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Name: 20220804_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 4, 2022
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InfoWars is a show that focuses on fighting against the petroleum oil industry's pricing schemes and promotes the abiotic theory that suggests oil is a renewable natural resource. The show also discusses the imminent New World Order, urging prayer and free speech. Alex Jones was found guilty in his lawsuit, and the speaker believes the legal system is being weaponized against dissidents like Jones. They compare America to 1912, when empires disappeared due to arrogance and poor decision-making, and believe we are currently in a World War One scenario with corrupt elites who could lead us into global war and famine. The speaker encourages their audience to support InfoWars by purchasing products from Infowarstore.com or taking advantage of sponsor offers. They also discuss the need for preparing for the collapse of the world's fiat currency system, promoting products that can be used for survival. Finally, the speaker addresses their own financial situation and expresses the need for support from their audience to avoid laying off people or shutting down operations.

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You know, you think our live show headline would be about Alex Jones and the truth about his phone and was it really true?
But no.
No, it's about all of us.
Planet officially plunging into mass starvation, economic collapse, and worldwide war.
So I'm staying at my post.
Despite the fact my guts and my flesh tells me get my family and run to the hills.
Imagine being the idiots serving this system in the crime-ridden collapsing cities they live in, undermining their own future, and thinking that those of us trying to save the ship are the bad guys.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
By officiating the unproven theory that petroleum oil is a non-renewable fossil fuel, the oil companies were able to adjust the price accordingly, all the way into the peak oil scare that foretold the calamity of the world soon running out of oil, which further benefited the industry's oil pricing schemes.
The wells never did go dry, and the ones once emptied filled back up.
So the science we have today favors the abiotic theory over the fossil fuel theory, which is that oil is a natural, renewable component of our ecosystem.
And we see this in our oceans, underwater methane lakes deep beneath the surface with their own unique thriving ecosystems.
And so the story changed from the world will soon run out of oil to the world will most certainly end if we don't stop using oil.
And because nobody seems to know what science is anymore, and most people just do as they're told, the world is about to end.
For millions of people, and probably more, because our civilization is built upon fossil fuels.
And the powers that be are turning them off.
Winter is coming and Germany is set to be very cold.
Angela Merkel saved her political career by appeasing the anti-nuclear movement and shutting down Germany's nuclear power.
Out of 17 plants, they have already shut down 11 and are still in the process of shutting down the rest.
Removing 25% of their power without anything to replace it.
Because their Green Deal turned out to be a failure.
After all the hype, Germany's dependence on fossil fuel is at 76%.
So they are temporarily switching back to coal and oil.
But that's a real problem, because they've neglected their own fuel industry and become dependent upon Russia's.
And the German government would rather have the country freeze to death than buy fuel from Russia.
The German economy is based on highly innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce.
And so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause a tsunami of economic destruction throughout the EU and the world.
And the German government is letting it happen.
They could leave some nuclear plants online, but they still plan on shutting it all down by the end of this year to stay green.
Some anti-carbon environmentalists are saying that nuclear power is the greenest option.
And maybe that's true, but none of their schemes add up.
So far, the Green Agenda has only successfully accomplished making people feel good about themselves while they destroy their own society.
The EU and Britain are actually reverting back to burning wood as fuel, and claim that it is carbon neutral, which is a lie.
Societies have steadily evolved towards a cleaner, more efficient energy, starting from wood, the least clean and efficient, and moving to coal, followed by oil and gas.
And now, nearly 40% of Europe's renewable energy is wood, which mostly comes from clear-cutting forests in the United States.
This New Green Deal is a complete lie.
It's just another part of the creepy elite's Great Reset.
These elite bloodlines want a new cashless society, but one more like the Middle Ages, which for these spoiled inbreds, is the good old days.
And if they succeed, it looks like Germany will get there first.
And in the midst of all this chaos, the German government is focused on allowing children age 14 and older to change their gender and first names, without parental permission, once a year for as often as they want.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, all eyes
It's Thursday, August 4th, 2022.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, on this live Thursday, August 4th, 2022, worldwide transmission.
The jury is out in Austin, Texas, on how guilty I am.
I can't be found innocent.
The judge told him at least 20 times, including in the jury charge yesterday while I sat there in the courtroom.
This man is guilty.
I say he is.
Now go find out how much money.
They said they wanted $3 billion yesterday.
They've gone up from $150 million to $3 billion.
Might as well be at $3 trillion or $3 quadrillion.
It's unbelievable.
Then, in their closing statements, they said Mr. Jones makes $300 million a year.
I thought it was $160 million a year.
And it just went on from there, an incredible spectacle.
Now, obviously, it was the top on Twitter, the top on the nightly news last night, the top story in the country, Alex Jones.
And why was that?
Well, this isn't really about what I said questioning Sandy Hook.
In fact, I wasn't even sued for those statements.
We were sued for statements Owen made simply reading a Zero Hedge article.
But in the charge, where the judge finds us guilty, it's Owen's statements.
Which, is it defamation or anything?
In my view, they'll be reading a Zero Hedge article questioning Megyn Kelly's report.
But what's the big top story?
Why is the international media tuning in right now to try to take edits of what I'm about to say and misrepresent it?
I'm sitting there, in their cross-examination of me, when I was the final witness yesterday morning, and the plaintiff's lawyer
Do you know what perjury is?
I said, yeah, I know what perjury is.
I'm paraphrasing all this.
And he said, well, you engaged in perjury.
You told me you'd look for Sandy Hook text messages in your phone.
Well, we have your whole phone now, and we have the Sandy Hook messages.
And I said, wow, this is your Perry Mason moment.
Tell me, please, what it is.
Well, your lawyer
Accidentally sent us 10 days ago or 12 days ago, whatever it was he said, I'll play the clip in a moment.
Accidentally sent us your whole phone.
So they're going, hmm.
I go, well, I do know that I gave the Texas lawyers and the Connecticut lawyers the current phone I had when they subpoenaed it a few years ago.
And I dug around and found one of my old phones and just handed it off to IT and said, whatever the search terms are, give it to them.
And it turns out that
They gave it to them in six-month chunks up in Connecticut so they could search for the group of terms they gave us.
But notice, I was defaulted for not giving them anything.
They got depositions.
They got hundreds of thousands of emails on every subject you can imagine.
They've got my text messages, which they already had in Connecticut.
And then when my lawyer in Texas became joint counsel in Connecticut a few weeks ago, they sent him the whole file.
And while sending some of those files over to the plaintiff's lawyers, they sent over some files they shouldn't have, mainly the medical records we got in depositions of some of the Sandy Hook families.
From our depositions.
This has been a long litigated fight.
So that is wrong.
It's a big mistake.
Lawyer owns up to it.
The text messages from Alex Jones are from 2019, the end of the year, and a few months into 2020.
Nothing about January 6th, like they're saying in the news.
Nothing, because yesterday we heard this, we went and looked at the file that was sent, pulled it up, looked at it, I read through it.
That's it.
Nothing there.
But they get up and say, law enforcement's going to want to know about this, and this morning they got up in front of the kangaroo court and said,
I've been contacted by a bunch of law enforcement.
Judge, please don't cut any of the feed this morning.
They're all watching.
And the January 6th committee's involved.
And my ex-wife's involved.
I haven't talked to her in years.
It's a free-for-all, ladies and gentlemen.
And none of it's true.
Absolute bull.
It is not my whole phone.
And it is not me perjuring myself or dodging things, because as soon as he said, oh, we got your text messages, I went, well, of course you got it from my lawyers, because I gave it to them.
When I said I've gone through my messages, that means I've given it to my lawyers to say here, because there's nothing on my phone.
We hardly ever talked about Sandy Hook.
And then there's like a Paul Watson
Text to me about, hey, this article looks like BS.
It's like the Sandy Hook stuff.
You might want to take it down.
Some story about COVID that turned out to be true.
But the point is, is that this is insane.
Totally and completely insane.
And it's the globalists using lawyers at every level of society and bureaucracy.
That's what Agenda 2030 is, to just shut down all their competition.
And so, what's being used against me, is going to be used against you.
Now, my lawyer here in Texas, Andino Rinell, this is posted on Infowars.com, or it's about to be.
Paul Watts is writing an article about it.
Filed a protective order injunction, already tied back to the previous protective order, from December 2nd, 2021.
And it lists his email to their lawyers, right after they accidentally sent him the wrong file, which happens all the time, saying, disregard that, don't use it.
We'll send you the right link.
Well, they downloaded it and waited and did use it.
And saying, hey, that's got medical stuff and the Sandy Hook people in it.
Don't, don't download that.
And they didn't care.
That went ahead and still happened.
And so, that's what's unfolding right now.
And it's just insane.
Absolutely crazy the point that this country and this world has gotten to.
And the hysteria around January 6th.
I tried to stop January 6th.
Everybody knows that.
I've done big rallies all over the country.
And the hysterical glee when I walked out of the courthouse yesterday at like 5 o'clock.
With dozens of TV cameras lined up, smiling and laughing and screaming at me and saying, reporters saying, you're going down!
Jan 6th has got you!
And of course they made sure to bring him to court this morning.
This is...
Part of his phone, not the whole phone now, and Roger Stone is in there.
Oh my, like, hey Roger, come on the show, or hey Roger, what's going on with this?
Totally innocuous stuff.
We went and looked at it.
I already know it's innocuous.
They've already been through the phone.
They got it 12, 13 days ago, or a fragment of the phone, and they put their supposed badness about me up there on television.
So, that's what's going on here.
And they want to use these proceedings, as I've always said, to try to gin up something criminal.
And that's what they're doing now, I'm trying to say.
You're being referred for perjury because you said there weren't Sandy Hook texts.
No, I said I've gone through them and that's what we've done.
Handed it over, but I gotta tell you, the experience with the legal system, even when the lawyers mean well, is just a nightmare.
And when my lawyers make mistakes, it's the end of the world.
When their lawyers do whatever they want, well then that's okay.
And that's how they weaponize these things.
But look, folks don't tune in here to hear about just what's happening to me.
You tune in to learn about what's happening with the New World Order, what I think's coming next,
And what is unfolding in society.
But if you want the truth, I don't know if it's up there yet, we can check infowars.com.
I just talked to Paul for it, it went live.
He said it was going up in a few minutes.
You can find the article that Paul's doing about this number one story in the country.
We've got it!
It's as big as Hunter Biden's laptop!
It's over!
It'll have all of the information!
Him and Trump and Stone planning everything!
And January 6th and hip hip hooray!
This is like finding the Holy Grail!
And then of course, none of that is true.
It's a year before January 6th and has nothing to do with it.
And if anything, I say more radical things on air than I do on text messages.
And the idea that there's some type of criminal activity on there is preposterous.
And again, as soon as he said, you know, I got your
Text messages from your lawyer!
I'm like, yeah, I gave them to him.
We got you now, boy!
You said you didn't have any text messages.
No, I said I'd look for all the stupid Sandy Hook stuff and give it over to the lawyers.
That's what I said.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen, how these people operate.
Meanwhile, the crackhead Chinese spy, Hunter Biden, is free.
We'll be right back.
They're coming for me because they have to get through me to get to you.
I swore this fight.
I'm of good cheer.
I'm actually very proud that we're the number one enemy of the globalists because we represent populism and Christianity and the human resistance.
We represent a pro-human future.
I want the exclusive on the top story in the country, that's even all over the world being reported, that supposedly my phone has fallen into their hands and it proves everything.
It's bigger than Hunter Biden's laptop.
It's all over.
The exclusive with the documents.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
You didn't give this text message to me.
You don't know where this came from.
Do you know where I got this?
Mr. Jones.
Did you know that 12 days ago, 12 days ago, your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you've sent for the past two years, and when informed,
Did you know that?
Steve, I told you the truth.
This is your Perry Mason moment.
I gave them my phone.
Mr. Jones, you need to answer the question.
No, I didn't know this happened, but I mean, I told you, I gave him the phone number, he was just sitting there.
And you said, you said, in your deposition, you searched your phone.
You said, you pulled down the text, did the search function for Sandy Hook.
That's what you said, Mr. Jones, correct?
And I had several, several different phones with this number, but I did, yeah.
I mean, that's why you got it.
No, Mr. Jones, that's not why I got it.
My lawyer sent it to you, but I'm hiding it.
Mr. Jones, please just answer questions.
There's no question.
Mr. Benson, also only ask questions.
Mr. Jones, in Discovery, you were asked, do you have Sandy Hook text messages on your phone?
And you said no, correct?
You said that under oath, Mr. Jones, didn't you?
I was mistaken.
I was mistaken.
But he reacted to the message.
He was right there.
You know what person it is, right?
I just want to make sure you know before we go any further.
You know what it is?
Yes, I do.
I mean, I'm not a tech guy.
I told you I gave, in my testimony, the phone to the lawyers before or whatever.
And so you've got my phone, but we didn't give it to you.
No, Mr. Jones.
One more time.
And please remember, if you need to assert commitment, you can.
I need to know that you can do that.
But you testified.
You can invoke your Fifth Amendment, and of course my lawyer should have got up at that point and said, and I'm not attacking, it's just a fact, show us the deposition.
The guy's deposed me, Banks has deposed me three or four times.
And I've deposed four times by Connecticut, but I never talked to them so I'm defaulted.
They've got all this stuff.
And I did search one of my phones, and it didn't have Sandy Hook stuff in it.
And then they came back and said, well, they're saying you're hiding it.
Do you have any old phones?
Tore the office apart, and I just said, here.
Go search it and give it to the damn lawyers.
Because I wasn't talking about Sandy Hook.
I don't care about Sandy Hook.
We don't cover it other than when they force us to.
And it's just so incredibly sick that I sit there and give the damn lawyers all the text messages and then they send it over to Connecticut.
The Texas lawyers before the new one I have never even gave them the stuff I gave them.
Or that's what they claim, and then I'm sitting there in the final witness in a trial where I've already been found guilty by the judge for not giving stuff over, and my lawyers give them the raw text messages of six months from 2019, early 2020.
That's the reality.
And then I see a text message from Paul Watson saying, this story sounds like Sandy Hook Bull.
A story about COVID.
How is that even pertinent?
How is that lying about something?
We get tens of thousands of emails a day.
I don't even have an email at InfoWars because I can't keep track of it.
I got rid of it over a decade ago.
And everybody knows that.
But I'm going to say this right now.
This is the annihilation of justice.
And as I predicted, they want to find something criminal in all of this.
Being wrong in a deposition, which I really wasn't wrong, is criminal.
What is it to get up, as they said in his closing statements, that I make $300 million a year?
We haven't made $300 million in six years.
And then in the closing arguments to the jury, the other lawyer said, Mr. Jones today on the stand said, FBI agents murdered the kids at Sandy Hook.
Everybody goes, what?
Well, my lawyer got up, he said, you just saw Alex on the stand earlier.
And when you deliberate, you should go pull up the video of that and ask for that testimony.
Mr. Jones didn't say FBI agents murdered people at Sandy Hook.
Their lawyer got up and said, this man today in front of you said FBI agents murdered children.
What in the world?
You talk about perjury.
You talk about crazy, but see, they know they control the appeals court, they control the Texas bar, and they control that Soros leftist judge, so they can do anything.
But that's okay.
I'm not here to keep my head down.
I'm not here to sit on the sidelines.
I asked to be in the arena.
I prayed to God to help me expose the New World Order because I want to stop these globalist pedophile rings.
And I knew the Mark of the Beast was coming and I knew it was the right thing to do.
So I'm not like all these other so-called men that aren't in the arena.
I'm in the arena.
But I want you to know I am fighting for you and for my own family and for all of us.
And I need your hope, your prayers, I need your support.
Today or tomorrow after the jury comes in with their first verdict, then they have the punitive damages, and they'll testify again on net worth.
And I'm gonna tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and you'll hear about everything I've got at that.
I was there this morning with lawyers making damn sure everything's listed.
How many cards I got.
The house I got.
They put my cell phone number out.
I gotta get a new number now.
They put my cell phone number out in court yesterday.
Home address is all of it.
This is all part of my persecution.
That's okay.
Christ said pick up your cross and follow me.
And if you're following me, you're gonna get persecuted.
I know this life is a flash.
This is a test, and I'm sure not perfect.
But I mean well, and I love God, and I love justice, and I am extremely honored to be here, and this is exactly where I wanted to be.
Believe that.
But I want to ask you at this part of the most intense fight beginning, at the crucible, as I go into the middle of the enemy hyenas to literally tear me to pieces.
You think this is bad?
It's going to get a lot worse.
I told you a long time ago.
I will be destroyed.
I told you that 20 years ago.
I told you that 10 years ago.
Because they're coming for you next.
And when they're annihilating and killing billions of you, I want you to remember that I fought for you.
Because through this fight coming, we will overcome these people.
I won't overcome them in my lifetime, but many of you watching will in yours.
They're going down.
I am in the arena.
This is where I want to be!
This is the way to go down, baby!
This is just the beginning.
My destruction will be spectacular, and it will be a light to others to lead the charge into the future for our children.
I signed up for this a long time ago.
I signed on the dotted line, not with the devil, but with God.
And God showed me the path forward, and I chose this path, and everything that was laid out before me is now proceeding in God's plan.
You've always got to remember that Satan has control for a limited time, but it's all part of God's plan.
Remember that.
When they're laughing at you, when they're lying about you, when they're attacking you, when they're hurting you, when they're killing you, that in the end,
This is all just a test.
It wasn't all just set up by happenstance.
This planet, the cosmos, our free will, it is a beautiful gift from God, but with it comes great responsibility.
All right.
Let me say this right now and I'm going to hit the news that they don't want us to cover or they want to distract me with all these lawsuits and attempted criminal charges and January 6th garbage and lies.
Because they want us out of the game.
They don't want us rallying humanity and awakening humanity.
We just saw big developments.
With massive wins by hardcore patriots in the primary election yesterday.
Roger Stone joins us to start the next hour, then Robert Barnes, Owen Schroyer, and so many others.
And we're also waiting for the jury's verdict on how guilty I am.
You're guilty until proven guiltier in the new blue city, blue state systems.
And again, people ask, why do you live in Austin?
I'm others' families from here.
I grew up in Dallas, then grew up here.
I love Austin.
It's a great place, but it's controlled by the globalists now.
And everybody's welcome here in Texas.
We love you.
But it's kind of hard to leave a place when your ancestors have been here since the 1820s.
My family originally, before they moved to Waterloo, which is what Austin was originally known as, lived in Gonzales, Texas.
And were in the main fight in the first battle of Texas independence.
And my mother's side of the family raised Colonel Travis's son, the Ayers family.
And so it is hard to see the fall of many areas of Texas and hard to realize that I need to pull up stakes and get out of here as soon as possible.
But we don't have the money or the systems to move this operation at this time out.
They're kind of doing us a favor with all the attacks with an infrastructure this big and not be able to continue it on unless we get massive increases in support.
But one way or another, I will go down fighting, ladies and gentlemen, and will not whimper as this operation is carried out against us.
Because again, I asked for this.
And I knew we would have victory when triggering Great Awakening that in the end will bring down the New World Order.
But you got to pay
The Piper.
You gotta pay the Boatman.
You wanna go into hell to free the captives?
You gotta pay Charon.
And I have paid.
And I will pay.
And I made that deal.
So my destruction is victory.
Now we wanna stay in the fight and fight as hard and long as possible.
And I pray for God to give me strength to be as powerful and as effective as I can in this key moment when the forces of true evil come for us, come for you.
So I'm gonna hit some more news on other subjects, but I'm gonna say this right now.
I didn't know how insolvent we were six months ago.
We didn't have outside accounting firms.
We had trouble sourcing products.
We had leftist groups that bought up some of our main suppliers.
They held onto our money as a joke for a year.
One big outlet that we've been using for seven, eight years.
It was owned by some great folks previously.
We learned that was the case when we said, give us our money back.
They said, no, we're not going to.
We had to get lawyers involved.
We found, with the grace of God, even bigger top labs in the country, two of them that are actually listeners.
And so the process of 10 of our best-selling products are starting to come back in.
But that will still, with the numbers we've got, to get us into the black, with the expenses we have, take a few months.
I need money now just to pay for the bankruptcy we have, which will allow us to stay on air and operate and reorganize despite all these kangaroo courts and fake judgments that clearly they've engineered, that I expect to happen.
And so right now is a decision you have to make.
As God is my witness, if I put everything I've got into this operation, it'll only run another two months.
And I have to have that as an emergency backup, just to defend myself personally, because obviously I'm carrying the ball, and I'll be able to continue to do this through other platforms that I don't own.
But we want to try to keep this platform going.
And so,
This has been an ongoing long-term boxing match or wrestling match with the Globalist for many years, and it's brought us right to the edge of collapse at this point.
And so it's very simple, and you've come through so much, but we need to massively increase the capital coming into this operation daily.
So that we can stay on air.
And I don't want to have to prove it to you by shutting down some of the shows, laying off a lot of the crew, and curtailing what we're doing at this key part of the battle, when we are one of the only organizations
That built the satellite uplinks, the radio uplinks, the servers, the encoders, the infrastructure, the studios, the brain trust of the researchers, the journalists, the editors, people like Greg Reish, people like John Bowne, and countless others we've supported, like Paul Watson.
But it really is up to you at this point right now whether we continue on because the extra money that came in the last six months was enough to pay off past debts and get up to speed and order some product that is starting to turn it around but not quick enough.
And so they put these headlines out there claiming
We have all these millions of dollars when we don't so that you don't think we need support.
So I just tell you now, I need everybody listening to go to infowarestore.com and get a 2000 Mules film, get an Alex's War documentary, now shipping.
To get an endgame, to get BODY's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, to get Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to get Diet Force that's a great system with natural compounds that speeds up your metabolism naturally in a healthy way.
Really, all this stuff's top flight at infowarrestore.com.
You can also go to infowarrestore.com.
At the top, there's a link that says, Help Fund the Tip of the Spear.
You can make a one-time donation, a multi-time donation.
And I've never done this.
But I've had dinner with some really wealthy people and I've talked to them and I've never really twisted their arm, but today I started making phone calls saying, listen, if you want to donate and you want to support us, now is the time to do it.
Because we are in the thick of the fight right now.
They're cutting off the infrastructure.
They're cutting off the energy.
They're imploding the borders.
They're not coming for everybody.
They're attacking everybody now.
And they don't want us on the air with the new lockdowns they're getting ready.
They don't want us on the air with the new election fraud they're about to try to engage in in 96 days of the midterms.
They don't want us going into the 2024 election mobilizing the people.
And so the orders have come down from on high and big money's being spent by this Goliath force to shut down this operation.
I will call this Operation David.
You are King David.
I am King David.
But we're not kings of our kingdom yet under Christ.
We are the little shepherd out there standing against Goliath, and I need you to help us fill our sling with that smooth river stone
And help keep us focused and funded into this critical fight.
So, I really need to see massive support.
Both telling people to tune in.
And purchasing products and praying for us.
If that is your choice.
It is your choice to make right now at the most intense part of the fight.
Everything we were built for.
Everything we've done in 28 years.
All your support coming to a head right now.
Do or die time.
Spread the word about the show.
Buy the products and pray for it.
If you want to keep us on air.
I am in your hands.
This is beyond the bat signal.
It's up to you at this point.
We need money to continue the fight.
The good news is people like Governor DeSantis are coming out and saying transgenderism targeting children is child abuse, chemical castration.
That clip's coming up next hour.
The good news is we've seen patriots sweeping the primaries, like with the gubernatorial primary in Arizona.
We're going to be looking at all that with Roger Stone coming up next hour and so much more.
But let's look at this stack of news.
This is just part of the economic news.
Widespread civil unrest looming in UK over cost of living.
The angrier world that Klaus Schwab talks about.
Video Biden energy advisor claims it's just factually not true that gas prices were rising before Ukraine invasion.
90% of the rise was before it.
Total lie.
But that's all they can do.
Just like they said they have my entire phone for all these years when they don't.
It's just not true.
Mexico also suffering inflation.
To stop inflation protests, Panama fixes price of groceries and medicine.
That will cause food shortages.
And it just goes on from there.
Almost 40% of Democrats voters say Democrats have run the economy to the ground.
See, the Democrats look at the blame.
Yeah, they deserve part of it, but their boss is the new world order.
The Great Reset at work.
The dystopian transformation of the food industry.
Big article up on InfoWars.com.
This is the designed, controlled collapse.
Meanwhile, China has said it's war if any high-level U.S.
government official, including an ambassador, goes to Taiwan.
Pelosi goes, which I think she should go if she wants.
She can visit wherever she wants.
And she says it's because she's a woman.
I mean, they inject that crap into everything.
And it just goes on and on and on.
But the good news is, everywhere, Hollywood tried to force its leftist ideology on people.
Get woke, go broke.
Warner Brothers decides to shelve woke 70 million Batgirl movie.
Economist warns job openings are about to fall off a cliff.
That's just some of the economic news as they wage war against our finances, against our sustainability, against our independence, against our children, against our families.
They're at war.
You know, when I walked out of the courthouse yesterday, where they just said they had my whole phone and the law enforcement would want to know about what was on it and none of that was true.
When I walked out there and there were dozens of TV cameras with people behind them hissing and saying hateful things and laughing and saying, you're going down.
These are mainline reporters.
It didn't make me feel bad to have all these people saying mean things to me.
It made me feel bad for them.
Because of what they are involved in.
And the system that they have signed up for.
And how foolish they are.
And how they've bet on this.
As they said, January 6th is going to get your phone.
You and Trump are going down.
Oh, this will make Hunter Biden look like a good guy.
All delusional.
All based on half-truths.
All based on disinformation.
All based on garbage, but they don't care.
They don't stop.
And they wonder why their lives are destroyed.
They wonder why they have no future.
It's very, very, very, very sad.
Now here's the other big news I'm going to be getting into, including right now.
This is the good news.
These are the real hearings that matter.
Not that Alex Jones questioned a mass shooting, or not that there was a riot at the Capitol and so we've got to have martial law.
We should be spending the whole show today on this.
And that's the gain-of-function hearings that they just had in Congress, where they have all the documents that government bureaus under George W. Bush, under Barack Hussein Obama, and then under Trump, he killed most of the programs to his credit, weaponizing viruses
To even be race-specific and kill certain races of people.
Big breaking news on that.
We'll be playing clips.
Rand Paul, Congress is not allowed to know about top secret gain-of-function research committee.
And we've got more on that.
I love these modern articles and these studies.
Evidence suggests genetic manipulation in COVID-19.
And then they describe how it's got
5p shuttle gene injections that show it's a cloned virus and that it's had other viruses added to it.
I mean, you know a 57 Chevy's man-made versus a Redwood.
Or you know a duck is natural versus a carburetor.
You know that a frog is biological.
And not man-made, for now, versus a shotgun.
And they knew this two and a half years ago.
They scanned it at major universities and said, my God, this is man-made.
And now we have Fauci in documents admitting he ordered gain-of-function production.
This could end humanity as we know it, certainly kill hundreds of millions or billions of people, and the fear and collapse from it will bring us into total collapse, which will lead to mass starvation and war.
And that's today's live show headline.
You know, you think our live show headline would be about Alex Jones and the truth about his phone and was it really true?
But no.
No, it's about all of us.
Planet officially plunging into mass starvation, economic collapse, and worldwide war.
So I'm staying at my post, despite the fact my guts and my flesh tells me, get my family and run to the hills.
Imagine being the idiot serving this system in the crime-ridden collapsing cities they live in, undermining their own future,
And thinking that those of us trying to save the ship are the bad guys.
It is so sad.
I'll say it again, and the decision's really up to you.
I know that if we cancel the War Room and American Journal, and lay off a bunch of crew, that we'll suddenly get a bunch of donations and support.
Do you really want me to do that?
Because I'm going to have to in a couple weeks.
I mean, do I need to?
I mean, I'm in official, full bankruptcy with the federal court filing things showing we're out of money.
All I need is money to fight these next two show trials and pay for the bankruptcy and that will protect us and we'll be able to go forward.
But we need the money at the level we were to operate.
And that's why they flash headlines up everywhere that are 100% false that we have $5 million or $300 million or any of this crap.
Because they want you to think that we have all this money when we don't.
It is up to you to see through their lies.
It is up to you to bolster the front lines of your defenses.
We're the gate on the castle that the dragons shoot and fire at and clawing at and trying to get through.
Infowars is the soldiers at that gate shooting arrows at that dragon and throwing themselves up there and moving boulders in to try to block the hole in the wall.
That gate goes down.
They're able to stampede and intimidate everybody.
They take the whole fortress.
And believe me, you'll be in a whole other world.
Your money's gonna be worthless.
Your freedom's gonna be worthless.
You'll be under new lockdowns.
You'll have no future.
If you don't bet on Infowars now, you are insane.
And quite frankly, I'm exhausted.
Part of me just wants to watch you, just give you guys what you want.
But I know the listeners have been steadfast, you know who you are.
But for all the middle class people and all the wealthy people that have been sitting on the fence while widows and blue-collar workers, the salt of the earth of this country, are busting their ass, spending part of their paycheck to buy our great products, shame on the wealthy and nouveau riche that are sitting there thinking you're insulated.
You're going to find out you're not in this new French Revolution.
So go to InfoWarsTour.com right now, get a t-shirt, get Vitamin Refusion, get the great Super Blue toothpaste, back in stock at Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
Get it all while you still can.
But it's here.
No more beta tests.
We're inside the N-W-O now.
And it's only going to get more insane, but we're going to win in the end.
We'll be right back with our number two with Roger Stone, Robert Barnes and more.
People say Alex Jones is crazy, he's a conspiracy theory guy, he's a nutcase, he's got these rants and all that.
What they miss is that this guy is ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that
To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I've got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlining stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or InfoWareStore.com
The operating system of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha families, which is the oldest bloodline of European bloodlines in the world, in which all European bloodlines agree are their progenitors, going back to their founder, Vlad the Impaler.
Count Dracula is the recognized head of the entire dynasty.
His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who can trace his ancestry back to Romania's dark and distant past.
The genealogy shows that I'm descended from Vlad the Impaler, you see.
So I do have a bit of a stake in the country.
As it were.
And so this house of the dragon that flies the dragon banner, the Dracul, rule the planet.
Just like Revelation tells us the dragon.
And it's allied with the other dragon, Chycoms, and its goal is feudalism, but with a high-tech overlay.
We're developing
Through technology and ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.
What does that mean?
That's... Where are they traveling?
How are they traveling?
What are they eating?
What are they consuming on the platform?
So, Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker.
Stay tuned.
We don't have it operational yet, but this is something that we're working on.
Total biometric surveillance.
If we want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what's happening under their skin.
And if you go back to the Aztecs, or the ancient Chinese, or the ancient Europeans, or the ancient Africans, everybody behaved the same.
You had cycles, and you would get cycles of society building up, developing technology, agrarian systems, developing towns and cities, and then the cults take over, the high priests take over, and they always use environmental reasons for the reason that they have to dominate and demand human sacrifices.
So the Illuminati is basically just an extension of the mystery religion system.
The whole type of philosophy.
Yes, it was a way of hoarding knowledge and power to a few special people.
And how did they hoard the knowledge?
Well, when I say knowledge, some of the knowledge is pseudo-knowledge, and some of the knowledge is actually scientific knowledge, which enabled, for instance, Christopher Columbus to be certain that he could sail across the Atlantic and hit land.
He was associated with the Knights Templars, which is one of these
Secret societies associated with the Illuminati.
So you've got different types of knowledge, but some of the knowledge is actually bogus.
It's just claimed so that they can get people to join whatever mystery religion they're trying to offer.
And the UN and others at the Club of Rome in the 1960s, early 1960s, said we're going to bring back the superstition
Of the pagans.
And we're gonna teach people they're bad, and teach them they're evil, and teach them that they have to pay, and teach them that old people have to die and babies have to be killed because there's too many people.
So that we have a barbarous civilization that's the opposite of the Renaissance and Christianity, but one that is kill and be killed.
And we believe this is the natural system of survival of the fittest, social Darwinism, and so we're going to bring this back.
And that's the real system we're transitioning to now we hear about a transition.
So they've decided to get rid of that and replace it with the old authoritarian model of barbarism that has the exact same
Features, no matter what color you are or where your ancestors came from, humans act the same in these cycles over and over again.
The satanic rituals that they carry out, which are horrendous traditional rituals, blood sacrifices, requires a certain level of insanity and disassociative ability.
If you were a normal sane person and you had to participate in the higher level Illuminati rituals, you'd probably go crazy.
It's absolutely essential that they maintain the bloodlines.
These are religious sacraments to these people of power over you!
And they don't like the fact you're straight and strong.
They don't like the fact you're good.
They don't like the fact you're hardworking.
They don't like the fact you want justice.
They want to hurt you.
They want to dominate you to fill that empty spot in their heart.
We'll be back.
When you fight the globalists, when you defend humanity, when you stand up for the children in America, the new world order comes for you.
Yes, those that serve evil call us fools for standing up for what's right, but we can't help it.
It's in our bones.
And we've got incredible economic news.
We're going to look at the big...
Primaries that happened yesterday that are terrifying the establishment.
We're going to look at the nationally televised hearings they had today, where Roger Stone was drug into my Sandy Hook kangaroo trial, where the judge has told the jury more than 20 times I'm guilty.
How do you get a fair trial of that?
Just un... Any other place in the world, folks, including America in the past, if a judge said you were guilty to a jury, it was mistrial.
So to break all this down and more is
A man who's been through the fire even more than I have.
There's not many.
What we stand up for is Roger Stone.
But Roger, you're forced yet again.
I had you coming on last night.
I talked to you.
We said, hey, let's get you on about the election, about the primary, about the midterms, 96 days.
But now, yet again,
They're not telling the truth.
They say that there's a phone that they have, bigger than Hunter Biden's laptop, and then you're in it, and it's all there, the January 6th committee, and it's a fragment of my phone given over in Discovery in Connecticut with a bunch of text messages that is from late 2019 to early 2020, nothing to do with January 6th, but they don't care.
They're going forward with it.
Your response to that?
Well, Alex, I have no concerns whatsoever about anything you and I have ever text messaged.
We've never said anything inappropriate.
We may have commented on how attractive a particular woman is.
There may be some locker room talk there, but even that's not troubling.
Alex, they're going after you the same way they went after me for exactly the same reasons.
We refuse to shut up.
We refuse to be silenced.
We refuse to stop talking about freedom and our constitutional liberties and calling out those who would cancel them.
So my heart goes out to you and your family.
I've been exactly where you are right now.
And frankly, you need help more than ever before.
Don't buy into the lies.
Don't buy into the distortions.
Don't be... They did the same thing saying you had hundreds of millions of dollars.
All lies.
Yeah, no, it's absolutely untrue.
So, folks, Alex Jones needs your support.
InfoWars needs your support as never before.
This is really, it's not even about the subject of the trial, in my opinion.
It's just an effort to silence and destroy Alex Jones.
I've been there.
I've walked this walk.
I know what you're going through.
And to watch the corporate media with these corrupt judges and others all working in concert,
They truly are, as Trump said, the enemy of the American people.
Well, here's the good news, Alex.
Jesus Christ will deliver you just as he delivered me.
Jesus Christ can discern good from evil.
He knows who stands up for his values and his teachings.
He knows that you are fighting to maintain this as a Christian-based nation.
My family and I are praying for you and your family, and frankly, everyone there at InfoWars.
Never give up the fight.
We won't, my friend.
Let's talk about these primaries last night, from Arizona to you name it.
Let's run through it with one of the top political analysts in America.
Well, what we saw in Arizona was the exorcism of John McCain and the McCainites.
It was a top-to-bottom victory.
At this point, Kerry Lake has carried every county but one.
Of course, in Maricopa County, the last time I checked, they were still counting.
But the nomination of Mark Fincham as Secretary of State, the resounding re-election of Wendy Rogers, the Republican establishment is crapping their pants across the board, whether it is Michigan
Whether it is the House races, this is Donald Trump's party at the grassroots.
All these stories that you've read, front page story in the New York Times a couple weeks ago about how Trump is losing his mojo at the grassroots of the Republican Party, that's completely disproved by yesterday's primaries.
But here's the one thing perhaps the untrained eye doesn't notice.
The turnout in Republican primaries are breaking all records.
Whereas the turnout in Democratic primaries is anemic to say the least.
That shows an enthusiasm level, an intensity level that does point to a blowout victory this November.
So their attempts to destroy Trump, you, myself, and Governor DeSantis and others is just a temper tantrum.
Well, in the case of the January 6 hearings, there's no question whatsoever, this has actually galvanized and strengthened Trump at the grassroots.
Even the Atlantic Politico did polls that admit that.
Yeah, all the polling I'm looking at demonstrates a substantial uptick in the intensity of his support.
I frankly think if they did this to dissuade him from running for president, it's having the exact opposite effect.
I think that it encourages him to run.
Let's be clear, you were here July 1st and said Trump was going to probably announce in July.
He did say, I'm running, I'm just not saying when.
So your prediction was true?
Yeah, I still think this is coming.
There's a lot of legal and political complications to his becoming a candidate this year.
I do think he does not want to divert attention and support and money from the candidates who are on the ballot this November.
I agree, but what about them wanting to indict him?
If he announces now, generally they won't because it's too obvious.
I don't think he'll divert attention.
He should travel, he should get right back on the road, he should go into overdrive.
Well, of course, the Attorney General said in an interview that they would not be deterred one way or another on his political status and as to whether he was a candidate.
I don't think it'll make a difference.
If I were him, I would announce my candidacy literally the day after these November elections.
But that's just me.
It's also interesting that even in those few places
Uh, where RINOs got reelected, it was only because the America First candidates were split or vote was split among two candidates.
So, for example, Dan Newhouse, perhaps the single worst piece of crap in the United States House, a guy who voted for impeachment, a guy who voted for the January 6th Committee.
A guy who voted for the COVID-19 database.
This guy won only because the Trump vote, the America first vote, was split between two candidates.
But if you add the majority, or I should say you add the vote they each got, he would have been a loser.
Across the board, this was a smashing win for Donald Trump.
Which is only going to make the deep state go crazier.
What do you expect to happen in the next 96 days?
Well, I'm not an attorney, although I did read yesterday that the president's lawyer, former lawyer Pat Cipollone, was summonsed to the grand jury.
I don't know how they picked through the executive privilege issues there.
Look, they seem hell-bent on doing something that would disqualify Trump as a candidate.
And I think that is growingly obvious.
As for the attempts by the lawyers in the Texas case to somehow tie this into January 6th, I have no concerns in that area.
As I have said many, many times, any claim, inference, implication or accusation
That I knew in advance about, was involved in, or condone any illegal activity on January 6th is just a lie.
Nor was I involved in any of the legal machinations regarding delaying the Electoral College vote.
But still, I get attacked on page one above the fold in Sunday's Washington Post.
Well that's right, and the Washington Post, the New York Times, they've all got front page articles that it's over for Jones and Stone and Trump.
We have the phone, and they don't have a phone.
They have text messages I turned over in Discovery that they act like are like some big secret.
It's just incredible how desperate they've gotten.
Thank God we're still here to tell the truth.
Roger, stay there.
I want to do another segment with you.
You want to talk about
They're clearly trying to get rid of him.
Who are they planning to bring in?
What are other tricks they're going to play in the next 96 days?
The iconic Roger Stone's our guest.
Stay with us.
Roger Stone.
It was more than 30 years ago that I discovered the Globalist Plan and their documents.
And I decided that I believed in humanity.
I decided that if we warned the people and began a mobilization, we could defeat them.
And now we have come so far together, we've got to continue on.
Roger Stone, Joe Biden, that's obviously their big problem.
They knew he was a puppet, but he's degenerated faster than they thought.
That's the big wild card with 96 days out.
Can he hold on?
He's degenerating again at light speed.
What is your intelligence sources and your own great research telling you?
Well, an even larger problem, of course, is the constant Chinese water torture of more and more information about the illicit business dealings and perversion of Hunter Biden.
If folks have not followed the extraordinary reporting of Miranda Devine at the New York Post, it is breathtaking and there's new information every single day.
Joe Biden told us he knew nothing whatsoever about Hunter's business dealings.
Turns out that he met with Hunter's clients on 14 different occasions.
We have now absolutely established that he is the big guy and that he was getting a piece of the action.
So the combination, it seems to me, of the disaster of the Biden administration policies, record gasoline prices, food shortages, crippling inflation, embarrassing defeats and retreats,
Combined with the weight of Hunter Biden's epic corruption.
Corruption which, by the way, he is yet to be prosecuted for.
I mean, Paul Manafort went to prison for lobbying without registering for Ukraine.
Hunter Biden lobbied for several nations without ever registering, certainly had contact with policy makers and decision makers in Washington on their behalf, including his father, the Vice President.
He never registered.
So you have to wonder,
When, when will that, when will he be prosecuted?
Or do we have a two-tiered justice system in which they only pursue Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and say General Michael Flynn?
Roger, I could ask a thousand questions in the six minutes we have left, but what else is front and center on your radar screen?
Well, I think you raised the central question, which is how long will they put up with Joe Biden?
In other words, once the New York Times and the Washington Post and the legacy media begin reporting on the epic corruption of Hunter, the handwriting is on the wall.
So the only real question here is, when will he be removed under the 25th Amendment?
Will that happen before or after the election?
I would argue after.
And does he pardon his son, his brother, perhaps even himself on his way out the door as his cost of leaving, as the condition of his leaving?
If that happens, as you know,
Kamala Harris immediately becomes president of the United States.
No, she doesn't need to be sworn in.
Lyndon Johnson did that famous charade on the plane of him being sworn in as president just to twist the knife in Bobby Kennedy.
That's what that was about.
She would then be entitled under the Constitution to appoint a vice president, but that vice president would have to be confirmed by both the Senate
And the House.
And therefore, in this next upcoming election, we don't know that that would be possible.
That, of course, is an argument for removing Biden from office legally prior to the election, while they still have the ability to confirm a vice president.
Who could that be?
Well, I have said repeatedly, I think Michelle Obama is going to be the 2024 nominee.
This would be a way to position her for that nomination.
She would be the most likely nominee if that scenario were to play out.
What are some of their wild cards?
Provocateurs, false flags, new wars.
I mean, they are in desperate straits.
All the numbers show their own party's completely turned against them.
So their own people don't go out and vote, even if they use dead people voting and illegals voting, just like we saw in last night's primary.
That's not going to push them to victory.
Well, I think we have to keep a very close eye on the monkeypox pandemic that they are openly predicting.
Oh, you've been saying for six months, right before the election, they launched a new pandemic.
They've already, the blue states are already trying to shut things down and put masks back on.
And I think they're looking for some excuse under which, theoretically, a President Biden could sign an executive order that limits us to only mail-in voting.
And we know how that works out.
And you predicted that.
He just instructed with an executive order last week, the Postal Service prepare for permanently delivering ballots via the mail.
There you go.
So, look, I think that they would like to avoid a free, fair, open, transparent election at all costs.
I really think they recognize, particularly after yesterday's seismic results, that they are in deep trouble in the upcoming election.
Spend two minutes on that, because when we post this to Banned Out Video, I'm going to put this clip right now up front.
In your own words, how seismic yesterday was in the primaries.
Roger Stone.
Well, first of all, just Republican turnout broke all records.
There is extraordinary intensity and enthusiasm among all Republicans for these primaries.
Democratic turnout was anemic.
Secondarily, the Republican establishment, the RINOs, got beat virtually every place, not only Arizona, but in Michigan and elsewhere.
So the establishment knows that they are in deep trouble.
There is a red tidal wave coming.
There is no question about that.
And I think there is growing panic by the Democrats to figure out some way to head that off.
Could it be a war sparked either through Ukraine or through these provocations with the Chinese?
Could it be a pandemic that limits us only to mail-in voting, an open invitation for voter fraud?
That is a possibility.
Here's the one thing that is absolutely clear.
The Democrats cannot head into a free, fair, honest, transparent election because they know that they will lose.
I agree.
I'm trying to figure out a headline because we're live right now.
Millions watching.
I want to post it to Mandop Video and get millions more to share it.
What is the headline?
Roger Stone.
Primaries point to a November Red Tsunami.
Absolutely so.
Roger Stone, primary victories point to November Red Tsunami.
That's right.
Perfect headline.
Thank you so much.
We'll talk to you very, very soon.
Roger Stone, give out your website real quick.
Folks can watch me today on frankspeech.com.
Lindell 2.
Tune in for this.
All right, brother.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion, paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration, global social score,
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children, and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they now use me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and it's being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You know it in your guts.
You understand it archetypally.
Any champions that stand up for human liberty and a pro-human future must be destroyed because the enemy can't have leadership.
That's why supporting InfoWars, that's why sharing the links and articles, that's why praying for the broadcast, that's why buying products at InfoWarsTore.com is beyond critical.
Because we are your champions.
You are my champions.
If you hold me up, if you back us, we will continue to have devastating victory against the enemy.
But if you don't realize how important you are, we'll fail.
I played that clip because I shot that four years ago.
Right after we were deplatformed, I shot it.
It was a rant on a live show.
That's unedited.
They just added video over it.
That's the spirit talking.
That's total truth.
That's the A-game.
That's what you live for.
That's why you want the Holy Spirit.
When you're in that zone, it's incredible.
And they don't want any of us in that zone.
This broadcast, with our guests and our callers and myself and others, we are about getting into that zone.
This is a focus on liberty.
I talk about how they incrementally turn up the tyranny so you don't notice it like the frog in the pod until it's too late.
We're about pointing out we're in the pod.
And just like I made that point, they've been attacking us so long, it becomes like, yeah, they took his banks away, they took him off the internet.
Yeah, they attacked him.
Yeah, now they want to arrest him.
You just get used to me being chewed up.
It's kind of like, yeah, he's down there getting chewed up.
You don't realize I'm at the gate of the fortress defending you because I love you.
I'm not a hero.
I can't watch these people do this to you because I am you.
I have a feeling of empathy, just like you do.
So now I need you to take action and not procrastinate.
Yeah, it's great to have the number one book on 25 charts, and it's up in the 20s now on Amazon.
It isn't even out until later this month.
But the money we get from that, two, three dollars a book, is negligible.
It's about our intellectual information being number one in their face, showing the vote of the people.
Yeah, Alex's War is in some theaters around the country.
Gone to number six on the iTunes chart now that it's out.
Went to number two on the pre-orders.
That's all great, fine, and dandy.
But this broadcast and what we do every day is the real tip of the spear.
And we need your funding at InfoWarsTore.com.
Vitamineral Fusion back in stock.
Body's back in stock.
We've got all these great products.
Super Blue sold out for over a year.
Finally, the original Super Blue.
Toothpaste, back in stock, discounted.
This is your choice at this critical time.
We have grassroots.
They have the New World Order and their printing presses.
We don't need all the funds they've got.
We just need to stay on air.
And we have a plan.
The goal is to silence Alex Jones.
They're using Sandy Hook families as pawns.
And I saw that two days ago when I did a live video in the morning.
Saying I think Scarlett Lewis and I think Neal Heslund are real.
I've been around them for over a week.
We question all big events.
We didn't create the Sandy Hook questions.
The government lies did.
But I think they're real people and I believe Sandy Hook happened.
And I appreciate them, and I'm sorry.
They edited the tape to say, I hated them.
She got up on stand and believed it.
Once she saw it, she started crying, said, I'm sorry, you're right, oh my god.
And then her lawyers went over to her and to Heslin and snapped their fingers like they were dogs and said, get over here!
So, they're panicking, and that's why they came out with this fake phone thing.
That's why they're doing it.
Robert Barnes, you ride the shotgun into the end of the next hour.
You've knocked it out of the park.
Thank you for coasting.
I don't want to talk about us all day.
I want to talk about the elections.
I want to talk about the primaries last night.
I want to talk about the economy.
I want to talk about Trump, Biden, Ukraine, everything.
But first, you're loaded for bear on this.
What do you make of the latest chicanery?
What happened yesterday was an attorney admitting in court, in this case the plaintiff's lawyer, that he violated fundamental rules of the professional conduct and ethics that govern every lawyer, and in the process was encouraging and incentivizing the January 6th Committee to violate Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment constitutional rights.
So under the rule, every lawyer gets information that's not supposed to be given to the lawyer.
Happens all the time.
Every day in America.
I've got that many, many times.
I've been fortunate, never sent anything to anybody they weren't supposed to get, but I have received it frequently.
And my ethical and professional obligation, when I see it's something I wasn't supposed to get, is to let the other lawyer know, return the information, and delete all copies.
In fact, this is...
So recognized.
We'll later on, you know, talk about what Andy Griffith used to talk about in the 1960s.
That's how well understood and universally understood this is.
You cannot illegally benefit or profit from information you illicitly obtained, even if it was by accident or mistake rather than... Especially if the lawyers tell you in 10 days, they told them that day, that's not right, send it back.
Yeah, it said, I mean, what it was communicated, it was, yeah, that's a mistake, discard the link.
And what does he do instead?
What this plaintiff's lawyer in particular has done repeatedly, which is flake- An ambulance chaser thoroughbred.
Oh, well, I don't know if I'd put thoroughbred.
It looks more like, you know, a leprechaun on meth.
But I think- Well, I mean, he looks more like Rumble Stillskin.
Yeah, I mean, one of the most disturbed human beings I've ever been around.
When I walked in the court, he was hopping around like a bunny on meth, screaming, Bobby Barnes, Bobby Barnes, Bobby Barnes.
They played a clip of you yesterday.
Yes, they did.
They managed to only play five seconds.
I wonder why they wouldn't play the whole clip.
All the clips were five seconds.
Exactly, because the whole clip would have told the whole truth, which would have led to a theory.
Hold on, we're going to play that clip you mentioned, because we talked about it, of
Andy Griffith, and then we're going to continue with this because this is insane.
The top story in the U.S., Alex Jones' phone, oh my God, it's all over.
It's not my phone.
It's not even true.
Wait until you hear about it, stay with us.
Paul, guess what?
We bugged Mr. Blake's cell and we heard him talking to his lawyer.
You see, we took the mic and we hit it up in the cell window.
Wait a minute.
What are you talking about?
We bugged Mr. Blake's cell.
You what?
We bugged the cell with Arnold's tape recorder.
Just listen to this, Paul.
I can't listen to that.
But Paul... Opie, I can't listen to that.
I'm not permitted.
But Paul, you don't understand.
Opie, I can't listen to this.
Now, I told you about eavesdropping.
But Paul, this is different.
Yes, it's worse.
You overheard a conversation that was supposed to be private.
Now, I can't be a party to that.
But, Pa, if you just listen to this... Opie, I can't listen.
Pa, you're erasing the tape!
That's what I mean to do.
You bugged a conversation between a lawyer and his client.
Now, that's violating one of the most sacred rights of privacy.
But, Pa... No buts.
But if it helps the law... Opie...
And that's exactly what they've just done.
Plus, there's nothing there, so then they lie about what's on the tape.
The next step.
Well, that was obvious, because in the cross-examination questions, he tried to have his, you know, big, you know, Perry Mason, fake Perry Mason moment.
Uh, the, where he's trying to say, oh, I have some incriminating information and you're waiting for it.
And it's, there's nothing.
There was no incriminating information.
I'm like, I gave my lawyers my cell phone?
And after looking at it, stuff he's not supposed to have, stuff he wasn't supposed to look at, stuff he was supposed to destroy, stuff he was supposed to return, what can he come up with?
Basically nothing.
I mean, that's it.
Well, they January 6th it, even though it's text messages from 2019.
Oh, exactly.
Which is the January 6th committee once again misusing and abusing its power.
And here they used the plaintiff's lawyer to illegally access and illicitly obtain information.
And for those who don't know, they're announcing they won.
Oh yeah, that's their nature, that's what they're going to do.
But it is a violation of 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights, and it shows how out of control the January 6th Committee has become just as this trial.
I was talking to someone here in Austin today, doesn't have a bone in the fight, doesn't really care, someone that's a part of a well-respected community here in Austin, and he had watched part of the trial and his reaction was he'd never seen anything like it.
That didn't he understand that they couldn't push it so far to make it look like a kangaroo court.
My occasional compadre, Viva Frye, who's a Canadian lawyer, again doesn't have a bone in the fight, has described it as one of the worst trials he's ever witnessed.
And he's been critical of me before, which he should be.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, he's not part of the Alex Jones world.
He's just someone that's a Canadian lawyer that had to flee Canada because of what they were doing to his children in the vaccine mandate context.
But as someone who has an independent mind, and his reaction response to watching this trial is that it is one of the worst kangaroo courts he could ever imagine.
And he's someone who's not prone to using hyperbolic rhetoric.
It means that's what he has seen, that's what he has witnessed.
I described it as 19th century Australia, is how this courtroom looks like, which is all railroads and kangaroos.
And that's because that's what it is.
It is a case that has made a mockery of the rule of law, it is disrespected.
Did you see their closing arguments yesterday though?
He said, Mr. Jones on the stand this morning, that FBI agents killed the children.
And I didn't even say anything like that.
And my lawyer goes, he didn't say that to the jury.
I mean, this man makes $300 million a year.
Yes, I mean it was one ridiculous statement after another ridiculous statement.
I remember the cross, I was in the courtroom when they were cross-examining Owen Schroer, where they went kind of nuts and pointed me out and all that jazz.
It's Bobby Barnes!
Look at him, he's right there!
Absolutely, I've never seen anything like this.
I mean, this just keeps... They're like, look, he's right there!
Why do they hate you so much?
I mean, it goes all the way... I was there too, they're like...
Oh yeah, I mean, nobody's called me Bobby since I was 10 years old.
So, I mean, it's some sort of peculiar obsession of a lot of these people.
And I think they don't like anybody fighting back in the court of public opinion.
They don't like anybody exposing... They have this weird camp following of people that look like mutants.
I mean, it looks like House of 1000 Corpses, all these weirdos following him around.
This is a very weird group.
The vibe is very, very disturbed.
I had not experienced that kind of negative, weird vibe.
There were people, random so-called press people in the courtroom that were busy staring at me half the time when I was there.
I mean, it was just weird dynamic.
These are disturbed people in my view.
These are people that... Oh, the New York Times lady is so disturbed.
I mean, all of the... Oh, yeah, no questions.
She was more obsessed about asking any question other than a question that concerned the constitutionality of this trial.
And that's what we've seen all the way through.
And if we want to talk about people that have spread fake news that caused real harm, probably nobody in the world has done more of that than the New York Times.
They've lied us into almost every major war and conflict we've ever got into.
It's led to the deaths of tens of millions of people.
You could argue hundreds of millions when you include their cover-up of the Soviet
Well, the jury's out with the judge at least 20 times saying he's guilty.
You will find him guilty.
She read, I never heard a jury charge like, this man is guilty.
You will decide how guilty.
Well, I think Zero Hedge, an article today, put it well, it's guilty until proven bankrupt.
I mean, that's basically the nature of what the court proceeding looked like.
And that's why people who have watched it, who have, again, don't have any major interest in the case, or thought maybe I was overstating what was taking place, have written back to me saying it's far worse than I even described.
I mean, you had people on the left celebrating that the judge is against Alex Jones.
The judge is supposed to be the referee.
Imagine if you tuned into a football game, and all the referees were wearing one team's uniform, and telling one side they could win.
And you guys pull up, we may have to bleep it for later next hour, idiocracy court scene.
Because that is fairer than this.
No doubt.
Well, you tie it all in, they want to build a world that looks like idiocracy.
Who's got it on his computer?
Go have them.
We've got a bleeped version, because I actually put...
When the judge defaulted me like six months ago, I put a statement out on default.
We've got a bleep version at the end.
I mean, that's fairer than this.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, people have been sending me different clips of different crazy trials, very Kafka-esque trials, and saying that these trials end up understating the reality of what it is to be in jail.
Well, that's why they see me laughing in the hall and stuff and they go,
You're not taking this serious.
You're not scared.
I'm like, dude, we're already screwed.
Of course I'm scared of you.
You're like cancer.
I'm just like, I'm already going down on the ship.
I'm not like going to sit there and bitch about it.
I mean, as another person put the other day, the, uh, another, I think it was Dr. Benjamin Braddock, uh, put out that, you know, the, he had, even a Soviet show trial looked better than this trial in Travis County, Texas.
And I think, in my view, the court overstepped its bounds.
The plaintiff's lawyers pushed the court too far, and did things that look egregiously bad, because they are egregiously bad.
All in an effort to not only use you as an example to intimidate people who raise questions about institutional narratives, and expose organizations like the New York Times that keep lying us into war, and lying us into mass famines, and lying us into lockdowns, and lying us into- Who think destroying me will rehabilitate them?
Yes, and it will shut out and suppress and censor for all time important and influential dissident voices.
It will intimidate.
That's right, I saw a tweet, we'll cover it later.
It's like, if they can't assange you, they trump you.
Trump, you, the Alex Jones Show!
And that's precisely what's going on.
It's just a different level of it.
And the goal is to weaponize the legal system.
People forget this is how New York Times versus Sullivan came about.
The way it came about was Southern sheriffs, corrupt Southern sheriffs, were suing civil rights organizations and related institutions that published civil rights organizations and trying to sue them into oblivion.
This is the Democratic Party suing black people too.
That's exactly right.
And the Democratic Party is doing the same trick.
They went after donors in NAACP vs. Patterson.
They went after civil rights organizations directly in New York Times vs. Sullivan.
They were doing it all over the place.
They are weaponizing the legal system to suppress, censor, and punish dissident speech so that the audience couldn't hear that voice and to intimidate the audience from supporting those independent voices.
Robert, I can't help, but I'm with the people.
I'm betting the people, no matter what happens now, we're going to win in the end.
I think this is blowing up in their face.
I think so, because anybody who watches these proceedings cannot look at that and say, if I were Alex Jones, whatever they may think of Alex Jones, would I want this judge as my judge?
Would I want this court proceeding as my court proceeding?
Would I consider this due process of law?
Would I consider this protection of freedom of speech?
We can't even bring evidence in, they just randomly brought stuff off my cell phone in!
You're not even telling the judge!
Well, it's the reason why I called it scripted.
Here's a five second clip of Bobby Barnes.
Well, that's why the, exactly, that's why I called it scripted.
They didn't want to cover the rest of that.
They wouldn't play any of the rest of that clip because they know that it would be a jury subpoena.
It's scripted when they won't let us put any evidence on, but they can't.
It's scripted when you got three movie cameras staring at everybody in the courtroom from a movie crew.
That's three movie cameras, like 15 other news... I mean... Oh, there's other cameras in there.
There's a bunch of other production facilities going on.
The judge all mics up.
It's a live set.
It's literally a live set.
And when you're allowing...
Let's do it!
Oh, those are expensive cameras.
Those are really like you're on a movie set.
Like I said, it looks like- No, it's a movie camera!
And these are movie cameras of a movie production crew, and what they're doing is they're using- These are the cameras that are on Tom Cruise movies.
It is!
And they've designed a core, and it's like, why is she letting in evidence that has nothing to do- 90% of the- Because it's all theater.
It's her HBO debut.
I mean, if this was a legitimate trial, you don't have such selective evidence being introduced, other evidence... Look, bottom line, the judge is the Wicked Witch of the West, and the plaintiff's lawyer is the Flying Monkeys.
I'm sure I'll see that in court tomorrow.
Ha ha ha!
Burn in hell, New World Order!
Our free speech will beat you a thousand times.
So go ahead and fill your political land, and I'm on my way.
The globalist great reset, or the war for the world, is here.
But humanity is not being caught flat-footed because of info wars and because of your support.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now more important than ever, as we reach the critical heart of the battle, that you spread the word and that you support liberty and that you warn people like you've never done before.
We have come so far together.
Please help keep us on the air.
We're under massive attack right now.
But we're going to win with your help.
We're going to overcome this with your help and with God's blessing.
Please go to InfoWarsTore.com and get this book.
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The Great Reset and the War for the World.
Available right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Get The Great Reset at InfoWarsaw.com.
By officiating the unproven theory that petroleum oil is a non-renewable fossil fuel, the oil companies were able to adjust the price accordingly, all the way into the peak oil scare that foretold the calamity of the world soon running out of oil, which further benefited the industry's oil pricing schemes.
The wells never did go dry, and the ones once emptied filled back up.
So the science we have today favors the abiotic theory over the fossil fuel theory, which is that oil is a natural, renewable component of our ecosystem.
And we see this in our oceans, underwater methane lakes deep beneath the surface with their own unique thriving ecosystems.
And so the story changed from the world will soon run out of oil to the world will most certainly end if we don't stop using oil.
And because nobody seems to know what science is anymore, and most people just do as they're told, the world is about to end, for millions of people, and probably more, because our civilization is built upon fossil fuels.
And the powers that be are turning them off.
Winter is coming and Germany is set to be very cold.
Angela Merkel saved her political career by appeasing the anti-nuclear movement and shutting down Germany's nuclear power.
Out of 17 plants, they have already shut down 11 and are still in the process of shutting down the rest.
Removing 25% of their power without anything to replace it, because their Green Deal turned out to be a failure.
After all the hype, Germany's dependence on fossil fuel is at 76%.
So they are temporarily switching back to coal and oil.
But that's a real problem, because they've neglected their own fuel industry and become dependent upon Russia's.
And the German government would rather have the country freeze to death than buy fuel from Russia.
The German economy is based on highly innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce.
And so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause a tsunami of economic destruction throughout the EU and the world.
And the German government is letting it happen.
They could leave some nuclear plants online, but they still plan on shutting it all down by the end of this year to stay green.
Some anti-carbon environmentalists are saying that nuclear power is the greenest option.
And maybe that's true, but none of their schemes add up.
So far, the Green Agenda has only successfully accomplished making people feel good about themselves while they destroy their own society.
The EU and Britain are actually reverting back to burning wood as fuel, and claim that it is carbon neutral, which is a lie.
Societies have steadily evolved towards a cleaner, more efficient energy, starting from wood, the least clean and efficient, and moving to coal, followed by oil and gas.
And now, nearly 40% of Europe's renewable energy is wood, which mostly comes from clear-cutting forests in the United States.
This New Green Deal is a complete lie.
It's just another part of the creepy elite's Great Reset.
These elite bloodlines want a new cashless society, but one more like the Middle Ages, which for these spoiled inbreds is the good old days.
And if they succeed, it looks like Germany will get there first.
And in the midst of all this chaos, the German government is focused on allowing children age 14 and older to change their gender and first names, without parental permission, once a year for as often as they want.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, folks, coming up in a minute, we've got exclusive footage inside the Austin courtroom of the Kangaroo Court that nobody has seen yet.
This is coming up in just a moment.
You're definitely going to want to watch this satire alert.
Those who know what satire is, this is a joke coming up.
Robert, I want to finish up with the Kangaroo Court and move into world politics.
The big primaries last night, Biden, the war, the economy.
But let's read a few tweets that are at the top.
These are some of the top tweets, millions of retweets total.
Robert Barnes says, hate Alex Jones all you want, but no one should welcome a trial that tramples the First Amendment, punishes speech about the Second Amendment, ignores due process under the Fifth Amendment, denies a trial by jury on truth under the Seventh
Amendment and violates AC privilege, attorney-client privilege.
Here is Jordan Chantel.
The Alex Jones Show trial is a preview of what the regime intends to do to anyone and everyone who doesn't conform to the narrative.
Dr. Darren J. Beatty.
Regime is thirsting for precedent in Alex Jones' case, so no one can question official narratives on the internet again as it comes out this day, January 6th.
Election Wizard says, what the Texas justice system is doing to Alex Jones isn't justice, it's wrong.
Another commenter says the Alex Jones trial appears to be nothing short of a kangaroo court at this point.
Scott Adams says Joe Biden has done everything Alex Jones is accused of doing in the Seneca trial, making up stories that demonize Pacific citizens in a dangerous way, fine people, hoax, Russian collusion, insurrection hoax.
Name three.
The first one won Biden the presidency.
COVID-1984 says, regardless of what you think about Alex Jones, please remember, he was the canary in the coal mine for online censorship.
They deplatformed him, and many were okay with it at the time.
How many people have been deplatformed since?
Is this trial setting another new precedent?
And it just goes on from there.
Robert Barnes, your take on that, and we have a clip from the trial today.
I mean, I think what you're seeing and witnessing is a travesty of justice, but it's a precedent that is very perilous for ordinary people's constitutional liberties and rights.
Because if they can do this to Alex Jones, then they will do it to everyone else.
This is what we said back in 2018.
And what happened?
Two years later, the President of the United States was deplatformed across social media.
So what they're doing here is showing that they can weaponize the legal system, the way the old Southern sheriffs used to do in the 1950s and 1960s to suppress civil rights dissident speech, where they weaponized the local judicial system to create crazy verdicts and judgments in politically motivated cases that were contaminated by lack of due process and trial by jury.
Here we're seeing the same thing, but on an entirely different scale.
I have not seen a case that has no regard for the rules that cover the rule of law.
I mean, just as one simple example.
Just the other day, they played a tiny clip of my prior presentation.
They failed to present the full context.
That's a violation of the rule of completion.
They played a five second clip.
Let's be clear, they played a clip of me
I don't
News story out of this theater of a trial for the future documentary that's going to be made that will be based on misinformation in the courtroom because only one side was allowed to be presented.
Only one side and that one side often had altered videos.
And just another example, the court suggested that somehow any statement ever made on InfoWars is a statement of InfoWars.
That's never been the case.
In order for there to be party opponent admission exception to hearsay evidence, the person has to be a corporate officer and authorized individual.
Not everything said on CNN makes CNN responsible for that statement.
The same is true here.
My statements are my own statements.
When I went on Piers Morgan, that's not their statements.
That would be like them suing Piers Morgan and blaming Piers Morgan for what you said in the interview with him.
That's how, that has never been the rule of law.
That has never been the rule of evidence.
How have they gotten the judge, who they just made the head judge of Connecticut, the one persecuting us, she has been made the head judge of Connecticut.
How do they get these judges to do this?
I think it's in part because the professional class has a class prejudice and bias against populist voices that challenge institutional narratives.
That's part of it.
The other part of it is there's a culture of authoritarianism within our judiciary that's very dangerous to liberty, always has been going back many centuries.
That's right.
Let's look at a few of these headlines.
It's on InfoWars.com.
The truth about the Alex Jones phone records.
And we have the actual documents there for you.
Get those and spread them.
Here's the actual court filing on what really happened.
January 6th committee prepares to subpoena Alex Jones text and emails.
It happened before January 6th.
A little fragment of stuff they have.
It's not my phone.
And it goes on, and on, and on.
So, they are really, really panicked.
What do you think, the next minute before we play this clip, of their attempt to claim I'm involved in perjury, when I gave my phones over to the lawyers?
There's no evidence whatsoever of perjury.
Alex Jones was innocent, is innocent, and will stay innocent.
They can attempt to railroad any court proceedings that they want.
It won't change that reality.
I mean, you talk about a gotcha moment.
When you set up a gotcha moment, you're supposed to be an actual gotcha at the end of it.
There was no gotcha.
It was, look at this, and this didn't relate to anything that you had said.
It related to things that didn't even relate to Sandy Hook.
So the, just because the words Sandy Hook were in it, well there's like 50 different Sandy Hooks across America in terms of towns.
So it had no bearing on it.
There's no evidence of perjury.
There never was any evidence of perjury.
That's why they just have a headline of his, him making the accusation, but no substantive evidence because it didn't happen.
It's another fake news narrative about this.
That's right.
We're going to shift gears into the big primaries that happened last night.
Biden, Ukraine, and so much more.
Is actual footage... No, no, I'm joking.
This is satire.
This is less tyrannical than what we're actually facing.
Here it is from the great Mike Judge's film, Idiocracy, and we'll be right back.
He would soon discover that in the future, justice was not only blind, but had become rather retarded as well.
I'm fixin' to commensurate this trial here.
We gonna see if we can't come up with a verdict up in here.
Now, since y'all say you ain't got no money, we have proprietarily obtained for you one of them court-appointed lawyers.
So put your hands together and give it up for Rico Pendejo!
You're my lawyer?
Says here you, uh,
Robbed a hospital?
Why'd you do that?
Yeah, I'm not guilty.
That's not what the other lawyer said.
Listen, you gotta get me on the stand, okay?
I can explain everything.
We can take him to your house, we'll show him the pod that I came here- Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Prosecute him!
Why you think you done it?
Okay, number one, your honor.
Just look at him.
He talks like a f**k too.
B, we've got all this, like, evidence of how, like, this guy didn't even pay at the hospital.
And I heard that he doesn't even have his tattoo.
I know!
You've gotta be shitting me.
And I'm off.
But check this out, man.
Judge should be, like, guilty.
What are you objectifying on?
Come on, just get me on the stand now.
Um, your honor, I object that this guy also broke my apartment this year.
And you know what else?
I object that he's not going to have any money to pay me after he pays back all the money he stole from the hospital.
Don't say I stole, you're my lawyer.
And I object, I object that he interrupted me while I was watching Ow My Ball!
I'm pretty sure we have a mistrial here, sir.
I'm gonna mistrial my foot up your ass, you don't shut up!
Please listen.
Please listen.
I didn't steal anything, I was part of an army exchange.
Joe stated his case logically and passionately, but his perceived effeminate voice only threw big gales of stupid laughter.
Get it!
There you go.
So, they think they've got me on trial.
As you said, they're on trial.
...has been on trial in this case from the get-go and unfortunately the verdict is in already on that and the justice system has failed its constitutional requirements and obligations.
All right, let's shift gears out of the kangaroo court they've got going on in Austin, Texas, with a railroad operation.
All railroads and kangaroos into the big picture.
We're kicking ass.
The New World Order's in trouble, and that's why they're crapping the bed.
I'm Alex Jones with BandOnVideo and InfoWars.com, fighting through the fog, never surrendering.
All right, let's shift gears into other big subjects here.
Bobby Barnes.
Alex Jones here, back live.
I could ask a lot of questions, but first, what is front and center for you?
I think the risk for Taiwan of war coming is gone way, way up because of Nancy Pelosi's drunken Asian tour.
So, I mean, you look at it, Alexander Mercouris of the Duran was pointing out that the great Chinese concern is not Taiwanese independence, but is a NATO or U.S.
military base in Taiwan, or them having weapons that they would consider the West.
Threatening China rather than the other way around.
But she said they're just scared of a woman.
No, they've always threatened if any top-tier leader, a Speaker of the House, a Senate Majority Leader, or a President went, it was war.
Exactly, and this goes back, I mean, we know the history.
I mean, in the early 1800s, China, you know, experienced one of its unparalleled, unprecedented events at the time, which was being devastated by the Opium Wars and foreign powers taking them apart in ways they had never really experienced.
For those who don't know, describe it.
It was like in 12 different sectors.
The French sector, the British sector, the U.S.
sector, the German sector, the Dutch sector.
I mean, that country got very humiliated.
Oh, for a century.
From about 1820, 1830 to about, really, the 1940s, when Saigon literally had four different sectors run by four different countries.
Its own prime city, its cultural beacon, was taken apart by colonial powers.
That was taking place.
The opium wars, basically, the British
Forced drugs onto the Chinese population.
And use that to take over.
And so they remember that.
They remember the humiliation of it.
And the same thing's been done to us.
Oh, absolutely.
And now the Chinese ship, Fentanyl, is a return.
Oh, exactly.
They think in 200-year plans.
They consider it.
It's a return favor.
Yeah, they do.
They're patient.
They're very patient.
And because of that, what they're talking about, I think you're not going to see an invasion of Taiwan.
You're more likely to see a blockade of Taiwan.
Because they can surround, they're already doing war games today, where they're showing how they can do a blockade, how they could shut down the air traffic, shut down the sea traffic.
Taiwan's entirely dependent on China for its economy.
They could crush Taiwan overnight.
And what they're suggesting is that they will do so if they think the Biden administration will stumble and bumble into some global war.
And the Biden administration is not ready to defend Taiwan, is not ready to wage war on China.
We shouldn't be even, like Trump said,
Why are we messing around with the possibility of a nuclear war with another nuclear power?
We should be focused on limiting China's social influence, limiting China's economic... Not letting them buy farmland next to every military base.
Exactly, not letting them... And openly putting up spy towers.
There ought to be SWAT teams in there right now.
Oh, completely.
If I set up a spy tower by a military base, which I would never do, I would be SWAT teamed in a week.
The Pentagon knows that's going on.
Yeah, you'd be smart of the very next day.
And so that's what's taking place, and they should know better, but instead... So why are they letting the Chinese set up spy bases everywhere?
I mean, I think there's conflicting... They want China to be their subservient little factory worker.
And because China's not willing to be so, that's why you saw George Soros last year call for regime change against Xi.
They like the China Communist Party model.
They just want them to be subservient to the globalist agenda and not have their own independent agenda.
And they think they can cause regime change just like they thought they could do in Russia.
But they're willing to risk global conflict, global war, global famine.
But honestly, China's even bigger foe than Russia.
Oh, no doubt about it.
Well, you now have Russia investigating whether or not the COVID-19 was connected to a USAID program in Wuhan.
Russia has announced that they're inquiring whether or not the evidence that they've discovered from biolabs in Ukraine has led to additional information that may implicate Fauci and other connected parties.
While there's congressional hearings fighting the same thing.
So, why are the globalists starting fights with the Midwest?
Conservatives, rural people, factory workers, blue collar workers, the Russians, the Chinese, trying to cut off people's beef.
I mean, if I wanted to be a bad guy, I would do what Klaus Schwab's doing.
Oh yeah, no doubt.
He's like a, he's a poster boy for evil.
But I think the nature of what their objectives are is their arrogance.
You have kind of intellectual... No, it's total arrogance.
They're in their private jet, trillionaire bubble.
And you have intellectual incest.
It's like the Habsburg Empire at the end.
Remember when their jaws were going like this and everything was messed up because the uncles kept marrying the nieces?
Kind of like the Egyptians at the end.
You can't marry in your family that long.
You can't have too many trees.
And with that...
Genetically comes mental illness and arrogance.
And what happened, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, along with the Ottoman Empire, within four years, between 1917 and 1921, disappeared four, five, six centuries off that they had been established off the planet.
And so you're seeing the same thing now.
You have the same group of people at the top that don't know what they're doing, that are willing to bumble and stumble us into war because their arrogance, their incompetence exceeds even their arrogance.
And then they send Pelosi to project power.
I mean, if Trump went to Taiwan, the Chinese would have rolled over and crapped their britches, because they would have thought, wow, they really mean war.
They sent her.
It's enticing them to war.
Yeah, it's a bumbling, stumbling effect at trying to control someone that they've unleashed.
They unleashed China.
They took China from 5% of global manufacturing in 2000.
No electricity.
To 25% of global manufacturing now.
They are the leading manufacturing supplier in the world.
They control and monopolize many of the supply chains of essential ingredients in the world.
What they need are fuel and food.
And guess what Biden administration has just done?
He's cut our power off while shipping our oil to them.
And aligned China deeper with Russia.
This means that, you know, where can they get fuel?
From Russia.
Where can they get food?
From Russia.
Where can they get fertilizer?
From Russia.
General Flynn was right.
Go get the Russians on our side, defeat China.
That was the obvious smart move, but that wasn't done.
They've done just the opposite.
They've reversed the equation so that now China and Russia are closer together than they've ever been before, and the net effect of this is America is weaker and more at risk than ever before.
I agree the global minions are dumb, but the higher-ups know what they're doing.
Why do you think they're doing something so bad?
I think there are people that do understand what they're doing, but they misread the landscape.
And the few that do read the landscape, remember Kissinger went to the World Economic Forum and said, time to get out of Ukraine.
You know, we got to get an exit ramp.
This isn't going the way we want it to.
But those people don't control.
Right now, the Biden administration is what happens when idiocracy becomes real life.
That's right.
Three months ago, in the same week,
First the Pope and then Kissinger said, we started it, get out, it's wrong.
Which, is it because they didn't want to take over Russia?
They know they're losing like Napoleon or Hitler.
They understood they had to get out.
It backfired.
It didn't work.
It was undermining the globalist agenda around the globe.
But it's too late because what happens when you put idiocracy in actual power?
We have a dementia candidate as President of the United States of America.
You get this.
People forget.
World War One.
America's just a tool.
It's just a weapon.
They don't care about American well-being, American pride, the American people.
But don't they get its power is directly connected to theirs?
They should, but they basically think of themselves as part of a global elite.
It's like, let's say we're 200 years ago and I got a horse that takes me, you know, from my farm to the market.
And the horse is beautiful and it's strong, and I'm kind of jealous of it so I shoot it in the head.
It doesn't even make sense.
The way to think about it, it's 1912 all over again.
In 1912, within a decade, four empires, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Russian Empire all disappeared off the planet of the Earth.
Because they were arrogant.
And we've got the same thing.
Now, a lot of people had to go through some tough times.
I mean, they unleashed not only World War I, they unleashed, they planted the seed Hitler for global central domination in terms of banking and finance, communism, Federal Reserve Act, communism, fascism, Nazism.
All were a product of the decisions they made in 1912.
And I agree, mainline top...
Historians admit we're in a World War I scenario right now.
That's exactly what we are, and we have the same kind of incompetent, corrupt elites who are willing to bumble and stumble us into global war and global famine in order to achieve their denuded and diluted objectives.
Wow, is there a way out of it?
Robert Barnes will give his great historical gravitas on this, and we'll look at the big primaries that happened yesterday, and the exit strategy for Biden, and so much more, and some great stuff that Santus has been doing straight ahead.
We've got some big news to break right now, but you already heard this for over a year here, so you're not going to be surprised.
Plus, you don't need me to tell you this, you know in your gut.
We'll break it here in a second.
But first off, during the little break, I went up back and got another cup of coffee and I was thinking,
Why do I feel so weird and why do I feel so calm and not worried about this jury out with them asking now for $3 billion?
It was $150 million yesterday and in the afternoon they asked for $3 billion.
They say I make $300 million a year and I'm sitting there with like $2 million a year
And then I pay for all these lawyer fees and have nothing.
In fact, I haven't been paid in over a year.
In the bankruptcy, that's going to come out.
Like, wow, Jones has never paid himself in over a year trying to keep things afloat and sold everything he had.
You know, his main house, everything.
Because obviously, I love this place.
I love my crew.
I love the listeners, what we're doing.
But I was sitting there during the break while the coffee was brewing, getting a cup.
And I was thinking, what is this weird feeling I'm having?
And it's this.
Why am I not worried about me?
Because the whole world's collapsing.
64 million people, the UN estimates, in the last 32 months starved to death from the lockdowns.
I'm not a starving African or somebody in Venezuela.
And I feel sorry for those people because I know I'm next.
And so things are so bad.
Doom is so insane that my problems are minor compared to other people's, but why are we important?
Because we're exposing who's doing it and trying to stop it.
And that's why we're precious.
And that's why you're precious.
So I'm going to tell you bottom line.
It's been a long fight.
And back in 2016, I just finished a divorce.
I had almost no money.
About $300,000 in the bank.
And with the type of bills I have and things, that's nothing.
But my divorce was over.
You know, took care of my ex-wife.
The court ordered it.
Everything we had.
Had to buy her out of the business.
But back then, if I would have tried to push products like I do now, we would have had hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus, but I didn't.
And so I have this guilt when I get up here and I say, we are down to the wire.
We could lay off people in a month.
We could start shutting down if you don't support us.
Well, I've been in such a long battle the last four years that A, I get mad I didn't try to make more money back when I could, when we weren't de-platformed, and then B,
A part of me just wants to just say, okay, I've done my job.
I tried, but I can't give up.
So I have to come and beg you.
And I'm begging you, because I don't want to give up, and I know you don't want to give up, to really understand, don't listen to them.
We don't make $70 million a year gross, and we sell products, so it's only part of that's profit.
I don't have anything.
In any comparison to what they're claiming, I don't do this for money.
I was offered Glenn Beck's job before he was created.
You see we have the number one political book right now, the number one political film right now.
I don't even make money off that film, other than the DVD sales we have here.
And I'm not bitching, I'm just saying if I was trying to make money,
The Kissinger Group tried to hire me in front of my producers 15 years ago.
I'm dedicated to you.
And this long battle, people kind of get used to Alex Jones is always there and I've had family members who are just really cool.
Like my dad's favorite uncle.
He had five
Yes, we are.
My dad's favorite was the youngest, the baby, Leonard Jones.
And man, he was a badass.
He all looked like John Wayne.
I mean, you'd see him, they looked better than John Wayne.
I was a kid, like, what the hell are these guys?
These guys are walking the room, all like six foot three, frickin' dark skin, blue eyes, black, slick back hair.
I was like, damn, these are the men that just arrived.
I'm like, men are getting weaker?
I'm like, way weaker than those dudes.
They were like, badasses.
Like, my grandfather was like, at one point, like the army boxing champion.
And I would sit there and see these guys.
And the reason I raise that is I see how far we've fallen and what we've become.
And it absolutely disgusts me to see what these men fought for and what they were and what they did.
And to see us losing all that makes me disgusted.
And I forget the main point I was going to make about it.
It's just this, that a lot of people fought for the freedoms
We've got right now, and everything they built, and everything they did, is being flushed down the toilet.
And I started telling the story about my dad's favorite uncle, and I forget the story I was even going to tell.
Maybe it'll pop back in my head in a second, and I'll tell it in the next segment, but it's just, I can't let them down.
These were good men and women.
These were good people, and they were the salt of the earth, and if we had them now,
If we had your grandparents and great-grandparents right now, we wouldn't be in this position, ladies and gentlemen.
Barnes, I'm ranting here.
What do you want to get into next?
No, I mean, I think it's a good point.
And I think some people have asked, should they continue to be supporting InfoWars, given all the things that are going on?
And the answer is yes.
And the beauty of the InfoWarsStore.com is it's something that makes you healthier, wealthier, and wiser, regardless of the circumstances.
That's the utility of it.
There's something on there that you can find that is good for you.
It was amazing watching this trial where they were critical of this.
And I was telling somebody, Big Media is backed by Big Pharma.
Big Media sells products that they have no idea.
They can't vouch for them.
They can't vet them.
And often they're bad for people.
They make people's lives worse.
The food quality is decreasing our cognitive capabilities collectively across the globe, trying to create a real-world idiocracy.
So the genius and beauty of InfoWars' model is you go to something that has been vetted, that can be vouched for conscientiously, and that does make you a better person, that does make you a healthier person, that does make you a wealthier person.
Because you're able to buy products, substitute for things you already are using or need to use, you get it at competitive pricing, and in the process you support independent content creation, free of big pharma, free of big corporate sugar daddies, free of corporate control, free of the censorship that also comes with that.
And it is empowering, that is a model that can be replicated all across the world.
And Barnes, four years ago I had you with an outside law firm look at our books and what did you find?
We don't have much extra money.
If you were worth $300 million, you wouldn't be here.
I mean, that's the reality of it, right?
I mean, the reality of it is then you can buy politicians, you can buy all the lawyers you want, you can buy all the defense you want, you can buy all the press you want, you can buy all the coverage you want.
You are not an easy, capable target.
You're only a target because you're an authentic, independent, dissident voice, and because you don't have tons of money, but instead reinvest it constantly in the ability to get the message out, platforming new audiences, platforming new speakers, platforming new content creators.
We're good to go.
I got a lot of news I want to hit with you and we'll take a little bit of the next hour away from the next guest host because I want to hit the midterms.
I want to hit Russia and Ukraine.
I want to hit, these are Santa's Clips, I want to cover what else you want to get to.
Oh, we gotta talk about economic news.
I mean, the Fed continues to sink the economy.
They may blow up the stock market, blow the housing market in the name of curing inflation that was caused because they kept printing, printing, printing, printing, printing.
We will see with Ukraine.
Ukraine is collapsing.
The question is, how quickly does Zelensky golden parachute out to his nice condos in Miami and all that money that was detailed in the Pandora Papers comes back to him?
How much of the Ukraine aid is just a deep state black book budget that is actually going back to deep state operators to undermine us here in America?
That's just part of it.
I just love America.
I can't stand them hating it and killing it.
Oh, of course.
And it's important people remember, if you hold the line, the front of the line is the audience.
That's why they can't stop and kill the American dream.
Because you continue to make it possible to live.
It's a war, folks.
Well, it broke.
We knew it would.
ABC News.
declared health emergency over monkeypox outbreak.
Lockdowns, forced inoculations, it's all being announced.
The blue state's already started the new lockdowns, the new mask.
Right ahead of the midterms, Robert Barnes?
Yeah, it's no surprise.
That's, I mean, why I'm working with Bobby Kennedy to sue the FDA, challenging Children's Health Defense, challenging the FDA here in the Western District of Texas.
Bobby Barnes and Bobby Kennedy.
That's right, exactly.
Maybe that's where they got the Bobby phraseology from.
But also suing in the Eastern District of Tennessee, also suing on behalf of Brooke Jackson against the Pfizer for its completely illicit ways in which it went about engaging in the clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccines.
What do you make of Burks coming out and saying, we knew the vaccine didn't work?
What a devastating admission.
I mean, and we have to wonder, like, credit to the Attorney Generals of Louisiana and Missouri.
Now those suits, by the way, are being joined by the people from the Great Barrington Declaration.
They are now adding their own names to the suit against Big Tech with their collusion with government, particularly with Fauci and Birx and everyone else, trying to suppress independent medical information.
And now the head of Pfizer says...
We didn't know it would work.
We had courage and just did it.
So you bought off our government and made us take it.
In fact, that's their defense.
Their defense in the Brooke Jackson case is it doesn't matter if they forged information, if they fraudulently submitted certifications, if they lied under penalty of perjury, they submitted documents that were not truthful and accurate, even though those documents were required and material and essential to the contract being issued and the taxpayer money being spent, it doesn't matter because the government hasn't done anything about it afterwards.
So the ordinary person, the taxpayers, according to Pfizer, can't seek any remedy or relief for their own criminal-level behavior involved in COVID-19 vaccinations, solely as long as somebody at the Pentagon is wink-wink, nod-nod, in on it with them.
So they're claiming immunity?
And same thing, what is the FDA claiming?
So we're suing on behalf of young children, as young as 6 months old, from being injected with this COVID-19 vaccine that is not the traditional definition of a vaccine.
And there are studies out it destroys their immune system.
Absolutely not safe, it's not effective.
And doesn't work.
Their own clinical testing doesn't allow them to say it's safe.
Their own clinical testing doesn't allow them to say it's effective.
So what's the real agenda behind these shots?
I mean we know they're linked to infertility.
I think on the legal side, their main objective is simply to establish their right and their power over you.
That's right.
A month ago, the FDA said, we may just start doing stuff without tests.
In fact, they are actually declaring that future boosters are going to be approved without clinical testing in the same standard that has been previously required.
So, their goal is, hey, if we can't be sued, if the FDA can't be sued as long as they say emergency power... Then why even have studies?
They're just going to start scrapping them.
And this is an FDA that turns around many of its key high-ranking employees and then go and work for the same big pharma company.
So this is a revolution against due process and checks and balances and safety standards.
It's an attempt for the government to assert legal right... And it was always the left that was for that, now they're against it.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean... I will take whatever corporations say immediately, that's liberal.
They've become big pharma propagandists.
And to the degree they're saying that they have the power.
I mean, I had someone reach out to me in Texas yesterday that their wife is threatening, their ex-wife is threatening, that if they don't agree to inoculate their nine-year-old child, that then there'll be negative consequences to that parent's custodial rights.
That's what's happening all across the country.
So the goal and objective is to establish the legal principle and the legal precedent and the legal prerogative of the U.S.
government to unilaterally declare that they own your body and your child's body and can put in it whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, however they want.
That sounds like the ultimate cult to me.
It's why, you know, this goes always back to the early 20th century.
Oh, no question.
The Rockefeller Foundation's obsession and its connection to the Nazis.
The whole goal was to be able to show the states right to control your body.
Well, they cloak it in pink and purple hair and women judges and, oh, it's liberal.
And they make it about health and safety and protecting you.
Oh, absolutely.
We're going to cut your testicles off.
It's liberal.
Jewish ghettos that you would drive into during World War II in some way, and part of the way they kept people from knowing what was going on in the Nazi oppression of those ghettos, particularly in parts of Poland, was they said, this is a quarantine zone, this is a public health danger.
So they've often used the excuse and pretext of public health.
Remember they used it to take away the right of people to use natural medications, while the Nazis were busy giving all of their soldiers in the Panzer Division as much crystal meth as they could possibly absorb.
I mean, they were handing out little chocolates with a little meth in it.
I mean, just to get them drived up and roved up.
So you have the state, the goal is the state's control of our public health, the state control of our public food, the state control of what goes in our body, and ultimately our body.
Because if you don't own your body, what do you own?
It's back to chattel slavery and the legal principles and purposes behind it.
And they're trying to reinstate this neo-feudalism to recreate this new world order that puts them in elite power and strips us of all of our core freedoms.
That's right.
Now they're trying to bring him back.
And they're going to keep doing it.
Because it's going to be a constant test, a constant tease.
How much can we get away with?
How much can we do?
How much can we achieve?
How much can we attain?
It's back to the early 20th century.
The big difference between now and then, when I tell people that this should be a white bill moment, not a black bill moment for what's going on in the world, is nobody fought for the Connie Bucks of the world.
That's right.
We've got major opposition.
That's why they're so scared.
Oh, no doubt.
And they think they can destroy a few of us, that'll intimidate everybody.
I've noticed the more I fight, the more we inspire people.
Oh yes, it's very much Dylan Thomas-esque.
I told people at the very beginning of all this, is that those who believe that Alex Jones will simply go gently into that good night and not rage against the dying of the light, as Dylan Thomas so eloquently stated for his father on his deathbed,
Is someone that's misunderstood who Alex Jones is and what InfoWars is about.
But as important, what it's audience is about.
This has been a half decade now of smear campaigns, lies, libels, defamation, attacks, attempts to de-platform, attempts to de-person the individual.
Dirty tricks.
Every one imaginable, and they have all failed to deter the audience from continuing.
Because the audiences are well.
If you want the fight to continue,
I'm just here.
We need you to share the articles and videos, pray for the broadcast, and buy products at MFWT.com.
I'm leaving it all in the field.
I've done everything I can.
I love the crew.
I love what we're doing, but we are literally treading water right now and starting to duck under the water a little bit and start swallowing some water.
So we need you to go to MFWT.com now.
You need Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
You need bodies.
You need Diet Force, you need the great Super Blue toothpaste, and the other great toothpaste, the Coral Calcium Whitening toothpaste we have, and the great Activated Charcoal toothpaste.
You need all these products like X2, and Ultra 12, and BrainForce Plus at InfoWarsaw.com.
Without you, we will be shut down.
These are products you need.
I'm telling you, we need support now.
We are in your hands.
You are in our hands together, collectively.
Well, as my great-great-great-granddaddy's Colonel Prescott said at Bunker Hill, don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.
And that same principle and premise is what the audience has kept and sustained and maintained.
And now we're to the point, not literally shooting, but the whites of the eyes are here.
The world government's out in the open, they're taking over, now is the time for full activation.
You can't do that better than spreading the word about this broadcast and keeping us on air.
Fight back by sharing information.
Fight back by supporting InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com, which makes yourself healthier, wealthier, and wiser in the process.
People ask me sometimes, how can you support different products?
Because I've been buying them for years.
Because I like the products.
Because they're good products.
Because they make us better.
That's why.
Well, the highest-end new distributables out there.
It's simple as that.
Let me ask you this for the last five minutes before Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
We'll hit some of it now, but what about the
Big primaries we saw yesterday.
Populists sweeping the victory.
I mean, big, big news.
I mean, well, I hope Joe Kent will be able to come back in Washington.
There's always anomalies in Washington because they have a lot of mail-in balloting and mail-in balloting.
As the New York Times said in 2012 in August, is an open door to various forms of shenanigans.
But good news for Blake Masters in Arizona.
Good news for John Gibbs in Michigan.
Good news for Kerry Lake in Arizona.
Good news for Eric Schmidt in Missouri.
Hopefully these populist candidates or candidates that made populist promises during their campaigns will keep those promises and will continue to revolutionize American politics and take over the Republican Party and return it to its populist, constitutionally oriented roots in ways that can be meaningfully impactful for our future going forward.
How do people find your own syndicated show that's so popular?
Sure, so if anybody wants to find any of the content, I also, there's still templates up for people who may need them if there's going to be another round of vaccine mandates or another round of mask mandates.
So I recommend that you go to VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
That's VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com and that's where you can find everything.
Well, I appreciate you in round one of these show trials being here.
And it's a real jury, folks, but the judge has already told them I'm guilty 20-something times.
So the jury's out.
Well, obviously, it's the night it breaks we'll be here.
If it's tomorrow, we'll be here, hopefully.
But they're trying to shut us down.
We have a plan to stay on air, but we need your support right now at InfoWireStore.com.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over from the UK in T-minus six minutes.
But Robert Barnes, co-hosting with me,
Your host Alex Jones, on again at January 6th, big article up on Gateway Pundit.
Ray Epps recruited me, political prisoner of rights, tell all letter from prison about his experience with the notorious operative Ray Epps that they won't touch.
And now we've got more January 6th info breaking.
Yes, Darren Beatty of Revolver has news that is inside information that the FBI knows a lot more information about who the supposed January 6th pipe bomber really was and really is, other information, and they're hiding that information.
And the question is, why would they be hiding that information?
It was always sort of weird, the whole dynamic of those pipe bombs that never went off, they're easily discovered, that they couldn't find the person, they couldn't connect it to who it was.
There was a lot of inferences that maybe it was an inside job, or someone who was an informant, someone who was an instigator, someone who was an infiltrator, someone who was on an FBI payroll, directly or indirectly, as many in the Whitmer entrapment plot.
We're finding these sabotage devices too easily.
I mean, it reads like PatCon Part 2.
I mean, it goes all the way back to after the end of the Cold War, the FBI needed an excuse for surveillance and big budgets.
And so their excuse was, we're going to create a militia movement in the United States.
It's going to be called PatCon.
We're going to infiltrate existing organizations, recreate it.
Ended up with informants and infiltrators connected to Oklahoma City.
Cover that up for the better part of a decade and a half.
So when they couldn't get militias to do it, they infiltrated motorcycle gangs and led them to order them to do it.
Exactly, and this goes back to... Hyper-militia.
I mean, they did it at multiple levels, and it looks like they're recreating it all over again.
Redoing it all over again.
Not only with the bogus domestic terrorism charges, as FBI whistleblowers have exposed, that they're trying to dummy up fake cases that don't exist, or that do exist but not as domestic terrorism cases.
Or, in the other context now, we're seeing everything related to January 6th.
They've hidden all the video, 14,000 hours of video, almost all of it hidden from public view.
What's on that video?
And now, according to Darren Revolver, there's inside information that reveals and discloses they know a lot more than they're telling the world about who that person was.
And this comes on the news that the Defense Department was up to something, something they were so scared about, they did what the Secret Service did after the John F. Kennedy assassination, and what Hillary Clinton did when she was caught.
Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete.
So major problems and questions of corruption in the FBI that continue to get out to the public.
Well, I just want to thank you for being here and the great crew keeping us on air.
28 years, folks, and now we're halfway into 2022 and it's only you, the viewers and listeners, and your prayers and support to keep us on air.
So think about how critical InfoWars is today.
We're good to go.
No doubt.
Make yourself healthier, wealthier, and wiser because, as I often say, you need to hold the line.
And because the audience has held the line, that's how people-powered press continues to exist in America.
It only exists because you make it possible.
It only exists because you choose to take actions with your money, with your words, with what you do.
And there's this weird paradox now where inside the New World Order some people are like, well, okay, it's real now, you know.
No, now's the time, just because you're awake doesn't mean other people are.
People are really ready for this now.
Now's the time to share the word.
Now's the time to financially support the broadcast.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, we have mass protests in the Netherlands, mass protests in Panama, mass protests in Sri Lanka.
The globalists are losing in a wide range of places all around the globe.
This is the time to continue to strike back.
The reason why they're so over the top, so desperate, criminalizing everything.
Weaponizing the legal system to go after dissidents and key leaders and the dissident information source is because of the success of you, the audience, and the people in resisting this tyranny.
The answer to 1984 is always, and still is, 1776.
You're the one that makes 1776 a reality, because you have heard Paul Revere's cry, and you've answered that cry, and if you continue to, then Paul Revere's freedom stays alive in America.
Ten-second prediction.
When do you think the jury comes in on my trial?
Uh, I think it may be a mistrial.
If it's an honest, honorable jury, I think that a mistrial is the most likely outcome given the nature of this particular case and the fact they weren't allowed to hear most of the real evidence.
Bobby Barnes!
That's what his enemies call him.
He's Robert Barnes.
Thank you so much.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Infowars has been vindicated.
We've been proven right.
World government, the New World Order is out in the open.
And now more than ever, the forces of Satan are trying to shut down this broadcast.
The forces of anti-human, godless New World Order are out of control.
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Now spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic historic battle.
It is the 4th of August 2022, we are live once again and we are performing once again a kind of sombre victory parade because we've been proven right yet again.
We warned during the initial lockdown phase, we warned during the furlough, which in the UK was basically the government paying people to sit on their backsides and do nothing for about a year.
We warned that supporting the current thing in Ukraine would cause economic devastation, pain in the pocketbook, and now they're talking about mass civil unrest and riots for years and years to come.
We see that being predicted in the UK.
What we see happening in Spain is in a way even more absurd.
Of course, Spain predicated much of its economy on net zero on the disastrous green economy over a decade ago.
That led to 50% youth unemployment, 25% general unemployment.
Well, now in Spain, they're being told by the government, shops, businesses, hotels, that they can only have their air conditioning at 27 degrees or higher at the height of summer.
Spain's a pretty hot country, by the way.
I just got back from Greece, which has an almost identical climate, and as you can probably see, it almost burnt my face off.
We're talking 35 degree to 40 degree temperatures in July and August, outside.
So now Spain bans air conditioning dropping below 27 degrees Celsius, that's 80.6 Fahrenheit for you Americans,
Inside, this is going to apply to all businesses, all hotels, all shops, for the time being they're saying, oh we're not going to make private citizens do it.
We've already seen in Germany, the association that controls around 460,000 properties, the Landlords Association, was saying they're going to directly control people's thermostats, and yes you can do that now with smart meters,
And in private homes, they're going to prevent people from having their air conditioning low enough to be comfortable.
80.6 Fahrenheit indoors, when you're working indoors, that is not comfortable.
Many people would say it's dangerous.
But again, because Spain vehemently supported the current thing with their socialist government, they supported the lockdown, their economy is now in a mess once again.
The tourism hasn't come back quickly enough.
So now they're having to impose what is basically energy rationing, and we see this spreading throughout Europe.
Euronews reports that rules will be mandatory in all public and commercial buildings, including bars, cinemas, theatres, airports and train stations.
And again, it's in the name of limiting dependency on Russian gas.
That was a major reason for it, but it was already in full swing before with the energy skyrocketing cost, the inflation, as a result of the economic devastation caused by lockdown.
No more was that enforced in Europe than in Spain, where they literally had
Drones patrolling beaches telling people to get off the beach.
They had riot cops beating people in the face for not wearing a face mask.
They had laws which said at one point Spaniards had to wear face masks in the sea while they were swimming in the sea.
It was a law that you had to wear a face mask outdoors for months and months in Spain.
They went really totalitarian on this.
They wrecked their already fragile economy as a result and now this.
And the businesses, the hotels, the bars, the cafes, caught not enforcing this 27 degrees Celsius minimum air conditioning indoors, 80.6 Fahrenheit.
If they don't do it, they'll face fines of up to 600,000 euros.
600,000 euros, which of course would completely devastate most businesses in that country.
Euronews talked to Andrea Castillo, a worker at Castellon University.
He said, right now, perhaps suggested by the heatwave you're experiencing, I would say that 27 degrees will still be very hot.
Perhaps we could work at 25 degrees, but not at 27.
And again, as I've mentioned before, Germany's largest residential landlord, which owns 490,000 properties, will impose energy rationing that will cut heating to tenants at night.
They're saying in summer,
The air conditioning, or in winter sorry, can't be put above 19 degrees Celsius, which for many older people is going to be very dangerous.
Meanwhile in the UK, Breitbart reports cost of living crisis inflation will accelerate to astronomical levels.
We had the Bank of England come out today.
And basically say that we're heading into a at least a year-long recession by the end of this year.
13% inflation levels.
Other think tanks are talking about 15% inflation levels.
People's energy bills have tripled or will triple at least by early January by 285%.
Again with people already struggling with the fuel costs
Already struggling in terms of the impact that lockdown had on the economy.
285% increase on energy bills.
Dual fuel by January 2023.
Says the findings seen by the Times newspaper.
So the growing economic crisis would see approximately 7 million families living from paycheck to paycheck with gas prices and food costs expected to drive inflation to at least 11% and again the Bank of England saying basically 13.
A recession by the end of the year which will last at least a year.
Now what impact will this have?
Well we had the poll tax riots back in 1990 where there were massive riots, civil unrest, especially in London.
That is about to return according to both campaigners and financial analysts.
Widespread civil unrest looming in UK over cost of living crisis.
There's a whole movement now which some people have questioned because it has quite shadowy backing.
Some suggesting it has George Soros backing.
There's a whole movement in the UK being
Veraciously promoted by the mainstream media, which is basically telling people from October 1st when these energy caps increase, people paying around £1,700 a year for dual fuel to heat their homes, that's going to rise to £3,600 by January, 283% increase on March levels.
This activist group
He's encouraging people across the country.
They say they got 75,000 people signed up already.
They're raising money themselves from this, of course.
It's called Don't Pay UK.
Suspicious thing is, though, it's getting a lot of promotion from the mainstream media.
People have pointed out that
If people don't pay their energy bills, if they cut their direct debits from October onwards, that's only going to cause more energy companies to flee the market, it's going to create more of a monopoly, and of course that's only going to lead to higher prices.
BP, of course, and Shell have announced record profits.
British Petroleum, its biggest quarterly profit for 14 years.
But again, you have these hard-left activists shifting all the blame onto the energy companies.
No doubt they share some of the blame.
But again, they're only reacting to the energy crisis, to the restrictions that have been caused by the economic sanctions on Russia in the name of supporting the current thing.
You'll note now, as I've noted, that whereas in upper middle class areas across England, people were very zealously keen to express their support for the current thing, the latest current thing, to sanctimoniously virtue signal in support of Ukraine by hoisting giant Ukraine flags in their back garden.
Now the places you'll see these flags aren't in poor areas in Northern England.
You won't see many of them in, you know, Barnsley, near where I used to live, or Rotherham.
You will see them in the richest, most privileged, upper-middle class areas down in the South, in the South West.
I've noticed some of those flags have started to come down now, because even some of those people are starting to feel the pinch.
I'm going to come back in the next segment and get more into this, because financial analysts
And campaigners who are behind this Don't Pay group are saying that we could see a repeat of the 1990 poll tax riots which actually caused the government to reverse their policy.
And 51% of Brits in a new poll think that there will be mass civil unrest at some point this year because people simply can't afford to pay their bills anymore.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
So we have a cost of living crisis in the UK, stagflation occurring basically, rampant inflation with an economy heading into recession.
Meanwhile, of course, we have our own government continuing to provide red carpet treatment and a free taxi service to record numbers of illegal migrants coming over in boats from France.
With iPhones, they get free accommodation, they get free food, they get free money, while the rest of the population, the actual native population, can go whistle.
They're now talking about civil unrest at some point this year, and this is the first video on that subject.
Cost of living crisis riots.
Let's roll it.
Unlike the French, British people aren't very partial to rioting.
But when they do, it can get pretty tasty.
On this day in 1990, serious violence broke out in London during a protest against a new council tax called the Poll Tax.
Such scenes could unfold once again as we approach autumn and winter, with the fallout from the cost-of-living crisis threatening to boil over into the streets.
A shocking new poll commissioned by the More In Common group is ringing the alarm bell.
A majority of Brits think soaring energy bills, petrol and diesel hikes, and runaway inflation will lead to actual riots in major cities.
80% think people will have to resort to shoplifting to keep their heads above water, and 70% believe people will simply start refusing to pay their bills.
Three quarters believe that people being unable to afford to heat their homes will lead to death.
Well, I hope waving your Ukraine flag was worth it.
Exactly as predicted.
While the media has all but abandoned its interest in the current thing, the actual impact of Western countries throwing their weight behind prolonging that war will lead to financial bedlam and poverty for many for years to come.
We all warned this would happen and we were all told to shut up and support Ukraine.
Well now it's happening.
Oh, BP's doing just fine, though.
They just reported their biggest quarterly profit for 14 years.
Nearly £7 billion between April and June, more than triple the amount it made in the same period last year.
People are becoming increasingly destitute, increasingly desperate.
As what little income they have continued to evaporate.
Families are being forced to choose between paying the electricity bill or putting food on the table.
Oh, but at least pretentious upper middle class virtue signallers got to feel good about themselves by hoisting Ukraine flags in their back gardens.
At least we all supported the current thing.
And at what cost?
Well, we're about to find out, aren't we?
How are you coping with runaway inflation and the cost of living crisis?
How are you planning to save money by just turning the heating off?
Are you on the edge of poverty?
I'll be reading your responses in the comments below.
Now, of course, the UK is a little different to America because in America, although of course Democrats continually deny it, their runaway inflation was occurring before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
In the UK, though, and generally in Europe, the inflation skyrocketed immediately after that invasion and immediately after our governments, of course, pledged basically to prolong the war in Ukraine.
So again, you've got left-wing groups blaming energy companies
Completely omitting the fact that it was our government, and it was their current thing mantra in general, that precipitated this crisis.
Of course, the lockdown exacerbated it.
The furlough exacerbated it.
Prolonging the war in Ukraine exacerbated it.
All things that the hard left in this country and many other countries supported.
Meanwhile, in America, a poll finds only 1% of Americans see Russia as a major problem.
1%, whereas 17% see inflation as the most important problem.
Meanwhile, Biden administration to declare monkeypox a public health emergency.
That just came out a couple of hours ago.
And yet the San Francisco Public Health Authorities declared a monkeypox emergency there, yet they encouraged gay orgies to continue.
And this is a video we have on that subject.
This is called San Francisco.
Let's roll it.
Crime-plagued, junkie-infested sh**hole San Francisco is being very, well, San Francisco.
Last week, city officials declared a public health emergency over the spread of monkeypox.
Remember when they did a similar thing for Covid?
You weren't allowed to visit your dying grandparents.
You weren't allowed to attend their funerals.
You weren't allowed to go to the theatre, the gym.
You weren't allowed to attend church.
But a public health emergency over a virus that almost exclusively affects gay men?
What advice did public health bodies give in San Francisco?
Go out and congregate with thousands of random people and enjoy homosexual orgies.
Yes, really.
San Francisco's King Confetish Festival, also known as Door Alley,
Before the event, State Senator Scott Weiner shared a handy, helpful guide which explained how, despite the spread of monkeypox, people should continue to engage in degenerate group fornication with multiple people at sex parties.
Take a friend to the dungeon!
Going to sex parties with people you know and planning on who you'll hook up with can be one way to reduce your risk if you're able to have open and honest conversations about monkeypox symptoms and possible explanations.
Talk to the people you'll play with ahead of time about monkey pox, but also things like HIV, PrEP, and sexual health testing.
Keep in mind that condoms can reduce risk of monkey pox, but not eliminate risk entirely, since monkey pox rashers legions can show up all over the body.
Mmm, lovely stuff.
They even told gays who think they might have monkey pox to
To merely cover up their bumps before attending the orgies.
Again, all in the middle of a public health emergency over a virus that has almost exclusively only infected gay men.
This is the equivalent of telling elderly care home residents during the first wave of COVID to just pop down to their nearest neighbouring care home and shag all the other elderly residents.
Once more we see political correctness being elevated way above public health.
Lest we forget the first British monkeypox patient who openly admitted he caught it after having gay sex with ten new partners in the space of one vacation.
The World Health Organization said that summer festivals should be limited to stop the spread of monkeypox.
Oh, but not
We've got gay pride parades, which it said should go full steam ahead.
Again, despite 99% of monkeypox cases being gay men, the WHO was seemingly more concerned about the deadly threat posed by racism as a result of the virus being called monkeypox in the first place.
And don't forget, this is all happening while they prepare to ramp up mask mandates yet again, and get us ready for a new round of lockdowns as we head into the autumn and winter.
It's all a sick joke, and the punchline is you.
It's all a scam.
It's like when the doctors and nurses in New York and other American cities, at the height of the first COVID wave, went outside the hospitals and literally applauded the Black Lives Matter demonstrators who were congregating in huge numbers because the threat of racism apparently was more important than the threat posed by COVID.
It's interchangeable.
Infectious disease experts in Sweden are now criticising the official gay pride parade organisation there, because they're having a gay pride parade, and on their website, there's no mention whatsoever of monkeypox.
They say it's not our problem, we've got nothing to do with it, despite the fact that, again, 99% of monkeypox cases are gay men who have had sex with other gay men.
But apparently, you know, strutting half-naked down the street in front of children
Is more important than stopping the spread of a virus.
Summit.News, we'll be back, now go away.
Now, there's a deluge of bad news, of course, every day, but it's important to remember and to cherish the victories, which in terms of this woke agenda, we're seeing on an increasingly regular basis, day by day, week by week, month by month, especially in the context of the entertainment industry, which I'm going to get onto later.
Another big budget movie having a massive flop, not even being released, because it's so inscrutably dreadful.
And that is Batgirl.
We're going to get on to that later, but similar context in terms of entertainment.
Of course, Premier League footballers here in the United Kingdom started performing the Take A Knee stunt immediately after the Black Lives Matter riots in London specifically, where they literally attacked police officers and the response of some of the police officers in London
...was to take a knee, genuflect and bow before them.
Then we had the sight of Premier League footballers, multi-millionaires, performing the same gesture.
And then the pundits, the political class, ridiculously claiming that it had nothing whatsoever to do with Black Lives Matter, despite the fact they did it literally days after police in London were seen performing the gesture in response to Black Lives Matter riots, George Floyd riots.
Well now that narrative is collapsing finally.
Of course we saw it during the Euros, the 2020-21 Euros last year, where the England football manager Gareth Southgate, after the England team reached the final, seemingly deliberately picked black football players to take the crucial penalties against Italy in the final of the tournament.
Because he seemingly wanted to have the final word on this bubbling controversy that had coloured the tournament, which was take a knee.
Unfortunately for him and England supporters, all the black players missed their penalties.
I guess he should have just given it to the person best for the job, not because of their skin colour.
But now Premier League football is likely to stop taking a knee for BLM, and in fact this has been confirmed since I wrote this article.
That Premier League footballers are likely to stop taking a knee this upcoming season after the gesture lost impact following a number of damaging revelations about Black Lives Matter.
No least, of course, the fact that their entire leadership is basically grifters who have just cashed in on the movement to buy multi-million dollar luxury homes in the whitest areas of America that they can find.
And of course the attendant fallout from all the riots from the summer of rioting, which we won't forget in America, which claimed dozens of lives from June 2020 onwards, and of course caused record billions in property damage.
Well now, because of course some sections of supporters have booed Take A Knee, it's lost its impact, even if you think its impact is some limp-wristed anti-racism stance.
They're abandoning it, they're going to do it for the first game, they're going to do it for a few select matches, but by and large, this performative virtue-signalling gesture before Premier League matches, which of course commands huge audiences across the world, not just in the United Kingdom, is now dead and done.
Meanwhile, though, UK police chief says authorities need to stop wasting time investigating people being offended.
And this brings us to our next video, where a British Army veteran in the United Kingdom was actually had police show up at his house, put him in handcuffs, arrest him, because he shared an edgy meme on Facebook.
Let's go to this video now.
This is the meme police.
Some people still think that it's sort of a joke that police in the UK will show up at people's homes if they post something on social media that someone claims to be offended by.
Oi mate, you got a license for that tweet?
But it's not a joke!
It happens all the time!
And it just happened again.
51-year-old Darren Brady was arrested for sharing a meme on Facebook deemed offensive to transgender people.
He didn't even post the meme himself, he shared a post by actor and political commentator Lawrence Fox.
The first time police showed up at his house, they demanded he attend a re-education course to atone for his sins.
His sin being hurting the fee-fees of some hysterical, bed-wetting sack of shite.
And the second time police showed up at his house...
This happened.
I posted something that he posted.
You come to arrest me, you don't arrest him.
Why has it come to this?
Because there's something he shared, then I shared.
Why am I in cuffs?
Because someone has been caused, obviously, anxiety based upon your social media page.
That's why you've been arrested.
Look at this prat!
There's someone that's been caused, obviously, anxiety.
Someone that's been caused anxiety?
He says it like he's got the moral high ground.
You're literally arresting someone for hurting someone's feelings, knobhead.
You're literally the thought police.
Not like there are any real crimes taking place, is it?
Not like two in three burglaries aren't even investigated by the police, is it?
Not like car theft has effectively been legalised because only 0.5% of cases lead to charges, is it?
Oh, but there's plenty of time to investigate playground insults and memes posted in private WhatsApp chat groups.
Brady's arrest was witnessed by Harry Miller.
He was previously interrogated for retweeting a limerick about transgenders.
But Miller won his case.
The Court of Appeal ruled the guidance police were working from breached Miller's human rights.
The UK College of Policing then revised the guidance.
And yet police are still being dispatched to patrol her feelings.
And what does this tell us about the balance of power in our society?
The LGBT community is so marginalised that if you make fun of them, the cops will literally show up wearing LGBT lanyards to arrest you for it.
Yeah, so marginalised.
Likely next Prime Minister Liz Truss has promised to put a
Stop to police wasting their resources on investigating tweets.
Believe it when I see it, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester says police should stop wasting time investigating tweets just because someone claims to be offended.
He presides over the most improved police department in the entire country.
Maybe police in Aldershot should listen to him and concentrate on fighting actual crimes rather than putting people in handcuffs for posting edgy memes.
No, the point I made in the video was the police have been told by the official police guidance organisation to stop doing this.
Liz Truss, again the probable next Prime Minister, says she's going to put a stop to it.
But it keeps happening.
It was an actual story that a former police officer was arrested and given 20 weeks in jail.
Because he shared offensive George Floyd memes on a private WhatsApp group.
He didn't even post it on the internet.
There are laws in the UK which say nobody can even release your private communications.
That is a crime.
Yet they did that.
They arrested him.
They put him in prison for private jokes on his WhatsApp text messaging service.
Absolutely incredible.
And again, you know, over 3,000 people in the UK arrested every year for tweets.
This continues to happen.
They're not investigating the burglaries.
No resources for that.
Your car gets broken into.
0.5% of those cases result in charges.
You get robbed there.
They don't care about that.
They are the thought police, and it's still happening.
In fact, I'm going to come back with another video on that subject after the break.
Meanwhile, though,
Daily Skeptic reports Covid vaccines are killing one in every 800 over 60s and should be withdrawn immediately, says leading vaccine scientist.
Covid vaccine boosters in older people are killing one person for every 800 doses administered and should be withdrawn immediately.
This is Dr Theo Schetters, a vaccinologist based in the Netherlands.
And again, as I mentioned last week, with the excess deaths in the United Kingdom, you plot the graph of fourth shot COVID boosters onto these excess deaths in the Netherlands, and the graph almost matches exactly.
Interesting, that, isn't it?
Meanwhile, of course, Joe Biden is just being announced again, and basically I've lost count at this point, has tested positive for COVID again.
So this is basically the third time in the space of the last two weeks that quadruple vaccinated Biden has tested positive for Covid.
Again, it's a sick joke and you're the punchline.
We're going to come back in the next segment and I'll talk about Batgirl and why it failed.
This is Summit.News.
Don't go away.
So the Chief Constable in Manchester, England says that the public is sick of the authorities investigating mean tweets.
He says there has to be a stop to it.
We still have it happening, of course, as you just saw veterans being harassed, handcuffed, arrested by police for sharing memes on Facebook.
Well, someone else who has at least caused offence in the past few days on Twitter was Gary Lineker, which was particularly funny, because he's one of the denizens of the woke mob brigade, routinely trying to call other people offensive for their opinions and comments.
Well, the backlash hit him this week, and now basically he's been cancelled.
He's desperately backpedalling because he made a tweet which dared
Gently, a pun on words.
It wasn't even a joke at the expense of women's football.
It was a pun on words.
But because women's football here in the UK is being shoved down our throats left, right and centre, everyone is basically mandated to like it.
He did a funny pun on words on Twitter and he got absolutely savage for it.
But again, the kind of person he is, you have to have zero sympathy for him.
This is Gary Lineker is cancelled.
Let's roll it.
Well it couldn't have happened to a more deserving candidate.
Permawoke imbecile Gary Lineker has finally been cancelled by the same social media mob mindset that he helped create his crime.
Well Lineker, unintentionally, dared to undermine the latest current thing that everyone is supposed to care about and be deeply supportive of.
Yes, our esteemed regime social engineering overlords demand as much servile genuflecting in honour of female soccer as they did blue and yellow Ukraine flags at the end of February.
The English women's team winning a trophy by kicking a ball in a net is being treated by the media as if they'd collectively found a cure for cancer.
Personally speaking, I don't care about women's football and never will.
The quality is, shall we say, not exactly on a par with the men's game.
So now you know what they're gonna make me watch in the re-education gulag.
Lineker unwittingly fell foul of the mob after he tried to respond to the England player removing her shirt with a witty quip.
The lionesses have only gone and done it, the ex-footballer tweeted.
Kelly is England's heroine, brah none!
Oh no, the outrage!
For this lame joke, Lineker was treated as if he'd revoked universal female suffrage.
Seriously, Gary?
An epic win, a game-changer for women's sport, a call to arms for young girls who've been told they can't, and you minimise this gory-doubt-a-joke-about-a-women-clothing-underwear
Casual sexism is right here in the lionesses.
The backlash was swift and Lineker quickly deleted the tweet.
Note that he didn't say anything particularly offensive and merely made the same kind of cringe pun on words he's done a thousand times before about male footballers.
But again,
His egregious transgression represented such an insult to the mob because it dared to make light of the deadly serious new current thing that everyone is mandated to be respectful of and reverential towards.
Today it's women's football, next month it'll be something else.
The lesson is clear.
Don't make fun of the current thing or the mob will make an example out of you.
Now, Lineker's come out since and basically said he refuses to apologize.
You already deleted the tweet.
You freaked out, wet the bed and deleted the tweet after about five minutes.
So, in a way, that's already a pathetic form of apology.
Let's go to this next video now, though, because there's a huge wave of anti-woke, basically, backlash in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.
And it's developing, it's accelerating over recent months.
We've had massive success of films like Top Gun Maverick, while the ones that have pushed woke messaging, the regime-enforced social engineering dogma, have consistently fallen flat on their face.
And it happened again, but it not only happened, it happened to a film that they refused to even release because it was that bad, despite the fact that it cost 90 million dollars to make.
This is the truth about Batgirl.
Here it is.
They're calling it the most expensive movie to never actually be released.
Warner Brothers spent more than 90 million dollars on Batgirl and yet it's never going to see the light of day, not even on their HBO streaming service.
The official line is that by cutting its losses now, Warner Brothers will save money on promoting the film and can also recoup money by filing it as a tax expense.
True enough, but that doesn't explain why the movie was so dreadful in the first place.
With test audiences reacting to the film like someone had let off in the cinema.
We don't have to dig too deeply to find out why.
People are sick to the back teeth of being browbeaten with THE MESSAGE.
And this crap had it in abundance.
It was yet another Trojan horse for intersectional, woke, gobbledygook.
The star of the film was some no-mark diversity hire, a little-known Afro-Latina singer-actress whose only previous film had been an abject failure.
The screenplay was written by Christina Hodson, an ultra-feminist previously panned for producing men-hating guff.
Batgirl's best mate was a transgender character played by a transgender actress.
Another risible diversity box-ticking exercise, Batgirl was directed by Adil El-Arbi and Bilal Falafel,
They were also behind the TV series Miss Marvel, an excruciatingly sanctimonious write-on snorefest about a Muslim Pakistani American teenage girl who is bullied at school until she develops superpowers.
Miss Marvel was panned by comic book fans as an insult to the genre.
Which is shamelessly exploited to amplify woke social engineering dogmas.
And the exact same thing happened again with Batgirl.
You'd have thought that the directors or the people paying them to make the movies would have seen that as a wake-up call.
Evidently not.
But this represents yet another massive white pill.
Get woke, go broke used to be somewhat of a boomer cliche.
But at least in terms of the entertainment industry,
It's more true than ever before.
Marvel's mega-budget movie Eternals was Panda's overly preachy, and it crashed and burned.
Buzz Lightyear, which piggybacked off woke messaging, was a colossal failure.
Top Gun, in comparison, a movie that refused to pander to identitarian drivel.
...was a global smash hit.
Disney is hemorrhaging subscribers and going bust, Netflix is having to jettison woke content to stay afloat, while networks like Paramount Plus are prioritising quality over political correctness, and they're doing just fine.
So we know why Batgirl failed.
It deserved to fail, because just like a plethora of previous flops, its creators were more interested in lecturing the audience than keeping them entertained.
Let's hear a final few news stories here in the last three minutes of the show.
Swedish military says supporting gay pride parades just as important as defending country.
Yes, even though they're apparently faced with the menace that is Russia, they're faced with hordes of unintegrated migrants that have basically created low-level civil war in Sweden.
It's now the most dangerous country in Europe in terms of gun crime.
Having been the safest 20 years ago before they let millions of people in from North Africa and the Middle East, well now the Swedish military has asserted that supporting gay pride parades is just as important as defending the country from foreign attack.
They launched a campaign proclaiming gay pride festivals to be more important than ever, and one of the core values of the military in uncertain times.
Wait a minute, isn't the military supposed to be non-political?
People get court-martialed, they get kicked out of the military if they're found to express political sentiment, bias in one way or another.
That's the same standard across the Western world.
Yet you're expressing not only support, but saying it's equally as important as defending the country from terrorists and foreign adversaries.
Marching in gay pride parades?
How is that not political?
And again, how is it not yet another illustration of how the LGBT movement, while it still claims to be marginalised and oppressed, is backed by every major corporation, cultural institution, government, and indeed armed forces in the West?
Absolutely incredible!
Also in Sweden, which has bigger problems than the military supporting gay pride parades,
Actually, some good news here.
Swedish Migration Minister wants to limit non-Nordic population in troubled areas.
Of course, this was a proposal first mooted and indeed now being implemented by neighbouring country Denmark, where they're actually demolishing entire areas of migrant ghettos and forcing those migrants to move out because they've created parallel societies that breed crime and social dislocation.
The much vaunted no-go zone areas that the mainstream media once claimed were a conspiracy theory.
Of course, now you have routine violence in Sweden, routine migrant riots in Sweden, and in other European countries.
Well, now their migration minister, Anders Jägermann, has suggested that Sweden should follow the example of Denmark.
Denmark says that at least 30% of communities
Or only 30% of communities, in fact, can be non-Western.
The clear majority, 70%, need to be Westerners living in each of those individual communities.
While Sweden has suggested they're going to implement that to a lesser extent, they're saying a minimum of 50% of residents of any area would have to be Swedish or from Denmark, Iceland, Finland or Norway.
This, of course, is after the Swedish Prime Minister, a left-wing feminist,
A lot of folks are rallying behind us and I appreciate that.
But you have to understand, when you rally behind us, you have empathy for us, you're having it for yourself.
We are completely maxed out.
All the extra money we have is to buy product into the future that's now coming in.
We're starting to dig out of that hole of being in the red.
And it's your decision whether you want to keep us on air or not.
And I don't know who you are out there.
But I appreciate the Bitcoin donations.
I had no idea how far behind we were.
We brought in outside accounting firms before bankruptcy to get everything in line.
And they said, man, you were totally insolvent.
You could sell your house, which I already sold my large house and smaller house, and everything, and you couldn't pay for any of this.
So whoever gave those Bitcoin donations, that big donation and several other ones, you kept us on air the last six months.
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Under Oak asked me a few weeks ago in another deposition, they defaulted me for not responding, but I had like a 15th deposition.
They said, where's that seven and a half million in Bitcoin?
I said, it's all been spent to pay off past debts and pay for the bills and buy product forward.
And they laughed and didn't believe it because these people would never get a donation themselves and then put it all back in the company.
I'll die to keep the truth on air.
It's not a hard decision to do that.
I put everything I've got into this operation and I will put my blood on the line.
I will do whatever it takes.
I will never stop because these people are pure evil and it is an honor and a pleasure to fight them.
But listen,
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I'm so far into this now.
It's all up to God.
I have no anxiety about this.
I'm actually not worried about what happens with us.
It's up to you and God working through you.
But I would like to continue on, and I told you, I'll never give up.
I'll never sell out.
But I could give out.
And my flesh wants to give out.
My spirit's like, got a gun to my head.
It's impossible.
I don't know how to sell out.
I don't know how to lie.
I don't know how to give in or back down.
That's why, not bragging, but I got in fights with people who weighed 60, 70 pounds bigger than me, and I beat their brains out.
Because I don't give up.
I don't stop.
But I'm telling you, we're very close to giving out.
Like a horse that's willing to keep running forever, horses will run till they die.
A great example of that is the fictional True Grit, where the horse dies.
And I'm just telling you, we need funding now.
The bat signal's been fired.
We're at a critical juncture.
I want to thank you all for your incredible support.
We've come so far together.
I believe we've got more work to do, but it's up to you whether we stay in the fight.
It's in your hands now.
The ball is in your hands.
It's up to you, listeners.
It's up to you.
We'll be right back.