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Name: 20220821_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 21, 2022
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This passage praises Alex Jones for his accurate predictions and promotes his book "The Great Reset." The speaker also discusses tax advice, urging listeners to visit jonestaxrelief.com or call 833-904-285 for assistance. Additionally, the passage mentions Jones' role in exposing lies from the new world order.

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It's Sunday, August 21st, 2022.
And the globalists have launched a major terror attack in Russia to trigger a Russian response.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Alexander Dugin has been on our broadcast before.
I've been on some of his shows in Russia.
And he is a Russian nationalist, not a fascist, as our corporate-controlled media has said.
And in the lead-up to this open proxy war with the Russians in Ukraine, you can pull up the news articles with Republican and Democrat senators and others, like Lindsey Graham, calling for the assassination of Vladimir Putin and people like Alexander Dugin.
So the idea that in the Moscow suburbs, less than a day ago, his daughter, driving back in his car, he was in another vehicle, the idea that he or Putin would blow up his own daughter is preposterous.
But the London Telegraph?
The BBC, U.S.
News, they're running the headlines, it's a false flag.
So, I supposedly lose 40-something million dollar rigged lawsuits for questioning events saying they could be staged or fake or the system targeting itself.
But, I want to telegraph and others can say it.
Telegraph reporting Dugan attack is likely a false flag, close quote.
Remember, only Russia carries out false flags.
Russia blames Kiev for killing daughter of Putin's Rasputin.
But the truth may be closer to home.
They're going to say they think that he blew up his own daughter.
No, when you see a false flag like 9-11, they attack civilians.
They don't attack the elites.
Or they totally stage it and it didn't happen.
The Gulf of Tonkin, 1964, declassified, 2004, staged.
And no babies had their brains bashed out in incubators in 1990 to launch the Iraq War.
But millions did die because of it from starvation.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
He drove in his car to the festival.
His daughter went back in the other car.
He robed some folks so he could talk to them in the other car.
And right as they pull up to the house, a bomb planted in the car, it's now being reported, blew her sky high.
The only respite is that she died instantly.
So, will Alexander Dugan file a lawsuit against London Telegraph and win $40,000?
$7 million or $49 million because they're saying he did it!
But see, here's the difference.
I didn't say I was going to go kill schoolchildren in elementary school in Connecticut.
The West said they were going to kill Alexander Dugan.
They said they were going to kill Vladimir Putin.
And then, when one of his political advisors
And there's no doubt he's a top influential Russian nationalist, gets an attempted assassination attempt that kills his daughter, Daria, well then, it's a false flag.
See, I didn't say I was going to attack an elementary school, and then say that the parents killed their kids.
I never said that.
But this is the equivalent if Alex Jones is evil for questioning a mass shooting and saying maybe it didn't happen.
Imagine the level of evil saying that he and Putin murdered and blew up his own daughter.
Absolutely incredible what they do and what they get away with.
I monitored and looked at the national Russian news.
They're hopping mad at Putin.
They're pissed that a suburb could be bombed and that
This journalist and talk show host, his daughter was also very prominent.
Daria Dugina.
I guess in Russia they add an A when the last name's a feminine.
Dugin's the father.
Dugiana is the blown up daughter.
And they're saying, Alexander, Dugin blew his daughter up.
But no proof.
But that's okay, because they're mainstream media.
The truth is, you're allowed to question anything you want.
You can say his daughter is dead if you want.
Maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right.
The point is, is that you have a right to question.
They have a right to put this out.
They're just saying you don't have a right to question.
Be right back, stay with us.
Darya Dugina in the suburbs of Russia today got blown sky-high in a car bomb.
Right in front of her father, she was driving his car back.
They'd gone to a festival.
He drove with the friends.
We could talk to them behind her.
And he witnessed her die in the fiery explosion.
Within hours, mainstream corporate media, the United States and the UK, said that Putin and Alexander Dugin blew up his own daughter.
Isn't that interesting?
They say in a false flag with no evidence.
Now, it's okay.
They have a right to speculate.
They have free speech.
But see, they don't want us to have free speech to question other big events as well.
I don't buy it at all.
No Academy Award winner could fake Alexander Dugan and that look as he gets out of his car and sees his daughter in the exploded burning wreckage.
No one could fake the reality of that.
But regardless,
Everybody's heard Lindsey Graham and not just Republican senators, Democrat senators and others call for the assassination of Putin and his national supporters.
In fact, I've seen the news articles, you can pull them up, where they've called for killing Dugan and his prominent talk show host and journalist daughter.
But he was clearly the target because he's the populist of Russia.
He's the Alex Jones of Russia and mainstream news has said that over the years.
The Alex Jones of Russia, the populist, the popular talk show host that has like half the country tuning into him.
He's dead.
His daughter's dead.
They want to make sure he dies.
The globalists have the motive to kill him.
In their minds, he's a dead man.
In fact, we have a clip I sent you guys.
I sent you so many clips and I forgot to tell you before we went on air to make sure I had it.
But it's 2017.
Senator Lindsey Graham
With McCain in Kiev saying, we're about to launch a major war against Putin here in Ukraine.
And then, of course, you later saw that full war get launched.
So I'm not on the Russian side.
I'm not on the American side.
I'm on the side of peace.
I don't want a war with Russia, but we're already in one.
And Russia has been threatening massive escalations against U.S.
and NATO targets in Europe if the acceleration of heavy weapons into that
Disputed area continues.
And definitely, this is going to put major fuel on the fire to trigger Russia to escalate.
Here's some of the headlines.
Paul Joseph Watson tweeted about it.
Telegraph reporting Dugan attack was likely a false flag.
Here's the actual article out of the Telegraph.
There's a bunch of others saying it.
This is just how World War I started, by killing a prominent Austrian-Hungarian Empire individual, the Archduke.
And this is a very, very dangerous situation.
Now, coming up in Sunday Live, that we do every Sunday night, 6 to 8 p.m., we're gonna air my interview on National Russian TV, when Dugan interviewed me on his network.
A few years ago, and we're also going to air my interview with Alexander Dugan.
You should actually hear what he has to say for yourself.
We actually debate and argue about a few issues.
I want the U.S.
to work with Russia.
I want global peace.
He thinks that's not going to happen.
He thinks Russia's destined for a big war with the West, and I guess he's been proven right.
But I'm there with an olive branch trying to work things out.
He doesn't believe that's the case, and now his daughter
Has been killed.
But I've got all these BBC videos and USABC videos and others.
Look at this.
The same establishment that hyperventilates over mean words and edgy tweets will gladly platform people who justify car bombing private citizens for expressing opinions they don't like.
Yeah, the media is defending it, saying he's a fascist, his whole family deserves to die.
The face of a man who effed around and found out as the left celebrates his dead daughter.
The left's made a big deal about the interviews.
Alexander Dugan's interview with Alex Jones.
See that?
We're going to have it posted right now up in the live show feed at InfoWars.com.
But Dugan's been in the arena.
His daughter's been in the arena.
They know what they're dealing with.
And you could say maybe Putin did this because he knows Dugan's a big nationalist to get Russia's behind the war.
Except if you know the climate in Russia, they're angry.
The average Russian in the polls is like 90% that Putin isn't doing more in Ukraine, and that's why the population there pushed Putin into responding to the NATO proxy war that's been going on for eight, almost nine years, that George Soros brags he helped orchestrate.
So that's why this is so dangerous.
I don't want an escalation, but I think you're about to see one, and this is just a very dangerous moment in civilization.
Alexander Dugin holds head in his hands amid aftermath of the Moscow car bomb that killed his daughter.
Here's his daughter.
Darya Dugin was a Russian hawk who rallied against the West's global hegemony.
New York Times.
Putin's daughter died.
Putin's terrorist.
The car exploded while traveling.
A possible attack.
They were together.
He changed his car at the last minute.
Kiev will shudder.
Russia's outrage after Moscow car bombing kills Putin's ally.
Live updates.
Russian authorities investigate daughter of key Putin ally killed in car bombing.
Let me just say this briefly.
We're going to come back and talk about this more.
I don't think this is a false flag.
But the CIA had things like Operation Northwoods, where CIA operatives and their families would get on a plane with one tail number, they'd blow up another plane with the same tail number, those families would all just change their names and use that as a pretext to go to war with Cuba and then Russia.
Look up Operation Northwoods, ABC News, NBC News, they've all covered it.
So these things exist.
Did he stage the death of his daughter?
Is she still alive?
Did she change her name?
I don't think that's the case.
But you have a right to say that.
And you have a right to speculate.
And that's what all these lawsuits against Infowars, everybody you're about, is silencing that discussion.
Robert Barnes is coming up to cover the waterfront here.
He was scheduled to host tonight, but I had to come in.
He'll be coming in next segment.
This was so big.
But let me talk about the lawsuits against us.
There are dozens of types of bankruptcy.
We've done Chapter 5, which is reorganization, survival for a business, so the business can continue on and quote, pay its debts.
In the last few hearings, this is going to be coming out, they have the plaintiff's lawyers and
Soros' lawyers with the big law firm out of Houston, in the meetings, saying, we want it seized and shut down, we don't want the money.
And of course, federal law says the judge is supposed to keep it going, quote, for the creditors, but they don't want money from judgements, you understand?
And we knew they'd do that, and we're showing that right now.
That's why, as long as we have solvent numbers to pay the employees, keep the lights on, run the operation,
The federal judge will look at that for a year, and then say, okay, over the next five years, here's what you can pay, and that's what they get, and we stay on air.
Federal courts have already seen my books.
They know I haven't paid myself in a year and a half.
They know I've injected $10 million, everything I got into this operation.
All the emergency savings.
And the court's eyes are getting real big right now in these meetings where they're like, we want them shut down.
We want their, no, we don't want money for electricity.
We want it closed.
You're like, wait, you're creditors.
Don't you want money for the plaintiffs?
The families are nothing but puppets they're using and controlling.
I'm sorry for them.
But that's what this is all about, and they will not silence us if you simply buy the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
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We'll be right back with Robert Barnes.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show this Sunday.
Guest hosting, Robert Barnes.
Today we're going to be discussing whether or not the Biden administration, in one last ditch effort, desperate effort to salvage their election in the midterms coming up in November, may risk war with China.
But that, a little bit later on.
First up, there has been a lot of talk about what has happened in the assassination of the daughter of the Russian political philosopher, the person some people call the Alex Jones of Russia, that was clearly an assassination attempt targeted at him that ended up killing his daughter instead, and he witnessed it in live time.
What will that be on the impact in the Ukrainian conflict?
What will that be on the impact in Russia?
What will that be on the impact in the West?
Well, the first thing to understand is the West perceives, and Ukraine in particular perceives, Dugin as an extraordinarily influential Russian political thinker.
Within Russia, his political influence is not considered as strong as some in the West, and in Ukraine in particular, have suggested.
His particular Eurasianist approach has been more controversial outside of Russia than within Russia.
But what it does suggest is that the Ukrainians are now going to resort to not just sabotage in Crimea, not just engaging in direct civilian attacks in eastern Ukraine and the Russian occupied regions, which they have been doing.
They've been killing a range of people, including kids and journalists, by sending in mines that could only be used against the or effective against the civilian population, have been doing sabotage and blowing up places in Crimea.
But this would suggest a broad expansion
Into the Chechen approach, which was to engage in extensive broad-scale terrorism within Russia itself, and that may have been part of the reason for the attack on Dugin and that led to the death of his daughter, who was a journalist in her own right.
This also raises a scary question.
The Dugin, along with several other journalists who have been killed over the last month, were on what some called a Ukrainian hit list.
This was a blacklist of individuals targeted by the Ukrainian government and supported by aspects of NATO and the Western press.
It's important to know who else was on that hit list, on that blacklist.
It included reporter Glenn Greenwald.
It included United States Senator Rand Paul.
Who else will be next on the Ukrainian hit list?
How much might this get out of hand?
How much might we see Operation Gladio-type activities across Europe, where CIA-backed entities ended up engaging in wide-scale terrorism through the 1970s and 1980s throughout Europe in what was supposed to be a left-behind army to fight the Soviets, ended up instead becoming something to terrorize domestic populations for truly fascistic agendas.
All of this poses major risk to an escalation of the conflict.
What it will not change is the ultimate likely outcome in Ukraine itself.
Indeed, as of today, Russia is marching on Mykolaiv and other locations throughout Ukraine and appears to be continually, steadily winning the territory it needs to achieve and attain its political objectives in the conflict.
What this does likely mean is an increase in the probability Russia does not back off.
As Alex Jones mentioned, the reaction in Russia is going to be to increase the intensity of the operations in Ukraine, to seek more land and territory and property in Ukraine, and it will not be a deterrent to Russia moving forward and being more assertive and aggressive.
Indeed, this increases the probability that once they take back the Donbass, that it is likely that Russia will expand to include more of the southern regions, to include more of Kharkiv, and likely increases the probability of them going across to Odessa and throughout the Black Sea regions to build a land bridge to Transnistria.
It's relevant that in this context there have been multiple efforts by Ukraine and its allies to expand the scope of the conflict.
There was an attempt to bring in Romania and Moldovia in an attack on Transnistria, a Russian region that's within Moldovia and is land is connected to Ukraine.
There was an effort to add Kaliningrad as an additional front by getting the Baltics to do dumb things by blocking access to Kaliningrad, which is this old historic part of Russia that is still there.
There was an effort to get Georgia to instigate a new conflict in South Ossetia.
So there's been multiple and myriad efforts to extend and expand the scope of conflict and make this war more like a global war.
The question now will be whether or not domestic terrorism to the Russian population killing journalists right within Russia.
And of note, Russia several months ago unraveled and exposed an attempt to kill high-ranking Russian journalists by Ukrainian connected groups.
So this appears, while there's been no official or formal confirmation,
This appears to be a Ukrainian-backed attack on the Russian population, now blowing up civilian journalists in Moscow that are connected to prominent Russian political figures and political philosophers.
This will increase Russian hostility.
It will not decrease it.
It will increase Russia's expansionistic efforts in Ukraine, not deter it.
And it further undermines the efforts of the West to take to cabin and contain this conflict to Ukraine itself, just as they have tried to expand it to Transnistria, Georgia and Kaliningrad.
Now it runs risk of expanding across Europe itself.
Already, economically, Europe has suffered an extraordinary blowback politically and economically from this conflict.
Indeed, the Italian government was sacked.
Macron, the French president, lost his parliamentary majority.
Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom had to resign.
There's already talk that Orban used it to success, as did Serbia, because he was more aligned with Russia than he was with NATO's attacks on Russia.
And now there's increasing talks that the head of Germany may also have his political life near its end due to the devastating economic effects that are taking place in Germany as blowback from the sanctions.
Indeed, what is taking place is that they're talking about energy rates that may be ten times higher.
Not just for ordinary residents and their ability to heat or cool their homes, and the ability to have hot water for showers, just basic amenities like that.
But German industry was built on a deal that Putin cut with the prior president of Germany, Schroeder, which basically said, we Russia will give you cheap gas,
Natural gas in particular in exchange for Germany being able to build up its industry.
This would net affect the German economy becoming an industrial juggernaut throughout the EU time period and being the dominant political power within the EU during Angela Merkel's tenure.
They've now cut themselves off of that.
The effect of cutting themselves off of that is that not only are their residents going to suffer extraordinarily in their loss of basic amenities,
But their economy and their industry is likely to take a shocking step backwards.
That is why there's talk that Germany may be the next government to fall in what some call the Zelensky curse.
The net effect of getting too close to Zelensky is that your own political regime collapses.
The Ukraine escalating this into domestic terror campaigns is only going to prolong the conflict, intensify the conflict, and further continue to undermine any ability to get a peace resolution.
Indeed, the Erdogan, the Turkish president, was there just this past week trying to get a deal done, but couldn't, and it was clear that there was no chance of it.
So this deep state escalation and elevation of the conflict is only going to put us more at risk for global war.
Now, up next, after we come back from the break, we'll be talking about what's the risk.
We actually go to a real hot war with China in the Taiwan Straits.
How much might it actually help Xi and the Chinese Communist Party for the U.S.
to trigger an unnecessary war, as President Trump called it, in Taiwan, over Taiwan in China?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Robert Barnes guest hosting.
We'll be discussing a little bit later what is the risk that the Biden administration gets us involved in a war in China in the fall as a desperate last October surprise to deter the complete crushing Democrats are likely to experience in the November midterms.
How much does China actually potentially profit politically from such a conflict as a necessary distraction to deal with the debacle from their no COVID lockdown policies, as well as the economic implosion that is occurring due to the credit collapse related to the real estate bubble created by a very Ponzi scheme-ish structure of real estate investment in China?
We'll be discussing that a little bit later.
But first up, what is the risk that President Trump faces actual criminal prosecution on reasonable grounds based on the search warrant raid that took place just a couple of weeks ago?
Here there's two main mythologies that various liberal legal advocates are out there making.
The first is the claim that President Trump had records that he was not legally entitled to have custody over.
The second is that those records had a certain legal status, which is what stripped him of that custodial right, which included that the records were quote-unquote presidential records, and secondly that the records had been classified and were still so classified.
The problem with that is a decision made on behalf of one William Jefferson Clinton.
Back when Judicial Watch sought records based on comparable grounds, in a federal district court, the same judge who presided over the travesty of the Roger Stone trial, Amy Berman Jackson, established against the Democratic Party's current interests that in fact the President of the United States gets to unilaterally decide what is and is not a presidential record.
The President gets to unilaterally decide what is and is not classified.
The president then, even if they are classified, even if they are presidential records, the president gets to keep custody over those records in an agreement with the National Archive.
So the problem that the left has is that very decision.
In that decision, the judge ruled that Judicial Watch could not request any records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act unless they could show that President Clinton had designated those records as presidential records and or classified records.
Neither of which he had done.
Even though those records fit the classic definition.
This is because the Presidential Records Act, much like our classification rules, are meant to govern everybody except the President.
They're meant to govern ordinary, everyday employees that are part of the White House, that are part of any other aspect of government, that are part of the National Archives.
That's who those rules are meant to restrict, meant to regulate.
There's no protocol that is required, no formality that is required, for the President of the United States to say that this record is not
It says, if a record is a personal record, then the National Archives is not entitled to it.
It's not a presidential record.
It's not a governmental record.
It is the President's personal record.
And the person who decides that is solely and wholly the President of the United States himself.
If the President looks at a record and says, I hereby declare these personal records, that ends it.
It's called a non-reviewable, full discretionary alternative and option and power that the President had.
What that means when it says not reviewable, it means no court can second guess it, no executive agency can second guess it, nobody else can second guess it.
So the President had the complete right
vested in him as president to declare any record he took as a personal record.
And he didn't have to go through any formality.
There was no documents that had to be signed, nothing that had to be published.
That was it.
That meant those records at Mar-a-Lago are the President's personal records.
It doesn't matter if somebody disagrees with whether the President should have called them personal records.
His decision is a non-reviewable decision.
He has the full unilateral power to make that decision.
The same is true for classification.
This too has been litigated in the past and was litigated all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.
The only reason we have classification is to make sure that the records that the President wants to keep secret, stay secret.
Not that anybody else wants to keep secret.
You don't, there is no, the unelected bureaucrats in the executive branch do not get to override the elected President of the United States.
The Constitution gives sole exclusive executive power to one person and one person only and that's the President of the United States.
Nobody else has any power over him or beyond him.
So the classification rules are designed so that the president's desire to keep certain records classified, stay classified as to who has access to them.
That the executive branch, within certain degrees of reason, gets to limit that on behalf of the president.
If the president determines something is not classified, it's not classified.
End of story.
And once again, just like the difference between presidential records governed by the Presidential Records Act and personal records exempt from the Presidential Records Act,
Classified records are no longer classified the moment the President declares it, and no formality is required.
The formality is for people beneath the President, below the President, the unelected portions of the Executive Branch.
That's who all the rules about classification, the formality for declassification applies to.
They have never applied to, and constitutionally cannot constrict, the President of the United States.
This includes another claim that is out there, which is that Congress could override the President's power of classification.
This precise issue has already been litigated by the United States Supreme Court.
The United States Supreme Court determined that point in fact, the Congress can't
End of story.
And it doesn't matter if a subsequent president decides to classify something, it can't reclassify what the president has already declassified for his own records.
It can only classify whatever record is still in the custody of the government.
It can't re-custodialize documents back into government possession that the former president has declassified.
So that is why the president's exclusive power, non-reviewable power, means all those documents that were there at Mar-a-Lago remain the president's documents, not the government's documents.
That meant there was no probable cause to say there was a violation of the Presidential Records Act.
There was no probable cause to say there had been a violation of the defense-related acts or the espionage acts.
There was no probable cause to claim there had been any violation of classification rules.
Those are the President's documents.
Constitutionally, he gets to determine their status.
And if he says they're mine, they ain't yours, that means they're mine and ain't yours.
End of story.
That meant that the warrant, which has been promised to be partially released in redacted form, could not have met the probable cause standard.
Critically, the FBI and the Justice Department were supposed to internally review these rules before even pursuing a warrant, and were supposed to make the court aware that such a requirement was present and these past cases existed.
It appears that they lied.
We'll find out when the actual warrant is released and the warrant affidavit is released.
The warrant itself lacked what's called particularity, which means that it was so broad it said any record that existed simply during a time frame.
That was the only limitation.
The time frame of four years while Trump was president they could grab.
We know they grabbed more than they were constitutionally entitled to, even under the warrants of unduly liberal and overbroad construction and lack of particularity, because they've already been returning the President's records, including passports and other documents.
They have a bunch of attorney-client-privileged documents they weren't entitled to review.
They have other privileged documents, executive and other privileged documents, they were not entitled to review.
And so we know that they illicitly seized materials.
The only question now is the remedy for what took place.
But the remedy is not a constitutionally consistent indictment.
No legally grounded indictment can be brought.
That doesn't mean DC won't try it anyway, but there will be no fair legal grounds to bring it.
When we come back after the break, we'll discuss what is the risk we end up in war with China.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting this Sunday.
We will be discussing the risk that we end up in war with China because it may serve both the interests of the Biden administration in a desperate last siege of to stop the election forthcoming red wave in November and it may serve the interest
Of course.
As well as the incoming banking and financial and real estate problems that derive from the quasi Ponzi scheme real estate bubble they building up for almost a decade or more with local municipal branches of the CCP.
But that's a little bit later.
First up, let's talk about what keeps Infowars on the air, what makes it such a threat to the powers that be within the political establishment.
That is because it's not a surprise that someone like Alexander Dugan, whose daughter was assassinated today, who apparently, or yesterday, was apparently targeted himself for assassination,
That the one of the places that he has had access to an American audience where you can independently assess his viewpoints was Infowars.
Whether it's Alexander Cockburn, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, William Binney, a wide range of figures on the left.
Or whether it's a wide range of figures on the political right, including Donald Trump early on in his 2016 presidential campaign, Infowars has continued to be the primary place you can get independent information where you get to decide what information you want to accept and which information you want to reject.
Which side of an issue you want to take and which ones you don't.
You're given unfettered, unguarded access to honest, independent information that challenges and contests institutional narratives that the establishment gatekeepers don't want you to know about.
That's why it is not a surprise that InfoWars was the tip of the spear in challenging the lockdown policies in 2020 and challenging the mandates of masks and vaccines and challenging whether or not Big Pharma's prescription for our problems of the pandemic were in fact
Prescriptions at all, but were instead raised major issues of dangers to our health.
It's not a coincidence that that is the case and that reflects the fact that InfoWars has been a critical place where people can gather, get and share independent information outside of the protected institutional gates of political power.
Well, what has kept InfoWars on the air?
Because there has been a decade-long assault, and particularly for the last half decade, of lawfare waged against InfoWars, which, as Alex Jones mentioned, even the bankruptcy proceedings, their goal and objective is not to restructure InfoWars, but the creditors related to some of this lawfare want to instead shut it down.
So why has InfoWars not been shut down?
It hasn't been shut down because InfoWars is not dependent on sugar daddy corporate donors.
InfoWars is not dependent on big, powerful corporate sponsors that can manipulate the message.
Look at, say, Fox News.
Is there a reason Fox News has been so slow and so late to exposing issues related to the health consequences of the vaccine?
To the mounting evidence we're seeing from a range of sources, from Steve Kirsch, to Edward Dowd, to people that have seen the insurance data, to various sub-stacks that have dug into the available all-death data that continue to show surprising, shocking rises in a range of diseases and deaths in age categories that don't make sense, so much so that it's the leading category of death, unexplained cause of death, in many parts of the world today.
The only people exposing it is InfoWars on a consistent basis.
Because Big Pharma doesn't advertise here on InfoWars.
Big Pharma does advertise pretty much everywhere else, including Fox News.
There's a reason why the deep state war in Ukraine that is backfiring on the objectives of the deep state
We're not exposed by the institutional actors that depend on their connections and associations and affiliations with deep state actors.
We'll be talking a little bit later about the Armand Hammer family in a forthcoming documentary concerning the great-grandson whose crimes were just recently exposed and how it reflects a broad embodiment of deep state policies and priority.
So what keeps Infores on the air?
The fuel to InfoWars is the audience.
You determine whether InfoWars exists or doesn't.
You determine what information is broadcast and isn't.
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When we come back, are we going to war with China?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, the Robert Barnes guest hosting.
Up a little bit later, we'll be discussing what is the risk that the October surprise the Biden administration may have be war with China and why China itself may politically profit from such a conflict, particularly the Chinese Communist Party and its leader, Xi.
But up now, there's been a lot of talk that there's been too many pro-Trump candidates win nominations for the governorships in the Senate races in closely contested, closely watched races.
The institutional media narrative that even Mitch McConnell is outspinning
Is that, you know, then people like J.D.
Vance, people like Blake Masters, a range of others, Eric Schmidt, the various gubernatorial nominees in Pennsylvania and Michigan that were backed by Trump, mean the doom of Republican prospects for those governorships or Senate positions in the fall.
And what they're relying upon is media inflated polls to get there.
Now, at this point, anybody that still believes in media polls probably should have their head examined.
And anybody who pronounces that as a grounds for believing a particular narrative is someone to not really listen to again in the future.
The polls have been wrong for a range of reasons, but particularly political manipulation of public opinion data since 2014.
Two things happened.
The polls became easier to manipulate because of the change in technology by which we communicate.
Historically, polls initially started off with people going door-to-door.
Local journalists used to do those kind of polls in the local neighborhood taverns and restaurants back in the late 1800s.
Indeed, you used to be able to bet on elections legally in the United States with ease all across the country.
Now then, that transitioned with going door-to-door in the old school way by Gallup in the 1930s after some egregious polling errors kept failing to predict FDR's success
In the 1936 presidential election, Gallup sent people out to go all across the country to try to get a fair sample.
And for the next 20 years, polling was done by in-person interviews all across the nation, meant to be weighted accurately to reflect the opinions of a broad cross-section of the community.
Even then, it wasn't perfect, but it was far from as erroneous as the polls today.
Then, the landline phone came about.
And because most people answered the phone, and most people participated in polling, they developed technology that was decent, if not perfect, from the mid-1970s all the way through until the mid-2000s.
But then came along cell phones, then came along do-not-call lists, then came along people no longer wanting to participate in phone polls.
So what used to be a 50% response rate, where almost half the people who answered a phone would actually answer the poll, ended up getting down to as low as 2%.
That creates something they call self-selection bias.
The people who answer the poll are the people who want to be polled.
And those disproportionately represent a different group than the broader cross-section of the American community.
This led to the incorporation of emails, text, and online polling devices.
But those devices are very subject to manipulation and also just a plain old error if you don't know what you're doing.
One of the very few people who's been very accurate in this capacity has been Richard Barris.
You can find him at peoplespundit.locals.com.
He puts out a lot of information and analysis on polls.
I found him in 2014
Predicting exactly what we're seeing being predicted now.
He was predicting in 2014 that all these polls that said Democrats were going to hold power in a bunch of Senate seats was wrong.
And he explained why and how.
He incorporated economic data, historical data, a range of supplemental data to go along with his unique method of polling to make sure they got the most accurate information.
He ended up being right.
He's been the most accurate pollster in 2016, 2018, and 2020.
What does his polls predict?
Well, if you look at the polls that he has been documenting and detailing, Republicans are in excellent shape, with only self-sabotage and undermining Trump the only risk they face.
As long as they back Trump and a MAGA agenda, the United States Senate will include Blake Masters and J.D.
Vance, will also include Herschel Walker.
It's likely to have a 52, 53, maybe even 54 Republican senators.
And the governorships of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will return to Republican roots and we can finally pass meaningful election reform in those states.
When we come back, risk of war with China, how high is it?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting.
We'll be discussing a little bit later in the show the risk of war with China as Biden's October surprise and something that may actually favor the Chinese Communist Party in China to actually have happen given the particular economic and internal political unrest issues they currently face.
We'll also be discussing how the Arm and Hammer story
That it's going to be in a documentary about the entire family forthcoming on Discovery Plus in September is unlikely to tell you the real, full, whole scandals of the Hammer family given their deep state ties and connections, very unusual political history, and whether the particular perversions
We're good to go.
Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons and how the Hammers seem to in their great-grandson reflect behaviors that are comparable and maybe even more sickening and grotesque.
But before that, let's talk about the military getting caught misbranding the vaccine again.
So there was always issues with the vaccine for the military.
I brought suit on behalf of Children's Health Defense against the FDA for even trying to authorize the vaccine in the first place.
They played a game of who's responsible, such that we're now up before the Court of Appeals in the Sixth Circuit and we'll be taking it to the U.S.
Supreme Court over whether or not that action was ever legitimate by the FDA.
But in the process, the military has got caught.
Mislabeling or misidentifying the vaccine.
They've already had three different federal courts stop them from discriminating against members of the military based on legitimate religious objections and accommodations requested by members of the Air Force, by members of the Marines, and by the Navy SEAL.
Indeed, a federal court in Texas, then a federal court in Ohio, then another federal court in Florida have enjoined and stopped the Air Force, have stopped the Marines, have stopped the Navy from continuing to discriminate in open and overt ways and religious accommodation requests related to the vaccine.
Not only that, the military is facing an extraordinary recruitment problem due to a combination of saying, hey, you're going to be a human guinea pig for various forms of experimentation.
As Barack Obama himself called it, this vaccine experiment was an experiment on billions of people.
And then he later took down the comment after he got exposed for it.
But in that same capacity, a lot of ordinary soldiers, based on the lawsuits we brought, and members of the military, whether airmen, Marines, Navy, sailors, or members of the Army, said, hey, this is not, in fact, a approved, fully authorized vaccine, but this is only an emergency use authorized vaccine.
And under federal law, they cannot be required or compelled to take a vaccine that has only been approved for emergency use.
So what did the military do?
The military members of the military has exposed by multiple whistleblowers and in a letter Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who by the way will get reelected in the fall, pointed out to the FDA and members of the military and Secretary Austin, he wants to know what's happening because more than nine whistleblowers have now stepped forward to the senator's offices and said they have witnessed high-ranking members of the Biden administration's Defense Department within the military
Mislabeling the emergency use authorized only drug as the fully biologic licensed drug, even though the biologic licensed drug is still, as Senator Johnson's letter details, not yet available in the United States.
So they went back and changed the label.
And that has legal consequences, that has potentially medical consequences, that has constitutional consequences in certain instances.
So, Senator Johnson is calling upon full disclosure of what happened.
That it appears high-ranking, including doctors and other medical professionals, in this ongoing treating our soldiers and members of the military
As guinea pigs for experimentation, Senator Johnson says this is wrong, it violates the law, that there's no right to mislabel these drugs as something other than what they actually are.
They don't have the same makeup.
They haven't gone through the same manufacturing procedures.
They don't have the same legal ramifications as the biologic licensed drug that again, almost a year to the day,
of the Pfizer drug getting a biologic license, it is still unavailable in almost all of the United States.
How is that even possible?
What game are they playing?
Well, the game they are playing is a legal immunity game.
What other product do you get taxpayers to fund that you get to inject massively in billions of people around the world for which you cannot be legally sued?
Indeed, I have a major whistleblower case against Pfizer
Who exposed all the flaws and fraud in their clinical trials.
And Pfizer's defense is they contracted their way around and outside of any fraudulent claims.
So now they say they're not only immune under the law, they're also immune because they got a contract sign that claims they're immune.
Now the contract doesn't quite say what they claim it does, and that will be subject to future litigation.
But it tells you the mindset that you have high ranking members of the military willing to lie to their own soldiers, their own members of the military, people who risk their lives on a daily basis and by changing the labels on a bunch of products.
Now, that is, by the way, a crime in most states.
It is a crime under federal law.
Will there be meaningful investigations of this?
To me, this gives rise to another additional ground that people like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene can use to impeach not only President Trump,
And President Biden, as President Trump was impeached repeatedly for rogue reasons, impeach President Biden on actual constitutional grounds because this is criminal conduct.
And it's criminal conduct with massive consequences for which a new election is not an effective remedy because people are ongoing under threat of harm.
So, consequently, what should happen is that these additional grounds raised by Senator Johnson, detailed by these whistleblowers, should be added in the charges of impeachment against not only President Biden, but also Vice President Harris, who appears to have been knowledgeable and culpable in aspects of this, and Secretary of Defense Austin.
All three have grounds to be impeached based on complicity and conspiracy to commit federal crimes against some of the people that we should be the most legally protective of.
As Johnson's letter details, he goes after, he details each person who has disclosed information, including some that wish to be anonymous, but that some of these people are commissioned officers.
Disclosing and based on what they physically, personally witnessed.
This isn't a guess.
They're not saying I heard it.
This isn't hearsay.
These aren't rumors.
This isn't innuendo.
These are members of the military that have risked their careers to step forward and say, I saw it happen.
I witnessed it happen.
I know it happened.
And based on it, that means that what happened was illegal and a crime by members of the military with complicit conspiratorial cover-up by the Biden administration, all to force members of the military to take an experimental drug that is proving to be extraordinarily dangerous.
Just look at the... Why aren't we getting full explanations as to why there's been a rise in all-cause debt?
Why are we not getting a full explanation on all of these other components?
You note the people that signed this letter include colonels, high-ranking members of the military, well-respected officers with impeccable records.
That's who's exposing this.
The media is trying to stay quiet about it, trying to keep it quiet.
Because they don't want the world to know what these lieutenants, captains, majors, commanders, lieutenant colonels, and colonels are exposing.
That extraordinary misconduct, again.
And remember, this has a long history.
The military used its service members to experiment on them with mustard gas.
The government used the members of the military to experiment on them as part of MKUltra with LSD.
Used them to experiment on them again with whatever Agent Orange was.
Used them to experiment on them again with whatever was given to them in Iraq.
So this is a continuous pattern of treating members of the military, people who put their lives on the line to defend American freedom and liberty,
By putting them at risk by making them human guinea pigs for experimentation by an out-of-control big pharmaceutical industry and by Bill Gates' desire to control the world and control population.
And this is a crime of consequence that is exactly the kind of crime the impeachment clause of the U.S.
Constitution was designed and drafted to punish and prosecute.
This is an impeachable offense.
The Secretary of Defense
And President Biden should be impeached as soon as Republicans seize power.
When we get back, what is the risk of war with China as an October surprise?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting.
We're going to be discussing a little bit later, what is the risk of an October surprise and war with China with a major nuclear power?
Even as they've tried to run the risk of war with another nuclear power, the greatest nuclear power, Russia, for the last six months.
What is the risk that that occurs?
But before then, let's talk about a forthcoming documentary that exposes the deep state.
But the documentary itself probably will try to avoid and evade the topic of the deep state.
That is the story of Armie Hammer.
Armie Hammer was the actor who was the great grandson of the famous Armand Hammer.
And who was being promoted in Hollywood as a popular actor, as a popular person, as a as a good character, was promoted as the Lone Ranger, even was in a range of played the Winklevoss twins in the in the movie about Facebook.
So you had, you know, all of this promotion and protection of them.
But anybody that understands the true underbelly of Hollywood and more significantly knew the history of the Hammer family would have reason for pause.
Now here's what some of that may involve.
Armie Hammer basically is a guy who reads like American Psycho, the movie and the book.
But his great-great-granddaddy and his great-granddaddy also were more nefarious in their own involvement.
They escaped, by the way, from where?
They came from Odessa to the United States, the original Mr. Hammer.
He set himself up as a doctor and drug provider.
Involved with pharmaceuticals.
What a shock!
Would be exposed, engaged in illegal abortions that led to a woman's death.
That ultimately led to his homicide charges, by which he served time in Sing Sing, but not before being released early.
He was one of the key leaders of what political party do you think in the 1920s here in America?
The one and the only, the Communist Party of America.
That was the foundation of the Hammer family in America.
His son, Armand Hammer, now try to guess how he came up with that name.
Arm and Hammer.
In other words, the Soviet emblem, the Soviet symbol, the Communist unilateral symbol.
That's where it came from.
They had various excuses over time, but the fact that the great-grandson is being named Army Hammer gives you an idea for how powerful that would maintain.
While he was running his drugstore, he would be a key launderer, the original foundation of the Hammer family.
He would use the drugstore as a money launderer to help the Communists and Lenin in Russia.
The family tradition would continue long past his tenure on this earth.
Indeed, his son, who somehow managed to find himself in all these lucrative business opportunities, often involved with and connected to forced labor in the Soviet Union, would end up being connected to oil riches, to distilleries, to a range of businesses, including, of course, the famous baking soda itself.
That would help put him economically in a unique space and place.
Now, by the way, he would get caught doing illegal donations to both sides of the aisle, including the Nixon administration.
But who would pardon him later?
One poppy, George H.W.
Indeed, this is a guy who managed
To get awards from almost every Western government, all kinds of special designations and military awards, put up even for the Nobel Peace Prize, while also getting awards from the Soviet Union!
Ask yourself, how does that happen?
What kind of capitalist is doing all this business promoting the Soviet Union?
How is he getting freedom awards in France, in Italy, United Kingdom, and in the U.S.
when he's openly and overtly supporting the Soviet Union and caught doing it repeatedly as has been a family tradition for decades?
Well, that wasn't all of his connections.
His other tight connections was to the Royal Family of Britain.
Indeed, he was particularly close to Prince Charles.
In fact, Prince Charles wanted to make him godfather of the young boys, the now Prince William.
Notably, it was Princess Diane who said, no, thank you.
And of course, not too long after that, Princess Diane would end up dead.
So in a death that has still not been fully explained exactly what happened and how it happened, as the death happened in a tunnel where there were no cameras.
That is the family history of the Hammer family.
They are the personifications of the Deep State, with deep ties to the Soros same-type world, and the Bill Gates, and the Rockefellers, and the rest.
Indeed, in making all this money on oil and alcohol, the Hammer family also had promised to make a particular person President of the United States.
He was the then son of a United States Senator making lots of money on coal mines in Tennessee.
That son was Albert Gore.
So the great environmentalist was being promoted and protected by the Hammer family that was making lots of money for the Gore family running coal mine.
So this was a guy in the Gore family made a lot of money on tobacco, made a lot of money on coal, and yet they're the big environmentalist who are anti-tobacco.
Maybe that agenda is something different than what it's been presented at.
So it is from that context, that will probably be omitted from the documentary, that the story of Armie Hammer starts to make a little more sense, and exposing further the scale of depravity in Hollywood.
Because what is it Armie Hammer got caught doing?
Was it just affairs?
Was it, you know, he was married, two young kids?
Was it sexual assault allegations?
Was it something more severe?
What was it?
Well, it's because Armie Hammer told women he wanted to eat them literally.
He was a cannibal by his own admission.
Ask yourself, where does that come from?
How does somebody suddenly out of the blue
Become a cannibal?
How does somebody that has this degree of prominence and recognition and publication in the Hollywood world, whose parents and grandparents and great-grandparents were deeply embedded in the deep state apparatus, does that just come out of the blue?
Or is this reflective of a deeper, more disturbing family tradition involving abuse over people to where it depower over people to such a degree there's no more contempt
For the individual human being, for the individual soul, than someone who is a literal American psycho.
Someone who prides themselves on being and wanting to exercise their cannibalistic instincts.
That what the sick depravity of Armie Hammer reveals is not only something deeply disturbing about the underculture and subculture of Hollywood and social media and its patrons of power, but also about the deep state writ large that exposes something about the whole nature of the Hammer family.
That its family tradition, its family legacy, would be reflected and represented in a popular actor wanting to exercise his cannibalistic instincts on a wide range of women.
That this American, living American, psycho came from the Hammer family is no surprise because he is a descendant, not just of that family, but a descendant of the deep state.
A mindset and mentality that could easily be at home with oligarchs in the West,
And the Soviet Union in the East, because they both did not see human beings as independent, autonomous human beings, capable of a soul, capable of being protected and promoted as individual human beings in their autonomy.
It's the same mindset that goes behind vaccine mandate, the same mindset that goes behind these endless wars.
It sees human beings as cattle to be controlled, cattle to profit those at the top.
And that is where the hammer story is not just a cultural story, not just a historical story.
It is embodiment and emblematic of the problems of deep state corruption and collusion of the anti-humanist agenda that they so repeatedly represent and reflect.
And that is why they present such a threat to liberty, freedom and humanity going forward.
When we come back, war with China.
Is it going to happen or not in November?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Robert Barnes, guest hosting.
Up at the end of the show, we'll be discussing what is the risk we go to war with China as a October surprise to salvage the Democratic hopes in the upcoming midterms, where they face likely doom and demise and impeachment for President Biden and other executive officials, including Attorney General Garland and Secretary of Defense Austin and the Vice President as well, Kamala Harris, with a long line of political corruption ties and allegations going all the way back to California days.
And extended into her vice presidency.
But we'll get to that right at the end of the show in the last segment.
Before then, let's discuss what risk does President Trump face from the election investigation in Georgia?
Rudy Giuliani was there this past week testifying in front of the grand jury, a special grand jury formed by a political Democratic hack who is using the investigation to promote the political cause of her ally Stacey Abrams, who is likely the real person involved in criminal and other illicit behavior in the 2020 presidential election, as she was in aspects likely in 2018.
So I was involved representing the president in Georgia so I can give you the inside story on what took place.
When I came down to Georgia there were several issues clearly pending.
The question in this election was not whether or not machines did this or anything like that.
The question was a simple one.
Was the election done in a constitutional manner?
Now what does that mean?
It means that only constitutionally qualified people voted.
That the way they cast their ballots was a constitutional way of casting ballots, and that the counting and canvassing of the ballot was done consistent to the Constitution.
Now, what does the U.S.
Constitution say about a presidential election?
Well, actually, it's pretty darn clear.
It says the state legislature, the legislature of each state government,
Sets the rules for the presidential election.
And that's it.
There's no role for the governor.
No role for the executive branch.
No role for the judicial branch.
No role for any federal officers.
Solely and wholly a role for the legislature.
The legislature in Georgia had established certain rules about who could vote in the presidential election.
It had established certain rules about how they could vote in a presidential election.
And it established certain rules about how the canvassing of the ballots, which included signature match checks, for example,
And the counting of the ballots was to be done, which included the right to observe the process.
This included a right to a recount.
This included the right to file an election contest if anything went wrong with it.
So I was there that whole time.
What we found was substantial evidence, along with Matt Brainerd, along with Richard Barris, along with Patrick Witt, along with a bunch of others, we found substantial evidence that the Georgia presidential election 2020 did not conform to the Constitution.
That people voted who were not constitutionally qualified to vote in Georgia for the presidency.
That the manner in which people voted was not consistent to the Constitution because it violated the state legislature's rules for how you could cast a ballot in the presidential election.
That the canvassing of the ballot was not done consistent to the Constitution because it violated the state legislative rules
In particular for signature match checks to meaningfully occur in an election that was flooded with mail-in ballots.
Flooded out because all kinds of ballots were floating around everywhere and flooded in back to the election system.
And the canvassing and the count of the ballot was also not done in a constitutional manner as exposed famously by those officials who were taking when the observers left
Took those big cases underneath the desk.
Why were they underneath the desk?
And started counting them late.
Remember, you had the problem of the so-called water leak that supposedly delayed counting of ballots at another location.
These problems were detailed all across the state.
And the only question was, were there more than 10,000 or so ballots?
Because the margin was so small that either were cast by people who were not constitutionally qualified to vote,
Or the ballot was cast in a manner that was not constitutionally qualified, consistent to the rules, or that was canvassed or counted in a manner that was not constitutionally consistent.
That was it.
So when the president got on the phone and talked to the Georgia election official, Brad Ratberger, that's what he's talking about.
And he says,
All I need is this number of ballots to be endowed and then I'm entitled to contest the election.
Then I'm entitled to have it go to Congress because that's the remedy.
The remedy is if it's uncertain, if it's undetermined, undecided, whether and who won an election for the presidency, then those disputed electoral votes
Go to Congress, but only to one part of Congress, the House of Representatives, and not to vote in general, but to vote by each state's delegation, as Professor Eastman put out and established at the time, and for which now he's being targeted in Iraq.
So as part of that process, to bring an election contest under Georgia's rules, which President Trump timely did, then the Georgia courts corruptly refused to ever hear
The case.
They delayed it and delayed it and delayed it in direct violation of Georgia law.
None of the other Georgia courts would step in and do anything about it.
So the president was stripped of his right to contest the election, his right to expose the unconstitutional nature of the Georgia election.
People who voted in Georgia who are not constitutionally qualified to vote for the presidency, including people who are residents of other states, including people who voted in other states, including people who claim to be living in a mailbox.
None of which was constitutionally qualified, including some who appeared to have been dead.
That wasn't all.
The manner in which they cast their ballot required that they cast it in a manner that the signatures match on their absentee ballot application and in the absentee ballot envelope sent back.
Any review of those checks would have shown the same thing, but on a much lesser scale was necessary, as just happened for the DA in L.A., Gascon, who was being recalled by the people of L.A., and how did he get around it?
They said about a third of the ballots didn't have signatures at max.
So how is it a third of the recall ballot, somehow the signatures don't match on the recall petition, but less than 1% of the ballots in Georgia in this massive flooding of signatures didn't match?
Didn't happen.
But in fact, the Secretary of State had promised us, promised me, his office, his lawyers, that we would be able to do a meaningful review of the signature match checks, take a significant subsample.
They never got around to doing it.
They used the red herring about Dominion to distract from the signature match issue so that Americans lost focus on the fact that the signature match never occurred anywhere in any meaningful form.
When it happened on just a smaller scale in Arizona, they found so many signatures didn't match in just the sample that it was 10 times more projected out than the total margin of victory in Arizona.
The same would have been found in Georgia.
And then we had the fact that the canvassing of the ballots and the counting of the ballots were not constitutionally consistent.
So he brought a very detailed, President Trump, very detailed election contest.
Hundreds of pages of exhibits, affidavits, demonstrated evidence.
The most compelling, convincing election contest brought in the country, maybe ever in American political history, definitely in the presidential context, especially for 2020.
As part of that process,
You have to identify who your electors would be so that you can give the court a remedy.
So you say, for the election contest, if the court says, we don't know who won or determines that Trump won, that there was a remedy available for the court to issue, which was the name of electors to be certified by the governor to go to Congress, to participate in the Electoral College, to participate as having those electors count.
So as part of that, a list of people came up with it.
They are now trying to claim that the president on a phone call saying, I only need this many votes to contest the election, was somehow now illegal, was somehow now fraud.
That's utter gibberish and nonsense.
They're also trying to claim that naming alternative electors was some kind of elector scam or elector fraud.
This is asserting his constitutionally protected legal rights and remedies under Georgia state and federal law.
That is what the president did.
Asserting your rights can never be a crime.
And so the investigation by the Georgia grand jury is a politically motivated witch hunt based on no credible allegations of any legal violation.
Instead, it is another attempt to criminalize political disagreement in America, to criminalize asserting your own civil rights and civil liberties in America.
That's where this is going.
Hopefully somebody at some point steps in, whether it's the governor in Georgia, whether it's the higher courts in Georgia, to shut down this sham grand jury that is an embarrassment to constitutional law in America, that's politically motivated.
And the person who should be put under grand jury investigation somewhere in Georgia, because any county could investigate, should be Stacey Abrams.
Find out why there was unusual overvoting in the 2018 election that related to the 2020 election in the same precincts and county.
When we come back, what is the risk of war with China in October?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
This is Robert Barnes, guest hosting.
Up soon, we'll have an emergency message from Alex Jones to the President, to President Trump that is, the duly elected President of 2020, just not constitutionally recognized as such by Congress and the courts who abandoned and absconded their duty and obligation to make sure we had an ethical election.
But now, what is the risk that the October surprise could be war with China?
First of all, the Biden administration may face extraordinary risk come November.
They may face losing the House and not only losing it, current projections by some of the more reliable sources I've seen suggest 250 or more Republican House members that will include a substantial populist MAGA base in the Marjorie Taylor Greene-Matt Gaetz structure.
And they will be joined by similarly inclined individuals like Blake Masters and J.D.
Vance in the United States Senate that see the world from a similar independent populist perspective.
Consequently, and there may be new Republican governors in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that will shape the rules for the 2024 election.
So the risk is that they will try an October surprise and over China or try to use Taiwan to provoke China into a conflict in the Taiwan Strait.
The China itself may profit from this, and it's important to understand the way the globalists and China see one another.
For a long time, the globalists see China as working for them, them not working for China.
The Clinton-Biden expectation and the Pelosi expectation is that they can use China for their own globalist purposes, and that they can have China lie in their pockets or their families' pockets with corruption anytime they want.
But they don't see themselves as working for China.
They see China as working for them.
China, on the other hand, sees it as the globalists and these corrupt politicians should be working for China, not the other way around.
This is why the conflict continues to escalate, and that's why it's a real conflict.
That's why people like George Soros, for several years, has been calling for the replacement of Xi in the current hierarchy.
They're not looking to end the Chinese Communist Party's dominance.
They like China being the factory worker for the globalists.
They like China being the place they can experiment with things like biological weapons and social credit systems and totalitarian methods of control.
They like that.
But they want to replace the hierarchy at the top who they see as being too uppity, too independent.
That these are Chinese Communist Party leaders who see themselves as having the mandate of the kingdom of heaven.
The Chinese Communist Party leaders have an economic incentive themselves to distract their own audience because the real estate implosion that's causing credit problems in China compounded by the supply chain shock from the various activities over the zero COVID policy has led to a disruptive unsettled public.
And that is why we face real risk of war with China come October.
Don't be surprised and be alert for that risk and try to warn against it.
Now, let's turn to Alex Jones, giving President Trump a critical, essential emergency message about the issues we pose today.
Mr. President, you have been set up by Big Pharma.
You've been set up by the Deep State.
Your former White House coordinator admits they knew the shot would never work and that they lied to you.
The current head of the CDC has now come out and admitted this.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship and are preparing to set you up.
But there's still time to get on the right side of history and save a lot of lives, Mr. President.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines and it made people then worry that it's not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization.
Alex Jones here issuing an emergency warning to President Trump.
Not a warning out of any desire to hurt you, President Trump, but to save your important legacy and hopefully ensure you can get back into the White House coming up in 2024.
We know the election was stolen.
We know the deep state's trying to set you up any way they can.
We understand that you are a lion surrounded by hyenas.
But the number one issue that is going to end up biting you in the ass like nothing else is the experimental shot that Fauci and Bill Gates and Birx and the rest of them convinced you would actually save millions of lives and get the economy going when they had brought out their lockdowns.
I know why you did it.
You've done so many other great things for this nation.
And I admire you and I appreciate you.
And I want to support you for president.
But Ron DeSantis is coming out and admitting that the vaccines don't work because now the CDC and others have been forced to admit that.
Even as now even the CDC is backhandedly acknowledging that the shots aren't preventing people from getting infected.
We have Deborah Birx coming out and saying she knew the COVID vaccine wouldn't protect
We have Walensky, the current head of the CDC, coming out and saying that they were wrong about all this.
We made some pretty public mistakes and we need to own them.
This admission came after the CDC received the findings of an external review she ordered of the agency.
The CDC says the review found the agency's COVID guidance was confusing and overwhelming.
But you are still out there saying, no, it's great, and you're proud of it.
Now that they've admittedly set you and America and the world up with an experimental drug they rolled out of gene therapy against the general public, it is critical for you to decouple from these people like Bolsonaro and other leaders like Viktor Orban have done saying, hey, at first we were for this, we thought it might help, but now we know it doesn't work, it's a fraud, and we need to put the brakes on this.
President Trump, I care about you.
I know you mean well.
You're a very smart man.
But they're coming after six-month-old and up babies with these dangerous shots.
And the numbers are coming out.
Fox News has top journalists and scientists on, confirming that the shots have killed hundreds of thousands of people here in the United States alone.
Well, what I found was that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaccine, and millions have been injured.
Clearly, you are more likely to be injured or dead from the vaccine than if you were unvaccinated.
So what they're saying, and what the reality is, is completely opposite.
So the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
They're now admitting they were wrong.
They weren't wrong.
They did this by design.
And there you are at your rally saying, yeah, the shots shouldn't be forced and we shouldn't be kicking the military out.
And that's good.
But you have to go further and come out against these shots for children.
President Trump, this is your Rubicon moment.
America knows you meant well.
America knows you fought the forced masking and the lockdowns and all the rest of the garbage.
America knows that you pushed to roll out the incredibly life-saving monoclonials and got that approved in record time.
And you were right!
Your gamble of approving that, ramming it through, worked.
No side effects.
But they lied to you about these mRNA shots.
And so you gotta come out and say, hey, we were right about the monoclonials.
I'm not a doctor.
I listened to these people.
They now admit they were wrong.
You've got to decouple yourself when your enemies, Fauci and the rest of them, Walensky and others are admitting, okay, it doesn't really work, it doesn't protect you.
In fact, it erases your immune system.
But you are still up there saying you're proud of this.
Don't let them set you up.
This is the one flaw in your administration.
Everything else you did was incredible.
So this is my emergency message to you, Mr. President, to go and actually watch the first 30 minutes of Thursday's show.
We'll put a link to it below here so you can see what I said in context.
The corporate media edited down a 30-second clip to make it sound like that I'm only for DeSantis and that I've abandoned you.
That's not true.
It's the contrary.
I understand you're under attack.
I understand you are surrounded, and I'm trying to get you to reassess the situation.
I know people like Don.
Are you?
But the people in your administration that were coordinating this operation that you trusted, lied to you.
All I'm saying is, go as far as your enemies have gone and admit it didn't work.
They're the ones that are to blame, not you.
But by you not doing the right thing at this critical point, you are angering your constituents.
I'm on the streets everywhere.
I take calls every day.
And I can tell you, your most ardent, hardcore supporters are very sad right now and very, very upset because every passing day and week that goes, as more side effects and more carnage comes out, it's going to be blamed on you.
You don't have much time.
Don't let them destroy you.
Don't let them destroy America.
Continue to show the incredible instincts and smarts you've had, and expose this lie and become a champion of going after Big Pharma for what they've done.
Thank you so much, Mr. President.
I know you've tried to reach out, and I missed the call, but I did get the message through one of your associates, and you're asking why I did what I did.
Hopefully this clip will make it to you, and you'll understand why I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart.
To reassess what you've been up to and to really get on the right side of history.
God bless, Mr. President, and good luck.
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