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Name: 20220811_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 11, 2022
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, InfoWars under attack, new globalist lockdowns planned, corruption in the Democrat party, warning about Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab's plans for the world, and criticism towards Republicans and other politicians for not commenting on the FBI raid on Trump's home. Steve Kirsch, a lifelong Democrat, discusses why he can no longer support the party due to the deadly vaccine they promote. The speaker criticizes the existence of the FBI and calls for its shutdown. InfoWars filing for bankruptcy due to lawsuits amounting to $49 million is discussed along with potential assassination threats on former President Trump and current President Biden. Alex Jones encourages listeners to stay informed, support alternative media outlets like InfoWars, and protect personal privacy with Faraday cages available at InfowarStore.com.

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Whatever that last move was, like, whoa, that last move was so mind-blowing, nobody wants to even touch the board now.
So what is it?
Was this just a total swing and a miss by the FBI?
Did they think they had something there and didn't find it?
Was it all for optics and then it totally backfired?
Did Trump set a trap for the feds?
Did Trump set a trap for a mole?
Did he smoke a mole out in his own team?
The lack of a move since the raid tells me there is something there that we just don't know yet.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
We're finally here.
We're inside the New World Order.
A tyrannical corporate world government is publicly taking over the planet, cutting off the resources, and imploding the borders.
And Infowars is under more attack than even major presidents that have been resisting the globalists like Bolsonaro and Trump.
And why is that?
Because they see me and Infowars as the archetypal populist threat
To their system.
And they've been able to trace back much of the modern movements fighting them to us.
And that means to you, the viewers and listeners.
When Trump says they've got to get through him to get to you, he's telling the truth.
And when I tell you they've got to get through me to get to you, that's exactly what's happening.
So I wanted to thank you today for your prayers, for your support and for your steadfast dedication to freedom and your defense of them for wars.
We are a family.
We are in this together and.
We're going to be persecuted because we stand in the way of the New World Order having its way with our children or their entire anti-human, transhumanist agenda.
So again, I wanted to take a few minutes out to just let you know how much I appreciate you and how amazing this fight has been that we've been in together.
And now as we prepare to enter the depths of hell,
As a nation, as a world, as we go into the fabled New World Order predicted in revelations of the Bible, it's more important than ever to understand that God that made the universe and made us is in control.
This is part of His plan to test us and to test the faithful.
I'm not perfect.
You're not perfect.
But we actually love God, we love justice, and we love the truth.
Think about Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton's mentor, bragging to Lesley Stallum, 60 Minutes, that, yeah, she ordered the sanctions that killed 500,000 children, and it was a good price to pay.
That's who these godless, bloodthirsty, evil people are who claim they have the moral high ground and try to tell us how to run our lives, how to raise our children.
And we stand in defiance of them.
And we've had incredible success together resisting their tyranny.
But the greatest tests are now upon us.
So please, today and tomorrow,
And next week, spend a few minutes every day in quiet contemplation, as I do, thinking about the costs that innocent children are paying around the world as they starve to death by the tens of millions because of the lockdowns that were put in place by the IMF and World Bank.
It's those central banks that are now preparing new lockdowns and that's why we've got to stay on air to be able to oppose these monsters because our credibility has exploded.
We were supposed to already be off the air by now.
The globalists knew that once their plan went into operation, everybody would look back at our films and our articles and our reports and our warnings and the thousands of interviews with experts and would understand that submitting to the new world order and the
Crisis they're creating only puts us deeper into their control and only makes the chains that much tighter and heavier The only solution is getting back to God The only solution is understanding and committing that we must prevail against this tyranny God's watching
The children are counting on us.
And I, again, wanted to spend a few minutes thanking you for your steadfast support.
And I wanted to ask you again to redouble your efforts to share the articles and the videos and the reports from Infowars.com and Bandai Video, because the enemy hates it, the enemy fears it, and the enemy
No, sir.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Wow, where to begin on this Thursday, August 11th, 2022 Alex Jones Show.
I've been thrust into the host chair today, and I've got some big developing news stories, but they're so
Much bigger than just a 24-hour news cycle, or even a week news cycle, or even a month news cycle.
We're talking about world-changing, world-altering events that are happening right now.
And when I just kind of look at the waterfront of it all, it really is every issue is now
A pivotal choice for the American people, or for the world rather, but let's just say for the American people, on where we want to go.
Do we want to have a medical tyranny where our corrupt establishment can basically just sentence us to death with a vaccine?
Do we want to have a government tyranny where you can just be politically persecuted
If the regime sees so fit to destroy your life.
Do we want to have an education system for our youth that's not an education system, but in fact an indoctrination system?
And on the more darker side of it, a sexual grooming system.
Where they just groom children for their own sexual desires in the classroom.
And everything I just said is clear and present right now.
Right now.
And I've got all the examples.
You've got Steve Kirsch, who was on Fox News last night, talking about how he can no longer be a Democrat.
And he talks about the vaccine, I think it's obviously deeper than that, but he talks about this deadly vaccine, how many people are hurting, how many people have been killed.
And so when you see the World Economic Forum advisor Yuval Harari say, we just don't need the vast majority of the population in today's world, you have to understand, this is what InfoWars has been warning about.
This is what Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari are telling you.
You're not needed.
They own the planet.
You're dead.
Or you might as well be dead as far as they're concerned.
There are demons among us.
I'm sitting at dinner last night with some friends and we're just talking about how
And it's wild.
Liberals are grooming children sexually in classrooms, and just how disgusting, and how sick, and how twisted that is.
And we're at a, you know, decently busy restaurant, and we're just like, you know what's even weirder?
Some of those freaks are in the restaurant with us right now.
They think that's a good idea.
To teach a six-year-old girl or a six-year-old boy all about different sex types and sex toys and sex orientations and all about the sex the teachers have over the weekend with their sex partners.
Make them pledge allegiance to the gay flag and Pride Month.
You're like, wow, that's despicable.
That's really fudged up.
But they're everywhere.
They're liberals.
They're Democrats.
They're here.
And they're destroying us.
But see, people are really starting to wake up and understand just how evil the regime is, just how corrupt the Bidens are, and the true intent of the Democrat Party right now in America.
And so here is Steve Kirsch, who's been a
Lifelong Democrat and a Democrat mega-donor discussing why he can no longer be a Democrat last night on Fox News.
Here, Steve Kirsch was a Democratic Party mega-donor.
He says he's given more than $20 million to help elect Democrats and now he might just be jumping ship.
Steve Kirsch is an entrepreneur.
Self-made success story.
He enjoys us how to explain his reasoning.
Steve, when did the Democratic Party start going south with you?
Well, when they violated my trust, Brian.
You know, they told the agencies, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, said that these vaccines were safe and effective.
And when I started seeing my friends die and be injured, and I started looking at the data,
There is no question that this vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man.
It is a thousand times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine, and that's too unsafe for people to use.
And I could not get even a single minute
But you didn't stop there.
You did your own research.
What did you find?
What did you find was effective?
And what was the reaction when you put it out there?
Well, what I found was that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaccine, and millions have been injured.
Clearly, you are more likely to be injured or dead from the vaccine than if you were unvaccinated.
So what they're saying, and what the reality is, is completely opposite.
There's a conservative radio show commentator, his name is Wayne Root.
He had a wedding eight months ago.
And he had about half conservatives and half of his, they're all pretty much conservatives, okay, but half were vaccinated and half were not vaccinated.
And he found that of the hundred people that were vaccinated, he had 26 people who were seriously injured and he had seven people who died.
And in the unvaccinated group, he had zero and zero.
That is statistically impossible if the vaccines are safe.
Now, Brian Kilmeade is a bit of an establishment hack, in my opinion, who is a conservative commentator on Fox News, hosting for Tucker Carlson, who's off this week.
But, thank God for Tucker Carlson's crew getting Steve Kirsch on, and thank God for the gumption that Tucker Carlson and his show has for making sure the truth gets told, even though you know
Some of the big sponsors, corporate ad buyers, and top execs at Fox probably don't like them bashing the vaccine like that.
But what have I been saying this week?
You've been tuning into the War Room.
I said, Fox News at night sounds more like InfoWars this week than ever before.
Than ever before.
So that's kind of the time period we're in now.
We're in the InfoWars paradigm.
Of understanding current events, politics, more so than ever before.
And it was the raid of Mar-a-Lago, really, that pushed the Overton window that far.
And so I see that as a great victory.
I see that as the reinforcements arriving.
I see that as the truth finally rising to the top.
Despite the attempts to chill free speech, censor free speech, bully, intimidate, and terrorize people from speaking the truth, it all comes from the American left in our modern political parlance.
But, it was InfoWars that was groundbreaking.
It is InfoWars that's been set for destruction.
You know this.
Another way InfoWars is having a victory right now is Alex Jones' new book has been on the top selling charts on Amazon since it was released for pre-order just under a month ago.
And we're about to launch a fundraiser at InfoWarsStore.com.
Alex Jones is going to be signing thousands of these books.
I think the final number was 5,000.
Alex is planning on signing thousands of the Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
He's going to sign them and we're going to sell them at InfoWarsStore.com, the latest fundraiser to make sure that free speech can stay alive and that InfoWars can beat the internet censorship of the totalitarian Democrat left regime.
Alright, I've got a whole stack of news here I want to get into on the raid of Mar-a-Lago.
Alex Jones is going to be joining me at noon, so 40 minutes.
It's just hilarious, Democrats, just, you are the bad guys, we know you're the bad guys, you're the communists, you're the anti-American, degenerate, culture, scum, rot, gut of our civilization.
You're destroyers, is what you are.
The American left, Democrats, are the destroyers of civilization, the destroyers of worlds.
And that's what they're in the process of doing right now, destroying.
The United States of America.
And so the coping that they're attempting right now to deal with the American people waking up and realizing who the bad guys are, realizing who the Nazis are, realizing who the authoritarians are, the totalitarians are, realizing where the corruption runs deep.
It is the Democrat Party.
It is the establishment regime that is allied, unified with the American left.
And so, here's Eric Swalwell trying to cope last night.
He puts this statement out.
Just ridiculous.
He says, the FBI didn't broadcast they searched Trump's home.
They didn't even send agents in FBI jackets.
The only reason we know it happened is because Trump told us.
The FBI didn't try to embarrass Trump.
The guy who politicized it should be the one who shows the warrant.
Eric Swalwell, I mean, just what an unmitigated lying douchebag.
I mean, what an absolute scum.
What an absolute low-life lying cockroach Eric Swalwell is.
A traitor to this country.
A traitor to the human race.
A traitor to his own family.
His own lineage.
A complete disgrace to the human race.
Oh, the FBI wasn't trying to embarrass Trump.
Nobody even knew it would have happened.
Eric, they showed up with 30-plus agents with guns.
Oh, they pilfered through his wife's wardrobe!
You pervert freaks!
They are perverts, by the way.
I mean, aside from what they do to children to get their sexual rocks off.
I mean, it's like they made this whole big deal.
Alex Jones had a picture of his wife on his phone.
It's like they make this whole big fuss about a picture of his wife.
They go on multiple news outlets talking about it.
These people are perverted freaks.
They are sexually perverted freaks.
Of course they want to sexualize children.
But for Eric Swalwell to sit here and act like the FBI was trying to do things above board, what a joke!
And they didn't give Trump's attorneys or Donald Trump himself the warrant, and guess what, Swalwell?
The judge that signed the warrant came out today and he actually demanded that the FBI give Trump's lawyers a copy, because they didn't!
Even the judge that signed the warrant admitted that Trump's lawyers did not get a copy of it and made a statement demanding that they do.
Sorry Eric, you're wrong again.
But oh, I guess, you know, the FBI showing up at Mar-a-Lago for 10 hours with guns drawn, in trucks, with dozens of agents.
I guess that's the FBI trying to do things above board, right?
Because it's not like they could have just asked Donald Trump for documents.
It's not like they could have just asked Donald Trump for corruption and done things amicably.
No, this is Eric Swalwell.
I mean, look at these images of all the FBI agents out there flashing lights and everything, and Swalwell says, they weren't trying to embarrass him!
They were trying to do this quietly!
What's Eric Swalwell gonna lie about next?
Here's the rest of the news on that.
The deep state corruption Democrat running the FBI and all the other alphabet agencies continues to be put on display.
FBI delivers subpoenas to Republicans who question election theft.
So you're not allowed to question an election unless you're a Democrat.
See how that works?
You're not allowed to question an election unless you're a Democrat.
Then you're expected to question it when you lose.
But if you're a Republican and you question an election, how dare you?
The FBI is going to come out and come after you.
Now here's Megyn Kelly just showing you once again how despicable the media is.
Megyn Kelly goes ballistic over FBI raid against Trump, says it's BS, says it's about January 6th.
You know, that's nice, Megyn.
Megyn really thinks she knows how to go where the wind blows, doesn't she?
When she thought it was advantageous for her career to attack Donald Trump and be anti-Donald Trump, she did it.
Now she thinks it's advantageous to support Donald Trump, and so she's doing it.
Just shows you how corrupt and two-faced the media really is.
Rand Paul suggests FBI may have planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago.
Thank you, Rand Paul, for being willing to say it.
Donald Trump said it as well.
And they've got the whole thing on tape, by the way, ladies and gentlemen.
And they didn't, the FBI told them to turn the cameras off, they didn't.
And so Eric Trump said that he has or they have on camera FBI agents behaving improperly.
So I don't know what that means.
They have the footage.
The feds thought that they turned the cameras off.
They didn't.
How's that for a taste of your own medicine?
Tulsi Gabbard speaks out against it.
FBI raid against Trump a blatant abuse of power.
Thank you Tulsi Gabbard for telling it like it is.
Indiana Republican who was born in the U.S.S.R.
blasts FBI Trump raid as KGB style tactics.
Yeah, it's hilarious.
The American left calls everyone Nazis.
The American left pretends like Russia is still the U.S.S.R., you know, tyrants.
And then the American left goes out and behaves like Nazis and communists from the U.S.S.R.
and the KGB.
It's funny, they point the finger at all their enemies saying, Russian, Russian, Nazi, Nazi.
And then you look at their playbook and it's just got nothing but communist, Nazi plays in it.
That's all they do.
UFC President Dana White and Top Fighters Slam FBI Trump Raid.
Well, thank God for the UFC and Dana White because you're not going to find another professional athlete in this country saying a damn thing.
They're all either cowards or morons.
And you know what?
I know that a lot of professional athletes tune in to this transmission and our broadcasts.
You know, somebody's gonna have to break the barrier.
And Aaron Rodgers kind of pushed it and tested it, and Kyrie Irving kind of pushed it and tested it, and Jonathan Isaac, and there have been some other players making some statements.
But man, oh man.
And I get it, you don't want to bring politics into the profession.
I actually appreciate that, but in case you haven't realized, the politics have already been brought into your profession.
They have drag queen story times at ball games now.
So, that's what's going on.
But hey, the UFC isn't afraid to tell it like it is.
The UFC isn't afraid to stand up for America.
Good for them.
Now, I've seen this theory branded about, and... Well, okay.
The theory is that there's a rat.
In the Trump team or at Mar-a-Lago, Mar-a-Lago rat informant told FBI what documents in Trump's possession and where to search during raid.
But you know, I'll come back to this on the other side.
But you know, what if Trump put out bait?
What if there was a supposed rat inside Mar-a-Lago, but it wasn't actually a rat?
It was just a decoy.
It was just bait.
Because you know how easy it is to trick a Democrat rat, right?
So I'm seeing a narrative forming here, or conflicting narratives, or battling narratives, if you will.
Is there a rat inside of Trump's people, inside of Trump's team?
Is there a rat at Mar-a-Lago?
Or potentially, did Donald Trump set a little trap for the FBI, maybe not even for
Anything too consequential in its purpose, but more of just a, hey, look what we can get them to do.
Where he just says to maybe a couple people on his team, hey, somebody tell the feds that I've got this in my safe or somebody tell the feds you heard I got this over here.
Let's see what we can get them to do.
And then boom, they jump and do it.
Or maybe there was somebody inside of Mar-a-Lago that wanted to
Try to rat Trump out to the Feds.
Or maybe Trump was trying to smoke out a mole or a rat he had inside of his team.
It's really odd because still, to this day, the topic is so radioactive nobody wants to touch it.
The Republicans, Trump still haven't done a press conference.
Christopher Wray had a press conference yesterday discussing something else.
Somebody brought it up.
He basically balked at the question.
Mitch McConnell's not interested in commenting.
Kevin McCarthy sends out a couple nice tweets.
That's it.
So this thing is so radioactive, nobody wants to touch it.
And the fact that the feds don't even want to make a statement makes me think maybe there is something there that they got set up.
Maybe there is something there that they fell into a trap and that they've been severely embarrassed here.
Because how can they not have a press conference on this?
I mean, this is one of the biggest things.
And we all know that their goal is to destroy Trump, so why wouldn't they be wanting to brag about what they've done and to demonize Trump further with the activities, unless it was a total bust for them.
Unless it was a total swing and a miss for them.
And we're learning more about what they took.
A cocktail napkin, a birthday menu, some letters, some memos, some maps, but really nothing consequential.
Nothing that they claim they were looking for, like classified records.
So, again, were they set up?
Was Trump smoking out a rat?
Was there a rat that thought he had something but it wasn't there?
Why is nobody commenting right now?
But see,
We can't trust the FBI.
We can't trust the FBI at all!
At all!
And any FBI agent that isn't totally corrupt needs to be leaving the Bureau or turning into a whistleblower like dozens have.
But so, even though Chris Wray didn't want to talk about
The raid at Mar-a-Lago yesterday when he did a brief press conference at the Omaha offices of the FBI.
He did.
Victimize himself.
He did turn the FBI into a victim.
FBI Director Chris Wray won't discuss raid on Trump's Florida residence, but says he is concerned about threats against agents.
Oh, so the FBI can threaten the American people all day long, but the poor, poor FBI is the victim.
The poor FBI is the victim, yes.
Of course they are.
But then what happens today?
Story developing right now?
At the FBI office in Cincinnati, someone apparently fired shots and tried to break into the Bureau.
So, oh, what do you know?
Christopher Wray doesn't want to talk about the raid, but he does say, I'm worried about threats to the FBI, is what I'm worried about.
Well, I'm worried about the FBI.
We're the heroes here and the victims.
And then, 12 hours later, someone in goes and tries to shoot up the Cincinnati FBI building.
Now, I don't... Initial report says nobody's been shot.
I don't think anybody's been killed or anything like that.
But, oh, it's the FBI!
They can spy on us.
They can lie to us.
They can set us up.
They can frame us.
They can raid a former president's home in a political persecution attack, but they're the victims, and then the next day, oh, look, we got a shooter at the FBI in Cincinnati!
Now, see, this is a very delicate balancing act that we're in right now.
Because, really, the standard, I think, in human history has actually changed.
We are, in some ways, or we like to believe, at least, that we as humanity are more civilized now than we've ever been before.
And I think you could make arguments either way.
But as far as being domesticated and really having certain primal survival instincts just beaten out of us and chemically castrated out of us,
We're more civilized or rather domesticated in that regard.
So why am I saying this?
Well, you don't have to go back too long in human history where if you had a free people or a republic like you have here in America and you just had an abusive, authoritarian, tyrannical regime that was persecuting people, imprisoning people, destroying their lives, killing people,
I mean, you'd probably already be seeing violence consistently, and groups forming, and skirmishes, and a lot of bloodshed in the streets.
And we're not getting that.
And I'm glad, because we don't support that.
Because I do, I do want to think that we're more civilized.
I do want to think that we've advanced as a species.
Not that being domesticated isn't advancement or revolution, but that transcending
The need or the urge to engage in violence to accomplish a means to an end.
But so, is the FBI a terrorist organization?
Is the FBI an anti-American organization?
Is the FBI a criminal operation?
Yes, yes, and yes.
Now does that mean the average FBI agent needs to be under gunfire from civilians?
Absolutely not.
But see, I'm not gonna sit here and let the FBI turn itself into the victim.
Hell no.
The FBI is the bad guy.
The FBI are the criminals.
So that's why
And I'm glad, for the most part, I've seen it.
Not everywhere, actually.
Some conservatives, some right-wing commentators, I won't say are advocating for violence, but they're echoing the hymns of Andrew Breitbart, the late, great Andrew Breitbart.
Hey, you want to try to destroy our lives?
You want to come after our families?
You want to come after our fortunes?
You want to come after our freedom?
But see, you started the war, didn't you?
You started the war when you started politically persecuting people.
You started the war when you started politically imprisoning people.
You started the war when you tried to false flag your political opposition like Jussie Smollett or like the kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer.
You are committing acts of war, not Trump supporters, not conservatives, not Republicans, Democrats, liberals, leftists, progressives.
You are the violent agitators, you are the violent actors, you are the ones trying to start a war, and you're the ones trying to cry victim.
So that's why we have to be smart and patient here, and it's not going to be good, folks.
Democrats, liberals, leftists, the regime, the establishment, the government, they're going to kill people, they're going to imprison people, it's going to get real bad.
But I believe our path to victory is to sit back, let them do this, let them exhaust themselves, let them show the world that they're the evil people, so that when the time comes, we can politically, peacefully, legally, lawfully remove them from power and imprison the criminals that belong in prison.
So, armed gunman tries to break into the bureau at FBI in Cincinnati.
And they'll certainly use this to demonize Trump supporters.
They'll certainly use this to demonize conservatives.
They'll certainly use this to turn the FBI into the victim here as they're engaged in more criminal activity, terrorist activity, than they've ever been involved in in modern American history.
And now they're trying to be the victims?
Would you put it past the FBI?
I mean, who knows what they've got out there with MKUltra going on.
Maybe they've got people brainwashed.
But would you put it
Pass the FBI or this regime to send some stooge to the FBI office with a gun to try to victimize the FBI as its approval rating goes into the negatives?
I wouldn't.
You know, watching the Democrats and the FBI try to turn themselves into the victims after all the things they've done to this country in the last five years?
And specifically, though, after the raid of Mar-a-Lago, total corruption, stealing the election, censorship, all of it.
Watching them try to turn themselves into the victims, it's really a work of art.
I mean, I give them credit, actually.
I'm stunned.
I'm in awe.
I'm in awe of it.
Eric Swalwell claiming he's the victim.
He's publishing death threat voicemails he claims that he's getting.
Again, I don't trust Eric Swalwell.
He's a known liar.
I'd bet that Eric Swalwell's faking it.
Just like Jussie Smollett fakes a hate crime.
Just like the FBI fakes a kidnapping of a governor.
Just like Democrats lie and fake everything.
Oh, how convenient now!
Democrats publish voicemails they get of death threats.
Oh, how convenient now!
The FBI has a gunman show up at their Cincinnati office.
Oh, yes!
But see, here's the thing.
There is karma in the universe, and there are consequences for actions, but... You know, there's gonna be people
They're going to see those voicemails of death threats to Swalwell, whether they're real or not, or see gunmen going into the FBI, whether it's legitimate or not, and they're going to say, good!
They're going to say, good, this is what the Democrats deserve, this is what the Feds deserve.
Now, you're not going to get that messaging here.
We're not violent revolutionaries, never have been, never are going to be.
I'm not going to fall into that trap, because I believe, similar to January 6th, the raid, or an angle to it, is they want to trap conservatives and Republicans and Trump supporters into violence, so that they can further politically persecute them and imprison them.
I've learned that lesson.
I got set up on January 6th.
I didn't even do anything, and they're still persecuting me over it, and I've been imprisoned over it.
Destroying my life over it.
So I've already fallen into the trap without even stepping foot in the trap!
I didn't even step foot in the trap!
I just happened to be there when the trap was there set, catching people, and so they just said, well, we're just gonna get you too.
So I've already been caught in the trap that I didn't even step in.
So I recognize it.
I see it.
I'm not going to fall into it again.
The Democrats want us to call for violence.
The Democrats want us to engage in violence so that they can send the corrupt Gestapo federal government after us to continue the persecution of Trump supporters.
So I'm not going to fall into that trap.
But I will say there's a there's a weird
aspect to this where it's almost like I don't even know how to describe it.
It's almost like if they did come in here and shut InfoWars down tomorrow, even though it would be an awful thing for America, it would be a horrible thing for free speech, it would be a horrible thing for the crew members here, it's almost like now is the time that they would do it and in a way it'd be like the greatest thing they could ever do!
Because it's like, this whole thing is such a minefield right now, and we've already had so many limbs and arms, and we've been so battle-scarred and wounded.
I mean, folks, that's why you hear Alex so many times talking about it'd be a relief to shut it down, kind of sarcastically, tongue-in-cheek saying.
Because we've entered the paradigm now where it's not InfoWars next year's news today, it's now everyone's InfoWars.
Now everybody sees what's going on.
And we've been through it so much that we're not going to fall into their traps.
But at the same time, there is going to be organic anger.
There is going to be organic frustration and resentment and hatred, quite frankly, to the Democrat Party and to the federal government.
Which they deserve!
They absolutely deserve!
But I don't want to fall into the trap that they're setting for us like January 6th.
I want to stay the course.
I want to continue to awaken hearts and minds.
And I want to continue to influence and inspire other people to do the same and run for office and vote and organize and activate so that we can peacefully, politically take our country back and restore it as the constitutional republic that it is.
That's our goal.
That's our path.
I want to stick to it and not be distracted.
But just know...
The Feds are going to set up false flags, absolutely.
The Democrats are going to set up false flags, absolutely.
And they are looking to 100% entrap conservatives, entrap Republicans, and entrap Trump supporters into violence.
Absolutely, that's what they're trying to do.
That's why Swalwell's sharing his voicemails.
That's why the Feds are talking about the gunman going into the Cincinnati FBI office.
I would say that it's fake, personally.
But I don't know that!
It could organically be a gunman going into the FBI office that's sick and tired of the FBI corruption.
It could organically be an American citizen calling up Eric Swalwell, calling him a effing piece of S. Because he is!
But we cannot fall into their trap, ladies and gentlemen.
We cannot give them what they want.
So we have to stay focused on the goal, stay focused in the right mindset, know what they're trying to do to us, understand the trap they're trying to set, know they're going to stage false flags, know they're going to try to bait us into violence.
We cannot do it.
Even if you believe it's justified, and I understand where you're coming from, even if you believe that, it's still a trap.
It's still a trap.
Now meanwhile, and this is what's really so frustrating about it too, American cities are dying.
They are dying.
They are just bleeding out.
And our leadership doesn't give a damn because they're too busy going after Trump and his voters.
So, Trump pleads the fifth in questioning from the New York Attorney General Letitia James.
It's obviously all political persecution, there's nothing there.
They can't even get prosecutors to take up the case, folks.
They can't even get liberal prosecutors in New York to take up the case because there is no case.
There's not even a breadcrumb for them to satisfy their hunger.
So, American cities are dying!
And then you've got Democrat bastards, like Ed Markey, who goes in front of cameras this morning and says, if you can't afford gas, buy an electric car.
They can't afford an electric car, you a-hole!
They live paycheck to paycheck!
They can barely afford a tank of gas, and you're telling them to go out and buy a new car, you dickhead!
See, and that's organic anger that I have right now because I don't like seeing American cities pummeled into poverty and pummeled into desolation and pummeled into violent crime because of Democrat Party policy and a World Economic Forum agenda.
That angers me.
That ticks me off.
That breaks my heart.
And then I have to look at these bastards, like Eric Swalwell and Ed Markey, puff up their chest like they're the victims, and puff up their chest like they want to help this country, as they're stabbing us in the back every chance they get.
And then every city Democrats run turns into a hellhole.
Every American city run by Democrats turns into an absolute hellhole.
And they're still going to tell you, we're going to get Trump.
We're going to get those Trump supporters.
Meanwhile, you look at the cities they run, they are falling apart.
But hey guys, as Trump is being politically persecuted, as you're being politically persecuted, as Democrats are rounding up political prisoners and murdering people.
Joe and Hunter Biden are flying off to another vacation.
So Joe Biden takes 20 days off a month.
Joe Biden goes on vacation to his beachfront mansion every weekend.
And now after taking 20 days off last month, he hops on an airplane with the entire family on Air Force One to go on vacation with Hunter Biden.
Now is Hunter Biden's child gonna go that he had with the stripper?
He doesn't make child payments to that mother that he abandoned and that child that he abandoned.
They don't get invited to the family events.
And also it turns out when Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan to inflate her own ego in her final run as a
She took her son there too!
You know, to engage in a little insider trading.
Make sure they know that their stocks purchases are going well.
They want to know what's really going on with China and the microchip companies.
So she flew her son over there with her too and she just says, oh he was just my escort.
These people are so corrupt it's unbelievable.
Folks, we just got to pray.
We gotta stay focused on the agenda, stay focused on the mission, do not let them distract us, do not let them bait us into violence, do not let them false flag us into submission.
That's what they're in the process of doing right now.
Alex Jones coming up in the next hour, ladies and gentlemen.
You can get a signed copy of Alex Jones' new book, The Great Reset and The War for the World.
He's going to sign a thousand of these books.
You can get them at Infowars.com, Infowarsstore.com exclusively.
This is the latest fundraiser that we're launching.
We want to be on air!
We're burnt out, we're torn up, but we want to be on air and ride this thing out until this country is saved.
So the latest fundraiser, get your autographed book at Infowarsstore.com.
People say Alex Jones is crazy, he's a conspiracy theory guy, he's a nutcase, he's got these rants and all that.
What they miss is that this guy's ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that
To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I've got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlying stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or Infowarestore.com.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
The Dolores comes to mind.
Your reputation is amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
Alex Jones owes $50 million, all for his lies about Sandy Hook.
And while we've been reporting that story from its inception, tonight we dig into how this is actually a larger warning for other liars and conspiracy theorists in our society and our politics.
It's a rebuke and a punishment that we believe, according to a lot of legal experts, will set this new precedent.
A jury in the Alex Jones trial ordering the conspiracy theorists to pay $45.2 million.
Have you reached a verdict?
Tonight, a Texas jury punishing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for his lies, ordering him to pay $45.2 million.
Jones is basically paying the penalty, being held financially liable for the lies about that massacre, which go along with a whole wider profit approach to lies.
I ask that with your verdict, you not only take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away, I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
Take him out.
He is patient zero for alternative facts.
Now what does this mean?
Fox News made lying and conspiracy theories part of their business model or politics.
We've seen this all the way up to the insurrection as a huge part of American life.
Well, Fox News is clearly watching this closely.
They are facing this suit by Dominion Voting Systems for over a billion dollars about false perceptions and what they say is deliberate lying that could basically bankrupt that whole company given Fox's huge megaphone.
We're talking about the reckless promotion of lies with malice.
And that's what Jones does.
The case has proved this.
It's been proven over and over again, not just from Sandy Hook, but with 9-11, trutherism and everything else.
And so I think if you're in that line of work, you have to watch your back now, because this jury has sent a signal that we're not going to allow First Amendment rights to protect
The promotion of reckless disinformation and propaganda.
He lied to make his money, and he's lying to keep his money.
Right now we see Dominion not just suing Fox, Dominion Voting is suing OAN, it's suing Newsmax, it's suing Rudy Giuliani, it's suing the Pillow Guy, it's suing Sidney Powell.
You'd have to be really worried because they were in essence doing the same thing.
We're back now with some breaking news involving Fox News and a billion and a half dollar lawsuit.
Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox News for 1.6 billion dollars over the new agency's claims it rigged the 2020 election.
The defamation lawsuit accuses Fox News of fabricating the story in an attempt to boost ratings.
It is the latest win for defamation lawsuits against MAGA Media's role in pushing conspiracy theories.
That same judge upheld Dominion's lawsuit against Newsmax last week.
I think there's even a bigger issue here than you raised in the introduction.
And that is we've seen conspiracism take deep root within the Republican Party and the conservative movement over the last 5, 10, 15 years.
Alex Jones helped put it there.
He wasn't the only one who did this.
Trump did it with brokerism.
So the whole conspiracy theory industry
As for those text messages, Rolling Stone reports the January 6th committee is now planning to subpoena them as it looks into Jones' role in the Capitol attack.
We're now into the second hour of the Alex Jones Show, and Alex, I gotta say, I'm extremely proud of us right now.
I'm extremely proud of you, I'm extremely proud of this crew, because
We learned the mistake from January 6th not to fall into the deep state trap of violence when they try to provoke us.
And so after the raid of Mar-a-Lago, we've been voices of reason, voices of peace.
And now today, you have all the Democrats and all the left-wing media saying, Republicans want violence!
We need new January 6th committees!
We need new subpoenas of all Trump supporters!
We beat them to it, Alex.
We came on air and we immediately said, we cannot fall into their traps, we cannot call for violence, we need to stay peaceful, stay political, stay on message, stay on point.
And so now all of this puffing up of their chest, claiming Republicans want violence, is going to fall on deaf ears because we didn't fall for their trap this time, Alex.
4 to 6 p.m.
live and Monday as well.
But you're here today doing a fantastic job.
As you know, Mike Adams is coming up with some huge breaking news.
But I had not talked to you today while I was traveling to visit some family that I needed to see.
And I was planning to come on just reading the news and say, look, they're trying to provocateur us into a physical war.
That's clearly their plan.
We need to stop it, as we said on Monday, as we said on Tuesday, as we said on Wednesday.
And so exactly what we said on that Monday night emergency broadcast, it's an hour and 18 minutes long, would be that they would try to goad us into violence or claim we're going to engage in violence and then they stage the false flag or they provoke it or something.
So you are dead on and you are tomorrow's news today yet again.
We don't say that to brag.
Once you know the enemy mindset, once you know how they operate, it's very easy to beat them once you understand they only have a few plays that they run.
And so here we are on the precipice with 89 days out from the midterms.
The whole world, not just Americans, are waking up to the new world order.
And we've got to be asking ourselves, what are they going to pull next?
They're obviously trying to provocateur something violent against the FBI or against the Justice Department.
They're trying to push their Jan 6 narrative.
But polls show 90% of Americans think the Jan 6 committee is a fraud.
And so it's just not working.
What are they going to pull next?
That's why I've said I believe the Deep State may kill Biden, which we're totally against happening, as a pretext to really try to trigger a civil war and or Trump.
They might actually kill both of them.
And you even have Bernard Curran saying that, the former police commissioner of New York.
On Tuesday, that's a major, major threat that we're facing.
And so this is a big, big deal.
So, I have a clip ready from Bannon on the show a few days ago where he talks about this threat and also the Bernard Curran clip to understand just how desperate Deep State is and what the few plays they have left in their hand of cards.
Here's that clip.
I do not think it's beyond this administrative state and their deep state apparatus to actually try to work on the assassination of President Trump.
I think everything's on the table.
I think his security ought to be at the highest it's ever been.
And honestly, I think he ought to and I think he should have flown down in Mar-a-Lago this morning, walked out there at noon today and said, hey, I'm running for president.
I don't
They've tried impeachment.
They've tried another impeachment.
They've tried one investigation after another.
This is about one thing.
This is about stopping him from running in 2024.
And I'm going to tell you something.
I'm not into conspiracies.
I'm not into anti-government rhetoric.
This is the first time in my lifetime that I would say I am deathly afraid
All right.
So, Owen, we're not tooting our horn here.
We're not that smart.
We're trying to get everybody else to realize we have the enemy blueprint so they can learn about it.
We know the enemy blueprint.
We can stop it together.
I've been saying for the last, as you know, six months that they're going to assassinate Biden at each stage.
They're going to try to assassinate Trump.
And now they're saying, oh, the Iranians are around Mar-a-Lago.
They're planning to kill him.
Yeah, right.
Oh, the Russians are going to kill him.
All this other garbage.
Because they think if they kill Trump, they can get the American people to rise up and be violent, which is the last thing we want.
If they kill Trump like they killed Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, and yes, I'm comparing him to those people, if they, definitely a rebel,
If they do that, we do not need to riot.
We do not need to kill people.
We do not need to attack FBI buildings.
We need to expose that the Deep State did it.
They'll probably have some crazy left-winger do it or some disaffected right-winger do it and blame the people.
Same thing with Biden.
All the white supremacists or some loon do it.
They just killed Abe because it turns out he's a Christian closet right-winger.
That's not all the Japanese news.
The Japanese cabinet just resigned because they're really Zen Buddhist on average, and it's pretty freaky for them to learn that they're...
Their prime minister, the Japanese president, was a closet right-wing Christian, which we can all look at and tell what's going on.
So they just purged the government because they're right-wing Christians and found out they are.
So that's what's happening is there's our conspiracy of right-wing Christians, the one of human future and God, and there's a satanic conspiracy.
And so this highly trained individual with this handmade, incredibly well-made, so they couldn't trace it back to him, gave it to him, 12-gauge shotgun,
Two direct hits on a 10-inch shotgun.
For those that don't know, the 10-inch shotgun at over 40 feet, more than 40 feet, is just an incredible shot.
That was an assassination of a pro-America leader.
And China's definitely involved.
And it's the same thing happening here in America.
So I believe, and I know from all their pre-programming, the National Security Secretary set up, they want
To kick off a left-wing, right-wing civil war.
The left-wing will lose.
The right-wing will lose.
The Bilderberg group, the Davos group, the destabilizers will win.
And so now my predictions months ago, six months ago, of the assassination plan on Trump and Biden, it started to crystallize.
Because if you look at the enemy battle plan, that's one of the main cards they could pull.
Mass shootings that they provide in the curative stage.
Mass bombings, power outages, claiming that Russians hacked the power grid.
All this is pre-programmed.
We're being told it's imminent and it's about to happen.
Because the Jeffrey Epstein, Mossad, British intelligence, globalist combine that's above the countries, it's like Spectre.
The heads of our intelligence agencies are Spectre.
And then the agencies don't know they work for Spectre.
But the New World Order in Oswald is Spectre, literally.
But that's why Ian Fleming wrote those books.
He was number two at OSS and MI6 explaining how this really worked.
And so Spectre's real.
Hydra's real.
Its actual symbol is a Hydra.
That's why in James Bond it's a Hydra they're fighting.
And they're making their move right now, but they're exposed and they're extremely desperate.
That's why Media Matters and the New York Times, Washington Post are all panicking.
But the entirety, basically, of right-wing leadership and real patriots have signaled to America, their pro-America, anti-censorship by coming out and endorsing info wars in just the last few weeks with this show trial because they know they're next.
So it is now officially recognized that InfoWars is the narrative of America and populism countering the globalists.
And I don't get the credit for that.
The crew and the audience of activists supporting us, and God gets the credit.
I'm incredibly humbled and blown away to be in this position.
They see us as the top general, our operation.
They see us as the quarterback.
And that's a great responsibility.
That's why I need your prayers to stand up for us.
I need your prayers to spiritually give us discernment and back us because we've been given an incredible task here and an incredible weight.
But I take it on willingly.
But I want to just thank the audience of AXIS for this because now America and the world is not being caught flat footed by the New World Order.
We are in a fighting position politically, spiritually, culturally to understand what's happening.
But discretion will be the greater part of valor and not getting tricked into a violent civil war, which is what they
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones with us from the road.
Owen Troyer in studio.
It's an honor and a privilege to be with you here today.
There are three things happening right now
That I believe, Alex, are an indicator as to where we're going next.
One, you have the New York Times with the top promoted live stream on Twitter right now with the headline, Alex Jones isn't alone.
Why is disinformation so appealing?
Well, what does that signify?
They're coming for everyone next.
They feel like they've got Alex Jones.
They haven't.
They may strike him down.
They may strike InfoWars down.
We'll just be more powerful than ever.
Um, but so that just tells you, okay, they feel like we've got Alex, now we're going after the rest of them, just like with censorship.
That's happening right now.
You've got Twitter that just released a statement saying, starting today, we'll begin to enforce the civic integrity policy in context of the 2022 midterm.
So Democrats are planning on stealing the midterms.
I mean, that's what that means.
And then big tech is going to be there to make sure nobody calls it out.
And then the third thing happening, Alex, there is an armed standoff of gunmen at the FBI office in Cincinnati.
So he could be organic, he could be a federal provocateur just false flagging it, I don't know.
But I'll say this, Alex, there could be a hundred gunmen outside the FBI.
Whether it's false flag provocateurs or organic, that does not justify the FBI's existence.
We cannot let the FBI victimize themselves into a hundred more years of corruption in this country.
I'm not for violence.
We're not calling for violence.
The FBI needs to be shut down, whether there's no gunmen or a thousand gunmen outside their offices.
Well, that's right.
Most third world countries and other great nations as well have fallen when they have federal police forces that decide to take over.
And federal police forces always decide to take over.
Usually within 50 years of being created.
I'm surprised the FBI has been around like 100 years.
They're just now getting around to taking over, but they've got political bosses that are doing it.
So yeah, we're becoming Venezuela.
And absolutely, they said in my kangaroo trial last week on national television, they said our job is to silence him and everybody else like him.
So that's what this is.
They're doing it openly.
They see it as like a Roman standard that they want to capture.
And then once they've done that, they believe all the other dominoes will fall.
That's why it's so exciting to see so much of the libertarian, conservative, nationalist, populist leadership getting behind Infowars, understanding what's happening.
But again, listeners keep asking me on the street, at the airport, are you going off air?
$49 million.
How are you going to pay it?
There's a cap in Texas at five plus million dollars.
And they got two more suits.
Don't get the cap on those.
The bad news is I don't have $2 million cash myself or in the company.
That's the good news.
And so we'll have to post bonds for the appeals and we are out of money.
And we're in a bankruptcy so we can file a federal report and show all this.
They can stop lying and saying I have $280 million or whatever their latest BS is.
So this is an incredible moment to be alive.
That's why we will stay on air.
Iblis will support us.
And I had no idea that we offered the book signed.
The books are coming in next week that we're shipping out the weekend event, late August.
The Great Reset and the War for the World that this could save us.
I had no idea.
I thought people buy the unsigned book 5 to 1.
They're buying 3 to 1, the signed book, instead of the regular unsigned for $24.
I said, well, let's have a fundraiser.
Let's charge $49 for the signed book.
Unbelievably, we've had
7,000 orders of the side and I'm going to sign these.
I think I can sign like six seven a minute.
We're going to do this.
We're going to videotape it like a marathon to be trying to do this, but I'll sign 50,000 books and it saves us at $100 make about 80.
We're good to go.
Yes, sir.
Get a t-shirt for $100.
Get a coffee cup for $50.
Get this book for $200.
Get this set of books for $300.
Become a Platinum member for $1,000 for PBS.
Well, the commies know how to fund what they're doing.
Do you know how to do that?
And I'm not patronizing.
It's up to you and you've been coming through.
We're selling... I'm kind of scared of this because I'm going to sign them all.
We're selling right now 600, 700 books a day.
20,000 again get delivered next week.
And current rates will
We'll sell 15,000 signed books, 5,000 unsigned.
And that literally puts us to pay for the bankruptcy, pay through these next two trials.
People saw I had limited two lawyers.
People go, well, my God, the other side had like 15 lawyers.
Well, you know, lawyers who put on a case cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
And people say, well, well, why aren't, why don't you have more people?
Because folks, we're maxed out.
I have literally spit myself down to almost nothing.
I'm not complaining.
I trust in God.
I trust in you.
If folks want to make donations at InfoWars.com,
We're good to go.
Your immune system, everybody needs it.
That's there.
I just want to thank the listeners and our affiliates on TV and radio and all the crew and everybody because this is a real fight.
They admit InfoWars is what they want to take down.
They see us as a symbol of America.
I'm actually extremely honored, extremely blessed to be persecuted like this and I mean that when I say it.
I'm the happiest I've ever been.
I'm sad for America.
But conversely, I know where I'm supposed to be.
I'm sad for the world.
I want to thank everybody for keeping us in attack formation.
We're on offense.
We're not on defense.
We're going all out.
I just want to thank all the crew and the producers from Scott and Daria and Matt, and I want to thank Owen, and I want to thank all the editors, and I want to thank all the researchers, everybody, because we have the most evil, out-of-control forces on Earth trying to take us down because they want us to be conformist.
They want to send a message to everybody else that if you stand up, we'll destroy you like Alex Jones.
But finally, even a lot of mainline Republicans get, we've got to back Jones, we've got to back InfoWars, because he's the meat shed.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you so much.
We really love you, my brother.
Thank you, Alex, and you just said something there that's been really kind of just sitting in my consciousness for the last couple weeks.
We are the non-conformists.
I mean, that's what this really is.
We're the non-conformists.
We have an audience of non-conformists.
We're not going to conform to a corrupted, rock-gut culture.
And that's why they hate us, Alex, because we are not conformists.
The establishment wants conformists.
That's it.
All these leftists posing at the Atlantic and the New York Times like they're rebels and they're cool, they're fighting, you know, Dr. Evil.
They're fighting Lex Luthor.
No, they work for Lex Luthor.
They work for Klaus Schwab, the literal Nazi villain.
They work for the evil.
They have all the power behind them.
They have all the banks.
They have all the media.
They have all the censorship.
They're launching the wars.
They're promoting the pedophilia.
Rand Paul was on Fox News last night commenting on the Mar-a-Lago raid.
He had this to say.
...so much the government that we've gotten to the point where, for example, do I know that the boxes of material they took from Mar-a-Lago, that they won't put things in those boxes to entrap him?
How do we know?
Their lawyers weren't allowed to see the boxes go.
They weren't categorized.
That's going to be a problem.
Thousands of documents were taken.
How do we know that they're going to be honest with us about what's actually in the boxes?
How do we know that was in the box before it left the residence if the lawyers weren't allowed to see everything?
So, you know, they've lost a great deal of trust and it's...
Now, luckily, the security cameras were still on at Mar-a-Lago, so potentially some, if not all, of the activity will be on camera.
But when they're pilfering through Melania Trump's wardrobe, you know, maybe going in there and giving it the old panty sniff, these perverts at the Fed, at the FBI, I don't know if it'll all be on camera, but at least some of it will be.
And thank God for Rand Paul.
And thank God for the others that have been willing to tell the truth about what this raid at Mar-a-Lago is.
It's a political witch hunt.
It's political persecution.
It's all about the midterms.
It's all about stopping Donald Trump and anyone after him from running for office, running for president.
It's about scuttling and silencing and censoring and chilling free speech in this country for anybody that might stand up against the corrupt Democrat regime.
And they're showing their hand right now.
The mask is off, they've accepted their role as the bad guy, they've embraced their role as the bad guys, and they love it.
They love it.
And somewhere, clanking around in their empty skulls, is this idea that they're saving the planet from man-made climate change.
But that's just the excuse that they bring forward when they want to enslave you.
Oh, man-made climate change, we gotta enslave you.
But see, as I said in the last segment, folks, they're showing us their hand.
We've got their hand.
New York Times today saying we've got to censor everybody else off the internet just like we got rid of Alex Jones.
Twitter saying we're going to be monitoring any election claims during the midterms from here on out.
So basically anybody that says anything Democrats don't like on Twitter about midterm elections is going to be removed from Twitter's platform.
No comment from Elon Musk on this yet.
Might be interesting to see if he provides commentary.
And then you had the situation at the FBI office today with a gunman out there apparently firing a nail gun at agents.
So, you know, it might be organic, deranged individual out there.
Sick and tired of the corruption in our government.
I'm not advocating for violence, but I'm not going to let the FBI become the victim in all of this.
Whether there's one
Gunmen outside the FBI, or whether there's a hundred, or whether there's a thousand, or whether there's a hundred thousand.
The FBI are not the victims.
The FBI is a corrupt criminal bureaucracy that needs to be disbanded and shut down.
Are there good people in the FBI?
But I don't understand how you can be a good guy inside the FBI anymore.
I don't know how you can still clock in and clock out every day or be rank and file every day in the FBI and look yourself in the eye every night and know you are working for one of the most corrupt institutions in American history.
But see, I get it.
Everybody needs a paycheck.
Everybody's gotta be a slave.
So, oh well, you know, I can't quit because I gotta make money, I gotta, I gotta, I got bills to pay.
Well, alright.
But just know, you are working for the, maybe the most corrupt institution in American history, and certainly right now, just, just, in the focus for everybody calling out government corruption.
But we can't let the FBI turn themselves into victims.
Certainly that's what they're trying to do right now, whether this gunman is organic or a false flag plant provocateur.
The FBI are not the victims.
Now, innocent people getting hurt at the FBI, we don't want that.
But you're working for a criminal enterprise, you're working for a corrupt enterprise, and you're just not going to be the victim.
You're not going to be the victim here.
You're the bad guy.
You can try to pose as the victim, and I expect that to come, but they set this self up.
They set this whole thing up when Merrick Garland
Refused to comment on the raid at Mar-a-Lago except to say this is turning the FBI into victims.
We're now facing threats of violence.
Well, let's see.
I mean, the FBI threatens Americans with violence every day.
The FBI stages events and lies to Americans every day.
See, that's what it comes down to.
The government is allowed to lie to you.
You're not allowed to lie to the government.
The government's allowed to run false flag operations, violent operations.
You're not.
Completely backwards from where it's supposed to be.
Now, you have to be alarmed at what's going on at the IRS.
They're hiring 87,000 new agents.
And remember, these Democrats are the ones that want to defund the police.
They're trying to backtrack on that.
It's hilarious.
I mean, there's just hours and hours of footage of Democrats saying they want to defund the police, not to mention all the rallies, all the riots, all the looting, all the burning, murder.
Attacks on police officers.
They loved all of it.
They promoted all of it.
And then they realized, well, this isn't really helping us politically.
Let's say that the Republicans wanted to defund the police.
So that's just... I mean, that's the ultimate level of Democrat Party politics is just lie as big as you possibly can, even if the whole world knows it's a lie.
But think about this danger, where the Democrats want to defund the police, which, for the most part, the police are the good guys.
They're in local jurisdictions, they have some form of a relationship with the communities that they're policing, at least, you know, long-term officers or, you know, commissioners or sheriffs and stuff like that.
There's a relationship in that community, there's an understanding there, there's a local community aspect to that.
So, it's a lot harder for that to get corrupted, and it's a lot harder to cover up that corruption.
Not that it doesn't go on.
And you know, it's funny too, you know, all the leftists that are anti-police, all cops are bad, and then they also, you know, say, hey, police plant evidence on people all the time too.
Sure they do.
But, oh, they won't mention anything about the FBI, they won't mention anything about the Mar-a-Lago raid, because they think they're part of the team now.
And so see, that's what it's all about.
Why does the FBI or why does the US military put out Black Lives Matter statements or pro-Antifa statements or pro-sex change statements?
Because that's them waving the flag that, hey, we've been conquered by you.
We're your team now.
So they gotta get rid of the local police that have a relationship with the community and are a lot easier to have oversight and manage.
And they want to defund and disarm you, and make sure you don't have security, and then they want to hire 90,000 IRS agents, and they put on their job listing that they're going to be carrying firearms and willing and able to use deadly force.
I mean, if you don't see where that's going, then you really have no foresight at all.
Defund and disarm police,
That are the actual connection with law enforcement to local communities, and then replace them with a soulless, faceless, disconnected, bureaucratic operation that has no loyalty, respect, or connection to local communities, that will just come in, run roughshod, shoot you, take your money, and leave, and then you'll have no idea what happened, no idea who did it, no means of oversight, no means of justice.
And if you don't see how that's obviously their plan here, then you might be a liberal.
Because that's clearly the plan.
And that's what Barack Obama talks about.
Federalize the police.
This is it, folks.
They're federalizing the police.
They're turning the big, powerful intelligence agencies into Democrat weapons against the people.
And then they're going to remove the local law enforcement and replace it with federal police forces that you'll have no oversight or connection with.
Alright, still no justification for the raid at Mar-a-Lago, which tells you there's something more to that story.
And we're not getting it.
And I've kind of theorized as to what might be going on with that earlier in the transmission.
But just the radioactive nature of that story and the fact that nobody's willing really to address it publicly tells me that there's something underlying there that only few people know.
So I would say that Donald Trump probably knows something and a few people in his inner circle and or the FBI know something or a few people at the FBI know something.
And nobody wants to let the cat out of the bag right now.
Somebody thinks they have the upper hand, or somebody's waiting for some leverage before they make their next move.
But everybody's staying neutral on this.
I mean, it's like if you're watching an epic chess match, nobody's touched their pieces in days.
And that just shows you, whatever that last move was, like, whoa, that last move was so mind-blowing, nobody wants to even touch the board now.
So what is it?
Was this just a total swing and a miss by the FBI?
Did they think they had something there and didn't find it?
Was it all for optics and then it totally backfired?
Did Trump set a trap for the feds?
Did Trump set a trap for a mole?
Did he smoke a mole out in his own team?
The lack of a move since the raid tells me there is something there that we just don't know yet.
Because I don't know how you have that big a story.
As far as impact is concerned, as far as real world people's lives impact is concerned, it's not that big of a story, but this goes well beyond that.
I mean, I would say the January 6th prisoners that are being tortured by Democrats in jail cells right now, political prisoners, I would say that that's much worse of a situation
On its face than the Mar-a-Lago raid.
But the Mar-a-Lago raid is so big and has so much gravity and so much implication that it probably is the biggest story in this midterm election news cycle.
And nobody wants to get out ahead of it now?
Nobody wants to steer the narrative into the next direction?
This whole thing is a knuckleball, folks.
But for the American people,
Any rational American person that's just not a total brainwashed leftist libtard knows that what happened at Mar-a-Lago is just further proof of the political persecution against Donald Trump, further proof that there is a deep state, and further proof that our government is gone completely rogue.
Completely rogue, and is no longer serving the interest of we, the people.
That is what's going on.
And then you've got the liberal left.
California University hosts Segregate Orientation.
Yeah, you've got all these major universities now, where they have graduations for black students and hispanic students and white students, segregating the students, the reverse of Martin Luther King's dream.
Of course it's liberals that go the opposite way.
Liberals are the party of, liberals are the ideology of regression, not progression, regression.
So they're regressing back to their roots of bigotry and discrimination at universities.
They're also turning any classroom that has children in it and is run by a liberal teacher into sexual grooming centers, and then they have their therapists and their counselors go on
Social media and post videos saying we need to be standing up for pedophiles and they say minor attracted people are the most discriminated against people in the world.
Oh really?
Adults that rape children are discriminated against?
I'd say that's a good thing.
I think if you're a child abuser, you need to suffer severely.
And I think if you're a pedophile child rapist, you need to be eliminated.
No more sense in having you with us on this planet.
If you're out there raping children, if you're out there as a pedophile, grooming, or raping children, it's time for you to suffer severe consequences.
But they're so emboldened now,
They're so emboldened now that they've gotten away with so much sexual grooming of children, so much child abuse of children.
They're going for everything, folks.
They want the right to have sex with children.
That's what this is all about.
They want the right to have sex with children.
And you know what?
It kind of just hit me, actually.
And I've never really heard this before, but it just hit me like a bolt of lighting right in my head right now.
Are all of these people really pedophiles?
Are all these individuals that are sexually grooming children and doing this stuff to children actually pedophiles?
There are certainly pedophiles out there.
I mean, Joe Biden has certainly exhibited pedophilic behavior on dozens, if not hundreds, of occasions.
But are all these people really pedophiles?
Why would they be pushing to groom children?
Or why would they have this desire to have sex with children?
I think it just hit me, folks.
They can't find a single consenting adult that wants to get anywhere near them, and so they know the only shot they have is a brainwasher child.
Still pedophilia.
But I don't know why that just hit me right now, as I'm about to go to this video, because I just noticed, it's like all these people that are promoting pedophilia as minor attracted persons' sexual orientation, they're all disgusting fuglies.
And that's it.
They know that they're never going to find a sexual, consenting sexual partner or have a loving relationship because they're fallen souls, because they're demons.
So they know the only chance they have is to groom children to have sex with them.
My God.
You liberals are sick.
So here's an example.
This is a sex therapist and counselor
Who says pedophiles should not be called pedophiles but minor attracted persons as a sexual orientation and it's the most discriminated against group in America.
Yeah, I would say pedophiles should be discriminated against but liberals who are promoting pedophilia because they want to engage in sexual acts with children are trying to say it's minor attracted person sexual orientation and they openly say it on the internet like in this video.
You she, her pronouns.
Of course you do.
And I'm a licensed professional counselor and sex therapist in Erie, Pennsylvania.
And today I want to talk about minor attracted persons.
And I want to talk about minor attracted persons.
Because they are probably the most vilified population of folks in our culture.
And most folks are making incorrect assumptions about them without actually knowing much about them.
And those assumptions create harm.
For an already marginalized population.
You may have noticed that I'm using the term minor attracted persons, sometimes abbreviated to MAPs, instead of the more commonly used term pedophile.
And I'm doing this because the term pedophile has moved from being a diagnostic label to being a judgmental, hurtful insult that we hurl at people in order to harm them or slander them.
I also prefer person-first language that recognizes that any label we might apply to a person is only part of who they are and doesn't represent everything that they are.
We are all people first with many different facets or parts of ourselves, and this includes folks who are attracted to minors.
So to start with, let's talk about what a minor attracted person is or who they are.
This term simply means that the person has an enduring sexual or romantic attraction to minors.
They've not chosen this attraction, just as the rest of us have not chosen whatever our attraction is.
You don't get to choose to be heterosexual or to be gay or whatever you are.
And you don't get to choose to be a minor-attracted person.
Some minor-attracted persons are attracted to a specific age range of minors, while some are not.
And some minor-attracted persons are exclusively attracted to minors, and are not attracted to adults at all.
Some minor-attracted persons are also attracted to adults.
Notice, the crew points out she's got some weird demon painting behind her.
And... I mean, folks, when you're openly promoting pedophilia and saying it should be called MAPS as a sexual orientation, there's obviously something wrong with you.
You're a dark, twisted soul.
But you know, it just makes me go back to the WikiLeaks emails...
Because we all saw the emails that talked about pizza-related maps, and of course it made no sense to us.
Why would you have a pizza-related map on a handkerchief?
Maybe map didn't mean what we thought it meant.
Maybe map didn't mean like a map where you try to find where you're going.
Maybe maps in those WikiLeaks Democrat emails meant minor attracted person, aka pedophile.
I don't know.
I'm just trying to figure it all out.
Infowars has been vindicated.
We've been proven right.
World government, the New World Order is out in the open.
And now more than ever, the forces of Satan are trying to shut down this broadcast.
The forces of anti-human, godless New World Order are out of control.
So now realize,
We have pushed them out in the light, we have pushed them out in the open, and they are so upset, and they are so scared.
So while you still can, because any day could be our last broadcast, spread the word about the show, share the articles, share the videos, and please fund us while getting great products at the same time at infowarstore.com.
Books, films, t-shirts, great supplements, Vitamineral Fusion, Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula,
Ultra 12, diet for so much more right now at InfoWarsaw.com.
But whatever you do, pray for justice, and pray for freedom, and pray for the children, and pray for free speech and justice to win.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Now spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic, historic battle.
All right, folks, thank you for joining me.
Mike Adams here filling in for the third hour here on the Alex Jones Show.
I want to thank Owen Schroyer and Alex is on the road.
So I'm hosting remotely also today.
We've got a bombshell segment for you today.
Going to change the pace, change the topic and focus a little bit here.
We're going to go on offense in terms of bringing you new breakthrough information that is game changing for our world.
It's going to change the entire dynamic of energy.
It's going to take away energy scarcity from the hands of the globalists.
It's going to set humanity truly free with more energy abundance.
It's a very big deal.
I attempted to have our guest on last week, but because of changes of schedule, we were not able to get him on the show last week.
He's able to join us today.
We'll bring him in at the top of the next segment coming up here in just a few minutes, and you're going to learn
Why the government has been suppressing this technology for decades and why they are unable to suppress it any longer.
The truth is coming out.
This technology is validated.
It's now confirmed and it's been publicly demonstrated at a physics convention and people's minds are getting blown because this means that humanity can no longer be controlled
By energy scarcity in the way that they used to be controlled.
Now this technology, which we're going to describe here, will share some pretty amazing announcements.
It is not going to replace, however, diesel engines.
It's not going to replace combustion engines in tractors or trains or jets or anything like that.
But it produces excess heat.
And this excess heat can be used to heat homes, to heat buildings, to heat even military installations, and with some additional engineering, it can be used to heat water, to spin turbines, to generate electricity, which is exactly how nuclear power plants work.
So, this breakthrough is going to be able to replace, ultimately, nuclear fuel rods, and yet it produces no excess radioactive waste like nuclear power plants do.
So this is a breakthrough, decentralized, new, scientifically validated system of energy.
It does not release any carbon dioxide.
Not that CO2 is bad for the planet.
I mean, plants love CO2, but for the greenies on the left, they'll love the fact that it doesn't produce any CO2.
It has no emissions whatsoever.
It's clean, it's abundant, and it can be made decentralized.
It is essentially going to be rather easy to manufacture and replicate all across the country.
And also, for the record, by the way, what I'm about to share here, I have no financial ties to any of this technology or any of the companies involved or any of the patents or anything like that.
That's not what this is about.
This is about breaking the stranglehold on humanity that is created by the globalists who are engineering food scarcity, energy scarcity,
Financial scarcity by shutting down small businesses and so on.
You know, they're trying to strangle humanity by taking away health freedom, taking away your right to speak and so on.
We are fighting against that, not by just playing defensively, but now you could say offensively by humanity introducing new technologies that break the mold, that shatter the paradigm, and that will change the history of the world forever.
This is such a big deal.
I'm very proud to be able to announce this and share this with you on InfoWars.com because it once again shows that InfoWars is the leader in new media.
You'll remember one day, oh my gosh, I heard that on InfoWars, and InfoWars had the courage to break that news among the very first.
You're going to remember that, because this is going to change the entire world, it's going to change the dynamics of geopolitics, it's going to change everything about Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, oil, all of that.
And it's going to give America, by the way, even more energy independence, because it is American scientists
Who are the leading engineers and developers of this technology right now.
This can put America back on the map, back in the lead of breakthrough science that can change the world for the better.
So this is great news and I know sometimes we need some positive news.
That's exactly what this is.
You're going to hear all those details here coming up for the next hour exclusively here on the Alex Jones Show.
And I'm guest hosting Mike Adams.
I'll also be hosting, I believe, part or all of the fourth hour with a different guest and some different topics as well.
So stay with me here on the Alex Jones Show.
Spread the word.
Tell everybody to tune in.
Break through information that's going to change the world for the better.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with that news and more.
Alright, welcome back folks to the Alex Jones Show here on InfoWars.com.
I'm Mike Adams joining remotely hosting this hour and the next with breakthrough information that is a game changer for our world.
It's a game changer for freedom and abundance and we're going to jump right into it so that you know the full details.
Now I will kind of caution you that the first time I heard about this technology I thought that's impossible.
That it couldn't possibly be true.
There's no way that it could work.
But this is not some kind of fantasy.
This is validated, confirmed, publicly demonstrated, cutting-edge science, and it's called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or LENR.
And there are some very, very wealthy people and some very intelligent, some of the highest IQ people in the country are right now working on trying to develop the theories that explain the phenomenon that is confirmed to be happening, which is the generation of excess heat using solid state
A hydrogen hot tube technology as it's called to generate excess heat at room temperature by converting a very tiny amount of mass into this excess energy.
This is going to set humanity free if we can get it fully commercialized and shared with the world and stop the suppression of this technology.
Now I've got a special guest joining me who has been involved in this technology for many years.
I've been following this also for years.
And yet this is the first time that we've talked in detail about it here publicly.
But our guest is going to sort of, he's been in the meetings, he's briefed the scientists, he's seen the reactions, he's seen the power plays, the investors, the money plays, all of it, and he can bring us details that you won't hear anywhere else.
So this is a world exclusive.
Of a breakthrough piece of technology that's going to change the world and help decentralize energy, which will break the stranglehold on humanity by the globalists.
So let's bring in our guest, who I will call, well, James.
James, are you going public with your full name at this point?
You're just going by James.
You tell me.
Well, I'll go by James Martinez.
It's okay.
Okay, alright, okay.
Well, James Martinez then, and I want to thank you for joining us today, especially on such short notice.
Now, let's back up, because a lot of people have never heard of this before.
We need to bring them up to speed.
We need to explain what is cold fusion, which is really no longer the term used for this.
Well, first I want to say congratulations to this network because I planned
Long ago to make sure that this network would be the one that would make a sort of formal announcement.
And that was through David Knight, who interviewed the chief executive officer of the leading coal fusion company now in the world, many years ago, to prepare everybody.
Because it was always my contention that this technology be discussed before it comes out rather than when it already comes out.
So I want to first say that.
So this is important for people because I know that
This network is under tremendous amount of scrutiny, unnecessarily, I might add.
So this is, once again, the InfoWars family of freedom fighters and so forth were correct on this.
So that's the first thing I want to say.
Second thing is I got involved with this in 89.
I heard
from colleagues of mine at that time that there is going to be an announcement.
It's very vague.
When I was told about this, I thought, you know, this is going to be an announcement regarding the energy sector.
And that came from the late Dr. Andrei Berharich, who told me and all of it came true.
So in 1989, when I first saw that announcement, I'm not a scientist.
I'm more of a media ecologist.
So the concern for media ecology is the effects of technology on culture and what it does and how to prepare for the effects of when something like this happens.
So in 89, when I first heard about this, my first reaction was, well, the career of these two gentlemen, Stanley Pons and Fleischmann, is going to be destroyed or they will be killed.
Because of the effect that that announcement had on the nuclear industry at that time.
Let me just add, you're referring to the Fleischmann and Pons announcement 1989, where they demonstrated cold fusion at room temperature, and it originally made, I think, the cover of Time Magazine at that time, and then it was very rapidly, quote, debunked.
By the physics community establishment and the hot fusion advocates who said, no, it's impossible.
You can't do this at room temperature.
We need billions of dollars in funding to do this in another way.
But I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just want to provide the background context.
But since that time, then, both of these pathways of scientific research have progressed quite dramatically.
Both hot fusion and what was called cold fusion, now called low-energy nuclear reactions.
It's just that hot fusion requires billions and tens of billions of dollars in funding, and they've made a lot of progress.
But then low-energy nuclear reactions is done with, let's say, only millions of dollars instead of billions.
Absolutely correct.
The conflict is basically what you just said.
It's the big business versus
Tell us about that event and the website for that.
Is that ICCF24.com?
Is that the site?
Uh, .org.
.org, I'm sorry, okay.
ICCF24.org, and that event was a gathering of physicists all presenting papers and theories and some demonstrations, and this Stirling engine powered by this solid-state low-energy nuclear reaction system was demonstrated for people to see.
What was the reaction, and we have a video of that, by the way, that our producers here can show, but what was the reaction when people saw that with their own eyes for the first time?
Well, there wasn't much of a reaction because most of the people there that were attending were all the leaders in the field that came from all over the world.
They already know this is going on.
They've been known it's going on for quite some time.
The emphasis wasn't so much on whether or not they had
Thank you for joining us.
Interfering with everything that is greed, monopolies, patents, control, etc.
Those matters when it meets with this, do not mix.
And I want to say this for everybody, because this is the most important part.
Most important part is most of the people that were attending this were probably 70 years old and up.
They're all old men.
We're good.
They wanted to leave something behind for their children and for the world, which is why they spent enormous amounts of time and sacrifice, which people have no idea the level of sacrifice that it's taken to get this far.
And all of these older gentlemen were from all walks in different countries.
I get that, Jay, and I'm sorry to interject.
I get that, but let's remember that our audience does not yet know what you know about how this has been validated and how this is real and all the people you're talking about, they've known for a long time because these experiments have been replicated by the United States Navy, laboratories in Japan and Russia and so on all over the world.
We've got to go to break here shortly, but when we come back, I'd like you to talk about how do we know that this is real?
What is the evidence that this excess energy is being produced?
Who is working on the physics models that can actually explain this and what's going to be required in terms of expanding our current state of understanding of fusion and the table of elements and how things work in the real world because we're going to have to rework some of our knowledge of truly the laws of physics.
So stay with us, James.
I appreciate you.
Thank you for your patience.
We'll be right back after this break with all of those explanations and more straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Alright, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, and we're having a science breakthrough conversation today, and I know it's difficult for us to talk about this right now with the weaponization of the IRS targeting the American people, the rogue nature of the FBI just off the reservation going insane, running a war against conservative America and all of Trump's people.
I know that the dollar collapse is approaching and they're going to try to thrust all of us into a central bank digital currency, control us.
And I know that we're fighting a defensive war, it seems, every day.
We're trying to just stop the tyranny that's marching upon us day by day, step by step.
But we can't just win by fighting a defensive war on every issue affecting humanity and the future of human civilization.
From time to time, we have to have breakthroughs of new solutions that actually create decentralization and reduce our dependence on globalism or centrally controlled systems.
In fact, this was the whole idea behind cryptocurrency.
What about a decentralized currency that the central banks can't control so that we can buy, sell, and trade with each other using a peer-to-peer non-centralized system that is not easily shut down by the powers that be?
I think that's been proven.
They can't shut it down very easily.
Although the Treasury is now outlawing some of the Bitcoin mixing services, you know, just to make it more difficult for people.
But what about energy decentralization?
That's what we're talking about today.
A breakthrough technology that was really first demonstrated in 1989, but it was difficult to reproduce at that time.
And it goes back to Fleischmann and Pons at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
But in the decades since, this has now been refined, it's been validated, and it's not a miracle replacement for oil.
Let me be clear, this does not replace combustion engines in any way.
What it does is it produces excess heat.
So, it has to use a little bit of energy itself, but it multiplies the effect of that energy to produce excess heat that can heat buildings, heat water, heat, you know, on ranches and farms, greenhouses.
Look about what's happening in Western Europe right now, where they're not getting the natural gas from Russia, because the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been shut down to about 20%.
A big question in Germany, you know, in France, in Spain, in the UK, is how are you going to heat your buildings this winter?
They're taking short, cold showers now because they don't have the heat just to heat their water.
Well, here's a solution.
And I brought on James Martinez because he is the expert who has monitored this situation for years.
He knows that this is a solution that's proven, that is ready to be licensed to boiler companies, ready to be adopted worldwide.
It's here.
The future changes from here forward.
So James, welcome back.
Thank you for joining us today.
Talk to us about how we know that, like I said before the break, how do we know that this is working?
What's the proof of this?
Well, I would say for the people that have never heard this before, first step is go to watch the 60 Minutes interview that took place many years ago where they validated all of this.
All this was validated primarily in the United States at SRI International for a long time.
It was not something that was done immediately and people did not jump to conclusions.
This has gone through enormous amount of scrutiny by many, many people for a long time.
SRI International is where the Internet came out of.
It's also where other technologies that have profoundly changed the entire planet
I don't
To bring this forth.
Now, there were other third-party verifications with other people all over the world.
One of them was Andrea Rossi out of Italy.
There's multiple countries that are involved with this and been involved with it for a long time.
And the fact that we've arrived at this position where now people are going out on a ledge and putting everything on the line and say, okay, here it is.
Now the conversation is totally different.
Our conversation now, and I would tell everybody because
One of the most important things that took place at that event that I attended as I got to meet Rob Duncan.
Rob Duncan was the gentleman in the 60 Minutes interview, and he was the gentleman sent in to measure the measuring stick, so to speak, to measure the calorimetry, to show and prove there was excess heat.
He was there.
I sat next to him with a bunch of Navy guys and other people that were attending and I got to hear the story about what happened after that interview was done by 60 Minutes.
I even called 60 Minutes a couple days later actually to tell him what's really going on now.
And Rob Duncan, he said very simply,
Just check the data.
I read the data.
I looked at the data.
I follow the data.
That's what we're supposed to do as scientists.
And then he went into the whole explanation of what happened after that interview took place, which I didn't know about.
And none of the other people at that table I was with heard what happened to him.
And that the intellectual threats
So for a couple of decades, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this sounds a lot like when doctors were talking about what works to stop COVID.
You know, including the late Zev Zelenko talking about quercetin and zinc and vitamin C and so on.
And of course that was immediately suppressed because it would have saved people and reduced, you know, hospitalization and death by ventilator and so on.
So here's something that's just like that, but it's been going on for decades, where here's a solution for humanity that's actually kind of
You know, you don't have to have a multi-billion dollar hot fusion reactor with, you know, magnetic levitation fields and all that stuff, which is what the hot fusion people work on.
You can do this with some, I don't know, some palladium and some special materials, but at room temperature in something the size of like a toaster oven or maybe a little bit larger, like a mini-fridge or something.
So this has been suppressed all this time.
And you've seen that, right?
I mean, you've seen scientists just blacklisted from the industry for daring to talk about the true data they saw.
Yeah, that is the main problem and it has been the main problem in this field because there's too many people that are gaslighting others at the very top from intellectual rooftops saying this can't exist and this is what reality is and so forth.
And the scrutiny that scientists have to go through in this particular field, it's still there in a minimal level now.
It's very minimal.
But I've spoke to a lot of guys there, including young scientists,
That we're speaking to me and saying, you know, I'm going to be going and doing my doctorate at a major university in England.
And what do you think?
Should I do it?
Should I, should I do it on LAR?
And I looked at him like, of course you should do it on LAR.
Sometimes you have to forget your head and grab your balls.
I mean, get on with it.
Where is your courage?
I mean, are you seeing what's going on here?
Are you aware of what has just happened here?
And they were aware, but there's still this level of fear from authority figures having to do with this.
But it's too late now.
We're past that.
We're way past that.
This is a profound change.
How is this going to be rolled out then?
Is it going to be licensed to companies?
Are people going to be able to have home boiler heaters that they can license?
Or are there going to be major manufacturers, like big industrial manufacturers, licensing this technology and putting it into commercial buildings?
We're about to go to break, but tell us how this is going to look as it rolls out in the years ahead.
All those discussions have been underway for a long time.
It's going to be the heating market that comes first because it's the easiest entry.
That's OK.
All right.
Hold that thought.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and we're going to talk about what this means for Western Europe, for Russia, for geopolitics in the world and maybe peace for humanity.
We'll be back with those topics and much more.
All right, let's back up, folks, because I haven't done a good enough job yet of describing the monumental global change that this is going to cause all around the world.
I'm going to bring in a term that you've probably never heard before.
It's another technology that can be coupled with low-energy nuclear reactions, and together they generate electricity.
And this can be decentralized, you can have power without a power grid.
There's some engineering required.
This isn't like an off-the-shelf thing you can buy yet.
But let me introduce you to this term, and we have our guest continuing with us, James Martinez.
But the term is thermophotovoltaics.
Now, thermophotovoltaics, this is technology, and this has all been demonstrated by MIT scientists.
There are patents on this.
There's a lot of articles out there in the science world, all over the science websites.
Thermophotovoltaics, it's a special kind of system where you have a substance, usually a special alloy, that when it is heated, it gives off infrared radiation.
And then you have special, you could call them solar panels, but they're not solar, they're photovoltaic panels, that generate electricity upon exposure to those infrared wavelengths.
So you got me?
You got something getting hot?
And it kind of glows with infrared light, and then this light is picked up by this panel, and this panel converts it into current.
Just like that.
It's heat to electricity.
And based on new information about this that I just read last week and covered on my own show, my own website,
The efficiency of this process is now approaching about 40%, which is unheard of.
I mean, that's a breakthrough.
And what this means, folks, is that if you can produce excess heat, which is happening through low-energy nuclear reactions, which is what we're talking about.
That's our guest, James.
If you can produce excess heat, you can convert the heat into current, DC current, like what comes off a solar panel, except this system, folks, runs 24-7.
Whereas solar panels obviously only work when the sun is out and even not very well half of that time because the sun's at the wrong angle.
Might be clouds or rain or whatever and you know wind turbines don't work when the wind isn't blowing.
So all this green energy stuff that's out there, it doesn't work more than half the time.
More than half the time.
Low-energy nuclear reactions, excess heat combined with thermophotovoltaics, that can produce electricity instantly, on-demand, 24-7, with no carbon emissions, no radioactive waste, and this technology exists right now.
And if I sound excited about this, yeah, heck yeah I am.
This is a game-changer.
So James, let me ask your opinion on that.
I'm sure the scientists you talk to, they understand that if you have heat, you can generate electricity through systems like the one I just described.
Are they already thinking ahead about how this could be used to create off-the-shelf electricity generation systems?
They're already producing electricity.
I was there and when I met with the Navy guys,
And other science guys that are involved.
These are the guys that were already talking to 60 Minutes, following up with 60 Minutes on what was going on.
I came up with three guys who were standing right in front of me and they said, James, we're producing electricity.
We don't know how, but we're producing electricity now.
What do we do?
What do you mean they don't know how?
I mean, what are they saying?
The problem has been is that with something like this,
It has to do with the recoding of language, recoding of perception, and then getting everybody to agree that this certain thing is happening.
And then getting everybody to finally, once they've got to that point,
Move forward in a systematic logical way.
And Google is financed massive millions and millions of dollars into the research into this.
In fact, it was those that particular company that produced the Nature article that was very, very important in terms of they wanted to be able to make sure 100%
That this was producing excess heat.
Now, we've already produced electricity in very small amounts and these Navy guys have already done it as well.
We're past that point.
But the problem that exists right now, and it's not really a problem, it has to do with semantics.
And that's what science is arguing about behind the scenes.
Alright, so if I could translate this in a layperson terms, this phenomenon is real.
The phenomenon is observable, it's reproducible, excess heat's being produced, and from that there's some small amount of electricity that's being produced.
The problem is trying to agree on the theory, the model, that describes the reality of this phenomenon.
So, physics is a system of models.
Just to let our viewers know, physics is not reality.
When physicists talk about, oh, our formula says this and this and this, you're modeling the world.
You are not the real world.
Reality is created by, well, God and the cosmos.
It has its own way of doing things.
Physics is just trying to describe.
The cosmic truths that are out there, the interactions cause and effect, the flow of time, and all of those things.
And physics has to constantly change its language, its models, its understanding, the expansion of knowledge.
I mean, think about it.
We went from Newtonian physics to, like, string theory, M-theory, quantum theory.
Nobody can even explain quantum computers!
And yet,
The National Institute of Standards and Technology, the NIST, is running, I think, like 16 qubit quantum computers.
Maybe it's 32 qubits.
I think Google's running like 56 qubits now.
No one can explain how that works, but it works.
It's reliable.
Is that kind of a good metaphor for what we're dealing with here?
You hit it right on target.
Absolutely correct.
There's a delay switch.
We're good to go.
This has begun now.
I mean, the only clap that I heard while I was there is when ARPA announced that they were going to be putting money and research into this.
To the people that were there, that was like a big deal.
They were like, wow, we do have a reason to live now.
We're validated.
All these old science guys were like so excited by that.
But isn't this, see this energy abundance runs contradictory to the current goals of the depopulation globalists, because they want to reduce the population of the planet by 7 billion people or more, and in order to do that, they have to shut down the economies, they have to engineer food scarcity, mass starvation, they have to shut down the energy infrastructure, which they are doing!
So, if, I mean, doesn't that explain why there's so much suppression of this?
Because if people can replicate a relatively simple
Easy to build.
I shouldn't say easy.
I mean, it's taken many years and a lot of money, but easier than Hot Fusion, for sure.
But if this can become widespread, it kind of makes it hard for the globalists to take everybody out by cutting off the power grid, doesn't it?
Absolutely correct.
When Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile, that was impossible.
But moments later, everybody was doing it.
This is so far out of the box now, and there's so many people involved in multiple countries and research and development in this, that it's, you know, this is too late.
We've passed the danger zone, and a lot of people are going to figure out how this works themselves, and they will model what the leading company has done in certain forms, because that's what we do.
So I'm
I've been preparing the public for a long time.
I've spoken all over the world about this.
I've spoken to the British government.
There's multiple countries that are involved in this and that are just waiting for the birth of this new baby to be born.
And that's very close now.
But I might add, and I want to say it here for this audience because it's really important, because I had private meetings with people there and everybody's pretty exhausted.
The science guys especially the US guys and they're saying now and they're suggesting that if they don't get cooperation from the United States Meaning the people of the United States They're gonna go to Europe as they should because we have been discussing this in public for a very long time here and abroad and
And that's because Europe, they're waiting totally supportive of this.
There's Nordic countries that have already invited these scientists over there and they've been in negotiations.
All of this has been underway behind the scenes for a very long time.
Sorry to cut you off, we've got to go to break, but there's an easy way to get U.S.
government funding for this company.
Just make Nancy Pelosi a shareholder.
All the money will come flowing right in, and it'll be a done deal by the billions.
So yeah, there are solutions here that are easy to find.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be back right after this break with more on the topic of abundant energy for humanity.
The powers that be use censorship and deplatforming to try to enslave humanity through engineered scarcity.
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But this platform is so necessary to get that information out because all the other mainstream corporate media, of course they're all controlled by the deep state, controlled by the corporate interests, controlled by the CCP in some cases.
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I think the Washington Post even did that as well.
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This is the last segment with James Martinez.
Thank you, James, for your patience, but it's almost difficult for us to accurately describe the monumental changes, and that's my question to you now.
What's going to happen geopolitically in our world when this low-energy nuclear reaction technology, or LNR, L-E-N-R as you say,
When this becomes applied, commercialized, to replace natural gas for heat, and maybe eventually start to replace coal or fuel rods in nuclear power plants.
I mean, I know that's going to take a lot of time, but what does our world look like with those changes?
Well, those type of discussions have been in the planning pages for a very, very long time.
And I just want to make sure for the record that I say this, that on World Water Day in Washington, D.C., one of the panelists that is going to be heading up the committee on the environment and green technology and so forth is a woman by the name of Phyllis Young.
She's the senior elder of the Lakota Sioux tribe.
She has been the supporter
Thank you.
I mean, we're in a totally different position now and the conversation should be altered entirely.
I want to make sure that people understand that some of the biggest companies in the world that you hate are involved.
They know that this changes the situation entirely because it's the great equalizer and this is going to be
Everything's going to be redesigned and people know this.
So there's been discussions with other countries.
I've discussed this with the Swiss government in their city planning office about what this is going to do with construction, what it's going to do with cost of living, what it's going to do with business in general, what it's going to do to the alteration of currency.
I've had people from the crypto world I've dealt with for years.
I warned everybody way, way, way in advance.
So that when this day would come, when this device was put out before the public, not in a lab...
Uh, that this great change would take place, and this has already started.
I mean, most people do not think in terms of how technology alters human behavior and biological impact culturally, and what that's going to do.
But for this particular matter, this has got to be discussed early, before it comes out, and it should be put before all our elected employees, all the responsible parties that govern our energy policies.
How do we make sure that this doesn't get monopolized by those evil corporations that currently control society?
Well, some of them have gone through consciousness changes because this, when you know it's reality and know it's capability, the conversation is quite different.
I had private conversations and I was there specifically at this event to talk to people
Face-to-face about their where their philosophy stands and some of these people have tremendous financial wealth Tremendous and I was pleased to see that this moral compass is in the white in the right place That's why I went to this event.
It's very important and
Because we have a chance, we have a second chance to do the right thing for humanity here.
Because you cannot lecture the public and lecture the world about saving the planet if you don't provide a real solution.
And they could have saved the planet a long time ago.
A long time ago.
So none of that works.
And if you're not providing a solution and giving a direction for people to go that makes sense, then what are you doing?
So their arguments and the things that they've asserted are meaningless.
They're meaningless.
They always have been.
I mean, the government's out there telling everybody to just buy electric cars.
Well, right.
Like, that's going to solve the problem.
It doesn't solve any problem.
What's going to charge the cars?
You know?
And the cars have no range.
I mean, you try to tow a trailer on an electric Ford EV truck and you get about, what, 80 miles and you're done.
Hope your vacation is real close by.
Because you're not getting very far.
I mean, it's a joke!
And then there's not enough lithium mining, and it's dirty mining, even in the world, to provide the batteries that would be needed if everybody goes out and buys an electric vehicle.
So you're right.
It's a joke.
They're not providing real solutions.
But even this solution that we're talking about today, LENR, this is going to take many, many years to commercialize, produce, distribute, support, to kind of evolve the feature set, evolve the amplification of the excess heat, and so on.
And this is not an instant magical solution either.
Well, money drives things.
And if certain amounts of money are applied at certain pressure points, this thing can be in the streets in two years.
A lot of discussions have taken place behind the scenes with huge companies about
The amount of time it's going to take, where this type of technology should be put first, how it's to be applied, partnerships with companies, what it's going to do to markets and profits, and what is profit under this?
That's a big philosophical question because the amount of energy this thing emits from this very small amount of water is profound.
People can run their houses for like 10 years for minimal costs.
And what is that going to do?
That's going to change everything, and that's where the discussion should be right now.
Most people are not even aware of that, but I would just assert to everybody that they don't know about this to go look at the data, do the research.
Most of these people that are doing this, they're very open about it.
How do they do that?
Please come check us out.
Where do they find the data?
Prove us wrong!
Give us, like, where do people go to look at this?
Is there a website?
Is there a presentation?
They can go to Brillouin Energy.
They can go to a number of websites that are doing this.
They talk at a very open source.
But Brillouin Energy, they've had people flying in from all over the world.
All over the world have come in to see that and seen every step of advancement that they've gone in.
There's going to be a podcast that is going to become public shortly.
It's going to go into the financial aspects of this from the people that actually deal with it, which is me and another guy.
And you're going to get to hear what really is going on in the financial world, in the negotiation world, in the legal world, in the patent world, all of that stuff, and what is really going on.
Because people don't get to hear that and need to know.
But it's been going on for quite some time.
So it is proceeding.
Before... I'm sorry to interrupt, but we don't have much time left.
The only input to this system, as I understand it, is heavy water.
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, and it only uses a microscopic amount of mass to be converted into excess heat.
I mean, it's almost nothing.
It's imperceptible.
Is that right?
You are correct.
So people would have to change out the heavy water once every decade, or what?
How does it work?
Yeah, they'd have to change out the water.
All of that is being discussed behind the scenes.
This is a great moment for humanity.
That's what people should recall from this.
I just suggest everybody just look at the data.
Do your own research.
You will find out the truth.
Thank you, James Martinez.
Thank you so much for your time.
We're out of time here today.
Folks, we've got David DuBine coming up next hour about food scarcity.
And again, thank you, James.
That was all about low-energy nuclear reactions, LENR.
Do your own research, and we'll be back with David DuBine straight ahead.
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Alright folks, welcome back.
This is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, your host, and we're going to be interviewing David DuBin coming up about food scarcity, the engineered mass starvation and famine that's being wielded against humanity.
Also, we're monitoring the apparent live announcement by Attorney General Merrick Garland
And he is being, I think, sort of forced to respond to accusations that the DOJ and the FBI have become insanely weaponized against the American people.
And as soon as he goes live with that, we are going to probably bring you a snippet of that live announcement and certainly comment on that as well.
So continue to stay tuned here to InfoWars.com or Band.Video and you won't miss anything.
That comes out of Merrick Garland's mouth, that's for sure.
And my guess is that the FBI is now trying to play the victim.
Because I believe there was an armed person that was trying to enter an FBI office earlier this morning, and hey, for all we know, the FBI sent one of their own people to do that, because that's what they're best at doing, is actually, you know, being provocateurs of these kinds of events.
So it's probably an FBI guy,
Trying to raid the FBI office so that the FBI can play the victim and claim that they're not raiding anybody.
It's just so insane.
So we're going to bring you that information as the news is breaking here.
And while we're waiting for Merrick Garland to speak, we are going to talk about food scarcity.
And how you can survive or navigate this massive famine and starvation that is being thrust upon us.
In fact, that's the theme today, is how the globalists are trying to depopulate planet Earth through so many vectors, including energy scarcity, which is what we just talked about last hour with James Martinez, but also, of course, food scarcity, fertilizer scarcity, and now they're at war with the table of elements.
And this is going to be a focus of my interview with David DuBine for the next hour.
The table of elements.
Notice that at first, the globalists were attacking carbon.
They said, oh, we're at war with carbon.
Carbon is bad.
They said, oh, carbon dioxide is a pollutant.
That's what the EPA said.
That's nonsense!
Carbon dioxide is actually food for plants.
It grows more crops, it grows rainforests, it grows flowers for pollinators like honeybees.
You know, you would think that people on the left would love CO2.
It's the green molecule for planet Earth.
But no!
They say it's a pollutant.
But their war on the table of elements is not limited to just carbon.
Now, as you've seen in the Netherlands, they're at war with nitrogen.
Oh, suddenly nitrogen is bad, too.
There's another element that's bad.
I mean, what's next?
Are they going to say oxygen is bad for the planet?
Well, they've kind of already done that with CO2.
The O2 is oxygen, obviously.
Are they going to say water's bad?
Oh, hydrogen is bad next.
I mean, give me a break.
Are they just going to start banning the table of elements?
We're made of the Table of Elements in terms of our physical cells and molecules and atomic elements.
We are carbon-based lifeforms, obviously.
In fact, as far as we know, every lifeform in the universe is based on carbon.
As far as we know.
Certainly here on Earth, the insects, the animals, the plants, the trees, the rainforests that we're all supposedly trying to save, they're all made of carbon.
If there's a war on carbon, it's a war on life.
And that's what it really is.
So a war on carbon is a demonic or a satanic war against the creation of life represented by God.
And that's what this ultimately comes down to.
It's a war of evil versus good.
It's a war of the Luciferians, the destroyers, which is, you know, the greenies and the governments and the depopulation pushers, versus those of life, who protect life, who are pro-life, who are asking God for protection, who are pro-humanity, pro-civilization, pro-freedom, pro-free speech, pro-First Amendment, Second Amendment, and so on.
That's what this is.
And so everything that we discuss here is just a different rendition of this epic war between pure evil and pure goodness or pure knowledge, awareness, awakening, love, life.
And InfoWars is on the side of humanity and God and life.
It's that simple.
And all of those who are trying to destroy InfoWars are aligned with Satan.
They are Luciferians.
They are child murderers.
They are bloodthirsty demons that are trying to destroy humanity and claim planet Earth for themselves.
So yeah, this is an epic war.
We'll be right back with David DuBin talking about food scarcity.
Stay with us here on the Alex Jones Show Fourth Hour.
All right, right now Attorney General Merrick Garland is addressing the nation in answering some questions, some accusations about the DOJ and the FBI being weaponized against the American people.
We don't yet know what he's going to say, probably something along the lines of claiming they're not the bad guys, even though they clearly are.
But let's go to that just for a little bit and see what he's saying right now.
We'll come back with analysis and also our guests coming up.
Can we go to that right now?
Authorized by a federal court upon the required finding of probable cause.
The property receipt is a document that federal law requires law enforcement agents to leave with the property owner.
The department filed the motion to make public the warrant and receipt in light of the former president's public confirmation of the search, the surrounding circumstances, and the substantial public interest in this matter.
Faithful adherence to the rule of law is the bedrock principle of the Justice Department and of our democracy.
Upholding the rule of law.
He's applying the law evenly.
Faithful adherence to the rule of law.
This guy is going to lecture us about the rule of law.
Are you kidding me?
The lawless DOJ, the lawless FBI, their selective persecution and prosecution of anyone close to Trump or conservatives or Christian or pro-second amendment groups.
This is, this is outrageous.
Merrick Garland doesn't represent the rule of law.
He represents lawless
He represents a despotic, evil regime that was not even properly elected, that stole their position of power and is wielding it as a weapon against the American people.
You know, look, I'm sorry.
I can't sit here and watch that.
I don't know about all of you.
I can't watch that.
So, look, let's do this.
The producers here at InfoWars, they're going to keep watching this.
If Garland breaks some major piece of news that isn't just him reading some script and lying to us, then we'll bring you that information.
Does that sound fair?
Until then, let's get back to reality and talk about what's really going on.
But just so you know, Merrick Garland is claiming that he's upholding the rule of law and that this was a proper search warrant.
Well, hey, if that's the case,
Where's the raid on Hillary Clinton and all her emails?
Where's the raid on Barack Obama's mansion and all the documents that he refused to give back?
Where's... What about the raid on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden because of everything that's on his laptop?
I mean, we could just go on and on, Uranium One, the whole deal!
But of course, you already knew that because you're well informed, so... We're just gonna move on here and see if something comes out of that.
So, shifting focus to the food scarcity topic today.
We know that they're trying to starve us out.
So yes, the powers that be are wielding government as a weapon against humanity.
They're trying to commit genocide here in America.
And they have deliberately shut down the energy infrastructure, transportation, logistics, affecting fertilizer, food, farming, the supply chain of tractor parts and agricultural equipment,
And they're doing so while claiming there's no food inflation whatsoever, while the news yesterday said eggs are up 47%, but Kamala and Joe Biden claim that it's 0% inflation for July?
Well, let's see, 0 versus 47%.
Hmm, that's a pretty big gap.
I think 47% that's inflation and 47% that's kind of like Kamala's IQ, I think.
Maybe Joe Biden's functional IQ, but nevertheless, jokes aside, let's get down to some serious issues here.
Our guest today is David DuBin.
Adapt 2030 is his channel.
David, thank you for joining me on such short notice.
It's an extraordinary day.
I appreciate you coming on to talk about what's happening to all of us as genocide is being carried out against humanity.
Yeah, I appreciate you having me on.
And what we're seeing right now is a full distraction from the impending tidal wave of food inavailability, food price rises, armed security guards in your stores, and the final implementation of a digital rationing card at the end of the year.
So if this is inbound, there would be a lot of resistance against it.
But if the distraction factor is 11 plus on the other side,
Think about how much this has taken away from those looking at the grain shipments refused coming out of the Baltic Sea.
You know, these grain shipments coming out are being refused now, either stolen grain or subpar grain that can't even be used for animal feed, and they're trying to paint rosy pictures of all the exports are up and running, don't worry about it.
Everywhere you look, the Southern Hemisphere, the amount of ash down there that is going to dent greatly yields moving forward.
The world's hopeful that the Southern Hemisphere can produce enough to get us out of this conundrum, but as it looks right now, it's not going to happen.
The Southern Hemisphere is going to experience worse fertilizer shortages because
Supply chains have not caught up and they're going into the planting season in another month and a half or so.
You got all the ash from the Tonga eruption that's going to cool and has cooled temperatures data-wise already provable.
And the pesticides and herbicides are going to be even tighter supply when we come to the Southern Hemisphere.
But they have an exponential factor of ash into a volcanic winter light version happening right now that is not happening or occurring in the Northern Hemisphere.
So traders looking at the Southern Hemisphere
You know, this is going to be a frightening scenario when they realize planting time that the yields coming out are going to be so record low that there's no way to alleviate any shortages.
And you can distract all you want.
So while they're lecturing us about global warming, what's actually happening is this ash is circulating, blocking out the sun to some significant extent.
I mean, it's not necessarily visible with the naked eye, but in terms of actual solar radiation that's reaching the surface of the earth and being converted into plant energy via photosynthesis,
That actual number is diminished and you're saying that that's going to affect crop production and also temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere.
No one's even talking about that in mainstream media.
They're just pretending that warming is the problem.
Look how hot it is.
You're saying the opposite problem is going to, we're going to face the opposite situation here in the coming months.
What's already in play?
And that's the whole reason I could present some data, because now there's data to fill in those gaps of what would have been, based on the historical precedent, when you have a large volcanic eruption of a VEI 6, the planet cools.
There's an enormous amount of news articles coming out saying, no, no, no, no, this time it's different, it was water vapor because it was an oceanic eruption, and this time it's going to warm the planet, not cool, so the last million years of data that you have that volcanic eruptions cool the planet, I'm sorry, it's different this time.
This is a special one, don't believe that last million years of data, just believe us.
And every event you're seeing on the extremes could be also explained through magnetic field anomalies as the sun stepping down or magnetic fields wandering northern and southern hemispheres in the magnetic wander.
All perturbing or making jet streams and cloud cells bunch on top of each other and going to different places.
Again, it's a distraction.
They're feeding you an excuse.
Global warming, global warming, global warming.
But when you talk about magnetic field intensity and things just so far out of our control, it's a civilization cycle on a reset again.
Governments are riding on top of this natural cycle.
You got to distract in order for it will work so the populace doesn't panic before you need them to panic.
And once the panic is there, then there's a reaction solution.
A catastrophic food failure.
You mentioned a timeline the end of this year.
You mentioned digital food rationing cards would be implemented before the end of this year.
I believe you said that.
Now to me, that sounds even more concerning.
I mean, I thought they're going to do it sometime next year.
But are you seeing like the incoming crop reports being so poor that there's going to be food uprisings and price controls and rationing before the end of this calendar year?
Can you confirm that?
We'll have some numbers from yesterday.
Three basis points down versus estimate on corn yields so far, putting it at $170 million to $172 million.
That's already down from even what they wrote.
Even the dismal estimates that were just, oh, it's going to shake the market and it's down 3% just in the first weeks of what's considered like the harvest report.
You know, before they had crop tours where they were out looking at the wheat fields, looking at the corn fields, looking at the soy fields.
And those are reports that come in during the growth and maturation phase.
Well, now we're actually into the harvest reporting and every day and week that we move forward, especially with wheat out of Kansas and other parts in central grow areas, including parts of Texas.
Drought, drought, drought.
And those bushels per acre are looking at 20-25 bushels per acre.
Western Kansas when the average is 62, 55-62.
They're looking at really big losses across the way here.
And Canada also said their grain traders had scolded the USDA for overestimating 15% of what wheat yields would be out of Canada.
And this is all coming in right now.
There's been manipulation by the government to overstate production in order to try to drive down prices and make Americans think there's not inflation, but this is only going to backfire as soon as reality hits the supply chain here.
Look, we'll talk about that on the other side.
We're going to break.
But folks, stay with us.
We got David DuBine here about food scarcity.
We'll be right back after these messages.
All right, Attorney General Merrick Garland has just given a live talk to the nation, kind of lecturing the nation.
He says that he personally approved the raid on Trump's private residence.
Of course, he doesn't call it a raid.
You're not allowed to use the term raid or recession.
Seems like there's a ban on words that begin with R under the Biden regime.
Isn't that interesting?
No recession, no raid.
I wonder what else will be banned coming up.
But you're not allowed to talk about a raid.
Garland says he approved it.
So I just want to give a round of applause to Merrick Garland!
For helping Trump get elected in 2024 and helping Trump have his record fundraising burst of activity following the raid on Trump's private residence, Merrick Garland, who falsely claims to uphold the rule of law, is
Really working almost hand-in-hand to get Trump elected and to wake up the American people about the abuses of the rogue FBI which even now members of the US Congress are saying should be completely defunded, dismantled, disbanded.
And if Trump does get into the White House in the next election, if he runs, he hasn't officially announced yet, but if he runs, if he gets elected, he's promised to just gut the federal bureaucracy, which is exactly what needs to happen.
And you've even got Arizona Governor Candidate Carrie Lake, who deserves your support by the way, saying that it's time to essentially nullify the rogue federal agencies in the state of Arizona.
She's absolutely correct about that.
Just shortly, we're going to go to our guest, David DuBine.
Thank you, David, for standing by, but I got to bring in something else.
Some shocking photos of the IRS training their agents to shoot and kill Americans.
These photos have come out in the 2021 annual report of the IRS.
What's it called?
A Criminal Investigations Unit.
It's IRS-CI.
You see these photos.
These are IRS agents.
This is in the annual report.
There's a rifle team of IRS agents planning to raid and shoot Americans.
And then there's pistol training.
And you notice that they're using handguns against multiple targets.
Those are the Americans that they're planning on shooting.
And then, of course, as InfoWars has been covering for the last day or so, the IRS put out a Help Wanted ad that required new hires to be willing to use, quote, deadly force against the American people, which is another way of saying they want to have employees who are willing to kill Americans, willing to fire upon Americans.
And on top of this,
The IRS, just this year, just between, I believe it was February and May of this year, they purchased $700,000 nearly in ammunition, and that's something like 5 million rounds of ammo, I forgot the exact round count, it's many millions of rounds of ammunition, including AR-15 ammo, shotgun ammo, 9mm pistol ammo, and this is supposed to be for bean counters?
Who tell you how much you owe?
The IRS is building a private army that they admit is there to have people who are willing to kill Americans.
And the FBI is running a selective persecution series of raids and arrests and confiscations only targeting conservatives while covering up the crimes of Democrats, while covering up Hunter Biden's laptop, while protecting Hillary Clinton no matter what.
And we're supposed to believe from the DOJ that we're watching the rule of law?
We're watching the rule of lawlessness!
The tyranny of lawlessness.
Everybody sees it.
Everybody sees it.
And frankly, Trump's standing is stronger than ever.
And we're seeing candidates like Carrie Lake and members of Congress who are now just standing up and saying enough is enough.
We've got to stop this tyranny.
We've got to take America back peacefully and nullify these rogue federal agencies that are completely out of control.
All right.
I just wanted you to see those shocking IRS photos.
The IRS is training to kill you.
They are.
That's, I mean, they admit it.
That's in their job listing.
They're training to kill you.
OK, going back to our food scarcity topic again, we got David DuBin joining us from ADAPT 2030.
I want to thank you, David, for your patience.
There's a lot of breaking news happening today.
But you were just talking about the ramifications of this incredibly engineered food scarcity emergency.
And you believe that by the end of this year, we're going to have digital food rationing cards
I'll go to you in just a second, but I want to add, James Rickards just did an interview with Kiyosaki where he talked about, he even gave a date, I think he said December 12th or December 13th of this year, there would be a switch from the dollar and cash would be outlawed and they would bring people, they would force everybody into the central bank digital currencies.
That aligns with what you just said, David, that you'll be in a digital wallet and they'll control what you're allowed to buy and where you're allowed to even spend your digital dollars.
It's a nightmare scenario.
Your comments, please.
Well, instead of taking our country back, we need to take our planet back.
This fight between light and dark that exists in front of us, all there to see now, it's about taking our full planet back.
Not just a single country.
In different words, our words that you were mentioning that are going to be for Bolton, well, rationing will be another one.
You can add another one there.
It won't be rationing.
It'll be like, well, you're just limited to this particular amount of butter for this amount of time for your family.
And think about digital rationing cards.
It's so nefarious because in the old days, a child could walk down with their family's ration card and get it from the storekeeper.
But now they're going to be using digital facial recognition for you to unlock that card, which means only the person who is validated to use that ration is allowed to use it, but they have to go to the store.
And what happens if you're sick or you become invalid because whatever reasons?
How does that transfer to another to be able to utilize that?
It doesn't.
It's a one use for one person only.
And another thing that's really shocking for me is, you know, I will
Give you a way to re-utilize the funds.
How about a Manhattan Project?
For farm inputs.
For herbicides, pesticides.
I'm not a fan.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not a fan of polluting our planet and doing agribusiness the way it is.
It does provide the yields.
We're going to switch eventually.
But the way it's done today, we are so lacking in those inputs that it is going to affect the amount of food for production for ethanol.
For animal husbandry and what for human consumption foods are.
What about our own farmers?
Can we spend billions of dollars sending it over to waste in different nations when we could use that for subsidies for our farmers for our own diesel fuel?
On our own farms?
To provide food for the American people and then to export?
I mean, is it too much to ask to pull back and then provide for at least the very base of a society, the basic foodstuffs to be manufactured, grown and distributed in a nation?
So we can remain strong?
Is that a little too much to ask?
Well, it is too much to ask of this administration, David.
To answer your question, they're sending billions of dollars over to Ukraine.
Which is only resulting in more Ukrainian young men, innocent men, dying because they're not properly trained on these weapons.
The money is vanishing.
It's disappearing.
Roughly only 30% of that money is even getting to weapons that are on the front lines.
But at the same time the regime will not fund protecting our border or enhancing our railroads or investing in like low-energy nuclear reaction technology that can create energy abundance and so on.
You know, it's so twisted
It's obviously engineered.
We are being culled.
We are being starved to death.
And I've got to say, David, you're on top of this more than anybody I know.
You're monitoring the news.
We've got to talk about how people can get prepared against this because of what's coming.
It's going to be catastrophic, the food shortages and the food inflation.
Even if the food's there, who's going to be able to afford it?
I'm sorry, David.
We're going to go to break here in just a second, but when we come back, we'll go right to you, unless Garland interrupts.
We'll go right back to you.
I want you to tell us about how are people going to eat when this happens?
What is that going to look like?
The riots, if you think that's going to happen, the uprisings, the lines.
You tell us what you think America is going to look like.
We'll be right back with David DuBois.
Stay with us.
I forgot to mention when we were showing the photos of the IRS agents training to kill Americans, that the IRS is also impersonating police.
You notice that their shirts are emblazoned with POLICE!
And then IRS-CI, that's IRS Criminal Investigations.
The IRS has no authority, no constitutional authority whatsoever, to be a private police force, to run around with weapons of war, as the Democrats say, on the streets of America, to try to confiscate from people, coerce people, threaten people.
And yet, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act is going to now add 87,000 IRS agents.
That's a military-sized force.
And as we know, confirmed.
This is not exaggeration.
Some of those new hires are demanded to be willing to kill Americans.
And that's what the IRS is doing.
They are raising an army of armed enforcers of federal government tyranny.
That is a fact.
That is 100% confirmed by the IRS itself in their job list.
And there it is.
They have to be willing to carry a firearm, be willing to use deadly force if necessary.
So, David Devine, your channels are Adapt2030 on YouTube and other platforms.
What you're seeing, and I know you follow all this news, although your focus is food, but we're seeing that government is trying to commit genocide against the people of the world.
Not just Americans, but all over the world.
Food is one of those vectors.
So I ask you before the break, what is America going to look like this coming December, January, and February as this food scarcity situation worsens?
Go ahead, sir.
I'm going to pull up this book here because we need a history book.
The Great Depression, a Diary.
They confiscated people's homes for as little as $87 owed in federal taxes or land taxes at that time.
The Green Deal that we know now as the New Green Deal and the New Deal that was put forth for public works projects to get people working again.
So you mentioned the new dollar.
Well, how would people accept that?
There'd still be a division of, hey, I want the old dollar and what happens with the new dollar?
Well, what they did was they started paying people on these public works projects the new money, if you will.
The new, what we understand now, is just a printable dollar versus being backed by gold.
So shopkeepers had to start to accept it.
They went away from the physical coinage, which was demanded earlier.
They paid everybody in the public works project in that new form of currency.
They didn't change the name, though.
It went from a gold-backed into just a printable paper, which we know now, print-on-demand, FedNotes.
And that was the whole key is getting it in general circulation through Publix Works Project.
Yeah, the WPA.
And then once they had that, then everybody else had to follow in line to accept it.
And that's how they got general acceptance to move forward.
You know, I look at a lot of understanding these patterns and how they're going to implement new.
The new is the old.
There's nothing really new under the sun.
It's just a reformulation of the old.
You know, you're a chemist, you know, add an extra molecule over here and call it something different, but it's nearly the same.
We're going to see the same things happening.
Now, how does this go to food?
Well, if you're going to go to the digital, then everything that will be bought, they'll require you to use the new digital to buy the food.
Food will be the weapon.
More the monetary instrument of value of trade to get you into the store or allow you to buy the food will be the new monetary weapon.
It'll be a hybrid this time of food and digital.
You know, dollars or central bank digital issuance is that they're still going to call up the dollar.
It's just as different as a goldback note versus just printed paper with nothing behind it except the faith of the Fed.
This time they're going to switch it.
They're still going to call it a digital dollar, but I assure you it is something very, very different.
Well then food becomes the leverage to force people into the digital currency system, and once people accept the digital currency, then they can be slowly starved of food by putting calorie limits, because they're monitoring everything that you're buying.
Like, oh, you've hit your 2,000 calorie limit today, or you've hit your $80 a week on gasoline limit.
Once they control your digital currency, they control everything, and they can limit everything.
And they can tax you and fine you automatically even without you participating.
They just deduct the money out of your digital wallet.
Are they going to be successful in your view of convincing people to go to this?
Or are people going to be so desperate they're just going to say, please give me any way to feed myself?
What you just mentioned is probably step two or three down the way.
That's right.
The first is going to have to be everybody getting them to accept it first.
If you put that stipulation in there that to buy food you have to use the new digital dollar, and that will be the purchase mechanism for your food, then the acceptance will be there.
And then a couple steps down the road, months or a year later, then they can start to put those thumbscrews on you and make you comply.
But you know, between here and there, what's going to happen?
Could they call force majeure on some corn deliveries, and then they could limit the ethanol supply, which would then degradate the fuel supply across America, and there'd be even less fuel, but then it goes back and rolls into the basic foodstuffs, which allows a further market collapse to bring us into the digital issuance.
Because they need something massive.
Massive, like we have never seen in history, to bring in an entirely new system
Where everybody understands in a day or a week or a month unanimously that we have moved to a new system completely and there's no old system to go back to.
Don't ask.
Don't question it.
We are at the new system only.
That's the only choice forward.
It's going to be half that gargantuan of a collapse to get the ship for the public perception, not only in America, but globally for a settlement instrument.
Because I don't see people walking with bags of gold across the border anywhere.
It's illegal to do that.
But protecting yourself... But this also means a new era of food prohibition.
In other words, criminalizing the buying and selling and trading of food using anything other than the required digital currency.
So they're going to have to criminalize local farmers and say, oh, you're a potato smuggler.
Now, we saw you selling potatoes in the Walmart parking lot.
You know, that's a crime now.
You're going to jail, you potato smuggler.
Don't they have to mass criminalize all of the local food systems in order to enforce this nightmare scenario that you're describing?
They have to crimp it enough to cause the starvation and cause the panic to get you.
Now, at the beginning, I really believed that, you know, knowing what the problem is going to be, this is going to be a purposeful, and you said it a bunch of times too, it's a purposeful collapse, a purposeful pulling back on the availability of food with a perception of shortages.
Now, when is it that they release the strategic food reserves across the United States?
I think we've got 1.5 billion pounds of butter and this sort of thing.
It's a strategic food reserve.
When does that get released and who gets it?
But if you know all that's inbound, then you should already be out there buying your farm tools.
Because if it gets to that point in December, and the entire planet knows where this is happening, and all Americans understand it, you only have probably a couple million farm tools in America, a couple million shovels, a few million rakes and hoes, but you're going to have 40-50 million family households that want to get those same items.
So if there's 50 million households that want it and you've got 2 million available shovels, that means 48 million are going to go without.
And you're going to need everything you can, and then you're going to need a way to store it, dehydrate it, whatever way you want to preserve it for a future date or a later date for usage.
You know, anything that you have for storable foods, and I know you've got the Ranger Buckets there, anything that you can keep for long-term storable foods in case you can't get to the supermarket
You're going to have to grow your own food.
So seeds are going to become incredibly valuable.
And then, you know, I've had the same discussion.
What about seeds?
Are those going to become illegal as well?
Because, you know, there are some places now where they're saying, hey, you use those Chinese seeds, then we need to backtrack those.
And then if you have the Chinese marker in there, it's like a DNA marker in some of the vegetable seeds that came from China, they're allowed legally to come and rip your gardens out.
And I do believe that's in Minnesota.
They passed that law.
There are all kinds of seed restrictions state by state across America right now.
It's illegal even to ship many different types of seeds to many different states, by the way.
So you're exactly right, David.
I think they're just going to tighten the screws on that and then basically outlaw home gardening to the extent that they can get away with it.
So that means people are going to have to go to guerrilla gardening, which is kind of like a World War II tactic.
I mean, I, you know, because I used to live in Taiwan, I know people
Who are old enough to have grown gorilla gardens in Taiwan under Japanese occupation at that time and the only way they didn't starve to death was they had a little secret like sweet potato garden out behind the trees or whatever that kept them alive.
I know people like that.
I've heard those stories directly.
That's what's going to happen in America based on what you're describing and the average person has no clue.
Final thoughts on that point?
It's not what I'm describing.
It's what the general media is telling you, but you need to connect those dots across the wider narrative.
You know, they have to put it out there.
So you find dot number one, and you see and then go back through history.
And this Great Depression was such a good blueprint of what is about to come and how control was gained over it.
Because you think in the 1930s, how free and wild and wonderful and everybody was so generous and gentle.
They confiscated homes for as little under $100.
Alright, final segment for the fourth hour today on the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
I'm Mike Adams, the founder of NaturalNews.com, and here's a fascinating headline from The Gateway Pundit, just came out.
Here it is, TheGatewayPundit.com.
Dirtbag alert!
Garland threatens Americans who attack, quote, integrity of the FBI.
Really a laughable concept.
Basically admits they got nothing in the raid, so that's breaking news.
They got nothing in the raid, nothing that they can use, nothing criminal because Trump did nothing wrong.
And it begs the question, did Trump's team actually bait the DOJ and the FBI into this raid?
And they fell for it because they were so hungry to try to get something on Trump.
Were they baited into this?
And they were suckered in, and by the way, we have confirmation that most of the security cameras in Mar-a-Lago were still running, so there's video of the FBI conducting this illegal, unconstitutional raid on Trump's private residence.
How much you wanna bet we're gonna start to see some of that video coming out pretty soon?
We also learned that the FBI rifled through Melania Trump's lingerie collection.
You know, like a bunch of perverts, which of course is not surprising given what this regime stands for.
So, uh, this is what we're looking at now, and I think Trump just outplayed them yet again.
Trump is now more popular than ever.
He has more support than ever.
He's got more fundraising than ever happening right now.
And America is beyond angry.
And that doesn't mean that anybody should take up arms against the FBI or anything crazy like that.
We've got to do this peacefully.
But people are ready to defund, dismantle, remove from power these out-of-control, loose-cannon, rogue agencies that have no constitutional authority whatsoever.
This is why we need to win elections, get people like Trump, get America First candidates back in charge of this country, and then gut the entire
Bureaucratic, corrupt system.
Just gut it.
Gut them like a... I mean, financially speaking, like gutting a fish.
Just reduce it 90%.
There goes your funding!
You know, good luck.
Go chase that down the street.
Anyway, continuing now with David Dubin of Adapt2030 talking about food scarcity.
David, the situation that you're outlining, and I want to encourage people to watch your videos and your analysis.
You've got a lot more details in your YouTube videos and other platforms as well.
The picture that you're painting is pretty dystopian.
It's a nightmare scenario for America.
And I agree with you.
If people don't have food and seeds and know how to grow food, they're not going to make it through this.
What's going to happen, in your view, especially to those people who are in the cities who have relatively little self-reliance, if they don't have stored food, what are they going to do?
That's a good question, because at that point, they have no choice.
There's no choice B at that point.
Speaking of an integrity check for agencies, how about we rein in the USDA for a minute there?
You know, the USDA's mission statement is to stabilize markets.
It's not to give you the truth about crop production, crop yields, or what the carryover stocks are.
Estimates are estimates.
It's to stabilize markets.
So as we look across, how many lives are being told to prevent panic?
It'll be okay in the city, sure it will.
I mean, even if you had a large balcony, could you grow
Even if it was automated.
And then what choice does that give you?
Then you look back through chapters of history when cities were encircled.
Or we could talk about the Holmador where all of the Ukraine was encircled and the wheat farmers were starved to death.
We could go back to Poland.
We can go to any city you want to, Krakow.
We could talk about the ghettos.
We could talk about anywhere you want through history when they encircle a city, you starve to death generally.
There's no other choice.
You either do what they say,
Or you starve and they're going to let you die right there.
They won't care if they don't take you away first.
Because you'll be a problem at that point.
You might incite others.
But the whole way around this is getting ready and understanding these problems are here.
And looking beyond what the news is feeding you, especially with this corrupted climate science that we're seeing where temperature stations are in parking lots and they're trying to weave together excuses for when you're seeing these extremes.
Now, Mike, for just an example here,
I'm only talking nine days of news.
Heaviest rains recorded hit buildings so hard in Yemen they collapsed.
Well, that's a desert event.
Iyoto volcano in Japan erupting for the first time after 1,000 years.
Heaviest rainfalls in Seoul in almost 200 years.
Death Valley, a year's worth of rain in a day.
Pakistan, eight times the normal amount of rain.
And we saw what happened in Kentucky.
Now Uganda has record rains.
And this just continues on and on.
These are the effects of what's happening with a decreasing magnetic field on our planet.
And if you know that magnetic field is going to continue to decrease further, that these weather extremes are going to continue to amplify into the once in a 2,000 year event.
Every storm system coming through, this is why the ancients were terrified of the skies and they built dolmens across the planet.
They understood these cycles and they left them to us in legend, lore, and stories, petroglyphs, and
I'm surprised we don't take a look at what had happened in the ancient times.
Now it's provable that the magnetic field's in a wander state.
So, the more these cloud cells are bunching up, the more cosmic rays are creating new cloud layers from 18,000 to say 23,000 feet.
There's an entire new layer of cloud being built across the planet that's now
Looping and interplaying with what is traditionally our jet streams and cloud cells that go from zero degrees at the equator up to 30 north and 30 north to 60 north and then up to the Arctic and the same would be for the southern hemisphere.
Now there's an entirely new latitude and a cloud in there.
Sorry to interrupt, but I gotta add to this, David.
On top of this, remember they're doing carbon sequestration, which means they're building these massive machines to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere, which is a form of terraforming.
Folks, this is beyond geoengineering.
This is altering the atmosphere of an entire planet.
This is terraforming.
They take out CO2, add it to everything you just said, David, where there's weather radicalization because of the weakening magnetic field or the magnetosphere around Earth, so more electromagnetic energy penetrates in certain areas, in an unpredictable way, by the way, from the sun, so you have more floods, more droughts, more radical weather, more high winds,
Perhaps more hurricanes and tornadoes on top of CO2 coming down because they're sucking it out of the air.
And plants need CO2 to function.
It's photosynthesis, folks.
So crop failures are being engineered into the system on top of the natural, shall we call it, space... That's not really space weather.
I mean, it's Earth's magnetosphere, but that's a natural event.
Our crops are going to be devastated worldwide.
Go ahead.
There, if you look at the Rhine River, it's below shipping levels now, where the river has gone so low, and many rivers across France are impassable for any types of traffic.
Yet they try to continue to tell us there's going to be record crop production coming out of Germany and France in these same areas that are experiencing once-in-a-500-year drought.
So even what you're seeing now, and then I have a number for Ukraine here, only 20% of all arable farmland was planted this year.
So these hopeful stories of the Ukraine's going to produce and all these exports coming out to offset shortages just don't make sense.
And if I could add one more thing, you know, there's an inbound current flow from our sun and that's how we get, you know, the Aurora Borealis or you get the Astralis Borealis, which is the southern hemisphere lights, southern lights.
There's outbound flows too.
If there's too much electricity in the crust.
And the atmosphere and the crust are a different charge, and they're overcharged.
Our crust is going to release.
And when it does, it comes out, connects to those field lines in space.
But as it's coming out, it's electrified.
And those clouds in that regional area are being affected with microclimate systems being more highly charged, which would put more cloud particulates and more formation of heavier storms in certain locales.
And this is the outbound current flow is something to think about too.
And that generally happens 40 degrees north or south.
Latitude is the heaviest outbound current flow.
The heaviest inflow is obviously going to be at the poles.
But it's a it's a dual directional current here.
It's not just one way.
So then when you start to map out where the outbound current flows are and you look at the crop production zones under those knowing that regional weather systems will be affected.
Then you can start to see that it's a pattern, and you can map it out.
And if you do do some GIS mapping or whatnot, you can start to put pins on the dot.
And then you'll start to look for red sprites, blue jets, and these electrical events above thunderstorms that will show you there is indeed an intensified current outflow.
And then you start to go, hmm, a lot of crops are going to be lost there too.
So everywhere you look, you see there are extremes on everything, but a lot of it's electrically driven, not CO2.
Not CO2, not you, it's the sun.
And it's electrical, and you can't tax that.
And that is the whole reason these messages that I try to deliver are so pushed back against.
Alright, you've nailed it.
If people don't wake up now, they never will.
Mass starvation is coming across our planet.
People get prepared, or you won't be able to make it through this, and it means learning how to grow food, and also having some food stockpiles as a buffer, but you've got to be able to grow it.
David Dubin, I want to thank you for joining us today.
Your channel is ADAPT2030, and you've been watching the Alex Jones Show fourth hour today here on InfoWars.com.
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God bless.
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But I would like to continue on, and I told you, I'll never give up.
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But I could give out.
And my flesh wants to give out.
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I don't know how to lie.
I don't know how to give in or back down.
That's why, not bragging, but I got in fights with people who weighed 60, 70 pounds bigger than me, and I beat their brains out.
Because I don't give up.
I don't stop.
But I'm telling you, we're very close to giving out.
Like a horse that's willing to keep running forever, horses will run till they die.
A great example of that is the fictional True Grit, where the horse dies.
And I'm just telling you, we need funding now.
The bat signal's been fired.
We're at a critical juncture.
I want to thank you all for your incredible support.
We've come so far together.
I believe we've got more work to do, but it's up to you whether we stay in the fight.
It's in your hands now.
The ball is in your hands.
It's up to you, listeners.
It's up to you.
We'll be right back.
Oh, no.