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Name: 20220706_Wed_Alex
Air Date: July 6, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses a variety of topics including recent events, conspiracy theories, and products available at his store. He talks about the Georgia Guidestones, which were recently destroyed, and how this relates to larger conspiracies surrounding the New World Order. The speaker promotes "2000 Mules," a documentary film claiming that the deep state stole the 2020 election and plans to steal future elections. He also discusses various news topics such as police confiscating guns, Boris Johnson's leadership, globalist depopulation agendas, and protests against environmental policies in the Netherlands. Jones criticizes those who politicize mass shootings for their own gain and urges people to show respect for the victims by pausing before making political statements. He promotes Infowars products on his website and encourages listeners to join the fight against globalist agendas.

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Whoever did this, I would tell you, I understand why you did it.
You're probably watching right now, but I would encourage you to stop, and to not do anything further.
We're very blessed you didn't hurt anybody.
You obviously chose a time to do it where you wouldn't hurt people.
And I respect you, and I understand you.
But I also ask you to stand down, and as Trump said, stand by.
Live, Wednesday broadcast, Georgia Guidestones bombed, Texas declares invasion, Netherlands bans cows, July 4th shooter is Antifa.
Quite the transmission today.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
CERN is an acronym that translates to European Council for Nuclear Research, but has since moved on to studying particle physics.
And even though they invented the internet in 1989, they are most famous for their 666 logo, a video of a woman being ritually sacrificed on CERN grounds, at the altar of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, and for potentially destroying the universe.
Multiple lawsuits have been filed to stop CERN's particle collider, in fear that it could destroy the Earth,
Which revealed to the public that CERN is a sovereign entity outside the jurisdiction of the courts, so they can do whatever they want.
What is it that they're doing?
It has to do with high-velocity counter-rotational spin, which was first documented in Nazi Germany's most secret program, Die Glocke, the bell.
According to surviving documents, the bell was somehow affecting time and space.
The most distinctive aspect of the bell was high-velocity counter-rotational spin, also known as torsion physics.
Many are concerned that CERN is attempting to open a portal into another dimension that will allow demonic entities to enter ours.
This was blatantly portrayed six years ago in a pagan ritual to celebrate the opening of the Gothard Tunnel just east of CERN.
The dimension they would be attempting to open is already somewhat accessible.
Do you hear voices in your head?
If you do, then you likely know it's best to keep that to yourself.
Because a doctor will tell you that you're a schizophrenic.
Modern psychiatry calls these voices auditory hallucinations.
And even though a whopping 1% of the world's population suffers from schizophrenia, there isn't much research.
But after 30 years of working closely with the criminally insane, Jerry Marzinski has noticed that the voices talking to these schizophrenics are all saying the same things.
There is a distinct predictable pattern.
The voices are exclusively generating negative emotion.
Leaving the patient physically and emotionally drained.
The voices are always pulling a person away from God or anything positive.
The voices are always a call to action.
Instructing the person to either hurt themselves or hurt someone else.
Which is probably why the voices always rebel against the drugs that are prescribed for schizophrenia.
These drugs make a person comatose and the voices want you to do things.
Marzinski believes that schizophrenics are being attacked by non-physical entities that he calls energy parasites, because they feed off of negative energy.
And in practically every case, the victim has experienced severe trauma, usually sexual trauma, which explains why the voices tell people to traumatize others.
These demons want more victims.
According to the ancient Gnostics, who referred to these entities as Archons, they are destructive, sadistic beings, who control the Earth via the thoughts of humans.
Voices in the head.
This explains the rampant pedophilia we are seeing today, and the incestuous inbreeding of royal bloodlines.
These energy parasites need traumatized people to feed upon.
Perhaps some of the thoughts in our own mind are not our own.
Most schizophrenics claim that this is the case, but are told by doctors that they are crazy.
Doctors who only give them lobotomies, electroshock, and drugs.
And Marzynski has only seen schizophrenics recover once they start seeing these voices as an external entity.
They then realize that they can actually resist them, and the voices go away.
And so, while CERN is a great mystery, and a concern, the demons from another dimension may already be here, in our thoughts.
So it's a good thing we all have free will.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Powerful Report, Demonic Dimensions and the Mysteries of CERN.
Breaking Live Now!
In a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, the Georgia Guidestones have been blown sky high.
At least a third of the satanic structure destroyed by high explosives.
I don't support the left when they pull down monuments, because I see monuments as pieces of history.
And I will say that, at an animal level, I like seeing this edifice to depopulation of world government.
Bombed to bring attention to it.
I do not agree with whoever did it because we need that evil edifice there as a confession letter by a consortium of eugenicists led by Ted Turner.
He grew up down the street with his grandmother's farm.
We needed to be there to expose their plan to forcibly reduce the world population down to 50%.
But if you're a TV viewer, you can see helicopter footage live feed right now.
This news broke about an hour ago.
Helicopters weren't even there yet.
I was watching right before we went live.
They were saying the helicopters are coming over the live feed that we have via our satellites.
We've got a lot of satellite feeds coming in here.
And if you're a TV viewer, you can see that the Georgia Guidestones English portion has been blown up.
It repeats it in, what, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 different languages.
Sanskrit, English, Japanese, the list goes on and on.
But the English portion
Obviously it's an English speaker that is angry.
An American, probably.
Planted their bombs.
Obviously a bomb did this.
And blew it sky high.
Half the monument damaged.
About a third of it completely blown away.
We have the live feed up on Infowars.com from Fox Local.
Bomb unit on scene at the Georgia Guidestones partially destroyed.
And they quote, depopulate the human population down to 500 million.
Here's a digital photo of some of the wreckage there, and I don't endorse this type of extreme civil disobedience, but I certainly understand whoever did it and what their motives probably were to bring attention to this.
And it's the middle of nowhere, off a side road by cornfields, and it was obviously blown up in the middle of the night.
So whoever did it, did it not to harm human life, and I appreciate that.
But at the same time, that level, this is not the right move to make at this point.
But I do...
Sympathize with the type of thoughts that go into the process of doing this.
What are we going to do when they're killing us through the poison shots, the GMO foods, the electromagnetic radiation, through this cultural satanic attack?
What are we going to do when they've got a monument put up by Ted Turner and the New World Order, who heads up a major eugenics group, got Bill Gates in the population, setting up this announcement of evil?
I would rather have everybody go out there and shoot their own videos and talk about it and expose it.
By blowing it up, yeah, it brings limited attention to it, but at the end of the day, it then invites this idea that we're like the left, destroying knowledge or tearing things down.
Should we burn Anton LaVey's satanic Bible?
We should read it and be aware of the enemy.
Should we burn down Democrat Party facilities?
No, we should fight their ideas and expose them.
But nevertheless, I got to tell you, a lot of folks are extremely excited that the Georgia Guidestones have been blown sky high.
And I'll tell you this, I don't think it's a false flag.
All these staged events never actually target a globalist institution.
They never actually target the New World Order.
They always target civilians, and then it leads back to the New World Order, the globalists, and their provocateurs.
But, if this was a right-wing or pro-human edifice, or a pro-life monument being blown up, it wouldn't even be on the news, and the left would quietly celebrate it on Facebook and Twitter.
But because this
This sigil, this obelisk of doom, this occult marking of our population for death, because this ace of spades laid out in that beautiful countryside is a logo or a spiritual center for the Satanist, they are going to go absolutely ape over this.
You can believe it.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
But in the balance, whoever did this, I would tell you, I understand why you did it.
You're probably watching right now, but I would encourage you to stop and to not do anything further.
We're very blessed you didn't hurt anybody.
You obviously chose a time to do it where you wouldn't hurt people.
And I respect you, and I understand you.
But I also ask you to stand down, and as Trump said, stand by.
Live, Wednesday broadcasts, Georgia Guidestones bombed, Texas declares invasion, Netherlands bans cows, and July 4th shooter is Antifa.
Quite the transmission today.
MTG will be joining us for 45 minutes in the third hour today.
And boy, does she have a lot to cover and get to, and do we have a lot to cover and get to.
But I will also, yet again, because I love it, and the listeners love it, will take your calls today in the second hour.
And if you hold over after MTG leaves, we will take some more of those calls.
So I'll be giving the number out at the end of the hour.
And we're going to have open phones.
First-time callers, long-time callers, people disagree, people agree, people have questions.
We don't screen your calls.
Just have a clean phone line.
And don't cuss, because we're on 370-something radio stations and over 100 cable and TV stations.
And we can't have that.
All we do is delay you out and hang up on you.
And then only the internet audience gets the raw feed of you cussing and letting the FCC have their control over us.
So please, don't do it.
And listen, I can talk like a sailor as good as anybody.
I'm pretty famous when I let loose.
But don't do it here.
Or you don't get hurt.
Because they want to silence us.
So, have a clean phone line and don't cuss.
Pretty simple.
The door is always open to people who disagree.
They almost never call.
There's nothing more informative and entertaining than to hear our enemies, but they've always got their metaphorical tail between their little cowardly legs.
But today, give the number out again.
Maybe you'll belly up to the bar.
Maybe you'll step up to the plate.
Maybe you'll grow a backbone.
And maybe you'll call into this broadcast because we're ready to contend with you.
Georgia Guidestones, blown sky high, like Wile E. Coyote was there with his detonator and cord and everything else.
And boy, are they scrambling around like a bunch of chickens with their little satanic heads cut off, trying to find out exactly what happened.
Beautiful piece of countryside, a lot of pretty horses right there in the little farm ranch right next door to it.
I was just there last year.
We've got a report that Greg Reese put together, an eight and a half minute report that I'm gonna have posted.
So guys, grab the title please and go give it to the great Ben in there and have it posted on the live show feed.
Our eight and a half minute report from a year and a half ago, hell almost two years ago, when we were contesting the fraudulent election in Georgia in 2000.
Hell, that was in 2019.
That was right after the election, actually.
No, it was 2001.
It was 2020, yeah.
So, that's coming up.
But a lot of attention on the depopulationists right now.
You, JB, are not gonna stop loons, and you won't stop crime!
Drug crime, drug gangs, because they're minority gangs!
That's why you won't stop them!
You phony!
Eight in a bit, this murder in Chicago, every blankin' day!
Don't be sanctimonious with me!
In Denmark... But instead of selling fear and division, wouldn't it be nice if we all began to focus on solutions?
Don't people want solutions?
I sense they do.
Now, on the mass shooting in Illinois, indications are that Robert Cremo was a regular pot user.
Now, one look at him, and to the untrained eye, he looks like a complete psychotic.
Have you ever seen anyone looking like him?
And, what can regular pot use trigger in young men in particular?
Psychosis and other violent personality changes.
Not everyone, but a significant percentage.
They cause thoughts.
Homicidal thoughts.
Suicidal thoughts.
That is a common known side effect of SSRIs.
You want to know what?
Anyone can look that up.
It's on the label.
It's on the warnings.
It's all over the internet.
This is easy knowledge.
This is something so simple.
You cannot ignore it.
Just, just, we just had a...
The left is all over the national news, Twitter, Instagram, making fun of Bill O'Reilly, making fun of MTG, making fun of Laura Ingraham for what they said.
That's all they have is making fun of it.
Oh, inflation!
Open borders!
Ha ha ha!
War with Russia!
Ha ha ha!
Drag queen pedophile time!
Ha ha ha!
It's on the label of SSRIs it causes mass murder.
It says it.
And suicide.
Wow, what a poison.
Almost as bad as these mRNA shots.
And I remember 10 years ago warning Joe Rogan and many others on air that weaponized marijuana, 20, 30, 40 times stronger than what it used to be, was linked to schizophrenia and linked to mass murder.
And now Joe Rogan goes on the show and talks about it.
It's in the New York Times that this new weaponized marijuana turns people into crazy people.
I have known personally three people that worked here that were massive pot smokers who went crazy.
One of them thought that David Knight was a reptile alien.
Another one thought we planted microphones in their office, and another one thought that I was the devil.
That's at my office.
Joe Rogan used to laugh at this.
He has a bunch of friends, he talks about it all the time, that used to be completely normal, who are totally insane from marijuana.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have tried marijuana to quit drinking, and I go long periods not drinking, then I get back and drinking.
I've had a problem, I'm not lying about it, I've been honest with you.
I maybe smoke pot a couple times a year.
And about a year ago, people said, well, you just don't have the right strength.
So I tried some different strengths.
And let me tell you something.
The only time I felt insane in my life was smoking that marijuana.
One time you smoke it, you feel fine.
Eat a bunch of food, feel great, everything's fine.
Next time you smoke it, you smoke it once, and all of a sudden, you are insane.
Really not having clear thinking.
And it's in the studies!
Marijuana linked to all sorts of mental illness problems, but they make jokes.
So it turns out this guy was under psychiatric health.
Under treatment.
Turns out he was a massive dope smoker.
Living on cloud cuckoo.
And marijuana is in the psychotropic class.
It is in the hallucinogenic class.
And the stronger stuff that's out today is 100% directly causal, not linked, causal in mass mental illness.
And almost all these shooters are dopeheads.
Does that mean the average person can't smoke pot?
It's like a high personality, type A, super driven, get home, you're tired, smoke some weed, it helps you.
Does it help people that have cancer to be able to hold down their food?
Again, it's statistical.
Most men aren't violent criminals.
But almost all men make up violent criminals.
Most men are not violent criminals.
But most violent criminals are men.
Young men that dress like women, that dress in black, that try to act freaky, who play shoot-em-up video games, who are obsessed with death and the occult, who go out and do this.
We know the exact group that's doing it.
Oh, but when he dresses up like a woman, it's not stunning and brave.
He's not a woman.
He's a man dressed like a woman while he reportedly shoots and kills six people, injuring more than 60.
And boy do we have a stack on this guy.
We'll cover next segment.
Then I'm gonna hit... Did you know they're banning most cows in the Netherlands?
Remember, you'll have no beef, you'll like it.
You'll have no job, you'll like it.
You'll eat bugs, you'll love it.
You will eat some bugs, says Klaus Schwab.
Well, it's here.
We've got them shooting at peaceful farmers protesting in the Netherlands, the Dutch government.
An incredible stack on the latest COVID damage to children.
Even the Wall Street Journal's reporting on it.
That's coming up.
Huge news out of the UK with the move and ongoing hearings in Parliament to remove Boris Johnson.
That's live.
We've got OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Bar-Kadido unexpectedly dies.
We have the Georgia Guidestones bombed.
We have Texas declaring an invasion emergency.
We have so much to break down and so much to cover here today.
And now they're saying he's gone.
They're saying the vote's happening right now.
We'll check that during the break and give you the latest when we come back.
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We're good to go.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
This is MKUltra.
This is Mind Control.
Turns out the shooter made it.
Scores of videos about mass school shootings.
Turns out the police had confiscated his guns.
Turns out they ignored the red flag laws.
Strobe lights.
All the programming signs of mind control.
Claiming he was under FBI control.
All in time for the election.
All in time programmed by the movie The Joker.
Dressed up like a woman.
Stunning and brave.
Let's go to a few minutes live of Boris Johnson, who took over the Brexit movement, ran it to the ground, locked the country down, a total globalist fraud, and now he's paying, as all servants of Satan do, as the very power structure battles to remove him and install a new puppet.
Let's go to the live feed.
There is still time for honourable members to visit.
But will the Prime Minister agree with me that this significant conference will count for nothing unless it results in concerted global action to promote and protect freedom of religional belief around the world?
I thank her very much.
Freedom of religion and belief is integral to people's identity and their sense of themselves and their own personal freedom and security.
And I thank her for the work she's doing as my own envoy on that subject and also for the wonderful conference that she has organised.
It was great to talk to her about it yesterday.
Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.
Will the Prime Minister join me in expressing my deepest condolences to those injured and affected by the explosion at a block of flats at Redwood Grove in Bedford on Monday, which has sadly led to the death of one resident, with others yet to be accounted for?
This is a timely reminder... So this is just him answering random questions.
Is there about to vote to remove him?
They say they have the votes.
And remember, it's the same thing we see with parliamentary systems that are so dangerous.
Trudeau only got, what, 30% of the vote, but he's still in power, because he can then go cobble together a coalition of different sub-parties to still keep him in power.
So, with all the parties he's got, and all the people behind him, he's got 30, what, 31%.
So that's how the globalists bring in their dictatorships of the minority, which are the globalists, via these parliamentary systems.
We'll continue to watch that as it unfolds here today.
If you just joined us, we showed dramatic footage in the first 15 minutes of the show from news helicopters in a rural farming community outside Atlanta, Georgia, where about a third of the edifice to world depopulation and
New World Order, world government has been blown sky-high.
The Georgia Guidestones shattered by some type of explosive and we will continue to track that.
This brings massive attention to the edifice, the obelisk complex set up by a consortium headed up by the founder of CNN, Ted Turner.
So we'll continue to watch that as it unfolds.
And we have a special report put together from our live feeds we did there back during the contested 2020 election when I was in Georgia that is coming up at the start.
of the next segment.
And then I also intend in the next hour to take your phone calls.
We'll get into the Dutch police fire, live rounds and anti-green agenda protesters.
They're banning most farms with cows and the larger farms that can pay a special carbon tax are having their cows cut by one third.
And that's just the beginning.
They're going to cut chickens, pigs, everything else.
That's all coming up.
So when you hear them say they're going to ban beef and you will eat bugs and like it, everything you see in the Netherlands is coming here tomorrow.
It's already in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany.
They insert large tubes into the rectums of cows and collect the methane, saying it's toxic waste.
You know, it's part of the atmosphere.
And they're claiming that nitrogen in cow poop, which is great for fertilizer and great for the fish in the runoff and just great for life.
Look at the water buffaloes in Africa and the buffalo everywhere else.
The idea of the life cycle and fertilizer, natural fertilizer, is bad.
It's a carbon attack, listing all carbon as toxic waste.
That is so heavy.
That is so globalist.
And that is a tax on life and their ability to shut down all their competition.
The farmers are so angry.
Millions of them blocking major highways from France to Belgium to the Netherlands to Germany.
Jumping tons of manure in front of government offices saying the airline industry is exempt releasing greenhouse gases, which we need.
It's part of the atmosphere.
Why are we under attack?
Because the globalists are shutting everybody down.
They are de-industrializing.
They are sabotaging the infrastructure because they have unlimited capital to come in when it collapses and buy it all up for pennies on the dollar.
But that's only the first level.
Monetary reason in their own stated Debus and Club of Rome and Bilderberg documents and Carnegie Endowment and Rockefeller Endowment and all their statements.
We read them here yesterday.
We covered them.
I made films about it, you know, 15 years ago.
It's all about bringing you to your knees and getting rid of any type of economy that is self-sustainable.
They don't want real sustainable agriculture.
They don't want real sustainable.
Bill Gates doesn't want real organic farms.
He wants factory farms.
He wants robot-run slaughterhouses.
They want full control.
And what we're witnessing is fascist corporate governance creating neo-feudalism using classic communist tactics as the operating system and the control system over it all.
So we're going to go to our Georgia Guidestones report.
Next segment.
And then we're going to start the next hour and give the number out and take your calls and then look at the devastating effects even in the Wall Street Journal
Reporting that the majority of children dying and getting sick have had the so-called vaccine.
Truly insane information coming up here today.
We also are going to get more into the mass shooter and the gun grab that's happening and thank God people are pointing out the SSRIs and the weaponized marijuana are an integral
Fuel in every single one of these cases.
There's a cocktail of things.
On psychotropics, smoking a lot of weaponized marijuana, playing shoot-em-up games constantly, isolated, being programmed by the death culture, and then many times being handled by leftist antifa groups or the FBI themselves, which is in the majority of cases.
And so that's the MO that we see here, and a lot of new developments have come out on that front.
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Please take action now.
I'll be right back.
The Georgia Guidestones in the rural countryside, about 60 miles outside Atlanta, have been blown sky high with reportedly high explosives.
We were there over a year and a half ago during the contested election covering
What the Georgia Guidestones stand for.
Now here's archival footage of what has been blown to bits.
We'll talk next hour with calls about your view of this event happening.
We'll give the number out here at the end of the segment, but here's part of the report.
And I looked, and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beast of the earth.
I want to show you something that's more than just an allegory.
I want to show you something that's life and death for you and your family and the whole future of our species.
More than a hundred years ago, powerful robber baron elites adopted a system known as Social Darwinism, saying might makes right and we should just go ahead and follow Malthusian ideas of forced depopulation.
And that idea grew from just shadows
Just ideas being promoted by ruthless men.
And it began to turn over the next hundred years or so into something very, very real.
And it was no longer just shadows.
It was a real manifestation of an idea for a one world government to carry out the orderly depopulation of the planet.
A brave new world.
And that's where we are in the year 2020.
All the planning, all the beta testing is over.
And now, the great reset is here.
It's the future.
And for 80 plus percent of us, we're not in it.
We're here at the Georgia Guidestones outside the tiny town of Elberton, Georgia.
These mysterious stones were erected by a secretive group in 1980.
We've done deep research to track back exactly who's behind these stones and why they're so significant in the year 2020.
And what the Great Reset signifies to every human on Earth.
CNN founder Ted Turner reportedly funded the creation of the trust under the name R.C.
Christian or Rosicrucian with other donations from rich benefactors that wish to build an endless marker promoting their ideas for the future of the planet and humanity.
Carved into the face of this blue pyramid granite in the eight great languages of the world, this power cult tells us exactly what they believe and their plans for all of us.
And notice that R.C.
Christian and his little merry band of depopulationists have a whole bunch of cameras, some in plain view, some hidden, that reportedly go back to the local sheriff's department, who's paid a tidy sum of money every year to watch and protect this temple to
The post-human era.
When you erect a temple in the middle of the rolling hills of rural Georgia.
When you spend tens of millions of dollars over 30 years to upkeep it and have surveillance cameras and floodlights and have it repaired hundreds of times when it's been vandalized.
It's because it's what you believe with all of your heart.
It's what you stand for.
It's your manifesto.
We're about to go over what's written on the face of the stone and then look at the individuals that financed it and their other public statements.
And it is something akin to what would come out of the mouth of Adolf Hitler.
These stones are more than just a temple.
They're more than just a manifesto or a testament.
They are commandments being handed down to us by those that would run our lives.
And, to a great extent, do run our lives under the Great Reset we'll cover more in a moment.
But first, let's read the first verse.
Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.
Like we're pets, like we're a dog or a cat we take care of, or like we're a museum piece where they cull the population from 7.5 billion down to 500 million.
I wonder who the lucky people are that are going to get to live.
But they're not just going to guide how many people get to live.
No, no.
They're going to guide, like China's one-child policy,
Reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.
That's a nice way of saying eugenics.
The third commandment.
Unite humanity with a living new language.
The fourth commandment.
Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
But they will tell us what our traditions are.
They're going to rule our passions, our faith, our tradition, and all things will be tempered with reason by our controllers up on Mount Olympus.
Our gods.
They will tell us what virtue is.
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
But of course, they will decide what that means.
Again, everything in these stones is United Nations world government law put into religious-type connotations.
Like this doublespeak.
Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.
So, you have a world court over you, but you still have your sovereignty.
That's doublespeak, and that's exactly how the United Nations operates in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where in its last articles it says, none of these rights
exist if the UN says they don't exist.
You only have rights when they selectively say you have rights.
Number seven.
Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
This is Karl Marx.
The state grows up, it is giant, it creates utopia, and then it withers away.
But it's always big billionaire financiers who are tax-exempt and above the law who want regulations for them to be non-existent only for us.
Again, this is all communist, globalist, New Age garbage.
And of course, balance personal rights with social duties.
It's a balance.
And they decide when you have personal rights.
If it's for a greater good, you've got to be sterilized.
If it's for a greater good, you've got to be euthanized.
If it's for the greater good, you can't leave your house because somebody might die of COVID, even though the COVID shutdown is starving tens of millions.
See how that works?
And again, they're telling us they're the good guys.
We're good to go.
Be not a cancer on the earth.
Leave room for nature.
Leave room for nature.
In other words, get out of the way.
I'm Ted Turner.
I'm having five children, dozens of houses, millions of acres, mistresses, jet airplanes, yachts, sailboats, jumbo jets, helicopters.
You, you don't get anything.
Roll over and die.
I'm the Guardian.
I'm Ted Turner.
I'm Bill Gates.
I'm the New World Order.
Their plan is called the Great Reset.
Their manual of operations is Agenda 2030.
A public UN plan in the name of world peace and stopping hunger that actually shuts down the world economy and will cause massive depopulation.
Build back better.
Agenda 21.
Agenda 2030.
When you hear these terms,
It's all building towards a post-human dystopia.
The globalists aren't just trying to get rid of the general population to, quote, save the earth.
They are on record saying they believe they're going to merge in a new evolution with machines.
This is a global corporate takeover allied with communist China.
On record.
And it's no mistake that in the year 2020, they're engaged in massive censorship of anyone that criticizes the lockdowns, the Great Reset, the United Nations, Communist China.
This is authoritarianism making its move to break the will of the American people.
Because once the United States falls to the globalists, there'll be no nation on earth to stand against them.
This is the most dangerous, dark, satanic ideology to
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
All right, I'm about to open the phones up in the next hour.
I want your view on the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones.
It's a nonviolent attack, but it's like the left getting rid of monuments.
I'd rather have it there to show what's going on, but I understand the perspective of those that did it, obviously, to bring attention to what's happening.
Thank God it was nonviolent.
What is your view on this?
And so much other big news.
Man, the new shots directly linked to autism, not just heart attacks.
It's all coming up next hour.
And we've got a very special report dealing with the Food Wars.
Next segment, we'll play part of that report that's at Band.Video.
And then, to your phone call, stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
At this point, best case scenario is a few years of hard times for us all.
And if we don't turn it around soon, then it will only get worse.
But as bad as things are, we still have time to prepare.
And that alone is something to be grateful for.
A gravity water filter will provide you with clean, healthy water, even in the event of your taps getting shut off.
And having your own food will save you from getting ensnared in government FEMA camps.
And if you've already stocked up enough for your own family, you might want to consider stocking up for your neighbors.
Some of your neighbors might not be prepared for what's coming, but you can help them by having an abundance of storable foods and water filtration.
Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
Stock up now at preparetoday.com
As these different stories of fires and explosions damaging major food processing plants across the entire country were beginning to circulate on social media, the FBI's Cyber Division, they came out and they published an official notice warning Americans about the increased cyber attack threats on agricultural cooperatives.
And our breaking news, mandatory evacuations being ordered in Grant County, that's in eastern Washington because there's a risk of an ammonia tank explosion.
And with that, we do have some images of the situation there.
We want you to take a look at this video.
Just intense flames.
As you can tell, this is taken from a distance, too.
This is a fire at the Washington Potato Company plant in Warden, which is about 100 miles southwest of Spokane.
Right now, firefighters are still watching for hotspots after a large fire at a plant in Moments, Illinois.
That is south of Chicago in Kankakee County.
It started early this morning at Andruan Farms, which makes freeze-dried ingredients.
A spokesperson for the company says no one was inside the plant at the time.
We are tracking a fire at the Winston Weaver Fertilizer Plant.
These were the flames over the building tonight.
Firefighters are evacuating homes and businesses within a one-mile radius of the building because of the fear of an explosion.
There was a significant fire at a Wisconsin River Meats factory Thursday that left mass wreckage in its wake.
By the time I got here, the building was engulfed in flames.
Towering flames and thick black smoke.
This is what the Sutter County community of Live Oak woke up to just after 745 this morning.
Then a boiler explosion and fire in Hermiston.
It was probably the fire of my career in Hermiston.
Fire Chief Scott Stanton says when he saw the flames, his mind focused on one thing.
The first thing that comes to mind is the employee.
An early morning fire tore through the milk parlor at Bestview Farm in St.
Albans on Friday, displacing nearly 800 cows.
Extensive damage.
I mean, that's the lifeline of the farm, is the milk house, where they milk their cows.
Right now in Piscataway, Middlesex County.
And wow, there you have it.
That is a rather substantial fire that's happening in what looks like a factory.
Let's get more details from Shannon Sonin, Newscopter 7.
Yeah, this is burning at the PepsiCo facility here on New Brunswick Avenue at Lakeview Avenue.
This is a live scene from a blazing fire.
This is at the McCrum Potato, frozen potato processing facility on Pierce Street in Belfast at this hour.
Long road to recovery after a massive fire at a local food pantry.
And it goes on four hours, so...
Our people are blowing up stone obelisks calling for mass death.
I don't agree with it.
It shouldn't have happened.
But it brings attention to it.
Their people are burning down police stations and federal courthouses and billions of dollars of damage and attacking Supreme Court justices at their houses.
That's what's going on.
The revolution's here.
The New World Order is attacking us.
We are the counter-revolutionaries trying to save the Renaissance, trying to save the real liberal order of freedom and justice and open society.
They are calling themselves liberals because they are the opposite of liberals.
They are tyrants.
We have loaded phone lines.
Your take on the destruction with a high-powered bomb, obviously, of the Georgia Guidestones this morning.
We're going to be covering it all and so much more.
Tucker Carlson responds to suicide mass murder pills and more.
The latest on the poison injections that huge developments have unfolded.
Wall Street Journal admitting that the majority of children dying of COVID have been vaccinated.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
We're still on air thanks to you.
Thanks to you sharing the articles and videos and live feeds now.
Take action now!
A terrible thing happened.
Somebody non-violently blew up the Georgia Guidestones in the dark of night.
How dare them stand up against the bringer of death?
And that obelisk announcing our destruction and the killing of 7 million people, how dare them not support the murder of 7 million people?
Crank it up!
Bringer of death!
Bringer of death!
See, the Satanists don't know they're fulfilling God's will.
Bringer of your death, Pharaoh.
You and you and your progeny, they will pay, not us.
You have brought down the angel of death.
You have summoned death.
Now death will visit you.
The devil pretends he's in charge of death.
He ain't in charge of it.
God is.
Alright, let's get serious.
I'm going to hear a few minutes Tucker Carlson knocking out of the park last night and hit some more on this mass shooter.
I'm going to come back from break and take your phone calls here on this live Wednesday Global Transmission and Defiance of Tyranny.
Here's Tucker Carlson calling it out.
The SSRIs on the label say are mass murder pills.
Amazingly, it was just over a week ago that Joe Biden single-handedly ended gun violence in the United States.
How'd you miss that?
Well, you probably were distracted by all the other amazing things Joe Biden is doing, like making air travel more efficient and winning the war in Ukraine.
So you probably weren't paying attention on June 25th when a law called the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was signed.
And it, true to its name, was in fact bipartisan.
Fashionably liberal Republicans like John Cornyn helped write it.
So the question is, will it live up to the second half?
Will it make communities safer?
Emphatically, yes, said Joe Biden.
Quote, it's going to save a lot of lives.
How many lives exactly?
Well, in the characteristically modest words of Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, quote, what we are doing will save thousands of lives.
And that makes a kind of sense, because now that we're going to have red flag laws in all 50 states, laws that allow the government to disarm you by force without charging you with a crime, without bothering with due process, once we do that, and we are doing it, mass shootings like the one we saw in Buffalo this spring will never happen again.
That's what they promised us, and the media assured us it was true every word of it.
What they never mentioned was, it was not only ridiculous and false, it was provably false.
Because, actually, gun control does not stop bad people from using guns.
It's not a talking point, it's a fact.
Here's how you know.
On the day that 18-year-old Peyton Gendron murdered 10 people in Buffalo, the state of New York already had a red flag law.
And Gendron was exactly the sort of person they told us that red flag laws would stop from committing mass murder.
Gendron had bragged in school, remember, that he wanted to murder large groups of people?
That was a red flag, speaking of.
He'd already been caught by his mother killing a cat with his hands.
Gendron was so obviously crazy and threatening that at one point, New York State Police came over and investigated him.
But in the end, nothing happened.
It had no effect, these laws.
And that's not surprising.
Ask anyone who knows anything about violence, and who isn't getting paid to lie to you about it, and you will learn the truth, which is, it's almost impossible to stop someone who's dead set on harming other people.
Prison guards get killed regularly.
There are no guns in prison.
There are plenty of psychopaths.
Psychopaths are the problem.
In case you need still more evidence, just yesterday, on the 4th of July, there was yet another mass shooting in the state of Illinois.
Illinois is a state with red flag laws, assault weapons bans, every other form of gun control that authoritarians can dream up in a country that still has a Second Amendment.
But the shooting happened anyway.
It happened in Highland Park, which is a pretty suburb north of Chicago.
And once again, the shooter was exactly the person they claimed red flag laws would stop before he hurt others.
His name is Robert Crema.
He's a 21-year-old amateur rapper with a long and documented history of bizarre and very threatening behavior.
And on Monday, he lived up to what everyone who knew him thought he might someday do.
He dressed in women's clothes, he scaled a fire escape ladder to the roof of a local business, and then he opened fire on a parade.
Here's what it looked like.
So awful.
As the authorities say, seven people have died from that shooting, at least 36 others are wounded.
Here's what it looked like from the ground.
Good people, terrified, bleeding, in some cases dead, on the 4th of July.
It's awful.
Now a normal person sees a tape like that and takes a breath as the tragedy of it sinks in, as it should.
Americans were just murdered for no reason.
So pause a beat before politicizing their deaths.
Show some respect.
You owe them that.
But social media do not encourage respect.
Social media are the domain of partisans.
And the first question a partisan asks never changes.
It's this.
How can I use other people's misery to become more powerful myself?
So on the basis of that, the usual morons leap in to blame the other team.
They did it!
It's their fault!
Elect me!
Eric Swallow did this immediately, of course.
That's right.
They went on to blame Trump.
And they went on to blame gun owners.
But Robert E. Cremo III
Was Antifa.
He was on Antifa sites.
He promoted Antifa.
We have articles on Infowars.com.
It's all on record.
He wasn't stunning and brave dressing like a woman.
He wasn't a woman.
He was a man disguised as a woman, though he dresses a woman for years.
Yes, this is some MKUltra stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
Liberals rush to defend Big Pharma after people suggest SSRI drugs connected to mass shootings.
MTG's coming up later to talk about it.
Highland Park shooter wore women's clothing during the attack and wore it before that.
It wasn't a disguise.
It was what he was doing, disguising that he was a demon, just like the pedophile drag queen Storytime does.
And it goes on from there.
Police knew Highland Park suspect threatened to kill everyone, quote, had weapons confiscated in 2019.
So a man dresses a woman is just a disguise now, is it?
Yeah, for predators?
You want it for children?
I thought it was a stunning and brave gender identity.
He's Antifa, ladies and gentlemen.
And he identified as Antifa.
Here's some of the postings where he did.
On screen.
For you.
Right now.
He hated Trump supporters.
He hated America.
And he went and attacked a July 4th parade.
Gee, do we wonder who she is?
It's like Yuvaldi, a young druggie from a family with limited means, somehow manages to buy about 5,000 sophisticated weapons.
Hmm, says David King.
And then it gets more complicated with his family and his claims of being connected to the FBI.
It's all coming up, but first, your phone calls on this live July 6th Wednesday broadcast straight ahead on the other side.
So get ready, because I'm going bam, bam, bam to your calls.
Stay with us.
Well, the Georgia Guidestones calling for killing 7 million people has been bombed.
No one was hurt, but this is much worse than 7 million people dying.
This is a loving artifact and a commitment.
A love letter for global extermination that Ted Turner put up with Bill Gates and others.
And it's been bombed.
It's a terrible thing, ladies and gentlemen.
If a police station would have gotten burned, if Andy Vu would have shot some folks at a red light, that'd be beautiful, stunning and brave.
But if it was a pedophile drag queen time, it'd be great too.
But because nobody got hurt, it's the worst thing ever.
But seriously, I'd rather the Oedipus be there to show the evil they're calling for than to bomb it.
Those that obviously did it were doing it to draw attention to it during the full swing attack we're under.
But I want to hear your views, and they're not censored.
We're not censoring you.
I want to hear your views and what you think of this.
So let's go to Jeff in Florida.
Jeff, your view on someone blowing up a third of the Georgia Guidestones?
This morning.
Hi Alex, pleasure to talk to you.
First of all, I think it's a brilliant, actually a brilliant thing they did.
I've already sent out some texts to friends, and actually a few of them didn't know what they were.
So it's bringing attention, and I'm thinking about the... Oh yeah, Georgia Guidestones is at the top of Twitter right now.
People really want to know about this now.
Yeah, so it's...
You know, like the shots heard around the world, this might be the bang heard around the world, hopefully.
And I'm thinking about Biden's tweet the other day where he said to the gas stations that we're in a time of war.
You know, we are in a time of war, and they're attacking us.
And I think we should put aside a fund for whoever did this, so we can bail them and put a defense for them.
Well, they call that material-aided terrorist.
Only the Vice President is allowed to bail out people that burn down federal buildings.
I don't know if that's something we can do, but I hear your point, and I appreciate your call, sir.
All right, let's go ahead and take the next caller.
Let's talk to Lisa in Florida.
Lisa, what's your view on the guidestones being blown up today?
Well, I can see your point of view.
You don't want people to go getting violent, and I wouldn't want to see that either.
So I get what you're saying, but I don't know.
I think it's a good thing.
Because it gets people talking, and because, yeah, it may put them on their heels a little bit.
You know, the people that built those, and, you know, it may get them off- Oh, I get the point.
I mean, it exposes what the system's doing.
And I get the left's attacking us, they're being violent, they're pulling down our monuments, so turnabout is fair play.
All's fair in love and war, as they say.
I just wanted to open up the full debate here, because they definitely don't like what happened here.
It definitely draws attention to the depopulation cult these people are... But I mean, shouldn't we just kill 7 million people?
Aren't 7 million people worse than the Stones?
Shouldn't we just leave them up?
Well, you know, what you're saying, you know, just as a monument to show what they're doing, but I don't think it was really doing that, because like the first guy said, half the people don't even know what they are.
But they know about it now.
They know about it now, don't they?
Now, yeah, sure.
And so, overall, I think maybe it could be a good thing, because they certainly made sure no one got hurt.
And no guns were used, so they can't scream about guns, right?
Yeah, if I had to guess, local military police blew it up.
I mean, it really is a satanic obelisk.
How dare someone blow up a giant...
Alex, good morning.
It's an honor to speak with you.
Yes, sir.
What do you make of the satanic obelisk being blown up?
Well, I'll tell you Alex, I have visited the Guidestones and I have stood in their presence and it's just pure evil.
The energy, the occultism, it's not just the words, it's not just the language, there's all kinds of astrological alignments and things that the physical structure actually points the viewer to observe and to experience.
And I'll tell you, for me, it is, you know, satanic.
It's so much about, like, the inversion of the language and using these slogans and these phrases that sound all nice to, you know, really instill evil messages.
And when you talk to people that are leftists and you, you know, explain the messaging, they like it.
You know, they think, oh, these are great guidelines.
This sounds so good and it makes so much sense.
Are you saying it was wrong to blow up the Nazi swastika in Berlin at the end of World War II?
I don't necessarily think that harming the guidestones by blowing them up was a positive thing.
I mean, I kind of tend to agree with you that this monument is kind of
Total proof of what's going on, and it's potentially a good thing that there's attention raised, but I'm not sure.
I tend to agree with you that blowing it up is not necessarily a positive step.
Russell, anything else you'd like to add?
You know, just X2 is a miracle product, and I use it every day, and thank you so much.
Thank you, brother.
If listeners would just listen to me,
X2 is deep-earth crystalline.
Nobody else put it on the market.
From oil drilling between 7,000 and 12,000 feet.
Pure atomic.
Right in your blood.
Right in your bloodstream.
The opposite of fluoride.
It just takes 15 days to kick in on average.
Incredible game changer.
40% off at Infowarsstore.com.
Everybody should get X2.
Folks, don't wait.
Don't be fools.
Listen to me.
I don't lie to you.
I make mistakes sometimes, but not on things I've tested.
No, for sure.
X2 is so incredible.
Let's jam in one more caller before we go to break.
Let's talk to Kathy in West Virginia.
Kathy, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
Really coincidentally, I discovered you through a guy named Freeman, who used to be in Austin.
Are you familiar with him at all?
I know Freeman.
I've known him like 25 years.
Yeah, he does the Esoteric Show.
Yeah, and he's the one who turned me on to, like, back in the 2008 era, the Georgia Guidestones.
So I've known about them for a while.
And what came to mind when I saw that rubble and heard about this from you is a little quip from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings.
Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
Nothing besides remains.
Round that decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, the lone and level stands stretch far away.
And I say, yeah, may that be what happens to this new world order.
That's right.
All these people trying to play God will be brought low.
Desperate equalizer.
Everything they have sowed, they will reap ten thousand fold.
They will pay.
So, yeah, I'm thrilled that I, you know, got to talk with you about this.
We had talked a little bit a while ago about, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what happened in 2011, August, August 2011, when the Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S.
You know, this is how deep these people go.
Standard & Poor's at that time was owned by McGraw-Hill, you know, the famous book company.
But Terry McGraw had purchased, somehow, Standard & Poor's, and it was part of the McGraw-Hill company.
Listen, you're beautiful.
A lot of incredible stuff's happening.
Thank you so much for your call.
We've got to cut off callers and get to the next people.
We're taking your phone calls, getting your response to the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones.
A third of the satanic obelisks calling for world government and total extermination has been blown sky-high.
Was it good?
Was it bad?
Well, if they burned down a police station, it'd be good, according to the media, but if it's non-violent and it's against Satanism, it is bad.
If it had been a nine-month-old baby taken and cut up, it'd be loving and liberal.
But because no one was hurt, there's a dragnet out, massive investigation.
They're going to try to catch whoever the thought criminal was that did this.
But listeners, a caller earlier called it the shot heard around the world.
It definitely draws their attention to what's really happening.
But I don't like to see violence that can always be twisted against us.
So I would tell folks that point is made.
I wouldn't blow up anything else if I was you.
But we're taking your phone calls right now ahead of MTG joining us.
Right now let's go to Mike in Florida.
Mike, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi Alex, how you doing brother?
It's pretty interesting watching the Georgia Guidestones blown up in the middle of this giant depopulation operation.
Well, yeah, and I think it's symbolic of our victories against the New World Order.
For the last 15 years, Alex, you know, we've always said, as we get closer to the pinnacle of this war, that you're going to see all these kinds of weird things happen.
And I think the Creator has interesting ways of waking people up.
And I think this is one way he's going to be doing that.
What else do you want to say about this?
I think there should be another documentary made about the Georgia Guidestones and go out there and show them and really get in depth on the SOC agenda behind them and promote the living hell out of it.
Because as one of the callers said, most people don't know about it, but now they're going to know.
Boy, now they do know all about it, and it's called to kill 7 million people.
But how hateful is it to bomb something calling for killing 7 million people?
I think this is super racist.
I think this is white supremacist.
What do you think?
Oh, absolutely.
This has got white supremacy written all over it.
They should probably abort another 60 million children just to make this balanced.
You know what I mean?
Very well said.
Thank you, Mike.
They should sacrifice babies there.
I mean, they want to kill 7 million.
It says it.
I mean, why are you... I mean, these are horrible people that bombed this.
They didn't do a roadside bomb to blow up troops.
They didn't burn down an abortion clinic.
They didn't shoot cops.
They didn't shoot random people at a four-way stop like Antifa does, which are good people.
That's great what they're doing.
Being sarcastic.
They bombed something in the early morning when no one was there.
This is evil, ladies and gentlemen.
The left pulls down monuments all day, but whoever did this is the worst.
Let's talk to David in the great state of Texas.
David, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing Alex?
I know you asked us to speak about the Georgia Guidestones.
My opinion on it is just a patriot that's just really bringing their attention that we're not allowing that to happen here in America, in our country.
I can tell you, brother, we're not alone.
People are awake and they are pissed.
Yes, sir.
Um, I have a message for Mr. Harari.
Is that okay?
Go ahead.
Now that we spoke about, um, Echoplasma Plasmic Specialization, Alex, please pull out your pen.
Please write down the Vorticella, V-O-R-T-I-C-E-L-L-A, and also the Urocarotic Cell, E-U-K-A-R-Y-O-T-I-C Cell.
What I'm speaking about is cytogenetics.
Which is connected to the satellite virus and the Mosnick virus.
This is the reason why they are attacking our trees.
But Mr. Harari, let me help you understand something.
God will not allow this.
Like the great Steve Quayle said, we have to go through this for seven years.
And, uh, he will destroy your Babylonian towers.
With one great earthquake.
So, do not think for once that God is not real and God people is not here.
We understand what's going on and we truly identify what you're trying to do.
But we have to go through this Alex.
I have much more to talk about, but I know you have other callers to get to.
But please look up these things and connect it.
Connect the dots, please.
That's all I ask.
We have to start talking about cytogenetics.
I know a little bit about it, brother, and I'll look into it, and God bless you.
That's the paradox.
These callers are all so great, we've got to cut them off to the next person, but amazing.
Thank you, sir.
All right, up next here, Terrace in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Alex, am I clear?
Yes, sir.
I'm a long-time listener, first-time caller.
Thank you for having me on.
First thing I just want to say is the vandalism, I just think the most telling thing will be
Will they fix it?
Since it's such substantial damage it's been had this time, I would like to see if they fix it like they fixed all the other vandalization that's occurred there.
Or if they'll just tear it all down.
So I'd like to see... No, I hear you.
In fact, here's where I am.
I don't think they would do this because it draws attention.
It's their little sick joke.
But they could have done it just to tear it down and get rid of it because it's so embarrassing to them.
But my gut tells me a real person did this.
What do you think?
Yeah, I know.
I 100% think a real person did this.
Somebody, you know, that had it in their sights for, you know, a while.
You know, this is on the Mount Rushmore of conspiracy
I think?
And I just think another thing is, is with this, you know, there's all these, uh, alternative media is covering CERN, all these CERN announcements and the AI buzz.
There's this low AI buzz going through all different podcasts.
I just heard Duncan Trussell and Joe Rogan speaking about AI, um, for, for, for a good length on their, on their most recent podcast.
I just think it's telling that, you know, they took it down right now because these are big moments in,
In this whole conspiracy realm, the things that, these things have been on all of our radar for a long time, and this is one of the big things, this CERN announcement.
So with that, do you think, can I ask you, do you think that that unites humanity with a new living language?
Do you think that that is something that has to do with AI?
A unified, corporate, programmed, universal social credit score, then backed up with the transgenderism and all the leftist talking points is their new system of control.
Thank you so much for the call.
Great points, Terrace.
All right, let's go ahead and take another caller from Tennessee.
Let's talk to Bonnie.
Bonnie, you're on the air.
Is this Alex Jones?
It is, yep.
Oh, hi, just wanted to make certain sure.
Thank you for taking my call.
My name is Bonnie and with my radio partner, Brian, we do skits under the name True and Karen.
And in February of this year, we did a visit to the Georgia Guidestones, you know, satire, which we posted on WBCR AM in Tennessee.
And anyway, it was a recording
You know, of what it was like to go there, information about it, et cetera, et cetera.
That happened in February of this year.
I am very glad that we were able to post that and get it on bit shoot before this happened.
I visited the Gore Guidestones for real about 12 years ago, and I will agree with the caller that says they are evil.
There is absolutely no way to describe the pressure on your chest.
And the feeling of depression that you get when you're there.
It's a heavy place, you're right.
And they're not happy about attention being brought to it.
It's an esoteric symbol of their enslavement of humanity.
And now they're going to kill 90% of us.
It says we're going to kill 90% of the public.
And so they're very upset today this has happened.
Bonnie, thank you so much for the call.
All right, I'm gonna go to break.
MTG's coming on.
She'll be with us for 45 minutes at the bottom of the next hour.
But, Ronnie, and Caleb, and Jim, and Thomas, and Jefferson, and Alkiller, and Jason, and Dave, all of you holding after she leaves, I will get to you before we end this transmission today.
We're going to go to break.
Tell everybody you know, tune in right now.
MTD is going to talk about the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.
She's talking about the carbon taxes, imminent nuclear war with Russia, and so much more straight ahead.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, straight ahead on Alex Jones with Infowars.com and Vandod Video.
Live coverage of the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones, straight ahead.
At this point, best case scenario is a few years of hard times for us all.
And if we don't turn it around soon, then it will only get worse.
But as bad as things are, we still have time to prepare.
And that alone is something to be grateful for.
A gravity water filter will provide you with clean, healthy water, even in the event of your taps getting shut off.
And having your own food will save you from getting ensnared in government FEMA camps.
And if you've already stocked up enough for your own family, you might want to consider stocking up for your neighbors.
Some of your neighbors might not be prepared for what's coming, but you can help them by having an abundance of storable foods and water filtration.
Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
Stock up now at preparetoday.com
Well, for the next 45 minutes, my favorite member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene is our guest, the great MTG.
Wow, she has been exposing the state to a war, the threat of nuclear war.
She's been exposing SSRIs and their direct admitted link to mass shootings and death of almost every mass shooter, and so much more.
But I've got to ask her up front, because it's big news everywhere, the Georgia Guidestones
A large portion of it blown up by obvious high explosives.
I don't agree with the left pulling down statues of Robert E. Lee, whether you love Robert E. Lee or don't like him or don't care.
I'm not for violence, but boy does this send a message around.
The world, a shot heard around the world.
I know that's very close to your district there in Georgia.
So Marjorie Taylor Greene, thank you so much for joining us.
We'll talk about January 6th committee.
We'll talk about the economy.
We'll talk about Biden.
We'll talk about it all the next 45 minutes.
Thank you so much for joining us.
But first, what is your take on the Georgia Guidestones getting blown sky high?
Well, Alex, one thing I always appreciate about you is you bring up the issues that a lot of regular, normal people talk about and the Georgia Guidestones.
I don't know.
I'm not a particular fan of them because I'm, as you know, like you, completely against the globalist agenda and against population control.
I just heard the news probably about two hours ago about these things being blown apart.
And I think it just shows where we are today.
There's really a war of good and evil going on.
And people are done with globalism.
People are not going to go along with the new world order, the liberal world order, as the Democrats call it, and what's happening today.
So I think it's really interesting and looking forward to hearing more information about what happens.
So yeah, those things are about two and a half hours from my house over on the northeast side of Georgia.
And I don't think a lot of people really, most normal people, don't like those things.
Well, all I know is it says they want to reduce world population down to 500 million people.
That's a 90% plus reduction.
And so I'm not for blowing things up.
I say leave something evil there so we can see what's happening.
We should have an investigation.
Reportedly, Ted Turner and others, why do they support this?
Why are they putting this up?
But certainly, it's one of the top stories in the world right now.
Yeah, and it should be.
And I'm with you.
I'm not for acts of violence or aggression in any manner, but I think it's symbolic in a lot of ways.
And we've seen the Democrats tear down statues, as you mentioned, like Robert E. Lee, many Civil War statues, and other just historic leaders in American history.
But we've seen that all over the world by leftists all over the world trying to destroy history.
But these Georgia Guidestones, they really are a monument for the future, and it's a future that people do not want.
People don't want population control.
That's something that the hard left talk about that is terrifying, actually.
Why would anyone want population control?
We want people to continue to have families.
And be able to grow and thrive and feed their families.
So, it's interesting, but GBI has an investigation going on and I look forward to hearing what exactly happened.
We don't support this, but we also don't support the left burning down $2 billion of property over the summers and shooting random people and attacking Supreme Court justices at their house and Chuckie Schumer calling for it.
So much to talk about.
You're constantly making news, doing an incredible job.
The mass shooting, the SSRIs, the situation with NATO and Ukraine.
And you're warning of nuclear war, which the Russians and everybody, even top U.S.
strategists warn this is the most dangerous point we've been at in decades for nuclear war.
What do you want to tackle first, the July 4th tragedy or the current situation with NATO?
Oh, we can discuss either one.
I think the July 4th tragedy is heartbreaking.
Imagine, Alex, that there was an entire month of Pride parades and festivals and drag queen story times, and you didn't see Christian nationalists going in and shooting up these parades.
But, you know, the left was already preaching their F the 4th with their hashtags.
I'm going to
According to what the police put out when they were looking for him, he is not the picture of health.
He's obviously been on a lot of drugs, and I would bet money that SSRIs are in his history.
And those drugs right there, and Tucker Carlson talked about it last night too, and of course the left is losing their mind.
How dare we say anything about SSRIs or attack Big Pharma in any way?
But the truth is, there's serious side effects from those drugs.
For some people, they're life-saving.
But for many others, suicide and homicidal thinking are horrific side effects.
And we see an epidemic in young white males with this.
I'm going to continue to call for his records to be released as well as every other mass shooter.
They don't get to keep their information private.
They don't deserve a legacy.
They don't deserve their name being hailed as some kind of hero in the dark corners of the internet and these weird chat rooms.
We deserve to know more about them and I'm going to continue to demand it.
And we noticed the left when I went on Piers Morgan in 2013 and said these are suicide mass murder pills, the inserts say they can cause mass murder, mass suicide, delusions of grandeur, mania, and then you cover that, and I'm sure you saw it, you're all over the national news like, look how crazy she is!
She's saying this stuff's connected to mental illness and mass killing.
The damn drugs say it on the package!
They do.
They say it on the package.
You can easily look that up on the internet.
Imagine that, that there's information there about these drugs.
You know, all of them that have these warnings and side effects and they're real.
And that's why they're prescribed, supposed to be prescribed under the watchful eye of a doctor that's supposed to check these patients constantly for these terrifying side effects.
But it continues to carry on, and enough of that.
I just am over it.
I'm completely over it.
Of course we want mental health issues addressed, but we don't want drugs to continue to be prescribed to young men after they have lived through maybe physical abuse or sexual abuse at home, where they have serious issues, maybe educational issues, schooling issues, where they have real problems.
And the only way to deal with it is parents and doctors or school administrators that just want to prescribe them medications that are supposed to cover up the problems.
That's no way to solve anything for anyone.
And we know, Alex, we know that it has led to these mass shootings.
Almost nearly 100% of these mass shooters have taken these drugs and they may go on and off of them at times.
And they may be a combination with recreational drugs that do cause psychosis and other serious issues.
But really, Alex, we are chemical human beings.
Our body has chemistry in it, and when our chemistry gets completely unbalanced, well, these are some of the awful results.
And that's what happens with use of SSRIs.
And I think it needs to be talked about and investigated.
Well, that's another great point you make.
It's not just on the insert of this.
The system knows, and in the recent tragic Buffalo attack with a white supremacist, and the Uvalde attack in Texas, and this attack in Illinois, they were all known by law enforcement and known they were planning mass shootings.
This latest freakazoid up in Illinois made dozens of videos about shooting up schools.
They confiscated guns before, but nothing was done.
So they already had red flag laws in place, but nothing was done.
That's right.
The very gun control measures and laws that the Democrats are screaming for, they had in place right there in Illinois, right there in Highland Park.
They have a ban on assault weapons.
They have red flag gun laws.
They had a strict process where people had to do background checks.
And so forth in order to buy guns.
But this all failed.
It completely failed.
But what it did do is it leaves these gun-free zones and those are killing zone.
And that's what we see over and over and over.
Gun-free zones turn into killing field.
And these mass shooters that are completely, I mean, their human souls are gone.
Their human souls are completely destroyed.
That's right, and all the studies you know show the media hyping up mass shootings makes mentally ill people think about that.
So school was out, so we had to hit, she had to hit, a July 4th parade.
MTG doing 31 Minutes with us.
We're going to cover the specter of nuclear war, the economy, Biden, and so much more straight ahead.
Marjorie Taylor Greene and her busy schedule is taking time out with us at the bottom of the hour.
We really appreciate her.
She is always on fire, but she's particularly stellar today.
This is a shorter segment, longer segment coming up.
I want to get into your big announcements and what you've been saying that's making so much news that I agree with about this war escalating into nuclear war that Russia and others are warning about next segment.
But briefly, in this five minute segment, what do you make of these primaries?
What do you make of these special elections?
I mean, it looks like
Patriots like yourself, people that have been demonized, are winning by even bigger margins.
What is your view on the upcoming midterms in 125 days?
Well, I don't know.
It seems like a long ways away, but I'm definitely excited for it.
We're seeing more candidates that are just regular Americans, like myself, actually running for office.
And that's something that excites me.
I think that those are the people that should be serving, not people that choose politics as some sort of career, a place to just consume power.
Corruption and basically look at where we are today, Alex.
We're over $30 trillion in debt.
We're falling apart.
We're losing the fabric of America.
Traditional family values are being ruined and that comes from both parties, Republicans and Democrats.
You know, I'm one of those that
That will attack my own party just as much as I will the Democrats because I'm just tired of it all.
But I think midterms are going to be very exciting.
I think that we still aren't going to get as many America First candidates in as we want, simply because we are just going to have to work harder to be able to get those people
We're going to get some of them, and that's what I'm very excited about.
I do think we're going to take back the House of Representatives.
I feel very strongly about that.
I don't know the numbers yet.
I think we still have a long ways to go to get to November, and things will change rapidly.
You know, we're on the verge of some big, scary things, and I'm not sure how that will affect elections.
And I agree with you about 2,000 mules.
We still haven't solved all the issues from the 2020 election.
I just hope we don't see any more election fraud.
Well, I have to tell you, I call Joe Biden President Butterbean because his brain is basically just mush.
He's so disconnected into what is going on and his view of things.
He's clearly not the same man he was for years in the Senate and even as Vice President.
He's had serious mental decline.
I think the Democrats don't know what they're going to do with them.
I also think they're in quite a bit of a problem with Kamala Harris.
And I think it's actually kind of funny.
It's something that I enjoy.
You know, I have preached and I push and push and push.
We should be impeaching Joe Biden because of his mental state, because of the failures, because of what he's done to our border, what he did in Afghanistan, where he's leading us now in this proxy war with Russia.
But I think Kamala Harris is the greatest gift for the Democrats.
You know, this is a woman.
That basically slept her way to the top.
She is not intelligent.
If you listen to her talk, she can't even speak and make clear messages any better than Joe Biden.
She was very unpopular in the presidential primary when she ran for president.
I think they deserve her.
So I'm one of those that I'm all for impeaching Joe Biden because he deserves to be fired for ruining our country.
And I think putting Kamala Harris in there is fantastic because she would not be the legitimate first woman president because she wouldn't be elected.
She would just end up there because of Joe Biden's failures.
And I think she would cause a massive landslide for a Republican president in 2024.
So that's kind of something I enjoy tossing around with people I know.
And I think it would be hilarious for the Democrats to have to own Kamala Harris.
I couldn't say it that well.
You're so eloquent, and they claim you're not eloquent, and both of them can barely even talk.
We're gonna go to break, but you've got a lot of great websites.
What is the best website for everybody to visit to find your daily briefings and all the great work you're doing?
Oh yes, mtglive.com.
I'm putting together a lot of videos and pumping out information there, but you can also find me on all my social media.
I'm hanging on by a thread on Twitter at repmtg, but I'm on Instagram, barely there on Facebook.
Nobody can see it at Shadowland.
All right, stay right there, back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
Well, most American patriots who have a race, color, and creed are not public figures, but I am.
I know MTG is, and I haven't asked this question yet before we hit the really big Ukraine nuclear war economy news.
But I've been on there 28 years and I've gotten some love, I've gotten some hate.
Usually it's 9 to 1 positive, some negative.
Now I go to the most liberal areas of Austin, I get nothing but love.
Maybe once a month now somebody screams you're a Russian agent or hope you go to prison.
I'm getting nothing but love now when I'm in Los Angeles, when I'm in Hawaii, when I'm in New York, the most liberal areas.
So for listeners out there that don't know if we're winning or not, hearts and minds, from my perspective, we're winning.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, you get so demonized, so attacked.
I would ask this question in private.
I don't know the answer, but I'm guessing.
I would imagine you're getting more support than ever.
The polling numbers show that.
Other mavericks like yourself are winning primaries by landslides.
What are you seeing on the street?
Is America waking up or are they going back to sleep?
Oh, they're waking up, Alex, and I absolutely love what you just said, how you described going into the hard left areas of Austin and getting nothing but love and going to L.A.
and places like that.
I'm getting the same thing, and it's absolutely amazing.
I don't think the Democrat Party and the hard left, especially those blue check marks on Twitter and, you know, the all-knowing media that judges us so hardly,
I don't think they understand what's actually happening.
Just like you, and I am so thrilled to hear you say what you just said.
People loving on you because you deserve it.
Alex, you have been fighting so hard for so many years, and so that makes me so happy.
But same thing is happening for me.
Airports, cities I go to, Democrat cities,
People come up, they give me hugs, they give me high fives, take my hand, tell me to keep fighting.
And these are the people that the Democrat Party think that they own as their voters, because there are all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and all different shades.
You know, the people that they think that they control, they come up and love on me.
So I think you and I are seeing the same thing.
I think we're winning the war and it makes me very excited.
I totally agree, but are we winning the war to stop nuclear war?
You've made statements, they've taken them out of context, but what you're saying is what U.S.
analysts, what NATO's saying, the Russians are all saying biggest danger of nuclear war ever since the U.S.
invented them back in 1945 and used them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
They try to gaslight people and say MTG's crazy.
We're talking 60, 70, 80 billion into Ukraine.
Unlimited weapons, Russia warning, nuclear war.
I wanted you to have some space here, unedited, live, to actually brief folks on what you're thinking and what you're seeing unfold.
And I want to clarify, I think we're winning the war on information, which is the battle that you fought for a really long time, because people are waking up more and more.
Thank you.
But we are not winning the war as far as who is controlling things.
Unfortunately, the globalists are winning.
And it's really important to talk about what's happening in Ukraine.
And I just want to clarify that in you and I both Alex, and I know everyone, we don't want to see war in Ukraine.
We're completely against it.
We don't want to see people losing their homes and businesses and their country.
Of course, we're completely against that.
We're against what's happening there.
But what the Democrats, Joe Biden and his administration, the Pentagon, the military industrial complex are leading us into is the most dangerous thing.
Probably in our lifetimes, because Russia is not Iraq.
Russia is not some smaller country that the U.S., you know, has over and over picked on and pushed around.
It's certainly not.
It's not Gaddafi.
It's not anyone like that.
Vladimir Putin is a powerful leader of his country, and it's a nuclear country.
They are in nuclear power.
So what Joe Biden and his Pentagon, the Department of Defense, is leading us into is extremely dangerous.
Here's what we need to refresh everyone on.
NATO, which has 30 countries that are members of NATO, the entire charter there is to defend NATO nation.
Ukraine is not a NATO nation.
Ukraine is not a member country of NATO.
But here we are, they have completely joined in with NATO, and they are saying that they're going to build up 300,000 troops.
They are committing billions and billions, an unknown amount of money because it seems to be never ending.
Congress has voted on over $53 billion, and Joe Biden keeps committing more billions of dollars in weapons and ammunition.
But they're doing all of this because they are committed to defeating Vladimir Putin of Russia.
Because they want to beat Russia.
Now, I think this is the most dangerous thing because this is not what the American people want.
They do not want a war with Russia.
We don't want a war with Russia.
We don't want war, period.
We want our borders secured.
We want our country taken care of with our hard-earned tax dollars.
But this is not what they want.
They are committed to fighting Russia in Ukraine.
And if anyone thinks that's not happening, we are already at war with Russia in Ukraine.
Well, that's right.
And Russia has said that.
NATO has said that, but it doesn't really hit our news.
And Russia said years ago, if you keep trying to make Ukraine join NATO, we're going to invade.
And now it's happened.
So regardless, why do you think the establishment is pushing towards war with a nuclear power when all it's doing is driving people away from the dollar?
And Russia is actually making record oil profits.
We're importing oil from the world while Joe Biden shuts off our oil.
And then Russia is now the number one oil exporter in the world.
Just two years ago, we were the number one oil exporter.
Well, let's talk about energy.
Most of the wars that we've seen for decades now have involved really a war about energy, which is power and money.
That's what energy is.
And this war in Ukraine is very much the same.
You see, you have to look back at the Nord Stream pipeline.
That was providing Europe and still is to a certain extent, but it's about to be shut off.
Providing Europe with natural gas.
And Europe needs energy.
They are in a crisis with energy.
Right now, Germany is having blackouts.
These other countries are having to spend a lot of money to import energy.
And this is what a lot of this war is about.
America wants to be the country that exports energy to Europe.
And this is a battle.
And they're fighting over this.
See, right now American energy companies are exporting liquid natural gas.
It's frozen and they send it over there and try to provide it for other countries.
This is how they sell it.
It's becoming a very big commodity and it's already shot up in a lot of value.
They're trying to replace Russia in Europe as the provider for natural gas and energy.
But this is even deeper.
We need to look at what is Ukraine
Well, we're not using fossil fuel energy.
We're supposed to be dependent on so-called green energy and they want to take everyone from driving a gas or diesel fuel combustion engine vehicle and they want everyone to drive an electric vehicle.
So there's a lot of things at play in Ukraine that people don't know about because our media doesn't tell anyone about this.
They don't talk about it.
Well that's right, and even Jess Bezos on the 4th of July said, Biden blaming gas stations for gas prices is either completely lying or he's completely, there's the quote, ouch, inflation is far too important of a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this.
It's either straight ahead misdirection or deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.
Everybody knows gas stations lose money on fuel sales, they make money on coffee, beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets.
You know, donuts.
I mean, this idea, blaming gas stations, is crazy when he's the one that shut down U.S.
Yes, but that shows Joe Biden, it's two parts, his mental decline, but it's also the fact that he's trying to blame other people for the problems that he has caused himself.
He has attacked America's energy independence.
He has attacked our strong fossil fuel energy industries, and he's destroying them.
And by the way, the polls show what, 80-some percent of Americans know that.
So what is he going to do?
No one's buying it.
No, no one's buying it.
He's like that old man standing out in the yard yelling at the school bus.
It's just not working anymore.
He's completely off track and people have no trust and faith in him.
But this is why it's so dangerous, Alex.
He's leading us into a nuclear war with Russia while he is destroying our country.
I agree.
You're 100% right.
So stay there.
No one can debate that.
So why does the left still back him?
Is there a way to get the left to wake up or the establishment to not do this?
Final segment with the incredible MTG, the most eloquent, the most beautiful member of Congress.
I mean, they call her dumb all day because she's so damn smart.
Look at this woman.
The White House Press Secretary is not one-tenth as smart.
I'm not kissing her butt.
It's just true.
We need 100, 200 of her in Congress.
We need to clone MTG.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Final segment with MTG.
I was talking to her during the break.
I wanted to get into Roe v. Wade.
More on the midterms.
Trump to Santas.
Who does she like better?
I know that's a controversial question, but she wanted to get back into Ukraine and the open money laundering.
People are really awake to this.
All the Hunter Biden stuff coming out.
Incredibly bombshell.
Give us your view on that, MTG.
Yeah, real quick, Alex, I just want to remind everyone that the most disturbing thing that's happening, this happens in all of these wars, is all of the money that goes into these countries.
So Congress has approved over, you know, approximately $54 billion to go to Ukraine.
I have voted no on all of it.
Every single ounce of it.
And I voted no on all the sanctions.
Because really, this is a big money laundering operation.
This is money that goes to NGOs.
It goes to non-profits that do provide humanitarian aid, but they get a lot of the money.
And they go to contractors.
All kinds of contractors.
You know, especially like military defense contractors.
So this is money that is just basically money laundering into a country that our American tax dollars shouldn't be going to.
All of that money should be being spent right here at home, securing our borders, stopping the deadly fentanyl that's poisoning Americans, you know, working on crime.
Preventing and prosecuting crime, as well as doing everything we can for our economy.
And so I just wanted to touch on that.
And then the other part that is so important, people call your representatives, call your senators and tell them that you do not support America getting into a nuclear war and spending all your hard-earned tax dollars over there, because we shouldn't be doing it.
The sanctions that the Democrats have put in place, Joe Biden has put in place, but
Also, some of my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats together, this is causing inflation.
This is causing things like fertilizer to be unaffordable now for our American farmers.
This is causing diesel fuel to go up and down.
A bunch of Biden spokespersons, and he has said it's a transition.
They're doing it on purpose.
They could lower gas prices.
They're not.
That's his energy secretary, his former press secretary.
So out of one side of their mouth, he says Russia, Russia, Russia.
Then he blames gas stations.
But it's really the policies he's carried out.
How do you think that any party would carry out something this destructive?
But then we see the Netherlands banning cows.
We see France trying to ban.
I mean, they're trying to shut us down for control.
Well, they are trying to shut us down for control, and it is extremely terrifying.
But here's what they've done, and this is taking years to build up.
We should have been building new refineries, Alex, like diesel refineries and gasoline refineries.
We haven't invested in that for America.
Sorry, you're right.
Starting with Obama, they blocked any new construction of refineries.
That's right.
And so these are all these consequences, and we're suffering with them now.
All these bad decisions, America Last decisions made by these politicians, and it's causing us to suffer at the same time where we have a leader that is out of his mind and is pursuing the global agenda, which is America Last.
And so with this war with Russia, that is very much a real war with Russia.
We need to stop calling it the war.
They admit the CIA is directing the war.
Yes, the CIA is directing the war.
America is very much in charge of it.
America that pays for nearly all of NATO is running this war against Russia and Ukraine.
And the American people do not want this.
What do you make as Russia began to win the war in the last month since they launched this in February?
Suddenly it's out of the news.
It's not the thing anymore.
Oh yeah, they don't want to let people know that Russia is winning the war in Ukraine.
They don't want anyone to know that because they need everyone to keep the Ukraine flag by their social media name and make sure it's still in their profile and waving the Ukraine flag on July 4th.
That's what they want Americans to be doing because they're making the money off of it, Alex.
Not the American people.
The people in charge and their friends and their families.
So let me ask this question.
How do you think we fix it?
And then I want to move.
We're good to go.
Trump, DeSantis.
I mean, I personally think they're both great people.
I support them, but I'll be completely honest.
I think if the system got out of your way, which they would, the Republicans didn't attack you, which they will, I think you would poll better and be a better candidate for president than DeSantis and Trump.
So would you take a VP slot with either one of them?
Or I'd rather just go ahead and back you for president.
No, you laugh at that.
No, no, no.
You're way smarter than... I'm serious.
You're just as smart or smarter than both of them.
And you've got the guts we need.
Everybody loves you.
We need to think about MTG president here.
I'm serious.
Or find some other great, smart woman.
Blow the left away.
Hey, we'll have two women.
I don't give a damn.
Just give me Patriots.
Get the New World Order off my back.
Stop the drag queen story time.
Stop men competing in women's sports.
Control our borders.
We want you, MTG.
Well, thank you, Alex.
And I will tell you, it's not something I don't consider.
But you know I'm the kind of person, if I ever engage in something, I'm going to win.
And I won't do something unless I think it's possible.
But I will tell you, the way you've seen President Trump attacked, they would do far worse than to me.
Because they know I'm serious in what I say.
No, I agree with you.
People don't care.
As long as we don't care what they make up or what they exaggerate or what they twist.
Let me ask you this.
Would you be a VP for Trump or DeSantis?
Yes, that would be something I definitely would consider.
But you know the establishment is going to push hard for a vice president for either one of them, whichever one is running.
I think we know President Trump is running.
But you know the establishment is going to push hard for a different type of
Sure, I just say we leapfrogged the whole thing.
I say we leapfrogged the whole thing.
Who would you support for your vice president?
Let's just go ahead and draft you right now.
Well, we can't really do that, but I can tell you what I think.
I know President Trump is definitely going to run.
I can't see him not running.
And then we're speculating about Ron DeSantis, but we haven't really received an answer about that.
But you know, people like both of them for a lot of good reasons.
Let me be clear.
Trump told Stone a week ago that he was considering declaring July 4th.
I said considering.
I didn't predict he would declare July 4th.
I said he was considering it.
And as you know, you've got the inside track too.
Trump's running.
Yes, Trump is running.
And he should run for president.
I definitely think he should.
I think that this country, you know, everyone gets upset about things he says and so forth.
But you know what?
I want the meanest person out there that's going to get the job done.
I come from the construction industry and we don't worry about people's feelings.
We worry about serving our customers and doing the job right and doing the job well so that we can continue on.
And that's the kind of person I am.
I think that's the same kind of person President Trump is.
And, you know, this is something that I think he really wants to do, is he wants to put America back.
He wants to make America great again.
I agree.
So it sounds like you're back in Trump right now.
He's not perfect, but the enemy hates him.
He loves America, and it sounds like MTG's all in for Trump right now.
Of course I'm all in for President Trump.
Look at what he did for four years and I look forward to seeing him to be able to do it again.
I agree, but I hope he doesn't bring in a Mike Pence.
I mean, he needs an MTG.
If it is an MTG, who else would be a good Vice President?
I don't know.
I think he could use my help.
I think that would be great.
There you go.
MTG, thank you so much for the time.
Again, the best website for folks to visit is?
Oh, my website, mtg4america.com.
And thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Hope you come to visit us in August.
We talked earlier.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to our incredible audience.
We are winning.
No broadcast is more influential when it comes to exposing the New World Order.
No transmission is more effective at devastating the New World Order.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, reporting on the smoking ruins that are the Georgia Guidestones in Georgia today.
We're going to go to your phone calls with Rodney and Jim and Thomas and Jefferson and Al Killer and Jason.
The order they received here in just a moment, but first,
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Down to like the dollar was what we needed.
So keep us in the fight.
Infowarstore.com for an amazing MTG interview we just had.
All right.
Let's do this.
Everybody wants to call in about the Guidestones getting blown up this morning and give their view on the situation.
Let's go ahead and talk to a caller in Texas.
Jason, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
Ever since I'd known what those stones were about,
I've always dreamt about taking it down myself.
You can tell finally, yeah, this morning.
I mean, I said that when I was there.
I said, man, do I want these removed, but I don't want to do that.
I was like, they're feeling like they wouldn't be there when I was there a year and a half ago.
And then I'm just glad actually someone actually got involved to do it.
The biggest thing is the bringers of death, Joe Biden and the globalists,
They're allowing China, China and Russia and Iran are going to hold military drills down in South America soon.
And all it is is a test to get to us.
Joe Biden works for China.
He's going to allow them to attack us one of these days here.
He's undermining this country.
People ever wonder what communism would look like?
What a globalist takeover would look like?
We are in the middle of it right now.
Let that sink in.
So in the meantime, when we got all these goofy trannies and, you know, cream pies shooting up parades and that, I know it's a big deal.
We cannot focus on that.
You know, these are all distractions.
We have to watch the fox in the henhouse here, and that is these powers that are going to... Joe Biden, the military, he purged our military with the
How you doing Alex, can you hear me?
Yes sir, thanks for calling.
Yeah, about the Georgia Guidestones.
I think it's too early to tell, like, uh, really if it's good for the cause or not.
And, uh, but I can tell you how it makes me feel.
It makes me feel good because I think they, you know, it's about depopulation.
And I was wanting to know what you thought about this.
I've seen, uh,
Mouth studies where they changes in their RNA didn't just change their children, but their grandchildren.
That's right.
The injections they're giving us pass on our bodies growing spike protein cancer causing systems for the entire genetic line.
This is a direct genetic attack on humanity.
What if, what if it causes, you know, cause they've already kind of set up the narrative.
They say by the year 2040,
Well, they're already 90% down.
They're talking about staying.
No, it's it.
They've already told us they're doing it through the water, but it wasn't enough because we mutate against it.
So now they're hitting us with a direct cancer virus that grows spike protein in our body.
It's all on record.
It's incredible.
What if it makes the people that are having children, that got the vaccine, what if it makes their children sterile?
That's the banner hang that the left thought was really funny.
I've got a shot of it right here.
Let me show TV viewers this.
People are hung this banner.
It says, need an abortion?
Try the vaccine.
Massive abortions, massive miscarriages.
In fact, the majority of women in the first or second trimester had it.
This is in New England Journal of Medicine.
Thanks, Alex.
I have two items.
First, I want to talk about the Guidestones, and then second, I want to talk about how humans saved all life on Earth.
Go ahead.
Are you with me?
I am, brother.
All right.
My view about the Guidestones, okay?
I'm opposed to what was chiseled into those stones, but we all have a right to say anything we want.
On our private property.
Now that's why at the end of the day I can make jokes.
I don't like what happened because it's how the left operates.
Yeah, yeah.
So we have a right to say our privately owned stones on his privately owned land.
We have legally protected property rights and amendments, First Amendment protections.
It's un-American to go on to private property and destroy privately owned items.
No, I agree with you, but people are taking, I agree with you.
But the other side is folks are taking the gloves off.
That said,
That was a belated Independence Day fireworks show I wish I was there to see.
I would have cheered.
I would have cheered to the top of my lungs.
Now, I'm sure it was a mostly peaceful and very innocent accident.
Exactly, it's a mostly peaceful protest.
Yeah, yeah.
Have we ruled out that a ten-year-old's
Yeah, call off the hounds.
On to my second point... Hold on, don't hang up, Thomas.
Thomas, stay there.
We're coming right back to you.
You've got some big points.
And then Jim Jefferson and Al Killer.
We're taking the calls, the order they received today on this July 6th, Wednesday broadcast.
And I cannot impress on you enough how important it is to promote the Verboten Links.
And Paul's great site.
We'll be right back on the other side.
So, the head of the state police came out and made a big statement last week.
Texas Tribune reporting what we were already confirmed by the state police.
They were ordered to stand down for 77 minutes, and police that had him in their sights before he went to school asked for permission to shoot that son of a bitch.
And they didn't do it.
The Evaldi officer asked permission to shoot Gumman outside school, but no answer came, because the head of the school police was standing down, fulfilling his mission.
Autism among American children and teens surged 50% in three years from 2017.
One in 30 kids diagnosed the disorder by 2020.
Study finds.
Wall Street Journal, Pfizer trial found Vaxx toddlers were more likely to get severely ill with COVID.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
More on that coming up.
Before I interview Kate Daly, who's got Naomi Wolf coming on next hour.
I like Naomi Wolf as a liberal.
I've had her on many times decades ago, but she won't come on in recent years and said, you know, I don't want to be Alex Jones or anything.
She said a few weeks ago on Steve Bannon's show, but you know, these vaccines are killing kids.
That's okay.
It's okay, Naomi.
You can say Alex Jones was right.
Nobody's going to hate you for it, sweetheart.
We're going to cover that before she takes over.
Right now, Thomas and then Jefferson.
No pun intended.
That's the next two callers.
Thomas, Jefferson, Al Keller.
Those are the next three callers.
Thomas and Arkansas.
Finish up your point.
Oh yeah, so, okay, this is the greatest miracle from God.
I want to talk about how the human race saved life on planet from catastrophic CO2 depletion.
Alright, because the planet needs... No, it's true!
All the studies show that in the last few million years, it was going down to zero, which would kill the plants.
By us terra-farming, and literally, like we were put here to do it, bringing up the old fossil fuel, it saved the Earth.
Yes, that's right.
So, Dr. Patrick Moore is a great guest for your show.
Get him on, Dr. Patrick Moore.
We'll get him on.
Yeah, he's a highly qualified scientist.
We've saved all the life on the planet, and so this idea about having 500 million, that's not enough to generate the CO2 in competition with the ocean that swallows CO2 and sequesters it underground, and bars it from the atmosphere, or plants and trees and our crops.
And the basis of our whole food chain depends on, and it gets buried underground.
CO2 makes the earth green.
But they say because cows put out CO2, and cows put out methane, and cows put out nitrogen, they're bad.
No, those are all what makes the earth green.
It's a literal scientific fact that they are attacking what makes the earth have a living surface.
I know, the only reason that you would call CO2 a greenhouse gas is because that's the gas that you pump into your commercial greenhouse to make your plants grow inside there.
It is the most insane attack on... You saw they're banning cows in the Netherlands, and they're now shooting at the farmers protesting.
This is pure evil.
They're like, oh Bill Gates ain't gonna ban my cows, I ain't gonna eat bugs.
Bill Gates says, hold my beer.
They're trying to kill us all.
This is a compliment to the whole idea that the snipples were going to kill us all.
We all have to take those
Bill Gates, all of them have been buying houses for decades right on the beach.
The thing ain't flooded, it's all lies.
But they got weather weapons now to try to convince us of that.
So look, there's gonna be bad weather.
Thank you sir, great points.
Talked to Thomas, now we're talking to Jefferson.
Jefferson, you're on the air from Virginia, where Thomas Jefferson was from.
Go ahead.
Hey, you love talking to Judge Joe Brown, don't you?
He's a smart guy, I love him.
I learned something new every time he's on your airs.
Well, I mean, I've already looked at it.
She's obviously illegitimate.
And she polled at one-half percent in the debates.
I mean, the woman is force-fed to America.
No one wants her.
Right, but she is, everybody takes an oath to be in office and they're all in violation of their oath if they let her be the Vice President when she's ineligible.
So, they're all on the hook.
This is a house of cards.
We can start to bring it down if we just insist that she needs to step down or they all have to step down.
I hear you.
You called in about the Guidestones.
What's your view on that?
Well, I'm sad for Ted Turner that his stones got blown up, but he can always waste money putting them back up.
What do you expect to come next out of this?
Well, I mean, I think we're reaching a tipping point here.
Communism is like driving the Titanic through the ice field at night at full speed.
Everybody says, this is kind of stupid.
Is this going to work?
And the captain of the ship says, oh, sure, don't worry about it.
You know, and eventually you end up messing up everything.
And that's where we are.
That's because the bankers on top on a record so they can buy it all up.
We're right.
Great points.
Thank you so much, Jefferson.
From Virginia, you're on the air, go ahead.
I think the only thing that could make me sadder would be if somebody somehow gets into the Grove and takes down Moloch before the retreat this July.
We wish for no violence, but if somebody non-violently burned down Moloch, that's a terrible idea.
I know, that would really put a ray in my parade, but hey, what I want to
Really, what really set me off today was MTG.
When you hear her talk, that is what we need from Trump.
And look, Alex- Isn't she smart?
Isn't she awesome?
She not only- She knows- She gets everything.
She knows how to make everything flow.
Oh my god, she finishes my sentences for me.
She gets it.
Hey, she went to the Alex Jones University.
Now, that is what we need from Trump.
And look, we back- I still have-
The original Trump lawn sign, before he had Pence on the ticket.
We backed Trump from the beginning.
But I am not going to deal with his beefs with Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger.
They're all distractions.
I'm not a Russian agent.
He fights with them when those are distractions from the real issues.
You need to tell Roger Stone.
He needs to attack the Great Reset, this globalist agenda with shutting down our fossil fuels and everything.
If he doesn't do that, then we don't have any use for him this time around.
We back him, we'll back him again, but he needs to come after the real enemies.
If he takes them down, that hammer will crush all his other beefs.
Al Killer, thank you so much.
Great points.
And since you raised that...
Here it is.
This is what Trump should do, is what Bolsonaro did.
And people totally forgave him.
Because up front, he said, OK, I'll give it government protection, but I'm not for the shot.
But still, they got liability protection.
Videos on Infowars.com.
President of Brazil says he regrets removing liability from pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects and is sorry for all the deaths.
He didn't know.
He said he's sorry.
That's what I've said Trump needs to do instead of hitching his wagon
To this depopulation line and exploding autism.
Wall Street Journal reporting that major trial by Pfizer found toddlers are more likely to get severely ill with COVID if they had the shot.
They're getting sick from the shot.
Follow the Bolsonaro model, ladies and gentlemen.
Do the right thing.
San Diego loses 22% of its police force to the COVID vaccine mandates.
It's not a vaccine.
It is a death shot.
Agency spent nearly $500,000 to turn monkeys transgender.
Figuring out what they're doing yet.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's a takeover.
It's a future and we're not in it.
Rally together for a pro-human future.
Say no to the New World Order.
Kate Daly.
Is set to take over with Naomi Wolf right now.
Band.Video has so many amazing videos, so many forbidden topics, so many forbidden hosts.
It's such a storehouse of resistance.
Please keep empowering by sharing it and visiting it.
Band.Video, you are unstoppable.
We are unstoppable together.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Kate Dally from The Kate Dally Show.
I hope you had a great Independence Day.
And I really mean Independence Day.
I hate it when people call it July 4th.
But you know what?
It was an interesting day, am I right?
We've got a lot going on in this country, so much so I was actually asked to be on C-SPAN.
And so I went on C-SPAN in the morning and I was probably exaggerating quite a bit in my answers, but I felt like exaggeration sometimes maybe can be an answer to hopefully wake a few people up to what we're having to incur in this country.
And I really loved my Independence Day.
I hope we all do.
I hope we all value our liberty.
And so in this hour, I'm going to be talking with Dr. Naomi Wolf.
And, you know, I would have to say probably we would be at the opposite ends of spectrum on our politics.
But where we come together is in her brilliant brand new book, The Bodies of Others, the new authoritarians, COVID-19 and the war against the human.
We are in a war.
When Biden administration, the Brandon administration, King fraud a lot, asked for $88 billion for the new pandemic.
Well, what did he ask for the money for?
Well, how do you know what to create in a biodefense if you don't know what someone's going to do to you?
It doesn't make sense, right?
Well, nothing makes sense.
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all makes sense.
Let me just tell you, they know exactly what's coming, and I'm sure the $88 billion was money laundering to whoever, I guess, wanted to pad their pocket.
They know exactly what's coming and when.
And here's the other thing, they never mention who the enemy might be.
In the Bloomberg article, all these articles, they never ever talk about who is coming to get us, who's out to get us.
Just the fact that they know that something's coming.
We have the shots.
We have people dying.
We have babies dying.
We have babies getting sick.
And those articles that Alex just showed are so important because they're telling the tale.
It's not like some theory.
They're saying it.
The headline for Bloomberg was Biden to unveil plan for next pandemic while seeking $88 billion in funds.
Is that not telling?
Biden to unveil plan for next pandemic.
No, it really does.
It says a lot.
We are in a situation where even Dr. David Martin is saying 700 million worldwide will die from COVID-19 vaccines by 2028.
I would imagine we'll have a lot more deaths sooner because it's inflaming the autoimmune, it's inflaming cancer.
If you've got something in your body, it's going to bring it to the surface.
I know a huge cancer institute that was telling certain cancer patients not to take any of the shots.
And where are we going to find ourselves?
And all of us have loved ones that have taken these shots, don't we?
Even if you haven't, you probably know somebody that has, or maybe you have.
Is there a detox on the planet that's big enough?
And so you can try.
There are some detoxes.
But when Biden says our next pandemic is coming and we're just sure somebody's out to get us, but we don't really want to name who, you know, there's no enemy, right?
There's no enemy.
And the only thing we're united in in this country is poverty right now, trying to fill up at the gas tank, trying to afford groceries, trying to dine out.
You can't do any of the things that you used to do.
And it's only going to get worse.
And I don't mean that as a scare tactic.
That's just our reality.
The farmers are saying, look, we don't have enough food coming.
And on top of that, you're going to have people very, very sick.
What is pharma like?
Pharma likes patients.
And they've made patients out of just about everybody in America.
Everybody's on prescriptions.
People are taking these shots like they're candy.
Oh my gosh, another shot.
How can I inject my baby?
We've had so many baby deaths.
Extremely scary.
We have to stop this madness.
We have to get people informed.
And I'm glad that people can reach across the aisle to do that.
I'm glad Naomi Wolf wrote a book, The Bodies of Others.
It's a very, very powerful book to show you what Pfizer's doing.
I've read through the Pfizer documents.
They're scary as hell.
They're telling the tale and we need to listen.
They're telling you exactly what they're going to do to you.
They don't like you.
They're humanists.
That doesn't mean they like humans.
It means they hate you.
It means we're bottom feeders.
We're scum.
So we have to fight this as a community.
We'll be right back, and as a country.
I'll be right back with Naomi, Dr. Naomi Wolf.
I'm Kate Dalley, your guest host.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com and The Kate Dally Show.
I'm so glad to be able to bring Naomi Wolf on, Dr. Naomi Wolf.
She has done a brilliant book called The Bodies of Others, The New Authoritarians, COVID-19, and The War Against the Human.
This book has some of the most compelling evidence you're going to hear on the vaccines.
I'm good, Kate.
Thank you so much for having me.
It's actually really an honor for me to be
To be back.
I remember in 2008, Alex Jones was one of the first people to take seriously the threat to liberty that I was describing at that time in my book, The End of America, and we had a fantastic conversation.
So thank you for all that you do.
Oh, so glad.
Naomi, let's start.
There's so many things emerging from the FDA documents in regard to the, I can't even say harmful, the deadly Pfizer COVID shots.
Let's talk about this with pregnant women and their pre-born children because the target is on the babies right now.
They had to get it through to the babies so that they could get the relief from any lawsuits, right, for the liability.
So they had to make sure all could receive this vaccine so it could get on the list.
Isn't that correct?
Well that's, I think, Kate, certainly a huge part of it and that's what our lawyers are telling us, that they are further shielded from liability and there's going to be massive liability from these harms and deaths and the damage we're seeing from these injections, you know, in the years and days to come.
But in addition, you know, I do see that
There's a larger agenda in targeting our children and our babies.
I mean, this, you know, all of these policies that I identify in the bodies of others that have taken aim at humanity, like nothing less than humanity in the last two years using the pandemic as cover.
The real goal is to get at our kids and to change our kids and to change the next generation.
So this, you know, the injections actually target the whole reproductive cycle, everything from conception,
Thank you so much.
Policies so they couldn't be socialized or learn.
Policies that cover their faces so they couldn't learn how to be expressive or how to read human expression to make them more like Asperger's-y children, even if they are totally normal.
Policies that indoctrinate them at an elementary school level or middle school level to confuse them.
Policies at the school level to separate children from the authority of families.
Policies that say, if you're 12 years old, you can decide to have a life-changing injection.
These are, you know, policies designed to create, to kill off what I call the American-ness in our children and, you know, larger looking all of Western Europe and Australia and, you know, the Western-ness in the next generation.
They want a next generation of serfs.
And injured, damaged serfs.
So you put the indoctrination together with the injections and that's what you're going to get.
Oh my gosh, it's horrifying.
And truly, talk about this for just a moment, 270 women got pregnant during this study.
Do you want to go talk about that just a little bit?
Yeah, Kate, and I'll give a little bit of background if I may about what this project is so people understand how historic it is.
So basically, I'm not a medical doctor, but when the Pfizer documents, these 55,000 internal secret documents, were released under court order and the FDA had asked court to keep them concealed for 75 years, right, long after we're dead and gone, and the court said no, well,
Lay people like myself, you know, like other journalists, we're not able to understand them the way experts can.
So I put out a call, and War Room put out a call, and we got 3,000 respondents, and these are experts.
And so it's a team of physicians, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab scientists, research scientists, and they're all reading through these documents.
And issuing reports that anyone can understand and read if you go to DailyCloud.io.
But the kind of back story is what they found is a crime against humanity of a massive scale.
And I'm going to fast forward and skip over the thousands of you know
Data points about harms to adults, neurological disorders, 1,200 deaths, four people dying the day they're injected, strokes, heart attacks, thrombocytopenia, blood clots of all kinds.
I'll skip over all the bad things that Pfizer knew and did anyway, and I'll get to the kids, because I think that's where you'd like me to focus.
So basically, pregnant women were excluded from the trials.
But, as you know, pregnant women all over North America and Western Europe were assured that these injections were safe and effective for pregnant women and their babies.
Even the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology assured these women that it was fine.
However, this was based on no pregnant women in studies, right, but 44 French rats.
They were followed for 42 days and they weren't even allowed to give birth.
Their fetuses were autopsied and the doctors and scientists said, oh, they're fine.
They didn't check to see if they were born normal way, if they had normal reactions, if they grew normally.
They're fine.
These fetuses are fine.
So it's safe and effective for pregnant women.
But these doctors and scientists were shareholders and employees of Pfizer and BioNTech, which makes the vaccine.
As you just described, nonetheless, 270 women got pregnant during the internal trials.
And by law, FISA is supposed to follow them and report on what happened to them and to their babies.
Well, they didn't.
234 of those women, they're gone.
They and their babies are gone.
There's no evidence at all in the internal trials of what became of them, if they even survived, if the babies survived.
But we do have 36 women who were followed out of that 270, and their babies were followed.
28 of them lost their babies.
28 of 36.
And I could go on and on if you wish me to about the bigger picture of a baby die off and other harms to gestation, conception, lactation.
Would you like me to continue or pause to process?
We still have a couple of minutes before we go to break.
And I do want to talk about the adults too.
So yes.
There's so much to know.
But please expand just a little bit for a few minutes.
So what you see in the internal documents is that Pfizer
So, what you see with these injections is that the ingredients
Target the placenta, I'll say, and target the fetus in the sense that the lipid nanoparticles, which encase the mRNA, right?
And they're covered in polyethylene glycol, which is a petroleum product.
These are hard, fatty particles.
And the Pfizer documents show that they don't stay in the injection site, which is what you're told.
They go through the whole bloodstream in 48 hours.
They lodge in the ovaries.
Remember I said they target conception all the way to childbirth.
And also the liver, the adrenals, the lymph nodes.
And the spleen.
So, let's go back to the placenta.
So, all these pregnant women were told it doesn't cross the placenta.
Well, it does!
These are designed to cross the blood-brain barrier.
So, these lipid nanoparticles are in the amniotic fluid.
They're in the fetal environment.
What you see is that it harms lactation.
This is so important.
Yeah, I think so.
Yes, absolutely.
They're not consolable.
They're having failure to thrive.
They're agitated.
They're sleepless.
And breastfeeding has dropped to 14% of vaccinated women.
It also suppresses lactation.
And then fast forward to neonatal death.
We'll talk about this right when we come back.
More with Dr. Naomi Wolf.
The book is called The Body of Others.
This is the book you need to get.
It lays it all out completely.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So glad you're listening in today because this is such important information and truly one of the ways to fight this is to be able to be educated in exactly what is happening to us.
And Pfizer is having to bring out these documents and tell us exactly what they wanted to hide for 75 years.
Because of a verdict, Del Bigtree and some others working on that for you and I. So that you and I would know what exactly was going on in these studies and it's pretty horrific.
Remember back to the swine flu.
They shut that entire program down for 50 deaths. 50.
And look at the death toll right now.
The death toll the media ignores and is not talking about.
I'm Kate Delly, your guest host.
I have Dr. Naomi Wolf on.
Her book is The Bodies of Others, The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human.
It's a brilliant book and I had to bring her on today because you have to understand what's in this book so that you can help your family, so you can help your family members and friends and neighbors.
This is something that needs to be talked about and talked about widely right now, because we do have the Pfizer documents.
We do have all of these things from the FDA to show what they're doing.
There's no conspiracy.
They're admitting what they're doing.
Back with you, Naomi.
Thank you for coming on, because this is huge.
And you had just talked about a baby die-off.
And let's go back to that, because as much as you want to talk about these documents and what they say, I'm game.
Everybody needs to know.
Everyone needs to know exactly and what's astonishing to me as a journalist of 35 years and I've you know I've written I've been a columnist for the Guardian and the Sunday Times of London and you know I've written for the New York Times the Washington Post literally it's crickets like this is the biggest story not just of our time I think it's the biggest story maybe of human
This is a global genocide is underway and literally none of the legacy media is touching it.
So not only am I delighted that people are listening or believed, I should say, but I hope they'll tell everyone because it's literally word of mouth.
It's going to save the next generation and ourselves now.
So the baby die off to pick up this tragic subject.
I should also mention that the journal Andrology just came out with a study showing that these injections suppress sperm counts and sperm motility, meaning that not only by a factor, an average of 21%.
So not only do men who are vaccinated have fewer sperm, but their sperm are less active.
And so they are less good at inseminating.
A female.
And so there you've got this 360-degree damage to conception, damage to insemination, damage to lactation, damage to gestation.
So now you get the baby die-off.
There are a number of signals that a journalist named Atona Hecht, who has covered the Daily Cloud War Room research volunteers' work, identified.
I think?
Highly vaccinated country in 2021 into 2022, the Scottish Herald, the BBC have been reporting a doubling of newborn deaths, a doubling of newborn deaths, doubling of average.
In Haifa, in a hospital called Rambam Hospital, 34% higher rates of newborn deaths, spontaneous miscarriages and spontaneous abortions.
I don't know.
It's understandably, it's women who are kind of trying to rattle the cages and say, this is such a big deal.
This is so important.
Pay attention.
So Israeli journalists have looked at the VAERS database, this government database, and found that there are 56 babies who were injected with mRNA vaccines.
I don't even know how, because this isn't legal to inject in little babies yet, not in North America, and I don't know other
Civilized countries that are injecting little kids and babies.
But of these 56 babies that were injected, the majority had multi-organ system failure, seizures, respiratory collapse, and there's no indication of whether they survived or died.
So this is what they're rolling out now.
This is what is under discussion right now.
I don't
Humanity's future depends on our knowing the truth.
I'm convinced this is a bioweapon, that the injection is a bioweapon, and you cannot look at the harms, the scale of deaths and injuries and strokes and heart attacks and thrombotic events and lung clots and blood clots in these documents without, like, this is not politics as usual.
It's not a, you know, greedy pharma company.
I've been a political consultant to a White House and to a vice president.
This is not normal politics.
You don't let this be done to the American people month after month after month for 14 months and then move on to their babies, you know, with these kinds of damages, unless it's a captured White House.
So I thoroughly believe that this is an attack on the West, certainly on America.
34,000 out of the 42,000 plus cases with horrible harms, an average of three bad problems per case.
In the internal documents are in the United States.
The next biggest tranche is Western Europe, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, I think you see a pattern, then on to Spain, Portugal, and Greece.
Of all the other 56 countries where this was rolled out, that amounts to only 7,000 total adverse events.
So I raise this because the advisor documents show that you can kill people selectively.
Very, very easy.
Or damage them selectively.
Very, very easily.
By changing the dosages.
There's 100 micrograms in Moderna for adults.
There's 30 micrograms, oh my god, in adult doses for Pfizer.
But in the internal documents they concede that 100 micrograms is too high.
It's dangerous.
And they dropped it internally because of the adverse events.
Pfizer announced that they were using 100 micrograms for little kids and babies.
And I had the producer of the show, I was on check that could that be right?
Because that is too dangerous for adult humans.
And then they scaled it down to 50 micrograms, still too high, right?
That's higher than Pfizer's micrograms for adults.
And now they're saying, oh, it's three micrograms.
Well, that's the same amount that an 11 year old is getting.
And you're going to give that to a tiny
Six-month-old, 17-pound baby.
And there are other harms.
For instance, if you... Right.
Pfizer's labels are mislabeled.
I'll finish with this.
And so they're saying you could leave it out for 12 hours.
Well, it's dangerous if you leave it out for more than two hours because these lipid nanoparticles... We're going to come right back more with Naomi Wolf.
Don't miss this.
Sometimes I just don't have words.
I'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host, with my guest, Dr. Naomi Wolf.
The book is The Body of Others, The New Authoritarians, COVID-19, and the War Against the Human.
She also wrote a brilliant article for my friend Lou Rockwell, lourockwell.com, called Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide.
And you can't say it any more than that, and that's not an exaggeration.
We are looking at a genocide.
When I said that in 1976, when they shut down the vaccine they were trying to give everybody for the swine flu, after 50 deaths, the FDA even admitted they had lied and 50 deaths, they pulled it.
But not with this.
And there's so much evidence out there about all of the deaths.
And I'm so glad that, Naomi, that you talked about the dosing.
The dosing's important.
There's different dosing for different batches.
They're giving the same, this huge adult dosage to children.
Why are they doing this?
And also, you know, when Biden asked for $88 billion for the next genocide that they're trying to plan, he said it was for bioweapon defense.
No, it's not.
It's for bioweapons against us.
That's what it's for.
There's nobody out to get us.
Except for them.
Except for all of these people that are running this country right now that really think this is a good idea to just get rid of us in humanity because, you know, we're bottom feeders, right?
Isn't that the message?
And so tell us more about this.
And I do have a question for you, actually, Naomi.
Is there a difference in the potency of the first shot?
That they tried to get everybody to get and many many people went down and got it because they were so afraid and it was fear porn was everywhere.
They got the first shot, but they didn't get the subsequent boosters.
Is there a difference that you're seeing between getting just the first shot no boosters or were the boosters more of the issue than the first shot?
What are your thoughts on that?
That's a great question.
I mean for sure the brand matters.
There's no question that Moderna was more lethal or is more lethal than
And a study has come out showing adverse events correlate exactly to what I had hypothesized.
It's not against not rocket science, the more of these active ingredients, the lipid nanoparticles, the mRNA, the spike protein, the more damage, the more adverse events.
So I guess I wouldn't say it's shot, you know, the first shot versus the second shot, but what is 1000% proven, which is why
You know, I beg my loved ones, you have to make your own decision, right?
But, you know, Pfizer knew within a month that these injections didn't work.
They had waning efficacy or failure to, you know, vaccine failures.
So I beg my loved ones not to get boosters because what you do see, and again, like, can you remember ever when a vaccine was like a two-shot series?
It's just weird.
No one ever explained the mechanism of it.
But to me, this is even more evidence that this is a bioweapon because there's a study
Uh, in August of 2021 done by.
Six Chinese scientists.
This is not an ethnic observation.
They're based in Hong Kong, meaning they have to do what the CCP tells them to do.
They're Chinese.
And there's a lot of CCP partnership, which I can talk about in more detail around manufacturing and distributing and owning the tech of these shots.
So I do think that the people out to get us include the CCP.
I think this is a bioweapon, you know, engineered and distributed by the CCP with a hostage U.S.
White House.
But this study showed that
The first injection did some damage, and then the second injection did more damage.
So, it's really those lipid nanoparticles, I believe.
These materials don't just kind of vanish or provoke an immune response.
They accumulate in your body.
It would appear from this study.
In this study, you can look at the graphic.
It's quite terrifying.
You can put it in your socials.
It shows these mice that they injected one
Yeah, I think that's a great question.
I think it's catastrophic with the second one.
There were also cytokine storms and liver damage.
That's why I say I beg my loved ones to know more boosters because it's bad with one, worse with the next.
But what strikes me too is there's so much damage when it goes into the bloodstream.
Well, the CDC and the NHS in Britain
Change their guidance to doctors and nurses in the last two years so that they no longer aspirate the needle.
So what that means is it's more likely to go into the bloodstream than to stay in the muscle, and that's where you get the horribly toxic effects.
And so this, in addition to dosages and in addition to room temperature, right, versus being chilled, these are three ways that you can target
Thank you.
All of the people in all of our neighboring towns, or many I should say, who were like the hubs of the community, who knew everything about, you know, where the bodies were buried, knew everything about how things were done, you know, at a local level in terms of government, they died right away of heart attacks after they were injected.
And I also noticed there was a news story about 50 Austrian
Mayors who were in good health, men in their 40s and 50s, no health problems, drops dead after the injection.
So what I'm trying to say is that it's the easiest thing in the world to target dissidents or to target local officials or to target, you know, the military.
I mean, you know, there are whistleblowers pointing out that our military has off the charts adverse events.
What dose did they get?
You know, what temperature did they get it at?
How much was it diluted?
What brand?
It would be the easiest thing in the world to take out the military of the United States.
China is not giving these vaccines to their own people.
There was I mentioned Chinese American or not American.
We're told Pfizer BioNTech are German companies.
Well, they're not.
They're German Chinese companies and Pfizer raced to do a MOU with BioNTech in January of 2020.
Before anyone knew how serious the pandemic was gonna be, they wanted that technology, they wanted to roll it out.
Well, BioNTech is partnered with Fosun Pharmaceuticals in Shanghai, and they're making a billion doses.
Well, that's more than, but again, China isn't using these vaccines.
Where is these billion doses going, right?
And the SEC filing, and it was the CEO of Fosun Pharmaceuticals is a senior CCP official.
So the SEC filing for BioNTech shows a 100% tech transfer to China at the end of 2021.
100% tech transfer to China.
Doesn't say to a Chinese individual or Chinese company, it says to China, like the country of China, the Chinese Communist Party.
So now in 2022, you know, there is a Chinese kind of ownership of
What does tech mean?
I'm a tech CEO.
It could mean a bunch of different things.
It could mean the IP, the intellectual property.
It could mean the formula, right?
It could mean the manufacturing process, distribution methods.
We don't know.
But we know that this is no longer a German company with an FTA doing checks and balances.
You know, to me, as someone who writes about geopolitics, this is the perfect way for China to make war on the West and to take out our kids, to take out our armed forces, to take out leaders, and basically to tenderize the population in advance of whatever their next move is going to be.
Oh my gosh.
Everything you're saying.
Amen to.
I'm so glad you're speaking out about this.
We have so much more to tell you.
But you're right about that drip system.
I call it the drip system because all of these subsequent shots that you have to get.
Isn't it interesting with some mystery virus that they told us it was a big mystery.
They didn't know what it was even though they started absolutely manufacturing this and it's not really a vaccine as we all know the mRNA shot long before they even named COVID.
But what's interesting is, how did they know they needed some sort of booster?
No time really went by after the first shot to even calculate or know or assess whether or not you needed more shots and more shots and more shots.
So it's a definite cover-up.
So I'm hoping that people will realize what a cover-up this is.
Because this whole drip system, they couldn't put everything into one shot, otherwise you'd lose your customer base pretty quickly.
You have to want to tie into the subsequent boosters and then tell yourself,
Well, I could have been more sick.
Even though I'm still getting COVID, I could have been more sick had I not gotten it, which is a total farce.
So we have all these people getting sick with these shots, the immune system going down, it's ridiculous.
We'll be right back more with Naomi Wolf, so grateful for her book called The Bodies of Others, The New Authoritarians, COVID-19, and the War Against the Human.
I'm Kate Dally, we'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from The Kate Dally Show at katedallyradio.com.
So glad to have Dr. Naomi Wolf with me because her book, The Bodies of Others, is a must-have.
You must give this to family members and friends.
When you care about people, you tell them the truth regardless of how they'll react.
I don't care how anyone reacts anymore.
Just tell the truth.
And that's what Naomi is doing.
And there's so many things here.
Of course, you can go to Daily Clout with a T, dailyclout.io, and help out, volunteer, and look at all of those documents.
The book, The Bodies of Others, it's brilliant.
And every time a doctor has said, oh, it's safe, even when it had been on the market for five minutes.
Nobody ever asks, how do you know that since we all know it just came out?
How can you say it's safe?
But the medical industry is so co-opted now.
It is insane how the NIH runs the show for all the hospitals and the hospitalists, is what they call themselves now, and the doctors.
And so, when a doctor's behind it, people will believe.
And that's one of the saddest things, is people are trying to believe their doctors, but the doctors are just getting told, you say this, and they're repeating it.
Naomi, a lot of people are going to sit across the dinner table tonight after listening to you today and try to go back and remember, you know, oh my gosh, there were so many mind-blowing things.
In this last segment, what do you want people to know?
What are the takeaways from this book and from this information that are so vital people really need to know?
Well, what we've been talking about here, Kate, is really the methodology, right?
It's one of the tools, but the Bodies of Others kind of explains
How we got here and what we can do about it.
And so I'd like people to take away the core argument of the book, which is that there's a war against human beings.
And, you know, I've got to credit Alex Jones again, like he was way out front with this, you know, back when we had an intact civil society and people could say, well, that's nuts.
But now it is staring us in the face.
There's a war on human beings.
And I think I add a dimension of analysis to it because I'm a tech CEO.
So I understand that big tech
In alignment with the CCP and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, big tech is trying to remake the world in such a way as to leave us needing to ask permission of technology to be human and to dissolve and kill off human spaces, human assembly, human commerce.
And they're up like an average of 20% net revenue in the last two years as a result of making war against human capabilities, you know, churches,
Schools, libraries, bookstores, human faces, covering human faces so we can't speak to each other, can't communicate, you know, this war on touch, don't touch grandma because you'll kill her.
So that's the biggest takeaway.
And then the examples of how we got here, what we can do about it.
Those are chapter by chapter.
But the bottom line is you've been lied to on a massive, massive scale.
It just
I wish people could really realize how many people are involved in this too and the telling of these lies and to try to get this out to the public.
They're so desperate.
It just reeks of desperation.
At this point, I think a lot of people are just kind of going like this because of the desperation to try to get these shots in.
We're in the summertime and the heat and they have people wearing masks still.
And they have people that are wanting more shots.
This is how diabolical this is.
You know, Bill Gates just bought up farmland.
Well, if he is so into climate change, then why is he buying up the planet if he thinks we're killing the planet?
Nothing they do makes sense.
And so I think that's really, truly what your message is, is all the messages that people have received, they don't make sense.
So you have to investigate.
If you have a brain and a brain cell at this point, you have people dying around you from the age of 18 to 60 in record numbers and they're calling it adult syndrome of death.
I mean, for no apparent reason.
Do you recognize that people are starting to go, now wait a second here.
I mean, is that what you're seeing?
Gosh Kate, it really depends on where you are and who you're talking to.
I definitely agree with you that the bad guys are on the defense, and this took a lot of work from a lot of people.
There are a lot of patriots, you know, from left and right who kind of
We're good to go.
It really depends.
I do see cracks in the narrative for sure.
My husband, who's a really excellent private investigator, showed me a video of kind of the core of the Vaccine Confidence Program people, the core of the evildoers, and they were checking their progress a year on and they were very angry and upset because no one's buying it.
Trust in doctors, trust in the narrative,
The conditions for the next pandemic, which they assured us and each other are forthcoming, the conditions are bad because there are holdouts who will not take this injection no matter what.
And you do see signs of hope.
I mean, Austria is now blaming doctors for the harms, right?
I mentioned a Hungarian parliamentarian saying no.
There are cracks across the edifice.
We're not done.
They're going to double down.
I'm very, very worried about the run up to the midterms because if something dangerous and bad is going to happen as a pretext for declaring more emergency conditions, it's going to happen between now and then.
And also people don't realize that the coup has already happened in the sense that President Biden extended emergency law in an open-ended way for the first time in April of this year.
And on a state level, about 28 states, including New York State, where I live, are still under state level emergency law.
So that means tomorrow, this could all start up again.
We could all be locked in our homes again, like the Chinese this time around.
Or, you know, I was just told by an interviewer yesterday that in Australia, people were hit with microwave weapons.
I may have mentioned that.
You know, we are not free.
We don't have our republic back.
So I do think
You know, there are these little cracks in the edifice.
I do think people are noticing young healthy adults dropping dead.
I think they remember the before times when there was no such thing as SADS and you know, young teenagers didn't die in their sleep.
So anecdotally,
I think people realize something's wrong.
I don't think if they don't read my book respectfully, they will understand the systematic nature of the lie all the way down to the granular level of, you know, these fake digital dashboards.
So I hope people do read The Bodies of Others because then they can see through these lies and know how to protect themselves and their families from lies that they're gearing up for in the near future.
Their goal is, you know, to kill off freedom.
It's that simple.
They want to kill off the nation state.
They want to kill off the West and our kids are the targets, as I said.
Oh my gosh, brilliantly said.
And what's interesting is the most obvious.
It's almost like there's too many things that are so obvious.
The fact that all the unvaccinated didn't perish when they were telling you that was what was going to happen.
Or when they gave out the first shot and said you would never get COVID, whatever that is, it's 98 symptoms conveniently.
So it's everything.
And so it's, isn't it like so obvious?
I know we only have a couple minutes left, but it's just, there are things that are so obvious you think, do I actually have to say them?
Do you know what I mean?
I mean, I do, but it just depends on where you are, right?
Like, I'm here in the Northeast, in the kind of media elite world.
I mean, when I'm here in New York City, Washington, not when I'm in the woods with my family.
But, you know, people thoroughly read the New York Times, which thoroughly lies to them every single day about this issue.
They listen to NPR, which is thoroughly
I mean, I'm not vaccinated and COVID is over for the people I know who are not vaccinated.
I mean, these are very personal decisions, but
People have to be noticing that, right?
They have to be noticing that it's vaccinated people who are getting sick over and over and over.
What they do with that, I'm not sure, without the information that, you know, that you and I are trying to give people to put the pieces together.
But you're right, it does not make sense medically.
These policies don't make any sense medically, but they make sense, flip it around, if the goal is a coup, you know, through public health on a global level.
And that's clearly what we're seeing.
If you flip it around, all of these things add up.
Well, you've done a marvelous work here, and you are on the front lines fighting this.
You're speaking out daily.
You're spending your time to go through this painstaking research that they've been trying to hide.
And I so appreciate everything that you're contributing, because you're on these target lists.
Like Dr. Peter McCullough, they're making life very rough for a lot of people, yourself included.
The bodies of others, the new authoritarians, COVID-19, and the war against the human.
You must get this book so that you know how to talk to your friends and family about the narrative so you have all the details at your disposal.
Naomi, thank you so much for doing this because you really did.
This was an act of love for your countrymen.
I love what you've done.
Thank you.
Thank you, Kate.
And by saying history does show if we all rise up peacefully together, they cannot win.
Thank you so much, Kate, for what you and your team are doing as well.
And it is the people that are going to help us here as we all get together and unite in this.
Thank you.
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