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Name: 20220630_Thu_Alex
Air Date: June 30, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses how he believes the Democrat Party is manipulating America's political situation through tactics such as disarming citizens, censorship, arresting opposition, staging false flag events, and rigging elections. He also criticizes those who worship the vaccine and promotes products to help protect oneself. The video covers various topics including January 6th, fish oils, Alec Baldwin, transgender ideology, and law enforcement priorities. Infowars hosts promote their store and mention Alex Jones will be on a podcast tomorrow."

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news.
China has recently invited Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Egypt, and several other countries to join BRICS, a growing world alliance led by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
While some are reporting that BRICS is somehow challenging the globalists, this is demonstrably false.
The original concept for BRICS was proposed by the chief economist for Goldman Sachs.
BRICS's New Development Bank is staffed by known players of the IMF and World Bank.
And BRICS has repeatedly affirmed their commitment to the United Nations Agenda 2030.
Aside from Brazil's President Bolsonaro, all of BRICS nation-states have pushed the COVID-19 lockdowns and experimental shots, and China recently announced five more years of their brutal zero-COVID lockdowns.
BRICS is also pushing a digital currency and has launched a Vaccine Research and Development Center for member states.
BRICS is clearly not anti-globalist.
Even the CCP's state-run media explains how BRICS now leads the globalization mission.
But they are all turning against the United States and its allies.
Xi Jinping accused the U.S.
of weaponizing the financial system with their sanctions against Russia, which has caused the average person to suffer worldwide.
And Vladimir Putin suggested that BRICS could provide a new world reserve currency.
At the recent St.
Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin blamed the West for disrupting the international economy and announced that NATO's unipolar world order is over.
In just three months, Russia has managed to reverse inflation and has increased their financial surplus to more than four times it was last year.
Russia is now thriving and Putin announced that their international priority is to increase food deliveries to countries that need it the most.
They are pouring billions into their farming communities, raised the minimum wage by 10% and provided more money to pensioners and families with children.
He also criticized the West for choosing an economic suicidal path and having suicidal intentions, which seems to be the only explanation for what the Biden administration is doing.
They have deliberately cut off our fuel, which will cut off our food, and they are pushing the deadly shots for every single healthy child in America.
They have opened our borders and are pushing for a world war with a thriving nuclear power while destroying our military from within.
The Biden administration's plan is clear.
Destroy America from within.
And they have amassed an army of the miserable through mass psychosis.
An army of ugly, insane, sexually obsessed deviants who want abortion on demand and acceptance for pedophiles.
Psychotics who castrate their own children because it's trendy.
And mindless drones who believe the human race needs to die.
At what point will Americans begin to care enough to work together and do something when the nuclear bombs start falling?
America is being mass-murdered by our own federal government, and the emerging new globalized economy will let it happen.
Unless Americans take back control of their own government, America will soon end.
That's the plan being executed right now.
For InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are live on this Thursday, June 30th, 2022.
Every day on air is a victory for this audience and free speech and a thorn in the side of the globalists that want us off air so desperately.
Now, Biden is overseas fumbling and bumbling and mumbling
To NATO, at a NATO summit, and he took some questions from the press and it was really bad, really embarrassing, the mush mouth.
He has cue cards that he has to read off of, including, he just reads off of it, folks, and he just says, now I'm told that I have to ask this question to this reporter.
Okay, so who's the president then and what are you?
So we've got those clips.
Coming up, the big January 6th lie is ongoing.
And so what are they going to do now after their latest star witness is proven a total liar, a bold-faced liar, lying about a handwritten note that wasn't hers, lying about...
President Trump trying to strangle Secret Service?
I mean, this is ridiculous.
And you have, of course, the left, the American left, liberals, Democrats, that at this point, folks, I mean, they just, they've fallen off the table.
They're not even in reality anymore.
They don't even pretend to be.
I mean, it's such a clown world scenario we find ourselves in.
You have Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin, who masturbates on Zoom calls and watches porn.
Yes, that Jeffrey Toobin masturbates on public Zoom calls while watching porn, who gets hired by CNN, and then goes on a tirade last night about how Donald Trump tried to strangle a Secret Service member.
I mean, the most ridiculous lies.
What are they going to believe next?
They believe it all, folks.
The planet's gonna end in 10 years.
Donald Trump tried to strangle a Secret Service member.
Vladimir Putin is running everything behind the scenes.
Everything is Putin.
Gas prices, Putin.
Supply chain shortage, Putin.
Trump getting an office, Putin.
Just Putin, Putin, Putin.
And then they hire a guy that
Watches porn and masturbates on Zoom calls to go on CNN and say Trump tried to strangle a Secret Service member.
Such a ridiculous lie.
It's Jussie Smollett 2.0.
It's Bubba Wallace 2.0.
It's ridiculous.
And it's the American left every time peddling these lies.
And they do it in these official hearings.
But of course these aren't official hearings.
What they've done is a made-for-TV event
I mean, seriously, folks, this is a Hollywood production.
The January 6 hearings are a Hollywood production.
They take hundreds of hours of raw film.
Like, imagine you're shooting a Hollywood movie, and you shoot just hundreds of hours of film, that you're then going to take the best cuts of each scene to put into the final movie, and then there you have it.
And it's the best cut of each of the hundreds of hours, you get down to about two hours of a movie.
That's what the Democrats have done.
They took hundreds of hours, if not thousands of hours, of deposition, and then they whittled it down to the best cuts to then do that for the live TV audience during these January 6 hearings.
That's what they've done.
So they had however many depositions with Hutchinson, the latest liar for the Democrats,
And they said, ooh, we like this part.
Let's focus in on that.
Let's coach her on what to say.
And then let's put that into the final production.
Let's put that into the final movie.
Let's put that into the January 6th hearing.
And then, you know, the media all goes along with it.
And they doll her up too.
They take Cassidy out to some Hollywood makeup artist to put on a bunch of makeup and do her hair and everything like she's never been done before.
It's all a big made-for-TV Hollywood production, and it's not about January 6th.
It's not about stopping violence.
It's not about any of that.
It's about the Democrat Party stopping Donald Trump from running again, and it's about arresting all of your political opposition.
That's what this is all about.
It's disgusting.
It's evil.
It's hard to believe we're even living through this.
All the things that we've learned from human history,
From other nation states and countries and the rise and fall of all kinds of different groups of peoples and power structures.
Every, every evil that's been done, every evil that's been foisted upon a free people, a civilization of people, a society, the Democrats have taken all the tactics and they're doing it to Americans right now.
Take the firearms of the free people,
Censor the speech of the free people.
Arrest the political opposition.
Stage false flag events to frame your opposition.
Rig elections to continue political control.
Change up rules and the systems so that if you can't win fairly, you can basically cheat, like packing the Supreme Court.
I mean, just everything.
We're experiencing all the worst of political corruption and governmental corruption, and we're experiencing it now in America, and it's all coming from the Democrat Party.
And it's hard to believe you're here.
And it's harder to believe that as you're watching this, there isn't more of a sense of urgency amongst good people in government
And amongst the American people, at just how bad this is, but of course that's the problem, isn't it?
At least a quarter of this country is so brainwashed that they genuinely believe all of this is being done for their own good.
They genuinely believe the Democrat Party is actually out for their own interests.
Or rather, the interests of their constituents.
Or the American people.
They really believe the January 6th show trials are the real deal.
They really believe it, folks.
They really do.
Now, you could say they're pathological liars, and of course that would be true, but my goodness.
I mean, this is like you're in freshman year of high school, and you met some new people and they still believe Santa Claus is real.
And you're like, Santa Claus is real.
We learned Santa Claus was fake by the time I was in like first, second grade.
You're 15, 16 year old thinking Santa Claus is real?
What's wrong with you?
Do you have a mental problem?
Are you okay?
And of course, yes, liberalism is a mental disorder.
It's never been more obvious.
So we've got the examples of all of it.
We've got the clips of Joe Biden.
And by the way, they keep saying, we're going to do everything
We're gonna do everything to lower the gas prices!
And then what does Biden do?
He shuts down another oil field.
So, it's just unbelievable stuff.
You'd like to think we could vote our way out of it, but we saw what happened in the last election.
Oh, by the way!
By the way, you know that vaccine they lied to you about?
Boy, oh boy, is that thing really wreaking havoc now.
Is that thing really wreaking havoc?
Over 35,000 dead in the United States alone from the COVID vaccine.
Babies that are getting born from parents that have had the vaccine are born with no immune system.
And they're ending up in ICUs with just every virus known to man.
The doctors don't know what to do with them.
Yeah, I mean, this is what happens.
You just released an experimental technology, an experimental nanotechnology injection
That you actually knew, in tests of animals, that it would kill people, and you actually knew, in tests of humans, it would cause blood clots, and it would reduce the immune system.
You knew all that, and then you injected it into us anyway, because, what?
Population control?
All the above?
But then again, you have people worshipping the vaccine, loving the vaccine.
They can't get enough of the vaccine.
And then sadly, they end up being the ones either sick, or vaccine injured, or worse.
That's it for them.
35,000 dead from the COVID-19 vaccine.
Only 5,000 pregnancies a year where a mother might die, or it's a rape or an incest leading to an abortion.
But 35,000 dead from the vaccine, but libs don't care about that.
Alright, the fake president, the puppet president, the man whose brain is broke,
The man who needs adult diapers when he goes on these trips and all kinds of drugs I'm sure to hop him up to even be able to speak.
That's Joe Biden and he was addressing the NATO Summit and we've got some clips from that.
Here he is gaslighting the world.
Saying, oh, the only reason Americans are mad is because of Roe vs. Wade.
Oh no, it's not the superinflation.
Oh no, it's not the gas prices.
Oh no, it's not the rising crime.
Oh no, it's not liberals sexually grooming children.
Oh no, it's not the political prisoners.
Oh no, it's not the censorship of free speech.
No, it's not the collapse of the country.
It's because we're upset because we can't kill our babies anymore.
He's projecting.
That's liberals.
But here he is gaslighting the world saying America is just upset because we can't kill our babies anymore in clip 14.
...last year, and you've come to this summit here and the one in Germany after the U.S.
Supreme Court overturned constitutional protections for abortion, after the shootings in Buffalo and Texas... It's not in the Constitution.
...at a time of record inflation, and this new polling this week shows that 85% of the U.S.
public... Pause it real quick for me.
...thinks the country's going in the wrong direction... So here's this dingbat reporter.
Isn't it amazing how just uninformed and dumb people are?
That's what's so frustrating.
It's like, why can't people just be informed?
Why can't people just not be so stupid?
That'll probably never not be a problem.
We'll probably always be dealing with stupid people like that reporter.
Constitutional rights to an abortion?
It's amazing, I keep hearing this.
Never seen it in the Constitution.
Still not seen the quote.
Still not seen the excerpt.
Still not seen any proof.
They just say, constitutional right, constitutional right.
Where in the Constitution?
Where in the Bill of Rights does it say abortion?
I'd love to see it.
I keep hearing the argument.
Yet to see it.
Still never heard it.
But see, here's this stupid reporter who hears all the, oh right, it's a constitutional right to an abortion, right to an abortion.
And she's just stupid, and she just lops it up, and she just goes out and asks Biden, oh what about the constitutional right to an abortion?
Doesn't even exist.
Might as well ask him about unicorns and fairies on Mars.
Doesn't exist.
So here's Biden again gaslighting the world saying America's only mad because we can't kill our babies.
A total lie.
How do you explain this to those people who feel the country is going in the wrong direction, including some of the leaders you've been meeting with this week, who think that when you put all of this together, it amounts to an America that is going backward?
They do not think that.
You haven't found one person, one world leader to say America's going backward.
America's better positioned.
That's not true.
Now pause that right there.
What did he just say?
He says the Roe vs. Wade decision has destabilized the U.S.
is what he said.
Well, what does that mean?
Well, practically it means that liberals and Democrats are rioting and raging.
That's what he means.
What destabilization?
No, it's Joe Biden shutting off the oil.
It's the inflation.
It's everything else.
That's destabilizing the country, but that's not even what we're talking about here.
He says the Rover suede decision
Has destabilized the country, which would be him admitting that Democrats are engaged in terrorism right now because they can't murder their babies anymore.
An amazing admission there, but of course that's not how it's going to be accepted, that's not how it's going to be comprehended, but that's the truth, that's what he just said.
Roe vs. Wade destabilized the nation?
All it did was give the abortion issue back to the states.
How does that destabilize anything?
But then the Democrats say, oh, our rights to an abortion are gone.
Doesn't exist.
The Democrats say the Supreme Court is acting like a tyrannical dictatorship by saying it doesn't want control over abortions.
Interesting take.
Liberals, Democrats, liars.
Biden continues.
We've been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights.
And it is a mistake, in my view, for the Supreme Court to do what it did.
But I have not seen anyone come up to me do anything other than, nor have you heard them say anything other than, thank you for America's leadership.
You've changed the dynamic of NATO and the G7.
So I can understand why the American people are frustrated.
And you know what's so frustrating here, Joe?
Actually, pause it right there.
So now, oh, America's the best!
America's the best country on Earth.
We're the best ever.
Look, we're the best for the world.
Everybody loves us.
That's another thing about liberals.
They love to have their cake and eat it too.
So, out of one side of their mouth, they tell you how bad America is.
What a failure America is.
It's sexist.
It's racist.
The free market capitalism has failed.
It's bad.
It's greedy.
It's all this stuff.
So then they run on that like it's a virtue signaling contest.
How bad America is.
How racist and bigoted and wrong America is.
How bad America's been for the world.
It's been a force for bad in the world.
And then, when someone says, hey, you know, is America doing a good thing with your leadership?
All of a sudden, America's the best country in the world!
Biden says the world loves America!
We've done great for the planet!
It's so good America's here!
So it's like, when they can bash America and blame their opposition, they do.
But then when someone might suggest that America's going the wrong direction on their leadership, all of a sudden, America's the best country on Earth.
So America's the worst country ever to a liberal Democrat.
When they can bash their opposition.
But a liberal says that America is the best country on earth when they're trying to support their own leadership and policy.
Isn't that funny?
Isn't that interesting?
Alright, let's go to clip 15 now.
Who's really the President of the United States?
It's not Joe Biden.
He's not even allowed to ask his own questions.
He admits that during the NATO press conference in clip 15.
We're on the verge of making significant progress.
Now I'd be happy to take your questions.
And the first question I'm told is Darlene Superville from the Associated Press.
He's told.
And he has his note card in front of him that he's reading out.
He says, I'm told.
I'm told the first question is this lady.
From the Associated Press.
I'm told this is the first question.
Who told him that, you think?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Wouldn't you like to have one real reporter in there that's not a liberal hacktivist?
To just say, um, you just said somebody told you to ask, uh, to go to this reporter first.
Could you tell us who told you that?
Of course he doesn't know.
He doesn't know who writes his cue cards.
He doesn't know who writes his note cards.
He doesn't even know.
He does know about the wild Karens that he has, rushing people out of the press room whenever they start to ask real questions.
And then here's Joe Biden embarrassing himself again in clip 17.
The whole world knows that Joe Biden has been the disaster, but here he is trying to blame everything on Putin.
Ultimately, the reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia.
Russia, Russia, Russia.
The reason why the food crisis exists is because of Russia.
Russia not allowing grain to get out of Ukraine.
That's a lie.
And actually Russia just pulled back from occupying Snake Island so that more grain could get out.
So he just lies again.
Russia, he says.
Putin, Russia.
Oh, there's no inflation, there's no food crisis, there's no supply chain crisis.
President Biden, what's up with the food crisis and supply chain crisis?
And gas prices?
It's Russia, don't you know?
I told you it doesn't exist, but it does, and it's Russia!
Couple stories out of the Supreme Court.
I would say one good for America, one bad, but... The Supreme Court restricts the EPA's authority to mandate carbon emission reductions.
Folks, that is huge because that was going to be a dagger in the back of the United States.
I mean, you think it's bad what Biden has done to the energy industry in a year and a half?
If the EPA starts mandating carbon emission reductions and mandating net zero carbon or whatever the hell they want to do, forget about it.
Forget about it.
Again, you think it's bad now?
This is a cakewalk.
John Kerry says he wants to switch to 100% green shipping.
You know what that means, folks.
No more shipping.
There's no shipping anymore.
It's gone.
What green shipping?
They talk about green energy.
There is none.
It doesn't exist.
They've tried it, folks.
It has been tried.
And it never works.
I forget the name of the city in India.
I covered it last week.
I think it's called like Delhi or something, India.
And Greenpeace and, you know, carbon zero emission groups set up an entire city in India to run off sustainable energy, solar and wind, and within a month the entire city had no electricity.
So, now, the sustainable energy sources they were using, the solar power plants, are storage facilities, and they're plugged into the coal-powered power plants that the rest of India uses.
Yeah, Delhi was the name of the city in India.
It's been tried, folks.
Now, maybe in 5-10 years, maybe 20, maybe, maybe, maybe there'll be new innovations in the energy sector.
It doesn't work.
Maybe not.
But they aren't there now.
They don't work now.
So when they say they want to switch to green energy, carbon zero emissions, folks, that's shutting off the power.
That's just turning the lights off.
It's it.
That's over.
Shutting your power off.
That's what that translates to.
They could switch to solar and wind, and by the end of the first hour of that switch, everything would go dark.
It'd be over.
And this is already well known, by the way.
So thank God the Supreme Court decided not to let the EPA shut America down.
Thank God the Supreme Court decided not to let the EPA turn the lights off of America, because that's what would have happened.
Especially right now with this Biden clown show.
And then, also, the Supreme Court, though, said that the Remain in Mexico policy left over from Trump does not have to remain in place.
So that will just... I don't really think it'll have much of an impact on the border, quite frankly.
It's already wide open.
It's already a criminal enterprise.
So I don't really see that being too much of a problem.
But getting back to the energy issue, this is Biden's climate advisor, whatever that means.
What is she, a weather girl?
This is Biden's weather girl, Gina McCarthy, who is happy that they are destroying the energy sector in the U.S.
and she's gleeful about it as she does a television interview in clip 16.
We have opportunities now to transfer to clean energy in a way that grows thousands of jobs.
We just had a recent report that was put out that's showing all of the energy and the employment stats from last year.
Clean energy is winning.
Fossil fuel is losing jobs.
We're gaining them every step of the way.
What jobs?
If they had them, they'd show them.
They don't exist.
What is she talking about?
We do know that they've crushed the oil industry.
We do know that.
We do know they've crushed the American energy industry.
We do know that.
She brags about that.
Where are we making it up in green energy?
Where are we making it up in alternative energy?
Where are the jobs?
They don't exist.
They literally don't exist.
But see, this is a clown show.
Look at that clown.
That's a clown.
Gina McCarthy is a clown.
And she has hate in her heart.
That's why she's happy that the American energy is being crushed.
And she says, it's good!
Yeah, you worked in American energy, we crushed you!
We're beating you!
What do you mean you're beating me?
I thought we were on the same team.
That's where you're wrong, Jack.
That's where you're wrong.
This administration isn't on your team.
They're not on Team America.
They're on Team Crush America.
They're on Team Hate America.
They're on Team Groom Children Sexually.
They're on Team Kill the Babies.
That's their team.
That's what they see winning.
A million aborted babies a year, no energy, inflation, no border, children being sexually groomed and molested by liberals.
That's winning for them.
That's winning for the Biden administration.
That's winning for the Democrat Party.
Does that sound like winning to you?
Can you even imagine?
You don't even have to go back that long, folks.
You could just go back 20 years, and you could find a Democrat voter, and you could say, you know, in 20 years, uh, your party's gonna be pro-pedophilia, the Democrat party will be pro-pedophilia, pro-open borders, pro-crime, pro-locking up political opposition, pro-censorship of free speech, pro-false flags,
We're proud!
Give us your kids!
We'll abuse them!
We're proud!
You got a little 8-year-old boy?
Why don't you bring him over to Drag Queen Story Time?
I got a friend over here.
38-year-old man with a big bulge, in a fairy costume, and a tutu who'd like to grind on your boy and hump him.
Would you like your boy to give him a dollar?
It's Pride Month.
It's Drag Queen Time.
They love their abortion.
They want their death facilities set up on federal properties now.
AOC and other Democrats saying, we need to have death camps on federal lands.
We need to have abortion centers on federal lands.
Do you really think this is about women that might die during pregnancy?
Do you really think this is about rape or incest?
And I'm going on the total high end here, folks.
I'm going on the highest end possible.
It's still less than 5,000 abortions a year in which the mother's life is in danger, it's a case of rape or incest.
Less than 5,000 a year.
Of the 700,000 abortions a year in this country, 5,000 less.
Do you really think we need a bunch of death centers, a bunch of abortion centers set up on federal lands for just 5,000 a year?
No, you can do that in hospitals and other clinics and care facilities that you already have with 5,000 a year, not that much.
No, they want the 700,000 a year.
That's what they're looking for.
Liberal Democrats, they're looking for 700,000 abortions per year.
That's what they like.
They like 600
A thousand women minimum every year that just want to kill their baby and then those sick demonic abortionists will chop that baby up and sell it for body parts or take it out and play with it in a medical pan because they're that sick and deranged.
And now we have the footage.
Well, they come up to reporters, they've come up to me, they've come up to Drew Hernandez, other pro-life activists, and they sound like Satan, and they say, we're gonna kill the kids!
And it's totally organic, folks.
Like, forget about watching a demonic-possessed horror movie, you're in one!
And liberals are demonically possessed!
Well, we've got 131 days till the midterms, and it's hard to imagine Democrats having many victories at this point, but
They've come this far, people still vote for him, so I don't know why I would expect anything to change.
Democrats have been the worst thing in this country for my entire life, and people still vote for him.
I mean, my God, look at Nancy Pelosi, look at Joe Biden!
So, uh, you know, you can't, it befuddles the thinking person, it befuddles anyone with an IQ over 10, how anybody could support Democrat Party policy, or engage in what is modern-day liberalism, but
We see it every day.
I mean, these people parade around celebrating baby murder.
So, we really shouldn't be surprised by any of it, I suppose.
Now, I've got some news in front of me.
I've got a bunch of video clips in front of me, too, but I'm debating just taking phone calls in the second hour, and then we have a guest, the Revenge of the Sith, or the Sith, excuse me, in the third hour.
Sorry, that's a spin-off of Revenge of the Sith, I'm assuming.
So, but I'm thinking about just taking phone calls, asking you, I mean, do you really think people are going to be voting Democrat in the midterms?
Because even conversations that I have or that I overhear with people that sound like maybe liberals or centrists, I mean, they know it's not Putin.
That's causing this country to have record high gas prices and inflation and everything.
They're not talking about Vladimir Putin.
They're not talking about what's going on in Ukraine.
They don't care.
I mean, everybody knows the record high gas prices are Joe Biden.
Democrat Party policy.
So, I mean, how long can you deceive people into thinking, oh, I'm voting against racism when I vote Democrat.
Oh, I'm voting against bigotry.
I'm voting, I'm a virtue signaler.
I'm a justice warrior.
I vote Democrat.
How long until they realize, oh, I'm a moron for voting Democrat?
So, I may open up the phone lines to take your calls, because I mean, I don't get out that often, but I can't help myself, it's just how I'm trained.
I don't try to eavesdrop on people, but when you've been working in media, specifically radio, a long time, you're trained to be able to hear things and hear multiple things at once and comprehend it.
So I mean, anytime I hear people talking politics, it's, again, it's not conservative-sounding people, it's liberal-sounding people, centrist-sounding people, but saying, yeah, it's, you know, boy, the inflation's really bad, things have gotten really bad lately.
Yeah, grocery bill going up.
I might be out just in conversation, I maybe buy something at the store or whatever, just like, oh boy, you know, gas price is really bad.
Yeah, worst ever, I don't know how I can afford it.
Or I'll make a comment like, yeah man, my groceries have really gone up.
Every time it's like, yeah man, it's tougher to get by.
So everybody's feeling the pinch, everybody's feeling the crunch.
The question is, have they figured out what's behind it?
Have they figured out
Because again, I can sit here and bash Joe Biden and liberals all day long, and that's fair, and it's accurate.
But it's also understanding that behind this is the globalists, and they've set up the American left for failure.
That's the entire operational procedure here.
Set up the American left for failure, give them a false worldview, fill their head with propaganda and lies, so that when everything collapses, they just go into fits of rage and confusion because their entire worldview collapses around them, and then the globalists and the world government, the corporate world government, comes in to just mop it all up.
And at that point, you'll just be begging for anything because the Democrats will shut off the power, taking away your ability to drive.
I mean, everything that they claim they want to do to stop man-made climate change.
But the question, I guess, would be, do you think people have realized that?
Do you think people know what's going on yet?
Have they figured it out?
Obviously, there's a Great Reawakening happening.
But is it enough to overwhelm all the propaganda, to overwhelm all the establishment, the mainstream media, the rigged elections?
Do we have enough?
Can we get there?
Because it's really not even about the future of America as much as it's about
The future of humanity to just live on a sane planet.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I'm an American patriot.
I love the American way of life.
I think that the country we've set up and established and been so successful as leaders of the world here is a good thing, and I would not like to abandon that ship.
But whatever flag's waving above my head, if it grants me freedoms that I've been granted in America and the ability to prosper, then that's just fine.
That just so happens to be America.
That so happens to be the American flag.
That's why the globalists hate it.
But I mean, aside...
From saying, I'm an American patriot, I want America to go on.
I mean, how about just being a human that wants to live on a sane planet?
How about just being a human?
How about just being a man or a woman that wants to live on a planet where there's basic common sense that we all agree on?
Like, men are men, women are women.
We can't even agree with that!
Like, murdering a baby is immoral.
We can't even agree with that!
We shouldn't be sexually grooming six-year-olds
About sodomy?
We can't even agree with that!
That's insane!
That is insane!
That goes beyond wanting to live in a prosperous country.
That's wanting to live on a sane planet.
But it's always the same groups of people that are standing in our way.
Standing in our way from America being prosperous, standing in our way
From us living on the same planet, and it's the people you see in this video right here.
Bunch of pedophiles saying they're coming for your kids, and grabbing children, men, full-grown men, gyrating children on their laps, calling it gay pride.
It's disgusting.
And see, there's two responses to this.
There's the response that's probably the most organic, which is,
The fight.
It's the fight or flight.
And I'm not even saying physical, you can intellectually fight this, politically fight this, whatever.
But it's the fight or flight response.
It's seeing that, it's seeing grown men sexually grooming children and molesting children and calling it gay pride and drag queen tranny time.
And saying, wow, I need to fight against that, that's a bad thing.
Or saying, wow, I need to get as far away from that as humanly possible.
Or you might be one of the corrupted minds that likes that stuff.
So I just really can't even focus on the news right now, so I think I'm gonna open up the phone lines, and I will be hosting the War Room.
And I think I'll be more apt to focus on news in the three to six hour as I normally am.
Because I just want to know what you're seeing, what you're hearing, because that's one of the big important things about InfoWars here is not just the mothership of information distribution with all the guests and all the news we cover, but also it's a mothership, it's a forum for public communications.
That is extremely important that we don't atrophy that muscle that we have here.
So I think I'm going to give out the phone number right now.
Do you have more hope for America or less hope?
I mean, where do you see us going as we're 131 days into midterms?
Do you think Democrats will have victories?
Do you think the American left will continue?
In its path to destroying America?
Or can we have some reprieve in the midterms and start to kind of nullify the political power of the anti-American Democrat Party?
Now folks, keeping InfoWars on air is obviously imperative so that we can engage in this practice of having a communication forum here.
And InfoWarsStore.com is
Been the source.
Where you go get a great supplement, get a great t-shirt, get a great DVD, get a great book, and then in so doing, you support and you fund free speech right here.
And it's not just InfoWars, it's Band.Video, where we now give a platform to all kinds of reporters and musicians and comedians that are getting to platform themselves.
But folks,
Yeah, I mean, they're trying, Biden is trying to shut down our energy sector.
That's a big deal.
That'll crush the food prices, everything.
I mean, that's what I'm saying is I can't even think in my head.
It's just, it all just rushed back to me.
Just all the shortages that are happening all the time.
Like I was getting a haircut today.
And I mean, you just hear wild stories when you're out there talking to just the average people.
People that work in different fields are like, yeah, we're out of this.
Yeah, we haven't had this in days.
Yeah, did you know the Texas National Guard is doing this, by the way?
So it's like, all are the signs of the same thing.
But, but, so, okay.
You know what the Democrats' plan is.
You know what the globalist's plan is.
Are you prepared?
Do you have emergency food?
Do you have emergency supplies?
Folks, I hope that I never have to eat emergency food.
I hope I never have to eat emergency food or use any of my emergency supplies.
Believe me.
But I'm, boy oh boy, wouldn't you rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it?
So preparetoday.com, folks.
That is your one-stop shop for all emergency needs.
Alright, so we already heard Biden's weather girl.
Climate advisor.
Climate advisor.
Clown show.
Gina McCarthy bragging about how they're crushing the oil industry.
And so now again, here's John Kerry.
You have to understand when he says this, folks, what he's actually saying is, I'm shutting down the supply chain.
So here's John Kerry, Biden's climate czar.
He's got his climate czar, he's got his climate advisor, he's got his clown show, he's got his weatherman, his weatherwoman.
And so here's John Kerry telling you he plans to shut down the supply chain in Clip 7.
The ocean is a source of climate solutions.
And they can help to keep the 1.5 degrees target alive.
For example, we need to spur the transition to green shipping.
If shipping were a nation, shipping would be the eighth largest emitter in the world.
In May, the United States and Norway announced a green shipping challenge for COP 27 to help put that sector on a pathway towards full decarbonization.
No later than 2050.
At the very least, this is a prime example of the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Now, I don't believe John Kerry has good intentions.
I'm just saying, if you believed in these people not being total crooks,
You understand there is no green shipping.
He says, oh, if shipping were a country, it'd lead in carbon emissions.
What else would shipping lead in?
Feeding people?
Is that important?
Feeding people?
What about that aspect of shipping?
Oh, but John Kerry's gonna fly around the planet on private jets because he's more important than you.
He's Biden's weatherman.
He's Biden's weatherman.
So we need to transition to green shipping, folks.
There is no transition to be had.
It doesn't exist.
There's no solution.
If solar worked, we'd use it.
It doesn't.
If wind energy worked, we'd use it.
It doesn't.
Everywhere it's been tested, it actually ends up being a negative, a blight on energy.
But see, these people all have their friends and their buddies and their investments in all these green energies, and so they're set to make billions, folks.
They are set to make billions, because they start up some fraudulent green energy company, doesn't matter if it works or not, they'll get their billions of dollars in funding, and then the company will go under, and they'll make out like bandits, just like Solyndra, under Obama.
It's a giant grift.
It's a giant money theft.
And even if they were being honest and they said, we believe that carbon emissions or fossil fuels are destroying the planet, so we need to shut them down.
Well, they would be honest and they would say, look, here's the deal.
We're shutting this down and you're about to go into poverty and probably starve to death.
That's the price we're going to have to pay to save this planet.
That's if they really believe what they believe and they were honest about their approach.
They would say, yep, we're killing the planet, so we're just going to have to shut everything down and basically starve to death to save the planet.
Because that's what they're going to do to you.
And then, oh, well if you don't like that, then this Biden administration wants you censored, like Biden's weather girl Gina McCarthy says in clip 8.
And so the challenge is now that we're moving from denial to actually just trying to disengage the public from understanding the values of solar energy, the values of wind energy, the benefits of clean energy.
We have to get tighter.
We have to get better at communicating.
And frankly, the tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation.
That's what the fossil fuel companies pay for.
That's what folks who make money out of fossil fuels and don't make money and don't care about saving consumers' costs.
That's what they do.
We have to be smarter than that, and we need the tech companies to really jump in.
That's just a lie, first of all.
But okay, so that's just a total violation of the First Amendment, and then you have Alexi McCammon there, who's just this...
You know, this young reporter Axios hires doing interviews out of her kitchen.
I mean, I'm not sitting here in judgment, okay, it's 21st century, but really, you're just gonna sit in your kitchen to interview a member of the Biden administration?
Like, this is just a clown show.
But hey, they're gonna shut down the energy in Starview to save the planet.
Alright, so, we're gonna take phone calls this entire hour.
I just, I just can't look at the news right now, I just can't stand it.
And, uh, it's just the same crap every day.
I mean, look at it.
Creator of Friends apologizes for characters being white.
Oh my gosh, like, what is Friends?
Probably, like, top five most successful television shows ever.
It's like, oh, I'm sorry the characters were white, oh my gosh.
You created one of the most famous shows of all time.
You're sorry the characters were white.
Oh, okay.
So it's, it's, it's liberal bigotry.
I mean, I've got, you know, vaccine deaths, kids getting vaccines, can't ever get out of the ICU.
Oh, this is nice.
I mean, I can't even say this on terrestrial radio, so I can't tell you what Democrats are now teaching children in schools, but folks, let's just say if you were having a
You know, dirty conversation with your lover, you might say some stuff like this.
And now it's just being taught to kids in a vocabulary class!
Like, um, well, I'm not even going to say it, folks.
I mean, this is like if you were to turn on an adult film, or you were having dirty talk with your lover, and you just had a vocabulary list of all the dirty things you said.
I mean, now they're saying, we need to teach kids these words.
So it's beyond just, hey, let's have, let's have anal sex or doggy style like folks.
It's, they're going above and beyond.
For kids!
For kids.
Gotta sexualize the kids, gotta groom the kids, gotta molest and abuse the kids.
It's liberalism.
It's just unbelievable stuff.
And they call it, it's respectful language about sex.
There's nothing respectful about it.
It's despicable.
Again, you might
Most people probably don't even talk to their lovers like this or spouses like this.
Most people probably don't.
But hey, they're going to make sure your kids know all about it.
So that's what I'm saying.
I just can't handle it right now.
And we got guests coming on in the next hour.
I'm going to be hosting the War Room.
So I'll probably be ready to cover the news 3 to 6 p.m.
as I normally do on the War Room.
But I want to take phone calls asking you.
But here's the problem is
The callers are just all over the board here.
So that's okay.
So it's going to be probably more of an open line thing.
But I'm asking people, you know, what are you seeing?
What are you hearing?
Do you see?
Because yeah, you go to a Trump event or you go to a conservative event or you go to the reawakening America tour, you know, of course, you're going to meet like minded people that know what's going on.
But what about when you go to the mall?
What about when you go to the movie theater?
To the gym, or to get an ice cream cone, or to a walk in the park, like just normal everyday stuff.
It's not politicized or hyper-political environment.
Because that's where you really get the true pulse of the nation.
So I'm seeing and hearing people waking up and realizing what's going on, but I also am, it's like 60% of people are starting to wake up and realize what's going on, but then there's still like the 20-30% that are just fully brought into the propaganda.
Like, we can't groom the kids enough, we can't destroy America's energy enough, it's just fully bought into all of it.
So that's kind of the foundation I want these callers to come off of, but they seem to be all over the board, so we'll find out.
And we start with Dylan in Missouri.
Dylan, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, man?
Hey, good.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, just to say, you know, have you seen the stuff with Alex Stein?
Yeah, thank you.
I'm sorry, Stein and...
Alex Jones and... I'm sorry, what was your first question?
I'll tell you what, Dylan, you weren't prepared for the test today.
I love ya, but I gotta let you go.
Let's go to Greg in Illinois.
Greg, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, honor to talk to you.
A couple questions here.
I am someone who's talked to a lot of people.
I'm a teacher in Illinois, and that's how
And what part of Illinois are you in?
Because depending on where you're at, it might be red or blue.
Suburbs of Chicago.
Okay, so you're blue.
You're pretty blue.
There's some people, you know, a couple of neighbors here and there talking, waking up, but besides that, not a whole lot, right?
But I have a couple questions, and it kind of relates to current events and what's going on with the abortion topic, but I'm wondering if we're thinking of things the wrong way in terms of who they're trying to kill.
We've got to assume that there's a, you know, bring it down to 20 people.
You know, 20 people in a room someplace with some post-it notes, thinking about how, you know, what are they going to do from point one to point two, you know, year three, year four, year five, right?
They do that.
So I keep thinking about Batman 1989, where they have two parts to a poison, right?
And I keep thinking, why are they trying to kill the compliant over and over again?
Shouldn't they be looking at some way to kill the people that haven't taken the shot?
And then they have this, okay, we got Roe versus Wade overturned.
It's almost like they're trying to set up five years from now where, okay, now we need babies.
Kind of like what Cheney did.
They've got some things set up where, okay, well, you can have one baby.
Well, now you can have three, right?
It's kind of, you know, I think sometimes we all get kind of, you know, kind of pent up in this idea that whatever happens today is exactly what they're trying to plan.
But I really do think that there's more to this.
Like, you know, I could easily see releasing of a virus that hurts people that didn't take the shot, more of a nanotech-based virus or something like that.
I don't know.
Well, we had a report that we aired from Greg Reese that showed how more of the vaccines, or more of the deadly COVID vaccines rather, were distributed in red states.
And red states were having worse reactions to COVID vaccines than blue states.
That may be an example of what you're talking about.
I don't think the globalists operate as much
We're good to go.
You know, spin off an abortion ruling to try to target a certain group of people that they either want to procreate or want to not have babies.
I think when it's the globalists running things, it's just, the enemy is just any human.
And so I actually think that, you know, at some level, some of these globalists, because of their metaphysical beliefs, I mean, they believe in Satan.
They probably even respect the people that dissent from their tyrannical rule more so than the ones that are willing stooges of it that line up to get 10 vaccines and can't get out of their bed with COVID all day.
I mean, that's another thing I'm seeing too.
All the people that are getting vaccinated are getting COVID.
I mean, it's like crazy.
I mean, Fauci just got COVID again, apparently can't get out of bed.
I mean, maybe the guy really did take the shot.
I mean, I don't believe Fauci took the shot, but maybe he really did, because apparently he's still sick with it.
So I don't think the globalists think that way, Greg.
I could understand, you know, knowing how evil they are, thinking they would.
But I think it's just a general, just anything they can do to depopulate the planet.
I don't really think they get down into the dirt of how can we hurt the left or the right, per se.
That's more of just the left trying to hurt the right more than anything.
So, we gotta be careful not to confuse the actions of organic, radical leftists with the agenda of the globalists.
And even though we know it's the radical left pulling off their agenda, I don't know, does that make sense, Greg?
I'm about to go to break, I'll give you 30 seconds to close.
No, it makes total sense to me.
I can tell you there's a complete difference in the eyes of people that I look at now.
They're, you know, they change.
Eyes change up here.
Very strange.
I only got a couple more seconds.
I'm going to say, where's my vitamin, vitamin mineral fusion, man?
Yeah, I know.
It's the Biden supply chain, man.
I know.
The Biden supply chain is hurting anybody that sells products.
We're going to get vitamin mineral fusion back.
We have placed an order.
The ingredients are coming in.
But when it'll be ready to ship, we're not sure yet.
Folks, I've got video.
I'll play it in the next segment.
A human smuggler was caught and being arrested by Texas DPS when one of the individuals that the smuggler was trafficking hops out of the truck and attempts to cross the street and gets blown up by a vehicle.
Probably going at least 60.
And it's pretty graphic.
It's not the most graphic thing.
I mean, honestly, you show someone an average gay pride event, it's worse than this video.
But we'll play it in the next segment.
And what's incredible here, guys, I'll send it to you right now, in fact, so you guys can pull it in.
It won't take them long.
What's incredible about this
Is obviously everybody knows it's Democrats that have the open border policy.
Everybody knows that we've had record number of illegal immigrants.
In fact, just last May we had a record for most illegal immigrant crossings in one month.
Just last May.
Most ever in one month.
It's all under Biden.
Most ever in one year.
Most ever in one month.
All these records set under Biden.
It's a wide open border.
I mean, journalists go down there.
They interview the illegal immigrants.
They say, why are you coming?
They say, we're coming here for free stuff.
We're coming here because Biden told us to.
So it's very well known.
But liberals don't like seeing the negative outcomes of their policies.
And so Bill Melligen, who's covering the border for Fox News, shares the video.
And liberals are in there complaining, saying, how dare you share this video of a man dying?
Do I even need to tell you?
How hypocritical and ironic that is.
Do I even need to say the name?
George Floyd?
So imagine that.
Liberals and Democrats make sure that every American alive, from the womb to on their deathbed, the mainstream media, Democrats and Liberals, make sure every human being alive sees the video of George Floyd dying.
They beg you to see that so they can get riots and terrorism set up.
But then there's a video of an illegal immigrant human smuggler, and one runs out of the truck and gets smashed by a car, and they don't want you to see that, though!
No, no, no!
They don't want you to see that!
Because they know it's their policy that led to that death.
They know it's their open borders policy.
That leads to deaths like that.
And so they don't want you to see that.
They want to censor the journalists covering the open southern border.
They don't want you to see all the human trafficking.
They don't want you to see all the fentanyl and drugs coming across.
They don't want you to see all the death and the rape.
But when it's a video that works for their politics, when it's a video that works for their narrative, they're gonna make sure that everyone in the world sees it.
They're gonna hammer that thing into your head and their propaganda is gonna run 24-7.
But when it's a video that shows the negative outcomes of their world, censor it, you're not allowed to show it, how dare you?
And I...
Try to warn people about going on to Twitter and looking at all the replies and thinking that that's reality.
So I want to be clear on that.
I don't fall into that trap.
However, I live in reality and I know what liberals are like.
And so whether or not it's bot accounts responding on Twitter or however many accounts are fake or real, I don't know.
But I know how liberals think and I know it's a fair representation of what they think in the replies to this.
And it's crazy to see the chasm in between... It's not even about the American left and right, honestly.
The divide is now between people who are mentally deranged and brainwashed and mind-controlled versus the rest of us.
That's really what it's come down to.
Now, you can kind of...
Overlay that with the American with the divide between the American left and the right and it's virtually the same picture But it's really just it doesn't it doesn't tell a true story.
It's not fully Transparent or honest to say it's just the divide between the left and the right because it's not even the left and the right It's people that are totally brainwashed totally mind-controlled Completely have just lost it Versus people that are sane
It's really what it comes down to, but we'll play that in the next segment.
I've already pontificated enough.
In fact, we may have the video.
Guys, do we have the video?
I sent it to the... Let's just, since I've already been talking about it, let's just do this, because I'm not trying to keep the callers on the hold here, but I've been ranting on this now.
So, here's the video.
Again, fair warning.
Fair warning.
You're about to see a guy get blasted by a car.
Honestly, it's not that gory, but you're going to see a guy go probably about 30-40 feet in the air after getting blasted with a car.
So here it is.
Liberals are complaining.
They don't want you to see this.
Remember, you just had the truck.
50-plus illegal immigrants died in the truck here in Texas, and liberals know it's their fault, so Biden blames Trump for it.
It's amazing how they blame Trump for that, literally.
They are blaming Trump.
He's playing golf in Florida.
Somehow he's responsible.
No, it's Biden.
So they didn't want you to see that and they certainly don't want you to see this.
So again, warning, Texas DPS body cam video and vehicle cam video of an illegal immigrant while they're arresting a human smuggler running across the road and getting hit by a vehicle.
And so here it is.
Is it going to be in the front of the vehicle?
Okay, I'll get it for you.
And now he's about to climb out of the car and get hit, folks.
Here it is.
Give me Charles 700.
And then they put the cover over him with the blood splatter.
That is gut-wrenching.
And again, though, you see the left response to this, and it's, this is Trump's fault.
Why would you show this video?
The driver of that vehicle was a white supremacist.
He wanted him dead.
I mean, literally, that's the left response to this, folks.
Everything to avoid the real issue, because the real issue is their issue.
I mean, it's stunning, is it not?
Is it not just absolutely stunning?
I don't know why we're so stunned.
They've been doing this forever.
Been going crazier and crazier and crazier.
And they now try to blame Trump.
I mean, look at this, folks.
MSNBC host blames Trump for 53 dead migrants found in truck.
He's literally playing golf.
He's literally playing golf.
Oh, it's Trump!
And now they're going to blame him because this illegal immigrant runs on a road and gets hit by a car.
They're going to say it's a white supremacist car that tried to hit him.
They're going to probably blame Texas DPS.
Why didn't you detain him?
No, everything to avoid the real issue, which is a wide open border that is causing mass human trafficking and mass drug trafficking that is leading to mass death.
But hey guys, the creator of Friends is apologizing because all the characters are white.
It's like, wow, you couldn't have done a much better job with that show.
Yeah, I could have.
There should have been no white people.
No whiteys.
Alright, your call's on the other side.
Oh boy, oh boy.
And there's just been another car crash.
Four dead illegal immigrants.
Human smuggler crashes a Jeep.
And by the way, it's, I mean folks, they're coming here for free treasure, they're coming here for food, for water, for shelter, for clothes, they can send their kids to school for free.
So yeah, of course they're making the trek.
It's like the gold rush of, you know, 49 in California.
They're making the journey out here.
Except it's the welfare rush.
It's the American welfare rush.
Twenty-five percent of the Central American population rushing to America to get free everything.
The average American is struggling to pay its bills.
Homelessness is up.
But don't worry, those illegal immigrants, they're going to get everything taken care of for free, because that's how much our government loves us.
Poverty is up.
That's just how much.
Sure, the majority of women get raped, and sure, there's thousands of deaths, but
The liberals are in a death cult, so they love it.
All right, let's go back to the phone lines here.
And we go to Dave in California.
Dave, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, how you doing today?
Hey, good, thanks.
Got it, got it.
Hey, so yeah, I just wanted to touch on a few things.
People always mention, you know, how do you know the America you grew up in has been changed?
And I go, I think about the Hustler t-shirts when I was in school.
They wouldn't let me wear those t-shirts.
They let me change them, change them inside out or get a white t-shirt or something like that.
So there's, that's one, that's one thing that I saw with that as well as, uh, so, and I also noticed that, um, they also have,
So they're pushing with the electric trucks because of gas, right?
So my thing is, how are the off-road trucks, the EV off-road trucks, is that even going to be a thing when their battery runs out?
Who's going to give them gas?
Who's going to get them bailed out?
And another thing, too, is that you're mentioning there's all these people coming from over the border, and I believe they're pushing an anti-white agenda to sell the new American dream.
Because if we looked when COVID first started,
It was like in lockstep.
All the other countries did the same thing, but the American, uh, you know, the Western countries, they have more of an independent spirit.
So in my opinion, it looks like they're trying to snuff that, that spirit from us by enabling these people coming over from different countries to subvert what their real American dream was.
That's why we're seeing everything change before our eyes.
They're not even required to get vaccination and they're getting free cash, you know?
And on top of that, the vaccinations are ruining people's immune systems.
So Big Pharma is going to come in and they're going to be the big brother and be their immune system at the same time.
That way they have to rely on them, not only for subsidies, but for health care as well.
And on top of it all, we have social media controlling that agenda.
No matter what you post on Reddit, Twitter, whatever it is,
It's not going to come through.
There's a heavy left bias, and it's huge when it comes to transgenderism and LGBTQ.
I get banned on Reddit all the time just by posting an opposite opinion, and it's considered trolling by these people because they're pseudo-intellectuals.
And I know you know about the babies in test tubes.
They can grow babies in test tubes, and I think that may be one of the endgame results of people being infertile from vaccinations is
Oh, it's so trendy.
Grow your baby in a test tube.
You can customize it however you want.
But on top of that, I think the whole trans movement is going to transition into transhumanism with biometrics and things like that.
And I think Elon Musk is going to be one of the guys to push it out about how cool it is.
Because he doesn't really seem to have a backbone unless it's the free speech on Twitter, but I think that's just a red herring.
I think that's just a way for him to get his foot in the door.
Well, you just pretty much laid it all out right there.
That's like a three-minute special report you just did.
And real quick, I just want to mention that, because I have a lot of free time, so my job that I'm in, I had to go to this person's house.
And they gave me a used face mask and they literally tried to convince me that it wasn't used.
And they're trying to make me feel guilty about them not having an immune system and getting like it's crazy the level of the brainwashing that these people have.
You know, that's so funny you say that.
Folks, this is...
Honestly, the Liberals' mind is so broke.
It's so broke.
There... I don't know how many details I want to give.
Let's just say I had two appointments this morning, and I'm at an appointment before my haircut, and some people still come into this office and wear masks.
And I know the owners of the business, they don't do masks or anything.
But they try to respect their clientele, so if somebody comes in with a mask,
The, uh, the person that owns the business will put the mask on.
They don't even care if you put it on, actually, over your mouth or nose.
They only just want you to have it over your ears.
You can put it on your chin, they don't care.
I mean, literally, like... It's, cause I asked, I was like, hey...
It's like, I noticed this person came in wearing the mask.
You put your mask on, but you had it under your chin.
And the individual said, yeah, they don't care if it's on the chin as long as I have it on.
I mean, folks, their mind, COVID broke people's minds.
It's just crazy, and Dave, thank you for the call.
It was a great call.
I mean, look at Rosie O'Donnell.
This is a perfect example.
Rosie O'Donnell's mind is just broke.
She sprang messages to herself with ketchup on the ground earlier this week.
I mean, right then and there, like, you know, is it time maybe for a rubber room?
Maybe to be, you know, sent to a mental care facility?
And so here's Rosie O'Donnell.
Trump broke Rosie.
She's got nothing left in her rage tank.
She's out.
She's out of rage, folks.
She's raged herself into nothingness here in clip 18.
Rosie, find the nearest mental facility.
Impeach Clarence Thomas.
Arrest his wife.
She's out of rage, folks.
I mean, it is the Biden economy.
It's tougher and tougher to fill your tank.
And she did waste about a quarter's worth of ketchup writing a message to herself on the ground.
They're broke, folks.
The liberals' mind is broke, and they need to be treated as mentally deranged individuals, because that's what they are.
But look, we don't even help our most severe mentally deranged people.
They end up on the streets fending for themselves, terrorizing local public at times.
So we don't even care for the most mentally disturbed people.
We just put them out on the streets to fend for themselves.
So of course we're not going to try to help our American liberals that are so mentally deranged here, too.
Alright, let's go to Indiana, where Ward has called in.
Ward, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
I just wanted to call in because I was so impressed with how spot on you were with
Your analysis at the start of the show, and especially about the leftist mindset, I've been engaging a, well actually I went to one of the rallies specifically to find some people to talk to, to see if I could reason with them, and most of them wouldn't talk to me, but I found one girl that was willing to talk.
And she talked a lot, and in fact we've still been conversing, but one of the things that really surprised me is that she did not want to be called pro-choice.
In fact, she wrote, and I wrote it down because I was so shocked, she said, I am staunchly pro-abortion.
And so they
They're really going off on... Yeah, you know, actually, the abortion rally I went to on Sunday, I had an individual who said the same thing.
And I actually respected him.
I mean, he was the same way.
He said, no, I'm pro-abortion.
I think if a mother wants to kill the baby in the womb, that they should be allowed to do it.
He had the conversation.
He was honest.
I noticed that those people are actually willing to have the conversations.
It's the ones that don't want to admit what they're doing is bad that won't talk.
And I do want to thank you guys, because
Uh, I found you about four months ago.
I decided to... Well, look, hey, Ward, hold it right there.
I want to hear about this.
I got to go to a break, though, so we'll be right back.
You know, thank God for Tucker Carlson and... You know, he's probably the only member of the mainstream media that's covered my political persecution and been fair about it.
Of course, liberals are covering it, but they're lying about me and defaming me and libeling me.
That's a whole other issue.
But it's not just about me, obviously.
And last night, Tucker Carlson laid it out.
Because there's a whole list of political prisoners that the Democrats have.
Not just the individuals in jail, but political targets that they're going after as well.
And the persecution continues.
West Virginia Republican lawmaker to spend 90 days in prison for walking into the US Capitol on January 6th and fist bumping a cop.
Again though, there's no equal application of justice here.
Liberals are allowed to break into federal buildings.
Hell, they try to burn them down with police officers inside and they don't get a night in jail, they get bailed out.
So last night, Tucker Carlson
Biden's America, Tucker Carlson, provides high-level list of political arrests by Biden regime, and here that was last night on Tucker Carlson.
It is absurd by definition, and its absurdity is the point.
The absurdity of it, the hollowness of it, sends the message, we run the justice system now.
You are powerless.
And that is the same message the Biden administration has sent to America for the last year and a half, with the help of Merrick Garland, the most political Attorney General in history.
Here's a list of the things they've done, because no one else has assembled it.
Here we go.
January 27th, 2021, days after Joe Biden's inauguration, the Justice Department arrests a man called Douglas Mackey, known online as Ricky Vaughn.
You heard very little about this.
Because Douglas Mackey had extremist political views.
But under the American system, it doesn't matter if you have unattractive or unpopular views.
Your views are protected by the First Amendment.
He was arrested
For what?
A crime?
For creating internet memes that made fun of Hillary Clinton.
But according to the Justice Department, those memes, quote, deprived individuals of their constitutional right to vote.
So he went to jail.
Then on February 3rd of the same year, 2021, the FBI raids the homes of Russell Taylor and Alan Hostetler.
What did they do wrong?
Well, they organized a lawful political rally on January 6th.
They even had a permit for the rally.
Taylor also committed the grave offense of being seen with Roger Stone in the days before January 6th.
That's now a crime, too.
Not in a free country, but in ours.
Then on April 28, 2021, the Fed seized the cell phones and computers belonging to the President's former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.
That didn't used to be allowed.
You can't seize the records of someone's attorney.
Those are confidential lawyer-client communications.
By the way, they left Hunter Biden's laptop.
By the time we were told that Rudy Giuliani had done something illegal in Ukraine, the walls were closing in!
He was never charged with anything like that, because it was all fake.
But they got
His privileged communications anyway.
And left Hunter Biden.
Then on June 24th, 2021, the feds raided the home of a Giuliani associate called George Dixon.
The FBI never explained the purpose of that raid, but Dixon was working on a documentary about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their business dealings in Ukraine.
And that's no longer allowed.
A direct attack on the free press, not covered by the media.
And then, because this list does go on, on January 19th, 2021, a journalist at InfoWars called Owen Schroer was arrested and charged.
Well, according to the federal complaint, Schroer told the crowd on January 6th, quote,
Today we march for the Capitol because on this historic January 6, 2021, we have to let our congressmen and women know, and we have to let Mike Pence know, that they stole the election.
End quote.
Now, you may not agree with that, or maybe you do, it doesn't matter.
That's protected speech under our Constitution.
But under Joe Biden, it's a crime.
And then on November 6, 2021, the FBI raided the homes of several more journalists who worked for Project Veritas, including the organization's founder, James O'Keefe.
What did they do wrong?
Drug trafficking?
Human trafficking?
They reported on a diary written by Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley.
And in that diary, Biden's daughter writes, reveals to the rest of us, that Joe Biden showered with her in a way that she described as inappropriate and that she blames for making her sexually compulsive in later life.
For having access to that information, the FBI raided Project Veritas.
So the segment goes on, the list goes on, but again, I covered this earlier in the show.
You know, removing myself from the story, it's incredible that this is the current situation we live in, where the Democrat Party is everything every other evil government has done.
Except in one concentrated effort right now.
Disarming the civilians, censoring free speech, arresting the political opposition,
Shutting off our energy sector?
I mean, it's just everything.
And it's just unbelievable they're getting away with it.
How far can this possibly go?
We go back to the phone lines now.
I wanted to just let Ward finish up.
He said he just discovered InfoWars four months ago, so I wanted to let Ward finish up and then go to other callers.
So, Ward, you found InfoWars four months ago and here you are calling in today.
Well, yeah, I actually searched you out because I didn't know how
Uh, or who you were or anything, but I'd heard about Alex.
And so I, I want to hear all the different sides of the political spectrum.
And so I, I found you and, and man, I really have gotten hooked.
I, uh, uh, had my son come in once he was, I was listening to Alex Jones and
And of course he reacted like, you know, uh, how could you be listening to him?
And I said, well, I want to hear every side.
And I think that's important.
And I don't agree with everything you're saying, but I'd say you are by far the very best news source, news and information source anywhere that I've ever found.
The only one that comes close is Tucker.
And you guys are just absolutely top.
And you've got great products too.
And I think we all ought to be supporting you.
Well, I really appreciate that, Ward, and I thank you for those kind words because that's the effort we make.
That is the effort we make here.
Myself, Alex, the crew, everybody.
I mean, even the audience.
We have the best audience.
So that's the effort we make.
So to have those kind words and to know that it's working, and yeah.
That doesn't mean you agree with us all the time.
That doesn't mean we're always right.
But the difference is here, we tell it like it is, and we don't censor ourselves.
We don't have corporate sponsors censoring us.
I mean, there is nothing, there is no more epitome of free speech than right here.
And that's what people recognize and resonate with.
And as Ward said, you're not going to find a better place for information.
You might not agree with everything, you might not agree with all our perspectives, but we cover all the information.
And there's nowhere else, really, that does it like we do here.
Thank you for that, Ward.
Infowarsstore.com, by the way, the products he mentions, Infowarsstore.com is where to get them, folks, and we do have the best supplements.
I mean, just like we try our best with our news coverage and our information,
We do the best with our supplements as well.
I mean, look at the hair and beard support formula.
Folks, this is a joke.
I mean, we're giving this thing away.
It's 75% off.
By the way, it works for me, in case you haven't noticed.
The hair and beard formula is working for me.
Quite well!
I might add.
Quite well.
My barber appreciates hair and beard support for men.
I go and see him quite often now.
So, uh, that's 75% off.
That's part of the 4th of July sale happening right now.
Double pay trip points with every order as well that can be applied towards future purchases.
So, uh, word talking about the great products.
You can discover that for yourself at infowarstore.com.
Back to the phone lines and we go to Jay in Texas.
Jay, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Well, you caught me in a lousy area.
Are you driving through a valley?
No, I'm in Texas today.
Yeah, he wasn't kidding about that, was he?
You're drinking Turbo Force right now?
No, I'm warning you.
Get it in.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, Jay.
Look, folks, we don't plant these calls.
Turbo Force and Vitamin Mineral Fusion are two of the most popular supplements at Infowarsstore.com.
They're both sold out, and because of the Biden supply chain crisis, it's harder to get them in.
We've secured an order of Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
It's gonna be in soon.
I don't know about Turbo Force, Jay.
That's why I tell people, you gotta order backups.
You gotta order, like, five, six packets of this in case it sells out.
That's what I do.
Yeah, I do.
You wanted to know if the Demon Rat Party was gonna win any of these future elections?
And I'm thinking that with the supply chains and the gas prices, if some of the Antifa would come on board and dress in their garb and go to some of these drop boxes and put some lighting fluid in there and make sure that the ballots weren't properly
You know what, though?
You just said something so genius that it's unbelievable.
That thought never crossed my mind.
And I want to be clear here.
Jay is not calling for criminal activity.
I'm not calling for criminal activity.
But see, it exposes just how vulnerable voting drop boxes are.
Because, yeah, someone could just walk up and torch the thing.
All right, I'm going to take a couple more phone calls before we're joined by the Revenge of the CIS crew.
They're coming up here shortly.
Let's go to Jason in Texas.
Jason, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
What's up, Owen?
So you ask, oh, when is this all going to end?
You know, it's not.
They're pushing forward with their agenda.
They're being told, Biden's being told, you know, what to say, what to do.
There's nothing we can do besides, yeah, stack up on ammo, stack up on food, all this stuff.
I mean, look at that lesbian army thing that, you know, play that clip.
They all, like, you know, when we come kick in your door and, you know, we take all your guns, this and that.
That's what they're doing.
They purged our military with patriots and good people because of the vaccine crap.
And they all quit.
They all retired.
Same with the police.
Now what we have left
Is liberals and Democrats in our military and in our police enforcing Joe Biden and the Democrats agenda.
So would you say you've given up hope?
Unless something happens here, but I know it's
The Republicans have to take over in 2022.
And 2024.
But let's be clear here.
Because I don't disagree.
Let's be clear.
But it can't be Mitch McConnell.
It can't be Kevin McCarthy Republicans.
It needs to be Paul Gassar.
It needs to be Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Rand Paul.
Those are the Republicans we need.
Not these squishy Mitch McConnell Democrat turd droppings.
Well yeah, there's, I mean, somehow we can't do that.
Look at Nancy Pelosi and all these people.
You really think people are voting for these people for 50 plus years?
Nancy Pelosi shoved a young girl on camera and the media didn't even care.
Of course not, they don't care.
Wake up people, they don't care.
They are going to push that agenda on us so hard.
Gonna make all our heads spin, but we can be ready, we can be prepared, and as I said, I've told you multiple times, Beto O'Rourke will be the governor of Texas.
Oh my gosh.
I know, we can't have it happen.
That's like, if that happens, that's, folks, that's gonna be such a gut blow.
I don't know.
I can't even.
If Robert O'Rourke, if Bob O'Rourke wins Texas, I mean, look, I'm not a big Abbott guy, but, I mean, folks, that's devastation.
He's going to crush this state.
You can kiss Texas goodbye if Robert O'Rourke wins.
I understand it, Jason.
You're right.
Folks, that's why we've got preparetoday.com.
You've got to prep up.
In case it happens, we know what they're going to do.
They're going to shut off our energy.
You're not going to want to send your kids to anywhere near one of these schools.
It's going to be gay indoctrination camps.
You better get ready for the worst because it's not good.
Wake up, people.
All right, Jason.
Thanks for the call.
And it looks like Travis in Connecticut might have the same mindset here.
Travis, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up, all?
First off, I just want to say you're awesome.
You do a great job on Alex's show, digging your beard.
I called in because I just want to make a comment about voting.
All this talking heads on TV say, oh, we're going to take it over.
But you're not going to be able to get the votes until they get the ballots under control.
2,000 meals.
They scientifically proved that they can alter the election.
So until they get that under control, I don't have hope.
And another thing, one of your questions was the pulse of the people.
I'm from Connecticut.
Believe it or not, Connecticut has a lot of red people here and our elections are dominated by what I call sick cancer spots.
And those are where all the blue votes come from.
And I started listening to InfoWars in 2011, and I started preaching back then, and everybody said I was crazy.
But I do have hope, because now when I go around, everybody says, wow, Trav, you were right.
And, you know, so many people, so many more people are awake today.
And it gives me hope.
Well, there's no doubt that that's happening.
And that's the thing is,
You know, our audience grows and gets bigger with new people coming on every day, and nobody ever turns that off.
I mean, you might listen every day for a couple years and then maybe not tune in for a while, but you don't turn that awakening off.
You can't, you can't, once you've put the glasses on and seen reality, you've seen it.
You can't unsee it.
So people are waking up.
Revenge of the Cis coming up next.
And we've got Royce Lopez and Mersh Sheely.
I'm probably butchering that deal.
So he can have a good laugh at that absolute butchering of his name.
That's funny.
Revenge of the Cis is the show.
And I'm sorry guys, I can pretend I'm Alex Jones.
I can kind of do the voice here.
But I'm not the real thing.
So I know you guys were expecting to be on with Alex today because he's going to be on with you guys for a live stream tomorrow.
And so we want to let people know about that.
Uh... but uh... so apologize uh... Alex shouldn't be here.
You get uh... you get the uh... shrunken down version like a shrunken head of Alex Jones uh... Owen Schroer.
But it's nice to meet you guys.
I know you guys have been around.
You're very popular and so it's good to have you guys on the Alex Jones Show.
I know you guys are known for your jokes, known for your comedy, but you like to cover uh... you like to cover current events and try to make fun of it and so what what I want to ask you is that we start this uh... this segment here
Do you believe, because I believe, if conservatives were allowed in entertainment and comedy, that comedy would be booming again.
Comedy would be taking off.
Movies, live shows.
But because it's all run by leftists and democrats, nothing's funny anymore.
We barely get any comedy out of Hollywood.
There's no comedy on the late night shows anymore.
Do you agree if conservatives were allowed to join in on the comedy fun and the entertainment industry, that comedy would be funny again?
Well, I think first off, we've done the hat trick.
We've done Harrison Smith's show and Alex's and now we're doing yours.
So we have we have done the hat tricks.
We appreciate that.
But yeah, I mean, look, you can see it right now.
I mean, even like a tiny little piece of that.
Forget about even being conservative.
How about just not being anti-woke?
I mean, look at what Top Gun did and look what Buzz Lightyear did, right?
I mean, look at the differences of a movie that had no woke stuff.
It was just, hey, cool jets.
Yeah, that's fun.
Versus like, oh, there's a gay kiss in your Disney movie.
Yeah, I think it should just be, I don't think the answer is to have like conservative stuff and then like, you know, liberal stuff.
I just think that we should be allowed to make fun of everything again.
And I think the jokes write themselves.
On both sides, by the way, I mean, both sides can be embarrassing.
And you can make fun of both sides.
But then at one point, they just said, well, one side's just not allowed to talk at all.
And it's like, okay, but you know, if you go back to the 90s, when we were kids, you had this like the Simpsons, Simpsons funny was like,
They kind of poked at everybody and I mean like Lisa was a lefty and everybody hated her.
So I mean, you know, I want to just go back to things being neutral and let's just all make fun of each other.
It kind of relieves the tension.
You know, it's funny you say that because I
It is odd how in the 90s, everything was fair game, but because of that, everyone was treated fairly.
And there was kind of that mutual respect and that mutual understanding.
We don't really have that anymore.
But yeah, I mean, even what started with the Simpsons, and then you had Family Guy, and South Park is still ongoing.
I mean, they treat everybody with disdain, and it's funny.
It's, you know, they make fun of the left, they make fun of the right, and it is funny.
I just think it's sad because as somebody that likes humor, I think it's sad we're not getting the full dose that we could because so many people, I mean, I look at Ryan Long.
I mean, Ryan Long is freaking hilarious.
That guy should be writing SNL skits.
Not Pete Davidson.
Well honestly, the way SNL is now, I wouldn't wish that on anybody anyway.
The best thing that ever happened to Shane Gillis was he did that Asian accent and they didn't let him on SNL.
His career is way better off.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
And as far as Ryan Long goes, I mean, we're friends with Ryan Long.
We've known him for quite a while now.
And the beauty of Ryan Long is he has no agenda.
He doesn't care about any of this.
He's like, you know, it's like, uh, remember in Roger Rabbit when he gets out of the handcuffs and he says, you could have gotten out of those handcuffs at any time?
And he's like, no, only when it was funny.
Like, Ryan only cares about when it's funny, and he doesn't really care about much of anything else.
And I think that's, we need, for as far as entertainment goes, I think we need a lot more of that nowadays.
And Stephen Colbert has turned into, like, a propaganda piece anyway.
Have you watched that?
Like, do actors and, like, comedians even go on those shows?
No, no, they don't.
Every time it's like, okay, we're gonna have AOC on, and Wanda Sykes is gonna tell you why it sucks that you're white and straight.
And I'm like, okay, this is a comedy show?
Like, people used to tune in to Johnny Carson and see Milton Berle tell a joke, and you're like, and Ronnie Dangerfield come on, and now it's like, we're gonna, hey, you know, we had a long day working at a job and your money's worth less, but now sit back, relax, and we're gonna tell you, like, how terrible you are on your off time, too.
Yeah, and instead of, like, I remember when David Letterman did an entire show from the JFK International Terminal.
And had Pat Sajak on, and it was the funniest, one of the funniest things you could watch on YouTube, and nowadays,
You just get a 90-minute buy-in tech commercial with Dr. Fauci, and it's like, okay, well, this is depressing.
Hey, it's Democrat Propaganda with Stephen Colbert!
But I remember Colbert actually was funny when he was doing his Comedy Central show.
I mean, even, I don't remember when it started, but I'm pretty sure he was on during some of the Bush years, and then he was on in the Obama years.
It was funny.
He was actually funny.
His shows were funny.
He was winning.
He won, like, 11 awards.
His writers won dozens of awards.
I mean, it was a funny show.
It was fair.
It wasn't Democrat Party propaganda.
But then they gave him the big late-night show, and I guess they said, hey, look, you're not a comedian anymore.
You're a propaganda agent for the Democrats, and he signed on to it.
Well, I mean, they've admitted it.
We talked about it on our show.
The CIA has already admitted that they are in all of these things.
They used to hide it from us.
They don't anymore, you know?
I mean, the great example is, like, you know, we talk about the Vegas shooting a lot and how that was never really, really solved, if you look at it.
And then the one security guard who found it went on only on one show, and that was on CIA's show, Ellen's show, and that's it.
Like, everything's infiltrated right now.
It's not that they don't want to be funny.
And by the way, don't let them lie to you and these lefties tell you, we're offended.
They're not offended about what you're saying.
They're just offended that you're right.
No, that's true.
And I think that that's why they, I mean, that's what the censorship is really about.
Their, their ideology, their beliefs can't stand against the truth.
They, uh, they fall over like a sandcastle in high tide.
So that's what the censorship is really about is they don't want the truth out there because it exposes who they are.
Well, because the left has moved so far away from its original, sort of liberal, kind of like, you know, hey man, let's, you know, have police reform and let's just, like, chill out a little bit again.
And, like, they used to have kind of defensible positions, you know what I mean?
Like, yeah, you know, healthcare, we can have that talk.
Yeah, totally, man.
And it went from, like, you know, you went from, like, Democrats talking about, I mean, Obama, by the way, Trump's wall was Obama's idea.
Obama ordered the wall.
So, I mean, there was a time when it was Obama's idea.
Yeah, Make America Great Again was actually coined by Bill Clinton.
So it's like, you know, when they had defensible ideas, they were willing to make fun of you, you little gun-toting weirdo, and you could call him a pot-smoking hippie, and everybody would take the little shots back and forth, and we had a good time.
And now they're like, no, we need to make police illegal.
And, uh, you know what I mean?
Like, we need to just let people burn everything down, and we need vaccine mandates.
And then it's like, okay, well,
I think we need to take the keys away from you for a little while.
You've had a little too much to drink.
And I think it's, you know, you should maybe sleep it off before we let you drive this.
I like that you brought up, you brought up the make police illegal.
That's hilarious.
Make police illegal, except the ones defending us.
Those are heroes.
The Capitol Police, those are heroes.
Those, wow, what they do, that was amazing.
Losing a gun in a bathroom and shooting an unarmed woman, those are heroes.
And you're like, okay, but what about the ones that are in Chicago over here that are getting shot at?
No, no, those are white privileged people that just hate minorities.
Are they heroes?
I'm like, alright then, you know what?
The problem is, we've said it before, once they call you a Nazi, they really can't call you anything else.
Yeah, that's true.
By the way, I've never been on with a literal terrorist.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right, bud.
I'm kind of nervous.
You know what I mean?
He's had the worst things thrown at him.
I know.
He's a literal terrorist.
I was just in there filming.
I know.
Why are you calling me that?
Yeah, I know.
We saw that.
You see the news article.
What did he do?
And you go, so he didn't do anything?
So we're just arresting people now?
And yeah.
No, but see, that's a problem.
And you know, I'm laughing here because you're making fun of me.
And it's funny.
I enjoy humor.
So it's funny.
I'll make fun of myself.
But what's not funny is that people read that stuff and they actually believe this.
Like, I have friends that see that and they reach out to me.
They're like, oh my gosh, like, what's wrong with you?
What happened?
What did you do?
And I'm like, did you read the story?
Did you see the report?
I didn't do anything.
And they can't even believe it.
Oh, yeah.
That is hilarious.
Listen, he was on the air with us.
I'm sorry, because he's still rotting in a jail cell.
Jacob Chansley, I think is his name.
He was literally on air with us, okay?
And I was right there, and we were interviewing him, me and Alex, and people still think I'm him.
They still think the whole thing is a psy-op, and like I'm a CIA guy or something.
It's crazy, man.
They always call you the thing they are.
That's the problem.
They don't want to talk about all the FBI agents there, but they will say, oh yeah, no, it was all organic and all these people are terrorists.
I mean, you look at those pictures.
Even Norm Macdonald, talk about somebody who was funny, says, wow, all these crazy terrorists are not crossing over the velvet rope.
Yeah, look at him shaking the police officer's hands and singing the National Anthem.
I mean, wow.
All right, we'll be right back.
We've got to take a break.
All right, Royce and Mersh from the Revenge of the Sith.
We're Siths.
I keep saying that.
I can't help myself.
I say Sith instead of Cis.
Cis is still not even really in my vocabulary.
And you know what's funny about Cis guys is that when liberals and leftists, when they say Cis, that's them admitting that yes, there actually is normal and that that's normal.
So by even classifying anything as Cis, that's them admitting that no, actually it's men and women and there's really everything else is a mental disorder.
Well, it's funny.
We came up with that name because it was just funny at the time.
And man, five years later, do we regret it.
It does not date well.
It does not date well, but it was, you know, you said the cis thing, and I think, again, going back to Norm, he had Stephen Merchant on his show, and he says, what is, he was asking, do you know what cis is?
He goes, no, I don't know what cis is.
He goes, oh, it's just, it's just a way of saying a straight white man.
It's a way to degradate a person for no reason.
It's a way of marginalizing normal people, which is one of the greatest quotes I've ever heard in my life.
It's a way of marginalizing normal people.
And they really, and they really hate when you use it against them, like they, they really mad.
We talk about this all the time, how the left has,
Made a prison for themselves?
Like, they've locked themselves in a prison where now, during the two years of COVID, we were both saying, Hey!
My body, my choice, people, when this comes for you, don't come looking for me, because I'm not on your side.
Yeah, don't write sentiments your ass can't cash later.
And then here we are, and everyone's like, oh, it's my body, it's my body, my choice of milk.
It sucks, huh?
I know, right?
Yeah, it's almost like you shouldn't have set that precedent two years ago.
And I was like, the difference is, I didn't get the vaccine.
I probably didn't get the vaccine.
And even if I got COVID twice, and I have a 99% survival rating,
Every abortion that stopped saves 100% lives.
100% of the person would have been killed.
That's a guarantee.
Stats are on my side.
And they usually are.
And you know what?
That kind of leads me to this.
Because you bring up the left and the right with my body, my choice.
Okay, conservatives, my body, my choice.
We're talking about vaccines.
Liberals, my body, my choice.
They want to kill their babies.
But then there's the middle ground, right?
Now I'm curious, where do you guys think the middle ground stands on this?
Because if you're just a neutral observer that's been watching politics for the last two years in America, just genuinely a neutral observer, and you saw that, you saw, okay, these people want choice over vaccines, these people want choice over
Killing their babies.
Where do you think the neutral observer goes?
Because we know how the mainstream media is set up to demonize everything on the right and glorify everything on the left.
That's the propaganda push from the mainstream.
But where do you think just the neutral observer lands on these issues?
Do you think that they're slowly but surely starting to see, not just the lies of the mainstream media, but the hypocrisies, the blatant hypocrisies and double standards and illogic of the liberal left?
Some people, but I think there's always going to be an overabundance of people that just watch MSNBC and Colbert and they're like, oh, that's what it is.
Everybody in the Upper West Side.
And then they go to work like parrots and they go to a water cooler and then they chirp, chirp, chirp what they heard on Colbert.
And then the other parrot picks it up and it's chirp, chirp, chirp.
I don't know how much hope I have.
I mean, yeah, I do meet some everyday people who are like,
Yeah, this is getting out of control.
Like, these people are crazy.
And I'm like, okay, there's a few.
But, you know, there's also just a lot of crazy people.
You see it at airports.
You see it everywhere.
You see people that are triple masked.
Oh, I'm still seeing face shields.
They got a whole face, like a welder's mask.
Like, what are you welding?
Did you just get done welding?
Yeah, they're walking around and their face just looks like a salad buffet.
A sneeze card over their face.
Okay, buddy, you're not a Ruby Tuesdays.
You're a person.
It's funny because you mentioned the abortion thing and I want to be clear here because I know men aren't allowed to talk about abortions.
Everyone says so.
I identify as a woman only when I talk about abortions.
Wow, I respect that.
See, look, hey, I'm a strong, powerful woman.
Just for this sentence right now, though.
So you'd say you're gender fluid?
I'm gender fluid.
And right now he's fluidly into a woman so he can have opinions on their bodies.
I can have opinions on their body.
And the problem is you can't sit there not to find a woman forever and then tell me only women can.
I'm like, who?
Who's the woman?
I'm sorry, the man person at GameStop?
She has a say?
Oh, you mean womb havers?
Oh, what he's... And then the problem is, is that this dirty secret, and I'm sure you've talked about it, is there is so much infighting going on right now on the left.
It's hilarious, right?
And I know this is crazy to say, but I will admit, you have to admit this, Biden being in power for one year, have converted more voters to the right than Trump could have done in four years.
Because, yeah, you can hear about how bad it's gonna get, but until you see it, people are like, oh, they aren't kidding.
I can't afford gas, I can't take my kid to school, and the kids that I can take to school, they wanna give them hormone blockers.
Yeah, and that's what I wonder.
That's why I wonder what the neutral American is thinking or feeling right now, because it's undeniable.
I mean, things aren't really a status quo anymore, if you will.
I mean, it's a wild time just to go up to the gas pump, pay a hundred bucks to fill your tank,
Go down the street to the grocery store where, you know, maybe you spent a hundred bucks for the last two, three, four years on groceries.
Now you're spending 150, 160.
And it just, it slowly just, it just mounts up.
It just racks up and you realize, huh, boy, I went from middle-class to lower-class real quick under Biden.
Yeah, and I think people are tired of it.
It's like he said, Biden being in charge for one year did more than, you know, Operation Warp Speed and the Platinum Plan and all that stuff put together.
All he had to do was just hand Biden the keys for a year.
There was a Platinum Plan?
Trump should have done that in his fourth year, just been like, here you go Joe, last year.
You go ahead, you can go ahead and run it for a year and then I'll run again.
And it would have been a disaster and he'd still be around.
So, you know, I think most normal people now have understood, okay, this is really bad and whoever's not.
Whoever thinks the opposite of what all these people are saying, I'll vote for that guy.
I don't even care.
There's some people that don't even like DeSantis, and they're like, I'll vote for that guy.
I am not screwing up Florida.
But didn't you hear that Trump beat up a Secret Service guy?
No, he strangled him!
He strangled him!
Yeah, Jason Statham, he just took him out.
I mean, in a normal court, that would be called hearsay, but since this is a kangaroo court, they can say whatever they want.
Yeah, I mean, I want to know what's next.
I mean, Trump wrote in on, what was the flying dog's name from the never-ending story?
What was his name?
Atreyu would ride the dog around.
Remember what I'm talking about?
Yes, yes.
Donald Trump rode in on Falcor on January 6th and then hopped on his unicorn and then snapped off the unicorn's horn and held it against Secret Service's neck saying, take me to the Capitol right now.
I mean, he might as well have said that.
It would have been as believable.
Yeah, no, it's... Look, there's Trump.
No, guys, look, there's Trump.
Trump flying into January 6th right there on the screen.
Look at him.
I think he was just upset about his horse.
Yeah, well the horse is Biden in this metaphor.
He's just too old to make it through a month.
We need to abandon the horse!
No, the horse is America getting sucked into the month.
Yeah, that's actually true.
Is America the horse that's dead or is Biden the horse that you just have to let go?
That's his time.
Yeah, but I don't know that, but I will tell you the one thing.
It absolutely is a never-ending story though, huh?
I mean, this is continuous.
No matter how many times you go, this is gonna happen, people go, nah, this time it'll be different.
Trump was loud and said mean things.
I'm like, alright, good luck filling up gas.
Yeah, it's like, hey, if Biden gets in, your gas is gonna go up to $5 a gallon.
No, it's not.
That's never gonna happen.
And then it happens.
That was Putin!
Putin did that!
Come on, man!
So, but we've discovered it here.
We got Revenge of the Sison with us, and we figured it all out.
Donald Trump rode into January 6th on Falcor, the flying dog, and then hopped on a unicorn, in which he snapped off the unicorn's horn, held it to Secret Service's neck before strangling Secret Service, saying, take me to McDonald's right now, I need a Diet Coke, and then to the Capitol.
It's the January 6th never-ending story!
January 6th for everyone to see!
I actually think there was probably more truth in the never-ending story than in the January 6th narrative.
But it's kind of, January 6th is kind of turning into the never-ending story.
I actually really believe if Democrats don't go away, they'll be arresting people for January 6th in the year 2050.
There'll be some guy that runs for office in the year 2050 who, you know, said something about January 6th in 2022 and they say, look, we got him!
And then he just disappears.
I mean, that's the direction all of this is going.
But I mean, hey guys, that's the beauty of it.
I mean, for this intern or whatever, this secretary to go up there and say that Trump was strangling Secret Service, and then Jeffrey Toobin, the guy that masturbates on Skype, who goes out and says, Trump tried to strangle people on CNN.
I mean, that's hilarious!
Like, every late night comedy show should be making fun of the ridiculous of it, but instead they act like it's real because they're part of the propaganda.
Yeah, I would say that maybe Jeffrey Toobin shouldn't be talking about people strangling anything.
He's known as the Strangler.
Yeah, the CNN Strangler.
And I'll say this, you know, what you were saying earlier about January 6th, I say we can never be too safe.
We should also just arrest anybody that was born on January 6th.
Just in case.
You know, you could never be too safe at this point.
I didn't even think about that.
That's good logic.
No, you know what, it really really isn't.
And we've got it to the point where you're right, like, if SNL was worth anything, they would right now, Alec Baldwin would be doing a funny Trump thing, but he can't because he killed somebody with a gun.
Yeah, by the way, how does he, he's actually working on a new movie role I think right now.
He just shot and killed a woman, but he's good.
Yeah, no, I mean, it's, it's, it's, he killed somebody, and then he makes a video literally blaming everyone else but himself about why it happened.
He wants to take your guns away, and my guns away.
I can only speak for myself, I've killed no people.
Owen, how many people have you killed with a gun?
Never, nothing, never killed anything with a gun.
It's weird to me that they want to take his guns, and they want to take my guns.
I've killed zero.
I've killed zero people.
I just want common sense actor's laws, okay?
I kind of feel like if an actor is left to have all their freedoms, don't count them killing someone or molesting someone like the guy below him.
So, I mean, you know, that's the point.
They want to yell at middle America and they're so mad because we're so backwards.
But every story you hear is a Hollywood person either killing somebody or helping kill somebody or inciting a riot.
But yeah, you're right.
The guy that was protesting in Washington one day, that's the guy we have to worry about.
And why do we need Alec Baldwin?
Don't we have like three or four of their perfectly good Baldwins?
Who aren't crazy, by the way, and haven't killed anyone.
Yeah, seriously.
Yeah, can't we get, like, Stephen Baldwin?
He'll skateboard, talk about Jesus.
You know what we should have?
Oh, no, no!
We should have Alec Baldwin's fake Spanish wife.
Let me tell you something.
I'm Cuban, and whenever I'm in Miami, and whenever, when she did my favorite thing, that was the biggest thing that ever happened to Alec Baldwin before he killed somebody with a gun, was his wife pretending to be Spanish, and she was like, uh, how do you call this?
A cucumber?
I'm like, a cucumber.
You know how to say it.
You're not from Spain.
You were born in Southie.
So stop.
So, everything they do, they lie.
They lie about everything.
And now the new thing in Hollywood is picking up victim points.
The people that started that with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, when they started collecting foreign kids like Pokemon, you know?
Yeah, like Infinity Stones.
Yeah, and I'm like, come on!
Angelina Jolie's adopted children are like Infinity Stones.
She's gonna take a little, you know what, we'll just stop right there.
Because it could get really weird fast.
When you look at these people, and it's always the same radical mindset that seems to be behind every single one of them, there's like, they don't allow any relent.
So it's like, oh hey, I'm a gay person.
It's like, oh great, wow.
It's like, by the way, I don't like abortion.
Oh, you're a bigot, you must be crushed!
Yeah, it's like what Louis C.K.
It's like, Louis C.K.
had a really actually great bit about abortion.
And it was like, you have to understand, some of these people are mad because they think you're murdering a baby.
And they don't want to ever look at it from that mindset.
Like, everything they do is they treat like COVID.
It's all subtle science.
It's all subtle science.
And I'm like,
There's no settled science determining when a life is a life, right?
That's not something that's settled by science.
You have opinions, sure.
You have people that are pregnant writing on their belly that I, you know, still not a human, which is kind of weird when you show baby photos later, but like, it's everything.
I had a picture as a child where my mom wrote that on my forehead as a toddler.
It was very weird.
In ketchup, too.
I was 18 months old at that point, Mom.
I'm pretty sure I was a human.
But you're joking, but that's what's happening now.
There's the mom that took a picture with her kids.
Did you see that?
Saying like, you know, I have these and I wouldn't wish them on anybody.
It was like, why would you wish this on anyone?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It was a man and a wife and three kids and a dog.
It's like, what do you mean?
That's like a happy family.
No, yo, you have to be sad.
You know, the only way to be happy in America now, you have to work in an Amazon store, an Amazon pod, and not make enough money to afford food and then have to start a crappy Etsy store you plug on your Facebook.
That's what they want you to be now.
But you know what it really is though?
What it really is is the picture where the woman says, why would you wish this on anyone?
She wants the understanding and the image to be, why would anybody want to have kids?
Or why would anybody wish a family?
But no, the truth is, it's liberalism.
That's why she's miserable, because she's a liberal, misery person.
So that's, I wouldn't wish liberalism on anybody, because yeah, that will make you miserable.
Yeah, I mean, remember the sign of the woman who's holding the sign that says, I wish I was abortive.
Yeah, and you're like,
First off, ma'am, you can do whatever you want.
Quit being lazy, just do it yourself.
You still have that option.
Why should everybody else get an abortion?
Oh, every baby has to suffer because you're sad?
I don't know, but it's selfish, right?
The mindset is selfish.
Merch brought it up and this is the best thing.
They try to tell you that abortion happens because people have rape, it's rape and incest.
But the majority, THE MAJORITY of rapes are people that have non-refundable tickets to a music festival.
And, you know, they don't want to deal with it.
Like, that's the real thing.
And everyone goes, what about rape?
What about incest?
What about the other 99%?
Okay, 1%.
You know, I never thought of it like that.
I always thought about the selfish nature of it, but that even, that makes it more real because I actually did crunch the numbers and the numbers are, it's tough to obviously get an accurate count, so I'm going, this is the highest possible.
Uh, would be 5,000, but it's less than 5,000 abortions a year are from the mother's life is in danger or it's a case of rape or incest.
Less than 5,000 of, on average, 666,000 abortions in this country a year.
That's, that's actually the average.
I looked it all up.
So again, tiny little percentage, but I never thought of it.
That's what it is.
It's a woman who's, who's
Having sex, not taking proper measurements to not get pregnant, or who knows, maybe one slips past a goalie or whatever.
But you're right, that's what it is.
Oh, I've got a vacation scheduled.
Oh, I've got a ticket to a concert.
Oh, I've got a... That really is, I guarantee you, you're right, that mindset right there probably is a quarter of abortions.
At least, I'd say even higher.
I worked in hospitality and bars for like 15 years.
I think it's much higher, sadly.
Yeah, that is a realistic number.
And my thing is, a lot of people are like, you right-wingers are unreasonable.
It's like, no, we're not.
As a matter of fact, we're super reasonable.
Whenever a right-wing governor goes like, look, 15 weeks is the limit, you go, no, it should be forever!
So listen, we've been trying to meet you in the middle.
You don't want to meet us in the middle.
There's no middle ground anymore.
It's kill babies until 10 months, and that's it.
And that's it.
Isn't 15 weeks like a very good compromise for a lot of people?
There's no more middle.
And by the way, that's most countries in Europe that 15 weeks is the max.
Like France, and then Macron scolds the US.
A macaroni, you have stricter abortion laws than we do.
Yeah, no, he does.
He's another globalist puppet.
They all are.
You saw Macron whispering to Biden, being like, look, Saudis are gonna screw us.
I'm like, yeah, we know!
Yeah, Macron's like, actually, I talked to the Saudis.
They hate you, Joe.
Yeah, they really don't like you.
Look, they're gonna kick up the prices, I'm telling you.
And they're just looking at Joe's old face, just like, huh?
Listen, Joe, here's the problem.
You're American and they've always hated America.
But now the problem is they don't respect us.
Yeah, at least they say you should respect us.
And now you're falling asleep at every meeting.
You're pooping your pants.
There's a lot going on, bro.
He supports LGBTQ youth.
I don't think Saudi Arabia is into that.
Alright, one more segment.
Revenge of the CIS.
Alright, we've got Royce and Mersh from Revenge of the CIS with us.
Don't go anywhere.
And folks, the big news is Alex is going back on.
The Revenge of the Cis Show, the Revenge of the Cis podcast tomorrow.
It's going to be live streamed and if you saw Alex on the last one and if you see Alex when he goes on other podcasts, he tends to let loose, have a little fun and it's definitely good for some comedy and I've already had a couple belly laughs myself with our two guests so far today, this hour and I know
They're going to be with us for the rest of this segment, but guys, next segment, if you want to stick around for just five extra minutes, we've got video.
I'm told, I haven't seen this yet, I'm told we have video from inside the beast on January 6th that we're going to debut coming up in the next segment.
So if you guys want to stick around for that, but first.
I gotta get your guys' reaction.
This is Sam Brenton.
He's now the head of the nuclear department, the U.S.
Energy Nuclear Department.
I mean, guys, look at this.
Guys, let's get the full, can we get the full body shot here?
I mean, you know, the song I'm Too Sexy really comes to mind.
I don't know if it's my reflection off the chrome domus of this individual looking like from Mars Attacks or if it's the onesie.
I mean, guys, look at this.
We're just working it now.
Are you sure this isn't just Jordan Peele playing a character?
No, you know what it looks like?
Remember Xerxes from 300?
Wait, what was it?
What was the name of the character from the South Park episode, Lesbo's?
Oh, Lesbo, oh god, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know what I'm talking about?
It might have been Xerxes and Lesbo's, too.
He actually looks like one of the goobacks from South Park.
Yeah, guys, put a gooback on screen, put Xerxes on screen, let's find out.
Let's try to figure this out.
The same thing!
I can't believe this!
It's a circus!
These people are sitting... Every time I look at pictures like that, the only thing I think of... These people are trying to take your guns.
Like, I think that all the time.
I actually saw that picture today.
I retweeted it and all I wrote was, like, why?
Like, why are we here?
See, look!
It's the same thing!
How did we... You know what, Owen?
It's not that we're here, man.
It's how fast we got here, right?
Like, don't get me wrong.
It's progressively been getting worse.
But, in like 10 years, we like overdrive, right?
They used to lie to you, remember?
They used to be like, the deep state's not real!
And now they're like, yeah, we have the deep state, what are you gonna do about it?
And then they bring that out there and go, oh, what, you don't respect women?
No, I respect women!
I don't respect whatever that is!
There's a difference!
It's a man, baby!
Exactly, dude!
And they show you that and then they go, what?
Am I too woman for you?
I don't know.
And then they're like, by the way, we're injecting you with this chemical and we're starting this thing called the Great Reset and you're just gonna deal with it.
You know, they don't even lie to you anymore.
They don't even have funny propaganda anymore.
They don't even try to give you a little show and like a dinner and a show before they do this now.
Yeah, they don't even wine and dine you.
They don't even give you the common courtesy of a, you know,
We're about three years removed from your TV turning on without you actually hitting any button on the remote and somebody just coming on the TV and going, we're going to kill you.
We're going to kill you tomorrow.
And if you complain about it, they'll lock you up for being a terrorist.
You don't win, no matter what you do.
It's funny because we go back and forth from being really sad to just laughing because there it is, look, 100%.
That's what this is.
They parade these... I honestly think you wonder, like, I wonder if they're just thinking how much they could get away with.
Like, how much can we get away with?
And right now, what we saw after COVID, they could get away with a lot.
Didn't Jordan Peterson just get kicked off of Twitter?
Yeah, he got censored somewhere recently.
But what you're saying is actually, it's even, I think it's more real than you realize.
For what the government, it's, hey, what can we get away with as far as abusing people's rights and treating humans like a commodity?
But what I've learned from the radical left, which, you know, people like this, men pretending to be women, you know, strutting around in high heels.
With my pronouns, you know, they, them, ze, jim, all this stuff.
For them, they're really thinking in their mind, what can I get away with?
Like, what is the most crazy thing I can do that should be ridiculous and scorned by society, but that I can get away with?
That's what these people are doing.
That's why they do drag queen story time.
That's why gay pride parades have turned into sexual deviant marches.
Oh man, watching it in video is even worse.
Watching him move?
I mean, that's a horror film.
Yeah, that's crazy.
That looks like something Rob Zombie would make.
Like, what is that?
And they go, look how we are.
And you have to respect... I don't have to respect anything.
First off, you haven't respected us in forever.
Every time we say something, you censor us and dox us and they call your job and tell you to get fired.
They fired... This kid got fired in New York because he made fun of bodegas today.
So it's like, I don't...
I don't want to hear it anymore, and the problem is people go, well, you know, the right's always, the right, at least most of the time, tries to be like, we have our principles, we have our principles, but you know what the left has that we don't have?
They stick together.
They stick together.
You'll never see a situation where you're not going to have a Lindsey Graham of the left that's going to be like, well, I actually think that, you know, we should give more money to Ukraine and everything's amazing.
And, you know, vote for me again.
What are you going to do?
Put a liberal in?
I don't know, Lindsey.
Is it worse than you?
Well, and I think, too, when you look at the the most recent witness in January 6, Hutchinson, I think that she that that she really proves your point, because I look at that and I say, OK,
You're either just...
Somebody looking for, you know, who's going to give you the best offer, because that's what it seems like to me.
She said, OK, well, look, I worked for Trump.
I worked for Republicans.
It got me this far.
And that was pretty much it.
And after January 6th, Trump kind of abandoned a lot of his constituents.
Some people are rotting in jail.
Trump wouldn't hire me at Mar-a-Lago.
Let's see what the Democrats will offer me.
Oh, they're going to offer me a job.
Oh, they're going to they're going to give me makeup, put me on TV, make a big deal.
Oh, and they promised to protect me no matter what.
Yeah, I think I'll play for that team.
Well, I mean, it is.
I'm done with Ted Cruz.
It's very fashionable to say, oh, you know, Lindsey Graham.
We don't like him.
Or Kevin McCarthy.
But I don't hear enough really saber-rattling against Ted Cruz.
I don't hear enough against Dan Crenshaw either.
And these are the guys that are perfectly willing to go along with red flag laws as long as you keep their name out of January 6th.
And they can keep their jobs.
That's all it's about.
You mean Dan World Economic Forum Crenshaw?
You got 80 billion in Ukraine as long as he... High Patch McCain?
January 6th.
I was, I have nothing to do with that.
Let me keep my job, bro.
But I will say something that is cool.
And you know, I've obviously been talking about this, but what you guys have done, considering everything, we're just talking about it before the show, like when Infowars is done, what Bandai Video has done is crazy.
Because the fact that you have so many people, even though they push you to the corner, even though I was trying to share it on Twitter, be like, hey, I'm live.
And they didn't let me share it, right?
Because of whatever.
And I'm like,
Even showing all that, the amount of people that are coming over here and being like, you know what, I've had enough of this.
And now it's not even taboo anymore.
I mean, how many times has Tucker mentioned InfoWars?
How many times has he mentioned Alex Jones?
It's becoming to the point where it's like, look, even we used to call these people crazy, but now everything they're saying is happening.
And if what they're saying now is going to happen, I don't want to be there, you know?
Well, I might be crazy, but I'm also right.
And the thing is, you guys are pulling better numbers than CNN, despite the fact that you're not allowed to share links to your website.
Meanwhile, CNN counts every airline passenger every day as a viewer, and you guys are still beating them.
So I think that shows that there at least are some people out there that, you know, have eyes and ears.
Well, not to mention, I mean, CNN's audience, I mean, it's hotels, it's bars, it's airports, it's everywhere where TVs are just turned on, you know, gyms, whatever.
Nobody's actively tuning in to CNN for information, a very small portion.
But it goes beyond just that.
I mean, we have so many people on Banned.Video now where they might have been on YouTube or they could have been on YouTube, but they just said they got banned or they would rather be unbanned.
And, I mean, they get more of an audience on Band.Video than they ever got on YouTube, because that's just how many people are going to the source now, just looking for information they know they can't find anywhere.
Like, you know, I always check out the chat when you guys are live and stuff.
No, 100%.
I mean, it's super active chat.
There's a good amount of people watching and you don't have to sit there and, like, worry about every little word and then, you know, go before some sort of shadowy YouTube committee to say whether you're allowed to make a joke that you made 10 years ago.
And I think this stuff is good.
I really do.
Well, we've got footage from inside of the beast coming up, and I think it's going to be very shocking and horrifying.
And I'm glad that we've got Revenge of the Cis here with us to analyze this tape, because I'm going to need their expert analysis when we come back from this short break, because I don't think I can handle it.
I mean, one man's brainpower is not going to be enough.
I'm going to need at least three men.
And so we're going to debut that coming up on the other side.
And remember, folks, Alex Jones will be live with Revenge of the Cis tomorrow.
Very much looking forward to that.
And we talk about Van Dot Video, we talk about the InfoWars audience, we talk about these transmissions.
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Well, we went to the experts and built preparetoday.com so that you can be prepared in case, sadly, America collapses under Joe Biden.
We don't want it to happen, but we want you to be prepared in case it does.
Alright folks, the January 6th committee is surely going to want to get its hands on this footage.
That we're about to air here.
So, you know, this is a big gift to Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.
Don't say we didn't do nothing for you.
And so we've got it, folks.
And I've got to get the response from the Revenge of the CIS here live with me.
So here it is, folks, inside of The Beast with Donald Trump on January 6th.
When the President got in the Beast, he was under the impression from Mr. Meadows that the off-the-record movement to the Capitol was still possible and likely to happen, but that Bobby had more information.
So once the President had gotten into the vehicle with Bobby, he thought that they were going up to the Capitol, and when Bobby had relayed to him, we're not, we don't have the assets to do it, it's not secure, we're going back to the West Wing.
The president had very strong, very angry response to that.
Tony described him as being irate.
Good news.
We're not going to go to the Capitol.
We're going back to the White House.
The president said something to the effect of, I'm the effing president.
Take me up to the Capitol now.
To which Bobby responded, sir, you have to go back to the West Wing.
The President reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Turn off the lights!
Turn off the lights!
Turn them off!
Mr. Engle grabbed his arm, said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel.
We're going back to the West Wing.
We're not going to the Capitol.
Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lunge towards Bobby Engle.
And when Mr. Renato had recounted this story to me, he had motioned towards his clavicles.
And was Mr. Engle in the room as Mr. Ornato told you this story?
He was.
Did Mr. Engle correct or disagree with any part of the story from Mr. Ornato?
Mr. Engle did not correct or disagree with any part of the story.
Did Mr. Engle or Mr. Ornato ever after that tell you that what Mr. Ornato had just said was untrue?
Neither Mr. Renato nor Mr. Engel told me ever that it was untrue.
Wow, ladies and gentlemen.
That is not a meme from Carpe Duncan.
That is real footage.
That surely, whatever the price is for Hutchinson's loyalty, surely she'll be interested to get that footage to the January 6th committee.
Guys, your response here as we close out our time with you to that powerful footage?
Chilling is the only thing I can think of.
Extremely disturbing.
And frankly, I want Orange Man in jail tomorrow.
Yeah, you know what?
Right now, you know what?
I don't care how much gas goes.
It's worth it if we lock him up.
I'm willing to pay upwards of $9 a gallon and give a trillion dollars more to Ukraine as long as we put Orange Man away.
That's what people really care about.
That's what matters.
But how committed, are you guys willing to write a message to yourself on your sidewalk in ketchup like Rosie O'Donnell did?
Well, I mean, normally I would, but I'm afraid, Rob, I would be afraid Rosie O'Donnell will come and try to lick it up.
I guess we don't know if it's ketchup or not.
I hope it's ketchup.
I'm going to use most of my prayer time tonight, praying that it's ketchup.
It could be the blood of an aborted fetus that Democrats like to hang onto so badly.
Look, either way you're gonna get ants.
And there's better ways to protest.
Oh my gosh.
Revenge of the Sith.
Hey, Alex is on with you guys tomorrow.
Where can people tune in?
Revenge of the Cis on YouTube, CISrevengeofthecis.com.
You can follow us on Twitter, ROTC Radio.
ROTC Radio.
We've gotten in trouble a couple times.
Yeah, come see us, Revenge of the Cis, tomorrow.
It's going to be quite an affair.
Looking forward to it.
Great time with you guys today.
We've got to get you on sometime.
I will, I will.
We'll make that happen.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
We are live!
It is the 30th of June, the final day of the month, 2022.
And, lo and behold, we actually have a lot of good news during this broadcast.
We're doling out white pills left, right and centre, if you can believe that.
In the next segment, I'm going to play a video which I just put up about an hour ago.
Regarding how the woke edifice of social engineering brainwashing, at least in terms of the regime entertainment system, is beginning to crumble according to the latest figures out of Hollywood, out of Netflix, out of Disney+, so we're going to get into that.
On that subject though, good news!
We've got a new poll and this is being covered by Valiant News.com.
Pew Research.
American belief in trans ideology falling.
60% believe biological sex determines gender.
And those figures, the refusal to believe that a man is a woman, are rising compared to the previous polls.
Of course, we've featured polls before which show that more and more Gen Z are identifying as trans, non-binary, lesbian, bisexual, gay, etc.
But again, that is obviously to reclaim some sense of uniqueness, some sense of identity that they've lost by being atomized by their own culture, the decline of religion, of course.
This is actually good news, though.
It says, a new poll from Pew Research has suggested that support for the core concept of trans ideology has dropped, with only 38% of Americans believing biological sex does not determine whether someone is a man or a woman.
Of course, 38% is a large percentage still, that's way too many, but it is down on previous polls.
They surveyed 10,000 Americans on a number of issues last month, including whether biological sex or self-identification of gender determines whether somebody is a man or a woman.
60% of those surveyed said that biological sex was the determinant of gender, as opposed to 38% who agreed that gender can be separate.
From sex assigned at birth, the rejection of the core concept of transgenderism has increased, and this is the key point.
56% of Americans in 2021 and 54% in 2017
And then it goes on to describe the partisan split, which you would expect in the poll itself.
But again, slowly rising in terms of Americans who, even as it's shoved in their face to an infinitely greater and greater degree, and we've seen that over the past month with Pride Month, the more they shove it in people's faces, the more it gets rejected.
This absurd concept that a political movement
Which is used as a shield to hide the agenda behind, so then you can't criticize the transgender person, you can't criticize the gay activist, because that means you're a bigot, you're hateful, when of course they're used as human shields for whatever political agenda the establishment, the regime itself, has hidden behind.
Which of course is why you see the pointless virtue signalling by the transnational corporations, banks, by the deep state, by the military-industrial complex, every time June comes around.
But again, the more they push, the more Americans reject it.
It's not about acceptance, it's not about tolerance, it's not about representation.
It's about using that movement, outlawing criticism of it, as we see in the UK with hate speech laws, which I'm going to get on to later in the show.
Banning criticism of it on big social media networks.
You saw Jordan Peterson yesterday banned for critiquing transgender ideology, or at least locked out of his account.
He's refusing to delete the tweet, so if Twitter doesn't back down before Elon Musk takes it over, Jordan Peterson will presumably never return to Twitter.
Again, they hide the agenda behind these identity groups, behind these identitarian movements, specifically, right now, the LGBT movement.
But then of course you have Saudi Arabia banning the gay flag, going through stores in Rijia, removing any product with a rainbow colour scheme on it.
You have the United Arab Emirates today.
Amazon products being sold in the United Arab Emirates.
You can't search for rainbow flag on Amazon products in the United Arab Emirates.
Will gay rights activists march on the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington DC?
Don't hold your breath.
But Americans are rejecting it even as it's shoved in their face to an increasingly greater degree.
And we see that again with this weird new Disney Plus show, Baymax, which apparently is aimed at children.
It's so mentally deficient that it must be aimed at two-year-olds.
I can't imagine that adults would actually want to watch this.
Disney's going boss by releasing this kind of stuff, which I'm going to get into later on in the show.
But they've released a weird new Disney Plus show called Baymax,
Which features a character that looks like a scuffed Michelin man.
Some amorphous alien blob that without gender is non-binary.
And he features in a tampon scene in the supermarket.
The scene shows Baymax looking at female sanitary products in a supermarket.
Excuse me, which products would you recommend?
Asks this amorphous agender blob.
A group of female characters give their advice, but so does a character who is biologically female but now identifies as a man, telling Baymax, I always get the ones with wings.
And of course this was put out by CRT expert Christopher Rufo, then the Trans Lobby got a hold of it and said, let's support this to show the bigots that they're transphobic, and so it's gone viral on both sides, basically.
The series also includes a scene where two gay men agonize over asking each other out on a date.
And again, this is Disney!
They did the same thing with the new Buzz Lightyear film, which is made by a completely different team that made the previous four Buzz Lightyear films.
In fact, Tim Allen has come out today and basically said it's a piece of crap, which it is.
And again, compare Buzz Lightyear to something like Top Gun, which has no woke BS in it throughout the entire film.
It's a film made to entertain, doesn't pander to any of these identitarian cult movements, and it's pulled in over a billion in ticket sales.
Lightyear, meanwhile, has not even made back its budget yet.
And Top Gun is defeating it in terms of weekend income, despite the fact that Lightyear came out weeks after double the amount of income this past weekend.
But Disney seems to be doubling down over and over again.
Their stock is plummeting and they've done the same thing with this new Baymax.
Again, shielding the agenda, which is the message,
Behind this, uh, weird new show which apparently is aimed at kids.
It's not paying off for them.
They are indeed getting woke and at the same time going broke.
Creator of Friends apologises for characters being white!
Yes, 25 years later this woman is genuflecting and vowing to give four million dollars to a black education charity because of her white privilege.
She's so devastated that she dared cast white people in a sitcom.
The horror!
And again, I don't watch Friends.
I know it's a kind of a female thing, let's just put it that way.
But from what I've seen of it over the years, and of course it's, what, 25 years old now,
The dynamic of that show works because of the personalities, the characters of that group of people.
Not because they're white, just because it works within that dynamic.
But again, read the absolute, pathetic, genuflecting, prostrating of Martha Kaufman.
Who told the LA Times she finds it painful that all the main characters on the show were not diverse enough for modern standards.
Maybe they'll need to go and censor it and go back and digitally blackface some of the Friends characters.
Maybe that'll work.
Probably not.
I'm embarrassed that I didn't know better 25 years ago!
Kaufman continued.
Adding that the death of George Floyd in 2020 prompted her to realize that she had internalized systemic racism.
And participated in it!
She's participated in systemic racism by creating a show 25 years ago with some white people in it as the main characters.
The absolute horror!
Summit.News, we'll be back.
No, go away.
So the co-creator of Friends is prostrating herself, basically crying on television.
Racked with white guilt that she didn't include black characters as part of the main group of characters in Friends 25 years ago.
She went on to say this, I'm finally literally putting my money where my mouth is.
I feel I was finally able to make some difference in the conversation.
So they basically exploited and weaponized this white guilt to milk her of four million dollars and she's actually handing it over while crying on television.
This is basically reparations in the entertainment industry.
I've been working really hard to become an ally, an anti-racist.
Part of their cult, that's what that means.
And this seemed to me to be a way that I could participate in the conversation from a white woman's perspective.
Again, apologizing for being white.
And literally being forced into making a four million dollar donation to the diversity cult, which by the way is making movies and entertainment crapper and crapper and crapper.
Which is why a movie like Top Gun, which you know has black people in it, it's got brown people in it, it's got white people in it, but it doesn't pander to that narrative.
It doesn't put black brown characters at the forefront simply because they're black or brown.
And that's, in fact, the point that was made by Kaufman's co-creator on Friends, Kevin Bright.
When he was asked about a lack of diversity on the show, he replied, I would have been insane not to hire those six actors.
What can I say?
I wish Lisa Kudrow was black.
He said, for the parts of Chandler and Phoebe, we saw everybody and we picked what we thought were the two best actors.
You actually engaged in equality?
So again, they picked the best actors for the job.
They picked the best actors for the job in Top Gun.
And despite being banned in China, it's got over a million, a billion, sorry, in ticket sales.
And let's go to the video now.
This is called Good News.
Here's the clip.
Let's roll it.
If you look closely enough, there's actually some good news.
No, I'm not drunk.
The sewer pipe that is Hollywood and the wider regime entertainment industry in general is dying on its arse.
Despite the market being completely saturated with CRT propaganda, LGBT social engineering and forced diversity casting, what's the biggest movie of the year?
Top Gun Maverick.
The first blockbuster in what felt like forever,
That didn't pander to any of that shite!
Having any fun yet?
It just cracked one billion dollars box office worldwide.
A movie, and get this for a novel concept, a movie that didn't seek to shove a political ideology down your throat and actually saw above all else to entertain the audience.
Shocking, I know.
A movie that dared reference its misogynistic first incarnation as a nostalgic love letter to the original fans.
A movie that refused to be cowed by the modern-day purity pitchfork mob.
Top Gun Maverick does not denounce toxic masculinity.
It embraces it!
Yeah, and that's why everyone loved it, bitch.
Top Gun Maverick should have done something to fit our times!
Oh no, a popular movie that doesn't genuflect to our cultural colonization agenda.
The absolute horror!
Disney's new Buzz Lightyear movie, on the other hand.
Well, Flop doesn't even begin to cover it.
Fearing it was going to be another browbeater lecturing the audience about THE MESSAGE, the audience stayed away in their droves.
In its second weekend, it couldn't even beat indie movie The Black Phone.
And despite Lightyear being released weeks after Top Gun, the Tom Cruise hit still nearly doubled Lightyear in sales the weekend just gone.
Total ticket sales for Top Gun, over a bill.
Total ticket sales for Lightyear, 152 million.
It hasn't even covered its budget yet.
Lightyear scraped a woeful 5.3 on IMDB compared to Top Gun Mavericks 8.6.
Beyond the cliche, this is actually a solid real world example of get woke, get broke.
And it seems Disney was being punished, not just for the content of the movie.
Also for their far-left political activism over the Florida Don't Say Gay issue.
Yeah, it turns out that siding against parents in their bid to protect kids from predatory gender identity and sexual indoctrination isn't very popular with parents who might otherwise take their kids to see your movie.
Wow, who knew?
Picking teen groomer wasn't quite the win you expected it to be.
Who knew that offering to pay for travel expenses that fund abortions of kids
Would piss off parents who have kids!
Disney's stock price has plummeted from $200 down to $90.
They're now totally dependent on income from the theme parks, which are already being depleted of visitors thanks to the pandemic.
And it's just a hunch, but Disney's upcoming offering Baymax, in which some amorphous gender non-binary blob takes female sanitary product advice from a biological male wearing a transgender flag, probably isn't going to do them any favours either.
Excuse me, which of these products would you recommend?
Oh, um... Well, these are the tampons I usually use.
Thank you.
I prefer pads.
They're more comfortable for me.
Thank you.
I always get the ones with wings.
Thank you.
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a trans Michelin man re-educating your toddler on how dudes can have periods forever.
Netflix is also hemorrhaging viewers at an unprecedented rate.
The network that proudly proclaimed this back in one of its 2019 flagship shows... Straight white men are cancelled.
Turns out the only thing being cancelled now is Netflix accounts.
200,000 subscribers lost in the first quarter of the year.
With an expectation that a further two million will be jettisoned by next month.
How's that diversity casting working out for you?
Their stock price plunged from almost $700 a share to $190 a share in less than six months.
Quite the fall from grace since 2020's cuties non-splix debacle.
One of the primary factors for the alarming decline.
Well as Elon Musk put it, Netflix's embrace of the woke mind virus which is making it unwatchable.
Prompting the company to circulate an internal memo vowing to produce more content for people with differing political views.
And a message for anyone who didn't like it.
If I said I only dated white guys, that'd be racist.
Well, that was pulling in IMDB scores in the low 4s.
Yeah, you'd think they'd have learned their lesson by now.
Meanwhile, fresh off their Top Gun success, Paramount's new streaming service, Paramount Plus, says they won't cave to the mob.
The CEO of the company has rejected trigger warnings and efforts to sanitize older films to satiate demented left-wing censors.
Quote, I don't believe in censoring art, said Bob Backish, adding, if you don't like it,
Don't watch it!
The worm appears to have turned.
They really do seem to have overplayed their hand.
Tinseltown has gone tits up by trying to make everything political.
Denying people the ability to at least escape cringe world for a brief period of time by starving people of uplifting archetypal allegories based on universal human ideals.
By caging everything within the partisan, hectoring, sanctimonious prison of political correctness.
But it seems that in greater numbers than ever, the public, having previously put up with it for the sake of being able to see the latest movie, has had enough.
Whisper it quietly.
But the edifice of woke brainwashing, at least in the entertainment industry, could be starting to crumble.
We're also seeing massive pushback in sports, with transgender bans in both swimming and rugby.
And if that goes, maybe the next domino to fall will be the education system.
The long march through the institutions may have met a roadblock in the form of a watershed, market-driven revolt.
So as I come back from this...
Let's switch the news here in jolly old England because we have a police force, police departments throughout the country, who back in 2015 told the British population that they would no longer be called out to investigate burglaries.
Basically you were on your own if you got burgled.
They do have plenty of resources to investigate mean words said on the internet though.
Over 3,000 people a year
Every year, arrested in the United Kingdom for offensive tweets, for example, they have plenty of resources to pay officers to go and stand outside supermarkets with big billboards saying, being offensive is an offence, as in a criminal act.
It isn't technically according to the law, but they just tell people that anyway.
So they've got plenty of resources for all that.
They've got plenty of resources, for example, to interrogate a man who, a couple of years ago, Harry Miller, retweeted a joke that made fun of transgender people.
Plenty of resources for that.
China has recently invited Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Egypt, and several other countries to join BRICS, a growing world alliance led by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
While some are reporting that BRICS is somehow challenging the globalists, this is demonstrably false.
The original concept for BRICS was proposed by the chief economist for Goldman Sachs.
BRICS's New Development Bank is staffed by known players of the IMF and World Bank.
And BRICS has repeatedly affirmed their commitment to the United Nations Agenda 2030.
Aside from Brazil's President Bolsonaro, all of BRICS nation-states have pushed the COVID-19 lockdowns and experimental shots, and China recently announced five more years of their brutal zero-COVID lockdowns.
BRICS is also pushing a digital currency and has launched a Vaccine Research and Development Center for member states.
BRICS is clearly not anti-globalist.
Even the CCP's state-run media explains how BRICS now leads the globalization mission.
But they are all turning against the United States and its allies.
Xi Jinping accused the US of weaponizing the financial system with their sanctions against Russia, which has caused the average person to suffer worldwide.
And Vladimir Putin suggested that BRICS could provide a new world resource... Okay, we're back.
Technical snafu.
I was talking about the deportation of dangerous foreign criminals in the UK.
They have plenty of resources to patrol mean tweets, not so many resources to deport rapists, murderers and burglars.
The rates of which deportations have fallen to an all-time low thanks to legal challenges based on European human rights law.
Yes, we're still subject to the European Court of Human Rights despite supposedly leaving the European Union after Brexit.
And we've seen this with the disastrous Rwanda policy of the Conservative government where they were supposed to deport these illegal boat migrants to Rwanda.
Not a single one has been deported so far because of challenges by activist judges under the rubric of the European Court of Human Rights.
Now legal challenges leveraging human rights law are allegedly preventing the deportation of extremely dangerous criminals from the UK.
With the number of Category A felons being removed from Britain reportedly falling to an all-time low as a result of the trend.
But you know what they do have the resources for?
UK police.
Well, now they're investigating literal playground insults.
We have the clip here.
This isn't a story out of the Babylon Bee.
This is actually happening in the UK.
UK police now investigating playground insults.
Let's roll it.
Police in the UK say they no longer have the resources to investigate burglaries.
But you know what they do have the time to investigate?
Playground insults!
No, this isn't the Babylon Bee.
Officers in Wiltshire opened a hate incident investigation after an 11-year-old boy was called shorty.
Oh no, call in the SWAT team!
It beggars belief that one child calling another shorty becomes a police matter, said Josie Appleton, director of Freedom of Speech group The Manifesto Club.
The PC Thought Police were quick off the mark to fight the scourge of childhood insults.
Not so quick off the mark when prosecuting sexual assault cases in the same region.
Police across the country have failed to solve a single burglary in nearly half of neighbourhoods in the past three years.
In 2018 it was revealed that two-thirds of burglaries are not even investigated.
He hasn't committed an actual crime, but the incident will show up in criminal record checks for the next six years, impacting his future employment opportunities.
A kid
They're not actual crimes.
Police investigate whenever a comment or action is, quote, perceived by the victim or any others to be motivated by hostility or prejudice.
So basically anyone can just claim to be offended and it automatically becomes a police matter.
Around 10,000 such incidents are recorded in the UK on a yearly basis, including when former police officer Harry Miller was interrogated by police for retweeting a limerick that made fun of transgender people.
Miller won his case, a court found that his right to free expression had been violated, and yet police up and down the country are still pursuing this frivolous nonsense, while real crimes go unchecked.
Still, maybe the kid collared for the playground insult should count himself lucky that he didn't post offensive memes in a private chat group.
Then he could have found himself sentenced to prison time, because policing in the UK is an absolute clown world joke.
Now, again, that was a real story.
I talked about it a couple of weeks ago.
They actually imprisoned a man, a former police officer, for 20 weeks because he shared offensive memes about George Floyd in private chat groups.
They weren't even publicly posted on the internet.
So, again, plenty of resources to prosecute those kind of people.
Plenty of resources to prosecute playground insults.
Actually trying to deport criminals, though.
Hmm, maybe not.
Now when we come back after the break, we're going to get into the latest on Linton on ooze.
You've probably heard about this case story.
We have record numbers of boat migrants arriving on the shores of southern England every single day, hundreds and hundreds of them, potentially a hundred thousand by the end of the year.
The government is putting them up in
Four-star hotels in some cases at taxpayer expense.
It's a completely out of control system.
It's being abused on an industrial scale.
They're rewarding the criminal people smugglers by providing a red carpet for the migrants who come in on the boats.
But now because this hotel scheme is so disastrous and it can't continue to be funded basically, they can't even find enough hotel rooms to do it,
They're now dispersing migrants in small villages and towns across the country, but not in small numbers, in giant numbers so they will literally outnumber the population of the village.
I'm going to come back on the next side and play that clip because there's a big update on that.
But they're doing the same thing in France.
Headline out of Remix News, wealthy Cohen family attempts to create multicultural Noah's Ark.
By settling 70 refugee families in small French town but residents are fighting back.
Again, diversity in their minds seemingly not a strength.
A wealthy family is attempting to implement a utopian experiment with the goal of settling 70 refugee families in the quaint French town of Calac.
The residents there are processing.
This wealthy family has said they've identified 75 vacant jobs.
They're going to fund 70 refugee families to go and settle down there in this small town.
Of approximately 2,000 residents which they plan to fill with refugees.
Again, 70 families, that's going to be hundreds of individual people in a town of just 2,000 people.
No surprise that the residents there, just like they were in Linton-on-Ouse, are out protesting against it.
So that's coming from a private direction in terms of a wealthy family funding that.
In the UK we have the government itself planning to relocate 1,500 migrants, economic migrants, overwhelmingly young men, in a town of just 700 residents.
Big update on that when we come back on the other side.
Don't go away.
So this wealthy family in France, the Cohen family, is paying for 70 refugee families to be settled in a small town in France, Calac, comprising of just 2,000 residents.
They say they're going to cover the expenses that these 70 refugee families create over the course of 10 years, then they're on their own and basically the taxpayers will have to pay for the Noah's Ark project, they're calling it.
The article says, despite the wealthy family's desire to create what they describe as a multicultural Noah's Ark of modern times, that can be replicated in other towns, and that's the key, this is what they plan nationwide, both in France and the UK.
Residents of Calais are resisting the project, pointing out that no one in the family will actually have to deal with the consequences of their experimental Noah's Ark and long-term consequences for their small town.
That's why the residents of this town have launched a citizens action group in opposition to this forced diversification of their small town.
And that's precisely what happened in England
Last month, when the government announced it would basically dump 1,500 migrants, all of whom were young fighting-age men, on a village of just 700 residents in North Yorkshire, England.
The residents thought they'd backed off the project, that it was going to be shut down, but as we will learn in this video,
The plan is still very much active.
Let's go to the clip.
This is big updates about Blinton on Ouse, the village where these migrants are set to be housed.
Let's roll it.
Big updates about Linton-on-Ooze.
That's the tiny village in North Yorkshire, England, comprising of just 700 residents, which the government plans to basically turn into one giant refugee camp, with 1,500 migrants, most of whom are young men, to be housed in a nearby asylum centre.
Protesters thought they'd successfully backed the government off and that the plans were being scrapped.
But the government has been quietly hiring hundreds of employees to staff the facility.
The village has one shop and one NHS facility to handle the needs of residents, and its resources are already stretched.
Now we learn that the migrants will get their own dedicated NHS facility to cater for all their medical requirements.
At taxpayer expense.
The Yorkshire Post reports...
And who's paying for that?
Oh nice!
You and I. CCG papers set to be discussed by health bosses on Thursday state that planning work is continuing despite the delay.
They say the medical facility will be ready by the end of June.
That's in two days' time.
So this disastrous plan is going full steam ahead.
Once again with zero consultation with local residents and community leaders.
Why is the government still claiming that no decision has been made on turning Linton-on-Ouse into a migrant camp?
And yet, behind the scenes, they're feverishly preparing the site to accept over a thousand migrants.
And again, when the government posted up the employment offers for the staffers set to staff the facility there, they mentioned in these job advertisements that the employees would have to deal with suicide attempts, violence, anti-social violence, and indeed, death.
So all that's going to be visited on a village in North Yorkshire of 700 residents.
Don't think they're used to that being a normal part of village life.
And again, it goes back to the government isn't going to have to deal with the consequences of this.
This rich family in France who wants to do the same thing in a small town in France isn't going to have to deal with the consequences of this.
And what are the consequences?
Well, we see it over and over again, and specifically in Germany, we see it in summer.
With migrant brawls, massive unrest taking place at outdoor swimming pool municipal complexes on basically a weekly basis at this point.
Remix News reports Germany 60 police targeted by 250 strong mob at Berlin swimming pool after woman's nose broken in dispute.
Another outbreak of mob violence and disorder.
Also in Germany, after 100 migrant clan members brawl with knives and sticks in Essen, fears of a wider conflict grow.
We also had the case a couple of weeks ago in Paris with these migrant gangs again.
Not just targeting, not just being a criminal threat to the native population, but brawling, fighting with each other, because they're all completely unintegrated multiculturalism, as Angela Merkel admitted 10 years ago, as the current left-wing feminist Prime Minister of Sweden admitted last month.
Has failed.
It doesn't work and yet they continue to force it on populations throughout Europe on a regular basis.
We've got five minutes left though now.
Let's go to this final clip because I briefly want to touch on the Covid situation and the vaccines
And Alex Stein, after the aftermath of the fallout of the Roe v. Wade verdict, confronted left-wing demonstrators on the hypocrisy of their own rhetoric when it comes to my body, my choice.
Let's roll the clip.
Hey are y'all are y'all in favor of my body my choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
Don't you know what?
Don't even get me started with that because you know what over a million people die today so you know I don't want to hear that my body my choice or do men carry our babies for nine months?
I don't think so.
I have a question are you in favor of my body my choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
Hey, I have a question.
Are you my body, my choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
It's better for the community.
What about the baby?
You don't care about the baby?
That's not good for the community?
It's not conception.
It's not a baby.
Are you sure about that?
What about you?
Are you my body, my choice?
But what about vaccine mandates?
That is a public health issue versus a personal health issue.
What about the health of the baby?
That isn't a baby.
That's not a baby?
Even though that's a heartbeat?
Do you like vaccine mandates, Sam?
Well, what happened to My Body, My Choice?
Actually, are y'all in favor of My Body, My Choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
Are you guys in favor of those?
So you don't get to choose the vaccines or you can choose with a dead baby?
Question, are you in favor of My Body, My Choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
Are you in favor of vaccine mandates?
I am definitely in favor of them since I have the vaccine.
You can't answer a simple question?
No, please can I?
Oh my god.
You guys can't answer a simple question?
I'll throw your phone on the floor if you don't see it.
Oh, I'm so scared, bud.
Abortion is murder.
You're disgusting if you like abortion.
Abortion is murder.
I don't know if the fake news will cover this, but abortion is murder, so... Yeah, but I'm just saying, abortion is murder.
You're disgusting.
You know that.
You're killing a baby.
I'm right here.
Are you in favor of my body, my choice?
Well, it's the thing.
New York City says, when you're going to get a vaccine, it's not your body, it's not your choice.
But then you've got council members who say, my body, my choice.
So they're hypocrites, you know?
And so is Adam.
We know Adam.
Adam knows who I am.
Are you in favor of my body, my choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
Are you in favor of vaccine mandates?
This is not going where we want it to.
Are you in favor?
I know, but are you in favor of vaccines?
You don't think it's killing babies?
You don't think so?
Why not?
But don't you think you're hypocritical if you're pro-vaccine mandate?
You say you're my body, my choice, but do you like vaccine mandates?
You can't say you're hypocrisy.
This is your sign.
This is her sign, hypocrisy.
It's funny you carry around a sign that says hypocrisy because you are a hypocrite.
See, hypocrites wear signs that say hypocrisy.
This is what a hypocrite looks like.
That's why you guys carry a big sign that says hypocrite on it, because they're hypocrites.
That's why they're my body, my choice, but they like vaccine mandates.
Are you guys in favour of My Body, My Choice?
What about vaccine mandates?
I mean, well, that's so true.
Now, of course, somebody else who wasn't really in favour of My Body, My Choice before the whole abortion debate was Dr. Anthony Fauci.
And now we learn that the quadruple vax Fauci has tested positive for COVID-19 again.
Bear in mind he tested positive for COVID on June 15th, so he's tested positive for COVID after taking four doses of the safe and effective vaccine.
He's tested positive for COVID twice in the space of two weeks, because it's that effective.
They gave him Paxlovid as some kind of FDA-approved treatment for Covid.
Didn't work, completely failed, and now he's caught Covid again.
Probably should have taken Ivermectin.
That's going to wrap it up for Summit.News.
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