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Air Date: Aug. 25, 2022
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This segment discusses concerns over InfoWars listeners getting on board with Operation Warp Speed, the importance of questioning authority and remaining vigilant. It promotes various products available for purchase, including fish oil supplements, multivitamins, weight loss products, and infowarstore.com website. Alex Jones warns about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines and promotes his high-quality fish oil supplements and X7 Diet Force weight loss product on his website. Tom Renz emphasizes the importance of free speech and communication in combating censorship by major media outlets, highlighting the efforts of groups like InfoWars and MAFA to spread the truth about topics such as COVID-19 that have been censored by mainstream media. The segment discusses evidence of the failure of the SARS-CoV-2 narrative and how to fight back against it, promoting events like Clay Clark's Reawakening Tour and supporting organizations like Make Americans Free Again. Alex Jones emphasizes the importance of citizens coming together to support one another. The speaker shares his excitement about being on InfoWars, promotes the Reckoning Fest event he helped organize, offers a discount for tickets, and encourages listeners to purchase the book "The Great Reset in the War for the World." Jones also discusses China's attempt to censor dissenting voices and the increasing number of patients with "Trump anxiety disorder," who irrationally fear that President Trump represents the end of the world. CNN analyst admits being wrong about mask mandates and lockdowns during the pandemic, while the cost of living crisis spins out of control due to soaring food inflation and energy bills expected to reach £6,000 a year. Boris Johnson continues to send money abroad for Ukraine while Europe faces energy rationing and citizens prepare for a winter of great suffering. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson discuss the cost of living crisis, specifically in Germany, where people are demonized as domestic extremists for complaining about it. They criticize Germany shutting down nuclear power plants, the UK's ban on fracking, net-zero green energy policies, and Czech President Milosh Zaman's warning about the consequences of green madness. The discussion touches upon the great reset agenda and its impact on living standards, mobility, and freedom. The speaker discusses how someone with expensive heating and solar panels can't understand why others aren't following suit because they can't afford it, mentioning a video where people criticize the police for not responding to crime while they are focusing on things like dancing at gay pride parades. The speaker then talks about how the Lincolnshire Police have not been able to handle the increasing crime wave and that Notting Hill Carnival was known for crimes like stabbings, thefts, and assaults but the police started dancing with attendees in order to seem friendlier and less confrontational. The speaker states that this approach did not reduce


So there's the full show headline.
It's official.
The entire COVID poison vaxxed House of Cards is in free fall.
And the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
So what does that signify?
I mean, it would take hours to go over all the rats leaving the sinking ship.
The former head of Planned Parenthood, CNN media analyst, who wanted to ban the unvaccinated from society and force children to mask forever, she said forever, now reveals, remember she said forever you should wear them, how masking has severely harmed her son.
Now she's a victim.
She thinks you have no memory.
CNN medical analyst Dr. Lynn admits the so-called vaccine she banned the public apply with, the so-called science, with the mask has impaired her son.
She thinks you're stupid.
And it goes on from there.
But think about Djokovic, banned from the U.S.
due to not having a COVID injection.
It's still ongoing.
Oh, now, Megyn Kelly, the establishment tart, she sees which ways the wind blows, she sees the House of Cards collapsing, so now she says, F you, Dr. Fauci, you get a congressional subpoena, you show up or get the Steve Bannon treatment.
What did Mark Twain say?
In the beginning, a patriot's a scarce man, hated, feared, and scorned, but in time, the
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
But it's our job to take the enemy head on, and it's your job to back the warriors and the operations with people that are willing to do it.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Trump's biggest failure was agreeing to this.
I understand he was trying to counter Biden, but it's a horrible mistake Trump made.
He's out right now pushing this damn warp speed.
And notice they try to hedge their bets.
They go, oh, if there is death, it's because Trump sped it up.
I think Trump's been set up by this.
You will see that they've already planned to roll out their propaganda campaign here.
That tabletop exercise is really a euphemism for a war plan and a war game.
They didn't want to call it that, but that's really what it was.
That's right, and Trump's biggest failure
Is going along with Event 201 and buying into it, thinking it would fix the economy and end the lockdown.
No, they now say, oh, the lockdown doesn't end and it doesn't even, even Pfizer and Moderna have said, this probably won't protect you from infection and won't stop you spreading it.
Well, what the hell kind of vaccine is that?
When they're telling us, like you said on the show 10 months ago, you were on here 10 months ago or nine and a half months ago and you said it will not work.
How did you know that, Dr. Boyle?
By studying it, it's that simple and based on previous experience with the anthrax and botulin vaccines and having dealt with that a great length in our defense of Captain Dr. Ewan Vaughan.
And as a matter of fact, the court martial lawyer was so bad, afterwards I came out and had a press conference in front of
Satellite dishes, and I accused President Bush, Cheney, the U.S.
Secretary of Defense, Colin Powell, and Schwarzkopf of committing a Nuremberg crime on our own troops.
That went out nationwide.
It even went to the White House.
I was told by a lawyer there they're all shaken up.
Well, let's be clear.
It's not about credit.
It's true.
You did that.
Others did that.
You were at the tip of the spear then.
That got those secret programs and programs canceled for a while.
We need this again.
They're trying to get everyone to stampede and beg for the vaccine.
Get everything waived by Trump.
Trump's biggest failure was agreeing to this.
I understand he was trying to counter Biden, but it's a horrible mistake Trump made.
He's out right now pushing this damn warp speed.
And notice they try to hedge their bets.
They go, oh, if there is death, it's because Trump sped it up.
I think Trump's been set up by this.
FDA accidentally reveals a list of COVID vaccine side effects, including
Microcardiitis, nothing like a heart attack, autoimmune disease, and death.
And this was from last year.
Turns out a staffer didn't like what had happened, so they left the slide in.
Which, by the way, they already admitted previously, it's why they wouldn't approve it, that these type of vaccines cause this.
I'm gonna show you top doctors around the world coming out, including now the Dean of the Baylor Medical School.
That's a pretty prestigious medical school.
They worked, by the way, on the UT study, the UT initiative, on rats given vaccine for spike protein.
80-something percent of the rats died.
That's coming up.
I mean, do you realize that they know all about this?
So a lot of this is cover the ass time.
That's why, I mean, it's a who's who of elite scientists saying this is insane and basically everybody that's taking the shot is going to be an invalid if they're lucky.
A lot of you are going to be dead.
So now they're getting ready to start giving you, for the rest of your life, I guess, blood thinners and other stuff?
I mean, they have really hurt you bad.
And you're like, that'll collapse society.
That's what the globalists want.
They don't care what happens to Joe Biden.
They don't care what happens to... They want to bring down civilization.
They want a post-industrial world.
How do you do it?
You kill billions of people and you make billions of people sick.
And that'll collapse civilization.
Everybody else will be scared to go into work, or be around anybody, or be around the vaccinated.
This is a psychological weapon of fear.
It's meant to destroy confidence in the government.
You think the U.S.
government will ever have credibility again when this all comes out?
And it finally all clicked this morning, and it's why I actually got dizzy.
You've heard, like, women will get told, hey, your husband was just found dead, and the woman will stagger back and fall over?
I've been studying all day, and when this all crystallized in my mind, like a thousand points plus a thousand, I actually got dizzy, and I was stumbling around, and it all hit me.
I had to sit down.
That's why they did it during Trump and got him to sign on to it to discredit Trump and nationalism and patriotism and populism and they knew that Trump would be so pig-headed he'll keep defending it even as it starts killing everybody.
It's Thursday, August 25th, 2022, Year of Our Lord, and InfoWars is in the thick of the battle for the future of humanity.
And I thank you all for being in the arena with us as well.
We're going to find out who's who in the coming months and years.
All right.
Every few months I'll come on air and say the biggest developments yet in history have just happened and each time I think that's an accurate statement because there's a quickening taking place.
We'll begin to see the biggest events in history every week or so doubling and tripling the importance of what happened previously because all the different points
The political, cultural, economic planets are aligning.
Spiritual planets are aligning.
And good and evil is being released upon the face of the earth.
Both cowardice and courage.
Both victory and defeat is being manifested and humanity is entering the fulcrum of the crossroad.
Let me very calmly talk about this right now because this is so huge.
I remember completely freaking out two years ago when they had the majority of the FDA board say we should not approve these shots and they had them resign.
The majority.
The second board said okay but only one shot and not for under 16 and not for over 76 because they knew it would kill a lot of people, those age groups particularly.
They had a bunch of people resign off that board.
They then had the third board
Once Trump had left office, come out and say, we want booster shots when all the research showed it would massively increase death compared to just one shot.
They'd already secretly tested this on animals years before, and we've covered that ad nauseum.
It's how we knew exactly what was going to unfold.
And the CDC came out under Walensky, the new head of it,
And overrode their boards and then finally created a fourth board of handpicked people that after she overrode the last board, certified it.
She came out yesterday afternoon and said, sorry, they made a mistake.
And they shouldn't have overridden the board and they shouldn't have been pushing the quote boosters that aren't even vaccines.
Think of the magnitude of that.
And then ask yourself, why are they doing that now?
Why are they suddenly coming out and saying the mask didn't work and the shot didn't work and it's Trump's fault?
Because the entire COVID release and then COVID injections, that's what it is, creates a spike protein, the so-called vaccine, gene therapy.
The entire House of Cards is in accelerated free fall and even establishment harpies are now joining in on the bandwagon like Megyn Kelly and saying F you Dr. Fauci.
Now they were going to continue to push the shots if we didn't wake up and say no to it and refuse it forever.
But because you opposed it, we opposed it, countless scientists and funeral home directors and pathologists and epidemiologists came out.
They are in deep trouble.
Now I want to be very clear.
I do not absolve Trump.
We're getting on board with Operation Warp Speed, but he never said it should be mandatory.
And he did speak out a year and a half ago against the boosters and said it looks like that's how Pfizer's just making money.
And since then he's been very vocal against firing people or getting rid of military personnel that won't take it.
Now federal courts are ruling in favor of the military personnel after most of them already took the shot.
What they're doing is after committing the crimes, the minions of the system are trying to double back and claim they didn't know what they did.
Why is it so important to have Trump decouple himself from this and come out?
It's not about saving Trump.
It's not about sycophantically defending Trump.
They got Trump to go with warp speed to unlock the economy.
And then once the Democrats got in, they tried to make it mandatory.
Remember Biden doing that?
And tried to say everyone in America must take it and the unvaccinated will pay because you're killing people if you won't take these injections.
They committed crimes 10,000 times bigger than Trump inadvertently did.
So we want them to be brought to justice, but here's the problem.
If Trump doesn't come out against it, I'd say in the next month.
Like, let's just pick a date here.
Let's say by September 24th.
What day of the week is 24th, guys, of September?
Look it up, please.
Let's make it a weekday.
Maybe the 24th, 25th, I'm not sure what date that is.
But let's give Trump one month to come out against these people.
And in one month, if he hasn't done it, he is aiding and abetting them and is conscious of this.
24th is Saturday.
Let's give Trump until 5 o'clock on the 23rd.
That's a month, basically.
So I'm giving Trump, not out of arrogance or out of a power trip.
It's very dangerous to do this.
Trump has powerful forces behind him.
But it's the right thing to do for the children in our future.
And I won't be part of this.
And if you know you can stop something and you don't stop it, you're aiding it.
It's the same thing to Trump.
If you don't speak out against this, you're aiding it.
And if we all don't speak out against it, we're aiding it.
This is a biomedical eugenics depopulation takeover.
And so I'm issuing the ultimatum to President Trump
I think it's a good man and I think he's done a lot of great things and I understand how he got conned.
But if he doesn't decouple himself from this while they're already blaming him for it, as I told him for several years they would, then he is consciously compromised or is actively part of this and for the first time in my life my discernment's been wrong because my discernment tells me Trump's a good man.
And I believe in the next 30 days before the 23rd of
I believe Trump was the right thing.
And then we can start going after the criminals that created the bioweapon Fauci and Daszak and Gates.
And we can start going after Big Pharma that bought off the government and the regulators to do this.
And Trump can separate himself from this like Bolsonaro's done.
And like so many other world leaders understand what's happening have done.
So that's really the big issue here.
Some stations don't carry the first five minutes, but some do, so we played a compilation of myself and Dr. Francis Boyle that wrote the U.S.
Government Biological Weapons Law and contributed, was one of the main authors of the U.N.
World Law on Bio and Chemical Weapons, and former Chief Prosecutor at the U.N., and he was on the show two years ago specifically detailing all of this.
Now, obviously, he's not predicting this.
He's just not giving you his classified sources and connections.
He used to head up the U.N.
prosecution operation.
He prosecuted Solomon Milosevic.
The guy's jacked in.
He told you more than two years ago exactly what would happen, and it did happen.
By the way, let's get Boyle on as soon as we can.
So that's where we are.
Look, if Trump doesn't come out against this, it means he's for it.
And then I will tell you that I think he's in the same bucket as Fauci and Bill Gates and Peter Daszak and the New World Order and Joe Biden.
But he didn't push for shots.
He didn't push shots in the military.
He didn't push shots on children.
He said he didn't trust the booster shots a year and a half ago when this all started.
When the shots started.
So Trump's already halfway there.
He just needs to do it.
And here's the thing.
People say, well, why do you care about Trump?
I do care about Trump on a scale of 1 to 100.
I'll give it a 10.
And children are a 100.
If we get Trump to come out against these people, they won't be able to blame him and then get away with what they've done.
I want the really guilty people.
So I want Trump to separate himself from them and not be with the guilty people.
And then I want him to help us go after these people.
I'm not up here doing this broadcast taking on Klaus Schwab and the New World Order because I think we're going to lose.
I believe in you!
I believe in myself!
I believe in our will and the strength God gives us.
That's where we are.
And we got so much to hammer on this today and a bunch of other incredible stories that are publicly turning off the energy and infrastructure supply, what this student debt forgiveness really means, and so much more.
And we got several big guests today.
So now, listeners, take action!
Take the live feed from InfoWars.com forward slash show and man.video and share it.
The first vision I had was when I was three years old.
My mother just put me to sleep in my bed.
I remember it clear as five minutes ago.
And I didn't understand it all when I was downloaded the information.
But 45 years later, it's all crystal clear now.
I saw the future.
And I see the future now.
But now,
The evil upon our planet is so uncloaked, so unmasked, so out in the open, you don't need to be divinely inspired to see it.
But I know you're tuning in here because you too have had the dreams, had the visions, and God is with you.
God is with us.
So, I'm going to go through this stack of articles right here dealing with the COVID collapse and what that means.
It's a huge victory for humanity.
The enemy had plan B if this took place.
They had contingencies.
We should discuss what those contingencies are.
And I got to tell you, if Trump just came out against this now and admitted he was lied to, it would deal a death blow to them.
He came out and exposed the Great Reset, the New World Order, which he started to do with Steve Bannon and others.
Then they would have no hope.
It's so frustrating to see that Trump's in the position to wreck our enemies.
Instead, he's sitting there letting them set him up.
It's very frustrating.
That's coming up in a moment.
But let me hit this, because we've got to stay on air.
We've really pushed hard.
The listeners and supporters, you've done a great job.
And it's still barely enough to keep operating.
We are in a 13-week
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And I think you know that.
And those of you that supported us, I do thank you and I do salute you.
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In fact, more.
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All right, I'm done.
Plugging for the hour.
I already mentioned this in the last segment, but I'm going to really drill into
How the wheels have come off, how the House of Cards is in full accelerated collapse, almost completely collapsed, and then what's going to come out of this and the next few moves the globalists have and how we can counter that.
This is completely, absolutely next level information.
This is future of the planet, future of your family information.
I hope you're listening and paying attention and I hope this gets out to world leaders because this is life and death, okay?
We have really a big chance.
There is a global
Monopoly, a global cartel moving against you and your family, cutting off your resources.
But to do that, they first got to shut down your speech.
But to get to you, they've got to get through us.
The FCC is cracking down on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
He is patient zero for alternative facts.
Infowars just lost their war on info.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
You didn't call me to testify in America.
I have a right to fix my accusers.
And you, Congressman Deutch, are a liar and a fraud.
Yesterday, Apple, iTunes, Vimeo, and Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have all blocked Alex Jones and Infowars.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I hope that we never see someone like him again.
Take him out!
There's going to be a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of InfoWars.
4.1 million dollars.
That is how much conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will have to pay for his lies.
I believe what I said is true.
So help me.
Yes, you believe everything you say is true, but it isn't.
Your beliefs do not make something true.
That is what we're doing here.
Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
What do you mean, like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the clones?
I think that if they are successful in muzzling Alex Jones, that it's only a matter before
Patriots are subject to the same treatment.
I think he's the test case.
A jury in the Alex Jones trial ordering the conspiracy theorists to pay 45.2 million dollars.
Tonight, one of the biggest settlements ever by a gun maker.
Gunmaker Remington Arms settling for 73 million dollars.
In the aftermath of the deadly Texas shooting, parents of one of the victims have partnered with a Texas attorney and a lawyer.
Survivors of the Uvalde mass shooting taking aim at the company behind the AR-15 assault rifle that killed 19 children.
Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox News for 1.6 billion dollars over the new agency's claims it rigged the 2020 election.
It is the latest win for defamation lawsuits against MAGA Media's role in pushing conspiracy theories.
They know to carry out their operation they've got to silence the resistance and we are the very front line of that resistance.
Big Pharma is quarterbacking the operation.
They've already killed millions of people in the U.S.
alone with their poison shots, and the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
So to be targeted by these people like this is an honor.
All I ask is you keep us in the fight with your word of mouth, your prayers, and your financial support at InfoWarsTour.com.
It couldn't be clearer the choice you have.
My future, my destiny, and your destiny, your children's destiny, and our collective destiny is in your hands.
Narrative shift.
Democrats slammed Trump for rushing COVID vaccine without enough safety data.
But if he comes out and says, I wasn't for forced shots and they lied to me, and I was against the lockdowns, which he was, we can then bring those actually responsible to justice.
But Trump won't do it.
Here's Jack Posobiec in a viral tweet yesterday.
Alex Jones literally did predict they would blame vaccine on Trump imminently.
Now they have.
Congressional reports.
Too bad for them, they've been approving these.
DJT no longer in office.
And against the advisory board's rejection, CDC did it anyways.
Under the Biden administration.
That's the big issue, is they overrode the safety boards after Trump was gone.
They did all this, and they did 99% of the damage.
But Trump keeps himself coupled to them.
Too bad for them, they've been approving these with DJT no longer in office.
And against the advisory board's rejection three different times.
CDC did it anyways under the Biden administration.
But Trump has them, but he won't destroy them.
We played the clip earlier.
Alex Jones told Trump in 2020 the COVID shot is a trap.
That video's gone viral.
Here it is.
FDA advisory panel rejects widespread Pfizer vaccine booster shots.
That was in September of 2021.
Three different boards had to be removed partially.
They removed the members who didn't vote for it.
And then this new CDC head under Obama slash Biden authorized it.
Now she says it's a mistake.
It was all pre-planned.
Remember that.
That's PBS.org.
CDC director has overruled her agency's advisors on booster shots.
Washington Post in September.
Remember that.
They don't like us on air because we go back and point out the real history.
And we predicted it at the time.
CDC Chief overrules agency panel and recommends Pfizer buy Inotech boosters for workers at risk.
New York Times, September 24th.
And now Walensky says, we had to make important decisions at imperfect times with imperfect data.
No, your boards told you don't do it, and it didn't work and was hurting people, and so did the British government advisors.
They overruled them too.
And so FDA authorizes booster dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for certain populations in late September.
Now update, CDC director overrules advisors and approves Pfizer booster shots for millions of people in high risk.
Now they say it was all just a big accident.
We have a clip coming up, in fact I'll play it right now, of Fauci.
This is, Fauci says he didn't shut anything down.
He called for not seeing your family on Thanksgiving.
He called for extended lockdowns.
He called for censorship of anybody against lockdowns, and now he thinks we don't have a memory.
He thinks we can't play clips of him previously, when he did indeed do that.
A lying, murderous criminal.
He's not just some little moron elf we want to slap upside the head like the Santa said.
He is Joseph Mingala 2.0.
He is a criminal.
He murdered millions of people.
He ran the operation with Bill Gates.
And I'm just blessed and honored to be on air right now, despite all their efforts, exposing these criminals, because they can't get away with it as long as we're on the air.
And that's a huge responsibility, but it's true.
We get the credit from the enemy.
You get the credit.
So let that sink in.
Here's Fauci trying to spin history as the rat leaves the sinking ship.
Do you regret, particularly the last one, the shutdown, the sweeping shutdown that some said made things worse?
No, I don't, Neil.
And in fact, I think we need to make sure that your listeners understand.
I didn't shut down anything.
I recommended to the president that we
Well, I think one of the things you really need to do, to the extent that you can shut down temporarily the country, I think is important.
Well, if I knew at the time that shutting down would have such a
Obviously, we would have shut down earlier.
There are those who say you shut down destructive things by disrupting the economy.
And others say, well if you save so many infections by shutting down, why didn't you shut down two weeks earlier?
But I don't regret saying that the only way we could have really stopped the explosion of infection was by essentially
I want to say shutting down.
I mean, essentially having the physical separation and the kinds of recommendations that we've made.
You've been a big fan of Cuomo and the shutdown in New York.
You've lauded New York for their policy.
New York had the highest death rate in the world.
How can we possibly be jumping up and down and saying, oh, Governor Cuomo did a great job.
He had the worst death rate in the world.
No, you misconstrued that, Senator.
So, he never called for a shutdown.
He never quarterbacked it.
He never did it.
He never advised it.
You're gonna go to prison, Fauci, one way or another.
You bit off more than you can chew, just like Hitler.
And you're gonna burn in hell, you maggot.
We all know who you are.
You murdering, eugenics, Nazi filth.
There's hours and hours of footage of us over the last few years warning Trump he was being set up.
Those videos are going viral all over Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, you name it.
Right now, great job listeners finding them and putting them out.
But here's just a short clip of that and why this is important.
Because we can tell you, and you can see it for yourself, you don't need me to tell you, what's coming next and how we stop it.
We'll talk about what the rats leaving the sinking ship means in a moment.
But first, let's go back two years ago.
Trump's biggest failure was agreeing to this.
I understand he was trying to counter Biden, but it's a horrible mistake Trump made.
He's out right now pushing this damn warp speed.
And notice they try to hedge their bets.
They go, oh, if there is death, it's because Trump sped it up.
I think Trump's been set up by this.
The pedophiles hate it.
The devil worshippers can't stand it.
We need this again.
They're trying to get everyone to stampede and beg for the vaccine.
Get everything waived by Trump.
Trump's biggest failure was agreeing to this.
I understand he was trying to counter Biden, but it's a horrible mistake Trump made.
He's out right now pushing this damn warp speed.
Notice they try to hedge their bets.
They go, oh, if there is death, it's because Trump sped it up.
I think Trump's been set up by this.
FDA accidentally reveals a list of COVID vaccine side effects, including microcardiitis, nothing like a heart attack, autoimmune disease, and death.
And this was from last year.
Turns out a staffer didn't like what had happened, so they left the slide in.
Which, by the way,
They already admitted previously, it's why they wouldn't approve it, that these type of vaccines cause this.
I'm going to show you top doctors around the world coming out, including now the Dean of the Baylor Medical School.
That's a pretty prestigious medical school.
They worked, by the way, on the UT study, the UT initiative on rats given a vaccine for spike protein, where 87% of the rats died.
I mean, do you realize that they know all about this?
That's coming up.
So a lot of this is cover the ass time.
That's why, I mean, it's a who's who of elite scientists saying this is insane and basically everybody that's taking the shot is going to be an invalid if they're lucky.
A lot of you are going to be dead.
So now they're getting ready to start giving you for the rest of your life, I guess, blood thinners and other stuff.
I mean, they have really hurt you bad.
And now you know why we're under such attack.
So there's the full show headline.
It's official.
The entire COVID poison vax house of cards is in free fall.
And the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
So what does that signify?
I mean, it would take hours to go over all the rats leaving the sinking ship.
The former head of Planned Parenthood, CNN media analyst, who wanted to ban the unvaccinated from society and force children to mask forever, she said forever, now reveals, remember she said forever you should wear them, how masking has severely harmed her son.
Now she's a victim.
She thinks you have no memory.
CNN medical analyst Dr. Lynn admits the so-called vaccine she banned the public apply with, the so-called science, with the mask has impaired her son.
She thinks you're stupid.
And it goes on from there.
But think about Djokovic, banned from the U.S.
due to not having a COVID injection.
It's still ongoing.
Oh, now, Megyn Kelly, the establishment tart, she sees which ways the wind blows, she sees the House of Cards collapsing, so now she says, F you, Dr. Fauci, you get a congressional subpoena, you show up or get the Steve Bannon treatment.
What did Mark Twain say?
In the beginning, a patriot's a scarce man, hated, feared, and scorned, but in time the
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
But it's our job to take the enemy head on, and it's your job to back the warriors and the operations with people that are willing to do it.
And I don't say that to be dramatic.
It's just true.
We're the best there is.
And that's not saying much, but we're the best there is.
We're it.
That's recognized all over the world, thanks to your backing.
You've got my commitment, though I'm exhausted and scarred that I will never surrender.
I don't know how to surrender.
I don't know how to bear false witness.
I have a lot of trouble lying.
I never lie to you on air.
But I have lied to my wife.
And I just told the truth right there.
Less than anybody I know.
But I do lie.
But not to you.
And not on things that matter.
And not on things where children are involved.
Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone, my friends.
But look at this quote.
By one of the ambulance-chasing Democrat Party lawyers openly trying to destroy the Second Amendment and the First.
The lawyer for the parents of the Sandy Hook victims urged the jury to return a verdict, wiping out Alex Jones' livelihood and financial capabilities.
I ask you with your verdict, this is a quote, I ask you with your verdict, you not only take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away, I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
Wesley Ball said, I hope
With your verdict, he can go away.
Well, I think there's one thing we can ensure, Mr. Ball, is I'm not going away.
You see, I understand real 3D chess.
And let me just give my enemies a little newsflash.
I'm not excited about how infamous and famous I am over the world.
I didn't know it would get to this point.
But you guys have really screwed up.
We have the major intelligence agencies listening, the major government heads listening, the major corporate people listening, the general public listening, and InfoWars has never had more traffic.
InfoWars has never had more people praying for us because folks understand we're in the crucible right now.
Who's really under attack is our children with these poison shots and all the rats trying to leave the sinking ship.
All the people trying to claim, oh they weren't for any of this.
That's a real sign of desperation and we've got our enemies on the ropes.
So now press the political, cultural, spiritual, economic attack.
Go all in against the new world order with 75 days left for the midterms.
Now that's the COVID-19 New World Order House of Cards Collapse Stack.
You see all these other stacks?
These aren't props.
Every one of these is an incredible point of information.
Biden White House, like Nixon on steroids, directly facilitated FBI Mar-a-Lago raid.
Biden administration resumes unconstitutional airstrikes in Syria, no congressional approval.
That's just two of the stacks.
Obama economist slams reckless Biden student loan forgiveness, even though Obama's behind it.
Givaldi family sue gun manufacturers for $27 billion.
Big news we mentioned yesterday.
Moore's out on it.
Go woke.
Get the hell out.
Texas bans Wall Street, Giants, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, and others over energy boycott.
That's how we have victory.
I'll cover that more next hour.
More Andrew Tate information.
And so much more today, but we're going to give the number out right now.
And in the second hour, I'm going to take a lot of your phone calls.
We're going to open the phones for first time callers on the COVID collapse, the COVID hoax collapse, and the rats leaving the sinking ship and
How do we get Trump involved now, who didn't push for the boosters, who didn't push for forced inoculation, to extricate himself and go after the bad guys with us, ensuring victory?
But what does the rats leaving the sinking ship mean to you, and what do you think comes next?
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
That number is 877-789-ALEX.
First-time callers, we don't screen your calls.
All I ask is you have a clean phone line.
And where do you think this is all going?
I want to hear from you.
We can talk about the student loans.
We can talk about inflation.
We can talk about Ukraine.
We can talk about whatever you want.
But I'd like to hear from you on the subject, the central issue that we're looking at and dealing with here, and how big it is that they now admit the shots don't work.
The Boosters poisoned people and they lied to us.
Why are they doing that?
Because they know bigger information is already coming out about the massive increase in deaths.
They killed
Millions of people already, hundreds of millions are sick.
This is the biggest crime in history.
This would make Adolf Alois Hitler blush.
What's coming next?
I'll break it all down next hour with your phone calls.
And we have a special guest, one of the leading lawyers suing the poison vaccine makers having major victories in the third hour.
But hour number two is just two minutes away.
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The cavalry for your health.
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Take action now.
It's 11.59 at Radio Free America, and this is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the walls.
The chair is against the walls.
John has a long mustache.
John has a long mustache.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans, another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
But they took a lot of people away.
People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns or things they wanted, they just took them away.
Re-education camps, that's what they call it.
So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need the kind of camps
All persons of Japanese descent were required to register.
Now they were taken to racetracks and fairgrounds where the army almost overnight had built assembly centers.
What kind of a situation in the U.S.
would you see that happening?
We've got a lot of Constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons.
Plus you have a lot of people that are coming out of the military that have the ability and the knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.
These people are radicalized and they don't support the United States and they're disloyal to the United States.
It's our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community.
That's what we're doing here, and let's not kid about it.
We're building a domestic army because the government is afraid of its own citizens.
Put your gun down, really?
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Are you some kind of a constitutionalist?
So these people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not.
They're nothing more than domestic terrorists.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
NORAD has declared DEFCON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The bomber spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning south out of Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Atlantic.
From the front lines of the Information War.
Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about...
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are on a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine launch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like everybody else.
Game's end.
The only winning goal is not to die.
They've arrested the woman that found Joe Biden's daughter's diary.
The government spies on you all day long and it's okay.
We'll be right back.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
We think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouts into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
Just let me think.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, sir, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object and to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have sensors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submissiveness.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
We are now into hour number two, taking your phone calls ahead of a huge guest in the third hour today.
There are bad lawyers working for the globalists.
We have good lawyers fighting for humanity.
Attorney Tom Rents will be joining us to discuss the latest developments and the wheels coming off the freefall collapse taking place with the whole COVID narrative.
We can put the full show headline up.
It says it all.
The COVID power grab, poison vax, house of cards is in freefall.
And the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
What are they going to do now that they admitted to erasing your immune system that has killed millions of people and made hundreds of millions sick?
What are they going to do?
Why would Pfizer and Bill Gates and the New World Order be this bold?
We're going to be discussing it all today and taking your phone calls here on this Thursday, August 25th, worldwide transmission.
We have some other big surprises as well, but I've got to collate the information before I air it, but there's some big stuff here in a minute as well.
But here's the deal.
We don't screen your calls other than you want to tell us a topic, your call is clean, you're not cussing, and your phone line is good.
We want to hear from you.
We appreciate you.
We love you.
877-789-2539 is the toll-free number to join us.
We got Jeff and Patricia and Mike and Sal and James and Vincent and Magnum and Amy and Christy and another Megan.
But the first thing we're going to do is go to your calls, the order they're received.
And that means Jeff in Maryland.
Jeff, you're on the air.
It's nice to hear from you.
Yes, sir.
Um, first thing I wanted to say is the X2 actually, if anyone doubts it, it has helped my girlfriend who got the flu vaccine three years ago and ended up having a thyroid issue and it's helped bring her back.
So X2 is legit.
Just telling everybody.
Now, the reason I called is yesterday you had Drew Hernandez on and he said that he feels in the next few months Donald Trump should come out.
I feel like that's wrong.
The next 10 days to two weeks would be ideal and the reason is is because the globalists, the Democrats, their day-to-day is kind of more or less a week-to-week on the Republican side and that's just because we think good.
Um, now it's hard to bring the light, the truth to light after all the fake news.
Um, so Trump's going to have a problem with coming out like that.
Uh, I work in the current, uh, construction industry and we've been building the climate controlled style buildings, you know, a half, uh, half million up to 2 million square foot.
Um, so that's a major concern.
That's why I think you're saying you're building the admitted new
Yes, yes.
Our company alone has put up about four of them in the past two years.
Now they're not for lease, they're not for sale, they're just sitting empty.
Oh yeah, COVID was the beta test.
Just ready to go.
They're getting ready to release something a lot worse and that's what's coming next.
And here's the deal.
You know, to be a rocket scientist, to see that this thing's collapsing, they're going to want to blame Trump.
That's why I've said it's imminent to blame Trump.
Now they're officially blaming Trump.
And what do they have on Trump if he doesn't stop being pig-headed at this point?
Tell us a little bit more, Jeff, about these emergency centers they admit are being built around the planet.
They admit they're being built, but where they're being built is secret.
Tell us what you're witnessing.
Actually, it's not really secret.
They all look like there's giant Amazon buildings.
Same color, same everything.
Building them close to the interstates.
Basically, taking out all the forestation.
I live in an area where it used to be heavily, heavily forested.
Like, I mean, it was beautiful.
Um, basically they're displacing all the animals, displacing all the homeless people, which is driving them even farther into the cities and the local suburban areas, which is causing things to be very dangerous.
An all-around issue.
Now, these buildings are enormous.
They don't have enough facilities to take care of, I guess, the amount of people they're going to put in, but from what we've been hearing is they're going to be putting in a buttload of quarter-pots.
Um, so they do have the ability to bring all those in.
And I mean, it's just amazing.
If you're standing on one end and you look across to the other side of the building, an F-350 looks like a microwave machine, you know?
And again, I want to be clear to new listeners.
Two plus years ago, we got the Canadian documents that were building secret facilities.
We got the mainstream news, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S.
They've got all these CDC documents about locking everything down.
But now they're admitting it's a climate lockdown that once they turn the power off, they're only going to have these facilities with power and food, training people to go signed up and to basically live in these facilities.
And you're saying in the Maryland area, what are you witnessing?
Yeah, I live in Washington County.
They call it the hub city.
Basically, there's a distance from West Virginia to Pennsylvania.
It's 11 miles across, and they're just putting them up all over the place.
And they have enough bathrooms in the facility that will cover the offices in the facility.
However, there is no amount of bathrooms for bringing those people in.
They have said that they don't know what it is.
However, I mean, there's a two million square foot
We're good to go.
It's scary knowing what's going on.
I tried to put on a lot of people due to the fact of what's going on the past two and a half years ago.
And we've had a lot of people buying your supplies, your products, the storable food.
I got books to hand out to everyone.
It's overwhelming.
One good thing that I like to see is Santos is really kicking butt down there.
However, we really need to keep him in Florida because I think that if we bring Trump up and he
I don't know.
We need the same as in Florida.
We need a strong governor.
I agree with you.
We need Trump to come out with the power he has and say, I wasn't for forced inoculation.
I wasn't for going after kids, which he's already been against, and expose these people because they're already saying the shots don't work.
They're already saying the masks don't work.
They're already blaming him and congressional reports.
Trump better get ahead of this.
In fact, it's too late for Trump to get ahead of it.
He better engage with it.
Thank you so much, Jeff.
So there's Jeff.
A construction whistleblower about these giant facilities being built in Maryland.
I don't need to believe Jeff, even though I know what he's saying is true, because we have all the evidence.
We have these facilities being built ahead of the next release that's going to be far worse.
These people mean business.
Why would they launch a deadly shot?
Why would they launch all these lockdowns and masking of kids knowing it would expose them later?
Because they've got a bigger release that will overshadow that they're set to unveil.
The corrupt globalist power structures trying to Julian Assange Project Veritas.
They've now indicted and arrested the people that found Biden's daughter's diary.
Which Veritas then reviewed and went to the police with.
Totally protection of the First Amendment, but they're moving against Project Veritas.
That's coming up.
Let's go right back to your phone calls.
Only took one call last second, but that was a pretty powerful caller.
We've got to get to all of you, because who knows who the next amazing caller is.
We've got to get to everybody.
Mike in Dallas, Texas.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Hey, I was going to say, man, honestly, I think that Milley took over the country during the election and during all of that fiasco.
If you review some of the continuity of government stuff that we saw, you know, the acceleration of those efforts through FEMA, through George Bush, handed off over into Obama, we can only imagine what was
Is the shadow press and no one can question anything they're doing, not even Rand Paul, not even Ted Cruz.
He's got the FBI up there asking about Ray Epps and they're saying, we're not going to answer any of your questions.
I don't have to answer any of your questions.
They're behaving like they have complete continuity of government enacted right now.
And, and come on, man, Biden's not the president.
Biden doesn't know what planet he's on.
So surely.
The, you know, the Joint Chiefs of Staff is running the show.
Prove me wrong.
I mean, I think you're right.
So where do we go from here?
That's a great question.
We need to probably get our Congress people, the ones I just mentioned, involved in actually dismantling and unwiring what they have wired here.
They need to ask questions just like Inhofe asked back in the day, saying, hey, are you guys engaged in continuity government right now?
And if they refuse to answer those questions, there's your answer.
And I want to say one more thing.
I think Fauci bro is probably going to go to WHO or United Nations where he'll have diplomatic immunity.
We need to find a way to stop that from happening.
I agree.
I totally agree.
He should be stripped of that.
He should be indicted now.
Mike, incredible points.
Thank you.
Sal in California, you're on the air.
Alex, it's an honor, sir.
I wanted to bring something up about the Trump-alleged documents that he was writing for, but first can I make a proposal that we schedule and organize a 24-hour period of fasting and prayer?
Because I believe you're familiar, and I believe it's in the book of Mark, where the disciples try to cast out a demon.
They cannot do so, and they ask Jesus why that is, and he says that this kind does not come out without prayer and fasting.
I think we're dealing with some very heavy, dark spiritual
I agree.
But at the same time, they've been running these announcements in New York and New Jersey talking about what to do in the event of a nuclear situation.
And I just feel like that might be a little bit of some pre-programming to be floating that out there.
And I think I'm very afraid of that and the repercussions of what they might do.
Another incredible call.
Sal, anything else?
That's it, Alex.
God bless you.
Folks, I'm not bragging.
It's just true.
Our callers are the best.
I mean, these are incredible callers.
We're going to the order the calls are received.
James in Kentucky, welcome.
First thing is, please have everybody demand all their politicians, Republicans in Senate, House, Congress, all take random drugs and all tests.
There's no reason to have your carpet cleaner have to, and yet the ones making the laws don't.
The second thing is, is I totally disagree about Trump.
I think he's our Benedict Arnold number two, the one to take the country down.
Why that is, I've seen the video where he said he was a Democrat, he'll always be a Democrat, and his only purpose is to bring the Republicans down.
I think you've got the Stockholm Syndrome, like making excuses for the Führer.
As in, the fear is not the fear's fault.
It's all the other people working for the fear.
And I think it's a big Stockholm Syndrome.
I think you need to give DeSantos a chance.
Let him prove himself.
It's like holding a new quarterback compared to an old quarterback.
We gotta go on with the game, put the new quarterback in, and let him run the ball.
He's totally for everything we want.
He doesn't have any baggage like Trump does.
And if we go green, straightforward with him, the country will succeed.
I hear you, and I don't have Stockholm Syndrome, James.
The globalist legitimate... I'm just saying it isn't for the... Hold on, can I say something?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
I just want to respond to what you said.
Yeah, go ahead.
I don't have Stockholm Syndrome.
I've got big issues with Trump.
By putting public pressure on him, we give him a chance to do the right thing and come out against the shots.
If he doesn't, then we'll have to deal with that.
So that's all I'm doing is giving Trump a chance.
We don't have enough time.
The election's coming up too quick.
We don't have time.
You've bent over backwards so far for him.
You can't bend over backwards anymore for him.
Well, listen, I'm not bending over.
I'm massively criticizing him, and it's making international news.
But, I mean, I hear what you're saying.
I appreciate your call, James.
All right, let's go to Magnum in North Carolina.
Magnum, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
So, Jones, I was born in April of 1974.
We're very close, similar ages, correct, sir?
I'm a month older than you.
Okay, so I graduated basic training when I was 17 years old.
Uh, uh, the first day or two, the drills that they say, is anybody here under 18?
And I was only one out of like 2000 people that raised their hand.
So they wanted to run me out and get me out of the army.
So, you know, I, I did, I went to, I was in Panama, I was doing stuff, kind of, you know, ran myself out of the army.
Just, you know, I met, whatever.
So fast forward,
No sir, I don't think you let the country down.
I'm not exactly getting your point.
My generation couldn't carry the weight to keep this country going.
Well, I wouldn't blame people that try.
I'd blame people that actively work for evil, sir.
Please don't blame yourself.
I appreciate your call.
That's just crazy.
All right, when we come back, we're going to continue with your phone calls.
We're going to go to Amy.
We're going to go to Christie.
We're going to Patricia.
All the ladies are lined up now.
We're taking your calls in the order that your calls have been received here on air.
Please remember, I cannot continue this fight.
I can't stand wearing these jackets and these stupid shirts.
I'll start just going on the air in a wife beater.
I can't continue on air without your support.
Realize the enemies of freedom do not want this broadcast on the air for a reason, because we're getting people to think outside the box.
So share the articles and videos from InfoWars.com forward slash Shub, and share the Bandai video videos.
And I know it's a simple thing to say, but everything is hinging on you.
You sharing the articles, you sharing the videos.
If you do that, we override the tyrants and it's game over.
All right, we're going to go to break.
And I'm going to take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 calls in the next 30 minutes.
We're going to every single one of you one way or another.
Can't wait to hear what you have to say next.
If you want to get a signed book of The Great Reset and the War for the World, it's your last chance to get it.
We're going to stop doing signed copies in two days.
Why did Big Pharma come out with a poison shot?
Why do they run lockdowns?
Why do they lie knowing it wouldn't work?
Why do they lie knowing it would hurt people?
That's the big question and now the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
What does this signify?
What's coming next?
We're taking your phone calls right now.
Amy in Connecticut, thanks for calling, welcome.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
I can, go ahead.
Alright, well, I'm thinking that the globalists are gonna do their best to probably just ride off into the sunset, or maybe join into some bigger global, like, groups of some kind.
But they've been very careful with their language and delivery of info over the last couple years, so it seems like they're already just setting up to point the finger at whoever jumps in front of them, and Trump is kind of, like, right in the way.
In my opinion.
No, I agree.
Trump has walked right into the trap, so why doesn't he extricate himself?
He wasn't for forced injections.
He wasn't for firing everybody.
So why isn't he coming out against it when they're coming out against their own shot?
I mean, how big a deal is that?
Yeah, either he's financially invested in some stuff that maybe we don't know about, or he just doesn't want to admit he's wrong.
Like, maybe it's that childish, but I don't know.
I mean, he was historically a Democrat one year earlier.
Callers did make a good point about that, which I, I mean, I've never been like a super Trump fan, and I'm still really not convinced that he's going to save the world, but like I'm open for it, but I'm not convinced, so I'm not really sure.
But about, I'm from Connecticut, I just want to say to you before I go, I'm ashamed of my state.
I watched a little bit of what was going on, and I just had a root canal, and that was hard for me to watch.
Her talking about your tooth like that, that was tough.
Well, listen, it's all rigged.
They're using the Sandy Hook family to get rid of the First Amendment.
At least they admit they want to ban the First Amendment.
I hardly ever talked about it.
They're the ones that make Sandy Hook a big deal.
They attach themselves to me to keep Sandy Hook and gun control in the news, and they want the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, and it's out in the open.
So this is their move against me, and that's how it is.
With that being said, though, I do want to say one more thing.
There has to be way more personal accountability, because there was like 50% of this country telling people, don't jump, don't jump, and half of the country just jumped.
So there has to be way less pointing the finger at rich people and more personal accountability at this point.
That's right.
The American people shouldn't have taken the shots.
Great point, Amy.
The power structure wants us off the air.
The power structure wants to silence voices that stand up for humanity.
And so it's a choice listeners have.
You want to keep us on air or not?
We're not backed by billionaires.
We're not backed by big money.
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And the power of millions of you doing that will override anything they do.
Our destiny is in each other's hands right now.
Megan in Texas.
We'll talk to Patricia in Florida.
Megan, welcome.
Hey there, Alex.
I want you to know I got all three kids.
I got them the Great Reset signed by you because I feel like this is something I need to pass on to our kids.
I was shocked when I learned about what's going on with the vaccine program long ago, long before all this happened.
And when I researched it and I got to know, I very much can tell when a kid or child struggling with spectrum disorders and
You know, I say this with a heart for kids, but when I first saw Barron Trump, I thought, oh, he looks like he's on the spectrum.
And that being said, Trump knows more than I think we give him credit for.
I think Melania knows what's up, too.
I think they met with RFK, wanting to- Oh, he was gonna come out against the shots and then met with Bill Gates and said he wasn't.
Yeah, and I think Trump realizes also the economy of our medical system.
When this falls down, because when you find out that 72 mandated vaccines have been poisoning kids for the last 30 years, well that collapses the economy with our medical system being so tied in.
So Trump is a businessman, he gets it, and he brought Fauci to the front as a softy class.
And, you know, to softly disclose
What's coming, which is medical collapse of the system as we know it, which is a good thing.
That's right.
And that's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document, is that the vaccine killing people will collapse the government, the system, which is what the new world order wants.
That's why I want to expose it beforehand and bring the conspirators to justice instead of collapsing confidence in the system.
I want to reprove the system.
I want to repair the system.
Thank you for the call.
I don't want to burn it down.
Amazing, Megan.
Let's talk to Patricia in Florida.
Hi, I just want to give a shout out.
I'd love to bring some light into the room.
I just got some information on the vaccine yesterday.
I listened to a live show and didn't realize how much metal is in this bad mamma jamma.
So what I've been trained in is a technique called healing touch.
It's been around for years.
It's laying out of hands.
We can use our hands to use
Well, you know, studies show praying for people and laying on hands is more effective than major drugs.
Loving a plant, putting your hands on a plant and telling it you love it, in major studies, makes the plant grow better and be happier.
We have energy.
We should love each other, we should lay on hands.
The Bible says that you're totally right.
They call it mumbo-jumbo.
No, it's not.
We're electrochemical creatures that can transmit love through touch, and I totally agree with you.
Well, we are the CAT scan.
We are the x-ray.
All these tools were never around.
They were invented from our hands.
And we actually can do a magnetic clearing, like where you take a magnet and put it in a fire and get all those nails out.
Our hands can do that.
Patricia, I appreciate your call.
Amazing points.
Christine in FEMA Region 4.
Christine, go ahead.
Yes, Alex, I was calling to, I'm wondering if Donald Trump, there's something wrong with him.
I think it started when he got COVID.
I really do believe that something happened to him because he seemed like a totally different person, just like Boris Johnson.
But I always wondered... Yeah, just like when Reagan got shot, he was never the same.
Yeah, so like, okay, but we all had intel probably back in December of 2019 about the stuff coming out of Wuhan.
And Donald Trump, the whole time, he acted like he was playing catch-up.
And I don't think he's stupid, but I think he's trusting the wrong people.
And right now, like, he has to... I know he's not stupid, so he's either... If he's not stupid, maybe he's evil.
Because he has to see that vaccines are killing people.
They're not just hurting people, they're killing people.
It killed my aunt, right?
And he's just sitting here like a duck, and is he the sacrificial lamb for the New World Order?
Did he sign up for it?
Because he's starting to look a whole lot like that is his job, is to take the fall for this whole thing like he knew it from the very get-go, and he's just ready to be sacrificed.
That's what it looks like to me.
It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
And I went to a rally.
He seemed like a really good guy.
I got to see his kids.
They seemed like really good people.
And I just thought he was a good person.
But now the way he's acting, I'm wondering if he's not just taking the fall.
Christine, I hear you.
Do you think it's too late for Trump to come out against it?
I don't think it is.
Because he didn't mandate shots.
He said don't make the military take it.
He said don't give it to kids.
He said he thought the boosters were frauds.
Why doesn't he go after the people now trying to blame him?
Well, there is only one thing he could do.
And this would be so bold that it might actually save his bacon.
He would have to come on your show.
Admit that he was completely wrong and I'm not talking about going on Hannity or something like that.
No, he needs to come on the InfoWar.
Admit he was wrong.
Admit he was fooled the whole time by the entire COVID mess.
Just admit he had bad advisors and then get good people around him and swear from this day forward, I support the InfoWar and Alex Jones.
I'm against these kangaroo courts.
And we're going to do everything we can to bring all these people that are killing people with these vaccines, and we're ambassadors and all that, to justice.
Absolutely, Christine.
Anything less than that.
Thank you.
Anything less than that is treason against humanity.
And we're just separating ourselves from this right now.
We're not part of what Trump was part of.
He needs to separate himself right now.
More calls straight ahead.
Epic music for epic times.
Welcome back to the broadcast.
It's the show you're not supposed to hear and you're not supposed to share.
But you're still here.
We love you and we appreciate you.
Okay, I covered like three of the stacks.
I'm taking calls and we got a guest coming up.
But the design collapse of the world economy is incredible.
I'm going to jam some of that in.
And the weaponization of the legal system to take your guns and take your energy and take your jobs.
We've got that as well.
Not to have doom and gloom, but to know, hey, we're here.
We know the enemy plan.
That's coming up.
We're taking calls, the order they are received, and let's talk to Vincent in Georgia.
Vincent, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm alright, brother.
Listen, several things.
God deals with time, nation, and dispensation.
Alex, we're living in the last dispensation of time.
This is
The last time or the last age until Jesus comes back and set up his kingdom on earth.
There will be no peace on this earth, Alex, until Jesus comes back.
Now listen to this.
I agree with you.
There's no way to fix it now except fix our own souls, right?
Because people got to realize that it's all spiritual.
It's all spiritual.
People talk about
Um, voting for a Democrat or a Republican, but the scripture reads over in the book of Daniel, God gives the kingdom, he works in the kingdom of men, and he gives it to whomever he wills.
That's right, he puts the evil ones in, the judges, because we deserve it.
Absolutely, Alex, and in terms of Donald Trump, Donald Trump is a billionaire.
We're good to go.
Uh, Biden and no matter how incompetent this man is, they had to put him in.
So there is nothing Donald Trump can do.
He's not going to go against them.
He's not cause Donald Trump is a Mason.
He's a Mason.
So he's a part of that pyramid.
I don't know if people ever really paid attention to Trump when he gave a lot of speeches, especially when he was sitting down, he will always put his hands together in that pure middle
He always used that sign.
And most of the presidents, the prime ministers, those across the world, they always throw up that messianic sign.
Even the Hollywood type, they do the same thing because they want the world to know, Alex, that they are part of the system.
So the New World Order has to come to fruition.
People have got to die.
That's why the vaccine is being rolled out.
Because you know as well as I do, Alex,
That Satan comes to do one of three things.
To kill, to steal, and to destroy.
And that's what he's doing.
And it ain't gonna go away.
Listen, I agree with you.
Let me ask you this.
Why do you think it's all coming out the vaccine's poison?
And why do you think Trump's not backing down?
Because again,
Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
And these people are millionaires, billionaires, Alex.
Listen to this.
The scripture reads that the rich rules over the poor.
Bottom line.
When that rich man came to Jesus and said to Jesus, what must I do to be saved?
Jesus told him.
Well, no, what I'm saying is he told the rich man to sell all that he had and come and follow me.
What happened?
The rich man went away sorrowful because he was not willing to give up his riches.
The rich rule over the poor, Alex, period.
And what are they doing?
They are trying to make everybody in the entire world
Amen, brother.
Amen, brother.
So what do we do, Vincent?
He's gone?
That was a great caller.
It's all great callers.
We didn't hang up on you, Vincent.
Call back again.
Let's go to the next caller.
Greg in Missouri.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'd like to totally concur with the man Vincent had just called before me.
But I'd like to add a little bit to that, and that is we have to know that Satan is the father of lies, and anybody that is a liar, the truth is not within them, and that's all we're getting from our government right now.
And the main thing that I wanted to put all the listeners to think about is I was in the military, a medic, respiratory therapist, and
All I can say is, before we joined, we had to agree with the Constitution of the United States.
I will defend all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
And, or, defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
And, you know, there's nothing they can say.
They'll lie, they'll try to say it's outdated and everything, but you know, that grandfather's all laws.
It's the Constitution of the United States.
No, you're right.
Everybody, the police, the military has sworn an oath to it, and people better start following it.
And the man that, you know, the sergeant that had me repeat after him the Constitution of the United States and everything before I joined the military said, Greg, there's a lot more to this than you realize.
And that always stuck in my head.
I didn't get it at the time.
And that was 1985.
I get it now, exactly what he was talking about.
And there's a whole lot more to the Constitution of the United States than what we realize.
That's right.
America's not perfect, but it's the enemy's main threat.
They're attacking it because it is the tool for freedom if we just use it.
Exactly, and whether you're Christian or not, and like I say, I'm a Christian, I totally concur with Vincent and everything he said, but the main thing is you have to realize that Satan is the father of lies and the truth is not within him, and anybody who goes against the Constitution or anything else is nothing but lies, because that's all they've done since 1770.
I hear you, brother.
We love you.
Let's go to the next caller.
We're getting everybody in here.
Let's go ahead and talk to who's been on the longest.
Ray and then Dale.
Ray, go ahead in Kentucky.
How's it going?
Hey, Alex.
Man, in the thick of the fight, brother.
Just praying for God to lead God and direct me.
It's all God now.
All right, man.
So, a little roll here.
A lot of folks right now are on the kick understanding that Satan's the father of lies and everything, you know, your previous caller said.
My reason for calling today is to answer your question, but first, as a 20-plus year survivor of satanic ritual abuse, I'd like to say that everyone needs to safeguard their children away from the military-grade propaganda that's coming through right now.
It's coming through medical and subsidies to all of these private schools, or these schools that aren't affiliated with counties.
That's one thing.
Donald John Trump needs to pull his head out.
If they do have blackmail on him, he needs to admit what he did wrong, come forward, speak the truth, and either we will forgive him or he will be persecuted.
That's what needs to happen, plain and simple.
These people at the top, they need to go down, man.
They're attacking our children.
And you can tell I'm very nervous, because this is personal.
Well, what do you make of the fact that it's all collapsing, their whole narrative, they admit the shots don't work, everything.
What comes next?
Well, what I make of it is that Jesus Christ Almighty is real, whether you personify him as a man or power, and it's all about doing good.
What I think's coming next, since they're mobilizing IRS agents and doing all this stuff, Obama said,
That he was going to put together a civilian type military.
They are already in the wrong breaking laws, left and right, mobilizing the military against the American people, whom they swore to uphold and protect, our children especially.
Grandma used to say that to get through to people, you've got to get through the children.
That's what they're doing.
It's devious and they will fail.
They will, Ray.
Thank you for the call.
We're going to come back, take a few more calls, and a special guest is joining us on the fight against these poison shots and the big developments.
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We're back in two minutes with more calls.
Stay with us, humanity.
And the last one, number 44, and the one before that, 43, Bush and Obama.
Well, there are pictures of Bush with his arm around 8-year-old Barack Obama because his stepdaddy, adopted daddy, Lolo Sotoro, had done a lifetime worth of business with the Bushes.
Uncle George Herbert Walker, after whom George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush's one president, was named, founded Halliburton in 1946 in Oklahoma.
And Lolo Sotoro had been International Executive Vice President for Standard Oil.
There was talk of him being a CIA asset.
Well, yes.
See, he ran the death squads for the Indonesian Army.
On his own call, anyone could be assassinated.
So, when George Herbert Walker Bush became head of the CIA under the Ford administration, he just got with his old buddy in the oil business, Lolo Sotoro, and pulled off the hits.
See, Barack's grandmother
Has been acknowledged as being the woman that operated the channels through which CIA money went to the Southwest Pacific.
So she introduced her daughter, who had just had Barry.
Barack Obama.
Twenty years ago, the tuition was $95,000 a year, not including room and board.
When Obama went there, I've talked to two of his classmates, they independently state that the tuition, not including room and board, was $45,000.
Now, Business Insider reports his income for 2017 at over $200 million net.
That's after taxes, deductions, write-offs.
For this last year, 2018, they reported it as $570 plus million dollars.
And that's after all deductions, tax write-offs.
Trump doesn't make that net.
And even some of the richest people in America don't make that.
Because when his stepdaddy died, he was one of the 10, 15 richest men on earth.
And he left everything in a trust fund, operated out of Indonesia, so the American government can't touch it, that makes Barack Obama one-third beneficiary for the assets of one of the 10, 15 richest men on earth.
See, so, we got a game run on us.
So, you know that little thing that Bush W. does when he gets with Michelle, they giggle and he gives her candy?
The inside thing, is that supposed to be the same kind of candy he used to give to her husband when he was 6, 7, 8 years old?
It's a big club, and you ain't in it!
You and I are not in the big club.
Wow, Judge Joe Brown just laid it out.
He's joining us next week on the show.
Attorney Thomas Renz with the latest on the collapse of the whole COVID narrative and the rats leaving the sinking ship, trying to blame Trump.
What is coming of all of this?
We're going to be breaking it down coming up in the next segment.
And I'll talk to him for two segments, but I wanted him to have the floor today.
Thomas Renz of Renz-Law.com is going to be hosting the last 30 minutes of the broadcast today ahead of the fourth hour with Paul Joseph Watson from the UK.
And then in an hour from now, or two hours from now, you're going to have at 3 p.m.
Central, the great Owen the Cut Destroyer
Troyer hosting from 3 to 6 p.m.
the war room and remember the globalists work around the clock to shut this broadcast down they know we are patient zero taking down their system and so thank you as losers and viewers for supporting us but you cannot find a better place to give your word of mouth your prayer and financial success and support
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Thomas Renz is a very successful lawyer.
And he began his career as a Nuremberg prosecutor and celebrated international lawyer Henry T. King and Anthony Renz.
He won his National Trailblazer Award for political action, assisting numerous state and national legislative and regulatory reforms.
I won't go over all the great, huge cases he's been involved with, but his website is Renz-Law.com.
And he joins us to talk about the huge events taking place with him admitting the shots don't work.
The rats leaving the sinking ship, admitting the FDA overrode the regulators saying the shot was dangerous.
This is a seismic moment.
I mean, I don't know how we quantify, Thomas, how big this is.
Man, Alex, it is huge.
And I've been so honored to be with you talking about this over the last couple of years.
I mean, you've done so much helping us get this out.
And I got to say, you know, we see now
This entire narrative is crumbling.
And I gotta tell you, one of my concerns is, as we're looking forward, they are now trying to pin this on Trump.
They're trying to put this out there.
They just released, the House just released a report, was it yesterday or the day before, trying to pin Operation Warp Speed and all this stuff on Trump, despite the fact that Berks has admitted she's been lying to him, that Fauci's been lying to him, all these people lied.
We've got them, Alex.
We've got them dead to rights.
We're getting ready to bring out, we've got a first-hand witness to them creating this in a lab in Wuhan.
We know that Fauci funded it.
We know it's gained a function.
It's coming, they're running.
You're right, the rats are scurrying and this is historic.
And the question is how much longer before we're ready for the Nuremberg trials?
Lay that out for people, how huge this is.
Okay, so let me start out with this because I think this is really a critical thing right now.
So you see Rand Paul and Senator Johnson, some of these guys who are fighting on this gain of function stuff.
I want to start with that because I think that is crucial because Fauci lied to Congress about this.
Now, Steve Bannon can talk to you about, you know, the issues that come with that.
You can certainly talk extensively about what happens when you start speaking truth to power.
And, you know, they come after you and persecute you.
But Anthony Fauci seems to be doing okay.
Let's talk about gain of function.
We had hours and hours of testimony from a bunch of scientists who are entirely too smart for their own good.
I'm going to break this down for real people, like a lawyer, right?
What is gain of function?
There's no legal definition.
It literally means that you're doing work on a virus, in this case, where that virus is going to gain function.
So let's look at this.
Anthony Fauci said he didn't fund gain of function.
Well, let's ask EcoHealth Alliance, who was getting his funding, whether they were doing this.
So if we say to EcoHealth Alliance, were you doing gain-of-function work?
They're going to hem and haw around.
But the question is, did you experiment on coronaviruses in a lab?
And the answer is yes.
We know because they've admitted it.
It's on record.
There's peer-reviewed publications talking about it.
Then we ask them the following question.
Was that experimentation designed to alter or modify coronaviruses?
And the answer is yes.
Right there you see creation of chimeric SARS-like virus, right?
They did this.
It's established.
We know about it.
So if you experimented on coronavirus,
And if the result was to change coronavirus, did said change result in additional functionality or change functionality?
Well, obviously it did.
Why else would you do it?
And if that's not enough, we've got the peer-reviewed articles and them admitting that that's exactly what they did.
So then we would say, EcoHealth Alliance, using the funding that Anthony Fauci gave you,
You have already admitted on record, repeatedly, that you experimented on coronavirus.
That experiment changed the functionality of the virus.
And in doing so, that virus gained functionality.
How has that not gained a function?
If anybody can explain that to me, I would love to hear it.
Because, you know, that comes down to did Anthony Fauci lie to Congress?
And yes, he did.
He belongs under Gitmo.
Under Gitmo.
So, we've got gain-of-function proven.
Now, the question is, did that gain-of-function result in the creation of SARS-CoV-2?
Yes, it did.
And I'm going to explain how that happened over the next coming weeks.
We've got a whistleblower.
He's a brilliant scientist, worked for Sandia Labs, worked for EcoHealth Alliance, and he's a veteran standing up for our country.
Good guy.
We've got all sorts of things coming out on this, all sorts of things happening on this.
And because of that, we now know they created this in the lab using funding from Fauci.
And the result was the biggest pandemic disaster in human history.
And then they decided to cover up and lie about the cure, which is worse than the disease.
And so we got a true snake oil salesman situation here, Alex.
They create the disease.
They create the cure.
The cure is worse than the disease.
And now we have this giant mess.
That is so massive, and I want you to drill back into this whistleblower and the gain of function, which is all admitted.
Why do you think suddenly the rats are leaving the sinking ship?
Why do you think suddenly they're admitting, okay, we didn't know, okay, we fired the FDA boards and authorized it because we thought it was the best thing to do?
What do they know is about to come out?
Obviously what you and others are doing?
Yeah, so I mean, I would love to be able to take credit for everything.
I don't know.
What I do know is that about two months ago,
And you know, Alex, you've known me for over a year.
I don't leak.
If things come out, it's because I want them to come out, right?
So a few months back, we accidentally leaked, which was intentional, that we were working with Dr. Andrew Huff.
Dr. Andrew Huff is the whistleblower I'm talking about, right?
So, we were talking with Dr. Andrew Huff.
Within a couple weeks of us saying that, suddenly, Fauci, Sachs, all these different people started saying, you know, I wonder if there's any credibility to this lab leak theory.
Suddenly, they were willing to talk about that, even though they had denied it outright ever since.
The reason that they were doing that is because they know what Huff has.
They know the documents he has.
They know where he worked and what he knows.
I think they're terrified of this.
We're going to be providing this to Senator Johnson.
If Rand Paul will accept it, we'll provide it to him.
We're going to be providing this evidence to everyone.
And these guys have been going after this from the beginning, going after it hard.
And, you know, even for the guys in Congress who've been avoiding talking about the jab, no one is avoiding talking about Fauci creating this because it's inexcusable.
So we're going to give them that information.
I think one of the big things that's changed is I think they're terrified of what we're going to bring, and they should be, because it's unbelievable.
And, you know, just for you, Alex, just for InfoWars, because I think you'll appreciate this, I think there's a really important question I want to put out there for the viewers.
So going back to the 1990s, China's been talking about using bio warfare against the United States.
If you fast forward to the 2000s and 2010s, China didn't have the capacity, the technology, to do this advanced genetic engineering.
Suddenly, Anthony Fauci decides he's going to fund this super advanced genetic engineering that would essentially transfer that technology to the Chinese Communist Party.
And they're going to do so in the Wuhan labs, which are known to be bioweapons development labs.
Does anybody in this country truly believe that our DoD and our intelligence agencies were unaware of this?
Does anybody truly believe that they didn't know that our nation's avowed enemy was not looking to get this data and get this information so that they could use it against us?
And if so, then why is it that we allowed this to happen?
Why did our intelligence community and our DOD, why did they not step in and stop it?
Why did they actively allow this to occur?
And by the way, we're going to be producing evidence on this.
So I think these are really important questions and I think they go to why this has been so covered up and why this has been so hidden.
Let's also not overlook Hunter Biden's connections in this.
Who was invested in by Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden's thing.
Let's not overlook their connections to EcoHealth Alliance during the time that SARS-2 was created in the lab.
All right, Thomas Renz, stay right there.
We're going to come back and get into this because they're in panic mode.
The rats leaving the sinking ship.
The shots don't work and hurt you.
It's all coming out.
It's all the gain of functions all coming out.
Fauci's resigned.
Stay with us.
So, Thomas Renz has been at the tip of the spear as a lawyer for two years fighting this COVID rollout tyranny.
To have the CDC head admit, we lied to you, the shot doesn't protect you.
To have them admit that the boards tried to override the boosters.
To have them say the lockdowns were wrong.
Why are they doing this and what do we expect to come next?
What is precipitating Fauci resigning?
What is precipitating Congress coming out and blaming Trump?
Which, yeah, Trump's part to blame for going along with Warp Speed, but he didn't do forced inoculation.
He didn't push the lockdowns.
He was against the masking.
I mean, he certainly woke up later, but he's still defending the shots, letting them scapegoat him, which I'm not even about defending Trump.
I'm just simply saying I want the real guilty parties, like Fauci and Peter Daszak and Bill Gates, to go to prison.
So please continue, Thomas Renz.
Yeah, so I mean, and there's so much going on.
I mean, it's literally, we've got just immense amounts of information.
In terms of what's going on with this, you've got to understand Fauci, they know that this is coming out.
They know that we're going to be able to show Fauci was behind this.
So they've got to get Fauci out of this lightning rod position.
Everything about this was a failure.
The jabs are being proven to be deadly.
Everything's going south, so they've got to get Fauci out of there.
Now, Fauci's not retiring.
He said that, right?
The reason he's not retiring is because he knows where all the bodies are buried.
So he's going to go into some cushy private sector position where they're going to pay him an immense amount of money to basically stay quiet.
And if he doesn't stay quiet, welcome to the Jeffrey Epstein Show Part 2.
So, you know, that's, I think, what's going on with Fauci.
Uh, with regards to Congress, you know, Alex, I think you and I did an interview on this probably a year plus ago.
You know, we said, listen, these jabs, they're going to, we're going to win on this.
We're going to prove that they're poison.
It's going to come out.
And you know, when they do that, when that happens, they're going to say it's Trump's fault, Operation Warp Speed.
That's what they were going to do.
That was always something that they've had in their back pocket.
Now we're hoping, and I'm praying.
That the Donald will let us come and brief him and explain to him what's actually going on so that he can come out and tell the truth, because I think that's his best mechanism for dealing with this politically.
But, you know, he's been lied to by everybody.
And that's not a tremendous surprise.
I mean, listen, look at
Even his friends in the media, his supposed friends at Fox News, have been telling, you know, promoting this jab because everybody's been bought off.
So, you know, that's just, it's just unbelievable.
He hasn't had anybody he could trust on this issue.
And the people who he can trust don't understand the issue in depth, to be able to properly brief.
So that's where I think that's going.
And I think that Congress, especially, I mean, McConnell, these rhinos, they'd do anything to get rid of Trump.
So they're going to be more than happy to try and lay the death from these jabs at his feet, just so long as they can keep him out.
Anything they got to do... I agree.
Some of my listeners are saying, why are you defending Trump?
No, he's not the one to blame.
It's Fauci and Bill Gates and the New World Order and Obama with the gain-of-function research.
I don't want them to get away with it.
What do you think Trump needs to do right now to make sure the guilty actually get in trouble?
So Trump's got to come out and he's got to start immediately talking about the dangers of this jab.
He's got to let us brief him and give him real science.
Real science.
I've offered, I will pay on my dime to fund getting McCullough, Malone, all these geniuses down there where he can get some real science.
We'll give him every bit of data we got.
He needs to help us make this truth available.
If he does that, you know, listen, the guy is 100% pro-America.
Everybody makes mistakes.
This is a great opportunity for him if he's willing, and we would be honored to help him in any way that we can.
That's what I think Trump's got to do.
But I know that a lot of people say, oh, Trump did this because he, you know, he should have spoke out.
Listen, you got to understand something.
We've been trying to get information to Trump for years on this.
And so I don't think there's anybody on this planet more frustrated than me with that, but you got to understand something.
I'm a nobody attorney from Ohio.
Why is Donald Trump going to listen to me when he's got people from Fox News, professional advisors, high-end doctors, all lying to him?
So we have to build our credibility.
Well, it's turned out everything we've said was right.
Alex, this is, I mean, you should play this on repeat.
Alex was right.
Alex was right.
Alex was right.
Everywhere we go, Alex was right.
You know, here's another case.
You were right.
We've known this, but we had to get it to the point where our voice was strong enough to overcome the swamp.
And the swamp is powerful.
They've got a big voice and it's hard to tell who's swamp and who's not.
And they wouldn't be positioning Trump to take the fall unless they knew they were in trouble.
That's exactly right.
If they could keep going with this, they would.
And I'm going to tell you, this is, this is the issue.
This is what was behind the election.
They could never have stolen 2020 without COVID.
And they could never have done half of what they've done without COVID.
I mean, if you look at the destruction of our economy, the amount of money that's been printed and transferred.
This is the globalist war against America.
This is the Great Reset.
It is absolute.
Well, I mean, they even told us at the World Economic Forum that COVID was the most profitable event in world history.
Well, maybe if you're a billionaire globalist, but not for you and I. I know it sure wasn't profitable for me.
The little guy got crushed.
The billionaires doubled their money at least.
This was their war.
Yeah, and let's not overlook the Chinese Communist Party, who's as much our enemy as anybody.
Right now, you've got the enemy of our enemy, right?
The World Economic Forum and the CCP are cozying up and working together, and whatever they have to do to destroy freedom, right?
Whatever they have to do.
China cannot have the shining beacon for freedom on the hill.
Doing well.
Because if they do, their people are going to say, why in God's name would we want to live in this crap hole?
And it's the same sort of thing.
These globalists, they don't want upward mobility.
They don't want a middle class.
Those people are threats.
They're competition.
So what do they do?
Well, they eliminate competition.
That's how they do it.
So these things, this is all coming together.
There's a whole bunch of people that are the enemies of freedom.
And basically it's them, the globalists, the communists, versus us, we the people, who want freedom.
And now they're trying to pin it on Trump, who they tricked.
He needs to figure that out.
Thomas Renz, you're on fire.
So I want you to host the next two segments, so you're uninterrupted.
What are you going to be covering when you come back?
I am absolutely honored.
I'm going to talk a little bit about some groups we're working with.
I'm going to talk some more about this fight, where we're going with some things.
And then in the last segment, I'm going to talk with a guy who's taking the fight to the people.
And we're going to
Give you guys some directions and places to go.
Please stay with us.
I'm going to try and, I can't fill Alex's shoes, but I'll try and at least, you know, get a foot in a slipper or something.
You're beautiful.
Thomas Renz, Renz-Law.com, R-E-N-Z-Law.com.
Then Paul Joseph Watson in the fourth hour, and then Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Central with The War Room.
This is an information war.
The power of the people is incredible.
Take the live links for InfoWars.com forward slash show and band out video.
Share them now.
We'll be right back as their house of cards comes down.
A historic moment.
Fortune favors the bold and our fortune is freedom.
Hey, everybody.
Hey, glad to be here.
Man, aren't you all disappointed?
You turn in for Alex Jones and you're stuck with Tom Renz.
Listen, I am honored to be here.
It's my privilege that Alex would let me rant here for a couple segments.
And he had a very, very important thing came up.
It's so important that he was stuck leaving a guy like me to talk.
So I'm gonna try and fill his shoes the best I can.
I'd be lucky to wear his sandals, but we're gonna do what we can do.
So what we were talking about is we were talking about what's going on with this whole COVID debacle.
It's coming down.
It's coming down in a big way.
You know, and we talked about the gain of function stuff.
We know that Anthony Fauci has lied about gain of function.
He funded this work.
We know that this was created in the lab in Wuhan.
And, you know, I asked the question, do you really think that we created this and had this sort of technology transferred to China without our intel and military knowing?
Of course not.
Of course they knew about it.
So I'm looking forward to bringing out that information.
But I want to talk about another aspect of this that I think is absolutely critical.
The thing that everybody wants to know is what can I do, right?
How do I get involved?
So, this is a critical component of this, and this goes to what Alex is dealing with.
Alex has been censored, he's been beat up, he's been attacked.
I mean, I don't think I could list another media personality that's been more attacked than Alex Jones.
Bannon's close.
But, you know, Alex Jones has been through absolute hell.
And, you know, maybe not every time, but he has been right far more times than wrong.
He's been on to it.
He's been on to it.
Why is that?
Why is that?
Well, it goes to what the World Economic Forum just announced.
They need to tighten down ahead of the elections.
They need to tighten down on censorship.
They need to tighten down on this free speech stuff.
They call it misinformation, but the reality is they don't want us to communicate.
They can't have Alex Jones out there.
They can't have Steve Bannon out there.
They can't have these guys out there telling the truth.
If these guys are out there telling the truth and you're hearing the truth, boy, it's hard to sell a lie when someone's telling the truth right next to it, right?
So truth is critical and communicating with each other, working with each other is critical.
What are we doing about that?
So one of the things that I've done is early on, you know, I'm a nobody attorney from a little town in Ohio, right?
I don't have a huge firm.
I'm not a big shot.
I've got a platform because guys like Alex have allowed me to speak.
They've allowed me to come out here and do my thing.
But I didn't have a big platform.
Nobody knew who I was five years ago.
So what we had to do is we had to build that.
Because I recognized early on if we wanted to have a chance in the courts, if we wanted to have a chance elsewhere, we had to build that platform up.
We had to make it so big that no matter how much these guys were spending on lies and controlling the mainstream media, that we would have an alternative mechanism for getting the truth out.
We've been working on that ever since.
And for any of you that have followed my work, I always talk about hitting these guys legally, politically, and PR.
All three.
And none of the three are more important.
Mind you, I'm a lawyer.
And I'm telling you that the PR and the political aspects are as important as the courts.
And if you don't use all three, you can't win in any one of them.
The other side has been attacking us using all three for years, and it's worked incredibly well.
So we've had to build this.
We've had to build alternative communications networks.
So we've done things.
One of the groups that I work with a ton is Make Americans Free Again, MAFA.
Make Americans Free Again is the one who sponsored the work that Andrew Huff and I are doing that is bringing out all this gain-of-function work and all these sorts of things.
It's a huge deal.
Pam Popper, a good friend of mine, she founded MAFA.
And, uh, you know, we're building an attorney network there.
We're building this.
We're building that.
And we're communicating with the membership and it's all over the country.
Why is that so important?
That is exactly what they don't want us to do.
They don't want us to communicate.
They don't want us to talk to each other.
They don't want us to let you know what's going on.
They, they need to shut down the Alex Joneses of this world and they need to shut everything else down.
Now, let me, let me explain to you how important this is and why sharing information is crucial.
The first amendment is everything.
The First and Second Amendment protect the rest.
Without the First and Second Amendment, the rest of the Constitution is going to go away.
And the reason for that is, is the Second Amendment is the ultimate backstop, and I don't need to explain that.
But the First Amendment, freedom of consciousness, which is freedom of religion, and freedom to communicate and associate and to speak.
That is the foundation of our nation.
Without it, we're done.
When they censor Alex Jones, they're censoring you.
When Facebook says Alex Jones can't talk, they're saying you can't talk.
They don't want your perspective out there.
Now, what's truth?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, if you ask the left, it can be my truth, and my truth can be that I'm a cow.
Hey, I'm a furry.
I'm a cow today.
What the heck does that mean?
It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
But to the left, that's where we're at, right?
That's truth.
It's not misinformation for an eight-year-old to say that I need a litter box at school because I'm a furry cat today.
But it's misinformation for Alex Jones to say, hey, these jabs aren't safe.
Can anyone explain this to me?
This is insanity.
It is absurdity.
That is why we have to develop these alternative systems and alternative mechanisms for communicating.
We are working with groups like InfoWars, with groups like MAFA, with all of these different groups to make sure that we can get this word out.
Because here's the deal.
When COVID started, I did a speech this weekend or last weekend.
It was with Clay Clark with the Reawakening Tour, right?
15 minutes before I went on stage, suddenly the feed got cut.
It was supposed to be broadcast live by a whole bunch of streaming partners.
It got cut.
Well, that's shocking.
I wonder why.
Could it be that they didn't want us to talk about the whistleblower who'd given me the Social Security death master file?
You know, the death master file that showed that, you know, that big spike in deaths that occurred when coronavirus first hit, you know, in March-ish of 2020?
The big spike that was so bad that we had to shut down our country, lock people in their houses, mask our kids for God knows how long.
That spike?
You know, the worst spike in history?
Could it be that the reason that they didn't want this out there was because that spike was minuscule?
Compared to the death spike that was shown in the Social Security master death file when the COVID jabs were rolled out.
And then again when the COVID jabs were mandated.
That's what they didn't want you to hear.
They don't want you to hear that.
They've got to shut down our communications.
You know, they didn't want you to hear that along with the accompanying spike from deaths from SARS-CoV-2, which did occur, there was a spike, but they also didn't want you to hear that there was an accompanying decline in inpatient stays according to Medicare-Medicaid.
And that that decline in inpatient stays was so substantial that it was probably a major contributing factor to that first spike.
Basically, SARS-CoV-2 is a thing and did kill people.
Nowhere near as many as they said.
They've lied about it from the beginning.
We have the evidence.
We have the proof.
And here's the thing about the stuff that I had at the reawakening tour.
This is the social security death master file, right?
So when we see reports about what the insurance companies have, Anthony Fauci can say, well, I didn't see that.
I didn't know.
I, you know, it was, this is private information.
We didn't have that.
He can't say that they didn't have the social security death file.
There's no way anybody could be so incompetent to be rolling this stuff out and not be looking at the Social Security death file.
They knew how many people were dying.
You know, when this first rolled out, the biggest spike in deaths since 2010, the highest monthly deaths occurred in the months right after the rollout, that January, February-ish timeframe of 2021.
Right after that, and what happened?
So in 2020, December of 2020-ish, these jabs, they start becoming available.
In 2021, they wanted to prioritize this for sick people.
They did, and guess what happened?
Those sick people died.
They forced it in the nursing homes, and then the people in the nursing homes died.
They knew it.
They covered it up.
Why is Anthony Fauci leaving?
Because all of this is coming out.
Because that crook was behind this.
He knew what was going on.
And now, there's accountability coming.
We've got to hold these guys accountable.
And we've got to not only ask, what did Anthony Fauci know?
But we've also got to ask, who paid him off?
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Hey everybody, welcome back, welcome back.
Hey, good news, bad news.
Good news for me, I get to be here again.
Bad news for you, you got me instead of Alex Jones.
I mean, you know, it's kind of a losing deal for you all, but hey, please stick with me because I got stuff to talk about.
Really important stuff.
What we're doing right now is we've been talking about the lies, the breakdown, the failure of the SARS-CoV-2 narrative, you know, the death jabs, all this stuff that's going on.
And one of the things that we're talking about in the last segment is the way that we fight this back.
And we fight back, we join organizations like Make Americans Free again.
I hope you'll support them.
I hope you'll buy tickets to Clay Clark's Reawakening Tour.
I think he gives them away for free.
We're going to be in Washington, Idaho, and then Pennsylvania.
Please join us there.
Uh, but we're also, I'm actually coming down to Texas this week, uh, this weekend.
I'm going to be in the Mesquite area with, uh, with my, my buddy, baby Trump.
Uh, if you don't know this guy, he's something.
And I'm going to have him join me here in just a second, but.
So baby Trump, Chris Hicks, he's got the reckoning fest occurring down in Mesquite.
This is important, right?
This is important.
This goes to what I was talking about, and I can't stress this enough.
Supporting Alex Jones, supporting these events, supporting these things.
This is how we get the truth out.
The one thing they didn't want us to do is they didn't want us to be together.
They didn't want us to bond.
They didn't want us to shake hands.
They didn't want me to be able to stand next to you and let you know that you weren't alone.
You didn't have a third eye.
You weren't some sort of a freak show.
We, the people, we are the majority.
This is the real secret.
This is Alex Jones' secret.
We're the majority.
People don't realize that.
You've got to come to these events now and then.
And I don't get to go to as many as I'd like because, you know, I got to do that lawyer thing a little bit here and there.
And I got all these other obligations.
But I love when I get to because I get to shake hands and meet people.
And it's critical.
I cannot tell you how important it is that we, the people, come together as peaceful, patriotic Americans and let each other know that we got each other's backs.
I also want to bring Chris on because Chris is a, he's a normal guy, just like me.
And I want you to see that normal guys like me, like Chris, we're fighting and making a difference, or at least trying to.
And the important part of that is that you understand that you're watching me on a TV show right now.
And you know, God bless Alex Jones, it's actually a really big popular TV show and they still let me talk.
But you don't have to be a big shot to make a big impact.
You just got to have the courage and the tenacity to stand.
So I'm going to ask that you stick with us here.
Chris, let's bring Chris on.
Chris, how you doing?
I'm blessed and deserved, brother, now that I'm on here with you.
And wow, to be on InfoWars has been a dream come true.
And I actually prayed about it this morning when I walked into the venue.
I'm at the venue, friends.
I'm at the venue.
I walked in and I thought I was just going to see this empty shell.
It's completely done.
I literally took pictures and a video and really couldn't even stop, you know, with the motion.
I was so overwhelmed.
And I said, I looked to God and I said, please, let's fill every single seat in this place.
And here I am on InfoWars with you and Alex Jones and Owen Troyer and no place better.
A whole bunch of heroes on this show, on this channel.
A whole bunch of them.
It's about courage.
It's about integrity.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.
And what I love about them is that it doesn't matter what people think.
It doesn't matter what people think.
They still deliver the truth.
They still deliver the facts, regardless of whatever backlash that they get.
It doesn't matter.
And I love that.
That's what people have to my own heart.
And that's what I want to talk about.
Alex gives me the great honor of sitting here today, and I was like, you know what?
I want to call Chris, because I knew what we were talking about today, and I know that you got the Reckoning Fest up in Mesquite this weekend, and I hope people will come.
But you know what I wanted to talk about?
So I met you at the Reawakening Tour, and much like a lot of the rest of us, we all met through that tour.
A lot of us came together.
But that tour brought together people who were not willing to sell out, not willing to bend, like Alex Jones.
People who were willing to stand for something.
Chris, are you a superhero?
Are you a billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, superhero or something?
I'm on the floor.
You're a snazzy dresser, but outside of that, and you've got some really cool shoes that I've seen over the years, but outside of that, you're a pretty regular guy.
Let's talk about Reckoning Fest.
Let's talk about some names.
Let's talk about some of the people that are going to show up at this, and I'm going somewhere with this.
It's not just a promo.
By the way, I'm not trying to sell tickets.
I'm pushing it because I don't get a dime out of this, right?
I'm just showing up because it's the right thing to do.
I want to promote this.
Chris isn't paying me to be there.
What I'm trying to do is I'm trying to set the example.
Chris is a regular dude.
I'm a regular guy.
You give me a beer and a campfire and I am a happy man, right?
But we're fighting.
This is what they're afraid of.
Tyranny is an illusion.
It's always been an illusion.
And it only works when we, the people, allow it to happen.
So Chris, what I'd love is I'd love for you to tell a little bit about your story so people can see it's not superhero Chris that put together this.
Chris has Lindell or Logan, all sorts of big people coming in.
He was able to pull all this stuff together.
Chris, tell us your superhero background, billionaire, philanthropist, playboy background that has facilitated you being able to do all this.
No, I'm just the average person that is just sick and tired of being sick and tired.
And I didn't have the pleasure or the honor to fight for my country when I was younger.
But now I'm fighting for my country.
Now I'm doing something.
And you know, it's one thing to say it.
It's another thing to put your step, you put your steps forward, right?
God puts your steps, he orders them, you just obey them.
Every single email, every single text.
I've gotten people hotel rooms.
I've got people flying in all over the country.
You know why?
Because it matters.
It matters that you're here.
It matters that you're sitting in that seat.
Because what's going to go down on Saturday and Sunday, it's going to make history.
The reason I chose the Reckoning Fest uncensored is because I'm sick and tired of things being censored.
I'm sick and tired going to events and they tell me, well, baby Trump, you can't talk about that.
And baby Trump, you can't talk about this.
Well, then why are we having an event?
How are we calling ourselves patriots?
How are we saying, you might as well be like the left.
You might as well be like the demon crabs.
Like, you might as well be like them if you're going to censor an event and tell people what to say, how to feel, and what to do.
And here, I want everybody to be relaxed.
I want everybody to just say, you know what?
I'm so glad that I came here, that I now have a plan.
I now know what I'm going to do going forward.
Where maybe they were like, you know what?
I want to do something.
I don't know what it is.
Your heart is going to be ripped open.
I'm going to move, touch, and or inspire people to take action after this weekend.
You're going to cry.
You're going to laugh.
You're going to get frustrated.
But you know what you're going to do?
You're going to leave there with saying, you know what?
I know what my plan is.
I know what my purpose is.
I know when I listen to Thomas Renz or Gene Ho or Mary Crowley, my gosh, we have so many people, it's ridiculous and we've never been under the same roof.
Nino Rodriguez, I was talking to him last night, late, you know, and he's like, I can't even believe I'm doing an event like this.
People that never ever did an event, and I want to talk about Nino for a minute, because you and I brought this up the other day when we talked about working out.
Nino and I have boffs.
Now, he's a heavyweight boxer.
You were heavyweight.
I was just a golden gloves, 153 pounds, soaking wet.
But here's what I want to tell you, is that when you walk up those stairs as a boxer, you know this friends, we talked about this, you literally have a millisecond to think, why am I going inside that ring to get my head bashed in?
Why am I going inside that ring that I might never come back out?
So your why matters and your why better be bigger
And I know that.
And Chris?
Ladies and gentlemen, if millions of people get this book, our funding problems will be over, and it's starting to happen.
That's why I said, yeah, go to Infoworkstore.com, get the book, it starts shipping in a couple weeks.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
But I said, go to Amazon, because it's the number one book chart in the world.
And if it goes to number one, not of political, not of history, not of U.S.
history, it's already number one over 40 categories, like political science, you name it.
40 plus categories is number one.
Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please, of books in the world, the Great Reset and the War for the World is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
We are now number nine in the world.
This is major.
This is political.
This could fund our war chest.
Just go to Amazon.com, everybody, and buy 10 copies.
Send this blueprint to the Death Star and the New World Order, because you read this, you know their whole plan, how to stop them.
Hit the Great Reset, the War for the World, now.
It's gonna go to number one.
What do you make of that?
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
This is happening.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children, and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they now use me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Therapists in the U.S.
say they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they call Donald Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Trump Derangement Syndrome is clinically real.
It doesn't merely affect individuals, but entire political parties, rendering them unrecognizable.
One minute, they're perfectly normal.
The next, rapid.
The veneer of civilization is evaporating quickly.
Families and culture are collapsing.
And godless leftists are behaving just like zombies of modern lore.
Psychologist Dr. Stuart Bassman says for his clients, it started the morning after the election.
Doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump Anxiety Disorder.
A number of people are manifesting what I would call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
There's an overpowering fear that President Trump represents the end of the world.
Prey, it doesn't happen to you.
Land of the dead!
White nails!
We're live.
It is August the 25th, 2022.
This is the Summit News Hour.
Boy, have we got a lot to get through this hour.
We have the British government, the German government being warned over and over again about cost-of-living riots.
They're talking about gas shortages, power grid failures.
People are panicked buying stoves, firewood, electric heaters.
They're all going out of stock.
And yet the same people who will be struggling to put food on the table, literally having the choice between eating and heating this winter, are being demonized by their own governments as domestic extremists.
We're going to get into that and a whole host more, but of course the narrative that we've been following over the course of months now, basically since the turn of the year almost,
Is the rats fleeing the sinking ship of the pandemic basically saying, oh, we were wrong all along, but we're not going to have any responsibility.
Nobody's going to face any backlash to this.
No punishment whatsoever.
And we're seeing it again with the mask mandates.
We have a story out of Summit News.
CNN medical analyst who fiercely advocated masking
Now admits it harmed her own son's development.
Too little, too late, given that we're, what, a year and a half into the... two years and a half into the pandemic now.
This is CNN medical analyst Lena Nguyen, who for two years was one of the strongest advocates for masks and masks in schools,
Now admits that forcing her child to wear one harmed his development.
We've been harping on this topic for the past basically 18 months at this point.
We've had major studies showing that this causes cognitive dysfunctionality in children.
Some of them unable to say their own name.
Some of them have speech learning difficulties up to the age of four and beyond.
They're basically showing signs of autism as a result of both them, their parents, making them wear masks.
I saw a family the other day in Waterstones, the booksellers here in the UK.
Which for some weird reason, the people who work in Waterstones think it's some kind of ideological uniform to still wear a mask.
Given that we haven't even had a mask mandate in the United Kingdom since January.
A family with two young children walking into the bookstore.
They make their children put the masks on before going into the store.
There have been no mask mandates in this country for seven friggin' months!
And people are still doing it!
Outside temperatures of 36 degrees.
A heat wave.
They claim the highest temperature ever.
They take the measurements at airports to boost global warming narratives.
But still, it was pretty bloody hot.
36 degree heat, outside, wearing masks.
Some people will not let it go.
They'll click their heels.
They'll say, jump how high if the government brings the mandates back.
Which they're doing in Germany, by the way.
No idea what the Covid numbers are even going to be in two months' time.
Bring the mask mandates back anyway.
We had a study out of Britain showing elementary school, again, underdeveloped verbal skills.
We played a clip many times before from a speech therapist in the United States who said she'd seen a 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers.
They're losing IQ points, as many as 22 verbal, motor and cognitive IQ points as a result of adults wearing masks.
Children learn how to speak.
They learn how to have emotional engagements with other children and with adults through facial expressions and through speech.
When you block that off entirely, you raise basically a generation of autists if they don't recover in time.
A study published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal found lockdowns in the UK cause 60,000 children to suffer clinical depression, again partly as a result of these restrictions.
400,000 British children referred to mental health specialists last year for things like eating disorders and self-harm.
Again, all the studies showing declining IQ, verbal, motor, cognitive decline in learning.
And this CNN analyst, Lena Wen, has been pushing this crap for the past two years, to the point where she said we should restrict the activities of the unvaccinated, that unvaccinated people need to be basically treated as pariahs in society, relegated as third-class citizens.
Now suddenly she comes back two and a half years into the pandemic and says, oh by the way, that whole mask thing, yeah I was probably wrong about that.
They were wrong about everything!
They were wrong about the lockdowns.
Sweden, never locked down.
Lower mortality rate than its neighbouring countries.
Lower mortality rate than other European countries.
When are these people going to face any consequences for the defamation that they performed on society?
For the attack?
Not just on our liberties, but on our basic human dignity.
To the point where you weren't allowed to go to your own loved one's funeral.
You had to watch it on a friggin' Zoom call.
When are they going to face any backlash, any consequences for what they did?
Now, they're obviously somewhat scared of those consequences.
Of course, we've seen Fauci announcing his retirement.
And we've seen several of them scuttling away on Twitter, in the media, with their tails between their legs.
And this Lena Nguyen, this CNN analyst, is just the latest example of that.
She wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post in which she stated,
It became clear that the goal I'd hoped for, containment of COVID-19, was not reachable.
The coronavirus is here to stay.
Finally admitting that.
Finally giving up on the zero COVID narrative, which China still upholds, after, you know, welding people inside their own apartments.
She went on to say, with this new indefinite time frame, the benefit-risk calculus of mitigation measures shifted dramatically.
Bear in mind these are the same people who at the start of the pandemic said that masks don't work and masks could make it worse.
And anyone who disagreed with that was engaging in medical misinformation.
They flipped the script, and then anyone citing actual studies... The UK government did its own study in schools, said there's no quantifiable evidence that wearing masks stops the spread of the virus, went ahead and introduced the masks in schools anyway.
Their own studies contradicted it.
But again, they're all fleeing the sinking ship because they're starting to see there may be some comeuppance, there may be some consequences to their actions.
Now she says, again, this is Lena Wen of CNN, CNN Medical Analysts, I was willing to limit my children's activities for a year or two, or just a couple of years, but not for their entire childhood.
She admits masking has harmed our son's language development, so it literally takes their own kids to become autistic, or to become retarded, let's be honest, for them to actually make a rain check on those previous narratives.
She said, She's finally saying this two and a half years after going on CNN on a daily friggin' basis and telling parents to mask up their kids.
Absolutely unbelievable!
Information Liberation reports narrative shift.
Democrats slam Trump for rushing Covid vaccine without enough safety data.
So now there are all the vaccine injuries, all the mysterious sudden collapses of people, which by the way I also see on the street every time I watch a football match in this country.
They have a medical emergency in the stands and they have to stop the game because someone suddenly collapsed in the stands.
What's the latest excuse?
They're saying that car exhaust fumes cause sudden collapse and heart attacks.
Literally everything under the sun now causes strokes and heart attacks.
So now all that's coming out, now that they're finally having to face up to what's happening,
Now that more and more people are becoming aware of that, what's the narrative?
What's the next move?
What's the next pivot?
Blame Donald Trump!
Democrats on Wednesday released a new report attacking Donald Trump for pressuring the FDA to authorise unproven treatments for Covid-19.
And basically to rush the vaccine, which he can't deny that he did rush the vaccine, but not through any pushback from the FDA or from Pfizer or from anyone else.
They wanted him to rush the vaccine, of course, because they enjoyed the vast profits, the continual residual profits from the fourth booster, the fifth booster, the sixth booster, none of which have any impact whatsoever, because the vaccine is not 100% safe and effective.
Of course Fauci's resigned, we're going to come back and get to that.
We'll also come back on the other side and get to Spain now basically saying that their people are going to have to make massive sacrifices to support the current thing.
German authorities saying the same.
British authorities being warned of mass civil unrest as a result of people being unable to pay their energy bills but still going ahead and funneling 50 million dollars into the black hole that is the Ukraine war.
Anyway, Summit.News, we'll be back.
We're live, it is the Summit News Hour, and I'm going to shift now to talk about the latest on the cost of living crisis.
Of course, we had this headline yesterday, last night.
Boris Johnson, we're paying higher bills.
Ukraine is paying in blood.
Basically, we have a population whose energy bills per year, gas and electricity, are going to spike, they're saying, to £6,000.
That's about $8,000, $9,000 per year in April.
By the spring,
Six times what they are now, okay?
They were nearer down to £1,000 about six months ago.
They're about £1,900 on average, the yearly energy bill for the average British household.
It's going to be £3,600 by the end of this year.
It's going to be £6,000 and above by April, which is going to send a third of the country into actual poverty.
They're already struggling with soaring food inflation, as indeed Americans are, and people in other European countries.
Crippling energy bills, soaring food inflation, warnings of civil unrest, riots on the streets.
And what does Boris Johnson do?
He sends a further £57 million into the black hole that is the Ukraine war.
And we featured the stories before.
In fact, CBS News cancelled, censored their own report, saying that a lot of this money is going into a black hole.
It's getting stolen by paramilitary groups on the ground.
The medical support, the weapons system support, even if you agree with this prolonging NATO wars of interventionism for years and years and years, because that's proven a great idea in the past, hasn't it?
The money isn't even going to the front line.
I'd say a majority of it isn't even going to the front line right now.
We have
A class situation here in the UK where you have upper middle class people who can afford to absorb that hit in cost of living because they've got tons of disposable income, waving, flying their Ukraine flags on their country estates, on their six acres of land or whatever, proud to support the current thing, proud to get patted on the back by their neighbours.
They can afford the increased petrol, diesel prices.
They can afford the increased electricity, gas prices.
People who can't afford it are the people who are having to choose between heating and eating as we approach this winter of discontent.
And that's a majority of people, by the way.
Not everyone can afford to fly their little Ukraine flag and say, I support the current thing and absorb the pain.
But that's what we're saying that we're going to have to absorb, is the pain.
Spanish official warns of winter of great suffering.
Of course, most of these people, including EU officials, are paid like a quarter of a million euros a year.
They're not going to do any suffering.
Big business in France, they've got record profits.
Of course, Shell Oil BP in the United Kingdom, they've got record profits.
They're not doing any suffering.
We're the ones doing the suffering.
Top Spanish official, this is Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles, has made the comments on Radio National in which she said that Europeans are about to endure a winter of great suffering as a result of Russia fully suspending gas supplies during the freezing months.
We've also got Germany saying the same thing.
This is out of Breitbart, winter of discontent, Germany to implement energy rationing amid fears of gas riots.
What appears to be the latest attempt to avoid energy shortages this winter.
The German government is to implement restrictions limiting the use of energy in the country.
They're talking about a limit of 19 degrees Celsius, that's 66 degrees Fahrenheit for you Americans, on thermostats temperatures in all public buildings.
And that also applies, by the way, to care homes.
Similar situation in Spain, similar situation in Italy.
The owners of these care homes have come out and said, if you force elderly people with numerous comorbidities to live at 20 degrees Celsius, never mind 19 degrees for 100% of the time, they're going to die.
They can't live at that level.
Of course, older people get colder a lot easily.
More easily, they're more susceptible to hypothermia and things like that.
They have numerous other comorbidities.
They're literally going to let old people die to keep these thermostats below 20, 19 degrees in support of the current thing.
And they're telling you to make sacrifices.
Let's go to this Macron video now.
This is called Macron is an idiot and it's about this very subject.
Let's roll it.
President Emmanuel Macron, the technocrat in chief, is pulling the same stunt as all the others by saying your living standards must be reduced to support the current thing when the agenda to reduce your living standards was in the works for years and years before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
What we are living through is a time of great upheaval.
Firstly, because we are witnessing, and not just since this summer, but over the past few years, the end of what we might have seen as abundance.
And for those who enjoyed it, it is also the end of a carefree time.
Our freedom, the liberty to which we have grown accustomed to in our lives, has a price, and sometimes when we have to defend it, we have to make certain sacrifices as we fight to defend it.
Apparently your quality of life and your freedom, freedom in the land of cops harassing people for not having vaccine passports, your quality of life and your freedom must be sacrificed on the altar of never-ending neoliberal NATO interventionist wars.
Your family's financial future must be placed in peril at the behest of the liberal world order.
Macron acts like the yellow vest protest.
It's never happened.
Cost of living demonstrations and riots were happening all over in France in late 2018.
Well over three years before Russia invaded Ukraine.
And why were they happening?
Because Macron is following the same disastrous net zero green energy madness that every other European country is following.
Policies that devastate the farming community and rural workers as we've seen in the Netherlands.
Policies that necessitate exorbitant energy bill price hikes.
Who's making sacrifices?
It's not big business, is it?
Dividends paid out by major French companies reached a record 44 billion euros in the second quarter of 2022.
They're up almost 33% on the previous year.
Union leader Philippe Martinez savaged Macron.
He said, quote,
Times are already hard, sacrifices have already been made.
We see the same thing in the UK, where Boris Johnson said, quote, We also know that if we're paying in our energy bills for the evils of Vladimir Putin, the people of Ukraine are paying in their blood.
And that's why we know we must stay the course.
Absolute bullshit!
Yeah, old people might freeze to death this winter.
A third of the country is facing entering poverty.
Experts are warning that mass civil unrest is brewing.
Energy bills are set to soar to over £6,500 a year by next spring.
And he's busy sending another £54 million of taxpayer money abroad to buy new weapons systems so NATO can perpetuate a conflict.
And where's the money even going?
Down a very deep black hole.
The corruption related to the war aid is shocking, said one observer in Ukraine.
The weapons are stolen, the humanitarian aid is stolen, and we have no idea where the billions sent to this country have gone.
While here at home perpetuates the same net zero madness that has got us in this mess in the first place.
Yeah, it's very easy to make the sacrifice while flying your Ukrainian flag over your six acre country pile in the Cotswolds.
But for people who have to make the choice between putting food on the table and paying the gas bill, not so easy.
The way it's going, people are going to find an alternative to paying their heating bills.
And that's by keeping warm by setting fires on the streets.
Bas Macron is an idiot, going to come back live in the next segment, talk more about the cost of living crisis, specifically how it relates to Germany and how that population is being demonised as domestic extremists, simply for complaining about it.
Summit.News, we'll be back.
So again you have Macron pretending that this cost of living crisis, these energy riots which they're now predicting, are solely because of Putin's invasion of Ukraine.
They're not.
We have the Yellow Vest movement in late 2018.
That was a cost of living demonstration on a giant scale.
The Biden administration claims that gas prices weren't rising before the invasion of Ukraine.
They were.
We have Germany
One, in one sense, demonizing its own citizens as domestic extremists for protesting against this.
We have them creating warm-up spaces where people who are unable to afford their bills will have to go to keep warm in winter.
We have them forcing public buildings, forcing care homes to keep thermostats below 19 degrees Celsius, that's 66 degrees Fahrenheit.
And again, blaming it all on the current thing, saying Germans need to sacrifice for the good of Ukraine.
Yeah, in Germany they're shutting down their nuclear power plants, the ones that are remaining, by the end of the year.
The one thing that could recoup that massive energy loss due to the shutdown of the Nord Stream gas pipeline by Russia
The one thing that could lower energy bills, the one thing that could prevent civil unrest, the one thing that could prevent old people literally freezing to death, alternative forms of energy that aren't green energy crap that's not fit for purpose, nuclear power plants, they're shutting them all down by the end of the year!
Absolute Harry Carrey insanity!
We have a situation in the United Kingdom where they banned fracking in November 2019, despite the fact that it is basically, as it was in America, an economic miracle, again after pressure from the Green Lobby.
Now we have Boris Johnson saying that we need to make sacrifices for Ukraine, that our old people need to freeze to death.
That people need to choose between heating and eating this winter.
Again, he was the one, it was his government that played an instrumental role in banning that fracking.
And again, his government has been more extreme than any other in pursuing these disastrous net-zero green energy policies.
Mainly through his wife, who was basically running the country, Carrie Simmons for a time, because she's a far-left eco-mentalist.
Czech president has called it out for what it is though, this is Milos Zeman,
Who blamed green madness for the energy crisis and warned that the abolition of cars with internal combustion engines will only prolong the agony.
Yeah, they haven't delayed that, have they?
They're still trying to phase out all gas, petrol, diesel cars by 2030.
Zeman said the primary cause of the crisis was not the Ukraine war, but, quote, green fanaticism that has left European countries dependent on energy sources that are not fit for purpose cannot meet demand.
He said, whether it's called the Green Deal or whatever, I'm afraid.
However, I won't be here anymore when we find out where the green madness will take us.
The abolition of cars with internal combustion engines will lead to the advent of far more demanding electromobility.
The biggest consumers of electricity will be electric cars with a short range and a high price.
Again, they're completely useless.
You can't even get halfway across the United Kingdom, which isn't even a very big country, without running out of power.
The charging stations aren't even in place to any great degree.
Again, they're forcing you into this Great Reset, this idea of owning nothing, renting everything, having to book your little allotted driverless Uber slot to go anywhere in the country.
It's a complete evisceration of living standards, mobility and freedom.
That is the Great Reset agenda and it's existed for many, many years before the invasion of Ukraine.
Green Party official tells Germans to use washcloths instead of taking showers!
This is top Green Party official, Winfred Kretschmann, who basically bragged about his own eco-credentials, said, well, I have the most expensive pellet heating fired system, I have the photovoltaic system on the roof, I have an electric car, why doesn't everyone else just have that?
Because they can't afford it!
$67,000, the average cost of the electric car.
Now he's saying that Germans shouldn't even take showers, that they should basically wash themselves with dirty rags.
Absolutely incredible.
Let's go to this video now, though, because we had another instance in the UK where the cops amidst a rising crime wave, robberies, thefts that the police say they're not even going to respond to anymore, another crime wave, flash mobs invading McDonald's, flash mobs invading stores in central London.
Meanwhile, once again, the police are busying themselves, frolicking around, dancing at gay pride parades.
This video is called Please Make It Stop.
Let's roll it.
Despite all the ridicule, despite all the condemnation, despite an actual crime wave sweeping the country, they're still doing it!
That's Lincolnshire Police!
This is also Lincolnshire Police.
Sexual offences are up 34% and robberies up 28%.
More than 1,000 sexual attacks against women and girls reported to Lincolnshire Police in just 12 months.
Oh well, what can they do about it?
They're only... the police.
Boston in Lincolnshire is the most murderous place in England and Wales, Home Office figures reveal.
It's really ironic that this kind of behaviour by the police grew out of the Notting Hill Carnival.
In a desperate attempt to genuflect to the attendees and organisers of this annual festival, ostensibly a celebration of diversity, West Indies and African culture, the police started dancing around to try to appear friendlier and less confrontational.
But if the goal was to reduce crime,
It didn't work.
In fact, it made it worse.
Notting Hill Carnival is a notorious crime hotspot.
With stabbings, assaults and thefts so ingrained into the event, they've seemingly become part of the show.
What makes this all even more painfully cringe is that it's happening while the country suffers yet another summer crime wave.
Mobs of feral youths are running rampage, looting stores for TikTok clout.
First at the candy store on Oxford Street in London.
Something that barely even made the news.
Then at a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Nottingham.
People in wealthy suburbs of London are being violently robbed in broad daylight.
We're also now observing scenes that have become commonplace in San Francisco and Los Angeles, occurring in the UK on a regular basis.
No arrests were made after any of the recent lootings.
So where were the police?
Arresting people for mean tweets?
Investigating playground insults?
Yeah, that actually happened.
Processing dangerous criminals like the man who was imprisoned for 20 weeks for sending edgy memes to his friends in a private WhatsApp chat group.
They've literally said there aren't enough resources to respond to actual crimes like burglaries.
Two-thirds of burglaries aren't even investigated!
Police, please help.
There's someone breaking into my house.
Car theft has effectively been decriminalized in London.
Less than 1% of vehicle thefts in the capital lead to charges.
Police, please help.
Some roadman is smashing into my car.
When my building was burgled in 2020 and my bike was stolen, the police told me to look for my own bike on Gumtree.
That was it.
No resources for any of that.
But in addition to a resources issue, it's a perception issue.
All this frolicking around and dancing at gay pride parades isn't helping.
Criminals see that and they're emboldened.
They know they can get away with it.
They're more confident because the police have become a laughing stock.
The police watchdog says most victims of burglary, robbery and theft in England and Wales are not being given the justice they deserve.
Most current charge rates are unacceptable and unsustainable.
But again, the police higher-ups will just say they don't have the resources.
Plenty of resources to form congas at gay pride parades and wiggle their hips around, though.
Real live, I have a couple of videos remaining which I really want to get to, but I mentioned this at the top of the show, we have Boris Johnson sending £57 million more in taxpayer money to support the current thing, to Ukraine, £54 million, sorry.
New weapon systems, again, that don't even get there.
We've had the reports before.
CBS News had a report and then censored their own report saying that huge quantities of these weapon systems being paid for by British taxpayers, US taxpayers, aren't even getting to the front line.
It's a massive boondoggle.
It's a massive scam.
The money, the weapons are all being stolen.
Even the medical provisions are being stolen, according to observers on the ground.
So they're sending more of our money into this black hole while telling us that our energy bills are going to go up by six, seven times by next April.
Simply unaffordable.
Analysts have said it's going to push a third of the country into poverty.
There were £1,000 per year energy bills on average about six months ago.
They're now saying £6,500 a year.
People get by paycheck to paycheck.
They struggle already.
They have no disposable income.
They're going to be absolutely screwed.
They're literally going to have to choose between paying the heating bill and feeding their family.
And that's why people say it's going to blow up.
So if he wants people to make the sacrifice, a lot of people are just going to refuse to do it.
The people flying the Ukraine flags aren't like single mothers who are desperately struggling to feed their kids.
They're upper middle class people in the wealthiest areas of the country who have more disposable income than you can shake a stick at.
Doesn't affect them.
And again, this metropolitan liberal elite in London that support these endless wars have vast amounts of disposable income.
Doesn't affect them.
Well, energy executives in the UK have warned the government that the country faces the prospect of mass civil unrest as a result of people being unable to afford their heating and electricity bills this winter.
They're now talking about bailouts for small businesses like they did with Covid, apparently.
Didn't work for many small businesses because tons of them still went out of business anyway.
They wasted a bunch of money on furlough, of course, paying people to sit on their arses at home and not work, despite the fact we know the lockdowns should never have been implemented.
They've been an absolute catastrophe.
The people who should have been protected, you could argue, were the vulnerable.
Were they already ill?
That was it.
You don't lock down the entire society and shut down the economy for two years.
Kind of is going to have a knock-on effect, and now we're feeling it.
Energy company bosses have warned ministers they fear civil unrest if nothing is done to cushion the blow of rising bills.
Of course, we had the poll tax riots for some
Something in comparison to what the energy bill rise is going to be was far less back in 1990.
People attacking the police on the streets back in the early 90s due to that poll tax bill which they tried to introduce but it failed.
So they're now saying there's going to be riots, saying there's going to be riots, unrest in Germany.
Those people are being demonized as extremists.
But what there is enough money for in the United Kingdom is paying five million pounds a day of taxpayer money every day to house illegal immigrants in three and four star hotels across the country.
They bring them in on a ferry taxi service.
They get on boats in France waving iPhones.
They're not refugees, they're economic migrants, the vast majority of whom are young men.
They get on dinghies from France, a country not at war.
Four out of ten of those migrants on those boats are from Albania, a country not at war.
They come to the United Kingdom and supposedly war-torn, persecuted, brutalised refugees.
Complain about the Wi-Fi service and about how they want to be sent to London.
We had a video on that the other day.
Now record number of boat migrants enter England in a single day.
This is a hundred, a thousand, two hundred and ninety-five people in one day, hopping on boats, in alliance, conspiring with people, criminal smugglers, criminal people smugglers from France, again a country not at war, a country which they should stay in if they were refugees, the first port of call.
The government, the NGOs, the left-wing charity groups, rewarding, in some cases conspiring and working with the criminal people smugglers,
To facilitate this process and the government is facilitating it not only in terms of rescuing them.
By the way, Italy said we're not going to rescue you anymore.
It halved the number of migrant deaths crossing through into Italy.
So it's actually a humanitarian thing as well because it cuts down on deaths.
But now we've had the largest single-day number of migrants crossing the English Channel into the country.
Again, four out of ten of them are Albanian, vast majority young men, vast majority not even refugees.
That's always been the case but somehow you're not even supposed to say it.
Go to a video now though because I put this out a couple of hours ago.
A country has banned diversity in advertising and it's probably
Not the country.
It might even be the country you expect.
It's certainly not a Western country.
Let's find out what country it is.
This video is called Guess What This Country Did.
Let's roll it.
That country has banned diversity in advertising.
They see it as necessary for their native population to get first access to opportunities.
But which country?
The United Kingdom, where black people represent about 3% of the population, yet comprise about 50% of people in TV commercials and advertising.
Er... no, not that country.
You'll be surprised to learn, or maybe not so surprised,
That it's actually the African country of Nigeria that has banned diversity in advertising.
Yes, while the West continues to be pilloried as a post-colonial racist backwater, even as millions upon millions of non-white people enter it on a yearly basis, Nigeria, a population that is almost entirely black,
He's cracking down hard on diversity.
Did someone forget to tell him it was a strength?
This is from the official Twitter account of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Nigeria.
In line with the federal government's policy of developing local talent, inclusive economic growth, and the need to take necessary steps and actions aimed at growing the Nigerian advertising industry, the federal government, quote, bans the use of foreign models and voiceover artists on any advertisement targeted or exposed on the Nigerian advertising space,
With a fake from the 1st of October.
So while England frets over there being too many white players in the English women's football team, Nigeria has ensured that no white faces will ever appear on Nigerian television advertising.
But remember, it's the West that's racist.
Well, on the flip side of that, over here in Blighty, the Royal Air Force is very keen on diversity to the point where they literally stopped, they halted the hiring of white men in the United Kingdom.
Yes, a country which is 86% white.
The Royal Air Force recruitment team literally said, no more white people.
They will sacrifice national security on the altar of diversity and identity politics.
Story here, RAF had resigned over belief diversity targets were unlawful.
Again, this is the person who, if it wasn't for her becoming a whistleblower, this would have never been a story, came out and said that what they told her to do, stop hiring white people, hire women, brown and black people so they could tick diversity boxes, that she thought that was literally against the law and that's why she stopped doing it.
One more video now, though.
This is called the Smiley Prison.
The architecture of the social credit score is already existent in the United Kingdom.
Let's go to this video.
In London, even the stairs bark orders at you.
Take care!
One step at a time.
Don't rush!
Hold handrail.
Please use lifts!
No mobiles!
Please use lifts!
Please use lifts!
Please use lifts!
Please use lifts!
I'm literally walking up the steps.
I mean, how did
Did any of us even make it up there before this vomit of instructions lecturing us on how to proceed?
Journalist Peter Hitchens wondered if the yellow and blue colours of the Ukrainian flag had deliberately been chosen.
The established palette of sanctimonious do-goodery and virtue beyond scrutiny.
Most of the building materials for a social credit society of obedient autonomons under permanent surveillance are now lying about all over this country, wrote Hitchens.
Just waiting to be assembled into a vast smiley prison.
Hitchens points out that during the pandemic the government became drunk on power on telling us how to behave.
And perhaps even more disturbingly, an alarming number of people seemed to relish it.
Amazed at the way the supposedly lion-hearted people of Britain meekly submitted to this treatment and even seemed to enjoy it.
The government and authority in general liked the sensation of power over others,
So did many of their victims.
An April 2021 Sunday Times poll found that a small but significant proportion of Brits enjoyed lockdown.
A separate opinion poll conducted by YouGov found that over half of Brits said they would miss many or some aspects of the lockdown.
An online poll even found that a majority of respondents said they enjoyed lockdown.
Much of the psychic pollution of pandemic panic remains in place over a year after the lockdowns ended.
There are still signs all over towns and cities which say, social distancing, keep two metres apart.
Some of them are permanent fixtures, seemingly never to be removed.
Or maybe they're just waiting in place, ready for the next time they're required.
Not going to get time to go to these other stories, but basically CNN is now telling viewers that Monkeypox is not sexually transmitted, despite the fact that every outbreak occurs from gay saunas, gay pride parades, gay orgies, basically.
Very healthy lifestyle to promote to the kids.
Newsweek, man test positive for Covid, Monkeypox and HIV after Spain trip again.
Really healthy lifestyle.
Great idea to promote that to the children.
Just going to wrap it up for the show.
War Room is coming up next.
Keep it locked in.
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