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Name: 20220810_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 10, 2022
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The Alex Jones Show covers a wide range of topics such as gas prices, presidency conspiracies, powerful organizations' influence on global affairs, questioning perceived truths, promoting critical thinking, and criticizing agencies like the CIA and FBI. The show also discusses InfoWars products and various current events including omnibus bills, vaccine production, stimulus payments, cannibalism, and TSA security measures."

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So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the cult we're up against.
This is what we're battling.
And boy, are they upset that all over Fox News it's being pointed out this is a Jeffrey Epstein advocate and enabler that launched this clearly illegal criminal raid, citing a U.S.
government statute that a government employee caught Getting rid of government documents can be barred from running for office.
That doesn't count the statue from the President of the United States.
They control the National Archives.
They decide what goes in their National Library.
Everybody knows that.
This was a giant dragnet trying to find something to indict Trump with these dozens of fake investigations they've got going.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Less than 48 hours after the Deep State raid on the President's Florida residence.
Less than 48 hours after the ransacking, we now learn, where every piece of paper in the building, including the resort, was taken.
Cocktail napkins, menus, toilet paper.
The order was scoop up every piece of paper, including tags that had come back from the cleaners that were on Melania Trump's clothing in her closet.
But the backlash and the awakening that this has triggered is absolutely insane.
They've got national polls out where over 90% of Americans are against this.
They have Democrat pundits suddenly on CNN saying it was a bad thing to do.
They really know they stepped in it because everybody knows about Hillary destroying all her emails and computers and hard drives and chips, memory chips.
Everybody knows about the incredible crimes they've committed.
Everybody knows that they're completely above the law.
Hunter Biden's laptop.
The list goes on and on.
And then Hillary had the nerve to put out a clothing line bragging that she got away with all of her crimes.
Wait till we cover that.
These people are completely out of their minds.
The population of this country, and not just here, but around the world, is waking up to the globalist occupation.
They're waking up to the permanent coup.
And we have quite the investigative journalist and author on today.
We've had a lot of requests for him.
We finally got him.
We were setting this up weeks ago, but it just happened to come through yesterday.
We're right at the perfect time.
The Lord works mysterious ways.
Lee Smith, He wrote the plot against the president and the permanent coup is uniquely poised to discuss what we're currently living in, the permanent coup.
Look, the New World Order already took over.
I mean, we're inside it now.
And that's why they've got to take us off the air.
That's why they've got to demonize us and make us the Sandy Hook man for just questioning a mass shooting.
Is because we have been completely vindicated in spades.
And our credibility has gone straight through the roof.
So has yours, speaking out and standing up against this evil.
So has Tucker Carlson.
So has Joe Rogan.
So have countless other people.
And so, everybody across the country, a wide spectrum of every cross-section, From liberals to conservatives to even former rhinos are really waking up to the fact that this is dangerous.
The Alex Jones Show trials, the Trump-Mar-Lago raid, the 86,000 IRS agents to target average Americans.
Yes, folks, they're tyrants that are cutting off our energy.
They're criminals that are dissolving our borders.
They have destroyed the blue cities.
Everyone is trying to leave or has already left.
I love the New York mayor.
He says he's going to ship New Yorkers to Texas!
The New Yorkers are already moving here!
They're already shipping themselves, dumbass!
But I love the deep state wanting to flood the country and collapse it, to drive down wages and create an even bigger permanent underclass, while they declare the underclass non-essential, and while they say, not in my backyard.
For these people, it's all about the murder of logic.
The establishment is launching wars.
The establishment is devaluing currency.
The establishment is openly promoting pedophilia.
And we are the rebels.
We are the black sheep.
We are the resistors.
We are the resistance and we are proud in America's darkest hour to be a leading light in the fight against these people as the Great Awakening explodes in the battle against the New World Order's Great Reset.
So, when I was in that show trial kangaroo court last week, where the corrupt Soros-funded Democrat judge already told the jury I was guilty, one of the pinhead ambulance chasers got up there and said, so you claim the government's involved, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, with child trafficking?
And I'm like, what, you mean like Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons?
With the witnesses of the child rape?
And then go into that island dozens of times?
The Democrats answer to that is go, oh look, here's a picture of Trump in New York and Mar-a-Lago at parties with Epstein.
Okay, if there's any evidence of Trump, send him to prison, but there's not.
As if I would support Trump if he was proven to actually be raping kids.
There's zero evidence.
But there's total evidence with them, and they try to defend it, and then it broke.
Monday night, that the judge that did this, that signed off on this ransacking with armored vehicles and over 100 agents, taking every piece of paper, including menus and cocktail napkins, out of the resort, not just out of Trump's private apartment and office.
Including clothing tags on Melania Trump's garments.
Every piece of paper.
Rider trucks full.
Of everything, hoping they find something.
With all their fake prosecutions they've got going.
And it turns out the judge decades ago, first it was 2008, he was a direct advocate for Epstein and child trafficking.
Directly on the cases.
Defending him and other pedophiles.
But it turns out they go back at least 10 years before that.
It's a club of sick garbage.
It's a club of people that hate Our families and hate God and hate our children.
Simply insane.
But now it's all over the news that it's a special Jeffrey Epstein operative.
Absolutely disgusting.
And these people are very proud of who they are and they think they've got us whipped I think because they control the central banks and the media and the Justice Department that they are routing the American opposition when all they're doing according to all the evidence and numbers we have is triggering a explosion and the already expanding accelerating Great Awakening.
So Their attacks on us pointing out these pedophile enabler
connections in the power structure with judges has backfired spectacularly since last week.
are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
You mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?
Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
What do you mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with Clinton?
So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the cult we're up against.
This is what we're battling.
And boy are they upset that all over Fox News it's being pointed out this is a Jeffrey Epstein advocate and enabler that launched this clearly illegal criminal raid citing a U.S.
government statute that a government employee caught Getting rid of government documents can be barred from running for office.
That doesn't count the statue from the President of the United States.
They control the National Archives.
They decide what goes in their National Library.
Everybody knows that.
This is a giant dragnet trying to find something to indict Trump with these dozens of fake investigations they've got going.
Just like it was falsely claimed in court last week.
That they had my whole phone, and that I'd hidden it, but my lawyer had given it to them.
And we went and looked, and it was six-month chunks when we turned over everything they ordered, and they still defaulted us, that the paralegal in Connecticut had been going through the 20, 30, 40, depending on the search terms in my phone, and then sent on the search results to them, But then they left a raw search or a raw tranche of six months of text messages.
And we spent a few hours that night reading them all and said there's nothing there.
Except they'll probably make something about my wife in a bikini as if that's wrong.
Drag queen pedophiles, good.
Pedophilia is good.
New World Order is good.
Child sex trafficking is good.
But a woman, you know, in a leopard bikini, that is evil and dirty.
Especially if they have womanly curves and are athletic.
That is just not what, I mean, that's not what we're supposed to have.
And of course now, yesterday, CNN just let it out.
Oliver Darcy covered the trial, just kind of let it slip out that, oh well, actually it's not January 6th stuff in there.
It comes right up to that.
No, it doesn't.
So a few months at the end of 2019, some months into April, about six months in total.
And there's nothing there.
Because I say everything on the air.
I'm not hiding anything.
And I'm a good guy, despite the fact that I act like I'm Lex Luthor.
So now Raskin, the head of the Jan 6th Committee, has gone on national TV.
We got that clip coming up.
Hell, we'll just play part of it right now.
And Raskin has said that, well, we're not going to comment on investigations, but yes, we have his phone.
We have, no, you don't have my phone.
You don't have two years.
That's been a lie since it was said in court.
And it's a lie now.
And they know that, but they don't care.
The same committee has falsified a bunch of text messages and emails from the president and others.
I refuse to testify and took the fifth, not because I was incriminating myself, but because they can't be trusted.
They're criminals.
They'll twist everything.
Let's go ahead and play clip one.
This is a Fox News Phil Keating talking about the big elephant in the room, the big, the big pedo in the room.
Here it is.
And this morning, the New York Post is now reporting that the federal magistrate here in Florida who approved this search warrant, uh, After he left working for the U.S.
Attorney's Office back in 2008, he then went into private practice and represents several associates of the disgraced financier and accused serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Isn't that interesting?
All right, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and go through the raid, what it means, the big awakening that's happened, and then the huge inflation news, the massive COVID-19 poisoning news that's confirmed by major governments, insurance companies, you name it, right here in the U.S.
and places like Taiwan.
It is insane.
That's coming up.
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We'll be right back America is a captured nation
Much of the world is under Davos Group, UN control.
It is a corporate, hostile, fascist takeover of the planet, using communist ideology at the grassroots to control the public.
An electronic straitjacket of the World ID is being implemented as we speak.
But everywhere, the resistance is mounting in incredible ways.
The corporate media has zero credibility.
Independent media is exploding, despite the iron curtain of attempted censorship.
And you, my friends, the viewers and listeners, are the men and women in the arena.
You spread the articles and the videos.
You support the broadcast.
You are the resistance.
You are the tip of the spear.
And I salute you for your will and your strength.
And I love you.
All right, this ties into what's just happened to President Trump in Mar-a-Lago.
Here's the head of the Jan 6th Kangaroo Committee, that have been caught in so many lies and so many falsifications of documents, it makes my head spin, talking about how they've got my phone.
They do not have my phone.
That is a lie.
They have a group of texts that were searched by lawyers to turn over to them years ago.
That's what they have from the lawsuit.
Just like when they said, oh, we got your phone.
Yeah, you got it from my lawyers.
It was all just a trick.
They didn't have the phone.
That was a lie.
Then they accused me of lying and perjury when I told everybody.
They gave us the search terms.
We gave them almost 400,000 damn emails in Texas and Connecticut.
My frickin' text messages.
I handed the phones to the lawyers, the old phone, the new phone.
If you get phones over the years, we keep the old phone.
They searched them.
And then these people get a group of texts that had been searched but were the raw text and try to pretend that it was me lying to the court.
It's just unspeakable.
But that's what they do.
And now here, imagine if McCarthy was, without warrants, getting people that he had testified in the Un-American House Committee and Senate Committee The Committee on Un-American Activities.
Imagine if they had, without warrants, people's diaries.
Even back then, people wouldn't put up with that.
But today, because it's happening to a populist and a Christian, and someone that's trying to rally the people for their freedom, and for my freedom and my children's freedom, they just calmly sit up there and lie about what they have, and talk about, without a warrant, Having my personal information, because it's open season on American Patriots, because we live in an occupied, tyrannical system, and so many collaborators want to suck up to it and go along with it.
They're a joke.
The things that go on, and there's more going on behind the scenes I'm not ready to release at this point, but it's bad.
Imagine what these people do.
And how they then farm out the people's phone numbers that are in your phone.
Imagine the harassment.
Because they never have any consequences.
They never get in trouble.
Like all tyrants, they think they have a free hand.
Chill, they don't.
And boy, are these people tyrants.
86,000 more IRS agents to harass, they admit, blue collar workers.
Let's go ahead and play some of Raskin this morning.
Along with the fallout of the FBI search of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, there's also new movement from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol.
Today the committee is scheduled to meet with Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate and election denier Doug Mastriano, and they are reportedly now in possession Of all of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones text messages as well.
Joining us now to discuss that and a lot more, member of the Oversight Committee and Select Committee investigating January 6th, Congressman Jamie Raskin.
Let's start with the Alex Jones text messages to what of interest is in there.
Well, good morning.
You know, we're not commenting on specific evidence that we've received and what role it might play in our investigation.
But obviously, we are interested in receiving all evidence that will shed light on the plan to destabilize and overthrow the 2020 presidential election.
And so that's why we're following all leads in order to put the evidence together and make a complete report to Congress
and to the country.
And that process continues and we're using our time in August to explore
further leads that came up in the first part of our investigation.
You know, given that you've been so closely looking at and monitoring not
just the president's behavior but those around him leading up to and on January
6th, I'm just curious your reaction, I know you can't say much, to the FBI search
and the removal of documents from Mar-a-Lago over the past 20...
That's enough of that.
He's the head of the investigation itself.
Bernie Thompson is the lead moron.
So, there you go.
Now let me show you some of these headlines.
MSNBC admits Alex Jones' Sandy Hook lawsuit sets the precedent.
Fox News, Tucker Carlson is next.
Poll reveals just how much the January 6th committee has failed.
Upwards of 90% think it's worthless.
MSNBC admits Alex Jones saying he lost such a new president.
Here's that article that I just mentioned.
Oh, and then here's Oliver Darcy.
I'm not going to bore you with the possums talking.
I got it yesterday.
I already played this clip yesterday, but here's the clip on his Twitter.
And he covered the kangaroo trial.
I was in for two weeks.
And he says, I'm told the Alex Jones text indicate he was talking to people in Trump's orbit.
Ooh, Americans talking to people.
Can't do that.
But the texts apparently don't include messages From January 6th or the immediate lead up.
They don't have the whole phone or even 5% of the phone.
They lied.
And I can't believe the possum is spinning it but still telling partly the truth.
I didn't know he could actually tell the truth.
Then another article out of the Atlantic which is owned by Steve Jobs.
Widow, who is a frequenter of Epstein's Island and best friends with Ghislaine Maxwell.
Really nice people.
This article says, can we stop Alex Jones?
And it goes on over and over again to say he needs to be arrested.
He needs to be charged.
The only way to stop him is putting him in prison.
What nice people.
And Rhino Mitt Romney established with Dems Blast Alex Jones following Sandy Hook, including Trey Gowdy.
Looks like he got run over by a car.
His head, little pancake head.
I mean, with neocons like this, you understand why the Clintons and Obama got away with such crimes.
These people are sick jokes.
There's a big report up on InfoWars.com.
Austin residents support free speech.
When asked about Alex Jones' Sandy Hook trial, 9 out of 10, but boy, they sure picked that magic jury.
And it goes on and on and on.
On and on and on.
Alex Jones proved that lying pays.
Oh, about WMDs in Iraq?
Can Sandy Hook lawsuits help turn the tide of disinformation?
By disinformation, they mean people not trusting them, not liking corporate establishment media, and corporate media having the lowest approval rating of any group in the U.S., even lower than Congress in the single digits.
Nothing can put these people back together again.
That's why they want to bring in an absolute high-tech tyranny, which they're doing to try to suppress us.
We're going to have to take back our government peacefully and remove every one of these stinking criminals.
We'll be right back.
We've got big news on the Trump raid and more straight ahead.
We're about to lay out a big new development that came out in just the last few hours concerning this Epstein lawyer and advocate and some of the activities he's been doing behind the scenes with Hillary Clinton and more.
But first, a powerful excerpt going viral right now online of Steve Bannon yesterday and his call to political arms.
Your audience in Infowars, our audience at War Room, plus all the other great podcasts out there, all the other great conservative sites, have to come together.
And these can't be half measures.
And I'm not talking about violence and the left knows that.
Right now, we unite.
We run the fricking tables in November.
I'm talking about 100 seats.
I'm talking about winning South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, taking D plus 10, D plus 12 districts.
Get an overwhelming majority in the House.
Take the Senate.
Take every school board, every election board, every Every canvassing board, every medical board in every state, every town commission, every town council, the House of Representatives in your state, the state Senate, the House, the Senate, all of it.
Run the tables and start the second Trump presidency on January 1st of 2023.
We have a six-year presidency to clean this country, to clean this apparatus out, and particularly clean this government out.
And we do it, and I got to tell you.
Once we do it, you, we have investigations and we cut them off with money.
And by the way, not just run them out of the government by impeach and then bring criminal charges and let them see what real justice is.
This is a time.
This is no longer a time for choosing.
This is a time for action.
You have your agency.
Divine Providence only works in human instrumentality.
You've got all the access.
There's been 114 billion people, roughly, I think, in the history of the Earth.
You've got to ask yourself today, why did God, in all his wisdom, put me here and put me now?
Why did he give me access to infoboards?
Why did he let me hear some crazy guy named Steve Bannon?
Ask yourself that.
Ask yourself why you became a follower of Donald Trump.
I will guarantee you one thing.
We will win.
We will save this republic.
In a hundred years from now, they will talk about these vital years in American history.
Well, Steve, I'm just so honored to be working with you and President Trump and so many others.
You're right.
There's Team Freedom and there's Team Demon.
Go to warroom.org or go to find me on Getter.
I'm putting up stuff on Getter all day long to social media sites.
Just go there or go to warroom.org.
You can find us.
We're almost as banned as you are, Alex.
Not quite.
No, I know.
Everybody's got to focus on what you're doing.
Steve Bannon, thank you so much for the time.
Thank you for standing up for America, and we'll talk to you soon.
Yes, sir.
Powerful interview yesterday.
Full interview at band.video.
Right up at the top.
Please share it.
A blueprint for victory.
We have the plans of the New World Order.
We're now living under it.
It's only going to get worse from here on out until we say no and stop them in their tracks.
So, let's just go over the big stacks of news on the raid that is really blowing up in their face.
Poll numbers, the vast majority of Americans are totally against it.
It's a huge wake-up call.
They even have Democrat pundits on the scene saying this was bad news.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Bruce E. Reinhart, Donald J. Trump plaintiff, defendants Hillary Clinton and all those FBI agents that created the fake dossier and the whole fake Russiagate thing.
Remember that lawsuit Trump filed earlier this year?
He was the judge that they put over the case.
He then recused himself, but he should have been conflicted out to then sign this dragnet search warrant.
But again, he was Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer for his pedophile scandal.
Mar-a-Lago raid backfiring on establishment as Americans awaken to weaponization of the government.
Trump shatters all fundraising records after Biden's FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.
Details of what FBI sees at Mar-a-Lago make FBI raid look downright scandalous, says Red State.
And boy, are they right.
They took every piece of paper, including cocktail napkins and menus from the restaurant, not just out of his private apartment and private office and safe.
That was empty, by the way.
Remember the flashback Schumer warned Trump about the intelligence community?
Panic Dems scramble to redefine raid after FBI's raid against Trump backfires.
Judge who signed off an FBI raid made anti-Trump post we're now learning, of course.
Coordinated attack.
Trump says Joe Biden knew all about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.
And it goes on and on.
Trump now saying the FBI could have planted evidence because they wouldn't let anybody have security cameras on, they wouldn't let them watch them as they dug through everything.
Gee, you think these guys would actually set something up?
Even Lindsey Graham on Fox News, we're going to play that in a moment, when asked about could the FBI plant things on people, we'll play clip 5 in a moment, he had to say yes.
Think about that.
And it gets worse.
We have a compilation video of Judge Reinhart saying it's okay that Hillary and others and Loris Lerner of the IRS persecuting conservatives destroyed emails and computers.
But Trump, oh he's a criminal.
Trump says Mar-a-Lago staff and lawyers were blocked from watching the raid.
And it goes on and on.
And of course, here's the crack, one of the crack FBI agents that was there, wearing their
mask and all the rest of it, auditioning to be the star of the new "Job of the Hutt" special
that Disney is producing.
But Mitch McConnell is basically silenced on it.
Trump ally Rick Perry says the FBI seized his cell phones one day.
Trump ally representative Scott Perry, not Rick Perry, says FBI seized his cell phone
one day after Mar-a-Lago raid.
The dragnet, the desperate dragnet, just continues.
The judge, you okay?
Mar-a-Lago raid is a big Obama donor.
Well, of course he is.
They're all part of the Epstein Club.
Trump raid sparked by boxes of materials including Kim Jong-un letters and cocktail napkins.
FBI scoured Melania's wardrobe at Mar-a-Lago looking for, I guess, her shoes.
Deeply disturbed by these three things happening in one week, Helen Roy says Alex Jones Show trial, Mar-a-Lago raid, expansion of the IRS at the greatest level ever, and Google reports record number searches after the raid for the term Civil War.
What a time to be alive, but it gets even more insane.
Hillary Clinton fundraisers after Mar-a-Lago raid, brags about not getting the same treatment Here's the sickening photo of her.
They photoshopped it on.
It says, but her emails.
So they can all buy a black hat with pink lettering saying, oh, but her emails to make a big joke about it.
Here's a close up shot of it.
Not that you want to look at Hillary too closely, but that is the rub it in your face garbage.
But meanwhile, Trump back candidates sweep The board in the next group of primaries that just happened last night.
So that's why they're so panicked.
That's why these raids are happening.
No amount of their propaganda is going to be able to reverse that.
Here is Jesse Waters and Lindsey Graham talking about, well, everybody knows the FBI plants stuff and burns down churches and shoots women holding babies in the head at Ruby Ridge.
Yeah, they're really nice folks.
Here it is.
I love having you on, Lindsey.
You know, you and I have debated about things, and I've seen you pretty spitting mad over Ukraine.
But you don't seem as mad as you were about this, that you've been mad about Ukraine.
I don't understand why people aren't lighting their hair on fire.
I don't understand why people aren't out in the streets.
This isn't like, oh, well, you know, let's just see what's in the warrant.
I mean, they've been doing this.
This is the third election!
This is a third election.
We know they doctor evidence.
We know they plant evidence.
We know they hide evidence.
We know they lie.
We know they leak.
I mean, this is not anything new.
This has been years they've been doing this.
We can't just say, oh, you know, we're waiting for the guy to come out and give a statement about what is predicated.
I mean, what?
These people are out of control, Senator.
This country...
And of course, don't forget, in the Whitmer kidnapping plot, led by four FBI agents and five informants, that they bullied and basically threatened the young men that were involved looking for father figures into agreeing that they would be part of a kidnapping plot, but saying, I really don't want to.
But the FBI, it turned out, edited those audio clips to make it sound like they were gung-ho when they actually said they didn't want to.
That's why they got, quote, off, because they didn't do anything wrong.
And now they're on national TV saying they have my phone when they don't and saying it's got January 6th evidence on it when it doesn't.
A pack of liars.
Enemies of the people.
Big news straight ahead.
It is Babylon and the people are rejecting it. 86,000 Look at this number.
86,852 new IRS employees on top of the hundreds of thousands they've already got.
And look at this illustration of your TV viewer by Mike Salona.
Here is a 87,000 person stadium, the number of IRS agents Biden just forced you to hire.
And the media is trying to spin it that they will absolutely not target middle-income Americans.
That's a load of crap.
They admit that almost all enforcement is against working-class and middle-class people, and that's in the funding.
They actually took out a bunch of taxes for billionaires in the legislation.
It's just amazing, the screwjob that's going on.
But, oh, they care about working people.
That's why they have cut the energy supply and killed the pipelines and drilling, because they love you.
Well, they move all the jobs to China and Mexico and other places.
It's just incredible.
I want to play this Judge Reinhardt when he's done TV interviews defending Lois Lerner of the IRS persecuting people and admitting she did it by the hundreds of thousands because they were conservatives under Obama.
And who does Reinhardt support?
He says he's an Obama follower.
He loves the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
And he's a big Obama donor.
And of course, all the lawsuits that Trump files basically get handed over to him to kill.
And that's why we're in so much trouble.
But here's a few minutes of him defending criminal activity, and then we're going to play a little refresher on Lois Lerner and what she did under Obama, because it's about to happen a hundred times worse.
Here it is.
Being overseen by Eric Holder cannot be, you know, we won't see due process.
Yeah, it's offensive not necessarily because I happen to know Mr. Cole and Attorney General Holder personally and like them personally.
It's offensive because I served in the Justice Department under Democratic administrations and Republican administrations and the same argument was made about both.
Finally, someone in the administration admits that the destruction of two years of emails from Lois Lerner is fishy.
To you, does this pass the smell test?
Yeah, unfortunately having been in government a long time, the fact that, well let me put it this way, incompetence doesn't necessarily lead to criminality.
Which out of those two scenarios right there seems more likely to you at this point?
Within the IRS, probably incompetence.
The IRS has one of the most Antiquated computer systems in the world.
And the fact that emails could have disappeared without Ms.
Lerner knowing about it or Ms.
Lerner being involved is entirely credible to me.
And that I'm sure will be her explanation, is that she was a very high-level person in the department.
When the subpoena came in from Congress, it was delegated down to people who did this for a living.
They were instructed to find everything.
Information came back up to her that said, this is what we have.
She reported what she was told, and it turns out not to be true.
But that's not a crime.
If she didn't know it wasn't true, that's not a crime.
And that's going to probably be where her defense lies.
You know, shut it off.
I can't listen to the rest of it.
It came out and they testified that they were ordered to target conservative non-profits and conservative organizations.
So they got caught red-handed.
There he is, back at the time, trying to spin it.
Let's look at a compilation of some of the criminal things that happened under Obama and the IRS.
And it's been true that since they got their political bloody nose, they have not been as bad as the worst period in US history of the IRS targeting political dissidents.
It's still been going on.
We've been under audit here for a year.
Didn't make a big deal about it.
But the point is, is that Now it's about to go into high gear.
Here's a compilation.
(upbeat music)
Then the IRS starts targeting conservative organizations.
Everyone is up in arms because they don't like it.
Federal Election Commission can't do anything about it.
They want the IRS to fix the problem.
Can you give us assurances that the IRS is not targeting particular groups based on political leanings?
First, let me start by saying, yes, I can give you assurances.
After the targeting scandal broke, the early political narrative was it was the fault of two rogue agents in
A line of IRS employees in Cincinnati improperly scrutinizing 501c4 organizations by using words like Tea Party in quotes and Patriot.
It wasn't a couple of crazy people in Cincinnati that this information actually went up to the chief counsel of the
IRS, which was one of two political appointees by the President
of the United States and the entire IRS.
I will not answer any questions or testify about the subject matter of this committee's meeting.
The ayes have it.
The ayes have it.
Contempt report is ordered, reported to the House.
He was held in contempt.
The committee has asked for every single... I asked for it clear back in August from Danny Warfall.
He told me the same thing you did.
We're trying, we're hoping, we're going to get there someday, sometime.
We want them all.
Ever since Lois Lerner first fled the 5th in 2013, Congressional Republicans have been pushing her superiors for all her emails dating back to 2009.
Do you believe in Easter Bunny?
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Do you believe that Lois Lerner's emails just suddenly went poof?
I don't believe you.
This is incredible.
And it continued on.
By way of illustration, had these rules been in place during the presidential race in 2012, the ACLU would have been limited in its ability to even mention President Obama or Governor Romney during a period covering almost 300 days of that year.
The new definition of political activity could not be more targeted at Tea Party patriots if the IRS had spent the last three years, two months, and ten days drafting rules specifically to silence us.
And now the January 6th committee and executive orders by Obama, that's who Biden is, the third Obama administration, is declaring their political opposition domestic extremists and terrorists.
Think about how ruthless these individuals are and sending the FBI out to PTA school board meetings to intimidate the public.
They want war with us.
They're at war with us.
We have a special guest on that in the third hour.
We have a big guest, Lee Smith, on the ongoing coup.
He's an expert on it.
Big journalist, big author.
Next hour.
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were involved in an epic, historic battle.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
For less than 20 minutes, Alex Jones questioned the official narrative of the Sandy Hook school shooting.
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Four months later, Big Tech removes InfoWars from the Internet.
We were meant to be destroyed four years ago, but thanks to an awakened audience that cares about the truth, the InfoWars signal has only grown stronger.
And now they are no longer hiding the fact that they are standing on the graves of dead children and using their grieving parents as a political weapon to silence all of alternative news media.
Take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away.
I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
That's what matters.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
Alex Jones is patient zero for our society's inability to speak without lies.
He is patient zero for alternative facts.
And according to Judge Gamble, acting like O'Brien straight out of George Orwell's 1984, the judge decides what is true.
You may not say to this jury that you comply with the separate.
That is not true.
You may not say it again.
You may not tell this jury that you are bankrupt.
That is also not true.
You're already under oath to tell the truth.
You've already violated that oath twice today in just those two examples.
It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify, yet here I am.
You must tell the truth while you testify.
This is not your show.
Do you understand what I have said. Yes, I believe what I said was true. So
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true. That is what we're doing here.
Just because you claim to think something is true does not make it true. There's going to be a large
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The decision to terminate the InfoWars broadcast is not in the hands of this crooked cabal.
It is and always has been the will of our audience that decide our fate.
The InfoWars audience has mobilized and awakened the world to the threat that is globalism.
And with your continued support, we will keep going.
Join us now and support the InfoWar.
We have an expert on the ongoing deep state permanent coup, Lee Smith.
We come back in T-minus 60 seconds.
Tell everybody you know, tune in.
We are now into hour number two of this embattled pro-human, populist, pro-America transmission.
And I've been wanting to get him on for a while.
It's just perfect timing that he is joining us today with the deep state permanent bureaucracy trying to stay in power and trying to cement its permanent coup.
Lee Smith is a veteran journalist whose works appeared in real clear investigations, The Federalist and Tablet.
He has deconstructed the Russiagate hoax and the greatest coup against a president in the history of America in his last two books, The Plot Against the President and The Permanent Coup.
He's uniquely poised to discuss the latest FBI raid on Trump's residence.
He's worked in media for 30 years, writing about national politics, foreign policy, and the press.
Smith reported from the Middle East for a decade over 9-11 attacks, and wrote the critically acclaimed Strong Horse, Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations.
A senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, Smith is a frequent guest on You Name It, Fox, CNN, everything else.
TruthSocial at Lee Smith on Twitter, LeeSmithDC.
Lee, I've got a lot of questions, obviously, but I think I should just let you roll here.
As an American, as a journalist, as a leading expert on this permanent coup, what we're witnessing and how you would describe this as a historian in the future looking back on what's currently happening.
Well, first, Alex, I just want to say it's a real honor to be on with you today.
Thank you so much for bringing me on.
I really appreciate it.
And yeah, it's an especially meaningful time.
I saw you were speaking with Steve Bannon yesterday.
I really appreciate the two of you speaking about how important this fight is.
How important this struggle is and exactly what we're fighting for and our ancestors are looking down upon us from beyond and our children and our children's children will be speaking about this time for generations.
It's extremely important what we're seeing unfold here.
And you mentioned something before about my book, The Strong Horse, which was reporting from the Middle East.
I think one of the Clearest ways to understand what's happening here is we're seeing a joint combination, combined efforts of the media and the intelligence services.
And this is typical of third world security regimes that we see throughout the Middle East, whether we're talking about places like Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, the press, the media, it's the propaganda operations.
This is the outward face, the public face, Of the spy services.
And that's what we're seeing here.
And this is what I described in the plot against the President.
And it's also what I described in the permanent coup.
The plot against the President is a story in particular about Russiagate.
And how Congressman Devin Nunes really uncovered that scandal.
And how he pushed back and how he fought back with very little help at first.
From the Republican Party.
They were all scared.
And I think that one of the things we're seeing right now, of course, is a lot of Republican officials, even after the raid on Mar-a-Lago, a lot of Republican officials are still scared of confronting both the FBI and other intelligence services.
And that's a real problem.
That our political instrument That the party of freedom, that our political instrument inside of Washington is worried about confronting the enemies of the American people inside Washington.
Coming up next segment I'll play a clip that's been making the rounds again of Congressman Ron Paul when he was first in Congress back in the 80s talking about the danger of the FBI becoming a Praetorian Guard like a third world country and overthrowing the Republic.
That's why when it was set up by Woodrow Wilson a lot of people in Congress said this would end up happening and the FBI has a long history of political operations but now it's become purely political and is completely naked.
Yeah, I mean, just to go back to that book I wrote on Arab civilizations.
Look at that time.
This was right after 9-11.
That's when I moved to the Middle East.
And we were under the impression then that, or I was, you were saying something different and you were correct.
You were right about different things like the Patriot Act, different problems.
Glenn Greenwald was right.
A number of different people We're pointing this out, whether they were on the right or whether they were on the left, they were saying, look, here's what power does.
It will corrupt our system.
And this is precisely what happened with the FBI, with the CIA.
And then they added security services like DHS.
So we've seen the problems with that.
And I think if you look at what happened in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, that's when things really started to spin out of control so that people as Rand Paul still fights against this, as he still talks
about the problems with the intelligence bureaucracies.
This is a fundamental struggle right now for the country.
And when it came out last year that the National Association of School Boards had, and the
Democrats low level, had sent letters to Homeland Security asking them to treat protesting parents
who might raise their voices as terrorists.
The Fed said, oh, they didn't know anything about it.
But it turned out the Justice Department asked them, the letter is now public, to do that.
So they even want to target parents at PTA meetings.
I mean, this is a real desire.
And then last year, as you know, Biden said the main threat is domestic extremists now, and directed all the agencies internally on the people.
So this is really the classical signature, isn't it, of a country declining into an all-out police state.
Look, a lot of this stuff has been, you know, it's not only been test run in the Middle East by security regimes like that, but by China as well.
If you look at what happened right after 9-11, the Chinese went to George W. Bush and they said, you want our help?
On the global war on terror, you want us to stand aside when you go into Iraq?
Here's what we want on exchange.
We want you to designate a Uyghur group As a foreign terrorist organization, the Bush administration, because they prioritize Iraq, because they prioritize the global war on terror, they went ahead with the Chinese on this scandal, when the Chinese basically wanted to designate an entire minority population, the Uyghurs, as a foreign terrorist organization.
That's exactly what the Biden administration did.
After Joe Biden's election, they decided to designate Everyone who didn't vote for Joe Biden as a domestic terrorist.
So a lot of the stuff that we're seeing here, look, I'm not blaming foreign countries.
What's being done to Americans right now is being done to Americans by our own government.
You're using your gravitas being a top reporter that witnessed this for a decade in the Middle East and study the relationships to see that the classical Paradigm of a domestic Hitlerian style takeover, the same way Hitler got control from 33 to 40 before he launched the main war, is what they're also doing here.
This is a tried and true checklist they're following.
It's just shocking for us, though.
I mean, I appreciate how difficult it is for so many Americans to look.
I mean, I've been speaking since that book, The Plot Against the President, came out.
I've been trying to explain to people.
I've been saying, look, the issue is not that the press is lazy.
The issue is not that the press is biased.
The issue is not that the press missed the story, right?
That's not the issue.
The issue is strictly this.
As you said, With third world security regimes, the press is aligned, right?
It's part of the operation.
And I think, I think that this is one of the things that's become very clear to people right now.
After the raid of Mar-a-Lago, I think that people understand that this is what's happening.
This is a third world style security regime and everything they're doing can be understood if you understand how these totalitarian regimes work.
And look, this is a totalitarian regime.
What we mean by that is not only the methods, but the way that it tries to insert itself in people's lives in every way, right?
You must be vaccinated.
They're going to interfere with your own bodily integrity.
You must be vaccinated.
Then they're going to mess with your children, right?
No, we can say whatever we want about your kids and their gender identity.
Never you mind.
We can say anything we want about your kids and race.
This is a full-spectrum takeover?
Yeah, of a totalitarian regime, absolutely.
Trying to invade every space in American society, including the individual space, individual sovereignty.
Absolutely, you're on fire.
And cutting off the energy supply, shutting off not just the Keystone Pipeline, But thousands of Spurs stopping most of the drilling?
I mean, we are under siege.
How do we get out of it?
How do we unite peacefully and stop this?
Lee Smith is one of the leading intellectuals on understanding this.
We're very honored to have him.
Dr. Beatty also does a great job, but this guy is amazing.
Lee, we'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
We'll play that Ron Paul clip from the 80s as well.
Here's Ron Paul, more than 30 years ago, warning about the FBI.
Most of our history, we didn't have those institutions.
The FBI came in during the First World War.
And interestingly enough, one thing that Woodrow Wilson did, he used the FBI to spy on American citizens And actually arrest them if they disagree with his foreign policy about going to war in Europe.
And isn't it interesting how recent they used it in the Vietnam era?
Democrats used it there.
Republicans used the FBI to spy on a hundred different groups in this country, including the churches, who disagree with the policy in Central America.
It almost looks like the FBI was designed to spy on Americans who might be disagreeing with policy, especially the foreign policy.
So the FBI, although I don't think I can condemn everything they've ever done, because I'm sure some of the investigations and investigation of crime has been beneficial, but that could be accomplished through Justice Department within our states.
We wouldn't reject that portion of it.
I think the FBI has kept and continues to keep a lot of records on a lot of individuals.
The CIA has only been here since 1947.
Their record is lousy.
You just think of the CIA used by the Democratic administration to... As we were sitting here during the break, it broke in court in Michigan that the FBI didn't just falsify records and edit tapes to have the so-called militia say they were going to kidnap her.
They were leading it, it turns out.
They now have admitted they planted the explosives and the people they charged had nothing to do with it.
So, surveilling people, planting evidence on them, doctoring statistics, claiming that we had the biggest year of domestic terrorism ever last year because they added basically all people that are white committing crimes as terror.
It is unbelievable.
If there's a checklist of tyranny, author Lee Smith, they are really going down the line and making sure they've checked off every box.
Yeah, that's exactly what's happening.
And look, you hear a lot of talk.
People say, well, I don't know.
Let's see, the FBI definitely needs reform.
I think if you look at how the FBI started and the FBI's role the last several decades, I think that we have to conclude that this is an institution that America is better off without, right?
We hear about the different... Look, and it's not just going after domestic terrorists, right?
Meaning people who didn't vote for Joe Biden, in particular white people who didn't vote for Joe Biden.
We also look at the long history, and this is stuff that Glenn Greenwald has been really great on, talking about how they've targeted Muslim Americans, right?
They've entrapped a lot of Muslims here during the global war on terror.
So I think if we look at this record, we have to recognize that this is a very destructive institution.
It's destructive American peace.
Prosperity and also friendship.
This is one of the institutions that's breaking the friendship that the American people are supposed to enjoy with one another.
What have they done instead?
They've made the American public suspicious of each other.
I don't know.
Those look like domestic terrorists.
I don't know.
That guy's a Muslim terrorist.
This is supposed to be a country that's supposed to thrive on its affection for one another.
We are our own center of gravity, the American people.
It's not Washington.
It's not the FBI.
It's not the White House.
It's the American public.
We are our strategic depth.
Well you're right to point out even the New York Times back when it wasn't totally pro-1984 had headlines saying majority of terror plots hatched by the FBI and it was had the number 97 Out of like 103 cases over the decade previous to that, they had gone and found usually autistic or borderline mentally retarded Muslim young men and literally posed as imams and commanded them, in some cases harangued them for years, to agree to go bomb something.
Well, that's not catching somebody, that's leading people into terror.
And so we now know persecuting Muslims was the training wheels.
And now, like in Indiana Jones and the temple where he's trying to get the statue and put the sand on the lever, Raiders of the Lost Ark, it's the same way.
They're moving Muslims off the persecution point.
They were the training wheels and putting conservatives and patriots now as the new target.
The bait-and-switch just happened right after January 6th, but they were already preparing it before.
They've been doing this for quite a while.
As you spoke, you mentioned the Michigan case, the Whitmer case.
Some of the great reporters on that.
You mentioned Darren Beattie.
Darren is great.
Julie Kelly is another great reporter who's been on this.
And one of the things that they've written about is You know, is this some of the so-called members of this so-called militia?
I mean, there was a guy who was sleeping in a vacuum cleaner repair store.
I mean, what the FBI does, it appears, and I know about this from Russiagate, what they do is they go after people who they feel are not connected.
They feel that these people are, however they would describe it, They feel that they're loners, they're weaklings.
Look at who they went after to get the spy warrant on the Trump campaign.
Carter Page, right?
This is not a well-connected Washington guy.
This is someone they figured that they could target.
This is what they do.
They go around picking on people they figure that they can go after.
They think of these people as weak people, when in fact, Carter Page is a great guy, really smart guy.
They went after George Papadopoulos.
They went after Michael Flynn.
They feel that they can go after people who no one else is looking out for, no one else is protecting.
It's a very, very sick organization.
It certainly is a very, very sick organization.
I remember back in the mid-1990s when I was getting politically involved in things, and I wasn't in militias, I wasn't calling for violence, and I had FBI informants repeatedly come to me and say, you know, let's carry out an attack, let's do that.
I'd go out and get their license plate, and I'd go have it run and find out they actually worked for the feds or were agents.
And it was so naked, where I'd be, you know, at a event or something
Just signing autographs and somebody walk over hey We ought to blow up a federal building and then I'd say
really and then we just follow them outside And they'd be in an unmarked police car. I mean it's very
ham-fisted to how they do this Oh, no, I mean we've all seen the videotape now of Ray Epps,
And you have, I mean, it's great because the guy starts mouthing off about, oh, we have to rush into the Capitol tomorrow.
Tomorrow we're rushing into the Capitol.
And everyone around him is looking around, is this guy serious?
And they say, they start chanting, Fed, Fed, Fed.
That's how obvious these characters are.
And thank God that the, you know, that the American people are starting to recognize what's going on right now.
One of the things that happened with the raid, a lot of people are like, well, you know, I actually did think, even though I recognize there are problems with the FBI and DOJ, that this whole thing just seems like a shipwreck.
It seems absolutely 100% unsalvageable.
Look, it's going to be some time before the, you know, before the American people can do something about it.
But right now, I think that all of our attention is focused on this stuff.
This is a very, very important thing.
What the raid represented is something horrible and evil and an awful turn in our country's history.
But just the way that you and Steve Bannon were speaking about yesterday, that there is a general awakening going on right now.
And this is a very positive thing, right?
It's a positive thing insofar as Americans see that we're in the middle of a real struggle for the future of our country, for what's going to happen.
And so the more and more that Americans can see, unfortunately, these heartbreaking things that happen to the soul of a country.
The more Americans can understand what's happening, the more that we can embrace each other as fellow Americans and say, we've got to fix this.
This is really terrible.
This republic is not going to make it if it keeps going like this.
You're absolutely right.
Of course, you pioneered exposing the Russia hoax, which they now admit was a hoax, in your book, The Plot Against the President, then became a movie, a major hit documentary.
Yeah, it's the great Amanda Milius.
Our listeners know all this, and actually you're sick of hearing that we're not Russian agents, but I want to walk through the attempted framing of Trump, because that's the new version of what they're doing, and then how do we stop this?
And looking forward into the future, what do you expect in this escalation of deep state tactics, permanent coup tactics for them to do next?
That is so critical with 90 days to the midterm elections.
We'll be right back with Lee Smith.
Stay with us.
I don't need to tell you that Jack Posobiec is completely dialed in to the American resistance.
He wasn't just in naval intelligence.
And I can tell you that he is a real patriot, and when he tells you something, you can bet it's true.
And it's not just Jack Posobiec.
It's a source.
It's a lot of key sources I have inside.
The Deep State's desperate.
They have every intention of indicting Trump.
They have more than 20 fraudulent rigged investigations going on right now.
This raid is just the beginning.
Here's the latest emergency report issued by Jack Posobiec.
Donald J. Trump, his personal residence, was raided yesterday by the American Stasi, the FBI.
And so in this program, we're going to go through the modern history of this organization.
But that being said, We could go all the way back to the storied days of the FBI's founder, J. Edgar Hoover.
And I'll tell you something right now.
I'm sure that wherever he is right now, enjoying the heat down there, he's smiling that they're keeping his legacy alive.
This is what the FBI has always been.
A weapon utilized against the political opponents of the regime.
And we're not even gonna go through all of their history from the 1960s and the 1970s.
You can go look it up, we've covered it on other programs.
But this is what they've been doing for a long, long time.
Okay, maybe, maybe I'll throw one out there in the last segment, but you're gonna have to stay tuned for that.
They're gonna claim this is over classified material.
And I stayed up last night until three in the morning, working my sources, working the chain, Did President Biden know about this?
You better believe he did.
President Biden and Chief of Staff Ron Klain found out about this while Biden was in quarantine for COVID.
He's still in quarantine for COVID.
Chris Wray signed off on it, the FBI director, but it's really being driven by Attorney General Merrick Garland.
Garland is seeking an indictment of former President Trump.
I'm going to say that again and I'm going to foot stomp it.
Merrick Garland, Biden's Attorney General, is seeking an indictment of President Trump.
You'd have to ask him.
Personally, I think it's revenge.
I think he is working out some deep-seated revenge fantasies that he has because he views Running down away alive.
in general as being the ones that blocked him from getting what he always
wanted like Gollum's ring he wanted that seat on the Supreme Court and he doesn't
care what he has to burn down to get revenge on the people that he believes
took it from him or denied it to him running down away alive Lee Smith getting back into the
raid what it signifies clear moves to indict President Trump
You've got a lot of history on this.
What do you gut level see them pulling and what do you expect the deep state to pull out of that bag of tricks they've got?
Well, I think Jack is right.
I just add one name to that and that's the number two at the Justice Department, who is Lisa Monaco.
I believe that she, you know, she was also a participant in Russiagate as part of the outgoing Obama administration, setting up, you know, the preposterous idea that Donald Trump was a Russian asset.
So that's another name I'd put out there, something else to be looking at.
I thought from the very beginning that they went into this raid that it has nothing to do with classified material.
That they're using that as a pretext.
They're using that as a pretext.
It's a fishing expedition.
They're looking for whatever they can find to tie him to, you know, January 6th.
If you look at how the Mueller investigation ended, right, they couldn't prove, obviously, they couldn't prove collusion.
What they tried to do was they tried to move it to an obstruction case.
There was no obstruction case.
Bill Barr, for all of his faults, came in and said, you guys have to end this.
It's over.
They weren't able to make an obstruction case.
There are thousands of people throughout Washington, D.C., most of them Democrats, but not entirely, who are furious they weren't able to get Mueller To lay those obstruction charges on Donald Trump and charge him right then and there and frog walk him out of the White House.
I believe that this is the same kind of case they're looking to make right here because this is the case they've been making against lots of January 6th defendants.
Obstruction cases.
I believe that this is precisely the case they want to make against Donald Trump now regarding January 6th.
Again, I don't think it has to do with classified information.
I mean, of course they could take basically anything they want and get Trump convicted in the Washington, D.C.
But I think this is about something else.
I think it's about January 6th, because this strikes real regime core interest, right?
Because it's about opposing Joe Biden.
It's about opposing the regime.
The men and women who went out on January 6th to exercise their First Amendment rights and protest, looking at at the very least election irregularities, Insofar as they were opposing the regime, this is a core interest to stop this.
I believe that this is what they need to go after Trump for.
And yeah, I think that we are more than likely to see an indictment by October.
I think that for me the only question, and it's not that big a question, is whether they try to do to him what they did to Roger Stone, what they did to Peter Navarro.
Um, I don't know whether they whether they whether they handcuff him and whether they do this in front of CNN.
And of course, the the dangers that that would lead to the kind of, you know, the the spiritual blow the country would absorb.
Uh, especially the America First faction.
It's hard to anticipate on this side of it.
Well, I think they're trying to, I mean, they're already claiming, oh, armed people are coming to Mar-a-Lago.
They're going to attack the FBI.
I think they have a history of provocateuring.
They just got caught with Ray Epps on January 6th.
They got caught red-handed in multiple ways with the Whitmer kidnapping plot that was completely synthetic.
And so clearly they're trying to elicit some type of right-wing response or at least claim it's a
right-wing response when they stage something. I'm really worried about false
flags. I'm really concerned about that. But before we get to that, what is
your view on Bernard Kirk, the former New York police commissioner, saying next
move is he'll try to kill Trump? I agree with that. Or they could kill
Biden and claim the right-wing did it as a false flag. I mean to me those are
basic authoritarian moves. They've done in other countries. If I was them and I
was a psychotic sociopath I would do that and I'm
I'm not saying I would do that.
I don't want Biden or Trump to get hurt.
But the point is, is that I think people need to understand there's a major escalation in everything they're doing.
What are you expected to do next?
Are you concerned about an assassination of Trump?
I mean, look, not really, but I have to say we've seen different things happening here over the last five years that would have been unimaginable to our grandparents, right?
For all the different problems that this country's had for a very long time, I don't think anyone would have expected the different things, again, that we've seen the last five years.
We're seeing a recklessness by the establishment.
It's evidence of weakness, right?
These are desperate, sick and crazy people.
It's very reckless.
And even though we say, well, look, that doesn't make sense.
This, this White House is reckless, right?
So it's certainly possible.
The Jan 6th Committee knows they don't have my phone.
They just made that up.
CNN admits they don't have my phone.
Oliver Darcy did because he talked to him.
But it's all a lie.
I mean, just everything they do is just insane lying.
I it's the whole thing is very very worse because it is so reckless and this is this is part of it.
Look, I started to notice this during the covid lockdowns when we started to see I was living in Washington DC at the times and I started to see the people who are on the street and I started to see interactions between human beings and supermarkets and people were so anxious and so tense and so crazy.
Then I started to realize we're they forced us to live inside the heads of very desperate Crazy people.
And that's what this regime is.
If you look, they go from operation to operation.
Whether it's Russiagate to Kavanaugh to impeachment to George Floyd to COVID to January 6th.
These are mentally unstable people.
To monkey pox.
Monkey pox.
Monkey pox doesn't kill one person.
It's the same thing.
And part of it is operational.
The other part of it is emotional and spiritual.
These people are all over the place.
They're destructive and chaotic, and that's the world they're trying to make us live in.
That's right.
Stay there.
And we can't let that happen.
I agree.
Lee Smith, we'll be right back.
Not just America, but the world is at a crossroads right now.
You can't hear from President Trump on Twitter because he was banned by big tech, but his son is still there.
And put out this announcement with links to the National Archives and the New York Post reporting it.
At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama trucked 30 million pages of his administration's records to Chicago.
More than five years after Obama's presidency ended, the National Archives webpage reveals that zero pages have been digitized and disclosed.
And the truth is, the president, under executive privilege, has that power.
And then they decide what to put in their libraries.
The idea that Trump can't take documents out that are his is preposterous.
Lee Smith, I could ask a hundred questions in the eight, nine minutes we have left in this segment, but...
What facets of this incredible decline of our republic do you want to cover next?
And perhaps you've got some ideas for solutions on how to reverse this trend, but the, as you said, the recklessness of these anti-American forces that are in control, the intelligence agencies, the media, everything they do fails, they overplay their hand, but they just launch operation after operation after operation, and all the aggregate news and polls show They've lost credibility.
They're destroying themselves.
But they're still in power, so they can't help it.
They never give up.
If they were smart, they'd mitigate.
They'd back off.
We'd go back to sleep.
But instead, they are just crazed and wild-eyed doing this.
What do you predict the different scenarios are?
They're desperate and dangerous.
Desperate and extremely dangerous.
Likely to cause trouble, not just here at home, but likely to cause trouble abroad as well, as they already have.
You know, engaging in more pointless, strategically pointless foreign conflicts.
I think one of the most important thing is before we start looking at solutions, before we start figuring out how to fix it, which of course for us, the advocates, the believers, the faithful and the constitutional order, it's through votes, it's through organization.
That's what our struggle looks like.
The other thing is for everyone, if they are reckless, the more reckless and the more crazy they get, that means the cooler, the more detached, the more responsible we should be.
As I said before, History is looking at us.
History, our children, our children's children, generations will talk about this, about how we respond, the demeanor and the discipline with which we respond.
There couldn't be more at stake right now.
I think that's the central thing that we need to do and get ready because I think that things are going to get worse.
I think that they are going to try to, I believe they are going to charge Donald Trump and that will They are looking to cause mayhem.
They are looking to disorient people.
If we look at what's been happening here, right, it's an intelligence operation insofar as they've wanted to destroy, they've wanted to destroy Donald Trump, they've wanted to destroy the America First movement, but running parallel there's been another operation too, which is something of course you've been talking about from the beginning.
It's a large information operation.
It's a campaign of desecration, demoralization, destabilization.
They're looking to dispirit the American people.
They're looking to demoralize us.
That's what they want to do.
So the more and more that Americans can respond, the Americans The Americans who believe in this country, again, the discipline, the calm, the demeanor with which we respond, that will make us stronger.
It will make the country stronger as well.
I think that's the key fact.
Don't be demoralized.
Everything they're trying to do is to demoralize us.
Whether it was COVID lockdowns, whether it was burning down monuments during the George Floyd riots, whether it's rewriting American history with the 1619 Project, It's a campaign of demoralization.
They're trying to get us into a civil war.
And that's why I say the more calm we can show, the more demeanor we can show, we're not going to be lured into your garbage.
We don't believe in your idols.
The things that you believe in, we don't believe in.
It doesn't make us conservative or doesn't make us traditional or whatever.
It just makes us American.
These are American values, right?
The more that we can show that, I think, the more that we can discipline ourselves to get through this, right?
To get through it, showing what American champions have shown from the very beginning, from when the country was first settled.
These are what American champions look like.
Before I forget, I just want to come back to some things.
It reminds me, what I'm saying reminds me of what you said in the very beginning at the top of the
show when you were talking about energy, when you were talking about how they're
trying to destroy energy infrastructure and this will hurt people from moving around.
It's not just about going to work in your car and it's not just visiting family and
stuff like that, but movement has been a part of who we are as a movement.
Movement is freedom.
Movement is freedom.
This is what teenagers understand.
You grow up and you get car keys and you have freedom.
This is what we all understand.
Look at all the great movies that are road pictures.
Get on the road.
I have to figure it out.
I have to fix myself.
I have to fix my family.
Just get things in order.
And you go on the road.
You look at things.
Jack Kerouac wrote one of the great American books about it, On the Road.
This is who we are.
So to try to take that, to try to take that from us, because this is part of it too.
Again, it's a campaign of demoralization.
You Americans think you're one thing.
You're not.
You're garbage.
We're going to take all these different things.
They're trying to break our will as a classic Tokyo Rose, outside enemy would do.
And in the process, Hollywood's destroyed itself.
The left's destroyed themselves.
They are committing suicide while trying to force the West to commit suicide.
All we have to do is not commit suicide and stay strong.
As the French say, the best revenge is living well.
I agree.
And that's what I mean.
We have to, it's a time for, it's always a time for politics, but it's especially a time for, I think, for people to go and build their families, build their communities, spend time.
That's the source of our strength.
That's the real source of our strength.
That's the source of our political organization.
I totally agree.
And that's why, that's why They said the churches can't be open, but the liquor stores and Walmart can be.
It's all a raw exercise of power to see what they can get away with, because they know this big Ponzi scheme of the central banks is coming to an end, and that's really why they're desperately testing everything they can to try to get a path to a permanent dictatorship so that we can't unseat them.
This is all a sign of weakness.
I totally agree with you.
I want to hit one final story here.
This is out of the Atlantic.
Owned by the Jeffrey Epstein-supporting widow of Steve Jobs.
And it says, where does Alex Jones go from here?
And it says, we can't stop him unless we arrest him.
We need to put him in jail.
That's what the article goes into.
And that's really their answer, is put their opposition in jail.
Ladies and gentlemen.
They fear Infowars because we're a populist movement that tells the truth.
That's why they misrepresent what we've done.
And people need to see this as a real sign of how serious these people are because they have converted their average minion that gets a paycheck to actually believing we're Dr. Evil or we're the James Bond villain when Klaus Schwab and the New World Order, these are the real James Bond villains.
And the average person is not buying them trying to cast us as the bad guys.
But again, these reckless globalists don't know how to give up.
It's the default move of mentally ill people all the time, of dangerous mentally ill people.
I want to put my political opponents in jail, lock them away, throw them away.
That's the default move.
We're watching you all the time here and your stuff on Klaus Schwab is great.
One of the things that gets to me, I can't believe this.
We've been making movies about Nazi villains for how many decades now?
This guy dresses like a Nazi.
He talks like a Nazi.
He has ideas like a Nazi.
And no one else, it's only a fraction of the population that turns around and says, this guy sounds like a Nazi.
It's ridiculous.
I can't believe the fact that this guy is getting away with acting like a cartoon figure of a Nazi.
And hardly anyone else is pointing that out.
That's right.
All right.
Lee Smith, people can find your books, The Plot Against the President and The Permanent Coup, and they can also see the film that was made into that, The Plot Against the President.
Totally vindicated.
Thank you so much, sir, for the time.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks very much.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
We're going to do a deep dive on the economy and the shutting off of the infrastructure and the IRS next hour.
We have a special guest joining us.
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Well, I don't know what will happen now.
We've got some difficult days ahead, but I'm not concerned about that now.
I just want to do God's will.
And he's allowed me to go up to the mountains.
And I've looked over.
And I've seen the promised land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.
We gotta come together.
Whether you believe in that or not, you've got to decide whether you have dominion over yourself.
I believe that the majority of the plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what their training, will make in trying to govern.
And you've got to decide whether it's God that's going to have dominion over you, that you get orders from, or whether some other human that's jacked into the evil force is going to have dominion over you.
What we're talking about now is like a second industrial revolution, but the product this time will not be textiles or machines or vehicles or even weapons.
The product this time will be humans themselves.
Do we want to have a human plan or a post-human plan?
Noval Harari and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say humans are obsolete, we're scum, because they know we are their competition.
They know that if we go for what we want and what God wants to have, they can't compete with that transmission.
They can't compete with that blueprint.
They can't compete with that architecture.
They can't compete with that master plan.
But I just see it now.
It'll be so clear soon.
Are you pro-human or are you anti-human?
You are the human resistance to this alien takeover.
And again, when I say alien takeover, I don't mean some little tinfoil flying saucer crashing in Roswell from Alpha Centauri.
I'm talking about the transmission in the universe of God's order and God's will, or do you choose to serve the agents of death?
And like Martin Luther King said, we're not going to judge them off what color they are.
We're going to judge them off of the character of their actions and deeds.
So I'm going to say it right now, real clear.
I love everybody, no matter what color your beautiful skin is.
But I care about your heart and your guts and your mind.
And you're under attack by these Satanists.
And they want to kill you!
And they want to kill your children!
And I say we set our differences aside.
And I say we come together and we beat these people and we smash their technocracy and we build the future together and we can do anything with our real diversity.
These enemies tell us all day about diversity.
They mean divided and conquered groups of people separate from each other.
This bill is supported by all of the Democrats, House and Senate.
It's just a filibuster in a way.
So in a way, if you really truly want to honor Dr. King, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy.
I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump and you ain't black, I want unity under a code of freedom.
And liberty and justice and coming together and working together and being strong.
And that's what InfoWars is.
And that's why the enemies of humanity hate us so much, because we love God and God loves humanity.
And I am a human supremacist.
I am a human supremacist.
I am a human supremacist.
I am I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
That term will be the future war with the robots and the AI.
What you're hearing now is the entire future and everything they tried to stop us from doing.
Our supremacy will not end with this planet.
We will We will go interdimensional.
We will unlock the secrets of the universe.
God has laid them out like Christmas presents for his children.
And I am extremely honored to be in the fulcrum and the heart of the fight to bring our race, the human race, in a race for the future.
And we will break the enemy, we will break the pedophiles, we will break the Satanists, because God already sent his own self down here to show us he could do it!
God would never ask us to go through an obstacle course he wouldn't go through!
And now we're gonna go through what Christ did, and we're gonna go through it, and we're gonna be destroyed, but reborn on the other side!
The Bible tells us Over and over again that knowledge is power, but the people perish for lack of knowledge.
And we see Homeland Security announcing that anybody that protests an election or force injections is a terrorist.
Anybody that doesn't want critical race theory taught to little children that they're bad because of what color they are is evil.
Anybody that doesn't want five-year-olds taught to change their gender and have the state take over control of their lives is bad.
And now 86,852 new IRS agents on top of the massive build-up under the third administration of Barack Hussein Obama through his puppet Biden has been announced.
And it all ties together.
This image of a baseball stadium that holds 87,000 people, that's how many IRS agents to harass you that they've set up.
Here's some of the other economic news.
Egg prices in the U.S.
jumped 47% as food inflation hits highs not seen since 1979.
Facing Russian gas cuts, Europe dims lights, cools pools, and shortens showers.
Wall Street Journal.
It's the Great Reset.
You own nothing, you have nothing.
I like it.
Robot arms are replacing shelf stockers.
How bad are your favorite foods for the environment?
Scientists create impact scores for the carbon for 57,000 products they're going to put taxes on, with beef topping the list as the worst and energy drinks as the best.
Energy drinks is the best.
New York City secretly exports homeless to Hawaii and other states without telling the receiving politicians.
Look at this spin from CNBC.
Consumer price rose 8.5 in July, less than expected as inflation pressures ease a bit.
So record level inflation is easing a bit.
And I have a clip here in my list where Biden says, we've had zero inflation.
He means month to month, it didn't go up this month, which they're cooking the books.
Anybody can tell you that.
So the reason I called our guest, who's a lawyer and one of the top experts out there on the IRS fraud, the reason I got him on is not just because he's a sponsor.
I got him on, obviously, he needs to respond to this.
This declaration of war.
But the people perish for lack of knowledge.
If you know how the code's written, on average you can reduce your tax 50, 60, 70, 80 percent legally.
But they don't want you to know that, and they control the CPAs, most of them, they control the big tax preparing places, by design, to not even give you the deductions.
It's so simple.
But what's great about American Tax Solutions, you go to jonestaxrelief.com, follow the link, that way we get the support for sponsorship, and they can literally, whether you're a blue collar worker, or whether you're a police officer, or whether you're a person that owns a restaurant, or a dental office, or you're a professor, or whether you're a millionaire, the average person's paying 30 plus percent in federal tax, and you don't have to, jonestaxrelief.com.
But the reason I got him on today was to talk about this and just to see cutting off the energy, cutting off the jobs, chipping the jobs overseas.
They want to break us with universal basic income so they can control every aspect of our lives.
That's been announced.
That's here.
That ain't coming.
I've got dozens of reports that haven't even aired this week.
CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, German TV, French TV, British TV, Taiwanese TV.
Microchips to buy and sell.
You get discounts on products if you take a microchip.
They're rolling it all out in our faces.
Because the average person that doesn't know the tax rules, and it's similar in the UK and other places, they write loopholes there as well.
They're totally legal.
If you don't know these, you are going to be destroyed.
You're going to be bankrupt.
You're going to be shut down.
But if you do, well, you won't perish because you have the knowledge.
So, my good friend Tyler Bennett joins us for the Balance of the Hour.
He's got a lot of key points.
He sent me three pages of notes he wants to go over.
These are all huge issues that must be discussed.
The IRS is being weaponized.
Democrats' new army.
We're going to look at all of these points and the disarming of the American people and so much more.
And as Steve Bannon Reported when I was on his show two days ago, because he's a former big finance guy himself, they got rid of a tax on billionaires in this bill.
This is targeting hard-working people.
This is to break your will, just like the lockdowns were.
But Tyler Bennett, to talk about the 86,852 new agents, this army, you can't go to war without your armor, you can't go to war without your gun, without your food, without your leadership, without your logistics.
We're not talking about physical war here, it's a metaphor.
That's what jonestaxrelief.com with American Tax Solutions can do.
And then it helps with the big sponsorship fund, the InfoWart.
They save a ton of money and secure their family.
You guys expand your operations to help more Americans and we stay on air a 360 win-win solution.
So Tyler Bennett, great to have you on today.
Where should we start?
Well, thanks for having me on again, Alex.
Great to be on.
And I think the place we have to start is the obvious weaponization and politicalization of the IRS, right?
So it's interesting that Biden is claiming there's no inflation when the act that the Democrats just passed is called the Inflation Reduction Act.
That is the act that provides for 87,000 new IRS agents.
They like eight.
They're also going to allocate $80 billion to the IRS.
Now, here's the thing.
This is money that's not going to be used to go after the elitists, the globalists, the billionaires out there.
As you said, in fact, these laws provide more loopholes for the billionaires.
Two ways.
One, directly in the code.
But two, whenever the government hires a massive amount of people, we're increasing a bureaucracy, correct?
And so by adding 80,000 people to the list...
Now we're making it even easier for those with the fancy tax attorneys and lots of money at the top to escape and avoid paying income tax because the added levels of bureaucracy and complexity that's necessarily going to be added into the tax code by the creation of all these new jobs over at the IRS.
So what's that mean?
Well, let's look at when this tax bill first got announced.
It was announced the same day that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, right?
And why did that happen?
Because that's much more of a sensationalist story, and they're trying to go under the radar about how they're coming after, politically, anybody who's supported the wrong regime.
That's who's going to get audited.
And they've specifically said anybody making over $28 a day, spending $28 a day, is subject Potentially, to these audits.
You know who's not going to get aided is the upper class, the elitist, the globalist, because simply adding people to the IRS does not make that situation easier for them to rectify.
In fact, it makes it more difficult.
But what it does make it easier for them to do is to come after the middle class, to come after small business owners, to come after people who made $600 on Etsy or eBay, right, and try to close the tax gap And cutting off the pipelines and oil drilling, all of it, is admittedly to drive us into bankruptcy, clouded in heaven, so we'll accept all going basically on welfare.
We'll still have our jobs, we'll still work, but everything will be directed by them.
I mean, this is just so damn criminal and so ballsy, but it's being done all over the world by the UN, by the Klaus Schwab operation.
I mean, this is a plan.
And when you look at, you know, we see it out here in California a lot, and other states as well, and it's happening around the world.
But the idea of universal income, the idea of handing out all these stimulus checks, is obvious what the government's trying to do.
They're trying to make you, me, the people, dependent on them.
And it's worked.
Record numbers of people won't work, which then breaks down society more.
Absolutely, Alex.
Out here in California, it's record unemployment.
Nobody wants to work because they just keep getting checks from the government, etc., etc.
But then the carrying capacity of the industrial base collapses, society collapses, and we
have depopulation via starvation already happening in the third world.
Tyler Bennett, stay there.
Let's talk more about this legislation, what it means, and so much more, how people can
protect themselves.
Folks, it's so simple.
All you do is call Jones Tax Relief.
All you do is go to jonestaxrelief.com, and they will look at your information, and in
almost every case, it is instant success.
If you physically look at servants of the New World Order, they look like they're dead.
They look like their soul's been sucked out.
Yeah, we get persecuted fighting for freedom, but it's worth it.
And I can't tell you how much I'm blessed to be here with you fighting today and how alive I am.
I want to salute you all.
Let's just cut right to the chase.
Nothing is more frustrating for me.
Then knowing we have the information to defeat the globalists and not seeing people take advantage of it.
So I want to get back to the IRS and this big weaponization and where it's going.
But Tyler Bennett, let's cut right to the chase.
You're a tax lawyer, you've got hundreds of lawyers and CPAs and offices across the country.
If people will just come get a consultation, let you look at what they're up to, in almost every case you can save them a ton of money.
They save money, you sponsor us, you make money, 360 win.
Nothing is more frustrating than knowing something is a default position.
Wishing I would have had tax lawyers a decade ago, only got them the last few years.
Wishing I'd have found good tax lawyers.
But when you stand by what you've done and now they're following the recommendation, they're covered.
And you're doing the right thing because you're on the hook for it.
This is so important to have a real CPA tax Lawyer, but most of them, again, are working for the bad guys.
That's critical.
So let's spend a few minutes before we get back into this IRS information and this weaponization and talk about the services at American Tax Solution.
Follow the link, Jones Tax.
Ladies and gentlemen, you need to go to this URL and I'll give it to you again.
It's so important for people to go to jonestaxrelief.com, jonestaxrelief.com or toll free 833-900-4285, 833-900-4285.
People with all this going on need to do this and not wait for tax season, not procrastinate.
They make it all confusing.
They make it the most confusing tax code in the world.
So you don't know what's going on.
Call the experts.
They're ready to help you right now.
What are the services you offer?
Alex, so as you mentioned again, the same things that the elites use, the globalists use to pay the least amount in taxes, these options are available, but what it comes down to is a lack of education.
The those on the top do not want you educated in what you can do, what you can form an entity
a C corporation trusts other things so that you're make sure you're paying the least amount
of taxes and providing for your family's future.
And so the same exact things that the globalists use.
C-corporations and trusts, as well as LLCs, and the idea here is you have you, you have your income, and the more amount of separation we can put between that, that's what protects you from the government and anyone else trying to take your money.
So the thing is, it's not your fault.
You went to school and nobody ever taught you how very, you know, arcane concepts in the tax law work.
That's why you need to hire somebody who knows what they're talking about.
And the tax laws change every regime.
And so it needs to be a constant, someone who is up to date on education.
We are here, my attorneys are here, and what we pride ourselves in doing
is using the exact same loopholes and the exact same laws and entity structures
and setups that deal it is used for the middle class so that you can be paying the least amount as possible.
And you've got every service people need.
I mean, go through them.
There's more than 20 services.
Listen, we operate in the past, the present, and the future.
And what I mean by that is, if the IRS or the state is already coming after you, they're claiming you owe money, maybe they're levying their bank out, maybe they placed a lien on your property, maybe they're garnishing your wages, any of these things, we can put a stop to it right away.
Give me a call.
The present, which is, are you paying too much in income tax this year?
We can we can mitigate that in the future, which is, hey, listen, I plan on making more money next year than I did last year.
And I want to make sure that I'm in a proper entity set up, whether that's a corporation, an S corporation, an LLC, a trust type set up so that we can form a tax plan for you so that you're paying the least amount going forward.
Because remember, You have to pay taxes, that's the law.
But the law is also, and you're right, is as a taxpayer, to not pay this regime any more than you possibly legally owe them.
So that means pay them the least amount as legally possible, because we know what they're doing with your money, and it's not what you agree with.
Again, stop giving money away to people who hate you.
How does it work when they call, for folks that don't know?
They call, you talk to them, it's attorney-client privilege, they give you their information, you guys look at it, you get a lot of calls, sometimes it takes a few days, a week, you look at it, you say, well this is the basic stuff you can do right now, and people are blown away, but then they've got to implement it.
So what we do is you call in and we'll give you a little consult just right on the phone for free about what we think you should be in entity wise and structure wise.
And I should say this is something that you're going to want to take care of sooner rather than later because the IRS attack is on its way and they are out to get you, me and all the rest of the middle class taxpayers in this country.
And so give us a call.
We'll tell you what Needs to happen, and if you want to do it, then we'll schedule another call and set it up for you.
And it's very simple, whether it's the open borders, or turning off the energy, or saying small businesses are not essential, or jacking up taxes on little people.
It is a war against the population, and folks need to know this and not let them drive you into welfare when they have full control of your life with the forced inoculations.
That is the endgame.
That's their admitted plan.
A hundred percent, Alex.
So let me give you an actual example.
One of your listeners called in last week.
Cabby from New York City.
Guy's making $30,000 a year.
The IRS is auditing him because they're saying there's no way that he, on $30,000 a year, can pay for his wife and his infant child.
So does this person who's making less than $50,000 sound like the fat cats that's going to close the IRS loop?
Or is this the middle class that they're attacking because that's what they want to do?
Let me bring another point to your attention.
I'm sure you've talked about is we all know the IRS has just bought Over 5,000 guns and 5 million rounds of ammunition?
Well, think about this.
The military, right, buys lots of guns and ammunition because they use those guns and ammunitions on the enemies of Americans, right?
The police will have guns and ammunition.
They use those guns and ammunition on criminals who are trying to kill or otherwise commit crimes against Americans.
The IRS is buying guns and ammunition to use against Americans.
It's incredible.
You've got other issues we want to go over.
When we come back, what are the other points you want to hit?
Well, listen.
Again, as I like to stress is the big corporations at the top are floating by not going to experience any of these audits because the IRS has already said over 50% of the people they plan on auditing are making less than $75,000 a year.
And so what we want to do is make sure that you're in that bracket.
You're set and you're ready for this oncoming IRS attack before it happens because preparation is the name of the game here.
All right, stay there.
We'll do one more segment with you because this is so important.
And then I meant to do this Sunday.
I meant to do it Monday.
I meant to do it Tuesday.
So it's piled up the COVID stack.
Mainline news admitting record levels of deaths of vaccinated, double the rate of death in vaccinated.
Mainstream news from the US, Taiwan, Canada, the UK.
I've got a stack here.
We got to hit the final segment before the guest host takes over in the fourth hour.
Final segment with Tyler Bennett, jonestaxrelief.com.
Straight ahead.
You're a fool if you don't call him.
So Trump warned.
They were trying to set him up.
Obama took 30 million documents and never gave one back to the National Archives.
He can do that as president for his documents.
Trump takes some documents, they raid him with 100 SWAT team members in armored vehicles and a bunch of rider trucks.
Haul it all away, God knows what they'll add to it.
I've experienced them trying to frame us over and over again, but because of God we've made it through it in your prayers.
But now Newsweek reporting exclusive.
An informer told the FBI what docs Trump was hiding and where.
Oh, isn't that just cute?
Absolutely criminal.
We're in the middle of a real coup.
Tyler Bennett, American Tax Solutions.
Find the links.
We get the support.
There's their main site, all their services.
Just go to jonestaxrelief.com.
Just as a patriot, as an American patriot, as a guy that fights us before we get back into the IRS and there are 87,000, 88,000 new people, what do you make of what they're doing to Trump and just all this craziness?
Alex, what this is, is a direct attack on the American people and on conservatives in general.
Obviously, the regime had the final say on raiding Trump's place or not, right?
I mean, that's no secret.
But here's what's happening is this bill, which again, they passed on the exact same day they raided Trump's place, hoping That people wouldn't pay attention to that, but even this isn't a conspiracy.
Even CNN is all up in arms over the fact that this bill is going to militarize the IRS.
They are going to be now be fully armed and we talked about this before clerks Not even lawyers who are going to make legal determinations about what you owe in taxes.
And let me tell you how this has played out already, Alex, because as we know, the Great Reset started with the COVID-19 pandemic.
And what that did is that caused a lot of people that were employees, right, to either lose their jobs or end up working at home.
They started becoming small business owners.
Well, in 2021, Alex, the IRS collected more money than ever before ever.
And if we look at the last 30 years, it's not from C-corporations.
Corporate corporations, no matter what the corporate tax code, they pay almost nothing in taxes all the time because they're able to write everything up.
Where this is coming is from individuals that pay on 1040s.
And that is for one reason and one reason only.
Because these people that are now in small businesses that were used to being employees their whole lives are not taking the deductions that are legally available to them.
And let's just slow down a bit.
Let's be infinity clear here.
The big mega banks and the big mega corporations, the Jeff Bezos's of the world, they pay zero tax on average.
Not just because they don't want to pay tax.
You pay tax, they don't.
That is an unfair trade advantage.
This is how they're taking over.
That's why they doubled and tripled their wealth during the lockdowns on record.
Is this is done literally to wage war on our communities, on that little diner, or the small car dealership, or the small farm, or the small private school, or the small auto parts store, which we all want and need.
And they know we want to go to the small people.
They know we don't like change.
And so this is a way to eradicate that, and that's why the small business person needs to do this.
It's why I'm so frustrated.
It's like they're in a fight with a guy with a machine gun, and I want them to at least pick up a sword.
They need to realize this is happening.
This is a situation where it's bringing a knife to a gunfight.
And as you said, correct, over the last three years, corporate profits have skyrocketed.
They're higher than ever before.
But there is no more taxes coming from corporations to the IRS.
The new surplus is from small business owners.
And they admit, they don't investigate Soros, they don't investigate dark money, they don't investigate political money unless it's conservative.
They want to bully little people.
They admit that.
Because again, the elitists have such separation between their assets and income and themselves that it can be looked into if the IRS wanted to expend a lot of resources.
And we can close the tax gap that way.
But they don't want to do that.
What they've already said they're going to do is come after people making under $75,000 a year because they believe... That's right.
We're going to get the tax money from below $75,000.
I mean, that is so dirty.
I mean, that is insane.
It's almost as bad as shutting off the Keystone Pipeline.
I mean, yeah, they're out to get us.
That's why I'm so frustrated, folks.
Learn the code.
Get lawyers involved.
Think of lawyers as expensive.
Tax lawyers are.
And CPAs, not these guys.
These guys cut right to the chase and just deliver.
That's why you've got to go to jonestaxrelief.com.
So another thing is when you hear about, so Biden has passed what's called the global tax rate for corporations, right?
It's 15 percent.
Now this is a giant red herring that again is designed to help you to facilitate you thinking that, oh, we're getting taxes out of the rich corporations.
We're not.
The corporate tax rate is 21 percent.
So they made a they made a global tax rate that is already less than what corporations pay.
You see how this is a red herring versus Biden is Actively out there trying to raise your personal tax from the highest income bracket from 37 to 39 percent.
And that goes all the way down.
That means if you're, you know, making $100,000 right now, paying 20, 21 percent, that's going to bump you up into 23, 25 percent, right?
And with inflation happening, as I've explained multiple times before, we all know as...
Yeah, as inflation happens, you may get pushed up.
And as you said, the law and the code says this, and they've got the nerve to say on CNN we're not raising taxes on blue-collar and white-collar workers when it says it!
It's it's they say one thing.
Look at my mouth speak.
So you don't see what my hands are doing.
It's a classic David Blaine magician trick.
And here's the thing, though.
So inflation is a two two way sword and they have been using it to get more and more money out of us and make us weaker and weaker.
But here's something that we can also do.
And my firm can help you do this is those assets that you own that inflation is pumping up the value Well, not because they're worth more, but because the dollar is worth less?
Well, guess what?
We can take greater deductions against those types of things.
So give me a call, because we can use inflation as a weapon now against the government, because they've been using it as a weapon against us, and it's time to fight back.
Well, you guys are the closest thing to a silver bullet, and you guys can advise people and give them the very simple steps, or people can be destroyed by the globalists.
Everybody should go to jonestaxrelief.com. They should call the toll-free number 833-900-4285.
And they should understand that this has been written to screw you.
This has been written that you don't know it.
And we're trying.
Everything we do is about getting people to know the hidden knowledge.
Getting people to understand how it really works because that empowers the people and that derails the globalist agenda.
So even if you don't care about yourself and your family, even if you don't want to save money, you should do this so the globalists can't get away with this.
It's why they keep changing the tax laws every two years because they know we figure it out and they jump.
But you've got to be every few years changing what you do or you're screwed.
It's that simple.
That's 100% true, Alex.
And if we look at just the top fat cat corporations, Apple and Amazon change their tax strategy every three to four years, because they have to, to make sure they're paying nothing in taxes.
Now, we're not super billionaire corporations, so they have a little bit more power than they do, but 99% of the tactics that these large corporations and globalists use to lower their tax liability,
you as an American taxpayer have access to and can use.
The thing is you just don't have the knowledge of how to do it.
We do, we will teach you what to do, and then if you'd like us to set it up for you,
we absolutely will because here's the thing, is, and I've said this before, but I'm gonna repeat it,
is the IRS is, they're coming after you, they've weaponized, they're basically turning into
the money military, and the only way to protect yourself is to.
Preemptively strike here and make sure you are in a situation where even if they come try to audit you or try to come take more money then they are legally entitled to.
Well that's right, that's right.
That's why I love... You have the right people in your pocket.
That's why I love 360 wins.
They get support.
We get support.
You get support.
And we're not screwed by these people.
That's why everybody should call you at 833-900-4285 or jonestaxrelief.com.
Tyler Bennett, thank you so much for coming on on short notice.
I really appreciate you and your great crew.
Thank you, Alex.
We got the COVID-19 massive news straight ahead.
And the guest host, stay with us.
All right.
I'll just be completely honest with viewers.
And listeners, right now, I feel ashamed of myself, and I feel like a pile of crap, when I think about the fact, not all the time, but I feel like a pile of crap right now, that we've been diverted by their fake lawsuits against us, and by Mar-a-Lago raids, and by all this stuff, that is important on the surface, but not important in the aggregate, because These shots don't work, they're genetic therapies, and they're causing mass death according to dozens of major insurance companies and news reports.
And so they're just normalizing mass death.
And so I pledge this to you.
Yeah, it's important they had a kangaroo trial for us.
Yeah, it's important the judge told the jury I was guilty.
Yeah, all that's unprecedented and dangerous, but killing a bunch of little kids and people with heart attacks and blood clots is even bigger.
And so they want to tie us down with all this garbage and distract us from our main mission, exposing their biomedical attack on humanity.
So we're going to air these two reports back-to-back.
One is out of the local U.S.
news, one is out of Taiwan, about what these shots are doing in live time.
And we reported this, obviously, the insurance numbers started coming out a year ago, but it's all confirmed now.
Let that sink in.
They know it doesn't work to protect from a virus, they know it messes up your blood, they know it causes strokes, heart attacks, heart swelling, cancer, infertility, everything else, and they're doing it!
And it was in the October 2020 document from the CDC that they predicted this would happen.
Let that sink in long and hard.
What type of maniacs are we dealing with here?
They just think they'll kill a bunch of us and test and see if we wake up.
And now they want Homeland Security to make us take shots.
The U.S.
is the only country in the world that authorizes six-month-olds and up to take the damn shot.
I mean, this is crazy.
How will they kill Americans?
Have a virus release?
Have a scare?
Have forced inoculations and kill people?
And this is only the beta test.
Can they kill 3-4% of us?
If we put up with this, the sky is the limit.
In Taiwan, the number of people dying after the jibby jab is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself.
Expert insurance companies expect insurance companies to sue vaccine manufacturers to cover payouts for explosion of early unexpected mortality claims.
Ohio medical student dies suddenly due to heart issue during three-day bike ride for cancer research.
There's hundreds of these a day.
This incredible clip.
Listen to this.
This is why a pharmacist are not warning people about what the vaccines are doing.
Some report getting monkey pox, which we've had scientists on about, after receiving first dose of vaccine, WCVB.
Polio is spreading in Britain.
For the first time in 40 years, health officials launch urgent jab rollout.
Think about that.
So let's do this.
Let's air the Taiwan clip, the US clip, and then let's air the lady playing the clip of the pharmacist.
Talking about what happened to this child that's in the hospital with a swollen heart.
I mean, this is happening.
This is going on.
This is real.
We have a bureaucracy, not just cutting off our gas pipelines, not just opening up our borders, not just shipping in fentanyl, not just teaching drag queen pedophile time, not just devaluing the currency, not just defunding the police, not just George Soros taking over the district attorneys, not just lawless crime and war, but killing us with shots!
It's total war!
They are attacking us at every level, every day.
And the longer we don't admit this, the worse it's going to get.
Let's play these reports back-to-back and we'll be back.
In Taiwan, the number of people dying after their COVID vaccination is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself.
Taiwan's health authorities say that as of Monday, deaths after vaccination reached 865, while deaths from the virus are at 845.
Vaccines currently offered in Taiwan include AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Taiwan's own vaccine, Medigen.
Out of the 865 deaths after vaccination, over 600 were from AstraZeneca and nearly 200 deaths after Moderna's shot.
life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all-cause deaths among 18- to 49-year-olds.
Along with that, there's also been an increase in certain medical diagnoses such as miscarriages and Bell's palsy.
Here to give us her take on the new data and what she believes could be causing the rise in numbers is emergency medicine and disaster specialist Dr. Kelly Victory.
Dr. Victory, good morning, great to talk to you as always.
Good morning, Jason.
Thanks for having me.
Okay, we want to make sure that anytime we talk, we want to make sure the information that we have is accurate.
So let's start this interview by telling us, I've seen your correspondence here, what is the source of the information that you're about to present?
Well, this information became available to me or on my radar last week following a hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, who was looking at sort of what he calls a second opinion on the entire response to the COVID pandemic.
The medical data was released by three career military physicians who got the information from the military database that collects what we call ICD codes which are the diagnosis codes and these physicians had a feeling they believed based on their own observation that they were seeing a significant uptick in certain conditions.
So they actually went back and called the database from the on certain conditions over a five-year period from 2016
through 2020, notably containing one year, 2020, of the full-blown pandemic.
So they looked at 2016, 17, 18, 19, and 20 at the prevalence of certain conditions including
things like heart attack, blood clots to the lung, miscarriages, those sorts of things,
and they compared it to the incidence of those same things in the calendar year 2021 and saw
an alarming increase in certain things. For example, they saw a 270 percent increase in
myocardial infarction in 2021, a 300 percent increase in incidence of Bell's palsy and of
certain neurologic complaints, a 470 percent increase in pulmonary embolisms. This is a
conversation of a dad.
Yeah, hi, are you a pharmacist?
Yes, how can I help?
Yeah, hey, I've got a question.
My wife, against my wishes, brought my son, seven-year-old son in there yesterday, or sorry, a few days ago for a COVID jab, and he's now in the hospital with myocarditis.
And I was obviously not very happy with you guys or with my wife.
She told me that she was not told that was a potential Why?
So, why wouldn't you have told her that?
Okay, um... Sorry to, um... So, it's quite a rare side effect as well.
No, it's not.
No, it's not, because I've been doing research.
It's common.
In the U.S., there's tens of thousands of them reported to the CDC.
So, why are you not telling parents this?
Were you told?
You got the jab?
Were you told?
They don't want to get their child vaccinated?
So you don't want to scare the parents with something that is actually happening that's happened to my kid?
Are you out of your mind?
You don't want to scare them?
You need to give them the right information so they can make a proper decision.
What is wrong with you?
You don't want to scare them.
I'm recording this conversation as well, and this is going to a lawyer next.
Thank you for admitting that.
So why don't you tell them?
When someone comes in there and says, hey, what can go wrong?
What do you say, sore arm?
Have you seen the amount of dead people?
Have you seen it?
She asked what the side effects are.
Did she ask?
I'm not sure because I wasn't there.
It doesn't matter.
You're supposed to tell people this can happen.
So you know what the prognosis is?
You know what it is?
Possible death within five years.
20% of people with myocarditis die.
It is a permanent damaged heart.
It is not temporary.
It keeps increasing 100% because of you.
Because you didn't want to see Welcome back, final segment I'm going to be hosting here.
The great Kate Dally, always amazing information, incredible guest, takes over the balance of the 55 minutes.
Then Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Central, The War Room.
Remember, this place only exists as one of the last bastions of resistance because of you.
I know we're going to win, but we're going to go through a lot in that process.
I want listeners to understand, we didn't want the globalists to take over.
You didn't want the globalists to take over.
We didn't want this to happen.
But it's happened.
But the people are waking up.
So for all the negative things that are happening, it's part of the process of making us strong.
We've got to trust in God and trust in that greater mission and greater plan that God has.
I want to take time out here in this little short final segment to thank the crew for the great job they do and to thank all of you for keeping us on air and all of our affiliates and our sponsors and everybody else and to thank all those people out there and you know who you are that pray for this broadcast.
Because word of mouth is important.
Supporting the broadcast and buying products at InfoWareStore.com is important.
But at the end of the day if I had to ask for one thing from you It'd be that you pray for InfoWars, for strength, and discernment, and will, and perseverance, and victory.
So please, today, say a prayer for InfoWars.
Say a prayer for operations.
Say a prayer for our crew.
Say a prayer that the plans of the enemy will be frustrated and will not be successful.
We were given a great country, our forebears.
We've done amazing things together.
And the best is yet to come, but we have to recognize good from evil.
We have to make the decision of what side we're going to be on.
And that's the point we're at right now.
Everything I do isn't perfect, but it's from a position of trying to empower you and empower others.
Because if you're not empowered, I'm not going to be empowered.
We have a dumbed-down, deceived public, controlled by evil.
None of us have a future.
But when we bet on humanity, when we bet on the future, and when we bet on God, we win.
So please, again, realize we've been totally vindicated, so if you support this broadcast.
The New World Order, just like we said, is there in spades, crazier than ever, making its move.
Man, it's wild.
And it's hard to believe.
And a lot of people are going to have Mad Stockholm Syndrome.
They're going to decide deep down, they're scared, or they're going to run to the system and grovel to it.
But they'll be destroyed.
The best position is fighting back.
The best position is trusting in God.
The only position is saying, I'm going to do what's right, and I'm going to stand against evil.
And that means being extremely aggressive in the information war.
That means taking the articles, the videos, the reports, the live feeds and sharing them on your email and your text message, one of the few areas they're not totally censoring.
And to go out on the mainline internet and say, here's the forbidden show, here's what you're not supposed to hear because we know we've got the answers because the enemy hates us more than anybody.
And the enemy can't believe we're taking the fight to them, and they can't believe we know their plans.
They are completely poleaxed.
They are dumbfounded.
They are cross-eyed.
Because they're the losers that signed on with the devil.
We're the winners that signed on with God.
And so just remember that.
And God's gonna test us, but as long as we realize this life is so short, there's only a test, we're going to make it through this together.
So thank you all.
We are in steadfast support of this imperfect operation.
But our will is real, and our intention to do good is real, and our plan to tell the truth is real, and it has borne the most devastating truth against the enemy.
Thank you all for your support.
Don't wait.
Go to InfoWarshaw.com, get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt, get the Great Reset and the War for the World signed copy, get Vitamin Mineral Fusion that's back in stock, get Super Mill Vitality that's back in stock, get X2 with a combo deal, and get great products at the same time you know you are funding the future of humanity.
You chose the right side.
You chose victory.
You chose success.
You chose to go against the status quo that is death and collapse and poverty and pedophilia and drug abuse and depression and weakness and failure and betrayal.
You chose honor and destiny.
And strength and beauty.
So I'm extremely honored to be here with you.
Extremely honored to be fighting side by side with you.
And as things get clearer and clearer, they meant to have us off air by now because it's going to make our credibility go through the roof.
It's making your credibility go through the roof.
So again, pray for justice, pray for peace, pray for President Trump, pray for Infowars.
All right, Kate Dowling takes over.
God bless and good luck.
*Chuckle* What they miss is that this guy is ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out.
You're going to be underlying stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or InfowarStore.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks, Alex.
I'm Kate Dally from Kate Dally Radio and the Kate Dally Show.
And I can't wait to spend this hour with you.
I have a simple question.
Let's just start.
Let's just start out with a simple question.
What is the reason for the gas prices today?
What is the reason that they're giving you right now as to why the gas prices are high?
You don't have a reason.
There's no explanation, right?
I mean, Russia was in the spring.
They blamed Russia.
Got that.
Um, even though we only get five to 7% of our, our, our oil from there.
And so we knew that didn't work out.
We also, uh, of course they use COVID last year.
We know that sniffles, you know, sniffles is very crafty, super crafty, and, uh, it can do a lot.
It can perform a coin shortage.
It can perform high gas prices.
It can perform a shortage of oil, shortage of food, all kinds of things.
Everything was blamed on COVID.
What's the reason?
There is no reason.
You're supposed to just go, guess that's how it is.
Guess that's what's happening.
Why did Trump get rated?
Nothing to see here, right?
Of course not.
I actually have a great piece of info on that I'll share with you in just a second.
But I have a lot of questions today, and I hope they make us all think a little bit more.
Because isn't that what we're supposed to be doing?
Last time I checked, I always thought we were supposed to be people that were critical thinkers, right?
And so there are things that are abnormalities that we must discuss.
And so I'll bring some things up today.
I hope I hope it really kind of shines a light, if you will, on certain things.
But I got an email and the email you might have had one of these instances happen to you.
I get these all the time.
Same email where they say, you know, I agree with you.
But then when you said this, well, you're a conspiracy theorist.
That's a conspiracy theorist.
Now, it's meant to be a dig.
It's meant to be something that's an insult, right?
It's also meant to be a conversation stopper.
So I wrote back.
Of course, I can't always write back, but it just so happened I had some time I could do it.
And so I wrote back and I said, you know, from your email, I'm guessing that that's a dig, right?
I mean, I can just point something out, right?
I mean, certainly you can just listen to that.
But I think what you're really trying to say Is that I've said something that you don't agree with or makes you uncomfortable, right?
Maybe it isn't true.
Maybe it is.
But there's certainly a reason I'm bringing it up.
And you called me a conspiracy theorist.
But oddly enough, when you wrote me, you didn't debate the theory.
I think that's kind of intriguing, honestly.
When I hear something that I'm not sure about, I think about it.
I assess it.
I challenge it.
But you didn't do any of that.
This is what I wrote this guy.
But you didn't do any of that.
You took the time to write me, which I do appreciate because I do, to basically just tell me that I'm not supposed to bring up theories that you don't agree with.
So whenever I see inconsistencies in logic, I feel like it would not be honest if I didn't bring it up.
I am neck deep in research all the time and What's interesting about that is that I'm sifting through history and I'm sifting through documentation and I'm sifting through their own admission, right?
And so, why wouldn't you want to give it a listen?
Why wouldn't you even want to know what I had to say?
And then assess it.
Think about it.
At least entertain it.
I don't just grasp at straws.
Usually when I bring something up, there's usually a reason.
And it's because in my research, I've come to all kinds of conclusions that it just doesn't make sense.
So there has to be another reason for, for what we're talking about.
I know the presidencies are controlled.
They have been for 120 years.
Started with Colonel House, behind Wilson.
That's why they have the right-left parties.
That's why they each have their tribute.
I'll call it a tribute.
They each have their Hunger Games.
They each have their candidate.
Those are the only two that you get to have on the stage.
They're vetted, and they pick which one they want to roll with.
But usually, about every eight years, they have to switch parties because, well, you have to appease the people.
People have to feel like they're kind of winning, and that's just the deal.
Every eight years, Team A, Team B, you know, whatever is going to placate the masses.
And so, who is they?
Who are the people that control things?
There's a lot of people.
You have the think tanks.
You have a lot of people that were in office.
You have your Dick Cheney's and your John Kerry's and all these different people that sift in and out of government, right?
And your unelected bureaucrats in think tanks.
And they make these very, very big decisions on policies.
They write all the bills.
Your congressman doesn't.
Your senator doesn't.
That's why when those come, you know, they haven't even read them.
When they say it's 3,000 pages, they haven't even read the one they said they wrote.
So, the think tanks are doing all of that.
And then on top of that, you have the CIA, the Pentagon, the folks at the UN, the IMF, the folks that run the WEF.
Not all the folks in those organizations, but I'm sure a pretty good smattering of them.
Kissinger's three foot two.
He's still alive.
Good gravy!
The Rockefellers, the CFR.
You have many, many people.
Remember when Hillary called them the mothership?
These people run the country.
So when we say they, there's a lot of people involved in this.
Why do they do it?
For profit.
There's a lot of profit globally where you might not get that from just good old America.
You might be able to siphon a lot of tax dollars off, put them into NGOs and all kinds of organizations around the world.
And you might be able to siphon off money for, you know, that's why we have the emissions.
The emissions test is because that money from 1995 on drove the money to the UN to pay for the UN.
So we have all of these people that really run the house and really control things.
It goes deeper than that.
That's a whole other show though, I'm sure.
And the families that are not discussed, the very, very, very rich families that are never discussed.
So there's a lot of people at the helm, a lot of people I didn't mention, but it's controlled.
And there's a lot of evidence to support that.
And of course, this is why, even though we have a majority of conservatives in the country, they're always going to make the races look really tight.
I mean, really margin thin.
How is that possible?
It's a numbers game.
If most of the country is conservative, which they are, you only have about 30% total wackadoodle.
So you've got about the majority of the country, right?
So why are the races airtight?
It doesn't make sense.
How could that be?
And then people come back with, well, the cities, you know, the city, well, I'm sorry, but the population is still the population all over the States.
So there's no way it could ever be razor thin all of the time.
Maybe that's where the fraud comes in.
You think?
So critical thinking doesn't mean you're a conspiracy theorist.
It means that you assess logic, motive versus perception, media sound bites versus outcomes.
And guess what?
There's a whole lot of false flags going on.
There just is.
And they've been going on for a long time.
And they've been getting away with them for a long time.
Although they're getting kind of nervous.
Because they might have overplayed their hand in some of these.
Because they're too obvious.
So now they're sending clear messages, right?
January 6 is, uh, don't protest.
And, uh, then you have, um, And you have the raid.
So if it can happen to the president, it can happen to anyone.
Isn't that the messaging?
Of course.
And you're not supposed to really look at what's right in front of your eyes.
You're not supposed to see that.
You're supposed to hear what they're telling you.
And when you hear what they're telling you, they're telling you a different story than what your eyeballs are seeing.
But you're supposed to believe it.
So if you have one question in an event or an occurrence, okay, you could debate that.
What about a hundred abnormalities that make no sense and are not logical?
Then it's probably a false flag.
But they're really worried about the people rising up in mass.
They really kind of want us to come out one at a time, you know, and they can play, you know, you know, a ping ball, you know, ping, ping, ping.
You can ping them out of existence, right?
But what they, what they don't want is the masses.
So that's why they're sending these very clear messages.
It isn't about whether or not An incident or event anymore is a conspiracy.
Now it's about how deep does the theater go?
You have critical thinkers and you have the brainwashed, right?
And those people like somebody to do the thinking for them.
That's why they get all their thinking from the mass media.
They don't have to go on a limb, out on a limb.
They're lazy, right?
They can't assess information.
They can't compare logic to what's being presented.
So when I see someone call somebody a conspiracy theorist, all I'm thinking is you lazy brainless twit.
I'm trying to be nice.
It doesn't come out that way.
I just get bored.
I'm bored with people like that.
People need to be challenged and we need to help them be challenged in their thinking.
Do not back down.
Do not stop talking about false flags.
Do not stop.
They need to be discussed, they need to be debated, and they need to be exposed.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for the hour.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from The Kate Dally Show.
I'm so glad to be with you today.
Hope you're having a great summer.
I know it's stressful.
I don't even know what to say about the headlines anymore.
But I do want to share an interesting piece of information with you and a hat tip to George Webb on this.
In October of 2021, he did a series of news shows on the little-known U.S.
State Department diplomat named Matt Pottinger that had joined Donald Trump's national security team as a deputy advisor for Peter Navarro.
And he had profiled Matt Pottinger as the Kissinger Kid.
Is he about three foot two now?
I'm pretty sure.
So primarily because his father, this guy, Matt Pottinger, his father Stanley Pottinger, was the key man in coming up with Deep Throat in Watergate and so to take out Richard Nixon.
One of the reasons they also took out Richard Nixon was because he imprisoned Alger Hiss too and they didn't like it.
That was like a little payback, a little vengeance for you.
And so, as president with Mark Felt of the FBI.
So, the metadata rule was in effect, and so if your father takes out a president, the son is likely to do the same thing?
Lyndon LaRouche had out the connection between Kissinger and the hatchet man Stanley Pottinger in one of his executive intelligence briefings decades ago.
But kind of interesting that the son ended up there.
We also have questions about where was the sheriff?
I haven't heard good things about that particular sheriff, Rick Bradshaw, over there in Trump territory over at Mar-a-Lago.
Was it to keep January 6th in the headlines for the election?
Was it they're so desperate for information on January 6th because they have nothing that they're willing to maybe even go plant evidence?
Just a question.
Just a question.
And what about the Secret Service?
Where were they?
And the judge who provided cover for Epstein and Garland signing off and Chris Wray who hates Trump.
I mean, it's all very, very interesting when you put all the pieces together, right?
It doesn't take a whole lot of assessing to figure out what's going on here politically.
So the FBI can be bought politically.
Controlled politically.
So we also have the Dissident and Farming Reduction Act that I wanted to bring up for just a moment.
And most of the $740 billion went to global warming.
So basically what they want to do is cut out more emissions than they already have.
So the farmers up in Canada were saying, well, wait a second, wait a second.
We already cut emissions 30% for you, even though it's absolutely asinine.
We already did that.
No, they want more.
And the only way to get more Is to do what?
Cut out farming altogether.
This is such a demolition of our country, of our resources.
I can't even fathom how anyone could come up with a reason as to why this is happening other than a manufactured demolition.
So, this is... Okay, well, let's just say this.
Let me just ask this question.
If you're 60 years of age or younger, you have been hearing about climate change your entire life.
How have you actually been affected by it in your life?
In your 30s, in your 40s, in your 20s, in your teens?
I mean, when were you affected by it?
Can you give an instance?
Can you tell anyone how this has affected you?
Or is it always ahead of us?
Wow, how convenient!
After 60 years, it's still ahead of us and it's always at the end of the decade.
I love that part because, you know, you can't really die off at the beginning of a decade.
You got to have 10 years.
10 years gives you enough time to pass bills where it's fresh on everybody's mind for taxation and regulation and to absolutely cut down the food supply.
But if you did 20 years, see if they said 20 years you'll be an icicle or you will be a fried egg on the sidewalk, well, yeah, people forget.
It's not an emergency.
10 years?
Yeah, 10 years works.
They found that out.
So that's why you're going to die at the end of every decade due to climate change.
And like Dan Pena says, it's not a fart in the wind.
It's just simply Whatever you're trying to do, your little plastic bag, your straw, whatever it is, whatever these people are doing, I know it's not you, but the people out there, whatever they think they're doing to solve the earth crisis that they think is happening, isn't a fart in the wind.
Love Dan Pena.
So, it's a lie told every decade, it's cyclical, weather is cyclical, 400 to 600 year cycles, you can't change it just like you can't change the sun coming up in the morning, you just simply can't.
There's nothing you can do.
And doubling the size of the IRS, Go look at the largest football stadium, right?
That you can fathom right now and imagine it filled with people to the brim for a really good game.
And that isn't even 87,000 new agents.
Well, they're not going after the wealthy.
They're basically going to be coming after the middle income earner.
And this controlled demolition makes way for the Great Reset.
We all know that, right?
You've been hearing this over and over again.
Because it's true.
The Great Reset is coming.
What we need is the Great Resistance.
We truly need the Great Resistance.
And so we know that businesses will only get loans if they abide by the crazy lies of the Green Agenda.
But they're going to move forward and it's complete lawlessness.
It's just complete lawlessness and excuses.
You know, every single, I don't know if people realize this, but almost all, because I've done the research on this, almost all of the three-letter agencies that are constantly in the press, right?
You have the FBI, the CIA, the FDA, the CDC, NIH, all of these, were all built on a lie.
They had to be.
Because Americans thought we were in a free country.
Why would we need an agency over all the territory?
All the territories are covered by local police in America.
All of them.
There isn't a place where you can't find a local policeman who covers the area, even a volunteer.
Why do you need a federal police department?
So even them, even they started on a lie.
And it was, well, you kind of need us.
Well, why?
Why do we need you?
Oh, we're going to investigate immigrants for being dissidents or, you know, crazy.
Is that your job?
Or we're going to, you know, they gave themselves a couple of innocuous jobs, like these things that could have totally been covered.
In fact, they said, we're the new investigators for all of the deceit and crime that's going to go on in Washington.
I think you just were providing cover.
I don't really think that you were actually investigating anything.
And do we have so much of that going on in the turn of the 20th century, in the 1900s, that you would need a full-time force for that?
Of course you wouldn't.
Of course you wouldn't.
It's asinine to think that.
But that was the story.
And then they grew from there.
The EPA started from an oil spill in 1966 in Santa Barbara.
And all of a sudden that oil spill could have resolved itself and gone to court.
No, of course not.
You know what they had to do?
They had to bring in the EPA and it was ready to go in six short months.
That's how quick that happened.
10,000 employees.
So all of these different entities, you know, when the FBI started, it was kind of amazing.
They really didn't have a lot to do.
That was the big thing that they hung their coat on.
It was basically, we helped with the mob with prohibition.
And you don't think local cops could have done that?
Of course they could have.
These little lies were told all the time.
And then the lie sticks and it never goes anywhere.
And then what do they do?
They build themselves up credibility because they own the media and the media does exposés And they even say the word celebration.
We celebrated the FBI.
We celebrated having the CIA.
Well, when you're writing the script, what else is it going to say, right?
Oh, dear.
I'll be right back.
Kate Dally Show.
I have some questions for you.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I hope you're having a good afternoon.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
I was talking about three letter agencies that sort of cropped up at a time when you would think, now, wait a second.
Why did why did we need them?
And before I get into some questions for you, the NIH, when they came along, that was I think the late 1800s.
And basically they wanted to be in charge of looking at immigrants for diseases like yellow fever and cholera.
So we instituted the NIH.
Why couldn't doctors do that?
Why couldn't your country doctor go over there and do that?
Oh no, you can't have that.
So they needed an entire government arm.
Why was the Secret Service devised, really?
I mean, I know the spy rings, everything became the Secret Service, but the Secret Service was actually created by way of Department of Treasury in 1865 to investigate counterfeiting.
So I have a question.
How much counterfeiting was actually going on in 1865?
Was the FDA put in for cover for pharma?
So that they wouldn't demonize the chemicals they started using in the mass production of food.
That was late 1800s, early 1900s.
We started getting our food mass produced.
And then of course we needed an FDA to control the narrative.
They had to control the narrative so that you wouldn't blame pharma.
Oh no.
You would just blame the companies that were using some of these chemicals on the food, right?
But never a segue into really looking at pharma.
It was actually pretty crafty.
You gotta give it to them.
And public health?
Public health was started on a lie that said that down deep in the South, they had to solve hookworm.
Well, it was already being solved.
There was no reason for these guys to do this.
But they staked their claim on something that they did that wasn't necessary and that they said we needed.
And then we got public health.
Isn't that interesting?
So here's some questions for you, because I think just kind of wrapping our brain around some of these things that have happened in the past, and currently, really need to be investigated.
You really, really need to think about them.
The CIA, did they continue their eugenics program?
I mean, my gosh.
Operation Paperclip, wasn't it?
When we brought all the Nazis over.
Why did we do that, by the way?
Why did we do that?
And then put them in the head of NASA, like Warner Von Braun, and make them not only citizens, but part of the creations of everything that was going on in America at the time.
Was it just a continuation of eugenics?
Like I said earlier, why are the gas prices, why are they high today?
There's no explanation.
Why are people still thinking there's a coin shortage?
No explanation.
They can't even give one with a straight face.
I was at a Walmart and I was checking out and, you know, the doofy cashier, you know, they're not all doofy, but this one was.
And I said, why do I have to use a card?
And they said, coin shortage.
I said, well, why?
Because COVID.
Well, why because COVID?
I mean, the sniffles?
I mean, why do we have a coin shortage?
They couldn't answer it.
They got really flustered and walked away because they repeat media soundbites.
People repeat media soundbites because they sound good, but they don't make sense.
They just sound good, right?
Food shortages.
No explanation.
Is it natural or created?
How do you go from what we were at two years ago to what we see coming right now?
To the farmers warning us that in about a year or less, six months, we're not going to have much.
That had to be done.
You can't just have that happen.
There was nothing on the planet Earth that would have made that happen.
So, if you look at the anti-war movement, the hippies, right?
Were the hippies a creation?
Were the hippies an extreme version?
It reminds me today of the January 6th, right?
Because what are they doing?
They're demonizing.
They're demonizing patriots to make them look like they're violent thugs or crazy.
Why is that?
Did they do that with the hippies too?
Did they take a section of hippies and claim them to be the Charles Manson type?
You know, the violent, thug, dirty, I mean, they went hippie but they went to the extreme.
Very interesting.
I've done a lot of work on the 60s lately and a lot of things came out of the 60s I think we're not aware of.
West Nile.
I got another notice in my town about West Nile.
So I started doing some homework because the article was full of fear.
You're going to have West Nile.
You're going to have West Nile.
It's coming.
We just identified it.
Did you know they played that exact headline?
For about the last 15 years, every August, every single August, we've had the same headline.
It's amazing they can get away with it, isn't it?
Why are utility rates soaring?
No explanation.
Think about it.
Why are they soaring?
What's going on?
There's no reason.
When they want to add government housing, there's no scarcity of anything, right?
When they want to do what they want to do, there's no scarcities.
You guys remember in 2020, we had all the signage in shortages.
We had a shortage of toilet paper, but we had all the signage in the world ready to go for social distancing.
And for COVID awareness.
How was, how did they do that?
With all those so-called shortages?
How'd they have all the masks ready to go?
How were they able to manufacture vaccines with shortages that were affecting you and I?
No explanation.
You'll never get one.
Biden's approval rating.
Do you really believe it's in the thirties?
No explanation.
They got to keep it somewhat high.
They have to.
The war in Ukraine.
What's it for?
Is it still going on?
There's an awful lot of opportunities for stars like Sean Penn to go over.
There's a lot of opportunities for them to take a, you know, Vogue photo shoot.
Sounds like they're really, really in the middle of a war, right?
And so, you know, we've got a lot of money laundering going on over there, I think.
Kind of interesting.
Maybe we move locations.
Because it's obviously going to go back to Russia, right?
But you have to keep a war in the headlines.
Because there has to be some sort of reason.
They can't just stand there and say nothing.
So what do they say, Russia?
China threatening to shoot down Pelosi.
All I kept saying was, well, do what you gotta do.
Um, you know, go ahead, China.
I mean, whatever.
Um, why would you send somebody that's completely hated in our country and then threaten to shoot the plane down?
Nobody would care.
It'd be ridiculous.
Everybody hates eyebrows to heaven.
She's, she's bizarre.
I think even her own can't stand her.
She's like a little Chihuahua.
She never stops ankle biting.
So China's in our pocket.
We're besties having a fake fight.
Our government is subservient to China.
Just ask Joe and Hunter.
Just ask Kissinger, who started puckering up in 1971 and on to make sure that we were locked up with China and that anybody that entered office had to be okayed by Kissinger because, you know, you gotta be subservient to China.
How is it that Kissinger never had a stroke or a heart attack or gets fake COVID or, hmm, Presidents had it, like, multiple times.
King fraud a lot?
Interesting that Kissinger never gets a thing.
So, no explanation as to why Russia's always the bad guy.
No explanation at all.
From those that think that Trump got in from Russia.
Those that believed that Trump got into office because of Russia for four straight years, right?
Well, then why didn't Russia help him for a second term?
It makes no sense.
I remember on the air saying, wait, wait a second.
What would be the advantage?
What's the advantage?
You got to show, you got to show the motive and then you have to show the result.
It was never a result.
Did they ever talk about that?
Of course not.
That's yesterday's news.
Don't be bothered by that.
Right, Pence?
Pence came out and said, don't look backward.
Just look forward at the elections.
Work harder.
Hence the sellout.
Always the sellout.
And why did the FBI raid Trump but let Hillary go for the same charge?
Mishandling paperwork.
Because it's politically charged.
And they're owned.
And all they're doing is really showing their hand at how corrupt they truly are.
My grandmother always used to say, when somebody shows you who they are, believe them.
So believe them.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host on The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
So glad you're listening.
So glad you're tuned in right now.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from The Kate Dally Show.
So happy to be with you.
I have so many questions.
These are things I'm always thinking about, always wondering about.
Curiosity should be the one quality that we all endeavor to have more of.
Because what have the last, say, I don't know, 50, 50 years, I'm going to get, I'm going to say 50, 60 years been about.
It's been about squashing curiosity.
This is why the news started telling you how to think about the news, giving you your opinion in the news rather than
just telling you the facts.
They had to because they had to, they had to do it for you.
And we liked it.
That's the worst part.
We actually really liked it.
I like it when someone does my thinking for me.
So why did we need a UN?
I mean, at the close of World War II, why did we need that?
If we were done and victory had been had, I have a lot to say about World War II, but not in this show today.
But why?
Why is that?
Why is that?
Why did we need it?
It's funny how we get all this superfluous stuff that we don't actually need.
Why do we keep saying the word pandemic if the only people that die are at the hand of the ICU in the ICU and given experimental drugs?
Why aren't they ever to blame?
So why do we keep saying the word pandemic?
Pandemic is when people fall dead around you.
It isn't when people die in the ICU.
No explanation.
Why are companies still eligible for PPP loans because of COVID?
It's been two and a half years.
I don't know how much longer they can milk it, but they certainly are.
What happens when you sign on these PPP loans though?
Have you read the fine print I have?
The fine print means that the government now has a stake or a claim in your business.
They actually can control what you do.
And I think you should read the fine print if you're thinking about signing on for a loan for that.
Why would we need to double the size of the IRS?
Like I mentioned before, if you thought of the biggest stadium for a football game ever, then that still would not represent probably the 87,000 agents, right?
So if the wealthy, they say they're going after the wealthy and to improve customer service.
Do you need 87,000 agents for that?
This was the reason they gave.
Improve customer service, of course, and of course, You know, going after the wealthy, wink wink.
But the wealthier, less than 5%.
Why would you need 87,000 new agents?
If you're really concerned about going after the wealthy, you ought to think about that.
The wealthy supply the jobs.
But that's the kind of idiocy you get, right?
When they want to go after us, but they can't tell us, they can't give us a reason, so now that's why.
That's just, you know, to improve customer relations.
I think the IRS is going to look a lot more like the FBI raid on Trump's home.
So why is there never a media report that says that we need to abolish the CIA?
Why has the media never said this in the existence of mankind?
Our media has never said, hey, why do we have a CIA and why don't we abolish them?
Or hey, I think the FBI is too much power.
Now you know who their baby daddy is.
It's because they're the ones that pay them.
That's why money filters down.
Isn't that interesting?
You've never heard that.
Those agencies don't have any oversight, really.
And even when they do, what do we get?
The joke kangaroo court trial.
And they sit there and they say, yeah, they lied.
Doesn't even matter.
Nothing happens to them.
All right.
Why hasn't anyone ever done an in-depth report on exactly where the money goes when they do their ever famous omnibus bill?
The omnibus bills are large, large bills.
They cram everything together and that's why they call them the pork filled bills because everything in their dog is in that bill.
And that's how they get it to sell through.
Why hasn't anyone really ever said, okay, this is exactly down to the penny where this amount went and this amount went and this amount.
You've never seen it.
And they have a black budget they can't discuss anyway, right?
Why do they have a black budget?
Doesn't that just scream corruption?
And so you have $700 billion.
$700 billion.
Do you know several years ago, everybody was screaming because there was a bill that was $400 billion.
Isn't it amazing how the numbers have doubled, tripled, quadrupled in the size and the amount of money that they're basically printing?
Isn't it amazing that no one ever talks about it?
I remember the amount was the big headline.
The amount.
Not anymore.
The amounts are never the headlines anymore.
It's just a given.
You're supposed to just accept it.
Why hasn't any member of Congress ever gone after the omnibus bill itself and said no more omnibus bills so they could be accountable for everything they spent?
Because when they want to sail through an omnibus bill, they just tell us it's for the military.
And what are most Americans going to say?
Oh, well, the military.
Yeah, we need that.
Of course.
That's how they get it to go.
All right.
Okay, so when everyone was in, well, lockdown, I could talk about lockdown, but you know, it is interesting that when you go back to the vaccine, it was already in production before they named COVID.
How do you have a cure before you actually have the thing that you're trying to cure?
How does that work in backwards world?
I guess that makes sense in backwards world.
Uh, they admitted that the vaccine went into production in February.
They didn't even really name COVID-19.
It was still the mystery disease.
It was coronavirus.
But they already wanted a vaccine.
Why a vaccine is the answer.
Why not let it play out a little bit and just see what's going on.
You know, see if it's the sniffles, which it's really flu, cold and pneumonia, but you know, you're not allowed to say that.
It's fake.
It's a name.
So why is that?
Why did they do that?
And they didn't even care that they put it out there in the press.
They didn't even care.
They wanted you to know that they had already started manufacturing a vaccine, because in order to get all of those vaccines, they had to get it going.
And so, of course, they already started that.
And the patents for those vaccines were done, what, before 2017?
By Moderna?
That's a little creepy.
And when they said that they found the experimental drugs, right?
That would cure it in the hospital.
We only had 15 deaths attributed to COVID at the time.
How did they have enough test subjects to even study anything?
To even put anything in trials?
The answer is they didn't.
They didn't do anything.
He came out.
He said remdesivir is going to be the thing.
No one questioned it.
He even said he didn't know if it would work just to give himself, you know, plausible deniability.
Didn't matter.
Why do we need a huge vaccination program in the United States when we have amazing sanitation?
It doesn't really make sense, does it?
Why does a free nation have a federal public health department?
Isn't that what occurs in socialism?
Of course!
Why do we have a public health department?
The states, the states can clearly, the counties can clearly help themselves.
Why do you need a top-down central agency to do it?
There's never been an answer for that, ever.
Why are they showing us that Biden is such a joke and can't read from a teleprompter?
They obviously want us to see it every single day.
They want that to be the news.
They want to keep us divided.
They want us to be thinking the president is just incompetent.
It's not incompetent.
It's a coup.
It's fraud.
It's not just incompetence.
But they want you to just keep saying, oh, that moron, which he is, but that's truly what they want you to concentrate on.
It softens it a little.
It's like, oh, he's just a moron.
No, he's not just a moron.
It's a coup.
That's much different.
That's treason.
And who did that?
Courtesy of all of our intelligence agencies and the powers that be that run this country.
You know, when we got the stimulus money too, you know, they gave us little sections of stimulus to keep us happy and complacent.
Bread and circuses.
Isn't that just Fascinating that they can get away with doing that.
Give you a little, you know, here's not quite your mortgage, but here's some help.
And then turn around and take trillions, trillions.
And that's why I go back to, why isn't anyone talking about the amounts of money?
It doesn't make any sense, right?
There are so many questions.
There are so many things that cannot be answered at all.
And I think one of the things that we need to do as a populace Is start really trying to figure out why are they pushing cannibalism?
Why are they making it seem like it's super fun and inviting?
Have you ever thought that in a million years?
Of course not.
Why are they pushing it?
What are they doing?
Why did they never end the TSA?
Why are they doing still the three ounces of liquid that wasn't even utilized in 9-11?
Why are they doing it?
I had to go for my feel up pat down the other day and when I was flying and I just stood there and thought, I can't believe this is our country.
I seriously can't believe it.
But if we don't start really questioning everything as an entire nation, it won't stop.
And we are the only answer because it's not going to happen in Washington.
They're too bought off.
Intelligence agencies are bought off.
Everybody's bought off.
So we're going to have to work.
Together and be the very thing they fear, which is the masses.
They really fear numbers of people.
I can't stress that enough.
And they keep showing you they fear it because they're sending these very loud messages to us.
Don't talk about conspiracies, right?
Because they're not conspiracies.
They didn't happen.
Of course they did.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host for Alex Jones.
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But I could give out.
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It's impossible.
I don't know how to sell out.
I don't know how to lie.
I don't know how to give in or back down.
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I don't stop.
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We'll be right back.
You're welcome.