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Name: 20220613_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 13, 2022
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the struggling economy, cryptocurrency market, inflation, and attempts to harm the population. Mike Adams shares a live laboratory microscopy demonstration of clots removed from deceased individuals who died suddenly. These are not blood clots but rather "engineered bio-structures". Adams believes these clots may be part of a larger conspiracy to kill people through vaccines, bioweapons, and other means. The Infowars website has a new preparedness website called Prep Today which offers various items such as food and other preparedness gear. In this broadcast, Mike Adams and Dr. Jane Ruby discuss their findings on Covid-19 vaccines and how they are linked to blood clots. They argue that the clots are not a side effect but an intended outcome of the vaccine. They also believe that there is a worldwide force trying to kill people off before making them suffer, and this force is related to the manipulation of human DNA by scientists. The speaker discusses their concerns about the state of the media and censorship in modern society. They mention the Iraq War as an example where propaganda was used to spread lies about weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda, despite the evidence presented by experts like Scott Ritter. Woodrow Wilson introduced federal tax and Alex Jones accuses him of making people rotten hell because they are demonic slime. He then lists Harvard, Princeton, and Yale as examples of arrogant elites who have stolen from the working class. He mentions Anthony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, as an example of a privileged individual who has never worked a day in his life, while criticizing Obama for questioning Ukraine's ability to win. Jones goes on to list other politicians such as Gaddafi and Assad whom he believes were targeted by the elites. He also accuses the military industrial complex of being only interested in money, comparing it to big pharma and criticizes Raytheon's move to Washington D.C. This monologue begins with a warning about failing to prepare, which is preparing to fail. Alex then discusses how failing to prepare can be seen in the current state of affairs, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic instability. He mentions how even high-ranking public officials like the Health Secretary have been affected by COVID-19 multiple times, highlighting the importance of being prepared.

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Tomorrow's news.
Welcome to this broadcast of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, the health ranger, filling in today.
And we today are going to do something that's never been done
In the world, on live radio, I brought my microscope.
We have actual clots that have been removed from the deceased, who, quote, died suddenly.
We're going to be looking at these clots live, here, in real time, under the microscope, and finding out more about what these are made of, because it turns out these are not blood clots.
I want to encourage you, share the URL, theinfowar.tv forward slash Alex.
Share that with everybody you can to get people live to watch what you are about to see here.
And we have special guests coming up.
We have a physician, an urgent care physician, whose voice is going to be altered to protect his identity, who's going to speak to us about these clots and how many people are presenting with these clots and they're dying.
And people's fingers and toes are suffering necrosis, and they are dying, and they're having to have amputations.
People's arteries are being clogged with these clots, which are not blood clots.
They are what I'm calling engineered biostructures.
You're looking at one of the photos there.
We're going to show you a lot more here on the show today.
Again, a world exclusive.
You've never seen this.
And for those of you listening on radio, we're going to walk you through it.
We're going to describe verbally everything for you.
Harrison Smith is going to be joining me here in studio in a couple of minutes also to help provide context and reaction to what we are seeing.
We've also got embalmer Richard Hirschman joining us today, as well as Dr. Jane Ruby later on in our number three.
This is going to be a show that you will not forget.
And I want to mention that what we are about to look at here, I've got them right here although they are sanitized, these are biostructure clots that have been pulled out of the deceased.
These are from dead people who are now going to speak to us through the science of microscopy.
In essence, we have become speakers for the dead.
We here at Infowars and across the independent media, we are the only ones left to speak for the dead.
And if the dead could speak out right now, they would be screaming, stop the vaccines, stop the mass murder, stop the injections, stop the medical experiments on children.
And since they cannot speak, we must speak for them.
And that's what we're going to be doing right here today exclusively.
I don't know.
That will be horrifying and shocking.
It's not blood and guts.
There's no gore here.
But I just want to say a word of caution to those of you who are easily made nauseous or queasy.
What you are about to see may be something that you want to, I don't know, look away at certain times.
I'll indicate that verbally when that's about to happen.
But that's what's coming up today.
We've got also news about the economy.
Markets are crashing right now.
Crypto is getting hammered very aggressively.
Inflation is getting worse.
And the dismantling of our nation is only accelerating through multiple vectors.
They are trying to kill us.
You know this.
They're trying to kill us economically.
They're trying to kill us through bioweapons.
They're trying to kill us with these vaccines, with chemical pollution, exposure, culture wars that are off the charts.
They're trying to kill us, but I believe they will fail, because we here at InfoWars, and across the independent media, we are resilient, and we will not go down, and we will not remain silent, even if it means we must speak for the dead, as we are doing here today.
We're also going to cover a little bit about Justin Bieber and his facial paralysis, Ramsey-Hunt syndrome as it's called, and Steve Kirsch from Substack.com saying that he is convinced, statistically, 99% chance that Justin Bieber's facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine.
We wish a speedy recovery to Justin Bieber and I have some good news for him that perhaps you can pass along to him if you know him.
All right, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for joining us today.
It's Mike Adams here.
For the entire show, we're going to be joined by some very special guests and also Harrison Smith sitting in with me in the next segment as we go live with a world-exclusive
A shocking demonstration using live laboratory microscopy that I actually brought this morning.
We set it up here and we actually have a blood sample on that microscope right now from, well, one of the crew members donated a drop of blood and we're showing you what that drop of blood looks like because what you're going to see coming up, and this is again just an exclusive thing, nobody else is doing this, you're going to see microscopy images
I don't
And what we're about to show you.
For those of you listening on radio, we're going to be describing this for you, walking you through this, and also encouraging you to make sure that you check the video archives at band.video.
And also tune in at theinfowar.tv slash alex right now in order to watch this broadcast and see all these images.
We're going to be doing it live.
Again, I've got a vial of clots that were removed from the deceased.
These dead human beings are going to be, in essence, speaking to the world through these images and this microscopy that we're doing here today.
We have become, in essence, speakers for the dead.
And what is the message from the dead today?
It is a warning for humanity.
It is a warning that says we must halt immediately all of these experimental COVID vaccines on a global basis.
We must halt them now or many millions more may die.
And what you're about to see will be absolutely shocking.
You're going to be blown away by what is being pulled out of these people.
And some of it is so large, it's about the diameter of one of your fingers.
And these are not blood clots.
You're going to see that coming up.
First, we're going to cover the other news here.
The economic news is pretty serious today.
The stock market is not doing well.
It's getting hammered quite aggressively.
And also the crypto markets are getting hammered.
And this is actually a bit of a
More of a shocking story.
Bitcoin fell about 15% over the weekend.
This morning, when I last checked, it was $23,000-something, which is down from roughly $60,000 at its peak.
$200 billion in valuation wiped off the crypto market over the weekend.
Kind of makes you wonder if they're really attacking crypto right now, because they know that people are going to be working to flee the dollar.
Because the dollar is showing its weakness with massive money printing and inflation and global economic warfare where the United States attempts to weaken Russia and only ends up causing more inflation in fuel and food in the United States.
So that news is happening.
The crypto firm Celsius, which is one of the major crypto firms out there, they give out crypto loans and so on, they have paused withdrawals and transfers, now citing market conditions.
This is basically the equivalent of the crypto world sort of bank freeze, where a bank says, well guess what, you can't come in and get your money out anymore because
Your assets are currently frozen.
So they're pausing all withdrawals and swaps and transfers between accounts.
And the statement there from the founder says, acting in the interest of our community is our top priority.
This is very concerning language and it's also sort of reminding me of what may be happening with some of the stable coins as the Evergrande situation unravels in China.
So keep your eye on that.
And keep in mind that the powers that be do not want you to have any options other than their fiat currencies, which are of course fraudulent currencies that are going to collapse.
Okay, a fascinating story I pulled up over the weekend that you need to know about.
You know the war on carbon dioxide is a war against life on planet Earth.
Carbon dioxide is what grows plants, it grows crops.
The higher the levels of CO2, the more easily we could grow food and feed the world.
So at a time when the world is facing food scarcity, and food inflation, and real famine, starvation in certain areas, especially developing nations, why are they pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?
They're doing that because they want to, of course, exterminate billions of human beings.
Well, another story that I found shows that higher levels of CO2 enhance plants' medicinal properties.
And what they found in this experiment is that when you have more CO2 in the atmosphere that the plants are exposed to, you not only get higher crop yields, you get better plant nutrition.
And you get more medicinal constituents that are found in those plants.
So when they are engaged in carbon sequestration,
We're good to go.
They're taking away the medicinal properties of medicinal herbs, and they're causing global starvation.
So when you think about, quote, climate change, and the desire to take CO2 out of the atmosphere, that is another form of global starvation.
Because they know, with lower levels of CO2, they won't be able to grow as much food.
So that is another act of war against humanity.
Now let's move on to Justin Bieber.
Now, late last week, Justin Bieber announced with a video that half his face was apparently paralyzed with this syndrome that he called Ramsey-Hunt syndrome.
And his doctors informed him of this diagnosis.
And I do want to, by the way, acknowledge the courage of Justin Bieber for filming this video and being transparent with his audience.
And I want to say that we wish him very, wish him the best in his recovery.
There's good news and bad news in this.
So the good news is that often these facial paralysis syndromes are relatively quickly reversed.
So there is a good chance that Justin Bieber may be able to resume his career.
And there's also some bad news.
And the bad news is that according to Steve Kirsch,
We're good to go.
That this was just sort of like a bolt of lightning, bad luck, spontaneous, out of the blue situation for Justin Bieber.
99% chance this is a post-vaccine side effect.
And if that's the case, then it's possible that it may take longer for him to recover.
It's also possible he may not recover.
Now, some people have lost their sense of smell or taste.
Or sometimes other cognitive or neurological functions.
They've lost them both upon exposure to the pathogenic gain-of-function nanoparticles, SARS-CoV-2, and other people have lost these senses responding to the vaccine or, you know, after taking the vaccine.
We don't know what's causing this for Justin Bieber, but we know that Eric Clapton came out, and he told the truth, and he said, yes, that this vaccine caused almost a loss of his musical career, Eric Clapton's, and he then came out and spoke out against the dangers of this vaccine.
So I just want to say to Justin Bieber, this is an opportunity, Justin, once you learn the truth,
about what caused this.
This is an opportunity to do what Eric Clapton did and to reach out to your many followers and help save other people from making the mistake of trusting in a medical establishment that is murdering people and injuring people through experimental, unsafe, risky mRNA injections that have never been proven to be safe or effective for that matter.
So Justin Bieber, we are praying for you.
We wish you well.
And we believe there's a good chance you may recover.
And we hope that you will find out the truth about what's causing this.
And when you do, share that with the world.
Many people
Could benefit from you sharing that information.
Smithfield Foods in California is closing its pork plant, citing high operating costs, both inflation and fuel costs.
One more shutdown of a food facility in California, adding to the deliberate shutdowns, the arson, and also the economic punishment of the food industry by both the USDA and federal policies as well.
So folks, get ready.
Mass starvation is being engineered.
It's coming, and when we come back after this break, we're going to get right into the microscope, and we're going to show you what these clots look like up close and personal.
I'm Mike Adams.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm sitting in here with Mike Adams, since he is going to be a little bit preoccupied putting together this very intense-looking science experiment, and so I'm just here sort of to sit in for the audience and maybe ask questions about what exactly you're doing, Mike.
I'm Harrison Smith.
What are we looking at here?
Okay, so as I mentioned before, we have acquired these clots that have been removed from deceased patients who died suddenly.
And the embalmers have never seen these clots before until the vaccines began to be administered.
And the embalmer that provided these to me, who is our guest today, is Richard Hirschman.
So he'll be chiming in on this.
These are the cloths, and I hope we can get maybe a kind of a, I don't know, an up-close shot.
We can do maybe a, uh... But, anyway...
I'm going to take these out of the vial here, and again, live on radio and the video broadcast, I'm going to take these out, and I'm going to stain these with iodine, and then I'm going to prepare these on the slide, and then we're going to look at magnifications up to 1,500 times and see what these are.
And most importantly, Harrison, is that what we're showing on the microscope right now is a drop of blood from one of the crew members who donated this drop this morning.
I don't know.
And so for our radio listeners, the vial that Mike is holding, it looks like it's filled with little worms.
I mean, they look like little tiny earthworm-looking things.
It's really pretty gross, and that came out of a human being.
Well, yes, and these are only the very smallest examples.
There are more vials I have that are, some of these strands are the thickness of your finger.
Oh Lord.
And what's happening, and you're going to hear this from our physician guest who's joining us in the next segment, with his voice altered to protect his identity, is that these are blocking femoral arteries, they're blocking carotid arteries,
Some people are having to have femoral artery bypass surgery in order to not die.
And these are on the smaller size here.
When these lodge near your hands or toes, they will cut off circulation to your extremities
Which is called peripheral cardiovascular disease, typically, and it can cause your fingers and toes to turn black.
Now there's a photo, yeah, there's an up-close photo of the vial.
There's another photo for the producers that should show a man's fingers that have turned black.
Oh my gosh.
That's what happens when these clots block blood circulation.
Looks like a very extreme case of frostbite or something.
Exactly, which is the same thing.
You know, your extremities have lost blood flow.
But the thing is, Harrison, and I mean, you're welcome.
I brought extra gloves if you want to get in on this, but I don't mean to joke about this.
This is serious business.
But these have the consistency of small rubber bands.
No, it's horrifying looking in person.
Hopefully it's coming across on the camera because it really does look like something from a horror film.
These were drawn out of somebody's veins who had died of a sudden...
Heart attack or something similar.
And he's taking them out of the vial here now.
And there's already pre-dyed ones, but we're doing this live and actually going to take the real thing and you say dye it with iodine.
Iodine is used in the standard gram staining techniques for microbiology, along with violet color dyes.
But what I found is that iodine, yeah,
This came out of a living, well, a previously living person.
And the reason this is important for us to study is because, you know, these people are dead and they can't speak.
We have to speak for them.
So, and by the way, these samples have all been sterilized.
For anybody concerned about medical procedures, these have been sterilized with ultraviolet radiation, as well as ethyl alcohol treatments and so on.
So there's no danger to us, but I am wearing gloves, as you might
Yeah, and folks, if you are a radio listener, you've got to get to BandDot Video and see this and share this imagery because even just seeing this, this thing, this entity that came out of someone's veins, I mean, that alone is enough to convince you there's something very disturbing going on here.
So this is just iodine, folks.
This is not blood.
This is just iodine.
And iodine is used for staining in order to provide contrast.
And then I'm just washing it with ethyl alcohol.
And once this is done, we're going to go ahead and place it under the microscope.
And that's to get the contrast so it's just more easily viewable under the microscope, right?
Again, kind of standard staining techniques, but usually used for microbiology.
But we're just using it for these tissue samples here.
Now I'm going to flatten this out with another slide because it's a little too tall.
It's pretty, you know, chunky here.
So I'm just going to kind of flatten it out a little bit.
I don't know if you can see that.
Now we're going to go ahead and place this under the microscope in real time.
Again, because the reason I'm doing this is I don't want anybody to think that any of this is faked or anything like that.
Right, doing the whole thing live.
My God.
Yeah, make it that graphic right there.
No, but I mean, but look, this is what's in people's body.
This is what's being removed from people's damaged hearts and you can see why.
I mean, my God, for again, for the radio viewers.
I don't even know how to describe it.
You've got to just see the image.
Go back to the microscope image if you would please.
Yeah, help describe this for the radio viewers, but we're going to start zooming in on this and we're going to get a lot more contrast and information.
I have to refocus as we move.
But what I want you to notice about this, and again, this is coming out of people who were formerly alive.
People are walking around with these things growing inside their arteries and blood vessels, okay?
That these are massive.
These are not the size of just one protein.
These are like billions of proteins and these are strands.
In fact, I want to show you something.
Let me zoom out.
I want to show you something that's just going to blow your mind.
If I grab this with the forceps here, and you can see that on screen, and I start to pull, I want to show you how much I can pull and how strong these are before this breaks.
Oh, wow.
You see how they are fibrous and they are strong.
They're like rubber bands.
And it looks like it has a consistency of, and I hate to even put it, but it looks like something like raw calamari.
I mean, it looks like some sort of rubbery seafood, but not something you'd want to eat.
That's a good description.
Raw calamari.
But understand that these are not clumps of blood.
That's what I'm trying to get across.
There's no way that these are blood clots.
These are, I call them engineered biostructures.
So something in people's bodies is programming them to build these biostructures inside their arteries.
And for anyone watching who is skeptical,
They might think, no, those look like blood vessels.
You must have taken the blood vessels or the capillaries.
This is inside the blood vessels.
And you, I mean, I can just tell from the sort of rubbery consistency of it, this is, it's not blood.
I mean, it clearly is something, I mean, it doesn't look natural to me.
It looks like...
It's like seafood, like raw, sort of, uh, I don't know, squid parts.
Well, let me show you now that here's, here's, I stained these yesterday using, uh, a different staining technique.
But we're about to go to break.
When we come back, I'm going to show you this.
Because there's a lot more detail.
Yeah, you can see the detail there.
All right.
I'm going to stick around as we do this live experiment here.
Incredibly disturbing, folks.
Again, if you're a radio listener, I can only describe it so well.
You've got to go to Bandod Video and see the images we are broadcasting live as we look through the microscope into the depths of hell, really.
All right, welcome back.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith.
I'm sitting in studio with Mike Adams, who has this very impressive microscope array.
And while it is a microscope that we're dealing with, the samples are not microscopic.
The samples are actually fairly large, about the size of a half-dollar piece or so, but scrunched up, just so people understand sort of the scale that we're operating at.
But you have, so we just saw the sort of raw, undried, and just slightly stained, sort of fresh sample, but now we have something else that we're looking at here, Mike.
What are we seeing on the screen now?
Yeah, so we're showing, this is another clot that was removed from, again, from a formerly living person.
And I understand that if you're looking at this right now, you think it's maybe a piece of dried chicken jerky or something.
It is not.
This came out of a living person, well, a formerly living person's blood vessels or arteries.
And I've only stained this one with iodine, which explains why the color is more yellowish and not purplish.
But this one has what appears to be what I would call a kind of a wire type of substance.
We're going to zoom in on that.
And I want your reaction, Harrison, to
Here, let me zoom in.
What you think this is, there.
You see that structure?
Oh, wow, yeah.
That is made of repeating patterns.
And if the producers could show the images, this is from folder number seven.
These are repeating patterns at the very high resolution.
They look like almost reptilian scales on the side.
And, yeah, there you go.
See those reptilian scales?
So the actual material that we're looking at, it looks like dried meat.
It looks almost like prosciutto or something, because it's dried and because it's been stained with iodine.
But on top of that is this thin, I mean, it looks like hair to me.
It looks like images you've seen, you know, from crime scenes or whatever, where they zoom in on the hair to identify it.
It looks like a human hair.
It's a very thin sort of tubular structure.
It looks like it's about as thick as a human hair.
Well, it is...
Just to avoid any confusion, this is definitely not hair because this came out of a person's blood vessels.
So what happens is when the embalmer is pushing embalming fluid into someone's arteries, and then blood is coming out, sometimes with clots, sometimes slightly congealed, but these things are what's coming out of people now.
These clots that we're looking at here.
This hair-like fiber, which is kind of like a wire, to me it doesn't look like a hair under the microscope because I've looked at a lot of hair and the hairs don't normally have these kinds of repeating structures.
And if you go to very, very high resolution, which is very difficult to focus, you're actually going to see
Structures in here that look like scaly, you know, skin-like.
Which is very different because hair normally has these linear fibers, but not cross-sections like this.
So, what I'm saying is that looking at this is shocking to me because, number one, none of this belongs in the human body.
This is being found in people who have, quote, died suddenly, and embalmers have never seen these things until after the vaccine started being given to people.
I'm telling you, it's horrific seeing it in person.
I hope it's coming across the television screens because it's just disturbing.
It's a disturbing thing to see.
It's clearly not natural.
Yeah, it doesn't look like human hair.
It almost looks glass-like, or I don't know if crystalline is an appropriate word, but it certainly doesn't look like the rest of the material.
It's something else entirely.
We're looking at a live microscope feed here just for those radio or TV listeners, and that's why I'm manipulating this and the focus is going in and out because I'm changing lenses and so on.
Right, this is not something pre-recorded or done a lab somewhere else.
We're looking at this live and manipulating the microscope here live.
What's the zoom that we're at here?
We're at 75x right now.
I want to show you, you see this white spot in the middle here?
One of our guests is going to talk about this, how some of the blood that comes out of these people appears to be somewhat chalky, and we're seeing these strange white particles, and they are in focus right now, and we'll increase the magnification, but these
Resisted staining.
So whatever these are, not normal biological cells which would be stained.
You can see everything else here in the clot has been stained.
But these white particles, they have almost a crystalline type of structure.
I'll zoom in even more here, which will be a challenge.
Right, so with the staining, it almost takes on a bark-like color, and yeah, it looks like jerky or prosciutto.
I mean, it looks like some sort of dried meat, but then there's this white speck that almost looks like, to me, just like a speck of salt or something, but clearly it's not that.
It's almost crystalline in structure, or you could say perhaps it's a polymer, maybe a microplastic particle or something, but these are being seen in the blood that's coming out of people who died suddenly.
Uh, in fact, we're going to bring in our guest shortly who's standing by, but this is not normal.
These are not blood clots.
And just for comparison, again, I want to, let me put the blood sample actually on here.
And so that little white chunk, that is microscopic.
I mean, that's a tiny thing that you almost can't see with the human eye.
With a microscope, you can see this little tiny white spot on top of this.
Normal blood looks like this, okay?
And that's just dried blood.
You notice it doesn't have strands, it doesn't have fibers, it doesn't have, you know, twisty, turny tentacles or anything like that.
No, yeah.
That's like blood.
And that's a blood, that's a little blood clot, effectively, because it's just congealed.
Scabbed blood.
So that's the difference, folks, and that's what I wanted to show here today.
Now, we got to bring in our doctor who is here with a voice changer in order to protect his identity.
Can we just, can we confirm that he's with us right now?
Doctor, can you hear me and have you been able to see some of these images?
Yeah, I can hear you.
I can't see these images.
I'm on the road right now, but I saw what you sent me yesterday.
I discussed with you a few months ago about some of the experiments I did, and we don't have to talk about that right now, but apparently what's happening is these injections are reprogramming
We're good to go.
So are these...
I would say it's rare, but it's not to this extent.
This has skyrocketed.
And we're seeing it in relatively young patients, which is unheard of.
We're seeing this in people in their 40s, 50s.
We're good to go.
So as you were talking there, doctor, and I'm just going to call you doctor, you know, we're protecting your identity and I appreciate you being willing to come on.
We were just showing for the video viewers a massive clot that was pulled out of someone's carotid artery.
It was about the diameter of a human finger.
And my question to you is, are you seeing other symptoms of people having arterial blockage or requiring arterial bypass surgery, things like that?
There's a procedure called FEMTOF, which is a Femoral Ophthalteal Artery Bypass.
One of the hospitals that I work with, the vascular surgery service is booked for months for these types of procedures.
So they're artificially bypassing
We've got to go to break.
We'll be right back after this break.
Stay with us.
Sorry to interrupt you.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones Show.
All right, continuing here, I want to thank you for joining me today on the Alex Jones Show exclusive broadcast of the what I'm calling biostructures.
These are the so-called clots that are being pulled out of people's bodies after they spontaneously expire.
And as you saw with the microscope, and I want to thank Harrison for sitting in there,
These clots are not blood clots.
These are structures.
These are complex structures that have strands and that even have a tensile strength like little small rubber bands.
And to our physician who is joining us now, he is an urgent care doctor.
He has chosen not to reveal his identity for obvious purposes, but you will note from his language and vocabulary that he is a practicing physician.
And to the doctor, again, thank you for taking the time to join us today.
And I want to ask you, because this is something you told me privately that I want to share publicly, you are seeing that these clots are not responding to normal clot drug interventions such as Coumadin and Heparin.
Is that correct?
You want to add to that?
Yeah, that is correct.
So, we're seeing increased rates of deep vein thrombosis, which are spots near lower extremities that can travel to the lung and cause pulmonary embolism.
We're seeing increased rates of that as well in relatively young people.
And the treatment for this is suffering, coumadin.
Some of the newer medications are also eloquent.
And these
So that's what's shocking about this is as you just said these are not blood clots and we've proven that under the microscope these are not
I think?
So, do you think, in your opinion, would it be fair to say that there is an unknown number of people walking around right now with these structures growing inside their own bodies who have yet to become symptomatic or yet to present to an urgent care or an ER facility?
Would that be a fair assessment of the situation?
From what I'm seeing, the patterns that I'm seeing, because you know, physicians, we like
And there's definitely a pattern of getting more stuck.
Either people aren't noticing the symptoms.
They might be a little short of breath or their legs might be aching if they take a walk.
They might be a little dizzy.
They might have elevated blood pressure because when your vessels can't, the blood's not being pumped in there.
It's like a pipe.
If you're getting some restrictions, that's going to cause your blood pressure to increase.
So there's a lot of different symptoms that people might be experiencing and they haven't gotten to a threshold.
Absolutely and I want to remind our audience especially our radio audience to bear with us because we're using a voice-changing technology in order to protect the identity of our guest right now who is a practicing physician an urgent care physician who has seen these issues firsthand and I also want to encourage you to
If you want to share this to tell others to tune in because there's a lot more coming up today.
The URL is theinfowar.tv forward slash Alex.
That will get you right to the live show.
Now, to our guest physician, again, I want to thank you for joining us.
I've got a lot more questions for you.
You're familiar with the term sudden adult death syndrome, SADS, that is now being used.
I understand it's a medical term that has existed for a long time, but it's now being applied to people who apparently are dying from these clots.
What are your thoughts on the sudden deaths that are occurring?
Well, I mean, there's no such thing as people just dropping dead because of this disease.
You're always going to die from another clot.
So, and they're using that blanket term to just try to make people aware of what's going on.
But, the symptoms that we just spoke about, people need to start looking for shortness of breath, headaches, blood pressure issues.
This is speculation, but a lot of these deaths may be that they're throwing cloths that's causing heart impacts or they're throwing cloths that's causing a stroke.
You know, something is causing these little pieces to break off.
I don't know.
Well, exactly.
And let me ask you, as a practicing physician in urgent care, had you ever seen any kind of phenomenon like this more than two years ago, let's say pre-vaccine?
Was this something that you saw in a lot of people at all?
I mean, pardon me if it feels like I'm pressing on this, but I want to be sure that what you are seeing is something that is relatively new, or at least the numbers are different.
I mean, can you just speak to that again, please?
This is not something we've seen.
I mean, every once in a while you get an older woman that may have taken a plane ride or a long trip and they had a blood clot in their leg and then we would treat that.
Or, you know, somebody would come in with what they thought was heartburn and they were having a heart attack.
But that was rare.
This is almost on a daily basis that we're beginning to see this.
And my colleagues that I've spoken to in the hospital,
No, I'm good.
So, where is this going then in your view?
You're saying it's affecting younger and younger patients now, and that's what we're hearing from the media, so-called sudden adult death syndrome is affecting those under the age of 50.
A lot of even, let's say, soccer players and sports stars are dropping dead in their 20s and 30s unexpectedly, otherwise very healthy people.
Do you believe that these clots, or biostructures as I'm calling them,
It would certainly explain it.
If you're cutting the blood supply off to your heart or to your brain, that would explain it.
And they're acting like this is normal, and this is just part of life, and this was unheard of.
I mean, when I was practicing, I don't know, when I first came out on practice,
I had a local high school, there was a student that dropped dead, he was a football player, and he had a hole in his heart that was undiagnosed, and he ended up just dropping dead.
That is so rare that, I mean, I had never seen it up until that point, but now this is becoming commonplace.
And that, it's scaring the crap out of me.
The unfortunate thing is most doctors aren't even really paying attention.
They're not seeing this.
Well, that's what's extraordinary about this.
Again, sorry to interrupt, but here we are on InfoWars.com, independent media.
Dr. Jane Ruby is going to be joining me later today and she has been really instrumental in bringing all this together and allowing me to acquire these clot samples and to use the microscope that we have already shown here.
That's a good question.
I don't know.
I'm so frustrated with medicine right now and the ignorance
I don't think we can go much longer.
I mean, you know, we were predicting a year ago that, you know, there were some people saying that 70% or 80% of these vaccinated people would have been dead within a couple of years.
And that was a scary thought, but now we're seeing this in real time.
I don't know.
I don't know if there's really anything that we can do.
For future deaths via these biostructures that are growing inside their bodies as we have shown you here today.
So we're going to be back with our physician.
Stay with us.
We'll be back right after this break here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams of naturalnews.com with my laboratory microscope here today.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back after this break.
Alright, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams here filling in for the entire show.
And we have our guest on the line here with his voice altered.
He is a practicing urgent care physician who is also sounding the alarm on what's happening right now.
Now, for those of you watching and listening, this segment isn't aired on all stations.
So there's a big topic that I want to ask our guests that we will cover in the following segment.
Which is about the shortage of medical supplies that appears to be getting worse in many areas of the United States.
But for the remainder of this segment, let me ask you, Doctor, do you think that there is any medical intervention, first of all, that can, is there a way to detect these clots?
So if people are listening and they think that they may be growing these biostructures in their body, is there a way to detect it?
And then secondly, is there any promising intervention that you know of that might be able to
Maybe over time dissolve these?
I don't know of any interventions at this point because traditionally we would use, you know, like the Criminin, Heparin, Illiquid, Xarelto, those medications, Plavix, Aspirin, things like that.
Any idea?
And from what I'm seeing, those medications are not working because it's using a completely different pathway to cause these chronic cascades.
I'm going to start trying to research this and look at other potential options, but at this point, I don't know what to treat these people with.
Now, there's not like a blood test you can get.
There's not a simple test that you can get.
They can do something called an ABI, which is an Arterial Brachial Index, which compares your blood pressure in your lower extremities to your upper extremities, and if there's a discrepancy, that might indicate a blockage that's happening.
You know, a CT scan.
But even then...
If you're a patient and you suspect that you have this, maybe you took the vaccines and you're starting to suffer some symptoms of this, maybe, in fact, impaired cognition due to reduced blood flow through the carotid arteries, for example.
If you go to your doctor and say, hey doctor, I want an MRI because I think that I'm growing, you know, biostructures in my blood vessels, that doctor is not gonna, you know, order that MRI for you, you know.
They're gonna think you're crazy because they don't even really know about this that we're presenting right here today.
Well, you're absolutely correct.
But if a patient came in today and wants an MRI because they're having some headaches or something like that, I'm going to have to fight with the insurance companies to get them to authorize and pay for that MRI.
If you go to the ER, ERs never get MRIs on patients.
Or virtually never.
Because that's considered an outpatient procedure.
Um, so we're going to have to jump through a whole bunch of groups to try to get the insurance companies to agree to pay for it.
You've got to go through, you know, uh, other, other scans or other, you know, CTs.
We might get lucky and be able to get that, but get the MRI, which is what I think would maybe show a lot of this.
It's always a fight.
Um, and it's just gotten worse over the last year since we've had Obamacare.
What about the D-dimer test for, you know, microclotting or blood inflammation markers in the blood?
Could that be useful in this scenario?
I have not seen any correlation with the D-dimers.
I've heard other doctors talk about it, that it may be elevated, and that would prompt a CT scan of your lung to see if you have a blood clot.
But that's negative, if you don't have anything going on in the lung, well, we still don't know what's going on everywhere else.
Maybe a good initial test, but it's not 100% either way.
I just haven't seen any data yet to correlate that with
Alright, so stay with us, Doctor.
We're about to go to break, but we're going to keep you for one more segment.
I want to ask you about the medical supply shortage that you are experiencing, and I'd like you to name what specific supplies are becoming very difficult to acquire, and why this might be happening.
So please stay with us for one more segment.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show at InfoWars.com.
Also give out the URL TheInfoWar.tv forward slash Alex to watch the full show in real time.
We'll be right back.
All right, welcome to the second hour of the Alex Jones Show here on InfoWars.com, Monday, June 13, 2022.
And we are joined for this segment by our sort of secret physician.
His voice is being altered to protect his identity, and he's been telling us about the explosion in the clots that are presenting in patients via urgent care.
And now I'm going to ask him here about the shortage of medical supplies that is getting worse because we're seeing a supply chain collapse affecting a lot of the medical industry.
So, Doctor, could you please give us your assessment of what's running out that you are seeing?
And we're not going to talk about, you know, obviously what state or city where you work to protect your identity, but what are you seeing that's in short supply and where is this headed in your opinion?
So, I'm talking about a friend of mine who's a fire chief that called me a few days ago, panicking, desperate, asking me if I knew where I could help him get IV fluid supplies, because he was down to 12 bags of normal saline solution.
He was down to half a dozen or so D5 solution, and the IV flushes were, he had like, I don't know, 12 of those.
Um, and he didn't have any IV tubing.
Um, and they're on allocation from the suppliers that were provided that to him.
So, they said it's going to be like that for at least six months, is what they told him.
Um, he was joking around that he might have to start carrying 66 in the ambulances with him, uh, to treat hypoglycemic patients.
Um, what I'm seeing is there's a, uh, major shortage in, uh, uh, injectable steroids for, if you come in with a,
We're good to go.
I'm sure I'm missing something.
Oh, I tried to prescribe several patients a couple weeks ago, Ciprofloxacin, which I like to use for urinary tract infections.
No pharmacy in the city was able to get that.
Now, that's changed this week.
I haven't heard that this week.
Well, let me ask you this.
During the spring of 2020, right after the first real launch of the pandemic, we saw these kinds of shortages because China had spent the previous six months buying up all kinds of personal protection equipment, PPE supplies everywhere.
Is this shortage that you're seeing now, is this the first real shortage that you've seen since 2020?
And how does it compare to that shortage?
No, we were seeing some shortages of the gloves, but not the sterile gloves.
We were just seeing the general everyday use gloves.
We've seen a shortage of gloves a little bit, but this is much worse.
In addition, from our suppliers, it's something that we haven't normally ordered like on a regular basis.
It's on allocation, almost everything.
So we can't all of a sudden decide we want, you know, I don't know, 200 boxes of gloves.
That's a good question.
There's other types of fluids that we can maybe still super-add in the meantime and try to play.
You know, black and gold a little bit, try to fix that.
But I think it's beginning to get to the point that we're going to have a major crisis here.
I don't see a solution because most of this stuff, as you said, we used to get from China.
We got 80% of our grunts from China.
And we're just not able to get these now.
And I think there was enough supply in the chain right now to try to cover that up and try to mask it a little bit.
But we're beginning to get to the point that they can't do that anymore.
That's a really scary thought.
So, would you put this in the category of a medical supply chain crisis?
I mean, would you use the word crisis at this point?
I would use it.
And just because you can go today, you know, come to see me and I can give you a liter of fluid, I still consider it a crisis because I know I can't order that.
Like my fire chief, he's desperate.
He doesn't know what he's going to do.
So you may get delayed.
Now the hospital might still be able to get it a little bit, but... So if you were bleeding out and you need to stay alive for a little bit to get something in you before you can get blood, which we would use fluids in that situation, you may not be able to get that.
And you may not survive the ride to the hospital.
This is the type of situation that we're in now.
Well, this is extremely concerning, and many people believe that these shortages are being engineered.
Others believe that it's just, I don't know, incompetence or problems with logistics, but more and more it seems to be engineered.
Your final thoughts, Doctor, before we let you go today.
I want to thank you in advance for sharing your time and knowledge with us.
It takes a lot of courage to speak out publicly on these issues.
What are your final thoughts today?
I just pray that something can intervene, someone can intervene to realize what's happening because we're at the very early stages of a huge crisis in medicine that is just about to get a lot worse.
And we didn't even get the chance to speak about the staffing issues and the nursing home situation where they can't get enough people to take care of your loved ones in the nursing home setting.
We're in a really big crisis and I don't know what
Well, it's going to take years, it seems like, even for all of this to roll out in terms of, you know, if young children are being injected right now, and if these mRNA instructions are ordering their bodies to build these biostructures in their arteries and blood vessels, that process
I agree with that, and it seems to be in a cumulative effect.
Okay, well...
I agree with you and I want to thank you for taking the time today, Doctor.
You have a lot of courage to speak out and thank you for spreading this word of alarm around the world.
Now, as we were just talking about the medical supply chain breaking down there, folks,
You've got to understand, if you don't get prepared right now, you're going to be caught flat-footed.
You're going to run out of food.
You're going to, I mean, the situation is becoming dire.
InfoWars has a new preparedness website.
It's called preparetoday.com, and at this site is a collection of different kinds of preparedness items, including food and other preparedness gear.
I strongly urge you to get serious about your preparedness, if not already.
And if you have taken steps, consider doubling down on that while also supporting this broadcast.
I would not be able to be here doing this for you if not for the infrastructure that Alex Jones and InfoWars has built here, thanks to your support.
So go to preparetoday.com.
I also want to mention, if you are listening on the radio today, if you have missed any of these visual images that we have shown here, which are extraordinary, they are shocking, they are horrifying, you need to get these.
Go to band.video.
You can go to theinfowar.tv.
Of course, I'm going to be publishing more photos on my website later this week, naturalnews.com.
I don't
But stay with us, we'll be right back with another guest straight ahead here on the Alex Jones Show, just in a couple of minutes.
I'm Mike Adams, thank you for watching.
We continue shortly.
Alright, we are continuing on the Alex Jones Show today, Monday, June 13th.
I'm Mike Adams, the health ranger, thank you for joining me today.
We're going to be joined in just a minute by Richard Hirschman, the embalmer.
Who has been seeing these outrageous clots and he in fact provided these clots to me.
The clots that we have brought here today to the studio and we showed you in the previous hour.
If you missed that you've got to go back and see those live
Microscopy photos of these clots because these are not blood clots folks.
These are not blood clots So you keep hearing the term blood clots and that people are dying from blood clots or that?
People are having symptoms from blood clots.
These are not normal blood clots.
These are tissues some kind of structure that is Growing or it's being built inside the vessels the blood vessels and the arteries and this is not normal
This has never happened before that we know of, and here to give us more details about his observations is Richard Hirschman, who first noticed these, and he's been working with Dr. Jane Ruby, who also joins us in the next segment, to try to, you know, expose what's happening.
So, Mr. Hirschman, thank you so much for joining us today.
You are live on the broadcast now.
How's your Monday so far?
Seems crazy, Mike, it really does.
Yeah, it is crazy.
Well, thanks to you sending me these clot samples, all kinds of people are kind of freaking out about what's going on.
So show us, I understand you have some other vials there as well, show us what you have collected and then walk us through how are you collecting these samples because a lot of people are very skeptical about where these have come from.
So please tell us the procedure, how you're getting these clot samples.
I, uh, when we embalm, we typically push fluid into an artery.
This is an example of one of the five that I've got.
Um, and we, we, we, we forced chemicals from aldehyde into the body.
And then, um, we, uh, we allow the blood to drain out, uh, through a drain tube and
And most of the time, a lot of times, they just come out of the body without having to be pulled.
But sometimes they start blocking the vessels and we have to put in some forceps in order to pull these out, in order to allow the blood to continue to flow out of the body so that we can replace it.
So let me be clear, you're pushing embalming fluid into
The vascular system, and then in many cases, as you said, these clot structures are just coming out on their own through the drain tube.
And when it gets clogged up, because some of these get really large, then we have to go in and try to manually pull them or help them out so that way the blood continues to flow and the preservative can be added to the body.
Now I want to, by the way, I've got a lot of questions for you, but I want to thank you for your courage.
You are a true, oh my goodness.
It's not just a hit and miss now, I see it all the time.
Well, the fact that you're doing this and that you sent me samples and that you're willing to go public and use your name and talk about this is quite noteworthy in this age of medical repression and scientific authoritarianism.
No one's allowed to talk about these things.
But let me ask you then, in your experience as an embalmer, first of all, for how many years have you been engaged in this practice?
Yes, well I remember during my apprenticeship, I remember being in the funeral home when 9-11 happened.
So, at least 20 years.
And then, how many embalming procedures would you say, just an estimate, that you have carried out over those roughly two decades?
That's a lot.
In the beginning when I worked for just one funeral home, we typically handled about somewhere between 100 to 150 bodies a year.
Then I went in 2005 and worked for a corporation at a centralized embalming facility where there were three of us and we embalmed nearly a thousand bodies a year.
And you know now I'm a trade embalmer since 2015 and I would
I am bombed probably, you know, probably over 400 bodies a year now.
So it's fair to say you've done thousands of these procedures over your career, easily.
Now, before the vaccines came out, these mRNA vaccines, before that time, had you ever seen these kinds of clot structures that we are now finding, you know, very frequently?
No, I did notice an increase in blood clotting during the peak of the COVID stuff.
However, after the vaccine rolled out, and I'm gonna, I'm estimating and guessing on exactly when I started to, you know, kind of put my finger on, hey, something's different.
That would have been around May or June of last year, 2021.
Uh, the first image I ever took was in late September, and it was because people weren't understanding what I'm talking about when I talk about blood clots.
They're very abnormal.
That white fibrous material is strange to me.
It almost looks like, um,
It almost looks like a vessel itself.
See that's the question that, you know, a skeptic would look at what you and I are doing here under the microscope and they would say, oh, you're playing with blood vessels.
But these are not blood vessels.
These are coming out of blood vessels.
That's, I mean... Exactly.
They do.
Sometimes they stretch pretty good.
They do.
Now, of course, if they're the smaller ones and they're really thin, they do break, but often you can take them and stretch them just like you could a rubber band.
Now this one clot, there's a photo that we have been showing here today.
It's a very, very large clot that you told me came out of a carotid artery.
And this clot is the size of a finger in terms of its diameter.
And yeah, they're showing it right now.
It's horrifying to people.
I mean, one question is...
How could someone even live with something like this in their carotid artery?
Or maybe that's why they died.
What are your thoughts?
See, what you see there is just, that's the one.
Okay, so when I was embalming this individual, I was told he was fine when he went to bed.
Yes, it was an older gentleman, but he seemed to be fine and then just never woke up.
His body was so full of clots that I had to go into each leg, each arm, and raise the vessel in the neck as well.
And I was like, you know, decided to try to push fluid from the groin area, pushing it up.
And I opened the carotid artery to see if I could get fluid coming out because something's blocking this.
And when I did that, as soon as I opened the artery, I could see there was a clot in there.
So I tried to pull it out.
Well, then, you know, some of it broke off.
And as I'm pushing the fluid up and there's no fluid coming out, I use my forceps to kind of help open it up.
Richard, stay with us.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
We're going to break here.
It's shocking what you're describing and it explains why many people are dying suddenly.
But we'll be right back after this break here on the Alex Jones Show with Richard Hirschman, the embalmer.
Stay with us.
All right, continuing with this bombshell broadcast today on the Alex Jones Show, and we are calling for a worldwide halt to all of these mRNA COVID vaccines pending further investigation into these clots, these biostructure clots that we have shown conclusively under the microscope here live in studio in the last hour.
These are not blood clots.
These are structures that are growing inside people's bodies.
Growing inside arteries, inside blood vessels, and then when they get large enough, they can lodge and cause heart attacks or strokes or thrombosis, or they can simply cut off the blood supply to the brain and the patient dies.
And we believe that this is what's causing so-called sudden adult death syndrome, SADS.
And we are joined by embalmer Richard Hirschman here to continue this conversation.
I do want to mention
That the fourth hour host today is Gerald Salenti of the Trend Journal.
He's going to be commenting on the rather dynamic market conditions that are taking place today.
And also Dr. Jane Ruby is coming up here in about 30 minutes.
She'll be joining me for the entire third hour to help pull all of this together.
I want to thank Dr. Ruby also for connecting us, Hirschman and myself, and
Facilitating the acquisition of these clots that you have seen here today.
Without Dr. Ruby, none of this would be happening.
And without Hirschman, this would not be happening either.
So, Richard Hirschman, again, thank you for continuing with us.
You talked about chalky substances in the blood in a private conversation that we had a couple days ago.
I'd like to ask you about these chalky substances because what we're seeing on the microscope here in the studio are strange white specks or white substances that resist normal staining techniques.
They resist iodine staining, for example, and they show up as white flecks or specks on these clots.
That may be a clue.
What are you seeing with the chalky substances?
Yeah, sometimes when I am doing the embalming, this is why something is strange.
Something has been different with the blood.
The blood is not the same.
And when I talk about the chalky substance, when I embalm, sometimes it looks almost as if there's like this chalky substance flowing in it.
And sometimes I refer to it as looking almost like, you know, fine coffee grounds coming out in the blood as I'm involving, you know, which.
Isn't normal.
You know, I'm not used to seeing blood look like that.
And I've seen it, you know, several times now.
Is visible to the naked eye.
I mean, you're seeing these particles and you're describing them as coffee grounds.
Is that roughly the particle size of a coffee ground?
Sometimes they're larger, like a, like a, you know, like a grain of coffee.
And sometimes it's really fine.
Almost like if you were maybe using a powdered coffee.
I saw a little residue that you might see at the bottom of your cup.
So what we're showing while you're talking is we're showing some of the microscopy photos that show these white particles or substances which resemble either perhaps microplastics or perhaps some kind of crystalline structures.
But what we are looking at is at a much smaller scale than what would be visible to the naked eye.
So what you are seeing is probably
A thousand times larger than what we're showing on the screen?
I mean, if you're seeing these particles with the naked eye, you know, something is very, very wrong.
This is not normal.
And one of the doctors that I spoke with, his name was Dr. Thorpe up in Michigan.
And when I showed him the images of some of the pictures that I have,
He basically was saying, you know, that's kind of scary.
But what's concerning to him are what he called micro clots.
And when I hear the term micro clots, I'm still I'm thinking of something you can't see with the naked eye.
But I can see this stuff.
And I'm curious, you know,
And I can work with you or whoever wants to be worked with when I have another case that I see this chalky granular substance, maybe collect a sample of that and ship it and see if you put it under a microscope and zoom in, is it basically the same structure at a much smaller scale?
Well, that's an absolute yes, so if you see that, go ahead and collect that sample, ship it to me, we'll sterilize it with proper laboratory handling procedures, and then we can bring it into the studio here and we can take a look at that, probably do the same thing we're doing today, live on air.
And I want to say too, by the way, just to honor the dead here.
We are, you know, these people died, we believe, from these clots.
And I believe that if they could speak, they would want us to tell the world and sound the alarm.
And I don't want anybody out there to think that we are in any way, you know, exploiting the tissues of these dead people for any kind of sensationalism.
What's sensational or horrifying is the fact that these are being found.
And I believe in my heart that the dead would want us to sound the alarm.
Do you agree with that assessment or sort of what is your philosophical approach to what you and I are doing right now publicly with the tissues from the dead?
That is one of the reasons why I am coming out.
I felt like I was being led that I have to say something.
But I didn't know exactly how or where to say it.
But I was sitting there seeing all of these clots.
And you know, in the beginning, when COVID was still around, that was a great excuse.
So you know, maybe this was related, maybe it was related to the virus itself.
However, when COVID is going away and yet these clots are getting worse, it's like, okay, so now what's happening?
And I feel like something's contributing.
All these people that are dying are not being listed as COVID anymore.
And they're being listed as normal, you know, heart attack, stroke or whatever.
And I'm seeing all these strange clots and I feel like somebody's got to say something.
Because my fear is this, we can prove, if we can prove, and I'm pretty sure it's coming, you know, we can prove this is due to the vaccine itself, then we need to stop because it's possible that all of these people died prematurely because of these strange virus
Tissues that are in their blood.
You're exactly right, Richard.
In fact, you know, adults have a choice of whether or not to take this vaccine in most cases.
I understand there's a lot of coercion, a lot of threats and so on, but children are now being targeted by these vaccines as young as five years old or even younger.
The new emergency use authorization targeting children and so on.
These children do not have a choice.
They do not have informed consent.
And if these bio structures are growing after injection,
Then these children that are being injected today, two years down the road or a year or three years, we don't exactly know the timeline, they may die from sudden child death syndrome.
You know, which is really just these clots.
I mean, this is a medical slaughter of a generation, it seems.
And it could go generational.
Tell me about other embalmers that you must know in the industry.
Are they confirming what you are seeing?
I've asked several people that have more years of experience than I do.
They're all seeing it.
When I show some of the ones that have like 40, 50 years of experience, sometimes they're in the embalming room with me and I'm like, have you ever seen this stuff?
And it's always been, no, they've never seen it.
Um, I've got a, uh, I follow a Facebook page.
It's a private thing that has other embalmers across the country.
And, uh, most of them also are seeing the same situation in their area.
So why, I mean, we only have a few seconds left here, but why are they not willing to speak out like you are in your opinion?
I'm a trade person.
I work for myself.
I work for several funeral homes.
Most of the embalmers work for a funeral home.
If a person brings too much attention to the funeral home, they could get blowback and be maybe fired for just bringing too much negative attention.
And nobody wants to be the first one on the dance floor.
People are afraid to speak.
There's people afraid of losing their jobs.
That's why I think they should be silent.
All right, we're about to go to break.
We're going to be continuing here one more segment with Richard Hirschman here on the Alex Jones Show.
You're watching InfoWars.com.
TheInfoWar.tv is the website to give out.
Ask everybody to join in.
Much more straight ahead.
We'll be right back.
All right, and we're back.
The final segment here with Richard Hirschman, the embalmer, who has been collecting these horrifying clots, which I'm calling biostructures, that we were showing here earlier with the microscope now in studio.
And there's a lot more of that coming, folks.
This has really only been kind of a teaser of what you are about to see.
We are trying to wake up the world's medical communities to the truth about what's happening after vaccination.
Apparently, people's bodies are being programmed to grow, to build, to engineer biostructures inside their arteries and blood vessels.
And for a while, as these
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
If you, the trends that you're observing in this right now, are you expecting to see more and more of these clots now in the dead that are presented to you that you're required to work on?
I believe so.
Like, you know, last year in November, people kept asking me, how many of these am I seeing?
You know, and I wasn't really keeping track.
So I started taking notes on my computer of people with strange clots.
And back then, it was pretty close to 50%.
And probably in February, it was probably around 60-something percent.
And it seems like right now, I'm pushing 70, you know, maybe even 80% of the bodies that I do.
Sometimes the clots aren't always the same.
Now, if I see a body that's not clotted at all or doesn't have anything that looks suspicious to me on my computer, I leave it blank.
But if it has even small clots that I find to be strange, I highlight that like in yellow.
And the clots that are a little bit more fibrous, like the ones that I showed, you know, kind of like this kind of stuff right here, then I'll highlight that in orange.
And if I find out they're vaccinated, like this one was, then I'll highlight that in green.
So I am trying to keep track and it seems like the numbers are getting, you know, more and more of the bodies that I have have this strange stuff in it.
It also seems like some of the age groups are starting to get a little bit on the younger side.
Most of them that I've had are older people.
Shocking information there.
If this is approaching 70 to 80 percent of the embalming
Subjects that you work on.
That is consistent, I would think, with a lot of the increased death rates that are being observed by insurance companies and also in government statistics around the world.
But I want to ask you a very technical question here.
First of all, what is the largest diameter clot tissue that you have collected that you actually have in your possession right now?
If you were to estimate, I don't know, in millimeters or something, what's the largest diameter that you have?
You know, I don't really know.
The largest one that I collected was that large one that came out of that carotid artery, but it's no longer in my possession.
And that would have been probably almost as thick as my pinky finger.
Right, right.
But you have a lot that I've seen.
What you see coming off of that, those branches, that's typically what I'm seeing.
All right, so then I'm just going to estimate that what you're showing us in your vials, they look like maybe five millimeters up to, five millimeters in diameter, something maybe four millimeters, something in that range.
Let me find an example of something that is smaller that I have here.
The diameter of a pencil eraser, let's say, to use a common object.
No, not quite that.
Here's a small sample, and I don't know if you can see those.
Yeah, that looks pretty small.
Yeah, those are smaller ones, but again, you know, then they get, then they get bigger.
I see.
And then they get to be a whole bunch of them, you know?
Okay, now here's my next question.
What we need to do is we need to, you know, see, these tissues are self-sustaining, which means they appear to be composed of living cells.
We, I mean they're not dead cells floating around the body is not what it appears because they have branches, they are obviously growing or assembling over time.
We need to cut into some of these and see if there's anything going on inside these.
I mean, I don't know any other way to put it, but we need a large sample that we can kind of dissect.
Well, we also need to run genetic tests on these tissues and find out, do they share the same genes as the person?
Or is there some other kind of genetic code at work here?
I mean, that would be a key test.
Unfortunately, I can't run that test, but that's what we need done.
There's more questions that come out the longer we do this.
I had a medical examiner try to tell me these are postmortem clots.
But there's, I mean, I've dealt with clots for 20 years and all these clots that I see are different.
And of course, I had to respectfully disagree, but I mean, I'm not the doctor.
I just know what I see and what I'm used to.
Well, I know what blood cells look like under a microscope, and I know what congealed blood cells look like.
These are not blood cells.
These are fibrous structures.
These have repeating segments.
I mean, even sort of scale-like or skin-like segments that are repeating on the outside structures of some of these strands.
I mean, clearly these are not blood cells.
That's immediately obvious to any trained physician or biologist or anybody.
There's something else than there's something that appears to be living cells, which means, I mean, if that's confirmed, it means that people are walking around with tissues living inside them.
And the question is, are they their own tissues?
Somehow that the programming has gone wrong, like a cancer tumor, you know, or are they something completely different?
I mean, that's the mystery.
I talked to a lady who works at a veterinary clinic and
She saw some of the samples, one of the first samples that I had, it was in a cup.
And she said it looked like heartworms.
But, you know, I've never seen any of these things move, so...
No, and if they were heartworms, we would have seen that under the microscope.
We would have seen the parasitic structures.
Because, you know, even heartworms have organelles and organ systems and so on.
Thank you for clarifying that one for me, because I have no idea.
No, these are clearly not heartworms.
These are not parasites.
Yeah, there's a photo of heartworms.
These don't look like that under the microscope at all.
I have a whole set of slides where I've studied parasites and insects and organelles and things like that under the microscope, so that I know kind of what common things look like in different bacteria slides and single-celled microorganisms and so on.
So, I do have some knowledge in that area.
These are not heartworms, I can tell you that.
Well, I was asked earlier today, somebody that would like to speak with you, and he was asking if I could, you know,
Did I send samples of normal blood clots and to compare them against normal blood clots, but I don't
I don't have anything like that.
It seems like the clots have all changed and I don't know what normal is anymore with the strange stuff that I'm seeing.
Well, you know, we took a blood sample here today.
I mean, just a drop of blood from one of the crew members to show how it would clot on the slide.
So, you know, we anticipated that question and we showed very clearly what a normal, healthy drop of blood when it starts to clot, what it looks like.
And it does not have strands and fibers and structures and repeating elements like what we're seeing in these clots.
So, you know, we've already clearly shown that.
I mean, a normal blood clot is...
I thank you very much for doing that because people want to try to say that these are normal.
I've been in this business for 20 years.
I know what normal blood clots look like.
Yeah, this is not normal.
These are normal.
This is why I say, yeah.
Richard Hirschman, I want to thank you for joining us today and it's been a great honor to be able to speak with you about this.
Keep us informed and keep the samples coming and just thank you for joining us today.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Thank you, Mike.
All right.
Thank you.
And Dr. Jane Ruby is coming up next, and also I want to mention the InfoWars Super Summer Sale at the InfoWars store.
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And thank you for your support in advance.
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We're going to be back with one more segment here, and then Dr. Jane Ruby is coming up after that.
Thank you for watching.
All right, coming up in about five minutes, we're going to be joined by Dr. Jane Ruby to kind of tie together the astonishing bombshell information that we've shared with you here today on this InfoWars broadcast, Monday, June 13th, 2022.
I'm Mike Adams.
I want to kind of summarize what we've learned here today in the next few minutes, and then we'll be joined by Dr. Jane Ruby on the other side.
Don't forget, Gerald Cilenti is coming up as the fourth hour host after all of this.
But I want to summarize what we've shown you here today, exclusively on InfoWars.com, is that these clots that are coming out of the bodies of people who have passed, who have died suddenly in the post-vaccine era, these clots are not blood clots.
They are tissues.
They are complex tissue structures.
I'm calling them bioengineered structures.
They have never appeared in the body
As far as we can tell, until the vaccines came along, they now, as Richard Hirschman just told us, they now represent 70 to 80 percent of the subjects of embalming.
So you could estimate maybe 70 to 80 percent of the deaths occurring today, as a rough estimate, may be occurring among those who have these clots.
And you could project
We may be looking at a mass die-off from these clots in the next... Well, I mean, it has already begun.
And it may continue for years to come.
And now they're targeting children with these vaccines.
What's going to happen to these children in the next year or two if this same phenomenon begins to be observed in the vascular systems of these children?
We heard from a physician who is seeing what he called an explosion of these clots in patients presenting to urgent care.
And we've also shown you microscopy photos of what these clots are, and they clearly are fibrous structures that have rather strong linear strength or tensile strength.
They appear to be like small rubber bands.
We've shown you photos of these clots at different sizes in the body, which indicates that they may start small and then they grow over time.
They expand.
They build more cells.
They are constructed in the body.
And to be constructed in the body, there must be instructions for that construction, which means there must be genetic code for the protein synthesis.
These are proteins that are creating these clots, these fibers.
Where is this code coming from?
You probably already know the answer to that, where this code is coming from.
We can only ask questions right now and demand further investigations.
We know that these clots do not respond to traditional anti-clotting interventions.
Heparin does nothing.
Coumadin does nothing.
These clots can't be treated by modern medicine in any way that is currently known.
We know that patients are having such extreme clots that they have to undergo, for example, femoral artery bypass surgery or
They're finding massive clots in the carotid arteries.
Well, I want to add something to this analysis.
If the carotid arteries are being partially blocked, that would explain declining cognition among those who have been vaccinated, if indeed these vaccines are contributing to these clots or these clot structures.
You see, if you start to lose blood flow to your brain, your cognition begins to slowly decline.
You may not even be aware of it, but you might begin to exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia.
You might begin to behave kind of like the way in which we see Joe Biden, who appears to be not in possession of his full mental faculties, shall we say.
What if this is happening across the population?
Could this explain the decline in reason and rationality that is contributing to the downfall of Western civilization?
Could it be destruction by injection and clots that block brain function to take away our humanity and our reason?
We'll be back with Dr. Jane Ruby to ask those questions and much more.
Stay with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
All right, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, and this is Monday, June 13, 2022.
This is hour number three, and we're going to be joined shortly by Dr. Jane Ruby, who deserves tremendous credit for helping to make today's show happen, by the way.
It's Dr. Ruby who has been pursuing this kind of investigation into these clots that we're now able to bring to you.
And she has run into a lot of resistance, by the way, in trying to get this kind of analysis to take place.
And I have to say that Dr. Ruby deserves tremendous credit and that she and Richard Hirschman put their faith in myself to be able to take these samples and do the analysis that you're seeing today.
And I will promise you there is more to come.
This is just the beginning.
So I want to bring in Dr. Jane Ruby and just say, Dr. Ruby, thank you for having the courage and the foresight to make this happen.
You are truly a hero for humanity and with your effort we are beginning to be able to spread the alarm about these clots and the dangers that these appear to pose to humanity as a whole.
Welcome to the show today.
Thank you so much, Mike.
The real heroes, really, seriously, are you and Mr. Hirschman.
For him, for coming forward with such bravery.
Because I've spoken to possibly 50 or 60 other embalmers who showed me the same things and they don't want to come forward at all.
They're too frightened.
So he's a hero.
And thank you so much for taking this baton.
We've tried since January to get somebody to look at it.
And to be honest with you, we've been sabotaged, we've been gaslighted, and we've been stalled.
And I should have thought of you from the beginning, because you have the integrity and the honesty and the reputation, and you certainly have the skills with your certified lab.
So I'm just happy to send this on to you.
Well, again, this really is a team effort.
All of us here in the independent media, I mean, think about this.
The mainstream media won't touch this.
Mainstream science won't touch this.
Anybody who would do what we are doing here today would have their funding cut off by Fauci and the NIH and so on.
I don't
The danger to the world of what is happening right now, so I just have to say thank you, but let's jump right into it, Dr. Ruby.
The resistance that you found, I still can't believe it that no one was willing to do this, but have you been able to see some of these images now from the microscope?
I published them last night on my website and here today.
What are your initial reactions to some of these microscopy images?
Well, you might find this surprising, but I'm not shocked by it.
Because remember, I've been working with all kinds of experts for the last 18 months, because we're feeling our way through the dark, essentially.
And these people all have a different angle on this.
Patents, protocols, other kinds of reports, blood reports, and then putting the pieces together over the months.
I'm not surprised and I'll take you one step further, backward.
In September of 2019, when President Trump signed the Modernization Act for newer technologies, there was an obligation from the NIH to go before Congress.
And so Fauci appeared on December 4th, 2019.
It's a transcript record, 14 pages, before the House Energy Committee and the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight.
And he specifically said, Mike, we're going to be using self-assembling nanoparticles.
No one said a word.
No one called him out.
No one asked him to explain what that was.
And they just let it go on.
And what you're looking at from your brilliant work, it looks like to me, is the results of self-assembling
Thank you for
I'm not surprised.
But they also have instructions, you know, because, well, you have to have protein synthesis instructions in order to self-assemble these structures inside the body.
So we know these are not normal blood clots.
They're not just blood.
They are
Thank you for that.
Absolutely, and I have to tell you something else, kind of a breaking piece of information.
I don't know if Mr. Hirschman, you know, mentioned it or in any of your discussions with him, but he has actually gone back to a vial a couple of days later, just a couple of days, in formulin in a refrigerator or freezer, and these things were larger on their own.
So they don't necessarily need the inside of a human body, but inside a human body, and remember Mike, we know from the leaked communications between Pfizer and the EMA from last year, they're now in the public domain, that Pfizer negotiated for themselves, and I'm sure the other companies did too, that 50% of those vials didn't have to be declared, which gave them the leeway to change it.
I've always said it really looks
And I credit the work of Team Enigma that looked at the lot numbers and found huge discrepancies within the same lot number.
And they said, this could not be a statistical anomaly.
This is due to the fact that there are different materials in there at any given time.
So God only knows what we're dealing with.
We have tomorrow, the 14th of June, and Wednesday, the 15th of June.
They're coming for our babies, our six-month-old babies and toddlers.
I just want to get the word out to parents who may be on the fence for some strange reason.
You've got to rethink this.
You've got to rethink this.
Well, wow.
They're coming for the children on this.
You're exactly right.
But I got to say, for the record, what you described, some of these structures continuing to grow.
Even outside the body, I am very skeptical of such a description.
I do not believe that unless I see it, frankly, because that would be so wild.
That would be just so unexpected.
I mean, my theory is that these need the blood supply flowing around these structures in order to continue to maintain viability and to expand.
You know, I'm not saying that
That he's wrong, I would just say I would need a lot of, you know, evidence to believe such a thing.
But, you make a really important point.
They're going after the children.
What if now, through all these injections of children who have no choice in this matter, this is almost like post-birth abortion?
I mean, it's a kind of slow medical slaughtering of children if they died two years down the road from blood clots that were caused by these injections.
Isn't that true?
Yeah, and you know Mike, you raise an interesting issue.
We don't know how much these people suffered before they dropped dead because this didn't like develop overnight, right?
So it had to have taken some time because of these are large structures to the point where it overwhelms the body and then the person keels over.
But we don't know from the time they got, you know, shot up to the time they dropped dead what they lived with.
They were either afraid to say it
That's possible.
Well, what we need to do and what I'm asking Richard Hirschman to do is find the largest diameter clot that he can to get it to me and what we need to do is dissect that clot structure under the microscope and find out if there is any kind of internal structure to this.
I mean, for example, does it have, you know, angiogenesis?
Is it building its own internal blood distribution vascular system like a cancer tumor does?
I mean, I don't know.
I'm not claiming it does.
But we need to look at this closely and dissect it.
I mean, this
What if this is some other viable, you know, organism being developed?
I mean, we don't know, but what if?
Yeah, one of the most stunning findings that you presented was the nanowire.
And I know that you don't know 100% if that is, but it doesn't... We've got to go to break, Dr. Ruby.
I apologize for interrupting you.
We'll be right back to answer that question about the nanowires and biocircuitry.
Stay with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams.
We'll be right back after this break.
We are unveiling today a worldwide emergency, a medical emergency, that could be affecting literally billions of human beings who may be walking around right now with these engineered biostructures growing inside their vascular systems.
That is not hyperbole.
It's not exaggeration.
This is what we're seeing.
This is what the evidence is showing us.
We have possession, physical possession, of these clot samples.
They are not blood clots.
They are complex structures.
They are being built.
They contain repeating patterns.
The body is clearly receiving instructions to build these structures.
We don't yet know
What they are, or what their purpose is.
But Dr. Ruby joins us now and she's on Telegram.
Dr. Jane Ruby is her name on Telegram.
That's also her website, drjaneruby.com.
Dr. Ruby, I want to ask you for your theories.
Of what could explain this?
Specifically a question that was actually posed by a crew member here.
Could these clots be explained by just the presence of spike protein?
I mean could a bunch of spike proteins come together and make these things?
Is that possible?
Or what's your theory?
That's a really good question.
I had a discussion with the famous fibrologist, Dr. Sukrit Bhakti in Germany and he pointed out something really important that the mRNA technology is designed supposedly to force your body to make billions of those spike proteins.
And so we know the lipid nanoparticle gets into every cell in the body, so when it gets into every cell, especially the lining of your blood vessels, it starts to produce these things all over your body, actually, and these spikes kind of eventually, when you're making them, by the billions, they stick out.
And when you stick out in the lumen of a blood vessel, you're interrupting the velocity or the speed of the flow and there's a natural pressure sensors to that and the body detects that something's in there and it sends clotting and fibrinogen and things like that.
So for that reason, it's a good question but I think that you would see
Blood clots, right, from real blood form and probably take the person out with a, you know, throwing one from their into their brain or their lung or their heart and they would die and they would not, the embalmers would not find, see where I'm going with that, the extent of this material throughout the vasculature.
So, you know, that would be my roundabout answer to that.
It's always a possibility.
But what is really interesting in my mind, I've had many discussions with Mr. Hirschman, as you can imagine, over the months.
And one of the startling things he has said consistently is that these white fibrous pieces
While they do have blood around them and sometimes on one end or the other they're attached to a bloody clot, he said when he kind of peels it back, and this is really really creepy, he said the white fibrous thing that we don't know exactly what it is yet,
Thank you for having me.
This is not for the public health.
This does not have anything to do with a virus, any virus, right?
And the thing that got me really upset in the very beginning was the lockstep nature of this.
You know, how does this happen simultaneously in every country, every state in the United States, every industry, every corporation?
It didn't make sense to me, so I knew that there was something more than just, you know, a couple of rogue scientists and, you know, we're starting... The big question on this is, if indeed that these mRNA instructions are somehow telling the body to build these structures,
Is this an unintended consequence of, you know, mucking around and playing God with genetic code?
Or is this something that they knew was going to happen that was engineered into the system?
Because, you know, if you look at the mRNA gene sequences, there are a lot of
You know suspicious sequences in there that might have to do with Fibrinogen as you mentioned or how the blood reacts.
I mean, maybe they just didn't test it We know they didn't bother to test it.
You know, they they fudged all the trials and emergency use authorization was just thrown out There's like ah, it's safe and effective.
Just take it.
Isn't it possible this could even take them by surprise?
You know Mike
Not a chance, and I'll tell you why.
I spent 20 years in this industry on the medical research side.
You couldn't sneeze and the PR department would be down your throat.
Everything had to come out of their department.
Everything was damage control.
Everything was positive, right?
You haven't heard a peep.
From any of these companies.
And furthermore, you haven't heard a peep from any of the other companies, the hundreds and hundreds and thousands of companies in this industry.
Doesn't that strike anyone as really strange?
Because if this was unintended and an oops moment, and oh my gosh, we were sloppy with, you know.
Uh, you know, with the testing, they would have been out here apologizing, pulling it back themselves, recalculating it, resetting it.
But instead, they're pushing it and pushing it and they want you to take booster after booster because, Mike, I think that in order to get this to develop in the body, you have to keep taking it.
I believe you have to keep priming the system with this direction because the body is not a potted plant.
God is incredible.
This is a genius system and it's always going to try to save us.
The point I'm trying to make is that the body degrades everything.
That's why you're on a medication.
You're on it every day because your liver breaks it down.
Your system breaks it down in many other ways.
I think?
For an immunization program targeting children in that age range against COVID.
So clearly there's some other motivation at work here and maybe this is it.
You know you hit them with these injections and you wait 18 months or whatever the duration is and and children grow massive clots in their arteries and they're dead within five years.
I mean that that could be the what we're looking at here.
Yeah, I think it's a multi-pronged approach.
I think it's immediate death for depopulation.
I think it is also, I've been looking at talking to Dr. Daniel Nagasi.
He's done his work on molecular biology and says this stuff is poisoning the human genome and through recombinant DNA activity, transcriptase, reverse transcriptase, you're going to see this continue through generations.
If people survive long enough to procreate, they're not in the clear.
And so there's that.
There's the damaging of the human DNA.
Remember the Moderna CMO Ty Sachs saying, we're going to hack the software of life.
Human beings are like the software of life.
So I think it's depopulation, death, it's changing the genome, and I also think that
This nanowire that you've nailed in these pictures, in your work, I think that's going to lead to maybe a third part of their program to be able to send signals or retrieve signals.
You have this sick animal, Yuval Navari Harari, saying, you know, we're going to put everybody through this, you know, central mental, you know, the net of all things.
This is how they're probably doing it.
And their technology is probably
Dr. Ruby, I'm going to glove up here during this break coming up and I'm going to go, I have that nanowire sample right here on the microscope.
I'm going to go over to that station in the next segment with you and I'd like to have a conversation with you.
You're getting video from us, correct?
You can see?
The broadcast video?
Okay, so we're gonna go live on the microscope right after this break.
Stay with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com, live microscopy, coming right up.
Alright folks, we're back.
I'm on the microscope and we're joined by Dr. Jane Ruby.
Who's going to be helping us interpret what we're seeing here live in real time.
And we're going to be feeding this video microscope image of the so-called nanowire.
And in fact, to the producers, if you could just show that right now.
I want to show people this is a live real-time image.
We're going to be able to zoom in and out and cruise around and take a closer look at this.
So Dr. Ruby, this is the nanowire structure.
At least that's what I'm calling it.
We don't yet know what this is.
But looking at this structure, you can see the repeating patterns.
It looks like almost like a snakeskin type structure.
This is not normal.
This should not be in your blood supply.
What do you make of this, Dr. Ruby?
Well, I'm certainly not an expert.
Obviously, none of us are in this evil.
But I agree with you.
The repeating patterns.
I look inside.
It looks like it's an insulated wire, right?
Well, thank you.
This is an encasement, right?
And so, I agree with you also on the description that it's scale-like.
Look at that.
Almost looks like it's laying over.
But of course, when you're observing something with your naked eye, even through a microscope, it could appear to be scale-like and it could be something else when you get a little bit closer.
But this is pretty amazing magnification, Mike.
I'm really...
Impressed, and oh yeah, it could be overlapping scaling, or it could be like fissures, right?
Well yeah, and just to be clear, you know, you're exactly right.
We don't know what this is, Dr. Ruby, and I'm not claiming that these are, you know, reptilian scales.
I'm just saying that they remind me of that visually.
They kind of look like that, but this is on a much smaller scale.
These are nanoscale structures that we're actually looking at here, so they're very, very tiny.
And, but thank you, you know, for reminding me to clarify that.
We do not know what this is, folks, but this is coming out of people's blood vessels and arteries, and it's part of a much larger clot.
In fact, I'm going to zoom out right now and show you that this is part of this massive clot structure.
I'll go ahead and zoom out more.
There, that's what we're, that's the zoomed out version of what we're looking at.
So, and I tried to pull this so-called nanowire out of this clot.
I tried to pull it out with the tweezers here and it did not want to come out.
It's attached somehow.
I'm not sure how, but this is freaking me out a little bit.
What are your thoughts?
Hey Mike, is it possible to get a look at the attachment point, where that wire that you're having a hard time pulling it out from, to get a look at that attachment to see if there's any structure
That's a really good point, Dr. Ruby.
Unfortunately, what happens is these samples dry once they're exposed to open air.
And when they dry, they're no longer malleable.
So if I take these live samples out of this vial,
Then they're still kind of rubbery and liquidy, and I can manipulate them.
But now that they're dried, they become more fragile, and I can't really, like, tear it apart.
I can't manipulate it with the tweezers here.
Although, if I find one of these again, I'm going to do that.
That's a really great suggestion.
But, you know, just for those of you watching live, let me insert the tweezers into the microscope image so you can see the size of the tweezers compared to this.
I mean, that's the tip of a tweezer right there.
And it is massive.
I mean, so we're zoomed in right now at about, well, 200, 1,000.
And at this point, there's our structure.
And we can go even more.
We can go 1,500 on this.
There we go.
It almost looks a little hair-like, Mike.
You know, like when hairs are lined up on each other?
Yeah, it does.
But here's the thing, you know, I only even looked at a small sample of what Richard Hirschman sent me.
There are so many more.
I mean, there are, you know, he's got bags of these things.
He's got refrigerators full of bags.
And, you know, you raise an interesting point.
It could be that if you examine these samples, you know, maybe another bag from another day and another patient a month later, you may find visually something very different.
That's right.
Well, we're seeing these white chalky particles, something that looks like crystalline structures, something that looks like really tiny, maybe, I say they resemble little circuits, I don't know what they are, and then these so-called nanowires, again, that's just a physical resemblance, we don't know what these are.
But clearly these are not blood plots!
Because, you know, look, I've got, here's a piece of dried blood from earlier today, there, under the microscope right now.
That's dried blood.
And it's already kind of fragmenting, by the way.
But what we're seeing looks nothing like blood clots.
That's correct.
It's very smooth.
You can tell that when it was liquid, there wasn't anything in it.
Otherwise, it would, as it dried and shrunk,
Then anything in the blood would start to protrude.
It was one of the things I called attention to in the OJ trial.
Any nurse or doctor worth their salt, Mike, would have said, yeah, the glove doesn't fit because it was soaked in blood.
Blood is viscous and it shrinks when it dries.
So, yeah, that blood sample that you had looked like it was a clean, you know, wasn't filled with anything structurally.
That is so unusual, Mike.
That string coming through, wow.
And that's why I was so careful with Richard Hirschman to say, are you sure that this is coming out of people's vascular system as you're, you know, pushing embalming fluid through that system?
And he said, yes, absolutely.
He is certain and apparently other embalmers are certain of this as well.
But you've been trying to sound the alarm on this for a long time, Dr. Ruby, and you've been, you know, you've hit a lot of resistance.
Yeah, I've heard a lot of resistance, Mike.
I mean, it hasn't gone much further until you and your work now.
It really hasn't gone much further and I'm aware of, directly aware of the fact that there are a few of a recognizable, so to speak, frontline doctors and experts that have had it and didn't get to it, whatever their reasons were, didn't take it any further and I'm not sure what that is about.
We just kept hitting these walls, Mr. Hirschman and I. And again, I was leaving him to do it because it was his material.
He owns it.
And I didn't want to get in the way of any chain of custody issues or anything like that.
But eventually it just got to the point where I had to start really thinking of who we could trust.
And that took a while to figure out.
But yeah, you know, I want to call attention to something.
I don't know if people are aware of this, but after President Trump signed the executive order in 2019,
Fauci said, you know, self-assembling nanoparticles.
I mean, on page 4, I just want to read really quickly.
He says, these platform technologies that we're going to bring forward, and you can listen to this while you're looking at these samples, include DNA, messenger RNA, which by the way was a lie, because these are modified RNA, they're not natural RNAs, virus-like particles, vector-based and, bingo, self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines.
So, this is what you're seeing develop in here.
This is not a vaccine.
It's not here for your health.
It's not going to confer future protection.
In fact, now we know, thanks to Mr. Hirschman's courage and your work, Mike, and your courage, now we know what this is for.
I just don't know how to get this to the larger part of the world.
We're good to go.
of the embalming subjects and I've got something on screen right now another kind of nanowire structure that I found just while you were talking I'm just poking around see if you can show that on screen and we can move through the range of focus on that and so that people can kind of see that and that's also found on this clot that came out of a person's body stay with us we'll be right back much more straight ahead on the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, final segment today here on the Alex Jones Show with Gerald Cilenti coming up in the fourth hour and I'm joined now in this final segment by Dr. Jane Ruby continuing our discussion of what these mysterious clots are that are now being found.
They are exploding in numbers in the bodies of people who are suddenly dying and so of course these are strongly suspected of being the cause of death in a great many people.
Dr. Ruby,
There was a, during the break, I just brought up this kind of another nano strand of some kind on the microscope.
If the producers can put that up, there we go.
That was found in this sample that I had prepped right here in the studio.
So now it's starting to dry out, so it looks a little less liquidy, but you're starting to see these strands and fibers.
Now clearly these are not blood clots.
Clearly these are, you know, advanced complex structures.
What are your thoughts?
Yeah, Mike, I've got a very interesting thought.
You know, I've been working with experts all over the world for 18 months now, putting pieces together, looking at blood of people who've been jabbed and feel sick and things like that.
And that last picture you put up before the break, it just hit me right between my eyes.
I tried to send a couple of pictures, but you can't do it at the last minute with production, but there's a ribbon sort of aspect to what you just showed.
It's kind of, if you look, the one you showed before we went to break sort of was a little wider.
Even in this one, you can see there's a little bit of a luminescence.
It's a flat ribbon sort of aspect to it.
This has been seen under so many different conditions, like blood microscopy and things like that.
It's been seen in the vials.
Thank you so much.
Those exact structures.
Yeah, fascinating.
In order for, in the whole realm of biology, for these structures to be constructed, there must be genetic instructions.
And genetic code, of course, describes protein synthesis.
And these are clearly proteins.
But they are not, or at least, I mean, my guess is they're not spike proteins.
These are more like structural proteins that the body might typically use to build, you know, muscle.
Or tissue or tendons or things like that.
And so, could this just be that, you know, the programming has gone haywire?
That somehow the body is building another body inside its own arteries accidentally or something?
I mean, you know, or it's been invoked?
I'm trying to find alternative explanations.
I hear you.
Remember all the evidence and the documents and the patents and the communications from the Wuhan Lab and the World Genome Bank talked about this was designed in silico.
This is a synthetic material.
That's why it's not messenger RNA, which is natural, organic RNA.
It is a synthetic version.
God only knows what it's going to be programmed to do, and here's an example of it.
But I have to go back to the second part, your question, and I appreciate very much your desire to try to, if we could find any other alternative explanation, because it's hard to believe that your government is no longer there and that your agencies have collapsed and that
There's some worldwide force that's actually trying to kill you off and make you suffer before they do it.
But I go back again.
This is an industry itself.
It's being silenced.
If any of this was innocent, there would be outcries from those organizations and agencies and governments that previously protected us.
This is happening at the same time that a Google engineer is claiming that an artificial intelligence system built by Google has achieved consciousness, and it's called the Lambda system.
Is it sentient?
And I read the exchange between Google engineers and this Lambda system, which believes itself to be a person.
And this AI system is able to write stories about its own state of consciousness, its own moods, its own observations about its own internal processes of cognition.
I mean, it appears to be far more intelligent than any human being living alive, and yet you and I, Dr. Ruby, are talking about some kind of living tissue
That is being grown somehow or constructed inside human bodies and is now showing up, you know, it's exploding in terms of its numbers.
We are looking, I don't think these things are disconnected in the sense that the so-called scientists are playing God with the definitions of life and they are building AI systems and they are playing around with the genetic code and building biological systems.
Don't you agree that these are related?
They're 100% related.
And my biggest concern, Mike, is that once you interfere with human DNA... Now, nature does it all the time, right?
That's how you get cancer.
That's how you get a lot of things.
And sometimes there's a repair.
But to do it intentionally, and either to know the endgame or to know part of it, but not all of it, is just incredibly dangerous.
It comes down to, is this the world that you want to live in?
Because eventually we will all be swallowed up by it if we don't stop it.
I can't even get people to destroy mail-in drop boxes outside of their polling places.
How are we going to get them to really stop taking these shots?
And their loved ones as well.
Now I'm going to let the viewers in on a little secret that you and I have here.
Dr. Ruby and myself, we are collaborating now on the next phase of the analysis of these clots.
And we are going to jointly announce these findings roughly in about a week or so.
And we will, of course, I'll initially publish on naturalnews.com.
I'll give permission, InfoWars, to repost that story.
Dr. Ruby will be covering on your Telegram channel, drjaneruby.
That's your Telegram.
Perhaps you or... I'm sorry?
And my show, the Dr. Jane Ruby Show on Red Voice Media, and my Brighton TV show on Monday Nights Live with Dr. Jane Ruby.
So make sure it gets into both shows.
Yes, thank you for that.
I just want to say that everything that you and I find, we're going to try to share it here on InfoWars.
If Alex wants to be back in the studio to talk about it and have you on, that's great.
Stu Peters will probably be covering it as well, I would imagine, because he's also very courageous in telling the truth about all this.
I just got to say, this is a group
I don't know.
Well, you know, a lot of it is still going to be a surprise to me as well, because you, Mike, in this analysis, you're taking this to a level that no one either has, but hasn't let us know, or that no one ever has.
So, you are moving the needle with these analyses, and I know that your second stage is going to be, if I understood it correctly, a little more on the chemical side, and maybe composition side, which would be wonderful, even if we could just rule out certain things.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
That's all the hints you're going to get, folks, too, about what's coming up.
But it's more than microscopy.
We'll just put it that way.
We're going to get some lab reports on what this stuff is.
So, Dr. Ruby, I really want to thank you for your courage and your compassion for humanity in just taking the time to join us today.
God bless you for all that you do.
Well, thanks, Mike, for taking us on.
And I'm just honored to work with you.
I've followed your work for years and so very happy to help out wherever I can.
Well, thank you so much.
I mean, we're just honored to have you on and we appreciate you joining us today.
Now, folks, Joe Salenti is coming up in the fourth hour.
I want to thank Dr. Ruby for joining us and also Richard Hirschman and our first guest, the anonymous physician.
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And I also want to thank all of you for supporting me and my work.
And I want to thank the Infowars crew for allowing me to come in and kind of invade the space with these pretty grotesque little clot samples here.
I think that's the first time that's happened here, but probably not the last.
But hey, whatever it takes to tell the truth, that's what we're all about.
Gerald Cilenti is coming up in the fourth hour, and do not miss
All right.
Self-defense gear where legal make sure you acquire the firearms the ammunition that you can legally obtain and Even stockpile if necessary because believe me folks a collapse is being engineered We humanity we are under attack from every possible vector and this is the best place to get the truth Infowars.com
I want to thank you for watching today.
Mike Adams here, the health ranger of naturalnews.com.
Gerald Salenti comes up next from Trends Journal.
God bless you all.
We'll talk to you again soon.
Take care.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Censorship was one of our trends back in 2000, not 17.
Censorship 2.0.
It's so sad what's going on and how the media just sells its propaganda and lies.
And when you don't swallow their garbage, they call you a conspiracy theorist.
I mean, how stupid.
And again, you know, remember that thing called the Iraq War?
It was okay for them to sell those lies.
That Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda.
And how dare you not believe those government officials and experts and people like Dick Cheney.
Oh, I don't want to get censored.
I have to be proper.
Penis Cheney.
One after another.
Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell.
Oh, that wasn't a conspiracy theory.
And a guy by the name of Scott Ritter.
The UN.
No, no, there's proof that there's nothing there.
No weapons of mass destruction.
And they censor him.
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You know, you see what's going on now with this Ukraine war.
And it's just the BS is coming out over and over again.
officials say Russia will likely control region in eastern Ukraine within weeks.
And this is according to an unnamed senior U.S.
Told the Washington Post.
Oh, no kidding.
Oh, and now Biden is saying that Zelensky didn't believe him when they said Russia was going to invade.
And they didn't do anything to negotiate for peace.
And what did we say before the war started?
If Napoleon couldn't beat the Russians and sent 422,000 men, young boys who believed as crap to go invade Moscow and came back with only 10,000.
If Hitler launching Operation Barbarossa that killed only 25 million Russians, or 27 million depending on whose numbers you look at, couldn't beat them in World War II, what makes you think the Russians are going to lose to Ukraine?
What will Biden do if Putin goes nuclear?
Experts say a nuclear response is unlikely, but not impossible.
Oh, experts say?
Oh, what kind of experts?
The same little low-life pieces of scum garbage crap that you haven't won a war since World War II, and you're telling me about your expertise, Junior?
How about our expertise?
World War III has started.
It'll only become official when a nuclear bomb drops.
It was on with Rick Wiles and
True news.
That's exactly what he said.
We're in tough times.
We must unite for peace.
United we stand, divided we die.
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You know, it's just... What's going on here?
You're seeing all these people that are still getting all the shots.
And still getting the virus, right?
One after another.
A little true dope up there in Canada.
Yep, fully vaxxed.
And fully COVID.
One after another.
So, you know, I got no vaxxers at all, and I haven't gotten COVID.
I haven't been sick in over three years.
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So going back to this Ukraine disaster, we said at the very beginning that Ukraine should negotiate
Because they're going to lose.
Now Biden's even saying it as well.
And in your Trends Journal, we quoted this guy de Lula, who's running for president against Bolsonaro in Brazil.
And him saying, making fun of, this guy's, you don't get to the left of Lula.
And making fun of Zelensky for not negotiating for peace.
$56 billion of our dough has gone to bloody the killing fields in Ukraine.
Again, every time I drive around, I'm so disgusted.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
I'm like in a third world country.
We got a comedian who played the, you know, piano with his you-know-what, and he's running Ukraine.
A comedian.
A comedian that played the president of Ukraine on a TV show is now the president of Ukraine and telling the people what to do.
And where are the people standing up to fight this?
It's a losing war.
And you're hearing it more and more.
Ukraine to decide how much territory it trades for peace.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Sunday that the U.S.-led alliance aims to strengthen Ukraine's position at a negotiation table, but added that any peace deal would involve compromises, including territory.
This is the same arrogant little jerk off over there in NATO, Stoltenberg, a member of the club, an arrogant, arrogant, arrogant little boy, an arrogant nobody that man-to-man
I can't say the words, but he wouldn't either pee or poop if you called him out.
Let's go back.
Not ancient history, Stolten Jerk!
Off over there in NATO.
In an interview with the Washington Post, NATO General General Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine should not avoid declaring ambitious war aims.
Of driving Russia out of the Eastern Donbass region!
And the Crimean peninsula, which Russia has controlled since 2014.
Oh, this is June 3rd.
And now fat mouth over there!
Hey, you're doing a 180!
Or maybe you're doing a transgender-tory turn!
You're losing!
You should have negotiated for peace before this happened, and these are the little crap heads that they pump up!
These are the imbecilic morons that are running and ruining our lives!
They are mentally ill jerks!
Off over there in NATO, in a country near you!
They have the right to say they are fighting for the whole of Ukraine, Stoltenberg said.
Yep, all these weapons of death.
Hey, where are you Catholic priests?
Where are all you Protestant bishops?
Where are the Jews, the Muslims?
Hey, Mohammed, I haven't seen you around.
Where are all you people?
How come you're not talking about peace?
I don't hear a peep about peace.
We're gonna fight!
Yeah, I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, huh?
A Yankee Doodle do or die.
Getting us into World War I, singing about it happy as can be, huh?
We got crazy people in charge, and that was brought to you World War I by mentally ill Woodrow Wilson!
Oh, the former president of Princeton.
That's right.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale.
Bullets, bombs, and banks.
The same lowlife scum that brought us the Federal Reserve.
Woodrow Wilson brought us the public education system, the government education system.
Woodrow Wilson brought us federal tax.
Woodrow Wilson, may you rot in hell!
Because you're a demonic piece of slime and the other ones could join the club.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale.
Look at that arrogant little boy we got as the, uh, our Secretary of State.
Anthony Blinken.
Yeah, a daddy's boy, another arrogant daddy's boy.
I went to Dalton.
Then I went to Harvard.
Oh, and then I went to Yemen to give them intelligence on how they—it's a Saudi Arabia, rather.
So they could bomb and kill more people than Yemen?
But I speak so properly!
Because I'm a daddy's boy, a member of the club!
Harvard, Princeton, Yale!
Bullets, bombs, and banks!
Robbing us of our freedom!
Stealing our money!
Where these little slimers never work a day in their lives!
Oh, but they're officials, so they do.
That's right!
Official pieces of crap!
Oh yeah, now Obama's even questioning whether Ukraine could win.
Anthony Blinken.
Secretary of State.
Look at him.
Arrogant little Blinken, you murderer!
There wasn't a war that you didn't love or push for!
You are a murderer!
The fish rots from the head down!
I wonder why young kids are blowing people out.
Hey, I'm Obama, that guy Qaddafi, I want him out of here, you got it?
Oh no, Salenti, speak properly.
Assad has to go.
Qaddafi has to go.
You don't say, I want that guy dead, you got it?
Oh no, no, no.
Be proper.
There wasn't a war that Blinken didn't love.
Just like Biden.
Biden the draft dodger, Vietnam.
Okay, we saw he died.
How happy he was that Qaddafi was killed.
And there he is, Obama, the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner.
Oh, yeah, we're gonna do a chip surge in Afghanistan.
Oh, yeah, we'll just kill more of our people and kill more of them.
Hey, but the military-industrial complex is getting rich.
Oh, Raytheon's moving to D.C., the second biggest defense contractor in America.
They're all moving to D.C.
Oh, Raytheon?
Hey, who's the guy playing at the Department of Defense?
Oh, Lloyd Austin.
Oh, who was he?
Oh, he's a general, shall I tell you?
A general?
Sitting on the board of directors of Raytheon.
They're all moving into Washington, D.C.
You got it?
World War III has begun.
They're only interested in money.
Just like the drug lords that people call Big Pharma.
The military-industrial complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower, five-star general, warned us about.
Robbing us of the future of the scientists, the genius of the scientists, the sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned!
Hey, everybody!
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Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.
I remember this going back into the 80s.
It was a big, big, big anti-nuclear protest in New York.
About a million people turned out.
And the next day, the defense secretary at the time, Caspar Weinberger,
He's on WNET TV in New York.
So you could Google it up and you could hear it yourself.
He said, the fact that a very large number of people turn out for a particular event is certainly something that people notice.
But I don't think that anybody rushes back and says, we have to change our policy or something because it's been around.
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And the future is rough.
I mentioned that little True Dope got all the shots and got COVID again.
And the same thing with our Health Secretary.
Sarah tests positive for COVID-19 twice in less than a month.
Twice in less than a month.
And these little slime balls out there, the little prostitutes,
Media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters call you a conspiracy theorist and stupid if you don't get their operation, warp speed, gene therapy, inoculation.
Get the boost, get the virus.
Oh, and those little comedians, say they're Kimmel clowns and the Colbert freaky little boy.
All these little jerks.
Off over there in Hollywood.
Selling the vaxxers.
People are dumb enough to listen to comedians.
Of course they are.
Dumb enough to believe Georgie Bush.
Another little daddy's boy.
It's George Carlin.
The great George Carlin says, one big club and you ain't in it.
It's a big club of little jerks.
Mentally ill.
Get this in your head.
These are mentally ill people, but unlike you, Salenti, who become passionate and angry when people try to mess with you, they know how to do it properly.
That's why they're in these positions.
They know how to suck up and bow down to the truth.
They will do anything to spread their lies.
Look at this little jerk.
Look at these little clowns.
Little True Dope, a daddy's boy, another daddy's boy.
You'd be nobody, you little arrogant boy!
You're an arrogant little boy!
My daddy was Justin!
Oh yes!
We're in... We're going down.
Look at the markets.
Look what's going on.
Look at inflation.
Are you ready for this one?
Front page of Financial Times.
set to plunge into recession next year, economists predict.
Oh, well, if they predicted, yep.
If they predicted.
We said this was going to happen.
It's in detail in your Trends Journal for over a year and a half.
They pumped this thing up with cheap money.
Totally artificially inflated.
Dow tumbles and stocks enter bear market.
Oh, worries or rate hikes?
You mean you're going to cut off the monetary methadone that you've been injecting into the money junkies on Wall Street?
They need their methadone, monetary methadone.
That's all it is.
The trillions of dollars they pumped in to artificially prop up the economy, after these sick people, these mentally ill people, locked down our economy?
We're gonna fight the COVID war!
We're gonna make up crap!
Stand six feet apart!
When you go in a restaurant, put on a mask!
But when you sit down, you can take it off and eat, because the virus knows when you're eating and walking.
They destroyed our economy with this cheap money.
They artificially propped it up.
Why gold prices are down now, I don't know why.
They say they're going down because treasury yields now are above 3% and it's a safe investment and gold yields no interest.
I don't give financial advice.
I'm still bullish on gold.
Because if this thing goes down,
The only reason the dollar's going up is because all the other currencies are so bad and the other countries are in worse shape.
They're tanking.
And it's only going to get worse.
And by the way, when all else fails, they take you to war.
When all else fails, hey, what followed the Great Depression or World War II?
What followed dot-com bust?
Oh, the war on terror, alright?
This thing's going down.
It's going to go down hard and big, and that's why you need preparetoday.com.
Prepare for the worst.
You know, you read about all these billionaires building bunkers all over the world.
They're coming out and saying how bad it is.
Jamie Dimon, yeah, the bankster over there!
JPMorgan Chase, we're gonna have an economic hurricane.
Oh, it's different weather over there in South Korea.
The Premier said we're gonna have a typhoon!
The worst is yet to come.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
They're fighting for freedom, and we are too.
We're going to have a Peace and Freedom Rally Festival up here in Kingston, New York on July 23rd on the Four Corners of Freedom, John and Crown Street.
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And we have three of them.
And it's going to be having it in the garden of Franz Rogenhaus.
The Hot Damn Band is going to be here.
And of course, we have Scott Ritter will be a speaker.
Judge Napolitano.
Great food.
Free, it's free.
It's open to everybody.
And drinks.
You know, we're going to have a good time, but we're going to unite for peace.
July 23rd.
And InfoWars is doing it as well.
We're in a very critical time, and these products that they have are products that you need to support them and to support yourself.
So do what you can.
You know, the markets, I just, you know, the break was almost down, what, 900 points.
And this comes as no shock to Trends Journal subscribers.
We had forecast this.
Let's go back to over a year ago, almost a year, over a year and a half.
You had the Fed head, Jerome Powell, saying that inflation was transitory or temporary than transitory.
And same thing with Janet Yellen, our Treasury Secretary.
And again, if anybody's got a brain bigger than a pea, you could figure this out.
Our Treasury Secretary used to be a Fed head, and then they brought over to run the Treasury.
So they're in complete control of our lives.
These again, these are mentally ill people.
They're only concerned about their own welfare and those of the club.
And she said back in April, over a year ago, that inflation would not go past 3%.
And then last week, quote,
She thought she was wrong.
I think I was wrong.
Did you think?
You think?
What do you think?
You were wrong!
So, again, it's, you listen to the stupidity of those in charge.
Biden, when he imposed sanctions on Russia, the oil sanctions, no oil coming in, and now, of course, oil around the United States is what?
Over $5 a barrel nationally in places like California, it's like $7.
Yesterday, I filled up my car.
It was $85.68.
Oh, you think people want to commute back and forth to work?
Anyway, the implications of this are very far and deep, and we write about them in the Trends Journal.
But going back to BS Biden,
Quote, American people will deal another powerful blow to Putin, to Putin's war machine.
That's the words coming out of his moronic mouth when he put the sanctions on Russia, on the gas and oil sanction.
So he got it backwards.
It did nothing to stop Putin
The powerful blow has hit Americans.
But nobody calls them out.
Nobody calls them out.
You know what?
They're prostitutes.
They're media whores.
They get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters.
Going back to, again, the Ukraine war, CNN
Reports suggest that officials in Washington, London, and Brussels are meeting without the Ukrainian counterparts in an effort to plan a ceasefire and peace settlement.
Oh, officials?
How about official pieces of crap?
What officials?
What officials?
They're slimy low-lives!
They're murderous creeps!
That's the official language to use for them!
Oh no!
I'm a little boy!
I'm a lowlife girl!
I bow down and do what they tell me!
Put on that mask!
Get that shot!
And inject your kids!
Even though they don't get it.
All of these clowns shot their mouths off
That Ukraine was going to beat Russia.
Ah, it's 100 days.
100 days?
We're there for 20 years up in Afghanistan and you couldn't beat these lightly armed clowns up there, the Taliban.
They're there 100 days or they're going to lose.
Oh, yeah.
Our goal is clear.
Putin must not win the war.
And I am convinced that he will not win it.
Oh, that was the German guy, Schultz, over there.
Oh, you got that right.
Our commitment is to be there for you until this fight is done!
We stand with Ukraine until victory is won!
Hi, Pelosi!
Hey, Pelosi!
Maybe your husband's not drunk enough to drive over there and go fight.
Send your kids and you go, too!
What do you mean?
What do you mean that
We stand with Ukraine.
You mean you're gonna steal more of our money and give it to the military-industrial complex?
We will stand.
Anybody that supports the war, put on your military drag and go fight!
It is not my war, I am an American!
I believe in George Washington, you little lowlives!
No foreign entanglements.
Silenci, calm down!
You should love Obama!
You should love the creeps in charge!
How's that Smiley Lewis over there?
Oh yeah!
All these great generals, you guys haven't won a war!
I love all your ribbons!
Oh, I got this one for that, and that one for this!
It's not Halloween!
You can take your costumes off!
Ukraine clearly believes that it could win.
You ready?
And so does everyone here.
That was from Secretary of our Defense, Lloyd Austin.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are here.
Most importantly, our people, the people of our nation are here.
We have been defending our country for 100 days already.
Victory will be ours!
Glory to Ukraine!
Said Zelensky.
And I have one message for you today, Zelensky.
Ukraine will win.
Ukraine will be free!
You know who shot that crap out of his mouth?
Boris Johnson.
How can you get a more freakier little moron than that guy up there in the UK?
Lying little Boris Johnson.
Again, these little flabby little boys, they couldn't fight.
But boy, they send your kids to go fight and die.
Occupy Peace.
Go to OccupyPeace.com.
We're going to be putting up the info about the July 23rd rally for freedom, peace, and justice.
They're taking us to war.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And this economy is failing big time.
The worst is yet to come.
It hasn't even started yet.
Businesses are going out, man.
Oh, and women.
This thing is going to go down hard and fast.
You're going to start seeing civil unrest in countries around the world.
Civil war is going to regional wars.
And then it's a world war if we don't unite for peace.
So support info wars.
Support the truth.
And get to Trends Journal if you want to see history before it happens.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And again, you know, what Alex is just saying, you know, look what's going on with the equity markets now.
You know, it's... I just took a quick look.
Dow's down almost a thousand points.
A thousand points, 970-something points when I just looked.
The S&P, the Nasdaq, down over 4%.
You look what happened, wiped out in Asia last night.
Wiped out in Europe.
We've been warning about this.
We've been giving you details about this.
And by the way, Bitcoin just broke below our point of
It could go down to, we're forecasting around 10,000.
Again, we've had all these numbers in the Trends Journal.
Week after week, it's a weekly magazine.
There's no magazine like it in the world, and I'm not saying it because I'm the publisher.
It's the only magazine that tells you what in the world is going on, what it means, and what's next, and what you might want to do, trend forecasts.
So we are in critical times, and we must unite.
And unite with InfoWars.
I do this.
I don't get paid to do this.
I do it because I believe in what InfoWars Alex Jones is doing.
And it's one of the few places out there.
There are a couple, you know, great places, you know.
Gary Null will be a speaker up here on July 23rd.
He does Progressive Radio Network.
That's his station with a lot of great speakers on there.
Great people.
And you said Scott Ritter and Judge Napolitano will be here.
So we're looking at what's going on.
This thing is going to go down big.
People are going to realize how bad it is when these markets crash.
It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.
And it's the same thing with this, you know, being prepared.
And having to do it.
And then of course there's the whole other side where they're going to start hitting us with.
And this is a great book, Leaving Humanity, by Joe Duran, who writes for us.
And the corrupt designs of the technocratic elite.
Because they're going to take more and more advantage of us as things go down and things get worse.
More mind control.
Ukraine Fears Defeat in East Without Weapon Supply.
That's from today's Wall Street Journal.
As the U.S.
and allies gather Wednesday to discuss fresh military aid.
Military aid!
Your partner's in crime!
It's not military aid, you're a partner in crime!
If somebody, I wanted a gun and I didn't have one and I said, hey, give me a gun.
I want to go blow Freddy's brains out.
And you gave me the gun, you'd be a part, you'd be an accessory to the crime.
It depends on how fast and in what quantities these heavy weapons arrive.
Isn't that great?
Isn't that, they write that nicely.
Murderous weapons to kill more people and destroy more cities, rather than negotiate for peace.
Because we're sick people.
Why not?
Oh, and by the way, we're owned by the military-industrial complex.
And if you don't believe me, read the book, Wars of Racket, by General Smedley Budler, the most decorated Marine in history when he wrote it.
Without a massive and rapid increase in military assistance.
Isn't that a nice words?
And that this is for... They're prostitutes.
They're media whores.
That's the way they write.
Ukraine faces defeat in eastern Donbass region.
Ukrainian officials... Officials?
Official pieces of crap.
What officials?
What officials you're talking... Stop with this garbage crap words.
Oh, dignitary.
Political dignitary.
Oh, nobility.
Well, now nobility is something different.
Anyway... Warn.
That would pave the way for Russia to pursue
It's offensive actions to Odessa and Kharkiv after regrouping.
You got it.
Western officials and analysts question whether Russia has the wherewithal.
Again, Western officials.
Western clowns!
Western jerks!
You've been wrong about everything!
We've been right!
But you don't have the guts
Call a winner a winner because you're losers.
We said this would happen before the war happened.
We said it would happen before the war happened.
But what do they do?
Billions and billions, scores of billions of dollars, stealing our money to kill more people.
Let's go back to the markets.
They're blaming inflation on the Russian war.
They're right.
About that much, to some extent.
The real inflation is because of all the cheap money that the Fed heads and the government bandits pumped into the markets when they locked down society with their moronic COVID war mandates.
We're gonna lock you down for two weeks!
And we're gonna flatten the coins!
I'm Andy Cuomo!
Oh, another daddy's boy.
Little Andy Cuomo, another daddy's boy.
And I'm renaming the Tappan Zee Bridge after my daddy.
It'll only cost you $20 million.
You've got to put the M on, take down the signs, put up the new ones.
Marry him, Cuomo.
All right?
We got a bunch of jerks telling us what to do.
They destroyed our economy.
It's unprecedented.
The streets are dead at night up here.
Nine o'clock, restaurants closing.
Bars out of business, out of business, out of business.
They artificially propped up this economy for two years, that the equity markets went up after they were crashing in March of 2020.
2020 was a joke.
Total fraud!
And now they're coming down.
And we're telling you what you should do to prepare in our way and InfoWars is telling you how to prepare today in their way.
And so get their products because you're going to need them.
This thing's going down hard and heavy.
Isn't it?
What do we got here?
We got it.
Get those products.
But here we got this also.
Front page of the Wall Street Journal.
Weaker earnings pose new threat to royal markets.
The S&P 500 has dropped 18% in 2022.
You ready?
It's worse start to a year
Since 1962.
As the Federal Reserve embarks on rate rising.
You know, they might they might back off.
They might back off on this.
Because this thing is this this markets are going.
Again, they even haven't done it yet.
And you got things going down.
So it's
They may only raise interest rates maybe 50 basis points.
They're talking about 75 basis points.
But they may have to back off this.
Because this thing's going down really, really hard.
And it's global.
That's the thing to get in your head.
It's not only just America.
Get your, what you need to prepare for the worst from InfoWars.
And to prepare, prevail, and prosper, you're going to want to Trends Journal at TrendsJournal.com.
Again, there's no mag, it's $2 a day.
I paid $5 a day for the Wall Street Journal.
$3 a day for the, for the, uh,
New York Times, and how much do I get for the Financial Times a good paper?
The Trends Journal is $2 a week.
30-day money-back guarantee.
Again, last week's like 165 pages.
And the cover, the artwork is brilliant by Anthony Frieda.
So, in wrapping up,
You better stay tuned to InfoWars.
You better prepare all you can.
Alert your friends, loved ones.
We're going down to very difficult times.
And knowledge is power.
And we're giving you all the knowledge we can and so is InfoWars.
So remember, preparetoday.com and trendsjournal.com.
This thing's going down hot and heavy.
The worst is really yet to come.
And we have to unite for peace.
Remember the rally, July 23rd, Kingston, New York, on the Four Corners of Freedom.
Thanks for tuning in.
See you next week.
This is an attack on the world economy.
That's the prime result we get out of this.
We're gonna face.
Economic problems that come from this and uncertainty.
We're going to face military crises.
We're going to face cultural and spiritual crises.
And we're going to see the UN further throw third world populations at borders of the West and attempt to break the West.
Suddenly, the world's going bankrupt.
Suddenly, your savings are gone.
The New World Order elite types are going to try to trigger a financial collapse.
This is the mass culling.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
I could play you clip after clip for hours of going back 30 months ago, and 20 months ago, and 10 months ago, and a month ago, where I told you there'd be hyperinflation, I told you there'd be food shortages, I told you the price of food would explode, because it's an IMF, World Bank, globalist plan they've already carried out for decades in third world countries, and now they're doing it.
A dire new report forces US UK to change course on coronavirus strategy.
Now you're going to be locked up for 18 months.
That's gonna cause a depression within a month of this crap.
But that's okay.
Now the depression isn't the banker's fault or the politicians, it's all the virus.
So now they can really screw you over.
This has been the plan stated to cut off your carbon, to cut off your life, to cut off your mobility, to absolutely bring you down to a below a third world status.
And when you de-industrialize and you collapse the first world, just the estimates
Put out by Russia and the United States and Lord Monkton has his own that if they did a 50% carbon cut like they wanted by 2025, they wanted the deal in place by 2008 didn't happen.
That over a billion people would starve to death in the first decade.
That's a b-b-b-b-b-b-billion!
They've got a whole societal collapse program, how it brings down the hospitals and brings down the civilization, then there's a collapse, and then the general masses are starving to death.
And so those that still have wealth that aren't part of the system are told, you've got to sign on and put your wealth into this to stabilize and save all these people that are dying and starving.
And then basically you sign your wealth over to this big giant global wallet that they're going to be rolling out.
And you and your whole family are in extreme danger of being murdered.
Extreme danger.
It's not just from the virus they're going to release.
It's from the collapse of civilization that's going to ensue that they're then going to organize to consolidate power.
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