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Name: 20220808_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 8, 2022
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A SWAT team raid was conducted at former president Donald Trump's residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. This is believed to be as a result of an investigation into claims that he had taken classified documents from the National Archives when he left office, which he denies. Many have interpreted this as a desperate move by the deep state and Democratic party to discredit and disqualify Trump from running in future elections. Roger Stone, a political strategist, believes the raid was meant to intimidate and disqualify him from running again. The investigation is ongoing with speculation rife over what charges may be brought against Trump and how it will affect his political future.

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It's Monday, August 8th, the year is 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And they passed their Build Back Better bill under a new name!
And they cheered and celebrated.
Here's the footage.
On this vote, the yeas are 50, the nays are 50.
the Senate being equally divided, the Vice President votes in the affirmative,
and the bill as amended is passed.
The continued strangling of America under the great reset, Build Back Better, is ongoing.
The legislation massively raises taxes on poor people and the middle class and gets rid of taxes on billionaires.
That's all confirmed.
We'll be going over it.
The legislation hires 87,000 new bureaucrats at the IRS.
That's more bureaucrats than the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and the Border Patrol have combined.
And they admit it's for mainly blue-collar people like Uber drivers and pizza delivery people.
Absolutely incredible as they wage war on the little guy.
That's what the Democratic Party is now, is cancer.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, I don't know what will happen now.
We've got some difficult days ahead, but I'm not concerned about that now.
I just want to do God's will.
And he's allowed me to go up to the mountains.
And I've looked over.
And I've seen the promised land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.
We gotta come together.
Whether you believe in that or not, you've got to decide whether you have dominion over yourself.
I believe that the majority of the plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what their training, will make in trying to govern them.
And you've got to decide whether it's God that's going to have dominion over you, that you get orders from, or whether some other human that's jacked into the evil force is going to have dominion over you.
What we're talking about now is like a second industrial revolution, but the product this time will not be textiles or machines or vehicles or even weapons.
The product this time will be humans themselves.
Do we want to have a human plan or a post-human plan?
Noval Harari and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say humans are obsolete, we're scum, because they know we are their competition.
They know that if we go for what we want and what God wants to have, they can't compete with that transmission.
They can't compete with that blueprint.
They can't compete with that architecture.
They can't compete with that Master plan.
But I just see it now.
It'll be so clear soon.
Are you pro-human or are you anti-human?
You are the human resistance to this alien takeover.
And again, when I say alien takeover, I don't mean some little tinfoil flying saucer crashing in Roswell from Alpha Centauri.
I'm talking about the transmission in the universe of God's order and God's will, or do you choose to serve the agents of death?
And like Martin Luther King said, we're not going to judge them off what color they are.
We're going to judge them off of the character of their actions and deeds.
So I'm going to say it right now, real clear.
I love everybody, no matter what color your beautiful skin is.
But I care about your heart and your guts and your mind.
And you're under attack by these Satanists.
And they want to kill you!
And they want to kill your children!
And I say we set our differences aside.
And I say we come together and we beat these people and we smash their technocracy and we build the future together and we can do anything with our real diversity.
These enemies tell us all day about diversity.
They mean divided and conquered groups of people separate from each other.
This bill is supported.
by all of the Democrats, House and Senate.
It's just a filibuster in a way.
So in a way, if you really truly want to honor Dr. King, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom
as an excuse for protecting our democracy.
But I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, and you ain't black.
I want unity under a code of freedom and liberty and justice and coming together
and working together and being strong.
And that's what InfoWars is.
And that's why the enemies of humanity hate us so much because we love God and God loves humanity.
And I am a human supremacist.
I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
That term will be the future war with the robots and the AI.
What you're hearing now is the entire future and everything they tried to stop us from doing.
Our supremacy will not end with this planet.
We will keep We will go interdimensional.
We will unlock the secrets of the universe.
God has laid them out like Christmas presents for his children.
And I am extremely honored to be in the fulcrum and the heart of the fight to bring our race, the human race, in a race for the future.
And we will break the enemy.
We will break the pedophiles.
We will break the Satanists.
Because God already sent his own self down here to show us he could do it.
God would never ask us to go through an obstacle course he wouldn't go through.
And now we're going to go through what Christ did.
And we're gonna go through it and we're gonna be destroyed but reborn!
[Intro Music]
Tomorrow's news today.
It's Monday, August 8th, the year 2022.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
And they passed their Build Back Better bill under a new name.
And they cheered and celebrated.
Here's the footage.
On this vote, The yeas are 50, the nays are 50, the Senate being equally divided, the Vice President votes in the affirmative, and the bill, as amended, is passed.
The continued strangling of America under the Great Reset Build Back Better is ongoing.
The legislation massively raises taxes on poor people and middle class and gets rid of taxes on billionaires.
That's all confirmed.
We'll be going over it.
The legislation hires 87,000 new bureaucrats at the IRS.
That's more bureaucrats than the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and the Border Patrol have combined.
And they admit it's for mainly blue-collar people like Uber drivers and pizza delivery people.
Absolutely incredible as they wage war on the little guy.
That's what the Democratic Party is now, is cancer.
Republicans actually tried to raise taxes on the hedge fund billionaires, make them actually pay more capital gains, but that got shot down.
We live in upside-down world, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely insane.
I woke up this morning, And my phone was ringing.
And a few family called me and they said, have you seen what's all over the news?
I said, no.
They said, well, one of the biggest newspapers in Italy, owned by this big billionaire that owns major sports teams, said child porn was found on your phone that was leaked to the opposition lawyers in the Sandy Hook kangaroo court.
A, they didn't get my phone.
They got a little segment of text.
B, there's no child porn on there, but you've got to ask yourself, in what world have these people gotten so reckless?
And then all these leftist pundits, who have jobs at media companies, are all over Twitter.
It was trending today, Alex Jones' phone again, but child porn!
There's no end to these people.
They supposedly had my phone, and it was one text message from Paul Joseph Watson saying, this COVID story looks like BS, like Sandy Hook.
That's their big haul.
I've reviewed all the text messages.
I shared a picture of my wife in a bikini.
That's the raciest thing that is in my phone.
Or you're sitting there talking to your buddies, they send you a picture of their wife, you send them a picture of yours.
Proud of our wives.
That is as racy as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.
A nice leopard print, by the way.
Maybe I should put the picture on air.
But the point is, is that... No, there's a 40-year-old woman in a bikini, that's as racy as it gets.
That's my wife.
Forty-year-old woman I'm married to.
And that turns into child porn.
That is the upside-down world of these people.
And listen, I'm not a litigious person.
But I am going to have to sue these people.
But they think it's just open season.
Open season.
And what does that tell you about the establishment?
They and their minions are completely And totally out of control and are making their move on our civilization.
What are we going to do about it?
But I'm not going to sit here today and talk about myself a bunch.
Even though this case, they now admit, is for everybody and is meant to take down the populist movement, not just here but worldwide.
And understanding why they hate me is important to understand how to beat them.
So I'll talk some about that in the third hour today.
We have a special guest joining us who's also been persecuted for their speech, Laura Loomer.
But in the meantime, I intend to open the phones up and I intend to cover the economic news, the incredible military news, the absolutely insane collapsing borders news, this economic warfare legislation they passed with this army of IRS agents, bureaucrats, what's happened with inflation, What, future show prices are going to be even higher?
It's just an incredible time to be alive.
Also, Hollywood is showing the fastest collapse in its history of collapsing.
They're now in free fall, going straight down, as major entertainment companies across the board start dumping woke content as viewership tumbles.
And that's the good news.
The leftist, neoliberal, globalist, godless, satanic corporate establishment is hated and reviled and being rejected and gained its power in the last 50 years by devaluing major western currencies which they controlled to buy up all the infrastructure for themselves and now they want to leave us holding the bag of inflation and economic collapse and taxes.
And the public's not going to put up with it.
So they can try to single me out as an image of populism that they hate.
And they can think that just trying to destroy us and attacking us and lying about us is going to be a message to everybody else that if you get out of line, we're going to destroy you next.
Well, they're coming for you anyways.
They're already hitting you with poison shots and releasing bioweapons out of labs.
They're already trying to brainwash and destroy your children's innocence.
The only way you lose is by submitting to these people and by being intimidated by these people.
The head of the most prestigious medical journal hands down in the world, actually findings people have a soul out there.
We've had the heads of a bunch of medical journals come out.
The New England Medical Journal eight months ago came out and said, Yeah, there's massive increases in miscarriages for those that take these shots.
Well, what's the new studies?
He's looking at a group of studies.
The head of the Lancet COVID-19 investigation says he is convinced it came out of a lab.
Well, the Indians own a CRISPR machine.
There's only like 20 of them in the world.
Last time I checked, they cost $3 billion.
And they scan the damn thing, and it's got five viruses wedged into it.
Just like in the old movies, Frankenstein's got stitches where they sew different body parts on.
Well, it's the same way.
When they inject these viruses and mix them together, and clone them, it leaves the fingerprints of exactly how it was done.
In fact, they can even tell what companies did it.
They can zoom in with microscopes now, and they can see atoms.
So, a virus compared to a molecule or a group of atoms, the average virus, is like the size of the earth compared to a football.
An atom being a football, the earth being the earth.
So they can zoom right in on all the little details of where the virus came from, who made this virus, where this virus was manipulated, how it was cloned, how it was spliced.
They look at this thing and it's like that old song by Johnny Cash, and I forget the name.
I got it one piece at a time and it didn't cost me a dime.
You'll know me when I come rolling through your town.
It's all about how you work for a big automaker for 20, 30 years and each year stole a different piece.
By the end it was this big giant jalopy, 30 different years and car parts.
It's a 49, 59, 69 automobile.
All the pieces.
So it's all, the house of cards is coming down.
We live in a super dangerous time.
A lot of big news coming up.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back.
That's how my weird brain works.
I was thinking about this virus they mixed all together and created that anybody can look at who's a scientist who studies this and tell you it's totally man-made.
Now they censored us 30 plus months ago in January and February of 2020 when I had The man that wrote the U.S.
biological weapons law and wrote the U.N.
biological weapons law, Dr. Francis Boyle.
And he was already talking to scientists then that told him it was man-made, but then a month later it came out it was.
They got it one piece at a time.
And they charged the taxpayers to build it.
And it was all Obama and the globalists in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that were already making this thing in 2015.
There was a huge scandal.
The scientists there said, this is wrong.
Shut this down.
It's a gain of function.
There were mainstream news articles and major scientific publications.
So they moved the damn laboratories to Wuhan, China and to, how do you pronounce it, Krakow, Ukraine.
We're putting articles on screen for TV viewers.
And now they got the head of the Langen's investigation saying it came from a lab, they can look at it under a super microscope and under their CRISPR analyzing system that tells them exactly what it is.
A Frankenstein virus.
Their term is Chimera.
I got hundreds of articles here.
But I'm here to tell you the big news is those Senate hearings they had last week where more of this came out.
This could kill Billions of people.
This could destroy civilization.
This, what they released, is just a highly communicable, really bad cold.
They've got things far worse.
And of course, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci were all up to their eyeballs, quarterbacking the whole thing.
But they're the good guys, the corporate media tells us.
They're the angels.
I'm the bad guy for questioning WMDs in Iraq and Jesse Smollett and These white supremacist groups running around the country where it's now been confirmed almost all of them are leftist groups dressed up like Nazis.
Hell, even the group that went to TPUSA and tried to infiltrate their organization turned out to be Antifa.
Dressed up like Nazis.
But it didn't stop Whoopi Goldberg and The View from saying Turning Point USA are a bunch of Nazis.
We just questioned some of these events and we're bad, we're the worst ever, and we're horrible people.
I question Uvalde.
Hell, the head of the state police says there's a cover-up.
The mayor says there's a cover-up.
In fact, it's sitting right out there when you walk out the door on that pile of articles from last Friday.
Right on the top is, Uvalde Mayor fears there's a cover-up.
Is he going to get sued?
When you have a system that lies continually and stages events and provocateurs events, we have a right and a duty to question it.
And we were right about gain of function.
We were right about where the virus was made.
We were right about this.
We're not the ones endangering world peace and the world population.
We're not the ones.
It's right when you walk out the door.
Right to the left is a stack of articles from Friday.
I saw it this morning.
I forgot to bring it in here.
It's right there on the top.
But just think about that.
They demonize us as if we're the bad guys because they see us as the populist.
They see us as you.
Yeah, there it is.
It links to all the local newspapers.
Yuvaldi Mayor says he fears cover-up of deadly shooting at Yuvaldi School.
Well, I guess he's going to have to be on trial.
Never said the names of the people that sued me.
Under Texas law, you can't sue somebody if you haven't said their name.
But it was all personal, they said.
But in their closing arguments, I'll play later, they said, we want to silence him and take this platform away, and we want to intimidate other people to never question official narratives.
It's like a joke, the things they say.
It's so authoritarian.
It's so naked.
But that's where they are because they're losing control.
So people ask how I'm doing.
I was on the War Room, not our War Room with Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
I was on that, too.
But I was on Steve Bannon again this morning with Eric Prince, of all people.
That was wild.
And... Twilight Zone episode.
I'll leave it at that.
And... Bannon's like, are you going to continue your fight?
I'm like, absolutely.
Because what are the real numbers?
What are the real facts?
And I did a presentation, and that made me think.
My own family keeps asking what's going on.
My own crew keeps asking what's going on.
So at one o'clock today, I'll go over all of this and spend some time on it and tell you exactly where InfoWars is.
Because I just filed in bankruptcy our statement of assets and money, and it's under penalty of perjury.
So if anything, It's probably too good a projection.
We want to show everything we've actually got.
It's the best truth we can come up with.
There's the finances and stuff.
You never know down to the penny.
But I personally think some of the things I own are overvalued, but they said we're not going to undervalue these.
And it's just insane to be down to almost nothing and to sit there.
I'm going to just say this and get on to other news.
I'll cover it more in the third hour, but I've got a Really great team of people, despite what the media says, and they've just never seen anything like it.
They barred me from testifying on my assets, and had some quack get up there and say, I got $270 million.
So they have the jury go, well, $45 million ain't nothing for him.
And the judge let him do it.
But she did more than that.
Stay with us.
So everybody knows about the spectacle the last few months.
Greg Abbott actually did something good.
He started shipping illegal aliens pouring in by the millions.
Just a few tens of thousands to D.C.
and New York.
And the race-baiting leftist mayor, Eric Adams, how he responded was so cliche of leftist.
They want to flood the country with people that don't have jobs or a future in crime.
But they don't want it in their backyard.
This is a real burden on New Yorkers as we're trying to do the right thing.
We already, as I stated, we already have an overburdened shelter system.
So now we're talking about, as you stated, food, clothing, school.
This is going to impact our schools because we do not turn away individuals because they're undocumented.
Translation services.
There's just a whole host of things that this is going to produce and that's why we need help in getting this done and we need the right coordination to make it happen.
And we can't have the historical, I believe people should be housed but just don't house them on my block.
Everyone blocked.
Everyone's block is going to be impacted by this.
And so we have to add our advocacy with our ability to help our neighbors.
And we need everyone on board with this, you know, because as I stated last week, our schools are going to be impacted.
Our healthcare system is going to be impacted.
Our infrastructure is going to be impacted.
But we're willing to do our job, and we're going to do our job, and we're going to need all New Yorkers to be with us on this.
We've got the D.C.
Mayor saying, stop it right now and call on the National Guard.
He went on to say this is horrific.
New York City Mayor Blast Abbott blames him after another bus of illegal immigrants arrived.
We have those clips as well.
We'll play here in a few minutes.
Think about this.
Biden tells the world come here.
They have the Border Patrol stand down.
Millions are coming across every few months.
It's part of the UN Replacement Migration Plan.
And the Democrats don't like it actually happening to them.
This is how you fight fire with fire.
Here's Greg Abbott.
They wanted to complain about it, about what they're having to grapple with, but I wanted them to come to the border and see for themselves the magnitude of the problem that we're having at the border.
We've sent more than 6,000 people by bus to Washington, D.C.
We have that many people coming across the Del Rio sector every single day.
Every day.
And they need to see firsthand what we're having to deal with.
I think if we could educate more leaders across this country about the chaos caused by the Biden administration that would compel the Biden administration to finally step up and do its job under the Constitution and enforce the immigration laws that have been passed by Congress.
You heard Eric Adams.
He said it's weighing down our schools.
It's weighing down our infrastructure.
Well, what do you think it's like for Texas and Arizona?
What do you think it's like for the average American?
The UN turns off the food, turns off the water, all the people work for two years in the third world.
Their lockdown wasn't six, eight months like here, or a year and a half like in California.
It was over two years long.
I don't blame these poor people.
In fact, they've done polls, international groups have.
Why are you here?
93% in one big poll said, we can't work where we live.
Our farms shut down.
We work on a farm because no one can buy the produce because we're locked down.
They had to slaughter the milk cows all over the world because nobody was pumping the milk.
And you go, why'd you kill the cows?
You got to feed them.
They're destroying hundreds of years of infrastructure that our ancestors and that we built up.
They're just annihilating us.
And then the Democrats tell small businesses they're not essential and individuals they're not essential.
And their new Inflation Reduction Act that every economist says will increase inflation, that I've seen out there, of course it will, increases IRS agents by 87,000 employees.
It's simply incredible.
Let's look at some of the inflation numbers here.
Then we're going to open the phones up and look at the incredible developments they don't want you to know about in Ukraine next segment.
We already played the clip earlier, but let's play it one more time, clip four.
Democrats cheer and clap like seals after they pass a bill to raise taxes on middle class, raise inflation, crush small businesses during Biden's economic recession.
50, the nays are 50.
The Senate being equally divided, the Vice President votes in the affirmative, and the bill, as amended, is passed.
Only it could be more disgusting if she added a little witch cackle.
And it just goes on and on.
Democrats hired 87,000 more IRS employees to harass and attack Americans.
Here's a list of the conservative groups the Obama IRS targeted in 2012.
With Lois Lerner.
Every single Senate Democrat voted against defining pregnancy as a biological female process.
Again, it's a war on logic.
Republicans warn Democrats will pay the price for spending bill.
How about Americans will pay the price?
And even Bernie Sanders came out and said it'll increase inflation, not decrease it.
But the really scary parts are the energy cuts and attacks on U.S.
infrastructure that throws a wet blanket on an already sputtering, collapsing economy.
All right, I want to open the phones up for first-time callers today.
On any issue you want to discuss, any topic we've raised, any topic you want to raise, we don't screen your calls other than tell us your name and where you're calling from if you'd like to, and the topic so I know who I'm going to if I'm ready to respond to your question or comment.
You agree, you disagree, We're not censoring your calls here.
I love to hear opposition and hear what you have to say as well.
So if you've got the brass eggs, the cojones to call in, I'd love to hear from folks that disagree as well, but they're a bunch of cowards.
They usually only do it on their terms and their turf, but they can be deceptive.
We're live.
What you say will be heard by the world.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And we will take your calls at 877-789-2539.
Coming up.
Let me just say this to the viewers and listeners.
You've asked me whether we'll stay on air.
Alex and we will take your calls at 877-789-2539 coming up.
Let me just say this to the viewers and listeners.
You've asked me whether we'll stay on air.
That's really up to you.
The media has been very deceptive with the $45 million judgment and all the things they said and did.
Under Texas law, it's capped at like $5.6 million.
That's the good news.
The bad news is, everything the company has, and that I personally have, as of cash, is about $2 million.
Paying payroll, keeping the lights on, doing all that, $2 million is running on fumes, if not, out of gas.
But, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we had massive orders at InfoWarStore.com.
And because we got some new, bigger, better companies to produce our products, and the stuff's coming in, we can project forward and say, if you continue to support, we're going to have the money.
For our appeals and for our fights for years to come, but right now we need you to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
InfoWars is literally in your hands.
And the enemy hates this broadcast.
They hate our populism.
They hate the fact we're pro-life.
They hate the fact we're pro-gun.
They hate the fact that we wrote the book on lazing the target.
And exposing the globalists and how they operate and who they are.
So they want us off air.
Well, I don't intend to go off air, but I am in your hands.
So thank you for your past support, and I would encourage you to pray about it and decide to take action and buy as much high quality products as you can at InfoWarsTore.com.
We had a lot of donations coming over the weekend.
At InfoWarsTore.com, there's a banner up there saying, on the tip of the spear, thank you for keeping all of us together in the fight.
You are amazing.
So it's now about $100 billion in just the last eight months that's been pumped into Ukraine for this proxy war with Russia.
And the reason the globalists don't like me is I'm not one of them, but I'm able to think like they do and see what they're really up to, just like you can.
I don't have the corner on that market.
But when I see CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, Criticizing Zelensky and in CBS News putting out a documentary about how 80% or 70% depending on the month of the money and weapons get stolen and disappeared in Ukraine.
There it is, CBS censors its own documentary exposing how 70% of US funding of Ukraine is wasted.
I see the establishment hedging its bet Getting ready to abandon their puppet actor, gay porn star, Zelensky.
And I'm not against him that he's a gay porn star.
The point is they have been blackmailed over that.
Just this week, Biden announces another billion.
Every few days it's $300 million, $800 million, $1 billion, $2 billion, $5 billion.
Oh, they want $64 billion?
But most of that's being laundered off and stole.
But it shows how schizophrenic the establishment is, that even CBS News puts out a report admitting 70% gets stolen, and then CBS removes and censors its own story.
Because there's conflicting power structures inside the system.
So the takeaway isn't that Roger Waters, the amazing artist and the head of Pink Floyd, is very smart and what he said is true.
I'll play a clip in a moment on CNN where he destroyed the so-called journalist.
That's not the issue of what Roger Waters says.
He's always saying that.
He's always right.
It's that they're saying it.
That's what the big issue is.
Why are they suddenly saying Zelensky's stealing the money.
Why are they suddenly saying Russia's winning the war?
Why are they... because they're getting their exit strategy ready here, because Russia is winning.
And winning big.
Has Russia gotten a lot of people killed?
Between 20 and 23 million, depending on whose estimate you look at.
The Russians say 23 million died.
The West says 21 million.
20 million Germans died in World War II.
Roger Waters' dad died in World War II.
He wasn't belittling troops that died from the U.S.
and England and Canada and Australia and New Zealand.
When he said, thank God Russia fought most of the war, the U.S.
came into the Western theater in the end of the ninth inning.
But Roger Waters wasn't belittling his father that died in World War II as a soldier.
When he was two years old.
He was just stating a fact.
America lost 600,000 troops.
The Russians lost 23 million.
And the CNN reporter says, hasn't Russia learned its lesson?
As if Russia started World War II.
I mean, the rewriting of history is insane.
So, estimates are From a lot of sources, and I've checked them, they're accurate, there's probably a hundred thousand dead Russians using third-generation warfare against fifth-generational warfare, but just with hardcore manpower and blood, they're winning.
They're up against robots, switchblade drones, the Ukrainians using human shields,
which Amnesty International now confirms that we told you six months ago.
So you think the Russians are going to give up 100,000 dead?
I don't see 100,000 dead Russians and 18 dead generals as a sign of weakness.
I see it as a sign of commitment.
And I'm not rooting for the Russians.
I wish this war wouldn't have happened.
But you've got third generational warfare up against fifth generational warfare, and it's winning, showing the power of humans and the will to battle those robots.
Because that's what they're fighting.
There's 8 billion of us, folks.
We want to smash the robots, we can do it quite quickly.
That's an example Russia just made again.
We're going to cover all of this in a moment, but here's Roger Waters, who completely knocks it all apart.
Well, he's fueling the fire in the Ukraine for a start.
That is a huge crime.
Why won't the United States of America encourage Zelensky, the president, to negotiate, obviating the need for this horrific, horrendous war that's killing we don't know how many Ukrainians.
But you're blaming the party that got invaded.
Come on, you've got it reversed.
Well, you know, any war, when did it start?
What you need to do is look at the history and you can say, well, it started on this day.
You could say it started in 2008.
This war is basically about the action and reaction of NATO pushing right up to the Russian border, which they promised they wouldn't do when Gorbachev negotiated the withdrawal of the USSR.
From the whole of Eastern Europe.
When you say this, then I have to say, what about our role as liberators?
You of all people, you have no role as liberators.
World War II?
World War II, you lost your father!
You got into World War II because it's Pearl Harbor.
You were completely isolationist until that sad, that devastating, awful day in 1941.
I would argue we were always going to get in and that pushed us in.
But thank God the United States got in.
You lost your father in World War II.
Thank God the United States... But thank God the Russians had already won the bloody war almost by then.
Don't forget, 23 million Russians died protecting you and me from the Nazi menace.
And you would think the Russians would have learned their lesson from war and wouldn't have invaded Ukraine.
Well, you, with all your reading, I would suggest you, Eichel, That you go away and read a bit more and then try and figure out what the United States would do if the Chinese were putting nuclear-armed missiles into Mexico and Canada.
The Chinese are too busy encircling Taiwan as we speak.
They're not encircling Taiwan.
Taiwan is part of China.
And that's been absolutely accepted by the whole of the international community since 1948.
And if you don't know that, you're not reading enough.
Go and read about it.
And as much as I don't want the Communist Chinese to take over Taiwan, and it's always been part of China, so... That was the truth.
And the issue is, why is this being allowed out?
China extends Taiwan drills past Sunday.
Deadline says training under real war conditions.
Amnesty sorry not sorry for revealing Ukraine is violating international law using human shields.
CBS News centers its own documentary exposing how 70% of U.S.
funding of Ukraine is wasted.
And it just goes on from there.
UN slams suicidal nuclear plant attacks.
Russia is winning the war in Ukraine.
And it's going to take about a third of the country that's always been part of Russia.
And the fact that they're now starting to turn on Zelensky in the news shows you they're moving on to the next thing.
What's the next thing?
A cyber attack that cuts off the power grid?
A huge giant false flag?
I don't know.
But with 92 days out from the election, you know the globalists are going to pull something big.
So I'll ask the callers who are on hold.
I'll go to you next hour.
You can talk about whatever you want, but humor me.
Tell me what you think they might pull.
Or maybe you don't think they'll pull something.
We'll talk to you about that.
But listeners, Now in this climate, with what's happening in the world, it's more important than ever to keep Info Wars on the air.
I cannot describe to you how amazing you are supporting us while getting great products at the same time over the years.
Don't wait.
Everything we've done has been building towards this point.
We need the funds now.
If we don't get solvent and get enough money to come out of this bankruptcy, they'll appoint a receiver and start selling off the equipment.
But I believe in you.
So if you go to InfowarsTour.com and get a book, a film, a t-shirt, Vitamineral Fusion's back in stock, Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, we're about to sell out of Diet Force.
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But now's the time.
You can wait later and wish you'd taken action.
But if you want to keep InfoWars on the air, now is the time.
InfoWarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
Your phone calls are straight ahead.
First, an important message about the future of MFORS.
People say Alex John's crazy, he's a conspiracy theory guy, he's a nutcase,
he's got these rants and all that.
What they miss is that this guy is ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlying stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or Infowarsstore.com.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Infowars and say,
"I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you ought to fight!"
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
For less than 20 minutes, Alex Jones questioned the official narrative of the Sandy Hook school shooting.
Because for the so-called truther community, that was the big story.
And so he did his job and covered the story.
Just like he's done for the other 1.8 million minutes of his career.
Alex Jones has been questioning the official narrative of the corrupt mainstream media and exposing the authoritarian cabal hiding in the shadows for 28 years.
And over time, this revival of truth has grown into millions worldwide.
Alex Jones expanded his broadcast by selling a line of products focused on healing from the toxic world of a corrupt system, which has allowed InfoWars to remain a free public broadcast.
to combat the dangerous lies of the mainstream media.
In 2018, with zero evidence of their wild claims, a George Soros funded lawsuit was filed
against Alex Jones and InfoWars.
Four months later, Big Tech removes InfoWars from the internet.
We were meant to be destroyed four years ago, but thanks to an awakened audience
that cares about the truth, the InfoWars signal has only grown stronger.
And now they are no longer hiding the fact that they are standing on the graves of dead children
and using their grieving parents as a political weapon to silence all of alternative news media.
I ask that with your verdict, you not only --
Take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away.
I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
That's what matters.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
Alex Jones is patient zero for our society's inability Yes.
He is patient zero for alternative facts.
And according to Judge Gamble, acting like O'Brien straight out of George Orwell's 1984, the judge decides what is true.
You may not say to this jury that you comply with the subordinates.
That is not true.
You may not say it again.
You may not tell this jury that you are bankrupt.
That is also not true.
You're already under oath to tell the truth.
You've already violated that oath twice today in just those two examples.
It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify, yet here I am.
You must tell the truth while you testify.
This is not your show.
Do you understand?
what I have said. Yes, I believe what I said was true. So I guess you believe everything you're
saying is true, but it isn't. Your beliefs do not make something true. That is what we're doing here.
Just because you claim to think something is true does not make it true. There's going to be a large
set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the courts of InfoWars in the bankruptcy estate.
The decision to terminate the InfoWars broadcast is not in the hands of this crooked cabal.
It is and always has been the will of our audience that decide our fate.
The InfoWars audience has mobilized and awakened the world to the threat that is globalism.
And with your continued support, we will keep going.
Join us now and support the InfoWar.
Your phone calls are coming up in 16 seconds.
Get ready folks, a lot of critical news will be covered as well.
They fear the resistance, they fear the populace, they fear you.
And they fear those of us that are focal points in this fight against this modern technotronic tyranny.
All right.
I'm going to take a lot of calls this hour into the next hour.
I got a bunch of news to hit as well.
We haven't broke yet.
I love the callers, but just each person gets 60 seconds.
Don't need to thank me.
Don't need to say anything.
I say your name.
You're on air.
You hit us and you tell us what you want to cover.
I'm going to go in the order the calls are received.
Nick in Oklahoma.
Thanks for calling.
Yes, sir.
First off, it's an honor to speak to you.
We'll make this quick.
You know, as far as Russia is concerned, China experimenting with war games going on outside of Taiwan.
I think when Russia gets done, China and Russia are going to sit back and wait to see what we here in the U.S.
do as far as our leadership is concerned.
And if we don't handle our own problems, I got a feeling they're going to come over here and handle it for us.
That's just me, the way that I see the information coming out.
Sir, it's very interesting you said that, because the next thing I was going to cover is a trend I see in the Washington Post, the Atlantic, and other establishment mouthpieces, where they brag America's over.
What's America's great unwinding would mean for the world, the Atlantic?
Here's another one.
Mirage warns if America falls to Marxist, Western civilization will follow.
I think that's what you're talking about.
If they think America's weak, they're going to make their move.
Yeah, and that's exactly what I think is the potential for all this to happen and come about.
Again, though, I think it's all dependent on how we, the citizens, handle our own leadership.
If we don't take care of this mess that we got ourselves in, somebody else is going to come in here and take care of it for us.
Incredible information.
You're dead on.
The fight for the world is America.
Absolutely, sir.
And again, thank you so much.
And just to let you know, I did go by your book.
And I look forward to many more broadcasts from you guys.
Thank you, sir.
I don't want to quit fighting.
And I can't do it without you.
So I'm literally begging you to keep me in the fight, brother.
God bless you.
Thank you.
I don't fear death, but I fear losing, man.
I hate these people.
I know they hate us.
I just want to beat them, because they're hurting our children.
Sal in Philly, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Alex calling you from behind enemy lines in Philadelphia.
You got your book on the way to my house?
Just took a big dropper of brain force?
Love you, man.
Love you, brother.
What's your view on this?
What's your view on the situation?
I feel like China already took over and we're sort of going through the takeover right now.
We're at the crossroads, but it feels like they're already here to me.
Yeah, they stole the election.
They broke the borders.
They're destroying the dollar.
They're getting away with everything.
It just feels like nothing's happened.
Everyone's talking about stuff and nothing's happening.
We're just patiently waiting.
That's right.
We're under economic warfare.
This new bill is designed to destroy small business.
86,000 new IRS agents.
It's incredible.
I can't wait to read your book Alex.
I hope you kick their butts in the legal battles and you keep fighting.
Let me tell you, it's like George Washington.
I'm not going to compare myself to George Washington, but I want to follow George Washington's example.
He lost 90% of the battles in the last year, but the perseverance wore out the enemy.
You understand that?
It's perseverance, brother.
Alex, you are.
You're going to win the most important battle of the century.
Not without you, brother.
Believe me.
You got me, Alex.
We got your back.
DuHast, my friend.
DuHast, man.
Love seeing you on Bandit.
I'm loving that.
Yes, sir.
Which means you got me.
Thank you so much, Sal.
You got me too, Sal.
Alright, let's talk to another caller here.
Let's talk to Ryan in Illinois.
You're on the air, Ryan.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Man, I am watching the New World Order take over, brother.
It's crazy.
Alright, yeah.
First things first, I just wanted to say thank you for the X2 and iodine.
It really changed my life.
I bought it to remove heavy metals from my brain and everything, and it gave me a second shot at life here with my stomach.
Well, we cannot overhype what Real Deep Earth Crystal Iodine does.
It's purely atomic.
They hit us with all the bad halogens.
What happened when you took X2?
Spend some time on this, because this is one of the places we can really take control of our lives.
Yeah, just, you know, the clarity of thought and all that comes along with it.
I haven't had it for a little bit right now, so I might stumble on a word, but when I was on it, I definitely didn't stumble on words or anything.
But I had a stomach condition, like probably leaky bowel syndrome or like bleeding ulcers, something horrible that I dealt with for a long time.
And after taking the iodine, you know, my stomach quit hurting.
I look it up and I find articles online and stuff about being number one care for chronic stomach conditions.
And, you know, the iodine, or the iodine, the doctors, that puzzle when you ask them about it.
Iodine is the number one deficiency.
And the other iodine products, I don't know why other people didn't go get it from deep earth drilling like we do.
If it's bound to something else, you don't absorb it.
Most people don't.
But if it's pure atomic, you do absorb it.
That's why it's so special.
Yes, sir.
It's my favorite.
I get a boost of energy, like, right when I take it.
I feel like just an energy pulse in my body.
Like, as soon as I take it in the morning, I'm not tired anymore.
Not groggy.
It just goes away.
Ryan, let's talk about the petrodollar and attack on gas.
Yes, sir.
Now, that's what I've been told.
I'm, like, good at bringing things down to the easiest common denominator.
And, you know, we have a petrodollar system.
And people are, you know, we got all these idiots running around here saying it's time to end fossil fuels.
I just can't understand how this isn't like an attempt to defraud the United States.
We're obviously getting rid of American hegemony.
Yeah, this is just ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense.
You know, I've been trying to find the truth for a while, then you find the truth and it's crazier than fiction,
It is, Ryan. God bless you.
Marcos in Texas, you're on the air.
You have...
You have me.
You got me. I'm pissed off. I'm so mad.
I want to say right now that just like the last caller said, they're here.
They're not coming.
They're here.
And China and Taiwan, I believe, like y'all's video put out, Is a distraction from the fact that they're actually building up for a land invasion of the United States.
Now you can debate that all day, but y'all's video... China is buying farms all across the U.S.
near two strategic bomber bases.
The Chinese government should not be allowed to buy farms next door to military bases.
They're coming, they're here, and they're taking our guns at the very same time.
This is literally piss.
So that's all I got to say.
We got to get freaking, we got to get freaking, we got to do something.
No, I agree, Marcus.
That's why the left's so arrogant.
They've been told this is their time.
This is their takedown.
That's why they're, they think they're going to win.
They're not going to win though, brother.
God bless you.
Let's jam in another call.
Let's talk to Carla in Florida.
Carla, welcome.
Alex, I love you.
You're a hero.
Single-handedly, you've enlightened all of us.
So, my question is, if I have this concern, probably a lot of other people are worried about it.
I want to support you in every way that I can, and I mean every way, especially for your legal fees.
But, I want to go online and buy your products, but I'm a little bit afraid of the security online, not necessarily right now, but even in the future.
Maybe that's stupid of me, but I'm a little bit worried about it.
Can you quell my fears about that?
Well, I got to tell you, the global social credit score is coming in.
They already know who's a patriot and who isn't.
We got to stop it and say no to them now, not try to hide from it and then hope they pass us over.
We got to be all in now and not be intimidated and build our own economy, which is starting to happen.
They're coming out with processors that are patriot owned, banks that are patriot owned, gun groups that are patriot owned.
We have to build our own economy.
That's the answer.
All right.
I am a little bit chicken, but I'm going to do it.
The last fellow that said they're already here and you're agreeing with him.
So we gotta do something.
So why can't we figure out... There's gotta be X old army people that can get together and collaborate and figure out what we can do.
But is there no way to do that?
Is it silly?
You know, I knew some of those people 10 years ago and they all got killed.
Just from eating and even talking about that kind of stuff.
They all got killed.
Listen, I want to explain something to you.
Everybody thinks the military is like magic.
The military follows orders.
The top brass are globalists.
It's how what we do as consumers, how we speak out, what we say.
There isn't one little magic thing we do that fixes this.
It's everything we do together and supporting outlets like InfoWars that are the most important.
You see thousands of articles a day trying to shut us down.
Why is that?
They're scared of a vocal voice that's mobilizing people.
We need speech.
Thank you, Carla.
Pete, Greg, JC, Lone Wolf, Jeff, Chris, Dave, Curtis, Mark, Lisa.
The enemies of freedom are working around the clock to shut down this broadcast.
Ask yourselves why.
Because we have the plans.
We know how to defeat them.
Tomorrow's news.
I love what folks are doing.
One of the things you've been talking about on your show is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children.
Well, you mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the clones?
Your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
What do you mean?
me like what Jeffrey Epstein did with Clinton's? Why would that be on their agenda?
Try to belittle investigations of that.
Very informative.
Alex Jones here back live.
Let's talk to Pete in Washington.
Pete, you're on the air.
Alex, you smoked that guy like a cheap cigar with that reply about Epstein.
That was epic.
You have the courage of your convictions and you draw people to you who have the courage of their convictions.
Robert Barnes at 31 minutes and 23 seconds on YouTube provides the best explication of what happened to you in this trial I've ever seen.
What video is that?
It's episode 123 of Viva Barnes Live.
At 31 minutes and 23 seconds, it is an absolute Benjamin Franklin-like tour de force in defense and in description of what happened to you.
Okay, so that's Viva Barnes, episode 1, 2, 3, 31 minutes in.
At 31 minutes and 23 seconds, and what you've demonstrated is people are not motivated by Those that harm others, they are motivated by people who want to help others.
Christ died for us.
You demonstrate that you are willing to sacrifice for us.
When you are on trial and you're being abused, it's like the Roman Colosseum, seeing Christians murdered mercilessly for nothing but their faith and their true belief in what they stand for.
You do that and you are an example before God and before America and before the world.
I mean, I'm just trying to not bow to these people.
I know they're bad.
I know they've received every level.
And I just know they want to get through me to get to everybody else, and I just can't lay down.
And that's why I'm so thankful to the listeners, brother, because you are the reason we're still on air.
You understand?
If it wasn't for you, Pete, we'd be off air.
Brother, you are the wind beneath my wings, and Robert Barnes's, and Steve Bannon's, and Donald Trump's and DeSantis's.
You are the tip of the spear, as you say.
You have the courage of your convictions and that spreads like the fire of the faith of Jesus Christ and his apostles.
And I say, God bless you.
God bless you.
I appreciate your kind words.
Thank you so much, Pete.
Let's go ahead and go to the next caller.
Let's go to JC in Miami.
JC, you're on the air.
Alex, it's an honor to speak to you.
You're one of the most powerful voices in today's day and it's amazing being able to talk to you.
I want to plug X2.
X2 has changed my life.
Down and Out, Vitamin D3, the D3 gummies I give to my children.
People need to support you because you're fighting the good fight and you're standing up for all of us.
I wanted to speak about the IRS and They're expecting.
A few years back, I heard and seen some videos regarding the IRS actually printing money using people's social security numbers as trust funds.
I don't know if you know anything about it, but I just find everything weird that is going on right now.
It's uncertain times that we're living, Alex.
I need to see what else I can do.
In my community, to try to wake people up.
I... Well, brother, just take care of your children, take care of yourself, and warn everybody, this is a global government takeover.
America's being taken down by multinational corporations allied with China, and just keep doing what you're doing, brother.
I appreciate it, Alex.
Thank you so much for what you're doing.
No, no, I appreciate you, but spend a few minutes, because people need... Sorry, go ahead.
I pray for you, and I pray for the InfoWars crew.
You guys are amazing, and I've been listening to you guys since 2016.
Well, thank you so much.
We love you, JC.
Let me just say this.
It's not Alex Jones.
It's not JC.
And it's not Steve Bannon.
And it's not Roger Stone.
And it's not Ron DeSantis.
It's all of us.
You go to a Trump rally, man, it is the most diverse crowd ever, unless you're in the middle of, you know, Oklahoma or like Pennsylvania, where it's all white people.
But you go to like, Areas where it's a mixed group of people, it's totally everybody, we're hugging, we're kissing, we love each other, we love our children.
And it gives me chills to think about how much love we've got and what we're going to do together.
These people lying, saying we're white supremacists.
These people lying, saying we're pedophiles when they're the pedophiles.
These people attacking us, but that's who they are.
We can't even get mad at our enemies anymore.
Because they're fallen, and they're twisted, and they're diseased, and they're controlled.
When I was surrounded by those corrupt lawyers, and the corrupt media, and that corrupt judge, I felt sorry for them.
I still didn't like them.
I didn't like being around them, but it made me feel weak.
That we hadn't done enough to try to wake them up.
That they were so pathetic.
Lone Wolf in New York.
Lone Wolf, thanks for holding.
Yo, I just want to say real quick, I think viruses are black magic.
A lie for the witch doctors and wacko scientists to use to control society with their BS problem solution.
There are no viruses.
One has never been isolated.
It is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on society.
Getting sick is your body detoxifying itself from toxins such as poison shots, poison food, poison air, water, etc.
Well, there's no doubt there's psychosomatic where people think they're sick so they get sick.
One person throws up, everybody does.
And there's no doubt that they've directly connected to whales and things.
When they've been poisoned by an oil slick, the scientists go, oh, a virus killed them.
When their body gets weak, it allows the virus to replicate.
So I think it's a little of both there.
But I do agree with you that they admit in major studies almost everybody getting sick and dying of COVID took the shot.
So it's the poison of the shot that's killing them, not supposedly the virus.
Yeah, real quick, we're giving them plausible deniability.
We have to stop.
The way to free our world, if we expose that viruses are a hoax and it's just your body detoxifying itself... Well, there's no doubt the body kicks off things that look just like viruses and our viruses when it's detoxifying.
That's correct.
But if we keep this virus hoax going and we don't expose it, we're in big trouble.
Because already they hopped to this monkeypox thing.
How the hell could everyone come up with this conclusion that it's coming from gay sex?
When, of course, everything's coming from these poison shots that have been introduced.
Well, exactly.
How obvious is it that no one's died in the U.S.
of monkeypox, and they tell you it's the new deadly thing, we gotta be locked down?
I mean, this is ridiculous.
It's absurd.
It's absurd.
And if we don't expose this lie, we have a golden opportunity right now to expose the whole black magic virus lie.
Alright, Lone Wolf.
Interesting points.
I really appreciate your call.
We're doing good.
We're taking five calls a segment.
I'm going to come back.
The next two segments are even longer.
And I'm going to take 20 calls in the next 30 minutes.
So get ready.
And Greg, and everybody else, I'm coming to your calls, bam, bam, bam.
But you hear the callers about X2, who took my X2 bottle off my desk?
I gotta go take that right now.
X2 will change your life.
At a 2019 food conference, where topics included whether humans were too selfish to live sustainably,
an economist suggested cannibalism could be a viable solution for climate change,
and that we could start off by eating our pets.
School of Economics professor Magnus Söderlund says that eating human meat from the dead might help save the human race, and that we could overcome the taboos against eating each other by simply trying it out.
And today, a new company is boasting their lab-grown artisanal salami derived from human flesh.
And several articles normalizing cannibalism have recently been published by the mainstream media.
The Wikipedia page leads with the benefits of cannibalism, where it says, in environments where food availability is constrained, individuals can receive extra nutrition and energy if they use other con-specific individuals as an additional food source.
This would in turn increase the survival rate of the cannibal and thus provide an evolutionary advantage in environments where food is scarce.
This may be true when there are no other food options, but when there are, it is never favorable for any species.
Cannibals are at risk of related diseases, such as Kuru disease, similar to mad cow disease, a neurological prion disease caused by cannibalistic consumption.
And when there are other food options, cannibalism will always be the most challenging.
Studies show that cannibals tend to eat the young because it is the easiest.
And they tend to hunt outside their own gene pool as a way of decreasing the competition.
Cannibals are constantly at war with their own species.
And animals have evolved various protections against this barbarism.
Cannibalism is the ultimate expression of barbarism.
The absence of civilization and culture.
Extreme cruelty.
One could argue that the whole purpose of civilization is to increase the amount of food available to keep humanity from turning to cannibalism.
Because who on earth wants barbarism over civility and compassion?
The New York Times published a piece entitled, A Taste for Cannibalism?
And they promoted it by tweeting, Cannibalism has a time and a place.
Some recent books, films and shows suggest that the time is now.
The article promotes a list of recent movies and shows about cannibalism, suggesting that perhaps we should all take the cue and give it a go.
As if pop culture decides the destiny of mankind.
And maybe it does.
There is definitely a herd mentality that finds comfort in blind obedience and will do whatever they are told by the authoritative state emerging from the shadows.
And the mainstream narrative is now normalizing cannibalism.
So that's what is coming if we continue accepting their offers.
It will be like the film Soylent Green, which was set in 2022, or like the film Cloud Atlas, wherein a dystopian government processes the dead into food to feed the wretched masses.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Cannibalism is what the new world order is.
Find Greg Reese's report at Banned.Video.
Human cannibalism being pushed by the New Green Movement.
Trying to get you to do anything you can to turn against your own common sense.
And to get you to not care about others.
That's what the New World Order is doing.
Unbelievably criminal.
I'm gonna go back to your phone calls, but I wanted to play a clip from two years ago that went mega viral, hundreds of millions of views.
In context, I said, it's a modest proposal.
Jonathan Swift, 300 years ago, the Irish were starving to death by the millions.
The English said, don't feed them.
They have blockades on the island.
And so he was one of the few nobility in England that was Irish.
And he said, well, why don't we just tell the Irish to grow their kids up like baby pigs, like piglets and sell them to rich English men and ladies to be eaten.
So I said, that's where we're going with the collapse of the world.
They want cannibalism was part of their plan.
Not just eat bugs.
It's sell you on pure evil.
And they took it out of context.
But here's a clip.
I'll admit it.
I will eat my neighbors.
I'm not letting my kids die.
I'm just gonna be honest.
My superpower is being honest.
I've extrapolated this out, and I won't have to for a few years since I got food and stuff, but I'm literally looking at my neighbors now going, am I ready to hang them up and gut them and skin them and chop them up?
You know what?
I'm ready.
My daughters aren't starving to death.
I'll eat my neighbors.
See, my superpower is being honest.
I'll eat your ass.
I will.
Combat model, optimum self-sufficiency.
Probably the leader.
The point is, is have you thought about that yet?
Because I'm somebody that thought I could fix this, and I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like sizing up my neighbor how I'm gonna haul him up by a chain and top his ass up?
I'll do it!
My children aren't going hungry!
I will eat your ass!
That's why I want the globalists to know.
I will eat your ass first.
So the left's always had the saying, eat the rich, but I made the point, oh, it was the worst thing ever.
Let's go to your phone calls.
Thanks for holding.
Lisa in Rhode Island.
Lisa, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Just want to send you and the crew many blessings.
Thank you.
And I also want to give a big call out to MTG for her great, great speech on CPAC, backing you.
Wish we had a few more backing.
You know, I read she backed me.
I didn't know it was at CPAC.
She did that at CPAC?
It was wonderful, and let me tell you something.
She's wonderful, and I wish we had men with cojones like she does.
However, I did want to ask you a few questions.
Where is our governor of Texas?
I watched this whole court trial with this judge who was more embarrassing than Liz Cheney with the January 6th trial.
Where is The Governor of Texas, where's the District Attorney?
Why aren't they stepping in and saying, whoa, this doesn't happen in Texas?
Well, don't forget, the same Travis County Courthouse indicted Rick Perry for vetoing a bill.
Totally legal, he has that power.
Remember they indicted Rick Perry?
Took him two million bucks to beat it.
They indicted Tom DeLay.
Travis County, which is where I live, where my mom's from, where my family's been there for a long time, we're based here.
We probably should not be based here.
I never thought it would get this bad.
But yes, the judge said I was guilty, she found me guilty, and then told the jury to give them money.
And the jury sat there and took her orders.
I mean, this is just incredible that it's reached this point.
But they are arrogant beyond belief.
Okay, my other question is, where's Joe Rogan?
Because he's slow-walking all the information to millions and millions of people that he could save lives with.
You know, I had dinner with Joe a few weeks ago with Eddie Bravo.
Joe's a great guy, but Joe's gonna play it safe.
And, you know, he did good on the vaccines.
He's come a long way, but we can't expect Joe Rogan to save us.
We don't want Joe Rogan to save us, but at the same time, I mean, he has millions and millions of followers that he's proud of having.
No, I hear you.
Let's step up and say, defend your friends, say the truth.
Let's get it out there for the people that really need to hear this and
that listen to Joe Rogan.
No, I hear you.
I mean, I wish that Joe, I wish Joe would go further.
I'm not my brother's keeper.
I like Joe a lot, and I've known Joe for 25 years, and a lot of people are pissed at Joe for not doing more.
But again, he's already come a long way, so I'll leave it at that.
Thank you, Lisa.
I got to one caller that segment, but I'd forgotten I had it circled on my sheet to play that cannibalism clip, so we got to that.
But I promise, when we come back, we're going to come roaring in with Craig.
And Dave, and everybody else that's patiently holding after this quick break.
But listen, you can spread the word.
You can share articles and videos from InfoWars.com.
If Joe wants to sit on the sidelines, that's his issue.
You can share the articles, you can share the videos, and you can overrap it through it, and you can support us at InfoWarshaw.com.
But look, Joe just came out and said Trudeau's a dictator.
Joe's doing a lot of good stuff, so.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Your calls are coming up in a moment, but since callers mentioned it, here's some of MTG's speech at CPAC.
At the same time, Siri, you want to know something?
Like, somebody like Alex Jones, who did say some things?
But yet he is being politically persecuted right now and being forced to pay out millions and millions of dollars.
And no one agrees with what he said, but what we're tired of is the political persecution.
I'd like to know, when the Democrats and the liars in the media, and the people that cancelled all of you and me on Big Tech, when are they going to pay all of us millions of dollars?
But to ruin Alex Jones, he didn't build his Infowars on that.
He built it on a lot of other news.
And Alex Jones has been right pretty much most of the time.
I know everyone freaks out if I say that, but Alex Jones has been right.
Of course, except on Sandy Hook.
But really though, look at what's happened.
$45 million?
And then, I mean, we can go down the list.
And then she went on to say we should be supported.
We are a rallying point, and they believe if they can shut us down, they can shut you down.
That's why everybody asks me, will you stay on air?
And I'll talk about it some at the start of the next hour if you take calls, but yes, we know the law, we know what they're doing, we have a plan to stay on air, but it is literally up to this crew, Myself, whether I want to keep doing this, and you the listeners.
Well, I want to keep doing it.
I don't want to stop fighting.
The crew doesn't want to stop.
It's all up to you.
It's very simple.
For the last two weeks of that trial, I wasn't on air.
We sold enough product to go into the red.
Since I've been back, we're selling enough product to get back into the black.
It's that nip and tuck.
It's that close.
Plus we have great products you already need.
So just go to infowarestore.com.
There's not a more politically incorrect thing you can do to get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt or to pre-order the book.
The Great Reset and the War for the World that comes out in a few weeks.
Or to get the great supplements like Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, or Diet Force, or Super Blue Toothpaste, the classic, finally back in stock at InfoWarsTore.com, or Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
But enough of that, let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to who's up first here.
That would be Dave in Pennsylvania.
Dave, welcome.
How are you doing, Alex?
I love InfoWars, I love the products, I love MTG.
Real quick, Eric Adams, typical liberal, loves illegals for thee, but not for me.
You know, we have the, you hear right here in Erie, Pennsylvania, we have certain neighborhoods that are, you know, they love certain people, but not in their neighborhoods.
But I like to talk about the judge in that particular case.
I'm a former retired law enforcement officer.
You know, and I watch that trial, I watch every minute of it, and every time that, you know, the plaintiff, the plaintiff objected, I could sit here and I could say, I know exactly what the judge is going to rule.
Sustain, sustain, sustain.
But every time your attorney objected, overruled, overruled, overruled.
You know, if you didn't realize that that was totally biased trial, you have to be blind You mentioned something about her hair being blue, but I remember looking at her, she looked like it was black.
What's the gig on that, Alex?
On her Facebook, she says she's an SJW and it's her during the lockdown, she dyed her hair bright blue.
Another thing is folks want to have rainbow colored hair, the point is she is a total Soros, SJW, that barred us from showing our financials, that showed that we're on the edge of insolvency and bankruptcy, and then she let some fake economist say I had 270 million dollars.
Total lie!
And then the lawyers got up and said, you notice he didn't put any on the evidence, the jury.
Well, here's the key.
They said because he doesn't have evidence, he has $270 million.
So, she allowed them to lie.
She blocked us from evidence, and then allowed their lawyers to say we didn't put on evidence.
I've talked to a lot of top lawyers.
They say they've never seen fraud of that level in a court in America.
And I agree with that 100%.
You know, like I said, I've been a little formal law enforcement officer.
I've never seen such bias in my life.
You know, I wouldn't be surprised if I went to an Antifa rally, which I'd never do, but she'd be probably right there in the front with her signs and her talking about pro-Antifa or You know, what have you?
Oh, yeah, listen to this, listen to this, Dave.
A week and a half ago, I saw on Twitter images of her with pink hair, blue hair, rainbow flags, all this stuff.
I thought, well, that's probably fake.
Then the crew brought me, see if you can pull it up, guys, just in 10 seconds, notice.
It's her personal Facebook, Antifa, SJW.
You cannot make this up.
But she was funded by Soros.
You know, in Austin, we have one of the worst DAs, as bad as San Francisco.
He calls everybody comrades.
He says he's a communist.
And he lets people out.
These two guys shot up a bunch of people downtown.
They let him out of jail the day after, sir.
To be perfectly honest with you, Alex, I never knew that.
I just assumed she'd be an Antifa follower.
Just by looking at her and her actions at that trial, I'll have to check out what you're talking to me about right now, but to be perfectly honest, I never knew that.
I didn't either.
I didn't either.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
But let's be clear.
She found me guilty herself and then told the jury I was guilty.
And then wouldn't let us put on evidence.
But then they had our text messages and our emails and all our stuff, but oh, we didn't give them anything.
That's the new model.
They convicted Steve Bannon three weeks ago.
They wouldn't let him cross-examine witnesses against him.
It's the same thing.
Alright, let's take another call here.
Greg in Colorado.
Greg, welcome.
Thank you.
I have so tried to get this information to you before your trial, to no avail.
So, here we go.
The next time you go have any kind of a trial, the one way you can turn this, put this kangaroo court into a court of record, and if the judge doesn't see this happening, boy, you really got him.
Right, right off the bat.
You can take him right off the bench.
And that is, you go to another county, In this state, and you hire a court recorder so that you can have your own legal minutes of the court.
Now, most judges, and I see somebody taking some records, they'll ask about it, and you just say, well, this is my court recorder that I hired, and they're licensed, and so on, so on.
And there's nothing they can do about it.
Nothing at all.
That judge won't, unless they really are suicidal, will just, in their career, We'll mind our P's and Q's and everything will be completely legal, I guarantee it.
It's funny you say that.
She kept cutting the YouTube feed during when we were speaking.
So a judge can say no cameras, but can they turn the video feed on and off?
Yes, but they can't stop that legal court recorder from getting you a completely, totally, 100% legal copy that the judge himself or herself cannot manipulate.
And so they know this.
And you turn the whole courtroom into a court of record, and they bind the Ps and Qs, they follow the law.
It's just a whole different situation.
It saves you a lot of money, a lot of time.
No, you're right, because the amount of money we're paying for transcripts is tens of thousands of dollars.
That's a great point.
I could have hired a court reporter, done it for half the price, and had my own record.
Amazing point, Greg.
Thank you.
All right, let's take another caller here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Curtis in Michigan.
Go ahead, Curtis.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Go ahead.
Been listening for a long time, man, and I really appreciate what you're doing.
I think what's going on here, in my own opinion, is that InfoWars, some of these other ones out there, they're a handful of ones that are not on the dark web that people go look for, you know, like in their own accord.
They want to shut you down because you're one of the only ones out there indexed in the regular web that most people can go look at.
It's imperative to understand that this thing that just went down for your Sandy Hook thing, they got to get rid of you.
If you weren't anything worth of note, they wouldn't be doing this.
They'd just write you off.
I support you.
These people need to understand.
They need to support you.
You're one of the only ones out there helping us right now.
And if they don't support this store and keep you going, this is imperative.
Keep playing all those clips.
Keep playing all of your advertisements for your store, because we gotta have you, brother.
Well, God bless you.
That's exactly what you're doing.
Well I was on Steve Bannon's show today and he made the point and it really is true.
He said Alex Jones...
Is, is been over the horizon, riding the talking points of what really comes true.
And Alex Jones is the main influencer of the resistance.
And I never wanted to have that mantle.
I never thought that would happen.
But for whatever reason, we've got the enemy's number and they know that nine times out of 10, it's us that calls them beforehand and we've blown so many of their operations.
So whatever happens to me, it was worth it.
We've had an incredible run, but I want to stay in the fight, Curtis.
People need to do what they need to do to keep you in the loop here.
Donate to the store.
Do what you can as patriots.
Alex is one of the only ones left that is the tip of the spear.
I'm doing my part.
Everyone should do theirs.
I don't want to keep you because you've got other people better than me that want to say better things.
But brother, man, I love you.
Keep doing what you're doing.
I love you, brother.
I'm not going to stop.
Look, I knew this would happen.
I knew this was coming.
I expected this.
Now they're trying to put me in prison.
It's okay.
Just you guys keep fighting no matter what happens.
I'm not going to back down.
I don't know how to do it.
These people are too evil.
In fact, they were so evil in this trial that I was a little depressed.
Now I'm super fired up knowing I'm 100% right.
All right, hour number three, your phone calls.
Big breaking news and a special guest all coming up.
I'll break down the future of InfoWars straight ahead.
Now into hour number three.
The very existence of this broadcast is in defiance to tyranny.
Mark in Minnesota, you're on the air.
Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Yes, sir.
I've been listening to you for about 12 years and twice a day in case I missed something.
I think I'm a candidate for your most dedicated listener.
Alex, I first want to thank you for your tremendous work exposing the genocide, Jeff.
Alex, people owe you their lives by the million.
However, I have a couple suggestions on things that you're missing out on, actually several but I'll limit it to two, that we really need to hear from you.
First, you've never covered the proven, and I say proven, fraud moon landing.
Bart Subrall would be a great guest for you to have on the show and discuss his book, Moon Man, which discloses the filming which took place in 68 and the names of the people present.
Secondly, you've done a great job keeping everyone informed on the awful crimes the globalists on the left have committed.
However, your listeners get it, so continually talking about it, it's overkill, Alex.
When you're constantly hitting us with bad news, we need you to take charge on a solution.
And that solution has been outlined by Wayne Allen Root in one of your following Tuesday programs, where he talks about secession.
However, he's only half right.
We first need state reorganization, followed by new states, then secession.
Alex, please discuss those subjects.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
I don't know what happened with the moon and all that.
We have such big issues in front of us right now.
That's why I haven't focused on it, but I hear what you're saying.
All right, Jessie in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, Jessie, welcome.
Yes, it's nice to talk to you, Mr. Jones.
I love your products.
I appreciate you.
I use your X2 and BrainForce every morning.
So I know school is coming right up right now, and I have in my lap these advanced reader copies of these children books that are going to be put in schools.
I've got this one called The Anti-Racist Kid, and the one I'm looking at, it's not published yet.
It won't be.
It got pushed back to October.
The one I'm looking at says grades one to four, but then if you look at it on Amazon, now it's grades three and up.
Because of some of the things they have in here.
So if you'd like, I could read off... Yeah, read us some.
They're definitely trying to brainwash our children.
Give us the name of the publication again.
It's called The Anti-Racist Kid, and it is by Tiffany Jewell.
The Anti-Racist Kid.
Tell us about it.
So, uh, they've got these cute little comics for the kids, like, uh, I've got, Hi, I'm Ruby.
I use she, her pronouns.
And then you've got, Hi, I'm Sean.
I use he, him pronouns.
I identify as a black and cisgender boy.
Yeah, so be any racist, teach kids they're another gender.
Totally sick.
And then you've got this fun one that, who invented racism?
And then you've got all the pictures of the, the Europeans that colonized the country.
Over the world.
Wow, that's truly sick.
We should get a copy of this book and review it.
Oh, I've already sent you copies.
They are in y'all's email box.
Check with CJ.
I've sent him the pictures I'm reading out to you right now.
Wow, so what do you make of this?
I make of this, I mean, I've already got my kids out of the school, but if this is what they're shoving down their throats, our kids are the future, and if this is what our future looks like, it's not going to be bright.
I saw a photo the other day of like, it was Target, and the children's book section was like all the most horrible, globalist, anti-family crap.
And I've just got stacks and stacks that I've been trying to send out to y'all of unpublished books.
I've got another one right here that says, uh, boys will be boys, but boys is crossed out, and it says human.
And it's, uh, you know, to just demasculate our men.
Wow, thank you so much, Jesse.
We're looking for that.
I will definitely cover it.
Thank you so much.
That's why callers are so amazing.
That's why I want to do just a show that's commercial-free, like three hours a day, that just takes calls.
But we will continue to take your calls on the other side.
And I said I'll talk about the future of InfoWars.
I will briefly.
And more on the other side of this quick break.
And then we will have Laura Limmer pop in and then more of your calls.
But I'm going to get to everybody.
Mark and Mark and Dean and Greg and Sean and Jeff and Dyson and Hayden and JD and Solution.
We'll get to everybody today before the broadcast ends.
stay with us.
But humanity is not being caught flat-footed because of info wars and because of your support.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now more important than ever, as we reach the critical heart of the battle, that you spread the word and that you support liberty and that you warn people like you've never done before.
We have come so far together.
Please help keep us on the air.
We're under massive attack right now.
But we're going to win with your help.
We're going to overcome this with your help and with God's blessing.
Please go to InfoWarsTore.com and get this book.
Many, many, many years of research have gone into this.
The Great Reset and the War for the World, available right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
There's also signed copies available as well.
We've got a lot of other big projects we're working on that are about to start launching as well, but this is the cavalry because we need the funding and you need this book because it warns the world of the globalist plan.
Get The Great Reset at InfoWarshow.com.
Every major globalist publication, all the comedy shows, all the newspapers, all the local TV stations, all the national news, foreign news, Alex Jones is a fraud.
Alex Jones is bad.
They're saying you're bad.
They're attacking you.
Here's John Oliver, last week's news today, trying to demonize me with edited clips from the show trial they just had.
We're going to start tonight with Alex Jones, a man who boldly answers the question, what if Grimace were a proud boy?
Because Jones has had himself quite the week.
Jones, under pressure, found liable in three separate defamation lawsuits brought by the families of ten victims.
of the Sandy Hook massacre.
The jury for this case determining how much Jones must pay for his lies.
Sandy Hook is a synthetic, completely fake, with actors, in my view, manufactured.
Look, obviously those claims were disgusting, but they shouldn't really be that surprising
coming from a guy who literally named his platform after going to war with information.
Guess what, Alex?
You fucked with info, and this time, info fucking won.
Not that.
Jones has put up much of a fight so far.
Judges have actually issued default judgments against him in multiple suits regarding his Sandy Hook remarks after he failed to comply with court orders.
So the trial this week was the first of three in which the only question is determining how much he'll have to pay.
And the way he's handled this trial is almost a master class in what not to do in court.
Starting with the fact that he lied so many times, the exasperated judge had to say this.
It seems Absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify.
Yet here I am.
You must tell the truth while you testify.
This is not your show.
Do you understand what I have said?
Yes or no?
Do you understand what I have said?
I believe what I said was true.
So I'll... Yes, you believe everything you say is true, but it isn't.
Your beliefs do not make something true.
That is... That is what we're doing here.
And you can understand her frustration there.
When it comes to rules that a judge doesn't expect to have to spell out, don't lie in court, it's right up there with, you have to leave your beer outside, it's not admissible evidence if it happened in a dream, and we do not celebrate Halloween in here.
But that's not the only way that Jones provoked the judge, because he's also continued to appear on InfoWars, which has, among other things, baselessly linked her to pedophilia, and shown this image of her engulfed in flames.
He also went after the jury, questioning their intelligence, and implying that his political enemies had hand-picked blue-collar people who were ill-equipped to decide what monetary damages he must pay.
He even engaged in the pettiest kind of behavior, like this.
Scoot your gun out, Mr. Jones.
Shut it down.
What is it?
Because you're not allowed food or gum of any kind in the courtroom.
I had my tooth pulled a week and a half ago, and I had some gauze in there earlier, and it's causing me to have some pain.
So you're chewing on your gauze?
Would you like me to show you?
No, I just want you to answer my question.
No, I was massaging the hole in my mouth with my tongue.
I don't want to see the inside of your mouth.
Holy shit!
If you heard just her side of that interaction, from spit it out to I don't want to see the inside of your mouth, you'd assume she was talking to A, a small child, or B, a dog.
You would not guess she was talking to professional conspiracist slash grown man Alex Jones until at least guess D. That is pathetic enough even before you learn that later that day, you can very clearly see him turning away from the judge and putting something in his mouth.
And look, obviously, And that was a cough drop that the judge gave me as part of her act that she cares.
So, folks, that's what they do.
They engineer this for gotcha moments to sell the idea of a show trial where she finds me guilty up front and then bars us from bringing forward evidence.
It's a fraud.
And just like their attempts to de-platform us four years ago failed, this will fail if you continue to back what we're doing.
They are so incredibly pissed that the whole world is turning against them and their puppet President Joe Biden.
Burn in hell.
So, opinion.
Red State Report.
The Alex Jones verdict is wrong and dangerous.
Alex Jones' phone matters beyond the Sandy Hook, MSNBC.
It's got all the January 6th stuff.
Nope, they didn't get my phone, it's not true, it's made up.
They got some text messages, 2019.
January 6th, too many requests, contents of Alex Jones' phone.
Good, nothing there.
And it goes on and on.
On and on and on.
Jack Posobiec gets it right, he says they're using Alex Jones for freedom of speech.
If you don't speak out against this, you will be next.
And now this, one of the biggest newspapers in Italy, yesterday runs with a headline, Alex Jones had child porn content in his text messages revealed by his lawyer.
Total lie.
Not true.
Shows how desperate they are.
Talk about defamation.
And then all these leftists picked it up, like Don Wilson begging for a lawsuit.
Child porn found in documents.
Alex Jones sent to lawyers in San Diego families.
Court filing says Jones should be arrested immediately.
Files sent by Alex Jones include child porn.
Now this goes back to just the last few days.
What are they talking about?
Child porn found in documents Alex Jones sent to lawyers, sending a family's court filing says, 2019.
The judge ordered us, in Connecticut, to turn over 200,000 plus emails with key term searches.
We turned it over, but they defaulted to saying we didn't.
Then, in hidden messages and unopened emails, there was child porn.
The FBI said we were the victim of it.
They used that to recycle it and claim my phone has it.
Talk about liars!
Ladies and gentlemen, that's who these people are.
So let me tell you where InfoWars is right now.
We're like the American people, surrounded, demonized, lied about, attacked, because they fear us.
We have declared bankruptcy because they're claiming in court we have hundreds of millions of dollars.
We believe the federal courts aren't hand-picked, they're not perfect, by the Democrats and Soros operatives, like in Travis County, famous for its judicial tyranny, and Connecticut.
That way they can't claim we have hundreds of millions of dollars.
But we went in last Friday with the bankruptcy filing of how much money I actually had.
How much money Infowars had.
And she said you're barred from showing that to the jury.
You're barred from defenses.
And then let the other side put on their expert to say I have 270 million dollars and all these other lies.
To make the jury have a big verdict and act like we don't need support and we've got all this money.
But it gets worse.
Then the judge, the little vampire bat in a black outfit, then the judge, the so-called judge, let the plaintiff's lawyers, the ambulance chasers, say, Jones didn't put on evidence of our claims of $270 million because he doesn't have it.
That is the biggest judicial misconduct experts we've talked to have ever seen.
Won't let us put on evidence, then let the other side say he has no evidence.
So here's where we are.
We're in bankruptcy.
They're not going to be able to shut us down like they want.
They're not going to be able to claim we have all this money.
We don't have.
But if we don't have money to keep the operation going, improve our solvent, then we get shut down.
See how that works?
They say, the judge already found me guilty, so we owe these debts.
Well, under Texas statute, there'll be a fraction of what they claim, less than six million dollars.
And the same in future trials.
So, we're in bankruptcy proving that we don't have all this money, proving what they're saying is a lie, so they can't make these claims.
And that's why we've done this, is to call them On what they're doing.
But even when we have the bankruptcy documents that are as good as golden cord, the judge won't let us show it in this trial or the next trial.
Oh, they got three of these set to go after me with the same judge.
So as long as we have money to pay the payroll and continue on air and be solvent, we will stay on air.
They want to shut us down.
They said in their closing arguments, we want to silence him.
We want him off air.
We want to send a message.
We want to shut down everybody else that criticizes us.
We want to be the only ones that can speak.
The only ones that have free speech.
They said that.
Gregory says a report on Banned.Video that shows the clips.
So think about that.
They're saying our mission is to shut him down.
Well, in bankruptcy, they can't do that as long as we're solvent.
The problem is we're barely solvent, barely paying the bills.
So InfoWars is strong and will continue on for years if you support us now.
And we'll have our appeals and everything else and their fraud will go down in a house of cards.
But now we need the financial support at InfoWarsStore.com.
So get Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
X2, get Diet Force, get Vitamin Refusion, all in stock and discounted at Infowarsstore.com
and keep us in the fight.
That is the state of Infowars.
To quote John Paul Jones, "We've only begun to fight. Stay with us."
Well, I couldn't think of a better guest to get on during this firestorm of censorship
and lies and judicial tyranny than Laura Loomer.
She's running for Congress.
She's got a really good chance of winning.
I want to talk to her about the war on free speech, our broken legal system, and how she's set to win, how we need to replace rhinos with American first fighters, and so much more.
She's got this election coming up in 15 days.
Laura Loomer, great to have you on with us.
Thanks so much for having me, Alex.
So great to see you.
Where do you want to start here?
Well, you know, we are officially 15 days away from the Florida Republican primary, and I am set to win my primary.
I switched districts.
I know a lot of people know I ran last election season down in South Florida, but we just had a redistricting year here in the state of Florida, and I moved to Central Florida, and I'm now running in District 11.
Which is a majority red Republican seat, which means whoever wins this primary in 15 days on August 23rd is going to be the next member of the United States Congress.
And I'm primarying a pro-impeachment rhino named Daniel Webster here in Florida's 11th district.
We have out-fundraised him, we have out-worked him, and this is the year for the America first hostile takeover of the Republican Party.
And I'm going to win, Alex.
I'm going to win.
That's even what mainstream news is saying.
So they think MTG was dangerous.
I can't wait till you're in Congress, but we got to push it over the top here.
Yeah, and Alex, hopefully, you know, when I when I win my election and I become the first de-platformed candidate in United States history, you know, I would love to serve on the House Energy Commerce Committee in Congress, in Congress, so that I can take on the big tech social media tyrants.
And I would love to personally invite you to testify in Congress You know, since you, as well as myself, we are probably the two most censored and banned individuals in the entire country, if not the entire world.
And I look forward to platforming your voice in the United States Congress.
I can't wait.
Why do you think they singled, because it really is true, you and I out, you're like banned from Uber, Airbnb, myself included.
Why are they so, why did they pick you and I up front four years ago to do that to?
Because we're truth seekers and we're ahead of the curve.
You know, I can't help but notice that CPAC just came to an end in Texas a couple days ago, right?
And you and I were banned from CPAC years ago.
And now, of course, you see people talking about the issues that we are talking about.
Communism, globalism, the New World Order takeover, big tech social media censorship, election interference.
And these are all things that we were first to talk about years ago, Alex.
Alex, you and I were sitting together in the big tech social media hearing in the back of the room when Jack Dorsey was lying to Congress and Republicans were allowing him to get away with perjury.
And so I think that you and I really have been trailblazers, especially when it comes to waking people up about big tech social media censorship.
And we are probably the best.
I would say we are the best journalists in America today, the best investigative journalists alive, with also James O'Keefe.
You were in an uphill battle last year and still barely lost, but the numbers are you're set to win.
I can't think of something more fantastic and a bigger nightmare for the globalists than to have you in Congress.
How do we make sure you win?
Tell folks about the race.
Well, if you live in Orange County, if you live in Lake County, if you live in Sumter County, which of course includes the villages, the largest retirement community in the United States of America, or if you live in Polk City in East Lakeland in Polk County, you can vote for me.
Early voting in Orange County began today.
And so if you live in Orange County, you can go to the polls as of today and vote.
But election day is on August 23rd and I need everybody who is registered Republican to get out and vote for me in the upcoming Florida Republican primary.
This is our race to win, and we will win as long as patriots show up to replace the pro-impeachment, voter fraud-denying, globalist rhino who I am running against.
And so I'm asking for their support.
We also need to raise money.
So if you're watching, if you could please donate, whether it's $5, $10, $100, $1,000, or a max donation of $2,900.
Every dollar counts because the NRCC and Kevin McCarthy have it out for me.
This last week, they were running fake robo-calls, Alex, saying that I'm a Democrat.
I mean, how laughable is this?
They were literally running robo-calls in the district telling voters that I'm a robo- And you're about as populous right-wing as you can get.
Yeah, I'm a hardcore right-wing nationalist, okay?
I'm a proud American, I'm a constitutional conservative, and I don't have a communist bone in my body.
But they lied to the voters.
What do you make of DeSantis getting more and more hardcore and firing the Soros prosecutor?
That is very exciting.
Yeah, look, here in the state of Florida, our governor and, you know, people running for Congress, including myself and the citizens of the state of Florida, we are for law and order.
And we don't want our free red state to turn into the blue state that so many of these people moved from here into Florida over the last two years when we saw these unconstitutional and draconian lockdowns and mandates and the swell of crime all throughout American cities.
And so we need more leadership.
We need more fighters.
And I'll be voting for Governor Ron DeSantis in the upcoming 2022 midterm election.
Of course, he's up for reelection for governor, and I look forward to voting for President Donald Trump in 2024 when Donald Trump runs for president again, because we all know that Donald Trump is going to be running again.
With 92 days to the midterms, the deep state's not going to go away quietly.
Every poll shows total political realignment.
Women, minority voters, all turning to Republicans.
Neocons and rhinos getting kicked out.
Liz Cheney is going to get annihilated.
How do you expect them to try to counter that?
Well, of course, they're going to use Big Tech social media censorship.
You know, I've been warning about that.
You've been warning about that.
Here in Florida, unfortunately, the Big Tech bill was never successful, right?
So candidates are still vulnerable to election interference with Big Tech, myself included.
I mean, we still are the only de-platformed campaign in the entire country, the first ever, when I first decided to run in 2020.
I do believe that Governor DeSantis made the right decision when he cracked down on Zuckerbox, making them illegal here in the state of Florida.
But unfortunately, they haven't been made illegal in other states.
And so I do suspect and I do believe that big tech executives are going to use that dark money and millions of dollars and funnel them into SOE offices like they did in 2020 to try to steal the election.
We need an audit.
I don't know why there was not an audit here in the state of Florida after the 2020 election.
I support a nationwide audit of the stolen 2020 election because if we don't fix 2020, right, all of our elections and the integrity of our elections going forward are in jeopardy.
But I think that they're also going to use political violence.
We've seen that with the recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the way that the Democrats are inciting their thugs in Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and radical feminazis to storm the streets of America and incite political violence.
I mean, these people are out for blood.
These people are out for blood and they will stop at nothing.
And so we need fighters.
There's no time for compromise left in the Republican Party.
We need to purge all weak rhinos, everybody who wants to go along and get along with these communists in the Democrat Party.
And it's time for a new America First Republican Party.
An America First hostile takeover of the Republican Party.
And I'm proud to say the Laura Loomer for Congress campaign is the face of that movement and we are leading the charge.
I totally agree with you.
Laura Loomer for Congress dot com.
I mean, we just saw the earlier primaries.
Total sweeps for Trump patriots.
The rhinos are crapping their britches right now.
Laura Loomer, I want to come back with you and talk about censorship.
I want to talk about the attacks on us and get your take on that because it's historic and listeners want to know what's really happening.
We'll try to lay it all out, but go to the website now and spread the word and support her.
She is a fighter.
Laura Loomer for Congress.
Well, I'm not Hunter S. Thompson.
I'm not gonzo journalist trying to write myself into the story, but people are asking, how am I handling everything that's happening?
I mean, I've seen rigged courts.
I've seen a judge tell a jury I'm already guilty.
I've seen them order them to give them money.
I don't have.
But I tell you, it has been actually invigorating and booing in a way, bittersweet.
Because I've seen everybody from Steve Bannon to Charlie Kirk to Jack Posobiec to you name it, thousands of prominent people, hundreds of really big folks, come out and say, hey, this is for all of us.
They're coming after us all now.
And I have really seen the Republican Party go from us with an insurrection Not the one on January 6th, but the peaceful insurrection to take over the Republican Party five, six years ago to now we are the Republican Party and our populist movement is winning.
So yes, I'm being punished.
Yes, I'm being attacked.
But I expect that when you're over the target, you're getting the flack.
People ask me what that means.
Just look over the definition of when you're over the target you get the flag.
It's a World War II analogy.
It could be as it happened to both my grandfathers.
But the point is when you're over the target, they've got the anti-aircraft gun shooting at you.
When you fly over the factory making the Panzer tanks, they're going to drop 10,000 pounds of bombs on them from your B-17.
Or your liberator, they're going to be shooting at you.
So if they're not shooting at you, you're not doing your job.
And Laura Loomer has been shot at more than any woman out there.
She's the type of hardcore, patriotic, smart woman they fear.
They blocked her so far, but we got MTG in.
And when she gets in, it's going to be beautiful.
But Laura, talking about my deplatforming and now these staged lawsuits and all of it.
transcending that, the outpouring of support, and now suddenly CPAC, like you said,
mainline Republicans backing us. Why do you think they finally get it?
Well, you're much nicer than I am, Alex.
And, you know, the reality is, is I think these people are just a bunch of bullshit artists.
And you know what?
It's too late.
It's too late.
Maybe they should have gotten on board with us five years ago when we were warning them and screaming from the rooftops about this threat and this war and how, you know, if they didn't stand up for us then, they were going to come for all of them next.
They are starting to realize that everything that we said is true.
Everything that we warned about is 100% happening.
And we have been right about absolutely everything, Alex.
And so I am not going to make excuses for Khan Inc.
I am not going to make excuses for the establishment, Republican rhino cowards.
No, no, no, no.
I agree with you.
I'm asking why are they suddenly doing this?
Because they're scared and they realize that the crocodile never stops eating and the crocodile is, you know, eventually going to eat them too, right?
They have that crocodile is going to eat you last mentality and they realize now that, oh, well, maybe I should at least kind of pretend like I support Alex Jones or maybe I should pretend like I actually care about free speech so that when it does happen to me, maybe somebody will realize that I posted a pathetic tweet in support of them and they'll come and help me too.
I mean, it's pathetic.
It's grandstanding.
No, I agree.
But in fairness, I think Trump's a good guy.
He never thought he'd be censored.
He gave lip service, but he never took action.
We forgive him.
I mean, isn't it okay if a Republican establishment wakes up and joins us?
Isn't it a sign of our victory?
I get you're pissed at him, but... Well, look, I think that, you know, Donald Trump You know, he, he realized on his way out.
And as I wrote about in my book, I think that the biggest mistake of his presidency, and I supported him, I helped get him elected.
I still support him and I voted for him twice.
But I did say when I wrote in my book, Lumered, how I became the most banned woman in the world.
You can order it online today.
I did say that the biggest mistake of his presidency was not taking
social media censorship seriously.
I mean, when they had the White House social media summit, none of us were
invited, they turned it into one big giant TPUSA rally as opposed to allowing
for people who had actually been banned and deplatformed to have a voice.
When I confronted Jack Dorsey during the congressional hearing, I warned, I
said that, Mr.
President, please help us before it's too late because they're trying
to influence the election.
I forgot to pull that up, but what's the name of the clip?
We'll pull it up for the next segment.
It's Laura Loomer takes over Congress.
Laura Loomer warns more censorship in Congress.
What was the headline?
Something about Laura Loomer confronts Jack Dorsey during big tech social media censorship.
And you said, President, help us.
They're coming for you next.
And a year and a half later, he was banned off the Internet.
Yeah, and I was the first person to ever say, I believe, live on your show with you, Alex, in 2018 that Donald Trump was going to be banned.
And people said I was crazy.
They said that they would never ban Trump.
You said it every time.
You said, they're going to ban him next.
Yeah, and we were right.
I was right.
And the reality is, is that, look, I'm glad that people are waking up now.
I'm glad that they're finally realizing that actions speak louder than words.
If they really do believe what they're saying, then they should be helping you pay your legal fees.
OK, you just got hit with forty five million dollars.
This is ridiculous.
This is a witch hunt.
This is an assault.
On InfoWars, this is an attempt to try to take down the greatest news organization in the entire world.
I'm talking about InfoWars.com.
And if they really truthfully believe what they are saying, then maybe some of these con-inc establishment Republicans should reach into their piggy banks of millions of dollars of donations that they have received as a result of not having competition in the form of you and myself and other great content creators over the last few years.
And maybe they should give you some money, Alex.
Or are they just going to post- And I should have done this before you came on, because everybody's asking the particulars.
It's capped at $5.6 million, but they've got two more fake trials.
So we don't have the money for that.
I've got to put up half my wealth, which is not much, to pay the bond.
So we'll continue to fight.
If we run out of money to fight the lawsuits, if we run out of money to not fund the bankruptcy, then we can be shut down.
So we don't need $10 million.
But we do need an extra $5 million the next few months.
People, sounds like a lot of money, folks.
Not to fight with the New World Order.
Why did Laura Loomer mention her book?
Why do I mention stuff?
We don't have Soros or Bill Gates or the Rockefellers funding us.
We are literally, we have you.
So the left makes jokes like, why is Roger Stone signing stones for $10?
Why is he selling books?
Because we got to go out and make a living in this fight, folks.
We have you.
You have us.
We don't have the big backing.
That's why we're up here constantly bashing our brains out to get funding because the middle class still hasn't gotten off the bench and realized we're your champions.
We don't want to be slaves either.
We're literally fighting to the death for you because we're fighting for ourselves.
We're in this together whether you know it or not.
Here's a one minute clip of you three years ago warning Trump.
That's a great clip they found.
There's one with better audio.
He says, Trump, you're coming for you next.
We got to stop this now.
Help us.
We're warning you.
I mean, it was very prophetic.
And nobody listened.
It was a shame.
So what's your warning now, Laura Loomer?
Well, my warning now is 2022 is our last chance to get it right.
It's not about just taking back the House in 2022, Alex.
You know, it'd be great to take back the House, but if we have the same feckless, cowardly, rhino Republicans who threw President Donald Trump under the bus when we had control of the House and the Senate, when Donald Trump was in the White House, nothing is going to change.
These communist enablers are selling our country out.
And so as I said yesterday, when I gave a speech, it's time for us to elect America First fighters who are going to get to Washington and flip over these damn tables inside the United States Capitol.
Because these rhinos and these communists who are career politicians and have been in Washington for nearly 10 years or I agree.
We have a globalist takeover, hostile takeover of our energy and our borders and our culture.
They are selling out America.
They don't care about the average American.
They don't care about your family.
All they care about is their bank account and their cushy little pension.
And so if we don't get an America first hostile takeover of the Republican
party, nothing is going to matter.
And so the primary- We have a globalist takeover, hostile takeover of our
energy and our borders and our culture, we've got to start getting hostile as well.
And look, it's not about optics, okay?
It's not about decorum.
We are dealing with a godless, satanic enemy.
We are dealing with communists, okay?
These people don't care about decorum.
They don't care about optics, and neither should we, okay?
Because we're in a war.
And you don't play nice when you're in a war.
You don't send a nice guy to Washington to fight your war.
You send a ruthless killer.
And that's what I am.
I'm a ruthless killer.
I'm a fighter.
And that's why people should vote for me.
And that's why I'm asking for people to show up to the polls, storm the polls on August 23rd in the Republican primary here in Florida.
Alright, stay there Laura Loomer.
Ladies and gentlemen, something incredible just happened.
I'll tell you about it in a few minutes as soon as they can get it in the computer and show it to you.
Because unlike mainstream media, we show you what we're talking about.
If we say the Democrats celebrated raising taxes on poor people and the middle class and hiring 86,000 IRS agents, we show you the clip.
If we say that Joe Biden didn't blink for five minutes, we show you the clip.
If we say the UN announces you're going to own nothing and have nothing, we show you the clip.
Wait till you see this coming up in just a few minutes.
This shows how upset and angry the world is.
It's exciting.
Laura Loomer, I've looked at the news, I've seen the polls.
You're not just saying that.
You are set in polls to beat the Republican incumbent in a super red counting.
I don't care if you're a woman, a man, black, brown, white, whatever.
If you're pro-freedom, I want you in there!
That is so ultra exciting.
You will be a major beachhead along with MTG and others.
Let me say this.
The left always claims Republican men don't want women.
I don't care if you're a woman, a man, black, brown, white, whatever.
If you're pro-freedom, I want you in there.
If we elected 100 members of Congress that were all black women, I'd love it.
As long as they empowered America and there's great black women to do it.
But the idea that I give a rat's ass what's between your legs is a load of horse manure.
And it scares the Democrats big time that we've got women and blacks and Hispanics and Asians at triple the rate of Democrats now in new elections.
That's why they're so scared because people have really woken up.
And it really is amazing.
The media is freaking out, Alex, as you just pointed out.
We're winning in the polls.
We're winning in fundraising.
And this is a majority red seat.
So whoever wins the primary will be the next member of Congress because there's no chance for a Democrat to get elected here because there's so many Republicans.
And I'm running against a guy named Daniel Webster who skipped the vote on the second impeachment.
He skipped the vote on the January 6th commission.
And of course, that's an abomination because now we have political prisoners and I am going to be I am going to fight to release all of those innocent January 6th patriots.
And I call them patriots because that is exactly what they are.
They are patriots who stood up and fought back against the real insurrection, which was the stolen election of 2020.
I am an election integrity candidate.
I am going to fight against voter fraud.
And you know, I am going to be Big Tech's worst nightmare.
They are going down, Alex.
And I was inspired.
You know why I take you seriously?
Because they take you seriously.
I mean, the enemy's smart.
They're scared of you.
you and InfoWars for giving me a platform and believing in me over these last four
years, because a lot of people didn't take it seriously.
And when they stole my election in 2020, I always said that I was going to get the
last laugh and I was not going to allow for these communists and the rhinos to rob me.
Well, Laura, you know why I take you seriously?
Because they take you seriously.
I mean, the enemy's smart.
They're scared of you.
Anybody they're scared of, I back.
Well, they should be scared of me, Alex, because I'm coming for all of them.
And when I get there, I'm not going to go along and get along.
I'm going to expose them.
And it's going to be the first time ever that an investigative journalist, right, a former Project Veritas investigative journalist is elected to the United States Congress.
It's going to be the first time a deplatformed, censored candidate is elected to the United States Congress.
It's going to be the first time ever a red-flagged individual on an FBI watch list is elected to the United States Congress.
I know what it's like to be silenced.
I know what it's like to have my rights violated by a corrupt, tyrannical federal government, and I am going to be every American's voice.
And so I ask for their support, and I'm grateful to have your support.
And if people want to donate to my campaign, they can donate at LauraLumerForCongress.com, and we're going to win.
And I hope that InfoWars will come out to Florida on August 23rd and do the exclusive live broadcast of my victory party.
I want to.
We are just absolutely embattled and at war, but there's a good chance we will, Laura.
Let me just bring up this big announcement.
Ladies and gentlemen, if millions of people get this book, our funding problems will be over, and it's starting to happen.
That's why I said, yeah, go to Infowarshore.com, get the book, it starts shipping in a couple weeks.
The Great Reset and the War for the World, but I said go to Amazon because it's the number one book chart in the world.
And if it goes to number one, not a political, not of history, not of US history, it's already number one over 40 categories, like political science, you name it.
40 plus categories is number one.
Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please.
Of books in the world, the Great Reset and the War for the World is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
We are now number 9 in the world.
So I want to thank Steve Bannon for boosting it.
I want to thank everybody else, like Michael Malice and others that have been boosting it.
This is major.
This is political.
This could fund our war chest.
Just go to Amazon.com, everybody, and buy 10 copies.
Send this blueprint to the Death Star.
And the New World Order, because you read this, you know their whole plan on how to stop them.
Get the Great Reset and the War for the World now.
Laura, it's going to go to number one.
What do you make of that?
Well, I can't wait, Alex.
And you're a superstar and you have led so many people to the truth and to light and you have woken up so many people.
And I hope that your book goes to number one.
And I can't wait till I get elected to Congress and you can come up there and testify in Congress when I'm, you know, chairing one of those committees and one of those hearings on big tech social media censorship.
And then the entire country is going to hear your story, Alex.
And I have been looking forward to that day for a long time and I just can't wait.
I can't wait either.
MTG's invited me to Congress.
She's trying to get some hearings going for us.
In fact, I know she probably wants to have you speak at them.
We've talked about it.
But man, why do you think it's so many, like Carrie Lake and others, why is it so many badass women starting to win?
Which is great, but why do you think so many men other than DeSantis are on the sidelines?
What's going on with the women?
That's really exciting, by the way.
Well, it's great.
And you know, I don't really ever use my gender.
No, I don't either, but let's just say it.
Republicans are surging with women.
What's going on?
Well, I think that a lot of women are starting to realize that this globalist, communist, godless New World Order is a threat and a danger to their children and their families.
And they're starting to wake up and they're starting to see that right-wing ideologies are better, not just for their families, but for our country.
You know, you speak of all these other people who are America First, you know, sure, it would be great if they would actually fight back against the censorship of my campaign, because I don't really feel the love, Alex.
I mean, I'm grateful to you, but I don't really see a lot of these other people, you know, platforming my campaign.
It doesn't feel great to be blacklisted on the war... Well, you know why they do it?
Even people that are patriots say, well, if I help Loomer or Jones, I might get censored.
We're all going to get censored.
As Benjamin Franklin said, hang together or hang separate.
Right, and if these people truly do believe the election was stolen and they want America First buyers and they want to fight back against censorship, then they should find the courage within themselves to stop blacklisting my campaign and to actually platform me.
Because the egg is going to be on their face on election day when I win, Alex.
And I'm just no longer going to stay silent.
I'm calling all of these people out.
I'm calling people out for being frauds, for being grifters, for being silent.
I remember two years ago, I said, Laura, I've looked at your race and talked to experts, and they say it's an uphill battle, but you're going to build credibility, you're going to build a campaign operation.
And you're like, no, I'm going to win.
I said, well, you're going to win down the road, find a better district.
And you've done that, and the numbers say you're going to win.
Are you worried about election fraud?
I mean, I guess we've got to have such a surge, such a huge wave, a red wave, that it overrides our fraud.
Well they already are committing fraud by deplatforming my campaign.
That is a form of illegal election big tech interference that of course the Republican Party has sanctioned by staying silent on the interference of my campaign.
But we are going to have an army of poll watchers and we are working hard to make sure that Trump has said nice things about you in the past.
Is he backing you?
There are so many voter integrity, election integrity groups on the grassroots
level in my district, and they are encouraging people to vote at the polls
on election day.
And we are making sure- Also, Trump has said nice things about you in the past.
Is he backing you?
What about Trump coming for a rally for you?
Well, Trump endorsed me and voted for me down in 2020 when I ran in Palm
Beach County, and I'm hoping to earn the president's endorsement this time around.
Donald Trump said that he wants to get rid of all the RINO sellouts and losers, and I am running against a RINO sellout loser who was so much of a coward that he didn't...
Stand up and fight for President Trump during the second impeachment.
He skipped the vote.
He does not believe in the election.
Sure, but you're being friendly towards Trump, but sometimes bitching at Trump gets his attention.
I was told that by Tucker Carlson and Roger Stone.
You know, quit kissing his ass.
And if you get in Trump's face, you get stuff.
We need to get in Trump's face in a friendly way and say, back Laura Loomer right now.
Well, that's what I'm trying to say right now is that President Donald Trump said, primary the RINOs and the sellouts and the losers.
And so if he does believe what he says, then it's time for him to endorse me.
And I'm asking for President Donald Trump's endorsement.
And I'm a Trump supporter, but you know, what does he want?
Does he want another RINO?
Does he want a bunch of loser RINO sellouts who don't believe the election was stolen if he runs again in 2024?
Or does he want a fighter?
And so I hope that he will stop listening to people like Kevin McCarthy, who are probably saying terrible things to him about me.
I hope that President Trump doesn't listen to Rhino establishment frauds like Ronna Romney and Kevin McCarthy, and that he will realize that I am the fighter that he needs in Washington, D.C.
I am the America First fighter needed to represent the most mega, deep red Republican seat in Central Florida, and that is District 11.
And it would be an honor to have you.
Laura Limmer for Congress.com.
Laura, you're amazing, and I can't wait to see your victory party.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for having me, Alex, and God bless you and your fight.
God bless you.
All right, Celente's awesome.
He knows I do this occasionally.
We're going to take 15 minutes of Celente's time, and then we're going to go to Mark, Mark, Dean, Greg, Stan, Sean, Tyson, JD.
Your calls in two minutes and then the great trends forecaster Gerald Cilenti.
Infowars has been vindicated.
We've been proven right.
World government, the New World Order is out in the open.
And now, more than ever, the forces of Satan are trying to shut down this broadcast.
The forces of anti-human, godless New World Order are out of control.
So now, realize...
We have pushed them out in the light, we have pushed them out in the open, and they are so upset, and they are so scared.
So while you still can, because any day could be our last broadcast, spread the word about the show, share the articles, share the videos, and please fund us while getting great products at the same time at InfoWarsTore.com.
Books, films, t-shirts, great supplements, Vitamin Refusion, Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, Ultra 12, Diet Force, so much more right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
But whatever you do, pray for justice, and pray for freedom, and pray for the children, and pray for free speech and justice to win.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Now spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic, historic battle.
The Great Reset, the War of the World No.
9, and bestsellers in the world!
Listeners, you are really kicking butt.
All right.
Taking phone calls right now from Greg in Florida.
Greg, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Thank you.
Good, this is Greg.
I spoke to you a couple times.
I'm the laser tech guy.
Yes, sir.
Anyways, two things.
I want to promote one of your products real quick.
Then I want to get on to what I called about.
First, your X2.
There was a doctor, his name is Dr. Jerry Tennant.
He won a Pulitzer Prize about a year ago on frequency technology and he said about nascent iodine that is the only thing that will take, you know, people all over the world over the last 18 years have toxicity in their bodies from all the plastics we consume.
This creates a cellophane cellophane over all cells so they cannot breathe properly
and excrete properly.
He said in this report nascent iodine is the only thing, the only thing that will
rid the plastic from your cells. So there you go.
There's a plug for you on that.
Well, there's no doubt that true atomic iodine that your body can absorb is incredible.
Most iodine is bound.
That's why X2 we got from the oil drilling companies, and it's medical grade.
You have to have a DEA license to even get it.
Then it's put into the palm oil, and it's no longer DEA, because it's not pure anymore.
But the iodine's pure, and it goes right into the cells.
X2 is the true game changer.
Everyone should be taking it.
In fact, callers were calling in about it today, and I was like, I haven't taken X2 in like two weeks.
My bottle ran out.
I've got to go get another bottle.
So everybody should get X2.
It takes about two weeks on average to kick in.
Usually after two weeks, you kind of feel a little bit toxic for a couple days.
Then you feel great.
It's amazing.
Get X2 at Infowarsstore.com.
Experience it.
X2 at Infowarsstore.com.
Greg, what was your other point?
Okay, the other thing is this, Alex.
No one has been talking about, you know, you're seeing banks around the world over the last several years in Greece, different parts of Europe.
Now you're seeing them in China, the tanks outside some of the large banks.
No one's talking about Chase Bank and Jamie Dimon's connection with the Davos Group.
No one's talking about that.
You know, I always, I'm up on a lot of stuff, as you know, and I feel that if this stuff really does end up hitting the fan, that Chase Bank, and they're the biggest, is going to fold.
And that's right, Goldman Sachs and Chase are the most heavily invested in China.
That's right.
And the other thing is this, you know, look what Soros did in Britain, you know, in the late 60s, very early 70s.
He almost crashed the pound.
And, you know, when I went over there, I used to play, you know, on the pro tennis tour.
When I was over there in the eighties, I was seeing in the, in the little supermarkets, uh, people in their seventies bagging groceries.
And, you know, I just thought, boy, that's nice.
You don't give some old people something to do for the day or whatever.
And then as I got to, uh, you know, talk to some people in some of the pubs and that they, You know, they lost all their pensions, they lost everything, and they had to work.
And that was pretty sad.
You know, that's what happened.
And Soros has crashed more than 20 pension funds worldwide.
It's his specialty.
So the left loves him.
What a monster.
Talk about criminal.
It's criminal.
Anyways, I want to also mention something to you.
I have a company that's into frequency technology, the only one in the world.
I want to talk to somebody on your staff.
And it's our new product that we have.
I want to talk to someone on your staff, and I want to make a percentage go to InfoWars of sales.
I'll tell you what, Greg.
You gave me your number a couple years ago.
I looked up your company, know who you are.
I meant to call you.
Give me Greg's name and number.
I'll give him to our business developer, and I promise you today your number will be given to the guy.
Thank you so much.
Give his name and number, and then give it to Joey.
Make sure it gets to him, okay?
All right.
Start your engines.
I'm about to take two or three calls in that five minutes, but it's okay.
That was an amazing caller.
We're going to come back in 60 seconds and join some stations, and we're going to go bam, bam, bam.
We're going to be talking to Mark and J.D.
and others in 60 seconds.
Tomorrow's news today.
People ask how I'm doing.
I'm in the fight, baby.
I'm high as a kite.
We're taking your calls.
Bam, bam, bam.
Ahead of Gerald Cilente.
Mark in Florida.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Three quick bullet points.
We spoke about a month ago.
I had relocated to Pensacola from Michigan and I indicated to you I had a business trip and I had a major sinus issue and earache and two days later the X2 cleared it up and your staff made a hilarious video where Gretchen Whitmer with the SWAT sticker on her face and I'm talking to my daughter Who used to have a podcast on iHeart out of Fort Lauderdale, and she's really into the media.
She follows you.
And she says, Dad, you recorded.
And I was like, I didn't even think of that.
So I called John back and I said, John, I had an idea and I'd like a copy of the commercial and I'd like a copy of the audio and I'll donate 50 bucks on each one.
I said, why don't you guys take free money off the table?
And when everybody calls in, in the screen call, you say, would you like a recording of the phone call with Alex?
They give a $50 donation, you take their credit info, you can throw a link up on the website, and at the end of the call, the next day or whatever, they can download the phone call.
You could generate a lot of money, 50 bucks a call, just to have someone record your conversation.
Absolutely, you just gotta put the infrastructure in, but it's a fabulous idea.
I didn't see the promo you mentioned, because I'll be honest, I'm really sick of Alex Jones.
So when I walk through the halls of the shows on, I stick my fingers in my ears.
Not that I'm bad, but let's just say this, I've had a little too much of myself.
So I have not seen that ad, I'm sorry.
It was hilarious.
Gretch Whitmer with the swastika and then you showed the beaches of Florida and then you showed the smokestacks from Detroit.
I mean, I couldn't stop laughing.
But I want to point out one more thing.
There's a guy in Canada you got to get a hold of.
He is a Christian.
He is, in my view, the Alex Jones of the Christian world.
His name is Rick Pearson.
He has a show out of Toronto called Prophecy USA, and he ties into the scriptures about what the United States is going through.
Rick Pearson.
I've heard his name multiple times.
Guys, let's get Rick Pearson on.
Thank you so much, brother.
I could talk to these callers all day, but I guess the next person.
JD in Indiana.
JD, go ahead.
Yeah, I'm actually calling.
I want to tie in the censorship that I'm finding everywhere.
in with the fact that they let child porn be sent, right?
So I feel like we have to infiltrate their sandbox, right?
So I'm on Twitter, I'm all on these things, I'm sharing information.
Hold on, you guys.
On Twitter, live time, they will ban your video, right?
But yet, you can send child porn to people, but they don't ban that.
That's right.
They're pre-programming videos of me that AI looks at and won't let people put out, but child porn can still be sent.
Incredibly good point.
And it's absolutely terrible.
And this is the reason why I agree with Laura Loomer.
We have got to do something about these companies.
If we have the technology to openly censor a man who's just talking about a case, In all reality, I mean, at the end of the day, a fair trial is a fair trial.
You're not getting one.
And you're talking about it.
But yet, you can send a video of child porn.
It's absolutely insanity, and it's ridiculous.
And we ought to hold these people accountable because they're aiding and abetting in people that are terrorizing children and hurting our children.
And let me describe for new listeners who just tuned in what J.D.
is saying.
They came out with it ten years ago.
One program is called Shazam.
You can hold up your iPhone at the mall or the grocery store or wherever and you could record a few seconds and it would tell you what song it was.
They have similar technology for videos, audio, and text.
That's how they block InfoWars from getting uploaded on the web everywhere.
Before it even gets published.
But they can't stop child porn.
Because they're doing it on purpose.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, J.D.
Let's talk to Mark in Massachusetts.
Mark, thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
Long time listener.
First time caller.
Thank you.
How you doing?
I just wanted to call in to see if you know about Phil Schneider.
Ever heard of him before?
Which Phil Schneider?
There's a lot of Phil Schneiders.
He was like a whistleblower back in 1995.
Oh, the guy with the underground bases?
I interviewed him one month before he died, like 25 years ago.
It was incredible.
No kidding, because I was also watching the show called Cosmic Disclosure, and they're saying they're doing some crazy stuff down in those underground bunkers with like human slicing with aliens and hybrids and everything.
Do you know anything about that?
I don't know if that's true but there's a lot of stuff going on underground and they admit they're splicing animals with humans openly with chimeric clones.
So that's mainline news.
One of the other whistleblowers on this cosmic disclosure on Gaia TV or whatever said that they actually have whole cities of clones of people that they're actually releasing viruses and seeing how quick people can die from different viruses.
Man, we are not living in Kansas anymore is all I know.
I appreciate your call, Mark.
Dean in California, go ahead.
Alex, oh my gosh, it's so great to talk to you.
Two quick plugs with a little bit of advice for the Q Supplements.
Number one, Vazabeat.
You get Vazabeat, one to three droppers in a glass of filtered water with a wedge of lemon.
Mix it up.
It's the best tasting thing you've ever had in your life.
And it does great things.
It creates...
Oh, what's the gas in your blood that's so good for your heart?
It's nitrous oxide.
Sorry, go ahead.
Nitrous oxide, yeah.
Bees have so much great minerals, elements, nutrients.
Well, it's got some compound that releases nitrous oxide in the blood.
That's what it really does.
Yeah, yeah.
And it tastes great in a glass of water with a wedge of lemon.
Oh my goodness.
Ben, one plan.
Six, squirt in your mouth.
Inhale through the mouth.
Exhale through the nose.
You get it through your entire respiratory tract, into the nasal passages, and the breathing in your mouth.
What's on your mind about what's going on?
Oh my gosh, Alex, so much to say.
Still a little time.
Number one, I love you.
Number two, I'm in California holding the line.
Spiritually, I do a lot of meditation.
I do a lot of prayer.
I'm trying to work against this great force of darkness that we're seeing throughout the whole world.
And I'm doing my best every day, and I love you.
I love listening to you.
Number two, you're saying you're getting sick of Alex Jones?
I invite you to come back to your roots, Alex.
Go back to the history books, read some passages, maybe two segments a day.
Successful revolution, where the people rose up, where the people came together.
My ancestors, the Greeks, were enslaved by the Turks for 500 years.
How did we keep our culture?
How did we keep our people alive?
How did we survive to this day?
No, you're right.
The Greeks surviving 500 years of occupation is probably the greatest resistance story.
And there's stories like that all over the world.
In Asia, in Europe, in Africa, even in the Americas.
Especially more closer to modern day.
Beautifully said, Dean.
Call me again.
I got Sean and Tyson.
I can give you each a minute.
I'm trying to cut you short.
I want to get to both of you.
Sean, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Two things I wanted to talk about is the county sheriff and then the judge presiding over your case.
First, most people do not realize that the sheriff, the county sheriff, is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county.
He took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.
The judge also took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.
She violated that oath when she violated your constitutional right.
I don't know what county your trial was in, but the county sheriff has a responsibility to arrest her for violating her oath.
Well, there's no doubt she's a monster.
I mean, a full-on Soros monster who told the jury I was guilty 20-something times.
A judge did that once.
It's a mistrial every time.
They just decided to do this criminal operation.
It's just really important that people understand the importance of the county sheriff in their county.
They need to ask their sheriff, are you a constitutional sheriff?
If the sheriff can't answer that or they hesitate, that gives them their answer.
I hear you, Sean.
Thank you so much.
Tyson in Kansas, last caller.
Hey Alex, just real quick, I wanted to tie in what happened with you.
First of all, it's a tragedy that this would happen to an American, but I think it's like, I know you've talked a lot about like the blueprint being laid out.
I think it really is Just a show or like sort of a designated dose of what they're going to give to the American people coming up.
If you speak out against certain things, you're going to be held accountable or liable, I guess, is the legal jargon that they would probably use.
You're going to have to pay fees, and if you can't pay up, they'll probably throw your ass in jail, or... Oh, it's already happening in England and Europe.
Absolutely, yes.
They admitted in the closing, we're going to shut down all the conservatives.
It's incredible.
Thank you for holding, Tyson.
We love you and appreciate you.
Sorry to cut you short.
Gerald Cilente, top trends forecaster, takes over the next 45 minutes.
Then Owen Schroer at 3 p.m.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show, and great seeing Alex Jones.
You know, what's going on in this country, it's the U.S.S.A.
It's communist and fascist.
And I'll explain it to you.
On the communism side, you do what I tell you to do.
What constitution?
What Bill of Rights?
A Declaration of Independence?
Grow up!
All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Hey, not in the commie state of America!
What pursuit of happiness?
Who are you?
I'm Gavin Newsom!
The arrogant boy, the daddy's boy from California.
I'll tell you what to do.
I'm little Andy Cuomo, a daddy's boy over here in New York.
From sea to shining sea.
Dictators, dictators, dictators.
One after another.
We'll tell you what to do.
Lock down your business.
We're going to flatten the curve.
Remember that one?
All the essential businesses are allowed to be open?!
You are not essential?!
I'm Gavin Newsom, you stay in your home?!
Well, I go to the French Laundry and eat a meal that costs about $400.
You little plantation workers of Slavelandia!
And you, all you little boys and girls out there!
And all you adults that want a job, no jab, no job!
This is the commie state of America!
I gotta tell you, I'm one of the most hated people by a lot of people up here in Kingston, New York.
You know why?
Back when little Andy Cuomo closed down everything, I had a July 4th Peace and Freedom Rally.
Why, how dare you?
And the little newspaper up here, the newspaper, headline, Celente has, you know, rally 13 cases of COVID.
I'm going back to 2020, July 2020.
Oh, you mean the cases from COVID were from like a week ago?
Well, you put that up there so people would look and think it happened then.
Oh, and by the way, I died from the virus.
I have a tenant over here called Rough Draft.
I used to put on conferences in this place, the 1774 Academy.
It's one of the three historic buildings I own in the most historic four corners of America.
And I bought these because I'm a patriot.
The seeds of democracy were sown here.
They closed down at a sign up.
We're closing down at 2 p.m.
because there's a political rally.
On the corners that I have over there and in the gardens.
We had it on July 23rd.
We had Judge Napolitano, Scott Ritter, Gary Null, Phil Giraldi, former CIA guy who quit the CIA because they knew that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction to tie his talcata.
They knew it was a lie.
Yeah, that Phil Giraldi.
They closed down.
People can't stand me, you know why?
How dare you not swallow the crap that I swallow!
You don't obey your governor!
You don't bend down to the little boy that's the mayor over here, a little ignoble piece of crap that cut down the beautiful trees on the most historic four corners, a little clown of nothing!
Why, Celenti, you don't bow down to these clowns and swallow the crap that we swallow!
You haven't been vaccinated, and we have!
And we get the virus anyway.
But we hate you because you won't follow orders from dictators!
The commie state of America!
And on the fascist side, once upon a time there was a man named Benito Mussolini.
Yeah, Paisano of mine, not too proud of him, but hey, you know, good and bad comes in everything.
Fascism is the merger of state and corporate powers.
I just gave you some of the commie end.
Oh, I forgot about the Patriot Act.
I forgot about, I forgot about them spying on us and watching everything that we do.
On the fascist end, hey, Solenti, you're just a piece of garbage.
Hey, but the Goldman Sachs gang, the Merrill Lynch mob, the JPMorgan Chase, they're too big to fail.
We'll bail them out with a trillion dollars.
You know, hey, Federal Reserve will pump in 29 trillion to bail them out between 2007 and 2010.
You're full of baloney, Celente!
Oh no, that didn't come from me.
That came from the Levy Institute at Bard College.
Yeah, Bard College, Bard Board, whacked out Bard College where they made all the kids get vaccinated, locked down, all the stupid crap.
Yep, that Bard College.
All the colleges that force kids, students, to get jabs.
No jab, no school.
No jab, no job.
Oh, can't understand why you have shortages of workers.
The airline industry?
No jab, no job.
We have become a commie fascist state.
Look at the little clowns that are running our lives.
Boy, Teddy Cruz is proud that Pelosi went to Taiwan?
What are you doing over there?
What are you going to do?
Oh, and that's the other baloney, by the way, that the Biden administration, you know, wasn't proving.
It was the Biden administration that pushed this Taiwan thing.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
When I come back, I'm going to talk about the economy and how it's going down and how it's hitting hard.
But we won't talk about the economy.
We won't talk about everyday people's everyday lives and how they can't make ends meet as they rob all our money and send it to the killing fields of Ukraine.
Oh, another billion dollars went this weekend.
Another billion dollars to bloody the killing fields.
The country is run by the banksters.
The military-industrial complex, the drug dealers that people call Big Pharma, and Big Tech.
Big Tech!
Could you imagine calling them Big Tech when you look at these little freaks like a Zuckerberg?
Like a one jerk after another?
A clown show?
These are the people running and ruining our lives.
You better support InfoWars.
You better keep the truth alive, because if we don't, it's going to be hell on earth.
We're already going in that direction.
Remember, when all else fails, they take you to war.
We cannot afford to have a loss and only gains from InfoWars, so do what you can to support them.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and great listening to Alex Jones.
You know, he's done so much in the team.
They work very hard to bring what they're bringing to the people and it's being stolen from us.
As I said, we've turned into a communist, fascist state.
Communism equals censorship.
Communism equals dictates from politicians telling us what to do, robbing us of our God-given rights.
Of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
So, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Because... We're just going downhill.
You know, I watched this interview with Roger Waters.
And on CNN.
What a little jerk they had interviewing him.
Pink Floyd cat.
What a little moron this guy was.
These stupid comments he's making.
You know, one dopey thing after another.
And you know, people say, you know, Salenti, you're very angry.
You bet I am.
I'm angry.
I'm a man.
And I see where life is going.
And I'm a trend forecaster.
Been at this for 42 years.
Best-selling books, Trends 2000, Trend Tracking, far better than Megatrends Time Magazine.
Publisher of the Trends Journal Weekly Magazine.
Last week was only about 158 pages.
I read about the facts.
I understand where we are, how we got here, so I can see where we're going.
And I see hell on earth.
So that's why I'm fighting and doing what I can to restore what we've lost.
And we can do it.
We need a second American revolution.
And this one has to be peaceful.
It can be.
Because we're fighting nobodies.
And being angry.
He who's not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral.
Because anger looks to the good of justice.
And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust, said St.
Thomas Aquinas.
Believe or not to believe in anybody you want to believe in, but the quote makes sense to me.
It's a freak show and the freaks are in charge.
Look at Fauci last week.
If you aren't up to date on COVID vaccines and boosters, you're going to get into trouble.
That's right.
If they don't get vaccinated, they don't get boosted, they're going to get into trouble.
Fauci's Vice President Biden's Chief Medical Advisor.
Chief piece of scum crap.
The guy that sold us AIDS.
The guy that JFK Jr.
wrote about in his book?
And you read JFK Jr.' 's book, and you see the facts?
Oh, what a disgusting piece of slime!
The highest-paid public servant in America, Fauci, is spewing out?
Don't get angry, Salenchi!
We hate you!
We love Fauci!
We like to swallow crap!
We eat crap!
We listen to crap!
We swallow crap!
We are the demo craps!
No, no, no!
We're the repulsive kids!
Here it is.
He was not angry.
Just cause.
Because anger looks to the good of justice.
And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.
And again, when you look at InfoWars and then you look at what the people think of the rest of the media, American confidence in two facets of the news media, newspapers and television news, has fallen to all-time low points to 16% of US adults now say they have a great deal of quite a lot of confidence in newspapers and only 11% in television news.
Television news.
Again, you look at that interview with Waters and that little clown, moron, imbecile, gutless little coward interviewing him.
Again, I used to be on CNN like four times a month back in the day.
I used to be on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah, you name it.
I was on.
I've been on the other side, Fox and Friends.
I used to be on Fox loads of times.
They don't want me on anymore, because I won't toe their line!
I toe the left!
I toe the right!
I toe what's right, not right or left.
And that's what InfoWars does.
So you need to support InfoWars to support the truth.
We have become a communist fascist state of America.
Look at the clown show.
Whoopi Goldberg.
I mean, look at this!
Look at this!
Look at this!
The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus went out of business because all you gotta do is turn on the TV to see the greatest freak show on Earth.
CNN Plus, yeah, that came into a big minus.
They went nowhere quick.
You get it?
There's little Anderson Cooper.
Oh, yeah.
The daddy's girl?
No, no, the mommy's girl.
The mommy's boy.
Gloria Vanderbilt is my mommy.
Yeah, one big club and you ain't in it.
So that's the Fauci line about everybody needing to get vaccines.
And I tell you what, a bunch of freaks and fools we got running the show, that other fat mouth, that other little warmongering fat mouth that couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, or maybe they don't make paper bags big enough to put on that crapster, Lindsey Graham.
Every war this clown boy likes.
And boy, did he love the COVID war.
Here is a quote from the Lindsey Graham clown.
Graham criticized Senator Rand Paul, this goes back, after Paul said, quote, I've heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccine.
Response Graham said that Paul was, quote, creating anxiety for no good reason and looking at this issue through a libertarian's eyes, not a physician's eyes.
Look at this little jerk of a moron, this arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, world mongering freak.
I love the repulsive kins.
No, I'm a demo crap.
How can you look up to this jerk?
He goes on.
As to freedom, when I say they're robbing it from us, fat-mouthed, slimeball, warmongering, low-life piece of garbage Graham said, as for freedom, it is cherished.
It's hard to come by.
It is hard to hang on to.
Yeah, you know why?
Because slimers like you Are stealing it from us!
But freedom without responsibility is chaos.
So to those who push the idea that freedom would allow an individual to do anything, anywhere, at any time, I reject!
Hi, Graham!
The little clown!
I reject!
Your freedom ends where my ability to raise my family safely begins.
So I would urge every American to vaccinate their children.
Oh yeah, vaccinate your children?
Let's see, fat mouth, freak face Graham.
How many children die of the virus?
Oh, according to the CDC, 61% of all hospitalized 1 to 17 year olds Suffering from obesity?
Which looks like you've got a pretty fat gut yourself.
Oh, yeah.
And out of 74 million people over the course of two years, one to 17 year olds, about 72, 74 million, less than 700 died.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
Oh, as I said, Communism on the Graham side, right out of that freak face's mouth, and fascism on the other side.
He loves war to support the military-industrial complex.
Support InfoWars!
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show, and I thank Alex Jones for all that he does, his fight for freedom, peace, and justice, and all the staff, the team behind him.
Thank you for all that you do.
And during these times, it's very important to do what you can to lift and support InfoWars.
And you're not only doing it for what it gives you, but how it helps you.
And the products that they have, you know, they speak for themselves.
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Fluoride free, huh?
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And that's what they're giving you, the tip of the spear.
Because they're robbing us of our freedom and these products help you.
And they help InfoWars.
You know, talking about this, there was an article that came out, it was like in Yahoo, and it was about not taking care of your gums and gum disease.
And buried in the article, they had that people with severe gum disease were nine times more likely to get COVID.
Yeah, no kidding.
Your immune system is breaking down.
You know, I saw on InfoWars, the mayor guy, they quoted talking about obesity.
You know, of course, it's, you know, we've been writing about this in the Trends Journal for years, how costly it is to America and to the people.
Again, the people swallow crap.
They swallow crap food, they listen to crap news, and they obey crap heads that they call politicians.
Again, if I was elected, I'd have a fat tax.
The more you pay, the more you weigh.
You know, the better you get, the less you pay.
I mean, this is terrible what's going on.
Little children.
And now they got everybody freaked out.
Where I am up here in New York, I don't like it here anymore.
I love Kingston.
I don't dig it here anymore.
People are so uptight.
I went shopping the other day.
People with masks on all over the place.
Walking outside with masks on, driving in their cars.
With masks on.
Used to have a farmer's market across the street over here.
They still do.
They used to have it out in the street, which is much better if they put it in the big county parking lot over here.
And when the COVID broke out, they had little kindergarten men and women painting circles on the sidewalk every six feet.
And every six feet from each of the vendors.
So the wind doesn't blow.
It only blows in straight lines in exactly six feet.
Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the economy.
The markets are flat today.
They were down, up, down, up, down.
The whole game is rigged.
You have the private equity groups and hedge funds control the whole deal.
We're going to the worst financial crisis in human history.
Again, when all else fails, they take it to war.
And they're going to do it to us.
This thing of Pelosi going over there, that was ramping up war talk.
And you saw the implications of what China did.
This isn't China This isn't the China before Bill Clinton brought them into the World Trade Organization and built them up from a nothing country to the second richest in the world.
That other slimy piece of low-life crap who gave us NAFTA and China into the World Trade Organization so the manufacturers could go overseas and get cheap and go south to get cheap labor.
So when you look at what's going on, China acts as links with US military over Pelosi trip.
And that's from the Financial Times.
China bans 2,000 foodstuffs from Taiwan, Financial Times.
So you put it all together, the sanctions on Russia, the economics that are being created with war.
We're going into a terrible time.
And they say we're not in recession.
We're in recession.
It was always two negative quarters of GDP growth until they started changing it.
And again, this was an egregious provocation, but the White House was totally behind it.
Pelosi's a top member of the club.
They all want to get this thing going.
So going back to the recession, this isn't stagflation as the cover of our magazine shows.
It's dragflation.
The economy's dragging down.
You look at the GDP numbers, but no one... We sent out tens of thousands of press releases calling this dragflation by the facts.
You have inflation going up the last quarter at 9.1% and the GDP declining.
It's dragging down.
It's not stagnant.
It's not stagflation.
It's dragflation.
Oh, you're not allowed to say drag.
You can't say gay anymore.
I'm not happy.
Yeah, stop it.
I don't care who you are, what you do, what you want to be, what you'll, you know, do this to or that to.
I could care less!
But don't tell me who I have to be.
I don't tell you what to believe, don't tell me what to believe.
And how dare you tell me I gotta swallow your crap.
So, as we're looking at what's going on in the world, and the implications of what's going on, We have the biggest economic crisis in human history, and we have World War III heating up.
It's right in front of our eyes for all to see.
And again, we write about it each week in the Trends Journal.
And this new law that they just passed, the anti-inflation thing, is pro-inflation.
Pro-fascism gives the bigs more benefits, just like that other chip-making deal that they did last week.
Hey, you want to build chips over here?
Yeah, we'll give you money.
Don't worry about it.
I'll create jobs.
We'll give you money.
Don't worry about it.
It's fascism.
It's the merger of state and corporate powers.
Buying up corporate bonds.
It's fascism.
What do you mean you're buying up corporate bonds?
What do you mean you give the bigs tax breaks?
What do you mean you give the bigs all this kind of money so they can build what they want to build?
It's fascism.
And Bernie Sanders is a sellout, you know, with minimal effect.
This clown, he's a warmongering little freak that, you know, just plays the game.
It's another little clown that never worked a day in his life.
A little jerk.
One jerk after another telling us what to do.
Again, do what you can.
Richard Nixon.
The American people don't believe anything until they've seen it on television.
All right?
And that's why you need to support InfoWarp, particularly now.
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We're giving you everything we can to tell you what you need to know.
What you, if you really need to do things and how to do it, and again, the motto is think for yourself, we're giving it to The Trends Journal.
Again, the world economy, it's not stagflation, it's dragflation.
And below you can see the Freedom, Peace and Justice Rally we had.
You know, I'm fighting for this.
I don't, I don't benefit by holding a big peace rally that costs a lot of money and takes a lot of energy out of you.
I'm doing it for we the people of the United States.
In order to form a more perfect union.
And endowed by their creator with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
What do you mean happiness?
We suck the joy out of life!
We're repulsive gins and demo-craps.
Don't forget to vote.
Don't forget to vote.
The last two presidents I voted for were Ralph Nader and Ron Paul.
That's it.
We need to change this course of history.
And we can do it.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
Says Samuel Adams.
And your Info Wars and Trends Journal subscribers are that irate, tireless minority.
And again, you see the products that they have, the gold, the silver, great times for those.
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I'm actually not worried about what happens with us.
It's up to you and God working through you.
But I would like to continue on, and I told you, I'll never give up.
I'll never sell out.
But I could give out.
And my flesh wants to give out.
My spirit's like, got a gun to my head.
It's impossible.
I don't know how to sell out.
I don't know how to lie.
I don't know how to give in or back down.
That's why, not bragging, but I got in fights with people who weighed 60, 70 pounds bigger than me, and I beat their brains out.
Because I don't give up.
I don't stop.
But I'm telling you, we're very close to giving out.
Like a horse that's willing to keep running forever, horses will run till they die.
A great example of that is the fictional True Grit, where the horse dies.
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I want to thank you all for your incredible support.
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It's up to you.
We'll be right back.