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Air Date: Aug. 2, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses ongoing legal battles and emphasizes free speech, mentioning potential lockdowns, mask mandates, and globalist agendas. He promotes products on his website and criticizes Democrats while urging listeners to spread his content. The speakers talk about Saudi Arabia's new innovations in architecture and engineering, comparing them to other countries; they also discuss Deshaun Watson's possible suspension and its impact on the NFL's virtue signaling. Experts suggest betting against the Browns due to Watson's uncertain future with the team. The text repeatedly lists the number 833-900-4285.


I don't like Nancy Pelosi, but I think we shouldn't have abandoned Taiwan.
Taiwan has an agreement to more formalized relations with China decades from now, but China is muscling in and taking over the country now, just like they did with Hong Kong.
In fact, Taiwan's never really overtly agreed to let China take it over, but it's happening now.
And that's where the government of Chiang Kai-shek ran in 1949 when the CIA backed Mao Zedong to take over.
So Drudge Report has the headline, One Giant Step for Freedom, Pelosi in Taiwan.
I don't like Pelosi, and the woman is a total joke, and obviously been on the Chinese payroll for decades, the Communist Chinese payroll, but her move of going to Taiwan and standing up the Communist Chinese is obviously a stunt she's doing, probably ahead of Biden stepping down and her becoming president.
She's directly in line.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this Live Tuesday Worldwide Transmission.
I have a stack of Washington Post, New York Times articles and other headlines where they say, can we shut Alex Jones down?
And where they admit the goal of the four Sandy Hook trials they have lined up that have now started to shut us down, then they brag on CNN and MSNBC, the top Democrat officials, that the goal is to set this pattern with Alex Jones and then go after everybody else.
They say Fox News is next.
I have articles where they talk about, we're taking down OAN, soon we'll get Fox News.
They're going to come for everybody.
These are authoritarians, that's why they had to default me in all four cases, saying I turned over nothing.
While they sit there and show the juries, they're deciding how guilty I am, not if I'm guilty or innocent.
Showing the juries all these emails and all these videos that we turned over to them, while the judge tells them every day twice a day, remember this man's guilty!
You're here to decide how guilty he is!
He didn't give us anything!
He's a bad person!
Even in third world dictatorships, when they have kangaroo courts, they don't have the judge tell the jury, this person is guilty.
But she says up there, it's a special case.
And they're all caricatures of what you would imagine in some alternate universe of dwarf goblins.
It's demonic.
They all act demonically possessed.
The judge, the lawyers, it's surreal to be around them.
And it makes you feel sorry for them because these people are committed to a cult ideology of the New World Order.
And they're never going to stop.
They're getting rid of all the checks and balances, all of our basic freedoms.
They've gutted the border.
They're promoting pedophilia everywhere.
They are just annihilating the social contract.
They are destroying our country by design.
They have been turned loose.
When I talk about
They, I mean the general crazed mob of the left.
You knew it was coming, and it has been announced.
In Europe and the United States, all the different Build Back Better, Klaus Schwab, WEF alumni, are announcing
New lockdowns, new emergencies, new forced masking, and bullying to take their poison shots.
And isn't it funny?
Bill Gates two years ago ordered a whole bunch of this monkeypox vaccine.
And they told us about a year ago, they said, soon monkeypox and smallpox will be back.
So get ready, we're going to lock you down next year.
And then right on time, it arrived.
But you're not supposed to ask questions about election fraud or about the globalist lying about the vaccines working or about mass shootings.
You just sit there and you shut up.
Yeah, a new quote by Fauci came out and said, Americans are bad people.
They won't adhere to his authority.
You authoritarians will fail like all other authoritarians throughout history.
But first, we must go through the fire.
Stay with us.
We got a huge show lined up for you today.
We've got Robert Barnes in the studio and Owen Troyer co-hosting and some other special guests.
I'm hosting this hour and I'm gonna get in the car and drive down to the Temple of Justice
Or the Temple of Injustice when you get the establishment judges to testify today in the show trial where the judge again this morning said, because I've got the Twitter alerts from the different courthouse news agencies, to the jury, it's a decided issue.
He is guilty.
Remember that.
He's guilty.
You just decide whether you give him $150 million, because he questioned the shooting, or $50 million.
She didn't say that part, but that's what they've been asking for, which is a complete and total joke.
And then they sit there and lie in the media and say, oh, court documents show Jones has hundreds of millions of dollars.
So that the jury thinks I'm this evil rich person, and so they'll try to get some giant verdict to again set the precedent that, oh, George Soros pays to put in all the DAs and lets murderers and kidnappers go with no bail, but questioning a mass shooting or questioning election fraud, well, that's prosada non grata.
And now the judge has said at the start of today's proceedings, the judge gave this warning, if at any time she feels like a performance is being given, oh, because she knows I'm about to testify, or any testimonies being used for other purposes, what does that mean?
She will shut down the live stream and throw out the news media.
I have no idea what that woman is talking about.
See, first they fix it and declare me guilty.
Then they have a show trial.
She says she wants it kept from the jury that she found me guilty.
She put an order out first saying a few months ago that I couldn't talk about the First Amendment or say I was innocent.
But that got kicked back by the Court of Appeals.
I mean, imagine a judge saying, you cannot say you're innocent and you cannot talk about the First Amendment.
I mean, we published that order by the judge on InfoWars.
And then during the pre-trial hearings a few weeks ago, he said, well, I did withdraw that because it was going to get overturned by the third court of appeals, but I'm still going to be enforcing basically the same thing.
So it's total tyranny.
And anytime my lawyer makes a good point, she shuts him down.
Won't let him bring any evidence in.
We're barred from any evidence because we're defaulted, but then they have a show trial, one-sided their evidence, so all we're allowed to do is pick apart their evidence.
People all over the web are like, his lawyer's well-spoken, but he's not fighting.
Well, she's already stopped the proceedings that I know of six times and said, Mr. Rinell,
It's Frederico Reinell.
You need to know that I'm looking to sanction you after this trial for what you're doing.
You know full well you're not following my orders.
So this is beyond the movie Gladiator where they tie up, you know, the top gladiator and stab him in the heart before they send him out on the Coliseum floor to fight.
You know, just a ice pick to the heart.
Knowing it would take, you know, 5-10 minutes for him to die.
Little quick stab to the heart.
And now, now you will fight you.
Well, this is more like, stab 15 times in the heart, tied up with a lion on top of your head biting you, and then they come out and say, now let's have our gladiatorial event.
And the judge is primping and they've got an HBO camera where they're all mic'd up and they're, uh-huh, uh-huh.
And they've got dozens of cameras in there and then they go, this man got famous off Sandy Hook.
This man made hundreds of millions off of it.
This man tortured these innocent people for 10 years!
And then finally, they testify, and their psychologists testify, and Heslin and his ex-wife hadn't even heard of me until years and years after it, and the media brought them the clip of Owen
Talking about Hezlon on Megyn Kelly to make him mad and to sue me.
That all came out in court.
So again, it's all these lawyers and all these Democrats and all these operatives going out to the families and then trying to recruit them to sue me.
And you know, there's a name for that.
You can get disbarred for it and that's being investigated right now.
It's just insane to watch this, and I'm not going to talk about it much more, because you tune in here to hear world news and all the huge developments in the situation in Taiwan and the economy and the new lockdowns they've got coming and so much more.
So I'm going to stop talking about this now and get all that when we come back.
But we filed for bankruptcy on free speech systems because they want us to have this trial.
Well, a second trial starts in Connecticut today.
Jury selection.
And my lawyer can't be in two places at once.
And then they've got another trial in Texas starting in a month.
And the trial in Connecticut, they say, is going to be three months long.
Two and a half to three months long.
So we're talking the trials all overlapping each other, unprecedented,
And they're just laughing at us and giggling at us.
And of course, we're defaulted in Connecticut as well.
It's all coordinated.
And under federal law, when you file this type of bankruptcy, it is removed to the federal court.
The judge yesterday, and she had another hearing today, in Connecticut said, I don't care.
We're going ahead with the trial of Alex Jones.
and free speech systems, even though under federal law it's remanded and the bankruptcy judges and other folks that have looked at this, retired judges and others, have never seen this in the United States.
I'm gonna say that again.
They've never seen judges ignore
A bankruptcy removal to federal court.
It gets kicked back a lot of times, but no, no, no, this is just up front.
No, we're going to go forward no matter what the federal court says.
And the other judge, Judge Goblin here in Austin, I mean, she literally looks like a goblin, I'm just telling you, and acts like a goblin, a very goblinish creature.
I actually finally got to see a real goblin.
Gotta have some fun with it.
They take themselves so seriously.
I'm a little goblinish too, so it's okay, but maybe that's why I'm so sweet on her.
But the point is, is that you gotta have some fun with this.
She said last Friday when we said, hey, we've declared bankruptcy this afternoon, but we're gonna let this trial go forward.
We're gonna remand it back on Monday morning.
She goes, I don't care.
I'm gonna go forward no matter what you do in federal court.
She can't!
But they don't care because this is all a giant exercise in raping our freedom and setting the precedent to go after conservatives and populists and patriots.
And the judge said it.
This is a special case.
And here's the New York Times.
I've got dozens of articles saying, take down Alex Jones.
Destroy Alex Jones.
And what's it say?
Lies for profit?
He's been found guilty of lying by a judge.
Can Sandy Hook parents shut down Alex Jones?
It's not shut down Alex Jones.
Can Sandy Hook parents shut Alex Jones down?
It's the globalists.
It's the big banks.
It's the lawyers they control.
That's what they're doing.
That's what this is.
This is a huge deal.
I mean, just four years ago, when they were deplatforming, people said, oh, you're not really being deplatformed.
You're not really being censored.
Now it's the former president of the U.S.
who had the election stolen from him.
And now it's all you.
And now they're coming with fully weaponized courts.
Steve Bannon in D.C., in his criminal trial, could not cross-examine the witnesses against him.
That's, like, just insane!
Totally illegal, but the Democrats are mad dog crazy.
They're going for Barack, folks.
Stay with us.
Because everybody knows.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
So, the party of dehumanization, the party of the New World Order, the party of collapse, the party of the Great Reset, symbol is not an armband with a swastika on it.
It is the mask.
The mask of the establishment, the mask of fear, the mask of the vaccines not working, the mask of future continual lockdowns and climate lockdowns and all the rest of the garbage, they're foisting on us.
And Obama last week, in his third term, through his puppet, Biden, signed an order directing the post office to set up a subdivision permanently
To deal with Dropbox ballots and all over the country, they are redoing what they did two years ago, stealing the 2020 election with 98 days out from those midterms.
And so right in line with that, they have been planning, as we've been talking about the last year, to bring back lockdowns, masks, and all the hysteria
Either right before or right after the midterms.
But to do that, they've got to start ratcheting up the fear and beating the drum to use behavioral psychology to incrementally say, okay, now mask indoors again.
Okay, now only certain businesses are essential.
Okay, now that's what they're establishing.
New California Governor Gavin Newsom declares monkeypox a state of emergency.
Same thing in Europe.
Same thing in New York.
It begins.
Democrats in New York City, Illinois declare state of emergency over monkeypox.
NAP has the headline, Biden's COVID sequel.
Back on the balcony and the dog for company.
And he's announcing all the same stuff
That we saw right before the lockdowns we've already witnessed.
There's a new video.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
We'll actually play it next segment.
I didn't see it in the list here.
Maybe it's there.
But Fauci complains that Americans will not adhere to the authorities.
He made the comments during an interview with Katie Couric, blaming misinformation for influencing people to ditch face coverings and avoid vaccines, even though they now admit, and Deborah Birx admits, it never worked.
And they knew it wouldn't work.
But no one in corporate media calls this little demon on it.
It may be too late to stop monkeypox becoming an epidemic in the U.S.
and Europe, says the Daily Beast and other globalist echo chambers.
Meanwhile, it's now come out that in Kushner's memoir reveals Cuomo knew COVID-19 would ravage nursing homes, so he decided to send COVID patients to the nursing homes while locking their healthy families out.
Just straight-up mass murder on purpose.
But he's a Democrat, so he's a good person.
Just don't question election fraud or mass shootings, or open borders, or the vaccines, or we'll have to sue you!
You better shut up, you dirty Americans!
Better keep your pie holes shut.
Unless... you're getting a bunch of monkey pox sprayed in your mouth.
Here it is.
Germans will be able to legally change their gender once a year!
Oh my goodness!
How about, just like you have a handicap sticker on your car, handicap deal on your visor, or your rear view mirror, you can just maybe have like a big line on the top of your head, and if it's green it means you're hetero, or if it's red it means you're homosexual, or it's gotta be hundreds of colors though, if it's
Purple, pink, it means you're a pedo, that's the color they use to identify.
Or maybe you just have a lightbulb placed on top of your head, you just screw in the color lightbulb, you want to go out and identify yourself as.
Again, they're getting rid of all of our basic rights, getting rid of our right to not be surveilled, bringing in a global social credit score, bringing in the carbon taxes, bringing in the you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
Great reset.
It's all being announced.
But you can paint your hair green or purple and you can go eat poop in the street.
That's what they do at these rallies.
I'm not kidding.
It happens at all of them.
We've got the videos.
Now, pooping and eating poop and peeing on each other, this is so liberal, so trendy, and then the monkeypox explodes, and it's all our fault!
We'll have to be locked down now, but don't worry, the pedo parade and the poop eating will continue.
And I'm sorry to have to describe this for you folks, but we're talking turd gobbling, okay?
Under a new law, Germans will be able to change their gender
And first name without having to undergo any surgery once a year, every year if required.
Yes, really.
The Self-Determination Act will allow transgender, intersex, and non-binary people to change their gender at will merely by visiting a registry office and signing a piece of paper.
So, maybe one year you want to be on the women's basketball team, and the next year you want to be on the men's basketball team.
A lot of these groups now identify as children.
So maybe I can identify as a child and I'll go show up at Pop Warner Football and start running over 7 and 8 year old children.
I'll be the greatest Pop Warner football, I'll be the greatest Pee Wee baseball player on Earth!
Man, I'll get up there with those 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds, and that little kid throws that softball at me, I'm gonna hit it.
Full power, right in his face, man.
I'm gonna spit some chewing tobacco on him.
That's obscene, isn't it?
It's crazy.
But that's where they're going.
That's what they're doing.
UK police chief says authorities need to stop wasting time investigating people being offended.
Uh, yeah, I think so.
Beyonce cancelled by world
Word police for saying the word spaz.
Oh, now that's meaning people that have convulsions.
Premier League footballers likely to stop taking a knee for BLM.
Yeah, it's the old thing of the time now.
It's the old trendy thing.
Trans cheerleader faces assault charges for choking out female teammate who called him a man with a penis.
And other key reports like the meme police on InfoWars.com.
But that's just some of the news.
I want to come back and hit some of the primary election news that's happening today and some of the energy being turned off and some of the admissions that this is going to collapse society by design.
Pelosi has arrived, toddling off like Skeletor's wife from the aircraft.
All right, I'm going to hit a lot of news right now, but I want to be very, very clear about something.
All these different pieces, all these different programs of
Destabilization or just that, part of the larger controlled demolition of human civilization.
The globalists admit they're attacking civilization.
They admit they're involved in this transition that they've been discussing.
And this transition is again to bring us absolutely to our knees.
So I can sit up here and show you Democrats acting like idiots and show you falling on their face and, you know, make fun of them like most conservative talk radio does, but those are just the front people.
And we're meant to laugh at them while the real power behind the scenes is dismantling our lives.
Now I want to give people hope.
As you know, there are a lot of world leaders stepping up and speaking out.
There are a lot of leaders popping up around the world in different regions, in different subsections of nations.
There's a lot of religious leaders standing up, a lot of business leaders standing up.
People are starting to really discover the Great Reset and the New World Order.
And there's a lot of examples of that.
The Supreme Court, a month ago, came out and ruled that you can't have the
EPA for now 30 years just shut down 70 plus percent of our coal power plants by saying carbon dioxide is illegal.
That's what they say.
To produce carbon dioxide is illegal out of a coal power plant when it's totally good for the environment.
You can't make law stop it.
Well guess what?
The globalist controlled
EPA is still going along with it, and Biden has said he's not going to follow the Supreme Court ruling.
So when they want to follow a ruling, they follow.
When they don't want to, they don't.
Just like in Texas, and just like in Connecticut, both judges said, if Alex Jones files for bankruptcy and remands this to federal court, we're going to go ahead with the trials.
That's violation of federal law on its face, not debated.
In Texas we said we'll allow it to go forward, but we've got to get into the protection of bankruptcy because you people admit your plan is to bankrupt us and destroy us and silence us.
Not help these pawns, these parents that they have manipulated into being part of this anti-First Amendment, anti-Second Amendment attack.
Oh, and I gotta say this.
I've now met Neil Heslin and his ex-wife.
Those people are real.
Once I saw them in person.
A lot of anomalies.
The government lies so much.
They have a right to question things.
I thought Jussie Smollett was a lie.
I said it first.
Went out on a limb.
I was right.
Most of the time I'm right.
We saw anomalies.
I wasn't the first to bring up the anomalies.
Some of the anomalies were gonna be a fraud.
I've spent days, literally,
Seven feet, eight feet away from Heslin.
Because we're sitting right there, they're sitting right there, that guy's real.
And I thought it was an act when I saw some of the stuff on TV just because he came off as so... Let's just say he's a nice man and it's not an act.
He is being manipulated by some very bad people.
I'll just say, because I've got to be honest, he's slow, okay?
And his ex-wife is not.
I don't think he's stupid, I'm just saying he's... I've got family members that are really smart in a lot of ways, but they're just real kind of quiet and have this way about them, and they move at a different pace.
Like they're fast in some ways and slow in others, and he's...
I mean, I think Heslin acts like somebody on the spectrum.
That makes me feel like an even bigger jerk.
But when I saw him, I'm like, there's something about this guy.
This doesn't look... And now that I've been around him for over a week, I'm like, okay.
Now I know.
Folks, I don't have some calculated point, just to bring that up here.
It's just that I'm around these people, and I'm looking at it, and I'm watching what's being said and what's going on, and it really then makes it clear what happened.
I didn't watch a lot of the court yesterday because I was busy getting ready for my own testimony and trying to re-research all the stuff they're gonna ask me and I said I'd get the news and my lawyers go over here to the office at like six o'clock to meet with me and and they go guess how the day went and basically
Without even watching the trial, I said, this is what happened today, right?
And they said, yeah, so you've been watching?
And I said, no, I just now have such clear sight into all this stuff that I'm not even a victim of it.
I'm more like a fly on the wall, and it's fascinating at this point.
It's just fascinating to see how the scammers work.
And to see how ambulance chasers work.
And to see how the Democratic Party works.
That's really what the Democratic Party is, is a bunch of ambulance chasers that then get into government, who work for the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who are just mad scientists, crazed super brains.
But, the ambulance chaser Joe Biden types of the world are, though, like the flypaper that we get caught in.
They're the curse that the deep state puts on us to sabotage our nation and bring us down.
And so I can really see how the sausage is getting made.
And if my asking questions about public events hurt these people's feelings, I'm sorry.
And the most important point is this.
I didn't knowingly promote Sandy Hook questions for ratings or listeners.
I cover whatever I want.
And I barely covered it.
The Democratic Party, the corporate media, these judges are primping for the cameras.
They're all over the news.
They're pushing their anti-free speech agenda.
And they love every single second of this stuff.
They are just living off Sandy Hook and keeping Sandy Hook alive by attaching it to me.
And then constantly running hundreds of articles a day for years, sometimes thousands, calling me the Sandy Hook man, until the point of... I'm sitting there talking to a group of people outside the courtroom, and there's some other lawyers there.
And I'm sitting there and I go, yeah, they don't think Adam Lanza did it.
They think I did it.
And one of these lawyers, that's a well-known lawyer, not one of my lawyers, but was there to watch, goes, who's Adam Lanza?
This is on Friday.
Who is Adam Lanza?
And we all just looked at him.
We're like, exactly, who's Adam Lanza?
You don't think Adam Lanza when you think Sandy Hook.
You think Alex Jones.
And that's what they've put on me and made me, and then claim I'm famous from it, and claim I'm making money off of it.
When our listeners don't want to hear about it, they tune out.
But you have to understand, the precedent they're setting with January 6th is designed to come after your freedom.
The precedent happening to me is designed to come after your freedom.
This is the beta test.
And this is what they're doing.
I'm going to stop ranting.
I need to hit the energy news, the military news, the stuff going on with Pelosi.
I'll give you my take on that and so much more.
And then we're going to have Robert Barnes, Owen Schroer and others here in studio.
I also hope listeners understand that
Infowars really is fighting for its life, and we have a plan and a system where we'll be able to stay on the air indefinitely if you will just continue to support.
But we need folks that want to not let the globalists break our will, break your will, and keep this operation on air to go to infowarsstore.com right now.
I don't like Nancy Pelosi.
But I think we shouldn't have abandoned Taiwan.
Taiwan has an agreement to more formalized relations with China decades from now.
But China is muscling in and taking over
The country now, just like they did with Hong Kong.
In fact, Taiwan's never really overtly agreed to let China take it over, but it's happening now.
And that's where the government of Chiang Kai-shek ran in 1949 when the CIA backed Mao Zedong to take over.
So Drudge Report has the headline, One Giant Step for Freedom, Pelosi in Taiwan.
I don't like Pelosi, and the woman is a total joke, and obviously been on the Chinese payroll for decades, the Communist Chinese payroll, but her move of going to Taiwan and standing up the Communist Chinese is obviously a stunt she's doing, probably ahead of Biden stepping down and her becoming president.
She's directly in line.
So this is a stunt.
Stab Taiwan in the back with one hand, give them a Band-Aid with the other.
But those saying we shouldn't anger China, those saying we should not stand up to China, and the South China Sea are wrong.
China doesn't have a claim on those islands all the way to the south by Vietnam and by nations like the Philippines and way up to the north.
But they are claiming it.
They've gone and attacked oil rigs just a few miles off the coast of Vietnam and had gun battles with people.
I mean, China is just running around stomping on everything.
Now, if the Russians were doing things like that, I'd say they were our enemies.
They're not.
NATO went and started the war in Ukraine.
Russia fought back against it.
That's just a fact.
I wish the war wouldn't have started.
But now we have Putin and the UN chief in the same day warning the world is one step from nuclear annihilation.
So the globalists are turning off the energy, collapsing the borders, preparing new lockdowns, starving the third world to death, collapsing the third world to flood the first world.
Our governments are surveilling us.
They're trying to shut down our free speech.
We have a case of tyranny.
And it's bad.
And it makes me ask the question to all of you out there watching and listening.
What are we all going to do?
I intend to be here for the full show tomorrow.
I'm sorry about having to be in court.
They're trying to get me up there for months in Connecticut.
That's why we did the bankruptcies, because we don't have the money to do three trials at once, and because I've got to be on air or we don't bring the funds in.
And just separately, I'm almost resigned to all of this because we're now inside the New World Order.
Things are going to get so much progressively worse from here on out that
I'm not going to hang up my hat.
They're trying to make me stop because they know our credibility is exploding.
But just at an instinctive level, I just want to get my family ready.
I enjoy talking to you every day.
I enjoy being here.
I love the crew.
And I can't give up.
I won't give up.
I pledge not to.
But the time's coming, folks, when we're going to all be off the air.
They're going to launch a cyber attack.
Say Russia did it.
There's probably going to be a nuclear war.
So, I mean, I really believe that.
And I'm wrong sometimes.
I think in your gut you know too, we are in trouble.
We're all in grave danger.
I'm getting massive chills right now.
We need to pray to God to forgive us and to repent.
We need to seek God's face and ask God to heal us and heal our land.
We need to have revival.
And I don't mean the establishment church revival where the churches don't do anything politically and sit on their hands.
I mean, we need folks in the streets decrying the system, calling it out for the satanic thing it is.
World government's here.
Mark of the Beast is being rolled out.
They're turning off the energy.
It's all happening.
But I gotta do this right now, because I'm meant to come on this hour and really plug up front, because we need money.
We have goals every day.
I want to give you a status report on InfoWars for all you that love this broadcast and that built this broadcast.
They're really founders of what we've set up and what we've done.
We have a lot of projects that haven't launched yet that are very past due but will be going soon.
You see the big book being number one.
You see the film being number two.
We don't make money off that other than DVD sales and a few bucks per book.
And that doesn't come in for months.
We have a lot of other projects that are going to reach even more people with the truth that will also help fund the operation that are very close to launching.
So we've got so much work to do and we're not going to give up, but we can give out, as I've said.
And so there's different types of bankruptcy, but the type of bankruptcy we're in is a reorganization to keep InfoWars going.
And there is a plan and a very easy projection
Of being able to do that and not laying people off and not cutting back a bunch of stuff and staying on air and not letting the New York Times have what it wants with this headline, Can Alex Jones be shut down by the Sandy Hook lawsuits?
And they say that's their goal is to shut me down.
They're all there saying that.
And bankruptcy protection is there for companies that people are trying to destroy.
And that's what this is.
And they've said that's what this is because they're proud of it.
Well, I will assure these people that if you hadn't messed with me and all the other persecution, my other groups out there, that's far worse than this.
I was already planning six years ago to be phased out and off air by now, maybe doing a podcast and writing a book and making films.
I've been doing talk radio 28 years.
I enjoy it at certain levels, but it's time for a change.
Now you you're trying to make me go away.
No, never now ever.
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All right, I'm going to do five more minutes on the
All right.
Second hour is coming up straight ahead.
And again, it's an information war.
We're all in this together.
Rolling over is not an option.
It's really hard for me to quantify, even in my own mind, just how desperate the situation is.
They've already killed 64 million extra people, the UN estimates, and I agree with that number, in the last two and a half years of lockdowns.
I mean, when I see a Black Lives Matter thing on television or people kneeling for it, it makes my blood boil, because the majority
Of that 64 million extra people that starved to death the last 32 months or so were black.
Were poor Africans.
And so when I see some stupid leftist black supremacist strutting around telling me how the Democratic Party is great, usually 10 to 1 white liberals with them doing the same thing, literally just arrogantly
Posturing about how they're superior and anybody doesn't agree with them is racist and how the left and their big corporations put on blackface and use black people as their spokespersons.
Makes me want to throw up!
Because let me tell you something, I'm not some virtue signaler.
I'm not some great white hope who loves the Africans because I'm so good and I want to be their saviors.
I don't want them to starve to death.
I do care about them because they're human beings.
They're made by God, just like I was.
But I have empathy at a subconscious, ingrained level, because if they can kill them, they're going to kill me.
You think they're gonna kill 35 extra million Africans the last few years, starving their asses to death?
You think you're safe?
You think any of us are safe from getting away with that?
Let me tell you.
And I don't mean just safe from being starved to death or killed.
I mean God.
You think God's gonna sit here and watch us go along with the New World Order?
Starving tens of millions of people to death, mainly children?
And that God isn't gonna remove the hedge of protection from us, so we get run over?
See, I don't fear man, and I don't fear the New World Order, and I don't fear their attacks on me.
But I'm scared of God.
And let me tell ya, I'm real scared right now.
Even though I've tried to be a good person,
I can feel the judgment coming and I just want to get to the middle of nowhere fast.
My instincts are get out of here, alert, alert, evacuate.
In my head is sirens, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop.
And I see the arrogant judges and arrogant politicians and arrogant media, arrogant system laughing as the Titanic is sinking and they're on board.
And the sirens are just whoop, whoop, whoop.
Globalist self-destruct system activated.
Civilization imploding in T-minus 24 months.
I mean, that's on the outside if this doesn't get reversed quickly.
I'm just looking around at these giant crowds of people that are spoiled rotten and dumbed down, white, black, old, young, Hispanic, you name it.
These big mega-cities are time bombs.
And I'm sitting here
In the middle of one of the most evil cities on earth, Austin, Texas.
Taking over by the left.
And I'm just like, man, I'm not supposed to be here.
But I guess maybe I am to try to wake people up.
Man, all these people laughing at conservatives while we get persecuted, laughing at Christians while we get persecuted, laughing as our justice is taken, laughing as we get deplatformed and hurt, laughing as people starve to death.
Bill Maher saying, let's depopulate.
Well, Bill Maher, you go down to Africa, then you line those kids up and at least blow their head off, like Joseph Mengele would do.
You're worse than Joseph Mengele, because you want somebody else to kill people for you.
You don't actually get your hands dirty, do you?
You stinking worm!
I never trusted Bill Maher.
He comes around a little bit because the public didn't buy in the New World Order and didn't buy in lockdowns.
And he doesn't like being locked up.
He's at least got the common sense of that.
But then he goes out in public and he sees all the poor people and he just says, man, we ought to just kill all these folks.
So there's more room for pampered Bill Maher to do whatever he wants.
Bill Maher, you think there's too many people?
How about you get in your bathtub and slit your wrist?
Or shove a gun in your mouth and blow your brains out?
I wish no harm upon you.
I'm just saying, there's too many people, buddy.
Go jump off a building.
Show us how it's done, big man!
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There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... It's Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
No more sounds to mind.
Your reputation is amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out of the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag.
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship.
I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
The operating system of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha families, which is the oldest bloodline of European bloodlines in the world, in which all European bloodlines agree are their progenitors, going back to their founder, Vlad the Impaler.
Count Dracula is the recognized head of the entire dynasty.
His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who can trace his ancestry back to Romania's dark and distant past.
The genealogy shows that I'm descended from Vlad the Impaler, you see.
So I do have a bit of a stake in the country.
As it were.
And so this house of the dragon that flies the dragon banner, the Dracul, rule the planet, just like Revelation tells us the dragon.
And it's allied with the other dragon, Chycoms, and its goal is feudalism, but with a high-tech overlay.
We're developing
Through technology and ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.
What does that mean?
That's... Where are they traveling?
How are they traveling?
What are they eating?
What are they consuming on the platform?
So, Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker.
Stay tuned.
We don't have it operational yet, but this is something that we're working on.
Total biometric surveillance.
If we want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what's happening under their skin.
And if you go back to the Aztecs, or the ancient Chinese, or the ancient Europeans, or the ancient Africans, everybody behaved the same.
You had cycles, and you would get cycles of society building up, developing technology, agrarian systems, developing towns and cities, and then the cults take over, the high priests take over, and they always use environmental reasons for the reason that they have to dominate and demand human sacrifices.
So the Illuminati is basically just an extension of the mystery religion system.
The whole type of philosophy.
Yes, it was a way of hoarding knowledge and power to a few special people.
And how did they hoard the knowledge?
Well, when I say knowledge, some of the knowledge is pseudo-knowledge, and some of the knowledge is actually scientific knowledge, which enabled, for instance, Christopher Columbus to be certain that he could sail across the Atlantic and hit land.
He was associated with the Knights Templars, which is one of these
Secret societies associated with the Illuminati.
So you've got different types of knowledge, but some of the knowledge is actually bogus.
It's just claimed so that they can get people to join whatever mystery religion they're trying to offer.
And the UN and others at the Club of Rome in the 1960s, early 1960s, said, we're gonna bring back the superstition
Of the pagans.
And we're gonna teach people they're bad, and teach them they're evil, and teach them that they have to pay, and teach them that old people have to die and babies have to be killed because there's too many people.
So that we have a barbarous civilization that's the opposite of the Renaissance and Christianity, but one that is kill and be killed.
And we believe this is the natural system of survival of the fittest, social Darwinism, and so we're going to bring this back.
And that's the real system we're transitioning to now we hear about a transition.
So they've decided to get rid of that and replace it with the old authoritarian model.
A barbarism that has the exact same
Features, no matter what color you are or where your ancestors came from, humans act the same in these cycles over and over again.
The satanic rituals that they carry out, which are horrendous traditional rituals, blood sacrifices, requires a certain level of insanity and disassociative ability.
If you were a normal sane person and you had to participate in the higher level Illuminati rituals, you'd probably go crazy.
It's absolutely essential that they maintain the bloodlines.
These are religious sacraments to these people of power over you.
They don't like the fact you're straight and strong.
They don't like the fact you're good.
They don't like the fact you're hardworking.
They don't like the fact you want justice.
They want to hurt you.
They want to dominate you to fill that empty spot in their heart.
So we are getting closer to the midterms, and of course the big concern that any thinking American has is voter integrity.
And I think more and more as the days go by, people are realizing there's no way Joe Biden got 81 million votes, there's no way that's a legitimate election in 2020.
And so we learned about the Zuckerbucks, we learned about all the different shenanigans
That the Democrats were up to and now they have mobile voting vans.
Check this one out.
Mobile voting vans in one of the states they stole, the Democrats that is, in Wisconsin.
Mobile voting vans?
What is this?
Do I need my ID or anything?
Do I need identification?
I don't have that.
Is it for mayor?
What's on this ballot?
So he goes on to have the conversation.
You guys can keep the b-roll going and just lower the audio.
But this is real.
And it is funded by Zuckerberg.
And here's what they do.
And we found this out from 2020.
But I didn't know about the mobile van voting angle of this.
But Zuckerberg and his wife take hundreds of millions of dollars on voting initiatives and then of course all their voting initiatives are in areas that they know are blue areas or areas where
Democrats get most of the votes.
So they spend hundreds of millions of dollars and they take these mobile voting vans and they take all these different whatever they can do, because the mobile voting van isn't legal in every state, but where it is legal they send the mobile voting vans out to Democrat areas and it's just massive vote harvesting is what it is.
So Democrats go into the nursing homes to vote harvest.
They get hundreds of millions of dollars from big tech companies and the Zuckerbergs to take
Voter drives into inner cities and they convince everybody to vote Democrat.
They take out the ballots.
They tell them to vote Democrat.
This is how they got tens of millions of votes in Atlanta, in Phoenix, in Detroit, in Philadelphia, and in Milwaukee.
It's how they steal elections.
And because Republicans are asleep at the wheel, they're probably going to do it again in the midterms.
Well, it is the final countdown, but is it the final countdown on human freedom and independence and prosperity?
Or is it the final countdown on globalism and human oppression worldwide?
We are at a crossroads, and the decisions we make now will determine where the future of humanity goes.
Now if you want a taste of the future under globalism, under corporate world government, under that tyranny, that authoritarianism, that totalitarianism, you look at COVID, you look at the COVID vaccine, and then now you look at the fear-mongering and the threats of lockdown due to monkeypox, which
We know what it is, we know how people get it, and yet we're still going to act like everybody is at risk when we know that's not the case.
But let's take a look at the whole picture.
Think about the dangerous precedent set when a virus can be made in a lab by governments
And by individual actors like Anthony Fauci, when they can make a virus in a lab, and then release it onto the world, whether you think it's intentional or not, they can make a virus in the lab, release it to the world, and then say, there is a pandemic, there is a contagion, there is a virus, we have to lock down.
Well, you just gave that group unlimited power.
You just gave that government unlimited power, and you've now
Given them the actual real world experience of executing that power to set precedent to do it to you again.
And that's what they did.
Then they had their vaccine.
An experimental vaccine that they could never get past animal testing because it killed so many animals.
An experimental vaccine that wasn't even technically a vaccine by definition so they changed the definition of vaccine and then called it a COVID vaccine even though it is a nanotechnology never been used on humans before that goes into your DNA on a nanoscale and basically rewrites your immune system
And can rewrite your DNA.
And now we know about all the side effects.
Oh, and by the way, it doesn't even stop you from getting COVID.
Or spreading COVID, and now Biden has COVID again, they say.
Biden's COVID sequel, back on the balcony.
Dog for company.
Oh, he gives his poor dog COVID, I guess, then.
Is that before or after he's biting everybody?
So Biden's got COVID again, they say.
Now here was Donald Trump's response, pretty funny, on Truth Social.
Joe Biden's second bout of COVID, sometimes referred to as the China virus, was sadly misdiagnosed by his doctors.
He instead has dementia, but is happily recovering well.
Joe is thinking of moving part-time to one of those beautiful Wisconsin nursing homes where almost 100% of the residents miraculously, and for the first time in history, had the strength and energy to vote, even if those votes were cast illegally.
Get well soon, Joe.
Joe Biden.
Four vaccines.
What has he had, COVID?
Four times now?
That vaccine's really working for Joe, isn't it?
Now they're promoting the Pax Lova that they're all probably invested in, standing to make more billions of dollars, just like they all did in their COVID investments and their vaccine investments.
You lose your freedoms, you lose your prosperity, you lose your future, but Joe Biden and the politicians get rich.
And they gain everything.
So, they make a virus in a lab, they set the precedent to lock you down with it, they lied to you about how deadly the virus is, they set the precedent to force-inoculate you, doesn't even work, and then they can come back around with monkeypox, but before we even get there,
It's incredible how we're just acting like these vaccines aren't causing mass deaths.
It's actually quite tragic.
University student dies of joy.
Dies of joy?
After hearing he had passed exams with flying colors.
Okay, you read that headline.
That's the first story published on Mirror.
But it got picked up and they all ran with the headline.
You say, student dies of joy?
Dies of joy?
Let's actually read the story.
Student Mubarak Hussein Jalil suffered a heart attack and died in the hospital after passing his exams.
Died from a heart attack.
Died of joy, says the headline.
Died of heart attack, says the medical examiner.
22-year-old college student dying of a heart attack?
Does that sound normal to you?
All these college students forced to take the COVID vaccine?
Sudden adult death syndrome.
Dozens of former NFL players dead.
Dozens of former college athletes dead.
All the professional soccer players keeled over on the field.
Some never playing again.
Professional golfers having serious side effects from the vaccines.
And we just sit here and act like it's not happening?
They make COVID in a lab, it kills us.
They make vaccines, it kills us.
But see, Fauci's mad because he wants full authority over you.
He wants total control.
Fauci complains that Americans will not adhere to authorities.
Yes, you must bow to the great Fauci.
He makes viruses in labs that kill millions of people.
He lies about drug treatments to gay people that kill tens of thousands of gay people.
And they all knew it at the time.
They made movies all about it.
Pretty famous movie, came out, Dallas Buyers Club, all about Anthony Fauci killing gay people.
Oh, but the lead actor in that, Matthew McConaughey, he'll come out and lecture you about guns.
He'll come out and tell you how he wants to take your guns, but oh, he does a whole movie!
About how the U.S.
government was killing gay people, and it was Anthony Fauci doing it, and Matthew McConaughey won't say boo about that.
Matthew McConaughey, silent on that, does a whole movie on it, but then can't be bothered to talk about that in the real world.
He'd rather talk about how he wants to take your guns.
But Fauci, the guy that makes the viruses, Fauci, the guy that promotes the vaccines, Fauci, the guy that wants total authority, I mean,
This is your real life, in living color, Dr. Mangala, 2022.
Except it's Anthony Fauci.
And he keeps flip-flopping too.
Oh, we don't need to lock down.
We need lockdowns.
I never said we needed lockdowns.
By the way, I need authority to lock you down.
That's Fauci.
The vaccines will be safe and effective.
Yeah, the vaccines aren't really working.
That's Fauci.
He's the highest paid government employee.
He makes hundreds of millions of dollars on the side.
Shadow money.
And his pension is set to be more than half a million dollars if he ever decides to retire.
So now, three states, of course all Democrat states,
That promote homosexuality and pride in it, pride in anal sex, pride in sodomy.
And they've got all their gay clubs and gay bars that they promote to.
And the Democrat politicians go to them and dance and tell you how gay they are and how much they love pride.
And you have a monkeypox outbreak.
If you can't see how this is direct karma in a very cosmic sense or in a very scientific and medical sense that you have pride month and pride parades all June long and then all July what do you have?
A gay STD going around called monkey pox that is
Pretty much 100% of the people getting monkey pox are gay.
It's 99%.
And then there's kids, there's a couple kids that got monkey pox that, quote, had contact with gay individuals.
That, quote, had contact with gay individuals.
So it's New York, it's Illinois, and it's California.
They've declared a state of emergency over monkeypox.
In New York they're saying 150,000 New Yorkers are at risk for monkeypox.
Is that the amount of New Yorkers that are having anal sex and sodomizing one another at bathhouses and at orgies?
Somehow I doubt that's the case.
And you know, I'm really hesitant to even show you these images because they are really disturbing and disgusting.
But it's now a monkey pox pride.
And it's all these gay men, a lot of them known sex workers that promote orgy parties, gay orgy parties on their social media sites.
I'm not even kidding you folks.
It was not a fun investigative research project to go look at this, but they now do these videos where they do pride and monkey pox, and I'm sorry to be gross, because I'm even getting sick, like I'm not really a guy that gets squeamish, but I mean, this is pretty disgusting stuff.
So, you may not want to hear this, but I mean, it's dudes that show you their face, they show you where the monkey pox is, it's all around their mouth,
I don't think I need to go into detail about what that is.
And then in the videos, where they're saying they have pride in their monkeypox, they say how it's on their mouth, on their genitals, and around their anus.
Now, again, I don't think I need to explain what's going on here.
It's pretty obvious.
And they've done the research on these cases, and it's 99% of the cases of monkeypox are gay men.
That are having homosexual anal intercourse with dozens of other partners at times.
And they brag about it, they put it on social media.
But now they want everybody, everybody has to be in a state of emergency, everybody has to go into lockdown because of this monkeypox virus, which is almost exclusively gay men that are having gay orgies.
But see, oh, when it was, when it was COVID, everybody had to do what it took to stop the spread.
Remember that?
You're non-essential, your church is closed, your business is closed, everything else, remember?
We're all on the team, everybody's gonna have to make the sacrifice.
But now that it's monkeypox, and we know exactly what's going on, and we know exactly what's spreading it, we're not going to discourage the gay orgies.
No, no, no, no, no.
We're not going to discourage the sodomy continuing en masse.
No, we're not going to.
No, no, no, no, no.
We're going to promote it, and we're going to say that everybody needs to be shut down and locked down because monkeypox, but don't worry, the gay orgies must go on.
Don't you see?
It's Pride!
So let me just say it.
It's not a coincidence.
It's not a coincidence that you had Pride parades in June, in the streets, and that you then had the Pride parades in July, lining up at the doctor's offices, lining up at the hospitals, lining up at a monkeypox vaccine clinic,
I think it's pretty obvious here, isn't it?
That's not a coincidence.
That's a direct result.
You went around for an entire month engaging in sodomy with many men, and now you've got monkey pox.
And it was all promoted by the establishment.
And it was all promoted by the Democrat Party.
This is horrific!
If anything, see if we were a serious country, if we were a serious civilization, we'd learn a lesson from this.
And fine, we've got people out there that are atheists and okay, a separation of church and state, so we don't have to make this a cosmic thing.
We don't have to say this is God punishing you.
We won't go down that road.
Let's just keep it medical.
Let's keep it scientific.
You promoted activities, you celebrated activities, you said to take pride in activities that cause the spread of a disease now called monkeypox that you've declared a state of emergency over.
It's all a direct result of your actions and we all have to suffer and we have to pretend like we're ignorant and we don't know what's going on?
And so now the new fear-mongering is Monkeypox is airborne.
Remember they did that with COVID.
COVID is airborne.
And they showed you these wild graphics.
Just insane graphics.
Like you would cough in a grocery store and climb over 15 shelves and then go through the ventilation system and then, you know, everybody gets sick because you coughed at the grocery store.
And now they're doing the same thing.
Monkeypox is airborne.
And it's a top trend on Twitter, probably forced in by the algorithms.
And it's a bunch of these weird accounts.
I don't even know if these accounts are real, but this is just the stuff that's going around getting a lot of shares.
Monkeypox is airborne.
Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers don't care.
It's all about their freedom.
No, believe me, I'm not going to get a vaccine and I'm not going to get monkeypox.
I can tell you that.
And I'm not going to get COVID either.
Monkeypox is airborne.
Social distancing must continue.
Masks must continue.
This is the new normal.
Oh, because you promoted your whole Pride Month.
You promoted all your disgusting degeneracy.
You promoted all your disgusting sex out in the streets for kids and everything.
And now you've got an STD.
For a month long of your sexcapades, now you've all got STDs and everyone else is to blame?
It's everyone else's fault?
We all have to lock down?
We all have to say this is a pandemic?
No, we know exactly what it is!
But see, we're not a serious civilization anymore, are we?
We're a clown world.
And I'm not meaning to be insensitive here.
People make mistakes.
But can't you see?
We've made a big mistake.
I mean, this should be the moment it's like, we've made a big mistake here.
We just promoted Pride Month for a whole month.
You saw how degenerative it got.
You saw how sordid the activities in the streets got in front of children.
Now we have a monkeypox epidemic because of it.
This is where serious civilizations, societies, cultures would check themselves before they wreck themselves.
But no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We really wrecked them, didn't we?
Boy, did we wreck them!
So, there you go.
They promote their pride, they promote their sodomy, they all get a disease, they all spread it, but now the rules change and everybody has to pay except the people that are responsible for spreading the disease.
Oh, and by the way, Banana Boat sunscreen recalled due to cancer-causing chemical.
And so the anti-sunscreen crowd wins again.
The anti-seed oil crowd wins again.
Alright, so there's some major geopolitical news today.
Let's lay it all out here.
Now, I don't trust anything that the Biden administration says.
I obviously don't trust the mainstream media at all either.
And so, I'm not saying that they didn't just kill Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Al-Qaeda leader.
I'm not saying that that didn't happen, but I am skeptical, and there are some interesting little tidbits here that lead to my skepticism.
First of all,
Biden is desperate.
His approval ratings are hitting all-time lows.
Job approval rating, economic approval rating, I mean, just everything.
Overall approval rating, everything.
Biden is just tanking right now.
Kamala Harris is already in the tank.
And so, the Democrats need something to prop Joe Biden up.
They need something.
So, hey, let's kill a terrorist and say that Biden did it.
We'll make him out to be a hero.
Now, I'm not buying that for a second.
Now, again, they might have actually killed him.
Because here's the interesting story.
Well, let's flash back.
This is in 2020.
From the Brookings Institute, but by the way, this got covered everywhere.
This is just the one I printed.
From November 2020.
The death of Ayman al-Zawahiri and the future of Al-Qaeda.
He was reported dead in November 2020.
When you read these stories, they admit that they can't confirm that he's dead because he hasn't been seen in years or whatever.
So, it was speculation that he was dead, but the headlines were reading that he was dead in November of 2020.
Now, what has happened since?
Well, Biden got into office, and then you had the disastrous Afghanistan pullout.
And so it appears what has happened is that Zawahiri did go into hiding and was off the map, but after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which still, I mean, who knows the real story about that absolute disaster?
Zawahiri was so comfortable in Kabul now that he was just hanging out.
He was just hanging out, doing his thing, and apparently he was seen on a balcony, and that's what led to the drone strike that killed him.
As a, uh, what was it like, maybe 12 hours ago or less?
Al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike.
But then getting into the other angle of that, the story at the New York Post, Joe Biden lied about Afghan terror after Ayman al-Zawahiri's death, GOP says, Republicans say the killing of al-Qaeda kingpin Ayman al-Zawahiri raises questions about whether President Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan gave the Taliban free reign to allow the terror group to use the country as a base of operations once again.
But now it's Republicans like Lindsey Graham saying, see, we need to go back to war with Al-Qaeda.
We need to go back into Afghanistan.
Boy, oh boy, these guys, they've never seen a war they didn't want you to die in.
Lindsey Graham, he's never seen a war he didn't want to send your kid to die in.
Sure, Lindsey, yeah, Afghanistan, Ukraine, what next?
Where else are we going to send them?
Where should we send them, Lindsey?
Lindsey, where do you want to send Americans to die next, Lindsey Graham?
What's your angle, Lindsey Graham?
What country do you want to see Americans shed blood in next, Lindsey?
You just love it, don't you?
How much you got invested in the defense contractors, Lindsey Graham?
So here's the deal.
They obviously were tracking this guy for a while.
They obviously were tracking him into Afghanistan.
CIA's all over over there.
Give me a break.
They've been tracking... The guy probably worked for the CIA.
Zawahiri probably worked for the CIA.
But regardless, they knew where he was probably as soon as he got back into Afghanistan.
And he felt so comfortable that he's just hanging out, smoking cigars on balconies, running around thinking it's all over.
I'm not being hunted anymore.
And then the US
Military, now all in the tank for Biden.
And the Democrats said, we got to do something to boost Biden's approval.
We got to do something.
Biden needs a good headline.
He's got COVID again.
He's hiding.
We've got a recession.
Everything's tanking.
The crime rate is just a disaster.
We got to give him something.
Let's kill a terrorist and give him that win.
And so they go shoot him down.
To give Biden the approval ratings boost, and it doesn't even work.
He's not going to see a single point go up in his approval ratings.
Because to be quite frank with you, most people don't care about Al-Zawahiri.
And they can run the stories all day about the 9-11 families, and that's horrible, obviously.
But most Americans don't care about Al-Zawahiri.
They just don't.
They care about the fact
The crime rates are skyrocketing, they care about the fact the education system is failing, they care about the fact that there's a recession, the energy prices are going up, that's what they care about, not Al Zawahiri and the deep state giving Joe Biden some sort of a fake victory, some sort of a fake win, like he had anything to do with the bombing of this guy.
Joe Biden doesn't know what planet he's on.
This is the deep state trying to give Joe Biden a win,
In a horrible time right now in this country's history because of his administration.
But so that's what's going on.
That's the bigger story.
Then you have Pelosi going to Taiwan.
Now I sat and thought about this because really it's the kind of stuff that starts larger wars.
Oh Pelosi's gonna fly over there and have her plane down?
Tell me how that doesn't potentially start a larger war.
Tell me how that doesn't seem like a giant setup.
But the whole thing still screams of political theater.
The whole thing still screams of geopolitical theater.
The Biden administration has flip-flopped back and forth.
They've said they stand with Taiwan.
They've said they don't stand with Taiwan.
They said their support with Taiwan would be undying to saying we don't support Taiwan at all.
And then there's Pelosi.
Now, is Pelosi acting as an independent actor here wanting to go to Taiwan just for her own ego?
Let's not discount that that might be the case here.
Nancy Pelosi is an ego maniac.
You have to understand, most of the reason why Nancy Pelosi does any of the stuff she does is for herself.
She loves being the center of attention.
She's probably got a whole wall of fame dedicated to herself and her giant San Francisco mansion.
She just wanted to fly over to Taiwan for the photo opportunity.
Do not!
Do not doubt that that could be the case.
In fact, that might be the highest likelihood, is that Pelosi went over there not as a geopolitical stunt, except for she wanted to go over there and be the center of attention and have her picture taken with the Taiwanese delegation.
It's all about her.
That's how big her ego is.
That's how drunk on power this woman is.
Did you see her the other day celebrating the assault weapons ban that passed in the House?
It's all about her.
It's all about her banging that gavel.
Her saying, look at what I did.
Her getting her picture taken.
A new picture for her wall of fame dedicated to herself.
A new picture in the front page.
Now you have to realize that's the type of ego maniac that can start a world war with their ego unintentionally.
By trying to make a statement flying over to Taiwan to make the story all about her.
But okay.
Seems like it's kind of a non-event.
Seems like it's kind of a non-factor.
I see the stories and the Chinese military and the shuffling around and the People's Liberation Army and I see all of it.
I think what you're looking at here is a drunken, power-mad, egomaniacal freak named Nancy Pelosi who wanted to be the center of the story again and wanted to be in the photos, her photos in the papers, her photos and videos on TV, a new photo for her wall of fame in her house because she knows that she's done after this.
So, I really think it was much ado about nothing, to be quite frank.
I think this is Nancy Pelosi's fat head, fat arrogant head, big ego doing this.
And I think it'll probably be a come and go situation.
But that doesn't take away from the seriousness of what's going on in Taiwan with China and the South China Sea and everything else.
And then how's this for America's strength?
Iran vows to build nukes if provoked and turn New York City into hellish ruins.
So North Korea threatens us.
Iran threatens us.
China threatens us.
Oh, but Biden got a terrorist, guys.
We did it.
Yeah, that's what happened.
The globalist great reset, or the war for the world, is here.
But humanity is not being caught flat-footed because of info wars and because of your support.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now more important than ever, as we reach the critical heart of the battle, that you spread the word and that you support liberty and that you warn people like you've never done before.
We have come so far together.
Please help keep us on the air.
We're under massive attack right now.
But we're going to win with your help.
We're going to overcome this with your help and with God's blessing.
Please go to InfoWarsTore.com and get this book.
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The Great Reset and the War for the World, available right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Get The Great Reset at Infowarsstore.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Hey Alexa, where did Joe Biden fall off his cycle?
Joe Biden died in National Naval Medical Center.
I could spend the next hour on an 11-minute speech Biden put out.
Let me close with this.
Every day we rely on law enforcement to save lives.
Then on January 6th, we relied on law enforcement to save our democracy.
We saw what happened.
The Capitol Police
The D.C.
Metropolitan Police, other law enforcement agencies, were attacked and assaulted before our very eyes.
Speared, sprayed, stomped on, brutalized, and lives were lost.
And for three hours, the defeated former President of the United States watched it all happen as he sat in the comfort of the private dining room next to the Oval Office.
While he was doing that, brave law enforcement officers were subject to the medieval hell
For three hours, dripping in blood, surrounded by carnage.
Face to face with crazed mobs that believe the lies of a defeated president.
The police were heroes that day.
Donald Trump lacked the courage to act.
The brave women and men in blue all across this nation should never forget that.
You can't be pro-insurrection and pro-cop.
You can't be pro-insurrection and pro-democracy.
You can't be pro-insurrection and pro-American.
I mean, he looks like an animatronic robot at Chuck E. Cheese or something.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this looks like the intro to a horror movie or something where body snatchers have taken over.
This happens in human civilization.
It normally collapses civilization for at least a time.
When the good people let crazies get in charge.
Why is the Biden administration building a border wall in Arizona?
So, um, we are not, uh, we're not finishing the wall.
Uh, we are cleaning up the mess the prior administration, uh, left behind in their, in their failed attempt, uh, to build a wall.
The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price, price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.
We let them be in control.
Mr. Biden, are you still groping Senator's children?
Creepy Joe Biden.
They always start assaulting reality and assaulting common sense and assaulting new process and assaulting logic.
And people keep act-we-assing until everything disintegrates.
This is the first time in American history, I believe,
That a chamber of the Congress will pass a bill openly defying the Supreme Court's explicit declaration of the constitutional rights of the American people.
It represents the farthest ever reach of the Democrats' long-pursued massive resistance doctrine.
In markup, I asked if any Democrat disputed that this bill bans guns and magazines in common use.
Chairman Nadler candidly responded, quote.
Would the gentleman yield?
I would if I'm for an answer to that question.
That's the point of the bill.
So, to clarify, Mr. Chairman, you're saying it is the point of the bill to ban weapons that are in common use in the United States today?
Yes, the problem is... Would the gentleman yield?
In other words, the essence of the bill is to stop commerce in weapons, as alternatively described by the court in Heller in 2008, as those, quote, typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes, close quote.
And that is now the point we've entered at every level.
Donald Trump lacked the courage to act.
The brave women and men in blue all across this nation should never forget that.
Folks, as we fight inflation, bringing down gas prices is a big part of the job.
All right, I wanted to play some of the 11-minute speech so you can see he's not blinking, and then another speech later where he is.
I mean, if you can figure out what this is, please tell me.
We've reached out to some physiologists and people that can perhaps tell us what in the world this means, but it's getting crazy.
And I'm now joined in studio by Bob Barnes.
He's going to be with us the remainder of the Alex Jones Show transmission.
And we got a guest coming on here in 30 minutes with him as well.
Boy, oh boy, where to go?
Let's talk about some legal stuff here, Bob, because I see this story and I don't like it at all.
Lead foot drivers beware.
New York City speed cameras now operate 24-7.
I've seen other cities trying to do the same thing where they basically just want to have an AI
Traffic controller, basically, is what it is.
It's failed in states before.
Red light camera laws have failed.
I believe they're illegal in Texas and Missouri, I think, as well now.
Where do you think this one goes?
AI systems?
Monitoring your speed limits?
Are you running lights?
Are you driving too fast?
Do you think this is going to succeed or will this go away?
Well, I mean, I remember in Germany, because I personally experienced it, turns out they really are accurate there in Germany.
I had like nine tickets when I came back.
That was a lot of money.
And that was like ten years ago.
So they want to replicate that sort of model, the Chinese social credit model system, and incorporating it through AI and surveillance technology on a permanent basis.
I think ultimately their goal is to put it in your car.
Like, they're saying, oh, they want you to shift to an electric car because an electric car is going to be better for the environment.
That's still very much in controversy and dispute, how much it actually is, given what goes into making an electric vehicle, and the battery especially.
But the other utility of a lot of those vehicles and new smart cars, like smartphones, like your smart temperature at home, is that those things incorporate constant, continuous surveillance.
Like, look at self-automated driving.
Probably never going to happen for a wide range of reasons.
It's hard to replicate the human mind.
However, what it does do is put cameras all around your car and inside your car.
So you could have constant, continuous surveillance.
And my guess is they're going to say, down the road, even these techniques of using cameras, of using AI doesn't work.
We need to put it in your car.
So that whenever your car is exceeding the speed limit by some digital interaction between the car and something in the local area, then we can automatically ticket you to protect people's safety.
And what they're really doing, it's what came out in Vault 7.
I mean, they just put in, they're about to put in prison.
The whistleblower who disclosed all the Vault 7 information from the CIA, and what did that include?
It included one of the things that Alex Jones had been saying for many, many years, that they said, no, that's just Jones making stuff up, you know, he drank too much that day, whatever.
And what did it turn out?
Of course, the CIA was, in fact, practicing the habit of using electric vehicles to actually turn off your car without your knowing, turn off your brakes without your knowing, cause accidents without your knowing.
How anybody couldn't see that coming?
I mean, that's just built right in.
It's so obvious.
I mean, like you said, the cameras now is just to set the precedent of you're driving your car and all of a sudden you get a ticket out of nowhere.
You don't even know what happened.
That's just to set the precedent to make it normal.
Then it'll be built in.
But I wasn't aware of this.
Vault 7 was maybe the biggest...
We're good to go.
Basically, if your phone is ever on the Internet, your phone is always on the Internet.
You can turn the Internet off, you can take your SIM card out, you're still connected to the Internet.
I actually, someone showed me how it's possible.
They took my SIM card out, turned the Internet off, and disabled my phone.
Like, literally, like, shouldn't work at all.
Still connected to the Internet, still got emergency alerts.
So you're always on it.
But, so...
Where are the whistleblower protections for the Vault 7 whistleblower, and how come I'm not hearing this?
This should be bigger news!
Well, in fact, what happened is they prosecuted him up in the Southern District of New York, and it's extraordinary how it's always the Southern District of New York or the District of Columbia, it's these liberal jurisdictions where all of these cases are being brought.
I won't mention the case that shall not be mentioned, also being brought in a liberal jurisdiction.
All of them in liberal jurisdictions.
Here's a guy who the case should have been high profile.
The case should have been on the front page.
Yeah, I'm upset with myself for not covering this.
It was completely buried by the institutional press.
He ended up representing himself, pro se.
Didn't have an available lawyer, apparently, or chose not to have one, maybe because he didn't trust the system.
But this is the guy who disclosed, this is the person who should have been rewarded, not punished.
Compare that to the fake whistleblowers against Trump.
Like Reality Winner, who gets TV interviews and made stream stories?
Or the Vindman Brothers, you know, who get promotions and press deals and all the rest.
Vindman, he was like offered a deal to be like the head of the Ukraine military.
Absolutely, he was going to be the defense secretary for Ukraine.
That's how deeply involved he was in the corruption that riddles Ukraine.
And now here we are sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.
Exactly, and we don't know where the weapons went and the rest.
But all of this surveillance, constant, continuous surveillance, is about constant, continuous control.
It's all about control.
Whether it's the attempts to put drugs in your body against your will, whether it's about lockdowns, whether it's about masks, whether it's about any of this social credit system, whether it's about either cameras around your vehicle or in your vehicle or in the local area, all of it's about control, control, control.
It's the Bill Gates obsession.
It's the elite obsession.
That's what's really driving him, and that's what all of this is heading towards, and it's why it has to be resisted at each and every step.
And when a guy discloses it, because that's what the Volt 7 whistleblower was really disclosing, the CIA wants to have constant, continuous control over you.
They're experimenting in technology to do that through your car, through your phone, through your home.
Very basic things that are directly accessible and intimate to you, like Snowden talked about, being able to hack in and watch what somebody's doing in their own bed.
Uh, because they don't realize the computer's always on, the phone's always on, the smart TV, all these things made for convenience are designed, ultimately, at maximum levels of control.
And that's what it's all about.
Yeah, you're, it's the internet.
You're gonna enter the net.
And now you've been caught by, by the, uh, satanic New World Order.
That's crazy to me.
The Vault 7, honestly, I mean,
What Snowden did was obviously big and brave, but the Vault 7 was a much bigger reveal, I would say, than what Snowden revealed.
I mean, Snowden just showed how private contractors had access to it and the potential for the deep state to do it as well.
Vault 7 just pulled the whole curtain back.
Oh, completely.
I mean, it actually showed the CIA was actually investigating how they could turn your car lights on or off, turn your brakes on or off, turn your acceleration on or off, turn your car on or off.
Like, pretty much anything you could, if you could figure it in your own head, like, huh, I wonder if they could hack this or hack that.
Yeah, they did it.
Against your will and without your knowledge and outside of your consent, turn on your little thermometer at home.
Like you got one of those little Nest thermometers.
Turn it on to become a spy device anytime they want.
Not only Alexa, not only all of that, but your thermometer.
They could turn on to spy on you.
Your TV, they could turn on to spy on you.
Your computer, they could turn on to spy on you at any given moment without your knowledge and consent.
All of this was disclosed by this very brave whistleblower who then gets targeted and they're probably going to put him away for life.
That's the nature of it.
He gets a Southern District of New York, a district notorious for its incapacity to have impartial grand juries, impartial trial juries, non-corrupt prosecutors, apolitical judges.
Those don't exist in the Southern District of New York very often.
And that's why he was targeted there.
And the press completely suppressed all knowledge of the case.
Compared to some other... Oh, I'm stunned.
Oh, completely.
The press has covered a lot of other cases, including some recently, including the cases that shall not be named, very publicly.
But the Vault 7 guy, one of the biggest, as you know, one of the biggest whistleblowers in the history of the world, exposing dangerous intelligence activity, is a guy that you almost never heard about, and his criminal prosecution and soon-to-becoming punishment is something you'll also likely never hear about from the institutional press.
Yeah, they went into, they did like an interview in Reality Winner's jail cell telling you how great of a person she was.
She's not a traitor.
She's not a traitor.
She's the greatest ever.
Well, okay, fine.
You want to lift her up.
I don't think that she's quite the hero you think, but this... Guys, see if you can find any news coverage of the Vault 7 thing.
This is wild.
The, especially, you look at Reality Winner, she did it for political purposes.
He doesn't do it to get back at one- I don't even know his name!
He did it solely and wholly to so that the whole world would know this is the bad stuff the CIA is up to.
Watch your phone, watch your car, watch your home, watch your TV.
All these things that you're buying and purchasing, be very careful.
Don't pick convenience at the expense of surveillance.
Don't pick convenience at the expense of control.
That was the message he was trying to get out to people so they could be well informed.
It's always been Snowden, and Julian Assange in particular, his main point.
It reminds me of the movie Sneakers.
No more secrets.
Secrets are the key to corrupt governments continuing to do bad things to people.
And so if you want to stop the government's ability to do bad things to people, or at least limit it or constrict it, or help people defend themselves, you need to expose their secrets.
Josh Schulte was the individual's name, CIA whistleblower, sent the Vault 7 documents to WikiLeaks, and it is a total media blackout.
I mean, what happened to the liberal left that used to be against institutional corruption?
They just love it because they control it now.
Alright, I want to switch topics here.
I'm going to take an opposite stance on something that I've seen everybody else take.
And I want to hear your take on this too.
I'm a little late to this, but I've been a little busy this week with the case that shall not be named, as you say.
Yes, it's a free country after all.
Saudi Prince offers glimpse of dazzling $500 billion smart city of the future.
And guys, roll the video if we have it.
I know I sent it to you last week.
It's in the Sunday Show folder.
I don't remember the clip number on here.
I've got the list in front of me.
But you guys can find the video.
So have you seen this?
Have you seen this new smart city that's the Saudi Arabian thing?
It's like a big wall.
And now I want to take a different approach to this because I see a lot of people talking trash on it.
Not me!
I've got to say, I actually think it's cool.
Now let me be clear.
I personally would never want to live in that.
For the same reason I would never want to live in New York City.
I don't want to be around that type of a mass of people.
I don't want to be in that sort of a shared, civilizational infrastructure.
But, I don't think it's inherently bad.
I'm actually glad we're seeing engineering innovation in civilization, and I think Saudi Arabia is a great place to do it.
They've had a lot of innovation over there in their architecture and engineering, so I actually think it's great.
I personally would never want to live there, but I hope the project works.
I'd like to see some innovation in engineering.
Bob, your take?
I have a split feeling.
The idea of experimenting with architecture and cities and the rest, that I think is really cool.
This particular experiment I have great doubts about.
The other thing is that I don't like is, and this has been the Dubai model, that really it's just going in a different direction, but it's MBS taking the Dubai model of we've got excess capital, so let's create something that the world would love to see.
Rather than, why not go back to your history and heritage?
I mean, there's some beautiful architecture designed in the Arab tradition.
Beautiful designs, beautiful ways of building buildings, beautiful ways of using tile.
Go, why not reincorporate history?
It's like large parts of modern architecture throughout the West.
Like, why not go back to, I mean, look at, like, what's behind us is the beautiful building that's modeled after the Capitol here in Austin.
It is the Austin Capitol, with not only a beautiful rotunda, but made in a beautiful, uh, is it red granite, I guess it is?
I mean, it's just gorgeous to see and witness, and you go inside, that goes all the way back to Rome.
So why not look at Rome, and Greece, and old Europe,
And if you're Saudi Arabia, go back to what made Arab architecture so beautiful in different parts of the world.
Dating back to the 8th century, 9th century, 10th century, it wasn't all just tents and traveling folks.
So I would like that more than this kind of...
The uber environmental-centric, conserve resources, climate change-oriented, futuristic city that doesn't look futuristic enough in ways that I would like to see it done.
I like that they're experimenting with architectural design and creative exploration in the physical space.
This particular design just isn't the way I would go.
See, I think you're taking the debate in a different direction where I would tend to agree with you.
Because I wonder, you go into like old buildings in the U.S., whether it's a Capitol or like old libraries, it's very ornate.
Like the design is very artistic.
And like, could we even do that anymore?
I mean, do you even see?
That's what's so shocking about it to me.
I don't even see architecture built like it used to.
I wonder if the architecture engineers are even out there that could.
I mean, well, I mean, it's increasingly difficult to do things like, you look at some of the ironworks made in places like New Orleans.
I mean, people come to the French Quarter for a reason.
It's this beautiful, old, historic place that has buildings designed from several hundred years ago, using the design and architecture that was common there.
And it still draws in millions of people each year, just the architecture and the feel and the connection to history.
That's what people really want.
That's what has a long-lasting value.
This does not as much.
And I think it's because, I mean, take the Rose Window.
The Rose Window of the Notre Dame.
They don't know if they can recreate that today.
They don't know if it's even capable.
They don't even have the people that have the talent to do so.
And that's what we should be, like if Saudi Arabia should be spending money developing the engineers and the architects that could recreate the glory of its own Arab architectural past.
It's best gems from beautiful cities and beautiful buildings and beautiful roads and beautiful designs that incorporated the indigenous natural environment into its architecture, the way Frank Lloyd Wright did here in the United States.
And that, I think, would be much more beautiful and much more robust and much more welcome than weird futuristic cities that look like Blade Runner designed by Greta Thunberg.
I don't think it's that bad.
I think it's getting a bad rap just because, you know, we know about globalism and we know about the centralization of civilization that the globalists want.
But, you know, I have hope for it.
Again, I would never want to live there.
But see, I look at a situation like Austin.
Which has just expanded so much.
Just in the eight years I've been here, it's just incredible how much it's expanded.
I can't even imagine somebody that's lived here 20 and going through all of it.
But Austin was kind of, you know, it was kind of effed in a way, right?
There was no way for us to potentially...
Rebuild an infrastructure in such a short period of time to facilitate the masses of people coming here.
So it's just skyscrapers going up, apartment buildings, condos going up, all this centralized stuff, small infrastructure.
They try to build train tracks for people to travel.
It doesn't really work.
Nobody uses it.
The buses, nobody really uses them.
It's a very commuter-centric city.
But what I wish we would start doing better is building infrastructure to facilitate people before the people get there.
You know, that's one of the big problems, I think, that the metro areas have had in the U.S.
and why they've collapsed.
And I think that's why, when you're talking about Saudi Arabia or the UAE or these other areas, they're building the infrastructure before the mass of people show up.
And there are ways to reincorporate this.
There are people that are old school urban redevelopment folks that love the old history.
Incorporate small parks and local neighborhoods, more of that.
Create a community sense.
A lot of this was broken up in the 1950s because the sort of new powers that be came in and did not want urban political machines to have power.
They didn't want the old black professional middle class to have power.
It wasn't the riots that took down the black Wall Street.
It was the interstate highway system in the 1950s that took out Black Wall Street in pretty much every town in America.
Even in St.
They went into places where you had a strong black professional middle class, and they drove an interstate literally right through it.
Yeah, that was the Bottle District in St.
Some of those old warehouses and factories are still there.
They're just ruins.
And it's like, the interstate system was a disaster.
It was a debacle from day one.
I mean, the Who Framed Roger Rabbit story is actually partially true.
I mean, L.A.
had the, after World War II, L.A., even into the 1940s, before World War II, L.A.
had the best public transit system in the world.
Now it has the worst public transit system in the world.
And the reason was the auto companies came in and bought out the public transit system, dismantled the red car, and replaced it with buses because they knew if L.A.
became a car city, America would become a car country.
And so their goal was to eliminate public transit systems and to replace it with the private automobile because it would enrich them at the end of the day.
And even though it did so at the expense of a lot of ordinary working class families who couldn't afford certain things and so on and so forth.
And devastating damage to the black professional middle class.
And that ended up severing the black working class from the black professional class, which integration actually helped accomplish too, which left an abandoned black working class, abandoned by the industrial jobs that have left.
Yeah, not to mention the factories and everything going overseas, too.
So, will you ever be spotted in the Great Mirror Wall of Saudi Arabia?
I would be tempted to see that just to see it, but I've been offered trips to Dubai.
I've skipped for now.
Time will tell, but I'd be tempted.
I just think it's getting a bad rap.
I say it's innovation in engineering.
It doesn't have to be a bad thing.
Maybe it'll be good.
Alright, we'll be right back.
And Bob Barnes in the studio, and we've got Ryan Kinnel on with us.
This is a guest that Bob got on, but he was explaining Ryan's YouTube channels in the break, and I was so excited I just had to stick around.
Anybody who's got a channel called Sports Wars.
Oh, what's that?
Sounds like a spinoff of InfoWars.
I had to talk to him as well.
I don't know if he had intended it that way.
I'm just saying that what was going on in my head.
So, Bob Barnes, Ryan Kennell with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
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All right, Bob, why don't you start the conversation off.
What's the big topics you and Ryan are going to get into here?
So yeah, we're going to be talking about news out of Cleveland today with Deshaun Watson possibly only facing a six-game suspension, which is good news for the Browns fans and the Cleveland Browns organization and Deshaun Watson, but whether the Wolfsters will be happy and satisfied with that punishment even though it follows a whole season he was effectively suspended last year.
And this is the whole nature of the Woke NFL.
We're here with Ryan Kinnell.
You can find him on Sports Wars at YouTube and a range of other places in the Geeks and Gamers universe.
Ryan, what are your thoughts on the Deshaun Watson suspension and will the Wokesters be satisfied with only six games?
It's tough, Robert, because when you look at how he was affected last season, that definitely has to play a role.
But at the same time, when you're talking about a six-game suspension for someone who is alleged to have done something with over two dozen different masseuses, you know, those massage therapists you always find on Instagram, that's the best way for professional athletes to get good body massages.
You know, it's going to be tough to justify six games.
When Tom Brady gets four games for essentially nothing.
When you have guys getting suspended a year for testing positive for marijuana.
I don't know.
I do know one thing, Robert.
I know if Deshaun Watson was someone else, we would have heard a lot more about this stuff from ESPN.
But because Deshaun Watson is one of the guys who kneels for the national anthem, because Deshaun Watson is one of the guys out there who fits the narrative for ESPN and all the woke sports media, it seems like this story hasn't gotten nearly as much traction as it would have otherwise.
I was unaware of that.
Is Deshaun Watson very political in his presentation?
You know, for the first couple years of his career, probably not, but he did make a big show, you know, when the NFL decided that they were going to double and triple down on woke identity politics.
He did kneel for the national anthem.
He was one of those guys.
And, you know, at this point, it's tough to find some guys who are actually willing to stand in these different sports, especially through that pandemic era with the George Floyd protests and everything that happened.
So Deshaun Watson absolutely was one of those guys who was out there virtue signaling.
And then it turns out those who virtue signal the hardest often might be doing a couple things behind the scenes.
Yeah, I mean, what do you think about it?
I see it as the racism side and the sexism side.
So the NFL doesn't know which way to weigh in on it in terms of its wokesterism.
The other aspect, though, is another part of the story that's not being told is any degree of skepticism about some of the women's claims.
So a grand jury in Texas looked at this, didn't bring any indictment.
If you're a model on Instagram and an NFL player reaches out to you for a massage, are you really surprised that it's something more than a massage?
Oh, I said this from the beginning.
I got a little bit of backlash because effectively I said,
These women kind of understood what the game was.
They knew what they were getting into.
Does that make it right what went down?
Absolutely not.
But I think, personally, that's the reason why this grand jury came back and didn't indict Deshaun on anything.
Because all of the women would have had to self-incriminate.
All of the women were probably, you know, not being totally truth about what went down.
And yet, at the end of the day, these women were out there to get paid off.
Does that change your perspective on it?
It might, depends from where you're coming from.
But there's no doubt that over a two dozen women coming with similar stories, that's pretty shocking here, especially that New York Times article they did.
It's a tough line, especially when Roger Goodell has tried to make it a point at the beginning of his tenure to go hard on these guys, to keep a very good image for the NFL.
It's suddenly changed now that they're far more concerned with other things rather than just what's on the field.
Yeah, and you know what's interesting about this to me?
This case gets so much attention where, I mean, it's pretty obvious, I think Deshaun Watson is, you know, probably a womanizer, I guess you could maybe say that?
But did he commit any crimes?
It doesn't appear that way.
There were no charges.
He's already missed an entire season.
It feels like the NFL is trying to have their cake and eat it too, where it's like, well, Deshaun Watson has a bad image, so we're gonna suspend him for six games.
Well, he might be a bad guy.
He might not treat women right, but does he deserve any suspension?
I mean, is this suspension not just a PR move by the NFL?
I think it is to some extent, but at the same time, what we've seen before with these suspensions, to me it does fall in line with what they've done.
And when you look at Ezekiel Elliott, you know, essentially alleged to have pulled down a women's top, get six-game suspension.
What Deshaun Watson's going through is a lot more than that.
I do think crimes were committed, but I think it was consensual by both parties.
So that probably does affect how people are looking at it.
I think you're going to have people mad on both sides of this thing.
You're going to have some people say, look at all this stuff.
He got off scot-free, essentially, with a six-game suspension.
You're going to have other people that don't think he should have been suspended at all.
NFL's in a tough place, but they've put themselves here with so much of the virtue signaling that they have done, whether it be for stand-up to sexism, we want to stand up against domestic abusers, all those things.
Well, now that the tide's shifted a little bit, their focus is somewhere else, maybe they don't want to go as hard on that now.
It's a tough spot, but that's what you do to yourself when you virtue signal.
And to what degree do you believe that how much has all of the virtue signaling that Roger Goodell has done for the NFL been net positive for the NFL?
Because they took a massive hit in ratings, they've got some of that back by being less overtly political.
How much has being woke hurt the NFL and virtue signaling and being politically involved?
And secondly, what do you think will happen this year in terms of will they continue to escalate the virtue signaling or will they start to dial it back given how much damage it did to them and their ratings?
Well, everybody knows the NFL is king.
And when you are king, you know, you can fall a little bit and maybe not even feel it.
Maybe you can afford the virtue signal a little bit.
Maybe if you lose that 15 to 20 percent of your audience in those ratings, you know, maybe you can satisfy yourself.
I think the NFL realized that we're leaving billions on the table by doing this to you.
I don't know.
NFL's playing a little balancing act by trying to have their cake and eat it too.
There's no doubt that when they virtue signal this hard, when they make sports about things that aren't sports related, you are going to have some bad things happen to you.
The NFL saw that and tried to course correct it.
I don't think it's near as bad as what we saw in the NBA or even Major League Baseball moving the All-Star game and all that garbage.
But there's no doubt that people are very wary of everything in entertainment, including sports, when you start to inject this.
Well, and I think, you know, Bob and I agreed, I think most football fans would agree that, hey, you know what?
Leave whatever's going on off the field to the courts, to the justice system, and if there's charges and a crime, then we'll act.
But as long as there's not, it's innocent until proven guilty, and the NFL's trying to maintain this balancing act of image and virtue signaling, but also like, hey, there's no crime here, and they're really just flailing and flopping.
But you know, here's something I'm pretty confident in right now, and I wonder what you guys are thinking too.
I think a good bet is against the Browns this year.
I don't think betting on the Browns is a smart move this year.
I don't see Deshaun Watson, who's an incredible talent, obviously.
I don't know how he recovers.
I don't know how the Browns recover this year.
I have mixed feelings.
What do you think, Ryan?
I think that to bring a player in with this much stuff going on behind the scenes and give him $250 million effectively guaranteed, that is the most Browns thing that they could possibly do.
I think Deshaun Watson is a great talent.
I have questions if he'll be able to stay healthy and what his leadership ability, how it might be affected with all the stuff going on.
I'm liking the under on the Browns win total this season.
I'm liking the under.
You're right.
I don't even know what the number is yet, but I know I like it.
Well, when we come back with Ryan, we're going to be discussing the future of Disney.
How much have they completely destroyed Star Wars, destroyed Marvel, and destroyed themselves when we come back after the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Robert Barnes guest hosting.
We're here with Ryan Kennel of Sports Wars that you can find on YouTube and other video platforms as well as at RK Outpost and at Geeks and Gamers.
Now remember everybody, you are continually the front of the line and as long as you hold the line, InfoWars will be able to continue to bring independent content to you.
You can go to InfoWarsTore.com to get things like Vitamin Mineral Fusion that are available now and back in stock, or any of the other products that will make you healthier, wealthier, and wiser all at one stop, while supporting people's ability to get independent information outside of the gated narratives of the gatekeeper institutions.
Now in that regard, Ryan, the only question is who is probably more hated between sports and entertainment?
LeBron James or Disney?
How much has LeBron James continued to sort of diminish and damage the NBA brand and his own brand by his overt, continuous, woke politics that appears to have an exception when it involves a nation called China?
It's pretty crazy to go in 20 years from Michael Jordan, Game 6, 98 finals, 40 million people watching.
Now here we are two decades later and when LeBron James is in the finals, they're struggling to break 10 million live viewers.
That's a factor of a lot of different things, but there's no doubt that LeBron James is an incredibly divisive person because of his play on the court, what he does on the court, but also 100% off the court.
The blatant hypocrisy of this person, who pretends to be some sort of pseudo-intellectual, literally stages photo ops of him reading books.
Somehow he can never get past the first page.
Crazy how that works.
But when he says, I need to stand up for injustices anywhere and everywhere, and then is silent so often on China because he wants his marketing deals, he wants his box office releases in China, it's pathetic and the average American sees right through it.
The average American doesn't want to tune in to the NBA when it's clear that LeBron James despises you if you don't think like him, and the rest of the NBA seems to as well.
And how much has Wokester ideas and influences completely wrecked the Disney brand?
You have Disney buys Star Wars for an extraordinary amount of money, that is arguably the best brand in almost all of Hollywood, and they've managed to completely decimate it.
We're good to go.
They've done the same, and to many degrees, not as egregious, but often in a similar style with Marvel, and they've done so with their own brand, and we've seen that with some of their overt politics in Florida, their overt politics in other jurisdictions that led to Governor DeSantis calling them out, taking away a potential tax break, the complete collapse of the stock market, of their stock.
And their continued decline in ratings, including their ratings on Disney+.
How much has Disney damaged its brand?
Is it recoverable?
And are they going to fix it anytime soon?
Or are we stuck in a woke hell with Disney controlling big brands like Marvel and Star Wars?
Well, it can change.
It can.
I think it would take a very long time because, like you said, all the things that they have their hands in, it's everything.
Now, they have a lot of failures or starting to fail things across the board, but there are so many different revenue sources for Disney.
They are going to be the last ones to turn.
There are people that don't have that kind of money that might see the momentum, the way that the audience is behaving and turn things around.
But you know what?
We're going to make things for everyone now.
We're not going to let the activists run our country.
I don't
That's pathetic.
The idea that someone like that would bend the knee to a handful of woke extremists within your own company.
But that's what we've seen across the board.
And they're far more concerned with pushing their ideology than they are with telling great stories.
It's what happened with Star Wars.
It's what we're currently seeing happen with Marvel.
And people are going from being angry, Robert, people are going from being angry about this to now they're just, I guess they don't care.
And apathy is the worst thing that can happen to these brands when people are just like, I'm just not going to go anymore.
That's even worse than the anger.
That's where a lot of people are at.
How much has the success of Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick, and in lesser degree Minions, but particularly Top Gun, show Hollywood that there is a path back to financial success.
There is a path back to public acceptance.
There is a path back to widespread popularity.
It's old school 1980s style pro-American movies.
Films that are not woke.
Films that are not infected by undue politics.
Films that celebrate
Do you think?
The reason Top Gun was successful is because, quite simply, it's entertainment.
That's not what we have anymore in the entertainment industry.
We have things that are meant to preach to you, that are meant to send you a message, that are meant to tell you, if you think a certain way, we absolutely despise you, we don't want you watching our movies.
That wasn't Top Gun.
And Top Gun was just a non-woke movie.
Go there for two hours, two hours, 15 minutes, whatever it is, and be entertained.
Have a good story with a good message, with good character development.
Did it have diversity?
Yeah, it did.
And you know what?
These characters weren't, hey, my identity is I'm black.
My identity is I'm a woman.
No, they were just great characters that were part of this story.
That's all it takes.
It's that simple.
Between something like Top Gun, Maverick, and The Terminalist, which is something on Amazon Prime, Chris Pratt and Jack Carr's, you know, essentially combination there, that is an incredible series.
That's number one on Amazon, has been number one for weeks, despite The Boys Season 3 big finale.
That couldn't even take down The Terminalist.
People are hungry to just be entertained.
They are tired of the last, you know, six to ten years of this constant woke garbage being shoved down their throats.
And as soon as you give them something, anything that's not that, they will flock to it.
Yeah, exactly.
And speaking of that, can you talk to people about Ripaverse?
What it is, who it is it came up with, how the wokesters have tried to retaliate against it, and what it shows that this deep desire for
Culture that is, as Andrew Breitbart says, politics is just downstream from culture.
That's why culture is critical.
But what we're seeing is a thirst and a hunger for old-school culture, not wolkster culture.
Could you tell people about Ripaverse?
So Eric July goes by YoungRipa59 on YouTube.
He is someone who has been fed up with the comic book industry for years because they've been putting out garbage.
They've been pushing people away.
And instead of being someone like me who continues to talk about it and expose and complain, although he's still continuing to do that, he wanted to do something to change the game.
And he decided to put down hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money because he believed in himself and in the audience.
And he's created his own original comic book universe called The Ripaverse.
And he launched pre-orders just about two weeks ago.
He's at $3.3 million, breaking all sorts of records.
The books are all ready to go.
They're going to start shipping out here in August.
And all his thing is, I want to sell comic books to everybody.
I don't want to preach to you.
I just want to get back to normal.
I want to tell a story, and I want to respect my customers and my audience.
And he's everything that you would think a lot of these mainstream people would want.
He's a black man that started his own business, but they are not happy with him because he doesn't think the way that they want him to think.
And Eric July is causing meltdowns of epic proportion within the comic book industry from people who didn't think that this was possible, who don't want him to succeed.
And he's showing there's a lot of buying power behind this.
And simply, if you respect your customer, if you respect your audience, they will come out and support in droves.
And the fact that ISOM number one,
And whether you're covering sports, politics, culture, entertainment, again as Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture.
What does that mean?
It means we need to track and follow what's happening in culture because it's going to show up in politics as it has.
Anybody who was immersed in the comic book world, the movie world, the TV world,
Aspects of the sports world would have seen what we've had to witness in terms of the craziness of what's happening in our elementary schools, the craziness of what's happening in our universities, the craziness of what's happening in our social media years ago because it started there first.
Politics is very much downstream from culture and that's why it's important to follow what's happening in culture as much as anything and Ryan Connell and others are at the top of that and the tip of the spear in covering that space.
Ryan, can you tell everybody where they can find you in terms of social media or other locations?
If you search Ryan Kennell RK Outpost, you usually find me on YouTube or Twitter or wherever.
I'm part of Geeks and Gamers.
Geeks and Gamers, we kind of want to change the game and be almost the barstool sports of the geek world.
That's what we're trying to do.
We want to talk about everything and it doesn't matter.
We don't have anything that we're trying to sell you in terms of identity politics or anything like that.
We're going to call these people out.
We're going to call the woke garbage time after time in the sports world, in the entertainment world, everything.
Because like you said, it's important to talk about.
Check me out on Sports Wars Geeks and Gamers.
Tuesday night we've got a stream with Eric July.
Tuesday night's main event.
Check us out on Geeks and Gamers YouTube channel.
Alright, absolutely.
Remember that folks, Geeks and Gamers, Sports Wars.
You can continue to stay up to date on cultural information.
And thanks Ryan, and we'll be back after the break with more information and intel.
We are now living in the void, sliding towards collapse in the strange space between what we've known and what's to come.
And right now, the most important thing to remember is, don't panic.
Stay calm, because now is the time that we must get our bearings and steer the ship onto a safe, sound course.
There is nothing stopping we the people from making our own rules.
And building our own society.
All we got to do is survive the crash.
And right now we still have time to prepare.
The world fiat currency system is racing towards zero.
It's time to convert it into hard assets now.
Including food, water and survival gear.
To keep us strong and at the ready.
Go to preparetoday.com for the essentials.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Robert Barnes guest hosting this fourth and final hour of the show.
We'll be discussing a range of topics this hour, including the shocking discoveries out of court disclosures in Canada as to who is actually dictating their COVID vaccine passport policy.
We'll also be discussing the election day that is happening today in Kansas and Michigan and Washington and elsewhere across the country and some of the big issues that are on the ballot.
We'll be discussing that.
We'll be discussing a range of other hot topics including Taiwan, Serbia and Ukraine.
But first, let's go to my home state of Tennessee.
The New York Times had an article today, uh, suggesting that, or maybe it was yesterday, suggesting that a young woman who was 19 weeks pregnant was unable to get an abortion in Tennessee after the reversal of Roe v. Wade and, uh, because even though she had a medical emergency.
The claim is that the pregnancy was causing an imminent risk of a serious, of either serious risk of death or of serious bodily harm.
Uh, to an important life function.
The claim was that she was ready to get the abortion that was apparently medically necessary according to the claims in the article, but she couldn't in Tennessee because the abortionist said it was no longer legal and too risky.
And so she had to go to another state.
And it's designed to be this horror drama story of seeing people in imminent risk of extreme danger that the new abortion law changes are going to kill young women in America.
That's the narrative, much as the Ohio narrative a couple of weeks back.
Remember that narrative?
Remember where the young 10-year-old girl had to go to another state to get an abortion because even though she'd been the victim of sexual assault, rape, and incest?
Well of course, as some people pointed out at the time, that story sounded fake.
Because once again, Ohio, like Tennessee, had a medical emergency exception to any criminalization of abortion in their state.
And so that if it was necessary, and it was in her case, she could have got the abortion there in Ohio.
Instead, the real story was that the rapist was an illegal immigrant boyfriend of the mother.
That's what was really being hidden and covered up.
By the way, one of the tells that these stories tend to be fake at some level.
In other words, and again, what's meant by fake is not that nothing happened related to the story.
It means that who they're blaming for the story is often the wrong person or institution or law to blame.
In this context, it's the fact that you're seeing private medical information publicly disclosed on the front pages of newspapers.
For that to happen means that somebody has voluntarily waived their right to their medical privacy.
Which means that they are politically motivated, most likely, as the explanation for their story.
Because who else wants to broadcast that they got an abortion to the world unless it's someone that wants to make a political point in how the abortion was conducted.
And thus they have an incentive to either exaggerate or just flat out fake parts of the story.
The same is true of this New York Times story about Tennessee.
The implication in the Tennessee story is that Tennessee law prohibits abortion in all circumstances with no exceptions whatsoever for medical emergencies or exigent circumstances threatening the life or physical health of the mother in a severe and substantial manner.
That's a flat-out lie.
In fact, Tennessee law has two different laws that are in play here.
The first law that it came into force after the decision reversing Roe v. Wade is the law that's the heartbeat bill.
That bill still includes, first of all, allows abortion up until the point that there's a heartbeat.
Secondly, it still allows an abortion even after a heartbeat if a medical emergency is present.
A medical emergency includes not just substantial risk of death, but includes substantial risk of harm to the mother in some serious life function.
And if the story is true in the New York Times that that's what the person faced, then they had no problem under Tennessee law.
Now, some people have misconstrued Tennessee law to suggest that that's because it's an affirmative defense.
But that's always the case with self-defense type defenses, and if you know criminal law, it's an element of the offense.
So the New York Times story is one big, fat lie.
In fact, there are still legal protections for people who need abortions for medical emergency circumstances.
Whether that should be the law is actually another question.
But when we come back, will there be war again in the Balkans?
Will there be war with China?
What's happening in the war in Ukraine?
That and more after the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
Robert Barnes guest hosting this fourth and final hour of the show.
We're going to be discussing a range of topics today, including the risk of war again in the Balkans.
War with China over Taiwan, where Nancy Pelosi landed today.
Maybe sober, maybe not.
You never know.
Given the way she was carefully walking down the steps, one might guess as to what her exact sobriety status may have been after her inside trading of the last month or so with her and her husband.
We'll be discussing that and the Ukrainian conflict as well, the risk of global famine connected to Ukraine, the risk of famine in Ukraine while it ships its own grain and it's out of Ukraine.
But that is for a little bit later on.
For another headline that will not surprise many listeners of this show, but may surprise many other people out there, that continue to be inundated with processed foods, another study shows just how damaging ultra-processed foods are to your physical well-being, and now revealing
It kind of creates idiocracy.
This was what was predicted by Mike Judge years ago in the film Idiocracy, the founder of Beavis and Butthead, the local Austin man, and other good shows that he's helped produce over the time period.
A great recent Beavis and Butthead about white privilege was particularly humorous and revelatory.
But in idiocracy, part of what leads to the degradation of the culture, the degradation of the intellectual capacity of the people, the degradation of their life expectancy, goes to food!
That they keep eating crap processed food and more and more and more of it.
Well, according to this study, eating ultra-processed foods for more than 20% of your daily calorie intake every day, and by the way, that's a lot more than 20% for many Americans, they're stuffing it down the faces of working class people all across the country, could set you on the road to cognitive decline.
We all know ultra-processed foods that make our lives easier.
And again, this is the constant temptation.
Convenience in exchange for corruption.
That's what YouTube does in offering people to go to YouTube rather than, say, Rumble or other independent platforms or locals or other places like that.
The same mindset.
It's called convenience in exchange for corruption.
That such as pre-packaged sauces, frozen pizza, ready-to-eat meals is not good for our health.
Nor is gobbling up a wide range of the foods that they feed to us on such a regular basis at your local convenience store or gas station.
But studies have found they raise your risk of heart problems, circulation problems, even they can raise the risk of cancer and shorten our life expectancy.
But a new study revealed eating more ultra-processed foods contributes to overall cognitive decline, including the area of the brain involved in executive functioning.
In other words, the very part of the brain that governs the ability to process information and make decisions is the exact part of the brain these ultra-processed foods target, damage, and it can even destroy.
That helps explain where we are at.
And that is why InfoWars and Alex Jones has always been behind independent content creators, but also independent sponsorship of those independent content creators.
Not a big pharma, big food industry, big corporate backed sugar daddy, but instead allowed the audience
To pick and decide what content it wanted by supporting which products it wanted.
And it was products that make you healthier.
Products that are not ultra-processed foods.
Products that are not Big Pharma created in some factory someplace.
But instead are products made from natural ingredients that improve your life.
That's why I say InfoWarsStore.com makes you healthier, wealthier, and wiser.
It's why I have been a patron for many, many years.
Not only to support the independent content creation and the independent voice of the InfoWars audience, to make sure you have access to it, to make sure you can share it, to make sure you are better informed and are way ahead of the curve at knowing information like that than the ordinary American is, but are actually healthier and wealthier in the process.
How so?
You're wealthier because it's at a competitive pricing product and it improves cognitive functioning rather than hurting cognitive functioning.
It makes you healthier because the way it does so is makes your body healthier, makes your brain healthier.
Things like...
We're good to go.
The products you're buying improves cognitive capacity rather than what big pharma, big news, big media is selling.
When they're out there advertising, they're not only promoting their controlled corporate narrative, they're also promoting products that literally make you dumber.
If you want to know how we got to where Joe Biden is, and who Joe Biden is, and the fact that he is president of the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world, then you need to understand more broadly, not only the corruption of institutional narratives, but the corruption of the crap they are literally feeding us.
They are literally giving us.
They are literally putting into our bodies and our bloodstreams and our brain.
That's what they're doing.
They're trying to create an idiocracy and in the process we have an idiotic president as a head of this new idiocracy.
They want to devalue our lives to treat us as more controllable, subversive cattle rather than the independent, conscious, freedom-loving, liberty-oriented human beings we naturally and natively as Americans are.
That is why it's so important to have a holistic approach to your information source processing by not only improving your understanding of the world, but improving your cognitive capacity and your bodily health and your longevity by shopping at places like Infowarsstore.com, where you can get products that make you healthier, wealthier, and wiser.
Now, who is it, healthier, wealthier, and wiser, is Joe Biden, but also Nancy Pelosi, who made a little trip to Taiwan today.
First said she was going to do it, then not do it, then was doing it, then was on the schedule, then was off the schedule, then was back on the schedule.
What exactly is going on there?
Some believe it's simply a feint, as Jack Posobiec and others have noted.
The Bidens, the Pelosi's, are probably there just to pick up the cash that Hunter Biden can't make a trip for because he's too busy recovering in rehab or doing his latest round of drugs and hookers.
From others' perspective...
It is part of a deep state agenda to keep China as subservient to the globalist deep state, to the George Soros's of the world, to make sure they don't stick their head up too high to think that they are independent of the globalist order that uses them, and more so than China uses the globalists.
To others, it is even a part of the military-industrial complex and the defense industry that wants another war to prove of its capacity, the utility of its weapons.
After all, what good are weapons without a war?
War is what sells weapons.
And the reality is Afghanistan turned out not to be a great sales pitch.
Both Iraqs turned out not to be a great sales pitch.
Syria turned out not to be a great sales pitch.
Libya turned out not to be a great sales pitch.
And now even Ukraine is turning out not to be the poster for the defense industry that they wanted and planned for it to be.
So maybe they need another war at a bigger scale.
All out on the South China Seas to justify and warrant their very large budgets to help the lobbyists and ex-senators and ex-congressmen and everybody else connected to what Eisenhower warned about back in 1961 as the military-industrial complex.
That, too, might be part of the explanation for what is happening in China and Taiwan.
And then we have China's perspective as well as Taiwan's perspective.
What exactly is Taiwan seeking to obtain?
What exactly is China seeking to obtain?
How do they see one another?
How do they see themselves?
Because all of this will factor in to how much risk do we face that we are going to enter World War III with a global nuclear power between the United States and China.
Are people misgaging their military power and prowess?
Are people misgaging the diplomatic situation and circumstances?
Are people misinterpreting their local political interest and influence?
Are people misgaging the impact and influence and ramifications of the Ukrainian war and the economic war fallout from the disaster of the globalist effort to crush Russia?
All of that we're going to discuss and more after we get back from the break.
Whether or not there's real risk of World War III, whether or not we're back
Where World War I all started.
Back in the Balkans, where there's potential risk of war there as well.
We'll be discussing that, plus all the issues coming up on Election Day, for you wherever you may be in the country, if you may be in one of those states voting.
But remember folks, make yourself healthier, wealthier and wiser.
Go to Infowarsstore.com right now.
And make yourself a better person.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting.
It's not only the bad food and bad pharma that's making us dumber, it's part of our cultural and educational institutions that are about indoctrination rather than about education.
But if you want any doubts about how dumb our current president is, our leader of a modern-day idiocracy, listen no further than Joe Biden's own words.
Let's play the clip.
I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
All men and women created by God, you know the thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
The Me Too movement has forced a cultural reckoning around the issue of sexual violence and harassment against women in America.
No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger.
And so we have to just change the culture.
And keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
We have this notion that somehow if you're poor, you cannot do it.
Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.
Wealthy kids.
Asian kids.
Black kids.
I don't really mean it, but think how we think about it.
So ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
And why should the voters believe that you can win the national election?
I was a Democratic caucus.
Edmundo caucus.
You're a lying, dark-faced pony soldier.
No, you haven't.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
Hi, what's your mark today, Jack?
Uh, look, uh, look, here's the deal.
I'm not voting for you.
Well, I knew you weren't, man.
You think I thought you'd stand up and vote for me?
You're too old to vote for me.
I'm not sedentary.
I don't, I get up and, and, and... No, let, let, let, let him go.
Let him go.
Look, the reason I'm running is because I've been around a long time and I've known more than most people know.
And I can get things done.
That's why I'm running.
And you want to check my shape on him?
Let's do push-ups together, man.
Let's do this run.
Let's take him on a pizza.
Let's do whatever you want to do.
So ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
But the Taoiseach knows a lot about it.
His mom lived in Long Island for 10 years or so.
God rest her soul.
And although she's... Wait, your mom's still... Your mom's still alive as your dad passed.
God bless her soul.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb, and I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
Play the radio, make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb, and I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
Corn Pop was a bad dude, and he ran a bunch of bad boys.
And I did.
And back in those days, you see how things have changed?
One of the things you had to use, if you used pomade in your hair, you had to wear a bathing cap.
And he cut off a six-foot length of chain.
He pulled up, he said, you walk out with that chain.
And you walked out of the car and said, you may cut me, man, but I'm going to wrap this chain around your head.
So I walked out with the chain.
And I walked up to my car.
And those days, you used to remember the straight razor, you'd bang them on the curb, get them rusty, put them in a rain barrel, get them rusty.
And it'd get hot, I got hairy legs that turned blonde in the sun.
And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight, and then watch the hair come back up again.
They'd look at it.
So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb, and I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
Thank you, uh, Dr. Pepper, and thank you, Chancellor, er, Dr. Paper, and thank you, Chancellor.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb, and I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
We choose unity over division.
We choose science over fiction.
We choose truth over facts.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
We've acted together.
We have never, never, never been unable to overcome whatever the problem was.
If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight.
Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
I've done some dumb things, and I'll do
You got the first sort of mainstream African American who was articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy.
I mean, that's a storybook.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
I've done some dumb things, and I'll do dumb things again.
You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.
I'm not joking.
So ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
Stand up, Chuck.
Let him see you.
Oh, God love you.
What am I talking about?
I tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up, though, pal.
Thank you very, very much.
I tell you what, stand up for Chuck!
So ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
Look, John's last minute economic plan
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
I wonder how the hell my parents did it, but that's a different story.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
I've done some dumb things and I'll do dumb things again.
That was near the end of the Biden for president campaign when reporters were starting to uncover, you know,
Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
And the other question is, could you quickly... I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect.
And I'd be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours if you'd like, Frank.
So ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
And I'll do dumb things again.
Well, with these two folks that you're about to meet, if you haven't already, there's no doubt about them staying oiled and lubricated here.
So ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
And I've done some dumb things.
I'll do dumb things again.
Now for you who are not full Irish in this room, lubricating has a different meaning for us all.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.
Indeed, as Joe Biden said it in his own inimitable words, he is dumb.
He's done dumb things.
He'll do them again.
Unfortunately, now he's doing it and delivering it in the presidency of the United States of America.
This is someone who is a walking, talking dementia candidate, someone who needs a free ticket to the long-term care facility, not someone who should be in the White House governing our most critical, essential decisions governing the globe.
And that is why and how we've got to where we've got.
But we got there by the degrading of the quality of our institutions, the degrading of the quality of the information provided by our commentariat and by journalists, and we got there by even the decline in the quality of what we provide in terms of our food and in terms of our medicines.
We shifted away from the natural to the unnatural, from the unprocessed to the processed, from that which God made to that which man made, and in the process we did not improve our well-being.
When we come back, after the break, we'll discuss whether or not, with dementia candidate Joe, are we heading to World War III?
What's the risk of it?
In the Balkans?
In China?
Or in Ukraine?
When we come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, the fourth and final hour, here with Robert Barnes, guest hosting.
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In that capacity, there's been talk about the new bill that's being proposed by the Biden budget and Joe Manchin's deal.
Some additional facts have come out about why Manchin cut that deal.
It appears that Joe Manchin got a deal for a special gas pipeline to be finished in West Virginia in exchange for his final sign-off on the Biden budget bill.
But more information continues to come out on who its true tax impact falls upon.
And that is a lot more middle-income families in America than was originally suggested.
Also disproportionately falls on manufacturing industry in America.
So again, it's basically taking money from American middle-class families, American manufacturers, and shifting it to Democratic donors in special climate energy spending and tax credits.
But that's not all.
Buried into the bill, one of the biggest beneficiaries is the same biggest beneficiary of the recent $1.2 billion lottery winner.
It turns out the $1.2 billion lottery winner is going to have to pay most of that money to the tax man, especially the IRS.
Indeed, it turns out the IRS is the ultimate beneficiary of the Illinois Lottery and the multi-state lottery that awarded that record-setting $1.28 billion recently, as almost $700 to $800 million somehow is going to go to the IRS's coffers.
But that's not the only place.
They're the biggest beneficiary.
Buried in the Build Back Better version number 222, agreed to by Senator Joe Manchin, but not yet Senator Sinema out of Arizona, big elections upcoming in Arizona, we'll be talking about in the next segment, is a massive spending increase and massive hiring campaign for one and only the Infernal Revenue Service.
That's right, they're going to unleash the IRS on ordinary people all across America.
Anyone that has followed the IRS cases, they tend to disproportionately target people of politically dissident beliefs.
Look no further than the IRS Commissioner, Lois Lerner, who managed to be in contempt of Congress without any criminal prosecution, without any criminal punishment, in fact, without any legal consequence at all.
When she hid from Congress and lied to Congress about a range of information about her office during the time period Obama and Biden were last in office,
In her Commissioner term at the IRS, targeting people because of their political beliefs.
Indeed, I brought the biggest Bivens class action in American history against the IRS for its misuse and abuse of the Obamacare provisions about healthcare, which was gathering up, seizing, stealing, and spying upon to surveil the medical records of individual Americans all across the country.
Indeed, they had seized more than 60 million medical records of more than 10 million Americans, including Hollywood directors, Hollywood actors, Hollywood screenwriters, state and federal judges, baseball players, you name it, under the guise of Obamacare enforcement, creating kind of a J. Edgar Hoover's wet dream of an extortion and blackmail file.
Well now the Biden administration's intention is to weaponize the IRS not only with more legal tools and machinery but with literally more people machine tools and machinery.
IRS has been on a spending spree of late buying million rounds and plus of ammunition.
What do they need ammunition for?
The IRS's ability to expand into this space will inevitably and inescapably be misused and abused to target political dissidents and others disfavored by the Biden administration, as we have already witnessed with the political weaponization of the Justice Department as exposed this past week.
In the various whistleblower reports, both to Senator Grassley and to Congressman Jordan, that detail the scope and scale to which the FBI, on a daily basis, all the way down to the line-level FBI agent, is being coerced into pushing a politicized agenda, a politically weaponization of the prosecutorial process of the federal police power, in order to target those that are politically disfavored.
Indeed, a man went to federal prison yesterday for seven years,
Who never didn't even enter the core part of the Capitol grounds for his January 6th simply being anywhere near the Capitol on January 6th.
Merely for ideas they think he may have been, he may have had to do something he didn't actually even do.
Seven years in federal prison.
While federal lawyers, high-ranking law enforcement, FBI, Justice Department lawyers caught
Forging and fraudulently doctoring documents and perjured testimony to the most powerful secretive court in the world, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, to spy on a political opponent and adversary in order to effectively derail their campaign and then engage in ongoing coup attempt after he got elected, that lawyer didn't serve a single day in federal prison.
That disparity can be likely re-examined and re-witnessed and re-experienced in the IRS context.
Now, of course, you should know your rights against the Internal Revenue Service.
I've been doing tax cases going on two decades plus because of how often they target people for political reasons and because of how frequently they misuse and abuse constitutional rights and civil liberties of the people they target.
But uniquely under the criminal tax laws, debt and dissent are not the grounds of criminal punishment or prosecution.
For that reason you have what's called a good faith defense and a reliance defense.
That is that if you rely on attorneys or advisors or accountants or anyone else for your understanding of the tax laws, that is in any capacity to your understanding a tax professional,
Then that is a complete good faith defense against criminal prosecution or punishment in the tax arena.
The same is true in terms of the good faith defense in terms of your own subjective beliefs, regardless and independent of the source of those beliefs.
If you have a sincere good faith belief that your conduct is complying with the tax laws, then once again dissent
I don't know.
Even if it turns out your attorney, your advisor, your accountant was wrong in the reliance context.
Even if it turns out the court says that your beliefs about the tax law were also wrong.
If you sincerely and in good faith believe them, then it is a complete, full, and robust defense.
We're good to go.
I'm good.
We're good to go.
That that 15% corporate minimum income tax actually erases other deductions and exceptions under the existing tax laws that will disproportionately and desperately fall on small and medium-sized manufacturers in America.
In other words, one more attempt to punish American manufacturing to the reward of the financial, insurance, real estate crowd that are the principal donors of the Democratic Party, and also the principal people, culprit and connected, to shipping our jobs to China.
Which will bring us to our topic, and when we come back after the break, will Pelosi's trip to Taiwan be a potential trigger for global war?
Will the Balkan conflict that has re-sparked in Kosovo get us back to war in Balkans and maybe across Europe and the globe?
Are we facing a risk of global famine or global war related to Ukraine and Russia?
When we come back we'll be discussing that as well as Election Day and more.
So bring back and come back right after the break to find out what is our risk of facing global war anytime soon.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show in the fourth and final hour.
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting.
Up a little bit later in this segment, we're going to be discussing our risk of World War III.
But up first, let's talk about Election Day in America and different places across the country.
Elections in the state of Washington.
Elections in the state of Arizona.
Elections in the state of Michigan.
Elections in the state of Kansas all have great consequence potentially to our electoral and political future.
First up is Kansas.
In Kansas a major vote will take place on whether or not there is a right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution.
Those voting yes on the amendment would make clear that there is no such right to an abortion under the Kansas Constitution, and instead it will be up to the Kansas legislature, those elected by the people and the Kansas governor, to pass legislation governing the future of abortion in that state.
I believe that to the surprise of many in the media and in the betting markets, that the yes vote will succeed and prevail.
And if you're in Kansas, I encourage you to go out and vote yes on that amendment, at least I personally.
It looks like one of the pro-impeachment members of Congress may go down to ignobious defeat, following the pattern of his prior members that similarly voted for impeachment.
And we hope that Meyer will face defeat, and I believe he will, from a betting or political prediction perspective.
And if you're in his district, in the Western District of Michigan, go out there and vote for Mr. Gibbs against Mr. Meyer.
Similarly, in the state of Washington, two congressmen who voted for Mr. Trump's impeachment are up for re-election.
They have a unique system in Washington that basically entails a runoff system between the top two vote-getters.
There have been all kinds of shenanigans in both congressional districts trying to mislead the voting electorate into allowing the corrupt incumbent, pro-impeachment Republican incumbent, to make it to the runoff.
We'll see if that happens.
But particularly, one of the best candidates in the country running for Congress is running against one of those pro-impeachment congressmen, and that is candidate Joe Kent.
So if you're in his district, I encourage you to go out and vote for him and encourage others to do so.
And I believe that, in fact, he will be in the runoff and will ultimately prevail in November, regardless of who his opponent may be.
A major gubernatorial and Senate primary race, along with other elections, are up for office.
Carrie Lake is one of the most Trumpist, populist candidates for governor in the country.
Hopefully she will win, and win easily.
And the same is true for Blake Masters.
Blake Masters has taken a position hostile to China, that wants to put real borders in terms of immigration, wants to be able to fight back on the culture wars,
We're good to go.
One of the big issues to watch in Arizona is the margin of victory of Blake Masters and Carrie Lake, if it is double digits or more, will show that the new Trump working class populist coalition, a working class coalition that includes African Americans, Mexican Americans, Venezuelan and Cuban Americans, people from all across the country of every ancestry and religious background,
Who are only united by their love for America and for populist principles and constitutional governance.
If that group turns out in a real number, and the GOP rhino establishment is hoping they don't, if they do, you will see it reflected in what happens on the Kansas abortion amendment.
You will see it reflected in the margin by which Peter Meyer loses in Michigan.
You will see it reflected in the degree to which Blake Masters and Carrie Lake win by big margins in Arizona.
So that is a key thing to watch.
I can tell you that there's some nervous Nellies in the power corridors in Washington, D.C.
from K Street to Wall Street watching these elections and the margins thereof to see how much the populist insurrection is coming to America and how much Trump's revenge will continue to be revisited on these wayward congressmen who voted for a false, frivolous, and fraudulent impeachment.
In the same capacity, in the same context, many of these Trump haters, many of these pro-impeachment voters, are the same people who cheer on and continue to whore for war around the world.
No less a place of that, of course, has been in Ukraine.
But in Ukraine, according to the United Nations itself, one-third of the population is unable to feed themselves with a satisfactory basic ingredients for a daily food budget.
While they are busy shipping away their grain away from Ukraine.
In the same capacity a global famine potentially faces us throughout parts of Asia, Africa, Central and Latin America.
That is why it is always a wise idea with the dramatically spiking food prices with risks of major food shortages
That may even hit the United States of America.
Did anybody predict or forecast the baby formula shortage that took place in America?
Actually, one place did.
Alexander Mercorus of the Duran, that you can find at theduran.locals.com, talked about it several months before.
But only independent information sources, like InfoWars, and like the Duran, brought that information and intel to you.
So that is why you can continue, and I always recommend anybody have, some amount of storable food available, even if it's not for a global food crisis, even if it's not an inflationary crisis, for something that's simply as simple as a natural disaster that hits, or for riots that suddenly rage throughout a community, both of which we saw on a massive scale across the United States of America just two years ago.
I don't know.
But what is the risk of global war?
Well, in the Balkans we have the risk of global war as the UN continues to use Kosovo as a wedge against Serbia.
Serbia is not part of the European Union.
Serbia is not part of NATO.
Serbia is aligned with Russia.
Serbia is aligned with independence.
Serbia's politicians are dominated by populist politicians.
And for that reason, consistently, the EU and the European Union and NATO have used Kosovo, a breakaway republic whose independence they recognized in a legally questionable manner under international law.
Indeed, if you apply the same principles...
The EU applied to Kosovo that Russia would like to have applied to the Donbass, then the independence of the Donbass would have to be recognized.
Yet, of course, the West takes inconsistent and contradictory positions on those two areas and regions of the world for politicized purposes.
Throughout its history, Kosovo and the Albanian population within Kosovo
We're good to go.
And of course, wars in the Balkans have had a bad habit and a bad history of extending and expanding throughout Europe or the entire globe.
We need look back only a century to World War I for that historical example.
So that risk is there for the moment.
Serbia, the Kosovo has backed down of its...
Accelerationist and escalationist rhetoric, no less than Richard Grenell, who's often been pro-war in a wide range of contexts, anti-Assange, sporadically for Trump on other issues.
Grenell himself came out and said Kosovo is run by a fascistic regime, that's his own language, that the EU and Biden administration should not be getting in bed with because they'll trigger another global catastrophe like the Balkans have in the past.
That is only one of the risk points on the board.
Another of the flashpoints, of course, is China, where the Drudge Report is calling Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, one great step for mankind, or freedom, or whatever their latest bogus label is.
For those that don't know,
The Drudge Report, Matt Drudge, showed his control and authorship of the Drudge Report several years ago, and that's why you're not seeing a traditional populist-oriented Drudge Report, and have not for several years.
It is run by institutionalist, establishmentarian candidates and politicians and press who are interested in aligning with that part of the agenda.
Hence, they tend to highlight whatever the official, institutional narrative is for the day.
But what we are seeing is a continued effort of Pelosi and others connected to the Biden administration to try to trigger a possible global conflict in China.
One possibility is that this is all grandstanding for the purposes of a distraction from the disaster and debacle of the ongoing Biden administration and the democratic policy agenda, both economically and around the globe in terms of public health, in terms of public economics, in terms of public well-being.
Another interpretation is that it is part of the defense industry, deep state, military-industrial complex, wanting to show off its weapons of war, who believe, along with George Soros and some of the globalists, that China's gotten too big for its britches, that it's a factory worker that's sticking its head up too high, that it's no longer loyally subservient and isn't bowing on a continuous, routine basis to the George Soros and Klaus Schwabs of the world, and they're going to use American military prowess and power to reachieve that subordination.
We will soon find out.
And hopefully we won't find out in a hot shooting war.
But these days, anything can happen.
Because when you live in an idiocracy, idiots often bring about the worst possible public consequences.
As we have experienced too much in the recent and future and distant past.
Hopefully that will not be our future.
But remember everybody, continue to support InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com.
Continue to tune in.
Stay alive.
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