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Air Date: Sept. 13, 2022
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The speaker addresses global issues such as President Trump's use of the term "animals" for undocumented immigrants, potential threats from special interest aliens not necessarily connected to terrorism but having travel patterns that go to countries with secondary screening. They mention a terrorist attack from September 11th, 2001 and the case of Herman Wilson indicted for allegedly trying to provide material support to ISIS. The speaker also discusses the ongoing fight against globalist agendas, promoting Alex Jones' book "The Great Reset and the War for the World" despite manipulation by the New York Times. They encourage listeners to support Infowars' operation by purchasing products available at infowarstore.com. The discussion includes various topics such as empires, mass formation psychosis, border crises, vaccine safety concerns, EMF radiation, and parasites. The podcast emphasizes the need to be informed and aware of historical events, psychological operations, and conspiracies in today's world.


It's already happening in many areas of the United States.
The energy is being cut off.
That's coming up next segment.
It's here.
It's going on.
It's now.
And they've got the solution, a universal basic income that tracks everything you do with a cell phone in live time and tells you what you can buy, what you can sell, where you can go, and how to wipe your ass.
Ain't coming, it's here.
Everything we told you about is here, is now, and the enemy is in full panic mode, because whether it's the opposition in Italy, or the opposition to the new world order in Brazil, or the opposition to the globalists in Mexico, or Canada, or the US, or the UK, baby!
You know what flag's flying at the head of the human resistance, and it is this operation, ladies and gentlemen.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
But we're taking people out of the country.
You wouldn't believe how bad these people are.
These aren't people.
These are animals.
The mouthpieces of globalism have long traded the safety of everyday Americans for a vague rallying cry of combating racism to harness the power they obsess over.
Abandoning any responsibility for the terrorism they have lured across our border.
And so when the President of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, these aren't people, these are animals.
You have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?
We have racists, and they've existed, they've tried to get elected president, he's the first one that has.
We do not stifle dissent, we do not otherize or sow hatred, and we certainly never say, go back to your country, to a brown or a black person, because that is a racist trope.
HHS testified to Congress back in 2016 that special interest aliens do not necessarily have connections to terrorism.
As Stephanie pointed out, they often mean that they have travel patterns that go to countries where you get secondary screening or you are from a country where there may have been terrorists at some time.
So to suggest that they are terrorists is just
It's a lot.
The unyielding gaslighting projected from the Democrats has smothered crucial intel on the infiltration of cells all across a wide-open United States that an unsuspecting public must be aware of before the hammer falls yet again on American soil.
On the morning of September 11th, 2001, 19 men armed with box cutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers in the military combat train pilots on four commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor.
These 19 hijackers, devout religious fundamentalists who like to drink alcohol, snort cocaine, and live with pink-haired strippers, managed to knock down three buildings with two planes in New York.
While in Washington, a pilot who couldn't handle a single-engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000-foot-descending, 270-degree corkscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground.
Hitting the Pentagon in the Budget Analyst Office, where DOD staffers were working on the mystery of the $2.3 trillion that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced missing from the Pentagon's coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10th, 2001.
That is, until stories like this bubbled to the surface, as a New Mexico man was indicted for allegedly trying to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.
45-year-old Herman Wilson has been trying to help militant Islamist group ISIS since at least 2020.
Federal documents filed by the U.S.
Attorney's Office say the Albuquerque man wanted to go to Egypt to support the terrorist organization.
Even using the online platform Telegram to recruit others.
A confidential informant recruited through Telegram told investigators Wilson was training them how to fight on behalf of the terrorist organization and drove them to Kirtland Air Force Base to show them how, quote, easy it was to get through security.
A federal grand jury indicted Herman Levon Wilson, also known as Bilal Munmin Abdullah.
Wilson attempted to create an Islamic State Center in New Mexico that would offer ISIS ideology teachings and provide training in tactical maneuvers and martial arts.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
Showing the free-for-all along the US-Mexico boundary is unabated.
The number of people on the terrorist watch list caught crossing the border is a record for any month, equaling all of 2021 and more than the Border Patrol found from 2017 to 2020 combined.
Contrary to the fantasies of Saul Linsky's egotistical neophytes jabbering away on the idiot box, the threat is very real.
John Bowne reporting.
Everybody knows about the frog in the boiling pot of water analogy.
It's actually true.
The folks down in Louisiana and Mississippi like to eat their crawdads and their bullfrogs and the rest of it and well sometimes they just throw the whole frog in the boiling pot.
But they learned that if you throw one into boiling water he'll just jump right out.
But if you set him in a cool pot of water
He just turned the heat up slow.
He thinks it's a hot tub at first and then passes out and dies a painless death.
And that's where America and the world is right now.
We're in the middle of the New World Order, Great Reset, takedown of civilization, the destruction of the entire mom-and-pop infrastructure from farming to ranching to local stores and communities.
This is a scientific technocracy takeover to force us onto the AI.
Global Social Credit Score Cashless Society System.
Now being aware of this is the key to winning, and whether you're in Sweden, or whether you're in Italy, or whether you're in Canada, there are either people that are anti-globalist, anti-WEF, anti-Great Reset,
Winning in their primaries or winning the prime ministerships and the presidencies.
And that's just this week.
It's spreading all over the planet.
So the globalists are in trouble.
And this fight is literally in a tie position right now.
We here at InfoWars, that means you, this family, have to be the tip of the spear and have to realize how critical this is.
If you think 8.9% inflation is bad, if you think collapsing borders is bad, if you think all the terrible things in wars and police state and political purges and censorship and cashless societies and gun purchases being tracked by the credit card companies illegally and putting you in a database, if you think that's bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.
So this isn't something where people can hide under the table and hope the storm passes over.
We have to meet this whole situation absolutely head on.
And that's where we are as a culture and as a civilization.
And to give you an example of how we're winning the culture war, Tucker Carlson talked last night about the horrible next level of deception and censorship that is taking place at the master of lies, the New York Times.
Here it is.
Just how dishonest is the New York Times?
It's really a philosophical question.
It's hard to answer directly.
Hmm, let's see.
How drunk was the guy you saw passed out in the men's room at a Packers game?
How angry is Hillary Clinton at her husband?
Well, the answer in all cases is very.
So thoroughly and so totally that it's hard to put into words.
So instead of describing the dishonesty of the New York Times with conventional adjectives, we'll give you a specific example.
Because we think it tells you more.
So last week, the paper told us that the best-selling book in the United States was a title called, I'm Glad My Mom Died, by a child actress called Jeanette McCurdy.
But that was not true.
That book was not the best-selling book in America.
In fact, the best-selling book in America last week was The Great Reset and the War for the World, written by Alex Jones.
Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of his book last week.
Jeannette McCurdy, whatever her merits, we have no idea, sold 34,686 copies of her book.
So Alex Jones sold a lot more books.
Alex Jones had the biggest book in the country.
But the New York Times lied about that because the New York Times doesn't want you to know that.
The New York Times wants you to believe that Alex Jones is more discredited than the New York Times.
The paper that started the Iraq War by lying about weapons of mass destruction and got a million people killed.
Bill Jones is worse!
He's a mental patient.
No one listens to him.
So they lied about his book.
What else are they lying about?
You wonder.
So let me respond to the book being number one.
That was 50 plus thousand books sold in stores last week.
In pre-sales in the month before, if you actually add them up, it's been number one, but they manipulated the numbers, for a month.
And the other big book publishing operations admit it's number one or number two on every chart.
Now a lot of listeners will say, well that's great Jones, you don't have any money problems now.
Well, it's true.
I got paid $80,000 yesterday for the first month of pre-sales.
That's after all the costs and expenses and what it costs to put them in bookstores and do it all.
The publisher makes about $8 and I make about a dollar and a half, $2.
So I got $80,000 and I just directed them this morning to shoot it into free speech systems to keep my employees in this operation going.
Not that making money is a bad thing, but let's just have to understand.
Yes, I'll probably get a couple million dollars for this book in the next six months, and I'm going to shoot it into InfoWars to keep this operation going, because the satellite uplinks and the bandwidth and the rest of us are costing us $300,000 a month.
And the more popper we get with our own platform, the more money I've got to pay.
So I'm not bitching and complaining, I'm just simply saying,
We've hit the zeitgeist.
We are in the pole position.
We are winning.
We are hurting them.
We are inspiring liberty movements worldwide.
That means you are.
But I need funds.
And quite frankly, buying the book sends a message.
It's the Death Star Plans.
It exposes the New World Order.
They can't stand it.
So get it at Infowarshore.com or get it at Amazon.com or get it at Barnes & Noble's.
That's all fine and dandy.
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Inflation's off the hook.
Business sales across the border down.
We're going into a depression.
With inflation, that's stagflation.
We're all in deep trouble.
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We're up against the Democrats, the Globalists, the New World Order.
They're attacking me on every channel.
They're lying about us.
They're doing CIA dirty tricks against us.
We know the CIA is running it.
Yeah, guys, we know it's you.
All of it, because we're loyal Americans, and fighting for justice and freedom, and we're gonna win, and are having the biggest effect we've ever had on air, and they're desperate to take us off air, and we are in your hands.
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We'll be right back on the other side, with massive news blitzes and more.
Tell everybody you know, tune in.
This is Information War.
Now listen up, my friends.
The globalists are razor sharp.
And we gotta be sharp to counter them.
And we are.
They'll slice us apart.
Well, you might not make it back.
Ha ha ha ha!
What matters for our children is we win this fight.
What happens to us doesn't matter.
And in that challenge, in that conflict, we will find the road to God.
It's a spiritual fight.
Make no mistake.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
You believe me, you.
I'm going to be opening up the phone lines at the start of the next segment until Dr. Peter Breggin is a very famous, well-known, top psychiatrist who years ago wrote a book exposing what the COVID-19 tyranny was and how it was a psychological warfare operation, now declassified and admitted.
In fact, before he comes on third hour, you guys put me on the Telegraph, Toronto.
All the news articles will admit that the militaries under command of the Big Pharma ran quote brainwashing and fear campaigns to scare the public in the lockdowns and taking the deadly shots.
Because it's not debatable it was a PSYOP.
It's not debatable it was a lie.
It's not debatable it was a fraud.
We have them.
And the good news is the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Ethically unjustifiable.
Top scientists from Harvard and John Hopkins go public with a major study.
COVID-19 shots 98 times worse than the virus.
And they knew it.
And they did it.
It was in the CDC documents, October 2020.
And they hit us.
And if you think that's the end of this, you're crazy.
They're just getting started.
So you got two choices or three, really.
You can try to, if you got the money, run to the middle of nowhere and hide out and try to wake this out.
And if we don't have you on the team on the battlefield, the enemy's probably going to win.
Or you can join us and expose these people and fight back politically, economically, culturally, spiritually at every level.
You can join with them and try to get a job with the New World Order and promise you'll do horrible things and serve them for a while knowing you'll get destroyed in the end.
I guess there's a fourth thing you could do.
You just keep being mindless idiots and just bumble around ignoring what's happening and
Party a little bit longer until the food and water and energy runs out, which isn't much longer.
In fact, it's already here in most of the world.
And what's happening in Deutschland, and what's happening in France, and the Netherlands, and Italy, and the United States is next.
It's already happening in many areas of the United States.
The energy is being cut off.
That's coming up next segment.
It's here.
It's going on.
It's now.
And they've got the solution, a universal basic income that tracks everything you do with a cell phone in live time and tells you what you can buy, what you can sell, where you can go, and how to wipe your ass.
Ain't coming.
It's here.
Everything we told you about is here, is now, and the enemy is in full panic mode because whether it's the
Opposition in Italy, or the opposition to the new world order in Brazil, or the opposition to the globalists in Mexico, or Canada, or the U.S., or the U.K.
You know what flag's flying at the head of the human resistance, and it is this operation, ladies and gentlemen.
London Telegraph, state of fear, how ministers use covert tactics to keep scared public at home, using military psychological warfare, illegal previously to be used against domestic populations.
So you keep waiting for the military to come save you.
The military at the top is controlled by the globalists and using it against you.
Are there a lot of people that work in psychological operations that have overthrown governments and run major operations that are fighting the globalists?
Yes, they made their choices.
And they're fighting with us.
We are the American resistance.
We are the human resistance.
This is it.
And I don't say it again with some arrogant pleasure.
I say it to recognize what you as listeners have backed in your commissioning of this operation.
This is the tip of the spear.
This is the platinum standard.
This is it right here.
And don't think I don't know that.
And don't think it isn't a giant weight on me.
So if you can
Temporize and actually let it get into your mind and understand that obviously, of course, America is the main resistance, as bad as we are.
And of course, the main resistance in America is coming out of a place like Texas.
That's the way the world's been.
It's the way the world still is.
As Texas goes, America goes.
As America goes, so goes the world.
You know who said that?
Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he was first elected president in the 1950s.
Look it up.
Blackie Eisenhower.
As Texas goes, America goes.
As America goes, so the world.
That's why the enemy's pouring their people in, trying to take over right here.
And I'm right in the center of the enemy takeover, battling them at point-blank range with everything I've got.
God put us here in this fight.
And then we've got DHF chief says biggest terror threat in America is radicalized online narratives of right-wingers.
They're coming for everybody.
But we already know that.
They're coming for the children to chop their testicles off.
This is full-blown political purge.
Tucker Carlson obtains DOJ subpoenas targeting Trump allies.
DOJ seizes phones of two top Trump advisors, 40 subpoenas issued in ongoing harassment campaign.
No delay for Trump Organization criminal tax trial.
Justice Department seizes phones of top Trump aides.
Trump PAC faces scrutiny amid intensifying legal problems.
On and on and on, ladies and gentlemen, but what do you expect?
This is a war!
It's asymmetrical, it's fifth generation, and it's against the people, it's against the infrastructure, it's called the Great Reset.
And then when they enslave you and cut all your resources off and reprogram you, it's called build back better.
And if you know that enemy, and if you know what it is, and if you're aware of it, it's game over.
If we're aware of it.
And that's why they want us all fair.
Because we can cover all the side issues, we can cover all the interesting news, and that's all important, and that's all entertaining, and yeah, yeah, yeah.
But we're not a regular radio show or TV show.
We're about warning you about what's happening, showing you what the enemy's saying, and then believing in you and betting on you to mobilize against the globalists.
Then we've got the news in Russia.
I said it back in October.
I said Russia's going to invade and I thought China would invade Taiwan.
They were planning to, but you know they backed off.
But the word was they were going to go in in October.
We had the information in October that the Chinese would move in in late February into Taiwan.
The Russians would move
Into Ukraine.
Because NATO had started a war and was pushing it.
And I said at the time, to all these Russophiles who hate the New World Order so they think Russia's perfect, that Putin's walking into a trap, and that the entire globalist NATO CIA commando force is waiting for them in a trap, just like Hitler went into Russia in 1943, with Operation Barbarossa,
To absolutely suck Russia in and then start wars in the other satellites of Russia, which is now happening.
So it's on, folks.
Which is incredibly dangerous.
Oh yeah, Ukraine's winning!
Russia's just gonna escalate now.
And then the West is gonna escalate.
That's what I'm saying.
This is apocalyptic-type stuff.
And you know the New World Order's planting false flags 56 days out from the election.
We're entering the false flag zone right now.
We'll cover false flags when we come back.
Stay with us.
Tucker Carlson laid it out last night.
The massively expanding Democrat Party weaponized Justice Department attack on every major national Trump supporter, including Infowars.
Here it is.
It shocks the conscience of everyone who sees it.
But the number of people who see it is very small because it is not covered by any media.
And it's not just happening to Amy Kremer.
This show has obtained a subpoena from Merrick Garland's DOJ, issued in the past week.
And what it demands is both unlawful and without precedent in American history.
The subpoena claims to be investigating, quote, any claim that the Vice President and or President of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count presidential electors.
Now, keep in mind that any claim you make as an American citizen about electors, any claim you make about American politics, period, is protected explicitly under the First Amendment.
That's our core freedom.
It's why we live here.
It's why we're proud to be Americans.
It's why so many American servicemen died protecting our country.
Those are the freedoms that they fought to preserve.
That's why nobody prosecuted leading Democrats in 2016 when they sought to reject electors for Donald Trump.
It's why none of those people, including Kamala Harris, is now in jail.
But right now, according to the subpoena that we have obtained, Merrick Garland's DOJ is demanding all communication from the following people on this topic.
And let's be clear before we read their names, that it is not clear what the investigation is actually about.
And that's the most terrifying part.
What is this?
On what grounds are you demanding my private communications with people?
They never say.
But included in this precedent-breaking sweep of political opponents of the Biden White House would be
Former White House advisor Bernie Kerrick, who is the former police commissioner of New York City.
Boris Epstein, who is the current attorney for Donald Trump.
At no time in American history has it been okay to grab the personal communications of someone's lawyer, because those are privileged.
Not anymore.
Matt Morgan, Justin Clark, Kenneth Chesbrough, Mike Roman, RNC official Joshua Finley, Trump attorneys John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Joe DiGenova.
James Troup is Rudy Giuliani's.
The DOJ is now going after former White House official Stephen Miller, frequent guest on this show with a subpoena.
Well, it could be because Stephen Miller went on this network and said, quote,
I think?
He's doing what he's supposed to do.
He was following the rules.
But under Joe Biden, that apparently is now a crime.
By the way, every one of these people has to hire lawyers to defend him or herself.
And a lot of them at this point, after two years of harassment by Joe Biden, can't- And the last three times Republicans won, Democrats tried the same thing.
So they know that America is broken with them.
They know the public isn't buying their lies.
They know they've committed all these crimes.
And so they're starting a war with Russia.
They are dissolving the border.
They're going after their political enemies.
They are announcing their social credit score.
All of it is happening right now.
And you see this headline.
DHF's chief, who leaves the border wide open, says biggest terror threat
Is Americans radicalized by online narratives?
Not the tens of thousands of unvetted or hundreds of thousands of unvetted Afghans they brought in, many of which they admit are Al Qaeda.
Not them!
No, it's people protesting the election.
Now the writings on the wall, they had Senator Warner on TV just a few days ago saying Republicans are going to stage terror attacks.
No evidence that Republicans are going to blow anything up.
No evidence Republicans are going to shoot anybody.
No evidence Republicans are going to engage in any type of attacks.
But they say it's imminent.
Now, 2 plus 2 equals 4.
1 plus 1 equals 2.
1 is just the number 1.
You don't need to be able to add 1 plus 1.
You can be a 3-year-old and say, what's this number on a flashcard?
And the 3-year-old says, that's a 1.
This isn't even 2 plus 2.
They are everywhere running on imminent terror attacks.
They are everywhere running on that the Republicans are engaged in terror.
A week and a half ago, I went on air and I said we need to be non-violent 100%.
They're going to try to stage stuff.
They're rolling this out.
And they had a bunch of national news come out and say Alex Jones calls for violence.
They played a clip where I said the Democrats and the deep state are going to engage in violence.
So, again, ladies and gentlemen, they are completely weaponized.
They're lying at levels I've never seen before.
I'm not going to respond to it all.
But the stuff they're attacking us with now is like 99% not even true.
And you read this stuff and you go, where do they come up with this?
Why do they not care?
Because they've been given the green light and believe they're having an authoritarian takeover, and so they don't care what they do because they believe they're protected judicially.
By the corrupt judiciary, by the corrupt Justice Department, and I guess they really are.
And so that's where we are.
Because these people will do anything at this point.
We have a bureaucracy that sold us out to China and other third world countries that became fabulously rich doing it, that's now cutting off our energy, imploding our borders, shipping in fentanyl, drag queen pedophile time, coming after our guns, censoring us, spying on us, doing all of this
Because they know they've lost politically.
And what do you do when you've lost politically?
Why do so many third world countries go this way?
Why have so many European nations gone this way?
This is the norm in history, where you have a group that's in power that doesn't want to relinquish power, that stole an election.
That is ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to stay in power because they feel insulated.
They feel protected.
And so I'm just here giving you the bad news.
America has cancer.
Europe has cancer.
The world has cancer.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called transhumanism.
It's called globalism.
And they're not stopping one bit in this attack.
And they are brutally
Shutting down the nuclear power plants.
Shutting down the coal power plants.
Shutting down even hydroelectric dams.
Shutting down the pipelines.
They are deliberately shutting things down to create a crisis and riots and starvation that's already happening in the third world.
So bad, they believe the public will say, just make it stop.
We'll do whatever you want.
A debt jubilee.
We're gonna give you
This new ID system, and if you just do what we say and behave like we want, you'll get enough money to live.
And once you take that, it's like Ursula and the Little Mermaid.
Once she gets that contract signed, boy, she's gonna dance in a big circle and just love what she's done.
It only gets worse submitting to these people.
It only gets more horrible.
So what do you do?
You share articles and videos like your life depends on it, because it does.
And you pray for a global awakening.
And you, every day, call in to every talk show you can.
And you demonstrate.
And you protest.
And you support mom-and-pop operations.
And you just identify that the Great Reset and the globalists are the authors of our pain and of everything we're going through.
That's what you do.
Now, I want to go through the economic shutdown.
I've got like 30, 40 articles here.
I haven't counted them.
It's a lot.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 29 articles.
Let me just see.
I said 30 or 40.
I just dead reckoned it.
29 articles.
On how they are admittedly bragging how they're doing this.
It's disgusting.
They have Christian churches and Jewish synagogues under the World Council of Churches Rockefeller Foundation UN program telling parishioners get ready to have no food.
It's of the Lord.
You won't have food for Jesus or you won't have food for Jehovah.
I mean this is full total war.
And everything we talked about for decades is now coming to a big, giant, stinking head.
And if we reject the poison, they fail.
If we let them pose as the saviors, we're the authors of the collapse, they're going to win big time.
And then if you think you're in deep trouble now, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Big news, what's coming up?
I'll give the phone number out.
Take your calls for the entire second hour.
And Dr. Peter Bregan, who's incredible, will be joining us in the third hour.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So, in the year 2022, we saw the puppet unelected president.
Who goes to the same town last week, Trump said.
Trump gets 100,000 people.
Biden gets 100.
And we're told this guy that can't even talk actually got elected.
We're told you're not allowed to question what happened despite all the proof of fraud.
We're told we're terrorists if we ask questions.
And we're told by the Justice Department and DHS that the number one threat is the American people.
That's Venezuela.
That's Cuba.
That's North Korea.
It's really happening.
And it is so overwhelming to know this is coming, to have known this was going to unfold for decades, and to now be in the middle of it, and see folks starting to wake up, but not quick enough.
Of course my book predicting and exposing all this should be number one in the world, The Great Reset, and it is.
And of course the New York Times blocked that, because freedom's popular, and if we just push a few more degrees into the enemy,
If we just swing for the fences, they will go down.
This huge attempted power grab will blow up in their face.
But instead, they're cutting off the resources and saying, oh, we're so sorry.
We've got a universal basic income and a system to track you now, and you'll all be on welfare.
Let's look at these headlines.
They speak for themselves.
Germany's power grid faces collapse as millions stock up on inefficient electric heaters for the winter.
They cut off all the nuclear power plants.
They cut off the coal plants.
Then they put sanctions on Russia and cut off the major pipeline and then blame Russia.
I'd blame Russia all day if they were at fault.
They're not.
Freeze for global agenda.
Big Breitbart article.
UN demands European nations do not return to fossil fuels over energy crisis.
Well, they're all filthy rich.
Energy crisis.
One in four Britons will not turn on heating over the winter months.
Energy crisis.
Homes left without heating will kill British children.
Major think tank report from the Institute of Health and Equality on fuel poverty, cold homes, and healthy health inequities in the UK.
Their answer?
A social credit score.
Energy bills could be up to, to see up to 6 in 10, listen to this, energy bills could see up to 6 in 10 UK factories forced to close.
They are collapsing civilization.
Breaking Consumer Price Index is up 8.3% higher than economists expected.
How will the media spin this in Biden's favor?
Showing massive inflation.
Increase in shelter food medical care indexes were the largest of many contributors to the broad-based monthly and all
I love, I don't love, I cry at this little meme.
It's got a little
Your breath smells like dog food character from The Simpsons saying, the TV told me that if I eat bugs and pay more money to the government, the weather will get gooder.
New York Synagogue removes smoked salmon from Kiddush citing environmental concerns, tells the Jewish practitioners, you're eating too much food, eat less, get used to less.
And it goes on.
And on and on.
Big article up on Gateway Pundit.
Here is the updated list of U.S.
food manufacturing plants destroyed under Biden regime.
You can now participate and add more incidents to the interactive map.
It is massive.
And it just goes on from there.
Now let's look at what this is really all about.
If they want you to accept a universal basic income, there's going to be a carbon tax digitally attached to that in their official plan, now rolling out.
Reveal the UK government's strategy for personal carbon rations.
Look at this article right here.
UK government's strategy for personal carbon rations.
But you gotta first just cut it off, then make you accept the rations to get a little bit.
Personal carbon allowances.
Carbon credit companies to cash in on multi-billion dollar windfall from the government.
The experience of carbon rationing groups.
Implications for personal carbon allowances.
Again, UK Energy Research Centre.
Carbon reduction activism in the UK.
Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry carbon ration cards, Member of Parliament says.
The experience of carbon rationing action groups.
Implications for personal carbon allowances policies.
I've already done it voluntarily.
Plan for credit cards to ration individual carbon use.
Report world needs equivalent of pandemic lockdown every two years to meet Paris carbon emissions goals.
Technocrats want mandatory carbon credit cards to control every facet of your life and now they're being rolled out.
Biofuel debate.
Will cutting trees cut carbon?
Yes, cut down the trees.
They put out carbon dioxide.
They're bad!
This is psychotic destruction of infrastructure.
By design, all the very same people ship billions a week of weapons into the Ukraine for a full-on Western NATO war with US troops and others battling the Russians at point-blank range.
We are at war with Russia.
George Soros bragged eight years ago on Fareed Zakaria's CNN that he took five billion of U.S.
taxpayer money from Barack Obama and overthrew the elected government and started this war.
Now the Russians went into a trap and now they're going to escalate.
Ukraine's are certain of victory in international national poll.
The vast majority, 97%, believe they're assured of total victory.
But the whole world goes down in the process.
Debo's group pushes vaccine passports to enforce global carbon taxes.
It just goes on from there, ladies and gentlemen.
It just goes on from there.
And then we've got little jewels like this.
Look at this LA Times headline.
A six-member jury with several alternatives will begin hearing evidence today on how much Alex Jones should pay the families of Sandy Hook since he already has been found liable for damages to them.
The trial is expected to last four weeks.
Now imagine, why is a jury deciding how guilty I am?
Why is a jury being told I'm guilty?
Because this is the new weaponization.
They admit I'm the beta test, like I was four years ago with deplatforming.
Where the judges just say you didn't give them discovery, find you in default, even though it's not true, use all the discovery against you, twist it, and then say you're already guilty to a jury, and they tell the jury they're guilty, and the jury believed it in the last show trial a month ago in Austin.
They're coming for everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones goes to trial for the second time in Sandy Hook's case.
Look at this, AP News.
Trial set to begin for Alex Jones' Sandy Hook case.
A six-member jury with several alternates in Connecticut will begin hearing evidence today on how Jones should pay the families since he already has been found liable for damages.
The trial is expected to last four weeks.
They don't tell you in the article who found me guilty.
It wasn't a jury, it was a judge.
People ask me, how are you handling this?
I mean, they're coming for everybody.
How am I handling it?
We're in a war!
This is total tyranny!
But I'll tell you this.
We can appeal this for years.
We can beat this.
We can stay on air through everything they're doing if we keep fighting and don't give up.
But it takes massive money to fight three lawsuits in Texas and Connecticut.
And to fight to de-platforming.
We're winning despite that because of your support.
But don't push this hard.
Don't go through everything you've done supporting this broadcast and then give up at the end.
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Do not procrastinate.
Be part of history.
They said in the last show trial, we don't want money.
We want to silence him.
Then we're going to silence everybody else that criticizes our drag queen story time and our open borders and our gun grabbing and all the rest of it.
We want to shut him down.
We're fighting for you with everything we've got.
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Man in the arena coin, Teddy Roosevelt.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You know, we have to get conspiratorial.
And we look at the Iran-Contra.
The CIA was trading drugs with Nicaraguans for guns.
We were giving them guns, and then they were taking that cocaine, and they were flying it into Mena, Arkansas, which Bill Clinton happened to be the governor of that state.
And they were taking those drugs, and they were putting them in Florida, they were putting them in California, Freeway Ricky Ross.
So they created the crack epidemic.
So the people, the same people that did that, they're creating the problems that we have today.
So it's just a new drug for a new era.
I mean, I grew up in a world where, and speaking for myself, I actually believe that conspiracy theories were the way that dumb, uninformed people explained the complex world.
You couldn't understand what was actually happening, you resorted to a conspiracy theory, and that was a mark of a low IQ.
I'm here to warn people!
Of course.
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Now, I always think this, the more informed, the smarter the person, the more likely they are to be connecting the dots that you're connecting.
So you grew up in a world where people just assumed that the system was not on the level, I think.
Well, it's called cognitive dissonance.
It's like you know the government has done corrupt stuff, you know there's classified levels of intelligence that you'll never be a part of, but you have cognitive dissonance thinking that the government has your back.
They don't.
It's a personal people control system.
They want to control us.
And that's one of the biggest parts of why they want to keep you depressed.
Because Tucker, when you're constantly depressed, you're in what is called fight or flight.
So your hormone response is constant cortisol.
And that's why Brian Stelter, those guys that constantly have the ticker on CNN, how many people die, how many people die.
Because people get addicted to that hormonal response.
And once you're in that fear state of fight or flight, you can't see the forest for the tree right in front of your face.
So then they can literally, like a dog with a treat, they can make you do whatever you want.
And that treat is just more trauma, what I call trauma-based mind control, just more fear tactics in order to control you.
So that's what's happening now, is the mainstream media uses fear to control us, and that's the same mechanism that the government uses.
I couldn't agree more.
It's never going to get any better.
Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners.
The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls.
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
You said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, tons of news.
I'll give the number out, your phone calls, and so much more.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
So Eddie Bravo last night sent me a video and I watched it and then for about an hour after my wife and only got one child living with me now all the others have grown up I'm getting old.
After my five-year-old my wife had gone to sleep I spent an hour checking what this person had claimed and it was true.
Now you can take from this what you want
But not hundreds, thousands of country music acts, rock and roll acts, hip-hop acts, classical music, you name it, comedy shows, entertainment venues are being canceled in the next five months.
Now remember the hundreds and hundreds, actually thousands, but hundreds of top, out of the Fortune 500, over 200 CEOs
In late 2019...
Ahead of the pandemic, ahead of the lockdowns, ahead of the shutdown of society to get their money and get out.
Why'd they do that?
Well, because new management was being brought in too for the takeover because a lot of them were CEOs that didn't want to shut down the economy.
A lot of them were CEOs that didn't want to starve people.
A lot of them wanted prosperity.
So they had that big purge of the leadership of hundreds of major companies, thousands of smaller companies.
And then during the lockdowns that went on, tens of thousands of medium-sized companies
By medium size.
We're talking 100 million dollar a year companies were bought up.
About a year and a half ago, we had five or six manufacturers, top supplement manufacturers, who were diversified for our 30 plus products.
They reached out, a bunch of them reached out and said, we don't want to do business with you now.
We're not taking your money.
So we couldn't have that product.
Or they just take our money and sit on it and laugh at us.
So we took the money back and found new manufacturers that were better.
But this is the level of bureaucratic economic war and we learned that BlackRock and all these big banks, all these big brokerage firms, and hedge funds had come in and bought up more than half of the existing infrastructure.
So when they were saying, mom and pops are not essential, here's a year, take money,
Your restaurant chain, or your factories, or whatever, your 5,000 acre farm, take money for a year not to work, and then during that year, they would get approached and said, we'll pay you twice what your company's valued, sell it to us.
And most people said, well screw this, I've already been sitting around for a year, everything's falling apart, I'll take the money.
Because the big central banks had unlimited funds.
Unlimited funds through fiat currency creation to buy it all up.
This is mega banks with unlimited money cutting off the economy, squeezing things, bankrupting people to bring in ownership control and then they can dictate how we live our lives with the social credit score.
The social credit score is everything.
The carbon tax, the universal basic income that comes with it to dictate how you live your life.
This is the whole new system.
This is the revolution.
This is everything.
And for somebody informed, like myself or our guests or our audience, we already know this, but imagine the general public doesn't know what's hitting them.
So this is just a lay person, but that's the most important people.
They got hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram asking the question, and I love how they say, astrologists are saying the economy's going to implode.
Well, that's astrologists seeing the economy implode and saying, I'll make the prediction according to the stars, this is going to happen.
I'm not attacking astrologists, but come on.
You don't go off astrology, you go off the Great Reset and the globalists saying they would do this, but they do a good listing of some of the top acts that have just cancelled going out and giving shows in the next five months because 56 days out from the election, they're planting false flags.
I hope by exposing the false flags, they don't do them.
I hope by people waking up, smarter people in the system say this is suicidal, let's not do this.
But we're going to go to your calls.
But let's play this clip that I was just mentioning.
Where folks talk about all these big entertainment shows being cancelled.
And I looked it up, there were mainstream news articles admitting, why are record numbers of entertainers from comedy, to classical, to blues, to rock and roll, to hip-hop, to country, why are they all cancelling?
Well, what have their bosses been told is coming?
A new virus?
Power allergies?
I mean, your guess is as good as mine, but we saw the record CEO resignations right before COVID.
This is a very valid point.
Here's the report.
Are all the celebrities canceling their tours, canceling their shows for the upcoming months?
First, I just thought it was the weekend and Justin Bieber.
It reminds me of the 1300 CEOs who left their post prior to the world being locked down as if they knew something was coming.
Do these celebrities know something is coming?
While everyone is distracted with the Queen's death, the art of war is to seem powerful when you're weak and weak when you're powerful.
This could be all a distraction and she could have passed away a long time ago.
As everyone's looking this way, what's going on in the background?
Luke Holmes canceling because his voice wasn't up to par, just like the weekend.
Shawn Mendes canceled all of his tour dates.
Carlos Santana cancels.
And all these tours are for the upcoming months ahead, where a lot of astrologers are saying some sort of violence could happen.
Could a debt jubilee happen?
An economic collapse or a reset?
Swedish House Mafia cancels their shows.
Foo Fighters, Mandy Moore, Weezer's cancelling as well, which was supposed to take place September.
The Fugees cancelling their tour.
Wyclef Jean had an assassination attempt on him.
as well.
Do they know something is about to happen?
Rage Against the Machine cancels their Europe tour.
DaBaby cancels his concert and they're saying it's because of low ticket sales, if that's to be believed.
These big artists with low ticket sales.
Anthrax cancels their tour and this is all for
September, October, November.
Oliver Slim cancels his tour for September.
A lot of these bands, I don't know who they are.
Dead Can Dance cancels tour for health reasons.
Bieber cancels for health reasons.
A-Ha's cancels.
Rage Against the Machine canceled.
So the Mad Cool Sunset, which was supposed to take place September 10th,
Which is that big astrology day going into September 11th.
And why didn't they just put it on?
I mean, you have Run the Jewels playing.
They could have headlined.
They're bigger than rage at this point.
But no, they cancelled it.
Limp Bizkit cancelled because of health reasons.
Alanis Morissette's Scraps Tour.
It's just very similar to the CEOs who left their post right before the lockdown as if they knew something was coming.
Do these celebrities know something is on its way?
The Queen just died.
But did she just die now or did she die a while ago?
And she dies at the age 96 during her Jubilee year.
As you can see, right here, the Royal Arch has the 6-9 or the 9-6 on there.
This is very symbolic.
This is why Bitcoin hits its all-time high at 6-9K.
Elon's always tweeting about 6-9.
And the Queen going through her Platinum Jubilee with the 6-6-6 in there.
Are we entering a debt jubilee, which anthropologists said would have been an appropriate response to the 2008 financial crisis?
And we're seeing a lot of debt forgiveness student loans from Biden, even the PPP loans that all the celebrities got.
Millions of dollars are being forgived.
These elite celebrities, Jay-Z, Kanye, Diddy's multi-million dollar PPP loans.
All right.
So the point is that's going on.
You can read into it what you want, but
They don't forgive your debt to be nice to you.
They forgive your debt when you give them control over your life.
Alright, a lot of callers are lined up.
I'm going to come back from break.
I'm going to go right to your calls to Stephen, Lynn, Jordan, Stephen, Casey, Vidal, Nick, Carlos, Bone Crusher, and so many others.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Just how dishonest is the New York Times?
It's really a philosophical question.
It's hard to answer directly.
Hmm, let's see.
How drunk was the guy you saw passed out in the men's room at a Packers game?
How angry is Hillary Clinton at her husband?
Well, the answer in all cases is very.
So thoroughly and so totally that it's hard to put into words.
So instead of describing the dishonesty of the New York Times with conventional adjectives, we'll give you a specific example.
Because we think it tells you more.
So last week, the paper told us that the best-selling book in the United States was a title called, I'm Glad My Mom Died, by a child actress called Jeanette McCurdy.
But that was not true.
That book was not the best-selling book in America.
In fact, the best-selling book in America last week was The Great Reset and the War for the World, written by Alex Jones.
Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of his book last week.
Jeannette McCurdy, whatever her merits, we have no idea, sold 34,686 copies of her book.
So Alex Jones sold a lot more books.
Alex Jones had the biggest book in the country.
But the New York Times lied about that because the New York Times doesn't want you to know that.
The New York Times wants you to believe that Alex Jones is more discredited than the New York Times.
The paper that started the Iraq War by lying about weapons of mass destruction and got a million people killed.
But Alex Jones is worse!
He's a mental patient!
No one listens to him!
So they lied about his book.
What else are they lying about?
You wonder.
This new war is purely economic and cultural.
And they're trying to strangle our farmers, our ranchers, our industry, our borders, our nation.
That's why I'm here saying I need funding.
They are focusing everything they can.
They're in rigged trials saying, we want to shut him down.
We filed for bankruptcy.
They go in and say, we don't want money for the plaintiffs.
We want him off the air.
That's what I'm trying to explain to you.
I'm putting everything I've got, including my book sales, into free speech systems and to keep InfoWars on the air because everybody's tuning in.
We're exploding.
We're having massive victory as we are economically being crushed.
So the Great Reset and the War for the World, you can get it at InfoWarsStore.com.
That keeps us on the air.
Takes a lot of money to fight a war.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls here in just a moment, but first let's talk about
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But here's the man in the arena.
The man in the arena is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
But the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes short again and again.
Because there is no effort without error and shortcomings, but who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be, never be, never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
It's a historic coin.
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It'll sell out in 10 days at current sales rates.
We need the funds to stay on air.
I'm dumping everything I've got in.
I need you two in this fight, and it's going to get clearer and clearer what's happening.
With the purges and the attacks, we're going to be steadfast.
We never give up.
We can give out.
We never give in.
Thank you for your support.
Please go to 1776coin.com.
There's a link at InfoWarsTore.com as well, but 1776coin.com, 1776coin.com is where you get the Teddy Roosevelt Man of the Arena coin.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Number one book in the world!
I got $80,000 just paid to me in the first payment.
They think I'll probably make a few million dollars off the book.
It's all getting dumped in to this operation and this war against the globalists and all the lawsuits and the trials and the attacks.
We're going to file the appeals and we're going to continue to battle them for years and keep this operation going.
But it's up to you to fund the operation.
Thanks for your support.
They've de-industrialized America.
They've done one-sided trade deals to shut you down.
Everything they're doing to me, they're doing to you.
We're just the focal point of that fight.
I'd like to see a sign of liberty and just sell out the 9,000 coins that are left.
Sold 1,000 yesterday.
I'd like to see them sold today.
Be part of history.
Be the man in the arena now.
And thank you for your support.
I salute you.
Take action now.
Don't sit on the sidelines.
All right.
The rest of the hour, taking your phone calls, and then Dr. Peter Breggin.
It's going to be incredible.
You think mass formation is powerful?
This is the next level of their mind control, their own documents, their own admissions.
I've really prepared for this third hour.
Get ready for it.
But right now, who's up first here?
What call should I go to first?
Let's go to Jordan in New Jersey.
Jordan, you're on the air.
Can you hear me?
Hi, Alex.
I can, brother.
Thanks for calling.
Thank you.
So, I'm glad you have him, Dr. Preganant, because he's made some comments about the NIH funding and, you know, you said some things about Dr. Malone on the War Room, I know, which was controversial.
I hope you discussed that with him when Christy Lee interviewed him, I guess, on the 9th of September.
But I just want to state that all this research that used to be traceable to the NIH grant funding is now kind of going underground a little bit to the COVID or the NIH active
Where it's going to be all cloaked, using private institutions and so forth to release some of this stuff, making it harder to trace who's funding it and some of the results of the actual research.
So I hope that you ask him some questions about his disagreement on the aspect of Dr. Malone.
As well as where this funding for what is called COVID, which is all really the technology in order to get everybody into this digital currency system where they can monitor everybody's physiological activity in a social credit score system.
And I think that there was, I was on earlier with Harrison, and there was another caller who talked about the implementation of the CBDC digital bank currency.
Which is working in tandem for them to be able to measure, have the metrics in order to issue the currency and then use their punishment punitive system for the people to survive the technology being implemented into them in the final aspect of their plan which you laid out in the Great Reset.
They soft kill the people that buy the lie and then they put us in digital cultural gulags that don't.
That's right.
Yes, and so this is coming, and these cancellations of these folks, all these tours and everything like that, is that there will be an event.
I don't know exactly how they're going to string it together, but they need to do two main things here.
There's probably a third element, but I know two main things, and you do too, which is the implementation of this digital currency, as well as a way of monitoring and controlling that which is left of humanity.
And so I want to state that they've been issuing patents from the Lieber team under different cutouts now that actually are patenting the technology that worked from these things that they injected into us over the last two years.
And I have the patent numbers and all the rest of that.
I'm going to do a video.
I'm going to try to bring it to you.
I'm sorry, Jordan, you called before.
You used to work for what, Pfizer?
I worked for BMS and I worked for GSK.
So, both of them.
Separate portions of my career in R&D.
So I just want to let you know that they have to get this technology in.
I don't know what it's going to be, but they have to have both.
This is such an incredible thing.
And look at all the idiots that play along, pretending they're part of the power structure.
It is so sad.
It is so pathetic.
Thank you, Jordan.
All right.
Carlos, Bone Crusher, Jason, Steve, Greg, Steve, Casey, Vidal, Nick, I'm going to your calls when we come back.
Bam, bam, bam.
I want to thank all the viewers and listeners for spreading the live feed from InfoWars.com forward slash show.
All right.
On this live Tuesday broadcast, September 13th, we're taking your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steven in FEMA Region 4.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Alex, we're roughly the same age, and I've been listening to you on shortwave radio since 1999, brother.
And I love you, and I love all your crew.
I love everyone there.
I listen to Harrison Smith.
I listen to War Room, Owen Troyer.
You guys constantly put out all the information that everyone needs to hear.
And with that being said, I ordered a signed copy of your book.
I ordered a few copies on Amazon.
I sent out as gifts.
Everyone needs to read this book.
This should be in every classroom in America.
Every child should be getting CRT.
They should be reading The Great Reset of the World for the World.
That's what they should be reading.
Because if they want to know how it all works and how it all unfolds and how they're trying to kill us all, that's what they need to get.
That's what they need to be reading.
They need to see the corruption in there.
No American voters voted for the World Economic Forum.
No one voted for Klaus Schwab.
They should be listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department.
Eating bugs.
Killing power.
Yeah, you got King Charles III, Bill Gates, and the Bush family, with the UNESCO, and the Clintons, and Larry Fink.
All these guys.
These guys are all our enemies.
These guys are out there.
They're part of the same group.
You know, and I learned this from you.
I mean, from the Great Reset, and the years of listening.
And thousands of scientists are saying there is no climate crisis.
There's zero.
And they're gonna mandate this power, this Green New Deal, just like they did the vaccines.
I can't say what industry I'm working in, but big data is another big part of the puzzle that needs to be looked into.
And we need more whistleblowers coming forward.
That's all I can say.
We need more and more whistleblowers, Alex.
Well, that's why they're attacking the regular infrastructure, is to force us into the AI control system, not using big tech to empower people.
We're good to go.
Yes, sir.
And like I said, this needs to be not just in everyone's library next to their Bible, this needs to be in the classrooms of America.
These monsters need to be exposed for who they are, and you did a phenomenal job on this book, brother.
Steve, you did a phenomenal job keeping us on air.
Without you, we could not direct this information and stop the enemy.
God bless you and thank you so much.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, everybody should get The Great Reset and The War for the World at Infowarshore.com, but whatever you do,
Give it to your library, share it with others, because people need to know what they're really facing and what they're up against.
Okay, let's go to the next caller.
Let's go to Bone Crusher in FEMA Region 10.
They're on the West Coast.
Go ahead, Bone Crusher.
Alex, I just kind of wanted to talk about some of the attack that's going on with the kids these days.
So recently I started working with some kind of at-risk youth, and you know, I've been listening to you forever since.
Like, I was in high school years ago, over a decade ago at least, and just been hearing you talk a lot about, you know, the attack on kids and all this gender stuff that's going on and everything, and I haven't really seen a lot of it with my own eyes, but recently after starting working with a lot of these youths and stuff,
Over 30% of these kids are identifying as an opposite gender, and it's just crazy, and they're changing their names all the time and stuff.
I heard one of these kids the other day, and they said it dead serious with a straight face.
They said, my brother is pregnant.
It's crazy.
It's crazy.
So where do you see this going?
I mean, the course that we're on right now, it's not good, and even just
Well, this is the designed takedown of civilization.
I mean, the Senate reported six years ago tens of thousands of children in sex slavery that Obama authorized.
Trump tried to stop it, and now the floodgates are just open.
It's just incredible.
It is, and it's real.
Like I said, you know, I would hear you talking about it and stuff, and like you always say, tomorrow's news today, and you are.
Sure enough, I start, you know, coming into more contact with these kids and stuff, and it's worse than I thought.
Like I said, 30% of them are identifying as an opposite gender.
They want to change their name all the time.
Well, will they tell them it's trendy and cool if they do it?
They take children who are ready to listen to the leadership, and their teachers are telling them, you're another gender, and they're lining up for sterilization.
This is the real nightmare we're in.
So people ask me, how do you handle the attacks?
How do you handle how bad this is?
They're coming for the children.
These are really, truly evil people.
Yeah, you're right.
They are.
And it's crazy.
And it's definitely a trend that's going on.
Yeah, and I don't know if the kids think it's trendy or cool or if they're super confused.
But either way, it's not good.
It's bad.
God bless you, Bone Crusher.
Let's talk to Jason in Texas.
Jason, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
I was just going to say, this is kind of a huge thing.
I mean, most people don't talk about it or it ain't really out there, but I went to the grocery store and I bought a few things not knowing I need to do better.
A lot of the things now, products, all say bioengineered chemicals and it's not even real food they're giving us anymore.
I mean, I can run down a quick list here of
Progressive Soup, Campbell's Soup, Kellogg's Pita Chips, Pringles, all say made with bioengineered chemicals.
And they're murdering us with this, and we go pay our wages for it.
I went to the grocery store Saturday.
And I hadn't been shopping myself in a few months.
And I, we'll get some short ribs and cook them in the crock pot, you know, with garlic and stuff.
And normally five or six, seven, eight short ribs, beef short ribs, maybe 20, 30 bucks.
When I got to the checkout, it was $60.
I didn't even look.
I mean, folks, short ribs, they used to be meat they threw away, beef ribs.
And I mean, how can anybody pay that?
It's insane.
And then when you don't, they just throw it away anyway.
So what, what, you know, oh my God, but people really look at your, what you're buying and read the ingredients, read the back of it.
I mean, I usually throw like old bread or, you know, something out to the birds.
I threw the Pringles out.
They didn't, the birds didn't even touch it.
Oh, exactly.
More and more of the products are just devoid of any, oh man, I tell you.
I think you should make a list or have a video of, you know, like, I mean, people,
Call in or, you know, send videos or something at the store.
You'll see it right on almost every ingredient now.
Well, more and more products say cricket protein in them.
Thank you so much, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Steven in Florida.
You're on the air.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
Hey, just wanted to jog your memory real quick.
2008, I called your show, told you about a friend of mine who was a student at East Texas Baptist University that you ended up interviewing Jeffrey Staples.
I remember.
So, I appreciate you doing that.
What I called about was this.
I've got a friend who works in the fertilizer industry.
He distributes and spreads fertilizer.
Now, he mentioned back when Obama was president, he almost got put out of business because of his attack on the energy industry, but he managed to survive.
But now, with the prices of fertilizer going up, of course he has to keep raising his prices, so that's making it difficult.
But the other thing is, I talked to him this morning, and his diesel truck, he said there's a part that broke down in the engine, and he can't find that part anywhere.
And so a mechanic friend of his is helping them, I guess, try to fix the problem.
Oh yeah, it's a total supply chain breakdown.
I mean, this is the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the WMF said it was their plan.
I made a film 25 years ago about this, and now they're doing it.
I mean, that's what's crazy is we're living in the Great Reset.
We're living in the post-industrial world, and I don't think people realize how much trouble we're all in.
Yeah, so what I see these people doing, these globalists, you know, Stalin starved out what you, it was Ukraine of all things, you know, took over the farmland.
I see where they're going to try to starve out and power us out by cutting both with the food and the power.
No, that's it.
You're 100% right.
This is the new economic warfare.
Thank you, Steve.
All right.
More calls straight ahead.
It's an info war.
You can stop them with the truth.
Infowars is the tip of the spear.
Banned out video.
We'll be right back.
It's Tuesday, September 13th, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're taking your phone calls in this forbidden broadcast.
It's only here because of the will of the people and their resistance.
And thank you for your steadfast defiance of tyranny.
Casey in South Carolina, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, it's awesome to be on the radio, or on the internet where I watch.
Yes sir, you're on the air.
Well, you just said I'm from South Carolina, and I'm going to tell you why I think we need Trump to run instead of DeSantis.
We all know that Biden, this is the state where he started to take over the Democrat primary and all that.
And the reason for that, I believe, is because they could not have Bernie Sanders, who was going to win that primary.
They couldn't have him run and get away with the steal.
And I think in 2024, if we do not have Trump as the candidate for the Republicans there, I don't think there's any way that Sanders can win, that he will win.
Because it would be easier for them to get Biden elected with another steal over DeSantis and be able to say, hey, Biden won over DeSantis.
It'll be harder for them to beat Trump again with a steal because he has all his star power and he just still has all the support.
And that's why we need him to run instead of DeSantis.
Well, I know this.
They're certainly scared of Trump, but I still support Trump despite the vaccine garbage.
I just hate him.
Yes, he needs to fix that, but overall, he's still our best option in 2024.
I totally agree with that.
And I love the stance, don't get me wrong, but I don't think he could have the support, but he cannot get the kind of support that Trump will get.
Well, the system's definitely scared of Trump.
Look at all these fake courts and all these investigations.
It's just insane trying to keep voters from having the candidate they want.
Thank you, Casey.
Vidal in Nebraska.
You're on the air, Vidal.
The moon and stars above align in perfect order.
Deception ruled by fear has gone mainstream.
Alex, these are the lyrics of my new song.
It's everywhere.
It's by Vidal and the Shadowy Figures.
Could you please say that with me, all the listeners, Vidal and the Shadowy Figures?
Go and listen to the song, False Flag.
What you're talking about, the music industry now canceling,
And basically how many were the Pied Piper and have led everybody off on a moral waterfall for the longest time.
I'm here to correct that with Vidal and the Shadowy Figures and our new song called False Flag.
And you have the permission to come in with it.
In fact, you are featured in the song.
Okay, where do we find Vidal and the Shadowy Figures?
You can just type it on Google.
You can find me on the Spotify.
You can find me on all those places.
We'll look it up.
What else is on your mind?
Well, we're here from Omaha, Nebraska, where you were kind of a little star, a big star, just about a month ago after your trial, you came up here and our media, our local media... And the media's like, he's up there to meet with General Flynn, it's an overthrow plan, my wife's family lives there, we go there at least twice a year.
They made a huge, this big conspiracy while we were in Omaha.
Yes, meanwhile, yeah, you had this large judgment against you, and then they, it was, ooh, oh, he stays at the most expensive hotel in Omaha, you know.
$150 a night, oh my God.
Well, it was great that I could feel the force, because that's when the creativity started on that song.
And then now here it is.
It is born and it's ready for the public to hear and to make Beowl and the Shadowy Figures just another hydra head in the... Beowl, I'll look it up.
Thank you.
I really appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Carlos in Texas.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Alex, it's good to be on the show with you again.
I talked to you a couple weeks ago about
You being from that show, First Wave, they're having daily meetings about you, Alex.
They are running scared.
They are now going after conservatives and the things we like most, which are weapons.
And this kind of had me thinking, Alex, if they're going to put a new classification on the weapons, don't you think they already have a classification for people?
Which, mind you, I
Oh, that's the social credit score, yeah.
Oh, you go through a background check to buy a gun, but now Visa and MasterCard put it through their own database at the U.N.
The U.N., through the big banks, is creating a register of American gun owners, or people who buy gun accessories.
Where is Congress?
Where are the governors?
That is criminal!
They are owned by Visa, MasterCard, and all these big bankers.
Now, the other part of the Great Reef that's coming up next
Is the part that you so very well put here a couple months ago about Dennis Meadows talking about how the suffering is going to be equal among all parties.
Not everybody's going to be happy, but everybody's going to be equally, I guess, suffering or equally dead, or I don't know what he meant by that, but I'm pretty sure we can all read between the lines of what he meant.
So that's the part that's coming in with the cold weather.
It's coming out of the summer, going into the cold weather.
They're going to do us like the way they did us down in Texas whenever they shut off the power on us.
That's what they want.
Brother, they're already doing it in Europe.
They're already doing it everywhere.
I mean, they are saying it's a great transition.
We're cutting your power off.
I mean, the crime they're committing is insane.
Carlos, thank you so much.
Nick in Oklahoma.
Nick, go ahead.
How's it going, Mr. Alex?
Good to talk to you.
Nice to be on the air with you.
Yes, sir.
So, I had something brought to my attention yesterday, the potential of strikes going on with certain shipping companies, FedEx, UPS.
And then, as soon as I did that, as soon as I got that notification, I jumped on your website, and yesterday evening, I see where the trains are going on strike.
So, my thing about this is,
Look at all of the refinery plants that have been, all these accidents at these refinery plants.
The line blowing up down in Louisiana.
Power plants are blowing up, they're cutting off pipelines, they're banning new drilling permits, all the hundreds of food processing plants are blowing up.
It's pretty obvious what's happening.
So, you know, I guess my thing is I think people really need to take stock of what they have.
Get what they don't.
Definitely go to infowarestore.com.
I've been a long-time listener and I've been a recent first-time purchaser.
Thank you.
Because, brother, we're fighting just to stay on air.
I think we're a critical infrastructure, so thank you.
Oh, man.
And the X-12, I've started taking that X-12, the iodine.
I'll be honest with you, I'm a little bit brave, I guess.
I've been putting it directly underneath the tongue.
Man, it's completely changed everything.
My energy, my focus, Brain Force Plus, bodies.
You know, I'm a heavier, sick guy.
I'm a truck driver, so I don't get a lot of exercise.
And all of these supplements that I've recently purchased from, you know, started taking, it's completely changed my life around.
You know, I was drinking five or six of the big Monster Energy drinks a day.
A day I was drinking those.
And now I'm not drinking those anymore.
I don't
I don't need those.
I stay focused behind the wheel.
I'm awake.
I'm alert.
It's completely changed my life around.
I can't wait till I get some Turbo Force.
That's my next big purchase.
And definitely, as previous callers have stated,
Buy the book, send it out as gifts, because it's worth every penny.
And I'll tell you, the worse shape you're in, the more you feel a body's Ultimate Tumor Formula, or a Vitamin Mineral Fusion, or an X2, or an X3, someone X2, the more you feel it.
I mean, it really is amazing.
All right.
I'm going to go to break, and I'm going to come back.
I'm going to hit some more calls, and then our special guest joins us, and I'll continue with calls.
But Greg, and others, in the order your calls are received, your calls are coming up.
We're good to go.
On average, in about 10 days, they'll be gone.
You can never get the coin again.
It's marked up as a fundraiser to keep us on air.
So please, if you support what we're doing, want to be the man in the arena or the woman in the arena, go to 1776coin.com.
We have the George Washington coin, the Tree of Liberty coin, the Second Amendment coin.
Now we have the fourth coin.
Teddy Roosevelt, the man in the arena.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with more calls.
And then, Dr. Peter Brigham with the most important news we can cover.
How the mind control works, how to counter it, how to stop it.
It's all coming up in T-minus two minutes in hour number three.
Please stay with us.
And please remember, The Enemy works around the clock to block the articles and videos at Band.Video and FourWords.com.
So whatever you do, share those links.
We're going down the rabbit hole with Dr. Peter Bragg and coming up next segment.
This is Next Level Beyond Mass Formation.
Right now we're taking your phone calls.
After he leaves us, we'll continue with calls.
Greg in Florida, thanks for holding your on the air.
Alex, how are you?
Man, I am never been more alive.
I'm embattled.
I'm exhausted.
It's surreal to be living inside the New World Order we predicted for so long.
How are you?
Well, I'm doing great.
You know, I'm your laser tech guy down here.
Real quick, I want to mention to you before I get into what my statement I want to say on air.
Don't forget have your guy Joe call me your business guy I want to include you guys in full wars in for a percentage of my sales on my product so I have Joe he said Joe was going to call me your business guy.
Number two the my mostly modern-day times 9-11 was the first real
What most people can remember is the big flag out there.
That's right, then the 2008 collapse.
And then the race war that Obama started, and then COVID.
What's coming next?
Well, I tell you what, let me touch on this real quick.
Delray Beach, Florida, where I had one of my stores in a large gym down there on Atlantic Avenue.
This is where Ata and a couple of the other guys
They were supposedly flying those planes into 9-11, into the buildings.
I wasn't fully, fully awake at the time.
They had these phone numbers they were putting out there on the news.
Call this FBI number if you have any tips, etc.
Uh, several days after 9-11, I said, hey, this guy's hanging out, uh, here, uh, some Middle Eastern guys that own this, uh, uh, 7-Eleven type store, it's called Stavago, on Atlantic Avenue.
They blew me off.
You know, nothing, okay?
Now, uh, that was in September.
In January, that guy they call Atta, uh, signed his gym membership.
For the following year, his new gym membership for the year, in January, my friend's wife was the membership director there and before she left her job after, you know, another year or so, she took that copy.
So she has the copy dated and signed by Atta.
So, you know, that this whole thing was such, such a farce, but, um,
What do I think is coming next?
Well, I tell you what, it's tough.
I mean, I think all of these things, first of all, I think Trump is 10 steps ahead of everybody.
I think he pretty much knew that this search on Mar-a-Lago was going to happen.
You know, some of those things, boxes were empty, etc., etc.
I think he only put in there what he wanted these clowns to find.
Uh, I know there's been a lot of talks about his, uh, attempts on his life again, which there always is.
Uh, you know, Hubbard closing everything down, blowing up these processing, food processing plants.
Now with the railway system, uh, uh, going on strike for delivery, the trucks like a caller mentioned earlier.
You know, parts to keep these things on the road.
Now you're going to have the diesel fuel.
The oil for the diesel fuel is going to be, is really going to be scarce.
Yeah, it's a, an inner to outer breakdown of the whole structure.
And so I think, God, I, you know, of course, yeah, we're going to stay tough, do what we can, not fall for this garbage.
As far as Trump and all this COVID, this speed, warp speed stuff, I have no idea how he's going to get out of that because if he doesn't...
He's going to lose, what is it, 25, 30%?
No, no, I hear you.
We're out of time, Greg.
Thanks for the call.
Look, we can bet on Trump all day.
He's not going to save us.
We're going to have to save ourselves with God's help.
But make no mistake, they just ran a giant chemical biological attack with these shots.
They are testing mass culling to see if we'll accept it.
And if we don't wake up and say no to this, they're going to launch the next big attack.
Hunter Peter Brueggen is our guest.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
People ask me all the time, what is your best nootropic?
You've got Turbo Force, you've got Brain Force Plus, and you've got Brain Force Ultra.
Which one is better?
And that's like asking
What's better, a Ford F-150, or a Cadillac, or a Ferrari?
It's different strokes for different folks.
It varies.
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They're all three different formulas.
And finally, back in stock, massively discounted, BrainForce Ultra is available at InfoWarsTore.com.
BrainForce Ultra, back in stock, InfoWarsTore.com.
All right, Dr. Peter Breggin is an extremely respected psychiatrist.
He's been a top national news pundit.
He's the guy that warned against all these psychotropic drugs triggering suicide and mass death.
And he has literally been a leading light against tyranny until about 15 years ago when the system got totally taken over.
He got blackballed.
He's written a best-selling book dealing with COVID-19.
Bregan.com, B-R-E-G-G-I-N, or WeAreThePrey.com is the name of the book that came out over a year ago that is dead on.
I wanted to get him on, not about the controversy with him and Malone and Professor Desmond and the mass formations.
The question is, was it deliberate or not?
We know that went on.
That's a side issue.
He's welcome to cover that and get into it.
I've been wanting to get him on for a couple months, and finally, I'm not mad at the producers.
They finally called him and got him on.
There's no reason!
To weigh in on whether the mass formation was designed or not.
I have hundreds and I'm going to show you BBC, London Telegraph, Toronto Newspaper, National Post, Washington Post, all saying it was a psychological operation run by the militaries of the West under direction by the WEF.
So I don't even see why there's a controversy.
I'm just glad people are exposing mass formation and the people like Dr. Breggin take you to the next level of how it was done by design.
But I want to talk about
All these studies coming out by the New England Medical Journal and Lancet and others confirming 98 times worse effects of the shot than the virus.
And just what this means for me, I don't have a psychology degree, I'm not a psychiatrist, I don't have a PhD, but I can just see without even terms how we're being prepared and readied for horrors and just being normalized that cause this mass death.
And so Dr. Bregan,
It's great to have you.
You can start, Dr. Peter R. Breggin, MD, medical doctor, psychiatrist.
You can start wherever you want here and just basically have the floor of this hour.
But I mean, it's amazing how vindicated you are and how vindicated all of us are.
We don't want to be vindicated.
We wish this never would have happened.
But how were you able to predict it two years ago?
How could I predict it?
How could Dr. Francis Boyle predict it two and a half years ago?
And then now we're here.
And I get your point when I saw you on air.
I love Joe Rogan.
I had dinner with him a couple weeks ago.
But I saw him on air right before we had dinner a few days before.
And he's like, well, all we can hope for is they don't do it again.
No, we better prosecute and expose because they are planning it again.
And so the waterfront needs to be covered here.
Obviously, this is a societal takeover.
This is the number one issue of the biomedical state using fear for control.
So where do you want to start today, Dr. Peter Bragan?
Well, I think one of the biggest points is that COVID-19 was the coming out party in a way for the global predators.
It was the first time that they made themselves so obvious.
The first time that they made so clear that they are anti-American, that they have to destroy America, said it at their conferences.
It's the first time that we got a chance, those of us unlike you, who had not been studying this for decades, got a chance to look behind the curtain.
And I saw a film of you about, I don't know, 20 years ago.
You look quite young, like I did 20 years ago.
And you were saying all of the fundamental principles
That I struggled so hard to rediscover when I was just tracking COVID-19.
First of all, I want to say it was amazing the clarity with which you were describing the globalists so long ago and so alone.
The other thing I wanted to say is congratulations on having a tremendous bestseller that is actually outselling the New York Times bestseller.
So we are in an alternative reality with our alternative institutions.
And again, you were developing that concept of being an alternative institution a long time ago.
And it's
It's a very realistic book.
It is in no way, you know, the kind of book that they imagined you would write.
Thank you, Dr. Breggin.
You were very nice the last time you were on.
I appreciate your kind words, but you are a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and were one of the main leading lines of the last few decades exposing psychotropics.
You were totally vindicated.
So using your gravitas, what really happened?
Where are we currently?
How do we counter this?
I think that there are several things people need to realize.
One is that there are predatory people
Who do not operate on the same principles we operate on.
These people, whether it's Fauci or Klaus Schwab or George Soros or Bill Gates or Tedros or Xi Jinping, they do not operate the way we do.
They do not have
Ethical and moral barriers that they think about on a regular basis and how they relate to the world, to their job, to their work.
Um, the average man who's doing plumbing job or, or doing a mechanics and so on has a real ethical code.
He's not just looking at his, uh, uh, the car at the plumbing and saying, how do I make the most possible money over the, out of this, get as much control over this customer.
So they can't imagine seeing anybody else scare the living daylights out of them.
So they'll let me do all kinds of preventive measures.
Human beings just don't naturally think this way because we are a very social being.
We owe our huge strength to our ability to look out for each other, cover each other's backs.
I mean, we couldn't have taken down mastodons with pointed sticks if the men weren't working really closely together and looking out for each other.
We couldn't have raised infants under the conditions of being nomadic people without loving each other and loving our babies, taking care of them in ways we don't even do anymore.
And we couldn't have gone out and hunted and gathered berries and fruits and things from the ground and brought them back if we weren't cooperating and looking out for each other.
So it's hard for us to get the truth about what we are facing.
And what we are facing are people who have no ethical, moral, political, nationalistic restraints.
They are devoid of the usual identifications that we think about.
Soros may for a time have called himself an America, but he hates America.
Bill Gates is putting everything ahead of America.
So are all of the globalists.
And what happened when Trump ran for office was he very quickly announced that he was for America first.
He's America firster.
That's what got people enraged at him.
It wasn't his yellow hair or his non-political manner.
It wasn't his acting like a good old boy, which he is in his heart in many ways, or like a contractor or a builder, which he is.
And, you know, it wasn't any of that.
That was all nonsense.
They were going to impeach him before he won the presidency, and it was
Very much about what you've been talking about for all these years, Alex.
It was about the World Economic Forum globalism.
I don't know how deeply Trump understood globalism, but he announced in response to the Koch brothers not wanting to support him, that in his typical way, they're really nice guys, but I don't need them.
I don't want them.
He said they're globalists.
So he understood that.
So I want people.
Now I think one of the major contributions I can make from my psychiatric background, and by the way, Alex, I've been a medical expert in multiple mass murder cases.
I know, you're renowned.
We'll come back and talk about it all straight ahead.
Stay right there, doctor.
We have Dr. Peter Bregan, best-selling author, famous medical doctor, psychiatrist, the guy out there for decades battling all these psychotropic drugs.
He joins us now.
He got caught off on the break talking about
The fact that he's been involved in some of the top murder cases, serial killers, you name it.
He's a respected expert on the mind of these people.
How do we get Hitler?
How do we get Stalin?
How do we get Mao?
How do we get Phil Castro?
How do we get Hugo Chavez?
Well, this is what happens.
And so we're here again.
And what's crazy is just like Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, I've taken their words of the Great Reset and shown you their plan in their own words.
The book was easy to write.
So, Dr. Brigham, continuing on where you left off.
Well, the first principle I wanted to establish is just to help people get ready for really entering this brawl that we're going to be in and are in with the global predators.
They are not like us.
Do not be dismayed.
They are not.
They, for example, all of the things that Joe Biden is doing that would look to be horrible, stupid mistakes by a senile man are in fact pulled by the strings
Everything the globalists want.
Everything that harms America.
Let's talk about that.
Cutting off the energy, imploding the borders, devaluing the currency, giving blood-red speeches at night with troops, declaring war on his enemies.
That seems like horrible and authoritarian, but to an authoritarian, that seems like what you do.
These are all massive victories, that's right.
And the fact that the middle class is shrinking and that the lower, the working class is going to have too much competition.
The fact that the people who are flooding into the country do not really have a basis in understanding America's principles and traditions.
All of that is planned because what globalism wants is a level predation ground for themselves.
They want all the countries to level out around like Honduras or some other really devastated nation so that they can have the pickings.
You've got to accept an absolute absence of moral, political, religious code and feeling toward us.
We're not... A totally broken social agreement.
A social contract completely broken.
Yes, that will enable them to move in with their mixture of predatory progressivism, predatory capitalism, and ultimately globalism, which is the theme.
And I think the biggest thing that is finally going to happen, you see, the globalists, like the ones I've mentioned, Bill Gates and so on, I call them the Western Empire.
They're very naive.
They're working with what I call the Eastern Empire, which is Xi Jinping.
And he is just going to eat them alive.
The communists have ideology.
They have a history of empires.
They've gotten identification with taking over the world.
And they are the arch predators.
Communists are predators.
And they will take over the entire world if we don't stop this whole process.
Now, other things from just the psychiatric, psychological viewpoint that I think is very important for people to understand.
Especially if you've not been fully educated yet and are a little new to this show.
There are conspiracies.
The idea of saying there are no conspiracies.
I mean, we have Desmond Malone and Robert
Malone now saying there are no conspiracies.
There's no evil bad guys out there to destroy us.
That's a figment of mass formation distortions of your mind.
But think about this, folks.
The law recognizes conspirators on every level.
There's a general legal conspirator concept, and it doesn't involve secrecy, by the way.
It's just simply people collaborating towards the dead end.
I'm only going to interrupt here to say this because I like Malone, I like Desmond, and I get they only go so far, you go further, but I have a stack of articles, mainstream news saying they're using psychological warfare for fear to control us.
I'll be showing those while you speak.
So I didn't really follow what they're saying.
They're saying this is all by accident?
Because I have all their, the globalists are admitting they did this by design.
Yes, Desmond actually, in defense of himself after I criticized him, wrote a Dutch article in response to us.
And what he basically said, what he did say almost verbatim, is do not try to remove the elite.
It will be self-defeating.
That is their basic message.
Other times they deny the existence of an elite.
They go back and forth in different ways.
But everything ultimately comes down to you cannot hold responsible, prosecute, or harm the people who are running the world.
They don't exist, or it'll be counterproductive and hurt you if you do.
And I really cover that deeply in a whole series of articles, lots of references to them.
Ginger, my wife, has set up a direct course to get there.
And it's 123masspsychosis.com.
You'll get all this stuff.
But let me go on.
So they're against conspiracy theories, but we have laws against criminal conspiracies.
We have laws against antitrust conspiracies.
We even have laws against racial discrimination conspiracies.
Conspiracies are widely recognized, and every
Historian of any merit recognizes that empires are built on conspiracy and people who run empires often kill their own family members along the way.
They will kill the opposition.
They'll join up, you know, Russia and Hitler joined up in a pact, a conspiracy.
Then Hitler broke the pact and
I mean, conspiracy runs the larger end of the world, and to some extent even the family world.
And if we don't admit that, we're blind to history and defenseless.
That's exactly right.
I'm trying to explain how not to be blind to history and defenseless.
So the third arm of this thing, and this is new for me to give this detail.
So, um, this is a new organization of thinking that I'm trying to make clear to people.
Another thing is when we're not supposed to believe there are empires vying to run the world.
The first empires appeared three, four, 500 years BC.
They developed within a few thousand years of civilization.
As soon as we started living in large groups, towns, big towns, cities, bullies came along, sometimes from within in the city, sometimes as marauders and took over.
We have had massive empires in India and China going back about 3000 years.
Some of them are lost in prehistory.
So do not be dismayed.
In World War II, we had three different empires vying for power against the democracies.
One of them we were sort of working with, the USSR, that Roosevelt was collaborating with, the USSR, and collaborating secretly at times with them.
We had the Japanese Empire and we had the Nazi Empire.
Empires have been rulings of the world for a long time.
Stay there, we'll come back and I'm going to shut up next segment.
But we're looking at a biomedical global corporate technocracy empire that admits in their own words they're taking over.
Dr. Peter Bragan is our guest.
We'll talk about that and we'll go back and critique more the idea that mass formation is just magically happening by itself.
They admit, I just showed during the break for TV viewers, saw it, radio listeners didn't see it, a whole stack of mainstream news admitting it's a deliberate psychological operation.
Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, well-known, famous psychiatrist, best-selling author, is here laying out what we're currently dealing with.
And the idea that mass formation and the scaremongering wasn't on purpose is asinine.
I want to get more back into that and currently where he sees this going.
But I do see the talking point out there that the establishment made a mistake.
They rolled this out.
We have the head of the CDC.
We have all the different federal heads saying it was an accident.
Yeah, it doesn't work, but hey, take your boosters.
But you've been really zeroing in on empires.
So finishing up that point.
So it's very important.
We got just like three basic points so far.
The global predators are not like us.
You must accept you're dealing with pure evil, like a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao, a Xi Jinping.
You're dealing with people whose only criteria for good and evil is whether they won or not.
Got to get that.
Whether they got richer, more powerful, more control over you.
Secondly, conspiracies are the way of the world.
They're the way the world works.
All empires are built on conspiracies.
There are multiple kinds of conspiracies in the law going all the way up to these vast antitrust
Laws which have involved the effects of predators on millions and millions of consumers and other business people.
So it's built into the law and the Nuremberg Code, the four or five principal attacks on the Nazis, criticisms of the Nazis.
The final one is that it's tied together by a conspiracy.
So it's ridiculous.
Get over it, folks.
Conspiracies aren't weird and crazy.
They are the stuff of the world.
And probably right now, one or another family member may be conspiring against you about how to run the next party or where you're going for vacation.
It's the way the human mind works when it's dealing in groups.
So that's very, very important.
So now we get to the empires and I was surprised at the degree to which empires have always been with us.
There's hardly a time when we haven't had empires.
If we didn't have people trying to take over empires, run empires, build new empires right now, it would be the first time in more than two or three thousand years that that wasn't so.
Now Desmond and Malone say there's a big difference now.
Now for the first time we have totalitarianism.
It just began.
Well, first of all, that's not the opinion of historians in general.
If you look at just simply totalitarianism discussed online in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which is pretty sound for summaries,
Way ahead of the usual stuff.
They point out that totalitarianism goes all the way back to the earliest Chinese and Indian empires, which attempted to control every bit of life they could, including killing freedom of speech.
So it goes way back.
Desmond Malone observed that there's been a real change since Hitler and those folks, modern totalitarianism, I'd call it.
In that the people are more cooperative and the people actually get really weirded out and they even attack other people and they become arms of totalitarianism.
And in fact, that's true, but it's the exact opposite reason from Malone and Desmond who want to protect the elites.
What has changed is the power of the elites to terrify, murder,
That's right, you couldn't 500 years ago or 100 years ago get everybody in one room, but with mass media, you can mass program.
And mass terrify.
If you look back, for example, he tries to say, both of them in their writings try to say that Hitler was a different kind of totalitarian.
He's practically, they claim, hypnotized himself with mass hypnosis.
His whole group is mass hypnosis.
To which Malone added the word psychosis, which we should discuss if we get a minute later.
But at any rate, they're wrong.
It is not that the current dictators have less influence and the people have more.
Hitler killed over 20 million people, gaining power over the world and intimidating people.
The Nazis committed atrocities on the streets.
And if you read Goebbels' writings that are public, they were fully aware of what they were doing.
Propagandizing, as you pointed out, like never before.
In Russia, Stalin killed people because he could, just to show it.
Maybe 40 million people, and the most murderous of all the regimes is still in existence.
There is data that the Chinese Communist Party's own estimate of how many civilian Chinese were killed by that.
Eight plus million.
One is up to a hundred.
That's right.
So we're looking at a situation in which vast intimidation and threat is what is terrorizing people and making them look like they're out of it to perhaps other people.
So they've industrialized fear.
The authoritarians have gotten really good at mass fear.
Mass fear.
Mass fear.
And if you look at how the people are behaving, the doctors and a lot of people that they call having mass psychosis,
They are identical to the people I saw in the state mental hospitals when I led a volunteer program at Harvard back in the 50s.
They're identical to the people I saw when I went behind the Iron Curtain shortly before the wall came down.
They're identical to the patients in my practice who come from severely abusive backgrounds and child abused people.
They're afraid to think for themselves.
They're afraid to threaten anybody.
They're afraid to stand up for themselves.
Desmond and Malone, you are criminally betraying, in my opinion, the people you are saying have spontaneous psychoses.
When they are like every other victim of a cult or an abuse or a murderous situation since time began.
It's what people do when they are overwhelmed, terrified.
Sure, I mean, I like Desmond, I like Malone, and I'm not a psychiatrist like you and Renown, but it's an important distinction, though.
How are they claiming this just naturally happened?
I mean, I watch some of what they do.
I kind of miss that amount of psychiatrists, but what's the distinction?
It's always missing.
Because what they say, no one has ever written about before.
Hannah Arndt, who is a really weird person.
Hannah Arndt talked a little bit about this when she, as a Jew, claimed the Jews were responsible for antisemitism.
That it is, and Ayn Rand is one of his heroes.
And Desmond quotes her, quotes her about Hitler, wasn't a violent, brutal person.
He was caught up in mass hypnosis.
Oh my God, this is in the book, if you read it, in Desmond's book.
So what they're trying to do is to somehow, you have to understand the agenda because it doesn't make psychological sense.
The agenda is what Desmond wrote in response to me.
Don't you dare try to remove any of the elites, it'll be self-defeating.
So they're saying that the people are ultimately to blame for this.
Now they'll talk in one place about, well, the media affected them, but then Desmond in another place in his book will say, but the media was not a conspiracy.
The media wasn't organized.
They were just part of- Would you debate Desmond on the show?
We have offered him a number of opportunities to debate me in Europe and the United States.
Most recently, Malcolm on America Out Loud invited him.
He has stopped responding.
Let me say this.
I'll be honest with you.
I agree with your analysis of how the world works.
They ran it on purpose.
I have all their admissions.
And I'm not against anybody.
But I think we should have a fair debate here on air about this because the idea when these major defense departments are admitting they're running mass psychosis and fear and hysteria and their words brainwashing
And quote, terrifying the public.
I don't think you can debate that.
And I'll be honest with you.
I'm not saying you're wrong, Dr. McGregor.
I just, when I follow their work, didn't exactly pick up what you're saying, I believe you.
But to say that this isn't premeditated fear-mongering is bullshit.
Well, I would be happy to debate them separately, or if I must, together.
Malone has gotten very angry at Malcolm at America Out Loud for asking him to have a debate with me this Tuesday, yesterday.
Let's talk about it when we come back, because, I mean, I don't need to be a psychiatrist to know this is on purpose.
Alright, I don't want to sit here and obsess over Dr. Malone or Professor Mesman, because I think they've done a lot of good exposing this as mind control, but...
The claim that it's not deliberate when it's all admittedly deliberate and we have Operation Lockstep and Event 201 and SPARS 2025-2028 is just preposterous.
And I am seeing the talking point now that, oh, this was all by accident by the power structure and now the elites are saying, oh, it was an accident.
We didn't know it wouldn't work.
They're clearly trying to cover their ass.
They're running through a psychological program.
We can harp on this all day, but big picture,
What do you think the next attack, Dr. Peter Breggin, is going to be?
Because clearly what we just saw, in my view, was a beta test and something bigger is about to come in.
Or do you think I'm wrong?
I think there's a few big things going on.
One of them Malone has set up.
So I'd like to take just a few more minutes on that.
We have just watched a video with Malone and Desmond talking.
It's on our website again.
And that's one, two, three.
That's just for this.
Malone and Desmond agree that this was Malone's idea entirely to put in psychosis.
Once a physician and now working along with a psychologist, professor of psychology, once you establish the concept of calling groups of people psychotic, you've established a new attack that has never existed before.
In Russia, and now still in China, dissidents are locked up individually.
They be tortured, given psychiatric drugs, that can be torture.
You know, locked up in general is a horrible experience.
Being called psychotic is a horrible experience.
But now Malone has set up, and interestingly in this piece we have about it,
We have a clip of the video.
You can see Desmond's a little uneasy about it.
He says it well erases ethical and other issues.
And so we're in a very dangerous situation for the really militarizing psychiatry, weaponizing concepts in psychiatry.
Now that so popular and seemingly so well established with no research whatsoever.
There's no research in his book.
There's no research in any of their... none of them written articles about this.
It's really quite bizarre.
But, at any rate, I'm very concerned about the weaponization of psychiatry, which will go on... So the establishment creates fear-mongering, scares everyone, brags about it in Pentagon press releases, and then people that come out, the leaders of the resistance, and say it's the public's fault.
Is that what you're saying?
That's right.
Well, let's play the one-minute clip you're talking about.
Here it is.
And then Robert mentioned me at Joe Robins.
And he added the term to the term mass formation.
And that was very successful I think.
It made me famous around the world.
Or infamous.
The term that he added was?
Or infamous, yes.
I doubted a little bit.
The term that he added was?
So I always use the term mass formation.
Just referring actually simply to the formation of a mass or a crowd in a society.
And then Robert added the term psychosis to it, which made it a little bit more sensational, I think.
And it made it spread around the world.
But of course, at the same time, it maybe added, well, from an ethical, pragmatic and intellectual point of view, it makes the term have a different meaning or a different connotation.
It depends a little bit.
But it was a very good move, I believe, to make the theory famous around the world.
But I mean, mass formation psychosis is mom psychology.
I think the debate here is who's triggering it.
Obviously, it's an outside group.
And I'll be honest with you, Bregan, I think you're a great guy.
I've known about you for decades.
Had you on as a guest for.
Not saying you're wrong, but where are they specifically saying the elites aren't involved?
Because I had Desmond here like last week or two weeks ago, and he was saying, no, no, the system is manipulating and helping create it.
He's just saying it's the people giving it the power.
Or am I wrong?
No, that's where he goes when he's pushed, when he's dealing with someone like you or me.
But listen to that, what you just said, but it's the people who are pushing it.
And that's just not so.
That's a lie.
The people are terrorized.
The people are frightened to death.
The people can't think straight.
So you're saying this is a blaming of the victim?
This is a blaming of the victim?
This is classic victim blaming, which by the way,
Freud carried out to an extreme, and he is a Freudian analyst, he says.
I talk about that a little bit in the materials I've written.
It is classic victim blaming, and they say many things.
The way you have to read their writing, and I understand this is typical of kind of... Listen, I'm not a famous psychiatrist like you.
I hear you.
I agree with what you're saying that something's wrong.
I'm just saying as a regular person, it's asinine to claim this isn't deliberate.
That's right.
And I think that's as simple as that.
And that's the simple observation.
But there's a big question about the real big question about weaponizing psychosis like that.
People don't understand.
Psychosis is an actual psychiatric diagnosis.
A psychiatrist could take what he's heard from Malone and say, yes, that's in the official diagnostic categories.
It's a psychosis with delusions and paranoia.
And just fit it right in.
It would go right on through any political psychiatric hospital like we have had in the USSR and have still in China.
There's a second thing they do we haven't talked about.
On page 126 to 128 in Desmond's book, he then analyzes you and me.
He analyzes conspiracy theorists.
He says in another part of the book, we're like a different mass formation.
On 126 to 128, he says that you and I are confused, extremely anxious, bewildered, frightened by what we see happening around us with the mass formation.
We can't accept it comes out of the people themselves, out of ourselves, in fact.
And so we search and we have these desperate needs to do something about it.
Those are the key words are all quotes.
So we go and we make up that they are so-called elites, and he puts them in quotes.
You see, one point he talks about elites, another point he makes believe they don't exist, that the so-called elites are to blame instead of, he says, blaming oneself.
I at one point said at least Malone didn't go to this extreme of saying not only are the people to blame, but that the people who are thinking in terms of conspiracies, really systematic, you know, planned events.
And I said Malone didn't do that.
Now Malone has come out and said, basically, they're the good guys who've been red pilled.
He doesn't quite say they're good.
But then he says those of us who do the conspiracy theories, we're black pilled.
That's Malone.
Well, look, I'm not going to judge any of these guys.
I just know I have hundreds of press releases by defense departments in the West saying they ran brainwashing, mind control, fear control.
I just showed the stats like five times.
I mean, they ran this.
It's not debatable.
So I'm not debating you.
I just haven't followed their work that closely.
You're saying they claim the public's to blame for all this fear?
Well, basically, yes.
And yes, and what you said, if you think about what you said, that it's basically the power in the people they're saying.
The power's not in these poor people who are so scared as physicians that they'll lose their license.
So they're blaming the public, terrorized that it's their fault instead of saying, you were lied to, now find your power and don't give in to fear.
It's a twisted way to blame the public.
That's right.
And in fact, like page two or three where he talks in his book, Desmond, about what we need to do, he says, we need to make ourselves better.
And I gather that's practically a
Like a movement in Europe, let's make ourselves better rather than let's stand up to the globalists who are really destroying Europe right now.
Let me give you a key folks to how to read propaganda.
First of all, there'll be a lot that makes you feel good about yourself in it.
Oh my God, there's been so much suffering.
But what you must look for, is there a theme coming out that undermines us, that makes war against us?
In this case, that blinds us.
So there'd be plenty in Desmet's things and in Malone's things, but look for the theme.
You are to blame.
The middle bureaucracy is just confused.
They've got bad planning going on in their groups.
They've got groupthink.
It's just a problem.
Bricks is not a violent, hateful human being.
She was in bad, help me God, she was in bad task forces run by
Poor psychodynamics.
I mean, this, and you have to look at that and say, well, wait, wait, wait a minute.
Those people in those groups were violent progressives trying to destroy Donald Trump.
Well, the reason I know you're right, Dr. Bregman, is when you read the battle plan that General Flynn's looked at and others, it's a battle plan.
They say, when it all comes out, the vaccines are poison.
We'll just act like it's an accident and a war game.
Got to do exactly what you're saying.
It's hard.
I did not want to do what we're doing.
We did not want to cause conflict, but every single movement of ours... Hold on, stay there, we'll be right back.
The system is normalizing, putting mutagenic weapons into our bodies, and a lot of people don't want to admit it's by design, but it is.
Dr. Peter Bragan,
Your book is a best-seller dealing with this.
Dr. Lee Merritt is coming up.
You are Regan.com and we are ThePrey.com.
For your book, in five minutes closing, finish up the points you want to make.
Well, good.
I'm glad you put the book up or my wife would be very mad at me.
It's COVID-19 and the Global Predators.
You can get it directly from us at WeAreThePrey.com if you want to bypass.
And you can get the e-book and the book and the
The reading book, the three forms are all up on Amazon.
A point that I think is so important to make is that every institution in Western civilization has been infiltrated and corrupted by the globalists and by the predators.
There is no institution that that hasn't happened to.
I've never mentioned it before on the radio, but I had my own institution for many years that was infiltrated by very sweet, nice progressives who took it over.
And we eventually had to renounce it and get legal action to get them to no longer use my name.
So it's a very common experience.
So if once I realized that these people were clearly progressives,
Clearly, in the case of Malone, the deepest state person whose life I've ever looked at, and he's still very deep state.
I don't think we have time to go into that now, but he has in various documents where he's an expert in legal cases.
I have no quarrel with that.
He has given his resume and he is right now at the heart of NIH and its attempt to bring the great reset into NIH in something called NIH ACTIV, A-C-T-I-V.
Easy to find NIH active.
And Malone is a big part of that.
And it is the great reset in NIH, including Bill Gates, including the big drug companies, including the Defense Department and the health things.
Now, given that the biggest threat to us around the whole world is the infiltration of our civilization of
Even the right, even the Republican Party crushed by this kind of infiltration.
Donald Trump crushed partially, I think he's climbing back out, from infiltration that he could not believe.
He could not believe how evil the people around him were.
When I realized what the effect of the writing, speaking, and activities of Desmond and Malone were,
Sucking really the air out of the room.
I don't travel, but the people traveling with him become secondary.
They're the great scientists.
He is the shining face that this man would not possibly represent our health freedom movement or the greater freedom movement.
And I felt I had to risk my reputation, all the love I give and share on my own TV shows and the radio show with Ginger.
We have such wonderful, loving relationships throughout the movement that I had to risk that because I was seeing two people who were actually becoming like theoreticians of the movement and in Malone's case,
Introducing psychosis, weaponizing psychosis against masses, introducing communist concepts of masses.
That's not a freedom concept.
Ginger just told me she's appalled.
Freedom groups are all talking about masses now.
That's not right.
It's individuals, for God's sakes.
And so I just felt I had to take this on and it was not pleasant, but by gosh, we ended up getting more love than we've ever had before in our lives from the groups around us.
And, and I just want to want to thank everybody for that very, very much.
Well, bottom line, and I'll be honest, I haven't tracked everything they're saying that close.
I've heard people that it's true.
The idea of this happening by accident is preposterous.
So hopefully they'll respond more to that.
Hopefully we'll have a debate here on the air.
Dr. Peter Bragan, thank you so much for the time today.
I really appreciate you.
Oh, God, I'm so glad to be here.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
All right, folks, we've got the next guest host coming up and then Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Dr. Lee Merritt on fire.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
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All right, thank you.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Dr. Lee Merritt, your drop-in host for the hour.
Usually you can find me at themedicalrebel.com and we deconstruct the lies of the medical matrix.
That's why my background today.
You know, it's a little, it's a little tough when you're out weeding your garden in the middle of nowhere and you get a call to a guest host, probably the most famous show in the world, and figure out what you're going to do for a soliloquy for an hour or so.
So you call your friends.
And then I, of course, I had to ask my husband and he wanted me to talk about the border, which I'm not a security expert, but
I decided that you have to listen to your husband or you're not going to be happy.
So anyway, I decided to combine those two.
So I'm going to start by talking a little bit about what I've learned when I lived on the border because borders are a big deal right now.
I'm going to talk about the medical aspects of the border.
In the 1990s, I started my orthopedic practice, a stone's throw from the southern border in Arizona.
And at the time I started, most of the trauma that we did were elderly women with hip fractures.
I mean, it wasn't, you know, the snowbirds, people like me that age out and we migrate down from Iowa to Arizona to get warm.
We're good to go.
You know you either have to make the fence taller or you have to get rid of it because you've got it at exactly the right level where these guys they have this thing where they used to climb I don't know if this is still going on but they would climb over each other's on stand on each other's shoulders holding their somebody would hold their ankles and if the whole column started to fall somebody would have in that column would be the the pivot point it would have a horrible open you know what we call a grade three ankle fracture or pylon fracture and then we're in a desert so that they'd fall four six feet
It was easier when I was younger.
But, you know, it really gave you an insight into what was going on.
And I can tell you this, first of all, that one night I just realized, hey, all that's dried up.
It just dried up almost overnight.
And what had happened?
They didn't suddenly build a fence.
What they did, it was the government, our Uber Lords for some reason at that point decided not to completely overrun the border, so they just turned it off.
And they did it by allowing them to do, they got digital sensors on the border, and they simply told the Border Patrol to do their job.
They simply let them do their job as far as I can determine.
Because they certainly didn't suddenly build a wall while I was there.
Not saying a wall is a bad idea, but I am saying that you don't need that in order to do it.
You need will.
This only became, you know, it was a matter of will and it happened after G.W.
Bush went down and surveyed the border and they talked to him and literally almost overnight it dried up for a long time.
But before that happened, and we still got some, and I just have to tell you this case because it also tells you something about the medical issues of the border and why things are complicated and they don't have to be.
This is self-inflicted by our government.
So you know my sleeping is still disrupted from 2 until 4 in the morning lots of times because you're so used as an orthopedic trauma surgeon you're so used to getting up when the bars start closing down or when problems happen at 2 in the morning.
So this is a typical 2 in the morning call and I get called in to take care of a gunshot wound to the foot.
All right, I walk in the hospital and here is this young man who looks like Adonis.
I mean, this is a handsome guy, muscular, perfect specimen, except for some bloodshot eyes.
But being, you know, having good clinical acumen, I noted right away that he was chained to the bed, or the gurney, and that there was a federal marshal sitting at his side.
So, the story went that he had had, he was using his green card to run drugs across the border.
And apparently he'd lost some product, I guess, and the Mexican drug guys decided to teach him some lessons, and they shot a big hole in his foot with a shotgun.
Well, he went to the closest hospital in Mexico, and they were going to amputate his foot.
And he realized, you know, a lot of our people don't, but he understood that free medicine is not necessarily the best medicine, so he literally hot-footed it to the border crossing, and then we were, by law, required to bring him to our hospital across the border.
That is really the... He got himself, because he had a green card, so he was able to get across the border, and then we had to get an ambulance.
So, he comes to our place, and in the course of getting him ready for the operating room, and you know, I'm going to take care of him no matter what.
I was just making a joke.
I just looked at my emergency room friend, the doctor that was taking care of him, called me, and I said, let me guess, this guy's insured, right?
And he said, actually, he has Medicare.
I said, what?
How can this 25-year-old, young, healthy man have Medicare?
And the story goes that he was involved in a gangland shooting one time a number of years before and had some kind of head grazed wound and had a quote seizure disorder and was on through our government total social security disability.
Now having taken care of him I can tell you there was no evidence of a seizure disorder but
I was, the most shocking thing is yet to come.
The most shocking thing is the fact that the federal, I talked to the federal marshal that's there because one of the things that was very common down on the border when I was there is that
I think?
Well, in this case, and I never had anybody, literally in over 20 years, this is the only time this happened, where this federal marshal actually put on a cover and came into the operating room with me.
So, I knew this was a bad dude.
So, I asked, but they told me that he'd been, they'd been searching for this guy for years, for four years, because he was on four federal warrants.
And I said, OK, let me let me just back it.
Let me back this up here a little bit.
Let's rewind.
So you're telling me that here's a guy who is on four federal warrants for four years and yet you couldn't find him.
And the answer was, yes, we couldn't find him because it is illegal to to search for somebody using their Social Security check.
That is that is exactly
The situation now there were other things one night we were called.
This is just to give you a flavor.
One night we were called, and this was an American citizen, this was one of us that apparently had robbed a store, the police chased him through a plate glass window, and they told the emergency room staff, listen, if you see some guy that's all cut up with lots of glass shards, let us know, because he may be the guy we're looking for.
So, yep, guy comes in, gives a fake name, nurses figure it out, they call the police, and they take care of him, but then he's arrested.
If he had been an illegal alien, that would have been illegal, and the people in trouble would have been the hospital emergency room staff.
Because, and I believe it's 17 hospitals, there's something like 17 hospitals along the border where it is illegal to report anyone for being illegal, or for any reason.
Because they don't want to discourage these unfortunate people from getting the medical care that they need.
That is... So, you know, the American citizens get arrested, but not them.
I mean, there are so many examples on the border of craziness like that, and on the one hand, you don't want people to not get the medical care they need, but come on now, on the other hand,
We have to be a nation of laws.
So we'll be taking a break here just in a couple seconds.
I'm going to come back and let me tell you my plan here.
At the end of this day, I'm going to talk about how we get ourselves out of this so we don't succumb to the next thing that the psychopaths in charge throw at us.
We always tend to fight the last war.
Let's start fighting the next war medically.
And so we'll be talking about that at the end of the hour.
All right, so this is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Dr. Lee Merritt, and thanks for having me today.
Now, the next thing I wanted to talk about before we get to solutions, I want to talk about the numbers that are coming in.
Data doesn't seem to matter.
They're going to roll these things out.
They're going to keep injecting our children and killing people regardless of data.
So this is beyond a data dump, but I'm just going to tell you what's going on because everybody asks.
You know, there's a Facebook group out there.
It's called Died Suddenly, I think, and they have over 250,000 entries now.
I remember when that started and it was very, very few, but now it's over 250,000 entries.
There was an Irish emergency room study recently, although I guess this comes out of their government data.
But anyway, they looked at the normal rates versus this rate of emergency room visits.
And normally between June and July, I mean January and June,
There are 115,000 emergency room visits in Ireland in 2022.
Now keep in mind this isn't the year of COVID, this is the year of the vaccine.
So the ER visits have gone up in Ireland seven times during 2022.
Now I ask you this because why are doctors still completely in the dark about this?
There's a person
named Odessa Orlowitz of Liberty and she's been one of the people reporting on these Canadian doctors dying.
You know, first we saw a picture of four doctors in the same hospital in Canada dying after they took the mandated booster.
They're mandating the fourth booster for medical personnel now.
Fortunately, we don't seem to be doing that most places and please don't let it happen in your facility.
But in any case, they started out with four and they were shocked because it was in Ontario and it was all in this one hospital.
Then it became six.
Then the next number I saw was 18 and now it's over 30 Canadian doctors dead.
Now the other point
They're not your standard in-memoriam.
In fact, they looked at that.
The Canadian Medical Association has an in-memoriam website and now it's being kind of altered.
They still have data in the past, but they're not putting up the real-time data for 2022.
This is a classic thing they do.
So, the data for the doctor desk hasn't been put up for the last couple months.
But here's the numbers with one extrapolation that 2019
Pro-rated was 170 deaths because they only reported part of the year we had.
But anyway, if you think 2019 was probably 170 deaths, 2020 was 246 deaths, 2021 was 393 deaths.
That's not an advertisement for a vaccine program to decrease mortality.
Now, again, and the other point is, these are not 85 year old doctors.
When you go back in time,
And you don't see younger doctors among this group.
And then the other question is, why are the deaths mainly in Ontario?
Did they get all the same batch?
And I tried to find, I'm working on trying to find AMA deaths.
Me just mentioning this, now they're going to scrub it probably, but in any case, the AMA probably has the same thing.
The AMA don't think they represent all doctors.
When I was in practice, and this is up until 2009, I think,
Only 13% of doctors in practice were members of the AMA.
They hornswoggle medical students to be members, but generally doctors realize the corrupt organization for what it is, and they get out.
But in any case, I have a feeling it's going to be less now because of their push of the vaccine.
Now, Chris Sky up in Canada, who's been right on top of things, and Mark Stein have both reported that the leading cause of death in Alberta is now unknown.
And, of course, the very funny kind of part of this report, it's tragic funny, is that the symptoms of this new disease, because it used to be, you know, cardiac disease, you know, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, those were the leading causes of deaths.
Now it's unknown.
And what are the symptoms of this new disease?
And they are unknown.
So it's, there you have it.
It's, you know, and we still have athletes dying.
Now we have the, there's an anti-vaccine, I think this is fairly recently, at least I just heard about it, this Olympic gold medalist, I may mispronounce his name, it's Sylvester Scullany or something like that.
He was a gymnast and you see a picture of him and he is a super fit guy.
I mean, he's like on the rings, you know, in gymnastics, dies at 51 after getting a vaccine.
He was against the vaccine, but something coerced him, I guess, to get the vaccine and then he was dead.
Morticians, there he is, yeah.
You know, you think he just went to seed at 51?
I doubt it.
Okay, these are healthy people that are crumping.
Morticians are now reporting that 50 to 70 percent of the recently deceased have clots.
When they're reporting clots, this is not like when we report clots in medicine, we say, oh, you know, we did an MRI and we saw where you might have had an old stroke a long time ago because of that, because a small clot in your occipital region or something like that.
No, no.
Morticians are reporting clots because they can't pass the fluid through the veins.
These are not mini clots.
These are macro clots.
And I looked up, you know, you've heard the story about the soccer players or what they call footballers in Europe.
And I was told by a friend of mine who is very soccer savvy and, you know, international traveler kind of person works over there.
He said that 10 soccer teams are now absent, essentially the equivalent.
That number of players have either been disabled or died.
The equivalent of 10 soccer teams are gone in the professional leagues.
But if you actually look at some numbers, you can find FIFA keeps a
Like a tally of players that die during the plays, okay, on the field.
And it's very interesting that 21 players died in 2021.
Okay, no numbers yet on 2022, but 21 players in 2021, three in 2020, 10 in 2019.
In fact, I went back and these numbers actually go back to 1889.
And up until this year, every
Something changed, because after that it was three to ten players, but before that it was zero to three deaths.
There was years that had no deaths, and when you looked at the deaths before 1999, they were things like a crossbar fell on his head on the playing field, struck by lightning, collided on the field.
The heart stuff really started to be noticeable.
You can read this yourself in 2002 to 2003.
So, we may think that COVID vaccine rollout started in 2021.
Whatever is happening, I think it started along, we know, look at Guillain-Barre syndrome.
I never saw it as a medical student.
It's something you read as a student to learn about, but you never heard about it.
But don't worry on all this.
I'm sorry, it gets worse because as time has gone on it has been getting worse as we've seen flu shots.
So I don't think this all started with that.
Now when we come back I'm going to tell you what the FDA and the CDC director are saying in spite of all this death and destruction and then we'll talk finally about what to do.
Thank you.
See you in a little bit.
Okay, so we were talking about the numbers of the soccer players and everybody having death and destruction from the vaccine rollout.
But don't worry, the FDA has been doing a very careful analysis of the COVID vaccine damage.
And they've been doing it using a technique called Bayesian data mining.
The Epoch Times apparently asked the FDA for the data.
And the FDA says, nope, it's privileged information.
We're the executive branch of the government.
So those of us that are being attacked by our medical boards for disinformation, I find it a little hard to believe that it's okay to hide the data and then tell us we're selling the wrong things.
Remember when the FDA also went with Pfizer together, hand in hand, to the courts to hide their data?
To say, no, no, we don't have to show you the data for 75 years.
Well, they lost that.
And I'm going to show a couple things that came out of that data and why they wanted it to be hidden.
But this is obviously not accidental.
It's absolutely programmed.
And while this is all going on, you've got Rachel Walensky, who's the CDC director, tweeting out things like this.
She says,
Quote, the benefits vast, he's talking about the vaccine of course, the benefits vastly outweigh the risks.
Vaccination will prevent illnesses and deaths from COVID-19 that far exceed the number of generally mild myocarditis cases expected.
Talk to your doctor if you have concerns.
Well, good luck with that.
Because they've, and not completely the doctor's fault, the average guy on the street, really.
I kind of ping them for not reading the literature, but
Really, they've made it so hard to practice medicine.
They've all become employees.
They're all like on a clock and they've got to see so many patients and they've got to do all these things.
They don't have time to read.
They're not doing their due diligence because they're being used like, you know,
Like cattle and I and I have to say I have a lot of sympathy with that, but it's time to read guys Now Johns Hopkins.
I have to give them this credit.
Although it's too little too late They just came out with a study that said that to prevent one hospitalization You'd need to vaccinate 22 to 30,000 young adults and in the process of doing that you're going to have between 18 and 98 serious adverse events that was the numbers out of their paper now
I appreciate this group and Johns Hopkins coming out and being allowed to publish.
Keep in mind, there are guys around that knew all this.
There are people talking about this.
Many of us tried to publish things in the past during this outbreak to warn people and it wouldn't get published.
It couldn't get published.
So the fact that it's getting published now is kind of interesting.
It says to me, the Uber Lords in charge don't really care if this comes out now.
So we'll let some people look okay and maybe keep our institutions from not looking totally psychopathic.
We'll let them publish some of the stuff, but it's too late because the vaccines have already been rolled out for most people.
Now, and Johns Hopkins, where have they been in this whole thing?
Besides the fact that they featured Frederick
Gates, Dr. Gates in World War I, they trained him and you know they came out to event 201 was run by partially by Johns Hopkins.
They've been deep into this thing but they came out with this good study.
Now, I really think though that if I were a student at a university that had a complication from a vaccine I was forced to take by studying at that university.
Um, and I saw this article, I think less of of Johns Hopkins.
I bet they I bet they forced their students to take the vaccines.
The issue here above all else, in my opinion, is the mandates.
It is absolutely unethical, immoral all the time to force anybody into any kind of medical treatment.
These guys in the universities, including Johns Hopkins, for a long time now, they've been accepting quietly.
When you don't say anything, that means you accept things.
They accepted the misrepresentation of the data and they accepted the fact there was no data.
Okay, now we've actually seen now the data graphs coming out based on the VAERS that we do have that shows you the lot numbers, where they were distributed, and what the side effects of the lot were.
Craig Pardecouper and his group did a really awesome job in taking this data and showing you what's going on.
And what did he just, one of his last things, he showed, first of all, he showed that there was a post-marketing dose response curve
He showed that people were given toxic doses in a prescribed fashion.
You could see the toxicity kind of work its way down like they were changing something in the vaccine based on these graphs.
But now he's come out and he showed what he called the mortality bomb.
And it's a second wave of mortality.
I think we have the graph somewhere.
That occurred only in five states.
They occurred in Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Michigan.
And what they did was they subtracted out deaths within or the deaths that were attributable to the first vaccines or every story from the second vaccine.
So if you took like say the Pfizer two dose regimen.
They didn't want to get confused by the second dose, so they factored those doses out and they looked at states mortality after the vaccine.
And there is a mortality that happens within the first four days and it extends for a couple, you know, six weeks after the big bump for six weeks, I believe it is, after the vaccine is given to you.
And then it drops way down.
Now, if you look at California, for example, they have a big bump at the beginning, but they have no secondary bump.
These five states all had this secondary mortality that occurred at six months.
And I thought the six months was interesting because that's what we also saw in World War I. After the rollout of the vaccines that they gave the troops and they gave the Native Americans and they started having the great pandemic six months later.
Now, so where, you know, and I have to ask, where was Johns Hopkins or any of these other universities when they told us it was safe to give pregnant women these vaccines?
Looking at when the vaccines first rolled out, Simone Gold asked those of us that were on AFLDS, the American Frontline Doctors, to kind of look at some of the research stuff, what we knew about the status of the vaccine.
At that point, literally the day of the rollout, practically it was, it came out the night before, was the emergency use authorization documents.
But anyone reading that, the EUA documents, anyone reading the previous literature about the testing of mRNA and how it was done knew that in the test group that they're reporting on this for the EUA, they excluded all pregnant women.
So how could they come out and say it was safe?
They excluded all but perfect specimens, in fact.
In fact, when they looked at mRNA in the research arm, and they were doing these things, they warned you not to be around.
They warned the subjects not to even be around women of childbearing age.
They were supposed to report those contacts.
So, you have to ask, why did these guys now come out with these papers?
Why didn't somebody speak up now?
We just heard Dr. Bregan talk about Dr. Malone.
I've always questioned, because I was on a podcast with him a long time ago, when we asked him to sign a paper not to let this stuff happen.
It was a European podcast.
When it was first going out in Europe, we said, let's stop this, let's stop this, and he wasn't interested in stopping it back then, so why now?
I kind of think it's post-rollout, they don't really care.
But what do we know just in pregnant women?
In that 1291 adverse event, it's report 5.3.6, in that adverse event report, here's what we know about pregnant women.
There was a study that was done just after the rollout.
It was a study
238 were lost to follow-up.
In any real-world scientific endeavor, that would just negate the test.
I mean, you can't report on something like that, but they did.
And they tried to sugarcoat it and tried to rename things so they could come out with less bad numbers.
But if you look at the reality here, if you took the vaccine, I think in the first trimester, or actually in general, it was an 82% loss of pregnancy.
Now, that's unbelievable.
And of the 34 people that they were able to follow that weren't lost to follow-up, and it adds up a little bit more to the total because of twins, but 34 they followed, 28 of the babies died in utero or at birth.
At the time of the report, they could only prove one live normal birth in 270 women, but Walensky says it's safe and effective and keep doing it, right?
Now, interesting data, now, and I know Colonel Long from the Army, and she's been talking to a lot of people, and she's been looking at the data herself, and she pointed this out to me, that the DoD actually created its own myocarditis workup, and I'm going to talk about that when we get back, and then what we do to change our world.
All righty, and this is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Dr. Lee Merritt.
Thanks for coming back.
I was talking about some of the information out of the Department of Defense, and specifically I was talking to Colonel Teresa Long recently.
And, you know, she said that, and this is shocking actually, she said that she found that the Department of Defense had created a myocarditis workup of their own far in advance of this COVID outbreak.
But they didn't disseminate it.
And she also points out that when you look at the 1291 adverse events and the report that was purportedly about this rollout, this actual study, it really reads like it's a long-term experiment that has been done on people without their knowledge, maybe, because
Some of these diagnoses you cannot come up with in a short time.
I mean rare diagnosis that you're seeing 200 of and I don't know just things like shrinking lung disease which I've never really you know understood or heard much about.
I mean, how did they really do that in a short period of time, collect enough data?
So, it almost looks like this was more like a planned thing that had been going on for a long time.
And that's what I, my point about these soccer players.
Something changed in the world around 2000 when people started getting Guillain-Barre.
We started seeing things that we'd only read about before.
And what was the common, what was the thing that had been changing in the world we'd been getting?
That's really when the vaccines took off.
I'm just going to say, I think that this has been, we've been dosed, not me, I didn't take vaccines for a long time.
I'm sorry I ever gave them to my children, but that is what it is.
So now what do we do?
Here's where we are right now.
Oh, and by the way, the last thing I'll say about the military is a bunch of the military preventive medicine type doctors like Dr. Long and there are other doctors involved, Dr. Sigaloff, I know.
They reported apparently to the FAA their concerns because, and I've been saying this since the get-go, we are violating all the safety measures in the military for pilots.
How can you be doing this?
How can you use an experimental drug against pilots?
Contradictory to the manual of the medical department, but they've been doing it.
They sent certified letters to the FAA warning them and telling them it's just a matter of time before you have an airline disaster and we want to go on record saying we are warning you now, don't keep doing this.
Good for them.
I will see.
I think there's already some evidence that we're having some problems with the airlines.
Now, I just want to finish this segment, because this is my last segment, on what we should really be doing.
You know, what's happening?
I tell you, my worldview has been completely upended by COVID.
Now I question everything, even things I thought were absolutely proven.
And I'll just make this opinion.
This is my opinion that if the Uber Lords are pushing something, this is my new motto.
If the Uber Lords are pushing something like treatment for monkeypox, I don't care what it is.
You can be guaranteed of two things.
They're not being completely truthful, and whatever they're pushing is good for them and bad for us, i.e., humanity.
So, with that in mind, I think to change our world, we have to change our thinking, and to change our thinking, we have to change our language based on what we absolutely understand.
Now, Dr. Thomas Cowan, who has an excellent book on contagion that everybody should pick up and read to open your mind a little bit, that was one of my entries.
He said in a recent lecture, if you don't know how something's proven, you can't assume someone proved it.
I mean, now I'm even questioning what do we know about the basic double helix?
You know, I thought that was proven.
And it might be, but I don't quite understand how it was proven.
And it's not as easy as I thought.
So what is COVID?
Okay, we can call it a disease.
What is disease?
It just means you're discomforted.
It doesn't imply how it's caused, okay?
So what do we absolutely know?
Do we know that there's... Have we done systematic proofs of transmission of disease?
You know, how do we know it's viral?
Well, I gave you that... I talked last week or whenever about the 1918 pandemic.
They really tried to prove transmission and couldn't do it.
And I'm just going to show you how they do it today versus how they did it then.
There's a classic paper from 2004 about the guys who
Theoretically, unearth these lungs from 1918 pandemic victims in the Yukon or Alaska or someplace that were long frozen.
They figured out who had died from the pandemic somehow, and then this is how they determined that this is what it was.
I'm just going to show you this because in fairness to them, they did this over six years, multiple papers, but this is just a little snippet to give you a flavor.
Quote, the 1,497 nucleotide open reading frame of Gene Segment 5 of Strain A Brevig Mission 1-18 was amplified in 18 overlapping fragments varying in length from 119 to 139 nucleotides.
Each fragment was reverse transcribed, amplified, and sequenced at least twice.
Reverse transcription PCR, isolation of products, and sequencing have been described previously.
A list of primers is used available upon request.
You know, I always read that as, well, this is highly technical, I don't know anything about it, so I'll just trust them.
Well, but then you read things like this, which, again, these are also smart doctors in a little earlier time, but this is from an actual 1918 pandemic, and this is what they say.
They're trying to prove transmission.
And they said, quote, the inoculation was made by spraying the nose and throat and by installation into the nose.
In the case of these men, or five of these men, a drop or two of the infiltrate was also instilled into each eye.
In all, each of the men received not less than five cc's of the filtrate.
In both the groups of men receiving the crude and that receiving the filtered secretions, some, if not all, of the men in all probabilities swallowed some of the material.
Okay, that's English, right?
We understand what they did.
These are volunteers.
They had 118 volunteers of well people and they were trying to prove transmission of the pandemic of 1918.
With one exception, none of the above two groups of men developed any unpleasant effects.
In other words, they couldn't prove transmission.
The one exception, by the way, was volunteer number 29, inoculated with unfiltered secretions about 36 hours after the inoculation.
His temperature rose and remained above normal for a week.
Subjectively, he made almost no complaint.
So, they tried to make people sick.
They couldn't prove it.
But these guys, out of a dead body, took a PCR, took primers, got genetic sequences, and claimed that is what caused the 1918 pandemic.
Do you see the problem with that?
It's not just about finding something in somebody.
That would be like me going out on the French battlefield after Crescens seeing blood or mud on all the dead people's face and say, oh my gosh, mud caused the deaths here.
We can't have mud on our face.
That's what causes deaths in war.
No, no, no.
It's not, you know, there's a big logical disconnect.
So here's the thing I'm going to tell you.
What do we know?
We know that the world is filled with toxins and that toxins can give you disease.
In Latin, virus means toxin.
In the ancient art of medicine, nobody had to differentiate and do all this complicated stuff to try and make you believe a certain little virus you can't see, prove, isolate, whatever, is causing this.
They just knew that it was toxins.
You know, in the category of this war is local, all wars are ultimately local.
We know about the toxins.
I can't get the fluoride out of my town's water.
We are now getting sprayed with insecticide for mosquitoes in September.
Are you kidding me?
By the state?
We're in a drought.
There's no mosquitoes.
I mean, we're being toxified every time we look, not to mention GMO food.
So everybody locally needs to look at their own life and what they can fight on a local level.
One of the big toxins, electromagnetic frequencies.
Now, I just had a podcast with Corey Hill from EMF Sol, and that's a link on my website.
Trust me, EMF is not benign.
We knew it from 19, you know,
30s on, at least, probably before that, because we knew about telegrapher's disease in the 1800s.
So, you need to understand EMF, you need to protect yourself, and the many other toxins.
There's lots of... We need to take on the toxins.
Parasites exist.
They're universal.
And we've been lied to about the importance of parasites in the first world.
Learn about parasites.
Take it seriously.
Those are two big things.
Don't eat their toxic foods.
Don't be afraid of the lies about these various diseases.
Do you see what's happening, for example, with monkeypox?
It's a joke.
I mean, monkeypox is not funny to people that may get it and die, but it's not proven to be a virus.
Who's it happening in?
People who were multiply vaccinated, whose immune systems may be damaged at the time they were vaccinated.
In other words, the gay population.
They're the ones getting it.
Who's getting polio?
Now they're saying, oh, there's an outbreak of polio.
In the old days, it was DDT spraying in the cities.
That's what they're looking at now.
So don't let them lie to you.
Don't be afraid.
They love fear.
That's part of the Uber Lord's plan is to always divide us.
We are not each other's enemies.
Don't get mad at each other, get mad at them.
You know, that's what we need to do.
Don't be afraid.
We need to win this war against humanity, and we need to do it through knowledge.
So, thank you very much.
I hope to see you again, and thanks for Alex for having me on.
Good night.
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On April 23rd, 1910,
The iconic American president who busted up the Rockefeller Trust in America gave his incredibly historic speech, Citizen in a Republic.
It was the man in the arena speech that sent shockwaves throughout the world.
And I live by this creed.
I'm about to read to you just a short excerpt of the 30-plus minute speech he gave to over 5 million attendees in Paris, France.
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Who errors, who comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be amongst the cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
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