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Name: 20220726_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 26, 2022
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses InfoWars' legal battles and urges listeners to support the company by purchasing products and spreading information. He highlights the importance of their latest book "The Great Reset," which exposes globalist agendas, and encourages viewers to purchase signed copies as a fundraiser. The speaker also touches on various political news topics and promotes other InfoWars products available at infowarstore.com.

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The fact that I'm even here is going to send shockwaves to the establishment media because I'm supposed to be in court today with the rigged trial where I've already been found guilty by Democratic Party, George Soros-funded judge, where we can't even tell the jury she works for George Soros, or that we were defaulted, or hey, didn't you know there's a Seventh Amendment trial by jury to decide if I'm guilty?
Oh, they know what bases to cover.
They're gonna be freaking out.
The corporate media is so dumb.
There's gonna be headlines today.
Alex Jones on air when he's supposed to be in court.
And they're gonna be fools, because I'm gonna be in court.
We're taping it Monday night, dumbasses!
They're so dumb they're gonna watch the start of the show where I'm in studio, they'll already have articles everywhere before they figure out I taped this.
Because they are the kings of fake news.
They just take whatever's going on and comport it to whatever false reality they want.
That's not us.
They try to project on us that we're trying to lie when they wouldn't know the truth if it ran over them.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, July 26, 2022.
We're not supposed to be on the air.
July 26th, 1922.
We're not supposed to be out here.
We were supposed to be shot down already.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The New World Order is making its move.
Humanity is waking up fast.
The Great Reset's archenemy is the Great Awakening.
InfoWars is the recognized heart of the zeitgeist of the global Great Awakening, the anti-human tyranny of the New World Order.
And that's why they're fighting around the clock to silence us, so they can get to you.
But you've been backing us, you've been supporting us, and we're still here, thanks to your prayers, your word of mouth, and your financial support at infowarestore.com.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got so much to hit today, so much to cover, so much to lay out for you.
We've got all the big breaking news coming up.
But first, I want to talk big picture with everybody.
I'm going to play three clips when we come back in the next segment that illustrate why the enemy cannot have an Alex Jones, or a Tucker Carlson, or a Joe Rogan when he's got his head completely screwed on straight, or so many others.
Because when we have memories and remember the lies they told and how they changed their stories and then have a platform to show how they're doing 180s all the time, it's game over for them when they run these confidence games.
That said, as bad as I thought this country was off, as bad as I thought the world was off, I have gotten a real education the last four years dealing with the different Democrat-controlled jurisdictions like D.C.
and Austin, Texas, who are admittedly the two most tyrannical, authoritarian, weaponized judiciary in the nation, and perfected rigging juries and rigging trials and just you name it.
Steve Bannon got convicted for Saying he had executive privilege, which he clearly had, as an advisor to the President, by a D.C.
jury, and he wasn't basically allowed to talk at the trial.
The news said, oh, the judge said it wasn't important what he wanted to say, or what his lawyers wanted to say, to those people there accusing him as witnesses.
They said the facts were already clear.
That was in the news.
Steve Bannon not allowed to cross-examine, and the leftist media's like, well, of course, he's a bad person!
Remember when the head of the IRS under Obama was Doing audits of hundreds of thousands of conservative and Christian leaders and shutting down Christian 501c3s in churches that were conservative.
And I remember MSNBC said, Rachel Maddow said, well of course they are, they're Republicans, of course we're shutting them down.
So Steve Bannon could not cross-examine witnesses against him.
I mean, that is bedrock-tearing.
That is overthrow of the country.
Robert Barnes did a great job yesterday talking about it, going over it.
He worked on the case some a few years ago.
And archives of that are up at Bandot Video.
But it isn't about Alex Jones.
It's about us all and the attack we're under.
But it's on record.
The judge put an order out two weeks ago saying, you will not mention free speech and you will not say you're innocent.
And you won't say you're bankrupt.
It's incredible.
I didn't kill the kids at Sandy Hook.
Whatever you believe about that.
But now they've superimposed.
Owen Schroeder had the best analogy where Indiana Jones, where he's got the sand that's the same weight and he's got the idol because he's done the research that there's a weighted booby trap there.
And so he's got the sand and he puts the idol on right at the same time.
He removes the idol, puts the sand on.
And then he thinks he succeeded, and then he notices it failed, it wasn't the right weight, and then everything breaks loose.
And that's what the left's doing.
They're getting rid of all the due process, they are just steamrolling over any type of basic freedoms, not knowing they are making their own bed that they will be politically destroyed in the process of.
So this is them dying politically.
This is them collapsing.
This is the end of the dinosaur media.
The end of it all.
And I'm just honored to be their main enemy in the attack.
But we've got important work to continue.
So please spread the word about this live broadcast today.
Go to mfulworthstore.com where the new book is now available for pre-order.
We need the money right now.
Plus, it's a great book.
Everybody should have.
The Great Reset with Alex Jones.
war for the world.
It's Tuesday, July 26, 2022, and liberty is rising.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
They will never stop the human desire for liberty and justice and freedom.
They will never suppress our speech like a volcanic explosion.
We are unstoppable.
God's breath Fills our sails!
And if we weren't over the target, and if we weren't exposing and hurting the enemy, and the pedophile armies of the New World Order and their minions, we wouldn't be under attack.
But we are under attack.
Because we are battling these forces.
Make no mistake, the most hated broadcast in the world, you're tuned in to right now, because we're about to do something the enemies of freedom cannot survive.
No, we're not about to shoot them, we're not about to fireball them, we're not about to burn down their business or de-platform them like the left does.
We are about to show you just a small sampling of context and what they've done over the years and how they're constantly doing 180s.
They count on you not having a memory.
They count on us not having a will.
And they counted wrong.
So here is just a short smattering of the last few years of globalist minions like Biden and others saying, oh, the vaccine is 100% effective.
You can't get the virus.
You can't get sick.
You can't spread it if you take it.
And then the opposite is the truth.
It erases your immune system and gives you COVID.
They don't want this show here.
Because despite the fact that Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and Google, and YouTube, and all the rest of them, Reddit, you name it, are censoring this video clip, we're reaching millions of people on over 400 radio stations, over 100 TV and cable stations, and then millions that tune in at InfoWars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
And they are crapping their lying pants, the mercenaries that bought into this satanic new world order that all the people are learning were frauds.
Here's what they don't want you to see.
You're okay.
You're not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
Hey folks, guess you heard.
This morning I tested positive for COVID.
When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not gonna get infected.
Dr. Fauci says he has COVID again.
If you've done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID-19.
And this morning, I learned I tested positive for COVID-19 as well.
There's three doses that you can prevent it, not just from serious illness, but from getting this virus, this Omicron variant, and therefore giving it to others.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is in quarantine for seven days after testing positive to COVID.
I'm fully vaccinated, it gives me some comfort.
Anthony Albanese has just tested positive for coronavirus.
Having received two doses of AstraZeneca, it's a very effective vaccine, protection from symptomatic illness and therefore risk of transmission to others.
All lies.
A real vaccine may have side effects, may be tainted, but it's 100% effective from polio, smallpox, you name it.
Those are real vaccines where you give them an attenuated virus, your body learns how to beat it.
Unless it kills you in the process.
But it's real.
This is a gene therapy, it has nothing to do with that, and they all know it.
And I'll play a Fauci in a moment admitting it.
But they don't want you to see that.
You know, they mentioned Jacinda.
Arden over there in the total police state has the highest rate of death and illness in the world the highest rate of
Vaccine shots or fake vaccines and second is israel after that the second most injected
Uh, those are real numbers. They don't want you to look at just write down what I say and look it up
They can't stand it So here she is
Just recently saying do not listen to anybody but us and she put out the exact same propaganda
that you just saw in the clip.
In fact, she was in it.
You cannot get the virus.
You cannot spread it.
You cannot get sick.
If you take the shot, don't listen to anyone that tells you that.
This was like a year into them knowing it didn't work.
They always knew it didn't work.
Here she is.
...the most up-to-date information daily.
You can trust us as a source of that information.
You can also trust the Director-General of Health and the Ministry of Health.
For that information, do feel free to visit at any time to clarify any rumour you may hear.
covid19.govt.nz Otherwise, dismiss anything else.
We will continue to be your single source of truth.
We will provide information frequently.
We will share everything we can.
Everything you are, else you see, a grain of salt.
And so I really ask people to focus on that.
There was a very just example of that.
It appears to be this text which originated in Malaysia and has become a viral hoax in Australia and in New Zealand.
How irresponsible is it the people that are sharing that news of the lockdown imminent in New Zealand?
And look, that's the kind of thing that adds to the anxiety that people feel.
So I continue to share the message.
New Zealanders must prepare.
But do not panic.
And when you see those messages, remember that unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.
And I really ask people, just visit covid19.govt.nz.
It has all of the up-to-date information.
And we will continue to provide everything you need.
This is a total medical tyranny taking over.
A graduate of Klaus Schwab's Propaganda Bureau, he says he's one of his top agents, telling you, don't look what they say, just listen to me, even though it's all lies.
Now here's Fauci testifying back in 1999, and there's a longer 20-minute interview of it, admitting why they couldn't put out an experimental AIDS vaccine, HIV vaccine, because it would kill you.
But decades later, he just says, ignore all that, let's just do this.
Here it is.
Many scientists are beginning to believe that a vaccine against AIDS may be impossible to make and too dangerous to test.
If you take it and then a year goes by and everybody's fine, then you say, okay, that's good.
Now let's give it to a 500 people.
And then a year goes by and everything's fine.
Say, well, then now let's give it to thousands of people.
And then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose.
And then what have you done?
All hell to break loose!
Exactly the real projections from the former head of Pfizer, chief scientist, all of them is massive heart attacks, blood clots, infertility the first few years, then massive mutations and cancer four to five years, and just total death of those that have taken it within ten.
Because it turns out Obama tested at the University of Texas Over a decade ago, these exact mRNA injections on rats and a bunch of other mammals that are similar to humans in our physiology, and it caused unbelievable death.
Because remember, a rat only lives 10% as long as a human.
But it's very similar to us sore pigs, they found, on how it affects them.
It's just compacted so you can do a quicker test and see what it does.
With humans, you've got to wait 20, 30 years to see what's going to happen.
Oh, with a rat, a couple years.
Because with a rat, 2-3 years is like 30 years.
Like with a dog or a cat.
I mean, wow!
These people are damn monsters and that's why they don't want us on air to just show you that and break down all of this information.
Now when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, I mean, all hell is breaking loose around the world with the economy.
The attacks on freedom are just becoming even more insane than ever.
But I want to play a very important short clip when we come back that really illustrates why they want us off air.
Because I did a little rant last week that got 10 million views on Twitter.
I didn't even track other places.
It was like everywhere.
But it sounded crazy.
But listeners went and they just put documents and articles of everything I said, which you can do.
And sometimes I'm wrong, like, you know, three, four percent of the time.
And it's almost always because I underestimate how bad it's going to be.
Usually it's I'm underestimating.
But you don't need me to tell you about that anymore.
You're watching them turn off your energy.
You're watching there be no baby formula.
You're watching them censor everybody.
You're being censored.
You're watching pedophiles come to your school and demand access to your children.
You're watching.
Our government fund real Nazis hiling Hitler in Ukraine.
You are seeing it for yourself.
And the good news is you fought hard, and we're still in there because of it.
But I'm asking you now, more than ever, to spread the word about Infowars, because our time is here.
People are ready to listen.
They wanted us off the air a long time before we got to this point, because they knew, well, once we launch the operation, it's everything this guy said, he'll have credibility.
Well, guess what?
Slugs, we're still on air and our credibility is going straight up like a Saturn rocket.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Bandot Video. We are tomorrow's news today and you are the front lines
of the fight battling this anti-human 2.0 Nazi system. Well, I am fired up and very,
very blessed to be here on this Tuesday Worldwide Transmission.
And the fact that I'm even here is going to send shockwaves to the establishment media, because I'm supposed to be in court today with the rigged trial where I've already been found guilty by Democratic Party, George Soros-funded judge, where we can't even tell the jury she works for George Soros, or that we were defaulted, or, hey, didn't you know there's a Seventh Amendment trial by jury to decide if I'm guilty?
Oh, they know what bases to cover.
They're going to be freaking out.
The corporate media is so dumb.
There's going to be headlines today.
Alex Jones on air when he's supposed to be in court.
And they're going to be fools because I'm going to be in court.
We're taping it Monday night, dumbasses!
They're so dumb, they're going to watch the start of the show where I'm in studio, they'll already have articles everywhere before they figure out I taped this.
Because they are the kings of fake news.
They just take whatever's going on and comport it to whatever false reality they want.
That's not us.
They try to project on us that we're trying to lie when they wouldn't know the truth if it ran over them.
Sorry, I'm pontificating.
Let's go to this little clip that a listener put together.
Alex Jones on the Brave New World.
It's on Twitter for now.
They'll probably take it down.
I guess a larger podcast I haven't seen where they took everything I said and added documents to it.
But here's what they don't want, is they don't want you looking at what I say.
Because 95% of the time you're going to find out it's dead on.
Here it is.
They expect to have a world government in which they are in control.
Where he went into the stacks at the UN, actually got the documents, in the 60s at the Club of Rome meetings, where they said, we're going to promote homosexuality, we're going to promote humans being sexless, that's also in Brave New World, 1932.
People say, how did he predict so much?
Well, Huxley, before he died in 61, he wrote a book about it, Brave New World Revisited, non-fiction.
He said, no, this is an actual plan, hatched by the British Empire model, That was commissioned by Sir Francis Galton in 1855 with the Royal Commission.
So we're living in a royal commission where the British Empire said, we want biometrics, we want things called computers, and we want to be able to learn the secrets of the human genome, and we want to be able to program humans to basically be manufactured in factories.
And you're like, wait a minute, they didn't discover the DNA until the 40s.
No, they didn't, folks.
The double helix in the ancient Sumerian text Babylonian and Egyptian and Greek is two stacks intertwined.
They actually, Galton invented biometrics, invented the idea of computers, and they had hidden knowledge, going back that Plato didn't publish, that they held on to about advanced civilization that was here before.
And they had maps of the world, and they knew all that stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
They just kept the public dumb, Because they didn't want the public to understand it, know it, and then Christians with the Gutenberg press and the printing press began the Renaissance 550 years ago and the New World Order has been playing catch-up and trying to suppress it ever since then.
So we innately See movies with robots and spaceships, and it feels so familiar, it feels so yesterday, because it's epigenetics, ladies and gentlemen, that this planet is not the first rodeo.
And that's what they know.
They don't laugh at this, they all know that.
And so, it's here.
The second Atlantis.
And you know how Atlantis ended.
At Subscribestar.com slash Irwin's Real News.
Good job, Irwin's Real News.
I'm going to go watch that.
I haven't had time yet.
But I'm told they took everything we said and just found documents to it, which is mainline, not debated.
Galton goes, there's a double helix.
We'll create computers and biometrics and control them all and breed them into suboid slaves and get rid of the sexes.
And they're like, yes, sir.
You know how Galton did it?
Mainline history.
You want to look it up?
Astral projection off-world entities telling them how to do it.
Yeah, the transmission.
It just confirms the whole Bible and everything else.
They didn't pull this out of their rear end, ladies and gentlemen.
They pulled it right out of the inter-dimension warp.
So, there's a satanic broadcast and there is a godly broadcast of what makes us strong and what makes us good.
Now, radio listeners won't be able to see this, but I'm going to describe it.
This is a beetle that weighs maybe 5% and is maybe 10% the weight of a big robot beetle of the same type.
It's an emperor beetle, I forget the name, attacking it and this little beetle overturns it.
Scientists don't know how an ant can pick up something 20 times its weight.
It's magic, folks.
They're so incredible.
And so I want to show you this beetle overturning Satan's AI.
Then I want to show you the New World Order showing you what a supposedly a woman is.
It's pretty nightmarish.
And then Matt Gaetz has the answer to how to respond to all this here at us.
And then there's this.
This is Satan telling us that some disgusting old man trying to act sexy is a woman.
And again, this fruitcake, I don't dislike this person, I don't hate him, but this is what they force feed us is stuff we don't want, we don't need to poison the well.
He'll probably end up being the head of the nuclear weapons like the other guy is.
We're the deputy head of the Department of Health.
They want lunatics.
There's only a lunatic that would go along with this.
So stop apologizing to them.
Stop backing down.
Stop letting them bully you.
Like Matt Gaetz said, you go to a pro-abortion rally, it's the most utterly disgusting people ever.
Just be honest about them.
No one wants to have sex with these women.
Stop apologizing.
That's not a woman.
That's what I'm talking about with Matt Gaetz right here in a moment.
Is it safe to say that based off of your comments, you're suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?
What do you say to people who think that those comments are offensive?
Be offended.
Is it safe to say that based off of your comments, you're suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?
What do you say to people who think that those comments are offensive?
Be offended.
Is it safe to say that based off of your comments you're suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?
What do you say to people who think that those comments are offensive?
Be offended.
You know, that's so important what he said.
It's the key to everything.
Three times isn't enough.
Let's play it again.
Is it safe to say that based off of your comments, you're suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?
What do you say to people who think that those comments are offensive?
Be offended.
You see, these are bullies.
These are mind controllers that pick the most outrageous, insane stuff to henpeck us into submission.
And when we give in to that and let them do all this crazy stuff, they win.
They're in charge.
They're the authority.
They tell you what you can hear, see, or what you can do.
They tell you what you should believe.
And instead you say, okay, be offended.
I mean, listen, I'm not offended.
I used to look like a Calvin Klein model.
And then over the years, worked so hard, did so much stuff while stressed out, that I became a disgusting fat blob!
And I go up in weight and down in weight, and I'll say, I'm Jabba the Hutt, I got a pumpkin head!
Ha ha ha, I'm a fat ass!
I don't care, it's my intellect that matters!
And if people call me a fat ass, I'm not offended, because it's their right to say it!
And I go, damn, I better do some more push-ups!
I guarantee you this, I'd like to tear your jaw off your head, still.
The whole point is, is that I am thriving and the New World Order is dying.
And we need to stop being intimidated by them and say the truth.
Because they're bullies and they're control freaks and they're evil and they're scum.
And at the top, they are pedophiles.
All these people we're battling on the left, their leadership, are child raping demons.
Remember, the people that attack us are pedophiles and they will pay!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
Stay in attack formation.
Stay in attack formation.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We want to stop the Great Reset and the New World Order, and that's why they hate us.
And that's why they're so incredibly scared, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, this isn't about Alex Jones.
It's about you.
And it's about their admitted battle plan and a blueprint and a beta test to expand this attack against everybody.
And we already told you that four years ago with the deplatforming.
Here's the next level of it.
Look at these headlines.
How much will Alex Jones pay for lying about Sandy Hook?
A jury will soon decide.
Rolling Stone.
USA Today.
How much will Alex Jones pay?
Trial begins at where judge ruled he defamed Sandy Hook parents.
So USA Today actually tells you, but 99% of the articles, and there's thousands, thousands a day.
This is more propaganda than before they falsely invaded Iraq the first or second time.
Because they see me as the American people.
I'm not that important.
But they see my spirit, the spirit of this broadcast, your spirit, as their main enemy.
It enrages them!
Thousands of articles.
Every TV station in the country, mainline TV, just like the Twitter feed, just type in Alex Jones.
Hundreds of thousands of things a day, just like, I say thousands, I mean it's just... It's panic button!
Stop the people!
Stop the Midwest!
Stop the conservatives!
Stop the South!
Stop the blacks waking up!
Stop the Hispanics waking up!
Stop them!
Almost all the articles are, Jones faces a jury trial.
No, Jones is in a rigged system with a corrupt Soros judge that said we were guilty.
Same thing in Connecticut, coming up in a month.
And Jones is in a rigged situation.
He can't even defend himself, but he'll be arrested if he doesn't show up to it, the judge has said.
So, how much will Alex Jones pay?
Trial begins after a judge ruled he defamed Sandy Hook parents.
Now, they already ordered our financials a year ago, so they know I don't have any money.
That's why she's doing million-dollar fines and stuff.
But they're going to tell the jury I've got hundreds of millions of dollars.
They hope to just shut this operation down.
But as long as we stay on air, as long as we continue on, it'll just make us bigger.
But that's what these people are doing.
There's another one.
Oh, AP.
Jury selection starts for Alex Jones defamation trial.
It's not a defamation trial.
I was already found guilty.
The jury doesn't get to pick that.
The judge tells them how guilty.
So AP involved in the yellowest, piss-back form of journalism there is.
And it just goes on from there.
Robert Barnes covered the trial today.
He says, want to know how biased the Alex Jones jury pool in Austin is?
Not a single juror throughout the media has ever treated Jones.
Not a single juror thought, this is a question they were asked, the media had ever treated Jones or M4s unfairly or incorrectly ever.
This is the same media caught literally libeling Jones a half dozen times in this case.
Plaintiff's lawyers throw out the number they want the jury of 100 million.
That's like saying you're going to be shot 10 times or 500 times.
I mean, they don't have a million dollars.
That's why it's so funny.
Because we'll continue on, we'll be on air one way or the other, and they're not going to get any money because there is no money.
But they already know that, folks.
So here's what's going on.
I'm not going to give away our whole battle plan.
And I'm not going to sit here and tell our enemies what next moves we're going to make, but let's just explain this real simply, okay?
They messed around and threatened the wrong people, and I've already passed the test that I'm not going to back down.
And there's a lot of big people on the bench who are on the edge of getting off the bench, and this is going to take them off the bench.
I've got a great crew we need to keep employed, and this incarnation of enforcers is important, and I love it.
But like a grandparent that's going to die, sometimes that happens.
The point is, out of this, the phoenix will rise.
but to complete our future operations because of internal sabotage,
and the things I've learned of, is we're up against intelligence agencies.
We have a bind in funding, and thank God, it's like whoever gave us the big donations
knew exactly how far behind we were.
I didn't even know it till we had outside accounting firms come in.
So God working, Holy Spirit, whatever it was, it happened.
Well, now it's very simple.
If we just get a million extra dollars in the next couple months,
'cause we've got this trial, the next trial, any basic defense will tell you
it costs a million bucks in a big trial.
So we've got the money for the Austin trial, but not the money for the Connecticut trial, and I'm trying to budget stuff out and everything else.
If you'll just buy the book that everybody wants to get, if you will just simply support the broadcast, if folks will simply just spread the word, we're going to win big time.
But we are in a pinch.
Everybody should go to InfoWarsTore.com and get The Great Reset that ships out in late August, being printed right now, right here in America, and The War for the World.
This is the Great Reset book that gives all their quotes, all their battle plans, and how to stop them.
And even Steve Bannon read it.
He said, my God, this blows away all the other books on this.
How the hell did you write this?
Well, we just did all the research together, integrated it, and put it out, and it's all the Holy Spirit.
The Great Reset, it's simple.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com right now.
And order the book.
Want a signed copy?
Order that.
That's a fundraiser.
Get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt.
But get the great Reset Now and have this historical document to show others the battle plan the globalists have to attack you and your family.
You have a signed copy, and I'm gonna sign every damn one of them, is a fundraiser.
It takes a lot of money to fight a war.
The other book is less than half the cost of that unsigned.
That's also available.
at m4warstore.com. But it takes money to fight a war and I'll leave it on the field. I'm going to
go 110% to the end, whatever happens. But I know our greatest work is still to come and I don't
want to give in to these tyrants. So go now. Don't wait.
If you're watching or you're listening or however you see this, or you see this in a month, go to InfoWarsTore.com and get the Great Reset and continue to fund the operation of Selling the Truth and have the Enemy Playbook.
Have the enemy blueprint in your hand to know what's going on and understand it and get a couple copies and give it to
At the end of the day here, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be vindicated.
We've already been vindicated because the new order is coming down on us with everything they've got.
But we can't continue this fight without your support and out your funding.
And I again, salute you and I thank you.
But now is the time to share the articles and videos like your life depends on it because it does.
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Alright, taking the baton from Alex now, and let me just give a quick programming note.
As I said yesterday, I'll be filling in for Alex for the foreseeable future, as long as he's going to be in court every day dealing with this stuff, but tomorrow, I'm going to be in court as well, and so Bob Barnes is going to be hosting the Alex Jones Show.
We'll also have Christy Lee hosting the War Room, but that's the time we're in.
That is the part of the info war we're in right now, where Alex Jones and myself are constantly in and out of court, and I think this is like the third or fourth time this year now where both of us have been unable to be on air because we're in court.
But that's just the programming note for you right there.
So that you know what's coming up tomorrow.
Now, I have a desk full of the latest breaking news, and I'm gonna be on air with you till 6 p.m.
Central tonight, trying to cover all of it, as well as about 20 video clips.
I think I'll be able to get through all of it and have time for some phone calls.
But let's pick back up from the big story yesterday, which is the Biden administration Which is just floundering, like a fish out of water on a deck, flopping and floundering about, heaving for air, or water rather.
Where Biden is out with COVID, nobody has access to Biden, or cancer, I guess we don't know, nobody has access to Biden.
His doctor is MIA, and actual leftists And liberal journalists and Democrats are saying, hey, we have no access to Biden or his doctor.
What's going on?
We have to ask Jean-Pierre questions?
Hey, look, she's great.
She's gay.
She's an immigrant.
She's black and everything, but she's also an idiot.
So where do we go for answers here?
So they rewrite the definition of recession.
Everybody knows it's a recession.
It's always been understood two quarters in a row of GDP growth shrinking and I think the number they're expecting is like 2.2%.
It's gonna be like 2.5 to 2.2 or something.
The point is it's always been when you have two quarters in a row of your GDP number going down, that's the beginning of a recession.
It's always been understood that way.
It will always be understood that way, but because this administration is so desperate for any sort of a positive headline, they can't let the inflation and the recession story dominate heading into the midterms, even though it's the number one issue for most American voters.
So they have to lie about it, they have to rewrite definitions, and then they have The one IQ press secretary, the only one even available to take questions on this from members of the media, though they may be liberal Democrats, are much smarter than her and know that they're being basically treated like goons with this clown up there as the press secretary.
Biden M.I.A., Biden's doctor M.I.A.
And then you have the Biden cabinet, which is losing members.
Left and right, losing staff left and right.
It's a clown show, it's a disaster.
So they say, boy oh boy.
We can't have people know we're in a recession.
What happened when Obama got into office in 2008?
Immediately we went into a recession and that recession continued throughout his presidency.
As soon as Trump got into the White House, things turned around.
GDP started going up immediately.
Now Biden is in and it sinks down again.
Boy, if that's not the proof Obama is running the White House, I don't know what is.
But rather, it's the proof that the policies implemented by Democrats lead to a recession.
And of course it does, it's by design.
The entire philosophy is that America's too powerful, America's too prosperous, and now they have their propaganda campaign of man-made climate change to pepper on top of it and say, Not only do we just consider it bad for America to exist, now you're killing the planet by existing.
So, oh really?
You want to shrink America down to a pebble?
Of course the GDP is going to go down.
Of course you're going to be in a recession.
So, it's not working.
The media knows, though they're in the tank for Biden, that it's a recession.
Everybody knows that there's dramatic inflation.
The average consumer is getting hit now with the increases in the consumer price index.
The producers are all getting record producer price index increases as well.
But imagine, imagine I don't even know what the word is.
I mean, ludicrous?
Just outright lying?
Or shameless, rather?
Gas prices are still at record highs in this country.
Gas prices, on average, are still at record highs in this country.
And the Biden administration has the nerve to send out tweets And to send out press releases, and to have the press secretary go out and say, we're saving you money on gas.
We have lowered the gas prices.
They're still at record highs.
They were so off the charts, as far as the high prices were concerned, that yeah, they lowered them a little bit, still at a record high.
The gas prices are still at a record high, and the Biden administration is bragging about it.
Joe Biden brags about gas prices that are the highest in U.S.
history, is the perfect headline at the Gateway Pundit.
And then when Jean Pierre is asked about all this stuff, she just, she doesn't know anything, I don't know, I mean, look at me, I'm just a woman up here in a clown wig.
I'm not going to define it from here.
Corinne Jean-Pierre when asked, what is the White House's definition of recession?
Well, we don't know.
We're changing it every day.
It depends what the numbers we get are.
Then we'll decide what a recession is.
But it's not even really fair to call it a recession.
It's sabotage.
It's siege.
So, oh, gas prices hit a record high.
What does the Biden administration say?
We have no control over the gas prices.
It's the big oil companies.
It's Vladimir Putin.
There's nothing we can do.
And then gas prices go down just a tiny little fraction, a couple pennies.
And all of a sudden, look at what we've done.
We've saved you so much money.
Look at how great we are.
We lowered the gas prices.
First of all, they're still at a record high.
Second of all, last week you told me you had no control over the gas prices.
So what's exactly the story there?
You want to know how bad it is in the Biden administration, folks?
Do you want to know how bad it really is?
Jill Biden's press secretary to leave White House.
Jill Biden's press secretary to leave White House.
There's one obvious question here, and then the second follow-up question.
Why does Jill Biden have a press secretary?
Have you ever heard of Michael LaRosa?
Probably not.
Bet he gets a nice government contract, though.
I bet he has a nice, nice government taxpayer-funded salary.
So, why does Jill Biden have a press secretary is the obvious question.
And then the follow-up would be, so, This guy quit the job that doesn't even exist.
Things are so bad in the Biden White House that this guy quits the job that doesn't even exist.
It's the job where you show up to work and do nothing.
It's the job where you sit around and you get a paycheck.
And he quit!
That's how bad it is!
He doesn't even want free money!
He doesn't even want free money to be associated with this clown show.
Jill Biden's press secretary to leave White House.
I didn't even know you were here.
When did you even get here?
Who hired you?
You were collecting a paycheck?
Jill Biden's press secretary.
He quit.
Nobody even knew who he was!
He doesn't even do anything!
This administration is, this cabinet is empty, folks.
The cabinet is barren.
It's a total disaster.
And, I mean, you can sit here and say, look, it's a good thing, because you have a compare and contrast between the Trump administration and the Biden administration, but I mean, the Titanic is sinking and there's no lifeboats.
And I mean, it might get so bad, I don't even know if we can patch it up and get it to float again, where people that have jobs that don't even exist and take free money are quitting because it's so bad working for the Bidens.
There was an incredible admission on CNN last night that we all knew was the case Now they're just admitting it because things are coming off the rails so bad with the leftist liberal ideology and the Biden administration policies that they just can't hide it anymore or rather they can't fake it anymore.
So here's Cassie Hunt on CNN.
Telling the ultimate truth by accident.
You notice how liberals are doing this now.
They're telling the truth by accident because it's just, I mean, eventually when you have such conflicting ideologies and such conflicting rationales, yeah, eventually you're going to tell the truth by accident.
So you're seeing that more often now.
So here's the ultimate truth by accident by CNN's Cassie Hunt yesterday saying, guys, we can't fake it anymore.
panel. Crystal is a inflation affects every American directly. The Biden
administration is trying to point out the definition of a recession is
nuanced but I gotta tell you I struggle with this I get that why they want to do
it from a political perspective but like you can't fake this. No I was just I was
laughing at myself in my view. So there you go. You can't fake this. You can't fake this.
Every American is feeling the pain.
Every American is seeing their energy bill go up, their electric bill, their gas bill, their price at the pump, their grocery bill.
Every American is seeing that go up.
We can't fake this!
Why does she say that?
Why does she say we can't fake this?
Because they fake everything else!
They fake everything else!
She just admitted the big secret!
She just accidentally let the cat out of the bag!
We can't fake this one, guys!
I know we fake everything else.
I know we fake Russian collusion.
I know we fake Biden with 81 million votes.
I know we fake climate change.
I know we fake Uh, Gay Pride Month as perversion and sexualizing children.
Or rather, we disguise perverting children as Gay Pride Month.
I know we fake it all, guys!
I know everything we do is fake!
I know it!
And I know a lot of the time it works!
But we can't fake this!
But that's not gonna stop them from trying.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Cassie Hunt on CNN.
The Biden administration is going to try to fake this.
And you're going to go along with it.
You will go along with it because that's your job.
You're paid to fake it.
Let's get that one more time, guys.
So now that we have the context, the understanding, the breakdown.
They fake everything.
Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace.
Hunter Biden laptop, Russian disinformation, Putin price hike.
They fake everything.
And they get away with it.
But this recession thing, it hits every American.
So it's like, yeah, we...
So I mean, that's what she's saying.
Hey, gas prices are still a record high.
Maybe you shouldn't tell people that you're saving them money on gas.
Gas prices are still record high.
Maybe you shouldn't be bragging about lowering gas prices when they're still record high.
Or in other words, I know we fake everything else, but this one is a little too obvious to fake.
Let's hear it again from the CNN host.
panel. Crystal is a inflation affects every American directly. The Biden
administration is trying to point out the definition of a recession is
nuanced but I gotta tell you I struggle with this I get that why they want to do
it from a political perspective but like you can't fake this. No we can't fake this.
There it is again. I know we faked a pandemic and it worked.
I know we faked and lied about the Border Patrol agents using whips and
tried to ruin their lives and that was fake.
I know we fake hate crimes.
I know we fake pandemics.
I know we fake elections.
I know we fake news.
I know that everything we do is fake and most people fall for it.
I know, but this one we can't fake, guys.
This one we just can't fake.
Well, it's nice for Cassie Hunt at least to be accidentally telling the truth on CNN for once, admitting that they fake everything.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are at a historic, epic, paramount moment in the info war and the battle for the human soul.
And it truly was the best of times and the worst of times.
And as InfoWars and Alex Jones are going through our own trials right now, we're also going through our own tribulations.
Now this is amazing, folks, because part of the problem around here, you know, InfoWars has been so successful and so influential that our enemies look at us and they think we're some sort of like masterminds, master craftsmen.
In order to have the influence and success that we've had here, and they don't understand, we're just like berserkers.
We're just like raging maniac berserkers, just like frothing at the mouth at a war, and somebody just gives us like a cannon or something and just says, get out there.
We're like, yeah, let's go!
I mean, you've seen Alex over the years.
So, part of our problem here is that we're just such a, we're just such a berserker mentality in the info war that we really don't scheme or mastermind anything.
So, I mean, it's like by the grace of God and this audience and the support and the prayers, but it's really speaking truth to power.
But what am I talking about?
So, Alex Jones has a brand new book out.
We've been so busy, and such berserkers in the Infowar, we didn't even promote it!
Like, I mean, that's what I'm saying, like, that's a major failure.
We planned the book, he wrote the book, the book is ready to go, and it's like, we just totally forgot, like, oh, we forgot to promote it, oh yeah, this huge project, oops, slipped through the cracks, because we're just like, you know, the fog of war, the blood dripping over your eyes analogy, but, Here's what's incredible about it.
As soon as the book goes live on Amazon, it immediately tops the charts in multiple categories.
And again, nope!
We didn't promote it, we didn't... And that's the thing, like, they go, oh, how does InfoWars do all this?
The masterminds and the marketing and all that.
No, we're actually kind of a joke when it comes to that, to be honest with you.
Yeah, we're so good on air with our information and with our crew being so quick to the task that, yeah, that's the best out there.
But as far as, like, marketing and scheming and that kind of stuff, we're like, we're a joke, man.
It's actually sad.
But that's fine, we're not in it for money or anything like that.
So, okay, these things happen.
So, The Great Reset and The War for the World, the latest book by Alex Jones.
Of course, you can get it at Infowarsstore.com.
It is on sale there.
That's probably, it might be the cheapest you can get it is at Infowarsstore.com.
But, if you want to get into the book wars on Amazon, We don't like promoting it there because, well, obviously they're going to get their cut.
But as part of the culture war, perhaps we do promote it on Amazon because it was already in the top 100 books worldwide on Amazon's website as soon as it was released.
And then it hit a number one bestseller category in multiple In multiple subsections like movers and shakers or anti-fascism.
Yeah, actually Alex Jones is anti-fascist.
And I believe it's now actually like 76 overall in their entire book section on Amazon in the whole world.
So you can get it at Infowarsstore.com, The Great Reset and The War for the World by Alex Jones.
Or, if you want to take part in the Culture Wars on Amazon, you can go purchase it on Amazon.
Whatever, it's up to you.
But that is amazing.
That is a huge victory for us.
That is a huge victory for Truth.
That is a huge victory for this audience.
And, I mean, just think about it.
In the last week, and it's less than that, but we'll say in the last week, Alex Jones has had the number one trending pre-order movie.
Actually, the only movie that was beating it at the one time was the new Top Gun.
So imagine that.
Top Gun and then Alex Jones.
And now you have the Alex Jones book topping the charts as well.
Now here's why you celebrate that.
Here's why we celebrate that.
They want, folks, they've wanted us off air.
They've wanted us done, in jail, dead, no influence.
And yet, here we are, in a situation where they're trying to end the company.
I'll leave it at that.
I think you know what's going on.
And yet, we're still number one.
You see?
You see why they want Alex Jones off air?
You see why they want InfoWars shut down?
Because they can't have the evidence that their ideas are unpopular and that standing against the globalist ideas, standing against the liberal left fascism, they can't have the evidence out there that that's what people want.
So they have to remove InfoWars, remove Alex Jones from the marketplace, because it's the total evidence that no matter what you say about Alex Jones, no matter what you print, no matter what you put on TV, no matter what you do, still number one.
And they can't stand it.
So there you go, though.
You can get the new book, The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Now let's get back to the news here.
This is how bad it's getting in Biden's America.
This is a Virginia food bank, and just a quick clip from NBC speaking to families at the food bank in Virginia, which is so overwhelmed, folks, that they're going out of food in just hours every day.
Back in Loudoun County, Virginia, so many families are asking for help.
They ran out of food after 90 minutes today.
We are seeing 20 to 25 new families each week that are coming in that are new to us, that have never gotten our services before.
Now, I actually worked at a food bank one summer, for the entire summer, and they were never out of food.
And this was in kind of a, you know, impoverished area of St.
I mean, people were coming all the time.
People were donating all the time.
But we always had food on the shelves.
It was never a situation where if somebody came in looking for food, whether they had a scheduled visit or not, we always had food for people.
Well, that seems to be going away now, doesn't it?
And you know, it's just so frustrating understanding why this is happening and that it's by design.
They're going to shut off the energy?
They're going to shut off the gas?
They're going to shut off coal?
What do you think is going to happen?
That's like the blood of the body of our economy.
And they're taking the blood out of it.
What happens if you remove the blood from the human body?
Well, the body dies!
And so that's what they're doing to us now.
And slowly, but surely, it just gets worse and worse and worse.
And worse, until you wake up one day and you realize you have just been totally priced out of what used to be the ease of access marketplace.
Filling your gas tank, running your A.C.
all day, running your heat all day, driving whenever you want to drive or need to drive somewhere, going to the grocery store and getting your grocery list completed.
Slowly but surely, that's just being chipped away at, chipped away at, chipped away at.
And they campaign, and they promise that's what they're going to do.
But they disguise it, because they're not fully honest.
They say, oh, we're doing this to fight man-made climate change.
So then you feel good about it.
You're saying, oh, I'm fighting man-made climate change.
You don't realize that you're actually being extincted.
Elk Grove Food Bank may need to start buying food.
So the crew is just pulling up all these different stories now about food banks running out of food.
I'm telling you, I worked a whole summer at a food bank, never were even close to being out of food, folks.
But they lied to you and they told you, hey, we're just stopping man-made climate change, which doesn't even exist the way they're saying it does.
Really what they were telling you is, hey, we're just stopping man.
We're extincting man and we're moving on.
Alright, let's take a look at this stack of political news that I have in front of me here.
What are our dirtbag politicians up to?
Senate Democrats to introduce bill targeting illegal machine guns and this is actually in response to a bill that Thomas Massey proposed to protect gun modifications.
It got struck down.
It got voted down by every Democrat and a couple of Republicans.
Thomas Massey, the good guy in Congress, trying to protect our freedoms.
And now Democrats have introduced a new bill.
It's not about targeting illegal machine guns, folks.
I guess that's how the media is reporting it.
This is the Vice headline.
They are trying to make it illegal to do any modifications to your gun.
That's what it is.
They're making a bill making it illegal to do any modifications to your gun whatsoever.
And then they just say, well we're just blocking machine guns, and then you read into it and it's just any modification they say is illegal.
I mean, it's just nuts.
So, I mean, I see what the Democrats are doing.
Most people see what the Democrats are doing as far as the proposed gun legislation.
they're trying to nitpick with these bills that have very nuanced specific features of
they're saying this is illegal like a size a certain size magazine or this is illegal
with a certain modification or this is illegal with a barrel a certain length or what have
you and then you realize oh well they just made like half the guns illegal but see they
didn't have to actually make any of the guns illegal if they just make one part illegal
and this part illegal or this modification illegal or this length or that length and
then it's just oh half the guns are now illegal but of course that's illegal.
What they're doing is illegal.
They want you disarmed.
They want you dead.
They want you to be a victim.
They see a mass shooting and they celebrate.
Because they get to dance on the graves of those victims and cry gun control, disarm the people, let's have a bunch of slaves.
Because slaves aren't allowed firearms, you know, right?
You get that.
And then you see, oh look, this woman stopped a mass shooting.
Probably saved dozens of lives at a graduation.
A good person with a gun.
They don't care.
Oh look, Indiana Mall.
This psychotic killer probably would have killed 20, 30, 40 people in a mall.
Good guy with a gun stopped him before he could.
They don't care.
They want that good guy with the gun removed from the situation.
Now we'll come back to this later in my stack of the crime wave news that we have here.
But we continue with the political news, but just know Democrats are still trying to take your guns and make your guns illegal so that you can be a victim in the next mass shooting once they disarm all their slaves.
Democrat Party policy.
Now, you're not really seeing this news anywhere, folks, but this is the New York Times.
This is the New York Times.
Now, of course, Fox News and their hosts are mostly embarrassed because they cucked on election night and they cucked On January 6th, and they took the knee to the Democrat regime, they took the knee to the globalist establishment, the corporate global government establishment, and they said, Trump lost, Trump bad, Trump protesters, rioters bad.
Oh, but now we look back on it.
This is the New York Times.
Wisconsin Supreme Court prohibits the use of most drop boxes for voting.
So okay, they all admit now, the drop boxes, well not all of them, but some of the states, specifically the ones that were stolen from Trump, and they all know it, like Wisconsin.
They're saying, okay, we're not doing the Dropboxes anymore.
Maybe they saw 2000 Mules, the DVD documentary.
If you haven't seen it, you can buy it at Infowarsstore.com.
Highly suggest it.
It should be mandatory viewing for all students and schools.
See, they mandatory view Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, which, you know, quickly just to go off onto a jag for a second, it's come to a point now where I get off air and I get home and I watch all the primetime Fox News coverage and it's like they're covering everything that we just discussed that day.
Now I'm not saying they're just stealing our content or anything like that, whether they are or not it doesn't matter.
I'm saying that do you know what a relief it is to feel like you're out here trying to play catch with yourself?
And then someone else steps onto the field and catches it and throws it back to you?
So I turn on Fox News.
If you listened yesterday, I was covering Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.
He lied about everything.
You go watch Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth from, I believe, 2000.
Everything he said turned out to be wrong.
Literally, the entire documentary, everything he said was wrong.
And so I covered that yesterday.
I Go Home, Jesse Waters Prime Time, is actually playing the clips from Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth on his gigantic Fox News audience show.
And I'm just like, yes!
Expose these liars!
Expose these frauds!
But getting back to the point, they made Inconvenient Truth mandatory viewing in public schools.
And I remember when this was an issue, Because it didn't last very long, because people got upset.
They made it mandatory viewing in public schools, and then private schools will sometimes adopt what public schools are going, or there'll be a situation where the government basically offers you a bribe, or says, hey, we'll give a private school a grant.
We'll give you a federal grant or something, play this documentary, teach this, teach that, do this, do that, and then a lot of schools will do it.
And so, I don't know the exact story of what happened at my school, but they were considering doing the Inconvenient Truth Mandatory Viewing, and there was enough pushback or something happened, they never did it.
And I just kind of remember the controversy at the time as a kid.
But they made Al Gore's inconvenient truth mandatory viewing at public schools.
Everything he said in that movie turned out to be wrong.
But it's not that it turned out to be wrong.
It was all a lie.
Al Gore's a liar.
A con man.
But they made that mandatory viewing.
Let's make 2,000 mules mandatory viewing for kids in schools.
You think the Democrats would like that?
Now I'm being a little bit facetious here.
I mean, yeah, probably it should be mandatory viewing, but I won't play the political games like Democrats where we force students the information we want them to see to indoctrinate them, say, no, that's what Democrats do.
That's why they made kids watch An Inconvenient Truth.
But back to the point.
So, yeah, there it is right there.
Back in the day.
Oh, the film won an Oscar!
Oh my gosh!
The film won an Oscar.
I mean, it should!
It's a hell of an acting job.
He got on that, like, he had, like, the raising platform.
This thing was such a joke.
He gets on this raised platform, and he's like, and he, like, hits the button, and like, and he, like, goes up.
He's like, this is how hot the temperature will be.
He's like, I'm getting on an, I'm getting on an elevator platform to show you how high the temperatures will go.
And he, like, goes up, like, 80 feet in the air.
He's like, this is how high the temperatures are going to be!
He said, what year did he say?
I believe he said by 2020.
Al Gore said, in inconvenient truth, by 2020 every ice cap would be melted.
Oops, the ice caps in the North Pole and the South Pole have both expanded, Al.
Oh, Al.
Oh, Al.
But back to the point.
Another Wisconsin lawmaker signs on to decertify 2020 election results because the fraud was too great.
You know, let me make a point that's not made enough here, and it deals with how public schools made it mandatory to view Al Gore's inconvenient truth.
Of course, the entire documentary ended up being inaccurate, but that's because it was a lie.
It wasn't a mistake, it was a lie.
But what is this an example of that we see all the time and people don't talk about enough?
The Democrat Party gets, I don't know, hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of dollars in free advertising and free campaign donations, which is criminal by the way.
It's all criminal, it's all illegal, but they get away with it.
When public schools and the federal government bribe schools to force their students to watch Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, that's Democrat Party campaigning and propaganda that they get for free.
When Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and YouTube block Hunter Biden's laptop from being seen for the public to protect the Democrat Party, how much money is that worth in political contributions?
Hundreds of millions?
When they censor Republicans outrightly off the internet, how much is that worth for the Democrat Party?
When the social media giants promote the fake news, like Biden has saved you gas money.
How much is that worth in political contributions to the Democrat Party?
But see, they don't have to count any of it.
And they get all of it for free.
They get all of it for free.
Political contributions in kind to the tune of potentially billions of dollars in value.
And they don't have to pay a single cent.
Maybe that's why they have so much leftover money.
They're paying for Republican campaigns now.
But that's another story.
So, Wisconsin prohibits drop boxes because it was used to cheat and steal the election from Trump.
A third Wisconsin lawmaker signs to decertify the 2020 presidential elections because the fraud is so obvious.
And it's happening in Arizona.
It's happening in Michigan.
So what do we do?
They stole it, Biden got in, he's destroyed this country, maybe in some ways never even fixable, but it's what happened.
So what do you do now?
Well, if you're the Democrats, you just up the propaganda, you up the censorship, you up the attacks, and you ignore this news coming out.
But it's very real now, and, you know, the Balancing Act, Or the tug of war would be, are there going to be enough serious people watching the midterm elections, watching for fraud, that we can actually have a free and fair election in a hundred days, give or take, and actually see the red wave that has been boiling over but had a false lid put on it for so many years because of these rigged elections?
But I mean, when they can steal the presidential election and then turn right back around and then do it in Georgia right in front of our face with the exact same techniques again, that's pathetic.
So you know they're gonna try!
But yeah, here it is in Georgia.
Atlanta area district attorney, that's Fulton County, Fannie Willis.
I do believe she's a Soros one too.
Guys, type in Fannie Willis, George Soros, I'm pretty sure.
The Atlanta-area prosecutor who is probing the effort by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overtone the 2020 election result in Georgia was disqualified by a Judge Bundy from criminally investigating one of the 16 Republicans who served on a phony slate of Trump electors.
Again, this is just news indicating that people are starting to realize what's going on.
They're starting to realize how deep the election fraud is.
They're starting to realize how bad it is.
And they're starting to realize how deep the corruption goes.
I mean, that has Soros written all over it, man.
That has Soros written all over it.
There it is, I knew it.
I knew it was there.
Soros DA disqualified.
From investigating the big theft, or covering up rather, the big theft of Georgia in the 2020 presidential election.
We all know it.
They lied about the pipes bursting.
They shoved as many ballots into those counters in Atlanta as they possibly could.
They were pulling out trunks of ballots from under the tables when they closed the polling locations.
I mean, it's a damn joke.
Trump winning all day, all night long, and then 3 a.m., 300,000 votes for Biden comes in and they quit counting.
Give me a break.
It goes on.
Machines stole another race in Colorado.
Flipped vote totals from GOP grassroots favorite Linda Wilson after election called and gave them to Rhino Lundin.
Brazen fraud.
Well, the Republican establishment cheats too.
And that would be why, because you may be asking why, when you've seen the story, if you've seen it lately.
Political groups and non-profits aligned with the Democrat Party have spent nearly 44 million dollars to boost the profile of far-right candidates.
Democrat strategy is rooted in the belief that these candidates will be easier to defeat in a general election.
Now, folks, this is just wild stuff.
Democrats giving tens of millions of dollars to Republican candidates that they call terrorists and white supremacists.
And they think that they're going to be easier to beat?
But then you've got the phenomenon of these Republican rhinos going into Republican grassroots and those elections being rigged too.
But why are Democrats, why are Democrats funding millions of dollars to Republican campaigns?
That is wacky, wild stuff.
And I really don't even know where to follow that bouncing ball.
So, I'm just going to put it out there and you can decide, because that, I don't know about that.
That's just, Democrats, that just, maybe chalk that one into Democrats are just losing their damn minds.
Maybe you chalk that one up to that.
Like this.
Biden administration moves to give illegal immigrants federal ID and government benefits.
Well, I mean, yeah, that's just legalizing what they're already doing.
Government benefits?
Are you kidding me?
Just walking through the country and getting the escort in with the red carpet is a government benefit.
Just us having open borders is the government benefit.
I mean, I covered this yesterday, and I don't have a big stack of this in front of me today, but... I mean, you do know that...
Mayorkas is saying that the border is closed.
He goes on TV and he says there is no open border, there is no illegal immigrant crisis, it's not going on, the border is secure.
I mean... And you know, I meant to do this actually, and if McBreen is listening, I don't know if you've got any video projects, but... Here's what we should do is...
We should just take all the footage we have, you can go to Bill Melligen's account, you can go to Griff Jenkins' account, you can go to Savannah Hernandez's account, you can go to Jorge Ventura's account, you can go to Drew Hernandez's account.
There's all these accounts.
You just go to their Twitter accounts, download the hours, the hours of the illegal immigrants pouring over the southern border, and I would say speed it up, Like, speed it up like five times so that you can condense it into like two minutes or something, and then you just have Mayorkas saying, there is no open border, there is no illegal immigrant crisis, there is no open border, there is no illegal immigrant crisis, and just have that footage of the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands just pouring in non-stop every day.
And then maybe put the Benny Hill theme behind it too.
So that's just kind of a little...
That's just a little directive here put out on air.
We'll see if we can get that done.
But I mean, seriously, they come out and they say, there is no open border, the border is secure, there is no illegal immigrant crisis, and then you look at the data, it's 5 million illegal immigrants entering the country every calendar year now.
Oh, it's secure, they tell you.
They tell you it's secure.
And there's no inflation, and there's no recession, and the border is secure, guys.
The border is secure, there's no inflation.
There's no recession, and by the way, it's man-made climate change that's going to kill you, okay?
And Joe Biden won the 2020 election.
Or as Cassie Hunt puts it, guys, we can't fake this anymore.
So you just heard me in the last segment.
I was just kind of giving out directives live on air.
That's just how it works around here.
Like I said, it's just wild berserkers.
Just berserking for freedom.
Berserking for truth.
Berserking for justice.
Berserking for humanity.
Berserking for life.
And that's why the devil tries to keep us down.
And so I gave out the directive.
I said, hey, we should do this video for the open border.
And McBreen heard me.
He comes in here.
He's like, yeah, we're gonna start working on that immediately.
And I just want to...
Explain something here, because it doesn't get covered correctly in the media.
They lie about it.
When they say, oh, Alex Jones makes 500 million dollars or whatever selling supplements, it's all ridiculous.
And so when they try to get these settlements, and by the way, here's the local reporter covering this, as Alex Jones is in court today.
Here's a local reporter covering this.
InfoWars host Alex Jones' defamation trial begins today.
Over the next two weeks, a jury will hear the facts of the case and decide the amount of money Jones should pay the parents of one of the children killed in Sandy Hook shooting, which he claimed was a hoax.
Now, of course, this local journalist, Avery Travis, doesn't say that he has since denied it was a hoax and said that he was wrong probably thousands of times now if she doesn't include that in her coverage.
She probably doesn't know any better, to be fair.
Because she's not going to dig, she's just going to go with the propaganda and do what she's told for the local news outlet.
But yeah, there you go.
So the jury decides how much he should pay, not if he's guilty or not, just the judge decided that already before the case, before the trial, and then just said how much, and they say, what do you think about $100?
And some of the jurors say, sure, I guess $100 million, $100 million.
Folks, they tried to find me a million dollars.
It's just crazy.
This after courts in Texas and Connecticut issued default judgments finding him liable, the jury will be considering punitive damages as well as compensatory damages during this trial.
So, so, that's where Alex is.
But they write stories and they say, Alex Jones makes hundreds of millions of dollars, look at the supplement money and everything.
If a supplement company makes a hundred million dollars, In profit, then that's a supplement company making $100 million in profit.
If InfoWarsStore.com makes $100 million in profit, that goes to InfoWars.
That's not profit that gets pocketed.
That goes into the operation.
That pays for the bandwidth on Band.Video.
But more importantly, and here's what I want to say, and that's why I bring up Darren McBreen talking about this video to me in the break, and we're kind of just going over some ins and outs.
Folks, that's money that pays the crew.
So they really just want to take the money from the crew, is what it is.
And it's really sad.
A lot of the crew here has family.
And they want to shut this place down.
And they want to put fathers and mothers out into the market, not knowing how they're going to pay for their next mortgage or whatever.
And they like that.
They think that's good.
So no, it's not, it's not Alex Jones makes millions of dollars in profits.
No, it's our supplements make millions of dollars that then fund the operation to build the studios and have the great crew, which by the way, works seven days a week.
So it's really, it's really disheartening and sad even to just To see how cold hearted they are to not even realize, you know, you think you're destroying Alex Jones.
You're not.
But really what you're doing is you're just hurting a bunch of good people that work seven days a week and just want to have a job.
And they say, Jones makes millions of dollars.
No, no, he doesn't actually.
Our crew makes modest salaries.
Nobody here is a millionaire.
Nobody here is buying a bunch of foreign luxury cars at big mansions like BLM or anything.
So no, Alex Jones makes money selling supplements to fund this operation and fund the crew.
And they say, he makes hundreds of billions, so we have to get a hundred million dollar judgment against him.
All you're really doing is, you're putting a hundred people out of work.
But you love that!
That's what you do.
You're Democrats, you're Liberals.
That's your entire operational procedure is to shut down industry, shut down civilization, shut down the economy, watch everybody die, and celebrate on the way out.
So it just angers me, because this crew is so great, and the people that work here are so great, and that's who they're really attacking.
That's who they're really going to hurt when they think they're going after Alex Jones.
But see, they don't have anything past one line of thinking.
They can only think one level at a time, so they just don't even think.
They just don't even have any foresight, don't have any multi-dimensional thought process at all.
They just think, oh, there's Alex Jones in front of us, yeah.
Chum in the water, let's get him.
And then you're just putting, if you shut this place down, you're just putting 100 great people out of work.
But you feel good about that.
Folks, that's why we encourage you to shop at Infowarsstore.com.
Not so people around here can get rich.
That's not going on.
But so that we can have a great crew, and that you can get a great supplement, you can get the great toothpaste, you can get the great books, you can get the great documentaries, you can get the great air filters, you can get the great water filters.
It's all at Infowarsstore.com.
And by the way, you know, I'm sitting here... I forget who I was talking to about this.
But they're like, like, but aren't you, you know, aren't you afraid like they're coming after you like they're never going to stop and there's all this stuff and I'm like, you know, it just hits me.
Literally, folks.
The political opposition, the Democrats, liberals that hate me, they have gone through my entire life.
They've gone through all, they literally have access to every bank transaction I've ever made.
Multiple accounts.
They have all my phone records.
They have all my emails.
They literally have everything.
Everything that is Owen Schroer in a digital database, they have.
And it's funny, because like, And he's like, aren't you worried?
And I'm really not!
There's nothing there!
That's what I'm saying!
You've done the proctology exam of me!
You've combed through my life with a fine-tooth comb!
You've gone through everything Owen Schroeder has ever done!
Every data point!
Every bank transaction!
Every email!
Every phone call!
Every text!
And watch!
They'll have nothing!
They'll have nothing!
And so it's just hilarious to me, like, yeah, I mean, do I like having to cooperate with feds?
Do I like having my whole life poured through by these creeps and crooks?
Not really, but okay, like, I'll come out on the other side just the same, and they'll have nothing on me, and that angers them so much that there's nothing there.
You have no idea.
It's just, it's just crazy.
But I'm going off on a jag.
The point is, if they shut this place down, which you know they want to do, it's not really about hurting Alex Jones.
They might think that that's what it's going to do.
You're just going to make Alex Jones more of a legend.
But what you are going to do is you're going to hurt 100 innocent people that work here, work hard every day, and have families.
That's who you're really going to hurt.
But you know, maybe I shouldn't even tell them that, because that might edge them on a little bit more.
Like, ooh, we can hurt more people?
We can hurt more people behind Alex Jones?
So stand up for this crew and shop at InfoWarsStore.com.
All right.
I just went off on a bit of a rant there.
Let me refocus myself here, but let's have a little fun.
This is the great Ben Berquam.
We do have an open border, by the way.
And so, let's think.
If there's all these people coming in here, and Joe Biden wants to get them voting as soon as possible, maybe we should have a voter registration down there at the border.
And so Ben Berkman does a little comedy clip here and he puts a Trump voter registration at the southern border.
¿Quieres votar?
¿Quieres votar?
¡Maga vota!
¡Claro que sí!
¡Presidente Trump!
¡Sí, sí, sí!
¡Sí, claro!
¡Yo firmo!
¡Yo firmo!
¡Sí, sí!
¡Oh, sí!
Make sure you vote!
¡Maga Hey guys, we're at the end of the wall here.
We're in Yuma, Arizona.
This is where Joe Biden, one of the areas where Joe Biden sends the massive groups of illegal aliens to invade our country.
You can see here, President Trump's big, beautiful wall and the end of it.
This is where they simply walk around and come in.
And I figured since Joe Biden and the Democrats are simply allowing this invasion to try to get more illegal votes in the 2022 and 2024 election, we might as well play the same game.
So we've got a MAGA voter registration set up over here.
We're going to be talking to the folks, they're all coming, most of them now, from socialist communist countries, escaping socialism and communism from Cuba and Venezuela and other countries around the world.
They don't know that the Democrats, like Joe Biden, are socialist and communist!
So we're going to educate them on that and make sure when they register to vote, they don't vote Democrat.
You know, even though this is kind of a troll, kind of a comedy piece here, As the illegal immigrants are coming in.
I mean, but really though, it's like, I mean, if we're not going to stop them, nobody's stopping them.
Nobody's stopping the illegal immigration.
We might as well try to get them on our team.
You might as well try to warn them about the crooks and the demons known as Democrats.
And right now, the most important thing to remember is, don't panic.
Stay calm, because now is the time that we must get our bearings and steer the ship onto a safe, sound course.
There is nothing stopping we the people from making our own rules and building our own society.
All we got to do is survive the crash.
And right now we still have time to prepare.
The world fiat currency system is racing towards zero.
It's time to convert it into hard assets now, including food, water and survival gear to keep us strong and at the
Go to prepare today dot com for the essentials.
storable foods, water filtration.
First Aid, Power and more at preparetoday.com.
So Portland is the shining example of woke liberal utopia.
It truly is folks.
And so let's go over to Portland.
The Liberals have conquered it, you know, so they've got their Utopia built in Portland now.
Let's go check in on the Utopia that we have forming in Portland with some of the locals in Clip 15.
It's really scary.
For years, these neighbors have been watching the city's homeless crisis spread across parts of southeast Portland.
Now it's right outside their front door.
I want to cry.
I just want my house back.
Christina Hartnett lives on 80th and Powell, where a majority of the campers stay.
My lawn is now becoming a public bathroom.
She fears leaving her house just to go to work.
And it is scary when you have grown men meth-raging in your driveway.
The last thing I feel safe doing is going out and saying, hey, can you please move so I can go to work?
Calling the police in city is an everyday chore with little reward.
So far, no one has come to help us.
Central City Concern Clean Start crews assessed this site Thursday.
It was one of about 1,900 other campsites reported just this week.
In the past 10 days, they found 272 encampments that pose a greater health and safety risk, which is why they haven't removed the camps in this neighborhood.
But just getting the city to come out and assess it has been a full-time job.
I have to report from like four different Four different bureaus, and I have to report that report to a report, and then I have to report that report to a second report, and it's the only way to get any kind of traction.
I feel like nobody hears us.
Nobody cares about us.
This mother didn't want to be identified on camera, afraid of retaliation from those living on the streets.
She rarely lets her children outside to play.
It's very sad.
I don't know where they're coming from!
Tess has lived in this neighborhood for 35 years.
These boards now cover her front door windows after they were smashed by those living on the streets.
She also installed security cameras around her house.
Most of all scared because I don't know what they're gonna go next.
It's also affecting a nearby restaurant.
It unnerves our customers when they pull in and they see people overdosing on the sidewalks out in front of our restaurant.
It is gonna take one of us getting severely hurt or killed before they will do anything to come help us.
Meanwhile, please come help me.
Does our city do something about it?
Are they doing something about these people that need some help?
This never-ending cry for help continues.
Good job, liberals.
Aren't you proud of yourself?
You've done great work.
Great work there in Portland.
Now, you want a taste of the future?
In a liberal woketopia, you want a taste of the future in the World Economic Forum Great Reset?
You want a taste of what communism and socialism and liberalism looks like in America?
You just got it.
That's it right there.
No safety.
By the way, they'll disarm the citizens, so those poor women that fear for their lives, they're not allowed to have guns, so their houses can be broken into, they can be raped, tortured by some meth addict, some mental patient meth addict that just roams the streets.
Oh, they won't be able to defend themselves.
Cops won't come.
That's just how it is.
It's Portland, Oregon, baby.
That's your liberal utopia.
You want a taste of what the left is going to do to this country, you go to Portland, you find out real quick.
Now, sadly, I bet the people that got interviewed for that news clip probably still vote Democrat.
Because they still don't get it.
But how far have we fallen as a prosperous nation that In a great city of Portland that a situation like that even exists.
Where we have clear and present individuals who belong in mental institutions just being left to fend for themselves on the streets and to torment the local citizens.
And you can't have a gun and there's no police.
I mean, that's your future under Democrat Party rule.
Good afternoon.
I want to welcome these leaders for coming in to have this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time.
I am Kamala Harris.
My pronouns are she and her.
I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.
And... Wow.
She truly just, her knowledge, her intellect is just expanding rapidly by the day, isn't it?
Magical stuff there from Kamala Harris.
I guess she's filling in for Biden right now.
He's got a cancer bit or something.
Or I don't know what's going on with him.
Nobody actually knows.
Not even him.
But hey, Kamala Harris wants you to know that she uses she, her pronouns.
And that she's a woman.
And she's actually claimed she's wearing a blue jacket, but I don't know about that.
That we might have to do a fact check on.
But as far as her being a woman, I think Willie Brown knows well.
That's probably accurate.
So she, her pronouns.
Thank you, Kamala, you're doing such a great job while Biden is out with cancer or COVID or, well, whatever.
Boy, oh boy, what an absolute clown show this has become.
This has become a clown show.
Really quickly, and now, Biden, as the cabinet is shrinking and shrinking, it's a barren cabinet, just like the supply chain, just like the shelves are empty at the stores, the Biden cabinet is empty as well, everybody's quitting, but they were able to hire a new one, and that is the new Deputy National Cyber Security Director, Camille Stewart.
This woman should scare you.
She used to work at Google, And of course we know that Google worked with China to round up dissidents, round up Uyghurs, and put them into concentration and forced labor camps.
So she worked there.
Now she works for Biden.
But she wants you to know that, as the Cyber Security Chief, She wants you to know that systemic racism is the biggest threat to U.S.
That's nice.
You get in there, and you don't really care about the Chinese espionage, the TikTok issue, you know.
No, no, no, no.
You're not even worried about the elections being hacked, nothing like that.
You're worried about racism, and we all know why.
Because you're black, and you want free stuff.
And you're almost assuredly somebody that has benefited from affirmative action, but that's not enough for you.
You want free stuff.
So systemic racism is the issue.
Of course, the irony is, if there's systemic racism, it would be all anti-white!
I bet you, either directly, Or through osmosis, Camille Stewart is a benefactor of affirmative action.
But she says it's racism, of course against black people, that is the big issue.
And she wants a race-focused defense agenda.
Boy oh boy, we're screwed.
We are screwed if that's how she looks at it.
And it is how she looks at it.
And so who knows what comes next?
She might just want to start rounding up white people.
Because, you know, she worked at Google that likes rounding up the dissidents.
It's total insanity.
But it's racism, and it's what Democrats and liberals do to get power, is they accuse people of racism to get power out of it in the victim economy.
Now why would Republicans do this?
RNC to award Milwaukee with 2024 convention, the same city involved in swinging 2020 election to Democrats.
Yeah, it was Milwaukee where the voter fraud happened en masse.
That flipped the state from Trump to Biden.
And folks, we have all this down.
We know what happened.
How did they steal Pennsylvania?
They stole it in Pittsburgh and mostly in Philadelphia is where they stole it.
How did they steal Wisconsin?
They stole it in mostly, it was Milwaukee, but there were some other counties that there were some shenanigans in too.
Same with Michigan, mostly Detroit.
Georgia, mostly Atlanta.
Arizona, mostly Phoenix.
And so that's what they did.
Milwaukee was one of those states that the Democrats used to steal the election.
And now the Republicans are going to go to Milwaukee to have their convention.
An interesting strategy.
But there it is.
Now who's going to be running, you think, for the Democrats?
They've already all pretty much said Biden's out, which is hilariously ironic.
But it really just shows how they don't even know what's going on because the whole thing was rigged for Biden to begin with.
Biden never won a debate.
Biden didn't even campaign.
Biden got called a racist during the debates.
Biden had multiple jokes referring to his old age or his lack of memory or comprehension during the debates, but he still pulled it out somehow.
Well, Cernovich and others, including Alex Jones, are convinced that Newsom is the 2024 nominee.
And I'm tending to agree, but here's an interesting way to look at it, which seems a little pop-cultural, but I think it's accurate, because these are liberals that are obsessed with pop culture.
It controls their life.
It's the propaganda that drives them.
Gavin Newsom is so clearly the 2024 nominee that it's not even up for debate.
The American Psycho lookalike is straight out of Central Casting for a Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
That book series sold over 200 million copies.
He is their fantasy.
I think they're right.
They like the American psycho tyrant who's going to dominate them.
That's what these people want.
That's what these freak liberals want.
They want the American psycho who's going to dominate them, but then not live by any of his own rules, by any of his own standards.
And that's what they're going to get.
And that's going to be Gavin Newsom.
And he's going to be the Trudeau of the United States.
Except maybe worse.
If that's possible.
Maybe he might be worse.
Maybe he's not the American Psycho look-alike.
Maybe he's just THE American Psycho.
Rules for thee, but not for me.
That's Gavin Newsom's slogan.
Oh, and even though he got... he had to win another election, they're gonna pick him They're going to pick him as their 2024 candidate.
I think that's why he's buying ads in Florida.
I think that's why he's buying ads in Texas.
I think it is going to be Gavin Newsom.
He fits the bill.
They love hating on white men, but then they put the most stereotypical rich white male liberal up there to dominate them.
And they smile and love it because he looks like the American psycho.
And that's their dream man.
Oh boy, oh boy.
And then there's Hunter Biden.
Maybe he'll be the Vice President.
Hunter Biden evidence wrongly labeled disinformation by FBI according to an FBI whistleblower.
Oh wow, you don't say.
Senator Chuck Grassley, I mean imagine this dinosaur Chuck Grassley is the one that has to call this out.
Chuck Grassley alleges FBI intentionally downplayed negative information about Hunter Biden.
So I mentioned this earlier.
What is that worth in a political contribution in kind?
What is it worth for big tech and mainstream media, fully colluded with the Democrat Party, to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story before the presidential election?
What is that worth in political donations?
A hundred million dollars?
And then what is it worth for the FBI to be involved with the cover-up?
What was it?
It was the same story with Russian collusion in Hunter Biden's laptop and you had, it was like, 50 intelligence community officials say Trump colluded with Russia.
They all lied.
50 intelligence officials say that the Hunter Biden laptop is fake and just Russian disinformation.
They all lied.
How much is that worth in political contributions in kind?
A hundred million dollars?
A billion dollars?
I mean, they don't have to mark that as a political contribution.
They just get that for free!
They just get that for free!
Total criminal behavior, and then covering up the criminal behavior of Hunter Biden.
Now that story's not going anywhere.
We'll see about the charges.
But, I mean, it's pretty obvious, Hunter Biden is guilty of a large handful of criminal acts.
So we've reached a certain point in this clown world, in this Great Reset versus the Great Awakening, where the agents of chaos, the agents of destruction, the agents of the big lies, the agents of the deception, like Mayorkas and Fauci and others, are just... They can't be...
More obvious in their deception where?
Fauci, on tape, says we need to lock everything down, and then Fauci on tape says I never called for anything being locked down.
So Fauci is now going on television saying, I didn't want any shutdowns, I didn't want any lockdowns, I had nothing to do with that.
I've never even heard of COVID!
As if you're so stupid, you don't remember him going on TV for thousands of hours promoting the fear for COVID and the lockdowns and the shutdowns and everything.
So here's the latest clip.
Fauci on TV yesterday saying, I never talked COVID, I don't know anything about lockdowns.
And then of course, just a little snippet of Fauci doing exactly what he claims he didn't do.
Here it is.
I wonder if you would recommend locking down schools if you had to do it all over again.
Well, you know, again, first of all, I didn't recommend locking anything down.
You're asking me questions.
You're talking about the CDC is the public health agency that uses their epidemiologists and their science-based approach to make recommendations.
It was a decision to make a recommendation to the president.
It wasn't my decision that I could implement.
And when it became clear that when we had community spread, Oh, I didn't say we should shut anything down.
Yeah, you literally did.
And you bragged about it.
there was a major explosion like we saw in the Northeastern Corridor driven by
New York City metropolitan area I recommended to the president that we
shut the country down. Oh I didn't say we should shut anything down yeah you
literally did and you bragged about it and by the way that's just that's just
Fauci in 2020 versus Fauci yesterday these these videos are only going to
increase because Fauci called for a shutdown probably a hundred times on
television and he's in the news today and I don't I don't know if I have it on
my desk but you guys can pull it up Fauci's in the news today saying he thinks we should have had more strict lockdowns.
So I mean, guys, pull up any of the stories on that today.
Fauci saying we need more strict lockdowns.
So he goes on TV and he says, I never called for lockdowns in response to COVID.
I never called for any of that.
Okay, fine, we'll just pull the dozens of clips of you calling for that.
That's no problem at all.
We'll show the world you're a complete liar.
But then, the same day he says, I never called for lockdowns, he says there should have been stricter lockdowns.
It might have even been in the same interview!
In fact, was it the same interview?
Guys, put on the screen the first clip we just played for me.
It was the same interview!
Why are we still listening to this piece of crap?
Why is this lying conman... By the way, did you know, not only is Anthony Fauci the highest paid government employee, And not only does Fauci make hundreds of millions of dollars on the side with secret contracts, you remember that?
They had a hearing, and he was asked about the hundreds of millions of dollars that he received for secret contracts, and he said, oh, I'm not going to disclose where that money went.
Oh, I think we know why.
Went right in your pockets, didn't it?
Didn't it, Fauci?
Yeah, you made hundreds of millions of dollars from your power.
He also now, when he retires, is set to make, I think the number was $540,000 a year pension, when Fauci retires.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's more than the President of the United States' salary.
That's more than the President of the United States' pension.
Fauci makes more money than any other government employee and will make more money in pension than any other government employee.
How does that work?
Plus, makes hundreds of millions of dollars on the side by having big pharmaceutical companies and others pay him to do experiments and run tests at the NIH and other labs that he runs.
And he makes hundreds of millions of dollars doing that.
This is a greedy psycho.
Anthony Fauci, responsible for probably thousands if not tens of thousands of people dying during the gay AIDS pandemic.
Everybody knew it was Fauci killing them.
They made whole movies about it.
Like the one with Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club.
Not to mention Fauci tortures and kills puppies.
Not to mention Fauci makes viruses in labs that kill millions of people.
Not to mention he calls for lockdowns that kill millions of people.
Then he goes on TV and lies and said, I never did that!
You're right, Fauci.
You never called for lockdowns.
You never made a virus in a lab.
You never made hundreds of millions of dollars.
You never gave bad advice to people that were getting AIDS in the gay community in the 80s.
You never did any of that, did you, Fauci?
You never did any of it.
That'll be the day.
That'll be the day that the humanity, the good in this world starts to conquer the evil.
When people like Anthony Fauci are held in a court of law, investigated and held responsible and liable for everything that they've done.
And Fauci is one of the worst on the planet.
Truly is.
But see, this is how you know that he knows he's failing.
This is how you know that they know they're in trouble.
You don't think Anthony Fauci is well aware that he went on TV for 12 months calling for lockdowns?
You don't think people remember all the press conferences and all the times he bragged taking responsibility for telling Trump to close the country?
And then he goes on TV and says, I never called for any of that.
And then in the same interview, he says, by the way, I wish I would have called for stricter shutdowns.
He's failing!
He's flopping!
It's like what I said at the beginning of the show.
They are like a fish out of water on the pool deck flopping around like a carp.
Their time is up.
They're out of the water.
Humanity's awakening.
Now, the problem is, they're just going to get more violent, they're just going to get more extreme, they're going to get more aggressive in their rhetoric, more aggressive in their criminal activity.
And we just have to pray to God, folks.
Because we're going to go through some serious trials here.
And through it, there will be tribulation.
But we're going to go through some serious stuff.
And we deserve it.
And we just got to stay focused on what's good.
We got to stay focused on what's right.
We got to pray.
For God's guidance, God's courage, God's protective hand, because, I mean, we're going up against the devil that's been running this world for a long, long time.
And his little demon agents, like Anthony Fauci, do not want to let go of their false power, because they know when they lose it, they're going to be the ones under criminal investigation.
And so that's why they're flopping and flailing around.
Fauci, oh, I never called for lockdowns!
By the way, I wish there were more strict lockdowns!
They're losing their minds, folks.
These are psychotic, maniacal criminals that are at the end of their rope and they know it.
The awakening is on, all they have is their fake news, all they have is their propaganda, all they have is their criminal activity.
And all of that is slowly but surely being exposed And you're just going to see more odd behavior from them.
You're saying, how could Fauci say that on a TV interview?
They're losing the plot, folks.
They're losing their grip of control.
So yeah, they're going to get even more strange as this happens.
So without getting into specifics, let me just further expand on what we closed the last segment with.
This is truly maybe the greatest test Of the United States in its existence, it probably is the greatest test this country has ever faced as far as if we're going to make it into the future with a Bill of Rights, with prosperity, with freedom, with everything that comes with the Republic.
And what you're going to see is the criminal element that has been robbing this country, sabotaging this country, is going to get more outlandish, more crazed, more criminal in their operations because they're being exposed and they have no choice.
They have to go for broke now to destroy this country.
That's the shot they're taking.
Or America will survive this, get through this, and once again be the beacon of hope, be the beacon of freedom, be the beacon of prosperity for the entire planet.
That's the crossroads that we're at right now.
Here's some of the examples.
I mean, wide open borders.
I mean, just total invasion at the southern border.
The political persecution and imprisonment of their opposition.
The unbelievable stuff that's taking place in legal cases.
The outright sexualization and perversion and pedophilia that's going on in the classrooms with the young kids.
Democrats going on TV saying, we never called to defund the police.
Republicans did that.
Fauci saying, I never said to shut down the country.
We all know he did that.
So you're sitting here, you're saying this, this is unbelievable, this is so over the top, this is so outlandish, this is so outrageous, this is so in my face, this is so criminal.
Yeah, there has been a criminal element sabotaging and robbing this country dry, selling it out for decades, and they're now so exposed that they have no other option but to just fully go for broke, just right there blatantly for all to see.
And they know that as long as they do enough to destroy this country, the UN, the World Economic Forum will come in and take control and that's it.
And that's when they believe they'll be able to get away with all their crimes, or if they can start some sort of a World War situation.
So that's what you're seeing.
You're seeing the criminal element, the giant Criminal element that has been sabotaging, selling this country out and robbing it dry for my entire life is being fully exposed and now they're going into their fits of rage in their final moments.
So that's what's going on right now and we're all here to see it.
And you know, It's again, it's a situation where you can see how it's going to get worse, but it's a situation where you can also see how you can come out on the other end of this and be better off than ever before.
Because, yeah, we're gonna have to expose the criminals before they go down.
So it's like, is it a good thing that Anthony Fauci has been exposed the last two years with all the destruction and death that has happened because of it?
Well, no, that's not good, but boy oh boy, aren't we glad we know who that demon is now.
And here's more of the proof that that's going on.
Alex Jones' new book, The Great Reset and the War for the World is topping bestseller lists.
Let me even look at all the different categories.
It topped the bestseller list in World History.
It topped the bestseller list in Movers and Shakers.
It topped the bestsellers list in Political Corruption and Misconduct.
It topped the bestsellers in Communication and Media Studies.
That's just some of them, by the way.
So, and this is without barely any promotion, folks.
We barely promoted this thing.
We're so inundated with just news coverage and everything else that's going on here.
It just, like, kind of slipped through the cracks.
So, I mean, number one!
Number one!
Number one!
After all the attacks, after all the censorship, after all the lies and the slander and the libel, still number one!
And you know that all that's going to do is motivate them to attack Alex Jones, and censor Alex Jones, and shut this operation down.
And, I mean, I'll just tell you, they just asked for $150 million dollars in court today.
$150 million dollars, folks.
Does that sound like somebody who is suffering from trauma?
Asking for $150 million dollars?
So, we're not going to make $150 million off the book, but you can buy it right now at Infowarsstore.com, or if you want to kind of get involved with the culture war there on the Amazon bestseller list, you can go to Amazon and you can buy it right now.
The Great Reset and the War for the World by Alex Jones.
Again, Infowarsstore.com or on Amazon.
It's kind of like, it's kind of like, you know, Pick your poison, where neither is necessarily poison.
You buy it from Infowarsstore.com?
That's great, it goes right to us.
You buy it from Amazon?
Well, Amazon gets a little cut, but it continues to climb the bestsellers list.
Of course Alex Jones' book is number one in political corruption and misconduct.
Alex Jones has been the groundbreaking example of exposing political corruption and misconduct right here!
Right here on these airwaves that I'm honored to be on right now.
You know, I really am not one that gets stressed out or, you know, feels the pressure of moments or anything.
I'm very zenned out, I'm very just like, I don't even know what you would call it, like I'm just... But I gotta tell you, I was actually struggling to sleep last night because I was really thinking about what A historic time we're in right now.
Not just the country, but I mean, just specifically, InfoWars, this audience, this crew, myself, it was a little overwhelming.
Because I don't think of myself as a big deal.
I don't, I mean, we don't even, here at InfoWars, honestly, we like, we don't even think of ourselves as that big a deal.
It's kind of a problem, it's like, we're, you can call it humble or humility or whatever, it's just, it's part of the problem is we don't realize like, hey, we're a big frickin' deal, man!
But then you realize, it's like, wow, okay, well, we didn't even promote this book, it's a number one bestseller, and now they're asking for a $150 million judgment against Alex Jones.
The judge already determined he's guilty, now they're just asking for $150 million.
So it just kind of hits you pretty heavily.
Because now I'm sitting here in Alex Jones' seat, and it's like, what?
But let me just come back down to earth now.
But buy the book, folks.
Get it on Amazon.
Shoot it to the top of the bestseller list.
Keep it there.
Buy it on Infowarsstore.com.
Let's keep this operation fighting government corruption, fighting political misconduct, fighting tyranny, fighting propaganda.
Let's keep this train going.
Let's keep it going.
And it's sad that people want it shut down so much.
I guess that tells you about what those people are involved with.
I guess it does.
Alright, I'm going to cover the news, one more stack of news before our guest host takes over and then I'm back hosting the War Room.
But, well, I'm almost out of time to do anything now.
So we'll just have to come back and do it.
Okay, so let's just look at a tweet from Biden here that's just hilarious.
Because the Democrats are now saying they never wanted to defund the police.
They're saying, we were never defunding the police.
They go on TV, we never defunded the police.
By the way, the RNC official GOP account put up a 10 minute compilation of Democrats Not media members, Democrat Party members in Congress saying, defund the police.
And then Biden says, you can't be pro-police and pro-insurrection.
There was no insurrection, and Democrats are anti-police.
So again, this is another example.
The corrupt individuals and Democrat Party, Republican Party media, they're like, fish out of water, flopping around on the deck, gasping in their last moments.
Um... Well, things are...
Things are incoming here.
And so, um... I may or may not be having a special guest in studio very soon.
So it's confirmed then, guys?
Is it confirmed?
It is now official.
I have been given the green light to announce Alex Jones is coming in studio.
And will be back any minute now.
With breaking news.
So I've been given the green light to let you know that is coming up today.
And so we have actually, we have actually moved Wayne Allen Root off the docket for the fourth hour today.
Because Alex is going to come in and I believe either co-host with me or just host it himself.
So that's coming up.
Now let's do this.
Let me just cover this stack of news here.
Or should I go to these video clips, actually?
Tell you what, let's go to these video clips, because this is even more ridiculous.
And it's just like Fauci saying, I never called for a lockdown.
I don't know about any of that.
I never called for a shutdown.
That wasn't me.
Oh, really?
Here's just hours of you on TV doing just that.
But OK, Fauci.
Yeah, keep telling the world you're a liar.
So Eric Adams The mayor of New York City has had his moment now.
Now remember, Democrats in New York City made New York City a sanctuary city, promoted open borders, that's Democrat Party policy is open borders, but they only want them in Texas and Arizona and Montana.
And so when our governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, said, hey, we can't afford these illegal immigrants here, you've already overwhelmed our communities.
This is ridiculous.
Sends him to New York City, and then what does the mayor say?
He says, hey, we can't handle these illegal immigrants.
New York City Mayor warns, everyone's block is going to be impacted by influx of illegal aliens.
And so, we've got all the clips of him complaining about the illegal immigrants, we've got all the clips about him complaining, it's too much, we can't handle it, we can't afford it, our communities are suffering, but wait, that's your policy!
That's the Democrat Party policy!
Is open borders and illegal immigrants.
And then you made your cities sanctuary cities.
And then when you actually suffer from your own policy, you complain!
It's kind of like, oh, people vote Democrat in California, then they hate Democrat Party rules, so they leave California and move to Texas.
So I'm not even sure which clip this is, actually.
I know that, but is this... because I've got the clips, we've already played the clips of him complaining.
I believe this is the clip of him now encouraging it, is that correct?
Because I already played all the clips of Adams saying how bad it is, the illegal immigrant influx in New York City.
All of a sudden he's changed his tune!
And now he says it's time to get on board!
So I don't even know.
So which Eric Adams do we have in Clip 12?
Let's just, let's play it.
It's like the wild card.
Which Eric Adams do we have in Clip 12?
Pro-illegal immigration or anti-illegal immigration?
Let's find out together.
We can't have the historical, um, I believe people should be housed but just don't house them on my block.
Everyone blocked.
Everyone's block is going to be impacted by this.
And so we have to add our advocacy with our ability to help our neighbors.
And we need everyone on board with this, you know, because as I stated last week, our schools are going to be impacted.
Our healthcare system is going to be impacted.
Our infrastructure is going to be impacted.
But we're willing to do our job, and we're going to do our job, and we're going to need all New Yorkers to be with us on this.
I just, I don't even know where to, how to even quantify this anymore.
I mean, it's beyond stupidity.
It's beyond hyperbole.
It's beyond propaganda.
It's beyond irony.
I mean, it's, it's clown world.
It's retardville.
Democrats have the open border policy.
Democrats have the sanctuary city policy.
And then they get illegal immigrants into their sanctuary cities from the open borders and they say, this is horrible!
It's impacting us!
It's impacting our communities!
It's impacting our schools!
We can't handle it!
Well, where do you think the other 5 million illegal immigrants that you bring in a year are going?
And here's the lesson, yet again.
It's not logic if it can't be applied universally.
But actually what Eric Adams is saying now is the logic.
We can't handle the illegal immigrants.
You're 100% right!
Now apply that logic to the country.
Now apply that logic to the southern border.
Oh, but they don't do that.
They say how great it is all the illegal immigrants.
They say how great it is having the open border.
They say how much we need the illegal immigrants.
Then they show up in their communities and they say, whoa, we can't handle this.
Whoa, we don't want this.
So actually, Eric Adams' logic is right.
They can't handle the influx of illegal immigrants.
It hurts the schools.
It hurts the communities.
It hurts the economy.
Now, but that's the same logic that should be applied to the entire country.
But they just don't want them in their communities.
They just want them in Republican areas.
They want them in red states, hoping they can get them to vote Democrat.
That's what it's really all about.
And of course, there's the money grubbers that take advantage of the open border.
Industry as well that make millions of dollars having the government pay for all their hotels to be rented out for all the illegal immigrants to come in.
Not to mention the companies that rent out all the tents and do all the infrastructure and construction to build all the illegal immigrant camps, which cost millions of dollars.
I mean, we're just being robbed hand over foot.
And Eric Adams goes from saying how bad it is, the all the illegal immigrants coming in.
And then I guess someone got into his ear, some Democrat got into his ear.
And said, uh, hey, we're the ones promoting the open border policies, maybe take it easy on the illegal immigrant rhetoric.
And he says, oh, okay, sorry, I'll change my tune.
And says, the illegal immigrants are great now!
We all need to get on board!
These people are all phonies, they're all frauds.
By the way, I just saw that news story put on the screen, I guess this is just breaking.
So you may remember the abortionist, the baby murderer, Who covered up the rape of a little girl, but I guess didn't, because she originally filed the report in, I guess it was in Indiana or Ohio, then they said they didn't have the report.
They were all kind of anomalies.
Well, anyway, the individual who turned himself in for the alleged rape of that 10-year-old girl who the Democrats used as a pro-abortion propaganda pawn, he has pled not guilty.
Now, the mom of the girl, the supposed mom of the girl, I don't think they've done a DNA test.
The supposed mom of the girl said that he didn't rape her, even though he admitted to having sexual contact with her.
So, how do you admit to having sexual contact with a 10-year-old girl as a full-grown adult male, and then how do you plead not guilty to rape?
I mean, do I have to spell it out for you?
You paid someone to have sexual conduct with that 10-year-old girl?
Do I really need to spell it out for you?
But the neighbor claims that the alleged mother of the girl was dating that individual.
So this just gets more sordid and more despicable as the story goes on.
And by the way, that individual is an illegal immigrant.
What is the status of the girl?
What is the status of the mom?
What has been uncovered here or what did they try to cover up?
But see, they were so desperate for any propaganda to be pro-abortion.
They were so desperate that they may have accidentally exposed I mean, what?
A child sex trafficking ring?
An illegal immigrant sex trafficking ring?
A human trafficking ring?
I mean, what's going on here with an illegal immigrant living with the supposed mother of a 10-year-old girl who gets raped, gets pregnant, has an abortion, and then they say, well, I had sex with her, but I didn't rape her.
So how does that go down?
So are the open borders good or bad when this 27-year-old comes in here and rapes a 10-year-old girl, but apparently didn't rape her.
So how is that not rape then?
Did you pay for it?
Was it mutual?
What happens?
Shock video, feral mob attacks French cops during arrest of migrant thief.
Now this is an important story, folks, because you have to understand what goes on here.
The illegal immigrants that come in en masse and they form these communities, they don't They don't fit in to society.
They're never... What's the word I'm looking for?
It's on the tip of my tongue.
They never assimilate.
Thank you, crew.
They never assimilate to society.
So they form these communities where they just have their own stuff going on.
They don't assimilate.
And then one commits a crime.
A cop comes in to arrest him.
And since they're not part of the larger community in this case in France, they got their own community.
So they try to kill that cop and free the criminal.
All right, so my time is extended here on the Alex Jones Show.
I will be still hosting the War Room today.
It's always fun doing the double doubles here.
You know, our mayor, Steve Adler, here is such a piece of crap.
Again, if it's not logic, if it can't be applied universally, it's not logic.
NPR reporting New untested abortion bans.
Untested abortion bans.
They're acting like this is some sort of big deal, folks.
They're blowing it out of proportion.
Remember when they said people were dying from ivermectin overdoses?
Remember that?
That was a lie.
Now they're lying about these abortion stories.
Untested abortion bans have made doctors unsure about treating some pregnancy complications.
That's a lie.
That's led to life-threatening delays and trapped families in limbo of grief and helplessness.
Folks, that's all a lie.
It's simple.
You can't have an abortion.
That's it.
There's no trickery.
There's no confusion.
It's all propaganda.
But okay, fine.
Let's just say that's true.
Okay, so now people are having things delayed because they're unsure what the abortion laws are.
It's a lie, but okay, fine, we'll play that game.
Okay, so people's treatments are being delayed and that's such a horrible thing, right?
So Mayor Adler says, this is a heartbreaking story.
Abortion is healthcare.
No, killing a baby is not healthcare, but that's not the point.
Oh, now it's heartbreaking that people's surgeries are being delayed and it might be life-threatening.
But when it was COVID, it was all good.
See that?
It's not logic, it's propaganda.
So it's the worst thing ever now, because of the abortion ban, that some women aren't getting abortions, or there's confusion.
They're claiming there's confusion at the hospitals.
They don't know!
And it's causing life-threatening delays for surgeries.
First of all, I don't believe that for a second.
But let's say I do.
Okay, so that's horrible.
Surgeries are being delayed because of...
Uh, government policy, and that's so heartbreaking to you.
What about with COVID?
When people died because of delayed surgeries, or people couldn't get a surgery or a life-saving treatment because they didn't get a vaccine?
Was that so heartbreaking?
Was that so bad?
Or was that good?
Oh, that was good!
That's right, that was good!
But now that it's over abortion, it's bad.
I see.
So you see, it's not logic, it's propaganda.
And it just continues with these damn Democrats.
Boy, oh boy, oh boy, I'll tell ya.
I will tell ya.
Let's listen to what Kamala- You know what, I should say this, because I got this whole stack of how they're sexualizing your kids in the classrooms that I'm going to cover on The War Room.
So, I won't do that right now.
But again, Fauci saying, I never called for a government shutdown.
I never called for the country to be shut down.
And then, right after he makes that claim, he makes this claim in clip four.
I want to get your take on a lot of people looking at the president now having this, and all these people who have been fully vaccinated.
Yeah, let's pull this out and go to clip four.
Oh, I have Fauci here for clip four.
Was that Burks admitting that they knew the vaccine wouldn't work?
Alright, that's fine.
We had a little, uh, we had a little miscommunication with the crew.
Sorry, we already played the Fauci clip showing he's a liar.
So here's Burks admitting, I mean, I guess he's doing the right thing now, admitting that they lied about the vaccines.
I want to get your take on a lot of people looking at the president now having this, and all these people who have been fully vaccinated and boosted and all that, and they're getting it.
The 20% or so of Americans who have not been vaccinated might look at that doctor and say, why bother?
Why bother?
What do you tell them?
Well, if you're across the South and you're in the middle of this wave, what's going to save you right now is Pax Lovid.
But once we get through this wave, during that long, you should get vaccinated and boosted because we do believe it will protect you, particularly if you're over 70.
I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection, and I think we overplayed the vaccines and it made people then worry that it's not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization.
Why are these people such frauds?
Alright, take her down.
Why are these people such frauds?
So she admits they lied about the vaccine, she admits they knew it wasn't effective, and then she says you need to go take it anyway.
It's like the robotic response.
Here's Senator Manchin now.
This morning I tested positive for COVID-19.
I am fully vaccinated and boosted and experiencing mild symptoms.
I will isolate and follow CDC guidelines.
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Alright, Alex Jones on his way to the studio.
So, uh, I don't even... It's epic stuff, alright?
So Alex Jones on his way into the studio.
That's coming up shortly here, folks.
Uh, just wow.
I mean, just, just... I'll tell ya, there's no roller coaster, there's no thrill ride that can, uh, compete.
With the Infowar.
Let me just tell you that.
And it is quite a ride.
So Alex Jones on his way.
In the meantime, quickly here, this is the latest John Bowne report.
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Colorado US Representative Jason Crow recently warned at the Aspen Security Forum just what InfoWars has been warning about for well over a decade since Google's YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki founded the company 23andMe.
To be clear, I think one of the things we're talking about here is that there are now weapons under development and developed that are designed to target specific people.
That's what this is, where you can actually take someone's DNA, take their medical profile, and you can target a biological weapon that will kill that person, or take them off the battlefield, or make them inoperable.
You can't have a discussion about this without talking about privacy and commercial data, and the protection of commercial data.
Expectations of privacy have degraded over the last 20 years.
Young folks actually have very little expectation of privacy.
That's what the polling and the data show.
And people will very rapidly spit into a cup and send in a 23andMe and get really interesting data about their background.
And guess what?
Their DNA is now owned by a private company and can be sold off with very little intellectual property protection or privacy protection.
And we don't have legal and regulatory regimes to deal with that.
So, we have to have an open and public discussion, and this is going to have to be a political discussion, about what does the protection of healthcare information, DNA information, and your data look like, because that data is actually going to be procured and collected by our adversaries for the development of these systems.
Also, if we look at food security, and what can our adversaries do with biological weapons that are directed at our animal agriculture, at our agricultural sector, hoof and mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, African swine fever, all of these things have circulated around the globe, but if targeted by an adversary, we know that it brings about food insecurity.
Not only is 23andMe and similar DNA testing services a trap, it's likely that what they are sharing with you may not even be the correct results.
I wanted to see what would happen if I sent my pet lizard DNA into 23andMe.
And so with the help of my wife, we extracted enough saliva to send off in the mail.
After about three months, we were shocked.
My lizard was 51% Ashkenazi Jewish.
She was also 48% West Asian.
DNA testing is central to the plans of the New World Order.
We cannot hide away from human population growth because, you know, it underlies so many of the other problems.
All these things we talk about wouldn't be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago.
Thanks also to the leadership of China In terms of fighting the pandemic, in terms of reinvigorating its economy, we have now a window of opportunity to create this global reset which we all need.
Recent coronavirus testing added to the logging of Americans' DNA.
As Natural News reported, foreign powers can collect, store, and exploit biometric information from COVID tests, reads a statement issued by Bill Evanina, director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center.
Evanina believes that Communist China is trying to collect Americans' DNA in a race to control the world's bio-data.
He added that he thinks Chinese companies are actively investing in U.S.-based biotech companies to further the country's efforts to attain all human DNA, which brings it all back to hardcore biotech investor Google.
Who also tracks and records data on every U.S.
And once they have all of that, they have all of us.
John Bowne reporting.
I wonder if you would recommend locking down schools if you had to do it all over again.
All you have to do is check out what I'm saying.
And that's why they run the fake headline against myself and Tucker Carlson everywhere, every day.
Jones admits he's an actor.
Or Tucker Carlson says nobody would take me seriously.
Where do we say that?
We never said that.
They just say we said that.
But where's the clip?
Where's the article?
Where do we say that?
It doesn't exist.
Alex Jones is playing a character and is a performance artist.
Jones is playing a character on his radio show.
The radio rants of Alex Jones are just an act.
He's actually a performance artist.
He's a performance artist.
Alex Jones is a fake.
They're lying to you because they think you're stupid.
And it's all based on the custody battle with my ex-wife five years ago, when she was trying to put into evidence me dressed up more than a decade before like the Joker, being sarcastic, saying, take your Prozac, kids.
Take your illegal drugs, too.
You'll die.
It's fun.
So people wouldn't take drugs.
And they wanted to enter that in evidence and say, look, he's insane, telling kids to use drugs.
And my lawyer went, when Jack Nicholson plays the part of the Joker, no one thinks that's really Jack Nicholson.
So yeah, when I've been Cobra Commander.
Hail Cobra!
Or Optimus Prime.
Autobots, let's roll!
Or the Joker, because I can do imitations of them all really good.
Or Darth Vader.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Do I really think I'm Barth Vader?
Do I think I'm Optimus Prime, Bubble Commander, The Joker?
And clearly, no reasonable person would think when I'm doing satire that what I'm saying is what I really think.
No one believes the Babylon Bee.
It's not trying to lie to you, it's being sarcastic.
Buy the Vaccinate Me Elmo doll today.
It's required by the CDC.
But they play those games.
And that's why I don't joke around as much as I used to.
Even though I tell people, okay, this is a joke, this isn't serious, they clip it out and they say, no, this is what he really believes.
Every day when I leave work, I do this.
That man's a threat to this country.
And they go, look, he admitted in court he's an actor.
Well, yeah, I was an actor in Scanner Darkly.
I was an actor in Waking Life.
I was an actor When I was Cobra Commander.
But it doesn't mean that Alex Jones, the talk show host, up here reading news articles to you isn't a real thing and isn't something I'm actually saying.
And you know that!
You're insulted right now.
I'm even explaining that to you.
And so am I. But that's who these people are.
You don't know the power of the dark side.
Am I really Darth Vader?
I think Alex Jones seems really talented.
He's smart.
He's funny as hell.
He's truly funny.
I'm kind of retarded.
Now that I've done those imitations, those little jokes, you now not listen to what I say about other things when I
show you a powerful news article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on InfoWars.com.
It has all the cited information.
The latest tragedy, sudden adult death syndrome?
No, that's a real thing!
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, back in the saddle for the last 40 minutes of this hour.
I want to be co-host of The War Room with Owen Schroyer today.
All right, I want to explain something.
We got Great Reset.
We got World Government.
We got Collapsing Borders.
We got the left openly promoting pedophilia.
We got them trying to confiscate our guns.
We got total vindication of all the basics that we warned was coming in the future.
But their kill shot, as they've called it, And trying to take us off the air and take everybody else off the air with selective courts doing default judgments on talk show hosts and on publications where the judge says you're guilty and then never lets any of your evidence be presented to the jury, only how you're guilty.
No one's ever even seen this in a real case, okay?
A default judgment is where, again, somebody sues you and then you just run off and never even show up and never even respond.
Instead, they got every ounce of discovery, everything about us, you name it.
And then these judges, both in Connecticut and Texas, said, you didn't give us stuff.
We know you've got more.
Just incredible stuff like, well, in your text messages, Jones, we didn't find this other text message that you gave to a producer who hadn't worked here in five years.
Yeah, I don't know how to save stuff on my phone.
I'm not a tech guy in the details.
I know the overarching systems.
But yeah, then they subpoenaed somebody else.
They had some text messages.
And they were innocuous.
They had them saved on their phone.
I didn't have it.
Saved on mine.
Oh, you're defaulted for that.
Oh, your corporate representative couldn't answer a question out of hundreds of thousands of emails we turned over, and so that's a million dollar fine.
Just insane total weaponization.
Think Tom DeLay.
The Republican fundraiser did nothing wrong.
Travis County, same courthouse, indicted him.
Took him years to have the criminal conviction overturned.
Same thing, ladies and gentlemen, with Rick Perry.
The exact same thing with Rick Perry, who vetoed a bill with Travis County corruption involved, which is the governor's right, and so they had him indicted.
And let me tell you, when you sit there and you watch them try to deceive a jury, And the judge kept saying to the jury, remember, he's guilty.
It's his fault, he's guilty.
She said it at least four times to the jury.
It's his fault, he's guilty.
Now you decide how guilty.
And about half the jury looked at me like I was Satan.
Absolutely, absolutely Satan.
And so, They've got this set up.
They've got this ready.
And what's killing us is the general public's ignorance.
Yeah, a lot of people are awake to the new world order, but they're experts in leftist jurisdictions in sending out jury summons and hitting, let's just say this, extremely blue collar folks.
I mean, half that jury panel does not know who I am.
They said that, and when they were asked during the jury paneling yesterday, do you believe the media has ever gotten anything wrong about Alex Jones, they all unanimously said no.
So, it's people do live in all these different bubbles, and there's the bubbles that are awake and the bubbles that are questioning, but then there's the blue city bubbles, where people do not know what planet they are on.
And it's pretty incredible.
And I don't want to spend all day on it.
It's just to... As I was running around out in the parking lot, moving stuff into the office and changing clothes, and it's 107 degrees out there, and I broke out in a big sweat, somebody go to my office, just pretty pleased, cupcakes on top, and just get me one of my handkerchiefs that's sitting right there in my closet.
Thank you so much.
And just bring it to me, thanks.
So, that's where we are.
And I actually was a little nervous about this and felt bad about how insane it all is and knew that 99% of what they were saying wasn't true, but I'm still not perfect.
But now sitting there watching the cynical corruption and watching the manipulation right in front of me while they accuse me of being a mastermind of manipulation.
And while they accuse me of being a mastermind that made all this money off Sandy Hook and our one exhibit.
Our one exhibit that we wanted to show was a graph of numbers off of Discovery, off the analytics that were given to them, that less than one half of one percent of what we covered ever in the history of InfoWars was about Sandy Hook, and that 95% of it was saying Sandy Hook happened.
And the judge said, no, you can't have your one piece of evidence, and the other side can have whatever they want, and they giggle, and they laugh, and they joke, and they think it's funny.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the cancer that is absolutely destroying our civilization.
I'll get one.
No big deal.
We'll be back in a little while.
All you have to do is check out what I'm saying, and that's why they run the fake headline against myself and Tucker Carlson everywhere, every day.
Jones admits he's an actor.
Or Tucker Carlson says nobody would take me seriously.
Where do we say that?
We never said that.
They just say we said that.
But where's the clip?
Where's the article?
Where do we say that?
It doesn't exist.
Alex Jones is playing a character and is a performance artist.
Jones is playing a character on his radio show.
The radio rants of Alex Jones are just an act.
He's actually a performance artist.
He's a performance artist.
Alex Jones is a fake.
They're lying to you because they think you're stupid.
And it's all based on the custody battle with my ex-wife five years ago, when she was trying to put into evidence me dressed up more than a decade before, like the Joker, being sarcastic, saying, take your Prozac, kids.
Take your illegal drugs, too.
You'll die.
It's fun.
So people wouldn't take drugs.
And they wanted to enter that in evidence and say, look, he's insane telling kids to use drugs.
And my lawyer went, when Jack Nicholson plays the part of the Joker, no one thinks that's really Jack Nicholson.
So yeah, when I've been Cobra Commander.
Hail Cobra!
Or Optimus Prime.
Autobots, let's roll!
Or the Joker, because I can do imitations of them all really good.
Or Darth Vader.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Do I really think I'm Darth Vader?
Do I think I'm Optimus Prime, the Republic Commander, the Joker?
And clearly, no reasonable person would think when I'm doing satire that what I'm saying is what I really think.
No one believes the Babylon Bee.
It's not trying to lie to you, it's being sarcastic.
Buy the Vaccinate Me Elmo doll today.
It's required by the CDC.
But they play those games.
And that's why I don't joke around as much as I used to.
Even though I tell people, OK, this is a joke, this isn't serious, they clip it out and they say, no, this is what he really believes.
Every day when I leave work, I do this.
That man's a threat to this country.
And they go, look, he admitted in court he's an actor.
Well, yeah, I was an actor in Scanner Darkly.
I was an actor in Waking Life.
I was an actor when I was Cobra Commander.
But it doesn't mean that Alex Jones, the talk show host, up here reading news articles to you isn't a real thing and isn't something I'm actually saying.
And you know that!
You're insulted right now.
I'm even explaining that to you.
And so am I. But that's who these people are.
You don't know the power of the dark side.
By the way, folks, I just got in here minutes ago and I'm all hyped up and I got a ton of stuff to cover, not just about the destruction of our freedoms through the weaponized judiciary, but what's happening in the world.
We'll be right back.
Many scientists are beginning to believe that a vaccine against AIDS may be impossible to make and too dangerous to test.
If you take it and then a year goes by and everybody's fine.
Then you say, okay, that's good.
Now let's give it to 500 people.
And then a year goes by and everything's fine.
Say, well, then now let's give it to thousands of people.
And then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose.
And then what have you done?
The most up-to-date information daily.
You can trust us as a source of that information.
You can also trust the Director General of Health and the Ministry of Health.
For that information, do feel free to visit at any time to clarify any rumour you may hear.
Otherwise, Dismiss anything else.
We will continue to be your single source of truth.
We will provide information frequently.
We will share everything we can.
Everything you are, else you see, a grain of salt.
And so I really ask people to focus on that.
So what's the greatest example of that appears to be this text which originated in Malaysia and has become a viral hoax in Australia and in New Zealand.
How irresponsible is it the people that are sharing that news of the lockdown Yeah.
And look, that's the kind of thing that adds to the anxiety that people feel.
So I continue to share the message.
New Zealanders must prepare.
But do not panic.
And when you see those messages, remember that unless you hear it from us, It is not the truth and I really ask people just visit covid19.govt.nz it has all of the up-to-date information and we will continue to provide everything you need.
They expect to have a world government in which they are in control.
Where he went into the stacks at the UN actually got the documents in the 60s with the Club of Rome meetings where they said we're going to promote homosexuality.
We're going to promote humans being sexless.
That's also in Brave New World, 1932.
People say, how did he predict so much?
Well, Huxley, before he died in 61, he wrote a book about it, Brave New World Revisited, non-fiction.
He said, no, this is an actual plan hatched by the British Empire model that was commissioned by Sir Francis Galton in 1855 with the Royal Commission.
So we're living in a royal commission where the British Empire said, we want biometrics, we want things called computers, and we want to be able to learn the secrets of the human genome, and we want to be able to program humans to basically be manufactured in factories.
And you're like, wait a minute, they didn't discover the DNA until the 40s.
No, they didn't, folks.
The double helix in the ancient Sumerian text Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek is two stacks intertwined.
They actually, Galton invented biometrics, invented the idea of computers, and they had hidden knowledge, going back that Plato didn't publish, that they held on to about advanced civilization that was here before.
And they had maps of the world, and they all, they knew all that stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
They just kept the public dumb Because they didn't want the public to understand it, know it, and then Christians with the Gutenberg press and the printing press began the Renaissance 550 years ago and the New World Order has been playing catch-up and trying to suppress it ever since then.
So we in Haiti...
See movies with robots and spaceships, and it feels so familiar, it feels so yesterday, because it's epigenetics, ladies and gentlemen, that this planet is not the first rodeo.
And that's what they know.
They don't laugh at this, they all know that.
And so, it's here.
The second Atlantis.
And you know how Atlantis ended.
Tuesday live, globalists scramble to shut down alternative media before masses learn how to stop the Great Reset.
Owen Schroyer has done a great job hosting today.
I will continue to co-host with him at least for several hours of the War Room.
It's coming up in 23 minutes from now.
We will open the phones up as well.
But I want to be very clear about something.
We are winning, ladies and gentlemen, and so that's why the establishment's taking the gloves off, taking the mask off, and it's going all the way.
Here's a great example of this.
Alex Jones, the great reset book, rockets to top of the Amazon charts, number one in history, number one in movers and shakers.
If you look at the statistics on the article on InfoWars.com, It shows the numbers right there.
It shows how we're number one in history.
I think the left likes that.
Ahead of Yuval Harari's anti-human pro-Great Reset New World Order book.
It was 64,000 on the charts the day it began pre-sale.
A week later, it's 76 in the world.
up 85,053 places.
That sales rank in the world is number 76 on the biggest We were going to push that to number 1.
Alex's War is number 2 in the world for pre-sales.
It comes out on the 29th.
Now this isn't about Alex Jones bragging.
It's about the power of the people and what they want.
I want to explain something as well.
We get no money.
From Alex's War, except for the DVDs we've bought that start shipping on Friday.
We have a stockpile of them, and you know what you have in your archive, and you can fund us and keep us on air on this critical fight.
The book, I'll probably get a couple dollars a book from, from the publisher, and then we'll get about half the sales from sales at Infowarsstore.com.
So I'd like you to get it, or a signed copy at Infowarsstore.com.
It's a catch-22 because I want to go to number one in the world, even though we'll make a lot less money.
I want our book to be number one because what that does to the fake intellectuals and the Klaus Schwab's and all this scum that couldn't do anything even near that.
I mean the people they celebrate and push the most go to the number one history section.
We're in front of the high priest of the Great Reset right now and that's why they shake with hatred of us when they're around us.
And so I felt great that they packed the court with all these leftists and my enemies.
I felt great when they were up there lying about me because it wasn't a sign of their
strength, it was a sign of their weakness.
And if we have the time and the judge lets us show everything they said was a lie or
a twisted fraud, but it made my head spin.
Some of the crew was here watching it.
Paul was on and I asked the producer Scott I said what were you able to say
He said, I just watched five minutes, and I saw the judge, and I saw this four times at least, look to the jury and say, he's guilty?
I found him guilty.
Well, since when in America does a judge find you guilty?
And you heard his lawyer say that he actually apologized and said he thought Sandy Hook happened in 2015?
Yeah, so what the judge actually said, she came back from lunch and she told the jury that during your lawyer's opening statement, he had mentioned that you had apologized several times.
And she told the jury that you have to strike that from the record, that's stricken from the record.
And it's like, why can't the jury know that you said you were sorry?
That doesn't seem like anything that would be normal.
None of it is.
Listen, lawyers watching this all over the country, top lawyers are on record saying this is worse than something Hitler would put on.
I mean, it's so one-sided.
This woman is known as a total tyrant.
She got elected into office just two years ago.
The Democrats even hate her.
She's George Soros funded.
And she would shake in hatred, looking at me.
She has an HBO production crew there, micing her up.
She'll preps for the camera.
The whole thing is rigged.
It is, it is pathetic.
It's, it's an indictment of them.
An indictment of rigged court systems.
And it will go down as the show trial of the century.
And if they succeed, the show trial that began the model for the total takeover of the world.
So I, I left after lunch to come back to the office and do the show.
I didn't see that.
I saw her four times while I was there say, let's be clear, he is guilty.
And by the way, remember she put an order out that I'm not allowed to say I'm innocent.
And then I talked to the press outside, who's all there attacking me, and I walked out and said, I am not allowed to say I'm innocent.
I am innocent.
And this is all a setup.
And she blew up then and said, you can't talk to the press out there.
What did you make of this, Scott?
I just think it's pretty glaring and a great disrespect to what the judicial system is supposed to be.
It seemed like every time that your lawyer would say something, it seemed like the judge would come in and have something wrong with it, whereas any time their lawyer was saying something, everything was okay.
It didn't matter what their lawyer was saying, but your lawyer was always under these constraints. Hey, you're not allowed
to say that.
Stay there Scott, we'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, I should have brought a notepad and paper today during the lies at this rigged court hearing
that's the model of the takeover of America and the world.
Some of the crew was watching, just what they saw was flabbergasting.
And Scott, our main producer, was just saying what he just saw after they came back from lunch.
I mean, I'm not going to sit there the whole time.
I got to be on air and fight the globalists.
Their goal is to get us off air.
But again, the judge says I'm guilty.
And the judge says that I must pay.
And the judge says you're not allowed to hear That he ever said he thought Sandy Hook happened, even though I said at the beginning I thought it might have happened, and barely ever even covered it.
And so Scott saw them, we're gonna get the clip, before the break, saying that, oh that's another thing she said.
She looked at us, she said, everyone else is allowed to use video from here, but you're not.
You don't even get to present evidence?
No, no, no, no.
She said we can't, she goes, no one's allowed to show footage in here except any media I authorize.
And she's like, you're not authorized.
That's the level of these people.
Just imagine the crazed animal level of this.
And she said four times, I saw before lunch, he is guilty.
You understand, jury?
He is guilty.
And then my lawyer goes, we're going to present evidence of all the times that he was actually having debates about this and said he believed they died.
Because they said for 10 years straight, he says every day, these kids haven't died and he attacks this man and this woman by name.
Ever said their name.
You said their name once and they sued you and then they dropped you.
Just recently.
So, folks, this is next level.
I mean, I'm listening to it and it's basically all lies or twisted edited clips and I'm sitting there watching this and I can't believe I'm in a trifecta of their lawyers, the judge and the media and they think it's funny.
And all they're trying to do Is manipulate and deceive that jury.
And when you sit back and you see it for yourself, up close, and they're saying you're the one that does that, and that everything Jones does is calculated massively and organized with all his people, when we're the opposite of that.
We do research and give you our just open take on things, which is our first time around.
So Scott, finish up any points you had.
It's just a real shock that this is allowed to happen, particularly in Texas.
You would think that, you know, I've always thought Texas was kind of like the last bastion for freedom type thing, and the fact that there is a court that just allows this to happen, that allows a judge just to, without any sort of trial, without any sort of presentation of evidence to your peers, determines you're guilty.
That's really weird to me.
Add in the fact that, you know, you went through all your Discovery stuff, and they can't tell you what you didn't produce, but they just know you didn't produce what they needed.
And that's always weird to me, too.
It's just, it's sad that this is allowed to happen, and they threw out a number today that was, like, so astronomical.
150 million.
How did they come to that?
Where did they get that number, and how is that even possible?
The judge says you're guilty, because judges decide, not juries now.
Now she says he's guilty, and then my lawyer says, actually he's been saying he thought this happened for many, many years.
The judge says strike that, you can't say that.
Even though it's a fact, and it's videos, they've got an evidence, and we've got an evidence, but every time he's allowed to use the same evidence, but edited, we're not allowed to show the full tape.
is a well-known doctrine that you've got to show something in its entirety.
Thank you so much for the comments, Scott.
Oh, and this is a lot bigger than us.
This is about everybody.
Well, exactly.
And that's why I was going to say, strip away the names, strip away the faces, strip away the politics, and Really just go base level.
Just human psychology, human interaction level.
What I see happening here is a bunch of people who are low lives trying to destroy somebody who's much greater than them.
Again, forget about the names, forget about the faces, forget about the politics.
As somebody that just likes to look at human psychology and human interaction and communication, that's kind of what this looks like, and that's what this feels like, and I think that's why the whole goblin-esque demeanor is so apparent here.
Sadly, just like with the censorship issue, I'm afraid that Alex Jones' fate In this case, will ultimately be the fate of the next person, and the next person, and then the next group of people, and then the next bigger group of people, just like what we saw with censorship.
So, Alex Jones gets censored?
People bought into the lies about him, and they said, okay, fine, let's censor Alex Jones.
Maybe that's not a bad thing.
Oh well, then they censored Donald Trump, then they censored Roger Stone, then they censored Marjorie Taylor Greene.
And tens of thousands of doctors.
And now all the doctors.
And now they're charging doctors for January 6th, putting them in jail for 60 days.
So, we're either, Alex, we're either at the beginning And these are the signs.
We're either at the beginning of a dystopian, tyrannical takeover in the United States that's going to be cemented, or we're at the end of the corrupt America regime that's controlled the media, controlled the judicial system, controlled everything else, and these are their final kind of death throes as their corruption is getting exposed.
So we either are going into a period of darkness, into a period Absolutely.
Well, I mean, I'll tell listeners what the right thing to do is.
People should be protesting the judicial tyranny.
and their oppression on the West, their destruction of America, and their complete sabotage of
our judicial system, our media, and everything.
Well, I mean, I'll tell listeners what the right thing to do is.
People should be protesting the judicial tyranny.
They should be out there from 8.30 in the morning until about 10.
They should be out there, you know, when the lunch hour breaks at like, you know, noon
or 1.
They should be out there like 5 o'clock when it lets out.
The independent media should be there and should be covering the real issues and I'll be down there doing press conferences every single day and I'll announce times I'm going to be out there and we need people out there with sandwich boards and signs basically saying kangaroo court, rigged, judges can't find you guilty, bring back jury trials because they're all betting on keeping that jury from knowing that and again for those who don't know a default Here's an example.
They're very, very rare.
They even call them unconstitutional most of the time.
I mean, no one even dares them.
It's when, say, somebody robbed a bank.
And then they put that money in a bank account, and the court's not 100% sure that that's the money out of the bank account that was stolen out of a bank.
And the person runs away to Monte Carlo.
But most of the money is left in the bank account in the U.S.
If they don't show up for the lawsuit saying, that's the stolen goods, that's mine, and they don't respond, they still then have a trial.
With a jury to decide, well, is that really money that was stolen out of a bank?
Is that the same money?
We gave them everything.
We're there.
You don't do default judgments.
But Democrats, we're learning, are doing it all over the place, or they're calling it similar things.
Like Steve Bannon just got convicted for contempt of Congress because he exercised executive privilege, which is on the books.
No one would ever even dare to have anybody work for a president before it started in Congress.
Steve Bannon could not talk or have his lawyers ask questions at the trial.
And then it was like, well, yeah, the judge ruled.
They couldn't cross-examine.
They couldn't cross-examine.
And the judge said, the facts are already found that you're in contempt.
No discussion about executive privilege.
No discussion about past precedent or law.
Just no, you don't get a defense.
So it's the exact same thing, Owen.
They have weaponized the judiciary and conservative and Christian judiciaries that the left always attacked.
They were the guardians of America.
They never did this.
This has never happened.
It's the left.
They are basically like courts in Venezuela.
This is why I spend so much time harping on the psychology of the liberal Democrat left because it's so important to understand in cases like this where Whenever you're looking at a liberal Democrat, a far-left liberal Democrat, you have to understand, whether they're a doctor, whether they're a teacher, whether they're a lawyer, whether they're this, that, or the other thing, the fact they're a liberal Democrat, progressive, is always the top priority.
So whatever the agenda is or whatever the operational procedure is for a liberal Democrat progressive, that will always take top priority over them doing their job.
An example I always like to use is with doctors.
How do all these young boys end up prescribed to SSRI drugs, which we now know never did anything for depression?
We always knew that.
How do all these young boys end up on SSRI drugs?
Because liberal doctors that hate men, and view western men as toxic masculinists, they get a boy and- And they now admit that, and now it's cut their penis and balls off!
This is a frickin' cult!
So I'm gonna say this, I am honored, I don't care, I had no money anyways.
They can get a trillion dollar judgment.
These people have convicted themselves, they're frauds, and they're destroyed.
Owen, I want you to come back with that line of reasoning, and you're going to host, because I'm going to run around and take care of a few key items around here that have to be taken care of.
You're going to host two segments in here at the start of the war room, and I'm going to come back and I'm going to host at least an hour and a half with you and take calls, okay?
Yep, I'm ready.
The war room starts in 30 seconds.
If your local station has a carrier, it should.
But this is going to be key stuff coming up and a bunch of other key news we haven't gotten
Band out video stations all over the country.
We've got so much other news.
We'll only spend a little bit more on the judiciary being weaponized against us.
Then we're going to move in to all the other big issues and what's coming next and your
phone calls.
The war room starts now on the Infowars network.
Rebel against the tyrants.
Share your links everywhere.
We'll be right back.
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