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Name: 20220717_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 17, 2022
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This summary discusses the content of several videos or live broadcasts by Alex Jones and other speakers associated with Infowars. Topics covered include concerns about a potential dictatorship, political manipulations, the military's role in domestic affairs, fish oil supplementation, conspiracy theories surrounding January 6th events, and preparations for potential crises. Some speakers promote products available on infowarstore.com or other platforms, emphasizing the importance of supporting these channels to continue spreading information.

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[outro music]
Tomorrow's news today.
The area on Twitter wrote that everyone who touches Zelensky resigns, which is interesting.
After failing the UK at every opportunity to serve globalist interests, Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister, to which the Russian Kremlin expressed good riddance.
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who helped deliver Italian weapons to Ukraine and rallied support for Ukraine's entry into the EU, announced his resignation.
Last month, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallis expelled the populist center-left Center Party, claiming that she needed to form a new government to support Ukraine in their war against Russia.
And on Thursday, Kallis officially resigned as a formality to form a new government, which she has already reached a consensus between the center-right Reform Party, the Social Democrats, and the conservative Fatherland Party.
To form a new three-party government to support Ukraine.
And Sri Lanka's president, Godabaya Rajapaksa, who supported the Ukraine despite sanctions crippling his own nation, emailed in his resignation after fleeing the country.
Beyond resignations and beyond meet and greets with Ukraine's puppet president Zelensky, we have also just seen the assassination of popular anti-globalist leader Shinzo Abe and the dramatic loss of confidence expressed by the people towards Macron, Trudeau and Biden.
What is happening here?
On Celia Farber's The Truth Barrier, Catherine Austin Fitz explains that we are seeing a clean-out or political castration of leaders.
Draghi, Johnson, Biden, Macron, Abe.
Their political capital is exhausted and or they will not push the next wave aggressively.
Mr. Global is looking to bring in a whole new round of fresh, meaner leadership.
The next wave is total collapse, and it's not easy to find people willing to be the fall guy for the destruction of a nation.
It takes a special type of person, which might explain why California Governor Gavin Newsom visited the White House right after Joe Biden was shuffled off to Israel to mumble about the Holocaust.
Biden is even unsettling to the stupid.
And this entire operation requires stupidity.
So things are going to keep getting stranger.
But it probably won't last much longer.
Because the global financial reset is now imminent.
Sri Lanka was just the beginning.
And it looks like South Africa could be next.
Followed by everyone.
The fiat fractional reserve banking scheme has been robbing the people blind for decades.
But eventually, all the money runs out.
And the financial pundits are all saying it's this year.
The dollar has just reached parity with the euro.
And fudging the numbers will no longer work.
They have only one solution left, and that's war.
War has often been used to save failing fiat currencies.
And having no other options, the psychotic bureaucrats in charge will go to war with Russia, which will only hasten the financial collapse of the West.
If it comes to World War III, then it will be the final death blow, making way for a new system.
Which means that, unless you're holding on to real money, you will soon be broke.
Because all that paper in our wallets and numbers on our screens is going to soon be worthless.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to get ready because I've been on air 28 years and I'm about to cover the biggest news we've ever broken on this show.
And This is going to change the whole world.
Call everybody you know, whether you're listening on local AM and FM stations, TV stations, or on the internet, and spread the links now.
Wait till you hear this.
All right, my friends, we're live on this Sunday, July 17th, emergency transmission.
The bill was introduced about five days ago.
It didn't hit the news until Friday.
I covered the news articles about the legislation, but I hadn't read the legislation until this weekend.
And knowing what I know about the globalists, the police state, the design collapse, and then going and reading the legislation itself, it's 100% cut and dry.
No ifs, ands, or buts what it is.
And something this big needs to be built up.
I've learned if We just come right on air and tell you what's going on.
Nobody seems to care.
It gets mixed in with all the other fantastical news.
They do that on purpose.
Oh, look!
UPenn nominates transgender swimmer Liz Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year award.
That's all red meat to distract us.
It's important, but it's still a distraction.
Ladies and gentlemen, starting at the next segment, for the balance of this broadcast, I'm going to lay out, hands down, the most powerful, dangerous, horrible information we have ever covered in 28 years.
This is five times worse than anything we've ever covered.
I'll cover it in a moment.
And if they are able to execute it, it is a thousand times worse than anything we've ever covered.
It is HR 4350.
Now, whoo!
I get busy.
I get distracted.
I'm running around just trying to fund InfoWars and take care of the crew and run our operations.
And in the past, I would read a bill like this, but instead I read the news headlines about it.
And they were bad enough, and I said what it was, but I hadn't read the bill until a crew member said, hey, you better read this.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's completely out in the open.
They don't cover anything up.
And what's key is they've already implemented this.
They know that there's oversight hearings coming, so they want a legislation that it can't be looked at.
Everybody knows, or at least you know history, you know, that Hitler was elected.
They have a lower and upper house.
They have two parliaments, lower and upper parliament.
You have the president and you have the chancellor.
Hitler was elected the president in 1933 and a few months later he firebombed the Capitol building and blamed it on his political enemies and then the government passed dictatorial power to him.
So Hitler was elected But after the Reichstag fire on April 27, 1933, he was given dictatorial power and became a dictator.
Now, I want to explain something.
This is 100% cut and dry.
They admit it.
It's all here.
The Democrat leadership, and they have the votes in the House and Senate, has introduced a bill to make Joe Biden a dictator or whoever else the president is.
And you're like, okay, well, that's bad enough.
We covered that Friday.
No oversight.
The president runs the military for domestic operations.
Unbelievably illegal.
Violates posse comitatus, you name it.
This is what takes over all the third world countries.
Ladies and gentlemen, It's any president.
They're going to kill Biden or he's going to die in his sleep.
They're going to kill him.
And they're going to put Gavin Newsom in.
That's, that's the word under Pelosi's control.
And you ignore this at your peril.
This is a hundred percent.
And I feel a great weight lifted off of me because I knew this was coming and I fought it as hard as I could.
And we had a former NFL Running back on who?
Running for Congress.
We talked about Vince Lombardi leaving it all on the field.
Baby, I've left it all on the field.
I've done everything I could to stop this, and I feel terrible about it, but you're not going to need Alex Jones to tell you any more about anything.
I mean, you already think stuff's bad?
They couldn't forcibly inoculate you?
They're going to make Joe Biden a dictator.
They're going to implode the economy.
They're going to do new lockdowns in the fall.
And then bigger than Dallas, either right before the midterms or during the general election, they're gonna blow his head off or truck bomb his ass and blame yours truly and Trump.
Now I'm not gonna get on an airplane and run to some other country.
I pledged to stay here and go down with a ship.
But I'm now on a suicide mission.
Not that I'm gonna be violent.
But it's like Obi-Wan Kenobi with Darth Vader at this point.
They're going to take us out.
But you've got to escape from the Millennium Falcon back to base and come back and take out the Death Star.
And I'm just telling you that right now, folks.
You're going to see it all unfold.
Just like I told you Trump would announce in July, he announced last week that he's going to run.
I don't make stuff up.
I'm rarely wrong.
There's no debate now.
I don't need to have my opinions about this.
When you know what's in the legislation, you know the groups and the backstory, the organization.
When I read the bill, I felt like I got plugged into 10 trillion volts of electricity.
I mean, it's total martial law.
And they say they're going to target Trump voters and conservatives.
And quote right wingers, and it is a literal declaration of war where they make Biden a dictator and then they declare all of us enemy combatants and come after us.
Can you imagine that job for the military and the police?
I mean just on that level, it's a suicide mission.
This is the end of America and the end of the world as we know it.
Governments are collapsing everywhere.
Food is basically non-existent in many countries.
There's no going back now.
There's no reversing it.
Let me just give you a little news flash.
I said three years ago or two and a half years ago, I said when the UN comes out and says there's food shortages and look out that they'd be running their operation, they've done that now.
And I'm going to try to comport myself As best I can, and just come back and go through this one point after another, but everyone watching on a local TV station, or listening on a local radio station, or watching an InfoWars.com forward slash show, or banned out video, or wherever you do it, you better take the live link of this show, and you better, once it's archived tonight, take clips out of it, and you better share it everywhere, because there's a way to stop this.
But first I'm going to tell you what they've already done and what they're about to do and their own admissions in black and white and then how we stop them.
But there's not much time.
We've got a Hail Mary moonshot to stop them now if people really get serious and cut out all the clutter and get this.
We can still stop this.
It's a death sentence for me if this happens.
It's a death sentence for the police officers and military and the FBI.
I don't want to be in a war with you.
I'm not going to be in a war with you.
Not because I'm a coward, because I realize it's to bring the country down and have us all kill each other.
But you will be destroyed.
The people carrying this out will be destroyed.
You're the detonator to bring down America.
They've got the left ready and spoiling for a war with America and American gun owners and American veterans.
And I'm just telling everybody right now because they'll kill me or whatever.
And then say I'm, you know, some, you know, 3D, you know, deep fake Jones's commanding the rebel forces.
None of that's true.
And I've already seen every angle of this.
And now it's crystal clear.
I've got their whole battle plan and I know how to beat them.
So this could be one of our last broadcast folks.
I'm telling you any day now it's getting shut down.
I felt it in my spirit.
I've known it.
We fought as hard as we could and I appreciate the crew, but it's all over now.
Unless there is a giant complete awakening by governors and legislatures and others and just a total in the streets peacefully saying no to Biden being a dictator.
And Biden doesn't even know who he is.
They're going to kill him and they're going to put Newsom in.
It's already been set up.
They stole the election.
That's the first part of the coup.
The second part of the coup that's permanent is about to go down.
And of course, Trump doesn't even know what's going on.
He's a good guy overall, but he has no idea.
And oh, by the way, they're going to kill Trump, too.
They're going to kill him 100%.
So when they kill Biden, they'll also kill Trump.
It happened in ancient Rome.
It happened in Russia.
It happened in Nazi Germany.
It happened in China and Venezuela and hundreds of other countries.
And now it's happening in the USA.
Martial Law Red Alert!
Democrat leadership introduces bill to give by the powers of a dictator and use the military against quote right-wing with no congressional oversight and it specifically says it's run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party and the ADL.
I have the bill.
I'm going to read it to you.
I have the articles.
I have the congressional clips.
It's unbelievable.
And we have the whole backstory on it.
And I've researched every facet of this.
And I'm not just saying that to say, oh, I'm smart.
This is what we do.
And again, Friday, oh, the bill's introduced to have no congressional oversight under domestic operations.
And Congress gives power to the president.
That's the end of posse comitatus.
That's dictatorial powers.
That's martial law.
But I didn't read the bill because I was so distracted and busy.
I read the bill, very long bill, read parts of it, and it just cut and dry in the first few pages.
Says, Congress will no longer be over military operations inside CONUS, continental United States.
And these organizations, and it lists governmental and non-governmental organizations, will run the military, and they will have the oversight, and Congress will give it to the Democrat Party and its organizations.
I mean, I'm going to read the bill in a moment to you, the sections.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
And when I saw this, I said, this can't be right.
We went to the congressional website.
It's on the congressional website, and it's the leadership sponsoring it.
And what's key here is they've already been doing this for a year and a half.
We already have the pieces of it.
Now they know there's oversight, and mainline Pentagon watchdog groups are really concerned, and senators are concerned, and House members.
We have video of that.
that and we're gonna play next segment.
And they're saying to Milley, so you really took over the government the last month of
Because they did.
And so what we've had is a military dictatorship run by the globalist takeover, then we had to purge the military with the injections and critical race theory and transgenderism, and it's all here.
We had the takeover, we had the operation, we had the purge, and now they say that the main war footing of the US military He's not the Russians or the Iranians or the Chinese or the Mexican Mafia or MS-13 or human smugglers.
It says that Congress is giving up its power of oversight and the purse and giving it to the president.
And then I thought, well, that's going to be used against us.
And I read the bill and it says it's for us.
Cut and dry.
No debate.
In your face.
While a worldwide collapse goes on.
While world leaders are assassinated.
While borders collapse.
While currencies implode.
They're not going to do it.
They've already done it.
And now finally a few senators and house members are like, what's going on?
And we now know the military and the FBI had thousands of military and FBI in plainclothes with weapons on January 6th, breaking into the Capitol.
And that's their Reichstag.
They intended to have people kidnap members of Congress, the rest of it, but it didn't go off the way they wanted.
They intended to have people blow up the Capitol building, you remember the pipe bombs and the rest of it, but it didn't get carried out because the intel we have is a lot of people in the federal government.
The federal government's not our enemy.
It's been hijacked and run.
Like, the Germans weren't the enemy in World War II.
Hitler was in control.
He told them to do it.
Sure, they shouldn't have followed orders.
But we know that the military and the police don't want to do this.
That's why they're like, oh, you're not going to do it?
We're going to purge you.
Or, oh, you're cops?
We're going to defund you.
But it doesn't matter because they've got the media, they've got the courts, they've got the House, the Senate, and the presidency through fraud, and they're not going to let us take the country back from them without staging massive false flags as the pretext for this to happen.
And I believe the main false flag will be the assassination of Biden, which I'm totally against happening.
And they've got Governor Newsom ready to come in with Pelosi and all of them behind it.
So, ladies and gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen, there's almost no news coverage of this, but the House and Senate in hearings are talking about it.
That's next segment.
But they're only getting part of it.
So, General Milley, you ignored the President for a month, and you were basically acting President.
And their answer is a bill saying, hey, well now that we have the President, we're outside of Congress, and the President can do whatever he wants.
And then the President becomes a puppet they control through this dictatorship.
We have lived to see it, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now here in July 17th, this Sunday broadcast.
And what is incredible is we're like the frog in the boiling pot.
It's incrementally turned up, we boil.
I know all about this.
I knew they were planning this under Clinton and others.
Didn't have the balls to launch it.
Obama wanted to do it too.
And then I'm so close to the problem.
Made four police state films about the impending martial law plan, all of it.
And now we're in it.
This bill was introduced five days ago and I just now discovered it and covering it.
Imagine how much that freaks me out.
I'm begging you for myself and my family and you and your family and all of us to go read the bill and to take the archive of this live show and share it and take clips out and get it out there because this is a life and death situation.
And I'm telling members of Congress and legislatures and governors, if you don't come out against this now, when the border has already been collapsed by design, that's martial law.
When we're being surveilled and censored and attacked, and we're being told domestic terrorists, Republicans are the number one terror threat, and the Democrats want to outlaw the Republican Party, and the headlines are, oh Schiff wants to block some oversight, Of some military operations in America and then you read the bill and it says we have centers and organizations that will advise us from the Democratic Party, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ADL that are declaring domestic enemies and the military with no oversight, the CIA, and Air, Land, and Sea, and all five branches of the military are preparing for war with the American people.
You know they're going to trigger the pretext for that operation.
Just like they did 600 years ago with Henry IV.
Staging false flags in England to get him to go to war with France.
It's all repeating.
Hitler in their eyestack.
So many other events, but this is domestically against the American people with the backdrop of the worldwide collapse and the inflation and the doddering idiot president and then he gets assassinated or he dies in his sleep and in comes the Savior.
And that Savior is given dictatorial power handed by Congress Here, we're no longer in charge, and no one can oversight you, and we're like, I bet that'll be against the American people.
And I'm like, let me read the bill.
Oh, it is.
It says the enemy isn't the Chicoms, isn't the Cubans, the communists.
No, it's us.
We have lived to see it.
I'm going to go through it all in detail, word for word, when we come back.
Biggest development ever in American history.
They are trying to normalize and legalize the dictatorship they're already putting in place.
God help us.
So, I've lived to see it.
You've lived to see it.
It's already going on behind the scenes.
They're just trying to legalize it.
After they've already done it.
But anything that violates our rights or basic freedoms under the Tenth Amendment is null and void.
Legislation has been added to the new spending bill five days ago by shift, gotten no attention until over the weekend.
The Democratic Party is backing this amendment.
They control the House and Senate to say no oversight over the U.S.
military and domestic operations, but more importantly, only the President Is in charge of the military.
So that's martial law.
That's dictatorial powers right there.
Then you're like, oh, but I bet the bill doesn't admit they're going to do that.
And then you read the bill.
And it says all of that and more.
The military industrial complex, the President Eisenhower warned us about his farewell speech in 1961, is now happening.
They know they stole the election.
They know they usurped power from Trump.
They know they had elements of the military and the FBI help break in the building and command the groups that went in on January 6th, their Reichstag event that didn't go as bad as they hoped.
So they had pre-written speeches saying it was worse than Pearl Harbor and worse than September 11th.
And now they've introduced legislation added to the main spending bill that looks like it's going to pass to give Biden dictatorial power, but it shows they've already done it.
Here's the headline, InfoWars.com.
And I've got the bill, amendment right here.
leadership introduces bill to give Biden the powers of a dictator and he's
military against quote right-wing with no congressional oversight and no laws
and I've got the bill amendment right here this is the amendment added five
days ago to HR three five three four three five zero HR four three five zero
4350 I am just speechless at this point And you see the headlines about it on Friday.
Schiff seeks rule that would block oversight of some military operations.
Washington Times.
They're panicked.
Adam Schiff moves to disrupt future investigations of U.S.
military involvement January 6th.
Gateway Pundit, but they're just looking at that.
Pentagon watchdogs calling General Mark Milley to answer allegations he usurped President Trump after January 6th, and there's currently a military dictatorship.
That's senators asking him about it.
That's coming up.
Tucker Carlson talks about the New York Times defending Ray Epps, running around saying, go in the Capitol.
But everyone is eating around the edges of HR 4350.
We're not going to do that.
We're going to show you what this amendment says.
And it says the President, read this for yourself, will have the sole power over the military domestically,
and Congress will have no oversight.
And it says section 529A, this is absolutely key.
Section 529A, countering extremism in the armed forces.
So a purge of the military, of anybody that supports populism or America, Part 2 of Subtitle A-10 United States Code is submitted by adding at the end of the following new chapter, Chapter 89.
You gotta go to the chapters.
We did that.
As an office of countering extremism, that's advised by the Democratic Party and a consortium of NGOs.
Training and education.
Then it goes on to say, not just for the military, but for the American people.
But if you're going to have a martial law takeover, see, you've got to first get your military in line, like Hitler did in 1933, after the Reichstag fire, with an oath to do what he says.
There is an Office of Countering Extremism in the section referred to as the Office with the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, but then that ties in the previous legislation and regulations to the American people.
Number two, the office shall be headed by the Director of Counter-Extremism in the chapter referred to as the Director for Domestic Operations and Over-Congressional Oversight, who shall be appointed by the Secretary of Defense in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security And report directly to the Undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness for the Secretary.
Be responsible for a policy of countering extremism within the armed forces.
But again, he tied to the code, it says for America with the military over it, for domestic operations.
In coordination with the secretaries of the military departments, develop and implement programs, resources, and activities to counter extremism within the armed forces.
They keep saying that, but in the code it says America.
Number three, establish policies to ensure adequate protection, transparency, the process and availability of resources for individuals who report incidents of extremism.
They're operatives.
Facilitate and coordinate with the Secretary of the Military Department, Law Enforcement Organizations, Security Organizations, the CIA domestically, and Insider Threat Programs.
Engage, interact with, and solicit recommendations from outside experts on extremism.
You read the subsection of ADL, so the Department of Law Center.
The Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and it goes on.
To say that the main mission will be identifying and going after, including civilians.
See right there?
Line 20.
But when you read the code, not just the military.
They've told you their main operation is the American people.
What considers an extremist insider threat?
Risk posed by extremist insider threats.
How to identify it.
It goes on and on and on and on.
media literacy training, brainwashing, whistleblower protections against patriots.
And it goes on to talk about commissioning officers that are trained in extremism.
And it goes on and on.
We've got larger sections of the bill right here, where when women get raped, there's no due process, it all gets covered up.
You want to read Chapter 89, Countering Extremism.
And you see the FBI saying the main threat is American gun owners and conservatives.
And what?
The what?
The cities, the school boards with the SJW, transgenderism, boys raping girls in bathrooms, critical race theory, see?
And the Office of Countering Extremism interfacing with the other offices of countering extremism in the civilian departments for domestic operations outside of congressional authority.
extremist insider threat training, literal domestic purging operations. But
the key is no congressional oversight. Establish and maintain a database on
extremist activities the armed forces, ensure the data collected across the
military departments in uniform and maximum extent practicable.
And then it gets in to letting women be raped and have no due process
inside the military.
It is just lawlessness, writ large.
Section 529D, distribution of information on availability of civilian victim services.
So the big takeaway is, no congressional oversight of what the military does.
Biden handed electoral powers for domestic military operations, period.
And then it talks about rooting out the military and extremists, and then interfacing with civilian organizations and working with them.
Now they've already done all this.
Now they're simply covering their ass and rolling it all out.
We'll play some clips from congressional hearings on this.
It's getting almost no coverage.
But you add the worldwide collapse, you add all the hype, you add the Civil War talk, you add the January 6th committee hearings, you add all the political prisoners, you see that's a beta test to then expand this whole operation across the board.
And there's, I got a stack of news here talking about forced lockdowns and forced inoculations and forced masking coming back in the fall.
And it's officially being announced by the Democratic Party, HR 4350.
We're going to come back and play those clips I talked about it more, but.
Rather than just sit here and tell you what they're doing, next hour I'm going to talk about how we legally and lawfully counter this multinational W.E.F.
Bilderberg coup through the Democratic Party, the bureaucracy, and the Republican collaborators.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
There are a lot of moving parts to this.
Welcome back to the Sunday Emergency Broadcast, the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Obama, before he left office, ...put a bunch of executive orders into place and had tagged on to the Defense Authorization Act of 2017, because they fund that in 2016.
And in December, they said countering domestic extremism, firearm propaganda, a bunch of different pieces of subsections in.
And those were big.
And they put in digital martial law, surveillance, censorship, and Trump was in, didn't know about all that, didn't understand it.
Like this new tape release that they confirm is real, Joe Biden was leaving office at the same time in late 2016 telling the Ukrainian president Poroshenko, we don't want Trump to see the IMF agreements we have.
He'll find out we stole a bunch of money.
If you physically want to be safe and your country doesn't want to be invaded, you better do exactly as we say and pay off the IMF loans and shut it down so Trump doesn't look at it because if he figures it out, it's over.
I'll play the tape next hour.
It's all over the news.
Well, not all over the news.
It's on OAN, in places being censored.
It's on Infowars.com.
Biden threatens ex-Ukrainian President Poroshenko when he was in office with assassination if he cooperated with Trump.
Leaked audio reveals.
It's before he had his stroke, a little bit after that.
And you hear the bully, the gangster, the thug, the pedophile threatening him.
And of course, he rolled over.
Like he said on C-SPAN.
I told that prosecutor, you don't stop your investigation if he's not fired of me and my son, you will get a billion dollars.
The son of a bitch, he was let go six hours later.
They brag on TV to all of us about what they're doing.
So here's the pieces.
This has already been going on.
They have purged the military.
They have the military on January 6.
They have the military spying on the American people.
That's all admitted.
It's all illegal.
And other agencies.
The CIA, NSA, you name it.
And this just legalizes.
It's like little sub lines.
And other agencies.
And all other agencies in domestic operations.
So Congress has no oversight over the Pentagon and all other intelligence agencies.
And then it has a link to a subsection that describes what that means.
16 agencies, no oversight.
A true dictatorship of those that run our military and run the intelligence agencies.
And then a bunch of stuff to confuse it and make it look like it's just a purge of the military and no due process in Congress over what happens to the military.
That's bad enough.
And Biden being given control over oversight or whoever the president is.
I would not support Trump having these powers.
I would not support anybody having these powers.
I mean, this is cut-and-dry classical tyranny.
So you've got that it's already in place, now they know people are finding out about it, it's coming out about REAPS and all of it, so they're trying to retroactively legalize it.
Then there's the issue of what's the timing and how are they going to try to implement the full rollout of this publicly, which they're starting.
Dollar collapse, saying the Russians hacked the energy grid.
I mean, you see them pre-programming all of that.
A new virus outbreak.
The collapse of local cities, which they've already been engineering.
The defunding of police.
You can see them bringing in the crime and the tyranny and the martial law that's already in place to then officially announce it.
And then there's the 60 quadrillion question.
How do we stop this peacefully?
Because I've got clips on MSNBC and ABC and NBC and CNN this weekend that I've got on the list, I intend to play, but Time's Precious saying, we're going to have a war with the right-wingers, all Republicans are terrorists, they want to kill us, we've got to kill them.
I've got MSNBC clips saying, we're going to war with the American people and it's going to happen.
Those are the useful idiots that have no idea what that's going to look like.
It's going to chew up the military, chew up police, destroy all the feds, and then the country will fully collapse, and they'll bring in the UN.
Everything that Clinton's planned, everything Obama fantasized about, about a domestic security force just as big and just as strong as their military, all the things they've been trying to get lined up that you see in Canada with martial law, and you see in Germany, and you see all over the place in Australia, they're bringing it here.
Because they know you're awake.
They know you're aware of them.
But because it's so outrageous to try to put in martial law, it's so outrageous to make the president a dictator, it's so outrageous to say no congressional oversight of the military of its domestic, Congress still wants that power to play footsie with the executive.
Internationally, but not domestically.
They want to keep us tamped down.
They're giving war powers to the president To wage war against the American people.
So what's the timeline on that and how would they pull that off?
That's a big issue.
That's the number two issue.
We know they're doing it.
That's the third issue.
The second biggest issue is what's the timeline?
How would they pull that off?
But the number one issue...
Is how do we get the Joe Rogans, who I never even call him about politics, we're getting dinner this week, we can expect a vacation, and Tucker Carlson, and all those other people, but I can't do it all, and I'm going to make the phone calls.
I need you to burn up local talk radio lines, and Congress, and everything, and they'll try to push you off and say we don't know what you're talking about, but major Pentagon watchdog groups that are mainline ...are saying this is dictatorial, this is the military ruling the U.S.
This was already done in the last month of Trump, when almost all of his administration resigned and left.
And it turns out General Milley and the Democrats were already running stuff and refused his 10,000 National Guard at the Capitol and the Ellipse and provocateured it!
They planned it on being a hundred times worse, a thousand times worse, but it wasn't.
But they're still going with Reichstag 2.0!
So I mentioned some of these clips, let's just start going to them.
Here is Jim Banks in Congress, commands General Mark Milley, verifier of Feud, secretly seizing presidential military power, which Milley told CNN he took control of the military on January 6th.
Well, Trump didn't try to call him out, but Milley told the damn news that.
Here it is.
Without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
Our constitution is clear.
The President is the Commander-in-Chief.
Sidestepping the President and violating the chain of command is a grave crime.
According to Bob Woodward's book, Peril, General Mark Milley directed senior military officials not to follow the President's orders, unless General Milley approved them first.
When I asked General Milley about Peril at an armed services hearing, he claimed he hadn't read it.
So Senator Chuck Grassley and I sent a letter to General Milley asking him to verify or refute the book's claims.
He hasn't responded.
So I am calling on General Milley to set the record straight.
General Milley is accused of secretly seizing the President's military powers.
That is the most serious crime.
If he is innocent, he has a duty to say so.
Thank you.
I yield back.
Okay, now that's him talking about it.
We have Grassley actually interrogating Milley, but that's ten minutes long.
Or ten minutes, twenty-nine seconds long.
Grassley on civilian control of the military and General Mark Milley.
But the issue here is, you're like, well, wait a minute.
They were trying to take power from the President.
Well, now because they control the President, they're trying to give dictatorial power to the President.
And trying to retroactively set all this up.
So it's hitting the news, it's coming out, but the point is, they're trying to have a soft coup right now, ahead of the collapse, the new lockdowns, all of it, we're going to cover it.
Now let me talk about something right now.
We're in a very serious world, a very crazy place, and I appreciate the listeners keeping us on air over the years, and for so many years we've been nip and tuck with the attacks and the lawsuits and the globals and all of it, but we're on air during the most important point in our operations history.
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So much more.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
American Providence is careening off the rails as it is diverted by a spineless tax money pit salesman from California known as Adam Schiff.
You might think it's okay that the president is reported to have helped dictate that lie.
You might think that's okay.
I don't.
As the Washington Times reported, Representative Adam Schiff wants a defense policy bill to include language blocking Congress from oversight of the military and National Guard, in some cases of domestic deployment.
The exemption from congressional oversight is narrowly focused on the domestic deployment of troops.
But Mr. Schiff's free pass for the Pentagon could impact a range of oversight from border security to the January 6th riot at the U.S.
The U.S.
military is not allowed to be involved in any way, even in the most minor way, involved in domestic politics.
So this suggests the U.S.
military under Joe Biden is involved in domestic politics.
Well, we also know, Tucker, from reporting by Newsweek, that said that military assets were involved in January 6th, even leading up to the events of January 6th.
What was the military doing?
And we know that the military was fully hostile to Donald Trump.
His own military leaders, including Mark Milley, were completely hostile to the president at that point.
Ray Epps, not Jacob Chansley or Joe Biggs, should be the poster boy for the supposed insurrection on January 6th.
As Revolver News reported, Ray Epps has turned out to be perhaps the only person nailed dead to rights confessing on camera to plotting a pre-planned attack on the Capitol.
On both January 5th and January 6th, Epps announced multiple times at multiple locations his upcoming plot to breach the U.S.
We need to go into the Capitol!
Into the Capitol!
He then spent hours attempting to recruit hundreds of others to join him.
On top of it all, Epps was seen leading key people and managing key aspects of the initial breach of the Capitol grounds himself.
It's that direction!
He spread the word!
All right, no Dave, but one more thing.
Yeah, so can we go up there?
When we go in, leave this here.
Are we going to get arrested if we go up there?
We don't need to get shot.
Just arrest us all.
During the fog of war of the events following January 6th, Ray Epps and the actors surrounding him were hunted by the
FBI and the New York Times.
Now Epps isn't even mentioned during Schiff's January 6th committee hearings.
And now the New York Times has painted Epps as a victim of conspiracy theory, creating its own conspiracy theory.
The piece describes Ray Epps as a disappointed Trump supporter.
Well, here's the only thing.
Ray Epps, as far as we know, did not go to the speech.
Here is the alleged Trump supporter, Ray Epps, who traveled all the way from Arizona to Washington, D.C., and doesn't even attend the speech?
Meanwhile, 69-year-old grandmother Pam Hemphill from Idaho, who suffers from breast cancer and has no criminal history, just began her 60-day sentence.
Mom, what do you have to say to the American people as your last words before you go in?
Keep your faith.
No matter what's going on in your life, God's with us no matter what's happening to us.
Do what's right and help make this country better again.
Your government wants you to know it hates you.
As they cover up further evidence, according to The Intercept, the Secret Service erased text messages from January 5th and January 6th, 2021, though the Secret Service maintains that the text messages were lost as a result of a device replacement program.
The letter to The Intercept says the erasure took place shortly after oversight officials requested the agency's electronic communications.
The United States wasn't forged by bug-eyed corporate prostitutes.
The revolutionary fortitude of the invigorating human spirit imbued in the Declaration of Independence are alien concepts to those who would twist the very character of our nation to fulfill the half-baked whims of their foreign globalist masters and their dwindling party.
John Bowne reporting.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And Sunday Live is 6 a.m.
hosted by Owen Schroer.
Only six minutes of ad breaks an hour.
Only for our local radio and TV stations.
We cut all our network ads during that.
The plan is down the road to do that with all the shows.
We're still on over 400 radio affiliates now.
A lot of these stations picking us up.
And that's the format that they're basically based on.
We're breaking the biggest news in our history here.
We have an example of this.
I never tell Owen Troyer what to cover or what to talk about.
I just saw him during the break.
He's getting ready in his office.
I cornered him.
And I said, this is the biggest news ever.
I know you got a guest in.
It's going to be great.
I want you to hammer this.
He says, absolutely.
We're already on it.
So I hire people because I know they're smart.
I love them.
And they got great instincts.
And I just turn them loose.
But for me to go corner one of our hosts and say, you will cover this, shows you how big this is.
He's like, yeah, we're already on it.
There's a lot of pieces to this.
They were already, after Trump got into office, they left, stayed behind networks or the bureaucracy in the deep state to not follow what Trump said and undermine things.
And we chose the legislation, how they did it.
I got memos to Trump, warned him, that's why they went crazy in 2017.
Came after me because I was talking to Trump on a routine basis.
He had good people around him.
We were getting, I had law firms writing him breakdowns of how Obama kept people behind, how they stayed in the government.
You know, they indicted Flynn trying to stop it.
So as an American citizen, I was doing everything I could, having a connection to the POTUS, to do that.
And I don't bring that up to insert myself in the story.
I'm just saying we knew this was there.
So this was going on.
And then that group stayed in power.
Trump got some of his people in, but the last few months, almost everybody resigned under threats or looking for new jobs.
Even if they were, quote, conservative, most of them were opportunists looking for their next job.
That's how the average person works.
And so by the last month of Trump's administration, he was down like four or five aides.
And the few lawyers and people that were there were globalists, other than like Rudolph Giuliani and Flynn coming there and a few others.
And so they maneuvered January 6th.
They had the military stand down that Trump asked for.
They staged that, hoping it would be much worse.
And so now since then, right when Biden got in through fraud in late January,
I took a break right after the inauguration.
I said, I'm gonna take my family skiing in Utah at Park City.
I did shows there live and we covered the press conferences with Jen Psaki and
the rest of them saying, we're gonna wage war against domestic extremists.
They're the number one threat and there's gonna be a big civil war with Trump supporters.
And I said, wow, that's incredible.
And then they started putting out in June of the next year that the main threats,
white people and conservatives and gun owners is gonna be a civil war.
You see it everywhere.
You don't need me to remind you of it.
I'm like, wow, they're really planning this.
They know they stole the election.
They're going to try something before the midterms.
And that was a year and a half ago.
Now we're 114 days out.
And then Congress starts going, hey, Milley told CNN he took control of the government last month and ignored Trump and told the military not to follow the president's orders.
And so Senator Grassley's talking about it, others are talking about it.
And then Adam Schiff in the omnibus spending bill that we covered last hour, I'll give
you the number, five days ago, it's no coverage till Friday, I don't even know about it.
I finally look at the bill, HR 4350, and it says the president is in command of the military
They gotta declare war or declare a military operation overseas through Congress.
But domestically, that's even harder to do.
That hadn't happened since Abraham Lincoln.
Against the American people.
Sure, a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, whatever.
But not, not, those are specific missions.
that the president can do, but not outside of Congress and the funding.
That's already funded for emergencies.
So this is officially them hiding in plain view of the dictatorship,
turning Biden into a dictator, and saying he's in command of the military for domestic
I saw that Friday. I read the articles. I said, "This is terrible.
It's going to be pointed to the American people."
But I got busy, because I was literally trying to raise funds for eight
hours Friday.
I was on air 3 hours for 8 hours.
I was just trying to keep it 4 hours in the air.
They distracted me with all this stuff.
I finally looked at the bill and I have never been so blown away.
So now we move into the most important point.
What are you going to do?
What am I going to do?
Because believe me, tomorrow's weekday show, I'm hosting the fourth hour.
Salente's a great guy.
We're pushing him.
I'm doing the whole four hours.
We're going to be taking calls from police and military.
We're going to make this the central issue because we knew this was being prepared by Clinton and Obama and others.
We know even under Reagan, without his knowledge, George Herbert Walker Bush had REX 84 in a plan for this.
Back then, that was a huge scandal.
But because it was right-wingers, the left thought, it was a top story and it got killed.
It wasn't really right-wingers, it was a leftist, globalist, WEF, Bilderberg coup through Herbert Walker Bush.
But we've gotta expose this.
We've gotta make this the big issue.
We've gotta break our backs.
And break our necks.
Getting this out.
I mean, when I get off air today, I'm calling Joe Rogan.
And I'm telling him, because I never tell him about politics or try to make him do stuff because he's pig-headed, but not in 25 years.
But I'm going to tell him, this is make it or break it.
You're going to look at these documents and you're going to respond to this.
And I'm going to call Tucker Carlson.
And I'm going to call members of Congress.
I got their numbers.
I'm going to be up till midnight.
You better bet your bottom.
Your bottom kroner, your bottom dollar, your bottom ruble.
You better bet your ass that I know this is it.
Intellectually, I know it is.
Historically, I know it is.
But spiritually, I'm like a flamethrower right now.
I mean, this is it.
We have the history.
We have the legislation.
We have the fact that it's already in place.
They're trying to retroactively legalize it.
And then we have the question, how do we stop it?
And the backdrop of martial law and collapse and open borders and currency evaluation.
I'm just blown away that we are on air despite all their efforts, thanks to you, in the year 2022 on July 17th, covering this despite everything the enemies of humanity have done.
And I just, I gotta salute you because I want to stay in the fight.
I am not the toughest guy around.
I've had my leg... When I was young, man, somebody started a fight, they got a fight.
But I've had my ass kicked, but unfortunately, most of the time, it wasn't the other way around.
They got hurt real bad, and I'm not proud of that, but I'm like a pit bull.
Once I get in a fight, man, I'm not thinking about how I'm getting bit or how I'm getting attacked.
I want to win.
I want to stop them.
I'm biting.
I'm snapping.
I'm grabbing.
I'm giving it everything I got with my big pit bull jaws.
And I just want to thank you for keeping us in the fight.
What a success.
But as bad as things are, we're still in the fight in the year 2022.
Thank you so much, listeners.
Thank you so much, viewers.
Because that's all I want to do, is stay in this fight.
But you are literally my heart, and my mind, and my blood, and my bones, and my muscles, and my guts.
You are literally keeping me at point-blank range, attacking these people, and that's where I want to be.
Because let me give you the good news.
I've calculated every possible outcome of this, and in about 90% of the outcomes, we win.
And those are all probable.
But it's going to be hell on the way.
Just like Churchill told people to start World War II, he said, "Listen, I ain't here to tell you this is going to be
easy, but we're not rolling over, and we're going to win, and it's
going to be hard!"
It's going to be hard, folks.
And we've already set up operations against them.
We've already exposed them so bad.
All our past work is like money in the bank.
It's already... I could get killed tomorrow or put in prison or whatever.
We already fucked them up!
We fucked them hard!
We fucked them hard!
Fuck you, New World Order!
We fucked you!
But I want to keep on winning.
And I think and I know my best work is about to be done.
So I'm asking you now to pray to God for a global awakening, and I'm asking you now to use your will against these people, and to peacefully speak out against them, and to have this information go everywhere!
They know they've already lost.
They want to blow stuff up before they leave.
How do we stop them?
How do we expose this?
And it's already happening.
This is toe-to-toe with Satan.
Stay with us.
Alright, Owen Troyer in 40 minutes is going to take over with Sunday Live.
We'll be covering all this in great detail.
I didn't want to cancel Alex Stein because he's a friend of mine, he's a smart guy, he's a patriot, and he's also done a lot of great satire and comedy to expose the globalists.
He was coming on today to talk about his big exploits with AOC and everything.
It's got 20-30 million views last time I checked.
I mean, everything he's doing is just on fire right now.
He's breaking through the matrix.
He's having a huge effect.
But he's also a serious person.
His mother got killed by the COVID medical tyranny.
and the rest of it. And before he leaves us, we'll get to some of the latest clips and the rest of it.
But I want the serious Alex Stein with us, who he's been on the show with us before, being serious,
to just give your response to the attempt at martial law, introduced this legislation in
the omnibus spending bill, right now saying the president's a dictator.
He used the military against right-wing extremists.
I mean, this is incredible that this happened five, six days ago.
I didn't learn about it until Friday.
Didn't read the bill until today.
I mean, we are living in incredibly dangerous times, Alex Stein.
Yeah, Alex, I mean, the National Defense Authorization Act, I mean, it gives the military way too much power.
And as a matter of fact, you have guys like Dan Crenshaw, who we know is a globalist, creating a recent Twitter thread defending it, saying that it doesn't actually kick out service members for not having the vaccine.
But what it does is it creates a uniformity.
It creates a, you know, rules for how to kick them out.
So you and I both know that these politicians are as crooked as a dog's hind legs.
When they authorize something like this, it's very similar to the Patriot Act.
You and I probably will not feel it for the next one or two years.
But ten years down the road, it's going to take away all the power from the people.
And this is actually a big nightmare in my opinion, Alex.
Well, I hear you, but I don't know if this is going to be ten years from now.
We're 114 days out from the midterms.
And, I mean, even members of Congress say this makes the military a dictatorship under the President.
What do you think is about to unfold?
Well, no, you're 100% right.
I mean, it can't happen faster, but I'm hoping, I'm hoping and praying that we get some sort of Republican president in there in two years and that this doesn't, you know, become the standard operating procedure where the military can dictate.
You know, our freedom.
But listen, you and I both know that you can't worry about the things you can't control.
I've lost my mother.
I've had, you know, a terrible time with all the COVID protocols over the last few years.
It's actually ruined my life.
So my point being is that we've already run by NGOs.
We're already run by multinational corporations.
So what the people need to do is stop... No, I totally agree.
We're already under the globalist dictatorship.
They're just trying to make it formal now.
Yeah, 100%.
But my point being is obviously we have to stand up and fight back.
There's no question about it.
But by letting them control our lives, control our happiness, that's what they want.
They want us to live in fear.
So when we have something like this and it pops up and it gets passed, we cannot immediately just go into fight or flight mode.
That's exactly what they want.
No, I agree with you, but I want to get people upset.
There's a paradox.
You don't want to get too upset about it, but you want to get upset about it and stop it from being being mainlined.
No, 100%, but I mean, how are we going to fight back?
We've got to get voting.
I mean, it's a long process.
We've got to have Marjorie Taylor Greene.
We've got to have the few politicians that actually have our back.
But the problem is, globalists have been running this country for a long time.
9-11 was not... I mean, nearly 20 years ago.
But the...
Well, the effects of it, we're still feeling today.
So, we can't even go back and fix that, Alex.
So, my point being is that we're seeing this, it's right in front of our face.
What they want to do is they want to control us.
The government is a people control mechanism.
So, we have to take back the control by being civilly disobedient.
That's the only way- No, I totally agree that they're doing this because they're weak, they're not strong.
The military can't win a war against the American people, couldn't win a war against the Vietnamese.
But we have to admit they're at least trying it.
I see this, I agree with you, as a major sign of weakness.
Let's talk about you being positive, being funny, going super viral.
They really don't like being laughed at.
No, they really don't.
They take themselves so serious.
And you look at AOC, you know, obviously I sexualized her on purpose.
That was my plan.
I talked about it on your show.
I talked about it on multiple shows saying that they always want to play the victim.
They say, AOC says, oh, everybody wants to date her.
Well, listen, I'm going to give you concrete evidence of somebody sexualizing you and wanting to date you.
And what did she do?
She freaked out.
When I called Dan Crenshaw, I passed recain.
He freaked out because these politicians, they cannot stand to be mocked when they go to their local fundraising events.
All they do is get their derriere kissed.
So as soon as we get in their face and we make them uncomfortable, just like AOC tweeted we should do, it makes them melt down.
Because all of these people are cowards.
They're all bought and sold by corporations that don't care about us.
They don't have the ability to feel empathy.
That's right.
They say go to Supreme Court people's houses and threaten them.
They say confront people at grocery stores and gas stations.
And all you say is, man, you're gorgeous, baby.
And she tries to get in a fist fight with you.
Let's go ahead and play a clip of AOC.
Here it is.
My favorite big booty Latina!
I love you AOC!
You're my favorite!
She wants to kill babies but she's still beautiful!
You look very beautiful in that dress!
You look very sexy!
Look at that booty on AOC!
That's my favorite big booty Latina!
I love it!
My favorite AOC!
Nice to meet you AOC!
Look how sexy she looks in that dress!
I love it AOC!
Hot, hot, hot like a tamale!
And then tell us what happened.
I mean, I saw it, but she went out and claimed she was attacked, threatened, whatever.
Oh yeah, she was sexually harassed.
So at first she didn't know who I was.
She sent a staffer down to come take a picture, and she tweeted my picture, and in the picture I'm smiling.
I hand the staffer a business card.
I said, I'm Alex Stein.
I'm a Blaze TV contributor.
I'm a, you know, this is kind of what I do.
Then once I handed them a business card, the staffer, and they took the picture, that's when all hell broke loose.
She was supposed to go in and vote for a bill.
You see she's wearing her mask right there.
She immediately took off her mask.
She's up there on the steps of the Capitol, the very top, coming in a reverse selfie mode.
She makes about 10 Instagram posts, literally, Alex.
She makes, I mean, about 10 posts talking about it, saying she's a victim, because that's what they want us to be, Alex.
They want you and I to be a victim.
That's their mentality.
It's the, you know, victim buzzfeed phenomenon.
It looks like when she went and fake cried at the empty Immigrant Center.
And listen, AOC, you can look at her documentary.
She was casted to be in that role.
She literally was.
I mean, they basically were looking for people in her district that they thought would be able to win, and she was casted.
She is very pretty, I'll be honest.
I didn't think she was pretty.
Her politics are absolutely garbage.
But when you look at her in person, she's very petite.
She's in great shape.
I mean, listen, I love women.
I would say she's an attractive woman.
But that's neither here nor there.
You're allowed to say that.
I mean, drag queen convicted pedophiles come to schools and have three-year-olds sit in their laps and five-year-olds.
You just tell a woman she's good-looking and it's rape.
But Alex, this is the whole point, is obviously they defend the sexualization of our children, but I triggered her in such a manner that she went in and voted for three hours.
And when she came out, the only thing she would talk about was the Capitol Police.
And then she went and proceeded to throw the Capitol Police under the bus by saying that the Capitol Police let in the insurrectionists on January 6th.
Now, if there's not good attorneys out there using that in their court cases right now to show that nobody on January 6th got into the Capitol without being let in.
Nobody had a key.
I don't care if a thousand people ran into a locked door.
They would have never gotten in.
And there's clear evidence of even one of the windows that they busted out, they couldn't get through.
So she blames the police who were ordered to stand down and open the door.
She blames them and not her bosses that made the order.
But that's a big, you know, that's going to expose a lot of people.
And then on top of that, when I did this, I did it in front of her fiancé.
So that just shows you that her fiancé is a beta male.
We know who wears the thong in the relationship.
It's AOC.
She's the boss and he's a little wimp.
And so she was just humiliated.
And that's what they do to us every day.
They mock us.
They humiliate us.
So we need to give it back to him in a way that's civilly disobedient.
Now, I don't want to break the law.
I don't want to cross the line.
I don't want to actually physically ever hurt anybody.
But if we hurt some feelings along the way, then good.
Then I did my job.
Because at the end of the freaking day, they want to control us.
We have to take back the control.
We outnumber every single military serviceman.
We outnumber every single politician.
And it starts with us.
It starts with us being civilly disobedient in a way where we take back the control, Alex.
Alex Stein, stay right there.
We've got so many videos to play when we come back.
And I agree with you, we're already under martial law.
Now they're normalizing it.
What will be their trigger for it?
This is a big deal.
We'll be right back.
In the last few days, on the top videos on the internet, Alex Stein confronting AOC and others.
The clips are all coming up.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
They're desperate.
They know we're waking up.
They don't know what to do.
But here's AOC blaming the Capitol Police who took orders to open the Capitol up.
Alex Stein got it on video.
These insurrectionists, and that there were actual officers working with this, and we never got to the bottom of that, and we never got any answers about that, and then to this day we're just supposed to pretend that that never happened?
I have no idea what happened to the people on the inside who were very clearly sympathetic with what was going on and opening the doors wide open for that.
And I'm supposed to sit here and pretend like none of that ever happened.
And then right afterwards, you just have this idea that throwing money at that problem is gonna make it go away without any accountability.
And so this is where these things are breaking down.
We're not safe.
And it's not just about members of Congress not being safe.
But food staff workers aren't safe.
The janitors aren't safe.
We need to get to the bottom of this.
So that's all I gotta say.
This is the woman that claimed she feared rape in the Capitol, and she wasn't even there that day.
She was down the street at her office building.
This is a woman.
I have the clip.
It says, Cauliflower's racist because it's white.
Cauliflower's from Africa, folks.
Alex Stein, these people, the wheels are coming off.
I agree they're weak.
They're stupid.
They're breaking up.
They're trying to declare martial law.
They can't even implement it.
What do you expect them to do next?
Well, you know, when you look at the expose of Hunter Biden, we see him smoking the crack.
I think it's very obvious that there's going to be some sort of humiliation ritual very soon with President Joe Biden, and he's going to have to step down.
And that's, you know, just me speculating.
That's pure speculation.
No, I agree.
You got Gavin Newsom at the White House.
So I think they might assassinate him.
Alex, the day Joe Biden goes to Israel, Gavin Newsom comes and takes a tour of the White House.
I mean, that's not done on accident.
That gets basically no mainstream press.
That should be a huge story.
It's just the fact that he's basically coming there to usurp Joe Biden, and it just gets swept under the rug.
And the Democrats want to give dictatorial power to the President to engage in domestic operations against, quote, right-wingers.
I mean, people thought it was bad they wanted to go after people at PTA meetings and school board meetings with the FBI.
This is they want to use the military against the American people.
I mean, I agree they've been doing it a long time.
My point is they're trying to put into legislation now.
You're 100% right.
I mean, I hate to sit here.
I can't argue with you on that.
It just looks like now it's when you give a mouse a cookie, you got to give a milk.
They're just going to continue to take and take and take until we actually absolutely have nothing left.
And that's one thing I want to say for the videos that I got recently of AOC in Washington, D.C.
Anybody can go to the Capitol.
Now, I didn't realize that.
I didn't realize how accessible these politicians are.
And now, I'm going to make that a regular journey.
I'm going to go to D.C.
probably once a, you know, when they're in session.
They're not in session very much in August, but I'm going the first week of September.
I'm going to continue to go up there and get in their face and tell them and expose them for what's going on.
So, for me, when you ask me, what do we do?
Well, I'm going to go fight front lines, front and center in the culture war by calling them out.
Now, what can other people do?
Well, they cannot just stand by and just let these people take away our power.
I think we have to go speak at these school board meetings, speak at these local levels, so that we get the word out there that these people are literally trying to take away all of our freedom.
And it's just so easy.
Look, that's Jamal Bowman.
He's a member of the squad.
In this video, I call him, I ask him, does he think Hunter Biden has good taste in prostitutes?
My point being, he knew exactly what I'm talking about.
The Democratic Party is going to throw Joe Biden under the bus very soon.
They're going to put in Kamala Harris, who's even a bigger puppet than Joe Biden.
And things are going to get very, very squirrely very soon, so you're very right about that, Alex.
You know, the horizon's not looking too pretty.
Well, we just want the folks to get ready for it, but we're definitely winning.
Let's just go ahead and play one through six.
Let's play all these clips.
We've got the clip of AOC coming out and saying she was sexually harassed by you for giving her a compliment.
Here it is.
Adam, why are you such a traitor, Adam?
Why are you such a traitor?
You know January 6th wasn't bad.
You're a scumbag, Adam.
You're the worst.
Kinzinger, you're a douche!
Look at Adam Kinzinger, the political douchebag!
Kinzinger, you're a fake rhino Republican, Kinzinger!
Look at this douche, Adam Kinzinger!
He sucks!
Hey, Jamal, do you like Hunter's taste in prostitutes?
Do you think Hunter... Does Hunter Biden have good taste in prostitutes?
Does he?
Has he got good taste?
My favorite big booty Latina!
I love you AOC!
You're my favorite!
She wants to kill babies but she's still beautiful!
You look very beautiful in that dress!
You look very sexy!
Look at that booty on AOC!
That's my favorite big booty Latina!
I love it!
My favorite AOC!
Nice to meet you AOC!
Look how sexy she looks in that dress!
I love it AOC!
Hot, hot, hot like a tamale!
I'm with the actually best politician in DC, in the slum, MTG, the queen, beautiful, smart, the best.
We need more people likers.
Thank you so much, Marjorie.
Oh, thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Oh, I'm just such a fanboy.
Look at that big ass.
Look at that big, juicy booty.
Look at that booty on AOC.
That's my favorite big booty Latina.
I love it.
My favorite AOC.
Nice to meet you, AOC.
Look how sexy she looks in that dress.
Ooh, I love it, AOC!
Hot, hot, hot like a tamale!
This is so bad.
*outro music* You make a joke about it, act like you're a rapist.
Use me, cause you ain't that average groupie.
Little in the middle but you got much back.
Little in the middle but you got much back.
Little in the middle but you got much back.
So, she goes around shaking her ass everywhere.
You make a joke about it, act like you're a rapist.
It shows how weak they are.
Yeah, I mean it's an absolute joke.
And these are the people that are in power.
I mean, they want to act like they're so self-righteous and so important, but really they're just like you and me.
A lot of them have even worse problems than you and I have.
For me, seeing how thin their skin is, it really just shows you, you look at Adam Kinzinger, at least he was a little professional, he put his head down when I was mocking him.
But AOC, she had to get a reaction, and I set the trap for her, and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker, and more people, more of us need to go out there and do this, because what it did is it set up a domino effect of her having to admit that the Capitol Police let the rioters in on January 6th.
That's right, she's blaming the police that were ordered to stand down.
This is the rats leaving the sinking ship.
And we know on January 6th that all those people were the biggest patriots, but now they're being labeled domestic terrorists.
Those people cared about our country more than anybody because everybody knows 81 million votes was impossible, that Joe Biden got that more popular than Barack Obama, the most popular president in the history of the world.
Yeah, right.
So every single person that was willing to stand up and do something for our country now gets thrown into a literal gulag.
So we do not have a fair system.
We have a system that's rigged against the people.
And now AOC, it's like the emperor has no clothes.
We're kind of showing you.
I'm trying to be the little kid to point that emperor is naked.
And it's not easy, but more people need to do it because they're all accessible.
These politicians are a lot more accessible than I even thought.
And I'm going to continue to go to DC.
I'm going to make it my second home, Alex.
I'm going to go call these people out because people are like, oh, you get clicks and likes on the internet.
Well, that's great.
But when I get in, I evoke an emotional response from these politicians.
That's the best thing possible.
And with AOC, Dan Crenshaw, I've done it to multiple popular politicians.
The sky is the limit in my opinion, Alex.
I agree.
And I go back to what I said earlier.
AOC loves drag queen story time.
Fat men dressed up like clowns shaking their ass in front of kids.
You just say that to her, and it's the end of the world.
These people have no legs to stand on.
Alex Dunn, I want to come back and talk big picture with you.
The midterms, Trump running, the Santas.
As a serious, you know, guy, you do a lot of funny comic stuff, but you're also a smart guy.
What is your take on the state of America and so much more?
But I just want to say congratulations, how you plugged into the Zeitgeist.
We're just honored to have been having you on since the start of it.
And you've been a great encouragement to others to do what you're doing.
Masterful trolling.
Well, I really appreciate it, Alex.
You're an inspiration to me.
I wouldn't be where I'm at here.
I wouldn't be able to speak freely, because a lot of people say, oh, you're a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.
You're an Alex Jones wannabe.
And I take that as a compliment.
I want to be just like you, Alex.
And, you know, what you've built is incredible.
What they're trying to take away from you is a disgrace.
So, you know, it's an honor and a privilege.
It's an honor, too.
I'm an Alex Stein wannabe.
What you're doing is just beautiful work.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today, Alex Stein's our guest.
How many times must I tell you, till you finally understand, like Eric Clapton says?
How many times must I tell you, baby, how many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I tell you, till you finally understand, like Eric Clapton says?
How many times must I tell you, baby, how many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I tell you, till you finally understand, like Eric Clapton says?
How many times must I tell you, baby, how many bridges I've got to cross?
Alex Stahn is absolutely right. We can't let him break us down.
How many times must I tell you, till you finally understand, like Eric Clapton says?
How many times must I tell you, till you finally understand, like Eric Biden was put in so you wouldn't take him serious.
That he'd take the blame and be a joke while they put the martial law and the global collapse in place.
And tomorrow at 11 a.m.
when I kick off my weekday show, I didn't get into a lot of this.
I'm going to get into this and more.
It is the COVID takeover.
It is the collapse of the world economy by design.
It is the end of the borders.
It is open pushing World War III.
But at the same time, we've got to continue to be confident and move forward against these people.
There is a global awakening.
That's why they're pushing.
The tyranny and the insanity and put this cannon fodder like AOC out in front of everybody.
Alex Stein, people can find your viral work at Conspiracy Castle on Band.Video, on Twitter at AlexStein99, Instagram AlexStein.
In the time we have left here, I could ask a lot of questions, but what else is on, as I say, your radar screen?
Well, right now, you kind of asked me what I see for the future.
Well, people like Mayra Flores gives me a lot of hope for the midterms.
I think people, you know, are going to start to wake up and there will be some sort of red wave.
But at the same time, I have people like Mamet Oz that gives me, you know, a lot of worry.
I think it's just very obvious that no politician is actually going to be able to solve this problem.
It's going to be an internal problem and I remember one of the hardest times of my life when I was a young kid and I said this earlier when my parents went through a divorce and you know the only thing that they could say that would help me is you can't worry about the things you can't control.
So that doesn't mean you shouldn't worry, but that means you got to take control of the things that you can control and get your life in order and get prepared, because what's going to happen is there is going to be some sort of World War III.
Look at the conflict in Russia and Ukraine.
There's no doubt in my mind with the nearly $100 billion that we've invested in that, that it's going to come to a head and we're going to have to actually get involved.
So there's going to be young Americans that are probably going to have to die over a proxy war that doesn't benefit the American people.
So I see that on the horizon.
And then what I see and I hope Is that it'll expose the Biden crime family, and it'll show the illegal business dealings that Hunters was doing with China and the Ukraine.
And that might make people want to realize- I mean, I agree, but it's all been shown, and the FBI's controlled, so nothing's done.
It's the Chinese controlling them, the Russians, uh, hookers, pedophilia.
I mean, it's insane.
Yes, but in the humiliation ritual when they have to take them out, they might have to accidentally expose them because these people really aren't that smart.
They're not that talented.
They make mistakes and the cover-up is always worse than the crime.
So them trying to cover up for the Biden crime family, I believe will be a mass awakening.
And then you look at the sudden adult death syndrome.
Now with the vaccines going to children, there's going to be a high increase in SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.
Now, it doesn't take a genius to realize, why are young children dying?
They're going to be people that... Why are coffin makers across the world ordering the record number of coffins for babies?
That's exactly right.
This is going to wake people up, Alex.
It's not going to happen easy because there's no amount of evidence that can convince an idiot.
But people will get personally affected by this and they will have no choice but to realize and spread the information that you and I talk about all the time.
You look at Jamie Raskin.
His daughter died of adult death syndrome at 21 years old in her sleep.
Now, obviously, he's a left-leaning politician.
I mean, he's a lefty politician that is, you know, running basically the January 6th committee.
But how many people can actually have their young 20-year-old, 22-year-old, 7-year-old, 8-year-old daughter die, or son, and still support this party?
And that's what's going to happen.
But I think he's so sold out and so soulless and giving over to Grand Illusion, he'll go along with it.
He is.
Well, he will!
He will, but my point being is other people will not.
You're gonna have people that like him, but they're not gonna be okay with their 9-year-old son dying.
There's gonna be a lot of people not okay with their 11-year-old daughter dying in their sleep.
And they're gonna wake up and they're gonna see, now everything, even the people on the left now realize the mask was bullcrap.
I mean, if a pair of Levi's can't stop a fart, how is a mask gonna stop a deadly virus?
People are realizing that a mask was literally COVID theater.
It's the MAGA hat for the left.
And the people that I saw, you know, a few people on the planes wearing them, they're coming to realize that it's all a control method.
The people that are vaccinated, now they're on their fourth, their fifth booster, their hair is going to start falling out, they're going to all start getting myocarditis.
This will come to a head, Alex, and it will overwhelm them with information that they can't ignore the elephant in the room.
So I have hope, but sadly that hope is going to be mixed with a lot of despair, a lot of young people dying.
It's going to get so bad they're going to have to wake up.
You're absolutely right.
Historically, evil is like cancer.
It just takes over.
It doesn't even have a brain.
We look at it and go, well, it must be in charge.
It's taking over.
No, it doesn't know what it's doing.
It's out of control.
It's really us that have allowed it to do this.
You're right.
We need to look at ourselves and say no to this.
Yeah, well it's the hive mind mentality and people have that monkey see monkey do and they feel like they have to get vaccinated for work.
But people are going to lose their jobs.
I mean, I'm worried about the upcoming energy crisis.
You're in Texas, I'm in Texas.
It's 108 degrees and all of the energy companies are saying that they want us to turn down the energy from 2 to 6 p.m.
And the left, all the left-wing media are cheering for the grid to fail, Alex.
They're cheering for, literally, if you look on Twitter, you look on the internet,
they want the grid to fail so they can be na-na-na-boo-boo.
But that means elderly people are going to die.
That means young babies are not going to have energy.
They're going to die.
Bad things are going to happen, and that's on the horizon.
So you guys need to be prepared with generators.
I was in two restaurants at business meetings.
What do you think in closing of Trump versus DeSantis?
Who do you like better?
and the next for 10 minutes and they said it would happen it was all by
design. You're absolutely right. What do you think in closing of Trump versus
DeSantis? Who do you like better? Who would you like to see run for president?
Well if I'm selfish I would actually like it to be Trump again and then we
set up DeSantis to run and you know 2028 and then he does eight years. If I'm
being selfish but at the same time you know Trump has so much baggage. I love
Trump but this time you know you always you're never gonna be great your first
time of doing anything. When you first started out as a broadcaster you know
you get better with time so I believe his second presidency He would do a lot better, so I would give him the benefit of the doubt.
A lot of the mistakes that we're complaining about, not pardoning Julian Assange, not helping the January 6th people.
Well, if he got back in the White House, I think he would be forced to help out.
Oh, there's no doubt they're scared of him, too.
They do not want Trump.
Guys, Alex is so scared of Trump, that's their nightmare.
He's the big bad boogie man.
So if it pisses them off, I'm all for Trump.
And I'm the same with DeSantis.
I would like DeSantis too.
But you know what I'm saying, if we could get both, if we could get Trump, then we could set DeSantis up, that would be great.
Because if Trump can get in there and fix the economy, I mean, we have this massive inflation, people can't afford to fill up their gas tank.
People at the grocery store, you look at these prices, I mean, for a pack of Coca-Cola, it's nearly $10.
They don't want to hear about January 6th.
They don't want to hear about transgender.
They want to hear about the oil prices, which they admit is Biden and the globalists.
All right, Alex Stein, on fire as usual.
Please come down to the studio any time you want this week.
I'm going to be in the show trials, Sandy Hook stuff, where I've already been found guilty by the judge.
That'll decide how guilty I am.
I'd love for you to come down and co-host.
That stuff all kicks off in early August.
Thank you so much, Alex Stein.
I'll be down there.
Thank you, Alex.
It's always an honor.
Honor to talk to you.
Now, I want the listeners to have this burn in their brains.
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Owen Schroer.
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All right.
I'm going to walk through the martial law preparations of the biggest thing ever tomorrow, 11 a.m., separately.
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