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Name: 20220901_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 1, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses global economic collapse, potential food shortages due to deliberate actions of globalist elites, domestic terrorism, the industry experience of Alex Jones, promotion of various products available at Infowarstore.com such as vitamin mineral fusion and tax relief services offered by Jonetaxrelief.com, plans for carbon taxes and control of thermostats by power companies, increasing use of smart meters, opposition against the WEF and Club of Rome's global energy policies, ongoing backlash against them, promotion of Super Male Vitality supplement, recent news topics including Pfizer, the importance of being self-sufficient in order to survive in a world where infrastructure is collapsing, ivermectin as a possible treatment for COVID-19 while criticizing the NIH for not acting sooner, leading to over 600,000 deaths in America, Shiri Sapir's concern about the indoctrination of children in schools and the sexualization and grooming of children being prioritized by educational institutions, various products available for purchase on Infowars Store such as Turbo Force, Ultimate Fish Oil, BioProse, and coins from 1776coin.com and preparetoday.com.

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The whole National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism put out in June of last year, where it says our main enemy is the Republicans and gun owners and veterans and people that question elections or lockdowns or forced inoculations.
It says it.
Yeah, the RAND Corporation that's helping quarterback a lot of this.
Domestic terrorism in the midterms.
Race for domestic terror, says the big globalist think tank.
Put that back on screen, please.
They are full pedal to the metal saying this is imminent.
And I go, yeah, it's imminent for you to stage it.
You've got the motive.
You've got the history.
You've been caught doing it.
Their answer is, did you hear what Alex Jones called for?
I'm on there saying, we don't want violence.
Don't get sucked into violence.
Don't get provocateured into violence.
They've got all these feds out spanning the country, infiltrating militias, trying to get them to carry out violence right now.
This is going on.
And I'm up here saying, let's not be violent, let's not get sucked into this, and then their answer is, Jones is calling for violence.
That is wartime-level propaganda.
They've run more articles on us the last five years, I looked it up, than they ran for the 2003 Gulf War.
Hundreds of thousands of articles.
They put out articles every day that get put on every TV station in the country.
Every local newspaper hammering Alex Jones, because they see me as a populist, and as their enemy, and as an American, and they think if they can turn you against me, they can turn anybody against you.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, September 1st.
The year is 2022, and we are cruising right in to a New World Order takeover.
Designed to collapse the world economy.
World IDs.
Mark of the Beast.
Thank you so much for joining us on this emergency Thursday transmission.
I am witnessing, you are witnessing, we are all experiencing the greatest levels of brainwashing and outright lies, gaslighting that we've ever seen.
Three days ago,
I went on Steve Bannon's show, and on my own broadcast, and I went through a laundry list of the Democrats saying, right-wingers are about to be violent, Trump supporters are fascist, we're all planning violence, and I said, the last thing we want is violence, and they are desperate, the world's turning against the whole New World Order, and they have pre-programmed all this to do with it on January 6th, or with the Governor Whitmer, false flag, kidnapping operation, provocateur operation.
And the last thing we want is violence, and I believe they're preparing, now it's 68 days, it was 71 days then, now for the midterms, to stage something.
My gosh, it's as obvious as the nose on our face.
On your face, my face.
And the spin in the last two days by CNN and MSNBC and the Young Turds and all of them is Alex Jones is calling for violence.
Then they play clips where I say they're planning to stage stuff.
So now they don't even do what they used to do where they wouldn't show a clip.
They show a clip that says the opposite.
And then say I'm calling for violence and saying, oh, what does he know?
He's planning something.
They want to stage stuff or provocateur it to blame us.
We don't want violence.
We're politically winning.
They're hoping election fraud can put them over the top.
Great example?
All the major polls showed in the Alaska special election that Sarah Palin was going to win big.
But they got mail-in ballots and the Republicans let them redistrict things.
And so voila, she loses to a Democrat.
For the first time, a Republican has lost that seat in 50 years.
Swimming against the tide.
Total fraud.
That's what they've done.
So, people ask, how am I taking all the attacks on InfoWars?
I mean, we're all under attack.
They're turning the power off.
They're disintegrating the borders.
They're devaluing the currency.
Inflation's off the chart.
Power bills on average are up 47% this year so far.
I mean, my God!
A third of people they're announcing nationally in a national survey can't pay their damn power bill!
California told people yesterday, don't charge your electric cars.
There's not enough power, which they know there's not.
They have all the equations.
This is the deliberate destruction of the Western world.
To bring us under a feudal model like they use in the third world.
And the biggest issue is that leftists and minions of the system, who are mercenaries at every level, from school teachers up to propagandists at CNN to the Justice Department, behave and act like they're on a winning team going through with all this.
And all you're doing is destroying and burning down your own house!
This isn't normal corruption that just wants control.
This is corruption that wants a new dark age.
And we're going to be covering it all today.
But this is a big deal, folks.
And by the way, we passed the point of return.
The collapse is already happening.
And it's going to get a hell of a lot worse, so get ready, stay with us.
The well-planned, designed,
Accelerated collapse of the carrying capacity of the industrial society that supports almost 8 million people on this planet is being deliberately turned off.
And anybody going along with this, including the establishment, are psychotics.
This will cause massive civil unrest, massive war, massive starvation.
It's already happening.
The total collapse of the third world into the first world.
Hell on earth!
And I told you when they started the lockdowns two and a half years ago, this was the plan, because they've written the plan.
They blame it on global warming when they're the ones doing it.
Oh, a virus came out of a lab because of global warming.
Oh, the border's collapsing because of global warming.
No, because of your lockdowns.
In some cases over two years long in the third world not letting farmers and others work so they were starving to death so they have to come here.
It is a premeditated plan.
So here's the big front and center issue.
On Tuesday and Wednesday
On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, I did my own show.
I did Steve Bannon's show.
I did a lot of broadcast.
And I said, you can see all the pre-programming in the media.
They say the right wing's about to be violent.
They're about to engage in terror attacks.
The FBI says the number one terror threat is right wingers with no evidence of that.
We know they staged the Whitmer event.
We know they helped provocateur January 6th.
And they are losing political control and everybody's turning against them.
So they're betting on election fraud and persecution of their political opposition and staging events to claim that we're the violent ones.
That's their move.
That's the clear move they're engaged in right now.
And I came out on Monday and Tuesday and talked about this.
And now everything from CNN to Young Turks to all of them have gone completely ape and are misrepresenting and saying, tonight Alex Jones calls for violence.
In fact, guys, I want to play the Young Turks clip, but I want to read the headline, too.
Just print me that one page of the headline, because I don't have the exact headline in front of me.
But it's Alex Jones calls for political violence.
And when you actually watch the clip and then read the comments, they're saying, that's it, arrest him, or that's it, it's time to kill him.
And then mainline media operatives on Twitter are calling for me to be shot.
Saying if you see somebody in an Infowars t-shirt, shoot them!
That's being left up on Twitter.
So they're the ones that burn down the cities, they're the ones that say confront the political opponents and be violent, they're the ones doing all this, they're the ones that have been caught staging events like the Whitmer situation and dressing up like white supremacists and going to pro-America rallies to try to foment dissension.
That's their major move.
Yes, please put the headline back on screen.
There it is.
Alex Jones tells his audience to use political violence and prepare for war.
So, you go watch the piece, that's from the Young Turks, it's the same talking point, it's the same thing, it's all over the news now.
Trended on Twitter yesterday.
Alex Jones wants violence.
And there's nowhere me calling for violence.
In fact, I'm calling for the opposite, and I'm saying they're getting ready to set us up, and then they set me up and say I'm calling for violence.
That's how stupid they think you are.
Meanwhile, you don't just have Swallow's Well and others, you know, over the years saying we'll use nuclear weapons on gun owners, remember that?
We now have Biden and his press secretary saying, yeah, we're worried about Republicans being fascist and worried about violence and worried about them taking America's rights.
And today, Biden is set to give a big speech about the big threat of domestic terrorism and the Republican Party.
They're trying to outlaw their political opposition.
They're trying to create a uniparty.
Biden says the military can obliterate the Second Amendment headline.
Remember the time Swallows Wells said, and it would be a short war my friend, the government has nukes, too many of them, but they are legit.
I'm sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.
Biden goes on to say that a 2-2-3 or 5-5-6 round
Meanwhile, we've got a peaceful Marine that only went to the Capitol.
USMC veteran Ryan Nichols has spent 590 days in solitary confinement.
And the Atlantic Monthly, owned by the Jeffrey Epstein folks,
Because they fear fascism.
It's here.
The Republicans are fascist and they've got to be dealt with right now.
So, the writings on the wall were 68 days out.
I hope by exposing this, and I hope by knowing there's a lot of good FBI agents and other federal agents that are whistleblowers, that exposed the Russiagate was fake, and exposed and leaked audio that the Whitmer kidnapping plot was staged, and all these other whistleblowers now
Coming out exposing that they hid the Hunter Biden laptop in the FBI files under secret and ordered the FBI not to investigate it.
That's their Achilles heel, is good people in every level of society not complying and standing up and saying this stuff is wrong.
This fight for the soul of the world, the soul of America, has been going on a long time, ladies and gentlemen.
And I just want to say something here before I get into all this.
I was offered the big Fox News shows more than 10 years ago.
I was offered to go meet with Henry Kissinger at the Kissinger Group by the head of the Kissinger Group, Rothkopf.
Get in front of my producer.
It's one of the few stories I could tell because the others were off record.
There were a bunch of other off record.
And I said no.
Because the offer was public.
I mean, it was stated, not public, but stated, it was open.
That we're going to manage you and run you.
You can still be the populist leader, but you'll have a seat at the table, but you're going to be part of the team and you'll be the other end of the controlled opposition.
And I said, I don't want to be part of that because I know this is an anti-human new world order and is corrupt and evil and destined to fail.
And I don't want to be a big fat cat and destroy and enslave people.
That's why it's so frustrating that I've been successful thanks to your support and our hard work and independence and liberty and freedom, and we've proven betting on humanity was the right thing to do, but I've been through the gauntlet, I've been through the trials, I've been through the tribulations, I've been to the mountain, I've been down the valleys, I've been in the caves, I've been into their system, and I know who they are, and the whole thing's out in the open now.
Nine out of ten dying of COVID are triple vaxxed?
Mainline British Medical Journal?
I mean, folks, they're killing everybody.
They're attacking us on a hundred fronts.
This is a psychotic death cult.
You know, why would they do that?
Because they have an instinct for dominance and control.
They think there's too many of us.
And in some cases, we are getting fat and lazy.
And there are too many of us in some cases.
But you don't then hand them godlike power to run around and slaughter everybody because of it when they're the very worst people that have made things as bad as they can because they don't want competition.
So to everybody that's served the system and been fools and been part of this, you can see now it's really bad.
You won't have a good standard of living.
You won't have a future.
Now a lot of you are scared, so you join the system and think, well, I'll just have a good position on the pile of skulls.
You're a fool.
But you know, people that have already sold out to evil, they're weak.
They come from weak families.
They're sad people.
Some of them may wake up, but that's not where our solution is.
Our solution is praying to God, being peaceful, being politically active, but being bold, and waking others up who are good-hearted, but who are not aware of what's happening.
And people are ready to hear the truth now.
They're ready to wake up.
But you can bet
When I started saying they're going to stage something big before the election, they went completely crazy.
And the talking point went out to say Jones is calling for violence because they're so scared of what I'm saying.
We're over the target.
We know how to beat the enemy politically, culturally, economically, spiritually.
But we've got to understand we're not in our normal comfort zones.
Everyone is in extreme grave danger, including the New World Order and their idiot minions who are literally pushing us into the inferno.
This is going to be incredibly violent and incredibly destructive if we don't turn it back now.
Peace, now!
The forced injections of the police state, an inspired song by Infowars, more than 10 years old by Shooter Jennings.
The summer of rage.
The only thing you can trust is the love in your mother's eyes.
And now it's here.
Their plan.
As we told you.
So the Democrats are running around like chickens with their heads cut off saying Republicans are about to engage in violence and then they have a long history of staging, revocaturing things.
Anybody can put two plus two together.
Here's Biden riffing off Swallow's Well saying they'll use nukes on us, saying they'll use fighter jets against the Second Amendment.
Here it is.
And for those brave right-wing Americans who say it's all about keeping America, keeping America as independent and safe, if you want to fight against a country, you need an F-15.
You need something a little more than a gun.
No, I'm not joking.
Think about this.
Think about the rationale we use.
That's you.
Here are the headlines.
Democrats say Republicans planning violence.
FBI says Republicans planning violence.
Biden says Republicans planning violence.
On and on and on.
White House teams, Trump supporters, extremist threat.
On and on and on.
Here is just a few minutes of it.
I know it's hard to listen to and watch.
Young turds named after the fascist anti-Armenian Christian group that murdered millions of Christians.
Here's the young turds openly
Well here's the headline, Alex Jones tells his audience he's political violence and prepared for war.
Said no such thing, call for peace in that very segment, but they edit it and then try to deceive, but the edit doesn't even say what I said.
I mean this is lying at new levels.
Here it is.
In 71 days we're going to see some very violent fireworks.
I would predict racially motivated mass shootings, bombings, poisonings,
Attacks on power supplies being blamed on the right wing?
They intend to bring in a full dictatorship in the next 71 days.
And we are all strapped to this thing.
This is such a dangerous time.
And I would advise the globalists, who are mid-level, that think they're about to have a leftist revolution.
The globalists don't actually plan at the higher levels to have that.
They plan on having a civil war that brings down America.
And you'll be the fall guy.
Now where am I calling for violence?
It's not there.
Imagine putting that out and they go on for ten minutes and say I'm calling for violence and if you read the comments, and this is all over the place, Jones needs to be in a mental hospital.
Jones wants civil war and domestic terrorism.
Alex Jones is a full-blown fire and brimstone preacher.
They go on, a bunch of them call for my arrest, call for my death.
Shoot them all, I'm in.
This is what they're saying.
I mean, imagine being a viewer of these people, and they tell you a clip says something, and then it doesn't say that, and then you call for our death.
You're in a cult.
You believe two men can have a baby.
The left is openly now promoting in public schools, we have the clips here, all over the country, from Texas to California, to New York to Florida, in Democrat-held areas, that it's minor attractive persons.
Don't be mean to somebody that wants to have sex with children!
They're a minor attractive person!
Why, that's a sexual preference!
So how do we stop them staging the next big event?
I mean, they're already putting in election fraud.
They're already using mail-in ballots.
They're already having millions of people that moved out of state voting over and over again.
They've got dead people voting from 30, 40 years ago.
They've got it all going on and they're trying to outlaw people that don't want open borders or don't want forced inoculations or don't want new lockdowns or question elections and they're on the news saying we need to silence anybody that says the elections might not be fair even though the number one rule the State Department overseeing elections is that
You should be able to say you thought they were stolen, whether you're right or not, and there should be oversight.
And the U.S.
could not even get near passing its own State Department rules for a free and fair open election, and then you've got Democrats in more than a hundred local races around the country, and state races, and more than 30 congressional races, openly trying
With Democrat Party lawyers to get judges in court cases to bar current Republican members of Congress and people running for Congress from being able to be on the ballot.
How is that not the definition of trying to stop people's votes by disqualifying who they want?
That's the ultimate form of election fraud to just not let someone run!
The whole National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism put out in June of last year, where it says our main enemy is the Republicans and gun owners and veterans and people that question elections or lockdowns or forced inoculations.
It says it.
Yeah, the RAND Corporation that's helping quarterback a lot of this.
Domestic terrorism in the midterms.
Race for domestic terror, says the big globalist think tank.
Put that back on screen, please.
They are full pedal to the metal saying this is imminent.
And I go, yeah, it's imminent for you to stage it.
You've got the motive.
You've got the history.
You've been caught doing it.
Their answer is, did you hear what Alex Jones called for?
I'm on there saying, we don't want violence.
Don't get sucked into violence.
Don't get provocateured into violence.
They've got all these feds out spanning the country, infiltrating militias, trying to get them to carry out violence right now.
This is going on.
And I'm up here saying, let's not be violent, let's not get sucked into this, and then their answer is, Jones is calling for violence.
That is wartime-level propaganda.
They've run more articles on us the last five years, I looked it up, than they ran for the 2003 Gulf War.
Hundreds of thousands of articles.
They put out articles every day, they can put on every TV station in the country.
Every local newspaper hammering Alex Jones because they see me as a populist and as their enemy and as an American.
And they think if they can turn you against me, they can turn anybody against you.
God put us in this position to be here at this time.
You put us in this position.
God working through you and I salute you and thank you.
But everybody needs to know.
We better be, over time, watching everything going on, videotaping everything on the street, documenting events if they happen, God forbid, because we are in the hour of false flag.
We are in the time of them preparing to frame us to have a pretext to bring in real martial law.
If you think the 600 or so political prisoners
Almost 600 days without being able to even have a trial in solitary confinement is bad.
That's the beta test for everybody.
So yeah, this is 100% real.
And cowering to it, and rolling over to it, and denying it's happening will make them win.
But you get the word out, and America understands this is happening, they won't be able to carry it out.
Plus there's whistleblowers in their ranks, and they know what's going on as well.
That's why they're so pissed at us for raising the alarm.
Well, you're living, I'm living in incredibly historic dangerous times, but all over the world,
From Canada to Australia to New Zealand to South America and Brazil, all over Eastern Europe, the US, people are waking up to the global Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum, Mafia, and here is a major leader, member of Parliament, Pierre Polivier, in Canada saying he will move to ban ministers if he becomes the new leader of Canada from serving on the board of the World Economic Forum or being their alumni.
Here's the clip.
We're good to go.
If you want to know what victory looks like, if you want to know how to stop these people who are cutting off your power, dissolving your borders, devaluing your currency, targeting your children,
Coming at you with lockdowns and forced injections.
It's all the Fortune 500 through the World Economic Forum that is their spokesperson.
And that's why whatever Klaus Schwab says happens.
Because they have penetrated the majority of governments and are in control of half the government cabinets of the world in Klaus Schwab's own words.
And I think that's a conservative estimate.
That's illegal.
That's ridiculous.
That's outrageous.
And we can stop them with this information.
In fact, I'm going to take that clip and post it on the live show feed today.
The live show emergency red alert headline we've got up there.
Because that's the stuff of victory.
And that's why I hammer it.
I know regular listeners are like, Jones, every hour you say identify the World Economic Forum, identify the Great Reset, identify the World Shutdown, identify it.
We know that.
Well, the general public doesn't know it yet.
And if we're in a war, and we don't know who the enemy is, we don't have a chance of winning.
If we know who the enemy is, and they're horrible, and they want horrible things for people...
You don't want to be conquered by these folks.
They're bad.
And so it's a no-brainer.
They have a bad ideology.
They're sick, evil, inbred globalists with a bunch of filthy royalty running it.
A bunch of Bill Gates and Fauci trash.
And all we gotta do is light them up with information, blaze the target for peaceful political annihilation of their system.
And yes, I'm on a kamikaze mission, not because I'm a badass, or not because I gotta prove something to people.
I can't take it from them!
I will not support pedophilia, I will not support devil worship, I will not support Mark of the Beast, I will not support world government, because I don't want to be cut off from God!
And folks, you are eternal beings, and if you don't stand against this, you will be cut off from God, and in your gut right now, you know it!
People ask, how do you not have fear?
How do you keep going?
I mean, join these people?
Join Satan?
I do have fear of God and being cut off from God!
I don't have one ounce of fear of these people.
Because I want away from them.
Do I feel weak sometimes?
Am I mad at myself?
I'm not strong enough?
My flesh is weak?
But I know stuff's gonna get worse and worse and worse, and you're gonna wish later you'd done something.
You're gonna wish later you'd been all in against these people.
But they just incrementally turn up the heat like the frog in the pot.
So let me, let me hit a bunch of news here today, because folks have asked, hey, about once a week you're not doing the show, you're gone some, why you doing it?
Owen and Paul Watson are taking over with big guests and more next hour.
Because when I'm fresh, and I get up at like 5 a.m.,
I make better decisions and I can do things and I just I can work till 10 at night but I just I just at 48 I keep working like a robot but the decisions aren't good.
So I'm having seven days a week on Saturdays and Sundays and at least one or two days a week I am now cutting how much to do the show because I'm battle planning
How to keep this operation on air, and I'm just sitting in my office for hours and just thinking about the New World Order and their operations and just trying to get full integration with the Holy Spirit.
And it takes real focus to do that, to get the downloads.
And I'm getting them.
I'm getting super intense enemy operation blueprints, okay?
And the enemy knows that and they're really upset.
So I just, I have to have some downtime to just sit in a room,
In a dark room and just sit for hours focused.
And that's what I've been doing.
And quite frankly, I really should just go off the air for a few weeks because I need to just totally cogitate on what we need to do.
And I don't compare myself to some biblical prophet.
But we are in these latter days, there's no doubt about that.
And what did they all do?
What did Christ do?
He went away to the desert, went away to the mountains, went away to just totally focus and really get the download and really get prepared.
But you know what?
We're in the middle of it now, so there's no time for that.
But everybody should be thinking about this.
Everybody should be spending time praying.
Everybody should be getting on your knees.
I'll sit there in a dark room for like an hour.
I'll write some notes.
And then, man, it's just like I get on my knees and just...
And it's just right there.
And it's that act of submission and the quiet place the most high.
And my understanding of the enemy and how to defeat them is so clear when I'm in that place.
And we need to be in that place and not let them distract us from our main mission.
We've got to think 10, 20, 30 moves ahead.
We have the Holy Spirit, the real intelligence that'll dwarf anything the enemy can even imagine.
But we've got to get in touch with the source.
So I need listeners.
I'm asking listeners to pray for me and to help give me discernment and focus and strength so that I can interface in a more pure manner, and I need you to do those same prayers for yourself.
I'm not telling you what to do, but I just... that's the Holy Spirit guiding me.
We need to just pray for interface with God.
Now that said, Owen's taking over in a little while, and I haven't hit one-tenth of what I came in here to cover.
I wasn't going to do the show today.
I'll be here all
It'll be four hours tomorrow.
Four hours.
And all this stuff is so insanely powerful.
I'm not just saying this.
It's almost like we're 20 minutes left in the hour.
You can't do this justice.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
I mean, again, here's the key.
They get you to adapt to being a slave.
And they hit you with it where it just keeps increasing.
You just think, well, subconsciously you can deal with it, but we can't.
And what I'm getting at here is, this is the main attack.
This is the beginning of the main assault.
And we're in the middle of the beginning right now.
And the beginning will soon be over, and then we're going to be in the thick of stuff that is just going to... If you think you've seen craziness in the last three years, sweetheart, none of us have seen anything.
And I'm just telling you, you better run up under God's wings, because this is going to be the main test.
And I bet on humanity, I had four children.
And I did it because it was the right thing to do.
But man, I gotta tell you, every day I think about my children, and I think about your children, and I think about what we're up against, and we have just got to get back to God, and we gotta do it now.
Not next week, not next month.
We gotta make fighting this tyranny our 100% focus, and we've gotta sacrifice, and we gotta commit, and we gotta be men and women, and we gotta be strong, and understand that only total commitment
We'll spare the children the brunt of the attack.
It is not up to us as men to survive this.
It is not up to you as women to survive this.
Stop thinking about your own lazy, weak asses!
I'm lazy, I'm weak too, but in Christ I'm strong!
You gotta get there, you gotta get there now!
Because believe me, kissing the New World Order's ass ain't gonna get you out of this.
It's gonna make it worse.
You don't have any choice, ladies and gentlemen.
You have zero choice!
Be annihilated and destroyed and cut off from God, or join God in eternity!
Now, dammit, that's not a choice, is it?
Join God now!
Make the decision.
I love Jesus.
I hate Satan.
I love God!
I love the children!
I love creation!
I love beauty!
I hate evil!
And I'm going to drill back into this because this is such a big deal just where we're at.
Of course, there'll be more of this tomorrow.
But it's just it's all out in the open.
Look at these headlines.
And we should ask the archivist just because it's not about tooting our horn.
Oh, look, we were right again.
It just really impresses people online.
It gets tens of millions of views every time I say something 10, 20 years ago, and it comes exactly true.
But I wasn't imagining this stuff.
Enron, 30 years ago, came up with a plan for carbon taxes for all of it, and for the thermostats and all the smart gadgetry to control what goes on in your house, in your car, in your life, and it's for value and lifetime.
And now the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Group and their front group, the WEF, are all out in the open about that.
But in China, and now in the United States, in Colorado, the major power companies
Are controlling your thermostat, because again, they cut the energy off, they get rid of the generation systems, they cut the oil and the gas off, and then they say to Californians, you can't charge your cars without electricity.
And the numbers vary, but a third of the cars by 2030 are electric like they want.
You need a thousand more coal power plants.
The energy won't be there by design.
Germany and Spain are already doing this.
Look at this headline.
The Denver Channel.
Mainstream news.
Thousands of Excel customers locked out of thermostats during energy emergency.
They say they took control of their thermostats for their own good.
This was also done some in Texas a few years ago when they wouldn't let us up power during the blizzard.
There it is.
And people get these messages on their damn smart meters.
Why would you put one in?
Why would you do this?
They don't ask.
They just come put a smart meter in.
Which then spies on all the other gadgetry, including your stinking cell phone.
Told you!
Told you!
I've been hammering this for 25 years.
And now we're here.
That's just one article.
It continues.
Just days after phasing out new gas cars, California says, quote, avoiding charging electric vehicles amid grid emergency.
Tucker Carlson does a great report breaking down how they use more carbon electric cars because it's carbon that generates most of the power, and they're toxic the way they make them, but that's okay.
It's liberal.
Another report.
Major cities around the country say, sorry, forget not having clean water, now you're not gonna get water.
There is no first world and third world anymore.
There is the ascending world and there is the descending world.
And this is the descending world.
Jackson, Mississippi says, perhaps permanently, there's a video clip,
You're not going to have power anymore.
You're not going to have water anymore.
They said you're not, you just don't get running water anymore.
They flipped the switch, folks, at the Great Reset.
You mean play the mayor?
What is the answer?
It goes back to that Canadian Member of Parliament who's very popular running for Prime Minister.
He says we're going to ban people that work for the World Economic Forum, an outside force, from office!
How about we arrest their asses?
All rules of the game, industrial architecture, and physical supply chains will now have to change.
Wholesale electricity prices have now collapsed in Europe after going up nine-fold.
But it's not because the price is going down.
No one can pay the bill.
A third of American households can't pay their power bill in an actual survey.
It's half the Germans.
And their answer is, don't take showers anymore and poop in the street.
Energy crisis hits pubs harder than lockdowns, says industry bosses.
Remember, they told you climate lockdowns are coming next after the virus lockdown, and now, well, how are they going to have that?
Because you're not going to have the gas or fuel to go anywhere!
You're not going to have the electricity!
It's here!
It ain't coming!
It's everything the Extinction Rebellion does at the grassroots, they're doing at the top.
As above, so below.
But the backlash against the WEF is growing.
German economy minister, Habeck, reportedly pushing for nuclear plants to stay on grid, even though the government's ordering them turned off.
Oh, we don't have any gas or fuel!
We don't have oil!
We don't have coal power plants!
Turn the nukes off!
What's that to do with global warming?
They're turning your power off!
Millions of Americans face eviction in coming months.
Another big story, InfoWars.com from Jeff Gold.
manufacturing survey signals weakest growth in over two years.
Prices paid plunges.
Yeah, they created inflation with depression, which is stagflation.
The straw that breaks the market's back.
The Fed must do $3.9 trillion in QT to control inflation, which will expand it.
And it goes on and on and on.
But don't worry, we've got to do it because, listen, you want to hear something even more scary than Omicron?
Associated Press, NPR, zombie ice will raise sea levels more than twice as much as previously forecast.
So we're all supposed to already be underwater.
Sea levels haven't gone up, but they put out thousands of stories a day.
Zombie ice!
We're all going to be underwater as the Democrats and globalists buy oceanfront property.
This big article from the Daily Skeptic actually shows the satellite photos in real numbers.
The real inconvenient truth is that Arctic sea ice has grown massively since the age of satellites in the 1950s to the biggest and thickest it's ever been.
But hey, two men can have a baby, right?
I've got three stacks of public schools promoting sex with children publicly now.
Told you that was next.
Hey, what's wrong with adults screwing kids?
It just goes on and on because evil's out of the closet.
Evil's took the mask off.
This is evil making its move.
And what does Satan do?
Satan kills, steals, and destroys.
Now I got called last night by Tony Lyons at Skyhorse and he said we have a very good chance of sending.
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Best sellers in globalization, number one and number three.
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Kindle, number six.
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Number one in history.
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Bestsellers in corruption and misconduct.
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Five stars out the rear end.
Thank you, everybody, for what you're doing.
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And this is a message that humanity wants the blueprint of the Death Star.
Humanity wants to take on the New World Order.
Alex Jones is right about far more than he's wrong about.
He's the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
Joe Rogan.
And the quotes from Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, and others.
If Alex Jones is just a crackpot, why are the most powerful people in the country trying to silence him?
No one bothers to censor the Flat Earthers.
Maybe Alex Jones is onto something.
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And it is the animating contest of liberty and your resistance to this evil force that will forge you like a sword in the fires of Vulcan, in the fires of Festus, that will bring down the New World Order.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live
September 1st.
Worldwide transmission.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
What are we going to hit right now?
There's so much.
Look at this crap.
No whites allowed.
Pfizer fellowship flagrantly violates the law.
Lawyers say.
Pfizer says that they're going to only hire minorities, but no whites or Asians.
Now that's just getting used to social credit score and inequality.
We're not trying to help black people or Hispanics.
Give me a break.
schools expand COVID vaccine mandate unlike most other districts.
40% of the students who are almost all black are not allowed to attend school because they won't take the experimental deadly shot.
Oh, they love the black people.
Pfizer really loves you.
Don't let D.C.'
's vaccine mandate expel 40% of black students.
Civil rights groups silent as DC blocks 40% of black kids from going to school.
Yeah, this is Tuskegee on Warp Speed.
Bank of America unveils zero down payment, zero closing costs, but balloon costs later.
Oh, but it's liberal for black and Hispanic communities.
Oh, they love you so much.
Report California School District textbook claims there are eight genders, actually claims ten.
This is what's being taught in schools.
Video of Tucker Carlson slams hospitals, chopping little boys' balls off.
Look at this.
Antifa was in Texas pointing guns at people and they say on Twitter, major Twitter personalities say, anybody with an Infowars shirt on, shoot them.
Radical assistant principal brags about discriminatory hiring practices to ensure subtle child indoctrination.
It's a cult!
31-year-old transgender footballer celebrates being able to use same changing room as team because he's not just transgender, he's also trans-age.
And they go, yes, you can shower with the teenage girls.
This is the best part of his life.
That's how the pedophilia works, folks.
I don't know if this person's involved in that, but I'm saying it's like, oh, I identify as a child.
I identify as a dog.
Well, I need to... It's like if I showed up at a peewee baseball or peewee football thing with 10-year-olds, and I said, or 9-year-olds, or 8-year-olds, I said, I identify as 8-years-old.
I'm your new quarterback.
And I see the videos of like adults playing sports with kids that say they're children, and the kids go along with it because they respect adults.
I mean, this is sick.
Texas high school teacher tells students not to judge pedophiles who abuse five-year-olds.
There's video of it.
I mean, it goes on and on.
Franklin High art teacher accused of having sex with students.
It just goes on and on and on.
And then I got this giant stack of news.
Over 20 states filed legal briefs defending Navy service members who refused COVID jab on religious grounds.
Yeah, they won't let Djokovic in.
They're attacking our children.
They're attacking our military.
The tyranny is ongoing.
They admit the shot doesn't work, and it hurts you.
It needs to stop now.
You want to see the future?
I'm going to cover this tomorrow.
Hundreds of thousands lined up at barricades to get their monthly COVID injection and COVID test to make sure they're allowed to have a job through their medical ID.
That's the future of the world.
And a huge new study that Joe Rogan sent me this morning
Regular use of Ivermectin.
We're good to go.
With Google has been discovered.
We're good to go.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer now taking over the Alex Jones Show.
Great to be with you here on this Thursday.
And it is a tremendous success story that we're able to have a top-selling book on Amazon and quite frankly on our website.
It's been, it's done well as well.
Those numbers don't go to Amazon, but that's a tremendous success story in the face of censorship.
But that doesn't take away from the issue of big tech
Colluding with the Democrat Party to censor their opposition and we have another instance of this with the Popular website used to be one of the top news websites on the internet and that's WND.com you've probably been there a lot read a lot of their stories over the years
And we're being joined now by their managing editor, David Coup-Leon.
I hope I'm pronouncing that right.
If not, David, you can correct me.
And he's an award-winning journalist, long-time managing editor of WND.com, the best-selling author of The Marketing of Evil, and so much more.
And so, David, you guys have been enduring the big tech censorship for a while.
Talk about that.
First, what was the most recent instance that you guys were enduring that is, quite frankly, a little shocking and disturbing, what we saw?
Yeah, thanks, Owen.
It is pretty shocking because, you know, everybody in the conservative space is used to getting, you know, taken down, suppressed, demeaned, defamed, deplatformed by big tech.
As we, you know, WND has, going back to 2014,
Before most other conservative site got it, and we were demonetized by them last year, which, you know, the advertising-based business model that most online news sites work from has been destroyed by that.
But what happened recently, almost two weeks now, where Google suddenly decided to basically blacklist
And so what happens is if you go to Google and you put in WND or WND.com, or really any writer or headline at WND, you get taken to a page that says, I'll read it to you, it says, Warning!
Visiting this website may harm your computer!
Exclamation point.
Okay, so what's that all about?
So we find out that there was temporarily, like two weeks ago, a new ad that came onto the site that apparently had a piece of malware
On it, which was immediately taken off like two weeks ago.
This this ad was taken off of our site.
And yet here we are almost two weeks later and anybody in the world who goes to to WorldNetDaily.com, WND.com, they get this warning.
And now here's the irony, Owen.
If you click through on that thing that says warning, there's a couple paragraphs that say, you know, turn back because this is like, you know, a nuclear explosion on your computer.
If you do this, it says, if you want to see, I'm paraphrasing, you want to see what we found on this website.
Yeah, there it is.
Safe browsing diagnostic page.
You click on that and you know what you get?
You get something that says, quote, no unsafe content found.
It's been like that night and day for two weeks.
No unsafe content found, and yet they're effectively blacklisting WND.
And then here's the worst, even for me, the worst part is that the lifeblood of a big news site is your email list.
We have hundreds of thousands of people.
We've been around more than 25 years.
The big email list.
People that are have subscribed to our email list okay they are emailing us night and day and saying your emails are going to my spam folder.
It doesn't matter how many times I you know how you can go in and designate this is not spam I want this to come to my inbox okay they do that no matter how many times
It still goes to their spam folder.
Some of them are even telling us when you, you click on the links, like, you know, news sites, they, they promote their latest breaking news.
There's links in there.
You click on the link and the link is dead.
You can't click through to the story because don't you know, it's dangerous.
So I think on what's been happening.
Is that the email providers are taking their cue from Google.
They're following Google's lead.
Google is saying this is an unsafe site.
And so the email providers, I guess understandably from their point of view, are saying this is an unsafe site.
We're not going to deliver the emails to the intended recipients.
So it's all a crock.
And even again by their own diagnostics, Google says there's nothing here.
This is all political.
They hate us because
Because we're conservative and Christian and love America and don't believe men can become women, etc, etc.
And that's really what it boils down to.
And whether they realize this or not, my guess is that they do.
People who browse through the internet, they're ignorant.
They don't know what's going on.
And so, let's say they find a story that piques their interest somewhere on the internet, they click it, and then this warning pops up, well, they're going to exit out.
They're going to see this and they're going to think, well, okay, I don't want to harm my computer, maybe this is a virus, maybe this is malware, maybe this is some fake site or something, so they just click out.
And so this is another way of
Censoring the truth by having unknowing, indifferent, ignorant people.
Oh, oh, look, this is an interesting story about the COVID vaccine, or this is an interesting story about the inflation bill.
This is an interesting story about, oh, I'm going to click WND.com.
Boom, they click it, and then this warning pops up.
Oh, no, I don't want to do that.
And so this is what they do for people that don't know any better.
Now people have been following WorldNetDaily, WND.com for a long time.
They know better.
They say, oh, I know this isn't malware.
I know this isn't a virus site.
I'll find a way to get through this block that Google has put on you.
But how long has WorldNetDaily been online?
Longer than Google.
We were founded in 1997.
So we're in our 26th year.
We've all seen the photos of Google, how it started in the garage of Sergey Brin and the other guy, you know, and so forth and grew from there.
We were around first.
And honestly, since you asked me that, Owen, back then the internet was like, it was like the Wild West, you know, not a lot of rules, lots of dangers and stuff, but man, you could go out
and and and homestead something and really do something out there and that's there we go there's there's like the google in its initial humble phase before it became evil uh so yeah this is this is
The internet is like the opposite now of what it was then.
It was wide open spaces, you can do great things if you've got the energy and the initiative and the vision, which, you know, Joseph Farah was the founder of WND way back in 1997, and a lot of people said, this is a fad, you know, it's slow and this is going to go away, but they said that about television too.
And now, of course, it's the entire
Gateway to information in the world and the primary gatekeeper of that information is Google.
Google decides what you can see and what you can't see.
And so what's really strange is like, I don't know if Google ever actually can de-platform somebody because they're a search engine as opposed to like Twitter.
I know InfoWars has been de-platformed by all these different sites and platforms, but
They're coming as close as they can to de-platforming us by blacklisting us in this way, because honestly, all of us, I have, have turned away.
I go to some site I've never heard of, just like you said, Owen, and say, okay, this says this is a dangerous site, there's something weird here.
No, I don't want to screw up my computer, so I turn back.
It's understandable.
And so we're blessed that we have a large following that's been there for a very long time.
Uh, who say, no, this is, this is BS.
Uh, and this is WMD.
I've gone here every day for years.
So they see through it, but the damage is still done.
And as I say, arguably.
As bad or worse as what they're doing to the email because they're poisoning our email.
People are not... You know, email is how you promote your stories.
It's how you sell things.
It's how you raise donations.
It's really your lifeblood.
It's how you reach the people.
It's how you reach the people and it's... We really couldn't survive without it.
And folks, look.
I don't, I don't say these things lightly like the Democrats.
I don't want to see violence, but I mean, sabotaging communications is an act of war.
So the big tech Democrat Party, federal government, censorship collusion continues, and now their latest trend with Google is if it's a site that they don't want you to go to, they just put a warning label up
We're talking to World Net Daily's David Koupelian right now on this story.
And it's just shocking because I've seen this everywhere.
They have new ways of censorship.
If they can't just totally erase you or take you off of your servers or remove you from Twitters and Facebooks, whatever, they're going to find a way.
They're going to shut down your email chain.
They're going to put up warnings on all the browsers and tech that they control so people don't go to your website.
It's really amazing stuff.
Matt Drudge said it right, David.
He said, they want us all in internet ghettos.
And I always think about this, because it's something that is hard for people to fully comprehend.
And I think I'm really starting to understand what Matt Drudge meant.
And it's like this.
When InfoWars was allowed on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter, but let's just say YouTube.
If this show went live on YouTube right now, 100,000 tuned in immediately.
Just right out of the gate.
It'd be 100,000.
But for some reason, we can't recreate that number anywhere else.
So people only want to go into the ghetto.
They're used to being in the ghetto.
They live in the ghetto, these internet ghettos.
And so that's the problem, David.
It's like, I'm sure once you guys got hit with the censorship at WorldNetDaily, I'm guessing it affected your bottom line.
How did that affect your traffic?
How did that affect your bottom line when it came to finances and advertising?
Well, it's a little early to say, but I can say that donations dropped.
I write a lot of the donation pitches.
They're not just sort of canned donations.
They're very, very prayerful, from-the-heart donation pitches to people that have read us and relied on us for a long time.
And it's a good barometer of what the support level is.
That dropped way down.
And that has to be because, simultaneously, we're hearing from people saying,
Your emails are going to my spam folder.
You know, Owen, I don't check my spam folder.
I get literally thousands of emails every single day.
I don't check my spam folder every day.
And that means a lot of people don't.
So they're just missing it.
The people that say, hey, that's going to my spam folder.
OK, they're seeing it and they're emailing us.
But for everyone that that's happening to, there are many where they're just missing it.
So that's one measure of it.
Traffic is down.
We got something like Joseph Farah said he's one one one analytics said it was down like 10%.
Okay, 10% is huge.
Okay, when you're operating on margins, you know, WID used to pull down a lot of money per year in gross revenue back when the internet was free.
And I remember, I remember, you know, six figure advertising contracts for a single advertiser for a year.
We're good to go.
That is the new model for pretty much everybody in our space, whichever ghetto we happen to be in.
But, you know, and the thing is, Owen, if you want to, like, drill down, like, why are they doing this?
In our case, we don't have to guess because they told us, when they demonetized us, they told us two things.
One I already mentioned about, I'll read it to you, say, they Google
Does not allow content that incites hatred against any of the usual, you know, veterans, you know, religions, old age, disability, as though anybody in the world
Criticizes people because they're old or disabled.
And then they get to the real thing.
Oh, on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity.
Oh, that's it.
So if we object to like, you know, castrating and doing mastectomies on children, which sounds like something out of Hitler Germany, uh, then we are, that's, that's hatred.
And the other thing is that they said, um, Google does not allow content that promotes harmful health claims.
Or relates to a current major health crisis, I wonder what that could be, and contradicts authoritative scientific consensus, like Anthony Fauci.
Authoritative, yes.
Respect my authority.
Right, so we for ever since the beginning of really of the pandemic two and a half years ago, WND has been a strong suit for us.
We have repeatedly, you know, interviewed all the, you know, Dr. McCullough's and Malone's and Salenko's and all the rest of it.
And we've really been on the edge of promoting
The, you know, off-label uses of, yes, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, all that.
By the way, they just came out.
The CDC now admits ivermectin is good for COVID.
They just published that.
Yes, yeah, after a whole lot of people died from not having it, because it's a cheap, you know, effective, already safe and effective, according to the FDA, drug, so therefore we can't use it.
And the same thing with the vaccines.
We publicized the fact that the CDC
Um, redefine the word vaccine to make it fit what the mRNA and the other vaccine, the other, you know, whatever you want to call it.
You showed the two definitions, the before definition and the post definition.
And of course they say we redefined it in order to provide greater transparency.
Can you believe it?
They're covering their... Greater transparency!
We're changing the language for greater transparency.
And then that's what they do too.
They build up these protected social groups.
They prop up and build up these protected social groups.
Say it's gay people or trans people.
And then, oh, you can't say anything about them or they ban you.
That's what Google is telling you now.
That's exactly right.
That's really what it comes down to.
Watch the news right now.
is what they don't want.
In other words, what's really truthful, having to do with, you know, Joe Biden and his agenda, and Biden is a puppet, the people behind him, having to do with COVID, having to do with immigration, having to do with this whole transgender craze, and what's this social media-driven mass hysteria where you have, you know, you have
Just to give you an example of the mass hysteria, there is a whole thing where tons of teenage girls have developed what appears to be Tourette's Syndrome just from watching people with Tourette's Syndrome on TikTok.
It's just a... You can read about it.
It's a psychological, spiritual phenomenon where if you are insecure and you are in an emotional state, you can actually draw in these attributes.
You know, little children become like their parents.
This is not some...
That's wild, I'd never heard about that.
That is literally straight out of a South Park episode.
I feel every day I'm in a South Park episode.
Right, but that Owen has been well documented and written up in peer-reviewed medical journal as a real phenomenon.
So therefore, the same thing, there you go, so somebody's click on the trigger there, that's good.
The same thing with this whole, this trans thing.
You have these, because of social media and you have
You have all these people on social media, and as our friend Tucker Carlson said recently, you know, having a purple-haired loser with a nose ring tell your six-year-old to get a sex change is not wise.
Exactly, and they're influencing kids to have those surgeries.
Well, I'm gonna make sure I go directly to WND.com now so that I can't be censored from seeing your stuff.
One more segment here with David Capelli and the Managing Editor at WorldNetDailyWND.com.
And I'm telling you, it's the oddest thing.
You could have 100,000 people tuned in to InfoWars on YouTube, excited.
It's Alex Jones!
Oh, it's InfoWars!
And then the screen would go blank, and they'd say, what happened?
Well, they got banned off of YouTube.
But you can go to Banned Out Video and watch the same thing.
Well, I don't want to go to Banned Out Video, though.
So it's like the same thing.
It's like if they don't see WorldNetDaily on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Google, then people just don't go there.
I don't understand the psychology, but that's what it is.
It's something about the mainstream.
There's something about... It's the same psychology of why people like watching live TV.
Like you feel like you're part of the group.
You feel like you're in the in crowd.
And so it's the same thing with these internet ghettos.
Matt Drudge really had the foresight there.
There's all other kinds of things going on.
We've got Biden about to give his speech tonight.
You know, his last soul of the nation speech is what he calls it.
He called for unity.
He said we need to not treat each other like enemies.
Well, now all the rhetoric building up to his new soul of the nation address that he's going to be giving soon.
Has been divisive, hate-filled rhetoric, accusing anybody that's not a Democrat of basically being a terrorist.
What do you expect from Joe Biden in his Soul of the Nation speech?
Do you think he's going to be more divisive, perhaps the most divisive speech in American history?
Or do you think he's going to go back to the unifying message that we all know is BS?
He'll probably try to do both.
He'll probably try to touch on the unifying thing.
You're hitting a hot wire here with me.
Let me just say something about this.
This whole business that we're all fascists or semi-fascists and Nazis, the whole
People, you know, they were flummoxed.
We see that parents go to school board meetings and they stand up and say, stop indoctrinating my children with communist propaganda.
And then the DOJ brands them as domestic terrorists and violent extremists.
We keep seeing this kind of stuff.
If you oppose them in any way, you are a white supremacist.
America is the least racist nation, in case anybody didn't know, in the history of the world.
It is the most successful multi-ethnic nation ever.
This is the least racist nation, but somehow all of us are white supremacists, terrorists, and so forth, and I contend, Owen, that they have been speaking to us in code.
Really, until recently.
Just recently, they started talking all about, like,
Christian nationalists, white Christian nationalists, always has this little nasty sort of racist sounding words and so forth.
But basically, what they're really opposed to is Christianity.
They're opposed to Christian, the great
Center-right American middle class that's Christian, that believes in the Constitution, that believes in the Judeo-Christian morals that this country and our culture was based on.
That's the engine of America, you know, culturally and financially and economically.
The center-right middle class, that is what they're at war with, and that is essentially what we call Judeo-Christian, Judeo-Old Testament, Christian-New Testament.
Basically, biblical values, the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, the values that made America great, that made, you know, I've been a journalist for 40 years now.
I started during the Reagan term, and it was mourning in America, and basically, this was not a theocracy, it was just to basically
Judeo-Christian, freedom-loving country, okay?
And they hate that because the truth is, the people that run Google and the rest of it, you talk about the New World Order and the World Economic Forum and the Biden administration, all these people, they're loyal to something else that most of us, most of the people listening right now,
They may have an idea because they're paying attention, they know what it is, but they can't really feel the way these people feel.
You're talking about a class of sociopaths, people who can look right into a camera
Meaning looking into the eyes of millions of people or the television camera and lie without any conflict, okay?
These are people that could, you know, pass the polygraph test.
They don't have any inner conflict, any conscience over lying.
We don't, you and I and people listening, don't have feelings like this.
We might know what it is to be angry or upset or greedy or whatever.
We don't know what it is to
We're good to go.
Dark-hearted souls going on here, and that's really... this world has always been a battleground between good and evil, okay?
And it goes on in our minds, and it projects out into the world.
That's what we're caught up in here, and there are a lot of good people out there in America, a lot of really good, decent people that are just as appalled as you and I are at everything they're seeing.
But unfortunately, the
The oligarchy, the people in power right now that have the upper hand, are the ones that I'm describing.
And it really, if you boil it all down, it is a war against God, and therefore against Christianity, against God and His commandments and His ways, because that's what this world has always been about.
It's been a war between good and evil, and we're in the middle of it right now.
Yeah and I mean it feels like we're at the peak of it but then the calendar turns and then you feel like you're at the peak of it again and we're just flying to these midterms now 68 days away.
You know that there's going to be some big crazy development in between now and then.
That's just how these things go and I'm so glad you know getting into the psychology of it.
I try to get into the psychology of it a lot because it's important for people to understand that aspect of it because when you understand where it's coming from at a psychological level
You can recognize what's evil and what's not.
Now, some of the psychology we can relate to...
A lot of it we just have to recognize and observe, but that's it exactly.
People, I mean myself, people get confused.
They say, why?
How can they be such liars?
How can they stare us right in the eye and lie to us time and time again?
How can they be such thieves?
How can they be such thieves funding all these wars across this planet, spending trillions of dollars as Americans are struggling to make ends meet?
How can they be such low-life scum?
How can they have such disdain and hatred for the American people?
Yeah, exactly.
We can't relate to that.
We don't want other people to suffer.
We don't want to control other people.
And that's why I try to get mostly young people to understand, but everybody needs to understand the very psychology of the American left versus the American right.
The American left wants to control you.
They believe in human control, and they want to be the control factor, whereas the American right believes in self-control, self-government.
You're in charge of yourself, live and let live, where on the left it's, no, you can't be in control of yourself, therefore I need to be in control of yourself.
And when people understand that, they'll understand, okay, now I know why the left-wing ideology has been the most blood-drenched,
Ideology in world history.
And on one thing, one really great trick they have, this is why Biden is calling us all fascists, why they call Donald Trump worse than Hitler.
Because if you or I or your listeners were alive during Nazi Germany in the Third Reich and we had opportunity to lie, cheat, steal, rig an election in order to get rid of Hitler and to save millions of lives, would we do it?
Damn right!
It would be immoral not to.
It would be a moral imperative.
There were 16 known plots to assassinate Hitler.
They all failed.
And all those people are considered heroes to this day.
So by calling not just Trump, but half of his followers are deplorables, all that, by calling us terrorists and Nazis and Hitler, it's somehow, if you're in Hitler's army, there are no rules.
You know, Klaus von Stauffenberg and all the rest of it, they were lying.
They're at war.
War is deception, said Sun Tzu.
They're behind enemy lines.
Of course they're lying and cheating.
And so the left loves it where there are no rules.
And that's the other thing too.
Because they want us dead.
That's why.
They want us dead and they want to justify it by calling us Nazis.
Well, you know, we lost 400,000 people in World War II to stop the Nazis.
And then we hired a hundred of their scientists.
David Kapelian, thank you so much for joining us, folks.
You got to go right to wnd.com now.
World Net Daily, been around for decades.
You got to go right to their website now because they're getting banned everywhere.
I know I'm going to make that a habit when I'm looking for my news from wnd.com.
David, thank you.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen, last segment for me.
Who's up next?
I think it's Paul Joseph Watson, hosting next here on the Alex Jones Show.
Then Mike Adams, and then Mike Adams will be back with me on the War Room later with some breaking news.
I got a big War Room coming up today as well.
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Alright, I want to address something here.
In fact, guys, did you guys get those tweets that I sent you to print, please?
Can you bring those in to me?
So, I'm trying to think of the best way to handle this.
And really the best way is to just do this and then get into the commentary.
And that's to say, there are individuals, probably dozens if not even maybe hundreds, who watch this transmission, they're tuned in right now at Media Matters and other places.
Hi guys, you watch us every day, hello.
And their only job is to tune in here and then write negative stories about us.
And that's all they do.
And two of the most recent examples, and Alex played one of them earlier, and that was on the Young Turks, and they upload the segment where they're talking about Alex Jones, because they all watch the show.
Alex Jones tells his audience to use political violence and prepare for war, and so they're insinuating that Alex Jones calls for violence, and then you play the clip, and there's no calls for violence whatsoever.
It just doesn't even exist.
And so, you also had a new individual.
This must be the new one.
Hi, Ari.
Hello, it's nice to meet you.
It looks like you just got a job at Media Matters.
Your job is now to watch InfoWars and write hit pieces on us.
Sounds like a great life.
I'm sure your parents are proud of you.
And so, she's watching and she saw me hosting the other day and she says,
If I worked for Alex Jones, I'd be very careful.
What I tell my audience is a false flag.
But I guess Owen Schroer's built different.
Yeah, Ari, I am built different.
But that's neither here nor there.
Now, here's what's funny.
The story that I'm covering, that she even puts in the video, because we put it on the screen.
We don't just make crap up around here, and just give you false rhetoric around here.
I mean, there's a reason why there's a hundred news stories on the desk every day, and the crew is in there piling through news stories, and every guest we have says, wow, you guys are good, you pulled that story up I just mentioned.
Because the crew's sitting in there, just
Just typing away, getting all the news stories pulled up, putting it all there for documentation.
So we document, I would say, 90% of the stuff that we cover here.
With the documents, the stories, what have you, the videos.
90% of what we cover is fully, completely documented.
Now it's a talk show that's teleprompter free, so it's impossible to document everything because I'm flying off the cuff here.
But folks, so she insinuates, she says, oh, Owen Schroeder is saying that this is a false flag.
The story I'm reading that she's covering, the headline is literally false alarm.
That's literally the headline in the story that I'm covering.
And it's even in the video.
See, there's the story right there.
See, that's how fast the crew works.
I don't have the story in front of me, but there they have it.
Bomb threat at Boston Children's Hospital was false alarm.
So I cover that story, talking about how Jussie Smollett fakes hate crimes, talking about how AOC makes up stories about what happened to her on January 6th.
There's all these different examples.
They're investigating this BYU athlete that claims someone called her the N-word.
There's been a large investigation.
Nobody can find any proof of it.
So there's all, so yeah, you liberals fake crap all the time!
It's all you do!
Just like Chris Jaco, pretending he was in Kuwait getting bombed.
He's in a basement in Atlanta, fake news CNN.
There's a whole news story out there about how you guys fake stuff all the time.
And then I'm just covering a story that says it's a false alarm and Media Matters says, wow, Owen Schroer says false flag.
So, okay, you guys are liars.
That's your job.
You hate us.
You want us dead.
I get it.
I know that's who you are.
Here's what I find funny.
And this is really what it comes down to.
And they do the same thing to Matt Walsh now.
You guys just want us all dead.
Chrissy Strope.
White Christian terrorists like Matt Walsh are going to get people killed.
What did Matt Walsh do?
He shares a public profile page of a doctor who brags about adolescent top surgery.
That's all he did!
It's a public page and he just shares it.
And liberals say, oh, he's trying to get you killed.
No, you're the ones that want us killed.
But you're too cowardly to actually face us, because here's my point.
So Ari Drennan is tuned in right now.
She might even do a video or a story about this segment.
But here's what I've noticed.
Like, when I called out Ron Flapowski the other day, he has not mentioned us once since then.
Because he's a total fraud and a coward.
So here's what I say to the Media Matters team that's tuned in today, and Ari, I'm sure you're tuned in today too, it's your job.
Why don't you ever come on air and debate us?
I'm just curious.
I'm just curious.
If you're so intellectually superior, if you're political savvy is so superior to ours, if you're so much smarter and brighter and better than we are, then why don't you ever come on the air to debate us?
Why don't you ever engage in political discourse?
Why do you hide behind your computer desks, typing away, watching us 24-7, writing hit pieces about us because you want us dead?
Why don't you ever open up for a public debate?
If you don't want to come on this platform, fine.
Why don't you ever reach out for comment?
You never reach out for comment the hundreds of times you've written about me.
Not once have I ever received an email requesting comment.
Why don't we do it on your platform?
You want to have a debate?
Let's do it on your platform.
You guys can hire the team.
Hire a whole team of people to try to confuse me and trick me.
Please, bring it on!
I welcome the day liberals will finally debate.
I'm begging for the day I can actually get into a political debate with a liberal democrat again.
You won't do it because you know you're intellectually inferior, you know your policies don't work, and you're cowards and frauds!
So you tune in here every day listening to Alex Jones or Owen Schroer, and it's your job to tune in here and write negative stories about us.
But for all the hours you spend watching, and all the hours you spend trying to destroy us and get us killed, you will never face us, will you?
You'll never confront us in person, you'll never send us a request for comment on your stories, and you'll never come on the air to debate.
And I just wonder why.
But we all know why, don't we?
We all know why.
Because you know you can't debate, and you know if you tried to debate, you would get absolutely annihilated and embarrassed.
But here's your chance, every time one of these new Media Matters members pops up to watch us and write hit pieces about us, I always offer them the same thing.
Come on air and debate.
Come on air and prove how bad I am.
Come on air and prove how dumb I am.
Come on air and prove how intellectually and morally superior to me and more informed you are than me.
Go ahead and do it.
So far, I'm 0 for ever trying to get you on the air.
So, let's see what happens.
So, this is how it goes every time, folks.
They watch the show.
They write hit pieces about us.
They never reach out for comment.
I come on the air and say, why don't you ever reach out for comment?
Why won't you ever come on the air and debate?
And then they never cover me again.
Whether it's Jared Holt or Ron Flapowski or now it's Timothy Johnson or maybe now it's Ari Drennan.
So come on, Ari!
You say I'm built different.
Come on here and explain it!
You say I shouldn't be telling people about a false flag even though it's the actual Boston Children's Hospital saying it was a false alarm.
Tell me how you've got me.
Tell me how you've figured it out.
Tell me how wrong I am, Ari.
You won't do it because you're a coward and a fraud just like all your cohorts at Media Matters and just like all your liberal Democrat friends in this country.
And just like the Democrats that won't debate Republicans.
Not a single Democrat will have a debate before the midterms.
The cavalry.
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We are live, it is the Summit News Hour.
Just one hour earlier than usual this week, but I say this basically every other time I host this show at this point.
The biggest story in the world right now is a story that is being completely ignored by the mainstream media.
Yet again, as it relates to Ukraine, as our own government sends billions more in military aid that mysteriously just vanishes into thin air, as the Biden administration commits to sending billions more of military aid that just vanishes into thin air.
What was happening weeks after the start of the war, back at the end of March, beginning of April?
This isn't being reported anywhere.
It's being reported by one single news outlet.
Pro-Western, by the way.
Pro-Ukraine news outlet.
And we're going to get on to what they said in the next segment.
Ton of news, though.
We've got a lot more on lockdown, Covid, pandemic, vaccines, of course.
We had another big scandal, which should have been one of the biggest stories in the world here in the UK, last week, where it came out that the potential next Prime Minister basically said,
The cabinet ministers in the British government had no say on what the lockdown policy was going to be throughout the Covid pandemic.
In many cases, they weren't even told what the policy was going to be.
It was a scientific dictatorship of the elite.
They weren't even canvassed.
It's basically a rogue scientific dictatorship in control of lockdown policies in the United Kingdom.
And that continues to reverberate in terms of excess deaths caused by lockdown, untreated illnesses caused by a certain other thing as well, which we're going to get into.
China is locking down again.
They're still pursuing this disastrous zero-Covid policy, which a lot of our own scientific establishment still wanted to pursue as few as, you know, a few months ago.
They're now locking down another city in Chengdu this time.
We've seen the footage.
People screaming from high-rise apartment buildings.
People scrambling to get out of supermarkets because they literally announced a lockdown.
That minute, that second, and if you don't get out of there in time, you are locked down.
We have the German Foreign Minister saying that she, representing her country, supposedly representing Germans, will continue to support Ukraine, throw money into the black hole to prolong the war a thousand miles away, no matter what German people think.
She actually came out and admitted that during one of these NGO conferences, so we're going to get into that as well.
Gazprom, the Russian energy giant, state-backed, has just announced
Record profits.
Really going well, that, cutting off Russia, isn't it?
Sanctioning them.
Meanwhile, you'll find out what people in Colorado experienced during a heatwave when they tried to adjust their air-conditioning thermostats and were basically locked out from doing so.
Little taste of the Great Reset there for you.
German should go vegan to save the environment.
Another proposal from the Green Party, which is basically now a huge power block, semi-in-control of the German government.
They've risen that far.
They're really enjoying this great reset agenda.
Prices in UK stores soar to 17-year high.
Of course, I've spoken before about
The cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that we're supposedly not even dependent on Russian gas.
Turns out we're actually buying Chinese gas, which is in turn buying it from Russia.
So we are buying Russian gas, but we're not dependent on it.
We have heating bills now increasing by thousands and thousands of percent.
A quarter of Brits saying they'll simply refuse to turn the heating on at all throughout the entire winter.
We've got three quarters of pubs, the heart of communities, the heart of heritage in England, threatening to close over the next six months or so because of the current thing crisis.
We're going to get into that.
We're going to get into the Notting Hill Carnival.
A celebration, a showcase of diversity, of multiculturalism, an annual event that is also annually beset by violent crimes, sexual assaults, and in this case, a fatal stabbing.
We'll get into all that and more on the other side.
Summit.News, don't go away.
Now, we had a report a couple of weeks ago out of the UK.
This actually emerged before the scandal surrounding Rishi Sunak, the then-Chancellor of the UK, in the running to be Prime Minister.
He's probably not going to win.
But it came out, basically, that he had no say in lockdown.
The cabinet ministers within the government were told what was going to happen.
They had no role in deciding what was going to happen, despite the fact that they were literally the government.
The entire response to the pandemic was driven by
Basically a scientific dictatorship of medical advisors with no responsibility, no representation of the British people.
Well, it came out two weeks ago that the effects of lockdown may now be killing more people than COVID itself.
Of course, we said that this would happen right at the start.
We warned everybody about it.
We were called granny killers.
We were called COVID-iots.
Now it's happening.
This is based on official statistics from the ONS out of the UK.
Non-COVID excess deaths continue to outstrip COVID deaths.
1,000 people dying each week from conditions other than the virus above and beyond the average of excess deaths in any previous five-year period.
We have this out of the Daily Skeptic today.
Excess non-COVID deaths top 15,300 in 17 weeks as mysterious wave of heart deaths continues.
Now, bear in mind that we had a media sustained with daily COVID death tolls for a period of, what, 18 months, two years, where every single day they would laboriously explain to you how many people had died of COVID.
Didn't matter that a lot of those deaths were actually due to several other comorbidities, had nothing really to do with COVID.
They would drumby, browbeat that into the population on a daily basis for a period of nearly two years!
Now we have a thousand non-COVID excess deaths a day in the United Kingdom.
The media barely even talks about it.
Well, there is an investigation into it, finally, from the government.
We'll wait to see what happens out of that.
But again, it's been found that in many cases these excess deaths aren't just people not being treated for cancer, and in many cases they are cardiovascular deaths.
Gee, I wonder what that could be?
Says there have been 15,357 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales in the last 17 weeks since the end of April, according to official data.
That's 9.5% more than expected based on an average of the previous five years.
This is above and beyond.
This is something extraordinary that we haven't seen before.
In the week ending August 19th, the most recent week for which data is available,
10,982 deaths were registered in England and Wales, which is 18.6% above the five-year average.
Says of these, 551 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate as a contributory cause, and 354 mentioned COVID-19 as underlying cause, leaving 1,365 deaths from a different underlying cause.
It goes on to point out that there appears to be a direct correlation, and there's a graph in this article showing it,
Between the fourth dose booster rollout among over 75s in England and this wave of excess deaths.
In fact, you look at the graph, it tracks almost exactly.
Vaccine researcher Theo Shetters has highlighted a similar correlation in the Netherlands and raised concerns the vaccines may be contributing to the deaths.
Correlation, which was strong during the spring and early summer, has not continued in England and Wales.
It's remained high!
So the boosters have dropped off, but the actual excess deaths among over 75s has remained high, as depicted in the second graph in this article.
So this may be an indication of ongoing vaccine injury, perhaps in conjunction with the effects of previous COVID infection, or the operation of another cause.
So again, it tracks almost entirely the spring boosters, and they're talking about cardiovascular excess deaths.
Following a welcome intervention from Oxford Professor Carl Hennigan, the government has now said it's looking into what's causing this unusual level of excess deaths.
However, the vaccines have not yet been mentioned as a possible contributory factor, despite the deaths being largely cardiovascular in nature.
The vaccines having known adverse effects on the heart and circulatory system.
Again, they're not cancer deaths.
There is some of that going on, but it says the fact that cancer deaths are not above average counts against the suggestion that the main cause of death is denial of healthcare access during the pandemic.
Meanwhile, New York Post reports, Canadian junior hockey captain dies during tournament game.
Another healthy, fit, young athlete just suddenly collapsing out of nowhere with cardiovascular issues and dying.
We've seen it with football players.
We've seen it with numerous other sportsmen and women for the past two years.
Well, now rising Canadian junior hockey player Eli Palfreyman
Reportedly died in the locker room during a pre-season game in Ontario on Tuesday night.
The 20-year-old Ontario native collapsed during the first intermission of the Ayr Centennials pre-season tournament game at the North Dumfries Community Complex, according to the Toronto Sun.
Emergency officials were unable to revive the start forward.
They've not disclosed the cause of death.
The Centennial's organisation said it will not speculate out of respect for the family's right to privacy.
We don't know what the cause of death was, but again, yet another 20-year-old athlete in peak physical condition, just suddenly collapsing with cardiovascular issues out of nowhere.
Meanwhile, BBC News reports Covid in China, Chengdu lockdown after outbreak.
Remember we had those scenes.
Of people screaming from their apartment blocks, people rushing to get out of supermarkets because they literally announced these zero Covid policy lockdowns in these Chinese cities and it applies from that second, from that minute!
Even during the height of the pandemic in the West, you know, they'd announced the new lockdown a couple of days in the future.
Well now it's the instant the authorities announce it.
And bear in mind, China was the model.
Professor Neil Armstrong, the guru of our modelling, of our lockdown campaign in the United Kingdom, said, we didn't think we could get away with what the communist Chinese were doing, but then we saw Italy get away with it, and we thought we could get away with it.
It was literally modelled on their policy.
And many of these hysterical
Covidians over the course of the past six months have wanted us to aspire to a zero Covid lockdown policy.
Well, how's it going in China?
Chengdu has become the latest Chinese city to be locked down as Beijing continues to pursue its controversial zero Covid policy.
Around 21 million people have been ordered to stay indoors with just one person per household allowed out for essential shopping.
They're still pursuing this, they get a handful of infections, they lock down entire cities of 21 million people.
Now again, it kind of counters the narrative, although there's a lot of evidence that it came out of the lab, that it was deliberate, because why is China
Committing Harry Carey sacrificing its own economy by continuing this disastrous zero-Covid policy if they deliberately released the virus.
Surely they wouldn't do that.
Surely they'd just encourage other countries' competitors to do that.
But again, they've locked down yet another city.
There's Chengdu's residents asked to stay home from 6 o'clock local time on Thursday.
They'll all be tested over the coming days, but it was not clear when restrictions would be lifted.
So they're still laboring under zero Covid insanity.
I'm going to come back in the next segment though and talk about what I believe is the biggest story being ignored by the mainstream media today, and that is the fact that
We have a cost-of-living crisis.
We have Boris Johnson out in public, visiting Ukraine, giving speeches saying that the Ukraine people are paying in blood, that we need to pay in the form of higher energy bills.
And this isn't just a little spike in your electricity and your gas bill.
This is half the country entering fuel poverty.
We had average yearly household bills at the start of this year down at around £1,000, £1,200 a year.
As of October, they're going to basically quadruple and now next year, early next year, they're talking about the average yearly household bill for energy in the United Kingdom surpassing £6,000.
That is going to
Put half the country into fuel poverty.
It's going to put about a third of the country into actual basic poverty.
That's why they're talking about civil unrest.
That's why they're talking about riots on the streets.
But none of it had to happen.
And when we come back on the other side, we're going to tell you precisely why.
Don't go away.
Well the German Foreign Minister came out yesterday and basically in front of an NGO forum with a bunch of these WEF Great Reset types said she doesn't care what German voters think!
The representative of the German voters, of the German people on that stage said, doesn't matter we're going to continue to pour money into that black hole, going to continue to send weapons to the current thing over in Ukraine a thousand miles away.
We stand with you as long as you need us, then I want to deliver, she said.
No matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine.
Was she elected by the people of Ukraine or was she elected by Germans?
By the way, polls now showing that.
Germans increasingly unhappy with this policy that has left them suffering through a cost-of-living crisis to the point where local governments are having to set up warm-up spaces in major cities so people who can't afford to pay their heating bills won't freeze to death.
But I mentioned it at the top of the show, the biggest story that they are ignoring.
Let's get into it.
Daily Skeptic summarizes it.
Did Boris scuttle peace talks between Ukraine and Russia
There were peace talks back in early April that were all set to be finalised.
Then Boris Johnson turns up in Ukraine on a surprise visit.
Lo and behold, the peace talks are scuppered.
This video is called It's a Scam.
We're going to play that.
I'm going to talk about the fallout from all this, but here it is.
It's a Scam.
Let's roll it.
Well, what do you know?
Looks like we've been conned yet again.
Turns out they had a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia all but finalised back in early April.
Then it mysteriously got scuppered.
And now we have to face the misery of a cost of living crisis that could drag on for years and years.
Foreign Affairs, a pro-Western,
Pro-Ukraine news outlet reports.
According to multiple former senior US officials, in April 2022, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators appear to have tentatively agreed on the outlines of a negotiated interim settlement.
Russia would withdraw to its position on February 23rd when it controlled part of the Donbass region and all of Crimea.
And in exchange, Ukraine would promise not to seek NATO membership and instead receive security guarantees from a number of countries.
So why did the peace talks break down?
Because according to a report by Ukrainska Pravda, which again is a pro-Western newspaper in Ukraine, Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a surprise visit to President Zelensky and told him straight up, even if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin, they are not.
We went there to sabotage the peace deal.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken was also cold on the idea of a peace deal, because they thought early reports of Ukrainian victories on the battlefield, which we now know were somewhat fancifully exaggerated by the media, meant the war could be prolonged.
Three days after Boris Johnson's surprise visit, the Istanbul peace deal was dead.
Quite convenient for Boris, the continuation of conflict providing a useful distraction from his Partygate scandal.
But this war could have been over within weeks of it beginning nearly five months ago.
But it didn't happen because certain forces didn't want the war to end.
It's a scam.
All this misery we now face due to this war.
People literally freezing to death because they're unable to afford the heating.
Three quarters of British pubs facing permanent closure, ripping the heart out of communities, half the country entering fuel poverty, a quality of life permanently deformed, living standards crushed, destitution, depression, suicide.
All of that could have been avoided with this peace deal.
But no, the regime wanted the war to go on.
And how dense is the population letting all this happen right under their noses?
I got this electricity bill today, how in the name of God is this possible?
Oh gee, I wonder.
It really is a mystery.
Maybe if you'd actually questioned what your own governments were doing.
Instead of being more concerned with feeling smug about yourselves by flaying your little flags.
Maybe your business wouldn't be going to the wall right now.
The German foreign minister just came out and admitted she doesn't care what the German people think.
You know, the very people she's supposed to represent.
She's gonna support the current thing, whatever happens.
But if I give the promise to people in Ukraine, we stand with you as long as you need us.
Then I want to deliver.
No matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine.
Yeah, Granny's freezing to death is apparently a price worth paying to maintain the liberal world order.
No matter what my German voters think.
The social fabric of society being ripped apart at the seams is apparently a minor piece of collateral damage to prolong a war a thousand miles away.
No matter what my German voters think.
Where is all this money of ours they're sending over there?
Even going much of it down a giant gaping black hole.
Boris Johnson sent nearly £2.5 billion of taxpayer money.
Joe Biden has sent over $10 billion of US taxpayer money.
For what?
CBS News reported that 70% of the money is completely wasted.
Do we have any sense as to
Where are they going?
We don't know.
There is really no information as to where they're going, um, at all.
You know, all this stuff goes to the border, and they're kind of like, something happens, they're kind of like you.
30% maybe reaches its final destination.
And censored their own report, of course.
Only 30% of it reaches its final destination.
A scam.
The whole narrative that we need to endure crippling energy bills because Putin bad is also a scam.
We're buying Russian gas anyway, only by means of China at exorbitant prices.
Despite lower domestic demands due to its constant lockdowns, China has bought over 2.35 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas this year so far, much of it from Russia.
And who's the sucker buying all that excess natural gas being sold by China?
At vastly inflated prices!
A zero hedge report citing the financial time.
China has been quietly reselling that evil, tainted Russian LNG to the one place that desperately needs it more than anything.
And of course it's charging a kidney's worth of markups in the process.
We're ending our dependence on Putin's hydrocarbon.
Oh yeah, we're no longer dependent on Russian gas.
We're just dependent on Chinese gas.
That's coming from Russia.
Meanwhile, the Russian state-backed energy firm Gazprom just announced record profits!
It's a scam!
Boris Johnson's got the nerve to insist that Brits just blithely accept exorbitant energy bills to support the current thing.
If we're paying in our energy bills for the evils of Vladimir Putin,
The people of Ukraine are paying in their blood.
After he sabotaged a peace deal that would have averted all this.
We're paying higher energy bills and still using gas that originated in Russia.
Is this really about Putin or Russia?
So the peace deal was in place in early April, a matter of weeks after the start of the Ukraine-Russia war.
Foreign Affairs is now reporting it, admitting it.
Russian and Ukraine negotiators agreed a peace treaty.
Then Boris Johnson turns up, no doubt with his orders,
Three days later, the peace deal is dead.
The regime basically said, no, we want this war to continue.
We want it to be prolonged.
We know it's going to exacerbate a cost of living crisis all across Europe.
Doesn't matter.
We're all in for this.
We're all in for the Great Reset, because that was their agenda anyway, to lower your living standards.
More Ukraine military aid coming, White House says.
US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Wednesday the Biden administration was preparing to announce more packages of military aid, up to 40 billion of course, on the way.
We're being told here in the UK by the Prime Minister that it's all part of getting out of our dependency on Russian energy.
Even though China is buying the gas from Russia and then selling it to European countries at exorbitant prices.
So we're still getting Russian gas.
We're just paying more money for it.
And it's coming through China.
It's a complete and utter scam.
Breitbart reports, despite sanctions, Russian state gas company posts record profits.
That, of course, is Gazprom.
They posted a profit roughly equivalent to $41 billion.
That compares to their previous record profit, which was around 2.2 trillion rubles.
Far lower than their new record profit, because they're selling the gas to China, they're selling it all over the world.
We're buying the gas from China.
We're the suckers.
While being told that we need to make sacrifices to become independent of Russian energy, we're still getting Russian energy.
Meanwhile, in Colorado, power company seizes control of thermostats during heatwave.
Got a smart meter?
Oh, it means you're no longer in control of your own heating or air conditioning.
22,000 households in Colorado lost the ability to control their thermostats after the power company seized control of them during a heatwave.
Basically, what happened...
Temperatures soared past 90 degrees, people went to adjust their A.C., and they were met with a message which said, Energy Emergency!
Or maybe Climate Emergency.
Oh, but, you know, climate change lockdowns, they're just a conspiracy theory, aren't they?
Even though India's literally doing them, has been doing them for years.
So they were told there was an energy emergency and they were restricted from altering the temperature inside their own homes because of the smart meters.
Again, we've seen Spain, Italy, Germany, France all literally impose rules, laws, backed by threats of onerous fines up to 600,000 euros for businesses, shops, bars, cafes, restaurants in Spain, for example,
Right now, at the height of summer, it's still, you know, way in the 90s in that region, they can't put their AC below 80 Fahrenheit, 27 degrees Celsius, in European money, as a rule, as a mandate passed by the government.
They face onerous fines if they break that regulation.
Meanwhile Germans could go vegan, should go vegan to save environment, proposes Green Party, now in control basically of the German government.
German Green Party minister calls for tax on meat.
Notice that all these things that they wanted anyway, the energy dependency, the soaring electricity bills, the soaring gas bills, the not eating meat, all of that now comes into play based on the spooky boogeyman of Russia and Putin.
Yet the agenda was already in place anyway.
The inflation was already rising before the invasion.
Prices in UK stores soar to 17-year high.
That's the food inflation going crazy, driving inflation.
A quarter of Brits will refuse to turn on heating this winter.
British pubs at risk of closure.
And in fact we've got a video on this now.
People don't realise how integral pubs are to, basically, English culture, English heritage.
Now, 75% of them, that's over 30,000 pubs, businesses in the United Kingdom, face being terminated, shut down for good, as a result of this contrived cost-of-living, current-thing crisis.
Here's a video.
The end of the pub.
Let's roll it.
Another devastating side effect of the current thing crisis.
Three quarters of pubs in the UK face permanent closure due to unaffordable energy bills.
That's roughly 30,000 pubs across the entire country.
Tens of thousands of livelihoods ruined.
Family businesses wrecked.
The heart ripped out of 30,000 towns and villages up and down the country.
Thanks to green energy, and the current thing, pubs and brewers face bill hikes of up to 300%.
Martin Robinson, co-owner of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub in St Albans, reputed to be the oldest pub in England.
I think people don't realise how many places are about to close, he said.
The British pub is not just a place to get drunk.
It's a community centre, it's a refuge, it's a family focal point, it's a piece of heritage.
Some pubs in Britain are over a thousand years old.
They survived Viking raids, the Black Death and the Second World War.
But many of them won't survive the double whammy of lockdown and the current thing crisis.
The government says, quote, No national government can control the global factors pushing up the price of energy and other business costs.
Yeah, I'll tell you what you can control.
Sending nearly £2.5 billion of taxpayer money to a foreign country 1,500 miles away to prolong a war, while pensioners at home are going to be freezing to death this winter because they can't afford to put the heating on.
Pursuing disastrous net-zero climate change hysteria that will ensure energy bills remain high whatever happens in Ukraine.
Caving to eco-mentalists by banning fracking which would have single-handedly saved us from all this.
You could have controlled all that, couldn't you?
I want to hope all the upper-middle class pretentious twats in the affluent areas are really pleased with themselves.
I hope that when they try to go for a Christmas drink at their local pub, only to find it's been shut down forever, hope they give themselves a nice pat on the back.
But at least you got to feel smug about yourselves by flying that little Ukraine flag in the back garden, eh?
Now I mentioned it before, the article is here.
Quarter of Brits will refuse to turn on heating this winter.
They've got this energy price cap which is going to rise in October, pushing up bills by 80%.
That means the average yearly household bill will rise from £1,900 and that's already a huge rise on earlier this year.
So that's about, I don't know, $3,000 to £3,500, that's about $5,000.
That's just by October.
Next year it's going to go to £6,500, that's about, I don't know, $8,500 per year on electricity and gas for heating, which of course is going to push people into fuel poverty, going to push people into basically civil unrest, many observers are now saying.
Then you've got this weird thing going on in the background where
The movement for people to cancel their direct debits and to stop paying their electricity bills is being driven, is being promulgated by weird shadowy NGO groups linked in to the very great reset that this complements in the first place.
So it's kind of a contrived thing.
That you have these, again, shadowy NGO groups tied in with government, tied in with the WEF, telling people to revolt, telling people not to pay their bills, telling people to demand government give them massive payouts.
And as a Telegraph columnist here, Alastair Heath, wrote in the article,
It's about getting people even more dependent on the government as a result of this contrived crisis.
He said,
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
Got a couple of videos I want to play here in the final segment.
I'm gonna get on to the Notting Hill Carnival, the big celebration of diversity and multiculturalism in London.
That, as always, didn't quite go to the narrative.
First though, I want to get to this video, which is about Lizzo.
The private jet-flying, award-receiving superstar who got up on stage at the VMAs this week or on Sunday night and claimed, yes, that she is actually oppressed.
Lizzo claims she's oppressed.
Here it is.
Here's the video.
Here it is.
Plus, plus, plus-sized singer Lizzo gave a speech at the VMAs last night during which she claimed she was oppressed.
So remember when you're voting for your favourite artist, vote to change some of these laws that are oppressing us.
Laws that are oppressing us.
What laws?
The Civil Rights Act was passed nearly 60 years ago.
What are you even talking about?
Oppressing us.
You're literally standing on a world stage with rapt media attention.
Being awarded an idol made out of precious metal.
Being adulated and worshipped by an audience of millions.
Oh my god, so oppressed.
You literally arrived there in a private jet.
You live in a house worth 26 million dollars.
It's a hard-knock life, isn't it?
Lizzo spent the rest of her speech screaming incoherently about her haters while claiming she wasn't bothered by them.
There's a wider point here, though.
Why is this person given so much attention by the malevolent forces that control popular culture?
Lest we forget, earlier this year, she literally celebrated gaining more weight!
Now, I'm not trying to be mean.
People struggle with drug addiction, they struggle with alcoholism, they struggle with weight loss.
Nah, don't worry about it.
Here's ten kilos of heroin and a lifetime supply of syringes.
Have fun.
Just let me know when you run out.
Of course we don't say that.
So why are we supposed to celebrate Lizzo's obesity?
Why is it exalted by the culture as some kind of achievement?
Obesity now kills more people worldwide than car crashes.
It shouldn't be being glorified by Lizzo or anyone else.
Don't tell her that though, she'll probably claim she's being oppressed again.
Oppressing us!
Now, let's get to these final stories.
We have another transgender athlete who is trying to hang out with a bunch of teenage girls.
Completely normal, of course.
31-year-old transgender footballer celebrates being able to use same changing room as team of teenage girls.
This is a 31-year-old biological male in the Netherlands, male to female transgender.
Who actually got given a passport by the Dutch government, saying that he is now a woman!
A report by Dutch news outlet VRPO reveals the struggles that Marjolein Schepers underwent trying to comply with rules set by the Royal Football Association.
Now in its infinite bigotry,
The Royal Football Association in the Netherlands said, You're a 31-year-old man.
What the hell are you doing trying to compete against a bunch of 15-year-old girls at soccer?
But obviously that's bigoted and transphobic.
So after initially encountering those difficulties with his hometown team, Shep has traveled 200 kilometers to join up with a team of teenage girls in Lisse, with him proclaiming it to be the best time of his life.
Yeah, I bet it was.
He said, I was finally accepted by my teammates, I joined in.
He added that the ability to use the same dressing room as the young girls was, quote, the best gift I could get.
Because now he's officially a woman, of course.
Basically, they've now come back and said, no, it's not about you identifying as a woman, it's the fact that you're a grown man with a 31-year-old body competing against 15-year-old girls.
You clearly, no matter what hormones you're taking, have a physical advantage.
And again, as we previously highlighted, similar case with a biological male in his 30s who identified as a transgender woman.
was allowed to compete in Gaelic soccer in a final against 16 year old girls and then whenever anyone complained about it on Twitter they had their accounts banned.
So yes, that is the modern state of women's rights.
30 year old men competing against 15 and 16 year old girls winning because they now identify as women.
Let's talk about the Notting Hill Carnival though.
We have a video on this.
I'm going to come back after and talk about it because again
This carnival was cancelled for a couple of years because of the pandemic.
I'm surprised that even happened.
That was probably racist.
Now we had it returning with a vengeance in 2022, the Notting Hill Carnival.
Let's go to the video first and I'll come back and tell you the crime stats that emerged out of this celebration of diversity and multiculturalism.
Here's the video.
There's still this archaic perception amongst some people, mainly Americans, that England is some quaint oasis of charm, populated with polite, sophisticated, genteel people.
Hmm, let's take a look.
Not in the major cities it isn't.
Welcome to London, and more specifically, the Notting Hill Carnival!
Long celebrated as the best diversity has to offer.
If by best, you mean hundreds of arrests, dozens of sexual assaults, scores of violent assaults, looting, theft, vandalism, and this year, one fatal stabbing.
The murder investigation is underway after a man was stabbed to death at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Several other stabbings and violent incidents were also reported.
This kind of carnage happens at Notting Hill Carnival.
Every single year without fail.
There are countless violent videos on Twitter, and I can't even play them here because this video would get banned.
If this were something like the FA Cup Final or the Grand National, and this kind of chaos erupted every year, the spectators would be banned from attending.
But we're just supposed to ignore the annual Notting Hill Carnival bedlam, presumably because showering it with anything other than effusive praise
Would be racist!
It's morosely humorous to observe how the media and the authorities, despite the clear orgy of violence and criminality on show, desperately try to spin it.
Because how dare anyone even suggest anything slightly negative about this homage to multiculturalism?
BBC News quoted someone from the Met Police as saying the carnival had been quote, "...largely positive and good-natured."
Apart from, you know, all the arrests, sexual assaults, violent attacks, stabbings.
It's the most flagrant 180 since CNN called the George Floyd riots mostly peaceful demonstrations.
Again, imagine if it was Liverpool versus Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley.
Imagine if the police had made over 200 arrests in response to countless crimes, violent assaults and a Liverpool fan being stabbed to death.
Would the media and the police describe that as a largely positive and good-natured event?
Of course not!
There'd be national hand-wringing, official investigations and mass supporter bans.
The double standard really is quite remarkable when you think about it.
I mean, what are they saying?
That black people shouldn't be expected to behave as well as white people?
Talk about the bigotry of low expectations!
Yeah, they're calling it the Carnival of Carnage.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan came out during this weekend of rampant criminality and said that the vibes at the Notting Hill Carnival were quote, immaculate.
Let's take a look at the score sheet.
74 police officers injured.
Now imagine if this happened at any other event in England.
It'd be cancelled, it'd be shut down.
74 police officers injured.
One female constable put in a headlock and sexually assaulted
Eight other recorded sexual assaults, innumerable acts of vandalism and theft.
One murder, of course.
One guy was stabbed.
Part of this gang scene, this drill rap gang scene.
He died.
Six other stabbings.
A record number of knives seized after 441 stop and searches.
Of course, Sadiq Khan tried to desperately limit the amount of stop and searches on the streets of London.
Knife crime exploded dramatically afterwards.
209 total arrests at the Notting Hill Carnival.
Again, if that was any other sporting or music festival, it would get shut down forever.
Now, the actual Police Federation Chief came out afterwards and basically put his neck on the line and said, it should be cancelled.
They're calling for serious action to be taken.
He said, for the last two years my colleagues have spent the August bank holiday, because it was lockdown and there wasn't a carnival taking place, not being assaulted in large numbers.
Why not?
Because the Notting Hill Carnival did not take place.
He said, but today we're having to again face the fallout from policing the event.
The tragedy is that someone has been killed.
And again,
In previous years, they've had three, four hundred arrests, and yet it still goes on on a year-to-year basis.
Again, supposed to be a celebration of different cultures coming together, diversity, multiculturalism.
Every time it happens, there's mass sexual assaults, mass stabbings, mass deaths, burglary, criminality across the board.
But again,
Because it's predominantly black and brown people involved.
No one's allowed to criticise it.
You have to celebrate it as a glorious beneficence, a glorious homage to multiculturalism and nothing will happen.
It will go on.
That's going to wrap it up for Summit News.
Stay tuned though for the fourth hour coming right up.
Keep it locked in.
Ladies and gentlemen, if millions of people get this book, our funding problems will be over, and it's starting to happen.
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What do you make of that?
It's called The Great Reset.
Tough guy.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives with a social credit score and a universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and them manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, Are you alright?
You really seem upset.
Are you feeling okay?
Atlanta's about to have nuclear war.
I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out.
Yeah, this is real.
This is not, this is not a freaking game to me, man.
You don't understand.
Do you want your children to die?
People are already starving to death by the hundreds of millions right now.
Man, you'll never see it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God to help them, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God!
Yeah, God can do it.
But God needs us to do it, because God's not free will.
Once again, not for the first time, what had seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory turned out to be true.
Yeah, I'm upset.
I'm really... I told you last night, I'm like, what's wrong with you?
I'm really freaked out.
I'm like, God, I'm really freaked out!
God, I'm really freaked out!
I'm really freaked out!
You see, because this is real!
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real!
And we're going into a time now where we're not going to be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if we don't get sane people to stop the globalists, I mean, we won't be here in six months.
You won't be here in six months.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars comes to mind.
You watch InfoWars?
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Nice guy.
You must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He knows who InfoWars is.
We're playing this joke over here.
That's why the de-platforming didn't work.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
It's never gonna get any better.
Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners.
The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls.
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
And you said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
When you have U.S.
Senators in both parties saying we may need to go ahead and nuke Russia first, and the Russians are aware that's almost happened before, what do you think that makes the Russians do?
Well, it makes them go into war mode.
So I don't like them invading Ukraine.
I don't like him putting his nuclear forces on maximum alert.
Only one level above that on their DEFCON, just like our system, and that's fire the weapons.
And so now we have Democrats all over the news saying, let's just use nuclear weapons on Russia.
Think of their ignorance.
Russia has hundreds of submarines off our coast with sea-launched missiles that would vaporize our cities within five minutes on average of being launched.
Sea-launched cruise missiles that fly at Mach 5.
Land-launched systems they can also launch from ships that are at Mach 9 and cannot be shot down.
And yes, the United States has those too.
That's a Pentagon lie that Russia developed systems that we don't have.
It's on record the U.S.
has those systems.
The point is it's called mutually assured destruction or MAD for a reason.
Because anyone that would violate the MAD doctrine is insane.
And you know, I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war.
Especially when Russia's not starting a fight with us.
And especially after we just heard for years that everything happening in this country is run by Russia when that was all a giant lie.
The globalists are the outside evil force.
Alright folks, welcome to the fourth hour of the InfoWars Show, the Alex Jones Show here on InfoWars.com.
I'm Mike Adams.
I'm going to be hosting this hour and we've got an amazing guest coming up, Shiri Sapir, at the bottom of this hour.
She's from Arizona.
She's with the Carry Lake Campaign for Governor and we're going to get into what's happening to the
The attempted perversion of children, the hyper-sexualization of children that's going on right now all across the country and in Arizona we have an amazing opportunity to push back against that and put parents in charge so that teachers don't turn into groomers that are capturing and indoctrinating our young children and perverting them.
We're going to get to that roughly at the bottom of this hour so stay tuned.
But we've got some other breaking news today to share with you.
And by the way, you know, InfoWars is tomorrow's news today.
But check this out.
This story, it was first sent to me by one of my physician friends.
You're going to hear about RSV.
This is a respiratory virus.
An mRNA vaccine is being developed for RSV and I want the producers to search for this article.
Participants needed for RSV clinical trial.
This is from the Newnan Times Herald.
Apparently some companies are recruiting guinea pigs for this trial because they're trying to get ready to push a massive RSV mRNA annual vaccine for all Americans.
And they're touting the number of elderly people
Who are infected with RSV, which in reality, it's a very, very small number of elderly people.
In reality, RSV affects mostly premature babies, but they're going to hype up the scare factor on this, trying to say that all Americans are infected or at risk of being infected.
And they're going to push another mRNA vaccine on everybody.
You've already seen talk of them combining the annual flu shot with the COVID mRNA vaccine.
They want an annual shot, and that's just one.
Now we're talking RSV mRNA, so that could be two annual shots with mRNA.
Folks, do I need to tell you the obvious?
I think you get it if you're watching this.
They're going to keep injecting people until they're dead.
It's just going to keep going on with every vaccine they can possibly find.
Now, in other breaking news, this is on CNBC.com today.
Shocking news!
Amazon took all U.S.
solar rooftops offline last year after a flurry of fires and electrical explosions.
So it turns out that Amazon, in their attempts to go green, they have covered the rooftops of many of their fulfillment warehouses with
I don't know.
Millions of square feet of solar panels probably across all these buildings.
And these solar panels and the electrical systems that are connecting them keep catching on fire, where the fire department has to respond.
Between April 2020 and June 2021, solar panels atop Amazon fulfillment centers caught fire or experienced electrical explosions at least six different times.
The rate of incidents is unacceptable and above industry averages.
One affected an 880,000 square foot warehouse.
Some 220 solar panels and other equipment in the facility were damaged by a three alarm fire.
And then it goes on to talk about other fires.
At least four other Amazon fulfillment centers caught fire or experienced electrical explosions due to failures.
So this shows that critical fire or arc flash events are now bringing down the solar infrastructure on top of Amazon buildings.
Begs the question, doesn't it?
We're told that we should dismantle our fossil fuel infrastructure in America and all across Western Europe as well.
Good luck this coming winter.
Let's see how that goes for France and Germany and the UK and so on.
But we're told solar panels are the future.
We're told that fossil fuels are the past.
California has banned the sale of new combustion engine vehicles beginning in just 13 years.
And then they turn around and tell people, but please don't charge your electric vehicles between 4 p.m.
and 9 p.m.
because the grid can't handle it.
And barely a fraction of Californians even own an electric vehicle.
What happens if some significant portion of the California population owns electric vehicles or buys them, and then they all start plugging them in?
Folks, the grid is going down.
I mean, it's about to go down today, right now.
And we're finding out from Amazon that all the solar panels on the rooftops are setting their warehouses on fire.
Are you starting to see the picture here, folks?
This green energy economy is not ready for prime time.
And I'm not opposed to green energy at all.
I love the fact of if we could get, you know, free energy systems or low-cost energy systems.
I mean, I had a guest on here.
We talked about low-energy nuclear reactions.
It has zero emissions.
And that's a solution for heating buildings and heating water and all kinds of things.
I'm all in favor of new energy solutions.
But let's not flip the switch until we're ready for that.
You can't just turn off the power grid and tell people, hey, buy an electric car, and then you can't charge it.
Are you government people?
Are you psychopaths?
What's wrong with you?
No wonder everybody's fleeing California.
Well, Amazon's finding out the same thing with their investments.
All right, here's what's next I want to talk about.
Remember, we've got Shiri Sapir coming on at the bottom of this hour, so be sure to stand by for that.
I did a story today on Natural News about the engineered takedown of the infrastructure that keeps humanity alive.
And that's what we're talking about here.
The food takedown.
You've seen all the fires of the production facilities.
You've seen the shortage of fertilizer.
You've seen the supply chain parts collapse for agricultural equipment.
We're talking about the water system collapse.
Look at Jackson, Mississippi.
Their water system went down because it rained.
Folks, didn't anybody in Mississippi think that, oh, it's going to rain someday in Jackson, Mississippi?
Are you kidding me?
There's water falling out of the sky, and they can't deliver water to the people in the pipes!
It's because America's infrastructure is crumbling, but it's on purpose.
In fact, the mayor of Jackson there, Lumumba, he said that it was due to, quote, decades of deferred maintenance.
And it's not his fault.
He hasn't been mayor for decades.
He's just pointing out the obvious.
If you don't maintain the infrastructure, it crumbles and collapses.
And if you don't maintain it on purpose, then you get the collapse on purpose.
That's what's happening in Jackson.
180,000 people have no water coming out of the pipes there.
You know, and then the mainstream media mocks Infoboards for telling people to get water filters.
Boy, there are 180,000 people in Jackson who wish they had water filters right now.
I can assure you of that.
But think about what this means!
Every time it rains, you're not going to have water.
I mean, how do we get into this backwards system?
Now, America can send a billion dollars a week to Ukraine to make sure that their government runs and to protect their borders and make sure their infrastructure has something working while America's infrastructure crumbles.
When the water doesn't work and the electricity doesn't work in California.
And the food supply is crumbling.
On purpose, of course.
And then the Democrats say we need $50 million to feed the illegal aliens that come into the United States while the American people go hungry and starve and are about to become homeless by the millions because, well, they can't afford to pay rent because of inflation.
$2,000 a month is now average rent in America.
That's average.
3.8 million people are about to be evicted in the next couple of months.
Mass homelessness across America.
It's all on purpose, folks.
Of course, you heard it here first on InfoWars.com.
Alex Jones has been mourning about this for years.
As usual, he was right.
Stay with us, we'll be right back with more news straight ahead.
All right, Mike Adams here.
We're going to continue talking about the collapse of the energy and food and even the health care infrastructure in America.
This is a deliberate global collapse of the infrastructure that keeps humanity alive.
And we were just talking about in the last segment, you know, Amazon, all the solar panels on the roof, they keep catching on fire in facilities.
So Amazon had to turn off all the solar energy at one point.
I think they eventually turned it back on.
But think about
All the installations of the wind turbines and solar panels, and then California is saying that by the year 2045, all retail electricity that's sold to people has to be, quote, zero emissions.
Folks, there is no such thing as zero emissions electricity.
It does not exist.
Even wind turbines, it ends up creating landfill because the wind turbine blades, which are made out of carbon fiber, they don't just dissolve.
You got to bury them somewhere.
And so that's landfill.
And then what about the solar panels?
There's going to be a massive waste, a landfill collection of old, used up solar panels.
And what about all the lithium ion car batteries for your electric vehicles?
Folks, have you seen the headlines out there?
People buying a used electric vehicle and they take it in and say, it's not working.
It's not holding the charge.
I can only drive it down the driveway.
What do I do?
They say, oh, you need to upgrade the battery pack.
Oh, okay, great!
How much is the battery pack?
Uh, $29,000.
I didn't even pay that for the car.
Yeah, the battery pack's basically $30,000 for your car.
All the people out there buying electric vehicles right now, do they realize they're going to have to spend another $30,000 or so about every three to five years?
It's like, it would be cheaper to replace the entire diesel engine in a diesel pickup.
I mean, way cheaper than to keep buying these battery packs, folks.
And then, if you have an electric vehicle, you're not allowed to charge it.
And by the way, when they have smart meters in place everywhere, which is the case in many places, and then they decide that, oh, your social credit score isn't good enough for you to have the allowable kilowatt hours of electricity, you know, because you tweeted something mean.
You posted something against transgenderism on Facebook, so we've cut your electricity rationing score.
Now you're only allowed to charge your vehicle for 27 minutes, so you can't even drive it to the grocery store.
Not that you could use your credit card there anyway, because it'll be a central bank digital currency system where they're surveilling your wallet and saying, ah, you're not allowed to buy food either, because you oppose the current regime.
There's the technocracy future that's coming for you right there.
Keep all that in mind.
But I want to offer some solutions here in this segment.
And then we're going to be joined by Shiri Sapir in the next segment.
Very fascinating interview coming up.
But for this segment, here's something I've been urging everybody to do.
And that is, I want you to think about this term off-grid, but I want you to apply it to everything that keeps you alive.
You need an off-grid solution
To food, obviously.
You know, storable food, grow some food, sprouting, hydroponics, whatever, local farmers markets.
But you need an off-grid solution for energy.
You need to have some kind of, you know, backup solar storage system, some solar panels, just for emergencies, just to charge electronic devices and a laptop, if nothing else.
You need off-grid communications, because what happens when the cell towers go down, or your phone gets disconnected?
You need off-grid shelter, which means really a home that you own that you can live in when the power grid stops functioning.
Can you survive without electric heat?
Maybe do you have a wood-burning stove or some other means of heat?
What about air conditioning?
Can you survive without it?
Can you open the windows and have some ventilation and still live there?
Or are you going to get cooked alive?
Because today's homes are designed to be closed up and sealed up like ovens instead of having, you know, ventilation the way they used to build them, especially in the American Southwest with the old adobe home styles, which didn't need air conditioning because they were naturally cool with adobe and tapia and straw bale homes and all those kinds of things, stone, all that.
So, off-grid solutions are the way to go.
And I just saw, during the commercial break, InfoWars has a website of some of their off-grid solutions that are some of their sponsors.
So, I'm obligated to tell you about that.
InfoWarsOffGrid.com is the website.
I mean, I'm not technically obligated, I'm just saying that it's my responsibility to connect you with solutions.
So, check out that website to support InfoWars.
And then, of course, I had to bring this
What is this?
Let me get the right side here.
The silver coin here.
Silver is off-grid money.
And so is gold.
Precious metals, that's off-grid money.
And you could also argue, in a sense, that cryptocurrency is decentralized.
Sort of off-grid money in the sense that it's not tied to central banks, although of course cryptocurrency requires a functioning power grid to be usable.
But it's decentralized, so that's a big plus.
But if you don't have off-grid money, off-grid food, off-grid maybe power,
Off-grid health solutions?
You know, like nutrition, some herbs, some tinctures, some knowledge, some antiseptics, some iodine.
If you don't have off-grid solutions, then you're dependent on a hospital that will probably have no electricity.
A hospital that's staffed by murderers, who are called doctors, who are pushing people onto ventilators and denying you treatment with ivermectin.
Because they don't want to save lives, they want to destroy lives.
And by the way, the NIH is now admitting that they are studying ivermectin as a possible treatment for COVID-19.
Yeah, two years too late, NIH, after you killed, what, 600,000 plus Americans already?
Good job.
But off-grid is the way to go, folks.
And I've, I mean, I've done, I've done books about this, about how you gotta go from a high-tech preparedness solution to a low-tech backup option, and then what I call a no-tech backup option.
And no tech means it works without electricity.
It works without the grid.
And the Europeans, especially, they're out there buying firewood like crazy right now, trying to acquire wood-burning stoves or making their own out of steel barrels, you know?
Figuring, what am I going to burn this winter?
Like, furniture!
How about you go to Brussels and take that...
All those giant stacks of regulations for the EU.
Burn those, man!
You could heat the whole country just by burning regulations across Europe.
I mean, there's your solution right there.
Or, I say jokingly, set fire to your electric vehicle.
Folks, that's a joke.
Don't actually do that because it's a very dangerous fire that the fire department can't even put out.
But you've got to have solutions for all this or you're going to get stuck.
You're going to end up freezing.
You're going to end up
Collapsing in Germany right now.
The entire German economy is being plunged into the dark ages.
Here it is.
Manufacturers, this was reported by Financial Times I think yesterday, manufacturers in Germany are halting production today.
This is in September, folks.
They're halting production.
Because there's no energy.
There's no electricity because natural gas.
Coming through what I call the Doom Stream 1 pipeline, you know, Nord Stream 1, Russia shut it down for more maintenance, and even when it's on, it's only running at 20%, which is, the ratio is 20% gas, 80% doom.
And I think Putin screams down the pipeline, hey, no charge for the doom, you know, good luck.
Germany's gonna starve to death.
We're talking about millions of people who will be homeless or freezing or starving, dying, jobless.
German industry is shutting down and all we hear from these people is, oh, we need more solar panels.
The ones that burn up all the time?
Oh, really?
That's your solution?
You shut down the entire fossil fuel industry because you wanted to appease the insane rantings of a teenage girl that was lecturing you on economic policy, and you were dumb enough to follow that policy.
Now you're starving and freezing, and you're jobless, and your industry is shut down, and then you complain?
Folks, it's called cause and effect.
They're getting what they put in place.
It's unreal!
Pray to God we don't all make the same mistake.
We'll be right back after this break.
Stay with us.
Alright, buckle up folks, we're going to go into the world of genderbender fantasyland, Alice in Wonderland territory here today.
Oh my goodness, wait till you hear this.
Just shortly, I'm going to set this up, but we're going to bring in Shiri Sapir.
Who is an advisor, she's working with the Carrie Lake campaign, Carrie Lake for Governor of Arizona.
I'm going to bring her in a second, but let me kind of introduce this.
Summit.News and InfoWars has been carrying this story, I believe, this morning.
Reports, California school district textbook claims there are eight genders.
And of course, you have to wonder, why eight?
Why not 70?
Why stop at eight?
In that story that says that mother charges that kids are being exploited by very evil people, the book, this California school book that's indoctrinating children, is saying there are different genders, including androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning.
And I was thinking, we should put in gender bender from Atrazine.
Once again, Alex Jones was right about Atrazine being a chemical castrator.
That's the number two most common
Herbicide used in America, by the way, right after Glyphosate, in case you're curious.
The book also lists sexual preferences as hetero, homo, and bisexual, as well as androsexual, polysexual, scoliosexual, which I've never even heard, demisexual, pansexual, gynosexual, and asexual.
Like, why not throw in a kindosexual?
Sexually frustrated.
Um, autosexual.
Which is like when that crazy guy is trying to hump the tailpipe of your Volkswagen in the parking lot.
Hey, dude, get away from my car!
I'm still making payments on that thing.
I can't drive it around like that.
But, it's anything goes right now.
It's insane.
No, seriously, there are people like that.
Just letting you know.
But, Shiri Sapir joins us now to give us her take.
Which may or may not coincide with all the stuff that I just said, but her take on what's going on with indoctrination of children in schools.
Shiri, thank you for joining us today.
It's great to have you on.
I'm glad you're joining us here and letting the producers know I'm not hearing Shiri.
So go ahead and plug her into the audio so I can hear her and give her a chance to speak there in an actual conversation.
But we appreciate her coming on.
In the meantime, I'm going to mention something and just stand by, Shiri.
We'll get this sorted out.
But I'm going to mention the fact that parents are now taking over school boards in Florida and other places all across the country because of this issue that we're talking about.
The schools are hiring these groomers.
The word is accurate.
They're trying to groom children to indoctrinate them into these LGBT lifestyles while cutting parents out of the loop so that parents have no say whatsoever in the future of their own children.
So, again, here to comment about that is Shiri Sapir.
Her website is sapirsapiraz.com.
Sorry about that technical glitch, Shiri.
Welcome to the show.
Hi, thank you so much for having me.
That's great to have you on.
Now, tell us what you are concerned with there in Arizona and your involvement with the Carry Lake campaign.
What you're trying to achieve there in terms of parental rights and protecting children.
A couple of years ago, as we started seeing the COVID shutdowns and the schools really rejecting our children, I decided to run for superintendent of public instruction in the state of Arizona.
He's sort of the secretary of education.
Never thought about running for office.
It was quite the ride for 17 months.
I ran a great campaign.
The primary was a couple of weeks ago.
But I started running because, again, the shutdowns, the masks, the vaccines, and the critical race theory that we started to get more and more information about in the schools and the indoctrination.
But I've got to tell you, the more I learned, the more I found that the sexualization and grooming of our children is in the forefront of the goals that these
Educational institutions, if you want to call them that, have right now for our children.
There is nothing more important for them right now than to drive in this LGBTQ and gender ideology into the core of our children.
And I was outraged as a mom of three young children.
I was outraged as a human being in a decent society who listens to some of the speech that these teachers bring in front of our children, the books, the pornography, the survey, the data mining.
It's just so vast and it's so difficult to explain.
Some people, it's really difficult for them to believe that.
I mean, I ran all around Arizona to the littlest counties.
Some people just can't believe this is really happening in our schools, but it is.
And it's really a nationwide disease that we have.
It's probably the whole Western world right now that is kind of infected with this issue, just like what you just talked about in your opening statement of this segment.
You know, this gender ideology and multiple different genders and all these things are really taking over every aspect of our lives, and we need to stop it.
One of the big issues, Shiri, and again, thank you for your concern about this and your energy and your effort to work to empower parents and protect children.
One of the big issues is that many children are being pushed into life-altering decisions that result in the surgical mutilation of their bodies.
Irreversible removal of reproductive organs.
You can't change that.
You can't bring back the parts that were taken away.
And we're seeing the rising issue of transgenderism regret.
So a lot of these, or some, I should say, and I think we're going to see larger numbers, some of these former children, as they move into adulthood, they're saying, whoa, wait a minute, what happened to me?
I was groomed or I was brainwashed.
Are you hearing more stories like that, Shiri?
And I encourage your listeners to go on and Google and look for the detransitioning youth.
Oh, yes.
There are thousands of children around the country right now that share their horrific stories of what they've gone through physiologically.
And it's hard to believe that parents and doctors take, I mean, take part in such life altering and body altering
Thankfully, in Arizona, just this last session, we actually passed a law that bans transitioning of any kind, any kind of surgeries in minors, which is shocking to me that in the United States of America in 2022, we actually need to ban mutilation.
I mean, think about this for a second.
That's incredible.
So, yeah, we got that in Arizona, but it's all over the rest of the country and it's unbelievable.
Yeah, I mean, what you just said, really, we have to drive that point home, that child mutilations are legal in most states in America, and that this is being done by the medical profession, the same medical profession that tells us, trust the science.
And then they abandon physiology.
In many medical schools, they rip out chapters of chromosomes and gender, and they replace it with this made-up stuff.
And by the way, different states disagree on how many genders there are.
So how can they tell us that this is even a fact when all their quote facts disagree with each other?
They're just making it up as they go along.
Yes, I would like to be a fly on the wall in this classroom of the teacher that teaches the first week of biology that has to do with gender.
And I just want to hear what they tell these children, because I remember they told us there is the X chromosomes, XX, XY.
There is the conversation there in that classroom.
What is going on right now in our schools?
Somebody needs to be there and share it with the world so people understand the madness of that type of conversation that is taking place in front of our children.
And they're young, they're super young, and people need to understand that
You know, our children are, they just want to belong.
And they are now incentivizing our children and kind of say, you know, your parents are, you know, they're conservative and they are outdated.
They don't know what they're talking about.
You can feel safe here with us and the amount of information that is being brought in front of the children.
And I have a bunch of books here.
I'll be happy to share some of the information, some of the surveys, some of the questions.
I'll give you guys an example because I really want people to start understanding the kind of questions that are coming in front of our children.
This is from a survey here in Prescott, Arizona.
One of the questions is to children age 12.
If you've never slept with a person of the same sex, is it possible that all you need is a good gay lesbian lover?
At this proportion, the majority... Wait, how old are the children being asked this question?
12 or 13 in a camp in Prescott, Arizona.
This proportionate majority of child molesters are heterosexuals.
Do you consider it safe to expose children to heterosexual teachers?
Even with all the social support... I'm sorry to interrupt.
We've got to go to break here, but I want you to continue some of this.
This is outrageous.
This is shocking that our children are being exposed to this through the public school system.
Stay with us here, folks.
We're going to be right back after this break.
More with Shiri Sapir on Infowars.com, the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're going to continue here shortly with Shiri Sapir from Arizona, who is the chair of the Education Reform Coalition with Kerry Lake, who's running for governor of Arizona.
And Kerry Lake absolutely deserves your vote and your support.
All of you listening in Arizona, real quick, I've got to bring this in.
Freight Waves is now reporting that shippers' revenge is coming for truckload carriers
And they're saying that all these truckers who were not getting paid enough are going to start charging much higher rates to transport goods across America.
Now, I just want to say, for the record, I don't think shippers' revenge is the right term for this.
I 100% support America's truckers.
If you're a trucker listening to this, we love you guys and gals.
Without you, America would fall.
Nothing would get delivered.
We believe you deserve to get paid for the hours away from home, the hours on the road, the long hours, the crazy drivers, all the truck stops by the state police on the highway patrol, and all that nonsense that you have to endure.
I think it's about time that you got paid for keeping America alive, frankly.
So I am 100% pro-trucker.
It's not revenge, it's just
Making an honest living, folks.
So anyway, but yeah, rates are going to go up.
Everything's going to get more expensive all across the board.
But continuing now with Shiri Sapir.
Again, she's with the Education Reform Coalition with the upcoming, I hope the upcoming, Governor Kerry Lake of Arizona.
Yes, we can do better than Ducey and others.
Shiri Sapir joins us.
Her website is sapir, S-A-P-I-R-A-Z dot com.
Shiri, thank you for continuing with us right now.
Can you continue with some of the highlights from that insane list of some of the questions that children being asked in public schools?
So one of the other questions they were asking these young children was a disproportionate majority of
Child molesters are heterosexual.
Do you consider it safe to expose children to heterosexual teachers?
So they're really making heterosexual, being heterosexual bad.
Another question, which if you pay attention to this, this is just in one page, so you really hit all the spots.
They encourage them, they promote underage sex, they say that heterosexual is bad.
Then they go on to, even with all the social support marriage receives, the divorce rate is spiraling.
Why are there so few stable relationships among heterosexuals?
So they're breaking the family, you know, the nuclear family, the sensitivity of marriage.
Yes, but they're not even mentioning, it's gay and lesbian, it's LGBT couples that have the highest rates of mental illness and domestic violence and suicides, but of course they don't mention any of that, do they?
Of course not, and they're not, I mean, nothing that they say here is necessarily factual, it's just confusing enough for the little child to believe, because I remember when I was a kid, when a teacher brought something in front of me, I believed it.
I believe that whatever text was in front of me, whatever book, whatever assignment, was true.
Why would our kids think differently right now?
So that's why this is so dangerous.
Let me ask you this, Shiri.
Because time is limited here, if Carrie Lake wins the election, and let us pray that she does, and again, she deserves everyone's support, what is she going to do, or let's say, what would you advise her to do to empower parents and protect children in the state of Arizona once she's governor?
Well, one good thing that just happened in Arizona is the expansion of empowerment scholarship accounts, which really Arizona is now leading the nation with school choice.
I do believe that the only way for us to really manage this tremendous problem that we have on our hands is to bring school choice.
Some competition will maybe make them act a little bit better in the district schools.
And if not, at least the parents will have that option to take their children somewhere else.
I pull my kids out and put them in a private school.
I will not put my children in that environment because I'm not trusting what may come in front of them.
And that's a terrible place to be.
This should not be the case at all.
But laws are being violated and there are actionable items that these people are doing and bringing in front of our kids that they're actionable under the law.
And for some reason, nobody's interested in putting these people
In jail, to me.
And now there's plenty of statutes.
So we can work with the legislature to maybe, you know, tighten up some of these laws, but they're already on the books.
Nobody is enforcing them.
For some reason, once the child is in the brick and mortar building, everything goes.
Some of the things that you would be charged with, if you were to give that to a child outside of that school building, you would be charged with class for a felony, according to Arizona law.
You are able to do that inside the classroom.
Well, that is extraordinary.
What is your sense of the Arizona Legislature and their level of support for protecting children also from groomers and indoctrination and brainwashing, hypersexualization, so that if Carrie Lake is governor soon and then we have the Arizona Legislature, which I think in many ways has been really exceptionally good, by the way, plus the Reform Coalition,
Is that like a really wonderful combination of synergy that's going to break through the nonsense and really help protect children from here forward?
Yes, this is a multifold kind of a battle that we have.
Number one, the governor does have a lot of power to put the right people in place, to appoint the right people, to keep positions.
The legislature does have a lot of power to change laws, to put some teeth in some of the laws.
We did pass some really good legislation, even though the Republican majority was pretty thin.
We passed the banning of masks and vaccines, and 2495 was really banning any sexual explicit content in front of children.
So we've done a lot of good things, banning mailing girls sports, for instance.
All these things happened this last session, so the legislature has a lot of power to bring good things in.
The problem I see that we need Carrie Lake, if she becomes the governor and our next Attorney General, to do is to enforce the law to make sure that these people are held accountable.
There is just not enough accountability in the public schools right now.
And that is something that we have to bring about.
Because if we don't make example of some of these people, they're going to continue to do what they're doing.
And just so you understand, the district forced these teachers to
Ask for the pronouns of the child or to declare their own.
All their emails, signatures of these teachers and administrators have pronouns attached to them.
What kind of world are we living in?
Why is this important?
Who is the AG candidate that you think is going to best enforce these laws and protect children?
Well, the Republican Abe Hammond is going against a extreme radical liberal.
So I'm really hoping he's going to win.
And he actually put me on his advisory as well.
So I'm hoping that between all of these great leaders, I mean, leadership matters.
There's no two ways about it.
If we get the right people in place, and I tell people when we feel discouraged, and many of us do, because it's very overwhelming for families and parents to have to go through this.
Some of the mothers I know are literally private investigators.
They have to go through all these.
I think so.
Lifted, heavy lifting done for the families of Arizona.
And I can tell you the superintendent that we have right now in Arizona, Kathy Hoffman, she is the radical liberal who actually has QChat.
So she has a Department of Education website in Arizona.
You can go as a child, a minor, and go on QChat and speak to adults who are not even professionals of any kind, LGBTQ adults, and talk to them about
Whatever situation you have in your life, and you actually have an escape button on that chat if you want to escape quickly when your parent walks into the room.
Oh, I saw that in the news.
Yeah, right.
It's like a grooming chat board that's run with a way to hide it from parents.
That's insane.
But let me mention this.
I love the fact that you're a mother.
And that you bring that passion as a woman and as a mother to this issue.
And Carrie Lake being a woman, I think you two working together on these issues, it's a powerful, passionate combination.
And, you know, even feminism is under attack today by a lot of sectors of the LGBT movement.
Somehow they don't like women anymore.
I love the fact
I would love to see Carrie Lake as the governor, and I would love to see you in there helping her get information and make these decisions about children, because mothers have a special connection that, frankly, is different from what fathers have.
It's different.
What are your thoughts on women being involved in this issue?
I'm not a birthing person.
I don't care what the Democrats want to call me.
I'm a mother.
And the fact that all these women that fought for feminism, now they're okay with calling it breast milk or chest milk instead of breast milk.
I mean, how are you okay with this?
As a feminist, I'm asking, how are you okay as a feminist to have some men coming and competing with you in any kind of a contest?
We, the beauty about the Democrats and the liberals, it's not even the Democrats, it's the far left, is that they are so good at dictating narrative.
And we just kind of follow along.
And it was okay for as long as it was us.
You know, we could take it.
They're coming after us.
We're out of time for this.
I apologize.
You were on a great roll there.
We're going to have to have you back.
We'll be in touch after this.
The website is sapiraz.com.
I'm Mike Adams.
Thank you all for watching today.
It's been a blessing.
I've heard it thousands and thousands of times, and I know you have as well.
Why don't more people stand up for freedom?
Why don't more people fight the globalists and their tyranny?
And the answer is, when you fight them, they come after you.
And the enemies of freedom have come after Infowars.
They've come after us.
They're doing everything they can to shut us down.
And they're on national television saying we want to shut Alex Jones down.
Because they see us as populist, which we are.
They see us as the archetypal example of people that aren't bowing to them.
I don't care if you're black, white, old, young or where you came from in America or anywhere else in the world.
These globalists hate the general public and they hate men more than anything because men historically have been the ones during times of tyranny to rally to the evil and say no.
And that's why they're coming after us with everything they've got.
So when you ask, why doesn't somebody stand up against this evil?
The answer is because most people don't want to take the attacks.
But now it's become clear that submitting to the attacks is way more dangerous and way more sickening.
Than fighting them.
Going along with slavery, especially during the endgame, is worse than death.
It was Zapata, the great Mexican revolutionary that said, it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees as slaves.
But I want to go one further.
You actually die on your knees, you live on your feet!
I'm not fighting these people because it's some lost cause and it's just the right thing to do.
I'd do that if it was the case.
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