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Name: 20220803_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 3, 2022
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses topics such as the upcoming primary results in Arizona, the situation in Taiwan where China surrounds the island due to Nancy Pelosi's visit, al-Qaeda leader's death (who had died twice before), and the Inflation Reduction Act. He also talks about his court case involving Sandy Hook parents and expresses his regret for doubting their existence. The speaker then discusses various news topics including free speech, government control, political divisions, election fraud, military manipulation, and the importance of common sense solutions like lowering taxes, securing borders, and allowing good guys with guns to protect against bad guys with guns. He promotes several products available on InfoWars Store such as Diet Force, Vitamin Mineral Fusion, Bio Pros septic tank cleaning product, and encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing these items.

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Can you give us a sense of how he's doing with having to go back into isolation?
I mean, is he frustrated?
And how is he dealing with being away from the First Lady for as long as he can?
Well, the day is still young.
You never know.
But look, the president... I'm just making a joke.
Clearly it was not funny.
I will try harder next time to be more funny.
But look, he is continuing to work from the residence.
And I just want to share, as we all know, the president is fully vaccinated.
He's fully, he's double boosted.
He was on treatment for Pax Lovitt.
And because of that.
Still has COVID though.
Our press secretary is a cabbage patch doll.
Our press secretary is a cabbage patch doll.
Our president apparently has cancer or dementia or permanent COVID or who knows.
He's a joke.
Kamala Harris is a cackling, bumbling idiot.
We've got a clip of her fumbling her way through a
Uh, public press address yesterday.
We'll play that coming up.
You've got multiple men in this administration that think they're women and you've got a drunken
Decrepit, reanimated corpse, Nancy Pelosi flying around, high on her own ego, that could potentially start a larger conflict with China, and is certainly spitting in the eye of China, as her family makes millions of dollars in China, and she does insider trading with computer chip and processor deals.
Yeah, this country is in big trouble with the Democrat Party, not just in power, but existing.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here live from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas on this Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022.
I'm going to give you a layout of what's coming up in the next four hours on the Alex Jones Show.
And then in the next segment, Alex is going to be, well, we're going to be playing a previously recorded segment from Alex with some updates.
Well I'll just leave it at that.
With some updates coming up in about six minutes.
That's from Alex.
Now quickly, I've got Bob Barnes in studio with me.
Or now known as Bobby Barnes, I guess.
He's gone back in time.
He's Bobby Barnes now.
He's going to be with me for the first two hours.
We've got all kinds of news to cover and discuss.
We'll talk about the primary results from last night.
I think there wasn't too much to take away from last night's primary results except for in one race, and that was the Arizona governor race.
And I do believe we can take a very important
We are in bizarro world, okay?
I don't even really know how to explain it.
Whatever's going on with Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan right now is truly bizarro world stuff.
China is now surrounding Taiwan, and I believe it's mostly just saber-rattling, but you've got a drunken fool, Nancy Pelosi, an old hag, flying over there to saber-rattle and feel her oats, being in Congress for like 600 years now,
Going over there for a photo op, going over there to do insider trading with her and her husband's chip deals.
And the White House says we don't stand with Taiwan.
They tripled down on that yesterday.
Then Biden said, no, we do stand for Taiwan independence after Kirby twice said they don't.
Then they said, well, Pelosi is acting on her own.
She's speaking on her own.
She doesn't represent the country.
She doesn't represent the Democrat Party.
Because she flew over there, I'm pretty sure, on Air Force Two, was it?
So that's interesting.
That's just part of the bizarro world stuff that we have.
Now, I briefly mentioned this yesterday, but I caught a lot of flack yesterday after the show saying, why didn't you cover this?
The Al-Qaeda leader that they want to give Joe Biden credit for killing yesterday had been killed previously twice.
Now again, I covered these stories, and I actually read deeply into these stories, and I told you, if you read the stories, they actually admit that they're not positive the guy was dead.
Now they're saying they're positive he's dead.
I'm not telling you to trust these people when they said he was dead four years ago.
I'm not telling you to trust these people when they say he's dead now.
It's just more of the bizarro world.
How many times do we have to kill this guy to give some politician a little popularity boost?
Which didn't work for Biden, by the way, if that was their plan.
Although it's an odd thing to basically admit that you have turned over the country of Afghanistan to Al-Qaeda, which is what led to this individual being hanging out on some sort of a patio like he's schmoozing in the French Quarter or something, and so they go hit him with this missile that chops him up.
That's what we're told, at least.
The CIA was tracking him, folks.
The CIA.
So the CIA saw that he was dead twice before and never said anything.
Now the CIA, who's obviously been monitoring this guy's activities for decades, now they say he's dead.
So it's more bizarro world stuff there, too.
The Biden... What was the name of the act?
The Inflation Reduction Act is going to increase inflation and increase your taxes.
No, not just on the rich, but on everyone.
So that's nice.
Democrats just, they just hate you, I think, is what the thing is.
And then you have this whole, let's shut off the energy to save the planet proposal that is really coming to fruition in Europe.
And some countries are saying, OK, we're going to do it.
Other countries are saying, no, we're not going to starve our people to death.
And then what will America do?
So that's all coming up.
But Alex Jones coming up in the next segment.
And then Bob Barnes joins me in studio.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned for all the latest news and developments.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022.
I'm recording this at about 7 a.m.
Robert Barnes is about to take over with Ellen Schroer and others because I'm going to be in
in the morning.
The so-called court of this judge here in Austin, Texas, who's fully weaponized his judiciary and is doing things that no legal scholars that I've talked to say they've ever seen before.
So this, this is the murder of justice if they're able to complete this fraud.
And it'll affect everybody, not just in Texas, but across the United States as the left
Weaponizes the judiciary.
But I wanted before I hand the baton to Robert Barnes, just break down some of the amazing things that happened yesterday.
Because this was like something out of a Perry Mason episode.
As many of you know, when you tuned in yesterday, I said that I believe Charlotte Lewis is a real person.
And I believe that Neil Heslund's a real person.
I'm 100% sure of it now, because I didn't have a lot of questions previously, after I spent a week with him in court.
And watch their mannerisms and heard them talk.
And I said, I'm really sorry that I ever did question Sandy Hook because I can see that it really hurt their feelings.
I'm not the guy that first questioned it.
I didn't send people to harass them.
I never said their names until this trial started.
Sure, the media has been lying.
There's been a lot of disinformation, but it doesn't matter.
I still hurt these people and I had no idea that
They were wanting to reach out to me and wanting to have closure for a long time until yesterday for sure.
So let me tell you about the incredible thing that happened yesterday.
But first, let me tell you about the horrible thing.
So, I just mentioned it.
I'm on air yesterday for the first hour before I went down to court because I thought they were going to have a psychologist and psychiatrist on until lunch so I could go hear Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis after lunch.
But they finished early.
Heslin went on.
He was upset that I wasn't there, I'm told, because he wanted to address me directly.
Meanwhile, I did the first hour of the show, as everybody knows.
And on that hour, I said what I just said earlier, and the video's there for all to see, that I believe they're real people, that I believe she's real.
Someone edited that 10 minutes down to about a minute and a half and made it look like
I would say she wasn't real.
They cut off where I say I think she's totally real and when I apologized and then edited it to where it sounded like I was saying that Heslin was stupid, which is not what I said.
I think he's very nice and very friendly and very old-fashioned.
The guy's a bull rider.
I mean, the guy's really just a, you know, country boy.
And so I said, I believe there being
Manipulated by these lawyers and by these big Democrat think tanks and gun control groups and and and then Ladies and gentlemen it all happened So I said that on air These different organizations edit the tape bring it to her during a break and Say Alex Jones was attacking you the whole show saying your deep state not real, but here's just a clip of it So they lied to her
Told her I said all this, then showed her an edited two minute tape, then the judge let that be brought in, and the judge is now saying she's probably not going to let us bring the full clip in.
Under the law folks, you've got to play the full clip if somebody plays a small clip, especially if the small clip is not complete and is designed to confuse somebody.
This is the very definition.
Of why this should air.
I think.
They edited the front of the tape and the back of the tape.
I said, I think you're completely genuine, and I'm sorry for your son's death, and I apologize.
They edited that, and I said, you need to find out who gave you that clip, and I have a steam suspicion who it is, and I pointed at her, you know, entourage, and understand that I've never said your name until now.
And I never said your son's name, and I'm sorry if my questioning things hurt you, but you need to get to the bottom of what's really happening.
Then, at the end of the day, after the judge chewed me out and called me a liar and did all this other crazy stuff that's a whole other subject, Scarlett Lewis, we're waiting for them to leave.
Because we don't want to, you know, get in their way.
And they come over to our table, and she has a bottle of water and a cough drop for me, because I've got some laryngitis, as everybody's noticed on Arian.
I've torn a larynx.
I've got to get it worked on soon.
And I shook her hand.
I said, I'm sorry.
She said, I understand.
She has tears in her eyes.
And Neil Heslin came over.
I shook his hand.
And I said, please find out who edited the tape.
Please see the real tape.
I said, you know, see the...
Fourth segment of my show yesterday, please, and they were nodding, and Heslin had tears in his eyes, and all of a sudden, the lawyers jumped in between us, and they go, they go, this isn't gonna happen, this isn't going on, no way!
And everybody can see the tape, see the video, and even national media is now saying that I yelled at Heslin that he was autistic again, which I didn't do.
One of the lawyers said, I've got an autistic son, just injecting that.
And I said, well, maybe I'm autistic, too.
But the whole point was, they're being manipulated.
And we caught this all happening red-handed.
Then it got even worse.
Anybody who was watching saw it on TV.
The judge stops the last 30 minutes of my testimony, pushes the jury out, and looks at me and says, you lied on the stand.
You said you're bankrupt.
And she said, and you lied and said you complied with discovery.
And I said, well, in my view, I did.
And in my view, I am bankrupt.
I'm out of money.
And we have filed for it.
And she said, I'm going to instruct the jury that you're a liar tomorrow.
I mean, it's unprecedented.
Then she ordered my lawyer to violate attorney-client privilege and tell her about our private conversations.
Which is just unprecedented.
I mean, this is like a turn to force of how to violate people's rights.
It's unbelievable.
And I just feel sorry for everybody, including these whacked out leftist and lawyers and the judge.
I mean, they are all just over the deep end and have no idea what they've done.
She also made this really weird statement where she said, you believe everything you say is the truth, but it's not the truth.
I decide what the truth is.
But that's my defense right there.
I do believe that I'm trying to tell the truth.
I don't believe everything I say is the truth.
We're all infallible.
We're all human.
We're all sinners.
But they all know I meant this.
They all know that most of the time these big things happen.
There's some kind of weird stuff going on.
They all know Jesse Smollett didn't happen.
They all know WMDs in Iraq didn't happen.
They all know the Gulf of Tonkin didn't happen.
I mean, they all know Operation Northwood was a plan to stage the deaths of kids and bombings and shooting people and blowing up airplanes.
I mean, they all know that most Americans question JFK.
90% in national polls.
So, Robert Barnes is going to take over.
He's going to get to trial because it's so historic.
The first of a whole bunch of show trials, and then he's going to cover world news, what's happening in Ukraine, what's happening with Hunter Biden, what's happening with Pelosi, and just what's happening with the borders.
Got a big show lined up for you, David.
Please pray for us, and please just pray that the truth, you know, gets the American people so that this type of deception can stop, because they're accusing me of being a mastermind and being all deceptive and things.
This is deception, and they've literally got these parents
In a bubble feeding them disinformation and manipulating them and it felt so good to shake Haslam's hand and shake Scarlett Lewis's hand and to see how scared and panicked the lawyers that have been controlling them were inside the court and outside the court.
Because they were waiting like hyenas when I came out and they all were trying to smile and act, you know, powerful and act like they were, you know, cool guys in junior high or something, but their eyes all looked extremely fearful because they know their house of cards is imploding.
The truth is coming out.
Tomorrow's news today.
Robert Barnes takes over on the other side.
Please stay with us.
We're back in studio now.
Owen Troyer and Bob Barnes.
Of course, Alex Jones in court today.
We'll just leave it at that.
We'll just leave it at that, Bobby Barnes, won't we?
And let's get into the bizarro world that we're in right now.
Let's go down this stack of news.
Let me first start with this to kind of just get us going here.
Poll finds only 1% of Americans see Russia as a major problem.
All the propaganda, all the time spent, all the demonizing, all the blaming.
1% of Americans see Russia as a problem.
That tells me the propaganda is not working.
But it also tells me that the Democrats don't care and the media don't care.
They're going to continue to push their Russia BS narratives even though nobody cares.
Most people probably can't even find Ukraine on a map.
They might not even be able to find Russia either.
Well, I mean, there's a scene from The Lord of War where the character, the brother of Nicholas Cage's character, the Merchant of Death that Biden's thinking about sending back now to Russia in exchange.
Oh, that was based on him?
I did not know that.
And remember his brother does that, he's doing so much cocaine, he does a whole map of Ukraine in cocaine.
And basically that's Zelensky on a daily basis.
I mean, that's how he's doing his life.
So the, I mean, his wife reportedly is already here in the U.S.
He's got property in Miami.
Oh, big time.
Close to a billion dollars disclosed in the Pandora Papers.
All the different information and little entities.
I mean, this is a guy who so believes in his country, he has pretty much none of his money or assets in the country.
There it is.
So the whole thing is a crock.
It's a joke.
It's an embarrassment.
Russia's going to win.
You know, the mythology that Russia was losing was some of the worst intelligence reports
Since the killing yesterday of the third or fourth or fifth version of killing Al Zahari.
However many Al Zaharis there are.
I mean, purportedly, you know, Joe Biden and they brought it.
They had so much time because he's just chilling.
Al Zahari's like, hey, you know, Taliban's now back in control.
I'm going to, you know, just chill on my balcony, drink my little tea, say hi to the neighbors, hit on the hit on the local girls when you can see their eyes, you know, that kind of thing.
And maybe take a go at the goat down the street.
Yeah, yeah, all of that, and he has all this free time, so much so that he's out in public, this guy's been in hiding for 25 years, but he's out in public now, just, you know, smiling at everybody, supposedly, so much time that they could build a little model building, and they could build the model building and take it into Biden, because Biden is so careful and conscientious about, like, not killing seven people, an aid worker, and their entire family, say, just last year.
With a mistaken, uh, a case of mistaken identity?
He's really careful.
In fact, he's so careful, he wants to make sure that there's no construction damage that could cause any damage to anybody.
So they've created a little mini building, they take in this little mini building, and he looks at it and says, how's the lighting?
What's the weather like?
How do we make sure the materials don't, uh... Because they can predict the weather.
Yeah, of course, of course they can.
And they had time to do all of this.
And he had time to take care.
And before they did it, he had to check off everything to make sure it was the right drone weapon.
Even though their drone weapon, as you note, that they disclosed they used, is not exactly the kind you use to be precise.
Yeah, it's more of a large destruction.
It's not massive scale, but it's more than just you're trying to hit one person.
You're doing significant damage.
Well, remember the smart bombs?
Remember that?
I always remember the line from Wag the Dog.
What's interesting is, you know, you have Alex Jones in the trial that will not be named, in the courtroom that cannot be talked about today.
And you look at the broad scope of concerns.
Look at what Wag the Dog did.
Wag the Dog made fun of all of the claims that our governments have related to war and the precision and their official narrative on these kind of events.
Here you have the official narrative is, okay, no, he didn't die of natural deaths in 2016.
Okay, no, we didn't actually kill him, though we said we did in 2020.
Now we really got him.
This time we really, really got him.
We got him now.
And he got a story that all sounds ridiculous.
And it reminds me of the... And the timing.
Don't forget about the timing.
Biden's approval ratings crashing.
Biden's popularity crashing.
He hasn't had a victory in years.
They had to give him something.
He's celebrating low gas prices.
They're still record highs.
They had to give him something.
Well, especially an intelligence community that's been made a joke out of over the last two years.
They were completely wrong about what would happen in Afghanistan.
They were completely wrong about what would happen in Ukraine.
Completely wrong about what would happen vis-a-vis Russia and the economic war against them.
Completely wrong about what was happening in aspects of China and Taiwan and North Korea.
So, they need to say, see we're useful!
See, we're important.
We can still find the terrorists we said we killed four years ago and kill them again.
And that's sort of the narrative and the pitch and the main line.
But it reminds me of Wag the Dog also because I always thought Clinton was winking at the world when in 1999 he goes in and bombs Serbia.
And the basis on doing so is refugees fleeing in the winter.
And women refugees fleeing, Albanian women refugees fleeing.
The irony of that is that was in fact the entire premise of Wag the Dog.
A president caught in a sex scandal creates a fake war with Albania based on a fake refugee fleeing conflict from the other side.
And yet, that, he, I mean, Clinton just re-scripted, he took the script and he's like, watch this, I'm gonna take Wag the Dog, I'm gonna do it for real, and nobody's gonna say boo about it.
And that's exactly what happened.
And now we're seeing Biden do the same thing.
So Clinton does still have another advantage over Biden.
Biden has redefined vaccine, redefined recession, redefined inflation, but as Clinton pointed out in a popular meme, he still hasn't managed to redefine what the word is is.
And so Clinton still has the top of new definitions that are going on in the country.
But all of this, what it shows with Russia, what it shows with Ukraine, is that our elites don't know what they're doing.
They don't understand the world, and they're going to risk World War III in the process because they're that incompetent, that incapable.
I mean, they sent a drunk idiot to Taiwan knowing it might risk war with China.
Yeah, that's, to me, the next bizarro world event that we're covering here today.
But the headline from town hall, I think, sums it up.
Joe Biden's Afghan drone strike won't save Dems from midterm pain.
That's what this is all about.
It was all about the Democrat Party.
It was all about Joe Biden's approval.
It was all about trying to give him a win.
And it didn't.
It didn't give him a win.
And even if it's true that they've killed this guy finally for the third or fourth time or whatever it is,
Even if that's true, the narrative coming out sacrifices that you turn to Afghanistan over to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
There's no way of getting around that.
But yeah, for folks that are just tuning in here, Al Zahari has been declared dead multiple times before.
2016, 2020, now 2022.
I've got all the news stories in front of me from over the years where he was declared dead.
Um, here it is in, uh, 21.
Here it is in 2020.
And, uh, yeah.
It just, it just, uh, it goes on from there.
And by the way, they have no DNA proof.
They claim to have video proof, but I haven't seen any of that video proof yet.
And this is why people are skeptical of governmental and institutional narratives.
Ever since the Kennedy assassination, on major events, they are usually, more often than not, you can assume they're lying to us.
Because more often than not, that's what it turns out to be.
Just like, what exactly was the Defense Department, along with the Secret Service, as soon as Biden comes in, what's the first thing they're doing on their phones related to what they were up to against Trump after the election and January 6th?
Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete.
Oh yeah, we've got that story.
We've got that story coming up today too.
And you look at that, you look at the elections, now there's some good news yesterday, some white pill moments yesterday.
Kerry Lake came back in Arizona, it looks like.
That is the most significant election for 2024, as you were mentioning earlier.
Big win by Blake Masters, big win by John Gibbs, knocking off Peter Meyer, that pro-impeachment person.
Eric Schmidt, probably a decent candidate, kind of endorsed by Trump, wins in Missouri.
Yeah, that was an interesting one.
We'll cover all the primary news coming up as well, but when we come back, I want to get into the situation with Pelosi in Taiwan and China.
It is so bizarre a world, and it just shows how dangerous Nancy Pelosi is, that she would risk the entire safety of the planet for her own ego.
For her own ego and her own profit, Nancy Pelosi would potentially start World War III.
That woman is a threat to humanity.
I'm really at a loss at this situation with Pelosi, China, and Taiwan.
I want to just read through these headlines and get Bob Barnes to weigh in on it here.
Maybe we can try to make sense of it.
The most sense I can make of it is that Nancy Pelosi is drunk on power, out of her mind, in her old age.
Maybe she's got some dementia or something else going on, and she's been corrupt for 50 plus years, and so now she just sees this as her last kind of go.
Might as well make the most obvious insider trading deal on chips worth billions of dollars I can before my time as a congresswoman is over.
My husband just got caught with drugs and alcohol in his system driving, but don't worry, we got that dropped.
Here's some of the headlines.
China summons U.S.
Ambassador overnight, says Washington must pay the price.
That's for Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.
And I guess Pelosi's saying Taiwan is independent, while the rest of the Democrat Party in the White House says they aren't.
Taiwan accuses Beijing of air and sea blockade.
China's completely surrounded the island now.
After Pelosi departure, China surrounds Taiwan.
And then, I'm not surprised by this, but I just think it's an added element here.
CNN, CNBC, and Associated Press bureau chiefs meet with Chinese Communist Party propaganda group in July.
So maybe they were even planning this whole thing and having a rollout in the media.
But, I don't even know what to make of this, honestly.
It's Nancy Pelosi, in her own arrogance, with her own ego, making this trip to Taiwan, potentially could start a larger conflict.
This is how World Wars start.
I mean, believe me, last thing I want to do is...
See Nancy Pelosi in office for another minute, but I also don't want to see your plane get struck down.
That would probably be worse, actually.
And so she goes over there, the White House and John Kirby speaking the White House three times say we don't believe in Taiwanese independence.
This is after Joe Biden said that they did and they would stand with Taiwan.
So he lied about that or they're lying now.
Either way, they're lying.
And so China says, well, wait a second, Pelosi goes over here, says Taiwan is independent.
That's a direct affront to China.
So you must pay the price.
I mean, where are we at here, Bob?
I mean, this is just total insane clown world stuff.
Our politicians are behaving like lunatics.
Well, what you have is sort of a quartet of perspectives.
One is sort of what's going on in the Biden administration.
The other is what's going on with George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and the globalist cadre.
Another is what's going on in China, and another is what's going on in Taiwan.
Let's start with the Biden administration.
The Biden administration really believes that they can topple any government they want, anytime they want.
They believe that they are in control, not anyone else.
That's why they thought that the Ukraine war would be an easy win for their puppets in Ukraine and a massive economic defeat for Russia, that it was going to lead to complete regime change in Russia.
Didn't happen.
But I believe they thought the same thing here.
Pelosi goes over there, rattles a few cages.
Xi gets toppled and they get someone that they think is more docile, more subservient, more corrupt, more complicit with them and their interests.
And that aligns with the globalist interest, George... You think Pelosi really believed that?
Yeah, so I have no doubt.
I mean, these people are... She's that out of her mind?
That... They're completely that out of their mind.
They believe ludicrous things.
They believe insane things.
I mean, yeah, men are women.
Well, I mean, in the example, that's where some of them align with aspects of Taiwan.
The current Taiwan independence movement, the group that runs it is kind of woke.
They have like a...
You know, a gender-confused individual is a high-ranking official in the new independence Taiwan, right?
So you've got this weird dynamic going on with Taiwan independence.
You've got old-school Taiwan independence that just don't want anything to do with the CCP, and other ones that want to be a wolkster, you know, sunflower movement kind of crowd.
So that has its own little dynamic that throws a wrench in everything.
And then you have China, and the issue with China is China is no longer willing to be the globalist factory worker and keep their head down.
The globalists love him as long as they were doing the bidding of globalists, doing the agenda, using it as an experiment on how to socially control people with a social credit system and all the rest.
But once China decided to be independent of Klaus Schwab and George Soros and do whatever they felt they were interested in doing, that upset them and they wanted to bring him back to here.
Not to mention, not to get you off track, because I want you to stay on this track, but now China and Russia are starting to form a little alliance, a little partnership that is a huge threat to the globalists.
Well this is why Trump said getting into a war with Putin in Ukraine made no sense.
And this is why Trump says what Pelosi is doing in Taiwan makes no sense.
Makes no sense?
Because Trump is like, all you're doing is creating the key allies, our adversaries, and forcing them into an alignment.
An economic alignment, a political alignment, a military alignment.
And what is that going to do?
That could break the back.
One of the biggest fuel and food and fertilizer suppliers in the world.
The biggest nuclear arsenal in the world.
One of the biggest militaries in the world.
Aligning with the biggest manufacturer in the world.
The biggest supply chain monopolizer in the world.
The biggest, by the way, the biggest provider of everything that goes into electric batteries and solar panels.
That's who climate change politics helps.
It helps China.
But China doesn't care that much about it.
That's why it keeps turning on the coal factories.
That's just a... And by the way, the China...
China's a total proof that the carbon emission net neutrality, or whatever it is, is BS.
The more carbon they emit, the more forestation they have in China.
Yeah, oh, exactly.
They don't, they only believe... Not that it's, I mean, their air is polluted, don't get me wrong.
They have a pollution problem, but I'm just saying, this whole carbon emissions causes global warming, or the Earth to die, is just not true.
Exactly, like the current Biden budget package that encourages and incentivizes with tax credits and other financially lucrative deals the climate change green economics actually enriches and empowers China.
So it's like there's these contradictory messages coming out and the reason I think is they have no problem with the CCP running China.
They have no problem with China continuing to dominate manufacturing and monopolize supply chains.
Their concern is China being economically and politically and militarily independent of the globalist interests, such as what happened in terms of them aligning with Russia in the Ukrainian conflict.
So they want to punish them and discipline them, and what they don't understand is this is not the China of 2000.
We are no longer in that position, and that was Trump's point.
We've got to focus on economics with China and not get into a war with China.
We've got to focus on separating Russia from China and then having Russia align with us rather than China, because what does China need?
It needs food, and it needs fuel, because it has to import them at massive levels.
Who can provide it?
If Russia's aligned with us, we have real leverage on China.
Trump was that close to a peace deal with North Korea, but for John Bolton, interfering and interrupting, thanks to that nitwit CIA hack, Sean Hannity, who disguises himself as a news broadcaster on Fox News.
He does wear the CIA emblem on his...
Yeah, it probably does.
I mean, it's not like the guy's really hiding it.
He's the reason John Bolton got in the White House.
He's admitted this.
He's conceded this publicly.
So I think it reflects and reveals we have one of the most incompetent administrations in American history.
People like- Oh my gosh, that's not even close.
Oh, in fact, that's what people like The Duran, people can follow him at theduran.locals.com.
Alexander Mercouris just the other day was laying out, the reason why China's paranoid is because of the early 1800s.
The Brits came and forced opium on their people.
The various empires were divvying up the great China civilization.
They are paranoid of that happening again.
They're not afraid of Taiwan or Taiwan's independence.
They are afraid of a NATO base being located on Taipei, a hundred kilometers from the Chinese shore.
Especially with the Chinese military expansion into the South China Sea and everything they're trying to do right there militarily, but just let's finish it off with Pelosi.
I still just, I can't even believe it.
Is she really that, I don't even, is she really that out of her mind?
Is she really that drunk on ego?
Is she really that drunk on power that she would fly over there for her own self-satisfaction and risk potentially starting a larger conflict with China?
The answer to the Nancy Pelosi question is the same as Hunter Thompson's answer to Bill Clinton.
Hunter Thompson famously said the question isn't what Bill Clinton is addicted to, it's is there anything he's not addicted to.
And with Nancy Pelosi, the question isn't whether she's drunk on power, drunk on ego, or drunk in general.
The question is not what she is drunk on, it's when is she not drunk.
Or how drunk is she.
And I think the reality is that she will literally has the capacity to lead us bumbling and stumbling into another global world war, much as we got into in World War I. World War I was a bumbling, stumbling, tripping into the war that led, by the way, to the death of four empires that had lasted for as long as...
Eight centuries before they were wiped out in four years.
That's the kind of incompetence we have.
We have a combination of intransigence and incompetence in the White House.
We have a guy who's not only admittedly dumb, he's now a dementia candidate running the most powerful country in the world.
And that's what you get, a drunk Nancy Pelosi bumbling and stumbling us into risk of World War III.
Literally, she probably smells like a brewery, that witch smile as she gets off the plane, waving to all the people of the planet, making it all about her, doing insider trading, and now the situation with China is even worse.
So it's crazy, folks.
These are our leaders.
These are our leaders.
Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi.
Old, drunken fools that are leading this country down a dark, dark path for their own selfish desires.
It's really sad.
It's really dangerous.
It's really pathetic.
You know, I really gotta say, I'm just at a loss at how deranged and insane our leaders are.
I mean, you take one look at Nancy Pelosi, you took one look at Joe Biden, it's just...
We are really at a dark point in this country's history when those two have any power at all, have any influence at all.
But we got to move on.
And I want to get into the primary results from last night.
Just some of the highlights.
Carrie Lake wins in Arizona.
She makes a from-behind comeback.
It was kind of an odd thing, actually, when I went to bed last night, probably just after midnight, she was behind.
I thought it was over.
Kind of has the old Biden phenomenon happen for her, actually.
Not as egregious or obvious, but when you wake up and the results have changed.
You then have the Trump impeachment Republican Peter Meyer loses to John Gibbs.
So I think it's going to be good.
I think John Gibbs is going to be a good one to get in there.
You had Trump endorse Eric in Missouri.
People weren't sure was that Eric Schmidt or Eric Greitens.
So either way, Trump wins, whether it was Greitens or Schmidt.
Schmidt won.
And I think I really don't like the way the Republican Party did Eric Greidens.
I gotta be honest.
I think they did him kind of dirty.
We'll talk about that as well.
And then the Democrats do not want to commit to Biden in 2024.
That's very telling.
That's because everybody knows he's a disaster.
But Bob, let's start in Arizona.
Now, we both agree.
We didn't even talk about this before the show, but it's pretty obvious to anybody that follows politics that the governor race in Arizona was the most important race
When it comes to measuring where we might stand in the 2024 presidential elections.
But I think there's a little carryover there from 2020 because I want to look at these numbers.
Republican turnout last night in Arizona for the governor race was 636,593.
That's how many people voted for Republican.
On the Democrat side, you only had 482,024 voting.
So, that's a massive difference.
That's not a small margin.
That is a huge margin.
Now, Biden won Arizona, allegedly, by 10,000 votes.
By 10,000 votes is what they say Biden won Arizona with in the presidential election.
Now here you are, not even two years later, and Republicans have a massive margin.
I mean, what is this, like a 20% plus margin over Democrats in the governor's race?
To me, that shows more evidence that the results of 2020 were inaccurate.
But leading into 2024, you gotta like that if you're a Republican.
You gotta like clearly having a distinctive advantage as far as the turnout last night was concerned.
Yeah, there were several things to watch.
One was to watch whether or not Kerry Lake won in Arizona.
The early numbers suggested she was going to lose, which was a shock to pretty much everybody, because all of the data suggested she should win by double digits.
I don't know.
We didn't have that in 2020.
Not in Arizona, not in Georgia, not in Wisconsin, not in Michigan, not in Pennsylvania.
Arizona is now going to be the first state to flip to someone who cares a lot about election integrity in Carrie Lake.
So Carrie Lake is a very big win in Arizona.
Same with Blake Masters.
Big win in Arizona.
Blake Masters is a populist candidate, backed sort of along the J.D.
Vance model.
Blake Masters has been more anti-war than others, more populist on trade, populist on immigration, populist on issues of culture, very pro-Trump, wants to have meaningful election reform in his state as well as across the country.
That was very good news.
Another Trump-endorsed candidate, John Gibbs, took out.
Peter Meyer, the pro-impeachment Republican, woke-oriented Republican there in the Western District of Michigan.
It there, too, looked like Meyer was going to hold on early, but then the votes really came in and Gibbs was able to top it out and prevail.
In Missouri, Ann Eric won, this time Eric Schmidt instead of Eric Greitens.
Eric Schmidt's done a lot of great work as Attorney General.
That's why Trump split kind of his endorsement between him and Greitens and just said, I support Eric.
Yeah, that's a nice hedge, isn't it?
Yeah, exactly.
The reason he didn't fully endorse Schmidt is because originally he was inclined towards Gritens, and the Gritens got hammered, as you note, by a very dirty, sleazy campaign waged in Missouri by Karl Rove and others that defamed him and impromptu is the second time he's been a victim of a defamation and legal hit.
And that's why I kind of wanted to focus on that, and to me,
There's hope in the Republican Party because real people can get in there and change it up.
I do believe that.
We can get rid of the rhinos, we can get rid of the deep staters, we can get rid of the woke commies and Democrats pretending to be Republicans.
But, you know, Greitens first got set up by the FBI.
The FBI ran a sting operation and set him up.
That all came out.
He lost his position as governor because of it.
And Schmidt was a great Attorney General, so, you know, he threw his hat in the ring.
But it's like, here's why the Republican Party won't save the country right now.
You had Eric Schmidt and Eric Greidens in the same race.
Those are two heavy hitters that should have been spread out.
But for whatever reason, the Republicans wanted to destroy Greidens, so they went after him, a deep state attack.
And then you had a third candidate in there who I thought was good too, Mark McCloskey.
They probably should have inserted him into a house race somewhere.
Would have been better off, but he falls off the table behind the two Erics.
Now Schmidt's going to run against one of the Bush, B-U-S-C-H family, one of the Beers.
Yeah, one of the Anheuser's.
Now, you're from Missouri, so... Oh yes, I'm very familiar with all of it.
Very familiar.
Yeah, so do you think, I mean, I think the so-called political experts, the 538s, the Nate Silvers, etc., think she has a chance.
I don't think she has any chance.
What do you think happens in an Eric Schmidt general election against
Obviously the name recognition helps, but I don't think it helps enough.
I think Schmidt is going to probably win this Senate seat pretty easily.
I don't think it'll be too close.
You know, the Bushes, when they sold InBev, actually a lot of people's taste soured to them when they sold out to InBev.
A lot of local people.
Now, obviously, the Bush family's done a lot for Missouri.
I'm not saying that.
And there's a lot of great people.
I've been friends with a lot of them over.
Very generous group of people.
But still a red state.
And I think that Schmidt has enough going for him, after being the Attorney General, that he should win this thing pretty easily.
I think the most disappointing result was in Kansas where it appears the late media campaign over a million dollars in late media ads to convince people that the amendment they were voting on, which was just an amendment to authorize the state legislature to limit abortion.
But isn't it amazing how the propaganda works?
Yeah, it's a testament.
Why do they want to take out Alex Jones at Infowars?
It's because look at what happened on the Kansas abortion bill, where people didn't even bother to read the actual language.
They don't even understand the issue!
And end up thinking they're voting on a complete ban on abortion when they're just voting on the power of their state legislature to decide the issue of abortion.
By the way, they did another redefining moment.
Was it last night or was it Monday night?
Where they have, you know, the entopic pregnancies, right?
Where the baby's in the fallopian tube.
That's not even considered a viable pregnancy.
That's not even considered an abortion.
That's considered a different medical procedure.
So it doesn't even come into abortion.
That's not even, totally separate issue.
They've now rewritten, I don't even know the keywords to search, guys, if you're looking on the internet.
I was reading it last night.
They've now rewritten the definition of entopic pregnancy
To trick people into thinking that those are going to be banned with these abortion bans.
I mean, they're rewriting definitions.
They're re- I mean, we're in 1984.
Oh, no doubt.
I mean, because doctors often use the language abortion to describe miscarriages.
As spontaneous abortions?
They're confusing ordinary people into thinking these new bans on abortion are like what you've heard a doctor say.
So anyone who's experienced a miscarriage is misled to believe that suddenly they will be called a criminal because that is not at all the case.
That has never been the law.
The law has always been clear that that isn't what's covered.
What's covered is the direct, deliberate killing of an unborn child.
The Kansas learning lesson should be because of the media bias, because the big money's on the pro-abortion side, they need to create indisputable laws that anybody can look at and understand.
Go for the popular majority.
And the popular majority position is the heartbeat position.
Once an unborn life has a heartbeat, you can't abort it unless there's an emergency of the life of danger to the mother.
Which is the law in most of Europe.
But yeah, they keep lying about that.
Now, Democrats will not get behind Joe Biden in 2024 despite him saying he was running.
Why would that be?
Well, because he's terribly unpopular.
The problem they have is Richard Barris.
No, not Biden.
Biden is still the most popular Democrat amongst other Democrats.
That's the problem they have.
They wanted to replace him.
I mean, Hunter Biden is so likable.
Well, my view is the guy to watch for, who's the deep state favorite?
It's Pete, Booty Booty Gay Gay.
He's their favorite candidate.
Booty Judge.
Yeah, Booty Judge.
To see if he can, there's a lot of jokes about him coming, but they will try to replace Kamala Harris with him.
People say Alex Jones is crazy, he's a conspiracy theory guy, he's a nutcase, he's got these rants and all that.
What they miss is that this guy's ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
If you look at the signal and you compare that
To PBS and NPR and BBC, and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing.
I go, this is it.
This is no beatry.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out.
You're going to be underlying stuff.
The Great Reset by Alex Jones.
Order your copy now at Amazon or InfoWarsTore.com.
Well, one of the greatest broadcasters of all time, a true legend, Vin Scully, passed yesterday.
And anybody who grew up listening to baseball knows the voice of Vin Scully.
Truly one of the all-time greats.
They don't make him like Vin anymore.
And one of the great Vin Scully moments we have captured for you now.
Vin Scully was a great American and you'll know that after hearing this classic Vin Scully clip on Clip 18.
Socialism failing to work as it always does, this time in Venezuela.
You talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food to eat.
And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela?
The daughter of Hugo Chavez.
Anyway, Owen's here.
Vin Scully.
All-time classic.
I mean, he's even better than the famous one for the Chicago Cubs.
Who I'm blanking, I can see Harry... Harry Carey?
Harry Carey.
I met Harry Carey many years ago in Chicago.
Oh, he was a character.
Oh, absolutely.
But he was more of a character, whereas Vin Scully was an old-school, great... A professional.
Who wasn't afraid to say his mind.
He couldn't say that today.
He'd get fired if he said that today.
No, no, no.
Why is he commenting on that?
Because of how many Venezuelan people were escaping Venezuela, including several that became famous players, including famous players for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Yeah, and there were a couple players
Who recently, when the latest food, you know, starving people riots broke out in Venezuela, a couple players from Venezuela made statements about how grateful they are to be Americans now and how grateful they are to live in a free country.
Media didn't really like to cover that.
They didn't really like to give that any attention.
But you know what's amazing?
You're not going to really get any broadcasters like Vin Scully anymore, I'm afraid.
You're not going to get the Harry Careys.
You're not going to get the Jack Bucks.
Because all these broadcasters are trained to not say what they see, or not say what they feel, and just say what's politically correct.
And everything else follows that.
Everything else in the training to be a broadcaster now flows through the political correct lens, or the political correct voice box.
So you're just not going to have greats anymore.
In fact, ESPN has purged anybody who's not woke from being there.
Not at all.
And excuse me, but when I tune into a ballgame and I hear a woman and a broadcaster, click, I'm out.
Well, especially, they get the worst voices.
They're horrible!
There's plenty of women announcers that have good voices that you could sit there and listen to.
And they're good at their job!
They could sell the sport well.
I mean, like the reporter who finally had to leave ESPN because of all the problems.
The sideline reporter.
He was there for like 20 years.
Forget her name.
I'm blanking on her.
There was Sage Steele.
There was Michelle Tafoya.
Yeah, yeah.
Remember how many, I mean, she was a good sideline reporter.
She was great!
Got the information, got the intel.
Couldn't stand being there because of how politicized it had become.
And that is true throughout all of it.
You can't just tune in and enjoy the game.
There's going to be some politics somewhere in the game.
There's going to be some politics by the end.
I mean, look at Curt Schilling.
He should be in the Hall of Fame.
I mean, this is a guy who came out with the bloody sock.
I think that was fake.
I don't know.
I'm a Cardinal fan.
I'm a Red Sox fan.
Oh, I was.
I grew up as a Red Sox fan.
My family did.
So that was the greatest series of all time from a Red Sox fan perspective.
Here's one of the all-time great pitchers.
I mean, this guy intimidated the New York Yankees.
Two World Series.
Two with Arizona and with Red Sox.
And yet, he can't get into the Hall of Fame.
Because his politics doesn't fit.
Because he's a conservative.
Yeah, he appears on Breitbart.
Can't afford that.
And so that's, I mean, it's become, and even though ESPN continues to suffer from it, NBA continues to suffer from it.
We were talking with Ryan Kinnell, he pointed out, I mean, there's been a 75% decline in the NBA ratings in the finals over the, since Michael Jordan's departure.
I won't even watch the NBA anymore.
And that's despite the population going up, not down.
But they don't care because they're on in China.
Ah, exactly.
Even though China, they'll never satiate and satisfy China.
China finds the wokester stuff to be ridiculous.
Oh, they don't allow gay stuff.
No, I mean, they don't allow any.
I don't think they really like black people either.
Not in China, unless they're playing basketball.
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
I mean, their history of racism, their history of chauvinism, their history... I mean, disproportionately girl babies were killed during the one child era.
All of that.
This is not a society to model anything after, and yet it's a society the NBA chooses to model.
What was the name?
I think it was a Reds broadcast.
I think it was Tom Brenneman.
They came in early.
They came in early from a break, and he said something about how the city had gone to crap or something.
Do you remember that?
He's like, this city is a hellhole now.
And they carried a hot mic.
He's like, uh...
Sorry about that!
They fired him!
The cities are hellholes!
It's true!
And we're back here.
Hour number two of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer, Bob Barnes with you.
We're going to play a clip here that I find hilarious.
Republicans complaining about Donald Trump and how he uses the money that they fundraise off of his name.
That's the ironic part about it.
The Republican Party, man.
We really need some new leadership in it, desperately, if we're going to save this country.
Before we do that, though,
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All right.
I want to play this clip real quick, Bob, because I find this so funny.
I don't like having to sign up for all the notifications, but I do.
I get all the Democrat notifications.
I get all the Republican notifications.
They both annoy me just as much, to be honest.
But I find this hilarious.
Now, I probably get 10 emails a day from directly from the GOP or Republican this, Republican that.
Everybody uses Trump's name.
His image, his name, this.
I'm sure you see it too, right?
And they all have Trump.
So now the Republican Party has a problem.
With the way Trump is using some of these funds, here's Jonathan Karl explaining that situation, how the RNC is fighting Donald Trump right now.
He's been paying Donald Trump's personal legal bills.
Some of these related to his businesses in New York.
$1.7 million, more than that, just since October.
Most recent payment we know of, more than $50,000 last month.
So now they're making this threat and Republicans really don't want Donald Trump announcing that he's running for president as they had in the midterms where they think they're going to do well.
Yeah, this is really something.
A threat from the RNC quietly said, we found out about it, that they will stop paying his legal bills when he or if he
So forget about George Step on all of us and Jonathan Karl's political takes there.
It's about as valuable as a poopy diaper.
The story here that's so funny
Every email I get from the Republican Party features Trump.
Trump this, Trump that.
His picture, his, you know, everything.
Trump, Trump, Trump.
They've been fundraising off of Trump's back since the last presidential election.
Now guys, see if you can pull up how much money...
The Republican Party or the GOP has raised since the presidential election.
I mean, it's got to be hundreds of millions of dollars off of Trump's name.
Now, do you recall when they were first doing this, Trump gave them a cease and desist?
And he said, stop using my name to fundraise.
They said, basically, F you, we're going to do it anyway.
So he said, OK, fine.
Well, then I want some of those funds.
$1.7 million of probably $250 million that they've raised.
$1.7 million is a lot of money, but it's a small drop in the bucket.
Well, the backstory on this is the Republican National Committee raised a quarter of a billion dollars, $250 million, right after the election to support, they said, election challenges and contests.
To my knowledge, none of that money went to the lawyers bringing election challenges and contests.
And by the way, not to play Trump's defender here, because he doesn't need it, he can defend himself, but I see a lot of commentary saying, what did Trump do with the money?
What did Trump do with the money?
It was never Trump's money.
The Republicans were basically putting on a Trump mask, saying, give me money, I'm Trump, and then just stuffing their pockets.
And I know this firsthand, because Trump and people around Trump had recommended me to run the election contest and the election challenges in November of 2020, talk to Mark Meadows, then chief of staff at the White House, talk to a range of other people who are in the decision making process, including the president himself.
And then, but Ronald McDaniel controlled it because all the money was at the RNC.
So the only people who could make the final authorization for who would do election contests and challenges were at the RNC.
And she chose not to hire any of the people associated with our team.
And of course we know what happened to the election contest.
They all didn't go anywhere.
And it's because of who they chose because they wanted to hijack that money and spend it on other things unrelated to the election contest.
A lot of people who donated got agitated.
That was just right after the election.
I mean, they've raised hundreds of millions more and it doesn't count all the money they raised while he was president.
And it's important to note, all of these legal cases stem from him being president and a Republican nominee.
So the Republican National Committee should be the ones paying all the legal bills for all of this.
Yeah, they never backed him in the public square.
Not only that, the other aspect of this is, they probably want to.
Because as long as the RNC is writing the checks, the RNC controls who Trump's lawyers are.
The moment those lawyers don't have to depend on Trump, Trump maybe hires his own lawyers.
His own lawyers might take a much more aggressive approach, both in the court of law and in the court of public opinion.
And the RNC doesn't want that to happen at all.
So it's a bluff.
They're faking, hey Trump, we're gonna stick you with a bunch of million-dollar legal bills unless you keep your mouth shut until after November because we think it would net help us, when in fact, what would net help us is if actually Trump did declare the ordinary Republican.
But this is also a bigger part of a scam that's happening.
Kevin McCarthy is trying to suppress the number of good Republicans who win.
He wants a majority, but not a big majority.
Because the more Republicans- And not an America First majority.
He wants as few America First populists in the House as possible.
And he knows as long as it's a slim majority, he has enough institutional establishment votes that keep him and his agenda in power.
The moment that we get to 20, 30, 40, 50 plus Republicans in the House,
Is the moment Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, they, even though Paul Ryan's no longer in the Congress, he is over at the board of Fox News, he is on a bunch of think tanks, he is an old buddy of Kevin McCarthy, they're still running their anti-Trump agenda.
They lose their anti-Trump agenda.
So the real reason the Republican National Committee doesn't want Trump to go out and endorse and declare his race and say he's running is, as you note, can't be because of the base, because they use Trump to raise all their money.
It also can't be because they think he's going to cost them votes.
They know he's going to help them get votes.
Most votes of all time for a Republican.
They don't want a bunch of Marjorie Taylor Greene's and Lauren Boebert's and Paul Gosar's and J.D.
Vance's and Blake Master's and Carrie Lake's in office next year.
Now is that aside from the...
The politics of it.
Is it an ego thing, too, where McCarthy realizes, these people are much more important than me?
I'm the Speaker of the House, but somehow they're outshining me.
Oh, completely.
I mean, we have an old model that we shouldn't be following anymore.
Used to be the Speaker of the House was there because he could raise the most money.
Now, because of grassroots funding and what Donald Trump has shown, use Trump, you raise money, all of a sudden McCarthy's useless.
So his power base is really gone and he's operating off of a deception that he has power that he no longer wields.
And that's why he wants to keep as slim a majority as possible with as few MAGA candidates running as possible and winning as possible.
So the real scam and scheme is keep Trump from getting involved in declaring his candidacy so that they limit the number of Republicans that win office, not to improve the number of Republicans that win office.
Yeah, and I guess the other leverage that McCarthy might have is if you do have a slim margin in the House, his ability to wheel and deal becomes important, whereas if you have a larger margin of America Firsters, they're not going to go check with Kevin McCarthy's approval for anything.
He's basically going to become defunct as a Speaker of the House, which really, I think the Speaker of the House, on the Republican side, needs to be someone who is willing to stick their neck out and make the court of public opinion the political battle.
All right, Bob Barnes and I talking all the latest news here.
Glad to have you along for the ride as Alex Jones is again in court today.
We may be hearing from him before the day is done.
I will be hosting the war room, by the way.
But Alex may be coming in after he's finished on the stand for today.
We'll be giving you the updates there.
I want to get kind of back to the Trump thing that we were discussing in the last segment, Bob, and then we can start to move into some of the other news.
How do, because I, I, like for example, Andrew Yang, and I'm glad Yang is doing this.
He's starting a third party, you've seen this, the forward party.
Thank God Yang is doing it, because that's only going to take votes away from the Democrat Party.
That's, that's kind of the way I see it.
And so, I don't think that really hurts Republicans.
But what does hurt Republicans is weak leadership like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.
So let's say we start to get some of these America firsters, common sense, non-squish Republicans in there.
I kind of view John Gibbs that way.
Obviously Blake Masters.
I think Joe Kent did not win last night.
I think he took a... Only half the votes are counted.
Okay, so we're not sure about that.
Their ballots come in slow.
Okay, alright.
Well, the point is though, if we get some more people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, he gets back on the ballot last night.
He wins in his primary.
What is the process of getting McCarthy out of Speaker of the House?
What is the process of getting Mitch McConnell out of his leadership roles?
What can Republican voters do, or the listeners of this show do, to try to spur that so we don't have a defunct, dead-duck Republican majority, hopefully, in Congress coming up after these midterms?
I think it's a combination of continuing to support populist candidates and populist causes in the most informed and intelligent way.
Let's look at it as an example.
Joe Kent's race.
So Joe Kent should have easily been in the top two.
And the only reason he's right now in a close third, still a lot of votes yet to be counted, is because they ran a bunch of fake ads pretending another candidate was the Trump-endorsed candidate in the race.
Who was it?
And it was solely meant to bring down Joe Kent's margin.
And was that Republican ads?
But it was supposedly Republican.
Reality is, or the person ran as a Republican.
But the person running did not have Trump's endorsement.
Was it one of the Democrat-funded Republicans that we called?
It was that, plus there was some other, we don't know fully the scale of where the money came from, but it appears some of it came from Karl Rove and other type groups.
So Democrats.
Turd Blossom.
And that's what people need to continue to be more informed.
And that was the only reason why the Kansas Abortion Amendment goes down, the only reason why Joe Kent's in trouble at all, the only reason why I was even close with John Gibbs and Peter Meyer, the only reason why I was even close with Carrie Lake, is because it's clear that the big money, big media influence still has a lot of influence over even Republican primary voters.
That's what happened in Georgia.
In Georgia, they didn't know who Trump had endorsed.
So they ended up voting for a bunch of candidates that Trump opposed because there had been such a swamp of media and money on one side of the aisle.
So to counterbalance that, it's doing what the InfoWars model does.
It's having independent information, independently sourced by the audience.
That's why when the audience goes to InfoWarsStore.com and buys products that make themselves healthier, wealthier, and wiser in one clean, neat step,
They're also making the world a better place, because the key is having more InfoWars-type information out there, more models that use InfoWars and replicate it as a template to create their own independent information in their own local jurisdiction, in order to counterbalance the influence of big money and big media that we're witnessing create this continued Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell-type dominance of the Republican Party.
It's a dominance that's breaking apart.
I mean, in Arizona, Carrie Lake was able to break through.
We're good to go.
So we need to continue to poke holes in the dam that they are trying to control and gatekeep the information from getting out to the people because that's the most important aspect of getting a more informed, more self-educated electorate creates a more self-empowered community and constituency that can, in turn, elect more MAGA populists to positions of power and influence to get the McCarthys and McConnells out of power.
There's no reason why Joe Kent shouldn't have won that race last night easily.
And I mean, the votes aren't all in, but it's not looking good, unfortunately.
And the one lesson that I think
Future Republican candidates need to take away from this as well.
You know, it's obviously harder to win a Senate race than a House race, but you look at Mayra Flores, you know, she didn't really get much media endorsement or much media coverage at all until she won.
Then all of a sudden everybody wanted her on TV, then all of a sudden you started seeing her, hearing her everywhere.
But before that she really was kind of, you know,
I think the lesson to be learned here is, hey, you know what?
It's great that Kerry Lake has a huge social media presence.
It's great that Joe Kent has a big social media and media presence.
I think that's a good thing.
But you have to remember you're running a local race.
You can't forget about that.
Most people that are going to see your content on Twitter or on Fox News aren't going to vote because they don't even live in your state.
They don't even live in your congressional district.
And so I think that the social media phenomenon and kind of the popularity contest that comes with this
Tends to overwhelm traditional techniques and techniques that we know work.
You got to remember, you're running a local race.
Most of the people that see your stuff in media are not going to vote for you because they don't even live in the state or the district you're in.
And I think that that might have been a case with Joe Kent.
Now, he did run a good ground game.
I think his story is more of a Republican stabbing in the back and not getting behind him.
But I think with Carrie Lake, I mean, her race should not even have been close.
Oh, no doubt.
And I think it shows the big media, big money influence is still there.
And we still have an uphill battle with that.
But what the InfoWars model showed was particularly during the pandemic.
How did you all of a sudden have these indigenous, organic, authentic, grassroots,
Rebellions all across the country showing up at protests at state capitals all across the nation that began and originated and instigated the protest against the lockdowns, against the mask mandates, against later on the vaccine mandates, put all of that into motion.
What that did was because it was the InfoWars model.
It was people who are InfoWars fans who stayed connected to their local community, stayed organized in their local community, so they could quickly get active in their local community.
And we need to continue to duplicate and replicate that model all across the country in populist aligned constituencies and organizations in order to be able to maintain and sustain that.
It's why the only reason why InfoWar is still here, not supposed to be here, is because of the audience keeping it afloat and alive.
By going to infowarsstore.com and getting products that they already need and want at a cheaper price than they can get at its nearest competitor for comparable quality.
But we need to replicate that continually and consistently.
Create communities of common interest that continue to organize in the old American revolutionary style so that when Paul Revere comes riding through, enough people hear him so that they can take action to help change the world in the right way.
And I also think
You know, they say politics is Hollywood for ugly people.
I may have butchered the phrase, but it goes a little something like that.
You know, what I see happening too is, look at the congressional baseball game.
Democrats get beat 10-0, but it wasn't just the final score.
They're losers.
Like, they're awkward, they're ugly, they fumble around, they look like goblins and ghouls.
Like, the Republicans need to embrace the optical battle here.
Like, when political debates first started airing on television, people understood, our candidate's gotta look good.
Like, he's gotta look good.
That's a major factor.
I want to see it.
I want to see because you're already seeing it.
Look at the Biden administration.
Look at the Democratic Party.
It's a bunch of ugly people.
It's a bunch of weird looking, old, decrepit looking.
The Republican Party needs to embrace a strong human man, a beautiful woman, and just start getting into the battle of optics again.
I actually saw a lot of that last night.
I think that that's kind of what's coming up in the Republican Party right now, too, because really, it's also just shows good and evil.
The universe has a weird way of showing you.
Boy oh boy, you know, I really don't understand anybody that likes big government.
That's a mystery to me.
Who wants a bigger government?
Who wants more government intervention in their lives?
Anyway, Pentagon wipes January 6th texts from phones belonging to top military generals, court docs reveal.
That's amazing because, now remember, the Democrats and the mainstream media were saying, secret service is covering something up.
They deleted the texts.
Now, I believe the official statement from Secret Service was just part of normal protocol to clear out these data from their phones.
I don't know if that's true or not, but nonetheless, they attacked Secret Service.
They said it was an act of terrorism for Secret Service to do this.
Do you think the mainstream media will be saying the same thing about the military deleting January 6th texts?
Do you think that'll be a story, Bob?
Well, and the amazing thing about all this is it's clear that the timing of this wasn't to cover up things people did on behalf of Trump, but to cover up things they were doing against Trump.
So then it's okay?
People should ask, if the Secret Service really deleted the text that would embarrass Trump, and that's why they deleted the text, wouldn't the Capitol, wouldn't the January 6th Commission have run all over that and subpoenaed that right out of the gate?
I mean, they subpoenaed everybody else, no demand.
Speeded my mother!
My poor innocent mother, you jerks!
Let me tell you, you're going to pay in hell for doing that to my mom.
Good luck.
You come after me, that's fine.
She's a saint.
Not my mom.
That's who they are.
And yet they never subpoenaed until the very end, when they knew the texts were gone, the Secret Service subpoenaed.
Oh, how convenient.
What it is, it's very simple.
Anybody who studied it and looked at January 6th could recognize right away there were likely government informants, government infiltrators, government instigators.
Aspects of QAnon movement had that tattooed all over it.
That this was an algorithm that was really designed likely by a government source to try to manipulate information and emotions.
We're good.
Probably for the same reason the Defense Department was busy pulling a Hillary Clinton and doing delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete.
Because they have to, because the Defense Department is involved, aspects of the police were involved, the Capitol Police.
Just look at some of the so-called heroes of the Capitol Police.
They were all Trump haters.
They showed up having F-Trump t-shirts with Kathy Lee Griffin, who I'm busy suing for the Covington kids.
If it was the reverse situation, they would never call a witness up that voted for Trump.
They'd say, that's bias.
But, oh, you wore an F Trump shirt?
That's not bias.
You get to be called as a witness.
I mean, it's almost as much of a joke process as a certain trial that shall not be named and cannot be named that's going on right now.
So it's the same kind of process.
They want to keep the exculpatory information out.
They want to misinterpret and misportray and misperceive the information as inculpatory that really isn't.
And it's all about government complicity and involvement with it.
When I talked to Alex before January 6th, worrying about the possibility of it being used as an event,
To undermine the Trump cause, to undermine the cause of election integrity that's independent of and separate from Trump, I thought there could be no concern because the Capitol is the most well-guarded building in the world, especially on January 6th.
Yet, magically, Capitol Police disappeared.
Magically, there were no National Guard outside the Capitol.
Magically, no other means of security.
The 7th floor of the FBI accidentally misrelayed the wrong information to the Capitol Police.
And by the way, we have the documents that Pelosi and Mariel Bowser both rejected Trump's request for 20,000 National Guard troops.
They lied about that.
And if I'm not mistaken, wasn't Pelosi caught deleting emails and text messages too?
She deleted things.
I mean, to date, we have not seen.
So either she deleted them or destroyed them, or either way has not produced them.
But she's not been subpoenaed, so she can erase evidence and that's okay.
Exactly, and that's what happened.
Same with Mitch McConnell.
I remember that night talking to people who were organizing, talking to people in Congress about the challenge because I was there to help organize and make presentations to members of Congress as needed about why constitutionally there is a right to challenge whether or not the election and the electors are constitutionally qualified electors from a constitutionally qualified election.
And that goes beyond, you don't have to prove fraud for that.
You just have to prove that somebody voted that wasn't constitutionally qualified, ballots were cast in a manner that were not constitutionally qualified, or the ballots were counted and canvassed in a way that was not constitutionally qualified.
And in the context of the presidency, that's what the state legislature sets, not anybody else.
Yet, everybody was at it.
I had the same question.
Everybody was like, why is McConnell not worried about this?
It's like, I mean, he's going to lose a lot of votes once the real issues are in front of him.
A lot of people don't want to go against Trump publicly.
Now we kind of know why.
We know Pelosi and McConnell weren't worried because they had inside information about what was supposed to happen that day.
They wanted it to happen that day.
And even though public opinion polling shows that people who went in, even according to Harvard and other groups that did studies on it, said these people did not go in to obstruct the proceeding.
They did not go in to insurrect anything.
They didn't go in to cause a coup.
It's just the opposite.
They wanted to make sure Congress went through their constitutional duties and exercised their constitutional powers to make sure this election was a constitutionally conforming election.
That's what they wanted to do in support of Trump.
Not anything illicit or illegal, but they were able to misportray it and misperceive it that way solely and wholly because Capitol Police instigated some of the behavior.
That's the key.
That is actually the key right there, and I was reviewing some of the footage actually this morning.
I don't know why.
It just popped up on my timeline, and so I was reviewing some of it.
There is zero doubt that Democrats or Feds or Antifa or whoever had their people on the front lines instigating police, had their people on the front lines instigating to go over the barriers.
You had the Ray Epsons of the world saying, we're going into the Capitol.
That element did exist.
Very small fringe element.
Most likely paid or promoted provocateurs to be there.
But really, when you review the footage,
Even that was not that effective, because even when they had their first Antifa groups, or Feds, storming through the barriers, it wasn't like a big storm.
It was still kind of very reserved, like people looking around like, I don't know if we should be doing this, and then, you know, the people in the black saying, come on!
Ray Epps saying, come on!
And then, okay, they march forward.
Cops make another barrier, and then, again,
If you watch the overhead footage, the crowds of people are very reserved, actually.
Like, there's like a 10-foot gap between the police line at the first, when the Capitol gets breached.
By the way, we weren't even there when this was going on.
We were still at the Ellipse.
And there's like a 10-foot gap between the police and the large group of people, because you can tell at that point, they're not really sure what's going on, they're not really sure if they're supposed to be there, but there's a million people, so they just kind of get herded into this.
And then you have people in black fighting with the police and then everything kicks off.
Police start lobbing grenades into the crowd.
There was one guy that caught fire.
I'd never seen this before.
They hit him with like three grenades.
He goes up in flames.
And so now all of a sudden they're getting hit with grenades.
They're getting hit with rubber bullets.
They're like, what the heck is going on?
And that's what really popped the whole thing off.
Yeah, and you see that.
That's why they've been trying to hide the 10,000 plus hours of video footage the U.S.
government has concerning January 6th.
Because, hey, you're allowed to do that.
If that was going down against Antifa or BLM, the cops would be bad.
But when they do it against Trump supporters, they're good.
Oh, no doubt.
I mean, the hypocrisy has been over the top.
I mean, the only place that may be worse than the District of Columbia in terms of jury pools, judicial bias, prosecutorial prejudice, may be a certain county in Texas.
I don't think so.
Hiding information and documentation from the court of public opinion, from the court of law, from a court of jurors, you know that that's because that information is exculpatory and counters their institutional and official narrative.
If the 14,000 plus hours of various video footage from all over the Capitol that day
Help their case, they would be releasing all of it now.
Instead, they're hiding it en masse.
Because if they told the truth, it would reveal a very different narrative.
Because it even goes further back.
What was supposed to happen that day is people who were coming from the Ellipse to come to the protest, were to come to the protest across the other side of the Capitol.
Where there was a stage for speakers.
Instead, as they're coming down, they're being misdirected into the wrong place, into the Capitol, to create this compressed crowd.
With ray-ups in the front.
Where they can't move, they can't get around, they can't get outside of it, they can't reach it.
And all of a sudden, they're being forced into January 6th.
And that's why they've got to delete all those defense departments.
I mean, just quickly, do you think there's any way for the Republicans or anybody to judo this?
If they're serious and sincere, they'll start doing it after January 6, 2023.
All right, Bob Barnes with us in another segment.
Don't go anywhere.
Chalk this one up with the Alex Jones was right list.
He was right about this decades ago, specifically in response to the Patriot Act.
FBI whistleblower leaks Bureau's domestic terrorism symbols guide on militia violent extremists, citing Ashley Babbitt.
Leaked FBI list reveals Gadsden flag, Second Amendment, Revolutionary War imagery as domestic terrorism symbols.
I remember just going back, I wasn't watching Alex Jones at the time, but when I would watch older Alex Jones shows from post 9-11 in the coming weeks and then past the Patriot Act, he always said this is going to be used against the American people, it's going to be used to demonize American symbolism.
Just totally proven.
Now, I don't know if this is the same FBI whistleblower that leaked the documents to the GOP about how the FBI was targeting conservatives and how the FBI was pressuring DAs and other investigators to label Trump supporters domestic terrorists, but this is right up the list.
If it's not the same FBI whistleblower, it just adds more power, I think, to this information coming out that multiple people inside the FBI are trying to warn America.
I mean, what is your response to this?
So, now if you have an American flag, a Gadsden flag, a Second Amendment logo, or anything like that, the FBI considers you a domestic terrorist.
Well, there's two origins for this.
The first is the PAC-CON-FBI conspiracy to create a fake militia movement in the United States in the early 1990s to infiltrate and instigate violence as a pretext and grounds to justify its surveillance and its budget in a post-Cold War era.
They denied that existed.
They claim that they withheld the evidence during the Oklahoma City various trial proceedings.
They withheld it from the public.
It only got disclosed, I think, in 2008.
They finally revealed, oh yeah, we actually had a fake militia movement.
What came out in the Whitmer trial recently?
The FBI has recreated a fake militia movement they had people taking fake oaths to, in order to instigate and originate and create crimes that didn't otherwise exist.
What's stunning about what you're talking about,
I mean, we need a master list, honestly.
It might be out there, but there needs to be a master list.
The majority of mass shooters had prior contact or the FBI was aware of them.
Or, there's been cases where there was the Dallas shooter a couple years ago.
You just mentioned the plot to kidnap the governor.
Literally were FBI plots.
It was literally 100% FBI agents that ran the whole thing.
And then whoever was not a Fed that got caught up in it, they end up getting charged.
Oh, exactly.
And if you go a little bit further and you go a little bit deeper and a little bit wider, you'll find there's another parallel to all of this and it's called the so-called labeling of illegal tax protesters.
This was the IRS chose to label people who raised questions about the legal scope of the income tax and its application to them as individuals, were being secretly labeled ITP, illegal tax protesters, inside their internal IRS databases.
And then they were being discriminated against, being targeted for audits, being discriminated against and denied their due process rights under the various due process laws that apply to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights passed in 1998, so on and so forth.
From some litigation that I helped brought, that led to an end to that because of the clear due process violation.
Remember, then go back to Lois Lerner creating a Tea Party and Target List.
That actually originated out of targeting so-called tax protesters.
Same deal, to weaponize the IRS to go after people who are dissidents and are their political adversaries of the then-Obama administration.
Now look at what's happening.
We're seeing a parallel of it again.
We're seeing the FBI with whistleblowers reporting and disclosing that they're being encouraged to dummy up fake cases, not go out and investigate a crime that's reported, but go out and either create a crime by entrapping someone into doing a crime or simply relabel something a crime that it isn't solely in order to meet their performance metrics which require they identify a bunch of people as domestic terrorists who in fact are not actually domestic terrorists and labeling political activists in that category as long as they're the political adversary of the Biden administration.
You're going to see the same thing now happen at the IRS level.
There's a reason the Biden budget has a bunch of money for a bunch of new IRS agents to go out and harass and harangue people.
You can bet that they are going to be targeting the political dissidents, those who disagree with the Biden administration, those who question and contest the institutional narrative on any topic of importance to the Biden administration.
So we're going to see what happened in the past come back to us in real live time.
You know, I want to be historically accurate in my description of the modern-day Democrat Party.
And I'm not the most well-researched historian, but I've learned a lot over the years.
And where the Democrat Party is going right now, it really is, it has all the earmarks, it has all the trademarks of a totalitarian, authoritarian, oppressive, and eventually murderous regime.
Everything that they're doing.
The censorship of their opposition.
The imprisonment of their opposition.
The persecution of their opposition.
The lies and the propaganda that they tell 24-7.
Their attempts to steal and rig elections.
I mean, I just see all of it.
The false flags!
The false flags!
I mean, Jussie Smollett?
I mean, don't act like that wasn't a Democrat playing false flag to demonize Trump supporters.
Come on, man!
So, where do you look at the Democrat Party right now as far as the history of evil on this planet is concerned?
Because to me, they're like one or two clicks away from being as murderous and evil as some of the most evil murderous groups this planet's ever seen.
I think the greater danger isn't just their politics and their policies, but it is their lack of competence and capabilities.
That they could lead us bumbling and stumbling into another global war, and this time a global war with two nuclear powers in Russia and China.
That to me is the most imminent existential threat that they present.
Like a Pelosi getting on a plane and going to Taiwan for a photo op?
Exactly, like funding a neo-Nazi corrupt regime in Ukraine and trying to trigger Russia in every way possible to trigger a potential nuclear war with the greatest nuclear arsenal in the world.
By the way, the Biden administration announced $550 million for Ukraine two days ago.
Today they just announced another $185 billion.
Yeah, I mean just the money is pouring in and why I get it's a deep state budget that's basically meant to come back to a lot of U.S.
connected politicians and enrich the Hunter Bidens of the world.
The fact that we're continuing to funnel arms, dangerous arms, into a conflict that will only lead to escalation of that conflict creates undue and unnecessary risk.
And we do this right on top of trying to do something in the Balkans, just as earlier this week in Kosovo, which is what led to World War I, what got triggered there.
So, these people are so incompetent and so dangerous in their policies and their political preferences, that they could lead us bumbling and stumbling unintentionally into global nuclear war.
They continue to drop dead celebrities, sports stars, for unexplained reasons.
I mean, literally, sudden adult death syndrome is somehow a thing now.
A new thing, yeah.
I mean, it's called sad.
I mean, you couldn't make this up if you were like a dark version, a nihilistic version of Babylon B. You couldn't come up with these headlines.
And yet, that's what's happening.
So, between the public health arena and the foreign policy arena, that's where they pose the greatest risk of serious problems at a lasting level for the entire globe.
Isn't it surreal though?
I mean it's so surreal to be witnessing all of this and I mean to be kind of in the center of it in a way right here at InfoWars.
I mean I can't even believe it.
Coming from somebody who really hasn't even been political or following news for maybe but 10 years now.
I mean, it's just wild to think about the history that we're living, to think about the history we're witnessing.
Men are women?
Men can get pregnant?
I mean, total political persecution, just outright lies and propaganda from our government, from the mainstream media?
I mean, it really is Twilight Zone, science fiction level dystopia that we're entering, and you just hope, like...
When is the awakening going to happen?
I mean, we're still humans, we still have consciousness, we still can think critically, like, when does the mass awakening happening, realizing where we're going right now if we don't reverse course quickly?
What we're seeing is sort of little episodic moments of some of the worst times in world history all happening at the same time.
We're good to go.
Whether it's the criminalization of political disagreement, which we've seen only sporadically in the history of the United States, we're seeing all of this happen at the same time.
It's not because they have great power.
As Michael Malice said, the fact that you could have a guy wearing a buffalo hat be considered a scary insurrectionist in the middle of the Capitol
And that you have a dementia candidate like Joe Biden as president is not a sign of the strength of the system, just as their retaliatory methods are not the sign of the strength.
It's a sign of a despairing, dying system that knows it is at the end of its rope because the mass public, the Great Awakening led to the Great Awakening.
And the Great Awakening is going to revolutionize the world, but they're going to do everything imaginable to stop that from happening before it actually reaches critical mass.
So that's why you're seeing such global risk being taken by the globalists in general.
Whether it's war, whether it's public health disasters, whether it's incompetent politicians, we will indeed live in interesting times because we have people that are waking up to the reality of the world and trying to make a difference every way they can.
That's Bob Barnes, great stuff as usual.
Are you still going to be here tomorrow too?
So there you go, he'll be back on with us tomorrow.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, more news coverage up final, or third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming up next.
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We have come so far together.
Please help keep us on the air.
We're under massive attack right now.
But we're going to win with your help.
We're going to overcome this with your help and with God's blessing.
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Tomorrow's news.
By officiating the unproven theory that petroleum oil is a non-renewable fossil fuel, the oil companies were able to adjust the price accordingly, all the way into the peak oil scare that foretold the calamity of the world soon running out of oil, which further benefited the industry's oil pricing schemes.
The wells never did go dry, and the ones once emptied filled back up.
So the science we have today favors the abiotic theory over the fossil fuel theory, which is that oil is a natural, renewable component of our ecosystem.
And we see this in our oceans, underwater methane lakes deep beneath the surface with their own unique thriving ecosystems.
And so the story changed from the world will soon run out of oil to the world will most certainly end if we don't stop using oil.
And because nobody seems to know what science is anymore, and most people just do as they're told, the world is about to end, for millions of people, and probably more, because our civilization is built upon fossil fuels, and the powers that be are turning them off.
Winter is coming and Germany is set to be very cold.
Angela Merkel saved her political career by appeasing the anti-nuclear movement and shutting down Germany's nuclear power.
Out of 17 plants, they have already shut down 11 and are still in the process of shutting down the rest, removing 25% of their power without anything to replace it because their Green Deal turned out to be a failure.
After all the hype, Germany's dependence on fossil fuel is at 76%.
So they are temporarily switching back to coal and oil.
But that's a real problem, because they've neglected their own fuel industry and become dependent upon Russia's.
And the German government would rather have the country freeze to death than buy fuel from Russia.
The German economy is based on highly innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce.
And so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause a tsunami of economic destruction throughout the EU and the world.
And the German government is letting it happen.
They could leave some nuclear plants online, but they still plan on shutting it all down by the end of this year to stay green.
Some anti-carbon environmentalists are saying that nuclear power is the greenest option.
And maybe that's true, but none of their schemes add up.
So far, the green agenda has only successfully accomplished making people feel good about themselves while they destroy their own society.
The EU and Britain are actually reverting back to burning wood as fuel, and claim that it is carbon neutral, which is a lie.
Societies have steadily evolved towards a cleaner, more efficient energy, starting from wood, the least clean and efficient, and moving to coal, followed by oil and gas.
And now, nearly 40% of Europe's renewable energy is wood, which mostly comes from clear-cutting forests in the United States.
This New Green Deal is a complete lie.
It's just another part of the creepy elite's Great Reset.
These elite bloodlines want a new cashless society, but one more like the Middle Ages, which for these spoiled inbreds, is the good old days.
And if they succeed, it looks like Germany will get there first.
And in the midst of all this chaos, the German government is focused on allowing children age 14 and older to change their gender and first names, without parental permission, once a year for as often as they want.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
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All right.
All right.
Man, oh man.
Let's start playing some of these video clips that we have here.
Joe Biden, his new Inflation Reduction Act turns out to be a giant lie.
The Biden tax hikes would shrink the economy, kill tens of thousands of jobs, lower wages, and worsen inflation.
That's what the researchers that have read the actual act have determined.
And so Joe Biden lied.
He lied about the bill and he lied about not raising taxes on Americans in his campaign.
And so here is a short clip put together showing you how Biden lied about not raising taxes.
I promise, I've never broken my word, anyone making less than $400,000 will not see one single penny in their tax raise.
President Biden breaking his promise not to raise taxes on the middle class.
Senate Democrats look to fast track a bill that multiple now non-partisan experts say would raise taxes on nearly all Americans.
I give you my word as a Biden, no one making less than $400,000 a year will see a penny in their taxes raised.
The average tax rate for nearly every income bracket would increase.
I will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000.
Taxes will rise by $16.7 billion in 2023 on Americans earning less than $200,000 a year.
No one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay
A single penny more in federal tax.
Joe Biden has drawn the line at $400,000 a year.
The committee does say it would raise taxes on people below that line.
Yeah, Joe Biden, he's a liar.
Democrats, they're liars.
They are the political corruption that this country needs to rid itself of.
Even Obama said in... I think it was 2008 when he was campaigning, famously Obama said,
You don't raise taxes during a time of inflation.
You don't raise taxes during a time of recession.
Funny, even Obama knew that, and now the Democrats are doing just that, because they want to crush you.
Don't you see?
The Democrat Party is all about crushing you.
Why do you think the poorest parts in America are all run by Democrats?
Why do you think cities that are run by Democrats have the highest crime rates, the highest poverty rates, and the highest homelessness rates?
It's by design.
That's Democrat Party politics.
To crush you.
Because you're a bad human, don't you see?
You're inherently bad because you're a human, you're inherently bad because you're an American, and so therefore Democrats are here to crush you!
Get it?
Better figure it out before they flatten us all.
You're seeing it in real time.
Let's stick with this clown administration.
Let's go to Corinne Jean-Pierre.
Here she is trying to promote the monkeypox vaccine in clip 20 and just ends up embarrassing herself.
Yeah, she can't even talk, she can't even read off of her little pad that she has all of her answers on.
By the way,
Boy, oh boy.
Everybody knows that the monkeypox outbreak is a direct causation or a direct correlation to Gay Pride Month.
Everybody knows it.
They were having their gay orgies and now there's a monkeypox outbreak.
And they just say, hey, you know, don't stop having gay orgies.
That's not your fault that you're spreading monkeypox.
That's everyone else's fault.
So they take the COVID approach
We've all got to be locked down.
We've all got to respond.
We've all got to get the monkeypox vaccines.
Even though we know it's 99% of the cases are gay men having gay orgies and then there's a couple children that quote-unquote had contact with gay men.
But hey, they want you to be afraid of monkeypox, they want you to take that monkeypox vaccine.
And then here's Karine Jean-Pierre embarrassing herself again, trying to make a joke about Joe Biden's second or third or fourth bout with COVID or whatever's going on with him, or he has cancer, dementia, you know, it's a whole thing.
Here's Karine Jean-Pierre failing to make a joke.
There was video of him yesterday FaceTiming with the folks, the veterans camping out on Capitol Hill.
We haven't seen anything from him today.
Can you give us a sense of how he's doing with having to go back into isolation?
I mean, is he frustrated?
And how is he dealing with being away from the First Lady for as long as he can?
Well, the day's still young.
You never know.
But, um, look, the President... That makes you sad.
I'm just making a joke.
Clearly it was not funny.
I will try harder next time to be more funny.
But look, he is continuing to work from the residence.
And I just want to share, as we all know, the president is fully vaccinated.
He's fully, he's double boosted.
He was on treatment for Pax Lovitt.
And because of that.
Still has COVID though.
Our press secretary is a cabbage patch doll.
Our press secretary is a cabbage patch doll.
Our president apparently has cancer or dementia or permanent COVID or who knows.
He's a joke.
Kamala Harris is a cackling, bumbling idiot.
We've got a clip of her fumbling her way through a public press address yesterday.
We'll play that coming up.
You've got multiple men in this administration that think they're women.
And you've got a drunken...
Decrepit, reanimated corpse, Nancy Pelosi flying around, high on her own ego, that could potentially start a larger conflict with China, and is certainly spitting in the eye of China, as her family makes millions of dollars in China, and she does insider trading with computer chip and processor deals.
Yeah, this country is in big trouble with the Democrat Party, not just in power, but existing.
The very ideology of modern-day liberalism is a threat to all things that are pro-human, pro-freedom, pro-reality, pro-truth, and in all things good.
The Democrat Party and modern-day liberalism is a threat to all things good on this planet.
You want to know why you had the final result on the abortion vote in Kansas yesterday?
Let me just read to you
Let me just read to you what was on the ballot.
And you tell me if you have any frickin' clue what you're voting for after I read this.
So yes or no question on the ballot in Kansas last night.
Because... Let me... This is, uh... Subsection 22, if you voted in Kansas.
Regulation of abortion.
Because Kansans value both women and children, the Constitution of the state of Kansas does not require a government funding of abortion and does not create
Do you have any idea what you're voting on?
Do you know what a yes or a no vote means in that situation?
I can't make any sense of it.
And by the way, this is what our politicians do to us all the time.
Whoever writes these things on the ballot, I don't get it.
Unless the idea is to intentionally deceive the voter, I don't know why they word it like this.
And really, I mean, look, I know how corrupt our politicians are.
I know how deceiving and backstabbing and how much resent they hold for the American voter in their heart, but why would you want something so confusing on the ballot if you're trying to get people to vote a certain way and now they don't even know which way they're voting?
Did any of that make sense to you?
I almost want to just open up the phone lines to people in Kansas and say, do you think you voted right on this issue?
Do you even know what a yes or a no on this even means?
But here's why I think, here's why I'm pretty confident this was written by liberals.
Because they play a standard game here that pollsters play, or that people that make online polls play, or that people that write these
We're good to go.
Now what do you think people are going to do?
Are they going to vote yes or no when all they're going to comprehend from that is value women and children, save the life of a mother?
How do you think they're going to vote?
Yes or no?
That's all they could comprehend from this gobbledygook that's on the ballot in Kansas.
Of course they're going to vote yes.
Now I don't even remember because I just read it again on air.
You vote yes, you vote no, I don't have a freaking clue what you just voted for.
But guys, pull it up for me so I can make sure I'm accurate here.
I believe it was yes that won.
It was like 60 to 40, I think, in Kansas last night.
Will you guys find that for me and pull that up?
Kansas is a conservative state, usually a red state.
I mean, as long as you're not in... I guess, where are the college towns there?
It's like...
Manhattan and, uh, where's the other college town?
I can't remember.
So it actually ends up being no that wins.
Now see, that surprises me.
I'd think that the trickery of the wording there would get people to vote yes.
But maybe they were so confused by the trickery they thought they were being tricked so they voted no.
I can't tell you, after reading that, whether a yes or a no is pro-abortion or anti-abortion or anything.
It doesn't make any sense.
But no wins, and they say, see?
People love abortion in Kansas.
It proves people love abortion.
I don't think people even knew what they were voting for.
And by the way, I believe there was more evidence of that last night.
When you look at some of these results.
Most of the people that go to vote probably have no freaking clue what they're voting for.
I would say half the people that go vote don't know who's running, don't know what's on the ballot, they just go vote and just fill it out.
And that's part of the problem here.
And quite frankly, that's what politicians from both parties know.
And that's why there's so much corruption, because they know the average American voter is ignorant.
And so that's why they run all kinds of deceptive ads and propaganda to trick them and to pull at their emotional heartstrings knowing that this ignorant voter is going to go in there, but it's going to remember maybe one ad or maybe one thing that tugged at their emotional heartstrings.
Maybe that's abortion, maybe it's something else, and then they're going to go vote and they don't even know what they're voting for.
And that's a big problem that we have is ignorant voters.
But you're not allowed to talk about
Hey, should you have to be informed to go vote?
Should you be able to read to go vote?
Should you even know who or what you're voting for to go vote?
You're not allowed to do that.
That's considered racist.
And then when you realize all the other things that the American left and the Democrat Party has done to our country under the guise of fighting racism that's been so damaging, maybe you go back and re-evaluate that.
Maybe you do.
Now, I said I would play this Kamala Harris clip, so let's go it now.
Here's Kamala Harris on a Zoom call addressing some young Americans, or I don't know.
I mean, this woman is so pathetic.
This woman is such a joke.
The Democrats think, well, Joe Biden isn't really a good thing, so let's get rid of him.
But then they see who's in the depth chart behind him, and it's Kamala Harris, and they say, whoa, actually, never mind, we'll stick with Joe Biden.
Imagine that.
You're so abysmal.
You're such a joke.
That the Democrats would rather have Joe Biden remain in power with the lowest approval ratings of all time than go to Kamala Harris, who has the lowest vice presidential approval ratings of our time.
Here's the latest embarrassment from Kamala Harris in clip 23.
Hey everybody!
That's the vice president.
Well, can we give it up for the first, second gentleman of the United States of America.
I'm going to talk about my husband for a second.
My husband.
I love my husband.
Let me tell you one of the things that has been so wonderful to see about who we are as Democrats and who Joe Biden is when he said, I know that a woman can be vice president.
Is that with that came another history making event, which is there is now not a second lady, but a second gentleman.
And what that means, let's think about it, because I'm going to talk for a moment in a moment about what we stand for as Democrats.
Oh, and a lot of what we stand for.
If you want to step back and think about higher taxes, communism, killing babies, open borders, the possibilities.
We as Democrats have an ability to see what is possible, what can be, unburdened by what has been.
No, you are the burden.
You literally are the burden on human potential.
You are the governor on human possibilities.
Have you noticed, why do Democrat women always talk differently depending on their crowds?
Have you noticed that?
AOC does it, Hillary Clinton does it, Kamala Harris does it.
Even Amy Klobuchar has done it.
Rashida Tlaib.
Why do they have different ways of talking depending on who they're talking to?
Have you noticed that?
They have different ways of speaking and because they're frauds and they're phonies.
So they hide behind changing the way they speak to pretend they're smart.
You know, if you really want to see how evil the current establishment is, if you really want to see how evil the Democrat Party is, I just encourage people, just get a little politically active.
That's all you got to do.
Just get a little politically active.
Here's an example.
The Loudoun County parents that go to the school board meetings, what happens to them?
Democrats call them domestic terrorists, show up at their houses, threaten them.
Boy, that didn't take much, did it?
They just showed up at a school board meeting, next thing you know, Democrats call them domestic terrorists.
So, that's why I'm always encouraging people to just find your own outlet, find your own way to get involved, find your own way to get active,
It's not going to be media for all people.
It's not going to be school boards or running for office for all people.
Might not be activism for all people.
But find your lane.
Find your role and just get a little politically active.
You got to.
America is in trouble right now.
Freedom is in trouble right now.
Our way of life is in trouble right now.
Just get a little politically active.
Just take a single political action and you're going to find out real quick how evil the American left is.
They are going to come after you and you're going to be stunned.
It is going to be a major awakening process.
And that's what the case has been for a lot of Americans.
That have just gotten a little politically active.
Maybe they go to a school board meeting.
Maybe they go to a city council meeting.
Maybe they run for office.
Maybe they start a podcast.
And then what happens?
All of a sudden, you've got this massive group of liberals and leftists coming after you, trying to destroy your life.
And then you realize, wow, we really are dealing with serious political corruption and evil in this country.
And you know, here's just another example.
And I've talked about this before, Hal.
The entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative, which was made up and written by Hillary Clinton and her campaign, might have originally been targeting Joe Biden.
And all the narratives about the hookers and the bank deals were actually all meant to target the Bidens because it really all came up during the presidential primaries of 2016.
And it was Hillary Clinton trying to remove Joe Biden from the process.
And it worked!
And they ran a hit piece on Biden in the New York Times, late in 2015 or early 2016, I can't remember, they ran the hit piece talking about Biden and his connections to Russia, and his son's connections to Russia, just a little blurb in the New York Times, kind of just a little threat.
Little threat from the Clintons, letting the Bidens know, we'll come after you with the long knives, we know what you and Hunter are up to in Russia, we know about the hookers and everything.
So the Biden said, okay, we don't want any of this, we'll back out, Hillary, it's yours.
And then all Hillary's team had to do was replace the name Hunter Biden with Donald Trump, and they all ran with it.
So I'm not of the firm belief
That all the Russian collusion bullcrap that came from the Clinton campaign about Trump was meant for Hunter Biden?
But I am certainly curious if that is not the true origin story.
And when you see this, it adds a little more confidence in my belief that the entire Russian collusion story was actually about the Bidens and not Trump.
So yeah, oh, it was Donald Trump was doing business with this bank.
Donald Trump was doing business with this Russian oil firm.
No, it was actually Hunter Biden.
With the bank accounts.
With the Russian oil firms.
With the mayor of Moscow caught human trafficking.
That's the Bidens.
So there it is, just yet again.
Every dang time.
Every single frickin' time, man.
Alright, let's do this.
This is an odd one here.
Donald Trump Bedminster Golf Course hosts the Live Golf Tour and there's a bunch of kerfuffle about this right now.
The Saudi Arabians basically buying professional golf and
All these golfers are going over there because they make a lot more money.
And basically, the Live Golf Tour has come up so fast now, it's competitive with the top professional golf tour in the world for years, the PGA.
And so Trump has the Live event at his golf course.
And by the way, these Live events seem to be like the most fun events.
Everybody's loving it.
They embrace tradition.
They embrace American culture and freedom and everything.
You don't really get that as much as the PGA.
They got to be a little more politically correct, after all.
So there's these Trump chants that break out, Four More Years chants that break out, F Joe Biden chants, Let's Go Brandon chants, Tucker Carlson shows up, Marjorie Taylor Greene shows up, I think maybe even Matt Gaetz made an appearance, Trump's driving around giving funny comments to the media, and this just enrages liberals.
I'm telling you folks, I'm telling you, and you know, I try to be a little more, you know, InfoWars has to be the voice of urgency in all this.
We just have to be.
As the people that hit the front lines and hit the barbed wire first, we have to be the voice of urgency, and that's legitimate.
That's real.
But see, I realize something, and this is why a lot of times I like to back off and chill out and relax.
The Democrats and the liberal left hate, more than anything else, you having fun.
The Democrats and the liberal left hate more than anything else you enjoying life.
That is their ultimate pet peeve.
When they see Americans enjoying life, when they see conservatives and Christians enjoying life, it boils their insides like you can't even imagine.
And yeah, that's what you get.
That's video compilation you have on the screen right now.
Do you want to know why liberals are so angry and raging all the time?
Because they hate seeing you enjoy life.
They hate life.
They're miserable.
They want you to be miserable with them.
So when they see Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene on a giant golf tour having fun, having drinks, having fun chants, having laughs, they are enraged.
So a lot of times I just like to back off and say, hey, you know what?
Let's have some fun.
We're all on this planet together.
We're all in this crazy world together.
There's a lot bigger things than us out here.
Sure, we like life.
We like freedom.
We like prosperity.
We're going to battle politically to ensure all that against the Democrat plan to destroy us.
But so now, all of a sudden,
Funded by both Republicans and Democrats, they're running anti-Trump ads because he has the Saudi Arabian golf tour at his golf course.
So now this ad is going around television.
All of a sudden, Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9-11 is a big issue to our establishment and to Democrats and Republicans.
They never seemed to care before, but now they're running this ad against Donald Trump in clip 27.
Brothers were murdered on 9-11.
I live every single day without my father.
FBI files show the Saudi government was involved.
This golf tournament is taking place 50 miles from ground zero.
It's disgusting.
Worse than a slap in the face.
You're taking money from an evil regime.
These are 3,000 Americans that were killed on American soil.
How much money to turn your back on your own country?
200 million?
I'll forget about their atrocities.
I'm never gonna forget, never gonna forgive the golfers for taking this blood money.
So that's a 9-11 justice thing that's sadly now being used as a political weapon against Donald Trump.
Really sad.
But oh!
When it came out that it was Saudi Arabians, I mean, who knows the truth about 9-11?
I mean, you know, 10 passports or whatever, 10 IDs of Saudi Arabians on top of a mountain of rubble and molten lava, perfectly preserved for the investigation to take place, if you believe that.
Okay, so they say Saudi Arabians did it, Saudi Arabian government do it.
But now it's a golf tournament, more than 20 years afterwards, and that's what you're upset about?
Not the weapons that we've been sending to Saudi Arabia for years.
Not the deals that we've been cutting with Saudi Arabia for years, Democrats and Republicans both.
Not the Saudi Arabians destroying Yemen with the weapons that we give them.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
None of that's a problem.
Now that Donald Trump has a golf tournament!
Donald Trump has a golf tournament at his course from a Saudi Arabian golf league, and now all of a sudden Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9-11 is a big deal, and now we're going to run national ads about it to demonize Donald Trump.
These people are such phonies.
It just makes me sick.
I can't wait until we rid ourselves of these phonies.
The world is going to be such a better place.
Oh my gosh.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have to remind you about PrepareToday.com.
I'm seeing more videos than ever, and I'm getting these messages from people that work in agriculture and farming saying, hey, our price to pay here is quadrupling since Biden got in, and those prices have not really hit the market yet.
Food prices are still expected to double in the next year.
And that's just what's going to be available on the shelves.
We've warned about this.
We saw the coming supply chain issues.
It's all part of a globalist World Economic Forum Democrat agenda to starve you out and make you poor and then force you into the massive city civic center super cities like in Judge Dredd and that'll be the only place where you can get access to food or water or air conditioning or heat in the winter.
Now, we may not ever get to that dark place where the Democrats and the Globalists want to take us, but that's the course we're on right now.
So, I suggest you go to preparetoday.com and prepare yourself, folks.
Get the emergency food supplies, get the emergency water supplies, get all the emergency supplies at preparetoday.com.
So, if we reach that dark place, you won't be forced to go in.
To these globalist ghetto dens in order to survive.
Because that's going to be the last thing you want, because that's going to lead to serfdom and slavery.
And that's where this globalist plan goes, and then of course just depopulation by illegitimate rule.
Too many humans on the planet, you're consuming too much energy, you've just got to die.
But if you can be independent in this coming
Globalist Democrat agenda, then you might be able to survive it.
So let's hope it doesn't get there, but in case it does, you're going to want to have emergency food supplies.
Go to preparetoday.com and get yourself prepared.
All right.
Quickly, I am going to be hosting the war room coming up.
I intend to take a lot of phone calls on the war room today.
We haven't taken too many phone calls this week, so I'll be taking a lot of phone calls coming up on the war room.
Another great video at Bandot Video from Badass Uncle Sam, XL Pipeline Worker reveals how gun-toting feds forced his team to abandon jobsite, and how serious and scary it was, that situation.
You can find that on Badass Uncle Sam's channel on Bandot Video.
And so, here's the truth.
A lot of Americans are suffering because of the inflation.
A lot of Americans are suffering because their jobs have just been shut down or nulled and void by our politicians, by Democrat Party policy, whether it's shutting down the oil sector, energy sector, or whether it's just all the COVID madness that's never going to go back to normal.
People are struggling, but oh!
Whoopi Goldberg, she thinks she's got it out.
This is one of the dumbest people in the history of television.
She thinks she's got it all figured out why people are struggling so much in clip 22.
Slam on young people.
But if you have worked your behind up, you've tried to move yourself up the ladder.
You talk about people can't get gas, they can't buy food, they can't put their children through any kind of college.
That's because they're paying off these freaking student debts!
So, oh, everything's student loans.
Everything is student loan debts.
That's the problem.
Now folks, as somebody who did have, I mean, right on the verge of six-figure student loan debt, they actually make these things extremely manageable.
I mean, you can be like $100,000 in student loan debt, and you can get it down to like paying less than $100 a month.
And you can even defer the payments as long as you want.
Now, the whole thing is a scam, don't get me wrong.
College degrees, about 90% of them are totally worthless.
The entire university system now is 90% just indoctrination.
But to sit here and act like college student loan debt is the reason why people are struggling in the economy is absurd.
And again, it just shows how out of touch with reality Whoopi Goldberg is.
I'm not sure she's ever had a take on that show that's grounded in reality at all.
Everybody knows, again, being in student loan debt sucks, don't get me wrong, but you can defer them, you can get your payments down as low as possible.
It's not student loan debt that is crushing this country, economically.
It's not even on the radar map.
But notice what she mentioned before she blamed it on student loan debt.
She said food prices going up, energy prices going up, gas prices going up.
Oh, well what's that the result of?
Democrat Party policy that liberals like Whoopi Goldberg vote for.
By the way, do you think Whoopi Goldberg ever had to worry about student loan debt?
Do you think any of Whoopi Goldberg's family, if she hasn't, will ever have to worry about student loan debt?
She's got millions of dollars.
Of course not.
But she's going to tell you why you're struggling financially.
As she votes for all the policies that cause you to struggle financially, and then goes on TV like the arrogant bimbo that she is, pretending like she cares about you, pretending like she has any clue what's going on in your life.
It's really pathetic that the View is still on television, isn't it?
That show should have been cancelled years ago.
I, you know, I just can't get off of this.
It's just, it's stuck in my crawl now.
I just, you know, I...
The thing that separates InfoWars from everybody else, and I don't know if it's the actual ability to have foresight accurately, like a great chess player would have, but in the political realm, or as it's just that we're willing to go there, we're willing to open those gateways in our mind, and we're willing to broadcast what we find here on the air.
So just like InfoWars, sadly, has predicted all the bad things that have happened,
Because of Democrat policy, Republican policy, globalist policy, World Economic Forum, Build Back Better, Great Reset policy.
Just like we've been able to predict all the bad things that would come of that, it's easy enough, it's just a cause and effect.
But we can have that foresight, we can broadcast that, knowing what the plans are.
I can do the same thing with good.
Like, I can see how the world can be a better place just like that!
Just like we can see all the things that are causing America to become a worse place, just like we can see all the things that are causing the world to become a worse place, I can see all the things that would cause the world to be a better place!
And that's what's so frustrating in my head, and maybe there needs to be a change of operational
I have a thought process in my head where we've already shown you all the bad things, we've already shown you what's going to happen, we've already shown you where it's all going.
Maybe we change our vision of foresight to the good of the future, the potential good of the future, instead of the potential bad that we've already now experienced.
I mean, we're living in the Alex Jones world.
We're living in the New World Order.
We're living in everything Alex Jones said coming true now.
That's why he's battling for his life right now.
See how that works?
But see, I can see what could happen that would cause things to be better.
You get the view off of television indoctrinating women that watch it every day?
Do you have any idea how much better this country would be?
That's just like a fraction of a fraction of the good.
If people in America understood the true history of the Democrat Party, if people in America understood the true policies of the Democrat Party, they would not vote for them anymore.
If people understood that tuning into The View, you're getting a sewer rot of intellect, they wouldn't tune in, they wouldn't have any influence.
If people knew that CNN and MSNBC and all these people were literally fake news, they wouldn't tune in, they wouldn't have that influence, and the world would actually be a better place.
And that's what's so frustrating.
And I was talking about this to Alex Stein last night, how
We can get along with liberals, even if they hate our guts.
We can disagree vehemently, and at the end of the day still want to break bread and accept that we're still all humans on this planet sharing this experience together.
They don't have that same sentiment.
They hate you.
They want you dead and gone.
But see, that's what's so frustrating is
I just realized that it's their policies that are destroying us.
I just realized that it's their ideology that's in the way.
And if we got rid of it, it wouldn't be a problem!
Common sense stuff!
Like lowering taxes.
Common sense stuff like having a border.
Common sense stuff like going after real criminals and making sure that they can't get back out to commit violent crimes again.
Common sense stuff like a good guy with a gun stops the bad guy with a gun.
Common sense stuff that the liberal American Democrat left has completely removed from the conversation and demonized as an ideology.
All common sense stuff.
The Democrats destroying the nuclear family.
The Democrats destroying the major inner cities.
And I just can see the world without any of it.
I can see America without any of it.
I can see the world and America without any more Democrat policy, without any more liberal influence.
And, I mean, folks, it's the most prosperous society that you've ever imagined.
We'll actually have innovation.
We'll actually have new engineering.
We'll actually have new sources of energy.
We'll actually lower the poverty rates, lower the crime rates, all of it, and it's just these damn Democrats and these damn liberals and these damn globalists standing in our way because they hate you.
I don't have hate for them.
I want us all to experience what the world can be, but they're sitting there like the little devil's minions that they are, wanting to destroy humanity.
You remember how earlier I said all you gotta do is just get politically active, even to a small degree, and you will find out very quickly how evil liberals and democrats are.
A Ron Johnson spokeswoman is finding this out the hard way.
Alexa Henning.
She says, The Washington Post reached out to me at 10.18am asking for comment.
I replied at 10.49am asking for a deadline.
And at 11.07am I get a would be for today.
Story goes up at 11.08am without my comment.
The hit pieces were already written.
They don't care about being fair.
Tell you folks, you just start taking a little political action, just a little, and you will find out the true evil forces that exist in this country politically.
They will be coming after you and you will learn real quick who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.
All it takes is just getting into the arena and slowly but surely more people are figuring that out.
Now quickly, what did I tell you in the last segment about
The death cult known as Liberal Democrats.
Here is Ari Fleischer on Fox News and this is true.
This is what the left is banking on.
A total death cult and a commitment to people to believe in their death cult to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid.
Here it is from Ari Fleischer.
Especially during the August recess.
But that's also going to mean that Republican senators will have to use parliamentary maneuvers to keep this thing afloat through the vacation.
I hope they do that.
Yeah, I don't see how this is a political winner for the Democrats unless they're counting on the left-wing base of the Democrat Party that just thinks the world's going to end in 12 years, or now I guess we're down to 10 or 8.
For them to no longer sit on their hands and get out to vote because of all the hundreds of billions of subsidies that are going to causes that I suppose they support.
But the bigger damage too is this bill really should be named the Raise Taxes and Push the Economy Deeper Into Recession Act.
I have never in my entire career heard of somebody who thinks it's good public policy to raise taxes here as the nation is entering a recession.
That prolongs recessions.
That doesn't stimulate the economy.
That doesn't give you the help that you need.
It makes things worse.
And why?
For really what's essentially corporate welfare.
This is a gigantic spending bill to give money to green corporate welfare.
And that's what so much of the green industry has grown up into.
Without subsidies, they would never be competitive, would never exist.
And the more subsidies you give them, the more they're just hooked on government.
And that's what this bill does, and Joe Manchin... And look, the proof is in the pudding here, because if liberals and democrats really believed the nonsense they pushed about man-made global warming or climate change or ice age or whatever it is they're promoting in the latest phenomenon of the lie, they never live by what they claim.
They still drive cars.
They still fly on planes.
They still have air conditioning in their ten mansions.
They don't live in any of the things they believe.
They'd go live in caves.
They'd be living out on the lake.
On a river, on a creek, but no they're not because they know it's all a lie!
They just want to scare you into giving over your freedom.
They just want to scare you into giving over your future, your fortune, your wealth.
They want to control you.
But that's what it is.
They have to convince everybody that the planet is going to end in 12 years and then use that fear to control you.
And then just kind of put it in another way.
You know, they keep saying they need our money to fight global warming.
They keep saying they need our money to do all this stuff.
They want to raise taxes.
And meanwhile, they just give all this money to Ukraine.
So they've pretty much admitted that the dollar is fake.
They've pretty much admitted the dollar has no value actually at all, and they can just print it out of thin air.
So then tell me, why are you still paying taxes?
Why are they still asking you to give them money to stop climate change?
If the world is going to end in 12 years or 8 years or wherever we're at, and they can just send endless gobs of money to Ukraine, why are they coming at us for money?
They admit the dollar has no value.
They print money at will.
They say the world is ending in 8 years.
So go live in a hut.
And then print $20 billion and stop asking us for money.
But see, because it's all a lie, folks.
It's all about controlling your life and making you a slave in the name of man-made climate change.
I'll be back hosting the War Room in an hour, taking your phone calls.
Kate Daly takes over the Alex Jones Show right now on the other side of this break.
Infowars has been vindicated.
We've been proven right.
World government, the New World Order is out in the open.
And now more than ever, the forces of Satan are trying to shut down this broadcast.
The forces of anti-human, godless New World Order are out of control.
So now realize, we have pushed them out in the light, we have pushed them out in the open, and they are so upset, and they are so scared.
So while you still can,
Because any day could be our last broadcast.
Spread the word about the show, share the articles, share the videos, and please fund us while getting great products at the same time at InfoWarsTore.com.
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But whatever you do, pray for justice, and pray for freedom, and pray for the children, and pray for free speech and justice to win.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'll spread the word, my friends.
We're involved in an epic, historic battle.
Hi, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from Kate Dally Radio, The Kate Dally Show.
Oh, I have so much to talk about today.
There's so many things I want to hit on.
Hopefully, I'll get to all of them.
I'll try.
But I do want to talk about a trick being played on the military right now.
And I also want to talk about theories on the election.
There's some theories I want to go over with you.
But this is where I want to start.
I was looking at this and couldn't not believe my eyes again.
So I don't know if you guys caught it.
Most people don't because it's the Commonwealth.
It's over across the pond.
And the Commonwealth Games of 2022.
And again, another opening... I don't even know what you call it.
An opening ceremony.
I guess I'll call it a ceremony.
An opening ceremony just full of weirdness.
Like the worship of Baal.
Like the calf or the bull with the huge horns and the red blood eyes.
And the audience members dancing around this thing.
Like, they could not wait to show this thing off!
This thing's huge!
And what did the BBC commentators say?
It's full of light, it's a symbol of free!
Oh my gosh, a symbol of free?
I don't even know what to say to this!
Except that we're in this time right now and we're not even noticing what is going on.
These people are on the ground, dancing and bowing and making these horn signs to the bull.
I'm sorry, what does this have to do with sports?
What in the world?
And they've got this giant bull, blood-filled eyes, you know, chained, and it's so... I don't even know the word for it.
All I know is I like a little bale, you know, when I'm watching a good old game of London Squash on a little Lucifer worship with my summer games.
When did our sports events become this?
That's what I want to know.
Because I don't know what they're going to do with the Paris Games.
The Paris Games of 2024.
Are they going to do a real human sacrifice and call it good and everyone's going to dance around and act like this is a symbol of light too?
I don't know.
This is nuts.
The Commonwealth Games are referred to as the friendly games, okay?
And these friendly games are like this multi-sport event.
So Prince Charles kicked off this
This fun thing, and of course, Baal.
You know, if you read the Old Testament, the Canaanite god, and of course, why did we do that?
What was Baal?
Well, creating idols, and participating in a lot of sexual immorality, and sacrificing the children, you know, the stuff we're doing now.
Anyway, at the 2012 Olympics, I don't know if you guys remember, but it was the hospital beds, the Grim Reaper, you know?
Was that foretelling or what?
Did they know it was coming or what?
But also, I just wanted to mention that we've had these different games, and I don't know if we're just the frog in the perpetual boiling water or what.
Something's wrong when we do not even notice what we're doing.
It has nothing to do with sports.
What does it have to do with anything that we're playing?
Give me a break.
But I'm going to wager with you guys that when we get to the 2024 Olympics, it's going to be bad.
It's going to be the opening ceremony everybody talks about, because I'll bet you they do some things very similar to this.
But you know, it's interesting as we're watching this play out and all these little sheeple are dancing and acting like it's the best thing they've ever seen.
What I was thinking was the BBC was sitting there saying, this is a symbol of light, a symbol of freedom.
And I sat there and thought, this is how they do this all the time.
Every false flag, everything.
What you're seeing on the screen, well, it's not what you're really seeing.
We're going to tell you what you're seeing, right?
With everything.
Everything I've even brought up on this show.
It's basically, we're here to give you this auditory response as you're watching these things.
I don't know.
And no politician will discuss it.
No one will even say a word.
And why?
Because it goes all the way down to the city races, county races, state races.
That's why.
That's why.
They don't want all of their races known.
And so they don't want to look and see.
And one thing I will tell you about the election fraud that's going on right now in every county, mine included,
Is the numbers are way up of turnout.
So where turnout in my community was 26% on an election year, right?
Like 2016, 2020, right?
On an election year, that's when it's the highest out of all four years.
Everybody kind of comes out of their closet in their basement, you know, to vote, okay?
To do their duty.
But here's the deal.
Usually it's around 26%, 25%.
And that's how it's always been.
It doesn't even matter what's going on in society.
This county here was up to 50 percent.
Some counties 100 percent.
And here's a clue.
Some counties 110 percent.
But you're not supposed to notice it.
You're not supposed to talk about it.
You're not supposed to see it.
You're not even supposed to ask why.
And here's another hint for you.
If this was actually something that was occurring and we had this phenomenon going on, because even if you go back to the beginning of this country, we still only had about 25% because it was property owners.
So the numbers really haven't changed very much.
Most people, they're sheeple and they just don't care.
If we had something phenomenal going on, like the 50% that we were told happened even in my own community, well, they would be shouting that from the rooftops, giving themselves a bunch of high fives and saying, oh my gosh, we've made a history, we've doubled the numbers.
Not just up by a couple percentage points because people have peaked interest because we have King Frat-a-Lot and Hormala at the helm, no.
Because we're looking at, across the board in America, all the rates are really, really high.
This is how they get some fraud in.
Besides for the software problems, this is what they do for fraud.
They're actually padding the votes and making it look like they have these huge, huge turnouts.
So in your county, I challenge you to take those numbers, go to your county commissioners, whatever county you're in, and say, why are the numbers high?
Because they're high all across the board and it isn't because people are waking up.
It's because we have a problem, and this was in 2022.
All the numbers were high.
In the swing states, it was like 100% in the counties of the swing states.
100% show up?
Even my dead grandma?
That is the most phenomenal turnout.
Don't believe it for a second.
Don't believe it for a second.
So this is where the American people have to step in and now start voicing some of the problems.
And this is a problem that they're sort of padding over in the news.
Oh yeah, there was a 50% turnout.
Don't look here.
Anyway, on with the article.
This is what they're doing.
They're trying to tell you, don't look here.
We're not even going to specify that this is abnormal.
Totally normal.
See what I mean?
This is how they're doing it.
So go to your county commissioners and say, you know what, we have a very, very, very big problem.
I also wanted to mention that the military is getting tricked.
The military, they're ignoring the court system, completely ignoring it right now.
And this is a warning you need to tell people about if you have friends and family in the military.
I have family in the military, always have.
Here's the deal.
They're ignoring the courts on the vaccine mandate.
Even the court said, you know, sorry, you can't do this.
What they're doing is they're saying, OK, well, in 30 days, don't show up for work, military member, because if you don't have your shots and you don't have your your paperwork, then we're going to get rid of you anyway.
And what it's doing is it's telling the servicemen, don't show up, just don't show.
That's the trick.
It's a don't show trick.
So then they can say they didn't show for work.
Now, you know, they've gone AWOL.
Now we're going to go ahead with proceedings and we're going to charge this military member.
Make sure that your military member, friend, or family keeps showing up for work and ignores what the military is telling them because the court's already cited.
The fact that the military is going against that says volumes to me.
And it should say volumes to you.
Their numbers are very low.
People are not signing up like they used to.
But then again, we also have to question why do we have a full-time military all the time in this kind of...
We're good to go.
Shows up for work, regardless of what they're saying about the vaccine mandate.
And with all the deaths coming in, I know people are finally realizing that, yes, these shots are full of everything Judy Mikovits said last week.
HIV, leukemia.
It's a death shot.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Kate Dally.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, guest host, Kate Dally from katedallyradio.com.
Glad you're joining me.
And those supplements that Alex is always talking about, they're fantastic.
Get extra.
Get extra right now while supply chains are working.
That's my biggest advice to people right now.
Get ahead on some antibiotics, get ahead on some supplements.
The more supplements, the better.
Let's get away from pharma as much as we can.
But wow, we really need to stock up right now.
Talking about bail worship in the last segment, I just wanted to remind you guys, you guys remember 2016 New York when the 50-foot replica of bail went on international tour and landed of course in New York.
Of course it lands in New York because where else would it go?
And I just remember doing a show on it and thinking, are we really here?
We have a real problem recognizing
The time that we're in and I think a lot of us just want to just get through life and and you know have our kids and go to work and it's stress enough just worrying about everything you have to worry about and making the bills let alone figuring out where we're at with our society right now it's kind of scary but I just I wanted to bring this up because I really actually am a fan of Reagan always was a fan of Reagan
But, and I'm not really poking at Reagan, I'm just poking at what he's saying.
And, you know, there's a clip that keeps going around and I think Ted Cruz even put it out on a meme and it said basically, you know, a recession is when you lose your job and of course a depression is when, a recession is when your neighbor loses a job, depression is when you lose your job, and of course Jimmy Carter needs to lose his job, that's recovery.
Okay, so they have been posting this everywhere and I've been seeing this.
The other part of the speech is what bothered me and I wanted to bring this up because it's a really great lesson and a lesson that we seem to go along with but we never ever talk about.
We don't we don't realize the truth about this lesson.
In his speech that he gave that day he said he was talking about us and he said they helped
to build the magnificent city across the river, our forebears, okay?
They spread across the land building other cities and other towns and incredibly productive farms.
They came to make America work.
They didn't ask what the country could do for them, but what they could do to make this the refuge, the greatest home of freedom in history.
But then he said,
Then he said, his answer to all this misery, he's talking about Jimmy Carter, his answer to all this misery, he tries to tell us we're only in a recession, not a depression, as if definition's words relieve our suffering.
That's true.
But then he said this, let it show on the record that when the American people cried out for economic help, Jimmy Carter took refuge in a dictionary.
Now you really could look at that, and you could look at King Fraud a lot, and you could say we're doing the same thing right now, and we're kind of along the same lines.
But I brought this up because when he said, let it show on record that the people cried out for economic help, we were never supposed to get economic help from our government.
We were never supposed to be crying out for anything.
And what that speech did was it sort of reinserted this wrong belief
That we as members of a free capitalist system, we're supposed to be able to strengthen that and not have government compete with us.
Like in the Yellow Pages test, when you can go into the Yellow Pages and if government has an entity that does it, then if you find it in the Yellow Pages, you shouldn't be doing it too, for government.
Well, the problem is that we have been trained, seriously trained, to think that our government are the ones that we go to for economic help.
That the president controls the economy.
He doesn't.
And he shouldn't.
And it should not be this way.
And so that's why I've always brought up, you know, what about the states?
Why aren't the states controlling their oil, you know, within their states?
Why are we always looking to the feds?
When I was at Freedom Fest, I interviewed a multi-billionaire, okay?
And of course, he even reiterated the line about, well, the feds are in charge of gas and oil.
It's the feds.
No, it's not.
It's not the feds.
It should be the states.
Should be sovereign states.
But we should never be crying out to our government for help.
I also wanted to bring up, because we're talking about presidents, you know, this election and what's happening right now.
And ever since 2016, it was kind of a weird turn of events, wasn't it?
And so when we looked at Hillary, I remember the saying, she didn't think she would lose.
And I remember thinking something's really wrong with that statement, because the presidencies have been controlled for about 120 years.
Started with Colonel House.
And behind the scenes, pulling the little puppet strings.
And so a few got through, but they've always managed to get in the chosen candidate from one of the parties.
Team A, Team B. And when one party, you know, when one side gets a little upset, then they throw in the other team.
So to them, to those that really run things, it's Team A, Team B. And so what if the whole faked
Election, fraudulent election was sincerely faked.
What if the whole thing was faked?
And we brought this up, I think, gosh, years ago, um, when, um, when Trump got into office.
But then I really actually started really liking Trump and I really started liking what he was doing.
And I thought he was doing what he could in a very corrupt system, which we know that if the president exercises more authority than he has, then that's not okay either.
It's always in Congress's lap, right?
But Congress doesn't want you to look there.
So all eyes are always on the president of the United States.
Now, we have Feeble, what a joke, King Fraud a lot, and Hormala at the helm.
She and her and I'm wearing a blue dress.
This is who we have at the helm.
But maybe they wanted it this way.
Maybe this was supposed to happen.
Maybe as they swing us from the right to the left to the right to the left, you know, we spent eight years with Clinton.
Then we spent eight years with Bush and a lot of bad stuff happened under Bush.
And then they gear us to accept Obama, half-black president with no past, no birth certificate, really.
I mean, let's be honest.
And of course, they brought him in as a moderate, said he would get rid of the NSA.
But he didn't, and he wasn't going to, and he only strengthened it.
And so you saw all these things happen and people are sort of geared.
We're like cattle and cattle guards.
You know, we're sort of geared to the right and then to the left.
Do you guys remember when the tea party was at its home?
And who did they stick in?
Newt Gingrich.
Newt Gingrich was sort of like the fall guy.
He was supposed to go in and basically squash the tea party.
Most people don't realize that.
But if you really examine history, you'll notice that whenever people started to rise up, there was always somebody there at the helm as a leader to squash it.
And so they knew that we would probably see what was right before our eyes in election fraud and be very upset because this was the most visible representation of it.
This was an in-your-face citizen representation.
You know, was it always supposed to go like this?
Is this why nothing's really happened?
Is this why politicians are silent?
Is everybody playing their part?
And is it gearing us more to the right so that, again, we get squashed?
Because what was the message of January 6th?
The whole fraudulent thing that happened at January 6th, courtesy of our FBI.
It was, don't protest.
Don't go anywhere.
Don't go anywhere.
Just be worried and sit in your home and sit in your recliner.
That was the message.
Otherwise, we'll ruin your life fraudulently and give you trumped up charges.
And so people are afraid to speak out.
They're afraid.
They're afraid of being targeted.
But what if that was the whole point?
What if the whole entire thing was faked and everybody played a part?
What if Hillary was actually supposed to win?
And they actually thought Trump was their guy and they'd get him in and have him do the things they wanted him to do.
What if he actually did have a change of heart?
See, there's lots of theories behind this.
And I always leave room for a miracle or somebody to change and for somebody to kind of take on something new.
And I did feel like that got done.
But it's kind of interesting when you look at all the different theories behind how big of a Truman Show are we actually in?
Just thought I would say that just to kind of get the wheels turning.
And I know you probably already thought of this.
But now, now that we're in 2022, maybe this is a really good time to sort of reflect on the last 120 years.
The presidencies are always bought.
Be right back.
I'm Kate Dally.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So glad you're listening in today.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host, and happy to be with you.
I'm hoping you're having a good summer.
I really am, because we need a reprieve from some of this, don't we?
This is kind of the biggest vacation time of the year, and I hope people are actually vacationing.
And realizing that we have a lot of blessings in our lives too.
To be really grateful for those things.
Because it's important.
It's important to always have gratitude.
Even though you see the country burning down and what are the politicians doing?
Over there watering flowers or they ignited the match.
We're still in this situation together and I do believe in you.
I believe in the American people.
I really do.
All you have to do is travel around the United States.
Just don't go into your major cities.
But if you travel around the United States,
It's a beautiful, a beautiful place with really, really great people.
And I also wanted to say this about, is the whole thing faked, right?
Because if you haven't thought of that, you know, maybe we're too steeped into tribe mentality and that's exactly where they want us.
They want us arguing.
They want us fighting over, over what Biden said today or Hormala or whatever.
You know, when they show them on camera, see this is one thing that really got to me, when they show them constantly saying those things, you know, they're showing the missteps all the time.
They want you to see the missteps.
They want you to see that he has dementia.
They want you to see he can't read a teleprompter.
They want you to know what a buffoon, hoary lady that Kamala is.
They don't even like her.
Who do they send over to Taiwan?
No one even wants Nancy, but she was the best of the litter, I guess.
And it kind of reminds me of AOC's race when they interviewed 10,000 people and AOC for the job, the theater production of Congresswoman.
This is all on video.
And they picked her.
You can see this.
They picked her because she was the best and the brightest.
Yeah, AOC.
Anyway, can you imagine what the other 999 were?
I don't even want to think about it.
But we're in a situation right now where we are told something, but we're seeing something different.
We're told we're a free nation.
We're still told that we're an exception.
But what is actually going on in our country?
And for 120 years, yes, they have bought the presidencies.
Yes, it has been very, very controlled.
Can anyone get through to the presidency without being their guy?
Or, like in Herbert Hoover's case,
Herbert Hoover, when they got him, they actually thought he was going to be the guy they wanted him to be because he was pretty entrenched into these people.
But the problem was, was he kind of had a change of heart in office and he started doing things and listening to people that were not part of the club, not part of the mothership, you know, the CFR.
And so what did they do?
They demonized him by calling it Hoover's depression.
That's how that came about.
Hoover's depression.
And so, yeah, there have been people in history that have had a change of heart, or if they ever tried to out, like the CIA tried to out things, JFK, or, you know, his brother, or several presidents, several presidents that had mysterious deaths, you know, if they, if they try to turn, they kind of let them have it, or let them have it.
But can a president get in?
No, no, not unless they think they can control you or they think that they can control the puppet strings.
Because we know they're not actually running the country, right?
We know that Hormala and Peralta are not running this country.
And I know you guys know that.
And so what it comes down to is if they can keep you focused and in the tribes,
Then they can still loot America, right?
Which is what they're doing.
Trillions of dollars disappearing just all the time, right?
The day before 9-11, last year we had, and this year we had trillions of dollars missing.
We have black holes like NASA and all of these places where money is basically laundered.
So we have a lot of situations where the, I guess the, they're able to loot it and loot it while we're focused on
This peripheral stuff over here.
And that's how it works.
So right now they want to keep us kind of geared more to the right.
And this is why I think they're showing Biden's frailties.
Biden the lunatic, the lunatic left, and everything is transgender, and nobody knows what a woman is, and nobody knows what gender is.
I think even some liberal progressives are going, seriously?
And so why do they want to do that?
Is it easier for us to bend to the right a little bit?
Is it easier for us to kind of get us to this point where then we sanction some sort of hero on the right to go in to save us?
This is the problem, though.
It's never going to save us.
It's never going to save us.
Nobody's ever going to save us.
We're the only ones that can do it, and we need to do it en masse.
We are.
January 6, if
Millions of people would have shown up.
20 million people would have shown up.
Do you think they could have gotten away with that?
Do you really think they could have gotten away?
More and more people need to show up all the time, and that's really what's going to save this country, is it's going to have to be the silent majority that shows up, that actually says, we're not going to do this anymore, and get out of the tribes.
I think that's one of the big ones.
I'm still a registered Republican in my state because I have to be, but I know what the party's about and I know how they control.
And I think that's the biggest message is, how do they control?
And it's kind of like the delivery system of two messages.
Let me explain why.
You have, uh, defund the police, which now all the liberals are saying, well, we didn't really mean it.
And then we have back the blue.
Do you think that might be from the same people?
Because what does back the blue do?
It goes to the other way in the extreme.
Back the blue is there to say, cops, you can get away with whatever you want.
Even if you become a federalized unit, it's fine.
No more local police.
It's okay.
We back the blue.
Back the Blue sounds patriotic.
They want it to sound patriotic.
But the problem is, is that it gives a blank check.
That's not okay.
That's saying that no matter what you do, it's okay.
Because now we're so desperate, we need to back you.
You know, never in my life did I ever feel like we had to say that we believed in cops.
Because pretty much all of you just figured that, you know, cops should be there, right?
Why back the blue?
Did Back the Blue, was that really the message they wanted to get out?
Was defund the police the coy?
Was that the part of the message that, you know, oh yeah, we're gonna shove this out front, but really what we want people to do is say Back the Blue.
Look at Yuvalde, right?
Why did they show you that?
Why did they say to you that the local cops screwed up and it was ICE that came in to save the day or the feds?
Because they want to go to a federalized police state.
I think both messages were devised by the same group.
I also think that they do this all the time.
It's the bait and switch.
So everybody rushes to the defense of cops.
It's kind of like saying, I believe in books.
You know, I look back at the books.
Well, do we not have books?
Of course we have books.
But if it's a slogan, then people think it's in trouble.
That's how it works.
They aren't in trouble.
We just need to recognize that they're trying to impose more federalized police on us than we already have.
Local cops usually are not going to be the ones in a red flag situation to take your gun.
Local cops are usually, because they're accountable, they're in your neighborhoods.
And I'm not talking about the badge-heavy cops, we have enough of those.
I'm talking about just good cops.
I know you know some, I know some.
But the deal is, is that we kind of are giving them this blank check and people are using it to get elected.
So what do they do?
I back the blue, just back the blue.
And then we go, oh, they must be a conservative.
And oh, it must be a good guy or a good woman.
If they just say back the blue.
It's a really great tactic.
Pro-life used to work.
They used to just say, I'm pro-life.
Then everyone would go, yay, pro-life!
But I'm never going to do anything about it.
So same kind of thing.
It's a tactic.
So be careful of the tactics.
I'm always looking at things like this and thinking, oh my gosh, are we seeing what they really wanted us to do in this case?
Because Uvalde was this great case for them to say, oh, local cops will always mess up.
You really need ICE.
You need ICE to just be lingering around for no apparent reason.
And they can come in and save the day.
I hate that message.
Because I want the local cops because I know they're more accountable.
And I know they won't screw
We're gonna definitely have this red flag.
They're enticing the state so much since Biden signed that, that they want every single state in this great union to take on red flag.
And red flag is absolutely the opposite of the Constitution.
It rips apart so many constitutional protections of God-given rights.
And we have to be really watchful of that.
It's a real disgrace.
And so you can just call up on anybody and get their guns taken and they have to fight to get them back.
And really, without a warrant, judge just signs off on it.
It's a whole system.
And they're going to get really good at it for the patriots in this country.
I mean, what's better than to call up on a patriot and say, oh, yeah, I think they're unstable.
Yeah, right.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
Alright, so if you're just joining us, because I know people jump in and out of the car or whatever the situation is, I'll catch you up.
It's really quick, actually.
We are literally worshipping Baal at every sports event now.
Why sports?
I don't know.
We just are.
We better recognize what we're doing as a world.
I sure hope we do.
This stuff cannot fly.
We cannot live in a world where we're worshipping the very things we were warned about not worshipping.
Give me a break.
Also, government has no authority to control the economy.
None whatsoever.
But we are trained that government is in charge of the economy.
They're not.
And we need to get back to educating the masses on this and get them out of that control mindset because we are the ones that do what we do and that's what built America on free enterprise.
I also wanted to mention the trick of the military is being played.
The military is not going with what the court said.
They're actually going against it.
Shame on them.
And they're telling people if you don't get the vax, 30 days, you can't come back to work.
So people are not showing up.
And then what they're doing is they're claiming that they went AWOL.
Has nothing to do with the shot, right?
They're just claiming they went AWOL to get them out.
Don't fall for it.
Tell a military friend or family member, show up.
Just keep showing up, okay?
Don't fall for that trick.
And it's really sad that they're playing a trick like that.
When did our military become guinea pigs?
I don't know.
And to all of you that have fought, to all of you that are out there that are part of our military, you know, God bless you.
Because I love our military.
I just don't want to see you guys get messed over.
Also, get out of the parties.
Nothing has ever been repealed in a hundred years.
Why is that?
Because the train only moves one way.
Both parties are in on it.
Both parties behind the scenes are one party.
And so you'll never see anything that we complain about on the right as a conservative ever get repealed.
There's a reason for that.
And there's a reason we have huge omnibus bills packed with billions and billions and billions of dollars.
And how do they get them through?
They just say it's for the military.
It's an easy excuse.
And we have a lot of excuses as to why we can't get anything in.
That actually goes back to liberty.
And so, and our freedom.
And this is why the left, the leftist communists, I'm talking about the communists, diehard communists, really, really seek to ruin this country, to destroy it.
From the inside out.
That's all they're doing.
But the right isn't doing anything.
It's kind of like the Capitol Police.
140 officers, I guess, just stood there with their arms down, getting punched, I guess.
There wasn't a mark on anyone else.
So it's kind of a one-way fight.
And if the right were actually as invested as the left was in destroying the country, if the right was standing up for it, we wouldn't be in this pickle.
We wouldn't be in this hot mess that we're in.
And back the blue is a tactic.
Back the blue is a tactic.
And I think it's a tactic to actually serve up the left, believe it or not.
It's really not about supporting cops.
It's about supporting a big, heavy, federalized police force is really the game behind Back the Blue.
And we cannot change things in this mess until we get out of the tribe mentality into the parties.
It's not about is our guy going to win?
It's about what do they do once they're in there, regardless of the party.
As we can see with people like the schmuck Romney, you know?
What a disgrace to our country.
And says he's a Republican.
He's not.
He's not.
He's a liberal progressive and always has been.
But he won't admit it.
I don't like liars.
He won't admit it.
And so we have a problem with who's right, who's left, who's blue, who's red.
Because that's not the way it swings anyway.
So we really need to start calling out these tribes.
I also want to say this.
There's another kind of weapon on the left that I've noticed.
See, I'm a mom, and I'm going to speak from that angle because I've been seeing this over and over again, and it's called the word kindness.
You've seen nothing but those be kind t-shirts, be kind slogans.
Everybody's telling you to be kind.
My first thought when I saw that was, why?
Were we unkind?
When did we become an unkind people?
I don't remember that.
Everybody I know is kind.
Why are we being told to be kind?
Well, here's a thought for you.
Just as a mom and as a Christian, I have to say this because it's driving me nuts when I go into the stores and I see this, especially at like Target.
I mean, all these stores selling this word over and over again.
From what I can recognize, what I found, I grew up in California and I grew up around a lot of liberals.
So I still have liberals as friends, believe it or not.
We just don't talk politics.
So I noticed that parenting skews to a way of saying,
My child is kind.
Therefore, I'm a good parent because my child is kind.
This is why they're dragging them to drag shows.
This is why they're implementing the, everyone's different and unique and you've got to love everybody because it's all about how kind you are.
That's the measuring stick.
The focus, if you will, is on kindness.
It's really kind of strange because what happens is, is I know that I was raised in a home where kindness was just the result of everything I was taught.
It was the result.
So, I was taught, you know, you taught integrity, and character, and trust, and the commandments, and you're taught about God, and you're taught about all of these things.
Well, kindness just comes out because you're taught really good healthy things as a kid, you know?
And so now what are they doing?
The focus is on kindness.
And let me give you kind of an example of this.
There was a story about a guy who was raised this way, thought this way, very, very, very liberal and everything was just about patting himself on the back to be a kind person.
So he goes down to the border.
And he has a Marxist front company.
A Marxist front company, okay?
Totally deceptive.
Goes down to the border and puts out food and water for all the illegals.
And the gist of his message was, the illegals just, I don't know, got helicoptered in, I guess, and just sort of arrived, and so he needed to go help.
It wasn't because they did something illegal crossing the border.
It was just because they just arrived and so he had to go and take on this burden for himself and he had to go into a very deceptive company and go in and deliver water and food as if he's the nicest guy on the planet.
I think this is what happens when you teach kindness but you leave out all the other stuff like God, like
I don't know, the commandments, like anything that I was taught.
Integrity, honesty, character, that's usually what parents, hard work, that's usually what parents are raising their kids with.
But the focus to be on kind produces a person where it doesn't matter what you have to do.
The means to an end, the means don't matter because it's all about can I justify my level of kindness in this moment, then I'm a good person.
You know, five-year-olds don't need to go to drag shows.
That doesn't make them a nicer human being.
The only thing that's happening there is the parent, in their own personal glorified weirdness, is saying, look at me, I'm a wonderful parent.
I'm embracing everybody.
Kid doesn't need to go to a drag show, honey.
And why are they going to a drag show?
Most importantly, at the age of five, they should be home playing with dolls or trucks and being a normal kid.
But this is what it's all about.
See, they come in on the guise of kindness to sell you a box of rocks that says, basically, we're here for the, uh, everyone's a bully and we're here to train them to be kind when really it's just a promotion of LGBTQ in the schools.
Please get your kids out of these schools.
If I could do one thing different, it would have been to homeschool.
I wish I would have.
I wish I would have.
I didn't know enough about it.
And my kids were already in that system.
And then when they came home, we had to re-educate them from all the falsehoods and socialism they were taught.
And now it's even worse.
Get your kids out.
Save your kids from the system.
But this focus on kindness,
See, what it basically is, is if you identify any immorality because you were taught right and wrong, be kind is the slogan to basically shut you up.
It's basically there to say, you know, you're not allowed to say anything because it's unkind.
So doing that sort of check, like, hey, what about right and wrong?
Because I know if I come across somebody and I feel like, well, that's wrong, or maybe I was taught that something was wrong, I'm still going to be loving and kind, but I'm also going to state the truth.
What be kind does is squash the part where you tell the truth and it's just total acceptance of anything and everything.
And that's what they're teaching their kids.
Anything and everything, no boundaries, no right and wrong, just be kind and you get a giant gold star.
It's wrong on a lot of levels, but it's a really easy twisting.
And all of these things that I'm noticing all the time with the rhetoric and the changing of words and the changing of definitions that's going on right now, Reagan was right about that, the changing of words is
The twisting of the meaning behind the words and what they really mean to say.
We've got to save our kids from this nonsense.
Have this discussion with your kids at the dinner table and see what they have to say.
Because everything that they're surrounded with at school as we're about to go back into the school season is all about be kind.
Don't stand up for God.
Don't stand up for anything.
Don't say what you mean.
Do not say anything that's right or wrong.
Just simply smile and be kind and let it go.
That is not the right message for our kids.
Our kids need those boundaries.
They need to know right from wrong.
It's very simple.
But be wary of the kindness overload that you're probably noticing too.
If I see one more t-shirt, I swear, with be kind on it.
I'm already kind!
I'm one of the nicest people you'll meet!
You guys, thanks a lot for listening.
Alex Jones Show, Kate Daly, your guest host.
Thanks, you guys.
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Oh, no.