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Name: 20220713_Wed_Alex
Air Date: July 13, 2022
2207 lines.

In a video, Alex Jones discusses topics such as government confiscation under the crack cocaine law, leftist policies affecting marginalized communities, predatory big tech companies, and Dutch farmers protesting against emissions cuts. He highlights the need for the black community to take responsibility and talks about CO2 emissions, population growth, energy consumption, and CO2 output per unit of energy. The speaker also criticizes the United Nations charter, the loss of American freedom, and the focus on security over personal well-being. They promote unity between figures outside the establishment's narrative and encourage listeners to support their congressional run through donations. The speaker also discusses police issues and promotes various Infowars products at the end of their speech."

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Democrats demand $650 billion.
See how it escalates?
It's $60-something billion now, and now it's going to be $650 billion?
Why not?
And then you've got Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and all these people, Republican and Democrat leaders, who are warmongers, the neocons, whose families run the damn companies, the media, the energy, the transportation, the shipyards, everything.
I mean, it's just the looting.
Is incredible, and again, they're inflating the currency, but they buy up real stuff as it's inflated, then they pass us the debt and the devaluation.
I mean, wow, that is a whopper.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Well, all of our broadcasts are critical and powerful, but today is going to be particularly important.
Man, is it all going down.
Absolutely insane.
You know, I wouldn't cover the January 6th fiasco, the January 6th show trial.
That they're claiming is a court of law just because I've been attacked in it a bunch.
It's quite frankly, it's boring.
But when you realize that the entire deep state agenda is about criminalizing Trump running again for office and criminalizing the grassroots populist movement that brought him to power, then you understand it's key to what they're doing.
Now we have the ratings last week and this week on it, and they're flatlined.
Actually had the ratings.
It's called flatlining.
No one is watching.
No one.
I mean, we're talking all networks combined, a couple hundred thousand people a day.
Now, by contrast, on WABC in New York, popular daily talk shows, some of them have upwards of a million listeners a day on a marquee station like that.
One radio station has more listeners than these people have viewers in a whole week.
It's a joke!
Except they have power.
And I got a bunch of Google search trends here.
Look at this one for TV viewers.
You can see it.
I'll describe it for radio listeners.
RNC Research put this out.
Here is a Google Trends comparison for searches over the last day on topics of January 6th, all topics of January 6th combined, and just Jill Biden tacos.
And it is over a hundred times the searches for Jill Biden tacos
That it is for January 6th.
And it's always flatlined.
100 times the searches for Jill Biden tacos than their entire show trial, their entire big budget production of edited tapes and junk cuts and fake people testifying.
They've got oath keepers who've done plea deals and are waiting for sentencing in September.
And if they don't go, say whatever is demanded of them, then they'll be put in prison?
I mean, that's illegal!
And they put them under oath and act like this is a real trial.
The Democrats are a bunch of mindless, crazy lawyers who don't even know how society works.
Their average age is about 77.
And they don't know what planet they're on.
Joe Biden is perfectly emblematic of these people not being able to fight his ass with both hands.
I mean, he got off a plane in Israel.
We've got the footage coming up.
And he literally goes, who am I?
Where he says, where am I?
Who am I?
And they go, sir, here's the red carpet.
He doesn't even know where he's at.
I mean, these people are insane.
And they have the nuclear codes, ladies and gentlemen.
So, God help us.
I mean, we're in a lot of danger.
You can laugh at these people all day, but they're in control.
They are crazy.
We have so much to cover.
Stay with us.
What did you think the designed post-industrial collapse of the world economy would look like?
Well, you don't need to think what it would look like.
You're living in it.
I'm living in it.
We're living in it together on this Wednesday, July 13th emergency transmission.
Thank you for joining us.
Big broadcast, a bunch of special guests in studio, you name it.
I'll tell you about that coming up next segment.
Let me just go over what we're going to be covering here today and then obviously any breaking news as it comes in.
Look, the Republicans are having a field day.
Talk radio is just beside themselves.
It's hilarious.
It's fun.
There's countless things to make fun of.
The Democrats are like a bunch of lobotomized rats on PCP.
But when you pull back and know they're globalist puppets designed to take the blame for the collapse, and that they were chosen because they're so inept to take the blame, then the joke isn't on them.
It's on all of us.
This is an extremely, extremely dangerous situation that we are in right now.
The good news is, all over the world people are identifying the globalist plan to collapse the economy by design in their own statements.
And the fact that they have put their politicians and controllers in, in every major government, except for communist China and Russia.
I'm not defending Russia and China.
They got their own problems.
But Klaus Schwab, the New World Order, bragged that they have control of half of the parliaments, half of the cabinets and governments of the world.
They're getting control of another 30, 40 percent.
So they are close to having 80, 90 percent control over governments in the world.
And they brag they are the corporate global governance.
He said a month ago at the Davos meeting, he said, we are in control of the world.
We control the future.
I probably played the clip 30 times.
Should I play it again?
I mean, it's incredible.
We are now in control of the world!
We here, in this room, control the Earth.
Soon, all nations, I mean, it's... They will eat the bugs.
They will own nothings.
They will have nothings.
You can't make this up.
Imagine if James Bond, if he were a bald-headed guy, petting a cat, goes, we will make sure you eat bugs.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
We are making the farmers in UK, and Sri Lanka, and Dutch, and in Chile, we take their properties for the Earth, and they are not allowed to grow food or have cow.
I have those videos today.
We take the cow, you eat the bug.
I mean, that's like a hallucination.
It's not even real.
I have the clips!
We are making you sell your farms and taking your cows.
How dare you riot in the Netherlands?
And here's the issue.
Sri Lanka passed all these exact same laws that the globals sell two years ago and they've totally collapsed.
So that's the difference between Sri Lanka, that was a booming, amazing economy two years ago, and it's now a hellhole with no fuel, almost no food, and what is happening in the Netherlands.
I'm going to play an extremely powerful report.
In the last four minutes of this break, then I'm begging you to send to not just people in the U.S., but go on Dutch forums, go on Sri Lankan forums, Indian forums, they're really awake there, Mexican forums, Brazilian forums, they're the most awake on average, Hungarian forums, just get it out, because what the Dutch farmers have done is the model of our victory.
They're shutting down the carbon taxes and the environmental tyranny before it takes over, not after.
And that's the title of the video that we're going to post on the live show feed today at Infowars.com.
And I beg you for your own future, my future, to share this battle plan.
The crucial difference between the fall of Sri Lanka and the Dutch uprising.
We're going to play it in 30 seconds, and I'm telling you that it doesn't need the customary million views that a Gregory's video gets.
They all need 10, 20, 30, 40 million views.
If we're going to win, get it, share it to your email, share it everywhere now.
We're going to come back and go over all of the worldwide economic collapse by design and how to stop it.
The video just went live about 30 minutes ago.
It's a Bandai video.
Share it now and we'll put it on the live show feed.
Here is the incredibly important Greg Reese report.
This is the key to victory.
What we are seeing in Sri Lanka is system failure, and that is nothing to celebrate.
There is no victory in system failure.
In fact, it is what these tyrants are counting on.
It's part of the plan, and it's been their business model for decades.
As simple as the mafia movies on TV.
The World Bank and the IMF strong-arm world leaders into accepting loans that are designed to bankrupt the nation.
While the CIA acts as management,
Secretly administering to the overthrow of national sovereignty and the looting of the nation's wealth.
This international mafia organization has been doing it like this for years because it always works.
They know that once the people become a hungry, angry mob, they can be controlled like animals.
And this reactive behavior is exactly what these globalist crooks are counting on.
It's why they are destroying the world's economies and creating a food crisis.
So the answer is to become proactive.
And that is exactly what the Dutch are now showing us.
How the people of the world can achieve victory against the tyrants of the New World Order.
The prolific farmers of the Netherlands are the second biggest food exporters in the world.
And they know that the World Economic Forum is planning on buying up their land and cutting off the food supply for billions of people.
And they also know that the people united are an unstoppable force, and so they united against tyranny and peacefully, with unstoppable strength, shut down the system.
The shelves in many stores are now empty, but it's on their terms, and the people now have the upper hand, as it should be, and could be everywhere if we want it.
The New World Order's plan is for all nations to collapse, which tells us that we must not wait until system failure.
We must act now.
Many people all over the world are now starting to rise up together with the Dutch farmers.
Rising up, not as a reactive, hungry, angry mob, but as a righteous people, united in a love for humanity.
Society is made up of we the people, and we must now peacefully take control of it.
This is the path to victory, and time is quickly running out.
The lockdowns are coming back.
The pandemic isn't over.
As we've said, the pandemic is not over.
We need more money to plan for the second pandemic.
There's going to be another pandemic.
We have to think ahead.
China has announced five more years of lockdowns.
And if you're awake by now, then you know they're coming back everywhere with quarantine camps and forced business closures, all designed to mentally break us and collapse society.
If we were to believe that we are powerless and weak or domesticated pets, then yes, the only path would be to wait until the food runs out and then join the angry mob.
But if we were to believe that we were righteous and powerful, then we would just fix it.
So what's the plan, fellow humans?
Do we wait for the inevitable collapse and lose everything, celebrating system failure?
Or do we learn from the Dutch and take control of everything, and fix the system so that it serves we the people?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarstore.com.
And never give up the fight.
Bang your head.
Wake the dead.
Come out of your trance.
They live, we sleep.
But now, humanity is rising.
All right, let me do this right now.
Let me tell you who's coming up on the broadcast today as a guest, including in studio.
And then let me just hit these headlines and then drill into them.
I'm sitting here before the show, and I go write the headline right before we go live.
I'm trying to think, what's the most important thing out of all these stacks?
And I gotta say, it's this little nugget right here that we'll cover next segment that's getting almost no attention.
You know the United States has pumped in $68 billion since February into Ukraine publicly.
But obviously a lot of the funding's clandestine, so we don't know how much has been pumped in.
But I said, eight years ago, when Soros and the Globalists overthrew the elected government of Ukraine, I said, when they call for a Marshall Plan, that'll be to bail out their whole system and give themselves trillions, and they're just going to use Ukraine as the money laundering epicenter.
Now that's a well-known thing.
But here's the new headline, out of Zero Hedge, and it links directly to the IMF announcement.
Again, this is nowhere else in the news.
Imagine this announcement, and it's nowhere in the news.
Democrats demand $650 billion.
See how it escalates?
It's $60-something billion now, and now it's going to be $650 billion?
Why not?
And then you've got Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and all these people, Republican and Democrat leaders, who are warmongers, the neocons, whose families run the damn companies, the media, the energy, the transportation, the shipyards, everything.
I mean, it's just the looting.
Is incredible, and again, they're inflating the currency, but they buy up real stuff as it's inflated, then they pass us the debt and the devaluation.
I mean, wow, that is a whopper.
That's next segment.
And there's the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, they're all, it's time to go big, Bloomberg.
650 billion IMF aid on Ukraine.
So as of this morning, that hadn't hit the news yet, I guess it's hit it now.
So they're openly pushing it.
And they'll get it.
And then if hell, well, they got 68 billion, why not get 650 billion?
And then next week it'll be a trillion.
And then how about 50 trillion?
How about a quadrillion?
How about 50 quadrillion?
How about, you know, I mean, why not?
Nobody stops them.
They give it themselves.
That's next segment.
So that's just one article in my economy stack that is over 100 articles.
Each one of these, I could spend the four hours on one of these.
All of them just, we are going to buy up all the farmland and not let you produce.
These are quotes.
We are going to ban the cows.
I mean, you own nothing, you have nothing, you like it.
And then, are you still laughing?
A conservative talk show host out there laughing at the Democrats.
Oh, they're such idiots.
Ha ha ha.
Everybody hates them.
Oh, they stole the election.
Yeah, they're going to steal it again because they took over because they're in charge and they're pissing in our faces.
So I'm not laughing.
I'm not celebrating that Joe Biden can't talk.
He was put in there so he doesn't know what's going on.
So he'll take the blame.
He's a birdcage liner.
He's a piece of toilet paper.
It's the big banks and the big families that run Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the UN.
They are the enemy!
And they want us off air because we stand up to their evil.
There's something a lot bigger than them and it's called God Almighty.
Because you know what?
So there's that.
That's one article.
One article.
I think the rest of this is just more insane.
And you look at Biden and Hunter and all of them, they're just a bunch of pedophile drug addicts.
Because they're the placeholder.
They don't run anything.
And I know I harp on that.
We have UK governments, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.
government all announcing that lockdowns are coming after the election.
They're now saying before.
The National Parks, Democrat cities are already bringing back masks.
They're already bringing it all.
Oh, there's the Ninja variant.
You knew that was coming.
That's a stack.
They're announcing more of their World ID systems and all the rest of it.
And then we've got January 6th, which again, no one's watching it.
It's a total flop.
In fact, a flop.
It's too big a compliment.
It is a flatline failure.
I've got the ratings.
I'll show them to you.
But it's important because it gives you a bird's eye view, a fly on the wall of what these guys are going to do and how they're setting up their martial law rule by executive fiat dictatorship.
So the fact that everybody hates them, the fact that nobody likes them, the fact that their failures
They've already purged the military and police, and they're going to make a run at us.
They're going to stage more false flags.
They're going to implode the border further.
It's already gone.
So again, I'm not somebody who's going to sit up here and give you fake good news, like the Republican Party.
Oh, the Democrats were a joke.
Oh, there'll be a tsunami.
Oh, they're all going to be swept out of office.
And what, the neocons will just continue on the same operation?
But the good news is humanity is waking up and the good news is they're seeing past the puppets for the real problem at these demonstrations in Asia and Africa and Latin America and Europe and North America and it's beautiful and it's very, very positive and that's exactly what we've needed.
So I say to this audience of activists, bravo to all of you.
Bravo to the Ron Pauls.
Bravo to the Rand Pauls.
Bravo to the Tucker Carlsons.
Bravo to the Joe Rogans.
He's not perfect, going in the right direction.
Bravo to the Larry Pinkneys.
Bravo to the Royce Whites, who's in the studio with us in the third hour.
Bravo to Roger Stone, who didn't buckle under threat of prison to lie about Trump.
Bravo to this crew.
Bravo to the fact that we're in the fight, and we should celebrate that.
That in this game of life that's 100% real and deadly dangerous, baby, we're in the fight and we're starting to turn the tide and starting to win.
But I'm not gonna butter you up, not gonna lie to you about the fact that, yeah, we're winning this fight.
We're entering the 12th round right now, and it's like... George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, man.
It's... It's a... It's... It's... Who's got the will?
12th round.
We're entering the 12th round right now.
And this is what everything's been building towards, and our enemies know it.
And yeah, they're falling on their faces, and they're a joke, and everything else, but they're still in control of the central banks, and Hollywood, and our children, and it's time for us to remove our support from them in any way we can, and speak out against them everywhere we can, and pray against them everywhere we can, and share the articles, and videos, and information that is bringing them down like our lives depend on it, because our lives do depend on it.
We're gonna come right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Remember, we're not supposed to be on air right now.
We were supposed to be shut down.
We were supposed to be silenced.
Thanks to you, and thanks to our will, together, we are strong!
We are awakening the planet!
Humanity is rising!
That's not hype!
That's fact!
Wake the dead!
Awaken the sleepers!
Ha ha ha!
Alright, let's drill right into it right now.
We got Roger Stone and others joining us.
Pete Santilli in the next hour.
And again, we're not going to be covering the January 6th show trial because we're in it and being attacked in it.
That's passé.
That doesn't matter.
Everybody knows we didn't try to attack the Capitol and provocateurs orchestrated it.
We all know that.
But it's their whole plan to label and demonize their political opposition, to ban questioning election fraud, and that's what they're so scared of.
And they're also so frightened of the First Amendment.
And so, they've already banned fist bumps, and OK signs, and everything else saying it's bad and evil.
The Social Controllers, the control freaks, the cult leaders, have moved on to 1776.
And I talked about this yesterday, hours before I didn't know they were going to play a compilation of us talking about 1776.
And they're all over the news, CNN, MSNBC.
Oh my God, this is code word.
For violence and overthrow.
No, it's code word for Declaration of Independence saying we're not your slaves.
Look at the Dutch farmers, look at the Sri Lankans, look at everybody else.
It's code word for, it ain't a code word, it means we are awake to you and we reject you and we declare independence from you.
And we're trying to fix this peacefully.
So here's one of the clips they played with my face up there, 60 foot jumbotron, in this production that almost no one's watching.
But again, it gives you a
...window into their brains and what they're planning.
Here it is.
The open door of the Oval Office, the President could hear the sound of the crowd and the music at the rally at the Freedom Plaza.
And these are some of the things that they were saying there at the plaza, just blocks from where the President sat that evening, excited for the next day.
This is nothing less than an epic struggle for the future of this country between dark and light.
Between the godly and the godless.
Between good and evil.
And we will win this fight, or America will step off into a thousand years of darkness.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, trust me, the American people that are standing on the soil that we are standing on tonight, and they're going to be standing on this soil tomorrow, this is soil that we have fought over, fought for, and we will fight for in the future.
The members
The members of Congress, the members of the House of Representatives, the members of the United States Senate, those of you who are feeling weak tonight, those of you that don't have the moral fiber in your body, get some tonight because tomorrow we the people are going to be here and we want you to know that we will not stand for a lie.
We will not stand for a lie.
I want them to know that 1776 is always an option.
These degenerates in the deep state are going to give us what we want or we are going to shut this country down.
1776! 1776!
It's 1776!
So, the Democrats burn down billions of dollars of buildings, they shoot and kill a bunch of people, they rob and loot, and that's all loving and good.
We say we're here not accepting this fraud, and it's the end of the world.
Worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11.
Chuckie Schumer and others said that, they still say it.
But if you look at the Dutch farmers taken over the country, or you look at Sri Lanka, storming the government buildings, you look at all this, the army is like, oh, that's protest!
Because anytime anybody uprises, it's protest, because usually it's the CIA overthrowing a country.
That's not the case here.
But they are so incredibly scared that the Chinese are rushing the central banks and bank runs, that it's happening all over the world in every major country.
The people know who the enemies are.
So here's a couple clips from a few years ago.
Kamala Harris agreed with the claim that Trump didn't really win in 2016.
And then here is Jamie Raskin heading up the January 6th committee, objecting to the Electoral College 2016.
Something he now says is treason and illegal because they know they're getting ready to steal the next elections.
Here's the clips back to back.
Elections matter when you win an election.
You get to set the rules.
How can you win with Russian interference, though?
That's the real thing.
That's what I'm scared about in 2020.
Because I think he's an illegitimate president that didn't really win, so how do you, you know, fight against that in 2020?
But rightly.
You are absolutely right.
So, again, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I will tell you that we should believe exactly what the intelligence community has told us, which is Russia did interfere in the election of the President of the United States in 2016.
I have an objection because 10 of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified because they violated Florida's pro... So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
That's, that's, that's where they're at.
Everybody's turned against them.
Everybody hates them.
They're just little puppet lawyers put in there.
And they are still recycling the lies of six years ago that Russia put Trump in.
But nobody's buying it.
What are they going to do?
I showed you this earlier.
Here's a Google Trends comparison for searches over the last few days of topics of January 6th in blue and Jill Biden taco comment taco Tuesday in red.
100 times.
You got it all together.
It's thousands of times.
100 times.
The searches, it's right at 100.
100 times the searches for tacos, Jill Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, versus their stupid January 6 kangaroo court.
And that's why they're so panicked.
That's why they're so scared.
And then they also inadvertently screwed up during the event and showed documents that Trump had a stage set where we were supposed to go and that they have been covering up.
A stage right behind the Capitol by the Supreme Court.
And that's where Trump was trying to go.
As if we wanted to attack the Capitol and look like idiots.
They were able to rope in a few people to do that.
They want to end free speech, have total censorship, shut all the political opposition down over four U.S.
citizens, like Ashley Babbitt, that they killed, and then a cop that had a heart attack and died two days later.
They call that worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11.
Anybody with functioning brain cells knows that is an insulting lie, and is an affront to those that died on 9-11 and at Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese attack that brought the U.S.
into World War II.
Fantastic level BS.
Biden's back.
I got video saying there is no inflation.
I mean, it's fantastical level BS.
It's all they've got because they're a rear guard action of the globalists.
All right, we're going to come back with economic news straight ahead and more.
And then Roger Stone, Pete Santilli join us.
And then Royce White in studio is coming up today.
Stay with us.
Meanwhile, other key Trump supporters, including far-right media personalities, began promoting the wild protest on January 6th.
It's Saturday, December 19th.
The year is 2020, and one of the most historic events in American history has just taken place.
President Trump, in the early morning hours today,
Tweeted that he wants the American people to march on Washington D.C.
on January 6th, 2021.
And now Donald Trump is calling on his supporters to descend on Washington D.C.
January 6th.
He is now
Calling on we, the people, to take action and to show our numbers.
We're going to only be saved by millions of Americans moving to Washington, occupying the entire area, if necessary, storming right into the Capitol.
We know the rules of engagement.
If you have enough people, you can push down any kind of a fence or a wall.
This could be Trump's last stand.
And it's a time when he has specifically called on his supporters to arrive in D.C.
That's something that may actually be the big push Trump supporters need to say, this is it.
It's now or never.
You better understand something, son.
You better understand something.
Red Wave, bitch.
Red Wave.
There's gonna be a Red Wedding going down January 6th.
On that day, Trump says, show up for a protest.
It's gonna be wild.
And based on what we've already seen from the previous events, I think Trump is absolutely correct.
Motherfucker, you better look outside!
You better look out January 6th!
Kick that fucking door open!
Look down the street!
There are going to be a million plus geeked up armed Americans!
The time for games is over.
The time for action is now.
Where were you when history called?
Where were you when you and your children's destiny and future was on the line?
Meanwhile, the Democrats... In that clip, you heard one of Trump's supporters predict a red wedding, which is a pop culture reference to mass slaughter.
But the point is that Trump's call to Washington reverberated powerfully and pervasively online.
A red wave, a red wedding is now murder.
I thought it was been a Republican wave.
Meanwhile, people all over the world are standing up for the globalists and taking over governments.
They stole the election, ladies and gentlemen.
They know they stole it.
And there are desperate criminals put in there to maintain this financial globalist dictatorship over our country.
But the good news is, as I showed you earlier, 100 times, right at 100 times, the search is on Google for Jill Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, taco comment versus the entire January 6th show trial.
But they target yours truly and say we wanted violence was the last thing we wanted.
But here's the really big news.
Jack Posobiec breaking January 6th committee accidentally presents evidence there was a second stage of the Supreme Court that Trump wanted people to march to that we had the permit for.
The Supreme Court is directly behind the US Capitol from the ellipse.
This revelation debunks the entire insurrection narrative.
But it's not been a revelation.
I said it weeks before.
I said it days before.
I said it that day.
I tried to get people to go to that stage.
Here's a map of where we were supposed to go from the Ellipse, where we were let out, and where we were supposed to go down to the area beside the Capitol and the Supreme Court, but we diverted down and we heard that there was violence and tried to stop.
It was happening right here.
So instead of traveling from the Ellipse, trying to lead the march, it already left before us.
We were in the middle of it.
We diverted here to try to stop it.
We were able to stop it.
We led people around to where we had the stage, but no one was there.
And that's what we did.
And that's on record.
And they subpoena us and ask
What did you do?
Well, it's on video.
It was streamed by thousands of people and by us.
It's all on record, every minute of it.
Us learning people were fighting the police.
Us rushing to stop it.
And instead, you go to national news, you go to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, it's everywhere.
Jones was in a secret meeting with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.
And Ali Alexander, and they plan the attack at the Willard.
I've never met Steve Bannon in person.
Talked to him once on the phone.
I've tried to get him on the show.
Tried to get him on the show.
Won't do it.
Him and Roger hate each other.
And they know that.
And there was no meeting.
We did a few interviews with Roger and General Flynn at the hotel.
And that's the nicest hotel in the area.
It's where everybody stayed.
But that idea that then, oh, there's this proof, and we're there planning all this, is just preposterous.
And I know as an audience you know that.
You're sick of even hearing about it.
But they even put in the congressional record at the show trial the text messages they got from Mike Lindell to Kylie Cramer.
And Lindell is like, yeah, we're going to have a demonstration at the Supreme Court.
We have a stage for the president.
And they act like that's evidence that Trump wanted to attack the Capitol, when there it is again.
We have the damn permit!
It's not like it's some secret.
And I see these tweets everywhere.
Alex Jones yelling 1776 and Boebert tweeting it is definitely part of the dot connection.
Oh my gosh!
We talk about 1776 and it just goes on and on.
From there.
So that's why we're going to cover it, because they're planning more false flags.
They can question elections, but nobody else is supposed to do it, because they're planning on stealing the midterms in 118 days.
They're planning on stealing the main election coming up.
Trump has not announced yet.
He told a bunch of people, including members of Congress, and Roger Stone, he might announce as early as July 4th.
My prediction was not wrong, by the way.
I said, he has told people he may declare as early as July 4th.
Hasn't done it yet.
I say the sooner the better to absolutely take over the narrative and go after Joe Biden.
The Republicans won't try to impeach him to expose his crimes.
Trump needs to publicly impeach him and run for office now.
I got big problems with Trump.
In fact, pull the clip up.
I'll play it next hour.
We were going to play it yesterday, but he won't say the F, he will say the F word was the headline.
Trump will say the F word.
But not the V word.
And he says, I won't say the word, but I'm proud of what we did with therapeutics and that other thing.
In fact, here's the clip for yourself.
We did so much in terms of therapeutics and a word that I'm not allowed to mention, but I'm still proud of that word.
See, I'd hit him on the left, I'd hit him on the right.
I'd hit him in the f***ing center, sir.
Right center.
Well, at least he's backing off his stupid plays and shots, but regardless, we're exposing it all.
I want to thank listeners in our 28-year history of keeping us on air.
You've done an incredible job.
We're in this war together.
We're in the 12th round of this battle.
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We'll be right back.
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
First time caller, long time listener.
I'm a self-employed 66-year-old senior who last November moved from the suburbs of Detroit to lead the Nazi governor.
Moved to the panhandle of Florida.
At the time, my family and friends thought I'd lost my mind.
They no longer think that way, but at the time, they did.
And I want to say, God bless you.
Stay on the air.
The devil is a liar.
I'm going to plug one of your products.
And I heard this guy talking about the Iodine Supplement X2 saying, well, he's been taking it and his memory is getting better and he's having dreams.
I listen all the time.
And I'm like, yeah, maybe.
So I had to go back to Michigan for three weeks for business.
I came back and for a week, I had massive sinus headache, massive sinus condition, and a earache that was driving me nuts.
I said, you know what?
Alright, Roger Stone is loaded for bear on the election, on the economy, on the January 6th.
Kangaroo Show Trials, it's all coming up!
And some amazing hit rap song just got released a few hours ago, it's already got a million views on Twitter.
Talking about Hunter Biden and the laptop, that's coming up next segment.
But let me tell you, I played this Greg Reeves report at the start of the first hour, and everybody's got to get it out, because what he's saying is 100% true, and if you want victory, this is what we need.
The crucial difference between the fall of Sri Lanka and the Dutch uprising.
So important to understand the enemy's attack on our infrastructure and our economy and our future.
This is like giving a starving man food or a person dying of thirst in the desert water.
Here is the report and we'll be right back with Roger Stone.
Stay with us.
What we are seeing in Sri Lanka is system failure, and that is nothing to celebrate.
There is no victory in system failure.
In fact, it is what these tyrants are counting on.
It's part of the plan, and it's been their business model for decades.
As simple as the mafia movies on TV.
The World Bank and the IMF strong-arm world leaders into accepting loans that are designed to bankrupt the nation.
While the CIA acts as management,
Secretly administering to the overthrow of national sovereignty and the looting of the nation's wealth.
This international mafia organization has been doing it like this for years because it always works.
They know that once the people become a hungry angry mob, they can be controlled like animals.
And this reactive behavior is exactly what these globalist crooks are counting on.
It's why they are destroying the world's economies and creating a food crisis.
So the answer is to become proactive.
And that is exactly what the Dutch are now showing us.
How the people of the world can achieve victory against the tyrants of the New World Order.
The prolific farmers of the Netherlands are the second biggest food exporters in the world.
And they know that the World Economic Forum is planning on buying up their land and cutting off the food supply for billions of people.
And they also know that the people united are an unstoppable force, and so they united against tyranny, and peacefully, with unstoppable strength, shut down the system.
The shelves in many stores are now empty, but it's on their terms, and the people now have the upper hand, as it should be, and could be everywhere if we want it.
The New World Order's plan is for all nations to collapse, which tells us that we must not wait until system failure.
We must act now.
Many people all over the world are now starting to rise up together with the Dutch farmers.
Rising up, not as a reactive, hungry, angry mob, but as a righteous people, united in a love for humanity.
Society is made up of we the people, and we must now peacefully take control of it.
This is the path to victory, and time is quickly running out.
The lockdowns are coming back.
The pandemic isn't over.
As we've said, the pandemic is not over.
We need more money to fund for the second pandemic.
There's going to be another pandemic.
We have to think ahead.
China has announced five more years of lockdowns.
And if you're awake by now, then you know they're coming back everywhere.
With quarantine camps and forced business closures.
All designed to mentally break us and collapse society.
If we were to believe that we are powerless and weak, or domesticated pets, then yes, the only path would be to wait until the food runs out, and then join the angry mob.
But if we were to believe that we were righteous and powerful,
Then we would just fix it.
So what's the plan, fellow humans?
Do we wait for the inevitable collapse and lose everything?
Celebrating system failure?
Or do we learn from the Dutch and take control of everything?
And fix the system so that it serves we the people?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Here's a new hit song by Bryson Grabe.
We're going right to Roger Stone.
This has got a million views on Twitter in one day.
Exposing Hunter Biden.
Freedom is popular.
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Call me what you want, but at least I ain't a dim.
Wait, hold up, don't get mad at me.
Am I trippin' or is he in bed with Natalie?
Why he recording all that?
What's the strategy?
If you do incense, you probably do bestiality.
Hey, the president's son is a crackhead, but you the smartest guy.
He know that's what your dad said.
Is he the real president or a jacklet?
Why is everyone that voted for your dad dead?
Hey, you know us really well.
Got your own son calling you a pedophile.
Why you getting called out by your own child?
They say pay the Peter every time the phone dial.
Hunter arguing with hookers while he wearing crack, bro.
They call it a conspiracy, but I'm saying facts, bro.
In the mansion up in Cali, but who pay for that?
Bro, the media gon' cover it up like he ain't your head, bro.
All them women in your phone, can we check the age?
Wasn't you on F10, Allah?
Can we check the page?
Hunter needs to be in prison, put him in a cage.
I thought he was clean, seems like he ain't change his ways.
I don't know.
Only time will tell.
Your president's son is a crackhead.
But you're the smartest guy, he know that's what your dad said.
Is he the real president or jack lit?
Why is everyone that voted for your dad dead?
Hey, you know what's really wild?
That your own son calling you a pedophile.
Why you getting called that by your own child?
They say pedo-pedo every time the phone dial.
Hunter arguing with hookers while he wearing crack, whoa.
They call it a conspiracy, but I'm saying facts, whoa.
In the mansion up in Cali,
Wow is all I can say.
Bryson Gray made my day.
I gotta say, Roger Stone, it's fun fighting for freedom.
I smell victory.
The Democratic Party is destroying itself right now.
We're gonna cover the January 6th show trial, the fiasco, the lies, the insanity right now.
But Roger Stone, just look at the big picture right now.
How's Team Humanity doing right now against Team Damon?
They have nothing else.
January 6th, we see a collapse of America.
Record gasoline prices, food shortages, crippling inflation, humiliation in our foreign policy around the globe, leaving billions on the field in Afghanistan, along with the blood
These aren't just wrong-headed policies, Alex.
This is the plan.
And now, unless they can figure out some way to postpone or delay the November election, it is almost over for the ruling elite, for the globalist elite, that seek nothing less than to completely extinguish the U.S.
Constitution and destroy the American people.
It's the end of the line for these people, but that's my next question.
They're not going to give up.
What do you expect them to pull out of their rabbit's hat there?
January 6th thing has collapsed with record low ratings.
A dead cat bounce is way above these people.
What do you think they're going to pull next?
Well, I saw an excellent discussion between Julie Kelly and Lee Smith the other day, in which they spoke about the October surprise of the potential arrest of Donald Trump on, pardon the expression, trumped up charges of some kind, probably based on the KKK law passed in the 1870s, that would eliminate him as a contender.
Contrary to the front page of yesterday's New York Times, Trump is actually gaining strength.
The poll, the New York Times Siena poll they featured is an outlier.
Two more authoritative polls out today show the American people want Donald Trump
That's what I see.
So, again, how do they grab victory from the jaws of defeat?
False flags, election fraud, nobody's going to buy it.
What are these corner rats going to do?
Well, you had a little bit of footage there shortly, which I subscribed to, which is another fabricated pandemic.
One that would allow Joe Biden to sign an executive order eliminating all in-person voting, insisting that all voting would be... And you predicted that months ago.
They're now floating that.
This is now official.
Yeah, there is more and more of it.
Combine that with some bogus criminal indictment of the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, and perhaps they think that is the path to victory.
Kabuki theater in the January 6 hearing was really quite extraordinary.
By the way, you looked very handsome there.
I must say, you looked great.
I say that in a non-gay way, of course.
The point is that Rolling Stone, National Public Radio, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, this was going to be the moment
That it was proven that Roger Stone was the link between the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers and the Trump White House, and of course they produced no evidence of that whatsoever.
Instead, false witnesses that you met with Mark Meadows, you met him once years ago, never talked to him on the phone, didn't meet with him anywhere around January 6th.
They've recycled that one twice.
It was in a report a couple months ago.
This woman, Cassidy Hutchison, I think she perjured herself, although the way the question was worded is clearly hearsay.
But no, there was no phone call from Mark Meadows to me or to General Flynn, because I checked with General Flynn on the 5th to, as Liz Cheney put it, find out what was going to happen on the 6th, as if I would know.
Nor did I visit any kind of war room in the Willard.
I was in your studio in the Willard, which was set up as a studio where you interviewed General Flynn.
And Alex, you may not remember this, that's the first time I ever actually met the General.
Prior to that, all of our conversations had been by phone or through text because we were tried by the same band of criminals in the same D.C.
So, if there's a Willard War Room, I was certainly not in it.
Their entire tissue of lies yesterday fell apart.
But what's amazing is the way they take things that I myself have announced and acknowledged and try to make them nefarious.
Sadly, it is the state of affairs in America today that I can't travel anyplace apart from my home.
We're going to come back and ask what's coming next.
Roger, stay there.
Roger Stone's our guest.
Stay with us.
Freedom came my day one way.
And Sheriff John Brown came to shoot me down.
So I shot him.
Yep, that's Klaus Schwab, the New World Order.
Roger Stones, our guest, Pete Santelli coming up to analyze the criminal activity of this January 6th shooting.
They're claiming Trump talked to a witness, so he's tampering witnesses.
All they do is rig this thing.
This is insane.
But Roger, you were with me on July 1st, a few days before our nation's birth date, and you had obviously talked to somebody who's got his new airplane painted with the American flag, and I talked to MTG, I talked to a couple other people in Congress, they said, yeah, we've talked to Trump.
He plans to announce in July.
He had said, I might do it as early as July 4th.
I said, the prediction is he may do it July 4th, but he's announcing in July.
He may, for tactical advantages or technical flexibility, as you called it, change the date.
But since that big story came out, can you add anything to that?
Because obviously he's going to run again.
They're politically trying to stop him.
Doesn't it nix all this political prosecution if he just goes ahead and gets it done?
I don't think it nixes it, Alex, but I do think it puts it in the proper perspective that this is 100% a political witch hunt.
There are some complicated legal issues pertaining to the Federal Election Commission, which Trump and his lawyers want to sort through.
But when I asked him if he's going to run again, he said, and I quote, I want to do it.
That was music to my ears.
I still believe he is our strongest candidate.
And yesterday, if you watched the hearing, they actually blurted out, maybe by mistake, but I don't think so, what this was all about.
Well, Jamie Raskin, who's quite a piece of work himself, asked one of the witnesses, well, how's all this going to impact the next election?
There it is, folks.
That's what yesterday's hearing was all about.
And whether it was
Brad Parscale, who was fired by Donald Trump, or Katrina Pearson, who was fired by Donald Trump, and showing their text messages bad-mouthing the president without that important context, or whether it was
The assertion that there was supposed to be another rally, which as I understand it, there was a legal permit for on the side of the Capitol.
They try to make this all sound nefarious.
I don't think the American people are buying it.
I think Trump is actually gaining strength, particularly when people go to the gas pumps.
Particularly when people go to the grocery store.
Well, exactly.
All the numbers show that it's backfiring on them.
They have national polls out showing people supported the insurrection.
I didn't support that fiasco.
I didn't support not getting a 10-day investigation that Senator Cruz was pushing.
I thought it was a bad thing, but it's actually become a positive thing to be seen as part of January 6th.
This is totally blown up in their face.
And it's incredible, as I said, the way they take public information.
Yes, I was required to use a security contingent from the Oath Keepers.
That's because I can't travel without taking my life in my hands.
And the D.C.
police officers that I normally would use, off-duty officers, which I quite properly and legally used during my trial, were unavailable.
That doesn't mean I had any information about illegal activities at the Capitol on January 6th.
So just to kind of stick it in their ear one time, there is no email, no text message, no encrypted message.
No phone call, no witness, and no documentary film footage that shows anything otherwise.
But Roger, you told me, I'm tired of this, I'm exhausted, I don't want to go to D.C.
and I twisted your arm.
And I'm not trying to belittle you, but you were not in command of anything, neither was I. And we're not, oh look, they're saying they weren't in command.
There was no command and control.
We counted on the Capitol Police and Secret Service in D.C.'
's, this giant place, we were just, you couldn't even get through the crowds to get to the Ellipse.
I mean, it's just preposterous.
Well, as you know, I never left my hotel grounds on the 6th.
But I did go there to give a speech.
And I gave that speech on the 5th.
You spoke at the same venue.
That's constitutionally protected free speech.
You and I, and every American, have an absolute constitutional right to question the anomalies and irregularities in the American election.
It's a God-given right.
Roger, I totally agree with you, and our listeners know that.
So let me ask you this.
What, the ratings show it crashed.
No one, literally almost no one's watching.
Jill Biden saying Mexicans are tacos got a hundred, actually exactly a hundred times the views.
What are they going to do is it dawns on them that no one's buying what they've done and it's backfiring or they just keep doubling down.
I think they keep doubling down.
I still believe, as if you saw this op-ed piece in yesterday's New York Times by the nefarious corrupt prosecutor Andrew Weissman, they are pushing hard for a criminal indictment of Donald Trump to negate his ability to run for president.
I think that that is an internal struggle within the left at this point.
Then, of course, there's a second pandemic of some kind, which would limit us to mail-in voting.
And let's be honest, Alex, in certain states,
The same rules that were used to steal the last election are still in place and could be used to steal this election.
So, for example, in Pennsylvania, where the Commonwealth courts have outruled mail-in ballots, saying they're unconstitutional, that's now before the left-leaning Supreme Court, which may uphold mail-in ballots, making a pivotal state virtually impossible to carry because of massive voter fraud.
Roger, I could ask a thousand questions.
We're coming up with Pete Santilli to analyze the fraud of this committee and how it's an attack on American jurisprudence in the process, but what else is on your radar screen?
Well, Alex, my birthday's coming up, August 27th.
That is the same day, of course, as Lyndon Johnson, the man I exposed in the murder of John F. Kennedy.
And I'm thinking seriously about coming down to Austin so we can celebrate and I can have that big, thick, juicy steak that Owen Schroyer owes me from a past election bet.
That's right.
He predicted Trump would be able to defeat the election fraud.
You said they were going to steal it from Trump.
You predicted he would lose.
Actually, it was the election before that.
He predicted control of both houses.
Of course, he now thinks it was a tube stake.
He thinks it was a hot dog.
I think it was one of those huge tomahawks.
But in any event, it would be great to be back in Austin.
Maybe we can do some long-form journalism.
I'm thinking seriously about coming your way for my birthday.
We love it, Roger.
Bring your wife, bring the whole crew.
We're going to come out with Pete Santilli and you, so don't go away.
You're definitely dressed for the occasion here.
January 6th, we'll analyze it all.
But in 50 seconds before break, how do people get a great Roger Stone t-shirt?
You've got the best designs out there.
You can go to RogerStoneStore.com.
We've got some new designs up, but it's truer than ever before.
The Roger Stone still did nothing wrong t-shirt is as valid today as the day it was designed.
And we got to stand behind folks like you because you could have lied against Trump.
They would have dropped the fake charges, but instead they convicted you in a kangaroo court.
We're going to go to a
COVID ridden prison and you didn't back down, so we salute Roger Stone.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone and Pete Santelli to analyze this miscarriage of congressional misbehavior.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, and our best-selling product, Body's Ultimate Tumor Formula, back in stock at InfoWars.com.
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I want to thank you all for your support.
And keeping us on air.
All right, for the balance of the hour, former political prisoner Pete Santilli, who they had to release from jail when they had to mistrial him, whereas a journalist covering the Bundy Ranch and then the situation that also happened on the East Coast in Oregon and Washington, and he is with us because he is a real sleuth when it comes to understanding what's happening and how just
Unprecedentedly corrupt this January 6th committee is because, listen, if they can hold 300, 400 people without trials and in solitary confinement, if they can set up American gulags that would make Alexander Schultz and Easton Blush, if they can get away with this, they admit it's a blueprint for all of us.
So the prisoners, the Stuart Rhodes and the Joe Biggs are totally innocent.
But even if they were guilty, it's better that one
Guilty man go free than the rest of the public be enslaved to this tyranny.
It's better that a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man go free, but this is one guilty man go free versus thousands innocents, but they're not even guilty.
So it is insane what's been happening and watching this and how they have oath keepers that have pled guilty to not get sentences testifying in there with no evidence at this kangaroo event is absolutely out of control.
I want to go to
Pete Santilli here in just a moment, but first, Roger, you're gonna be with us for the rest of the hour, but just watching this and your take on this, and it backfiring, what do you think they do next?
Well, first of all, I'm really glad to see Pete Santilli here on the Alex Jones Show.
When I went to work at Infowars several years ago, you guys had fallen out.
You weren't on speaking terms.
You're both great patriots.
History can bestow no greater title than peacemaker.
So I'm really glad to see you guys back together again, because we're all on the same side of freedom.
And Pete Santilli is one of the best investigative journalists in the country today.
By the way, Alex, I'll be on the Pete Santilli Show tonight at 615 at frankspeech.com and honored to be there.
I want to hear what Pete has to say because his analysis of the maneuverings of the deep state
You've been to the fire, Pete.
You're one of the top experts on this.
What's really going on?
Very quickly, I have to say that it was InfoWars, Roger Stone's coverage at a time when we needed it most because in the court of public opinion, this railroading of us Bundy defendants back in 2016 and 17, if we did not have the public support and the information reaching the public as to how we were being railroaded and entrapped by the same regime back then,
And I'm not going to rehash old news.
I'm just going to tell you that my 619 days being held as a political prisoner, it prepared me for what I'm about to bring today.
And I know they transcribe every single word spoken on the InfoWarshow.
We see it on the Jumbotron now, every single hearing.
And I have a unique opportunity now, after exposing them and winning in two federal trials, understanding their methodology,
This cabal under the Obama regime that perpetrated this attack upon a small group of Americans for political reasons to silence Clive and Bundy, they wanted to extract the wealth out of the land, but they employ the same exact tactics as they're doing right now.
That was a practice run for what happened after November 3rd for that matter.
But let me start off by saying this.
What we saw yesterday, you know what they say, once you open the door in a court of law, you may be prohibited from bringing up things that may be irrelevant or conspiracy theories.
And I've been theorizing about some of the infiltrators and the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys and how they
The FBI ran their operations to entrap Americans back in 2014 and 2016.
So I was theorizing.
Well sure, the same group that did the Whitmer fake kidnapping, now exposed and confirmed to be a false flag, was running January 6th.
Yeah, I'll tell you very quickly.
I know we're limited in time, but yesterday they got caught.
They're on full display right now.
There were two, quote-unquote, key witnesses that were giving testimony.
I'll start with one of them, Mr. Ayers.
He was the guy with the reddish beard.
He is a defendant, a January 6th defendant.
Uh, and I did some searching this morning.
I just discovered this.
I said, that testimony sounds awfully scripted and in favor of the narrative.
I said, I wonder, I wonder what's going on with him.
He's a defendant.
I pulled his docket and I looked at his cooperative agreement he just signed on June 8th.
Which says that he agreed to a plea agreement, have all of his felony charges removed, and he agreed to cooperate with the government.
And he hadn't had a sentencing yet, or the sentencing memo.
So essentially, based on his cooperation, the value of that testimony and cooperation, they would determine, the judge would determine how to sentence him.
Well, guess what?
He shows up shortly after he signs this cooperative agreement, and he
That's incredible.
You're in a show trial when you're facing sentencing.
101, you can't do that.
It's a total fraud.
Let me tell you on and we'll get to this on the other side of the break.
It would be normally egregious, of course, to do a show trial, especially pending all of these trials coming up for the January 6th defendants.
To do that and to try this case in the legislature taints the jury.
That's very, very egregious.
Then to use what they did yesterday.
Two known operatives that are working on behalf of the government.
This guy airs has a signed agreement saying that he will cooperate and basically in exchange for his cooperation and his favorable testimony.
So they're holding him hostage and then he's a witness?
Yeah, well guess what?
The other guy even worse now.
This guy, Mr... I can't pronounce his last name because he was referred to something else back in 2014.
Alex, this is pretty much an exclusive outside of my show.
This guy, Mr. Tatenhove, that testified against Stuart Rhodes to bury him and create a scenario where he got so much pressure on Stuart Rhodes to bear false witness.
Jason Tatenhove.
Was the producer of videos that showed up in my discovery in the Bundy trials.
Because he was there in Bundy Ranch, in the room, in the war room.
And he cooperated by providing his material to the FBI.
So it's the same cast of characters of other setups?
That's exactly right.
We'll cover more on the other side.
That's right.
All right.
Pete Santilli, Roger Stone, The Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
And Pete Santilli, ThePeteSantilliShow.com.
Now look, I'm going to show TV viewers this numbers from Google that the Republican Party put out.
I checked it myself.
It's actually worse than this if you follow the full trend.
There is not 200,000 viewers on all the networks covering this.
That is
Beyond a flatline.
Jill Biden and Taco Comment had 100 times, exactly, look at that, 100 times the viewers and searches that they had in blue down there.
That's the January 6th committee right here.
People say, well, why are you covering it?
Because their whole shooting match is based on that.
You add the Hunter laptop, I've got the numbers right here.
It's way, way above the Jill Biden searches by an order of magnitude.
I've got those.
So what are they going to do when they don't have control of the narrative at any level?
And why do they keep going ahead with this?
They've got a plan to outlaw their opposition.
They admit that.
So, I want to go back to Pete Santilli, but Roger Stone...
I know they're a bunch of lawyers, I know they're not that smart, but what is their problem?
I mean, don't they get there's revolutions overthrowing governments everywhere, and the polls are out?
I showed them that yesterday.
People wanted us to overthrow the government.
We didn't do that.
They're pissed we didn't.
My audience is pissed that I was against violence.
I'm helping to be honest.
Like, they're literally trying to
Make us look bad for not trying to overthrow the government violently, when they overthrew it by fraud, when the people actually wanted us to do that.
So I don't think they know how much trouble they're in.
Roger Stone?
I think they're stuck with this narrative, Alex.
Look, as you know, if you elect in any proceeding, by the way, this isn't a legal proceeding, it's a political proceeding, to invoke your Fifth Amendment rights because you can smell a perjury trap,
Well then you have to use your Fifth Amendment rights to every single question.
You don't get to allow to answer some questions and plead the Fifth on others.
Yet they willfully showed a video of General Michael Flynn being asked the ridiculous question, do you support the peaceful transfer of power after an election?
And of course he had to plead the Fifth because it was required if he was going to assert his right for every question.
That's the kind of cheap shot
And the Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth is not just for the guilty, it is to protect from a criminal prosecution.
Sorry, go ahead.
It's not an admission of guilt.
So, and I know for a fact that, because General Flynn told me this, he was not in any war room at the Willard, if even such a war room existed.
So, they're stuck with this elaborately produced television show, which is a giant flop-a-roo.
And I agree, I want to go back to Centelli, but...
I don't want to open your beef up with with Bannon because I get he did something wrong to you and I get it all.
But they're in the news.
I'm sure you've seen it.
I've seen it everywhere saying you met with me and Bannon.
You guys hate each other.
I mean, they know that.
So they're lying on purpose, claiming you're in bed with Steve Bannon.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Look, the truth of the matter is, Alex, I said this about three weeks ago.
The Bible tells us we have to forgive those who've trespassed against us.
Yes, I think Steve Bannon did me wrong.
I think he perjured himself at my trial.
But you know what?
I've forgiven him.
This was nothing but eating me.
So I've followed what the Bible suggests, and I've forgiven those who trespassed against me.
In this case, Steve Bannon, I'm praying for him, and I only wish him well.
Because I do think we're on the same side.
No, but I agree, but the idea that you were scheming with him is ridiculous.
It's like Batman and the Joker hanging out.
I haven't talked to him in at least five years, or communicated with him in any way.
As I said earlier, I've never communicated with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.
I've never met this fellow, John Eastman.
I didn't speak to Mayor Giuliani.
But they say in these meetings, it's a fact that it happened.
So Pete Santilli, where do you predict this fiasco goes?
I know exactly where it's going to go.
And I want, if you'll allow me, to just send a message to my good friend, Attorney General Merrick Garland, that was seated through a fraudulent election on November 3rd.
Let me tell you where I come from.
I've already been involved in exposing you in two federal trials, Nevada and Oregon.
Same exact tactics and this is what you have to look forward to with this January 6 trial.
Your operative that you had, it was under a plea agreement.
They forgot to mention in the show trial that that man is partly responsible for the death of another January 6th defendant, Matthew Perna.
Don't forget about that.
That was his co-defendant.
They were also charged with interfering with and witness tampering or informant tampering.
We have all of the evidence and let me break this down and let Mr. Garland know.
We also know about your Joint Terrorism Task Force member named Daniel P. Love.
I've already submitted
I don't know.
That Jason Van Tatenhove, right now they're trying to put pressure on Stuart Rhodes to bear false witness because of Jason's testimony.
And of course he's been working with the FBI.
I have documented proof of that.
All that information... Well, let's boil that down for new viewers.
There was a thousand FBI federal documents submitted, armed HRT there.
When we were trying to stop people breaking in, they stood down.
And now you've caught the video and identified them there.
Alex, I also published my reporting, discovering their JTTF member, Daniel P. Love.
I reported it to the FBI.
I also passed it on to the attorneys.
Here's the longer story.
Listen, we're going to have this in a court of law.
It'll play out.
We're a people of due process.
In a court of law, we have President Trump's attorney today, who I spoke with.
One of several.
We won't mention any names right now.
But all assets are going to be deployed.
What they did yesterday will seal their fate.
And yet... Roger, let me bring this up and then we'll let you go ahead and pee a little bit more in the next hour and then Royce White's in the studio.
Obviously the hack of Biden's phone, Hunter, is that there's a lot of assets and American patriots about to come on the field here.
This is not the first trick we've got up our sleeve.
The deep state better get ready because a lot more is about to come out.
They better get ready.
And I didn't mean to step on Roger Stone, but let me say this very clearly.
They have made a fatal error.
They're getting exposed.
We have documentation of what they've done.
And let me tell you what President Trump's attorney, he's going to come on my show to say this as well.
That this isn't just a pursuit of President Trump.
This isn't a pursuit of Alex Jones.
This isn't a pursuit of Roger Stone and all others that haven't been named.
It's an attack on America.
This is an, this is an operation that is continuing.
That these operatives that were on display was to help advance their agenda.
These people stole an election November 3rd and their operation continues.
No, no, I totally agree.
Sotelia, we'll come back to you.
But Roger, just in closing, they've screwed themselves.
I mean, this is insane.
Alex, I'm going to finish here with a biblical reference because Robin Bullock passed this on to me and I say it every morning and every night.
Simply, Deuteronomy 3, 31, 6.
Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid or terrified because of them.
For the Lord your God goes with you and he will never leave you or forsake you.
That is my advice to every patriotic American who loves this country and will see this through.
And by the way, that's not hype.
When you've been in the lion's den, the fiery furnace, every time we're about to be destroyed, God just comes through right at the last minute to show you that God's in charge.
That's exactly right, and my faith is in the Lord.
And this idea that we put country ahead of Christ, country ahead of our Lord, that's not true.
We put our God first.
But this is a Christian-based nation, and we intend to preserve our Republic.
Roger Stone, give us the website to get the t-shirts or the legal defense, because we know you're under attack.
Go to RogerStoneStore.com to pick up some of our great new t-shirts.
Or if you want to help my wife and I in our epic legal struggles with the deep state, go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
Thank you so much.
We'll talk to you soon.
All right, Pete Santilli, because I'll be sitting around here, he will host the next five minutes, so I'm not interrupting, ahead of Royce White coming in here, running for Congress against Ilhan Omar.
We love you.
He is on fire.
Former NBA star, MMA fighter, everything else.
He's coming in here, knocking it out of the park.
That is coming up.
But such an epic moment.
Separately, we need your funding.
Get an Alex Jones is Right t-shirt.
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It is so good for your libido, your energy, your body, your joints, your immune system.
The next five-minute segment, Pete Santilli's going to host with all the other info he's got, and then Royce White in studio.
Stay with us.
Alright, Royce White in studio coming up.
Pete Santilli, investigative journalist, January 6th expert.
You're like, I don't care about January 6th, we know it's a fraud.
Doesn't matter, that's their takeover plan.
Lay out your big bombshell information, Pete Santilli.
Okay, two operatives yesterday.
Basically, we have the, I call them the chimpanzees.
They have hundreds and thousands of them that produce paper.
They did the same thing back in 2014, 2016.
Same methodology.
It's an operation.
They run it well in advance.
They use social media.
They lure in all the patriots.
They have their provocateurs.
They've got their FBI informants.
They've got their CIA, I think, is involved.
Obviously, at this level, we had Ukrainians.
On the ground we never heard about.
But ladies and gentlemen, here is what you should feel a sense of hope.
Is that the difference between what I went through and what all of these indicted and unindicted co-conspirators, including President Trump, have on their side.
Is through all that experience, we know their methodology, they're getting caught in the act.
What you're seeing with the January 6th show trials is nothing more than a continuation of the operation.
The operation is to overthrow the United States of America.
These two operators yesterday, one of whom, I have his work products.
He provided it to the FBI as a cooperate.
I don't know if he was on the payroll.
That's yet to be determined in a court of law or through legal proceedings.
We will certainly let all of the attorneys know, and they all know, all the criminal attorneys, and if you haven't been reached as of this morning, the word is out that the
Jason V, as well as this other guy, Ayers, will be called in for for depositions and testimony and we're going to find out what their involvement was in cooperating with the U.S.
government to bear false witness to give testimony as part of this operation to overthrow the United States of America.
That we have known whistleblowers right now that have facial recognition
Of the frontline breach at the Capitol that day.
The good guys, the white hats, that have seen those facial recognition IDs, have essentially said that the majority of the people at that breach were on the payroll.
They were friendlies.
They were feds.
Those whistleblowers are going to come forward.
Once these trials start beginning, we're going to expose the truth.
We're going to bring these... Actually, let's say this to Mr. Merrick Garland.
Very loud and clear.
We stand on the truth and righteousness.
And you say that you're watching these proceedings?
Well, Merrick Garland, we're also watching your overthrow of the United States of America as well.
The truth will set us free.
Of course, this is an info truth bomb across the bow of the DOJ, and it's not my first rodeo.
This is going to be yet another example of you guys attempting to bring harm to the American people in our country.
You need to hold power.
You're so thirsty for power to run.
Of course, your drug trafficking, human trafficking, the ballot scams, your election fraud scams, the truth will set us free.
And it's going to happen in a court of law.
And I believe that I'm standing here as a result of the Lord's miracles.
I wouldn't be here.
I faced four life sentences.
That didn't scare me.
I will walk through the valley of the shadow of death with each and every
I don't know.
The federal government brought its full force upon this man.
A good man.
Go look him up.
He committed suicide.
He couldn't withstand trial.
His attorney struck a plea agreement.
His co-defendant, Mr. Ayers, yesterday, I believe, is partly responsible.
For Matthew Perna's death, and that's a question mark, yet to be determined.
We will look into that.
The Jason Van Tattenhove and all of these FBI cooperators from Bundy Ranch and Malheur, you're still operating.
We're going to expose you, Daniel P. Love.
Everything will come out in the open.
All assets are deployed.
All of President Trump's attorneys and a huge team of people to bring the truth forward.
All right, Pete Santilli, you are on fire.
We love you.
We'll talk to you very, very soon, my brother.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Royce White running for Congress against the evil Ilhan Omar just got booed by her own Somali constituent.
Straight ahead, we're going to talk about going on the offense.
Stay with us and everybody tune in now.
At this point, best case scenario is a few years of hard times for us all.
And if we don't turn it around soon, then it will only get worse.
But as bad as things are, we still have time to prepare.
And that alone is something to be grateful for.
A gravity water filter will provide you with clean, healthy water, even in the event of your taps getting shut off.
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There are so many amazing congressional candidates out there, and we are so blessed to be able to talk to them, but amongst all those folks,
Royce White's got victory written all over him with the NBA and MMA and so much more.
RoyceWhite.us, running for Congress against the evil.
Ilhan Omar, and he is in studio with us for the next 55 minutes, and he's hosting the fourth hour today out of the War Room with Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
And Royce, it's great to have you here with us.
Everybody's sick of January 6th.
It has no viewers.
Our listeners know we didn't do it on purpose.
They know it was a setup.
They don't want to hear about it, but they're trying to brand all oppositionists terrorists.
And it's a fiasco, so we've been covering it.
I said, what do you want to hit first?
Yeah, well thanks for having me.
It's an honor to be here, first and foremost.
You know, for me, I've been watching the January 6th thing since it first broke out, and what stands out the most to me is the audacity of the federal government.
This particular federal government, or the audacity of this regime, this media, this establishment, the audacity of it.
In short, what they are saying, and what many, even on the right, in the Republican Party, the American First Movement, have capitulated to is, under no circumstances should the federal government have to fear the people.
And that's an audacious position for elected officials to be in.
And I've been waiting for somebody... You're quoting Thomas Jefferson.
Where there is liberty, the government fears the people.
Where there is tyranny, the people fear the government.
It should be, in my opinion.
And I've been waiting, as I've been watching the proceedings, I've been waiting for somebody to stand up or ask any of these people on the committee or any of these politicians that are in office right now who have commented on January 6th, under what set of circumstances would they see a hostile or violent revolt warranted?
As a litmus test.
And I imagine that there would be no set of circumstances that they would believe any type of revolt is... Exactly.
They're rejecting July 4th Declaration of Independence.
If we had Hitler as president... Outright.
They're saying outright there's no set of circumstances where a violent revolt against the federal government is warranted.
And that is the telltale sign of tyranny and authoritarianism.
Perfectly said.
They're super weak.
But that's what scares me.
They're willing to do anything.
The ends justifies the means and there's nothing more dangerous than that.
We can cover the waterfront here, Royce White.
What do you want to get into now?
Well, you know, this is my first rodeo in politics.
I came from the void.
I was an athlete.
I was a truther, you know, speaking about mental health and all of these sort of things and speaking out against the NBA and the corporatocracy.
So I haven't been very political.
You were ahead of your time because now the NBA has endorsed Chinese slavery, the murder of Uyghurs.
I mean, it's crazy.
And not only that, I mean, mental health has become the other cultural coup that's taking place, you know, in the common and public square.
But I haven't been very political, and I guess the most alarming thing for me, stepping into politics for this election cycle, is the Republican Party.
The Republican Party is completely controlled opposition.
It's absurd.
Oh, it is.
It's the big problem.
It is.
They are the outer bastion safeguard for the New World Order.
And many of us have a huge problem with the leftists and the Democrat Party and their platform, which we are right to have a problem with.
But the outer bastion is really the Republican Party.
I agree.
The Democrats are easy to beat if it wasn't for the Republican loyal opposition.
State by state, community by community, the Republicans are the first line of defense to make sure that true American patriots do not get into the general elections.
In my campaign, in my primary, I'm running against a woman named Cicely Davis who stood up before our CD5 convention and won an endorsement by saying that abortion was red meat politics for the base.
And then, you know, after this Roe v. Wade decision came down, she's celebrating the decision online, just as if the people who vote in my district, or any district around the country, are complete idiots.
And we've accepted it, you know, and I commend you for what you said the other day when you were talking about the transgender piece, and I shot you a text and said it's one of the best soundbites I've ever heard, but it resonated and it's so true because you get the government you deserve.
We spend a lot of time talking about the powers that be and the moral culpability in the crisis of leadership, which we have.
We've accepted it.
But we've allowed it.
We've gotten too caught up in materialism and security, and we've traded away our freedom.
I agree.
And now the chickens have come home to roost.
I mean, I've got three stacks here of economic news.
And as a man, I mean, I'm ready for this, but I get scared.
I mean, $650 billion?
Biden's about to send it to Ukraine.
Not even hitting the news.
Prices exploding everywhere.
We can't even run our operation because the price is exploding.
And they're just ignoring it.
They're bringing down society.
What do you think is about to happen?
Well, I think they're trying to crash the economy.
I think the only way you can bring about new world order is to have an economic crisis of biblical proportions, and to once again use chaos, just as they did post-World War II, to justify global governance.
And this whole thing has been structured based on World War II, and many people that I go out and talk to in my district don't really understand the scope of time that this is all predicated on.
They want a worldwide Marshall Plan, in their own words, where they collapse the world, then they pose as the saviors.
And, you know, I just went back the other day and I posted Qaddafi's 2009 U.N.
And no matter what you think about Qaddafi or anybody, when you hear... Oh, Qaddafi compared to Biden or Obama is a great guy.
When you hear the truth, you should adhere to the truth.
And the truth is that the UN, NATO, the Security Council, now it's the party of Davos and this whole globalist agenda has masqueraded and spoken about it as though it's a conspiracy theory.
Well, basically, Gaddafi said that the inception of the United Nations may have been genuine in nature because of what happened with Hitler in Germany, but that the preamble of the United Nations does not line up with the Charter.
That all of the nations in the United Nations were supposed to be equal, yet the Security Council granted itself permanent seats and veto power.
That's right.
And since, and what they claimed was that this is the only way to keep war from breaking out as it did in World War II, but that's not what happened.
Seventy aggressive wars have happened, and the United Nations have yet to... That the UN oversees those predatory wars.
They are the dictators of who shall be the recipients of aggressive wars, and that's completely illegitimate.
It's a way to let corporations wage war without ever being challenged.
And finally they run up against Russia and China, and they're not playing.
Well, the Russian people and the Chinese people have extremely national, national, ethno-national cultures and honor.
And Vladimir Putin believes in the Russian people, and President Xi, you know, the Chinese, they believe the Chinese people have the mandate from heaven, so they're very proud people.
And we're not endorsing any of that.
The point is, the globalists are running up against something they can't beat.
Yeah, the point is that, you know, there's a four-player jump ball.
You've got the free people of the world, the small man, the little man who sits beneath the powers that be, and then you have the globalists, and then you have China and Russia.
And, you know, China and Russia are national dictatorships, and the party of Davos is an international dictatorship.
It's just a jump ball.
Gut level, how do you see it unfolding?
I would say that Vladimir Putin is not going to back off.
And that the war that will unfold, or the conflict that will continue to brew between Russia and Ukraine, will lead to a globalist and American justification to revoke rights and continue to send money to... Well, that's what Putin said.
He said, we haven't even started a fight.
We're fully committed.
Yeah, they're all in.
$650 billion proposed by the IMF yesterday.
I mean, that's treason, in my opinion.
Royce White's our guest.
We're going to talk about American politics.
We're going to talk about the world.
We're going to talk about political correctness, transgenderism.
We're going to talk about everything straight ahead.
How do people find a congressional site?
How do they get involved in what you're doing?
RoyceWhite.us, that's our campaign website.
Please stop by if you can and give a donation if you're so inclined.
We are fighting against the establishment, even in the Republican Party.
Wow, what a historic time to be alive.
Royce White is in studio.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today.
Get ready for it and spread the word because what we're doing here, they've tried to shut down, what we're doing here is game-changing.
The people coming together for justice and freedom.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today, he's running against Ilhan Omar in
His name is Royce White.
He's our guest now in studio.
Let's talk about her.
We covered it last week.
She got booed out of a Somali event saying, get out of Minnesota.
I think that's a very good sign.
Get out of America.
Yeah, I would say so.
Ultimately, the Somali people have not been—if you live in Minnesota, if you live in the Twin Cities, we have one of the biggest Somali immigrant communities in America, and it's been that way since I was a child in grade school.
And they're not very well-assimilated people.
They don't really speak the language, so there are people that were vulnerable to have a prop and puppet put in front of them and represent them, and now that they're starting to learn a little bit more about some of these progressive policies that Ilhan Omar is promoting, they're not in alignment with it.
Wow, that's huge.
I mean, look, where in the Muslim culture is it okay to be gay or to abort kids?
It's just not a part of the Muslim faith.
There are many problems with the Muslim faith and the Muslim doctrine in the way that it's practiced in modern times across the world.
But by and large, just fundamentally, there is no homosexuality or abortion in Muslim culture.
So, who does she really work for?
Well you gotta ask yourself who got out of Somalia.
The same people who we left behind in Afghanistan.
Security state assets.
So, you know, her dad was probably a security state asset, and she was born and bred into a security state asset family, and she popped up out of nowhere, and all of her moves and actions say that she works for herself, and that is kind of the globalist motif.
They have no allegiance to any culture or nation.
They are a cabal of independent opportunists.
She is so arrogant.
How can we get behind what you're doing to defeat her?
Well, definitely you can go and donate, but the bigger issue is we have to fight off the controlled opposition and continue to call that out at every turn.
I have to get through a very tough primary, so spread the word to your Minnesota CD5 or Minnesotans in general about the race because very seldom does a candidate who wasn't endorsed by the party win a race in Minnesota.
It has happened on some occasions, and this is a race that is tracking in polls to say that I have a very, very
We're good.
Abortion, the church of LGBTQ, all red meat for the base.
I live, Minnesota and the Minnesota GOP is an outpost of Democrats.
So, as this awakening happening and starts unfolding, how do you see the establishment trying to block it, just ignoring what you're doing?
Well, I mean, they're not that brazen.
I guess what is
What is a good strategy here going forward is that people who have prominent platforms independently of politics get into politics because it makes it a lot harder for the establishment to block them or ignore them.
So the Minnesota GOP hasn't been able to come out right and say, we don't like Royce, or don't support Royce, or, you know, they just kind of try and play the party template and landscape and throw everything off on that.
There couldn't be more contrast between me and my primary opponent, and I don't think there could be any more contrast between true America First candidates in this election cycle and the establishment Republicans.
Well here's the good news, they're scared of you.
And they know the future, and so by running regardless you win.
What do you think, just big picture, 35,000 foot view, the Democrats are going to do with 118 days from the midterms, and everybody's turning against them, what do you think they're going to do?
Well, I mean, if it was me and I was them, I'd be planning to cheat.
I mean, that's just, I mean, you know, yeah, I would be planning to cheat if I were them, but I'm not.
And, you know, I don't I don't think that they're not a group that believe in fair play.
They believe that the ends justifies the means.
Us American patriots, you know, as a sportsman, a square game is baked into our culture.
Whether you win or lose, win lose or draw, a fair game is supposed to be a prerequisite of American competition and American values.
That's kind of what America has been about.
The corporatocracy has hijacked that culture and they've made it a
We're good to go.
I agree.
I mean, they meant to put Biden in to be a puppet, but he has fallen apart even worse than they thought he would.
I think he's the fall guy.
I think he was always the cut out.
I think that they, you know, they used him as a as a sort of transitory figure that would be easy to justify cutting out when the time was right.
And they plan to use him as a stopgap to go even more progressive in the future.
And you see that with the promotion of
I agree.
So how do you see it the next 118 days ahead of the midterms?
What do they do to Biden?
Because even the New York Times is like, we've got to get rid of him.
So that's the big question.
What happens?
Maybe he gets sick.
You know, maybe he resigns.
Maybe he steps away.
A whole host of things could happen.
But I know that the momentum of the America First movement, even in the black community where I come from, where people have traditionally voted Democrat,
They are completely open to not only voting Republican, but actually understanding what the Democrats have done over the course of the past, you know, three, four generations.
I think what you're saying is we're seeing the death of the Democratic Party right now.
But like you said, the Republican leadership is controlled.
So what do you see coming out of that?
Well, number one, the death of the Democrat Party is going to foster a desperation from the Democrats.
But also, the worst thing that could happen is that we have a red wave in November and the majority of them be, let's say,
I think
If somebody's saying that they're America first versus being a Democrat, we'll take the America first candidate, but let's hold them to their values.
And I think there's some clear dividing lines on some of these key issues that we should be very settled on.
The Ukraine and the spending and the involvement is one.
The sanctity of life with abortion is another.
The expansion of government in general and the welfare state is probably the third.
And so, you know, there's some issues that we should have some litmus tests on at this point about which people are really America first.
Royce, I totally agree with you.
And whether they steal it this time or the next, I just see victory at every level.
The awakening is huge.
But at the same time, they might start a war with Russia before we ever fix things.
To me, the most important thing is that we continue to spread the word, a genuine word, about where the spirit of this country is going.
And that way, if they cheat, the sentiment will resonate and be there within the people that they feel cheated.
Up until this point, people don't feel cheated because many people don't pay attention.
All right, you're going to host the fourth hour, but when we come back, don't listen to me.
I want you to turn loose to two million people an hour, tune in conservatively.
I want you to give it to them both barrels.
Royce White.
Royce White's our guest in studio.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today.
And I said, what do you want to hit next?
He said inflation and the economy.
I mentioned this earlier.
Here's some of the headlines.
Democrats demand $650 billion.
So it's $68 billion so far.
Hell, we put up with that.
Why not $650 billion?
I think so.
Why Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis two years ago.
They put the same policies the UN wants in.
This is insane.
Royce White, inflation, the economy, the Great Reset.
Well, it's stealing is what it is.
They're stealing from the American people.
And anytime you spend against a deficit like we have in this country right now, it's stealing.
It's criminal.
And, you know, the bigger issue is when your government's stealing, everybody's stealing.
And we talk about the cultural decay and we look across the country at crime rates and all of the things that are going on around crime.
The black community is afflicted with it more than any minority communities, which they say they want to try and save and lift up.
But all of these policies are aimed at chaos, are aimed at self-destruction and a plan to manage destruction and decline of this country.
It's quite impressive that they've been able to get
Yeah, I mean, I come from a community where people are just radically, radically high with materialism.
I mean, the radical materialism has reached a level that's almost absurd.
You know, if you know more about your favorite TV series on Netflix than you do
They're in La La Land.
They're in bliss.
And bliss is not the same as peace.
And I see it all the time.
In my own immediate community, in my own immediate world, in my own immediate life with friends, family, people that I wear the shirt, the United States of the Federal Reserve, they have no clue, but they're curious.
And I think there's an optimism to have about people are starting to wake up, but we're in a crisis right now.
This crisis is right now, it's on, they are not kidding around, and they're going to throw a Hail Mary.
Well, that's the thing.
They wanted to collapse, they wouldn't get blamed for it to be the saviors, but it's happening.
They're getting the blame of the educated people, but they're still moving forward.
This is going to be explosive.
You know, all signs point to a calamity.
And, you know, in most times in history, people have said of those who prophesize calamity, that we're just fear-mongering.
But this is not fear-mongering.
This has been the build-up of many turning points that didn't end in calamity, that now are streamlined towards calamity.
And they're saying the policy of Klaus Schwab is you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
I mean, why do you think they're so honest about that?
Because they've done a very good job at making people like you, or painting people like you out to be conspiracy theorists.
And they've done a very good job.
Look, the entire mainstream establishment is in on it.
And you know that better than any.
But I think a lot of people still have a tough time believing that the CIA went on the record and said,
We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false.
And they are very close to that.
Now there's a small, there's a small threat of divinity that's playing out right now of people that are so moved and motivated by the truth.
That they won't stand in alignment with the establishment.
And that's why we're having that counter-movement of awakening and Donald Trump helped move that along.
You've been helping move that along for a long time.
Bannon's helping move that along.
There are a number of people across the spectrum that are helping move that along and I'm just proud to be one of them.
I'm glad to hear that Roger forgives Steve Bannon.
I like both guys.
We need to just stop our differences and move forward.
Yeah, I thought that was cool.
I was watching in the back, and I don't know the history really behind Steve and Roger's beef, but Steve brought me into the movement, and I give him his credit for that.
I think Bannon does great work.
And Jesus said you judge a tree by its fruits.
You know, he's my mentor, and he's a friend, and I think he's an American hero.
And without him, I wouldn't be in this American populist movement.
He's definitely got big balls.
I joke that I'm a little further right than Bannon is.
Me and him joke about that all the time.
I consider myself an American first Christian sovereignist, which by Joe Biden's standards would make me a domestic terrorist.
Define what that means.
I believe the scope of governance is just way out of control.
On many levels.
The scope of governance has to shrink down.
And the best way to shrink it down is to go back to our founding values, which were Christian values.
We're not imposing them, but we're going to follow them ourselves.
I heard somebody say this the other day.
Your guy Rogan, he was on, I don't know if this was a recent episode, but the guy who he's on with often, his name is Duncan maybe?
Little high-pitched voice.
Funny guy?
Anyway, you know, they were talking about the Roe v. Wade thing, and both of them kind of insinuated that us far-right wing Christian fundamentalists want to go to theocracy.
Yeah, yeah.
We don't want a theocracy, Joe, Duncan.
We don't want an anti-God theocracy.
There's plenty of people, there's plenty of room for people in this movement that don't believe in God or don't have... The left's trying to make us conform to them, exactly.
But this is what I'm saying.
There's plenty of... Your faith, your journey in faith, if you're a true Christian and believe in Christianity fundamentally, a person's individual faith in God is a personal journey and many people fall short of that on multiple occasions across a lifetime.
We don't want to start to move people out of the movement or create a wall for people who don't have faith or don't believe in God, but we don't want people who are anti-God.
And we don't want Satanists.
And the people who are on the fence, like Joe even, who I respect and I love him, he does a great job, but he is absent to the prevalence of a true satanic
He doesn't admit there's evil out there.
And I know Joe well.
That's a problem.
I don't want to say we've had a falling out.
We haven't.
But he moved to Austin two years ago.
We hang out all the time.
But he just, he just, he wants to play both sides.
And I've told him that.
And he knows he's doing that.
No, and again.
Joe stood in the breach and provided a platform for information to flow.
When it was do or die time, he exposed the vaccine and covered it.
But even before, I mean, even going back to when you first went on Joe's show, he was holding the breach to provide a counter for the onslaught and avalanche of globalist establishment information.
Still, we are where we are today.
And if you don't recognize the presence of evil, we cannot be properly armed to fight against it.
You're right, he never recognizes it's organized.
There's nothing wrong, if you don't believe in God, that's a personal thing.
But you can't be anti-God, and you can't be a Satanist.
And the promotion of the church of LGBTQ, as you explained a week back, or a couple weeks back, where they're dressing 200-pound men up as space demons and putting them up next to little kids at schools.
And the open promotion of genocide and abortion are explicitly anti-God and satanic.
And if we do that, we're cursed.
You can't be... I don't even get the argument.
And Duncan goes, you know, Duncan's sitting there and he says...
You gotta let women do what they want to do with their body.
What about the baby's body?
I mean, that's... I don't even get the argument.
And what about the left saying it's a sacrament?
That's what killed him, is they admit we want to kill babies.
What about the fact that probably half of the 63 million abortions were women?
So women only have rights if they're born and given a gender?
So you have to be assigned a gender post-birth to have human rights or civil rights or American rights.
No, you're right.
It's an attack on our rights overall.
All right.
Royce White's our guest.
He's hosting the fourth hour.
We're going to come back and talk about the economy, talk about the election, talk about the LGBT and men and women's sports, and so much more straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
You can check him out at RoyceWhite.substack.com and RoyceWhite.us.
He's running for Congress against that monster, Ilhan Omar.
We don't get behind him?
You're just attacking your own self and your own family.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Royce White's our guest in studio.
He's about to host the fourth hour today.
I'm Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us.
Royce, I want to hit some other issues, but what are you going to cover when you host the next hour?
Sacred honor, national honor.
I'm just going to go off on an hour about the loss of sacred honor, national honor.
In my experience, 31 years of how we got to this place, personal experience, I'll probably talk a bit about Ilhan, Joe Biden.
I want to touch on Gaddafi.
I want to touch on some of the security state and deep state, because I really believe that the number one enemy of the American people are the security state, the deep state, and the administrative state.
And the good news is, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, that wasn't front and center.
It's front and center now.
Oh, right out there in the open, yeah.
What do you think is going to happen in the midterms?
What do you think is going to happen with Trump?
Well, Donald Trump's in a very unique position to cast a great hand in saving this nation or putting this nation back on track.
But he can't do it by just being him.
He, like all of us, are going to have to dig deep and find a transcendent place to win this next round.
Well, I totally agree with you.
It's such an epic moment.
The globalists said they'd shut the economy out to bring us to heel, but they're going to get the blame for it now.
It's not going the way they wanted, in my view.
How do you see their Great Reset unfolding?
I think the three heralds are going to have to be violence, whether that be civil unrest or war.
Those are the two horns of a violent outbreak, famine, which is the product or result of a currency collapse, and plague.
So I think those are the three.
And we may get to a place where, and I think we already are at this place where just all-out technocratic dystopia
What do you make of Hunter Biden?
What the what the toss up is about it and him being a crackhead per se is not an indictment of Joe Biden.
I mean, I have four kids myself and I and I have friends and I have people who have been on drugs and have lived lifestyles I don't agree with and it can't all be blamed on their parents.
However, the attempt from this regime and the establishment to protect
Hunter Biden is an indictment on Joe Biden and the establishment.
If I was Joe Biden, I would come out and say, listen, this guy's, you know, my kid's a bad apple and I don't agree with his behavior.
Well, yeah, we've got the video.
In fact, try to cue it up where it's Joe Biden in the Senate saying, if we catch you with a dime size, we're going to put you in jail for five years.
Then his son's got backpacks full of it.
And that's OK.
No, that's sick.
The rules don't apply to them.
And that's that's also
Also, the message that's being sent from January 6th is, we can do what we want, you the people are our subjects, and we are living in a serf society, and they view themselves as the lords of a monarch England or Europe.
And I agree with you, so what are they going to do as everybody turns against them, which is happening now, they still seem to be delusional, like January 6th has almost no viewers, whole show is backfiring on them, they don't care, they just double down.
Elevate the manipulation and try and snake their way or create a workaround for their end goal, or they're going to have to just go all out for it right now in the two-minute drill.
That two-minute drill is scary.
Monkeypox, that was a brief scare.
But we know that the bioweapons are on deck.
We know that the technocratic dystopia is right around the corner, if not already in our house today.
With the with the security state and the surveillance and all of these things so it won't be long before the electronic payments and all of that stuff is going to be predicated on your Subservience and and surrender to the new world order.
I Totally agree with you since since we mentioned here's that clip of Senator Biden saying five years in prison for a Tiny piece of crackling his son is a crackhead.
Here's the video if you have a piece of
Crack cocaine.
No bigger than this quarter that I'm holding in my hand.
One quarter of one dollar.
We passed a law through the leadership of Senator Thurmond and myself and others.
A law that says, if you're caught with that, you go to jail for five years.
You get no probation.
You get nothing other than five years in jail.
Judge doesn't have a choice.
Under our forfeiture statutes,
You can, the government can, take everything you own, everything from your car to your house, your bank account, not merely what they confiscate in terms of the dollars from the transaction that you just got caught engaging in.
They can take everything!
I don't care why they've become a sociopath.
We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society.
They are in jail!
I'm a black man.
Away from my mother, your husband, our families.
So I don't want to ask what made them do this.
They must be taken off the street.
I mean that's hard to watch as a black man and I don't I don't want to double down or dig into race because I think race is the ultimate.
But the CIA did target black communities in LA and everywhere else with it.
That's what the time was happening he was running it.
With the KKK, Grand Wizard, Robert Byrd.
I mean it's disgusting.
Then they call us racist because we support freedom.
The problem with that Joe Biden's a Republican.
And, you know, one of the big issues, I think, culturally in this country right now, let's say with the black community, for example, or the drug epidemic, and I do feel a personal sense of responsibility and connection to the black community and how we currently plague this country with our having not risen up to the call, the duty as American citizens.
I mean, there is blame, but when it's targeted, you gotta, like, there's a target.
Make no mistake about it.
The black community is in the condition it's in, because at one point in this country's history, and that was the tail end of it, but that was the tail end of it, our security state was more afraid of black political organization than it was black-on-black violence or black drug addiction.
I agree.
That's why it's so exciting to see so many great populist black leaders rising.
That's beautiful.
I'm trying to bring that ministry of truth into the belly of the beast and it is a beast.
It is a place where people have become radically detached from faith, from sacred honor, from love and hope.
What was done to the black community is the blueprint for everybody.
But it is true.
It was the pilot.
It was the beta test.
And what they learned from the crack epidemic or the drug wave between late 60s and mid 80s, not only from a jurisprudence standpoint, but from a psychological standpoint, was the blueprint for big tech.
They took the psychological data that they mined from watching behavior from drug addiction during the drug wave, and they put it on your phone.
And put it into the dopamine.
They put it into the dopamine.
When you're on social media, you're playing a slot machine at the casino.
Slot machines.
And they're open about it.
They call it the casino gulag.
And they're basically saying, our drug is so good, we can tell you that it's gonna kill you, and you'll still take it.
I mean, the audacity of, the grandiosity of the federal government and the elitists in America.
Totally predatory.
And we gotta get it, it doesn't matter whether you're black or white or whatever, it's gonna eat you too.
But black people do have to correct that history and stand up.
No, no, absolutely.
Don't be victims.
Don't buy... Exactly.
You gotta jump ship right now.
Jump ship.
Understand that when Joe Biden stood up there, he was a puppet for a much broader agenda that we have to deviate from in order to save this country.
Well, what you're saying is key.
People are victims, but don't buy into that victimhood.
Transcend it.
And don't buy into the leftist policies of the same group that did it.
I mean, yeah, that's just insane.
The same people who were predatory against you and manipulated you and created that chaos or that circumstance for chaos are the people who are now saying they want to save you.
And now they're saying they're going to cut all our boys' genitals off.
I mean, these people are sick.
And again, I'm very blessed to be here in defiance of their evil and tyranny because God's watching.
Hour number four is two minutes away.
Stay with us.
At this point, best case scenario is a few years of hard times for us all.
And if we don't turn it around soon, then it will only get worse.
But as bad as things are, we still have time to prepare.
And that alone is something to be grateful for.
A gravity water filter will provide you with clean, healthy water, even in the event of your taps getting shut off.
And having your own food will save you from getting ensnared in government FEMA camps.
And if you've already stocked up enough for your own family, you might want to consider stocking up for your neighbors.
Some of your neighbors might not be prepared for what's coming, but you can help them by having an abundance of storable foods and water filtration.
Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
Stock up now at preparetoday.com
This equation has four factors.
A little bit of multiplication.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero.
And that's going to be based on the number of people, the services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
That's back from high school algebra.
But let's take a look.
First we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Many believed that Bill Gates somehow misspoke when he attributed successful depopulation to the vaccines.
But it's now evident that he didn't.
He was being very clear about the intentions of the globalist agenda.
Kill 99.99% of all humans.
According to these psychopaths, this is how we will save the planet.
And they have convinced an overwhelming amount of the world's population into accepting their agenda and pushing for it.
People who believe that humans need to be aborted, and believe the human race needs to be culled into a small compliant herd.
People that are okay with billions of people starving, so long as the screens on their devices tell them it's the right thing to do.
But not everyone has gone insane.
Some still have a survival instinct.
When the Dutch government voted in a scheme that will force farmers to cut their livestock down to unsustainable levels, thereby forcing them out of work and shutting down the second biggest food exporter in the world, the farmers did the right thing and said no.
And protests have broken out all throughout the Netherlands.
Shutting down the world's second biggest food exporter is all part of the anti-human zero emissions plan.
And so the Dutch farmers aren't just protesting losing their jobs, they're protesting the mass murder of the world's population.
Just like the Canadian truckers and farmers did last winter, and just like the Canadian police sided with the tyrants, the Dutch cops are doing the same.
Police drawing their sidearms on peaceful protesters, and opening fire on them.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Using undercover agents and provoking violence to shut down peaceful gatherings.
Because the globalists are not taking no for an answer.
And while you may back the blue, chances are that they won't back you when it comes to the globalist agenda, which has now enlisted A-list celebrities to convince us all to eat bugs.
I'm Nicole Kidman, and I am going to eat a four-course meal of bugs.
They're trying to persuade us into dying peacefully, like good, obedient slaves.
But soon, the food will start to run out.
And worse, more signs of kinetic world war on the horizon, as Japan's longest-standing Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is assassinated.
And former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev joins President Putin in threatening nuclear annihilation if the United States continues their provocations.
Which is exactly what the Extinction Rebellion wants.
And it's what the Biden administration wants.
It's what everyone in charge wants.
The only way out of this
is a worldwide people's revolution.
The Dutch farmers have begun, and they have been joined by people from other nations.
The revolution will not be televised.
And if you want to stand up against evil, then now is the time, while you are still alive.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Good afternoon fellow American patriots.
I am your guest host Royce White for the hour.
I cannot say enough how honored I am to be here in the cockpit in the mothership of truth in America.
I do believe that this is the most spiritually alive audience in the world.
I'm thankful to Alex Jones for allowing me to be here and host the hour in person live in the studio.
We're going to talk about a lot of things this hour, sacred honor, national honor,
America's future.
But first I wanted to cue, show a video of Gaddafi's UN speech to give the framework.
I thought Gaddafi in 2009 laid out an incredible framework for globalism, kind of a cheat sheet or crash course for somebody who may not be initiated.
And please share this with others.
This is not an endorsement of Gaddafi wholesale as a leader, as a president, prime minister of Libya.
Obviously, Libya has seen its fair share of turmoil since Gaddafi was assassinated by the globalists, but cue the tape up for me if you can.
I want people to start this.
I want to start the segment off with this speech.
As is known, the United Nations was founded by three or four countries against Germany at the time.
The United Nations was formed by the nations that
As is known, the United Nations was founded by three or four countries against Germany at the time.
The United Nations was formed by the nations that... Yeah, no problem.
Guys, yeah, you can go to the post.
Yeah, we'll get it up.
There's an actual post that'll play the full 12 minutes.
That's from the story.
Gaddafi lays out, in short, the inception of the United Nations.
And this entire New World Order was brought about or expedited post-World War II.
And that is not a justification of Adolf Hitler and the atrocities that he waged against the Jewish people, but much of Europe and planned to the rest of the world.
It is to show and highlight how the enemy we face uses
Or never misses the chance to use a crisis to their advantage.
What we did, what many people believe that we won World War II.
Let's say that.
We didn't win World War II.
We lost World War II.
Many people lost their faith after World War II, and that might have been the biggest win for Satan in the last 100 years.
After that, we opened up China, Nixon in the 70s, Roe v. Wade, we went off the gold standard, and the NWO was in full force.
All of it
The UN, NATO, NWO uses Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany as a justification to consolidate power and global governance and what Gaddafi explains in the video that we now have queued up for you is
How the veto power works of the permanent seats of the United States Security Council and how those four countries that granted themselves permanent seats, first of all, were never in alignment with the original preamble, which stated that all countries were equal.
And what has happened now, those four Security Council nations had the opportunity to be genuine and honorable and humane in their power.
But, as we so often do as men, we abuse our power, and what has resulted is more wars, or 60 plus wars of aggression, that the United Nations Security Council has waged.
So, let's see the clip.
As is known, the United Nations was founded by three or four countries against Germany at the time.
The United Nations was formed by the nations that joined together against Germany in the Second World War.
Those countries formed a body called the Security Council.
Made its own countries permanent members and granted them the power of veto.
We were not present at that time.
The United Nations was shaped in line with those three countries and wanted us to step into the shoes originally designed against Germany.
That is the real substance of the United Nations when it was founded over 60 years ago.
That happened in the absence of some 165 countries at a ratio of 1 to 8.
That is, one was present and eight were absent.
They created the Charter, of which I have a copy.
If one reads the Charter of the United Nations, one finds that the preamble of the Charter differs from its articles.
How did it come into existence?
All those who attended a San Francisco conference in 1945.
Participated in creating the preamble, but they left the articles and internal rules of the procedures of the so-called Security Council to experts, specialists and interested countries, which were those countries that had established the Security Council and united against Germany.
The preamble is very appealing and no one objects to it, but all the provisions that follow it completely contradict the preamble.
We reject such provisions and we will never uphold them.
They ended with the Second World War.
The preamble says that all nations, small or large, are equal.
Are we equal when it comes to the permanent seats?
No, we're not equal.
The preamble states in writing that all nations are equal whether they are small or large.
Do we have the right to veto?
Are we equal?
The preamble says that we have equal rights, whether we are large or small.
OK, stop it right there.
We're going to come back to this video throughout the hour.
I want people to see it's about 12 minutes, 10 minutes of video here.
But but even so far, I mean, this this laid the groundwork for globalism.
This is what we face.
We face the consolidation of power.
We face a scope of governance that is way beyond the humility that was envisioned by our founding fathers here in America for your everyday average American citizenship, a citizen.
And we are losing our citizenship in a rapid way.
And we have to find a way to
Look within ourselves.
Look in the mirror.
Each and every one of us at home.
Look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we've traded for that freedom.
The idea of American freedom.
The concept of American freedom.
A nation of shopkeepers with the Second Amendment.
What does that do?
It creates a safeguard and a bastion of freedom against economic imperialism and tyranny.
And we've given that up.
And many of these cultural narratives or these political narratives that wage and wane in different directions have us arguing about things that take away from us the fundamental position we need to protect our citizenship.
And it boils down to two main vices.
Security and materialism.
On the right, we've surrendered our freedom for security.
We believe in the rule of law.
We have a naive belief in the rule of law.
On the left, it's radical materialism.
Whether it's the pursuit of materialism or material things, or it's the lack thereof and then nihilism as a result of a lack of material things.
These are the two guiding pillars of our loss of faith.
And in our loss of faith, we have a loss of freedom.
You can't have freedom without self-governance, but you can't have self-governance without sacred honor and faith.
And we're going to be talking about that throughout this entire hour as it pertains to a number of stories.
I'm very thankful to be here again for the hour.
Thank you to Alex Jones and the InfoWars team for allowing me to host.
We're going to come back with a little bit more from the Gaddafi clip next.
Are we equal when it comes to the permanent seats?
No, we're not equal.
The preamble states in writing that all nations are equal whether they are small or large.
Do we have the right to veto?
Are we equal?
The preamble says that we have equal rights whether we are large or small.
That is what is stated and what we agreed in the preamble.
So the veto contradicts the charter.
The permanent seats contradict the charter.
We neither accept nor recognize the veto.
The preamble of the Charter states that armed force shall not be used save in the common interests.
That is the preamble that we agreed to and signed and we joined the United Nations because we wanted the Charter to reflect that.
It says that armed force shall only be used in the common interests of all nations.
But what has happened since then?
65 wars have broken out since the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council.
65 since their creation, with the millions more victims than the Second World War.
Are those wars and the aggression and force that were used in those 65 wars in the common interest of us all?
They were in the interest of one or three or four countries, but not of all nations.
Stop it there.
I mean, you gotta love this.
You know, regardless of how you feel about Muammar Gaddafi and all of the things that were said about him in his life and the things that he did in Libya, you gotta love a man standing up before the entire United Nations summit in the heart of a very controversial time.
And just calling all of them out.
And you can see as they pan the camera to the crowd of the different nations that are watching, people are just panicking.
I mean, I don't know if you guys can see that or feel that, but when I watch it, I can see that the nations who are implicated are just panicking.
You know, this was the framework for globalism.
This was the framework for the globalism we face and what he's laying out is how the structure of the United Nations has been used to wage war on the free people of the world.
And that is what has happened.
And American citizens are first to blame because the United Nations is a
A running dog for America's security state, or the security state of the West, or the globalists.
It's one big cabal.
It's one big group.
And many people would say that I'm in danger for even saying that, as Gaddafi surely was.
He was killed or assassinated 16 months after this speech.
But to go back and circle to America, American freedom, the idea of it, the nation of shopkeepers and the Second Amendment as a bastion against economic imperialism and tyranny, we've given that up.
And our security state, our military industrial complex, the three states that are our biggest enemy, like I said before, the administrative state, the security state, and the deep state, we have given up.
The idea of American freedom for security, and we've allowed our military industrial complex to use American freedom, America's fundamental foundational values, as a prerequisite to wage unholy wars around the world.
So we are culpable.
We are to blame, and not just the military-industrial complex that has gotten out of control and went and pirated resources or whatever national interest they say around the world.
We, the American people, allowed it because we've been cowards.
Because we believe it's the government's duty to ensure our freedom and our security.
But it was never for the American government to ensure the security and freedom of American citizens.
It's for us to do.
And every time we give up...
We give up our own responsibility in ensuring our freedom.
We lend a hand for the globalists and our own agencies here domestically to tarnish America, the brand of America, and even more importantly, the spirit of America.
And that's what's happened, and that's what Gaddafi is explaining in this speech that he gave.
And we're not alone.
But what we have to understand is we are the safeguard for freedom for the entire world.
It's a heavy duty, I know, it's a heavy crown to wear, it's a heavy cross to bear, but it is the truth.
America is a unique country in this world's history.
The ideas that we were founded upon are unique to human civilization and with them carry a touch of divinity, the signature of divinity.
And we've gotten away from that as well.
And their language sounds so contradictory to the interest of American citizens.
Because they're not interested in Americans.
They're not interested in America.
They're not interested in the idea of freedom.
They're not interested in the idea of citizenship.
They don't want us to have a country.
That's what Gaddafi's explaining, is that the United Nations was the predicate to have a borderless, one-world government.
And that's how the United Nations is operated, and the security state has been there every step of the way, lockstep.
We have to take these... Look, when President Trump wins in 2024, he needs to clean out this... Every intelligence community head should be fired.
The entire intelligence community needs to be cleaned out, okay?
The intelligence community is the biggest enemy of this country.
And for me, as a 30-year-old man, to sit here on Alex Jones' show and say that carries a significant danger and threat to it.
And we all know it, who are watching this.
Yet, we would put up with a president taking a bullet right there in Dealey Plaza.
We tolerated that.
We accepted that.
The magic bullet theory.
We accepted the magic bullet theory.
It's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
We accepted that Robert Kennedy was killed by Sirhan Sirhan.
The name Sirhan Sirhan is ridiculous.
That's a security state asset name if I've ever heard one.
We accepted these lies.
Because they were greatly crafted?
Because they were well-woven lies?
Because they had a level of brilliance to them?
We accepted them because it was easier to accept these lies.
Then it was to confront the fact that we had given over our freedom for the security that a corrupt establishment provides us.
We wanted to get high.
We wanted to jerk off.
We wanted to become famous and rich.
We wanted to be God.
We wanted to be God and since we have let Satan take the reins.
I'm going to hold over until the next segment.
That was a rant I didn't plan on, but the spirit's in me.
I want to say thank you again to Alex Jones for allowing me to host and to speak to this audience.
It is the most spiritually alive audience in the world.
I'm proud to be here in the cockpit of American truth.
Stay with us to the next segment.
I want to touch back on Gaddafi's UN speech.
Thank you.
We will talk about whether those wars were in the interests of one country or of all nations.
That flagrantly contradicts the Charter of the United Nations that we signed.
And unless we act in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, to which we all agreed, we will reject it.
And not be afraid not to speak diplomatically to anyone.
Now we are talking about the future of the United Nations.
There should be no hypocrisy or diplomacy.
Because it concerns the important and vital issue of the future of the world.
It was hypocrisy that brought about 65 wars since the establishment of the United Nations.
The preamble also states that if armed force is used, it must be a United Nations force.
Since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945,
If there's an act of aggression by one country against another, the entire United Nations should deter and stop that act.
If a country, Libya for instance,
We're good to go.
Eight other massive fierce wars whose victims, number some two million, have been waged by member states that enjoy veto powers.
Those countries would have us believe they seek to maintain the sovereignty and independence of peoples and to use aggressive force against peoples.
Stop it there.
Let me read you the permanent members of the Security Council right here.
I got it brought up.
We got China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
China was the only country
Not coincidentally, that was democratically voted to become a permanent member of the Security Council.
What Gaddafi is laying out is what we face here in America as a nation.
It's just on a smaller scale but correlated to the global as well.
The surrendering of freedom in the name of a security of a war that has not yet come.
And we do it every single day.
And I see many of the issues that we discuss lacking any real concept of sovereignty or the importance of sovereignty, the importance of a nation state, the importance of self-governance.
There is a price for freedom.
The price of freedom is death.
Thomas Jefferson said it.
Malcolm X said it.
And it's not to say that once you die, you become free.
That's one way you can look at it, which is also true, I would say.
But it's to say that in order to have true freedom, you must confront the possibility of death in pursuit or securing that freedom.
And many of us don't want to have to confront the possibility, the immediate possibility or danger or threat of death in the pursuit or securing of our freedom.
And that's how these corrupt institutions and people have taken the idea of freedom, democracy, all of these ideas, and used them as propaganda to wage war.
And create a global governance.
Now, this segues perfectly into the conflict that we have going on with Russia and the Ukraine.
Because you got Russia sitting here on the Security Council.
We're good to go.
Then to hell with the Security Council altogether.
So now we have a proxy war, a three-way proxy war, between the West, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, China, and Russia.
So the United Nations has become a nothing body.
And these are the fundamental issues that American citizens have to start to look at and use to inform their decisions about their own individual lives and freedom, but also who we vote for.
And how we hold those people accountable, because if the United Nations has become a nothing body, not adhering to the preamble or the charter, or that the countries in the Security Council are actually in a proxy war, which they are, then that means the World Health Organization has become a nothing body.
Which we already know, but I mean factually, on paper.
The World Health Organization is illegitimate as it stands because its parent organization, the United Nations, is illegitimate as it now operates.
This is significant.
This is significant, and that's why when I went back and watched this UN speech from Gaddafi a few days back, I was in awe, because it dawned on me that all of these global governing institutions
openly speak as though they have supreme authority over the world, when in actuality they have no legitimate authority.
They certainly don't have any divine authority, but they don't even have the authority that they laid out for themselves on paper, which shows you how incompetent they really are.
Russia's not going to play by the rules of the United Nations.
China's not going to play by the rules of the United Nations.
And these other non-permanent members
...that are on the Security Council.
Albania, Brazil, Ghana, India.
India is one of our nationalist allies.
They're in the Southeast Asia.
But Mexico, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates.
I mean, the non-issues.
And that's what Gaddafi's saying is, they don't even really get a vote.
The United States, as Gaddafi was laying out, is able to veto whatever decisions come down by the broad body of United Nations members whenever we want to.
And also what it shows is how authority, the authority of institutions, the authority of leadership, the authority of joint efforts, is really undermined by individual corruption.
And it is the case that we face here in America with the House, the Senate, local governance, mayors, governors, the executive branch, the judicial branch.
Individual corruption has incredible, incredible moral hazard.
We stand in the shadow of that moral hazard.
And I would like to know from all these people who are running for office, let's say, on the conservative platform, how do we make up the ground of such moral hazard without God?
What is the real prescription for us to cover the ground that we've lost morally, ethically, spiritually, systematically, without a higher power, without a higher calling, without a higher order of ethics?
There is no way.
And that's why it's not by accident that along the way, while all of this corruption has taken place, there has been a concerted effort to pull God out of it, slowly but surely, which has hastened in the last generation, during my childhood and into my adulthood, and I'm not going to stand for it.
We will bring God back into politics because God has a place everywhere
Everywhere in the world in the universe because he is the most high stick with us to the other side I appreciate you guys being here with me Thank you to Alex Jones and InfoWars for allowing me to host this hour.
We will take back America Thank you.
Godspeed Welcome back.
I'm your host Royce White.
I'm guest hosting this hour of InfoWars I
Thank you for being with us this last hour.
I've been hosting InfoWars.
I'm proud to be here in the cockpit of American truth.
If you get a chance, go watch the rest of that Muammar Gaddafi UN speech on my Instagram.
I'm the kind of guy who likes to poke at big tech by posting a speech like that, even though I know the big tech would surely not have me put that content out there.
For this last segment, as we wind down the hour, I just want to talk about truth.
And the importance of truth.
The importance of truth here in America, in our everyday life.
And the reason why I showed Muammar Gaddafi is because, as a Christian man, as a Catholic,
I have significant disagreement with many practices of the Muslim faith, especially as it's practiced in many places in the world today.
We can't deny that there is an extremism, radical Islam.
However, there's a commonality amongst people who seek and have the courage to profess the truth.
On the highest stage, on the biggest platforms.
And I've tried to, over my life, look at the figures and the people who stood to lose the most by telling the truth at a particular time and find the commonality amongst them.
And I don't care, you know, it's all fruit from the same poisonous tree.
Who killed Gaddafi?
And I wore the Who Killed Gaddafi shirt recently, this two weeks ago in Chicago at the Big Three.
And, you know, people didn't even know who Gaddafi was, but one Chicago rapper didn't know who Gaddafi was.
And he had a story about Gaddafi having lent
I think it was seven million dollars or something like that to Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam to build a mosque.
Now do I agree with the Nation of Islam in every sense?
Do I consider Elijah Muhammad to be a prophet of mine?
Do I appreciate the fact that he wanted to build a mosque in what is now war-torn Chicago and give young black males faith in order to guide their life instead of radical materialism, drugs, and violence?
I do appreciate that.
I appreciate it greatly.
And I can't allow my differences of belief as a Catholic and Christian to conflict or conflate or obstruct those who seek to give net positives.
And that's why earlier today when Alex and I were talking, I want to make it clear that Christians like I, who are American first Christian sovereignists who aim to bring God more into focus in our politics and in our society, are not calling for a theocracy.
We don't want an anti-God theocracy.
We don't want a scientific technocracy.
We don't want a culture of Satanism.
And that is what has spawned in the absence or fear of a theocracy.
And there's a commonality.
Look, Alex Jones is Minister Louis Farrakhan.
You may not see it, you may not understand it, they may not have the same beliefs, but there's a reason why they did a sit-down interview together.
Because the establishment that presides over us, that wants to put its foot on our neck, for lack of a better phrase, sees Alex Jones and Minister Louis Farrakhan as the same threat.
And in that commonality is where we can find the unity to actually mount a fight
We're good.
The vision, the creativity, and the genuine honesty to bring figures together that stray from the narrative too much.
Alex Jones is one of them.
Nobody in the Republican Party would tell me to put an ad campaign out, a campaign ad video out with Alex Jones soundbite in it.
They would, you know, that makes you persona non grata.
We have to find the people who fight back against that, prop them up, support them.
So if you can, RoyceWhite.us, that's my campaign website, surely make a donation if you can.
I don't ask for money much, but surely we do need money to fight back against the establishment.
But you know, it's really not about winning or losing.
And that's what I wanted to say here, and I appreciate Alex for bringing me on and allowing me to talk about my congressional run.
But this is not about winning or losing.
This is about faith.
This is about restoration.
This is about the restoration of national honor, of sacred honor, of
Morals and ethics and values and sacred honor are the ideas and the morals and the values that you will live by but are willing to die for.
And we may die in defeat.
That is a possible outcome that you have to confront and accept in order to be free.
And that's been the entire motif of this segment and this hour, that if you don't accept the possibility of death, the immediate and probable likelihood of death, to defend your freedom or your citizenship, then you surely are not free.
You're not free psychologically first.
Which then results in you not being free physically.
And we are psychological slaves.
We are a slave to the machine.
We are a slave to the manufactured consent, which is a Chomsky idea who is way over there on the left and has become a mouthpiece for the establishment himself in many ways, but he laid some jewels before that we can look to.
And now we have to go back and piece through all of the narratives that have converged and have a spread
Thank you.
And I think we have to fight right now within ourselves to do that.
And I hear that a lot.
Look, I led the George Floyd protests.
Because the police departments have become pawns of the corporatocracy.
Am I anti-police?
Absolutely not.
We should refund and overhaul police resources.
We should train our police much better.
We should give much better mental health support to our police officers.
But the fundamental fact is that even our police in this country
The departments, the individual officers have surrendered their oath to a radical materialism that they pursue.
Instead of the sacred honor that comes with protecting the American people.
And in that, the police departments are basically a huge scapegoat.
And that's how they became the scapegoat.
They became a scapegoat because there wasn't a sacred honor that the police were willing to buck the establishment and fight and die for.
Now I understand the police have tried to
We're good to go.
And the police have to deal with that.
And in some cases they make mistakes.
I thought George Floyd was a mistake.
But what I wasn't going to do, what I wasn't going to allow, was CNN and the mainstream media establishment to ride into Minneapolis, my home where I was born and raised, and promote an idea that they have some altruistic
Some altruistic reason for being there.
That they want to just tell the story of the people.
That they're a friend of the people.
That they want to be a voice for the people.
It's a lie.
I know it's a lie.
You know it's a lie.
They know it's a lie.
The question is, what are we going to do about it?
And what I decided to do was physically go out in the street and lead people who I disagree with politically
To the front line of the establishment.
To the Federal Reserve.
I led 16,000 George Floyd protesters to the Federal Reserve and I said, here is where injustice starts.
This is where economic tyranny is.
This is where the elitism of our current corrupt political establishment has undermined the life and citizenship and freedom of George Floyd, absolutely, but you as well.
And I had a bunch of white liberals with purple hair and pink hair and green hair and the church of LGBT look at me and say, why are you saying sovereignty?
What do you mean by?
I don't care if you think Donald Trump is a white supremacist for saying sovereignty.
I understand what the word means and I can stand before a crowd and stand on my understanding of that word and its importance.
And right now in this country, we face a decision of whether or not we actually want to have a country.
And the decision that we make will have an impact on the future of the entire world, on the future of countries and nation states around the world, but on the future of the freedom, freedom as an idea around the world, as it was originally meant to be when our founding fathers created this country.
And ultimately,
It will decide the spiritual faith, because right now America's soul is lost in the wilderness, and we're going to need real, competent, faithful, spiritual, strong leaders to bring our soul out of the darkness.
Thank you to the Alex Jones audience and the InfoWars audience and the InfoWars team for allowing me to host this hour of InfoWars.
It's an honor to be here in the cockpit of American truth.
You are the most spiritually alive audience in the entire world.
Thank you.
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