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Name: 20220709_Sat_Alex
Air Date: July 9, 2022
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In this segment of Alex Jones' show, he discusses various global news events such as the riots in Sri Lanka, farmers protesting against EU's plan to ban cows in Europe, and the economic and social crisis caused by intentional policies designed to destabilize civilization. He also addresses how banks are implementing policies to shut down farms worldwide under the guise of environmental sustainability. Alex then talks about the protests in countries like France and Italy due to these policies being part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030's plan to control global population and independent farming operations. He mentions that small farmers struggle to make a living off their land, leading to protests worldwide. Alex continues by discussing the Dutch farmers' protest against globalist policies and how the UN promotes policies that have led to starvation while advocating for using human bodies as fertilizer. He highlights the devastating effects of COVID and the vaccine as a deadly biosynthetic chemical weapon mix, causing deaths in children and working-age adults due to cancer, heart attacks, and blood clots. In another segment, Alex talks about emotional nature and its role in waking people up while emphasizing the importance of being informed and having morals to fight against treason happening around us. He also discusses InfoWars' financial situation and asks for support from their audience. The speaker then talks about political situations in Australia, where citizens are not allowed to travel more than five kilometers from their homes and must scan QR codes with their phones. They mention the existence of concentration camps called quarantine camps in Australia for those who test positive for COVID-19 despite only 0.032% of the population being infected. The speaker encourages individuals to gather in Canberra and stand up against tyranny and oppression. Other topics discussed include nuclear war, Army training, inflation, approval ratings, the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade, legal issues related to January 6th committee show trials, and global events like wheat exports and gas usage in Europe hitting an all-time high.

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It's Saturday, July 9th, 2022.
We're live.
Transmitting from the Rebel Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Tomorrow's news.
Every major Western publication, from the BBC to ABC News, from CNN to Der Spiegel, is calling millions of Sri Lankans burning down buildings and vehicles, attacking police, sacking government facilities, physically attacking the leader of the country, breaking into the presidential palace, swimming in the swimming pool.
They're calling this
A protest.
And I agree the government's corrupt.
It's out of control.
People have a right under the Declaration of Independence, not just here but worldwide, to overthrow corrupt governments.
We have that inalienable God-given right.
That's what July 4th is all about.
But we're hit by the paradox of when you have a million people peacefully demonstrating on January 6th,
2021 and a few hundred get let in by the police and a few of them engage in some violence and a few citizens get killed.
Not even one one hundredth of what's happening in Sri Lanka or other places right now.
And it is called the greatest insurrection bigger than Pearl Harbor, bigger than 9-11.
That, ladies and gentlemen,
is gaslighting.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is lies.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is fraud.
Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, in Italy, in Germany, in France, millions and millions of farmers are protesting the EU and their individual governments announcing a ban on cows
Starting next year with 30% of cows that must be slaughtered, and over a five-year period, reducing beef production down to 10% of what is currently, that is feudalism.
You will eat the bugs, says Klaus Schwab, and I've got dozens of national TV shows from Australia, Europe, the UK, the US, and Canada, with Nicole Kidman, you name it, eating bugs and saying it's so delicious, you're not going to eat beef anymore.
You're like, they can't make that happen.
Yes, they can.
Just like they said, no more plastic straws.
Can you find plastic straws anywhere?
You're like, well, that seems reasonable.
But see, it leads to then everything else.
The globalists are still going to live in mansions.
They're going to fly on jumbo jets.
They're going to have fleets of private jets.
They're going to eat filet mignon.
They're going to eat Colby beef.
But you aren't, and the economy is going to be destroyed because they list all carbon as toxic.
I have seen a headline saying, UN scientists call for cutting down trees to stop carbon.
Because they put off carbon.
Carbon is what refreshes the atmosphere.
And all over the country, and all over the world, the store shelves are empty except for the synthetic meat aisles.
No one wants the estrogen-packed garbage.
So this conditioning project has gone into high gear.
So much to cover on this emergency Saturday broadcast.
I did two hours and 15 minutes of the show yesterday.
And the news was so overwhelming that I've committed to myself to not blow up, to not cuss and scream, to not do the stuff that they cherry pick that I do every once in a while that becomes the Alex Jones that I'm known for.
Not that it's really a bad thing overall, but it's something that is not physically good for me.
And so when I get into a deep, dark hole, instead of yelling and screaming, I simply go lay down on my office couch and take a nap.
Because I don't want to die of a heart attack, and I don't want to be a bad example to my children.
And I'm not normally a person that gets depressed, but I think that's what you'd call it.
When you see all this horrible, evil news, you're immersed in it sometimes.
I don't blame people that don't want to listen to the show, because it's overwhelming.
But what's more overwhelming is letting the New World Order take over, letting them continue to attack and dismantle our civilization and come after our children's very souls.
And so I threw up not really a fit.
I just very calmly said, I may not be back next week.
And then I'm gonna take some time off.
And then no later than I'd gotten off air, taking care of some of the work around here, took a nap, woke up, drank a glass of iced tea, and went home and saw my family that I
I called the crew by about 5 o'clock.
Said no.
I said, no, come in for the Saturday show.
We're going to do the special Saturday show.
And I'm going to be here tomorrow night as well, 4 p.m.
And I'll be here for the weekday show.
And I understand it's stressful for you.
It's stressful for me.
It's designed to be stressful.
The breakdown of civilization, Klaus Schwab talks about the angrier world that's going to bring in their new world order.
But if they're destabilizing civilization and we expose they're the ones that are behind it and they get the blame,
Then they will end up being stopped, their system will be exposed, their evil anti-human kleptocracy, their corporate-ocracy, their technocracy, their transhumanist revolution will be defeated, and humanity will have a much better chance of making it into the future and building a better civilization.
And I harp on this because we know their plans.
So I told you 20 years ago, and I told you 10 years ago, and I told you a year ago that
The lockdowns coming with a viral scare would be used to destroy the supply chain.
And then they would use that when any country in the world has 50% of the income of the average citizen being spent on food or energy or both.
In this case, it's way above that.
It's about 70% now in most countries.
People are spending 70% on food and energy.
There's not even money for housing or for any type of leisure or for medicine.
When that happens, 100% of the time, doesn't matter if it's Asians, doesn't matter if it's Africans, doesn't matter if it's Europeans, doesn't matter if it's Latin Americans, when you cross that line, 100% of the time, mass riots, total collapse of civilization.
And you're living in Venezuela overnight.
You're living in Cuba overnight.
You're living in North Korea overnight.
And the globalists are sitting above this with their technocracies, admitting that they are engineering and orchestrating this worldwide collapse.
And sure enough, in Sri Lanka, they're spending about 60% of their total income on food and energy combined.
And it's game over.
Total bedlam.
They're artificially cutting off the food and energy in Europe.
They're cutting off the food and energy here.
And as the third world collapses, the UN is organizing these massive numbers of people and bringing them here to further collapse us with the currency, devaluation, the inflation, the open borders, the fentanyl, drug addicts littering the streets everywhere.
Joe Biden has said it's Vladimir Putin's fault that energy has doubled in the last year and a half.
Then he said it was the oil companies, then he said it was the gas stations, and not the big central banks and his direct policy shutting off new oil drilling and the major pipelines.
But now he came out in a new clip I've got here in my list.
Clip 9, no, clip 8, we'll play in a moment.
Here's Biden admitting that gas prices have nothing to do
With Putin and everything to do with his plan to get rid of fossil fuels.
And we have him during the campaign saying it, we have Obama saying it, when he was running.
We have them putting out the exact policies of the Globalist, of the Club of Rome, of the UN, of the Davos Group.
And so we have dozens of clips of him saying it.
Dozens of clips of Psaki saying it.
Dozens of clips of the Energy Secretary.
They'll give speeches and say, oh, it's Putin's fault, it's gas station's fault, but, you know, we're doing this deliberately to make you get away from fossil fuels so that a solution gets developed, but oh, we don't have that solution yet.
Then you destroy the regular economy, the average person can't pay their bills, goes deep into debt, and then they're going to bring in an official UN global plan
Where you have a global social credit score, where you are loaned money, but you can only spend it where they say you can, in the ways they say you can.
Oh, here's a housing allotment.
You've got to behave all these ways we say.
And you've got to live in a 250 square foot coffin apartment.
Oh, and you've got to take a microchip.
And it's all over Twitter and Instagram and the news.
about all these different countries that are going on to the ECG program of the UN for environmental programs where, oh, you'll get a job somewhere, but then everything you do and everything you say and everywhere you spend your money
Can only be spent directly in the way they say.
In fact, they're showing that clip, one of the clips from the Davos group a few weeks ago saying the same thing.
And I've got a stack of articles here we'll be getting to.
But let's go and play that particular clip second back to back with Biden now saying that it's part of this transition.
Here it is.
I think sustainability linked loans that we like to call them.
We certainly see a substantial increase.
I think it's an important tool, but still just one tool.
And I think one of the things that we've done for energy transition is that we've stated that we will provide 1,500 billion kroner for sustainable investments towards 2030.
So that's another driver.
For reallocating capital, it's the size of our total balance sheet today, so it's quite substantial.
I think furthermore, it's the cooperation with the businesses, both on the investment side and on the bank side.
Yes, we do have certain areas of exclusion, businesses that we won't do if you don't have a transition plan, if you have no recognition of your
I think?
Making sustainable investments cheaper.
We're probably going in the direction of making the others more Detrimental activities so much more expensive and this is difficult We're at we're at the starting point of really understanding that and I hope we will become Much better at it before we actually experience more of the dear consequences of well when it comes to the gas prices We're going through an incredible transition
So it's an incredible transition that they're implementing.
You just saw the Davos Group with the European leader saying, we don't let banks loan people money for anything we say is not good for the environment.
That means single-family homes.
That means any type of meat farming.
They say it's bad because they let off methane and nitrogen which makes the plants grow.
On record.
They just told the farmers in the Netherlands that 30% of your cows will be slaughtered by next year or you'll be arrested and then the next year you'll kill 30%.
And you'll never be able to have them again, and that's it.
And sorry, your business doesn't fit into the future.
She just said that.
She said, well, sadly, this is very painful, and sadly, a lot of these businesses just won't be allowed to exist.
We won't just not loan you money.
We're going to have government rules banning it.
Now you wonder why there's a million farmers plus in Germany in one city alone, or a million in the Netherlands.
Now you wonder why they're on the streets in France and Italy.
World IDs, global social credit scores, the carbon tax.
They're doing it.
They're getting rid of our economy.
They're getting rid of everything we do that's decentralized.
And nothing is more decentralized than cattle production around the world.
My family has been in cattle for 200 years.
It's over 200 years now.
My dad's side of the family and my mother's side of the family came in at the same time to East Texas and got Mexican land grants in
We've still got a copy of the family Bible laminated, my dad does, with the Mexican land grant in it in Spanish.
And so I can tell you about the cattle business.
We make no money on cattle.
But we have to have the tax exemption for the family farm that's left, a remnant of what was there.
We had over 20,000 acres 100 plus years ago from the Mexicans.
Now it's down to a couple thousand acres my dad's got, a couple thousand my uncle's got.
The rest of the family over the years sold off their property.
They're the lone rangers.
But you drive into the area that my family's from, in that one area, everything you see was once ours.
The true Ponderosa.
Now it's owned by the people and that's fine.
The issue is that we don't make any money off that.
Off the 400, 500 cattle.
After all the bills and the regulations and the veterinary stuff and all of it.
Most of our properties don't even have cows on it anymore, so it's trees.
It looks just like that.
You got pine woods, oaks.
That looks like our property right there.
It's not, but that's what it looks like.
So, I know all about this.
And it's the same for the Dutch.
It's the same for everybody.
But when you fly over the United States, I don't care if you're in Pennsylvania, I don't care if you're in New Mexico, I don't care if you're in Wisconsin, I don't care if you're in Oklahoma.
You fly over and you see these little farmhouses.
And you see cows on the property, but nobody's there.
They're all working in town at the power plant or at the prison or at the school or as a police officer.
But then when they get home at night and on the weekends, they till the garden and take care of the cows and find the cow that jumped the fence and get it back in and do that just to continue to produce
What we have today, you know, maybe a hundred acres is wheat, maybe a couple hundred acres is soybeans.
And you got the equipment, you get out there and you bring it in just to keep your property.
And maybe if you work real hard as a small farmer ranch, maybe you got enough money to go on a vacation once a year and buy yourself a new truck every four years.
And that's how everybody operates.
And that's how the Dutch operate, and it's how the people in the UK operate, and it's how the farmers in France operate, and it's how the farmers in Australia operate.
Even the big farms owned by rich people will have a hotel or a dude ranch added on to the farm or the ranch because they can't even make money on it, but they'll make money off that.
And so we have the farmers surrounding the airports in Europe.
In the Netherlands and other areas.
And how do the police respond?
They come out and they shoot up their vehicles.
And they shoot the people.
And what are the farmers supposed to do?
Just roll over and die?
I guarantee you those farmers probably spent half the money they had in the bank to drive those tractors hundreds of miles.
And they're just hanging on.
All of them I guarantee you got second jobs.
All they're trying to do is keep the property their great-great-grandparents were on.
All they're trying to do is live a good, clean life.
And they're the enemy.
You're the enemy.
I'm the enemy.
And that's why, as much as I can't stand seeing our borders collapsed and these hordes of illegals coming across, you know they all came from little farms as well, many of which they've been on for hundreds of years.
They were told
In early 2020, you can't farm, you can't ship your food.
And so they started starving to death in Africa, in Latin America, in areas of Asia.
And they're now flooding in here to the fentanyl-diseased cities to be signed up for welfare and indoctrinated into leptis ideology and replacement migration.
And then it's game over.
So does it matter if you're a farmer in Venezuela?
Or you're a farmer in Chile?
Or you're a farmer in Nigeria?
Or you're a farmer in Germany?
Or you're a farmer in Texas?
Or you're a farmer in England?
Or Ireland?
Or Scotland?
It doesn't matter where you are, the same global banks and the same policies of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030
are being put into place to shut your farm down.
You can put in the search engine, the Google News Search.
Farmers pay to stop farming in Wales.
Farmers pay to stop farming in California.
Farmers pay to stop farming in New Zealand.
Farmers pay to stop farming in Mexico.
One-time sums to shut their land down while Bill Gates buys it all up for genetic synthetic farming.
This is their checkmate.
This is their takeover.
This is their plan.
And it's pure-blooded evil to starve the world population.
We aren't going to be attacked by the New World Order.
We've been attacked by the New World Order.
The border's not going to collapse.
It's been collapsed for a year and a half.
Say what you want about Trump on his poison shots, but everything else he did was dead on, like controlling our border.
And that's where we are today.
Now I want to come back and get into Sri Lanka and the global destabilization, and I meant to have the guys print this, but if somebody could go to that bookshelf out there, or maybe it's in Rabdu's office up there in that bookshelf, the book's been out of print for a decade,
But my book, 9-11, Descent into Tyranny, has an actual chapter and a screenshot of that exact headline from Greg Pallas at the BBC, back when the BBC still did a decent job occasionally.
American investigative journalist working with the BBC.
And he broke, when he got leaked over 1,000 pages of documents from the IMF World Bank, what they called the IMF Riot Plan.
And that was only one of the pieces of a 100-part plan, but it's the...
We're good
To not prosecute crime and things.
Society breaks down.
People stop shopping.
People stop having small businesses.
Everything collapses.
And there's a period of up to three years of looting and rioting that's just starting.
And at the end of it, there's zero confidence.
Starvation, even in first world countries.
And then the IMF and World Bank come in with a new savior.
They could be right wing.
They could be left wing.
They'll pose as populist.
And they say, sign on to this agreement and run your country this way, social credit score 2.0, and we will turn your economy back on, and we'll turn your electricity back on, and we'll bring law and order back.
And then they bring in a police state system over the new third world population they've just created.
Chile, Argentina, Venezuela in the 1950s were richer per capita household than the United States.
They are hell holes now.
The global private central banks have done this before.
And just as they shipped in opium for a hundred years to take control of China, the British Empire, and the opium wars, they are now bringing that similar system here.
They don't want stability.
They didn't get rid of one evil system, apartheid.
To replace it with something good.
Even the communist blacks in South Africa tell you it's 10 times worse than it was.
Because they replaced one evil that believed in capitalism and so there was a lot of spill off for everybody.
With one where they loot the whole country and the owners of South Africa just don't live there anymore.
Everybody's slaves.
Instead of a system progressing out of slavery,
Towards freedom, like America was.
They just, in that, call it socialist, call it communist, call it woke.
People say, get woke, go broke.
Well, no, no, you go broke, I go broke, no matter what color you are.
But the New World Order, they get even richer and more powerful in competition.
Here's the book, 9-11, Dissent and Tyranny, and let me look at the chapters here.
This is 2002, dedicated to my grandfather who just died, my mom's dad.
And I have the table of contents in here with a bunch of quotes after that.
By the way, the book's free online.
You can find a digital copy out there.
And it's got a layout here on what is in the book in the different chapters.
The first chapter is the House of World Government.
We just lay it all out.
I ought to bring it back into print.
It's really a good book.
I lost the digital copy that's set for books, but here it is.
World Bankers Feed Off Crumbling Economies.
And here's the interview with Greg Pallas, a journalist for BBC Observer London.
And this interview got transcribed and was published all over the world, including in the biggest newspapers in Latin America, because they know all about it down there.
And this big final chapter interview, next to last, Bohemian Grove, who they are, really says it all.
You need to understand this and how they implode economies by design.
So we have the documents.
And so I don't mind people doing this.
It's a very popular thing.
I see all over the internet attacking me.
And people don't say Jones is wrong, they say he knows all this because he's one of them.
Now see, when you do that, you handicap yourself.
To believe that I could only know this stuff because I'm on the inside, when that's the opposite.
The globals are trying to destroy me right now, and you.
But to act like this is forbidden information that you can't find.
No, they're trying to forbid it from you, but it's all there.
So, when I told you 20 years ago they were going to try to make you eat bugs and man beef, it's because that's the official UN plan.
Everything they're teaching in the colleges 10 years ago is now happened.
Everything the Club of Rome wanted 30 years ago is now here.
Everything the Rockefeller Foundation in 2011 wrote about in lockstep, they've done.
So when you look at stuff I covered 20 years ago and it's all come true, people go, this guy's either a prophet, he's psychic, he's a time traveler, none of those, or he's one of them.
When if you will simply learn how to learn how they operate, it's game over for them.
I mean, it is, it is, it is not voodoo to know what the new old order plan is and what they've done to the third world and how the global corporations have colonized the planet with their leftist ideology of control and division to hamstring us.
If you understand that, you will understand everything that is about to unfold and everything that is about to go down.
They will take one evil system that is at one-tenth as bad as what they're about to do, claim they're about to get rid of that, and give you something ten times worse, twenty times worse.
So when I criticize the current state of South Africa, liberals go, oh, you're for apartheid.
That's the dumbest statement ever.
If I break my arm,
And I go to the doctor and they say, we're going to cut your arm off.
And I go, doctor, my arm doesn't have gangrene.
It's not infected.
Just fix the arm.
Give me a cast, put a screw in it.
And they go, no, we're going to cut your arm off.
I say, I'm going to go get a second opinion.
So see, apartheid in South Africa was a broken arm.
And the globalists said, well, we're going to go ahead and just cut your arms and legs off and stick an ice pick in your eyes.
Well, no, I want my arm fixed.
I want to get out of apartheid and have a better system.
Free market, open society, promoting freedom.
But the globalists didn't do that.
They came in and created division, had the communists run the country in the ground.
And then as soon as they're done with 20 years of the communists running things, then the globalists come in and take over.
But they're looting the thing the whole time.
You know who has the biggest IMF and World Bank loans in Latin America?
It's every communist country out there works for the central bankers.
They work for the ultra-rich.
And that came out in congressional documents when Anthony Sutton, the head archivist of Congress in the 50s, started leaking documents.
He didn't go public until the 70s and risked his life.
He wrote a whole slew of books with the documents.
Wall Street and the rise of Hitler.
Wall Street and the Bolsheviks.
All of it.
How Wall Street financed Mao Zedong.
It's the same thing.
The bankers want monopolies.
They want dictatorships.
And now they're just getting us used to that, because dictators can come and go as long as the global's controlled.
So, yeah, blame Boris Johnson.
They don't care.
Blame Biden.
Blame these tyrants.
You can say, well, Boris Johnson was elected, and he was, claiming to be a patriot, but he became a dictator in his actions.
Shutdowns, lockdowns, police state.
All the stuff.
Biden stole the election and is doing dictatorial things.
He is a dictator.
But he's only a viceroy.
He's only a titular head.
He's only a front man.
He's a puppet.
And until you address the root or the heart of the Hydra and not its heads, you have no hope.
So we're going to do this.
We're going to play a very powerful report from Greg Reese.
And I think that the front page image
of the video that shows a Dutch farmer with his four-pronged pitchfork fighting the big EU New World Order globalist devil with his three-pronged pitchfork is just an extremely powerful image.
The report went live about four hours ago.
It's got 75,000 views.
It needs 100 million views.
We're going to post it on the front page of InfoWars.com.
It's on Bandot Video.
But never is there more a crystal clear example of this than Dutch farmers ignite worldwide anti-globalist uprising.
And you know, I'll talk about it more when we come back, but we're going to play some of the newscasts, some of the raw footage, the incredible activities they've overthrown the corrupt government in Sri Lanka when we come out of this video.
Then we're going to play that clip from a year and a half or two years ago where I said I'll eat my neighbors when society collapses.
I'm not going to eat my bugs.
Now what sounds crazier, you can't have food, you can't have baby formula, you can't have beef, you can't have a gasoline car, you can't have in San Francisco a fireplace because smoke's evil.
It's part of the atmosphere and actually creates rain and a bunch of other stuff.
Look at the potash and rain in the atmosphere.
You have to have it.
But you will eat the bugs, you will drink the sewage, you will know nothing, you will like it.
That's normal.
But me saying in a collapsed society, I'm not gonna eat bugs, I'm gonna eat my leftist neighbors.
And I said that's tongue-in-cheek, but they're serious when they're saying.
And then they edit out where I say this is satire.
But you know, I saw a lot of the comments on Gregory's video today.
They said, hey, I'm gonna eat leftists before I eat bugs.
And you know, at the end of the day,
If society does totally, completely collapse, you know 95% of people in a starvation mode, especially if they have children, will eat people.
And so I was satirical a couple years ago when I pointed out global lockdowns are gonna cause collapse, and all the rest of it's all eat my neighbors.
My neighbors are nice people, I won't eat them.
But, maybe Massie McConaughey?
Maybe Beto O'Rourke?
I mean, you know, we're all starving to death, they collapse society, they cut the energy off.
And my kids are starving.
I'm driving along in my armored vehicle.
I'm like, hey, Matthew McConaughey lives right over there.
Let's go get some food.
You know, we were all supposed to eat bugs.
No, I'm going to be eating long pork.
I'm going to be eating globalist elitists.
You know, the leftists always say, eat the rich, right?
Of course, I'm not literally serious.
I'm not going to literally eat Matthew McConaughey.
But you watching this live now, we'll see them later.
Clip that out and say, Alex Jones, I'm going to go to Matthew McConaughey's house and eat him.
I told you five times that's satire.
But they're gonna edit it and put it out.
But that's them lying, you see.
And then we'll get millions of viewers off of that.
And they'll come actually hear what I actually said.
No, I'm not gonna eat Matthew McConaughey.
He takes so much meth, he's a little too skinny.
Reportedly, and cocaine and everything else.
But who is a little bit juicier?
Hillary Clinton?
No, that's... Michelle Obama?
No, no, no, no.
Bette Midler?
She's pretty fat.
Who is it?
The globalists now pay to have kids, give them blood transfusions.
Hillary would look pretty good on a spit.
I don't know.
Again, satire, not serious, I would never eat Hillary Clinton, wish her no harm, Brian Stelter.
If he donated himself for carbon, the globals are saying they're going to legalize suicide and pay people to get rid of themselves and save the earth.
So they legalize suicide and Brian Stelter decides to kill himself.
They're talking about recycling.
We're not talking about it.
Using aborted babies to heat hospitals in the U.S.
and the U.K.
It's been happening for a decade.
And they're talking about using bodies for fertilizer.
It's actually 20 states plus that passed laws to have us turn into fertilizer to grow crops.
Well, let's just go directly here.
If Brian Stelter thinks there's too many people who want to save the Earth, he could euthanize himself in one of the many states, like Michigan, or New York, where it's legal.
And then you could go to the grocery store and get sustainable meat.
Because the carbon offset of a human and the amount of carbon they put out is thousands of times what the carbon is in their body, and you could eat Brian Stelter.
Have a big oven, he comes out with like a pineapple in his mouth, or a palm granite, or a big apple, and he just comes out after like three, four hours at 450 degrees, and you just reach right in and get the eyeball, pluck it right out, it's like a little raisin.
Bon appetit, absolutely delicious.
So we should open the phones up today and ask you, legally and lawfully, if they donated their body to fight climate change, who would you like to have an auction?
Going once, $455.
Brian Stelter's corpse be roasted and cooked for carbon enjoyment.
I got, I got, this lady right here, if one of you want to... $500.
$500 for Brian Stelter's corpse for roasting.
I got $500.
Let's go $700.
$700 for Brian Stelter.
High-quality, long pork ham, overweight, plenty of marbling in that fan.
I got $900.
I got $900 for Brian Stelter.
Brian Stelter, roasted.
Oh, $7,000.
There you go.
You gotta feed them the mean machine.
You gotta give them what they need.
Again, no Brian Stelters were hurt in the making of this satire.
They'll probably have the FBI come question me, are you serious about eating people?
Uh, no, I'm not serious.
You know, I got an article here, I'll get to you later, I don't have time.
They're protesting out on major farms where China is buying up all of the local land right next to the military base.
So a woman posted a declaration of independence and said, it's time for us to overthrow this corrupt government, meaning politically, culturally.
That's the founding document of the country.
FBI came and visited her to ask her if she was a terrorist.
No, I mean, I'm sure that Brian's culture would taste extremely foul.
So to be clear again,
I'm not like the U.N.
saying starve people to death to actually save the earth.
I'm not actually promoting taking dead bodies and using them for fertilizer as the state of Washington is already doing.
I didn't publish an article they now claim is satirical on the U.N.
deletes weird satirical article celebrating benefits of world hunger after backlash
That's an Infowars.com Paul Joseph Watson article, when they're the ones that actually implemented policies that have starved an extra 70 million people, they're now reporting, in the last three years to death.
Oh, but don't worry, Germany... Germany's largest residential landlord to impose heating rationing for tenants.
See, it's the corporations that are going to enforce this to save the earth.
The carbon tax.
Ooh, his house still has heat.
So that's the feudalistic system of control.
And look, the IMF and World Bank, the big bankers, didn't create feudalism.
Most cultures until the Renaissance, 550 years ago, were feudalist-based.
And if you guys print me the definition of feudalism, and I'll give you my definition, but it's a system of governance by royal clans and subgroups
Over the general population where the people do not own the means of production of the land and subsist as tenants or slaves of the land and the majority of the production they create is given to the elites to then be redistributed and feudalism uses starvation and deprecation as a mode of control to keep a permanent underclass in place.
So they use making people poor as the mode of governance and control, hence feudalism, and the system they've created now, neo-feudalistic high-tech techno-fascism.
So there you go, and that's what the UN and the globalists say they're leading us into.
So we're going to go to this Gregory's report.
And if we have a worldwide peaceful rebellion of civil disobedience and non-compliance and awakening, and blame the New World Order and the globalists, they will fall.
If we just get mad because society's collapsing and then just burn down a little government building, they'll just put another puppet in.
But if we politically destroy the globalists and identify them, it's game over for them.
We'll get good people in who will then arrest them.
And instead of the tail wagging the dog, the dog will wag the tail.
And that's what they fear, and that's what they admit in their white papers they fear.
And so, in Europe, they get it.
You go to these demonstrations, we see the videos, they're saying, down with Klaus Schwab, down with the New World Order, in the U.S., in Canada, in Europe, in Sri Lanka, they get what is going on.
So I'm going to air this Gregory's report, then we're going to air the audio and video with sound, so I'm not talking over it, some of the incredible scenes out of Sri Lanka, and I'll be right back on the other side.
But get that video and report and share it.
Dutch Farmers Ignite Worldwide Anti-Globalist Uprising.
If you get excited to spread this video and tell others to spread it, nothing can stop us.
This equation has four factors, a little bit of multiplication.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero.
And that's going to be based on the number of people, the services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out
Let's do it!
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Many believed that Bill Gates somehow misspoke when he attributed successful depopulation to the vaccines.
But it's now evident that he didn't.
He was being very clear about the intentions of the globalist agenda.
Kill 99.99% of all humans.
According to these psychopaths, this is how we will save the planet.
And they have convinced an overwhelming amount of the world's population into accepting their agenda, and pushing for it.
People who believe that humans need to be aborted, and believe the human race needs to be culled into a small, compliant herd.
People that are okay with billions of people starving, so long as the screens on their devices tell them it's the right thing to do.
But not everyone has gone insane.
Some still have a survival instinct.
When the Dutch government voted in a scheme that will force farmers to cut their livestock down to unsustainable levels, thereby forcing them out of work and shutting down the second biggest food exporter in the world, the farmers did the right thing and said no.
And protests have broken out all throughout the Netherlands.
Shutting down the world's second biggest food exporter is all part of the anti-human zero emissions plan.
And so the Dutch farmers aren't just protesting losing their jobs, they're protesting the mass murder of the world's population.
Just like the Canadian truckers and farmers did last winter.
And just like the Canadian police sided with the tyrants, the Dutch cops are doing the same.
Police drawing their sidearms on peaceful protestors.
And opening fire on them.
Drive away!
What are you doing with my guns?
Drive away!
Look at him!
Using undercover agents and provoking violence to shut down peaceful gatherings.
Because the globalists are not taking no for an answer.
And while you may back the blue, chances are that they won't back you when it comes to the globalist agenda, which has now enlisted A-list celebrities to convince us all to eat bugs.
I'm Nicole Kidman, and I am going to eat a four-course meal of bugs.
They're trying to persuade us into dying peacefully, like good, obedient slaves.
But soon, the food will start to run out.
And worse, more signs of kinetic world war on the horizon, as Japan's longest-standing Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is assassinated.
And former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev joins President Putin in threatening nuclear annihilation if the United States continues their provocations.
Which is exactly what the Extinction Rebellion wants.
And it's what the Biden administration wants.
It's what everyone in charge wants.
The only way out of this is a worldwide people's revolution.
The Dutch farmers have begun, and they have been joined by people from other nations.
The revolution will not be televised.
And if you want to stand up against evil, then now is the time.
While you are still alive.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The Dutch farmers are the tip of the spear and they know who the enemy is.
We support them.
We salute them.
We should join them peacefully.
Now let's look at the fall of the government in Sri Lanka.
We're good.
That's the presidential palace with folks swimming in the swimming pool.
Of course now the electricity is going off and the long collapse of Sri Lanka will now begin.
But it's always fun at first when you just mindlessly overthrow things instead of actually putting in a new government.
But this is what the IMF and World Bank are engineering and it's coming here next.
But remember,
One one-hundredth of this happened in the U.S.
Capitol on January 6th, and they're calling it worse than Pearl Harbor at 9-11.
Both events killed more than 3,000 people.
Absolutely preposterous.
But this, a 99.5% peaceful crowd that stretched for three miles, they didn't know that people forced their way in.
Once the police opened the gates and the doors,
About a thousand people went in.
700 plus have all been charged.
Some that didn't even raise a hand or walk outside the velvet ropes are still in jail awaiting trial.
And if that president's set, it can be done to all of us.
And the Democrats are now calling for outlawing their political opposition.
Again, this is a special emergency Saturday broadcast.
I want to get into the global destabilization more than I want to look at the situation escalating with Russia.
I want to get into some of the breakdown of the human family and the biological transhumanist attack and so much more here today.
And then I want to go back
And grab right now.
He had three reports on it.
Some of the Australia reports that Gregory's did of how the people stood up there and New Zealand and forced them to end their lockdowns that were never going to end.
And Australia, New Zealand were the test case, and that's why they had to back down other parts of the world.
But they're planning more again in the near future.
So we're going to air some of those reports.
You can find the Gregory section.
A band on video coming up.
Also, when I say
Devastating proof that COVID and the vaccine is a deadly biosynthetic chemical weapon mix.
You can't just calmly talk about something like this.
You can't just mix it into the rest of the news.
It's so huge.
It's so evil.
It's so admitted that it's hard for me to even cover it because
It'd be like if I was eulogizing a family member that had just died.
You get a frog in your throat.
Well, this is 10,000, a million times worse than that.
Because it's millions of people that are hurt and dying and dead.
And it's what brings me to this point where I have trouble doing the show now because all the major insurance companies, all the major government numbers of all the Western countries show basically the exact same numbers.
I have an anxiety attack.
That's because I live in the real world, folks.
Something like this isn't just a piece of news for me.
I know it's not for you.
This is big.
They have a 400% to 500% increase in deaths in children of cancer, heart attacks, and blood clots.
There's an overall 40% to 45% death rate in 18 to 63 working age in every Western country.
It's the same number.
40% to 45% increase in death.
Record death.
We didn't have deaths of people in major wars even close to this.
And we know only a fraction of the deaths are being attributed to where they actually came from.
And just that small number that's a shadow of the real number is huge and is mega massive.
And so I'm going to hit that actually first here.
So things can really, really sink in.
Because as a man,
I can't separate myself emotionally, though I've tried.
And I've talked to experts.
I've talked to psychologists.
I've talked to medical doctors.
I've even talked to
You know, some of the best yogis out there, not that I follow Hinduism, but people that are really good at slowing their heart rate down.
People that are really good at separating themselves emotionally.
A lot of executives get trained by these people.
The military, a lot of the brass does, because it's not even a religious angle.
It's how to control your brain, your mind.
To separate yourself, like you're a doctor from kids run over by a car, or a cop having to learn to separate themselves from, you know, gunshot wounds with their buddy and just control themselves and get an ambulance.
And I have always been successful because I wear my emotions on a sleeve and I go with the flow of those emotions.
And it helps wake people up because I intellectually do the research, but then I emotionally a lot of times present it.
And that's good to get people awake that weren't awake before.
But when you're deeply awake, it becomes very destructive because I'm feeling every bit of this.
And you know, empathy isn't just some touchy-feely, candy-ass thing.
You have empathy so that you don't want bad things to happen to others because you instinctively know it's going to happen to you.
I mean, as a man, this is really the heart of it.
I may have to go off here in a minute, just like yesterday.
As a man,
To know they're killing millions of children, particularly right now, with starvation and these deadly shots.
They know it's 100% confirmed.
And old people and regular folks like us.
They know they killed some of my friends with the original virus release and have killed people I know with the shots.
And all people that call in, we open the phones, one caller after another with the death and carnage in their family.
And the statistics prove it's all real.
As a man, I feel
Guilty that I haven't been able to stop this just at a cellular level.
I can't intellectually say I've done as good as I could.
Doesn't matter, I still feel guilty.
And I wonder what it's like to be one of these sociopaths that doesn't care.
Or worse, a psychopath who enjoys this.
Maybe one out of a thousands of psychopaths, one out of a hundreds of sociopaths, they estimate.
But that's who we're led by.
And I get why they're in control, because they can do things nobody else is going to do.
And they're not like Hearts of Darkness remade into Apocalypse Now by the great Millis.
But Colonel Kurtz wants to be able to unfeelingly kill the enemy to win a war, and Colonel Kilgore
archetypally wants to just divert his attention while he's doing it and have fun while he's doing it.
But not the fun of killing, just fun diverting himself while he does it.
But see, it's not Colonel Kurtz or Colonel Kilgore that are really the two choices in Vietnam.
On both sides, it's people that actually enjoy it.
And that's really
The Dichotomy of Man in Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick's amazing film.
The general is inspecting a mass grave, and he sees the army reporter there, Private Joker, and he says, what is that on your helmet and on your flak vest?
On your helmet, it says, born to kill.
But on your body armor, you got a peace symbol.
Is that some kind of sick joke?
Yeah, cue that up with audio when you can, tell me when you're ready.
Good job finding that in five seconds, incredible.
Job finding that so quick, I don't know how they did it.
I didn't tell them I was about to do that.
That's fast crew right there.
He says, oh, it's the dichotomy of man.
With a paradox, you can have two views at the same time.
And he says, all I want you to do is follow my orders as if they are the word of God.
And if you do that, we'll win this war.
But what are the wars of fraud to begin with?
What if it's a lie to destabilize America and make billions of dollars for the insiders, which it really was?
It wasn't to promote freedom, it was to have a war game.
But there's not really that paradox of you either just do it because you got to do it, but try to divert yourself and have fun while you're doing it, or you try to unfeelingly do it.
What if you enjoy doing it, you see?
And that's who the New World Order is.
They like it.
They like dumbing people down.
They like not having solutions.
They like hurting people because it's who they are.
Do we have it with audio yet?
Again, it's easy for them to punch something up on a computer.
They got a bunch of computers.
But they're not all wired into the board.
Which, in the future, we probably should just wire those back computers that the crew's great at finding things on.
We're out of the board, so we can just turn it up, punch it up, play it.
But, whatever.
Here's a clip I was talking about from Full Metal Jacket.
Everybody turned up, got shot.
Somebody buried alive.
Irene, what is that button on your body armor?
A peace symbol, sir.
Where'd you get it?
I don't remember, sir.
What is that you've got written on your helmet?
Born to Kill, sir.
You write Born to Kill on your helmet and you wear a peace button.
What's that supposed to be, some kind of sick joke?
No, sir.
What is it supposed to mean?
I don't know, sir.
You don't know very much, do you?
You better get your head and your ass wired together or I will take a giant shit on you.
No, sir.
Yes, sir.
Now answer my question or you'll be standing tall before the man.
I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir.
The what?
The duality of man, the Jungian thing, sir.
Whose side are you on, son?
Our side, sir.
Don't you love your country?
Yes, sir.
Then how about getting with the program?
Why don't you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?
Yes, sir.
Son, all I've ever asked of my Marines is for them to obey my orders as they would the word of God.
We are here to help the Vietnamese because inside every gook there is an American trying to get out.
It's a hardball world, son.
We've got to try to keep our heads until this peace craze blows over.
Aye, aye, sir.
Well, great job the crew are getting that so quickly.
So, here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to air these Greg Reeves reports.
What you see here for months ago is a microcosm of the world and the free people that get it are standing up peacefully to draw attention to this treason everywhere.
But we're seeing the deliberate siege of planet Earth and the general population.
We are seeing war, the most ancient form of it, siege, carried out against us.
And then I'm going to hit the COVID news.
But if we don't do something about this, it's on us.
You know, I know why people live in denial.
I know why people don't want to believe the truth because it's hard to deal with when I'm not like Colonel Kilgore and you know just partying and surfing and eating steaks so I want to hurry up and kill this village so I can just be done with the mission so I can go bang hookers.
He's not really a bad guy.
He's ordered to be there.
He's doing it.
He's actually the good guy.
You got Colonel Kurtz who's gone crazy by it all and said I will just become a killing machine and have absolutely no rules because I've been given this mission.
That's still a robot.
And then you've got the other people that actually enjoy all this stuff.
Now that's the position of a soldier who's there to follow orders, because you can't have a military that operates if you don't.
But what about the fourth group?
Those of us that are at home, those of us that are here, those of us that could be speaking out at church and our businesses and at Congress and the legislatures, that could be saying all of this is wrong.
So there's not just the people that want to have fun and forget what they're doing that's wrong.
There's not just the people that commit that they're doing something absolutely out of control, but just want to get the mission done.
There's not just the people that enjoy the evil.
There's those of us, the fourth type, that have got to be moral.
And you know, to be moral doesn't just mean you're a nice person.
To be moral means you've got to be informed.
It means you've got to know what's going on.
And that's why they dumb people down.
So even if you're a good person, you can't ever make right decisions because you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.
But the Bible does say it all.
My people perish for lack of knowledge.
And with great knowledge comes great sorrow.
And the beginning of knowledge is the beginning of sorrow.
Because I could use the information I have to really get a lot of power and hurt a lot of people.
On the enemy side.
But it's like the ring of Mordor that HR
Tolkien metaphorically wrote about, you can't use evil tactics and not have it turn into something far worse.
Yeah, it'll work the first few levels, but once you start using evil tactics,
Way worse than what you were fighting.
And listen, I understand we gotta thread the needle here.
When I was younger, and I didn't fully understand this, I have used the dark side.
Only the edge of it.
Not knowing, and then I've seen the effects of it.
And learned that I cannot put the ring on.
It's time for people that serve evil to take the ring off.
The only salvation you're ever gonna have is taking the damn thing off.
Plus, it's so heavy.
And it destroys you when you wear it.
Take it off.
And put on the armor of God.
Put on the Holy Spirit.
Put on the cross.
Remove the ring.
Don't be a slave of evil.
We're going to air a couple of these Gregory's Reports.
I'm going to walk around, do a couple, a little bit of deep breathing exercises, and I'm going to come back here and hit all the rest of this news, this Emergency Saturday Broadcast.
Let me throw this out there right now, though.
On my children and on my immortal soul, InfoWars is one month from being insolvent again.
I thought we were $3 million in the hole.
The truth is we were about $6.5 million in the hole.
Every damn bill you could imagine, everything out there.
People didn't want to freak me out.
They were telling me, hey, plug, plug, do this, do that, bring on sponsors.
But it wasn't enough.
So I brought in outside accounting firms.
It's all been done.
By two separate ones, I wanted to have it from two different angles.
They found the same thing.
They said, it's crazy that you got $9 million of Bitcoin, but by the time you sold it, we've sold it all now, you got about $7.5 million.
You were exactly
Six and a half million dollars behind.
Heavily in the red.
And then you exactly spent the rest of it on buying products that finally after supply chain coming back partially were able to get, which projected will be enough to carry you through next year with your expenses and survive.
So we're counting all on those products coming in the next few months.
Or what am I supposed to do?
Cut off the $300,000 bill a month with the 5 million plus people a day that watch Bandop videos?
Or the 3 or 4 million that watch the audio and video streams in fullwords.com?
What am I supposed to do?
Cut the legal off?
Cut my crew off?
Cut the satellite uplinks off?
The encoders off?
All of it?
We had to build our own infrastructure of our own warehouse, our own shipping department, our own everything, our own software we had to have done.
They took everything away and I'm not a victim.
I'm an overcomer.
Damn, we've overcome a lot together.
But you talk about the widows, Mike.
That story in the Bible about where the prophet comes to town and he says, I'm hungry.
And they go, all we have is enough oil and grain to make you a small little cake.
But we will starve.
He said, give me the grain and the oil and God will bless you.
And then God fulfilled and kept replenishing it like the loaves and fishes with Jesus.
The same parable.
And I don't want people that are down to their last loaf of bread to donate to us or buy products from us.
There's all the nouveau riche and the upper middle class and all these ultra-rich people that listen.
I mean, I've met with them.
I know who they are.
A few of them have, you know, given us a couple hundred thousand dollar donation here, $50,000 donation there.
Okay, fine.
Thank you.
But one person gave us $9,000,000 in Bitcoin.
And by the time I dumped it, I was watching, hoping it would go back up, $7,500,000.
And thank you.
Seven times.
And defaulted as saying we never showed up to anything.
All our documents, everything in these rigged kangaroo cords.
And the last time I was to post two weeks ago, they sat there and laughed at me.
And they said, you claim you've got less than a million and a half dollars in the bank account.
I'm worried about company bank account, my bank account, everything.
Which is nothing with an operation this big.
That's empty.
But you just got a $9 million Bitcoin donation.
And I said, yep, by the time I sold it, $7.5 million.
That's not your money?
And I said, no, it's all been put into the operation.
And the blood drained out of the guy's face.
And I was telling the truth, of course, the whole damn time.
I told the truth, period.
That's why I'm under oath.
That's the sick joke, is they think they're going to shut us down and I'll get a bunch of money.
I can keep this place running with a skeleton crew forever.
We just won't have all the extra reporters and the videos that have such a great effect.
It'll cripple us, but we'll still be on air.
Not shutting Alex Jones down.
But they actually think they're going to shut us down and they believe that there's hundreds of millions of dollars because the news says it and they just make it up.
And they play these games like, really?
We got you now.
You got nine million dollars.
And I went when I sold it, it was seven and a half million.
And it's all been committed.
And let me tell you, it's a really good feeling to sell a large house I bought, I told you years ago, as an investment to double the money.
And to spend that money in the operation.
And then to spend almost all the money I've got, which wasn't that much of a backup, down to $500,000.
And I'm getting ready to put that in next week.
Because I'm totally in.
Why would I not?
I mean, it is exhilarating to shove all the last chips onto the table.
And no, I did everything I could.
And I know, because I know God's real.
I know just as God acted with the exact amount we needed, I have faith that product we've ordered is going to come in.
I have faith you're going to buy that great product, like DNA Force Plus and so much more that's been sold out for six, eight months.
And I have faith that you will provide for us despite the debanking and the deplatforming and the attacks and things I don't even tell you about.
I have faith that if God wants me to stay in this fight, I'm going to stay in this fight.
So I'm going to work seven days a week, and I'm going to trust in God, but row away from the rocks, as Hunter S. Thompson said.
I'm going to trust in God, but tie up my camel.
But then if I get taken out of the game, and there ain't enough money, and I got to lay people off, and I got to shut down, that's just what God wanted, and that's the way it is.
But I'm going to give my 100%, and I'm going to work as hard as I can
And I'm going to believe in God working through you that we're going to continue on at the most critical time in our history, 28 years on air, when we are politically winning on every front.
Everybody's starting to wake up.
We're having victories that are just, we have more victories in a week than we had in 20 years before every week now.
It's just, we are just grand score.
Grand slam every time we're at bat, just bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, victory, victory, victory, victory, all aces, royal flushes, all aces, royal flushes, every time now.
Because everything we said is coming true.
So, it is metaphysical that every action has an equal reaction.
And that's what's so beautiful about this, is as long as I never let them break my will,
And as long as I never give up, and as long as you never let them break your will or give up, God is just gonna sit there and keep us exactly at the same level with the enemy, which science even shows.
While we're winning spirits and people's minds and politically, and while these people are destroying themselves in front of everyone, as long as we don't care and are humble and know it's all coming from God, God's gonna keep us in the fight.
And I know that if God decides to destroy me spectacularly to encourage others, I don't have a death wish.
I want to stay in the game.
I love my life.
I want to be here for my family.
But you know what?
I have total faith in God.
I love God.
And if I walked out here today and somebody walked up and shot me right in the face, and I'm laying on the ground bleeding to death, dying, I'm going to be saying, I love you, God.
And I'm about to see you right now.
I have transcended these people.
I have broken their control over me with the Holy Spirit.
And I am so blessed to be alive and talking to you and standing up against these people right now and knowing this great crew and being in this incredible fight.
Because this is a real war for the hearts and minds and souls of humanity.
And it's amazing.
So, the July 4th special is going to end tomorrow.
We were almost sold out of all these products.
The good news is, in the next month and a half, a bunch of them are coming back in.
The best sellers have been gone so long, but we have up to 75% off.
That's below cost for some of these products.
We got to move to get money in now.
40 to 75% off double Patriot points.
Knockout Sleep Support, Alpha Power, Living Defense Plus, Whole Food, Multivitamin, Pollen Block, Survival Shield X2, Ultra Drop, Dr. Jones Naturals, the Toothpaste, all of it.
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Super Female Vitality, Iodine Surface Cleaning Spray, Hair and Beard Support Formula, which is a super strong vitamin, mineral, multivitamin, highest end.
And we didn't try to make the whole food multivitamin not as good.
It's kind of apples and oranges, but I looked at it.
This beard and hair formula is probably as good or better depending on it's got more of this or more of that there's apples and oranges but this is a fantastic organic multivitamin mineral that we did as hair and beard support and nobody bought it.
Now that I explain to folks it's a high quality vitamin mineral multivitamin system if they're buying it up it'll be sold out in a week of current sales and that's great because it's I mean we are again I'm dumping
My personal final money in on Monday to make payroll and to make sure we can pay the final down payment on some product coming in.
I feel damn good doing it.
If I could give a gallon of blood to win this fight, I'd do it.
I mean, I am like a pit bull in the cage.
I am 100% committed and pissed at myself the whole time that I'm not biting hard enough and I'm not snapping hard enough and I'm not ripping hard enough on the enemy.
I'm torquing my neck and squeezing my jaws and just trying to get into those carotid arteries of the enemy as hard as I can while he's chewing into me.
I'm just like, I'm going to get your ass.
And I believe in the end that the enemy we're fighting will fall.
And if my dead body falls on top of them politically, non-violently, I would absolutely love to be their tombstone.
It's like Captain Ahab and the Great Whale.
Moby Dick, baby.
And I'm Moby Dick and they're Captain Ahab.
And they're going down to the bottom of the deep blue sea in Davy Jones' locker because that's my daddy's name.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's go to these reports.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Anomaly recently had an Instagram Live with several Aussies speaking out about the tyrannical lockdowns in Australia.
People aren't allowed to travel more than five kilometers from their home.
People who live alone were once allowed further to briefly visit a friend, but no longer.
Now, they can only register a single person within five kilometers of their home.
Within that five kilometers, they are only allowed outside of their home for two hours a day.
And when they are out, they need permission.
They are required to scan QR codes with their phones to show where they've been.
There are only three permissible reasons to leave your home.
To exercise or to go shopping.
If there is a shop within your 5k bubble.
Or go to work.
That is, if you still have a job.
Most shops have been shut down in Australia for over 200 days.
And in many areas, people cannot go to work unless they get the shot.
If you are caught outside without an excuse, you are arrested.
If you are not wearing a mask while alone in your car, you are pulled over by the police.
The Premier of Australia recently said that this is literally a war.
But it's really, really important for us to acknowledge and accept that we need vaccination as a key tool in fighting this.
This is literally a war, and we've known we've been in a war for some time, but never to this extent.
And seeing that only 0.032% have been infected, we know that the Premier isn't declaring war against COVID.
That would be insane.
She is declaring war against the people.
And she isn't joking.
Girls as young as 12 years old are getting pepper sprayed and arrested by the police for not wearing masks.
In 2020, Australian citizens were being arrested for questioning the government online.
Now, they are being arrested for questioning the government in their own homes.
After being reported to the police by his wife for questioning the government, an Australian man was taken against his will in an ambulance to a prison-like facility, where he was questioned.
...told he has had a nervous breakdown and diagnosed as having a problem trusting authority.
They are building concentration camps.
Melbourne's Centre for National Resilience is set to open by the end of the year.
They call them quarantine camps, but this makes no sense considering only 0.032% of the population is infected.
By definition, these are concentration camps.
And they're coming to America next.
Australia lost their guns because they never had the Bill of Rights to protect them.
America does.
But for how long?
What do you think people need to know?
Anything that you think hasn't been said or that people really need to know?
In America?
In America, yeah.
We need you guys.
It doesn't matter if Joe Biden's in the White House at this point in time.
You guys are the leader of the free world and everyone is looking to you.
You know, Australia, it's do or die.
We've got China on our doorstep.
And the thing is, if you guys don't find out who you are, if you don't remember what made America great, we're all screwed.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
If the government served the people, then the government would have nothing to fear from the people.
But it is clear that now the government fears us.
After years of persistent abuse of the Constitution, during which time they have betrayed, robbed, injured and killed the Australian people, we have had enough.
And we are not alone.
Internationally, the people are rising up peacefully against the unlawful and criminal excesses of those whom they have elected.
Millions of good and decent men and women around the world have decided that this war for the world must end.
And they know it will end when enough of us stand up and declare, in one voice, no more.
Here in Australia, the people are gathering in the nation's capital, Canberra, in order to communicate their intent that the Governor-General should meet his constitutional responsibility by dissolving the Parliament and appointing a new Executive Council in order to prepare for free and fair elections.
In the long journey from barbarism to civilisation, days such as these are rare.
Seminal days, when a people bands together, putting aside their petty differences in order to secure their lives and their liberty.
In other words, to earn their rights to their sovereign nationhood.
Now is the time to play your part in the liberation of Australia.
Now is the time to stand alongside your fellow Australians and resist tyranny.
Now is the time to ensure your children and grandchildren are free.
You are here because generations ago your ancestors sacrificed all for you.
It is now time to pay that debt forward.
Now, nothing else matters.
This is not about politics.
This is a non-political event.
This is about our very lives and our very future.
You must drop everything and get to Canberra as soon as you can.
Some have made their way from far afield as Adelaide, Melbourne and Rockhampton.
What's your excuse?
And they plan to stay until we win.
Remain calm regardless of the force used against you.
They will provoke a reaction which ultimately will see the use of police snipers opening fire.
This is a reality.
Regardless of the force used against you, you must, we must, remain calm in order to win.
Fly, drive, walk if you must, but we need an army of millions in Canberra to win this war.
And we will win if you attend.
Pack up as much food and water as you can.
The people already there are sharing and cooperating as never before.
If you can't find accommodations, sleep in your car.
We must come together now.
This is our time.
We the people.
Do it for your family and do it for the future of Australia.
I'm Riccardo Bozzi.
I'm looking forward to seeing you there.
Now why did I air a few reports from six months ago?
Because they aren't going to televise our victories.
The same thing's happening all over Europe, the UK right now, Canada.
Giant protests, farmers' demonstrations against the World Economic Forum, against the New World Order.
We are rising.
We have a large minority worldwide that is approaching a majority that knows what's going on.
Once that happens, it's game over.
We're in the driver's seat.
We're beginning to win.
We don't fight these enemies, as Ricardo Bozzi says at many of the ends of his videos.
Didn't say it there.
The enemies in front of us that we hate.
We fight for those behind us that we love.
Please don't forget that and understand that.
All right, let's move to the present of where we are.
Germany's largest residential landlord to impose heating rationing for tenants.
Absolutely insane.
Chile and the rise of sustainability-linked finance.
This is their UN takeover.
This is what the land looks like when a pipeline's finished.
We got those on our property in East Texas.
This is what a lithium mine looks like.
Your environmental argument is stupid.
Then, of course, we've got the rise of heart disease in children from the poison shots and so much more that is unfolding.
And that is happening.
We have the assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister.
We have the resignation of the British Prime Minister.
People say Abe wasn't the serving Prime Minister or President.
He was the longest serving and his party was still in control and he was running the country.
He's anti-China, anti-New World Order, pro-America, pro-Trump.
And they shot him twice in the back with a homemade 12-gauge shotgun.
And the guy that did it knew what he was doing.
At 40, 50 feet away with a homemade shotgun hitting him twice, that guy knew what he was doing.
You're about to kill somebody.
You're about to serve life in prison being tortured.
And you don't flinch.
You better believe there was somebody behind this guy and he was a military veteran.
Now it's all untraceable.
Because he made the weapon.
Now let's hit the big news.
I told you really shakes me up.
Because we've hammered this with expert guests.
We've gone over these numbers in the last few years as they came out, but.
Now even the Wall Street Journal reports it.
Even the major German papers reported it's just staggering.
This is out of Canada.
The reports are all the same.
Alberta responds and reports unprecedented increase in ill-defined and unknown causes of death in 2021, particularly in young people.
It is eight times the number of deaths that it was before the COVID takeover.
Think about that.
And think about that long and hard.
And I had a whole stack here and I move them around.
I misplaced some of other insurance company actuaries and numbers coming out with the mass death.
You've seen that everywhere and I will dig around here in my stacks and see if I could find that because I actually moved one article into another stack and I went over all these articles but I have so many here that it's
Hard to keep track of.
We got Texas declaring the emergency after the county's asked Abbott to do it.
Dealing with the invasion.
We have the latest Russia Putin news.
We have big election news.
Maricopa County has rejected Biden's 2020 election win.
We have some big January 6 news.
We have a bunch of clips of Joe Biden.
Completely going off the rails, but it's just fitting that I was so upset by the news yesterday and covered some of it.
Now I'm having trouble finding that stack.
I think this is part of the stack right here.
Yeah, here's part of the stack.
I must have mixed them around somehow, but hey, I just found it, so here we go.
This is a very important statistics drawn from the UN and New Zealand's own numbers.
With nearly 85%, and I want you to really let this sink in, please.
With nearly 85% of its entire population vaccinated and continued mask mandates in most indoor settings, New Zealand now has the world's highest current case rates.
It's from the shots, of course, all the studies show gives you what they call COVID.
Highest infection rates, highest death rates in the world.
The most vaccinated after Israel and they are a close second right now.
Talk about cause and effect.
Over a year ago, a federal judge ordered Pfizer to release millions of pages of documents about their secret trials in the public.
They didn't do the trials before, they did them during it.
Of course, they'd already done the trials secretly before.
That's why the CDC in October of 2000 document went public, and they said, we expect heart attacks, blood clots, sterilization, and hundreds of other horrible things to happen that all did happen from the shots, because they'd secretly tested them before under another viral name.
But now the new documents that came out, Pfizer's response is, well, we were able to hide the deaths and illnesses because the government knew and let us do it, which is the get out of jail free card.
They were given liability protection.
Brooke Jackson is the Pfizer whistleblower.
That's out of Texas.
Her attorney, Robert Barnes, says that Brooke Jackson exposed the fact that Pfizer clinical trial was riddled with errors and fraudulent and false certifications of the U.S.
But their response is that, well, we told the government it was a fraud.
And then we have this report.
If all the previous names didn't scare you like Omicron and the rest of it, well now there's the new Ninja COVID-19 variant.
And they want you to stay locked up and want to bring back new lockdowns for that.
And we have countless reports coming in.
Photos show horrific COVID vaccine injury.
Man loses six feet of small intestine due to blood clot directly linked to the mRNA.
So that is a sterling example of what we're dealing with in this civilization.
And how they're just normalizing killing us.
And just the background noise that, yeah, way more people are dying of mystery illnesses than died at the peak of supposed COVID.
And they just so happen to be the people that have taken the shots.
Is that not incredibly
Illustrative of what we're discussing.
Now I'm going to continue with the news and some other breaking information here.
Dealing with the election fraud that's now been confirmed and been carried out by the Democrats and some good news.
Striking out against that and I have a lot of video clips that I want to play as well and also a very important John Bowne report that he put out a few days ago dealing with the fact that the world is waking up to the tyranny of Biden's occupation unleashing America's wrath.
Yeah, the party of death, abortion, overreach is very, very important.
We're going to get to that.
And then we're also going to air Biden's occupation unleashes America's anger and fury.
We're going to air that report as well for you.
And then I'm going to get into Putin threatening nuclear war.
People say, well, he's threatened that a bunch.
It's like if your neighbor's threatening to blow your head off.
He's got his gun out, pointed at you.
You're like, well, he already threatened me a few days ago, so I'm not worried about it.
And your neighbor's got a history of shooting people in the head.
But it's like, you know, don't worry about that.
says they can win a nuclear war.
Yeah, they'll be in their bunkers.
We'll all be dead.
And then we have... Army training says soldiers must shower with transgender persons of opposite sex.
It's all part of the mass culling of the military.
Oh, you won't take a poison shot?
60,000 Army.
Enlisted now will not get their paychecks because they won't take an experimental shot that's been linked to death and so many illnesses that is coming up as well.
But here is John Mound's important report.
What do you say to those families who say, listen, we can't afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years.
This is just not sustainable.
This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.
How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?
As long as it takes.
Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine.
Harry Truman famously had on his desk a plaque that said, the buck stops here.
Joe Biden seems to have replaced that plaque.
The affirmative task we have now
...is to actually create a new world order.
And as the Constitution-ignoring occupier continues to split the country by feeding it into the clutches of Marxism... At a time of record inflation and as new polling this week shows that 85% of the U.S.
public thinks the country is going in the wrong direction.
How do you explain this to those people who feel the country is going in the wrong direction?
Including some of the leaders you've been meeting with this week who think that
When you put all of this together, it amounts to an America that is going backward.
They do not think that.
You haven't found one person, one world leader, to say America's going backward.
As bad as the tyranny was in 1776, in many ways, as I say, it's worse now in 2022, because the far left, unfortunately, has taken control over the five major megaphones of our nation, meaning the media, entertainment, academia, and of late, science and medicine.
And people don't realize what they have.
They bitch about it.
And then, nowadays, I am so upset that the things we did and the things we fought for and the boys that died for it, it's all gone down the drain.
Our country's gone to hell in a handbasket.
We haven't got the country we had when I was raised, not at all.
Nobody will have the fun I had.
Nobody will have the opportunity I had.
This is just not the same.
That's not what they died for.
The walls are closing in on the remaining 932 days of Biden's occupation, with an approval rating of 39% as a Harvard CAPS Harris Poll survey found that 71% of respondents do not think Biden should run for a second term.
A University of Chicago's Institute of Politics poll reveals that 28% of voters felt it might soon be necessary to take up arms against the government.
According to the data, one-third of Republicans, including 45% of strong Republicans, hold this belief about taking up arms.
35% of independent voters and surprisingly 20% of Democrats also agreed.
And as inflation reaches a record 40-year high, stock markets posted the worst first half of a year in over five decades.
While the failing social security system is set to rise in 2023 by 11% due to the cost of living.
Meanwhile, Biden mumbles about carving out the filibuster in order to codify Roe versus Wade into law.
Congress is going to have to act to codify the Roe into federal law.
As I said yesterday, the filibuster should not stand in the way of us being able to do that.
But right now, we don't have the votes in the Senate to change the filibuster at the moment.
But the occupier-in-chief faces a midterm pummeling, making it impossible for his dictatorship to continue to thrive.
I don't care if you think I'm Satan reincarnated.
John Bowne reporting.
Why did the Supreme Court do the right thing and overturn Roe v. Wade just under the Constitution and kick it back to the states?
One of the reasons why this issue is so hotly contested in the United States is that it wasn't decided by the people through the democratic process of the legislatures.
And now it will be.
And it will go to the states where those states will be able to reflect the will and the views of the people who live there.
Well, a lot of reasons.
But the big one is that we have
Yeah, I would murder them!
I'll slit their throats if I have to!
And really showing us how sick and evil they are in their cult of death.
Now it's not a total overturn of Roe v. Wade saying that it's illegal.
Well, states can't announce slavery is legal again.
The statement has been made that the government has a right to come in your home and tell you as a woman and as a family what you should do with your body.
This is not about freedom or personal choice.
We also know that we've had a history in this country of government trying to claim ownership over human bodies.
States can't announce that they can take your guns.
States can't announce any of that in our republic system.
It was the left's celebration of killing babies up to their due date.
And then multiple states, like New York, passing laws you could kill babies for weeks after birth?
I'm talking about your bill.
How late in the third trimester could a physician perform an abortion if he indicated it would impair the mental health of the woman?
So, I mean, through the third trimester.
The third trimester goes all the way up to 40 weeks.
Okay, but to the end of the third trimester?
Yep, I don't think we have a limit in the bill.
Where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth.
She has physical signs that she is about to give a birth.
Would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified?
Mr. Chairman, that would be a, you know, a decision that the doctor, the physician, and the woman would make at that point.
I understand that.
I'm asking if your bill allows that.
My bill would allow that, yes.
And people were like, what the hell is this?
And finally...
Started waking up out of their comas.
I am Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson, formerly the director of the largest abortion clinic in the Western world, and I am the last surviving founding member of NARAL, a pro-abortion organization which brought legal abortion to the entire United States.
I am personally responsible for over 75,000 abortions.
We founded NARAL in the late 1960s with our purpose to export our pro-abortion mentality everywhere.
To achieve that end, we adopted the strategy to deny what we knew to be true, that abortion kills an existing, living human being.
We denied that fact in an effort to mislead the American public and the courts of this land.
This was the greatest mistake of my life and legal abortion was the greatest mistake this nation has ever conceived.
This shows in this sea of evil and corruption and collapsing borders and devalued currencies and pedophilia and world government attacks on the family and all of it.
That humanity is coming back.
Again, I want to thank you for joining us on this Saturday Emergency Broadcast.
There's 23 and a half minutes left.
Then we're going to air this broadcast.
That will then be archived, no longer live, over and over again until 4 p.m.
Central tomorrow.
So we will continue to air this back-to-back.
They may air a few promos at the end here while they get the file ready to restream the two hours.
Until I go live again tomorrow at 4 p.m.
And please don't forget the very existence of this transmission.
The very fact that we built a pro-human, pro-truth infrastructure is an example to so many others and outrages and terrifies and infuriates and drives our enemies into total hissy fits.
That's why I salute and thank you all
For your work to continue to keep us on air.
All right.
Let's hit these three big stacks of critical news.
We see the headlines everywhere for conservative publications and mainline corporate publications getting rid of Joe Biden possible scenarios.
Now what's the problem?
With that, and I say get rid of him, impeach him, I've been calling for it, now Tucker Carlson asks, even though they don't have the votes right now, you need to expose him.
You need to point out he's a puppet and bring out his crimes and change the subject away from their promotion of mass shootings and racism and division.
You need to expose he's the globalist, he's the Build Back Better, Great Reset puppet, but while you do it, again point out he's the puppet.
So the Democrats and the Republicans and the whole system is like, how do we get rid of Biden so he can get the blame for the globalist operation?
And we can all say, boy, it was his fault.
Well, it was his fault and the rest of his cohort and his boss's fault.
And they still fully intend to steal the midterms in 122 days.
That's how close they are.
They still fully intend to steal the 2024 election.
And I told you last week,
Because I talked to multiple members of Congress that have met with Trump and others, and I asked Roger Stone on air and off air, I said, is he announcing in July?
Roger said, I hear as early as July 4th, but he may, because of strategic flexibility, do it later.
I said, he may announce July 4th, but the word is it's in July.
His new plane is repainted, or the old plane's repainted, all of it's ready.
Look for that this month, he may change his mind.
But I was just giving you the intel that Trump's telling people a week and a half ago that he could announce as soon as this last Monday.
He did.
But that's not a prediction that didn't come true, and I've made some that haven't.
I'm not always right, just Alex Jones in general is right.
But you can bet your bottom dollar, he did tell people that, and he's getting ready to do it in the next days or weeks.
Breaking update, Maricopa County Republican Committee votes unanimously to reject fraudulent 2020 election results.
Breaking big, Wisconsin Supreme Court rules public absentee ballot boxes illegal.
Great job to 2,000 Mules exposing it.
Great job to all of you getting the word out.
The DVD is available so you have it so they can't censor it in your archive at InfoWarsTore.com.
But 2,000 Mules pushed that over the edge and now states everywhere are banning it because it's completely illegal under federal and state law.
Local police and FBI visit home of top opponent
The new China-owned North Dakota corn mill, right next to the military base, after she posted a paragraph from the Declaration of Independence on social media.
The FBI was concerned, the whole article is at GatewayPundit.com, that she says, we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms.
Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.
When a long train of abusers and usurpations pursuing inevitably the same object invents
A design to reduce them under absolute despotism, oppressive absolute power.
It is our right, our duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for our future security.
The FBI came to get in their face.
So when people protest and a few break in the Capitol, it's the biggest attack in history.
But when the CIA is backing an overthrow and people kill thousands of police and burn down buildings like Egypt and blow up hundreds of churches, that's mostly peaceful protest.
And that leads us to this.
I've known Stuart Rhodes for 13 years since he started Oath Keepers.
I know he was a lawyer that worked for Ron Paul.
Oath Keepers did countless good work protecting private businesses during riots, supporting local law enforcement for their constitutional duty, educating them, countering what the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center did.
And I did never heard Stuart Rhodes say he wanted to attack the Capitol.
I never heard Stuart Rhodes say he wanted a leading type of attack on the interviews we did or the times I've seen.
I was not pleased to see some of the Oath Keepers inside the Capitol, but the police opened the doors.
But even if Stuart Rhodes was guilty of his people going in, which he wasn't, seditious conspiracy
Which is decades in prison, and saying he's a terrorist is a fraud.
And if they can do it to Stuart Rhodes, the Yellow Keepers, they can do it to anybody.
So it's been said many times in different ways that it's better that one guilty man or a hundred guilty men go free.
It's better that a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man go to prison.
Well, if Stuart Rhodes was a communist and burned down a federal building, he'd be a hero in Kamala Harris and Bailey Mount.
He did nothing.
He didn't go in the Capitol.
I saw no evidence of him planning anything.
And I see it on MSNBC and CNN that Stuart Rhodes and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and Giuliani and all these names met at the Willard Hotel.
Total lie.
But if we met there, that's our right to do that.
But the Willard Hotel is a giant hotel where a lot of people stayed and stayed at other demonstrations we had.
And if anybody knew what they were talking about, you'd know that Roger Stone hates Steve Bannon.
And I was never in a meeting.
I didn't see Giuliani until he was on the stage that day at the Ellipse and gave a speech.
I didn't see Giuliani.
I didn't see Steve Bannon.
I didn't have a meeting with Roger Stone and them.
And I see these people on television.
By the way, there was a COVID quasi lockdown then.
And if you tried to rent a conference room to actually do interviews and things, they wouldn't let you.
Because of the
COVID rules.
So the idea that there was even some war room, they say that because Steve Bannon was doing his war room show at his house, the one that got swatted, the police falsely called on it yesterday, down the road.
So because Steve Bannon went and met with somebody, not me, and it wouldn't be bad if he did, at the Willard Hotel, we now all supposedly met with him and planned the January 6th attack.
And that's the level of BS we deal with.
But that's not why I'm raising this.
Joe Biggs, Stuart Rhodes, Enrique Tarrio, and all of them are completely innocent of everything.
And they have been framed and they have had their rights violated at every level and they have been kept in solitary confinement as political prisoners.
And the most sickening part is they've had under oath, which means it's a violation of federal law, every time they lie, the January 6th committee show trial hearings where they demonize people ahead of their trials in DC in that rigged jurisdiction
And put lie after lie out that's been proven to be lies and shift edits emails and edits text messages and their witnesses get debunked at every front that Trump's grabbing the wheel of the beast limo with the Secret Service and all of it.
But you can set all that aside and look at this article right here on InfoWars.com today on this live Saturday broadcast.
Stuart Rhodes is in a court of law, a legislative court of law.
They are demonizing him.
They are lying about him.
They are talking about him.
And they have subpoenaed him in solitary confinement and said, we're going to question you in a taped interview and then we're going to air the excerpts we want.
Under law, the people that have been arrested are innocent until proven guilty.
And they get to face their accusers, and they get to be in the court.
They don't get interviewed by corrupt, shift, and shany lawyers, and then they take clips out and put it on their show trial TV show.
So Stuart Rhodes, who is a lawyer, a Yale lawyer, won big Yale awards.
High test scores, the top of his class.
He has simply asked, with a committee violating his rights, show trialing, saying he's guilty, all over TV, ahead of a trial in the same city, the District of Criminals.
And all he said is, I want to be live in front of the committee.
I want to sit there in chains.
In front of them as a human and face my accusers and not have them do a demanded interview that they'll snip up and clip and play that violates every sector of the Bill of Rights.
Trampling our freedoms, far and hot!
Our freedoms that were so hard fought to get.
It's just incredible.
And the media's like, no, don't let him be on TV.
Just do your interview and air what you want.
Not able to face your accuser.
Not able to be in a criminal trial that's rigged saying you're guilty.
And so anytime I feel sorry for myself with Democrat-run judges, that in the case of Texas, before the Democrat lawyers file motions, she rules in their favor before they're filed.
She's done that twice.
She put in a motion saying in the upcoming show trial in August that we can't mention the First Amendment, we can't mention things like show trials, or saying things are rigged.
Totally rigged!
And I'm already guilty, defaulted, a jury's deciding how guilty I am.
So it's guilty until proven how guilty.
A raping of your fundamental rights.
Anytime I feel sorry for myself,
Watching that, I feel sorry for everybody having their basic rights raped and taken away.
But here's Stuart Rhodes.
Didn't even go in the Capitol.
And he's been on Gateway Pundit, a bunch of shows.
We want him here anytime he can get through to us.
Maybe we should call the Gateway Pundit, see how they're getting a hold of him.
Get a number to him.
He used to have a producer's number.
I want Stuart on here.
Because they only give you an hour to exercise or an hour to talk to your lawyers or family a day, which is also a violation.
So he'll take 20 minutes to talk to us and 20 minutes to eat and 20 minutes to walk around, but can you imagine that?
But we would like to get him, once the full hour he's allowed out, we want to get him on the show, Stewart.
We really want to have you on the broadcast.
So all hands on deck with that.
But look at this.
Oak Keeper founder, Stuart Rhodes, wants to give January 6th testimony.
Oak Keeper founder, Stuart Rhodes, says he'll testify before the Jan 6th House Select Committee, but only if his testimony can be made public.
Oh, I forgot that part.
He just wants to do it in public or release in full.
They're just saying, we'll release whatever we want.
I mean, do you understand the level of danger?
Show trials on TV that are rigged, where they interview you and you testify, but only what they want you can see.
I mean, wow!
On Friday, Rose's lawyer said his client is currently in federal custody on seditious conspiracy charges, with Robert testifying if he could give it live in person instead of from jail.
He's willing to waive his Fifth Amendment rights, he wants to testify in public, and he wants to testify live, Rose attorney James Lee Bright said Friday.
So let's call his lawyer and get him on.
I don't think they'll go along with that, he added.
Bright argued Rose does not want to submit the video to the position, saying if he doesn't trust the panel to air it in full.
Of course they won't.
It's run by a former ABC News head.
They'll just edit it however they want.
This is a mass culling driving us into submission.
Here's some of the other articles.
Pray for Stuart Rhodes and pray for all the victims of this political wedge shot and know we're next.
They're able to get away with this.
He is in solitary confinement being tortured right now.
He's very strong and I respect how strong he's been and what he said and if he was guilty, which he's not,
If they can violate his rights and do things that are North Korean to him or Venezuelan to him, if they can do things that are Nazi to him, they can do it to all of us.
We're all Stuart Rhodes today.
Our Heavenly Father, we pray for all of the political prisoners of January 6th and all they've gone through.
And we just pray that Your Spirit will move to enlighten and inform the public and to protect these men and women and put up a hedge of protection around them and send them the Holy Ghost, give them comfort so they know that we're praying for them and we love them.
And we understand that they're being used as examples to be punished and tortured so that we might be attacked next and we just stand in solidarity with them.
And you ask us, we ask that you give us the strength and you give them the strength to persevere and that these evil intentions destroy them and destroy us will be exposed.
And we'll be absolutely stopped dead in their tracks and these men and women will be restored to their liberties and freedoms that the great evil that's carried these attacks out on us will be brought to justice in the name of your incredible son you sent as a sacrifice Jesus Christ.
Please pray for them, folks.
Army training says soldiers must shower with transgendered persons of opposite sex.
These are globalist perverts to see how they can rape you and violate your rights.
There's a meme out there in the New York Times headline, I don't want to see a high school coach praying at the 50-yard line.
And PEG said, I would much rather watch a drag queen strip in front of children.
Washington State's school board director to teach sexual pleasure classes to nine-year-olds at a sex shop, at a porno shop.
We used to call this pedophilia.
They're raping their minds.
Meanwhile, the bodega cashier that was physically attacked by a robber has been charged by the Soros DA, Jose Alba.
And Kyle Rittenhouse says, don't give up, Jose.
I'm living proof that the truth can and will prevail.
That's how crazy and evil this is.
Now let's move to the important World War 3 news.
Putin to Ukraine.
Russia has barely started its action.
He says we're doing a police action to clear out your military and armies that are attacking Russian-held areas and exterminating and engaged in ethnic cleansing of Russians.
We will escalate the war to nuclear if you want it.
The former President Medvedev said the same thing the next day.
Russia's Medvedev warns U.S.
trying to punish a nuclear power risks existence of humanity.
Foreign Minister Lavrov walks out of G20, says no talks needed if West hopes Ukraine win.
There's the guy persecuting Americans.
Garland, the Attorney General, running around over there involved in all of this.
Belarus threatens to strike Poland if cross-border provocations launched.
Army Chief of Staff says more weapons Ukrainians get, the more they desire.
After wheat, India puts curbs on exporting flour and related products as the collapse accelerates.
German economy minister urges Canada to send turbine for Nord Stream for Germany.
Gas usage in Europe hit all-time high, 1,900 per 1,000 cubic meters.
Purpose of Biden finance bioprojects was to create infections that damage agriculture.
Russian M.O.D.
says they found that in the Hunter Biden-run Peter Daszak bioweapon labs.
And it goes on from there.
Unbelievable time to be alive.
I want to air a clip of Biden.
I mean, there's hundreds of these, but these last two are just from Friday, where he says a woman had to cross across state lines to terminate the presidency.
He terminated the presidency as a puppet put in power.
And then he does a Ron Burgundy clip from that funny comedy show, comedy movie.
Where, whatever you put in front of Ron Burgundy, he will read.
So he's reading the teleprompter and he says, end of line, read line again.
Here are those clips.
Ten years old, and she was forced to have to travel out of the state to Indiana to seek to terminate the presidency and maybe save her life.
It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so, end of quote.
Repeat the line.
For the last time, anything you put on that prompter, Burgundy will read.
Not and or.
Or political power.
Well, son of a bitch.
Now, Tucker Carlson continues to make this point that red flag laws create pre-crime, and they had red flag laws in all the places these mass shootings have been happening, and they knew they were going to do it, and they made videos about doing it, but no one stopped them.
This is the end of due process.
Here's Tucker Carlson talking about it.
So what exactly are they backing when they back red flag laws?
Well, we can take Florida's experience as an example.
In Florida, the police can seize guns from people who pose a, quote, significant danger based on, quote, any relevant evidence.
That's it.
Any relevant evidence.
The law raises some obvious questions.
And the most obvious is, if you can seize people's guns without proving that they committed a crime, why can't you imprison them without proving they committed a crime?
If you can take their guns, why can't you take their homes?
Why can't you empty their bank accounts?
Ooh, sound paranoid?
Alex Jones stuff?
That just happened in Canada.
Now, let's look at one of the hundreds of videos that have come out in the last few weeks.
This one just came out today on Twitter, of a man leading children off a school bus in San Francisco, and then he pans over to dozens and dozens of people sitting in feces on fentanyl as zombies.
Excuse me, synthetic?
Yeah, you're distorting into your mic.
Alright, we're going to re-download it, and we're going to play it.
Re-download the video, please.
And while we're at it, just roll the B-roll of the fentanyl footage we have, okay?
So, whether you're in Pennsylvania, or whether you're in Texas, or whether you're in California, or whether you're in Washington State, or whether you're in Wisconsin, whether you're in New Mexico or Alabama, whether you're in Florida or South Dakota, whether you're in Idaho or Wyoming, everywhere you go, I see this all over Austin, there are people completely, and totally, and absolutely, zombied out,
To the tenth degree on a drug a hundred times stronger than heroin that MIT created the Chinese ship in here.
And I see articles every day where Democrat DAs put in by Soros are letting people go with hundreds of pounds in some cases of fentanyl enough to kill tens of thousands of people.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is out of control.
And this, again, is the bioweapon attack.
But they minimize that, or they minimize the 53 dead in a tractor-trailer, or all that, and only hype up mass shootings that are still terrible, and senseless, and evil, and you say, how do you do it?
But it's still very, very rare.
But they want to disarm the public, so they blame gun owners for what a crazy person does.
The crazy person runs over somebody with a car.
Not my fault.
I shouldn't have my car taken.
Get back in their face when they do that.
Here is the clip.
Crew was able to grab it again.
Great job.
Of the San Francisco video of what children see on the streets of San Francisco.
And I've been there recently.
It looks just like this.
Goodbye kids.
Go get home safe, okay?
Go get home safe.
My little partner's out here.
Get home safe, alright?
I'm sorry y'all gotta be going through and see all this shit.
Get home safe.
Get home safe.
They gotta walk through this shit.
Come on, man.
These little kids gotta walk through this shit.
This shit is crazy.
This is the chemical weapon attack.
COVID is the bioweapon attack.
The vaccine is the next level.
This is the takedown.
The economy.
The borders.
The currency.
Targeting our children with pedophile drag queen story time.
All of it is the new world order.
And this is what 21st century
Satanic Fifth Dimensional Warfare, it looks like.
All right, I want to thank the crew for an excellent job today.
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