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Name: 20220914_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 14, 2022
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines and claims made by Aaron Rodgers on his podcast. He also promotes various products available on his website Infowarstore.com, such as green fiber capsules, ultimate fish oil, and energy drinks with different effects. Additionally, Jones talks about censorship of his book "The Great Reset and The War for the World," legal battles, weaponization of the judiciary, and globalist attacks."

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And now the new benchmark, the new high, is the COVID shot from Moderna, and Pfizer, and J&J, and AstraZeneca, all designed the same, with different delivery systems, to kill your ass.
And to mutate your body, and to make you sickly, and to erase your immune system.
And they're just doing it, and it's all admitted, it's insane!
And then you go to CNN, ABC, top of Twitter today, it's Alex Jones the villain, Alex Jones the devil.
People say, how do you take it?
How do you take all these attacks?
They're literally murdering hundreds of millions of people globally right now with soft kill, degenerative, mutagenic, that mutate your DNA, cancer-causing weapons!
Fuck these people!
God damn these people to hell, and I mean that when I say it!
I am so sick of the New World Order.
I am so sick of this cult of psychopaths.
I am so sick of their lies and their fraud.
I don't believe anything they say.
And I apologize for nothing I've ever done because I did it all from a place of purity and I've been 98% accurate.
I told the truth on purpose.
I took on the Globalist on purpose because I won't sign on and be part of this.
rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Toe to toe with the New World Order, tip of the spear.
We are live on this Wednesday, September 14th, global, worldwide, pro-human, pro-family, pro-God transmission.
Thank you so much for joining us.
What a broadcast we've got lined up for you today.
We can put the full show headline up on screen.
It tells it all.
Global bombshell.
Secret Israeli government report with video of the report from their health ministry head confirms COVID vax causing massive side effects and death.
No, our top story is not going to be a show trial in Connecticut and all the fraud that's going on up there.
We'll cover some of that today, and it's incredible, and Robert Barnes joins us.
But this, and all the other information coming out, is the proof of the premeditated, global, UN, WEF, Big Pharma-directed mass murder.
There's video, there's documents, it's confirmed the Israeli Health Ministry, talking about the massive increase in death, confirming the German numbers, 40% increase in death, that's four or five times the increase in death in World War II.
Not just in Israel, but all over Western world that took these shots.
Between 18 and 63 working age and overall 27% increase in all deaths combined.
I mean, this is just unbelievable mass genocide.
And it's just out there like it's no big deal.
You know, I saw a Bill Maher clip when he was On with Aaron Rodgers.
And Rodgers said 60,000 people died of Vioxx and Bill Maher didn't believe it.
And it turned out in documents I have here that Vioxx, Merck that owns Vioxx, knew that it was killing people when they got it approved and then Maher doesn't believe it.
I went and pulled the numbers up.
I thought that doesn't sound right.
Mainstream news at the time when it came out said 60,000.
It was half a million confirmed, and I have the studies and later mainstream articles.
Not 60,000.
Not 60,000, ladies and gentlemen, but half a million.
What is that, almost 10 times?
And they knew it caused heart attacks, and they did it.
Now, on a scale of 1 to 100, Vioxx is a 2.
In the past, it was 100.
It was the worst example of them knowing a drug would kill you.
Now, it's like a 2 compared to what they've done with the COVID shot being 100.
It's the new benchmark of the highest level.
And I have a whole stack where the CDC first said, we made mistakes a month ago.
Now they go, well, we suppressed the fact that it was killing people.
Mainstream news.
We knew it was killing people.
We knew it was hurting people.
Hell, the CDC document in October of 2000, before they released the stinking shot, three months before, they predicted heart attacks, myocarditis, infertility, cancer, strokes, everything else.
Blood clots.
I mean, that's who these people are.
They are maniac, crazy people carrying out an environmental death cult, killing people.
Of course they've got weaponized trials.
Of course they're getting rid of due process.
Of course they're coming for your guns.
Of course they're dissolving the borders.
Of course they're devaluing the currency.
Of course they're cutting off the pipelines and gas and oil.
Oh my God!
It is just so insane, and that's just one stack.
Every one of these stacks is insane.
The Russians said, okay, we're probably going to have a nuclear war.
I mean, it's just insane.
The U.S.
is in direct war with robot armies of drones with the Russians right now, and the Russian doctors, when they lose, they use nuclear weapons.
I mean, we could wake up dead tomorrow.
Ladies and gentlemen, we come to you in very grave times for our species on this beautiful planet hurtling through space.
It is Wednesday, September 14th.
The year is 2022.
Let me calmly now just go over the news headlines.
The CDC now admits they covered up vaccine deaths and damage consciously.
They're covering their tracks as I know it's coming out in court.
The Israeli government has released documents and videos that have been leaked.
They've confirmed are real.
It's not a criminal investigation of how it was released.
Confirming mass death and mass illness from the shots similar to what we've seen around the world and what the insurance actuaries are showing.
Then we've got dozens of clips.
There's no way to even play all of these.
Of Hillary Clinton and Democrat Congress people, like Representative Ryan, Tim Ryan, coming out and saying, quote, we need to kill the MAGA extremists, close quote.
They're fully weaponized.
Hillary said, conservatives, Trump supporters are Al Qaeda.
We have the video.
I told you in last June, 2021, Biden put out that report saying the main terror threats the American people and conservatives that question lockdowns, forced inoculations or election fraud or open borders.
I mean, this is just an amazing, amazing time to be alive.
We've got that stacked in all those videos.
Then we've got not 50 people visited by the FBI or SWAT team by the FBI, but hundreds now.
When Steve Bannon was on a few days ago, it was 35.
Then a few days ago, it was 50 plus.
Now it's 100 plus.
Mike Lindell joins us, coming up at the bottom of the hour.
He got stopped and surrounded by the FBI and his phone grabbed.
They're making their move against the American people.
Trump slams weaponized police state after Fed seized Mike Wendell's phone and more.
Meanwhile, Biden celebrates Inflation Reduction Act as stock market tanks due to rising inflation.
The WEF has announced how they're going to push the new All Bug Diet.
But it's not All Bug, they call it All Bug, but they're going to mix nanotech into it.
And the FDA has said, as of a year ago, no jurisdiction, put whatever you want in it.
That is, in and of itself, from their own website, WEF, is just beyond insane.
The Fed is announcing the biggest rate hike in more than 20 years next week that will crash the housing market.
And we've got that.
We've got videos and documents from around the country and here in Texas.
2000 Mules Texas style newly discovered police body cam footage implicates top Tarrant County Texas Democrat officials in ballot harvesting.
The BLS inflation index for food highest since 1979.
It's all coming up today and let me tell you who's on the broadcast.
Roger Stone to break down the midterm 55 days out in the purge.
Robert Barnes is doing live 24-hour-a-day coverage of the Connecticut anti-free speech, anti-Second Amendment show trial, where I've already been found guilty and my lawyer is admonished he'll be sanctioned if he even talks about anything.
He's just there to be a puppet and just make people think it's an actual trial.
I'm already found guilty by a judge.
It's just next-level insane.
Not a bunch of insane clips there.
The judge is already up there saying she will sanction me once I get there.
Into their web!
And again, as I said, Mike Lindell joining us in the Pete Santilli Fourth Hour.
On this whole purge, I'll be hosting some of the fourth hour with him.
The globalists have launched their operation.
They're going full out and trying to compress what they were planning to do from 2020 to 2030 in their own agenda 2030 battle plan I kept warning you about.
People say, how did he 20 years ago and 10 years ago, specifically, exactly, and all these viral Alex Jones videos that are everywhere, say exactly how it would happen?
Well, I was quoting them.
But they meant to get what's happening now done in the next six, seven, eight years.
Instead, they're having to compress it just to a couple because populists and nationalists from Canada to Italy to Brazil to you name it are getting elected and they're anti-New World Order and they understand the Great Reset.
They understand the economic war.
And so, humanity really has hit that awakening growth curve and it is panicking the establishment in a ultra-massive way.
So we're going to be laying all this out today, and I'm going to hit the huge, absolutely bombshell information, next segment, on the poison shots that the Israeli government is admitting.
And it's, again, it's in Hebrew, so we'll put it up there with the documents and the closed captioning in English.
But that's next segment.
That's why they want us off air.
That's why they want to shut us down because nobody anywhere has got the full spectrum analysis.
Of what the globalists are doing.
And they know if we continue to grow, continue to fight, they're going to lose.
That's why their number one mission is to take out Trump and to take out InfoWars.
Trump isn't perfect, but he definitely wants to be president.
He doesn't like the globalists being in charge.
They see him as a threat to their power.
With InfoWars, they know we've got the blueprint of their operation.
And if people keep listening, which is happening, they're going to lose.
So two big announcements.
I am very honored and very blessed and very thankful viewers and listeners And Steve Bannon and others that pushed The Great Reset and The War for the World, this book, to number one in the U.S.
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I won't get what I'm after.
Till the day I die.
Just get born again, brother.
You will die a second death.
You'll be born again.
Thank you for joining us on this live Wednesday, September 14th transmission.
We are in the new world order now.
All right, let's get deadly serious here.
The globalists have said they want to depopulate us.
They've said there's too many people.
The UN says they have infertility sterilization vaccines.
They've been caught all over the world giving thermal populations polio through the shots and sterilants and tetanus shots.
It's all on record for anybody that wants to research it.
It's like it's on record that hydrofluorosilic acid in the water lowers your IQ and gives you bone cancer and stunts your growth and so much more.
But they just call it conspiracy theory.
Well now let's look at this stack of news.
This is all on InfoWars.com.
You can see it for yourself.
Notice the CDC a month ago said, oh, we made some mistakes.
We withheld some info because I know it's coming out in lawsuits.
CDC admits it falsely claimed it was monitoring vaccine safety, but still won't release the full data.
But now we're admitting that it's killing people.
There desperately needs to be some prison time.
CDC Director admits agency gave false information on COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring, because they didn't do it, because they'd done secret tests at the CDC, and it was killing the rats, which is why in the 2000 October report, they predicted everything that happened.
CDC director admits agency gave false information.
Biden said they had tested it, because they had and knew it was killing people.
New science shows vaccine helped Omicron spread in major peer-reviewed study, The Epoch Times.
And here's the report.
Immune boosting B-1-.1529 Omicron depends on previous SARS-CoV-2 exposure.
Read it for yourself.
Big study.
Prestigious study.
And here is the big smoking gun.
In a leaked video, which the government of Israel is now admitting is real, but they want to arrest who released it, a research team commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Health warns, we have to think, this is a quote, we have to think medical legal.
How to present our findings to avoid lawsuits.
Because of quite a few side effects.
They said, okay, it exists, report exists, but still get vaccinated.
They go into the high death numbers, 40 plus percent of people, 18, To 63 dying.
That's what the other numbers are showing around the world from insurance companies.
Just unbelievable.
And now an international group of prestigious scientists and doctors have gone public.
Declaration of international medical crisis due to the disease and deaths correlated to the COVID-19 vaccines.
Need to look this up.
It's all linked up on InfoWars.com.
And it just goes on from there.
Pray every day we see 50 or 60 of these articles.
Teen athlete survives mysterious six-foot blood clot, but now football's off the table.
He did, of course, take the shot.
And it just gets more crazy.
Look at this.
COVID shot may become annual like the flu shot, says KPIXCBS.
Santa Clara County rescinds COVID vaccine mandate for workers in high-risk settings.
All over the world, from Japan to New Zealand, they're doing the same thing because it's all globally directed.
And that leads me now to this important piece of information.
This is Aaron Rodgers with his surging podcast.
Not just a top quarterback, now a top podcaster.
Love it.
And Aaron Rodgers.
Has Bill Maher on and he says 60,000 died.
50 to 60,000 from Vioxx.
And Bill Maher can't believe it.
But I was like, wait a minute, that was over a decade ago.
I remember covering it, it was a half million they finally admitted.
Half million deaths.
Over two million heart attacks alone.
So, 2 million heart attacks, half a million deaths, Rogers is going off Associated Press, Reuters, early findings of 50 to 60 thousand deaths.
The number they generally use is 56,000.
I have the articles, I'll show them to you.
Just type in number of Vioxx deaths into a search engine, you'll get it.
I have university studies, I have mainstream news later saying half a million.
So no, Aaron Rogers is wrong.
Not a bad guy.
But he's the guy quoting the old number.
Marr can't believe it.
She got Marr who can't believe it, but agrees it's bad.
Then you've got Rogers saying $56,000 and the real number is 10 times that, half a million.
So here is Bill Marr on Aaron Rogers yesterday.
A recapitulation of what we've seen with COVID recently.
It's like, no, the government stepped in, the powers that be, the people who think they have the science and said, no, Ricky Williams, you can't do the thing that works for you, that you know works for you.
You have to do the pharmaceutical version of it.
And Ricky was like, I don't want to do the pharmaceutical version.
It doesn't work as good.
And it's worse for me.
This is like when people were dying from Biox, which is distributed super widely.
And then, what, recalled.
You're talking about Vioxx?
And then they got sued, and they paid out $5 billion, but they made $12 billion.
Vioxx relieves the pain of arthritis by killing you.
There was five figures of people that died.
Like 50,000, 60,000 people that died.
How many?
50,000 or 60,000, I believe.
We talked about it on Rogan's podcast about Vioxx.
And when I was in college, everybody was on Vioxx.
All my teammates were on Vioxx.
50,000 people?
I think something like that.
From Vioxx?
Do the fact check me, those amazing fact checkers.
Okay, so let's just be clear about that.
We're not saying we know for sure.
It's that number.
Which is fine.
What was said on the podcast last week was 50 or 60,000.
Okay, but I'm not sure about that either.
I've never seen that number and it could be, but if it is, I'll say this, if that number is that high, it's kind of a scandal that the media didn't cover it more.
Because I remember the media covering it, but that's an astounding number.
I mean, when opioids, which kill more than that every year, But the Sackler family, who run the drug company that put out OxyContin, they have been held accountable now.
Not as much.
They should be.
Have they?
Well, they should be.
Many people would say not enough, because they should be in jail for what they did.
They should be in jail if they knew that it was possible.
They did.
This was the trial that we just had.
This is that great movie, Dope Sick, is about that, with Michael Keaton.
That's Syria.
I think it's on one of the streaming services anyway.
No, I mean, they have been made to pay a multi-billion dollar fine.
It wasn't just a slap on the wrist.
This is the key.
And it's in all the articles, it's in the documents.
If you remember, it's admitted.
You can go look up the Vioxx case.
Don't believe me.
They knew in studies, they did, that it caused a huge increase in freaking heart attacks and death.
They are murdering people.
Who are these people?
They're a eugenics cult.
That's what Big Pharma is.
And they take turns, just like Bayer did, in the 80s and 90s, with the Clintons, out of Arkansas, certifying blood as HIV and hepatitis-free, mixing it into the Factor VIII blood product, and giving millions of people hepatitis and HIV, and causing millions of deaths.
And Merck settled the Vioxx lawsuit for $4.85 billion, But made tens of billions in profit off of it.
And so this is... Years ago, Vioxx was one of the biggest poison drug scandals ever.
It didn't just kill a half a million, it killed way more than that.
You could say probably the biggest scandal was the Bayer tainted blood situation.
But it shows who these people are.
Merck and Bayer and Pfizer and Moderna and J&J and all of them know exactly what they're doing.
And so Bill Maher's on with him and can't believe 50 to 60 thousand died.
That was when it first came out.
The number that's admitted, and I'll show you the mainstream news articles and studies, is half a million people.
Before that it was a quarter million.
Who knows what it was later?
That's just the people that killed right away.
And now on a scale of one to a hundred, The tainted blood by Pfizer, by Bayer, the tainted poison garbage that they put out is like a 3 or 4 on the Richter scale of 1 to 100.
I know the Richter scale is 1 to 10.
But on a scale of 1 to 100, it's like a 3 or 4.
And you've got the Vioxx is a 2 or 3 as well.
And now the new benchmark, the new high, is the COVID shot from Moderna, and Pfizer, and J&J, and AstraZeneca, all designed the same, with different delivery systems, to kill your ass.
And to mutate your body, and to make you sickly, and to erase your immune system.
And they're just doing it, and it's all admitted, it's insane!
And then you go to CNN, ABC, top of Twitter today, it's Alex Jones the villain, Alex Jones the devil.
People say, how do you take it?
How do you take all these attacks?
They're literally murdering hundreds of millions of people globally right now with soft kill, degenerative, mutagenic, that mutate your DNA, cancer-causing weapons!
That's why I'm freaked out.
That's why I'm upset.
That's why I'm so pissed.
I'm not pissed they played the wrong clip.
I am already pissed, controlling myself, sitting here, watching this happen, and watching the power structure of the media, and the corporations, and the bureaucrats, and the lawyers, and all these idiots, going along with the New World Order, pretending like they're the good liberals, pretending like they're the heroes, when they're a eugenics depopulationist death cult.
Fuck these people!
God damn these people to hell, and I mean that when I say it!
I am so sick of the New World Order, I am so sick of this cult of psychopaths, I am so sick of their lies and their fraud, I don't believe anything they say!
And I apologize for nothing I've ever done, because I did it all from a place of purity, and I've been 98% accurate!
I told the truth on purpose.
I took on the Globalist on purpose because I won't sign on and be part of this.
And I'll say this.
I've talked to a lot of heavy hitters that talk to Trump daily.
I can talk to Trump if I want to.
I just started getting in his face, so that's why, you know, he doesn't like talking to me.
I'm not going to privately say what I've told Trump last time I talked to him.
But listen, you arrogant pig-headed creature.
You're crossing the Rubicon, Trump.
With this shot, the globalists hate you, but you got Khan to go along with this, and now that it's all come out, it's killing people on record, and they knew it would kill people, and the CDC's already left the sinking ship, and admits they lied, and knew it was killing people, and you still push it!
And I hate getting mad at Trump, because I have been persecuted and put through the gauntlet for supporting him, so the reverse psychology is, well, I'm going to support Trump, I'm being persecuted for Trump, but I'm going to rock in a hard place, because I will not sign on to the death and disease and painful slow kill of our children.
Let me play the actual Aaron Rodgers, Bill Maher clip now.
And we're going to post this to Bandit Video later.
We'll put the clip up front and edit this down where it's cogent and focused.
I'm going to actually show you the mainline news articles and studies where it's a half million Not 50 to 60,000 that Bill Maher can't believe.
Just let that sink in.
They knew, and they did it, and the system fined them a quarter of their profit for what they did because they were carrying out a holy mission to set the precedent to kill people and normalize it, and I'm tired of it!
Here it is.
And they, this is so like a recapitulation of what we've seen with COVID recently.
It's like, no, the government stepped in, the powers that be, the people who think they have the salience, and said, no, Ricky Williams, you can't do the thing that works for you, that you know works for you.
You have to do the pharmaceutical version of it.
And Ricky was like, I don't want to do the pharmaceutical version.
It doesn't work as good, and it's worse for me.
This is like when people were dying from Vioxx.
Which is distributed super widely.
And then what, recalled?
You're talking about Vioxx?
And then they got sued, and they paid out $5 billion, but they made $12 billion.
Vioxx relieves the pain of arthritis by killing you.
There was five figures of people that died.
Like 50,000, 60,000 people that died.
How many?
50,000 or 60,000, I believe.
We talked about it on Rogan's podcast about Vioxx, and when I was in college, everybody was on Vioxx.
All my team is from Vioxx.
50,000 people?
I think something like that.
From Vioxx?
Maybe they'll fact check me.
Those, you know, amazing fact checkers.
Okay, so let's just be clear about that.
We're not saying we know for sure.
It's that number.
Which is fine.
What we said on the podcast last week was 50 or 60,000.
Okay, but I'm not sure about that either.
I've never seen that number and it could be, but if it is, I'll say this, if that number is that high, it's kind of a scandal that the media didn't cover it more.
Because I remember the media covering it, but that's an astounding number.
I mean, when opioids, which kill more than that every year, But the Sackler family, who run the drug company that put out OxyContin, they have been held accountable now.
Not as much as they should be.
Have they?
Well, they should be.
Many people would say not enough, because they should be in jail for what they did.
Okay, go ahead and cut it off.
You can see the full report at InfoWars.com, but here's the LA Times, 56,000 deaths, and that's an old story of whitewash from 2005.
Years later, here's the Week AP, all of them, half a million deaths, okay?
So Aaron Rodgers is wrong.
It ain't 60,000, it's half a million and counting.
That's what's going on.
Stay with us at fullforce.com.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, constitutional lawyer, historian, good friend of mine.
Criminal lawyer as well, Robert Barnes, joins us into the next hour.
And no, he's not here right now to talk about the show trial in Connecticut.
That's important.
We'll hit the incredible developments at the start of the next hour.
But he's involved suing Fizer and Robert Kennedy Jr.
with the big whistleblower that helped this whole ball start rolling.
So I don't get, you know, butterflies around Hollywood stars or NFL quarterbacks until they actually start telling the truth.
And I do like Aaron Rodgers.
Love him.
But I just get butterflies with Robert Barnes because wherever there's a fight for liberty, wherever there's a battle against tyranny, he's there.
And there's just such incredible developments.
Words aren't describing it.
It just gets crazier by the day.
Coming out with the shots.
Major governments banging the shots.
You don't really see it on the news.
We're going to talk about that here in a moment.
I'm in a war against the New World Order.
It's a war against me and my family.
It's a war against you and your family.
And I can't do it without your support.
So I want to thank you all for your past support.
And I want to encourage you now to know we fired the bat signal.
We're toe-to-toe.
I'm battling three show trials, all these huge judgments.
We're in bankruptcy, Chapter 5, which should keep the operation going.
We have to be profitable and having to pay all the legal bills and the bandwidth and the rest of it.
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All right, Robert Barnes, we got seven minutes to break.
You've got the floor on the Israeli government leaked documents admitting it's causing mass death.
Now are they going to suppress it?
The CDC saying, OK, we didn't do safety.
We covered it up.
We lied.
Beyond criminal activity, all these new studies that you're 93 times more likely to die of COVID.
If you've had the shot, British Medical Journal, New England Medical Journal.
I mean, this is prestigious.
Major governments banning the shots.
This is this is being suppressed.
But this is happening.
What in the hell is going on?
Robert Barnes.
No doubt.
And in fact, it also came out today that FEMA has been offering people payoffs if they'll agree to re-identify the death of their loved one as a COVID death rather than a vaccine death.
It's telling, hey, you know, you could get a special bonus.
You could get a special amount of money if you will relabel your child's death.
This happened in a prominent case involving a man who lost his son from the shot, from the vaccine.
That's what's happening.
That's the scale of corruption.
So the CDC, FEMA, governments around the world, Denmark's admitting it and acknowledging it implicitly by saying it's not even going to allow the shot for people under 50 years of age.
This is a recognition that this was a complete disaster, complete debacle of a public policy.
It's why we brought the suit on behalf of Children's Health Defense against the Food and Drug Administration, pending in Texas, up in Waco in the Federal Western District of Texas.
That case is going to decide whether or not the vaccine can continue to be marketed to children, period.
We're trying to stop it in its tracks, Bobby Kennedy and I.
And we have the major suit with Werner Mendenhall and others on behalf of Brooke Jackson against Pfizer that exposes the whole scam.
And in fact, as Brooke Jackson, this is someone that's been involved in the clinical trial world for forever.
She was shocked and horrified by what she witnessed.
I mean, it was so bad.
These clinical trials of the COVID vaccine for Pfizer were so bad that when you walked in, you had needles sticking out of garbage bags.
You had people's private medical information hanging out at the janitor's office.
It was that egregious.
There was no monitoring of adverse events in any effective way.
There were under-the-table payments.
There was compromise of blinding.
And now the booster shot was tested on eight rats.
Just eight mice!
Eight mice!
So you compound it, it's just disaster on top of disaster on top of disaster.
It has been a human catastrophe on a global scale.
And now people are continuing to track excess death data.
And what they are finding is two things.
The more vaccinated an area is, the more the excess deaths went up, not down.
Not only that, it corresponds time-wise to when the vaccine and booster shots are rolled out, is when there are these sudden spikes in excess deaths, particularly as Edward Dowd has been reporting, as people from Wall Street told me six months ago.
The insurance data is showing this as well.
So we have CDC scandals, FDA scandals, FEMA scandals, all with Wall Street data, insurance
data, global data, all pointing to the same thing, which was this vaccine was a complete
travesty of justice.
And for Trump, I understand he's got his ego invested in this because he was tricked into
But the exit path out for President Trump is to embrace Brooke Jackson's whistleblower case and say, look, I wanted a safe, effective vaccine for people.
I spent a lot of money to make sure it happened.
They lied to me.
He's got to own it and say he was lied to because now as this all comes out, he's going to get the blame.
I predicted that a year ago, months ago.
Now they're already doing it.
So this gives him that exit ramp.
He doesn't have to renounce his decision to push this.
A lot of us, both of us said at the time it was a bad idea, but he doesn't have to deal with that aspect.
He can say, look, Brooke Jackson's case proves that Pfizer lied to me.
This is big pharma.
They've been waging war on me for years.
Or he can sit there like a dumb piece of shit and let them set him up for this.
Yeah, if he falls into the trap that continues to support this, then he puts himself at unnecessary political risk and exposure.
The Brooke Jackson case provides an easy exit ramp for Trump to say, you know what?
I, like the American people, were tricked and deceived and fooled and lied to by a big farmer willing to line their own pockets.
And remember, they did to him during the election.
The reason he was pushing it, they deliberately delayed letting people know that it even existed until after election day to hurt his election.
So he owes them nothing.
He owes the American people everything.
So what he should do is say, look, they lied to me.
Plus he should, exactly, he should look at the polls.
This is the biggest thing turning his supporters away.
This is killing Trump.
So the best way to deal with all this, embrace the Brooke Jackson case, expose the lies.
And destroy the deep state because they did it.
This was another deep state plot set up, trapped to go after Trump.
And we're seeing how they're desperate to keep him out of power.
This is the one place that he has a weakness.
This is the one weakness he can easily fix.
He can easily remedy by admitting, and I understand he did have the best intentions.
He wanted people to not be at risk from this virus.
That's understandable.
Like the Regeneron turned out to work great.
And he greenlit that.
And they weren't lying to him.
He could say, I was right about Regeneron, but my God, they lied about the side effects.
They're to blame.
He's got to separate himself now.
He's got to say they lied all the way through.
They said it was safe.
It's not safe.
They said it was effective.
It's not effective.
They said it was a vaccine.
It ain't even a vaccine.
It's killing kids.
It's killing young people across the world.
It's time for Trump to step into the gap and say they lied to him and he opposes it and it should not continue.
It should not be in existence any further and that they need to be held accountable and responsible and support and embrace Brooke Jackson's whistleblower case to stop Pfizer and hold Pfizer fully accountable as needs to happen.
That's right, it was all big pharma and big medical just raping everybody.
All right, coming up, you told me on the phone this morning, you've never seen such a show trial.
You've been doing live coverage of it with millions of viewers.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
We'll be right back in the next hour on the weaponization of the judiciary and beyond.
Please stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Barnes is on the tip of the spear fighting big pharma tyranny and the wheels have come off.
The mass deaths admitted as being banned by major governments.
Israel's released secret documents where they know it's killing everybody.
Barnes, spend a few minutes on this and we'll shift into the weaponization of the judiciary and their path.
They believe the victory and the big purge against conservatives and all the different raids that are happening, but spend a few minutes finishing up with what's happening with these poison shots and historically what would you call the moment we're at where there's this full collapse of their narrative and where do you see that going?
There's a long history of big pharma and the drug industry in one way, shape, or form over time getting exposed when it forces bad drugs onto the populace.
And there tends to be a public rebellion and a public response that then stops it from occurring for generations and protects generations of people.
And this goes back actually multiple centuries in terms of dealing with the medical establishment and its corruption.
What is being documented here?
For people out there, if somebody asks you, what's the evidence that says that this vaccine is not even a vaccine?
What is the evidence that this is not safe?
What is the evidence that this is not effective?
Well, the evidence is, first of all, it's supposed to prevent transmission.
It didn't.
It's supposed to prevent infection.
It didn't.
That's publicly admitted by Deborah Birx and others.
So that is no longer meaningfully in dispute or question or controversy.
Second, it's supposed to be, if it's supposed to be safe, what was supposed to happen is it was supposed to reduce the rate of hospitalization.
It was supposed to reduce the number of excess deaths.
Instead, not only has hospitalizations and in particular excess deaths risen, it's risen in direct proportion To when the vaccine is introduced and where it is introduced.
Areas that don't have high vaccination rates have not experienced high excess death rates.
Those that have, have.
And that is part of a systematic problem.
What we've been witnessing live with sports stars and celebrities suddenly having health and even dying right live in front of us around the world is now being confirmed by the data that goes to the second level of data.
So we have the general excess death data that's being reported, and we now have meaningful aspects of that across the globe to give meaningful correlative and potential causative relationships.
But we now also have actuarial and insurance data from a wide range of Western countries that Wall Street has been abuzz about for months, that people like Edward Dowd and others have been talking about for months.
And this now also further affirms and confirms that there is unusual death rate amongst young men in particular that appears to be directly tied and correlated and likely causatively related to the vaccine.
So we've got the excess death data across jurisdictions, we've got the insurance actuarial data, both continue to show the exact same pattern that some of us predicted, that this vaccine is a deadly vaccine that kills more people than it saves.
The third level is a wide range of studies and surveys on the lack of safety about this.
Not just from Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Corey and others, but in, as Alex mentioned, the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most institutional establishment publications that exists, is starting to admit the dangers of this vaccine.
The British Medical Journal, which has been atop this issue now for months, broke the whistleblower story about Pfizer.
Brooke Jackson, in the case I represent her, also detailing it.
Additional studies show that from a risk-reward ratio, a recent big study that is about to be published, shows that for young men in particular, and young people in particular, the risk to the vaccine outweighs the benefits to it by a ratio as high as 100 to 1.
So the studies and the data... I was about to say the mainstream headlines are 93 to 1.
93 times more likely to be hospitalized or die if you have the shot.
More likely to get it.
More likely to be hospitalized.
The opposite of what they said.
Your opinion, Barnes and Forty Seconds.
Obviously premeditated.
What were they thinking?
They were looking for profits, and they had immunity.
That was why.
They assumed they would never be held responsible, and they would never be held accountable.
But if I was corrupt and was going to just put out something to make money, I'd put sugar water out so I didn't hurt people.
Why would they do something like this?
Why would they jump the shark?
Well, I think you do have people who want to reduce population.
I mean, what do Bill Gates and George Soros and the rest of them agree on, and the Great Reset agree on?
They all want the population to be a lot smaller, and they've achieved that by what they've done.
Let's shift gears, there are attempts to take us off the air.
Straight ahead with Robert Barnes, InfoWars.com.
Well, Alex Jones is trending number one again.
Every major news channel demonizing us, lying about us, and never explaining that you don't find somebody guilty by a judge, and then have a show trial about how guilty are they.
Tying the hands of lawyers in Texas, tying the hands in Connecticut, but the difference is, In Texas, the judge would turn the internet feed off, and the cameras would all immediately turn it off, or she would spend hours lecturing my lawyer that he couldn't speak.
People said, his lawyer's an idiot.
Why is he defending?
Because it's a damages hearing, where they're having their own trial, but then we can't defend, because we're quote, guilty, the judges say.
So Robert Barnes is an expert.
He's worked on this case.
He's an independent analyst.
He doesn't work for InfoWars or for me at this time.
He's able to lay this out.
He's been doing live streaming with literally over a million viewers yesterday with his co-host, another lawyer out of Canada, laying this out.
We got a bunch of clips, but just lay out what's really happening here because this is unprecedented.
This judge is sending it all out where she spends hours telling my lawyer You can't ask questions about this.
You can't ask questions about that.
They said in their opening statement, we want to shut him down and take him off air.
He says, well, I want to ask these people that are, you know, this FBI, he never said his name.
I want to ask, did you talk about taking Alan Saufair?
You can't ask that question.
It's incredible.
Explain what's happening.
Yes, so Viva Frye and I covered it live yesterday on Rumble.
Viva's covering it again today.
I'll be in and out covering it throughout the week.
If people want to see a snapshot of this case, the best snapshot of it is yesterday and Viva and I's coverage of it.
Because here's why.
If you had the big lie of this case is that Alex Jones defaulted by not participating in Discovery.
Well, that lie is exposed as a big lie by the plaintiff's own arguments and the plaintiff's own evidence which detail all of the financial information that they are incorrectly stating throughout the case.
They had all the evidence, so that was always a lie.
They admit their whole goal, their whole objective in this trial, supposedly a trial just about damages, but they didn't even begin to discuss anything concerning the plaintiffs until almost two-thirds of the way through opening statement.
Instead, their whole thing was bashing Alex Jones.
And what did they say to the jury in opening statement?
They said that the case is about stopping Alex Jones.
Preventing Alex Jones from ever having a platform again, ever having a speakerphone again, ever being there to end the press rights of Alex Jones, to end the press rights of InfoWars, to end the speech rights of Alex Jones, to end the speech rights of InfoWars.
They said so explicitly and expressly as they said that's what the case was all about and they said that's what justice is.
So, and so, to Norm Pattis' credit, Norm, if you want to see what good defense advocacy looks like against a rogue judge in a hostile setting, there is no better example than Norm Pattis' representations yesterday.
And I recommended watching that video in this part of the trial to people all across the country, even if they're not interested in this case particularly.
Because how do you stand up to a judge?
Norm Pattis showed how you do so.
You don't capitulate to rogue judges.
This judge couldn't even control her temper, so you got to see a snapshot of that.
You got to see how one-sided the case is, because the judge would sustain objections from the plaintiffs, where the plaintiffs didn't even identify what their grounds of objection were!
That's how bad it was.
Well, also, Chris Maddy, the former federal prosecutor, Democrat Party operative, He said, let's take Alex Jones off the air, and then Pattis tries to ask the question of the FBI agent, never said his name, and asks, you know, do you want to take Alex Jones off the air?
And the judge shuts it down and says, you can't ask that question.
And Maddie gets up and says, nobody's saying take him off the air.
We have that clip.
I mean, the level of this BS is insane.
Oh, exactly.
And what's the one name that is all about what led to this case that this judge says can't be mentioned, can't be asked about, can't be talked about, can't discuss it in opening statement, can't discuss it in direct examination, can't discuss it in cross-examination?
She ran national TV ads of edited tape of me questioning Sandy Hook, which is my right, and I don't apologize for questioning it.
I apologize if out of context I hurt somebody's feelings.
She literally says you will not bring that up that she ran $30 million worth of ads in the closing months of the campaign in 2016.
In fact, as Norm Pattis explained, this whole case came about because of Hillary Clinton.
And yet, Hillary Clinton is the one name that can't be talked about, can't ask questions about her, can't mention her in an opening statement, can't reference her to the jury.
But she tells Norm he can't talk about anything.
She told him yesterday, you've got to say your client's guilty.
I've found him guilty.
Yo, no, Nelly, that was already saying that she's going to try to potentially put you in prison or hold you in contempt.
Yeah, she said, I can't wait until he's here to hold him in contempt.
What was that?
Yeah, it's about, this is a liberal, authoritarian, power-mad approach.
And that, she comes from the liberal Republican wing of Connecticut, the Bushite wing of Connecticut.
And what you're seeing is a judge who couldn't even control her own temper.
If a judge is supposed to do one thing, at least control your temper.
She couldn't even control her temper because she was so enraged she couldn't bully Norm Pattis into forfeiting rights.
And so all of it is... The word is now, they may not even let me talk.
Like I cannot respond in any way.
I'm just supposed to sit there and let them bully me.
Not only that, you have a case that's supposed to be about damages, and yet almost none of the evidence presented has anything to do with damages.
And look at their lead witness.
For all these people, look, the media has covered everybody except their lead plaintiff in the case.
Who's the lead plaintiff that was the first witness who testified?
It was not a parent of anybody who died.
It's not a sibling of anybody who died at Sandy Hook.
It's an FBI lawyer!
An FBI lawyer!
He's the one who's their lead number one plaintiff.
And Robert, what they're doing is setting the precedent where the garbage man, I never said his name, I question something he can sue me.
This is bureaucrats setting the precedent to sue people that disagree with them.
Well, it's beyond that.
This is the Deep State's attempt to establish a basis that if you question the Deep State, if you question the FBI, if you question the Justice Department, if you question the CIA, if you question any government official what they did, even if you don't talk about them, he admitted on the stand you had never talked about him.
He had never even, in fact, he doesn't talk about a single thing he heard you specifically say that supposedly bothered him.
And again, under Connecticut and Texas law, you argued this in the case earlier, when you were on the case, you can't sue somebody if you didn't say their name.
Since you mentioned it, don't believe us folks, see it for yourself, here it is.
Santiago's stuff, those were the calls that you were told about, correct?
Where your fellow agents... Santiago's calls, Halberg's calls, and multiple... Oh, Halberg called you too?
Halberg called the FBI, I didn't speak to him.
How many times did Jones call you?
He didn't call me, sir.
Um, did you ever see this photograph 289 on InfoWars?
Um, I didn't.
No, sir.
Do you know whether he ever talked about you on InfoWars, Jones?
I don't know.
If Halbig appears as a guest on a talk show, does that make him affiliated with the talk show?
To me, it does.
So if I appear on CNN tonight, I'm a CNN affiliate?
Yes, you are.
Do you want to give me a sidebar?
And she, when they had the sidebar, she threatened to hold him in contempt for just asking the guy, did he ever say your damn name?
I don't know who this guy is, Robert!
Exactly, he admitted that he never saw or heard anything from you or InfoWars about him ever.
And yet he is being allowed to sue for tens of millions of dollars!
So think about this, folks.
This means every FBI agent, every U.S.
Justice Department official, every CIA official, every State Department official, if you question anything the government did, not just what they did, what the government did... That's what they tried in Virginia.
In the Charlottesville case, this is establishing the precedent that the government officials can now sue you into oblivion if you question their narrative.
They are a new protected class.
Never say their name.
Never talk about them.
Don't know who he is and he wants $10 million.
And here's a high-ranking, well-regarded FBI counsel, right?
That's who this guy is.
This isn't some low-level schmuck.
And he is their lead, number one plaintiff testifying witness.
That tells you what this case is really all about.
This case is not about Sandy Hook.
This case is not even really about the parents and the families, or they would have been the first witness up for these lawyers.
Instead, it's an FBI lawyer who admits you never even talked about him, you never even mentioned him, you never even referenced him.
Do you know who he was until he sued me?
And so this is the goal, and to Norm Pattis' credit, he finished opening statement very well.
What Norm said is, first Alex Jones, who's next?
That's what the case is about.
Take out Alex Jones, then you can take out anybody else if you question or challenge the government's narrative, with the government officials themselves being the ones suing, even if you never even talked about them ever.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about the case.
I've got dozens of clips.
We've got to do a special show or maybe tomorrow again on these.
There's more today.
I mean, this is just crazy.
And the judge reportedly is now telling my lawyers Well, we're going to admonish Jones and tell him the few things he can say, and I'll be admonished, and if I say the wrong thing, I'll be put in jail.
If I say I'm innocent, I'll be put in jail.
I am innocent!
Gonna fly!
Free bird!
Oh, yeah!
Ha ha ha!
I'm right where I want to be in a fight with the New World Order.
Listen, listeners.
You want somebody to take on the globalists?
You want somebody that's fearless?
I don't even see that as a good point in my life, but I am fearless.
My dad was known as Brave Dave, the stuff he did.
And I just can't help it, I don't have fear.
The only fear I got is the fear of failure, ladies and gentlemen.
And we are now on the front lines of the fight against the New World Order.
And you want to back your family, you want to back the future, you want to fund something that's at the tip of the spear, just slashing and crushing and under total attack, and who loves it?
We're it, ladies and gentlemen, so go now to 1776coin.com as the fundraiser.
Get the coin.
They sell coffee mugs for more than this on NPR fundraisers.
This is 999 silver, only 10,000 coins.
Go to Infowars.com.
I've decided to do it again.
Finally got all of the books signed, but like 500.
All of them are shipping out.
Most of them have already shipped out.
They'll all be shipped out by tomorrow.
But if you want to get a signed coin, or a signed book, you want to get a coin, 1776coin.com.
If you want to get a signed book for a fundraiser, Infowarsstore.com.
The Great Reset and War for the World.
And what message does it send to the New World Order, Robert Barnes, that despite all their attacks, that we don't decide to give up, and we don't decide they're beating us, which they're not, we decide to fight.
They actually make us bigger if the people see it and take action.
How big is it to have The Great Reset be the number one book in the United States and the top ten in the world?
I mean, no doubt.
I mean, they thought that the lawsuit by itself, along with the de-platforming that the lawsuit helped trigger, would lead to the end of InfoWars, because they have this caricature view of InfoWars and you, and of the audience, that misunderstood what the nature of the audience was.
This is why they always had to seek judgment by default.
As Viva Frye said yesterday on Twitter, that what this trial has exposed in Connecticut is the same thing.
The trial in Texas exposed, as Michael Cernovich noted, which was that even in a liberal jury pool, in places like Austin, Texas, in places like liberal Democratic Connecticut, that a honest trial would have resulted in you being acquitted of the claims and charges against you in these cases.
And that's why they couldn't afford it, because the whole truth presents a very different truth than the one they're trying to set in.
I mean, I tell people, I was on Steven Crowder yesterday, it's out today, and Steven's like, they really default you, and he went and looked it up and said, wow, it's true.
They said I was guilty, but they're putting all my bank numbers twisted, all our emails, all our text up, but then saying we didn't give them anything.
Yeah, I mean, you might be the only media business in the world that manages to have no expenses, according to them.
I mean, they take the gross revenues and they assume there's no cost to the product, no cost to distribution, no cost to development, no cost... You sold $30 million of food!
Yeah, and we made $7 million and we spent it all.
I mean, exactly.
It's all lies.
Oh, completely.
And they have to do that.
They have no choice but to do that.
Because the truth would not set them free.
The truth would set you free.
And that's why we're seeing show trials.
We're seeing trials where you are not allowed to defend yourself.
Where pertinent, material, relevant questions are being objected to.
Yesterday, the judge tried to force Norm Pattis to preview his entire cross-examination.
And he refused.
And that's part of the reason why the judge went nuts.
And for young lawyers out there who want to see how you stand up to a rogue judge, you can watch how Norm Pattis handled yesterday's case.
And he did it fearlessly, and he did it well.
And what he exposed on cross-examination with that FBI witness was someone whose emotional tenor suddenly shifted between direct and cross.
But who basically revealed he's suing you because other people suggested he sue you.
I mean, that's what it came down to.
He couldn't really explain how it is he came to sue you.
In fact, instead he brought up the lawyer, the plaintiff's lawyer's name, as where the idea came from.
He admitted also that supposedly there are all these threats out there.
But they don't tie any of those threats to you, number one.
Number two, kind of oddly, the FBI never arrested anyone.
So if there were actually lots of threats occurring by someone that was actually connected, those people guaranteed would have been arrested.
And yet no one was arrested, suggesting there's something missing in the story framework.
And so what people saw yesterday is what this case is really all about.
It's a political hit job by a rogue court unwilling to allow a trial on the merits.
And so I call it a show trial because the trial on the merits is not allowed.
You're not allowed to defend yourself.
You're effectively gagged.
And Robert, just like Texas, they did it in closing.
Chris Manning, the former federal prosecutor, leftist operative, he did it up front.
He said, take Alex Jones off the air.
I mean, how un-American is that?
And why would they be openly admitting it?
It shows an arrogance.
Oh, it shows what the case is all about.
You know, this case is really not about Sandy Hook parents.
This case is about political actors.
This case is about the topic, the one person whose name can't be mentioned in court, Hillary Clinton.
This case is about the deep state wanting to establish a new basis to weaponize the legal system to take out political dissidents and critics.
That's what it's about.
And by the way, they're on NBC, CNN, ABC, MSNBC saying this is the template to silence all conservatives.
And so where is Red State?
Where is Town Hall?
Where is National Review saying this is wrong?
Exactly, all of them.
I mean, all of the conservative institutional press, anybody that's involved on the legal side should be embarrassed and humiliated that they're defending this case.
I dare any of them to watch yesterday's proceeding and call that a fair trial, to call that the beacon of American civil justice.
America's justice system is supposed to be the beacon of justice to the world, and right now it looks like a dystopian nightmare.
It looks like Venezuela.
I mean, I've seen Venezuelan show trials that are fairer than this.
Oh yeah, I've seen Soviet show trials that at least try to appear fairer than this.
I've seen Cuban show trials that at least try to be fairer than this.
You have a judge who can't even control her own temper in front of the jury.
Can't even control her own ability to show she's not... With Rittenhouse, we got what a fair judge does.
That's the gold standard versus this.
This is exactly, this is a nightmare if you have a bunch of wokesters and political hacks become judges.
This is a preview of what that world looks like.
And it's on full display.
Continuous attempts to, I mean, overt, open threats that if you defend yourself in court, that she's going to hold you in contempt with the implication that that means potential imprisonment or jail.
Yeah, let's be clear, let's be clear.
You defend her, she spends hours saying you can't talk about anything.
It's crazy!
Do you think the jury will see through it?
You never know.
I mean, it's in Connecticut.
It's a jury of six.
There's four alternates, ten people.
So you never know what a jury's going to do.
It's a very liberal, democratic area, Connecticut.
It's an area that was traumatized.
And one of the things they're trying to do is blame you for everything everybody else did.
The other thing that came out in that trial is that all of the evidence of people who believe this were saying all these things before you said anything, like what they're accusing you of.
And no one knows who Adam Lanza is.
I was sitting there with Andino and his lawyer, and I said, you know Adam Lanza, even my own lawyer doesn't know who Adam Lanza is, they know me!
And so, and Norm Pattis did a good job of discussing that as well.
So this is a trial, as he exposed, this trial is not about grief.
It's not about Sandy Hook.
It's not even about... It's about killing the First Amendment.
We knew they were using Sandy Hook to get the second, but now they're using it to kill the first.
By the way, Adam Lanza shot the kids, folks.
All right, Robert Barnes, tell folks where they find your live coverage.
It's ongoing.
We're going to link to it on Infowars.com.
Amazing coverage.
I saw some of it last night after it wasn't live.
How do folks find your live coverage of the trial?
So you can go to Rumble, it'll be exclusively on Rumble, at Viva Frye.
So Viva, V-I-V-A, Frye, F-R-E-A-E-I, means, you know, Long Live Freedom.
So Viva Frye, we're going to be doing it all throughout the week.
And you're going to be doing live coverage, I'm told, independently of us, next week in Connecticut.
That's exactly right.
So going to be live in Connecticut next week.
All right, great job.
People ask me all the time, what is your best nootropic?
You've got TurboForce, you've got BrainForce Plus, and you've got BrainForce Ultra.
Which one is better?
And that's like asking What's better, a Ford F-150, or a Cadillac, or a Ferrari?
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They're all three different formulas.
And finally, back in stock, massively discounted, BrainForce Ultra is available at InfoWarsTore.com.
BrainForce Ultra, back in stock, InfoWarsTore.com.
What's going through your mind today, 21 years later?
Well, Dana, every time we approach September 11th, I do think about everything that I saw, all the people that I met, the families of those who lost loved ones.
So it is indelibly part of my memories and I feel Grateful that we were able to come together as a country at that really terrible time.
We put aside differences.
I wish we could find ways of doing that again.
We rebuilt New York.
We have done our best to take care of the Families that lost so much on that terrible day.
And we have also, I think, been reminded about how important it is to try to deal with extremism of any kind, especially when it uses violence to try to achieve political and ideological goals.
So, I'm one who thinks that there are lessons still to be learned from what happened to us on 9-11 that we should be very aware of during this time in our country and the world's history.
You mentioned how the Democrats aren't right on everything.
And I'm willing to sit down and have conversations about how we can move out of this age of stupidity and into an age of reconciliation and reform.
How do we fix all of these broken systems?
Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we're dealing with every single day.
We've got to kill and confront that movement.
Um, but that, you know, working with normal mainstream Republicans, I think that's going to be really, really important because we have to reform these systems.
And I will tell them too, like we got to get the government out of our business.
I'm all in on that.
You see the Dobbs decision you see, you know, in Florida.
So there are no more Mr. Nice Guy.
The Deep State, Hillary Clinton saying January 6th people are 9-11 terrorists.
Schumer and others already said it was worse than 9-11.
We got Congressman Tim Ryan saying, gotta kill the MAGA movement, kill these people.
Roger Stone joins us a little bit in the next hour to talk about the election.
55 days out, the massive purge, the hundreds of FBI raids the last few weeks, and this incredible Alex, you know, as a 40-year observer of American politics, elections are always about the party in power.
today on this Wednesday edition. Roger, thank you so much.
They are really trying to outlaw their political opposition. What do you make of
this? Well, Alex, you know, as a 40-year observer of American politics, elections
are always about the party in power. So, in other words, this election should be
about public safety, public health, most certainly the economy and opportunity,
about the fact that this administration has brought us to the brink of World War III
in Ukraine, that we're shipping 51 billion dollars, before you know it, to
Ukraine when we can't spend the money to seal our own southern border, as well as
free speech.
These are just the most important issues.
So they're changing the subject on domestic terrorism that doesn't exist by Republicans, To make themselves look good as they implode the borders, destroy the currency, drag queen pedophile time, launch all these wars, cut off the power supply.
My God, these people are monsters.
This is a strategy of diversion.
In other words, they don't want to talk about gas prices or food shortages or the epic inflation that is destroying the buying power of the American family.
No, they want to talk about January 6th.
They want to talk about the Mar-a-Lago raid on the president.
They want to talk about Alex Jones and his trials.
They want to talk about Trump's super PAC and their fundraising practices.
They want to talk about the president's activities in Georgia and the Fulton County investigation.
They want to talk about seizing cell phones from their political opponents.
This is a strategy of diversion to divert the voters from the issues.
I also think the Republicans, in all honesty, are doing their very best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
That's the key.
The Republican, that's why you're coming on today.
Thank you for coming on about this.
You're an expert on this.
The Republican leadership is laying down and not charging forward.
They've got pure victory in their hands.
I think there's two major mistakes here.
First of all, the Republican leadership is not charging forward.
They've got pure victory in their hands.
I think there's two major mistakes here.
First of all, the Republican leadership is not charging forward.
They've got pure victory in their hands.
I think there's two major mistakes here.
First of all, based on the recent U.S.
Supreme Court decision, the question of abortion has been shifted properly back to the states.
There is no need for federal legislation as put forward by Lindsey Graham to try to federalize this issue.
In fact, it's totally contrary to what the Supreme Court just said.
Right now, it's up to the states to decide whether they want to regulate or even ban abortion.
So, again, I think Lindsey Graham, a classic Rhino, working with the Democrats to make abortion front and center in this election when there are, and I'm pro-life, but this has just been decided favorably.
It's a political, and let's be honest, we're not against Lindsey Graham that he's gay.
The fact that he lives with a staffer.
The fact is they're blackmailing him and controlling him with that information.
That's why we raised that.
And since you mentioned it, Tucker Carlson had a lady on last night.
Because I know two people in Austin, I'm not going to say names, who were not even in D.C.
who've now been raided.
Or visited by the FBI in the last week.
They don't want me to say their names, but two people have contacted me that I know well who got visits, so they're using this as a dragnet to create fear.
Here's Tucker Carlson last night interviewing Trump supporter Lisa Gallagher about being visited by the FBI.
Here it is.
Lisa Gallagher, as we told you a moment ago, is one of the many Trump supporters who woke up to an FBI raid earlier this month, and we are grateful that she's willing to join us to tell us about it.
Lisa, thank you so much for coming on.
So, I just want to be clear that you have not committed a crime of any kind.
I don't think you've ever been accused of a crime.
You weren't even at the Capitol on January 6th.
I don't think you were even in Washington.
Tell us how you felt when Joe Biden's FBI showed up with guns at your home the morning after his speech.
I was terrified.
And I'll be honest with you, when my daughter woke me up telling me there were three armed FBI officers at my door, I thought she was joking.
And I immediately tried to throw clothes on.
I called my husband.
I was crying.
My knees were shaking.
And even though I knew I'd done nothing wrong, after seeing Joe Biden's speech the night before, I thought, oh my God, this is political.
And I was frightened.
I truly thought, they can take me out of here in handcuffs.
And I thought, I'm in my bedroom.
I thought, am I not coming home?
So I went outside and I said, gentlemen, you're scaring me.
And they proceeded to tell me that they were given an anonymous tip that I was at the Capitol on January 6th.
Even though, of course, as we said, they knew you weren't because they had facial recognition software and there's no evidence and it's almost two years ago.
Do you know who this anonymous tip, this snitch who turned you into federal law enforcement for supporting Trump on Facebook might be?
No, I know nothing.
And I invited them into my home so I could look at my phone and my calendar and I have subsequently called the FBI office in Newark to Just document or know for sure that it really was FBI agents at my home, and it was, and they said it was an anonymous tip, but they won't tell me anything else.
Yeah, because there are not enough law enforcement concerns right now with 107,000 Americans dying in Fentanyl last year.
Lisa Gallagher, I know it takes bravery to come on and explain what happened to you.
I think only when people do that will it end, and so I'm doubly grateful that you did this for us tonight.
Thank you so much.
So Roger, we're going to break.
You'll be with us 30 minutes to the next hour, but I'm not at liberty to say this.
People ask me not to, but let's just say this.
People personally intimate that give me services, they didn't tell me.
My medical doctor wasn't in D.C., didn't even go.
They SWAT teamed them.
So this is next level, Roger.
This is pure intimidation.
Yeah, there's no question about it, Alex, and I can understand how this lady feels.
I mean, I wasn't on the Capitol, I didn't go to the Ellipse, I know nothing about the Electoral College delay, yet I continue to be assaulted by the January 6th Committee with a narrative of disinformation.
It's chilling.
I think that's the purpose of it.
Well, I mean, but we know about hundreds of new FBI raids, and I'm getting calls, must be thousands.
I mean, this is like full-on.
Look, I'm going to operate on the assumption that the government's already seen all my emails and texts and I have no involvement on January 6th.
Let's come back to it on the other side, but this is an effort to demonize the opposition in advance of an election.
That's exactly what it is.
To outlaw your political opposition, Roger Stone will handicap the election in 55 days.
The midterm straight ahead, stay with us.
Let me lay this out real simple.
There are multinational corporations that run all these third world slave countries, and are absolutely used to being able to use humans as worse than garbage.
And they bought off the Democratic Party, they bought off most of the Republican leadership, and they're making their move on Europe and America and Australia and New Zealand, and once these countries fall, they believe they're going to have global dominance to do whatever they want.
But, whether it's Sweden, Or whether it is Brazil.
Or whether it's Italy or Canada.
Conservative leaders are winning major elections and presidencies and prime ministerships.
So the system is panicked.
It's self-anointed globalist.
And if they get identified, it's game over.
That's why they're trying to outlaw their political opposition.
Roger Stone, you're one of the leading experts.
They fear you so much because you helped get Trump elected.
You were instrumental in it.
Let's get into the waterfront here.
I'm going to try to give you the floor.
One of the things that's disturbing me right now, Alex, are the actions of Peter Thiel.
For those of you who don't know, Peter Thiel is a billionaire, was a major financier of Donald Trump's candidacy, and he stepped forward essentially to underwrite at tens of millions of dollars the endorsements of J.D.
Vance for the U.S.
Senate in Ohio and Blake Masters in Arizona.
Both candidates, I might add, that I very strongly support.
Both of them America's first candidates.
But, having financed their nominations, Mr. Thiel is now declining to finance their general election efforts, and both of them are behind their opponents slightly, and behind their opponents in fundraising.
Mr. Teal comes forward and says, well, the Republican Party has not defined enough of a positive image, a positive program for this election.
Alex, all elections are about the incumbent party, about the job that is being done by congressional Democrats in combination with the Biden White House.
And this is deeply disturbing.
Now, Mr. Teal has an interesting background.
He is an IT genius.
He invented the Palantir program, which he sold to the government.
This is the program the government uses to monitor US citizens.
He calls himself a libertarian.
I will take that at face value.
But now having gotten these candidates nominated in crucial US.
Senate races, he needs to step up to the plate as opposed to walking out on the party.
Please continue.
Just give us your analysis, that's what I want, of the 2022 midterms.
And then secondarily, you have Kevin McCarthy, who kind of following in the footsteps of Newt Gingrich, has put forward a proposal that is kind of reminiscent of the contract for America.
The problem with this is that in order to have a policy statement broad enough for every Republican to support, all one needs to do is to look at the flip side of the Biden administration.
In other words, I disagree with putting forward pale pastels.
We need to have a bold policy, but it's easily defined as being the direct opposite of that which the Democrats are for.
So, for example, Kevin McCarthy will not say today that if the House Republicans take control, that he would move articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.
There's certainly more evidence to justify an impeachment charge against Joe Biden than there ever was against Donald Trump.
10% to the big guy.
There it is, right there.
That's more than enough to spark an impeachment charge.
Whether or not you have the votes in the Senate to pass that, which would be a two-thirds vote, by the way, is immaterial.
This is about making a political statement and taking a stand and laying out for the voters what the stakes are in this election.
The Republicans are just not aggressive enough and they cannot let the narrative be hijacked.
This cannot be about the Mar-a-Lago raid and President Donald Trump.
It cannot be about the Alex Jones trials.
It cannot be about the investigation into Trump's super PAC.
It cannot be about Fulton County, Georgia.
It cannot be about seizing the cell phones of these Trump supporters.
It cannot be about January 6th.
It must be about their stewardship of the country.
Well, that's why I said Republicans even who don't have the vote should do an impeachment like Democrats did to expose Biden to the new world order and take control of the narrative, but they don't do that.
That is precisely the problem.
That's why I have urged people not to give to the Republican National Committee, not to give to the Republican Senatorial Committee, or to the House Committee.
Right now, people out there who want to see a change need to support individual America First candidates directly, instead of supporting the party organization.
I want to shift gears in the next hour.
I want to talk about All these clips I've got.
We have Biden saying he killed inflation.
He's proud of it.
Kamala Harris saying the border is secure.
Where are they going with this gaslighting?
But the few minutes we have left to break, four minutes left to break.
Roger Stone, Trump, we know he told a lot of people, including you and MTG, in early
July he was set to announce.
And he said, "Well, I'm going to run, but I'm not going to announce when."
Well, that's an announcement to run.
Then they created all this lawfare and all these fake criminal charges to try to go after
What is the inside baseball currently on Trump running, and is the announcement intimate,
or what's unfolding?
Alex, the only thing that's predictable about Donald J.
Trump is that he's entirely unpredictable.
In a certain sense, the assault on his home in Mar-a-Lago has galvanized his support so that I don't think an immediate announcement of tenancy is either in the offing or necessarily desirable.
First of all, it would create substantial legal issues in terms of the use of funds
he has on hand today in his various packs, millions of dollars that may not be able to
be used in this election.
Then secondarily, if the party falls short through no fault of his, well then he within
the structure of the party would be blamed for diverting attention and money from Republican
Now, I happen to believe that Governor Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, my governor, intends to announce his candidacy literally immediately after the election.
And I think the president needs to remain mindful of that.
I still think it is more likely than not that he will be a candidate.
That's not just my instinct.
That's hard intelligence.
And by the way, as President Donald Trump has said, Ron DeSantis has the right to do that.
It's his prerogative to run if he wishes to run.
I still believe that there is no poll that shows that Donald Trump would not beat him by at least 20 points.
What about my sources that say they've got a secret agreement to run together?
The Electoral College prevents that.
They're both from Florida.
You cannot have a president and a vice president from the same state because if you do, you would forfeit the electoral votes of Florida's 27 votes.
That's too precious for us to do.
But couldn't Trump just swing back saying he lives in New York again?
Do you think he wants to pay New York state income taxes?
I think not.
Or you're saying he lives in New Jersey or Virginia?
Do you think he wants to pay New Jersey income taxes?
I think not.
No, at this point, they're both Floridians and I don't think that can be changed.
Again, much has happened since that 4th of July when we were both speculating that he may become a candidate.
Which, by the way, I thought was a very real possibility at the time that we predicted it.
But as you said, Trump constantly changes his mind.
Well, he retains tactical flexibility, is the way that I would put it.
I still think he intends to run.
I think he's highly likely to run.
I still think he's our strongest candidate.
But as to exactly when, well, that situation has been... Roger, stay there.
I want to get into these clips I mentioned.
And I want to get into the Democrats saying Republicans are all about to stage terror attacks with no evidence of it and them saying we've got to outlaw the Republican Party.
How do we deal with that?
And clearly, I think they're going to stage a false flag.
When you say my enemies are terrorists, there's no evidence they are, well clearly like...
You know, the situation in Michigan with the fake kidnapping of the governor for January 6th.
Clearly, they're priming the pump, getting people ready for a major stage event.
Roger Stone is our guest.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone on the other side.
Roger Stone, what's the best website for people to visit?
They can go to StoneZone.com right now.
And of course, if you want to help my wife and I and our epic struggle with the deep state, you can go to StoneFamilyFund.com.
We're still fighting 11 harassment lawsuits from the left.
You can't expect us to fight the New World Order, folks, if you don't back us.
And I'm not bitching, but back Roger Stone and back him full force.
All right.
Hour number three with Roger Stone.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
All right, Roger Stone's going to talk about the economy, the Russia war, and so much more in the next 30 minutes.
But right now, I was talking to him during the break, he wants to get into this weaponization, declaring their political opposition to be terrorists, and how they're trying to have this process of diversion to change the subject from how they've wrecked society on to how their opposition are domestic terrorists.
And of course, you were bringing up the Sandy Hook thing and what they're doing there.
Yeah, Alex, I think this is really simple.
This election should be about Joe Biden.
This election should be about his stewardship of the country.
It should be about gas prices.
It should be about inflation.
It should be about food shortages.
It should be about this disastrous foreign policy.
It should be about sealing the southern border.
It should be about the drug epidemic in this country, the fentanyl epidemic.
Instead, the Democrats seek to make this election about Donald Trump.
So to the extent that the attacks on Steve Bannon, the attacks on you, the attacks regarding January 6th, the attacks in Fulton County, the seizing of cell phones of patriots like Mike Lindell, this is all a strategy of diversion.
They seek to make this about the opposition as opposed to making about their stewardship of the country.
We cannot, from a message point of view, allow that to happen.
We are at an enormous disadvantage because for the first time in our history, we have the full and complete censorship and control of all mass communications.
This is why InfoWars is so important.
Because InfoWars, like FrankSpeech.com, like Tucker Carlson, like a number of other specific outlets, is a beacon of truth in this morass.
Otherwise, what you have is a Democrat media cabal that is intent on diverting the American people from the real issues in this election, and you have a non-combative Republican Party Including members like Lindsey Graham, who I think are distracting from our message with a federal abortion bill that is completely unnecessary at this point in the wake of the new Supreme Court decision.
So, look, I'm a strategist.
I've been a strategist for 40 years.
I look at problems, political problems, strategically, and I come up with an answer.
This may seem quaint to some, but in all honesty, at this point, praying is a major part of my strategy.
In other words, I really am waiting for divine intervention here.
George Washington said that.
I know it's true.
Petition God.
At this point, we're up against such evil, we must petition God.
It's a vital part of our strategy because at this juncture, the attacks are so broad, their power is so awesome, they're ignoring of traditional norms and rules.
Political investigations just before an election, generally speaking, are out of bounds at the Department of Justice.
It has always been thus, but that is not the case now.
And therefore, yes, I am praying fervently for success in this fall's elections in order to change the trajectory of the country.
When you look at the Democrats, all the polls show they're in complete trouble, but they've got push polls out that, oh, they're not as behind as we thought.
We're obviously going to see a big repeat in 55 days of what we saw two years ago.
Look, there is polling and there is polling.
And not all polls are equal.
The methodology, the sample size, who commissioned the poll, these things are all... Why don't you ask the question?
The way you ask the question, the order you ask the questions in, all of these can affect the outcome.
Any way you slice it, the backdrop for the Democrats in this election is not favorable.
Therefore, they can only win if they can divert public attention from their record.
I mean, I don't know how much clearer this can be.
They don't want to talk about gas prices.
They don't want to talk about shipping $51 billion to Ukraine.
They don't want to talk about the fentanyl epidemic in this country.
They don't want to talk about rising crime and public safety.
Which is an issue now in every state in the country.
That's right.
So we can't let them divert us with how they're attacking us.
Like me.
Most people would cover a trial against them all day.
Now we spent a little bit of time on it.
Because the big issues are what's important.
We can't let them distract us.
Roger Stone, stay there.
Back in 60 seconds.
Alright, so the gaslighting has reached insane levels.
You've got Kamala Harris, who I'm convinced is on a bunch of Xanax.
I mean, she's bombed out of her brain.
We know Pelosi's drunk, her husband's drunk, Kamala can tell us on pills, and she's up there saying the border's completely secure.
And then Biden's like, we beat inflation!
That was yesterday.
Last week he said, we beat Big Pharma.
You mean you're totally controlled by Big Pharma?
So let's play Biden on inflation and Kamala Harris back-to-back and get former top Trump advisor Roderick Jones' take on it.
No doubt.
Okay, you're listening there to President Biden at the White House.
He's celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.
He says that he's been fighting big pharma for decades.
But there is this unfortunate split screen right now with the Dow taking a total beating down more than 1,200 points.
And so it feels like it's hard to be celebratory for some people in the crowd.
Two million people crossed this border for the first time ever.
You're confident this border is secure?
We have A secure border, in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration.
But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix, given the deterioration that happened over the last four years.
We also have to put in place a law and a plan for a pathway for citizenship.
So they've started World War II with the Russians.
They're all on drugs.
Roger, when you watch these type of clips, it's one thing if they happen every once in a while.
It's every day.
It's a clown show.
Where do you see this going?
See, the problem for the Democrats is that none of that rings true with the actual voters.
In other words, voters know that it's unsafe to go in the streets.
Voters know we have a crime and drug epidemic.
Voters know that our southern border is not secure.
At the same time, no voters has any confidence that ultra trillion dollar spending bills are going to solve the inflation issue.
In fact, if anything, They are going to ignite the inflation problem further.
So there is a credibility gap between what the Democrats say and what the voters actually feel.
Well sure, I mean let me interrupt you.
How can Kamala Harris, not the first time, say the border is secure?
I mean that's like saying the Atlantic Ocean doesn't have water in it, or bluebirds aren't blue, or you know, I mean it's ridiculous.
What is this?
No, what's ridiculous is that she says that, and that the meet-the-press talking head questioning her doesn't question it, doesn't challenge her, just lets her say it as if it is a fact.
There's your real problem, which is we have a corporate media Democrat cabal, and together they weaponize their narrative.
But you notice there's no challenge.
Nobody says to Joe Biden, but wait, how will spending trillions, spending and borrowing trillions more solve the inflation problem?
Nobody asks No, that's like saying, how will injecting heroin give me a cure from heroin addiction?
Or how will drinking Jack Daniels cure me of alcoholism?
Or how will eating 55 Twinkies make me lose weight?
I mean, it's just, it's oxymoronic.
And I think the voters are smart enough to know that.
That's why I still believe that the fundamentals, the underpinnings for Republican victory and a change in direction of the country is still there, unless they can utilize the mass media to raise these other issues and to make us Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters.
And those issues are January 6th, the Alex Jones Show trial.
What else are they, a Trump?
Steve Bannon's arrest 60 days before an election, just like his previous charges, 60 days before an election, the investigation into Donald Trump's super PAC.
So follow this through.
Because the president raised money around the question of election integrity, which he has a first amendment right to do, the Democrats considered charging him with mail fraud.
Because they say that's disinformation.
What I would argue it is well within his First Amendment rights and it's certainly an arguable issue.
Well, sir, we have the press secretary six years ago trying to unseat Trump saying have alternate electors.
She gets confronted and says, well, that's different.
No, it's not different.
I mean, it's just it's all ridiculous.
No, that's exactly true.
In 2016, Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta sought a delay or even a cancellation of the certification of the Electoral College vote.
They actually wanted to make a presentation to the Electoral College regarding non-existent Russian collusion.
But they also have one other large problem here, Alex, and that is nobody on the Democratic side wants any attention to the results of Hunter Biden's laptop.
Here's evidence of epic corruption and, in fact, treason, where the interests of foreign nations were put ahead of the interests of our nation.
Well, I'm going to correct you.
It's not epic.
It's unprecedented corruption.
I work for Chinese spies.
He says that.
The head of Chinese intelligence controls me.
I haven't been told what to do in a month.
My dad doesn't know what to do.
We're under Chinese command.
I mean, there's freaking audio.
They admit it's his, that he's a Chinese agent under Chinese communist spy chief control.
This is one of the reasons why Robert Davi's new movie, My Son Hunter, which Breitbart has made available, which I watched last night, Absolutely stunning, Alex.
I mean, it tells the story in a very, very compelling and historically accurate way.
So, you know, this art imitates life in this particular case.
This is an issue the Democrats do not want to talk about.
We got one more segment with you.
We got four minutes to break, but let me ask you a big picture.
I go back to false flags.
I'm not a rocket scientist, but I'm also not stupid.
When you've got Hillary and Democrat Party members like Tim Ryan yesterday, they're everywhere saying, Republicans are terrorists!
They're gonna blow stuff up!
Republicans are illegal!
They're the biggest terror group!
It's imminent!
They're gonna get us!
I mean, we saw the Whitmer staged attack.
We saw the January 6th provocateur.
It's not even 2 plus 2 equals 4.
It's the number 1 is the number 1.
They're obviously provocateuring or planning something with 55 days out.
Your take on that and how do we counter it?
You know, as I have said here on the show and in other places, I still yet fear some other kind of manufactured health crisis, some kind of additional pandemic.
Well, you predicted that six months ago and they tried monkeypox and it didn't work.
But you're right, they already tried it.
Does not appear to work, but in politics a week is a lifetime.
This election is still months away and they still have time to use the CDC, to use the FDA, to use the mechanism of public health to create some new scare.
This is a very deep concern of mine.
So you're more worried about a new bio-thread What about Russia?
I mean, major offensives, Russians being pushed back, Russia threatening nuclear war.
This is out of control.
It's very, very hard, of course, with all of the war propaganda, to know what is really happening in that part of the world.
No, I agree with you, but the Russians have said, you crossed a red line, now it's war.
I've got intel sources.
troops are there, NATO, and they are with high-tech weapons, they are pushing the Russians back.
I'm praying against the beginning of World War III.
I really think that they have pushed us right to the precipice.
And if the reports are true, that the Ukrainians, and more precisely NATO, are using sophisticated weaponry supplied by the United States, how far will they push Putin before we have a world war?
Believe me, every American needs to be praying about this, even as we speak.
There's an example.
They admit they pumped in 200,000 Switchblade drones that you can carry three of on your back.
It's US satellite controlled.
You just launch it, it goes and flies around for hours and loiters with a pound of explosives in its nose and goes and kills personnel and equipment.
I mean...
I mean, the Russians are getting their ass handed to them, and they keep fighting.
20 dead generals, word is something like 80,000 dead Russians, and now Russia says, okay, we're getting ready to use nukes.
I mean, the Russians for the first time are targeting civilians and blowing up power plants.
Roger, so I'm not on either side.
This is insane, but this is escalating very quickly.
Again, this is what the election should be about.
It should not be about, you know, Mike Lindell.
I agree.
It should be, let's stop World War, dammit.
I mean, you know.
But the average liberal just loves Warren L. Rogers.
Everything is reversed.
Everything is extraordinarily reversed.
They are now gung-ho for war, and this administration is trying to sleepwalk us into one.
It is extremely vexing, and again, prayer is the greatest antidote at this juncture.
Alright, I'm going to spring something on Roger, because I know he talks to Trump all the time.
He doesn't brag about it.
Trump listens to him, and he listened on this show as well.
What is Roger Stone's advice to President Trump?
Because if we could get him on our side, it would be great.
We live in a time where the President of the United States had a major election stolen from him.
And it's saying he has a weaponized, deep state, rogue government attacking him that stole the election.
It's all true.
Roger Stone, I know Trump's not perfect, but he was the real president.
He stood up for America.
He made mistakes, but the globalists hate him because he really was for America and really was being the president.
What is your advice to Trump?
And then in closing, your advice to the millions of people tuned in right now about what they can do to make sure the deep state doesn't fully collapse and take over this country?
Well, first of all, I think the president needs really first-rate legal representation.
He needs to take this assault on him legally serious.
I mean, yes, it is unprecedented.
But the irony, if you just stop and think about this for a moment, is they are assaulting his reputation and they are assaulting him legally over his retention of documents About which we know nothing.
In other words, there's so much disinformation.
The documents were classified.
The documents were not classified.
The documents were declassified.
The documents were not declassified.
Unlike the Russian collusion hoax, which by the way continues to collapse in the courts, where John Durham I think is going to reveal even more shortly about the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.
In the original Sussman trial, despite the fact that Sussman, a low-level Clinton operative, was not convicted, it still laid bare, on the public record, the deep involvement of Hillary Clinton herself and Oliver Henchman in the dirty tricks operation that laid the foundations for the Russian collusion hoax.
Then yesterday we learned That the Russian, Ivor Danchenko, who was in fact the source of the Steele dossier, was on the payroll of the FBI at the time he was doing the work.
This is really extraordinary, but you will notice the mainstream media coverage of this today is virtually non-existent.
And since you mentioned that, that was my next question.
Durham Shocker, Dushenko was paid FBI informant while he made all that up, was paid to lie.
Some are saying that Durham's strategy was to mop up with the FBI, make it seem like the agency got duped, but now the documents in court show that he was working for them the whole time.
Well, not only that, but yesterday it was revealed that Lisa Page, remember her, the FBI agent, she wrote talking points for FBI Director James Comey so that when Comey went to the super-secret intelligence committees for briefings, he completely misled them about the origins of the Steele dossier.
Those bodies then morphed into both the House and Senate Intelligence Committee investigations into Donald Trump on the basis of information that they knew was not reliable, that they knew had been fabricated, that they knew had been paid for by Hillary Clinton.
Yet, to this day, no one has paid any price.
Not FBI Director James Comey, not CIA Director John Brennan, not Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
He actually got his pension back after getting caught lying to the FBI and being fired.
Mr. Durham continues to charge lowest level operatives as opposed to going to the heart
And as I'm sure you saw, Alex, you had Hillary Clinton back on the scene lying again saying, well, none of the documents that I had on my illegal mail server were classified.
When in fact, we know that many of them were classified.
But there was no raid on her home in Chappaqua.
There was no raid on her compound.
So again, you have the two-tiered justice system and you have a mainstream media that is dedicated to demonizing us while giving them essentially a pass.
And then we see incredible contradictions by the left constantly, and their own people don't call them.
Here is Sink Ugart of the Young Turds, and this is him in January, or excuse me, June 25th of 2020.
The Young Turks individual says, I'm done.
I'm now supporting hashtag Defund the Police 100%.
I already largely agree with the substance of the argument, and now I'm down for framing too.
There's no reform or transformation that can fix this.
We have to start over and completely rebuild policing in this country, controlled by leftists.
Now here he is, September 13th, yesterday, will people who Came up with defund the police slogan, admit they were wrong.
It was wildly counterproductive framing.
You don't speak for the left, and neither do people pushing the counterproductive abolish the prisons.
Polls show that almost no one on the left agrees with it.
So he's a big part of pushing it, but he's not talking about how he loves having sex with animals, literally folks.
It's drooling on air about pleasuring donkeys.
And then he shifts gears 180 and says, how dare you defund the police?
Just like Biden's done.
They think we have no memory.
Roger Stone.
Yeah, look, I don't really care what Chunk Yogurt said.
As you will remember, we had an epic confrontation with him at the 2016 Republican National Convention when he invited us on his set.
And then when we came on his set, tried to say that we were crashing his set.
A kind of a staged drama.
I mean, I remember the woman producer... Yeah, they invited us over, and we said, we gotta do another interview, we'll be back.
And he said, oh, we broke into his set.
It was in an open area.
Yeah, it was a classic.
For those of you who can't see it, we should pull that video up.
It was, there we go, an absurdity.
They invited us on the set, then they said they were crashing, we were crashing the set.
Completely and totally ridiculous.
But that was fun, wasn't it?
It was fun.
It's the last time we had fun.
It's been all downhill since then.
Roger, in closing, what do you predict for America?
What's your gut level tell you?
Pretty dire, I'm saying.
Let's just pray.
Well, I mean, in politics, a week is a lifetime.
Roe v. Wade was front and center in the political debate.
It was wiped off the front pages by the raid at Mar-a-Lago.
It's hard to say what will happen, but I'm not going to make a prediction about an election that is still many weeks off.
Again, the fundamental backdrop is still there for the Republicans to win.
If they can remain focused on an attack on the record of the incumbent and their performance in their stewardship of the country.
But if voters get diverted to all these other issues, well, then I do think we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
No, I agree, but that's all you see Republicans, including you and I, we do it too.
You know, we're guilty.
We say don't do it, we do it.
We're not Russian agents.
We're not terrorists.
We're not this.
I mean, you still got to respond to it at the same time.
It should be inflation.
It should be open borders.
It should be fentanyl.
It should be the Russia war.
I mean, that's where we should be.
I agree.
In the meantime, everybody needs to join us in prayer.
I just do not believe the Lord is going to let every great thing that he has, that he has created, be destroyed.
And I believe in the end, victory will therefore be ours.
That's right.
How do people get a Roger Stone did nothing wrong shirt?
They go to RogerStoneStore.com.
They can get their very own Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong t-shirt right now.
The only thing more triggering is InfoWareStore.com and Alex Jones was right.
Roger, we'll talk to you again soon.
Thank you so much.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless you.
All right, folks.
I got a lot to cover in the next 30 minutes ahead of Pete Santilli taking over with the whole purge and what's going on.
And so I'm not going to tell you what's coming up, because there's a lot of it.
I got to look at all these stacks, because I got it ready with every one of these stacks.
I only covered seven, eight stacks.
I got like 15 more stacks here.
I got a lot to cover in the next two segments before Pete Santilli takes over.
Just remember, the enemy hates this show.
They're working around the clock to suppress it.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
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came out and pointed out the New York Times suppressed
In my book, The Great Reset, The War for the World is number one.
That's just a next-level censorship.
And Mark Dice weighed in on it.
I'm at a bunch of other news items on the other side of this.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones, the most banned man in America, has a brand new book out called The Great Reset and the War for the World, which, surprisingly, hasn't been banned from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Instead, everyone is just pretending that the book doesn't exist, and the New York Times is censoring it from their bestseller list.
In the publishing world, there's a company called BookScan, which is owned in part by the Nielsen Company.
You're probably familiar with the Nielsen television ratings.
So they also track the sales of books, and all bestseller lists use the BookScan list to determine which books should be on the bestseller list any given week.
And according to the BookScan figures, again, the industry standard, this book should have been up at the top of the New York Times bestseller list because, well, it sold more copies than anyone else during the first week once it was released.
The Great Reset, if you're not familiar with it, is basically the globalist plan to use the COVID lockdowns to finalize the socialist New World Order under the disguise of an economic recovery plan.
It involves so much more, like implementing the surveillance state, like something out of Orwell's 1984.
Or the old 90s movie, Demolition Man, starring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone, a cashless society, and promoting transhumanism as the new global Luciferian religion, promising people supposed eternal life if they'll just plug into the Matrix.
Now Alex's book made it out to other bestseller lists in the industry like the USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Publisher Weekly, but it's mysteriously missing from the supposed most prestigious bestseller list of the country over at the New York Times.
Because it's not a bestseller list, it's a manually curated list.
Often it's just an editor's choice list or a recommended reading list.
And they certainly don't want to recommend that people read Alex's book or especially award him with the prestigious title of a New York Times bestseller.
Now, this is not new.
The New York Times has done this many times before for many years.
Earlier this year, they kept a book about George Soros off the top ten list, The Man Behind the Curtain Inside the Secret Network of George Soros by Matt Palumbo.
They've done this to Ted Cruz, to Bill O'Reilly, to Jeanine Piero, another Fox News host who Had a book come out at the same time as Stormy Daniels.
Remember that floozy?
She had a book come out that sold just a few thousand copies.
But of course, the New York Times put her on the bestseller list.
In 2019, when Jim Acosta tried to cash in on his Trump-baiting book, he didn't even break the top 50 on the Amazon bestseller list, which is an authentic algorithm-driven sales rank, and dropped off the Amazon top 100 after just two days.
But of course, he was added, inserted artificially, into the New York Times bestseller list as well.
Hey Jim, how come your book didn't make it above the top 50 on Amazon's bestseller list?
It fell off the Amazon top 100 list after two days.
How does it feel to live in your mother's basement?
Actually, I make my videos in my kitchen, which get about a third of the viewers of your mainstream shows.
Is that your mother's kitchen?
No, it's my kitchen, Jim.
Where I get a third of the viewers of Anderson Cooper.
And I'm just a guy on a laptop.
Sure, sure.
Oh, sure.
I don't think that Bookscan tracks the sales of my books because I self-published them and the way that they're distributed.
If not, they would have made it to the top.
By the way, hit pause and back it up.
I had a real beef with Mark Dice because I actually look at the ratings.
Reliable sources had about 100,000 viewers.
Anderson Cooper has about 500,000 on average.
The average Mark Dice video gets 500,000 views.
I watch it religiously.
So you're full of crap, Mark.
Stop saying you get a third of their views.
You're bigger than them from your kitchen.
Plus he's got the best t-shirts out there.
Just go back to Mark Dice.
Actually, I make my videos in my kitchen, which get about a third of the views of your mainstream shows.
No, it's my kitchen, Jim.
Where I get a third of the viewers is of Anderson Cooper.
And I'm just a guy on a laptop.
Sure, sure.
Oh, sure.
I don't think that Bookscan tracks the sales of my books because I self-published them and the way that they're distributed.
If not, they would have made it to the top.
Maybe not number one spot, but they would have definitely made it to the top three of the Wall Street Journal and the USA Today and Best Sellers.
And the New York Times, of course, of course, are so dishonest.
You may recall, and please forgive the humble brag, but when my book, Hollywood Propaganda, How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture came out in October 2020, it made it up to number three on the Amazon bestseller list of all books, which again is an authentic algorithm driven sales rank.
And the only reason I wrote that book is because my previous book, The Liberal Media Industrial Complex, which came out a year earlier, only made it up to number two!
And I was so pissed that I wanted to make it to number one.
So I wrote another book, but still didn't do it.
So I'm going to give it one more shot.
Not at the end of this year.
I'm working on another book, but I'm going to take my time.
As you all know, they're polished, they're extremely well documented, thoroughly sourced.
So I should have another one out by the end of next year.
But until then, let's keep Alex Jones' book, The Great Reset, at the top of the bestseller lists.
At least the ones that won't censor it.
I'm glad that I got a hard copy because the way things are going, this might be a collector's item someday.
I left a link to the Amazon listing in the description below, so click it and head on over there and check it out!
Alright, so the strategy, this is really important for the broadcast and all free speech.
The strategy in the last fake trial, where I'm already found guilty, a month ago in this new one, where the judge is promising to hold me in contempt or even get there next week, is that I have hundreds of millions of dollars on my children.
I don't have a million and a half dollars in the bank.
And as big an operation as this is, that's like on E. And I don't want to get into all this, but just a week ago, we were like, hey, we're doing well in the Chapter 5 bankruptcy.
All we got to do is prove we're profitable.
And then whatever judgments they have can't shut us down.
Because whatever profit there is in the future, these jerks get.
But who cares?
We're on air.
We don't care about money.
And they're openly saying, get rid of the bankruptcy, just shut him down to the bankruptcy judge.
The judge is like, whoa, that's not what you're supposed to do.
So they've jumped the shark.
But this lie.
Because again, they said the bankruptcy court a month ago, and a month ago in the fake trial, they said, Jones Company's worth $130 million, and Jones is worth $260 million.
And they added, so it's like $400 million total.
I wish I had that.
We don't.
And so again, they told, and so the jury said, well, we don't want to shut him down like they said.
We just want to give each plaintiff 10% of his wealth.
Well, each 10% was more wealth than I have.
So that's the lie.
So listeners do not believe they're garbage.
And don't let me prove that we're right on the edge of insolvency by going under or being shut down.
Go to infowarrestore.com.
I had said last week, I'm stopping sales of signed books a week and a half ago because we had to sign 10,000 plus.
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And so another 6, 7,000 books, 10,000 got delivered yesterday.
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If you want to do a fundraiser and buy the signed book, it's available at InfoWarsTore.com.
You could not act in a more important way to defeat the New World Order than to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get a signed book.
It's got the markup, it keeps on there.
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Or 888-253-3139 as I was meeting with our CRO outside group that came in for the bankruptcy.
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Thank you, all those that did it.
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Well, if I sell a bunch of books that make $6 apiece after cost, that will go under.
But with the markup and the fundraiser, we will stay on air and win big time.
Infowarsstore.com, the great reset in the War for the World.
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I want to thank you all.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The crimes of the vaccine poison will bring down the New World Order or will bring us down.
The battle is now joined as they try to openly kill us.
All right, let's play some clips here.
This isn't about Alex Jones, it's about the murder of free speech, the murder of reprocess.
Here is The judge, the puppet judge, the plaintiffs have already found us guilty.
Now they still want a fake show trial on the damages.
Trying to pre-screen my lawyer's questions.
You wonder why my lawyer in Texas couldn't talk.
He was threatened with sanctions if he did.
He's just there as a puppet to act like they're having a trial.
Here's the clip.
But you are on the larger issue, because who knows what his next question is going to be.
Well, why don't we address that right now so that we don't get the jury upset moving them in and out a million times.
Is there some... You've told me I can't ask about Megan Kelly.
I'm not going to.
I would... I'm not going to.
Okay, I understand.
Well, of course you're not.
One minute, so I don't, so I'm not going to give... Well, we did the Hillary Clinton, now we did the Megyn Kelly, should we address what's coming next?
Well, I think it might make sense.
Judge, I'm not responsible for giving my adversaries a preview of what's to come anymore, and apparently they were responsible for telling me what witnesses they were going to call today.
Unprecedented evil.
Here is the FBI agent, never knew his name, never said his name.
I don't know who the hell he is, so he sued me.
He wants $10 million because he was in the FBI.
Again, the trash delivery guy, or a guy putting light bulbs in the school.
I questioned Sandy Hooks, so now... Well, I mean, here he is.
That's a photograph of you.
Yes, sir.
Flanked by two other agents.
They're task force officers.
These weren't guys on the SWAT team, I presume.
No, they were task force officers from Bridgeport.
And so you mentioned that this photograph was distributed worldwide in the newspaper.
I don't know if it was that.
Mr. President.
Was this one of the photographs that was distributed worldwide?
I didn't say worldwide, but the um, I'm not sure sir.
It's the other photograph, but I never said worldwide.
Okay, a person looking at that, how would they know you were an FBI agent?
They wouldn't.
They wouldn't.
So the internet questioned him.
I never even knew who the hell he was, never saw that photo.
He's suing me for, they're saying 500 million dollars.
I was gonna say 10 million to be low.
Because there's a bunch of, a bunch of plaintiffs.
I mean, I don't even know who he is!
The internet questioned, so it's my fault.
I mean, it's just, it's absurd.
And here he is, clip two, admitting I never said his name.
Here it is.
Santiago's stuff, those were the calls that you were told about, correct?
Where your fellow agents... Santiago's calls, Halbig's calls, and there were multiple... Oh, Halbig called you too?
Halbig called the FBI.
I didn't speak to him.
How many times did Jones call you?
He didn't call me, sir.
Did you ever see this photograph 289 on InfoWars?
I didn't.
No, sir.
Do you know whether he ever talked about you on InfoWars?
I don't know.
If Halbig appears as a guest on a talk show, does that make him affiliated with the talk show?
To me, it does.
So if I appear on CNN tonight, I'm a CNN affiliate?
Yes, you are.
So, if Norm Pattis, my lawyer, goes on CNN and says that Easter bunnies lay purple eggs, CNN goes to jail.
Not true.
Easter bunnies don't exist.
They don't like purple eggs.
It's ridiculous.
FBI claims Alex Jones is backed by powerful people.
He was asked that by the plaintiff's lawyers.
They didn't want to say Trump, so they said Joe Rogan.
Oh, Joe Rogan's gonna come get him.
Hell, sue him!
Joe Rogan never said your name.
Might as well.
I mean, this is how outlandish it is with a default judgment rigged court where the jury's told you're guilty.
Here it is.
These lies being on the internet, how have you dealt with that?
You just have to, at some point you have to just accept it.
Alex Jones and his company, these are very powerful people.
I'm not anybody.
So someone like me, you just can't defend yourself.
At some point you have to accept it.
And like any crisis that we all deal with in our lives, I guess you have to just You just have to deal with it.
But how do you deal with it?
That's what I'm asking you.
What steps did you take?
Well, I tried to get help.
I tried to get the Bureau to help me.
And then, you know, I called the Agents Association to see if they could help me.
And that ended up, you know, it didn't result in anything.
They basically just gave me the runaround.
And then finally, you know, the only person ever Even listen with Mr. Koskoff.
He's, you know, he was a gentleman and gracious enough to listen to me and that's why we're here.
Is there going to be a waiver?
Objection, relevance, unless there's going to be a waiver at any point in time.
I wouldn't try, Your Honor.
Move to strike.
So, I don't know who this guy is.
Never said his name.
He never heard me talk about him until today.
I don't know who the hell he is.
How about some random homeless guy?
Just said to me, well, you questioned Sandy Hook, so I'm gonna say... He's powerful!
He's gonna get... What the hell are you talking about?
Don't even know who you are!
You got this former federal prosecutor that railroaded the former governor of Connecticut, sitting up there.
Look at this headline!
New York Times!
You read the article, they never say this in here.
Alex Jones trial takeaways.
Witnesses describe conspiracy theorists following them after the sh- And it says I followed the FBI agent!
I followed him!
What the- And what, Lucky Charms?
Flew around me?
There were leprechauns there too?
And like, Easter bunnies?
I mean, this is the level of these people.
Never said their name, and they're crying.
When Jones questioned whether it was Jesse Smollett or WMDs in Iraq, any of this, the internet said, we think it didn't happen.
I looked at what they said, and years later, once Trump runs for office and wins, now he's the Sandy Hook guy, and then we give him all our emails, all our bank accounts, everything, which are showing the jury.
The judge says, I'm not going to tell you why he's defaulted.
He just admits he's guilty.
And the judge says, I'm going to sanction him when he gets here if he says he's innocent.
Even in North Korea, you can say you're innocent.
Even if you're shot down in Vietnam in Vietnam War, you can say, but not in America because it's a liberal and she's a woman.
And I'm like, oh my gosh, you're a woman.
It's so sick what Soros does.
In fact, let's play the contempt clip.
Here's clip 5, play it.
Your Honor, we have a request for a curative instruction.
I expect when Alex Jones comes up here, he's going to violate the court's orders.
I expect that.
I do not expect Attorney Pattis, in his opening, to try and unwind the default by repeatedly stating and suggesting that Alex Jones was just questioning.
Are we going to silence the crazy person in the town square for just He was doing it by referring to the other events that Alex Jones has questioned.
The jury is going to be instructed that Alex Jones intended these statements, knowing that they were false.
And so, we need to curate an instruction at the outset, because what Attorney Pattis has done has injected not only politics, but he's injected this idea.
We're going to come back in the next five and play this, and we'll put the whole thing up on Vandal Video.
Tomorrow night, 7pm, with Robert Barnes and others.
We're doing a two-hour commercial-free analysis of this.
They're instructing the jury that I say I'm guilty and that I say I lied.
No, I am innocent.
I only question things.
I have a right, you little liar.
But they didn't just tell the jury I'm guilty.
They're instructing them that I am a liar and I admit I'm a liar.
And they go on, the judge goes, yes, I will have him say he's a liar or I'll have him arrested.
I mean, dude, North Korea couldn't imagine this.
Venezuela, but see, she's a woman.
She's God.
She's the judge.
She'll show me.
I mean, what a joke.
Meanwhile, these same leftists are starting a nuclear war with Russia.
The border's totally collapsed and they say the border's totally controlled.
I mean, it's cuckoo land.
Did he say your name?
Did you ever see him talk about it?
But he attacked me!
Give me all his money!
Oh, please!
These dumbass lawyers, man.
They don't even know how to wipe their asses.
We'll be right back.
Hour number four.
Pete Santilli.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
You are watching the death of due process.
You are watching the Venezuelan-style takeover of America.
Alex Jones here back live.
So here is the so-called judge.
Threatening Alex Jones with contempt as she threatens my lawyer that they can't raise any issues or basically have free speech or say that we're innocent.
Or tell the jury, hey, a judge shouldn't find me guilty.
Why are you being told to find out how guilty I am?
You're not guilty until proven how guilty.
You're innocent until proven guilty.
So let's go ahead and play this.
This play would make North Korea or Venezuela blush.
Here it is.
Your Honor, we have a request for a curative instruction.
I expect when Alex Jones comes up here, he's going to violate the court's orders.
I expect that.
I do not expect Attorney Pattis in his opening to try and unwind the default by repeatedly stating and suggesting that Alex Jones was just questioning.
Are we going to silence the crazy person in the town square for just He was doing it by referring to the other events that Alex Jones has questioned.
The jury is going to be instructed that Alex Jones intended these statements, knowing that they were false.
And so we need a curative instruction at the outset, because what Attorney Pattis has done has injected not only politics, but he's injected this idea that Alex Jones was merely questioning when the jury is going to be instructed in the courts to determine that he intentionally inflicted emotional distress, that he intentionally lied, that he acted with malice.
I hadn't intended to go as far as I did until I heard the opening statement that my adversaries gave me.
And this is not an issue.
I could have objected at the first sentence.
This has nothing to do with stopping Alex Jones.
This is a compensatory damage claim.
And they went 15 minutes.
Stopping Alex Jones is not an element of their damages.
They went 15 minutes before they even turned to anything related to Mr. Jones.
35 minutes before they mentioned the family.
And then they gave a passing reference to damages.
Alex Jones must be stopped, they said.
And it is our contention that Mr. Jones, that the plaintiffs in this case exaggerate the harm that he caused to him, or that he caused them, and they exaggerated for political reasons.
And so if they had not come in and said, stop Alex Jones, That objectionary request for a curative instruction might have some teeth, but they're not on their own words right now.
I don't intend to give a curative instruction at this point, but as things develop, and especially if there are issues, further issues, then renew your request.
And I would be inclined to do so right in the midst of the witness.
And I am going to deal with Mr. Jones when he testifies.
That's understood.
I do expect, as I discussed Attorney Pat Patterson, I thought you were on board with it.
I expected to canvas him on the issues that, um...
That we're off limits.
The law of the case is not complicated, but I do think the court is, we would not object to a case.
And I did tell you that if there are issues, I will address contempt on the spot.
Well, I mean, I don't have anything to do with contempt.
Attorney Pattis, I'm just telling you.
I'm telling you now, I believe you said the last time that you Can't remember your exact words, but something along the lines, I thought, that you weren't going to be able to control what he said.
So I'm just laying it out there now, putting everybody on notice.
So I know you'll do your job, Attorney Patterson, explaining to him what is off limits.
All right, so we will...
Oh, that's good.
So since when can a witness not say what they want?
You see murder trials where the murderer gets up and talks crap.
But, oh, he can't talk!
He can't say, I defaulted him.
He can't say, we gave you all the documents.
He can't say, he never said their names.
I'm gonna get him!
I'm gonna get him!
I'm gonna put him in jail!
If he doesn't do what I want!
Just shaking with all the news cameras.
We're gonna get him!
You ain't getting jack crap!
We're accelerating broadcasts!
We're launching new shows!
Our backing!
Just get ready folks!
I am Luke Skywalker coming into the Death Star!
You guys aren't gonna stop anything!
And so just get ready New World Order!
I need your prayers!
I need your support!
I need your backing!
But you see these monsters and who they are!
They can say whatever they want, and my lawyer can't even respond.
They got up and said, we want to shut him down.
He goes, it's wrong, they want to shut him down.
You can't say that!
And then their own lawyer got up and said, we didn't want to shut him down.
I mean, these people are a joke.
It's the fourth coin that we've released in the last year.
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The man in the arena coin, Teddy Roosevelt.
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I appreciate you.
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Get the Man of the Arena coin at 1776coin.com or PatriotCollectibles.com and get the signed book for a limited time.
It's back, but not long.
All right.
Pete Santilli, you've been a political president, you've been a journalist for decades, been a Marine with classification, working on secret projects.
I know you've got a lot to cover today with the big purge and the hundreds of FBI raids and all the rest of it, but I'm going to turn loose and I'm going to be listening to you.
I respect you.
I want your view.
What do you make of the weaponization of these?
Saying, shut him down, shut him up.
My lawyer says, okay, it's wrong to shut Alex Jones up.
They go, stop, kick the jury out.
You can't say we're trying to shut you down.
And the former federal prosecutor, Chris Mann, he said, this is ridiculous.
Nobody's trying to shut him down.
They did that in my Texas trial a month ago.
They said, nobody's deplatforming him.
Nobody's silencing him.
In the closing statement, we're silencing him.
Our mission is to shut him down.
What is, what the hell are they doing here?
You know, yesterday, when the attorney got up for the plaintiff, spoke to the jury and complained that we must award a verdict against him.
In so many words, he was just saying, we must punish Alex Jones.
And he's mentioned something to the effect of that your Broadcasts were for profit.
You know, you're extremist broadcast.
Not his words, mine.
And the lie that I made money on San Diego was a minor thing we covered.
They attached themselves to me.
Yes, exactly.
And you know, well, that attorney himself and all of these bandwagoning, ambulance chasing, I call them chimpanzees.
The higher the award, of course, and thank God I'm not your attorney because I would have gotten up and said what that attorney just said is, you know, raise the penalty so that I can make a heck of a lot more money.
That's all these people are doing.
The higher the award, of course, the higher the percentage that these attorneys get.
And that's what they're doing.
In the previous trial, but ultimately, Alex, I'm sure that you'll be successful on appeals.
I've never, ever, even through what I went through in the federal court system, I've never seen just a blatant disregard for civil rights, for our God-given rights.
Purdue Prosecutor, let me ask that question.
No one's ever seen this.
Why are they so brazen?
Why are they so arrogant?
You know, well, First and foremost, like, in federal court, they did some things to some of our defendants.
Like Wiseman, for instance, when he was prosecuting in the Enron cases.
He knew that he could just violate the law and they get their pound of flesh because you take it up on appeal if you can send somebody to jail.
They sit there for five to eight years on appeal.
They know that no matter what they do, you'll take it up on appeal.
The objective is to extract millions of dollars from you.
This lawfare operation against you is to break you.
In the millions of dollars, it's still going to cost you a lot of money.
And by the way, they admit that.
That's what it looks like.
They understand we're going to win this, but they've got to back us.
Oh, absolutely.
That's the most important thing.
That's how we the people push back against these lawfare operators, these leftists.
When they say lawfare, it's warfare, but they're weaponizing the judiciary.
Let me tell you, that Chris Maddy guy deposed me three different days, and then defaulted us saying we didn't show up for depositions.
And the judge doesn't care.
When he would talk about us fundraising, he would shake with hate.
They hate the American people.
Why do they hate America?
Who are these people?
They hate America.
What's wrong with them?
You know, in the next segment, I'm going to talk about, and I think through our research on Mike Lindell's team, this thing that he's got going on, of course, as well as some of the stuff that President Trump has been doing.
It started, believe it or not, in the mid-90s.
If you ever wondered how they were able to capture the Supreme Court, how to get the vote of a Supreme Court Justice in Roberts, how they're able to convert the entire federal judiciary.
They've got their political operatives, of course, when they select, like Obama selects his judges.
But you know what?
They've got the same Epstein-style blackmail on all of these judges.
That's how they've installed these communists all the way down I agree.
What percentage of these people are pedophiles do you think?
You know, can you imagine?
I think that they actually recruit people to install like that so that they can have leverage.
Well no, it came out last year the CIA recruited pedophiles in Afghanistan to run local towns because they could control them.
CIA recruited pedophiles to run Afghan villages.
Look it up.
Their surveillance capabilities are unmatched, and guess where I learned these techniques was through the NXIVM trials.
How they actually build their cult, and you actually, in order to become a member of the cult, you have to give them a bag of collateral.
If you should ever share the secrets of their sex trafficking operations, well, guess what?
They release the videos or the pictures of you with a 12-year-old girl or boy.
So they're specifically targeting these people.
And then those that are in office or on the bench, you know, Imran Awan, you know, we have to ask the Federal Bureau of Laptops what they did with all that information, like Imran Awan's laptops, where he was spying on Democrats and Republicans.
You're about to take over, but let me ask you this.
If you were me, should I even go to this kangaroo trial?
I'm set to fly there next week.
But she's like, I'm going to hold you in contempt once you get here.
I'm trying to put myself in that monster, that Kim Jong-un's jurisdiction.
Nothing against Norm Pattis.
I think he's a great constitutional attorney.
I'd like to see you go pro se and stand at the podium and defend yourself because you did a masterful job as a witness, of course, able to speak in your own defense on the witness stand.
Why don't you just go pro se?
I mean, if they're setting you up to lose, why not get a Because it's all a show trial, of course.
They've got that camera rolling.
You know, I thought it was disgusting how she found you contemptuous, that you should not show up.
Well, why do you have an attorney?
Your attorney's representing.
You have to sit there and keep your mouth shut.
I missed that.
So they agreed to only have me there next week.
Oh, they made an issue.
I wasn't there?
Oh, they made, they said that they were going to deal with you because you should dare not be there.
She was very, very upset by the fact that you weren't even present.
Well, I was busy on air trying to keep up.
I didn't know that.
So they made an issue of when it's the court agreed to be me.
Yeah, she had a big issue with that, but you know, how dare she, of course, take away your livelihood through that system of lawfare to extract all this wealth, and you spend millions of dollars, and then say that you can't earn an income, too, to help pay for your defense.
Absolutely incredible.
Pete, I didn't know this.
I'm going to call Norm.
He's in court right now.
They got mad.
They made an issue.
I wasn't there when the court said when they wanted me there.
In the very beginning, she made an issue of it.
Yeah, I listened pretty closely to that.
I was disgusted by it.
Alright, Lee Santelli, you got a lot to cover.
Take over, my friend.
You've got a lot to say.
You've got a lot to cover with the Purge.
And Democrats everywhere are saying, Congressmembers, Hillary, we need to kill the MAGA people.
We need war.
We need civil war.
I mean, this is cuckoo land.
The last thing we want is violence, folks.
But they're definitely hyping it.
The Great Reset and the War for the World here.
Sign copy at m4warrior.com.
Thank you all for keeping us on air.
We'll be right back.
And ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show on Infowars.com.
I'm Pete Santilli, gladly and proudly filling in however I can,
especially in light of the important work that the folks of Infowars are doing,
and having to navigate their way around this lawfare operation with the multiple
lawsuits that are bogging down America, for that matter, in their attacks of Infowars and Alex Jones.
I'm so proud to step up today in this fourth hour at such an important time in
our nation's history, of course, to bring to you some good news.
We've been feeling a lot of anxiety.
A lot of people have been feeling a sense of mourning almost for our country.
We've been, of course, on the defensive for many, many years,
ever since President Trump was seated after he was elected in 2016.
He was attacked, and slowly but surely, we started to figure out the attacks upon
him were an attack upon each and every one of us, and that attack has not stopped.
But we the people have been feeling a sense of having to be on the defensive, having to respond to the narrative scripting by the left-wing crazed Oh my goodness, these people up and down the chain of command from the political realm to the, of course, every single institution that the Deep State has been installed within our system.
This narrative scripting by the mainstream media, by Silicon Valley, these people seizing the reins of power.
Of every single institution, every single law enforcement operation, every single intelligence service to put America into a state of coup d'etat.
But I'm going to tell you something right now.
Some things have happened here within, I'd say, within the past couple of months.
It should give us a sense of empowerment and guess what?
An uplifting of us going on the offensive.
I have a couple of examples here that I have been covering in my show on the Pete Santilli Show.
We broadcast proudly on Lyndell TV in the morning and of course in the evening.
We're now escalating our streaming because of the importance of the information we're covering to Six hours per day.
And then, of course, filling in wherever we can on InfoWars.com.
You can find us, by the way, you'll see our most important interviews and most important posts on Band.Video.
You can find me at Pete Santilli on Band.Video.
Now, the past couple of days, 24, 48 hours have been pretty intense.
As you know, the Mar-a-Lago rage, of course, they're putting the pressure, and of course the mainstream media, painting a narrative that President Trump has some sort of a, you know, a stack of top-secret documents with nuclear information.
That is so completely false, I believe, just because, not that I have inside information, I'm a dot connector like we all are.
There's a lot of dots out there and plenty of circumstantial evidence that will support the, I'm going to say, the theory.
Because yes, I can only be a conspiracy theorist on the outside of what's going on with President Trump with the coup d'etat upon America.
But I will say this unequivocally.
And we are going to go on the offensive here, especially as of this broadcast right now.
It's the first time you've heard my voice.
First time you've heard my theories.
Before the end of this hour, this segment, I think that you will be convinced that there's plenty of evidence to show that people like President Donald J. Trump has evidence of this coup d'etat.
He has evidence of the FBI's involvement.
in the Russia collusion thing, but it's much bigger than that.
And I'll explain that to you in a couple of different ways.
That people like Mike Lindell, who has been leading the charge,
he's much more than the pillow guy.
And imagine this, ladies and gentlemen, if you ever wondered what is happening
in this new economy, people like Mike Lindell building
a $300 million plus company, he takes a portion of those proceeds.
And what does he do?
He invests it in helping to save America.
Same thing is happening right now.
This broadcast, this network, Infowars, through your support at infowarsstore.com,
through us, of course, taking most recently Alex Jones's book
and making it the number one selling book on the New York Times bestsellers.
The second bestseller, of course, ends up at the number one.
That's part of the suppression, of course.
But through that support, the work that Alex Jones has done over the years
to monetize his work, of course, rolling it in to reaching more people
to help save America, to deliver the truth about the world we live in.
Mike Lindell doing that.
Now, what has Mike Lindell been doing?
I'm on Lindell TV, and whenever there's information that's important that needs to be broadcast, I go to the, you know, the Cyber Symposium, and I went to the moment of truth.
So I followed the work of a great team of people that he surrounded himself with.
forensic investigators, election integrity experts, legislators that are understanding,
especially in the battleground states, exactly what happened in the November 2020 election.
Well, Colorado is one of those significant events.
If you don't know the name Tina Peters, if you don't know the name Jeff O'Donnell,
Jeff O'Donnell, one of our nation's greatest patriots provided in Colorado a forensic report
that Mike Lindell had basically helped finance, built a team of people, Tina Peters, an election official.
I've discovered that one of the electronic voting machines, who shall remain nameless because I don't want to mention it on this network, that's all we need, is another lawsuit coming at Infowars.com.
But I will say this, for the purposes of staying away from that and not bringing any heat, they can sue me personally.
Come get me because I've got enough evidence and information to back up what I'm about to say here.
And it's going to be coming up.
Tina Peters actually made a copy, a forensic image of discs that she was asked to send
to the electronic voting machine company.
They said, send your desks in, we're gonna do a trusted builder.
We're gonna do some magic and we'll send this stuff back to you.
Well, she by law said, I need to make sure that I maintain a copy.
She made a forensic image of that.
She sent them the disc and what she got back surprisingly Was a deletion of the election?
Of course, she retained a copy of it, but some of the changes that were made on that disc compared to the copy that she had kept.
Jeff O'Donnell, a cyber security expert, did an analysis of those discs and discovered that there was evidence that the 2020 election, through these electronic voting machines he provided, A comprehensive report that was submitted, in fact, to the public, the government.
It would stand the scrutiny in a court of law.
It was the first forensic report.
Mike Lindell was behind that in Colorado to provide that very first forensic report that gave us the evidence that the 2020 election unequivocally was stolen.
He had evidence of that and could have presented in court.
What did Colorado do?
the Secretary of State, criminalized that entire sequence of events.
Yesterday, Mike Lindell, as part of that effort to criminalize this entire
process of, quote unquote, not only questioning the elections, but
providing forensic evidence that the election was stolen, particularly in
Colorado, Mike Lindell had FBI agents that were investigating felonies,
that he received a warrant.
And after his hunting trip, the FBI pulled him over at the drive-thru,
getting a burger, they seized his phone.
And ladies and gentlemen, I believe, because Mike Lindell and
President Trump both have evidence to support that it was the FBI that has
been part of this criminal conspiracy, along with their deep state operatives,
that they are in fact perpetrating obstruction of justice.
We'll make that case on the other side of the brick.
Don't go away.
It's going to be a power-packed hour.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show on, of course, InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
You can also find our best interviews that we're posting up at Band.Video.
The Pete Santelli Show channel, you can find us at Pete Santelli.
Alright, we've got a lot of information to cover here in the remaining balance.
Now I've alleged here something pretty serious.
And I know that they're listening.
I'm the second most listened to, I would say, the second most listened to talk show host.
To Alex Jones by paid federal operatives that are listening intently as to what their opposition is going to do.
I'm going to say this, you know, of all of the things from Joe Biden and all of these leftists, you feel a sense of anxiety because they're coming after us.
And I'm going to tell you something right now.
They're in high gear right now for one reason, one reason only, and you better feel a sense of optimism.
That we're turning the corner, we're on the offensive.
They are absolutely panicked right now.
When I say that the FBI is perpetrating obstruction of justice.
You know, with Alex Jones, the information that he's been putting out for many, many years, asking the appropriate questions that we the people deserve to have the answers to, even on topics like Sandy Hook, I had a lot of questions.
Shoot, I had Wolfgang Halbig on my show, and I did that show, and I said, you know, he's got a whole bunch of questions here.
I want to know the answers to these questions.
Nothing wrong with that.
Over the years, Alex Jones has done that.
Well, this effort to knock him out is to obstruct information flow.
This effort to go after President Trump, I'm going to make a case here right now.
I've got pretty good circumstantial evidence.
I'm a good dot connector.
You guys are going to have to go with me on this one.
President Trump, I believe, as a dot connector, I don't have inside information.
I don't want any inside information.
I want, as a broadcaster, information that needs to go to the public.
President Trump has evidence.
That, in fact, the FBI was involved with the Russia collusion hoax and at a much, much bigger level.
That this grand conspiracy that he basically outlined in a lawsuit, that RICO case against Hillary Clinton that was most recently dismissed.
We'll talk about why that was dismissed and why that supports my theory.
That, in fact, he has in his possession Documentation helps support his theory in his defense with that lawsuit that was just recently dismissed.
But he has evidence that they, in fact, are the criminals.
What is the FBI doing?
They, at the behest of their DOJ masters, People like Merrick Garland, who was documented to have been single-handedly in charge of covering up the U.S.
government's involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing.
That Merrick Garland sent his goons, the FBI, to go seize documentation.
Why they do that, we're going to talk about that momentarily.
Now, also, let's talk about Mike Lindell.
What does Mike Lindell have as it relates to Colorado?
Most people don't even know about Tina Peter.
She's a gold star mom.
She never received so much as a parking ticket.
She was actually SWAT team.
She's under house arrest.
She's not allowed to leave the state.
She's being treated as a criminal.
Because she has evidence, forensic evidence, that the 2020 election was With a forensic report provided by a cybersecurity expert named Jeff O'Donnell, Mike Lindell helped facilitate that.
And what did they do?
They got his cell phone yesterday.
The FBI saying, you know, of course the frontline FBI agents out there, we keep hearing this over and over again, that they're the good guys.
Guys, you know, the door kickers, they're just doing their job while they're kept compartmentalized.
And I'm going to ask them right now, they're listening.
Stop doing your job because you're obstructing justice.
People like Mike Lindell have in his possession information related to this long term conspiracy.
And I'm just going to pick a couple of things.
Colorado's one.
He's helped finance The forensic examination of Tina Peters' discs in Mesa County, Colorado.
Presented it to the public.
And the local officials there with the Secretary of State have basically criminalized that effort.
Should you dare ask questions about the election?
Should you dare provide even forensic evidence as an answer to those questions?
That that is a criminal act and a felony investigation is pursued by the FBI.
They send their goons, the frontline nice guys that are just doing their job, to go do what?
Yesterday, Mike Lindell broadcast and we cross-streamed it on our show live as breaking news.
He was disappointed that the FBI did not arrest him.
He said, You're just taking my phone.
This is important to the operation of my business.
Why don't you arrest me?
Why don't you take me in so that I can expose the 32 gigabytes of information I have that the 2020 election was stolen.
That someone named Dennis Montgomery, and by the way, don't go Google that name.
I've said this before, don't Google his name.
Dennis Montgomery, right now we have all of the information.
I have been involved with a team with Lance Miliaccio and George Balotin, a small group of people, Jeff O'Donnell, a couple of other people that know that Dennis Montgomery's information in the possession of Mike Lindell will prove a couple of things.
Not only that the 2020 election was stolen, But there's been this massive, massive conspiracy
dating all the way back to the mid 90s by the Clinton administration
with the Telecommunications Act onward to hijack the internet and privatize it.
There is a company called New Star.
They set up New Star as the entity, and you gotta go with me here, by the way.
And I've been told, "Oh, you gotta be careful.
"This is too complex.
"You can't share this with the quote-unquote the goyim."
You know, that's how they treat you.
They say that you folks are just a bunch of dumb grazers.
You can't handle all of this epic truth that needs to get out to the American public.
A company named Newstar became the private NSA.
And that happened after 9-11 or so.
9-11 and just prior to 9-11 there was this escalation of an effort to take everything in our arsenal of the most sophisticated surveillance technology and to privatize everything, hijack the internet and essentially that is the internet where the secret shadow government is operating right now.
Now everything that I'm saying is backed up 100% and I'm also going to tell you this, although I don't have inside information, I can say unequivocally President Trump knows the facts behind what I just said.
He knows the name Newstar.
He doesn't say it publicly for whatever reason, but he does say it publicly through his lawsuit filings.
This lawsuit that was filed, and we're going to dig into this thing.
The lawsuit that was filed and dismissed, when the lawsuit was filed, it brought President Trump's attorney, Peter Tickton, on the show, and I told him this was the most consequential lawsuit against the deep state.
Identifying all of the co-conspirators, all the evidence as a result of the OIG reports and, you know, the Durham investigation, all the stuff that we now know publicly over the years of the crimes that have been committed in an attempt to overthrow the candidacy and the presidency of Donald Trump.
Well, President Trump in his lawsuit, when he filed it, 79 references to the company named Newstar and somebody named Rodney Jaffe.
Who is Rodney Jaffe?
Who is Newstar?
I want to get a show of hands right now.
How many of you have heard of those names for the first time right now?
Rodney Joffe and Newstar.
President Trump knows that name.
President Trump has made allegations in his lawsuit and I believe it was a masterful strategy.
To let his attorneys know that a coup d'etat has taken place, that he needed to defend himself and our country from that coup d'etat, that he shared those documents that he declassified when he left the White House, that those documents, I believe, enough circumstantial evidence now, that if the DOJ read that lawsuit, they read everything written about Newstar, there were no attachments in that lawsuit.
But the DOJ knew what he had.
And I believe that that is the central reason why they busted the door down of President Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago.
And they still continue to threaten to go after the documentation that he has.
That what?
That this secret cabal is running a shadow government.
Newstar is absolutely critical.
He has the evidence in the documentation.
And now it's protected by attorney-client privilege.
We'll be back to discuss more right after this.
Alright folks, now go with me.
I'm posting this segment in the final home stretch segment.
The final 10 minutes of this segment.
I want you to go with me here.
And I want you to feel a sense of us going on the offensive.
A masterful move.
And I have all of the evidence to prove it.
Now when I originally read the 108 page lawsuit which was filed in March against the Deep State, I read the entire thing.
I said, this is the most consequential lawsuit filed by President Trump, outlining everything that's now out in the public.
Of course, the declassified documents from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
I read those transcripts were, you know, CrowdStrike said they found, you know, no evidence of Russian exfiltration of the DNC servers, so on and so forth.
So, you piece all that together, and it came together in a 108-page lawsuit filed by President Trump.
And I said, wow, I said I need to get President Trump's attorney on and I gave them praise and I said, this is amazing.
I will be following its progress.
But one thing I didn't realize until just the other day, Sundance from the conservative treehouse brought this up and said, here's an interesting take.
He said, and he's a legal expert.
All the allegations in that lawsuit?
Bombshell information, especially as it relates to the 79 references to Newstar and Rodney Joffe.
tell you who he is very clearly here in the next couple of minutes.
But there were no attachments. There was no documentary evidence. There were
basically allegations that required hundreds of citations to prove the allegations in the lawsuit.
And Sundance says, this isn't a lawsuit. It's gonna require a tremendous number of attachments.
And then they started raiding the Mar-a-Lago, President Trump and threatening to raid his
other facilities and that's when he realized, "Aha!
Masterful move by President Trump.
Now, feel this.
President Trump knows about Newstar.
He knows about the grand conspiracy to hijack the Internet.
He knows about the evidence of him being spied upon through this new private Internet.
The private sector Internet.
Newstar being the new private sector NSA.
This entire system where the secret shadow government has been operating.
And it was used against him.
And he alleged that in the lawsuit.
But Sundance said that that lawsuit was a legal transfer mechanism created by the lawyers because President Trump could have declassified the doctor.
He let his attorneys know and said, we need to defend our country and defend me in this effort that they're saying that I'm committing insurrection, so on and so forth.
But in fact, I'm helping to prosecute against these criminal conspirators.
So he had to share this secret information.
Well, the DOJ was tipped off to that, that there's no way that any attorney could have
typed those 79 references to Dude Star and all those things in that RICO lawsuit.
They could have never have typed that information unless they had access to very high-level
secret documentation.
Well, President Trump had to share that with his legal team.
And guess what?
Because right now, we have an FBI that's busting his door down to go get those documents, of course, that could potentially implicate them in their involvement in this coup d'etat with the Russia collusion thing.
Too much bigger than this, folks.
They want to make sure that the world never finds out about who Newstar is, who this new internet is, who are the co-conspirators that have set this up dating all the way back to the mid-1990s.
President Trump basically Outmaneuvered them, shared it with his attorney.
When they busted his door down, he immediately called for a special master who's gonna say, okay, these are secret documents, but they're declassified.
President Trump can do that.
Should we return these?
No, we can't.
This is attorney-client work product.
President Trump has to hang on to these.
These go to the attorneys.
The FBI can't even look at them.
And the special master will set them aside.
Checkmate, ladies and gentlemen.
Not even John Durham can keep those a secret as that buffoon.
Shoot, I could have had one of my moderators and myself comb through the evidence and prosecute all of these conspirators faster than John Durham has.
What is his role in this thing?
His role has been to keep everything secret, although he's identified this Rodney Jaffe in the Sussman indictment and trial.
As tech executive number one, it's Rodney Jaffe with the highest level cybersecurity clearance possible.
He actually facilitated the spying of President Trump's campaign, and then the spying of the White House, and ladies and gentlemen, the manufacturing of evidence about Alpha Bank and President Trump's connection to the Russians.
He manufactured it.
How is he able to do that?
He's at the head with patents with Newstar, who is now owned, by the way, partly by TransUnion, okay?
But this Newstar company?
Is the new NSA, is the private internet, another company called the Analysis Corporation, TAC.
The CEO, guess who that was of that corporation?
The Analysis Corporation was run by none other than John Brennan.
Then another person named James Comey, who in the private sector became legal counsel for Lockheed Martin.
This entire cabal of conspirators have literally laid the groundwork.
Rodney Joffe, I'm going to tell you this right now, when President Trump was removed from office with election fraud, he made one other move.
Not only to take over high-level access of the entire internet, Literally!
Obama signed over all of our IP addresses and gave away our sovereignty and turned it over to the UN.
Not only did he do that, they removed the regulatory body overseeing this.
And guess what else?
Right after President Trump was removed, Rodney Jaffe, a news star, with his co-conspirator Perkins Coy, made an effort to buy the SSL certification, VeriSign essentially.
This is what What he did.
You could go to, let's say, the FISA court, and you think you're on a secure connection to the FISA court.
There's an SSL or a security lock-in.
VeriSign verifies both ends of that secure.
Every single secure connection between you and let's say Amazon or you and the FISA court.
Guess who is the middle guy in between all of that traffic to even the CIA at Amazon AWS?
You know, the FBI, the FISA court, Internet Commerce.
Guess who the middle person is?
It is in fact Newstar as that broker that now owns all the security connections.
You might think that you're on the FISA Court.
Rodney Jaffe's sitting there with his headphones on, listening to everything that's being said.
Shoot, they don't even need to hack, you're going straight through him.
They've taken over top-level access of the internet.
They took over top-level access of the security connections.
President Trump knows this, and now he has all those top-secret documents protected by attorney-client privilege.
We're going on the offensive, ladies and gentlemen.
Mike Lindell, right now.
Through his partner, Dennis Montgomery.
I'm saying he's a partner.
He owns the most sophisticated software program that Dennis Montgomery designed.
Mike Lindell owns it.
God bless his soul.
He's not just the pillow guy.
He's a man that wants to help save our country and he's assembled a team of researchers, of technical experts, to provide absolute, unequivocal proof.
100% proof!
100% proof!
It's in the court system right now.
He's trying to get the state secrets.
Gag order lifted on Dennis Montgomery's information.
Because Dennis Montgomery discovered that there was a hack into the election.
China was involved in that.
He has proof of that hack and spying on the President Trump's campaign, on President Trump's White House.
All this information is contained in 32 gigabytes that Mike Lindell has been entrusted with since January 9th of 2019.
And he's trying to get those state secrets gag orders lifted.
And it's in the court system.
And I think by early October, a judge is going to decide.
Are we to keep this gag order to protect state secrets?
Or can I even allow state secrets to be applied where crimes have been committed?
Mike Lindell.
evidence of crimes against the United States of America.
And that's why they're harassing him.
That's why they're taking his phone.
That's why, ladies and gentlemen, they're obstructing justice.
That the FBI going after under the justification, they get their court orders.
Of course they get court orders.
They have all the judges with all of their Epstein-styled blackmail and collateral.
They've been working on it for years.
They have their own private Internet.
They've been surveilling Americans.
They were surveilling Justice Scalia.
Dennis Montgomery has proof of it.
They were surveilling the Supreme Court justices.
They have all this collateral.
They have control over all the judges.
They're going to get any ruling that they want.
Of course that this private Internet that has been set up by the likes of the cabal, the front face of it, Hillary Clinton, the levitating bitch.
And all of her fine friends like Barack Obama, Susan Rice, all of them using this very secret system, a private internet that you didn't even know existed.
But guess what?
We're on the offensive.
if we have proof of it and we're gonna go after them and we're gonna free the world
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