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Name: 20220823_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 23, 2022
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In this InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various news topics such as mRNA vaccines causing cell damage, criticism against him, the Great Reset agenda, vaccine side effects, house cat flu, globalist agendas, recent developments related to Joe Biden and Trump's political future. He promotes his new book "The Great Reset: The War for the World" and discusses Donald Trump filing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice, the raid on Mar-a-Lago estate, and support for his products. Jones also talks about electric cars, economic warfare, climate change, government intervention, and the New World Order. The InfoWars store is currently selling Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, with 95% humanoid content. Alex Jones interviews Dr. Kelly Victory about COVID-19 vaccine side effects and highlights concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. He warns of potential dangers in upcoming vaccine rollouts and encourages support for independent media platforms like InfoWars. Jones also discusses tax advice, recommends stocking up on essential items, and promotes his book "The Great Reset in the War for the World." A source claims to have results from an independent lab showing that COVID vaccines contain toxic elements such as industrial metals, which pose health risks including low IQs, heart problems, cancer deaths, and more.

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And it's just the cold-bloodedness of this, and to be sitting here just calmly watching them do this to us, and I thank the heavens, I thank God that more and more people are talking about this.
Tucker Carlson covered it some last night, and then you see the vicious attacks when this is a reality.
And I see the desperate leftist on Twitter and Instagram.
I've had four shots and I've had COVID for three months and they just amputated my leg.
Thanks science!
And they're not joking.
It's a death cult.
These people have been put in a trance.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
Defending patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
Well, so do I. It's the Alex Jones Show.
All right.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Big Brother, mainstream media.
You want answers?
Well, so do I.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
All right, I've done particularly a lot of research today and I have a lot of news for you to cover
and we have some big guests as well joining us today.
But I got to tell you, just the information that we already knew two years ago that's now confirmed by major prestigious institutions, British Medical Journal, New England Medical Journal, a bunch of others right here.
Here's the lands that That the mRNA vaccines, but also the virus vector vaccines of Johnson & Johnson and others, irrevocably destroy the cells and cut the DNA strands of the double helix, causing a countdown to accelerated death and aging, aging and death.
And what's incredible is we played all these Pfizer and other executives giggling and laughing on the CBC and the BBC particularly two years ago about how you're going to need boosters on a routine basis because this will lower your immune system across the board.
And then they start laughing.
We've played those clips probably 100 times.
And then we're just sitting here watching them do it to us and watching the mass death and illnesses and these artificial blood clots that grows in people's bodies and it's just insane to watch the average leftist think this is funny and lionize and deify Fauci.
I mean this is really, really sick.
And then to know and be able to predict as we did several years ago that These vaccines would cause polio-like and smallpox-like symptoms, and now that's what's happening.
And there's major studies admitting that's really what it is.
It's the shots.
And that, yes, what's in the shots is communicable as well, so you can spread it.
You got all these 60- and 70-year-old women, 80-year-old women having periods again.
You got young women not having their periods when they take it.
And they just admit in the British news and U.S.
news, okay, yeah, it messes with your menstrual cycle, big deal.
Even though top scientists that worked at the highest levels in places like Pfizer, Dr. Yedon, and others said this would happen a full six months before they rolled the shots out first in the UK.
Two years ago, and then a year as well.
And now the mass death and the so-called long COVID.
It's just staggering.
So people ask, how am I doing?
How am I handling all the attacks?
It's not fun.
But on a scale of, as I've said, a 1 to 10, these attacks are a 1 against me.
But the people that don't know what's happening to them, it's just so sad.
And you can say, well, the left deserves it.
Let them go ahead and take the shots and die.
They're idiots.
But what about the children?
What about their children?
Now, there's national statistics came out last week.
Five and up, only 6% of children five to 12 have taken the deadly shot.
Enough parents are smart.
Hard to believe there's 6% would do it.
But now they're trying to mandate it in blue cities and blue
states across the United States.
Same thing's happening in Europe.
And we just can't stand by and watch them do this.
And then I desperately put a plea out to Trump saying, we're not going to support
you if you don't start coming out against this, and then I clarify it.
Cause the media edited down what I said that I was trying to support Trump.
They said, oh, Jonestown grovels to Trump, as if what I do on this show is trying to curry favor with Trump.
All I've got is hell supporting Trump.
I'm trying to get Trump to be a leader and save these children and extricate himself from the mess he got sucked into by Burks and Fauci and Bill Gates and the rest of these criminals.
It's a big broadcast today.
That's just one of the stacks.
There's just so much.
Our children are being forced into the metaverse.
And so much more.
Stay with us.
21st century warfare is full-spectrum dominance.
21st century warfare is designed so that you never know what hit you.
And the reason InfoWars and yours truly Alex Jones are public enemy number one to the tyrants is because we are trying to get people to actually study what Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, what Bill Gates has pushed, State Department Memorandum 200, the Club of Rome, the Georgia Guidestones, and now they're all over the news saying they're going to depopulate us and they're creating a great reset to cause civilizational collapse.
I have several big stacks on that today.
Our children being forced into the metaverse and how it is brainwashing and literal hacking of the brain even according to the World Economic Forum that is quarterbacking it.
We have a lot of big election meddling news and censorship news to get to.
This is going to be a big broadcast today and we have several guests as well.
Let me tell you about those.
We got Mike Adams, always incredibly informative.
His new bombshell information is over-the-top powerful.
Forgot to tell the crew, Robert Barnes is on at 11.30.
Probably want to remind him of that because we're talking like 1 a.m.
and he might have forgotten.
So, Robert Barnes is coming up, bottom of the hour.
Dr. Kelly, victory, and so much more.
But, I try to energize for this broadcast.
Because every time I get up here and I look at all this news, it makes me angry and it's quite a task to go three, four hours a day.
So I just shift into really aggressive gear.
And I think we've been effective at getting people out of their comfort zone and getting people to wake up.
But sometimes with stuff this big...
It just really makes me feel extremely melancholy.
And we somehow need to reach out to people that don't know what's going on.
We need to warn them.
Because if we don't get the General Lemming public somewhat awake, we don't have much of a chance.
And it's starting to happen.
As they say, the propaganda wouldn't be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
Or if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda wouldn't be necessary.
But out of all this news I've got here, The first thing I want to hit is Fauci's departure and the left acting like their messiah has been struck down, all because Fauci obviously doesn't want to be forced to testify in the upcoming Republican Congress about gain of function and everything he's done.
But as serious as the situation is and as grievous as it is, you have a really good chance of mitigating this and backing them down and really Derailing their entire agenda, but they're very close to succeeding.
We're very close to beating them.
It's really an all-or-nothing situation at this point.
So I want you to understand.
I think you do understand.
That's why you're tuned in.
Just how serious this information is.
So I can direct you right here.
This is our COVID New World Order takeover stat today.
And I just have a few of the prestigious studies from the Lansing Medical Journal and Out of the New England Medical Journal and a bunch of others that are big, thick, well-documented, finding the same thing whether they're doing studies in the U.S.
or Germany or India or Mexico or Canada or Australia.
It's basically the exact same numbers.
And what are they finding?
This is when they just study one aspect of all of the shots that Fauci through the NIH and NIAID It already directed the so-called vaccine makers with these gene therapies to develop.
So even if it's not an mRNA shot, the virus vector does the same thing.
It just shoots a virus into the cell with the same program.
And then it creates the spike protein, which cuts the DNA strands and doesn't allow cell repair or proper replication.
They do replicate, they mutate, and that has a name.
It's called cancer.
Not a very fun thing.
I'm not talking about the astrological sign, the crab.
I'm talking about tumors.
So, top scientists warned of this before the shots began.
The CDC predicted it in their own fact sheet of probable side effects from the shots.
But see, the shots don't protect you from COVID.
These aren't side effects when they sterilize you, and when they give you cancer, and give you blood clots, and give you heart attacks, and heart swelling, and strokes.
It is the main effect.
COVID-19 Vaccine Waning and Effectiveness and Side Effects of Boosters, a prospective community study, and it's an index of studies, published in the Lancet, and what it finds is, It erases your immune system, doesn't protect you, and then lets any other basic virus out there take you over.
Or bacteria for that matter.
Because the shots on record, even when they first rolled them out, they knew because they'd done it in animal studies, turn off the killer T's.
And turn off the programmer T cells that go out and Give the command orders to the rest of the white blood cells produced in the bone marrow.
And then they carry back things to the lymph nodes to be processed out.
And it's just the cold-bloodedness of this.
And to be sitting here just calmly watching them do this to us, and I thank the heavens, I thank God that more and more people Are talking about this.
Tucker Carlson covered it some last night and then you see the vicious attacks when this is a reality.
And I see the desperate leftist on Twitter and Instagram.
I've had four shots and I've had COVID for three months and they just amputated my leg.
Thanks science!
And they're not joking.
It's a death cult.
These people have been put in a trance.
Here's Tucker Carlson talking about some of it.
And it's not the theory of T-cell damage from jabs.
It's been verified.
Here it is.
A link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell's palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response, etc.
So, it's possible, in fact it's looking likely, that the vaccine might suppress the immune system.
This fact, the authors concluded, will quote, "...have a wide range of consequences, not the least of which include the reactivation of latent viral infections and the reduced ability to effectively combat future infections."
End quote.
Now again, we sincerely hope that's not true.
But it's not just the conclusion of one scientific journal.
The Lancet, maybe the most famous scientific journal in the world, released similar findings in February.
The Lancet's piece was entitled, quote, Risk of Infection, Hospitalization, and Death Up to Nine Months After a Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine.
A physician called Kenji Yamamoto made this observation about the data from the Lancet.
He wrote this in a letter to the Journal of Virology and we're quoting, "The study showed
that immune function among vaccinated individuals eight months after the administration of two
doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals."
Now your first response, if you're a humane person, to a line like that has got to be deep sympathy.
Because people were misled.
They were forced.
They were forced.
Medical ethics threw out the window.
People were forced to take medicine they didn't want.
And some of them may have been hurt by it.
And you don't have to take this man's word for it.
Pull up the Lancet study yourself.
You won't find anything of the text of the article saying what Kenji Yamamoto said, which is weird.
Why would the Lancet want to hide a major finding like that?
We can't say.
But if you look at Table 3 in the piece, here's what you'll find buried in the data.
Among people around the age of 80 who have been double vaccinated, that would include people like Joe Biden, the per capita rate of medical incidences, including hospitalizations or death, is nearly twice as high as the rate of serious incidents for the unvaccinated.
This is 180 days after vaccination.
What is that?
And why is no one interested?
Because it's depopulation.
It's not even hidden anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
But we can stop this, and we can certainly stop them getting the children.
But that's where we are, and that's the grave reality.
I know it's hard to deal with, but we had top scientists on two and a half years ago.
We were the first to predict all of this, and it's why we are slated for destruction.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with the good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease.
No one's immune.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
Oh yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now, we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House Cat Flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the House Cat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
That's from almost 20 years ago.
This is a tried and true formula carried out in authoritarian regimes around the world, now being done here.
What is a globalist?
Steve Bannon asked me a few weeks ago.
And so a globalist is someone that believes in transhumanism, that believes in depopulation, that believes that the majority of the public are worthless and they want to use their corporate power to basically get control of humanity and get control of the medical system and the educational system and the banking system to bring in a social credit score to be able to social engineer All right, let me get back into the situation and then next hour I'm going to tie it into the economy being turned off by design, their own admissions, the shutdown of the farms, the energy, all of it, and how we can stop it.
But let's just run back through some of these headlines.
You have the Lancet study, COVID-19 vaccine waning and effectiveness and side effects of boosters.
Respective community study, and it gets into it, showing that it turns your immune system off.
It makes you many times more likely to be hospitalized and die, not just from COVID, but other viruses.
There's more studies.
Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations, the role of G quadruplexes, xenomes, exomes, and micro RNAs.
Here's the Tucker Carlson clip we played.
I want to just show you something from the past.
This is from 2021.
More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus.
That's the Bill Gates program there.
Bill Gates says we must stay focused on eradicating polio.
Bill Gates urges Afghanistan and Pakistan to eradicate polio.
That actually causes it.
Obama praises Fauci's once-in-a-century public health leadership.
I'm glad he's not done yet.
Fauci will be held accountable, says Senator Rand Paul, on the COVID-19 origins despite resignation.
New York City students finally freed after two-plus years of wearing the mask from the so-called COVID rules.
They'll bring them back.
But your resistance has backed them off so far.
And that is the good news.
Remember what Candace Owens recently said?
Experts told you if you complied with lockdown, censorship, mask and vaccinations, life would have turned to normal.
Conspiracy theorists told you COVID was never going to end and governments would use it to usher in a solitary and new world order.
Who do you believe now?
Official government reports prove the COVID vaccines cause cancer.
We're going to be getting into this more next hour.
That key article right there with the studies.
And tie it in to the monkeypox and the rest of it.
registered largest global rise in monkeypox cases as disease spreads to all 50 states.
Untested new COVID booster being put out in the U.K.
is really frightening.
We're now confirming all over the world, including the U.S., children are being given the vaccine without parole consent.
In Australia, the government minister said, big deal, get over it.
These people are just committing these crimes out in the open, setting the President to kill us how they want, when they want.
And then this insane news, which isn't insane because I told you we first got the documents from a lawsuit in San Antonio 25 years ago and we broke it.
We had a nurse on who'd worked for the Pentagon.
They were taking all the children's blood at birth starting about the start of the year I was born actually, so 48 years ago.
And putting it in a UN database.
Now the Pentagon recently came out and said these different DNA testing companies are selling your data, your DNA, to the Chinese and others.
I told you that years ago, now it's confirmed.
But the University of Illinois forced students to, this is admitted, this just broke two days ago, the University of Illinois forced students to give their saliva weekly As a condition of staying in school, and now they're selling 8 mil saliva DNA samples, 8 million, for research.
Our kids are not science experiments.
Illinois State Senator is investigating it.
I mean, they will do anything.
The sky's the limit.
This is a revolution of mad scientists against us and our families.
That's coming up next hour because I want to look at the police state.
I want to look at the election coming up and more evidence of them planning to steal the midterms in 77 days and more when we come back.
But big second hour ahead of other guests joining us.
I want to thank listeners for the incredible job you've been doing keeping us on air despite the Democratic Party attacks and the lawsuits for the platform and the debunking.
I want to thank my crew for doing an incredible job, not just running the show, but keeping us on air and battling behind the scenes with a lot of technology to keep this operation up and going.
It's been a fight, but we expected a fight.
We're just blessed to still be in the fight.
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Thank you so much for your support.
We'll be right back.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources.
You need some crazy motherfuck** to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, Robert Barnes is our guest.
Constitutional lawyer, litigator, but also historian.
And I want to get his take on the waterfront here on mounting evidence they're planning to steal the midterms or at least try, what the ongoing numbers mean and the collapse of the corporate media to almost zero viewers, how they're going to respond to that.
Escalating its attacks in Ukraine, U.S.
issues an alert, says all Americans must leave Ukraine now.
Leave immediately ahead of expanded Russian offensive.
There is so much to cover here.
I also want to get Barnes's take, who is shooing Pfizer with whistleblowers in Texas and other states.
And now that whistleblower information show that they falsified the live studies they did when the shots were rolled out.
And the US a year and a half ago, similar numbers two years ago when it started in the UK first, turning off the T cells in the immune system.
That's now a major Lancet study and others coming out.
Finally, Tucker Carlson and others are covering it.
So there's so many things to hit here.
But first, I wanted to talk about this because I know that Obama kept 30 million documents.
And now they're saying, ooh, Trump kept 300.
And this is litigation by leak. Government officials won't release the
search warrant, but they'll then leak selected parts of it.
But we also have federal rulings that a president can declassify whatever he
wants whenever he wants. And so I want to just put the facts on the record
here with Barnes on this first. And with all of his connections and he's got
real ear to the ground inside baseball, what he's expecting them to do
against Trump.
Because I know Roger Stone and Marjorie Taylor Greene talked to him in late June
and he said I may announce on July 4th. And I said Trump may announce on July
4th. He didn't. On July 14th he said I will run. I'm not saying when I'll
announce, but that is an announcement. So we're actually right about that. They
said, "Oh Jones was wrong. He didn't declare July 4th."
Well that's not what I predicted, but I really think he made a mistake not
declaring early to make it even more clear this is political. It's obviously boosted.
There's a approval rating.
I really love Trump, except you can have a hundred gallons of grapefruit punch.
If you put one big old stinking you-know-what in there, the whole thing's bad.
Where Barnes thinks Trump can go, because I've talked to Trump's base all day and they're just like me, they love Trump, but this is a no-go deal with them and him not getting in line with DeSantis and others and saying, hey Fauci lied to me and we shouldn't be giving this to children.
Trump's starting to do that, I just don't think he realizes How bad a situation this is.
That's a lot I threw out, Barnes.
Hope you can do about 15 minutes with us in the next hour.
Go ahead and give us your take on that whole cornucopia.
Oh, sure.
So, I mean, first of all, President Trump was legally entitled to all the documents that he had.
That's a clearly established precedent.
Some may judge that Roger Stone knows well.
Amy Berman Jackson made that determination back at the end of the Clinton administration, because the Clintons kept all kinds of documents.
Heck, they stole some furniture and everything else from the White House.
And Judicial Watch sought certain files that Clinton had with Taylor Branch.
Because he basically gave Taylor Branch inside access to watch the president in action, tape record a whole bunch of conversations, tape record Bill Clinton in action, and then Clinton unilaterally decided not to turn that over to the National Archives, unilaterally decided what was classified and what wasn't and how it was classified, and kept the document.
And so Judicial Watch sought the document, sought the tape recording, sought the transcript, sought the files related to it.
Clinton apparently had stuck it in a sock drawer somewhere, in terms of how well it was secured.
And the net effect was that the court said, you know what, there's no relief here.
Because they said under the Presidential Records Act, the president has exclusive carte blanche to decide what's a presidential record and what's a personal record.
And if it's a presidential record rather than a personal record, then it's only then that the National Archives has any role.
So because the Clinton had determined these were personal records, that decision the court said was a non-reviewable decision.
They said there's nothing in the law that prohibits that, there's nothing in the law that precludes that, there's nothing in the law that allows judicial review, there's no criminal or civil remedy sanction available.
So what that means is every document that the president had, we now know based on the suit the president filed yesterday, Uh, against the Department of Justice seeking judicial intervention in this extraordinary unparalleled action by the Feds.
That these basically were all his documents.
These were documents he had chosen to declassify.
He had been completely and fully forthcoming with these documents.
That the documents that were going to be part of the future Trump Presidential Library had already been sent back to the National Archives.
That isn't what any of these documents were.
He'd given them multiple tours.
He'd shared video evidence of everything, of everybody who'd gone in there and seen or looked at the documents for months on end.
And yet, despite all that, they still raided it.
And they rated it, as we're now finding out from other places and other locations and other sources, including Paul Speariot, real clear investigations, but not just limited to him, that this was a deep state operation.
The officer who ran it, who's named in the suit, is the head of the counterintelligence division of the FBI.
This is the, and for those folks that don't remember, the counterintelligence division was the basis for COINTELPRO.
That was the part of the lead part of COINTELPRO, was the counterintelligence division.
The counterintelligence division of the FBI is also where they completely failed to do counterintelligence against Aldrich Ames and everybody else who was busy selling secrets to the Soviets, selling secrets to other foreign governments in other cases.
But also counterintelligence is where they went after Trump related to Russiagate.
So the first time around.
And Ukrainegate and the impeachment scandal the second time around.
So you have the centerpiece of corruption and deep state activity That centerpiece within the FBI is the organization running the Trump raid.
And so it's the dirty tricks department and you forgot one, and there's so many I can't blame you.
That same group also ran January 6 and also ran the Whitmer fake kidnapping.
I mean, you know, for those folks that may see some headlines tomorrow about the Whitmer conviction, there were two defendants who had a mistrial because 11 of the 12 jurors wanted to acquit.
One was a holdout.
They retried him.
They didn't allow the defense to present a lot of evidence.
They basically pulled an Alex Jones kind of trial in the Whitmer trial, limited what the defense could present.
The judge basically instructed the jury in a way that made it clear to the jury where the judge wanted the jury to come down.
And so today the jury convicted to those two people who never should have been convicted at all given the extraordinary evidence that show it was only because the judge gave instructions that reversed what the law is supposed to be on the issue of entrapment because the evidence accumulated the people who ran the Whitmer entrapment operation later on ran the January 6th operation and they're in bed with the Russiagate folks and the COINTELPRO folks and the counterintelligence And they got embarrassed by the last trial, showing they set him up, so they rigged this one.
It's the same thing.
Ted Cruz came out and defended the Sandy Hook ruling.
We know he's a smart lawyer.
We know she defaulted us.
We know she rigged it.
And so really shame on Ted Cruz coming out and supporting that.
But I guess he did say that January 6th people are terrorists, and everybody that came to that rally should be locked up.
I mean, Ted Cruz is a big problem.
Yeah, he always has been.
I mean, that's an old family tradition going all the way back to Cuba in terms of Cruz's willingness and readiness to and eagerness to be subservient to the deep state agenda as President Trump exposed in the 2016 campaign during the Indiana primary.
So it reflects ongoing issues, but it's at least good to see President Trump starting to fight back, fight back not only in the court of public opinion, but in the court of law.
Stay right there, Robert.
We got to go to break.
I want to come back and your predictions on what's going to come.
Will they indict him?
Will it be one of these other kangaroo investigations?
And what should Trump do?
Then we'll shift gears.
Into the latest of all these medical journals confirming.
I want to take this time out, while I still have time, to thank all the great listeners and viewers, all the affiliates, all the sponsors, this great crew, our great guests, people like Robert Barnes who I just love.
We're a family.
We stand for justice and truth.
That's why they say we're not real.
That's why they say we're frauds.
Because they're the frauds.
They're the liars.
And I'm honored, though it's not fun, to be one of their main targets, because it lets me know I'm over the target.
You've always been on my mind.
I'm betting on every single one of you, every race, color, and creed, I love you.
We're going to beat this together.
It's going to be tough, but there's no choice.
We've got to do it.
Alright Barnes, big picture, finishing up with Trump here and what this means, whether people love Trump or hate Trump, he got re-elected, they stole it, they're pissed, they see him as a populist uprising, taking over the GOP, he's getting all these great people elected, overall I back Trump still just because of that.
I'm mad about the shots, but I'm trying to get him to do the right thing, that was the whole point of what I did in the last week that had that effect, he reached out.
But big picture, What do you expect the enemies of freedom, as there's a total political realignment obviously happening against them, taking place with 77 days out from the midterms.
What do you think the deep state's going to pull next?
Well, it'll be interesting.
I mean, part of it will depend on how the courts handle Trump's challenges and whether or not they take meaningful action.
President Trump filed his suit yesterday seeking a federal court intervene in the proceedings, prevent any further seizures from taking place, any further searches of the existing documents taken from taking place, any further use of the information or documents taken from taking place, any destruction Of the document seized from taking place and further has requested the intervention and intermediary role of a special master.
Which is a privately appointed lawyer by the federal court system who has court authority to be the sole person to review all the relevant documents and information and see if any of it.
Should have ever been taken in the first place and should be returned to the president, including reviewing attorney client privilege documents, including reviewing executive privilege documents.
So one key aspect is will the courts intervene and do their constitutional duty to prevent this from getting even more out of control by the deep state?
Now you have the reporting from just the news that, in fact, the Biden administration was neck deep in this and that it appears there was a coordinated effort To steal these documents of the President.
Documents that were legally his under the Presidential Records Act if he designated them as personal.
Legally his when he declassified them as he's publicly stated he already has.
Both of which he has unilateral non-reviewable power to utilize under existing federal judicial and Supreme Court authority in certain instances.
Whether or not if they intervene because we now know the Biden administration was complicit in coordinating the effort.
To get this whole thing started by working with, under the guise of working with the National Archives, under the pretext of working with that fake January 6th committee that wasn't a congressionally formed committee under the rules of Congress itself.
So this makes, just interrupt Bob, this makes Watergate Look like a tea party or I mean just a choir boys.
I mean this is directly going and grabbing a president's papers against the law and acting like he's committed a crime.
What do you think their plan here is and has it blown up in their face as the polls show and what people are saying or is that wishful thinking?
I think from the deep state perspective, their goal was to get the documents by any means possible and that they didn't care what the political consequences are.
And the question is, did they in fact get those documents?
The fact that the safe is empty suggests they did not.
So my guess is the president has preserved and protected those documents and those documents are continuing ongoing leverage he can utilize against the deep state going any further or doing anything particular to him.
Now, on the other hand, the Democrats go back and forth because they don't know whether they want to face Trump or face DeSantis in 2024.
There's many within the Democratic Party that would rather face Trump than DeSantis.
The net effect of that is that may be a limiting action on their abilities to go further.
But they clearly are contemplating Uh, escalating to an indictment.
And then you had not only former New York Police Commissioner, but then just yesterday, I believe, Rudy Giuliani telling people that the President is at risk of assassination.
That that may be where the deep state go.
If the deep state fears they were unsuccessful in this raid, will be unsuccessful with criminal prosecution, will be unsuccessful with taking him out politically, then they will, they may try to take him out physically as they did to the Kennedy brothers in the 1960s.
So that's at the risk of where this might escalate, sadly and frighteningly.
And by the way, I totally agree with Bernard Couric and Rudolph Giuliani.
Anybody that studied history, with the deep state blowing up Alexander Dugan's daughter trying to kill him, with all the talk of kill Trump by mainstream news.
We've got like six, seven minute videos that are just filled with clips of Democrat leaders saying, we're going to kill this guy, we're going to take this guy out.
They are desperate.
Where they are in an authoritarian playbook is in that territory now.
So this is consecutive, this is formulaic, and that's the only moves they've got.
There's a total political realignment, a total collapse in their support.
Even their massive election fraud can't save them, so what will they pull the next 77 days?
And that could be, claim the Iranians, who have already planted that story, are going to assassinate Trump.
No doubt.
They will still definitely do everything they can to rig the outcomes in November, but I think those efforts to rig will be unavailing and unsuccessful.
I think Blake Masters is going to win, Herschel Walker is going to win, J.D.
Vance is going to win, Eric Schmidt is going to win, Republicans are going to win the Senate, Republicans are going to win the House.
You have Mitch McConnell out there trying to sabotage Republican Senate efforts as well, but I don't think those will ultimately work because the American people are so disgusted Sure, just like Woodrow Wilson was gone for months.
leadership has looked like under the Biden administration and his fraud you
know his fraudulency the second after the last president way back in the end
of the 19th century got in illicitly we're seeing what that looks like when
you put a dementia candidate who didn't legitimately win a presidential election.
Sure, just like Woodrow Wilson was gone for months I mean we now have Biden spending three out of
four weeks you know hiding out in the countryside Clearly he's out of his mind.
What are they going to do about him?
I think the problem they have is the Trump problem, in that right now Trump beats them all, and beats the Biden substitutes even worse and by a bigger margin than Biden loses.
So my guess is they will play out the script through the November midterms, see if they can survive the November midterms, and if they don't, that's when we will see escalation.
And we're seeing variations of it.
You're pointing out what took place in Russia as an example of where their mindset and mentality is, their willingness to assassinate.
We're seeing it in Pakistan right now.
Imran Khan, who's sort of the populist leader of Pakistan that they removed, that Deep State took efforts to take out because of his independent perspective on a range of politics including the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
They're now trying to say that him simply raising questions about the corruption in the Pakistani court system, they're going to call that terrorism and try to arrest him.
You're trying to arrest Bolsonaro with some U.N.
charge because he wouldn't push the vaccine, saying it's a crime against humanity, he didn't give people a poison shot.
Stay there.
I want to shift gears, into the shot, your lawsuits, these major studies coming out, confirming what your Pfizer whistleblower said, with Robert Barnes, into the next hour, then I'm going to hit all the world government, metaverts, great reset news with Robert Barnes.
Real fast, Barnes, how do people find everything Robert Barnes?
Sure, they can find, if they want to see a copy of the brief that we filed on behalf of Brooke Jackson, the whistleblower against Pfizer that exposes what Pfizer did, the fraudulent forged activity, doctoring data, etc.
They can go to VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com and the entire brief is up there.
People can copy it.
And they can find your great podcast.
All right, we're going to come right back.
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So then we come to the damages.
Then we come to this $45.2 million in punitive damages.
This is where I want your legal take on this, because I think we can all agree that what Alex Jones engaged in was defamation aimed at these two people.
The jury was not incorrect about that.
But is this fair?
Is this just to completely financially destroy someone over, yes, defamation, but not even a violent crime?
Well, look, I think the judgment is likely to be reduced substantially.
So the $45 million has two components.
$4.1 million is compensatory.
That's what the jury concluded was the emotional, the damage to the reputation and the emotional damage that the parents had.
They concluded that was $4.1 million in compensatory damages.
And the remaining $41 million is punitive damages.
Now, Texas, like many states, has passed tort reform where punitive damages are capped at double the economic damages plus $750,000.
So most of that 40-plus million punitive damages is likely to be chopped down.
And that's likely to be chopped down either by the district judge or on appeal.
But I think at the end of the day, it's not going to be $45 million.
It's likely to be a number significantly smaller than that, but still a big number.
In terms of the basis for the $4 million in actual compensatory damages, I have not examined the evidence that the jury heard.
Presumably there was some effort to quantify that.
But look, that being said, I'm not troubled by someone who commits this kind of willful, deliberate action in order to make money.
Getting popped and getting popped substantially for being a predator and a vulture for profit.
And even if this judgment gets reduced significantly, which I think it probably will be, there are a bunch of other Sandy Hook parents.
And so there are other plaintiffs, there are other lawsuits that are ongoing.
So I don't expect this to be the last verdict against Alex Jones for the same conduct, because when you harm a bunch of people, you, under the law, you're responsible for the consequences of the harm you cause.
Never said their names.
Now they say they're coming after Fox News and everybody else.
He's savoring this.
He called the January 6th protesters, the peaceful ones, terrorists.
He says they all deserve solitary confinement.
I'm done with Ted Cruz.
He's a monster.
Robert Barnes?
Well Ted Cruz got wrong.
He admits he hasn't even reviewed the evidence and yet he's willing and eager to come to conclusions about the evidence.
That reflects a poor version of lawyering.
He never was a very good lawyer and he proves once again why he was never a very good lawyer.
He comes from a long family history of deep state hack activities.
And that's who he's always been.
That's why he went after the president, Donald Trump, during the primaries.
That's why he refused to endorse him at the Republican National Convention.
This is just Ted Cruz showing his real face.
This is a guy who's been propagating and whoring for every war that's ever been fought.
Out-propagating and whoring for the current war in Ukraine and Russia where he repeated a lot of lies.
By Ted Cruz's definition, the Russian people could sue Ted Cruz into oblivion.
Because he actually did make false statements that helped propagate and lead to actual deaths, unlike what took place in the Alex Jones case.
But his failure to research the case, his failure to review the case, his failure to understand the case, which is an ongoing problem of Ted Cruz and many of the people covering this case in the legal news, is an embarrassment of the legal profession.
This precedent will be used and misused and abused to go after everybody, including Ted Cruz himself, and he's just assuming that because he's part of the politically privileged class, the politically protected George W. Bush wing of republicanism in Texas, that he will never face this consequence.
The problem is what these precedents, including those in Connecticut, have shown is that this will not be limited to one place or one location and nobody will end up protected or privileged.
Just as Alex Jones was the canary in the coal mine for social media censorship, Alex Jones's trial is the canary in the coal mine for the weaponization of the legal system to destroy our civil rights and civil liberties.
And those who don't wake up to it are bound to experience its consequence as President Trump experienced in 2020.
That's right.
Stay there.
I want to shift gears when we come back and talk about Ukraine, the economy, inflation more.
And constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes looking at all the big developments in the world.
The global establishment has never been more hated, more attacked.
They're striking back when he leaves us in about 10 minutes.
I'm going to hit The global lockdowns are preparing, not for viruses, but for the environment.
China's economic hub goes dark.
The metaverse and our children.
There's a bunch of developments that tie together.
That's coming up.
But, Robert, let's hit Ukraine and then other big issues that are on your radar screen.
Because we're not supposed to talk about Ukraine anymore because it's not going well.
We have this assassination of Alexander Dugin's daughter.
What's the inside baseball?
Well, today, they basically detailed it all and figured out it was a Ukrainian assassin who was sent in, using the fact that Russia is allowing people from the Donbass into Russia.
They used Danette's license plate to sneak in, change license plates, all the rest, got out of the country before being caught.
But they've identified her, they have camera footage, they have other footage, they have all the details that show this was an assassination attempt in which some members of the media in the West are celebrating.
Or say, you know, which shows how disturbing it is.
They're trying to green light more and more dangerous activities using Ukraine as the pretext, using Pakistan as the pretext.
If they can get away with it there, they're going to export it or import it right back into the United States in the West.
So, but what's functionally going to, it's not going to change Russia's approach.
Russia's going to continue to move forward.
The so-called Ukrainian counteroffensive that liars like Ted Cruz were saying was going to happen, just the opposite is happening.
Russia's marching into those exact regions and expanding even further its fear of influence.
It's only a matter of time now before Russia wins that conflict.
Likely, we'll have all of the land-rich regions of Ukraine, all the Russian-populated regions of Ukraine, all the way up from Kharkiv, all the way through Odessa.
They're going to own the Sea of Azov.
They're going to own the Black Sea on the Ukrainian side of the aisle.
Ukraine is going to be a landlocked country.
And what's scarier is that this appears to be repeating and replicating the terrorism approaches of the deep state in the past, where they put in motion Various terroristic engines and armies that then ultimately, of course, blew back on us.
And if they're starting to unleash Ukrainian assassination teams and Ukrainian hitmen because Dugin is on that list, that blacklist that Senator Rand Paul is on.
I mean, all kinds of Glenn Greenwald is on.
That's that Ukrainian NATO blessed list of people they called Russian propagandists.
Is it a coincidence?
This is actually, I think, the third or fourth person on that list to be killed within six weeks.
So, I mean, you're seeing increasing numbers of people being assassinated.
Are they just going to create a terroristic army, like Operation Gladio?
Remember when we left those armies behind, or units behind, in order to fight the Soviets?
Then they started doing domestic terrorism for 30 years in Europe, extending, I mean, most prominently in Italy, but not limited to Italy.
We might start seeing the same kind of blowback risk.
So, Ukraine continues to blow back.
It's blown back mostly against the deep state.
George Soros is getting crushed, their economic sanctions war against Russia is failing, their ideas for a global digital currency are disappearing overnight because nobody in the global south wants anything to do with it, and their efforts to replace Putin have failed.
So in that sense their efforts have failed, but in other efforts the blowback may be against us, not only economically with energy crises, inflation, and sanctions blowing back on us and limiting our economic progress, but may also blow back with You know not only criminal organizations that have been unleashed in Ukraine, arms trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, but also now a building terrorist army of assassins being unleashed throughout the West and the world without any meaningful limits that will come back to hurt us and haunt us ultimately.
We've put in motion again another dangerous army that could only lead to our own self-destruction if we don't put a stop to it sometime soon.
What do you expect Putin to do?
Once he's secured those areas in Eastern Ukraine.
I think what's going to they're going to have referendums apparently this coming month in September.
So they're going to use the model we used in the Baltics to say you could declare your own independence and then have a referendum that affirms it.
He's going to replicate that.
He's going to do it throughout the entire Donbass.
And I think he'll take the entire Donbass almost everything from Kharkiv all the way down to the Crimea.
So they have a land bridge.
Then I think the next step is they're going to go into Mykolaiv.
They're going to go up a little bit north.
They're going to go over to Odessa.
And it's not only because of its historical ties.
It's where a lot of Russians live.
It's where a lot of Russia has a lot of history going back multiple centuries in terms of founding a lot of these cities, establishing a lot of these communities.
But it's also the land-rich and resource-rich region.
This is where the good agriculture, the black soil, the famous black soil of Ukraine comes from.
This is where the manufacturing and industrial base is.
This is where the shipbuilding base is.
And it gives them control of the Black Sea, as well as the Sea of Esso.
Goes all the way back to Peter the Great's obsession with Odessa.
And his successor's obsession with Odessa was Black Sea access, so access to the Mediterranean.
Putin just cut a deal with Erdogan that's going to basically integrate large parts of Turkey into the Russian economic system as an alternative economic system away from the EU, away from the euro, away from the dollar.
And we see the euro in trouble, we see the ruble up, we see Russian oil exports at all-time highs.
I mean, if I was trying to actually help Russia and screw up the Anglo-American establishment, I would do that.
But I guess it's just the arrogance of empires that go to Russia to die.
That's exactly right.
I mean, that's why Napoleon got caught there.
That's why Hitler got caught there.
It's a long extended effort of the arrogance of the aristocratic elites of Europe that think they run the world, that think they control the world, that think they can dictate to anybody.
That's right.
They've been trying to take over Russia for 200 plus years.
Exactly, exactly.
And this is just their latest failed effort to do it.
One more Russian winner will be the death of another empire.
And in this case, it's a death we can cheer because it's the globalist empire.
But that won't stop them from being even more desperate domestically and internally at home as they lose power abroad and globally.
and are willing to risk more and more conflicts like what may happen in China.
They may be willing to risk a war with China, not because they oppose the Chinese Communist
Party's mechanism of government, but because it's necessary to boost their domestic flagging
political operations in the United States. Everywhere the global western establishment
is involved, they're falling on their faces. Why don't they ever give up?
I guess just for hundreds of years they've been in charge and they just think they're invincible?
Well, I think it's the core premise that you've put out many times, which is that these are people who are addicted to power.
That anybody who desires power and is successful at seeking it is someone that's disproportionately dangerous.
And that's been the core premise that you've articulated for decades.
And we're just seeing it on full display.
The thing that makes it worse is that these people are dangerously incompetent.
It's not just their moral compass that's broken, their intellectual compass was probably never even present.
We're seeing what would happen if we had a bunch of Hillary Clintons throughout the State Department, CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the various globalist NGOs and institutions.
Well, that's what we got!
We got a bunch of little Hillary's dictating our policies around the globe.
Sure, and all the real people I know that have had to kill folks aren't proud of it, don't brag about it.
Here's this sack of garbage that can't even wipe her own rear end, bragging how she killed this person, how she killed that person, Obama doing it.
It's just the optics of it spell disaster.
I hope there's some way to pull out of this.
Yeah, I mean the irony is that populists who oppose globalists have had to depend on maybe unlikely sources and allies like Vladimir Putin of Russia because he, in this case, he shares an opposition to globalists.
He was very public in his most recent speech and he kept calling them globalists who don't care about their own country, elites that don't care about their own nation.
He called them leftist globalists.
And he just hammered over and over again who and what they are, and did it in more overt terms than he has before.
So thankfully, Russia's been able to push back against this globalist effort in a way that will limit the risk of global war.
But what the globalists will likely do is then turn to China as another place to do it.
Any place that they can find... Which is even more insane!
Completely more insane.
It makes no sense.
Because we're totally dependent on China.
We're not dependent on Russia.
Europe's dependent on Russia, but we're not.
It'll be, what, five times worse than what Europe's going through?
I mean, Europe has like a quadrupling of gas prices.
Our electricity bills, I've got here, are up almost 47%.
Imagine what would happen if all the supply chains break down by going to war with China.
Imagine the risk of nuclear conflict that can occur.
We live in real Dr. Strangelove kind of times.
So that's why it's critical that ordinary everyday people stay on the front line, hold the line, support places like InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com in order to be able to maintain a sense of freedom and liberty and democracy and humanitarianism against these insane... That's right.
We need a sanity button and InfoWars is that.
sad. Robert Martins, thank you so much for the time.
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Well, in the first trial that came out, the FBI was commanding the militia, ordering them and threatening them to just hypothetically say they might kidnap the governor of Michigan.
And the same FBI team that ran that false flag, that failed false flag, ran January 6th and ran the raid on President Trump at Mar-a-Lago.
Two men convicted in plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer just minutes ago, ABC News.
A jury has convicted two men of aspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020.
FBI says it foiled the plot, which it ran.
The kidnapped Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
Justice Department announced charges against six individuals in Michigan who were allegedly involved in a months-long plot to kidnap Whitmer.
And the judge said it doesn't matter if they were told to do it, doesn't matter if they weren't planning to do it, you will find them guilty.
And the jury found them guilty.
You know, I'm going to hit this huge news next segment.
I want to talk about something in this segment that I've only mentioned a few times.
And you know what's crazy is I can talk about stuff here and it becomes a huge national news story.
But things that are really important, the millions of you tuned in hear it, but that's it.
It's like we're in the Phantom Zone.
But in negotiations to try to settle the fake, rigged, Sandy Hook lawsuits, they told us, just come out against the Second Amendment, And we'll drop it.
And I said to my lawyers, I said, is that even legal?
They said, yeah, in a negotiation it is.
They don't even care.
They would love for me to just join them and I'd have a CNN show every night.
I don't want to be that person.
I couldn't live with myself.
I mean, I feel good about what I do.
I tell the truth.
I do the best job I can to be accurate.
I just want listeners to know that's where we are in this country and in this world that most people don't even question.
They're not even asking whether they're selling out or not.
They say, give me the talking point and I will repeat it and I will say whatever you want, just give me a job.
And I look at a country and a world of men and women like that and I ask people, do you think you're going to have a good future when nobody stands up for basic human rights and freedom?
When whole groups of people are being destroyed, you don't think that's not going to turn around and bite you?
Where's the empathy?
But that's why they attack in thousands of articles a week, hundreds of TV programs a week, just, I mean, that's conservative.
Every local news station, radio, I mean, you can't even track it.
Bill Maher, all the late night comedy, HBO shows, I mean, I can't even keep track of it.
Imagine being attacked by national news a hundred times a day.
That's a conservative number.
But I'm not being a victim.
We've done what they didn't think could be done.
We've energized a global resistance to the New World Order, to their globalist program, and so I gotta be honest with you, I am spectacularly pleased with all of this, and what I've gone through to get here has been negligible.
But I will say this, I am truly horrified by how cold-blooded they are, and how they have rolled out these shots, That are sterilizing and giving people heart attacks and strokes and erasing their immune systems, and it's mainline news now, and still the people that took the shot say they love it, they want more.
And so you think to yourself, well, God, let them die then.
But see, you know the answer to that.
God's watching.
They're going after the children.
We can't be like the New World Order and say, well, the public's so dumb, let them die.
But that's really where we're at here.
God's never let me get out of this fight.
They're going to have to take me out of this thing feet first.
And I was such a fool in Hawaii when I married my second wife six years ago when she was pregnant with my youngest daughter.
And I said, I've done my work, I've exposed the New World Order, and I just want to write a book a year and make a film and just And just cogitate and just, you know, do a few interviews.
And I don't want to be a leader.
And I've done my job and I can see where this is going.
And I just want to step out now and watch others fight the fight.
That's never going to happen.
See, I'm just like you.
I want to go fishing.
I want to go hiking.
I want to go to church.
I want to paint.
I want to play cards.
I want to go deer hunting.
Can't do it, folks.
And I get you deserve to go, dear honey.
I'm not saying you shouldn't go.
I'm just saying that when you realize this is the end of civilization as we know it, and everything you've loved, everything your forebearers handed down to you is being robbed and taken, you're going to realize that this generation will fight and defeat the new world order.
Culturally, economically, spiritually, if they attack us first physically, we'll either fight and win, or we'll roll over and die.
And I, as a man, just can't roll over.
And so, 10% of me wants to just fade off into oblivion, not out of cowardice, just out of being sick of dealing with these people, but I realize they're not going to go away anyways if I went away!
But here's the real problem, and I know you feel the same way.
90% of me is pissed at Alex Jones.
That I've made mistakes.
That I wasn't strong enough.
That I didn't have all the answers.
Or when I had the answers, I didn't follow the Holy Spirit.
And that this is so horrible, and so real, and we were so right, and all the infrastructure's being cut off, and all this hell's being set up, And I go, I had four children.
What about their future?
What do I do?
And I just have not the word is not guilt.
I'm not a guilty person.
I'm very comfortable what I've done.
I put everything on the field.
But it's not a feeling of guilt.
It's a feeling of burning in the spine and the brain and the heart and the guts and in my feet and my fist.
That you will not let these people do this, you will not let them dominate, you will not let them break people's will, and YOU WILL DEFEAT THEM!
My spirit is on FIRE!
And it's literally got me by the scruff of my neck.
That's why I'm not scared of these satanists, they don't even exist, ladies and gentlemen, compared to God.
I'm God-fearing, because I've got a connection to God, just like you do, and I'm in God's presence, and I can feel the anger.
And I'm just here going, I know, I try, I, I, I, what am I doing?
And then God shows me what's going to happen next if we don't stop him.
It's horrible.
All right, I'm going to try to look into the future here when we come back.
I already know the future.
And I'm going to tell you what's coming next when we come back.
It's quite the stack of news.
And we're going to do it.
Get ready for what they fear most.
I remember reading history books about Ceausescu's communist Romania, and places like North Korea, where they would regulate and turn off the power and keep people poor and starve them.
As a form of feudalism.
And that's what the Rio de Janeiro George Herbert Walker Bush meeting was about in 2002.
Was setting this up.
And so they're artificially cutting the resources off.
And we all know that.
But now it's not some beta test.
It's not some hypothetical.
They're doing it everywhere.
And farmers all over the world are battling back as they just say, yeah, you got to kill half your cows this year, they're bad for the earth.
Oh, your sheep are bad.
Oh, smart meters just so happen to be in all the new appliances for a decade.
And now the governments of the world, starting in Germany and Italy, are going to remote control your thermostats and your stove and remotely turn off your lights at 8pm.
And Communist China, the beta test model of this, is doing it in their biggest cities at 8 o'clock at night, like you're in a prison.
Lights out.
No power.
And it's all wired in by design where the elevators and everything still work, the police still have lights, the government buildings have lights, just like in Ceausescu's Romania, the government district would have lights, and at 7, 8 o'clock at night there, they'd turn the lights out again, like you're in a prison.
And we're like, this is happening!
And it's globally coordinated!
And they're trying to forcibly inject us with poisons that erase our immune systems and give us heart attacks and blood clots and sterilize us!
It's on mainline news!
I mean, why would anyone go along with this?
Because there's all these people that work for the system and the corporations and government, you name it, that pretend they're on the winning team because they're going along with this.
When you're not on the winning team, you're on the losing team.
What do you think chivalry is that was developed in Japan and ancient Europe and other places?
They learned rules so things wouldn't get out of hand.
Only men kill men in combat.
Not in Montana.
No women, no kids.
Because you don't want your women and kids targeted.
Let's just let the men do it.
Hey, let's car bomb some guy's daughter in Moscow.
Ha, that's funny.
Now they'll car bomb you.
And now you don't have the moral high ground to say no to that.
It's a slippery slope to hell.
And we've already gone off the slope.
So, let's go ahead and go over some of these news articles.
I've got stacks of them here.
And they're incredible.
China's economic hub goes dark.
Shanghai has switched off decorative lighting.
And it's soaring electricity demand caused by the heat wave.
They have unlimited power over there.
They build three new coal power plants a week.
It's the same global program everywhere.
Brits will be paid to shut power-hungry appliances off.
German government announces they'll use smart meters to artificially control it without your say.
But the Brits say, oh, we're monitoring your devices and we'll know if you did it.
The same thing, you're under surveillance by your refrigerator, by your dishwasher, by your smart hub, power meter.
I told you 20 years ago this was coming out, they would do it.
Because Enron developed the scam 30 years ago, and we're here.
World Economic Forum recommends humans become cyborgs.
There's video of this.
Implant brain chips, they are solid and rational reasons, that's a quote, for children to be microchipped.
Here's Noah Harari, you all know Harari, about hacking the human brain, making kids in school wear VR goggles, nauseate them, lower their IQs, destroy their minds.
And who's behind it?
World Economic Forum unveils Virtual Global Collaboration Village as the future of strong public-private cooperation.
You say, well they'll never be able to make anybody do this.
Except they come in with the corporations that have unlimited funding and say, no, no, no, you will now work in a virtual reality and you will wear a headset eight hours a day and we'll make kids in school do it.
This is literally the proto-matrix forcing people onto the system.
Here's another one.
At Acuter, 150,000 new hires will spend their first day at work in the metaverse.
Forbes is owned by Common and Shiner now.
Oh, you got your job, but you gotta wear a headset all day, forcing you into this false reality, because soon you can't commute, you can't have a car, you can't leave, you're on lockdown.
They admit that.
This is the environmental lockdowns.
Police officers meet residents in the metaverse.
You don't call 911, you put a headset on.
Most expensive metaverse properties, including $4.3 million purchase of empty virtual land.
Talk about money laundering.
Can the metaverse predict the future or even allow for time travel?
The AI expert thinks so.
Oh, it's the place to go.
You won't be given access to the market unless you agree to be part of this that forces you in to their fantasy land.
They know what they're doing.
It's a big club and we ain't in it.
In fact, in the future, we don't exist.
But evil's tried this over and over and over again.
And evil's not omnipresent.
Evil's not all-powerful.
It just can't help but try to take over.
In fact, there's a comment from Twitter, putting a dollar in the Assyrian Alex Jones was right tip jar.
This was 2,800 years ago, carved on an Assyrian stone tablet.
Our Earth is degenerate in these latter days.
Bribery and corruption are common.
Children no longer obey their parents.
Every man wants to write a book, and the end of the world is evidently approaching.
You can say, well, they were wrong, but the end of their civilization was approaching, but it was then reborn.
So yes, we're entering the end of that era.
I have a whole other stack of news with their banning cows all over the world and you know about it all.
It's all out there.
In fact, let me just show you this stack.
The average U.S.
household pays 47% more for electricity than a year ago.
I mean, that's war.
Almost a 50%.
Increase in power in the United States in one year.
And it's only climbing, as you can see, projected to be a 100% increase within another year.
And it only goes up because we put up with it.
Cutting off the pipelines, cutting off the gas, cutting off the oil fields, cutting it all off.
But then buying record amounts from Venezuela, And Saudi Arabia, and I mean, this is war.
And they've got actuaries in numbers out there.
They'd have to build over a thousand more coal power plants.
They've shut down more than a thousand since Obama got in.
There isn't enough hydroelectric, there isn't enough solar to even pay for 10% of it.
They need to put in a thousand plants to make half the car fleet, which they say will be electric by 2030, and Ford and Dodge, and everybody's announcing, we're not making gas cars anymore starting in the next few years.
They've already announced they're canceling most of your favorite vehicles, Dodge and Ford and Chevy.
And big layoffs, and the horrible acid fields in Africa, and the way they mine this stuff, and it uses more carbon than gasoline.
They don't care because it's about shutting things down.
China's not going electric cars.
Mexico's not going electric cars.
India's not going.
You're going as economic warfare to shut you down.
Think about that.
They'd have to build a thousand coal power plants on the average size To have enough power to pay for electric cars, to have energy for them.
California just banned four-wheelers and lawnmowers, anything that takes gas.
There aren't even the electric things they need to even do to mow the lawns.
This is economic warfare.
They're not giving us a replacement.
This is a total criminal shutdown.
I've got more on this when we come back.
Australian banks are banning car loans for anything but electric.
Stay with us.
Ford's CEO Jim Farley, along with the Executive Chairman Bill Ford, announcing layoffs this morning.
The company will eliminate 3,000 white-collar jobs and contract jobs worldwide.
This as the company cuts costs to make the transition to electric vehicles.
And really, you could make the same argument we were talking about tax breaks for adding solar panels, energy efficient windows, appliances, heat pumps.
You know, what do you say to the families who simply can't afford this stuff in the first place?
Well, number one, for your home, yes, there are significant incentives in this bill which is great to reduce people's energy costs on a monthly basis.
So, if you are low income, you can get your home entirely weatherized through the expansion from the bipartisan infrastructure law.
A significant expansion.
You don't have to pay for anything.
If you want heat pumps, insulation, new windows, That is covered.
If you are moderate income, today you can get 30% off the price of solar panels.
Those solar panels can be financed, so you don't have to have the big outlay at the front.
And when they're financed, they're financed in a way that reduces your energy bill, even though you have solar panels.
With this 30% off, it's a significant incentive.
Same thing with, if you don't qualify for the weatherization program, you will be able to, starting next year, get rebates on the appliances and equipment that will help you reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 30%.
This is all about reducing costs for people.
And yet the electricity prices continue to go up.
Electricity prices up 47% in one year.
They tell poor single mothers, buy an $80,000 car, put solar panels on your apartment, you can't put them on.
It's okay, just put solar panels on the shack you're living in.
You don't have the money to buy them, but it's okay.
They want to get rid of the car, they want to get rid of mobility, they admit that.
So they're simply saying, oh, here's our new plan that isn't a plan For a new system, it's a plan to destroy everything.
The average U.S.
household pays 47% more for electricity than a year ago, and of course, in blue states and blue cities, it's over 60%.
They are raping the hell out of their people, and they think it's funny.
But here's the next level.
Major Australian banks announced yesterday, we're not going to give you car loans for anything but electric.
Australian Bank makes announcement about future car loans.
Is this what the left has in mind for the U.S.?
Yes, the S.E.G.s.
Look at this article on The Guardian.
The most damning and damaging farm products.
Organic is bad!
That's the headline.
The most damaging farm products.
Organic, pasture-fed beef and lamb.
Because they're farting!
Which then turns into natural gases that are good for the earth.
Green Party official, it's on Infowars.com, tells Germans to use washcloths instead of taking showers.
Take a whore bath!
You don't get a shower?
See, first it's, oh, limited showerheads.
And it's like, you know what?
You don't get a shower.
But you know they're going to be getting their showers.
This is a cult.
The Biden transition energy czar tells poor people to buy solar panels made in China that are highly toxic.
And it goes on and on and on.
Declaration saying there is no climate emergency.
Trends on Twitter.
Greenies have a meltdown.
That's on Infowars.com.
The mass killing of humanity heard is now underway.
Here's exactly how it's being accomplished to achieve mass extermination.
Key Mike Adams article and I was given a sheet.
I've lost it gives me again.
Mike's got some big breaking news fourth hour.
You definitely want to tune into that but but I want to play this clip now.
Which clip it is?
Find it guys.
Tucker Carlson Talks about federal agents raid on an Amish farmer who was not following regulations on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which is what they quote.
Maybe if he promises to put more chemicals in the milk to turn the kids trans, they can lay off.
And all over the news, he's Alex Jones now!
These chemicals make girls go into puberty early, they feminize boys.
That's in thousands of studies, but they just make a big joke about it.
And you know, Hogg, the pro-gun, anti-gun guy, he says, well, what's wrong with frogs being gay?
Well, they don't have babies anymore, and they become extinct.
Yahoo News, Tucker Carlson's Alex Jones idea.
Chemicals in the milk that turn the kids trans.
And technically, they don't turn gay, they turn trans.
And that's a fact.
And they don't want that discussed.
We're going to play the clip in a moment.
Please remember, we're fighting the new order toe-to-toe.
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But let's go to break and start the next hour with a special guest coming up, with Tucker Carlson directly over the Target and freaking out the system.
So apparently someone in the Department of Let's Wreck America as quickly as we can, the Biden administration, has decided we've got too much food in this country, and the good food is the worst food.
Food without endocrine-disrupting chemicals must be eliminated immediately.
Only wheat thins for you and some bugs.
So with that in mind, agents from the Biden administration, armed, have decided to attack the Amish.
Amos Miller, an independent farmer in the old Amish village of Bird and Hand, Pennsylvania, found out the hard way.
The feds say Amos isn't adhering to regulatory requirements for food production.
Again, not enough endocrine-disrupting chemicals!
You're not using enough GMOs!
So with that in mind, federal agents raided his farm.
They're demanding he stop farming.
They also turned to cripple him with $300,000 in fines.
An Amish farmer.
Amos Miller says he's farming in accordance with his religious beliefs, and he's providing food for 4,000 people in what he calls a private food club.
It's really a shocking story, and we wouldn't know about it if it were not for Jeremy Lafredo, who works for Rebel News.
He joins us tonight.
Jeremy, thanks so much for coming on.
This one of the stories is kind of hard to believe.
They're going after an Amish farmer.
Who are they, exactly?
We have the U.S.
Marshal Service recently raided Amos Miller's organic and holistic farm, demanding he cease operations.
And they charged him, as you said, with $300,000 of fines, economically crippling the man.
And what's happening is you have the armed federal agents are demanding he stop food production because of the meat, and you have him saying, well, you know what, I want to keep farming.
So you have this back and forth between the giant empire of the U.S.
federal government and this tiny little farm in Birmingham, Pennsylvania.
So they went after Jim's?
Organic farmers and churches.
So maybe they're against anything that's wholesome and edifying that makes you stronger and healthier and in favor of everything that diminishes you and makes you more dependent.
I'm just sensing a theme here.
Do you see this?
Yeah, and another thing the community says is that they're coming after Amos to set an example.
They're coming after an independent, successful farmer who takes out the government middleman and provides food directly to his community and his people.
Now, by taking out the middleman, by taking out the government, You're taking power away and taking leverage away from the government and putting that power and leverage in the hands of the community and the farmers and the people.
And another thing I'll add is Amos's farm doesn't use any gasoline or any fertilizer.
Now, as you know, these commodities have become very expensive because of Biden's policies in regards to the war in Ukraine and Russia.
Amos has completely eliminated any risk coming from the international or domestic politics of the Biden administration, and they're coming after him for it.
Maybe if he promises to put more chemicals in the milk that turn kids trans, they'll lay off.
Did any of the federal marshals decline to raid an Amish organic farm on principle, or did they all just go along with this?
All I know is that many federal agents did not decline to go and did go along with it and raided the farm and took inventory of Amos' farm to make sure that he doesn't sell or produce any more meat.
You know, we're for law enforcement, broadly speaking, but there's such a thing as conscience, okay?
And they should not have gone along with this.
When they tell you to raid an organic Amish farm, that's when you bow out, okay?
I would say.
Jeremy, I appreciate your story that you did.
It's shocking to believe it's real, but it is.
We're thankful that you came.
Thank you.
We have a whistleblower doctor joining us.
It's been censored next segment.
But first, let's go to this report.
Has America been slated for starvation?
Is America's food supply being sabotaged?
Or are we being judged by God and plagued with a future famine?
As Michael Snyder details on his Economic Collapse blog, a worldwide drought, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, is impacting agricultural production in the U.S.
and Europe.
And this scarcity of various produce and meat is going to raise food prices in the months and years ahead.
In Italy, farmers in some parts of the country have lost up to 80% of their harvest this year due to the severe drought conditions in the region.
In France, where the lack of rainfall has prompted widespread limits on fresh water use, they are experiencing their driest month in recorded history since March of 1961.
This is especially impactful on the world's food supply since France is the fourth largest exporter of wheat.
In Germany, the most important river, the Rhine, has dropped to dangerously low levels and even dried up completely in some places.
Not only does this drop in water affect crop irrigation, but the river is used to transport the vast majority of all goods in and out of Germany, including coal, oil, and most importantly, food.
In the Elbe River, hunger stones have reappeared which were used to mark low river levels that would forecast famines in the land.
On one stone from 1616, it reads, If you see me, cry.
Here in the U.S., about half the nation is experiencing some level of drought.
But the lack of precipitation is particularly bad in Texas, where the Dallas-Fort Worth area has had no measurable rain for two straight months.
The lack of water has led many ranchers to panic-sell their herds, being unable to water them, which will impact beef prices in the future.
Is this just a typical weather cycle where a season of drought comes and goes?
Or is this a true climate disaster as the global warming alarmists would like us to think?
And with food prices poised to explode, the question arises...
What can we do about it?
Will weather modification technology that has the ability to create rain by cloud seeding be brought to the mainstream public at last as a solution to this worldwide drought?
China, the UAE, Indonesia, and other nations have already come out of the closet with their cloud seeding technology.
So will the U.S.
government declassify their own weather manipulating tools to meet this crisis?
Or perhaps this weather modification technology is what caused the drought across the world by prematurely pulling water vapor out of the atmosphere and showering the land with chemtrail tainted rain.
How many decades have governments around the world used these cloud seeding agents?
Chemical compounds made from aluminum, barium, potassium iodide, solid carbon dioxide, and various salt compounds.
Aside from farmers and ranchers losing a large percentage of their products due to a lack of rainwater, food processing plants across the U.S.
have been mysteriously bursting into flames or shutting down, further fueling the food crisis caused by the drought.
Starting in 2021, the uptick in disruptions at food processing facilities began.
And today, the number stands well over a hundred incidents that led to the shutdown of significant production.
Starting in 2022, there was a shutdown at least once a week.
These incidents destroyed, damaged, or impacted food processing facilities indefinitely, either by fires, diseases, or an assortment of accidents, like plane crashes.
These incidents ceased beef and pork packing plants, milk parlors, egg farms, fertilizer plants, various produce packing and processing facilities, and an assortment of farms for turkeys, ducks, and chickens have been culled.
Millions of animals killed for outbreaks of bird flu.
Massive corporations like General Mills, Kellogg, Nestle, Walmart, Smithfield, JBS, and Purina have also shut down production.
Have we been slated for starvation?
Or are we being backed into a corner so we accept the terms of the New World Order's Great Reset Agenda?
Although we're armed with a powerful military and the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from an invasion or a tyrannical government, is food the weapon being used against us?
Just like Henry Kissinger said, who controls the food supply, controls the people.
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Well, medical doctor Kelly Victory is about to join us.
She's been exposing what's all confirmed now, and they've tried to censor her.
Here's one of the local TV stations she talked to.
life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all-cause deaths among 18- to 49-year-olds.
Along with that, there's also been an increase in certain medical diagnoses, such as miscarriages and Bell's palsy.
Here to give us her take on the new data and what she believes could be causing the rise in numbers is emergency medicine and disaster specialist, Dr. Kelly Victory.
Dr. Victory, good morning.
Great to talk to you, as always.
Good morning, Jason.
Thanks for having me.
Okay, we want to make sure that anytime we talk, we want to make sure the information that we have is accurate.
So let's start this interview by telling us, I've seen your correspondence here, what is the source of the information that you're about to present?
Well, this information became available to me or on my radar last week following a hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, who was looking at sort of what he calls a second opinion on the entire response to the COVID pandemic.
The medical data was released by three career military physicians who got the information from the military database that collects what we call ICD codes which are the diagnosis codes and these physicians had a feeling they believed based on their own observation that they were seeing a significant hold the database from the military on certain conditions
over a five-year period from 2016 through 2020, notably containing one year,
2020, of the full-blown pandemic.
So they looked at 2016, 17, 18, 19, and 20 at the prevalence of certain conditions including things like heart attack, blood clots to the lung, miscarriages, those sorts of things.
and they compared it to the incidence of those same things in the calendar year 2021 and saw an
alarming increase in certain things. For example, they saw a 270% increase in myocardial infarction
in 2021, a 300% increase in incidence of Bell's palsy and of certain neurologic complaints,
a 470% increase in pulmonary embolisms, blood clots to the lungs, and many, many other
huge increases that they found alarming.
Alright, since she covered that on air, she's been massively attacked, but if you go to YouTube...
Almost every comment is on her side, and the people are confirming what she said, but it's in Mainline Studies.
Tucker Carlson was covering it last night.
Their intimidation is not working.
She's a medical doctor.
I won't go over her whole bio, but Dr. Kelly Victory joins us.
And so you're not censored, you're live, you can say whatever you want.
Tell us about yourself, your concerns.
You're not just talking for five minutes on, you know, San Diego TV here.
You're reaching millions of people can really break down your concerns.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Well, thanks so much for having me Alex.
I'm still somewhat caught off guard when people reference me as you did as a quote whistleblower.
Back in the olden days, I'm what people would call an honest physician reporting on the facts and the science and the data as I interpret them.
From the beginning, I have been really raising the alarm bells during this pandemic, going really back to February of 2020, primarily because I saw a response that was totally out of line with what one would have expected from public health.
It began with things like talking about, you know, masking and these sorts of things.
And I sat back and said, wait a minute, you know, we've known for decades that masks don't do anything appreciable to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.
Why would they be talking about that?
And then it very quickly went on to things like Social distancing, perhaps my favorite made-up construct of this entire debacle.
I have an entire library of books on public health, epidemiology, virology, immunology, pandemic preparedness and response, and I defy anyone to go to any of those textbooks and find where the phrase social distancing appears in the index.
Yet we have mom and pop shops all over the country that were putting up plexiglass and circles on the floor and one-way signs in the aisles at the Walmart.
So that was the initial thing that got my attention was, what the heck are they talking about?
Then I started talking very early about the vaccines and my concerns about the vaccines.
Now, suffice to say, Alec, I am not anti-vaccine anything, but I've actually been called a vaccine zealot in the past.
I have written and spoken much of my career in public health on the importance of vaccinations.
My concern was with these vaccines.
Number one, when they started talking about launching very quickly an mRNA vaccine, I said, wait a minute, we have never had a safe and effective mRNA vaccine.
Not because we haven't tried.
That technology has been around for well over a decade at the time, yet the vaccines had always failed, sometimes with disastrous results.
Then I said, wait a minute, they're talking about a vaccine that's going to be predicated on a singular spike protein?
Well, that's not going to work.
Anybody with any background in virology knows that viruses mutate.
All viruses mutate.
And the area most likely to mutate Is that spike protein?
So if you create a vaccine based on that spike protein, I simply predicted, I said, well, this isn't going to work.
It's going to fail immediately, independent of any severe adverse events you might have because of the mRNA.
This thing is going to fail in a New York minute.
So I was out talking about all of this very, very early on and unleashed a world of hurt on myself with regard to censorship.
I don't have a big, or I didn't at the time, a big social media presence whatsoever.
But I started receiving just unbelievable vitriol from people.
People were sending me not only personal notes, but I was receiving things in the mail.
People would get my address and send me things and talk about how I was a horrible human being and I was going to result in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, that I should lose my medical license.
And lo and behold, I have had to defend my medical license on seven separate occasions during this pandemic.
I've done so successfully every time.
I mean, let's think about that, though.
An unapproved drug rammed through on the public, and a doctor questions it.
You've now been vindicated, and the left doesn't want doctors questioning unapproved drugs rolled out.
I mean, they've turned into, like, big pharmacult members.
In the past, we have absolutely promoted the idea of robust, vigorous debate in medicine.
Frankly, it's a cornerstone of medicine.
Respectful debate, but robust and vigorous debate.
It's a cornerstone of science, isn't it?
I mean, it's all about debate.
We rarely come to the best decisions in medicine or science or frankly business or anything else if you only listen to a singular voice.
For years, I was the chief medical officer of a company that ran on-site health care for huge companies, Fortune 100 companies and dozens of federal agencies incidentally.
And I had a plaque on my desk that said, argue with me.
And I meant it.
Tell me why this is the dumbest idea I've come up with, or tell me why I'm misinterpreting the data.
Tell me why I have overestimated... Oh, that's why I stay on air, and I wouldn't call them the left, just these corporate bots.
They'll never debate on a face-to-face.
They only want it when it's their playing field, period.
Right, and they don't debate on the science.
Immediately they start hurling invectives and making ad hominem attacks.
It never has to do with them saying, hey Dr. Kelly, we read that same study and here's where I think you misinterpreted the findings.
It's never about that.
You're a horrible human being and you need to go away.
You shouldn't be looking at the Lancet Journal saying it doesn't work and it erases the immune system.
Just shut up!
Exactly, and so when I did that last little clip that you reported where I was talking about specifically that data that was revealed by three career military physicians who were looking at what they call DMED, The Defense Military Epidemiology Database, and they have access.
I don't.
I'm not a military physician, but they have access to this enormous database that was very, very helpful.
Dr. Kelly, I want to hear about what these military physicians said that they're trying to censor when we come back.
Stay with us.
Medical doctor Kelly Victory is our guest.
We really appreciate her time today.
EarlyCovidCare.org and Kelly Victory, MD on Getter.
Doc, I got a lot of questions, but you got cut off by the break getting into these big issues and where you see all this going.
You got cut off.
Please start over where we left off.
Yeah, I just was talking briefly about this issue of the data that was revealed by three career military physicians who were drawing attention to these very, very alarming increases in the incidence of certain conditions.
Things like blood clots to the lung and Bell's palsy.
heart attacks, strokes, those sorts of things.
And it was actually in posting that sworn testimony by these military physicians
that got me permanently banned from Twitter.
How posting sworn testimony from a congressional hearing is misinformation is beyond me,
but that's the way it seems to go these days.
The thing that I think should be absolutely alarming and really incense all Americans, Alex,
is that the VAERS system, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,
it's been in place for 24 years, was specifically put there as an early warning system.
It was meant to be the And now their own system is showing 10, 20 times previous record problems.
The CDC said let's put a system in place where people, civilians and physicians can report things
that might be adverse events related to a vaccine so that we'll know very very quickly early on
we'll have that early warning sign. And now their own system is showing 10-20 times
previous record problems they say it's discredited. Correct.
They not only haven't looked into it, they have ignored it.
There are more adverse events and specifically more deaths attributed on VAERS to the COVID-19 vaccines than to all other vaccines combined over 24 years.
Think about that.
Say that again.
In its whole history, there are more in the last two years than ever reported.
Of all the vaccines, all 30 other vaccines over the 24-year period combined.
You heard that correctly.
Now, there's no saying that any particular case that's reported to VAERS is definitely a result of the vaccine.
But that's the way it's always been.
That's the nature of that system.
The point is they need to be evaluated.
Well, it's like if you feed your cows a bunch of a new feed, and you got 100 cows and 10 die, and normally one cow dies a year and 10 die in a day, you know it's the feed.
I mean, it's cause and effect.
It's right there.
And so the great news is, or should have been for Americans, is that there's an organization whose job it is to look into that, and it's called the CDC.
They haven't done it.
They not only haven't looked into some of them, they haven't looked into any of these.
They haven't done the autopsies.
They haven't culled the data.
Instead, they've turned a blind eye to it, and they march out on a daily basis and say, safe and effective, safe and effective, when they know darn well that it is neither safe nor effective.
And the idea that they are coming out now and making some sort of disingenuous mea culpa about the fact that they didn't do a very good job.
Well, let me stop you, doctor, because you're reading my mind.
My next question is, what do you make of Burks and Fauci and all of them saying, oh, we never thought it would work?
What is that about?
Oh, they're saying the quiet part out loud.
All of a sudden, they're acknowledging the reality.
Deborah Birx has come flat out and said they knew from the beginning, as I did, that the vaccines wouldn't work, that they would lose effectiveness very, very quickly.
And again, that is independent of any adversity.
Anne Walensky, the head of the CDC, Oh, yes.
She has come out and she has said just recently, yeah, well, whoops, we made some mistakes and now we're going to do better going forward because we're going to focus on, quote, communication, collaboration and timeliness.
I truly, Alex, they should focus on competence and integrity and perhaps some humility.
That would be a more compelling trifecta.
I totally agree.
So basically, they got rid of three FDA boards because they wouldn't approve this.
They've got a bunch of executives involved with the companies making money off of it.
The big question is, why were they so psychotic to even try this?
And now that it's all coming out, Dr. Victory, where do you see this going?
Well, unfortunately, it is going to take us decades, Alex, to really understand the damage done by this pandemic debacle.
There are so many areas.
As I said, it's not just the vaccines.
That's a huge piece.
And we won't likely know, literally for decades, what the fallout is.
There's a reason that the average vaccine takes six to eight years to come to market if it ever makes it at all.
These vaccines had a paucity of safety data behind them when they started.
They were never tested on pregnant women, lactating women, people with autoimmune diseases, or people who'd already had and recovered from COVID.
We have really no idea what the long-term neurologic impact is, the impact on reproductive health, and on and on.
Furthermore, we have done untold damage to an entire generation of young people who are forced to wear masks, socially distance, miss two and a half years of school.
There's a reason, for example, that toddlers have significant speech delay.
The CDC, rather than acknowledging that wearing masks and being around throngs of others wearing masks,
rather than acknowledging the profoundly negative impact that has had on young children,
they simply went on quietly and unceremoniously and changed the milestones for the number of words,
for example, that a toddler should know and be able to say by the age of 24 or 30 months.
Children learn to speak by mimicking mouth movements, not by what they hear.
So the fact that we've had people masked for two and a half years has had a huge impact.
These things, it is so deep, it's going to take us a long, long time.
And unfortunately, perhaps the greatest tragedy of it all is that it has absolutely undermined the faith and confidence that people have in public health.
God help us when the next thing comes along, because there will be a next thing.
I can't tell you what it will be, but we will need to get the attention and the buy-in of the American people and the population globally to listen to what we have to say and to pay heed.
And right now, the average person looks at public health and says, you're a bunch of incompetent buffoons.
Well, Dr. Victory, I mean, I couldn't say it better.
You're saying it better than I could.
I mean, they're admitting the next thing's coming.
This is Big Pharma taking over.
You don't want to speculate, but clearly pulling back.
Worldwide responses coordinated.
We have Operation Lockstep.
The whole thing was organized.
Oh, there's no question.
And I will, you know, Wax, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I can connect the dots.
The reality is that people like Bill Gates have wanted for a long, long time to create a universal vaccine platform in the name, you know, named mRNA.
There's no question that much of what they did was a, you know, a psyop to see exactly how much people would tolerate.
Just how quickly will people hand over their civil liberties on a platter in the name of public health.
Fear itself.
Fear is an incredibly powerful intoxicant.
It is a very good way to manipulate people.
I teach a course on leadership in times of crisis, and if I had to summarize that entire seminar, it's, you know, learn to recognize abject fear and terror and get yourself out of it because you don't make good decisions.
That's right.
Stay there, Dr. Kelly Venturi.
Let's talk more about that.
Alright, well I'm really impressed with medical doctor Kelly Victory.
And we got cut off by a break and a lot of folks are watching right now.
And I want to take part of this interview tomorrow and play it again because it's so powerful.
EarlyCovidCare.org I said connecting the dots, big picture, the premeditation of Operation Lockstep, all the documents.
You said absolutely, you started going through that.
So start over again and spend some time on that because they're saying new lockdowns coming, new viruses coming, they admit this shot didn't work, erases your immune system, all that.
Big picture, what do you expect to come next?
And speak to what you were just talking about, about this being premeditated.
What's your view on that?
Well, early on, I have to say, early on, I did not believe that.
I said, no, I can't possibly connect those dots.
I think you'd be hard-pressed at this point, Alex, to not understand that there's something else bigger going on.
Whether you want to say it's the Great Reset or simply look at the fact that people like Bill Gates George Soros, the people at the World Economic Forum and others, they clearly believe that the world, that the globe, would benefit and would benefit significantly from a large decrease in the population.
And again, I say that not because I believed it initially, but when you watch the behavior, it is simply not conceivable that these people are just that incompetent.
There is a nefarious intent here.
You have people at the helm, not just in the United States, but elsewhere, who have continued to push and push and push, for example, on these vaccines.
Well, let's talk about that.
There's global coordination, blocking therapeutics, early studies from the CDC predicting the bad side effects.
Talk about that.
Yes, absolutely.
And you take, there were studies that were, you know, white table exercises on things like, you know, what would happen if we had a pandemic of this sort?
These guys have known from the beginning, whether it's masking, social distancing, talking about the idea of asymptomatic spread, testing people who are asymptomatic.
These sorts of things are absolutely not based in the science, and they have to have known that.
Asymptomatic people have never been the spreaders of a pandemic or of a respiratory virus.
Masks have never worked.
Social distancing, as I said earlier.
We've known for decades that lockdowns do far more damage than good.
and there's a reason why we haven't used them in the past.
We've known from the beginning that children, frankly, healthy people under the age of 50,
but certainly people under the age of 18, were at such a de minimis risk from this virus
as to be indistinguishable from zero.
Yet they applied with a broad brush these mandates to everyone.
They acted as if everyone was at equivalent risk when they knew from the beginning
that that was not the case.
And you see them doing it again with monkey pox.
All of the sudden we're gonna act as if everyone is at equivalent risk
when we know upfront who the risk groups are.
With COVID, it clearly was the elderly.
And when I say that, I mean people really over the age of 75 or 80.
And people with a very well-known set of comorbidities, specifically obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Yet they acted as if everyone was at risk.
Everybody must distance and lock down and stay home and bathe in Purell and hide in fear in the basement.
They're doing the same thing, interestingly, with monkeypox.
We know who's at risk from monkeypox.
We know that it's not the average individual.
We know that 95% of the people getting monkeypox identify as men, and that more than 95% are homosexual or transgender.
Transsexual and and therefore those are the risk groups, but instead we're going to act as if you know suburban housewives and people who aren't sexually active and young children are at risk.
They always go against the logic.
It's like an exercise against logic.
Well, you know, there's a part of it that's just being so politically correct.
Equity has no place in public health, okay?
Viruses don't know equity.
Viruses know who their targets are, and we don't do anybody any good as public health experts To call it any other way, the only way we can protect those people who are truly at risk, whether it's from COVID or tuberculosis or monkeypox, is to actually acknowledge who the risk groups are, put our resources towards those risk groups.
One of the greatest failures One of the biggest failures of this pandemic, and that's a long list from which to choose, but one of the greatest failures was their failure to acknowledge the role, the mandate, Alex, of public health is to look at the impact of any particular mitigation scheme on the entire public, not a single individual, not a single disease process.
It's very different from when you come to see me in the emergency department or in my office. At that time, that's a one-on-one
interaction and you are my sole concern. When I put on my public health hat, it's very different. I have to
look at the impact on the entire population and not just their physical health, also their spiritual
health, mental health, economic health.
So they should have known from the beginning what a lockdown would do.
And they knew it, and it was all a giant Milgram experiment to basically divide and conquer society.
Give us your view as a medical doctor on the psychology of this thing.
Well, and if you listen, by the way, to Deborah Birx and others who freely acknowledges in her book that they had to be surreptitious, they had to be very careful, quote-unquote, to not let their true intentions be known.
These are her words, not mine.
She knew, they knew, that if they acknowledged what they intended, Which was never simply a two-week lockdown, you know, two weeks to flatten the curve.
That was never their intention, as Burks acknowledges in the book.
They knew if they'd said that, however, to Trump, being the businessman that he was, that he would understand the profoundly negative impact.
That's right.
So why are they now writing books and giving speeches tattling on themselves?
To create a new narrative that was all, you know, the noble lie, or what was it?
Yes, I think it's in part that, and frankly, the rats are jumping ship.
Anthony Fauci turned in his notice, he's going to be stepping down as of December.
Three and a half decades too late, but nonetheless, he's finally stepping down.
And I think he intends to try to get out of Dodge and slink into the shadows before there's likely a Republican call to to have his head and to be hauling him in front of Congress, depending on what happens in November.
Many of them are trying desperately to get on the right side of history.
They are trying to hitch their wagon and say, oh, yes, we always knew.
I know I did this because I said this because it was In the best interest of the population, but we always knew they're trying very hard to rewrite history.
I do not think that history will treat them kindly, however, and there's a long list of people who were complicit in this.
Certainly Fauci's right at the top of that list.
He was participant, let's not forget, in actually creating This thing called COVID.
He absolutely funneled U.S.
taxpayer dollars through EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak to the Wuhan lab in China for gain-of-function research.
One of the only things I truly agreed with President Obama on was the moratorium that was put on in 2014 to gain-of-function research.
It was recognized as very, very dangerous.
Certainly something that could potentially create a super bug.
And now he's purging himself to Congress.
Stay right there.
Final segment.
Very impressed.
Kelly Victory, M.D.
I want to talk about big picture and where we're going next and the fact that the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
What does that signify?
Kelly Victory, M.D.
on Getter.
This lady knows what she is talking about.
That's why the globalists are in so much trouble.
Because they may control the top of the system, but they don't control all these great doctors and researchers and professionals.
And just thank God we've had the real doctors and nurses and researchers and scientists stand up.
That's really exposed our whole agenda.
And the whole thing's falling apart now.
That's the good news.
Is the issue of pandemic preparedness.
And if there's one message that I want to leave with you today, based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
MD, Dr. Kelly Victory is our guest.
She got caught up by the break again, covering critical information.
Please continue, doctor.
Well, just talking about, you know, really, really where this is going, Alex, because I think that's what most people want to know.
You know, Fauci is stepping down.
Many of them are stepping down.
Fauci isn't going away, though, I can guarantee it.
He will pop up somewhere else, likely either at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO, or somewhere else.
And a word about the WHO, by the way.
The WHO, to be very clear, there's a reason why we stepped out of it previously with President Trump.
The WHO is essentially the long arm of the Chinese Communist Party.
Dr. Tedros, not a medical doctor, by the way, Dr. Tedros, who runs the WHO, was handpicked by the Chinese Communist Party, and he has a very different agenda.
The idea that Fauci and others were involved, not only in doing gain-of-function research, that is very, very dangerous, but they were doing it with our greatest geopolitical foe, China.
They were doing it in Wuhan.
And there's no question that this was a lab-created virus, and the idea that anyone is suggesting that it still is a naturally occurring virus is preposterous.
You need only look at the genetics of that particular virus to know it was lab-manipulated.
Whether it was released purposefully or out of abject incompetence, I cannot say.
But lab-created, I can, and there's no question Anthony Fauci's fingerprints are all over that.
So is the WHO.
So clearly people are making billions of dollars off of this pandemic and they stand to make billions of dollars from the next fear fest, whether it's a resurgence of polio or monkey pox or whatever else.
But I think that this has been, as I said, a PSYOP.
Not that the virus itself wasn't real.
COVID was very real and unfortunately many people died unnecessarily because of the therapeutic nihilism that occurred and the refusal of the powers that be to even allow us to talk about this safe, effective, readily available medications that we have to treat COVID.
We had them from the beginning, things like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and steroids.
For the duration of the pandemic, the people who are supposedly the gurus of public health have failed to tell people about the importance of supplementing vitamin D and zinc Two of the least expensive and simplest ways we could have
prevented people from dying from not only COVID, but a heck of a lot of other viruses
that are out there.
Yet they haven't focused on that because their concern isn't really public health at all.
It's control.
It's gaining control of you, your children, your business, and where you work.
This is the fundamental of a totalitarian society.
Make it as miserable as possible so you will finally break down and say, "Okay, I'll do
whatever it is you want if you'll just make it stop."
Just make it go away and they hand you back some little bit of freedom, something that months ago you would have considered your God-given right and something they had no right to take away in the first place.
We've got a lot of work to do, Alex, to rebuild and undo the damage that was done by this pandemic and this pandemic response.
It's not just the physical components and the tremendous adverse events that are going to continue to happen as a result of these vaccines, but it's really the psychological damage, the economic damage, the social damage, the fractionation of families and friends over this issue of whether or not you wore a mask or took the dang vaccine or whatever else.
We've got a lot of work to do.
I only learned about you from this clip.
I've looked you up.
Medical doctor.
Great past.
Great history.
I'm very impressed.
I've had a lot of amazing people.
Dr. Mercola.
You know, we've had so many of the other top people on.
I know you're already prominent, but man, we need to get you out front and center.
I think you're one of the most Coherent, cogent, full spectrum doctors out there.
Tell us, people know about you, a little bit about yourself, who you are, and how people can contact you, and how people can support the great work you're doing, doctor.
Well, thank you very much for this platform, too.
As I said, it's been a tough time with the amount of censorship.
I am a trauma and emergency physician by training.
I practiced hospital-based trauma medicine for years and then developed an interest in mass casualty and in disaster preparedness and response.
I ran the healthcare for companies and their employees and their families for many, many years.
I happen to have been at the helm at Continental Airlines during the SARS-CoV-1 pandemic in 2003, so have some pandemic experience as well.
I did postgraduate training at the Harvard School of Public Health.
and really have spent the last 20 years primarily teaching, I still see patients, but teaching and training
in everything from active shooter preparedness and response to this whole issue of leadership in times of crisis.
God knows we need more people at the helm during these events and people who are not afraid
to speak openly and honestly.
We do no one any favors by sugarcoating the truth.
On the other hand, as I said, fear is not a way to lead people out of the basement.
I have a website with a number of other terrific physicians, not only people with storied academic careers, but stellar human beings.
People like Drs.
Peter McCullough and Harvey Reich, Paul Alexander, George Bereid, and that website is EarlyCovidCare.org.
It's a great website because it's a repository for a huge number of studies.
If you're interested in what I'm talking about with regard to studies, for example, on masks or social distancing or information about the vaccines, we have hundreds and hundreds of published scientific studies there.
There are resources for people with regard to protocols to treat COVID as well as COVID vaccine injuries and a way to avail yourself of telemedicine services if you need to talk with a physician.
My only real social media platform platform right now is on Getter, having been permanently banned from from Twitter.
I chose not to fight that ban, by the way.
It simply wasn't worth it.
I'm not interested in participating in a propaganda platform.
So I'm on Getter at Kelly Victory MD.
And I spend really some time doing shows like this one.
And again, I so appreciate the platform.
Because people deserve to be able to hear this.
I am the co-plaintiff with President Trump in his class action lawsuit against big tech.
And again, it's not because it's an affront to my First Amendment right to speak.
It's more an affront to the right of all Americans to hear, to hear the other sides.
I believe that people are smart enough that they can take the information, they can distill it, and they can come to the best decisions for themselves and their families.
It's not Anybody's right to prevent you from getting all of the information.
If people want to argue with me, as I said, bring it on.
Happy to argue.
But let's argue about the facts, the data, the science.
No, I totally agree.
Well, Dr. Victory, usually they say don't judge a book off its cover.
I actually now that we're talking to you I've seen some other big stuff you're involved in but like seeing the newscast having you here it's amazing.
You're a great American, you're an amazing doctor, you're a wonderful woman and we're so much stronger to have you here and you just knocked it out of the park.
I hope everybody takes the archive of this interview today.
It'll be a Bandot video and I hope they share it.
Thank you so much for your time and I think it's fair to say though that They expected a lot more out of this power grab.
They got a lot, but not what they thought, and now it's backfiring.
Do you agree with that, with 20 seconds left?
I absolutely do.
I absolutely do.
The tide is turning, Alex, and there are a lot of people who are going to be held accountable, God willing, and those of us who are out there.
Thank you so much.
Those of us who have been speaking the truth from the beginning.
The tide is turning and it's time for Americans to take their civil liberties back.
Don't let this happen to us again.
Be educated, be involved, and just keep your eyes open because it's out there in front
of us.
Incredible interview.
One of the best ever.
All right, Dr. Victory, you are the essence of victory.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for having me.
It's only you, the listeners and viewers, that keep me in the fight.
Been in this fight a long time.
Had a big effect.
And it's all because of you.
And I appreciate you all for your support.
And I think most important work is about to happen, but I can only do that with your support.
Look at these headlines.
CNN is being gutted because leptist media is not as appealing as they fantasize.
Boy, isn't that a perfect way of saying it.
They're jokes!
But they've got the power structure behind them.
Pathetic spin.
NBC coordinator, contributor, claims 75% of Americans dissatisfied with the direction of the country, actually just worried Trump will steal the 2024 election.
Former Fox News political editor, total joke, who lost his job, Chris Starwalt, blames network for inciting black helicopter-level paranoia and hatred in new book.
These people are a joke, ladies and gentlemen.
Their time has come to an end.
We've rejected them.
So now they want to cut our resources off.
So we're so desperate.
We'll roll over to them just to give us food and water.
I believe in you, and I believe that's not going to be the case.
Mike Adams is about to take over, and man, has he been hitting on all cylinders.
He always does, but he's been knocking it out of the park as of late.
Mike Adams, fourth hour, is going to be covering exclusive new results of Vax, composition showing presence of industrial metals in the vaccines, chromium, nickel, valadium, uranium, And other compounds that are growing these nanotech blood clots inside the body.
I hope you record this.
I hope you share this because you're everything.
When I tell you how important you are and how you're the victory or the defeat, it's not a pat on the head.
It's a SOS emergency flag.
It's a bat signal.
Millions of people are tuned in here.
It isn't Alex Jones they hate.
Sure, they hate me, but they hate all of us collectively a thousand times more.
A million times more.
They hate a community of people that see through their lies, a community of people that understand the real tests we're up against, and a community of people that love God and love justice.
Pretty powerful three-hour show we just did.
Another great broadcast.
It was really powerful.
I hope I give them good headlines today for Bandot Video.
I hope you share the Bandot Video articles because this is the stuff that scares the enemies of freedom.
And separately, I'm not doing it more than a day or two because I got to sign every one of these.
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You know who you are that have prayed for us.
You are my brother.
You are my sister.
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It is such an incredible time right now, and it takes money to win a war.
We've got products that empower your life and keep the wars on the air.
So I salute you.
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All right folks, welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
I'm Mike Adams.
I'll be hosting for this hour and I'll be sharing Breaking Bombshell exclusive lab-based results with you about both the composition of the post-vaccine clots as well as a composition of one of the major COVID vaccines, which is showing trace amounts of industrial metals and elements And in case you think that's a crazy thought, well, guess what?
Just so happens that today the Epoch Times has a story of a German group of researchers, of 60 researchers, who have found essentially the exact same thing that I had planned to share with you today.
So we're going to get into all of that.
Tell everybody you know to tune in, because today we're going to answer some real questions about what these post-vaccine clots are made of, What they might be doing.
The fact that they are self-assembling biostructures.
I'm not saying that they're alive.
They're not living systems.
They're not parasites.
But they do grow larger over time inside the circulatory system of the human body.
So tell folks to tune in.
We're going to be breaking all that down in the upcoming segment, by the way.
But we've got other breaking news related to the vaccine to share with you first.
Big story breaking today about Dan Bongino.
Saying that he says taking the COVID vaccines was the greatest regret of his life.
And first of all, I want to honor the work of Dan Bongino, who is a great American, a great patriot.
He's done tremendous work in this space.
He did take the vaccine early on, and he has the courage now to come out and recognize that, as he says, he should have waited.
He saw a segment from Tucker Carlson and also a major thumbs up to Tucker Carlson for also having the courage to cover this and to look at the evidence, look at the data about this and draw conclusions from the data rather than the propaganda such as Fauci and Birx and Walensky, most of whom have now admitted they were wrong, by the way.
So, the data show the truth about what's actually happening here, and people like Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson and so many others are finding the courage to come out and address this head-on.
And, by the way, to call for potentially criminal investigations into Anthony Fauci, even though he's trying to resign before the new Congress is sworn in in January, I believe and many others believe that Anthony Fauci needs to be investigated for the possibility of crimes against humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Code or his role in that scheme.
And by the way, Mary Holland from Children's Health Defense has just given a speech.
She's in Nuremberg, Germany right now.
We, in fact, we're trying to reach out to her to get her on the show today.
She's not able to make it today, but we're going to be talking to her soon.
She has given a speech that says that every person responsible for carrying out these crimes against humanity must be held responsible.
There must be investigations.
There must be prosecutions.
And I want to also give thumbs up to her and, by the way, everybody at Children's Health Defense.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for example, who put together that amazing book called The Real Anthony Fauci.
And if there are two books that you want to be sure to read this year, that's one of them.
And the other book is, of course, The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
And I kind of chuckled when I was listening in at the end of Alex's segment, because Alex has to sign thousands of these books, and that is a, it's a more tedious and difficult job than you might imagine.
I've had to do that before.
One year I signed like 2,000 books of my own book, and I gotta tell you, after about 500 signatures, You forget how to sign your name, you're like, whoa, wait a second, how does this work?
Alex is in for a rough ride.
They better bring him some coffee and some Turbo Force or whatever is necessary, because he's got to sign thousands of books.
That is going to take dozens of hours, by the way, to get that done.
Anyway, back to Dan Bongino.
I want to say to Dan Bongino, brother, we love you, we pray for you, but more importantly, we have solutions that may be able to help you.
When I say we, I'm talking about those of us in the, really, what's the best way to say this?
The pioneering alternative media, those of us who are really pushing the boundaries.
So folks like myself, I'm running the lab tests, I'm doing the actual tests on these clots, finding out what they're made of and what they're not made of.
People like Dr. Jane Ruby, for example, who connected me with embalmer Richard Hirschman.
Jane Ruby's at the forefront of what these clots are.
And there are a lot of people In the alternative media, who are looking at answers of how to eliminate these clots.
We don't have those answers yet, but Mr. Bongino, if you want to stay informed, connect with some of us and we can keep it private if that's necessary.
We can feed you cutting-edge information before it goes public that may help you be able to make decisions and address, is your body growing these clots?
And if so, is there a way to stop these clots from growing and to thereby save your life?
Because one of the things that I'm doing, remember I have an ISO accredited laboratory.
I'm going to share those results in the next segment here on the Alex Jones Show.
Uh, and we are inspected, audited, internationally accredited to the, what's called the 17025 laboratory specification.
And we've got millions of dollars of lab equipment that we use for this, and other scientists are doing the same thing.
But, when we figure out how to stop the growth of these clots, We know that we can help save the lives of millions of people, maybe tens of millions around the world.
We're not there yet.
But the way to get there is to do these investigations, as we're doing, share the ideas, and try to be able to connect with people who have this knowledge.
The Gateway Pundit did an article on this today about Dan Bongino saying that the vaccine was the greatest regret of his life.
And in that article, I want to give kudos to The Gateway Pundit, by the way, and Jim Hoft and the other writers there.
They actually mentioned that Natural News, my website, cannot be shared on any big tech platform.
You can't share it in a private message on Facebook.
You can't put it in a tweet.
You can't talk about any of my work on YouTube or Facebook or anywhere.
And that is to the detriment of even the people working at Big Tech who think they're winning by censoring people.
Actually, they're losing because they're going to die from lack of knowledge.
Because it's people like myself and others in independent media who have the answers.
We are at the forefront of this.
Mainstream science won't touch this.
The NIH won't fund it.
Fauci wouldn't dare fund any research into how to stop the clots, because they will not even acknowledge that the clots exist.
This is coming down to independent researchers in Spain, in Germany, in the United States, such as my lab and others.
We are the ones who are going to solve this problem.
What is it?
La Quinta Columna in Spain is doing tremendous work on this and I'm going to talk to you about this group in Germany, a group of 60 scientists that has come out with this new information about the composition of these post-vaccine or what's in the vaccines in their case.
We are the ones who are going to solve this problem.
And we're the ones who are being censored.
So think about this.
The very leftists who think they're winning, they're the ones who are going to be dying because of lack of knowledge.
And Google has become a disinformation or anti-knowledge search engine.
Google's mission is to bury the truth and bury solutions that could save humanity from the mass death that is coming.
Now, back to what Bongino said, and he's correct about this.
He understands that there are going to be years of increased risk from these vaccines in people who got them.
And Ed Dowd spoke yesterday with Alex Jones with some bombshell, shocking information from the insurance industry, indicating that these deaths are accelerating.
And we are approaching what will be, we're not there yet, but a 100% increase in excess deaths in the United States.
And that would be about an additional 7,500 people dying per day in the United States once that level is reached.
And I believe it will be reached before the end of this year.
So we're talking about two 9-11's every day happening from the vaccines in the United States probably by the end of this year.
So if we can find solutions, we can help save thousands of lives, over 7,000 lives per day potentially, but only if we can get this information out.
And that's why this platform, InfoWars.com, is so crucial for humanity.
That's why your support of InfoWars is crucial.
Your support of all of us in independent media.
So please, do everything you can.
Get the Alex Jones book, The Great Reset.
Visit InfoWarsStore.com.
Load up on the supplements while you can.
And by the way, just as a side note, I want you to understand that You know, FedEx and UPS and carriers are having major problems delivering things, and I'm not sure how well that's going to work throughout the rest of this year.
So this is the time to get what you can now for your preparedness, for your nutrition, for your health prevention of whatever epidemics might be coming.
Do it now while you can, and I'll be back right after this break with more details about what's in the vaccines and what's in the clots.
Stay with us.
All right, prepare for some bombshells here today, folks.
Welcome back.
Mike Adams here hosting the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars.com.
Spread the word.
We're going to get into some hardcore, exclusive laboratory results of what's in these vaccines and also what is in these post-vaccine clots that appear to be responsible for these sudden deaths.
And are you aware that in some areas of the world now, unexplained deaths, that's the leading cause of death now?
They can't explain what it is, but it's, of course, the clots blocking blood flow to the organs and the brain, and then people, quote, died suddenly.
So that's what's happening, and it's accelerating all around the world.
Before I get into those numbers, a quick comment.
From the last segment, you know, we're mentioning Dan Bongino saying that taking the COVID vaccine, he says, was the greatest mistake of his life or the worst mistake of his life.
And again, to his credit for mentioning that.
But, you know, the GOP in particular has been, I'm not talking about Bongino, but just the institution of the GOP, has been in bed with Big Pharma for a long, long time.
And so for a lot of people in the GOP, there wasn't a lot, there wasn't sufficient skepticism.
About what the vaccine industry might be up to.
In fact, it has taken quite a bit of time for people to come around to that point of view.
And what's fascinating to me about this is that leftists or Democrats used to be anti-corporation.
You talk about the George Bush years in particular.
The Democrats were anti-war, they were anti-corporation, they were anti-pharma.
And of course they were anti-Monsanto.
I mean, I used to march in the March Against Monsanto events.
One of them was in Austin, Texas.
I was right.
I was a speaker at that event, and I'm pretty sure most of the people marching there were Democrats and leftists at the time.
But everything's flipped.
So today, conservatives are starting to realize, whoa, these corporations are incredibly dangerous.
Big tech, big pharma, and big vaccine.
They're probably out to kill us, is what it turns out to be.
And at the same time, Leftists are abandoning their position of being against things like GMOs or toxic chemicals.
And it's so bizarre because, you know, two years ago leftists were anti-police.
Today they're pro-FBI.
Like, oh, defund the police, but more money for the FBI.
I'm like, what?
What are you talking about?
And I did an interview recently with a longtime friend of mine, David Wolf, David Avocado Wolf.
He's been in the health industry, natural health and nutrition for decades.
He's the guy who actually first introduced me to avocado smoothies and drinking cacao, which is, you know, chocolate, just powdered cacao nibs and so on.
And he has come to the same realization that you and I have, that all of these The mass poisoning of humanity is taking place right now through vaccines, through GMOs, through pesticides, and we had better wake up and fight for our liberty and our health freedom and fight for truth on all of this.
And he's moved to Texas also.
So another person who moved from California to Texas totally gets it, totally on board with what's going on, and came out of the natural health industry, as I did, and now fighting for human freedom.
So I just want to give you that background.
And now we're going to jump into this.
Okay, first things first.
I've got preliminary results to release on the vaccine.
I'm not going to say which vaccine this is yet, but this is one of the big three vaccines.
And I've done ICP-MS tests in my lab.
Again, we are an ISO-accredited laboratory, so everything that we produce in terms of lab results can be entered as evidence in a court of law anywhere in the world, at least in Western civilization countries.
Now, what we found in these tests is quite shocking.
Is that when you take this vaccine out of the vaccine vial using a hypodermic needle, and then you inject it into the human body, or I guess any body for that matter, here are some of the elements that are injected into your body.
And again, this is confirmed, we're going to release these results along with the PDF file.
Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Nickel, Copper, Arsenic, Selenium, Strontium, Molybdenum, Cadmium, Lead, and Uranium.
All of these elements, most of which are metals, are found, and by the way, what they're showing you there is What's on your screen is different from what I'm talking about.
Just just a note there.
We're going to get into what's in the clot and what's in the blood, which is what that chart was.
But I'm what I'm mentioning right now.
We don't yet have a chart for it, but this is coming out.
These are elements that are in the vaccine.
And these are present in trace amounts, these are industrial metals, and they absolutely do not belong in any vaccine or in anything that is injected into the human body.
Now, if you thought that, well, how do you know for sure that's the case?
You know, where's the confirmation?
Where has this been replicated?
The Epoch Times has a story today.
Unusual toxic components found in COVID vaccines, without exception, say German scientists.
That's the headline.
And it's a group of independent German scientists, it's 60 of them.
They have found toxic components, mostly metallic, in all of the COVID vaccine samples they analyzed, without exception.
Using modern medical and physical measuring techniques.
So this is called the Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis.
And they've tested AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccine vials.
Which is the same three that I'm testing.
And they have found the following.
They've found alkaline metals such as cesium and potassium.
They've found alkaline earth metals such as calcium and barium.
They've also found, I'm reading from that story, cobalt, iron, chromium, and titanium.
So you notice these are overlapping with some of our own lab tests.
That I just mentioned.
They found aluminum.
We're going to talk about aluminum here in a second, because aluminum is a key element that's being found in these post-vaccine clots.
And aluminum is electrically conductive, which is a critical element.
They're also finding silicon and sulfur.
Now again, getting back to what I found in my lab, vanadium, chromium, manganese, nickel, copper, arsenic, selenium, strontium, molybdenum, cadmium, lead, and uranium.
It's starting to sound like that song by Timothy Lehrer, The Elements Song, right?
Which I'm not going to try to sing here, but you get the idea.
These elements do not belong in these vaccines and they are confirmed now, not just from my independent laboratory, but also With this German group that frankly I'd like to get in touch with so we can share results.
The Epoch Times has the courage to cover this.
And so does InfoWars.
InfoWars has the courage to bring me on.
To break this news.
Exclusive news about what's in these vaccines.
Mainstream media won't touch it.
So the people reading the mainstream media don't know they're being injected with industrial metals.
These are the kinds of metals that make you sick if you have a medical implant that goes bad.
If you get too much titanium in your blood, what do you think happens to you?
Bad things happen.
You get sick.
You get fatigue.
You get ill, your immune system.
Just gets crushed.
And then you think about, there's also lead in this and cadmium, heavy metals, linked to low IQs, linked to heart problems, cardiovascular problems.
There's uranium.
What's uranium doing in this?
I'm not claiming it's radioactive.
There are no radioisotopes that we detected, but it's still the element uranium.
What's arsenic doing in this?
Another heavy metal that's actually responsible for more cancer deaths in well water than any other element in the world.
All throughout third world, arsenic kills more people than anything else.
Did you know that?
Because it's in well water.
Well, it's also in your vaccines, folks.
It's in your vaccines.
Nickel, another toxic metal.
It, folks.
You are looking at the mass poisoning of humanity and I haven't even gotten to what's in the clots.
We're going to cover that in the next segment.
So don't go anywhere.
Spread the word.
Keep watching.
We'll be right back after this break here on the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to look at what's in the clots that are killing people all over the world.
Stay with us.
Alright, buckle up folks.
We're going to get into the lab test results of the clots that are killing people weeks or months after being vaccinated.
I just want to show you this.
What I talked about last segment, the elements that are in the vaccines.
Here is a shot of how I'm doing this.
I've got a vaccine vial here.
I don't know if I've got the right focus range for you.
And I'm using a hypodermic needle to take the sample of the vaccine and to run it via ICPMS.
And of course, we've got quite a few of these using safety precautions.
Frankly, I only handle those under a fume hood and wearing these.
Latex gloves, which I'm not going to touch that stuff without wearing some protection.
But if you're just joining us, we found in one of the main vaccines, we're going to release all these results in more detail, we found all these industrial metals, including chromium and selenium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and uranium, and others.
And this is also being confirmed by a German research group that's been covered by the Epoch Times.
I was joking about the Table of Elements song.
I misstated.
The creator of that song is Tom Lehrer, by the way.
So if you want to look up that song, it's a really funny song.
He goes through all the Table of Elements singing about them.
It's a hoot, if you can memorize that.
Okay, let's get into the clots.
To the producers, the charts that I sent you, the PDFs, we're going to be showing those here.
One of them is labeled blood, which is live human blood from an unvaccinated person.
And the other chart is clots, which is one of these clots that was sent to me by embalmer Richard Hirschman.
Thanks to Dr. Jane Ruby for making that connection.
We've got more tests coming up, but here are the results that I've got to share with you.
This is groundbreaking.
This is exclusive information.
Here on InfoWars.com.
Number one.
The blood has markers of life, and those include iron, and magnesium, and zinc, and other things.
The clot is lacking almost all of those markers of life.
In other words, the clot only has about 4.4% of the iron of human blood.
In other words, the clot is missing almost 96% of the iron that would be expected to be there if they were blood clots.
Which means, folks, these are not blood clots.
And we have to remember that when we're talking about people dying from, quote, blood clots, these are not blood clots.
They're clots of something else.
They're missing most of the magnesium.
They're missing most of the zinc.
They're missing all of these other biomarkers, including potassium.
There's a very high potassium level in human blood.
We've got the charts.
I sent them over to InfoWars.
They showed you some of those just there.
There's more.
At the same time that these clots are missing the markers of life that would be expected to be seen in human blood, the clots are higher in certain elements that happen to be more related to electronics or industrial machinery or conductive elements.
Now, you're going to have to draw your own conclusions from this.
I'm not saying we know exactly what these are.
However, we can confirm that the post-vaccine clots that are killing people, the clots that are being pulled out of the bodies of dead victims post-vaccine, they contain Over five times higher levels, concentrations of tin, which is used in alloys for soldering electronic circuits.
It has about almost a 50% higher level of aluminum, which is electrically conductive, and it is a replacement for copper lines in residential wiring and electronics, also commercial wiring.
And, the clots are higher in sodium, about 50% higher in sodium, which is an alkaline metal that is highly conductive.
A lot of people don't think about sodium being a conductor, but it is, trust me.
Just go test seawater and you'll find out.
But, the point is, the clot is lacking the elements of life that you would expect to see in human blood.
And at the same time, the clot is higher in concentrations of elements that conduct electricity and that you would expect to find in non-human things.
Things that might have electronics in them.
Things that shouldn't be in the body, probably.
Now, what's interesting to me is that this German group has also mentioned, let me bring it up here, the aluminum.
They've also confirmed, they've found, yes, excess aluminum in the vaccine, and I'm seeing the aluminum at higher levels in the clot.
So, the result of this, or let's say the The conclusion is that these clots, number one, they're not made of blood.
Number two, they are self-assembling structures.
They are growing larger over time inside the blood.
Number three, as they are doing that, they are somehow harvesting or absorbing or using metals or conductive elements from the blood.
And they are concentrating them into higher concentrations than what would be found in human blood.
Or even in human blood vessel tissue, or human muscle tissue for that matter.
Now I'm not saying that I know what these clots are.
I don't know exactly what they are.
This is a process of elimination, of being able to find out what they are not, and trying
to share information with other scientists so that we can eventually get to the bottom
of this.
Remember, we're doing this without any government funding, obviously.
Fauci and the NIH and the NIAID, they're not going to give us money to do this research.
No, this is all self-funded, folks, due to supporters like you.
But we're finding out what these are not.
They are not something that we would normally find in human bodies.
End of story.
Now, on top of that, there is an article published in a journal Nature Communications,
I believe it is, that talks about graphene being used to build a...
Electric circuits, graphene, can be made into circuits that can receive information.
We've covered that in Natural News.
I'll pull up the story for you in the next segment so we can go through that.
But that's a journal article that talks about graphene being used to build circuitry that can both send and receive electromagnetic information.
And again, that's published in a mainstream journal.
I think that was published in 2014.
We'll confirm that in the next segment.
But folks, let me tell you what else I know about these clots.
Because I have a bunch of them.
And they gross me out, by the way.
I'm very careful when working with them.
They are strong.
They're strong like rubber bands.
You saw that when I was in the InfoWars studio with a microscope, and we were pulling them with tweezers under the microscope, and they were, they were, they had this tensile strength that you don't see in blood clots, folks.
You don't see that in blood.
There's something kind of, kind of rubbery, almost like a polymer.
I'm not claiming it's a polymer, but it's, it's, it's rubbery-like, kind of like a pencil eraser or something.
Yeah, there's a photo of some of these clots.
They are very, very strong.
Secondly, We know, at least my conclusion so far, is these clots are not living.
They are not parasites.
They're not worms.
They don't appear to have any of their own circulatory systems, or nervous systems, or digestive systems, or anything of the kind.
They are self-assembling biostructures that are dead, but growing.
And by the way, that's not unheard of in nature.
For example, prions.
They're not alive either.
But prions can grow in terms of their aggregate mass.
They're misfolded proteins, and they can spread and grow in a brain or other nervous tissue, even though they're not living themselves.
And in fact, according to mainstream science, viruses aren't living, but yet they can replicate as well.
So it's not strange to say that a non-living system can self-assemble.
In fact, that's part of the definition of what viruses do according to mainstream virology.
These are self-assembling biostructures.
They're growing larger over time.
And as people like Steve Kirsch and Ed Dowd are noticing, a whole lot of people are dying after the vaccines right now.
But what I'm here to tell you is that that is a fraction of what's coming.
The deaths have only just begun.
There have been over 12 billion injections given on this planet.
That's more than one COVID vaccine injection for every person living on this planet.
Over 12 billion injections.
Those injections are right now growing these clots in people's cardiovascular systems.
They're going to take months in some cases, weeks in others, maybe years in a few, but eventually many of these people who have been injected, if we don't find a way to reverse this, many of those people are going to die from these vaccine clots, these self-replicating systems that appear to have been programmed to be built inside the human circulatory system, eventually cutting off the blood supply to the heart or the brain or other critical organs.
And the entire mainstream media, the entire mainstream science realm will not touch this topic.
You only get it here on InfoWars.com and in the alternative media.
Stay with us, we'll be back with more.
Alright folks, final segment here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, sharing exclusive laboratory results of the composition of the clots, the post-vaccine clots that appear to be killing people, coming probably by the millions, by the way.
Current estimates are that anywhere between 5 to 12 million people have been killed worldwide so far by these vaccines, and I believe that has only just begun.
But as a global depopulation weapon, by the way, it's not working as well as I think the globalists had hoped, and that's why they're having to accelerate the food scarcity, the energy shutdowns, and of course the coming money supply collapse or crash or however you want to describe that.
But getting back to what these clots are, here's an article.
Excuse me, this is from, we published this yesterday on Natural News.
Nature Journal reveals how graphene can be used to assemble radio frequency electronics in biological systems.
And this is a 2014 paper.
The paper is entitled, Graphene Radio Frequency Receiver Integrated Circuit.
And it explains how graphene has superior electrical properties And has strong potential as a future channel material in radio frequency electronics.
They talk about a method to fabricate integrated circuits using nothing but graphene.
And that this resulting circuit was able to, quote, perform practical wireless communication functions, receiving and restoring digital text transmitted on a 4.3 gigahertz carrier signal.
You starting to get the picture, folks?
Now, I find it fascinating that graphene alone can be made into, essentially, a little radio receiver, if it's structured correctly.
And that's separate from the metals, the conductive elements that we're seeing in these clots.
Because you know you can make circuits, of course, out of aluminum.
It doesn't always have to be copper, let's say.
You can make them out of aluminum.
You can use tin as an alloy in these circuits.
And the question to me is, if these clots are self-assembling, which means they are self-organizing these elements in some fashion that we don't yet understand, my question is, What programming are they following?
Because, let's back up for a second.
The vaccine companies themselves say that the way these vaccines work, and this is not a conspiracy theory, this is Moderna describing how their vaccines work, is to Download, in essence, new programming into your body's cells, into the ribosomes in particular, and it's a program that your body follows to manufacture substances that are alien to the human body.
That's the official explanation of how vaccines work.
So, these mRNA fragments, how do we know what instructions they contain?
How do we know if they don't Get severed or have concatenation, which means combining of mRNA sequences.
Maybe the polyethylene glycol doesn't work perfectly on the end caps.
And since people are being injected with billions of these particles, well, sequences, little strings of biological code, is it possible that some of those billions get altered?
Some of them get deleted or inserted or concatenated, as I said, or just, I don't know, added together, right?
And then they start to build something that maybe wasn't even intended.
Or maybe it was intended, but what if it's not?
What if there is an accidental side effect to this that causes the body to build these massive structures that they can't stop the growth?
What if that's what we're seeing with these clots?
Or again, maybe it's on purpose.
Maybe this is a very clever way to kill a lot of people over time while claiming to be giving them medicine.
What if there's graphene being organized in these structures as well?
Then could electromagnetic pollution affect people who have been vaccinated?
And I'm not even saying intentionally.
I'm not saying that people are being injected with, you know, alien circuits or anything like that.
I'm just saying, you know, there is something called induction.
If you have elements organizing your body in a certain way and there are electromagnetic radio waves or microwaves around you, it will cause changes in the material or even vibrations in the material.
This is true, by the way, with fillings in your teeth as well.
If you have fillings in certain orientations, it can affect the electrical activity in your mouth and in your skull.
A lot of people know that in holistic dentistry, by the way.
And I'm saying, what's going to happen when people who have these post-vaccine clots that are organizing these conductive materials in some way that we don't yet understand, what's going to happen when they're subjected to 5G radiation?
Or directed energy weapons, DEWs, that are fired upon them under crowd control circumstances?
What happens when they're hit with microwave frequencies?
Or even just going through the TSA scanner at the airport?
Or just sitting around in a city with a lot of radio waves around you or maybe electromagnetic pollution from electric cars?
Can that cause induction in some of these structures that are in people's bodies?
Can it cause them to heat up?
We don't know the answers.
I'm just asking questions right now.
These are questions that no one in mainstream science is even willing to ask.
You know, they claim to have a monopoly on truth, but they're not willing to entertain questions that they don't like, so they censor it.
Well, I would just say, thank God that InfoWars and Alex Jones and people like myself and many others, we said from day one, don't take these shots.
And once again, Infowars has been vindicated.
Alex Jones was right.
Yet again.
Because he said it from day one.
I was right there with him, saying it from day one.
Do not take these shots.
They're not even approved.
They're experimental injections.
This is experimental medicine.
These are violations of the Nuremberg Code.
In fact, let me read for you from Mary Holland's speech that she just gave in Nuremberg, Germany.
And this is published on ChildrensHealthDefense.org.
Those who violated the Nuremberg Code must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, she says.
In the last two and a half years, we have witnessed a global assault on the Nuremberg Code.
Governments, medical establishments, universities, and the media have violated the very first principle and every other principle of the Code's ten points.
They have coerced people into being human guinea pigs.
Those who have intentionally, knowingly, and maliciously violated the principles of the Nuremberg Code must be punished, says Mary Holland.
They must be called out, prosecuted, and punished for crimes against humanity.
This is one of our key tasks.
Because she says we live in dangerous times.
If world governments and their collaborators continue to flout the Nuremberg Code and censor those of us who criticize the big lie, we know where this leads.
It leads to atrocities.
It leads to a legacy of ashes.
And I fear that legacy of ashes cannot even be stopped right now.
I don't know how many millions or tens of millions of people are going to die, but I think It's going to be a lot, unless we find solutions.
Mary Holland continues, we've already witnessed terrible atrocities in the last two and a half years.
Children and teens becoming disabled and dying needlessly.
Adults and elders receiving deadly treatments and being denied life-saving medicine.
Medicine that the late Zev Zelenko was trying to help promote.
Quercetin, zinc, vitamin D, and so on.
Families separated from one another and interned in quarantine camps against their will.
Yes, this is a living hell on earth.
This is a giant prison planet that has been created by these globalists and they're trying to prevent the people of the world from realizing that their bodies have been hijacked in a biological cyber warfare attack to turn their biology against themselves.
So their bodies build Clot structures that will kill them over the next several years.
And the average person is oblivious to this.
And the average leftist wouldn't believe it, even if you showed them the clots on an MRI scan or something.
They still wouldn't believe it.
They would double down on it.
They would say, oh no, it's good we took the vaccines.
Oh, because these clots must need more pharmaceuticals, more medicine, more surgery, more radiation, and even more vaccines!
There are more poxes out there, more vaccines.
I'm sad to say, many of those people, because I don't wish death and suffering upon anybody, many of those people are going to die.
And many of those liberals and democrats even watching this broadcast right now, today, trying to pick apart something to criticize.
You yourself, if you don't wake up to this, you will be killed by this system that you are protecting.
And you will beg for solutions.
And it will be too late for you, sadly.
And people like myself want to help all of humanity.
And by the way, I put Alex Jones in that same category.
He wants to help everybody live.
He doesn't wish death or suffering upon anyone.
He wants human society to be successful, and to be healthy, to be informed, awake, aware, alive, and free, and abundant.
And that's, those values are what all of us share who are pro-human, pro-America, pro-Constitution, and pro-life in the greatest sense of that term.
Not just the life of unborn human children, but the lives of those who have already been born, and who don't deserve to die.
I'm Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.
My website is naturalnews.com.
You want to follow my work.
And this has been InfoWars.com, The Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for watching today.
God bless you all.
God bless America.
We'll talk to you again soon.
and take care.
(upbeat music)
Why don't more people stand up for freedom?
Why don't more people fight the globalists and their tyranny?
And the answer is, when you fight them, they come after you.
And the enemies of freedom have come after Infowars.
They've come after us.
They're doing everything they can to shut us down.
And they're on national television saying we want to shut Alex Jones down.
Because they see us as populist, which we are.
They see us as the archetypal example of people that aren't bowing to them.
I don't care if you're black, white, old, young or where you came from in America or anywhere else in the world.
These globalists hate the general public and they hate men more than anything because men historically have been the ones during times of tyranny to rally to the evil and say no.
And that's why they're coming after us with everything they've got.
So when you ask, why doesn't somebody stand up against this evil?
The answer is because most people don't want to take the attacks.
But now it's become clear that submitting to the attacks is way more dangerous and way more sickening.
I don't want to go one further.
You actually die on your knees.
with slavery, especially during the endgame, is worse than death. It was Zapata, the great
Mexican revolutionary that said, "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees
as slaves." But I want to go one further. You actually die on your knees, you live on
your feet. I'm not fighting these people because it's some lost cause and it's just the right
I'd do that if it was the case.
I'd do it because I believe in you and I know we can beat these people, but I need you to believe in yourself.
So at this critical juncture, while the enemies of humanity are doing everything they can to try to silence you and your family, It is more important than ever that you spread the word about InfoWars and about the reports and the guests we have because they fear us for a good reason.
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