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Name: 20220610_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 10, 2022
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to politics and current events. He promotes his documentary "2000 Mules," which he claims proves election fraud in the 2020 election. He also addresses news coverage by major media outlets, inflation, supply chain issues, and potential use of brain scans for predicting criminal behavior. The speaker expresses gratitude for the support Info Wars has received over the years and encourages donations to the Infowarstore website.

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We're in a hot war.
They're starting a civil war.
They're a foreign political group.
They are the globalist party.
They are the Great Reset, Build Back Better organization.
They are the New World Order.
And they know they're losing the people from the U.S.
to Brazil to Canada to Germany to the U.K.
to Australia.
And that's why they're putting in this martial law system.
And let's just remember, I've listened to the show today, you haven't really talked about yourself much, but you were there with us peacefully trying to get people to not go into Capitol on video.
And they arrested you and charged you and said that you broke down barricades and attacked the Capitol and that, quote, you did not work with Infowars.
And that you perjured yourself to federal court when you said, I was with Alex Jones, peaceful.
He's not been arrested.
Why have I been arrested?
They just said he does not work there, your honor.
He is a liar.
And the federal judge said, I don't care.
It's immaterial if they lie.
The charges go forward.
That is in the judge's ruling.
So that is America where the judge says, yes, they are lying.
You do work at InfoWars.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars Tomorrow's news.
We won that election.
Al Gore won the election.
Al Gore was elected President of the United States, this wasn't counted.
You know it, I know it, they know it, we won that election!
There is overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush did not win this election.
Do you think Republicans stole that election?
In 2000, I wish the United States Supreme Court had let them finish counting the votes.
The Supreme Court denied the actual and accurate counting of the votes of Florida.
If Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, Jim Baker, and the Supreme Court hadn't tampered with the results, Al Gore would be president.
An election has been stolen.
It wasn't a fair process.
It wasn't a neutral process.
It was a process that was rigged against us.
We actually won the last presidential election, folks!
They stole the last presidential election!
As we look at Our election system, I think it's fair to say that there are many legitimate questions about its accuracy, about its integrity.
How are you going to keep it from us being able to be in a position where you can manipulate the machines, manipulate directors?
In Virginia, when I was governor, I had to replace all the machines.
Too many voters have cast votes on machines that jam or malfunction, or suck the votes without a trace.
I kept voting in the Senate race, kept voting for the Democrat, Republican name kept coming up.
Three times that happened.
How many other votes did the computers get wrong?
I brought in some technology experts.
They were able to hack into our machines from off-site in about five or six minutes, and within four minutes they were able to change a vote.
The legitimacy of any president That's elected is going to be impaired unless the American people understand that there has been a full and fair count of all the votes.
We will continue to object to the election procedures until they are corrected.
The objection is in writing and I don't care that it is not it is not signed by a member of the Senate.
It is our duty to challenge this vote.
It's not as if it's just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past.
Sometimes Democrats have too.
I would be standing here saying this no matter what the outcome of the election.
I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country,
and maybe there will be.
People need to start taking to the streets.
This is a dictator.
You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.
Enemies of the state.
Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.
Do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless.
They go low, we kick them.
How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck?
The biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized, up to the right.
I thought he should have punched him in the face.
I said, even if he lost, he insulted your wife.
He came down the escalator and called Mexicans rapists and murderers.
He said, well what do you think I should have done?
I said, I think you should have punched him in the face and then gotten out of the race.
You would have been a hero.
I'd like to punch him in the face.
I said if we were in high school, I'd take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
Punch some people in the face!
When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
They're still gonna have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump, and that's a fact.
Look as his character is stabbed to death.
Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
A Missouri State Senator is under investigation by the Secret Service after saying she hopes President Trump is assassinated.
I will go and take Trump out tonight.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.
And you push back on them!
And you tell them they're not welcome!
And sadly the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
They're not going to stop before election day in November and they're not going to stop after election day.
And that should be, everyone should take note of that on both levels.
That this isn't, they're not gonna let up and they should not.
If you think we're rallying now, you ain't seen nothing yet!
Well ladies and gentlemen, did you like that?
Did you like that little intro?
Some may have missed, they're picking up some of the radio syndicates today.
In the first five minutes, we played a compilation of Democrats denying election results, pushing back against election results, followed by another compilation of Democrats calling for violence, direct violence, even killing the president.
It's amazing, isn't it?
They're allowed to do that, but you're not.
They're allowed to burn entire cities to the ground.
But you're not even allowed to stand in Washington D.C.
if you're a Trump voter.
They're allowed to engage in political assassination attempts and mass murder attempts.
But you're not even allowed to question an election.
And I believe most people watching That hearing last night, let's say that were neutral, if there were neutral audience members last night, I'd say most people watched that and saw that and they didn't think, oh boy, Trump's scary or oh boy, Republicans are scary.
No, they sat there and they said, wow, this Democrat Party is scary.
There has never been a more aggressive, there's never been a more obtuse, There has never been a more unabashed, politically motivated, and corrupt hearing, or investigation, or lie campaign, however you want to describe it, as what we saw last night.
And I gotta be honest.
You know, I'm somebody that's pretty well aware of what's going on here, and I'm involved in it.
And even for me, watching that last night, had tinglys going up my spine.
Not the good kind.
Not the good kind when you know you're making a lifelong memory.
Not the good kind when you're having a smashing success, or you're hearing a perfect sound, or you're having a perfect moment.
No, no, no, no.
Not the good kind.
The bad kind.
The bad kind that a bad guy is about to come up from behind you and stab you.
The bad kind that you're free-falling and you don't know when you're going to land or if you're going to make it.
No, I had tingles up my spine like, wow!
A reminder just how corrupt our country is.
And just how corrupt this Democrat Party is.
And it just makes you wonder, doesn't it?
You just can't help but ask the obvious questions.
Which might be, the answers to might be meaningless because the result is the same.
But I mean, everybody on that panel knows they're lying.
So why?
What is the motivating factor?
Are they really just doing it for politics?
Are they taking money from some sort of anti-American force?
That they're just openly working for another team behind the scenes?
Are they just literally paid actors?
The Democrats just pay actors to pretend like they're representatives?
Like AOC?
I think that's been more clear than ever that AOC is nothing more than an actress.
She keeps lying about her experience on January 6th, faking tears.
That's an actress, folks.
That is an actress.
So even I, somebody that is dealing with this, follows it every day, very much informed and aware of what's going on, even I watch something like that and say, wow.
I'm not even sure I can fully comprehend what I just watched.
How do you properly respond to an entire panel of liars that know they're lying, and know what they're doing is a sham and a fraud, and know they're total hypocrites?
How do you deal with that?
How do you respond to that?
I mean, it'd be one thing, hey, we could all just ignore it, but it wouldn't go away.
The consequences of it would not go away.
But seriously, what motivates these people to go up there and lie?
And then all the lies that get told by the media?
So, again...
You know, part of me wants to open up the phone lines and ask how you felt watching that.
We've got a lot of great guests today and maybe we'll try to squeeze in some phone calls.
But I got Pete Santilli coming up at 1130.
I got Roger Stone and Darren Beatty coming up at 1230 with breaking news as well.
I'm expecting to hear from Alex before the end of today's transmission too.
But I'll tell you how I felt.
I felt like I've lost my country.
And it was a feeling that, honestly, I've only had a few other times, and that's literally when I was being arrested and thrown into jail for my free speech and for my politics.
When I spent nights in jail as a political prisoner.
Feeling like I've lost my country.
This is not my country anymore.
This is something else.
This country hates me.
This country wants me dead.
This country wants me enslaved.
And I'm sitting there, watching it last night, feeling that exact same sinking feeling and just wondering, what is the right thing to do here?
How much longer do you really put up with this before you just say it's over?
America's gone.
We've lost.
Now, I don't want to pontificate too much more on that, because that's not the news.
That's more of the psychological impact these liars and crooks running our country have on us, and their sham hearing has on us from last night.
That's more of a caller-based topic show, and maybe I'll do that Sunday, because I got the big guests coming up today, and Christy Lee is going to be hosting the war room.
She might want to take their calls.
But I gotta tell ya, watching that was like being kicked in the balls.
Over and over again.
Cause it sucks to have to sit there and think about Wow.
Everything I'm fighting for, everything I'm putting my livelihood on the line for, which is just wanting this country to exist, wanting freedom to persist, wanting to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, wanting to live with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as our founding principles and documents.
But is it gone?
Is it gone?
Is it just totally gone?
Can it be restored?
Is America lost?
Can we ever recover from corruption like this?
Without the worst happening?
I don't know.
And I don't want to be a part of the worst happening.
Now, there's any hope.
Most people don't buy the lies of the Democrats.
I think last night's hearing is going to backfire.
But will it actually have real consequences?
Will we actually have real elections?
Will Republicans actually follow through on their pledge to investigate the investigators?
I don't know.
Only time will tell.
And I think we'll have a pretty good idea coming up in 151 days in the midterms.
But man, oh man, if we can't, if we, if Republicans don't have victories in the midterms, I just, I don't know how much longer this country can take it, folks.
And I'll tell you this, if Republicans don't have victories in the midterms, if you think the Democrats are bad now, oh my.
It will be ten times worse if Republicans don't have major victories in the midterms.
It will be ten times worse.
I mean, they're just going out and arresting their political opposition at will now.
And I got people calling me about last night asking me about it and I'm saying, I think it's pretty clear at this point that January 6th for the Democrats is never going to go away and they're going to arrest their political opposition at any given moment With the excuse of January 6th.
I mean, it could be 20 years down the road, and you'll be sitting in your house, reading about Donald Trump winning the 2020 election, and some FBI Democrat will come kick in your door, point a gun at your face, and take you to prison and disappear you forever.
That's where this Democrat Party is going.
Like the most corrupt authoritarian regimes in the history of this planet.
Growing up as a child, I would hear my grandparents on both sides of my family talk about the Interesting lives of my ancestors are led and how they were people that stood up for freedom and were known throughout history for their complete and absolute dedication to freedom, whether it was back in England or whether it was back in France or Germany or here in the United States with the Mayflower and 1776 and the rest of it.
Then of course the Texas Revolution.
And I almost thought back when I was younger that my family was bragging.
It was almost kind of shameful to have this sense inside myself that I had to achieve things myself.
And it was just kind of ridiculous that they were so proud of their ancestors.
But they were actually proud of who they were and who I was.
And they wanted me to know what I came from and what I was made of.
I bet if you check your past and your history, you got some incredible people back there as well.
Let's remember our ancestors and let's realize they gave us a lot of strength.
Let's defeat evil together.
Thank you, Alex Jones!
And we're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer filling in for Alex again today in honor.
A pleasure to be with you as we're witnessing this human history.
You know, this is a true test for America, folks.
True test for her people as well, that's us.
Nations fall and rise on God's great planet and great consciousness.
Good and evil competes, wins, loses, and we're just in the throes of one of the most epic battles of good and evil in human history and in this country's history.
Not that the current, not that the current The cycle that we're in is the worst it's ever been, but the potential impact or what follows it could be the worst it's ever been.
And that's the implications if they're able to conquer this country.
That's the implications if they're able to remove the Bill of Rights in the First Amendment, in the Second Amendment, in free and fair elections.
And that is, they might still let us have the ceremony of the United States of America.
They might even let us have a border on a map still.
But for all intents and purposes, there will be no more freedoms, there'll be no more God-given rights, there'll be no more borders, you'll be in the corporate world government, under the World Health Organization, run by Bill Gates, run by Klaus Schwab, run by the World Economic Forum, you'll own nothing, you'll have no rights, you'll eat the bugs, and it'll just be global slavery, global government.
And then, the challenge to get out of that?
Now that might be the most difficult endeavor that mankind would ever have to undertake.
But see, we don't want to get there.
That's the point.
And so that's why we're here, now, trying to stop that from happening.
Let me do this.
Man, oh man, I've got so much content today and I just... It's just, uh... It's just frustrating, folks.
So, um... Let me just do this real quick.
Before we get our first guest on Pete Santilli.
I don't want the nation to collapse.
I've got a whole stack of news here.
I mean, here's the headlines.
Food prices hitting record high.
Avocado prices hitting record high.
Supply chain shortages.
Now there's a shortage of tampons.
I guess that's because they're putting them in boys' bathrooms now, so, you know, that's a problem.
inflation 8.6 in May.
It's like 10% every month now.
Britain's food supply at risk.
Michigan police.
Won't respond to 9-11 calls because they can't afford gas.
So this is exactly what the Biden administration promised they would do.
Collapse the economy.
End the energy sector.
Put you into domestic servitude of the Great Reset.
To stop man-made climate change.
Yeah, right.
To stop man.
Everything after that's made up.
To stop man.
So, if you aren't prepared for a collapse, folks, You're just nuts.
And look, I understand it's not really something you want to do, it's not really something you want to talk about.
And it's like, you know, insurance, you don't like paying the forced car insurance or the house insurance or all this stuff.
But I mean, do you have do you have insurance for a collapse?
Do you have insurance for the Biden administration and the Democrats and the globalists and the World Economic Forum collapsing this country?
Do you have insurance for that?
Do you have storable foods?
Do you have emergency food supplies?
Do you have water filtration?
We've got all of that available for you at preparetoday.com.
So, I mean, you're looking all around you, folks.
You're seeing the signs of civilizational collapse.
You know what the agenda is from the Democrats, the World Economic Forum, and Build Back Better.
So, you know that's going on.
Why wouldn't you hedge against that?
To make sure that if society collapses, civilization collapses as they plan to, you're not insured so that you're not in a desperate situation.
You've got emergency food supplies and other emergency supplies from preparetoday.com.
So, cannot recommend that enough.
And by the way, it's the highest quality storable foods.
You can go and try to search the internet for higher quality, storable food at a better price.
Don't waste your time.
We've already done it.
That's why preparetoday.com exists, and we're already selling out of some of this stuff, so get there quickly.
All right.
Man, oh man.
Let me revisit something quickly from yesterday.
Let me just revisit something quickly that's kind of off topic, but I couldn't help but want to revisit this today and that's the Joy Behar clip from yesterday because I'm not sure there's been a more unabashed racist moment in the history of live television.
At least one that's not, you know, at least one that's not intended comedy or satire or something like that.
No, this was Joy Behar openly showing her racism, pointing her finger at a black woman saying, when blacks get guns, we'll ban them then.
And it's an amazing thing.
So here's the clip, and I want to kind of break it down.
I got 60 seconds.
I'm going to try to do this clip quickly.
Here's the clip I'm talking about.
Our 15 owners are former military.
35 plus and married.
Let me say one more thing.
So that's all I'm saying is that they're not just crazy people.
Here's the thing.
Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change.
Trust me.
That's what happened--
I just-- I'm amazed.
I have never seen a more racist live moment in television in the history of my life.
And guys, I want you to try to do something quickly for me here.
There's three screen grabs that really show this moment.
It's Joy Behar at the, it's basically at, there's two...
I don't know her name.
10 second mark of Joy Behar pointing her finger at the black woman and then the black woman's
first response, I don't know her name, I should probably know it by now, and then her second
response but you can see in real time the racism from Joy Behar pointing at a black
woman saying when you get guns we'll ban them and then you can see this woman's face like
she just got hit with raw racism on live TV.
And you can see, like, at first she's like shocked, like, oh my gosh, you're saying that?
And then her second look is just pure devastation, like, oh my God, I just got, I just experienced racism on live TV.
This is unbelievable.
It's liberals!
And with me now is Pete Santilli, the Pete Santilli Show.
And we're gonna get his breakdown and reaction to the sham hearing, the Hollywood made-for-TV sham hearing that was last night.
And Pete, let me just start the conversation off by saying this.
I don't know if there's ever been a better example put on display with such a mass media push behind it.
Of where the country is currently at.
I mean, a banana republic, the Politburo, the Ministry of Truth.
I really don't even know how to properly classify what we witnessed last night other than just total political corruption, total partisanship, A total sham, total fraud, and it's just totally encompassing of everything that an authoritarian, tyrannical regime represents.
And it's just unbelievable to think that this is what we're experiencing now in America.
A panel of nine liars that know they're lying, know what they're doing is political hackery.
The media goes along with it.
I mean, I just... It's sad, Pete, that our great country is at such a low point right now.
There's a positive side of it.
You know, previously we've had this vague and ambiguous stuff that they throw out there, and you can never really hold these people accountable.
But here's the beautiful side of this thing.
For those of you that watched that first hearing, you were probably disgusted, if not nauseated like I was, especially, and we need to talk about this, what they did to Staff Sergeant Decorated Staff Sergeant Combat War Veteran, Joe Biggs, was not only a travesty of justice, we should never allow that to have happened to any American, of course, but especially not somebody that's received two Purple Hearts and served his country honorably.
They want to go after Trump at the expense of Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs.
Here's the beautiful side of all of this.
As a result of this first hearing, I'm going to call this out right now.
There was an attorney that gave a presentation framed Alex Jones himself.
I've put that information out there.
Stuart Rhodes, Alex Jones, he misrepresented what he put out there.
He should have a state bar complaint filed against him.
We should also have our congressional officials because of what happened last night and the way they laid things out.
This was a Soviet-style show trial.
This had nothing to do with congressional oversight or investigations.
This was mainly to propagandize the public.
These people need to be held to account.
And I would say at Minimum, the penalty should be that they should stop the proceedings and correct the information that they put out last night because it was a fake, a fraud, a lie.
And I'll tell you what, people that are pending trial right now, like Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs and of many, many others, hundreds of others.
have been so not just disparaged, they've been denied their due
process rights.
They're prejudicing the jury, tainting the jury with false
These guys cannot get a fair trial.
It doesn't even matter if they request a change of venue.
The damage that was caused, and that's the blessing in disguise,
is that these buffoons that go after President Trump at the
expense of our Constitution and a lot of great Americans,
they need to be held to account.
These proceedings need to stop after this first one.
And I can present a legal case, and I'm not even an attorney, but unfortunately I've got too much legal experience with them.
Well, so, do you want to lay that case out now?
Because, I mean, I'll be honest with you.
I mean, I see the positives from last night.
The positive I take away is that most people know that's a lie.
I mean, most people can still identify a liar when they see one.
Most people can still identify a sham, a fraud, when they see one.
So I believe most people that, let's say, that tuned in that were neutral to that, if that audience existed last night, are sitting there saying, that's a liar, this is a fraud, this is a sham.
But so what?
Like you said, the January 6th defendants are now facing what should be mistrials, because this is now tainting juries, tainting judges, tainting the whole process.
So I mean, if there is a positive, that's the positive I'd take away from it.
But I agree, these things should be stopped immediately.
I don't expect them to be.
Well, no, they need to be.
As a matter of fact, Marcus Childress, I'll call him out.
I already have his state bar license numbers right here.
I'm going to pursue that.
He's an attorney.
We're not talking about politicians like Liz Cheney.
And I'm going to outline what Liz Cheney did that was so egregious that it should cause a mistrial with Ryan Samsel.
As a matter of fact, if we could go, if we go to clip number one and maybe go like three quarters of the way in, just because it's a longer clip, but three quarters of the way in were that one Capitol Police officer, the female, was describing what happened to her.
Liz Cheney actually played that clip of how she was attacked and she was unconscious and all this stuff.
Well, she stopped the clip at the most important moment.
And then we'll go to that second clip.
About three quarters of the way through a clip number one.
Let's take a look at that and you'll see exactly what I'm referring to.
They selectively edited this thing and it's so egregious.
And I mean so egregious.
What she did, as she testifies, Liz Cheney cuts to this video of Ryan Samsell with the red hat.
And Owen, as you recall, he turns his hat backwards and he's grabbing the barricade and she's trying to hold it back.
And by the way, they don't put Ray Epps in there.
Ray Epps was right there.
He was never shown last night.
No, he was just very, very briefly.
I think so.
But here's the most egregious thing that happened.
They show Ryan Samsell.
She goes back in her heels.
And essentially what happens, they miss this clip.
And this is a perfect depiction.
She stops the clip.
At a very, very strategic time.
And my second clip that I sent you guys, if you can pull that up, it's a short one, okay?
What she selectively edited, and I know this because I spoke to Ryan Samsel, he literally helped her.
He rendered first aid.
No, you can see his reaction after she falls down.
He grabs his head like, oh no, oh no!
And then tries to stop her from getting hurt.
Yeah, if you could go to clip number three, it shows it right where she actually cut it off.
And that's, here he is, Ryan Samsell.
She cut it off at this point, and Ryan Samsell actually turns his hat around, she gets pushed back a little bit, and he actually goes around the barricade and renders first aid.
And there's Ray Epps right there at the front.
There's Ray Epps right there.
OK, I have some breaking news about that as well.
And I'm going to do this on Infowars exclusively about what's happening at that front barricade.
And by the way, let's just analyze this real quick.
So because I'm just watching this again with you right now and we'll continue the clip and you break it down.
But as you can see here, folks, Okay, so Samsel is there with his hat on, and he actually is not the ag- he's there, he's in a bad position, he probably would have acted differently in hindsight, but he's there in a bad position, he's standing there, and then all of a sudden, Ray Epps comes up, and then eight guys clad in black start shoving the barricades back into that officer!
Who are those- who are those people clad in black?
Liz Cheney stopped the video where that Capitol Police officer was actually pushed back and she was injured and she selectively edited it to not show Ryan Samsell actually assisting.
And the Capitol Police officer actually testified that she was knocked unconscious so she doesn't have any recollection of being assisted by the MAGA Patriot.
There she is falling down and then Ryan Samsell literally renders first aid by helping her up off the ground.
That's exactly right.
that out. That's very egregious, very prejudicial to Ryan Samsell.
Well yeah, there's no counter representative, there's no counter lawyers, it's just all
Democrat Party propaganda.
That's exactly right. Now, on the other side of this break that's coming up, and I informed
Alex that we have whistleblowers internally that we're doing facial recognition at that
front line.
The majority of the people at that front line were quote-unquote friendlies and feds and were excluded out.
Ray Epps was one of them and that's why he actually got wiped off the FBI's list.
And I'll tell you what Pete, and we'll also, we'll juxtapose that with the video I have that a lot of people have seen and there's more video out there.
I got one example of Groups clad in black, then going into the woods to change into Trump gear.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show with Pete Santillo and Troyer filling in.
One of the individuals involved in the impeachment shams, remember they did the Russia hoax sham, they did the impeachment shams all to get Donald Trump.
Daniel Goldman says, we may be watching chilling video and wrenching testimony, but Donald Trump should be seeing handcuffs.
No, these liars, the only crooks involved in this thing are all the people sitting on the panel.
And I can't believe they get anybody to go along and lie with them.
I mean, this is one of the biggest mysteries of how they get so many people to lie with them.
Do they really hate America that much?
Do they really hate Donald Trump that much?
Clearly they're afraid of Donald Trump to run all these shams to try to destroy him around the clock, but Pete, it doesn't stop there.
They've got lawyers trying to frame innocent people with this deal and you've got them.
Absolutely, and we're going to get to that in a second here, and I'm going to kind of lead the way here.
But first, I want everybody to recognize that what they did to Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs because of his status as a double Purple Heart combat veteran, served honorably, got out medically discharged.
He's actually being held pre-trial, okay?
And he's presumed innocent, but they used his name as if he led the entire thing.
They're of course going to go after him.
You see, they're going to pursue President Trump at the expense of the likes of Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, of course.
Enrique, Terry, all of them being held pre-trial.
All of their names being disparaged.
They want to go after Trump, but it's at the expense of our Constitution.
Yeah, and let me just kind of rephrase that, Pete, too.
Because this is such a key point, and this is why these people are so dangerous.
Folks, they don't care Collateral damage means nothing to them.
They don't care who gets killed.
They don't care whose lives are destroyed.
They don't care if the entire civilization collapses for their agenda.
Literally, collateral damage is nothing to these people.
They want to get Trump.
They want to destroy our freedoms in this country.
All the lives and culture and civilization that gets destroyed in the process, they don't care.
That's right.
That's absolutely right now.
I'm going to say this loud and clear on Infowars.com.
There's no doubt about it.
Our elected officials must step forward because of what happened last night.
It isn't just some political game.
We're talking about lives at stake here.
We have Americans sitting in the gulag in DC pre-trial.
The presumption of innocence is destroyed and the information that's being put out there is to deceive the public.
It was a Soviet show trial.
None of that information would have ever withstood the scrutiny in a court of law.
I'll give you an example.
This is a bombshell.
It's never before been seen until last night, of course.
But this Marcus Childress, he's not a politician.
He's a licensed attorney.
I have all of his five licenses.
He's licensed in many different areas that we're going to obviously pursue him and file complaints.
The appropriate people should.
Alex Jones for one.
I want to play this clip that's on... I just published it on our Rumble channel.
We're going to broadcast it exclusively here.
This attorney framed...
Uh, Alex Jones, uh, just a short segment during that hearing yesterday and Stuart Rhodes as well.
Stuart Rhodes and Alex Jones were framed by an attorney.
These attorneys know better.
What was done was egregious.
Let's go to that right now.
It's a short clip, but it's powerful.
November 19th, President Trump tweeted about the January 6th rally and told attendees, be there.
We'll be wild.
Many of the witnesses that we interviewed were inspired by the President's call and came to DC for January 6th.
But the extremists, they took it a step further.
They viewed this tweet as a call to arms.
A day later, the Department of Justice describes how the Proud Boys created a chat called the Ministry of Self-Defense Leadership chat.
In this chat, the Proud Boys established a command structure in anticipation of coming back to DC on January 6th.
on January 6. The Department of Justice describes Mr. Tarrio coming into
possession of a document called the 1776 returns which describes individuals
occupying key buildings around the United States Capitol.
The Oath Keepers are another group that the committee investigated. You
better get your ass to DC folks this Saturday. If you don't there's gonna be no
more Republic but we're not gonna let that happen it's not even an if. It's
either President Trump has The goal of these quick reaction forces was to be on standby just in case President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act.
fight. We all know that. The fight's coming. The committee learned that the
Oath Keepers set up quick reaction forces outside of the city in Virginia
where they stored arms. The goal of these quick reaction forces was to be on
standby just in case President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act. Did the Oath Keepers
ever provide weapons to members? I'm going to decline to answer that with the
McBrowns for due process trials.
On December 19th, President Trump tweeted about the January 6th rally and told attendees, be there, we'll be wild.
But the extremists, they took it a step further.
Let's stop it right there.
Owen, here it is.
This attorney, he laid it out at the beginning.
I actually just repeated it at the tail end of my video.
He said December 19th, President Trump sent out a tweet and incited people.
And it was a call to arms.
And then he cut to Alex Jones on November 10th.
How can Alex Jones be incited?
How was there a call to arms based on a tweet that was sent out December 19th?
And then jumbling all that together and associating it with guns, of course, the QRF.
Well, I'll tell you what, the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys and anybody that Yeah, another big lie.
They say, oh, armed protesters.
so didn't take them into DC because it was illegal. They stored them where it
was legally appropriate. Yeah another big lie they say oh armed protesters they
didn't have a single armed protester there. That's right now here's another
most egregious thing. Stuart Rhodes gave testimony.
I guess he just stepped forward and gave testimony.
But he asserted his Fifth Amendment rights.
What did they do with that information?
They presented it in the show trial to create the impression that he's guilty.
And then show guns, and show Alex Jones.
Jumbling all of that together, not by a politician, an attorney!
Let me just interject something too here, Pete, because there's a full spectrum here as well.
I believe that at the very outset of this, and I hope Republicans investigate this, and Democrats, if they lie under oath, then they should be held accountable, but I believe right at the outset of this, they planned on making this a big Hollywood production right out of the gates.
And they knew!
We need to start compiling everything we can.
Let's get as many people deposed as possible so they have thousands of hours of deposition that they can boil down to 10 minutes and cherry pick to get the appearance that they want.
Same thing with getting thousands of emails, thousands of text messages from all these people.
I'm not going to talk about your case specifically.
You as an American, let's say because of your circumstances, that's all I'll say about your case.
They have it all, they're doing their little presentation, they're showing you 1% or less of what they got.
It's the 1% that they can use against their political opposition.
This is all a big Hollywood production.
I'm not gonna talk about your case specifically.
You as an American, let's say because of your circumstances, that's all I'll say about your case,
because I understand and respect why you need to remain silent in that regard.
You found out last night, formally and officially, government knew well in advance, through intelligence, Cheney said that they knew that there was going to be an insurrection.
They knew there was going to be violence.
They knew that all this stuff was supposed to happen.
It was all pre-planned.
It was all done by President Trump and his co-conspirators to insurrect.
But they had one person standing there at the front face of the people coming up to the Capitol.
The doors were left open.
They were totally understaffed.
And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer basically denied President Trump's request for National Guard.
Are you upset that they knew that there was going to be violence, there was going to be Absolutely.
and they knew so well in advance and did not provide you as a peaceful person that was
assembling there and acting as a journalist.
Aren't you upset that there wasn't enough adequate security knowing what they know?
I am furious that the Democrats stood down for security that day.
All of these defendants, okay, were put in circumstances where they're emotionally charged
because they love their country.
They thought that, well, everyone went there to redress grievance, to stand peaceably, and there were provocateurs internally.
And I'm just going to end on this note.
Are you upset right now that there are whistleblowers internally in a small group that have identified with facial recognition, including Ray Epps, That that's why he was removed.
He was a friendly.
That the majority of the people at the front line of that initial breach were all feds.
Are you upset right now that that information is not being revealed?
That the videotapes are not being revealed because it'll reveal through facial recognition who the feds were that were mingling inside and outside the Capitol?
You should be, Owen.
America should be upset.
by that, that it was federal agents put in the crowd and inside the Capitol that provoked
the whole thing.
And we've got citizens like Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, I'm singling him out because of
what they did to him last night was so egregious, sitting there pending trial while Liz Cheney
used the US Congress for political purposes.
Yeah, let me put it this way.
I am extremely upset that this entire January 6th day now seems to be like it was an entrapment
from the very beginning, a la Michigan FBI, Governor Whitmer kidnapping.
It seems that they were running the exact same entrapment technique on January 6th in Washington, D.C., and guess what?
It was the same FBI leader that ran the fake kidnapping of Whitmer that was leading the charge on January 6th, folks.
I want to take a minute out to address the viewers and listeners of InfoWars and to remind you that we've been
vindicated and that world government and its tyrannical aim of depopulation is now out in the open.
the open.
Everything you and I have done together has been historic and we cannot continue in this fight without your support.
I want to encourage you all to be part of history right now while you still can to get the third and final coin in the Founding Member Coin Series Come and take it.
Free Menbear Arms Coins at 1776coin.com.
In just a few days, this coin will be gone forever and you will have the coin in your possession and know you helped InfoWars stay on air at the most critical time in our 28-year history.
So I want to thank you all for your support.
I want to encourage you all to be part of history and to get this historic memento that
keeps us on air at mfoilworkstore.com or 1776coin.com while you still can.
You know there's another angle to this Pete that really shows how desperate the Democrats
It's like a rabid raccoon or something that's cornered and is just gnashing and slashing
So I mean that shows that they're panicked because they know they're the bad guys and
they know that in a legitimate.
Uh, circumstance that they are not going to be victorious and that's why they had to run all their marketing.
Now, I didn't take the time to print the thousands of different tweets, but I wonder if they weren't paying people even to market this event.
I mean, Anna Navarro marketing it, Mark Hamill marketing it, he's always got his popcorn.
You think he voluntarily did that or do you think someone encouraged him to do that?
Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, all other Hollywood actors, Hollywood liberals, mainstream media, I mean, In fact, guys, roll the clip that shows all the different news networks versus Fox News.
I guess that's clip eight, guys.
Put that on the screen right now.
So, I mean, they did a massive marketing push for this.
Any cable news station last night that does live news coverage in the evening covered it live, except Fox News kept their host on and they kind of went in and out of it.
Every other one did it.
Okay, now let's do 2,000 mules.
How about that, Pete?
How about now we air 2,000 mules on every news network, cable news network, on primetime, and let's have everybody market that to the public, too.
So, I mean, again, if we want to talk positives here, which it's hard to do, but we need to do it, I mean, it really shows how desperate they are that they had to beg and plead for everybody to watch their sham hearing last night, and I haven't seen the ratings numbers yet, but my guess is the ratings were not good.
You know, we had more people on our getter's feed than CNN did on their Facebook feed.
That should tell you a lot.
And we have a small show.
But, you know, the positive side of things, let's go at it at the jugular.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, she was at the podium before the hearings.
She was calling out the fact that the video hasn't been released.
You know what we need?
We need all hands on deck.
From our, us ultra MAGA patriots will step forward and say, these proceedings need to stop.
Here's the positive thing.
It was so legally egregious.
You can't put together in a court of law montages and say Joe Biggs and then show nooses and then mention President Trump's tweet, you know, December 19th and then cut to Alex Jones on November 10th.
You cannot do that in a court of law.
You can't build these montages, have them out of context for the purposes of persuading the jury with lies.
So therefore these proceedings Which are intended to deceive the public because they flat out told lies and we can prove it legally.
The Republican officials need to step over and say, pause on these proceedings.
We need to verify this information you're putting out.
You're deceiving the public, stop that.
Next thing, Owen, you have a case right now.
InfoWars was so disparaged that they're literally, I'm calling it a framing of Alex Jones and Stuart Rhodes. You need to file state bar complaints
against that attorney that did that.
You know why? Because he knows better. File a state bar complaint against these attorneys
for knowing what they did was absolutely wrong. File a complaint against Liz Cheney for stepping
outside of the bounds of appropriate decorum and ethics to edit a video selectively, not show
Ryan Samso rendering first aid to the Capitol Police.
What is that to do?
That's to deceive the public, to paint a narrative, to brainwash us.
On the other side of the break, let's talk about how patient they are.
They'll work with a potential active shooter like the Buffalo shooter for two years in a 4chan chat thread to get him to be a a willing shooter at the local black American grocery store.
Of course, these are very patient people that not only script things and
script their narratives, they have to put all their stuff on the teleprompter to
make sure they're lining up their lives so that nobody really can tell the difference.
But we caught him, we caught him yesterday.
That's the positive side of it.
And we caught them in their first day of their hearings.
Now let's take action.
Yeah. Let's start holding.
action exactly.
And you know, Republicans, and this might be too little too late, but it's an idea, maybe it could desire some application here, but hey, let's do hearings.
Let's call up the police from New York that were hospitalized by Democrat riots in 2020.
Let's call the police in Chicago that were hospitalized by Democrat riots.
The police in Los Angeles.
The victims of the families of the dead police.
Let's call them for hearings about the Democrat riots.
Let's get one of those going.
You know, it all makes sense now.
This is just a big Hollywood production.
That's why they've been marketing it for the last year and a half, to keep it in your consciousness, because they knew they were going to eventually release their big movie, a.k.a.
these January 6 hearings.
So, I mean, yeah, let's, why not bring up the summer of 2020 riots?
Why not?
I mean, you know, let's bring them up.
Let's, we should seriously, I mean, Democrats want to act like they're the party of peace?
I played the compilation earlier on the transmission.
I mean, you could play compilations for hours of Democrats calling for violence.
I mean, directly calling for violence.
And then they attempt to assassinate dozens of politicians at a baseball practice in D.C.
They go out in front of Supreme Court justices to attempt assassination.
They kill a Trump supporter in Portland.
They kill a Trump supporter in Denver.
They kill a Trump supporter in D.C.
Five of them actually on January 6th.
I mean, let's have hearings.
Democrats want to play hearing games.
Let's go, Republicans, step up to the plate.
Let's put all the facts out there.
Let's show the world who the true evil party is.
That's an easy victory for Republicans.
I mean, the Democrats give us thousands of times the ammunition.
The Democrats have one day, one day in the history of this country, one out of thousands of Republican events that got out of hand.
We've got dozens, hundreds, thousands of Democrat events that get on our hand.
We know that it's the weather underground that influenced Barack Obama, Kathy Bodine, Chessa Bodine.
I mean, it's got a history of domestic terrorism.
I mean, I can go on and on.
And I'd rather not play these games.
I'd rather just the country look at these corrupt Democrats and just say, hey, you know what?
You're done.
You're done.
Stop your sham hearings.
I'm not going to accept the, and I understand what you're saying, it's one day, compared to what they do, and the impact of what they do, and the damage they caused during the riots.
I'm not going to accept it for the following reason, that it was one day that some people made mistakes.
Because they are withholding information.
We have whistleblowers internally that are afraid to come forward.
The attorneys need to request the facial recognition programs that identified Ray Epps.
And that's how they determined to take Ray Epps off of the list of people to target for indictment, as well as the hundreds of federal agents who were in the crowd.
The majority of the front line in the breach were federal agents.
So I'm not going to accept that the chaos Was something that spontaneously occurred because of emotion.
I'm going to say that it was provocateured by federal agents.
They needed that scenario because they reverse engineer indictments.
They needed an insurrection because we were gathered together peaceably and we generally are peaceable.
So, Owen, I want to know, what did they find out with the facial recognition software?
How many friendlies were there?
There are people internally that are whistleblowers that want to come forward, but they're afraid to do that.
Here's the next thing, Owen.
You could have Liz Cheney play political games and Shifty Schiff and say, well, we can get away with this stuff.
We're not non-attorneys and, you know, we're just congressional political hacks.
But look at this guy right here.
See this guy?
Marcus Childress.
Is a licensed attorney who is investigative counsel for the US House of Representatives.
What he did was so egregious, okay?
He knows better as an attorney.
He could actually have his bar license removed because he's not Liz Cheney the political act.
He's actually an attorney that knows better than to do what he did legally to Alex Jones and to Stuart Rhodes by essentially framing them and attaching them to something derogatory that they should have never been associated with.
Well, I don't know, Pete.
We've got a real powerful testimony here from a J6 witness in Clip 9, apparently in the middle of the most violent insurrection of all time, folks.
Listen to what the J6 witness in Clip 9 has to say.
Well, no, first of all, we went round to the back and down the steps and we took some photographs on the east side of the Capitol.
And then we went for lunch.
We went for tacos.
They went for tacos, Pete!
And by the way, that was the documentary filmmaker who was filming the Proud Boys that day.
He was called to the stand as a witness.
In the middle of the violent insurrection, the planned insurrection, they just said, hey guys, wanna get some tacos?
You know, in the Bundy cases, do you know what broke the case open?
Because they had a quote-unquote documentary filmmaker organization.
It was actually the FBI.
They had a $500,000 Mercedes Sprinter.
They had this huge team of people.
They pretended they were documentary filmmakers, and they did so for the purposes of getting everybody on record.
Six months after Bundy Ranch, they got him drunk and had them make certain admissions on film, right?
And they presented that video to the jury.
Well, guess what?
Right in the middle of the trial, we found out that it was actually done by the FBI, and it was busted wide open.
And their entire case unraveled, and the jury was disgusted by it.
So I want to ask that documentary filmmaker with the British accent, sir, are you working for British intelligence, A?
B, are you getting paid by the FBI or the CIA?
Are we asking any questions whatsoever to cross-examine everything they're putting out there?
Absolutely not.
But guess what?
I believe the American public deserves to have the answers to these questions and especially those that are awaiting trial.
Don't you agree, Owen, that we have to have answers to the questions?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, you can't have any, because let's be honest, they want to perpetuate this as a legal proceeding.
It's obviously not.
If it were a legal proceeding or a legitimate hearing, you'd have counterpoints, you'd have counter witnesses, counter evidence, counter lawyers.
You don't have any counter.
It's just all totally controlled.
But I mean, come on, Pete.
I mean, you know, they claim that this violent insurrection, this coup d'etat was being planned for months and everything.
Hey, let's just go get tacos, guys.
Yeah, screw about all of our planning.
Let's just go get some tacos.
And by the way, I agree with what you said at the beginning of the segment.
And let's just show them more evidence of this.
And this is just one example.
There's other videos out there.
I just wanted to present at least one today.
For the sake of time, guys, just go ahead and give me the B-roll of clip 14.
This is what we were mentioning earlier, guys.
Go ahead and B-roll me clip 14.
This is what you would guess are Antifa members.
After they break the barriers and after they break through the Capitol, they then go out into the woods and change into their Trump gear!
They go out and change into their Trump gear.
And by the way, this isn't the only example.
There were others that were actually inside with backpacks.
clad in black that broke windows and then went inside and put on a Trump hat.
So there's all kinds of evidence. Oh look these guys clad in black covering their
faces broke the barriers broke into the Capitol and now all of a sudden they
have Trump gear on. I mean how is this not presented out there?
Yeah and then of course they roll this clip here and they say oh here comes Joe
Biggs right after they just disparaged Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs.
He's awaiting trial.
He's presumed innocent, but they're attaching him to say that he led 1.5 million people through this window and they put his name across the bottom.
You think he's going to get a fair trial?
You think he's going to find a jury anywhere in America that saw this thing to think that Joe Biggs is innocent?
And here's a legitimate question.
I genuinely don't know the answer.
My guess is no.
Have any of those individuals that broke into the Capitol that we just saw in that film, that were all clad in black, classic Antifa wear, have any of them been ID'd and or arrested?
Do you know of any?
To my knowledge, the answer is no.
This is what I do know.
The reason why the video has not been released is because there's been a lot of people ID'd.
And the majority of them, a lot of them, are feds.
They don't want to reveal that to the public.
Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed that out yesterday at the podium on the floor of Congress.
Why are you not releasing those videos?
Well, I'm going to tell you that we had a whistleblower come forward, leak information through proper channels, because they're desperate to get somebody to request all the data that they have identified hundreds of federal agents.
I know one of them that was out on the lawn outside the Capitol that was removing all of the barricades.
It said restricted area.
How many people got charged?
with entering a restricted area.
Well, that restricted area was made available thanks to the good graces of somebody working
for the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
And by the way, by the way, any other circumstance, any other circumstance, if you're gonna try
to charge someone with trespassing, but you, the defendant, let's say you're a defendant,
you get charged with trespassing, and you, the defendant, you have evidence
that shows you were invited into the building, Trespassing charges dropped!
Trial thrown out!
There's video of the police inviting them in!
There's videos of police removing the barricades!
How are trespassing charges not dropped, even for those that weren't even trespassing?
Like, I don't know, maybe me!
Yeah, but of course they say that everyone, 1.5 million of us, had the intent to go there and stop a congressional proceeding.
I don't know where that came from.
That's not why I went there.
Here's Donald Trump calling for peace.
Here's Alex Jones calling for peace.
Oh, they're to blame.
Here's Ray Epps calling for violence.
No, no interest in Ray Epps, though.
Let's play that clip when we come back with Pete Santilli.
Remember when a Democrat showed up at a Republican baseball practice to attempt a mass murder?
No hearings.
Remember when a Democrat mowed over almost a hundred people at a Christmas parade?
No hearings.
Remember when a Democrat went to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh?
No hearings.
Remember when Democrats burned American cities for an entire summer straight?
Two billion dollar property damage.
Thousands of injuries.
Thousands of police hospitalizations.
Dozens of murders.
Some businesses never reopened.
Any hearings?
No, but the political stuntry of the Democrat Party continues.
It's the most corrupt party in this nation's history, folks.
This country can never get to the next level until the Democrats are completely done, completely eradicated politically from this country.
Here's the video of Ray Epps.
That still many questions remain, and many may be answered in the next segment when we're joined by Dr. Jaron Beatty.
Pete Santilli's still with us.
Here's the video of Ray Epps that they made sure did not make the air last night, and they don't want you to see in clip 4.
Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol!
Into the Capitol!
Tomorrow, I don't even like to say it because I'll be arrested.
Well, let's not say it.
We need... We need to go... I'll say it.
All right.
We need to go in... Shut the fuck up, Boomer.
...to the Capitol.
We need to go into the Capitol!
I didn't see that coming.
Mr. President is not speaking!
We are going to the Capitol!
Now, here is January 6th.
The other footage was January 5th, the night before.
Now January 6th, doing the same thing.
Ray Epps calling for people to go in.
Alright, no Dave, but one more thing.
Yeah, so can we go up there?
When we go in... Are we gonna get arrested if we go up there?
You don't need to get shot.
You're gonna arrest us all?
Now before the breach of the grounds, here's Ray Epps again.
right at the barrier as it's being breached.
And then you have a bunch of guys clad in black who were the first guys to go
A bunch of guys clad in black.
Still not identified.
And then there goes Ray Epps.
[crowd yelling]
[crowd yelling]
[crowd yelling]
[crowd yelling]
So, to my knowledge, and I would imagine they'd show us any other evidence if it existed, of individuals...
Encouraging people to engage in violence or encouraging people to break into the Capitol or encouraging people to go over the barricades.
That was Ray Epps and that's John Sullivan.
I'm not, I've yet to see any other evidence of people encouraging that except those two.
Neither one is currently in jail.
John Sullivan is in a legal battle.
My guess is he'll probably fare just fine in that.
And then Ray Epps, no charges, no arrests, you know, not even brought up in the hearing.
It's just amazing stuff.
Pete, we've got you for five more minutes before Darren Beattie and Roger Stone join me.
What else do you want to depart here to our audience?
Okay, you brought up a really good point about why justice is never served to the other side.
I'm going to call it anarchy.
They're never held accountable for violating the law at all because they've hijacked our judiciary, our DOJ.
We've got Soros buying off DAs.
Thankfully, Chesa Bodine was removed.
He's a Bill Ayers, George Soros Leftist that was put in San Francisco.
He's been removed.
These DAs won't prosecute anyone on the left side that assists in the left side of the political spectrum and narrative.
It's called anarchy.
Then they refer to what they do to us when they, of course, take the seat of government by stolen elections.
They call it justice and preserving democracy and they say constitution and democracy and all of that stuff.
And no, I'm going to tell you, Alex Jones is living proof of edits, of lies, of omissions, of malicious prosecution, of even entrapment over a long period of time.
I know that they sent their operatives to Alex Jones to sprinkle fake news, only to later on down the road be able to sue him because they knew that their little operation eventually would result in something that they could hold him to account to.
It's edits, it's lies, it's omissions, it's malicious prosecution, entrapment, and they want to destroy and break Alex Jones.
Notice what they're doing, the shenanigans.
He wants to go to the bankruptcy court and show all of his books.
They say, oh, we'll just dismiss those.
We're looking more to do a show trial and to break you financially and get your viewers to all look away and destroy your operation.
What they're doing to us legally, I mean, behind the scenes, it's folks, it's unreal.
It's unreal.
It's unreal.
Now, here's, again, back to the positive side of it.
There's a lot of people that tune into InfoWars.
I'm hoping that somebody like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who's suspected that there's a reason why they're withholding all the videos.
Now I'm going to tell those people that are listening, if you're an elected official and you're on the good side of things, On the godly side of things, then you will demand to find out who these whistleblowers who have come through a senior, a retired senior FBI special agent in charge.
They were trusted with this information to bring it as public as it could be.
To get our elected officials and the attorneys to demand to see the facial recognition software.
That they identified Ray Epps at the front line as a friendly.
That's why he got dropped off the FBI's most wanted list.
That the majority of the people at the bridge were identified with facial recognition.
They have this data.
There are people internally, a small group that identified who they were.
Well, I think that that should be very helpful in establishing the truth behind who provoked all of the emotion and the chaos.
And everything that they needed to bring this day.
It's all scripted, folks.
Look at every single word was scripted.
Every single frame was scripted.
And it was all for the purposes of deceiving the public.
Don't let them break us.
Don't let them break InfoWars.
Don't let them break independent media.
When we say we need your support, look at what we're going up against.
When these people take the seat of government, they have an unlimited budget.
They spent millions and millions of dollars and literally went to the They think we're stupid.
They think that we don't listen to Liz Cheney, say that we knew well in advance there was going to be a disastrous insurrection.
It was pre-planned, blah, blah, blah.
And we had one person at the barricade in the same exact presentation.
If you're an elected official, stop these proceedings.
Because guess what?
At minimum, push the pause button and say we'll do the proceedings after the trials are completed.
Because we don't want to prejudice the juries and we don't want to Destroy the presumption of innocence of all of these defendants.
What they did to Stuart Rhodes was awful.
What they did, of course, to frame, as always, Alex Jones, just within that short clip that they did yesterday was unacceptable.
And ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, if you don't rise up to this thing with the emotion and the energy and the godliness to demand that your election officials shut this down, what they did to Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, A double purple heart recipient, a man who served our country honorably, a man who now suffers from PTSD, needs appropriate medical care, obviously, behind bars, to go after President Trump at the expense of one of our troops.
Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs is nothing that I will ever accept while I'm here on this soil in the United States of America.
If you love your country, you will rise up and not accept it as well.
Yeah, and let me just put it like this.
People out there thinking, hey, I'm innocent, I'll never deal with this.
Folks, I'm innocent!
And look at what I'm going through!
So, believe me, no one's innocent in a world run by Democrats.
And by the way, they're estimating the cost of this hearing right now, Pete, at $8 million.
$8 million.
That's just what we know, folks.
Imagine how much was spent on this Hollywood made-for-TV production.
Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you for joining us.
And Dr. Darren J. Beattie from Revolver.News is about to join us.
They've got a new breaking news story right now.
Meet Ray Epps, Part 2.
And I want to get Darren on to discuss that and obviously respond to the hearings.
He was on Tucker Carlson last night as well and Tucker Carlson's opening lead was so perfect.
I want to read to you the opening line right now as we get Darren on the air.
From Tucker Carlson last night.
It tells you a lot about the priorities of our ruling class that the rest of us are getting yet another lecture about January 6th tonight from our moral inferiors, no less.
An outbreak of mob violence, a forgettably minor outbreak by recent standards, that took place more than a year and a half ago.
But they've never stopped talking about it.
In the meantime, in the 18 months since January 6th, gas prices have doubled.
Drug overdoses have reached their highest point ever.
The U.S.
economy is careening towards a devastating recession at best.
And scariest, and least noted of all, this country has never in its history been closer to a nuclear war.
Tucker Carlson nailing it last night.
Darren Beattie was with him then.
Darren Beattie is with us now.
Dr. Beattie, where do you want to start?
Do you want to start with your latest breaking news on Ray Epps, who somehow was able to Well, first of all, thanks very much for having me.
This is a very important issue, and what can we really say about this January 6th committee?
night. Dr. Darren Beattie from Revolver.News. Well, first of all, thanks very much for having me.
This is a very important issue. And what can we really say about this January 6th committee?
It's clearly a sham. And really, if a question is important, if something is central to getting
to the bottom of what really happened on January 6th, you can rest assured they're not going to
say anything about it. And...
And as I said on Tucker last night, there are Four or five decisive questions that any objective observer conducting real investigation, doing legitimate detective work, would ask to get to the bottom of the story.
And one of those questions is, of course, what's the deal with Ray F?
He was the person who we've covered very extensively on revolver.news for the full story.
Just go to the site and read it for yourself.
But he's the only person who's caught on camera in the mountains of documentary footage on that day and the day prior, calling on the crowd to go into the Capitol.
And he does it, in fact, the night before.
And he follows up on his mission the next day on that decisive day, January 6th.
He's ubiquitous.
He's everywhere.
He's there way before Trump's speech.
Even ended.
And he's directing people to go to the Capitol, quote unquote, where our problems are.
And then finally, at the very first breach point in the Capitol, the very first breach, decisive breach that allowed this rally to turn into a riot that occurred at approximately 1 p.m., actually more around like 1256 to be more precise.
Ray Epps was right there.
He was right there by the barricade.
He whispers into someone's ear that someone's called Ryan Samsell.
And then no more than two seconds later.
Samsel breaks down the barrier and the whole crowd goes in and the rest is history.
And yet of all the people that they've subpoenaed, of all the people that they've arrested, for nothing charges, you know this better than anybody, for nothing trespassing charges.
We can talk about all trespassing stuff later.
Of all the people that they've demonized, the one person that these committee members actively protect and actively defend as the one person who's caught on
camera telling people to go into the Capitol and following it up by apparently orchestrating that first
indecisive breach.
This is the story of reyups and this is the story that the January 6th committee does not want you
to hear about, does not want you to read about. They don't want you to go to revolver.news,
read it and share it with everybody you know. And let's just reiterate and and and capsulize that.
Of the entire really January 6th day and all the videos and everything that you've seen,
I've seen, the audience has seen, Democrats, Republicans, everybody's seen.
To my knowledge, there are still only really two individuals, but one who's repeatedly encouraging people to break down the barriers, repeatedly encouraged people to go into the Capitol, on record saying it, is Ray Epps.
The other one you could say was John Sullivan and some of his own live streams, but that's a separate story.
At least he has charges against him, at least he's in a legal fight.
They may be dropped, it might be a nice smooth ride for him, but that's not the point.
Ray Epps is the only person on tape, multiple times, encouraging people to go into the Capitol, and yet, he doesn't face charges, he's not mentioned at the hearings, and the Democrats and Adam Kinzinger are protecting him.
Why do you suppose that is, Darren?
Well, look, it's well known and I've generated a lot of controversy for first bringing the public's attention to the thesis that January 6th is not what they're telling us it was.
January 6th is just like You know, forget about going way back into the history of the FBI and government operations and things.
Let's just go back a few months before January 6th to the Michigan plot, which has now been definitively exposed as an FBI entrapment operation.
Of all the people that they charged, they've gotten zero convictions, and it turned out of the original, like, 26 so-called plotters, 12 were either FBI informants or FBI agents.
And keep in mind that this was this Michigan case, people talk about it as the plot
to kidnap the Michigan governor.
But it was also a plot to storm the Michigan state capitol.
It was a plot that involved one of the three main militia groups imputed to January 6th.
And it was a plot that was infiltrated by the feds to an astonishing percentage.
And the Revolver News is the first to point out that the FBI special agent in charge in that Detroit office who oversaw the Michigan plot with striking similarities January 6th, the guy who oversaw that hoax entrapment operation was in October.
Uh, promoted to the FBI field office in DC and later went on to oversee the January 6th investigations.
In fact, to tie it into another extremely bizarre and dark And as of yet unexplained aspect of January 6, it was precisely this Detroit field office agent in charge who oversaw the entrapment operation in Michigan, later promoted to DC field office, who was everywhere in the media telling people, we need your help to discover the identity of this so-called pipe bomber, because pipe bombs were planted at the DNC and the RNC.
We need your help.
And they provide this nothing video.
Revolver.News has the most thorough investigation of this so-called pipe bomb, which is so, so dirty.
It's just incredible what they think they can get away with here.
And they say, oh, we need your help.
They give you grainy video.
It's clear that there's mountains of evidence that they're not just presenting the public, because I think their effort to identify the pipe bomber is disingenuous.
Just in the same way that their effort to identify Ray Epps was disingenuous.
Ray Epps was actually one of the first 20 people to appear on the FBI's Most Wanted list for January 6th.
They begged the public to identify this guy.
Well, the internet got to work, and as the internet is able to do with, you know, kind of weaponized autism, as they say, people discovered who Ray Epps was very quickly.
And not shortly after that, they took him off the most wanted list.
They didn't actually want people to know who he was.
And I think there's something similar to this pipe bomber.
There's just not a sincere effort to identify it.
And the reason that the pipe bomb is so Suspicious is that we now only just recently learned that the vice president-elect, then Kamala Harris, was not actually in the Capitol.
She was in the DNC building.
The very building that had a pipe bomb planted right in front of it and somehow the Secret Service did not discover the pipe bomb after the sweep.
Somehow the Secret Service didn't discover it.
It was only later discovered by some random passerby who discovered something outside the RNC and then somehow immediately they found the DNC one.
That's Dr. Darren Beatty.
We got to take a break here.
We'll be right back.
Back here live on the Alex Jones Show with Dr. Darren Beattie from revolver.news.
And ladies and gentlemen, we've just gotten at least, I've just seen for the first time the ratings from last night.
Total flop!
Total flop!
The biggest ratings, obviously CNN and MSNBC almost drew a zero on the On the Nielsen scale, I think is what it is.
The highest in the 8 p.m.
Eastern hour was ABC News getting a half of a percentage, a half of a percentage, and then in the 9 p.m.
block, ABC getting a sixth of a percentage.
So, in other words, Darren, Not many people tuned in.
Did not have the public interest that I'm sure the Democrats were begging for and hoping for.
That's why they had all the Hollywood celebrities and everybody promoting it around the clock like it was a big Hollywood movie.
So, it did not get the attention of the American people as I'm sure they hoped it did.
Now aside from that, and feel free to comment on that if you'd like, there was another missing element to last night that may have kind of been brought up in passing but was not a serious issue.
However, to me...
They did all these depositions, Darren, of people who were there and people who probably said some things that were not good while they were there, maybe did some things that they regret while they were there, but it was all QAnon stuff.
It was all QAnon told me to be here, QAnon told me we were overthrowing the election, QAnon told me we were taking the traitors out, all this stuff, and these are probably people that are, let's say, Easily persuaded.
Let's just be kind and say easily persuaded.
Maybe some learning disabilities.
The typical QAnon follower.
And so they're out there because QAnon told them to be there.
They thought this whole thing was going down.
They take thousands of hours of witness testimony, boil it down to the little clips that they can use for their Hollywood production.
But clearly it was Q that motivated those people to be here.
Where is the investigation into QAnon?
Where is the calling of, let's find out who QAnon is?
Why is nobody attempting to bring QAnon in for questioning?
Darren, the only thing I can land on here is QAnon is just another Democrat, another Fed, another entrapment scheme.
That's something that I just don't know about.
I haven't done enough research into QAnon.
I do know that QAnon, whatever it is, has served as a pretext for a lot of these sort of disinformation NGOs to use QAnon as a pretext to censor political speech more broadly.
But as far as QAnon, what it is, and what its relationship is, is January 6th, I just don't... That's not a dimension of the story that I've explored sufficiently.
Well, and the problem is that nobody seems to know, because my guess is that QAnon was being run by the feds or run by the government as part of this big entrapment scheme on January 6th, and then they bring out all these witnesses that were told to go there by QAnon, And yet, then they blame Donald Trump, who had nothing to do with QAnon.
They even made Donald Trump disavow QAnon.
You weren't allowed to bring QAnon signs into Trump rallies.
So they tried to shut it down, but the Feds and the Democrats, my guess, were the ones running that.
But that's fine.
We don't have to talk about that.
I just wanted to point that out, because I noticed that from last night.
Your latest piece on Revolver.News.
Meet Ray Epps Part 2.
Damning new details emerge, exposing massive web of unindicted operators at the heart of January 6th.
What do we know about Ray Epps?
Why do you suppose that I guess he's just going to be above all this investigation?
And then what are the big details in your latest piece on revolver.news?
Well, this is our latest major piece on January 6th, and really it's required reading for anybody who maybe is not fully up to date, who's not informed about January 6th, or for anybody, you know, who has skeptical friends or family members, or if you're skeptical yourself.
Take what I call the Revolver Challenge.
Don't take my word for it.
Read that piece.
But most importantly, watch the video embedded in that piece.
If you go to the website version of revolver.news, watch all of the compiled embedded videos and run through the narrative that we present.
And it's impossible, I think, after Doing that exercise to look anyone in the eye, to look me in the eye, tell people, read this, watch the video, then look me in the eye and tell me that the Feds weren't involved.
Nobody can do it.
It's definitive here.
And it's not just Ray Epps, by the way.
Ray Epps has, I think, rightly become sort of the most prominent and infamous figure representing the Fed's erection hypothesis.
But there are a lot of other key individuals.
Who played decisive roles in that initial breach.
I mentioned the trespassing charges that are really being used politically through selective prosecution in order to punish various people.
Because there are hundreds and hundreds of people, if not thousands, who are technically trespassing on restricted grounds.
The only problem is the overwhelming majority, probably over 95%, weren't even aware that
they were committing a criminal offense because the barriers and fencing had been taken down
before the crowd got there.
Or they were even waved in by police.
Or they were waved in, or both.
Or both.
The fact is, is we have video of individuals methodically removing fencing way before the
speech was even done.
Way before the main crowd even went to the Capitol at the direction of people.
Oh my gosh, I can't even believe this.
I've never actually seen this before.
You have the pictures right there.
They're cutting the fence down.
Nobody's stopping them.
What do we know about these individuals?
Well yes, there are key individuals and unlike Ray Epps, some of the most egregious actors here who created the preconditions for the rally to turn into the riot haven't even been identified publicly.
There's one individual called Fence Cutter Bulwark who's represented Quite prominently in the revolver dot news piece that you mentioned and there's another individual I think who other than Ray Epps is a key figure here, but unlike Ray Epps He hasn't even been identified He hasn't been put on the FBI Most Wanted list like Epps and of course they took Epps's name off there as soon as we started reporting on this stuff But still there's zero total radio silence about this individual from the feds He's known only by his moniker
to researchers as scaffold commander.
And here's a guy who is, again, he was stationed there right at the Peace Monument,
right by that initial breach site before the Proud Boys got there,
before all these other people got there.
He was there along with other key individuals.
He ended up taking a really strategic position on top of that white scaffold that many people have seen
taking a really strategic position on top of that white scaffold that many people have seen from video footage on
from video footage on this.
this and he was directing people coolly, professionally, but constantly
And he was directing people, coolly, professionally, but constantly,
move forward, move forward, move forward. And so the experience of your average
move forward, move forward, move forward.
rally goer, you have people like Epps directing you to the Capitol after the speech, you get there,
people like fence cutter Bulwerk had removed the fencing so you don't even know you're in restricted area
and then you hear this confident, definitive, and constant voice coming from a bullhorn
saying move forward, move forward, we need your help. Now if you hear that constantly people just as a matter of
psychology, as a matter of crowd control, people obey these authoritative commands, especially when they say things
like we need your help.
And that's just where the momentum of the mass of people was going.
I mean, most people couldn't even control themselves at that point.
Then, you know, momentum takes over, and then you're just caught up in it, and you move forward because everyone around you is moving forward.
But it takes key individuals, such as this Scaffold Commander, as of yet unidentified, but who played a decisive role in this whole operation, to create the conditions for what happened.
And then, after he is saying, move forward, move forward, move forward, He started saying, OK, we need you to climb in.
We need you to go in the windows.
Then he actively encouraged people to go into the Capitol and break in.
But what's amazing is that the feds have really exhibited zero interest, not only in arresting this guy and questioning him and identifying him, nothing.
And as of today, this key player has not been identified.
Nobody knows who he is.
I mean, folks, this is just... Let me try to make an analogy here.
Let's say that you have a big building, okay, in some metropolitan area, and there have been threats made And so somebody comes to you and says, hey, there's been a threat made here to your building.
You should get security.
And then you take out a big insurance policy on your building and you don't get security.
And then there's video footage of people pouring gasoline all around your building and then lighting it on fire.
And then you have a big insurance payout, and then somebody doesn't investigate the person pouring gas, doesn't investigate the person lighting the fire, doesn't investigate the person that takes out the big insurance before the fire, doesn't investigate the person that stands down security before the fire.
Any other investigator would say, hey, I'm going to investigate that person, I'm going to investigate those people.
But not this time!
The person that lit the fire, poured the gas, turned down the security and bought the insurance package is the one not being investigated and the arson.
This is unprecedented stuff and I think the Democrats plan to use this against innocent Americans forever.
I don't care if you work in a cafeteria or pump gas or whether you're a farmer, a rancher, a doctor, a lawyer, or
a millionaire.
Fortune and Money Magazine have all done these profiles.
You see it every year.
30 different tax returns, 30 different answers.
50 different tax returns, 50 different answers.
And almost all of them just screw you over, especially the big firms and the big tax groups, because they're part of the system and they don't want the general public understanding this and knowing this.
So, it's a very important situation with inflation and all the things out there hurting everybody, to be able to do things tax-wise that's legal and lawful, that allows you to keep more of your money.
We wouldn't even be here if I hadn't gotten great tax advice in the last few years.
The only way you fail is not writing down the URL jonestaxrelief.com.
One word, jonestaxrelief.com or call 833-900-4285.
Call 833-900-4285.
All right, we got five more minutes with Dr. Darren J. Beattie, and then Alex Jones is going to be joining us.
Darren, I think they're going to be using January 6th against their political opposition forever.
That's their plan.
They just arrested a GOP governor candidate in Michigan just out of nowhere because he was leading in the polls.
I mean, a lot of people they're charging weren't even there in Washington, D.C., let alone my story.
Never went into the building, never trespassed, never touched anybody, never did anything.
But, I mean, Enrique Tarrio wasn't even there.
Roger Stone wasn't even there.
I think they want to take this to the next level.
Oh, you talked about a rigged election.
Oh, you supported Donald Trump.
They want to come arrest you.
I mean, where do you think it goes from here, even though their ratings flopped?
They have, I think, three more of these things planned.
Where do you think this corrupted, authoritarian, tyrannical, I don't even know how else to describe this.
I don't know if anything this bad has ever happened, you know, as far as a political party weaponizing the government against the people in U.S.
Where do you think the Democrats take this next, Dr. Darren J. Beattie?
Well, that's an excellent observation, and I think it really is incumbent on us to Remember what the stakes are here, what the purpose is, what is the agenda?
It isn't really about January 6th.
It's about the significance, the false narrative.
of January 6th holds to further the regime's agenda.
And that agenda is the reconfiguration and really the weaponization of the American
national security apparatus against American people to silence, suppress, and destroy
the energies associated with movements like the Donald Trump movement, but not just that,
any movement that could be threatening to the regime and its hold on power.
And that's what it's about.
The Department of Homeland Security is spearheading what some people have called the domestic war on terror.
And guess what?
Benny Thompson, who is the chairman of the January 6th Committee, is also the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.
He is the Department of Homeland Security's stooge.
in Congress, and he's conducting an investigation, a sham investigation
on January 6th, the false narrative about which is used as the propelling
pretext for the Department of Homeland Security's reconfiguration as a political
tool to silence and suppress and destroy Trump supporters.
So that's really what's going on.
Those are the stakes.
That's why, despite how boring or irrelevant a lot of this stuff is, it's really just boring from the side
they're talking about.
It's actually explosive and dark, but extremely interesting to investigate what actually
happened there, because it opens up an entire can of worms that's entirely alien to most American people who
are naive, comfortably naive about the nature of their own government and the types of the operations
that the government has been conducting against their citizens, not just in January 6, but going back a long time.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg in that regard.
And so I hope everyone will go to revolver.news, read our piece with an open mind and share it and begin the educational process because the stakes are too high to be ignorant on this issue.
Yeah, exactly.
And it's just, the more they flop, it seems like the more aggressive they get.
And I just want to tell you also, Dr. Beattie, that I have just been sent information from Pete Santilli.
He says he has identified the fence-cutting bulwark.
So if you'd like, I can forward that information to you, and maybe your team can get to work on that.
Yep, we're definitely looking for tips, so we'll pursue that and see where it leads.
We'll send you that information.
Dr. Darren Beattie from Revolver.News.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
Pray for people like Darren Beattie who are putting everything on the line to stand up against this political corruption in the Democrat Party, folks.
It's no joke.
These people mean business, in case you haven't noticed.
They shoot and kill Ashley Babbitt and they celebrate it.
And that's just one of their political murders.
So, Darren Beattie, thank you so much for joining us today.
Revolver.News, folks, is where you can find all the information.
Alright, when we come back, Alex Jones is going to be joining us with some of his latest breaking information in response to what we saw last night.
And I've got other big stories and videos to cover as we enter the third hour now of the Alex Jones Show.
You know folks, I gotta tell ya, I don't know about you, but there's something in the air.
There's something in the air here.
And I just want to be clear.
As we're about to be joined by Alex Jones, because I know he shares this same sentiment, but I'll speak for myself.
I have no intention and never had any intention of being a violent revolutionary.
Not my thing.
I'm not a violent person.
I don't like fighting.
I don't really like combat.
I'm not really big into hunting.
I never wanted to join the military.
I like talking.
I like telling the truth.
I like justice.
I like freedom.
That's what motivates me to be here.
I'm a lover of life.
I love life so much I want to preserve the life that we have here.
That's what motivates me.
And so, that's the driving force here.
You hear talks about a cold civil war.
Folks, the Democrats are already hot.
They already have political prisoners.
They're already censoring free speech.
They're already killing Trump supporters.
They show up to Supreme Court justices' houses to murder them.
They try to do mass murders at baseball practices.
So I don't even really know how to properly handle it or analyze it at this point, Alex, as they're trying to destroy us and end our country.
And we're just lovers of life!
I mean, I know you, Alex!
You're a big, loving fuzzball!
But we have a commitment and a passion to freedom and truth that drives us to this transmission every day that resonates with the people.
So I mean, I know you've got big information and lots of stuff to analyze here, but I mean, Just being in this historic moment, seeing where the Democrats are going, I don't know if there's ever been such an evil force in this country.
I don't know if the country has ever experienced the government being weaponized against the people like we're seeing right now.
I mean, how do we harness this energy for good?
How do we take these trying times and turn them into a positive for America, to unite the people, to bring people together back with love and a desire for freedom and prosperity?
Because I know it's there, Alex!
I know it's there!
Well, Owen, you just stole my thunder when we hadn't talked before I came on the show here.
That's exactly the point I was going to make, is that we're in a hot war.
They're starting a civil war.
They're a foreign political group.
They are the globalist party.
They are the Great Reset, Build Back Better organization.
They are the New World Order.
And they know they're losing the people from the U.S.
to Brazil to Canada to Germany to the U.K.
to Australia.
And that's why they're putting in this martial law system.
And let's just remember, I've listened to the show today, you haven't really talked about yourself much, but you were there with us, peacefully, trying to get people to not go into Capitol on video, and they arrested you and charged you and said that you broke down barricades and attacked the Capitol, and that, quote, you did not work with Infowars, and that you perjured yourself to federal court when you said, I was with Alex Jones, peaceful, He's not been arrested.
Why have I been arrested?
They just said he does not work there, your honor.
He is a liar.
And the federal judge said, I don't care.
It's immaterial if they lie.
The charges go forward.
That is in the judge's ruling.
So that is America where the judge says, yes, they are lying.
You do work at InfoWars.
But I want to go back to last night.
There's some clips on InfoWars.com.
He's probably playing them after I leave.
But Tucker Carlson knocked it out of the park where he just said, listen, they are framing the American people as terrorists.
As their opposition as terrorists, they are creating an authoritarian society, not just surveillance, not just censorship.
We have cases where just two weeks ago, the Antifa member that shot two random people in the middle of the street in Colorado, and the feds said, okay, and the judge said, no prison time.
That's actually shooting people.
And so I never heard Stuart Rhodes or I never heard those people talk about going into the Capitol.
I never saw any of that information.
We were all concerned that an anti-feminine attack is at our hotel.
We had security for some of the events we had the days before.
We had big peaceful rallies with probably 500,000 people, the biggest one weeks before.
January 6.
Everybody knows that.
They know what we came there for, to say, look, we got a million people.
Joe Biden can't fill, you know, a small parking lot at a Jeep dealership for his rallies.
In fact, I saw a meme, a joke, it shows a Car salesman slapping on the roof of the car and saying to the guy that he's trying to sell it to, you can fit four Biden rallies in this bad boy.
So that was our whole point.
We stated our point when we wanted the 10-day investigation that the Democrats had called for four years before that the Senate, by law, can have if they want.
There's been no real investigation.
The courts didn't look at the evidence of fraud.
They just said, no, we're not going to do it.
And so it was the House and Senate ...job to do that, but everybody knows that.
And the American people are not buying the whole fraud that January 6th was the new Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11, all these preposterous, asinine things that were said in time.
But the backdrop here is the white supremacist attack a month ago in Buffalo and the situation two weeks ago, or 16 days ago, 17 days ago in Uvalde.
That's the real issue, because if you look at the whole backdrop of both these stories, they don't add up, they don't make sense.
You have the white supremacist 18-year-old mentally ill person with the Fed in daily
contact, constant contact, as the FBI admits, for two years.
So you've got one hand of the FBI investigating, the other hand of the Feds, and you've got
all this going on.
And then you've got these Hollywood stars like Matthew McConaughey running around saying,
"Let's take all the assault weapons.
Let's take all the rifles."
And then magically his hometown gets attacked.
And then the police lie 40-plus times, changed their story 18 times, and none of it adds up.
They were having all these drills at the school in the days and weeks before.
Now the police chief that ordered the stand-down won't talk to state police or the FBI.
There's a massive cover-up going on.
We know we're being lied to, and all of this right on time is happening.
And so, I've been saying for a year, right before the midterms, you're going to start seeing white supremacist attacks on black grocery stores.
Boom, that happened.
You're going to see mass shootings at schools.
Boom, that happened.
And I'm not saying that the shooting didn't happen.
What I'm saying is, is that if you look at the anomalies and things, this thing has ten times the anomalies of Sandy Hook, and no one can Deny that.
So most of our listeners just think it didn't happen.
Well, I can't prove that.
All I'm saying is, is the season and the timing, and it being McConaughey's town, to make him this big hero as they prepare him to run for president later.
This is massive preparation, ladies and gentlemen.
Massive, massive, massive, massive evil going on.
Everybody can see it.
We know it's synthetic.
It's like when you walk into a grocery store, you can tell a real bag of cherries versus a display of plastic bananas and apples.
Now, when you look at the plastic banana, what type of plastic is it made of?
Where was it made?
You don't know looking at it, but you know it's fake.
You know it's not real.
You know that something is inherently wrong with it.
You know it's synthetic.
Even the best CG, people can look at it in movies and tell you, I don't know why it's CG, but you can tell it's CG.
I remember Six years ago, Hillary had campaign ads running, and I remember just seeing dust in the air, looked like 80mm film had shot it, the scripted answers at a town hall, and I said on air, that's a fake town hall, those are actors.
It came out a month later, it was all fake, a fake town hall with actors shot on Super HD film cameras, or digital film cameras, Hollywood cameras, and January 6th, They tried to keep it secret that a former top news and entertainment executive, put it on the big brand ABC, that he is running the entire January 6th thing as a scripted deal.
And then they have a lawyer get up there and put up as a document, they're calling this a hearing, a court.
They're swearing people in at these things.
So that means if they lie, it's criminal as well.
And they play a clip from months before January 6th, With Stuart Rhodes saying we better all get to D.C.
because Antifa have been attacking people and trying to intimidate folks in the streets, and we should go there to show our numbers and support Trump, First Amendment activity.
He was saying to try to stop a civil war.
They then take a clip of him saying, stop civil war, stop blood, and they cut it in with me, and say to the committee and the world, and all the major TV stations carrying it, and C-SPAN and radio, force-fed state-run media, only Fox didn't carry it, and said, here is Alex Jones planning the attack, and that Trump directed them to do this.
A, Trump didn't direct us to do it, A, we weren't calling for violence, and A, and B, it was a It was a show we did from November, months before.
So this is the level of criminal perjury.
This is the level of criminal activity.
And we have Schiff on the committee, who has three times in the committee falsified documents and taken emails and moved the words around to make it say something completely different.
That's why I took the Fifth Amendment.
I knew that if I didn't go, they would have me indicted.
For contempt of Congress, like they've done to Navarro.
Alex, we're hitting a break right now.
Stay right there, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones on the line.
And Adam Schiff, the liar he's talking about.
Remember, he said he was going to show you the evidence of Russian collusion.
He never did.
He never had it.
He lied.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex, you were just getting into the known liar Pete Sand... Excuse me.
I'm talking to Pete Santilli in the break.
Adam Schiff.
Who said?
He said, Alex, I've seen the evidence of Russian collusion.
I will prove it to you that there was Russian collusion with Trump.
Turns out the whole thing was made up.
Hillary Clinton, the original Jussie Smollett.
And she just ran the whole hoax, made the whole thing up herself.
And then Adam Schiff lied and carried water for her.
Now he's doing the same thing again with this January 6th thing.
I mean, if there's any good news to come to this, Alex, the ratings are really low.
Everybody knows the Democrats are liars.
But the problem is, it doesn't stop them.
They continue to engage in their criminal activity and their deceit.
Well, I absolutely agree with you.
And look, America's in deep trouble.
It's been taken over by foreign multinational corporations.
They're literally cutting off the power, cutting off the energy.
They said they would use inflation to destroy us and bankrupt our system to bring in this Newcastle society.
And finally, Tucker Carlson gets it.
Finally, Rand Paul gets it.
Finally, they're talking like Bolsonaro or Viktor Orban.
But we need to get everybody understanding that we're under attack.
And these people know exactly what they've done.
And they know exactly what they are establishing.
And so I just want listeners to understand that they're trying to censor and shut us down, because they want to censor and shut you down.
And I know the listeners and audience get this, but InfoWars has almost become passe now, because everything we said came true.
Well, folks, you have to understand, The rest of it's going to come true.
Total planetary collapse.
Billions starving to death and dying over the next decade.
The plan of agenda 2030 is nothing less than mass genocide on a global scale.
And so that isn't hype.
That isn't BS.
That isn't rhetorical rhetoric to demonize our political opponents.
It's the reality.
Everybody knows it.
And so that's why I am so extremely dedicated to doing everything I can to stop these people.
And that's why listeners have to understand InfoWars is so precious because it really is the brain trust and the brainchild of not just myself, but people that came before us that saw this coming, that knew what was happening.
It was mainly good FBI agents and good people in the Pentagon and good people in intelligence
agencies and good people in Congress that in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s held a lot of
this back and were saying this group's trying to take over.
This is their plan.
They want to make you poor so they can enslave you and depopulate you.
They're going to put computers in control of everything.
They're going to build a technocracy.
They're going to monitor everywhere you go and buy and sell with face scans and hand
scans because they had face scanners and retina scanners back in the 60s, folks.
That's why it's in the 1980s James Bond movies.
This is all old stuff that they have been trying to move forward and attack us with, and for decades and decades, the globals would just say, oh, there's no Bilderberg Rift, oh, there's no New World Order, oh, there's no plan for world government, oh, there's no plan to break up the family, oh, there's no plan to promote pedophilia, oh, there's no plan to devalue the currency, oh, there's no plan to get rid of the borders.
But now it should be very easy to beat these people because we're in it.
I know we've got hundreds of articles and dozens of videos and so much to cover here today, but I just go back to the fact that we have to know we're in a war.
We have to know who's running the war.
We have to know what their aims are, how they tick, how they're financed, how they operate, and just wake up as a people, not just in America, but worldwide, and say no to this system.
We've also got to be prepared.
You know, so many people are stockpiling guns and ammunition.
That's fine.
Defend yourself, and it's a great check against tyranny.
But if we don't use the First Amendment to override and stop all this tyranny, we'll never use the Second Amendment as the latched-ish effort if we fell with the First.
So we don't want to give them the Civil War they want, because they'll play us off against each other.
It won't be a war against the globalists the way they're setting it up.
We want to fix this peacefully, and that's why I go back to this.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't have storable food, and if you don't have water filtration, and if you don't have air filtration, You are a sitting duck.
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If you can, and separately, then fight in the info war to keep organizations that fight for you and your family's future and expose and politically laze or illuminate the enemy and spotlight the cockroaches, as the great Ted Nugent says.
I want to encourage everybody to keep them on the air, to keep spreading the word about
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Folks stepped up and bought a lot of products at InfoWarsTore.com.
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And I took the Garth Brooks song, though, you know, some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
I was younger I'd pray for a few things, but please let me have that girl back, please
let me win this football game.
That was stupid stuff, God doesn't listen to that.
But God does listen when you've done the right thing and you're standing up and you're proving
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And that's an example not just for InfoWars, but for all of you out there that are steadfast
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Pray to God, God will answer your prayers, ladies and gentlemen, if it lines up with
God's larger plan.
So thank you all for the support.
It's been absolutely insane.
And I was pulling my hair out, totally stressed out just two months ago.
I was going to have to cut people's pay in half, lay folks off, start basically shutting down and imploding.
But by the grace of God, folks have come through so we can battle all the criminal charges against Owen, so we can battle all the Democrat lawsuits that are coming to a head right now.
God has provided us and given us provision.
The listeners have done that.
God has worked through them.
So I want to thank those folks that have donated, whether it was $20 or the individual that donated millions.
Let's cover that on the other side, Alex.
or whether it's buying products at Infowarsstore.com or preparetoday.com.
It's really been amazing.
But, Owen, they're going next level.
Went on national television, under oath, swearing people in, claiming it's a court.
Let's cover that on the other side, Alex.
Well, there's no doubt the corruption of Washington, D.C., the corruption of mainstream media has
never been more prevalent, more obvious for the American people to witness and to see
on a daily basis now.
And they're getting crushed with the party policies of the Democrats that are causing record inflation rates, 8.6 percent in May, record food prices, record gas prices, energy prices.
I mean, it's unreal, folks.
I mean, anybody and everybody now, you're paying double for your grocery bill, you're paying double at the gas pump.
And by the way, that's not stopping.
That's only going to get worse.
But how do we juxtapose Or I guess the question, Alex, is we know we're being gaslit about January 6th.
We know that the entire January 6th investigation is just another power grab and another weaponization of the U.S.
government against the political opposition of the Democrat Party.
For most people, that's not the real issue.
The real issue is how they're being crushed by Democrat Party policy that Joe Biden just blamed on Vladimir Putin in a speech today.
How do we get people to understand that it's all connected?
How do we get people to understand that there's a big agenda, the Great Reset, Build Back Better, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, Bill Gates...
How do we get people to understand that they're slowly deteriorating your rights, attacking the founding of this country, attacking the Bill of Rights, attacking American patriots, attacking free speech, attacking the Second Amendment, and how that's all tied into the fact they're intentionally dropping an economic bomb on us, with the inflation and everything else, plus the welfare state, plus the open borders.
I mean, because that's the key, Alex.
Once people figure all of that out, Which slowly but surely they are.
It's a race against time.
How do we then manifest that into restoring what America is supposed to be?
Well, you just hit the nail on the head again.
We're in a war.
It is a declared globalist war against civilization.
It is a declared war against America, whose ideas of freedom are incompatible with their corrupt technocracy world government they're establishing.
So that's it, Owen.
We keep going back to that.
We've got hundreds of clips, hundreds of articles.
We've got all these things we could cover, but all of them are symptoms of the new world order.
And they now know we're awake.
They now know that we're taking our country back peacefully.
So they want to overturn the chessboard with a civil war, with violence, and it's not going to work.
It has blown up in their face.
They've done these same policies time and time again in third world countries, the same system of inflation, the same system of years of riots, and then the country collapses and the global spite of the pennies on the dollar.
That is not going to work here.
And so this is the immovable object comes into contact with an unstoppable force.
This is going to be extremely explosive, and that's why we've got to call for peace, we've got to call for justice, we've got to call for truth.
Not just because that's the right thing to do, but because we're winning with the ideas of freedom and liberty.
We're winning hearts and minds at a record level.
The body politic, not just here, but all over the planet, is so ready for the truth.
And I'm just honored to be a part of InfoWars.
I know all you great people and all the crew and the hosts and the listeners, the affiliates
and the sponsors and everybody, because we're on the right side of history.
And it's a great honor to be here.
But I'm just going to say this in closing, and we'll get back to the news.
Again, I only watched part of that yesterday.
It's so sick.
But I watched a bunch of the highlights last night and this morning, or the lowlights.
And again, to watch them say, "You're under oath.
This is a real hearing."
And then sit there and put on fabricated evidence, edited tapes, things out of context, putting
one thing on one day when it's from two months before.
Just all of that is absolutely criminal.
And it just shows they have no bottom.
As you said, the more they lose, the more they double, quadruple, quintuple down, and then they do it again.
And these people are destroying themselves in front of us.
The question is, can they take us down with them?
They've already inflated the currencies where it's going to collapse.
They're just using the money now to consolidate control while cutting money off to us, giving themselves all the inflated currency to buy up the infrastructure.
So this is economic war.
It's all been planned out.
The bastards brag about it over there at their Davos group.
That's something with the public mouthpiece of the Bilderberg group.
And it's insane.
So the people have a choice.
And then there's all these mainline articles about suddenly record heart attacks in young people and blood clots in women.
Well, why 40% increase in death in young people?
No one knows where it's coming from.
Suddenly, you know, a hundred plus percent percentage in death in people above 65.
No one knows why they're all having heart attacks.
When the CDC's own documents in October 2000 said that it was going to cause heart attacks and blood clots, they are literally murdering us.
And all of this was just the training wheels, the beta tests for the next operation.
So, folks, your life is in the balance.
You better wake people up.
You better wake up your church.
You better wake up your businesses.
You better wake up perfect strangers, because it is only going to get worse.
If we look at all these issues alone, they're going to win.
But if we know that it's all part of a larger global operation and fight back with the truth and fight back by spotlighting these people, it's game over.
InfoWars.com is the front line of the fight for humanity.
Tomorrow's news today.
I love you, Owen.
I love the crew.
I'm going to hand this back over to you, my friend.
Alex Jones on the phone line.
Thank you so much.
And you know, I'll just...
There's just so much to unpack.
Let me just, in fact, let me just stop myself before I start waxing here and let me just really focus and cover the rest of this news and get to the rest of these video clips that are on my desk because they're way more important.
We're all in this together.
Our souls are connected.
Our unlimited consciousness, our infinite experiences, it's all connected.
We all know what's going on.
So let me just highlight some of these other news stories.
Now, people are starting to get it.
That pretty much everything the establishment tells you is a lie.
Here's Curt Schilling, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer.
They lied about the dossier, Russia, Ukraine, Kavanaugh, Smollett, Avenatti, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Rittenhouse, George Floyd, Michael Brown, gender is fluid, systemic racism, America was founded in 1619, BLM, Antifa, and now they have a committee to get at the truth?
F them.
Good for Kurt Schilling.
Because, folks, I'm telling you, you come out as a conservative American patriot now in the sports world, you get tarred and feathered.
Just ask Jack Del Rio.
Here's another one.
Jason Meister.
He goes on Fox News and other places as a commentator.
J6 was not an insurrection.
Trump did not collude with Russia.
Kavanaugh wasn't a gang rapist.
Smollett isn't a victim of a hate crime.
COVID didn't originate in a wet market.
Rittenhouse isn't a white supremacist.
Biden didn't get 81 million votes.
Men can't get pregnant.
Hunter Biden's laptop is real.
Again, people are just starting to realize now, it's just the truth.
If a Democrat's talking, a Democrat's lying.
And most of the mainstream media are just Democrat activists at this point.
Let's get to some of these other video clips here, if I can, in the last two minutes.
Let's go to... Oh, this is a wild moment on MSNBC.
Rachel Maddow unintentionally tells the truth last night in clip 13.
I'll explain what I mean by unintentionally.
First, here is the clip.
That's the key point, that yes, there was a pro-Trump rally at which the president spoke,
and we can absolutely talk about all the things the president said there.
But the idea that that rally is the thing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted
in the breaching of the Capitol, that rally was very far from the Capitol.
And the people who, as you say, did the initial breach that allowed everybody else to come
in, they never even went to that rally.
So that's Rachel Maddow accidentally telling a truth through a lie.
You understand what I'm saying?
Rachel Maddow is lying.
She's lying trying to build up the big narrative that, oh, people were plotting and planning an insurrection and a coup and all of this other stuff.
I mean, maybe QAnon was.
You should find out who that is.
I think we're all curious, except you guys.
You were probably running it.
Maybe Rachel Maddow's QAnon.
But see, she's lying, saying, oh, it was all pre-coordinated, all pre-scripted, but then she accidentally tells the truth in a lie that, hey, there's no way Trump was running the thing.
He was on the stage talking, and the thing was already going on at the Capitol.
Rachel Maddow accidentally tells the truth through a lie.
That's a pretty wild one right there.
But there you have it.
Yeah, you know, I've got all these headlines here, but we've pretty much covered it all as far as the events from last night and everything else leading up to it.
Republicans pledge a probe into January 6th investigation.
Now folks, this is the key factor on saving this country peacefully and politically.
This is the key factor, is having good members of Congress, obviously that's only going to happen in the Republican Party now, that push back politically, legally, lawfully with The government system as it's intended to be, and it's gonna be Matt Gaetz, it's gonna be Paul Gosar, it's gonna be Lauren Boebert, it's gonna be Marjorie Taylor Greene, hopefully Rand Paul and others.
Yeah, let's get an investigation into the January 6th investigation, and let's find out what Pelosi knew and when she knew it!
You know, I'll say this.
Donald Trump has upset a lot of people that voted for him.
For many different reasons, and I understand it, and I understand why people are saying they wouldn't vote for him again, and I understand why people are favoring Ron DeSantis over Trump.
Let me just say this quickly, though.
We don't know who's running for president in 2024 yet.
But man, oh man.
Wouldn't you like to see Trump come back with a vengeance?
Maybe not.
But I'll leave it right there.
Now, let me just tell you what's coming up in the next 30 minutes quickly.
I'm going to cover news this segment.
I've got a very important video from Darren McGreen.
And then I'm going to do news into the fourth hour.
And then Jay Dyer is going to take over after that.
He's been nice enough to give me ten minutes of his time today.
So that's what's coming up.
Now, let's do this.
Let's just hit some of this news on my desk without any rhyme or reason to just make sure we've covered it here.
John Hassan has gone out and done a look at how much news coverage the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Joe Biden gave, or mention or coverage that Joe Biden gave to the Governor Whitmer kidnapping attempt, which was an FBI setup, and that versus the Kavanaugh assassination attempt, which was organic Democrat terrorism.
And you can see it there on the screen, New York Times covered the Whitmer kidnapping attempt in the two days following that with uh... plenty of stories you can see there on the search results lots of stories there only two stories only two stories on the kavanaugh assassination attempt from the new york times uh... let's just say uh... more than triple that on the whitmer fbi set up uh... washington post same deal three stories though and washington post had three stories on the kavanaugh assassination attempt but uh... again more than double
On the FBI setup entrapment of the Governor Whitmer kidnapping attempt.
And then Joe Biden.
Yes, Biden did of course comment on the fake FBI setup of capturing Governor Whitmer.
Nothing on the Kavanaugh assassination attempt.
Nothing from our President.
We did hear from Joe Biden today.
He's doing the blame game as he normally is to try to save his ratings from reaching the 20s, 20th percentile, which they may reach by the end of June, folks.
Look out for that.
But here's Joe Biden playing the blame game in clip 24.
Today, I'd like to speak about my top economic priority.
Fighting inflation.
I understand Americans are anxious, and they're anxious for good reason.
I was raised in a household when the price of gasoline rose precipitously.
It was the discussion at the table.
It made a difference when food prices went up.
But we've never seen anything like Putin's tax on both food and gas.
Putin's tax on food and gas.
No, Biden literally shut down the oil pipelines in the West and then opened the oil pipelines to Putin.
In The European East.
The food tax by Putin.
I mean, folks, this is just incredible.
Biden blaming this on Putin, even though all of it started as soon as Biden got in.
Just wow.
But here's what he's talking about.
Well don't worry, the mainstream news is covering for him.
This was a syndicated story, by the way.
So I have the printout here from Fortune magazine, but it's on Yahoo, it's everywhere, they syndicated it.
What causes a recession?
Maybe it's you!
And how grumpy you are about the economy!
Oh, so prices go up, you can't afford it anymore, you get grumpy.
That's your fault, according to Will Daniel and Fortune Magazine and everywhere else, Yahoo News, that syndicated this story.
It's your fault.
It's Putin's fault.
I mean, that's like Biden saying, I'm going to do everything I can to stop the Democrats.
You're saying, wait, you are a Democrat.
I'm going to do everything I can to stop inflation.
Wait, you are causing the inflation.
Avocado prices hit record high.
Supply chain crisis.
The latest crisis.
America now has a nationwide shortage of tampons.
It might have something to do with the Democrats putting them in boys' bathrooms now.
inflation jumps 8.6% in May.
That is a huge number.
I mean, again, the trend just continues.
It's like 5 to 10% every month the inflation goes up.
It's not stopping.
It's getting worse.
Britain's food supply at risk.
Michigan police say they won't respond to 9-11 calls because they can't afford gas.
But it's your fault.
It's Putin's fault.
Don't you see?
No, it's the same dirty rotten liars that are destroying this country.
It's their fault.
Just like pretty much everything is, sadly.
And they really like stealing elections because they can't win them legitimately.
Tell me how this sounds to you.
Supreme Court okays counting undated mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.
So you want to vote for Biden in the 2020 presidential election?
Sure, go ahead, right now, tomorrow if you want.
And Supreme Court Justice said it could well affect the outcome of the fall elections.
Oh, you don't say?
The mail-in drop boxes?
Oh, 2,000 mules, have you seen it?
I can't wait.
Until 2000Mules gets its primetime media coverage with all the mass media push and marketing of it, and then on every cable news network on primetime news.
Are we going to have that?
How do you think that would go?
I bet ratings for that would be big.
Do you think the Democrats would allow that though?
Do you think the mainstream media would allow that though?
Probably not.
By the way, I don't have time for it today, but I want to let you know guys, and let's I want to put two videos today on the Alex Jones Channel on Band.Video.
Guys, and that's going to be clip 6 and clip 11.
Let me explain these videos.
I don't have the time to play them today, but it's definitely well worth your time to go watch these two videos that I'm going to upload to the Alex Jones Channel.
The first one is, and I watched this last night, and I got to say Brandon Fellows is in good spirits for a man in his position.
To shoot this documentary, but he did it he did a great job, and he lets you know what it's like inside the DC Gitmo folks secret video recordings leaks from inside the whole DC Gitmo first footage released inside the cells of January 6 defendants, that's Brandon fellows again, I How he's in such good spirits.
Honestly, probably just knowing he's talking to someone through the camera is probably what put him in such good spirits for the first time doing in 10 months.
So we're going to put that at the Alex Jones Channel and the title will be something along.
Footage inside DC Gitmo.
Shows horrible treatment of J6 defendants or something like that.
Folks, you're going to want to watch this video.
Now, if you've been listening to me for a while, you may recall after the Democrats held me in a jail cell in D.C., I came on air after that and I said, I don't know how the standards in these jail cells are legal.
Because I was kept in those jail cells in January of 2020, if you recall, for standing in the Capitol legally and lawfully.
You may remember that.
You had a bunch of Trump supporters, or excuse me, you had a bunch of Trump haters doing a demonstration in there.
I believe that was on a Thursday.
You had a bunch of Trump Haters doing a big demonstration about 40 of them inside the Capitol on a Thursday.
I went in there the day after and and simply had a piece of tape over my mouth that said censored and I got arrested for it and they kept me in D.C.
Gitmo for a night and I told you how bad those facilities were.
I couldn't believe they were legal.
This just sheds even more light on it.
I watched it for the first time last night.
Folks, you gotta see this.
You gotta share it.
It's just honestly it's heartbreaking.
And then another one I'm gonna upload is Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina speaking at the NRA.
You know, racist, bigot, hate-monger Joy Behar says that when black people get guns, then we'll ban them.
The most racist statement I've ever seen on live TV that's just legitimately racist and not satire or comedy.
I wonder how she feels about Mark Robinson's speech.
We're going to put that on Banned Out video as well.
That's just such a powerful speech.
It needs to be spread far and wide.
So those things are coming.
But here's a couple other things as we head into the break.
The city of Miami, this is Ken Russell, who's working with the city of Miami.
I mean, these people are so dumb.
At City of Miami Commission, we just created a voluntary gun buyback program through Miami PD that will take guns off the streets and send them to Ukraine to help against the Russian invasion.
This could be a model for police departments across the country.
So again, you the American law-abiding citizen, you don't get a gun, but then they send them into Ukraine where they almost certainly end up on the black market.
You really think this is taking guns off the streets?
How dumb must you be?
How many people are going to sell the gun to you and then go out and buy a nicer one?
How many criminals are selling their guns?
This is ridiculous.
It's not going to stop anything.
You want to do a gun buyback program?
You want to send them to Ukraine?
Okay, fine.
It just shows how the double standard.
American get a gun... But, oh, see?
It's like George Takei the other day says, Oh, if AR-15s work so well, why don't we send more to Ukraine?
Oh, you figured it out!
The stupid liberal figured it out!
The gun stopped tyranny!
The gun stopped the bad guy!
New York governor signs off on new gun laws requiring permits banning body armor.
The internet and talk radio are on fire with the slogan Alex Jones was right.
People ask, what's it like to be vindicated?
Well, it's actually a very sick feeling because I knew this was coming.
I tried to stop it.
And now everything I've talked about is going to become more important than ever because the globalists aren't hiding it anymore in policy reports and documents.
It's now out in the open.
Klaus Schwab said last week that they rule the earth.
The Bilderberg Group founded DevoScript.
So now, the fight's out in the open.
They're making their move because they know they're behind schedule.
We're going to win this thing.
God's watching.
The children are counting on us.
I just want to thank the viewers and listeners for your word of mouth and your prayer and your financial support because without you, InfoWars would not be here.
So I want you to really internalize the fact that you are the InfoWar.
And you are the reason humanity has a fighting chance.
So I want to thank you and salute you again for all you've done and ask you now to redouble your efforts.
From the White House in the office of the President of the United States, we present an address by Dwight D. Eisenhower.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
We must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific Technological elite.
And we'll be faced with equally consequential decisions in the 21st century.
Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement?
There's actual discussion about that.
You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over.
Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person's inclined toward criminality or violent behavior?
You will rule on that.
If you have enough data on a person, especially biometric data,
and if you have enough computing power, you can understand that person better than the person
understands himself or herself.
And then you can control this person, manipulate them, and make decisions for them.
Can you imagine that in 10 years when we are sitting here we have an implant in our brains and I can immediately feel because you all will have implants.
People will literally be part of a network.
All the bodies, all the brains would be connected together to a network and you won't be able to survive if you're disconnected from the net.
With AI taking over Many of the unskilled, and possibly some of the skilled activities, then there will be people for whom there seems to be society.
It won't have much use for these people.
We need to accept that there will be some pain in the process.
I think we're going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online.
Individual carbon footprint tracker.
Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies.
It's a hostile corporate takeover of your body.
And a digital surveillance censorship dictatorship.
President Eisenhower tried to warn us about this years ago.
The hostile takeover of a scientific technological elite.
They provide much more powerful intelligence for decision making.
Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement?
You will rule on that.
The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.
Now that we've cracked the code of life, it will not take much longer before we can start to play God.
The new powers that we are gaining now, especially the powers of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, are really going to transform us into gods.
It's a total, complete AI takeover of every facet of human life, like Harari and others have been saying.
Given all the technological developments, it might be feasible, even easy, to support people, even if they don't work.
To give them a universal basic income, to give them enough food, enough medicine, and so forth.
The big question is meaning.
What will they do all day?
And one of the answers is that they will just play computer games all day.
Virtual reality games.
They will spend more and more time playing virtual reality games that will give them much more excitement and emotional engagement than anything in the real world outside.
But what I see is a huge disruption that is before us.
well envisaged in his description of the future, there's going to be a complete destabilization
of the human condition and of human society. This is not going to happen quietly.
Man, it's hard to turn that off, isn't it?
Hard to turn those beautiful sights of God's creation and the beautiful sounds of God's creation.
But I've got one more segment of news to cover here before Jay Dyer takes over.
Let me get the news off my desk and play these last video clips.
This was from Hillary Clinton last night.
Now, folks, just listen to this statement.
She's actually telling the truth, but not in the way.
She's lying, but it's the truth.
Depending on how you perceive it.
From Hillary Clinton last night.
The people involved in the criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of Americans voters, which culminated in the attempted coup of January 6th, must be held accountable.
Are you talking about the people that stole the election, Hillary?
Is that what you're talking about?
Because she's right.
It's amazing, isn't it?
It's just incredible.
Some other things here.
Oh, yeah, a Democrat just tried to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice, but that's not stopping the Democrats from encouraging more violence, like Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama urges abortion rights supporters to double down ahead of Roe vs. Wade ruling.
Folks, they must know, by the way, we still don't know the leaker.
The leaker will be protected, it's a Democrat.
They must know that I guess Roe vs. Wade is going to be overturned.
Which really just means it's going to go down to the states level.
So nobody's even banning abortion.
So that's another Democrat Party lie.
Nobody's banning abortion, it's going to the state levels.
But... Oh, someone just tried to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice.
Michelle Obama says, double down on the protest!
We need more people trying to kill Supreme Court Justices.
Is that what Michelle Obama is saying?
It would seem like it.
It would certainly seem like it.
Folks, they must know this decision.
And, uh, boy oh boy, can they really draw up a crowd of baby killers in a heartbeat.
That's an amazing thing.
And then, you had a record attendance, ladies and gentlemen, record attendance at a WNBA game, because there were Democrat protesters there, topless pro-row protesters stormed the court at a WNBA game, and earned a standing ovation from the crowd, as it says in the Yahoo story.
Folks, look, I'm not trying to make fun of the WNBA, it's fine, it's whatever, I actually know a couple WNBA players, but Nobody goes to their games, they get like 500 people per game in attendance, and about 50 abortion activists bust to go to this WNBA game where multiple women ran on the court topless.
Let me ask this question.
Why topless?
What is the deal?
What is the deal with the topless thing?
Why do they always have to be topless?
So they run on the court topless to support abortion.
Okay, that's what they do.
But they forgot to glue themselves to the court so they were quickly whisked away.
It's the left.
They're getting more and more out of control.
But back to the liberal violence that we're experiencing.
Do you remember this clip from Jen Psaki just about a month ago as we're sitting here still Thinking about another attempted Democrat assassination.
Another Democrat tried to assassinate a politician or government agent.
It's what the liberals do ever since the weather underground who inspired Barack Obama.
Remember this clip from Jen Psaki just a month ago in clip 7?
So I know that there's an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date, and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of Judges' homes, and that's the President's position.
You encourage it outside of Justices' homes, that's the President's position.
Oh, I guess now we know why the Democrats and Joe Biden have said nothing about their guy going out to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.
I guess that's why they're not saying anything.
No, they're saying they want more!
Democrats, I guess, want Justice Kavanaugh dead!
And so then that brings us to AOC, who's a known liar.
And this is interesting.
There was proposed legislation to send extra security to Supreme Court Justices' houses because Democrats are trying to murder them.
And so a bill was proposed to send extra security to their homes.
AOC actually voted against it.
And listen to her logic, this is hilarious, in clip 23.
Now, I wake up this morning and I start to hear murmurs that there's going to be an attempt to pass the Supreme Court Supplemental Protection Bill.
The day after gun safety legislation for schools and kids and people is stalled.
Oh, so we can pass protections for us and here easily, right?
But we can't pass protections for everyday people?
I think not.
If there was ever somebody with a zero IQ, I'd give you AOC.
Now I'm more convinced than ever, and I was never really a big proponent of the theory that she's just a paid actress.
I believe she's just a paid actress now.
But that's not the point here.
What does she say?
She says, oh, we can have protection, but the citizens can't.
I think not.
You called for the defunding of police.
You're calling for the disarming of civilians while you get access to armed security?
What clown world do these people live on?
AOC votes to defund the police, votes to disarm American citizens, has armed security for herself funded by the taxpayer, and then acts like she's pro-citizen protection?
I just... And see, that's the problem is...
When AOC claims that she's been raped, I don't want to just disbelieve her, but how could I not?
She's a known liar!
And now she's claiming that she has been raped.
Do you know AOC claims to be a rape victim?
It's how convenient now, I guess.
I guess it's a good thing to be a rape victim now.
And so now, I didn't realize she claimed to be a rape victim, and she says, Look at this footage.
Lauren Boebert was tweeting the speaker's location as this all was happening.
When I spoke of my fear of being raped again, she was raped?
Who raped her?
While locked in my office bathroom, she was mocked.
Well, now wait a second.
Wait a second.
We have the footage of AOC's office during the January 6th invasion of the Capitol, guys.
And so let's roll that.
Here it is in clip five.
The journey that my life was taking, that I felt that things were going to be okay.
Fake crying.
This is all an act.
She's a total faker, an actress.
And that, you know, I had fulfilled my purpose.
But half of, we came close to half of the house nearly dying on Wednesday.
You have all of those thoughts.
Where, you know, at the end of your life and all of these thoughts come rushing to you.
And that's what happened to a lot of us on Wednesday.
And I thought I did not think, I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day of life.
Now again, for audio listeners, guys, just give me the b-roll there on the screen again.
For audio listeners, there's literally live footage right there on the screen, live footage from AOC's office right there on the screen, where there's hundreds of people gathered, no violence, no panic, no danger.
And she claims she was going to be killed and raped as she fake cries on a video.
AOC is a liar.
She is an actress.
She is a danger to all things that are good and truthful and honest in this country.
And by the way, I didn't know that she claims she's a rape victim now.
She also claims that she's a Latina.
Okay, okay, Ocasio-Cortez.
I guess we'll take that in words.
She's a Latina.
Did you know she's also claimed to be Native American.
She's literally claiming to be Native American.
Guys, give me a doc cam.
I have all this.
Here she is claiming to be Native American.
Okay, so she's Latina.
She's Native American.
She's also Jewish.
She's a Sephardic Jew, apparently, too.
She can't get enough virtue signaling victimhood.
And she's also African!
She's also African!
It's amazing!
She wants to take advantage of all the cultures, I guess, and all the victim economy that she can.
She's a Latina, she's a Jew, she's an African, she's a Native American.
I mean, oh my gosh.
And she's a rape victim, too, and she almost died on January 6th, though all the video evidence actually proves otherwise.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's going to do it for my coverage here on the Alex Jones Show this week.
I will be back on Sunday night with more continued coverage.
You can find all the archives at band.video, which of course is all supported by you shopping at infowarsstore.com and preparetoday.com.
Preparetoday.com, very important website right now, folks.
Get to preparetoday.com.
Jay Dyer now takes over on the Alex Jones Show.
Well, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know, it's been about probably six or seven months since on the fourth hour we covered anything related to Hollywood and the industry and the arts and all of that.
We've focused so heavily on Geopolitical texts, the writings of the elite.
If you go back into the Bandot video archives in the last two years, you'll find many, many, many lectures from those writings that we've done.
But today I wanted to return to something that I wrote my two books on, which is the influence of propaganda in film and literature.
And what recently occurred was, as I'm sure many of you know, the fourth season of Stranger Things.
Stranger Things is the Wildly popular Netflix series, which took off four or five years ago, maybe six years ago, as a nostalgia piece hearkening back to the 1980s.
And what's interesting about the show isn't playing on nostalgia and all that kind of stuff.
I mean, I think we're kind of getting bored with that.
I mean, basically all movies, I mean, Jurassic Park just came out and once again, we have You know, basically just regurgitating the same plots, the same narratives, the same oddities.
Once again, we have Jeff Goldblum.
He's there doing the chaos mathematician shtick over and over and over.
I mean, how many times do we have to see the same things in these big series?
Well, what was interesting about Stranger Things wasn't so much all of the archetypal, repetitive 80s arcana.
But the propaganda that they interjected into not just the whole series, but particularly seasons three and four.
So if you don't recall, just to kind of recap, the series takes place in a small Indiana town
in the early 80s in the midst of the Cold War.
We have explicit references to the nuclear threat of the Cold War.
And the plot centers around a secret program at a Department of Energy facility in this small town.
What we find out is that the Department of Energy cover there
is really a mind control, tapping into the next dimension, CERN type of thing.
So it gets weirder and weirder as the series progresses, but initially we have season one focusing explicitly on the MKUltra programs.
It even comes up in the series, it's explicitly mentioned when some of the characters start doing research into why these bizarre events are occurring in this town.
We have missing children taking place in the 80s and In season one, just to summarize, I'm again, as sure as who most people have seen it, I'm not going to go into detail too many deals about the plot, but
You have this figure who's sort of the handler to the children that he's experimenting on, and he's kind of a composite of maybe Timothy Leary or Dr. John C. Lilly or Jose Delgado.
And for those that don't recall, those are prominent MKUltra figures, doctors who were really involved in the program, perhaps even Dr. Ewan Cameron, who were directly involved in testing, experimenting on children, especially in the case of Dr. John C. Lilly.
He mentions this in his book, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer.
The idea was that if we could maybe kickstart evolution, if we could, even at the expense
of abusing the youth, abusing children or even giving them LSD in many cases, spur on
the next stage of human evolution.
I don't know for sure, but I speculate that this had to do with picking out, profiling
high IQ children, particularly gifted children, and seeing if they were able to kickstart
or tap into the creative process of high IQ children or creatively gifted children and
then try to weaponize that.
And quite a few TV shows have capitalized on this, and if you follow my work, you know that I've delved into the research of people like Dave McGowan, people like Douglas Valentine, and his book The Phoenix Program, where we covered the programs that the CIA had cooked up, particularly during Vietnam, to create cannibal serial killers.
This is a real thing.
It's detailed in The Phoenix Program book.
Uh, it was a real program.
How extensive it was, we don't know.
Likewise, other programs, such as Dr. Thomas Nerritt of the Navy, had discussed in public interviews that the Navy had their own separate program where they sort of experimented with Psychotics, perverts, psychos, to sort of train them to become assassins and killers.
Tom O'Neill has a recent book out that kind of hints at some of this where he details the, it's called Chaos, where he connects Manson to various, perhaps, mind control type of programs.
So we know a lot of this is going on.
There are quite a few hard details that we can pin down in these programs.
But as to who was in these programs, of course, that's up for debate.
We don't know for sure.
Some of the serial killers, for example, did have a role to play in certain mind control
Some of them were explicitly involved in MKUltra, like the Unabomber.
We know that David Berkowitz in his military time, that he did experiment with LSD and
that it did, quote, "change his personality."
But as to whether they were specifically part of mind control programs, the serial killers,
that is, that's up for some speculation.
But there are some details that suggest that, especially the timing of a lot of the serial killers being stationed in Vietnam and being given assassin-type training.
Now, back to Stranger Things, the reason this is relevant is because the show is explicitly playing upon the Stanford Research Projects, which dealt with tapping into and trying to weaponize occult practices.
Remote viewing was one that, according to declassified documents of Project Stargate and others, seemed to have had the most degree of success.
How again, how far they took this, we don't know.
And there's some other bizarre documents that the CIA declassified dealing with studies into meditation.
How real that is, we don't know.
Again, it's speculative, but it's odd that this show comes out and that it was so focused on the abuse and experimentation on young children, particularly the main character being the girl, Eleven, who is, I think her name is significant.
They're given numbers for names.
She doesn't know her real name.
And there's other, you know, 10 other children in the program also given names as numbers.
Now, 11 is significant.
We could think of events like 9-11.
And by Season 4, we, for one, the first child, who's the man, the young boy in the experiment, is sort of the nemesis that she has to square off against.
But what's really relevant is that It's taking place in a spiritual world.
So there's a spiritual world known as the Upside Down.
Where the government experimenters are trying to tap into, or they're trying to tap into this, and again, this is, you know, it's fiction, it's highly speculative, but we do know that during the CIA's experimentation into the occult through Stanford Research, through various mind control programs, we know about Colonel Michael Aquino being involved in writing the Army's psychological warfare doctrine from mind war to psi war.
He was also the founder of the Satanic We know that he was also involved in studying the UFO aerial phenomena as well as studying elements of MKUltra.
Again, to what degree he was involved in that is speculation.
We don't know.
But there is a clear connection here between the military, the Pentagon, intelligence agencies studying the occult at a high level.
And let's never forget the infamous Man Who Stared at Goats, right?
The John Ronson text that was turned into a movie with Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, etc.
And that movie is full of references to this kind of material, right?
You have the all-seeing eye throughout the film.
You have the attempt to tap into these higher dimensions and whatnot.
A lot of LSD research.
Now, it's not successful in the film, but it is referenced pretty significantly throughout the story.
And that is playing on the 1st Earth Battalion, that is playing on General Stubblebine, who was part of that program and his research.
So when we get back, we're going to go deeper into Stranger Things and look at what's going on.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jason Alstis.
We're talking about Stranger Things, this weird synchronicity-filled show that sort of parallels to the Cold War that we're experiencing now in terms of a new Cold War.
So the show, of course, ends and harkens back to 1983, 4, 5, 6, 7, around in this time period when the wall was about to fall.
Supposedly the Cold War was coming to its end.
And there were persistent fears of nuclear threats, Chernobyl, the mutual assured destruction, at any moment we're going to be nuked.
Very parallel to what's going on right now with the proxy war going on in Ukraine.
The show doesn't explicitly reference anything occultic until we get to seasons three and four, where we bring in the serial killer narrative, which I'll get to that in a moment.
But before we get to that, we have to point out that in season one, the show initially revolves around Dungeons and Dragons, the role playing game.
And the children who are kind of the Goonies type of, you know, troop of kids that, you know, go on their adventure, they Initially invoke this entity from the beyond through playing Dungeons and Dragons and through, you know, through this game, which deals with a lot of fantasy and whatnot.
I personally think it's a harmless fantasy game, but it takes place right at the onset
of the satanic panic, which was coming into furor in the mid-80s, especially when TV shows
like Oprah and Geraldo focused on both serial killers and satanic cults, this leading to
this panic.
And a lot of the so-called satanic cults and sects that were mentioned and discussed kind
of turned out to be somewhat real, although in my view what happened was there was a lot
of focus on this and sensationalism that made everybody think, "Oh, this isn't real.
This is all hyped up and it's just made up."
But no, in fact, there were real satanic cults and some of the serial killers did have connections
I mean, in fact, in Geraldo's famous series, I think he goes into discussing the serial killer Bobby Berdella.
And Bobby Berdella was into Satanism and did have a Satanic cult, and that was connected to his murders, to the BDSM and so forth, that he was involved in these underground scenes.
And this is something that we find as a pattern in a lot of these stories of the serial killers, which the media typically Plays down.
They don't talk about the cult element.
They don't talk about other elements like accomplices and, uh, you know, mind control, drugging, all these kinds of things are usually left out or played down.
They always focus on it being the lone nut.
They focus on it being these, um, patterns that, that aren't always there or aren't really there.
Oh, he's just a lone crazy guy.
He acted weird.
And they, they leave out the military training.
They leave out the interest in Satanism and the occult.
Again, this is present in so many of the serial killers, it is really implausible to think, it's really ridiculous to think that it has no connection.
I mean, literally, there's probably 24 of the most famous serial killers who express an avid interest in Satanism, in the occult, in ritual magic, or some form or something like that.
So, to overlook that or to play that down is somewhat absurd.
But in the show, it's presented as really not being anything serious in regard to the pop culture.
And I would agree with that, right?
I mean, the show goes in the direction of pointing out that, wait a minute, there's something actually deeply satanic in a real global sense going on.
But it's not really things that the media told everybody to focus on.
This or that pop song, this or that game Dungeons and Dragons, right?
I mean, those things might in a very loose sense have fantasy elements, but is that really what was the satanic, so to speak, threat of the time period?
And the show actually does make an interesting point in season four that The real satanic threat is whatever is going on at this meta-geopolitical level that is engineering the Cold War to take us into some kind of dystopian, demonic future.
It's almost apocalyptic in the show.
Now, I'm not saying that this is the end of the world.
The apocalypse can also mean the end of an era.
So it doesn't necessarily have to be the end times.
It could be, I don't know.
I'm not making that claim.
The show is talking about a opening of the demonic that occurs, not just through teenagers playing games, but rather the real opening of the demonic is occurring through high-level people in the government engineering a new era or a new aeon based on their satanic philosophy.
And it might not even be explicitly satanic.
I mean, for example, the mind control handler character from the Pentagon in the show, He doesn't seem to be personally that nefarious, right?
He thinks that he's working for the good of the country, fighting the Cold War, of mastering these mind control techniques and the nuclear technology and so forth to fight the evil Russians, right?
That's how he sees it.
And so he thinks that the actions that he's taking are completely justified.
And so even though it might not be pretty, it's necessary because of the global conflict, right?
The global, the Cold War, right?
And it justifies everything.
And in fact, when we go and read the CIA and the military approach to mind control and in
culture that was typically the kind of rationale the kind of
Justification that they would have as well We have to do it because if we don't the Soviets are gonna
do it you say but so you see how this feeds into A I mean this could lead to the justification of anything,
Oh, well, I mean the enemy could be doing anything. So we have to be doing anything and everything and
If you study deep into the Cold War you realize that although it was being fought on the ground level and
amongst the spies And so forth in a real way at the top. There was a lot of
collusion going on. That was an engineer dialectic and And many books have been written on this.
This is kind of known in academia.
There's the famous book by Professor Anthony Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, where the Bolsheviks basically kicked off that whole revolution with support from a lot of Western industrialists and financial organizations.
And other people pop up in the Cold War as kind of playing both sides and being involved in, you know, aiding this This arena such as the United Nations, such as Bernard Baruch in terms of the nuclear program, which Quigley goes into talking about.
You have members of the Council on Foreign Relations being very pro-Soviet.
They want to merge together with the Soviet Union and create a new global order out of the dialectical process of East versus West, capitalism versus Sovietism or communism.
The product being the synthesis in the Hegelian philosophy, which underlies a lot of this, Other thinkers like David Rockefeller, as we know, as we covered last week, being very adamant about the positive aspects of socialism and communism and how this kind of a control mechanism might be something that we could look towards in the future, the Chinese socialist communist model being something that could be a pattern for the rest of the world.
David Rockefeller was famous for saying that, as well as many other industrialists, many other very wealthy, powerful individuals in the West.
Supporting consistently socialist, communist, Marxist causes.
And this is why many grateful, even philosophers, even historians outside of the domain of geopolitics, nothing to do with conspiracy.
What is the famous philosopher of history, Oswald Spengler, say?
There's never been a socialist movement that didn't have the backing of capital or powerful capital.
And so that's, I think, something we have to keep in mind, as well as recent revelations about who the fifth man was, right, in terms of the moles in Cambridge and Oxford and all this, all the spy stuff of Kim Philby and these kinds of things.
And what we find out is that people like Victor Rothschild apparently were playing both sides in the Cold War, the famous spy.
There's many other cases of this, right?
We have Antony Sutton writing other books.
Other writers have talked about how the Cold War could never have happened had there not been a lot of, you know, Ford, for example.
Ford helping to build plants, the Gorky Auto Plant, I believe that was built by Ford, for the Soviets.
So, none of this could have occurred without the military-industrial complex basically supporting the industrialists, supporting and building up The dialectical opposition to the American West.
Now, if these figures were actually patriotic Americans who believed in Western ideas or Western ideals, why would they have expended so much time and energy?
By the way, I think there's whole books written on how Walmart was helped by a certain Western, very wealthy people set up in China.
How could that have occurred if the people in the West, the rich people of the West, were really good, you know, guys fighting for Free markets and democracy.
No, it's a game that's played out, you see.
We're going to get back to Stranger Things in the next section.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are doing a deep dive into the meaning and significance of Stranger Things and particularly the recent release of Season 4 of Stranger Things, which actually isn't complete yet.
There's a couple more episodes that they're waiting to Release that will close out season four, but we were getting into the Cold War dialectic and now I want to go to the spiritual dimension because one thing that's going on in the show is consistent references to pop culture conspiracy theory and pop culture images of the battle between good and evil.
So for example, the show mentions 80s horror films and the notion of the demonic and entities coming into this realm from the spiritual Playing from the beyond.
We have reference to Tolkien and to the Eye of Sauron and how that's really sort of the narrative that a lot of the characters in Season 4 utilize consistently.
They constantly reference the Shire, leaving the Shire, going to Mordor.
This is the domain where the demonic entities in the other dimension, the Upside Down, reside.
And that they're trying to kind of incarnate themselves into this world.
And so the villain of the fourth season is this sort of mix of all the 80s horror villains, Freddy and, you know, Pinhead, right?
We have such things to show you.
All these different 80s horror villains kind of enmeshed into one, which is this demonic entity who possesses different figures and kind of does ritual murders.
Okay, so they add this occult ritual murder element to season four.
And there's a figure who is a sort of this 80s metalhead guy who they initially think is behind the murders.
He's not, you know, the one that's really doing it.
I thought it was fascinating that they brought in a serial killer ritual murder element to this season because, again, that's something that's very important in the research of the serial killers because there does seem to be a connection between the mind control experiments and if some of these experiments went wrong, that some of these serial killers had been a part of that.
That's brought out in this season.
It's hinted at.
And we find out that number one, who's sort of the main villain, he's kind of possessed by this, this Evachna entity, this demon from the beyond.
And this demon drives him to do these kind of ritual murders and to display the bodies in these sort of bent poses.
So you get these references to kind of Dahmer stuff, the way Dahmer would, would kill and other serial killers from the 80s and 90s and 70s, 80s and 90s.
And we find out that what's really going on is that the military, the military things, this is interesting, that the ritual murders are being done by Soviet sleeper agents.
So the military is trapped in this kind of dialectical thinking that, well, it has to be, you know, Soviet people coming after us.
And they don't really grasp that there's a secret Project going on in the Department of Energy that's above the military, that's really behind this, that is engaging in just really sort of unbelievable experiments on the youth, abusive youth, and so forth, and that they have produced both Eleven, who is the sort of hero protagonist girl,
And her nemesis number one, who is the demonically possessed kind of... So in other words, his programming went haywire.
So he becomes this ritual murder figure.
He's really behind the murders.
And the show continually references where he is and where his domain is in both the spiritual sense and at the secret underground base.
It's referenced as Mordor.
I thought that was fascinating that you have all these Tolkien-esque references.
There's references to things that are emerging right in the middle of the 80s.
The internet becomes a big deal.
The references are made to the Beast, and that it is really the Beast that is behind this dialectical battle of East versus West.
We know that the cop character, Hop, who's sort of the surrogate father to Eleven, he's been imprisoned in a Soviet gulag, so a large portion of the series is him escaping the Soviet gulags.
But really, the main point here is that the actual battle that's going on is a spiritual battle.
And the children, sort of this Goonies, you know, group here, they have tapped into what's really going on through the pop culture fiction that they're into.
For example, there's multiple references to John Carpenter's movies throughout the 80s.
A lot of the characters have John Carpenter posters, like the thing hanging up, they're big fans of John Carpenter's movies.
And so, in Season 4, we have a lot of references to the apocalypse, to the end, to this opening of the abyss, again, which is mentioned in the Apocalypse of Scripture.
And the opening of the abyss, the sort of hell mouth, this portal, is what's going to Allow this evil to be unleashed into our world, into our dimension.
Again, very Sauron, very Mordor-ish here, because Sauron wants to incarnate.
But the reason I find this fascinating is just that the children are more hip to what's going on by paying attention to the archetypes and the symbols in pop culture.
And so if you don't know, John Carpenter, of course, has a famous trilogy known as the Apocalypse Trilogy.
And it's not, they're not directly connected.
They're just three movies that he made, which are very apocalyptic in scope and in significance.
So there's The Thing, there's Prince of Darkness, and there's In the Mouth of Madness.
And they're worth mentioning because, again, I think they're kind of in the subtext of this season as well as other things like Tolkien, Hellraiser, and Freddy, and so forth.
And in the John Carpenter Trilogy, you have in The Thing, of course, we have this off-world entity which is exiled from the heavens, from space, and crashes on our planet and becomes this entity that can kind of take over in a Borg, you know, Invasion of the Body Snatchers way.
The Thing, it perfectly mimics everything that we have.
And if you go into depth analyzing the thing, the original thing came out during the outside of the Cold War as well.
John Carpenter's The Thing also has a kind of a Cold War theme to it because one of the characters is thought to be a Soviet, right?
And there's a Soviet Western thing going on throughout chess game that's going on with Kurt Russell and so forth throughout the whole narrative.
In the next In the trilogy, Prince of Darkness, we have explicit references to a cult within the superstructure of the Roman Catholic Church, which is a kind of an inner Gnostic cult that is, if I recall, headed by Donald Pleasence.
So, Donald Pleasence often plays kind of a secret Gnostic Luciferian priest.
If you've ever seen the old pre-Eyes Wide Shut movie Eye of the Devil, Donald Pleasence
plays a Luciferian priest in that as well.
And Donald Pleasence is always playing the Luciferian priest who demands the human sacrifice.
Well, in Prince of Darkness it's no different.
I don't think he's a bad guy, but he's just kind of this Gnostic priest that knows what the Roman Catholic Church is really about.
And it ties into quantum mechanics and the idea that a portal is going to be opened and that The Antichrist from the future is somehow beaming his transmission back in time through quantum mechanics to the present day.
And the show, if you've never seen Prince of Darkness, it's a great 80s B-horror movie, but it ends with the entities from the beyond stepping into our domain.
Very Lovecraft kind of thing, right?
The Cthulhu and these old entities from the beyond stepping into the here and the now.
In the Mouth of Madness, exact same thing, right?
You have this Stephen King kind of character, Sam Neill is the main guy in that, and he's a writer who has dissociative identity disorder and finds out that he's kind of possessed by this entity from another domain or another dimension, and it's very into the world, very apocalyptic.
He becomes a sort of channel for Antichrist, or the spirit of the Antichrist, and he pens this novel which he, unbeknownst to him, kind of instantiates the end of the world.
All of that, again, is referenced and is a subtext in Stranger Things Season 4.
And I say all that to, again, not to say that I think we're necessarily at the end of the world or the end of time, but there's always an apocalyptic element to the idea of the Cold War and the Soviets and the U.S., Russia and the West, you know, nuking each other.
But what We find in a lot of the fiction that I think is worth looking at and tapping into is the idea that this battle, this dialectic, is being managed at a higher level by a higher power.
And this is in a lot of the fiction.
If you've never seen the movie 2010, which is the sequel to the Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke 2001, Arthur C. Clarke was in the circles of the Luciferian elite, so he was writing into those novels what the real plans were, what they really believed.
And if you go and watch 2010, you'll find out that the Soviet Western dialectic, the whole point of that was to produce this new aeon.
And in 2010, it's an aeon that they explicitly call the Children of Light.
It will be the period in which we enter into colonizing space, and it will result out of the clash, the dialectic, right, the nuclear war in 2001 that Starchild ignites, right?
This leads to the new era of, after a mass depopulation, we'll enter into this new era, right?
If you watch The Watchmen, right, Alan Moore, the famous Uh, esoteric, uh, graphic novel writer.
That was a situation that was engineered to massively depopulate the planet out of the Cold War, and then we enter into a new Aeon of Peace.
And in Stranger Things Season 4, the villain, the bad guy, what does he say at the end of Season 4?
before he says that my goal is to reduce the population of the planet severely.
(dramatic music)
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