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Name: 20220620_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 20, 2022
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Alex Jones and his guests discuss various topics including food shortage, baby formula shortage, Moderna vaccine, anomalous objects found in vascular systems of COVID-vaccinated individuals, Juneteenth, Democrats mistreating African Americans, media promoting division between races, decline of black communities, FDA's approval of COVID vaccine for children aged 0-4, importance of adherence to nature and belief in God. They also talk about the FBI raid on Project Veritas, gas prices reaching $5 per gallon, Tucker Carlson's focus on Ashley Biden's diary story, and the lack of media coverage on certain scandals. Guest Gerald Celente discusses Joe Biden's potential re-election in 2024, Hunter Biden laptop controversy, and the dangers of preparing for war instead of advocating for peace. Jones emphasizes how US resources could have been used to improve ordinary people's lives if not drained by wars.

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What are you going to do if you're the leader of Germany, or you're the leader of any of these European countries, France, what have you, and since Biden has gotten in power, you now have a war in your region, you now have your gas prices going up, you now have inflation, and you know it's all because of the foreign policy of the US, you know it's all because of Joe Biden, energy policy, which included giving Russia control of the pipelines into Europe, so you know it's all Biden's fault, but what can you do?
Biden is your ally in this Build Back Better Great Reset agenda.
And Biden is your ally in stopping the force of Russia for being a force of good on this planet.
So you don't want to hurt your ally.
You don't want to call your ally out.
So what do you do?
Well, you cut a deal and you offer your silence for money.
And that's what's going on.
So Biden is funding the entire war against Russia in Ukraine, is being funded entirely by us, America.
Not NATO, not European countries, us, the US.
And Biden is giving Europe our oil!
And all he asks is their loyalty and lip service.
That's all he asks.
Don't say anything bad about me.
Don't say anything bad about my policies.
And we will give you our oil.
And we will fund the war in Ukraine.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
America is already suffering a food shortage, which can be felt by rising costs and emptying shelves at the grocery store.
But this is a cakewalk.
It's going to get much worse.
The writing, as they say, is on the wall.
Any reasonable person can see that this is all being done deliberately.
Over 10,000 cattle just died, and we are told that it was due to 100-degree weather.
And in just the past 17 months, nearly 100 disasters have mysteriously befallen the American food industry.
Dozens of catastrophic fires burning down food processing plants.
In multiple cases, caused by small aircraft crashing into them.
Thousands of tons of meat destroyed.
Over 2 million turkeys have been destroyed.
Over 40 million chickens have been destroyed.
And with the rising cost of fuel, farmers are unable to harvest their crops.
And it's only just beginning.
Remember, Joe Biden promised he would shut down oil and gas.
I have one final question.
Would he close down the oil industry?
It falls.
Would you close down the oil industry?
It falls.
I would transition from the oil industry, yes.
Oh, that's a big statement.
It is a big statement.
That's a big statement.
Because I would stop.
Because the oil industry pollutes significantly.
Why would you do that?
Here's the deal, but you can't do that.
That's a big statement.
Well, if you let me finish the statement, because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.
Over time.
That's the biggest statement.
Because basically what he's saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry.
Will you remember that, Texas?
Will you remember that, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma?
Vice President Biden, let me give you 10 seconds to respond, and then I have to get to the final question.
Vice President Biden.
He takes everything out of context, but the point is, look, we have to move toward a net zero emissions.
But kiddo, I want you to just take a look, okay?
You don't have to agree, but I want you to look in my eyes.
I guarantee, I guarantee we're going to end fossil fuel and I am not going to plug
And they are making good with their radical promise, except there is no alternative energy plan.
The Biden administration is doing everything they can to shut down all fossil fuel in this country.
And not only will that stop people from driving, all public transportation, all shipping and all industry will come to a halt.
Millions will lose their jobs and hundreds of millions will starve to death.
Whether you like it or not, civilization is dependent upon oil and gas, and our government is turning it all off.
We are also still suffering a baby formula shortage, and what little we do have is being sent to the open southern border for the tens of thousands of hungry foreigners being brought in unchecked and flown to already struggling cities across America.
And after several countries suspended the Moderna vaccine for adults due to safety concerns, the United States FDA just unanimously voted to inject your infant children with the deadly shot.
Your government is trying to kill you.
And if anyone thinks this is hyperbole or fear-mongering, they are not paying attention, or they are in shock.
The only solution we are being offered is to vote, even though we have a rigged election system and two parties that work for the same corporate establishment.
Starvation is coming fast, and people can only survive a few weeks without food.
And so, what exactly will we do if the so-called Red Wave this November fails to turn the tide?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The evidence of vaccine death and injuries is overwhelming to anyone capable of seeing past the mainstream media's hypnotic lies.
The numbers tell us that the vaccines have already caused a 20% increase in deaths.
Now we have a run rate of about 20% excess mortality.
That's confirmed by the CDC numbers, the funeral home numbers, and the insurance company numbers.
And then somebody did an independent study I saw recently suggesting 20% is the number.
So we're running at 20% excess deaths.
And a 10% increase in disabilities.
This is a stunning number.
You're telling me that things have been flat for 5 years at 29 million and all of a sudden out of the data they got 3 million people are disabled?
Out of nowhere?
And now we are beginning to understand that this is just the beginning.
Things are going to get much, much worse.
Many of us have already seen the mysterious objects found in the vials of COVID vaccines by two separate independent groups using electron microscopy.
We are also familiar with the rising number of strokes, heart attacks, and other side effects experienced worldwide after the biggest experimental vaccination in history.
And now we are getting a first glimpse of what is causing all this.
Something in the COVID vaccines seems to be growing within the recipient's vascular system.
Anomalous objects are being discovered in the dead bodies of the vaccinated by embalmers and coroners.
Horrific things being grown inside the veins and arteries.
These are not blood clots and they appear to be some sort of organic material.
With small crystals and extremely thin wires made up of what looks like reptilian scales.
This internal blockage growing within the vaccinated would certainly explain all of the deadly side effects we are seeing today.
What the mainstream media is currently spinning as sudden adult death syndrome.
We do not know what these things are, but they are being found by embalmers and coroners everywhere.
Except, pretty much all of them are too afraid to speak out.
Or they don't care.
Only one has shown the courage to speak out so far.
And this is the real tragedy.
For those who remain silent, things will not get better.
The FDA is poised to authorize these deadly vaccines to children as young as six months old.
And humanity does nothing.
Today, we want to provide an update on a topic that I know many parents and grandparents are focused on.
The potential for the first COVID-19 vaccines for kids under five.
We have waited a long time for this moment.
Well, guys, here's some good news.
The Biden administration has finally announced a vaccine rollout plan for children under five, and they've ordered 10 million doses.
That's great.
Right now, kids are like, oh my gosh, we can finally meet up for drinks.
Yep, as we speak, everyone in the lollipop industry is like, we're buying a yacht!
Here we go!
You get a lollipop, you get one!
It's very exciting to hear a four-year-old scream, Facebook told me Bill Gates controls the vaccines!
Why should we deserve anything other than pain and suffering if we do nothing to protect our own children?
Once those afraid of speaking out begin seeing their coroner tables filled with dead children, it will be too late.
But it's not too late now.
If you aren't a bomber, a coroner, or a funeral director, and you are seeing these things,
There is still time to save the lives of our innocent children.
You can start now by contacting Dr. Jane Ruby at protonmail.com.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Happy Juneteenth.
We appreciate that here in Texas.
Let's just talk about the black community for a little while.
The black community was thriving in 1964.
They had a lot of problems.
They were starting to be shipped off to Vietnam.
There was a lot of racism.
Police would beat them sometimes.
Some police wouldn't.
A lot of problems went on.
A lot of... Yeah, and happy Juneteenth.
We appreciate that here in Texas.
You ought to thank the Republican president.
We ought to thank him.
You ought to thank God that at least somebody was half.
Half not evil, and did what it took, and the evil Democrats tried to keep the slaves from being free, just like they tried to keep the little black kids out of school in the 60s here in Texas and Alabama and Arkansas and all over.
Yes, they're the party of slavery.
They've just put blacks now on the plantation of welfare, and pretty much forced them to do it.
But don't let me get sidetracked.
What did they do to the African Americans?
The Democrats, LBJ, and I'm here in the heart of LBJ country, the heart of his corruption and evil.
And he was evil.
Very horrible man.
What did they do to the blacks?
Well, in 1964, and I like a lot of the reforms, giving them equal rights, but we didn't have to put them on plantations, which we've done now, and inner cities falling apart with not letting them have men in the houses, excuse me.
Trying to destroy their culture is what we've done.
Only 22 to 23 percent of blacks were dependent on any form of government.
That means the things they had like pseudo food stamps in 64, some forms of welfare, things, you know, soup lines and things, government pushed.
That's wonderful.
I'm ready to pay for that.
For whites and blacks and Hispanics or Asians, I don't care.
In 1997, 91%, this is the government's own numbers, 91% of the African-American community at one time or another gets one form of government assistance.
I mean serious government assistance.
And with the whites, it's around 45% now.
So they're getting us on the plantation too.
They don't look at it as a racial thing.
They just see who it's more easier to corner and manipulate and attack.
And they've attacked the black community, pumped drugs into those communities, and allowed drugs to be sold in those communities.
Just a fact.
But anyways, excuse me.
So understand, that's the love.
Crime has gone up over 3,000% in the black community since the mid-60s, and almost that in all other communities.
Drug abuse, abortion,
Abortion skyrocketed at the same time illegitimacy has.
They're having lots of abortions and they're also having lots of kids.
Well, I'm fine.
I think it's fine for them to have kids.
I think it's terrible for them to have all those abortions.
I'm not a racist.
I think African Americans should be able to have children.
I just think they ought to be raised in schools where they're taught things and taught about how to be successful rather than taught by Jesse Jackson and people how to hate others and how to be losers and be part of the government serf system.
That's what we're talking about.
Government-sponsored racism.
And the media, the bureaus of propaganda, joining in on the racism.
Trying to get whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites, Hispanics hating blacks and whites, and whites and blacks hating Hispanics.
We're all human beings, friends.
We got the same blood in our veins.
My genetics are the same as yours.
Different pigment in my skin.
Different eye color.
Different hair.
But they want to make us fixate on culture, not so we have a care of our culture.
No, black culture is being destroyed.
It's being torn out, and bureaucrats are replacing fathers and mothers.
And that's the dream of the people that push big government.
My dad grew up in a relatively small town.
And his dad was, you know, a farmer and rancher, pretty successful.
He said black community was thriving then.
Owned the cleaners, owned a bunch of stuff, and there was black families with thousands of acres.
You go there now, it ain't there.
Because they come in, they destroy all the black businesses, those thriving communities.
They did that by taking incentive away, by destroying most of the average black people that used to buy things in those towns and getting them all on food stamps.
How did they, and whites are on food stamps too, by the way, and the government's getting us on them more and more every day.
What did the government do to the blacks when slavery ended?
They put them on a new thing.
Indentured sharecroppers.
And they had to go to the company store and buy all their food there.
And they didn't even get normal money.
And the guy would write them little vouchers on pieces of paper.
Same thing.
Blacks and whites and Hispanics are in these big things now.
But they really targeted the blacks horribly.
They get them in there.
They say, no men in the house.
Just like in slave times, the men weren't allowed to marry the women because they didn't want leadership.
A man takes command.
They wouldn't have put up with it.
You know, the black man wouldn't have put up with his family getting beat.
So they kept the men in one area and the women in another area with the kids.
And that still goes in our culture today.
And that's what they want.
They want to keep the black men out and away, separated.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I am your host, Harrison Smith.
I'll just be sitting in for a few minutes.
Alex is on his way.
The return of Alex Jones is imminent.
So fear not, he will be here.
Very, very soon.
But I'm sitting in for a few minutes in the meantime.
I, of course, am the host of American Journal, the morning show here at InfoWars.
And, boy, if you didn't watch American Journal this morning, you missed out because it's our call-in show.
We spend at least half the show taking calls every episode.
And some of the callers today were just incredible.
And it really is
Great to just be able to interact with the audience, but in case you missed it, you might want to go back and check it out.
We had one caller named David from California who is actually a transgender individual and has talked and talked about undergoing procedures at age 20 that he really regrets and has had something like nine open heart surgeries because of the side effects of the Lupron and some of the other, I'm not sure if that was the one he was on, but the really intense
Drugs that they put you on to change your gender have horrific side effects and he was calling in to sort of make the connection between the heart damage that the vaccine has been shown to do and the heart damage that the transgender, you know, the affirmation drugs
Can do, and sort of saying, you know, why do they seem so desperate to promote things that destroy your heart, and what could be behind that?
And we did a little talking about, you know, what it was like for him to be transgender, and to sort of be, well, as he put it, he said, you know, I believe the lies, and I fell for it, and he regretted it, and he has trouble walking now because of some issues in his legs from the transgender stuff, but it was a very interesting call, a very informative call, and a...
Some very interesting connections being made between the vaccine and these weird chemicals they're trying to give to children.
We had another caller named Tony from Denver who was talking about iodine and milk supply.
She's had five kids in five years and she's 25 years old and was talking about how iodine was crucial in helping her breastfeed her children and how much more important that is now, especially if you
Cashier person heard him say it and was sort of like, wait, what are you talking about?
And so the guy started pulling up some Alex Jones videos and some some InfoWars articles going, yeah, you know, Michelle Obama, she might not be she might be the first lady after all.
She might be something else.
And so.
Then this kid gets intrigued.
He starts looking into it.
He realizes there's some validity to this.
He ends up writing a paper for his school about it.
The teacher refuses to grade him, gives him a failing grade because she says it's fake news.
It's fake news.
It's not true.
You can't do it.
And apparently, this is what Tony from Denver told us this morning when she called in, they ended up taking it to court and the teacher got fired and lost their teaching license because of their behavior in this case about Michelle Obama's
We're good.
Wanted to show off his Infowagon, Infowar, or his car, completely decked out in Infowar stickers, awesome stuff.
But we always hear great callers, we always get great insight from the Infowarriors out there, and today was particularly interesting and informative.
But of course we spent a lot of time talking about the incredible news and headlines over this weekend, of which there is, oh, just an insane amount.
Good news, I guess, for everybody that hates children.
The COVID vaccine is now available for children.
And it was approved unanimously by the FDA, 21 to 0, 21 people, 0
You know, outliers in this.
Approving this COVID vaccine for zero to four-year-olds.
Yes, before they have made one complete circuit around the sun, children may be injected with this experimental gene-altering spike protein creating death shot, which is just incredible because America is not only the only country in the world that now authorizes COVID shots for infants,
But most other countries don't even allow them for adults.
FDA advisors just voted 21-0 to authorize Moderna's vaccine for children 6 months old to 5 years old.
Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have all suspended the Moderna vaccine for people under 30 due to safety concerns, but the U.S.
will now be giving this product to infants.
It is absolutely wild how this is taking place and how they're
I guess getting away with it!
I mean, I guess they're just relying on the willful ignorance of the American people who slavishly adhere to the dictates of the authorities without doing even a modicum of research outside of that.
Just whatever God says, they do, and in their case, their God is this scientific, technocratic, hellish authoritarian despotism that we're under right now.
But some other news that came out this weekend, sort of ironically, coincidentally, at the same time that they're allowing little baby children to take this shot, we also learned that the COVID-19 vaccination temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors.
So they showed that...
You know, the ability for people to reproduce may have been reduced by 15.4%.
That's the sperm concentration decrease.
And the motile count decreased 22.1%.
It's nearly a fifth down.
So, in case you were wondering, yes, it's basically confirmed now.
If it's not on purpose, then there's just coincidentally and accidentally and serendipitously
depopulation effects of this vaccine.
It's just as horrific as you can possibly imagine.
Story from heartgroup.org.
FDA unanimously approves COVID vaccine for zero to four-year-olds.
The FDA met on the 15th of June and despite all of the evidence of non-efficacy from the infant Pfizer vaccine and still total lack of data on long-term harms, they voted to go ahead.
In the last 18 months, or anything to go by, the MHRA will soon follow, followed by a respectable few weeks by the JCVI.
Indeed, vaccines for this age group is already listed for JCVI discussion.
Before the UK regulators make any decision, they would do well to read a detailed letter to the FDA from Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
Who says it was depressing that the FDA meeting, none of the members pointed out that two months follow-up is totally inadequate for assessing safety, nor question the use of an antibody level as a measure of success.
No specific level of antibody exists which provides protection against COVID, so how can this be used as a useful measure?
For young children, much of their reduced risk from COVID arises from their superior innate immunity, and in the presentation to the FDA, Pfizer presented evidence that only antibodies produced in the children were the Wuhan spike, with no detectable antiparties to the Omicron spike.
So, doesn't help, doesn't stop you from getting COVID, and in fact, we'll show you on the other side here,
We'll pull in the video during the break, but the Walensky, the CDC head, when she announced that vaccines were now available for children, she didn't even make the claim that it would stop them from getting COVID.
It's acknowledged now and really undeniable.
It does not stop you from getting COVID.
It does not stop you from spreading COVID.
Of course, we've known this since very, very early on, but it's worth it to reiterate, especially when the head of the CDC, in her celebration of
Being able to inject this into little baby children now doesn't even make the claim that it can stop you from getting the virus.
No, the claim she makes is that it'll stop you from getting the severe virus or from being hospitalized or from dying from the virus.
But of course, we know that's not true.
At least we know it's not true in the case of adults.
You're more likely to get severe COVID if you've gotten the vaccine.
That was the latest from the study last week.
But we'll show you the videos on the other side where they're pushing it to kids.
Stay tuned.
I don't know.
The bull work of the new conservatives, the new Republican Party, people that are not satisfied with merely losing graciously, but actually want to win and push back and regain some semblance of
Common sense in this country, in our country.
We'll talk about that in just a second, but we're talking about the fact that the FDA has now, over this weekend, unanimously approved the COVID vaccine for children 0 to 4 years of age, in complete contradiction to any other country, any other, you know, reasonable proceedings.
I mean, you get the kids don't really get severe COVID, right?
As a kid, you're not very likely to get COVID at all.
If you do get it, it's not very likely to be severe.
And hardly any children have died from it across the entire country.
That doesn't matter, apparently.
They're going to start injecting kids with this horrific gene-altering poison.
That they call a vaccine.
Of course, they had to change the definition in order to call it a vaccine, but they don't let little things like the definition of words or truth or reality get in the way of their mad, desperate drive towards depopulation and total control.
And the kids are just the next step.
In this case, stepping, like a giant stepping, crushing everyone underneath him.
Well, now the children are in the shadow of that falling foot, and they will soon be crushed like the rest of us.
And they're excited to announce this.
Let's go to the CDC announcement for vaccines under five.
And let's listen.
Let's pay attention.
And tell me if you hear any claims that she makes.
She doesn't claim that they won't get COVID.
She doesn't claim that they won't spread COVID.
Now, she only makes one claim here.
And it's a tenuous and dishonest one.
So here she is, Rachel Walensky, CDC.
I know many parents with very young children have been anticipating this day.
We now know, based on rigorous scientific review, that the vaccines available here in the United States can be used safely and effectively in children under five.
Vaccinating young children is a critical opportunity to protect them against hospitalization and death from COVID-19.
Parents, I strongly encourage you to get your children vaccinated.
Parents, I strongly encourage you to not get your children vaccinated.
So, I don't know, you can either go with her, the head of the CDC, and all of her, you know, righteous power, or just, you know, InfoWars, the outlet that's been right about everything the entire time.
But notice, she didn't say protect your child from COVID, stop your child from getting COVID.
No, she said stop your child from severe COVID and hospitalization and death from COVID.
It's somewhat ironic, however, because we did cover the story last week that showed that severe COVID in this particular and very wide-ranging study did not occur in the unvaccinated.
It only occurred in the vaccinated.
So that was their last
Like I said, tenuous, their last thread they were clinging onto to try to justify why this vaccine could possibly be a good idea.
And of course, it was largely non-falsifiable, right?
You can't have it both ways.
So that's why you had people saying, well, I've got COVID, but it would have been worse if I didn't get the vaccine.
Well, you can't know that.
It's impossible to know.
It's impossible to falsify.
You can't have the same person with the same infection in two different
We're good to go.
But she made another claim there.
She used another term that I'd like to drill down on, and that was the rigorous testing.
Oh, rigorous, was it?
Was it rigorous?
Maybe this is another word that they've changed the definition for.
I don't know.
Because the HEART organization, H-A-R-T, came out with this video about the method by which these vaccines were tested, and
The absolute failure for these tests to adhere to any sort of scientific discipline or principles or legitimacy.
So let's hear now how these tests went when they were testing the vaccine to see if it could be injected in little children.
They got 4,500 kids together to test and all that's a pretty big sample size.
Let's see how it worked out.
Here's a doctor from the Heart Foundation to tell us.
I'm Dr. Claire Craig.
I'm a diagnostic pathologist and I am co-chair of the Heart Group.
And I want to take you through the evidence that Pfizer just presented to the FDA on the six-month to four-year-old children.
There's an awful lot about this trial that has shocked me and I think will shock you too.
The trial recruited 4,526 children aged from six months to four years old.
3,000 of these children did not make it to the end of the trial.
That is a huge number.
Two-thirds of them.
Why was there this drop-off?
That needs to be answered.
And without an answer to that, on that basis alone, this trial should be deemed null and void.
So what did the trial show?
Well, they defined severe Covid as children who had a slightly raised heart rate or a few more breaths per minute.
There were six
Children aged two to four who had severe COVID in the vaccine group but only one in the placebo group.
So on that basis, the likelihood that this vaccine is actually causing severe COVID is higher than the likelihood that it isn't.
There was actually one child who was hospitalized in this trial.
They had a fever and a seizure.
They had been vaccinated.
So now let's turn to what they defined as any COVID.
And what they did was to utterly twist the data.
They vaccinated the children and they waited three weeks after the first dose before the second dose.
In that three week period,
34 of the vaccinated children got Covid and only 13 in the placebo group, which worked out as a 30% increased chance of catching Covid in that three week period if you were vaccinated.
So they ignored that data.
And then there was an eight week gap between the second dose and the third dose, where again, children were getting plenty of Covid in the vaccine arms.
They ignored that data.
There was then seven weeks after the third dose, which they also ignored, which meant that in the end they had ignored 97% of the COVID that occurred during the trial.
And they just looked at tiny numbers, so tiny.
In the end, they were comparing three children in the vaccine arm who had COVID with seven in the placebo arm.
And they said that this showed the vaccine was effective.
That was the rigorous testing that it went through.
Totally insane that it actually went forward.
But of course, what you just heard and the description of the way that this test was carried out, it's not very different than the original tests for the vaccines for adults.
And you can go back and see the way that these tests were carried out to recognize once again they were more or less completely
If not falsified, very bent in their interpretation of the information.
And yet, the FDA unanimously approves it.
Really should make you start asking questions as to whose interests they have in mind.
Is this the type of thing that your pediatric doctor would push on your child?
With these very, very strange
You know, testing procedures that are taking place.
You really have to spread that video, get that out, and let people know that that is the type of testing that's done before they inject something into your child's arm.
It's, in my opinion, criminal.
Completely criminal in the way it's all come together.
But of course, we've been on this for the entire time we have been
Warning people about the inevitable consequences of all of these policies since it all began.
And I hope that you can support our mission to continue to tell the truth and continue to search out the facts in a sea of misinformation and lies that we are continually
I think so.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
I am your host, Harrison Smith.
I host the American Journal in mornings, each and every weekday morning, 8 to 11 a.m.
Central Standard Time, Bandai Video, InfoWars.com.
It's our call-in show, and boy, do we get a lot of interesting callers.
And that was one of the things I was mentioning at the end of that last segment.
You never know what iodine is going to do for you.
I'm not making any claims here.
I'm not a doctor.
I'm not saying any of this or all this will happen to you, but in my own personal life, I've had friends and family have just the craziest experience with iodine.
I had one friend that said he started sleeping an hour less every night.
Other friends who say they have chronic pains or chronic conditions that
Clear up as soon as they start taking iodine.
We had a caller this morning who said she ran out of iodine at one point because it was not in stock at the import or store anymore and her milk supply dried up and she wasn't able to breastfeed her children as well because she didn't have iodine.
Apparently it was the lack of iodine that did that to her.
That was her personal observation.
And so what you do know is that you're not getting enough iodine.
You know that it's been denuded from the soil.
You know you're not getting the
I think so.
It'll improve your life.
You just really can't tell how it'll improve it until you get the Survival Shield X2.
And the bottle looks small, and it is a small bottle, but the serving size is like one or two drops.
So it's actually weeks worth of X2 there.
Weeks worth of iodine supplementation with Survival Shield X2, even in that small bottle, because you aren't taking a full eye dropper every time.
That's too much.
It's too strong.
You just need a drop or two with a glass of water, and that's all you need to get the iodine that you're not getting from
I think so.
Yeah, they're just sort of interesting.
It's a collection of stories I actually found this weekend that I think all kind of go together.
There's a tweet from the Twitter account, A New Radical Centrism.
That's showing the depression or stress index scores among white respondents.
These are all white people, I guess.
And you have very liberal on the left here.
Somewhat closer to liberal or somewhat or closer to liberals than neither.
Then somewhat closer to conservatives or very conservative.
And you can see that one of these is not like the other, as a new radical centrism points out.
In other words, the very conservative, somewhat conservative, and neither
All have a negative value in that they are less likely to be depressed or stressed, or to report themselves as depressed or stressed, whereas the very liberal side of things, significantly higher.
0.43 compared to negative 0.25 for very conservative.
In other words, for some reason, liberals are way, way more likely to be depressed.
I think it's sort of a chicken and the egg sort of thing.
I don't know if because you have a tendency to be depressed that you might be more liberal or that your liberal worldview is so warped and out of touch with reality that your brain rebels at your cognitive dissidence and causes you to feel repressed.
I don't know.
I don't know which one it is.
I like the first response to this.
Katie Faust on Twitter says, A worldview that is incompatible with reality can't help but produce stress and anxiety.
And someone responds to that saying, Oh, Kathy.
That's the response, right?
It's like, well, is she wrong?
Oh, Kathy.
But is she wrong though?
But what other reason would there be for all of this?
No, we know that Biden's approval is the lowest of his presidency and the lowest of any president ever setting records in that way.
But of course, it's low, not because people necessarily don't like him or the way that he comports himself or the way that he behaves, but it's more in terms of kind of like the chart that we showed
A second ago, everybody's depressed, everybody's sad, nobody can afford new things anymore, everything is just getting tangibly worse, noticeably less comfortable, less nice.
And my wife even noticed this yesterday, she said, you know, there's a lot of people I talk to these days that I would have never expected it, but oh yeah, thank you Atlantic, there's more to life than being happy.
Okay, sorry.
Okay, sorry, I thought maybe happiness was some sort of measure of success, but no, I'm learning that it's not.
I'm learning that if I'm not happy, it's because there's a chemical imbalance in my brain and I need to be medicated, possibly forcibly, but certainly at the request or demand of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, who...
Telling me that I'll own nothing, have no privacy, and be happy.
Well, how do you think that works?
It's called drugs.
Conservatives find life more meaningful than liberals, of course.
No, everything's getting worse.
My wife, you know, she said, people who you never would expect it, they're all talking about moving to the country these days.
And it's almost like, it's almost like they won't admit why.
They won't admit that everything's getting worse.
They just, it's like asking a duck why he flies south for the winter.
He doesn't know.
He's not making a choice in this matter.
He just, it's just what he feels like doing at this time.
And honestly, I think like young people, you know, people around my age, 30 year olds,
I think I might want to go live in the country.
I think it'd be fun, live in a small town.
I think it'd be really cool.
And it's like, oh, why?
Is it because the policies that you vote for have destroyed the city that you live in and now you're scared and are running away from the chaos you've created?
Is that what it is?
I don't think it's a conscious thing.
I think it's just sort of instinctual.
They're just like a herd.
The herd is moving out to the...
country and so all the herd animals to sort of go along with it they don't really know why but if they were actually think about it they would obviously recognize well everything is chaotic in the cities and there's crime out of control and there's homeless people doing drugs and
You know, having seizures in front of your preschool and it's not nice or comfortable and all the benefits of the city are not worth the costs and the taxes.
I mean, talk about costs.
I mean, my God, you can't afford it anymore.
So everybody's being forced out.
It's sort of just white flight 2.0, right?
White people used to live in the cities, then they made the suburbs, now the suburbs are being destroyed so they're moving out.
I don't think it's a racial thing necessarily, I think it's a crime thing, I think it's a collapse thing, I think it's a drug thing, and a criminality thing, and a liberal...
I'm good.
You know, what, I don't know, making lynching illegal than actually trying to stop the fentanyl flow across the border.
It's just, we're in a state of total collapse, and so of course this is being reflected in the presidential polls of people being unhappy.
But another poll has found that half of Americans rank moral values in the country as poor.
This story can be found at Infowars.com.
A new Gallup poll has found that 50% of Americans rank moral values in their country currently as poor, with only 13% saying that those values are good.
37% rate moral values as fair, but only 1% rate them as excellent.
Who is that 1%?
Who is the 1% of Americans who watches the American news and goes, everything's going great?
Our moral compass is right on target these days.
Is it?
Is it, though?
Not at all.
But of course, simultaneous with this, and corresponding to this, from the post-millennial, Americans' belief in God hits a new low.
Religion is ubiquitous in the United States, but a new Gallup poll shows belief in God is declining, especially among the younger generation.
Those who identify as left-wing show the sharpest decline.
I think that sentence is kind of just kind of true for everything.
Those who identify as left-wing show the sharpest decline in mental capacity, in happiness, in ability to run things, in safety.
It's just it's all in decline now for the leftists.
Unfortunately, they're dragging us all down with them.
However, for married conservatives, there's been essentially no change since the poll has last taken.
Belief in God is relatively similar across race and gender.
However, there are marked differences when it comes to age, political ideology, and party affiliation.
Only 68% of people 18 through 29 said they believed in God, compared with 88% of those 50 to 64, and 87% of the 65 plus crowd.
So the younger you skew your audience, the less religious they are, the less happy they are, the less in tune with reality and nature that they are,
Because you have to understand that God is nature, and when you're out of whack with God, you're out of whack with nature.
You're floating, disconnected from anything real, tangible, or legitimate, and you are trapped in a
You're trapped in a illusion that has been crafted for you by people who despise you.
So of course you're going to be unhappy.
Of course it's going to all seem confusing and chaotic and out of control.
Because it is.
On purpose.
Because belief in God, just like adherence to nature, makes you more difficult to control.
So if they can destroy the family, destroy the God, and destroy your connection to other human beings in the natural world, then you are
Just a perfect mold for a new neo-feudal serf, a slave in the globalist system.
Look at that.
Everybody else is just like yellow or clear and that's because it's been denatured, it's been watered down.
We didn't do that.
You think I would metaphysically sell you something that is the very best I can get?
I'd rather go to hell than do that.
I will only give you the maximum best info, the maximum truth, the maximum product, because I want that goodwill!
What I do to you, I do to myself.
Don't you get the big secret?
You ever seen fish oil look like that?
No, you've never seen that, have you?
And this little jewel right here is solid.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, there's no doubt the American people are feeling the pinch, feeling the stress,
Of this Biden administration.
They tell you it's a transition.
They tell you we're transitioning into a new world.
This civilization which is run on natural gas and coal and cheap energy.
In the process of empowering the human, empowering civilization, allowing the individual self-government and prosperity.
That way of life is over on this planet, and they say it's a transition, carbon neutral, carbon zero, that means you're gone, you're a carbon-based light form, you, see ya, that's what it's all about.
But, even though they tell you that's going on, they also kind of have to deny it, because then you'll blame them for all of the hardship and heartache and difficult times, not just ahead,
But right now.
And so Janet Yellen is lying here when she says inflation will come down and recession is not inevitable.
So here's Janet Yellen lying to the American people on ABC News this weekend.
Madam Secretary, thanks for joining us this morning.
You know, the Wall Street Journal reported this morning that 44% of economists expect a recession in the next year.
Is that what you expect as well?
Pause it right there.
Folks, we're in a recession.
What do you mean next year?
What is this game they're playing where they act like we're not already in a recession?
In fact, I actually say we're in a depression, is what I would say.
But you can go look at the definitions and look at history and how what's reported a recession and a depression and, you know, everybody can have the debate.
The point is, the economy is tanking.
Americans are having a harder time financially.
Whether you want to call it a recession or a depression or blame it on inflation or Putin or whatever, that's the fact.
And so Yellen has to go on TV and convince the people that, oh, it's not us, oh, it's not happening.
Remember the other Biden advisor says, oh, people just don't know how good they've got it.
People just don't know how great our policies are.
Yeah, you.
You're tapping into your savings.
You can't take a vacation this year.
You can't afford to fill your gas tank.
Your 401k is dipped.
Your stocks are gone.
Your crypto is gone.
And then the Biden administration just said, hey, that's not happening.
You're doing fantastic.
What are you talking about?
You're doing amazing.
Our policies are working so great.
So here Janet Yellen is about to tell you that there's no recession, even though you're in a recession right now.
Well, I expect the economy to slow.
It's been growing at a very rapid rate as the economy, as the labor market has recovered and we have reached full employment.
It's natural now that we expect a transition to steady and steady growth.
There's that key word!
So you're in a recession, you're already feeling it, and Biden administration officials like Gene Sperling and Janet Yellen go on national news over the weekend and tell you you're not in a recession, you're doing great!
Of course, you know that's a lie.
You're actually living your life, they're not.
They don't even live in reality.
But, oh, they say Biden is trying to address inflation.
That's not happening.
Biden is trying to fix the recession.
That's not happening.
There's no inflation.
There's no recession.
But Biden is doing everything he can about inflation and recession.
It's actually pretty simple.
It's really simple.
Turn on America's energy sector again.
Cut taxes.
Ease regulations.
It all turns around overnight.
Turn America's energy back on, cut taxes, ease regulations, and watch the U.S.
economy soar.
Oh, who did that?
Donald Trump!
But see, they can't do what Donald Trump did to make the economy successful because, well, then they would be making Trump look good, and that's a never, never, you never do that.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let me reset today's transmission here.
Owen Troyer still filling in for Alex Jones.
Monday, June 20th, 2022.
It's noon here in Austin, Texas at the InfoWars World Headquarters.
Now, if you're tuned in and you're wondering, where is Alex Owen?
You told me Alex would be back.
Well, yes, the plan was for Alex to be back.
The problem is we're living in Biden's America and we're living in the collapsing civilization
That we're in right now, and so part of the symptom of our collapsing society, our collapsing civilization, is flight cancellations and what is being now called Travel Armageddon.
Travel Armageddon.
Probably should have seen this coming, actually, but we tend to take things for granted or because we've just been traveling less here at InfoWars because of, well, a lot of stuff, legal stuff.
I'm not even allowed to leave Travis County.
It's nice being a political prisoner of the Democrat Party.
But I digress.
The point is that we are not dealing with the flight misery firsthand as much anymore because we're just not traveling as much as usual.
And so, when Alex had his flight planned to be back in time for the show today, we didn't realize that most flights right now in America are being delayed and canceled and rescheduled and redirected.
And so, unfortunately, Alex is dealing with that.
And see, they want to make all these stories up about Alex and, oh, we've got so much money and all this crap.
Folks, Alex is flying commercial with his family.
He's flying on a commercial plane.
Everyone else.
And his family.
And so, he is dealing with the rest of the commercial flight hell.
That is going on, and so that's why his return has been delayed.
And I have to tell you again, we should have seen this coming.
Obviously, I talk to journalists and traveling reporters every day, and I hear the same thing every day.
I mean, you got about a... If you don't have a direct flight, if you're flying right now in the U.S.,
And you don't have a direct flight?
You might as well just count on that flight being delayed or cancelled or redirected or losing your backs.
Pretty much it's going to happen.
It's pretty much guaranteed.
At least that's what I'm being told.
And it's actually not just travelling journalists and reporters I'm talking to.
I'm talking to other people I know that just work in other industries that travel as well every week and tell me the exact same thing.
Just total flight hell.
In fact, I have buddies that work here for Texas-based companies that basically will just jet set to Houston and Dallas and all these other places all the time, just day flights, just 30-hour flights, just in a day.
And the individual told me that now that he doesn't even fly anymore.
He's like, I've had so many flights.
You drive Austin to Houston.
You're looking at about maybe three hours.
You fly it with air traffic and all that other stuff.
If things are going smoothly, you can make, you can crank that trip down to maybe two or even less.
It's about the same length from Austin, that is.
Same with Dallas.
And he said he just drives it all now because it's a guarantee that even though he's got a 30-minute flight from Austin to Houston or Austin to Dallas, there's going to be at least an hour, hour and a half delay.
And that's either the flight's not arriving, the flight can't take off, some other flight gets redirected.
It's just, it's total travel hell.
And so I'm not trying to
Talk at length here about why Alex isn't in.
That's why he's not in.
But the real story here is that it's just yet another example of how everything is collapsing now in just a year and a half of Democrat control and the Biden White House.
Just everything is collapsing.
Including the ability to fly stress-free and easily get from one airport to the other.
You can forget about that.
Travel Armageddon continues as flight delays, cancellations pile up.
flight cancellations, delays continue over weekend.
More than 4,000 flights cancelled.
travelers face new wave of chaos as flight cancellations continue.
Thousands of flights cancelled over U.S.
holiday weekend.
Holiday weekend?
Oh, Father's Day?
Or is it Juneteenth?
Or is it the gay stuff?
We're celebrating them all.
LAX cancels 32 flights, delays 136 as thousands of flights canceled across U.S.
So these are just the headlines as far as all that is concerned.
And actually there's a lot more out there.
These were just some of the ones that I picked.
So, that's why Alex is out today.
He's dealing with what the rest of America is dealing with, and that's the collapse of our country, thanks to the globalist agenda and the Joe Biden administration.
But hey, Joe Biden takes a vacation every weekend to Delaware to his beachfront mansion, and he doesn't have to worry about this.
And that's what a lot of this is, actually.
A lot of these politicians and a lot of these media members and a lot of these elite liberals, limousine liberals, they're not dealing with this stuff.
They don't care if gas goes up to $20, $30 a gallon.
They've got plenty of money.
They don't even drive.
They don't fill their tank.
They don't care if your energy bills are going up.
They've got somebody else that pays their AC bills, pays their electric bills.
They don't care about flights being cancelled and flight costs going up and the delays and all that.
They fly private.
They have private jets.
So they don't care about all this stuff.
And that's why they say, hey, yeah, let's end fossil fuels.
Let's end coal.
Let's end gas.
Let's do this great reset.
And they really think they'll just somehow be above it all.
They'll just somehow float above the surface as everyone else is destroyed by this.
But of course, that's not even going to be the case.
That's delusional thinking on its own.
But that's what it is.
Oh, sure, yeah.
They don't feel the pinch of your energy costs doubling.
They don't feel the pinch of your price at the pump tripling.
They don't feel the pinch of you just lost your 401k, your savings, your stock, your crypto.
They don't feel that pinch.
They don't care.
You do the Great Reset.
Yeah, end fossil fuels.
Get carbon zero.
They're not going to be affected.
All the people telling you this, all the people that fly into the World Economic Forum on private jets and then lecture the world how they shouldn't fly on private jets,
They really think they're going to be above it all.
So, it's quite an interesting thing, actually.
And, you know, I always have to remind myself and remind the audience, and this is an ever-changing phenomenon, but you have to understand something.
If you're tuned into this transmission, or you're tuned into InfoWars, or you just follow news and politics at all, with conviction or interest, or curiosity, you're actually in a small fraction of society.
You're maybe the 10-20% of society, I would say.
Most people have no clue what's going on.
Now, they see their gas prices going up, they see their grocery bill going up,
Oh, and by the way, you know that lie that the Biden administration has been telling us, it's corporate greed, the Democrats telling you it's corporate greed?
Not so fast.
The consumer price index has gone up 10%.
I don't know what the, it varies by month, but it's about 10% right now, up from when Biden came into office.
Story just came out over the weekend.
So the consumer price index is up about 10%.
But guess what?
The producer price index is up 11%.
So where are those greedy corporations?
How does that equate to corporate greed?
But even if you want to say corporate greed, how come the corporations are so greedy under Joe Biden and not Trump?
Why as soon as Biden gets in office, the corporate greed skyrockets?
That's a lie, but even if it were the truth, I mean, wouldn't that still be a knock against Joe Biden and the Democrats?
That, hey, they get into office, all of a sudden corporate greed, hey, they get into office, all of a sudden Putin invades?
Because they're so weak?
Because they're so feckless?
Because they're so pathetic?
Because they're so crooked and criminal?
But no, corporate greed, another lie.
Another lie of the Democrats, another lie of Joe Biden.
Producer price index up 11%, consumer price index only up 10.
But see,
That 20% of people that have no clue what's going on is slowly becoming 25 and 30 and 35 because it's undeniable that the Democrats and the Biden administration is wrecking this country.
You know, it's actually hard to fathom how Joe Biden has been such a disaster for the entire planet other than to realize that it has been the United States of America that's been leading the planet.
And so when your leader goes sideways, when your leader goes insane, when your leader becomes incapacitated, the whole thing falls apart.
Now normally in a case like that you just replace the leader and you get back to normal, but that's not what's happening here.
Biden isn't going anywhere.
He's crashing on his bicycle just like he's crashing the U.S.
And so the rest of the world is realizing that, okay, the United States of America as the leader of the world, Joe Biden as the leader of the free world, this is going south and fast.
This is going really, really badly.
So they're girding themselves and they're preparing themselves for a new world not led by America.
Not led by Western values and ideas.
And these same countries that are realizing this and making moves to avoid collapsing like America, they also are not really interested in going into the World Economic Forum, Build Back Better, Great Reset, New World Order, where their citizens will be treated like slaves.
And so I'm already seeing it play out, and I would tell you to just be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of this if you're doubting this, but believe me, this is what's happening.
The world powers that be outside of the U.S.
have decided that they're going to form alliances and move on, and they're going to leave the U.S.
And Europe is going to be caught up in that as well, but Europe is pretty much already totally controlled by the globalists, and so Europe is already lost, really.
Now, there's been a fight for America to avoid this.
But we've been robbed now.
We've had our elections stolen.
We've had our speech censored.
We've had our Second Amendment infringed upon.
So the globalists are making huge gains right now under Joe Biden here.
And the rest of the world is saying, OK, so you're going to have Europe and you're going to have America.
So basically North America and Europe.
At this rate, are going to go under the World Economic Forum policies, and they're going to be controlled by the World Health Organization, and they're going to be controlled by the World Economic Forum, and they're going to try to go into the... I mean, what would you really call it?
I mean, don't call it a transition, don't call it carbon neutral.
These are their buzzwords.
I would call it the end of life as we know it, the end of human prosperity, I guess.
So self-government and the values of individual freedoms are coming to an end in North America and Europe, while the rest of the world is kind of looking at that saying, hmm, you know, maybe we could go that way.
Maybe we should start going towards self-government and freedom.
Now you're not going to see that everywhere, like China is obviously not going to see that, but China doesn't want to be controlled by a bunch of psychotic, deranged globalists in Europe and North America, so that's why they're sidling up next to Russia saying, hey, what are you guys thinking as all of this is going down?
And then Russia's talking to India, saying, what are you guys thinking?
And then India's talking to Mexico, and then Mexico's talking to Brazil, and then Russia's talking to Saudi Arabia.
And so all these other countries, all these other world powers outside of Europe and North America are looking at the globalists, looking at the United States of America, and what they're looking at is a decrepit, cancer-ridden, contagious zombie that they don't want to be anywhere near.
And they want to protect their people from.
Now your media is not telling you about any of this.
They're not telling you your government is planning on ending the Western life.
They're not telling you your government's planning on ending the American way of life, ending your freedom, ending your prosperity.
They're not telling you that.
They're in on it.
But that is what's going on here.
And they're stealing as much money in the process as possible
Draft of House Defense Bill includes $450 million for Ukraine security assistance.
So we can't even have security on our own border.
We can't even have security at our own schools.
You don't get school security.
You don't get border security.
Ukraine gets another half a billion dollars for security.
Nobody even knows where the tab is at, at this point.
I mean, this is just like, you're at the bar, open tab, just ordering drinks.
Yeah, drinks for them!
Drinks for them!
Yeah, you order drinks on my tab too!
Yeah, here's my tab!
You don't even know where your tab is.
You're just drunk at the bar.
You don't even know where your tab is anymore.
That's where it's at with Russia.
Who knows, or Ukraine rather, Biden's war against Russia.
Who knows what the bill is?
40 billion here, 50 billion there, 100 million here, 400 million there, 900 million there, another billion there.
Where's the bill?
I don't know, I'm drunk at the bar!
So more money for Ukraine defense, even though even Europe is saying, what are you doing here?
Europe has given up on Ukraine.
The only, the only factor fighting Russia now is the West, is Joe Biden.
And obviously the Ukrainian people and any of the volunteers they get suckered into going over there.
Which more and more we hear about is just a total disaster.
People volunteering getting killed, people volunteering getting snatched up by the Russians, people volunteering giving away the places where they're located via geo-tracking on the internet to the Russian military so that they can get kidnapped, captured, have their weapons seized, or just bombed.
It's just been an absolute disaster.
And the Biden administration keeps it going because they're laundering literally billions and billions and billions of dollars through Ukraine.
So they love the war in Ukraine.
They're making billions of dollars off of it.
The European countries are saying this is a lost cause.
We're out.
Maybe we'll give you some lip service, but that's all you're going to get from us.
We're not going to send people to die in Ukraine.
We're not going to start a war with Russia.
If Biden wants to do that, Biden can do that.
Or whoever controls Biden can put him into that position, and that's what's going on.
And this is going to be an interesting thing to watch.
Russia demands Lithuania lift openly hostile blockade.
Panic buying ensues.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to Lithuania's partial blockade of Kaliningrad, writing in a statement that they consider the provocative measures to be openly hostile, and warning that the Kremlin may take action to protect its national interests.
Now, will Lithuania back off?
Or will this lead to something more kinetic?
If Lithuania backs off, folks, that's a major tell that nobody respects Joe Biden and nobody wants to fight for Ukraine except Ukraine and Joe Biden.
And really not even Ukraine, actually.
Half Ukraine probably supports Russia already anyway.
So that's a separate story altogether.
But if Lithuania says, OK, Russia, we respect you, believe me, Biden's people and NATO's people are on the phone with Lithuania saying, you better not dare.
You better not dare open that port back up to Russia.
So, who's Lithuania going to listen to?
Is Lithuania going to listen to Russia, or is Lithuania going to listen to the West, the United States and NATO?
And the answer to that will tell you where this is going, folks.
Now, if they listen to the West, we might have a more serious situation.
If they listen to Russia, it's just another sign the world now respects Russia more than it respects the United States of America.
Joe Biden's approval rating is at 32%, ladies and gentlemen.
Joe Biden's approval rating at a whopping 32%.
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Our discounts... How about that?
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That's a little bit better.
Our discounts are double Joe Biden's approval rating.
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Our discounts are double Joe Biden's approval ratings.
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Okay, that's significant.
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His approval rating is 30%.
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Not just InfoWars, but all the people that are at Band.Video, which we built and we bear the cost of, gladly.
I don't think so.
And he has big news on the Joe Biden, Ashley Biden inappropriate showers when Ashley was a kid and how she wrote journal entries about these interactions and how she believes that they were inappropriate and may have caused her to be a sex addict or an abuse victim.
And that's the Biden family.
And I mean, I feel bad, actually.
I mean,
I feel bad that Joe Biden was such a bad father, maybe perhaps even abusive, even sexually abusive, that Ashley Biden has to write about that in her diary and go through that pain in her life.
And then you just look at Hunter.
I mean, my God.
I mean, talk about an absolute disaster.
Hunter Biden.
My goodness.
The drug abuse, the drug addiction, the sex abuse, the sex addiction, the combining of them all.
The need to film it.
He likes to film himself doing drugs and having sex with hookers.
And then the rumors about maybe his own family members being involved with some of this.
Maybe some minors.
Who knows if we'll ever know the full story or have a real investigation, but we do know that the diary is real, and so we'll be discussing that with Lee Stranahan coming up in the next hour.
Meanwhile, Poll finds half of Americans rank moral values and country as poor.
A new Gallup poll has found that 50% of Americans rank moral values in their country as poor, with only 13% saying those values are good.
That's the real problem, and when you juxtapose that, or rather, look at that next to the fact that only 80% of Americans, according to a new poll, only 80% of Americans believe in God, well you start to see the problem.
So, the majority of Americans believe our country has low moral values, and a shrinking majority of Americans believe in God and creation.
And so, when you have those two factors combined, that's how you end up with a gay pride month that really just turns into sexual deviation, perversion, and abuse of children month.
That's what happens.
And then also, that's why you get mass shootings.
Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership.
Yeah, isn't it 100%?
I think you have to have a gun in Switzerland.
So I think it's like 100%, but this is the headline for Business Insider.
Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership.
Here's why it doesn't have mass shootings.
Because they're trained on firearms, they know about firearms at a young age, and again, Switzerland doesn't have a low moral country like we have.
I doubt that 50% of Swiss citizens would say their morals are poor.
I doubt the rate of a fatherless household in Switzerland is as high as it is in America.
I don't know as far as their belief in God is concerned.
But how many Cardi B's come out of Switzerland?
How many Kim Kardashian's come out of Switzerland?
How many of these degenerates
Come out of Switzerland as entertainers and cultural icons.
You see much of that coming out of Switzerland?
You ever hear about any of that?
You ever see any of that?
No, that's just American culture.
That's just American celebrity taking the most degenerative, stupefied, moronic,
Individuals we can find that promote violence, and sex, and degeneracy, and moral decay, and we lift them up!
That's what leads to our cultural rot.
That's what leads to the deterioration of our morals, and ultimately the deterioration of our country, which of course leads to all the stuff that we see as far as crime, and fatherless households, and abortions, and everything else goes.
But see, okay, so what do you do about that?
Well, do you really look for a leader to fix that, or do you just look at yourself?
Because that's what that comes down to and that's what's so frustrating is this is something that actually is probably the easiest fix of all.
It just requires everybody to get on board.
You have to wake up every day and look at yourself in the mirror and say, how can I be a better person?
You have to look at yourself every day and you have to wake up and you say, how can I be the change I want to see in the world?
How can I be an example
I don't know.
Are you making an active effort?
Is it something you're considering every day?
How you can be a good person?
How you can raise the moral compass?
How you can raise the moral value in this country?
How you can be a better example for other people?
Because that's something that takes all of us.
There's no government.
There's no leadership.
It's something that takes individual effort every day.
And then, yeah, you know what?
Part of that effort means turning off the smut on your television.
Turning off the smut on your internet.
Disengaging with all the moral decay activities that have become normal in this country.
Alright, I've got more news on the situation with Ukraine and Russia here.
And, uh, none of it's good.
Dozens of Ukrainian officers killed in missile strike.
So, uh, I guess that's just more signs Ukraine is winning, right?
More sign that, uh, the globalists are winning, NATO's winning, the West is winning.
No, not exactly.
Blockade of Russian region is a breach of international law, says Moscow.
And so I'm telling you, that, uh, that Lithuania situation is going to be very telling, folks.
Who will Lithuania cave to?
The West or Russia?
And that will be a major indicator of where this is going to go fast.
Is what happens there.
UK Chief says his soldiers should be ready to fight Russia in a war.
British forces must prepare to fight in Europe once again.
This is just like another corrupt general in the US telling you you need to fight Russians in Ukraine.
It's just BS.
Young men in the UK do not need to go fight Russia in Ukraine.
No, they don't.
You might want them to, for your own selfish reasons, but they have no benefit going there to fight.
Western populations must do more for Ukraine, even if it costs them, even if the costs of food and fuel are high, says the NATO chief.
Yeah, just begging you to fight Russia.
Just begging you.
Because that's what it is.
They know Russia's right now the biggest threat to the New World Order.
They know Russia is actually acting as a conduit for other world powers that are sick and tired of the corrupt Western regime, sick and tired of corrupt Western presidents, and have just had enough of Joe Biden.
They just want nothing to do with Biden.
He's just another example of a Western dropping, a Western turd, a Western piece of poop.
That they have to deal with.
They don't want to invite him to meetings.
They don't want him to come to their meetings.
Saudi Arabia doesn't want to deal with him.
Russia doesn't want to deal with him.
China doesn't want to deal with him.
Nobody wants to deal with this guy.
So, the New World Order and their whole plan, the World Economic Forum, the UN, the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and all the people that control the West, Europe and North America,
They know now Russia is the biggest threat to their conquering of the planet and they know that Russia is the biggest threat to their global power structure.
And so they're begging their slaves, they're begging their human commodities to fight for them and to defeat Russia.
Folks, it is not in our interest for Russia to be destroyed.
It is not in our interest to be fighting Russia.
It is only in the interest of the New World Order.
It is only in the interest of the Bilderberg Group.
It is only in the interest of the World Economic Forum.
It is only in the interest of NATO, the UN, the World Health Organization.
They look at you as a commodity and so they want to throw you at Russia because they know Russia and Putin is a threat to their plan to conquer the planet and end humanity on it.
That's what all this claptrapping and saber-rattling and encouraging you to fight Russia is all about.
Russia is a threat to them, not to you.
To them.
Western arms could help Ukraine seize Donbass, says NATO.
Yeah, they're begging for more weapons, too.
You haven't done enough.
Send us all your weapons.
Send us more money.
No, I think all the billionaires trying to conquer this planet, they should be funding all this war in Russia that they want.
Not the people.
Ukraine moves to ban Russian music.
Well, what does that sound like?
That sounds familiar.
Germany returns to coal!
Oh yeah, all those coal power plants, they shut down.
Now they're turning them back on.
Because of Joe Biden.
That's what I'm saying, folks.
People really don't realize how big of a disaster Joe Biden is on the planet.
And European leaders know this.
Germany returning to coal.
Germany is hoarding gas, by the way.
Germany is now hoarding gas.
That's funny.
Joe Biden is giving our gas away to Europe.
Joe Biden has tapped into more than half of our strategic oil reserves and he's giving them to Europe.
Not even to you, the American people.
He's not even flooding our market with that.
He's giving them to Europe.
Because he has to buy their silence.
What are you going to do if you're the leader of Germany, or you're the leader of any of these European countries, France, what have you, and since Biden has gotten in power, you now have a war in your region, you now have your gas prices going up, you now have inflation, and you know it's all because of the foreign policy of the US, you know it's all because of Joe Biden, energy policy, which included giving Russia control of the pipelines into Europe, so you know it's all Biden's fault, but what can you do?
Biden is your ally in this Build Back Better Great Reset agenda.
And Biden is your ally in stopping the force of Russia for being a force of good on this planet.
So you don't want to hurt your ally.
You don't want to call your ally out.
So what do you do?
Well, you cut a deal and you offer your silence for money.
And that's what's going on.
So Biden is funding the entire war against Russia and Ukraine, is being funded entirely by us, America.
Not NATO, not European countries, us, the US.
And Biden is giving Europe our oil!
And all he asks is their loyalty and lip service.
That's all he asks.
Don't say anything bad about me.
Don't say anything bad about my policies.
And we will give you our oil.
And we will fund the war in Ukraine.
All I ask for is your loyalty and lip service.
Which, they're really not even getting that.
Even Macron is making public statements saying, uh, we've lost the war in Ukraine, it's over, this is a waste of time and money.
And you notice, maybe that's because Macron's party is now the minority party in France, so he's having to actually tell some truth, hoping that'll boost his party's favorability.
But I don't think it's gonna go so hot.
So that's what's going on.
It's truly sad our media is not reporting this.
It's truly sad that that's how corrupt our president is.
And, I mean, really folks?
All American people should be so angry about this.
I mean, there should be impeachment, there should be multiple impeachment hearings going on right now, but the Republican Party is a bunch of sad sacks.
Half the Republican Party is as corrupt as the Democrats anyway.
Yeah, you really think Mitch McConnell is going to raise any fuss in D.C.?
Yeah, right.
Mitch McConnell's gonna be about as disturbing as a fart in the ocean.
So, and they're probably laundering money, too, and they're probably getting rich off their stock options, too, with the defense contractors and the weapons manufacturers, so they don't mind.
Plus, they all have millions of dollars that they've stolen, so they don't mind that Biden's crashing the economy, they don't mind that gas prices are going up, they don't mind that the stocks are collapsing, because all their assets are doing just fine, and they've already got their millions and millions of dollars they can afford to live through a recession.
So imagine this, though.
You don't have to imagine, you're living it.
Joe Biden has been such a disaster on the planet that he has to buy our allies' silence in Europe by funding and arming the war in Ukraine, and by giving them our strategic oil reserves, and our media and our Republican Party won't even tell you that that's what's going on.
When it's clear and present that that is the case.
And now what?
The war in Ukraine's been going on for four months.
And what?
Russia's taken the region they wanted to.
Russia now controls most of the important ports in Crimea.
They've freed
Eastern Ukraine from the CIA proxy groups, and the Nazi groups, and the Azov Battalion.
They've taken control of most of the ports in Crimea, and that region.
And, perhaps even more importantly actually, geopolitically than that, they have become favorable, and really, Putin and Russia is emerging as the leader, as the anti-
Western regime faction that is uniting the rest of the world that has been sick of the Western elites, sick of the Western regimes, sick of their uniparty propaganda, sick of their uniparty wars, sick of their money laundering, sick of their wars, their killing, their stealing, all of it.
And Putin has decided, for whatever reason, maybe through osmosis he found himself in this position, but he's there now.
Uniting the planet against all the evils that have been coming out of the West for decades, which we all know has been going on.
And I think if the West tries to make a move into Syria, that might be the final straw that broke Russia's back.
I don't know what would happen there.
But this is what's going on.
Your media won't tell you about it.
Your politicians won't tell you about it, because they are in on it.
And honestly, if they don't realize how this is going to hurt them in the end, they're just too stupid already.
We're good to go!
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We're good to go.
The globalists are bombarding us with propaganda and with spiritual warfare and with poisons and chemicals added to the foods.
It's all come out.
And they're doing that not because we're weak, but because we're made in the image of God, the Creator, and we are powerful.
And the social engineers fear that so much.
So that's why I repeat that famous internet saying that nobody knows who first came up with it, but boy, is it true.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
They need all their propaganda and all their lies and all their evil and all their cultural death because
They know in the end they signed on the God of this world who is a loser.
And that's why it's so important that everybody keep InfoWars in the air now more than ever.
Because even if you don't believe in God, what the globalists are manifesting and setting up is satanic.
And we are opposing the one world government and the Mark of the Beast they just announced.
Hello Americans, I'm Paul Harvey.
If I were the devil.
If I were the prince of darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness.
And I'd have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree.
So I'd set about however necessary to take over the United States.
President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
I'd subvert the churches first.
I'd begin with a campaign of whispers.
With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve.
Do as you please.
To the young, I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.
I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around.
I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square.
And the old I would teach to pray after me.
Our father, witch art in Washington.
And then I'd get organized.
I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting.
I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.
I'd peddle narcotics to whom I could.
I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.
I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.
If I were the devil, I'd soon have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves, until each in its turn was consumed.
And with promises of higher ratings, I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames.
The President of the United States is racist.
If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect the discipline of motion.
Just let those run wild.
Within a decade, I'd have prisons overflowing.
I'd have judges promoting pornography.
Soon, I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress.
And in his own churches, I would substitute psychology for religion.
I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money.
If I were the devil, I'd take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.
I would caution against extremes.
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
In hard work, in patriotism, in moral conduct, I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on TV is the way to be.
And thus I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.
In other words, if I were the devil, I'd just keep right on doing what he's doing.
Now you know the rest of the story.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems.
...and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum through full space.
Where people aren't extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
And I'm joined by Lee Stranahan here.
We're going to be discussing
The latest developments in the Ashley Biden diary story.
Here are some of the headlines leading up to this.
President Joe Biden's daughter reportedly writes of alleged abuse in diary.
Why is the FBI investigating Ashley Biden's missing diary?
Ashley Biden diary reveals child sex trauma, drug abuse, resentment for Joe.
And so, uh, it ultimately ended up with Project Veritas.
They said, oh, it was fake, it was fake, and then the feds rushed in to grab it, so obviously it was real.
And, uh, the details of the diary are sorted, indeed.
Lee Stranahan with me now.
Uh, so, Lee...
I mean, of all the affairs of the Biden family that we now know of, Hunter Biden's drug abuse and addiction, sex abuse and addiction, his need to film this and put it on his computer and on the internet.
Of course we know about Hunter Biden sleeping with his sister-in-law.
Joe Biden gave it a full endorsement to the public.
But perhaps maybe the most sordid of all of this is the notion that Ashley Biden writes in her diary about potential sex abuse from Joe Biden in the shower when she was a kid.
I mean, of all the sordid details of the Biden family, this might be the worst, Lee.
Well, on the face of it, I agree with you.
Ashley Biden's diary is very clear.
She says in one paragraph, what this diary is, is she was going through a bad period during the Biden campaign.
She was using a lot of drugs and having a number of affairs and her marriage was on the rocks.
And she was, fair to say, she was unable to control her sexuality.
So what she might call sex addiction, and I won't get into technical psychological definition of that, but she was being very self-destructive with her sexuality.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, and for people, if they want to understand, if you've ever known somebody that's had a very degenerative drug addiction,
And they just prioritize the drug abuse and the drug use over everything else.
That's basically similar to what goes on with a sex addiction, and that's why Ashley Biden, I guess, would write about all these affairs, is you prioritize that over everything else.
So she was going around, I guess, just sleeping with a bunch of men, and that was her most important thing in her life at the time, and there is a brain chemistry thing in association with that, but that's basically what is a sex addiction.
Well, and for instance, one person she slept with, and she slept with him very quickly after meeting him.
She felt an attraction and slept with the person.
Then she finds out afterwards, he's married.
So she's sitting here trying to figure out, and she could have seen that coming.
Does that make sense?
She thought.
So in her diary, she's basically saying, why do I get involved with these people who are unavailable to me?
Does it make sense?
Yes, yes.
And so in the diary, she's writing for herself.
And this diary has been confirmed with a handwriting analysis.
And furthermore, I'm going to say something here.
The New York Times confirmed that this is Ashley Biden's diary, not Project Veritas.
The New York Times confirmed that.
I'll come to Veritas in a second.
She was going through this bad period and relapsing on cocaine and so on.
So she's trying to figure out why she's doing this.
Does that make sense?
She was trying to figure out, why am I like this?
Yeah, so let me just kind of, let me kind of, because I understand where you're going with this.
You're trying to explain.
She's writing in this diary.
She's kind of going through her own head.
She's processing in her own head.
Why did she become like this?
Why did she get addicted to sex?
Why did she get addicted to drugs?
Why is she behaving in such a degenerative way?
She's kind of self-reflecting on all these developments in her life, and then ultimately she lands on what as the cause?
Well, she asked herself, and she answers, she said, was I molested as a child?
I think I was.
She says that very explicitly.
By the way, if you want to listen to the diary, I say, listen, someone on YouTube, if you search for Ashley Biden's diary, talked it, it's about an hour.
They did an audio book of the diary.
So you can, without reading her handwriting, if you want to see what she wrote, you can listen to a guy narrate it.
At one point she says, was I molested as a child?
I think so.
And then a few paragraphs later, she says, and I'm paraphrasing here, but she says, I've always been boy crazy.
She said, I remember sleeping with friends at a very young age.
And she said, and showers with my father, probably inappropriate.
That's in the midst of her trying to figure out why she is this way.
She says she took showers with her father that were probably inappropriate.
So basically the conclusion that she's reaching or that she's considering is that she was sexually abused as a kid and one example would be her father Joe Biden in the shower with her.
And so we're not accusing Joe Biden of that.
She says, why am I like this?
And that's something she hypothesizes.
Does that make sense?
Yes, we're with you.
In other words, I think it's... I don't know what happened.
You don't know what happened.
But I know she said that's what happened.
And I know to dismiss it is insulting to her.
Does that make sense?
Of course.
I mean, believe all women.
We've all heard that a hundred thousand times.
Believe all women.
And I'm not saying believe it, but there's no reason to dismiss it out of hand.
Well, I'm being facetious when I say believe all women, because that's just a leftist trope.
But no, what you're saying here is this is Ashley's own words.
This is in her own mind what she's considering.
And so if we want to be empathetic,
I mean legitimately empathetic.
If we feel badly for the, you know, like you feel badly for someone who's alcoholic, right?
And if they're trying to figure that out and they said, I think my father gave me beer when I was eight all the time.
You wouldn't say you're a liar immediately.
You'd say, okay, let's consider that.
Because they're trying to work out their own problems.
So Ashley Biden said that in a diary when she was going through rehab.
And she's in the middle of rehab as she's writing this diary.
Then what happened was she was staying in a house in Delray Beach, California.
Forgive me, Florida.
And you hear it referred to as Palm Beach, but it was actually Delray Beach.
She was staying at a person's house, a house with a pool and everything.
And then she left the house in the middle of the campaign to go to Philadelphia.
And in doing so, she left a duffel bag and a suitcase full of papers with her name all over them.
And she left the diary under the bed.
You know, tucked under the mattress or something like that.
Now, then
Having left and left that stuff there, a woman named Amy Harris moved into the house.
She was apparently friends with the owner.
And she was going through a breakup and she and her children moved in and they found this diary.
And it's very clearly, and they found papers saying they belong to Asha Biden.
Now right here, there was no theft, right?
If I'm staying at a house and I leave my stuff there, and you move into the house and you find it, you didn't steal it.
That's correct.
That's like the Hunter Biden laptop being left at an IT store.
Exactly right.
And it's a good analogy, because let me ask a question I don't have the answer to.
But I have my suspicions.
Do you really think that
Maybe Ashley Biden wanted someone to see this.
You know, let's leave it right there.
Great question.
As we take a break, we'll answer it on the other side.
We're here with Lee Stranahan.
The question he asked before the break, as he was describing the situation that landed the Ashley Biden diary in the hands of journalists,
Is, could Ashley Biden have intentionally left that diary behind, hoping somebody would see it like a cry for help?
Maybe you could ask the same question about Hunter Biden's laptop.
Now, let me just say this before we get into this with Lee Stranahan.
I'm somebody that studied psychology in college and actually was considering about going into advanced studies of it, but I didn't want to stay in college.
I didn't really like college.
I didn't really like all the prerequisites you had to go through to get an advanced degree in psychology, so I skipped that and I ended up just getting a degree in media, going into media.
But psychology, human psychology, was something that was very intriguing to me.
I excelled at that in those studies just because it came naturally.
So there are examples, Lee.
It was intriguing to me.
Probably the best example would be in criminal psychology, specifically dealing with serial killers, where there reaches a point where they want credit for their work and they want to be caught.
Now, this might not be the best example, I'm just saying there's a level of human psychology where you might do something, not even maybe subconsciously, you're doing something subconsciously, not even realizing you're doing it,
Because you want to be caught, you want credit, or in this case with the Ashley Bynum Diary, it's like a cry for help.
There's no other way she can really cry for help.
She doesn't even know how to do that in her own mind.
She can't even convince herself that she was abused as a kid.
So this is kind of her subliminal, subconscious crying for help, like if I just leave this here and somebody finds it, maybe I can have my cries for help answered.
I don't know if that's been the case for her or not, but why, Lee, let's just get back to the details here.
She leaves the diary behind, it gets found by the next family.
Talk about, so she leaves the diary behind?
I mean, would you really want to leave something like that behind?
Apparently left some other personal belongings behind?
Seems like something you don't leave behind, Lee.
Well, also, you know psychology, so I will say, the diary also contains
Point where she says she loves her father.
She says at several points, she loves her father.
And that's consistent with the confusion.
She might feel that doesn't, saying she loves her father does not prove that he didn't want her, right?
It proves that she's of two minds on it.
One, she thinks that these inappropriate showers happened and two,
That children naturally love their parents, right?
So that's the confusion that someone who's acting out sexually to get approval from men, because that's obviously what's going on.
She talks about that a little bit in the diary too.
So I want to be clear about one thing I'm saying here.
At no point did James O'Keefe or Project Veritas accuse Joe Biden of taking showers with his daughter.
That accusation is made by Ashley Biden in this diary that eventually Project Veritas came to be in possession of.
Now the FBI says that AH, which is assumed is Amy Harris, and RK is a friend of hers, sold it to Project Veritas.
And they have
Not denied that.
So it seems like Amy Harris, the woman who came into possession of the diary when she moved in the house, sold it to Project Veritas.
But at no point did James O'Keefe or Project Veritas accuse Joe Biden of anything.
They never talked about it.
Is that clear?
Because I want to point out, there was an FBI raid on James O'Keefe's house and an employee of Project Veritas.
But no accusation was made by Project Veritas about Joe Biden.
And you'll hear the lies sometimes.
Well, James, Project Veritas accused Joe Biden.
No, they didn't.
Does it make sense?
Nobody accused Joe Biden of any of this until we saw the diary when Ashley Biden is the one that wrote the record.
And Project Veritas didn't print that story.
One of the smears against James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, and you've heard it, and you've heard about InfoWars, Project Veritas is not a journalistic organization, according to the New York Times and Washington Post and so on.
They're an activist organization.
You've heard that, right?
Yeah, I mean, they always try to slander real journalists like James O'Keefe.
If someone who is not a real journalist got a hold of that diary about 10 days before the election, an activist, just a partisan activist, what would they have done logically?
They would have gotten that diary out there, right?
Yeah, and the first I recall of hearing or seeing the diary was Patrick Howley reporting on it with the National Files.
I don't remember the dates of that reporting.
I don't remember before or after election.
That was before the election, and Patrick Howley said in his report, in National File, he was given a diary by someone with a media organization who's afraid that that media organization, he's obviously talking about Veritas, he doesn't say it, but in retrospect, the person who gave it to Patrick thought that they weren't going to publish it.
And sure enough, do you know what Project Veritas did?
When they had this explosive information.
Well, they said.
They attempted to verify it.
They didn't sit on it.
They actively tried to verify it, but were unable to do so.
They want a confirmation from Ashley Biden.
This is hers.
Does it make sense?
That's exactly what a journalistic organization would do.
Now, despite that, months later,
The Department of Justice, the FBI, did early morning raids with James O'Keefe and an employee of Project Veritas.
They came in with guns, said, put your hands in the air, and searched the guy's house, and searched James O'Keefe's house.
This is very dangerous.
When the FBI is doing this to a journalistic organization that had made no claims about this.
Had done nothing wrong.
And had received property that was not stolen.
But they said in the warrant it was stolen.
They knew that it was not stolen.
Because they knew how Amy Harris came into possession of it.
So just think about, forget the shower stuff entirely.
The FBI raided the home of a journalist and a publisher.
In America, who had done nothing wrong.
We should stop there for a second.
In light of Julian Assange being extradited, the war on journalism, and despite all of what Alex has been through, this war on journalism, this is a next level point in this.
The FBI coming in, guns blazing, right, searching
And they took 200,000 pieces.
They searched James O'Keefe's phone.
Well let me do this because we're about to go to a break because you're on to something here.
I want to continue down this path.
Why did the FBI do that raid and why did it take them a year to do it?
We'll be right back with Lee Stranahan.
Lee Stranahan is with us and we're talking about
The Ashley Biden diary, which we segue now into the war on journalism, because...
What's happened since the publishing or the sharing of the Ashley Biden diary is the government going after journalists for doing journalism.
And that's what's going on.
So when the FBI raided Project Veritas to get this journal, really, Lee, it just begs a lot of questions.
And I'll just throw them out there.
You can answer the ones you can and just kind of pontificate on the ones you can't.
First of all, why would the FBI raid somebody's house looking for Ashley Biden's diary that she left somewhere else?
I mean, if she wanted to go find her missing diary, why wouldn't she just go knock on the door and ask for it back?
Why send the feds?
And then the other question would be, why wait a year?
Why was there a year in between when the journal or the diary was received by Project Veritas
A year in between that and when the raid happened.
Lee Stranahan, your thoughts, your answers.
Well, the wheels of justice move slowly.
This initial FBI action was approved by Bill Barr because it was approved when Trump was still president.
So the initial FBI looking into this, but the wheels of justice move slowly.
Why did this take a year?
First, the Delray Police acquired the suitcase and the devil bag with all these documents from Ashley Biden.
Then the FBI was brought into the case by the Delray Police, apparently because she's a high profile daughter, right?
But then Merrick Garland had to be brought in to approve and a judge
Had approved the search warrant for Veritas.
And let me ask you another question.
And this is a hypothesis.
Why is Tucker Carlson bringing us up last Friday?
Friday night.
Last Friday.
He brought up and he devoted the first three minutes.
Tucker Carlson is the most watched news personality in the history of primetime news.
He has the number one show ever.
He's got a big audience and he knows it.
Why did he devote 15 minutes on Friday night?
And I have a conjecture for that.
The Daily Mail had done a story about this about four days before.
But still, in the Daily Mail's piece, anyone can find it, it's talking about the FBI going after Amy Harris, currently.
On charges, not that she sold the diary, but that she sold the diary.
They're not going after the contents of the diary.
As shocking as they are.
But let me ask you a question.
And put on your thinking cap as a media person, Owen.
So you're Tucker Carlson.
Is the Ashley Biden diary story the most politically important story of the day?
Politically important.
So, what's more important?
For instance, you did a great piece at the end of last hour.
You're talking about Russia and the Ukraine war.
The United States and Europe are facing massive economic catastrophe.
Yeah, I think everybody's seeing that.
Everybody's saying that.
Gas prices over five bucks a gallon.
That is undoubtedly as horrible as what may or may not, I assume she's telling the truth, have not actually Biden is, is not more politically important than this global economic crisis.
Or the fact that NATO seem to be pushing Russia into nuclear confrontation.
Would you agree with that?
Yeah, that's the biggest geopolitical story right now, absolutely.
And I think Tucker's smart enough to realize that.
But that being the world's biggest, in terms of survival, political story, does not make it the best story to take down Joe Biden on.
Let me explain.
People, as you know, about half the people in this country are chronically stupid.
They remain in ignorance because they want to.
Half the people out there still would vote for Hillary Clinton if they had a choice.
Half the people are still proud of Joe Biden.
I don't know if I'm half proud of Joe Biden, but no, overall I'd say, yeah, most sadly there is a large, maybe still a majority of people in this country that are completely ignorant on most anything, pretty much.
And if you were to bring up
Nuclear war, a lot of people would be in denial completely about it.
But, and I think Tucker knows that, and I think Tucker would share the concern we have with the implications of the war that the U.S.
is pushing in Ukraine.
However, I think the reason he devoted time to it on Friday was he realized
The Joe Biden took a shower with his daughter is easier to understand.
You don't need to know anything about geopolitics.
And it's in his daughter's own writing.
Right, exactly right.
And few people can, no one in there, I've seen no one defend it.
I've seen people being denied about it.
And they say, well, it's Tucker Carlson.
I don't believe anything he says.
I've seen a few people like that on Twitter.
I've seen no one say,
So what if it's true?
Big deal.
Does that make sense?
I mean, I'm not going to respond to those people.
I mean, obviously we could have the response to those people.
But yeah, I mean, certainly liberals and Democrats, they'll deny the truth, you know, if it smacks them dead in the face.
Right, but they'll be unable to deny this because this is an ongoing investigation and that generates paperwork.
Already the FBI has confirmed this is Ashley Biden's diary.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, I'm with you.
As this goes through the legal process, more and more confirmation on this being Ashley Biden's diary and that she said that about Joe Biden.
I think
And it's important, I think, to understand why Tucker devoted 50 minutes on Friday to this story.
I think he senses chum in the water with Joe Biden.
Recently, the New York Times said a lot of Democrats are saying Joe Biden shouldn't run in 2024.
And I think Tucker Carlson is focusing on this story.
Specifically, there's not a lot new here.
A lot of the information's been out for a while.
But he's taking what is the most devastating and provable.
Go ahead, deny it.
And he is urging, on his show, he urged people, if you're a reporter, ask Joe Biden at a press conference, why did you take a shower with your daughter?
Can you imagine if that happened?
Well, this is why the White House press pool won't allow anybody in there that's not a Democrat activist, except Peter Doocy, who manages to get in there.
I don't know how much longer that'll last, or maybe he's cut a deal with them.
As long as they give him access, he won't ask certain questions.
So, I mean, it would have to be some sort of an independent journalist off-the-cuff moment where it's not a controlled... But pretty much Biden's life is totally in control.
They don't let anybody have access to him that's not allowed.
The media has to be complete Democrat activists.
He doesn't do real press conferences.
So, I mean, for that question to be asked to Joe Biden, it's a long shot, I think.
But he said, do it at a press availability, which is when he walks out to a helicopter.
Or when he walks from an event.
It's going to have to be one of those kind of gray area moments.
And so the reason I point this out is I'm glad you're covering his story.
It's because it's not that it's the most important story politically, although it's horrible.
I think Tucker's right.
I think this is a story that if it springs to the surface,
Imagine if Biden's asked that and there's no video of him stammering an answer or falling off his bike.
So we're capping off this interview with Lee Stranahan talking about the Ashley Biden diary, why it's a story again now, how it has, the story itself has examples of the war on journalism that is ongoing right now within our deep state, within our government.
Against people like James O'Keefe and groups like Project Veritas, not to mention Alex Jones here and InfoWars, even Lee Strainihan.
But we were getting something there right before we went to the break.
Lee, I wanted you to finish your comment there before we went to the break.
And then also, just kind of before we conclude here,
I mean, there is a story here.
While it may not be the biggest geopolitical story and not the biggest political story at all, I think Americans would want to know if their president is a pedophile, child abuser, that might have even done things with his own daughter.
That might be a significant development that people want to know about.
And when you look at the family, when you look at Hunter Biden, when you look at Ashley Biden,
Something went wrong there.
I mean, that's not how you want your kids to grow up to be.
So we'll kind of finish off with that.
But Lee, you can finish off your thoughts from the last segment, finish off your thoughts on the war on journalism before we kind of put a bow on this, just looking at the children of Joe Biden and asking ourselves, boy, what went so wrong?
Well, I think a lot of people who are in the audience are
You know, if you're watching this, you're interested in politics, right?
And so sometimes they get hopeless.
And you know that, Owen.
We cover the news.
As people who cover the news, sometimes you have a story, you think, we've got this story dead to rights.
This should be a big deal in public.
And then you see it goes nowhere.
Or they say it gets no traction.
I think this is a story that can get traction because it's easy to understand.
And although it's not the biggest story, I'm taking a cue from what Tucker did.
And I'm saying it is important to not drop this story.
Here's what else.
Have you heard about anybody being banned from social media for talking about the Astro Biden diary?
I can't cite an example, no.
I mean, I don't know.
You haven't heard about it, neither have I. I'm not saying there isn't one, but I'm saying we probably would have heard about it if someone was banned from social media.
That means, unlike some stories, for instance, the stuff involving vaccines is a bigger story in terms of importance.
But can you think of people who've been banned from discussing vaccines?
Therefore, if you're urging someone to focus on a story, I'm saying everybody on social media should be tweeting about this, the Hunt-Ashley Biden's diary.
They should be tweeting that phrase once a day, because there's no risk in it that I see, Owen.
And then if they do end up banning it, it just becomes an even bigger story.
Yes, exactly right.
This is a story that does not seem to be resulting in any bans so far.
And you're safe.
You can do a video, do a blog post, do a tweet, do a Facebook post, whatever medium you have.
What else you can do?
Find the diary online.
It's in Ashley Biden's diary.
She wrote it by hand.
That means you can post on Instagram.
There's pictures.
You can post.
Does that make sense?
So it's a multimedia story.
There's plenty of this information.
There's police reports out there.
This is a story you can and should be talking about.
And that's why I'm glad you had me on to talk about this.
It's not that I think this is the most important story.
But ironically, this could be a story.
Do you agree?
It's ironic, but this could be the story that brings down Joe Biden.
Well, let me, because, you know, I have to go.
That's the question.
You know, if we're ultimately trying to save this country and we realize Joe Biden is maybe the threat number one to this country, you say, well, how do we how do we get rid of the threat peacefully, politically, legally, lawfully?
Well, with the truth.
Okay, well, what's the truth with Joe Biden and Ashley?
Was he showering with her inappropriately?
Was he engaged in sexual abuse of his own child?
Is that what's being recounted in this diary?
But here's what's so frustrating, Lee.
It's that, I mean, it's just the truth.
Liberals and Democrats are just liars.
They are just liars.
And so they show a picture of Donald Trump with Ivanka on his lap and they say, oh look, Donald Trump, that's inappropriate.
Look at how he treats his daughter.
They show a clip of him saying how beautiful his daughter is.
They say, oh my gosh, look, Donald Trump's a pervert.
He says this about his daughter.
Okay, well maybe you think that's weird.
Maybe it's not so weird.
What is weird is Ashley Biden writing in a diary that she believes it could have been her father inappropriately touching her and showering with her as a kid that led to her being a sex addict and addicted to sex growing up and all the other problems that she's had.
But again,
Maybe it could pick up traction.
Maybe it could be the one.
But we're dealing with people that won't live in reality, Lee.
They deny reality.
They lie through their teeth every day with every breath they take.
It's a lie.
They're never going to live those lies down.
So yeah, should America know for the facts?
Is Joe Biden a pervert?
A pedophile?
Did he sexually abuse his kids?
Do we need an investigation?
The problem is, we're not dealing with people that deal in reality.
We're not dealing with people that are honest, and so they're never going to be honest about this.
They're never honest about anything.
So, I mean, whether it's Hunter Biden and all of his sordid details and escapades, or whether it's Ashley Biden and what she writes in the diary, sadly, even though it should end this corrupt political family,
I just don't think it will, Lee, because we're dealing with Democrats and Liberals who are just 100% bona fide phony liars.
So let's talk about some history here.
So my first work as a reporter was on the John Edwards affair story.
That's the first thing I covered as a reporter.
Remember that?
John Edwards was accused, and there's a picture on the National Enquirer of him and the baby.
He was accused of having an affair.
Remember that story?
Vaguely, but yes.
That story was denied until it wasn't.
Another big story I worked on was the Anthony Weiner sexting story with my friend Andrew Breitbart.
And that story, you remember the press conference for Weiner that Andrew got up on stage during?
Remember that?
Oh yeah.
Now that preface conference did not result in Anthony Weiner resigning.
People don't remember that.
Andrew got up on stage, it was a big hubbub, but Anthony Weiner was still in Congress next week.
Hemingway has a story where he talks about how someone went bankrupt.
And he says, slowly at first, then all at once.
The way these stories break,
I remember in the Edwards story, it was denied, denied, denied until it just wasn't.
And you know what's going to happen on this Biden story?
If this ends up taking him down, the people who are just denying it now will suddenly go, well, we always knew there was problems.
I never trusted him.
There will suddenly be no Biden supporters.
The people who defended Anthony Weiner suddenly got very quiet when he was out of Congress.
And so, I'm saying to people, I understand what you're saying, Owen, but in the Edwards story, eventually, he was taken down.
Eventually, Anthony Weiner was taken down.
Now, you're not going to ever get them completely admitting the truth, but
I think there's sufficient reason to believe that Joe Biden, look at the New York Times piece, Joe Biden is in some trouble with the Democrats.
I think a lot of Democrats, did you say AOC?
Not endorse Biden in 2024?
Well, that doesn't surprise me as much, but you're still on to something because they asked all the Senate Democrats if they would endorse Biden in 2024.
Only five of them said yes.
So there's no doubt Joe Biden is in big trouble.
But, you know, there's already an example of what you're talking about with the Hunter Biden laptop.
It was denied, denied, denied.
Now they all accept it's fact.
But has that really changed anything?
Well, I think until you get near the tipping point, it doesn't tip over.
So, this is the case where people watching... Final 30 seconds here, Lee.
Final 30 seconds.
Take it.
Don't give up.
And don't give in on this one.
We're near a tipping point, I think.
Owen, thanks for having me on.
Great talking to you, brother.
Lee Stranahan gazed off.
And ladies and gentlemen, look who is in the studio with me now.
He's just landed from flight hell.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
But listen, I'll be back.
I've got even more stuff I've got to do tomorrow, but then I'm back completely Wednesday.
Love you guys.
Love Lee Stranahan.
He's such a great patron.
He's done such great work.
And the great Gerald Celente is coming up right now.
In the flesh.
It's real.
In the flesh!
Not dead yet!
Alex Jones!
Gerald Celente takes over.
I'll see you guys.
I'm hosting the War Room in T-minus one hour.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and great seeing Alex Jones.
Yeah, you have a real warrior for peace that man, as I am a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
And we have crazy lunatics leading us into hell.
And this is the headline at Business Insider.
New army chief tells British troops that they must be capable
Of defeating Russia in battle.
The new chief of British Army has told his troops that they must prepare to fight Russia once again.
That's a quote.
Prepare to fight Russia once again.
General Sir Patrick Sanders.
Oh, Sir Patrick!
Oh yes, Sir Patrick!
Who is this clown?
I'm an arrogant guy saying you gotta go to war?
Hey generals, you're always fighting the last war.
You see a picture of this guy, with all this military drag, with these ribbons, and all of these metals.
Bunch of garbage.
General Sanders took up his position today.
And addressed all ranks and civil servants.
Civil slaves!
Little clowns that we paid!
Oh, that's, uh... Oh, that was the former, uh, guy that went away, um... Yeah, the prince, or the king, or whatever.
The Queen's husband.
No, that other guy, uh... Sanders, there.
Patrick Sanders.
I wanna see who related to Bernie Sanders.
Because more BS just coming out of a different mouth.
Sand crap.
We are the generation that must prepare the army to fight in Europe once again.
This guy is out of his mind.
Hey, dumbbell!
Hey, moron!
Hey, imbecile!
You wanna bomb the hell out of Europe again?
Oh, Silenti, calm down and be as proper as the English are!
You see the way they- he's dressed?
And he's a sir!
Or you are?
Or is it a little nobody?
Look at those eyes, man.
Yeah, the eyes have it.
A freak!
Are you gonna bomb the hell out of your- Oh no, no, Selenty!
When the Russians know we have all our troops there, they will... They will... Bow down!
Like all the people should bow down to the crap spewing out of Sir's mouth!
Sir, what a bunch of garbage!
They throwed the honorable, the Sir, the official piece of crap!
It's got- Oh!
The sun never set on the British Empire.
We've had thousands of years of murdering people all over!
Well, not thousands, just several hundred.
And look at this!
Look at this clown!
Look at this stupid garbage!
Hey, you like that military drag?
I got that ribbon for bowing down to the Queen, and she served me!
And I got those medals!
I don't know how many people I killed, or told others to go do it.
And now, I'm spewing my crap out there, and the mainstream media's swallowing it, and shoving it back to you, and you swallow it too!
Because no one's talking about peace.
No one's talking about peace.
You know why?
Because they are pieces of crap.
They're taking us to World War III.
It's already begun.
If we don't unite for peace, we're going to die in war.
How can a guy with a... anybody with a brain bigger than this clown listen to him?
We'll be right back.
And remember, support InfoWars.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
If you listen to the mainstream media, all they do
Is sell the garbage that they're being fed to spew out to the people.
One war after another.
Remember the Maine?
Oh, I think the, uh, was that the Hearst Group gave us that one?
Spanish-American War?
Oh, yeah.
The one that never happened, but they said it did?
Oh, remember the Maine?
No, I remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Oh, yeah.
The one in Vietnam War?
Killed nearly 60,000 Americans.
Wounded about another 250,000.
And hundreds and hundreds of thousands mentally ill from what happened over there.
Oh, and spraying the place with Agent Orange.
There he is, another lying piece of scum crap.
Robert McNamara, may you rot in hell!
Along with Woodrow Wilson, Harry, let's bomb the hell out of Japan with atom bombs after they were going to sign a peace treaty.
We got mentally ill people running the world.
Oh, I forgot.
How about, you know, those...
There he is, one clown after another.
This is the slime ball.
Oh, he's from Princeton.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullet bombs and banks.
He was the president of Princeton.
You become a prince if you go to Princeton.
You're a member of the club.
That's the slime ball that gave us the Federal Reserve.
And we're going to talk about that later.
That's the slime ball, as I said, got us into World War One.
And that's the slime ball that gave us federal income tax.
This isn't ancient history.
Well, for most people it is because they can't remember anything.
And talking about other slime balls that got us into war, that little daddy's boy, that little, little nothing of a clown, George W. Bush.
Oh, you forgot Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction?
Oh yeah, he picked up the lie from his father.
Oh, those Iraqis, they're going into Kuwait and they're going into the hospitals and stabbing babies in incubators.
Oh yeah, you remember that they made up that line too, it was a lie?
I'm mentioning this because that's the propaganda they're feeding us now.
You could take that ear of corn, you know, you could stick it.
Up in the air, yeah.
You know what they're doing to us?
Look at this.
How could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea believe this clown?
Only 88% of Americans believed him when he started the Afghan war.
We're gonna get that guy, Osama bin Laden, dead or alive!
It's a freak show and we have freaks running and ruining our lives.
$57 billion of our money has gone to fight the Ukraine war.
As the roads are rotted, homeless all over the place.
My buddy just came back from Houston.
And he told me, he said, homeless all over the place.
Yeah, they're all over everywhere.
Businesses are dead.
They killed them with the COVID war.
And now they're giving us this war.
People better get it in their mind.
These people are mentally ill.
They're lunatics.
Nice, huh?
America, land of the free.
Land of opportunity.
Destroyed by the military-industrial complex.
Worn by General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
January 17th, 1961, his farewell address.
Telling America, farewell, the military-industrial complex has robbed the nation of the genius of the scientists, the sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
And Eisenhower thought that we would stop it.
Propaganda, propaganda.
That's the name of the game.
Gas stations in Oslo.
We're selling unleaded fuel for $10.30 a gallon.
And who's the Federal Reserve blaming on this?
The Ukraine war.
As our inflation rate hits 40 odds.
This was going on before the Ukraine war.
They made a bad situation much worse.
Putting these sanctions on Russia, the height of stupidity.
But again, name me a war that America's won since World War II.
Show me one brilliant thing that any of the administrations have done to improve the lives of we the people.
Oh, oh, they just passed a new defense budget.
Yeah, it's near 900 billion dollars.
I think out of 26, the people that had a vote on it, to get it out of the committee, only three voted against it.
Tens of trillions of dollars to go fight these wars, the Afghan war, the Iraq wars, the Libyan war,
Syrian war.
Could you imagine if that money went into the economy?
Can you imagine if that money, if we brought home the troops, secure the homeland, stop all these people from coming in when we can't take care of our own, as you can see out in the streets?
Oh, and by the way, all those homeless people out there, how come they're not dying of COVID?
How come the hospitals aren't filled up with COVID?
Guess they can't afford to go to McDonald's or Burger King.
No, it's Coke is better than Pepsi.
This is America, not am I America.
We gotta bring this country back.
And the way we do it is we have to do away with the military-industrial complex.
We have to put that money into building America.
America first and only.
No foreign entanglements, said George Washington, who these clowns couldn't compare to.
A real man that crossed the Delaware.
Remember to go fight?
Yeah, Washington crossed the Delaware.
What did Delaware, boy, what did Delaware?
That was a song.
Take it easy.
She wore a brand new jersey.
It was Perry Cuomo's song.
What did Delaware?
Probably can't sing that anymore.
What do you mean, Delaware?
Anyway, a real man who warned us not to get involved in foreign entanglements, particularly in Europe.
He goes on to say you shouldn't take a side whether you like or dislike a nation.
What's going on in Ukraine is none of my business.
I'm an American.
It's been going on a thousand years back and forth with them.
And we're not going to fix it.
Show me one thing we fixed.
The roads are busted, the ridges are rotting.
We're going to fix this war?
I'm holding a rally.
Peace and Freedom Rally.
Saturday, July 23rd, up here in Kingston, New York, on the Four Corners of Freedom.
Crown and John Street.
Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Scott Ritter.
Gary Noe.
Of course, I'll be there, and the Hot Damn Band.
Food, music, it's free.
They've come.
Oh, the food, you gotta pay for it.
Whether you want to eat and drink, we have vendors.
Go to OccupyPeace.com, OccupyPeace.com, the movement I started.
Close down the bases overseas, the 800 of them, in about 80 countries.
Bring home the troops, secure the homeland.
Put them to work rebuilding our rotted infrastructure.
And if you want to have war, there we go.
Peace and Freedom Rally.
You want to have war, let the people vote.
We're the ones who fight for the war with our money and our lives.
Not the Biden boys.
We'll be back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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So do what you can.
You know, going back to this, the headlines now are, you know, what's going on with all of the cancellations of flights over in the UK, all around the world.
And at least 14,000 domestic flights were canceled or delayed in the United States this holiday weekend.
Can you believe this?
And more than 900 flights were canceled on Sunday alone.
And we got our clown that's playing the transportation secretary, this Buddha gig.
Telling, um, we got to, uh, fix this problem.
Buttigieg is advising airlines to meet their flight schedules and hire more customers, service workers.
He said that if they do not meet these requirements by the 4th of July weekend, the department could enforce fines for the airlines.
A Buddha gig.
A clown.
Why are they having this problem?
A fat mouth.
Why don't you address why they're having this problem?
Because you... How could people take orders from these little jerks?
It's a country after country
Position after position.
You lock down society.
You remember?
You were gonna flatten the curve.
Look at this.
This guy was running to be our president.
And the way this country's going down, he may be in the future.
You lock down the economy.
You destroyed it with the COVID war.
No one talks about this.
No one talks about the irreputable damage that you clowns caused by locking down society to fight the virus.
We're going to fight the virus.
You destroyed the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and billions around the world.
Oh, no vax, no jab, no job.
Oh, you forgot they can't find any pilots, huh?
What do you mean?
You have to get vaccinated.
How dare you?
How dare you question me?
I'm the fraud Fauci!
Oh, speaking of which, hey, arrogant little Fauci.
You got the virus, huh?
Double E jab!
Did you get one up your you-know-where?
You must have gotten ten of them!
Oh, booty gig!
You got the jab too!
You got the- you get the virus?
They destroy the economy!
Who ever heard of that?
Having all these people you can't find work for?
You can't find- to fill positions?
This didn't exist before the COVID war!
Inflation wasn't skyrocketing before the COVID war, and these little scum, these little low-lives, like, oh, I gotta be proper.
She's our Treasury Secretary of the United States, Janet Yellen.
Miss Fatsia Brut.
No, no, no, this inflation ain't real.
No, no, no, it's not real.
It's temporary.
It's transitory!
It's transgendatory!
Same thing with Powell.
The Fed head.
And she was the Fed head.
Now she's the Treasury Secretary.
So grow up, everybody.
Here she is.
Marrona me.
We're the same age.
All I want to look at is... Like that.
These are the people telling us what to do.
100% wrong.
And now you know what they're blaming it on?
The Russians.
Yeah, the Russians.
No, no, you put the sanctions on the Russians and you have inflation because you dumped in all that cheap money, trillions of dollars and brought interest rates down to zero.
So the money junkies could keep gambling on Wall Street, which should have gone into the toilet when they locked down the joint in March of 2020.
Look at what's going on.
Who wants to travel?
I wouldn't want to travel anywhere.
Unless, of course, I was one of the rich people that had my private jet.
How can you listen to these people?
How stupid can you be?
We called inflation right from the beginning.
A year and a half ago, we said it was real.
And now one of the media, they all used to cover out the Trends Journal work.
They won't cover it because these little clowns, they're prostitutes, they're media whores.
They get paid to put out.
But a corporate pimps and a government law masters.
Only would believe the authorities, the officials, the official pieces of garbage.
That's all they are, official pieces of garbage.
This inflation is real.
We're not going into stagflation, we're going into dragflation.
Economies are going to drag down and inflation is going to skyrocket.
We're helping you do everything we can to prepare for that, and so is InfoWars.
So get these products.
You better prepare for the worst.
Prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen and you're prepared, you lose nothing.
If the worst happens and you're not prepared, you lose everything.
And we're gonna lose it.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I keep saying, and we'll keep saying,
SupportInfo was the robbing us of our freedom with the censorship going on in the United States and around the world.
They just forced something over there in Europe, really censoring big tech.
And again, big tech, it's, you know, Judge Napolitano, a real fighter for freedom.
We do a podcast each week and he did an article on
Is it, are they robbing us of our freedom of speech?
Well, they're private companies, Twitter and Alphabet, Facebook, so they could do what they want.
But then he makes the point how they're now seeing all this correspondence going back between Twitter and the United States government and how they're working together.
So if they're working together, then they're working with the government
So it's no longer a private corporation that could be telling you what to do.
It's freedom of speech.
You're able to say what you want on their channels because they're working with the government.
So InfoWars is giving you what you can't get most other places.
And we're giving you in the Trends Journal, as far as a magazine, what you can't get any place in the world.
We're giving you what's going on in the world, geopolitically, socioeconomic, and a whole bunch of different categories from high tech to high science and everything in between and telling you what it means, what's next and what to do.
And what you're getting again from the media is nothing but propaganda.
I'm going to give you an example.
This is from last Tuesday's New York Times.
I have up here all the news that's fit to print.
Oh yeah?
You're telling me what's fit to print?
All the news?
Oh you know I don't know anything?
And the paper of record.
The toilet paper of record because it's good for one thing.
I bought- I gotta get it delivered every day because I gotta see what's going on.
It was in one article in today's paper for three dollars that I could use.
Not one.
Just a lot of stupid garbage.
Going back to their propaganda.
Ukraine war gets Taiwan ready.
It says Russia's brutal war in Ukraine has jolted Taiwan into confronting the specter of a sudden attack from the island's
Own larger and more powerful neighbor, China.
Russia's brutal war.
Those, that's how they begin the sentence.
Same page right here.
Europe weighs hard to fight.
Losing ground to Russia's brutal advance in the East.
Losing ground to Russia's brutal advance, Russia's brutal war, or Vox.
Russia's war is now a brutal offensive in Eastern Ukraine.
America's wars were never brutal.
Oh, that arrogant guy with the military drag all over him?
Yeah, that Patrick.
Sir Patrick, excuse me.
Excuse me, Sir Patrick.
Oh, your son never set on the British Empire, huh?
Fat mouth?
How many millions of people did you kill?
Oh, I know, you had that other guy.
A little piece of garbage that couldn't find his way out of a paper bag.
Tony Blair.
Tony Blair blaring out his crap.
About Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction?
Oh, that wasn't a brutal war, Salente!
We were going there to bring freedom and democracy to those people that were under the enslavement!
Of who?
The leaders leading us to our death?
Look at the little jerk they got over there in the UK.
Boris Johnson.
Always in trouble.
Every time he gets in trouble, puppies on a plane goes to Kiev.
We're going to give you more weapons.
We're going to keep fighting with you.
You're going to lose the war.
We said it from the beginning.
All this is doing is causing more destruction.
World War III has begun.
You have mentally ill people in charge!
When you got this guy as Patrick's, oh, Sir Patrick, Sir General, General Sir Patrick, your honor, saying they're gonna send troops to Europe?
Generals are always fighting the last war.
In 2000, I was brought to Virginia Military Institute, VMI,
To talk about New Millennium Warfare.
I was the keynote speaker at VMI with generals from around the United States.
Look at this guy.
Look at this!
It's a joke!
What do you think, it's Halloween?
And don't forget to roll out the red carpet.
And all you other guys dressed up, don't forget to salute.
Yeah, I salute you, I get right there.
The generals are fighting the last war.
We must stop this and no one is, very few of us are talking about peace.
Rick Wiles, True News, Infowars, very few of us.
So again, remember, July 23rd on the four corners of freedom here in Kingston, New York, a peace and freedom rally.
United we stand, divided we're going to die.
Three strikes, you're out.
World War III, it's over.
Again, they asked Albert Einstein, what kind of weapons would be used to fight the Third World War?
He said, I don't know.
He's a guy who had a little thing to do about the atom bomb.
He said, we're using sticks and stones to fight the Fourth.
I'm showing you, giving you an example of how they use propaganda.
Russians, brutal wars.
America's wars are never brutal.
Of course, the English wars are always so proper.
Don't you folks over there in India love the English?
Yeah, yes, yes, yes.
Oh, a place called Myanmar that used to be Burma.
The sun never sets on the British Empire.
They gave us World War I and World War II.
They're murderous freaks.
Along with the other murderous freaks in Germany and other places.
Speaking of which... That guy Schultz over there... Playing the Chancellor!
The Chancellor!
Roll out the red carpet, here comes the Chancellor!
And don't forget to salute!
You didn't salute enough!
Goes over to Kev again.
He condemned what he called the unimaginable cruelty of the Ukraine war.
The brutal destruction of the city is a memorial this war must end.
We are supporting Ukraine with arms supplies!
Hey, unimaginable cruelty?
What, he got attention deficit disorder?
A clown boy chancellor?
Severe World War II?
Unimaginable cruelty?
Heil Hitler only killed about 27 million Russians.
Operation Barbarossa, clown!
Oh, we won't talk about that, Solente.
This is unimaginable!
Because I'm an idiot!
And I'll swallow whatever I can do, because that's how I got to be Chancellor!
I'm a member of the Free Club!
In a country near you!
InfoWars, support it.
We write... Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show, and I keep saying it, we'll keep saying it.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
Keep the truth alive.
And again, if you want to know what in the world is going on, what it means, what's next, and what to do,
You want the Trends Journal?
It's only $2 a week.
Last week was like 171 pages, no ads.
You read what you want.
It's a magazine.
You know, you don't have to read everything.
We're giving you what nobody else has given you in the magazine with trends.
Nothing close.
Because you better prepare.
You know, again, this COVID war has destroyed us in ways that are unimaginable.
Businesses are dead.
It's dead up here in Kingston at night.
Open Woodstock the other night.
Saturday night.
Nine o'clock.
Empty and out.
One place after another.
People can't afford to go out.
They're going out less to restaurants.
They're still freaking out.
Here, they're selling more fear.
This is from today's Financial Times.
What do we got here?
Here we go, here.
Look at the size of this story.
Look at that.
Rise in hospital admissions.
Shows COVID threat remains.
Hey, wait a minute.
You mean all these lockdowns?
You're gonna flatten the curve?
You flatten life.
All the stupid things you made up?
Gotta stand one meter apart.
Well, my country, it's two meters.
Put up that plexiglass.
Wind doesn't go under it, around it, over it, around, nope.
And don't forget to wash down everything.
Sanitize it.
Even though your chances of getting it are 1 in 10,000 touching something.
And you gotta wear the mask when you're eating.
Oh, when you're not eating.
You gotta put it on when you walk in and sit down.
I forgot.
Everything they did, hasn't worked.
And, I mentioned that fraud Fauci, as you well know on InfoWars, they reported on it.
Look at this, look at this, look at this stupidity.
Grand stupidity.
All over the world.
And now they're selling more fear.
So here we go.
Get ready, come autumn.
You're going to be selling COVID fear.
You're going to do it again.
Again, I mentioned that Fauci gets positive test for virus.
Fully vaccinated against the virus and had been boosted twice.
So that could mean I'm interviewing all of us that haven't got vaccinated, haven't gotten boosted, and haven't got the virus.
And then the clowns spew out the garbage.
I'm really glad I got vaccinated and boosted.
I could have been really sick.
We got that other guy.
Jake Sullivan.
The White House National Security Advisor.
Boy, this guy looks like Goebbels' grandson, man.
Well, great-grandson.
What an evil-looking guy this... I think he was a former CIA guy.
He's a former CIA... One of them is.
Then the other guy, one of the other spokesmen.
He's fully vaxxed and he joins the long list of names in the Biden White House that got the jabs and got COVID.
This is the Jake Sullivan area.
Look at this guy.
Holy Christ.
Can you believe this?
Look at this guy.
Look at this guy.
Who with a mind bigger than a pea would swallow the garbage spewing out of this guy's mouth?
This is the Jake Sullivan that said the United States would ultimately like to see an independent Ukraine and would like to see Russia weakened and isolated.
That's what he said.
Back right after the Ukraine war began on February 24th.
Our policy is unequivocal that we will do whatever we can to help Ukraine succeed.
We need to keep giving them support, military support, and strong economic sanctions to improve their position
Their posture at the negotiation table.
All right?
All right?
You just heard it.
More weapons of death to keep bloodying the killing fields, stealing more of our money, and bragging and bragging about the sanctions that did nothing to stop Russia that we're all paying for
At the price of the pump, when you go to the gas station, you go to the, go, anything you buy inside, supermarkets, everything, prices going up.
They were going up before this, again, at the unprecedented trillions of dollars pumped into the system by the Trump administration to fight the COVID war.
The Biden administration's $1.9 trillion.
No, not $2 trillion, Salenti.
Say $1.9 trillion.
This way the people think it'll be less than $2 trillion.
And zero in negative interest rate policy.
We are headed for the worst financial crisis in human history.
They've made a terrible situation worse.
Look what they're telling the people over there in Germany.
Cut back on using energy.
They committed this crime themselves.
It's a crime against the people.
There's Biden, who also said that when he put these on, the sanctions, that they would hurt Putin and not the people.
When is everybody going to grow up and understand the system that we have in place, the dumbo-craps and the repulsive-kins are imbecilic morons, with few exceptions.
Like Massey and Rand Paul, to some extent, well not a lot, but Thomas Massey,
Yeah, the guy's great.
But very few.
We gotta get rid of these two parties.
They're two murderous parties.
It's time for a new movement.
Without it, we're finished.
Oh, I'm gonna vote for a lesser of two evils.
It's like saying almost pregnant.
What do you like better, McDonald's or Burger King?
No, I like Coke or Pepsi.
We need a new system.
And again, I'm doing everything I can, InfoWars is, and please come to Kingston, New York.
We got to make the news with this.
We want our Occupy Peace movement to be the movement back in the United States to bring peace back to this country and stop this division.
So Four Corners of Freedom, again, Crown and John Street.
It's the only place with pre-revolutionary war stone buildings on each corner.
And this will be held beginning in the gardens of the 1750 Franz Roggenhaus.
Live music, speakers, food, drink, the hot damn band, Gary Nell, Scott Ritter, Judge Napolitano, of course I'll be there.
We need a new movement.
Peace is one of them.
And I gotta tell you, there's nobody that I respect more
And Judge Napolitano on the field of, there's no authority, constitutional authority with the background that he has in America.
Again, listen to our podcasts.
They're on my Gerald Salenti or the Trends Journal channel.
Guy's brilliant.
You say something, boom, facts come out.
And that's what this is all about, facts.
And the fact is they've been lying to us.
This COVID war has done unsurmountable damage.
We follow the Chinese.
Who would have ever believed we'd be locking down entire nations?
Forcing people to stay in their homes.
Masking them up so you can keep breathing in that wonderful carbon dioxide.
And rot your teeth away.
And your mind.
We're in the fight for our lives.
Again, they have these great sales at InfoWars that you're not going to want to miss.
Particularly the Survival Shield X2.
It's back in stock.
You get 40% off at InfoWars, InfoWarsStore.com and support peace and freedom.
Go to Occupy Peace and we need you there.
We got to make the news with peace.
See you next week.
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