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Air Date: Aug. 29, 2022
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The passage discusses alternative theories about diseases caused by toxins rather than viruses, including concerns over 5G towers and graphene oxide in vaccines. It promotes various products for protection, such as Swarble food, Canyon Line Faraday Cage, and supplements available at Infowars store. The speaker expresses disappointment in Trump's handling of COVID-19 and promotes products like carbon 60 or chlorine dioxide as electron donors. They also discuss concerns related to globalist agendas, manipulation by large corporations, and the Great Reset.


Well, it's now official, being announced everywhere, irreversible collapse of civilization as we know it.
There's no reversing it.
It's already begun.
But we can mitigate it, and we can bring those that orchestrated it to justice.
Because if they're able to collapse civilization and bring in their high-tech slavery on its ashes, well, then we're going to be in an even worse place and never allowed to rebuild.
The viewers and listeners of this tip of the spear transmission have been vindicated on the COVID vaccine being a poison.
You've been vindicated on the pedophilic nature of the New World Order.
You have been vindicated on the fact that the government's involved in giant child trafficking rings.
You have been vindicated on the fact that they've orchestrated inflation by design.
You have been vindicated on the fact that the Democratic Party is an organized crime syndicate.
You've been vindicated on the fact that they're establishing a private corporate world government.
Hellbent on the endgame of forced depopulation.
You, the listeners, the viewers, the activists, the men and women of every race, color, and creed in the arena are the vanguard of the human resistance and I salute and thank you all for joining us on this live Monday broadcast.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
We are now inside the operational phase of global cultural and economic societal collapse.
Senate reports, DHS reports, journalistic reports confirming millions and millions and millions of people walking right across mainly the Texas border now and massive human smuggling run by the Biden administration through NGOs, non-governmental organizations, with on camera thousands of children at bus stops and airports a day.
Children as young as six months old
With no paperwork, not with their parents being given to other people with no paperwork.
I read a story yesterday of a 10-year-old girl who was processed through our own government, delivered to a family, and then put in a house, raped, abused, and cut in supposedly the greatest country in the world.
And we have stash houses with 73 people in it, 13 kids in our nation's capital?
I'm tired of this crap.
Actual child kidnapping and trafficking on an industrial scale.
I spent more than a week in Central America recently.
I had the opportunity actually to interview a human trafficker.
Is it easier to traffic the children and get them in than the adults?
It's more risky because once we get to the cardos, they are asking for children, for them to traffic with drugs.
In the case of children, it really scares him to just see the reality that they can go through.
And for him, it's pretty horrific to see how they are murdered in many cases.
What about people that want to buy a child because they're a sexual predator?
I've heard that some people in places have very specific things that they like certain nationalities or certain age groups so the Cardos are looking for the people going around and when they spot someone with those characteristics they tend to like take them.
In most cases they want to sell their organs so that is the reason they take children.
That's very hard to hear.
Yes, it's very hard.
Sometimes they take out the organs and they refill the body with drugs so they can take it to the border.
Do they sell them to hospitals or to buyers, like private buyers, wealthy buyers?
There are people with money that want to buy the organs of kids and it's not only for a country.
They take it to different countries and normally they do this with clinics that are not authorized.
Absolute next level.
We know the globalists are obsessed with child trafficking, obsessed with pedophilia, obsessed with the sexualization of children.
An anonymous whistleblower has come forward sitting down with Xavier Hernandez who works as a travel youth care worker for a federally funded contractor and shares the tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children, so two to five thousand a week, are being bused and flown throughout the United States and handed off to quote unvetted adult sponsors.
The employee and she actually gives us the name MVM Inc.
said the
For those of us in the audience who might not know what MVM Inc is, can you explain to us what your company is and what they do?
It's a company that focuses on getting
They call it UC's, Unaccompanied Children.
Unaccompanied Minors.
Getting them from point A to point B. And most of the time point A is from a shelter.
All throughout Texas.
And all across the country.
And point B is with a sponsor.
Most of the time it's a family member.
But maybe the numbers are so crazy.
That it's no longer family members.
It's family friends.
Well, like I said, it's between all the...
All the offices, it's in the thousands.
I say 8 to 10, but that's in one week.
So in a month I would say around 40,000, 30,000 kids.
30 to 40,000 children a month being given away to Perfect Strangers with no record.
This is Jeffrey Epstein Island on Warp Speed.
Tomorrow's News.
Well, it's now official, being announced everywhere.
Irreversible collapse of civilization as we know it.
There's no reversing it.
It's already begun.
But we can mitigate it and we can bring those that orchestrated it to justice.
Because if they're able to collapse civilization and bring in their high-tech slavery on its ashes, well, then we're going to be in an even worse place and never allowed to rebuild.
The viewers and listeners of this tip of the spear transmission have been vindicated on the COVID vaccine being a poison.
You've been vindicated on the pedophilic nature of the New World Order.
You have been vindicated on the fact that the government's involved in giant child trafficking rings.
You have been vindicated on the fact that they orchestrated inflation by design.
You have been vindicated on the fact that the Democratic Party is an organized crime syndicate.
You've been vindicated on the fact that they're establishing a private corporate world government.
Hellbent on the endgame of forced depopulation.
You, the listeners, the viewers, the activists, the men and women of every race, color, and creed in the arena are the vanguard of the human resistance and I salute and thank you all for joining us on this live Monday broadcast.
All right.
Let me tell you what's coming up today.
Always on fire, always cutting edge.
Dr. Lee Merritt joins us, medical doctor, to lay out what's really happening and the fact that they now admit the shots are deadly poison and destroy your immune systems.
We're going to be hitting this huge stack of mainline government reports, triple, quadruple confirming that 9 out of 10 of those dying from COVID had been triple vaxxed.
That's just some of the news in that stack.
Then we have Elon Musk and everybody else basically who's got half a brain pointing out the total collapse of civilization is here and we must reverse it now that the cost is already going to be in the hundreds of millions of dead.
Steve Bannon says the collapse of civilization, the Great Reset, so destructive you're not going to be able to turn this around.
That is exactly right and that's the New World Order plan.
Department of Transportation declares regional emergency following British Petroleum Refinery blowing up in Indiana.
And it just goes on from there.
Breaking emergency declared.
Brits energy bills to soar by record 80% this winter.
They've already soared 90% in Germany.
And I have the globalists in their own words bragging and admitting the whole plan.
That's only a third of the stack.
We'll be getting to all of that.
Then, incredible!
Footage that our reporters got, that Steven Crowder got, that others got in Texas of a pedo drag queen pedophile time event.
We're anti for out brandishing firearms and threatening people.
So we have armed men protecting perverts wanting to engage in strip club activity with children.
This is the end game of the new world order.
We have a huge stack of news on that front.
Also, the FBI arresting the folks that found the President, the puppet President's daughter's diary, where she talks about, I was molested, yes I think so, by my father.
And that ties into, FBI says it routinely notifies social media platforms of potential threats following Zuckerberg comments that the FBI ordered them during the election in 2020 to suppress
The Hunter Biden laptop direct government involvement with big tech and the coordinated censorship.
That's all coming up.
Now, we also have the gun control group saying
They're going to have a social credit score and just block, via the major credit card companies, all ammo or gun transactions, whether it's Walmart or a private seller.
Those are big announcements in Congress.
It's over.
Trump will be indicted.
Yahoo News, everywhere, the headline.
Alan Dershowitz says there's enough to indict Trump.
Lindsey Graham predicts riots if Trump prosecuted over classified documents.
And what did Biden say on Friday?
That they believe the right wing is about to engage in terror attacks over Trump.
No we're not.
And look at Drudge Report.
The once mighty Drudge Report.
Now obviously in the hands of something like CNN.
Still a very interesting website.
The Don calls for uprising.
Huge letters.
What did I tell you would happen in the last year and a half with all the pre-programming they were doing ahead of the election?
They would hype that the right wing is going to engage in terror.
And then, of course, they'll provocateur it, just like we saw with Governor Whitmer and what happened a few years ago.
And the same FBI group ran January 6.
They ran the Mar-a-Lago raid.
They ran the fake Russiagate garbage on Trump and against me and many others.
The deep state knows America woke up to it.
The deep state knows there's a political realignment.
The deep state knows the people of the world are done with them.
They know we're rejecting the Great Reset from Brazil to the United States to Australia.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to stage terror attacks or provocateur terror attacks.
That is the obvious play they're going to run.
They're in the formation.
They're ready.
They got some trick plays as well, but you can bet your bottom Benjamin Franklin.
You can bet your bottom $100.
$100 is worth what a dollar was 50 years ago.
In the next 71 days, we're going to see some very violent fireworks.
I would predict racially motivated mass shootings, bombings, poisonings, attacks on power supplies being blamed on the right wing.
They intend to bring in a full dictatorship in the next 71 days.
And we are all strapped to this thing.
This is such a dangerous time.
And I would advise the globalists
You're being set up, and I would advise
The leadership of the FBI, the Justice Department to use your heads and realize even though you hate America and even though you've been raping and robbing and stealing and narcotics trafficking and child sex trafficking forever and you think you're actually being given power and you think you're in charge, you're like Hitler with British intelligence setting him up and then signing a treaty with him and telling him he was going to take over Europe and
Edward VIII was going to be the king of the European Union and all the rest of it.
You saw what happened to Hitler.
You guys are walking into a trap that's meant to bring everybody down in the process.
If you think cutting the energy off, you think having lockdowns was bad, that was just training wheels.
Training wheels for what is about to go down.
It's an incredible time.
An incredible time to be alive.
Wow, there's just so much more.
So much more we're going to be breaking down today.
We have Joe Rogan coming out endorsing the Republican Party if it's led by Ron DeSantis.
We get tomorrow's news today here and what's his reason?
Trump continues to push the poison shot.
And of course, Joe goes on to say in the full interview that Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback, that he would support
The Republican Party, they had somebody like DeSantis, but Trump is too tied to the poison shot.
Don't people see the trap Trump walked into and that he's refusing to pull out of?
This is a very, very, very dangerous climate we're in, and we should all be focused on justice and peace, focused on nonviolence, and focused on intellectual, cultural, spiritual renewal.
But when we come back, I want to get into the design collapse of society and the big developments there.
So the first clip we're going to play is the one video, in my words, everybody needs to see.
That's a compilation of WEF members and other globalists making their transhumanist predictions about how they're going to take your bodies over with microchips and more.
And then Steve Bannon and Elon Musk both warning that the collapse has already begun, and if it isn't reversed immediately, it's going to be beyond catastrophic and totally irreversible.
A total collapse.
We're in a collapse, so it's already bad, but it can be mitigated massively now.
But there isn't much time.
This could not be a more great broadcast on this August 29th, Monday, worldwide transmission.
InfoWars.com and Band.Video are the sites to promote.
Please take action.
You are Paul Revere.
At the end, what the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and
Our biological identities.
In ten years when we are sitting here, we have an implant in our brains.
And I can immediately feel, because you all will have implants.
You all will have implants.
Around 2030, I would say that by then,
Definitely the smartphone as we know it today will not anymore be the usual, kind of the most common interface.
Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies.
FDA approved the first electronic pill, if I can call it like that.
So it is basically a biological chip that it is in the tablet.
And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet.
So imagine the applications of that.
The new accounting is what we call blockchain.
It means digital.
It means having a almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy.
This new money will be sovereign in nature.
Most people think that digital money is crypto and private.
But what I see are superpowers introducing digital currency.
The Chinese were the first.
The U.S.
is on the brink, I think, of moving in the same direction.
The Europeans have committed to that as well.
Where are they traveling?
How are they traveling?
What are they eating?
What are they consuming on the platform?
So, individual carbon footprint tracker.
Individual carbon footprint tracker.
Humans are now hackable animals.
You know, the whole idea that humans have, you know, this, they have this soul, or spirit, and they have free will, and nobody knows what's happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the election, or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will, that's over.
Free will, that's over.
That's over.
We are totally vindicated.
The satanic, Mark of the Beast nature of the world government
...is now out in the open.
And so the enemies move to silence us because they know the people are listening.
It is their fourth industrial revolution.
The domestication and annihilation of our species.
And you have been at the forefront of this fast implementation of the new innovative drive.
The second difference of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that it is not just one technology.
People say sometimes, yes, it's a digital revolution,
No, it's not just the digital revolution.
It is many other areas.
It's brain research, nanotechnology, and I could go on and on.
The life sciences and so on.
It's a fusion of the physical, the digital, and the biological world.
That's really the essence of the fourth industrial revolution.
Now, the third.
Change is the fact that this is a systems revolution.
It is not so much a product revolution where you bring out new products or create new services.
It is changing existing systems.
Just think of Uber or Airbnb or of shared economy.
It is
Not a new product, I repeat, but it's a system as such which has changed.
It doesn't just change what we are doing.
If you look at the first three revolutions,
It made us more productive.
It helped us to communicate faster, to communicate with more people, to help us in our consumption patterns and so on.
But the fourth industrial revolution is actually changing ourselves.
It's changing not only what we are doing, it's changing who we are.
But of course the first three revolutions were pro-human and about empowering humanity.
This is a revolution taking over all those systems, surveilling everything to control everything we do and turning off the resources.
You're already seeing in the last year and a half the revolution.
Isn't it wonderful?
Doubling and tripling fuel prices, collapsing borders, massive crime, illness, poison shots, incredible levels of death.
That is their new world order revolution against us.
And if we recognize this revolution and say no to this revolution, it's over.
And there is more opposition.
Texas announced regulations that BlackRock that funds and runs all this, that's the Rothschilds, are not allowed to do business or government contracts in Texas if they want to shut off the economy.
We can strike back the same ways against them.
And it's happening all over the world.
We have to strike back.
Peacefully, through the economy, culturally through our actions, spiritually through our prayer, and God's direction.
We can and we will beat their system.
Because their system is an authoritarian, transhumanist, anti-post-industrial system.
I'm going to spend a lot of time in the next longer segment going through all this, which is what the current developments are and how to counter it.
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And remember...
We're in a direct war with the New World Order.
They don't have full power yet.
And we are seen as the most dangerous vector of truth and human resistance.
We are seen by the enemy as Satan.
And that's a good thing.
Because they hate our populist movement.
They hate our focal point.
They hate you being vindicated.
They hate me being vindicated.
They hate us coming together.
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We'll be right back.
All right.
I want all our great listeners and viewers to understand something, especially all the new people tuning in to find out what all the tumultuous hubbub and freaking out is about with this broadcast.
I have been studying since I was a teenager, global government, the new world order, because I just kind of fell into it and found it extremely interesting how the world really works.
We've got the enemy's number, we know how to beat them.
And now those of us that have been opposing this, including our supporters, have been vindicated.
So the enemy is in a total rage, because they've got a big plan for the world, and the opposition is much more intense than they thought it would be.
If you think doubling power prices and massive increasing food prices is bad,
And if you think the collapsing borders and skyrocketing crime is bad, if you think the inflation is bad, if you think the drag queen pedophile time is bad, if you think any of that is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.
And we'll be covering that next hour.
Just a note to the crew.
I noticed I have a 7 minute video about Drag Queen Pedophile time in Texas.
This new shocking compilation.
There's a bunch of other videos though.
And I know it's not fit for even adult viewing.
Naked people dancing around with children and all the rest of it.
But can you go through, because I'm going to cover it next hour.
I noticed it wasn't on my list.
And... Get these videos that are in here.
These shorter videos.
And we've got them around the country.
True, at Pride event in Charlottesville, North Carolina, a stripper pole where kids were able to try out a dancing pole while they sit in the lap of a gyrating man in a bikini.
I mean, what do you think's coming next?
It's all about them training you to accept whatever they want to do to you and to do to us.
So that's all coming up.
But this is a design collapse.
This is happening.
This isn't going away.
And that's why the system is so freaked out we're still on air is because everybody from Tucker Carlson to Joe Rogan to Andrew Tate to you name it tunes into this show.
And they go research what I say, and they go out and they find out it's true, and they cover it.
And I'm not taking credit for it.
The enemy gives us the credit for that, and those individuals I just talked about give us the credit for helping wake them up.
So they know, as they've said, we're patient zero in the resistance to them.
They understand that this is the epicenter in the resistance to what they're doing.
So when you hear this information, realize you're hearing as close as it gets to the pure, bonafide, pro-human awakening and renaissance.
And that's what they can't stand.
And that's why they're so incredibly desperate to shut us down.
Now, I could talk all day about this, but I want to play a clip from Steve Bannon first, where he explains this collapse is almost irreversible, or irreversible at this time, and what that really means.
I'm going to lay it all out.
But here's Steve Bannon explaining.
You know, as the French poet told us, the most important thing we need to do is to see what we see.
You've got to look reality in the face now and understand exactly what's going on in the world.
Because there are decisions being made by people in power that are not just simply destructive,
They're so destructive, you're not going to be able to turn this around.
This is what I keep saying.
You saw Powell yesterday.
Powell's up there talking, you know, big talk.
We played from a year and a half ago, Cortez and I, in February 26th, a year and a half to the day, talking about what the problem was.
And a year ago yesterday, at Jackson Hole, at the same set of microphones, that clown stood there and said, no, inflation is transitory.
And today it was, you know, fire and brimstone.
That he's gotta choke it all down now and start invoking Paul Volcker's name and causing, I call it the House of Pain now.
It didn't have to be like this.
But it's gonna get so much worse, and here's why.
You have this fantasy, and it's this mass psychosis by the Greta Thunbergs of the world, and all the elites kowtow to her.
It's just like the BLM and the Antifa riots in June of 22.
They're all gonna get down and kowtow.
They're all going to have a struggle.
She put them through a struggle session.
As the Malice, you know, the Red Guard used to do.
She's just like the Red Guard.
She's just like the Red Guard.
They put her through a struggle session and they collapsed.
And he had Macron on there, a guy who 90 days ago was running for office and saying all the great things he's going to do, and this is all going to be great, and I'm great, you know, I'm the, I'm Francis Obama, and you know, we got this new party, and I'm great, and this is what we're going to do.
He's saying, hey, the era of abundance is over, and it's going to be a house of pain.
It's going to have to be huge sacrifices.
Because the era of abundance is over.
Where was that 90 days ago?
He's on the campaign trail.
Did something change in 90 days?
These decisions, I want to bring in Dave Walsh, I've still got Eric Prince and Harwell, I'm going to get back to you guys in a second, but I've got to bring in Dave Walsh, who has been so great on this show, just pointed out, reality versus maspatory fantasy.
And that's what they're going through right now.
I want to put this chart up from Macron's France.
You want to see the end of civilization?
You want to see the collapse of civilization?
Understand something.
When you talk about civilization, Eric Prince just told you, hey, you still gotta mine it.
It's called Rare Earths, right?
You talk about your electronic vehicles and all you guys sitting around at Starbucks on your phones and your iPads and all that.
Hey, it comes out of the Earth, okay?
Let me repeat that.
It comes out of the Earth.
Now, we've given it all away so we don't control any of this, and of course all the chips are made over in Silicon Valley West, which just happens to be 90 miles off of the coast of our existential threat enemy, right?
The Chinese Communist Party.
But on the energy part,
Wind and solar are nice.
I believe in them.
I don't like killing the birds, as President Trump says, but hey, if you can do wind, fine.
I love them.
If you do solar, fine.
But guess what?
It's, right now, a fantasy and a dream, okay?
And they pass this bill and they talk all about this, and this is all bailing out their buddies in private equity and venture capital that are underwater, because these things are not commercial.
They're not close to being commercial.
Not close to being commercial.
Oh, and by the way, the guy at the head of this, Elon Musk, tweets out yesterday, oh, you know, upon further review, the climate change is not really the biggest problem we face.
The biggest problem we face is the population collapse in the North.
Climate change is still important, but the population collapse in the Northern Hemisphere.
Let me repeat that.
From Elon Musk.
A guy, I would think, since he's the Thomas Edison of his age, might know a thing or two about the math here.
I'm just saying.
I'm just throwing it out there.
Put the chart up from France.
You want to know why Macron's up there telling the people of France that the Age of Abundance is over?
And thank God they at least kept their nuclear power industry.
They put it into bankruptcy so the state can run it.
So it's going to be horribly inefficient.
But they had an advanced nuclear program.
Germany shut it down.
Put that chart up.
Dave Walsh, come in here, brother.
Because now the Financial Times is quoting, here's the headline from the FT, people are going to die.
And you have a mother of a four-year-old who said, I make a decision every day of paying my bill or feeding my kid.
Bloomberg reports you have 20 million households in the United States of America.
Let me repeat that.
I think there's only 100 million households in the country.
20 million households.
That would be, let me do some math here, 20% of our population.
Households in the country are so far behind on their power bill that Bloomberg, who's also not a hair-on-fire war room type, says it's a tsunami of shutoffs.
This is what your leaders have done.
Biden and Mark Kelly and the guys at the World Economic Forum and these fantasy people that have led you down a path of total and complete destruction.
Let me be blunt.
Let me repeat that.
Total and complete destruction.
And I don't know why we don't have the Republican Party at the ramparts on this thing.
We, the first action we did in the Trump thing was to get out of the Paris Accord.
That was another dangerous fantasy.
You're underwriting the Chinese Communist Party, polluting the world, and you're putting massive restrictions on yourself.
Geleijon, the Yellow Vests, why did they revolt?
Why did they start burning down Paris?
Because Macron and those scumbags were going to tax those people in rural areas for their gasoline to underwrite this fantasy of the Paris Accords.
You got John Kerry running the State Department.
He's got a massive climate change army on the National Security Council and at the State Department running everything.
Put that chart up.
Dave Walsh.
Right now, we are seeing... We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
That was an extremely important six-minute clip I just played here on the Alex Jones Show.
Steve Bannon explaining that this is a permanent collapse.
We're already getting deep into the beginnings of it.
And folks need to understand that they want to bankrupt you and make you totally dependent, then bring you the new digital currency that's tied to your behavior to fully surveil and control every aspect of your life.
That's the admitted plan.
I played Klaus Schwab and others admitting it earlier if you just joined us.
Unlike the leftist controlled corporate media, we show you everything we claim.
And this is beyond diabolical.
Elon Musk admits truth
Civilization will collapse without oil and gas.
Abandon on collapse of civilization.
It's on Infowars.com if you want to share it.
Great Reset is so destructive you're not going to be able to turn this around.
That's why Macron is now saying the age of abundance is over.
Department of Transportation declares regional emergency following BP refinery blowing up.
In Indiana.
Fire at biggest U.S.
Midwest refinery threatens fuel supplies.
But who shut off a lot of the refineries and major pipelines like Keystone?
That's right, the globalist puppet.
Emergency declaration as refinery in Indiana catches fire.
But what's happened?
It's all part of a larger plan.
Brits energy bills to soar by a record 80% this winter, already 90% up in Deutschland.
Europe plans emergency intervention in power markets as all hell breaks loose, which they themselves triggered.
And here is the UN saying, serious Hunger Game vibes here.
While she sounds very disappointed the Vax campaign failed to get everybody on the planet,
The Davos Group goes on to say water will really get control of the people.
And we say she, she, the woman speaking comes up after this guy.
Yeah, there she is.
I mean, these people are sick, parasite technocrats that are in control of the governments and are playing games with everybody.
Oil surges as supply takes center stage.
As major governments like Saudi Arabia cut output.
This is beyond imagination.
Polish homeowners line up for days to buy coal.
Sadiq Khan warns of excess deaths in London this winter as the government intervenes in the energy bill crisis with a universal basic income.
Irish farmers say they'll be forced, like the rest of the world, to cull cows to meet climate targets because they're saying cow farts are poisonous, which they aren't.
I go back to some of the ancient, beautiful paintings found from more than 20,000 years ago, 17,000 plus years ago, in the cave complex in southwestern France.
It's famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings.
They contain 900 of the most perfect surviving examples of Upper Paleolithic art, and are estimated to be over 17 to 30,000 years old, depending on which group of caves.
And what do they worship?
The cow.
Because it had so much meat, was so good for you to eat, and that's what they're trying to target, is what's been making humans successful for so long.
And there's riots and all sorts of destabilization happening all over the world.
This is economic warfare.
This is siege against the people of the planet.
And so many people think you can just halfway oppose all of this and it'll go away.
As Steve Bannon said earlier, where is Congress?
Where are the Republicans even speaking out?
Against the energy cutoffs and shutdowns in the U.S.
They're just going along with it.
They're not even making it campaign issues.
That's extremely dangerous.
Then you go to DrugsReport.com.
You've got this headline.
Trump in an orange jumpsuit.
Trump indictment watch.
Riots if prosecuted.
The Don calls for uprising.
But Trump didn't call for an uprising.
Here's the Yahoo News article that they're quoting.
He sent a message to the Attorney General and said, you're really raising the temperature.
How can I help to lower it?
I've seen enough of Donald Trump.
He'll be indicted by a federal grand jury, says Brad Moss.
You heard me right.
I believe Trump will actually be indicted for criminal offense, even with all its redactions.
The probable cause of evidence published today by the magistrate judge of Florida makes this clear in three essential points.
One, Trump was unauthorized possession of national defense information, namely property marked classified documents, though he declassified it.
Number two, he was put on notice by the U.S.
government that he was not permitted to retain those, but Obama kept 30 million of them.
And it goes on from there that the FBI finally executed a search warrant earlier this month.
Now where is it in here that Trump's calling for an uprising?
He's not.
But that's the headline.
The Don calls for an uprising.
And what did Biden say last week?
He thinks it's imminent.
That Trump supporters are going to be violent.
Translates, we've got provocateurs.
We've got our own operatives.
We've got major false flags ready.
That's what you do when you're a deep state that doesn't want to lose control of a country you've stolen elections to stay in control of.
And that's the reality.
I want to give the number out.
I don't want to take your calls specifically on inflation and the collapse of the economy and how do we mobilize to stop this when it's so obvious when they admit it's their plan to bring us to our knees.
And what do you think should be done if they indict Trump?
Well certainly nothing violent.
That's what they're telegraphing they want.
It's what they're pre-programming.
Trump shouldn't have been raided.
Trump did nothing wrong.
I'm a critic of Trump on the poison vaccines, but he still is a populist leader who had the election stolen from him, and we should support him.
But to further demonize Trump, when and if they indict him, which I think they will indict him, they're going to stage provocative events to further demonize Trump and populists in America, period.
Tying us to Trump.
And tying us to the violence.
That's why they need to get us off air ahead of this.
That's why they're so desperate to do it.
So the Democrats have filed in federal court to seize control of Infowars last Friday, claiming we're a criminal organization and all these lies with no evidence and no real facts.
Because they've been given the orders by their higher-ups to get us off air, because they need us off air when they stage the attacks, when the globalists stage the attacks, when the deep states stage the attacks, to say we're behind it!
That's how specific, that's how direct, and that's how real this is.
But thank God the public of America and all over the world understands the New World Order, understands the Great Reset, understands their programs and are not buying it, they're not going along with it.
We're going to open the phones up now.
On the Great Reset and how to stop it.
Your view on how bad the inflation and food prices, energy prices are going to go.
That's the big rail.
And the other big rail is the Trump indictment and the globalist pre-programming.
There's going to be all this violence.
What's your take on that?
How do we counter that?
And what curveballs do you think they have?
Hack attacks, energy takedowns.
They've been pre-programming that.
Artificial power outages.
That's what's on the table, in my view.
What else do you think they'll pull?
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
We're taking first-time callers again.
Alex, and your calls are coming up separately.
We've got a good chance of backing this down together, but we've got to stay on air.
We need funds to do it.
We're backed by viewers and listeners like you.
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According to Pfizer's very limited human trials, 87% of pregnant mothers lost their babies after receiving the shot.
And for those who survived the deadly shot and are able to reproduce, their offspring's DNA is now forever mutated.
There is now irrefutable proof that the mRNA vaccines are a deadly toxin.
Aside from the relentless, debilitating spike protein that's keeping everyone who has been jabbed sick, the vaccines contain metals.
Metals that have been observed to self-assemble outside of the body.
And most disturbingly, metals that assemble inside of the body.
Studies show that these metals are found in the blood of 94% of those who have received a COVID vaccine.
And these mysterious conglomerates of metal make their final appearance in the dead.
All over the world, coroners are now finding that the arteries of the vaccinated have been clogged with mysterious growths.
Non-organic masses made up of conductive metals such as aluminum, sodium, and tin.
This is what's most likely causing all the organ failure and heart attacks.
Heart attacks in our children.
Two days ago I flew out my first 10 year old with a heart attack and I had to fight the doctor in the ER because he's like 10 year olds don't have heart attacks and I argued back and forth for 30 minutes to force his hand
I don't know.
At any given time, people are getting a hold of me and the nurse advocates at American Frontline Nurses to help advocate.
Because as you've seen, there's victim shaming.
That, oh, it's anxiety.
Oh, it's this.
But in actuality, if they put down that it was a vaccine injury,
The physician, the corporation, the hospital, the clinic, they actually won't get reimbursed, so it gets labeled as anxiety.
According to the whistleblowers, the doctors are lying about the vaccine deaths to make a few thousand bucks.
Is that why Trump has been pushing the deadly shots, killing our own children for a measly million dollars?
Now that the truth about the deadly COVID vaccines is finally starting to break free, the mainstream media is shifting their narrative and blaming it all on President Trump.
And they've already laid the groundwork back in 2016, when the herd was told to believe that Trump is literally Hitler.
We should look at Adolf Hitler in 1929.
He was a kind of a funny kind of character that said the things that people were thinking.
Where Donald Trump takes it, I have absolutely no idea.
But Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things that he has been saying.
You might argue that Trump is innocent, but he doesn't.
He brags of all the lives he has saved.
And the herd will believe what they are told to believe.
It shows you how unpainful that vaccine shot is, so everybody go get your shot.
It works incredibly well.
95%, maybe even more than that, it works incredibly well.
It's a great vaccine, it's a safe vaccine, and it's something that works.
I recommend you take it, but I also believe in your freedoms 100%.
When you have the vaccine, people that do, and it's a very small number, relatively, but people that do get it get better much quicker.
That's a very important thing to know.
They don't get nearly as sick, and they get better.
Lindsey Graham's an example.
He said, if I didn't have this vaccine, I would've died.
And you know what?
I believe totally in your freedoms.
I do.
You gotta do what you have to do.
I recommend, take the vaccines!
I did it, it's good.
Take the vaccines.
But, you got, no, that's okay.
That's alright.
You got your freedoms.
But I happen to take the vaccine.
The vaccines do work and they are effective.
I am, uh, I think I saved many, I don't think, I know I saved millions and millions of lives throughout the world.
We could have had another Spanish flu.
We could have had, you know, in 1917, close to 100 million people died, they say.
But it was really bad.
And now other countries are using our vaccines and, you know, they're tremendously successful.
You're playing right into their hands when you sort of like, oh, the vaccine.
If you don't want to take it, you shouldn't be forced to take it.
No mandates.
But take credit, because we saved tens of millions of lives.
Take credit.
Don't let them take that away from you.
Okay, so the president made news... Do you agree with that?
Both the president and I are vaxxed.
Did you get the booster?
I got it too.
So now the Democrats are leaving the sinking ship.
The deep state is saying, okay, the vaccine doesn't work.
It's all Trump's fault.
But they're the ones that tried to make it mandatory.
And they're still trying to make it mandatory of your life.
Jokovic to come play tennis here.
They're the bad guys compared to what Trump did getting manipulated into this, but he won't admit he's wrong because he made himself the father of this poison.
I want to go to your phone calls.
We've loaded the phone lines up.
I want to talk about the Great Reset, the global collapse we talked about last hour, that even Steve Bannon is saying is irreversible, that Macron says is irreversible, but they're the ones that implemented it.
The people that control Macron.
I want to talk about how they're saying they're going to arrest Trump all over the news and that Republicans are going to engage in a violent uprising and that Trump's calling for an uprising but you read the articles Trump hasn't called for an uprising.
Clearly they're planting false flags ahead of the election.
What's your take on that or do you disagree with me or agree or what would you like to add?
We're talking about all these big issues here today with Joseph, Kyle, Carlos, Al, Aaron, Aaron, Jonathan, Rog, Vincent, Jay, and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
On this live, unfiltered, uncensored, tip-of-the-spear broadcast.
But let's look at just some of the headlines dealing with the poison shots right now.
UK government confirms nine... I'm going to say this very slowly.
UK government confirms 9 in every 10, I'm going to say it very slowly, UK government confirms 9 in every 10 COVID deaths over the last year have been among the fully triple vaxxed
Same numbers here in the US, same numbers in Europe, same numbers in Australia, same numbers in Canada, same numbers in New Zealand, same numbers in Israel, same numbers in every other place like Costa Rica and the rest of it that have taken the Moderna and Pfizer shots.
You get the same effect.
And that's published again in the Lancet and many other prestigious publications.
Not just 9 out of 10.
94% baby!
I mean, I think about this morning, noon, and night.
I think about this.
I woke up at like 3 a.m.
this morning, and I got up, went to the bathroom, got a glass of water.
I'm sitting there on the side of the bed in the dark.
And I'm just, I'm thinking like, how am I supposed to respond to this?
Just come on air and report it like it's no big deal?
Oh, they're paying nine times their energy bills in Germany.
Oh, we're set to pay double here.
We're already paying 49% more.
Oh, I mean, we're being totally and completely screwed.
And they're like, yeah, you're way more likely to die if you take the shot.
And then just this weekend, I went to several corporate meetings
Then I went to several parties, and then I talked today to an employee, I won't say their name, but the second of just about three weeks, who had a young family member, and by young, one was 35, one was 51.
That's young.
No pre-existing health problems, that's just here at the office.
In every case, they took the Moderna shot, which is the equivalent of four Pfizer shots.
It's the exact same mRNA, same formula.
Moderna's suing Pfizer for ripping off their formula.
That happened last week.
Another should've dropped.
But it's Moderna is the killer, baby.
I mean, it's like getting shot with a .50 caliber versus a .22.
Or maybe a .50 caliber versus a 9mm.
.22 is so much smaller than a .50 cal BMG.
It's about a 9mm versus a .50 cal.
Would you rather get shot with a .50 caliber Barrett rifle, or would you rather get shot with a .22?
I don't want to get shot with either one, but I'll take the 9mm.
And in every case, let me tell you what the employee told me, and I'm not going to say their name, they made me promise I wouldn't even say what department they're in, but their
Stepmother, who they like, who they've known for 20 years, their dad remarried, but she's closer, was closer to her stepmother.
Well, there's a lot of women working here, so it's okay.
But the point is, a woman, stepmother, took the second Moderna shot in late spring, took the first one in early spring,
Had great health, jogged, lifted weights, wasn't overweight, 51 years old.
She got really sick and felt terrible after the first shot.
Because they were just at the funeral.
Last week.
By the way, this person died in Austin.
But is being buried.
In another state.
So the person has to take off this week to go for the burial.
That's what they're telling me about.
Now this is just one story, okay?
I got a bunch of these at meetings this weekend with people.
Who don't, who by the way, don't even listen to me or believe what I'm talking about.
But I'll get to that in a minute, let me go to your calls.
But it's these anecdotal stories that really people understand, and really, you know, it comes home.
It's like Stalin said, one man dies, it's a tragedy, 10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
So she takes the shot, the first one, and gets really sick, and has COVID-like symptoms for a few weeks, so waits an extra month.
So two months later, gets the second shot.
Within a week, her kidneys fail.
She goes on dialysis.
Then she has a stroke a month later, then has myocarditis, is in the hospital for a month, gets out and goes to rehab, trying to learn how to walk again because they've gotten neurological stuff from the stroke, and then died last week in her sleep.
The other crew members
Dad died three weeks ago.
He was 60-something years old in good health.
And guess what he died of?
And you're like, well, those are older people.
No, ladies and gentlemen, I was in meetings this weekend.
And I'll just leave it at that.
With corporate people that don't listen to the show.
They're like, you know, I think you're right.
Everybody I know is dying from these shots or having heart attacks or this or that.
I mean, you don't need me to tell you this.
You already see it.
You already hear it.
We have the damn numbers.
They have a record 40 plus percent increase in death 18 to 63 working age in Australia, in New Zealand, in the UK, in Europe, in the US, in Canada, in
All these other places where they took the shots, they admit it!
And I was talking to this crew member, I said, what did the family say?
They said they're pissed.
They said, cause you know they had like a family wait a couple days after she died, they all got together,
And everybody was talking, why didn't people tell us?
And everybody was telling stories about how this person got sick or that died, and they're all at this family post, you know, death pre-wake thing, and they're all saying, why didn't we get told this?
Why, why, why, why didn't we know?
Her job told her she needed the shot.
She's dead now.
And what's the takeaway of this?
They're just normalizing this, where there's this background, this ambient background of mass death, and they're telling us they're depopulating us, and they think it's funny.
And now they want us to be able to take these shots to have a job in the future.
They're literally murdering us, and they think it's funny.
And so, people ask me, you know, how do you take all the attacks?
How do you, I mean, none of my family took this stuff, none of them are dying.
I mean, how am I taking it?
Freaked out.
I'm not worried about the attacks on me.
I know they're trying to shut us up because they want to do this to all of us.
You know they fully take over.
They're going to come and forcibly inject my ass and kill me.
And these people aren't playing games, folks.
These people would make Hitler blush.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you just joined us, we're on hundreds of radio stations.
But I'm going to describe this for radio listeners, but I'm going to lay it out for
TV viewers, the numbers out of Israel mirror, per capita, the numbers in the rest of the industrialized world that took the Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J shots that all do the same thing, create spike proteins in the body.
Look at these years.
Total number of deaths, ladies and gentlemen, year to year, and as you can see, this year is already topping previous years, full years, and is already set to top how many people died
This year.
Compared to the year before.
Massive numbers of deaths.
Total deaths.
These numbers are a month old.
And you look at all the other total numbers, it's already ahead of that and you see it outpacing.
They know exactly what they're doing.
UK government confirms 9 in every 10 COVID deaths over the last year have been among the fully triple vaccinated.
You hear that?
9 out of 10 dying took the shot.
Yeah, safe and effective.
Autopsy data confirms deadly heart inflammation from COVID vaccines, but not from COVID infection.
Big article up on InfoWars.com.
Here's one on the New York Post.
Latest COVID booster shots will be released before human testing.
40% of D.C.'
's black teens will soon be barred from school because they're not vaccinated with an experimental shot.
That's the left.
Oh, they love black people so much.
At the U.S.
Open, where Djokovic is banned, where he's not allowed to play because he hasn't taken the poison shot, notice who the main sponsor is, Moderna.
Meanwhile, the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
We have the puppet governor of New York, the appointed governor, New York Governor Kathy Hochul.
When the decisions were made to have all the kids go home and learn remotely, wow wow, what a mistake that was, even though she supported keeping it going indefinitely.
She also backed off on school closures.
Quote, what mistake that was, women couldn't go to their jobs, they lost their jobs, or they'd be back at their jobs, then one child is a class test positive, the whole class goes home, a week and a half, it was chaos, seemed to have not ended.
So now the very people that engineered all this are saying they're against it.
I want to go to your phone calls, and I will go to your phone calls, but I'm going to play a few Joe Rogan clips here.
He had Aaron Rodgers, the champion quarterback, on.
He talked about how they sent Stooges in with slideshows to try to make them take the poison shots.
The 9 out of 10 that take it are the ones that are dying now.
And then he talks about, Joe talks about voting Republican because the Democrats handled
The whole COVID thing so badly.
They're the ones that were the authoritarians.
They're the ones that try to make it mandatory.
But Trump won't decouple.
Instead, he's destroying himself.
Here are the clips back-to-back.
They didn't give a f***.
You want to play football?
Take this f***ing thing.
And I want you to do it publicly so that I can get more money out of those other people that are thinking about it and they're on the fence.
And then we're going to virtue signal to say, look how righteous our league is.
We have 95% compliance.
With the vaccine.
And if you don't, we're going to send a stooge to your team to show you graphs of your vaccination percentage of your team compared to the rest of the league, which actually happened.
What was the stooge like?
Oh, I mopped the floor with him.
Did you?
See, again, that's why people are like, no one knew your vaccination status.
You lied to your teammates.
No, no, no.
Day three of training camp, they sent this stooge in, and he showed these slides about what your vaccination percentage was in your team, where you compare to the rest of the league.
And I started asking him questions about liability.
Oh, I'm not a lawyer.
OK, cool.
But you're in here talking about all these different things.
And you don't talk about anybody's personal health issues.
There's zero exemptions.
You took out religious exemptions.
You took out PEG exemptions.
You took out anybody's ability to have an opinion.
I don't want to do this.
Well, it's not only going to affect your day-to-day status on the team, but your ability to get a job, your ability to keep a job, your ability to get a tryout if you get cut from this team.
Because you want to put a percentage above 90% of your team where you guys can have some sort of like special virtue, like look how amazing we are.
We're above the 90% threshold here.
And then they scared teams and said if you had an outbreak caused by a non-vaccinated player, you not only forfeit that game if you had enough players out, but you wouldn't get paid for that week.
And here I am showing up to training camp, Joe, the first day, and we got five people who work for the organization out with COVID all fully vaxxed.
And I got COVID from a fully vaxxed individual who only got vaxxed to keep his potential of being a part of the NFL.
No one who is alive today had ever experienced a true pandemic.
And I'm hoping that now that this is over, people are going to, you know, recognize that some serious errors were made and not repeat those.
That's the best you can get out of it.
So what do you tell those people?
Vote Republican.
That's what a lot of them are going to do anyway.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, more than a million people transferred over to the Republican Party, I think in 2021 alone.
Find out what that number is.
But, you know, you look at guys like Ron DeSantis, who kept Florida open and had some pretty reasonable policies in terms of, like, what to do about COVID.
And, you know, he mapped it out on television.
He was, you know, widely criticized for this, where he was saying, like, we need to protect our elders.
We need to, you know, make sure that medical care is available for those people and everyone else.
You should be able to do whatever you want to do and protect your freedom.
Joe did a good job exposing the fact that the Bax doesn't work, but he's wrong there.
I think the best we can hope for is just not let them do it again.
They're planning to do it again.
We need to bring Fauci and Daszak and Bill Gates and Big Pharma like Pfizer and Moderna to justice.
They need to go to prison.
They did it premeditatedly, they cooked up the virus, they released it, they gave us a deadly shot that the CDC knew in October 2020 would erase your immune system and give you heart swelling and heart attacks and attacker fertility.
It was a premeditated plan!
It wasn't an accident!
It was run worldwide, coordinated with big tech and governments, censoring anybody, medical experts, you name it, that tried to expose what was happening.
It was an organized, biological, chemical attack, and just two years into it, the death toll's off the charts, and it's only gonna get worse.
That's the reality.
But at least Joe has come out against it in the last couple years.
But we need to go further and we need to bring the criminals that did this to justice.
We're coming back with your phone calls and so much more today.
Anna Medical Doctor, who's been the tip of the spear.
Exposing this in the third hour.
But start your engines, callers.
Because when we come back, I'm taking ten calls a segment.
So get ready to make your point.
We're going to move to the next person.
We love you and we appreciate you.
Tomorrow's news today.
That's the coordinate for resistance.
That's the tip of the spear.
That's what's ahead of the curve.
That's the weapon the enemy fears.
So share that URL in your text message, your email, word of mouth.
Spray paint on the back of a barn.
Put a bumper sticker on.
Infowars.com and Band.Video.
Have you shared it today?
You are the tip of the spear.
You are the resistance.
Take action!
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
On Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars.
And so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission.
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We have the answers.
We know how to beat the enemy.
We can do it together.
Let's go to New York.
Let's talk to Jay.
Jay, you're on the air.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Yes, sir.
Always a pleasure.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
I listen to your show very regularly.
I missed you yesterday.
That girl was nice.
All your hosts are very good on all your channels, and I don't miss any of them.
I've gained a little knowledge along the way.
I move hazardous waste for a living, and I've been saving my pennies and my dollars.
I'm not going to be afraid anymore of these people that are trying to make my life terrible.
And I recognize that money, the inflation and everything is horrible, but despite that, I took some money from the 401k, which I anticipate they're going to bring down to whatever they're going to bring it down to.
And I bought myself a brand new truck and goods and services are always, I think, going to be needed.
So I'm just not going to be afraid of these people.
And I got all kinds of supplies from your, from My Patriot Supply and all of your, all of your supplements.
And I'm waiting for the turbo force to get in.
I'm hoping it's soon.
And, uh, I'm just not going to be afraid of these people.
Cause I was told by a employee, employer at one time when the rest of the world has pneumonia, America will never have more than a cough in the respect that that was during Reagan's years.
Because it was really concerning to me.
That's right.
Our infrastructure is so huge that they're trying to collapse us first, but it's still very serious.
But I agree, you shouldn't be afraid.
You should take action, be as successful as you can, and then help others.
Yes, sir.
That's what I'm trying to do.
God bless you, Jay.
We appreciate your support.
God bless you.
All right, we're moving quick.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kyle in New Jersey.
Kyle, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
A pleasure to be on with you.
Thank you.
I just want to preface by saying
I actually am an ex-Pfizer employee.
I just recently quit in April due to discrimination, and I'm pursuing better things in my life.
But I want to go back as far as the 2025-2028 document, which was done by Bill Gates, of course, in 2017.
And in that document, of course, they bring this President Archer, who is probably synonymous for President Trump, and it says, President Archer's detractors in the Republican Party
We're good to go.
Well, we see Fauci leaving.
Bill Gates left the thinking ship a long time ago.
The FDA has been pretty well gutted.
And this whole thing with President Trump, I'll just give it to you short.
I think he's bad baggage.
I mean, President Trump's ego is never going to change.
He wants to appease everybody.
He's not the same guy we voted for.
I think you as being such a strong leader for the populist movement has to get behind somebody else.
We'll see how it goes in the midterms, but we've got to get behind somebody impersonally.
I'm not really ready to break it at this point because I need to actually shoot a special report on it so it gets millions of views and actually has an effect.
There's millions tuning in now but if I just pepper it into the regular show no one seems to care even though I lay such a huge bomb on us.
But I talked to multiple people and I got a response back from Trump and on the ultimatum and so we got a response back.
Can you imagine what the response was?
You think he's going to come out against these things publicly and begin to fight like you are?
Are you hopeful of that?
Let me do this.
At the end of the third hour, and guys, mark it in there because you know I get distracted.
I'd even forgotten about this and I was meaning to talk about it at the start of the show and I shouldn't do it.
And I need to, I need to, I mean it's a big deal and I need to really think about what I'm going to say here because I want to be as accurate as possible.
But Trump responded.
And I'll leave it at that.
And I'll, last segment of the third hour, when Dr. Merritt's on with us, I will tell you what Trump had to say, okay?
God bless you.
Appreciate your call.
Carlos in Houston, Texas.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, always a pleasure.
I'm right here enjoying myself a nice vitamin mineral fusion whenever I'm feeling a little bit cloudy in the mind and whenever I'm thinking and whenever I'm listening.
Thank you for your products and for all your work you've been doing, Alex.
I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for keeping us on air, brother.
It's we the people against the globalists, so it's all your support that's doing it.
Don't thank me.
Now, I'm looking forward to get your book, Alex, but one thing that woke me up about the great research and all this stuff was that report you did in 2012 whenever you went over the lockstep document.
Now, I go back to that document all the time whenever I reference to people, but are you familiar with a show that came out on SyFy called First Wave?
You are Kate Foster in First Wave.
You've been attacked.
You've been ridiculed.
But now you have been proven.
Everything that you've said has come to pass.
And then there's still some more left to come to pass.
No, I don't watch a lot of TV.
I just work all the time or spend time with my family.
So I've not heard of First Wave.
What happens on the show?
Well, the show has multiple episodes where they talk about gene therapy manipulation, you talk about animal-human hybrids, and the main thing is that the antagonist of the show is called the Gua, and they are these entities that transcend through the cosmos in spirit form.
Hold on, stay there.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to come back to you, Carlos.
I did it my way.
Old blue eyes.
All right, I'm gonna go back to your calls.
And we have some huge breaking news that's so big.
I mean, the ramifications of this are so giant.
Most talk show hosts who understood the ramifications most don't would actually just stop the show right here and cancel taking calls or guests and cover this.
But who's doing the fourth hour, Gero Salente?
Gerald's great.
I'm going to take 15 minutes of Gerald's time to cover this right here.
And this ties into what Trump relayed to me on Friday.
I have mixed feelings about being upset with Trump because the enemy hates him.
He did so much good.
He's getting a lot of good people elected.
He's a good person.
I know he is.
Intellectually and spiritually gut level, I know.
But he's pig-headed, and he's going along with this poison shot as it derails and comes out, which is in the SPARS 2025-2028 document that a caller earlier mentioned.
He's been set up.
But then he does something like this, and it makes me love him more.
Trump's come out and called for a new election, with the FBI admitting that Zuckerberg told the truth on Joe Rogan last week, right down the street from our offices, that
They went and ordered them to cover that up for the election.
The FBI responded today and said, yeah, we did.
That's no big deal.
We do that all the time.
So they election meddled with Joe Biden being a Chinese agent and pedophilia and crack pipes and all the rest of the money payments from Ukraine and the rest of it.
And Zuckerberg covers his ass because he knows it's coming out and says the FBI told him not to allow it on Facebook.
And then they run headlines everywhere that Trump's calling for insurrection and violence when he's not.
You can see what they're getting ready to do.
False flags!
So it's fashionable to bash Trump, and I'm pissed at him.
But at the end of the day, look at this.
So now it comes out, this is Trump today, on True Social.
So now it comes out conclusively that the FBI buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election, knowing that if they didn't, Trump would have easily won the 2020 presidential election.
This is massive fraud and election interference at a level never seen before in our country.
Declare the rightful winner or
And this would be the minimal solution.
Declare the 2020 election irrevocably compromised and have a new election immediately.
Yeah, the answer is a new election.
And I agree with Trump.
And if they re-hold it, I'll vote for him because he's light years better.
It's not a lesser of two evils.
It's that they stole it from him and we need to re-have the election.
And they're trying to say it's terrorist to call for a new election.
So this is just bombshell.
I mean, Trump's got huevos the size of bowling balls.
And that's why I'm so pissed at him that he won't attack the people that set him and set us up.
And they're bragging how they did it and how they lied to him and told him it would work and it didn't.
And they told him Rendezivir would work, not his advisors, outside groups.
He was... Actually, the bad guys told him to take Rendezivir.
He came out and said Rendezivir was bad.
He promoted.
Alec, you there?
So, so...
So the show has everything or had everything.
It was made by Francis Ford Coppola, who was one of the main ones that was front running the show.
Now, this is back in 95.
This is when you had started talking about all this, Alex.
And that's what turned me on.
I love you, Alex.
I love everything.
I work in the oil and gas industry as well.
Alex, they've canceled millions upon millions of dollars worth of future projects that they already had scheduled.
Tank farms, pipelines, all across the country.
They're not struggling with permits.
They have a lot of stuff.
But there's not going to be a future for oil and gas per what the World Economic Forum is planning.
A lot of these gas companies have cancelled a lot of this work.
There's going to be a lot of us in the oil and gas industry that are going to be out of work or just be doing small rehab jobs where we're fixing the current infrastructure
But not replacing it with new infrastructure that we should be putting in.
Now, a lot of the stuff that we're putting in, or that we have been putting in over the past couple years, can run in reverse.
So, you can run to the dock, and then you can run back in reverse and unload ships that are porting at any one of our ports to a natural gas pipeline to get that gas
In the state, which means they've been doing this for about the past two years, so they've been knowing what's coming because they're shutting us down, Alex.
I know, they're shutting America down, but get back.
I held you over to tell me the plot of this show called First Wave I never saw.
The plot of the show is that there's this alien race that wants to conquer the earth by whatever means necessary.
They're doing nanotechnology engineering.
They're using sound waves to manipulate the populace.
They're using weather weapons in the show.
And, you know, I was revisiting this show and I'm like, let me look at it again.
And it's everything that you've covered over the past 30 years, Alex.
It's exactly what the globalists are doing.
And it's like these people that wrote this show, wrote it.
to give us or tell us or do predictive programming or maybe they were trying to tell us like guys this is what's coming these guys these people are evil these demonic entities from another universe or that are here we just haven't been able to see them from a parallel universe that's running together with us or maybe not parallel but an interdimensional being is trying to take us over and I think that's who's running Kyle Schwab himself Alex.
Well, there's no doubt they say they're getting rid of humans, they're going to merge those machines, and that the humans are obsolete.
I mean, it's incredible.
Thank you, Carlos.
I just can't make this up.
I mean, we're living in the twilight zone.
I'm going to go to Al and a bunch of other folks for a few minutes.
We're going to have our guest on, and then I'm going to go ahead and host into the fourth hour, because I've got to get into Trump's response.
To my ultimatum that, man, will you please just come out against this damn shot?
I got the response Friday.
I haven't talked about it yet.
That's why I wasn't on the air.
Friday was dealing with this.
So it's all coming up next hour.
Separately, whatever happens, we won't be on the air if you don't support us.
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We're good to go.
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More calls straight ahead.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I have a special guest joining us next segment right now.
We're taking your phone calls.
Al, in Florida, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, so I just wanted to bring up a key piece of information that I think was overlooked by the Sandy Hook trial.
So still to today, FBI.gov has the Uniform Crime Report.
And if you look up Sandy Hook, Connecticut in 2012, it still says zero murders and manslaughter in that category.
So the FBI confirmed that nobody died at Sandy Hook in Connecticut in 2012.
Even if you go to 2013, because it happened in December, still it's a big goose egg.
Nobody died.
This is very specific information from the FBI confirming nobody died in Sandy Hook.
Yeah, no, that actually was brought up during the so-called kangaroo trial.
And the thing is, they say the state of Connecticut doesn't report deaths, so the FBI doesn't put them in there.
But that's why people are asking questions, one of the reasons I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Aaron in Wisconsin.
Aaron, go ahead.
Hey, Jones.
I just wanted to talk about something I saw on Friday evening.
I was watching one fighting championship that makes martial arts promotion out of Asia.
And they had their first event on Amazon, and one of their main sponsors, even on the page for their, the One FC website, is globalcitizen.org.
And naturally, you know, being a viewer of your show, this kind of struck a chord, so I went to the site to check it out.
And you can go and look and read all these wonderful articles, like five ways our lives would include, I'm sorry, improve in a circular economy.
And this is Klaus Schwab's You'll Own Nothing.
You'll be happy about it.
And this article goes on to say how the World Bank estimates that Americans produce all this waste and, you know, what they don't say is this is how they've set the system up.
So this is how we this is how we behave.
This is how we act.
And now it's all our fault.
They kind of sidestep blame.
It's everything that you're always talking about, that they built up this system.
for us to be in.
And now they use that as the reason why they need to get all of us under control.
We're all dangerous.
You know, all the all throughout history that that's what the elites have said that 95% of us are dangerous to ourselves and into the future of the human race.
And also I was listening to Richard Grove interview John Taylor Gatto, the ultimate history lesson.
Are you familiar with that?
And I mean this, I would recommend that people go and listen to this.
It's five hours full of everything from the history of public education in this country and how we're just kind of set up to fail.
And I believe that if you can learn this, you can kind of get out ahead of it and you can, you can learn to get out of this way of thinking and
Actually, you know, make some real change, enact some real change in our own lives to try to prevent or mitigate some of what these people are trying to do to us.
You know, the World Economic Forum, all the usual suspects.
So that's about it.
Go check out that globalcitizen.org.
They're just kind of stuffing it down our throats everywhere they can.
Joining us is a very special guest, Dr. Leigh Merritt, TheMedicalRebel.com.
She's been massively censored.
She's a medical doctor predicting everything that's unfolded.
And now we have government submitting nine out of 10 people that are dying of COVID have been double or triple or quadruple vaxxed.
This is so huge.
And then after she leaves us, I'm going to go ahead and just host fourth hour.
After she leaves us, I'm going to hit Trump calling for a new election.
Massive news.
Trump's response to us, my ultimatum about coming out against the facts, and these drag queen pedophile story times, and the big developments in Texas.
It's all coming up today.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, if millions of people get this book, our funding problems will be over.
And it's starting to happen.
That's why I said, yeah, go to Infowarshore.com, get the book, it starts shipping in a couple weeks.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
But I said, go to Amazon, because it's the number one book chart in the world.
And if it goes to number one, not of political, not of history, not of US history, it's already number one over 40 categories.
We are now number 9 in the world!
This is major.
This is political.
This could fund our war chest.
Just go to Amazon.com, everybody, and buy 10 copies.
Send this blueprint to the Death Star and the New World Order.
Because you read this, you know their whole plan on how to stop them.
Hit the Great Reset and the War for the World now.
It's going to go to number one.
What do you make of that?
All right, Dr. Leigh Merritt for two and a half years has been exposing COVID as a lab-made product, and she's been exposing the deadly shots.
She is now completely and totally, absolutely vindicated in triplicate.
I'm going to go over some of the big developments that have just unfolded, but I just want to, out of the gates, go right to her to talk about the state of the world and what's coming next.
She's got a DNA strand behind her if you're a TV viewer.
And they're now announcing that these DNA swabs, these COVID tests we took at universities and medical centers and you name it, were actually sent to a DNA database.
Got a big stack of news on that.
This is part of a massive globalist takeover.
There is no doubt.
So Dr. Lee Merritt, thanks for having us on.
Why don't you give folks the 35,000 foot view, then we'll zoom in with a microscope and look at the specifics.
Well, the 30,000 foot view may be a quote from Edgar Allan Poe that I've become insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.
It just seems like every time we turn around, it gets more confusing.
You know, the real issue is, is this really even a genetic war?
I've had this DNA strand behind me, but you know, we're not finding DNA in the vials of these vaccines.
I think what if in the real quick summary of this I think there's a lot of misdirection and I think they've got us looking one way when we need to be really looking at another way and that's wavelength.
We talked about it on the show here a long time ago about the implication of 5G but I honestly I didn't realize how
You know, I still thought there were viruses and DNA was like I was taught.
Now, I'm not sure.
They know it's not blood clots.
It's artificial circuitry confirmed by hundreds of prestigious universities, you name it, growing in the body.
It's just causing blood clots.
And I have to say, the one thing I can be absolutely sure of, and your previous caller brought this up, is that schools have failed us, but it wasn't by accident.
You know, lack of knowledge, you have Mark Passio on here every once in a while, and I really like Mark Passio, but he has a two-hour excellent, excellent, everybody should watch this video on demystifying the occult.
And occult just means hidden.
And I will tell you that they've hidden so much from us that it is very hard to get a handle on what is true.
That's really our problem.
So dive right into it, Dr. Merritt.
Well, that's right.
Well, you know, first of all, there's been some issues of just, you know, the whole genetic thing.
What's really going on here?
A couple things didn't make sense.
Like, you know, in 2017, I know that they were doing these iGene therapies.
And we've been spending $3 billion in genetics research every year, but for that, only about 3% actually goes to anything real, anything used in medicine.
Now, they claim that they've made a genetic vaccine here that goes out in the whole world, but I looked it up.
The cost of a genetic therapy in 2017, the one that they kind of tout as being the prototype, it was somewhere between $800,000 and $1 million.
Now, something isn't ringing right here.
How can they then just suddenly, within a couple years, make this so cost effective?
They can do a gene treatment, the genetic-based therapy on the whole world.
There's something not right here.
And then you have
I also, Feng Zhang of the Zhang Lab at MIT, now he's what they call a biological engineer.
He's got a PhD in biological engineering, which is a little creepy, but he's always cited as being one of the premier genetic manipulators, having been the pioneer of CRISPR.
But, you know, if you go on his site and you actually read what it says, it says that, I'll quote it, it says, although we typically talk about gene editing, in reality we mostly do gene deleting.
Our ability to precisely integrate new stretches of DNA is limited.
So, and then the final issue here is, I interviewed Dr. Purnima Wagh.
You may have seen a small snippet of her on the internet, but on my Rumble I've got a two-hour video so people can really watch.
And hear her for themselves so they get the understanding because there are 18 lab researchers.
She's a PhD in virology.
There's their labs researchers all over the world that have come up and said there is no genetic material in this in these vaccines.
And that's not one that is going to be too mishy-moshy.
That's one of those things where we understand, you know, electrophoresis, gel electrophoresis.
It's a simple way of separating molecules.
If it's there, we would have seen, they should have seen it.
Secondly, we have a technique called the Raman Spectroscopy.
So I'm telling you, they really looked at this.
That also can be very precise at looking at molecules using their refraction, I guess, using laser light.
So, they did not find genetic material in these vials of vaccine, and they looked at the Sputnik, they looked at Sinovac, they looked at all of these different ones.
Sure, well didn't they just simply find outside material that cuts DNA?
Like you said, they're not manipulating DNA, they're cutting DNA that causes a mutation in cancer.
Well, they're doing something, and the question is, is it really genetic-based?
So, what they found in the vaccines so far, and this is labs in Germany, India, all over, they found it's a base.
They're all the same.
They say the vaccines are all the same.
They're a basis of hydrogel with reduced graphene oxide, and then they've got a variety of metals in it.
Now, you know, the one thing I can tell you for sure about graphene oxide is, it is not safe.
You know, you look at it, and yes, it has a lot of potential, they say, a lot of potential for all sorts of interventions into humans.
The problem is, it really has lots and lots of problems.
And if you think about it,
It does a lot of the things that we're seeing, the clotting, the neurologic damage.
It's been shown to give you abnormal immune responses.
What you're saying is it's a big mystery.
All these labs around the world have found it's triggering the body, not just what they inject, but using your own body's chemicals to start growing
These, these, these complexes inside the body, we know that's happening.
The question is, what is it for?
And why do they have all four vaccines that were backed by the NIH cause this?
Again, because they're all the same, essentially, and their purpose was never... Let's just keep in mind, we also have to have a correct worldview that they were never here to help us.
This has never been about making anybody safer.
If you look at the tragedy of the child vaccine program, they've increased their overall... Doc, you're going to have the floor when we come back.
I don't think I'm going to let you out, so I'll just sit back and turn my mic off.
Pulling back to the 30,000 foot view, as I said, you don't want to extrapolate, you know, give your opinion, but clearly you're a smart lady.
What is this really about?
Building capacitors into us?
Changing the life form?
Because that's what Klaus Schwab says.
We're going to go in your bodies.
We're going to change who you are.
We're going to make you be ready to interface with machines.
And it looks like that's what this does.
And a bunch of people are going to be killed in the process.
I think that's pretty close to right on.
And I think they're using the graphene somehow as a transformative agent.
In other words, it can transform gigahertz to terahertz to run nanobots.
It's an electrical receptor.
So they're putting a receptor in for nanobots and electromagnetic energy?
And 5G will coordinate it.
That's why they need 5G.
So to dumb it down, they're putting the plug into us.
They're putting the interface in.
Yeah, anybody that says, oh, they're going to put a chip in you, that's old news.
They don't need a chip.
All they need is this microscopic system injected over time.
The good news is I don't think they can do it in one piece.
And Yuval Harari has said that.
He said, we're going to put nanotech in unit interface.
Yep, I think that's what it is.
I don't think it has, it doesn't have any other, uh, if they, look, if they wanted to just kill us outright, they could have done that a long time ago.
We know that.
I mean, there's so many technologies out there that are just completely world-busting technologies.
Uh, you know, Tesla's death ray, but they're, but that's not what they're doing.
They're, they're doing this
First of all, I think they love our misery.
There's somebody out there that just feeds on our misery, because it's just been horrible experience, right?
But the second thing is, they're going to take away some of our population.
We saw the Guidestones, and they're going to transform people.
Look, if anybody's seen Westworld, what's Westworld really telling us?
It says there are people that look like us, that talk like us, that walk like us.
This is where the protagonist said this, but they're not us.
And if you look at that show, The New West World, it shows that for every robot that are synthetic, they have to have a lot of humans tending it.
Stay right there, we'll be right back.
Dr. Lee Maritz, our guest here on the Alex Jones Show, The Third Hour.
She's a visionary medical doctor, a military veteran, and she's been the tip of the spear exposing all this.
So I'm going to shut up during this segment and the next and just let her host and start over and lay all this out because it's so big.
And I've studied it myself.
It's not really even a gene therapy, like they say.
It just cuts your DNA.
It just kills your DNA.
But it also rewires you.
And some people, it grows faster, some slower.
They're testing on us all like guinea pigs.
And we've got Klaus Schwab saying it's a revolution taking us over.
Dr. Merritt, please continue.
Well, thank you.
So basically, I tell people we need to change our language so we understand what's going on.
The idea, we keep talking about these viruses, but quite frankly, we have some proven technology that can cause disease, but what is unproven is viral transmission, especially airborne viral disease.
So, let's turn our thinking more, and let's move over to the idea that they're using toxins against us.
You know, in Latin, virus means toxin.
And in ancient medicine, the only two treatments are purification and detoxification.
And we've lost sight of that, and we've gone to this idea that these little animalcules float out of our mouth and make people sick, and everybody says, well, but I know people get sick, yes, but you can get sick for other reasons.
And I think I want to start there, actually, because it leads into all this, and it's maybe not what you're going to expect, but in the 1930s and 1920s in Russia, in the Soviet Union, and trust me, the Russians are way ahead of us on this research, or at least way ahead of what we're being told we have.
There was a guy named Kozlochev, and this is what he did.
He took a tissue and he divided it in two parts, and he put cells into one container from half of the tissue, and cells in a container B, let's say, from the other cells.
And then he connected them, and the only thing that connected them, it was in one now, one chamber, but separated between the tissues, was an optical window.
Then he took the first side of these cells and he blasted them with, let's say, irradiation.
I mean, he killed, he was going to murder the cells somewhere, either with radiation, staphylococci, he could put in bacteria, he could put in arsenic, you name it.
Whatever he put into side one, then he watched, what, 12 hours later, he watched to see if side two started changing.
Well, if the window glass was glass, between those two chambers, nothing happened.
But when he put in quartz, he started to see an effect.
And what the effect was, and it was subsequently called the mitogenic effect, or my favorite is death photons,
What he showed was that side B starts dying using the same pattern of death.
If it was radiation, side B started dying from radiation.
If it was arsenic, side B started dying with the same symptoms of arsenic death.
Whatever was killing side A moved over to side B when they weren't physically connected.
They were connected by an optical quartz window and that quartz window allowed the UV, the difference between quartz and glass is quartz allows ultraviolet or near ultraviolet rays to get through.
So that's why they named them the death photons because they said something is being given off by these cells that is causing these other cells to get sick.
Now, if we take a step back and we say, look, if they can, if they can, if this is happening and we know that it has an electromagnetic signature and we can capture that electromagnetic signature, just like Luke Montagnier showed and others, then we could, we could program and we could broadcast disease.
When people say, well, if there are no viruses, how can I get sick?
I'm going to tell you, this is how.
Now, Royal Rife, yeah, they did a lot.
Royal Rife was doing the opposite.
Royal Rife was a very well-known scientist, also about the same time.
He developed a microscope of 5,780 some parts that he handmade that had all quartz optics.
And quartz allowed you to see
Magnification off a light microscope.
What can we get today?
A hundred years later, we're stuck.
Yes, there's a picture of Royal Rife, who was born near where my office is actually, but here he is in 1929.
Now we are in 2022, and we are still hampered by having light microscopes that don't use a complete quartz system, don't use his patented lighting, and we can get maybe 2,500.
But what did he tell us?
Well, he told us a lot of things, and think if we'd gone down this road.
He said that he could watch with his microscope, and this is pretty impressive in the days before Foley catheters, he sat there for over 24 hours, sometimes 36 hours, I guess, without moving to observe the live bacteria.
And what he showed is that bacteria had a
Thank you.
And the other thing he noticed was that all these different things, whether it was tuberculosis or staphylococci, whichever one it was, they had a specific wavelength.
They had a different color.
So a different color meant a different wavelength.
And so he developed what he called the Mortal Oscillatory Resonance or MOR.
It was a complementary wavelength or a non-complementary that could blast these things and kill them.
There's a famous story, and I don't think it's apocryphal, I think this really happened.
He went to multiple radio stations in San Diego, near where his lab was, and he asked them if they all simultaneously on one day would broadcast a particular frequency, a particular sound for a particular period of time.
And after it was over, he announced, he said, there, we have just cured tuberculosis in San Diego.
Because what he showed is that if you find the right
The right frequency, you can do lots of things.
So, he was doing good, but there's a potential to do evil.
So, I'm just going to say, we have been, this knowledge has been hidden from us, but it was not hidden from the Germans.
For example, they were doing it.
Kozachev's work was re-looked at in a famous lab in Germany, and guess what it was called?
It was called Marburg.
And what do we think about Marburg?
We hear about Marburg.
We hear about a virus, a Marburg.
But to be honest, there are less than 600 cases of Marburg in the world.
What's really going on here?
So let's say you, so I personally think we are looking at wavelength medicine and we're looking at wavelength medical warfare.
And ultimately, we are DNA, we are wavelength beings, and we can be manipulated that way.
Well, they know DNA is a transceiver, and I remember going to Telegraph, has done the reports, where when a sperm breaks into the egg, there is a pulse of energy, and they don't even know, quote, where it comes from.
There's like an interdimensional release as it electromagnetically releases.
And we know that we're electrochemical, that's how our cells operate, but they ignore all that in so-called mainline science because we know from Tesla and others it's the real science.
Right, and that spark I believe is what they call, that's why they called it the mitogenic effect.
The Russians actually discovered that.
And so, I think that there's a lot of potential there.
Now, that gets us back to the whole issue of what are we facing?
We're facing what happened during the COVID lockdowns.
Well, they put up all these 5G towers.
That should have been a suspicious moment to begin with.
The second thing is, now we're finding out there's no genetic material in the vaccines.
There's reduced graphene oxide.
Now, graphene oxide
I'm not, you know, I know Dr. Nowak, the German scientist, German doctor that died, was talking about this razor blade effect, but quite frankly, graphene oxide is so, so tiny, I'm not sure that's really what's going on here.
I'm not buying that it's slicing anything, except maybe DNA, it may damage DNA.
Hold on, Dr. Merritt, stay there, this is fascinating.
We'll be right back.
We've been told it's a genetic revolution.
We've been told our bodies are being taken over by the Club of Rome and the Davos Group and the UN and now they're doing it under Lee Merritt, medical doctor, is here laying out what's really in these so-called shots that have killed so many people.
A whole separate subject that we've been vindicated and we've all been confirmed to be accurate that your 9 out of 10 dying of COVID, they say,
Are dying from the shots.
That's the British Medical Journal.
It's all coming out.
They don't care they got caught.
That's a whole other subject.
Where is this going next?
But what do the shots actually really do?
And why would they risk global rebellion to put these in us?
Dr. Lee Merritt, please continue.
Yeah, well, I don't know if you want to talk a little bit more about the shots, but I was... You can talk about whatever you want, Doctor.
Well, I'm going to just proceed on a little bit with this nanotechnology issue, and the issue of it not being primarily genetic modification, necessarily, as we think of it.
And I was saying, I love that you played the Westworld theme, because really, I think that's telling us things.
If you look at Westworld, it's very expensive to maintain synthetic robots.
Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper if they could just put something here to control me?
I mean, that's really where this goes, I think.
That's what Klaus Schwab said.
I played the clip of the first hour.
We're going to make humans the commodity.
The revolution is taking humans over.
I mean, I think that in my mind, I used to think the world was Currier and Ives and Norman Rockwell, and unfortunately you were right long ago when you pointed out the statue of Moloch at our Bohemian Grove, because the world is more like that.
We are dealing with, we are serfs in a world that we have not understood.
And it's a criminal, it's a horrible situation that we're kept here by tax bondage and lack of knowledge.
So we have to understand this.
And the lack of knowledge is leading to what I'm about to talk about.
And that's called the rise of the nano-mafia.
There's a doctor, and I just found this because I actually was looking up the Khazarian mafia or something.
I was looking up some mafia point, and this popped up.
And before you get there, they don't want to just have all our data.
They want to make us the data.
We're going to be the data and we're going to be the robots.
Because we self-assemble, we self-reproduce, we can take care of ourselves, and then they can kill us off when they want and we can just be controlled.
I think that's where this goes.
So there's a doctor, I believe he's a doctor, he's at the Faculty of Medicine at the National University in Mayor de San Marcos, Peru.
Anyway, his name is David Flores.
And he wrote an article that came out in the International Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal, and the name of the article is, The Nanomafia, Nanotechnology's Global Network of Organized Crime.
And here's basically what he said.
And honestly, one of the reasons he wrote this is, he was just kind of upset that people he thought were getting the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, and they were doing work on essentially on unwitting
Patients, people that, just like the death camps in Germany, the people that were compelled to be in these and maybe not even know it.
Or like the CIA experimenting years ago with LSD and they dosed people without them knowing it.
It's totally unethical and he didn't want people to be getting the Nobel Prize for this.
But anyway, what he said, he says this is happening in South America.
It's really kind of starting there because they have the cartel experience.
That if you're going to do work and you're if you're a high-tech biotech Research arm and you've got these grants and you've got this money But you can't get people to want to have nanobots put in their brain.
This is about nanobots There are orders of magnitude smaller than anything.
We're talking with chip technology So these are things that travel through your bloodstream You can't really see them with a naked eye and really can't see them there below microscopic levels
So these are very, very tiny.
But people don't want to be dosed with this as an experiment, no matter how much you pay them for the most part.
So they got in bed with the cartels and they got involuntary subjects.
And what he's saying is, you don't need injections to get these nanobots into people.
They actually believe that beer is the best way to do it.
So what the cartels or what the criminal element that was involved in this figured out
Is that they could use it as nanotechnology as a criminal in their toolbox, right, as a weapon.
You know, you don't have to go, now I don't have to go and I don't have to use guns and violence and it's very messy to try and rob a bank.
All I have to do is take the bank CEO out and dose him in a beer, you know, have him have a drink of a beer and have him dose it.
Apparently beer works well because, you know, beer kind of has
And that was the new James Bond movie was all about nanotech.
Yeah, I interviewed Jay Dyer, he does some of your programs, and he's really interesting on predictive programming.
And I started going back and looking at this stuff, and all through the last decades of movies, and mostly I watch TV, old TV shows, they tell you over and over that we have people among us that are not us.
And why do they do that?
Why do they have a need to tell us what they're doing?
To program our subconscious?
Yeah, that's what I think he thinks it is, programming it subconscious.
I'm not sure it isn't just a, you know, the old, the religious, you know, idea that if I tell you what I'm going to do, and then you stupidly do it, I'm not guilty.
I think this is the way they see the world.
Sure, it's a free will issue.
It's a freewill-ish issue.
And unfortunately, what we've seen, you know, we always used to wonder as a child of the 50s that was not too far after World War II, I remember my father who was a physician, small-town doc, and his buddy sitting around talking about how could it, when the word started coming out, what had happened in Nazi Germany, they kept saying, how could this have happened?
How could this have happened?
Well, I think we now know.
And if you're paying, and we've now got not only corrupt researchers we've got, and corrupt governments goes without saying, but we have corrupt hospital administrators, health unions, professors, you know, we've got the organization.
And it isn't, you know, it's not what we expected, you know, when they said we took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
I didn't really expect it would be domestic medical authority, but that's what it's turned out to be.
And now they're using it for other things.
Now, you notice in Canada, and I think it's a combination, it's control.
We're going to be controlled by this technology if we don't stop it.
And I think there's a way out to stop it, but we're going to be controlled if we don't stop it.
And there's also depopulation.
There's no question this about depopulation.
And, you know, in Canada right now, I think I heard the number 30%, but for sure what's happening is that elderly going into Canadian hospitals are being offered euthanasia.
Oh, Toronto came out two weeks ago and said, we're going to push euthanasia on people.
That's right, and that's what they're doing.
I heard 30% were offered euthanasia.
So what's the point there?
It's because all governments ultimately don't value you as an individual.
This is getting rid of the deadwood that are too old or infirm or something wrong with them.
It's Bill Gates saying, kill the old lady and hire 10 people.
That's exactly right.
That's exactly what we're doing.
And I actually, I have to say, in 2009, when I was president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, I gave a talk about this.
And it was about the lessons of Carl Brandt, still on the video somewhere, and on YouTube, but amazingly.
You know, the reason that they did it is they had a philosophy, and the philosophy was that the state, the organization, trumped your individual rights.
That's what all of this is about.
All of this is abrogating our individual rights for a world in which there's
There's technocracy.
It's so organized and worked out and don't worry that we won't have all that messy electoral process problem.
That's what this is about.
We'll probably have the appearance.
Now, the issue really is how we get out of this.
And the first thing I want to say is
The people running this show, you know, in 2011 there was a guy named, I think, Gladfelter in Switzerland, and he did a study and he showed that of all the corporations, millions, 37 some million corporations in the world, they really boiled down to be 147 companies.
You know, we hear about BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard are the big three, but there are 147 companies.
And then people on Wall Street looked at that and said, actually, they're run by, you know, 10 big funds.
And then somebody else on Wall Street said, well, if you know that, then you know that those funds are actually in the control of about 150 men around the world.
So it's right out of John Coleman's book on the Committee of 300, where he claimed the 300 men ruled the world.
Global corporate dictatorship.
Let's talk about solutions straight ahead.
We'll be back.
Dr. Lee Merritt is our guest.
Now she's talking about solutions, this biomedical mad scientist takeover.
Dr. Merritt, please continue.
Well, I think solutions devolve into what we can do as individuals and what we can do as a community.
So as individuals, the first thing you have to realize is don't be afraid because they love it and it's counterproductive to your survival.
It doesn't help you.
Knowledge is the antidote to fear.
You need to learn things and the world now has been divided into kind of two groups and that's the group that sit back passively and let the news tell you things.
That's just listening to the intelligence services don't do it.
You have to actively go out and seek out the truth and question everything and when I've for me question everything means go down to the basic science so you know as deep as you can dive to feel out how did they actually prove something to be true.
You need to be healthy to be a warrior in this.
We want to save the world for our children, at least I do, and I think most of you do.
So, I think there are five or six things I always say about being healthy.
The first thing is don't poison yourself.
It's unbelievable the number of poisons we take in.
I don't
And then you need essential nutrients.
You need about 90 essential nutrients that you can't get except eating it and our soils are depleted.
So Alex, you've been on this, you are the tip of the spear on this.
You've been doing this for years.
I mean, they're going to lie to you.
The government lies to you and says, oh, those supplements, that just makes expensive urine.
No, that's what set us up for this.
Don't believe them.
Research it yourself.
You need to supplement and there's certain things that you need.
Parasites are a big lie.
I've got a parasite protocol on my website.
I learned some of this from Brian Artis, but also just think about it.
There are five or six things they really, really don't want us to have in terms of drugs, and they are all anti-parasitic drugs.
Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, nidazoxonide, what am I blanking on, ivermectin, and then chlorine dioxide.
They really don't want you to have that.
Chlorine dioxide is a universal antitoxin and it helps with the fluorine problem.
It helps with lots of things.
People go to jail just for mentioning it.
I'll mention it and say this is for educational purposes only.
This is not approved by the FDA.
I just happen to use it.
So you have to take care of yourself.
Now the other thing is
Don't abet the enemy.
Don't work for these guys.
You know, Eichmann didn't kill all the people in the death camps.
Little people like we did it.
We got together and we didn't stand up and we didn't quit.
You know, if you're a nurse or you're a pharmacy tech and you're still injecting these toxins into children, stop doing it because it won't be forgotten.
You know, the thing we have to remember is, the 150 guys on the top of this pyramid, they move money, they move around a lot of words, but they don't do the physical reality of working the world, of creating the wealth, of doing all the things we do.
They're just keeping us separated from each other and fighting each other so we don't realize that.
We have to start realizing that.
So I think, you know, I think that's a big way to go.
Now the other thing is,
Don't let them distract you with viruses when we need to be starting to look at wavelengths.
I'm serious.
During this outbreak, early on, I realized the fix was in.
There was something wrong here.
Even though I still, you know, was kind of going down that viral paradigm, I noticed that the guys in Haifa had taken out the Wi-Fi from their kids' schools.
They thought it was dangerous.
And there's a lot, don't let them tell you there's no evidence for this.
There's lots of research you can find online.
There's a ton of it.
Arthur Furstenberg
Just has a download that you can do.
I mean there's just a lot of stuff that show you the damage of all sorts of wavelengths.
I just did a deep dive on the pandemic of 1918 and really that started with the telegram lines, telegraph lines that the guys moved down from the farms in Tennessee and they were suddenly surrounded by all this copper wire and this telegraph.
It sounds a little crazy but it really is true because
In fact, earlier, Alex, you put up a video and it showed part of the electron transport chain.
How do you metabolize your food?
You take the food in, it goes to your mitochondria, and it has an electron transport chain.
And that transport chain gets messed up when you suddenly change into a higher electromagnetic field.
Sure, so all the studies show once new electromagnetic systems go in, we get sick.
We adapt to it quickly, but that's when all these studies show it's happening.
Right, and we don't always completely adapt to it.
So I can't remember if it was Nepal or Sri Lanka, I'm just having a brain blackout on the country, but I just read about this.
And basically, the country had been, you know, rural, not electrified for its entire existence.
Then I think in the 1990s, about the time we were putting in cell phones, the country, the government decided to electrify the country.
That country developed the highest rate of diabetes, you know, change.
The rate of change of diabetes in that country was number one in the world.
Now, again, you will adapt to some degree, but every time we've made a jump up, we become a little more sick.
I mean, there's a real issue here.
So the one thing you can do personally is
You know, hardwire your house.
Put your cell phone at least one arm length away.
I measured this on myself.
When you put it one arm length away, it registers pretty much almost zero.
Those that don't know, it's the length of the transmitting antenna.
It becomes half as weak each length away.
Right, right.
So yeah, it's the inverse square law.
So all radiation goes down for every two times, for every double of the distance, it goes down the square.
So it goes down four times.
So you need to do that.
And that's why it does make sense to wear, to use wearables, to have things in your area that mitigate the Wi-Fi.
In ionizing radiation, like we're talking about x-rays, you have to block it.
Let's go back to the start of World War II.
They started heating up cans of beans at the end of World War II in England.
They noticed people that worked around radar stations were getting cancer.
That's in mainline history books.
So these are broadcasting systems.
Just as we don't see them, doesn't mean it's not shooting through our DNA, shooting through the neurons of our body, blasting through the molecules that make us up.
Oh yeah, and that's the point about treating things with wavelength, too.
The good news is, this opens up the possibility for restoring health using this technology.
Now, you know, I think we're way behind on that, but nonetheless, I'm not giving up hope on that.
I hope that that is what the med beds are at.
People ask, how are the globalists doing all this and protecting themselves?
Well, they've got the cures, they've got the treatments.
Yeah, yeah, they know.
You know, I'll bet you Bill Gates doesn't live in a Wi-Fi environment.
I'll bet you he doesn't.
You know, that's just for us.
So, we are being constantly toxified, and it's going to get worse.
I think they're going to start dosing us with graphene.
Now, there are some things you can do.
Like, I like Bob Greska.
I met years ago.
Bob Greska is a real nanochemist, and he developed carbon-60, which is a buckyball.
It's like 60 carbon atoms.
Yes, absolutely.
They strip the electrons from the laminar flow system of your capillaries, and so everything starts clumping together.
What you need to do is restore the electrons.
You need an electron donor.
And so there are certain things that do that.
I mean, I think carbon-60 makes a lot of sense.
I also think chlorine dioxide makes a lot of sense.
And on Wi-Fi in your house.
I think we have to do that.
I think you have to get away from as much Wi-Fi as possible.
You're going to have some, but it's dose related.
So even if you just turn it off at night time, the good news about the 5G is it doesn't travel that far.
The bad news is they're going to improve everything.
China is already rolling out 6G.
Yeah, and keep in mind, G is generation, so I don't know what 6G is because 5G is anything over a gigahertz.
Everything else before, our cell phones before, were always below 1 gigahertz.
And now we're 1 gigahertz up to whatever they want to do, so I don't know what they mean by that.
But I do know, and this was just reported, and I think it was Karen Kingston, it was somebody pointed out that looks at patents and my eyes glaze over, but the Chinese patent for their vaccine, their COVID vaccine, admits to having graphene in it.
So this is not just conspiracy stuff.
It's a global program.
They're putting the plug in us.
The Interface.
Dr. Lee Merritt, incredible hour.
Please join us again very, very soon.
We appreciate you.
We love you.
You're definitely over the target.
Thank you so much.
All right, folks.
Thank you.
I got loaded phone lines here from Tim and Greg and Paul and Jonathan and Mike, and I said I'd get to your call, so I'm going to do those, and then I'm going to hit the latest Trump news.
I'm going to tell you what Trump's response to my ultimatum was.
Stay with us.
All right, Joe Salente is taking over in 15 minutes.
I told listeners I would talk about Trump's response to our ultimatum.
I'll do that before the next segment coming up ends.
We're taking your calls right now.
Jonathan in Ohio, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi Alex.
So I think this is super important and I wanted to let your listeners know.
So I started my podcast, The Jonathan Kogan Show, which everyone can go to if they want, anchor.fm4slashjsk, for Jonathan Scott Kogan, because there's an unbelievable phenomenon that blows my mind.
Everybody knows that corporate media is lying to them about everything, except for some reason when it comes to Alex Jones, or when it comes to Andrew Tate, all of a sudden corporate media seems to be telling the truth.
It's fascinating.
And they don't believe anything they say, but then when it's something by Alex Jones, oh, we believe it, oh, he must be horrible.
And you're the only person I know that is doing the right thing, that is telling the truth, that is consistently right, and I've only been listening to you since the government started to step on my toes, and I just want them to stay out of my life.
And I think most people are apolitical and just want to live their lives, and people won't listen to you because in their deep
Subconscious, they can't get your name out associated with how bad you've been smeared.
And so I'm like, okay, I'm going to start the Jonathan Kogan Show Podcast.
I'm going to watch Info Wars, and I'm going to disseminate that information with my voice.
And maybe those people who aren't willing to listen to you will listen to me.
Just tell the same information because as you, we both are, we're both pro-human.
We don't care if you're male, female, tall, short, black, white.
We want humanity to thrive because we like human beings.
And last time I checked, we are human beings.
Well, that's really it.
They demonize anybody promoting pro-human to scare everybody else to run away from it.
And when they run away, they get shut down themselves.
Absolutely, but it's like fascinating that they go, yeah, Corbyn is lying about everything, but then they say Alex Jones did this and it'll be a lie, and they believe that though, or they believe that Andrew Tate's bad even though he is not.
And so I was like, okay, I'm going to die on this hill protecting your guys' speech and hopefully getting people the truth.
And so there's two things I had to ask, which is one thing I can't figure out that I did on my last episode was, are we being attacked by the globalists and the CCP, or are they on the same team?
The Globalists and CCP are one team.
Oh, they are one team.
And then the one question I get asked the most is, okay, so if they're injecting this poison and hurting all these people, and you have these politicians that obviously won't be in that last 300 group with Klaus Schwab and his white cat and, you know, his pinky up to his mouth like Dr. Evil, why, if they know it's hurting children, hurting people, why are they doing it?
Like, what's the real reason why the people
Alex, it's been a few years since you and I last spoke.
So, unless Trump's response proves me wrong, it is my contention that Trump cannot admit that the shots are killing people because that might be an admission of guilt.
Which could open the doors to criminal and civil liability.
So, that's my contention.
Also, as far as Trump goes, I think condemning him, that shit should have failed long ago.
We've had ample opportunity.
He unconstitutionally closed down the country.
He ruined millions of lives.
He then, he then whips out Warp Speed,
He strong-arms the FDA, and this naive pay, and this, oh, I didn't know anything, I'll tell you, should we do that, is nonsense.
And it doesn't fly, and ignorance does not fly of law, which, further, if I may expound, I feel he savagetized his own election.
To keep the left-right paradigm continuing.
And so we still have the hero and we have the villain, Trump and Biden, and we still have the savior.
That is my contention.
I appreciate your call.
I think your prediction is right.
I will tell you when we come back in one minute, Trump's response to us saying, please, you're not part of this.
Come out against it.
We will cover that straight ahead after the 60 second break.
Tomorrow's news today.
About a month ago, I said, listen, if Trump doesn't come out against these poison shots, when all the establishments leave the sinking ship, he's backing it.
I can't support Trump.
DeSantis is coming out.
He's saying he doesn't trust the shots.
They didn't work.
Can't Trump do that and say Fauci and Birx and the rest of them lied to him?
So that became a big national news story.
Then I put another report out and I said,
I don't think Trump's bad.
I think Trump's a good person.
He should simply come out against the shots and say he was lying to.
And the corporate media spun it that I'd flip-flopped, that, oh, I'm for DeSantis and now I'm for Trump.
No, I said, Trump, I support you.
You did so many good things.
You fought the globalists.
They hate your guts.
They're setting you up.
They're already leaving the sinking ship.
You need to come out.
And so Trump tried to call me.
I missed the call.
He reached out to one of his supporters, one of his advisors, and said, why is Alex saying this?
So I shot an emergency message about a week and a half ago to Trump.
He got it.
He watched it.
And then I got the response back.
And Trump told the people that brought it to him.
I've talked to him in the meeting.
And Trump said,
I don't want to hear about questioning this so-called vaccine again.
I called a so-called vaccine.
He said, I don't want to hear about this again from anybody.
I think it's good.
And that's it.
So Trump.
Last Friday.
In response to all of this.
Said, I believe what I did was good, it's an effective vaccine, it works, and that's it.
Even though they admit it doesn't work, even though they admit it's hurting people, even though they admit it's a fraud, he still says 95% effective and that's Trump doing that, that's not me.
So I gave Trump until the 23rd of September.
Not an ultimatum, but just a point of time to say, you're not part of this.
We know the Democrats tried to make it mandatory.
We know the Democrats tried to make people take it.
You're against making the military take it.
You're against kids taking it.
That's a great thing you've done, Trump.
You're already way better than them.
We just don't want them to blame you now for what they've done.
And his answer is, no, I back it.
That's it.
So I'm done talking about Trump.
I'm not attacking Trump.
I'm not supporting Trump.
I'm going to support people like Bolsonaro and the Santas that are coming out saying the shot doesn't work.
We were lied to.
It's a fraud.
I'm not against Trump.
I don't hate Trump.
I'm not his enemy.
But he took a million bucks from Pfizer, which is not that much to be bought out by.
That's not why he's doing this.
He said he's the vaccine man.
He said he saved hundreds of millions of people.
He led Operation Warp Speed.
And so he can't admit he was wrong.
And that is...
His decision.
Do I like the fact you're trying to indict him for documents that are his own?
Do I like the fact he's come out today and called for a new election, saying the election's a fraud?
I love that.
I love Trump.
He's so good on the border and China and technology and the military.
I'm not against Trump.
But on the issue of the poison shot, he is letting them set him up irrevocably and
When it comes to kids being hurt by shots, I will not be part of that equation.
And I will not support that.
And he's been given plenty of time.
And so, I've been clear here that I'm very hurt by this.
I'm not out to get Trump.
I'm not Trump's enemy.
But I will support candidates that are exposing the shot.
I mean, you know, Tucker Carlson came out last week and had the British Medical Journal on.
Explaining that 9 out of 10 dying of COVID have had the shot in the UK.
I mean, it doesn't just not work, it's hurting people.
And Trump is pig-headedly staying on that train.
So, I wasn't, look, I'm not trying to get a job with DeSantis, or a job with Trump.
I'm not a politico.
I just try to cover issues as fairly as I can.
I'm wrong sometimes, I'm right most of the time.
So for me,
I was hoping we could push Trump with the evidence.
He goes and gets booed at his rallies when he pushes the poison vaccine, the poison shot.
I was just wanting to get him to go after Daszak and Fauci and Bill Gates and Birx and the New World Order.
And say I was lied to.
That's the obvious move if you've been conned.
He supported monoclonial antibodies that people criticized turned out to work great with no side effects.
If you've been lied to.
That's a great thing Trump did.
I get he like unlocked things.
I want to get it going.
I want to fix things.
I'm all there.
But now I've done my job.
I've told the truth.
And I've exposed what's going on.
And we've gone over the evidence.
And now I'm done.
I'm done.
It doesn't mean I support Joe Biden coming up in two years.
I want Republicans to get elected because they're the better party and try to fix things in 71 days.
And I can see where all this is going.
They're coming after Trump, which makes me want to back Trump.
And I will back him above the deep state and their attempts to take him down.
And the Russiagate lies and the secret document lies.
And all of that is real.
But if your wife or your husband takes care of your sons and daughters 364 days a year, but on one day of the year kills your kids, you still don't like that husband or wife.
And that's what this is, is a political marriage.
And it's just a no, it's a no-brainer.
I mean, it's the turd in the punchbowl.
Trump's great most of the time.
He has this big bowl of punch of freedom and justice and all these good things.
Then he craps in the punchbowl.
I cannot support that.
I can't metaphysically fight the new world order and risk my life and be attacked and be demonized and go through hell and then have Trump sit there and
He pigheaded because he got tricked into this.
So now, he's not the point of being tricked by it.
Because it's all out in the open.
It's all coming out.
It doesn't work.
Makes you sick and hurts you.
Now, he is deciding to be part of this.
He's deciding to become, metaphysically, Bill Gates.
He's deciding to become Peter Daszak.
He's deciding to become Anthony Fauci.
He's deciding to become Burks and Walensky.
And so, he is deciding to separate himself from us and to be that.
And when he does that, that's his choice.
We are now, at least for me, separated from him.
Doesn't mean I won't stand up against the persecution against Trump.
Doesn't mean I don't love the great things he did.
It just means dead kids and maimed children and shots that erase your immune system and cause heart attacks and infertility, I will not be part of that.
So it's very, very simple of where we stand here on the year.
Trump's been given a chance.
He's been given a year and eight, nine months to make his proper decision, and he's not done it.
Now, maybe he'll change course, but Trump, his strength was he never changed his course, but it's also his weakness.
It's a paradox.
And so I support Trump calling for a new election.
I support him exposing China.
I support him trying to control the border.
I love it all.
Except the poison shots.
And I know my listeners are already there.
I just had to try to give Trump a major chance.
And maybe, with my ultimatum, not a power trip, but everybody knows we helped get Trump elected.
Everybody knows you helped push him over the top.
He's got till the 23rd.
Friday the 23rd.
To say, hey, I was lied to.
Hey, this is a lie.
I'm not part of it.
He has that long to decouple himself, and then I'm not going to make a big deal about it.
We've already made the big deal about it.
We've already made the decision.
We've already done what we're going to do here.
It's just that the globalists are getting ready to stage terror attacks and claim that we're staging them because we're mad he's going to be indicted.
I'm not backing away from Trump because he's about to be indicted.
I would love to support him during this time.
But because he's not doing the right thing on the vaccines and going after the tyrants during this period, he makes himself metaphysically the enemy.
Tomorrow's News Today.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
The great trends forecaster and good friend of mine, Gerald Cilente, takes over on the other side of this break.
And then in 45 minutes, Owen Schroer and the War Room.
Tomorrow's News Today.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And I was listening to Alex as I was waiting to come on, and what's going on with this COVID jab.
You know, we said it was BS in the beginning and great people like RFK Jr.
and Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Null, one after another, you know, this Operation Warp Speed.
I mean, you had to be warped to believe it.
I mean, even the name.
And again, it was the first, you know, gene therapy inoculation ever injected into a human being.
And now this is from the Wall Street Journal.
Latest COVID boosters are set to roll out before human testing is completed.
Oh, that's great.
Again, everybody that's getting this vax gets the COVID.
I haven't been vaccinated and, you know, knock on wood, I haven't been sick now in three years.
And every year I say to myself in the wintertime, I hope I don't get a sore throat.
I hope I don't get a cold.
I hope I don't get a flu.
I mean, I've been getting it all my life.
And I've been on a whole routine of vitamins and supplements put on by my doctor friends.
And natural healing is not allowed.
It's prohibited.
People call it big pharma.
I call them drug dealers.
And not only did, you know, Pfizer also gave Joe Biden the maximum, a million dollars to celebrate his inauguration.
A million dollars from the drug company?
Oh yeah, but look at the guy that's playing our Department of Defense head.
Lloyd Austin, where did he come from?
Oh, you mean he sat on the board of directors of Raytheon, the second largest defense contractor in the United States, that keeps sending those weapons of death to Ukraine to keep blooding the killing fields?
It's a crime syndicate.
I'm against both parties.
Repulsive kids?
Dumbo craps to me.
I mean, how could anybody look up to a Lindsey Graham or a Mitch McConnell or a little, you know, Chuckie Schumer or a Nancy Pelosi on the other side?
I mean, it's a freak show.
Other than Rand Paul and Massey over there, you know, there are very few I look, I respect.
We need a new way.
You know, I'm going to talk about the Ukraine war in a bit, but I'm also going to talk a lot about the economy.
And I'm also going to do some trend tracking lessons.
You know, I wrote the book Trend Tracking, far better than Megatrends Time Magazine, the bestseller Trends 2000.
They don't teach trend forecasting in Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge.
You know why?
They don't know how to.
And that goes back to the student debt crap that we got to pay for.
Oh, you got a, you got a degree in gender studies or art history?
You know, I got to pay for this.
Oh, now you got a job at what, Walmart?
No, Target.
Now, I think I'm driving an Amazon truck, or maybe I'll be working in their warehouse.
Now, they destroyed this country.
The big's taken over, but that's a whole nother thing.
But I want to go to the COVID war, because that's what we called it when it began.
And we called it that when it began, because all these little low-life pieces of scum crap
Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant little boys and girls from the White House all across the world.
We're fighting a war.
We're fighting a war.
That's right.
Wrote about it in detail in the Trends Journal as it happened.
By the way, there is no magazine in the world
That covered this COVID war better than we did.
On January 28th, remember the COVID war begins in China in 2020.
On Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the rat.
The cover of the Trends Journal was coronavirus.
106 dead in China.
And our next line was 1.4 billion still alive.
What are you telling me?
106 people died.
And again, we did it in detail.
They couldn't stop the protests in Hong Kong.
I used to be on Hong Kong TV, 20 minutes a show, you know, every couple of weeks.
And they weren't going to stop fighting.
7.5 million people, over a million taking to the streets in protest of China taking over.
You can't get a million people out of 332 million in America.
That ended it, when they locked it down.
We've been following the COVID war since the beginning.
The damage it has done mentally, spiritually, physically, and economically is incalculable and unprecedented.
It has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people.
No, it's not coming back.
It'll come back.
So going back to it, we covered this.
It's a war.
And why am I mentioning it?
Because it's very easy to take the people to war.
This is from Herman Goering.
He was Hitler's field marshal, the head of the Luftwaffe.
And this is, he's waiting to be tried in the Nuremberg trials.
And this is from his statement.
The rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine.
Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple or repetitious.
Oh no, that's Goebbels.
All right, here it is.
Why, of course, do people don't want war?
Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war?
When the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece.
Naturally, the common people don't want war, neither in Russia nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany.
That is understood.
But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy
And it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders.
That is easy.
All you have to do is tell them they're being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.
It works the same way in any country.
That's right.
Attack the peacemakers like I'm attacked up here for having peace and freedom rallies.
Attack the freedom people who don't want you to be forced with an injection.
The COVID war, they led us to war, and the masses followed.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Remember, do what you can to support InfoWars.
They're doing the best they can to give you information that you need, that the prestitute media won't put out there.
Again, as I just read that quote from Herman Goring, Hitler's field marshal,
Another one from Joseph Goebbels.
This is the Prime Minister of, the Reich's Minister of Propaganda during World War II.
If you tell a big lie enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.
Got it?
And that's why, if you look up the word prestitute in Wikipedia,
I'm the guy that came up with it.
I used to be on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, all of the shows, Fox and Friends, they're not my, they don't want me anymore, I'm not a friend.
I used to be on with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, all of them, all of them.
When I said, what would happen with the Afghan war, they hated me for that.
Then I said, what would happen with the Iraq war, that was it.
The media, they're prostitutes, they're media whores.
They get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters.
I just use different language than Goebbels to describe them.
And again, the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine.
Hey man, did you see that game yesterday, man?
I thought the Yankees would have won!
You know, they had to take out the pitcher.
Why didn't they take him out in the fifth inning?
How come they didn't?
That's what the people know.
They know who's on first, what team's on first, what team's last, how many teams they're back.
They know every detail primitive to the facts of life.
And InfoWars is giving it to you, and we give it to you at another level.
We tell you what's going on, what it means and what to do, if that's what you need in the Trends Journal.
But that's only for people that can think for themselves, want to read and learn.
It's not for the masses.
That's not our audience.
And neither is the audience of the masses for InfoWars.
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders.
Their leaders.
Again, this is World War II, guy being brought up on the Nuremberg trial.
You got this woman over there that's running for prime
Our leaders?
Look at these freaks!
They couldn't shine my shoes!
And you're dressed up and you salute them?
So now the clown running for Prime Minister.
Oh, yes.
I'll be the new Iron Lady, she said.
And yes, she would press the button to set off nuclear explosions aimed at Russia.
I got one freak that's gonna do this.
I'm your leader!
You must obey!
I don't pee or I don't poo!
I am a leader and you are just a nothing!
Congressman, Senator, screw you!
You're a bunch of pieces of crap!
You do nothing for us!
Calm down, Selenti!
Swallow the crap like the rest of the people!
Hire Hitler!
Salute Stalin!
And bow down to Mussolini!
Obey Obama!
Oh, Obama?
Eh, one of the articles is gonna get to it later.
But being I brought up the murderer's... name...
The Nobel Peace of Crap Prize Winner!
Folks, big change you can believe in!
I'm a peace noob!
Peace candidate!
As he kept folking us and folking us over and over with his folks, folks.
He has an article in here about, um, The Wall Street Journal, actually, today.
About, um, ah.
Rival factions spark deadly chaos in Libya.
Oh, Libya!
The richest country in Africa, where people had more rights and benefits than most of the world, that Libya?
It was under Muammar Gaddafi!
I want that guy out of there!
No, Salenti, say it properly like Obama would.
Assad has to go.
We have to bring freedom and democracy to Libya.
And as I'm announcing this, I'm going to be taking a plane to Brazil with my wife and my kids and my
Mother, bye-bye!
And we're going to destroy Libya, along with Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice.
And I'm tired of that crap!
If only women were in charge!
Yeah, like the maniac that wants to press the button in the UK?
How about putting an F on a U in that UK, huh?
Because that's what I would tell her.
Who the F are you?
To press a button and destroy the world?
Why, I'm the Prime Minister, Senator!
Anyway, clashes in Libya capital kill more than two dozen people.
Hey, how come that's not front page story?
Over the weekend, the deadliest fighting in the war-torn country.
War-torn wasn't war-torn before they torn it up!
Oh, and that other little piece of scum crap!
Sarkozy in France!
Little boys of nothing!
These are not men!
Men do not do this!
Real men do not start wars!
Real men don't want to get in a fight!
Because they know it's deadly.
It's only the cowards that start the wars that don't fight in them that start the wars.
Anyway, Tripoli's health minister said 32 people were killed and 115 injured.
Hey, how come this is a front page story like the Ukraine war every day?
Well, because Libya has been racked with violence since 2001 uprising ousted longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
Racked with violence brought to you by Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton,
Sarkozy and the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner, Barack Obama!
I'm really good at killing people.
That's his quote in the book, Double Down.
These are the freaks in charge that are destroying our lives.
But don't get upset.
You know, I wonder if the Mets, I wonder how the Mets are doing.
Jesus, I haven't followed lately.
People better do something.
Again, I wrote you that quote.
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders.
How can anybody let these stupid little crap heads lead them?
Oh wait, I gotta follow!
Andy Cuomo, lock down your businesses for three months!
Noam de Blasio, a bigger piece of crap!
I'm your leader!
I'll destroy your businesses!
And I'll obey because I'm a good boy, I'm a good girl, and I believe in my teacher, and the principal, and I do anything they tell me to tell that I do.
People better stand up and fight.
And I'm talking about a peaceful fight.
Because if we don't, this thing's going down big, it's going down hard, it's going down fast.
When I come back, I'm going to talk about the markets.
The end is near.
So stay tuned.
And remember, support InfoWallet.
Hey, great being back on the Alex Jones Show.
And as that cover of the Trends Journal shows, another Anthony Frieda piece of great artwork.
As all these covers are, there's no covers like this in the Trends Journal.
These are the New Yorker covers for the 21st century.
Support war, support Satan.
And it's as simple as that.
And again, that quote, that all you have to do is tell them they're being attacked and denounce the peacemakers.
The lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.
Again, this is Herman Goering before the Nuremberg trials.
And that's where we're at.
Peacemakers are, you know, we're denounced.
And I'll get into that later.
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You know?
So here we go.
This is what I read to you about Herman Goring and he was being recorded by this guy Gilbert and when Goring said, why of course the people don't want war.
He said, naturally, the common people don't want war, neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in that matter, Germany.
That is understood.
But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy.
And it is always a simple matter to drag the people along.
Whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.
Now, as Guy Gilbert interjects,
There's one difference, he said.
In a democracy, the people have some say in the matters through their elected representatives.
And in the United States, only Congress can declare wars.
Oh, yeah?
They didn't declare the Afghan war, didn't declare the Libya war, didn't declare the Syria war, didn't declare the Iraq war.
Didn't declare the Vietnam War, didn't declare the Korean War.
The dictators in charge did.
That imbeciles and morons call their president.
All right?
Only Congress has the right to declare war, and we got these little boys and girls now telling us what to do.
Just to note that.
I want to go on to the economy.
I got a lot more.
You get it in your Trends Journal.
You know, there's no magazine.
Again, if you need to know what's going on, if you need to know what to do, then you really need the Trends Journal.
And again, it's only $2 a week.
We're going to be raising the price, so you better get it now.
And you go to TrendsJournal.com.
Policymakers warn of a challenge in tackling new era of inflation.
This is out of today's financial time.
Oh, our leaders?
How about a bunch of crap heads that said there was no inflation?
Calm down, Saliente!
Swallow the crap like the rest of us!
What's the matter with you?
Central bankers.
Oh, central bankers.
Faced the most challenging economic landscape for the decade, and will find it harder to root out high inflation in the coming years, top officials and policy makers won.
Top official pieces of crap!
Look at the language they use!
Who the hell are you?
Don't say hell, Celente!
They're our leaders!
Here's a cover from the Trends Journal 2012.
Another Anthony Frieda cover.
Nothing's changed.
Christ driving the money changers out of the temple.
Citi, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs.
All right?
Same game.
And that's why they hate policymakers.
And I wear a red, white, blue American shirt.
Boy, they hate men.
I'm an American.
And I believe in the Founding Fathers and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Oh, and there was a thing called the Declaration of Independence.
We are endowed by our Creator with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
No time to be happy.
Put on that mask!
No smiling under that mask!
ECB fears weak euro will spur prices.
Oh yeah, no kidding.
Weak euro?
You mean it's only at zero, the interest rate there, and they have an 8.6% inflation rate?
Oh, brilliant.
Or is it 9.1?
I get the numbers mixed up.
Tough choice awaits World Central Banks.
Tough choice.
The higher the interest rates go, the deeper this thing's going to go down.
And the interest rates are low already and it's going down.
The Dow was down today over 300 points.
The gamblers pushed it back up a little bit.
Oil prices were up almost $4 a barrel.
So watch the prices start going up and they're going to keep going up because
Britain braced for 80% rise in energy bills.
And what else?
European power prices shatter records as energy crisis intensifies.
Oh, there's no inflation.
It's only temporary.
I'm Janet Yellen, the former Fed head and now the U.S.
Treasury Secretary.
So if you can't see who's running the show,
Howell, the Fed head, it's only temporary, only transitory, and now, of course, in the proper woke world, transgender-tory.
This thing's going down big and hard.
Yep, the annual inflation in the EU area was 8.9%.
They said 8.6.
Yeah, and their interest rate is zero.
The only reason a dollar is strong is because these other economies are going down so big.
Yeah, this is from Business Insider.
How about Business Outsider?
Wall Street predicted Russia's economy would collapse after it invaded Ukraine.
These three charts show it hasn't happened.
No kidding!
We only forecast that when it happened.
It's in your magazine, the Trends Journal.
Russia is becoming what they need to become.
They're getting out of globalization, becoming more of a self-sustaining economy.
You think they need Starbucks or McDonald's or Levi Strauss there?
They have all the human and natural resources they need to be self-sustaining, as does America.
And that's what our next president should be doing.
Trump fought this trade war, did nothing.
It was very simple.
All you had to do was one thing, put in place the tariffs that were put in place, that were taken out, put them back in.
End of story.
That would have done it.
Self-sufficiency, it was on one of our top trends for 2022.
And Russia is going to become it.
Russia is not going to lose this war despite the propaganda you're hearing.
Kev, Russia, Ukraine launches counter offensive to retake, Kirsten says authorities.
I'm an authority.
You're just a piece of nothing.
So anyway, listen, I'll be back next week.
Support Info Wars.
If you want to see what's going on, you need the Trends Journal.
We are going into a economic, a socioeconomic and geopolitical crisis, unprecedented in world history.
And you better prepare.
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Why don't more people stand up for freedom?
Why don't more people fight the globalists and their tyranny?
And the answer is, when you fight them, they come after you.
And the enemies of freedom have come after Infowars.
They've come after us.
They're doing everything they can to shut us down.
And they're on national television saying we want to shut Alex Jones down.
Because they see us as populist, which we are.
They see us as the archetypal example of people that aren't bowing to them.
I don't care if you're black, white, old, young or where you came from in America or anywhere else in the world.
These globalists hate the general public and they hate men more than anything because men historically have been the ones during times of tyranny to rally to the evil and say no.
And that's why they're coming after us with everything they've got.
So when you ask, why doesn't somebody stand up against this evil?
The answer is because most people don't want to take the attacks.
But now it's become clear that submitting to the attacks is way more dangerous and way more sickening.
I don't want to go one further.
You actually die on your knees.
You live on your feet!
I'm not fighting these people because it's some lost cause and it's just the right thing to do.
I'd do that if it was the case.
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