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Name: 20220805_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 5, 2022
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"On his show, Alex Jones discusses topics such as allegations of government officials aiding in child trafficking, cannibalism endorsed by mainstream media, COVID-19 vaccines causing mass death, and the book "The Great Reset." He also mentions legal issues he faces due to ongoing custody battle for his son with his ex-wife. Alex Jones denies claims that he made $61 million in 2021 and has a net worth of $170 million. He believes this is against the law and wants either all or no parts of the trial to be shown on camera. The show then moves into a business class setting where the instructor discusses construction costs for a factory. Pastor Rodney Howard Brown of revival.com was arrested but is now free due to the Constitution being on his side. He believes he was targeted by Soros because 22 years ago, he was in a church in Budapest that kicked Soros out of Hungary. The attack against the church has been a way to silence pastors and control the community. Alex Jones encourages listeners to support him by making donations via cryptocurrency or purchasing merchandise from the Infowars store. He also promotes his book "The Great Reset in the

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It's Friday, August 5th, 2022.
I'm Alex Jones, live in studio.
Strap yourselves in.
One of the things you've been talking about on your show is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
You mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?
Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
What do you mean, like what Jeffrey Epstein did with Clinton?
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Love the great meme makers out there defending freedom.
Great job, love you all.
Okay, we have the official announcements happening everywhere of shutting off the economy and that cannibalism will now be good.
New York Times, Washington Post, Der Spiegel,
All of it.
They are officially saying, what I told you two years ago, they would start saying that cannibalism is good.
First they tell you eat bugs, you'll own nothing and have nothing and like it, then eat humans.
And you ask, why are they doing this?
Well, I've read the globalist battle plan.
They want total dehumanization.
In the short documentary film that was just an add-on to Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, Endgame 1.5, finally found it.
It had been on YouTube.
It got deleted, but we finally found a copy of it last week and put it on Bandai Video.
And in game 1.5, we show you the UN documents from the UN that are only available at the library.
And in that film, Dr. Kaufman got it from the UN library in New York with special permission.
He's an academic, or was.
He's dead now.
And they said, we're going to get rid of the value of human life, we're going to get rid of beautiful architecture, and we're going to bring back human sacrifice, and gladiatorial games, and even cannibalism.
Now you read that, that's the official UN plan, and you're like, that sounds crazy.
That's from the mid-1960s.
Well baby, we're here.
Kill babies after they're born?
You bet.
We're going to hit that.
We're going to hit the huge developments with DeSantis leading the charge, firing, and then having the police go to the offices of Soros operatives inside the government so they can't destroy any evidence of them criminally taking orders from the big guy.
We've got massive news on the China and Ukraine situation.
Big developments in Ukraine that nobody's talking about in the West.
COVID-19 shots killing people, major academic journals confirming it's causing mass death, which we already knew, but this is just more confirmation.
We've got a huge broadcast lined up for you today.
And then Mike Adams in studio, always amazing, coming up in the second hour.
And he's going to also have some big guests on with him, because I've got to go back down to this kangaroo court.
The rest of it, I'll be here for about an hour and 15 minutes.
And I'll be back this evening, as I did last night, shooting special reports and going on The War Room with Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
I should be in there during the last hour today.
Hello, this is Owen.
All this news is huge.
It's all massive.
But the discoveries we've made in how this attempt to rig
The judiciary system in this country, what we've witnessed is next level.
Absolutely next level.
And it's a beta test being run by Soros, literally, to do this all over the country.
And you're not going to believe what the judge is doing publicly.
She's not even hiding it.
And I believe it's criminal.
I believe it's criminal.
But again, this county's run by Soros, so they're allowed to commit crimes.
We can't even be good people.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's Friday, August 5th, 2022.
I am your embattled InfoWars radio TV host, Alex Jones, and I am very honored and blessed to be here with you today.
Okay, there's always millions of folks that tune in.
We're very blessed to do the weekday show and the weekend shows, both on radio and TV and of course over the internet and the places you can find it where it's not being censored, like InfoWars.com and Bandai Video.
And we have a big broadcast with a bunch of in-studio guests and more that I will tell you about coming up at the start of the next segment.
And then I'll get into the huge China-slash-Ukraine-Russia news, the massive COVID-19 new lockdown news, the huge Green New Deal admission of the planetary shutdown plan, and so much more.
The great work that Sanis is doing.
Literally firing these deep state Soros operatives that violate their oaths of office, and having the state police go into their offices, make sure they don't destroy any evidence of what they've been up to.
Yeah, he's got them under investigation.
DeSantis just gets better and better, because he's actually going after the deep state.
Trump never really did that.
But DeSantis is doing it.
Trump fought the Deep State.
Trump did a lot of things executively, but never actually took Soros on head on.
So we've got a special guest, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, popping in at the bottom of the hour.
This prosecutor is the one that had him arrested.
Well now he's been fired by the governor.
So Roddy Howard Brown is going to pop in for a segment or so.
Then Mike Adams is going to have a big special guest when he's in here co-hosting, who's one of the experts on why is the West committing suicide?
What are some examples of it and how do we turn it around?
And why do the globalists want the West to commit suicide?
So that's another big guest as well here today.
But let me do this now.
Because a lot of people
Are tuning in to the show, wanting to get my response to the $4.1 million judgment by an Austin jury yesterday.
I shot a video last night, that's at man.video, where I lay out in about five minutes my stance on it and where I stand.
But I'll do that again for everybody that's tuned in live, because I know a lot of you are tuning in that are new viewers.
Going to get my view.
But there's last night's announcement, breaking exclusive, Alex Jones responds to 4.2 million Sandy Hook verdict, 628,000 views.
You want to go see it?
It's a very important video.
But let me just briefly chronicle what's been happening in the last week and a half, now almost two weeks as of today.
In this kangaroo court, and how it's the model for the rest of the country and the world, and then how George Soros and the operatives are literally coordinating and running this.
The corporate media that's in the courtroom are all coordinating.
The judge is coordinating with the media.
The judge is altering the record of the trial, in my view, and I'll explain that in a moment.
And they, she didn't just say I'm guilty and tell the jury for the 20 times I'm guilty, and that they had to find me guilty.
You're not allowed to find him innocent.
I found him guilty, she said.
She barred us.
She barred us from being able to respond in the punitive damages phase to our net worth.
Now, we turned over to them an accurate net worth after she defaulted us.
I spent days up here with lawyers.
They got all the numbers, looked at my personal money, everything, gave them a complete list under court order.
And I knew it was all rigged, but I wanted to show the world this.
And then, instead they barred us from argument or calling any witnesses.
We could only cross-examine their expert, who literally is some dandruff-covered
The guy that looks like he has a grey wig on, who stumbles around, he has a name like Thurston Howell the 7th or something, I'm not joking.
He has like five names.
Wilford Znibblesnabble of the Gribble Pibble.
I mean, I've got to find his name in the news.
That guy's print off articles about it.
He's been testifying a few hours.
I was just down there for 30 minutes.
And I knew what they were going to say, because the press kept asking me.
The New York Times, CBS News would say, you got $61 million last year, and you're worth $300 million, and your net worth is $170 million.
And I would just hear these, and I'd say, no, I don't have a million dollars in my bank account.
I don't have all this stuff you're talking about.
But they would always say the same stuff.
So here's the big news first off.
And people are live tweeting this and I've talked to my lawyers, this is indeed what they're saying.
Overhead shot please?
A little bit of an overhead shot for me, thanks.
It says, they just claimed Alex Jones personally pulled $61 million out of free speech last year.
That is a completely insane, made up number.
Argued personal net worth of AJ, $70 to $140 million.
My net worth is below five million if you count everything I've got.
It's because we had an official statement that we gave them.
We had an updated statement where I have even less money now.
And yesterday the judge said, oh no, he can't testify and no one can talk on your side.
We're just going to have this guy up there who literally looked at me like he wanted to kill me.
I'm sitting there right in front of him.
He's on the bench and our table's right in front of the testimony bench.
And he just
Looked at me with just total hate.
There was big brushy eyebrows, big bushy eyebrows.
And I said, I know what this is going to be.
I've already heard all the numbers.
They're going to say I have $61 million last year.
And they're going to say I have all this money.
I mean, why not?
They're closing statements.
Yesterday, they said he makes $300 million a year.
It just keeps growing.
Our biggest year ever gross was $70 million.
That's gross, you know, when you're selling $30 million worth of food, but you make 30% on it on average.
And they had some other
Doctored up stuff saying we make 70% on food.
I assure you that's not the case.
Strike me down by 50,000 trillion bolts of lightning if it's not true.
I mean, just really weird stuff going on in this trial.
But it's not bad to make money.
I wish we had a lot more money.
We could do a lot more and not be so desperately trying to cling and stay on air.
So all that happened, but really the big takeaway here is not that.
I was here yesterday, running around the office, trying to watch the verdict, and she was killing the stream every five minutes or so, because she said she would livestream it, but we kicked their butts so bad, even though we had our hands tied behind our backs, that she killed the stream during most of my testimony.
So that law and crime can only put out edited clips of me where I go, oh, that's a Perry Mason moment.
Except it's not.
Those text messages all come from me on my phone.
I gave it to all the lawyers as I testified.
And now you have it proving I told you the damn truth.
And you guys just act like you didn't have it.
Like, oh, we've got his phone!
We've got his phone!
It was given to him.
So the level of this is really comical.
In fact, at this point,
I mean, I'm living in a crazy town here.
It's like at the end of Cross of Iron where everything's collapsing, everything's burning and blowing up as the Russians enter Berlin.
Everybody's just laughing.
I'm not comparing myself to the Germans in World War II.
I'm just saying, there just gets to be a point where it's so insane you're just laughing at it.
Because they sit there with the corporate media and the judge and their lawyers just saying all this stuff like parents that isn't true.
Like everything else they do.
So here's what I believe is illegal.
If the judge is going to let something be televised, televise it.
Real courts, if they do it, have a pool camera or two cameras that aim at whoever's speaking and when the judge speaks.
Instead, there's just dozens of cameras, but they're all pet media, and they all are on the same script and all put the same clips out, basically.
And the judge sits there while she controls the YouTube stream, turning it on and turning it off and turning it on and turning it off.
She doesn't even know how to mute the stream.
She just kills the stream.
She's up there like a DJ, running it.
So either you're going to show people the trial,
Or don't, but I think it's illegal to claim something's televised, and then only let out certain parts of the trial, but when something you don't like happens, you kill the stream, and then turn it back on when the other side's speaking.
And then Bankston, their main lawyer gets up, the plaintiff's lawyer, the ambulance chaser, and goes, listen, judge, I want you to not kill the stream during this part, because I'm going to expose that law enforcement wants Jones' phone, and, you know, he's going down, and it's January 6th, and all this stuff.
And none of that's even true.
She's like, OK, I'll keep it streaming.
But when my lawyer talks, she turns it off.
I mean, this is beyond any kangaroo rig court ever.
And this woman is literally a blue haired SJW.
We have photos of her on her own Facebook.
She thinks it's all completely normal.
They just think it's complete.
She doesn't even understand how ridiculous she looks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, guys.
I promise you I'm going to get into world news for the rest of this broadcast today.
We've got so many special guests in studio, but I've got to finish up because they just gave me transcripts and tweets of what's going on down at the Kangaroo Courthouse there where I'm being railroaded in the second phase of the damages.
And again, it's all ridiculous because I'll tell you the secret of it here in just a moment.
But, I told you the guy had a name like Thurston Howell III, but they didn't say his two middle names.
He said it on the stand, because I was there this morning.
It's Bernard, Bernard Pettigill.
And he goes like, Bernard Snidwopolis Gubertomandius Pettigillison.
I mean, I couldn't believe it when he said his name.
And so, he's sitting there staring at me, and I knew I had to come to the show, at least some of it, and I said, I know what he's going to say.
And I left.
Because, I mean, we need to be on air.
To be here.
Their whole mission is to get us off air, and they made a huge issue of that.
We've now learned.
But, that's not the issue.
They are saying that I perjured myself saying, yeah, I gave you my text messages, I gave them to my lawyers.
We have your text messages from your lawyers!
Yeah, a bunch of raw ones they gave you on accident, not just the ones that we were ordered to turn over with search terms.
That's the only issue.
It's not my whole phone.
It's, again, from late 2019, 2020, and there's nothing there.
We've looked at it.
We haven't done anything wrong.
Headlines everywhere, he's going down, perjury, it's incredible.
They're up there saying, this man has 300 million dollars a year.
This man is worth 100 some million dollars.
This man was paid 61 million dollars last year.
You know what that 61 million dollar number is?
Because they sued my dad that I'm partners with in the supplement company?
That we set up 10 years ago?
61 million dollars.
Is like four years, three and a half years of what the supplements cost.
You can see these are quality.
We can buy stuff for 10% of what we buy.
We buy the highest quality we can get.
The 61 million is money paid by free speech systems into that company to get the product and that's their suing my poor dad
Saying we want the 61 million, if this guy was a real economist, we already explained to him, it bought the damn product.
But they keep saying, where's, but they don't even say four years, which it says that's the number in four years.
They say that it's what I paid myself last year, when on the sheet it says four years.
Where's the missing?
So, I've been there for a week and a half, and reporters rock my go, we're gonna get ya!
We know you made 61 million last year, and I go, oh!
Yeah, alright!
So, again, these people are out of control, and the judge told all the news cameras, I've authorized all of you to be here.
But no one else is allowed to film, and if you do, I'll have you arrested.
And stuff like that.
She's on tape!
And then whenever we speak, she cuts us off on YouTube, and then lets them speak.
So they can then have the news crews edit down, and they're coordinating because they put out different camera shots, but down to the same sections.
So somebody picks the time, they've got these directors back there talking to all the cameras, and then they put out what they want.
Everybody's telling me about it.
Here's an example.
On YouTube, you'll have 10 to 1 comments for me.
And all of a sudden they all get pushed down and deleted and a bunch of hateful comments get put to the top.
It'll have like five upvotes.
One with a thousand upvotes is removed or pushed to the bottom.
So they are, this is a war game of how to control the media, how to control the court, and how to coordinate this scam.
And this is huge, ladies and gentlemen.
So the judge is in live time manipulating what the world can see so they can edit it to make me look bad.
So I'm asking all the listeners.
They don't want you to look at the last week and a half of the trial.
They don't want you, but there's, there's copies all over the internet.
People are now figuring out she's doing this without us even ever asking.
And now everybody's going and finding it and going and finding what they weren't supposed to have.
Because there were several other groups they're streaming that didn't completely coordinate.
So copies are out there.
And people are recording it while it's streamed now, but noticing they've gotten desperate, so now she's cutting it off up to three or four times every ten minutes.
I guess she gets a signal because they're actually signaling each other.
I mean, hell, their head lawyer gets up and says, now, don't cut the feed for the next ten minutes, okay?
And then he goes up and says, Jones perjured himself, you know, the Justice Department, everything else, we got his whole phone, which they don't, all this stuff, and then
Then it's like, okay, your honor, and she's like, cuts the feed.
This is total coordination.
This is a judge, totally weaponized, and the model of what they want to do.
But here is the example of how Bernard Pettigrew would be portrayed in Hollywood, but a lot of these economists are exactly like this.
They don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
Here it is.
We've got a lot to cover and time is short.
There are two kinds of people in business today.
The quick and the dead.
So rather than waste your time this semester with a lot of useless theories, we're going to jump right in with both feet and create a fictional company from the ground up.
We'll construct our physical plant,
We'll set up an efficient administrative and executive structure, then we'll manufacture our product and market it.
I think you'll find it very interesting and a lot of fun.
So let's start by looking at construction costs of our new factory.
Uh, what's the product?
That is immaterial for the purposes of our discussion here, but if it makes you happy, let's say we're making tape recorders.
Tape recorders?
Are you kidding?
The Japs will kill us on a labor course!
Okay, fine.
Then let's just say they're widgets.
What's a widget?
It's a fictional product.
It doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter.
Tell that to the bank, you know.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
It's the first thing, you know.
On the board!
You will see a cost analysis for construction of a 30,000-square-foot facility, which will encompass both factory and office space, and is fully serviced by all utilities, a railroad spur line, and a four-bay shipping dock.
Hold it, hold it.
Why build?
Hey, you're better off leasing it at a buck and a quarter, a buck and a half a square foot.
Take your down payment and put it into CDs, or something else you can roll over every couple of months.
Thank you, Mr. Mellon.
But we'll be concentrating on finance a little later in the term.
For the time being, let's just concentrate on the construction figures, shall we?
You will see the final bottom line requires the factoring in of not just the material and construction costs, but also the architect's fees and the costs of land servicing.
Oh, you left out a bunch of stuff.
Oh, really?
Like what, for instance?
Well, first of all, you're gonna have to grease the local politicians for the sudden zoning problems that always come up.
That is, the kickbacks to the carpenters.
And if you plan on using any cement in this building, I'm sure the team should like to have a little chat with you.
And that'll cost you.
Oh, and don't forget a little something for the building inspectors.
Then there's a long-term course, such as waste disposal.
I don't know if you're familiar with who runs that business, but I assure you it's not the Boy Scouts.
That'll be quite enough, Mr. Mellon.
Maybe bribes and kickbacks and mafia payoffs are how you do business.
But they are not part of the legitimate business world.
And they're certainly not part of anything I'm teaching in this class.
Do I make myself clear?
Sorry, just trying to help, that's all.
Notwithstanding Mr. Mellon's input, the next question for us is, where to build our factory?
How about Fantasyland?
Well, my favorite pasture...
Rodney Howard Brown is going to be our guest for the rest of the hour.
He was one of the main leaders, the first major pastor, and then thousands of others followed, not just here but around the world, refusing to be shut down during the first days of the lockdowns two and a half years ago.
He was arrested by the Soros-backed and controlled prosecutor and thrown in jail, but he still got right back out and kept his huge international church with tens of thousands of members just alone in the Tampa area, the largest church, going, serving thousands of poor with food a day and so much more.
And now, the worm has turned big time.
We'll be talking to him in a moment, but first, here's a little bit of DeSantis' announcement and a little bit of his visit to Tucker Carlson last night.
The Constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the governor, not in individual state attorneys.
And so when you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, you have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of competence.
Well, Tucker, you documented the destruction that we've seen with these Soros prosecutors around the country, where they basically take it upon themselves
To determine which laws should be followed and which laws should not be followed.
And I can tell you in Florida's Constitution, that Constitution vests the veto power in the governor, not an individual district attorney or state attorney where they can pick and choose.
And so I asked my staff to review all state attorneys in the state of Florida.
I wanted to see who was picking and choosing.
And this is the guy.
That all the line prosecutors, all the law enforcement said he thinks he can pick and choose which laws.
And he actually signed letters saying he wouldn't force laws against transgender surgeries for minors, laws protecting the right to life, and then he has all these policies in his agency that are called presumptive non-prosecution.
No, the law is presumptively enforced.
That's not something that's acceptable.
And so we're here today.
We made the decision.
The jarring thing about it though, Tucker, I had all these sheriffs from the area there.
I had the former police chief in Tampa.
There's a lot of line prosecutors in that office that are very happy that this was done.
And so we took it seriously.
We did a thorough review and we pulled the trigger today.
I mean, it's so obviously unconstitutional.
Legislatures make the laws.
Judges decide whether they're consistent with the Constitution.
Prosecutors have no role in that.
They don't have the legal right, the constitutional right, to selectively enforce the law.
Or am I missing something?
No, you're right.
But here's what Soros is doing.
It's actually smart on his part.
They can't get these things enacted in a legislature where you're just going to let criminals run.
So what they do, he will get involved in these Democrat primaries in a Democrat area.
He'll flush a million dollars to get the radical to win the primary.
Then they usually win the general because of the party affiliation difference in the jurisdiction.
So then you get them in there and what they do is they want to change the criminal justice system through non-enforcement.
So it's a total end run around our constitutional system.
The results obviously have been destructive around the country, but it also really undermines the idea that ours is supposed to be a government of laws, not a government of individual men.
And they went on in the entire hour-long special to spend a lot of time on Pastor Rodney Howard Brown at Revival.com, and now he was arrested, they were harassed, all sorts of other things happened.
Simply amazing.
And we've got him with us to talk about this.
DeSantis sends cops to physically remove suspended Soros-backed state attorney.
And they want to get into, obviously, the state-owned computers and see what directives he was getting from Soros.
A warrant's not needed because it's the governor and he's in command of that and in command of law enforcement.
Instead, they think these prosecutors are the governors.
So, Rodney Howard Brown, congratulations on being steadfast and helping lead preachers worldwide to stand up to this.
I wanted to get you on.
I appreciate you coming on on short notice.
God bless you.
No, thank you, Alex.
You know, there was no doubt in my mind that we were targeted by Soros because 22 years ago, I was in the big church in Budapest, and that church had a revival.
They're the ones that kicked Soros out of Hungary.
So I've always been Andy Soros because I already knew what he was doing around the world, you know, as you've already talked about a lot on your program.
And so I probably was not aware that that attorney that came off to me, the district attorney, was actually a Soros operative.
I didn't, I didn't realize it.
And I felt at the time when I got arrested and I was in prison and came out they dropped all charges obviously because the Constitution was with me and not with them.
But I didn't, I felt not to sue and now look at what the Lord did.
Everything turned around, and what's so crazy is the governor came right to the office where the warrant for my arrest was issued.
And I actually should have been there yesterday, but we got in late from Fort Worth.
We landed about 3.30 in the morning, and by the time I got to bed, you know, and then I also didn't want to go there.
I actually didn't really know what the full meeting was about.
I was invited to be there with the governor, but in retrospect, it would look like I was gloating or whatever.
You know, I'm just about what we have to do to keep America safe and the American people safe.
Well, it really is amazing.
And I think about Arthur Polowski, though.
He spent months and months and months in prison for reopening his church, and he's finally out.
Solitary confinement for, what, four months?
We had peaceful folks that led the trucker protest.
She was in jail more than four months without bail.
I mean, this is dangerous.
We also just had a pastor come down from Canada.
Yeah, no question.
He was 10 days in solitary confinement.
And then he got out and he was actually confined to his house.
But I told him, well, I mean, it could have been worse, but you're with your wife and kids, so you should be happy you were not still in solitary.
But I mean, this is the stuff that's going on around the world.
And really, as I always said, this was an attack against the church because they know that the church is a meeting place, a place of fellowship, a place of community.
In a place, if pastors really speak up, they actually have weight with the congregation and they wanted to silence all the preachers and really put a shot across the bow and make everybody be afraid.
We better just comply, get everybody masked, get them all tested, get them vaxxed.
And then you saw what happened, where churches actually became vaccine centers, where people came
So, what I said to pastors is, okay, so let's think about this.
We have to close the church down because of COVID.
But now, the same church that's closed because of COVID, we can now open to come and get a vaccine?
That doesn't even make sense!
So, you know, if you just reason it out, it's like pure insanity.
And then you begin to realize it was not about 15 days to slow the spread.
And now they come up with the monkeypox concoction, which I think is more donkeypox, personally.
And it's really, whatever that narrative is, what they want to push.
The Agenda 2030, which was Agenda 21, then the Joint Agenda 2030, and the whole bringing America into conformity.
And I think last time I was on your program, we talked about it, where they're underestimated.
They thought that America was one country and would just bow.
They didn't realize we're actually 50 states and the states are sovereign.
So unlike the UK or other nations, where they actually have to obey, we don't.
We have a constitution.
And Fauci last week said Americans are bad.
They don't know how to obey authority.
Well, he's not a real authority.
Everything he said is a lie.
Plus he doesn't work.
Listen, the guy is a puppet put there basically by the World Health Organization and the United Nations.
He talks to them, they tell him what to do, and then he forces it on the American people.
That guy should be arrested immediately.
And for all of the stuff perpetrated on humanity, really war crimes.
Soros should be arrested right now.
Fauci should be arrested.
Bill Gates should be arrested.
All these people that are complicit in wreaking havoc on our planet.
But they're losing, Alex.
They are losing.
It's coming unraveled.
Well, God bless you, Pastor.
I want to do one more segment with you in your precious times.
I know you work around the clock like we do, and we love you.
I want to come back and cover whatever topics you want.
We haven't talked other than text messages this morning.
I've got a lot of questions, but I want you to talk about whatever you think is most important right now.
I'm worried about the new lockdowns they're announcing, the wars they're trying to start, the collapsing borders, what's going to happen to Biden.
But I want to hear what's front and center for Pastor Rodney Howard Brown.
Straight ahead, visit his site, Revival.com.
Everybody's church should be his church.
We are back with Rodney Howard Brown, who's traveled to more than a hundred countries, who has been an American for decades, but witnessed the incredible upheaval in South Africa.
Revival.com, he's here with us.
He was the pastor arrested by the Soros State Attorney, who's now been fired for violating his oath of office and dereliction of duty, and being the agent of Soros.
Governor DeSantis did a great job there, but so much to talk about.
What is front and center for you, Pastor Brown?
All right, so I feel such an urgency, and I believe I talked to you a little bit about it already, is food.
Because of the over 100 plants that are burnt, and then cattle that are suddenly dying, they're trying to blame it on climate change, which that's not even true.
And basically to create a food shortage so that
They can then drive the people to the food, to the bread line.
So we've started a major growing.
I have five acres under greenhouses, and we are growing in the middle of summer, which is unheard of here in Florida.
But we're also mobilizing churches.
What I'm trying to do is get churches in all 67 counties in the state of Florida to grow.
And we actually got six other farms working with us and basically so that we can set up a marketplace and really feed the people.
Because if there's a food shortage, they're going to end up in government food lines.
But we should be on the front end of that.
So we already took some heat over it.
People said, well, what's that got to do with the gospel?
I said, well, have you ever seen Jesus multiply the loaves and the fish?
Thank you.
Gates is buying up all the seeds.
They're trying to buy up all the farms.
The answer is get all the churches involved in community farms and get others too.
And we have them in checkmate.
So what the Holy Spirit told you to do, what a couple years ago, has been now proven to be dead on.
So we have cattle, we have sheep, we have chicken, both for eggs and for meat.
Yeah, totally.
And then also just to teach people how to grow.
And we've even got systems where they can grow in the inner city on your balcony.
You can take a bag of soil, just poke holes in it, plant seeds in there, and you can actually have vegetables every week.
You know, people used to do that a hundred, two hundred years ago, but people don't do that now.
Everybody thinks they will just go to the supermarket and go buy.
And the enemy knows that.
That's our weak point.
So you are so dead on with this.
Yeah, so we set up like a training center, you know, that's part of our university, so people can send their... and it's no charge, no charge at all.
They can send people from their church, and they can come spend three, four days.
We'll show them how to grow, what they can do, and then we can actually... That's what's so beautiful.
Most churches only work with themselves.
You are trying to take ideas of God and resistance, and you are a major leader.
And it's not about, obviously, complimenting you.
You have the model of victory that we should be following.
Well, you know, here's the bottom line.
I feed everybody.
It doesn't matter if they're not part of our church or whatever.
We feed everybody because people are people.
So if somebody says, well, I go to the first church or whatever, I don't really care.
You're a human being.
I'm going to take care of your food.
We've been feeding, you know, a thousand families every week in Tampa for over 20 years.
That's why when I got arrested, the city was almost going to riot.
You know, they were going to riot.
So, the bottom line is we have to do this.
And the biggest problem I'm dealing with right now is trying to get pastors to catch the wave of it.
To understand the importance of it.
That we're not just there to preach to them on Sundays, but we really need to take care of the congregation through the week.
And obviously,
Jobs, you know, all of this, all of this stuff.
But I believe we can put people back to work.
I believe we can, the whole economy can be built around each local church.
That's right, the whole enemy attack is about us not having any communities.
It was the churches that started the Revolutionary War that launched the country.
It'll be the churches again, finding their mission again, that'll save the country and the world.
Yes, and Alex, I believe there's many pastors that want to do, but they don't know what to do.
So I just got to try to get back in.
My biggest frustration is trying to get the message to them and then for them to see, because in every congregation there's people that love growing.
They love growing, but they don't have an outlet.
And especially seniors, there's many seniors.
What we've seen come out of the woodwork since I started all of this, I've got seniors coming from all over.
Pastor, we grow, we farmers, we retired, can we help?
We all want to help.
We just had a conference here, we had a youth conference.
With just under 4,900 young people from the age of 3 to 19 for a whole week.
They came from all across America.
Then we had for everybody, we're just on 7,000 come 28 countries, 50 states.
And so it's in the middle of summer.
I mean, our university is off.
So they all come back down in another week or so.
They were all just set on fire, went back home.
We're getting so many testimonies of kids.
I put zip lines in the back of the pavilion.
It was totally awesome.
And many kids gave their life to the Lord.
People that were on the brink of suicide.
Kids, I mean, hurting themselves, you know, cutting themselves.
You're getting them out of the satanic metaverse and into the Holy Spirit.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
And these kids are hungry for God.
They just want Jesus.
We did that special Mud Run thing, which was totally awesome, and cheering them on.
It just was so great to see kids, you know, because they never get to do that.
Some of them... And remember, while the Topless Bar stayed open, and while the Mega Grocery Store stayed open, and while the Liquor Store stayed open, they told the churches, close.
Yeah, yeah.
We must close, but you can go gamble.
We must close.
And I said, as long as Walmart's open, as long as there's 24-hour Walmart, there'll be 24-hour River Church.
And we're not shutting down.
So, you know, my mind's already working ahead towards, like you said earlier, about the coming lockdowns and what they want to implement.
And I know all of that, but I can't just spend my time on that.
I have to move ahead of, I've got to get ahead of the curve, and the only way is for mobilization of the body of Christ, and mobilizing everybody, hitting the schools, hitting every school, every university, from the daycare to the university, and then from the crack house to the penthouse, to the schoolhouse, the jailhouse, the outhouse, as I always say,
And mobilizing everybody, knocking on doors, and just like casting a net across the whole region, talking about Jesus, let people get on fire for God.
Because the only hope really, as you know, in American history, is another great spiritual awakening.
All right, Pastor, stay right there.
You're going to do the first five minutes.
I've asked you during the break to lead us in prayer and talk about hope and how people that are depressed or under, you know, this demonic attack, how they can reach out to Jesus and break free from it, particularly a message for those that don't know God, have never experienced the Holy Spirit.
You're going to do the first five minutes, and I really ask you to come on soon for a full hour to really talk about the spiritual warfare we're in.
We're going to go to break here in a few minutes, and we're going to come right back with you.
Please stay there.
Ladies and gentlemen, you have seen the enemy try to shut us down.
You've seen them with thousands of articles a day and every major TV network owned by the globalists attacking us and lying about us and trying to shut us down.
You've seen them lie in court and say that I make $300 million a year or that I made $61 million last year.
I don't have $5 million in my net worth and I wish I had $100 million because we could do a lot more.
They have lied to this jury, they have told them that I'm guilty up front, and they've already done a $4 million judgment versus the $150 million they asked for.
That is a victory.
With the judge instructing them, you must find him guilty, you must give them something.
This is a big deal.
They have the punitive damages coming out today.
Am I worried about it?
It could be a billion dollars.
I don't have it.
And we're in bankruptcy.
So we can prove that we don't have all this money and we will continue on.
But if we don't have the basic money to keep the lights on and run the operation and pay for the crew and pay for legal, we will shut down by the weight of these George Soros, Bloomberg, we know one of the main firms that he uses is involved countering our bankruptcy right here in Texas.
They're coming for us because they're coming for you.
But if you will provision us and commission us and keep us in the fight, you have my promise that we will not back down or give in.
But we could give out.
So if we do not have your support, we'll be shut down.
And we are barely, barely even able to fund this bankruptcy and go through this.
So I need you.
To go to InfoWarsTore.com and get a copy of the new Great Reset, The War for the World, that describes the whole New World Order, this is my masterwork, at InfoWarsTore.com.
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All of it is really, really good for your metabolism.
Please take action now in the face of the globalists who are coming for us all and keep us on air.
That is my prayer.
That is my hope.
And I want to thank you all for your past support.
Thank you so much.
Now the ball is in your court.
The enemy's trying to cut us off.
They're trying to not let us have access to our fellow humans.
They're trying to isolate us in the metaverse.
They're trying to cut us off from God.
They're trying to keep us from going to church.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, right now, is going to lead us in prayer and speak to those who've been isolated or who've never experienced God.
Reach out and God will be there.
But God is a free will God, unlike Satan.
You have to reach out.
Pastor Brown.
Okay, so as you're watching right now, people say, well, I don't believe the ears have gone, but the fact is, uh, you actually do.
You just don't want to acknowledge that you can't look at creation and not realize someone bigger.
This is a master design from when you look out at the stars, when you see creation, when you look at a baby being born.
So that didn't just happen, ladies and gentlemen.
So here's what I always tell people, you know, that have never experienced God.
Just call out, say, God, if you're real, show yourself to me.
We have many testimonies from people around the world that didn't believe there was a God.
But then they said, OK, if you are
So, I want to pray for you right now, and I'm going to actually pray a prayer where you can actually ask Him.
First of all, I'll pray two prayers.
The first one, where I'm going to ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and then the second one, for those that want to surrender your life to Him right now.
And we'll just do that on the air.
So let's do that.
Father, as people are watching right now,
And many that are seeking, they don't know, they maybe never knew, grew up around church.
All the experience they had around church was terrible.
But I pray that you would reveal yourself to them and show that you are alive.
So pray this after me.
Say, God, if you are really, really real, then show yourself to me.
Reveal yourself to me.
If you prove yourself to me, I will serve you all the days of my life.
And now for the people that want to give your life to the Lord.
Why don't you just do this right now?
Just say, Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart, forgive me of my sin, wash me in your blood.
Thank you that 2,000 years ago you died on the cross of Calvary for me, and you gave your life for me, and that today I repent of my sin.
Come into my heart now.
I confess Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Savior.
And I thank you that you died for me, you were buried for me, and you rose from the dead for me, and you're coming back again for me.
Thank you even now for saving me.
Now, Father, I pray for every person that prayed that prayer.
I pray for the peace of God to flood their life.
Fill them with your Holy Spirit.
Fill them with your anointing that they would know that you're with them.
They are not alone.
That when they lie on their bed at night, they can talk to you.
And you talk to them.
And Father, I pray a hunger would come upon them that they begin to read their Bible, because your Word speaks to us.
And as your Word speaks to us, that you would guide them, that you would help them realize why they are alive at this hour.
They're not here by accident.
They're here by God's divine purpose.
And I pray that every person listening to me, you would find heaven's purpose for your life.
You're not just here in existence.
God has ordained that you be here at this day and this hour, that your voice will be lifted up,
I think?
If you would just yield to Him right now and talk to Him.
If you talk to God, He will talk to you and He will lead you and He will guide you.
Please, read your Bible.
Very important start with the Gospel.
Start with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Then read the book of Acts so you can see the power that's available to the church.
In this hour, don't listen to outside voices.
Listen to what the Word of God says.
Very, very important.
If you're anywhere in the Tampa, Florida area, come visit us here.
You can go to our website, Revival.com.
You can also fill out one of the forms.
I'll send you a book, 500-page book on Jesus for free.
It'll bless you.
Of course, seeing Jesus as He really is.
And if you're anywhere around here, come visit us.
And come see what's happening.
Come get involved.
We give away scholarships.
We have a university.
And God can use you.
Pastor Brown, thank you so much.
Please visit us again soon.
Anytime you want, just tell me.
I will, sir.
And thank you for all the kind texts you send me, and God bless you and your family, sir.
Thank you.
We're praying for you, Alex.
Love you so much.
Love you, too.
People say Alex Jones is crazy, he's a conspiracy theory guy, he's a nutcase, he's got these rants and all that.
What they miss is that this guy is ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that
To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I've got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlining stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or InfoWarsTore.com.
Well, the forces of evil are not happy with me.
They're not happy with you.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday show.
We've got so much
Coming up.
People are really excited about the guest that Mike Adams has on the death of Western civilization.
He lives in Ukraine.
Why it's about to go to the next level and how we can work together to stop it.
That's coming up and so much more today.
And you know.
They're trying to distract me.
From my work.
But they're not going to distract me from my work.
And that's why I'm not down there at the second phase of the trial today, is because no matter what the globalists do, while I'm still breathing air, or while I'm not locked up in a prison, I am going to be fighting these people.
It's that simple.
But I can't stand to fight without you.
So they want me to talk about their attacks.
They want me to get diverted into defending myself.
But you understand, we're going to stay in the attack.
And we're not going to let them distract us.
So what is it that they're trying to distract us from?
Well, there's this stack.
And there's this stack.
That they're trying to distract us with.
They're trying to distract us from knowing about what I'm about to cover.
And so, I'll be back today, in the fourth hour, and I'm going to co-host with Robert Barnes.
And then I'll be back today co-hosting some in the war room, because I'm not going to let them silence us.
And tomorrow, I'm going to be here most of the day, even though my five-year-old daughter is begging me to take her fishing.
She has no future if I don't do this, so I'll be here.
And I'm not a martyr.
I'm not a victim.
I'm saying that I'm going to work harder because they're trying to silence us because I know it's our mission.
And when I get tired and think it must be somebody else's job to do this, when I see it bearing fruit what we've done together, I realize I've got to fight now harder than I ever had.
So I'll cover this more in the fourth hour today after Mike Adams takes over with some special guests and things he's got lined up that are huge.
People are really excited.
Let me just hit these headlines so you know what's coming up.
These all tie together.
Swedish scientist advocates eating humans to combat climate change.
It's all over the news.
I told you that was coming.
Video transcript.
Biden Transport Secretary again touts expensive electric vehicles as solution for high gas prices.
Hypocrite Trudeau caught maskless after flying on a private jet, but he says you should be able to have air conditioning for a car.
The climate cult is eager to take advantage of Europe's energy crisis, and they're now announcing in Spain and Germany they're going to control remotely, as we told you decades they would, with the smart meters, what temperature you can set your house to, no lower than 80.
And of course later, no air conditioning at all.
The real trick is they're training you, they're surveilling you, and control devices in your house.
That's the big issue.
Not them controlling just the temperature, but that they're doing it.
They're surveilling it, they're controlling it.
Goodbye car ownership, hello clean air, welcome to the future of transport where no one can own cars but the ultra-rich and everything else is self-driving cars that pick you up, making humans obsolete.
What would happen if we removed cars from cities?
Globalist WEF urges people to give up car ownership.
World Economic Forum calls for reducing private vehicles by limiting ownership.
You'll own nothing and love it.
Widespread civil unrest looming in the UK over cost of living crisis.
Do you like the new world order so far?
The Land Report.
Meet farmer Bill Gates.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef defies climate doomsayers with record coral comeback.
The truth is coral reefs grow, they die, they come back, they die, they come back.
Major new findings.
They're reanimating not just dead spiders, but now pigs.
Frankenstein is real.
From NBC News.
Welcome to 2030.
I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life's never been better.
Cruises, self-driving cars stopped and clogged up San Francisco for hours.
Apple self-driving cars smacked into curbs, veered out of lanes.
We have one almost hit us today, driving back from court in Austin.
GM's hands-free driving tech is set for massive expansion.
Driverless EV taxi fleet shows possible climate benefits of autonomous vehicles.
And all the studies show 5G causes major asthma and problems.
And I'm literally driving down Congress this morning after an hour in court to get to the show, and I'm coughing the way I've never coughed in my life.
And I said, you know, the studies are 5G causes
Serious breathing problems and coughing like this.
It only happens when I'm in 5G areas.
They need those for self-driving cars.
And all of a sudden, a Ford self-driving car drives by, but it went in the turn lane.
We didn't get video of it.
A robot car drove by two minutes after I was telling my security guys that.
It's crazy.
Too simple, self-driving car, semi-truck crashes, veers into renewed scrutiny.
But see, it's training you for the metaverse, ladies and gentlemen.
5G technology to help reduce traffic congestion supports self-driving cars in Malaysia.
See what I'm talking about?
Here's what else they don't want you to know about.
COVID vaccines are killing one in every 800 over 60s and should be withdrawn immediately, says leading vaccine scientist.
Wait till I cover this fourth hour.
Quadrupled Vaxed German Health Minister Tests Positive for COVID.
COVID-19 Gain of Function Hearing Exposes Fauci's Crimes Against Humanity.
Didn't get to those clips yesterday.
There's been more hearings.
We'll have that in the fourth hour.
And Robert Barnes is the main lawyer successfully suing Pfizer with whistleblowers and getting the documents out.
And Tulsi Gabbard came out and said Biden's promoting child abuse by pushing gender-affirming care.
That ties in to a whole host of articles and breaking news.
Fourth hour, but the next hour and 45 minutes, the great Mike Adams is going to be taking over separately.
I don't make a lot of money, I wish we did, to fund this operation off of the Great Reset and the War for the World when you buy it at Amazon.com.
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But this is do-or-die time.
On my children, and on my immortal soul, they're lying in court with no evidence.
They blocked us from putting on evidence.
It's kangaroo court.
They're in a punitive damages phase.
Saying I made 61 million dollars last year.
Saying I have hundreds of millions of dollars.
Saying my net worth, I got it right here, is over 100 million dollars.
Ladies and gentlemen, I was ready to testify.
We took a lot of days and time to get this ready.
I was ready to testify that my net worth is less than $5 million and that my overall, before these judgments, debt is more than $20 million on my immortal soul.
And I wish I had millions of dollars to fight these people.
George Soros has spent over $40 billion buying up the DAs and taking over.
And the world's waking up, thank God.
I wish I had $40 billion.
We could beat these people.
But what I'm saying is it's a lie.
They put that out there to get a big judgment and to make you think we don't need support.
I need you to go to InfoWars.com forward slash crypto and make a donation to Bitcoin or other systems.
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Mike Adams and a huge guest comes up now!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams here stepping in for the next hour and a half or so with an extraordinary guest coming up just in a minute or so.
Gonzalo Lira joins us from Kharkov, Ukraine.
And he is just spot on, I believe, the best analyst that's watching this situation up close and personal.
And we're going to bring you an extraordinary big picture view analysis
Of the suicide of Western Europe, in particular, with questions about what's happening with Western civilization.
Are we past the point of rationality?
In fact, what's going on right here, right now, in InfoWars, the studio today, and with Alex and the court case, I believe it's a microcosm of what's happening on the world stage.
We're watching the suicide of the judicial system, in my opinion, right here in Austin, Texas.
What they've done to Alex, in my opinion, is a kind of railroading and it's an abandonment of the very pillars that keep society functioning.
We cannot function as a nation if we don't have a fair and unbiased judicial system.
If we don't have a functioning Sixth Amendment, where people are able to present witnesses and evidence in their own defense, or to testify on their own behalf.
But that's just one small sign of what's actually happening in the world.
So we're going to bring in Gonzalo Lira right now to talk about the bigger picture.
We'll start with a little update on Russia and Ukraine, but the bigger picture from there.
Mr. Lira, it's an honor to have you on.
Thank you for joining us.
I know you're late at night there in Ukraine, but thank you.
Welcome to the show.
Thank you so much for having me.
It's a pleasure to be on.
Well, Gonzalo, I just want to let people know you're joining us from Kharkov, Ukraine.
Your audio and video may not be 100%, but it's pretty solid, and I just want to ask people to have some patience with it because of your location right now.
Thank you very much.
And first of all, let me say that your work, Gonzalo, especially since Russia began the special military operation in Ukraine, your work has been so spot on that I jokingly tell my friends that, yeah, the U.S.
State Department may be blinking, but Gonzalo Lira has not blinked at all.
So I think you're nailing it.
That's very kind of you to say.
Thank you.
Now, the situation here in Ukraine is eminently predictable.
And whatever they're saying in the West is nonsense, quite frankly.
Because what is happening right now is what everybody realized was going to happen six months ago, five and a half months ago, when this special military operation started, which is that Russia is winning.
It's definitively winning.
The victory on the part of the Russians is overwhelming, and the people who are bleeding
That the Russians are losing, that it's a static war and whatnot.
They simply don't want to see reality.
What's happened in the West is that people think that if you say something often enough, it will somehow change reality.
But, you know, reality stays the same.
Reality is real.
And you can create all kinds of narratives and spin any story that you want to, but the facts on the ground won't change.
And the facts on the ground, insofar as the Zelensky regime is concerned, are catastrophic.
The Ukraine Armed Forces are losing something between 500 and 1000 soldiers a day, which is an astronomical number.
And these numbers are increasing because of course what's happening is that the Zelensky regime forces are getting progressively weaker every day, whereas the Russians, they're just getting into the swing of things.
You have to understand when you look at the Russian army, when they went into the special military operation in late February on February 24th, they didn't go in with their top tier equipment, their best tanks, their best missile systems, their
The best air defenses, they went in with their second tier.
And a lot of analysts in the West had been wondering about that.
And it was very obvious why.
Because the Russians knew that they could handle the Zelensky regime forces with their second tier material, their second tier tanks and whatnot.
And they needed to keep hold of their top tier equipment in case they had to go to war with NATO.
But what happened, of course, is that NATO, the United States, the Pentagon,
Because that's what we're talking about.
Whenever we talk about NATO, we're really talking about the Department of Defense, the Pentagon.
And what happened was that they got a good look at what the Russians could do.
And they realized that they wanted no part of it.
Because in the United States, it's the State Department, and to a lesser extent, the Biden administration, that wants to go into Ukraine, fight, have US soldiers fighting directly against the Russians.
They're the ones who want this.
It's the Department of Defense that does not want this because they know they'll lose.
And this is a very bitter pill.
A lot of people in the United States don't like this fact, but it's the truth.
But Gonzalo, it's...
I'm sorry to interrupt, but you're absolutely correct, I believe, in what you said.
It's not just that NATO and the State Department and the Pentagon realize that they would lose in this context, but that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of so many innocent Ukrainians.
And my question to you, sir, is, you know, you've heard the phrase that NATO is willing to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, which I believe is a crime against the people of Ukraine.
But is it also at risk of expanding where NATO is willing to fight Russia to the last European?
Yeah, well, that's what they actually did.
Because you see, all these sanctions, right?
You have to understand, suppose this, suppose, you know, I say, you know, I don't like my local supermarket, and I'm not going to buy anything from the local supermarket because I'm going to punish them.
Okay, well, who actually gets harmed by this?
The supermarket?
No, because the supermarket can find other customers.
I get harmed, because I have to drive much farther away to buy the same products that I need, because I need to eat, okay?
In the case of Europe, they need Russian gas, they need Russian oil, they need Russian food, because they do not produce enough gas, oil, food to supply themselves.
And so what happened by imposing these sanctions, which they claim to work on other countries like Iran, Venezuela and whatnot, it actually never did.
I mean, Cuba has been under sanctions for going on 60 years and it hasn't done anything to the Cuban leadership, although it certainly has harmed the Cuban people, right?
Because these sanctions only hurt the people, the people at the top, the leaders of the countries that are being sanctioned.
They're not hurting at all.
But anyway, sanctions only work for small countries.
But for a big country like Russia, and it is big, it's a huge country, it has a population of 145 million people, and a lot of people say that, oh, its GDP is only the size of like Italy's or Spain or something like that.
That's nominally accurate, but when you actually start looking into the fine details, you realize that that's not the case.
The Russian economy is actually the largest in Europe when you start actually measuring it.
It's larger than Germany's or the UK's.
And so what happens is that sanctions on Russia don't hurt the Russians because they have other buyers for their oil, for their gas, for their food.
And Europe doesn't.
Let me stop you right there.
I want to get into that.
In much more detail, your predictions about what Germany is facing, because as people know, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is currently running, I believe, at about 20%, and Gazprom is stating that they won't be able to get parts for it, turbine repairs and maintenance and so on, because of the economic sanctions.
So, specifically to your point,
Let's talk, when we come back after this break, let's talk about what's going to happen in Germany, Germany's industry, housing, heating, freezing, starving, this coming winter.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams with Gonzalo Lira.
We'll be right back after this break with that and more.
We are continuing here today with Gonzalo Lira.
I'm Mike Adams filling in for Alex just for the next hour or so.
There's been breaking news this morning.
We're going to ask Mr. Lira to comment on this.
From Zero Hedge here, anger from Ukraine's backers after damning amnesty report spotlights human shields.
This is an open admission.
That Ukraine has been using civilians as shields for their military operations, causing the unneeded deaths of many civilians throughout Ukraine, and then often, as we've seen, blaming those deaths on Russia, when in fact it was Ukraine's government under Zelensky that was causing this violence against their own people.
Mr. Lira, I don't know if you want me to call you Gonzalo or Mr. Lira or either one, but your comments.
Yeah, certainly.
It's been known since the very beginning of the war that the Zelensky regime forces have been using civilians as human shields.
They've also been lying about, you know, attacks that they themselves have carried out against civilian targets in Donetsk and claiming that the Russians did it and whatnot.
You have to understand that the Zelensky regime forces that are in the Donbass, they are an occupying force
And you like it or not, the fact is that the Russians, the Russian army, is freeing those people because those people are ethnic Russians.
And they have been under the boot heel of the Zelensky regime and previously the Poroshenko regime.
This goes all the way back to 2014, when the U.S.
State Department engineered a coup d'etat and overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine, which had problems.
They were insane.
I mean, it was kind of corrupt and kind of incompetent, right?
But it was overthrown, and Poroshenko was installed, and then now Zelensky, and these people are puppets of the United States, of the U.S.
State Department, and they are hardcore Ukraine nationalists.
You have to
Let's understand, the country of Ukraine is divided in two.
The western half is ethnic Ukrainian, and the eastern half, roughly speaking, is ethnic Russian.
Now, they speak Russian, they have family members in Russia, they consider themselves Russian.
Not everybody, but a large majority on the eastern side of the country.
And so what has happened is that the Zelensky regime forces, they were in the Donbass, which, as you know, is in the southeast of the country.
And in this area, roughly, they have been shelling the city of Donetsk for eight years because the city of Donetsk, back in 2014, did not accept the fact of this American-engineered coup d'etat that overthrew the legitimate government and installed a hyper-nationalist, one could call them neo-Nazi, government.
And this neo-Nazi regime has deliberately tried to expunge Russians from or ethnic Russians and the Russian language from the country known as Ukraine.
And so you have basically a civil war.
And the Zelensky regime forces were an occupying force, and they committed all kinds of human rights abuses and atrocities.
But this is... And more often than not, when they committed these atrocities, they would blame the Russians and say, oh, the Russians did it!
We were innocent!
We're good!
And it was all a lie.
And what's more important, the Western media knew it was a lie.
The State Department, the Pentagon, the National Security Council, they all knew it was lies.
But, you know, it sold the brand, it sold the narrative.
And ultimately, the problem with Ukraine, quite frankly, is that it's this rock.
That when you pick it up, all kinds of wriggly things start moving around.
Because the level of corruption, it's not just Hunter Biden who got all kinds of monies.
It's not just, you know, the sons of the scions of other prominent people, like the stepson of John Kerry, you know, Nancy Pelosi's sons.
They were all involved in Ukraine to one extent or the other.
The problem is that, see, there's so much dirt in Ukraine, OK, that it splatters everybody.
And so that's why they want to maintain this narrative that Zelensky good, Zelensky is a saint.
And the fact that now the regime, the Biden regime is allowing criticisms of Zelensky to emerge.
It signals that something, that Zelensky is slowly but surely falling out of favor.
Now, a couple of weeks ago, something shocking.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is absolutely key.
When you have Amnesty International now condemning the Zelensky regime and their tactics that are resulting in the unnecessary deaths of civilians, this is a major turning point and I'm really glad you're speaking to that.
I want to ask you more about that, but think about the truth here.
We are, the West is saying, or has said, the Western media has said that Zelensky is an angel and can do no wrong, and yet his regime has banned opposition political parties.
They have, in effect, criminalized the independent media or any opposition media in the country, and even worse, on an anti-humanitarian level, they have banned Russian literature, Russian theater, Russian art.
You can't read Tolstoy or listen to Tchaikovsky, right?
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
No, no, look, the Zelensky regime is as far from democratic as you can possibly get.
The Zelensky regime is supported by a bunch of neo-Nazis.
And everybody says, especially in the Biden regime, or the mouthpieces of the Biden regime, the mainstream media, they say, how could it be possible that Nazis are part of the Zelensky regime?
Zelensky is Jewish!
It doesn't matter.
Because they are.
Groups like Right Sector, Azar Battalion that is no longer with us, you know, there are a whole bunch, a whole hodgepodge of these neo-Nazi groups.
That's right.
And that was a huge signal.
Because you see, the Russians have no intention of harming Zelensky for a very simple reason.
This has been known since the beginning.
Because Zelensky has been propped up so much, he's been glorified as the new Winston Churchill by everybody in the Western mainstream media, that at this time he is considered the legitimate leader of Ukraine.
And so Russia realizes that eventually this war will end, one way or the other.
And they are going to have to sign a ceasefire deal.
And so what do they want?
They want to sign a ceasefire deal with Zelensky.
They need to keep him alive because if Zelensky is the one who signs the ceasefire agreement,
It'll be politically much stronger and therefore it will probably diminish the amount of insurgency, terrorist attacks and whatnot in the period after the end of this special military operation.
That's the rationale of the Russians.
And they've been fairly clear as to why they're leaving him alive.
If they wanted to kill Zelensky, they could have done it on the first day of the special
And that's what's happening.
Now, do I think that something will happen to Zelensky?
You read the tea leaves and you start to think that maybe.
What would be the odds?
I'd say, you know, maybe 40% that they bump him off.
Because Sullivan and now Amnesty International, all of this is telling us that he is falling out of favor.
So what happens next?
We'll see.
Again, I'm sorry to interrupt.
This is just a slight delay, but how much of what's going on right now with the West pushing Ukraine to do this, how much of this, in your opinion, involves
The attempted cover-up of the West's biological weapons facilities in Ukraine and of course the kickbacks, the financial, the money laundering to the Biden regime and other people throughout.
Perhaps the State Department or wherever that money flows.
How much of that do you think is responsible for this insane policy of just endlessly killing the Ukrainian men, sadly?
Yeah, a good chunk.
A good chunk and I would say that
See, you can't measure it by percentages, because there are multiple motivations that are driving this shit forward, okay?
But is it an important piece?
Most definitely, because they don't want that documentation out there.
Because if it goes out there, it becomes a huge embarrassment to the Biden regime.
And China can start showing this and say, look at what the Americans are doing.
You kept blaming us for COVID.
Gonzalo, we're going to have to go to break.
I apologize.
A lot more questions on the other side.
Please stay with us.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams with Gonzalo Lira.
We'll be right back after this break.
We're continuing our interview with Gonzalo Lira from Kharkov, Ukraine, and I'm Mike Adams here on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex will rejoin us in roughly about another hour or so.
It is quite an extraordinary day with, I mean, you have this self-destruction, or let's call it a controlled demolition of the judicial system in America, the way they're railroading Alex Jones and denying him the right to testify in his own defense.
Denying his lawyers the right to present evidence in their own defense.
And, you know, since we are talking about Russia and Ukraine today, we have to just point out that this starts to feel like the old Soviet Union right here in Austin, Texas right now with what's going on in the court system.
And I've even heard of many sort of Western analysts and commentators saying that they experience greater levels of free speech in Russia
Then they do in the United States right now.
So Mr. Lira is our guest.
Gonzalo, thank you for joining us again.
And what are your comments on that?
I mean, do people going to Russia to speak more freely today than in America?
Yeah, well like, for instance, you know, you have Russia Today, which is a news organization sponsored by the Russian government.
But you certainly are able to talk about things in a much more free environment there than you would see in any of the mainstream media outlets in the United States or in the West, you know.
And like, for instance, Today, as a matter of fact,
James Lindsay, he of the famous hoax papers, you know, the critical race theory hoax papers that was like a big laugh that we all had a few years ago.
Well, he got the platform from Twitter for just pointing out the fact
That so many of these, you know, the drag story time hour and whatnot are basically grooming events.
He was pointing this out, and because he's pointing out something that is true, he is silenced.
And that's the basic problem that we're having insofar as free speech is concerned.
You see, there is a difference between reality and the speech you use to describe reality, right?
Because one is the actual thing, and the other is the words that you use to describe the thing.
And see, what happens is that the regime in the West, the Biden regime, this neoliberal order that we have, they seem to think that if they can silence the speech describing some reality, then they don't have to worry about that reality anymore.
This is Orwellian.
This is the notion that just because somebody cannot articulate something, then that thing does not exist.
It's creepy.
It's anti-American, quite frankly.
It goes against everything that the United States is supposed to stand for.
And this is very true.
In Russia, you have more freedom of speech than you have in the United States, or in Western Europe.
Western Europe, it's even worse.
You have people
in the United Kingdom being arrested for posting a meme on Facebook.
We saw it a couple of days ago.
Lawrence Fox, you know, the former actor who's become an activist, he filmed it.
He showed how a British army veterans were being arrested for having posted memes on Facebook because it seems that it offended somebody.
Offending somebody is now a crime!
That's crazy!
That's absurd!
It's completely absurd.
But let me ask you to provide some context to this conversation, though, as well, because what we are saying here together is rather extraordinary, and I want the audience to be clear that, you know, you, I mean, you can answer for yourself, but let me ask you, are you seeking
Yeah, look, I just call him like I see him.
Because I've, I learned early on that it's so much easier to tell the truth because then you don't have to remember anything.
You know, just say the truth, you know.
And so, I learned my lesson when I was a kid, you know.
Just one of those escapades when I was like in fifth grade.
You know, I got a bad report card, I lied about it, and oh God, you know, it was like a whole nightmare.
And finally after that, that was a lesson learned and never again.
Just tell the truth, you have less to remember, you never have to worry about getting tripped up.
And these people, of course, they lie with every breath that they take.
When they say hello, it's probably a lie, okay?
I mean, that's the way these people are.
And the thing is, see, the question becomes, how long are the American people going to take this situation?
Because the leadership class that we have in the West does not care about the people.
In fact, they look at the people with contempt.
They look at the people like cows to be milked and then slaughtered.
And that is just not what we want in a leadership, let alone in a democratic leadership.
I was talking about this yesterday, as a matter of fact, on my YouTube channel.
I have a live stream show called The Roundtable.
I try to bring on good guests and it's often a lot of fun.
And I was talking to the guest that I had last night, and I was saying, and this is true, you see, in China, the leadership, you can say that it's not democratic, that the Communist Party of China is a communist regime, which it is.
You can say that Vladimir Putin is a dictator or this or that, or the election that put him into power was not on the up and up.
You can say whatever you want.
But the thing is, see, what's key is that Xi Jinping in China and Vladimir Putin in Russia
The people in the leadership class in China, the people in the Kremlin in Russia, they actually care about their own people because they come from there, okay?
They feel that they have a responsibility to the people and in some cases they are actually scared of their own people because they know if they screw it up,
Their own people will rise up, okay?
I mean, you have to understand that in China, in Russia, you can say that they're not democratic like in the West, but you have a leadership class that actually cares about the good opinion of their own people, actually cares about improving the lives of their own people.
The Chinese Communist Party, whatever you might think of them,
They have delivered to the Chinese people and improved their lives with infrastructure, with different programs to build all kinds of high-speed rails, all kinds of electrical installations and whatnot.
The leadership class in the West does not care about the people.
The leadership class in the West only cares about maintaining its own privilege, its own status.
They only care about the opinions of the other people in their little set, in their little group.
They all, like, smile and nod and do all these stupid virtue-signaling nonsenses, right?
But they don't care about the people.
And that's the thing that drives me up the wall.
Because they could care less if all the American people, all of the people of Europe, die for some pointless war, so long as they maintain their position.
They look at people like...
Let's extend this conversation to Western Europe now, and I want to revisit China.
I might disagree with you slightly on that point.
I feel like the leaders of China are willing to sacrifice their people and they will use all kinds of authoritarian methods to control them and repress them, you know, to prevent the uprising.
But I also see your point where the West cares absolutely nothing about their own people.
I absolutely see what you're saying there.
Maybe this is a universal thing, very few governments actually care about any of their people, but the West in particular is on a suicide mission right now.
So let's talk about Germany in particular and these economic sanctions against Russia.
I'd like you to describe what you think is coming for the people of Germany this coming winter in terms of food, heat, fuel, industry.
Are they going to see uprisings, or will it be too cold and too many people are freezing to even be able to do that?
They're not going to see any heating, they're not going to see food, and they're not going to see industry.
They're screwed, okay?
Forget about it, okay?
Even if they were able to make nice with Russia, which will never happen, because the Russians now no longer trust the Europeans.
And what's key here is that because of the sanctions,
The Europeans went on this weird, Russophobic rant where they said that everything Russia was bad, you know.
Some tennis players, you know, they get sanctioned and they can't play, you know, and they get insulted and all the rest of it.
Tennis players, I mean, come on, whatever you might think of Putin and the special military operation, some random tennis player doesn't have anything to do with this, right?
You know, all kinds of Russophobic attitudes
From a continent that is supposed to be all about liberal values, about tolerance, about accepting people as they are, and not assigning collective guilt.
And that's the key issue.
See, the Europeans showed themselves to be complete hypocrites.
This has been shocking to the Russians.
I keep in touch with people in Russia, both Russians as well as expats living in Russia.
And they tell me that the intellectual classes, the intelligentsia, the upper middle class people, the people who travel to Europe, who care about the good opinion of Europe, who want to send their kid to do a little college in Europe or the United States, right?
They're shocked.
They can't believe it.
And you see, Putin, for the last 20 years, has been telling the people, look, they really hate your guts.
The Europeans and the Americans, they really do hate your guts.
And all of a sudden, this very influential class of people in Russia, the intellectual classes, call it like the top 20%, you know, the managerial elite, right?
The educated class.
Gonzalo, I apologize again.
We're going to go to a short break, but I understand what you're saying.
They're finally realizing the West doesn't love them.
So we'll be back with Gonzalo Lira.
Stay with us as we enter the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
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All right, folks, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is the third hour of an extraordinary day, and we have an extraordinary guest with us right now, Gonzalo Lira from Kharkov, Ukraine, and we're going to continue our discussion about the suicide of Western civilization, really, not just Western Europe, but
All of Western Civilization.
I'm Mike Adams and I'm just sitting in for a short amount of time here.
Alex is going to be back shortly.
He's in the building somewhere.
He's here.
I just saw him a minute ago.
So he's here.
He's coming back.
It's his show and he's always got big breaking news.
But I want to say something here in this segment and then ask for Gonzalo's assessment of this.
You know, the Russia-Ukraine situation is being a little bit sidelined in the media because of the China-Taiwan situation.
And, you know, China is a communist regime.
In my opinion, the CCP is a world bully.
But then again, so is the Pentagon.
So is the United States under this illegitimate regime of Joe Biden.
They're a bully.
Our illegitimate people are bullies too.
Not real America.
Like, if we had real Americans, if we honor the real outcome of the election in 2020, we wouldn't be a bully on the world stage as much.
Although there's still remnants in the State Department that can't help themselves.
But China is a big bully on the world stage.
And I just want to say, in my opinion here, on the record,
I absolutely support Taiwan's independence.
I used to live in Taiwan.
You know, I speak a fair amount of Mandarin Chinese.
I actually lived in Taipei.
Xinyilu was the street I lived on.
And what I witnessed during those two years that I lived in Taiwan, it's clearly a country that has its own president.
Current president is a woman.
Tsai Ing-wen is her name.
They have their own elections.
They have their own currency.
They have their own dialect, Taiwanese.
They have their own economy.
They have their own culture.
And the Taiwan people really might describe them as a liberal democracy.
They value freedom of speech.
They do not want to become communists.
And they also have their own diplomatic relations with other countries around the world, although China is always trying to crush those diplomatic relations and crush Taiwan as an independent nation.
So I just want to say,
I believe every nation in the world has the right to its own sovereignty, every group of people.
Taiwan is clearly an independent nation, in my view, and I live there, and I spoke to those people.
So I support Taiwan's independence, and I do not support a one-China policy.
But that doesn't necessarily reflect the opinion of Infowars or Gonzalo or anyone else, but that's my take on it.
Now, Mr. Lira?
What do you think about what's happening with China and Taiwan and China threatening Taiwan with, you know, forced reunification?
What's your take on it?
My thinking is, you know, if you see a dog that's sleeping, let it lie.
Simple as that.
It seems to me that the United States is going out of its way to provoke China.
And the reason is very cynical.
The reason is because the American economy is collapsing and the Biden administration wants something that will cover it up, that will, you know, fill...
Send the newspaper headlines with stories of something going on in China.
They tried to do it with Ukraine.
They wanted a Cinderella story of Ukraine bravely fighting off the Russians and the Russians, you know, suffering an ignomious defeat.
And that scenario is just not playing out.
On the contrary, the Russian economy, because of the sanctions, the Russian economy is getting stronger, not weaker.
It's getting a lot stronger because they increased their revenue because of greater oil sales.
The Russians are getting money from overseas, but they have nowhere to spend it.
So what are they doing with all this cash?
They're spending it domestically in Russia, improving their own country.
And once they start to annex the parts of Ukraine that they have conquered, they're going to put a hell of a lot of money into Ukraine.
They are improving their own country.
This has been a bonanza for the Russians.
Now, insofar as China is concerned, why provoke the Chinese?
What purpose?
It was just to deflect, to distract people from the collapsing American economy.
Exactly right.
This is Pelosi and what's going on is provoking the Chinese.
And that doesn't need to happen.
We're going to take a one minute break.
We'll be right back.
And now we're going to get into the even bigger global picture with Gonzalo Lira.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, welcome to the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, filling in for just a little bit here.
Alex, we'll be back in studio shortly.
And I'm joined by our special guest, Gonzalo Lira.
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Your support is desperately needed.
In fact,
Your financial support through the product purchases is what's going to keep this platform here and keep the voices.
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Thank you.
Speaking of cause and effect, we're going to go right back to Gonzalo Lira, because I think Mr. Lira believes, as I do, that we live in a universe of cause and effect.
So if causes are initiated, then effects will materialize.
And whereas the West is preoccupied with delusional fairytale thinking, such as, oh, men can get pregnant and we don't need natural gas hydrocarbon molecules, we'll just imagine
Like, why can't the people of Germany just self-identify that we're not starving and freezing this coming January?
The reason is because that's not real.
You can't just make-believe, right?
So, yes, Gonzalo, your comments on all that.
Well, you know, just parenthetically, before I jump into that, I wanted to mention something that is deeply, deeply troubling to me, and perhaps you've been covering it on your show, or Alex has been covering it.
Well, the thing is that there are more deaths and fewer births.
Thank you.
An increase of mortality month over month, it's a trend that's accelerating.
And they really started noticing it at the beginning of this year, in January of this year.
And at the same time, you are seeing a decrease in live births.
And that trend is also increasing month over month, starting this January.
You see, the birth and death rates, you know, if you take a bunch of graphs of like 10 years and superimpose them, they're very parallel to one another.
They don't really change.
There are certain spikes every year that happen at the same time, like around Christmas and New Year's.
More people tend to die during those two weeks because of car crashes, because of, you know, fights, domestic disputes and whatnot.
Also because some people who are very, very sick try to hold on to life until Christmas for sentimental reasons and all the rest of it being with their families and so forth.
But the graphs tend to be very, very much the same.
The variations are very minor.
But starting in January of this year, the number of deaths in every country
That has had, guess what?
It's been increasing.
Month over month, it's getting worse in the UK.
I believe it's the UK or Sweden.
Actually, I'm mixing up my figures.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a little cheat sheet here, but you can look it up for yourself.
It started at 5% more mortality in the month of January, and then it went up to 8%, and then 11% by March.
Absolutely right.
And the globalists are achieving their goal, and by the way, this is affecting the countries and the people that we care about.
I know that you care about the people of Ukraine.
I think you care about people everywhere.
I want people to live as happily as they can for as long as they can.
You know, every day we are hearing that somebody suddenly collapsed and died, a relatively healthy person, and sometimes they're, you know,
Guys in their teens and their 20s and they're dropping dead for no reason.
It's happening all over the place.
And people are like, Oh, well, you know, pretending that it's not happening.
And you got to look at it.
It's happening.
You have to look the truth in the face.
And you have to realize that something horrible is happening.
And the people who are in charge of things, the people who approve these, uh, gene therapy, because that's what it is.
They did so just for, to score some political points and to make some money.
That's the worst part.
They endangered the lives of hundreds of millions of people just so that they could have like a, like a little house in Martha's Vineyard or some garbage like that.
Let me bring this in, Gonzalo, because this comes from Children's Health Defense.
There's a new study that has found that 15% of American adults have been diagnosed with serious conditions after taking COVID vaccines. 15%!
That is extraordinary, and of those who complained of symptoms following vaccines, 21% or about 1 in 5 complained of blood clots.
And yet, let me just share this, what people learned exclusively actually here on InfoWars, when I was here with a microscope and the clots...
These are not blood clots, folks.
These are something else.
These are self-assembling biostructures, probably made of proteins.
They're not themselves alive, but they are occupying the blood vessels and they are causing people to not get blood.
To their heart or their brain, and that's when they keel over and die like you were just talking about.
People are dying in huge numbers.
The insurance companies are also reporting these figures.
Now, we got to take a quick break.
Gonzalo, please stay with us.
I know it's getting later there in Ukraine, but we'll be right back after this break.
I've got more questions for you.
A lot of territory to cover, but you're absolutely right.
The death rate is increasing.
The live birth rate is decreasing.
The globalists are achieving infertility and genocide against humanity.
We'll be right back with more.
All right, it's an extraordinary day.
I'm Mike Adams filling in for Alex Jones.
He will be joining us now in the fourth hour today with attorney Robert Barnes.
And I was speaking with Robert Barnes just a few minutes ago out in the hallway, and oh, he's got some good stuff to share with you, the analysis of what's going on with the courts.
And I mean, I'll go ahead and tell you, I was asking him, I was like, isn't this going to be appealed?
And won't the appeal, I mean, if there's a rational
A group of judges that hears what happened in this railroading of Alex Jones through the legal system.
Won't this be overturned?
And I suppose I'll just say to hear the answer, you know, tune in the fourth hour, Robert Barnes will give it to you.
But if if this railroading of Alex Jones stands,
The pillars of Western civilization, at least the judicial pillars, have crumbled.
And that's the thing.
Every nation and every institution right now, whether we're talking about Germany or the UK or NATO or the United States or the Supreme Court or what have you, every institution and nation must make a choice.
Do we stand on principle and then have a future?
Or do we make this up as we go along and just wing it and commit institutional suicide in the process?
Because if we don't have fairness, you see, the human mind is tuned in to fairness.
If we don't have fairness, then we don't have the consent of the people.
We lose fairness, you lose the people.
And right now, the Biden regime is losing the people, and frankly, so is the Zelensky regime in Ukraine, and I think most of Western Europe as well.
So, we're bringing in, again, Gonzalo Lira to comment on all of this.
I really want to ask you to now give us your assessment of does Western civilization as a whole have a future if we stay on this current course, or can we avert the worst-case scenario, or have we doomed ourselves already?
Where do we stand in history right now?
I personally believe that the crash is inevitable.
Because you see, the people who are currently in charge of the regime in the West, the West I talk about, Western Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia, New Zealand, well, the thing is, see, they are committed to this course of action of repressing any kind of dissent.
Because you see, at heart, I think that they recognize that they are wrong, what they're doing.
And see, what happens when you realize that you're wrong,
But, you know, you don't have the humility to accept that.
Or you're afraid because if you accept it and say, yes, I'm wrong, then people are going to discover all kinds of crimes that you might have committed.
Well, your only solution is to repress more.
The more people tell the truth about what's really going on, the more repression there's going to be.
I mean, it's as simple as night follows day.
See, the repression comes not because you're telling lies or telling things that are not true.
No, the repression comes because you're telling things that are true.
See, in the Soviet Union, they didn't bar the guy who was telling lies or telling foolish stories.
They censored the man who was telling the truth about Stalin, about what was going on in the Soviet Union back in the day.
And that's what's going on in the current regime that we have in the West.
We call it the Biden regime, but it's giving too much credit to this Biden individual, this poor, decrepit, senile old man who's a criminal and a thief and a liar, but that's for another story.
And also apparently a pervert.
His own daughter says so in her diaries, but that's another story.
It's not just Biden.
It's this whole class of people.
And their continued success, their position, their money, their livelihoods depend on continuing these lies.
And so once your life depends on lies, you have to go more and more totalitarian, more and more extreme in how you push down anybody who tells the truth.
That's inevitable, okay?
And so that's what we're seeing.
And so, you, myself, Robert Barnes, anybody who is telling the truth, he gets censored.
James Lindsay, with whom I had a delightful broadcast yesterday, it was incredibly illuminating and educational and fun and it was just fantastic.
He got his Twitter banned today, not because he was lying, not because he was telling falsehoods, not because he was telling misinformation.
No, no, no.
They banned him because he was telling the truth.
The more truth you tell, the worse it gets.
It's like, look, you know the Hans Christian Andersen fable of the Emperor's New Clothes, right?
The Emperor gets this fancy clothes that's being sold to him by these con men.
And the con men tell him that only very sophisticated people can see
This incredible cloth.
And so finally the emperor wears these new clothes that are transparent.
They're invisible.
In fact, there are no clothes.
And there's a little boy.
And the little boy, as the king is parading and everybody says, oh, what a beautiful suit.
This little boy says, why is that man walking naked?
Do you know what happened to that boy who pointed out the truth?
Because that's the real story.
The little boy who points out that the Emperor is naked, that he's not wearing any clothes, that it's all nonsense, that it's all baloney.
The little boy is the one who gets snatched up, whipped, thrown into God knows where, some cellar somewhere, without his dinner?
Or, if he's an adult, if he's a man, he gets censored, he gets deplatformed, he gets his credit cards cancelled.
This has happened to everybody.
In the information sphere that is trying to tell people the truth, the truth about what's actually happening.
Now, like Mike, you and I, we've talked about it privately.
You have certain ideas about certain things.
I have certain ideas about other things.
We have certain disagreements, but that doesn't mean that we don't have respect for one another.
That doesn't mean that we cannot have a civilized adult conversation where we disagree and it's perfectly fine.
Because you see, your position is not based on a lie.
My position is not based on a lie.
Neither one of our position is based on corruption, on theft, on using our position to make money.
But the regimes of the West, that's what's going on.
They are corrupt.
They steal.
It's a kleptocracy.
And so because of that,
They have to silence people who are telling the truth.
They have to persecute them judiciously by way of the judiciary.
They have to silence everybody who tells the truth.
Because if people hear the truth, enough people hear the truth,
Then their whole disgusting corruption collapses.
And that's what they're terrified of.
That's exactly right.
And this is, I mean, you just encapsulated the railroading of Alex Jones right now through the judicial system.
You know, for every one statement that Alex might get wrong, which he later corrects and apologizes for as soon as he realizes it, he'll probably have 999 statements that were right on that were the truth that they don't want people to hear.
You know, exactly the same.
And I can't help but think, as you were describing that, Gonzalo, and thank you for that, the greatest lie of all in our global economy is fiat currency, the money printing, the petrodollar status.
I was seeing a story yesterday from, I think it's called the Black Farmers Association of America, or some rendition of that.
I think Boyd is the last name of the leader of that group.
And he was saying, look, black farmers are suffering in America because of much higher prices of fertilizer and higher prices of diesel.
All the inputs, including labor and so on, of black farmers are losing their farms.
Small family farms are going bankrupt.
And I thought to myself, yes, this man is absolutely correct.
And why are those prices going up?
A lot of it is money printing.
Not a hundred percent, but a whole lot of it is money printing.
So the great theft from black farmers, and frankly white farmers, and all Latino farmers, all the farmers, and all the American people, is the money printing con, which is the emperor wearing no clothes.
And I regret I'll have to ask you to wait on your response, because we have to take another break.
But think about that.
We'll be right back with Gonzalo Lira.
Please stay with us for at least one more segment, if you would, sir.
It's greatly appreciated.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back after this break with more.
I hope you're enjoying this show as much as I am, folks.
I mean, I'm having a blast because I get to talk to a really intelligent guy here, Gonzalo Lira from Kharkov, Ukraine, and we get to cover a number of subjects.
And I, you know, it's not just about IQ, it's about people who have the courage to just
Say it as they see it, right?
To just tell the truth.
Because we can run around and we can find high IQ doctors, let's say, some of whom are just, you know, killing people by avoiding the evidence of vaccine damages.
It's not about how smart you are necessarily from an academic point of view.
It's about that combination of courage, that willingness to tell the truth, and also not putting up with the lies.
And I would dare say, I think right now in our world, at least in our kind of blogosphere of analysts and voices, that Gonzalo Lira is one of the most observant people and the most courageous, just willing to tell it like it is.
He's got a YouTube channel, it's called Gonzalo Lira 2, I believe.
I'm not sure what happened to Gonzalo Lira 1, but he's got Gonzalo Lira 2, so you can find him on YouTube, and he's got these roundtables that are fascinating, and frankly, he's occupying a lot of my time, because I'm listening to everything that he puts out.
So, Mr. Lira, welcome back.
Thank you for staying late, and I really appreciate everything that you're doing.
It's my pleasure, and thank you so much for your so kind words.
That was very much appreciated.
Thank you.
Well, you know, you deserve it.
You've earned it.
I mean, here you are, you know, in Ukraine.
And yeah, you're there!
It was just an accident.
It was just an accident because I live here.
And my wife is Ukrainian.
I met her in Europe.
I was living in Paris a few years ago, over a decade ago.
And I met her through friends from college.
And she was working there as an au pair.
And you know, one thing led to the next.
And here we are with two kids.
And they're perfectly safe and sound.
They're nowhere near this war zone.
They're actually at the beach.
So they're having a wonderful time.
And because of different circumstances, I had to stay behind, and I'm sort of like a little bit stuck here for the time being, but that's not really important.
What's important is that, you know, everything is going well, and the kids are fine, and they're having a blast, and they're tanned nearly black, and they're having a wonderful, wonderful time, which is the important thing.
Now, I'd like to get your reaction on some news that broke that's just truly shocking.
Check this out.
This is from WesternJournal.com.
The headline is as follows.
After being pumped full of scientific sludge, now they want to use it on humans.
And I'm thinking, of course, because I'm always, I have a comedy circuit that's going, I'm thinking Joe Biden, right?
They already used it.
But it's, this is a zombie concoction.
That they can pump it into dead pigs, and then the pig's organs start to come alive again, and they have to even pump it full of kind of like anti-twitch chemicals to stop the head from jerking and twitching, and of course I'm immediately thinking Hillary Clinton.
But you get my point.
I mean, is this some kind of mad science thing?
What is this?
It's a lack of judgment.
Because, you see, just because you can do something doesn't mean that you ought to do that thing.
And sometimes there are things that you should just leave alone.
For instance, you know, all of these gain-of-function researchers, right, they're trying to basically figure out a way to weaponize viruses.
And this stuff, you know, it can get away from you, and it could be catastrophic.
This time around, we got lucky, because it's very obvious that the COVID-19 virus was engineered, as I understand it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that part of the DNA sequence of this virus was patented by Monsanto or Pfizer, one of these conglomerates.
You know, I mean, it was clearly a manufactured virus that, all in all, you know, I mean, I mean, no disrespect to the people who lost loved ones, but
Plague or some sort of aerosolized cancer of some sort, something catastrophic like that.
You know, I mean, this stuff gets away with you because people are sloppy, people get tired, people just make mistakes and they don't mean anything by it.
But all of a sudden, some horrible virus escapes and wreaks havoc.
You should have the judgment to realize that there are some things that you shouldn't do.
And that's what adults realize because children,
Immature people, foolish people, will do whatever comes into their foolish heads and say, Oh, you know, that's perfectly fine.
You know, yeah, let's see if you know, let's jump off a 40 story building and see if I can fly.
Yeah, I mean, because that's what stupid people do.
People with some sense, some judgment, some, you don't have to be, you know, 160 IQ points, you can be just average Joe and so far as brain pan power is concerned, but still have the judgment.
The common sense, the experience to realize, you know, this is this might be a bad idea.
Don't do it.
This stuff of reviving pigs, for instance, it's crazy.
Zombie pig attack.
It's like, look, the difference, you know, in terms of physiognomy between a pig and a human being is very little.
There is a much greater distance between, say, the physiognomy of the of a mouse, for instance,
No, they intend to do this with human beings.
This is being developed to try to preserve organs for transplant.
Someone dies in a car crash.
They're dead for an hour or a couple of hours.
I mean dead, dead, brain dead, no circulation, no oxygen.
They pump them full of this concoction, which I guess would push out some of the vaccine clots, probably.
There'd be like clots coming out of one side, the zombie concoction.
Right, right.
They get the clots out of there.
They get the concoction in there.
The organs come back to life.
Then they kill the person a second time to harvest the organs to put them in to some recipient so that the hospital can bill half a million dollars for an organ transplant and bill that to Medicare or Medicaid.
They're making money.
They zombified the organs and then the recipient has like a zombie heart or something.
Like, this is medical science now?
Like I said, just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should.
Should I do that?
I insist.
You have to sometimes let sleeping dogs lie.
Sometimes just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do that thing.
And sometimes even with the best of intentions, you have to realize that if you don't know all of the information, the consequences can be catastrophic.
So far as the vaccine for COVID is concerned, when I first heard about the story back in November, December of 2020, I thought, this is crazy because anything can happen.
You need years to test this stuff.
And I always thought of thalidomide.
Thalidomide was a drug developed in West Germany.
It was used as a tranquilizer and was prescribed to pregnant women.
And pregnant women who took it during certain weeks of their pregnancy, it wasn't during the entire pregnancy, just a few weeks, just a few crucial weeks.
Well, they either lost their babies or in other cases, tragically, the babies were born without, their arms were little stumps or their arms and legs were little stumps, you know, and it was a tragedy.
It was horrible, right?
And these poor children, you're seeing it on screen now, these poor children suffering because of a drug that was not tested properly.
Okay, and that was just one drug, and we've known this for 60 years, because this happened in the late 50s, early 60s, right?
And it still took them five years to realize what had happened, because they were getting these babies with these deformities, and they didn't really know.
It wasn't like these children came out holding a little paper saying thalidomide did this, okay?
They had to figure it out.
It took time.
It took a lot of research and investigation.
And so by the same token, you know, you should never put out some drug without testing it for years and years.
And on top of that, it went against their own science that you never put out a vaccine in the middle of a pandemic.
These people were anti-science because they were panicking.
Hold on, I apologize again.
I've got to say one thing, and please stay one more segment.
When we come back after this coming break, I'm going to break some bombshell news about how we solve Western Europe's energy problem, because there's been a new breakthrough announcement and demonstration in Texas of an energy technology that you're going to want to hear about.
We'll have that on the other side.
Stay with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
All right, hold on to your hats, folks.
We've got some major breaking news to share with you here that can help solve the world's energy problems.
And we also have Gonzalo Lira, who's with us for this one more segment.
And then Alex Jones and Robert Barnes come in for the fourth hour.
And I want to thank Gonzalo for staying with us.
But first, folks, The Great Reset, the new book by Alex Jones.
The reason why it's important to go online and pre-order this book, Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, you know, BN.com, is because the more people buy it, the higher it moves up the list of bestsellers and the harder it is for the establishment to ignore.
I mean, that's the whole reason.
Trust me, authors don't make hardly any money off of books.
This is not at all about making money.
It's about sending a message.
And Sky Horse Publishing is the publisher behind this book.
They're a fantastic company.
They also published The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and many other books, by the way, including books by, you know, attorney Alan Dershowitz and many others.
So check it out.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Purchase it as a vote.
For freedom, frankly.
That's really what this is about.
Now, the big news I want to share with you, and I want to get Gonzalo's reaction to this, I had originally scheduled a guest for this hour whom I asked to reschedule, so he will come back, but we were going to talk about this major breaking news, and it involves a technology called low-energy nuclear reactions, which is a solid-state
Heat generating system.
Now, in the early, early days, 1989, it used to be called cold fusion.
And it was downplayed by the physics community.
They said that's impossible.
Well, not impossible.
It's been replicated by the United States Navy and laboratories in Japan and in Russia and all over the world.
Well, there's a company in America now called Brillouin Energy.
And they have now demonstrated this in a live demonstration at a conference that just took place in California about a, I think it was a week ago or roughly that.
They're also setting up a demonstration, I think at Rice University in Houston, Texas, that is coming up.
Where you'll be able to see a Stirling engine operating off of a solid-state, low-energy nuclear reaction technology system.
And the way the system operates, and I will go to you, Gonzalo, thank you for your patience, but the way the system operates is it takes an input, let's say 1,000 watts of electricity, but it produces a multiple of that in terms of excess heat.
For example, the current ratio is 2.7.
So 1,000 watts coming in, you get 2,700 watts of heat.
And this heat can be used to just directly heat buildings.
I can think of some European countries that might be interested in that real soon.
Or you can heat water with it.
You can then turn the water into steam and drive a turbine, i.e.
you can ultimately replace fuel rods in nuclear power plants with this technology.
I mean, it's going to take some engineering and more years, but the tech exists.
That's the thing.
You can heat buildings, you can generate electricity, and you can do it in a green, even an eco-friendly way because it produces no emissions.
Not carbon, nothing.
Not even the normal radioactive waste.
So, with that in mind, folks, I mean, again, it's called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, LENR.
We'll have a guest on sometime soon to speak in more detail about that.
But, Gonzalo, my question to you on this is, this is just a great example because this technology has been suppressed, suppressed, suppressed for decades.
I'm sorry, I don't buy it.
You don't buy it?
Not at all.
I could say almost positively that it's some sort of scam.
Well, this is why I love to have you on, Gonzalo, because you're a thinking person.
You reach your own conclusions.
I've done diligence on this, but I definitely want to hear your thoughts.
Go ahead.
Sure, back in 89 it was, or 87 something like that.
I don't quite remember the year, but on Time Magazine, the cover of Time Magazine, there was this big picture of like some scientist who had come up with some cold fusion technology.
It was like a little beaker with a couple of electrodes in it.
I mean, I don't have it handy, you know, I was not prepared for this particular topic, but I remember that even Time Magazine back in 89 got bamboozled
I've heard this for years, for decades at this point.
I don't buy it.
I mean, if I'm wrong, I'll be the first to say that I was wrong, if I'm proven wrong.
But, you know, just like a story like this, I think it's baloney.
You know, I just, prima facie, because I've heard this, like I said, for decades.
And see, this particular nut,
You're referring to Fleischmann & Pons, University of Salt Lake, Utah, 1989.
Would be made from this.
And so a lot of companies would most definitely want to be involved in this business if it were an actual business, okay?
And so this notion that there's a big cabal that would be suppressing it because of the oil companies or something like that, there would be...
I mean, I should apologize.
I kind of, I didn't mention I was going to bring this up at all, so we didn't talk about this beforehand.
The thing is, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing that I can do is say exactly what I think.
And let the chips fall where they may.
Because I've always thought that it's easier to live that way.
It's easier to say yes or no or whatever.
Because when I genuinely believe something, it's genuine.
I'm not faking it.
That's what's beautiful about this process that the public is observing.
I mean, here are you and I talking about a subject that we did not prearrange.
We have different sets of information about what this is, and you are saying, you know, right now publicly, as with any topic, that if new information emerges that comes to your awareness, you're happy to re-evaluate it, and I am as well.
I am as well.
What I can say, I've been monitoring this for many, many years, and this is in alignment with the laws of physics.
There's a slight loss of mass
And a large increase in excess energy and a little bit of helium produced as a byproduct.
I believe this is a very real thing and it's been licensed to some boiler companies who are going to use it to help heat hot water for distribution of systems.
But I think it's not a super miracle like it's not going to solve the world's energy problems overnight.
But this is something... Right there when you mentioned that it produces a little excess helium, right there I know that something's hinky going on, because helium is a noble gas, it's two electrons, it can't bind with anything, that's why it's a noble gas.
And so helium can only be produced by a fusion reaction, like what happens in the sun, and other certain geological processes that take millennia, literally,
To conclude, and perhaps even more, I'm fuzzy on the geology.
I read it back when I was in college, you know, 25 odd years ago.
And so the thing is, Helium, you know, there is no industrial process whereby Helium is produced as a byproduct.
And so right there, I'm like, it doesn't sound real.
No, I hear you and I appreciate your forthrightness.
And see, I think this proves that when you speak, you are always speaking from your heart and from a perspective of truth and not like you're not going to just go along with something just because it's popular or whatever.
You're going to say what you believe.
You see, Mike, I respect you enough that
See, if I didn't respect you, I'd be like, oh, yeah, sure.
I think.
You know?
Right, right.
When you're dealing with somebody whom you don't respect, what, you're going to argue with them?
No, you're not going to waste your time with them.
And if they say, I don't know, that, you know, the moon is made of green cheese or something, you know, something absurd, you know, you just say, OK, fine.
Because you don't respect them.
You don't care about them.
But if you do care about somebody and you respect them,
Then you said, I disagree with you.
And that's perfectly fine.
I don't know why we have this distinction that we cannot disagree and still remain friends.
Right, that's what's beautiful about this.
And I respect you and your intelligence and your views and your knowledge on so many issues.
And actually, the whole reason I brought this up was, what if
Western Europe, actually there is some other solution other than hydrocarbons or reverting to nuclear because Germany is going back to like, let's turn on the nuclear power plants again.
Which is interesting because they want to shut them all down because of, you know, the green energy situation.
But then they don't want hydrocarbons.
And then my knowledge is that this technology has been intentionally suppressed for all these years.
What if it can be commercialized?
Then we have another alternative.
Just, just, I mean, like, look, stuff has to pass the smell test, you know?
When you make a turkey, you always want to smell it good before you stick it in the oven to make sure it passes the smell test, right?
Well, but we have zombie pigs being brought back from the dead now.
Yeah, see, that I believe, okay?
Because I'm actually up to date and I know more or less that... Sorry to cut you off.
I hope you enjoyed the show, folks.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat him, prevent him from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best known conspiracy theorist.
But this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be heard.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be heard.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them muted.
Banning people.
They're dictating the opinions that everyone on the platform is allowed to have.
I'm a conservative Jew, so I guess that makes me such a dangerous person.
Spreading articles, spreading videos, spreading links.
You're going to get demonized.
You're going to get attacked.
It's going to do something terrible like help Trump get re-elected.
That's really what all this is about.
...said that they deem our content and our brand unsafe.
Is the right to be, do, and say whatever you want.
It's about freedom of expression.
I'm a journalist and the left's not interested in telling the truth about me because I don't fit the stereotype.
They can say whatever they think and I respect their constitutional right to do it.
I hope they respect my constitution.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because they know we are strong and they know in the end they signed on to the god of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep Infowars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the One World Government and the Mark of the Beast they just announced.
InfoWars has been vindicated.
We've been proven right.
World government, the New World Order is out in the open.
And now more than ever, the forces of Satan are trying to shut down this broadcast.
The forces of anti-human, godless New World Order are out of control.
So now realize,
We have pushed them out in the light, we have pushed them out in the open, and they are so upset, and they are so scared.
So while you still can, because any day could be our last broadcast, spread the word about the show, share the article, share the videos, and please fund us while getting great products at the same time at infowarstore.com.
Books, films, t-shirts, great supplements, Vitamineral Fusion, Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula,
Ultra 12, Diet 4, so much more right now at MFullMarshall.com.
But whatever you do, pray for justice, and pray for freedom, and pray for the children, and pray for free speech and justice to win.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Now spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic, historic battle.
One of the things you've been talking about on your show is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children.
What do you mean?
Like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?
Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
What do you mean?
Like what Jeffrey Epstein did with Clint Eastwood?
By officiating the unproven theory that petroleum oil is a non-renewable fossil fuel, the oil companies were able to adjust the price accordingly, all the way into the peak oil scare that foretold the calamity of the world soon running out of oil, which further benefited the industry's oil pricing schemes.
The wells never did go dry, and the ones once emptied filled back up.
So the science we have today favors the abiotic theory over the fossil fuel theory, which is that oil is a natural, renewable component of our ecosystem.
And we see this in our oceans, underwater methane lakes deep beneath the surface with their own unique thriving ecosystems.
And so the story changed from the world will soon run out of oil to the world will most certainly end if we don't stop using oil.
And because nobody seems to know what science is anymore, and most people just do as they're told, the world is about to end, for millions of people, and probably more, because our civilization is built upon fossil fuels.
And the powers that be are turning them off.
Winter is coming and Germany is set to be very cold.
Angela Merkel saved her political career by appeasing the anti-nuclear movement and shutting down Germany's nuclear power.
Out of 17 plants, they have already shut down 11 and are still in the process of shutting down the rest.
Removing 25% of their power without anything to replace it, because their Green Deal turned out to be a failure.
After all the hype, Germany's dependence on fossil fuel is at 76%.
So they are temporarily switching back to coal and oil.
But that's a real problem, because they've neglected their own fuel industry and become dependent upon Russia's.
And the German government would rather have the country freeze to death than buy fuel from Russia.
The German economy is based on highly innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce.
And so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause a tsunami of economic destruction throughout the EU and the world.
And the German government is letting it happen.
They could leave some nuclear plants online, but they still plan on shutting it all down by the end of this year to stay green.
Some anti-carbon environmentalists are saying that nuclear power is the greenest option.
And maybe that's true, but none of their schemes add up.
So far, the Green Agenda has only successfully accomplished making people feel good about themselves while they destroy their own society.
The EU and Britain are actually reverting back to burning wood as fuel and claim that it is carbon neutral, which is a lie.
Societies have steadily evolved
Towards a cleaner, more efficient energy.
Starting from wood, the least clean and efficient.
And moving to coal, followed by oil and gas.
And now, nearly 40% of Europe's renewable energy is wood.
Which mostly comes from clear-cutting forests in the United States.
This New Green Deal is a complete lie.
It's just another part of the creepy elite's Great Reset.
These elite bloodlines want a new cashless society, but one more like the Middle Ages, which for these spoiled inbreds is the good old days.
And if they succeed, it looks like Germany will get there first.
And in the midst of all this chaos, the German government is focused on allowing children age 14 and older to change their gender and first names, without parental permission, once a year for as often as they want.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
I feel like this all the time, trying to politically awaken people that they're being lied to, that there's an agenda.
It's not left or right.
It's, hey, there's mind control going on.
The signal's broadcast 24 hours a day through all this media.
Just become aware of it, and they'll say, there's nothing going on.
And I want to say, put on these glasses or start chewing concrete!
They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders.
They have recruited the rich and the powerful.
And they have blinded us to the truth!
The question is, do we all work for central bankers?
That's what I want to address to our guest tonight.
Our impulses are being redirected.
We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep.
An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder or sleep deprivation.
Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners!
Latest census numbers prove the United States has the biggest gap between rich and poor compared to all westernized countries today.
Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America, but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance.
The gains have been substantial, both for ourselves and for you, the human power elite.
And for the first time in all of human history,
Mankind is politically awakened.
That's a total new reality.
I've got one that can see!
We can't be the only ones who can see.
Unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that's got at the root of all our problems.
It's a new morning in America.
The old cynicism is gone.
We have faith in our leaders.
We're optimistic as to what becomes of it all.
It really boils down to our ability to accept.
We don't need pessimism.
I have two words for you.
Predator drones.
And who are you, little guy?
You will never see it coming.
I'm predicting the first guy who uses a Second Amendment weapon to bring a drone down that's been hovering over his house is going to be a folk hero in this country.
I'm just trying to warn you folks that television is a giant LED weapon system.
It's so advanced.
They got a monkey farm in Bastrop, folks.
They do all sorts of testing on great apes, rhesus monkeys, the whole nine yards.
And they go, oh, you didn't see this, and punch a button and there'd be hundreds of monkeys with wires in their brains with television sets brainwashing them.
Face that good life, too.
I know you want it.
Hell, everybody does.
Do it to your own kind.
What's the threat?
We all sell out every day.
Might as well be on the winning team.
The real men of the world have to stand up and say, I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.
And I'm all out of bubble gum.
Time to take a stand, boys.
You got a little courage.
You know what?
Stand up for yourself.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
The Oscar winners give a press conference and how to buy a sailboat.
Long live the Republic!
Alright, we ran some promos earlier because for some reason Robert Barnes was here sitting around for like an hour waiting to go on air and he didn't think he was supposed to be on air so he left.
But he's coming back, we're going to host.
We're not going to be stopped.
That's how this works.
Not going to happen.
There's so little human communication now though, like person to person.
And that's how the globalists are beating us is people don't communicate with each other at the shopping mall, or the store, or church, or anywhere.
And that's why we're becoming mentally retarded.
That's really the fount of all of this.
The epicenter, the progenitor, the patient zero of it.
And if you want to be unconscious and die, go ahead.
That's what people get in Alzheimer's when they're 20 years old now.
Because they're not making the human connections.
And to watch humanity dying is so sad.
I mean, I'm dying too.
It's like Helper Skelter coming down fast but I'm miles above you.
I mean the globalists who are trying to bring down humanity.
So I had a lot to cover, prepared for hours for this, but you know, we've been sitting around for 20 minutes sitting here like gorillas knocking our head up against the wall.
It won't matter soon, the food's getting cut off and they're just getting cut off.
And I think it's actually a good thing.
We've already killed so many kids in the womb.
Let's just start starving everybody to death right out of the oven.
That is where we are.
All the wimps that have lived off the system.
All the frauds that have hidden behind their BS.
It's all over now, isn't it?
Because you're unconscious, you will die.
Because you're living in a dream, you will be destroyed.
We don't live in a dream here.
I don't live in a fantasy land.
I live in the real world.
That's painful to watch.
But nevertheless, everybody's got their own idea how things work, so you go ahead and do it your way and see what happens.
I have a few video clips I want to play here.
And one of them is Dick Cheney, the war criminal, the torture master, the architect of 9-11, the globalist criminal.
The guy that sold America out for the Council on Foreign Relations and made jokes about it on national TV, how he was an enemy of America, has the nerve to get up and say people running against his daughter in her congressional race are the enemies, and that Trump is the enemy.
Trump's got his set of problems, but he sure as hell isn't evil on purpose, and he's not trying to screw over the American people like Dick Cheney.
And that's why when I saw this early this morning, I woke up at 5 a.m.
There was already millions of views of the video and hundreds of thousands of comments.
I spent five minutes when I got up making my coffee, I only read the few first hundred comments or so, saying we hate you, you're a warmonger, you're a criminal, you're a liar, you're a globalist, and all these clips of Cheney saying horrible globalist things.
And I had a real
Sense of satisfaction and success in that of the five clips I watched of Cheney being dismantled, three of them were from my films, like Endgame.
I know the music because we had it originally scored by a musician.
And I'm just, it's just so fun to be 15 years later, see a film I made, and there's a little clip online to counter Cheney, and it's our work.
That's real satisfaction.
Because you're not getting the credit for it, you just know you did it.
Those wait, staying up till midnight, 2am, getting it done, with Graham Reynolds who made this music.
It's just, it's just wonderful.
So here's Cheney's minute-long, disgusting ad, and here's the real takeaway.
He's universally reviled by conservatives and liberals.
He's known as a fraud, as a Halliburton, Enron scammer, warmongering war criminal.
Hated across the left and right, and he thinks he's coming to the rescue of his daughter that in two weeks or 12 days is gone!
They actually still think they have power!
They actually still think they're in charge!
They actually still think what they say and do has an effect, and that's what's disgusting about it.
But it's also what's funny about it.
The establishment's done.
The only question is, can they take us down with us?
So here's Cheney.
In our nation's 246-year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.
He tried to steal the last election, using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him.
He's a coward.
A real man wouldn't lie to his supporters.
He lost his election, and he lost big.
I know it, he knows it, and deep down, I think most Republicans know it.
Lynn and I are so proud of Liz for standing up for the truth, doing what's right, honoring her oath to the Constitution, when so many in our party are too scared to do so.
Liz is fearless.
She never backs down from a fight.
There is nothing more important she will ever do than lead the effort to make sure Donald Trump is never again near the Oval Office.
And she will succeed.
I am Dick Cheney.
I proudly voted for my daughter.
I hope you will too.
I'm Liz Cheney and I approve this message.
Imagine how dumb you think he thinks you are.
He goes on C-SPAN when he was vice president and says, haha, they don't know in Wyoming I'm with the CFR, which is goals to end American sovereignty and erase the borders and all the rest of it.
And he's got to brag to his white shoe boy, Jackoffs,
Just like Biden did six years ago before they left office.
He gets up on C-SPAN with the head of the CFR, Richard Haass.
He goes, yeah, we told that prosecutor, you investigate me and my son.
Well, have you fired?
If you want that billion dollars, fire him, son of a bitch.
An hour later, they fired him.
It's the sick part is these weird Ivy League old white men.
And that's who they are.
I'm not against white people, but if you want to talk about white people, it's these people.
And they want to sit up there and lecture us and do all this while they fund all the Black Lives Matter so we all kill each other.
I am so sick of old white men.
Not the average old white man.
They're great people.
But this little clit that thinks they're better than everybody.
You know who's screwing everybody over?
Old white men.
They turn around and say your seven-year-old son hadn't had his balls chopped off, so he's the reason the world ain't good.
No, Dick Cheney, it's because you ain't had your robotic heart torn out.
Lovingly, figuratively, non-violently, politically.
I wish no harm against Cheney.
I want to turn him into a martyr.
I want to turn him into the demon he is, and I want to politically and culturally assassinate his credibility.
Not physically, but I want to destroy that old, evil, white man!
Stay with us!
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
Robert Barnes riding shotgun with me.
If he'll do it, I'll co-host the War Room with him and Owen, coming up here in about 45 minutes, or now 30 minutes.
Barnes, you're a great constitutional lawyer, worked for President Trump, done a lot of great work.
You're suing Pfizer, successfully, the big whistleblower.
You have the number one case, brought all the documents.
It's literally exposing them right now.
But watching this trial, I don't talk about myself all day, but watching this, have you ever seen anything like it?
I mean it's a complete railroading in the sense that they rigged, they designed this case and scripted it for just a different ending than the ending they got.
They did everything possible to orchestrate a particular ending.
The ending was supposed to be the death of Alex Jones.
The end of Alex Jones.
A verdict that's a hundred million, a hundred and fifty million, and then another hundred and hundred.
This morning when they came in they looked like they were pop balloons.
Oh, no doubt.
I mean, uh, Bankston the other day was trying to spin, well, we'll get a massive punitive damages award.
Look at AP, 270 million.
Yeah, exactly.
I don't have 5 million in assets.
Well, that is... I was ready to sworn statement, show all my bank accounts and my house and everything.
Well, and the assessment makes no sense, because he's saying that InfoWars is worth something that, if you retired tomorrow, is actually in the hole.
That's why InfoWars is increasing.
It's like Michael Jordan.
The bulls are great while he's there.
If he leaves... I'm not trying to compare myself to that, but that's the analogy.
Absolutely it is.
I mean, I've never seen a media valuation of a company that is based on continuing... You know, if you work for the next 50 years, maybe that much money could possibly come in over 50 years.
Let's say Schwarzenegger signed to a certain studio for five more films.
He ends that contract, that value's not there back when he was a top guy.
So this economic valuation does not have any economic merit whatsoever.
It's something that nobody credibly would put out there at all.
But he did worse than that.
He got up before I left this morning and said, Jones made 61 million dollars last year.
We didn't gross that.
It was just a made-up number.
I mean, where do they get that?
Well, the other thing is, it's kind of extraordinary.
For all the claims that you didn't turn over discovery, how is it they have all of this detailed information that they can come up with these crazy projections?
The reality is, of course, everything was turned over.
But what is turned over, they're mis-estimating and mis-calculating and mis-allocating.
Well, I'll tell you what the 61 million was.
It was four years of supplement purchases, which we gave them.
They go, what is this PQPR money paid?
It's the damn product!
Down to the receipts!
And anybody who knows how the model works, they don't have an expert that's in this particular market space, either the media space or in the supplement space.
Well, he's like that economist back in school.
Yes, yes, exactly.
Widgets, widgets.
Where are we going to make those widgets?
And Rodney Dangerfield explains how the real economy works.
And then when he's shot down, Rodney Dangerfield says, well, if you're going to build this factory, you should build it in Disneyland, because that's where fantasies come true.
And that's the nature of the entire testimony that's been presented.
It's also why they had to not allow you to present any evidence.
Because an honest evaluation would say that there isn't this crazy estimation, this crazy value out there that they're putting out there.
They knew that.
Otherwise they wouldn't demand no defense.
But here's the little secret.
They don't want me to say it until everything's closed out, but under Texas law, their $4 million judgment is halved.
And if they do a huge billion dollar punitive, it's capped.
At one point something million.
Yeah, at $750,000.
Bankston was out there the other day, the plaintiff's lawyer was out there, spinning to the media how there could be, there was going to be a $50 million, $100 million kind of judgment coming in punitive damages.
Completely got wrong.
The media was recycling this as if it was the truth about Texas law.
The AP says I'm worth $270 million!
This company has major liabilities!
I'm in the hole!
Exactly, that's why the company... I'm telling my wife, I gotta mow the yard!
I'm telling her, we gotta fire the lawn staff!
We can't pay $100 a week!
Well, exactly.
That's why Free Speech Systems is in bankruptcy.
All that's fully disclosed under penalty of perjury, etc.
And so, the reason that they had to spin it this way is because they didn't get the big verdict.
My wife's like, can we repaint the bedroom?
And I said, no!
I'm so rich!
Precisely, just rolling in money.
If you're rolling in that kind of money, you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.
That's the reality.
So their goal was to get a huge verdict that they could use to be the death of Alex Jones.
They didn't get that in the regular damages stage.
They legally cannot get it in the punitive damages stage, no matter what the jury says.
That's under Texas law, so what are they doing?
I mean, I was watching some of the student rights today, they were bringing me the clubs.
I made $61 million last year.
The little secret is, I didn't take a paycheck.
Even the bankruptcy court is highly impressed.
And I haven't taken a paycheck in a year and a half.
Instead, I injected my house sale into this.
I saw some of the media coverage and notably the media coverage did not dispute what you just said.
So that proves that that is in fact the case.
They don't have any evidence to the... What were they saying?
The evidence, what they talk about is what was made in the past, gross revenues, estimations, nothing about actual net profit, actual made income in a particular year in this year.
And it's not even clear how much of this is relevant, but... Well, here's my problem.
I could get major national food guys that are on Hannity and on Beck, and I'm not attacking them.
Maybe they're smarter than me.
Their food makes 60, 70 percent.
Ours makes 30 percent.
Because it is the best, lowest price.
I have this weird neurotic thing to give our listeners the best deal.
So I would probably actually be rich like them if I did that.
Well, if they simply did a market analysis of the business, they would have come up with a very different evaluation.
And they came up with an evaluation that... Well, exactly.
Brad and Dunstreet has a real accurate report.
Because I saw it sent to me a month ago.
My lawyer says, is this accurate?
I said, yeah.
How do they know?
I have a $5 million asset total.
You don't count my debt.
Count debt, I'm $30 million in the hole.
I'm like, how do they know?
They go, they got AI, man.
That's how Bloomberg got so rich, too.
Like, I don't know how they know.
I don't know how Brad Dunstreet knows what I've got.
They know.
They make estimates based on available public information, so they can sort of put it together.
That's smart, though.
Oh yeah, sometimes their estimates are really good, sometimes their estimates are off.
It all depends on the circumstances.
Well, they're dead on with me.
Yeah, and their source data.
But yeah, so all of this is a show.
I mean, this was a show trial from the beginning, but this punitive damages stage is purely a show.
But it's amazing.
If I was the plaintiffs, I would not want there to be more appellate reversible error.
Yet that's what they did by not allowing you to present a defense on the punitive damages stage.
Bring witnesses, I was all ready, but lawyers, they checked everything, we had it down to the number, I was going to read, I have this bank account, I have this, a few things.
They didn't want that.
No, of course not, because they know that the truth is against their story.
That's why they had to try to script this whole case.
They didn't get the ending they wanted because there's a lack of credibility, and in fact, the only thing that's going to be memorable out of this entire case is the meme that's going global around the world about your answering the question that they shouldn't have asked.
Last time I checked without tracking it, 10 million views on Twitter.
Yeah, and that's just one of them.
I mean, there's like dozens.
I had a few together.
One's like 4 million, one's 2 million, one's... Oh, there's more and more and more.
It's all over the place.
It keeps... It is going to be the most memorable moment from this trial.
And that's what wasn't supposed to happen.
The headlines today... That's another thing.
She keeps killing the YouTube feed.
Yes, yes, she kills it the day after.
She doesn't want this information out there.
No, no, now she's doing it the last few days, during it.
Oh, really?
When she speaks, she kills it.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, that doesn't surprise me, sadly.
This was supposed to be a particular scripted ending.
They could rig the rules.
They could rig the case.
They could violate the rules of evidence.
They could violate the constitutional protocols.
And they still couldn't get the scripted ending that they wanted.
And the reason they couldn't get the scripted ending that they wanted is because even a liberal Democratic Austin jury picked by the plaintiff's lawyers
Rejected the court.
Being told 20 plus times in my presence, I'm sure it was more, back out of 20 plus, that I am guilty.
And you're not allowed to present evidence on your side.
Cliff's played completely out of context.
Why do you think this morning I was there, the judge and the other plaintiff's lawyers were not laughing, they were not staring at me, they were not giggling.
They looked defeated this morning.
I think that some of those folks connected to the plaintiffs had put out the idea that this was going to be the death and end of Alex Jones, this verdict was going to come back in at $100 million, then there was going to be another big punitive damages numbers, and that consequently the next day the sheriff would show up here at Infowars, shut it all down, seize everything, and you name it.
And that didn't happen.
Uh, that hasn't happened and that won't happen because even a liberal democratic jury in Austin could see through the claims being made by the plaintiff's lawyers.
It's now coming out that the jury was like, why doesn't he let him talk?
Yeah, I mean, two jurors wouldn't even join in the verdict and for the punitive damages, they need unanimous jurors to even get any punitive.
So what's your prediction this afternoon, or maybe it'll be longer, on punitive?
I, I don't think that... Because you said...
I don't mean to kiss your ass, but you said before it happened yesterday, you said on air, you said, I think it's below 5 million, I think it's a very good chance that they can't even get punitive.
Yeah, well then it's a seven-figure verdict, and I don't think the punitive damages is going to come in anywhere near what they're talking about.
Again, it's purely show at theater and symbolic at this point, because the cap is 1.5 between both claims.
But why do they want it then, just for the show trial?
They just want a headline, a fake news headline.
That's it.
Just a fake news headline to make it look like the, uh, that Alex Jones is hated and despised.
Wow, stay there.
One of the things you've been talking about on your show is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children.
Well, you mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?
Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
Well, you may like what Jeffrey Epstein did with Clinton.
Alright Barnes, so that's the big takeaway from this trial and thanks to our great listeners, we're still on air fighting back against this tyranny.
So much unfolding.
Again, I think it's criminal to have a judge say this is televised and then she cuts the YouTube off when we speak or lawyers speak she doesn't like, but only puts it on when they're having their people speak.
I mean, I think that's wrong.
I mean, all of it was scripted.
I mean, it was literally three movie cameras in there.
The only thing that went AWOL for them is they didn't get the ending that they wanted, and they didn't get the ending they wanted because even a liberal Democratic jury in Austin that was selected by these plaintiffs' lawyers rejected the core aspects of their theory and thesis.
They got to see you live, and you were not the caricature that they tried to make you out to be.
And even though they played altered clips and altered edited videos, sometimes only five, seven seconds long, in fact, I think one was like two seconds long.
The one about you was five seconds.
Five seconds.
Yeah, five seconds.
Personally, if I was a plaintiff's lawyer, I would not have put me in the trial.
I would not have put a lot of things into the trial.
I would not have put the allegations and concerns about the judge into the trial.
I would not have put the allegations and concerns about how the whole court proceeding was going on.
It was clear by some of the juror questions that there were jurors who were bothered by how the trial was being conducted, by the way the trial was being done.
Because ordinary Americans, even liberal Democrats,
Still understand some of the core principles that make America American.
Part of that's supposed to be respect for the rule of law.
Part of that's supposed to be everybody gets their day in court.
Part of that's supposed to be trial by jury on all facts relevant to the case.
They tried and in fact did deny all of that and because of it they didn't get the verdict.
So as you said a month ago,
The Democrat Party weaponized judiciary was on trial here.
No question.
The legal system was on trial, and the verdict is in, and the verdict is in by implication from the jury itself, which is that the Travis County justice system failed the rules of American freedom, American law, and American democracy.
It denied basic core rights and everybody could see it.
You're seeing people across the political spectrum, across the legal spectrum, comment on this case and describe it as being outrageous how the case was proceeded and how it was dealt with in general.
Indeed, the fact that you had a case that was supposed to be all about Sandy Hook became all about Travis County justice system being completely off the rails.
And for folks that don't know the history, Travis County is as bad as D.C.
No doubt.
I mean, Travis County targeted Tom DeLay, targeted Rick Perry, has targeted political opponents and adversaries in the past, but even they got more of a trial than Alex Jones and Infowars got in Travis County.
Complete denial of all evidence that was favorable.
And talking about balls, Rick Perry vetoed a bill in the Constitution.
Oh, exactly.
And they indicted him for vetoing a bill.
And neither one of us were big fans of Tom DeLay, but the allegations were trumped up bogus allegations.
He was not laundering money.
No, that was always fictional and fabricated.
Found guilty, though, but overturned an appeal.
And I think that's what... They needed a verdict that was so big that it couldn't be bondable in Texas.
They didn't get that.
Because they don't want the Texas Supreme Court to look at this case.
Because if the Texas Supreme Court does look at this case, it has to be thrown out on pretty much... But they've got two more bites of the apple.
Connecticut coming up and another Texas case.
I think they can't help themselves.
I think they'll try to do it again.
I have no doubt that they will try to replay and repeat this script, but they didn't get the ending they needed the first time, there's no reason to believe they'll get it the second time.
I mean, how much more can be done?
By the way, you did focus groups, so did we.
You predicted this.
Yeah, I mean, the ordinary jury, if you had had, Mike Cernovich said it himself yesterday, this case and this verdict shows that if Alex Jones got an actual fair jury, they would have come back with no damages being caused by Alex Jones.
They were told by a judge there are damages.
Yeah, exactly.
They were required to find damages because guilt was presumed.
I think, as one news reporter put it, Alex Jones' case is guilty until proven bankrupt.
That's been it.
But that's the problem, is that it was so over the top that even a sympathetic, favorable jury pool, handpicked by the plaintiff's lawyers in substantial part, still couldn't get them the scripted ending that they needed and that they wanted.
I'll tell you.
I don't care about these evil lawyers.
I'm not even trying to beat them.
That's like, you know, stomping on dog crap in your yard.
I wish they would just wake up and be good people, but they look completely deflated this morning.
Yeah, and you can see it in the same, in the press statements last night.
So the Nate, I mean, that's why they were saying, well, don't worry, we'll... I think they were predicting that a lot of people connected to this case, this will be the death of Alex Jones, it's going to be a $100 million verdict, he won't be able to bond it, we're going to be seizing InfoWars tomorrow.
That was the pitch and narrative.
And instead, the jury came out with a curveball that threw out their entire script ending.
And consequently, they're trying to figure out a sequel, and there isn't a sequel to be scripted here.
Other than the same abuse of the judicial process we just witnessed.
Just like January 6th.
Let's play a couple of these insane clips.
This is one of their lawyers.
He says, we started this trial asking you for $150 million and we stand by that request.
Let's play that clip.
We started this trial asking you for $150 million.
And we stand by that request.
Does it even exist?
We ask that you give another $145,900,000.
That plus your verdict is $150 million.
So they want to just put on billboards $150 million verdict.
That's exactly right, because they know legally they're not entitled to more than $1.5 million under Texas law.
So it doesn't matter what, if the jury comes back with more than that, then it doesn't matter how much more than that, it's capped.
So this is pure theater now.
This is purely staged, scripted, what, you know, the, what they wanted to criticize us for saying, which was that this was a scripted... She's, she's turning on and off the feed when we speak.
She turns it off.
She turns, she admits it!
Well, I mean, she turns the YouTube off when we speak.
And she deletes it when it finishes at the end of the day.
She says nobody can share it unless she approves it and authorizes it.
It's desperate.
If she wants to be a director, she should spend a few years actually making movies.
Uh, here is the same lawyer
That the worst part is, I said, lock her up.
So at the end of the day, it's like, we're here because he criticized Hillary.
Here it is.
Alex Jones representative saying, I know he was reckless.
Alex knows he was reckless.
And then immediately going, but, Megyn Kelly said it.
But, the truthers said it.
But, there were other websites.
But Hillary Clinton.
Hell, at one point I thought he was going to start yelling or chanting, lock her up.
Well, we should have locked her up.
They're like literally trying to sniff Hillary Clinton's butt when she's a politically dead item.
I mean, and they don't realize that this is a small and bubbled universe.
The press and the politicians and some of the lawyers involved.
Why do they worship Hillary?
Uh, I mean, I think it's part of their overarching mindset.
I mean, you look also at the sort of sub-genre of people that obsess over this case and obsess over hating Alex Jones.
It is one big, it's like the rainbow coalition of freaks.
It should be investigated.
Yeah, and there are people that, you know, it should... Texas Rangers?
It's like an automatic red flag.
If you're obsessed with this case, and you hate Alex Jones, and you got a weird Twitter handle, chances are you're doing something corrupt.
And we won't say what the law firm's Twitter handles are, but it's not good.
Yeah, it is.
I mean, some of the lawyers connected to this have some very unusual and interesting posts.
Let's put it that way.
But what happened was they needed a certain ending, and they still need that ending for their theater, for their script, even though it has no legally binding effect.
That shows what complete theater is.
So we're here on Friday night.
You think the jury comes in with a penis tonight?
Um, it'll be interesting how hard that the two jurors that didn't even like giving any money, whether they hold out.
And if they continue to hold out, it's either going to be a very low punitive damages verdict.
That's right, you've got to have unanimous for that.
Yeah, you've got to have unanimous for punitive damages in Texas.
And so, I think to get that, they're either going to come back next week, or it's going to be a lot less than what the plaintiffs... Alright, Robert Barnes, thanks for the last two weeks of coverage.
Hope you stay longer, hope you move to Austin.
What are you thinking about doing and how do people find your amazing show?
VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com and if you want to look up the template on issues related to the vaccine, just type in template in the search bar.
You can use it however you want.
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Robert Barnes, thank you so much, brother.
Thanks to all the supporters.
Thanks to the crew.
The War Room's coming up.
Stay with us.
A lot of folks are rallying behind us, and I appreciate that.
But you have to understand, when you rally behind us, you have empathy for us, you're having it for yourself.
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