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Name: 20220724_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 24, 2022
1400 lines.

In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including his recent interview with Steve Bannon and Glenn Greenwald. He addresses the move towards tyranny and suppression of free speech worldwide. Jones mentions new lockdown news and a massive carbon tax as significant developments. He promotes products on his website that have recently been restocked, such as diet force and body's ultimate tumor formula. Jones encourages listeners to prepare for potential crises by stocking up on essential items through preparedtoday.com. Finally, he discusses the future of technology and artificial intelligence, warning about a transhumanist new dark age where humanity is controlled by machines and elites merge with silicon. The speaker discusses Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist known for his show Infowars. They argue that while he is often ridiculed as a "nutcase," Jones has been ahead of the curve on various topics and has provided important information about transhumanism - the merging of human beings with machines through genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. The speaker praises Jones's coverage of Ray Kurzweil, an influential figure in the transhumanist movement, and asserts that his predictions have been validated by recent developments. Alex Jones discusses his new film, "Alex's War," and his upcoming book, "The Great Reset in the War for the World." He mentions being facing three lawsuits from Democrats and talks about the challenges of navigating the current political climate. He also praises Steve Bannon and talks about the importance of critical thinking and understanding the globalist agenda. Additionally, he announces that his new book will be available for pre-order soon and is expected to release in mid-August. The interviewer highlights three books that are central to Jones' argument in the great reset: The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab, Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella, and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. According to Jones, these books reveal a plan for world control and authoritarianism under state capitalism. The conversation then shifts towards the concept of 'the war for the world'. The interviewee states that the establishment is composed of various power groups but they all have a common goal: controlling science and directing its progress. He describes the globalist agenda as a "New World Order" being pushed through the great reset, which aims to establish worldwide authoritarianism. The interviewer emphasizes the importance of remaining calm in the face of this global crisis, suggesting that humanity can take control and build their own society if they survive the impending collapse. He encourages listeners to prepare for the future by stocking up on essentials like food, water, and survival gear. Finally, the interviewee talks about his recent interview with Glenn Greenwald at the film premiere of 'Alex's War', a critical documentary about his work. He also mentions upcoming content featuring Eddie Bravo and Harrison Smith. The conversation concludes with a promotion for Jones' book, "The Great Reset", which is now available on Amazon.

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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, we've got a very special Sunday evening version or type of broadcast.
We're always informative, we're always important.
But tonight, We're gonna have several special guests in studio in the third and fourth hour.
Ali Alexander, Eddie Bravo, Harrison Smith will also be co-hosting.
That is coming up tonight.
But the planet's really aligned with political crossover in the populist free speech sphere.
On Saturday, I was interviewed by Steve Bannon, who was very, very gracious, and I think did a great job, brought up a lot of really important points, basically a full endorsement of InfoWars, and some pretty amazing statements.
We're going to be airing a large part of that hour-long interview in this hour.
And then, in the second hour, it was on Rockfin at the Alex's War premiere with Glenn Greenwald, Alex Moyer, and myself.
That's a streaming service.
We're going to play about half the interview.
You'll find the rest at Rockfin.
Coming up in the second hour today, and that's Glenn Greenwald interviewing me.
And it was pretty powerful.
And we're also on the eve of this kangaroo court trial, one of three that starts in Austin tomorrow.
The Democratic Party and their anti-gun movement using the Sandy Hook folks as their foil.
and their admitted plan to try to bankrupt us and silence us and take us off the air and then use that model
to ban everybody else's speech. We're on the eve of that unfolding and just to be there
and to be talking about the attack on free speech not just here but worldwide and then to see
the deep state's activities against me.
It doesn't make me mad that they're doing this to me.
I know it's designed for everybody else, and they admit it is.
And just to see the media and the judges and the system working in concert to say, you can't talk about the First Amendment, you're already guilty when we have this trial, you can't say you're innocent.
Well, I mean, a guy found with dead bodies can say he's innocent.
You will not tell the jury you're innocent.
This is an order.
You will not mention the First Amendment.
You won't tell them you're bankrupt.
You won't tell them any of this so they don't know anything.
They're just told he's guilty.
Now we're going to tell you how guilty he is.
That is beyond even like North Korea.
That's beyond Venezuela.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
If they bother to have a trial in Venezuela or North Korea, Then they at least put on some show.
Usually they just take you out back and shoot you in the back of the head.
But that's where all this is going.
And this is the stuff that happened early on in Nazi Germany.
De-banking people.
Corporations ganging up and taking folks out of the market.
Then you're put in ghettos, then you don't get trials, or you don't get fair trials, then you don't get trials.
I mean, this is real bonafide tyranny.
The stuff you read about in history books, you just get angry hearing about corrupt government like this, and then you see it, and it's weird, laughing, smiling, leptist, almost all of them women.
It's like, oh, they're women, so they get to violate everybody's rights.
It's cute and fun.
Oh, you're a convicted pedophile, but you dress up like a woman, so you can come into the public school and have five-year-olds sit in your lap.
I mean, just unbelievable to have a bird's eye view, a 35,000 view, but also a point-blank range view.
of this, it's insane. We also have massive new lockdown news, massive carbon tax news,
huge developments we'll be hitting as well. We'll kind of do a news, once we come back,
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A decade ago, folks laughed, self-driving robot cars about to hit Nevada highways.
They passed a law.
Soon there won't be any truck drivers anymore.
There won't be any checkout lanes anymore.
Why the future doesn't need us?
And then the technocrats, they're designing the infrastructure.
They're designing the system.
They're designing all of it, not to empower humanity and build up humanity.
The vaccines, the GMO, reduce fertility, dumb you down.
They frame the whole thing.
That is a foregone conclusion that your brain will be transplanted in a machine, and copies of it will be distributed out, and death will be conquered.
They want a transhumanist new dark age for the rest of us, turning off our resources in a post-industrial world, while in high-tech reservations, the new class system, they have the advanced tech, which people beg for like a slave-mad iPad, like a slave-created iPad.
Made at slave factories with suicide nets, then they give it to the so-called upper class.
And Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity.
And so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know.
and a true 2.0 in a very bad way, hive mind consciousness with an AI jacked into everyone
knowing our hopes and dreams because we were already wired in and absorbed before we knew
it by giving over our consciousness to this system by our daily decisions that it was
able to manipulate and control into a larger system.
The ultimate racism, the ultimate anti-human, globalist eugenics movement that says humanity
has failed and over and that machines are going to override us and the elite are going
to merge with silicon and that to do that they must first shed themselves of us, the
The priest at Google.
The priest at Apple.
The priest at IBM.
The priest at Microsoft.
That is their religion.
I declare This July 4th, 2022, there'll be a Declaration of Independence against the alien force on this planet today, waging war against humans and our biology and our very future that is attempting to exterminate the majority of us and force the minority that's left to merge with AI computers and become cyborg slaves of Satan.
Okay, we're going to have the great Alex Jones on here momentarily, but we want to take a little different cut on this.
There's a huge film coming out.
It's going to premiere tonight in Austin, Texas.
We actually have part of the team down there to be at the premiere.
And then this film's going to be, I think, available on the 29th to watch.
It's called Alex's War.
But there's also, as importantly, I actually think I think for many reasons, maybe even more importantly, there's a major new book coming out by the guys over at Skyhorse, Tony Lyons and team, by Alex Jones called The Great Reset and the War for the World, which is a incredible document.
The reason I want to start, I want to bring in Joe Allen.
We're doing a short tribute to Alex Jones because here's the thing.
People say Alex Jones is crazy.
He's a conspiracy theory guy.
He's a nutcase.
He's got these rants and all that.
What they miss Is that this guy's ahead of the curve on so many different topics of signal, not noise.
He's one of the leaders in describing what transhumanism is.
It's dangerous and what's happening on this.
And we just did a short mashup.
We could have done a whole hour of things.
Joe Allen, you're our editor in charge of this.
I know you're now working on a couple of projects for us.
That's why you're not on the show as frequently as you're not your daily hits anymore.
We're going to get you back more ingrained and we understand you've got a huge project you're working on for us.
Tell me about Alex Jones and transhumanism and how he was a prophet about this, sir.
Well, yes, Steve.
You know, as we've discussed before, Alex Jones was raising the alarm on transhumanism long before anybody was paying attention or would touch it.
I mean, yeah, he has a reputation for throwing wild haymakers, but when those haymakers connect, they definitely crack skulls.
And I think that people like him, whose antennas are out, who are very sensitive to danger, when he starts screaming about something, I think you should really stop and pay attention.
I mean, there really aren't many topics more terrifying than transhumanism.
Most people try to ignore it, mainly because of its utter horror.
You're talking about merging human beings with machines.
You're talking about genetic engineering and human-monkey chimeras.
Brain enhancement chemicals and robots and brain implants and superhuman artificial intelligence.
And I would say that Alex Jones, especially in regard to Ray Kurzweil, has been pointing out all of those things as they develop.
So we may differ on the theory of the case, but he has presented tons of valid evidence and facts that I think have been really, really important to raising consciousness to what the sort of technocratic global elite Really want to do again if you go back doesn't matter if you go back if you go back if you go back and look at the signal commercial show and not the know if you look at the signal and you compare that to PBS and NPR and BBC let's go to the super high elite
of reporting and you compare what they've put out over the last decade or so about this topic,
which I keep saying and the reason we got Joe Allen on here full time is probably at the end
of the day the most important part and this is what the brilliance of his new book, The Great
Reset, Alex Jones cuts to the heart of the matter. If you compare the finest and I'll tell you,
you take MIT technology review, you take science, take all these magazines and journals,
add the electronic part of it and you know NPR, PBS, all of it.
I'll take, I'll match up and we'll go through and we'll do what Alex Jones put out there versus what your collective body has put out there.
And if you're a sentient human being and just watching it, you say, well, God, Alex Jones was ahead of this.
Not only that, he kind of explained it.
Maybe all the pieces didn't fit together.
The other stuff is just standard stock and leaves you with nothing.
This is the importance.
This is true signal, not noise.
Last year we called NPR the whores of the techno-apocalypse, and I think that still stands, and it definitely stands for the Guardian, who are basically promoting it and kind of soft-peddling the implications of it.
CNN, anytime they touch anything like this, they just make it sound like cool new technology that you should look forward to.
Yeah, Alex Jones is saying, pay attention and be afraid, and I think that he's done a tremendous service in that regard.
I want you to hang on.
Let me play the cold open now.
I want to play the trailer for this film.
It's insane.
Insanely good.
Let's play the cold and then we'll bring in Alex.
I'm Alex Jones.
The story you're about to see is truth.
This is reality.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
I'm the most fan, most demonized media person in the world.
Alex Jones is a fake.
He's a performance artist.
I'm perceived as a clown, a nut, a maniac.
On his website, InfoWars, he touts paranoia porn, the sickest, most offensive theory.
Alex Jones claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
Don't you stand for America, sir?
He said me and Hillary are demons.
Ain't that something?
You'll burn in hell!
I met him back in 1990s.
I knew right away he was going to be a star.
How's my hair look?
I saw all these conspiracy theorists that were talking about the New World Order.
And I thought, that's what I'll do.
Get it, Alex.
Death to the New World Order!
It was that attack on humanity that I saw early on that I really wanted to wage war on.
You're lying to the public.
It's disgusting.
Once you taste that, there's no going back.
Everything's a war.
That's the way the universe works.
And everything is propaganda.
I don't trust Donald Trump, but I agree with probably 95% of what Donald Trump says.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
That's what the media loves off.
Alex Jones said the Sandy Hook shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 children, was fake.
I try to tell the truth and sometimes I'm wrong.
Did the New York Times get in trouble for consciously lying about WMDs that then led to a war that killed tens of thousands in conflict?
The attempts to de-platform us have failed.
They've had the CIA, the FBI following me around.
Now we've got to destroy Alex Jones.
We're not playing games here.
This is such a historic moment together.
It's all just insane.
Okay, let's put me in prison for questioning, okay?
Even though that's my right.
In fact, let's execute Alex Jones.
Let's put him in front of a firing squad, pull the trigger.
I have a sick feeling, actually.
Because I know what comes next.
Alright, folks.
So, we're going to go to break, and then we're going to come back with the rest of this great interview with Steve Bannon.
I really appreciate him having me on.
He says he's going to come on my show soon.
He was, of course, just recently falsely convicted of not testifying to Congress because he had the presidential discretion not to do that.
It was a separation of powers.
So, that is all coming up.
Ladies and gentlemen, on the other side, stay with us.
Tell us about this movie.
A great filmmaker made this.
You're interviewed for it, but other than that, it's their film, correct?
It is.
I mean, I've turned down a lot of...
Other documentary offers because it's the establishment they always lie, but I've seen some of her films and knew that it was independent and it shows me in a bad light and a good light because I mean I'm a real person just like you, but it's hard to come on here Steve because I've admired you and you were the brain behind a lot of what Trump was able to do and you've had the most courage of anybody out there standing up to the January 6th fraud and really Bringing America back.
So it's hard to come on your show and then talk about myself here.
It's surreal with what you did not backing down of the committee and their kangaroo court and how they wouldn't let you cross-examine people.
I'm facing three rigged lawsuits run by Democrats.
Same ones in Travis County that indicted Rick Perry and Tom DeLay.
I'm not allowed to say I'm innocent at my trial next week that starts.
They put an order out.
You cannot say you're innocent.
You cannot say it's rigged.
And you can... I mean, it's insane.
If I'm supposed to sit there and not talk and not say I'm innocent, this is the end of America.
So if they can destroy Steve Bannon and Alex Jones, they can destroy you.
So I'm just honored.
And I'm not gushing here just to gush.
I mean, I don't gush.
I'm gushing because, literally, we are in the arena.
And you and I, and you at a greater level, I got to say, they are so scared of you.
And so I admire your work.
And I have, you know, really, really pushed people that have, you know, attacked you and stuff to not, because they're wrong.
And when they do, they're buying into the globalist propaganda.
So I am really, this is a big bucket list being on your show.
And I'm, I'm so proud of the fact that it's exploded.
Everybody talks about I'm at the grocery store, I'm at church.
Almost every day, people go, man, I really love your show and I love Steve Bannon.
Did you see this?
Did you see that?
And I don't get, like, envious.
I feel good when I go to sleep at night.
Like, if they put me in prison or kill me next week, at least Steve Bannon's out there.
And this team you've put together.
But here, the reason I want to have you on is the film.
Look, the film's a powerhouse film.
And I don't think, you're a unique combination.
But let's talk about Steve Bannon.
Okay, okay, we'll talk about him.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I've never gotten to talk to you.
Yeah, but listen, here's why I think it's so important, because your trial's coming up, and look, you're a fighter and they're obviously trying to take you down.
The point I don't think people get about you, we do at The War Room, and I personally do because I followed you for years, is that you're not just a man of action.
The guy that they see on that show every night, the guy they see out at the Bullhorn, the guy that's taking leadership and saying, hey, I'm in the first tank and we'll drive this.
As much and as important as that leadership is, The true thing that you've done, which is stunning, if you look at the evidence of that and the facts, you are one of the great thinkers of this.
That is very rare.
You've got to go back almost to the revolutionary generation and see that.
In this new book, I've got to tell you, when Tony Lyons first approached me, I read this thing, I go, this is it.
This guy has summarized, he's pulled together.
The film is powerful.
But the film is going to show Alex Jones in all his glory, the good and the bad, and you make your decision.
But you see Alex Jones, the brawler.
Alex Jones, the intellectual brawler.
But this book, The Great Reset and The War for the World, I'm telling you, everybody in America, the people that hate Alex Jones the most have to read this book.
This is no beach read.
You're not going to be flipping pages here.
You're going to be having a pen out and you're going to be underlying stuff.
It's amazing.
So look, I appreciate the kind words.
And look, you know, we're both in this and there's no back down.
You know, Tucker, I was on Tucker last night.
Trump, you, me, others.
We're not going to back down an inch.
We can't.
The Republic, this is a fourth turning.
The Republic is in play right now.
We're either going to win or we're going to lose.
It's very simple.
Because Steve, let's explain this to viewers.
If we back down, it's like dying.
It's like committing suicide to back down.
We're not looking for trouble, but we just can't back down.
We need America to understand that you'll be with us together exactly.
We're not backing down.
We can't do it.
No, absolutely.
I'll tell you what, I'm going to take a short break here.
I'm going to get Alex, I want to talk about this book, if we can get it up.
Alex, what is the, can we get the cover of the book up?
Real quickly, when is this book, I know people can order it now, when does the book actually come out?
Because this is something that people need to read immediately and we need to break it down, etc.
So when can people get this book, The Great Reset in the War for the World?
I was making changes to it up to a month ago.
The book is done.
Today I am writing, because I'm two weeks behind, they're going to print it next week, the acknowledgment.
It's kind of hard to write acknowledgments.
I want to thank so many people.
So after this show, I'm going to write the acknowledgment.
It's going to go to print Monday.
And it's going to be out in the middle of August.
So it's going to print next week.
Let's take a short commercial break.
We're going to get the way everybody orders it.
Alex Jones, there's a massive film premiering tonight in Austin, Texas.
Alex's War.
You're not going to want to miss that.
Then he's got a major new book coming out in mid-August.
You can start to pre-order.
The Great Reset in the War for the World.
And this is as heavy as it gets.
Alex Jones is our guest.
You're in the War Room.
Take a short commercial break.
break we'll be back in a moment.
With Stephen K. Bannon.
The epidemic is a demon and we cannot let this demon hide.
War Room.
Here's your host Stephen K. Bannon.
You know, people that have watched this show know me over the years.
You know, the Financial Times, The Economist, we go through, that's what we play every day.
We start with MSNBC and CNN clips.
We're not playing conservative right-wing news.
So I'm a huge believer in information and in collecting information.
And I go to, I watch the Infowars every day and follow Alex Jones closely.
You know why?
He can put you ahead of the curve.
And he's been demonized as a conspiracy theorist, right?
I gotta tell you.
This book, The Great Reset and The War for the World, is the left and the mainstream media are going to have to sit there and we've got to force them to respond to this book.
This book is that important.
And Alex, I appreciate it.
I don't understand.
As busy as you are doing as many hours a day and all the other things you do are getting out there and leading from the front tank and going to rallies and doing all that.
I don't honestly understand humanly how you pulled this together.
I want you to make the case that you make in this book, The Great Reset, 'cause you take three authors,
essentially, and you tie together these three books to make the case of showing data and evidence
through their words.
You take Klaus Schwab in the fourth industrial revolution, you take the CEO of Nadella, the CEO that followed Gates
and those guys at, and Gates is a guy who has CEO in Microsoft, the hit reset,
and then you take Yuval Noah Harara, Homo Deus and his other books,
and you make the case of what the, not just the New World Order is,
but using this great reset to really take up their whole idea of control and authoritarianism.
And combine it really with state capitalism.
So I want you to make the case here in the Great Reset.
What is this Great Reset and why are we at a war for the world right now, sir?
The establishment is a lot of different power groups, as you know, but science is always the cutting edge.
And they know there's a revolution of science.
And so they want to control that science and want to be the people that direct that science.
And if they don't bring in a worldwide authoritarian system, They know there'll be competition to them, and they're basically afraid.
All right, folks, this is a good part of the interview right now.
Amazing to be on the Steve Bannon.
He has a giant show and a lot of courage, and is now about to be a political prisoner, like so many of us as we go into this dark night of tyranny.
But the enemy is flashing out because they know humanity is waking up.
It's the Great Awakening versus the Great Reset.
Stay with us.
Greenwald coming up as well.
Welcome back to this live Sunday, July 24th, worldwide broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
A special four-hour live transmission tonight.
Glenn Greenwald interviewed me at length.
Yesterday at the film premiere for the documentary Alex's War.
It's a very fair film.
It's a critical film.
It's, I would say, a very accurate snapshot representation of what we do, what we stand for.
I'm going to be proud of my work in many areas and not so proud in other areas.
And I, you know, talked about that because life is a work in progress with Glenn.
And so we're going to be airing large excerpts of that interview in the second hour.
Then Eddie Bravo taped with us yesterday.
In studio, before the premiere, we're going to be airing that coming up, and also Harrison Smith and so much more.
The full Steve Bannon interview that we won't have time to air all of, we'll air about 60% of it, is obviously on his site on Rumble, and we posted it to InfoWars.com if you'd like to go watch it without the interruptions and things.
But let me just throw this out there real quick.
Because, you know, Steve's better than I am at plugging books, because he's written a lot more books than I have.
This really is an important book, and if you think the video clips on the show and the documents are powerful, this is a thick book, but a fast read, but also a deep read, because it's got all the proof of the nightmare world government, dehumanization, transhumanist plan, depopulation plan, and it's all in one book.
There's a lot of great reset books out there that are excellent, including those written by the globalists themselves.
They're evil, but they're excellent at telling you what they're going to do to you.
This book, now available on Amazon.com, is the best overall work out there today.
I'm sure stuff will come out that's even more important in the future because people will have more information, but this is really a total conviction of these criminals.
It's not for sale yet on InfoWareStore.com because We were greenlit to sell it last week, and we just never put it up for sale.
That's how we roll.
Not mad at anybody.
It's just how ragtag we are and, you know, what's going on around here.
But by tomorrow it will be up for pre-sale and it starts shipping on August 15th at InfowarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
But right now it is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and places like that.
And it's important to get it from Amazon, because if it pushes up to the number one political book or even number one book period, that makes everybody else start buying it, causes a big political firestorm, and then the message really gets out there.
So I don't normally say, go to Amazon to get stuff, but in the case of The Great Reset, you get a really good deal on it, and we want to send it to number one.
So go to Amazon.com, get The Great Reset.
And the War for the World by yours truly, Alex Jones, there.
And if you want to support us, you can start buying some copies on Monday.
Hopefully it'll be up at infowarestore.com.
And you can also get signed copies there as well.
So again, the Great Reset and the War for the World.
We're going to...
Go out to break in seven minutes with more of the Bannon clip, and then we're going to come back without my introduction in the last segment of this hour as well.
And then the Glenn Greenwald onstage interview last night that was really powerful.
Folks are saying that they thought it was very informative.
That is coming up in the second hour tonight.
So here is more of the Steve Bannon War Room, Alex Jones interview.
The establishment is a lot of different power groups, as you know, but Science is always the cutting edge, and they know there's a revolution of science, and so they want to control that science and want to be the people that direct that science.
And if they don't bring in a worldwide authoritarian system, they know there'll be competition to them, and they're basically afraid of these massive technological developments that are about to happen.
Contrary to limits to growth and things that MIT put out in the 60s claiming society would collapse, We'll actually expand infinitely with our technology if we have a culture, if we're moral and we don't destroy each other.
And so they have decided to trigger a controlled collapse and then bring in a new dark age to control the general public where they will be in their Elysium fields You know, to use the Greek analogy, where they're these demigods, and then if they even keep us around, it's like you let some ants live in your backyard, you have a potted plant, as Ray Kurzweil has said.
And so really, it was easy to write this book.
The problem was condensing it down, because they tell us what they're doing.
We're going to be gods.
Ray Kurzweil says, I don't believe in God yet.
I'm going to become a god.
He's going to resurrect his father.
But he needs all of us to get in line behind his AI so he can be God over us.
And so it's basically a destruction of free will.
And so you look at Harari and you look at all these people that are in the book.
They say, we're going to be gods.
We're about to be gods.
But we've got to get everybody in line to do what we say before we can become those gods.
And it's just quote after quote after quote of just the most insane stuff.
And if your neighbor said it, you know, you'd lock your door and be scared of them.
But they're up there at the Davos Group and they're writing books and they're making these statements saying, resistance is futile.
We're going to take your body over.
The future is not human.
Looking forward to the end of humanity.
These are Wall Street Journal headlines.
These are New York Times headlines.
And it's these people, these self-appointed high priests, that are just saying, we are in control of your destiny.
Oh, but it's going to be wonderful and you're going to be empowered, but we're going to control everything you do.
So it's an authoritarian delusion of grandeur.
But because humans are so amazing and we are made by God, we've created such great technology, they're just declaring themselves the aficionados of humans and that they're in charge of our development and where we're going.
And so it's literally a hijacking.
The old global elites couldn't beat the Renaissance innovation 550 years ago, the Gutenberg press.
And so it's been them trying to maintain and control technology because it threatens them.
And so now they're going to try to use technology to superimpose their will over us.
But just like the Internet backfired on them, it's going to backfire on them again.
So again, it's a bunch of mad scientists, self-appointed control freaks.
Who have set themselves up as the new priest class, who are self-anointed, and are telling us that we have to get in line with the utopia they're building, but when we see the Great Reset, the cutting off of energy, and the so-called Great Transition we're in, there is no new technology coming in.
They're blocking that, and so really they're just imploding things under the cloud and pivot model, so that they can get that control over us.
Walk me through Klaus Schwab.
You've been at this now for 20 or 30 years.
You've been focused on what you call the New World Order.
Tell us about how does a guy like Klaus Schwab come up and take this conference started in Davos and let this be kind of the governor mechanism of all this?
How did he pull this off?
Because you start off by his Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Tell us about Schwab.
How did he pull it off in Davos?
And what's important about his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Wow, that's huge.
Klaus Schwab and his family go back, being technocrats, going back into World War II on the bad guy side.
And he was a protege of Henry Kissinger and that whole OSS-CIA Atlantic Alliance.
And so the Bilderberg Group set up in Oosterbeek, Holland in 1954.
...was an alliance of the old European elite and the Anglo-American establishment, the British Empire and the US, and was a consortium meeting on time to create consensus within the elites.
And then once they had that by the 70s, and the Trilateral Commission was set up by David Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter, once they kind of had that order set up, then they said, okay, we've got to take this royal roundtable international organization, Royal Institute of International Affairs is the British model of it, CFR is the US model.
We've got to now take that to the state, and to the county, and to the city, and to the ecumenical, and the educational systems, and really put that program in.
And as Klaus Schwab says, we penetrate the cabinets, we control half the governments, he will eat the bugs.
And so he is really the press secretary of this.
And they then used the, quote, World Economic Forum with massive money and private jets and all the things that come with that, the big dinners and the other things that you get when you go, the sex operatives, all of it.
And they just roped in all the best talent and all the best people from every level, media, academia, business, government.
and just brought them all in since the 80s really at a fast pace until they have their mafia
or their cult of corporate power really fascism the merger of government and corporations over
the public [Music]
Tomorrow's News Today.
...Is the operating system for the general masses, just like China is communist, but it's really rich oligarchs.
And, you know, Obama, before he left office, gave speeches in South America, saying, listen, we need to mix the communism and capitalism.
Like, one country is communist, the other is capitalist, but those are the feudal slaves under communism.
And then you have the, quote, capitalist system extracting it, but it's not really capitalist.
It's a fascist, crony, capitalist, authoritarian system over it.
And so Klaus Schwab is the mouthpiece Of these organizations and groups, and they create the press releases, the operational memorandums, that then get sent out to Australia and New Zealand and Germany and France and the US and Canada and, you know, over a hundred countries who all now, the politicians speak in one unified voice.
When we've seen those composite videos where one person says, build back better, great reset, transition, and then it's another one, another one, and all of a sudden there's a hundred screens and a hundred languages all saying, We're doing this, and then when we go, hey, we don't want our energy cut off, you don't even have a replacement, they go, oh no!
That's a conspiracy theory.
Or, or, oh, Putin did that.
That's why your gas prices are up for the local gas station.
But then on the other side of their mouth, they say, no, no, this is good.
You need pain, Buttigieg has said, and, and, and Granholm and all of them.
We're doing this in a transition.
But it's not a transition into a better Star Trek civilization.
It's a transition into a new feudalist state, literally cutting off the energy to make everybody poor and dumbed down.
Feudalism 2.0.
And so that's what the Great Reset is, that's what Klaus Schwab is, that's what this professor
of medieval studies, Harari, none of those are his ideas.
That's all been said by the Club of Rome, it's all been said by the Bilderberg Group,
it's all been said by Limits to Growth, it's all been said by the Population Bomb, it's
all been said in eco-science, written in the 70s by the man that later became Obama's science
And when you read this stuff, if you just sit back and look at it, you know, this is the closest thing to Hitler I've ever seen.
This is like Hitler 5.0.
This is like Hitler, Buck Rogers level with what they're saying.
And they're just in this huge revolution Against choice and free will and normal technological development and adoption of technology that empowers humanity.
Instead, they want adoption of technology, forced adoption, world IDs, global social credit scores, carbon taxes that dominate and monitor every facet of our lives.
I tell you what, can you hang on?
We'd love to keep you for one more segment.
As long as you want, Steve.
This is awesome.
We've got Alex Jones, the book is The Great Reset and The War for the World.
This is a seminal work.
Yes, I know Madeline Peltz, our marketing director over at Media Matters, is going to melt down.
I dare anybody to go through this book and read it and see the references that are cited and the deconstruction he does of some of these major works by major... This is not intellectual slumming.
This is a heavy book and he takes apart and repurposes in there works of some of the top thinkers in the world today.
Alex Jones is our guest here in the War Room.
We're going to take a short commercial break.
We'll be back.
Austin, Texas.
A huge premiere tonight.
Part of our team's down there.
Alex's War premieres tonight.
This major documentary.
First one I think Alex has ever participated in as an interview.
It's made by an independent filmmaker.
Quite frankly, a stunning filmmaker.
It's out on the 29th of July.
Alex is finishing up this book, but you can pre-order it.
It's one of the Tony lines of the Sky Horse Press.
Guy's done another amazing job.
Short commercial break.
We'll be back with Alex Jones.
Just a moment.
We will fight till they're all gone.
We rejoice when there's no more.
Let's take down the CCP.
The story you're about to see is truth.
This is reality.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
I'm the most banned, most demonized media person in the world.
Alex Jones is a fake.
He's a performance artist.
I'm perceived as a clown, a nut, a maniac.
On his website, InfoWars, he touts paranoia porn.
The sickest, most offensive theories.
Alex Jones claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
Don't you stand for America, sir?
He said me and Hillary are demons.
Ain't that something?
You'll burn in hell!
I met him back in 1990.
I knew right away he was going to be a star.
How's my hair look?
I saw all these conspiracy theorists that were talking about the New World Order.
And I thought, that's what I'll do.
Get it, Alex.
Death to the New World Order!
It was that attack on humanity that I saw early on that I really wanted to wage war on.
You're lying to the public.
It's disgusting.
Once you taste that, there's no going back.
Everything's a war.
That's the way the universe works.
And everything is propaganda.
I don't trust Donald Trump.
But I agree with probably 95% of what Donald Trump says.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
That's what the media loves on.
Alex Jones said the Sandy Hook shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 children, was fake.
I try to tell the truth and sometimes I'm wrong.
Did the New York Times get in trouble for consciously lying about WMDs that then led to a war that killed tens of thousands in conflict?
The attempts to de-platform us have failed.
They have the CIA, the FBI following me around.
Now we've got to destroy Alex Jones.
We're not playing games here.
This is such a historic moment.
It's all just insane.
Okay, let's put me in prison for questioning, okay?
Even though that's my right.
In fact, let's execute Alex Jones.
Let's put him in front of a firing squad, pull the trigger.
I have a sick feeling, actually.
Because I know what comes next.
Okay, a blockbuster film premieres tonight in Austin, Texas, Alex's War.
Alex Jones is interviewed by it, but it's not by him, it's by a fantastic filmmaker.
And it's not a, you know, it's not a hierography.
It's a tough film, but I gotta tell you, I think You watch it, you come away with an appreciation that is, uh, I think a lot of people are going to be blown away by this.
Also, a major new book comes out basically in mid-August, being finished up by now, now by Alex, The Great Reset and The War for the World.
It's incredible.
It's one of the things we're breaking down with Alex.
One of the things I loved about the book is that, because I said, I said, I think he's the first guy besides me that thinks, hey, you've had Kissinger, but then he got Mika Brzezinski's dad, Dr. Brzezinski, who was National Security Advisor, after Kissinger, when the Ford administration was defeated by Carter, he came in.
But I've said for years, he's actually 10x the intellectual thinker geopolitically and what, and if he had this book, which you cite, That if you read it, it really was the railhead of everything that's kind of happened.
Tell us about Dr. Brzezinski versus Dr. Henry Kissinger, sir.
Well, you're absolutely right.
I mentioned Kissinger because Paul Schwab directly worked under him, but the real intellectual that got his ideas adopted was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who of course helped start the Afghan War and lured the Soviets in.
He was quite the mastermind.
He wrote the Grand Chess Board, you know, a decade or so ago, admitting his world government plans.
But I read, when I was a teenager, because my dad was really into it, when I was a little kid, he said, you ought to read these books when you get old enough.
So I read the Technotronic Era and several others.
And he was talking about microchips to buy and sell into your skin.
He was talking about a technocracy with computers controlling everything you did.
He was explaining how governments actually control organized crime.
But Alex, Alex, I just want to make sure people understand.
That book came out basically in the 70s, correct?
Yes, sir.
And so you read this... He was laying out exactly where this was headed, correct?
Absolutely, and he is the main thinker.
He gave a speech at the Canadian CFR, again about a decade ago, where he said that people can pull the quote up, he said, "Before we
could use propaganda to control people, it was infinitely easier to control a million people with
propaganda. Now it's infinitely easier to kill them, and we may just have to get rid of everybody."
So Brzezinski, in some of his books, bragged, "Well, I didn't kill the Cambodians, but I put Pol
Pot in to do it." So it's just, when you're reading what a real psychopath is saying here.
So I guess that's why Mika is so attracted to Scarborough.
You know, psycho, psycho jokes.
I guess he's like daddy, uh, but she's looking for daddy again there.
Leave that all over.
I want to pivot.
I want to get into more.
We're going to have Alex back to go through this because the book is the great reason.
Here's the thing.
This is not a beach book.
I want you to take it to the beach, but this is not like some spy novel you buy in the airport.
This is a serious book, and it's got to be treated seriously.
I think actually Tony and the guys ought to put a study guide out with it because it's that important.
Alex, tell us about your upcoming travails.
It's beyond trying to shut you up.
They can't do that.
They've tried that every different way.
They're trying to expunge you in any way possible.
Walk us through what's happening.
Well, you've been.
All right, we're going to come back and start hour number two.
We'll finish up with the Steve Bannon interview, or at least part of it.
Full thing is on Infowars.com, and obviously on Steve Bannon's site.
And then we're going to get to the Glenn Greenwald interview he did with me last night.
This is not on the internet yet.
It's about to go out today, next hour.
And then we've got so much more Eddie Bravo and more in studio with Harrison Smith and myself in the third and fourth hour.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Walk us through what's happening.
Well, you've been through this, President Trump's been through this, and what they do is, they fear populists, they fear loyal Americans that believe in America and are promoting it, because they know that's going to be popular, so they have to shut that down.
If they can demonize Steve Bannon and destroy Steve Bannon, if they can demonize and destroy Alex Jones or Donald Trump, And I'm not trying to put myself in that league, but that's the league.
It's like, you know, Trump, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones are the main targets, kind of going down from there.
I think you're probably a bigger target than I am because you're respected and also you have your intelligence background and they know it was the brain trust to find a lot of Trump successes.
And so I'm not lavishing you, it's just true.
Here's where I disagree with this because I think, like Trump, you have a You know, as Bernard Shaw said, only connect.
You have a way of connecting with the working class in this country, in the middle class in this country that is very powerful.
I mean, one of my guilty pleasures is watching your rants and they're absolutely amazing.
I mean, they're incredible.
You have a way of connecting like Trump has a way of connecting.
That is their biggest fear.
Their biggest fear is the Education and enlightenment the awakening of that army of what I call the army of the awakened and they will take I think Tucker and I are far in back of that because you and Trump have a way of Connecting a hard connection with that.
That is you can't coach that right?
That's a god-given talent That's just creative charisma and you have it.
That's why they're called.
I don't want to say that I've got What what what what are they trying to do right now they've done everything possible and In the technocratic way to shut you down and eliminate your voice.
You've powered through that.
What is the latest they're trying to do to destroy you?
Well, if you try to describe what they've done to you, just what I know would take hours.
And if I tried to describe it, it would take hours.
But here's the bottom line.
I have the motions in limine at Infowars.com of the judge's order of the first of three rigged Sandy Hook trials where I've already been found guilty.
I've been defaulted.
When I gave them everything and more, which they used as a blueprint to further debank us and deplatform us.
And the judge put in the order for the trial, where I'm guilty, that I cannot say I'm innocent.
Says word for word.
May not say you're innocent in any way.
Well, if that was a murderer, you know, caught with dead bodies in my basement, I could get up and say I'm innocent to the jury.
I could say I'm not guilty.
No, I am guilty.
And I can't cross-examine anybody.
And I can't raise the First Amendment.
And I can't say the trial is rigged.
But then we're ordered to have this trial or I'll be held in contempt.
She did a million dollar fine a month ago.
Court of Appeals turned it around in one day and said, pay it.
I paid a million dollars, and I'm out of money.
They finally run me to ground.
I paid a million dollars on Monday that literally brought the company down to like $300,000 in the bank.
But that's okay.
Lizards are coming in and supporting us.
But this is a real war, because you nailed it.
You stole my thunder, because I understand why.
You want to show people this is veritas.
We're simpatico, because the truth is the truth.
They hate Steve Bannon.
They hate Tucker Carlson.
They hate Donald Trump.
They hate me because we are populist.
We love the people.
The people get that.
They can see it.
They can feel it.
And they've seen what we've gone through.
And they don't want them to have a spirit.
So they think they can break us and destroy us.
That's their symbol of the American people.
Trump always says, look, they got to get through me to get to you.
And it's totally true.
We have decided to stand up because we love America and we can't stand seeing this happen.
We're not heroes.
We just can't roll over.
It's like being raped.
And so they see us standing up.
I think if they can break us and smash us, they can do it.
And this is not my rights that are being robbed.
It's all of our rights.
I mean, when Steve Bannon cannot cross-examine people at his own trial, In a rigged DC situation, we are all having our rights stolen.
And when I can't say I'm innocent, and can't say I'm bankrupt, and can't say there's three trials coming up, literally, she says we can say almost nothing.
But we have to be there.
And so, that's where this is.
And I'm just blessed that it's not criminal, like it is for you or what Julian Assange.
So anytime I feel sorry for myself, I go, There's Julian Assange, and there's Roger Stone, and there's people like Steve Bannon that have been really persecuted.
But I understand that's their next phase, is they're also implying everything's criminal I'm doing.
And I know they've got grand juries open, and they've got grand jury subpoenas, and some of it I've not talked about on air, but it's just a nightmare.
And I'm not a victim.
I asked for this.
I got in the arena.
But I want America to know, we're fighting for you.
We're fighting for our own families.
We're in this.
[theme music]
[music playing]
Here we are.
Hour number two on this live Sunday, July 24th broadcast.
I'm your embattled host, Alex Jones.
Thanks for keeping us in the fight for myself, the crew, and the whole InfoWorks family.
We salute you all.
All right, for the balance of the hour, we're going to air large excerpts of the multi-hour event that happened Saturday evening last night in Austin at a great theater.
And Glenn Greenwald got really demonized for coming to interview me.
The left said, You can interview Charlie Manson, you can interview Saddam Hussein, but you can't interview Alex Jones because then they can't misrepresent what I've actually said and done.
We talk about free speech, the attack on liberty, the death of the corporate media, and so much more.
And then after that, Eddie Bravo in studio, Harrison Smith, and so much more.
For the balance of the hour, ladies and gentlemen, here is large sections of the event streamed by Rockfin.
Find the whole interview there.
We'll also be linking to it on InfoWars.com.
But here it is.
Yeah, you know, I just, I, this week I had to spend time explaining what I thought was never necessary
to explain, which is you can, if you're a journalist, for example, go and speak to someone
without making clear whether you love that person or hate that person, but simply to try and understand them.
It's kind of fundamental to what journalists are supposed to do.
And I think that's the same for filmmakers and artists and documentarians and the fact that you even have
to explain yourself the fact that it's unusual to watch a film without constantly being bombarded
with the filmmaker's moral perspective, I think, is a testament to just how repressive the society has
become, and I really want to congratulate you for resisting that and for kind
of restoring what I think is the purpose of art and journalism
and film and documentaries, which is to show the public information that they ought to have
and let them decide what they think about it as opposed to shoving that conclusion down their face.
And life is a lot easier for you, as I said, if you had --
I've chosen a different route, but I think it takes a lot of courage for you to do that, and I think it's important.
So I want to congratulate you for that.
Thanks, Glenn.
All right, so do you want to end the weirdness of talking about Alex Jones right in front of him if he's not here and bring him up on stage?
Hey, get up here, AJ.
Come on Alex.
Does he have a mic?
Yeah, he should have a mic.
We can share.
We can share.
No, I mean... I haven't asked anything, Alex.
Do you want to talk?
Shylock Raiders attack!
No, no, no.
No, I mean, listen.
I got into this on AXS TV when I was 21 years old.
But I meant everything in purity.
I made a lot of mistakes.
I've done a lot of bad stuff.
It wasn't on purpose.
So it's great to be here with Greenwald.
It's great to be here with Alex Moyer.
And the thing is, I didn't lie on purpose.
I made a lot of mistakes.
But I'm not some person getting orders and lying to people.
And we're probably like 90% accurate, 10% wrong.
And I want to get better.
And so that's just where I'm at.
And it's great to be here.
And I'm glad you made a film that just kind of shows what we've done.
Because I look at it, it's kind of horrifying how obnoxious I am.
And then parts of it are good.
But I mean, I did this from a pure place.
And that's, at the end of the day, like, I did not lie to people on purpose.
I didn't make mistakes on purpose.
And I'm just glad you guys made this film.
So Alex, let me actually begin by asking you a little bit about that in terms of your intentions and the like, because I remember when I watched the film, it was just so striking, this early footage of you.
And I remember when the internet first discovered some of the early pictures of you from your public access days in Austin, I remember liberals being almost horrified, like with this cognitive dissonance, like we're supposed to look at him as a screaming, spitting monster, and yet these pictures are disturbingly handsome.
In this, like, very mainstream, normal way, you obviously from the beginning had a kind of charisma, a natural charisma in front of the camera.
That's what people even said from the first time they saw you.
And so when you combine these attributes that you had when you were young, I think you clearly, had you been somebody who was willing to affirm rather than question establishment pieties, could have ended up as, like, a meteorologist on, like, Good Morning America, or, like, some Anderson Cooper type.
And I'm wondering if you were aware of that potential and purposely chose to reject it for a different path, this kind of path of misfits and outcasts that we're surrounded by delightfully, or whether it was just so natural to your personality that you never even considered trying to pursue that kind of mainstream acceptability.
Glenn, I was thinking about driving her today.
What I wanted to say, and I forgot it, but thank God you brought that up.
No, no, no, seriously.
No, it's really intuitive.
My enemies say I'm this Lex Luthor mastermind, and I would love to say that.
It's none of that.
I had no... I could study the news and politics and read, like, books by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and, like, these were scary things.
But I had no training, no idea, no plan.
And this idea that, like, I'm this mastermind.
It's the opposite.
I mean, I can't balance my checkbook.
You know, and so, and I'm not trying to put myself down.
It's just like, they literally think I'm like this evil mastermind, and I literally can't balance my checkbook.
And they're just like attacking me constantly, like, where's the secret?
Where's the Russians?
Where's the, who's giving the immersers?
Who's giving the orders?
I'm like, I'm just covering the news.
I'm just giving my opinion on something.
And so, no, I had no idea what I was doing.
I just was pro-America, and like, kind of a libertarian, and like, didn't like Republicans, didn't like Democrats, and I was just watching all this happen, and I said, God, I get on AXS TV?
So I tried to go to college, tried to get an RTF job, and they're like, I don't think in five years you'll even be able to do anything in radio.
So I, and I was like, well, I'll be on AXS TV.
So that was, it was basically, I had my own political beliefs.
We're just pro-freedom that I got involved that was immediately successful that I was like trying to like figure out as I went I'm trying to be truthful made a lot of mistakes along the way but none of it was with malice none of it was meant to hurt anybody Yeah, we're going to talk about the mistakes for sure in a few minutes, because it wouldn't be a complete discussion without that.
But before we get to that, the question of your politics I think is so interesting, and this is what was striking me watching the film, is there's this idea that if you ask somebody with what political faction or ideology is Alex Jones associated, they would instantly say, oh, the far right.
And I'm watching you Well before most people thought about doing it, spreading huge amounts of skepticism and doubt about the CIA, the US security state, you're confronting the FBI, well before Trump began spreading that kind of skepticism in Republican circles, you even are talking about the NSA before 9-11, you're warning about the dangers of exaggerating the threats of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in order to kind of bring it into a sort of
Authoritarian imbalance.
Lots of things that people very associated with the left have been saying for a long time, kind of opposing these institutions of authoritarianism, warning about how they exploit people's perceptions to put the population in fear.
How have you seen yourself ideologically and politically along the years?
Starting out like 95, 96, first articles were like, Communist Alex Jones is anti-American.
Because I was against wars and surveillance.
Because that just seemed like, well Bill of Rights says you don't do this, so this is bad.
And I was just following the Constitution really ham-fistedly.
And I was like, well I see all this news about this.
And so I wasn't even being right-wing or left-wing.
I was simply thinking, "I want to promote freedom.
That's a fun thing to do."
And so that's really where it came from.
And then that's why, like, Martin Sheen, 18 years ago or so, said,
"Hey, we want to fly you out here to California, and we want you to, you know --"
Milo Estevez's son.
"We really love what you're doing."
So I get to their house, and it's like I'm sitting down there putting movies on.
I'm like, "So you're really a good liberal, right?
You're against these wars, and you're against George Bush."
I'm like, yeah, I'm against George Bush.
And they didn't care that I was pro-gun or any of this stuff.
It was like, I'm sitting there like, oh, Anthony Hopkins is coming over for dinner.
Let's have dinner right now.
So like, we're talking like 18 years ago.
I'm sitting with Anthony Hopkins eating roast beef at like Martin Sheen's house in Malibu.
And I'm like, what's this place?
Because I had no idea.
Like a private jet lands, flies back to California.
They're like, you're a very important young filmmaker.
You're exposing the evil right-wingers.
I'm like, I just don't want to have a war.
I don't want to support what these people are doing.
And so there was that.
And then as soon as Obama got in, they're like, wait a minute, this is Obama.
And I'm like, well, I don't like Obama's continuing the same stuff.
So to me, I literally just went on Access TV at like 21 years old, got a local radio show at 22, got syndicated at 23, totally self-taught, made a ton of mistakes.
But I did it for a place of truth.
And then I experienced, like, Hollywood and what it does, and the right wing, and then just... I've had this great experience over 28 years on air of, like, seeing all the weird underbellies of all this stuff because I didn't come into it from the establishment.
I literally came out of AXS TV in Austin, Texas, and so because I wasn't part of any of the power structures, I got to see stuff nobody else has seen.
So let me ask you a similar question to the one I asked Alex, which is, you know, it is so striking when I began writing about politics in 2005, liberals hated, more than anybody, George Bush, the architects of the Iraq War.
I began writing in opposition to rendition and the torture regime and Guantanamo and due process-free imprisonment.
It's just so striking that all the people back then who were implementing it, were advocating it, are completely acceptable, in fact, beloved in mainstream liberal circles.
Liberals watch media outlets and consume media outlets that employ those people.
As I was saying, I could interview all of them and I would be applauded by liberals, and yet you, who back in 2004 were saying, don't trust George W. Bush, his father was the CIA director, the Iraq War is based on lies, all things that auto-appeal to that sensibility of liberals. You are uniquely castigated
and kind of cast out of good company to the point where you're one of the very few people that
even journalists are told they can't speak to. Why is that? Why have you been
identified as such a threat in a way that other people who actually have blood on their
hands and wars on their legacy aren't even remotely cast as?
Well, I mean, that's a great question. And I, again, only learned this, Glenn, through
organic experience of it. But if I lied about WMDs, if I killed billions of people, I'm
part of the establishment.
But they're not scared of Alex Jones.
They're scared of populist movements.
And the fact that I wasn't left wing or right wing, the fact that I was just pro-America and pro-freedom, they It really wasn't me.
They just saw me as like the American people.
And like, okay, this is what the American people produced.
This is organic.
Because they went and checked out who I was and knew I wasn't controlled.
They're like, well, this guy just came out of the dirt.
And so this is the enemy.
And so it's their hatred of the general public, their hatred of the organic grassroots.
It's not me.
It's their hatred of just good, decent, classical liberal Americans I'm not that strong.
They're weak.
and want justice and want unity and want justice and want everybody to live in peace.
We don't want to hurt anybody.
We're not judging anybody.
We just want our freedom.
And so that's what freaked them out.
Like, well, this guy could get this popular and he's just some idiot on AXS TV.
What are we gonna do?
So I'm a symbol of their insecurity.
I'm not that strong.
They're weak.
And that's what I'm scared of.
(audience applauding)
So, you know, it is interesting that the thing they hate most
are people who develop influence and a significant audience
without being captive to their structures and their influence.
And that is something that defines what you've done, You came out of public access TV, which was tolerated because it's supposed to be a joke that no one watches, and yet you developed this gigantic audience.
And clearly, part of why is because you have a kind of showman charisma, a kind of, you know, entertainment component to you that made people want to watch.
And one of the things that struck me was, you know, you were talking early on in this funny episode about how when you were 12, you would see these preachers with Rolls Royces and gigantic houses doing coke off hookers' breasts and whatever.
And they developed an audience because they had this similar kind of showmanship.
They were able to get people to watch.
And by the end of the film, we're watching you talking about praying for President Bush and satanic influences in a way that seems... I'm just wondering... No, let's be honest.
I became the Abyss.
Okay, but do you notice that kind of similarity?
No, when you nailed it, I became what I saw.
But for a good cause, but it wasn't on purpose.
Only at 48 can I now see it.
No, I was like, damn, that's a hot slut that preacher's banging on his back porch.
That Rolls-Royce looks pretty damn nice!
No, I mean, I wasn't doing that consciously, but yeah, there's definitely... I mean, I'm not going to lie.
Yeah, it's true.
I'm a preacher.
And so, only now at like 48, the last few years, I'm like, whoa, what have I been doing?
I've kind of like... The things, you get old, you go, damn, what'd I just do?
You're like, damn, I did all that?
Like, God, I'm a freaking horrible person.
But then, I didn't do it consciously.
The establishment is lying according to formulas.
I didn't ever do stuff on purpose.
But I want to absolve myself.
I haven't done that much bad, but you know I've been I've done so bad That's very intuitive very that's what you said.
It's true.
I have I'm like it's true.
I am the crazy preacher.
That's that's why I put it in the movie Alex No, I got the movie.
I was horrified.
I had to walk out five times You think I was sitting there like this is really great.
I I look like Jabba the Hutt up there on PCP or something.
The difference is I didn't do it on purpose.
Imagine the people that know this stuff and they go, I like this.
Let me talk about January 6th.
It's obviously a prominent part of the film.
And I think one of the things people probably don't know--
I didn't know this until I saw the film--
was what a vocal effort you made to urge the public to be nonviolent, at least because you
knew if they weren't, it would strategically backfire.
Looking back on what happened with January 6 and the fact that most people there
did heed those warnings to be nonviolent, but a few people didn't.
And they were able to take that and spin this insurrection narrative out of it that, to this very day,
is the thing they're trying to have shape, Trump movement and Donald Trump itself. Do you look back on
January 6th as something that was a huge strategic error with regret or do you think
that it's basically been a media distortion that has taken what was otherwise a good
event and turned it into something darker?
You know, it's a paradox. The cool Republican thing is to say, we did a great job. Screw
you Democrats. But I had we had so many other events around the country and DC with like
half a million people that I didn't expect it would go haywire.
I thought the police would be there and it would be controlled. But it was a
disaster. And and then I get subpoenaed. I spent a half million dollars lawyers the last
year and a half like with the federal government's FBI subpoenas just crawling all
over us. And they just keep asking, we want the Trump meeting where he gave me the orders. I
haven't talked to Trump like a year before January 6th. I'm gonna say it's the truth.
They have all my phone records.
And so so so I'm I mean, I'm mad that we got lured into that trap. But at the same time,
I'm more mad about how they said it was bigger than Pearl Harbor and big as 9/11.
Chuck Schumer's like, this was as big as Pearl Harbor and 9-11.
No, dude, 3,000 people died at each event.
This is not as big as Pearl Harbor.
It was terrible.
And we just walked like idiots into this.
You're in DC, it's so massive, and you're like, well I expect the authorities are in command here.
We got a million people there, and I just expected that the system would be in place, and it wasn't.
And I'm mad at Pelosi trying to block Trump with his 10,000 troops.
I'm upset with Trump waiting, you know, over an hour and a half while all this was going on.
I mean, I'm out there trying to stop what's happening.
And I'm also mad we learned it was like a thousand feds and military were in plainclothes.
So I'm like, don't go in the building, don't go in the building.
If they just stood up, it wouldn't happen.
So it's a very complex situation, but you've had all over to do.
It shows, like, we tried to launch a peaceful demonstration of our numbers to show we didn't buy the election, which obviously, look at Biden.
I mean, the guy can't tie his shoelaces.
He didn't win the election.
We were trying to show, hey, he can't get 10 people.
Remember, he'd have, like, campaign events at, like, a Chevy dealership?
Like, cars?
Well, there's a Jeep right there, and there's a something over there.
So we wanted a big number.
That's what Trump wanted.
And I just feel like a fool walking into that trap.
Glenn, it's a complex issue, but...
If I had it all to do again, I would have just stepped back and said, Biden, just sink the ship and see what happens.
Because, man, I'm not a revolutionary leader in like war.
I'm not trying to lead troops.
I don't have some weird thing in my head like I need to be a military GI Joe guy.
But when you get a million people in D.C., it doesn't matter.
Even if they're being manipulated, it's still your responsibility.
So I have a lot of guilt over January 6th.
Because it could have gone really bad.
If the federal provocateurs had their way, they would have, the Q people would have actually kidnapped Mike Pence and Pelosi and put them in handcuffs.
We'd be in martial law right now.
Because that wouldn't have been us capturing the Capitol.
That would have been the country going down the tube.
So we came in... January 6th in closing was a dud.
It was meant to provocateur us into a violent event that was meant to get out of control.
Thank God it failed.
And so I feel like I've been brought to the edge of death.
And so January 6th to me is very serious.
Let me ask you about the underlying cause of January 6th, which nominally, at least, was the idea that there had been widespread fraud in the 2020 election, that Donald Trump actually won the states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and others, and that because of fraud, they had swung the rightful victor, which is Donald Trump, to Joe Biden.
There is a point in the film where you were talking about Sandy Hook, and I thought something you said was very poignant, which is anyone can kind of get carried away in their ideology, where you start almost becoming so anti-establishment.
I definitely feel this myself sometimes, that you kind of want to cast doubt
on what the establishment is saying simply because they lie so often that you want to kind of make the point that these
are untrustworthy institutions independent of the argument you're making.
In this case where you were saying there was widespread fraud, did you actually
conduct what you feel like is kind of a meticulous, a forensic analysis of the voting patterns
and conclude that there was fraud in these states sufficient
to have swung the election?
Or is this kind of an ethos, like a way of saying that the establishment was so against Trump
in illegitimate ways that I'm going to kind of endorse this cause not because
it's necessarily true in its particulars but more as kind of a thematic way of
protesting. No I mean I'll be honest which is which the establishment doesn't
do I'll be honest. It was a yeah no it was a pre-baked deal that obviously
Biden's not going to get more votes than Trump and we saw all the weird you know
anomalies and like Democrats blocking the windows and people like feeding
machines full of things.
And so we saw some evidence, but we were expecting it.
And so, yeah, you can say it's kind of a foregone conclusion.
And we all look through rose-colored darklies, but I think it's kind of 50-50.
And then now in hindsight, with 2,000 mules and all those numbers come out, I mean, I think that obviously I don't think Biden got more votes than Trump.
But in a sick way, it's better that Biden's in.
So we now get to see what the establishment's really about.
But, but yeah, I, uh, I mean, we expect election fraud right away.
And so kind of when you're a hammer, everything's a nail.
I mean, I think we distorted our views, obviously.
And they'll say, Jones admits he distorted views.
Now there was evidence of the fraud and it got covered up and got suppressed, but I'm not going to lie and say we didn't, I didn't distort my views in hindsight to what was happening.
Yeah, you know, I think one of the things I think about a lot is the established media, its function is to spread disinformation.
They lie constantly in ways far worse than what you just kind of... Exactly.
I admit I'm wrong because I don't want to be a liar like them on purpose.
Like Russiagate.
I mean, calling you a conspiracy theorist is so hilarious given that for four years the leading institutions of our country were insisting that the Kremlin had seized the levers of power in the United States by virtue of sexual blackmail over Donald Trump, the sort of, you know, kind of like Robert Ludlow novel from the Cold War that would get rejected for being too stupid and banal.
That was like the leading narrative of our Disperse for so long.
However, when you are somebody who's standing against kind of establishment authority and establishment institutions, you know that one of the things they're going to do is seize on any mistake that you make.
And this is what I kind of try and counsel people all the time who are trying to be dissidents, which is you need to be a thousand times more careful because they can lie all the time and no one's going to call them out on it because they're on the side of the people with the more powerful megaphones.
Do you feel like you, on some occasions, have paid insufficient attention to the need not to hand your enemies really easy and cheap weapons for them to take and bash you over the head with?
100%, Glenn.
Because I'm a 48 now, and the last year has been a learning process, but I never realized how big the show was.
It's been big for 20 years.
Really big for 10.
And so, I would just kind of like, I would say, devil's advocate, this, that.
And I'd say, this is just a debate, but they will take it out of context.
And so when you've got that big a megaphone, just because they're the ones editing it doesn't mean you still have a responsibility to not do that.
So I try to be a lot more careful now about things.
And my audience actually likes that.
I was just untrained and didn't know what I was doing.
So most of what I said was accurate and resonated with the grassroots, but some of it was absolutely
not right.
And it was said with so much confidence because I wasn't lying.
Like, you're not lying on purpose, but you're saying it, you believe it.
People believe it because you're being genuine.
That's even more dangerous.
And I think that's what it is.
And so unlike CNN or MSNBC or ABC or the New York Times, I want to admit in front of the
world that I'm not perfect.
I've made a lot of mistakes and I'm trying to figure this out because as you get more
power, you realize, wow, I'm really having an effect here.
And this affects people.
I need to really watch what I'm saying.
But then you see the very people lying on purpose point their finger at you and say, you're a liar.
You're putting out this info.
And I'm like, dude, I didn't watch all these wars.
I'm not lying on purpose.
I made mistakes.
And that's really what frustrates me is they still kind of moralize like they're this high authority and they have all this stuff.
And like, I'm trying to tell the truth.
And I get things wrong.
They are lying, as you said, on purpose, and they think it's funny.
And so, they're not my judge.
God's my judge.
My viewers are my judge.
And so, yes, I will admit in front of my viewers that I've been wrong, and I've made a lot of mistakes, and I apologize for them.
But I did it from a place of truth.
But I will not be judged by the New York Times.
I will not be judged by these people.
So, you know, I mentioned before I want to ask you a little bit about Sandy Hook.
I know the expectation is I'm supposed to come here and bash you over the head about Sandy Hook.
Go ahead.
I deserve it.
I know I have no interest in doing that.
I don't give a shit what the expectations are.
It would bore me if I tried.
You've talked about it extensively for people who are interested in it.
You've been deposed about it.
You've talked for hours about it.
People interested in the particulars can go watch that if they want.
I'm not going to jump through hoops in order to appease people's anger that I'm here.
I do, though, want to ask you about a question that I'm actually interested in myself, which is, You know, you have just said that you have made mistakes.
Obviously one of those is the stuff you said about Sandy Hook.
We watched you in the film come very clean about the fact that you made statements that turned out to be untrue.
You've obviously spent a lot of kind of reflective time.
It's like the soulful Alex Jones we got to see in the last part of the film.
What is it that you think caused you to do that?
I mean, you referenced some things, and I just identify with it myself, that when people who lie for a living are telling you that you're a liar, when people whose job it is to spread disinformation are accusing you of doing that, you kind of want to dig in a little bit and not give an inch to people who you know aren't criticizing you in good faith.
But what is it about Well sure, think of this like a thousand page book, and Sandy Hook in my life is like a quarter page.
some of the psychological and cultural dynamics that led you to make some of those mistakes in Sandy Hook?
Well, sure.
Think of this like a thousand page book.
In Sandy Hook, in my life, it's like a quarter page.
And not putting down the kids that died or any of that stuff,
it's just like, I used to, on the air, go with, I would take calls.
It used to be a call difference show.
It still is, but like 10 years ago, it was like almost all calls.
Like four hours a day.
So the callers all call in and say, we don't believe this.
Look at this.
It's like, well, let's look at this.
Let's look at that.
They kind of take pieces of that out of context.
And so here's a way to describe it.
Fast forward to Jesse Smollett.
I do a Sunday show.
And I guess it was a Saturday night or wherever it was.
Maybe it was a Monday show.
I forget, but they say he's at 2.30 in the morning and guys dump bleach on him and put a noose over his head and say it's maggot country.
And I'd already been sued for Sandy Hook, and I said, I don't care if I get sued, this doesn't sound real.
And of course, it wasn't real.
Or that NASCAR driver, Bubba whatever, Bubba Wallace, they had deuces hanging in my thing.
It's like, you just know that's BS.
So a lot of it's just, I'm a talk show host.
So I don't go, I'm journalistic, and I have the witnesses, and I have the proof, and you know, Jussie Smollett's full of crap.
But I still went on air, And I said, the day after it happened, I said, Jesse Smollett's full of crap, there's not dudes at 23 below zero, running around at 2.30 in the morning, dumping bleach on black people, get your ass kicked.
I mean, like, you go attack black people in the middle of the night in Chicago, you're looking to die.
I mean, like, run around at 2.30 in the morning, that ain't going on.
So to me it's kind of like, The internet doesn't buy anything that's told anymore because they've been lied to so much.
I mean, take Evaldi.
I didn't say anything about Evaldi.
The head of state police said, everything we've been told to lie, we don't know what happened.
I mean, project what you want on lies and incompetence and a 77 minute stand down.
The police are putting hand sanitizers.
Glenn, I'm sorry it's a long answer.
What was the question?
What do you think led you into these kind of errors that you've been describing?
Great question.
It was just being on air four or five hours a day.
You're very cavalier.
And so you're not putting a journalistic filter on things.
When I write an article, I would do that.
When I make a film, I was like getting every piece together.
Those were pretty good films.
I watched my films from 20 years ago.
They're pretty accurate.
But you're on Air Cavalier and you're like drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes and like, you know, doing whatever.
And you're like, you're like, yeah, I hear you, it's a bunch of fake BS, man.
And like, you're sued for it, oh God.
So, so, and then once I got into that process, you know, once they came after me for it, once Hillary made a big issue out of it, it was a, you know, totally different ball game.
And then, and what makes me mad is they misrepresented what I said and what I did.
And then in the trials they have coming up starting next week, they defaulted me and the judge in Texas issued orders.
Forget Alex Jones, let's say I'm Hitler.
The order says, cannot mention First Amendment.
It's in the order.
Cannot say you're innocent.
It cannot say it's a show trial.
It's in an order.
So I'm probably going to probably boycott the trial or something because that's not a trial where if I was a guy caught again With 20 dead bodies in my basement, I could get up, they're like, Mr. Jones, we have the dead bodies and we have them in your basement.
I'm still innocent, your honor.
A judge has never said you can't say you're innocent.
That is in a court order starting next Wednesday that I cannot say I'm innocent.
So I'm not even feeling sorry for myself.
I'm like, whoa.
This is the end of the country and so whatever things I did weren't on purpose and I had 10 points to make on your question.
It was a really big question.
No, I mean I think you know it's interesting and I've identified this with myself and I think if you start off as kind of this outsider, you start off as like on access TV, you start growing a little bit in influence, growing a little bit in influence and suddenly you That's why you're a great journalist.
I think one of the most influential people in the country with one of the largest audiences,
it's hard I think sometimes to remind yourself I'm not that guy on AXS TV in Austin anymore
because it wasn't all that long ago when you weren't getting so much scrutiny and then
suddenly you're subjected to more scrutiny than anybody.
And I think it's hard to try and, you know, kind of adapt with that because it's kind
of a slow and incremental process.
That's why you're a great writer, great journalist.
That's exactly what I'm going to say.
Because, no, no, because they go back.
They go back!
And they go back ten years, five years, and you're like...
I drank a bottle of vodka that day.
Jesus, I said that?
I'm going to be honest about it.
I'm not going to lie to people.
Yeah, exactly.
Let me ask you this because I obviously do a lot of work on internet censorship.
I've done a lot of work on free speech for decades.
People forget that, in a lot of ways, you were the first house case for whether big tech could just depersonalize somebody from the internet by uniting all at once and just banning you from speaking.
And it's so striking because the reason you were able to develop an audience is even in the 90s when you're talking about the United States being repressive, you still had the freedom.
You weren't going to get a job at the New York Times as a columnist saying that stuff, but you were able to go on AXS TV and build an audience and go on radio.
And now we're at the point where you can't be heard on the internet.
You're not allowed to use any of the major venues of communication that we all use to disseminate information.
You can't hear from Alex Jones unless you go purposely looking for you and it's hard to find.
What has that been like?
What do you kind of see as somebody who's been at the center of it?
What the pattern has been in terms of censorship and free speech over the last couple decades?
Well, I don't say this to sound like I care about everybody, which I do care about everybody.
We're all connected, but it's not like some thing I just throw out there.
I really figured out early on when they were like writing about it.
They had a Wall Street Journal article like six years ago, five and a half years ago that said, I forget the exact headline, but they had a Gizmodo article about it that linked to it.
It was like a subscription article.
It was like a 15-page article, but the article was, hold on to your ten-fold hat, Alex Jones.
YouTube is about to ban you.
So my crew members go, you need to read this.
So they printed it off, and I went and read the Wall Street Journal article.
I forget the exact headline.
I was like, we're going to ban Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and Alex Jones.
And once we ban Julian Assange and the left puts up with it, then we'll be able to ban Alex Jones and the right when he puts up with it, we'll be able to ban everything.
And so, I really understood that this wasn't me.
When there was like, no exaggeration, sometimes 500 articles a day.
Every TV station, Jones is an actor, he's a fake, he's a fraud.
And I was able to handle it because I was realizing, this isn't me.
I've acted like a jackass out of context.
I've done some bad things.
So I am seen as the work covered example, the exhibit that they're going to use.
I wasn't that work covered creature, but if you looked at the huge amount of stuff
I did you could really piece together like that's a horrible person and so they built me up as this big monster
To think that everybody to go. Yeah screw that guy He doesn't deserve free speech and then once I fell
everybody else felt like dominoes So that kind of gave me solace but also upset me that they
were torching American freedom using me as the first domino and so I kind of transcended
who I was and Realized that only because the Wall Street Journal
was it like a NATO meeting
I forget the exact article.
It was like the NATO intelligence head was saying this, like, we'll get Assange, and then once they... She's from the State Department, she heard about this, she was there.
Once we get Assange, then we'll get Jones.
I'm like reading this going, what the... I was seen as an example that they were going to get.
Once you're hit with something that big, it's like you're in Star Wars and 20 Star Destroyers show up to blow you up.
It's like you're not even intimidated anymore.
You're like, what the hell is this?
I don't know how to describe it, Glenn.
No, no, you know, I remember back then, you know, I was trying to get the left and other people who used to pretend to believe in free speech to actually care and be concerned about your banning, saying, do you actually think they're going to stop?
They picked flamboyant clowns.
And I'll admit that.
They did the same thing to Milo Yiannopoulos.
They said they're purposely picking the people they know are highly unpopular in establishment circles
so that they can have you cheer the president, which they will then use not just against others,
but against your own allies also.
They picked flamboyant clowns. Exactly. And I'll admit that.
That's what they did.
And then that's what makes it sick is I'm being used as the instrument to take everybody else's freedom.
That's my only guilt.
Yeah, you know, when I got picked up at the airport, I was told that there was some difficulty for a while getting a venue here in Austin to do this event, that when they found out that you were involved, they said, you know what, on second thought, we're not really interested in your money.
And I thought about it for a minute, and at first I said, okay, yeah, of course that's the case.
And then I realized, That shouldn't be so comforting like normal to hear.
That should be chilling and alarming.
I should be, what do you mean we're in the United States?
Why is it difficult to get a venue to show a film about somebody who has a lot, and we've been so conditioned.
We're getting too comfortable.
Yeah, I mean, I think there's a kind of repression that has emerged that we've been trained for so long to think takes place in other places that we have a very hard time recognizing that we're actually subject to that level of repression here.
Have you had problems with the film, like this film, getting distribution and other kind of publicity for it that you didn't have with the first film?
Have you noticed greater difficulty?
There's a bear shit in the woods?
Well, sort of, but also we read the tea leaves after what happened with our last film and we took matters into our own hands and things to play nice.
We, you know, we started basically talking to people outside of Hollywood, and I'm not, I mean, I don't, I'm a free agent.
I'm not playing nice, but we're a team on this movie for sure, and there are people that are interested in seeing authentic content, you know, and 1AMDC and Amanda Milius can vouch for that too.
But, you know, we're building an alternative sort of economy and an alternative show business, actually, for this kind of thing.
But, yeah, no, it's challenging, but I just expect that.
But we're also number two after Top Gun, so...
Let me ask Alex and Glenda a very nice question.
How do you see this backfiring?
Because I've studied history, in hindsight, and tyranny, especially in the West, always gets responded to in a big way, like Hitler, the Communists, you know, all of it.
I don't, I think the backlash of this is going to be massive.
I mean, what are you seeing, Glenn?
Yeah, no, it's funny, Alex, because that was the last question I was going to ask you, was exactly that one, because there were times in the film when you were saying, you know, you were seeming a little nihilistic, like things are really grim.
But obviously, you see some hope.
If you didn't, you wouldn't be doing this.
There's a lot of other things you can be doing.
And I think it's exactly right, I think, when I look at this polling data that shows that 80 or 85 percent of the public now despises corporate media outlets to the
same extent that I do, feels the same nausea and indignation when thinking about
Of course, there's part of me that thinks, "Wow, that's, you know, kind of dangerous
for the society to lose complete faith in all institutions of authority."
But they did it.
But yeah, they deserve it.
That's a valid loss of trust.
It's a valid distrust that they have.
But in that I see so much opportunity because that is what has driven your ability and my ability and other people's ability to develop an audience.
If they had a stranglehold on the thought process of the public, no one would be willing to listen to us question what they're saying.
And that's why I want to admit I've been wrong, but not on purpose.
I don't want to be with them.
So I have been bad.
I've made mistakes and I'm sorry.
It wasn't on purpose and I apologize.
But I am not them on purpose lying.
Because they are going down.
I am not with them.
So, as the last question, let me ask you, you know, we are raised in a country where
Let me ask you, we are raised in a country where we're indoctrinated from the beginning
we're indoctrinated from the beginning to think of our country as this kind of bastion
to think of our country as this kind of bastion of freedom and liberty and repression and
of freedom and liberty and repression and tyranny are words that apply only to other
tyranny are words that apply only to other countries, the ones we're told to hate.
And when you're indoctrinated with those kinds of ideas from the beginning, in all different
directions, it's very hard to free yourself from them, even if you start rationally realizing
that you should.
It's kind of just ingrained in us, like viscerally.
You seem to be somebody who from the very beginning, you know, were saying things that
in your community and in your politics and in the media were things that were going to
cause you to be cast aside as a crazy person or as a conspiracy theorist, going back to
the 90s with Waco and the FBI and those sorts of things.
Why did that happen?
Why did you end up on this path that caused you to just constantly be so skeptical of what you're told by authority?
My uncle, William Forrest Hammond, was a heroic helicopter pilot in Vietnam, and then he worked in Iran-Contra.
And he wouldn't tell me all the secret stuff, but he said, when I was like a teenager, I was like, I like Rush Limbaugh.
And he goes, the Republicans are controlled, the Democrats are controlled.
And it's all, I was down there visiting for like two weeks in San Antonio.
He said, let me just take you back on the back porch and let's sit down and eat a sandwich and talk about this.
He told me about a lot of stuff he saw in Vietnam and how he did these things he was told to do.
And then he got worse and worse and worse to the moment he said no.
And it was narcotics trafficking in Vietnam.
And then it was everything, you know, with the Iran-Contra.
It met a point where they were smuggling kids out of orphanages, you know, where they were going.
And he said at that point he was done.
And so he told me about all that.
And then I had other family, you know, that were involved in black operations back when it was all human intelligence.
And like, the Russians were actually here and they were actually in wars.
So my dad's cousin was involved in a bunch of stuff.
And so I grew up kind of like sitting around the dinner table, like hearing these people talk about this stuff.
And so I kind of knew what was going on when other people didn't.
And I was just growing up around that.
And so I kind of heard that.
And then my dad was heavily involved in geopolitics and research and all these books around the house.
And so I kind of grew up around that.
And these were like pro-American people, but they were saying the government's bad.
The government did a lot of bad stuff.
It was a bad group taking over.
Yeah, but they weren't telling me this.
You know, there's a bumper sticker.
If you want your children to listen, whisper.
They weren't telling me this stuff.
This was me hiding around the corner, like, listening to what they were talking about.
And so, that's why I had a leg up on it all, was because of a bunch of family stuff.
So I was, uh, before I came here I was thinking about where I would be instead of here if I had made different choices to pursue the kind of mainstream accountability, uh, acceptability that I was interested in wondering why you had rejected.
And I was thinking I'd probably be in, like, the CNN building with Wolf Blitzer and Chris Hayes and, like, Amy Klobuchar and Nancy Pelosi wanting to kill myself out of boredom and disgust.
And, you know, I refer to this crowd as, like, a kind of crowd of misfits and outcasts, and it is, and I'm so happy.
So much happier to be around people like this who place themselves on the outside and decide that they're not going to pay that price of kind of, you know, embracing things they don't believe for whatever rewards they offer.
And you've been doing this for decades and taking all kinds of slings and arrows and you yourself recognize you made a lot of mistakes.
But I'm really glad you've been doing what you're doing.
Well, Lynn, I appreciate you coming.
I appreciate Alex's whole thing.
Thanks, Glenn.
Just to close on that.
Thanks, Alex.
Go ahead, you want to say something?
No, I was just thanking you.
No, no, but thank you.
For being in the movie and, you know, I never really thanked you for being in the movie.
Well, you guys are being too nice, but the difference is, I didn't make mistakes on purpose.
We all get better, we all fix them.
But the larger issue is, we have a lot of... Go ahead, go ahead.
I was going to ask you, did you make mistakes on purpose or did you do them intentionally?
Do I what?
I said it five times.
Yeah, you're right.
Well, hey, what a great event.
And what do you make of the film being number two behind Top Gun?
It's going to be pretty big.
I don't know if it still is number two behind Top Gun, but let's just keep saying it is.
It's not?
That's not fake news on purpose.
I don't know.
All right, everybody.
Thanks so much.
Hope you enjoy the film.
And thanks, Alex.
Thanks for supporting Free Speech.
I remember what I was going to say, though.
I was going to text him and say, "You can interview Charlie Manson."
And he had already tweeted that.
I was like, "What?"
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