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Name: 20220719_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 19, 2022
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The passage discusses a podcast where Alex Jones discusses his censorship by tech companies and defends himself against accusations made by the media. They praise Jones as a passionate journalist who loves his country and is dedicated to revealing the truth. The speakers also criticize the legacy media for their low approval ratings and misinformation spreading. They express gratitude towards their crew, listeners, and everyone else who has helped them in carrying out their mission over the years, crediting their success to Jesus Christ. Various topics are discussed including alternative lifestyles, pedophilia, climate change policies, pro-abortion rallies, tax returns, energy shutdowns, socialist and communist rule, voter fraud, mail-in voting, monkeypox outbreak, debates with liberals, identity theft protection, vitamins and supplements, Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, predictions about potential political changes, and various products available on their online store.

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What we're seeing is globalist policies getting rejected around the globe.
The question is, what do they do to try to maintain and sustain power as the world rejects their agenda?
And that's where you're going to see a lot of desperation over the next 12 months.
Well, they've been telegraphing power outages not caused by the Russia war, but by Russia itself's cyber attacks.
They're getting ready, I believe, not just for rolling blackouts, but big blackouts they blame on the Russians.
Well, and we see more and more predictions of that.
I mean, there have been issues involving, here in Texas, actually, with various alleged Russian attacks that don't appear to have been Russian, actual Russian attacks, that appear to, we have, in Tennessee, we have natural gas facilities that have been attacked.
So, we have, across the globe, an attack on food and fuel, the core of any society or civilization, and it's to perpetuate a globalist regime that the world is now rejecting.
That's right, to make us dependent on them.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's time for you men to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He has been so cancelled.
Dude, he's such a kind man.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
How much heat have you gotten for being friends with him and having him on the show?
A lot, but I don't pay attention.
Okay, yeah.
I just, I can justify it.
I'll tell you, that f***ing guy is right about a lot of s***.
He's a wild entertainer and a brilliant man.
Isn't he fantastic?
And no one is perfect.
I've known Alex for like more than 20 years.
I've hung out with that guy, we've been hammered together so many times, it's like it's...
That is the most misunderstood guy on the planet.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
Shout out to Alex Jones.
We love you.
Alex Jones is a journalist and member of the media.
End of story.
Recently, many of the biggest tech companies joined in a coordinated effort to censor content from broadcaster Alex Jones.
There's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
Why are the most powerful companies in the world suddenly so threatened by an independent radio show host in Texas that they're willing to lose business in order to make him shut up?
He runs a media organization, and so when the January 6th Committee subpoenas him, they're basically violating our First Amendment protections.
The Department of Justice says not only is it investigating what happened inside the Capitol, but the conspirators and instigators who may have started this whole thing.
Now the committee's decided to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, Alex Jones.
Yes, journalist.
The House Committee investigating the deadly assault on the U.S.
Capitol is subpoenaing Trump allies Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The committee says he helped organize the rally ahead of the riots.
Alex Jones isn't simply innocent of inciting crime on January 6th.
Alex Jones actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place on January 6th.
Let's start marching to the Capitol!
Notice, like Don Jr.
said, we're not burning buildings down or shooting cops.
We're building America up!
We're here to take our rightful country back peacefully!
We're not running interference for Alex Jones, and we're not guessing about it.
We happen to know this for a fact.
We need to not have a confrontation with the police.
We're going to make that the story.
Alex Jones is a journalist the same as Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon are.
I was about to say the same thing.
Some people are going to be like, don't insult Alex that way.
Well, yeah, Alex Jones never lied us into a war.
Right, right, right.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax, not for a second.
And if Jones sat down with Tony Fauci, he would ask him real questions, just as journalists are supposed to do.
He wouldn't just slobber all over him.
Epstein, he was way ahead with that.
He told me about Epstein a decade ago.
Alex detailed all of that.
Alex Jones, Info Wars.
The media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
He's incredibly detailed in his research.
He loves this country.
He is a patriot, and he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to.
Vaccine passports?
That's Alex Jones stuff!
That's insane!
And by the way, just so you know, as proof, if you want to get a job, you'll need your vaccine papers.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation,
We're good.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submachine gun.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
It's Tuesday, July 19th, 2022, and
The powers of evil and absolute darkness are making their move against humanity and the planet right now.
But Newtonian physics and common sense and the laws of nature and God prove to us over and over again throughout history that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
Evil is not the dominant force on this planet.
But when good men and women do nothing, evil is able to take over and then we are all slaves if we're even blessed enough to live.
There is so much to cover here today.
The Democrats are all over the news preparing to get rid of Biden.
And having Kamala Harris go around and meet all the top donors and insert her and or Gavin Newsom.
We have that.
We have more big developments on the major amendment brought forward by the Democratic Party leadership.
They're trying to pass.
It's not languishing in some committee.
HR 4350 to hand dictatorial powers to the office of the presidency.
It transcends Biden.
And to use the military domestically against the right wing.
Close quote.
A lot of big developments on that front.
Then we have more and more Democrats and deep staters jumping ship and saying, everyone hates us.
No one believes us.
Why are we doing this?
People don't trust us.
MSNBC's Katie Turr wonders if legacy media doing more harm than good.
Well, sweetheart, you're a day late and a trillion miles short.
The only group that has a lower approval rating than Biden or Congress is the corporate establishment propaganda media.
And they've counted on censorship and deplatforming and debanking and harassment
And lawsuits try to shut down the people's media.
But the more they squeeze and the more they try to bring in their electronic iron curtain of control, the more people hunger for liberty and freedom.
So I can say I'm extremely blessed and honored and thankful to the crew, the listeners, and everybody that's helped us carry out this mission together over the years.
We've done absolutely spectacular things, because all things are possible through our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
And so I look at the work we've done, and we've made mistakes, and we've not been perfect, but we always have meant to tell the truth and be steadfast, and our record is the best there is out there for chronicling what was happening in the past, the present, and predicting and projecting forward into the future.
I have so much news here and a lot of times at night I'm getting ready, in the morning I'm getting ready, I'm not sure what the main focus is going to be.
And then once I get in here and just look at the hundreds of articles of interest they print off for me in the video clips, many of which I've sent to them, many of which they found for me.
A theme will emerge on a daily basis, sometimes a weekly or monthly basis, that just really comes into focus when you look at it all.
I'm trying to do the best job I can when we come back.
The next few segments, it may take the rest of the hour.
I've got some big guests in studio as well, three big guests today in studio.
But they are purposely shutting off the economy
By design, and all the major UN officials in all the UK and French and German and Dutch and US and Canadian Prime Ministers and Presidents and their Deputy Prime Ministers and Vice Presidents.
I mean, I asked the crew this morning, about 45 minutes before the show, I said, get me some clips together of the globalists admitting they're turning the power off on purpose for a great transition.
And I had Darren McBrain doing it, and he said to me before I went live, he goes, I've already got like 30 clips, how long do you want this?
I said, just get like 15.
So he's been looking just 30-40 minutes, he's already got so many clips, it's making his head spin.
Of them laughing and giggling and snickering about how great all this is, and saying pain is the point,
And then on the other side of their filthy lying mouths, they say it's your fault, and it's Russia's fault, and it's the local gas station's fault, and it's global warming's fault.
Then they lie about the temperatures and say it's the record ever, when it's far from it.
In just the last ten years, there's been six years that we've had higher temperatures, on average, in the Western Hemisphere.
So, this is a big deal, folks.
And I've got a stack of news, and I've got
Nine clips in the videos section that are just unbelievable, where they just...
Throw it in our faces, and then we're putting together another compilation that should be ready very soon.
In fact, I don't know if McBrain's listening and watching.
McBrain, just stop now.
You've got enough.
In fact, just cut it down.
I just want to be able to show people them giggling and snickering, the head of the energy department, the head of transportation.
I mean, if I just showed you Obama's people, that's who the president really is.
If I just showed you the Obama administration, or in the third administration, the unelected administration, the dictatorship of Barack Obama in the deep state with Republican Biden,
If I just showed you the clips of them saying it, it'd be an hour of it.
An hour if we showed them like in 3-4 minute in context.
So I mean maybe I should just fill the rest of the whole show up with it.
But no, we'll just play 5 minutes of it or so coming up later in the hour.
I think that's all I want to hear, all you want to be subject to.
You've seen them, you've heard them, you don't need me to play it.
But unlike the establishment when we tell you
We're going to talk about something.
We got the documents, the legislation, the video clips, all of it.
So we're going to give you just a sampling of them dancing on our collective graves, they think, and carrying out the most ancient form of total war, siege.
So that's coming up next segment.
I want to thank you all for your support.
You know who you are.
We are in such a battle.
We are fighting the Democratic Party at point-blank range.
I have three show trials that are completely rigged, where I've been found guilty by the judges, and then the jury decides how guilty.
We have rulings by the Texas judge that I can't talk about it being a show trial, or the First Amendment.
I have to say I'm guilty, and then if I don't come, they'll then do million-dollar fines.
We paid a million-dollar fine yesterday.
In fact, when it came time for a vote on the Green New Deal,
Even her co-sponsor, the other guy who wrote it, the super woke Senator from Massachusetts, voted present, not in favor.
Why did nobody actually support it?
Now, why is that?
Well, because if you think cow flatulence is even in the top 200 top issues for most Americans, you're Sandy Cortez.
Go back to Queer Theory class.
Get rid of fossil fuels?
Yeah, what then?
Well, starvation, poverty, societal collapse.
Voters, it turns out, are not into any of those things.
Three years ago, Ghana was in great shape.
It had one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
It affected so much energy over most of the last decade, it was exporting it to its neighbors in West Africa.
Now, those energy exports from Ghana peaked in 2014.
Why that year?
Well, because the next year, the World Bank published this headline on its website.
Quote, World Bank approves largest ever guarantees for Ghana's energy transformation.
When they promised to transform your energy, slow down.
But Ghana didn't slow down.
They just kept going.
This is the part you don't read that much about.
Last year, Ghana experienced a complete shutdown of its national power supply.
Ooh, no more electricity!
No emissions because we have no electricity!
International observers say the country is now facing severe food shortages and hunger.
Starvation within a matter of months.
In 2016, the World Economic Forum published an article by a Columbia professor called Joseph Stiglitz, one of the dumbest people on planet Earth, urging Ghana to transition to, quote, high productivity organic farming.
Now, what does Stiglitz know about farming?
Ever farmed?
But he felt strongly that Sri Lanka should try a new kind of farming, and of course sold it to Sri Lankans as a pathway to prosperity.
In 2015, the World Economic Forum published an article on its website entitled, and we're quoting, This is how we will make Sri Lanka rich by 2025.
You can search for that article, but it's gone now, along with the government of Sri Lanka.
That's really what the World Economic Forum and the United Nations is after here, is controlling humans.
Man, they're playing with fire.
And they will get actual revolutions if they mess with energy.
That is true.
An angrier world?
You will own nothing and have nothing?
You will eat the bugs?
That's the whole plan, is to have an angrier world and a collapsed third world that floods the first world, collapsing us.
Coming up next segment, I've got a small compilation.
You can only pick so much, it'd be hours long, of world leaders and others saying, we're doing this on purpose, cutting your energy off, but then now that it's all happening, they go, oh, it was the virus, and it was the lockdowns we had to do.
Which, again, the UN now estimates, and these are accurate numbers, I've looked into them, probably low actually, if anything.
60 plus million extra people starved to death in the last 30 plus months since these lockdowns went on.
Because in areas of Africa and Latin America and Asia, the lockdowns are still going on.
For small farms and small businesses, they just turn your power off.
They just come and take your cows.
They come and take everything.
They take your property.
You don't like it, they line you up and shoot you.
You just go home and starve to death.
To save the Earth.
This is the global depopulation.
When the UN and the Club of Rome and Davos group say they want a 90% depopulation, by the year 2030, through Agenda 2030, Agenda 21 was just setting the table for this murderous feast.
And now we're here and they said during the lockdowns, this is good for the Earth.
This is good for the climate.
Now the national average in
The Netherlands, which is the case point example, but the same thing's happening in France and the UK and everywhere else, is 30% of the cows have to be killed this year because they put off methane and nitrogen that they say is toxic waste when it's part of the life cycle.
They're listing what animals put off as toxic.
But many Dutch farmers, you can look it up, type in the headline, must kill 93% of their cows, particularly dairy cows.
They say put off even more nitrogen.
Because their manure is so rich, and then it's used for fertilizer.
How horrible!
And anywhere the runoff from natural cow pastures runs into streams and rivers, it creates incredible life!
That's the life cycle.
We think the Nile is so rich with all of the cows that live in it.
They're wild cows.
They're called buffalo, water buffalo.
Millions of them.
Millions, millions.
Are they bad farting?
Are they bad pooping in the water like the hippopotamuses that are basically the equivalent of gigantic cows five times the size of a cow that live half their lives during the day in the water eating the reeds.
And they get out and eat the grass.
Are they bad pooping in the water too?
Why do you catch all your fish coming out of the Mississippi Delta into the Gulf of Mexico?
Why is that where all the fish and all the shrimp are?
Because there's all that poop.
Coming down the river.
Is toxic waste good?
Is the Prozac and Ritalin running off good?
In fact, it's affecting the fish.
Affecting the shrimp.
Making them suicidal, where they don't care if they get killed by other animals.
Look it up.
I'm not joking.
Runoff of serotonin reuptake inhibitors of SSRIs, causing shrimp and fish to be suicidal.
Look, none of this sounds real.
It's all real.
Ladies and gentlemen,
And they know exactly what they're doing.
Here is a Dutch farmer laying out in English what's really happening and why they're fighting back.
Imagine, oh, 93% of your cows must be killed in the next six months.
Here it is.
That's probably, on this moment, the main cause of it all.
We're not talking about nitrogen.
No, they just want to reduce the national earth.
Well, every farmer all around the world and also every citizen knows
That cutting back the herd isn't the cause of any problems.
You know, we are producing food.
Two thirds of agricultural land on the planet can only be grown by grass.
And you need cows like this for making grass into meat or into milk or whatever you want.
Whatever problem with emissions, with pollution on the world you are asking about, whether it's not chemical,
But farming is probably a part of the problem, but most of it all it's part of the solution.
Well Dutch farmers now are getting angry every day more.
Government is not listening.
And what we are fearing for is we have to leave our land.
And that's also a deeper agenda behind it.
In Holland they just want to have farmers land 62% of the
This area in Holland is farmed by farmers.
And what they want to do is they want to have the land cheap.
So they're making it nature first.
And when they have the land in their hands, they can build houses on it.
Houses we don't need by Dutch citizens.
Because average Dutch couple is getting 1.8, 1.9 kids.
So what's the problem of the demand for houses?
That we get 100,000 refugees in this country every year.
That's why they have to build houses.
Well, that's a shortcut of our problems right now.
Farmers are getting angry.
They're not listened by, by the government.
Every solution we came home with, they don't take it.
And what we see right now, when we have to reduce our national herd, when we have to reduce our herds by ourselves, farms will break down.
On this moment, when the plan of the government is coming true,
Probably 30, 40, 50% of the farmers have to fear for their future.
That's why we're on the streets.
That's why we're protesting.
This fellow's 90% there.
Sir, they're not trying to fix the problem.
It's a takeover by design.
On screen is where they stick tubes up the cows butts or into the side of their stomachs.
Because their methane is bad, and they make them capture the methane, torturing the animals, claiming it's toxic.
It's part of the damn atmosphere.
This is a designed worldwide collapse.
You've seen it in Sri Lanka, you've seen it everywhere else, and now it's here.
I told you they'd ban the beef, and now they're doing it!
So, we are now well into the operational phase of the worldwide collapse and forced depopulation operation.
60 plus million people extra, on top of the 15 million on average a year that starve to death around the world, in the last few years an extra 20 million people every year, in the last two and a half years, have been killed.
Directly by the policies of the technocrats, with their AI computers and systems, they know exactly what's going to happen, they admit that and they're doing it, and it's part of this beautiful transition.
When you watch the Davos Group meetings that are going on every month or so,
What we are doing is so beautiful, but the people are mad, and what do we do to stop them while we save the Earth?
They're going to make them angry.
That angriness will collapse it faster.
They will eat the bugs.
They're going to ban the cows first, and then everything else.
This is a culling.
That's what the UN says they do.
And we just sit here, wondering while they're doing all this, why it's happening.
So here's some of the headlines.
Here's Samantha Powers.
As the former U.S.
Ambassador to the U.N., the U.N.
must act on climate change to avert global food catastrophe.
So she's at USAID now giving speeches that, oh, climate change is causing everybody to starve to death, not the lockdowns they put in place.
Pain is the point.
White House vows to accelerate devastating energy transition.
There's a viral video out there.
It's on Infowars.com.
Saudis pay half the amount Americans do for gas.
They pay $2.33 for premium.
They get 95 octane.
And they pay $2.18.
But if you translate their currency, that's $0.62 for premium and about $0.59 for regular.
Because their government wants a lot of people to be alive, pays their folks to have children, because they want Islam to take over.
They understand a strong country has people.
And if you're an industrialized nation, you need each man and woman to have 2.3 children to just stay at the same rate.
And as more and more people don't have children, the actuaries show in many areas like Italy and Japan, folks need to have four children just to keep it up, because almost no one's having children.
But Japan has a 1.3 replacement rate, and so does Italy.
Germany has a 1.5.
The UK a 1.6.
The US a 1.8.
Elon Musk has done the math.
We've done the math.
We've covered it for decades.
You don't have 2.3 children, civilization collapses.
It's hard to build civilization.
It's easy to wreck it and then pose as the saviors for the crisis that's unfolding.
So everything we see is the Great Reset.
It's the big central issue.
Continuing, government-run cooling centers crop up across the nation as rolling blackouts impose in certain areas.
But don't worry, the government still has air conditioning.
You can come there and live in a camp.
They lock you up at night.
I'm not kidding.
You can come to the FEMA camp and get air conditioning.
And now in Germany they've announced heating centers because you won't be getting electricity during the winter.
But the government will.
You can go stay in a government sports stadium.
California has turned off all the major reservoirs, claiming that it's going to hurt endangered fish that aren't even endangered.
They've been doing that for five years and now much of California is turning into a desert.
And the crime rate is exploding as the police are defunded and the system stands down.
This is a designed operation.
So let's play back to back.
This latest clip of Samantha Power, one of Obama's favorite people, just came out and said the U.S.
must act on climate to avert global food catastrophe.
Well, they're the ones engineering it.
Then we'll go into that short compilation of deep state Democrats and others admitting it's a transition.
They could cut the energy costs.
They could not have rolling blackouts.
But they've ordered the power plants not to produce the power.
The Supreme Court said two weeks ago they can't do that, but notice they don't care.
And Biden says he doesn't care.
Obama says he doesn't care.
So here are those clips back to back.
Today we are in a global food crisis, no question.
What can we do together to avert a global food catastrophe?
To start, we have to understand the forces that have led us to this current precipice, the most existential of which is climate change.
Each day seems to bring a new report
of climate catastrophes, like the brutal heat waves we're seeing in Texas, the wildfires tearing through Europe, or the parts of the United Kingdom receiving red alert heat warnings for the first time in their history.
But it turns out the biggest threat climate change poses to the world's hungry isn't a sudden shock.
It is a long-sustained onslaught.
Droughts that don't just last for a season, but for years.
You may have noticed this week that your gas prices have gone up.
I want to talk to you a little bit about why.
A lot of it has to do with Vladimir Putin.
But part of this is on the oil companies.
Right now, there are 9,000 approved unused permits that oil and gas companies could tap into now to ramp up production.
Can't do much right now.
Rush us where possible.
The White House even coming up with a cute little hashtag, Putin price hike.
Joe Biden insisting the surge is all Putin's fault, but take a look at this.
Prices, they've been skyrocketing ever since Biden took office.
Today, the average gas price in America hit an all-time record high of over $4 per gallon.
I'm willing to pay $4 a gallon.
Hell, I'll pay $15 a gallon, because I drive a Tesla.
Perhaps if you let the market work in this respect, people will feel pain.
They'll take a second look at that
We should ultimately learn our lesson here and become energy independent and choose to invest in clean domestic energy.
We have to move to clean energy solutions.
Clean is in the end where we should be so that we don't find ourselves in this position again.
So it's about making a choice between what is the short term and the medium term so that we can make sure we have enough oil and gas to support us through the transition.
And what are the kind of steps that we don't want the oil and gas industry to take that would have long term consequences when we don't want new major projects that would take 20, 30 years to become profitable.
So, we have to make that differentiation to make sure that the American consumer has what it needs to grow our economy and the global economy, but not take steps and endanger the climate work that we're trying to do to make sure that we're on a better footing to accelerate the transition.
What we're saying is, in the same way that natural gas has replaced a lot of coal-fired plants,
Well, let's see if we can get that same kind of progress on solar and wind and hydro and other clean energies that are sustainable over the long term.
At the heart of his plan, coal-fired power plants.
For the first time, Obama aims to cap how much heat-trapping gas they produce.
So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.
It's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.
The gas price is surging, a record high, $4.59.
But President Biden says the U.S.
is simply going through a transition towards greener options.
Watch this.
When it comes to the gas crisis, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it's over, we'll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.
All right.
This is going to be a haul.
So we have hundreds more clips them saying it.
We have the UN doing the worldwide lockdown.
We have them engineering the whole collapse.
And now they're the saviors saying, do whatever they say or you'll starve to death.
You do what they say, they then starve you to death.
We're held hostage by murdering criminals.
The economies of the world are being purposely turned off.
The public is being told to not have hope in themselves or their nations or their God, but to have faith in the UN to save them.
But on record, every time, the megacorporations that created and run the UN and the whole Rothschild-Rockefeller project of world government is the author of our doom.
Got a lot more on this to cover.
And then Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, is going to cover the inside baseball and election fraud.
Latest COVID cases with Pfizer whistleblowers that he's brought with Robert Kennedy Jr.
Proving they knew it was killing people and didn't protect them.
And the attack on free speech and more in Robert Barnes's studio.
And then we have several other very informative guests in studio I'll tell you about next hour in the third hour today.
Let me do this right now.
It's a very complex issue.
But there is an attack on free speech and an attempt
To take Infowars off the air.
And we've done the calculations, we've done the numbers.
What will stop them, and what will defeat them, and what has stopped them in the last four years of their attempts has been you and your word of mouth, your prayers, your financial support.
Next hour we'll get some into this and give you some breaking news and some shocking information.
When I say shocking, I mean, believe me, this is unbelievable information.
That's coming up next hour.
And more on the martial law legislation, H.R.
4350, added to the National Defense Authorization Act.
That's coming up as well.
Big hour next hour.
But listeners continue to come through and we are nip and tuck.
This is like a football game or a basketball game that just stays tied right to the end.
That's how God runs things.
God wants to see us put in our maximum effort.
We have great products that are amazing and will change your life and that support this broadcast.
And so, it's really a symbiotic win-win situation, and I want to again thank you all for what you've done and your support.
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Amazing that that's happening.
And journalist Glenn Greenwald came out in defense of the film and in defense of free speech, and he will be at the event this Saturday.
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So be sure and check that out.
Mexican president urges Biden to drop charges against Julian Assange.
You know, I don't like his socialism policies, but I like his straight talk.
Him saying we have a failed border and more, and he's absolutely right.
Shame on Trump, shame on Biden, what they've done to Julian Assange, a true hero.
As persecuted as I am, look at Julian Assange, and I realize that I'm blessed to not be in the position he's in, though they're trying to do that to all of us.
And Google and Facebook have been censoring any mention of Alex's war, so let's help override them and send the film to number one.
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I want to thank you all for your support.
You give me faith.
I don't know.
You know, we should do whole reports on this.
I've talked about it last week, but it's really getting people's attention.
There's a lot of videos out there where they show the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, the 2000s, all of it, and show the temperature way hotter in the UK and the US than the news is saying.
So the weather people get up there and they lie to you and say record temperatures in Texas, record temperatures in Nebraska, record temperatures in London, but here is just a screenshot.
You can go look this up.
For the hottest UK summers.
In the other system of temperature, Celsius.
1911, 36.7.
And it cut off some of the numbers here, but it's 33 to 30...
2016, 34.4.
2006, 35.7.
1996, 35.6.
1990, 37.1.
1995, 35.2.
2003, 38.5.
1923, 34.4.
1932, 35.6.
1933, 34.4.
3.9 right now at the hottest temperatures.
So all these numbers are way higher than what they're currently showing.
And yesterday we showed you, again, newscasts from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s versus this.
There's a lot of other great compilations out there.
In fact, maybe some of the crew get some of those compilations together because they're all just like 30 seconds long and put them together.
So like a three, four minute one that just really brings this home, how they're lying to you.
And I've got another example of this we'll get to later.
Where in Hawaii yesterday, a 20-foot wave came in.
Now they got signs all over the beach saying, watch out for rogue waves, they hit all the time.
You'll be a mile inshore and it says this is a tsunami evacuation route.
The sea levels are the same they are today they were 100 years ago.
That's just mainline science.
Plymouth Rock is at the same level it was 400 years ago.
And I've got the graphics on that.
But a wave comes in and goes over the little seawall while folks are having a party and the left says, this is global warming, you'll all be dead soon.
Really, that doesn't stop Obama and all the globalists from buying houses the last 30 years, right on the beach, including just recently.
Absolute crap.
That's why beach houses are on stilts.
Because routinely in storms or rogue waves that form out in the Pacific Atlantic, this happens.
But that's how stupid they think all of us are.
But we're still here to challenge their lies.
The only way their gaslighting will succeed, they admit, is if they can shut down all of the debate.
And it gets even more insane next hour with Robert Barnes.
Mainline universities are saying that scientists can no longer, even archaeologists, identify male from female skeletons.
They're telling police departments they can't do it either.
This is a cult of control.
Mark in Florida, you're on the air.
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
First time caller, long time listener.
I'm a self-employed 66-year-old senior who last November moved from the suburbs of Detroit to lead the Nazi governor.
Moved to the panhandle of Florida.
At the time, my family and friends thought I'd lost my mind.
They no longer think that way, but at the time, they did.
And I want to say, God bless you.
Stay on the air.
The devil is a liar.
I'm going to plug one of your products.
I listen all the time, and I heard this guy talking about the iodine supplement, X2, saying, well, he's been taking it, his memory's getting better, and he's having dreams.
And I'm like, yeah, maybe.
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I couldn't believe it.
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It works.
So, anyways, I want to thank you for all that.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Good evening, everybody.
It may be time to declare war outright against the deep state and clear out the rot in the upper levels of the FBI and the Justice Department.
The media is rushing to slander and discredit those of us that are exposing this.
I'm not here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
There are new concerns that anti-Trump FBI officials formed even a secret society at the FBI to subvert the president after his election.
Stop there.
A secret society?
Secret meetings offside of the Justice Department?
Secret societies?
You can't make this stuff up.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
It's one giant incestuous circle of corruption.
Look, the CIA is a rogue agency.
The White House and the President are citing civil wars.
We have to start getting ready for insurrection and civil war because they're really pushing it.
What are we going to do if they kill the president and then order their local governments and their local federal branches to come arrest thousands of resistance leaders?
If they kill Trump or remove Trump, it will cause a massive civil war in this country.
This is a FEMA high-level emergency.
This is a national emergency.
Important instructions will follow.
Go indoors immediately and stay indoors.
This is an emergency broadcast from FEMA.
In compliance with the United Nations, the Department of Homeland Security has declared martial law.
City officials have called for military help.
Planes and troops are expected to arrive within the next two hours.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
It's an order.
I'm here to say, and this is the reason why I came to see you, Alex, is you are one of the very few who are operating under this theory to be an independent American.
In a big way.
If your calling is media, fine.
If your calling is sports, whatever it is.
But you've got to be the greatest you can be.
I don't know why they've been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos of these Facebooks and these tweets and these Instagrams, these Instas.
This is ghetto.
This is ghetto.
This is corporate.
They're taking your energy.
They're taking your energy and you're getting nothing in return.
They're dumbing the language down.
Twitter's designed to reduce the language.
Directly out of 1984, it's Ingsoc.
I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me to my face, it's over for me.
He said, Matt, it's over for you.
They've got the votes now to enforce copyright law.
You're out of there.
They're going to make it so headlines you can't even use headlines.
To have a Supreme Court Justice say that to my face, that it's over, they've got the votes, which means time is limited.
Time is not forever.
How many more moons and sunrises will you see in your life?
Uh, rise and fall.
There's not that many.
It's a small amount.
So for people to be saying with this attitude, oh, I'll get on with my life and my greatness sometime... No.
No, you can't.
We're being enslaved now, and that's it.
Under the TPP, they admit you can't put a headline to the New York Times.
You're sending massive traffic to them.
They're claiming you're taking their words.
This is insane.
And you had the Justice Stephen Breyer said we need to look at a global law.
Now, remember just recently...
So they're getting ready for these decisions to come.
You thought Obamacare was shocking.
You thought some of these other decisions were shocking.
Wait until these copyright laws work their way up and the Supreme Court decides you cannot have a website with news headlines linking across the board.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Tomorrow's news.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the
You need some crazy motherf***ers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
So it is quickly becoming illegal to point out that men are not women, no matter how they dress, no matter what kind of shoes they have, no matter what they paint their nails.
So this is an attack not just on biology, but on speech, on conscience.
You're not allowed to say obvious things.
Here's an example.
A self-described feminist in Norway called Kristina Ellingson is facing a three-year sentence in prison
She's facing the possibility of going to jail for years because she affirmed the reality of biological sex.
Specifically, Ellingson tweeted that men cannot be lesbians.
You probably never thought about this in any depth, but it's technically true.
She also said that men cannot become mothers.
Now, again, that's true.
But in Norway, as in all of the West, the truth is no longer a defense.
Norway is now investigating her for hate speech.
We, of course, immediately wanted to talk to her.
Christine Ellingson joins us tonight.
Christine, thanks so much.
for coming on.
This is one of those stories, and Norway is obviously a highly civilized country, I think it's the richest country in the world, a lot of great people in Norway.
It's hard to believe this is real, and so I just want to check, are we leaving anything out?
No, that's right, this is the case.
I've been, well you can't have, you can't defend women if you can't define what a woman is.
And all over the world,
Stating biological facts.
It's considered by a lot of groups as being directly hateful.
So yeah, this is what I've been doing.
I've been stating the obvious fact that men cannot be women, men cannot be girls, or mothers, or lesbian.
And now I'm facing the risk of three years in prison.
Tell me how the country of Norway, again, a country to which we give every benefit of every doubt, filled with good people, beautiful place, but are you celebrated as a hero by people who still believe in science and free speech?
Are people supporting you?
Well, a lot of people are supporting me across the entire spectrum, political, religious, everything.
But a lot of people are also considering me on level with someone who's calling for genocide.
I've been compared to everything from a fascist to a Maoist to a supporter of Westboro Baptist Church, which I don't even know what it is.
But basically, the entire spectrum of everything that's bad in the world is being hurled my way.
But also a lot of support.
Are you surprised?
I think you're on... I'm just guessing, but I think you're on the left.
I don't think you're a right winger.
I think you're from Norway.
Are you surprised by all of this?
Unfortunately, I'm not surprised because this has been in the cards for a long time.
If you can't talk about biological reality, it's unavoidable.
This is simply unavoidable.
But yeah, no, I...
I align myself with radical feminism.
I've been voting left all my life.
Now I'm much more critical to what they are actually saying.
And it seems like all parties in Norway are supporting this pseudoscience.
We know the feeling.
Thank you for joining us tonight, Kristine Ellington.
Appreciate it.
Very much.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Robert Barnes is in studio with us until a little bit in the next hour.
Then Jacob Ingles and Owen Schroer are going to be here to cover some big breaking news.
We'll host someone in the fourth hour.
Robert Barnes is going to be here for the next few weeks with the Shandy Hook show trial beginning on July 25th with picking the jury and then opening statements on the 26th.
We've got a lot of things going to be unfolding here.
I can tell you there's real national attention in this case, not just from the Democratic Party and how they've rigged all this with the media and these corrupt judges.
And they have really screwed up and in motions for limiting said, and I'm going to show you these documents coming up in the last second of this hour, that I cannot talk about the First Amendment.
I cannot say I'm innocent.
And I cannot say it's a show trial.
She actually said this in the order.
Never before been done.
Not even the Nazi judges under Hitler were this transparent.
I mean, this is literal insane asylum level crap.
I'm guilty already, the judge says.
I'm defaulted.
And this is all now going to be not one, but two in Texas in the next few months, and then one in Connecticut.
They're all synced and coordinated.
Exact same rulings, judge in Connecticut, judge here, and it just shows that the Democrats are going for broke.
That's all coming up.
But Robert Barnes, you're a historian as well, good friend of mine.
You've also worked on some of these cases.
You've got the big Pfizer case, they say it's the strongest case in the world with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
The Pfizer whistleblower, we'll talk about that next segment.
The ban and trial starting, but just big picture in the three minutes to break about the world today and just where you would say society is with them openly cutting the energy off, saying it's for a great reset, it's for your own good, separately then blaming Vladimir Putin and local gas stations.
Well, I mean, basically, the globalist agenda has failed and backfired in Ukraine.
I mean, what it's triggered is a massive fuel and food shortages around the globe.
And what you're seeing is massive public rebellion against the globalist effort.
And so you're seeing in Panama, you're seeing protests in Panama, you know, the Sri Lanka government.
Hundreds, hundreds.
All over the place, you have the protests.
Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, everywhere.
And it's going to keep spreading.
It's not going to be limited.
It's going to be all over Central America, Latin America, Africa, because these are places that do not have the means to supply quickly a replacement for the food and fuel shortages that are coming, that have been induced by the globalist policies, a combination of the inflationary, out-of-control, debt-driven policies and politics during the lockdowns, both in the U.S.
and the West.
Which we said...
30 months ago it happened.
You and I both in here precisely laid it out.
You can't just print this much currency and not have an economic backlash.
And then they blame that on global warming when it's their exact policy.
And in fact the Fed is still pretending that they can control inflation now.
That they can get it under control now for what they did.
And there's no proof that they can.
Instead what it appears they're going to do is they're going to bust the stock market.
They're going to bust the real estate market and sink us into a global depression.
But it all hinged on blaming us and global warming.
Everybody knows it's them.
All the numbers show globalist parties are in the single digits or double digits.
They have really screwed the pooch.
They've bit off more than they can chew.
I mean, Draghi was supposed to be a future European leader.
Macron was supposed to have a big supermajority in the parliament.
Neither of those events are coming true.
Draghi would be lucky to be anything in Italy.
Boris Johnson assassination of Japanese real leader.
I mean, there's one after the other, after the other, after the other.
And then, of course, you now have the economic problems and political protest in China because their no-COVID policy is backfiring.
The green state bubble exactly is imploding their financial economy.
Bank runs.
So you compound these things.
The only country that appears to be stable and has a promising future is the country that was supposed to be under the mat at this point, and that's Russia.
The country that's opposed to... They're actually doing well other than losing massive amounts of troops fighting the CIA and the New World Order.
They're doing great.
I mean, they're economically better off than they were before all this started, just as the ruble is better off than it has been in about a decade.
So what we're seeing is globalist policies getting rejected around the globe.
The question is, what do they do to try to maintain and sustain power as the world rejects their agenda?
And that's where you're going to see a lot of desperation over the next 12 months.
Well, they've been telegraphing power outages not caused by the Russia war, but by Russia itself's cyber attacks.
They're getting ready, I believe, not just for rolling blackouts, but big blackouts they blame on the Russians.
Well, and we see more and more predictions of that.
I mean, there have been issues involving, here in Texas, actually, with various alleged Russian attacks that don't appear to have been Russian, actual Russian attacks, that appear to, we have, in Tennessee, we have natural gas facilities that have been attacked.
So, we have, across the globe, an attack on food and fuel, the core of any society or civilization, and it's to perpetuate a globalist regime that the world is now rejecting.
That's right, to make us dependent on them.
Robert Barnes, with the smart people I know, straight ahead on Alex Jones.
Stay with us, there's a big hour coming up.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
The Alex Jones Show Central Time is live and forbidden from the general public unless you listen to our over 400 affiliates now on AM and FM stations, TV and cable, and of course InfoWars.com for its live show and band on video.
All right, Barnes, we were talking during that break.
I've asked you to come here in the next couple weeks and stay with us and be a pundit and be an analyst during the Sandy Hook stuff.
We appreciate you being here.
But covering the waterfront, January 6th is huge.
As you were saying during the break, it's backfired.
I agree.
You've got the Bannon trial.
You've also got HR 4350, the amendment to make the president basically a military dictator domestically.
We've also got all the huge developments and lawsuits you're behind.
The top lawsuit on Pfizer with a whistleblower.
We've got Biden, we'll cover this next segment, is going to announce, they've now said, a climate emergency tomorrow as the pretext to continue to shut down the
I mean, they are really, really squeezing us hard.
There's The Hill reporting on it.
White House declared a climate emergency as soon as Wednesday, I guess they think, legally, to try to bypass things.
What do you want to tackle first?
Well, it's all this, and what we said at the time of the whole lockdown activity taking place, that they're going to misuse and abuse the emergency powers, and that if they get away with it, they'll expand it dramatically.
And they said that.
They said, we've done the virus, now it's climate.
They said climate lockdowns.
Oh, sorry, there's no power, you're locked down.
Not only that, you've got racial emergencies.
Take care in Texas.
So Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S.
What do they say?
Supreme Court.
They say there's a medical emergency that requires mandatory abortions in Texas hospitals under federal law.
And so that's what the Secretary of Health and Human Services did.
So much so the state of Texas has now had to sue to try to undo the damage caused by this executive order.
No, it's rule by emergency.
I mean, this goes all the way back to the famous constitution, the Weimar Constitution of Germany.
The great flaw in the constitution that was then considered the crowning achievement of continental Europe in terms of constitutional democracy was undermined because it had an emergency exception within it.
And they misused and abused it.
And of course we have the trilogy of infamy of the U.S.
Supreme Court cases here that misused and abused emergency power and state police power to say in Jacobson you could force, you could charge people a fine if they don't take a vaccine.
Then in Connie, in the case of Connie Buck, Buck v. Bell said that you could force people to be sterilized against their will.
And then of course in Korematsu, locked people up and stripped them of all their constitutional rights.
And you warned Amy Comey Barrett would support that past rulings and she has.
Yes, I mean sadly she has been the decisive vote to not overturn the elections.
She's been the decisive vote to not meaningfully review these vaccine mandates in almost every context other than federal employment context.
Let's tie that to H.R.
4350 that plain and simple says Congress will no longer have domestic oversight of the military and the president, whoever that is going to be, will.
This just shows they're getting ready for total emergency rule.
Yes, I mean, the goal is to create a rule-by-emergency structure.
I mean, now it's rule-by-emergency even against the U.S.
Supreme Court.
It's not just rule-by-emergency against the state governments, against the people's rights, against the legislative or executive branches.
And they've announced, as you told me during the break, they officially are going to stack the quarter tribe.
Yeah, they are now putting forward legislation in the House to add four justices to the United States Supreme Court, so that they would handpick to shift the balance of power in the court.
And they've said that if they don't get that, that they would like to consider some people on the left scrapping the Supreme Court entirely.
Let's start over.
We should probably cover that first.
This is, this is unbelievable.
And they say more will happen in a year in history than happens in a hundred.
We're entering that period, Arnold.
Oh, no doubt about it.
The last five years has been the craziest time period.
The last two years has been the craziest time period I can remember in American political history, outside of maybe the Revolution and the Civil War.
And even those did not pose the degree of threat to constitutional liberty that we have witnessed on a national and even global scale in terms of fundamental freedom.
So we're living in an incredibly dangerous historic time.
It's a time that's going to decide the future.
It's a crossroads.
It's a crossroads either to a time of great hope, great peace, great prosperity, great freedom, great liberty, or a time period of great repression and oppression.
I compare it to like 1939 kind of environment.
So it's a time period that we're either going to see the rise of fascism and communism and that kind of method of government, whether it's the global reset agenda, a globalist agenda, an emergency rule-driven agenda, a totalitarian agenda, an elite-driven agenda, or an agenda of the people, by the people, and for the people around the globe.
So we are the world at the crossroads.
That's the title we'll give.
World at the Crossroads Emergency Report, Robert Barnes.
We'll call this hour that.
That really is it.
We are at the crossroads.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, just to bridge into whether or not we can sue the FDA and whether or not a whistleblower can bring a claim against Pfizer.
I have both of those cases with Robert Kennedy against the FDA.
Can they force a drug and lie to families and children about a drug on people as young as six months old?
Because that's what the FDA has now authorized.
We've challenged that.
They're saying safe and effective, and it's not.
It's not safe.
It's not effective.
It's not a vaccine.
It's none of the three.
They're using Elmo and Big Bird and schools and public institutions to lie to little kids.
Even before it was authorized six and up by the kangaroo panel that they had to replace three times, that was illegal to do that to those kids.
It has never been clinically tested in such a way to call it safe.
It's never been clinically tested in such a way to call it effective.
It's not even a vaccine.
We now have the internal, from the Freedom of Information Act, we have their internal emails that prove and document and demonstrate
That they knew that it wasn't a vaccine, that they were being exposed for the fact that this drug wasn't a vaccine, so they decided to literally change the definition of the word vaccine to retrofit this drug into it.
It's not safe, it's not effective, it's not a vaccine.
Not only that, there's no emergency for children.
What's the emergency for six months old or two years old from COVID?
There's no emergency.
Let me ask you this.
Why do they have the huevos to cut off the world economy, to release this virus, to launch these wars, and then to cut the power off?
I mean, these people have got big huevos.
I guess it's because they think they control the media.
I think it's a two-fold process.
Some of the people involved in this are simply incompetent.
They're simply incapable.
Well, they didn't predict and forecast.
Oh yeah, the globalists just get mortars.
Yeah, completely.
I mean, so more and more of these people with power don't know what they're doing, frequently.
Of those that do, the malevolent, the mischievous ones, your Bill Gates's of the world, your George Soros's of the world, your Rockefeller's of the world, that crowd, they simply see that what's good for them is good for the world.
They've convinced themselves that their agenda is the best agenda, and they just simply have to force it and coerce it onto the public.
That's why they like to look to China's domestic example.
They don't like China sticking its head up and challenging any aspect of globalism, but they like the way China governs its local domestic population.
And they've been trying to impose and superimpose the same agenda along the globe.
Just like Stalin admired Hitler, feared Hitler, and hated Hitler, but he's on record telling his generals, I want to be like Hitler.
It's a very similar kind of approach.
It's people who model their domestic control but don't necessarily want them to have international power.
And this globalist agenda has mirrored aspects of what China has been experimenting with over the past decade and plus, and is trying to impose it on the Western world and the problems of the Western world, the people of the Western world, the working classes of the Western world.
Are rejecting it.
Don't want it, don't want to be any part of it.
And let's be clear, it was globalist think tanks that have used China as a laboratory.
That's why Bill Gates and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are behind China.
China's not alone.
There's a whole globalist China faction.
And we know from history, this is not new.
I mean, who was it that was heavily involved in eugenics in early Nazi Germany?
It was the Rockefeller Foundation.
They were the ones helping push it, promote it, propagate it.
So this is simply, they're taking back the old 1920s, 1930s script for globalist power.
Both in terms of what they're doing in domestic... I agree.
We're repeating World War I and World War II, but with a high-tech overlay at the same time.
And the difference is this could lead to nuclear global conflict.
This could lead to global public health pandemics of a kind that truly are uncontrollable.
And that's the great threat.
Or economic food and fuel famine and shortages around the globe that could destroy populations in the billions.
And that's what they all agree about.
They don't mind that side effect because that side effect is their intended objective in the end.
As long as they don't get the blame for it, they're going to launch it.
That's why they've got to get the blame.
Exposing the New World Order is beyond critical.
Let's talk about Ukraine and the world economy when we come back, and then a lot more.
Robert Barnes.
I got no friends because they read the papers.
They can't be seen with me.
Got a hold of me.
I got no friends.
Cause they read the papers.
They can't be seen with me.
And I'm feeling real shot down and I'm feeling mean.
A major explosion at the Hoover Dam in Nevada.
Hundreds of food processing plants blown up, burned down the last six months.
Hundreds of times the regular number.
Insane stuff going on.
We are under attack.
We're going to cover it all here today.
But we're not supposed to talk about Ukraine.
The little thing of the present, the little thing today, you know, it's
It's COVID, and it's monkey pox, and it's transgenderism, and it's this and it's that.
But now Ukraine's moved away, but now they want...
The IMF and World Bank, 600 plus billion dollars injected.
Close to 100 billion dollars is already being injected.
And Russia is winning that war to take over the Russian held areas that have always been historically Russia in eastern Ukraine.
And Russian oil exports are at record numbers.
Profits are at record numbers.
Their rubles at record highs.
Putin is winning this war, Robert Barnes, in my view.
Your take on why they want us to forget about Ukraine.
Because Ukraine was supposed to be the end of sort of a challenge.
I mean, Putin was, along with Trump, two of the biggest challengers to sort of a globalist agenda in the world.
And Putin has been that for 20, 25 plus years.
And so whatever people think about Putin, the reality is he was an enemy of Klaus Schwab, an enemy of George Soros.
Soros hated him.
Putin famously banned him from the country.
An enemy of the Clintons, an enemy of the Rockefellers, an enemy of Bill Gates, that whole agenda.
And so the goal was to use Ukraine as a pretext to wipe Russia off the face of the earth and to return it to its 90s era colonialism, breaking up the country.
They've announced these plans publicly.
So that's what was supposed to happen.
Instead what's happened is the globalists are losing and Russia is winning.
And the net effect of it is probably the end of a global digital currency.
Those plans have gone to sort of to crap very quickly.
Even Tony Blair, who's a New World Order puppet, he says the end of UK-US dominance is here.
In a way, they kind of walked us into this.
They did.
They basically took a big gamble.
They went to the roulette wheel and gambled against Putin, and it turns out poking the Russian bear has never been a successful historical strategy, and it wasn't again.
And instead, it's they who are imploding and are resorting to extreme measures domestically to counteract this complete loss and debacle on the battlefield.
I mean, people forget.
We remember.
World War I, you went in with a bunch of empires, and by the end of it, a bunch of empires that had been around for centuries, the Ottoman Empire, gone.
British Empire, mostly gone.
Entirely gone.
I mean, look in... World War I really killed the British Empire.
Absolutely it did.
I mean, you had all those empires wiped off the map, with politically, geopolitically, and some completely historically, entirely.
And what produced that?
The Austro-Hungarian Empire?
I mean, what happens is you can't have six generations of uncles marrying nieces and end up with competent, capable leadership.
And that's what the Austro-Hungarians...
And that's what we've got with Biden and all these people.
That's exactly what we've got.
We have intellectual... Nothing but retarded arrogance.
That's exactly what it is.
It's a new degree of incapacity and incompetence and incapability.
And we'll talk about it in the next segment, but it's like the judges in Connecticut and Texas say, no free speech, you're already guilty, you can't say it's a rigged trial, I can say whatever I want at trial.
I mean, they're just nuts!
It's what would happen if Caligula and King Lear married and produced an offspring.
It would look a lot like Joe Biden.
And that's precisely what we have.
But Caligula married his horse.
Yes, yes he did.
Well, that too would look like Joe Biden.
So the, I mean, the net effect of it is what we have today.
So what you're seeing in the battlefield is Ukraine could never win that militarily.
Russia's military is a trillion dollar plus size military when you add up its accumulated weaponry and skill set of its professional soldiers.
Yeah, they've gotten chewed up against the CIA, but they've showed commitment.
Oh, completely.
I mean, they realized that they were going to take certain hits, but they were willing to take those hits.
And what I've told people is a classic case of confession through projection.
Just as everything they accused Trump of is what Joe Biden has been actually guilty of, what the Ukrainians claim is happening to Russia is usually happening to Ukraine.
And what history shows, if you've got a mass of people ready to fight, even if you're low tech like the Vietnamese, you can't beat a resistance that won't give up.
No, no doubt about it.
And what you have with Russia is these are Russian-occupied territories.
These are places where people are ancestrally Russian, ethnically Russian, linguistically Russian.
Russia was born in Ukraine.
I mean, most of these cities were established by their great, the parts that they're in, all the way to Odessa if they go there, were established by the Russian Empire.
A thousand plus years.
They just sacked their military.
I mean, they're just sacking top.
Because their top people aren't on board.
Their top people.
Zelensky is simply that.
Well, they're telling Zelensky, the actor, the gay porn star, you're losing.
By Hitler firing generals in 1945, it ain't working.
These are people who know there's no sustainable Ukrainian future under Zelensky and the West's current agenda for Ukraine.
So these are people that when they try to push back at all, even though they're deeply anti-Russian, many of these political, military, law enforcement leaders, they get sacked.
Because they're unwilling to sacrifice their entire nation on the global altar of Bill Gates and George Soros and Klaus Schwab.
And Zelensky's happy to, because Zelensky doesn't plan on being in Kiev five years from now.
He plans on being in Hollywood five years from now, making movies with Angelina Jolie and Sean Penn and the rest of that crew.
So that's where their agenda is.
God, imagine wanting to run the collapsing Hollywood and that...
These people are crazy.
I remember this guy was the number one listed guy in the Panama Papers release.
This is a guy that had over a hundred million dollars stashed in various foreign bank accounts outside of Ukraine.
I mean, basically, he literally was an actor.
They came to him and said, pretend to be the president for five years, then we'll make you the president.
When he gets in, he promises to bring peace.
He reverses all of his promises because he's just... Yeah, talk about brainwashing.
They had like seven, eight TV shows where he was the president ahead of it.
In fact, that's all he did.
He played the president for five years and then they made him president.
And all the oligarchs that sort of pushed him up on behalf of the West, as soon as he got in, he had to break all of his promises.
Break his promise.
I mean, he was at 15-20% approval before this war started.
He was a complete disaster of a leader.
He's never cared about Ukraine.
He is what they said Trump was.
Someone who didn't care, looking to use office to get rich.
That's who Zelensky is and that's where he plans on parachuting out of Ukraine.
He reads a different script each day.
Sometimes he'll contradict himself within an hour.
And the great part is everybody gets us a money laundering operation and all the Hunter Biden stuff's coming out.
What do you make of Hunter Biden?
I think Hunter Biden, we've known people like this, people that have grown up in extremely abusive families who are actually crying out for help by accidentally leaving things behind.
You hear that you have the daughter accidentally leaving behind her diary, you have Hunter accidentally leaving behind... Oh yeah, they're sabotaging themselves.
And I know people when he's now, they've moved him to Venice.
So the people in Venice are agitated.
They had to move him from Malibu because his location got outed, because the Secret Service was all over the place and because he couldn't keep a low profile.
He was there in one of those special Malibu drug rehabs, which are a complete joke.
People can read Mark Rober's book about the nature of those rehabs.
But they've now moved him down to Venice to keep him on low key.
I don't think it's a coincidence that suddenly his password gets breached and all this private information comes out.
Why is he tape-recording himself doing a lot of these activities?
This is somebody who... This is someone in extreme pain.
That's his behavior.
Extreme pain, begging for someone to bail him out.
And the diaries and things say that.
Yes, that's what they confirm.
Everything reaffirms this is someone who suffered such extreme abuse as a child.
What happens to Obama's third administration puppet Biden?
So I think Biden's already DOA.
He's operating on different scripts on different days.
They can't even keep him up.
I mean, they renamed on Google Maps Brandon Falls for where he fell down.
I mean, that's who the guy is famous for.
So given this situation he is in and the position he is in, there's very little chance that he has any potential future.
When what you're most well known for is falling down when you're walking up the stairs.
We remember Gerald Ford in the Saturday Night Live skit with Chevy Chase.
He's doomed.
He's DOA.
He's on the clock.
The only question is who replaces him.
Alright, we got some big news.
The latest attack on free speech and the attempt to shut down InfoWar straight ahead.
This is critical information.
Please stay with us.
Alright, we're about to cover something.
That is incredibly central to all of our futures because they admit on MSNBC and CNN that InfoWars is the beta test.
They also said in documents came out in the Wall Street Journal four plus years ago ahead of my de-platforming that WikiLeaks was a model.
They said if we can shut down WikiLeaks and shut down Alex Jones, the left wing and right wing will be silenced.
We can get them all.
And so now we have judge orders Alex Jones to pay $1 million in fees to four Sandy Hook parents.
So I'm found guilty before I have a trial, a default.
Then they say pay a million dollars.
We put it to the appeals court.
Within one day, they shoot it back, unprecedented.
Usually takes six months.
And we paid it.
People say, well, why'd you pay that?
Well, she'll put me in jail.
Why do you live in Austin?
Well, my family's from here.
We helped found the state.
You know, I live here.
In hindsight, I'd have been in a conservative county.
Believe me, we're going to try to get money and move out of here.
But now they're like, oh, we're going to talk about white supremism.
So at this trial where I'm guilty, already found guilty, the judge and her order is public.
I'm going to show you the documents here in a moment.
Has said that I can't discuss free speech, I can't discuss show trials, I can't say I'm innocent.
I have to come and say I'm guilty at a trial or she'll sanction me and then she threatens all the lawyers who've been on the case off of it.
So here it is.
News Times.
Judge orders Alex Jones pay $1 million in fees to four San Diego parents.
We paid it.
Because they'll put us in jail.
That's where we're at.
Alex Jones hit with $1 million in court fees over Sandy Hook.
And they put Parkland lawsuits.
We weren't involved in that.
Texas judge orders Alex Jones pay $1 million in legal fees.
And it goes on from there.
Alex Jones ordered a cough up $100 million.
Texas court denies Alex Jones bid.
Sanctions delay bid.
And it goes on from there.
Then they come out and they say, denied.
Court refuses Alex Jones' request to deny paying $1 million.
And then they go on, Alex Jones' lawyers want to bar all mention of white supremacy.
And we said to the court, hey, we have footage of me protesting the Klan.
We're going to say you're a white supremacist.
Sorry, can't show that.
They've designated their experts and said they're going to say I'm a white supremacist with no evidence, and then we can't respond.
So they're not just saying I'm guilty and go to a jury.
It's all rigged.
Alex Jones doesn't want to talk about white supremacy.
And it goes on from there.
There's Vice.
There's all of it.
So, talk about tanning a jury pool.
Talk about rigging things.
This is the model.
For everybody else.
And it's so unbelievable.
No one's ever seen this in U.S.
But now the Democrats are saying their case against me is the model against Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Tucker Trump, Donald Trump, and everybody else.
Robert Barnes, you have been involved in this since day one.
You've worked on the case.
What is really going on?
One is that they built up a fake news narrative.
Two things.
The fake narrative was to blame you for everything that related to anybody who second-guessed what took place at Sandy Hook.
But also, and we now see with Yuvaldi, the importance of second-guessing what takes place in a school shooting environment.
Because the initial narrative with Yuvaldi said that the cops didn't do anything wrong, the school officials didn't do anything wrong, nobody, no politician did anything wrong.
In fact, now we know they did a lot wrong.
We only know that because people were willing to ask questions that they're trying to use this lawsuit to suppress.
You're not allowed to ask questions.
That was part of it.
Part two, the other part of it was the fake narrative was to blame you for anybody who second-guessed what took place at Sandy Hook, even though InfoWars, 99.9% of what InfoWars ever published or produced, said that what happened at Sandy Hook happened.
It simply raised questions as to drug complicity, raised questions as to school official safety complicity, raised questions about whether why they were hiding information,
We now know that the schools, many of those kids would be alive today if the politicians had done their job and used the money correctly.
They need to keep all of that hidden and blame the gun instead.
But that's not all.
The next level template with this was to use this to suppress and censor dissident speech.
In particular, Infowars has been the tip of the spear.
Imagine if they had been successful.
Imagine if InfoWars had not been here when the lockdowns occurred.
Imagine if InfoWars had not been here when the mask mandates and the vaccine mandates and the business shutdowns and the mass home arrests across the country took place.
Would there have been major public protests?
Because every public protest took place being led by InfoWars supporters and fans who listened to the audience, who listened to InfoWars.
So, their goal was to remove InfoWars and its audience from political and public participation, awareness and knowledge.
And it was to use this suit to do so.
To try to censor and suppress independent media.
And so even though the evidence didn't matter, people asked, well how are you, we're not supposed to tell the jury, why are you here hearing I'm already guilty, now how guilty?
That's in her order too.
I mean, it's insane.
She's got to hide what she did.
Because she's so arrogant.
Well, here they are in Austin, Texas, one of the most liberal jurisdictions in America, one of the most pro-gun control jurisdictions in America, one of the most media-believing jury pools in America, and yet they were scared of even an Austin liberal jury hearing the actual facts of the case.
Facts of the case that go counter to the media's narrative about this case.
And so even the Austin courts and the Connecticut courts were too scared and terrified and their lawyers and the other people involved were too terrified of even a liberal jury, a liberal democratic jury pool hearing the actual facts.
Probably because those actual facts rebut rather than support the official and institutional narrative.
And the judge issues a order saying don't talk about it in court.
Yeah, I mean, basically it's the Chicago 7 on steroids.
Because even the Chicago 7 was allowed to defend themselves on the merits.
So here you're not only getting gagged like Bobby Seale, your own lawyers are not even allowed and the jury is not even allowed to consider whether you're actually guilty or not.
You are presumed and adjudged guilty without ever being able to- You are guilty until proven how guilty?
Not innocent until proven guilty.
Not guilty until proven innocent, which is tyranny.
You are guilty until proven how guilty, and you can't talk about how it's a kangaroo court.
I mean, the arrogance!
But they've gotta win.
They didn't find what they said.
No, they've got to do that.
Oh, it's all an endorsement at a core level.
Because if they were in the right, factually, morally, and legally, they would not be rigging the game to fix the outcome.
They would be having a full, robust jury selection.
They would be having a full debate and trial on the substantive merits.
They would allow you to introduce all of your defenses.
Go back and read the great Clarence Darrow closing arguments.
Often they would go eight days long.
Closing arguments in which he would talk about everything.
Go back to Patrick Henry.
Give me liberty or give me death.
But no, no, no.
In fact, I've got it right here on the stack.
Let me show you.
We'll pull it out when we come back.
We're going to do more on this tomorrow because this is a big deal for the end of American freedom.
We have the actual judge's orders right here.
And imagine the media's discipline.
This has been out for over a month.
They won't cover this.
It says no discussion of the First Amendment, no discussion that you're innocent.
It says that.
In your defense, you can't say you're innocent.
And then they'll sanction the lawyers if they don't go along with that.
Unbelievable, Robert.
Uh, established in his give me liberty or give me death closing argument, uh, defense to a tobacco tax charge.
The jury was allowed to hear everything and decide both the facts and the law.
So what has our system's response been to that?
It's been for the court system to hijack the jury function, the jury role in these trials.
And tell the jury, this person's guilty, he can't talk.
Now I'm getting.
And these judges mirroring their rulings.
I mean, it's embarrassment.
I've said Alex Jones is not on trial in these cases.
The American judicial system is on trial in these cases.
And sadly, the verdict so far is the American justice system is guilty of partiality and prejudice and the incapacity to enforce the law in these cases.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
I'm going to read to you with the documents
I'm not just telling you they said this.
It's hard to believe they actually did it separately.
We need funds to fight these three kangaroo courts, because on appeal we'll beat them, plus it's going to blow up in their face politically.
We're going to go into this.
We're ready.
We're going to win.
But we need your financial support at InfoWarsTore.com.
Get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt.
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And you're coming through, and I salute you and thank you.
You're not listeners.
Amazing job.
You're in the arena.
You're activists, and you are powering our resistance.
Let me show viewers, and we're going to be putting press releases out in the next few days, what they've done, and how it ties into the whole January 6th fiasco and more.
We've been denied our fundamental constitutional due process rights to present a defense in Texas or Connecticut.
Both Guerra Gamble in Texas and Judge Barbara Bellis in Connecticut have denied us our First Amendment rights.
For allegedly failing to provide enough discovery, which we give him everything.
Neither judge can deny that you responded to discovering that his rule that was insufficient.
The effect of these rulings, incredibly, is that you have been found guilty by two judges who never even held trials or had any evidence.
And it goes on.
They say that we cannot discuss the First Amendment, we cannot discuss that we're innocent, or say it's a kangaroo trial.
Mentioning the First Amendment,
Or freedom of expression.
Those are quotes.
Arguing that the plaintiff's mental anguish was caused by Adam Lanza, the shooter, and not by your reporting.
Can't say Adam Lanza killed the kids.
I killed him.
Asserting that plaintiffs have become prominent public figures by appearing on television, testifying before Congress, or giving TED Talks, or publishing books, or selling merchandise.
Arguing that our statements were not outrageous.
Suggesting the trial was in any way unfair.
Folks, no one's ever done this in U.S.
But the Democrats are losing.
They're desperate.
And here it is, plaintiff's motion's in limine.
The judge approved it.
And they tried to get her to walk it back at pretrial.
She said, well, I'm not sure.
I'll see what I'm going to do.
Here it all is.
Travis County filed.
Overhead shot, please.
This will all be published tomorrow.
It'll all be out for everybody.
Robert Barnes, you said this ties into January 6th.
Closing comments on this.
We'll be back tomorrow with us in the studio.
Even Soviet-style show trials would be embarrassed by what is taking place in either the January 6 hearings, the January 6 trials, or the Alex Jones cases in either Texas or Connecticut.
It is a complete deprival and denial of basic court constitutional rights.
It's an invention of law that in many cases doesn't exist, like the misapplication of the obstruction statute that's taking place to January 6 defendants.
Imagine, a high-ranking lawyer was caught perjuring and falsifying and forging documents
These people are maniacs.
It is a complete denial.
What took place in your case is a denial of First Amendment rights of association, denial of First Amendment rights of free speech, denial of First Amendment rights of free press, denial of Second Amendment rights to self-defense.
And they're saying I'm a white supremacist in the news, and I can't talk at the I'm convicted show trial, and they're going to say I'm a white supremacist to the jury, and we can't show me protesting the KKK, she said.
Well, and some of these discovery orders really are in violation of the 4th Amendment and the rights to protect against privacy outside of probable cause of a crime, 5th Amendment deprival of your due process rights, 7th Amendment denial of your jury trial rights, which are protected independently and separately under the Texas state constitution.
And a million dollar fine, so it shows how desperate they are.
This is an effort to rail... What I've said is January 6th and the Alex Jones trials look like 19th century Australia.
All kangaroos and railroads.
And that is precisely what it has been to date.
And the question is, will the courts wake up to recognizing that they and their legal system of America is as much on trial around the globe as Alex Jones?
It's just like the corporate media has collapsed and the FBI has collapsed.
They're just killing all their credibility forever.
They're exposing themselves.
If they had confidence in the facts, or the law, or their moral narrative, they would want a liberal Austin jury to hear all the facts, all the evidence, and all the arguments.
The fact they're terrified of allowing even that to occur tells you that even they know that they're in the wrong factually.
Robert, could you imagine, we'll be back tomorrow, that they would put in an order, you can't talk about free speech or say you're innocent?
It's extraordinary.
I mean, all of it's unparalleled.
All of it.
Denial of your rights to bring any slap motions.
Denial of your rights to bring motions to dismiss.
Denial of your rights to bring summary judgment motions.
Denial of your rights to appeal the denial of those rights in Texas and Connecticut.
Fundamentally and core rights.
We're going to do a lot of... You're going to be here in the next few weeks, off and on.
You've got a lot of Texas cases with your big Pfizer stuff.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
We've got 10 seconds.
How do people find your show?
Sure, then go to VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
Or just search engine Robert Barnes.
That's it.
And you're on Twitter.
Great job, buddy.
Alright, Jacob Ingles and the great Owen Schroer coming in live to cover the waterfront.
Stay with us.
At this point, best case scenario is a few years of hard times for us all.
And if we don't turn it around soon, then it will only get worse.
But as bad as things are, we still have time to prepare.
And that alone is something to be grateful for.
A gravity water filter will provide you with clean, healthy water, even in the event of your taps getting shut off.
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All you have to do is check out what I'm saying, and that's why they run the fake headline against myself and Tucker Carlson everywhere, every day.
Jones admits he's an actor.
Or Tucker Carlson says nobody would take me seriously.
Where do we say that?
We never said that.
They just say we said that.
But where's the clip?
Where's the article?
Where do we say that?
It doesn't exist.
Alex Jones is playing a character and is a performance artist.
Jones is playing a character on his radio show.
The radio rants of Alex Jones are just an act.
He's actually a performance artist.
He's a performance artist.
Alex Jones is a fake.
They're lying to you because they think you're stupid.
And it's all based on custody battle with my ex-wife five years ago.
And she was trying to put into evidence me dressed up more than a decade before, like the Joker, being sarcastic, saying, take your Prozac, kids.
Take your illegal drugs, too.
You'll die.
It's fun.
So people wouldn't take drugs.
And they wanted to enter that in evidence and say, look, he's insane, telling kids to use drugs.
And my lawyer went, when Jack Nicholson plays the part of the Joker, no one thinks that's really Jack Nicholson.
So, yeah, when I've been Cobra Commander.
Hail Cobra!
Or Optimus Prime.
Autobots, let's roll!
Or the Joker, because I can do imitations of them all really good.
Or Darth Vader.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Do I really think I'm Barth Vader?
Do I think I'm Optimus Prime?
The Republic Commander?
The Joker?
And clearly, no reasonable person would think when I'm doing satire that what I'm saying is what I really think.
No one believes the Babylon Bee.
It's not trying to lie to you, it's being sarcastic.
Buy the Vaccinate Me Elmo doll today.
It's required by the CBC.
But they play those games.
And that's why I don't joke around as much as I used to.
Even though I tell people, okay, this is a joke, this isn't serious, they clip it out and they say, no, this is what he really believes.
Every day when I leave work, I do this.
That man's a threat to this country.
And they go, look, he admitted in court, he's an actor.
Well, yeah, I was an actor in Scanner Darkly.
I was an actor in Waking Life.
I was an actor when I was Cobra Commander.
But it doesn't mean that Alex Jones, the talk show host, up here reading news articles to you isn't a real thing and isn't something I'm actually saying.
And you know that!
You're insulted right now.
I'm even explaining that to you.
And so am I. But that's who these people are.
You don't know the power of the dark side.
Am I really Darth Vader?
I think Alex Jones seems really talented.
He's smart.
He's funny as hell.
He's truly funny.
I'm kind of retarded.
Now that I've done those imitations, those little jokes, do you now not listen to what I say about other things when I show you a powerful news article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on InfoWars.com that has all the cited information?
The latest tragedy, sudden adult death syndrome?
No, that's a real thing!
That's something happening in the real world!
And that's what we're breaking down here today.
I am Alex Jones.
And I am the guy on this show every day.
I am an American.
And that's what I promote, is freedom, and justice, and liberty, and they can't stand it.
Pesky earth creatures!
I'm Alex Jones.
The story you're about to see is truth.
This is reality.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
I'm the most banned, most demonized media person in the world.
Alex Jones is a fake.
He's a performance artist.
I'm perceived as a clown, a nut, a maniac.
On his website, InfoWars, he touts paranoia porn.
The sickest, most offensive theories.
Alex Jones claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
Don't you stand for America, sir?
He said me and Hillary are demons.
Ain't that something?
You'll burn in hell!
I met him back in 1990.
I knew right away he was going to be a star.
How's my hair look?
I saw all these conspiracy theorists that were talking about the New World Order.
And I thought, that's what I'll do.
Get it, Alex.
Death to the New World Order!
It was that attack on humanity that I saw early on that I really wanted to wage war on.
You're lying to the public.
It's disgusting.
Well, she tastes that.
There's no going back.
Everything's a war.
That's the way the universe works, and everything is propaganda.
I don't trust Donald Trump, but I agree with probably 95% of what Donald Trump says.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
That's what the media loves on.
Alex Jones said the Sandy Hook shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 children, was fake.
I try to tell the truth and sometimes I'm wrong.
Did the New York Times get in trouble for consciously lying about WMDs that then led to a war that killed tens of thousands in conflict?
The attempts to de-platform us have failed.
They had the CIA and the FBI following me around.
Now we've got to destroy Alex Jones.
We're not playing games here.
This is such a historic moment together.
It's all just insane.
Okay, let's put me in prison for questioning, okay?
Even though that's my right.
In fact, let's execute Alex Jones.
Let's put me in front of a firing squad, pull the trigger.
I have a sick feeling, actually.
Because I know what comes next.
Alright, we've got...
Jacob Ingalls, CentralFloridaPost.com, and Owen Schroyer with us riding shotgun for the rest of the hour.
The War Room comes up at 3 p.m.
Central today.
Gentlemen, we have a lot to cover.
It's great to have you here in studio with us, but wow, is our job not easy other than trying to stay on air?
I mean, it's all happening, it's all out in the open.
Great to have you both here, each of you about a minute and a half.
Jacob Ingalls, what would you call this period of time we're living in right now?
Hell on Earth.
I mean, we can't even speak about the most important things.
Freedom and liberty and truth.
Truth is forbidden.
Why can we not, as Americans, stand up to our own government
Stand up to the corporations.
Stand up to the police state.
And this used to be something that left and right agreed upon.
And nowadays, it is a right wing.
They call it fascism.
They call it white nationalism.
If you want to stand up to the man, stand up and fight the power.
And I just don't understand it.
I agree, Owen Schreier.
Well, it's the Great Awakening versus the Great Reset.
It's all out there.
It's in front of us.
Everybody can see it, at least anybody that's paying attention.
Whether they like it or not, their gas prices are going up, their energy costs are going up, their grocery bills are going up.
So they're in it, whether they want to continue to ignore it or act like it's not there.
But there's also the Great Reawakening or Great Awakening that's happening right now.
People tuning in to Banned Out Video to watch our shows, to watch the other content creators that are on there.
There's all kinds of activist groups rising up, organizations rising up, people hosting political events that are conservatives or Christians that wouldn't have been doing so four, five, six years ago, but now are.
So that's the Great Reawakening, but then there's the Great Reset where we know the plan.
And right now, the biggest lie to understand is man-made climate change, and knowing that that's just the excuse to shut off your energy, make it so you can't drive a combustion vehicle down the road to do whatever you want on your own time, at your own accord.
And that's what people are going to have to accept.
And once they accept it, they can decide, well, maybe I want to live in poverty the rest of my life and then become sterile or infertile because that's part of the New World Order.
Or I kind of like prosperity.
I kind of like freedom.
I kind of like what America set the standard for the world like in the 20th or 19th and 20th century.
So maybe we should maybe we should go back to that.
But that's that's everything that's in front of us right now, I think.
And Jacob Engels, you've been persecuted with the Central Florida Post exposing a gubernatorial candidate and the drug-fueled orgy and the rest of it.
That's right.
Where do you see this going just in 30 seconds?
Well, I think we're on a collision course, a crash course in America.
The two-party, it's not even two-party, it's the unit party like everyone's talking about.
It's this system of control and you can only push humans so far.
You can only push us so far before we react.
And it's our decision on how we react and to do it in the right way and with courage and with liberty in mind and we've got to stand up.
That's right, they want us to have a revolution that's violent and mindless.
No, it's a revolution against the New World Order, against Bill Gates, against Klaus Schwab, against the Great Reset, and against all of their tyranny, identifying them as the authors of our despair.
We'll be right back with Jacob Ingalls and the great Owen Schroyer.
Straight ahead.
I got down on my knees and I began to pray.
Now's the time for that, and it's time to stop being fake and admit we all have sinned and aren't perfect.
And a perfect example of this...
is the corporate media and everything they're doing and trying to demonize lesbians in the Netherlands that Tucker Carlson had on facing five years in prison for saying no men are men women are women a man can say he's a woman but a man is a man a woman is a woman you know two women can't have a baby in prison but look at this latest stuff there's a movement among some archaeologists to stop identifying human remains as male or female because we don't know how they identify
That's mind control.
Here's the article out of the College Fix dealing with it.
Then there's this.
Transgender Health Secretary says Biden White House will empower children to get puberty blockers, sex changes at age 8.
That is a pervert class.
I don't care if they're heterosexual, homosexual, who they are.
Leave the children alone.
Reddit bans anti-LGBTQ groomer slur.
But the left is out grooming children.
I don't care whether it's homosexual or heterosexual.
UPenn nominates transgender swimmer Liz Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year.
This is the war on humanity.
Having our guest here in studio, Owen Schroeder and Jacob Ingalls.
I've known about Jacob's work for at least five years.
Great work at the Central Florida Post, breaking hundreds of major stories.
But he doesn't wear it on an armband that he's gay.
I don't run around and say, I'm a heterosexual all day long.
And people say, well, a small minority.
Why are you having that guy on?
We don't hate anybody.
Jesus Christ hung out with the tax collectors and the prostitutes.
And by the way,
I'm not perfect.
I'm not saying in my whole life of judging people and what adults do adults do the point is what's going after children is the key here and now they're banning major movements of whether it's people that are heterosexual homosexual pansexual whatever it is from saying we don't want to be associated with grooming children that's who they're really scared of because they want to continue that movement on so
Jacob, what is it like going to these anti-abortion rallies and being attacked, and the pro-abortion rallies and being attacked, and then you never play that card on these people, but now they're trying to connect to anybody who has a different lifestyle to their pedophilic lifestyle.
What is that like, and can you speak to this major anti-groomer movement that's particularly being headed up by gays and lesbians that don't want to be associated with kidnapping and raping children?
Yeah, I mean, Alex, when I go to these rallies, when I go to the abortion parties like Ona and I talked about yesterday on the show, I don't pull the gay card.
I don't try and talk about, oh, I'm gay, oh, I'm gay.
I really let them kind of bully and push and pester me to the point where I eventually say, you know what?
That's very homophobic.
How dare you?
How dare you question me?
I'm gay.
You can't question me.
These are your rules.
These aren't my rules.
And then they get extremely nasty.
They say, oh, we hope you get AIDS.
We hope you get monkey pox.
We hope you die.
And I'm like, well, wait a second.
I'm part of the LGBTQIA plus space alien community.
But now it's not enough to be gay.
You've got to go out and groom.
You've got to share the porn in the schools.
You've got to read the porn to your children.
That's the current state of the LGBT community, and it really is sick.
Hey, I want to do whatever I want.
Leave me alone.
It's my own personal life.
I'm not going to affect you.
But now is the time for people in the LGBT community to stand up and say, we're not going to groom children.
This is sick stuff.
Polls show that the majority of folks that have alternative lifestyles do not support this.
And that's just a simple fact.
What you do see, Alex, though, we have an individual, a group of individuals in Florida who are straight parents who have children, and they're coming to these school board meetings.
When I expose genderqueer, and I read it aloud, they're going on Facebook.
One of them is... I should have pointed out, you've been particularly powerful in national news, local news, at the school boards exposing this grooming of children.
Yes, yes.
And when I expose that, the comments people send me, because I'm not allowed on Facebook anymore or on Twitter, the comments people send me from some of these individuals, I read it to my six-year-old child.
I read it to them every night.
I love to read genderqueer.
What kind of sick person... It's pedophilic.
It's a sick cult.
And what do we do?
What do we do as humans?
What do we do?
It's totally satanic.
Owen, your view on this?
Well, there is a group now, it's called Gays Against Groomers, and they are having events.
I think they got an event coming up later this month in July that I was talking about.
So, yeah, most people that identify as gay or whatever, they don't want to be identified or in a group with these radical leftists.
And Jacob, you know, you said earlier, it's like it's not even about whether you're gay or not now.
I don't think it ever was.
It was always about far left wing agendas, Democrat Party agendas, and then ultimately the bottom of the barrel when it comes to their sexual preferences.
It's about pedophilia.
And then forming a sexual relationship with your child.
Which is what they want to do in the classrooms.
Now they tested this back with Bill Clinton with Jocelyn Elders when she went in front of Congress and she said we need to reach our hands down your child's pants and teach them how to masturbate.
That was like... We need to reach down the baby's pants and touch them and show them how.
Wow, is that Jocelyn Elders back?
All the way back, time-traveling?
So yeah, but that was a little shocking back then, and people weren't really watching C-SPAN as much as they are now, so it was kind of just floated out there.
It's a long-term agenda.
It was kind of just floated out there.
It's like, eh, let's see what Jocelyn Elders, let's see her say it in front of Congress, see how much, see what kind of takes on that.
And yeah, the people that did hear it obviously said, look at how crazy this is.
In fact, I remember at the time, Rush Limbaugh was probably the major
You played the clip over and over again.
Yeah, he was probably the major one to expose that.
Which, by the way, they censored so good you can't find it.
I heard that clip 500 times in, like, 1993, 94.
You cannot find it.
Well, that's just, I mean, that's the new nature of the internet, trying to find things like that.
Whether it's, we were talking about in the break, like, old Alex Jones videos, old promo videos you used to do that were viral, you can't even find them anywhere.
You just can't.
But I, you know, the farther left it goes with this,
It's just people that are in the center are going to be called right-wing.
They know they're not right-wing.
They're probably maybe even liberals, but they're like, I have common sense.
A man is a man.
Even Bill Maher says stop grooming children.
I mean, that's what it is.
Well, Bill Maher, I mean, he's always been consistent on these issues.
He's a Kennedy-era, free speech, anti-war Democrat.
And now to see all these liberals come after him and say, Bill Maher, he's a cristo-fascist.
This is the biggest joke ever.
He supports our free speech.
Well look, when they want to ban that term groomer, you know that's because it's accurate.
You know?
That's why they want to ban it.
They know it's accurate.
I was reading some of the comments on this on Twitter and looking and seeing, what about all the grooming groups like dog groomers and everything else on Reddit?
They're gone.
You can't even say grooming now.
You can't promote a dog groomer.
They're just banning every word there is.
Well, that's what they have to do.
When you start rewriting language, I really don't understand.
What are you going to do?
I guess you're probably first, second, maybe third grade.
You're going through English grammar.
You learn grammar.
You learn about words and meanings.
I mean, think about languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
I mean, these are languages that are based off of gender in many ways.
So when do we go back and just rewrite the language books and the English books?
Well, that's the new thing.
They're telling police departments
And the FBI crime lab and archaeology professors, you can't say a skeleton's male or female.
I mean, that's a cult.
So that's what I'm saying.
So when is it eye-open?
Let's say you open your kid's first grade English book.
I still remember they had the graphs, and it's like, here's how you use they, and then here's the words how that follow they, and them, and the subjugation.
And then here's the chromosomes.
Is that gone now?
What are they going to put in the textbooks?
They actually say there's no chromosomes now.
No, they've removed it.
How do you even learn English?
And there's no FDA approval for drugs.
It's all just total anti-science garbage.
We'll be right back.
So the social engineers, the behavioral psychologists, the globalist controllers, they have a real paradox to deal with.
They're saying we're cutting your power off to make you transition, but there is no transition.
But the Russians did it.
And hey, there's no pedophiles anywhere, but we want access sexually to your children, and they're all getting busted being pedophiles.
And the list just goes on and on.
They're wrecking society, destroying things.
It's obviously an evil spirit.
But Owen Schroyer, how did it get organized, and how do we stop it, and what do you expect them to do next?
Well, I mean, there's a lot to unpack there.
I think when we just neutrally observe this Biden administration, you've never seen a bigger cast of clowns and freaks and geeks ever.
And I want to be clear, I don't really care.
Honestly, I get along with everybody.
I've been around, you know, different types of clubs and bars.
I've seen it all.
But it's men in dresses with shaved heads and men dresses women in admiral outfits.
I mean, it's clown world.
Yeah, I mean, you're not sending these people to foreign diplomatic meetings, you're not sending these people to be representatives of your country, and that's fine.
This is what you do if you want to discredit your country.
Yes, so when we're sending men dressed as women to France last week for foreign diplomatic meetings, and it's literally a dude in drag with a bald head and big red lipstick on and high heels in a dress, and then it's Rachel Levine, you know, Mr. Potato Head with
Yeah, guys, show the head of the nuclear waste with Rachel Levine.
I mean, the photos of them, and then they're talking about, we want access to your children.
So when does it get to the point where people just look at a photo of the Biden administration or whoever it is next, and it's just, it's a clown show.
I mean, it's literally like, oh, is this the circus?
Is the circus in town?
The Ringling Brothers coming around here?
What do we have here?
Oh, no, that's the U.S.
foreign delegation.
They're not just clowns.
They want access to your children.
So, yeah, and there was also another Biden appointee at the U.S.
Postal Service that just got busted as a pedophile in a sting operation.
He was on video admitting all of it.
So, you know, but even Gillum, I mean, look at Gillum.
He's got, like, under Biden.
I mean, look at both these people.
What the hell?
I'm in charge of nuclear waste.
I'm in charge of your children.
I don't want to talk to your children.
I'm a man in an admiral outfit.
They're not sending their best.
They're not sending their best.
I think Gillum is kind of like Hunter Biden, though.
I mean, that was almost... I like how he leaves the hair on the legs.
That's always a...
Plus, they say they're women, and they look as hideous as possible.
Like, Blaire White looks like a woman, doesn't want to go after kids, great, you're a free person.
Why don't they give people like Blaire White?
Because they won't work for them.
Why is it ugly men that look like total space aliens that want access to our children?
There's a mental illness that runs deep here, Alex.
It runs deep, is what it is.
But why is it on top?
Why is it demanding we follow it?
I think they're just so out and out about it.
They're throwing it in our face.
It's almost like they're taunting us, like the bully in school.
They're pushing you to react.
Flicking you in the ear.
Giving you the wet willy.
You guys had the clip yesterday and didn't play it.
Can we get the Undersecretary of Health clip ready where he's talking about, we need to help your children cut their testicles off?
Yeah, you want to empower, we want to empower transgender youth, I believe was the quote.
Dr. Weenie Chop, I think people are calling.
Oh, you know, they banned Marjorie Taylor Greene from Twitter because she said Weenie Chop.
If I went to the doctor, like I joked around last week and I said, when I say I'm going to cut my finger off the audience to show my commitment, hypothetically, I said, I'm not going to really do it.
I said that clearly in the same sentence.
I said, that'll be horrible.
They'll say I'm insane to be arrested.
But if we want to chop your eight year old son's genitals off, it's good.
And they edited that out and said, he's crazy.
He wants to cut his finger off.
But what if I actually have people that are like identify as ambulatory, they cut their arms and legs off.
Actually, it's a big thing.
It's mental illness.
But when it's liberal and LGBTQIA+, it's empowering, yeah.
You have to accept it.
You have to worship it.
So I forget this guy's name.
What's the... Rachel Levine?
Rachel Levine, yeah.
Alright, so here is a dude in an admiral outfit who says, I am an admiral, and saying, I want access to your children.
Here it is.
We really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities and sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state.
I love how they play the word games, too.
Gender affirmation.
You want a little gender affirmation?
Look down your pants.
What do you call this new thing I see everywhere where they say it's a dude, but they dress like a clown or a bald head?
Like, I'm a woman!
I look like a space alien!
I look like Roswell!
I don't know what the old nuclear dildo identifies as.
That might not be a man or a woman.
I think that's a puppy kink.
No, it is the puppy.
I think that's why he shaves his teeth.
That's why he's a dog.
It's probably better to get the... You were a dog at once, Alex!
Remember that?
I said I was trans-zoological.
You were actually the original trans-zoo.
You might have inspired Sam Brinton.
Have you ever thought of that?
Hey guys, which clip is it of the girl that says she's a cat?
This is a huge phenomenon.
They confirmed public schools are putting cat boxes in the bathrooms so the kids can crap in a cat box.
I mean, you talk about a cult.
I mean, I know they were putting feminine products in the men's room now.
They're putting kitty litter boxes in there?
I'm not joking.
Stop it.
That was in Michigan, I think.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's go.
It's Michigan.
Let's play this lunatic.
Here she is.
I'll be teaching you guys some ways that my friends and I meow to one another to communicate when words just seem a little too difficult.
So, here we go.
Okay, so first off we have the normal meow that we just use mostly to get each other's attention.
Okay, then we have the dissatisfied meow.
Then the angry meow, but we only use this one on rare occasions because overall we're a very happy kitten family.
Then the happy or content meow.
Okay then, one of the most important ones for our kitten family is the I wanna go potty meow.
It took me a really long time to master this meow because it needs to be really specific in order for my kittens to understand.
This is the most important meow for me, and it's the I need help wiping meow.
You need help, alright.
Yeah, wiping what?
That's all pervert, scatological stuff, man.
We use this when we need a little bit more special kitten attention, if you know what I mean.
I don't want to give you any meow attention.
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
No, no, no.
That's a totally sober individual.
Very soon, there'll be entire college courses dedicated to this.
I hope you know.
Oh, there already is.
You didn't know that?
Can she speak to cats, though?
Is it a, uh, I mean, is it a universal meow?
Or are there, are there, you know, language barriers?
Are there different dialects?
Do tattoos meow different?
Are there accents?
But, I mean, this is the mass mental illness.
I remember ten years ago I first heard at major colleges people got upset they had Play-Doh and toys.
That's real.
Well, it'd be one thing, the world has always had crazy people.
They didn't used to drive the bus.
They didn't used to run the asylum.
They didn't used to run the universities.
They didn't used to run the nuclear waste?
They didn't used to run the most dangerous and powerful aspects of our civilization.
Well, and you think about it, people who used to behave like that, you know, hey, that's just crazy Bill, crazy Jenny, you know, they were just kind of like, hey, leave him be, you know, they're just doing their thing.
Yeah, he just goes home every night, shaves his head bald, puts red lipstick on and, you know, thinks he's a dog.
He doesn't bother anyone.
I mean, he runs a nuclear war.
Oh, what's that?
Oh, he's tailing the nuclear.
Oh, got you.
Oh, boy.
And somebody made a good point about you're trying to be a woman, you want to be a woman, and the outfit didn't even dress lady, it didn't even make sense.
Oh they make it hideous on purpose.
You see these drag queen story times, the kids are recoiling, looks like, they look scarier than Get the Clown.
They look like demons.
But they're twerking for freedom.
That's Tiara.
I mean look, I mean dude, that is a clown, that is a demon clown.
Doesn't look like a man, doesn't look like a woman, the most unattractive thing on earth, and charge the nukes.
We'll be right back, InfoWars.com, stay with us.
Can he meow though?
Because he's not a meow.
So we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth, not to limit their participation in activities and sports, and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state.
Not just a man in a dress, but a man in a Star Trek Admiral outfit wants to have a sexual relationship with your children.
Not just have sex with them, but to cut their testicles off or cut their breasts off.
Isn't it amazing how you read books like 1984 growing up or you see some of these movies and you know it seems so far-fetched and impossible but now here we are I mean look at that little 30-second clip and the complete
Projection, lying, reverse reality that happens.
She says... We want to protect your children.
We want to empower, we want to empower the youth.
By genitally mutilating them?
Oh, empowering.
Chop your balls off.
They're empowering the sick parents.
They're empowering the perverted school teachers.
That's who they're empowering.
And Jacob, you're right.
It's the sick liberal parents that go, our four-year-old, our three-year-old says they're a girl or a boy when they're the opposite gender.
I mean, what's sick us?
I mean, just look at that.
I mean, look at that!
And they're revolting people!
It's an offensive thing.
It's all about, it's all about having, being publicly offensive and walking around in that state of, in that state where you can be just a- And saying, I'm going to have a relationship with your children.
We have all the videos.
We're going to groom your kids.
It's, it's a, it's a conquering technique is what it is.
It's a, it's a psychological conquering technique where they know they shouldn't be- Oh, I mean, look, I mean, that looks like the most, that looks scarier than Hit the Clown.
I mean, you could have that person in Rob Zombie's new horror movie.
You don't think she's beautiful?
Stunning and brave.
Gender affirmation.
By telling kids they're not the gender they are.
That's gender affirmation.
Is by telling them they're something they're not.
Well, I mean, I'll just say it.
These are the pedophile generals.
They are the field marshals of pedophilia.
Well, yeah, you've got Pete O. Pete, apparently, in the White House.
You've got now Judge Jackson on the Supreme Court, who's a big claimant.
Does he have sex with kids?
Big claim of fame is protecting pedophiles.
So, I mean, this is it.
Let me ask you both, then.
Shifting gears, you can keep going on this if you want, what's the big picture?
What's front and center for Jacob Engels and Owen Schroer?
Well, I think we stay on this topic for a second.
Owen and I discussed it on yesterday's show.
You have the people like Richard Levine, you have Judge Jackson, but you have these judicial candidates and individuals across the country who defended pedophiles in private practice who are running for circuit court judge.
And that's how you get started.
So it's not just on the Supreme Court.
It's not just in the White House.
It's in your local communities.
And we've seen what's happening in the school boards and the county commissions, but people really need to research the individuals running for local judge.
So Epstein's kind of the top of the pyramid, but as you go below, this is how they recruit and control.
Yeah, and... Oh yeah, teachers were secretly giving preteen students, puberty bloggers, behind parents' back.
I mean, that is criminal beyond belief and now it came out the CDC directs elementary students to secret chat rooms about changing their gender?
I mean, damn!
You put your child in a public school, you're crazy!
And a lot of private schools are doing it.
No, and the private schools, that's one thing people do not realize.
The private schools are doing it just as much as the public schools.
And that's even more concerning.
Could you imagine forking over $20K a year and then finding out they're doing that to your kids?
Well, they make it!
They make it financially beneficial to do it.
You get grants, government grants, contracts.
You know, you get a better deal on your Microsoft or Apple package.
Which again, let's talk big picture.
We know it's a bunch of mentally ill pedophiles at the bottom in the administration, but the globalists admit it's about the population.
Well, that's why Alex, to go to the larger question, I mean, I do draw back from this issue and I think that
And if anything is the biggest story to actually get people to understand where the world is going, if we continue to embrace centralized government, corporate government, and just further remove ourselves from the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, I think the one that people can understand is the climate change issue.
And obviously a lot of people still believe it, but it's one of the easiestly
Debunked theories.
It's one of the easiest things to debunk, whether it was man-made global warming, or now it's man-made climate change.
It's one of the easiest things to debunk, and we're kind of in the opening phases now of people actually getting a taste of what these policies are going to do.
Yeah, your grocery bills are going to go up if you even have groceries available at the store.
You're not going to be able to afford gas.
They're banning cows all over the world.
This is, and this is really kind of the backbone of the entire New World Order.
This is really the backbone of the depopulation eugenicist New World Order.
It is convincing people that man-made climate change is the biggest threat to the future, and then signing the whole planet onto policies that are going to depopulate the planet.
And so, I think this is the time where people can understand it.
It's an easy thing to debunk.
But even if they deny it now,
Things continue the way they are.
We warn them now, they're going to listen later.
No, that's right.
Because they're just now sinking their teeth into us.
Well, and we talk about now how they're trying to manufacture these meats that have human DNA in them and have, you know, human content.
It's all just evil.
It's all evil, but they preview this stuff.
You've talked a lot about this, Alex, where they put it in movies, they put it in TV shows 10, 20, 30 years before to normalize it, to get it in your brain.
So then when you see it, you're just like, oh, okay, I guess that's happening.
And you're not outraged because you've been programmed.
And like, how are we different?
I'm not saying we're amazing or something, but the more they try to program it, the more I get away.
Other people, I guess they're unconscious, it just programs them.
How do we get people to shift out of just being programmed and like, see what's happening?
You know, the difficulty is because a lot of people are lazy, Alex.
They want to leave an easy and lazy life.
Even though the desire for some people to live easy, lazy lives, their desire to still be in control of their life, I think, will trump that in the long run.
So it's getting them to understand, hey look, I get it, you really think you can get free money, you really think the government can run your life and all this crap, even if you ever got close to that pipe dream that will never exist, you'll be a total slave.
And so, if they ever figure that out,
No, that's it.
The whole thing is about being a chump and buying into a scam, thinking you're smart.
No, it's hellish.
I mean, globalism is pure death.
That's why I look at the college loan forgiveness thing as one of the dumbest things ever.
Because, like for example, all these Democrats writing bills to pass student loan forgiveness, they're all in debt.
They just want free money at the end of the day.
And I'm having an Alzheimer's moment here.
Let's talk about that.
Early Alzheimer's.
Who's the, he was going to come on the show but couldn't, he's coming on soon.
Who's the famous guy that does the great little three minute breakdown of people take the shot but doesn't protect them?
He was going to come on the show guys.
Jim Brewer.
Oh, the comedian?
Yeah, there's a two-minute clip we have, but Rob Dewey had the full clip.
It's on Bandai Video.
Get Jim Brewer ready for the start of the next hour, like six after.
Because he says it all, and he illustrates it.
Have you guys seen the new... Comedy special?
Harrison Smith clip.
Yes, that's correct.
He did one that went super viral.
20 million views or whatever.
This has only got like a million views.
It needs to get seen where he actually uses their own quotes about the vaccine.
I mean isn't that the best example, Owen or Jacob, of how people think they're getting a good deal but it's a total lie and how the deeper they get in they won't admit it?
No, and I think to some respect they have bought in to those policies and to those programs and nobody ever wants to admit they're wrong.
So, you know, you've made a hundred bad decisions and you realize the past fifty of those hundred decisions were horrible, but it's their whole persona, it's their whole aura.
And I'll say this, when I was younger I didn't even know I was wrong.
Being an adult means you admit you're wrong so you change it.
Even when you know you're wrong it's hard to change.
They won't even admit anything's wrong.
No, and the easy, free lifestyle that Owen's talking about, I think, you know, it sucks what's going on with gas, what's going on with food prices, but maybe that's what they need.
The financial wake-up call of... No, I agree, but they're going to use that crisis to force some of the universal basic income and even deeper slavery.
That's a good point.
And that's why it's such a catch-22 right now, because part of you is kind of looking at this like, hey, if you don't know what's going on now, if you're not politically aware and awake and informed now, then how much worse does it have to get?
Wide open borders shutting our energy off?
But see, that's the thing.
What else?
Here's what people like, Alex.
Oh, there's a virus?
What a perfect excuse for me to stay inside for a month, watch Netflix, and the government's gonna cut me a check.
And anybody that's gonna get in the way with that is obviously my enemy.
And it's like, no!
I understand.
Maybe I'm asking you not to be a lazy bum, but... But you just set the precedent to be obsolete and non-essential and for this to come permanently.
And that's a badge of honor for them, though.
They're like a fish though.
Like a dumb bass would see a worm in the water and think it's good.
A smart bass comes up and looks and says there's a hook.
That's the older, bigger bass.
Little dumb ones.
It's easy to catch little fish because they don't know.
I gotta say something though before we end this hour.
I'm rethinking my entire wardrobe going on air and I'm thinking the track jumpsuit
I mean, he looks so good and comfortable, I kind of want to put a tracksuit on and do a... Hold on, guys, we're going to come back over a little while, and then we've got Wayne Allyn Root coming up.
Third hour straight ahead, fourth hour straight ahead.
I identify as Godzilla.
My duck identifies as a dog.
But to sell us tyranny, they've got to scramble our brains and get us used to it.
It's all behavioral psychologists.
But the behavioral psychologists running all this, they're destroying their own futures as well.
Jacob Engels, Owen Schroyer, how do we end that blind spot that people have to get them to stop being evil?
Or I guess they're not going to stop, we've just got to stop them.
We can do everything we can to deprogram and inform and just try to be the best people, the best examples.
But at the end of the day,
People are going to have to do it for themselves and they're going to have to learn.
They're going to have to learn and sadly a lot of the times people have to learn the hard way.
I know I learned a lot of things the hard way in my life.
Some things I figured out before learning the hard way.
But you hate to think we're reaching the point now where we're all going to have to go through the hard way together because some of us didn't learn it.
But the left, the more it gets worse for them personally, the more they double down.
Jacob Ingalls?
Yeah, and that's the problem.
We used to have this concept of self-determination in this country, of charting your own path, of being your own person.
And now, they've been so brainwashed to listen to the government, listen to the corporations, listen to the TV, films.
Which any idiot knows isn't smart.
Which is why now, when I meet these people out in public, I don't want to get vicious, so I kind of just laugh and I say, you're right, I love the government.
I do everything the government TV tells me to do.
Because that's when they really get mad.
So it's funny, when I was on the plane coming here, going through the airport, I was just walking through the airport, and everyone I go by says, I love Dr.
I love them.
I love them so much.
Isn't it great?
I want the masks back.
I want more booster.
I want more vaccine.
And you could just see people, some were laughing, but others were just like, oh, oh, how dare you?
I've thought about doing it, but I can't physically make myself lie, even if it's satire, be a lie of like hosting whole shows from the point of the globalists.
I mean, you imagine what that would be like?
Well yeah, I mean, just promote death and you start from there.
Just start rolling down from there.
But that's what it is, because they think they're anti-establishment, and that's kind of like their whole, like... What?
Oh, they're anti-establishment, they have the whole power structure behind them.
But that's a good point I made at some of these abortion parties, when they're saying their chants, they have... It's funny, you call these pro-abortion things, pro-abortion parties.
Well, they are abortion parties.
They had an open bar, they held it at a concert venue, then they come out in the street, liquored up, drunk, marching all over the place, and I stood in their way and they got really pissed off.
Screaming, I love killing babies.
Screaming, I love killing babies.
I'll slit their throats, I'll drink their blood.
So they've gone from, it's a woman's choice, I love killing babies.
Yes, and they want to eat them too.
That's what the one lady said.
And he has us all on film, by the way.
Yeah, you've got a channel on Bandot Video.
Yes, yes, Jacob Engels on Bandot Video, ladies and gentlemen.
And you're on Gab at JacobEngelsCentralFloridaPost.com
We're going to break here, but what else have you seen at the pro-abortion rallies?
Just disgusting things.
You have children that are carrying around wire hangers.
You have children whose parents have painted uteruses that are bleeding on them.
You have all this stuff that they're doing to the kids.
It's another form of grooming.
It's not the sexuality aspect of it.
It's a cult.
It's a cult.
It is.
It's a total cult.
And they even had... Those are killing kids, Dan Rod.
It's a cult.
Well, and they had even a dog.
Some vest on a dog saying, I'm for abortion rights.
Let that labradoodle be.
Yeah, the old saying, the cat didn't choose to be vegan, or I don't know how they say it.
Cats aren't the ones choosing to be vegan, it's the parents.
That's right, your cat didn't choose to be vegan.
Yeah, your kid didn't want to be vegan either.
But they recognize that now, that one woman gave her kid a vegan diet, the kid malnourished, died, she got sued, she's going to jail.
Well that's the thing, is that I don't claim to be the best looking guy in the world or whatever,
I go to a conservative rally, people look good, their eyes are awake, they're black, white, old, young, no matter.
You go to a leprosy event, they look like they've been shot with a mutation ray.
I mean, they look like hell.
Well, and in their eyes, you look in their eyes, and it's just black.
It's like, you know, a demon has taken them and is not going to let go.
And then they're pumped full of the drugs, they're on the booze, and then they have the brainwashing going on.
So I don't know how you get some of these people off that.
I walk into these crowds and just in the back of my head, it's like... Oh, I'm going!
Here I go to the abortion!
Hold on, hold on.
We got a party.
Thanks for coming right back.
Stay with us.
Vaccinators, you were real cocky a couple months ago.
We got vaccinated!
Got my second shot, April 19th!
I can't get sick from the corona!
I'm vaccinated!
See this bucket of virus?
I'm vaccinated!
I'll even lick a metal.
I'm not afraid of anything.
Uh, people vaccinated are getting sick.
You need a loop booster.
Who wants a shot?
Who wants to see a ball game?
Wave your flipper!
That's for you!
Go see the ballgame!
Who wants to work again?
That's for you!
Who wants their kids educated?
What's in the shot?
It's safe!
Don't worry!
Don't worry!
Look folks, as negative as everything is, there is a global awakening and...
Humanity's got a real shot at beating this, but the energy shutdown.
We were talking during the break, I said, what's the biggest thing here?
We all agree it's the shutdown of the energy, the banning of the cows all over the world, the collapse of all these countries.
How do we counter that?
Jacob Ingalls and, of course, Owen Schroyer.
I think we just have to let it accelerate.
It's got to accelerate to the point where everyday Americans who have not woken up wake up and join us in this fight.
Because they are overthrowing all the governments that have done it.
Well, I mean, if you look at something like Netherlands and a lot of these countries where that's happening, people are saying, wow, it's so amazing.
But they don't realize those countries have been over socialist and communist rule for decades.
And it's taken them this long to wake up, which really scares me because we're pushing towards the communism.
Can't we just bypass it and be like Florida?
I, you know, if we could clone Ron DeSantis, I think that would be great.
You know, that's a great way to put it though, Alex.
I would love to bypass this.
You know, I wish we could bypass this, but I think the bypass surgery is, you know, I just don't know if the opportunity... You think it's in the River Mirror?
I think it might be.
It might be.
I mean, we'll see how these midterms go, and then we'll see what happens after that, but... You know they're going to steal it.
I don't know why they wouldn't.
They stole those Georgia Senate seats right in front of our eyes, even after they stole the presidential election.
So they're going to be just as impressed.
Oh, and what do you make, I'm glad you raised that, of this Marshall Law Bill, H.R.
So let me interrupt.
4350, that's on the Defense Authorization Act that makes the President a dictator.
And Republicans aren't even that upset about it.
For war with the American people, it's just for right-wingers.
So here's what I... The story with these bills kind of goes like this.
When they write them, they don't plan on using them immediately.
They usually bring it back 10, 20 years later and really clamp it down.
I mean, look at the Patriot Act, Alex.
I mean, you were on top of that.
And you had the same sense of urgency, but now is when the Patriot Act is really coming into effect.
Now they're going after the American people.
They're going after the veterans.
They're spying on them.
They're imprisoning them.
And all that precedent, all that idea comes from the Patriot Act.
And so now is when it's really heavy.
It's like, hey, we didn't act, we didn't get how big of a deal it was back then.
So that's kind of how you look at this.
We're not going to see, I don't think they're going to use this to put Biden into a position of power, but it'll be the guy eight years, 12 years.
I agree with you, but it took 20 years to get to the Patriot Act.
Everything is compressed now.
That'll take a year to get to this.
Well, and is this the bill that had the provisions that Adam Schiff put in there?
It says, right-wing extremists, the Pentagon will be used against us domestically, and Congress has no oversight of domestic military operations.
That's illegal under the Constitution.
Well, and so maybe there's some writing on the wall that they're seeing, trying to protect themselves going into the midterms.
And I agree.
400 Uvalde police couldn't save the kids, and if we couldn't win the war in Vietnam, I'm not looking for a war with the military and police, but if I was the military and police, I would not want the deep state to start a fight with us.
I mean, look, we don't want to fight, but it's like we're like an 800-pound gorilla and like a two-pound weasel trying to start a fight with us.
But that's why I think what Jacob said in the beginning is that kind of is what leads to that belief of we need it to accelerate a little bit.
It ain't gonna go well.
Because look, the average American out there is a good person, but the bread and circus still goes on.
So you guys are accelerationists?
I'm really not.
I really don't like to think this way, but... Because I've been trying to stop this, but then I get your point once we get here.
It's just... When you try to sit down and really talk it out, I understand that the accelerators... I've been a decelerationist.
Well, I mean, I would say, if anything, we're just to outright pump the brakes.
Let's pump the brakes on you, Janice, for a little bit, maybe.
We should stop that.
Maybe pump the brakes on Satanism for a couple decades.
We're jamming the brakes to the floor.
Yeah, but it's getting to the point now where it's like, all right.
We've been prepared, we've... No, I agree, that's what I've got now, it's almost a sense of peace.
I'm like, I tried to stop this, and... Well, but also, you have to showcase the insanity and the absolute absurdity of it all.
And so that's why I think I'm in favor of accelerating it, because the more and more we let them push forward and forward and get weirder, like that lady that's doing the nuclear energy and Dr. Levin, I mean, it's got to reach a point where Americans sit there and say,
This is, this is just bad.
Well, it's like, how, it's like, hey, we warned you they were going to shut your energy off.
It's like, oh, they didn't shut your energy off.
Oh, really?
It just cost you $500 to fill your gas tank.
You're right.
They didn't have to turn it off.
They just priced you out of it.
That was.
Now they have cooling centers.
You predicted a year ago.
Because you read documents and all, but there'll be cooling centers where your power's off, you gotta go to a sports stadium.
That's now in LA.
That's now in Berlin.
So that's why it's like, look, I don't, believe me, I don't want that!
I don't want people to not even be, poor people to be living in 100 degree heat 24-7 because they can't afford to cool their houses.
That's not what I want, so I'm not an acceleratist, but I'm just saying, the bread and circus goes on until the bread and circus doesn't.
And that's when people are gonna say, hey, where's my bread and circus?
And you're gonna say, well,
I told you who took it!
And then it all burns down, which Klaus Schwab, he thinks the angrier world will bring their power in, but as long as they're being exposed, being behind it, it'll be their waterloo.
But that's why, that's why I think the accelerationist attitude is there, because like you said, Alex, it's an 800-pound gorilla versus a little ferret.
And as soon, and if it's an, if getting this to people's front doors is what it's gonna take to get that 800-pound gorilla up,
And saying, hey, we've got to turn on the gas.
We've got to open the coal mines.
We've got to shut the border down.
We've got to let the pedophiles leave our kids alone.
All right, Jacob Engels, you're going to be here for a few more days on the show with us.
Owen Schroer, of course, needs no introduction.
He's on at 3 p.m.
And of course, we're going to be having the great Harrison Smith on, who never gets sick.
He was going to be on with us today, but he got sick after a show today.
So I hope he gets better.
Obviously he will.
A great patriot.
Thank you so much, gentlemen, for the time.
We're going to go to break.
Stay right here.
I want to talk to you after this.
And then the great Wayne Allen Roots taking over, and then Owen Schroer in 45 minutes.
Separately, I gotta pay some bills.
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Whatever you do, continue to spread the word about the reports, the videos, all of it, because the world is so ready to hear the truth right now.
Owen Troyer goes live in T-minus 45 minutes.
Wayne Allyn Root coming up.
And Jacob Ingle, centralfloridapost.com.
Thank you so much for watching today.
Wayne Allyn Root takes over.
Whatever you do, keep spreading the word, because that overrides the censors and changes the world.
But I want to thank all of you.
Thank you.
At this point, best case scenario is a few years of hard times for us all.
And if we don't turn it around soon, then it will only get worse.
But as bad as things are, we still have time to prepare.
And that alone is something to be grateful for.
A gravity water filter will provide you with clean, healthy water, even in the event of your taps getting shut off.
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All right, Wayne Allyn Root here as I always am on Tuesday afternoons or Tuesday mornings as it were in Las Vegas.
It's noon, noonish here in Las Vegas, actually this afternoon.
And it could have been a disastrous report from Las Vegas today.
As we were getting ready for this show, reports started flying in that there was an explosion at the Hoover Dam.
You talk about tragedy for the United States of America.
It's right up there with, you know, the big one hitting Los Angeles and millions of people being, you know, their houses destroyed in rubble and thousands dead.
Well, if you ever destroyed the Hoover Dam, there'd be no water for the entire Southwest United States.
Las Vegas, Phoenix would all be without water.
We'd turn into a parched desert.
All our houses would be worthless and the Southwest United States would cease to exist.
We're good to go.
Mushroom cloud of dark smoke.
But it was really relatively minor.
They say they put it out at the dam before the fire department ever got there.
And there is no disaster to report.
Thank God.
Because here I am in Las Vegas.
Can you imagine if I said, Wayne Root coming to you.
No water coming out of the faucets.
No electricity.
Las Vegas is down and out.
Can you imagine?
The entire American Southwest has no water for the foreseeable future.
Everything's okay.
So if you saw those reports, it is a false alarm.
Everything is okay.
What's not okay is the rest of the United States of America.
The rest of the USA is a freaking disaster.
So, you know, the food plants burning to the ground, food processing facilities exploding, four natural gas pipelines blown up in the last week, the supply chain ruined, open borders with millions streaming over, a disaster of epic proportions.
Airlines, every weekend and every day, but particularly weekends, so many thousands of flights cancelled and delayed.
Because of the COVID mandates, pilots out sick, pilots refusing to work, pilots forced into retirement.
We have a disaster on our hands in every aspect of this country.
Supply chain, food, gasoline, energy, travel.
It's a disaster.
And it's only getting worse.
Let me read you my column, though, that came out just a few days ago.
Nationally Syndicated by Creator Syndicate.
And I think you'll really
It'll resonate with you.
You'll hear this column and go, wow, he's right.
The GOP is asleep at the switch.
Do they want to lose?
My column is about the upcoming midterm elections.
And while I believe if the elections were fair, we'd absolutely win by a landslide, the biggest landslide in the history of politics.
We'd win and win and win maybe 80 to 100 seats in the House and we'd sweep the Senate.
But it's not fair.
It's not honest.
They're rigging them again.
The Democrat plan to steal the midterms, say goodbye to Biden and say hello to King Kong monkey COVID.
Do you think the GOP will win in a landslide victory in the November midterms?
Do you think it will be a cakewalk?
Boy, are you naive.
I've been warning about what's coming for many months on my nationally syndicated radio show, Wayne Allyn Root, raw and unfiltered on USA Radio Network.
It's all starting to happen just as my crystal ball predicted, I'm sorry to say.
First, I've been warning non-stop that Democrats are planning to steal the 2020 midterms just as they stole the 2020 presidential election.
More on that in a moment.
Second, I've been warning that Democrats and their PR wing in the mainstream media are planning to bring back COVID hysteria again, just in time to steal the midterms.
This is the perfect timing
To demand universal mail-in ballots with no voter ID or signature match to steal the midterms.
Third, I've been warning that Democrats would find a way to force Joe Biden out of office and then blame this whole economic disaster and food shortage and supply chain disaster on him, thereby deflecting blame from the Democrat Congress.
Don't look now, but it's all starting to happen, just as I predicted.
The signs are all there.
First, COVID.
It's back.
Just as I predicted.
Like Freddy Krueger.
I'm back!
Just as I predicted for many months.
Just read the tea leaves.
The WHO just recommended indoor masks for everyone.
And Fauci just recommended indoor masks for everyone.
And New York has mandated indoor masks officially, and outdoors if you're in a crowd.
And Los Angeles is mandating indoor masks starting in two weeks.
Both cities, New York and LA, claim to be inundated with new COVID cases.
More tea leaves to read.
China shut down all the Macau casinos.
MGM, Wynn, they've all got casinos in Macau, Las Vegas Sands, and they shut them down for a week.
As of yesterday, they extended it for another week.
That's how that happened last time.
You know, two weeks to save the country, and then another two weeks, and then a month, and then two months, and then three months.
That's how it all happens.
More tea leaves.
In the UK, the media is warning of new lockdowns coming.
Lockdowns, not masks.
Biden's HHS secretary is warning of a bad COVID outbreak this fall.
How does he know?
Does he have a crystal ball?
I've got a crystal ball.
Everything I say in the media comes true 99.999% of the time for the last seven years.
But I'm a conspiracy theorist.
But all the liberals in the media and the Biden administration, nothing they ever predict ever comes true.
But he knows for a fact we're going to have a COVID outbreak this fall.
You know why he knows it?
Because the election is this fall.
And then there's monkeypox.
The gay community is panicking in New York City and San Francisco.
They're lined up like obedient sheep for monkeypox vaccines, as if they haven't had enough of one, two, three, and more of the COVID vaccines that are killing people at a rate I cannot even believe.
More on that later in the show.
Added a new outbreak of Marburg virus in Africa.
So far there are two victims, but they're both dead.
Two for two, 100% death rate.
And polio is showing up again all around the world, from Africa to Ukraine.
There's even traces of polio virus isolated in the wastewater of London.
Oh, it's coming.
You can see the tsunami forming.
Remember, Democrats never let a crisis go to waste.
Those are the words of Rahm Emanuel.
Whether it's a new scarier version of COVID, or a merger of monkey COVID, or King Kong COVID, or polio or Marburg virus, Democrats and their PR wing, the mainstream media, will soon be inundating you with scary news
To make you hysterical, hide in your home for months on end, mask up and suffocate yourself with face diapers, and get your 25th vaccine.
This is how they will try and cheat, rig and steal the midterms with millions of fake mail-in ballots.
With no voter ID and no signature match.
It's the 2020 game plan, but updated with even scarier names for new variants and new diseases.
I'll continue with my column when we get back.
We're taking a short break.
I want to mention I'm Wayne Allen Root.
My website's rootforamerica.com.
My email's wayneroot at gmail.com and my national radio show is Wayne Allen Root Raw and Unfiltered on USA Radio.
If it's not available where you are on
I wish you were with me last week, last Saturday, this past weekend, at Freedom Fest, the biggest
Conference every year in Las Vegas about 3,000 people attending and every year I've got the starring role in the big debate at Freedom Fest, usually me against the liberal.
Sometimes it's me as a team, a tag team.
I was with Candace Owens two years ago or three years ago before COVID.
It was me and Candace in a tag team debating about the Trump administration and the job they were doing.
This time it was just me up against a liberal journalist
To debate, was the 2020 election stolen?
A one hour debate.
And this is why the media doesn't ever want to let Wayne Root debate with him about stolen elections.
Because I knocked the guy out, baby.
Destroyed him.
Matter of fact, the crowd booed him off the stage.
He was a very nice guy, by the way.
And he was very respectful to me, and we were very friendly offstage, both before and after the debate, which is the way I am.
But during a debate, I'm intense, I'm an ex-football player, and I was going at him like a, you know, a flying demon, and I destroyed him, and the crowd literally twice
Booed him off the stage and the moderator had to ask me to get the crowd under control that, you know, hey, listen, let a guy talk.
You got to tell them to let the guy talk, Wayne.
They love you.
You're winning the debate.
We get that.
Can you tell them to let him talk?
This is not the lions and the Christians in front of the Romans, you know?
So I asked the crowd to quiet down twice, and they did.
But when it was over, they voted.
It was a landslide victory for yours truly.
I'm now 5-0.
Five debates at FreedomFest, five years in a row I debated at FreedomFest with the biggest debate of the central issue of our time, and 5-0.
Thank you to that audience who is so clearly home-field advantage.
For Wayne Allyn Root, nice people, all great patriots, some libertarians, some conservatives, some republicans, all patriots, and all clearly see what's going on with America.
And the media doesn't ever want a one-on-one debate with me and the two issues I can destroy them on.
Actually, three issues.
One, Cloward Piven and the Communists take over the United States and the Great Reset.
It's happening right now.
Biden's not incompetent.
Yes, he's an old man with dementia who wears diapers and a mask and has no idea where he is.
He's not the one doing it.
Obama is clearly the President of the United States in his third term.
Clearly the President of the United States.
And it's all Obama's doing, not Biden's doing.
So, it's a communist takeover of our country, and I'll debate that with anyone, anytime, based on Cloward Piven that I learned at Columbia University when I went there, class of 83, with Barack Hussein Obama.
So that's number one.
I'll debate you anytime.
This is a purposeful, intentional takedown
Do you hear me at CNN?
Do you hear me media?
Do you hear me MSNBC?
Do you hear me Rachel Maddow?
Do you hear me politicians in the Biden administration?
Do you hear me Obama?
Anytime, anywhere, anyone wants to debate in front of a crowd of thousands, or on national TV, Wayne Root will debate the 2020 stolen election.
I did it in front of 2,000 people at Freedom Fest, and every person in that room, when it was over, knew that the election was stolen based on what I had to say.
And I don't even base it on facts.
I base it on
Stories of how absolutely, positively, you'd have to be a moron to not know the election was stolen.
You know, it's right in front of your eyes.
What do you believe?
Your eyes or the lying media?
So, anytime, anywhere, let's go!
Come on!
Let's debate!
Let's go!
And number three is the COVID vaccine.
I'll debate anyone, anywhere.
Doctors, medical experts, scientists, Fauci, CDC experts, WHO experts, FDA experts, American Medical Association experts, the world's greatest brain surgeon, I don't care who it is!
The head of MIT!
The head of Harvard Medical School!
The head of John Hopkins Medical School!
I will debate masks!
I will debate vaccines!
I will debate lockdowns!
I will debate therapeutics and vitamins that should have been used!
Vitamin C!
Vitamin D!
All of them!
Structured silver and collodial silver!
I will debate it with any of you!
Dr. Fauci!
Do you have the balls to go for it?
Let's go!
Dr. Fauci, with all his fancy degrees, against Wayne Allyn Root, the talk show host, and the former professional sports gambler from Las Vegas!
Let's see who fares better in a debate!
I'll take my razor out and I'll slice you verbally the way I sliced that liberal journalist in Las Vegas on Saturday in front of 2,000 people.
Now, just so you know I don't make these things up, go to my website starting tomorrow.
I don't know what time today it'll be up, so I'll say starting tomorrow.
And up on my website, RootforAmerica.com will be the video of the debate, so you know I tell no lies.
You'll see me destroy my opponent in the debate about the 2020 stolen election at Root4America.com.
And when you go there, sign up so you're on my mailing list.
And whether it's there when you go there or it's a few hours late and you go, oh, it's not there, we'll mail it to you.
Everybody, I have a mailing list at Root4America.
There's the website.
And join my mailing list and we will literally send you an email with a link to my debate as soon as it's ready and we can put it up.
You know, I'm not a technical guy, but they tell me it's a gigantic file that's so big it's taking hours to download.
So it should be up later today, certainly by tomorrow, but we will email everyone on my list with the link to the video.
Go to root4america.com and just give your email address and you're on the list.
That's it.
All right, that's my challenge.
Any liberal, any time, about the Communist takeover of the United States by the Biden-Obama administration right now, with Obama in his third term, using Cloward-Piven to usher in the Great Reset, number one.
Number two, the stolen 2020 election.
And number three, COVID vaccines.
I'll debate anyone, anytime, anywhere,
In a national forum, on national TV, or national radio, or in front of a huge crowd, and you watch what I did to that guy in Las Vegas.
Go to RootForAmerica.com.
Now, let me finish up my commentary that went out this weekend.
I started by telling you they're going to rig and cheat and steal with the 2020 midterms the same way they did with the, excuse me, 2022 midterms, same way they did
With the 2020 election, and they're going to do it by bringing COVID back and making people hysterical, even though doctors and hospitals are now saying the government is lying.
There's lots of people with COVID.
None of them are dying.
None of them are hospitalized.
None of them are seriously ill.
You know what that's called?
A cold!
It's called the flu.
It's gone on since the beginning of time.
People get a boo-boo.
The world doesn't have to change.
You don't need masks.
They don't work.
You don't need lockdowns.
They don't work.
They destroy the economy.
Doesn't prevent anyone from getting sick.
And the vaccines will only make you sicker because everybody with COVID, almost exclusively, is someone who's vaccinated.
So, and by the way, you know what came out today?
The most vaccinated nation in the world
Enough with the dancing nurses.
The most vaccinated nation in the world is New Zealand.
And guess who has the most COVID in the world right now?
Per capita.
New Zealand.
Per population.
The most vaccinated nation in the world, the most COVID in the world.
Just as I've been trying to tell you for two years.
So part due to my narrative of a GOP landslide, everyone wants Biden gone.
Even the most liberal Democrat voters can't stand Biden anymore.
The media can't stand Biden anymore.
I predicted for weeks that Democrats would throw Gramp off of the plane, and I was right.
Once again, read the tea leaves.
The media's turned against Biden.
Suddenly, they're actually reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop another aspect of the stolen 2020 election that they literally blacked out that you couldn't see.
It's clear they're laying the groundwork for Biden's departure.
Democrats need a scapegoat.
They have to blame this entire mess the country's in on someone.
Joe Biden is a target-rich
I see my countdown clock says about 30 seconds to go.
I will finish part three of this when we get back and I'll tell you exactly how they're gonna get rid of Joe Biden.
Who they're going to bring in, and believe me when I tell you, it's not Kamala.
If there's anyone in America more hated than Joe Biden, it's Kamala Harris, because she's as incompetent as Biden.
And what's her excuse?
She doesn't even have dementia.
She's just not very smart.
Probably the dumbest politician ever in a high post in the history of America.
How she got there?
She's a black woman and they wanted a black woman.
That's it.
That's the only qualification on the resume of Kamala Harris.
We'll be right back.
I'll tell you how they're going to get rid of Biden.
All right, Wayne Allyn Root, welcome back to the show.
The Warriors with you.
The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book is my hot new bestselling book.
It'll be joined in September by The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.
And I'll give you a list of the biggest and best corporations in America to buy from that are on our side, the good guy's side.
But right now it's the bad guy's list of all the companies you should boycott and a listing of all their contact information, the CEO's name, the board of directors name, the address to mail things to, the email address, the phone number, how you get through to them, all of that in the Great Patriot Protest and Boycott book.
So we can make our voices heard.
Let me continue on in this last segment of my abbreviated hour this week.
Let me continue on with my column about the Democrat plan to steal the midterm, say goodbye to Biden and say hello to King Kong monkey COVID.
Funny name I made up.
That of course gives you not only a laugh, but a look at how absurd it all is.
You know, oh my God, it's King Kong COVID.
I argued from day one that if I said to you, look, there's a monkey, you know, you'd be like, okay, there's a monkey.
But if I said, look, it's King Kong and he's eating the Empire State Building.
The world would run in horror and hysteria and panic, and business would shut down, and cars would smash into each other, and the world would stop!
Because King Kong is here!
So when we gave COVID the name COVID, which is a scary name, uh, monkeypox!
These are scary names!
Marburg virus!
They scare you, and they should, because Marburg virus is deadly.
Ebola is deadly.
The girl's screaming from King Kong.
I love that.
But COVID is not deadly if you're a normal, healthy person.
It's a cold.
It's a minor flu.
Don't get hysterical, but especially if you take ivermectin.
So in the last year, I've been out, you know, I'm a guy who has more than half a
I don't know, I think I have 6,000 numbers in my cell phone.
I know a lot of people.
And a lot of them come to Vegas and I go to dinner, I go to lunch.
Got a lot of business associates, a lot of friends, a lot of fans.
All over the United States and all over the world.
At my wedding were people from Portugal and England and I can't even remember all the places they came from.
My point is I go out with these people and I tell them that all you have to do is take ivermectin and COVID goes away in two days.
And I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, I'm not prescribing, I'm just telling you my experience from speaking to thousands of people and every single person I speak to goes, oh yeah, I've got like 300 tablets sitting in my refrigerator ready if something happens.
And when I had COVID three months ago, last month, one year ago, two years ago, whatever it was, whenever they had COVID,
They took ivermectin and went away in 24 to 48 hours.
And I had COVID and went away in 24 to 48 hours.
I went away in 48 hours, but 24 hours after I took ivermectin, it was gone.
Now, nobody tells you that in the hospital.
Nobody tells you that in the doctor's office.
Matter of fact, they tell you it's a lie.
They tell you that they slander it, and they try and destroy hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
And they will never tell you about vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and quercetin, which have amazing effects against viruses of all kinds.
All viruses.
They're antiviral.
And antibacterial.
And there's many other wonderful things out there.
I could give you a list.
As a matter of fact, if you email me, wayneroot at gmail dot com, I will give you a list of all the things that I have compiled over the years that are great for your health and boosting your immune system and fighting off viruses, not COVID.
I never said there's a cure for COVID.
You're never going to get me, government.
There's no cure for COVID and I don't sell anything.
I don't sell a single product.
All I'm going to tell you is the vitamins that are very good for you to stay healthy, build your immune system, and fight off viral infections of all kinds.
And so I've got a great list.
Wayne Root at gmail.com.
Let me finish up, and I can't tell you how many lives have been saved.
And I'm not saying that.
My audience says that.
How many of my fans and friends have emailed me and texted me to tell me in the last year, thank God for you, Wayne Allyn Root.
You saved my life.
You saved my wife's life.
You saved my family's life.
Because we found out about vitamin C, vitamin D, quercetin and zinc, and ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine on your show, and it saved our life, and we never went to any hospital, and we never got seriously ill, and COVID became a little cold.
Or if they took it as a preventative, as they call it, a prophylactic, a preventative, they never got COVID.
And they said, thank you, Wayne Root, all these people got COVID, I never got sick, even though everyone in my family was sick, because I took the hydroxychloroquine.
You may be asking, how did you get sick, Wayne?
Well, first of all, I've been sick one time in 25 years.
One time!
And that was COVID last November.
I think it was November 1st or 2nd, I got COVID.
I am not a typical person like maybe you out there.
Some people were not out that much.
They were very careful.
I never slowed down one day, one hour, one minute, one second due to COVID.
I went out to dinner every night.
I went out to business lunches every day.
I was out and about in the world.
I was speaking at conferences.
I was speaking at people's homes.
I was speaking at major events.
I was the master of ceremonies.
I was the keynote speaker.
I was out in crowds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The entire last two years of COVID, or almost two years of COVID, and I never slowed down, never locked down, never closed my business, and never changed anything in my life, and was constantly out in crowds without a mask, and shook every hand, and hugged every lady, and hugged every guy, and kissed every baby, and never got sick except for once, and it was a mild 48 hours of COVID.
So that's the story.
How do I know it was COVID?
I tested positive for COVID.
I had a fever, I had a cough, and I had a loss, a massive, dramatic loss of taste for one day.
And as soon as I took ivermectin, I was fine.
And then as soon as I had a visiting nurse come over and give me intravenous vitamin C on top of the ivermectin, the taste came right back, and I was back to normal again.
Let me finish my column on the Democrat plan to steal the midterms, say goodbye to Biden, and say hello to King Kong.
So my prediction is Democrats are going to get rid of Biden.
First they're going to blame COVID on why you need mail-in ballots, then they're going to get rid of Biden.
So in the last three minutes of the show, I want to tell you how they're going to get rid of Biden.
Democrats will find a reason to remove Biden or force his resignation, and I predict it'll happen before the midterms.
First of all, he's in dramatic decline.
It's so obvious.
Everybody sees it.
There's no time to spare.
Joe Biden is going to drop dead or have a stroke or die of COVID right in front of all of us.
If you don't remove him from office, this man will crumble in front of all of us.
He's falling apart by this second.
He's not there anymore.
He was at least able to have some cognitive
Decent brain response.
During the debates, they gave him whatever pill and they shot him up with a needle with some kind of juice and gave him energy during the debates and he was passable.
Not great, but he wasn't a cadaver.
Today, no matter what they do, he's a walking cadaver.
It's weekend at Biden's.
If you remember weekend at Bernie's, he's like a Muppet and someone's got their hand up his butt and they're making his mouth move, but he doesn't even have control over what's coming out anymore.
So he's got to go.
But number two, the reason why I think they'll force his resignation before the midterms is to change the narrative before the midterms.
So they don't lose in a landslide.
They're going to blame everything on Biden and throw him under the bus.
And they're going to say it wasn't the Democrats.
It wasn't our policies.
It was Biden.
And third, if they wait till after the midterms, they may face a GOP majority that would be unwilling to confirm the new vice president.
Because they'll have to move Kamala up and the new VP will never get confirmed by a Republican Congress.
So they need to do it now while they've got the majority.
And so I think they're going to make Kamala president for now, but they're going to cut a deal with it, is my prediction.
She'll get the coveted title President of the United States that she can use for the rest of her family's legacy and life, right?
She'll get big speaking deals, big book deals.
She'll make millions.
She'll always be President Kamala Harris.
And in return, she'll agree to step down within one year and the new VP will become the president.
So you watch whoever they name as the new VP.
For Kamala, when she's moved up to president, will be the chosen one for 2024, because they'll want an incumbent Democrat president running against former President Donald J. Trump, who we all know is the real, legitimate president of the United States.
My best guess is the California egomaniac governor and tyrant extraordinaire Gavin Newsom.
Other possibilities?
Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, or Transportation Secretary
Pete Butthead, that's what I call him.
The bumbling, embarrassing, stay-at-home mom who's ruined the supply chain of the United States.
That's the short list.
I know one thing.
Neither Biden or Kamala can ever be on the 2024 ticket, or Trump will win in a landslide victory, and Democrats know that too.
So the plan to steal the midterms is in the works.
Say hello to King Kong COVID, and mail-in voting, and say goodbye to the man from dementia.
And if that doesn't work out, there's always the option of pushing Putin into World War III.
But trust me, Democrats aren't going to sit back and allow a GOP landslide.
These aren't run-of-the-mill Democrats.
These aren't traditional Democrats.
These are radical communist traitors running today's Democrat Party.
And communists never willingly give up power.
So, we may win the midterms, but it's not going to be easy, and don't say I didn't warn you.
They're trying to rig it right now.
I'm Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica.com.
My email, WayneRootAtGmail.com.
My book, The Great Patriot Protest, and boycott book by Wayne Allyn Root at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Have a great day!
We'll see you next week.
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Other than saying this,
I talked to the National Citizens four weeks ago, five weeks ago, with I think the most important documentary ever proving that they stole the election.
And I said, I bet I'll buy 100,000 DVDs from you because people want to have it in their archive.
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And so we have it, we have Coben Land 3, the shot, getting into how deadly the shot is.
Both those are just coming together.