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Name: 20220815_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 15, 2022
1908 lines.

The Alex Jones Show discusses recent legal battles against lawsuits brought by Sandy Hook shooting victims' families. The host claims manipulation and fraud within the legal system, raising concerns over free speech implications. He also addresses topics such as censorship, COVID-19 vaccine deaths, and the globalist agenda while promoting InfoWars products.

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He is patient zero for alternative facts.
Is there going to be a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of Infowars in the bankruptcy estate?
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
We're in federal bankruptcy, and they're calling for us To not be able to even run operations and just whatever money's left for payroll and to buy products to just be given to them.
But you'd think they'd want to get these big damages and be paid out of the money.
No, no.
They want the Golden Goose dead because again, take him out.
Take his bullhorn away.
Take his platform.
Silence him.
That's what the Democratic Party and the Deep State want.
That's what they admit they've done.
And the jury's, well, he's guilty, the judge says, and he's worth $400 million.
And so we're going to give you Forty-something million dollars, all based on a lie, all based on BS, and the judge knew.
And the judge let them say, the plaintiff's lawyers, to them, Mr. Jones didn't testify today, and he didn't have an expert, because he knows what we're saying is true.
He doesn't have any evidence.
And then they twisted all these financials to show false numbers.
They take 60-something million dollars over the years to buy supplements and call that money I kept and say it's a money laundering operation because it was given to a supplement company about product.
This is the games they play and this is who these people are.
They're coming for you and your family.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars. Tomorrow's news. Today.
It's Monday, August 15th, 2022.
We have an extremely powerful, informative transmission lined up for you today.
But I come to you, the InfoWars listeners and viewers, With the most intense, dire information, not just for the future of Infowars, but for the future of free speech in America and across the world.
If we don't have free speech, and if we don't have independent media outlets to counter the Great Reset globalist onslaught, we have very little hope.
But if we can stay on air at this critical time, While the globalists are launching their major offensive, their operations will backfire on them and it will accelerate the Great Awakening and they will be defeated easily.
That's why your tireless work keeping InfoWars on the air has been beyond critical.
The enemies of freedom recognize InfoWars as the cultural and political and spiritual vanguard of a pro-human future and an anti-transhumanist system.
Ladies and gentlemen, There was an article in Reuters that came out this morning that told us that our suspicions and the information we had was dead on about the first of three show trials that was held two weeks ago in Austin, Texas.
Ladies and gentlemen, they have now talked to the jury and the jury has now confirmed what we knew.
They were not going to give them Any more money after the five plus million dollar judgment in the first part of actual damages because they didn't have a formula to decide when the judge told him that I was already guilty that they could use to decide how much money to give him.
And you read what the jury had to say, they're like, well, he was already guilty, the judge said so, so they bought that incredibly dangerous precedent.
But we didn't have a formula, and they didn't believe the formula that the plaintiff's lawyers gave them, of one dollar for every American that I told the lie that St.
Hook didn't happen to.
But then, when this so-called economist, Bernard Francis Pettengill, Jr., Who behaved and acted just like Thurston Howell from Gilligan's Island.
When that guy got up there with all our financials that they said we hadn't given them, so we were defaulted, and twisted it around, they believe that I am worth $260 million.
So the jury said, in the Reuters article, they decided to give 10% of my net worth to each parent.
Heslin and Lewis, the divorcees who lost their son.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is so insane.
The judge would not let us, even though we'd already given them our net worth, bring that forward.
And she knew exactly what she was doing.
This is judicial fraud.
This is criminal in my view and it's outrageous and it gets worse.
We're going to lay all this out when we come back and we're going to shift gears on all the other news but we now have crystal clear evidence here of exactly what happened.
I'm going to go through it line by line and give you the facts.
Imagine a judge knowing that someone doesn't have two million dollars in cash and that their net worth is maybe six, seven million dollars.
And that our debts are bigger than that, so I'm actually in negative territory.
To then have that information, hold it back, and let a so-called expert come in who's got our documents, but twist them around, so there's our evidence, but we can't actually show you what's really in the evidence.
And then let the other side get up and tell the jury that Jones isn't speaking, and his lawyers aren't speaking during this phase of the trial, the last day, because they didn't give Any evidence because they don't have any evidence.
And then they show twisted financials we gave them.
This is absolutely unprecedented.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back on the other side of InfoWars.
That's tomorrow's news today.
There's going to be a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of Infowars in the bankruptcy estate.
Take him out of this discourse of this misinformation of this peddling of lies and make sure he can't do it again.
It's Monday, August 15th.
The year is 2022.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I want to thank you all for joining us today.
I have some extremely serious news to lay out for you right now.
And I want it to really sink in to everybody that every major globalist media outlet from Bloomberg to the New York Times to CNN are openly saying.
That these lawsuits against Infowars are now going to be used against Fox News, against Tucker Carlson, and against all the other conservative publications and operations that are left.
They have to take out the opposition to the New World Order to succeed because what they're doing is unpopular, it's destructive, and it is criminal.
We have had a major breakthrough and a huge development has now come out in Reuters and it confirmed the information that we already had.
We have their blueprint.
We understand how the fraud works, and we're going to expose it right now.
As you know, a week and a half ago, the big show trial, the first of three, ended in Austin, Texas.
The judge had already said I was guilty.
The same judge in a few months has me before her again with another kangaroo operation.
They have a Connecticut system where I've been defaulted.
It's all coordinated.
She would not let us have a witness or testify the final day, unprecedented.
And talk about our net worth.
Instead, using our documents we gave them, but twisted, they put Bernard Francis Pettengill, a so-called economist up there, on the stand to claim that I'm worth $260 million at least.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you look at our debts and operations and my personal life, we are in the hole.
We filed for bankruptcy free speech systems and in the very near future I am going to be publishing my actual finances to the world so that when the corporate media and the courts lie and say that I have hundreds of millions of dollars it will be a known quantifiable fraud.
I have to do this because they continue to lie.
And not let us show these juries this information.
They tell them we're guilty, and they decide now it's time for you to decide what percentage of his net worth should be given when they know full damn well that we are on the rocks and could easily be shut down.
So here is their blueprint, ladies and gentlemen.
Info wars on the most dire straits, but so is America.
They're using lawfare and the weaponized judiciary as you're seeing with Trump and everybody else against the people.
Here's the big article from Reuters.
Inside the Alex Jones jury room, tensions, pizza and lizard people.
And it goes on to say that a large part of the jury only thought there should be $500,000 given to them.
$100,000 given to them, but some of the jury thought $200 million.
We saw those numbers on the board.
Someone said, well, I guess we're never leaving this room because they couldn't agree.
And it goes on until we couldn't testify.
And they put this so-called economist up who looked right at them and said, he's got $260 million.
This is key.
Because the judge overseeing the case had in September already found Jones liable for defamation and intentional and physical and emotional distress for claiming the 20 children hadn't died.
So again, she found me guilty.
They went along with it and said, okay, he's guilty, now tell us how much money he's got.
The plaintiff's lawyers had asked for $150 million.
The previous day, in actual damages, they'd given $4.1 million.
This was now the punishment face.
At first, some jurors were skeptical that Heslin and Lewis were entitled to any compensatory damages at all, it goes on to say.
But then, then, Pettengill rides over the hill.
Jurors didn't give much credence to the parents' lawyers' request for $1 for every one of the 24% of Americans who doubted ennobling Sandy Hook.
See, I gotta pay for every person in some poll they admit was fake.
They went on and sought $150 million.
The jurors didn't buy that.
Instead, they calculated off of Pettengill the damages based on their own formulas.
And by the end of the afternoon, the room resembled a math classroom.
A math classroom based on fake data!
My net worth is less than $10 million.
My debt is over $50 million.
Continuing, ladies and gentlemen.
So, negative.
Eventually, they arrived at $4.1 million in compensatory.
Now, here's the biggest key part.
Sharon said jurors decided to award punitive damages worth 10% of Jones's net worth per parent.
Jones is worth $130 million and $270 million.
A plaintiff's expert testified.
So I'm sorry, it's more than $270.
It's $270.
I said $260.
I don't remember.
$270 he made up and pulled out of his rear end.
And $130 million.
So I'm worth $130 million.
And free speeches were at $270 million.
So now we're up there at $400 million.
Okay, so $400 million.
Sharon said jurors decided to award punitive damages were 10% of Jones's net worth per parent.
Jones is worth $130 million and $270 million.
A plaintiff's expert testified the jurors punitive damages verdict was $45.2 million or 10% for each parent.
$45 plus million if you count the cash I've got in my house and all the rest of it is...
What is that, 10 times?
I mean, this is incredible.
The award could wind up being slashed by the judge to as little as 10%.
Now, that's state law, but she'll probably ignore that.
Free speech citizens filed for bankruptcy in Texas midway through the trial.
A group of Standing Hook parents, you mean the lawyers, interviewed the case and asked a judge to freeze the company's assets to prevent Jones from funneling cash to different entities.
We're in federal bankruptcy, and they're calling for us To not be able to even run operations and just whatever money's left for payroll and to buy products and just be given to them.
But you'd think they'd want to get these big damages and be paid out of the money.
No, no.
They want the Golden Goose dead because again, take him out.
Take his bullhorn away.
Take his platform.
Silence him.
That's what the Democratic Party in the deep state want.
That's what they admit they've done.
And the jury's, well, he's guilty, the judge says, and he's worth $400 million.
And so we're going to give you Forty-something million dollars, all based on a lie, all based on BS, and the judge knew.
And the judge let them say, the plaintiff's lawyers, to them, Mr. Jones didn't testify today, and he didn't have an expert, because he knows what we're saying is true.
He doesn't have any evidence.
And then they twisted all these financials to show false numbers.
They take 60-something million dollars over the years to buy supplements and call that money I kept and say it's a money laundering operation because it was given to a supplement company to buy product.
This is the games they play and this is who these people are.
They're coming for you and your family.
We're going to play a clip of them again admitting they want to chop up our corpse and feed on it cannibalistically.
of InfoWars in a metaphysical archetypal analogy.
But first, I just want to remind you, we can fight through this bankruptcy.
We can prove the real numbers.
We're going to get all this reverse on appeal.
We need money for the lawyers to continue fighting.
We fought so long, we can't give up now.
So please go to InfoWarsStore.com and send a strong message and buy the fundraiser book.
You can buy the book for $20-something unsigned.
It's $100 signed.
We need the money.
I'm going to sign them all.
InfoWarsStore.com, the great reset.
and the war for the future.
It is a war for the world.
It is so incredibly important.
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Thank God.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
We'll be right back with world news.
But InfoWars needs your help.
We're fighting for you and your future.
We're fighting for our futures and we can win, but now is the time to financially support InfoWars more than ever.
Now here are the enemies of free speech and their declaration of war on you.
I ask that with your verdict you not only Take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away.
I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
There's going to be a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of Infowars in the bankruptcy estate.
And over the course of that process, that could get very, very dangerous for Mr. Jones.
Because there is going to be a new level of financial scrutiny.
I hope that we never see someone like him again.
Alex Jones is patient zero for our society's inability to speak without lies.
He is patient zero for alternative facts.
See, but like we say, it's the end of the beginning.
And boy, are these clients happy about it.
There was certainly a message sent out of this courthouse today, that's for sure.
And we are back here on this Monday live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
This is a very special edition of the broadcast because we don't normally make the main focus of what we cover InfoWars, but InfoWars is at the very heart of the globalist program to silence the people of America and the world.
And so I want to open the phones up today on a wide range of issues that are under the umbrella of free speech.
And how do we keep the globalists from silencing the people?
So when I give the number out, I'd like to hear callers' views and perspectives on what would America and the world be like if InfoWars was taken off the air and if we weren't reaching 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, sometimes 10 million people a day despite all of the intense censorship.
In fact, sometimes thanks to all your support we reach more than that.
So I'm going to give the number out.
Specifically for listeners to call in, and Owen Schroer is about to be taking over, I'll be back doing the full show tomorrow, asking the question, what would the world be like with InfoWars?
What would the world be like if this AI merger with humans censoring people in pre-crime before they can even post online?
What effect will that have and how do we stop them?
That's a giant area to discuss.
We're also going to open the phones up about the persecution of Trump, the so-called nuke secrets, and where you think the deep state's going to go next.
They're openly fomenting civil war.
They're claiming Trump supporters are about to engage in all this terror.
Trump reportedly sent the Attorney General Garland a message saying, "Hey, people are
really mad.
The temperature's high.
What can I do to help lower the temperature?"
Which Trump's been trying to do.
And the media called that a veiled threat at Garland.
These people are out of control.
They're disconnected from reality.
There's been a major political realignment.
People don't want to be under their control anymore.
And they're losing more and more hearts and minds every day.
So like tyrants in history, they double down when they start losing.
When Hitler was losing the attack on England.
And on North Africa?
What did he do?
He invaded Poland.
He invaded a bunch of other countries.
What happened when he started losing those wars?
He then invaded Russia.
In fact, the actual order of it goes, first he invaded Poland, then he invaded some other areas, France, then he started attacking England, losing that, losing the North African conflict, and then he went into Russia.
But the point is, is that That's what megalomaniacs do and they double down even though it's going to ensure they're destroyed because they subconsciously want to take
Everyone with them.
And so that's what we're facing and dealing with here.
And I want to have a larger debate about how we stop civil war, how we stop violence, and how we continue our nonviolent cultural revolution of freedom and liberty against their globalist revolution of transhumanism and corporate run communism.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
777-889-2539, 877-889-2739, 877-889-2539, and we're doing first time callers for the
first 20 calls of the board.
Then after those 20 calls have been taken, we're going to move to the next folks.
And Owen's going to do a great job.
Just bam, bam, bam, giving each person 60 seconds and then moving on to the next person.
So you won't be sitting on hold a long time.
We've been a lot better, but actually going to your calls and actually taking them bam, bam, bam.
But we're going to dispense with the pleasantries.
We all love each other.
And just like Rush Limbaugh used to say, just say ditto.
And we know what that means.
Now, if you disagree and hate us, By all means, call in.
We'd love to hear why we're the bad guys, and we're the establishment, and I'm Lex Luthor, and we're the insiders.
No, we're not.
We are the rebels, and we are fighting the globalists at point-blank range.
Now, some of the other news on Infowars.com.
They were dealing with is the first dog has monkey pox.
There's been no deaths in the U.S.
for monkey pox.
We're told we need new lockdowns, new mask, new controls.
But now a dog has it, and it's being reported by the local news, not the national news, that the dog had been anally raped and it had anal monkey pox.
So that's what happens in these cultures, folks, is they just get more and more decadent, more and more out of control.
And that's why the fetish of the left now is the LGBTQPPP, which is for pedophilia.
Very very serious situation.
Also Twitter is now banning a bunch of women that are complaining about big giant men with
shaved heads twice their size beating them up in rugby.
Used to beating up a girl was the worst thing you could do other than I guess raping children.
But the left is all about sex with children, forcibly sex changing children, brainwashing
them, men in MMA beating up women.
I mean this is just psychotic evil.
Continuing, we're also going to be looking more at what you think the next shoe to drop
is with MSNBC and others have their new hoax, their new talking point that well Trump was
a Russian agent or Trump tried to steal the election or Trump stole the first election.
All these other lies they've told that we now know were frauds.
Well, now again, they're saying he's selling nuke secrets to the Russians and the Chinese.
All of it a fraud.
All of it a lie.
As we get deeper and deeper into this Orwellian world.
So 877-789-2539.
We're going to be taking your phone calls today.
I'm also shooting some reports on the street before I come back to Austin, Texas this afternoon that you'll see later on in the broadcast.
But from the earlier subject of the weaponization of the judiciary, telling the jury I was already guilty, letting fake evidence be put on that I have $400 million and all this other garbage.
We need to have a larger discussion about this because again this is the blueprint they're going to use against everybody else.
Now we're going to go to break here in just a few minutes and when we come back we're going to continue With the breaking news and with your phone calls, because I know Owen has a lot of news and a lot of clips and a lot of information that he wants to get to.
When I return tomorrow, though, we have new insurance numbers out and we have other numbers out around the Western world from coroners, from pathologists and from undertakers, embalmers, people that work at Funeral homes confirming in triplicate, more than triplicate now, that there is the biggest increase in death from everybody ages six and up in Europe, in the US, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Singapore, in every country that took the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and J&J shots.
All these shots do the same thing.
Two of them are mRNA.
The other two operate on a virus vector system, but they go in and program the body to create
these deadly spike proteins.
It is so huge that the insurance companies have confirmed what broke a year ago when
a big German insurance company first reported it.
Now US insurance companies, multinational insurance companies, some of these are the
biggest insurance companies out there, that there is a massive increase in death.
But you can also go to any big cemetery around your area, talk to the cemetery director,
and they'll tell you that they're seeing a 40 to 50 times increase in the normal number
of people they're burying at those cemeteries.
Did you hear what I just said?
We have just between the age of 18 and 63, what's working age, same numbers in Europe,
same numbers here, a 40 plus percent increase in total number of deaths.
Well, an increase like that is so many times higher than the normal year fluctuation year to year.
A few percentage above the average, a few percentage below the average.
Many years, the average stays the same.
The death rate is 40 plus percent in that demographic, and get ready for this.
It's up 200 plus percent in people above.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be covering this all in depth tomorrow.
They're trying to distract us with the lawsuits and the attacks and the censorship away from our main mission that they have carried out a eugenics, massive Logan's Run depopulation operation right out of a science fiction dystopic book or movie against humanity right now.
Spiraling into a nightmare the likes of which Orwell himself could not have predicted.
defend free speech, what the world would be like without Infowars, and I'll see you on
the other side. God bless and good luck.
Spiraling into a nightmare the likes of which Orwell himself could not have predicted, although
I do feel like I'm living in some sort of a cross between 1984 and idiocracy. I get
the flavor of both.
I get the idiocracy when I'm out in the public, and you see the people, or you see these goons that are in the Biden administration, like Jean Pierre.
These are clowns.
We've got a man that thinks he's a woman.
Actually, more than one, I think.
How many men that think they're women are in the Biden administration?
They're setting records, folks.
More men that have dressed like women than ever before in the Biden administration.
All right!
We did it!
So what that the economy is tanking?
So what the inner cities are overrun with violent crime and poverty and homelessness?
Don't you know we got dudes dressed like chicks?
What do you think about that?
Oh, you wanted a strong border and a booming economy?
Best I can do is a dude in a bra.
That's all I can offer you.
We do have another guy over here who's bald, who kind of dresses like a chick too, but does the whole bald thing.
So maybe if you don't want the dude that fully wants to dress like the chick with the hair and everything, he's bald with the dress on.
You know, he's in charge of the nuclear strategies and stuff.
All right.
Thumbs up, guys.
We are doing good.
All right.
I am here now to take phone calls for the rest of the show.
That is my job.
I'm not even going to look at the news in front of me, even though it's very tempting.
And I'm going to do my news coverage at 3 o'clock on the InfoWars War Room.
So I'm going to take your calls.
But we need to sell as many autographed books as possible today.
That's what I want to do.
Let's sell as many autographed books, Alex Jones' new book, The Great Reset and The War for the World, at Infowarsstore.com.
Let's sell as many of those signed books today as possible.
And I don't think Alex will hate me for it.
He may have to sign 5,000, 10,000 books, but it's going to fund this transmission into the future so that we can stay on air as long as possible, or forever!
Or forever.
Because you know, every day, every day at 11 a.m.
Central when the Alex Jones Show is supposed to go live, a bunch of Far-left radical communist liberals are rubbing their hands together hoping today's the day.
Today's the day Jones won't be on air anymore.
By the way, I'm tolerant.
I'm a tolerant liberal.
We're gonna crush that Alex Jones!
And then 11 a.m.
rolls around and they hear that deep, grisly, charcoal-graveled voice.
And they just seethe.
They just seethe inside.
Because they want this shut down so badly.
But you know what?
We're going to go to our great audience.
We're going to hear from our great audience today as well.
Because it's not just Alex Jones that they want to silence.
It is you in the audience.
So we're going to hear from you.
The lines are filled.
So if you hear someone hang up, that means a line has opened.
But if you're gonna call the line right now, they're all filled up.
So once I start taking calls and dropping them, that's when you know a line will open.
And we've already got the topics on the board here.
So we'll just let you steer the ship is what we'll do.
And in this process...
Let's sell as many of the new Alex Jones book as possible.
The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Signed copies available right now at InfoWarsStore.com.
Now when Alex gets back, he may shut that signed special down.
So this might be the last day to even make that purchase.
When he gets back in town, he may just nix that.
So get your signed copy today at InfoWarsStore.com.
From now until probably two o'clock, unless there's something that changes course here, we are going to take your phone calls.
And we are going to start with Mike right here in Texas.
Mike, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Yeah, hi Owen.
I was there that Friday after the case in Austin wrapped up and the The attorneys were coming out the front door of the courthouse in that heat and humidity that only South Texas can provide.
And I heard, first was Alex's lead attorney.
He came out and told the interviewer that, yeah, we're pleased with the way this case went.
And I was stunned.
I didn't want to harass him while he was being interviewed, but as he and his colleague left, I said, you're pleased with a $40 million award?
Are you nuts?
And he just looked back at me with a sardonic smile and walked on.
But then I stayed on for the knuckle draggers, the clowns who were destroying the legal system to get at Alex.
I know Alex knows the sound of my voice.
I'm a retired doc.
I don't often get the impulse to pound someone's head into sand, but I really wanted to go after these.
There were about four guys, including the lead schmuck on the other side with some attractive young lady who was saying, I just don't understand how these people can be so callous.
I was holding up a hand-drawn sign.
It said more people, how did I put that?
It doesn't matter.
It was questioning Sandy Hook, the truth of the story.
And, you know, they looked at me with utter contempt as I looked at them.
Well look, they flaunted their true agenda in their closing statements.
They said this is all about shutting down Alex Jones and destroying Alex Jones and making sure that Alex Jones cannot exist anymore and that InfoWars goes away and nobody ever thinks about starting a free speech alternative news platform ever again.
I mean, they just said that to the jury in their final statement.
And I mean, I guess the jury bought it.
And you know, the funny thing about that is And I mean, look, I'm not going to speak for the lawyer.
They were trying to get $300 million.
They tried to claim that the value of Infowars was a billion dollars during the lawsuit.
I mean, folks, the lies that these attorneys tell are just earth shattering.
And it's like you're just sitting here getting gas lit and then they just tell you the whole agenda to shut it down.
But they wanted to get $300 million.
They're not going to get, the $40 million is probably going to get capped because of the Texas law.
I don't know what the final number will be.
So it might be like $5 million.
It might be survivable.
They got more lawsuits coming to try to do the exact same thing.
And it's really about whatever they can do to us financially is one angle.
It's really just about tarring and feathering Alex Jones for the public to see, to scare others off from questioning mainstream media government narratives.
I stayed there, I stayed on a couple hours to talk to this lady who said, her name's Kim, she said she was a neighbor of Alex's mother and I had no reason to doubt that.
But we were both puzzled why there weren't more supporters out there.
Well look, we didn't want to, well, let me, I'll tell you why.
You think us publicizing where that case was would be good headlines?
When they already try to claim, make false claims like we're sending people after people, which never happened?
So yeah, inviting a bunch of people to show up outside of the courtroom to support us, probably they would use that against us in court.
But you know, I was going to say this, and Mike, thanks for the call.
They added up the totals of the jury at the end of it, and I meant to ask a lawyer about this, but So they added it up.
A couple of the jurors said $0.
So what if 11 of the 12 jurors said $0, but one said $300 million, and then they would have gotten that $300 million number?
That doesn't really seem right.
A lot of chicanery going down in that courtroom.
Well, ask and I shall receive.
I've been meaning to ask a lawyer about that jury decision with that final number in the punitive judge's Hello Owen.
the judgment against Alex Jones and Infowars.
And it just so happens Robert Barnes is going to be joining me now at one o'clock.
So I'll ask him that.
We'll get into the latest on the Mar-a-Lago raid and other developments.
But let's go back to the phone lines now.
And we've got Craig in Ohio.
Craig, you're on the Alex Jones show.
Go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
Hey, first off, I just I really come to appreciate you.
your analysis.
Um, you know, I obviously started watching with Alex and Harrison.
You guys have done a great job and I, the biggest thing is I'm glad you guys haven't completely dove in on the Mar-a-Lago thing and you keep covering other stuff because sometimes I think that stuff A lot of times a diversion, you know, just to take our focus off of stuff.
Well, there's no doubt the Mar-a-Lago raid took our focus off a lot of things that developed, like the CDC saying that COVID is the flu, the FBI still refusing to turn over Hunter Biden's laptop, they're past their due date on that.
And there was a lot of other stuff.
The border, there's like a cartel war going on at the border right now.
So there's all kinds of crazy stuff.
But having said that, I mean the Mar-a-Lago raid was obviously a very dangerous precedent setting event and a historical event in our country's history.
But there's also, for me, when I see all the other mainstream media covering an event and Fox News nightly covering the Mar-a-Lago raid with the best coverage I've seen on Fox News like ever, That takes the pressure off, that's like a big pressure reliever that we don't have to show up and score the touchdown on that coverage because others are.
I mean every night on Fox News someone's calling to dismantle the FBI and it's just like, wow, talk about a pressure reliever.
It's good to see, you know, and I think like you've said, and I think most people will agree, I think you guys have been driving that and it's good to see it, you know.
Dripping over to the other news outlets.
And well, whether we're driving it or not, people are catching up.
We'll put it that way.
So I've got a quick thing here.
So, you know, I mean, I've been watching economy type stuff for 30 years and 30 plus years.
And the what there's always a theme to this stuff, right?
There's always a money and then there's a cover up.
It's always a case.
We could go back to Jekyll Island.
We could, you know, we could go through all that stuff.
Which you guys have covered through time very well.
I think we're in the same thing here, right?
I don't know how good this scam is, right?
The Novol Ferrari and, you know, these... What do you guys say they have all this stuff?
I'm not convinced they have it all.
Sometimes I think they use that to sell to their corporate buddies, that they've got it all under control, get on board with us, you know, that kind of stuff.
Well, it's like, have you ever seen, um...
Well, okay, or let's use the Bugs Life analogy with the grasshoppers.
They have the illusion of control, but as soon as the people decide to stand up for themselves, their control is gone.
I think that's great.
Here's the thing, though, is I don't think that we, right, as the other side, right, as people, you know, if we look at any war through history, right, we always had the ability to win it if we just could get together.
You know, if we could just unite, right, they have no chance.
But what I don't think we're doing, right, I'm not doing, you guys aren't doing, is we're not, like, calling people out.
Like, who are they, right?
You know, is it, is it, you know, um...
I mean, we threw out the names, Bill, you know, Bill Gates and these other guys.
Well, here's been the problem over the years, Craig, and I think that we, I mean, we talk about Klaus Schwab, you just called in about Harari, you just mentioned Bill Gates.
I mean, we obviously know who's corrupt in our government now.
COVID really removed the veil of a lot of, I would say COVID and Trump removed the veil of a lot of deep state operations and a lot of deep state operatives.
They have Peter Stroke going on MSNBC over the weekend talking about the integrity of the FBI.
Peter Stroke, like that's his real name.
And so, I mean, I think we are starting to realize who the bad guys are.
I mean, there's obviously going to be the men in the shadows, but I think we do know who's pulling the strings.
I think we do know about the World Economic Forum.
I think we do know about the Bilderberg Group.
I mean, Klaus Schwab and these people come out and say we need to be prepared for an angry world, and now we're seeing it.
We're seeing uprisings all across the planet.
We're so good here in the U.S., we've got it so good off that we haven't had to have violent uprisings because people are so starved out with no hope for the future.
But a lot of countries around the world are at that breaking point.
And it's because they introduced the World Economic Forum green politics policies and now they have no energy, they have no gas, they have no coal, and they're just violent uprisings.
They're shutting down farmers, farmers are rising up all over too.
Craig, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Jonathan in Florida.
Jonathan, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hard to say that.
This is very scary what's happening here.
These satanists, these globalists, they're hiding behind trans people and green energy.
Because these are things that they can, if somebody goes against these things, it's very easy for them to call them a bigot, and it's very easy for them to say, oh, you just don't care about the planet.
So they have this sort of a virtue is sort of on their side, but not really.
Yeah, that's what they... I don't know if there's really a word for that phenomenon or propaganda, but it's the same thing they do with like, oh, we're Black Lives Matter.
Well, if you criticize that, you're racist.
Well, it has nothing to do with black people.
They just use black people as a mask, as a front.
It's like corporate blackface or political blackface to ram their agenda through without anybody stepping up to them.
They prop up an enemy and then hide behind The opposition to that propped up enemies.
So that is the psychology behind them.
And they also have the resentful people.
Just, you know, regular resentful people.
Because even Nazi Germany and Cuba and all these socialist agendas have all been propagated by resentment for rich people because most people, let's face it, are lazy and don't want to work.
So they also have the majority of people under their belt that fit into that category.
And I wish that you could get the average low-level communist to understand this.
All communism does is just increase the difference between the haves and the have-nots.
And so that's really what we're seeing more than anything right now, is just the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening.
And they don't care because they promise they think that anybody that has success or anything is this evil and they don't care.
A lot of it is sadistic.
They want to see America fall.
They want to see people suffer.
They love watching Trump go through this.
They love watching Alex Jones go through this.
They love torturing anybody that has any sense of God and truth in them.
Yeah, just look at how they...
Dance and parade around and celebrate like, like, uh, heathens when they tear down a statue of, you know, Thomas Jefferson or something.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Alright, thank you for the call.
Remember, they, they, they tore down that statue.
I forget where it was.
We can probably find the footage that toppled and it landed on a guy and busted his skull wide open.
I don't know if he survived that.
He was in a coma for like a year, I think.
I mean, you can see, like, the thing topples on his head and, like, a fragment of his skull is exposed.
That's like barbaric heathens in a deranged, psychotic, mass mental illness ritual.
It's like, oh my gosh, we're taking down this inanimate object because we're told to hate it.
It's been there for decades.
Oh, now we want to take it down.
And then they're all hopping up and down, and they get the statue down, and then... smashes a guy right in the head.
Like, you're out of control.
You are out of control.
Let's go to Flash in South Carolina.
Flash, yeah, there it is right there.
I think it was maybe in New Orleans?
I don't remember, but yeah.
They take it down, topples a guy, and I think it killed him.
And look, they all just kind of stand around like, oh my gosh, oh, what have we done?
What have we done?
Well, you're out of control.
You've had a psychotic break.
Flash, go ahead.
Oh, I didn't know if you could hear me.
No, sorry.
I kept talking over you.
Oh, I didn't know, man.
My phone, for some reason, it jumped to a different part of the show.
It was really strange.
The reason I'm calling in, it has to do with the censorship.
And until people have a way to communicate with each other and do it without being obstructed, this problem we're having is not going to end.
Now, for a good while, I've been working on something that I'm calling the Patriot Phone Book.
It can be for liberal or conservative.
It doesn't matter what your political views are.
It allows people to go in and they can leave email addresses.
They can grab email addresses from people from state by state where they're at.
And what this will allow them to do, this will allow them to form basically just little chapters with each other.
They're outside media, so in other words, they can't be shut off by YouTube or something like that.
Well, this is just so great to hear because, I mean, I get guests on about this.
So many Americans are hearing the call of Paul Revere now, and they're doing what you're doing.
They're building, you know, contact lists.
They're building different social media platforms, different payment processors.
They're organizing to make sure that we filter out rhino Democrat Republicans from the Republican primary.
So, they're getting involved.
They're getting on city councils and parent teachers boards People say Alex John's crazy. He's a conspiracy theory guys
a nutcase you got these rants and all that that.
What they miss is that this guy is ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I've got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out.
You're going to be underlying stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or InfoWarsTore.com.
Quadruple vaccinated Lloyd Austin has COVID for the second time this year.
If he catches it one more time, he'll be on pace with Joe Biden.
Or did Joe Biden have it four times or was it?
Does he still have it?
Do we know?
Nobody knows.
Where is Joe anyway?
Is he back from vacation yet or is he still out there biking around?
President M.I.A.
Missing in action.
We may need to have a silver alert.
We don't know where Joe Biden is.
And then every time Kamala Harris pops up out of nowhere, she has some ridiculous word mashup That she thinks is somehow so philosophical, and it's just like low IQ dribble, and she just stands up there.
She thinks she's a genius.
Meanwhile, the country is just falling apart, totally embarrassed.
We have a White House that doesn't even work.
Like, now's the time when you might need a leader to step up and maybe do something for you.
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris?
We don't know.
We don't know.
But hey!
We've got the Cabbage Patch Kid, Jean Pierre.
She'll go do a TV interview.
How about that?
Sure, she's not very bright, but you know, she's black and gay!
So, come on!
Gotta like that!
You gotta like that a lot!
Folks, I want to make Alex Jones sign 10,000 of these books right here.
Sorry, Alex.
But I want to do it to you.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Autographed copy.
Get yours right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
You can't get the official signed copy of Alex Jones' The Great Reset and the War for the World anywhere else.
Only at InfoWarsTore.com.
Let's make him sign 10,000 of those.
I want Alex Jones to have carpal tunnel syndrome.
How do you like that?
Alright, let's go back to the phone lines now.
We've got This can't be real.
Now I know I'm in the twilight zone.
Are you seeing this right here?
I've got John in Wisconsin twice on the board back-to-back.
But one just called in.
So if you're the John that hasn't been on hold that long, I'm going to the John that's been on hold for half an hour.
So John in Wisconsin, one of the two Johns in Wisconsin here.
Man, this is wild.
Alright, John in Wisconsin, one, go.
Hey, how you doing, man?
I don't know why I'm on there twice, but can you hear me?
Well, you're multidimensional today.
You're calling in from multiple dimensions.
I called a couple times and I hung up and got through.
So, stoked to be on the line here.
Long-time listener, big fan.
Today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about my theory on QAnon and how it's being used to silence free speech and how My interpretation of it, I followed it, but I wasn't a believer in it.
I just, I love analyzing conspiracy theories.
I think they're fascinating.
And so, uh, my ultimate conclusion on it was that it was actually a left-wing LARP.
And I don't know if you remember the Q-ism was, was it all for a LARP?
And yeah, I think it was.
It was a left-wing LARP and that's where the deception lies.
So, um, when you say left-wing LARP, I mean, You think it was a Democrat or a Liberal running it as a joke?
I'm running it by you, but that's what I've come to believe.
Well, I don't think, here's what, I don't know what the true origins originally of QAnon were, and there were people that are pretty big in media, I won't name names, but they're very influential and big followings in media, that when Q first started they told me how they knew Q, and they knew Q was the real deal, and so I don't know if they were lying to me, or maybe there was some good people that were Q, but at the end of the day, Q was, I believe, a probably FBI or something running Q at the end of the day.
They commandeered it if it was ever legitimate, they took it over, and then it was a total psy-op used to set people up on January 6th.
Oh, 100%, 100%.
So, that's, I mean, that's what I wanted to say, is that I believe that it was actually created as a controlled opposition.
Because why are they not, and here's the proof right here.
The proof is in the pudding, as they say.
How come the January 6th committee Or the FBI, or anybody talking about January 6th, how come not a single one of them has brought up QAnon now?
They brought up QAnon all the time leading up to the election.
They would say, QAnon this, QAnon that.
Now that they're doing their investigations into January 6th, they won't even mention QAnon.
That's clearly the giveaway right there.
Lloyd Austin III.
Hi, I am Lloyd Austin III.
The Secretary of Defense.
I have taken four COVID vaccines.
That's four more than you.
So I'm obviously better than you.
I have four COVID vaccines.
Say the line.
Say the line.
I have tested positive for COVID-19, but because of my vaccination status, I am only suffering from low to mild symptoms.
If I hadn't gotten my four injections, certainly right now I would be dead.
Like everyone we said would be dead that didn't take the vaccine.
But now everyone that takes the vaccine is getting sick.
Of course, the CDC just admitted that COVID is basically the flu.
We still gotta have a press release statement.
He's got COVID.
Alright, he's sick.
Have a cup of chicken soup.
Take a rest.
You'll be fine.
But hey, that vaccine, guys.
That vaccine.
Hey, you know, they were giving away free vaccines this weekend.
I was tempted to get nine.
Because if it's free, give me three.
No, I'm serious.
I mean, this is a historic moment in my life right here, actually.
This is me at an MLS soccer game.
And I just, I was so inspired that I had to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
And they were so bored.
They had so many vaccines and no one to take.
I just kept showing up.
It just kept jacking right into my vein and hitting me with that magical sauce.
The next thing you know, I'm like seizing on the field, like... And I said, hey, whoa, calm down, guys.
I'm just having a vaccine reaction.
Totally normal.
Free vaccine at the soccer game.
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry.
It's just...
You just, you have to laugh, it's just so ridiculous.
It's just so ridiculous.
And ironically enough, as I'm standing there, and I'm having my picture taken in front of the free COVID-19 vaccine tent, I mean, this is a historic moment, folks.
Not every day you get a free mRNA injection.
And I got 10 of them in one shot.
But I'm sitting there making fun of this thing, and a lady walks by, And she's like, oh, she's like, yeah, the vaccine is stupid or whatever.
She's like, oh, I had to get the vaccine to travel internationally, and I was so sick I couldn't travel.
Hey, but thank God you got that vaccine, Lloyd Austin, because I guess you'd be like us unvaccinated people, dead.
I'm dead, according to them.
I never got the vaccine, and they said I'd be dead by now.
Amazing stuff.
Alright, let's go back to the phone lines here.
Folks, remember, get your autographed copy of Alex Jones' new book, The Great Reset and The War for the World.
Get your signed copy right now.
exclusively at Infowarsstore.com.
And then go to your local MLS game and get a free COVID vaccine,
or get three of 'em, or 10 of 'em, or bring five different shirts,
you know, show up in a different outfit every time, maybe bring on your glasses, take 'em on, take 'em off.
And then you get 10 free vaccines in one game.
That's what it's all about, folks.
That's what it's all about.
All right, let's go back to the phone lines here.
We've got Danny in New York.
Danny, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
I am a retired deputy sheriff in Rochester, New York, which is one of the most dangerous cities
in the country to live in.
In about two weeks, we got the final countdown.
Our governor has made virtually every area that you can go into a quote-unquote sensitive area.
That means you can't carry a firearm into any of those areas.
And of course those are the most dangerous areas in New York with probably the highest rate of gun crime.
Not only gun crime, carjackings are spiked in Rochester right now.
It's bad.
My friend's daughter just got carjacked.
And, you know, there's shootings every single night.
You know, it's just, it's out of hand.
And, you know, you figure after 25 plus years of working as a deputy sheriff, that there'd be at least, and I don't want to say we're categorized as anything special.
We shouldn't be treating anything different than anybody else, but not even myself.
Is it only police officers that can carry that in those zones?
Well, from my idea, they're exempt as an LEO or peace officers, but retired peace officers, as of right now, peace or police officers, are not included in the exemption list.
I mean that is just crazy!
That is just insane!
Like why?
I mean just think about the common sense of it.
Why would you tell criminals you're disarmed?
Like what?
It's mind-boggling!
The complete illogic of it!
I'm sure you heard some of the rules associated with these restrictions that she's laid down, especially with businesses, that they have to post a sign on their window that says, we allow guns inside here, it's okay to come in.
I mean, this is like a comedy skit.
They're supposed to be concealed, brother.
Here, guys, pull up, you said this was in Rochester.
Guys, pull up a map of the New York boroughs or whatever.
Because, I mean, this is, honestly, this is a comedy skit.
Because it's like, okay, alright everyone.
Uh, this part of the map, it's like I'm the governor, this part of the map, right here, no one has a gun!
Right here, at this part!
You're not allowed to have a gun!
So if there's any criminals listening, don't go here!
This is not where you want to go!
There are no guns allowed here!
No citizens can have a gun either, and we're no exception to the rule, and we're gonna defund the police and disarm the police, and they don't go there either.
Yes, right here guys, see?
No guns allowed!
So if you're a criminal listening, right here, you see this?
You are not allowed to have a gun there.
So all law-abiding citizens will be disarmed, alright?
So if you're a criminal, do not go to this part of the map!
There are no guns here allowed!
Don't go here!
Oh, I wonder what the reaction to that's gonna be, Danny?
Well, let me tell you something.
Another thing just happened just a few days ago.
They made an announcement that no active law enforcement officers are allowed to carry at the New York State Fair whatsoever.
Oh, okay, so the skit continues.
So the skit continues.
Not only are there no guns in this exact specific area, We will not have any armed police officers there ever!
So there you go.
We've done it.
We defeated crime.
No, you just did the exact opposite.
Not even Snake Plissken can bust us out of New York at this time.
It's bad.
That is insane, Danny.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's go to Paul in Florida.
Paul, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey guys, I can't believe what's going on right now.
I just can't even believe that people don't believe it.
That's what blows me away the most is the damn Stockholm Syndrome we got going on.
Well, I think you've got that, but the one caller said earlier, I mean, liberals like wild, far-left, radical liberals that are just fully in on this abortion death cult, vaccine death cult, like all of it.
The world's going to end in five-year death cult.
They like it.
I mean, they like seeing their opposition being tortured.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
It's massive brainwashing on a scale you've never even seen.
And I mean, Alex has been talking about it forever that I can't wait to get the great reset, the book.
But I'm telling you, man, it's just incredible the way people can look right at the increases in death.
The poison in the vaccine?
The censorship?
The FBI?
It's all about the victim economy, and they say trans kids and LGBTQ youth have the highest suicide rates.
And it's like, you did that to them!
Like, you're victimizing them because they're committing suicide.
You're the one that did that to them!
I mean, you have to admit it's a mental condition, you know?
I mean, you're talking transsexual Gay, I mean, it's a mental condition, and they've been put in that condition on purpose.
Yeah, it's like, I mean, you know, because you've got to be honest with doctors and stuff, or, you know, so if they ask you, you know, do you have a history of mental illness in your family, you say, well, I mean, yeah, I have an aunt that's a liberal, but, you know, that's maybe another aunt that's a liberal too, but other than that, not really.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Don't forget to get your signed copy Your signed copy of The Great Reset and The War for the World by Alex Jones, exclusively at InfoWarsStore.com.
Get your signed copy today.
We will continue to take phone calls here on The Alex Jones Show.
Owen Shroyer sitting in for Alex today.
Stephanie is on the line in Houston.
Stephanie, you're on The Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi, can you hear me?
Okay, I know I'm not annoying when people say that.
Okay, I made note so that I won't take up your time.
I wanted to say that for years now I've listened to y'all, and when I try to listen to other podcasts or friends share other podcasts, they're rehashing information and research that y'all put out probably weeks or months earlier.
So, that's a source of... It really bothers me.
I know y'all are probably aware of that.
I just wish people would understand that a lot of people are just strictly sharing your research.
So, that's one thing.
Deborah Tavares is the only other person, researcher, who has shared Anywhere close to the same degree of information that y'all share and does the same amount of research.
And I've always wondered why she has never been on your show.
She's with Stop the Crime.
What was the name again?
Something Tavares?
Yeah, Deborah Tavares is amazing and between her and your information, you've changed my life because.
She's amazing, like Alex, as far as reading and researching and parceling out the information so that people can understand about, let's just say, Water wars, food, all the things that are going on now, her and Alex were talking about four years ago, five years ago.
So for me, I want to say that InfoWars has influenced my life tremendously.
To look at me, nobody would be able to tell that I bought a farm.
I'm having my well that's being finished this week.
I learned More than I ever cared to about abortion.
I think abortion education is very, very important and Alex, you know, he gets graphic with it and he forces you to have to go, like, what is this man talking about?
Well, we have the technology to see the life inside of the womb now and so there's no denying that that's a life, that's a human in there.
You know, and I can't believe when I have conversations with people about it.
I wrote a song about right to life, and when people try to ask why I care so much, well, my God, have you done any research at all?
And when I tell them about partial birth abortions and beg them to look at videos like Justice for the Five or whatnot, they think that's just a rarity.
They don't understand we're murdering human beings.
And the other thing I wanted to ask you is, you mentioned earlier the World Economic Forum, and Governor Abbott is one of their students, as is, obviously, Dan Crenshaw.
What say you?
Well, Abbott is essentially the lesser of the evils that can run the state of Texas right now, and he's certainly better than Robert Francis O'Rourke, who wants to take our firearms, and God knows what else that whack job would do.
You know, Tulsi Gabbard is also in the World Economic Forum class, too.
So, you know, I think that just because they brought you in and tried to train you and indoctrinate you into all these things as young leaders, Maybe they don't all totally sell out and that's why you
don't really see the Greg Abbott's and the Tulsi Gabbard's really showing up or showing out
any World Economic Forum policies or at any of their events and not really getting lifted up
by the establishment.
Whereas someone like Dan Crenshaw I think wants to cater to those people a little bit
more and then you just have the total sell out operatives like Trudeau and Arden in New
Zealand and so many others.
But yes I'm not the biggest advocate of Greg Abbott but compared to O'Rourke
I mean there's it's it's kind of just light and day unfortunately Abbott at least screws us with a smile on his face.
I mean he looks like a genuinely Decent human being and that's what that's what throws me off.
I mean all things considered I mean again It's like I shouldn't have to beg a governor to keep our state open because some people get sick but I mean he did for the most part keep Texas more open than most places and I mean, he at least talks about the border security.
He doesn't do enough.
But no, I mean, Abbott is, yeah, Abbott's a squish Republican, needs to do more for Texas.
Stephanie, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Roy in Florida, where the best governor is in charge, DeSantis.
Roy, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, I was thinking that, you know, Florida seems kind of like a last stand kind of state, you know, in my opinion.
You know, I thought it would be cool if, like, InfoWars was, like, able to expand, you know, into Florida.
Not, you know, not that I know whether or not that's possible, but You know, it would be kind of cool if we did have, like, an InfoWars satellite in Florida.
Well, yeah, I mean, we've kind of had operations in Europe before, but if you've noticed, we've kind of had to scale some things back just to keep our transmissions going on air here, and that was kind of the agenda, is to let's just keep the live transmissions going.
We've got more people tuning in than ever before, and we don't really get on the road as much or expand as much, so it's hard to expand right now when they're trying to shut us down.
Yeah, I realize that that's an ongoing process.
I'd like to plug for InfoWars real quick, though, because I've had a lot of stuff that I've got from InfoWars.
I've got the Alexa Pure Water Filter.
I've had VasoBeat, Survival Shield X2, Super Silver Immune Support, Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Knockout, Bone Broth, Vitamin Mineral Fusion, and we're now, me and my wife, are currently trying the new Diet Force, and we like that.
Seems to be Well, you've tried just about it all.
Yeah, there's probably more things I've tried.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Well, we appreciate your support.
It's just the products that I've tried so far have been way better, and I have tried in comparison to store-bought products, and there's just no comparison.
They're just from what I've tried, and I feel like I'm definitely getting my money's worth when I buy InfoWars store products.
Well, that's what Alex did.
I mean, some of the stuff we have is the top selling products at, let's say, a Whole Foods that we just private label.
Other stuff is totally proprietary.
But that's what Alex does is he goes out, he gets the best ingredients, makes the best supplement and tries to sell it at the lowest price.
I mean, that's just...
And because of that we have small margins and so yeah we don't have a billion dollars like these lawyers claim in
the case like we're worth billions of dollars.
The margins on the supplements, most supplement companies have huge margins because they put a little amount of
product in there and sell it for high.
We do the opposite.
We have the most product in there and sell it as low as we possibly can and usually offer it on sale too.
So our margins are thin, but they say, oh, you've got a billion, they're worth a billion dollars, they have a supplement company.
Well, okay, if a supplement company works to make a profit and they have big margins, then yes, a supplement company does well.
We have a supplement company to fund a news operation.
So it's like, the supplement company isn't just making money, the supplement company makes money to fund the news operation.
And the margins are obviously small.
But you know what?
With the audience's support, like Roy in Florida, and the audience's prayers and spreading of the links...
I believe we're going to get through this next trial, this next challenge, this next tribulation and continue to be on air into the future.
And hopefully continuing to bring you great products at Infowarsstore.com.
We're continuing to take your calls ahead of Bob Barnes joining me in the third hour And I am going to be doing news coverage today on The War Room.
That's when I'm going to do all the news coverage.
But we continue to take your calls and promote the new book, The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Get your signed copy.
Get your signed copy exclusively at InfoWarStore.com.
We go back to the phone lines now.
Matt in Colorado is up next.
Matt, you're on The Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Owen, the Cuck Destroyer, how are ya?
Pretty good, Matt.
In talking about the Global Homo, Monty Python walking Monty Python shit, Sam Britton.
Boy, that guy's a walking clown show, man.
But I mainly called, I wanted to plug to you guys.
I've had your Survival Shield X2, love your Vitamin Mineral Fusion, the BioPro RV, I just got that for my brand new RV.
That works really well.
Lung Cleanse helped save my life.
I'm a smoker.
It really helped clear up my lungs.
Did you quit smoking or you're saying it helps you while you're still smoking?
Oh, it helps me.
Well, I still smoke, unfortunately.
No, I gotta say lung cleanse.
I don't know if we have it.
I think, I hope we have it in stock right now.
If ever I have like a scratchy throat or something and I need to go host a show, I just hit the lung cleanse on the back of my throat.
Man, it soothes it.
It's awesome.
Oh, it's great.
It's absolutely great.
And I also use the American Tax Solutions to help me with my taxes, and they got me all set up with an LLC account.
Well, brother, it's supporters like you that keep us on the air.
Also, Volta.
I just got my Volta wireless phone.
I hope they can work out some of the bugs, but it's a great device.
It works real well.
I've been trying to reach you guys for a long time.
I got in touch with these folks called EMP Shield.
With all the situation going on with concern about nuclear war, EMP attacks, whatever.
I really think you guys ought to check those guys out.
They really want to be a sponsor to you guys.
I think I've heard them sponsor other talk radio shows before too.
Is that the same company that's done talk radio marketing before?
Well, yeah.
Why don't we guys take down a note.
What was the name of the company?
EMP Shield.
EMP Shield.
Guys, why don't we take down a note.
EMP Shield back there.
And maybe we'll see if we can get them on.
I got two devices for my RV.
One for the engine, one for the vital system.
It's real easy to install.
It's really good.
They're out of Burlington, Kansas.
You hate to think about the worst happening, but you're going to be set on that deal.
Prepare for the best, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, right?
Yep, that's it.
Also, my father passed away a couple months back, and I was playing caregiver, trying to take care of my father, keep him out of the nursing home, and when he passed away, I got talking to the funeral director, and he agreed with what you guys are saying, the deaths are up.
Oh, there's no doubt.
I mean, insurance companies are reporting a mass spike in deaths, and it's odd because, I mean, what you're going to see is, you can take a five-year sample, let's say, and maybe the best would be 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and you're going to see that 18, 19, 20 pretty much had the exact same death rate, and you're going to see that 2021 and 2022 had an increase of a death rate of at least probably 1%.
1% is a mass, a huge increase.
Usually the difference is like 0.2% in any given year.
1% would be a huge increase, and I think that's what the numbers are going to bear out when you take a five-year sample when it's all said and done.
But yeah, funeral directors are calling it out, insurance agencies are calling it out, morticians are calling it out.
It's just, it's so obvious at this point.
And most people, sadly, even the ones that got the vaccine, now know that they were sold a bill of goods, and it's not only not safe or effective, but the likelihood of you having a side effect are pretty high.
Matt, thanks for the call.
We go to Canada now, first time in Canada today, to Jerry.
Jerry, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
I watch your show.
I used to watch it on Rumble.
And I was watching you yesterday, and I had the live chat going, and there was a couple of jokers there, cutting you up, high-fiving each other.
They must have known each other.
So anyway, I made a comment.
I didn't talk to them.
I didn't get provoked by their obviously trying to provoke.
I just typed something against pedophiles.
It was like, all pedophiles should be hung.
That's it.
And, oh, actually, I say maybe all pedophiles should be, uh, skinned alive.
And, uh, not ten minutes later, I got deactivated.
Actually deactivated.
Not even, not even reprimanded.
I can't even go back.
My account is gone.
Was this on Rumbler?
Maybe, maybe because I called myself Trump and a number one, but I think it's because you were actually talking about how something is happening.
When this happens, something's going on right now behind the scenes.
And I believe that people On your live chat.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you talking about on Rumble?
Yeah, on Rumble.
I used to be on Rumble as of yesterday.
Yeah, as of yesterday, after I made that comment.
I don't believe we have any moderators there.
I think that those are Rumble moderators.
I could be wrong.
Yes, yes, yes.
Like, it's so true that on Rumble, they're watching you so closely there.
I made a comment and I got deactivated from Rumble.
Well, I'm not surprised they'd be watching us closely.
My guess is, though, and I don't know how the process works, so I'm having to take a guess, but my guess is, because this is how it usually works, is whoever those individuals were that didn't like your comment, they probably reported you for abuse, and there's probably no real back-check of that, just if they see multiple reports, they probably just file it instead of actually looking into it, and that's probably why your account got silenced or whatever.
But anyway, I'd like to also, now that I've got it back in there, In 2015, I was a blind person.
I listened to the news.
I'm up here in Canada.
The news saying, oh, Hillary's the best.
Trump's not going to win.
I sort of believed it.
And my whole life, I didn't even know about InfoWars.
But then when Trump got in, and he started doing good things, and everybody turned against him, that's when my eyes opened up.
That's when something happened to me, and that's when I found InfoWars.
Well, it was so obvious.
I mean, it's like when all the corrupt people, the career politicians, the lying media, all of them, when they all team up against one man, I mean, it couldn't be more obvious.
That's what actually opened my eyes.
I mean, if you had to say moment, I mean, that was the moment.
And now it's just been amplified with the raid on Mar-a-Lago.
And also I noticed a little bit, like I'm watching TV now, they got this Relaxium coming out, and they got all of these things that you guys actually sell.
Why don't you, like, why aren't you advertising on TV?
Well, they wouldn't let us advertise on the TV.
The Relaxium is ripping off your knockout.
You know what I'm saying?
You know, that's so funny you say that, Jerry.
I noticed that, and it's not just, whatever, I guess it's a sleep aid you're talking about.
They have tried, they have tried to And hey, it's fine.
We make great products.
I don't blame them.
I don't blame them for stealing our ingredients.
But yes, it's specifically at conservative cable news networks.
And they will basically rip off a product of ours that either is proprietary or just something we private label.
And I remember specifically the one that we have that is proprietary or that we kind of really popularized is DNA Force and DNA Force Plus.
And I forget all the ingredients off the top of my head, but it's known to help the telomeres on your DNA, and that's good for the aging process, and it has so many great ingredients, and it's a very elite supplement.
It's probably the flagship, most expensive supplement we have here.
And I remember a couple years ago, someone tried to recreate DNA Force, and they were selling it, the same concept, same idea, same ingredients.
With the CoQ10 and everything.
And they were selling it for $500 a bottle.
And they were marketing on conservative cable news networks.
Well, it didn't last.
I don't know if people didn't buy it, or if it was too expensive, or they didn't like it.
But DNA Force Plus always sells out.
So, it's sold out right now.
But yeah, they try to steal our product ideas too, because they're the best.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owens-Royer sitting in for Alex today.
Remember to get your signed copy of Alex's new book exclusively at Infowarsstore.com.
You can get your signed copy today.
The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Autographed copies are available exclusively at Infowarsstore.com.
We continue to take your phone calls.
We go to that other mystical John in Wisconsin now.
Finally, the board has come back around to John in Wisconsin.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'm just curious about Trump.
He said that the vaccine was one of the greatest achievements of mankind, and the people in the hospital are those that don't take it.
So is he a con man or an idiot?
You know, I think you might even be fair to say both in that regard, because I think he is obviously conning people when he says that the vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccine was good, but here's what I think his logic is, which is a flawed logic, but this is what I believe his logic is.
The whole reason we were able to get the economy back open and everything was because of the vaccines, and the pandemic was stopped because of the vaccines.
Now obviously, both of those conclusions are wrong, so he is just straight up wrong, but
if he's consciously lying about that, then yeah he's a con man. Or
if he just doesn't know any better, then you could say he's just he's wrong on
that or your words an idiot. No, on the vaccine subject on that issue, Trump
completely blew it and it was such a letdown because we know he'd been skeptical of
in the past and maybe thought family members of his were injured by vaccines.
So for him to just completely screw us on that vaccine deal was really a big letdown.
Yeah, it is kind of interesting because he can't be real enough about it, which makes
me curious about him.
Why can't he just be straight up open about the vaccine?
Well, I think again...
You gotta understand, nobody's gonna be perfect.
Nobody's gonna be perfect.
Trump can mismeasure things and make mistakes.
And keep in mind that there's probably people in his ear telling him things about these vaccines and telling him about the results that he doesn't even know what's actually going on.
But it was odd the last time he had a rally and mentioned the vaccines, he got booed.
And I don't think he's said anything about them since.
So I think he got the message to at least pipe down on the vaccines after getting booed at a rally months ago.
This wasn't long ago.
It was on an interview with Candace Owens.
I'm just curious and skeptical about the guy.
Sure, absolutely.
Be skeptical.
That's all I got.
I just wanted to hear your opinion and your thoughts.
I just chalk it up to there's never going to be a politician that agrees with everything.
I think he's getting bad information on the subject and part of him might kind of even be a little ashamed, a little embarrassed.
And he doesn't want to admit he was wrong about the vaccines and he promoted something that ended up being a bad product.
But to me, I think the good outweighs the bad with Trump in that regard.
And that's why I'm not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater at this point.
And I think after the raid at Mar-a-Lago, certainly that put a lot of wind into his sails to run again.
And I think a lot of people will get behind him after the raid as well.
All right, let's go to Chris in Michigan.
Chris, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Chris going once, twice, and missing like Joe Biden.
Let's go to Jacob in Texas.
Jacob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, and first thing I'd like to say, I apologize for everything just before God.
Now, on to the next thing though, I would like to say, and this is, I apologize first and foremost because I was once Um, in the group that controlled the CIA and under, uh, what was Operation Sea Jaw, spiritual and international justice and warfare.
Um, and so with that being said, I really, um, I really have a lot to expound in this moment, but that, that, that is, um, illuminating and eye-opening for the public, but essentially what's happening in the grand scheme of things is that Lucifer and Satan come to appear before These politicians, and they offered them a choice of wealth and power, and this is literally hallucinations.
I've hallucinated Lucifer and Satan before, and I called upon the name of God, and he saved me, and I said, I leave my decision to God, and so God chose for me instead that I would be fallen victim to Satan and Lucifer instead of one of their accomplices.
So, so, I just want to know, have you heard anything regarding that fact that, that these politicians literally hallucinate Lucifer and Satan and they, um, um, they're, they're giving this wealth and power because spiritual warfare is such a, and this is the subject I worked under in the CIA, is, um, is, um, just spiritual warfare in general because you know how science is intertwined with the spiritual realm.
There's no, there's no denial with this fact that, Every single action we take is a test for order or disorder.
So with that being said, no matter what you do in this realm, Satan and Lucifer are charged
by God to deceive humanity.
I just wanted to know how far you've known about this fact.
Well, that's kind of a complex and heavy question.
As far as what politicians engage in what rituals, I obviously don't know all the details there.
It's no secret that the CIA and the government has been working with mind control programs and using hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and other things in that process.
I think in the modern day, The drug of choice, at least for kind of the cultural ritualistic ceremonies, is DMT.
They don't really like the ayahuasca.
That's more of a spiritual thing and kind of farther out there, but the DMT is kind of a quick hit.
You can get in and out and you can kind of control the experience a little bit more.
So I know that that type of stuff goes down.
We have declassified documents about what they were doing with LSD and others to people and brain controlling them.
But as far as what politicians or people are doing with the hallucinogenic, you know, satanic rituals, I mean, I don't know the facts, as you say, behind all of that.
I wouldn't be surprised if that's going down behind the scenes.
In fact, it would probably make more sense than assuming that these people are just that stupid or that big of liars, is that they're all in some sort of weird satanic cult where they do these rituals.
But there's no doubt There is no doubt that there's a group of elite that engage in rituals and they don't believe what they're seeing is a hallucination.
They believe it's actually there and through the shared experience They've landed on the conclusion that it's real.
So they're actually communicating with Satan or these other little demons.
Let's jump to another phone call here, though, before we get too off the rails.
Let's go to Keith in Virginia.
Keith, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen, I got a good omen, maybe, from a local election here in Chesterfield County.
We had a Republican primary over the weekend on Saturday with a very limited voting time from 10 to 2.
And the only person you really hear about running is the establishment Republican candidate
that's endorsed by all the sort of rhinos that we don't like.
So I go up there and vote, and I find out, "Oh, this is a primary."
I'm like, "Well, who's running?"
And then I find out, "Oh, there's this other lady named Jen McNinch who's running against
the Tara Carroll establishment person."
And I go talk to her, and I'm finding out, "Oh, my gosh.
I'm voting for a lady I'd never heard of before I got here."
And I thought, I talked to her a little bit outside the polling place and I said, boy, I didn't even know you were on the ballot.
It's probably a long shot, but you know, if you don't win this time, hang in there.
And lo and behold, she overwhelmingly won with a 12% margin.
So I'm kind of thinking, hey, if this is a microcosm omen for the rest of the country, Maybe we'll have some victories.
Well, it's a lot easier to have those victories in smaller counties.
I mean, I'm guessing Chesterfield County is not too big.
No, it's big.
It's one of the largest in the state.
And she was still able to pull it off.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it's huge.
Well, there's no doubt there is a, there is I don't know what you want to call it.
There's a challenge inside of the Republican Party from outsiders, non-establishment Republicans, and you can see the Republican establishment pushing its choice for candidates in the primaries, and then you can see the more Trump-supporting, America First-type candidates kind of going head-to-head with the Republican establishment.
Some of them having victories, some of them getting railroaded.
But yeah, that's definitely a phenomenon happening in the Republican Party right now.
Not happening in Democrat Party elections.
Those are mostly going uncontested, actually.
It's funny, too, you should say that because everybody was so happy there and all.
You come to find out, you know, they're all Republicans.
Hey, man.
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and pray for the children and pray for free speech and justice to win.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Now spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic, historic battle.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And yeah, the great reset is here, man.
It's been reset and they sucked the joy out of life.
I mean, can you imagine this crap?
If you don't get vaxxed, if you don't wear a mask, if you don't social distance, if you don't stand behind a plexiglass divider, if you don't put your mask on in an airplane after you eat and drink, If you don't support our wars, you're not a good American.
And make sure you pay your taxes.
Because now the tax deal, you just saw what happened.
You had a big step.
Private equity groups, hedge funds.
Yeah, they don't have to pay what we the little people of Slavelandia pay.
Great resets already happened.
And we got to reset the reset.
We have to bring America, you know, to a renaissance.
You know, as I say, you know, you look at American music, you know, from ragtime to swing.
Think about it.
The happiest, hottest music that America ever knew.
Swing time.
During the Great Depression.
Lifting the people's spirits up.
Grab your coat and take your hat.
Leave your worries by the doorstep.
Life could be so sweet.
On the sunny side of John Street, where I am.
No, no, no, now it's one bad rap.
From Motown to No Town.
The style, the dress.
Oh, and I'm wearing an American shirt, by the way.
Yep, red, white, and blue.
And that's what I'm doing.
I'm fighting for America.
I didn't have a big rally over here with several hundred people and have Judge Napolitano, Scott Ritter, Gary Noe, Bill Giraldi here in the hot damn band playing.
I didn't do it for Gerald Cilente.
What I'm doing, I'm doing for America.
And so is InfoWars.
You will get vaccinated.
You will wear a mask.
You will stand six feet apart.
You will put on your mask when you're not eating and drinking in an airplane.
When you walk into a restaurant, you will put a mask on.
But when you sit down, you can take it off.
You must socially distance.
I am closing down your business.
I'm a little arrogant Andy Cuomo.
I'm a little Gutzon Gavin Newsom.
I'm Witless Whitmer.
I'm little Dwine over there in Ohio.
I'm one piece of crap after another.
And we will take you to war.
And you will pay your taxes.
I am in charge.
This is no longer the United States of America.
It's Heil Hitler and salute Stalin.
The attitude in America today, and this is why you need this great reset, is that if you don't swallow the crap that I swallow, I eat crap food.
I listen to crap music.
I believe craphead politicians.
I obey craphead authorities.
And I hate you for not swallowing and following their crap.
Do you believe this has happened in this country?
I'm a lucky man.
Glad I'm an old cat.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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To help build your body, your brain in so many different ways.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
You know, it's a riot.
It's so stupid.
It's a joke.
That guy Barola, the drug dealer, excuse me, the head of Pfizer.
He got the virus, right?
You know, how come they don't run these ads for the vaccination?
On the Cartoon News Network, CNN, and all the other mainstream media.
By the way, that was only allowed in 1967.
Slimeball, low-life, arrogant little boy, Bill Clinton, allowed them to advertise on TV.
The drug dealers.
I mean, Big Pharma.
Big Pharma, huh?
How come they don't run these ads?
Because then they'd have to put, you know, the 60 seconds or the 30 seconds of how this thing is going to mess you up.
I mean, you look at these ads, how can you be so stupid to take?
There's not one allotropic drug on the market that cures a chronic degenerative disease.
You know, and I would also like to find an investigator Remember that woman, I think it was down in Arkansas or Alabama when they first started promoting the COVID jab and she was a nurse and she comes out and says she just got the thing and down she goes.
It was like one after another.
I wonder what happened to her.
I wonder what happened to her.
But that's the society.
So this clown boy, arrogant boy, I think he made, I forget how many millions of dollars he made last year from Pfizer.
By the way, in our Trends Journal each week, we have bigs getting bigger.
Last week, Pfizer bought up another company.
That's the one.
That's the woman.
What happened to her?
Look at that.
Look at that.
And people still took this thing.
I mean, look at this.
Right in front of our eyes.
Oh, and she's wearing that useless mask, too.
Could you imagine, I mean, falling like that?
I wonder what happened to her.
They say she went back to work, but has anybody been in contact with her?
And it's one after another this has happened.
But yet people kept taking this thing.
So now this arrogant clown boy, Barola, I would like to let you know that I've tested positive For COVID-19.
I'm thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
And I'm feeling well, while experiencing very mild symptoms.
I'm isolating.
I've started a course on Paxlovid.
This arrogant guy.
This arrogant, arrogant boy.
Who are you talking to, fat mouth?
Who are you talking to?
And everybody out there that tells me to lower my voice, get this in your head!
Junior, when you're in a fight, you don't say, oh please, don't hit me.
You're not being nice.
How about all the people America's murdered in all these wars in Iraq.
How about the massacre of Afghanistan?
That cost us trillions of dollars.
Killed millions of people in these wars.
Don't raise your voice, Solenti!
Just pull the trigger quietly and blow their brains out.
And if you show them doing it, we'll lock you up like we did to Osama.
There's no time to lower your voice.
You're in the fight for your life.
Who is this clown to talk to me like this?
Who is this little Barola boy to talk to me and say, I am thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
A freak face!
I got no shots!
I got no boosters!
And I got no COVID!
This is propaganda!
This is terrible!
This is not American!
Heil Hitler!
Salute to Stalin!
Bend over!
That's right!
Bend over!
Be a coward!
And don't forget to vote!
Don't forget to vote!
I'm voting repulsive, kid!
I'm voting double crap!
I'm really stupid!
I believe the crap that they throw out, and I swallow it!
And we can't stand Solenti!
An American patriot that won't swallow crap.
Don't take faxes, don't eat crap.
Don't listen to crap.
Try to get in the best shape I can.
Keep learning.
And that's why you need Infowars.
And you need these products.
And you also need the Trends Journal, TrendsJournal.com.
Because it's a freak show!
You got this guy clown again, Fauci, shooting off his fat mouth about wearing masks.
Now everybody has to wear one.
That's it.
Trends Journal guy, that's all folks.
Anthony Frieda, what an artist he is.
These covers are New Yorker covers for the 21st century.
Again, people swallow the baloney.
You saw, I said this in the beginning.
You ask people where you want to support Ukraine?
Find Ukraine on the map.
You want to support Taiwan?
Find Taiwan on the map.
Only one in three U.S.
voters can locate Ukraine or Taiwan or Ukraine.
Polls just came out.
You can't find a damn place on the map.
And now we spent almost $60 billion.
Sixty billion dollars of our money to keep blooding the killing fields and enrich the military-industrial complex over there in Ukraine.
And not a peep about peace.
Hey, where are the Mormons?
You got a lot?
Hey, all you Episcopalians.
How about the Catholics?
I gotta hand it to the Pope.
The Pope said there's no good guys and bad guys in this, but they blackballed that out.
Oh, I can't say blackballed.
I gotta be gender-balled.
Gender-balled out.
We're all the religions.
We're the Jews.
We're all the religions.
Why isn't anybody coming out for peace rather than ramping up war?
What's going on?
I'll tell you what's going on.
If you support war, to me, you're satanic.
If you support peace, you're on the side of God.
And that's the side that I'm on.
Save your garbage if you don't like my attitude.
I'm a man.
Monopoly Donald, born in the Bronx, born to be free.
At a time when there was freedom.
We're gonna be right back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, hey, hey!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars.
And again, they have a great crew there.
They're doing everything they can To keep the American spirit alive.
I'm a man for America.
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So get this book and do what you can to support InfoWars.
They're going to do They're going to, they're going to, I'm wondering when the FBI is going to come after me.
And what do you, they got nothing on me.
What do you do?
Take it easy.
It's just, I mean, it's what's happened to this country.
And I think of once upon a time, it was the land of opportunity.
I mean, we don't want to the markets in just a minute, but just to put it onto perspective, the big change is going to happen in September.
We're in a dead zone right now, even though the markets are going up.
They went up in July and still going up.
The reality doesn't start coming back until after Labor Day.
People are on vacation.
It's a whole different world right now.
Europe, you know, comes August.
Unlike here, everybody's gone.
We're going to see the worst economic crisis in In world history.
You're even hearing JPMorgan Chase coming out against Mourning about it.
That's going to be bigger than people expect.
But the worst news of it all is that when all else fails, they take it to war.
We got these clowns going over there to... More clowns going to Taiwan.
Lawmakers, they call them.
What lawmakers?
We don't need another law, by the way.
Could you imagine he actually had this word, lawmakers?
How about egomaniac, crazy people?
And a guy, I forget his name, Markey, whatever his name is from Massachusetts over there.
He's leading the charge.
I looked this guy up.
This guy's never worked a day in his life.
Since 1973.
He's been on the political payroll.
And the guy's my age.
Since 1973.
You know the arrogance that these people have?
The arrogance that they have?
And they don't work.
What are you doing over there in Taiwan?
Brave man!
You want to go to Taiwan?
You want to go support Ukraine?
Put on your costume, grab a gun and go!
You are un-American!
Are you up there in Massachusetts?
Oh yeah, where, like, the Revolutionary War?
And how the Founding Fathers were totally against foreign entanglements?
Well, you hate- Washington, D.C.
hates George Washington.
Washington hates Washington.
A real man that fought.
His farewell address.
Got it right here.
20 some odd pages.
Warning Americans not to get involved in foreign entanglements.
Just sent more money to keep bloodying the killing fields over there in Ukraine.
As the homeless are all over the streets.
As the roads are rotting.
As people can't make ends meet.
But the military-industrial complex is doing just fine, Celenti.
They're doing just fine, so leave them alone.
One after another.
What do we got here?
Wall Street Journal.
Front page.
More U.S.
lawmakers visit Taiwan.
We're lawmakers!
Low lives!
Arrogant boys and girls!
How about whoremakers?
I think that's much more appropriate!
Because that's all they are!
They get paid to put out!
They misspelt the word!
Delegation, Taiwan's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Yee.
Welcome, Senator Ed Markey!
Yeah, Markey boy!
Markey boy, you haven't worked a day in your life!
Haven't worked a day in your life since 1973!
But I'll tell you what to do!
Don't you know who I am?
I'm your Senator!
You're disgusting!
Come home!
You have no business being there!
Calm down, Selenji!
We don't like you for raising your voice!
We are so happy Dillamarky and the other morons weren't there!
The Congressional Clown Crew!
Hey, you couldn't win in Afghanistan but you left billions of dollars of our weapons there.
You couldn't win in Iraq.
Destroyed Libya.
How about Syria?
And you're gonna do something about Taiwan?
You're gonna fight the Chinese?
Anybody that wants to go to war, go to war.
Put on your military drag, grab your gun, go.
Take your money and go.
I, Gerald Solente, for all you low-life little freaks, am a real man and I honor the Founding Fathers.
No foreign entanglements and save your crap that we're bringing freedom and democracy there when we don't have it at home.
Put on that mask!
Close down your business!
Stand six feet apart!
Get behind that plexiglass!
Put on that mask when you're in an airplane!
They spelt it wrong!
Put a K in it!
The U-S-S-A.
The United Soviet States of America.
These clowns going to Taiwan when we're losing our freedom?
Right in front of our eyes.
They're hypocrites.
They're murderers!
They're thieves!
By their deeds you shall know them.
We're gonna take a break.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, that's Super Mill Vitality.
And when you get the combinations over there, you get 40% off.
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Anyway, the, um, markets.
There we go, Supermail Vitality.
Yep, yep.
Great, great, great, great product.
It's back in stock now and up 40% off at infowarsstore.com.
The markets.
As I said, you're going to see the big change starting happening in September.
Here's the deal.
On Friday, a place not too far from the United States called Mexico, It came out with their inflation numbers and inflation at 9.1%.
In the United States, it hit 8.5% or a little over 9% it hit.
I don't know exact numbers over 9% in Mexico.
The numbers came in in the United States last week, it came in at 8.5.
in an 8.5%. Mexico's interest rate is 8.5%.
We have roughly the same, we're about a percentage point lower than them on inflation.
They have an interest rate of 8.5%.
The U.S.
interest rate, the overnight rate is 2.25 to 2.50.
The US interest rate, the overnight rate is 2.25 to 2.50, when our inflation rates are very similar.
You got it?
The game is rigged.
Even at these low, low, low, low, low interest rate numbers, you're still seeing inflation going up.
But the markets are going up because the money is still cheap.
It's still cheap at this level, considering the inflation rate.
So the bigs keep buying up and they keep getting bigger.
As I said, why do we spend, it's between $160,000 to $180,000 to educate one person from kindergarten to, you know, K-12, you know, the 12th grade.
And what do you do after you get to get out?
Get a job driving an Amazon truck?
No, I think I'll drive a FedEx.
No, UPS is good for me.
I think I'll get a job at Walmart.
Now, I like Target.
I'm thinking of going to Home Depot, but maybe Lowe's is better.
How about Staples?
CVS, Walgreens?
What are we spending all this money to give people these kind of jobs?
What's happened to America?
Low-life pieces of scum crap.
That people call their presidents sold out this country.
When I was a young guy, there were no Walmarts.
There were no Targets.
There were no Lowe's or Home Depot.
There was a local hardware store.
A local stationary store.
the local drugstore, all the local retailers.
The bigs have taken over everything.
They sold us out.
Do you think Goldman Sachs would pay a clown like Bill Clinton, who you could hear him shooting his fat mouth off anytime you want, with his arrogant little attitude, pay him $300,000 for an hour talk?
Or how about the Glass-Steagall Act?
I forgot about that one that they got rid of.
What do you think they pay him this money for?
Morons and imbeciles call it campaign contributions.
Adults call it bribes and payoffs.
Matter of fact, Biden, yeah, vaxxed up, boosted COVID Biden, got a million dollars from the Barola group over there, Pfizer.
That's right.
To celebrate his inauguration.
That was the maximum they could give him and they gave him that.
A million bucks.
Hey, hey Perola, how about giving Occupy Peace a million dollars?
So we could keep our peace movement going.
Hey, where are you, Musk?
How come no money for peace?
Gates, you like the Vax, how about a buck for peace?
Yeah, maybe 50 cents.
Here's Celente.
Bezos, you don't like peace?
Maybe you just like pieces of crap, because that's what you created.
So going back to this whole scheme, the market's having crashed because the money flow is still cheap.
When you look at what's going on, I mean, I just, you know, in taking a break over here, you know, just between breaks, went to see what's going on and went to CNBC.
Stores and suppliers clash.
Over price hikes as shoppers hit by sticker shock.
Long before shoppers fill up their carts with hot dogs or detergent, supermarkets and suppliers negotiate and sometimes clash over how much products should cost.
Oh, fill up your cart with hot dogs?
How about filling up your cart with crap?
I go drive by all the lines going around Popeye's and McDonald's and, oh, I could starve, I could eat that stuff and drink that stuff.
But again, the facts are here.
The people are getting very hit very hard.
Those delicate discussions spilled into the public view this summer when Kraft Heinz proposed price hikes as much 30% On its foods in the United Kingdom, according to Guardian.
But yet, just had the biggest military defense budget ever.
Over 60 billion dollars going to Ukraine, as the country goes down the toilet.
And the reason we're going down the toilet, is we got crapsters ahead.
And that's all they like.
Toilet crap.
That's what they speak, that's what they eat, and that's what they sell.
We got the Toilet Bowl Mob in charge.
How could anybody with a pea brain bigger than a pea look up to little Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Shuma?
Look at the freak show.
The facts are right here.
The middle class is shrinking.
People are living paycheck to paycheck.
And more war on the horizon.
So going back to the markets, we're going to see, you know, an easing up right now of pressure.
But come September, that's when you're going to start seeing near the end of September, some real volatility.
For two reasons.
They're buying all the stuff they need for the Christmas holidays.
They're back from vacation, they see the realities.
And then it starts sinking in.
When did the crash of 87 happen?
It was October, huh?
Yeah, how about the crash of 29?
I think it came around that time too.
People get back into reality.
The damage that the COVID war has done is incalculable.
Businesses are dead.
Out of business and gone.
Look what's going on in the airlines.
Can't find workers.
One place after another.
This didn't happen before the COVID war.
But it's happening now.
So stay tuned.
We're going to be back and support InfoWars.
Do everything you can to let freedom ring.
Thank you.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and Info Wars.
And let's make The Great Reset the number one book.
Do what you can to, you know, it's a chump change when you look at the big picture of things.
So, you know, get The Great Reset.
Let's get it to number one.
This way, then the media could put it up there and they'll really hate it.
Alex Jones book, The Great Reset, number one.
And we want it to be buried because we don't like the truth.
We sell propaganda.
Like the New York Times, the toilet paper of record.
That guy, Saddam Hussein, he got them aluminum tubes.
He got a weapons of mass destruction.
Oh, yeah.
That place.
Oh, yeah.
Anyway, I've been talking about the economy and before I went off the air, we took a break.
I said about the loss of jobs and air travel.
And then I just took a break over there, went back to CNBC, looking at the markets.
And this is the top of the top stories.
Business travel spending might not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2026.
This is 2022, that's four years away.
And this is propaganda, by the way.
This is what we do in Trend Research, by the way.
What we do is we analyze the words of each story.
To look for the facts as well.
When you read this, business travel spending might not return to pre-pandemic levels.
What do you mean pre-pandemic levels?
We didn't have a pandemic.
We had a scandemic.
A scandemic because of what politicians did, not what COVID did.
The politicians made up this crap.
Crap heads who spew out crap.
The crap that the masses swallow and then hate you for not swallowing it caused this problem as well as others.
As I said before we took a break, the damage done by the COVID war is incalculable.
But they're blaming it on the pandemic and not the politicians and the health authorities.
Look at these clowns.
What a bunch of clowns.
Health authorities.
What a joke.
Again, I was in government.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate at 26 years old.
These authorities, the clowns that are the bureaucrats, or as I call them, bureaucraps, these are people that can't get a job in the real world, that suck into the system.
So they destroyed us.
It's not the pandemic that did it.
No jab, no job.
Can't figure out why you're not getting... Oh, look, there he is.
Masked up.
A masquerade.
Can't get any dumber than these clowns.
So they're blaming it on the pandemic.
And it's not the pandemic at all.
It's the actions taken by the politicians.
So going back to this article, business travel spending might not return.
They say that spending by business travel is a key source of revenue for airlines.
That's right.
That's where they make the big dough.
Now let's put this together.
More than that.
How about all the hotels they go to?
How about all that?
They're not going there anymore.
All the cities that they travel, all the restaurants that they used to go to, all the meetings that they used to have.
It's not going to come back.
It's going to be more and more zoomed.
All right, listen, you don't have to travel anymore.
I just saved myself $8,000.
You know, you don't have to go to Europe.
Stay over here.
It's not going to come back.
They go on to say that There's been an upswing this year.
Spending worldwide is set to rise nearly 34% in 2022 to $933 billion.
Oh, great.
Before the COVID war in 2019, it was $1.4 trillion.
$133 billion. Oh, great. Before the COVID war in 2019, it was $1.4 trillion. And that
was with less people and less business. This COVID war has destroyed life in ways that
It's incalculable.
You ready?
Occupancy was 63%.
This thing is huge.
That's where you make your big dough.
And the implications are far and wide.
You can't find people working.
The report forecast a 42% increase in business travel spending in the U.S.
this year from 2021.
It's still way down.
Still way, way down.
So the markets are going to go down when the summer vacation's over.
And again, talking about They showed that picture of Trump getting the shot.
Fauci vents about Americans' opposition to forced masking.
I saw this on InfoWars and it was first on Fox.
Dr. Anthony Fauci complained during a talk last Tuesday that many Americans see forced Masking policies as a violation of their liberties.
Yeah, no kidding.
Hey, fat-faced Fauci, or I should say freak face, he's not that fat.
You're wearing a mask, you're safe.
Why are you bothering me?
No, no, you didn't hear me.
You're wearing a mask, and everybody that believes in wearing a mask is wearing a mask.
Why are you bothering me and trying to steal my freedom and liberty from me?
I'll tell you why, Solenti!
I'm an authority!
I get paid half a million dollars a year, your money!
I'm not a public servant, you're the servant!
This is America!
Then he's doing his interview, he goes, When you tell people they need a mask in an indoor congregation setting, when you're in a zone that has high dynamics of infection, that is looked upon by a lot of people, not everybody, as an encroachment of your freedom.
You got it right, man.
And I'll tell you what, anybody out there, one of you authorities, try putting a mask on me, and I will fight for my freedom, you little freak.
To show you what kind of a scum he is, he's on the Cartoon News Network.
A week ago, the reporter, correct me if I'm wrong, BA5 is the most contagious form of COVID, right?
He's talking about Fauci.
Although evidence shows it doesn't cause more severe disease, but as you are saying, cases are surging, and I feel like You know, I know people who have COVID right now and have had it in recent weeks.
Oh, you mean all the people that got vaxxed that you know?
And during this time, we've seen President Biden in meetings.
He's also been in the Mideast without a mask!
indoors. Should the president of the White House at his very best, if not the
country, go back to masking and social distancing?
Considering the surge we're seeing?
Well, we have two questions.
When the President goes and visits different countries, he respects the conditions and traditions of what they are doing in that particular country.
Conditions and traditions?
Tradition like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Fauci fraud?
You little two-faced freak!
They can have their traditions, and we can't have ours?
You know what, Fauci?
You're Italian.
You're really not.
You're a Sidji.
But anyway, that's another story.
Half Italian, anyway.
You must have loved Mussolini, you little fascist freak!
Look what a two-face you are!
And then this clown on Cartoon News Network, CNN, saying to go back to masking and social distancing?
Stand six feet apart.
The wind doesn't blow in circles.
Only six feet apart.
Not five feet, nine inches.
I'm a prostitute.
I'm a media whore.
I get paid to put up on my corporate pimp or my government whoremaster.
That's why you need to support InfoWars.
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But I would like to continue on, and I told you, I'll never give up.
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But I could give out.
And my flesh wants to give out.
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That's why, not bragging, but I got in fights with people that weighed 60, 70 pounds bigger than me, and I beat their brains out.
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I don't stop.
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I want to thank you all for your incredible support.
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It's in your hands now.
The ball is in your hands.
It's up to you, listeners.
It's up to you.
We'll be right back.