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Name: 20220916_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 16, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses the issues affecting the world economy and politics today, including inflation, supply chain breakage, stimulus money destruction of raw materials and infrastructure while burning down the real grassroots economy. He warns that the U.S. is at war with Russia and that the globalist push for war will exacerbate the economic collapse. Jones promotes his book "The Great Reset: The War for the World" and encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing the book exclusively at InfowarStore.com. In the second part of the show, Alex interviews Dr. Peter McCullough and discusses various legal actions being taken against those involved in the development and distribution of Remdesivir. Michael Hamilton and Dan Watkins join the conversation, sharing their experiences with lawsuits in California related to Remdesivir protocols in hospitals across the country. They describe how patients are often isolated, sedated, and given Remdesivir, which can lead to kidney failure and other complications. The discussion touches on the financial incentives for hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients as complex cases, leading to higher charges and potentially contributing to aggressive treatment methods seen in some hospitals. The speakers claim that hospitals are administering Remdesivir exclusively and excluding other treatment options despite evidence showing alternative treatments like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to be more efficacious. This exclusive use of Remdesivir is alleged to be part of a protocol implemented across the United States, potentially due to financial incentives for hospitals and doctors. The speakers share numerous anecdotes about healthy individuals who were put on Remdesivir and later died within two weeks. They argue that this protocol targets unvaccinated individuals and prioritizes intubating them, leading to neglect in their care. The video ends with a call for further investigation into these allegations. Alex Jones discusses several products available for purchase at InfoWars Store, including vitamin C and Zinc, Vitamin D3 and Calcium, DNA Force Plus, X7 Diet Force (which he claims to have lost almost 40 pounds in three months), Ultimate Fish Oil, and various legal services provided by law firms fighting against vaccine mandates and Remdesivir. The speakers discuss how people should stand up for what is right, as seen with the example of Dr. Fauci and his actions regarding treatments for diseases. They also emphasize the importance of speaking out against tyranny and sharing personal experiences to debunk conspiracy theories. Additionally, they mention their websites where people can support them and get involved in the fight. The discussion concludes with a mention of the InfoWars store, which helps fund their operations by selling products like vitamins and coins that represent freedom fighters throughout history."

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It's a new type of warfare.
It's an old system, siege, and psychological warfare, economic war, but it's being done at levels never before seen.
It is the megacorporations of the world waging war against prosperity, against the individuals, against small businesses.
Thank you for joining us on this Emergency Friday Broadcast.
FedEx confirms global economy in free fall.
Tune in and learn how to stop the Great Reset before it's too late.
And it's already too late to stop how bad it's going to be, but it's not too late.
To bring the globalists that are orchestrating and engineering all of this to justice.
Because if they get the blame for what they've engineered, they're going to go to prison and their future operations to totally depopulate us, once the collapse takes place, will be stopped.
So this is absolutely life-saving, critical, most important information in the world right now.
It's why this broadcast still being on air keeps the New World Order and people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and King Charles awake at night.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
FBI agent William Aldenberg, who served as John Durham's lead investigator, is suing Alex Jones because he is traumatized as a result of things said on the show by former guest of the show Wolfgang Halbig.
Alex Jones and his company, these are very powerful people.
I'm not anybody.
So someone like me, you just can't defend yourself.
At some point you have to accept it.
He admits that Jones did nothing other than allow a platform for others to lawfully speak.
Pal would call the FBI, I didn't speak to him.
How many times did Jones call you?
He didn't call me, sir.
Did you ever see this photograph 289 on InfoWars?
I didn't, no sir.
Do you know whether he ever talked about you on InfoWars, Jones?
I don't know.
If Halbig appears as a guest on a talk show, does that make him affiliated with the talk show?
To me, it does.
The judge, who is noticeably the most emotionally charged in the courtroom, is triggered when Jones' attorney, Norm Pattis, pursues the truth.
Who are the powerful people that Mr. Jones is affiliated with?
He's, he's had, uh... I'm sorry?
He's, like, for example, he's, I don't know if you know who a guy named Joe Rogan is?
He's a podcaster, a guy named Joe Rogan.
Is Joe Rogan harassing you too?
No, not at all, no, I'm just saying, like, if I can answer the question... If you can answer the question instead of being cut off, he's not going to do it.
Just one second, gentlemen.
Alright, why don't we...
I now lost the question because I didn't phrase it.
The question was, was Joe Rogan a threat?
Withdraw and ask another.
No, no, that's alright.
Wait a second.
So why don't we... I guess he doesn't like the answer.
No, I think the answer's fine.
Alright, so counsel, let's just... Sir, who are the powerful people that Mr. Jones is affiliated with?
Well, that was asked and answered.
That was Mr. Rogan.
No, counsel, sidebar.
Pattis questions the political nature of the trial.
How 15 people waited over five years until 2018 to file lawsuits on the same day and in the same office.
But the judge gets noticeably upset because Pattis isn't playing along with their kangaroo court and forbids him from mentioning the name Clinton and others.
Well, we did the Hillary Clinton, now we did the Megyn Kelly.
Should we address what's coming next?
Well, I think it might make sense.
Judge, I'm not responsible for giving my adversaries a preview of what's to come anymore than apparently they were responsible for telling me what witnesses they were going to call today.
The plaintiff complains that Alex is going to try and defend himself and admits they have agreed to lie to the jury.
But he's injected this idea that Alex Jones was merely questioning when the jury is going to be instructed in the courts to determine that he intentionally
These clowns actually thought that a man who has dedicated his entire life to freedom of speech would stay silent while they destroy him in court with lies meant to attack the First Amendment.
And if they succeed, then any random federal agent can sue you into oblivion over hurt feelings from the Internet.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, it's Friday live, September 16, 2022.
Ladies and gentlemen, wait till what we cover in 60 seconds.
Just get ready.
All right, the news is so incredibly dangerous and dark that I'm going to really try to control myself and just cover it in a very calm way so it really sinks in for everybody.
Because I tend to over-prepare for the broadcast.
More than 50 incredible video clips, more than 300 news articles that I have gone over last night and this morning.
At least six hours of preparation and then we get up here for a four hour show and it's just like, whoa, where to start?
And I have to sit here right before I go on air and go write the headline for the live broadcast and try to decide what is the most critical out of all these concerted, coordinated, admitted attacks.
And that's the key today.
That's the big theme.
Let's put the live show headline on screen, please.
This is an emergency broadcast.
Every broadcast we do is an emergency, but the emergency is deepening and is accelerating, and there's not much time to even mitigate how bad this crash is going to get.
So if you go to InfoWars.com, you'll see the live show headline, and it says, Emergency Friday Broadcast, and it deals with FedEx.
And FedEx is seen as an absolutely key indicator of what's happening, not just here, but in the world economy.
Now FedEx is telling the world what I've told you in the last month.
Because I know people in industry, not just conservatives, not just nationalists, I know people in a lot of areas of infrastructure,
And basically, the economy is flatlining.
And this has all been done by design.
So, here are some of the headlines.
Massive FedEx shares plunge.
The Dow Jones and every other industry is way down right now.
FedEx shares plunge by 70% after company says it's going to get worse.
We're going into a worldwide recession, FedEx CEO warns.
Numbers don't pretend very well.
A stunned Wall Street reacts to FedEx's biggest plunge ever.
Futures crater as FedEx ushers in the global recession on 3.2 trillion triple which day?
Those are market terms.
IMF chief.
Harsh winter may spark social unrest at EU amid energy crisis.
And it goes on from there.
We'll be covering this all coming up at the bottom of the hour in great detail.
But this is a design collapse.
We specifically told you two and a half years ago that the lockdowns were meant to completely destroy the world infrastructure.
But this is a designed operation.
The technocrats flip the switches to do this while telling you there's no inflation or there's no recession.
This is not a recession.
This is depression with high inflation, stagflation.
And so I tell the audience that because you need to get ready.
And look, I know the audience already knows that.
We can see the numbers.
We know what's happening.
The audience has exploded in the last six months.
Revenue has gone way down to fund our operation.
So I can see that myself.
Then I can talk to every other major talk show host out there, the biggest.
And they're getting the same numbers.
The biggest.
Down to, of the top ten podcasters, I know four of them.
I've talked to them all the last two weeks.
Had dinner with a couple of them.
And they're seeing the same thing we're seeing.
So, I mean, I told you.
I said, it's in free fall.
And now it's here.
They cannot ignore this.
They cannot hide this.
It is just incredibly, incredibly important.
Now that said, now Harvard has come out with a study confirming what the British Medical Journal already said two weeks ago, that you have a 90 plus percent chance
Of dying or getting sick or being hospitalized if you've had these shots.
What a scandal of scandals.
The mother of all scandals.
And it's not even a blip on the radar screen.
And if you try to post this information on Facebook or other places, you get censored.
That's all coming up.
And that ties in to these three stacks that I've got right here.
That again, one of these three stacks we can do the whole show on.
Biden had a summit with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL and Big Tech yesterday declaring war on free speech, calling all their opposition Nazis, and defining white supremacism as questioning elections, open borders, or lockdowns, which they've been doing for a year and a half.
But now it's official.
I mean, the magnitude
Of this.
Meanwhile, they had hearings in the Senate where the corporate representative of Facebook admitted to live time coordination with the Democratic Party in the White House, censoring anybody that questions the official COVID narrative or other narratives.
Now, we already knew that, but that's completely and totally illegal.
But they just admit it.
That's coming up.
As well this hour.
And then we've got the chink in their armor pointing out their hypocrisy.
And it's incredible as well.
All DeSantis did was ship a hundred illegal aliens out of Florida by plane to the most elite area on the East Coast, Martha's Vineyard, where all these globalists live.
And the left started bitching and whining and complaining, and, this is a crisis, this is terrible, we're not a border town, we're not Texas, we're not California, we don't want these people here.
They've already bust them out.
And we've got the footage in front of the Naval Observatory where Kamala Harris, that cackling witch, lives with their fence, saying, get back from the fence, and carting the illegals off that Governor Abbott dumped off in front.
Now, they may think they can get rid of 100 people a day, but if Texas and Florida start shipping 1,000 a day, which is very easy in their budget, it's game over, folks.
You have to put pressure on the globalists in a nonviolent way.
You have to give them their own medicine.
You have to expose them and get in their face, legally and lawfully, everywhere, and they'll go away.
But as long as they can pull the strings and run their operations, and we sit here like a bunch of idiots putting up with it, they're going to win.
That said, we're going to go to break and come back with all this news, the military news, the economy news, and so much more, and how to mitigate this.
But I just want listeners to understand that InfoWars
is literally at a critical juncture and so are you.
And I want to commend and thank everyone that has supported us over the years by prayer, by word of mouth, and by financial support at InfoWarshaw.com and supporting our sponsors.
And all the work we've done over the years is now very pregnant, nine months pregnant, with the work that's really about to be done.
We're about to hit the most important phase of our operation.
That means you.
You are this operation.
You are the tip of the spear.
And I salute you and I thank you.
And I know there are countless people that have supported us and bought great products that enrich your life at InfoWarsTore.com.
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It's a decision you have to make.
Has InfoWars fought for liberty?
Has InfoWars nine times out of ten broke the big story first?
Have we been the tip of the spear?
Have we hit the barbed wire?
The answer is absolutely.
If you want to keep this dog in the fight,
I need your support now.
Contrary to all the fake national headlines, I'm swimming in money on my children.
That's not true.
We are very close to being crippled or imploding.
So, now is the time for the cavalry.
You are the cavalry.
Don't procrastinate.
Go to InfoWarsTort.com right now and get the immune-boosting combo.
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Stay with us and I thank you for your support.
It's a new type of warfare.
It's an old system, siege, and psychological warfare, economic war, but it's being done at levels never before seen.
It is the megacorporations of the world waging war against prosperity, against the individuals, against small businesses.
Thank you for joining us on this Emergency Friday Broadcast.
FedEx confirms global economy in free fall.
Tune in and learn how to stop the Great Reset before it's too late.
And it's already too late to stop how bad it's going to be, but it's not too late.
To bring the globalists that are orchestrating and engineering all of this to justice, because if they get the blame for what they've engineered, they're going to go to prison and their future operations to totally depopulate us, once the collapse takes place, will be stopped.
So this is absolutely life-saving, critical, most important information in the world right now.
It's why this broadcast still being on air keeps the New World Order and people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and King Charles awake at night.
That's not a boast.
They attack us.
They spend their time and energy trying to shut us down.
They have emergency summits at the White House yesterday calling us white supremacists.
Because we're willing to stand up and fight them.
We're willing to expose them.
We're willing to be true to humanity and to God and our families and our children.
So I cannot stress to you enough what FedEx means, as I've been telling you the last few months.
There are so many issues happening, but they train people for several years not to work.
So a lot of employees don't want to work hard or don't come to work.
You have supply chain breakdown.
You have massive crime exploding.
And you had all these trillions of dollars of stimulus money that basically used up any of the backup supplies in the economy in the last two and a half years while the raw materials and the infrastructure itself was being destroyed.
And the real grassroots economy was being burned to the ground.
And so when FedEx announces
That hey, we're seeing record low shipments, record low business.
That's a real indicator.
So with all the inflation being such a huge problem, on top of that, you're not supposed to have massive inflation while you have an imploding economy.
They didn't believe that could happen until the 70s.
It's called stagflation.
And so this is completely artificial, as Klaus Schwab and them said.
How did I know two and a half years ago it would cause a worldwide depression?
How did I know it would destroy the supply chains?
How did I know it would cause mass starvation?
Because they brag about it, and then out of the angry world that he talks about, where more than half of your income is spent on food and energy, wants any country, doesn't matter if they're black people or brown people or white people, any country,
Where the majority of the population spends half their paycheck, or their money they get, on food and energy, you get explosions, you get revolutions!
And then you've got the corporate media trying to steer that into a leftist revolution of debt forgivance and universal basic incomes and the straitjacket, the chains going on.
Whereas you see populists getting elected saying, no, let's stop the New World Order.
That's actually the long-term solution and answer.
But the general public likes a quick, easy one.
Two and a half years of stimulus money and getting paid to stay home and all this stuff.
Wallet destroys the real economy, and then they want to have a bunch of fear, and a bunch of panicking, and then the leftist politicians, run by the IMF and World Bank, their front group, the World Economic Forum, will then propose a solution, which they're already proposing everywhere.
More money being handed out, more bailouts, more garbage to themselves, and then maybe 10% gets down to the general public.
This is an economic warfare takeover.
This is worldwide war.
We've got videos pouring in out of Ukraine of what I already know.
Because I know some of the guys that are over there.
Special Forces, U.S.
Army Special Forces predominantly, Navy SEALs, you name it, leading Ukrainians in this offensive attacking the Russians.
The U.S.
is at war with Russia.
And that's just icing on the cake with how reckless and dangerous
And out of control this is, U.S.
troops removing mines on the Russian-held area so that Ukrainian armor can go in.
And they've got any tank weapons, they've got any aircraft weapons strapped to their backs, and they are there killing Russians.
A lot of folks go, woo-woo, yeah, great, kick their ass!
This is only going to escalate, ladies and gentlemen.
And so,
We're going into a worldwide recession.
FedEx CEO warns numbers don't pretend well.
A stunned Wall Street reacts to FedEx's biggest plunge ever.
This is ushering in the global collapse.
Massive inflation while there's no goods and services and things are running out.
You probably noticed eggs are smaller.
Bacon packages are smaller.
You probably noticed everything's not as quality as it used to be, but you pay twice or three times more.
That's just the beginning.
Wait till it all runs out, which it's already doing in Europe and Africa and the Middle East and Asia.
And what comes out of this?
What do governments do once their public turns against them?
What do they always do?
They start a big, fat war.
And the globalists already started that by pushing troops in and pushing up to the Russian border and wiping out Russian troops that have been in a proxy war with NATO and the United States for eight years in Ukraine, almost nine years now.
Whether you like the war or hate the war, whether you're for, quote, NATO or the Russians, this is hurting everybody.
And it's causing a worldwide acceleration of the financial collapse.
So what do we do about this?
Our hope doesn't just lie with populists and conservatives and Christians, though that's the main hope.
Being vocal, standing up, speaking out.
Good governors telling the truth like DeSantis and others.
Good members of Congress raising these issues, pointing it out.
But it's also with people that serve the system.
If you work for big tech or you work for any other establishment group, you really think you're being patted on the head and organized to do these things you're part of, the surveillance, the censorship, the control, you really think you're doing all of that and somehow you're getting ahead, you will be destroyed in the future by your masters.
You will be unemployed, you will be thrown to the side, you will in many cases starve to death and you'll look back on this moment and wish that you hadn't thrown away your birthright
And hadn't thrown away the social safety net and the social contract that was there.
So I've talked about the economy.
I've got more on that coming up.
I'm going to set that aside.
But the big issue is the official announcement of the power structure trying to outlaw their political opposition.
I told you this a year and a half ago in June.
More than a year and a half ago, when Biden put out the National Directive on Terrorism, saying it's not MS-13, it's not Al-Qaeda, it's conservatives.
It's the American people.
And he listed the things that are terrorist.
Open borders, don't like that, question elections, question lockdowns, question forced injections, you're a terrorist.
They said white supremacism is the main threat and white supremacists do this.
They'll probably say white supremacists don't like inflation next.
And then, he had a big summit yesterday, and all their surrogates are out there saying, it's imminent, the right wing's gonna start shooting and killing people and bombing things.
Now, obviously, that means they're gonna do it and blame us.
So, it's happening, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all going on right now.
This is the war for the world.
This is the Great Reset.
And only knowledge of the enemy can stop them.
Well, Kyrie Irving, famous basketball player, is in hot water.
He dared put out a 20-year-old clip that's gotten literally tens of millions of views the last few months circulating around the internet, where in a minute and a half I predict the exact future.
But I didn't predict it.
I had the enemy battle plan.
I was actually reading books by Zabrinski, by the New World Order, by the Rockefeller Foundation.
That's why I know all this.
That's why I'm so dangerous.
You learn about it, you're dangerous to tyranny as well.
It's like a rattlesnake bites you, they give you the antivenom, you don't get sick.
This is not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen.
I just so happened to get interested in this as a child, because I had family that was aware of it.
Extremely aware of it.
Because they'd been recruited by it, but got out of it.
And not everybody that does that lives.
So I'm gonna leave it at that.
So, this is 100% real, as real as a heart attack, as real as cancer.
And people are going to figure that out now, and mitigate the situation, or later.
So we've got that viral clip coming up, I'll play it at the start of the hour, that he put out.
There's actually like a three minute one that's even better, but the one that gets all the attentions, got like about a minute and a half long.
When I say tens of millions of views, I mean tens of billions of views.
Because they keep taking it down as fast as they put it up, so you'll see it.
One day with two million views, it's gone.
With one million views, it's gone.
Three million views, it's gone.
Half a million views, gone.
Four million views, gone.
And people just re-upload it faster than they can take it down.
Yeah, that's the raw clip.
The guys found the raw clip.
What I want is the one that Irving put out, because they added a bunch of graphics and things to it.
Yeah, there it is.
Yeah, it's gotta be about a minute and a half long, because most of the versions I see everybody getting are like little bitty short ones.
So yeah, that's all coming up.
So, why do I raise that?
Because if the public gets this, and we're inches away, it's game over.
I mean, this is the purposeful cutting off of the energy, imploding of the borders, shipping in fentanyl, promoting pedophilia, promoting the collapse of civilization.
This is official.
I'm going to play a clip with a prominent Imam who made a great point, what he's saying is true, about what the globalists feed us through their social filters, and what China feeds us through their social filters, versus what they feed themselves.
Putin and China feed the exact same opposite of the messages we get here.
Working with big tech, particularly China.
They promote family and strength and being professional and being serious.
Here, it's how to act like a fool and be a moron by design to literally take you out of the game.
You're a lackadaisical, decadent slob that can be taken down.
And for those of us that aren't in a coma, well, we're being declared terrorists.
Well, that's quite the elephant to eat.
Good luck, New World Order.
Your death by a thousand cuts is only waking us up.
That's why I want to air this incredible clip by a hero, Tucker Carlson, last night, where he's the only person in mainstream dominant media with the number one show in the United States, probably the world, tens of millions of viewers, saying the quiet part out loud that the government is declaring you a terrorist, the government is openly organizing it, and openly trying to outlaw its political opposition.
How many times you heard me say that?
Probably about 2,000 times the last couple years.
Every day.
I can show you lots of interesting clips and, oh, look at this plane crashing, or look at this monkey driving a car, or whatever, or this dog driving a car, you know.
Oh, look at this giant squid attack a ship.
That's all really interesting.
And believe me, I'd rather be focused on that, or what's going on with the Dallas Cowboys.
I'd love to be sitting there eating nachos and drinking beer at a Dallas Cowboys game next Sunday, but I'll be here fighting because there's no damn future if we don't do it.
You don't think I don't like hot dogs and nachos and cold beer?
I'll drink your ass under the table.
The point is, we can't be screwing around, folks.
This isn't a game.
There's Tucker Carlson knocking it out of the park with the criminal government declaring war on us.
Man, things are moving fast.
So much is going on, as we often say, that it's very easy to lose track of the big things, the things that matter, the things that will define history and the lives of our children and grandchildren.
But Joe Biden's now famous blood-red speech of September 1st certainly qualifies as one of the big things.
In that speech, Biden announced that not only is his program the best for this country, that's conventional, presidents always say that, Biden told us that going forward, his program is the only program allowed in this country.
Competing programs are not allowed anymore.
They're illegitimate.
In fact, they're dangerous, Biden said.
They're a threat to the Republic itself.
With an election just months away, Joe Biden declared that his political opponents are enemies of the state.
They're terrorists, in fact.
Comparable, as his Vice President later explained to NBC News, to Al-Qaeda on 9-11.
Now, Biden and Harris said this.
They didn't say it in private, grousing bitterly to aides in the Oval Office, looking at their declining poll numbers.
They said it in public, on television, and they didn't even flinch as they did.
So you have to think about the implications of this.
The United States is a two-party political system, as for
Our whole lifetimes.
If the leader of one party, who happens to be the president, redefines the other party, not as a political party, but as a criminal organization, what is he doing?
Well, of course, he is demanding a one-party state.
And that's what Biden is doing, and he's using federal law enforcement to make it happen.
So the question is, how is he getting away with it?
And he's getting away with it by changing the terms.
You can't just say openly, I want a one-party state with me at the head.
You have to make the other side unacceptable.
So when Biden talks about Trump voters, he doesn't talk about voters or Americans.
He describes an insurgency.
He implies an armed rebellion, not unlike the Confederate Army.
Trump voters, Biden tells us, aren't just wrong.
They tried to overthrow the U.S.
And you can't debate people like that.
You have to crush them.
Democratic leaders across the board appear to believe this.
Tim Ryan, who's running for the Senate as a Democrat from Ohio just yesterday, told Morning Joe on MSNBC, quote, we've got to kill and confront that movement.
Not defeat it, kill it.
That's how dangerous populist Republicans are, according to the Biden White House.
This is the language of totalitarianism.
It's very obvious.
And in a functioning system that wanted to remain democratic, people in power would push back against it.
The media, business, any responsible person would say, no, you can't do that.
That's too much power.
We can't vest all the power
In one political party.
That's the road to something awful.
But no one's pushing back.
In fact, daily the media reinforce the message.
Daily the media remind us that anyone who has questions about the outcome of the last election isn't a disgruntled voter.
That person's a criminal.
That person has embraced the big lie.
You see it in every news story.
The big lie!
People like that are irrational and dangerous and they will be punished and rightly so.
And now they are being punished.
Yesterday afternoon, FBI agents apprehended a man called Mike Lindell at a Hardee's drive-thru in Minnesota, and they seized his personal cell phone, the one he does business on.
Mike Lindell is not a wanted criminal.
He's not even a public official.
Mike Lindell, as you likely know, sells pillows, especially on this channel.
So why would the FBI, armed FBI agents, be apprehending Mike Lindell?
Because he questioned the outcome of the last election.
He participated in the big lie!
He's a threat to the system!
That is the consensus view in Washington now.
This is a very big change.
In a free society, by definition, all questions are allowed.
You can't have a democracy unless you are allowed to discuss its mechanics.
Free speech is a prerequisite for a democratic system.
And until very recently, everyone in America unquestioningly understood that dissent was not a crime, it was a patriotic act.
And people committed it.
At scale.
Especially Democrats.
For years after the 2000 election, Democrats claimed that George W. Bush was not the legitimate president.
Some still say it.
They may believe it.
And then in 2016, the entire Democratic Party rejected the outcome of the presidential election.
A foreign power got Donald Trump elected.
Democrats said that, and they continue to say it every single day of Donald Trump's term.
They impeached him over it.
They hamstrung the executive branch of the U.S.
government with an investigation into Russian influence that in the end turned up nothing.
What would you call that?
You would call that election denial.
You would call that the big lie.
But no one was punished for it.
No judge removed Adam Schiff from office for doubting the election results.
The FBI didn't raid CNN's biggest advertisers.
Everyone just moved on.
You may have hated the Russia hoax, and we certainly did, but there was never any question that all American citizens have an absolute, constitutionally protected right to question election outcomes.
America is occupied by globalist forces.
Welcome back to the Tip of the Spear.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very honored to have you here.
Next hour is going to be particularly important.
And believe me, I've got a lot to cover and I like to talk.
But I've got to play the whole seven minute exchange with Josh Hawley, Senator Josh Hawley, and the spokesperson, the corporate rep in hearings yesterday.
I don't know.
That the vaccines are killing people, they're suppressing all the real treatments.
So they were putting lies out while suppressing the truth, all part of a coordinated plan, and they have the emails.
This should be the top story in the country.
That's coming up next hour.
But it's not.
But let's look at the other piece of the equation.
Big Tech boosts censorship after Biden's speech.
Infowars.com has the report.
Less than 24 hours after.
Biden asked Congress to end social media immunity at White House summit due to hate-fueled violence.
So, Big Tech is following orders in live time, responding in 30-40 seconds.
You'll see that in testimony.
To direct orders by the Biden White House.
To take anybody they want off, pay anybody they want in live time.
The government with corporations saying, silence this person, ban this person, totally illegal.
And then they come back and say, well, we're still going to take you over.
You've not done a good enough job.
You didn't jump high enough when we said so.
Meanwhile, FBI agent, we have more people assigned to investigate white supremacists than there are actual white supremacists in the United States.
It's almost non-existent.
That's all coming up.
I mean, this is so huge because they're doing all this ahead of whatever it is they're about to stage to try to outlaw their political opposition.
That's part of what we're hitting next hour.
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In this limited time, we left time
I'll be back live in a second.
Humanity is waking up to them all over the planet.
There are populist parties, nationalist parties, anti-world economic forum parties.
But why is it so important that we're on the air?
Why is it so important your backing of the few LACs of Truth and Freedom
People are hungering for the truth more than ever and the globalists know if we stay on air and others stay on air, we will dominate the culture war.
We will win.
They will go to prison.
They will be defeated.
That's why it is
That's a chat with a few callers.
Jon's up first out of Austin, Texas.
Independent, good morning.
Good morning.
Yeah, I'm listening to Mr. Mitchell here, just as an American.
And I'm wondering how it is that Trump is a cult and the Democratic Party is a cult when they've already instituted socialism, they've flirted with communism.
And you talk about fascism, we can talk a lot about the Democratic Party and their neo-fascist views.
So why is it that you want to bring the country together, yet you want to take this extreme side?
The Republican Party has been captured by a political cult.
I don't use those words lightly.
Plymouth, Michigan.
This is Janice, line for Republicans.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Mitchell.
There are none so blind as those who cannot see.
Let me give you a little piece of advice.
You will never succeed in your goal by insulting half the country and calling them fascists, racists,
So that's political violence that you're talking about that Republicans and ultra mags are doing.
It doesn't exist.
It's a lie.
It is a lie.
There was political violence.
It's a stunning thing to me is here we are 20 years later and the attack on the symbol of our democracy was not coming from terrorists but it came from literally insurgents attacking the Capitol on January 6th.
Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we're dealing with every single day.
We've got to kill and confront that movement.
What is a semi-fascist?
Most people in America know that it is not helpful to our country when we have people who are denying elections or trying to obstruct.
The outcome of an election.
We are seeing an emerging threat, of course, over the last several years of the domestic violent extremists, the individual here in the United States radicalized to violence by a foreign terrorist ideology, but also an ideology of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives propagated on online platforms, even personal grievances.
But then they're going to start, though, with Alex Jones.
Oh, we're just going to censor Alex Jones.
And then Donald Trump.
And, well, now it's a social credit score through the banks that tracks what you buy and what you do.
And then, well, everybody.
This is all being rolled out worldwide.
It's here now.
Powerful report unleashed the Infowar.
So, we have lived to see it.
World government cutting off the resources and flooding the borders, creating domestic strife in every major country.
And the New World Order is cutting off all the major energy, starting wars with Russia.
They're just getting started.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday edition.
I spent a lot of time on this last hour, but I want to really drill into it.
You have the official talking point, we saw them put into U.S.
doctrine a year and a half ago, that any opposition to the Democratic Party and the Great Reset is terrorist.
Now becoming official with every talking head, on every program you can imagine, hundreds of clips a day, I'm seeing
That anybody that's against communism, or the New World Order, or open borders, or inflation, is a terrorist.
And that our populist movement must be killed.
These are quotes.
If you think a blood-red background and the president up there with troops behind him declaring war on the people was bad, now we know it wasn't a mistake.
It wasn't some fluke.
This is all done by design.
And we sit back and go, this is historically tyranny.
This is what tyrants do.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I mean, he's wearing a military uniform with an armband on.
Well, most of the time in history, that's what corrupt systems do.
Dictatorships and authoritarianism is more common than freedom.
So I want to play this incredible clip of Senator Josh Hawley annihilating
The Deep State spokesperson in hearings yesterday in the Senate from Facebook, where they just calmly go, yeah, big deal.
We get direct orders on what to censor, but they're the ones that lied about the COVID shot or COVID itself and its origins and the masking and the lockdowns.
Everything they did, they now admits a lie.
Oh, but we're going to censor you for your own good.
And it's continuing on every front, on the borders and on currency.
Senator Hawley.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Cox, I know that Facebook has said in the past that it's their position as a private company you're not subject to the First Amendment.
I assume that hasn't changed, is that right?
That's correct, Senator.
But the United States government is subject to the First Amendment.
I think we can probably all agree on, hopefully we can, hopefully that's still true in this country.
Is it appropriate for Facebook to work with the United States government to avoid the First Amendment, help the U.S.
government avoid the First Amendment?
Senator, we do think it is sometimes appropriate to be in contact with government and with government organizations.
To help them avoid the First Amendment?
Senator, I'm not sure what specifically you're referring to.
Well, let me ask you this.
Do you think it's appropriate to work with the United States government to target private individual speech that is constitutionally protected?
Senator, I'm not aware of that.
Well, let me educate you.
On July 16, 2021, an employee at Facebook wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services saying, and I quote,
On July 23, 2021, a Facebook employee thanked HHS, quote, for taking the time to meet earlier today and wanted to make sure you saw the steps we just took this past week to adjust policies and what we are removing with respect to misinformation.
This included, and I'm still quoting, increasing the strength of our demotions for COVID and vaccine-related content.
On April 7th 2021, a Facebook employee thanked the CDC for responding to misinformation queries and I quote, we'll get moving now to be able to remove all but that one claim as soon as the announcement and authorization happens.
On July 28th,
Sure they would.
On it.
That sounds like what in the law we call a pattern in practice of meeting, coordinating, and colluding with the United States government to target particular speech that no one in any of these emails alleges is incitement, which would not be constitutionally protected.
No one in any of these emails alleges
It directly encourages violence, which would not be constitutionally protected.
So it appears to all be constitutionally protected speech on, I might add, very politically sensitive topics that Facebook is directly working with the U.S.
government to target and remove.
Is that your company policy, to do this kind of thing?
Senator, we were quite public about our cooperation with health organizations during the unprecedented time of COVID.
We knew that people expected and wanted accurate information on our platform.
We had conversations with the CDC, with the World Health Organization, and with other public health organizations, not just in the U.S., but abroad, in order to understand how to help make sure
That folks weren't getting information that could cause imminent harm.
Fair enough.
So you're saying that this was, in fact, company policy, to have these kinds of meetings with HHS, with the CDC, with the White House, directly, that you did engage in this behavior, and you think that it was entirely fine.
Is that your testimony?
Senator, I do believe it's appropriate for companies like ours to be in consultation with public health organizations and with government.
And you can confirm that things like taking down a private Instagram account and adjusting your policies at the behest of the White House... Okay, pause.
Back it up ten seconds.
I forgot to make one big point about this.
Did you see the big...
Announcement right in the middle of that?
Which we already covered two years ago, which we noticed the agreements that were public, but did you hear the big announcement?
He doesn't just take orders on what to censor from the US government, which is illegal as hell!
They take it from the United Nations and other international bodies.
The World Economic Forum says they're going to quarterback censorship against open borders, against forced shots, against lockdowns, against carbon taxes, against banning your farms, banning your cows, shutting down your pipelines, shutting down your fuel.
See, I live this, folks, and it's so frustrating.
It's all mechanized.
It's all prepared.
It's all laid out.
Remember that young golfer that had a golfing scholarship, great shape, and he had a heart attack, microcarditis, and a heart attack from the shot, and the doctor said it was that, and there was an article in Yahoo saying, young man, you're not a bad person, and we admit you had a heart attack from the shot, but you could scare people from taking it, so we're still going to take your account.
On Facebook.
Or his Instagram, that's a subgroup of Facebook.
So, yeah, you had a heart attack from the shot.
Yes, it's true.
You're still not allowed to tell the truth.
Because he had his doctor come out and do another video and talk about it.
They said, you know, you're just banned.
They even said, it's okay though.
Enjoy that heart attack at 20 years old, buddy boy.
Now let that sink into your noggin.
That he just said the United Nations tells.
Well, it's not just the U.S.
I mean, we get told by international bodies what to do.
UN, world government, I have the articles coming back when we finish the club.
Surveilling you.
They've now admitted in this lawsuit by multiple states against Facebook.
Facebook goes, yeah.
We surveil people with AI and then we ask the UN, do you want this censored?
They say right here.
I have the article.
Well, of course we file reports on the American people to the UN.
And now, internationally, the U.N.
runs credit card processing.
They announced last week they're tracking gun owners and gun accessories at the U.N.
technocracy world government.
It ain't just big tech raping us.
They're just the tool to do it.
The will to survive.
The globalists are telling us roll over and die.
We're not about to do it.
This is about your will right now.
It's about your strength.
I hate this audience more than anybody in the world because you are the best this planet's got to offer.
Know that and know how special you are.
That's not words, you know it's true.
So let that sink in.
The eye of the tiger.
The eye of the tiger!
The eye of the tiger.
The eye of the tiger.
Alright, here they are announcing the UN is in control of Facebook and the White House being in control of the White House, censoring you and your family, suppressing treatments, suppressing the truth about their deadly shots in mass murder operations.
Here it is.
Senator, I do believe it's appropriate for companies like ours to be in consultation with public health organizations and with government.
And you can confirm that things like taking down a private Instagram account and adjusting your policies at the behest of the White House and putting into place misinformation policies at the behest of CDC, that those things you think are appropriate.
This was company policy to do so.
Is that fair to say?
Senator, I'm not familiar with the Instagram account specifically that you're referencing, but we do know that people expected and hoped from the platforms that we would help them get accurate information about COVID during the unprecedented time, especially at the beginning.
Well, isn't there a difference between you as a platform putting forward information and censoring your users at the behest of the White House, the administration more broadly, and the CDC?
Isn't there a distinction there?
We specifically wanted to work with public health experts to understand the relationship between information and behavior.
And so we did consult with the CDC, the World Health Organization, and others.
No, you were directed by them.
You were directed by them.
To understand how... Inclusion, criminal!
Well, you didn't just consult with them to understand how they affected public health.
You actually censored on their behalf.
You took orders.
You took these emails.
I'm just quoting from a sample of them.
Which, by the way, have been disclosed in litigation.
These emails show that you took censorship steps.
You took down accounts.
You planned misinformation policies.
You adjusted your policies at the behest of the United States government.
I mean, that's not just some theoretical thing.
That's actually targeting your user's speech.
I appreciate your forthrightness, by the way.
But you're saying that you think that's fine and that was your policy.
Senator, we've been public about our policies on COVID misinformation specifically, as well as on misinformation generally.
And so you think there's nothing, you're not concerned about any of this?
Nothing that I just read to you, you're not concerned about it at all?
Respectfully, Senator, I think the balance of how to protect free expression as well as public safety is a difficult issue.
But it's one we're committed to working with outside experts and publishing our work.
Well, I appreciate you being so forthright.
As I said, this is actually from litigation between the state of Missouri and the state of Louisiana and the federal government.
I anticipate that your remarks on the road today are going to be very interesting and helpful about litigation.
I'll just say this.
My view is that the United States government is bound by the First Amendment.
They cannot encourage or coerce or incite or collude with a private party to get around the First Amendment.
But you just said to me today that that's basically what they did.
That you coordinated with them repeatedly over a pattern of months and years to adjust and target your speech policies for protected speech at the behest of the United States government.
I have to tell you, I've got a big problem with that.
And I think all your users should too.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Five weeks ago, they swore in Klaus Schwab as the head of the UN and said he has full command of UN policy.
The WEF hasn't just penetrated our cabinets and governments.
It's taken over our lives with big tech.
And they're just hiding in plain view.
Yeah, the FBI called and said, block anybody talking about Hunter Biden's laptop.
Four weeks before the election, two years ago.
And that's just the start of what we know they've done.
They have U.S.
intelligence agencies plugged into big tech with foreign operations.
China came out in the same hearings as involved.
China's involved at Twitter.
CCP spies!
Because the World Economic Forum and the U.N.
and the CHICOMS, all radical Islam, are our enemy.
And they're the ones coming after us.
What an incredible video.
Now I want to play an emom here, because I'm not against Muslims in general.
I want to play an emom here, where he talks about TikTok.
And this is true.
How TikTok, owned and run by the Communist Chinese,
We're good to go.
And a lot of people caught in this web think, well, if I'm politically involved or culturally involved, that's hard.
It's like work.
It's scary.
No, it's invigorating.
I'm so alive.
I can't even describe it to you.
Because this is the animating contest of liberty that Thomas Jefferson talked about.
Here is the Imam talking about facts that everybody should know.
We'll come back from break.
We're gonna hit all the other news.
Huge big development straight ahead.
But here's the report.
Do you know which country made TikTok?
Do you know that China controls the algorithm of what you see?
Do you know this?
If you're in America and you open up TikTok, if you're in Britain and you open up TikTok, there is a specific algorithm to reach you that is not in China.
If you're in China and you open up TikTok, what they, the Chinese government, wants you to receive as youth, as people using TikTok,
Our people who are doing good things, achievements, youth making social enterprise, youth becoming successful in math competitions, youth becoming masters of karate, youth doing something with their life, and you are rewarded.
That algorithm is that the Chinese government makes you see positive things for social development.
Did you know here and in the United States, they, China, send you a different algorithm?
Do you know what they send you?
All the nonsense that you see.
They want you to see
Girls dancing.
Boys and girls dancing with each other.
Pranks upon your parents.
How many pranks do you see?
Pranks upon people.
Yeah, I'm not saying it's not funny.
Some of them are downright hilarious.
But if you want to destroy a nation, destroy a generation, you make them, in their mind, be rewarded with the dopamine for thinking stupid things are good.
Thinking that this is what you're supposed to grow up doing.
A large proportion of people grow up thinking that this is what life is about.
But in China, they don't let their children think that.
Next time you open up TikTok or Instagram or whatever, and you see this, understand that you are being played.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna break down how to stop these people.
We are not a sanctuary state, and it's better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction, and yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures.
Biden would fly people in the middle of the night, dump them all across this country.
There was no warning on any of this.
And all those people in DC and New York were beating their chest when Trump was president, saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions, saying how bad it was to have a secure border.
The minute even a small fraction
of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk, and they're so upset that this is happening.
And it just shows you, you know, their virtue signaling is a fraud.
They... So, millions of people a month are coming across the Texas-Arizona-California border, mainly Texas.
They're sleeping all over the streets.
The even leftist senators that are taking him in and shipping him all over can't even keep track of it.
So there is a total crisis going on here.
The reports are from the Border Patrol it's 10 times what Obama did when he opened the border.
Trump shut it down basically.
A little bit was coming through but 95%.
And so then they shipped two plane loads, a hundred people, to Martha's Vineyard.
And you would think it was the end of the world.
Now they've already bussed those folks out to a U.S.
military base.
Well, you can't come to Obama's neighborhood.
So I think these videos speak for themselves.
Let's play clip 8, 6, 10, and 19 just back-to-back.
You have the White House Press Secretary saying,
Oh, they're horrible.
They brought him here promising him housing and welfare.
No, the Democrats did that.
It's just so insane.
Then she goes, well, Texas Governor Ted Cruz is the main reason this is happening.
She's the White House press secretary and doesn't even know that Ted Cruz is the junior senator behind John Cornyn from Texas and that Greg Abbott is the governor.
She doesn't even know
The name of the governor of the most popular state.
You think, well that's a sign of the weakness of the New World Order.
No, it's not.
The White House press secretary runs nothing.
She's put there because she's an idiot.
So is Biden.
They keep talking about Fetterman in Pennsylvania.
Oh, he can't even talk.
Oh, Fetterman's an idiot.
He'll probably make him president because he can't talk.
In fact, play the clips back-to-back and then play Fetterman.
It's not edited, it's just the excerpts cut out.
Not to make him look bad, it's just the excerpts cut out of a 20-minute speech where he doesn't know what planet he's on.
And that's the model of the future.
He's presidential material because he doesn't know who he is.
He's obviously a very sick man.
They're calling him a mutant.
They're making fun of him.
Obviously he has acromegalia.
Andre the Giant wasn't a bad guy.
Don't make fun of people because he has acromegalia.
Make fun of him because he's a really bad person.
So here are those clips back-to-back.
What are the most difficult challenges right now?
The difficult challenges are...
So what are the most difficult challenges right now?
The difficult challenges are, uh, we have at some point in time and they have to move somewhere else, right?
We, we cannot, we don't have the services to take care of 50 immigrants.
Um, and we, we certainly don't have housing.
We're in a housing crisis as we are on this island.
And we don't, we can't house everyone here that lives here and works here.
We don't have housing for 50 more people.
We're just watching our residents.
Were you notified that they were coming?
That these migrants would be showing up?
I had no comment.
Do you know where they need to go from here, or are you just trying to make sure they stay away from the government?
I have no comment.
Yeah, just making sure that everybody's safe and away from our friends.
On what you call this political stunt with the asylum seekers, let's specifically get into the locations.
Martha's Vineyard, the Naval Observatory.
Can you talk to the issue of, you said Boston.
It's an island that they sent the asylum seekers to.
An island that is known to be, in some instances, a democratic haven.
Former presidents, former democratic presidents vacation there, own homes there, etc.
Could you speak to that as well as the Naval Observatory?
What I could say, and I've been very clear, it is a political stunt.
That's what we're seeing from governors, Republican governors in particular.
It is a cruel, inhumane way of treating people who are fleeing communism.
People who are, and we're not just talking about people, we're talking about children, we're talking about families who were promised a home, promised a job, put on a bus, and you know, driven to a place that they do not know.
And it is a cruel thing to do.
We are not a sanctuary state, and it's better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction.
And yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures.
Biden would fly people in the middle of the night, dump them all across this country.
There was no warning on any of this.
And all those people in D.C.
and New York were beating their chest when Trump was president, saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions, saying how bad it was to have a secure border.
The minute even a small fraction
Of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk and they're so upset that this is happening.
And it just shows you, you know, their virtue signaling is a fraud.
They... One of you, you didn't have a doctor in your life making fun of it, making light of it, or telling you that you're not fit to be served.
Can you describe my stroke?
What's happened?
So, I use the example.
So, pretend I was, I want to go to Wegmans.
It's such the most important race for the Senate here for 22.
We have to replace Pat Toomey
Senator Toomey was not very nice to me.
Pat Toomey is a miracle.
He had a chance to match me up again.
Abortion is the ballot now in November.
That's who slaves of Satan are, is these pathetic people.
Fetterman's not running anything.
They're not the bosses.
They are the globalist minions.
So when we come back, I'm going to hit the vaccine narrative collapses as Harvard study shows, jab more dangerous than COVID.
We're going to hit what's happened to the economy with Russia.
And we have a special guest in studio to talk about the collapse of the entire COVID narrative straight ahead.
Infowars.com tomorrow's news today.
I also want to look more at the situation with Bill Gates and what he's setting up and what he's doing.
So that's all coming up here today in the final segment of this hour and the whole next hour with our special guest
We're going to have in studio.
Remember, the globalists are working around the clock trying to shut this information down.
That's why your word of mouth can trump everything they're doing.
So share the live links from InfoWars.com forward slash show.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Old Klaus Schwab wants a civil war, but he didn't want to get the blame for it.
He wants to kill each other.
I got a better idea.
How about we wake up and expose who the real enemy is.
There's blood on the streets!
It's up to Mancos!
All right, we have a highly recommended individual from Dr. Peter McCullough and others.
Every guest he's recommended has been amazing.
Michael Hamilton is an attorney battling the vaccine tyranny.
And with such giant developments, I can't wait to have him in studio.
He's here with his wife and great family.
That's coming up next hour.
Look for that.
Okay, so let's race through this news.
I've already mentioned a lot of this, but I want to actually drill through the actual articles.
Joe Biden rages against Republicans transporting migrants to Democrat elites.
It's un-American.
And we have that clip.
We've already played Joe Biden saying it's un-American, but they call him here.
He says, flood the border.
We never played that clip yesterday.
Will you guys cue that back up if you can?
We've probably played it a hundred times.
We haven't played it in probably a year.
He says, if I get elected, I want you to literally flood the border.
So then they flood the border, and Texas and Florida governors say, we'll just ship a few hundred up to you.
Democrats have said that.
It's a holocaust!
You told them to come here!
You told them!
I mean, these are quotes.
These are unconscious people.
Here's a clip of Joe Biden telling the illegals to come here.
We're telling folks when I get elected, surge the border.
And now they've surged the border millions a month, over a million a month in Texas alone.
Hell on earth, total collapse, insanity, illegal aliens everywhere sleeping on the street.
And it's the Republican governors of Florida and Texas' fault?
It's Greg Abbott and it's Rhonda Sanders' fault?
So now, we already played the clip earlier, but he rages that it's un-American to bring people into the country.
Because his idiot constituents can actually see what it's like to be in the rest of the country in their rich areas because the Democrats have three times on average money than Republicans.
They're the rich people.
They won't have a class war.
Dumped on their doorstep.
In fact,
We already played the clip, but Kamala Harris put the illegals at her house.
They go, get back from the fence, get back from the fence, they have a fence, you can't.
Look at the signs they have of Martha's Vineyard.
Liberal logic, Martha's Vineyard calls 50 illegal immigrants a human humanitarian crisis, but 4.2 million illegal immigrants crossing the so-called secure border that Kamala Harris talks about.
And the signs they put up say,
We respect women.
We value black lives.
We stand with our LGBTQP community members.
We stand with immigrants and refugees, with indigenous peoples.
We stand with people of all faiths.
We stand for our community, but don't come to our community.
That was quick.
Buses arrive at Martha's Vineyard and deport illegals off the island to military bases.
Biden says we have a process in place to manage migrants as complete chaos unfolds
Beyond any imagination on the border.
The press secretary, KJP, says illegals have been promised a home and a job.
By them.
Meanwhile, war on the middle class, America suffers the greatest loss of household wealth in history.
But there's new videos of Biden losing himself on stage.
Doesn't know who he is.
Obama refuses to house migrants flown into Martha's Vineyard as Democrats lament open borders policy they voted for.
We got all these photos coming out of Martha's Vineyard.
Here is Obama's 15,000 square foot mansion.
Not too worried about the sea level rising, are they?
Oh, no, no, don't come here.
No, no, no, no, no.
And of course, look at the House of Al Gore, Obama, Romney, and John Kerry on Martha's Vineyard.
Do you see any solar panels there?
No, you don't see any solar panels.
El Paso border crisis deepens as a thousand migrants are left to sleep on the streets.
Migrants from the global lockdown.
Migrants from the shutdown.
I remember these signs up the last five years.
They're rainbow colored.
It says, in this house, we believe black lives matter.
Women's rights are humanitarian rights.
No human is illegal.
Science is real.
Love is love.
Kindness is everything.
So if you see that sign, illegal aliens, go there and ask for free stuff.
But you're not gonna get it.
So if it's good enough for the Democrat strongholds to have giant tent cities, how about they start to happen at their houses?
There's one from a spickle of me.
He says, sorry illegal migrants.
Southern border states are full, but I hear Martha's Vineyard is accepting reservations.
It's actually Laura Loomer's idea three years ago.
She took a bunch of illegal aliens she picked up on the Texas border, excuse me, California border, and took them to Nancy Pelosi's house, and she got arrested for it.
Like, let's get Laura Loomer on Sunday.
And it just gets crazier and crazier from that point out.
The system's dying.
The power structure knows you're not listening.
They don't know what to do but crash things and hope you forget about what they did so they can pose as the saviors during the new crisis.
Here's an example.
Emmys for the last decade have slid to almost no viewers, but now TV's Biggest Night has lowest ratings in award history.
But that's okay, they've got a new target at Peterwood.
Coming out event hosted in non-profit encourages kids as young as five to attend, but teach little kids who don't even know who they are and haven't formed their identity to go give money to men dancing on stripper poles and decide they're gay.
They got a name for that.
It's called pedophilia, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely unprecedented evil.
And what is the power structure's response to all of this?
Try to outlaw our speech and our resistance to what they're doing.
We have a special guest coming up next hour, more on Biden's new declaration of war against the American people that he made yesterday and more.
But first, this new article up on Infowars.com, Alex Jones is outselling Stephen King.
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You know, we have to get conspiratorial, and we look at the Iran-Contra.
The CIA was trading drugs with Nicaraguans for guns.
We were giving them guns, and then they were taking that cocaine, and they were flying it into Mena, Arkansas, which Bill Clinton happened to be the governor of that state.
And they were taking those drugs, and they were putting them in Florida, they were putting them in California, Freeway Ricky Ross.
So they created the crack epidemic.
So the people, the same people that did that, they're creating the problems that we have today.
So it's just a new drug for a new era.
I mean, I grew up in a world where, and speaking for myself, I actually believe that conspiracy theories were the way that dumb, uninformed people explained a complex world.
You couldn't understand what was actually happening, you resorted to a conspiracy theory, and that was a mark of...
A low IQ, of course.
I'm here to warn people, you keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Now, I always think this, the more informed, the smarter the person, the more likely they are to be connecting the dots that you're connecting.
So you grew up in a world where people just like assumed that the system was not on the level, I think.
Well, it's called cognitive dissonance.
It's like you know the government is, you know, has done corrupt stuff.
You know there's classified levels of intelligence that you'll never be a part of.
But you have cognitive dissonance thinking that the government has your back.
They don't.
It's a personal people control system.
They want to control us.
And that's one of the biggest parts of why they want to keep you depressed.
Because Tucker, when you're constantly depressed, you're in what is called fight or flight.
So your hormone response is constant cortisol.
And that's why Brian Stelter, those guys that constantly have the ticker on CNN, how many people die, how many people die.
Because people get addicted to that hormonal response.
And once you're in that fear state of fight or flight, you can't see the forest for the tree right in front of your face.
So then they can literally, like a dog with a treat, they can make you do whatever you want.
And that treat is just more trauma, what I call trauma-based mind control.
Just more fear tactics in order to control you.
So that's what's happening now, is the mainstream media uses fear to control us.
And that's the same mechanism that the government uses.
I couldn't agree more.
Since you mentioned the Great Recession and the War of the World that you championed, and I really appreciate you reading it, it's mainly, it was easy to write, it's their quotes, it's their battle plan.
What if people would have read Mein Kampf that Hitler wrote?
Everything he said in the book, he did.
Well, this is their Mein Kampf.
This is their admissions right here.
This is their confessions.
That's why I call it the blueprint of the Death Star.
No, listen, here's the beauty of the book.
You actually quote them at length.
You take a couple of the top books, you take a couple of the top thinkers, you tie it all together, and this is what people have to understand.
Look, once you read this, you'll understand what we're up against, okay?
You'll understand exactly what this apparatus, you know, what Alex calls it, the Death Star.
But you understand what we're up against, and we're not going to back off this.
We can't back off it.
The United States is actually the centerpiece of this battle.
Because they understand, just like in the Revolutionary War, if they can take the liberty and freedom of American citizens, they can take it anywhere.
And that's why you have to fight back.
And by the way, Alex, I not just read it, I tell everybody, get a pen.
I always get my great pens here.
I had my pen and I'm underlining everything.
And here's the beauty of it.
You footnote everything.
This is not Alex Jones's opinions.
What Alex Jones's team has done is pulled it all together.
It's all referenced right there.
You can go to a footnote.
I know you've got an online site about it, too.
That's why I think Tony Lyons and the guys at Skyhorse did such a great job.
But listen, once you read this book, you understand why the Alex Joneses and the Steve Bannons are not going to back off.
There's all kind of other things we could do.
There's all kind of other things Trump could do.
There's all kind of other things Tucker Carlson could do.
We're all in this fight.
Get your signed copy of the number one book in America and help keep InfoWars on the air.
The Great Reset in the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Available exclusively right now at Infowarsstore.com
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because they know we are strong and they know in the end they signed on the god of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep Infowars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the Mark of the Beast they just announced.
All right, Dr. Peter McCullough, out of all the great scientists and researchers out there, I can say is a leading person having the biggest effect exposing this.
And he said you to get Michael Hamilton and Dan Watkins on the show.
And so we have Michael Hamilton in studio.
We're very blessed and flattered that he came here to be with us.
And we have Dan Watkins.
We also appreciate joining us via Skype.
But these are the guys, and it's not getting a lot of media attention, but it's huge, that have the big lawsuits going in California over Randesivir, which they knew didn't help people and turn their kidneys and other organs off.
And so this is a whole other layer of Fauci and the stock he owns and what Senator Rand Paul brought up two days ago in those hearings.
And so I think the best thing to do in the rest of the hour is for me to just try to shut up.
And let real experts, Attorney Michael Hamilton and Attorney Dan Watkins, who are at the tip of the spear, tell us who you are and what's happening and why this is so important.
Thank you, Alex.
I'll just lead in.
I'm a small, too, stoplight town attorney from Kentucky.
But Dan Watkins and I have seen these remdesivir protocols happening around the country.
And I want to describe them a little bit.
We filed a lawsuit, three lawsuits, in Fresno, California.
To try to hold these hospitals accountable and to try to bring awareness to this issue because it's happening.
The protocol is almost the same in every hospital all around the country.
Yeah, the UN sets the protocol, like Facebook said in Congress.
Oh, we take medical orders from the UN.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I mean, so just the basic protocol as I see it happening everywhere, it's happening in my state, it's happening, I've got calls in from at least 25 different states.
Somebody goes into the hospital, and it could be for almost anything, and the hospital just tells them they have COVID pneumonia.
A lot of times they ask them if they've been vaccinated, and that, I'm not sure why they ask that, but I think I have some ideas, but they then tell them they have COVID pneumonia,
And they isolate them.
They put them in the ICU.
They take their family away from them.
They put an oxygen machine on their face, a BiPAP machine, and they turn it up to high levels, which makes it hard for them to breathe.
These folks will try to take it off, and so they'll zip-tie their hands to the bed rails.
They bring in a psychiatrist who diagnoses them as agitated.
And then they give them morphine and a whole handful of other kinds of sedatives.
So basically, this is euthanasia.
It is absolutely.
They refuse to give them food or water.
The remdesivir shuts down their kidneys.
They flood them with all kinds of other drugs, many of them contraindicated for use with remdesivir.
And remdesivir, I'm sure that your listeners probably know... Oh, I remember when they were first giving an emergency approval, they said it wouldn't work, it would shut off the kidneys, so...
Again, the cold-bloodedness, I mean, this is so cold-blooded.
Obviously, your lawsuit wants to find out who creates the protocols, why is it the same, why is this happening?
This is so organized.
Whether you're in Kentucky or New York or Texas or California.
That's right, absolutely.
Remdesivir was tested a few years ago in these Ebola trials and 53.1% of everybody they gave it to died.
They pulled it from the trial and banned it from further use.
Too poisonous to give to people.
Then they went before the CDC, a panel.
Nine of the panelists who were seeking that EUA approval, Emergency Use Authorization, were from the NIH.
And nine of them had financial ties to Gilead Sciences, who is the maker of the drug Veklery, commonly known as Remdesivir.
And since then, well, since the Ebola trials, the WHO, the World Health Organization, did a very large study.
And they concluded that remdesivir does nothing to help anybody with COVID and should never be given to anybody with COVID.
Yet it's being given all over the United States, along with this protocol that's designed to starve people to death, shut down their kidneys, give them acute renal failure, fill their lungs up with fluids, and when you say, when families say, hey, let's give them some food and water, they say, well, no, we can't put more fluid in them, their lungs are filling up.
Well, their lungs are filling up because of the remdesivir.
Without the food and the water and without any human contact, they're shut down, they're strapped down, and then they just starve to death.
And similarly, in England, they do this too, but they also gave them that euthanasia drug they use for lethal injection, which it says you don't give it to somebody that has breathing problems.
I mean, this looks pretty damn premeditated, Michael.
It looks really premeditated, and it's been financially incentivized in ways that most people can't even believe.
For example, in California, there are three categories of treatment for a hospital.
You either treat somebody that has COVID as an outpatient, and if you do, then the average charge rate is about $3,200.
Or you bring them in and you treat them as a non-complex inpatient, and then the average charge rate goes up to $111,000 and change.
But if you treat them as a complex, and complex is defined as you've either intubated them or you've put them in the ICU, either one or both, now it becomes complex and the average charge rate jumps up to $450,000 and change.
So this is a $400,000 death penalty?
Well, plus they get a 20% bump through Medicare if they offer remdesivir to the exclusion of any other remedy.
If they don't give ivermectin...
They have to exclude it.
They have to say Remdesivir is your only hope, and if they do that, the government gives them 20% on the entire stay, which at $450,000 charge rate, is another 90 grand, roughly.
So this makes Vioxx blush.
Please continue.
So, and on top of those financial incentives, we know that with the original CARES Act, anybody who got the word COVID on their death certificate in California, the state of California gets an extra $147,000 on top of all the other incentives that we talked about.
Is there any particular group they're targeting?
We know the ventilators and stuff in New York, they targeted old people.
Is there a particular group they're targeting?
I would say, and maybe Dan can speak to that a little bit, but I don't see a particular group at this time.
We may find some things out through discovery, and we expect to learn again.
Because we had a New York nurse on, she said it's going to be totally healthy, but they were homeless, they just grabbed and strapped them down, give them Remdesivir and kill them.
We've seen them strap people down and kill them when they, from all walks of life and all different ages.
That happened to Alex Stein's mother.
They strapped her down, wouldn't let him see her, gave her a Nesvir killer.
Same protocol, same talking points, all the way around the country.
It's happening everywhere, Alex.
Let's bring Dan Watkins in.
We've got three minutes to break.
Kind of give us your opening statement here, Dan.
Sure, you bet.
Yeah, with respect to what's going on, you hit it on the head in terms of this is coming from above because I've been doing medical and dental malpractice defense work for 30 years in California.
And what's supposed to guide the health care providers is the standard of care practiced among health care providers, right?
And when you look at these protocol, this protocol, one protocol being implemented across the board,
In the fashion that Michael just described, in a way that's designed to really kill the patient, there's no way this could be the standard of care.
No practitioner could look at this and say, this is the viable standard of care when we know we have alternative methods of care such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, way more efficacious.
So somebody's pulling the strings on this and calling the use of remdesivir.
And it's beyond the standard of care.
Peter McCulloch, he hits this right square every time.
Doctors need to exercise their own judgment, and they're not.
Their judgment's being replaced by somebody, somewhere.
It's not the WHO.
I mean, it could be a group of them, but they'll look to, well, it's the CDC, it's the FDA, it's the WHO, it's the NIH.
They're calling the ball.
That's not what's supposed to dictate how a provider works.
They all point fingers at each other.
Well, exactly.
Yeah, and it's not me.
I'm following the guidance from the CDC.
I'm following the guidance from the NIH.
I'm following the guidance from wherever.
That's not how it's supposed to work.
And the fact that it's not working where the doctor's using their own independent judgment, they're replacing and then they're replacing the patient's decisions with their decisions.
Something's up and that's what we're filing these cases for to try and get to the bottom of it because it's important.
And these are not exaggerations.
It's the same protocol
I don't know how many states... I know three people who had healthy family members that they put on Remdesivir that were dead in two weeks.
We have thousands of emails and calls since we did our press conference a week ago.
Thousands from across the country.
Same, same result.
And young people, healthy people, and then I think the last person I would say, if there was any group that was targeted, it's the unvaxxed.
As soon as they know you're unvaxxed, you are immediately moved into this protocol and your care is put down on the back burner and no one pays attention to you until you're done.
Wow, so that's bioethical eugenics targeting.
I'm from the stories we're hearing and it's over and over.
And it's not just California and Fresno.
It is Kentucky, Florida, Michigan, Connecticut, Vermont, Texas, you name it.
The same thing.
I'm unvaxxed.
Right into the protocol.
Get them intubated.
All right.
Dan Watkins, attorney.
Michael Hamilton, attorney.
Highly recommended by Dr. Peter McCullough.
The guys that filed the big suit.
So blessed to have you.
So huge to have you guys here in studio.
We're going to come back and just let you guys roll this out, because this is, this is genocide.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Folks, I'm not at liberty to tell you one crew member whose mother died after they ran out of the village.
And I'm not at liberty, I'm not going to get into family that died when I gave it to them.
But Alex Stein, who's huge and a great guy from Dallas, his mother was healthy, they put her on it, it killed her.
He's hosting next Tuesday while I'm in Connecticut.
And our guest, Michael Hamilton, is going to be here in Austin.
Until then, he'll be in studio, actually with one of our co-hosts, whose mother died.
That's how big this is.
And it's ongoing, and it's a silent operation that's happening.
So Dan Watkins or Michael Hamilton, the key lawyers, taking action against this.
Thank God.
Who wants to go first and just lay out the next phase of this?
I'll let Dan speak to the next phase.
Yeah, Dan.
You can jump in.
I think the next phase, we're in it right now, and that's bringing awareness to what's going on.
You've identified it there.
People don't know.
They go to the hospital.
They have no idea.
They're told remdesivir is the treatment of choice.
They submit, and then they die.
We want people to know how bad it is.
So when they get there, they say, do not do this.
I do not want remdesivir.
And that's part of why we filed the lawsuits.
And I'll say on behalf of the clients, in large part, that's what they want.
They just want people to be aware.
They want also people to be aware of other treatments that can be used and to call for those.
But then when they go and administer this poison without the consent, and in some cases,
They actually administer it over the objection of the patient.
We want those people to be held accountable.
So right now, we've got the complaint filed.
We're going to wait for the answers from the three different hospitals and the healthcare providers.
And then we're going to jump into discovery and we're going to get after it.
We're going to dig into what's involved in the financial incentives.
We're going to dig into the protocol and where it came from and how they can equate it with the standard of care.
We're going to dig into the actual process that occurs when these people are given remdesivir, and a 21-year-old, one of the decedents in our cases, can be perfectly healthy and die within nine days.
We're going to get into that, and we're going to exploit... Same thing, Alex Stein's mom, dead within, I think you said, eight, nine days.
Yeah, it's insane.
It's not and I think it's got to go back to the idea that this is not an exaggeration.
This is not a hyperbole.
These are exactly the same cases across the country and the numbers are astounding and the calls that come in the heartbroken hearts.
I mean, this is crazy that Americans are under this.
Is to stop the use of remdesivir.
It needs to stop.
And that's ultimately the goal.
So as long as we can bring awareness to it, people can say no, they can object and resist, hopefully we can bring down the use quite a bit and stop it.
Yeah, this is the legal system being used for what it's supposed to be, not suppress free speech, not to destroy people, but to save lives.
And again, it's formulaic.
All over the Western world, they're following the same formula, even though, again, day one, they said it would cause this.
And like Rand Paul said two days ago with Fauci, he said, we're going to find out with your medical recommendations across the board who's getting paid.
Yeah, and that's where Michael comes in, in terms of digging in on these financial incentives, his expertise in this, his exposure to this type of stuff over the years.
That's really number one.
Well, it's up high on the list.
There's a lot of things we want to accomplish, but the idea that this type of treatment is incentivized, and it's incentivized even further by the death of the patient, is abhorrent.
And we've got to get to the bottom of that.
What's the best place for people to visit?
We've got 30 minutes, 45 minutes left, but everybody's
Flood the zone with your press conference.
Flood the zone with your lawsuits.
Flood the zone and pay attention to what you're doing because this is a silent holocaust that you're raising alarm on.
One other thing we're trying to do is bring awareness of this issue to other attorneys across the country that have a love for the Lord and want to do good for people and take the skills that they've learned over the years and fight for this same cause.
So we're hoping to develop in this a template, so to speak, how to go about filing lawsuits to make it easier and then to help people if they need help in medical malpractice.
We have
A growing pool of experts that are assisting us and will assist us across the country.
So, one of the things that we really need to have, though, are attorneys.
Michael and I can only file so many suits, and we really hope, out of that, that we can get people, attorneys that love the Lord and want to do good, to get involved in this fight.
So, we're also in need of raising funds.
I'll just tell you that.
We have created a GiveSendGo.
Is it alright for me to speak about that?
So we have, because these families have, everything's been taken from them.
Please do, yeah.
They're grief stricken.
They don't have, these are just regular people.
You know, like a lot of us, they live from paycheck to paycheck, many of them, and they don't have the money to fund this kind of an effort.
The discovery costs are going to be really high.
We're so blessed to have a number of doctors, including Dr. McCullough.
Um, donating their time to serve as our... The fact that you've only raised a few thousand dollars, you guys need to raise millions of dollars, not just the hundred and something thousand you need to raise.
These wars cost millions of dollars and the globalists just think we're stupid, that they can just get away with this, that they can just carry this out.
Uh, this is just, I couldn't think of more important work.
So what's the Give Send Go for folks that donate?
It is www.givesendgo.com slash Fresno Remdesivir Death.
That will take you directly to our GiveSendGo.
We just set it up a few days ago and we already have people giving small amounts here and there, but we really need to get some traction there for the sake of these people and really for the sake of everybody, Alex.
Because with a win, with a victory here, as we get into discovery, I think we're going to learn more about the financial incentives.
I know of some of the financial incentives and I laid those out a minute ago, but I think we're going to discover much more that we can't even see.
I think we're at the tip of the iceberg.
We're certainly at the tip of the spear, and if we have a victory, what we discover in this case is going to benefit other attorneys all around the country as they attack this thing.
I mean, I can't think of a more important area for people to donate.
How do I do it again?
It's GibsonGo.com slash Fresno RemdesivirDeath.
You know, I've got thousands of questions, but just continue, Michael and Dan.
Well, I want to tell you a story about a nurse in Kentucky.
This is how I really got my initial awareness.
I got a call from a group of nurses, and they said they're putting this nurse to death in the hospital with remdesivir, and she was a 26-year-old pediatric nurse in that hospital.
She went in for bronchial pneumonia, which she gets just about every year, and she went in to get hydrated and treated, and she told them she did not want remdesivir.
And they said, well, let's just get you hydrated, sweetie.
And they hung a bag of remdesivir on her and told her it was hydration.
Then they shut the door and refused to let anyone come in for the next nine hours.
In the morning she was very dehydrated and they said, oh, you're dehydrated.
She said, well, I've been calling for help all night.
I'm so thirsty.
And they said, well, let's get you hydrated right now.
And they put another bag of remdesivir on her, shut the door, locked her in for another nine hours.
I drove to that hospital and I began to ask them, she signed a power of attorney.
She was very lucid and she did not want the remdesivir.
And so I said, I need to see a list of all the medications you have her on.
They said, well, that's not the way we do it anymore.
When she's discharged,
We'll give her a list and she'll be able to see everything we gave her.
I said, no, she's a free American and she gets to have input about what you're giving her.
She has a right to refuse medication.
She has the right to ask for things if she thinks she needs them.
And so for the next 13 hours they stonewalled me.
Well, the doctor's coming.
And I patiently endured the stonewalling.
At the end I called up the CEO of the hospital and I said,
You've got a big problem down here in this room.
And if you call me back, it's going to get exponentially worse.
You need to get out of your blankety-blank chair and come down here and deal with the situation.
Three minutes later, I was surrounded by security.
The head nurse said to me, said to them, this man's been interfering with us all day.
He won't let our nurses do their job.
Let's hear what happened when we come back.
It's an organized plan all over the country and all over the world.
Who is running the extermination operation?
Stay with us.
Fauci blocked all the main therapeutics, the hydroxychloroquine, the ivermectin, the vitamin D, the vitamin C, and they got their emergency approval for redesivir.
Not Regeneron, not the monoclonal antibodies, but this chemical drug that killed 50 plus percent of people they gave it to in previous studies for viral infections.
They knew this.
Rendesivir fails to prevent COVID-19 deaths in huge trial and causes deaths, but they're still doing it under a directive by the big hospital chains that are making money because the federal government incentivized $400,000 plus if you did it.
Put somebody on a ventilator, over $100,000 total after it all.
So this is a pre-planned operation.
You were telling the story, Michael Hamilton, lawyer, following these lawsuits with Dan Watkins and others.
You're traveling the country now exposing it and trying to save lives.
Finish the story of the nurse and you're talking to the CEO of the hospital system in Kentucky.
So after the 13 hours of grinding, just trying to find out what medicine she was on, I had a power of attorney.
I was also her attorney in fact, and they surrounded me with security guards.
And so the nurse started saying I wasn't letting them do their job.
I was going in and out of a COVID ward without protective equipment.
No, it is obvious.
And we're determined to get to the bottom of who set the protocol.
Uh, after she described all these things that I had supposedly been doing, I said to the security guards, I said, look, gentlemen, this, this, uh, dear nurse here is lying to you through her teeth.
I have stood here and in this same calm voice, I have asked her to tell me what medicine she's giving my client.
And we know that she's trying to kill my client with remdesivir, which my client said she doesn't want.
And I said, we're not going to have a wrestling match here, but as I was talking to him, I was dialing 911, I got the local police on the line, and I said, we got an attempted murder going on right here in this room, in this hospital, and I need some troopers here right now.
They escorted me out of the hospital and I've been banned from returning but the police did come and after four policemen including a sergeant and the doctor and the nurse converged in that room they agreed to stop the remdesivir but they told this nurse and this is what they tell everybody they say if you leave the hospital against medical advice
Yeah, your insurance is not going to cover it.
Now, I don't know that that's true.
We're going to find out.
But I don't know, sitting right here today, that that's true.
I suspect it isn't.
But they're being told that everywhere.
And so, you know, people are afraid.
Again, you're all over the country, the same story.
It's a lot of money.
Somebody wrote the whole protocol of how to lock people out, how to give them the drug, how to scare people.
I mean, who wrote this battle plan?
I keep obsessing on that.
So what happened to the poor lady?
We need to, because it's verbatim.
I'm hearing the same script everywhere.
I've got it on tape.
I've got it from multiple hospitals in multiple states, and they're saying the same thing.
Well, that's the key to the conspiracy right there.
So what happened?
She was afraid to leave, and they told her, you're going to have to be intubated.
She said, I don't want to be intubated.
And they said, well, you're not vaccinated, so you're going to have to be.
Exactly what they told her, and four days later, she died in the ICU.
And they got even more federal bonuses for the intubation.
That's right.
My God, this is paid for murder.
So, tell us who her name and who she was so we can memorialize her.
I don't have permission from the family to do that.
Oh, I understand, okay.
So I have to protect her privacy.
Her family, I would love to see the hospital.
But you followed the Super 14 families that are public now.
Fourteen families in Fresno, California had the courage.
That's right.
A lot of families are so grief-stricken, they can't endure the publicity of going forward with a lawsuit.
Well, yeah, you don't expect a hospital to kill you.
You expect a thug to do it.
That's right.
That's right.
People are... We're used to going to the hospital to get help.
And instead, you know, people are going in for really minor things, and they're being put to death.
The average time to death is nine days, but some of these people
Didn't get killed that quickly.
They were tortured for 30, 40, one of them for 56 days.
Family, no family, a room with no pictures, hands tied down.
You know, just.
This is beyond North Korean torture.
Yeah, it's it's.
I can't believe this.
I appreciate your courage even faces because most people face pure evil.
They just they run away from it because it's too hard to believe.
Dan Watkins, what should people know about this, this Holocaust?
Well, we've hit on so many issues.
I think that it's just the beginning is what I would tell people.
This isn't going to be the last time that some type of horrible protocol is unleashed on American people.
We started it with the mandates for the supposed vaccine and they compelled people and they used all sorts of
And because of that, it's not the last time we're going to see this type of protocol happen.
And so what we need is for people to understand that this is not some one-off.
This is not some mistake by a random hospital in the middle of, you know, Central Valley, California.
This is a coordinated effort.
To take away the rights of people and to impose somebody's will in terms of their medical care on them.
And so people need to be aware this is happening.
It will continue to happen.
They need to say no to those types of protocols when they go to the hospital.
They need to be aware that they could be... This is a coordinated agenda and I agree with you.
A total test case.
A hundred percent.
I mean, I think that the mandate on the vaccine, the supposed vaccine, was the tester of the tests and now they've amped it up a bit and now we're going to see more and more of this type of stuff.
New vaccines going to be pushed out, new types of treatment for the vaccine that doesn't help and it's going to be all directed and they're going to have one choice and that's it and they're going to do it.
To take people out and it's it's unbelievable to me that it's happening but it's clear that it is happening at some level above the medical provider because this is not the standard of care.
It can't be the standard of care to provide a patient poison that has got a greater chance of killing them than it does helping them.
We already see hospitals around the world, not just here, who's directing the same policy to deny organ transplants, or not give medical treatment, or not give cardiac treatment, or not even let you in if you've not been ejected, or fire their employees.
And you bring up across the board, with your plaintiffs and your research, that it's unvaccinated that are being targeted for death.
This is direct discrimination.
This is insane.
I will tell you, Alex, we have thousands of people that we're representing in California who fought against the mandate for the vaccine and were fired because of it.
Hundreds and hundreds of which are with the healthcare industry.
They knew better and they said no.
They based it on their religious beliefs, a very solid and important foundational belief.
They said no to the COVID vaccine and they're fired for it.
And so this, it's so aggressive and the coercion is so evident.
It's just right out there.
And that's why we know for sure that there will be more of this.
And it is absolute discrimination when someone exercises their
Sincerely held religious beliefs against something and they say I don't want this the First Amendment the first of the amendments and it's disregarded by whoever is in authority particularly in California all over the place we represent first responders up and down the state the city of Los Angeles is out of control the county of Los Angeles is out of control Santa Clara County all of these locations forcing people to take medical care that they don't want and I want to commend you for what
I don't know.
I agree with you there.
We had that recent settlement, Liberty Council on behalf of 500 employees entered into a class action suit, got a settlement with the hospital and got the people back to work.
So we're seeing certain organizations realize, hey, this might not be the best way to go in terms of treating our employees and treating people in general.
When we deny their religious liberty.
So I think we are seeing some traction, but I think what's really important to highlight from all this, and this is for all the listeners, the attorneys can only file the suit if the client steps up and says, I'm ready to step in the fray.
I'm just using the law and what I've been, you know, trained to do over the years to fight for them.
I guarantee you, Alex Stein told this story six months on my show.
It's why he's become, he was not even a public figure.
He's become a phenomenon.
They killed his mother.
The story you tell is the same story.
And it's the people and the families, they feel so intimidated by the authority figures that do this to them.
They don't step out.
They feel like they are going to be taken out.
And these families in Fresno, I don't want to put their names out there.
People can go, but we want to protect them.
It's on the complaint.
They're stepping out and they want so that Michael and I can go about and tell their stories for them.
Stay there.
That's right.
Stay there.
All right.
I got some breaking news.
I'll cover at the start of the next hour ahead of Jay Dyer taking over.
But ladies and gentlemen, if you get upset, if you get excited to fight tyranny, it's game over.
And this Randesivir is another thing Fauci's done that is so evil.
It's like he did with AZT that would kill people with HIV.
It's game over for them.
And these guys have followed so many suits, they're having such big success with the firefighters and police and medical workers.
In California and other states.
It's just so incredibly important that you support them.
Now I know that you've given out your give, send, go and that's great.
You guys are traveling the country battling and people should support you.
But what's a website for the law firms, for people out there that lost family members that need to call you so we can get the ball rolling?
Alex, they can go to my website, it's wl-llp.com, wl-llp.com.
Go to the contact tab, and in there you'll see two drop-down items.
One, if you need legal help regarding the mandates for the COVID vaccine, and then two, legal help regarding remdesivir.
There's an intake form, you can fill that out.
And we're assembling those by state first, and then within California and Nevada where I'm licensed, and then Kentucky next, and then we're going to try and find attorneys across the country to get other help for these people.
So that would be where I'd recommend they go to get on the list to get some help.
What was it like for both of you men, just to personalize it?
It's hard to believe this is going on, but it is.
You said it was the young lady, the nurse being murdered in front of you.
For you, Dan Watkins, what was your process like in this?
Yeah, I practiced.
This is my 30th year of practice in law, 29 years.
I've been looking for something to do, but never really had the time and really the compulsion to investigate it.
Well, my son became a victim of the mandates in California as a senior at one of the state schools, and we wanted to fight against that, and that was my step off into this.
So you have real skin in the game.
Yeah, that's what started it.
And we helped a bunch of college students just trying to get into it.
And then right after that, the Department of Public Health in California issued its mandate against health care workers.
And I will tell you that it is nothing short of God's doing this.
He put all these people in front of me, and one step after another, I met nurse after nurse.
Oh, wait till Alex Stein gets on board.
Yeah, yeah, no doubt.
It's been amazing.
And so, in the last year, we've been able to help so many Americans fight for the fundamental rights of the First Amendment, their religious liberties, their medical autonomy, the rights to privacy, 14th Amendment due process.
I mean, such important things.
This is a tyrannical medical tyranny revolution.
A hundred percent.
And you're seeing it.
I mean, they don't even hide it anymore.
Newsom, Garcetti, the L.A.
County Board of Supervisors, it's just right out there.
They don't hide it.
They just tell you you have to do it.
The fentanyl won't kill you, the Rendezvous will.
They're going to push it.
Get you guys in there for COVID treatment.
If you're unvaccinated, you get a different course of care and you're off with Remdesivir.
And even if you haven't been vaccinated, they do it.
For me, that's the big takeaway, the organized policy all over the world.
But the fact of the discriminating against the unvaccinated, that right there is a smoking gun.
That's what we're hearing.
These are the stories we're hearing.
That if you're unvaccinated, you are on a fast track to your own room and intubation and problems with remdesivir.
All right, we've got seven minutes left.
Both men, split this up in closing comments.
Well, I want to say, Alex, that we are really thankful to have the support of folks like Dr. Lee Vleet, who has a foundation called Truth for Health Foundation.
She has been in Arizona
Saving people from the hospital.
Fighting this against Remdesivir for quite some time.
And she has generously donated to help pay for some of the initial expenses.
But we have such a long way to go and so much money to raise.
It's heartbreaking.
Wars cost money.
We can either roll over and die or people can start getting their checkbooks out.
That's right.
It's that simple.
Roll over and die, folks, or spend money.
It's not hard to figure out.
We have people who have gotten on our gifts and given us $10.
People don't have a lot, but if a lot of people give something, it's a way to fight this battle.
If one ant stands up, they might all stand up.
Courageous is contagious, as April Moss likes to say.
That's right.
We were on her show the other day, and it's just, when people hear other people standing up for what's right, then they have a temptation to stand up themselves.
Well, it's just the balls of Fauci, these people.
He does the same crime over and over again.
A treatment for a disease is worse than disease.
And he blocks good treatments.
That's right.
That's right.
Stuff that works.
Ivermectin works.
There's a state in India... There's a new Canadian government study they suppressed.
But they knew it worked two years ago.
Well, and the CDC funded the original Ebola study.
They were one of the funding... The NIH was one of the funding.
So they knew it killed people, it didn't work, so they picked it.
That's right.
Cold-blooded bastards.
Well, I'm just going to spend the last few words and say that this is really God's fight for me and Michael.
And while we're stepping out, we're doing it with Him behind us.
And we go forward and we ask others what we really need to do.
You've hit it on the head.
People across the country
Need to start speaking out and so when we're on our zoom calls with the clients that we're dealing with on it Whether it's a mandate remdesivir or whether we've also started to go after gender transition and the complete atrocities that are occurring there people Need to stand up and speak their heart and speak their values against all of this and we need to do it
All at once and we're seeing people find some courage to do that more and more as they see and hear these stories so people need to talk and tell the stories and get over the idea that it's some kind of conspiracy theory because it's not and I'll tell you if we just go back two years ago three years ago somebody ran this by me I yeah okay I get it maybe that's what's going on but it is happening and I am
I'm living it and I'm seeing it and I want people to hear this is what's going on.
I'm not part of any establishment anywhere.
I'm some guy who had a law office in Orange County, California and we're out there now.
I'm seeing this and it's a mind blower.
So we stepped off for the Lord.
We're going forward with the Lord and if any attorneys are out there and they're feeling any nudging from him to get involved, say yes.
Get involved.
Let them use you.
This fight is worth it because this is going to be the first of many and we are in trouble if people do not start speaking out and standing up for what they believe and pushing back against this tyranny.
We need to do it.
You're right.
The numbers will win if we can all do it.
Well, you just said it.
We can't defeat evil, but if we take action, God through us will.
You want to close this out, Michael?
That's right.
Our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to fight tyranny, and they were not up against anything like we're up against today.
It's time to stop quoting our founding fathers and become the founding fathers and mothers for our grandchildren.
We see a great evil in the country.
Dan and I never asked ourselves, how are we going to get paid?
Should we do this?
We just said,
Our God is greater than this great evil.
How can we not do it?
And we just stepped into the fight and that's where we are today.
Again, how do people contact you guys?
How do they support you again?
So, GibsonGo.com slash Fresno RemdesivirDeath.
My website is CornerstoneAttorney.com.
Dan's website is a little more organized to receive information at this time, and contacting either one of us is as good as contacting the other.
Well, we know it.
I mean, day one, they said it would kill people.
It didn't work, so they did it.
We have to get past the point of just, why would they do it?
Because they're not like us.
We wouldn't do this.
Most people aren't like this.
98% of us aren't like this.
There's a few percentage points that are sociopaths, even smaller percentages that are truly evil.
And they know what they're doing.
They think it's funny.
They think we're gullible.
And they think we're going to take it.
But we're not going to take it.
And I can tell you, next Tuesday, Alex Dines hosts the show, and I'm in Connecticut at these show trials.
So you guys are going to be back here with him in studio.
I just really appreciate how you're taking action.
Alex, thank you so much for having us on today.
All right, we're going to break in a moment.
I'll say bye to you guys.
Speak of the devil, money.
I can't run this war against the Democratic Party in the deep state without your support.
Hey, it's all in God's hands.
We were insolvent six months ago and five million dollars behind.
We got a donation that covered it without me even saying the number.
So, we have our own satellites, our own bandwidth, everything we're doing, toe-to-toe with the globalists.
Everything I've got's been dumped into this.
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You know, most revolutionaries kidnap people and rob banks for money.
I'm not doing that.
I'm just selling vitamins, t-shirts, and books and films.
But I can tell you, I don't want to lay off an employee.
I don't want to back down.
I want to expand in the face of these people.
But we will implode very shortly without your support.
But I know God's going to come through in the end.
God just keeps you right there on empty to keep me true and to show me it's God that's doing it.
So I'm just waiting for the next miracle, and you are that miracle.
The new Teddy Roosevelt fundraiser coin.
And we have the number one book in the world.
And yeah, I'll probably get two million bucks the next few months.
I'm going to dump it right into here.
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So, go get the book at InfoWarsTore.com, get the signed copy that has a big markup to fund the operations of Fundraiser, your signed copy of The Great Reach of the War for the World, at InfoWarsTore.com exclusively.
All right, I want to thank our amazing guests for joining us, Jay Dyer and more, straight ahead.
I don't think of myself as a victim being targeted and persecuted and lied about.
I think of myself as successful.
But, at the same time, I want to be able to continue on our mission.
So we're now into day four of the Connecticut second show trial where the judge has found me guilty and actually issued orders to my lawyers last night.
One came and physically met me, the other I talked to in Connecticut saying, you cannot say you're innocent and you cannot say a whole other list of stuff.
So if I was an airman shot down in Vietnam and captured and put on TV, I could say I was innocent.
But in America, they don't just find you guilty.
They tell you I'll hold you in contempt and put you in jail if you say you're innocent.
Well, let me give the Connecticut folks a little preview.
I'm going up there next week.
I'm going to get on the stand.
I'm going to say I'm innocent.
You can lock my ass up.
Because I'm not in Vietnam in a gulag.
I'm in America and that makes it ten times more important.
It's wrong what the North Vietnamese did to our troops and our airmen then, and what you're doing is far worse.
You are disgusting, and you're in your own delusional world, and you're a fraud.
They claim I pre-programmed everything and planned every article and every interview, and that I masterminded all this stuff.
We gave them all the discovery, and they found us in default because we didn't give them stuff, though they show all this evidence cherry-picked out of context.
All these plaintiffs suing me, I've never said their names.
Don't even know who they are.
Barely questioned Sandy Hook on the air.
I question all these big events, whether it's Jussie Smollett or WBs in Iraq.
But imagine saying, you are sanctioned at the beginning of the defamation
Damages trial already found guilty not getting a real trial, but they're pretending to the jury It's an actual trial and to the world, but I'm guilty when I get there, and I can't say I'm innocent Everybody fundamentally knows that's a fraud.
This isn't about Alex Jones.
It's about you Here's Barbara Bellis yesterday on the stand the following observation this stunningly cavalier attitude with respect to
Their discovery obligations is what led to the default in the first place.
The defendants have consistently engaged in dilatory and obstructive discovery practices from the inception of these cases right through to the trial.
And finally, I will note there is no notice in this file to this minute of any supplemental compliance producing the Google analytic documents, which is required by the practice book.
But it was also required by my clear court order of September 30, 2021, which apparently was not followed here.
So the motion is denied.
For these reasons and the court hereby sanctions the defendants by precluding them from presenting evidence or argument that they did not profit from the Sandy Hook coverage.
So, it's like saying, give me Google.
Google's an interface.
We didn't really use Google Analytics.
We gave them nine million emails they asked for, and they found like five examples where somebody looked at Google Analytics, which is on the dashboard of the control.
I don't sit there and look at statistics.
Has any of the crew ever seen me look at statistics in here?
Do I sit around?
No, I don't.
Everybody knows that.
So we say, yeah, we don't really look at it.
Oh, we found five examples where some of your employees looked at Google Analytics to see how big your website was.
And then they order us to give it to them.
So we go, what are the search terms two years ago?
We go and search the terms, give them a 4,000 page report.
She says, that's not all of it.
All of Google?
It's a search engine.
You can't give them all of Google.
All it is is the back end of Google.
There she is saying, you didn't give any evidence.
And so you are precluded from putting on a defense.
And here's the latest stuff my lawyers told me.
Can't say
That we didn't problem with Sandy Hook, which we didn't problem from him.
Sandy Hook was a small part of our coverage, which it was.
Substantially compliant with Discovery, can't say that.
Can't say the default's unfair.
Can't say we're innocent.
Can't say it's unfair.
And can't say I don't run PQPR, that's my dad's company, which I don't even run it.
He runs it.
And I can't say opposing counsel is unfair.
I'm going to say I'm guilty and play their little North Korean game.
This is the dying embers of a corrupt empire.
These parasites are a joke.
Pray for justice.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And in the wake of the passing of the Queen, I thought it would be very helpful and timely, also given the date, the anniversary of 9-11, to get into the history of imperial
Geopolitical motivations and subversion.
What's the approach that Empire has to how they run their colonies and their subjects?
And by doing so, we will understand the motivation of the geopolitical minds behind the modern era, people behind the Cold War, people behind the War on Terror, and then where we're going now into the war on so-called viruses and invisible enemies.
We go back to Dr. Carol Quigley's book, The Anglo-American Establishment.
He's basically laying out the structure and the approach of these elites in the West, what he calls the Anglo-American power bloc, to running the world.
How they would subvert their main two rivals, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia, to achieve global dominance.
And out of that global dominance, how they would then bring about a World Socialist Fabian Federation.
Now, in the early stages of
20th century, late 1800s, 1900s, there were quite a few people in the British establishment who did not want this plan.
They were not leftists, they were not socialists, they were not anything other than just traditionally minded British who wanted the best for their people and what they saw was the British Empire's advantages for civilization and whatnot.
However, they eventually fell sway to the influence of certain figures within the British establishment, sometimes called the Clivedon set, the Astors, and by extension Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds.
This is the history of the British Empire and how eventually the Bank of England essentially is a front for private banks.
And the way that this model of governance works is the original, in the modern era, shadow government models.
In other words, you have these outer rings and circles that are academics and corporations and media moguls, etc.
And then you have an inner core that they report back to.
And there's an inner core that knows the real long-term plan.
And in Quigley's book, amazingly,
Again, just describing things around the turn of the century, you know, from 1890s into the 1900s.
He lists the people that were involved in this at that time.
Now, it's not exactly the same anymore.
The British Empire doesn't exist.
This is sort of the last waning phases of the British Empire.
But when we look at this, we get a real insight into the skeletal structure and model for how the world government is coming into power now.
It's the same plan.
Of Malthusianism, Fabianism, and Technocracy.
So you've heard me of course quote for a long time the writings of H.G.
Wells, the writings of Bertrand Russell, and in both of their cases they represented the Fabian society.
At least Russell not so much as H.G.
Russell was a Fabian for a while and then he supposedly wanted to do other things, but the Fabians represented this sort of left-wing idea of the establishment at that time.
And again, remember that in my view, even according to mainline historians, the British Empire was really just sort of a front or frontispiece for this inner shadow government of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, etc.
that had these rules where you can't speak publicly about the inner policies.
And so this is called Chatham House Rules, and they named their society, the Royal Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Roundtable Groups.
So this would be principally one of the key figures that we have to know about.
Well, actually two.
There's Lord Milner and John Ruskin, and Milner and Ruskin were favored.
They favored socialism.
But they understood that you probably couldn't convert everybody over to socialism or a centralized world socialist republic without taking a long time to do that.
And this is where we get the idea of a slow implementation of a kind of Fabian socialism.
That's the motto of the Fabians is the turtle, you know, walking slowly.
And many, many members of the British establishment, especially as we get closer to our day, are Fabians or closet Fabians.
Now, that doesn't mean that everybody who's not a Fabian is therefore a good guy, as if the monopoly capitalists or people like this are somehow exempted or the good guys.
Really, they're two sides of the same coin, and this is a big thing that Professor Anthony Sutton stressed as we lectured through his famous book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, because Bolshevism was one of these early experiments and how to run imperial revolutionary tactics in other countries.
So, for example, there's a phenomenal page that he has where he goes into the history of, we know exactly when Lord Milner got the
Lloyd George government to support revolutionary socialism.
And this was done by our political compromise, via who knows what kinds of shady operations.
But in 1917, David Lord George, Prime Minister in the UK, flipped to support at the behest of Lord Milner Woodrow Wilson, who was working at the behest of Colonel Edwin Mandel House, of the banking interests, to switch their support to the Bolsheviks.
So this led to the US government
As well, under the Wilson administration and others, recognizing the Bolsheviks because they had a stake in the country being destroyed and then renovated, and then it became a resource war, right?
So then it became a situation where Russia could be a Western asset, these corporations believe.
Through revolutionizing the country and then for corporate and banking interests making Russia into an asset of the West.
So you can see that it's not so much a government policy as it is these private inter-corporate powers and banking powers use government as their shell, as their engine, as their front to run these operations in these other threat countries or what they see as perceivable threats.
So this is back in the days of the Great Game, the original Great Game, the British Empire, seeing its two rivals being Germany and Russia.
And so imperial geopolitics is really all about
Tricks, dirty tricks, subversion, warfare at every possible level and scale.
And it's no different now.
We still exist in that same kind of world because the world is organized on the basis of big power blocks, large scale power blocks.
And principally, we're talking about the power block of the Anglo-American establishment, which is now the Pax Americana.
So these secret groups, these inner steering committees, royal societies, they're based on this idea of being the, I mean, this is such a fantasy, right, of being the roundtable, right, the knights of the roundtable, right, the wise men, the knights of the roundtable, this kind of stuff.
That's the terms that they use for their own governance policies.
But really, these are just cutouts and fronts for very, very, very wealthy families and corporate interests.
That's it.
And so, this is unfortunate, but this is really how imperial geopolitics works in the modern era.
And we know that it's no different than the British Empire, as it is today for the American Empire, because one of the great strategists, great in the sense of important, powerful, and influential, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
In his book, The Grand Chessboard, he talks about, yes, of course, America is now a vast empire that has to, at all costs, engage in all kinds of black operations, proxy wars, etc., to make sure that no challenger to the Anglo-American power bloc rises.
Now, you might think, well, isn't this just power politics?
Why wouldn't we agree with Brzezinski that
Maybe that's how it should be.
Maybe we should just engage in whatever is necessary so that, you know, we maintain our great standard of living.
Well, you have to understand that the people that run our country are not interested in maintaining a standard of living.
In fact, the really powerful interests in the West, the families, like the Rockefellers, for example, they were involved in for many years promoting the idea of industrialization and consumerism.
And then now it flips after things like the Club of Rome and the first Green Revolution, the first global revolution, where they say that now we're going to decide that humans are the problem.
Now you can't be a producing economy anymore.
You can't be an industrial-based economy anymore.
Now you are bad for your consumerism, you see.
So now they've flipped it to where it's a guilt trip after the baby boom, after that generation, after the success.
The post-war generations, the economic boom, now it becomes a situation where you're guilty for that, and that's done by design.
So it's a flip back and forth, and so it has nothing to do with improving the lives of people in the West or maintaining some sort of free market.
All it is about is phases in terms of rivals so that they can get to the end goal of the Great Reset, austerity, and destroying the economy in the West and by extension the world.
That's the end goal.
To bring in the new system.
Intentional internal destruction to bring about the end goal.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis and I was just discussing the approach, the modus operandi of imperial geopolitics and the attitude of the British Empire and how that transitioned into the Pax Americana.
One of the lords in these circles was a guy named Lord Curzon.
And him with some other lords, they had this idea, there was a book that was put out called the Commonwealth of God, the idea being that we could resurrect the idea of a world government through this idea of putting it into a democratic free trade commonwealth.
Now, I'm not necessarily saying that I'm against free trade or I mean, but the problem is that these ideas can be weaponized.
And in the sense of the British imperial policies, they would actually use free trade and economic liberalism as a as a power move, as a form of soft power, along with other techniques of soft power, as it would eventually be called.
I think he's a Harvard strategist, Joseph Nye.
He wrote this famous paper some decades ago about soft power.
And this is
This is the idea of influencing and exercising influence in other countries and foreign policy through non-military means.
It could be culture, it could be economy, it could be anything.
Again, this is nothing new, but getting that term and getting that idea across is something that is crucial to understanding what we do in the West in terms of American foreign policy.
There's a theorist who I don't agree with everything that he writes but he did have a good analysis of where the American geopolitical imperial strategy comes from and he links it back to the British Empire as do Dr. Carol Quigley and Anthony Sutton and others as well as Brzezinski himself.
There's a book called Postmodern Imperialism by Eric Wahlberg.
And Wahlberg has a great analysis of how the strategies of empire involve, first of all, internationalism, no commitment to actual groups of people on the ground, right?
It's an overriding international concern that first and foremost starts with a form of weaponized free trade.
This, number two, is followed by, and by the way, this free trade is actually something that
It's controlled.
So it's not a real free trade.
It's a free trade for select corporate interests, banking interests that actually run the host government, right?
Next is that wars are conducted and done not for the basis of security or for the basis of self-defense, but they're actually done for the purpose of economic gain and for the purpose of restructuring and extending the empire's power and colonial basically advantage.
That's it.
Next is the exceptionalism principle that anybody within the states of the Empire are actually exempted.
Nobody's held accountable because the individuals, be they Americans, British, or whoever, they are really not accountable due to the fact that they're run by the shadow clique.
And they're really, they're really cut off from the real power structure, right?
I mean, in America, most Americans might have a little bit of awareness of an inner shadow group that runs the country.
But most people, unfortunately, still think that the elected leaders are the ones really pulling the shots, right?
People think Joe Biden is really running the country and calling the shots.
And really, they're just front people or not.
They do have a degree of power, but they're not the real power structure.
And we know that they're not the real power structure because they don't really change or influence this overriding plan that's at least 100 plus years old that still marches forward, right?
And we're actually going past 100 years, right?
We're going back into the 1890s when Quigley talks about the power structure that runs empires, okay?
That controls and has the say-so at the imperial level.
And that really can't be grasped or understood if we don't understand secret inner or banking structures and how private families and private entities gain control of national bank in the particularly the Bank of England and in the Bank of France.
And that same model is what happened in the United States with the Federal Reserve System.
And this is why, at the time of World War I, it was so crucial, this was right after we had the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, right, that the creature from Jekyll Island
This leads to the creation of international banking structures formed on that same model and that same pattern.
So the same model what you have in the British Empire, what you have in France, and then what you eventually have, unfortunately, in the United States, the Federal Reserve System, and then these satellite Federal Reserve Banks, like the Federal Reserve of New York, which, according to Anthony Sutton, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had a huge influence on the Bolshevik Revolution.
Now, this is not accidental.
So what we're starting to see is this pattern of the revolutions that are being conducted in the 1800s and 1900s and 20th century are really private banking corporate revolution.
And they are geared towards an end goal that many independent researchers have come to that conclusion of a worldwide international socialist capitalist technocracy.
It's a myth.
So it's a third way blended system.
And this is precisely why the central bank of central banks, the Bank for International Settlements, is something that most people don't know about.
So we argue all day long about all these politicians and all this stuff, but nobody knows that much about the Bank for International Settlements, which Quigley identifies as the central bank of all central banks.
And according to Wahlberg, that is the IMF and the BIS that really are calling the shots in terms of the global economy.
No, and again, I'm not saying that they control everything.
They don't control the whole world.
They don't control every single thing, but they did have the influential power such that they could essentially organize and structure World War I and World War II and the Cold War.
And this is why, in order to understand the British, today's empire, we have to understand the British Empire.
So basically, just think about what you're seeing there, that picture of the Bank for National Settlements.
That's basically the Federal Reserve of the world.
That's all you have to know.
That's how this works.
That's how this is structured.
And so when we look at these different scandals that have occurred at different times in history, when we think about, for example, false flags that set off
World Wars, or set off Cold Wars, or set off the Gulf of Tonkin, whatever it is.
Gulf of Tonkin, these kinds of things.
We find, in so many cases, engineered secret society groups behind these events.
They're not organic, happenstance, crazy, just out of nowhere things.
In fact, wars are planned years and years ahead of time.
People don't know this.
People think
Oh, it's just a reaction to a random event that happened.
No, no.
Wars are planned years in advance.
That's why H.G.
Wells could talk about World War II and what was coming with tremendous accuracy years before World War II happened.
I think he wrote, uh, things to come several years before World War II.
And he describes, in many cases, a lot of accurate things that occurred in World War II.
I think he was off by a couple of years, but it still was an accurate description of World War II.
So, when we think about the imperial global strategy of the British Empire, again, remember that the same power structure is who's running and co-opting the American government at the time of World War I and World War II, eventually, and most powerfully at the time of World War II, to get it back into global policing.
Remember, the attitude of the Founding Fathers was non-interventionism and not getting entangled in European wars.
And what do we have with the creation of the Royal Society, Milner's Kindergarten, all of these roundtable groups was the intent plan to bring America back under the sway of the British Empire.
Now, the British Empire is not anything other than a cutout for what I'm talking about, this inner shadow group.
And so they succeeded in doing that by using a bunch of British spies, tricks, dirty tricks, techniques, and tactics to get America
From the time of World War I, World War II, back into and under the umbrella aegis of this shadow power structure.
And it's not just British people.
It's not just Americans.
It's very elite, powerful families in both of these countries, you see, that are behind this shadow government.
It's that easy.
It's that simple.
And they run it through banking and corporate power.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jason Allison.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis, and I was just calling attention to the imperial British strategy that they had to bring America and its colonies back under their influence and support.
And we know about this, again, from multiple books and mainline historical records that have been written.
One of those was the book called The Irregulars, which talks about, as I pointed out many times in the past, the
British spies that were sent over at the behest of the British power structure to get these people in America, these unruly Americans, to set up the same types of secret roundtable groups that have been set up in the UK, right?
So we had in New York these different steering committees and structures that were set up, the Council on Foreign Relations, Pratt House.
These are all modeled on the roundtable models that we've seen
In Quigley's discussion of the British establishment.
And so, as I mentioned, Milner's Kindergarten.
Milner's Kindergarten was one of these recruiting strategies and ways to bring people into these groups to teach them world socialism, imperial socialism.
And he'll say these things, Lord Quigley quotes Milner as saying, well, there's bad socialism, but there's this good imperial world socialism that we'll bring about.
And he even talks about that democracy would be a cloak for this, you see.
So, democracy, free markets, the good of the people, all the humanitarian cover that is used originates also in the British imperial strategy.
And so the commonwealths, as they're called, or the Queen's Commonwealth, these kinds of things, those aren't actually democratic states.
They're states that have a front of democracy that are actually controlled by the same elite power structure that's been there for the whole time, right?
So that's what they wanted to do in America, was have that same covert government that they had in the UK, and unfortunately they were successful.
The irregulars who came over, again, not just Roald Dahl, but also William Stevenson, Noel Coward, Ian Fleming, they all helped influence and convince the American power structure to set up the same covert national security deep state government that was existing in the UK.
And this is why we've had no real change in any kind of policies for the last, I don't know, 70, 80, quickly even says 100 years, and he was writing that back in the 60s.
So this is why it's so difficult to quote drain the swamp or to change thing is because this structure is so deeply embedded and has been for so long this national security covert deep inner core government right which there's kind of a layer of spies and espionage people who then protect and cover the inner group of the wealthiest families.
So it's a very difficult egg to crack you see because it has these concentric rings
And if everybody remembers in the Trump administration, for example, when he talked about draining the swamp, and then what did the spy chiefs and the people from the espionage role?
Oh, well, they have a thousand and one ways to get back at you if you try to go against that.
And it's structured this way on purpose, you see.
And unfortunately, they can just cook up any myriad of made-up, totally fake things.
PPGate, all this kind of stuff.
Russia Collusion.
It's all made up, but the public doesn't know that this is how the world is actually structured and runs, and so they just unfortunately fall for whatever the mainstream media says.
But over and over and over, we constantly see everything that the, quote, conspiracy theorists are saying vindicated.
And there have been conspiracy researchers for decades and decades
Pointing this out, John Coleman's book, Committee of 300, he talked about all these same things.
And it wasn't because they theorized this out of their butt, they didn't just get this out of the ether, make it up.
It's because all of these establishment books say this stuff.
It's mainline history.
And that's why when I was studying this stuff in undergrad and grad school, I was astounded to see that all this was just out there in the mainstream book, not even really hidden.
And I think the people from the establishment view it like, well, that's just the way it is, right?
I mean, the British Empire's modus operandi was Malthusianism.
And that's why it's an austerity Great Reset.
When you hear Prince Charles up there saying the same things as Klaus, because he was formative in the creation of the World Economic Forum.
Because he's always tied himself to these environmental movements.
It's because they believe in a form of Darwinian social Darwinism and austerity, Malthusianism, right?
They believe that there's a hierarchy of beings that exists.
And if you haven't evolved to be a, you know, global controller with a lot of money and power, then you deserve to die because you didn't survive that.
You weren't evolutionary.
You weren't fit to survive.
There's nothing wrong with getting rid of you because they are the priests of power, according to their own terminology.
But this is all based on a faulty worldview, right?
That's only true insofar as the worldview is true, right?
And if pragmatic empiricism and Darwinism aren't actually true, then that's not going to work.
You can't just kill everybody and think that you're going to have a bright future.
And that's why, oddly enough, these people believe in a weird cult, right?
The transhumanist idea is some kind of weird cult, where they think they're going to live forever in computers, or that silicon-based lifeforms are going to somehow give them a form of... They really do believe this, and they've written many, many books about that.
And it doesn't matter how philosophically incoherent and absurd it is, they still believe it, because guess what?
It's a religious attachment, right?
What most people don't realize is that everybody's worldview, everybody's belief systems are at some level faith-based.
You have to have some kind of element of trust.
What are you putting your trust in?
Well, for these people, they're putting their trust in science or scientism as if it's some kind of God, when actually all science is is an instrument.
It's just a tool.
A tool can't be the grand narrative explanation of everything.
It can't be God.
It's just a tool.
So they're going way beyond the bounds of science, and they don't even realize it, to adopt the kind of religion.
And if you doubt that, just look at everybody's attitude who was a normie blue pill person for the last three years, since 2020, 2019.
How did they treat the decrees of the CDC and the UN and the WHO, as if it was religious decrees from Mount Olympus?
The masks became a kind of sacrament.
The vaccines are a kind of sacrament.
And all of us who criticized and warned about this have now been vindicated.
All these lot of studies coming out this last week that Alex has covered.
We've been vindicated.
Not because we quote doubt science, but because we know the power of corporate influence in large-scale big science or scientism.
That's what we were concerned with.
Nobody was doubting science.
That was just a propaganda technique that the establishment was using.
You're a science denier!
That doesn't even make any sense.
A science denier?
I mean, anybody who uses a calculator to, you know, balance their checkbook is using scientific principles.
Anybody who works in engineering, right, uses the scientific method to do engineering.
So it doesn't even make any sense.
It's all propaganda.
It's all politicized science, which isn't even science.
But remember, the same people who are saying this are saying that men can have babies and that you can become a woman, which is just completely impossible and irrational.
But it's that way also on purpose to get people to accept contradictions.
That was the whole point of what Orwell was writing about.
But another important thing that people have missed in Orwell is that as a person, and Alex has talked about this for years, as a person who was in the establishment from the left perspective and also saw things on the right-wing perspective, what was the real point of 1984 and a lot of what he talked about?
His point was that the left movement, the things that you think are anti-establishment, that are counterculture, most of the time those are controlled opposition.
That was the key point.
And this is a key point that I'm trying to get you to understand that is so crucial, that Dr. Sutton said back in the 70s when he wrote Wall Street and the Bullshit Revolution, he said, when I read Dr. Quigley, I had to realize that it was time to set aside that classic left-right dialectic of American politics and modern liberalism and conservatism.
He said, because I realized that it's not a battle of Marxism versus capitalism.
He says, if you believe that the battle was really just Marxist versus Capitalist, he says that is a Marxist attitude.
You're actually buying into the Marxist attitude if you believe that everything is about oppressor-oppressed narrative, right?
Capitalist versus Marxist.
He says, no, what actually was the case was Marxism and Socialism are tools of very, very powerful wealthy people.
And they are cognizant of that.
There are people that are in the know about that.
In fact, in my mainline history class, my mainline Marxism classes in college, my professor, he wasn't a conspiracy theorist at all.
He said Marx couldn't have done anything without the wealthy stock owners like Engels behind him.
Why would wealthy people be behind Marxism?
Do you think that they're all stupid?
Don't go anywhere.
We'll answer that when we come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're discussing the British Empire, its techniques and tactics of espionage and subversion and certain players and characters that are crucial to understanding this narrative of the 20th century and particularly where we're going in the Great Reset.
And there's a great page in Sutton's book where he gets into Lord Milner, who told the British government
To have a dual policy, particularly the Lloyd George government.
If you remember when we covered Dr. Carol Quigley, that dual policy also applied to tiny mustache men, right?
The British had a dual policy because, according to Quigley, they wanted to goad Hitler into trying to take Poland and trying to take these countries because they eventually had a war planned.
So they gave a dual policy that one that was public
Disapproval, but private approval.
Well, guess what?
There was a dual policy from Lord Milner to the Bolsheviks.
And what's amazing is that when we get deep into a lot of these famous British spy biographies, they actually divulge a lot of this.
We actually find out that something else seems to be going on here as opposed to what the public story is, right, of the Western opposition to communism and this kind of stuff.
There seems to be something more at stake here that kicks off
What will later be the Cold War?
And so Milner has this famous character that he sends, who is the British intelligence liaison to the Bolsheviks.
His name is Bruce Lockhart, famous British spy.
And he was part of that dual policy.
And because the British power structure couldn't openly say that they supported socialism, they had a private inner party like Milner and others, working together with
Uh, Rothschild, who sent Lockhart to be the secret go-between to say, hey, by the way, we actually support you guys, Lenin, Trotsky, et cetera.
And now there's a couple of characters who eventually got detained.
Uh, one of them was a revolutionary who I think was an anarcho-communist.
So he fell afoul of Trotsky and Lenin and these characters.
His name was Maxim Gorky.
And when Gorky was caught and interrogated, I think this is in Russia, he said, well, what I've discovered is that the revolution, the Bolshevik revolution, is actually, quote, a giant science experiment.
Now, that's interesting because we find other British establishment people also calling the Russian revolution a, quote, science experiment.
It was Bertrand Russell.
And HG Wells.
It's fascinating that we find this plethora of characters saying that it's a science experiment from very different worlds, very different ideologies.
But we're finding commonalities, which to me suggests that people were actually stumbling upon what was really going on a long time ago, and they couldn't really make sense of it.
They couldn't make sense of how it's the case that
The Western power structure elites would actually be supporting what is supposed to be the very opposite of their whole ideology.
And we have to, I think, for some of these people, right, they were bound by their time and by their limitations.
They didn't have the Internet.
They didn't even have access to even necessarily the libraries that we have today.
So, you know, they just couldn't figure a lot of this stuff out.
And there's another case study of this, which is, again, somewhat theoretical.
We don't know if this is 100% sure, but it does ring true, given what we've seen, what we learned since then, in a lot of these things that have come out.
It's called the Red Symphony, which is a famous interrogation of a guy who was caught under the Stalin government.
I think.
This is a guy named C.G.
Rakofsky, and if you're looking for this, it's called The Red Symphony.
It's actually in the public domain, and it's in quite a few different works.
I have a copy of it in a book.
I don't agree with everything in this book, but it just happens to have a copy of this interrogation.
It's called Fourth Reich of the Rich, and it's also about this principle of world socialism, fascism, communism, Marxism being supported by the wealthiest people in the West.
And this interrogation is fascinating because there's a
The Stalinists are interrogating this guy and they come to find out this guy says, well, I'm actually working for very rich people in the West and they're kind of taken aback by this.
What do you mean?
He says, well, there's a lot of powerful interests that I support, excuse me, that I'm actually working for and they have a long-term goal, he says, of world socialist technocratic control.
And guess what?
It's the same thing that comes up in this
So there seems to be this curious pattern of, again, over and over and over again, this is a speculative and we don't know if that's for sure.
But what we do know is that when we read people like Lockhart, the memoirs of a British agent, he was the liaison between the elite imperial socialists who supported the Bolshevik.
We find continually this pattern of supporting these kinds of movement.
Now, that doesn't mean everybody, right?
Not everybody in the British power structure, for example, was party to this or knew this.
People at the government level, they typically didn't know this.
But it would be people in the establishment, in the spy establishment, in the security establishment, and these inner party people that Quigley describes, he calls them the inner party, the society of the elect.
They knew this bigger plan, this bigger strategy.
Because they were not working for public officials.
They were working for private interests, private families, old money, banking families, nobility, etc.
All a party to this inner structure.
And this helps explain a lot of people get confused over how do we have people like Prince Bernard, who was an SS, working with, right, people at Bilderberg, World Economic Forum, etc.
These people who were National Socialists, that doesn't make sense with working with people from the West who are opposed to National Socialism.
We'll just look up Otto Scorsene, look up the Reinhard Galen Network, and you'll find that at that level it really doesn't matter what the ideologies are.
At that level, it's a supra-ideological power structure.
And they don't really care about the operating systems and the experiments in history.
Those have come and gone.
Now we're in a new phase where the war on terror has given way now to the next phase.
Isn't it interesting, by the way, did you notice the war on terror just kind of went away?
Did the Muslim terrorists just like conveniently and politely take a break from doing anything during the COVID?
That was very nice of them to just take a nice little break from any sort of global terror.
Now remember, we had post 9-11 years and years of war on terror and they said, didn't John McCain say, war on terror is never ending, will never end, war on terror is forever, 100 year war.
That's been forgotten.
Now we're in the war on viruses for a global health pandemic.
You see how quickly the script changed?
The invisible enemy of the fact they even use the same terminology, the invisible enemy of terror, which we'll never, we can't see them.
They're everywhere.
It's invisible.
We've got to track and trace everything to save you from terror.
Now it's, we've got to track and trace everything to save you from the invisible enemy of the virus.
It's the exact same propaganda just flipped to the new fabled enemy.
Of the COVID and the virus.
And really all of those ends were achieved in terms of the transition on a mass scale in those two years of lockdowns to move us into technocracy.
Remember the lockstep document said, not in lockstep, but in one of the other, the green scenario, the smart scenario, is that there would be a transition to more and more automation and more and more of a green austerity agenda.
This austerity agenda is the exact same agenda
A British Malthusian policy.
The idea that you have to shut down everything for the Earth.
Climate lockdowns.
That's the new thing that they're going to say.
They are moving now into shutting down of the fuels.
It's not even fossil fuels.
It's not fossil.
Fossil fuels?
You actually think oil is ground up dinosaur bones?
Come on.
That's not what oil is.
I don't know what oil is, but I know it's not that.
That's dumb.
Whatever it is, it's not killing the planet.
That's all cover to shut down the economy.
And people don't understand that international supra corporate, supranational entities, what I'm talking about, this inner core of austerity people, World Economic Forum, they don't care about profit, not about making money.
That's why these companies are enacting all these policies that don't make them money.
They have a plan to destroy the existing order, destroy it from within.
This is actually, it's part of military strategy to intentionally destroy your own thing at times so that you can have the justification to bring in the new thing.
That's exactly what that guy from I think the CDC said before the COVID.
So we need to just blow up the existing medical system to bring in the new system.
That's what this is.
There's an intended destruction of the economy to bring in the new system.
What is the new system?
Circular economy.
You own nothing.
You share your whitey-toddies with everybody else in your neighborhood.
You don't get to buy gas to drive down the road because you hurt the planet.
Right now they're rolling out the very thing that they said.
You will not drive cars.
They said years ago they would start getting rid of cars.
And it's nothing to do with the environment.
It's everything to do with control and shutting down the existing system to bring in the technocratic control, which these socialist Bolshevik people said they wanted a hundred years ago.
And the socialist Bolshevik people work for the wealthiest people on the planet.
That's the world that we live in now, and it was the same a hundred years ago.
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