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Name: 20220812_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 12, 2022
2388 lines.

In a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host discusses various current events including Democrats plan to build an army by hiring 87,000 new IRS agents who may use deadly force. He criticizes the Democrats for not reading bills before voting on them and warns his audience of potential consequences such as persecution or violence. Jones promotes his book "The Great Reset" and encourages listeners to stay informed while resisting oppressive regimes threatening individual freedoms in America. The video also mentions increased online violent extremist rhetoric following the Mar-a-Lago search, IRS hiring 87,000 new agents for enforcement purposes, potential connection between these two events and cautions against attending protests due to certain situations being used against individuals.

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We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
And now the IRS hires 87,000 new agents that need to be trained to use deadly force?
And are being trained to invade houses and do raids and shoot and kill people?
All being hired by the Democrat Party?
All being hired as the Patriot Purge is happening in all institutions of government?
I think it's pretty obvious what's happening, folks, isn't it?
The Democrats are literally building an army.
See, the military can't go into your house.
But the IRS can.
Oh, now with Venmo and Cash App and crypto and all this other stuff, you don't think that they've got ways to say you're laundering money or to say you're not paying taxes?
Oh yeah, they do.
And now they got the army to do it.
And they're training them.
And if you don't think for one second they're doing this now because of the Democrat totalitarian control and the
patriot purge, you're out of your mind.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is broadcasts like the one that I have planned for you here today that are why they call InfoWars Next Year's News Today.
But you may have noticed, we're now at that point where everything InfoWars has talked about, everything InfoWars has been warning about is right in front of your face.
Or like your mirror on your car says, objects might be closer than they appear.
We're right up in it now.
And I did a deep dive trying to connect dots last night on the Trump raid, the FBI response, the IRS hiring story, with the umbrella of the understanding of where the Democrat Party is at, where they want to take the country, and applying things from the past that they've said and done to the now certain future we face if they are not stopped.
So I want to start the show with this and we'll bring it back in the next hour when I really lay this out.
And it's going to be a very deep dive, somewhat complex, but I think you're going to understand the story when it's all said and done.
This was Barack Obama.
Now I want you to just listen to this clip of Barack Obama from 2008.
Just listen to it, I'm not going to give it any context.
I want you to listen to it and I want to see, let's do a little psychological experiment.
What comes to your mind?
What might be happening today that makes this clip from Barack Obama in 2018 so relevant and so scary?
Here's Barack Obama just before he was elected in 2008 on the campaign trail.
He said this.
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
And now the IRS hires 87,000 new agents that need to be trained to use deadly force?
And are being trained to invade houses and do raids and shoot and kill people?
All being hired by the Democrat Party?
All being hired as the Patriot Purge is happening in all institutions of government?
I think it's pretty obvious what's happening, folks, isn't it?
The Democrats are literally building an army.
See, the military can't go into your house.
But the IRS can.
Oh, now with Venmo and Cash App and crypto and all this other stuff, you don't think that they've got ways to say you're laundering money or to say you're not paying taxes?
Oh yeah, they do.
And now they got the army to do it.
And they're training them.
And if you don't think for one second they're doing this now because of the Democrat totalitarian control and the Patriot Purge, you're out of your mind.
But so how does that connect to the raid at Mar-a-Lago and the establishment regime media response since?
Folks, I can tell you right now what they're doing and I think the hiring of the IRS agents is just their next phase of the plan.
But right now, What they are doing is they are putting together lists of people who have spoken out against the FBI, putting together lists of people who have made public statements on the internet or just spoken word, anything that they might deem as violent.
Now it might not even be you calling for violence, it might just be you saying the FBI is corrupt.
You're being put on a list right now, you're being put on a Democrat Neoliberal watchlist that the FBI, the CIA, and the IRS are prepping to go after all of you.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, August 12th, 2022.
We have just 88 days left to the midterm elections, which will be severely consequential not just for the American people, but for the world at large.
And I have One of the biggest challenges in front of me today with the honor and privilege of hosting the Alex Jones Show in these historical times to lay this story out for you a very detailed formatted way of connecting the dots and getting you to understand the bigger picture and that's my challenge is to do that the best I can
With all the information and data points that I've gathered to do so.
Let me just give a layout of all the news, because there's tons of it today, and then in the next segment I'm going to come back and really lay into this, really explain what's going on, and really explain where it's going.
And I think I've got all the data points to connect the dots and to do a fully convincing job that this is exactly what the deep state is up to, And all these news stories that we're seeing right now are just the constellation showing you what the picture really is.
Now, you've got Biden who's basically the President M.I.A.
For the month of July and August, he's had more days off work than on, and he's on vacation right now, and they put out stories with headlines in New York Magazine saying, Joe Biden's best week ever.
Yeah, because he's not there.
So Joe Biden's best week ever is the week he's not working.
Go figure.
And then he arrives in South Carolina and gets booed.
But we got other news from the Biden crime family, the laptop, everything.
That's coming up.
Not to mention the Pelosi crime family.
Let's not forget about her little escapades with her son over there in Taiwan with their business dealings.
The story of the open border has reached new levels of absurdity.
Where now, Greg Abbott, who was busing illegal immigrants to New York and D.C.
to say, hey look, how do you like it?
And they didn't like it at all.
But they still want the open border, they just don't want the illegal immigrants, even though they claim to be sanctuary cities.
Now they're threatening to bus illegal immigrants back to Texas!
This is clown world!
Here's a crazy idea.
Let's just close the border, and then we don't have to bus them anywhere.
But no, now we're getting into a political football match, a political ping-pong match, of what we're going to do with these millions of illegal immigrants.
It's a joke.
And the Democrats in D.C.
are asking for National Guard and military to come protect them from the illegals.
But not at the southern border!
Then you've got the bill.
That the Democrats are trying to pass right now the Inflation Reduction Act.
Jean-Pierre goes on TV and admits nobody's ever read the bill.
Remember the old Pelosi, we have to pass the bill to know what's in it?
Jean-Pierre, the Cabbage Patch Queen, goes on Nightly News and says we have to pass the bill to know what's in it.
And then Chip Roy puts out a scathing statement calling out the entire House of Representatives on the vote.
Because what they're doing, folks, is they're not actually voting.
They're voting by proxy, and then Chip Roy, who's my representative, by the way, proud of him, met him a couple times, shook his hand, told him how proud of him I am, and he's gotten better over time, too.
And he puts out a scathing statement calling all the members of the House liars, including Republicans, saying, you cast an illegitimate vote, you're not in D.C.
to vote, you haven't read the bill, And most of you are on vacation right now.
You're not even at home working.
You're not in your office in your district.
You're on vacation and you're doing vote-by-proxy signatures to vote on bills that you've never even read.
Chip Roy, the only one calling it out as far as I can see, But Jean-Pierre says we have to pass the bill to know what's in it.
They don't even know what's in the bill they want you to pass, but they're telling you how great it is.
Hey, look, this is the greatest bill ever.
We need to pass it.
What's in it?
Well, you're gonna have to pass it to find out.
Well, then how do you know it's so great?
I don't!
I'm a liar!
Then there's this stack, and I'm telling you, this is... this is...
I'm telling you folks, I know their next move.
I know their next game plan.
I've seen it all.
I've been on the chessboard.
I've been in the arena with these people long enough.
It's just, it's all right there.
I'm going to connect the raid at Mar-a-Lago, the FBI response, the media response, and the IRS hiring.
It's all one story that shows you where it's going.
Now, the raid at Mar-a-Lago, or whatever the feds were doing there, Might have had ulterior motives, might have had other stuff going on.
But it connects into the bigger picture of what the Democrats are planning to do next, or rather what the deep state is planning to do next.
But let's just call it what it is.
They've merged.
The Deep State and the Democrats have now merged.
There is no... It's totalitarianism, it's authoritarianism.
They're all on board.
It's the American corrupt regime.
It's the Deep State.
It's the Democrat Party.
I mean, you see the resistance in the Republican Party.
You see Republicans going on TV this week, calling out the FBI, calling out the corruption, calling out the Biden crime family.
So, there is no dissent anywhere in the American left from the corrupt establishment.
Fully bought in.
And so with this merger, with this collusion, with this fascism, what the Democrats and the deep state have planned next for America, folks, is so dark and so twisted and so shocking and so horrifying that I mean, when I go through this and I finish my research and I'm sitting there last night, you start to get real.
You start to get real with yourself.
And you start to say, well, I know my future if I don't decide to change it.
Meaning, I'm sitting here and you are too, by the way.
You are too, by the way.
And it made me think of the movie V for Vendetta, the scene where he convinces the girl that she's dead in order to finally live.
Or in order to free her life, if you will.
With what the Democrats and the deep state have planned next, I am sitting here a dead man.
I'm a dead man.
But so are you.
You are too.
And I realize there's basically, there's really only two options at this point.
That is, if you want to be free, is the only way to protect yourself is to be as public as possible.
To call it out, to issue the dire warnings, because then, if and when then, they decide to round you up, or mop you up, or charge you, or arrest you, or kill you, you're just totally proven correct.
Now, they might not care at this point anymore.
They might just not even care.
Or, and this is what a lot of people are doing right now, a lot of rich people are doing, a lot of smart people are doing, you've got to get out of the country.
Folks, this country under the Democrat deep state regime rule is going into fascistic, authoritarian, just a hellhole so fast.
Things are happening that quick, in case you haven't noticed.
Somebody may get raided next week.
This place may get raided next week.
Jones may get raided next week.
Schroyer, Tucker Carlson, you.
I mean, we're at that point, in case you haven't noticed.
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
We are now in the tyranny.
But it's like, it's like maybe up to 100, 115 degrees.
Once it gets up to 185, 190, we're cooked.
And that temperature is going up.
So I'm going to connect it all.
And it also, it's a separate story, but it's really important to understand.
And notice how nobody's watching this.
Notice it's not on TV, it's not getting all the publicity.
But one of the trials for the FBI plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer One of the trials is ongoing, and we're learning all the stuff the FBI was doing to these people to try to set them up.
Using drugs with them, basically sending honeypots after them, and then they convince them, oh, we're gonna go kill the governor, and then they put them on a recording, and then they say, see, this person wanted to kill the governor, and it was totally the FBI agents that were forcing them to do that.
So I've got all that and more coming up, but I'm going to get into the big story.
I'm going to show you the big picture when we come back from this break.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, for the next three segments, I am going to lay out, I'm going to connect the dots between Trump's Mar-a-Lago raid, the media response, the Fed's response, and the hiring of the IRS agents.
They're all connected.
It will all directly implicate you listening to this transmission right now.
And I am going to explain how and why.
Let's first just start with the raid and the latest developments there.
So, there's all kinds of stories.
It's all the big news story today.
You go to Drudge Report, you go to all the mainstream news, and it's headlines similar to this.
Hell Week!
How Trump's problems all converged at once.
And so, this is the new, we got Trump moment.
This is the new, we finally got him.
This is the new, it's the end of Trump.
His days are numbered.
We've been through this a dozen times before.
And so this is an operation that we're very familiar with.
This is a play that they've run so many times.
We know exactly the route.
We know exactly how to intercept it and take it and go the other way.
But that's not going to stop them.
So we just have to use this as a signal that they're sending as to what they're going to do next.
So we got Trump.
We got him.
He lied about this.
He lied about that.
They're claiming he took nuclear codes.
He was hiding nuclear codes in a safe.
That's what the establishment media is going with.
That's what the brainwashed, mind-controlled victims of the propaganda are falling for.
Now, of course, you know that's bullcrap.
But it just shows you they're running a play.
And they've just snapped the ball.
That's all this represents, is they have just snapped the ball.
So, they're about to do something big.
Just like they tried with impeachment the first time, or tried with impeachment the second time, or Russian collusion, and they ran those plays, and we saw The aftermath of all of that.
So this is, they have just snapped the ball, they've just gone hut hut hike and snapped the ball and they are running one of their biggest plays ever against the American people against Donald Trump right now.
And so that's what this symbolizes.
That's what all these headlines saying, we finally got Trump, this is the time.
It symbolizes that they are running a major play right now.
So then you have Inside of the Trump team, and they've been really kind of, they've kept everything close to the chest.
I mean, some of his lawyers have gone on TV, he's released statements on True Social, but I think Trump has, I'm hoping Trump has more information about all this than he's letting on to the public.
But now the question is, does Donald Trump have a rat in his team?
The headline from the Rolling Stone, with feds circling, Trump asks allies, who's wearing a wire?
Now we know the FBI has spied on Trump before.
We know that they've tried to send agents in and probably have, wearing a wire to record Donald Trump.
And also, of course, people are worried that somebody told them about the safe or what might be in it.
So then there's that aspect of this.
Trump is obviously still getting spied on, but did he run an operation here to smoke out a rat?
Could he have set bait for the FBI to do this?
Those are still some of the questions that I think only a few people might know.
But of course they're claiming now, the big story that drops last night, FBI searched Trump's Florida residence for records related to nuclear weapons.
Now, even that's not a news story.
In 2019, the FBI, and I believe the DOJ, maybe even the DHS, said they were going to investigate Donald Trump.
They thought he might be selling nuclear secrets to the Saudi Arabians.
You guys can pull that up in the news story.
So, I think this is just them pulling a card out of their deck.
I don't think it had anything to do with nuclear weapons.
Now, some people are ...are obviously trying to reach their own conclusions.
Some people think maybe he took historical archive records involving his uncle, John Trump, going in and getting all of Nikola Tesla's records back in the day when he was working with the government to do that.
That's kind of a deep rabbit hole to go down.
But, oh, let's just say, because the Feds are worried, and I think this is what it is, I think they're just pulling an old card out of the deck, that Trump is selling nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia.
That's not why they went there.
They were just looking for an excuse, and they pulled out the card out of the deck, and that happened to be the card they pulled, and they already had it there, so they can reference that going back.
But, oh, Trump's selling nuclear secrets to a foreign country, like Bill Clinton did with the Chinese?
Never raided him!
So, it's total bull, but that's what they're arguing.
Then the Feds tried to play a game of cat and mouse with Donald Trump, which they lost again.
And the media ran with it, saying, ooh, Trump's lying!
He doesn't have the search warrant!
Trump is scared of people seeing the search warrant!
Of course, both lies.
The Feds did not give Donald Trump or his lawyers a search warrant.
They showed it to him and then didn't let him have it.
So they never had it.
The media lied about that.
Then, last night, as the media is saying Trump is afraid of the search warrant getting out, that's why he didn't want you to see it, even though he never had it, so they said, Trump is scared the search warrant might come out.
We've got Trump now.
So Trump releases a statement last night saying, release the warrant please immediately.
Trump's lawyers go on TV last night all over the news saying, release the warrant immediately.
So, the feds get played there again, but the mainstream media will run with the lie.
Trump releases another statement saying, hey, we've cooperated before, we've handed over all the documents before, they've come in before, they've questioned me before, they could have had whatever they wanted.
Trump responds after Garland's statement on FBI raid.
Exactly, folks.
They were running something else.
They were looking for something else here.
This was a fishing expedition or a planting expedition against Donald Trump.
That's what this was.
So, so pretty much everything that they're saying in the media about it is a lie.
So we just correct some of the records there.
Now, let's talk about the media response to...
Some of the coverage of this, specifically here.
Now, I only cover this not to make it about InfoWars or about me, but to show you that they're in the middle of running a play right now, which many times we've been involved in, so I can just see it, I can recognize it, and I'm telling you this is what they're doing.
So when there's stories all over the news yesterday, and I'm talking seconds after I go on air, And say that the FBI is trying to play victim here.
They're still the bad guys.
And within seconds, dozens of stories out there saying, InfoWars says the FBI's the bad guys.
InfoWars saying this.
Here's just a couple examples.
Uh, Media Matters, of course.
InfoWars responds to news of attack of FBI office by calling the bureau a terrorist organization.
Uh, and then, and then the rap in other places.
Fox News sounds more like InfoWars than ever before, Owen Schroer says.
So, they don't normally like covering my stuff like that, folks.
So, so I'm telling you, this is a sign they're running the play.
And I've been through this before.
The last time I got coverage like this in media, they banned me from the entire internet.
I got banned from Airbnb or Uber, everything.
So, they're running an operation.
I've seen it before, it's been running against me before, when they run these stories.
So, I say, well, what's their plan?
Why are they doing this?
Well, here's another headline that was all over the news last night, and this is the connection to the next level that I'm going to get into in the segment after this break.
Online violent extremist rhetoric soars after Mar-a-Lago's search.
And then the FBI releases a statement.
Saying violence and threats against law enforcement, including the FBI, are dangerous and should be deeply concerning.
Oh, but when Democrats and Liberals say all cops are bad, when Democrats and Liberals say kill all cops, piggy-piggy fry them like bacon, and then burn police officers, murder police officers, burn federal buildings with police officers inside, no problems there, though!
No investigations there!
No, no warnings from the FBI there, though!
So let's pick it up where we left off.
And let me just explain something again.
When I hosted the Jones Show yesterday, and also multiple times in the last week or two, there's been tons of news coverage out there about me, hit pieces about me.
And I'm not saying that to make it about me, I'm telling you I've been through these plays before with the Deep State, with the Democrats.
So, and here's how it goes.
Every other time they do mass media coverage on me, mass push of me, Boom, all of a sudden I get censored off all social media.
Boom, all of a sudden I get banned from using these other places.
Boom, all of a sudden I get indicted.
Boom, all of a sudden I get arrested.
Boom, all of a sudden I get sued.
So I know something big.
They got something big planned for me, because every other time they do this, I get hit with something huge.
So, it might just be a larger thing, but I'm just telling you.
So when they're doing this, saying, Owen Schroer says FBI are terrorists.
Owen Schroer says mainstream news is like InfoWars, more now than ever before, and it's just all over the news.
Every other time this has happened to me in the past, they either sue me, indict me, arrest me, ban me, censor me.
So I'm just telling you this because I know they're in the middle of a play right now, and I'm telling you, here's the route they're running on this issue.
But there's other routes during this play.
And I'm just laying that out there again.
So it connects to this though.
Online violent extremist rhetoric soars after Mar-a-Lago search.
And there's hundreds of these stories out there basically saying, look, Trump supporters are violent.
Look, they're mad about the raid.
Look what they're saying on the internet.
And there's hundreds of these stories saying, look, see the rights to the bad guys.
See the rights of terrorists.
Trump supporters are terrorists.
Trump supporters are bad.
Republicans are bad.
Because look at their rhetoric after the Mar-a-Lago raid.
And the FBI makes statements, violence and threats against law enforcement are deeply concerning.
Oh, but when it's Black Lives Matter in Antifa, literally murdering police officers, burning cities to the ground, that's okay.
FBI has no comment.
But, oh, now because of what people are saying, what people are saying, they have a problem with it.
Even Bernie Sanders' press secretary knows that the FBI is the bad guy.
She says, Breonna Joy Gray, she says, Marjorie Taylor Greene is right about the FBI.
Bad faith or not, I argue that the left should take advantage of the right's new acknowledgement of systemic bias and push to abolish the FBI, an institution that has always protected elite power, not the people.
She's right!
And what happened to the left?
The left used to be anti-big government.
Liberals used to be anti-FBI.
Now they love the FBI!
They love the big government!
Because they think they control it.
So it just shows you they were never liberals, they were always control freaks.
But are they gonna target Bernie Sanders' press secretary?
Does Breonna Joy Gray need to get raided by the FBI?
Is she a violent terrorist?
No, she's right, and she's an American that has free speech.
But see, they don't like this.
And so let me tell you what the story is.
Here's what The media's role is, in this play, in this process, and that's why I bring up the stories covering myself in InfoWars.
The media's role is to pitch the ball to the deep state.
So the media says, look, here's what this individual said on the internet.
And then Big Tech swings and hits the home run and censors them.
Or the far left fascist media says, look, here was this person at January 6th.
And then the deep state hits the home run and goes and arrests that person.
The media says, look, here's what this person said about X. And then X picks up the bat, swings, and sues that person for $150 million.
So I'm just telling you, this is the play they're running right now.
So they are actively, what I think is going on, truly, And this is about to tie into the IRS agents.
What I think is going on right now, and this is a separate play that's being run, you've got the deep state and the regime going after Donald Trump, and then you've got the media and the regime going after all of Donald Trump's supporters with a different claw.
And what they're doing right now is they are putting everyone on a list to either be raided or arrested or charged with terroristic threats.
That's what they're doing.
I'm telling you that from first-hand experience.
I'm telling you that from being on the playing field with these crooks for years of my life, watching them run their plays, watching what they do.
I'm telling you that's what they're doing as I sit here.
And I...
Like, that's heavy.
I get it.
That's heavy.
That's hard to believe.
That seems far out there.
How could we be at this point in American history?
But in case you haven't noticed, that's exactly where we're at in American history.
So that's what's being done.
That's why they're running all these news stories talking about violent rhetoric after Mar-a-Lago raid.
That's why they're running all these stories out of the FBI saying, oh my gosh, threats against us are up.
These are violent extremists.
They don't use these words lightly.
They don't run these plays just to feather their own nest.
They're making an attack formation right now against the American people.
110%, as I'm sitting here, guaranteed.
And the only hope we have of staving this off is by calling it out.
Because here's the ultimate balancing act that's been going on for the last couple years.
They can't, at least in a short-term period, show InfoWars is right or anybody else is right.
So if we sit here and say the FBI is getting ready to raid, say, 100,000 Americans' homes, well they can't go out and do that the next week or the next month.
So they gotta put it off a couple years till it's down the line.
But they might have crossed a threshold in their own operating procedures where they don't care anymore.
They're just, they're fully in control, they're fully authoritarian, totalitarian tyrants now, so yeah, let's prove them all right, who cares, let's go round up 100,000 Americans anyway.
So talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The FBI raids Donald Trump's home.
Then for two days, we don't get a statement, we don't get nothing, it's in limbo.
Then, Christopher Wray, not even talking about the raid, just says, well, I'm not going to comment on the raid, but the rhetoric we've seen against the FBI is very dangerous.
Oh, so that's their move, turn the FBI into the victims.
Then the next day, an individual shows up at the FBI headquarters in Cincinnati.
By the way, he's shot dead.
He's dead.
Dead men tell no tales.
Maybe it was organic.
Maybe it was a provocateur.
Maybe it was an MKUltra person.
I don't know.
We'll never know.
He's dead.
But okay.
Either way, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
So, oh, the FBI cries victim.
Oh, the FBI gets their opportunity to prove they're the victims.
And then immediately after that happens, Merrick Garland goes out and makes a statement how the FBI are the victims.
Okay, so you see how that works?
You see how that just played out perfectly for them days after the raid?
They had to take their time, maybe, organize it?
Standoff in Cornfield ends, suspect dead, man tried to bust into Cincinnati FBI field office.
Hey, it's not good.
I came out immediately and said, we don't want violence.
That was the first move that we made here at Infowars, because we're not falling into their trap.
Because I saw what they were going to do.
I knew they were going to run stories saying, calls for violence, terroristic threats.
So I immediately came on air after the raid and said, peace, peace, peace, peace.
Because we've fallen into these traps before, sadly.
Now, I'm never going to try to deter someone from executing their First Amendment right.
But you gotta be very smart, you gotta be very careful.
And so there is a peaceful rally happening at a St.
Louis FBI field office, being promoted by the Gateway Pundit.
On Thursday, we heard the FBI may infiltrate our rally on Sunday.
That's the rally at the FBI, the peaceful rally at the FBI office in St.
We will not let their threats deter us.
Please join us Sunday.
We must stand up to tyranny before it's too late.
I mean, I'll just tell you, I'm not going to be part of anything like this.
I'm not going to go to an FBI field office because, I mean, for obvious reasons.
But I'm not going to tell anybody that you can't do that or that that's illegal.
You have a First Amendment right, and we need people to execute their First Amendment right peacefully here.
And the FBI is the problem here.
But see, these are the exact situations like on January 6th.
They can be used against us, so if you're planning on going to this, you need to be uber careful.
I mean, you need to be head on a swivel, make sure nobody does anything illegal, and if anybody suggests anything illegal or violent, you need to be on them, and you need to snuff that out immediately.
Because, again folks, I'm telling you the play they're running.
I'm telling you it because I've been on the field with them, I've been a part of the plays, I've been the target of the plays.
So, that's the play that they're running right now.
Now when I come back, I'm going to connect this to the IRS hiring and how important that is to this story.
It's not a separate story folks, it's actually directly connected.
Alright, so let's apply what we've covered in the last two segments to a ground level operational aspect of this.
So the story about the IRS agents has been a big story this week.
And I'm going to tell you how that's directly connected to what I've been covering in the last two segments.
The raid on Trump and the FBI maneuver to posture themselves as the victims to then set themselves up as the aggressor against the American people.
So let's flashback.
And keep this in mind before we go to this Obama clip.
Who's really running the White House?
Now, I'm not saying Obama is fully in charge, but I do believe Obama is at least running some operations, and the IRS operation may be one that he is in charge of from behind the scenes.
Because just look at Joe Biden.
He hasn't even been able to operate as the president for two months.
He's constantly sick.
He's constantly on vacation.
Who's really running the country?
He says he had nothing to do with the raid.
He had no idea about it.
Well, who's running the country then?
Not Biden.
Who's running this stuff?
Certainly not Biden.
So who is it?
Well, I think it's a team of radical leftists.
And I think they each take assignments and Biden just has no idea what's going on.
Jean-Pierre has no idea what's going on.
And they just run these operations with the deep state.
And then you hear about it in the news.
And isn't that a story too, by the way?
Oh, how do we find out what the FBI was looking for in the Trump raid?
Did Chris Wray tell us during his press conference?
Did Merrick Garland tell us during his press conference?
Instead, they decide to launder the information or leak the information through the Washington Post.
What's up with that?
You had two press conferences with the opportunity to tell the American people what you were doing at Trump's Mar-a-Lago house.
You didn't do it, and then you leaked it to the Washington Post to tell us?
I mean, what's that all about?
But let's digress and get back to the story here.
Alright, so the IRS hires 87,000 new agents that are preparing to use deadly force, they're training to raid your home, they're training to go after terrorists and drug traffickers and everything, and it's all in their documents, by the way.
I mean, I was flipping through this manual here, this IRS manual from last year, Annual Report 2021, shows all of it, shows them gun training, house raid training, confiscation of your property, all of it, it's all in here.
And we find out all about it.
They say, yep, you come work for the IRS, you're going to be trained on how to use deadly force and how to steal people's property.
So let's go back though.
Who's really running the show?
What's really going on with this IRS story?
Maybe this gives you a little hint.
This is Barack Obama in 2008.
Remember this famous quote?
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
I think we should play that one more time, guys.
Let's play it one more time for brevity.
Here's Barack Obama.
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
Wait, is that Barack Obama saying we need a militia?
No, it couldn't be.
Democrats are anti-gun.
They're going after people that are in militias, they claim.
So what is he talking about then?
What is he talking about?
Folks, he's talking about exactly what the IRS is doing right now.
It's not about a civilian front.
It's about the Democrats making an army of minions who are going to be All juiced up that they have the power to go after their political opposition with a badge and a gun.
Now, I don't know how this is going to go, but I tell you, this is how the Democrats want it to go.
They're going to hire 87,000 far-left liberal radicals who will be sexually aroused at the idea that they have a badge and a gun to go after the political opposition in this country.
And I believe that's what Barack Obama talked about in 2008, and I believe that's what Barack Obama is now running behind the scenes right now with this IRS story.
They're not going to be going after billionaires.
And I used to think this is going to be them about going after crypto and these electronic payment processors.
I don't even think it's that anymore.
I think this is 100% going to be aimed against the political opposition of the Democrat Party.
And they're going to try to hire 87,000 radical far-left libtards to be this quote-unquote civilian force that Barack Obama talked about in 2008.
The military can't go into your house.
So they can't raid your house with the military, even if they think they have that totally bought and, you know, paid for now with their propaganda.
But the IRS can't.
The IRS can't.
So that's what I think is going on.
And the stories are all out there.
Such as IRS training included armed agents carrying out simulated assaults on suburban homes.
And I'm telling you folks again, there's videos, there's pictures, it's all in this annual report.
They do firearms training, they're trained to shoot humans, they're trained to raid your home.
It's like what you would think a SWAT team is doing.
They're basically trained like a SWAT team.
So, is that not what Barack Obama was directly talking about?
And is he the one running this operation now?
We know it's not Biden!
Biden's on vacation!
Biden's sick!
Biden doesn't even know where he is!
So they're doing the Patriot Purge of the military, the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, everything.
The Patriot Purge.
And now they're going to open up an entire militant wing of the IRS to go after their political opposition 100%.
That's what's going on.
And I believe that's what Barack Obama was talking about in 2008.
Now he's got the opportunity to do it.
Now Eric Schmidt, who is the current Attorney General of Missouri, soon to be the next Senator, I believe, He's pushing back, thank God.
The IRS is hiring 87,000 new agents for more audits, and in a since-removed job posting, sought people who are prepared to carry a firearm and willing to use deadly force if necessary.
Now we're demanding answers from the IRS and the Biden administration.
And he released a statement, and, uh, Directly asking the IRS and the Biden administration for answers.
Now he's not going to get it, he'd have to ask Barack Obama probably.
But... I don't think this is... I mean, sure, the IRS is obviously going to be used to target The opposition to the regime and to the Democrat Party financially.
Obama got caught doing that.
Obama got caught red-handed using the IRS against his political opposition.
Not to mention the NSA and the FBI as well, spying on journalists.
So that's who we're dealing with, folks.
We're already dealing with far-left radical tyrants.
We're already there.
And, you know, that's... See?
Let me kind of give you an example of where we're at right now.
Last night, Brian Kilmeade is covering the judge that signed the warrant to raid Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, and he used the fake image of the judge just So a picture of Bruce Reinhardt.
This is the judge in charge of the, as you know, of the warrant.
And we'll see if he's going to release it next.
Here's Brian Kilmeade falling for fake news last night on Fox, hosting for Tucker Carlson.
So a picture of Bruce Reinhart. This is the judge in charge of the, as you know, of the warrant.
And we'll see if he's going to release it next. He likes Oreos and Whiskey.
So Brian Kilmeade falls for fake news. Now look, I watch as much media, probably more than anybody, quite frankly.
Brian Kilmeade is a milquetoast conservative talk show host who makes a lot of money to go on there and say nothing that ruffles any of the wrong people's feathers.
So, of course Brian Kilmeade falls for that.
Brian Kilmeade doesn't know what goes on in the real world.
And I'm not trying to attack Brian Kilmeade, but it's obviously true.
Anybody who follows politics and news should have known that that's obviously a fake photo.
That was Jeffrey Epstein getting a foot massage, not the judge.
But Kilmeade fell for it, hosting for Tucker Carlson.
Carlson probably wouldn't have fallen for it, but anyway.
Here's my point, and this is why it's so important to get InfoWars on air.
Most people That are in government, the Republican Party, most people on mainstream news, even like Brian Kilmeade, folks, they don't even know the world they're in.
They just don't.
And quite frankly, probably the only news organization that is properly prepared and ready for this time in American history is InfoWars.
It's going to take a lot of time for the rest of them to catch up to us.
That's just the fact.
And that, from Brian Kilmeade last night, proves it to me.
So we gotta keep InfoWars on air, folks.
Now, people are catching up real quick.
They're not dumb people.
They're catching up real quick.
But we gotta keep InfoWars on air because, folks, I'm telling you, we're the only people properly prepared right now to cover this.
So go to InfoWarsStore.com, get a signed copy of Alex Jones' new book.
It's the latest fundraiser to keep us on the air at InfoWarsStore.com InfoWars has been vindicated
We've been proven right.
World government, the New World Order is out in the open.
And now more than ever, the forces of Satan are trying to shut down this broadcast.
The forces of anti-human, godless New World Order are out of control.
So now realize, We have pushed them out in the light, we have pushed them out in the open, and they are so upset, and they are so scared.
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But whatever you do, pray for justice, and pray for freedom, and pray for the children,
and pray for free speech and justice to win.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Now spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic, historic battle.
Ladies and gentlemen, telling you right now, the next raid, the next arrest,
the next indictment, the next whatever it is from the deep state
is right around the corner.
We're now in that time in American history, folks.
We now have a totalitarian, authoritarian regime running the country, fully corrupt, and willing to use the government against its political opposition, against dissent.
We're in that time.
So it might feel like a slow rollout to us in this time as days go by, weeks go by, in between these big events.
But as far as history is concerned, folks, this is happening in a flash.
Because this is what it's going to look like in a history textbook.
Right like this.
So that's the stage we're in right now.
Who gets raided next?
Who gets arrested next?
Who gets indicted next?
Who gets sued next?
It's inevitable.
It's coming.
They got them all lined up.
They got them all lined up.
And what I believe is going on is the January 6th operation that they ran to arrest and imprison and persecute their political opposition.
That was just the beginning.
And I believe they're still probably sitting on thousands of arrests.
They're just... The reason they're not arresting all these people is because they want to do it at opportune times.
That's what I believe.
They're just sitting on these things waiting, and then, oh, they see somebody pop up they want to arrest.
Eh, let's go get them now.
And I believe they're doing the same thing now.
With people that are talking negatively about the FBI on the internet or on TV.
They're putting all you on a list.
And you might get raided, you might get indicted, you might get charged, you might get subpoenaed.
You might get arrested.
These are the times we're in.
Do not kid yourself.
These are the times we're in.
More proof.
Alex Berenson, the White House privately demanded Twitter ban me months before the company did so.
Now ironically enough, and I like for the most part what Alex Berenson has done since leaving, it was the New York Times I believe, but you know he trashed InfoWars, he trashed Alex Jones, he made sure to throw us under the bus and tell everybody how bad we are.
But it's funny Alex, how do you like being censored?
Because we got censored long before you because we were effective long before you.
But see Alex, I don't want you to be my enemy.
I want you to be my friend.
I want you to be my ally.
I want to save this country and have freedom and truth and justice for the next generation of Americans just like you do.
But you understand, whether you like Alex Jones or InfoWars, our fate is ultimately your fate.
Have you figured that one out yet?
Maybe now you will.
But the story is, he has the emails.
The Biden administration directly sent Twitter emails asking them to ban him.
Now he needs to sue the Biden administration.
That is completely obviously against the First Amendment.
And not only is it important for him to sue, for more discovery, because I think There's going to be other instances where the White House was demanding people get banned as well.
I don't believe this is a stand-alone story here.
I don't believe this is an isolated incident.
Barack Obama was doing it, and now Barack Obama continues to do it in the name of Joe Biden.
So yes, when you see internet censorship happening, it is directly ordered from the top of the Democrat Party.
And we now have the proof.
And we now have the proof.
So, these are the times we're living in.
Do not kid yourself.
Any Democrat, any liberal, they are now activists over whatever else they are.
They're a judge, they're not a judge, they're a Democrat activist, they're a Democrat provocateur.
They're a lawyer, they're not a lawyer, they're a Democrat activist, a Democrat provocateur.
They're a protester, they're not a protester, they're a Democrat activist and provocateur.
They're a doctor, they're not a doctor, they're a Democrat activist and provocateur.
They're a teacher, they're not a teacher, they're a Democrat activist and provocateur.
They're a news media member.
They're a talk show host.
They're not.
They're a Democrat activist and provocateur.
And they're coming for all of us.
It is the American Gestapo.
It is the American Nazi regime.
It's the Democrat Party.
So here's what happened in the first hour.
I had a big news story that I needed to cover.
I needed to connect the dots.
I needed to show the constellation of what's really happening here.
And because that's the top priority, I didn't even plug.
And it's ironic that, you know, we sit here and we see the media lie about how much money we have or lie about how much money Alex Jones has.
And it's like, we don't even do really, like, smart advertising or marketing or even business strategy.
Like, the strategy is we're just focused on truth and pushing back against a corrupt establishment that it's like, We don't even really do proper planning for plugs or marketing strategies or anything.
The marketing strategy is, hey, let's just speak truth to power and then people trust us and they buy the great supplements we have.
And so it's just hilarious.
They talk like, oh, they had a strategy to lie about this and make a bunch of money.
I mean, it's so outrageous.
It's so ridiculous.
I mean, we're like on the edge of our seats.
It's just ridiculous that they act like that's going on.
But they know it's a lie.
These people are liars that we deal with.
So my point is, in the first hour, I prioritized news coverage over paying the bills here.
And that happens too often, and that's fine.
And that's why we don't have hundreds of millions of dollars.
And that's why they're so shocked that we don't.
They're like, your audience is bigger than anybody's.
How can you not have hundreds of millions of dollars?
Well, because we just spend all the money on the operation.
And then we don't sit here and try to figure out ways to make money, like you do.
But I digress.
It's more important now for InfoWars to be on air than ever before, and it's kind of a paradox, because now that we're in the age of everything InfoWars came true, everything InfoWars predicted came true, and now everybody is finally realizing it, now anybody that tells the truth sounds like InfoWars.
I don't believe that represents our expiration date.
I believe that represents that our time has finally come.
And now more than ever, people are realizing, if you want to understand the truth and you want to get the layout, this is where it starts, right here.
And so, I played the Brian Kilmeade segment earlier, how he mistakes a picture that's totally fake and he has no idea it's fake because he really doesn't know much about what's going on in the world.
And I don't want to insult Brian Kilmeade.
I've never really been a big fan.
I think he's kind of a squished conservative.
But he might actually love the country.
He might actually want to tell the truth.
And so he might be trying to now.
But that's what I'm saying is he tries to cover the judge that signs the Mar-a-Lago warrant and he shows a clearly fake image that he should have known was fake.
But he didn't know it was fake because he just hasn't done the research on these subjects like we have.
And that's fine.
I want more people at Fox News to sound like InfoWars because InfoWars has been proven right.
I'm sick of squished conservatives on TV.
I'm sick of squished Republicans trying to control the narrative.
But that's what I'm saying is, I don't think now that we're in the age of InfoWars being proven right with everything, that's our expiration date.
I believe now is our time to really lead the way.
So folks, please continue to keep us on air by shopping at InfoWarsStore.com.
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Unlike anything we've ever done, really.
And I understand to the audience it's kind of obnoxious.
You feel like, well, we have to do this a lot.
Well, yeah, we're under constant attack.
So it's like... It's like a soldier at war.
It's like, man, this guy gets hurt a lot.
Well, yeah, he's in a war.
Like, dang, this soldier here.
I keep having to fix him up.
Well, he keeps going into war and getting shot and bloodied and blown up.
So that's the deal, folks.
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He may have carpal tunnel syndrome after that deal, but he'll be okay with it if it funds this operation.
And so that's where we're at.
And understand this, the only move they really have right now to shut us up is to raid us like they raided Trump.
Raid this office, take everything, raid Alex Jones' house, probably raid me, everything else.
That's the only really shot they have.
Because even if they try to shut everything we have down, they can't silence us.
You think they're going to rip our vocal cords out?
They're going to rip our voice box out?
They gonna make us mute?
Yeah, you might be able to shut this mothership down, but... And then they say in the court hearings, we gotta destroy Alex Jones, and we gotta make sure he can never rebuild.
Just because you take all the trinkets away from us, or you take the satellites, or you take down our feeds and all that stuff... Rebuild?
Alex Jones is a man!
Owen Schroer is a man!
We don't have to rebuild everything we've said, everything we've done.
We don't have to rebuild being proven right all these years.
That carries on forever.
And if you do destroy us, it just amplifies everything we've said a hundred times!
Now, I don't want anything to do with that, folks.
I'm so sick of the government being up my ass and ruining my life.
Are you kidding me?
That's the last thing I want to deal with is these scumbags.
But see, it's funny because I have people say this to me all the time.
It's actually like old girlfriends.
They're like, why do you do this?
Why don't you stop doing this?
They're going to destroy you.
Your life is ruined.
Why don't you just walk away from this?
And people just don't get it.
People just don't get it.
Maybe they'll get it now.
If you really think walking away from these people is the way out, if you really think that walking away and trying to get away from these people and live your life is the way out of this, I'm sorry, you don't even live in reality.
You're just so off base.
And I don't want to be rude to people, but it's just clearly you're so naive, you don't understand the situation you're currently living in.
If you really believe that.
Look at Donald Trump.
Donald Trump let them steal the election.
Donald Trump let them destroy his life.
And he said, fine, I'm going away.
And he went down to Mar-a-Lago and he played golf for two straight years or a year and a half or whatever it is.
Did that stop him from going after him?
No, it didn't, did it?
And they're never gonna stop.
You can try to run, you can try to hide, you can try to back off, you can shut up, they will never stop.
And in fact, the truth is, if you back off, if you shut up, you actually set yourself up for total destruction.
The only hope that we have is to stay on air.
But hey, they can destroy everything we do here, that just builds the legend of InfoWars.
And then, every news organization in the world is going to be asking Alex Jones for a live interview.
Every news organization in the world is going to be asking Owen Troyer for comments.
So, I mean, you'll just amplify us.
But it's fine.
We don't want that to happen.
We'd rather stay on air.
We love this crew.
We love this audience.
We believe now is the time to keep the mothership of InfoWars in orbit.
Living in the age of Alex Jones was right is not our expiration date.
It's our time to truly be leaders, thought leaders in media.
So let's make sure that happens, folks, by going to Infowarsstore.com and keeping us on air.
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You know, we're in the dog days of August right now and it's hot.
It's a hot one.
So if any of you kids out there are thinking about starting a lemonade stand and selling cups of lemonade, you better have your books right, and you better pay your taxes, or the IRS is gonna come to you with their guns drawn.
You better watch out, little kiddos.
The IRS needs their cut!
You're selling lemonade, 25 cents a cup, you better... Uncle Sam better get his cut from you.
Or you're coming.
The IRS coming for your lemonade stand.
You think it's a joke?
These people are out of control, folks.
These people are out of control.
There's some other examples of the ridiculous.
And I like how Dan Bongino says it.
It's not hypocrisy, it's hierarchy.
It's hierarchy.
It's not a two-system of justice, it's their system.
Hillary Clinton's above the law.
The Bidens are above the law.
Trump is not.
It's not hypocrisy, it's hierarchy.
Democrats are above you in the food chain.
They have set it up this way.
It's the new caste system.
Well, let's look at some of the other persecuted individuals.
Daniel Hale is currently in prison for exposing 90% of those killed in drone strikes are civilians, not military targets, as the Pentagon claims.
Yeah, Obama killed so many civilians and kids, weddings even, bombed them with drones.
Liberals don't care.
So, Daniel Hale in prison for exposing government corruption.
Julian Assange.
He's currently in prison for releasing a video showing Apache helicopters bombing people in Iraq who are mostly civilians and reporters.
Yeah, Julian Assange is exposing deep state government corruption.
He's held in prison.
Edward Snowden is currently one of the world's most wanted men for exposing the NSA was illegally spying on US citizens.
James Clapper lied under oath about our spying programs and instead of going to jail he was hired by CNN to battle disinformation.
You know, a known liar battling disinformation.
Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan lied under oath about the Steele dossier's use in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.
Instead of going to jail, he was hired by CNN and MSNBC to discuss the Trump-Russia collusion, the exact topic he lied about.
Yeah, that's the deal.
You commit a crime for the deep state, and immediately you've got a million dollar job waiting for you at a university or a TV station, whichever one you choose.
That's their collusion.
That's their fascism.
This is the same John Brennan who stated that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation and was a member of the Communist Party before joining the CIA.
That's from Jake Shields on Twitter, pointing that out.
But yeah, it's all true.
And so, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is concerned that socialists are taking over.
Boy, you don't say!
What gave it away, John?
What gave it away?
But look out, John, because you just angered probably half the people that shop at Whole Foods, because they're socialists!
But, good for Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.
Makes me want to shop at Whole Foods, maybe.
Even though the socialists that work there threaten me when I go there.
So yeah, I quit going to Whole Foods after the last time I went.
A bunch of socialists there threatened me and tried to dox me.
So I haven't been to Whole Foods since, but maybe I'll go back.
Here's another example.
Now this is wild.
And I was talking to some people that are covering January 6th defendant stories.
And nothing else has emerged from this yet, so you can take this raw information however you want, but the individual, the son of Guy Reffet, you may recall this story, the son of Guy Reffet turned his father in, recorded his father in secret recordings, he's giving him alcohol and then getting him drunk and then making him talk bad about Democrats on secret recordings in his own house, and then turns that over to the Feds, literally what Nazis did, Right out of a science fiction dystopian movie.
And so, okay, this young man who, you know, sometimes when you're in teenage angst years, you don't really get along with your father, and so he obviously had something against his dad, and then the feds corrupted him into turning his dad over, and then they got him seven years in jail.
So he spied on his dad, and he snitched on his dad.
For the feds.
And he had a GoFundMe set up, supposedly for a college To pay for him to go to college, Jackson-Reffitt College Fund, and it's gotten almost $200,000, and he got interviewed on CNN to promote it.
It's gotten almost $200,000 and people have noticed a lot of these donations are $1,000
or more, but directly $1,000 donations from hundreds of anonymous donors.
Now it's not too odd, obviously, for anonymous donors to be there, but every single one of
them, $1,000, going back more than 18 months ago?
Boy, that begs some serious questions, doesn't it?
I mean, people wouldn't launder money through a GoFundMe to pay someone to snitch on their father though, right?
That wouldn't happen.
Nobody would be paying off a guy through a fake college fundraiser on GoFundMe to pay a guy to spy on his dad though, right?
That wouldn't be going on, would it?
So I know people are looking into that further, but thought I'd share that with you.
Yeah, you think we're living in a socialist hellhole, dystopian novel right now?
You think so?
Children ratting on their parents?
IRS agents getting ready to be trained to use deadly force against political dissidents of the deep state?
Yeah folks, it is really getting that bad.
It truly is.
Now let's take a look at how bad it's getting.
This is Beto O'Rourke, Robert Francis O'Rourke, fake Beto.
Listen to what he said in a campaign event yesterday.
Listen to this closely in clip 2 and you tell me the Democrat Party is not a direct threat to the American way of life in clip 2.
There's another decision for us to make.
Is the Second Amendment absolute, or are there some restrictions on it?
Is any constitutionally protected right absolute, or are there some restrictions?
Is the constitution absolute, asks Beto O'Rourke at a political campaign event.
Is the constitution absolute, asks Beto O'Rourke.
Folks, do you not see what these people are doing?
If the Democrats get into power, I believe, and they steal the elections in 2022, and then really take full control in 2024, you won't have a Bill of Rights anymore, not even ceremoniously.
You won't have a Constitution anymore, not even ceremoniously.
They will end it.
They will write legislation and they will end it.
And Beto O'Rourke is obviously their guy that they've selected to do that through the Texas Governor's race.
We must keep this tyrant, we must keep this horrific person, Vito O'Rourke, out of any public office.
He should not even sniff a public office.
When he goes to a campaign event and says, the Constitution is not absolute, that should be it!
That should be it!
Greg Stubbe gets it.
Here's what he had to say last night on Newsmax and Clip 3.
We have entered a totalitarian regime in the Biden administration that is set on declaring war on conservatives, and there's no check and balance for the administration because you have a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate that's just going to let this type of activity happen without no information.
Congress doesn't even have information.
What I read this morning was Trump's own lawyers hadn't even seen the affidavit because the DOJ had sealed it, so they don't even know the basis of this.
There was another article this morning from a former federal prosecutor that stated, you have to use least obtrusive means.
You can't just do a raid to get documents.
They didn't subpoena these documents before, after they asked for them.
So this may not even be a legal search of Trump's residence.
So it'd be great to see his lawyer team go after that and sue the DOJ if that in fact is true.
We have entered a totalitarian...
You know, here's a perfect... I showed the example of Kilmeade showing a fake image last night on Tucker Carlson as an example why this is why InfoWars is so needed right now.
We're more prepared for this than anyone else.
We've been on the battlefield longer.
We've been in reality longer.
And quite frankly, the only way we really have a chance at saving this country is if Republicans in Congress get serious, and if conservatives in media get serious.
And I've seen that happen in the last, you know, since this week after the Mar-a-Lago raid.
I've witnessed that happen, so that's a good thing.
But you know, another example is, last night, plenty of people were playing the clip of
Robert Francis O'Rourke calling a guy an MF-er during his campaign event,
which is, you know, it's just Beto just faking something basically,
just faking sensationalizing something for media.
But they say, "Oh, this guy was laughing "about a mass shooting, so O'Rourke called him a MF-er."
And not a single person played the clip from 2020 of O'Rourke laughing after a mass shooting.
O'Rourke literally laughed at a press conference after the Christchurch shooting or after the whatever the name of the church was in Texas in 2020.
Beto did a press conference and laughed at a mass shooting.
He literally did that.
But every person I saw covering The MFR statement from O'Rourke yesterday, not a single one covered O'Rourke laughing at a mass shooting in 2020.
Except InfoWars!
Except us!
And so maybe I should pull that video back up.
We have it in yesterday's War Room Show folder.
So let me just do it right now, because no one else will do it.
So the media and the Democrats celebrating O'Rourke today, because he called a guy an MF-er, he said, laughed about a mass shooting, probably didn't even happen, but whatever.
So okay, oh wow, you laughed at a mass shooting, you're the worst person ever.
Well really?
Because here's O'Rourke doing just that in 2020.
It's a lot of injury, a lot of suffering in El Paso right now.
I'm incredibly saddened, and it is very hard to think about this.
And he laughs.
But I'll tell you... Oh, okay, so there you go.
It was the Walmart shooting in El Paso.
The crew correct me.
Thank you, guys.
So, there he is laughing again.
Laughing it up.
Laughing it up during a press conference.
Oh, it's funny.
A mass shooting's funny to Beto in 2020, but then he calls a guy an MF-er for laughing at a mass shooting, even though he did the exact same thing at a press conference.
And not a single person in the media caught on to that, or played it, except InfoWars.
So, we're prepared for this, folks.
We've had the sense of urgency.
We've been collecting and gathering the data.
We have the knowledge.
All the other milquetoast conservatives, all the other squish Republicans, they haven't been on the battlefield, they haven't been in the trenches.
Quite frankly, they haven't even been in reality.
But this Mar-a-Lago raid really put them there, or closer to reality than they've ever been, and now they're starting to get it.
So that's good news, the reinforcements are arriving, but boy oh boy do they have catch-up work to do when they fall for a clearly fake photo of the judge at the Mar-a-Lago raid and they don't even think to play the video of O'Rourke laughing after a mass shooting when they cover him calling a guy an MF-er for laughing at a mass shooting.
We do, because it's all right here.
But for too long, conservatives have been going on TV, just reading off a script, reading off a teleprompter, collecting their paycheck, really not gathering or caring.
But I think that those times are over.
But tell me how O'Rourke isn't completely disqualified when he says the Constitution is not absolute.
I mean, that should be game over.
That should be game over.
But let's take a look at what else the Democrats are up to here.
New York Magazine and others are publishing a story today.
Joe Biden's best week ever.
Of course it's his best week ever.
He didn't work a single day and he's on vacation.
Best week ever.
Joe Biden doesn't have to work and goes on vacation.
That's his best week ever.
Of course it's his best week ever.
Less is more from Joe.
Joe doing a disappearing act.
Joe missing in action.
That's the best week of Biden's presidency.
They admit it!
By the way, where's Kamala Harris?
Anybody know what Kamala's doing?
What's Kamala up to?
Carmela Harris.
Paging Carmela.
Where is she?
What is she?
Who is she?
Nobody knows, but Joe Biden's on vacation.
And, uh, but who's running the country?
Who's raiding former presidents?
Who's censoring Americans?
Who's destroying the economy?
Who's doing it?
Biden doesn't know what's going on.
Harris is nowhere to be found.
What is going on?
By the way, how about that FBI, huh?
Hunter Biden laptop repairman John Paul MacIsaac says FBI agent threatened to hush him up.
The computer repair shop owner, where Biden left his laptop, claims in his new book that an FBI agent threatened him to stay silent.
Of course!
Of course they did.
It's the FBI.
They work for the Democrats.
Don't you know?
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare.
Share the contents of that laptop.
We have to protect the Biden crime family.
The world can't know about their international crimes.
The world can't know about their international business dealings.
The world can't know about the sex addiction and the drug addiction.
And God knows what else is in there.
You better not put that laptop out there.
It's the FBI threatening a computer shop owner.
Biden booed when he arrives in South Carolina for his vacation.
Most popular president ever, folks.
Gets the boo-birds.
Fauci throws out a first pitch in Seattle, gets booed.
Biden shows up in South Carolina on vacation, gets booed.
You wonder why they don't put Biden in public, folks?
You know why Biden's not doing rallies and Biden's not having public events and press conferences?
Because they know anywhere he goes, he's going to get booed.
He's going to get booed.
And there's going to be more anti-Biden people there than pro-Biden people.
Really, you can't even find pro-Biden people.
There are only anti-Biden people.
So he doesn't do public events, he doesn't do campaign events, he does nothing because he is wildly disliked and unpopular and they have to keep that hidden from the public.
Latest poll.
From Issues and Insights, 59% of Americans are worried about Biden's mental health.
59% of Americans worried about Biden's mental health, meaning that 41% of Americans don't have a clue what's going on.
Twitter announces plan to protect November midterm elections, so They're showing you their hand here, folks.
They're showing you their hand.
They're going to do the exact same thing they did in 2020 to protect the Biden crime family and get them into the White House, just like they censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, censored the video of Joe Biden at the CFR bribing Ukraine.
They're going to censor anything negative about Democrats.
They're going to censor anything negative about Biden as we head into the 2020 midterm season, which we're in right now.
So they're showing you their hand.
The internet censorship to protect the Democrats is on.
The internet censorship to protect the Biden family is on.
Talk about rigging elections.
Talk about meddling in elections.
Talk about Nazi tactics.
It's the same group doing it again.
The American left.
The Democrats.
So get ready for that.
Get ready for mass purging and censorship on Twitter any day now.
Anybody on Twitter criticizing Biden, anybody on Twitter criticizing Democrats ahead of the midterms, your days on Twitter are numbered.
They are certainly numbered.
But hey, I think we can trust Merrick Garland.
He seems like a straight shooter, doesn't he?
He seems like a real smart guy and a straight shooter.
And so again, let's just get reminded here by Merrick Garland in clip 5 that the FBI is your friend!
Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly, without fear or favor.
Under my watch, that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing.
Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly, without fear or favor.
Under my watch, that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing.
Ah, yes.
I trust you.
I trust you, Merrick Garland.
There's no two standard of justice.
There's no hierarchy of power in this country.
He's right.
I should just listen to him.
I want to thank you for caring about your own future.
Because if you don't care about your own future, you won't be politically and culturally active, and I won't have a future.
And it's the same thing goes for myself.
If I don't care, if I'm not engaged, you're not going to live in a free country or a safe planet.
You see, that's why the InfoWars audience is so important, because you're activists that understand the Great Reset, understand who the globalists are and how they're the main threat against humanity.
I just want to thank you again for tuning in, I want to thank you for sharing this information, and I want to encourage you to realize that the globalists see InfoWars as a Beachhead that they've got to take down in order to finish their destruction of America and the enslavement of the entire planet.
It is so critical now more than ever to understand the enemies of humanity see censoring and shutting down Infowars as one of their primary missions for a very good reason.
We have been, thanks to your support, one of, if not the most effective outlets exposing their blueprint and their operations.
And that's what my new book The Great Reset and the War for the World lays out the globalist plan to collapse the world economy for their war against the world to finish their criminal takeover.
The book starts shipping in late August, just about a week and a half or so.
And you can pre-order the book right now, whether it's unsigned or signed.
Now, the signed books cost more than the unsigned because it's a fundraiser to help keep us
on the air.
We need a serious war chest to fight the Democratic Party and the Deep State that's trying to
shut us down.
We have a plan to stay on the air.
We will stay on the air if you decide to support Infowars, which many of you have done.
But if you haven't supported Infowars, I would encourage you now to be part of history and
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That's our new special we're running right now for a limited time 40% off with the two products
together or 25% off individually at fullworthstore.com. Now back to Owen Schroer, Elijah Schaefer
and others.
special guest today and we're willing I'll be back this Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
hosting and on Monday god bless and again thank you for being part of the
fight for the human future let me just say this Alex is working right now while
on the road and you may be seeing another big powerful Alex Jones
interview coming up in the near future as well I'm not at liberty to discuss
yet but it'll probably be out there soon You know, I covered this in the first hour.
By the way, Elijah Schaefer is coming up in the next hour.
I covered this in the first hour and... I just... I have a self-preservational, instinctual reaction to this that is just as human as it gets, but I have to...
I have to somehow apply that to everyone else to try to get you to understand.
So, listen to what Oliver Darcy published.
I think it was last night.
Oliver says, this InfoWars host is right.
Here's a sentence I never thought I'd ever write.
InfoWars host Owen Schroyer is spot on.
At least in regard to what he said about Fox News Thursday.
I'm not going to go into the full statement.
I've already covered this story earlier on today.
I just have to reiterate and re-explain something here.
Folks, they are in the middle of running an operation right now.
I've been in the middle of these operations before.
I've been a target of these operations before.
It's like being on a football field.
Against your division rival, and they're running their go-to play, and I'm the free safety, or I'm the middle linebacker, and I call out to my defense, hey, they're running the bubble screen 23, bubble screen 23, like I'm telling you, they're running a play, they're getting ready for mass censorship, they're probably getting ready for mass arrests.
Because with each play, the next play gets more extreme.
See how it goes?
So I'm just telling you, the onslaught coverage of Owen Schroer, it's not about me.
It's about, they're in the middle of running a play, I'm just kind of the decoy that they're using to justify their actions.
Saying, oh look, they say the FBI is bad.
Oh look, they say Fox News sounds like InfoWars.
So what?
Okay, so if you criticize the FBI, you're now gonna get raided, you're gonna be put on a terror watch list.
And if you're on Fox News, and you dare to sound anything like InfoWars, you're gonna get sued.
So that's the operation they're running right now and I'm just, honestly, I'm just sitting here like it's just, it's
surreal because [laughs]
They want us shut down and off air so bad and they thought that the court case from
Last week and two weeks ago was like the final nail in the coffin, and yet we're still on air?
Our ratings are up more than ever before?
I mean folks I don't want to cover this stuff because I don't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole and if other and other
People should be covering it But but I mean you realize that they're now publishing
stories Talking about how info wars ratings are up since the since
the case and how purchases at our store are up since the case
it's like so It's this paradox like they think they've destroyed us they
think this is the end of info wars But they're all tuning in now more than ever before
And I'm not just talking about the audience that tunes in to get information, or likes us, or wants to hear what's really going on in the world.
I'm talking about the enemies of truth, I'm talking about the enemies of America, I'm talking about the enemies, as they view it, of InfoWars.
They're tuned in more than ever before!
They're writing more stories about us than ever before!
They're more obsessed with us than ever before!
It's like, what are you going to do without us?
You'll have nothing!
So, I... We are just living in unreal times.
Unreal times.
And my selfish fear is this.
That I'm going to be destroyed, and that my life is going to be ruined.
That is my selfish fear.
And that's probably my destiny.
And that sucks because I love life.
I love the human experience.
I love it!
I like food, I like people, I like art, I like culture, I like nature.
I love life!
I frickin' love it, man!
It gets me high, dude!
And they want to rip my experience away.
They want to make sure I don't get to experience this magical, divine consciousness.
And that sucks because I love it so much.
I live my life to the fullest and they want to make sure I can't.
But okay, that's my selfish response.
When I remove myself and I transcend it, I say, wow, I'm going to be completely destroyed and then God is going to use me as a tool to save the planet from tyranny.
Wow, what an epic destiny.
How could I ask for anything better?
But selfishly, like my body says, no, I don't want that.
But you transcend that in your spirit and your mind and your soul and you say that's the greatest destiny of all time.
But I still don't even want it!
But that's where this is going.
So, so... I mean, look, here's what... Oh, the FBI, they're the good guys.
No, no, no.
They just get caught running operations against the American people like they did in Michigan.
I mean, how is this even a debate?
What is it?
Eighteen FBI agents set up a trap, an entrapment scheme, where they talk about kidnapping the governor of Michigan or killing the governor of Michigan.
FBI agents doing that!
And then they're able to get some people, like three or four people, to go along with it in text message threads, and so the agents are like, yeah, let's kidnap, let's kill the governor, and then they record these guys they've set up, they've drawn in and set up, saying the same things, and then it gets presented in court, There's a bunch of stories out there.
Here's one headline.
Suspect in secret recording played at trial suggested killing Governor Whitner's security detail.
But it's the FBI setting up and trapping him.
So the FBI can say kidnap the governor.
The FBI can say kill the governor.
But that's okay.
They're FBI agents.
They didn't mean it.
But if you get set up by the FBI and they set you up and they record you, you can't use that as a defense.
But so what is the real operation here?
They run a false flag operation.
Look, conservatives want to kidnap the governor of Michigan, total false flag, total federal government operation, they did it, they ran the whole thing, and then the lead FBI agent on that operation beats his wife at an orgy!
Yeah, they have a type over there at the FBI, don't they?
And then they're in trial right now, one of the trials, and it's all coming out that the FBI set this guy up, but it's still being used against him, like, hey, even though you got set up by the FBI, you still said this stuff.
And you know they did the exact same thing on January 6th, most likely with people like Ray Epps.
And God bless the people that were outside the D.C.
gulag last night praying for the political prisoners being tortured right
now by the Democrat Party People say Alex Jones is crazy, he's a conspiracy theory
guy, he's a nutcase, he's got these rants and all that.
What they miss is that this guy's ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that...
To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I've got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlining stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or InfoWarsTore.com.
Quickly here, let's not forget about what's being done to us by our government.
Let's start with the vaccines.
Here's a woman testifying at a hearing.
Talking about a 10-year-old having a heart attack from a vaccine and how she had to deal with this riding in the ambulance to the ER in Clip 8.
But I can tell you that two days ago I flew out my first 10-year-old with a heart attack and I had to fight the doctor in the ER because he's like 10-year-olds don't have heart attacks and I argued back and forth for 30 minutes to force his hand to get an EKG to find out that he was He had almost a complete STEMI, which is ST-elevated myocardial infarction, for which you could see it lit up on the 12 lead EKG.
And he's like, well, that's not possible.
And I'm like, well, he was just vaccinated yesterday.
It is very much possible.
At any given time, people are getting a hold of me and the nurse advocates at American Frontline Nurses to help advocate.
Because as you've seen, there is victim shaming.
That, oh, it's anxiety.
Oh, it's this.
But in actuality, if they put down that it was a vaccine injury, The physician, the corporation, the hospital, the clinic, they actually won't get reimbursed so it gets labeled as anxiety or neuropathy or Guillain-Barre syndrome when in actuality it's very realistically a vaccine injury.
Whereas I tell people you are better off in South America in a field hospital than you are in level one trauma designer hospitals in the United States.
As nurses we're getting reports across the country from our American frontline nurses about Patients not getting food.
Patients not getting water.
How come a patient hasn't been fed in nine days?
Why do I need to get a court order to force a hospital to feed a person who isn't intubated and who's literally telling you they would like food?
Oh, well, you can't take your BiPAP mask off.
Well, that's what us nurses are for.
We're going to help you take that off and we're going to help you eat, but we're not allowed to.
You know, if they're on a ventilator, they're not getting basic standards of care.
I've had patients that haven't been bathed, haven't been fed, haven't been given water, haven't been turned.
And if you ask me, this isn't a hospital, this is a concentration camp.
Absolutely it is.
They're killing us with the vaccines and let's not forget also how they're crashing our economy and how bad it is.
Look at this news report.
It's so bad in America people are going to Mexico for economic relief in clip one.
For the seventh straight month, food prices in the U.S.
have gone up, which means Americans are looking elsewhere, like even in other countries, for their favorite foods.
If you're on a budget, you gotta take care of yourself.
Like Ibran Jimenez, who drove nearly two hours to get to Tijuana.
With a wife, two children and a third due next month, he says he needs all the financial help he can get.
And we walked with David and Maria McCarty across the border.
They came for street tacos and a routine Cheaper.
It's much cheaper to do it down here.
Everything is a lot cheaper down in Mexico.
I mean, you can go out and have a giant meal and spend about $20.
It'll cost you $100 in San Diego or Chula Vista.
California bargain hunters are shopping in Tijuana like never before.
Shop owners at the popular Mercado Hidalgo have seen a 20-30% jump in American tourism during the weekdays.
And when you look at the prices, it's easy to see why.
A gallon of milk is 50% off compared to the U.S., a 4-pack of toilet paper is nearly $5 cheaper, and a 24-pack of Tylenol is also $1 less.
And don't worry about the cost to get there.
You may as well fill up on gas, because that's also $1.24 cheaper than the California average.
Gas prices, they're going up like crazy, and that's what kills us, you know?
The middle class.
Your money goes farther in Mexico.
But don't worry, guys.
The Democrats, they're doing great.
How do you like Democrat Party rule?
People having to go to Mexico.
But hey, don't worry.
The Pelosi's are doing just fine.
Nancy Pelosi's son, who went with her to Taiwan as an escort, she says.
Yeah, his business deals in China are going public and investing in Chinese tech firms and the Pelosi's investing in microchip companies.
But hey, guys, you're getting crushed economically by the Democrats, but don't worry.
They're getting filthy rich.
Holy smokes, folks.
There are huge stories developing at the southern border right now in Texas.
My goodness.
And I've got some other border news here.
Oh, boy.
I mean, this country is just falling apart, folks.
And Joe Biden's on vacation, so...
Be not afraid.
Elijah Schaffer joins us now, the host of Slightly Offensive.
I mean, Elijah, it's just, the news right now is so overwhelming.
And obviously the big story that just encapsulates all of it, the Democrat Party is just fully corrupt.
They're now totally in bed with the FBI and all the other government institutions.
It's now a collusion operation against the American people.
The American people are suffering.
Joe Biden's on vacation.
And we've got a total authoritarian, totalitarian, tyrannical regime oppressing the American people now.
I think they're getting ready for something big after the Trump raid.
I think that was just the beginning.
Elijah Shafer, your response to the current state of affairs in American politics right now?
You know what?
I have to say this.
The words that I would use, God would not want me to use them.
But the actions that we might have to use one day, I pray that God gives us the wisdom to move swiftly, as we protect our family and our friends.
Because you see right now, as we speak, the establishment media, Michael Boschlis from NBC, literally giving a dog whistle about executing President Trump.
Talking about the Rosenbergs, saying, Someone else gave nuclear documents, which we have not confirmed, which I don't believe is true and the American public doesn't buy it.
Well, they gave nuclear documents to the Russians and we executed them.
You know, we shot them.
And then he goes, hint, hint, hint, wink, wink.
Do you know who else had nuclear documents they were trying to give to the Russians?
Well, according to the mainstream media and the FBI, they didn't want cameras around as they raided Melania's panty drawers and possibly planted evidence inside of his safes.
Oh, it was Donald Trump.
The mainstream media is already hinting, this is not Madonna, this is not Johnny Depp.
The mainstream establishment arm of the regime is already coaxing us into believing that Donald Trump may deserve an execution, all while the current president, that they say was elected, is out sipping on his Adderall-induced Martinis, and then you have the southern border going on, not only fentanyl, not only immigration, but literally cartels rioting, killing people inside Little Caesars, an absolute lawlessness abounding, and we're supposed to sit here and just go, yeah, everything's good, let me spend ten more dollars on my gas, let me give you five extra bucks.
And you know what, while you're at it, send one of your 87,000 IRS agents, while you're injecting my kid with poison, you're telling my wife to get an abortion and to kill my future generations, and while you're at it, take the rest of my money, and if I don't comply, why don't you just kill all of us?
Because that's what they're threatening right now.
They're threatening death, and while you're on your way to it, they're threatening suffering, they're already persecuting us.
I mean, what the hell is even going on?
It's absolute madness.
Well, and I want to get back into the IRS story because it ties into everything you just said, but see, really the overall kind of notion that you have to this is the same one I have to it.
I mean, I just see all this news and it's just like, God help us!
I mean, just God help us!
I mean, I see the awakening.
I see the awakening inside of the Republican Party.
I see the awakening inside even the mainstream media, some in the mainstream liberal media, and then obviously on Fox News, but it's like, We have to start taking serious swift action against the real criminals in this country that have been operating out of DC for decades.
Or I see America getting into such a dark place.
Raids against American citizens becoming an everyday thing.
Execution of dissidents to the Democrat Party becoming a regular thing.
And really just not even having elections anymore so Democrats can stay in power.
I mean, I really see that that's where all of this is going in America.
And it's just like...
We have to beg God, please give us a relief.
Please give us a path out of this.
You're absolutely right.
I wanted to remind people specifically from the Oklahoma City bombings.
If you guys don't remember, there was an individual, a hero cop that lived during the time.
He was African-American and he came out after the OKC bombings and said the official narrative I just want to give a different example, meaning he saved multiple lives.
He was getting the Medal of Valor and he said, hey, I think I have a slightly different narrative than the FBI is giving on that.
And what happened?
I think it was about a day before he was about to receive his medal of honor for actually going and saving lives in a tragedy.
He died of suicide with a downward shot to his body, cuts and wounds, grass stuck in his wounds.
Handcuff marks on his hands.
Died in a field.
A hero cop who questioned an official narrative is killed and they say they died by suicide.
These people are wicked.
If they would kill a cop who saved people, I don't even care what the narrative was.
Whether the government did it, whether people did it, whether terrorists did it, whether McVeigh did it.
The point is, a man went and he gave his life, risked his life to save people, and somebody was willing to take him out.
Go down that rabbit hole and think about that.
If they're willing to do it to someone there, and by the way, being an officer, he's probably armed off-duty, he has a firearm, he's able to protect himself to some extent, but sometimes with the state, you think about this, they have about What, 4 million armed individuals about?
I think we have a couple hundred million firearms, in terms of small firearms.
They've killed 20 million people, you know?
Maybe 6 million people in the last, you know, 100 years.
I guess it depends on how you count.
I think American citizens and self-defense have killed 250,000.
Who's the real enemy?
You have a fraction of the portion of firearms of us as the state, yet you've killed millions, and yet we only use our guns in self-defense.
They're wicked, they're evil, and if they'll kill an officer who saved lives, they'll kill a servant of the people who was trying to do what's right.
What makes you think they're not going to do something like that to you?
What makes you think that you, what, you didn't pay your taxes?
Well, that's not even as good as saving lives.
I mean, and they want the IRS to be willing to kill.
That's how badly they want your money.
The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
And I'm damn for sure that they are so greedy that they will take everything.
And once they've squeezed us dry of every penny, they're coming for the breath in our lungs.
No, and I think the only thing right now, there is only one thing in the way of that, and that is the Second Amendment.
As soon as the Democrats get rid of the Second Amendment, which is O'Rourke's campaign, I mean literally his whole campaign is getting rid of guns.
Once you see the Democrats actually...
Fully start implementing the gun-grabbing and taking all the guns.
I think that's when we see this go into just complete tyranny, complete oppression, complete dystopia.
That's the only thing really stopping them at a mass level I see right now.
But they're already trying to disarm citizens.
They are disarming citizens actively that people don't even realize that's going on.
Citizens are being disarmed every day by the federal government actually right now.
And so I think you're right.
I think that's where this goes next.
And let's not forget How many police officers that were there on January 6th committed suicide in the months following January 6th?
I think it was like three or four police officers committed suicide.
But I'm sure there's no foul play there, Elijah.
We should probably not even mention that.
No, it's very normal when you are the victim of an attack and you want to get your voice heard, you want to tell people the truth, that you would accidentally just commit suicide.
And that's such a common theme.
Right after these events, you know, especially considering there was no mass casualties, Besides the people who committed suicide and the Trump supporters who were killed that day, many of them talk about they died from natural causes.
Being that I was there, specifically at the Capitol, and I know people were pushed off of walls, people were trampled.
I mean, this was an absolute just tragedy because it was allowed to happen by the federal government as well.
So, you know, in any compensatory charges could be filed.
It's like people did die because security was low and they should sue the federal government for that.
But, you know, when I'm reading some of these stories, I look and I I see it, you know, in Portland, how they toppled, I remember a few years ago, they toppled the abolitionist Abraham Lincoln statue and as a sign to social justice in the city, the city never replaced it.
And I think that's what's so important that people have to understand.
Is that every time they erode one more civil liberty, every time they erode one more of our amendments, every time they erode one more of our God-given rights that we have fought for, that our nation has bled for, that even my ancestors fought in the Revolution and in the Civil War, literally to free the slaves, literally to have independence.
We walk around and we're told our history is not good enough.
White men are evil.
White men are bad.
So what if 500,000 white people gave their lives for the freedom of slavery?
So what if thousands and tens of thousands fought in a war they couldn't win against the British?
So what if many more white men and many more Americans died in countless wars like Vietnam, where they gave their lives for seemingly nothing, it appears, It doesn't matter because today we're going to rewrite history.
You're not going to be in power.
It's not just white men, but no men are going to be in power.
We're going to be a queer, LGBT, trans movement of disabled people.
And the men are going to be weak, emasculated.
We're going to take your testosterone.
We're going to suck it out with straws and seed oils.
And we're going to make sure that you enjoy it and you thank us as we put you in your grave.
And anyone who resists, they're going to take us down.
They're going to end our lives early.
I'm sure of it.
Yeah, that's where this is going, and I just pray to God we can, we can, good men and women can rise up and stop it peacefully and politically, because, I mean, that, that really is where it goes.
And, uh, I mean, they even get lied to about history.
They get lied to about history.
We'll talk about that with Elijah Schaefer on the other side.
Elijah Schaefer is with us, host of Slightly Offensive.
Elijah, I want to play a clip for you real quick, and not give any context to it, and just see what comes to your mind hearing this clip.
Guys, let's go back.
Here's Barack Obama.
In 2008, Elijah, listen to this clip and tell me what comes to mind now in the year 2022 from this Obama clip in 2008.
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
Elijah, your response?
I would say this, besides the funding part, I would have originally said, yeah, we should have a civilian force, and then the funding, okay, so this is not a self-funded, this is not a well-regulated militia in terms of our Second Amendment.
So who's funding the civilian force?
And is that a force of us who are fighting for our own protection of our homes?
Or is that a force that is coming to watch us, to spy on us, to try to make sure that we're falling in line?
And I think we've already begun to see this with the development of the Department of Homeland Security, when they say at the airport, if you see something, Say something.
Please report any suspicious activity.
And that's scary to me because right now the suspicious activity is a left bag, which already seems quite odd.
You'd assume someone would put their backpack down that they're going to blow you up.
That's a fear-mongering, communist rhetoric to divide people and make us fear our neighbor.
But also, who is it?
And where is the money coming from?
I think I have an idea.
And we're already seeing Mar-a-Lago being raided, a private home of an ex-president I bet I have an idea of who that could be.
And now, I mean, I just see the IRS about to hire 87,000 agents that are being trained to use deadly force against American citizens and I just can't help but think, wow, what a perfect time for the government expansion during the Patriot Purge to bring in 87,000 neo-liberal radical communist leftists that get sexually aroused at the idea of carrying a badge around and a gun to go kill their political opposition.
Yeah, they're lesbians.
They're going to be ugly.
They're going to be fat.
They're going to be gender confused.
They're going to have chopped off their genitals.
Their IQs are going to be lower than your grandparents' age.
They're going to be quadruple boosted, coming from the most prestigious and also some of the dumbest colleges alike, with only one goal in mind, that their loyalty is to the regime, that they do not think for themselves, and that they'd be willing to sacrifice anything except for their own lives I'm talking about your life, right?
My life.
They're willing to sacrifice our lives to use deadly force.
I mean, these people are strapped.
I mean, I made an episode of Slightly Offensive, my podcast, that was out today at two o'clock, and I'm telling you, Carrie Lake, future governor of Arizona, was talking, the federal government has gone out of control, and they are coming for us, and they will come for you.
They will raid your home, and we've gotta be careful.
If we don't want the global homo-quasi mixed diversity, Racially ambiguous obese IRS agent army?
Knocking down your door?
You've got to do something.
You've got to start calling your congressmen.
You've got to call your senators.
You've got to call your local politicians.
We've got to mobilize at a state level.
We need protections in the boundaries of our federalist system.
We need that to return or else it's going to be too late.
By the time you don't, by the time you pick up your phone to call, you're like, hello?
It's like, well, who's on the other line?
You hear a knock at your door.
It's the IRS agents and they're going to take your family.
They're going to take your things.
And if you can't pay up, they're going to take your life.
Oh my gosh, it's just, it's so crazy to think that they're doing this right in front of us, especially considering that the left-wing ideology, you'd think we'd learn from history here, Elijah, but we don't.
The left-wing ideology is the most blood-drenched, deadly ideology out of the 20th century.
Mao Zedong the communist killed at least 100 million.
Adolf Hitler, the socialist, killed, I think they say, 70 million.
I don't know the numbers in front of me, but it's well known.
Left-wing ideology, socialism, communism, is the deadliest ideology in the history of this planet.
Aside from just straight-up death cults, but left-wing ideology is the closest thing to a death cult, if it isn't, to begin with.
And I always ask myself this...
How many people have to die for the left-wing ideology to be complete?
How many people have to die?
We know the answer!
100 million in China, 70 million in the National Socialist Party of Germany.
So literally, if the left-wing wants to actually complete their ideology, they're going to have to kill millions or even billions of people.
I say we don't let them.
Let's stick to freedom.
Let's learn from history.
Left-wing ideology ends in blood and death and murder and devastation.
Let's learn from the 20th century and eradicate this from the 21st century before they kill hundreds of millions again.
No, you're right.
And they started with the torturing already.
And the weirdest part about the modern left socialist genocide is that Just like public shamings, which we saw begin staunchly in the 2015-2016 area, and we saw free speech completely eradicated, where you can lose your job for misgendering someone, using the wrong pronouns.
You know, as I always say, I don't care about your pronouns.
I don't even care about your name.
You're a narcissist.
But they want you to care.
And then here's the best part.
Now they're having you mutilate your own children and thinking that you're liberating them.
That was that Boston Children's Hospital, you guys probably talked about it, that was offering hysterectomies to minors.
And they want you to abuse and mutilate your kids, and the best part that I can't understand is...
You feel like a good person while you do their bidding to your own family.
But a lot of people are waking up, Owen.
A lot of people are realizing, I don't want to chop my kid's penis off.
I don't want my daughter's breasts to be moved to mastectomies.
I don't want to drink the poison.
I'm not going to eat your cricket chips.
I don't want this BS way of living.
And so you know what happens?
As the resistance grows, everyone celebrates on Twitter.
Oh, the narrative is collapsing.
There's a red wave coming in 2022.
We're finally winning.
Oh, we're going to be so mad about the raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago.
Well, I'll tell you this.
You're not the only one paying attention that their information warfare is losing.
You're not the only one who knows that the grip on warfare is falling apart.
They know.
And when they can't convince you anymore to hurt your own children, when they lose the right to kill your own baby, and they stop convincing you that abortion is healthcare, when they've lost the ability to genocide through your own hands, what will they do?
When they can't get through your hands, they'll take away your arms, specifically your right to bear arms, and then they will come and they will do the killing, the death, and the mutilation themselves.
This is the greatest bait-and-switch you've ever seen, and as we think we've gained ground in the Supreme Court, believe me, watch yourself.
Make sure that you're armed.
Make sure that you apply your patriotic skills.
Make sure you understand what God has called you to.
Always seek the peace, but be prepared for an attack.
Always be on the defense and realize what could always come.
Like a bear attacking in the night, never underestimate your enemy.
And I want to talk about The Awakening when we come back in the next segment, but I just want to kind of put this down.
We were talking about this in the last segment.
It's frustrating.
You know, liberals, they don't know anything, including their own history.
And so we have this big argument about why America needs to go down because it's racist, and it's so sick.
It's so sickening that you have to teach these people history every day to get them to understand the truth.
I mean, they say, look how racist America is.
It had slaves.
Oh, forget about the world history of slavery.
I mean, you know, that goes well beyond America.
We actually ended slavery and set that precedent for the world.
But it's like you hear it all the time.
Oh, it's racist.
Oh, they own slaves.
Folks, 25% of Americans in the South own slaves.
It was less than 10% in the entire country in the years before we abolished slavery.
Less than 10% of Americans.
And just to add a little cherry on top...
Black men owned slaves too!
Freed black men owned black slaves!
But see, they don't teach you that in the history books because they gotta teach you that America is racist and therefore America needs to be shut down.
No, it's not America that makes America great, it's freedom that makes America great.
That's why they have to destroy America, because they have to take your freedom.
So here's a flashback from early February of this year, just weeks before the Russians did officially begin their police action into areas of eastern Ukraine and southern Ukraine.
Now, I had said back in October of last year that the Russians were going to invade sometime by the end of February, because that's when the frozen tundra basically starts turning into liquid mud that the tanks can't go through.
And it was clear that the Russians, after NATO, Starting the war eight years ago, we're tired of being pushed around and we're going to strike back.
I don't support what the U.S.
and George Soros are doing.
I didn't support what Putin's doing.
I think this is all a terrible idea.
Look what it's done to energy prices in Europe.
Look how they've used it as an excuse for the Great Reset here in America.
This is a bad deal.
But regardless, we were right.
Tomorrow's news today.
But I want to play this clip.
From the former CIA operative and spokesperson for the State Department, telling the truth and saying, no, we have intel they're massing troops, they're shipping up blood for their troops that have been injured.
We know this invasion is about to happen.
And we believe Putin will stage some provocations on some of the towns on the Russian border with Ukraine as a pretext to come in.
And right on time, those pretexts happened.
Now, the story here and the moral of the story is that major governments, when they invade countries, have always staged provocations.
It came out on the eve of the 2003 Iraq invasion that Bush wanted to shoot down a fake U.N.
aircraft, but generals told him don't do it, but they did stage some other provocations.
In 1991, the war started.
In 1990, saying that Saddam was bashing the brains out of babies' heads in incubators in Kuwait.
None of that was true.
To get into Vietnam, we had the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, where they said our ships were attacked.
Declassified in 2004.
It was totally staged.
Operation Northwoods.
All these things are admitted cases of planning to stage false flags, or have crisis actors and the whole thing's completely staged, or you can actually attack somebody and just blame it on your enemy.
And so we were vindicated yet again when they said, oh, it's Alex Jones territory for the CIA and the State Department to say Russia may stage attacks on itself as a pretext to invade.
We see them massing and we've got intel they're planning this.
And there were some events, truck bombs, some targeted assassinations and things that looked like it wasn't NATO but Russia as a pretext.
Because let's be clear, the Russians aren't choir boys either.
The bottom line is you've always got to look at something low-level like Jesse Smollett or Bubba Wallace and say, is that staged?
Which it was.
And is something high-level, where big powerful forces stand to gain, is that staged?
And the answer is, yes.
Many times, the groups that stand to gain are the ones that actually staged it.
But we're sued, they believe, into oblivion for questioning Sandy Hook many, many years ago, later saying we thought it happened.
The media blew it up to be my whole personality.
Then they have a show trial where the judge says, I'm already guilty, so they can, quote, try to shut us down.
They said the goal is to shut him down and anybody else asking questions.
And the judge, right out of the Ministry of Truth, in 1984, said, you think you tell the truth.
You think you're telling the truth, but you don't.
The truth comes from me.
Well, no, it doesn't come from you in your black robe up there like a fat little vampire bat.
And you're doing what tyrants always do is they lose control.
You're squeezing, and that will only accelerate the fall of the corrupt interests that have hijacked our nation.
Here's the clip from just six months ago, and then we're going to go right back to the live broadcast.
But this is historic.
We told you a few weeks ago that we have information indicating Russia also has already prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine.
So that, Matt, to your question, is an action that Russia has already taken.
It's an action that you say that they have taken, but you have shown no evidence to confirm that.
And I'm going to get to the next question here, which is, What is the evidence that they... I mean, this is like crisis actors, really?
This is like Alex Jones territory you're getting into then.
What evidence do you have to support the idea that there is some propaganda film in the making?
Matt, this is derived from information known to the U.S.
Intelligence information that we have declassified.
I think you know.
Okay, well, where is it?
Where is this information?
It is intelligence information that we have declassified.
Well, where is it?
Where is the declassified information?
I just delivered it.
No, you made a series of allegations and statements.
Would you like us to print out the topper?
Because you will see a transcript of this briefing that you can print out for yourself.
That's not evidence, Ned.
That's you saying it.
That's not evidence.
I'm sorry.
What would you like, Matt?
I would like to see some proof that you can show that Matt, you have been... That shows that the Russians are doing this.
Ned, I've been doing this for a long time.
I know, that was my point.
You have been doing this for quite a while.
You know that when we declassify intelligence information, we do so in a means... We do so with an eye to protecting sources and methods.
And I remember that Kabul is not going to fall.
I remember a lot of things.
So where is the declassified information other than you coming out here and saying, Matt, I'm sorry you don't like the format, but we have declassified... It's not the format, it's the content!
I'm sorry you don't like the content.
I'm sorry you are doubting the information that is in the possession of the U.S.
What I'm telling you is that this is information that's available to us.
We are making it available to you in order for a couple reasons.
One is to attempt to deter the Russians from going ahead with this activity.
Two, in the event we're not able to do that, in the event the Russians do go ahead with this, to make it clear as day, to lay bare the fact that this has always been an attempt on the part of the Russian Federation to fabricate a pretext.
They want you to forget about things like this.
They don't want you to ever question the official narrative.
But even if you're wrong questioning an official narrative, it's your right to do it.
But all these attacks on free speech are about making the general public be afraid to question the official story, because in all the major polls, mainstream media has the lowest poll numbers in its history below 10%.
So we're gonna go back to the live broadcast right now, but I hope you will share this video.
It will also be posted and banned on video because it's very historic and it's very important.
And the biggest victory for free speech right now is InfoWars on air every day.
That's the biggest victory we can have for free speech.
They won us off air.
They thought we'd be off air by now.
We're not, thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com and your prayers.
So please keep that up.
Elijah Schaefer still with us from Slightly Offensive.
Elijah, I want to get into the awakening that we're seeing right now, but I want to do that in the next segment.
We have some more time in this short two and a half minutes we have left.
You know, the border situation and the illegal immigrant situation is really just completely on another level now.
It's turned into a ping-pong match.
Washington D.C.
mayor asks U.S.
military for 90 days of help with illegal immigrants.
So they want the military to help the Democrat cities with illegal immigrants, but not stop them at the southern border.
Now New York is threatening to bus them back to Texas.
So we're just going to be busing them all around the country?
Why not just bus them back to wherever they came from?
Governor Abbott dares New York City Mayor to make my day following threats to bus New Yorkers to Texas to campaign against him.
I mean, is this not one of the weirdest things?
The border's wide open.
The Democrats say they have a sanctuary city, but they don't want the illegal immigrants in it.
They're going to send them back to Texas.
Uh, hello?
Let's just not let them in to begin with.
Why is that not an option here?
It's not an option, Owen, because you know what I know is that they don't want illegal immigrants in blue cities because it doesn't change the vote long term, right?
It's not really a big deal.
The whole point people don't understand is it's not about hating brown people because the border is so diverse.
You have a lot of Haitians, you have a lot of people from Central, South America, a lot of Asians, a lot of Chinese people.
People forget that about 75% of Asians in America live somewhere in the West Coast area, California, etc.
And so, you know, there's a lot of people coming up that are trying to get in, and they need these people to get bused into middle America.
It's a huge problem for them, because these states are so red, they're so strong, and they can't handle it.
They can't handle us just living in peace.
They don't want to leave us alone.
So the whole goal is, well, let's just bus a bunch of people.
Let's let a bunch of people into these countries.
into our country and into the states so that eventually long-term they're playing a long game.
It's not because they're illegal and they're going to vote in Texas today. It's because they're going
to have kids because of our anchor baby laws and the sanctuary city laws are only meant to attract
people. So they have these difficult to reach cities on the coast on the east and north like
Portland and Seattle and DC and then they go come we're a sanctuary city and then they just get
stuck in these red states in the middle in the south exactly where they want them and if they
don't get stuck they like to fly them into the states so within 30 years there'll be a different
voting bloc and they can have totalitarian control.
Absolutely 100 percent.
That's Elijah Schaffer, host of Slightly Offensive.
He's going to be sticking around with us for the next segment.
Folks, in this short break, please, this four-minute break, go to infowarsstore.com, make a purchase at the store, make a donation.
Let's keep Alex Jones on air.
Let's keep InfoWars on air in these critical times in American history.
So CNN's Oliver Darcy, who actively gets Infowars censored off the internet, he admits we're right!
Amazing stuff, Oliver.
Oliver, by the way, do you really want to live in a corrupt country?
Do you really want to live in a dystopian, oppressive government regime country, Oliver?
Come on, man, because that's what you're fighting for here.
But hey, he admits I'm right here.
Oliver Darcy says, here's a sentence I never thought I'd ever write.
InfoWars host Owen Schroer is spot on, at least in regard to what he said about Fox News on Thursday, saying Fox News sounds like more like InfoWars than ever before.
Oliver, let me give you a little update here though, buddy.
I'm not just right about that.
We're right about everything.
We were right about Epstein and his pedophile island.
We were right that there was no Trump-Russia collusion.
We were right that Trump would win the election.
We were right that your two impeachment scams of Trump would go nowhere.
We were right that if Biden got into office, energy prices, gas prices would skyrocket.
I mean, I'm just beginning.
I guess I could go on, but I'll just stop right there.
We were right about everything, Oliver.
Not just this.
But it's funny, you still tune in every day, even though you want us off the air.
So, it brings me to this, though, Elijah.
There's obviously a Great Awakening happening right now.
Milk-toast conservatives, middle-of-the-line Republicans, Conservative Inc., everybody realize, okay, wait a second.
We need to have a sense of urgency here.
Alex Jones and Infowars have been right all these years.
Elijah Schaffer has been right.
All these people that we considered out there and far right and we don't really want to bring them into the conservative movement because they're too out there for us.
Oh, it turns out we were right all along.
The sense of urgency is catching up.
Where do you see this awakening at right now when it comes to conservatives, Republicans and Trump voters?
That's a good question.
Number one, I just want to say with Oliver Darcy, you know, I think he's actually from Blaze TV.
I think he switched sides.
He did.
He tried to get a job here.
He actually used to have a website called Left Wing Watch or Far Left Watch before he joined CNN.
Yeah, so he was fake.
And by the way, one of our old employees as well now works for Media Matters, which I don't think I'm allowed to talk directly And they write hit pieces about me.
One of our recent employees left and now works for Media Matters and craps on me.
So it's so funny.
So you hated us enough that you would spy on us, that you would want to work with us, or maybe you really believed it, but then you got taken down.
Because you weren't accepted by the truth tellers.
Because you weren't a real one.
Real knows real.
And these people are realizing what I've been noticing all along.
The line between Blaze TV, between Fox News and InfoWars is getting blurred in the most healthy way possible.
I mean, Turning Point USA's Drew Hernandez front line show just got banned off of YouTube permanently for being too extreme.
Turning Point USA, who people criticize Charlie Kirk, they criticize the organization for what?
Being neo-cons or soft on politics.
It's 2022, folks.
The time to start fighting your allies has ended.
The time to realize the common enemy and to start pairing together and to focus on the threat has come to the beginning and we need to start and rethink our strategy in our war and realize these petty fights and this stupidity Is not what's going to be worth it.
We can fight all the time about, you know, how much we hate each other, but we can all agree $40 billion is $40 billion too much to Ukraine.
We can all agree that one baby murder through abortion is one baby too much.
We can agree that Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum existing for one more hour is one hour beyond what this world can afford.
Like, wake up people and realize that if the left sees that we're uniting, then you've got to wake up as well and see we've all come to the understanding that we need Christ.
We need Christ crucified.
We need Jesus in our lives.
We need the Holy Spirit.
And guys, I tell you this, all the Christians that are weak out there saying, we've got to turn the other cheek.
Turn the other cheek!
Look, you've turned your cheeks 20 times.
They've been slapped 10 times each side.
You only got two of them, my friend.
The only other cheeks you got are the ones on your rear end.
And I'm not willing to take a spanking from them anymore.
Genuinely and concerningly, remember, you are the hands and the feet of Christ.
And so take your hands and go out into battle.
You can go ahead and be a mitochondria or whatever, be a power cell.
But I want to be the hands, Owen.
You know what I'm talking about?
I want to get into battle.
I want to get into info war.
I want to actually get into this fight to know and let them know that we're not going to take this sitting down any longer and that you want to destroy our outlets, you want to destroy our shows, you want to keep deplatforming us like Savannah Hernandez has been multiple times as she succeeds downwards as they try to destroy their lives, destroy Alex, destroy you, destroy Harrison.
It's like, no, the time is over.
You've got to realize we've got friends in high places and you can't destroy us all.
And I think Republicans have realized this now.
It's really a matter of how much leverage they have or what they can do with what they have right now.
That all the apparatchiks being set up by the Democrat Party in the deep state, Obama holdovers and elsewhere...
Those apparatchiks must be demolished.
They must be.
We cannot let the IRS hire 87,000 neoliberals to go after conservatives.
We cannot do it.
We have to stop the spying on American citizens, the weaponizing of the FBI.
And other government bureaucracies against the American citizens.
This has to be stopped now.
Now it must be stopped.
And I think some Republicans are realizing that.
So I do see that awakening on the right side of American political discourse.
Now let's go to the left side.
They're losing their minds like nothing we've ever seen before.
The average liberal out there is so far off the map of reality, I don't even think we're ever going to be able to find them again.
Here's a perfect example.
Now granted, this is a soap opera star, so she's probably not that bright to begin with, but listen to this absolute lunacy that they believe now.
And folks, you go look at this tweet that Nancy Lee Grand put out.
Liberals actually believe this!
They actually believe this!
Here it is.
Dear FBI, I know you don't need advice from a soap star, but having been in 10 or 10,000 implausible storylines in my 37 years, I recommend digging up Ivana Trump.
Clearly it didn't take 10 pallbearers to carry a liposuctioned 73-year-old who methinks was in her weight in classified docs.
She's saying she thinks Ivana Trump was killed by Donald Trump, which they do believe that.
They put those stories out there.
And then they stuffed her body cavity with classified documents?
Elijah, these liberals are so far off the map of reality.
They're gone.
The tether has snapped.
They're out in space.
There's no gravity that can bring them back.
I mean, this is bat crap crazy.
Yeah, and she'll keep her account too.
I mean, the insinuation, the disrespect, the desecration of somebody who died.
How dare you, you know, come to a responsible conclusion that somebody killed their wife and used the corpse or ex-wife to stuff papers into, as if These people are so stupid that if they wanted to get rid of documents, they just could.
But they can't handle the fact their lives are so delusional.
They're filled with the heart of Satan.
I mean, these are the people whose idols are pedophiles.
They love to sexually assault one another.
They live a life of deceit and of manipulation.
And the way they think we're living the same lives.
They try, but we're not, because we're children of light.
Yeah, we make mistakes.
A lot of men, women here, you've made, you've, you've, you know, blown up your life at one point, and then you realized, hey, I need God.
Maybe you're still messing up, and you go, hey, I need redemption.
But guess what?
These people don't understand that.
They don't realize that God can redeem people, that there are actual light warriors like those at InfoWars, people out there in the media, Daily Wire, Blaze TV, people fighting the good fight of faith, and they don't realize that we're not gonna lose.
No matter what lies they concoct, we aren't going to lose because in the end, we still
end up winning because judgment comes upon the wicked.
And even if it's not by our hands or by our sword, it's by the sword of the son of God
coming down on a white horse and a robe dipped in blood.
They need to understand that this is a supernatural battle and that we can see through their
delusions like God said he would harden their hearts so that they would be deceived by their
own lies like the Romans were in chapter one.
They would give up natural affection.
They would give up logic.
They would keep pursuing the truth, but never arrive.
We're in a holy battle, Owen.
You know we are.
And we can't give up hope no matter how black-pilled or discouraged we feel at times.
No matter how tired.
The time to engage is now.
Elijah Schaefer with us here, host of Slightly Offensive.
One more thing, Elijah, before I let you go.
The monkeypox phenomenon is truly hilarious.
The media coverage of it.
Can the monkeypox virus spread via clothes or groceries?
And so it's, oh, it's everything but what's actually causing it.
It's the sodomy.
It's the gay orgies.
And then it's 99% of monkeypox cases are sexually active gay men.
Half of them have HIV positive going to these orgies.
And then kids get it and they say, the kid did have contact with gay men.
But see they, oh it's everything else.
Monkeypox might be caused by this, that, or the other thing.
But don't mention the gay orgies that went on during Pride Month that obviously caused this outbreak.
Don't anything but that, Elijah.
Yeah, it's weird that the only groceries that are causing monkeypox is vegetable bags of eggplants, bananas, and large-sized cucumbers in plastic bags that for some reason were wrapped around the vegetables using a rubber band.
I'm not gonna say.
I don't know.
Maybe it was the groceries.
Maybe it wasn't, but it's a little suspicious.
That's it.
You've figured it out.
It was cucumbers and eggplants that spread monkeypox.
Forget about how they got there or where they ended up.
It's just, you know, let's blame the inanimate fruit objects.
The fruit object's being used by the fruits.
That's what they're saying.
I'm not saying it, because I'm not a bigot.
But, you know, we'll go ahead and keep it and say stop monkeying around with monkeypox.
Maybe that's why they're using bananas, because it's just all about monkeying around.
But hey, monkeys are under attack now, so don't be bigoted against monkeys, alright?
Alright, so Chip Roy is calling out Congress, who haven't read the bill.
And are not even properly voting on the Inflation Reduction Act bill.
He says this, the vast majority, if not all members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans, who are signing this letter to vote by proxy are lying.
There is no other way to describe it.
And they are lying to vote on a massively harmful bill from the comfort of home, vacation or otherwise.
So it's the Inflation Reduction Act.
And they're not even showing up to vote on it.
They're just voting from home or vacation or wherever or who knows.
He just says they're lying about it.
But it gets even worse.
So not only are they not legitimately voting on this bill, $433 billion Inflation Reduction Act bill, they can't even show up to work, they gotta have a nice lavish vacation while Americans are suffering, and then vote on this bill that's gonna crush us even further.
Listen to what Jean-Pierre admits, that nobody has even read the bill or seen it in clip 11.
How soon?
Well, let's get this bill passed, and then we'll see how the mechanics and all of that's going to work through.
How soon?
Well, let's get this bill passed, and then we'll see how the mechanics and all of that's going to work through.
So, oh, let's get it passed, and then we can see what's in it.
Let's get it passed, then we'll see.
But they're promising you it's the greatest thing ever.
We gotta pass this thing.
Inflation Reduction Act.
It'll bring inflation down.
Yeah, we haven't read it.
We don't know what's in it, and we're out on a beach somewhere just signing a piece of paper, but come on!
It's gonna be great!
Vote for it, y'all!
Amazing stuff, but it gets even crazier!
If you can believe that.
But let's recall, the Inflation Reduction Act, wait a second!
Joe Biden just told us we have 0% inflation!
So, why do we need an Inflation Reduction Act if we have 0% inflation?
That's Biden's own words!
So Democrats say we have 0% inflation, but then they want to pass an Inflation Reduction Act.
Well, which one is it?
It gets even crazier!
Actually, and remember, they've also said inflation is a good thing.
Here's Representative Jaya Paul in a street interview with Fox News.
According to her, inflation isn't even real!
It is ultimately going to lead to a reduction in overall inflation, but most importantly, to the budget that people have every single day.
Inflation is like a theoretical word that economists use, but what families feel every day is the up or down of costs.
Oh, that's not probably going to help.
Oh, inflation isn't even real, guys.
Oh, inflation is good.
Oh, inflation doesn't exist.
Oh, inflation isn't even real.
By the way, we have 0% inflation, but we need to pass the Inflation Reduction Act.
You know, here's a little clue on where Americans are at economically.
We already played the clip.
Americans are going to Mexico to do shopping and get gas because it's so expensive here.
What about repossessions?
This is a sign of where Americans are at here in clip 9.
Patriots, the repo man is getting busy, and that's an ominous sign of Biden's car troubles.
For the numbers, let's go to a Chalk Talk brought to you by Getter.
Repossessions have now risen to 15,000 per day nationwide in America.
Because of unsustainable debt.
Total auto loan debt 1.43 trillion dollars a record, and for the first time ever, the average loan balance is over $20,000 per car.
That means a monthly payment of $730 every single month that so many consumers simply can't afford because prices are skyrocketing everywhere in their life.
Now, let's look at an affordability index.
How many weeks does it take to work for the average worker to buy the average new car?
Back in 2013, it took 36 weeks.
2019 under Trump, it went all the way down to only 32 weeks.
For most of the last decade, this number was pretty stable at 35 weeks.
But now, it explodes up to 42 weeks.
You're working an extra 7 weeks to buy a car, and it's because of Biden and the Democrats.
So let's try to put all this into perspective if we can, and it's not going to make any sense, but here it is.
So, inflation isn't happening, but inflation is a good thing.
Inflation is at 0%, but we need to pass the Inflation Reduction Act that nobody has even read or can read until it's passed.
But also, inflation is just a theoretical thing that doesn't exist in the real world.
And by the way, the Joe Biden economy is a booming economy, greatest economy ever, even though In every single column or statistic you look at, the economy is actually in the complete gutter.
Did I get it all out?
Did it all make sense?
No, it didn't.
It's all BS.
It's all propaganda.
It's all Democrat Party, mainstream media, deep state lies.
But they're trying to crush America, so we shouldn't be surprised.
The globalist great reset, or the war for the world, is here.
But humanity is not being caught flat-footed because of info wars and because of your support.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now more important than ever, as we reach the critical heart of the battle, that you spread the word and that you support liberty and that you warn people like you've never done before.
We have come so far together.
Please help keep us on the air.
We're under massive attack right now.
But we're going to win with your help.
We're going to overcome this with your help and with God's blessing.
Please go to InfoWarsTour.com and get this book.
Many, many, many years of research have gone into this.
The Great Reset and the War for the World, available right now at InfoWarsTour.com.
There's also signed copies available as well.
We've got a lot of other big projects we're working on that are about to start launching as well, but this is the cavalry, because we need the funding and you need this book, because it warns the world of the globalist plan.
Get The Great Reset at InfoWareStore.com.
And welcome back to this live Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I want to thank Owen Schroeder and others who did a great job today.
I'm here on the road filing reports.
I'll be filing more reports over the weekend and I'll be doing the entire Sunday show 4 to 6 p.m.
live from the location I'm at here in the Midwest.
I wanted to talk about a giant story that broke last night and that's the World Economic Forum coming out and saying Not as that you will eat the bugs and you'll like it or you'll
own nothing and like it, but that we need to merge AI pre-crime surveillance over
the entire Internet so that you are precluded from posting tens of thousands of different terms or ideas
in any combination from ever even making it onto the Internet so that using a pre-crime
system you are stopped before you can even make those posts.
Now this has already been going on with some of the AI they've put in over Facebook and
Twitter in the last few years as well as Google, but now they are institutionalizing this entire
system of pre-crime.
And pre-crime in and of itself is surveillance.
It means you're all being, we're all being surveilled in live time and they are forcing
this structure over the American people and people of the world for total control.
Then, whether you're in the US or Europe or Australia, it's the very same globalist Great Reset policies of massive hiring sprees of armed domestic political police forces that are arresting people for their free speech in places like England because they posted a trans flag with a swastika on it and said they didn't agree with the trans movement targeting children.
That's what's happening in England, people being arrested for their speech.
And now here in the United States, With the presses they've been trying to set with myself and others, they're selling the idea that if you question an official narrative, you can be sued into oblivion.
And they're bragging and admitting they're going to use this to shut down the populist, anti-globalist movement here in the United States, and again in other nations.
This is a coordinated, absolute tyranny.
And what's sick about it is people like General Milley, we now learn, threatened to resign under Trump and they've now released his resignation letter that he never issued when he was still in the Trump administration.
As the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
And in it he said that Trump was a tyrant and that Trump was taking liberties and that Trump wanted to use the military against the American people when none of that was true.
All Trump tried to do was get the National Guard out to stop the burning of major cities during the summer of rage and the so-called mostly peaceful protest.
So they engage in this garbage over and over again, claiming that Trump or the right wing or populist movements or nationalist movements are the ones oppressing people.
But it's the left censoring and surveilling and controlling and demonizing and suing and attacking.
On top of that, we now have the IRS training, including armed agents carrying out simulated raids on family homes.
And of course, over the years, ordering billions of dollars of bullets and posting job applications for people that
quote want to use lethal force.
So while they try to defund the police from stopping robbers and kidnappers and killers,
with Jordan Soros controlling almost every city's DAs and other county attorneys and prosecutors,
they're moving to create that domestic security force just as big and just as strong as our
military that Obama talked about right when he was getting into office now more than 15 years ago.
This is an incredible time to be alive.
It's an incredibly dangerous time to be alive, but the power structure in their own documents admits they're in trouble.
The world's turning against them, and that's why they're trying to accelerate their new old order plan of the technocracy, of the AI, of the total control grid ahead of humanity regaining control of our destiny.
So here's some of the notes I wrote just about what's currently happening in our civilization.
This is a total control system, AI run, human programmed.
This is an open world ministry of truth we're establishing, including here domestically, what I call, what they call, full spectrum dominance.
You have the IRS as their new major enforcement arm.
We have the new terror directive signed last year by Obama's minion, Biden, saying questioning open borders, lockdowns, forced inoculations, or stone elections is an act of terror.
We also have their domestic Antifa brown shirt thugs running around harassing conservatives and Christians and pro-life organizations viciously around the country and they call it hunting the populist, hunting the conservatives and they fall in line with the biggest banks, the most powerful groups in the establishment.
We have a surveillance state that carries out the censorship.
We have the secretive informant systems that they've established.
And then we have General Milley having the nerve to sit around and claim that President Trump is the one that was trying to establish a dictatorship.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is now more critical than ever.
It is such a valuable resource in the fight against these people.
And folks have never been tuning in more and they've never been realizing how right we've been at this level.
We really are the zeitgeist thanks to your support and your research and your help over the years.
That's why I want to encourage all of you to realize the most important work we've ever done is now happening right now.
And I want you to spread the word about this live broadcast and spread the word about May or Die Video and keep sharing those articles and video reports.
Because the mind of the global population is really open to this now.
And this is the season for the Great Awakening to explode peacefully and go into high gear.
So thank you all for your support.
Let's go back to the live broadcast with Owen Schroyer and others.
And as I said, I'll be back this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
hosting the full show myself.
God bless and good luck.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Today we're going to be talking about a question that I get asked all the time, which I don't think we've really covered in depth.
Here in the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, and that is the issue of predictive programming.
Why and how is it that so many fiction shows, books, movies predict With seemingly precise, amazing detail, future events.
Is this some sort of mystical occult thing?
Is it a spy thing where agencies are introducing these?
Is it a Pentagon-directed propaganda operation?
Is it just artists who want to get the word out?
Is it a sort of Intuition that people in the arts have perhaps.
Well today I'm going to give several examples of this and I'm going to give you my thesis and why I wrote two books on this that help explain how this key element of propaganda actually works.
So we're going to work through about 10 examples that are not easy to explain away or to dismiss when it comes to fiction predicting things sometimes 10-20 years ahead of time with precise detail.
So what is exactly this idea of predictive programming?
Is it merely propaganda?
I think propaganda is a huge element of this.
That's really the key to unlocking how this works and to explaining why this occurs.
It may not explain everything, but it's the key to explaining it.
And I'm going to show you through a lot of research and through a lot of academic studies that there's a real element to this.
This is a real domain of research in terms of psychological warfare.
It has a pretty lengthy history behind it, at least a hundred years or so.
Going back to the British Empire, going back to early studies and propaganda, and the realization that fiction had a much more powerful impact on people than did fact, than did news, than did dry reporting of the events.
So we think about some examples, we'll get to the examples in a second, but I want to point out a couple books that have been written that actually do talk about this that aren't conspiracy texts.
These are texts that come out of mainline academia.
That will help to give us a grounding for why I take the approach that I do.
One is a book called Trisha Jenkins' book, The CIA in Hollywood, and she was a University of Texas professor, I believe, but this book is published by UT, and she goes into great detail in many chapters talking about this liaison relationship between the CIA and Hollywood.
Figures like Chase Brandon, Milt Bearden, who consulted on many, many films and helped to give kind of an understanding of what the agency and other government agencies wanted portrayed in those films.
Another book that covered this was the academic work Operation Hollywood by David Robb.
And so this is going to, I think, give us a real key into understanding what exactly Predictive Programming is and how it works.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're covering this topic of propaganda, psychological warfare, and what's sometimes called predictive programming.
What is it?
How does it work?
Why does it seem to at times predict the future?
And I'd mentioned a couple books that many years ago were written in the academic sphere that kind of gave a little bit of a window into a key for unlocking how this works and why it goes on.
And by the way, since these books have come out, this one was 2004, the Operation Hollywood book This book detailed how many times there had been censorship on the part of military and Pentagon agencies that were liaisons between Hollywood and the filmmakers.
And what we see is that a long, long list of films at that time were known to have been consulted on, changed, censored, and so forth.
And the way it worked at that time, what people understood was, well, if you want to use the tanks, if you want to use the aircraft carriers in the back of your movie or whatever in the background, you're going to need to alter the scripts to give this or that message in the film.
And it wasn't just military-related films, though.
It would actually be all kinds of films that you wouldn't expect.
For example, the Bond films were censored a couple times.
Tomorrow Never Dies, GoldenEye, Clear and Present Danger, 13 Days, The Perfect Storm, Windtalkers, Independence Day, G.I.
Joe, Jurassic Park 2.
Horace Gump, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Air Force One, all of these especially big blockbuster military films and particularly films like Pearl Harbor that came out right before the big 9 event, right?
And those would be very crucial.
Films like True Lies as well to prepare us for the war on terror narrative that have already been planned and already been cooked up years before, especially by the neocons.
We have films like Fail Safe, Mars Attacks, Outbreak, Space Cowboys, General's Daughter, Sergeant Bilko, Lone Star, Broken Arrow, Pentagon Wars, Fields of Fire, on and on.
I can keep going.
Star Trek IV, The Presidio, The Right Stuff.
Top Gun, obvious ones, right, that we would expect were consulted on, censored, changed and altered because they wanted to have the message at that time that the military wanted or that the Deep State, I think, wanted in a lot of these films.
Now, I'm not saying that everybody was involved in a giant plot.
That's just part of the propaganda element and function that Hollywood served.
In fact, the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays, Wrote in his propaganda books that Hollywood is the greatest tool of propaganda the world has ever seen.
And so we can begin to see that there is a clear connection between these entities and you know shows like alias JJ Abrams alias.
We know that the CIA had a direct consultation relationship on that set.
We know that, for example, after the series, Jennifer Garner went to work for the CIA publicly as a kind of propaganda recruitment face of the agency, so to speak, through the fiction.
So there's always been this deep relationship, but how deep does it go?
How intense is that relationship?
How far back does it go?
When I was studying the history of propaganda and the history of spy fiction, one of the things I came across was British spy fiction.
And if you look at the history of British spy writers, one of the key things that came to the fore here was that a lot of the people who wrote spy fiction were spies.
They worked for secret intelligence.
They worked for MI5, MI6.
They worked for these agencies and had seen quite a bit from that inside world and then wrote about it in fiction.
And so fiction writers then, you know, kind of they ended up revealing more
than you would have gotten in the news.
And the reason for that is in the UK, they had the Official Secrets Act,
which would prevent them from, you know, publicly just writing a big expose about, you know,
British intelligence or whatever.
So, write it into their fiction.
And so, we see famous spies, you know, writing their accounts, writing their biographies.
People like Graham Greene.
People like, as we said, the most famous example, Ian Fleming.
Of course, that ties directly into Hollywood.
How so many of the bond operations are in loose, in a loose sense, based on real things that occurred.
And, you know, I was just listening to Alex's broadcast yesterday when he, when he came on with Owen and he was talking about, you know, Ian Fleming had seen this whole world of people just like Klaus.
And people thought, oh, you know, Blofeld and these characters, they're fiction.
They're not fiction.
They're actually based on people that Ian Fleming was hanging around with, people that he met.
And some of these billionaires, for example, Aristotle Onassis, he wanted to fund the first Bond film.
He wanted to fund Dr. No.
That didn't end up happening, but because Ian Fleming was in those circles, and Ian Fleming himself came from a prominent British, or actually Scottish, banking family, he had seen a lot of this world from the inside out.
He went to, I think, Eton, or one of the, you know, important universities in the UK, and so the recruitment, you know, began for him at college, and a lot of the people that he spent time with, other famous spies, Maxwell Knight, Dennis Wheatley, also wrote famous spy fiction novels.
Well, in the case of Wheatley, he wrote occult spy fiction novels, and he would base some of his villains on the character of Aleister Crowley, the famous Satanist, as did Ian Fleming, basing Le Chiffre and Blofeld, in part, on Crowley.
So, the point of all that is just to say that, again, when you get into the history of spy fiction, you start to realize, hey, how come so many spies go on to write fiction?
I mean, think about Eric Blair, George Orwell.
He was a person who saw the inside of both socialist and secret police and British intelligence, right?
And he saw that a lot of this is really a bunch of baloney.
This dialectical game that's being played is kind of a bunch of baloney.
And so as I was reading about spy fiction, I started realizing, how come all these people go and write not just fiction, but they write screenplays?
So, this is a key way to see why it is this way.
The solution, the answer to why so many movies predict so many things is because people from the intelligence world go and write screenplays and they write novels.
And there's mainline writers that write about this.
There's a book by a guy who is a former CIA bureaucrat, Frederick Hitz.
He wrote a book called The Great Game.
The myths and the reality of espionage and the whole book is just about picking out of the spy fiction and the spy stories and movies, the realities and how much reality there is in those things.
But we can't just rely on the fiction, of course, because not everybody who's writing these is writing them for some altruistic noble purpose.
They might be writing to make a buck.
They might be writing to they might be writing to get things out.
Or they might be writing for propaganda purposes.
Do you know there's actually a movie that is based around this theme?
Robert Redford is in a film called Three Days of the Condor, which I recommend watching if you've never seen it, because his job for the CIA in that film is to read spy fiction, to read novels, to look for messages that were put into the fiction.
And of course the story is that he gets framed for a Uh, some scandal or whatever.
And Donald Sutherland ends up, you know, trying to track him down and kill him throughout the whole movie.
But it's a revealing movie because it really gets into a lot of what I'm talking about.
Um, but those are just, you know, fiction examples that, that we see where the spy world intertwines with Hollywood and whatnot, all well known.
But let's keep in mind that it's not just a cult or, or spy fiction.
It's also science fiction.
And so people like H.G.
Wells, who I've covered for many, many years, and we've read a large portion of his writings.
You know, Wells was the propagandist par excellence of his day.
He's kind of the Edward Bernays prior to Edward Bernays.
And he really pioneered a lot of techniques in propaganda and this idea of using mass pop sci-fi as a tool of propaganda.
So when we read his books, we start to realize, hey, wait a minute, genetic manipulation?
Geoengineering, that's actually something that he wrote about in the At the turn of the century, right?
In famous books like Island of Dr. Moreau, he predicts that genetic modification would lead to an entirely new world.
And so this Island of Dr. Moreau is kind of a microcosm of what he sees the future world existing as.
Now, I'm not a big fan of HG Wells because he was a full-on, straight-up illuminist.
He was a high-level socialist Marxist mason who worked for the Royal Society as a fake leftist.
But that's the vision that he has for the future world, as we've covered in many of his works.
Don't go anywhere.
This is Jay Dyer of Jason Ellis' The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I want to remind you this is a crucial time, and be sure to head over to the InfoWars store and support Alex, support the crew by getting those absolutely necessary products, especially check out Alex's new book.
I can't wait to get a copy of that.
you know, studying the Great Reset for many, many years, and, you know, getting a kind of a condensed version
of Alex's wisdom on that subject, it's an absolute necessity.
So I'll probably be doing a book report on that book, especially the signed copy that I intend to get.
So be sure and get a signed copy of that if you want to get into the real nitty gritty
of what the Great Reset is all about.
We're working through the examples of British propagandists and fiction writers who had an insight into the real plans of the elite that they put into fiction.
And I can't forget, you know, two of the greatest examples of the 20th century, two of the top writers of the 20th century who literally vindicate everything that you hear Alex talk about, everything you've heard me talk about, everything that the guests and the hosts at InfoWars talk about, which is this technocratic New World Order plan that was literally predicted in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.
And we know that because C.S.
Lewis, his close buddy for many years, wrote a separate dystopian spy... well, it's not really a spy fiction, but a separate dystopian fiction allegory, Christian allegory, The Space Trilogy.
And in The Space Trilogy, he presents the figure of a quasi-Tolkien-based figure as the hero of that story, that three-part story.
And the third installment has Britain being taken over by a technocratic oligarchy that's all obsessed with scientism and crushing and depopulating the planet.
And the hero that goes against that is this figure that's sort of emblematic of the ethos of ancient Anglo-Saxon England and that is a Tolkien himself.
Now, when we look at Tolkien, we find out that, well, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is actually about
the dangers of a coming all-seeing eye of Sauron, technocratic, machine-based control of an organic world.
And so it's an anti-organic, unnatural technocracy, literally in the novel, right?
The trilogy is described that way.
It's a misuse of magic, so to speak, to turn it into sorcery, right?
You can use technology for good things, but Saruman, Sauron, right, they begin to discover technological advances to try to turn that towards the enslavement of the peoples of Middle Earth, and that's just an allegory for, you know, not just World War I and World War II, but for where they, Lewis and Tolkien, knew the Royal Society and the technocrats planned to take the entire world.
And again, that's proven by the writings of Lewis and especially Lewis's interactions with Tolkien and the Tolkien character in his novels.
One other thing we should mention about Tolkien is that people don't know that, at least fairly recently, I think in the last 10 years, came out that he was actually trained in in Spycraft as well.
It's unclear exactly how much training he got, but they wanted him to really work with Turing and others on decoding the Enigma machine.
So he was brought in and kind of given espionage training.
And we know that Lewis and Tolkien had had knowledge of people like Bertrand Russell and what their plans were.
So kind of like Orwell, you know, somebody who kind of saw things from the inside, I think we can posit with with a good degree of certitude that that Lewis and Tolkien also had access and insight into that espionage spy world, perhaps by other members of the Inklings, the group that they were involved in, the writers group.
Some of those people were probably recruited into British intelligence as well.
I can't prove that.
I don't know that C.S.
Lewis was involved in anything like that.
It wouldn't surprise me and definitely we know that Tolkien did receive some degree of espionage training through the military.
So let's move on then to some really curious examples of this that are hard to hand wave, hard to just sort of brush aside as coincidence, right?
Sometimes things pop up on the internet and they're bad examples, right?
They're coincidences or they're instances of fiction that came up after the event, right?
I think the, uh, the, the instance that a lot of people pointed to a couple of
years ago when Trump was elected was, uh, Trump going down an elevator and
somebody holding up a sign.
And that was actually a Simpsons episode that was after the event
of Trump being elected, right?
So that one doesn't really count.
Um, but it is true that in 2000, there was a Simpsons episode where Trump was
But actually, if we go through old news clips, we can find, you know, Trump kind of had the idea that he might run a long time ago.
I think there was even a discussion, I'm going from memory, between him and Oprah, like back in the 80s or 90s, and Trump said something like, I might run.
I don't know.
But, so I don't think there's anything particularly outlandish or You know, that we need to look into about that example.
So let's take some better examples.
What about the 2013 show, Utopia?
That was, I believe, a BBC show.
It only ran for two seasons.
But this is, I think, I put this at the top of my list.
I was just kind of sketching out some examples that are not easy to just explain away.
And the thing with Utopia is that this was a British series where we had quite a bit of insight into the interworkings of the British establishment, not just from the perspective of British intelligence, which comes up pretty prominently in the series, but also in terms of the big pharmaceutical corporations and their relationship to the intelligence agencies and assassinations.
And what we find out, not to spoil too much, but in this series you have the idea that the corporations together with food corporations, Big Pharma, Big Food, they have concocted this plot by which they will sterilize the planet.
Now get this, not only will they sterilize the planet and use a vaccine in the plot, it's about a vaccine, to accomplish this.
One of the engineers that knew about this So this is a British fiction dystopia show about predictive programming.
was, decided to write a comic book that would reveal the entire plan.
So this is a British fiction dystopia show about predictive programming.
Isn't that kind of wild?
I mean, you would think that, you know, people call this crazy, but here you have a show
about this very idea, the things that I've written two books about.
And in the show, not only does the enigmatic character who writes about the plan, the plot of the elite that he put into this comic book, turns out the assassins are coming and taking out and killing.
There is an American version, but I think the British version is better.
The assassins are going and killing the people that have the comic book because the comic book ended up revealing too much.
But it doesn't just reveal this giant plot about, you know, depopulation.
It has this idea that there are programmed mind control assassins, right?
The character who goes and does some of the assassinations is clearly explained as a child who was an orphan and was raised to be, through mind control, a killer, to be an assassin.
All of which things, you know, have some degree of basis in reality.
We know there are mind control assassins, at least to some degree, that's been admitted over the years in the revelations about MKUltra.
How advanced those programs are, we don't know, but it is pretty astounding that Utopia was so predictive and so accurate in terms of the events of what we've seen in the last couple years.
But remember, if we think about the actual plans of things like Event 201 and going all the way back to Crimson Contagion, Kaleid X, Lockstep, a lot of these plans had already been in white papers prior to the fiction.
So it's not magic.
They're not doing this stuff like with Crystal Balls.
It's that people who are in the establishment or people who write fiction, they might be from the spy world and they know about these kinds of things.
And they will put it into the fiction either for propaganda or for getting the message out.
Who knows?
I can't, I can't determine everybody's motives, obviously.
So that would be all pure speculation.
But what I can look at is the fact that a lot of these incidents come out before the events.
And the number two example that I have, these are in those real specific order, just ones I listed, is The Lone Gunman.
The Lone Gunman series was one season of a show, it was a spinoff of The X-Files, and of course everybody knows The X-Files, the most famous TV show about conspiracies of all time.
I believe it appeared six months before the events of 9-11 and we have in that remote-controlled planes that are commandeered and then they fly into the towers and bring them down and this is again the precise prediction.
Somewhere around six months before the events of 9-11.
Very clearly portrayed in that famous episode of The X-Files.
And we know from Alex's old interview back in the day with Dean Hagelin from The X-Files, Dean Hagelin said in the interview that there would be CIA on the set consulting and saying, we'd like this to be here, we'd like you to say this, we'd like this.
So this is a real thing, at least according to Dean Hagelin.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know another book that I wanted to mention that inadvertently really vindicates a lot of the points that we make is the famous book by Annie Jacobson where it's called The Pentagon's Brain and it's an entire history of DARPA.
And I read this several years ago.
I read the whole thing and did a whole lecture through this.
It's a very long book, but if you read it, you'll be surprised at how much it vindicates a lot of what I'm talking about, especially when agencies like DARPA are involved in the consultation on various films, especially sci-fi films, especially films with Themes are relating to transhumanism.
Now, Ms.
Jacobson goes into mentioning the Salk Brain Initiative.
She goes into talking about brain-computer interfaces.
She talks about MKUltra.
She talks about how all those programs were connected in the narratives that were put into films.
On the part of the military industrial complex and their consultation on various movies and she even mentions Kathleen Kennedy I think she mentions James Cameron and their consultations back and forth and it's not just one way it's not just James Cameron or whoever saying oh tell me about you know what your plan is for you know Terminator bots or whatever that they there's also a two-way street where DARPA and the Pentagon will request and ask for insight from science fiction writers and ask for screenplay writers to give their ideas and give their insight into creative approaches to these kinds of technologies.
And again, this is something that was theorized for many years.
You have to keep in mind that not a lot of people 10, 15 years ago knew about this relationship between Hollywood and the CIA and DARPA and these various agencies and yet as time passes we find out more and more how closely linked they are through mainline texts.
Now you understand I'm not giving you conspiracy texts.
I'm giving you mainline histories of these texts of these of these agencies and their relationships between one another and the power of propaganda through fiction, right?
The power of telling a story rather than just reading dry boring facts.
So let's get to a couple other examples that were, that are pretty profound that I think defy some sort of easy, you know, hand-waving.
Vexile or Vexel.
I don't know how to pronounce it.
I'm not a huge anime watcher or fan of anime, but I mean, people could predict, I mean, people could point to things like Ghost in the Shell, which are old, you know, 90s.
But this one sticks out because this was a 2007 Anime series or film that that focuses on a future dystopia in Japan where get this there is a vaccine that's an experimental The dystopian government really forces everybody get this this experimental vaccine, but it's actually a nanotech a secret nanotech vaccine that converts everybody into a synthetic life-form and
The goal of this synthetic life-form conversion is to create human beings with no free will.
Rather, it makes them into a kind of nanotech machine.
And so here you have again this whole narrative of the necessity of vaccinations due to I think this also has a kind of bio-warfare theme to it as well.
And that was again 2007.
So you have the similar plots to what we've seen in at least the last couple years with the so-called CUFID narrative.
And I can't forget the fact that in the new Bond film, No Time to Die, which we covered in a whole fourth hour here on the Alex Jones Show, we covered the "No Time to Die" in great detail.
And I was just on with Clyde Lewis a couple nights ago, and shout out to Clyde Lewis over at Ground Zero
because he reminded me that "No Time to Die"
actually mentions weaponized smallpox or monkeypox at the beginning of the film.
They actually point, and that was written, I think the screenplay would be written around 2019.
"No Time to Die" was slated to come out in 2019, 2020, and then of course Cuthbert postponed that
until fairly recently.
In the past few months, the final Daniel Craig Bond film came out, and that whole narrative, that whole movie was about the things that we've been dealing with in the last two years.
Pretty amazing, right?
I mean, I don't think that's happenstance, again, given this Constant relationship that we find between the film producers, Hollywood, movies and the intelligence agencies in the deep state.
So we find out that other examples like the Iron Man cartoon in 1994, which the episode was called, it was a short-lived series, called The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat.
Again, it appeared in 1994.
And in that series, you have an elite secret group of evil bad guys that, you know, the Avengers and the good guys always have to fight, who manipulates and engineers an attack on the World Trade Tower and the Pentagon.
And brings down the trade towers and attacks the Pentagon.
Again, that's 1994.
And remember, we're told, of course, that, remember Condoleezza Rice saying, we never had any idea that there would ever be such a thing as an attack on the towers and the Pentagon, when there were countless drills, countless manuals, Operation Vigilant Guardian and so forth, which were precisely about, and even some of the drills that ran that same day, precisely about attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Towers.
Um, and I mean, the fact that this cartoon in 1994 is so specific and precise, again, It's very odd, very bizarre, and you might think this is kind of outlandish, but if you look into a lot of the children's cartoon programming, you'll find that quite a few people from high-level psychological warfare and operations were consultants on a lot of those cartoons, especially shows like G.I.
Joe and Transformers.
And if you go back and watch G.I.
Joe, for example, you can watch season one of G.I.
Joe, which I think came out in 1983, Uh, and you'll find throughout the first season of the G.I.
Joe cartoon references to MKUltra.
You'll find references to weather weapons, to geoengineering, to atmospheric spraying.
You'll find references to, uh, the most striking that I found was the episode.
Let's see.
It is, uh, uh, I think I had it written down.
Episode, uh, season one, episode 21.
And what we have in this is, uh, Cobra.
Proposes his economic recovery plan and covers economic recovery plan is that you don't need to listen to the Federal Reserve because the Federal Reserve has a fiat banking system and the money is worthless.
This is Cobra.
Your fiat dollars are worthless.
You'll be transitioning to Cobra Bucks.
So literally he tells all of America that they need to transition to Cobra Bucks, which is like better than the fiat system, which is based on nothing.
So actually Cobra tells you the truth that the fiat money is based on nothing and it can be infinitely printed into, you know, oblivion.
The money printer goes brr, brr, right?
Cobra tells you the truth.
But of course in the show, the bad guy, It's telling the truth.
So, a blatant example of propaganda there.
Now, it wasn't really a prediction, but at least it did kind of reveal quite a few things.
Again, as the whole first series of G.I.
Joe does, it amazingly reveals all kinds of wild things.
And I actually looked into one of my lectures I did many years ago.
I looked into one of the consultants who consulted for the military.
I think his name is Friedman, but he's also the consultant on G.I.
Joe and Transformers.
That's why you get these kinds of messages, especially in G.I.
There's no more revelatory series than season one of G.I.
You even have pop stars that are mind controlled in season one.
That might be season two.
I can't remember.
But I mean, it's pretty wild what all is in G.I.
And keep in mind that, you know, my age group when I was growing up, I mean, that was one of the chief shows aimed at recruitment of people my age for the military.
Don't you want to be involved in special operations and, you know, work with Team Joe or whatever?
But then you find out, right, that the way the real world works is that, no, actually, Joe is run by Cobra.
That's how the real world works.
James Bond works for Spectre.
That's how the real world works.
So I mentioned Danny Jacobson's book on DARPA.
I mentioned 007, No Time to Die.
And I would like to mention to a couple other examples in terms of X-Files that I kind of passed over.
If you think about it, it's not just, I think Band-Aid video had a clip that somebody found of this from season one or two of X-Files where I think it's season two where Scully gets sick.
She's infected with a virus and they talk about it being a DNA manipulating virus and it relates.
They call it the alien virus and all this and it changes your DNA and turns you into something else.
And even more astounding than that is the 2016 reboot of X-Files where you have Scully coming to the realization after her many years of skepticism that oh there actually is this quote alien virus and the alien virus is in some way connected to the vaccines.
Now I don't believe in aliens personally but what I'm saying is that the show is portraying the alien virus as this thing that manipulates the DNA and they specifically identify in that clip Scully specifically identifies the fact that this relates to the manipulation and flipping of the human genome.
It turns humans into something else.
Now, I don't know if that's what's going on.
We don't really know, even according to the mainline discussions of what the mRNA vaccines, quote-unquote, do.
They're not.
They're genetic experiment therapies, right?
We don't exactly know what they do, but it's very possible that it could be a kind of experiment.
In fact, Jonas Salk in his books talks about it being an experiment that could be done through inoculations.
He says that in Survival of the Wisest.
So again, reality mirrors fiction, fiction mirrors reality.
And if you want more on that, you can get my books on that at jaysanalysis in the shop, where I cover this in depth.
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