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Name: 20220619_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 19, 2022
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In this Father's Day edition, Alex Jones discusses the various ways in which globalists are attacking humans and the biosphere. He mentions how stock markets are being deliberately crashed to consolidate control, with large central banks issuing quadrillions of currency to create massive devaluation as a political weapon or neofeudalism. The Federal Reserve has announced the impending implementation of a digital currency tied to all aspects of one's life. Amazon is creating an insider club where people have to pay money to buy staple goods, which could signify food shortages and rationing. Joe Biden's fall further symbolizes the collapse of America as the globalists orchestrate it. The Moderna shot has been authorized for six months and up, with schools in blue state areas claiming it's mandatory despite its ineffectiveness and potential consequences such as blood clots and permanent genetic alteration leading to infertility. The EPA announced that there are dangerous chemicals in the water causing health issues like infertility and cancer. Jones emphasizes that humanity is facing a planetary corporate fascist takeover with forced mass depopulation as the final destination, citing the leak of COVID-19 from a Wuhan lab as evidence. The video discusses social credit scores and carbon taxes. It criticizes the FDA for approving experimental shots that don't work and erase the immune system. It discusses concerns about the Wuhan Institute of Virology and estimates the worldwide death toll of COVID-19 to be above 18 million. The video argues that globalists have moved their legal program to China so they could blame them for releasing the virus if it ever came out. It accuses the UN of causing millions of deaths through lockdowns, starvation, suicide, and complications from malnutrition. The video highlights the recent introduction of a stronger Moderna shot for six-month-olds and up, calling it "unprecedented depopulation" and "unprecedented evil." It emphasizes the need to hold those responsible accountable and urges listeners to share information to expose the truth behind these issues. The video also promotes products available at Infowarstore.com to support the body's immune system.

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Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Sunday, June 19th, 2022.
Father's Day.
And I want to salute not just the fathers of the U.S.
and the fathers around the world, but all the parents and the grandparents and the aunts and the uncles and the brothers and the sisters and others that have stood together for our children and our human family going into the future.
The globalists are attacking the human structure at every level, but not just humans are being targeted.
The entire biosphere and carbon, the very basis of life forms on this planet, is being outlawed and curtailed as we speak by the forces of the New World Order.
Now on this special Father's Day edition, we're going to cover some of the giant developments that are unfolding.
First off, it is now admitted that the stock markets of the world are being purposely crashed to consolidate control.
It is admitted on record that the large central banks have issued quadrillions of currency to create a massive devaluation as a political weapon or a form of neo-feudalism.
To make everybody dependent and bring us to our knees to bring in the new global digital currency.
The Federal Reserve announced last week that we told you for decades was coming that will be tied to all of your political, cultural, and spiritual and economic activity with the social credit score enforced via the carbon tax and the vaccine passport system.
There's been a big development I'll be covering next segment and that's Amazon is creating an insider club now where you have to sign up and pay money
To be able to buy staple goods in the future.
Translation, they're preparing for open food shortages and food rationing.
That's coming up.
Obviously, it's a big story that Joe Biden fell down again, came to a complete stop and then just fell over and then hopped around later that day to show everybody how incredibly agile he is.
The man is emblematic of the design collapse of America.
He was put there to take the blame for the collapse when it is the globals that are orchestrating it all.
It's key to make that fact.
It doesn't mean we like Joe Biden.
Doesn't mean we don't want to impeach him.
Doesn't mean we don't discredit him.
But we have to understand he is nothing but the distraction or the red cape that the matador puts out in front of the bull.
It is the matador and the sword he holds in his hand that is the real threat.
And this entire broadcast is about exposing that.
Obviously we'll be covering it in more detail coming up.
But out of all the big issues we're breaking down here, the most central is this.
We'll be covering it at the start of the next segment.
The Moderna shot, the same contents mRNA gene therapy as the Pfizer, but three times stronger, has been authorized for six months and up.
And now schools in blue state and blue city areas
Are claiming it's mandatory.
This is an unprecedented crossing of the Rubicon.
It's admitted that it doesn't work.
It's admitted that it erases your immune system.
It's admitted that it causes all sorts of blood clots and permanently infects not just the DNA of the child, but that will pass it on into future generations.
This is part of a larger plan tied directly to infertility and sterilization.
This is the long-term UN project to develop
A vaccine to lower human population.
You can just search engine on the UN's own website, birth control vaccines, and you'll see decades and decades of research and more than 100 different shots that they call vaccines.
That's right.
But the EPA and FDA that these are at safe levels, they're really not at safe levels, and they're causing what?
Infertility, cancer, all sorts of gender confusion and more.
Yes, the chemicals in the water aren't just making the frogs gay, it's sterilizing them and it's sterilizing us.
We'll be right back on the other side.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday broadcast.
We have some very dire announcements to make here.
That when you put them in context with a larger picture, it becomes crystal clear that we are facing a planetary corporate fascist takeover whose endgame aim and final destination is forced mass depopulation.
So let's start breaking it down right now.
It's being reported by hundreds of newspapers very quietly.
The WHO chief believes COVID did leak from Wuhan lab, that's the headline, after a catastrophic accident in 2019 despite publicly maintaining
I think?
And that Peter Daszak, under Bill Gates and Fauci's funding, have been developing the exact same groups of virus combinations in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, going back in 2014-15, that the project was illegal, so it was moved to Communist China, and they even specifically call it COVID-19 in their records a year before it was ever released, or it was ever named COVID-19 officially.
That's what's so frustrating about this, is that they know this is all there, so they're quietly letting
Little pieces out.
And so there are the fact-checkers, corporate and governmental, in big tech and big dinosaur media, censoring and stopping anybody that tried to talk about this when we had total evidence, and then calling us criminals and calling for our arrest and saying we're spreading fear.
And then now, the EU is reporting that Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization,
told them two years ago that he knew it came out of a lab in a catastrophic event.
Hood Chief believes COVID-19 did leak from a lab after a catastrophic accident, close quote, 2019, despite publicly maintaining all hypotheses remain on the table.
Well, no, first they said it came out of the wet market out of the grocery store that had a lot of animals in it.
And then they said they didn't know where it came from.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have the documents from 2017.
When the Pentagon was approached by Peter Daszak and this group saying, we want to give you weaponized aerosolized spike protein.
We want to spray it in Chinese caves.
So the Pentagon said that would cause World War III with the communist Chinese.
What are you talking about?
That's a bioweapon attack.
So they were trying to frame the Pentagon back then by trying to get them to be involved in this.
So when that all came out, they use it as blackmail against the US government.
But now,
They've just used it to blackmail the planet, cause massive lockdowns, bring out forced inoculations, bring out the WorldID vaccine passport that's the platform for the world social credit score and carbon taxes.
It's now all official, all announced, all there, and how vindicated are we yet again that back in January of 2020 and February 2020, InfoWars was the first to break this information along with Zero Hedge and, of course, Dr. Francis Boyle.
But we're not taking victory laps because now that we're 30 plus months into this, they are simply moving on to the next phase and the next virus they're going to release in the next lockdowns and
The FDA quietly, Friday, said now we're going to give, notice on Friday evening, we're going to give children as young as six months old these experimental shots that they admit don't work and erase your immune system.
This is so incredibly criminal.
And if you try to point out the studies that it actually hurts your immune system and makes you sick,
Well, then they censor you as well and call it disinformation.
This is truly criminal activity on a mass scale.
Director General Tedros confided to a senior European official.
The mail on Sunday first revealed concerns about Wuhan's Institute of Virology.
Worldwide death toll of COVID pandemic now estimated to be above 18 million.
Yeah, right, from denying people basic treatment and vitamins.
Who initially branded lab leak fear as a conspiracy theory,
Lying to Congress.
He must be indicted.
The House of Cards must come down.
Or this same group of criminals is going to continue to launch these type of attacks over and over again until we stop them and they're gearing up and getting ready for another one.
So think of the value of Infowars.
Think of the value of what you've done supporting us and keeping us on the air over the years because we have been the main center of resistance to these criminals and what they've done.
And remember,
All the censors and all the leftist media and all the trolls that bullied you and bullied us and attacked us and fought to censor us and shut us down and tried to silence us, they now all have blood on their hands with this as well.
And remember,
The lockdowns, the UN estimates, have killed more than 40 million people from starvation alone.
Millions more from suicide.
Millions more from complications of malnutrition.
And they all have blood on their hands.
They launched the Great Reset.
They're the ones trying to build on our ashes their new system.
And now they're coming with the Moderna shot that is three times stronger than the Pfizer shot.
The exact same mRNA system.
to devastate six-month-olds and up.
This is just unprecedented depopulation, unprecedented evil, and we must not let it continue.
They hope that because we're 30 months after they launched the first attack, that everybody just goes back to sleep now and forgets that this happened and just has no memory.
The globalist engineers, the social engineers, are counting on you not having a memory, but you do have a memory.
So as interesting as Joe Biden is falling off bikes and stumbling upstairs and falling downstairs and not knowing who he is, he's just a puppet.
And it is the UN, it is the big banks, it is the big corporations that are anti-free market, that are medical, biomedical tyrants, that want to have control of our bodies and literally rape our rights and our freedom, our health.
They are the ones that have authored this, they are the ones that are guilty of this, and they are the ones that must be brought to justice for this.
Owen Schroeder is about to take over for the balance of this segment and the next, and I'll be back at the bottom of the hour with other key reports, but this is
Just so insane, and I want to thank and salute all of you for sharing the articles and videos and reports that first broke at InfoWars.com and Bandot Video, because without your action, the globalists would not be on their heels right now, would not be running scared, and would not be pointing fingers
We're going to go to break here in a moment.
I want us to take over.
I'm going to be back with more news.
I want to just thank all the listeners for your support.
I want to encourage you again to take the archive of this live feed once it's posted at Man.Video and to share it and tell your neighbors, your friends, your family, perfect strangers, see, we were right, vindicated again.
We've been vindicated on so many fronts.
And we are only going to be captured in this tyrannical system at a higher level of tyranny until we continue to hammer this issue.
They're losing this fight right now.
The fact that they launched this attack is coming out.
I think so.
Thank you for the support.
Now support yourselves, support your body and be healthy at InfoWarStore.com.
We'll go to break and come back with Owen Schreier.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
Stronghold, Austin, Texas.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
And we take you now into the InfoWars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas.
Is it a big deal that Joe Biden falls down the flight of stairs walking up to Air Force One not once but twice?
Is it a big deal that Joe Biden has to switch shoes to a pair of special geriatric shoes when he is at a European trip and conference?
Is it a big story that Joe Biden craps his breeches and needs to change diapers when he's meeting the Pope?
Is it a big story all of his gaffes, he forgets where he is?
He's constantly mush-mouthing it, marble-mouthing it, saying things that don't make any sense, lying through his teeth.
Is it a big deal that Joe Biden goes on vacation every weekend to Delaware, where he's riding around on a bike and now falls over as he's approaching the media?
Is any of it a big deal?
No, as isolated incidents.
And it's not a secret that Joe Biden is suffering from severe dementia and Parkinson's and who knows what else.
But the thing that is a big deal is that every day that the Democrats
And the American left refused to try to rechart their course to get back on the map and get back to reality and get back to common sense and get back to integrity and morals and fact.
They just continue to expose themselves as the lying, corrupt, degenerate, mentally unstable individuals that they are.
So now, yet again, the media and the Democrats are forced to defend Joe Biden who can't even ride a bike.
Now think about it.
He goes on a vacation every weekend in Delaware.
Every weekend he goes on a vacation in Delaware.
He has taken more vacation time than any other president.
So every weekend he goes.
But they like to set up these little moments for Joe because he doesn't really have any moments.
He hasn't done anything impactful.
He hasn't done anything historic.
He doesn't really make himself available to the media.
So they have to set up these moments and they have the fake little staged White House area.
But that doesn't really do anything.
He doesn't really have any moments there either.
So they have to set up these moments for Joe
So they can have some sort of a media puff piece or some sort of public presence, but make it consumable so that it seems like a common man thing that the average American will see and resonate with.
Oh, he's riding a bike.
Oh, he's eating ice cream.
Yay, it's Joe's ice cream social again.
Oh, remember when they tried to put him on the golf course?
And they staged that whole golf course shot, and he almost took his own head off when he hit the ball straight into a rock.
Yeah, there's Donald Trump having a little fun with Joe Biden, unable to stand on a bike and falling over on Truth Social.
But see, there's other angles to this, like I'm going to be covering coming up.
Yeah, let's see the media, let's see the Democrats defend Joe Biden's health, let's see them run this
And just for a kicker, what does he do as soon as he's able to stand back up and regain his focus and consciousness?
What is the first thing Joe Biden does?
He finds a little girl to grab.
No exaggeration, folks.
Stands right up, sees a little girl, and ooh, yummy, and goes in for a little snack time.
Yeah, get on down there.
Wow, there he is.
What do you expect from old creepy Uncle Joe?
Joe President, are you okay?
Oh, hi little girl.
What's your name?
How old are you?
Want to go for a ride?
Want to go down to the beach with me?
Have you ever gotten sand in your underwear?
I'm just President Joe Biden asking a little girl these questions.
So, pretty incredible stuff, but you can't even make this up.
I mean, if you wanted to set Joe Biden up for embarrassment, this is exactly what you would do.
You would have a media gaggle set up for him to ride up on a bike like they clearly staged.
I mean, it's obviously staged there.
What, the media's just there waiting for him to pull up on a bike?
Like, please.
That's completely staged.
But if you wanted to set Joe Biden up to embarrass him, that's the way to do it.
Oh, Joe, come ride up on a bike, yeah.
And then, oops, oh, Joe falls over!
And then, hey, let's put a ten-year-old girl right there, too, so when he first gets up, you know what he's gonna do, so the world can see him do that, too, yeah.
If you wanted to set Joe Biden up for failure, that would be how you'd do it.
So it's almost, like, too good to be true, like somebody wanted him to take this fall.
But that's not even the story.
The story is they now have to defend Joe Biden, and they have to defend how he's destroyed this country.
They have to defend the fact that they're putting pedophiles and perverts in libraries and school classrooms, giving them access to children.
They have to defend this.
They have to defend causing your gas prices to double and triple.
They have to defend causing your grocery bill to double.
They have to defend causing your energy bill to go up.
And so that's the real story here.
The only people that are telling you Joe Biden is still the real president or even fit to be president are just lying to themselves and lying to you and just living a life of lies.
And that's why they're liberals and Democrats.
That's the life they've chose.
So, okay, yeah, Joe Biden can't climb a flight of stairs, Joe Biden can't ride a bike, Joe Biden can't hit a golf ball, Joe Biden can't go to Europe without pooping on himself, or needing to switch shoes to geriatric shoes, and Joe Biden can't be around any prepubescent girls or boys, or he gets a little too excited and needs a little grab time.
But the whole world is watching this.
All of America is watching this.
And when you compare and contrast, because more people have been paying attention to politics in America in the last eight to six years than really a long, long time.
So people watched what was going on with Trump.
They were paying attention.
And it was even because most people had it so bad under Obama that they started to care again.
But then there was Trump, who was just
Like a break in the matrix.
So then everybody started paying attention.
And then there, of course, was Joe Biden and the Biden administration.
So everybody can see what a disaster it is having Democrats in control and Joe Biden in the White House, but even more so juxtaposed with what it was just like for four years under Trump.
So, is it a good thing that Joe Biden is such an embarrassment for this country on the planet?
No, for this country, it's actually really bad, the embarrassment, the world leaving us behind now because our president is a joke.
But America has another opportunity to wake up and realize it.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to this special June 19, 2022 Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, our Father's Day edition.
Again, thank you for joining us.
We're about to lay out
Some really chilling information that we knew was going to happen, that we warned you 30 months ago was going to unfold, because it's part of the globalist battle plan, and they admit in their own white papers that this has been their operational objective the entire time.
So, here it is, another major signpost on the road to food rationing.
And remember the statistic that just came out last week that one quarter of Central America in just the last decade has migrated or invaded into the United States and are being now organized by the Democrats to be a permanent underclass and to outvote the indigenous American population of all race, colors, and creed.
No, there is inflation.
We care about making sure bad actors don't impact the shopping experience in our stores for genuine customers.
The company wrote in Twitter post this week, announcing the start of the program.
So they're going to surveil what you buy and what you do, and then decide as a social credit score, whether you're allowed to buy stuff on Amazon, and it'll be invite only into their system.
And because they have dominance worldwide, even above Walmart in a supply chain,
I think so.
So welcome to Food Rationing.
Remember what the Davos Group said 30 months ago?
They said COVID will prepare you with the lockdowns for climate lockdowns and food rationing.
And government ministers in Europe, the UK and Australia said that was coming next.
And remember, you're going to eat bugs, you're going to own nothing, and you're going to like it.
Classes and bug eating events in schools to brainwash the children.
So the children are being taught they're another gender to get sterilized.
They're being taught to eat bugs.
This is the dystopic system.
But look how Amazon spends this.
Oh, to make sure you're not hoarding, we invite you in and then you're allowed to get the items that all the smaller businesses and smaller grocery store chains and mom and pops can't get.
And then with all the carbon,
Rationing and things that are coming up in the future.
You'll be non-essential.
Your business won't be able to operate, but they will.
Total vertical integration.
Total corporate fascist monopoly system.
Amazon is launching its invite-based program for high demand items that are low in supply.
And it just goes on to say the site is already showing request invitation buttons on high demands like Sony's PlayStation.
In fact, not being prepared for, we are now in the midst of this today, and it's only going to get worse until we realize that during the lockdowns, companies like Amazon and others doubled and even tripled their profits, while small mom-and-pop businesses and even large regional businesses went out of business.
Food processing plants in Europe and the U.S.
have blown up or had planes crash into them magically.
There's all sorts of other industrial espionage going on.
And if you look at how the CIA attacked Guatemala, it was declassified back in the 60s, where they even released crop-eating insects and other things to make their economy implode.
And you look at what's happening here, you can see that this is the Great Reset.
This is the U.N.
program of deindustrialization and starvation that is being launched against humanity.
No, this is the most important point.
And I make it for the 10,000th time, because if we don't understand this, we're going to lose.
If we understand this, we're going to win.
This is all a coordinated, globalist operation.
People ask me on the street, I see all over the internet, how does Alex Jones know the future?
How does he keep predicting everything?
And how does it come true?
Basically, exactly as he said it would, because I'm not predicting it.
It's a globalist battle plan.
So last week, the Environmental Protection Agency came out
And admitted what has been known since the 1950s in this country.
And that is they are adding chemicals via fluoride, not just hydrofluoric acid, but other chemicals, heavy metals and serious toxins in with the fluoride and simply calling it a fluoride product.
Then there's all the other runoff from chemicals that the EPA and others do not ban.
And then other chemicals that aren't bad for us, but are good for our industrial society and food production and our way of life, they do restrict.
So here is the Washington Post.
The EPA warned that a group of human-made chemicals found in drinking water, cosmetics, and food packaging used by millions of Americans pose a great danger to human health than regulators previously thought.
Oh, now the plastic liners are low in fertility.
Now they're killing the sperm count.
Now they're causing mutations.
Now they're causing cancer.
It's not just the frogs that are becoming sterile.
It's the shrimp, and the fish, and anything else that comes into contact with this, and yes, us.
But then all the late night comics make fun of me, and the left does, and Jones is crazy.
He says there's chemicals in the water that are bad for you, because they don't want you to know that.
But now...
It's being forced out in the open.
So truly, yet again, tomorrow's news today, they don't want you to know about this stuff.
They want to continue to target you.
And now they're coming for six month polls and up at the controlled FDA, where they've had to have five different rounds in the last two years of resignations on the Food and Drug Administration's board.
Because the majority of the board was voting against giving children the mRNA shots because they warned it wasn't effective, children don't get that sick from COVID, and that it had serious side effects.
So think about what they've done now.
Now they're going after six months and older because then liability protection under federal law kicks in for the so-called vaccine makers.
So they're hitting us from every angle.
And we've got to warn parents, we've got to warn people when you see them in grocery stores, or church, or at the soccer league, or at the swim team, or wherever you are, you've got to break through that wall where you never talk about serious issues, you just talk about sports or Netflix, and you've got to bring this up and warn the parents so that they can have the moral courage to say no when the schools try to then make the shots mandatory.
Because after they authorize the shots,
Then they try to make it mandatory, and that's happening all over the world.
And remember, it's Big Pharma becoming your doctor with Bill Gates trying to force control over your body.
Now, I'm going to hand the baton over to Owen Schroeder to host the rest of this special Sunday show.
I'll be back tomorrow co-hosting with Owen in studio.
I should be back right around showtime tomorrow, taking care of some very, very important business and spending some family time.
But I really, really want to thank all of you for your support and just remind you, we've been vindicated again.
You folks were right.
It wasn't just Alex Jones that was tomorrow's news today, it was you that was tomorrow's news today, and we're on the right side of humanity, and I want to thank God for all God's blessings and God's providence, and I just pray that we continue to be given providence and victory over these tyrants, and I hope you'll pray with me.
All right, God bless.
I hand the baton to Owen Schroyer.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to banned.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarsstore.com.
And never give up the fight.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden crashed his bike this weekend, just like he's crashed the U.S.
And we got a special report coming up on that for you in the next segment.
The end of oil and gas in Biden's America.
They told you they were going to transition out of modern day industry.
They told you they were going to end coal and natural gas.
Biden went around telling everybody on his campaign that they were going to do this.
And then they said, this is going to be transitory.
And now your energy bill goes up.
Your price at the pump triples.
And you say, hey, I don't like this.
This doesn't work for me.
And the very people that planned this and told you they were going to do it are saying, hey, we didn't do this.
Putin did this.
And then Joe Biden crashes his bike symbolically as he has crashed the U.S.
But you'll want to watch this latest Gregory's report coming up in the next segment.
It's another great one.
Now, I've got some other news to get to here.
On this Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And I should be having... I should be having a guest on with me, Lee Stranahan, to discuss this further.
Of course, Patrick Halley has broken this as well.
Project Veritas.
Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, spotted with Jill on Father's Day.
A story of her diary and showers with my dad make the rounds.
And in that diary, she talks about how it was inappropriate the way her dad would shower with her, and she wonders if this wasn't sexual abuse and, you know, what it might have led to.
And then the media says, oh, it's not real, it's not real, it's fake, and then the FBI runs over to Project Veritas to confiscate it.
And Tucker Carlson is covering it, and that's why they hate him so much, because he has an audience of tens of millions.
And they don't like people knowing the truth about the Bidens.
The Bidens.
Hunter Biden.
Probably a lot like his dad Joe, I would imagine.
Addicted to drugs, addicted to porn, addicted to sex.
Likes to do it all at the same time.
Yeah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Tucker Carlson tortures Joe Biden over horrifying claims of showers with sex addict daughter.
I wonder how the Bidens became like that.
Oh, you know, like Hunter Biden sleeping with his sister-in-law.
And then when Joe Biden was asked about that, he said, oh, I fully endorse it.
Well, what could make, what could make that situation worse?
Hunter Biden sleeping with his sister-in-law.
What could possibly make that worse?
Oh, yeah.
His brother had cancer when he did it.
Man, what a guy.
Oh, the Bidens.
Adventures with the Bidens!
Are we having fun?
Are we having fun?
Apparently the White House staff is not having fun.
And I've been covering this, but it's now making up the news.
At a national level, the burnout is real.
Burnout, they say.
Biden aides reportedly tapped out as White House faces staff upheaval pre-midterms.
Folks, that's a false narrative.
It's not about burnout.
It's not about them being tapped out.
Okay, the Infowars crew here works harder than the Biden administration.
I promise you.
So it's not about burnout or tap out.
They don't like working for Biden.
They don't like working for Harris.
They realize that they're worthless or they're tokens or they're being mistreated.
So they quit.
And it's very telling.
And you get a job.
In the White House, with the President or the Vice President, you'd think, hey, you see that to the end.
That's a big resume builder, experience builder, connections to be made.
And these people are just quitting.
Dropping like flies.
From burnout.
Joe Biden takes a vacation every weekend.
And half the days is done working by noon.
Give me a break.
We're burnt out from what he's done to the country.
But they say, oh, there's nothing happening here.
This is the greatest economic recovery ever.
You're in the greatest economy in world history under Joe Biden.
Everyone's looking around like, where is that going on?
No, Biden crashed this economy like he crashed his bike.
Biden advisor blows off recession fears.
I love this one.
Americans are not realizing how successful our policies are.
We don't realize it, guys.
We don't realize how great Joe Biden is.
That's your fault.
You haven't figured out how great it is paying three times for gas at the pump?
That's your problem, man.
That's not Biden's problem.
That's yours.
Or Gene Sperling going on MSNBC this weekend telling you, you don't realize how great it is.
It's like, oh, I don't realize how great it is.
You know, pretty much everyone I talk to now
If we start talking about finances or economics or stuff, everyone I talk to is saying the same thing.
Financially, they are in a much worse place than they were two years ago.
And it's sinking fast.
You got a 401k?
You got retirement?
You got savings?
See ya!
You had some crypto that was doing pretty well?
That was going up?
Maybe you were making a little money?
Forget about that!
That's dead!
And now, people are dipping into their savings to pay for things that normally they could afford.
Because of the slow death by a thousand cuts.
That the Biden White House is inflicting us with right now.
But then Gene Sperling, the Biden advisor, goes on TV and says, you just don't realize how good it is.
This is your fault.
You just don't even know how good it is.
You're like, oh, wow.
Silly me.
Me losing money.
It's great.
What am I thinking?
I was confused, guys.
And thank God I tuned into MSNBC at the right time for Gene Sperling.
of the Biden administration to tell me how great it is.
Gee, Gene!
I just paid $100 to fill up my tank.
It was $40 two years ago.
I thought that was a bad thing.
That's my bad.
I'm sorry, Biden.
That was fantastic.
That was the greatest thing ever.
Oh man, my electricity bill's up like 25% this year alone.
I was complaining.
I should have been thanking Biden.
Oh, you had a nice 401k, you had some savings, you had some crypto.
It's all gone.
Have you thanked Joe Biden for that yet?
I mean, come on, man.
See, I would have been confused because I didn't want to live in the upside down reverso bizarro world that liberals live in, where having more money is a good thing.
Having cheap energy is a good thing.
They think cheap energy is a bad thing.
They say low grocery bills, low gas prices, that's bad.
You having a big 401k?
You building up some savings?
You maybe getting a little quick turnaround on some crypto?
That's bad stuff, folks.
That's free market capitalist prosperity.
That's bad.
Don't you know that's been a curse on you?
That's been a curse on this country.
All the prosperity we've had.
Joe Biden is a blessing.
So when you're poor, and you can't afford your mortgage anymore, or your rent payment, or your car payment, or you're dipping into your savings just to pay bills now, be sure to thank Joe Biden for that.
Gene Sperling goes on MSNBC and says,
Americans don't realize how successful our policies are.
Yeah, how?
Boy, why would we not realize that?
Beats me!
How can I not realize how great Biden's policies are?
How did I not realize that?
Oh, that's because they aren't!
That would be why!
That's the one!
Stocks in biggest weekly loss since 2020.
Yeah, since the pandemic.
Since the pandemic.
Since the fake pandemic.
Oh, stocks are tanking too?
I mean, that's what I'm saying.
I'm just talking to people that aren't even really that politically charged.
I mean, they're common sense people that understand what the Democrats are doing to this country.
But I mean, they're not really politically charged.
But yeah, you lose a large percent of your 401k.
You lose a large percent of your stock or your crypto or your portfolio.
You see your bills going up.
You realize that way of life you thought you had is dwindling.
You don't think they're gonna know what's going on, no matter how many times Biden says this is Putin's fault?
Americans are starting to pull back on travel and restaurants, MSN.
And it's all about how people aren't going on vacations, flying, getting haircuts, building pools, adding extensions to their houses, because they can't afford it!
That's a good thing.
You don't realize how good it is.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen insists recession is not inevitable and inflation likely to come down.
So let me tell you this.
We're already in a recession, actually.
It's not inevitable.
So I guess she's right.
You're already in it.
And inflation is not coming down anytime soon.
It's going up.
America is already suffering a food shortage, which can be felt by rising costs and emptying shelves at the grocery store.
But this is a cakewalk.
It's going to get much worse.
The writing, as they say, is on the wall.
Any reasonable person can see that this is all being done deliberately.
Over 10,000 cattle just died, and we are told that it was due to 100-degree weather.
And in just the past 17 months, nearly 100 disasters have mysteriously befallen the American food industry.
Dozens of catastrophic fires burning down food processing plants.
In multiple cases, caused by small aircraft crashing into them.
Thousands of tons of meat destroyed.
Over 2 million turkeys have been destroyed.
Over 40 million chickens have been destroyed.
And with the rising cost of fuel, farmers are unable to harvest their crops.
And it's only just beginning.
Remember, Joe Biden promised he would shut down oil and gas.
I have one final question.
Would he close down the oil industry?
It falls?
Would you close down the oil industry?
I would transition from the oil industry, yes.
Oh, that's a big statement.
It is a big statement.
That's a big statement.
Because I would stop... Why would you do that?
Because the oil industry pollutes significantly.
I see.
And here's the deal.
But you can't do that.
That's a big statement.
Well, if you let me finish the statement, because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.
Over time.
That's the biggest statement.
Because basically what he's saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry.
Will you remember that, Texas?
Will you remember that, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma?
Vice President Biden, let me give you 10 seconds to respond and then I have to get to the final question.
Vice President Biden.
He takes everything out of context, but the point is, look, we have to move toward a net zero emissions.
But kiddo, I want you to just take a look, okay?
You don't have to agree, but I want you to look in my eyes.
I guarantee, I guarantee we're going to end fossil fuel and I am not going to cooperate.
And they are making good with their radical promise, except there is no alternative energy plan.
The Biden administration is doing everything they can to shut down all fossil fuel in this country.
And not only will that stop people from driving, all public transportation, all shipping and all industry will come to a halt.
Millions will lose their jobs and hundreds of millions will starve to death.
Whether you like it or not, civilization is dependent upon oil and gas, and our government is turning it all off.
We are also still suffering a baby formula shortage, and what little we do have is being sent to the open southern border for the tens of thousands of hungry foreigners being brought in unchecked and flown to already struggling cities across America.
And after several countries suspended the Moderna vaccine for adults due to safety concerns, the United States FDA just unanimously voted to inject your infant children with the deadly shot.
Your government is trying to kill you.
And if anyone thinks this is hyperbole or fear-mongering, they are not paying attention, or they are in shock.
The only solution we are being offered is to vote, even though we have a rigged election system and two parties that work for the same corporate establishment.
Starvation is coming fast, and people can only survive a few weeks without food.
And so, what exactly will we do if the so-called Red Wave this November fails to turn the tide?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
A biological attack is imminent!
It's going to happen.
It's not a question of will it happen, but when it happens.
A bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the UN has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.
This is a biological warfare agent that had leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory.
Waging war on corruption.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Well, what have Democrats, Liberals, and now they run the government, so the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, been telling you about, warning you about, as the biggest threat?
White nationalists, yeah.
White nationalists and Trump supporters you need to be on the lookout for.
But then what does reality tell us?
Oh no, it's actually the left that is violent and it is the Democrat Party, historically, that is known for domestic terrorism, but because the Republican Party
You know, really I guess what it comes down to is the Republican Party has been riding the gravy train for so long that they just let the Democrats engage in the domestic terrorism without calling them out, but we have Republicans, or it's via the Republican Party, that populists that aren't in it for money or power or fame, but to actually save this country, are starting to get into Congress.
That's the Marjorie Taylor Greene's, Lauren Boebert's, Paul Gassar's, Rand Paul's and others, Matt Yates, that actually understand
What's going on, but back to the issue at hand.
Aside from the violence, look at the hypocrisy here.
Capitol Police arrest Stephen Colbert staffers at House Office Building, charged with illegal entry.
Now, they're liberal Democrats, so they probably won't be punished at all, but
And there's still a lot of details lacking in this story.
The media is probably going to try to cover it up.
The Democrats are probably going to try to cover it up.
But what we're supposed to believe is that, well, we know that Stephen Colbert's team of writers and staffers did not have press passes to get into the building or to cover the January 6th hearing.
Now apparently they had been interviewing a member of the Democrat Party, I guess this week.
I forget which member.
It was a lesser known member of the Democrat Party.
And the story you're supposed to believe is that they tricked that Democrat staffer into letting them in the building and that they were claiming
Oh, we're just here to interview the congressman and then the staffer lets him into the building.
Now, I don't believe that because they got called, they were got, they got called, the police were called on them because they were walking around unescorted and the actual complaint, the call was that they were disruptive.
Now tell me, if you're a staffer or an aide for a congressman, are you going to let someone into the building and then just abandon them?
Does that add up to you?
Not to me, but that's the official story.
And so then they're roaming around trying to get access to January 6th, apparently being disruptive, end up getting arrested.
Now, for me, personally, I'd say
Okay, give him a citation.
Maybe you could arrest him.
I don't even think they probably deserve to be in cuffs, quite frankly.
But okay, you know, escort him out of the building, give him a citation, maybe a fine, community service, a day in court, whatever.
I think that's perfectly justified and that'd be justice to me.
But see, if you're a Republican or a Conservative and you do that, it's not so easy.
So will it be the easy way out for these Stephen Colbert staffers?
My guess is they won't even have a charge or a fine or nothing.
And so it'll be yet another again, yet again another example of the two-tiered justice system.
The two-tiered justice system.
Democrats are above the law.
There's no white privilege in this country.
It's liberal Democrat privilege.
But they're also the terrorists.
Pro-abortion activists in blood-soaked outfits.
Folks, literally, it's this weird thing they do.
They cover themselves in blood.
I don't get it.
But that's what they do.
I guess it's all about shock and awe.
And then they carry around babies.
Little baby dolls covered in blood, too.
And this is supposed to be a pro-abortion?
Folks, these people have lost their minds.
They're literally deranged monsters now.
And they go out there with makeup smeared all over their face, blood smeared all over their outfits, and baby dolls covered in blood, and this isn't a pro-abortion event?
I'm sorry, how does smearing makeup on your face have anything to do with your rights?
How does putting blood all over your body and over a baby doll have anything to do with a right?
And how is that pro-abortion?
You're showing the world you like killing babies?
I'm just not getting it.
But why should I try to understand what these deranged lunatics are thinking?
They're psychotic.
But hey, they just try to assassinate Supreme Court justices, they just publish their private addresses, they publish the addresses of their children's schools, Democrats vote to not give them extra security because they're trying to kill them, and then they send their wild, deranged, wacky-eyed, nutjob, psychotic protesters out there with blood-drenched clothes and baby dolls.
And smeared makeup all over their face and somehow this is supposed to convince me that I should be in support of abortion?
An interesting strategy.
abortion ruling nears.
Supreme Court erects barricades to the public.
Now why would the Supreme Court have to erect barricades around their building?
Why would that be?
Are Trump supporters coming to town?
Are the Proud Boys organizing an event?
Oh no, that's right, it's Democrat terror season.
Forgot, it's the liberal summer of rage.
In fact guys, do we have our drop ready?
I should have been on you guys with that.
It is the liberal summer of rage though.
So they're raging.
And the Supreme Court has to build a barricade now to protect themselves from Democrat terrorists.
But does the FBI investigate that?
Does the FBI comment on that?
Summer of!
Oh, never heard of it.
I don't know about a liberal summer of rage.
I'm just building walls around the Supreme Court for no reason at all.
I'm building walls around the Supreme Court because the Christian Catholics, the pro-lifers are about to come out here.
Who believes that?
And they're out there posting their signs all over D.C.
calling for a night of rage.
I mean, I'd be a mastermind if I was planning all this, like, for a show stunt.
I mean, I would deserve an award.
I started, I deemed this the liberal summer of rage.
We're good to go.
I know them better than they know themselves.
I understand the liberal psychology so much, it's excruciating.
It's excruciating to know what goes on in these psychotics' heads.
And to know what they're going to do next.
Liberal Summer of Rage.
And now here you go.
DC call to action.
Night of Rage!
It's on their banner.
Night of Rage!
You said you'd riot!
To our oppressors.
If abortions aren't safe, you're not either.
Who's oppressing you?
Who's making you have sex?
Who's making you get pregnant?
No one.
That's called rape.
That's a crime.
No one's debating that.
But it's our summer of rage!
And so we will rage.
Guys, didn't you hear?
They're building walls in D.C.
and businesses are boarding up in D.C.
because the Christians are coming to town!
Because the Christian, conservative, Trump supporters are coming to town!
And the white nationalists... Oh no, that's right!
It's the Democrat terrorists again!
That's what it is!
That's the one!
The liberal summer of rage is upon us, and they're allowed to do it!
They're allowed to put out manifestos where they say we're burning churches, we're burning pregnancy centers.
They're allowed to put up flyers that say it's time for us to rage and riot.
But oh, you stand on the steps of the Capitol?
The FBI and the DHS are coming for you and your family and spying on you and getting all your records.
I'm no stranger to the rain I'm a friend of thunder Friend, is it any wonder lightning strikes me?
I've talked with the devil Got down on his level But I never gave in So he gave up on me
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones is coming up later on in this transmission.
Christy Lee hosting Sunday Night Live tonight as well.
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Alright, we've got some news here.
Let's talk about what's going on in Ukraine.
Is it getting worse?
Is it getting better?
And by the way, there was a, I think a general in the UK that just made a statement too, guys.
I think the Daily Mail has a story.
I don't have it on my desk.
Basically, he's telling his troops to prepare for World War III with Putin.
Will you guys find that for me and either bring it to me right now or just put it on the screen?
Either way, it's fine.
But here's some of the other headlines there.
The craziest thing about seizing Russian superyachts is that the U.S.
has to pay for them, Biden's National Security Advisor says on Hot Mike.
Well, I don't know if that's the craziest thing.
I mean, yeah, we are paying for them.
That's our operation.
Biden's illegitimate, illegal war against Russia in Ukraine.
It's ongoing.
Yeah, thank you guys.
There it is on the screen, though.
That's the headline I was talking about.
Prepare to fight and beat Russia in a third world war, Britain's top general warns.
New UK army commander tells troops to brace for European land war in tub-thumping message as tyrant Putin menaces ex-Soviet states.
Now, I don't want to go too off into this.
I broke this down at length on the Alex Jones Show Friday, and I explained where the geopolitical pieces are falling.
But I'll just say it like this, folks.
Do not fall for the mainstream media narrative.
Do not fall for the lies of the Democrat Party.
They're going to pretend the lies of Ukraine were just a little sprinkle on top of the big lie that's about to come.
The lies of Ukraine were just kind of a little window dressing on the big lie that's about to come.
And they're gonna try to convince people in Europe and America and Canada, because those are the only leaders that are going along with this, and I guess maybe the only people that are dumb enough to vote for it or support it.
And they're going to say, oh, we're going to defeat Putin.
It's going to be easy.
Putin's a bad man, dictator, tyrant.
He has no support.
And I don't know what a kinetic war might look like.
I just know that's what the story is going to be.
That's what the narrative is going to be.
That's what the promotion is going to be.
And what they're not going to tell you is that actually most of the planet is with Russia and Putin.
That's the gist of it.
I'm just going to leave it right there for now because I don't want to go into it so deeply.
I covered it on the Friday show of the Alex Jones Show.
So it's a hot mic and the Biden advisor admits that, yeah, basically Biden's war against Russia and us going and seizing all these Russians' property is illegal and we're paying for all of it.
Well, no, what's crazier about it is not that we're paying for it.
I mean, we pay for things much crazier than this, sadly.
What's crazy about it is just how aggressive and illegal it is.
The U.S.
just going and seizing Russians' properties?
Are you kidding me?
And they think that's gonna, they think that, our leaders are so stupid, they think that's gonna force these Russians to cut ties with Putin or throw Putin under the bus.
It's gonna do the opposite.
Really, Joe Biden?
You're gonna go steal someone's yacht?
And you think that's gonna make them hate Putin?
Especially if you're, you're, you convince people that it's because of Putin that they have these yachts and they're so rich.
So boy, they might like Putin if that's the case, don't you think?
If that's what you believe, you think they might like Putin?
So you think that all these millionaires, these Russian millionaires whose property you're illegally seizing, you think stealing their property is going to endear them to you?
You think that's going to make them like you?
Or do you think that's going to make them turn to Putin and say, bomb the hell out of this guy?
I wish I could say that in Russian.
Because that's what's happening.
They're not going to Putin saying, you're a bad man!
You're bad!
Joe Biden, take my yacht!
I blame you, Putin!
Joe Biden says, oh, your gas prices are going up.
America's tanking because of Putin.
Nobody believes that.
Putin gets it.
But see, no.
Putin... I don't know what's going on with his health.
Maybe it's a serious thing, maybe it's not.
But he's on a serious crusade to end the New World Order.
Putin lambasts the West and declares the end of the era of the unipolar world.
You understand that?
He's promoting nationalism.
He's promoting sovereign nation-states and freedom and prosperity.
Everything the globalists hate.
That's why they're coming for him.
You found it, the tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
How could this be?
InfoWars, next year's news today.
World Health Organization chief believes COVID did leak from a Wuhan lab.
After a catastrophic accident, in 2019, despite publicly maintaining all hypotheses remain on the table.
So now even the World Health Organization and Tedros are being forced to admit what we knew all along, that COVID came out of a lab.
And so you have to ask, why did they intentionally cover it up?
Why have they been lying to us about it all these years?
And then why come out and admit that that's the case now?
But calling it an accident, oh, how laughable is that?
That's like, you know, if you had an insurance company, and let's say you had an insurance policy with this company for 20 years.
And then on Monday, you called up your insurance agent and you said, hi, I want to up my policy to the highest, most premium thing in case my property, my estate burns to the ground by fire, that I get fully reimbursed cash.
Okay, we'll switch that policy for you.
And then Tuesday, your entire estate burns to the ground.
Do you think your argument of it was an accident is going to hold water, or do you think the insurance company is going to have an investigation and find out that that was staged?
It's like, oh, it was an accident.
Then how did you have the COVID-19 vaccine contracts?
Oh, it was an accident.
Then how did you do World Event 201 talking about the pandemic and calling it COVID?
It was just an accident, but you seemed to know the accident was coming.
So I guess that doesn't make it an accident at all, does it?
No, it doesn't.
An accident, he says.
That's nice.
So they lie to you for two years, and then they just lie to you a little bit more.
Well, we can't be fully honest.
So when are they going to be fully honest and tell you, yep, we made COVID in a lab, yep, we released it intentionally, yep, we used it to conquer the world, yep, we used it for population control, and the vaccine mandates?
When are they just going to be fully honest and just tell you all that?
Like InfoWars said from day one.
Slowly but surely, they'll slowly admit everything we reported was right.
And now they're telling you after years of denial, a report indicates that the head of the World Health Organization believes COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan, China.
No kidding.
You figured it out.
Now, when are you going to tell us the vaccines are killing us?
Confirmed, Pfizer COVID vaccine reduces sperm count in men.
Another adverse effect of the forced vaccine tyranny.
Again, it's all an accident, but they had all the contracts signed right before the accident magically happened.
They just had it all ready to go.
Ready to go.
And now they're giving this clot shot that's killed more than 35,000 people, according to government data, to children.
Experts and Republicans call out the CDC for approving the COVID jab for America's youngest children, citing a lack of efficacy data.
Or maybe they should show the data.
Maybe they should show the document releases that show the blood clots and the heart problems and the Guillain-Barré and everything else that comes with it that has skyrocketed since the vaccines came out.
I mean, can you imagine?
Let's see here.
The number one side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine is myocarditis.
And the COVID-19 vaccine was released
In December of 19, and since January of 2020, we have seen a 10,000% increase in myocarditis.
Boy, what could that be linked to?
Who could possibly figure out this great mystery for us?
They want to give those to your kids, and then every day you have the sudden adult death syndrome.
That's what they call it, sudden adult death syndrome.
Don't dare call it a vaccine death.
Another TikTok star, Gia Pastian, dies at 19.
Healthy young girl.
Sudden adult death syndrome.
Sudden adult death syndrome.
Keeps happening.
This sudden adult death syndrome just keeps happening.
It's amazing, isn't it?
Just amazing stuff.
And you know, it's nice that there's one Hollywood person, one big actor,
Who's just taking on these lies head-on and putting his voice on it and his face on it and is not ashamed or embarrassed at all?
Probably more so than anyone else, honestly.
And I'm not saying there's not other good ones out there.
I think Rob Schneider and some others.
But I think Russell Brand is probably...
As far as a Hollywood actor or, you know, Hollywood celebrities are concerned, Russell Brand is probably number one in putting his will against this New World Order, putting his will against the lies when it comes to COVID and everything else.
So here's Russell Brand talking about the dangers of following the science in clip 11.
Here's an interesting fact, though.
If you believe that vaccines are the best thing in the world, and that they're the necessary solution to the problem of the pandemic, and I know there are people that believe that as well, a significant number of people believe that, then shouldn't they have been made readily available in poorer countries, or does it only matter that richer countries have access to that medicine?
There's a problem there, particularly when these ideas are couched in neoliberalist politics.
They're all about fairness and sharing and kindness, and whenever there's any cynicism and doubt,
You're a conspiracy theorist.
You're a nutter.
You're against progress.
Follow the science.
We've just heard the problem with following the science is that the science follows the money.
That's the issue.
Science is a subset of commerce.
Truly objective science, as is being suggested here, independent networks focused on scientific endeavour.
Of course we want that.
You'd have to be an idiot to sort of deny the effectiveness of bloody geniuses in laboratories looking at cells and examining the behavior of viruses in medicine.
Although, I would suggest there is some evidence that implies that that should be conducted with extreme caution!
Especially if you're near a wet market.
All sorts of stuff comes out of those things!
But science within extreme commercial and financial imperatives, we just accept as normal.
Because none of us appreciate the water that we swim in.
This is our reality.
So we say, oh, it's just normal.
Yeah, big business, shareholders, we don't do the research, it's not cost effective.
We've grown up on that.
But it's a problem when you present it as medically effective, socially responsible, personally necessary.
There are many, many questions that are left unanswered.
And not questions that are going to be asked by Klaus Schwab at the bloody Davos WF Puff Piece Factory, that's primary intention, it seems to me, is to create a globalist technocracy, limit your individual power, your community, collective, and even national power.
Russell Brand on his show and podcast, really a great follow.
I enjoy his content.
And he's a true classical liberal that is just against big centralized government, against corporate greed and wealth, and just doesn't like the planet being lied to.
I mean, that's what a liberal used to sound like.
Against war, against big corporations, against actual fascism.
I mean, that's Russell Brand, but now, oh, they call Russell Brand a right-winger now, simply because he doesn't want the world to be conquered by some guy in a Star Wars clown outfit who wants you to eat bugs named Klaus Schwab, or some guy named Bill Gates who says he's going to depopulate the planet with vaccines and then tells you how great his vaccines are.
It's like, oh wow, what did you just say?
Oh, you must be a conservative, you must be a Trump supporter.
No, that's just called common sense, actually.
But the truth is, outside of Europe and outside of North America, nobody's really falling for this crap, folks.
And so that's where we're at.
That seems to be the trend to me.
And really, it looks like these other countries have been waiting for a new kind of access of power, if you will, to emerge to push back against the corrupt Western regime that has been slowly morphing into the globalist corporate government.
And now it looks like Russia is kind of taking that role, and then China is following them, and then Saudi Arabia is following them, and then India is following them, and then Iran is following them, and now all the dominoes are falling.
They don't even necessarily have to have common goals, or common politics, or common governments.
They just have to have the common understanding that the Western regime that's been in power and the force on this planet for decades has gone wacko, has gone completely psychotic, and is now trying to turn the planet into a corporate world government that they control.
Let's not do that.
Let's not do that.
And your media and your politicians are trying to act like none of it's going on.
Because they're in on it.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Joe Biden sat on a wall.
The puppet of the New World Order, Biden, had a great fall.
And all the puppet's horses and all the New World Order's men, not even Klaus Schwab could put him back together again.
Radio's narrative for months has been that Joe Biden is falling apart.
You just heard Ben Shapiro say it, falling apart.
And there he is riding a bike out for a bike ride.
Happy Anniversary!
Mr. President, how are you feeling?
How are you feeling, sir?
There you go.
Finally tonight, I want to say a few words about Joe Biden coming to a complete stop and then losing his balance and falling over.
This isn't just emblematic of the design collapse of the United States or how he's been positioned to be the fall guy, quite literally and figuratively, and the scapegoat for this globalist program of deindustrialization and collapse.
It's not just that.
It's emblematic because when you watch the crowd cheering and hooraying whenever he knows how to drive a car or ride a bike, they are basically just fawning minions.
Most of the political operatives that are camp followers of his criminal regime.
And then when he gets back up, they cheer.
And when he does three little hops later in the day at a church to show how amazingly spry he is, they then cheer again.
These people are pretending they're part of the power structure.
They're pretending they're on the winning team.
And they're pretending, as long as they prop up this zombie-like creature, that they somehow will be fulfilled.
All they've got to do is look at their 401Ks.
All they've got to do is look at the stock market.
All they've got to do is look at the value of their dollar.
All they've got to do is look at the collapsed open border and a quarter of Central America now living in the U.S.
All they've got to look at is the crime statistics.
All they've got to do is look in the mirror and know that they are chumps.
They are suckers.
They are fools.
White House press secretaries, including Joe Biden, including everybody that works with evil and pretends they're on the winning team.
That goes for Obama.
It goes for the Rockefellers.
It goes for the Rothschilds.
It goes for Klaus Schwab.
It goes for all of them.
They can pretend to be God.
They can act like dictators all day.
They can try to crush little people and then propagandize that they're our saviors.
But at the end of the day, they're parasites.
We're good to go.
In that process.
And they're going against their own instincts and their own common sense and what they see happening right in front of their faces that is really, really scary.
Because yes, he's got dementia.
Yes, he's addled.
Yes, he's stumbling around and falling down.
Yes, he doesn't know where he is half the time.
Yes, he's a puppet.
But isn't the joke really on the people that are fawning after this?
And it'll bind anything.
That's what the global system is.
It's a murder of logic.
It's a murder of the programming God gave us.
It's a murder of our own life preservation instincts.
And to go against that, that's everything they teach us.
Humans are obsolete.
Humans are dirty.
Humans are bad.
We're entering the post-human era.
That's what Harari and all of them talk about.
And they want us to just buy into this idea that we should just roll over and be slaves to the globalists or be part of the slave master class and feed on our fellow humans.
We're in the end of the day.
We ended up destroying ourselves in the process.
All right, Sunday Night Live is coming up.
Two more hours of live radio and TV.
I want to thank Ellen Shore for doing an amazing job.
I want to thank the listeners and crew for all your work.
Without you, we'd be in a lot worse position.
So God bless, and I hope you have a great Father's Day.
And Alex Jones is back tomorrow.
So you've been patiently waiting, and he will be back tomorrow, as honored as I've been to fill in here, or try my best to do so.
Alex will return tomorrow.
And you know, he said something right there.
That was so key, that brings me back to where my mind was at, and really where my heart is still at.
My mind isn't quite there anymore, because, you know, the mind thinks, the heart just beats and feels.
How the real joke is on those that actually believe Joe Biden.
The real joke is on those that actually believe the mainstream media.
The real joke is on the people that put the Ukraine flags in their bio.
The real joke is on the people that fall for all this propaganda.
And see, I realize that those people are on my team!
I mean, they would have you believe, they would argue that they're on team good versus evil.
They would tell you they're on team freedom versus slavery.
Whether they're being honest about that is a whole other debate.
But no, the real joke is on them.
The real joke is on somebody that cheers for Joe Biden thinking he's doing such a great job.
The real joke is on somebody that thinks it's Putin who's causing all the problems in this country.
The real joke is on them.
And I don't want the joke to be on them because those are my teammates.
And the analogy that comes to my head, and this is why it's so frustrating,
I like to win.
Doesn't everybody like to win?
Yes, actually.
It's been psychologically proven.
Most people like to win.
But I don't think you need a psychological evaluation to know that.
Most people like to win.
So it's like, I just use sports analogies because that's the world I came from, for politics.
So I just use sports analogies to explain cultural, political developments.
This is like,
If you're a defensive football player, and the offense is about to run a screen, and you're the middle linebacker and the captain of the defense, and you tell your other linebackers, and you tell the linemen in front of you, and you say, hey, a screen is coming!
They're about to run a screen!
And they all turn around and they say, they're not running a screen!
Look, they're lined up to pass!
They're gonna pass the ball!
Everybody knows they're gonna pass the ball!
And you say, don't pass rush, they're running a screen.
Do not pass rush, they're running a screen.
Oh yeah, right.
And then, okay.
And then nobody listens to you, everyone pass rushes, they run a screen, and they get an easy touchdown.
And you're just sitting there saying, I told you they were running the screen, I saw the screen coming, you pass rushed anyway, and now they scored a touchdown.
The joke's on you.
But see, the joke's on all of us.
Sure, I could sit there and point at my
Defensive line and linebackers and say ha ha look you guys you guys fell for the screen They scored a touchdown on you, but then I'd be an idiot because they scored it on me, too That's what's so frustrating You really think when they when they call the population on this planet.
They're gonna give you an olive branch
You, they look at you as the dumbest people on earth, you liberals.
You believe that the world, you thought the world was already going to end?
Barack Obama tells you the sea levels are going to raise 30 feet, he buys beachfront mansions!
You guys are jokes to them!
You really think they're going to invite you to their party?
You really think they're going to invite you to whatever elitist events that they think they're going to have when they conquer the world?
You really think they're going to invite them into their armored redoubts or underground bunkers?
And that's what's so weird, it's like they really think they're fighting the 1%, but then they're the complete stooges of the 1%.
Of the very rich people they think are so bad and so evil, they're the ones that are there being their willing foot soldiers.
And it's just like, you realize you're gonna get crushed in all this too.
That's why they're on the same team as I am, because
We're all set for destruction.
We're all set to become slaves.
We've all been sentenced to death by the New World Order.
So we're all on the same team.
And that's what's so frustrating because I don't want to see my team fall for the screen pass when we all know it's coming.
And that's what's going on.
But it's just, this is a perfect example.
This is a perfect example of them falling for the pump fake screen pass.
House Democrats propose 1,000% tax on AR-15s.
And liberals love it.
Democrats jumping up and down.
Oh, so only rich people can have guns.
Like, do you not even see what you're doing here?
And it's all in response to the Uvalde thing, which turns out was a police stand-down.
I mean, I don't know how else to describe it.
It's a total police stand-down.
Police went 77 minutes without trying to open the door where a shooter was inside killing children.
And now all the officials have hired a law firm to block the release of all these records because it's so embarrassing.
But hey, take innocent people's guns because the police stood down during a mass shooting.
Christy Lee coming up with Sunday Night Live.
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