any of these folks around them.
It is just incredible.
White House compares Republican governors to migrant smugglers.
White House Press Secretary.
We got the video of that.
Hillary Clinton calls Martha's Vineyard migrant crisis illegal human trafficking.
Newsom asked DOJ to explore kidnapping charges against GOP governors for busing migrants.
Attorneys representing more than 30 migrants flown to Massachusetts to urge criminal investigations.
When we're there over the last few years showing children being handed to random men to be put in vans and driven to God knows where, true human smuggling, the left loves it.
They cover it up.
They say, oh, Jones staged that footage of kids being loaded into a van.
No, it was real.
But then when they do it,
It's a good thing.
And then when Republicans just take a few people that were already vetted and released, about to be flown to Florida, and when the states fly that up, when the states do that, they totally freak out.
Here's the headline.
They're enriching us.
Migrants' 44-hour visit leaves in double the mark on Martha's Vineyard.
Well, don't worry, you trendy, soulless scum.
More is coming.
Then, Democrat open borders activist says the Santa's sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard is dumping trash.
Imagine if a Republican called these people, these refugees from globalism, trash.
What would happen?
We've got a way to stop this.
Stay with us.
All right, let's shift gears to the brainwashing and the mind control and the pedophilia going on as the system trains us to accept even bigger outrages.
We have confirmed reports and videos around the world with major corporations funding drag queen pedophile time, in many cases sending convicted pedophiles to have five-year-olds sit on their knee while they're reading books.
This is the predators marking their prey.
And we see all over the Western world, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of children being sterilized, little girls' breasts being cut off, little boys' genitals being cut off.
All this is going on.
If you're a radio listener, you're lucky you're not going to have to see this.
But the video and the photos are on InfoWars.com.
It surfaced Friday.
Footage out of a major Ontario high school of a man dressed as a woman
With 500 D breasts.
These are breasts that each one is bigger than a beach ball with giant nipples.
I'm describing this with a disgusting, grotesque, ugly man with a blonde wig on in front of his ninth grade students wandering around.
In front of them.
And the school has now defended this.
This has reportedly been going on weeks since school started.
Ontario High School defends transgender teacher who wears massive grotesque boobs at school in the name of inclusivity.
Woke Ontario high school defense trans teacher who flaunts massive fake boobs in class.
Ontario high school teacher seen wearing massive prosthetic busts to class.
This is the harassment.
Ontario high school teacher seen wearing massive prosthetic busts.
It's not just putting men in women's wrestling and cycling and swimming to dominate it and soccer and track.
Now it's men dressed like total clowns running buzz saws, can't make that up, with giant fake breasts to flaunt it and roll it in your face and make everything about weird sexual perversion.
This is how they're messing with our children.
And I saw this meme out today.
Radio listeners, I'll describe it.
Shows a 1980s teenager with wild blonde hair.
Says, 1980s kids, I can't believe I had that hairstyle.
2000s kids, I can't believe I dressed like that.
2000s kids, I can't believe I cut my breast off.
This is all CIA, New World Order, destabilization tactics to get you ready to accept eating bugs, drinking sewage, having nothing, homeless camps everywhere.
They admit this is their plan.
And they think you're so weak that you're gonna put up with it.
But if you are a nationalist, a populist, a Christian, a conservative, and you're on Facebook,
And you're having private messages with people and organizing.
I told you years ago they were spying on these.
Facebook spied on private messages of conservative right-wing individuals then reported them to the FBI for domestic terrorism despite there was no terror and no terror charges.
Criticizing the election.
Criticizing open borders.
Criticizing gun control.
Got you put on an FBI list by Mark Zuckerberg.
These people are criminal tyrants using psychological warfare.
Good news out of Texas, court rules against social media companies and free speech censorship fight.
Meanwhile, in the show trial going on in Connecticut that I'll be at starting tomorrow, Alex Jones' Infowars were immediately sanctions five minutes into his second damages trial, Vice News, Gahu News, AP, Reuters, all of them.
She'd already done it saying we couldn't raise evidence.
She'd already done it saying we couldn't
Basically talk.
Had to tell her all our questions.
She's already found us guilty.
Now she's trying to restrict us even challenging that.
This is a kangaroo court.
This is their system on trial.
Donald Trump slams militant left-winger Tim Ryan for kill MAGA comments.
After the summit Biden had Thursday, big tech steps up censorship.
I guess anyone criticizing this criminal regime, this is a takeover, period.
And now, no one's even denying that.
And that's what I wanted to say earlier.
Let's play that clip again of the standing ovation at Turning Point USA in Phoenix yesterday.
I was interviewed or basically have a speech for an hour by Charlie Kirk and
The heart of the Republican resistance gave me a standing ovation.
Well, they were already big supporters.
They were already good people.
But now even the heart of the Republican system knows I'm right, and knows you're right as an info warrior, and this is our incredible success.
So as bad as things are, and as the laundry list of things I go over is so terrible,
The good news is we're winning the hearts and minds.
That's why they want to flood the zone with obese men in blonde wigs with giant fake breasts in front of children and drag queen shorty time is just to do so much crazy stuff.
You get overwhelmed and give up.
Don't get overwhelmed.
Don't give up.
Realize we're winning.
That's why they're doing this.
That's how I stay in the fight because I know the enemy is collapsing.
Everyone's turning against him and we're going to win in the end.
So here's that standing ovation.
This is what panics the deep state.
This is what upsets them.
This is what they can't stand.
So, let's talk about the leadership we've got.
The leader of the Conservative Party set to win the next election is totally anti-New World Order.
His rhetoric is as good as Bolsonaro.
He's under massive attack.
And all over the world, in Sweden and in Italy, they're electing people that are super hardcore as well.
So again, as bad as things are, they expected to roll out their global collapse and have us just accept it.
But we didn't accept it.
And there's other great people.
Like Carrie Lake.
Who in real polls is 20 points ahead of the Democrat, who won't even debate her.
Declaration of Invasion, Carrie Lake's bold plan to end border crisis.
Exactly, this is an invasion.
This is an emergency.
Rhonda Sanders says hypocritical rich elite ship migrants all over than 48 hours.
Mayor Browser, we're not a border town.
We don't have the infrastructure to handle this type of level of immigration to our city, but poor Texas towns do.
It goes on and on.
This is the big awakening.
Wayne Ellen Root says, how do we destroy Democrats?
Make it rain illegal aliens everywhere woke liberals live?
And it goes on from there.
That's why they're wanting criminal indictments against Republican leaders that just ship a few illegal aliens to their area.
Because they want to use this as a political, cultural weapon against everybody else, not against us.
But it's backfiring and their propaganda and their brainwashing isn't working.
As I mentioned earlier, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis breaks gubernatorial fundraising record by a massive swath way ahead of the election.
Again, if people simply fund the opposition and fund the resistance, we will win in spades.
If you don't, we will lose.
I'll say it again.
Go fund DeSantis.
That's a good place to give money.
But man, InfoWars wrote the book, the battle plan.
I wrote the book, literally.
The literal blueprint of the enemy operation.
Number one book in the world.
And yeah, in a few months, we'll probably get a lot of money for the book we sold.
That'll be great.
Ain't got the money yet.
Need support now.
Get a signed copy of the book as a fundraiser or an unsigned copy at InfoWarsStore.com.
Get a copy for 20-something bucks unsigned or be a fundraiser and get
The sign book, a piece of history.
We need your support now.
Infowarstore.com or AAA-253-3139.
It takes money to win wars.
It takes energy.
It takes focus.
It takes dedication.
Or you can take the consequences of what they're going to do to you.
It's your choice.
I'm not backing down.
I'm not slowing down.
I'm pedal to the metal, balls to the walls.
But I can't do it without you.
We're going to start the next hour.
With the World Economic Forum's latest developments, latest announcements for you and your family.
And Bill Clinton and the Globalist pushing critical race theory.
And the huge stack of news I've got on COVID-19 tyranny.
We have got a lot of good developments and a lot of bad developments and a lot of ugly developments.
But the U.S.
military is now announcing no more forced shots.
That whole hoax is imploding.
And I've got a statistic I'm going to show you that's so critical.
I'll show you from the CDC's own numbers this graph as we go to break.
This graph is people taking the shot.
No one is taking it now.
That shows they failed.
This is the biggest success we've had yet.
They were hoping for capitulation, but you didn't capitulate.
You didn't give up.
It's coming up.
Hour number two.
Stay with us.
All right, we are back live, and I'm getting on a plane tomorrow morning to go to Connecticut, where they have a literal second-rigged trial, where I've already been found guilty, and where the judge came out and said, oh, you're going to have to fight us on appeal.
You will be found guilty.
She's found me guilty.
Now, the jury decides how guilty.
That is coming up.
Tomorrow, we'll have live coverage as we fight the globalists in the information war at Point Black Range.
The biggest COVID news yet.
A lot of positive news.
Most of it's positive.
Some negative news is next segment.
But here is a little special report on the FBI agent I never named suing me.
FBI agent William Aldenberg, who served as John Durham's lead investigator, is suing Alex Jones because he is traumatized as a result of things said on the show by former guest of the show Wolfgang Halbig.
Alex Jones and his company, these are very powerful people.
I'm not anybody.
So someone like me, you just can't defend yourself.
At some point you have to accept it.
He admits that Jones did nothing other than allow a platform for others to lawfully speak.
Pal would call the FBI.
I didn't speak to him.
How many times did Jones call you?
He didn't call me, sir.
Did you ever see this photograph 289 on InfoWars?
Um, I didn't know, sir.
Do you know whether he ever talked about you on InfoWars?
I don't, I don't know.
If Halbig appears as a guest on a talk show, does that make him affiliated with the talk show?
To me it does.
The judge, who is noticeably the most emotionally charged in the courtroom, is triggered when Jones' attorney, Norm Pattis, pursues the truth.
Who are the powerful people that Mr. Jones is affiliated with?
He's... He's had... Well, uh... I'm sorry?
He, like, for example, he's had... I don't know if you know who a guy named Joe Rogan is?
He's a podcaster, a guy named Joe Rogan.
Is Joe Rogan harassing you too?
No, not at all, no.
I'm just saying, like, if I can answer the question... If he can answer the question, instead of you cut off.
He's not going to cut off.
Just one second, gentlemen.
He's talking to Joe Rogan.
Why don't we... What?
I now lost the question because I'm very afraid.
The question was, was Joe Rogan... I'll withdraw it and ask another.
Wait a second.
No, no, that's all right.
So why don't we... I guess he doesn't like the answer.
No, I think the answer's fine.
All right, so counsel, let's just... Sir, who are the powerful people that Mr. Jones is affiliated with?
Well, that was asked and answered.
That was Mr. Rogan.
No, counsel, sidebar.
Pattis questions the political nature of the trial.
How 15 people waited over five years until 2018 to file lawsuits on the same day and in the same office.
But the judge gets noticeably upset because Pattis isn't playing along with their kangaroo court and forbids him from mentioning the name Clinton and others.
Well, we did the Hillary Clinton.
Now we did the Megyn Kelly.
Should we address what's coming next?
Well, I think it might make sense.
Judge, I'm not responsible for giving my adversaries a preview of what's to come anymore than apparently they were responsible for telling me what witnesses they were going to call today.
The plaintiff complains that Alex is going to try and defend himself and admits they have agreed to lie to the jury.
But he's injected this idea that Alex Jones was merely questioning when the jury is going to be instructing the courts to determine that he intentionally inflicted emotional distress, that he intentionally lied, that he acted with malice.
These clowns actually thought that a man who has dedicated his entire life to freedom of speech would stay silent while they destroy him in court with lies meant to attack the First Amendment.
And if they succeed, then any random federal agent can sue you into oblivion over hurt feelings from the internet.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We're going to break.
Hi, my friends.
I'm going to hit the biggest because it gets bigger every day.
This is the biggest yet, COVID-19 news.
See the video we just played?
Share it.
The FBI sues Alex Jones.
Destroy First Amendment.
Bandai video.
The globalists want to play God.
I need you to turn your free will over to them before they can do that.
A place where we have all the finances, we understand the history books, we've done all of this throughout time.
We're more educated than the masses are.
We are going to have to move you in a place you don't understand, but we're going to be, you know, the lightworkers.
But isn't the problem, and I think really getting down to it, and I don't know what your religious beliefs are,
But it's a total lack of God.
I mean, what it ends up being, no matter how much it wants to be the light, it has forsaken God.
It doesn't believe that there's anything greater, there's no greater mind than human intellect, and maybe boosted human intellect with AI, and that's where I think it's becoming, it can't avoid being evil, because no matter how good its intention is, it believes it is the final say, and everybody else is stupid.
It's just turned itself into the new creator, has it not?
Well, that is the best description.
They're saying it's for your own good, but they're setting themselves up as God, but not a God that the Christian and Jewish faith believe gives us free will.
This God takes your free will, censors you, controls you, and wants to insert you into a metaverse so it can get you, trick you through free will to subserve yourself to it.
So it's the ultimate deception.
It's pure evil.
The whole thing is ultra bad news.
Uh, and no one wants it.
You know, kids try the Metaverse, they throw up, they get sick.
No one wants it.
So now you hear about billions to companies from BlackRock to make their employees wear VR all day.
I mean, folks, this is the Matrix.
First, it's a radio...
We're good to go.
It's a face sucker that basically takes over your mind, takes over your body, and they're jacking us in, and the end game goal is that we do have these souls, we do have this innate connection to higher dimensions in the universe, and this is an artificial system trying to jack in and use us as a gateway or a capacitor or a transceiver to jack into higher dimensions.
So it's a lower level silicon life form trying to break through us and use us as a
Uh, system to break through to the other side.
And I think that's basically what we're looking at.
We cover a lot of critical information here, and I don't want it to all get lost in the Matrix.
We've known these numbers for a while, and if you remember, in December of 2021, I said we'd broken the enemy, the world is turning against the shots, Joe Rogan turning against it, and his guests doing it, was the final straw that broke the camel's back, and I got champagne on air, and I popped it, and we celebrated.
And I said, we're not out of the woods, but they intended to keep on and off lockdowns going, forced inoculation going.
They intended to never stop the lockdowns in Australia, Canada, Europe, you name it.
But I said in December, if I could metaphysically, intellectually, economically, culturally, see it.
I said, we've won this round of the fight, but barely.
We're bloodied, but we're awake now and
We got a chance.
The numbers are about a month behind from the CDC.
The numbers mirror Israel.
They mirror Europe.
They mirror areas of Asia that keep the statistics and show it.
Everywhere the big globalist combine Big Pharma is.
So TV viewers, drumroll please.
These are the latest numbers into September of this year.
And if you look, the peak of taking the poison shots was in December of 2021.
Since then, there is a 99% rejection. 99.
Percent of people, and these numbers are up until the start of September, are refusing the experimental poison shots.
So they've gone from having a helpless population that believed every word they were saying, and massive uptake of this garbage that erases your immune system and doesn't protect you, to now the CDC saying, oh we made big mistakes, it doesn't protect you, we lied to you but it was for your own good.
We hoped it would work, but we have the CDC document from 2000 and others in October where they said it isn't going to work and it's going to cause massive heart attacks, heart swelling, blood clots, infertility, strokes, the list goes on and on.
And remember what the head of the CDC just said a month ago in national interviews.
She said, we knew it wouldn't work.
What did Burks, Trump's number two advisor, say?
We knew it wouldn't work, but we told Trump it would.
And still, he sits there pig-headedly.
And I love Trump.
95% of what he does.
But he still sits there pig-headedly saying, it's my greatest achievement, I'm so proud of it.
When his own people have left the sinking ship and are saying it doesn't work, sorry.
Cover our ass.
This board told me, this agency told me, Fauci was in the Senate Wednesday.
He said, well, it wasn't me approved, it was these agencies, even though he controlled the White House policy and ordered it.
So this graph that shows in the two-plus years of this poison shot, if you go back, this is the biggest spike, and then suddenly it collapses like a house of cards.
There's a dead cat bounce in the middle of January and then planes out in March, May, June, July, August, September.
To a 99, 99 plus percent reduction in people taking it.
Now what happens when 99 percent say no?
All the intimidation, all the threats,
The people been under in health care and government and the military being tortured with this and seeing their friends and family get sick and die.
They say, you know what?
Screw you.
Everybody's on my side.
And you have that tipping point.
That turning point.
This is spectacularly positive news.
And this information from this show needs to be clipped out and needs to be spread to the four winds.
Because this
Is victory.
Right here.
Look at it again.
Here, let's just have a moment of silence.
I know radio alarms for silence trigger in five seconds at radio stations.
And the engineers come flooding in.
But let's just have five seconds of silence for all those murdered and killed and diseased and hurt by this lie.
But they didn't die in vain.
We're waking up.
If we weren't on air, if you didn't support us, you can guarantee this wouldn't have happened.
That's why I'm enemy number one.
They may kill me at any time.
And you know what?
That's fine.
As long as we beat their ass.
This is a bravado.
This is America.
This is Texas.
This is freedom.
This is Christianity.
This is resistance.
My forebears fought tyranny and were incredible people and I will live up to their measure.
And you will as well.
So don't ever, as dark as the hour is and as out of control things are, don't you ever not realize how important you are and what you've done with your word of mouth and your action.
And I'm talking to people that went to that puppet courthouse in Connecticut and put M4 stickers up everywhere.
We commend you.
They are scared of your action.
They're scared of your speech.
They're scared of your will.
And if you're black, I love you!
If you're white, or brown, or pink, I love you!
You're a human.
You're made in the image of God.
I'm on your side.
I don't want your children aborted.
I don't want you enslaved.
I don't want you bankrupt.
I don't want you hurt.
I want to have victory for you and our children together and the universe that's unlimited potential for us!
And this
Is everything the enemy had to throw at us, and you've rejected them in total!
This is the gold medal!
This is the Super Bowl Championship!
This is it!
This, their ass is screwed!
I got more on the other side, stay with us.
We have people listening.
We have people connect.
And only as a result of all of those and many efforts more can things be worked out, I guess.
This annual meeting of the new champions is absolutely unique because usually you have, let's say, leaders coming together
Who have great experience, but who do not always think in terms of this new world which is unfolding.
Here, you have really the new champions.
Those who are at the frontiers.
Look at artificial intelligence.
Look at robotizations.
Biotechnology and neuroscience.
I mean, everything.
And it will have such an impact on the world, not just on business and business models, it will change us, it will change politics, it will change society.
So it's very important that we get a feeling for the latest development and how they may impact.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for being with us.
Thank you.
I can see for miles and miles, Juan.
I've already blown your operation, God's Elf.
All right, I guess it's already done it.
It's not a boast, you know it.
You're scared now, aren't you, boy?
Miles and miles, son.
And miles.
And once you see, they have no power over you.
They can only control the spiritually blind.
Once you see, one cannot be told about the Matrix.
One must see the Matrix.
So I direct you back to this because we can't make a bigger deal about it.
You can't.
And I've known this for six months and we've seen it go down 99 plus percent.
Refusal of the COVID poison shots and their new stupid-ass booster.
But they have the military captive, they have the Blue Cities captive, and they are now still trying to inject this poison in those captive audiences.
And we gotta stand with those folks.
We should have demonstrations on the military bases and demonstrations in the Blue Cities and say, no, you criminals are liable!
And the good news is that's happening.
Millions have been marching every week in Europe for a year and a half.
But here's the latest developments.
New York City fires another 850 teachers and teaching aides after they failed to get the COVID vaccine by September 5th Daily Mail.
So the teachers are still being made to do it in blue cities.
Even though it's an experimental shot killing people, it doesn't protect you.
And even though the military, starting with the Army, and then the Air Force, and now the Marines, and the Navy, and Space Force, and Coast Guard, are saying, OK, you don't have to.
You're right, it's an experimental shot.
Under U.S.
law, you can't even make troops take an experimental shot.
Because under U.S.
law, you sign that contract, you can take an approved shot.
You can be made to take an approved vaccine, even if it has side effects or problems, when you sign that dotted line to conscript yourself.
Because you weren't conscripted, you weren't drafted, but you signed a conscription contract, and as an indentured servant, have conscripted yourself.
So, teachers in Los Angeles, teachers in Detroit, Michigan, teachers in San Francisco, teachers in New York City, teachers in Seattle, Washington, are being made to take the poison shots, and the janitors are, and the lady that works in the lunch line is, but the elites aren't taking them.
When the military itself, federal judges, have found you can't make the military take a shot.
Just like they did in 2000 with the experimental anthrax shot that was so deadly.
And they had lawsuits and hearings and they finally said, yeah, U.S.
military can't make people take experimental shots that violates the Nuremberg Code.
In all common sense.
So, again, these are criminals that have committed massive crimes doing this.
Following U.S.
Navy's change to vaccine mandate policy, U.S.
Marine Corps follows, saying, okay, we harassed you for a year and a half.
We court-martialed a bunch of people.
We kicked tens of thousands out.
Guess what?
We're not going to make you do it now.
We were wrong.
It was all an exercise of rape.
Outside of law, let's see what these criminals could do.
Let's continue.
Marine Corps quietly drops punishments for requiring COVID vaccine.
How about those that followed fake orders and made them do it?
What about the teachers and aides fired for not complying with the COVID vaccine mandate?
Meanwhile, Fauci misled Congress about gain-of-function research, but he's protected by the Biden administration.
Former CDC chief says he's allowed to lie because he's got presidential immunity.
Oh, but Trump does it with his own documents.
Meanwhile, never forget
In New York, in California, in Michigan, and so many other leftist states, and all over the world, WEF directed, they put up signs over get well cards, and over flowers, and over books.
That's all non-essential.
You're allowed to go to the store for one hour a day, but you can't give somebody a get well card.
You can't visit your family.
Due to Welsh government regulations, this is England, we are unable to sell these non-essential products.
Let's just see if the stores won't sell flowers, or won't sell toys, or won't sell books, or won't sell cards.
See if the monkeys will stand on their head.
See if when we tell somebody to jump, we say, how high?
I want you to jump.
How high, master?
All of it based on lies.
All of it based on fraud.
And just look at this graph one more time, because the enemies of freedom absolutely hate it.
The enemies of freedom just can't stand it.
Think I'm going to frame that and put it on the wall.
Can you guys reprint it for me?
I can't find it.
Say no, we're not taking your damn shot.
And the whole house of cards comes down.
It happens just that simple.
Just that easy.
Wake up out of the hoax.
Wake up out of the mass formation psychosis.
And say no together.
All right.
More massive news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Another time.
In the Age of Wonder.
God can take us to the age of wonder.
We're so close.
Humans are good.
You have an incredible desk.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The power of our source.
Human power.
Take the power God's given you.
Take your destiny in your hands.
Go to the next level.
Join us in victory.
We can lead humanity to incredible destinies.
We can do it now.
But we operate in free will, not in deception or control.
Join us.
Join us.
Take my hand.
We're waiting for you.
We love you.
I want you to trip like I do.
Bring it up.
I want you to trip like I do.
I want you to trip like I do.
Because we're all about free will.
But once you join your free will together, trip begins the next level.
I want you to trip like I do.
It's all a trip.
Then it starts.
The whole universe is ours.
Let's do it.
I want you to trip like I do.
I'm not going to make you do it.
Me and you is the best.
I want you to trip like I do.
Let's do it.
We are the weapon system.
I am the weapon.
You are the weapon.
The Genesis device.
We are Genesis.
Our victory is assured.
Only question is who will join us.
These fools that have joined Satan are idiots.
Satan's a joke.
Satan's a loser.
Satan's weak.
Me and you.
All right.
Let's talk about the pain.
Last time I was on Joe Ruggins' show was over two years ago, and I just kept laying documents on him, and he had young Jamie look them up, and I would just say, okay, most polio cases in the world caused by UN polio program.
And they type it in and they get UPI, AP, Reuters.
Like, whoa, that's incredible.
I say, I type in Bill Gates behind polio campaign that caused worldwide polio.
They type it in, they pull it up, they freak out.
Polio is a whole class of viruses that eat nerve endings and cause paralysis.
And so what's so frustrating about all this is
We know that.
And I said, we've got an archivist.
Have a look into it.
They'll get the clip.
It'll have 10 million views in a couple days.
We find it, which is the great part about our job.
We know what's going to happen.
We just tell you and it comes true.
And the enemy can't block that.
They can't deal with the fact that before they do it, we tell people.
That's our little secret weapon.
And we told you two years ago, we said, this vaccine is not a vaccine.
It will cause polio-like diseases.
They're going to announce, what else did we say?
Because in the studies, they already did under other names, they did study these shots.
They told you they didn't.
Oh, we don't need to study them.
Let's just give them to you.
It causes monkey pox events.
So it causes polio, it causes monkey pox, it causes myocarditis, heart swelling, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, all this wonderful Christmas list of evil.
And so now Politico, Reuters, AP, CNN go jeepers creepers.
What are we going to do?
Polio spreading all over the world right now, including the U.S.
Yeah, they thought a Guardian headline.
Vaccine-delivered polio spreads in Africa after defeat of wild virus.
He built the Reuters headline.
Number one cause of new polio vaccine.
That's Reuters.
And Joe Rogan's mouth was hanging open.
So now,
Politico reports, we've got polio all over the U.S.
We've got kids paralyzed.
Funny, this so-called vaccine causes paralysis, but they just tell the hospital, oh, it's polio's back.
It's back.
It's back.
Parents in London are scrambling for the vaccine.
This time, it's not the fear of COVID-19, but rather the return of a virus in the past that has killed and paralyzed thousands of young children.
Polio virus has been detected in the capital's sewage, with children in affected areas being offered a booster polio vaccine.
Vaccination clinics are booked out in some areas, and local councils are urging parents to get their children boosted.
According to The Atlantic,
Did they tell you two years ago this was happening?
No, we didn't.
Because we can see for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles.
These demons that serve Satan follow orders.
They don't have divine power.
They don't have a connection to the spark of creativity.
They're cut off.
And as soon as you stop worrying about them, and as soon as you stop fearing them, and as soon as you say, God, I love you, you made me, help me, and raise your arms to God through his son, because God won't go through something he wouldn't go through.
God wouldn't put us through something he wouldn't do.
Then it's there, but you've got to understand, our God does not make contact with people who have not made contact.
Our God does not intervene unless we ask for help.
Our God is the opposite of Satan.
Satan lies, deceives, controls, cuts you off from the source.
Our God, the real God, needs you to reach out and say, I believe in you.
I need your help.
When I was 13 years old, they built a house behind our house on a golf course.
And I climbed up there at like midnight.
And the wind was blowing and it was the fall.
And I was being tempted by the devil.
And Satan said to me, just reach your hand out and I will empower you.
I will take away all your concerns.
And I reached my hand out, and my father, across the street, who'd never followed me at night, never tracked what I did, had climbed up that house, knowing that moment was happening.
And as my hand reached out at that rooftop to the devil, my father's hand came into it.
He said, Jesus loves you.
That's power.
That's God.
That's real.
At the moment I made the deal with Satan, my father intervened.
The story I just told is true.
And something that big, which proves metaphysical power in the spirit world, should be told properly.
So I was 13 years old.
And obviously the enemy knew what I was going to do in the future.
A lot of spiritual forces involved.
They were in Rockwall, Texas.
We were on a golf course.
And it's like midnight at night.
It's fall.
The wind's blowing.
And I'm sitting up there on top of this house they're building.
My parents were asleep.
The house is dark.
And I'm across the street on top of this house.
Nobody can even see me.
It's a dark night.
And I'm sitting up there and I feel tempted by the devil.
And I'm literally sitting there seeing the whole future of the world and the whole future of things to come.
I'm being tempted and I'm sitting there and the devil says, just reach your hand out to me.
Just reach your hand out to me and everything will be taken care of.
I love you.
It'll all be great.
I want you to be with me.
And I, I couldn't help it.
I stuck my hand out.
And right, right as I stuck my hand out, my dad won't come on air, he's a very private person, but my dad's like super smart, obviously.
Right as I stick my hand out, my father climbed up behind me on top of that tile roof they just finished on his house, put his hand, he said, God loves you, I love you.
That's what their 5G can't control.
That's what all their high-tech and surveillance can't control, is our spiritual wavelength.
That's the real internet.
With Sixth Sense, we're all connected.
My dad never before or since showed up at some point like that, but that critical point at 13, if you listen to the Jews or anybody, that's when somebody becomes a man or a woman.
That's when they become an adult.
At that very point, I never even talked to my dad about that.
Like, I ought to make my dad come on air.
That'd be a big interview.
Right at that point, I was being literally tempted by Satan.
Literally, on top of a building, in the dark.
I remember just saying, I want to see if your hand's really there.
I want to, okay, I'll do it.
And my father's hand slid right into mine.
He said, no, God loves you.
That really happened.
I'd be struck down by a thousand bolts of lightning, committed to a trillion years in hell.
I'm lying, I'm not.
That proves it all right there, folks.
It proves everything.
I've had hundreds of experiences like that.
You've had experiences too.
You know how real the metaphysical is.
The spiritual realm.
All of this is real as death and life and as cancer.
So I think tonight, you know, that's the time to tell that story.
It's finally sticking your hand out, okay?
I want to know the metaphysical.
I want to see if you're real.
And you stick your hand out.
And just like God's our Father, or Christ, sit.
Your Father's hand is there.
Just know.
You will not join Satan.
I remember looking over at my dad.
Back in the old day, people still wore white underwear.
Cheesy white underwear.
Hanes or the Ritalin white underwear.
And my dad was on top of that roof, in his underwear.
He said, just come home.
And he climbed down off the roof and left.
I sat there for about an hour.
But my father, in his sleep, across the street, felt what was happening.
And came across the street and climbed up in a house that wasn't even finished, on top of a roof.
At the very second I reach my hand out to the devil to make the deal, my father's hand stopped me.
That's the story of God.
That's the story of reality.
That's the story of the future.
That's the story of victory.
This is everything.
This is real.
This isn't a lie.
Jesus is real.
Jesus' Father is real.
Our mission on this planet is real.
We are made in the image of the Creator.
We were created and put here to do incredible things.
But first, this is our boot camp.
You think Bill Gates?
Ever had a chance to have that experience?
Because he came from a family of evil and Satanism.
Satan doesn't have the ultimate power.
Satan only has the power to trick us to subserve our birthright and our will.
Our ancestors paid for in blood and sweat and tears and prayer to bring us the point we are now.
So that we're on the mountain
We are not Christ, but we are of Christ.
We are like Christ.
We will follow in the path of Christ.
And God is our Heavenly Father.
To win, we're on the mountain, tempted by Satan, and Satan's hand is there offering you the whole world.
You don't take Satan's hand, you take your Father's hand, and you break the will of the devil.
That's a true story.
And just that alone should let you know how magic and amazing consciousness is and the choices we have to make while we're alive for the short time because you're deciding on an eternity right now.
I see my enemies and I feel sorry for them because they have not partook of this cup.
They have never drunk deep
On the strength and the will and the honor and the eternity of this paradigm.
They have no idea.
They believe because they're willing to hurt innocent people and because they're willing to lie that they are powerful when they are weak.
A rude awakening, CNN reports.
Polio's back!
Bus in China transporting epidemic-related people to COVID quarantine facility crashes at least 27 dead.
Michigan Attorney General, boot off stage.
Biden administration intentionally weakened our military.
Retired General, think so?
World's top medical journal finally says COVID-19 could have come from a lab leak.
Oh, really?
But the most important thing they tell us is don't send a family member a love note when they're dying locked up in a hospital.
The most important thing is do what you're told.
And then we've got Bill Clinton.
I mean, how surprising is this?
A scorpion stung the toad.
Or the frog.
Bill Clinton falsely claims critical race theory doesn't exist and no one's teaching it.
Wow, how surprising that this sold-out devil lies to us.
Department of Defense Equality Chief
Under investigation after posting racist anti-white rants.
Black people aren't our enemy.
Because the left has put racist black people in charge to declare war on us?
Are we that stupid?
Yeah, they got armies of racist black people out murdering us.
Because they programmed them.
99% of black people aren't doing that.
We don't blame our brothers.
If they trick us into hating black people, they win.
If they trick you into hating white people, they win.
Christ unifies us.
That doesn't mean when a black thug comes to your house to rape and kill you, you don't shoot him.
Or a white thug.
If you're in a black church or a black grocery store and a white supremacist program of the FBI comes to kill you, kill him!
And if some black supremacist comes to kill you, defend yourself!
Kill them!
But don't hate black people!
Because they got a soul just like you do.
And don't you hate white people either.
And I want this broken now.
I want this race BS over.
And we know we're coming together.
All the numbers show Trump as a fulcrum point, whether he's perfect or not, is a symbol of unity and black people love him.
We are going to win this fight together.
Or we're going to lose this fight by not being together.
Owen Shorter's going to take over two hours.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
I will go to the belly of the beast tomorrow.
I'm very honored to be in this position.
I don't enjoy it, but I'm very honored and I actually appreciate it.
And I thank you for your prayers and support.
Infowars.com to keep us on air.
We can't fight this fight without you.
We're going to global depression.
It's going to be rough, but together we're going to win.
But just as I put my hand out, looking for the devil, and I found my father.
You will as well.
Just call on God.
Great job, crew.
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