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Air Date: Sept. 15, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the growing anti-globalist movement, recent assassination attempts on Russian President Putin, ongoing trials, health supplements, coffee, COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA vaccines, classified technology, brain supplements, and transhumanism. He criticizes mainstream media outlets for misrepresenting facts and promotes products available at his store such as green fiber capsules, ultimate fish oil supplements, Brain Force Plus, and MyPillow products. The show also features Mike Lindell recounting his experience with the FBI seizing his phone under a search warrant and promoting a new coin to fund the information war against globalists.


This is all a test to see what they can do to us.
They want to kill us.
But if they come with armies and troops and machine guns, we'll rally, we'll stand up, we'll beat them.
But not if it comes via the medical system.
And that's what it is.
It's all confirmed.
So, they're doing this and all these parents are such nice people and so simple and so friendly, they can't imagine the system's trying to kill them.
That's what happens to most victims of crime.
They can't believe what's happening to them, but it is happening to you.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
So he penetrates the cabinets.
The globalists are in grave danger.
Their new world order is an
Humanity is waking up to them all over the planet.
There are populist parties, nationalist parties, anti-world economic forum parties.
Why is it so important that we're on the air?
Why is it so important your backing of the few OACs of truth and freedom?
People are hungering for the truth more than ever and the globalists know if we stay on air and others stay on air, we will dominate the culture war.
They will go to prison.
We will win.
They will be defeated.
That's why it is critical.
And everything's going on by word of mouth, by text message, by email, by the side of your barn, the back of your car, calling in to talk radio, calling in to C-SPAN.
Frankly, what I'm focused on today is building the united front against what, and this is not hyperbole, what to me is US fascism.
That's your chat with a few callers.
John's up first out of Austin, Texas.
Independent, good morning.
Good morning.
Yeah, I'm listening to Mr. Mitchell here, just as an American.
And I'm wondering how it is that Trump is a cult and the Democratic Party is a cult when they've already instituted socialism, they've flirted with communism.
And you talk about fascism, we can talk a lot about the Democratic Party and their neo-fascist views.
So why is it that you want to bring the country together, yet you want to take this extreme side?
The Republican Party has been captured by a political cult.
I don't use those words lightly.
Plymouth, Michigan.
This is Janice, line for Republicans.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Mitchell.
There are none so blind as those who cannot see.
Let me give you a little piece of advice.
You will never succeed in your goal by insulting half the country and calling them fascists, racists,
I think?
The stunning thing to me is here we are 20 years later and the attack on the symbol of our democracy was not coming from terrorists but it came from literally insurgents attacking the Capitol on January 6th.
Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we're dealing with every single day.
We've got to kill and confront that movement.
What is a semi-fascist?
Most people in America know that it is not helpful to our country when we have people who are denying elections or trying to obstruct.
The outcome of an election.
We are seeing an emerging threat, of course, over the last several years of the domestic violent extremist, the individual here in the United States, radicalized to violence by a foreign terrorist ideology, but also an ideology of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives propagated on online platforms, even personal grievances.
But they're gonna start, though, with Alex Jones.
Oh, we're just gonna censor Alex Jones.
And then Donald Trump.
And, well, now it's a social credit score through the banks that tracks what you buy and what you do.
And then, well, everybody.
This is all being rolled out worldwide.
It's here now.
We are on the march.
The globalist Great Reset empire is on the run.
The Great Reset and War of the World is now number one on Amazon, number one book in the world, topping all charts, thanks to the people's hunger for the truth.
New York Times.
It's really a philosophical question.
It's hard to answer directly.
Let's see.
How drunk was the guy you saw passed out in the men's room at a Packers game?
How angry is Hillary Clinton at her husband?
Well, the answer in all cases is very.
So thoroughly and so totally that it's hard to put into words.
So instead of describing the dishonesty of the New York Times with conventional adjectives, we'll give you a specific example.
Because we think it tells you more.
So last week, the paper told us that the best-selling book in the United States was a title called, I'm Glad My Mom Died, by a child actress called Jeanette McCurdy.
But that was not true.
That book was not the best-selling book in America.
In fact, the best-selling book in America last week was The Great Reset and the War for the Worlds, written by Alex Jones.
Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of his book last week.
Jeannette McCurdy, whatever her merits, we have no idea, sold 34,686 copies of her book.
So Alex Jones sold a lot more books.
Alex Jones had the biggest book in the country.
But the New York Times lied about that because the New York Times doesn't want you to know that.
The New York Times wants you to believe that Alex Jones is more discredited than in the New York Times.
The paper that started the Iraq War by lying about weapons of mass destruction and got a million people killed.
Alex Jones is worse!
He's a mental patient.
No one listens to him.
So they lied about his book.
What else are they lying about?
You wonder.
I am very honored and very blessed and very thankful to viewers and listeners and Steve Bannon and others that pushed The Great Reset and The War for the World, this book, to number one in the U.S.
and in the top ten in the world.
And of course the New York Times suppressed that.
It's now backfired and the book is absolutely exploding.
Get your signed copy of the number one book in America, The Great Reset in the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Available exclusively right now at Infowarsstore.com
It's Thursday, September 15th, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a huge guest who worked at Health and Human Services and was an advisor to President Trump, who warned him about Operation Warp Speed, and who witnessed Berks and Fauci and others bragging how they were setting Trump up for a fall.
This is going to be a huge in-studio interview.
In two hours, or an hour and 50 minutes or so, at 1 p.m.
Central Standard Time, then Jason Burmas is always loaded for bear, hosting the fourth hour ahead of Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
with the InfoWars War Room.
Often imitated, but never duplicated.
So that is coming up.
All right.
Here's what we've got, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got so much we're going to be hitting.
Today, we have Fauci again testifying before he leaves his office after 44 years, running the HIV attack, running so many other criminal operations.
Fauci completely lied to Congress again.
It's incredible.
And we're going to lay out how he lied to Congress, not just on gain of function, but now
Saying that, well, he's not profiting from the shots, which isn't true.
And plus, he wasn't involved in the decision of what injections to get emergency approval.
Though he was in charge of the whole thing and had three different FDA boards removed until they finally got a board of picked criminals and or dupes.
And better for the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, but we know they did it.
I know they committed the crime against humanity.
They had to replace three boards until they finally got a board that would vote unanimously to roll out these poison shots and their poison boosters.
It's just insane.
And more British Medical Journal reports.
And more New England Medical Journal reports.
Most prestigious groups out there confirming 93 times to 102 times more likely to die or get sick or be hospitalized if you have the shots.
They really hit us with a chemical, biological, mutagenic weapon.
They really did it.
I mean, even I just cannot believe the boldness of this.
But they think you're stupid.
They think I'm stupid.
They think you can get away with it.
So we've got a big stack.
I'm going to hit next segment on that.
But let me tell you what else is coming up today.
Not just Dr. Alexander.
But something where the people are striking back with common sense.
The governor of Texas is finally doing something good.
The governor of Florida is continuing to do great stuff.
Are delivering illegal aliens to Kamala Harris's house and also, that's Texas doing that, and to Martha's Vineyard, one of the most elite areas in the country where Barack Obama and all these other globalists have giant mansions at one foot above sea level.
Like they're building bigger mansions, but they say we'll all be flooded.
We'd all be under water by 2016, 2018.
But they build giant mansions in Hawaii and in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
We have all that coming up.
We have the show trial entering its third day in Connecticut.
I'll be up there next week.
The judge is saying, I'm going to sanction him once he gets here, once he's under my control.
Explaining that I don't let him put on a defense because he didn't give us any documents.
He cavalierly refused.
Then they present the documents, everything we gave them, because we were innocent, because they didn't have a case.
She now has to carry out this fraud.
But across the legal community, people are just saying, my God, this is something worthy of Venezuela.
This is unbelievable.
We also have huge news dealing with Russia.
And I mean, this news is so dangerous and so out of control, I don't even know where to begin.
They tried to kill Putin, it turns out, a month ago.
Ukraine's bragging.
Russia confirms that Putin did survive an assassination attempt.
They've killed a bunch of Russian generals, Alexander Dugin's daughter, a bunch of other journalists, and they've killed a bunch of other Russian leaders.
So the globalists are in Russia assassinating people, and carbonning them, shooting them, strangling them, poisoning them.
I mean, we are at war with Russia, on their border, with high-tech weapons, and yes, the Russians have put up a big fight, but yeah, they're losing.
And so what do Russians do when they lose?
Well, they start losing.
Get very coalesced and hardline and they go crazy.
And so this is a serious situation because it's not like Vietnam where we go and invade a country and you have questionable issues that are there.
You can't like say, oh Russia just invaded Ukraine because it's in Southeast Asia 15,000 miles from America.
Russia was born in Ukraine.
More than half the population is Russian.
So I'm not happy the Russians invaded.
They got tricked to invade.
I think it's a bad idea.
I said that in February.
I said this is going to turn out bad.
It's a trap.
Putin's walked into a trap.
Not even Russian media admits that.
So this is a bad situation.
But again, who's even crazier?
The globalists that overthrew the Ukrainian government that was elected eight years ago.
Jordan Soros on TV bragging they overthrew Russia, or overthrew Ukraine, which is where you get the name Russia from.
Like, take Belarus to the north of Ukraine and bordering Western Russia.
What does Belarus mean?
And that's because they, you know, Russians had red hair.
They were founded by LaRouche.
But then they would call the people up north, the white Russians, they had blonde hair, platinum hair.
But it all started with this, we quote the name, I'll quote it wrong, but basically Slav the Great, about a thousand years ago, created what is the Russian culture in Ukraine.
And then about a hundred years later, the Muslims invaded and
Ukraine, which is the birthplace of the Russians, got overwhelmed and defeated and occupied for over 100 years.
And then Moscow, which was this big tribe of Rus or Vikings, who founded the area, they came in and annihilated the Muslims.
And they also had a big contingent of Huns aiding them.
And that's where you get Russia and then the unified system you have.
So this is insane.
And if you know the history, it's just completely crazy that we're involved in a Russian civil war.
That's what the Ukrainian-Russian thing is.
It's a civil war sparked by George Soros, but they're trying to spark a revolution and a civil war here.
And the globalists start the fire and then sit back and roast hot dogs over it.
So we're going to hit all that.
It's just so much today.
But this Senator Paul confronting Fauci is
And Fauci, the little mass-murdering eugenics criminal, part of the eugenics depopulation cult with Bill Gates, he's now being nailed down and caught lying to Congress yesterday.
Here is the video.
Do any of the guidelines for vaccines from the government include previous infection as something to base your decision-making on with vaccines?
Do any of the guidelines involve previous infection?
That's why you're ignoring previous infection because it doesn't involve any of the guidelines.
And furthermore, we've been asking you and you refuse to answer whether anybody on the vaccine committees gets royalties from the pharmaceutical companies.
I asked you last time and what was your response?
We don't have to tell you.
We've demanded them through Freedom of Information Act, and what have you said?
We're not going to tell you.
But I tell you this, when we get in charge, we're going to change the rules, and you will have to divulge where you get your royalties from, from what companies, and if anybody on the committee has a conflict of interest, we're going to learn about it.
I promise you that.
Mr. Chair, can I respond to that please?
Okay, there are two aspects for what you said.
You keep saying, you approve, you do this, you do that.
The committees that give the approval are FDA through their advisory committee.
The committees that recommend are CDC through their advisory committee.
And you keep saying, I'm the one that's approving a vaccine based on certain data.
So I don't really understand.
With all due respect, Senator.
You're the one that said you would not reveal, you would not reveal what companies gave you royalties, or what company gave the other scientists royalties.
We've got to move on.
Senator Paul, we've got to move on.
Could I please answer that?
Briefly, yes.
You keep asking committees.
They're not my committees.
They're the VRPPAC committee for the FDA.
Now what you saw is bigger than the poison shot, bigger than Fauci, bigger than Bill Gates, it's everything.
I could teach a four year college course on that one and a half minute clip.
And why could I?
Well, it would take years to explain it all.
But ladies and gentlemen, he advised both the presidents, it's on record with the emails pre-COVID release in early 2020, that they were creating these exact viruses.
Even the British Medical Journal,
Came out yesterday.
We have the article right here.
I'll show it to you in a moment.
And said, okay, we think it came out of the lab.
Well, it's known.
They scanned the virus.
It's artificial.
It's a chimeric.
It's a mix.
And they're specifically in there with Fauci running a program with Peter Daszak and NIH funding that under Obama, when he was heading up the NIH, got a bunch of exposure so that he moved the illegal program from North Carolina Chapel Hill there.
This is all came out.
Seven years ago!
People ask, how'd you know all this?
How'd Dr. Boyle know it all two and a half years ago?
Because it already happened!
It was already a major scandal we covered seven years ago.
So most people tune in to news, tune out, they just kind of listen to the surface, and here's Fauci saying, I have nothing to do with this.
You made the damn virus.
And then, he advises the presidents, and he's the main advisor to the NIH, and to the CDC, and three boards.
The first board wouldn't approve the experimental shot.
The second board wouldn't approve under 16.
The third board wouldn't approve the so-called booster shot saying it would erase immunity and cause all sorts of serious problems.
They have a fourth board that would approve whatever they were told.
That monstrous little lying garden gnome ran the whole thing on record and he sits up there and goes, I don't even know what gain-of-function is.
I'm not involved.
He ran conferences called gain-of-function.
But he thinks you're stupid.
You're not stupid.
You're busy raising your family and working hard, paying all the taxes.
I get it.
But listen, you need to understand who this little monster, this piece of garbage is, right here.
Because Hitler did his killing out in the open.
These guys are smart.
And here's the rest of the story.
I could talk again for 10 years on this.
That's how the New World Order operates.
It's plausible deniability.
They put all their people in the different boards and the different agencies, and then they all point the fingers at each other and say nobody approved it.
And so when it comes out they killed a bunch of people, and it diseased a bunch of people, and maimed a bunch of people, millions of people, and caused all these cancers and the rest of it, they just go, oh well, it was approved by this, it was approved by that.
But the truth is, three boards.
One, two, three.
In the first year and a half, we're removed.
Until they got that fourth board.
Remember we played the clip probably 50 times?
Where the board head goes, all we don't know what it's gonna do is we're just gonna give it to the kids and see.
And he starts laughing in the meeting.
It's so funny!
This is what makes me just see red.
And he sits up there before Congress and lies to the world, and he thinks it's cute, he thinks it's funny, because he thinks he is immune, because they spread at globalist UN boards, and WEF boards, and, oh, Klaus Schwab brags we've taken over half the governments of the world and we've penetrated the cabinets, and then it's all his policies, but oh, when it all comes out, oh, I don't run anything, I'm just a think tank!
Same thing here.
Oh, I didn't do it.
The NIH and the CDC separately all approved an unapproved injection that their own scientists warned them.
And the first board, the second board, the third board, because each board got worse.
They finally found a board that would do the experimental shot.
Then they found a board that would give it to people under 16.
Then they found a board that would push the damn boosters.
And it was all on record.
So let me show you some of the headlines and back up what I was saying.
And it's all come out.
Rand Paul to Fauci, I promise you the public will learn where you get your royalties from.
It's on record he owns part of the patents.
New Lancet report says COVID could have originated in the lab.
Denmark bans COVID vaccines in under 50.
Israel documents come out.
And there's a new Canadian document that's now public where they said ivermectin totally works as a treatment two years ago and they suppressed it.
That's called mass murder.
Ivermectin emails inside Public Health Agency of Canada.
And it goes on.
So if you're wondering what's happening, they've carried out their attack, they're testing to see if they can do another one, and now they're acting like they weren't part of it and they're all blaming somebody else.
Here is Jake Tapper, of all people when we come back, on CNN, saying children shouldn't wear masks.
Masks don't protect you and it mentally hurts children.
But you support it the whole time.
Now that the tide turned against you, now you act like the good guy on our side,
So you can beat us and attack us again.
It's how men that beat women treat the women.
It's the same abuser paradigm and I'm not going to sit here and take these bullies anymore.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, two days ago he was on a hunting trip, early in the morning, stopped in to get breakfast at a Hardee's and a bunch of FBI vehicles surrounded him.
He's told that story, I'll recap, but he's got breaking news now on what's happening.
He's being investigated for investigating election fraud.
I saw all these news of them finding stolen voting machines, the FBI won't even come look at it.
I guess if he was human smuggling across the border, or shipping in fentanyl, or doing a drag queen story time, it'd be okay.
But because Mike Lindell is trying to have integrity and investigate election fraud, he is persona non grata.
Because after all, Biden says the main terror threat is people questioning elections, or lockdowns, or forced inoculations, or open borders.
So, what a time to be alive.
Mike Lindell, obviously the icon from MyPillow.com, and all the great work he's done promoting American freedom and liberty.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Oh, thanks for having me on, Alex.
Yeah, it's been quite a couple of days, but I'll tell you, everybody, there's a good silver lining here.
Actually, Tucker talked about the machines the last two nights on Fox, on Newsmax actually had me on, and Salem Media talked.
So our conservative media that I've been bad-mouthing for over a year now, or over a year and a half, that won't have our voice when it comes to these machines getting rid of them, or this election crime, the biggest crime in history,
It's finally getting talked about.
And I did over 56 interviews the last two days, so the word is getting out where they were trying to suppress the word.
And that is the silver lining.
So there's a big, a big backfire that's happened.
And I'll tell you, if you want, I'll break the news right now to your audience.
This morning, after all this happened, and we can replay what happened or re-talk about what happened, I was on my phone with some of the best lawyers I have, which is Alan Dershowitz, Kurt Olson, Andrew Parker.
We were on the phone for two and a half hours this morning.
I said, I want to be on the offense.
What can we do here?
This is insanity that they take my company phone that runs all these businesses and all my passwords.
I can't do money wires or anything because the passwords are on that phone.
And here it is everybody.
We're suing the United States government.
I'm suing them and the FBI.
They broke my first, fourth, and fifth amendment rights.
Constitutional rights, we're not going to stand for in this country.
They don't get to act like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.
You know, Alex, when I told them, I mean, why don't you just come and bash my door down like you did all the people in Colorado, like Sharona Bishop.
One of the FBI's from Colorado said, well, Sharona didn't open her door fast enough.
I said, oh, 42 seconds wasn't fast enough for you, huh?
So if you get your door bashed in, if the FBI knocks on your door, make sure that you answer the door under 41 seconds or you're going to be paying for a whole new door on top of the FBI invading your privacy and attacking your family.
Well, the FBI already has been discredited, and it's not just the higher-ups now.
It's throughout the structure.
They've got special political units like the Commissars in Russia that come after people.
They have just destroyed any credibility they've got.
They are nothing but a deep state tool now.
Tell us more about the details of the raid, and now they're saying computer crimes, computer theft.
Yeah, here's what happened, everybody.
So, I got up at four in the morning, my buddy and I headed down to Iowa, where I live in Minnesota.
It's about a two and a half hour drive.
It was the early duck season, teal.
And we get nine teal, our limit, it would be 12 between the two of us.
And I said, hey, I got to get back.
I have this new platform, mystore.com, for all these USA products and these entrepreneurs.
I was doing filming with a bunch of them that day.
And I said, let's get going.
And so we left early.
We get into Mankato, Minnesota, and I said, let's quick go through a drive-thru, and there was a Hardee's there, a Hardee's restaurant.
We pulled in through the drive-thru, got our food, and she said, some of it wasn't ready.
She said, can you pull ahead a little bit?
I'll bring the rest of your food out.
So I pull ahead a little bit with my pickup, and here, this car pulls perpendicular right in front of us.
I said to my buddy, the guy's not looking at us.
I said, this is weird.
Something's going down.
I actually said that.
I mean, I've been around the block, okay?
And this guy, another vehicle pulls up to his pastor's side and locks us in there.
And then I look in the rearview mirror and one comes flying up the drive-thru and blocks us in from the back.
It's like a scene right out of a movie.
And I go, I told my friend, like I said, hold on, these are bad people.
I open up the door and I yell loud enough for people to hear me in the parking lot and maybe inside the restaurant.
I said, what do you guys want?
What do you want?
And who are you?
I mean, these are just regular beat-up cars and they're not dressed, none of them have the FBI thing on.
And I said, he goes, we're with the FBI.
And I said, I don't believe you, show me your badges.
And the one guy says he showed me a badge, but I'm looking at it from afar.
And I said, how about your badge?
And he showed me his.
I said, you back there, I said, I still don't believe you.
But I said, what do you want?
He goes, well, he said, we want to talk to you.
So we moved the cars apart, or he moved the cars and he pulled, I pulled up over here and they, they got me boxed in.
All these, all these agents get out.
I guess it turns out they were from Colorado and Minnesota and, um, they come up to, they kind of circle me in there and I get out and they, uh, and they said, I said, well, what questions you got?
I said, am I being arrested?
They said, no.
I said, well, then what do you want?
And I said, you've been tracking me?
Then I got kind of mad.
He said, what did you watch me go duck hunting this morning?
I said, what is with you guys?
They said, we want to ask you questions.
And that's when I said, before we even got into it, I said, well, why don't you just bash my door in like you do all the other people?
And that's when they said the Sharona Bishop thing.
We wanted to bash hers in, but she took too long to answer.
And then we started asking questions.
And the first question they asked Alex was, they go, you have evidence up on your platform frankspeech.com, you have evidence of what's inside a Dominion machine, where did you get that evidence?
I said, hello, I said, what do you think I've been doing for the last year and a half?
I said, that particular piece came right off the internet, you could all watch it yourself.
I don't think so.
First of all, that's none of your business.
I said, you're tracking my plane too?
He goes, well yeah, your tail number, anybody can do that.
And I go, well let me tell you something, as long as you ask, I've been flying around this country visiting Attorney General's, Secretary of State's, crooked Secretary of State's actually, I only found one that's decent.
And I said, and legislatures and people, and I said, to get rid of these electronic computers and voting machine.
And then he went into another question.
He goes, when did you first meet Tina Peters?
And I go, um, at the Cyber Symposium.
You guys already know that?
I said, I flew in from all over our country, cyber experts and people.
People from around the country, politicians and stuff.
And then I said, I said, oh, you must be talking about the Dennis Montgomery terabytes that I own now, which is sitting, by the way, everybody, in Nevada, that the government has a gag order on.
As soon as that judge lifts that, all this stuff goes away.
32 terabytes of the whole election of November 3rd to November 6th.
That's what I think they're afraid of.
But he goes, and then I said to him, I said, is this about January 6th?
And they go, no, no, no, it's not about January 6th.
I said, well, do you have other FBI guys that can tell that committee?
I've tried to tell that charade that I want to come there, even though I wasn't there on January 6th.
I want to bring the evidence there.
I said, it's disgusting what they're doing.
And then, and then Alex, I said, you guys, you little FBI guys, do you guys realize that you FBI guys did a report?
From January 6, on June 26 of 2021, everybody, almost over a year ago, they did a six-month investigation into January 6, and they said there's no collusion between Donald Trump and his supporters.
That should have been it.
But no, they put up this little January 6th charade, keep people in prison that haven't done anything, and it's disgusting.
So this, you know, and then they finally go, um, well, we're going to take your phone.
And I go, you ain't getting my phone.
You're going to have to arrest me before you're getting my phone.
And then it was a whole nother fiasco.
This is riveting, important, historic stuff.
Hold on, hold on.
Mike Lindell.
This is the mass purge.
Democrats from Hillary Clinton to members of Congress are on TV saying we've got to quote
Kill the MAGA movement.
We've got to ban their speech.
I mean, these people are like dictators in third world countries like Venezuela.
This is so dangerous.
Mike Lindell from MyPillow.com and MyStore.com is our guest.
Please stay with us.
This guy's a real patriot.
The best part about my job is getting to know all these authentic, genuine, salt-of-the-earth people like Mike Lindell.
Like, I didn't even know Mike Lindell was a hunter.
He's not like a lot of these fake insurers that constantly show it on TV as some cred thing.
I want to go duck hunting with Mike Lindell.
I haven't been duck hunting in years.
I used to do a lot of that.
That's some great hunting up there where he's at.
Arkansas is great as well.
Many areas are great.
Down by Houston is great.
But, so, now that you get to the point, they want your phone, and you're saying you're going to have to arrest me, please continue.
Yeah, they go, yeah, we got an order here to take your phone.
I said, you're not taking my phone.
I said, this is my company phone.
It's the only phone I have.
And I said, I don't use a computer.
I use this phone for everything.
I track media, everything in real time.
I said, I have passwords on here that have to do MoneyWire.
It runs my hearing aids.
I have to have this for my hearing aids and everything else.
And I said, for five different companies, my pillow, my store, Frank Speech, and my Lindell Recovery Network, I mean, to help addicts.
Anyway, I'm arguing, and he goes, he goes, no, and I said, you're going to have to arrest me.
I said, if I don't give you the phone, will you arrest me?
And he goes, no, we're taking your phone.
And I said, well, and then he gives me these papers, he gives me these papers here where there's a warrant for my phone, a seizure warrant, a search and seizure, whatever it is.
And I said, well, I said, I don't believe that.
I said, how do I, how do I know that's real?
I said, I want to call my lawyer.
And he says, no, you can't call a lawyer.
And I said, what?
I said, I am calling a lawyer.
I'm not giving you this.
And I, then I got very upset and he goes, all right, go ahead and call your lawyer.
So now I call my lawyer and I get one of my lawyers on the phone and he goes, the FBI guy tells him he has whatever he had for this search and seizure.
From a judge or whatever it was.
And anyway, he goes, Mike, give him your phone.
I said, it's one of these things where I'm hanging on my phone.
I go, I'm not giving my phone!
And I mean, it'd be the last thing I would ever give up.
Well, he talked me into it.
My lawyer does say, give him the phone.
And I'm going, OK.
Well, then they give me this sheet, Alex.
This is this one here.
They give me this sheet and I'm going to read it to people.
This is an official criminal investigation conducted by an agency of the United States and a federal grand jury in the District of Colorado.
Now it goes on to say, we request that you do not disclose the existence of this subpoena for an indefinite period of time.
Although the law does not require non-disclosure unless a court order is issued, we believe that the impact of you saying anything or disclosing could be detrimental to the investigation.
I'm going, okay.
Then it says, if you do not believe that you cannot comply with this request, in other words, keep your mouth shut, please notify the undersigned assistant United States Attorney, Aaron Tietelbaum.
And I said, okay, I'll notify old Aaron.
Alex, I went on my show at six o'clock on Lyndale TV at Frank's Beach, and I said, Aaron, if you're watching, I'm telling you now and letting you know I'm telling the whole world what you're corrupted with the FBI
And came after citizens and doing what you're doing to our country.
So I went public, as you know, and then it went everywhere.
So, and finally... Well, Mike, I can't think of anybody who's more Americana than you, and you're a great American, and we love you, and they're persecuting all of us together.
These massive dragnets, they're panicking.
They're trying to get ready to steal the next election in 54 days.
I think you're dead on.
They are scared of the proof of what you've discovered.
Can you speak to that?
Yep, yeah.
Well, they're very worried, everybody, and I want everybody to know, you know, I've had Dennis Montgomery's terabytes for the last year and a half, and there's a reason at the Cyber Symposium that we were advised not to put out the China thing and all the terabytes on the third day a year ago at the Cyber Symposium.
So everybody, at the moment of True Summit,
Right on stage, we had the attorney up there, and he told you why we could not drop them at that time to the public.
There's a government gag order on this information.
I don't believe that that will stop me from putting it out there.
Because now I own all this stuff, and I bought the different stuff, the patents that Dennis Montgomery has, and one of the smartest men I've ever known, by the way.
And we filed it right on stage, Alex.
It's sitting in
In Nevada, case number is 3 colon 06 dash CV, Cat Victor, dash 00056 everybody.
You can go look it up, or you can go to DennisMontgomery.com
And see that, oh, Dennis is real, he worked for the government, he made this thing called Hammer Scorecard for the government to steal elections, amongst other things.
That's what our government was going to do, spy on other elections around the world.
But our government turned it on the United States, turned us on our own people, and now it's sitting.
The government doesn't want you to see this, everybody.
And that government is sitting down there.
If that judge releases this to the public,
If they release this to the public, it's over everybody!
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We have a burning desire for liberty and justice.
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Promo code Alex.
Mike, you've got to join us again soon, but Godspeed and thank you so much.
30-second closing comment.
Well thanks everybody and I want everybody to keep the faith.
God's had his hand in all of this.
Everything, we're gonna look back and we're gonna say everything had to happen just the way it happened to get to this great place you're going.
I want everybody courageous, contagious, stay courageous.
And I'll tell you what, everybody pray for our judges.
Pray for our judges and our sheriffs.
Sheriffs have the power in your county to get rid of these machines and the judges need to quit kicking stuff out to standing.
Tell these judges, pray that they actually be the judges they need to be and actually make decisions rather than say, I don't want to look at it because they're in fear.
Thank you all.
God bless and thank you, Alex, for having me on and keep the faith.
You're doing a great job, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
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Man in the arena coin, Teddy Roosevelt.
Just how dishonest is the New York Times?
It's really a philosophical question.
It's hard to answer directly.
Let's see.
How drunk was the guy you saw passed out in the men's room at a Packers game?
How angry is Hillary Clinton at her husband?
Well, the answer in all cases is very.
So thoroughly and so totally that it's hard to put into words.
So instead of describing the dishonesty of the New York Times with conventional adjectives, we'll give you a specific example.
Because we think it tells you more.
So last week, the paper told us that the best-selling book in the United States was a title called, I'm Glad My Mom Died, by a child actress called Jeanette McCurdy.
But that was not true.
That book was not the best-selling book in America.
In fact, the best-selling book in America last week was The Great Reset and the War for the Worlds, written by Alex Jones.
Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of his book last week.
Jeanette McCurdy, whatever her merits, we have no idea, sold 34,686 copies of her book.
So Alex Jones sold a lot more books.
Alex Jones had the biggest book in the country.
But the New York Times lied about that because the New York Times doesn't want you to know that.
The New York Times wants you to believe that Alex Jones is more discredited than the New York Times.
The paper that started the Iraq War by lying about weapons of mass destruction and got a million people killed.
But Alex Jones is worse!
He's a mental patient.
No one listens to him.
So they lied about his book.
What else are they lying about?
You wonder.
Since you mentioned the great recent The War of the World that you championed, and I really appreciate you reading it, it's mainly, it was easy to write, it's their quotes, it's their battle plan.
What if people would have read Mein Kampf that Hitler wrote?
Everything he said in the book, he did.
Well, this is their Mein Kampf.
This is their admissions right here.
This is their confessions.
That's why I call it the blueprint of the Death Star.
No, listen, here's the beauty of the book.
You actually quote them at length.
You take a couple of the top books, you take a couple of the top thinkers, you tie it all together, and this is what people have to understand.
Look, once you read this, you'll understand what we're up against, okay?
You'll understand exactly what this apparatus, you know, what Alex calls it the Death Star.
But you understand what we're up against.
And we're not going to back off this.
We can't back off it.
The United States is actually the centerpiece of this battle.
Because they understand, just like in the Revolutionary War, if they can take the liberty and freedom of American citizens, they can take it anywhere.
And that's why you have to fight back.
And by the way, Alex, I not just read it, I tell everybody, get a pen.
I always get my great pens here.
I had my pen and I'm underlining everything.
And here's the beauty of it.
You footnote everything.
This is not Alex Jones's opinions.
What Alex Jones's team has done is pulled it all together
It's all referenced right there.
You can go to a footnote.
I know you've got an online site about it, too.
That's why I think Tony Lyons and the guys at Skyhorse did such a great job.
But listen, once you read this book, you understand why the Alex Joneses and the Steve Bannons are not going to back off.
There's all kind of other things we could do.
There's all kind of other things Trump could do.
There's all kind of other things Tucker Carlson could do.
We're all in this fight.
Get your signed copy of the number one book in America and help keep InfoWars on the air.
The Great Reset in the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Available exclusively right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
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It comes from China.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an information war.
To have the number one book in the world, which it is today, not just in the U.S., is a giant victory.
Thank you all for your ongoing support, what you've done.
So much news, so much breaking info.
We're going to be covering it all next segment.
But you can buy the book at any major bookstore, though.
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Charges, you know, $200 for a t-shirt, $100 for a ball cap.
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All right, we've got a lot of news to cover in the second hour ahead of a Health and Human Services scientist that was an advisor to Trump, who warned him about Operation Warp Speed, who tried to get the different treatments out there that were natural.
We have a special guest joining us coming up in the third hour today.
And then, of course, Jason Burmess will also be hosting with a lot of news he's breaking in the fourth hour.
But Dr. Paul E. Alexander in studio with huge breaking news coming up next hour.
But we have to illustrate the insane absurdity and hypocrisy and just naked corruption of the Democratic Party and the globalist U.N.
operation to break our borders by collapsing the third world and flooding us.
And so the Texas governor and DeSantis have been shipping plane loads and bus loads of the millions of illegals just a few thousand a week.
To Chicago.
To New York.
But now they're shipping them to elitist enclaves like Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, where Barack Obama and many other globalists live.
And they are freaking out, saying, how dare you?
This is terrible.
I mean, imagine.
They don't keep their mouth shut.
They think their own constituents won't understand that America is being flooded by millions of illegals a month.
It's five, six times even what Obama did.
Estimates are 10 million a year just coming through Texas alone.
Almost all of them just let in.
Many of them smuggling kidnapped kids.
And so now, they're not busting little kids that have been kidnapped like the Democrats are all over the country.
They're shipping men.
To all these different places.
That's smart of DeSantis and of Abbott to not be involved in the trafficking of children.
But if you're going to come here illegally, if DHS is going to let them go, we're going to put them on buses and say, hey, you're not going to South Side Chicago or South Dallas.
And I mean, talking super dangerous places like South Dallas and South Chicago.
You aren't going to the Bronx.
You're not going to Harlem.
You're not going to D.C.
You are going to Martha's Vineyard or you're going to Kamala Harris's house.
Texas governor drops busloads of migrants, illegal aliens, off outside Kamala Harris' residence.
Two buses of migrants sent by Texas Governor Abbott arrived on Thursday morning outside U.S.
Vice President Kamala Harris' residence in Washington, D.C.
Fox News reports we just showed you that of your TV viewer.
Rhonda Santos sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.
And how did John Brennan, former head of the CIA, and filmmaker Ken Burns, John Berman,
Not the CIA John Berman, excuse me, I got that mixed up.
How did John Berman and filmmaker Ken Burns, how did they spin that?
They said DeSantis shipping these people that they've told to come here.
Remember Biden said, come here, come here, flood the border.
We don't play that in probably a year.
That guy's fine, that quote.
It was like two years ago.
He's about to steal the election.
And he gets up and he says, once I get elected, I want you to literally flood the United States.
They all show up, the millions wearing Biden shirts.
I mean, that is so incredible.
And then Kamala Harris says, oh, there is no broken border.
There's no problem.
So John Berman and filmmaker Ken Burns liken this to the Holocaust.
So shipping people to Kamala Harris' house, shipping people to Martha's Vineyard, to Barack Obama's house, it's the Holocaust.
Now, when people talk about genocide in Africa, the ADL says, don't you liken the genocide in Africa to the Holocaust.
Nothing's as bad as the Holocaust.
I think the Holocaust was terrible.
But, you know, mass murder is mass murder.
I think Hitler was bad.
Genocide is genocide.
This is bad whether it happens to an African or a Jewish person or anybody.
I think we basically agree on that.
But the left is now likening January 6th to worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11.
And now they're likening questioning the flooding of the country and then shipping people to elitist areas as the Holocaust.
Here it is.
This is history.
All of your documentaries are about history.
But all of them also make you think about where we are now.
And we woke up to the news this morning that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida sent two plane loads of migrants to Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts, including kids and whatnot.
And I'm not saying this is not a one-for-one.
This is not a parallel here in any way.
But it does address some of the same themes.
Well, it's the abstraction of human life.
It's basically saying that you can use a human life that is as valuable as yours, or mine, or Lynn's, and to put it in a position of becoming a political pawn in somebody's authoritarian game.
This is coming straight out of the authoritarian playbook.
This is what's so disturbing about DeSantis, is to use human beings to weaponize
We're good to go.
And so when you look at the story that we're telling of the US and the Holocaust, you understand that the time to save a democracy is before it's lost.
We promise you.
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, I want people to watch this.
It is wonderful.
You are guaranteed to learn something, even people who think they know everything.
That is the most tone-deaf hypocrisy I've ever seen.
The Democrats are surveilling speech.
They're censoring it.
The Democrats are bullying their political opponents and debanking them.
The Democrats have FBI raids on thousands of people and 800 held in solitary confinement, many of them totally peaceful, awaiting kangaroo trials.
And then he says that the Republicans are using people as political pawns when the left's telling these people to come here to vote illegally and to take jobs and lower wages as a permanent underclass.
That's what fascists do.
And he sits there with a straight face while everything he's saying that the
Republicans are doing is exactly what he's doing in that little sweet, smart-mouthed NPR voice.
Hissing like a little snake.
Go to sleep.
I'm your friend.
Everything's fine.
It's just unspeakably ridiculous if you're actually informed and you know what's going on.
So, let's go to this next clip.
This is Florida.
DeSantis sends planes with migrants to Martha's Vineyard.
Here it is.
This morning, a surprising scene in Martha's Vineyard.
Two planes filled with about 50 migrants landing on the island, according to emergency management officials.
Authorities say the planes were sent from Florida Wednesday afternoon by Governor Ron DeSantis.
This video, provided by DeSantis' office, which says it was obtained by a source on the ground,
This is really clearly a political
Uh, political stunts.
Republican Governor DeSantis borrowing a tactic from other Republican Governors, moving migrants to other states in order to protest- Alright, that's it.
So, so, the only problem with this is it's not enough.
It's not enough to ship a couple hundred a week to D.C.
and to Chicago and to Martha's Vineyard.
Ship them all.
Ship them to Martha's Vineyard, that elitist snob place.
Where the Black Lives Matter go to live because it's 99% white.
Send them all there.
They don't want to deal with them.
They want to hide from the rest of everybody.
And it'll shut down very, very quickly.
I mean, I want to absolutely ship.
I mean, what, they're saying it's a million a month?
Let's do it in Texas, Arizona, Florida.
Let's start shipping a million a month to New York, D.C.
and Martha's Vineyard in Chicago.
And this will end overnight.
They can't even handle a few thousand a week.
The left thinks if they try to bully us and intimidate us, it makes us cower.
They don't know that we love a fight.
Yeah, 400 horsepower of a Mustang's pretty good.
I used to have a Mustang like that, a green one, when I was in college.
Try 1,000 Dodge Hemi horsepower with twin superchargers.
Zero to 60 in about a second and a half.
Can even beat one of them Teslas.
200 miles an hour in about 8 seconds.
That's black sunshine.
You're not gonna see a leftist press down the accelerator, shooting down that tollway at 1 a.m.
at 200 miles an hour.
Not that I've ever done it.
They just don't get it.
We are in the arena.
And we are alive.
And being alive means you know you're gonna die.
High noon!
Nothing matters!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
You don't live until you're ready to die.
You don't win until you try.
And fail and fail and succeed and succeed and fail and succeed again.
All right.
You know, I sit here with a great audience of supporters, and Mike Lindell's a great guy.
He's got a big support base.
And we're still tough.
We're being persecuted.
But I think about people who was in my studio a year and a half ago, like Jeremy Brown, who had a great distinguished 20-plus year career in the Special Forces, did all sorts of missions for this country, all over the world, humanitarian, you name it.
He wouldn't be an informant against the Oath Keepers before January 6th.
He tried to stop the violence at the Capitol as well, on record.
And so they've grabbed him, and almost a year and a half later, he's in a maximum security gulag.
And if they can do that to Jeremy Brown, they can do that to everybody.
Here is the Gregory's Reportants at Bandot video.
I hope you share it.
Green Beret running for office.
Podcasting live from Maximum Security Jail Cell.
Here it is.
Mr. Olson, on January 6, 2021, did the Department of Justice or FBI have any plainclothes officers among the crowd at the Capitol?
Senator, I'm not aware of whether or not there were plainclothes officers among the crowd at the Capitol on January 6th.
Did any plainclothes officers enter the Capitol on January 6th?
I don't know the answer to that, Senator.
Did any FBI agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on January 6th?
I can't answer that, sir.
Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on January 6th?
Sorry, I can't answer that.
While Congress asks questions and the Department of Justice plays dumb, millions of us are well aware that the DOJ was responsible for the riots at the Capitol on January 6th that resulted in the prosecution of over 800 peaceful protesters and the death of four, including the brutal execution of Ashley Babbitt.
They did it with people like Ray Epps and other unindicted co-conspirators who instigated violence within the crowd.
And thanks to Americans like Jeremy Brown, we know how they found these unindicted co-conspirators to betray their own country in a would-be Reichstag fire for America.
Right after Jeremy Brown joined the Oath Keepers in late 2020, the Department of Homeland Security, along with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, showed up at his door to try recruiting him to spy on them.
Jeremy agreed to meet with the federal agents at a local restaurant, where he recorded the conversation.
In the audio, we can hear the feds attempting to recruit Jeremy with bribery tactics.
And again, I'm not, I can't make any promises, but like, you provide information that's been something big, the government pays for that.
And with intimidation and extortion.
We think that we can help, you can help us, and we can definitely on this side of things, less aggravation.
And these two feds tell Jeremy that he is only one of 19 people they are assigned to.
You're one of 19 people that we're gonna knock on your door, and say they're not home, or they are home, and we're like, can we just talk at some point?
We can meet on a monthly basis.
We can chat when things are open, get a coffee.
After going public with this information, Jeremy Brown is then arrested by these same federal agents on October 2nd of 2021.
He is then put in maximum security prison where he remains to this day.
Jeremy Brown served 17 years as a Green Beret and staying true to the Special Forces creed to teach and fight wherever required, to excel in every art and artifice of war,
To perform tasks in isolation and, if captured, to have the strength to spit upon the enemy.
Brown is now podcasting live from Pinellas County Maximum Security Prison in Clearwater, Florida at 10 a.m.
Monday through Friday on JeremyBrownCampaign at Rumble.com.
Jeremy Brown is also running for Florida State Representative in District 62.
We have a governor and we have a legislature that is out of control.
They have drawn maps that are racist, that are partisan, and that I believe, and quite frankly many people believe, are illegal.
Thanks to Americans like Jeremy Brown who refuse to give up on our freedoms, we are winning the information war.
So support him, vote for him, and follow his podcast.
And never forget the innocent Americans who are still to this day locked in the DC Gulag for protesting a rigged election.
I hope that this podcast can bring a little bit of knowledge to you so that you die at a nice, healthy, ripe old age.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
So, there's a globalist takeover happening.
An InfoWars audience is seen as the number one enemy by the New World Order.
There are the people that care, there are people that are informed, people that are involved.
I salute you and thank you for that, but I want to just remind you that for those that have rolled over to this, it only gets worse.
We're all in this together.
And that's why realizing how intense the moment is, is we've been incrementally, like the frog in the pot, brought to this point.
And if we don't stand up now and don't speak out now, which people are doing?
Right now the enemy's losing.
They're gonna win.
So they're throwing everything they've got at us and that is exposing them in the process.
All right, let's shift gears to World War III, the situation in Ukraine, and the incident assassination of Vladimir Putin when we come back.
All right, I'm going to go to World War III here, but I want to fire the bat signal again to listeners, because we are barely in front of the operation, staying on air in this critical time, and I thank you for your support, but I'm asking you to take action now.
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All right.
The Global have started the war in Ukraine.
And I said back when it started, this is a trap.
I said, maybe they'll fall, but I said it's probably going to become a quagmire.
The so-called U.S.
government is putting a billion dollars a week of weapons into Ukraine.
Incredibly high-tech weapons.
One-man teams can carry two to three little drones.
They're GPS controlled by the CIA and Pentagon.
And they fly out and they kill these people.
I mean, it is just insane.
And so the Russians are more and more threatening tactical nuclear weapons.
In Ukraine, they're now targeting civilians.
They're now targeting power stations for the first time.
This is a radical escalation.
If you study Russian doctrine or NATO doctrine, they're the same.
This goes to nuclear war.
I've talked to so many top military experts.
They concur with my analysis.
So you have an attempted assassination of Putin, we learned a month ago.
The Ukrainians are bragging.
The Russians confirm it.
You've got all these other Russian leaders getting killed, 20 plus Russian generals being killed.
This is how you get a nuclear war.
So we just keep thinking things are going to go on forever, but it can end very, very quickly, ladies and gentlemen.
This is on Infowars.com.
Prologue to Third World War.
Kremlin reacts to security guarantees for Ukraine.
It says NATO promising security guarantees is an active war by NATO and they may go to nuclear war with NATO.
I mean, this is just absolutely insane.
Assassination attempt of Vladimir Putin as tensions escalate in Ukraine.
Here's CNN.
Recent attacks on pro-Russian officials in southern Ukraine indicate signs of growing resistance movement.
Putin ally dies of stroke in Russia's Far East.
And it just goes on from there.
So if you want to be concerned, and I know I am, this is what people should really, really be concerned about because this is a big, big deal.
And it's insanely dangerous.
And it's like everything the control freaks running the Justice Department, running the Pentagon do is they've never been challenged, no one's ever stood up to them, and so they just continue on.
They're starting a war with China.
I hate the Communist Chinese, but that's insane.
They're starting a war with Russia.
That's insane.
They're dissolving our borders.
They're annihilating our currency.
They're going to raise interest rates.
The Federal Reserve's announced next week the biggest level in 20 years.
That's going to kill the housing market.
And even though it's a bubble, it's the bubble that keeps the economy going.
So the establishment is annihilating the economy to consolidate power.
And they expect crime.
They expect violence.
They expect riots.
It's in the IMF World Bank documents we got in 2002.
I wrote a book about it.
Dissent and Tyranny.
What they're conjuring.
Chivalry is there by the most violent societies, because they've been through hell, and they want to protect women and children.
But only people disconnected from the real violence of the universe, and the veneer of civilization being destroyed, only people like that do things like this.
This has destruction, and war, and collapse, and famine, and possible human extinction written all over it.
For the world, even top analysts admit the International Doomsday Clock's the closest to midnight it's ever been.
Worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Worse than any case in history because we are on the precipice of total destruction.
We're not on the eve of destruction.
We're at the dawn of destruction.
And you've got all these delusional bureaucrats and criminals at every level that just feel like it's going to go on forever.
Because criminals have a blind spot to think 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, 100 steps ahead.
But anybody that can look 5, 6, 7, 8 steps ahead understands if you get rid of the rules of war, if you engage in unrestricted warfare, if you engage in criminal activities, if you commit crimes, you're going to undermine your own system and people are going to use those tactics against you.
These tactics have been illegal for hundreds of years for a reason.
Because every time the tactics of total war are used, you get that total war.
And the truth is, when you push people too far, and you commit massive crimes, you reap the whirlwind.
Look at this headline.
They're replacing every major CEO with operatives that will go against even the profit motive and cut the economy off.
Hundreds of food processing plants have been blown up.
This is on Infowars.com.
Shell's CEO soon replaced by renewables boss even though they don't have the renewables in a hundred years.
They're not replacing it, they're ending the energy system.
They're collapsing civilization.
But the good news is, from Australia to New Zealand to Canada to the U.S.
to Europe, and our militaries, U.S.
Navy quietly cancels vaccine requirement for Navy SEALs because too many were quitting.
And that's the good news is, they held the line and said, no, more of us should do it.
I saw a video out of the U.K.
I went to play yesterday.
Get that video ready.
I'll tell you about it when we come back at the shopping center.
The global megacorporations, the authoritarian, Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, New World Order,
Are you?
You know, when you read about serial killers, they're all over the world.
They're in Africa, they're in Asia, they're in America, they're in Europe, they're in Latin America.
Like, why do you go and grab a girl, a little girl out of their backyard and go torture them and rape them and kill them?
Those of us that aren't into that, it just seems so horrible and so repulsive.
But for them, it's a feeling of satisfaction of being alive and they enjoy it.
So when you look at Anthony Fauci or you look at Bill Gates, or you look at any of these people,
You have to realize that that's their religion, is power and control, and they get a really sick thrill out of doing that.
And so I have all these reports, I mean, without even looking, every day I see 20, 30, 40 reports of American high school football players, basketball players, track runners, sports people having heart attacks.
And then I've interviewed cardiologists, and I've interviewed scientists, and I've interviewed virologists, and I've interviewed them, and they said, well listen, the COVID-19 shot, whether it's Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, or AstraZeneca, it all creates a spike protein, creates lesions in the heart, particularly in young people, and it doesn't kill you until you get up into a high aerobic state.
So all these European governments that covered this in the first hour, they're suddenly banning the COVID shots in under 50.
And again, why are they doing that?
Because the public's waking up, and because it's overwhelming, and because they know.
But how did the government, how did the CDC, in October of 2020, three months before they released the shots, say, here's the 27 things we think might happen.
Microcarditis, heart swelling, heart attacks, all of it, blood clots, cancer, infertility, because they'd already really tested it and they knew.
And they were covering their ass in a private document saying that.
The Israeli government two days ago, video came out with documents, they confirm it's real, saying, oh yeah, it doesn't help people, almost everybody dying took the shot, what are we going to do, how do we cover this up?
And somebody in the meeting decided, in the Israeli Health Department,
Their National Department of Health to release that because they've got a soul!
But how did you get Gates and Fauci and all these people?
As Denmark and Sweden and all these countries ban under 50 taking the shots, how do they, how, why do they do it?
Because they get off on killing people.
You know, I'm not into bondage, I'm not into pain.
And a few times, I was promiscuous growing up in high school and college, and I would get this incredible date, incredible woman, and they would want me to slap them around, and I'd say no, and they'd say, you're a wimp, screw you, get out of here.
That happened at least twice.
I'm like, I'm sorry.
I don't want to slap you around, I don't want to punch you in the face, I don't want to beat you with a bullwhip.
But that's a masochist.
Or a sadomasochist, I guess, wants to cause pain.
The point is, I'm not into pain, baby.
I don't want to have pain.
I'll take it if I got to to defend people.
Then I can take it and just turn it off.
But I don't like it.
I can turn it off, though.
But imagine wanting to cause pain.
I want to cause pleasure.
And God wants to give us pleasure.
God gave us sex, and women, and men, and everything.
All this food, and sunsets, and life, and all of it was God gave us this, not the devil!
So I was thinking today, I was like, shaming myself this morning.
I said, I watch all these videos of this track person, this basketball star, this footballer, this rugby player, this soccer player dying or getting sick, and this top cyclist, or this top swimmer having, you know, to quit, or this, this, this, you know, this top golfer has to quit, or this, you know, I mean, it's everywhere.
It's having to get the shots.
We have tens of thousands of percent increase in young people having heart attacks.
Never used to happen.
It's everywhere.
Because it fries your heart.
The next time you speed that sucker up, it's bye-bye.
So this is the tree of death, is what we're talking about here.
So, here's a clip.
Bartlett Teen suffers heart attack after finishing cross-country race.
Here it is.
A 17-year-old Bartlett High School cross-country runner is recovering in Florida after undergoing emergency heart surgery.
Gabe Higginbottom had just completed a race Saturday in Pensacola when he started complaining of chest pains.
As WREG's Melissa Moon reports, he underwent a three-hour surgery and now teammates, coaches, and the community are praying for his swift return to health.
He finished the race.
He ran the race.
He ran well.
When he was done, he was tired.
But Chris Harmon, boys coach for Bartlett Cross Country and Track, says aside from the normal exhaustion, something just wasn't right with 17-year-old Gabe Higginbottom after competing Saturday in Pensacola, Florida.
He started complaining about his chest hurting and kept complaining.
When we went to the trainer's tent, you know, everybody initially thinks because it's hot, it's heat exhaustion, you know, so give him some ice.
But, you know, he's still complaining about his chest.
Gabe was eventually transported to a heart and vascular hospital in Gainesville, five hours away, for what Harmon was told was a three-hour emergency heart surgery.
Figured out that he had an artery blocked and fixed it.
Now they're just trying to figure out what caused it.
Gabe is recovering, but news of what happened came like a bolt out of the blue to teammates and supporters.
They're cross-country runners, so these guys are just slim, trim, they're fit.
And so to see that there was something there, yeah, it kind of shocked everybody.
Joe Moore's 16-year-old son Andrew is on the team with Gabe, and Moore says what happened will make him take a closer look at his son's condition after he crosses the finish line.
But now it's
It may be a little bit more of looking, watching them just a little bit closer, seeing if there's anything, just little, anything that's not normal.
Moore and other supporters immediately took steps to help Gabe and his family through this crisis.
A few of us got together and we decided to do a GoFundMe page and so we started that up and it's just blossomed from there.
Melissa Moon, WREG, News Channel 3.
And we reached Gabe's mother this morning, but she said her son was about to undergo more tests and she didn't have time to talk.
They're doing this heart ablation where they burn away parts of the heart on thousands of young people a week.
As young as five years old that have taken the shot.
But notice the adults all have Stockholm Syndrome.
We're just looking for something weird.
We don't know what caused this.
Well, we know what caused it.
You bet your bottom dollar he took the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J shot.
And so, if you got stung by a particular bee, or a particular bug, and then you got sick, you'd know the bug did it.
I don't need to be an ornithologist to know what a bird is.
I don't need to be an expert in insects to know what an insect is.
I don't need to know why the black widow bites me.
I could have a big rothole in my body that could kill me.
If a rattlesnake bites me,
I know my legs swell up because of the rattlesnake bite.
It's the shots.
But there's thousands of these videos.
Gee, we just don't know why.
In some schools, two of our football players had heart attacks.
It's never happened in 60 years of this high school, but we just don't know.
Gee, whatever.
When we come back, I'm going to talk about the tree of death.
And really, what this is all about, on the other side, it's very illustrative.
I'll leave it at that.
And if you understand this, you understand everything because this is all a test to see what they can do to us.
They want to kill us.
But if they come with armies and troops and machine guns, we'll rally.
We'll stand up.
We'll beat them.
But not if it comes via the medical system.
And that's what it is.
It's all confirmed.
So they're doing this and all these parents are such nice people and so simple.
And so friendly, they can't imagine the system's trying to kill them.
That's what happens to most victims of crime.
They can't believe what's happening to them, but it is happening to you.
We'll be right back in fullwars.com.
Dr. Pauli Alexander, who warned Trump about Operation Warp Speed, joins us coming up next segment in studio.
And they're now admitting the CDC lie, they're now admitting the shots kill you and maim you and erase your immune system.
So much to cover as we try to stop the next lockdown, the next forced injection program.
They admit they're planning.
But I wanted to hit this now.
The tree of death is what we're calling this.
And I saw this graphic.
This political cartoon on InfoWars.com this morning.
Here it is from Twitter.
For radio listeners, I'll describe it.
It shows a tree.
And above the surface, with the branches, it says inflation, high taxes, open borders, globalism, recession, racial division, defund the police, violence,
Human trafficking.
He goes on and on.
But the problem with the graphic by Branko, a great political cartoonist, is it's got Joe Biden as the root, and the donkey, and Obama, and a sippy cup.
But the root causes are really the globalists like Klaus Schwab and his corporate controllers like Bill Gates and the King of England who is involved in all this eugenics and depopulation, King Charles III.
But really, at the end of the day, it's the devil.
Is it the root?
The root cause, ladies and gentlemen, is not King Charles, not Bill Gates, not Klaus Schwab, not the donkey, but it's evil.
You can call it what you want, you can say what it is, you can play games all day, but this is a fight between good versus evil.
And everything the New World Order does is destructive of their own interest.
They go out of their way to kill, steal, and destroy because they like it.
Because they hate God's creation.
They hate human destiny.
They are fundamentally, spiritually jealous of the tree of life.
And they want the tree of death.
We're gonna go to break.
Come back with our special guest in studio after a special report.
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Globalists are in grave danger.
Their new world order is not going well.
Humanity is waking up to them all over the planet.
There are populist parties, nationalist parties, anti-world economic forum parties.
But why is it so important that we're on the air?
Why is it so important your backing of the few LACs
People are hungering for the truth more than ever and the globalists know if we stay on air and others stay on air, we will dominate the culture war.
We will win.
They will go to prison.
They will be defeated.
That's why it is
And everything is going on by word of mouth, by text message, by email, by the side of your barn, the back of your car, calling you to talk radio, calling you to C-SPAN.
Frankly, what I'm focused on today is building the united front against what, and this is not hyper-belief, what to me is U.S.
That's your chat with a few callers.
John's up first out of Austin, Texas.
Independent, good morning.
Good morning.
Yeah, I'm listening to Mr. Mitchell here, just as an American.
And I'm wondering how it is that Trump is a cult and the Democratic Party is a cult when they've already instituted socialism, they've flirted with communism.
And you talk about fascism, we can talk a lot about the Democratic Party and their neo-fascist views.
So why is it that you want to bring the country together, yet you want to take this extreme side?
The Republican Party has been captured by a political cult.
Um, I don't use those words lightly.
Plymouth, Michigan.
This is Janus, line for Republicans.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Mitchell.
There are none so blind as those who cannot see.
Let me give you a little piece of advice.
You will never succeed in your goal by insulting half the country and calling them fascists, racists,
I think?
The stunning thing to me is here we are 20 years later and the attack on the symbol of our democracy was not coming from terrorists but it came from literally insurgents attacking the Capitol on January 6th.
Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we're dealing with every single day.
We've got to kill and confront that movement.
What is a semi-fascist?
Most people in America know that it is not helpful to our country when we have people who are denying elections or trying to obstruct.
The outcome of an election.
We are seeing an emerging threat, of course, over the last several years of the domestic violent extremists.
The individual here in the United States radicalized the violence by a foreign terrorist ideology, but also an ideology of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives propagated on online platforms, even personal grievances.
But they're going to start though with Alex Jones.
Oh, we're just going to censor Alex Jones.
And then Donald Trump.
And then, well, everybody.
And, well, now it's a social credit score through the banks that tracks what you buy and what you do.
This is all being rolled out worldwide.
It's here now.
I don't want to call him a whistleblower.
He's a witness to what happened at Health and Human Services working with Redfield, Burks, Fauci, all of them.
Dr. Paul E. Alexander, PhD.
He is expertise in epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, and he witnessed it all.
Thank you very much, Alex.
What an honor and a pleasure.
So, look, the bottom line is my background training is in evidence-based medicine, clinical epidemiology, out of the University of Toronto, Oxford in England, McMaster in Canada, etc.
I work for the World Health Organization 2019, and then the World Health Organization asked me to be a pandemic advisor in evidence-based medicine, etc., which is my function.
Around May of 2020, persons in the Trump administration asked me to go to Washington to join the administration to work at Health and Human Services to provide support to the President and what they were doing in terms of the response.
And I guess
Again, I'm so honored to be here.
The message that I want to give today to the American people is this.
I've listened to Alex many times and I've listened to other people.
I mean, I'm an academic scientist and I can say I work with people like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Reich, Dr. Howard Tenenbaum, these people, Dr. Richard Oso, etc.
We looked at all of the science from the beginning of this pandemic, January, February in America 2020 to today.
There is no science anywhere in the world, none, where any lockdown worked to curb transmission or death.
No science shows, no data, that any school closure, any mask mandate, any business closure.
I want to say it as clearly as I can.
The data is clear.
Every single COVID policy failed.
Every lockdown policy failed that Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx implemented.
And it was devastating.
Many, many people in America, particularly our children, committed suicide.
And you've been saying that for a long time and now you're vindicated.
And you're being attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Everybody, if we put the headline up there, former Trump official, those quote anti-vax.
But I've read your writings.
You're not anti-vax.
You're anti-experimental vax.
So you've been vindicated.
Since they attacked you over a year ago, the CDC admits they lied.
They covered up the data.
You've been vindicated.
Yes, sir.
A lot of us have been vindicated.
And that's the key.
Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Gupta, Scott Atlas, myself.
We fought for focus protection because we saw out of the gate, February, March, April 2020, that COVID was amenable to re-stratification.
And that meant that with AIDS re-stratified approach, you strongly, properly protect the vulnerable in society.
You use early treatments as needed, but you leave the rest of society, 99.9% alone, let them live a normal life and deal with their normal lives, deal with the pathogen.
They would have developed natural immunity and we'd have gotten to herd immunity very early on.
And you said that a long time ago, we're targeted now.
Multiple European governments are banning under 50 taking the shot.
Yes, that is so.
That's a big deal.
Yeah, because they understand the devastation of the shot.
Look, the mRNA gene delivery, I call it a gene delivery platform.
Some people say it's a vaccine, some say inoculation.
It has failed.
The public needs to understand that it has failed on Delta.
It failed completely on Omicron with waning efficacy near immediately with negative efficacy and it is very harmful.
We know of the pericarditis, myocarditis, blood clotting, bleeding, etc.
My message, Alex, ask me and I'll say it as bluntly as I can.
Your child as a parent brings statistical zero risk to the table.
There is no science today, no one has prosecuted the case as to why any healthy child, we know of the data, no healthy child, not one, I challenge anyone openly on this program, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, anyone, no healthy child in America has gotten COVID and has died.
That is the data and what they're doing right now, the CDC and the FDA is a fraud.
They are coming after children who have a zero risk,
With a vaccine that is ineffective.
Stay there, Dr. Alexander.
This is powerful.
He doesn't want credit.
But if we don't give credit to the champions of truth...
We are going to be lost.
We're good to go.
Just today, they released Canadian government documents where they knew Ivermectin did a great job.
The British Medical Journal comes out and says 93% of deaths are the triple vaxxed.
I mean, it's not about saying we told you so, but my lord, censored, attacked, demonized, targeted, myself, you, and countless other patriots, and now we're vindicated and they hope this thing just blows over.
Speak to when you first woke up and started speaking out and then what do you make of
The head of the CDC and others going, OK, we lie to you, but it's no big deal.
Yeah, we covered up the efficacy.
I mean, this is so bad.
Well, I mean, look, the fact of the matter is the CDC and the NIH and they today are running backwards, including Fauci, to try to say when Walensky said that, you know, we have made some dramatic mistakes and errors and we are trying to correct and there's going to be a reorganization.
We covered up the safety.
That's a quote.
And that is the key.
The key here is we can't let these people off the hook.
The reason being is that for over two years we have provided data.
We've provided science to these people directly.
Not just in the news and writing and publishing.
Some of us have communicated with them direct.
The fact of the matter is the CDC and the NIH, etc., they won't follow in the science.
They were averse to the science and working against the science and working against us.
And they would send the attack dogs, including the media, out to punish us, to slander and smear us and cancel us.
And a lot of us have been hurt.
We've been hurt devastatingly, particularly financially, but we made the decision.
Particularly when we came out that this battle, this is the hill that we are prepared to lay our best battle down on.
Because parents particularly and the public needs to understand, we saw the data on the lockdowns.
We saw the harms.
We saw the children who were committed suicide.
Look, we had reports coming up into the White House with parents taking their young children into the emergency room.
Unresponsive in their arms, telling the doctors, during the lockdowns and school closures, Doc, we think we might have killed a child because we have been physically abusing each other and today we beat the child.
The lockdowns and school closures.
Record suicide, record family violence, record hell.
Devastated America.
And we have to... We need proper public inquiries.
This is United States of America.
Legal inquiries of Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Birx, Francis Albert Buller... And by the way, suddenly...
The CNN's head analyst suddenly, all their people are coming out saying, oh we shouldn't do masks, we're wrong, because they know they've been caught.
Of course they've been caught.
We had publications over a year, two years now showing that those blue surgical masks, those white cloth masks were highly ineffective.
CDC had a study in 2020 that showed that the masks didn't work for respiratory flu-like illnesses.
I don't
Not only that, the mask, the little fibers and stuff, they get dislodged and get down deep inside of the lungs and could cause serious pathology.
So, when we looked at all of the data we published in Brownstone Institute, we looked at all of the data, over 150 pieces of evidence that showed... That's right, you were a pioneer writing papers, warning people.
Oh yeah.
I wrote a lot for Brownstone, Jeff Tucker's group, and one of my papers on natural immunity is actually used by people even in the Congress and in Senate informally.
They use it as part of legal cases.
Lawyers all over the world write me.
I put together all of these studies to show
But have you said that he was a medical doctor that'd censor you?
They would destroy you.
They would take your income, take your license.
They came after me, ravaged myself.
Yet, we showed them a study that showed that people who were alive almost 100 years after the Spanish Flu, when we looked at their blood, we found immunological response to the Spanish Flu nearly 100 years post-exposure.
It showed us the natural immunity was bulletproof and lifelong.
Let me ask you this, and you don't want to toot your horn, but you're one of the main trailblazers.
What would it have been like if thousands of prominent scientists and doctors and insiders like yourself hadn't gone public?
They said they wanted the lockdown to be forever.
Of course, and I think it's about a core 12-15 of us who talk to people like Alex.
We go on his show, we speak.
Had it not been for us, they would have run roughshod over the entire United States and the world.
We have been the rate limiting step.
And we begged, we've begged doctors, particularly clinical doctors to step up.
Many have come to us and said, look, you people are, you people are stronger than us.
We can't take the chance because we will be destroyed.
Our practices will be closed and we can't take the chance.
But instead the children get destroyed because they're cowardice.
Well, this is the thing.
You use the word, I would use the word cowardice too.
I think doctors at the end of this should hang their heads in shame across Canada, UK, Australia, the United States, that they did not stand up and push back against the government, particularly on the issue of natural immunity, particularly on the issue of the use of early treatment.
They should have used it.
And on pushing these vaccines.
And what's crazy is, I'm not a scientist like you, but everybody knows that natural immunity is 99% effective on average for decades and decades.
As you said, almost 100 years from studies.
Fauci was in the videos saying decades ago the best thing is natural immunity.
But then later they said, you saw the Surgeon General last year said, oh, natural immunity is not even good.
Well I mean look, how else you want me to say it?
Fauci misled, he was duplicitous.
I would actually say and state, Anthony Fauci lied.
Every time he stated that natural immunity was inferior and we did not have the studies to prove, that was a blatant deception.
He knew better than that.
He knew that natural immunity was superior.
Not just the second line acquired adaptive immunity, we are talking also about a natural innate immunity, which is the first line of defense that children bring to the table.
And he knew that children are a very, very potent player in the immunological landscape.
And that if you vaccinate children with these vaccines, we run the risk of subverting that innate response that could devastate the response.
Look, you don't like to speculate.
We'll come back from break and talk about it, bud.
Obviously, I saw a Pfizer video three years ago where they said a shot like this before they released it would erase immunity.
Now we know it's erasing immunity.
Aren't they trying to create bubble children or boy in the bubble who don't have immune systems?
We're good to go!
After maternal antibodies weighing four to six months or so, must be exposed to pathogen.
You cannot lock a child down or mask them and prevent... Stay there, Donovan.
This is critical.
We'll come back with this.
Alright, Dr. Paul E. Alexander is in the studio with us.
He was finishing up a poem and went to break and he wanted to say something about Trump, who he's talked to and warned about Warp Speed and just comments about where we're at now with this whole situation.
So I've been asking a lot of questions, sir, and I just want to say this again because I can't overstate this.
We got censored.
We got demonized.
You got censored.
We all got attacked.
We've been vindicated.
The CDC is trying to reverse the guidance
On everything.
They are now saying they lied to us.
I mean, this is a big deal.
But Dr. Alexander, you want to talk about Trump here?
You've got the floor.
I'm going to shut up.
Well, look, let me get straight to the point.
I had the pleasure of working at Health and Human Services and I reported directly and indirectly to the White House.
And I think that I would say it this way.
I think President Trump
In my view, would go down as probably one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had.
I think that he was badly misled by Fauci, Brooks, that whole cabal.
They devastated his presidency.
And Alex had said something that I had written about before.
And I want to say it as clearly as possible.
I don't fault President Trump.
I think he's the best thing on deck today.
He must stand up, though.
He has to stand up today and state clearly that those lockdowns hurt.
They were the wrong move.
He took bad guidance from Fauci and Birx, and he must stand up against these COVID-19 injections.
These injections have failed.
In his capacity, it will go a long way in helping us.
We are out there battling the vaccine makers with this vaccine, and they're causing harm.
We need his voice, particularly to protect our children.
Please continue.
No, what I mean, how else can I say it?
I think from my point of view, from what I have seen, what I have heard, I mean, there are people who came to me, let's use the term anonymously, because they feared, they feared for their careers at NIH, at CDC, at FDA, and I mean they feared for their safety and their family, and they discussed with me while I was at HHS.
It's just opposite the Capitol building and they said, you know, Paul, we like what you're saying behind the scenes.
We cannot say what you're saying, but we agree with you.
And the fact of the matter is, you know, I had this relationship with people where they would confide in me pretty much.
And basically what I understood was
Do you have these alphabet agencies with the Deep State?
And the Deep State is real.
I worked there, I can tell you.
The Deep State is that bureaucracy.
And they worked and they conspired.
They basically explained to me their job, on a day-to-day basis, was to make President Trump's presidency, in terms of the lockdowns and the response, unmanageable, ungovernable, and chaotic.
And if I have the quote right, Redfield admitted this to you.
Well, I mean, Dr. Redfield, I asked him one day about the social distancing.
Let me give you an example.
And I said, you know, Dr. Redfield, where do we get the science?
Where do we get the science, the CDC, about this social distancing?
And Dr. Redfield basically explained that it was made up.
And I can tell you that when Scott Gottlieb said that post Redfield, I knew I was vindicated because I was saying that it was made up and I got that from the CDC and when Scott Gottlieb said it, there was no scientific basis.
We just arbitrarily made up CDC
Six feet.
And there was no science to back it up.
And we closed society.
We locked schools down.
We damaged businesses.
People committed suicide over that six feet rule.
That six feet rule ended people's lives.
And so why do you think the rats are leaving the sinking ship now?
Because it obviously didn't go the way they wanted it to.
How do you think, as an expert and insider, they were planning it to go versus the way it's gone?
And how would you describe the political, biomedical, ethical climate we're in right now?
Well, I think the climate that we're in right now is not a good climate.
And I think that they did not understand that the McCullers in this world, the Harvey Reichers, the myselfs, people like yourself, etc.
And I'll even give credit to people like Lauren Graham on Fox, even to Tucker Carlson on Fox, who are fighting.
Those are the ones in the media who are giving us the platforms and the forums.
They didn't anticipate us, that we would push back.
And that whilst all of these scientists and doctors stood down to protect their salaries, that we decided to fight.
And I think if we did not, they would have overrun the society.
I think parents right now were so confused.
And when we saw the recent Kaiser report that only 4-5% of parents have taken the shot
Post the FDA approval of the six-month to five-year-old vaccine.
That was vindication for us, because that showed us that parents are critical thinkers now, and they're listening to what we're saying.
I was about to say, as bad as everything's been, they're having the lowest uptake of vaccines, period, even though some vaccines are good.
Obviously, they can have side effects or problems, we should admit that, but this isn't a vaccine.
But super low uptake of the new booster, of all this, the people have really woken up, it seems.
Yes, the people have woken up and the challenge with that then is what we call it as the deep state or the players involved.
They seem they're not going to stop.
They have just authorized this bivalent booster.
That was my next question.
What are they going to do next?
The bivalent booster is almost dead on arrival before it even leaves because on one hand it includes the Wuhan strain, which is the present Wuhan strain that is causing all of the variants that we see emerging and is based on a BA5 clade sub-variant that we know by the time they bring it will actually be displaced by other variants.
So we have the same problem.
In other words, if you want to keep this pandemic
Not everybody is a top scientist.
Explain this to us.
Like we're freshman high schoolers.
Explain it to us.
How giving them a shot keeps it going?
We know from basic immunology and biology that once you vaccinate using a non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccine that induces non-neutralizing antibodies that will not eliminate or stop the virus, then you are going to cause
So they're using us as the factory to create the new virus?
Well, putting it the way you're saying it, again, if you keep vaccinating the way we have with these mRNA platforms, this pandemic will never end.
We will go from infectious, and Gerd van den Bosch has warned, and I take his warning very seriously, that it is not just about an infectious variant that will emerge.
It is going to be a potentially virulent, lethal one that could actually threaten humanity.
So this is a very serious matter.
These vaccines... And they know exactly what they're doing.
They know what they're doing.
It must be stopped.
They see... You're talking about, man, this is so sick.
What about all the reports that lowers immunity?
Of course it lowers immunity.
We have a lot of science right now that shows it suppresses the immune system.
We've actually, we have science to show that if you're already COVID-recovered, and you have natural immunity, you're recovered immunity in place, and you layer it with vaccinal antibodies, the immunity from the vaccine, you are more likely going to end up in a hospital.
We have research from Cramer, Matteo Dacques.
Sure, we'll talk about it in the next segment, but just a lightening point.
We don't just have the numbers.
Even if a minority of fools keep taking the shots, they're going to be the petri dish or the incubator for the super virus.
Yes, of course.
And the reality about it is there is no way out of the box that we are in unless we stop
Let's talk about the children.
I interrupted you earlier.
Let's give the children one comeback.
Well, as negative as things are, the world is awakening.
And speaking of the world, number one book in the world is The Great Reset and The War for the World.
By yours truly.
Buy the book in bookstores, Amazon, you name it.
Get unsigned copies and signed copies exclusively.
The signed copies.
It's a fundraiser.
Infowarstore.com to fund life-saving information like you're hearing right now.
Signed copies.
The Great Reset.
Only place to get it.
Dr. Paul E. Alexander, PhD.
All right.
Crowding the country on his own dime to come warn people.
Well again, thanks very much.
Look, I think the message I want to get out here is
I don't think President Trump really understood how much the lockdowns and the school closures hurt him.
The lockdowns devastated the United States.
And I think Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins and they knew what they were doing.
They were damaging the society with these lockdowns.
And I think history will show that the lockdowns that happened in America was probably the greatest public health decision ever.
Oh, America was the most productive, spun-up dynamo and hadn't come back since then.
No, it has not.
We're in a lot of trouble, and with the new administration, I mean, as you can see, I think that some modelers said that it will take the rest of the 21st century, so that's 80 more years, for the United States to get back to where it was, and the devastating effects on children emotionally, psychologically, education-wise.
And notice, China would only lock down the city to sell the idea.
They didn't lock their whole country down.
And that's another thing, you know.
That's why we need the investigation.
We need proper investigation.
And there have been some recent really good discussions between Bobby Kennedy Jr.
and this Sachs guy.
And it was very interesting, a recent publication.
So what they were talking about, that unison between EcoHealth and Chapel Hill University.
Peter Daszak.
And it raises a lot of issues.
And what I wanted to say, Alex, is this, that for the American, and for you, I did a stint at Johns Hopkins in 2001 in biological warfare.
I had the privilege of working under Donald Henderson, who you've allocated smallpox.
Small program in bioterrorism, I wanted to learn how did you could defend a city from biological attack back then.
And we looked at smallpox, anthrax, Q fever, etc.
The thing is, for me as a scientist and somebody with background in biowarfare and stuff, I look at it from this point of view.
It could have been the United States government, the military, let's say, and would have been prudent on their part to do some sort of research, background research, on if these viruses and pathogens could be weaponized by bad actors in the world and used against the United States.
How would we be able to respond?
The issue is, were other people
Did they get into the system?
And did they use this, whatever was being done nefariously?
Did they use this against the United States?
Was this a deliberate release?
Was this an accidental release?
What really happened here?
We need a proper, proper examination.
Well, even the British Medical Journal is now saying it looks like it was done as a lab-made product.
So they're having to basically admit that now.
Absolutely, this was lab-made.
All of the evidence about wet markets, zoonosis, spillover, that is garbage, that is not real.
All signs point to this being man-made in a laboratory.
They took it out of the wild, of course, but they took it into the lab and they juiced this up, they introduced the furin cleavage site, and they made this very infectious and lethal.
And I guess the point is, I want to shift quickly to the children, because this is very important.
Children come, and I take a lot of tone from Dr. Vandenbosch, so I'm speaking from that point of view.
Children come with what we call their first line of immune defense, called the innate immunity.
All children.
After the maternal antibodies wean, children must initiate and kick start this innate immune system.
It's the first line of defense.
And outcompete the innate antibodies that children bring and the innate immune system in children will not be properly trained.
Why is this important?
That immune training that a child goes through very early on in life, that these vaccines would subvert, helps a child's immune system to differentiate what belongs to the child and what belongs to other.
So that the immune system of a child learns pretty early on, for the rest of their life, what it should attack that does not belong to it, and what it should leave alone.
So they're destabilizing children.
They're not just going to have their immune system erased, they're going to have allergies.
But we're beginning to see that now.
Children are going to have what we call autoimmune reactivity.
That's the issue.
A lot of allergic reactions and autoimmune disease is going to escalate in the future.
Because in that ability to differentiate self from non-self, that is what autoimmune disease is.
As Van Den Bosch said, using his terminology, we run the risk of placing children on a path towards death.
Well, you were a trailblazer exposed to this early on, so speculating, 35,000 foot view, the whole thing was incredibly premeditated.
I absolutely think, I absolutely think that whatever was happening in the beginning, in terms of if there was research taking place that involved the United States military, government, etc., it may have had
May have had a benevolent view at that point, but somewhere in there, other players got involved, particularly Pharma, particularly places like Pfizer and Moderna.
They're just a money-making venture also.
So the Pentagon worked to like deal with threats, but it actually made the weapon, because that's what they do.
They build the response to weapons somebody may do, and then somebody else grabbed it up and used it.
We mentioned the British Medical Journal and others.
They're now saying, not only was it made in a lab, but maybe the U.S.
made it, which is what the Chinese said two and a half years ago.
Yeah, well I mean, and look Alex, let's be fair here.
If you told me that the United States government, because of this former Soviet Union, because of China, because of other nations, were engaging in biological research,
I would sit back and say, well you know, that's probably very risky stuff, but if they know what they're doing and they could safeguard the society in case of a biological attack, well then they should.
Now, it has to be done prudently and the way it should be.
The question becomes, were other players involved who usurped what was being done for proper benevolent means, did they take advantage of this?
Did they get in there?
Look, I'll be as frank as I could.
Was this virus used to damage President Trump?
Fauci said the first month of Trump, there'll be a new novel virus that challenges him.
Well, yes, there was a new novel virus that challenged him.
But what we've seen is that in the response to this virus, we knew very early on that as long as you protected the elderly and the vulnerable in society, even with this initial Wuhan strain, you protect them properly, strongly,
We use early treatment.
We told them what they needed to do.
You use early treatment.
You use vitamin D3, etc.
But you let the rest of society live normal lives.
We do not need to lock down.
We do not need to close schools and cause so much suicides.
We could have let everybody live normally, become immune naturally, and we'd have been done of this way before we are today.
We have now generated the Omicron variant with this vaccine.
Which is why they never created a vaccine for the cold, right?
Because it would create mutants.
So I'm not a scientist like you, but I know that.
So obviously they knew what this would do.
That if you continue, as we were saying in the earlier segment, if you continue vaccinating with a non-neutralizing vaccine, which this is, that introduces non-neutralizing antibodies, you cannot stop transmission and you cannot stop infection.
You, therefore, cannot cut the chain of transmission with a vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission.
In your own words, though, you're saying this statistically could create a super virus.
Absolutely, because we are going from infectious variant after infectious variant.
And there's a chance always, because of the selection pressure that you are placing on the antigen, that a very lethal sub-variant can emerge.
And I know they can't do it in a lab, but with billions of people, they could create it.
Well, we are the playground, and as you see with this new bivalent booster that Pfizer and they are pushing.
That's why Bill Gates famously said two and a half years ago, this is really just a test, but the terrorists, he sees as humanity, are about to release a bioweapon that will kill billions.
He's telling you we're the terrorists, he sees the humans as bad, and the joke is they're going to make us create the thing that kills us.
Yeah, and Alex, you know what is devastating here is they've brought this bivalent vaccine that they're touting based on research on eight mice.
Let's talk about the eight mice when we come right back.
Dr. Pauli Alexander worked in the Trump administration and he's here with us for two more segments ahead of Jason Burma's taking over.
But the big takeaway here is, and I've seen these similar syndromes in chickens and poultry where they vaccinate them over and over again against different types of bird flu and different viruses and then suddenly
It doesn't work anymore, but they have a master vaccine they give, but then the bird mutates and has all these diseases and all these problems.
It's almost like a zombie that's still alive.
So in layman's terms, so you understand it, they admit the mainline science that giving people shots during a pandemic over and over again will naturally select and create a super virus.
Yeah, well, I mean, the danger is that you don't ever vaccinate into a pandemic, into an epidemic or pandemic, because there's tremendous infectious pressure out there on the mountain immune response.
And the reality is that you want
The issue is, those involved, they seem to underestimate the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adapt and evolve to the pressure, from the lockdowns to the masks.
But then Bill Gates says he wants to kill us, so you're saying, oh they're making a mistake.
Looks pre-planned to me.
It looks, to be honest with me, as I said before, if
If you wanted to keep this pandemic ongoing, non-stop, and for us to generate infectious variant after infectious variant, then we keep using these sorts of mRNA vaccines, gene platform delivery systems, and you would get infectious variant after infectious variant emerging.
You will never be able to stop because we cannot cut the chain of transmission.
And that's why they keep doing the boosters, and after every booster, whether it's Israel or Australia or the U.S.,
Sickness spikes after every shot?
So that means it's not only that it's zero, the vaccine is actually driving infection.
That's what we are seeing.
We are seeing there's some good studies by, good research by Fantini et al and one by Liu et al that shows us that what is happening is that the induced antibodies that are non-neutralizing, they can still, they're not just useless.
They can still bind to the spike antigen, but in binding, they are giving the virus a property it did not have before.
They give the virus a very infectious property.
In other words, the vaccinated person becomes infected.
So this was never a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
We knew, we knew very early on, this was a pandemic of the vaccinated and the CDC lied to the public by running to the podium and saying, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
What the CDC did was,
Most of the infections, cases, hospitalizations and death post-vaccine happens right there in about the first week.
So the CDC redefined what being vaccinated was and they claimed that you have to get to 14 days post for you to be considered vaccinated.
So if you are 40 after the vaccine and you got hospitalized or even died, CDC counted you as an unvaccinated person.
And that was the lie.
That was the deceit.
So can it stop this great mutagenic Godzilla rising that so many are refusing?
Or do they just need a small target group to be able to incubate this next mutation?
Well, I think when you even listen to Dr. McCullough or myself or other, Van Den Bosch, etc.
We are calling for a carte blanche stop.
We want a hard stop on this vaccine across the board for all age groups.
There is no evidence right now, no science that shows us that the emergency is done.
We have no more emergency.
Omicron presents us a mild cold now.
I mean, we still have to protect high- But if people keep taking the shot, it can create the super virus.
Yes, if you keep vaccinating people, we will never stop.
Alright, final segment with our amazing guest, Dr. Paul Alexander.
Stay with us.
Well, I'm really impressed.
I've seen many videos of him.
I've seen him at big conferences.
New two and a half years ago, he warned everybody.
This guy's impressive.
He's here in studio with us, and he's horrifying me because I'm a lay person, but I know they never gave people a cold vaccine because they said it could create a super virus and a bunch of other bad effects.
And now they've done it.
Obviously, they're not stupid.
They've got some bigger plan.
So my question is, is almost 2% uptake now versus 50% a year and a half ago, is that going to stop them?
What do the booster shots do?
Because this is just crazy.
Please continue.
Well, I mean, Alex, we have data out of the UK.
Out of Scotland, out of Australia, out of Denmark, etc.
Across the world it shows us that actually it's the third shot and the fourth shot, so the first boost and second, that we're actually seeing the vaccinated becoming highly infected.
And by the way, they have, like you said, British Medical Journal, 93% of people dying, triple vax.
So that's why they had to fire three FDA boards to finally get one that would approve this.
So they know what they're doing.
Explain this.
Well, I mean, in terms of the triple vax?
Well, I mean, the thing about it is the data actually settled itself out to show us that not with the first vaccine, the first shot or the second, we began to see deaths post second shot.
But with the third shot, the booster and the fourth, what we actually saw in the Scottish data, and they took their reporting down and the UK,
was that there was a surge in infections, hospitalizations and death.
And it was a very scary situation to the sense that when we looked at the studies by Fantini et al, it helped explain to us why, why would a vaccinated person become so much more infected than an unvaccinated person?
And they laid out the mechanisms.
Yes, the science is clear now.
We have the data across the world that tells us that those who take the vaccine now
Look, you just have to look around you and your family, look at your friends and your colleagues and your co-workers.
How many of them have had the vaccine, boosters included, and have gotten very sick?
How many of them have gotten reinfected?
So, no one is saying, no one is saying, and I want to be very clear here, no one is saying that COVID was not a problem.
Covid presented a serious problem.
It was made in a lab.
It was released.
Yes, but it was a problem for high-risk persons.
Today, we know still that the median age of death is 82.
You need to understand something.
The age of death for Covid
Actually, is the normal life expectancy is about 77, 78, 79.
The average median age of death, average age of death to a person who dies around 82.
COVID has not cut people's lives short.
That's a very important thing.
So they have made this pathogen.
That we could have managed with early treatment, that we could have managed with proper protection of the high-risk persons, particularly morbidly obese persons.
We could have managed this, but they took this and they made it into a catastrophe, and they're not stopping.
Now they're pushing this bivalent booster, and all we see down the line is more infectious variants.
So we need to stop.
But I mean, I've shown the numbers, mainline from the UN's own numbers, every time they give a booster shot,
The sickness and hospitalization and death skyrockets.
Absolutely, and that's what the data shows.
I'm not a doctor, but if a rattlesnake bites me and my leg swells up, the rattlesnake did it.
Or if a spider bites me, or if I drink liquor and get drunk, I'm not a doctor, but I know that the liquor made me drunk.
Well, I mean, this is killing people.
I mean, you can see it.
If you got up and punched me in the face and my nose was bloody, I don't need to be an epidemiologist or a pathologist.
Or a doctor to know, you punch me in the nose, I have a bloody nose.
I mean, it's causal, it's prima facie.
Yes, but, and Alex, it's because in the past, from since SARS-1 2003, they have done many, many experiments using this mRNA gene delivery platform.
That's right, for decades they're secretly testing it and magically they roll it out.
Yeah, but the key is they failed.
All of the prior studies on the animal models and stuff failed.
Many of the animals got sick and many of them died.
That's right.
All of them failed.
They admitted mainstream news it was a dead technology and then suddenly they roll it out knowing it was going to fail.
Yes, well that's the thing.
And what the public needs to understand is this.
Up to today, no cost benefit, no risk benefit analysis has ever been done, whether on the response in terms of lockdowns, whether on these vaccines, in terms of what was the optimal approach for the supply chain.
Let me ask you this question, Doctor.
If they know they have a failed gene therapy, gene
Why roll a failed?
Because if it's meant to help us, it's failed.
But if it's meant to hurt us, it works great.
Like UT, as you know, did studies eight, nine years ago with Fauci under Obama, and they found the rats died taking the stuff.
Well absolutely, if you ask me, if Dr. Alexander, if you wanted to create a bioweapon
If you wanted to create a biological weapon today that can slow kill, harm and slow kill the population, I will tell you bring these mRNA gene platforms exactly like this.
Exactly how you have this, bring it.
This is a biological weapon to me that has been released and I have biological terrorism, bioterrorism training in my background.
The reality is which should be shocking people is this.
Recently the FDA approved this bivalent new shot based on the Wuhan strain plus the BA4, BA5 clade subvariant as the component of the vaccine.
But what do we know?
We know that the only human data came from the BA1.
We're good to go.
So we don't understand what's going on with the FDA.
The FDA, which should be our marquee.
It's a hijacked organization.
It's hijacked.
We don't understand what's going on.
They're not safeguarding the health and welfare of the American people.
I agree.
I want to take the last two minutes and put it up front in this interview.
We're live right now, millions watching, but this video needs to get 10 million views, folks, or 50 million.
What you just said about a premeditated bioweapon, it's there, and they're planning, as Gates said, oh, this is just a drill, but the terrorists are about to release a new virus.
I said, almost two and a half years ago, I said, because I've watched Gates, I go,
This is going to make us create some super virus I had a bunch of scientists on.
He's telling us, oh, this is a drill, but the terrorists are about to release the real weapon.
He sees us as a terrorist.
He's telling us we're about to release the weapon that kills us.
And I think I've read a lot of stuff on Gates since it's begun.
You know, I have a lot, a lot of questions now on his role in all of this.
And the reality now is we are facing a situation today societally in America where they brought
I don't
To the FDA for approval.
They actually had data that they omitted.
3,000 subjects.
But when we re-ran the numbers, that 95% relative risk reduction dropped to under 20%.
In other words, it was not even meeting the 50% threshold that was set.
We also argued they were fraudulent in claiming 95% relative risk reduction.
Which has been proven.
Alexander Coven News on Substack.
Alexander Coven News.
Sorry, finish your point.
Yeah, what we're saying is they should have reported the absolute risk reduction.
It's the absolute benefit that we needed to know.
But when you look to the Pfizer data, it was 0.7%, not 95% relative risk reduction.
What does that mean?
From Pfizer to FDA, there's some collusion, something that has happened between these parties, that they have defrauded the American people with those initial emergency use authorizations.
That's right.
Alexander Kovat, News on Substack.
Alexander, thank you Dr. Paul E. Alexander.
Join us again soon.
God bless you.
Jason Burmess takes over right now.
He's got a big broadcast lined up for you.
Spread the word.
In 45 minutes, Owen Schroer and the War Room.
Thank you.
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We are going to be talking about the executive order that Biden has signed on to.
We are going to be talking about NASA, space warfare, cancer moonshot, and so much more.
But what I wanted to start out with, if you caught my last presentation here, from transgender to transhuman,
I featured a conference put on by the Bezos owned Washington Post sponsored by Samsung and Lockheed Martin called Transformers in 2016 and in that
It was openly discussed that they would be taking a nano-satellite skin that would encompass the globe and be utilized for all types of warfare and beyond.
And that is exactly what we are seeing in the Ukraine.
Folks, it's not just a proxy war.
As Alex Jones stated yesterday,
These systems, Starlink in particular, and its classified cousin, Blackjack, are being utilized with Ghost and Sidewinder drones that are killing people en masse.
And before I play you this clip from Transformers, I want to point out that Ukraine's astronomers say there are tons of UFOs over Kiev.
UFOs, you say?
And what people have to understand is this is classified technology in most cases run via black programs because NASA is not about taking us to the moon or Mars.
That's a very, very small part.
It is about trans humanism, space warfare and beyond.
So in this conference, let's have one of their little representatives and minion again,
NASA, DARPA, transhumanism.
It's all part of the same narrative and the same brand.
But let George Whitesides tell you about this system.
Through ISS has been sort of seeding the small sat market.
And but you can't launch into all the different orbits from ISS.
And so what we'll be able to do with our vehicle launcher one is to put these satellites into other orbits.
But I think what's interesting is that the U.S.
is now leading a new area, which is the small satellite sector.
And, you know, we're going to see tremendous growth.
The geostationary, the number of geostationary satellites getting launched into orbit isn't really growing right now.
But you're going to see this huge growth
In small satellite constellations over the coming years that will establish essentially a new information skin for planet Earth that, you know, helps us with navigation and communication and weather and remote sensing.
And I think it'll be eventually sort of a permanent new skin around the planet.
And a lot of that is being catalyzed by the work that was done inside NASA labs and now inside the National Lab at ISS.
And we cannot forget about Elon Musk and SpaceX itself.
This is the ex-NASA Chief of Staff that you just saw under the Obama administration.
And I want to point out that Elon Musk, who is being heralded as a hero by many, all the way back in April,
Donated over three and a half thousand of these Starlink terminals.
Reports have over 12,000 of those satellite systems currently being used there.
And that is not
Part of what?
The actual Lockheed Martin program blackjack.
However, they work in unison with one another because Musk is really there for this DARPA SpaceX merger.
OK, his job is to move what technology all over the world within an hour.
Those are the military contracts that this guy is a part of.
In fact, Kash Patel, who I would argue was one of the better people inside the Trump administration, openly talked about on Fox News how he was their number one contractor.
Let's go to that clip right now.
He is doing some cool stuff in space and everything.
He's doing a ton of stuff that you would think is so global.
He is literally launching this thing called SatLink, which almost no one knows about, but he's been building for five years.
Which is free Wi-Fi for the world.
Which is amazing!
The world!
It's gonna change everything!
And there again, no one's talking about it.
You think the Democrats would be championing this like, oh I can be in Central Sahara Africa and get Wi-Fi on my
$3 million phone.
You know, but they're not.
And if you've actually watched one of these satellite link uploads, it's like a string of pearls being dropped in the night sky.
It's really cool.
I mean, we're all paying for it.
This is why he's so rich.
The DOD's biggest, like, contractor is Elon Musk.
That's right.
Oh, the DOD's biggest contractor is Elon Musk.
So let's talk nanosats for a moment.
I often go
To this future strategic warfare document by Dennis Bushnell, the chief scientist over at NASA.
To this day, a guy that's been around since the Gemini program.
A document
From 2001, and one of the first things we see when we talk about blast wave accelerators, which is a type of what?
In fact, you can see one of these blast wave accelerator diagrams, again, all the way back in 2001, in this document.
You'll notice nanosats on the bottom.
Well, nanosats come up quite a bit in this document.
If you see it here, you'll see that they are inexpensive, and they are overhead systems, ubiquitous with UAVs.
Both military and commercial, huh?
Blackjack Military, Starlink Commercial.
And this preceded all of these things by over a decade.
If you see the future of warfare, you have mini, micro, and nanosats, along with UAVs.
They also mention binary and biological weaponry in this as well.
And get you ready for robotics, automatics at the large.
Now if you keep going, I mean they keep talking about this, and it's magnitude in this type of warfare.
You also get biochemical, molecular, nanocomputing with these sensors.
Again, it's not just the Internet of Things.
It's the Internet of Bodies.
That's why they get into cyber and artificial life.
When we start talking about the transhumanist aspect, we're going to get into the genomic repair and design of the human species, again, in this document.
But I really thought this part was telling.
Trojan horse everything.
Ships, boats, planes, cars, trucks, packages, cargo, containers, targeted effects, including tidal waves, EMPs, earthquakes, radiation, and of course, BLAST aka the Blast Wave Accelerator.
They are telling you
That this type
This is the techno-fascist partnership that is out in the open.
And when we come back, we're going to examine not only that document, but Biden's executive order.
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We are back.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas and we are going to move on to the Poopy Pants Puppet President.
And his latest executive order, as well as cancer moonshot, which you may have missed.
You see, when Biden was running, he was talking about a DARPA-like program to end cancer.
And lo and behold, that DARPA-like program is not only the Defense Department, but NASA itself.
And you can read this.
We can cure cancers once and for all.
Oh, this technology is going to empower us.
We're going to slash deaths by half within 25 years.
You scroll down and this woman right here.
...is a part of both DARPA and NASA.
And when Joe Biden was trying to read off his prompter, I gotta say, he went almost 90 seconds with only a couple stumbles, some of his better moments.
He actually mentions NASA.
That's why we continuously harp on that organization.
But don't take my word for it.
Take Zombie Jay's.
President Biden, this cancer moonshot,
It's one of the reasons why I ran for president.
There's always a reason why he ran for president.
Cancer moonshot.
That's one of them.
It's part of my unity agenda that I laid out in my State of the Union address to rally the American people to work together.
Because we know this.
Cancer does not discriminate red and blue.
It doesn't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat.
Beating cancer is something we can do together, and that's why I'm here today.
As part of the Supercharged Moonshot, I'll use my authorities as president to increase funding to break logjams into speed breakthroughs.
I've also formed a new cancer cabinet that's driving a whole-of-government effort to unleash every possible asset within our power from NASA
That knows more about radiation than any doctor does.
To the Defense Department, that has the ability to calculate, and the Energy Department, do a million billion calculations per second.
Million billion calculations per second, logjams, blah blah blah blah, but think about what he just said.
Now he also talked about the Energy Department.
If anybody wants to go back into history and check out what the Department of Energy did via human experimentation, you need only go to the Clinton administration when he had to walk out in public with a binder about that big on the horrific human experimentation that was done unknowingly on soldiers and citizens alike.
These are black programs in many instances and I promise you they are not here to empower humanity.
They are here to enslave us under this biotech nightmare.
This document, Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, there's that word again, what's sustainable mean?
It means your standard of living plummets.
That's what it means.
Safe and secure American bio-economy.
You see, your social credit score, your carbon credit score, they intend that to be in the Internet of Bodies as well.
Forget about just track, trace, database.
They want everything internally.
Here's just a small subsection for everybody.
For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals and their societal goals are to take hold of the evolution of everything openly.
Bushnell discusses that in the document we're going to go back to and in person as we've shown you here where he admits in 2018 they've already put 200,000 brain chips in people.
But hey, to achieve those societal goals,
The United States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities.
We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.
Again, this is what the Transgender Non-Binary Zeros and Ones Agenda is all about, to equate you, not to a human being, a being with a spirit, a soul, actual consciousness, but nothing more than a number, a nobody, a nothing, to be subjugated to their predator class power.
They want to unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence, and advance the science of scale-up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that the innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.
That is the government partnership
With these companies, these tech companies, for again, outward biotech medical fascism.
Believe the hype.
That is what this is a hundred percent about.
And people need to understand it is not coming.
It's here.
And that's why we're going to play Dennis Bushnell telling you what the evolution of everything is over.
We're taking hold.
Humans are now becoming cyborgs.
We have cochlear implants to hear, artificial retinas to see, artificial hearts to live, artificial limbs to move, artificial organs to function, and brain shifts.
There's a couple hundred thousand people wandering around with brain shifts now.
It affects congenitally defective brains and increasingly it affects memory and other things.
DARPA's working on brain shifts for super soldiers.
And people are now working thanks to Musk and other people funding direct machine brain communications.
It's not us versus them, us versus the machines.
We're merging.
Now before he gets into that merger, notice Musk comes up again.
Musk is going to be revealing his Optimus Bot, I believe, on September 29th or 30th.
We're about two weeks away, okay?
And he's the one pushing this technology, which is decades old, military-industrial complex, run via his Neuralink, commercially, and being praised by guys like this that are about to tell you that evolution is over.
We've taken control of evolution.
And this is the human evolution of the humans.
There is no more natural evolution of anything.
No more natural evolution of anything?
People are convinced that the human evolution of everything is 10 million times faster than any natural evolution.
And so this is just part of the human evolution of the humans.
And if you look here at his own documentation, again, that's from 2018.
This is from 2001.
Humans have taken over and vastly shortened evolution of the planet, of the human species, and all products and life forms, okay, including cross-species, molecular, breeding, and directed evolution.
The genomic design and repair of the human species mind children.
And it goes on.
If you look at this, they talk about biohacking.
They talk about how it is direct and undetectable.
Fatal to disabling.
Short to long-term scales.
They openly discussed utilizing this technology as fingerprintless.
Talk about plausible deniability.
And here you see that they have genomically targeted pathogens.
Again, fingerless campaigns that go beyond their shock and awe warfare that we saw during the Iraq War.
They hadn't even used that terminology for the Iraq War.
Again, this is a 2001 document.
They're talking about binary agents distributed via what?
Vitamins, clothing, and food.
And using these genomic pathogens for individuals, that's one-on-one, for entire societies.
It's all right here.
It was all growing then.
This is not pixie dust.
This is a bio warfare document that is in your face.
When we come back, we will expand
On the transhumanist aspect of this all, what is going on right now, and how CBDCs, digital currencies, the social credit score, the climate crisis, and a carbon agenda all intertwine into everything you're seeing right now.
This is InfoWars.com.
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Final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas sitting in in the fourth hour.
So how do they plan on taking us?
Into this transhumanist nightmare.
Well, selling us on a virtual age.
And again, this document is looking decades ahead.
They talk about the year 2030, the IT, bio-nano, virtual technological revolution.
And in 2020, somehow they knew the bio-nano era was coming.
Just saying, all those mRNA technologies, that is bio-nano technology, they don't know how long this will last.
They got that 2030 in mind to get you into what?
The virtual age.
And I want to assure you that the virtual age actually goes far, far, far beyond just what they're trying to do with metaverse governance and generating economic and societal value with the World Economic Forum.
They've partnered
But actually get you to believe.
That we are not only going to merge with machines, but upload our consciousness.
And at the end of the day, Dennis Bushnell tells you here, we will have human-contaminated machines, and then we're going to go to Martine Rothblatt, the most powerful transgender person on the planet, a billionaire, the CEO of United Therapeutics, the person with their own religion, Tara Sim, telling you,
About this upload and this cyber consciousness.
Now remember, transhumanism for them is they're going to remain in these bodies and have technology that empowers them.
And then that same technology will trick and enslave us into thinking that our digital doppelgangers are somehow an extension of our consciousness and ourselves.
This is Johnny Nonsense.
This is Bull Shizzle McBizzle.
So here he is!
Human-contaminated machines.
We can have a high-bandwidth COM port built in so we don't have to use the sensors and they're very limited bandwidth.
And eventually this all ends up with uploading into the machines and instead of us versus them, humans versus the machines, we become
The Kitty Hawk type of project on this, BINA48, named for your lovely spouse, which I have talked to, and as many others.
It's sort of a head on a table at this point, but it talks to you.
And you've described it, this isn't the finished product of where we want to go.
But BINA48 is the Kitty Hawk
basis of how this, you call them doppelgangers.
Can you say robots?
Yeah, robots are just as good.
And if you put in, I kind of have the idea like, you know, The Matrix, where they were plugging stuff into the back of people's head.
I have the idea that you upload everybody's personality or consciousness onto what amounts to a thumb drive and then you can upload it to the cloud so you're always there and you can just plug it into a robot and there you are.
Right, but it's becoming even that's been a 48 in the screen and and that was from a recent episode of Morgan Freeman's series on the National Geographic Channel about the nature of God and religion and whatnot and
So we did this project to really inspire young people, and I'd say young girls in particular, to become coders.
And when they have an opportunity to speak with Bina48 and see that even today in our somewhat primitive 20 teens, we're able to write software that can respond idiosyncratically.
She doesn't give the same answer any two times.
And notice they're talking about indoctrinating the youth.
They're talking about writing software just like that executive order.
We've got to learn to write software for biology and then at the same time get you to buy into this virtual nonsense.
This is the author.
Of, again, from transgender to transhuman, a manifesto on the freedom of form.
Another book by Rothblatt, Virtually Human, the promise and peril of digital immortality.
Now at the same time, this person is utilizing technology for xenotransplantation.
Now, if you believe that the average person is going to get a new kidney or a heart because of this, look at how our medical system works now.
That is not the case.
At best, we will be experimented on on this road to the belief that somehow we are part of the metaverse or even the multiverse or a simulation, all of which
equates you to programmable zeros and ones.
You don't have a real soul.
You don't have real consciousness.
It's something that we can replicate in silicon.
And that is the ultimate agenda in all of this.
It is one of dehumanization, command and control.
As they get you to accept less, you will own nothing and be happy.
You will eat the bugs.
You will be part of projects like Gnome.
And what is Gnome and The Line?
A lot of people talk about the United States when it comes to this.
They talk about China when it comes to this.
But it is truly, truly a global project.
What you're looking behind is this ad and commercial for The Line.
Notice it looks very much like a virtual world where you're going to fly and touch water and it's beautiful.
When in reality what this is, is a dystopic nightmare type system that you would see out of the Hunger Games where they compress and command you into this city of control where everything's only five minutes away.
Everything is regulated through your social and carbon credit score because they have to regulate that and that's one of NASA's big thing.
The ecosystem appears to be crashing.
They're big on the climate change agenda.
Not because they believe it, but because it's a Trojan horse way of gaining that command and control system.
So take a look.
This is the line being built in Saudi Arabia in the middle of nowhere in deserts.
And again, they always show you like that.
Oh, we're taking this place where no one's living, this destitute place, and we're going to make it vibrant with life.
No, they don't want you living in a big house.
They don't want you living with nature.
They don't want you a part of that system.
They want you a part of theirs.
Here it is.
The wonder of more time.
To do what you love!
Oh yes!
With family and friends!
They're anti-family!
Where you can access everything within just 5 minutes!
Just go into our Slave Grid system!
And you can travel to the end in 20 minutes!
Maglev trains have now been around for decades and utilized throughout parts of the world.
If we wanted to empower people in this country, why, I ask you, why have we not built a system much like Eisenhower did, who actually did some good things for us, other than warning us about the military-industrial complex, other than warning us about the scientific elite and their attempts
To take over policy, which we saw during the COVID-1984 nightmare.
Other than telling you this was a spiritual battle in warfare, he built the highway system.
Can you imagine if we had a Maglev train system in the United States?
You could literally live
On the East Coast, in a short drive away from an urban center or city, get on that train, have a job in the Midwest, and then commute back the same day in almost no time.
But this is not about empowering humanity.
It is about enslaving the vast majority of us.
In a predator class nightmare in which they believe that they are going to transcend biological death with systems like Calico.
Okay, Calico is the immortality vision division over at Google run by Kurzweil who also has, by the way, a virtual alter ego who is a woman named Ramona.
It all integrates together.
I am a documentary filmmaker.
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They are directed at you, the American populace, the domestic terrorists.
It is right in your face.
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