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Air Date: Sept. 11, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the royal family, incestuous breeding program, use of children to gain power, connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Savile, Great Reset, need for military-style campaign to achieve economic transition, terrorism and government involvement in it. He also talks about Brainforce Ultra being back in stock, government's plan to create police state, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, destruction of economy worldwide, Ukrainian offenses against Russians, tracking owners using social credit score, sudden death syndrome among athletes post-jab introduction, election news. He introduces Green Fiber Capsules and encourages listeners to purchase it as it funds InfoWars broadcasts while providing health benefits. He promotes another product available at preparedtoday.com that helps protect against inflation. Jones discusses a conservative populist alliance candidate in Canada who opposes the World Economic Forum's influence within governments. He criticizes politicians blaming Republicans for influx of illegals into blue cities and highlights three mass shootings of white people that have occurred recently, while ignoring similar incidents involving black people. He encourages listeners to understand how globalist system operates and oppose corruption, globalist agenda and programs of evil to prevent society from collapsing further. He discusses high-grade fish oil benefits and criticizes mayors of Democrat cities for complaining about Texas busing illegal aliens to their towns when they themselves opened the border. Jones accuses Democrats of gaslighting and brainwashing people by blaming red states for their actions. He shows video of San Francisco's collapse and discusses how globalist policies are designed to undermine and collapse society, leading to civilization collapse. The speaker discusses three different products available at infowarstore.com: Turbo Force, Rain Force Plus, and Rain Force Ultra. The speaker also mentions the availability of 10,000 1776 coins at 1776coin.com and patreoncollectibles.com. These coins fund the information war against globalists. Ultimate Fish Oil is back in stock at infowarstore.com, providing the highest-grade fish oil that has not been pasteurized or boiled so it retains its original effects. The speaker discusses the eugenicists of over 100 years ago openly pushing their agenda to eliminate families and promote women's independence. The speaker shares their experience of making dinner for their family and values the importance of coming together as a family. The speaker criticizes those who want to dominate others and take away basic freedoms, emphasizing that if people do not stand up for themselves, they deserve what they get. The speaker discusses the success of anti-globalist candidates in more than 20 countries, indicating hope in the


And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Everyone says that today, the royal family is nothing more than a ceremonial figure, even though they choose the government, have final approval over all legislation, and own half the country.
And so while we remember Queen Elizabeth, let us not forget how this incestuous family has used their own children to gain power.
Parliamentary lawfare over trading rights between England and Scotland led to the first iteration of the United Kingdom in 1707 and created the legal groundwork for George of Hanover to be crowned King of England and Ireland in 1714.
He was 55 years old, married to his first cousin, and didn't speak any English because he was from the German House of Hanover.
The English people were not happy about this, and his coronation was met with riots all across the country, followed by years of rebellions.
His grandson, King George III, inspired the American Revolution.
And when his granddaughter Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha took sway over the country.
Throughout the First World War, the people of England were questioning the loyalty of the German bloodlines who ruled over them, which prompted the royal family to change their name to Windsor in 1917.
Nine years later, Queen Elizabeth was born, who was initiated into the Druid Order in 1946.
married Prince Philip of Nazi bloodlines in 1947, and gave birth to Charles in 1948.
In 2010, William Coombs, survivor of Canada's infamous residential schools where the mass graves of children were found, claimed to have witnessed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit the Kamloops Residential School in 1964, where they took 10 of the children away with them.
Never to return.
A year later, William Coombs dies in the hospital.
In 1988, Prince Philip told the German press that he hopes to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to help with the population problem.
And his son, King Charles, likes to joke on television how he is related to Dracula.
His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who can trace his ancestry back to Romania's dark and distant past.
The genealogy shows that I'm descended from Vlad the Impaler, you see.
So I do have a bit of a stake in the country.
As it were.
These royals are the result of an incestuous breeding program wherein children were used as a way to gain power over the masses.
So it's no surprise that they are caught up with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, who made a living using children to leverage power, and Jimmy Savile, who had unfettered access to rape hundreds of children inside NHS hospitals, and was a dear friend of King Charles.
Along with Klaus Schwab, King Charles is a founder of the Great Reset.
He's as green as Greta Thunberg.
And last year, he announced the need for a military-style campaign to bring the world to zero emissions.
Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector.
With trillions at his disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world's leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.
So, how do we do it?
We know how they'll do it.
By cutting off Europe's fuel and forcing the people back into the 1700s.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I want you to know that if there is any terrorism, we know who to blame.
The point is,
If any terrorism comes, it's from this government.
And if there was an outside threat like a bin Laden, who was a known CIA asset in the 80s, running the Mujahideen War, and whose family builds all the military bases over in Saudi Arabia right now, and sits on the board of Iridium Satellite, he's the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.
I want the White House numbers up there now.
A big part of this solution, after you research all the government terrorism and check out what I'm saying is true, call the White House and tell them, we know the government's planning terrorism.
We know Oklahoma City and World Trade Center was terrorism.
We know the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted to blow up airliners, Baltimore Sun.
If you do it, we're going to blame you, because we know who's up to it.
Or if you let some terrorist group do it, like the World Trade Center, we know who to blame.
And you could save the planet.
I'm calling it Operation Expose the Government Terrorism.
Operation Expose the Government Terror.
That was July 25th, 2001, two and a half months before 9-11.
That went on for two and a half hours and described that it would blow up the World Trade Centers and then set up a police state domestically in America that would not be used against radical Muslims in the long term, but would be used against the general public for Agenda 21.
In the next 20 years, they completed Agenda 21.
Now we're under agenda 2030, total planetary collapse of the economic system and carrying capacity of civilization, and 80% mass death from starvation, bioweapons, and war.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday transmission.
I am your host.
Very blessed to be here still on air after all these years bowing the globalist at point-blank range.
All right, let me tell you what's coming up today.
The complete design to structure the economy and all the admissions of that taking place worldwide.
Major Ukrainian offensives against the Russians in Ukraine.
Russia announcing plans to basically totally turn Europe's energy off, which will implode the world economy even faster, which is what the globalists want.
Then Russia will get the blame.
You can see how all this works.
We also have a very key part of the New World Order takeover plan that's been officially announced by MasterCard and Visa in concert.
The social credit score, gun owners to be tracked and put in special categories even though they're legally lawfully buying guns.
That's coming up.
Also, 1,100 plus athletes die from sudden death syndrome.
Since the introduction of the jabs, major studies show that is more than 10,000 percentile higher than the normal death rate in the same period of time of athletes.
Absolute proof that the shots are killing people in mass.
We have a lot of big election news as well as the Democrats prepare to steal another election.
Big stack of news on that front.
As Joe Biden asked Congress for $8 billion more to fund his catch and release network.
Major Clinton appointed federal judge bars Arizona officials from enforcing new law to remove dead voters, non-residents, and non-citizens from the voting rolls.
We have a Democrat congressman who just lost to a Republican saying he believes that she stole the election.
Now Democrats can say elections are stolen without any proof, but when Republicans have the proof, well, it is the end of the world.
I'd forgotten tonight I was cutting up a bunch of jalapenos for a dish that I was making and putting in the oven before I left for my wife to take out.
And since I've gotten in the office the last few hours, I haven't washed my hands.
I just touched my right eye and I was like, oh, that is very interesting.
I usually wash my hands every two hours or so, but I haven't.
Another reason to wash your hands, get the jalapeno in the eye.
I do love jalapenos.
I chopped up like four of them, but let's raw jalapenos.
Let's go ahead and get into the rest of the news.
We're going to be hitting in great detail today as well.
Tying into the insanity of the most completely open border in U.S.
history, total lawlessness, total collapse, we now have D.C.
council members, the D.C.
mayor, the New York mayor, and a bunch of others literally blaming Republicans and small border towns for the influx of illegals into blue cities.
They blame the governors of Texas and Arizona and the border towns for creating the crisis and said they turned D.C.
into a border town.
Oh, it's not good to be a border town when the border is totally wide open?
The oxymoronic nature of these people and their war on logic and their tone deafness is just staggering.
That's all coming up today as well.
And I haven't really talked about this enough, and the corporate media is not covering it.
There have been three mass shootings of white people in the last week.
Random, racially motivated mass shootings.
And some other kidnappings and racially motivated murders as well, just to add on top.
Kind of like a cherry on top of whipped cream.
And to watch the corporate media's
Unification and lockstep censorship of the fact that it is racially motivated really shows you how controlled things are.
And again, I don't particularly want to harp on things that are racially motivated and give it attention, but you got to report on the truth of what's happening.
And you can't run around like a chicken with your head cut off when a white person goes out, which is a lot rarer than a black person, and randomly kills some innocent black people.
That's terrible.
But you can't sit there then and cover it up when black people do it while the media hypes up that white people are evil and deserve whatever happens to them.
So, it's just absolutely, absolutely outrageous.
But I was going to make a big announcement right before we started the show.
I was thinking about making a big announcement.
And then once I got on air,
It's just such a big deal.
What's happening is so evil and so coordinated and so artificially fomented that it really does make somebody just sit back and marvel and not even really be able to comment because it's just so spectacularly wrong and so spectacularly evil and so spectacularly stupid
Of us to put up with it.
And what made me think of this, about an hour before I went on air, I was looking through these news articles, and I saw this particular article out of Town Hall.
There's something seriously wrong with Democrats.
Well, I mean, we know that.
They're power-mad, they're corporate-controlled, they're ruthless, they're above the law.
The Justice Department is a dictatorship that basically operates to protect their criminal activity.
But who really
Has something wrong with them?
Is it those of us putting up with this?
I mean, really, we make that point a lot.
You make that point, I know.
I hear the callers make the point.
But really, who is the really bad people here?
The consciously evil, corrupt, out of control, that have been given a green light to run rampant?
Or is it those of us in society, all of us to some extent,
Who've just sat back and let him do it.
Because we're so focused on our own personal lives and so focused only on the short term that we don't think big picture.
And that really is where we are.
If we don't get very serious about making it the main focus in our lives to oppose corruption, oppose the globalists, oppose their programs of evil, society will go into irrevocable collapse.
A downward spiral, which they admit they're engineering, out of which comes this new world order authoritarian system.
But there's still time to stop it, and the new frontrunner to replace Trudeau in Canada, frontrunner in the polls, we played a clip of him just about a week ago where he said, we'll pull that clip back up, perhaps tell the crew, that the first thing he's going to do is ban anybody in his cabinet or his government
Who is a graduate of the World Economic Forum.
Now, he's not an authoritarian.
He's not saying you can't run for office if you're part of this criminal organization.
What he's saying is he won't have you in his government.
So that little kernel of info is the secret to beating these people.
Because this is an organized global corporate cult.
And we have to understand how they control things.
How they've gotten control.
How to remove them.
We're going to break it down.
When we come back, stay with us.
Pierre Polymare!
Taking his cue...
From folks like Bolsonaro of Brazil, Victor Orban in Eastern Europe and others, is now in the poll position nationally in Canada with the Conservative Populist Alliance to easily beat Trudeau in the next election.
Trudeau is a World Economic Forum globalist operative.
He's part of the criminal cult.
So is the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, literally announcing they're going to shut down half the farms in the country and get rid of most of the cows.
And it's this group that has to be identified and dealt with.
They are the new world order.
They're the ones coming to ban your cars, ban the farms, destroy your families.
And the reason with all this news we've got, that I bring up Pierre Polyvair, is because
He's come out in every major speech he's given the last two years and said these lockdowns are a power grab, the shot is BS, this is total tyranny, this is a new world order, we've got to defeat the globalists, they want to cuff our resources, we've got to stop importing dictator oil and make us the second largest exporter of oil in the world after the US.
Everything he's saying is antithetical to the new world order.
Not that we totally trust him.
Is he perfect?
He can be a show like Boris Johnson that pretends to be a patriot and stabs us in the back.
But his rhetoric is about 10 times stronger than Boris Johnson's.
Johnson just said enough to get elected Prime Minister and then began sabotaging.
That's not the case with people like Bolsonaro.
And Trump meant well, and did a pretty good job, but not as good as Bolsonaro.
So if you want to defeat this whole thing, you just take back your governments.
Local, state, and federal.
You take back your school boards with the truth, with information.
What the New World Order is pushing is incredibly unpopular, and it's something that the people do not accept and do not want.
In every global and national poll and local poll,
Whether it's drag queen pedophile time, or whether it's open borders, or whether it's currency devaluation, or whether it's all these wars, or whether it's carbon taxes and cutting off the coal power plants, upwards of 90% of people are against it.
Just like in national polls below the age of 25, 87% are against abortion.
Above 25, 60 plus percent.
Just 20 years ago, 70 plus percent across the board were pro-abortion.
We're winning hearts and minds.
That's why the permanent deep state, the global corporate, transhumanist oligarchs are panicking because we are peacefully, culturally, intellectually, spiritually, economically winning.
People want freedom.
Enshrined by the American Dream.
Doesn't mean we ever actually realized it, but comparatively to other nations, we implemented more than anybody else.
They can't allow there to be a free, open nation like America when they're establishing a world tyranny.
They can't have a free Australia, or a free Canada, or a free United Kingdom, or a free Germany, or a free France.
That's why you have people like Pierre Olivier,
On one side, exposing the New World Order, and people like the French President on the other side saying the era of abundance and prosperity is over two weeks ago.
What a stark comparison.
From Macron to this individual that we're talking about.
So I'm not lionizing Pierre Hollidaire, if I'm pronouncing it right, I'm simply saying what he's doing is popular, what he's doing will get him elected, and if we hold their feet to the fire, it's game over to the World Economic Forum that brags they've taken over half the governments of the world by penetrating the cabinets.
So, here is the frontrunner against Trudeau,
The leader of the Conservative Party, freshly voted the leader of it, just a week ago, talking about if he gets elected the leader of Canada, banning people in his government that are part of the World Economic Forum, which is exactly what you do to a foreign criminal organized crime syndicate that's taking over your country.
We're good to go.
Now that was a week ago.
Let's play a clip of him winning the leadership of the conservative party that's now in an alliance with the populist parties and has a looks like 86%
Number in Parliament, because again, it's not like America where there's two parties, Republican, Democrat, winner-takes-all.
There, Trudeau only got 30% of the vote, but he went and manipulated the other parties in Parliament, so they still voted to make him the leader.
They've got now more votes than that.
There's no way he can do it.
And he is the example, Klaus Schwab has said, of the New World Order and what they want for the world.
You defeat him, you take him down,
They're inches away in Australia to removing their different regional governors and their puppet fake conservative president.
So, this is a big, big deal.
And I've got U.S.
examples of this when we come back from break, but here he is winning the leadership of the Republican, of the Conservative Party in Canada.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have some results.
I have some results.
It's my great privilege to announce the results.
Nous avons un nouveau chef.
We have a new leader.
The next Prime Minister of Canada, la prochaine Premier Ministre du Canada, the Honourable Pierre Pollièvre.
And again, I apologize to our French listeners that I butcher French.
Very beautiful, complex language.
They sound like Polly-ev.
It looks like Polly-beer to me.
The show, great.
He gives hardcore speeches that sound like InfoWars.
And he's got a good voting record.
And he spoke out against all the garbage the last few years in Canada.
So, this is a big deal, folks.
And everywhere there are conservative nationalist populist leaders that are in the forefront and that's why they're trying to hurry up and start a war, implode the economy, get rid of the borders.
Devalue the currency and bring in their new global social credit score with universal basic income.
It's being announced in Democrat cities.
It's being announced by Biden with the debt forgivance for student loans.
It's being announced in the UK, in Europe, everywhere.
Oh, you don't have enough money for fuel or power?
Don't worry, we'll give you money.
You've just got to agree to live the way we say and accept the smart meter that tracks what you do.
And if you don't follow the rules, three years in prison.
In places like Switzerland.
So there's a plan.
We know the plan.
We know who the enemy is.
We know how to beat them.
And they've been in a race to silence us.
InfoWars, which is the most powerful force out there exposing this, that's kind of a scary thing.
I don't want to be the main target, but it's just true.
You've supported us, so the truth's coming out.
We're in a race to make sure enough people wake up to no matter what happens to us, we still beat them.
Stay with us.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
In 2020, the American people put their trust in Democrats.
And over these last 18 months, Democrats have delivered.
Let me rephrase that.
Over these last 18 months, Democrats have delivered big time.
First, imagine, I don't want to, but imagine if we lost our Democratic majority in the Congress.
Meanwhile, mayors in more than 15 Democrat cities, New York, D.C., you name it, are complaining that Texas is busing illegal aliens to their towns when they're the ones that opened the border.
It's been said, but it's worth reiterating, that the governors of Texas and Arizona have created this crisis.
And the federal government has not stepped up to assist the District of Columbia.
So we, along with our regional partners, will do what we've always done.
We'll rise to the occasion.
We've learned from border towns like El Paso and Brownsville.
And in many ways, the governors of Texas and Arizona
Many cities in the U.S.
have a 200 plus percent crime increase in just the last year and a half.
Since the puppet Joe Biden got into power with his policies.
And they then have the nerve when they flood the red states and red cities with illegal aliens coming from third world countries that have collapsed under two plus years of lockdowns that they implemented to say that we did this.
This is the definition of brainwashing.
This is the
Most clear-cut example of gaslighting you can get.
We ought to string together.
We've played a lot of the clubs.
You've heard it on other shows everywhere.
You've seen it.
Of the New York mayor and the San Francisco mayor and all these other people and mayors in New Jersey and all over bitching that Texas and Florida are busing illegal aliens to their cities, to their states, when you're the ones
That liquidated the border.
And then the City Councilwoman we just played from D.C., Brenna Kanadu.
Bitches about the Democrats not helping D.C.
What do you think they're doing, lady?
They're destroying the country!
This is a perfect example of how these people
Literally think they're the good guys at the low level like the city council person and she doesn't understand what a five-year-old can understand that this is a globalist policy of erasing borders and erasing nation-states and creating giant permanent underclasses they can exploit.
Oh, I don't hate the illegal aliens.
They're being totally exploited on average.
But I do dislike the criminals and rapists and murderers they let come through and the human smugglers.
But yeah, the majority aren't bad people.
They're refugees from globalism.
But a good 10% are criminals.
And that's millions.
And they're hurting everybody, including the quote migrants.
It's so cold-blooded.
For TV viewers, you're going to see this.
Radio listeners, you're lucky you don't have to look at it, but I see these clips every day and I hardly ever play them.
But I mean, here's just one that's on Infowars.com right now.
Just a new video of multiple fights, feces all over the ground, homeless people laying around everywhere in San Francisco.
This is the collapse of civilization.
Here it is.
What happened to America?
What happened to Europe?
Well, globalist policies by design to undermine and collapse society, and now the entire bottom of society is collapsing, and people that think they can protect themselves from this by going along with the system or moving to a nice neighborhood, you're wrong.
This is designed to bring the whole thing down.
So I go back to this Town Hall article that says, there's something seriously wrong with Democrats.
Is there something seriously wrong with cancer in your body?
Does it have a consciousness?
It's gonna kill you.
No, we have something seriously wrong with us letting this happen.
So here's my message today, and I'm gonna cover more in the next segment.
When I explain to viewers and listeners, and Trump's done it as well because it's totally true, when I explain over and over and over again that they're not coming after me, they're coming after you, and they've just got to get through me, that's the truth!
And you can see it, you know it.
And how are they coming after you?
You know how they're coming after you.
Look around.
And if you knew where they're going to take all of us together very soon, we're already on that slippery slope, you would do everything in your power to stop these people.
And here's the good news.
You're the most hardcore, most awake people in the planet that tune into InfoWars.
It's true.
I'm not giving you a platitude.
I'm not kissing your ass.
Look, you're the best hope we got.
Let's get that straight.
We're in this together.
And that's why when you call in and thank me and give me these praises, I say thank you.
I appreciate you too, but we're all in a boat sinking.
Thank you for trying to plug the holes.
I'm plugging the holes too, but I'm not doing it because I'm a hero.
I'm doing it because we're all in this together.
It's not heroic to fight for your survival.
It's not heroic to stand up and have a consciousness.
It's not heroic
Have life force and self-preservation.
It's what you do if you're going to survive.
And I need people to understand this isn't like something you volunteer for to be a hero and to fight against the New World Order.
This is not heroic.
This is called survival.
This is called understanding history and knowing you don't have a choice.
You either decide to serve this thing and go down with it.
Because it will destroy everybody serving.
Or you decide that you're going to resist it every way you can legally and lawfully.
So what's wrong with the Democrats?
What's wrong with us letting them do this?
So when I make these speeches, I'm not talking to our general audience of supporters and people.
I love you.
Every race, color, and creed.
Red-blooded humans, incredibly powerful, made in the image of God.
I'm talking to the millions of new people every day.
They're just tuning through to see what this is all about.
They just kind of dip in to see, why are they talking about this guy?
They go to InfoWars.com, Sports Slash Show, they go to Band Up Video.
Let me hear what it's all about.
What it's all about is the New World Order is coming down on all of us with both feet.
That's what it's all about.
People say, man, you're really under attack fighting these people.
I don't know if I want to fight them.
Bless your soul.
It's fighting them that keeps us safe and why we have freedom.
Giving up is assured destruction for 99.9999999% of people.
And that's really the big takeaway here.
But here's the good news.
The world's waking up.
Every number, every fact shows that.
Come on, come on up!
When I come back, I'm going to talk about how we win and how we must win.
And then we've got a special guest joining us to deal with some of the most rigged corporate news and disinformation ever, with the New York Times caught red-handed in absolute fraud.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Alright, I'm going to try to spill my guts out here to all of you that care about freedom and care about our future.
I'll just tell you like it is.
A lot of really sick, vicious, evil people have gotten together using behavioral psychology and economics and they've decided you're a bunch of weak chumps.
That can be run over and dominated and have all of your basic freedoms taken away.
America wasn't perfect, but under the Christian ethos, America developed a plan to empower the little guy.
And to believe in the little guy and to create a system of prosperity and technology and freedom.
And we created more wealth by 1950 than the rest of the world combined.
The United States had 54% of the wealth and the science and the technology, though we were only 4% of the population, we still are, in the world, in 1950.
Jackets drive me crazy.
And we're sitting here allowing all of that birthright to be stolen right in front of us.
So you either wake up to the enemy, you either understand who they are, you either say no to them or you roll over and die.
And again, I already told you the good news earlier.
In more than 20 prominent countries,
Right now, anti-globalists are being elected, or have been elected, and if that happens, it will accelerate the chain reaction, and it's bye-bye Klaus Schwab, bye-bye Henry Kissinger, bye-bye New World Order.
We are so close to beating them.
What they're doing is outrageous, it is unpopular, it is destructive, it is corrupt, it is evil, it is wrong.
But if we won't stand up for ourselves, we deserve what we get.
And that's really the message.
If we're dumb enough to let these people eat our lunch and push us around, we deserve what we get.
But I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it a thousand and one times.
Children don't deserve this to be done to them.
And I will not sit by and watch a bunch of degenerate criminals that think they're God play God with our lives.
Now, I expect evil to keep being evil.
I expect evil to follow its satanic instincts and not stop.
And it isn't going to stop until we stop them.
But I don't care about those evil people.
I care about you.
Now, I've got incredible news to cover next hour.
We have a special guest popping in.
And Sunday Live's coming up at 6 p.m.
Open phones.
And tomorrow, we've got the big Andrew Tait interview.
I tape Thursday airing.
Some other special guests as well.
The Monday show.
It'll be big.
But... The New World Order has decided and has said
That we're worthless.
They think we're stupid.
They think we're pathetic.
They think we're weak.
And you know what?
If we act like this and we let them do what they've already executed and get away with it, we do deserve what happens to us.
But man, the children really deserve champions and people that are going to stand up for the future.
Our forebearers did it.
We can be part of it.
And I know the main audience has done this and I salute you.
We can do it.
But I really want to just reach out to everybody to understand this is game time.
My friends, my family, people I know so well, and they deserve a break.
And they deserve to have some fun.
But they're all watching UT football games, and they're all at the Dallas Cowboys game in Dallas, and they get more excited about the Dallas Cowboys and about the University of Texas.
I know it's the same for all the towns around your neck of the woods.
While we're losing the whole country, and the border's collapsing, and the dollar's dying, and world government's being announced, and they're cutting off the energy.
Do you understand they're using bread and circuses to distract you so you should love liberty more than the Hollywood crap?
And Hollywood's already collapsed.
People already know it's the enemy.
But sports still is the opiate of the masses.
I think about that Alexander Sholtson Easton quote from Gulag Archipelago in his decades in a forced labor camp in Siberia, where he says, if we had just loved freedom more, when Stalin sent out his NKVD to round everybody up, we'd have just stood up to him, we outnumbered him 100 to 1, 1,000 to 1, none of this would have happened, but we didn't.
We had to wait until it got so horrible and so evil and wait until 50 million people were killed until we did anything!
And that's where we are.
And I know we can get out of this.
I know we can beat this.
I know we can stop it.
But we've got to have the will to make it our main passion and our main focus.
Oh, Alex will fly on a private jet, you know, to meet with this famous quarterback and watch this football game in such and such town.
Alex, why don't you want to go?
How can I sit there in some private box with a bunch of billionaires and watch a football game?
Oh, maybe I should go watch the football game.
Maybe they support me.
Maybe they donate.
If they're too busy watching a football game and they don't know how much trouble the country's in, they're never going to make the right decision.
I don't have time for children!
Imagine all these billionaires and hundred millionaires and five hundred millionaires, you know, people with billions of dollars and they still don't know, just because they live in a fancy palace and got private jets, they're not safe and they're losing everything.
Yeah, they like Donald Trump.
Yeah, they like the Republican Party.
Yeah, they like the Bill of Rights.
At least on the surface, but when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road, they still only care about going to black tie and white tie dinners and posing and sitting around.
When all that's going away, the technocrats, the big banks, the big tech companies, they're coming in and taking everything over.
They're bringing in a societal shutdown system.
They're going to have new lockdowns, new shutdowns, new controls.
And they're going to make all you billionaires sign on to an agreement to put your money into their collectivist system just like it's happened in the rest of the world and just like it's happened in China very, very soon.
And you're going to lose all your independence that this country afforded you and the ancestors that fought and died, paid for in blood.
And you will have your wealth taken from you because you were too stupid
To actually stand up and fight when the time was here?
Because you were too timid?
Because you let somebody else fight?
Oh, here's the novelty!
Oh, look, it's Alex Jones, the Patriot!
Oh, son, we're glad you're out there fighting for us.
Now pull up a chair.
And let's watch a football game.
I'd rather just paint with watercolors than my five-year-old daughter and pray.
I'd rather just cook dinner with my wife.
I'd rather just be in mourning for the end of America.
Because you people won't wake up and won't realize that this isn't just some radio show.
This isn't just some guy's opinion.
The reason I'm under such attack is because I know who the enemy is.
And we've launched a blueprint of 1776 worldwide that can and will defeat them.
And we will defeat them in the end.
The only question is, how bad is it gonna get?
Before you finally wake up and fight back.
Winston Churchill, to paraphrase one of his famous speeches, he said, most people in life get run over by history.
The average person just gets up and dusts themselves off and forgets they got hit by history.
Some people decide to actually take measure of it, decide whether they want to be part of history or not.
He also said, many times in history there's a chance to beat tyranny and to take over when you're assured of victory.
And sometimes you make the right decision, you stop it.
There's other times where you're not assured of victory, but you may be able to have a victory, and you take action and defeat the tyranny.
But more often than not, there are times in history when the tyranny is so evil and so dehumanizing and so satanic, you have no chance of victory, but you still carry out the fight against it, because now it's about your immortal soul and who you are in the universe and timelessness.
We're not in the third phase yet of it being hopeless, but we're rapidly moving out of that column into hopelessness.
And once you're hopeless, you have to sign on to everything the Satanists want you to do, because they really want your soul.
They want to cut the resources off and get you desperate so they can dictate your subservience to them.
Do you really want to live like that?
We've got a special guest joining us.
We'll be right back in the second hour of this Sunday broadcast.
All I'm offering is the truth, nothing more.
I promise you blood, sweat, and tears, but the end victory if you take action.
If not, you're done.
We'll be right back.
It's never gonna get any better.
Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners, the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls!
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
You said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage, I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's called the Great Reset.
Tough guy?
It's called the New World Order.
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives with a social credit score and a universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and them manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, Are you alright?
You really seem upset.
Are you feeling okay?
Atlanta's about to have a nuclear war.
I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out.
This is real.
This is not... This is not a freaking game to me, man.
People are already starving to death by the hundreds of millions right now.
You'll never see it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God to help them, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God.
Yeah, God can do it, but God needs us to do it, because God's not free will.
Once again, not for the first time, what had seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory turned out to be the truth.
Yeah, I'm upset.
I'm really... I told you last night.
I said, what's wrong with you?
You really freaked out.
I'm like, yeah, I'm really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out, you see, because this is real.
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real.
And we're going into a time now where we're not gonna be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if we don't get sane people to stop the globalist... I mean... We won't be here in six months.
You won't be here in six months.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars.com InfoWars comes to mind.
You watch InfoWars?
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Nice guy.
Alex Jones.
You must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He knows who InfoWars is.
Quit playing this joke over here.
That's why the de-platforming didn't work.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright folks, we know that corporate media, globalist media, is a fraud and they're out to get us.
We already know that.
And we've always, at least I've always heard for decades, that the New York Times bestseller list is extremely political about what they allow on it.
The story's a lot bigger than that.
This is about, in my view, organized fraud.
Because imagine if it's a nationalist or populist book that is popular and goes to the top five or ten or number one, and they block it,
Well that's what they're going to do with ratings.
It came out that Nielsen will give higher ratings to CNN or MSNBC than they actually have.
Or they'll cheat in an election and give more votes to the establishment candidate than the other.
What it is is fraud.
They're willing to put their finger on the scale.
And so there was a big article out on Friday breaking Alex Jones' blast of the New York Times bestseller list is pure fraud.
Pretty powerful headline.
But I should have come up with a headline, New York Times Caught in Massive Fraud.
Because our book, published by Skyhorse Publishing, The Great Reset and War for the World, went to number two on a bunch of other major charts, to the top ten routinely on Amazon.
That's not counting books getting sold all these third-party places, just in a few places they track.
It was really number one, and it didn't even make it
Into the New York Times bestseller list and books that sold a fraction made it to the top.
That's emblematic of a scam.
So Tony Lyons is the founder and CEO and owner of Skyhorse, which is the biggest independent book publisher in the country.
I think it has the most courage out there.
That's why I published my book with Tony Lyons.
He joins us to talk about this.
We can also put the book on the screen.
I had a copy here with me, but somebody took it off my desk.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
I've talked to friends and family in Dallas and Austin who went into bookstores and in one case, there was five books.
By the time she left, there was one book left.
She bought one.
That's while she was there.
And it was a similar story out of Dallas.
So thanks for everybody getting this book.
It's a political statement to have it.
It's the blueprint of the New World Order.
They don't want it read.
And imagine if this went to number one, which we know it really did.
Imagine how big that would be for a cultural statement.
But just like they'll steal an election, ladies and gentlemen, they will engage the type of behavior.
But we just get punch drunk to it.
Tony, don't we?
We just get punched drunk to them engaging in this type of behavior.
What would you call it as the publisher of the Great Reset and the War for the World?
What would you call this type of activity?
And unlike corporate media, we're going to show people the other bestseller lists.
We're on multiple top lists.
We're number two and a bunch of others were in the top five, top ten, and then doesn't even make the so-called vaunted New York Times bestseller list.
That is a total red-handed
Yeah, you know, it's exactly what's covered in your book.
I mean, this kind of thing is the great reset in that they want to control what you do, what you think, and what you read.
And they use their bestseller list as a way to convince people that something is worth reading.
So it's a recommended reading list.
So this book sold more than any other
Hardcover nonfiction book in America last week, and it was nowhere on the New York Times bestseller list.
So there was a book on that list that sold 3,500 copies.
Your book, Alex, sold nine times as many copies as that book and didn't make it on their list.
I mean, it's absolute fraud.
And they are telling you, I mean, they are falsely claiming that this book isn't selling well.
And it's the best-selling book in America this week.
So, it's insane, and we need to really fight against it.
That the best-selling book in America doesn't make that list, you can't read about it in any mainstream newspaper, it's a total media silence, media blackout.
And, you know, your viewers have to recognize what's happening here, that you've written an important book, and the subject matter of the book is exactly what's happening to the book.
That they're trying to exercise total control.
And what all the big tech platforms do with this kind of book is they don't allow you to advertise for it.
They take likes off.
They put this kind of friction on it so that it makes it really hard for people to find it.
So they play around with the algorithms.
So these companies are trying to control what you see, what you do, what you think, everything.
And that's what this book is about.
And that's why this book is so important.
Tony, you just said it way better than I can say it.
I mean, to quantify this, it's number one a nonfiction, number two book in the world according to Wall Street Journal, and according to a bunch of other major lists.
The New York Times says no.
Yeah, we know we claim something's a bestseller, because people believe in the knowledge of the crowd, but we're going to lie to you and tell you other stuff is.
I mean, this really is fraud.
It's absolutely insane.
It shows we'd win the culture war overnight.
Yeah, I mean, this is just insane censorship and they know what they're doing.
And I called them up and I asked them, what's the story here?
You can look at NPD book scan and you see this, this monster number.
How is it that you don't put it on the bestseller list?
And they said, well,
The sales didn't meet our standards.
So I said, what do you mean by that?
And they said, the sales didn't meet our standards.
So I said, please clarify that.
They then came back and said, it's just about sales.
So I said, is this about the fact that it's Alex Jones?
Is it about the fact that it's a subject matter that you disagree with?
And they said, absolutely not.
It's just sales.
So they're so used to lying to the American public that they have no qualms about saying something that's so blatantly untrue.
There's no way that this is about anything other than the subject matter.
They don't want you to read this book.
They don't want you to think about this book.
They don't want you to believe that this is the best-selling book in America.
And it is.
That's just amazing.
And what I've anecdotally heard from friends and family about it, you know, the book being at the front of the store but selling out quickly, you were telling me on the phone the other day that, yeah, you're seeing massive orders at the bookstore levels.
That's going to really freak out the establishment.
I mean, they will do everything to make it less likely that people buy this book.
You know, like I said, there are going to be libraries that don't carry it.
You know, small, privately owned bookstores all across the country are boycotting the book.
They're not going to let us advertise for it, like I said before.
So all of these different kind of frictions.
So they're in the book business, but they're really in the 1984 business of banning books.
You know, they specifically say that they won't carry books now that they disagree with.
So there are hundreds of bookstores in this country that will not take even a special order.
So if you call up a bookstore and say, I want 10 copies of Alex Jones' The Great Reset, they will say, we don't carry that book.
We don't want the order.
And these are struggling bookstores.
So they feel so sort of empowered and so convinced that censorship is the right way to run a business.
And you know, the truth is that if you have a better argument, you don't need censorship.
If they could address the claims in this book and disprove them, they would do that, right?
I mean, why do they need to try to prevent people from reading the book by playing all these games?
If they have a real argument, if they could have a debate with you over these things that are happening in this country.
But they don't want debate.
They don't believe in debate because they're fascists and they're trying to force you to do what they want you to do and to think what they want you to think.
Well, that's right.
I mean, talk about we're going to break with the Streisand effect, the arrogance of doing this.
And I guess they think it's going to work, but it looks like so far it hasn't.
Thanks to all the great listeners and viewers that have gotten the book.
And so this is a real political war here to continue to hammer this out.
We come back.
Tony Lyons, owner of Skyworks Publishing, they have the courage to put this book out.
Number one nonfiction in the world right now.
We'll show you some of the actual charts where it's number one and number two, number five, number ten around the world.
Number one nonfiction book in the world right now.
A huge success.
Freedom is popular.
But the tyrants that we're battling, we talk about this book, are trying to suppress what you can read and what you have access to.
Truly shameful.
Tony Lyons!
Owner and publisher at Skyhorse Publishing put out The Great Reset and War for the World.
He was telling me during the break he's never seen anything like it.
The New York Times will push titles down, but if a book's number one, they've never taken it out of the bestseller list.
This is fraud next level.
They claim they're showing you bestselling books.
They're lying to you and you're not.
The other big charts show number two, number five, number ten, number six.
We're going to go over those in a minute, but sir, you've got the floor.
Lay this out.
Yeah, so in 25 years of publishing books, I've published 59 New York Times bestsellers.
I've seen the New York Times play all kinds of games.
I've seen them take books that should have been number one and make it number five, make it number seven.
But I've never seen them do this.
Where a book outsold any other book in the country in its category, and they did not put it on anywhere.
And then they claimed that it was about sales.
I mean, that is an absolute fraud on the American public.
And, you know, if you look at some of the blurbs that we got for this book, you know, I want to just read a couple of things that people said.
So Tucker Carlson said, if Alex Jones is just a crackpot, why are the most powerful people in the country trying to silence him?
So you see that here, that the New York Times is trying to silence him, that every major newspaper is trying to silence him, that the government doesn't want you to read this book.
And why is that?
It's because they're afraid of the message in this book.
Stephen Bannon says that people should read the book, read the book and decide for yourself.
What people need to do, what they need to have the right to do in a democracy is get real information.
And, you know, what's happened over the last two years is that we've been told that the government or that big tech companies want to protect us from misinformation.
But what it's really come down to is that they just want to tell their narrative and they want to get rid of every other narrative.
And that's what Alex Jones is talking about in this book, that we have to protect freedom.
And there are a bunch of things that you can do to help get this message out.
So I would like people to go onto Facebook, to go onto YouTube, to go onto Instagram and say that the New York Times
Is committing the worst kind of fraud on the American public that they took the number one bestselling book and they didn't list it anywhere.
And that has to be called out and people have to be alerted to the kinds of things that are happening that all the big tech platforms now have been enlisted by the government to shut out any kind of dissent.
That they're trying to prevent what they call confusion, and they're using what they call friction, which is de-emphasizing books, de-listing books, making it harder for people to find things.
And one of the ways that they do that is by keeping it off bestseller lists.
A very bold move.
They're afraid of this because it's a countervailing narrative to their globalist narrative.
They don't want a debate to be about a bunch of multinational corporations announcing the end of freedom.
So, but what's really so shocking there is that exactly the same kinds of things that you're describing in this book are being used against this book.
And they are truly, you know, trying kind of tooth and nail, doing everything they can do to get you not to get, you know, viewers and readers not to read the book.
And I think you're going to see that more and more in the coming days.
This is a playbook that they've described.
We're good.
It should be a red flag.
That this book is not misinformation.
This is a narrative that they don't like.
And if they have a good argument against the thoughts in this book, they should come out and make those arguments.
They should disprove what Alex Jones says, not censor him.
It's un-American, it's unconstitutional, and it has to stop.
And we're unlike corporate media, we'll actually show you the real list.
I've got the Wall Street Journal.
I've got a bunch of others here.
Number two, Wall Street Journal.
Number two, Publishers Weekly.
Number ten, USA Today, which includes all categories, including textbooks.
Not even shown on the New York Times bestseller list.
Total fraud.
Here's the actual numbers.
Tell us about this.
Yeah, so the Wall Street Journal made it the number two book.
And the claim that I saw there was that there were about 6,000 copies sold that didn't actually get shipped because the book was selling so quickly in a four or five day period.
So something like 36,000 were ordered, but only 30,000 shipped.
So maybe the Wall Street Journal wasn't playing games there.
That's kind of hard to tell.
But the New York Times
Clearly, this is a game, this is fraud, and they're really struggling to tell their readers one narrative and to make sure that you don't get any other narrative, that you don't know the truth, you don't know what's selling, you don't know what people believe, you don't know what people are interested in.
And if they can do that with a book, they can do it about anything.
So you have to look at any story that a place like the New York Times publishes
And wonder whether that itself is real misinformation, where they're just telling a story because they want you to believe that story, not because it's factual, not because it's based on research, and not because it's based on, in this case, the number of copies sold.
Well, Tony, I want to commend you and thank you for your courage and the fact that I've been interviewing you for many years.
At Infowarshort.com, we've sold hundreds of titles, like Robert F. Kennedy's book that came out that was huge.
And you said, hey, let's do this.
And so I said, OK, I'll do it.
And your courage doing this, because obviously you're going to get targeted.
You're going to be attacked for what you've done.
But regardless of your political bent,
This is just pro-freedom to do this.
And so I'm just blessed that you've been here, you've been involved in this.
But I guess in closing, did you even expect the censorship to be this intense?
I did not think in my wildest dreams that they would totally keep it off the bestseller list.
I mean, I've seen a lot of
You know, stories coming out of the New York Times that I believe are just untrue.
And I've seen all kinds of games on big tech platforms to make it less likely that you can buy something.
But they are going they are getting to the depths.
Of corruption and of censorship.
And you know, this is something that I'm going to fight against for the rest of my life.
I mean, people have asked me whether I'm afraid of standing up to these powerful forces that want to control what people think and read.
And my position is I would be afraid not to.
I would be afraid to live in a world where I couldn't and wasn't willing to fight against these kinds of things.
And I'm glad to be partnering with you on this book because I've seen that you are fighting against these same kinds of forces.
We got 50 seconds left.
As negative as this is, and as sad as it is, they're showing themselves.
We forced them out in the open.
And so I think in the end we're going to win, because now they're acting like complete and total tyrants.
Yeah, because this is so blatant that people ought to realize it.
And that's what's happened during this whole two-year period now, that there's been so much censorship, so much deplatforming of sort of doctors and scientists and writers and anybody who disagrees with a very specific narrative.
And so what's happened is you went from sort of a counterculture of people who, you know, didn't believe the New York Times narrative or the U.S.
government narrative on certain subject matters.
Tony, Tony, don't hang up.
I got Alex Stein popping in briefly from Tucker Carlson.
I'm gonna come back to you.
Do one more segment.
Lies, New York Times.
Gentlemen, we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government.
Leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center?
Does anybody else see a problem here?
If the government has nothing to hide, why are they so afraid to answer a few questions?
This story does not add up.
Alright, here's the bottom line.
This isn't even about bringing in money.
It does some of that.
It's about culturally having the number one book and the people exposing Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset of the New World Order and the Death Star plan of their operation.
And that's why it was the number one book.
And that's why the New York Times censored it when they're supposedly the most prestigious group that tells you what America's reading and what the people think.
That's a fraud on their readers, on their supporters.
But we're not going to give up.
This is already a huge victory against their tyranny.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
And there are a lot of important places to get it, but wherever you get it, call your bookstores when it sells out.
Ask for more.
Do your Christmas shopping.
Don't battle the crowds.
Don't wait, you know, months and drive around in all the traffic.
Just order 5, 6, 7 copies of the book right now at Amazon.com, or M4WarsTore.com, or Skyhorse, or Barnes & Noble, wherever, and know that it's a revolutionary act to share this book, and that the enemies of free speech are scared of it.
Piss in the face of the New York Times.
Let them know you're aware of what they've done, because believe me, they're scared of the fact that I have the number one Joe Rogan podcast.
Three of them.
They're scared of the fact that freedom is so popular and they don't want to recognize that you recognize the truth and justice and freedom plus the information in this book is insane.
It's their own words.
It's their own admissions.
It's like Hitler wrote Mein Kampf saying what he would do, but people ignored it.
We're showing you in their own words what they said they would do, and they're doing it.
This is like their Mein Kampf, but I wrote it for them to bring them down.
So, Tony Lyons, in closing, how do people beat the censorship?
How do they defeat it?
The system's scared of this weapon.
Everybody should use this book as a rallying point right now, because that's what it is.
I mean, buying this book is an act of rebellion against the things that are described in this book.
And they are using the methods that are described in this book against the book itself.
So like I said, if you have a better argument, and I mean the New York Times, if the New York Times has a better argument, they don't need to censor the book.
They're afraid of the book.
They can't answer the allegations.
They must know that they're true.
But, you know, for the New York Times, which is a news organization, to do everything they can to lie to the American people about the sales of a book in its first week.
You know, that's what have we come to as a country.
And, you know, like you were saying, there are periodicals that come out.
This is one that says that they're going to do all these kinds of things.
This is from the U.S.
Surgeon General.
And it basically says that they're going to have these kind of public and private partnerships, the kinds of things described in this book.
To stifle dissent, to make sure that you can't get other ideas, other narratives.
So, this is an important book.
I would like you guys to go on to social media to tell the world what's going on here.
This was the best-selling book in America, and the New York Times is not listing it, not reviewing it, not saying a word about it.
And, you know, Alex Jones has an important message that people have to read, and I would like to read
Joe Rogan's blurb about Alex Jones.
It says, Alex is right about far more than he's wrong about.
He's the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
So, all the people who think that they disagree with you, Alex, they have to read this book.
That's what happens in a democracy.
If you're going to say you disagree with a book, you have to read it, you have to think about it, and then make a better argument.
And everybody else, all of you people who have already bought copies, and who know what Alex Jones stands for, and what he said in this book, you should, like I said, go on social media, tell the world what's going on here, and expose all of these incredible people.
More importantly than just buying another copy to give us a gift, and that's important,
We're good.
But, I mean, it's breaking.
New York Times caught in massive censorship scandal.
Suppresses number one book in the world for political views.
I mean, this is a big deal and they're trying to just normalize they can do stuff like this.
No, it's not normal.
That's what tyrants do.
Hitler did it.
Stalin did it.
Mao did it.
Fidel Castro did it.
Hugo Chavez did it.
They try to just normalize this type of crap.
This is outrageous.
People have to know that when they go on the internet now, they can see things that aren't true.
When they read the New York Times, they can read things that just blatantly aren't true.
You know, you can have a book that, you know, doesn't have any likes, for example, because the
The specific platform doesn't like that book, so they take the likes down.
So we've seen that in book after book.
But this book, so far, it's got more than 500 reviews, and they're, you know, almost all five-star.
So the people are speaking.
The people who are actually reading the book are really getting... That's important, too.
On Amazon, like a 99% positive rating.
I mean, this thing's getting five stars everywhere.
Yeah, so we have to watch it closely to make sure that they don't start taking down any of those, because that's what they've done in the past.
And we have to hold their feet to the fire, hold the mainstream media's feet to the fire, that they have to cover the stories that people really care about.
And they have to write about the books, and like I said, even if they disagree, they have to make an argument of why they disagree.
Well that's right, Tony, something we saw certainly about 10 years ago, but now it's almost everywhere.
All these big newspapers, almost all of them got rid of comments.
Now YouTube, a pro Alex Jones quote, or a pro Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Uh, somebody may have 10,000 likes.
It's way down the bottom.
Something with five dislikes is the top single bad thing.
YouTube even admits they put negative stuff up on top.
So this is at every level they're trying to stop the average person from having their voice heard.
And this book is a major rallying point in that fight.
That's a great point that you brought up, because with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'
's book, The Real Anthony Fauci, the number one review was written by Dr. Mercola, and it had something like 7,500 likes.
And that was just taken down.
So now the top positive review has only 59 likes.
And the top negative one has 2,500.
I mean, I see it all the time.
They'll have some article that I have child porn.
It's totally not true.
And then they'll have some dude with 500 likes at the top and somebody with 20,000 views cut out.
I mean, this is organized brigades of fraud going on as the establishment tries to suppress human will.
This is, you know, this is the Ministry of Truth.
This is 1984 happening before our eyes.
And that's what this book is about.
That's what The Great Reset is about.
It's about all of these incredible processes that have been instituted in this country to take away your freedom.
And now they're trying to make it permanent.
So in closing, it's critical everybody, folks, why battle the lines and the traffic and all of it?
Seriously, this is a serious war.
I just want to stay on air and beat these people.
Go get 5, 10 copies.
End your Christmas shopping now.
Where is the best place for people to go buy the book where it sells so many copies?
Because we're just counting the weeks since it came out.
It had even way more sales than pre-order, and they're ignoring those.
But you're almost saying more important than regular listeners buying more copies is just do a review.
Right, definitely.
Go on to Amazon, go on to BarnesandNoble.com, go on to Target.com, and write a review, and make sure that it stays there.
And then also write about, like I said, the New York Times, write about these things that are going on, and if you see them playing games, write about that.
If you see, if you put a review up, and it gets taken down, write about that.
Put it on Instagram, put it on Facebook, put it on Twitter.
They're scared of this book being a rallying point, which it already is,
So let's make it a battle point to get all the sheeple to go read it and find out.
Just like Alexander Shultz and Eachen's Good Luck or Pelago, this is a very important book.
Tony Lyons, thank you for being a visionary.
Thanks for getting me to write the book.
And God bless you, sir.
Thanks so much.
Wow, that was powerful.
I got one more segment I'm going to do with some other news I want to hit.
We're going to come back and cover it.
But man,
The New York Times has never done this before.
They are so scared.
What is it in the Great Reset and the War for the World they don't want you to see?
Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, we're live.
And Sunday nights, 4 to 6 p.m., live.
Then Sunday live with Owen Schroyer, Christy Lee, Harrison Smith, and others.
That's coming up here in just a few minutes with your calls and a bunch of other news.
All right.
I meant to play this Friday.
I didn't get to it.
I'm going to play it now.
Alex Stein.
A lot of people were thinking, oh, this guy is just a troll.
Oh, this guy, you know, what's he doing?
He's very smart.
They killed his mother with the COVID hospital garbage.
And I told you, watch this guy carefully because he's the type of people that the bad guys are getting off the bench with their activity.
So he went out and trolled to get a massive following, and now he's showing you the intellectual he is.
And when I'm in Connecticut with the next show trial, not this week, but next week, he'll be hosting one of the shows here, and he'll show you the real Alex Dunn.
That's why in his first phase, when he was here months ago, I said, stop it and show me who you really are, because I knew.
He said later, he goes, not yet.
But now he is showing them
And he's a very smart guy.
And that's what I've been waiting for, is other men and women that have the power to take down the New World Order.
I'm waiting for you.
And I'm starting to see it.
So it's very, very exciting.
We're going to win this, folks.
We already are winning intellectually, but it's going to get a lot rougher before we turn the tide.
But here he was last week on Tucker Carlson, laying out the mind control, the trauma-based mind control.
That's the way history works.
And then, you know, we have to get conspiratorial.
And we look at the Iran-Contra.
The CIA was trading drugs with Nicaraguans for guns.
We were giving them guns, and then they were taking that cocaine, and they were flying it into Mena, Arkansas, which Bill Clinton happened to be the governor of that state.
And they were taking those drugs, and they were putting them in Florida, they were putting them in California, Freeway Ricky Ross.
So they created the crack epidemic.
So the people, the same people that did that, they're creating the problems that we have today.
So it's just a new drug for a new era.
Not really, it's scary.
No, no, no!
I know what you mean, I know you mean that sarcastically.
Yeah, no, but it's just interesting because, I mean, I grew up in a world where, and speaking for myself, I actually believe that conspiracy theories were the way that dumb, uninformed people explained the complex world.
You couldn't understand what was actually happening, you resorted to a conspiracy theory, and that was a mark of
Of course.
Of course.
Well, it's called cognitive dissonance.
It's like you know the government is, you know, has done corrupt stuff.
You know there's classified levels of intelligence that you'll never be a part of.
But you have cognitive dissonance thinking that the government has your back.
They don't.
It's a personal, people-control system.
They want to control us.
And that's one of the biggest parts of why they want to keep you depressed.
Because, Tugger, when you're constantly depressed, you're in what is called fight or flight.
So your hormone response is constant cortisol.
And that's
I couldn't agree more.
So, three big takeaways from that.
Three big takeaways.
And what are they?
There's even more than that in two minutes.
But what are the takeaways?
Become aware of the globalist operations.
Step outside their propaganda.
See how they're controlling you.
Become conscious of it.
And Tucker Carlson, I used to think people that were conspiratorial were wrong.
Now I see that's the real world view to understand this, because that's what we're dealing with.
We don't have altruistic good leaders that want to build a better society for their children and your children.
We have bad people.
During a good cycle, that normally is true, but not during a corrupt cycle.
Was Hitler out for your own good?
Was Stalin?
Was Mao?
Was Genghis Khan?
So stop being a chump.
And so, those are two of the big takeaways, but what's the third takeaway?
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
And what Alex Stein has done, going out and trolling them and doing all this, to build up a big audience and then attack them with intellectual information, that's what I did.
And I really wasn't conscious about it the first 10 years, but on air 28, 29 years, but now that's where we are.
And I'm like a man that's been out in the ocean
Thrown off of ship for a day, swimming for his life, finally finding an island to rest.
Because that's what I love seeing.
Is the Joe Rogans, the Tucker Carlsons, and the Alex Steins waking up and getting hardcore and realizing that the tyranny's real.
Because that's when our real mission has been complete.
We are the men and women in the arena.
Now I'm coming in tomorrow, through the first hour, and then we're gonna have
Andrew Tate, the biggest loser of interview, and more after that.
I'm gonna fly up to Dallas on my buddy's helicopter tomorrow at noon so I can get to the studios of Steve Crowder and do his huge show.
I'll be back in the evening, but tomorrow's gonna be a big show.
But tomorrow,
In the first hour, I'm going to hit the news I didn't get to, and all the other breaking news, like this.
Boy, this story out of the London Guardian says it all, doesn't it?
Guns brought through credit cards, and the U.S.
will now be trackable.
You're already giving info to the ATF.
You're already going through a background check.
Why will they then, they say at all gun shops and all sporting goods stores, be putting a database?
Because they're going to use that database against you outside of law.
That's corporate governance.
That's the universal credit score.
That's the social credit score.
That's their plan, and that's so damn illegal.
And the governors and Congress and others should be acting, and they will.
But this is the enemy making their move, and tomorrow we'll be covering it.
This story out of MSN.
This robot catches grandma before she falls.
So a robot follows grandma around to make sure it doesn't fall.
It surveils grandma.
It watches grandma.
It controls grandma.
It's the AI takeover.
You see that right there?
That's the next level of the home assistant.
1,100 plus athletes die from sudden death.
The majority just in the last year and a half.
And some good news.
I meant to get to this, but judge tells White House to turn over emails from KJP, Fauci, to social media platforms where they've been directing censorship.
Yeah, you can censor if you want as a platform, but not in coordination with the government.
That's illegal.
We'll be talking about this and this big clip tomorrow.
Senator Hawley puts entire Biden regime on notice.
An army of whistleblowers has produced evidence that exposes their entire program.
And I've got the articles here where they call it sleeper cells with Project Veritas.
How they see themselves as agents working against the American people.
We need more Josh Hawleys.
We need more.
Like the new conservative leader who's got the votes to beat Trudeau.
Up in Canada, Pierre Olivier.
But I'll say this very briefly.
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World faces unprecedented global hunger crisis, UN chief says, going into 2023.
World Food Program warns of global
Food catastrophe.
Looming global catastrophe.
The world could run out of food by 2023, major studies say.
And the reports go on and on.
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