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Name: 20220608_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 8, 2022
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses potential shortages in food and resources due to overprinting of money for the Great Reset, which he claims will lead to inflation. He promotes high-quality, storeable food that can be purchased through his website PrepareToday.com. Other topics discussed include criticism towards Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey for potentially promoting anti-gun agendas and encouraging listeners to support InfoWars financially to continue their fight against globalist agendas.

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I had been warning and harping on the fact that we are going to see hyperinflation, we're going to see food shortages worldwide, we're going to see collapse of the third world, we're going to see the UN organizing tens of millions, about hundreds of millions of people to flood into Europe and the United States, and now that's not coming, that's here.
So that's why we expose them, that's why we talk about the New World Order, that's why we talk about the globalists when almost nobody else will in Congress or anywhere else.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, June 8th.
The year is 2022.
I'm your host Alex Jones reporting from the road.
Owen Schroeder is about to take over.
Now I'm about to lay out information central
We're good to go.
to bring down what's left of the Western world and the Christian ethos that threatens the globalist, satanic order.
Now, I'm going to have our great archivist go back more than 25 months, he goes back 30 months, and find the countless clips where I said when the first world collapses, when the first world collapses, the third world dies, and where I specifically explain that the lockdowns across the world are going to cause
Massive shortages and that the overprinting of money by design for the Great Reset will cause inflation.
We specifically called it, and I specifically told listeners hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times, and you heard it, that you need to get high quality storable food that lasts for many years when your money has value so that in the future you can beat inflation that way.
It's one of the only ways to do it.
Food prices are up more than 30-plus percent in the U.S.
the last two years.
They're up over 100 percent in many parts of the world.
Massive food riots from the Middle East to the Pacific Ocean to, I mean, you name it, it's happening all over Africa, Latin America, you name it, and now it's starting to come here.
Now, a lot of people have asked, Alex, the last three months you haven't plugged PrepareWithAlex.com.
Why not?
Well, because they were buying a ton of food, they were getting it in, they were getting it ready, and I only promote high-quality, affordable food when it's ready to ship.
And that's why we've got the biggest company and the biggest distributor in the world powering our operation, MyPatriot.
Well, guess what?
They've got a ton of food in when almost nobody else does.
It's packed, it's fresh, it's ready to go to you right now at preparewithalex.com.
That redirects to a very important URL I'm about to give you.
The website is PrepareToday.com.
And listen, I'm not harping on how right I was, because I want you to think, oh Alex Jones is so smart, he's so great.
No, I was trying to stop these people 30 months ago, 25 months ago, 20 months ago, 10 months ago, 6 months ago.
They're following an exact battle plan.
They're following an exact operation to make food scarce, to make the population of the world angry, and to break down society so they can bring in their world government, their world cashless society, their universal credit score, their social credit system, the carbon taxes, all of it.
I mean, this is it.
It's now all out in the open.
Yeah, it was in white papers 20 years ago, and it was in their battle plans three years ago.
We are now living this.
And so people should garden.
People should get prepared.
People should move to the countryside if they can.
People should take a second job.
I mean, people need to do whatever they can to get ready, get prepared, because the further we go into this new world order, the worse things are going to get.
And until people realize that they're the ones doing all this, they're going to keep posing as the saviors and only make it worse.
And you know, I harp on that all the time.
We've tried to stop this, but now we're already in it.
And now we may be able to mitigate it, but there's no reversing it.
I can tell you that now.
So ladies and gentlemen, get prepared at preparetoday.com or follow the link, the hyperlink that will redirect you when you go to preparewithalex.com.
High quality, affordable food at the lowest price, ready to ship to you right now in stock.
I gotta tell ya,
As I'm aggregating my news this morning, laying it all out on the desk in an orderly fashion, I'm just at a loss.
I have to say, I'm just at a loss.
I don't think, I mean, not in modern history, I don't think there's ever been a time in modern history where we're forced to put up with so much nonsense
That in any other circumstances there would be an instinctual reaction and response that would stop what's coming.
And there's so many different examples of it.
Whether it's the Democrats telling you that they don't believe in the Bill of Rights, they don't believe it's absolute, kind of a big deal.
The continuation of violent crime rates skyrocketing in every Democrat city.
Another day, how many days straight do we have record high gas prices now?
That continues.
Food shortages, baby formula shortages, wide open southern border.
I mean, it's all these complete disasters that normally you would react, respond to, try to get it under control.
But because these disasters are actually Democrat Party policy, we allow it to happen, and we just have to sit here and suffer.
I'm just... I really... I'm just at a loss.
I can't wrap my head around it.
And we have Mitch McConnell, who's about as useful as a poopy diaper.
Where's he on any of this?
Haven't heard any comments from him.
Where's he, the speaker, the minority speaker, Mitch McConnell, where's he on any of this?
Where's he on the wide open border?
Where's he on the inflation, record high inflation, record high gas prices, supply chain crisis, stole a bunch of money in Ukraine, got away with it, Ukraine's gonna lose the war soon.
And we just sit here and take it
And suffer.
And we don't even have justice.
You don't even have justice in this country.
It's an unmitigated disaster.
And, you know, of course I'm sitting here looking at it all just like, wow, we are
We are F-U-C-K-E-D, aren't we?
They are really just coming to give us the old bend over and take it, aren't they?
So, I don't even know where to begin.
You've got the Democrats right now having hearings where they call up a bunch of liberals from Uvalde, Texas.
They screen them all so that they can only get the result that they want.
So they make sure that every person they call to testify in front of Congress today is a Democrat-Liberal, and they're all saying the same thing, you need to turn your guns in.
So let me get this straight.
Obviously, it was a tragedy at that school.
Nobody's denying that.
But, because of some kids dying, I lose my rights?
What is that?
Where's the logic in that?
Where is any sense, common sense in that?
Hey, kids died from a shooting in Texas, so turn your guns in.
Hey, look at these dead kids over here.
We don't believe that the Bill of Rights is absolute.
What does a school shooting in Texas have to do with me other than I'm sad that this happens and it's a horrible tragedy?
That we could respond to and make sure doesn't happen again, with the obvious thing having well-trained, brave armed guards.
But no, instead it's, hey look at these dead kids, you don't have a second amendment.
Hey look at these dead kids, turn your guns in.
Hey look at these dead kids, the Bill of Rights is an absolute... What?
We put up with this crap?
Liberals actually believe this crap?
And you think you can just go wrangle up Matthew McConaughey to do some... You think liberalism with a Southern draw is going to be more attractive to us?
Is that what you think is going on here?
Oh, let's try liberalism with a Southern draw.
That'll do it.
You know, I have no problem with Matthew McConaughey, quite frankly.
But see, it's this whole thing, like, why is he even at the White House?
What is he even doing?
I suspect it went something like this.
Democrats had meetings and they said, what can we do to convince Republicans to turn their guns in and give up their God-given rights?
What can we do?
And they probably thought, let's try somebody who's kind of centrist, kind of popular, maybe a Texan, Southern draw.
Let's try pitching gun control and ending the Second Amendment with a Southern draw.
And so they either landed on Matthew McConaughey or they were already in talks with Matthew McConaughey.
And they probably said something like, hey, Matthew,
You can do a great thing here, and if you do have political aspirations in the future, we can help you out.
We're the Democrat Party.
We rig elections.
So, we can help you out on that.
You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours.
So they go and recruit a Hollywood actor to go to the White House and tell you to turn your guns in.
Because some kids died, tragically, horrifically.
You just, you just lose your rights now.
And so, it's all controlled, and see, that's why they're doing these January 6 hearings tomorrow night.
It's the same thing.
It's all made for TV, it's all a show, and it's all propaganda, and it all has an agenda behind it.
So, they want you to turn your guns in, they want to end the Second Amendment.
And then with the January 6th stuff, they want to make sure Trump can never run again.
They want to make sure any Trump supporter can't run again.
They want to scare Trump voters from supporting Trump.
They want to scare Trump donors from donating to Trump.
They want to scare other American patriots that might want to run for office out of doing just that.
It's all party politics.
It's all party propaganda.
And it's sick, folks.
We have a sick, sick thing in this country called the Democrat Party.
It is a terminal illness, and if it's not removed from this body, from the United States of America, it will kill us.
And you're already seeing it.
They want to take your Second Amendment, right?
How do you think that's going to go?
When you disarm civilians and defund the police.
How's the southern border looking?
Wide open southern border plus a welfare state.
How's that going?
I've got news on that today, by the way, as well.
And your only hope is that maybe we can finally have a fair election and vote these scumbags out.
And vote these anti-American communists out.
And vote these Democrat lying, deceiving crooks out.
That's your only hope, isn't it?
Because what are you going to do?
Are you going to run from them?
They're going to come find you.
And even if you run from them, they're going to price you out of existence.
As you see footage there on the screen from the latest caravan coming in.
There's two caravans coming in right now, by the way, about the same size.
And now Mexico is facilitating it because they don't know what else to do.
Mexico tried to stop it.
Mexico was working with Trump to stop it.
Now the Biden administration is doing nothing but facilitating it.
And so the Mexican president says, okay, fine.
Well, we'll facilitate it then.
And they're now ushering in now, if you come to the southern border of Mexico, they now give you your papers so that you can travel through Mexico.
Because there used to be a process.
You'd get stopped at the Mexican border, they might stop you, they might detain you, they've got their own thing going on and you'd have to convince them to roll through.
Or you hope you're with one of these big groups and you can just pressure or power your way through.
But now Mexico's just saying, okay, you know what?
The Biden administration wants to have a wide-open southern border?
Fine, we'll facilitate it.
So now whenever anybody comes into Mexico and they say they want to get to the U.S., Mexico gives them their paperwork so that they can get through the country without any obstacles.
Yes, and of course then there's the globalists that are intentionally crashing the entire planet's economic system so that they can buy it up for pennies on the dollar and conquer it and put you into a global government slave state.
It's all happening, folks.
Are you enjoying the show?
No, not the Alex Jones Show.
I do hope you enjoy this transmission today, but no.
Are you enjoying the globalist show?
Are you enjoying the Democrat psychopath show?
Having fun yet?
There's no business like show business.
Calling up Matthew McConaughey.
Hey, let's tell Americans we'll take their guns but with a southern drawl.
That'll work.
Or ABC's news executive James Goldson producing the January 6th committee primetime hearing.
Isn't that nice?
They get it right at primetime.
How'd that work out for him?
They get it right at primetime.
They hire an ABC news executive who covered up the Epstein sex trafficking to run it for them.
Made for TV event, baby.
No business like show business.
President Biden sets Jimmy Kimmel live in studio guest appearance this week.
BTS fans praise K-pop band's milestone White House visit to combat anti-Asian hate.
It's funny, they don't talk about the anti-Asian hate once they learned that it was being done by non-whites.
They dropped that like a hot potato, didn't they?
Because they just hate white people.
Ah, yes, it's, uh, it's, oh, oh, oh.
Ladies and gentlemen, I mean I'm just Here you go, how about this how about this for you today a San Francisco middle school brought a drag queen named jizz to perform for students today He deleted the video but not before I saved it.
This is the kind of
Psychotic derangement.
The left is currently engaged in.
Here guys, let's show you.
Do we have the video ready?
Here, you want to see a little... Let's show you a little drag queen jizz here for kids.
Drag queen jizz for kids.
Go ahead.
Drag Queen Jizz for Kids!
It's not gonna lick itself, you know.
It's not gonna lick itself, you know.
And I mean, look.
I've got a whole... I've got a whole stack of this crap.
I've got a whole stack of perverts getting access to children and dancing for them and touching them and doing strip shows for them, taking singles from them,
I mean, what the hell is going on here?
Here guys, let's just, I mean here, let's go ahead and roll clip 14.
I mean, this is liberalism.
I think maybe we should just embrace it.
Let's just embrace liberalism today.
And you just saw drag queen jizz for kids, so that's nice.
Democrats bringing drag queen jizz for kids to your school.
And here's another drag queen collecting singles and dollars for kids.
Because, you know, we're sexualizing the kids.
We're liberals.
It's beautiful.
Guys, roll clip 14.
One of the fiercest performers yet.
Oh, yeah.
Please give it up for the one, the only, Kid McQueen!
Oh, the performer's a kid.
It's a kid drag performer now.
They've done it.
What's next, kid prostitutes?
So now you have kids doing strip shows for drag queens.
What kind of hell?
What kind of satanic hell are we in?
And how do we get out of it?
I can't watch it anymore, guys.
I can't do it anymore.
That's fine.
Thank you.
I'm saying is like I've only done this for almost seven years now Alex has been doing it for more than 20 I mean it's not that I'm at my wits end because I like hosting a talk show and communicating to you but I mean it's just I mean this is just ridiculous at this point we we we let
Adults turn kids into strippers for their own entertainment and for their own pleasure?
And we call it liberal and we call it pride and somehow that's okay?
But, I mean, if we can't stop that type of pedophile activity, of course we're not gonna close the border.
Are you kidding me?
We can't even stop pedophiles getting access to kids and calling it pride!
Calling it liberal!
So, but, oh, I'm sure we'll stop the southern border.
I'm sure we'll have justice in this country.
Yeah, I'm sure that's how it'll go down.
No, we are, we are getting seriously judged right now.
And, um... You know, I'm just... I love life, but, uh, boy oh boy, if God just decided to wipe us all out right now, wouldn't you understand why?
Wouldn't you probably even agree?
We're murdering babies by the millions every year.
We're turning them into strippers and prostitutes for liberals for Pride Month.
And that's the thing, this isn't even a political issue.
This is not a political issue.
This is a humanity issue.
This is a culture issue.
It's a political issue in the fact that it's the left, it's the Democrats doing that.
They're the ones going full pedophile now, but this shouldn't be something we're even debating over.
There shouldn't be a policy debate here.
This is clearly inappropriate, borderline pedophilia, certainly child abuse, but it's liberal and it's Pride Month, so we accept it.
I'm just sick.
Oh, there's a story in the Chicago Sun-Times that says, why should we ban child porn and not guns?
Not even kidding you.
Comparing child porn to gun ownership.
That only happens with one person, and that's a Democrat, that's a liberal.
These people are sick.
They must be... Their thought process, their ideology, their policies, their politics must be completely eradicated from this country or we're all dead.
Forget about it.
If modern-day liberalism is not completely eradicated from this country, you can forget about it, folks.
It's done.
We're done.
Yeah, there it is right there.
Why restrict child porn and not guns?
Chicago Sun-Times.
It's a real article.
You know, so I'm saying this.
I got all the news in front of me.
I can sit here and I can read headlines all day.
But it's like, I can't even think straight because of how insane it all is.
So I'm going to take this break and just kind of take some deep breaths and I'll actually come in and cover the news in the next segment here.
But it's the same stuff.
Democrats want to take your guns.
Democrats rigging court cases, record high gas prices, record high inflation.
Democrats rigging elections, we've got that.
We've got a big political corruption story.
FBI seizes retired general's data related to Qatar lobbying, that's a big one.
Another Democrat caught stuffing the ballot boxes.
Democrats, cheaters, liars, thieves, criminals, pedophiles, crooks, demons.
And we just sit here and put up with them.
That's good.
We're just tolerant.
I've been getting a lot of phone calls.
I've talked to a lot of friends and family on the street.
And I've also seen the statement said on Twitter and other places on the internet.
And it basically goes like this.
You've probably heard it too.
So I called my financial planner or I called my stockbroker and asked what investment should I be making right now in this crazy bear market?
And they invariably say you should be investing in storable foods, canned foods, firearms, ammunition, a piece of property in the countryside away from the big cities.
That's basically what real financial planners and stockbrokers, who aren't scammers, are telling people right now.
And look at what Bill Gates is doing.
Pre-positioned before this, even before he launched the pandemic, with Klaus Schwab and the New World Order out of Wuhan,
Notice that they were already buying up land all over the world, farmland.
And now he's telling you, like we warned years ago he would do, oh, sorry, you're not going to raise regular beef on this or regular crops.
It's all going to be GMO.
It's all going to be synthetic.
It's all going to be laboratory.
So he says he's buying it up so that no one can use it, exactly as we told you years ago.
He was doing it because it's all part of a sustainable development agenda 2030 goals.
And they have been implementing this whole thing in our face.
So, if you go back 30 months ago, right through to last week, I have been warning and harping on the fact that we are going to see hyperinflation, we're going to see food shortages worldwide, we're going to see collapse of the third world, we're going to see the UN organizing tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people to flood into Europe and the United States, and now that's not coming.
That's here.
So that's why we expose them.
That's why we talk about the New World Order.
That's why we talk about the globalists when almost nobody else will in Congress or anywhere else.
Finally, Tucker Carlson talks about it.
Finally, Joe Rogan talks about it.
Finally, a few senators like Rand Paul are talking about it.
But even Rand Paul is like, no, let me tell you, world government does exist and they want to take our freedoms and they're behind this whole operation.
You know, they're behind, uh,
Trudeau's administration up in Canada and he's a dictator.
The time for food and feeding people is over, folks.
We're under globalist attack.
It's that simple.
Now, that said, I'm going to have the archivists go back and not just get all the clips where I make the statement when the first world collapses, the third world dies, but the specific analysis I did.
I remember even back at CPAC over two and a half years ago, specifically laying out how the famine would come, how the food prices would explode, how when in a country people spend 50% or more
Of their paycheck of their money, their earnings on food.
You always have massive riots and collapse of society.
This is a known operation and Klaus Schwab and others are bragging about it.
So we're going to get those clips together and play those for you.
So everybody can remember what I said.
So you'll remember what I'm about to say right now.
If you think inflation is bad right now.
If we don't stop what the globalists are doing, if they don't stop all this money printing, if they don't stop the next lockdown they're already starting to set up and prepare, you'll see triple the food prices.
You'll see triple the inflation within a year or two.
In fact, most mainline trajectories are showing similar numbers of that.
If you bought storable food, you got high quality food, it got delivered to you quickly, you kept us on the ear, you made a very, very, very, very, very smart move.
And I would encourage people out there who haven't gotten high quality storable food or only got a little bit to get it while you can.
Now a lot of you probably noticed
I'm not going
And they have so much pull in the market, they were able to get a ton of food in, and now they've got all their major lines stocked, ready to ship to you right now at PrepareWithAlex.com, which hyperlinks over to PrepareToday.com.
And so the food is in, it's quality, they haven't raised prices like everybody else has done, they're committed to this, and they're ready to ship it to you right now.
It's the entire MyPatriot supply.
It's just their shopping cart, but then that way we get credit to keep InfoWars on the air.
You get the full service, best prices, everything at preparetoday.com or preparewithalex.com.
And we're extremely excited about the fact that they have a ton of food in, that it's packed, that it's ready to go, that we've got the green light to start promoting and selling food because, A, it's something you need.
B. It helps fund our operation and keep us on air.
And C. The New World Order does not want you being self-sufficient and able to take care of yourself and take care of others.
So just as important as a firearm or water filtration is storable food.
You absolutely need it and this is the place to get it.
The entire New World Order agenda
Is betting and is hoping on the fact that you will still sit there on your hands or flat-footed and be caught by these people.
So again, I'm gonna lay it out very very slowly.
It was a sure bet to buy storeable food in the last two and a half years when I told you it was an emergency and that massive inflation was coming.
I think?
Folks, they have put their entire spectrum of high quality survival gear and preparedness gear, not just produced and made by them like the Alexa Pure Breeze and the Alexa Pure Pro water filters and all that top of the line quality products.
I think so.
We're good to go.
You don't want to be sitting here in a year or two when inflation is so much worse and there's bigger food shortages and you think baby formula will not be on the shelves a problem?
This is all a design collapse with these food plants being blown up and burned up all over not just here but all over Europe.
This is a
I don't know.
The only way you fail, ladies and gentlemen, is not taking action and not getting prepared now.
I feel so good about promoting this.
I feel so good about giving people high-quality food at low prices.
It also keeps us on the air.
I want to thank you all for your support.
A 360 win.
Please visit preparedtoday.com.
And now, Owen Schroyer takes over.
You know, it really is serious, isn't it?
People are really looking at what they can do to survive this coming collapse that seems inevitable now.
And actually, guys, I want to go to a different clip here instead because I'm short on time.
You know, it's not just the danger of the policy that's going to destroy everything.
It's the denial of reality by the modern day left.
They think everything's great.
But of course, it's Matthew McConaughey worth millions of dollars.
He has armed security.
It's Robert De Niro worth millions of dollars.
He has armed security.
Here's Robert De Niro with Stephen Colbert talking about how great the country is right now with Biden.
But what about, like, I know that you, you have a fair amount of, you have emotions about politics.
You have thoughts, of course, first.
Those are emotions.
I know you have some anxiety about the state of politics in the United States.
Having a new guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, has that, have you sleep any better at night?
Yes, I love watching the American people get crushed by inflation and energy prices and open borders and Democrat collapse.
He got us into calm waters, that was always the idea.
He's doing a very good job.
It's a tough one, I couldn't imagine.
I could imagine how difficult it is.
Um, I have decisions in my own personal life that I imagine that what he goes through is a hundred times that.
And, and so, uh, no, he's doing the best he can.
And, and, uh, we got to get through a bad period.
Oh, it's a bad period now.
It's graduation season.
One thing you and I've had in common, we've done a couple.
So there you go.
Oh, everything's great.
Everything's good.
We'll get through it.
It's a bad time.
Oh, will we?
You with your millions of dollars and multiple mansions and armed security?
I guess you'll be fine, won't you, De Niro?
While the rest of Americans are getting crushed by inflation, crushed by energy prices increasing, crushed by the supply chain crisis, crushed by the taxes and the open borders.
But hey, De Niro's doing great!
So, I mean, who cares?
So I monitor the liberal news so you don't have to.
And there were three big issues last night that they were all covering.
It was like MSNBC and CNN were both reading off the same script.
It was, we gotta take the guns,
Listen to Matthew McConaughey.
Big promotions of the January 6th Made for TV event that they're going to be running.
Their big propaganda surprise.
And then, there were midterms last night.
One of their other big things was calls to address crimes and homelessness in key races.
And it was so outrageous, I had to take a picture of it on my phone here.
Because they're sitting here, a bunch of Democrats, talking about what they can do to get rid of all the violent crime rates in Democrat cities.
And of course, we know the answer is, get rid of Democrats.
It's that simple.
Get rid of Democrats, and you'll watch crime go down.
They don't seem to understand that yet.
So they admit, though, they admit that violent crime is overrunning Democrat-run cities, and then they have segments saying, well, what can we do about it?
Well, it's your fault, so why don't you just leave?
Well, we do have some breaking news right now.
A big update.
Let's get our latest update on the liberal summer of rage.
Summer of!
That's right.
It's the Liberal Summer of Rage.
Armed man arrested near Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's home allegedly made threats against him.
Was another Democrat attempting to commit a political assassination?
Much like James Hodgkinson?
Remember that?
The media covered that up.
They didn't call for gun control after James Hodgkinson, a Democrat, tried to commit a mass murder of Republicans.
Remember that one?
Let's see what kind of news coverage a potential attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh gets.
But guys, let's recall, where would an individual get such an idea to go and try to kill Brett Kavanaugh?
Guys, maybe we should ask Chuck Schumer?
I want to tell you, Gorsuch!
I want to tell you, Kavanaugh!
You have released the whirlwind!
And you will pay the price!
Ah, Democrat terrorists.
You won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.
And who are the domestic terrorists again?
Do you know who Kathy Bodine is?
Yeah, you heard about the Weather Underground?
What was the other gal's name that was running that, who then influenced Obama?
And the Boudins.
I mean, literally, the weather underground, a Democrat terrorist group, and then the son of one of those terrorists that killed police, burned a building to the ground, becomes the San Francisco DA that was just recalled last night.
We'll have that coming up.
But it's the liberal summer of rage.
Buffalo pro-life center firebombed by radical pro-abortion activists.
Liberal Summer of Rage.
Vandals leave bloody trail, red graffiti at pregnancy clinic.
Liberal Summer of Rage.
Asheville Police.
Mountain Area Pregnancy Services vandalized, threatened.
Liberal Summer of Rage.
Democrat domestic terrorists.
Kellen McBreen asks at Infowars.com, what if conservatives firebombed four Planned Parenthood facilities in a matter of weeks, like Democrats just firebombed pregnancy centers four times this week?
It's the liberal summer of rage.
They're domestic terrorists.
But they're allowed to do it.
And you don't get hearings, you don't get arrests, you don't have big made-for-TV events.
Democrats are allowed to be terrorists.
Although, every once in a while,
Every once while there is justice, San Diego Grand Jury indicts 11 Antifa militants for attacking Trump supporters during Patriot March in Pacific Beach.
Don't worry, they'll get a little slap on the wrist, probably.
It is the liberal summer of rage.
But see, here's MSNBC's Nicole Wallace.
She's one of the greatest grifters in the history of television media.
She was a Republican during the Bush years, then she was a Democrat during Obama.
And now she's just a committed anti-Trump liberal hack.
So listen to what she says here in clip 10 about political domestic terrorism.
Frank, if Mr. Whitfield's mother was killed by foreign terrorists, the Democrats and the Republicans on the committee would be promising him the moon.
What is, I mean, is it as obvious as it seems that domestic violent extremists are an important part of the voting coalition on the right?
I mean, what is the structural impediment to pardoning the homeland against domestic violent extremism?
I know the impediment.
The impediment is that you won't admit it's you.
You won't admit it's Democrats.
You keep trying to stop Republican terrorism, there is none.
It's Democrat terrorism.
Why don't you re-aim and refocus on the Democrat domestic terrorism, and then you'll find the problem.
Let's see.
Guy just tried to kill Brett Kavanaugh.
Threatened by Chuck Schumer.
Democrat Domestic Terrorism.
Four pregnancy centers firebombed this week.
Democrat Domestic Terrorism.
James Hodgkinson tries to commit a mass murder.
Democrat Domestic Terrorism.
Trump supporter killed in Denver.
Trump supporter killed in Portland.
Trump supporter killed in DC.
Democrat Domestic Terrorism.
The entire summer of 2020.
Democrat Domestic Terrorism.
I'd love to see the rap sheet.
I'd love to see the side-by-side rap sheet.
Of so-called conservative violence versus Democrat liberal violence.
You would have a 300-page book on Democrat terrorism, and you'd have one page on Republicans, and that would just be January 6th, which they lie about already anyway.
And now...
Biden's Homeland Security Issues Heightened Threat Advisory Because of Fears of a Mass Casualty Event if Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade.
So who would be engaging in terrorism at a mass casualty event or a mass casualty violence?
Who would be doing that if Roe vs. Wade was overturned?
Is that going to be conservatives?
Or is that going to be Democrats and Liberals?
So at least Homeland Security is being honest here.
Democrats are about to engage in mass terrorism again.
So at least, there's a bit of honesty there.
Democrats are going to engage in mass terrorism, but they already are.
We're already in the liberal summer of rage.
So, I guess maybe the Department of Homeland Security is going to try to stop the summer of 2020 from happening again, maybe?
When Democrats burned cities to the ground and murdered dozens of people, injured thousands of police.
Summer of 2020, we remember that, right?
$2 billion property damage, thousands of police hospitalized, more than 24 murders, Democrat domestic terrorism.
Maybe the DHS wants to stop the Democrat domestic terrorism this time around.
I wouldn't get your hopes up, though.
Seattle principal stonewalled police after man-terrorized school.
Folks, you can't even figure this one out.
A guy hops the fence, overloaded on drugs, going around rifling through children's backpacks, harassing them, grabbing them.
The guy calls the police, the police show up, and then the principal doesn't cooperate with police and lets the guy go.
Then one of the kids comes up, the police are sitting there stunned, talking to this liberal principal who just let a criminal get away.
And then a student comes up and says, oh, he stole my backpack.
And then the police say, OK, well, we're going to go arrest him now.
And they leave the principal who tried to stop them from doing that.
Liberal summer of rage.
Swedish city rocked by suspected arson rampage as cars, buildings set ablaze.
Diversity, diversity.
Liberal summer of rage.
One dead, 30 injured after a fatal car crash that runs in the crowd beside a church in Berlin.
They're saying that they don't think this was a targeted deal, but it's right outside a church.
We've seen these events before and, well, we'll wait and see, but I think we have a pretty good idea what's causing the violence in Sweden, what's causing the violence in Berlin.
It's not locals.
It's not Swedish people.
It's not German people.
Is it?
Here we go.
Here's one for ya.
Um, guys, let's show you clip nine here.
Here's a nice youth who, um, he doesn't like white women, so he just decides he's gonna knock a white woman out for fun.
Here it is in clip nine.
It's over!
Listen, this is what happens when you go into a park and y'all have to f*** your life, you hear me?
This bitch got me f***ed up so I ain't gonna smack her.
Look, this is what happens when you say I ain't gonna smack you, bitch.
So any of you bitches f***ing that stupid s*** gonna smack and knock the f*** out like that.
Man, white supremacy, what a problem it is.
This bitch is a big slump.
You tell life.
What a problem white supremacy is.
Man oh man, if only we could do something about this white supremacy.
Notice how nobody around that woman came to her aid either.
A couple black kids just knock her out cold, everybody stands by and watches.
Because you're not allowed to talk to a black person, you're not allowed to touch a black person, they're a protected class now, don't you see?
No charges will be filed against that individual.
Because whites are the problem.
White supremacy is the problem.
So, you know, forget the crime statistics.
Forget what happens in Democrat-run cities.
No, we're just blaming whites for everything, see?
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I don't know what's going to happen.
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And with what we see going on at the southern border, it's only going to get worse.
It's only going to get worse.
And now the Mexican president is basically deciding he's going to facilitate the invasion of America, too, because he doesn't know what else to do, because they invade his country just to come up to America.
They expel resources and energy and effort and manpower to try to stop their country from being invaded.
Well, now they're just saying, all right,
If you're coming into Mexico to get to America, we're gonna streamline it, and we're gonna give you your paperwork so you can just come right in and go right up.
There used to be a bit of a process, there used to be some obstacles there, they're getting rid of all the obstacles.
I don't even blame the Mexican president for this, quite frankly.
He's trying to take care of his country, so I understand why he's doing it.
So he's basically just like, alright, fine, Biden wants to facilitate an invasion and drug trafficking and child sex trafficking in the southern border, fine.
I'm not gonna let that hurt my country though, so people come through my country, we're just gonna usher them right through.
We're not gonna, we're just gonna just say, okay, you're in, here's your paperwork, just go on through.
So that's nice.
Caravan leader, Louise Villagran, caravan leader.
Who do you think pays him?
Tells Fox News that Mexico will be issuing 1,000 temp work visas a day to the migrants starting tomorrow, which means they can travel freely through Mexico, and many will simply head to the U.S.
Hey, look!
Someone's invading our country!
Whoa, that's just Democrat Party policy.
Calm down.
73% of Trump voters believe Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants who vote for them.
Absolutely correct.
And so, that's just a sign that people are waking up and they know what the Democrats are up to.
Because that's exactly what they're doing.
That is 100% exactly what they're doing.
It's a humanitarian issue any other way you slice it.
But when it's Democrats looking for votes, then it's a good thing.
See how that works?
So yeah, the kid's getting raped and trafficked and the drug abuse and everything.
Eh, you know, that's a small price to pay for Democrat power.
Small price to pay for Democrats to remain in power.
Caravan leader calls on Summit of the Americas attendees to work out migrant-focused immigration agenda.
This thing's a complete joke, folks.
The Summit of the Americas, I don't think Biden's going to attend it.
The Mexican president said he's not intending it.
So it's all a joke.
Basically, it was supposed to be a serious thing to deal with the fact it's like 25% of the Central American population has now illegally immigrated into the United States of America in the last decade.
So they're going to have this big summit to kind of hash it out and work it out.
And the Mexican president was like, what is this, a joke?
We know what the problem here is.
The problem is United States politicians.
The problem is the U.S.
has a wide open border and a welfare state.
That's the problem here.
So if you're not going to address that, then I'm not showing up to your summit.
In snub to Biden, Mexico's president won't attend U.S.
hosted Summit of the Americas.
Well, why would he?
Why would you waste your time with liars like Joe Biden?
Why would you waste your time with criminals like the Democrats?
You wouldn't.
And so he's not.
So America says, oh, we're going to have this summit to address why all these Central Americans are moving to America, and the Mexican president says, uh, we know why they're going to America, because you're telling them to and you're giving them free stuff.
So if you're not going to be honest about that, then I'm out.
Smuggler caught transporting kidnapped migrant baby in Texas.
HSI agents rescue one-year-old girl from human smuggler bound for Dallas.
What do you think, what do you think that girl's life was going to be like?
What do you think her future would have been?
Another victim of Democrat politics.
She probably would have been a sex slave the rest of her life.
Thank a Democrat for that.
We build the wall trial ends in mistrial.
Jury deadlocked.
This is actually a very important thing, folks.
Democrats try to rig court cases.
And so they had 11 liberals on this New York jury and one conservative.
And they were trying to destroy this man who funded the We Build the Wall thing, and then they had a bunch of false claims, false accusations, saying he stole the money.
It was all fake.
Timothy Shea.
It was all fake.
It was all just liberal smears and Democrat attacks.
And so the left knew that they weren't going to win the case.
The Democrats knew they weren't going to win this case on merit.
They weren't going to win the case on fact.
The only way they could win the case was to rig it and cheat, just like everything else Democrats do.
So, when they found out they had one conservative on the jury, they fought for weeks to kick him off the jury.
And then it even got so bad that the judge had to sit down with the juror
Because the judge was just hearing crazy stuff about the jurors, and the judge was like, alright, well maybe this is a concern, I'll listen.
Judge sat down with the juror and said, hmm, these liberal jurors lied to me.
There's nothing wrong with this juror at all.
He stands.
He saved an innocent man's life, Timothy Shea.
Timothy Shea would have been another political prisoner of the Democrat Party if it wasn't for one conservative nullifying the jury.
So there's a lot of important lessons to learn there, folks.
And do not
Do not forget the importance of jury nullification.
Thousands of unvaccinated Border Patrol agents fear for their future.
Yeah, oh, you're gonna get fired from your job in the Biden administration if you don't take a vaccine, but all the immigrants coming here illegally, are they vaccinated?
Do they have to be vaccinated?
But the Border Patrol, that is the now Human Traffic Control, the Border Patrol is now the Human Trafficking Control, run by Joe Biden, and they have to be vaccinated though, or they lose their job.
And of course, this is all just more of the purge.
This is all just more of the purge that we know is going on.
In fact, Jim Jordan is talking about this now.
Let me come to that briefly.
Right-wing populists in Sweden proposed the
Repatriation, re-immigration of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Afghans and Somalis that have failed to integrate in Sweden are long-term unemployed and live on state benefits.
Absolutely, that's common sense.
If you're just going to come here and suck off our system and destroy our culture and destroy our cities, you're not welcome here.
And that's what 90% of this immigration is now, because it's not even immigration.
It's political weapon systems and invasions.
Remember the story we just read?
Fire bombings for an entire week in Sweden?
Yeah, those are the illegal immigrants that go there and just muck things up.
And have no-go zones and rape women.
So they're saying, hey, why are we letting these people here?
They don't care about Sweden.
They don't appreciate our culture.
They just rape our women, steal our stuff, burn our buildings to the ground.
Why would we want them here?
Liberals, that's why!
And so here's Jim Jordan.
New whistleblowers allege the FBI is purging conservatives at the Bureau.
One agent they purged was a decorated war veteran who served in Iraq and Kuwait.
The FBI had the audacity to question the whistleblower's loyalty to the country.
Now Jim Jordan lays it all out here, but the brief of it is...
I don't know what's going on with this FBI seizing the retired general's data related to Qatar lobbying.
I'll come up and cover that later.
Is that an example of a good FBI agent that's still left?
That hasn't been purged by the deep state?
Or is there something else going on here?
But what Jim Jordan is talking about, and I know a little bit about this because I'm involved, but I'll just leave it at that for now.
There are many FBI agents that know January 6th is bullcrap.
There are many FBI agents that know the Democrat Party is the worst thing in this country.
And so the leadership at the FBI and Merrick Garland and the Biden administration and Chris Wray is doing everything they can to make sure there are no Republicans, no conservatives, and no Christians in the FBI.
Because they know they can't do what they want to do if they have conservatives or Christians in the FBI.
And what do they want to do?
They want to target, harass, destroy, imprison their political opposition.
Christians won't do that.
Conservatives won't do that.
So what is the FBI doing?
What is Chris Wray doing?
They're purging anybody who won't commit crimes for the Democrat Party.
So some big news developing.
FBI seizes retired generals data related to Qatar lobbying.
And it's a big money laundering operation.
They got caught.
That may also involve Eric Swalwell.
Here's some flashbacks.
Eric Swalwell posed shirtless during pricey paid-for Qatar trip.
Swalwell had meetings with Qatari charity tied to terrorist groups.
Was Swalwell involved in this crime as well?
But here's the thing I find amazing about this.
As they caught a four-star general
Making false statements and withholding incriminating documents and it looks like they were in, well they were illegally lobbying in foreign countries and basically just stealing and laundering money with Swalwell involved in that.
We never get justice in situations like this.
They're stealing and robbing money in Ukraine right now.
There's not going to be any justice.
So I'm just skeptical as to why this is the story
And why they're upset about this slush fund, this money laundering that's going on in Qatar when it goes on everywhere and has for decades.
Why this?
Why are they going after this guy?
Is it just so happens that there's one good FBI agent that's doing this?
Is it the one good FBI agent left?
Or is there something else going on?
Will anybody pay the price?
Will Eric Swalwell be questioned?
So, that's a developing news story.
That we will be paying attention to.
George Soros-backed groups have spent $40 million to elect 75 progressive prosecutors over the last decade, meaning one in five Americans now live in areas covered by his criminal justice reforms.
That's why things are getting so violent.
San Francisco votes overwhelmingly to recall progressive D.A.
Chessa Boudin, the son of known Democrat terrorist Kathy Boudin, who was part of the Weather Underground that murdered police and burned buildings to the ground.
It's Democrats.
They're terrorists.
They don't change.
They just get into office and get power.
They never stop.
They never stop.
And by the way,
There's examples now where there's criminals that are in jail in San Francisco, like I think Will Wilkerson is one of them, who their attorneys are now moving as quickly as possible to get their court case wrapped up before Boudin leaves office because they know as long as Boudin is in office, they're going to get off scot-free.
So you've got all these criminals in jail right now that are pumping the gas with their lawyers saying, hey, we got to get a decision here while Boudin is still in office because he's pro-crime, he's pro-criminal.
So that's going on.
As you see all the stuff happening with January 6th and the Made for TV event coming up tomorrow night.
Never forget Michigan.
Whitmer hoaxed defendant.
We beat them.
We got justice.
Never forget what they did in Michigan.
The FBI setting up innocent men.
The FBI plotting to kidnap the governor and then giving that plot to other men that they set up.
Well, they won that case.
They got caught.
And then the one FBI agent that was running that operation, he then ran the January 6th operation.
And remember what they did, they said, oh they made a big fuss.
Remember they said, oh look, someone's going to try to kidnap the governor.
It was an FBI plot.
The media made a big fuss of it, saying see, conservatives are terrorists, they were going to capture the governor.
It was an FBI plot.
They were found innocent.
And then what happens?
Then Democrats show up at Supreme Court justices' house to kill them.
And the media doesn't cover it.
Bloomberg News complains nobody cares about January 6th as Democrats prepare televised hearings.
Even Bloomberg knows it's bullcrap.
Yeah, most people are struggling to pay their bills.
You think they care about Democrat Party politics and wailing and the gnashing of the teeth and the evil and the hatred of the Democrats?
Majority of Proud Boys indicted for sedition were U.S.
military veterans.
Who warned you they were going to come for the veterans?
Who warned you the veterans were their top target?
That would be right here at InfoWars.
Alex Jones.
Matt Gaetz says, I would rather trim Pelosi's toenails with my teeth than dine with Adam Schiff.
Boy oh boy, Schiff must be a real piece of shit.
If that's how he feels.
How's Ron Johnson doing?
Arthur Delaney from the Huffington Post asked Ron Johnson about waiting periods for gun sales to buyers under 21.
Ron Johnson said, Before we pass anything new, let's enforce the laws we already have.
Let's start with Hunter Biden.
Democrats are above the law.
Don't you see?
Democrats are above the law.
You're not allowed to do that.
And then there was a host on The View who was basically trying to tell The View, hey, you know, people don't really care about this January 6th stuff like you psychotics do.
And, you know, I don't know why this went so viral, quite frankly.
I don't really think it's that hot.
of a clip, but what is funny about it is while this lady is talking, they try to shut her down, they try to interrupt her because she's just saying facts, but the look on the liberals' faces, like right there, the look on their faces as this woman is trying to tell them, hey, you know, most of the stuff you believe, nobody else believes.
Most of the stuff that you talk about, nobody else cares about.
You guys are living in a delusional land, I'm paraphrasing.
But it's just so funny to listen to them constantly trying to interrupt her from telling the truth, and then the shocked look on their face that somebody would be on their set and not saying January 6th is the worst thing to ever happen to America.
I mean, just look at their faces.
Here's the clip.
No, I think the average Fox News viewer has been seeing for a year and a half this play out over and over again.
Rioters attack our Capitol.
We've seen it on every single channel, even Fox Local, if you watch that.
So people understand exactly what happened.
And so what is the smoking gun here?
What is the breaking news?
Well, that's what we're waiting for.
People will turn in once the Department of Justice says, OK, here are the charges.
Well, I have to disagree with you there.
We want some criminal charges, if that's what you want.
That's what we'll see next.
We're not even going to see that in these nine hearings.
And then if we think about the actual intention of this, there's a sentiment that Democrats need to rebrand this midterm message, right?
So by airing this, you're going to remind everybody like, hey, Trump is aligned with other conservatives.
And even though that's not always true, there's plenty of people who spoke out against this.
And so now, reminder, don't vote for these people in the midterms.
Because you want to keep the majority and I think that that is a losing message by looking in the past and not looking in the future because there's things on top of mind for people.
There are things like feeding your baby, which I talked about yesterday.
There are things on top of mind like people wanted to know a recession is looming.
There are things on top of mind like wondering how to pay for your gas.
Whoa, they didn't like that.
They didn't like that.
You saw their face.
You saw them trying to stop her from talking.
No, Democrats love corruption.
Democrats love corruption.
They just love it.
They love the January 6th campaign because they know it's going to target their opposition illegitimately.
They love it.
Those women at The View are psychotic.
And so you saw their face as she was laying all of it out.
They just did not like that, did they?
Boy, oh boy, were they angry.
That not everyone is a psychotic leftist, like the host of The View, that want to see innocent Americans rot in a jail cell.
How would the ladies at The View like being politically persecuted?
How would the ladies at The View like to be censored?
How would the ladies at The View like to have discovery done on them, and prods done on them?
How would they like that?
I don't think they'd like it too much, but they love doing it to you.
They love doing it to their political opposition, don't they?
Yes, they do.
Man, oh man.
What a shame.
What a shame we're dealing with these psychotics.
So, they have their Made for TV event today, telling you because kids died you have to turn your gun in.
And then they've got their Made for TV event tomorrow night.
Democrats caused riots on January 6th so that they could blame Trump, blame Republicans, arrest their political opposition, silence their political opposition, disarm their political opposition.
Boy, in history, I know groups that did stuff like that.
Like the Nazis!
That's right, it was the Nazis that did that.
Now it's the Democrats.
And joined by journalist Taylor Hanson, who, unfortunately, had to witness
The shooting, the killing of Ashley Babbitt had her blood on his hands that day.
He had to witness the Democrat Michael Byrd killing Ashley Babbitt.
But Taylor, there have been some new developments in this case because it turns out, once again, they lied.
They lied again.
They said, which you already knew that because you were there,
They said they did an investigation into Byrd.
Turns out there's no proof of that investigation.
They claimed that Byrd warned Ashley Babbitt.
Nope, that didn't happen either.
Judicial Watch Force's release of DOJ memo, declining criminal prosecution for Ashley Babbitt killer Michael Byrd.
Babbitt shooting evidence missing.
So, as long as you're a Democrat police officer, you can kill whoever you want.
I guess that's the story here.
Taylor, you're probably not surprised by this, your response.
Not at all.
And when that DOJ report was released, you know, Joe Hanneman with the Epoch Times actually was the first to send it to me.
And as I'm reading through it, you know, I knew they were going to lie, but to this scope and to go this far with lying, I mean, they lied about every single detail all the way down to the police officers supposedly rendering aid immediately, even though I was sitting on the ground with other journalists with her blood on my hands, like you said, while they're sitting there doing nothing.
They lied about the number of windows broken out.
They lied about the number of
Uh, firearms drawn by officers.
They said they tried to push Ashley back and she returned to the front.
I mean, it was- it's honestly egregious, it's disgusting, and we don't live in America anymore.
I mean, upon reading this report, you know, I'm not a very emotional person, but it brought me to tears.
You know, the part where they said that they- they actually have the audacity to say that their officers tried to render aid immediately, when their officers were realistically the reason why Ashley didn't survive.
They didn't clear the blood out of her throat.
So it's just despicable, Owen.
Well, you said it right there.
We don't live in America anymore.
That is the toughest pill to swallow, but it's finally gone down.
It's true.
We don't.
We live in a banana republic.
We live in a communist hellhole.
We live in a third world country.
We live in a very corrupt country.
Republicans don't do much to help that, unfortunately, but it's mostly the Democrats, at least at this point in time, that are the bad ones, the evil ones.
I mean, and now tomorrow, they're gonna have this made-for-TV January 6th hearing, obviously all bullcrap, obviously politicized, obviously nothing about, it has nothing to even do with January 6th.
It has everything to do with the midterms, and them wanting to use this to get people to go out and vote in the midterms.
So, I mean, what do you make of the Democrats turning this into a TV event tomorrow, a push for people to vote in the midterms for Democrats?
I mean, I find it hilarious, honestly, is, you know, they have so many people that are not interested in this that they have to pay a mainstream source, you know, all this money to do a primetime television event to do this big expose.
You know, when the government is paying a media source to cover something,
There's a little bit of a conflict of interest there.
Does that sound like fascism?
I'd say the least.
Yeah, just a little bit, right?
A little bit of corporatism, power being included, yeah.
We live in a fascist country, Owen, and I mean, it's only gonna get worse at this point, and we gotta keep standing up.
And thankfully, you know, I'm gonna be producing a documentary soon about the five deaths of what took place that day on January 6th.
And I think it's going to blow this thing out of the water.
I mean, they can only lie to the American people for so long and about so much until something is finally done and the lid is just blown off of this thing.
But the January 6th committee, they've always been a fraud.
You got Adam Kinzinger.
You got Liz Cheney.
I mean, these people have never been pro-America.
I mean, they're about the, they are the definition of the establishment and these people are demons.
I mean, they killed five people on the 6th and then blamed these Trump supporters, even though they were the ones that were being murdered.
No, it's truly unbelievable, and it is corporate fascism when the Democrats, because you know this is what they did, they called CNN executives, they called MSNBC executives, they called ABC executives, and they said, hey, we want to do a made-for-television event.
To rehash January 6th, to convince people to go vote Democrat in the midterms.
Can you help us?
They said, yep, we'll make sure we air it.
They then got the ABC executive that helped ABC cover up for the Clintons and the Epsteins.
Oh, that's the guy that they hire to run the J6 hearing, is the guy that covered up for the Clintons and the Epsteins trafficking little girls and raping them.
He seems like a winner.
And so they coordinated all of it.
They got all their pieces in place, and they said, we're going to do it during prime time.
And so, I don't think America is going to respond the way they hope, though.
I think most Americans are sick of hearing about January 6th, and they've watched Democrats commit acts of evil for the last five years that pale.
January 6th pales in comparison to what Democrats have done the last five years.
No, absolutely, Owen.
The fact is, is if you're ignorant to this situation at this time with January 6th and the fact that our economy is in the absolute shitter, I mean, everything this administration has done is they have destroyed this country.
They've demoralized its own people.
They've killed their own people.
They've arrested and jailed their people.
I mean,
Like I said before, you know, this is not America and Americans are not going to respond to this kindly.
You can only push and push and push so far on the American people until something finally breaks.
And I do think we're about to get to that point, honestly, is I think this commission, I mean, it's never been about January 6.
It's always been about taking your rights, implementing more national security policies so they can
Monitor American citizens that they believe are white supremacists and terrorists.
I mean, so that's really all this is.
It's a pathetic power grab.
And really, if you believe it at this point, I feel bad for you.
And there's not really much that can be done to help these people.
Well, that's it, too, is something has got to give, something has got to break.
I mean, the dam of civilization can only withhold so much fraud, only withhold so much deception, only withhold so much corruption before it just gives out and then washes civilization away.
I mean, we feel like we're getting closer to that moment, and the Democrats seem to be speeding towards it.
It seems like this is what they want to happen.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, they're full-blown accelerationists at this point.
I mean, they want war, they want people dead.
I mean, at this point, I'm not putting it past them.
I mean, we're getting to the point in history where you're going to start seeing people in camps soon enough.
I mean, these people are insane, they want you dead, they don't care about you, they hate you and all your values and everything they stand for, and they're not going to stop.
I mean, they're not going to stop unless we stop them, and we have the power to.
We just have to actually go out and do it.
Well thank God you're going to do a documentary on this.
How close are you to completing that and where are people going to be able to find it?
It should be able to be completed in about a week and a half is the goal.
We want it out before these hearings are over and I believe it will be broadcasted on OAN.
So when you look back and you think about January 6th,
Because really it was a bad day.
I mean, our election was stolen, Democrats set up their political opposition, now they have hundreds of political prisoners that they're torturing and starving and holding in solitary confinement.
I mean, January 6th really was a dark day, just not for the reasons we're being told.
I mean, they already have political prisoners.
There's other documentaries that have come out about January 6th showing all the lies.
Where do you think the American public is at right now
Do you think that they'll find the truth in January 6th, or do you think the overwhelming mainstream media propaganda will keep it hidden?
I think the mainstream propaganda will do a good job, or at least a semi-decent job, for a little bit, you know, dragging into the midterms.
It's because they're going to ramp this up going into the midterms.
This is what it's been about, is they want people to vote Democrat, they want people to vote mindlessly on their plantation.
So I do think it will be effective, at least for the first portion, but they're already blowing this out of the water.
I mean, they're already exposing themselves.
I mean, they haven't investigated a single damn thing since this commission was founded.
And that DOJ report on Ashley Babbitt and what took place in the Speaker's Hallway,
Is the perfect example of that.
I mean, they are rewriting history.
And I mean, that report to me, it was a straight kick in the balls because I was the only one that wasn't arrested.
I reached out to be subpoenaed over 10 times.
They didn't respond to me.
And now it makes sense.
Is because they used John Sullivan as the only witness and they lied about every single detail.
But I do think the truth will come out.
It is inevitable.
And thankfully, we got a lot of good people in this industry.
We got a lot of good fighters, especially surrounding the January 6th topic.
Wow, that's amazing what you just said.
You basically stuck your neck out there.
You basically offered the Democrats your neck because you thought it was more important to tell the truth about what happened to Ashley Babbitt, and they didn't even take it?
I reached out countless times.
I can't even keep track of how many times.
Disproves all of that.
I mean, folks, this is unprecedented stuff.
We're talking about an eyewitness to a killing that investigators don't want to talk to.
Taylor, I bet that that's never happened before.
We'll be right back.
Taylor Hanson is with us, and I wanted to get into Taylor's coverage of the drag queen strip show for kids in Dallas that he covered, but I want to continue with the J6 stuff because I know he has other things to say.
Like the fact that Taylor Hanson, and there may be, I'm sure there's others, but this event is probably the only time where eyewitnesses to a killing are not questioned by law enforcement.
Taylor Hanson witnessed Michael Byrd shoot Ashley Babbitt.
And he was not brought in as a witness for questioning.
I mean, seriously, Taylor, I'm wondering if this isn't the only instance in U.S.
criminal history where eyewitnesses to a killing are not brought in as witnesses for questioning.
I don't think that's ever happened before.
Yeah Owen, I don't think it has either.
And the biggest thing too is what I find funny is if I go and try and hop on a plane right now, I have to go through four hours of security because I'm on what my Department of Homeland Security connection says is a witness list.
So they publicly identify me in their system, the federal government,
As a witness to this crime, a witness to this death, but no one has talked to me, not a single officer has even asked me a single question, no investigators, no committee, nothing.
I have not been talked to virtually in any professional capacity or by the government regarding January 6th, even though I captured some of the most monumental video and saw some of the craziest things that took place that day.
Yeah, and then my crew points this out.
There's an obvious question that I wasn't even asking.
It says, the question is, why?
Why the hearing now?
Why are they doing it now?
Well, the obvious answer is the midterms coming up.
But the not so obvious answer, which I think is also a good point here,
They had to spend almost two years going through all the security footage so that they could scrub it down to make sure nobody saw Antifa breaking in, nobody saw John Sullivan breaking in, nobody saw the guys clad in black helmets and bats bashing in the windows that are probably Antifa leftist provocateurs.
So they had to scrub all that information.
They also
Had to spend a year and a half going through thousands of individuals' text messages, phone records, emails, everything.
So it took them a year and a half to scrub all the evidence of their crimes out of the hearing, and then cherry-pick, edit, take things out of context.
I'm sure that they're going to be presenting tomorrow.
I mean, it's just, it's just, it's criminal fraud from the top down here with the Democrats in this J6 hearing.
No, yeah, and I'm thankful you mentioned that is because actually I had access to every single security camera within the United States Capitol.
I had access for over a month.
I went through, I went and I examined every single area and identified every single camera.
I named the cameras.
Got an understanding of where we each camera are and inside of the Capitol which area it's in and you want to know the one camera angle that was conveniently missing is in the hallway where Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed.
So it just shows you that they are getting rid of this.
They're scrubbing this.
They're not allowing people to see this.
I had the most highly sensitive clearance when I was logged in to this government software and I couldn't even find it.
And on top of that,
I've talked to multiple prisoners that they will have discovery ready for them.
They will pick a certain amount of videos for proof to defend them in their discovery cases.
And then all of a sudden, when it gets reviewed by the government to be confirmed for discovery, it comes back and, you know, maybe two or three of those videos are just conveniently missing.
So they are actively deleting evidence.
And I don't know if we're ever even going to be able to see this.
I mean, this is like, I mean,
They're just scrubbing all of this software, scrubbing all of this evidence, so when the administration changes after these people are, I mean, ripped out of office or voted out, either or, whichever way it goes, is no one can go back and rewrite the history how it's supposed to be because they've deleted the evidence.
Yeah, so again, just Democrats are allowed to commit crimes.
Democrats are allowed to evidence tamper.
Democrats are allowed to, I mean, contempt of court.
How is that not contempt of court?
Deleting evidence.
But I mean, like they arrest Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress.
How is that even a crime?
Who doesn't have contempt for these bastards in our Congress right now?
I mean, my goodness.
Lying to the FBI?
The FBI lies to us!
Why are they allowed to lie to us?
But I want to back off of this for a second because
You did incredible work at the Dallas Drag Queen Dance Strip Show for Kids, just a couple weekends ago, where your girlfriend got spat on by a radical leftist.
I mean, bless her heart, she seemed to take it okay.
These psychotic people that are out here.
I mean, how do you put that into perspective?
How do you put, it's not gonna lick itself, perverts, dancing and stripping for kids, and they call it liberal, they call it Pride Month?
Oh, and I'll put it in perspective for you is, you know, I've seen a lot of really messed up things.
I mean, I've watched people die on the ground while reporting.
And while I was in this event, undercover recording all of this footage and watching this child abuse, because there's no other way to put it.
I mean, the feeling that I had
It was worse than a lot of the times.
I mean, I had a worse feeling than, you know, on January 6th.
I was in shock after January 6th.
But this, I had to willingly sit through and watch for two hours.
I mean, this is by far the most disgusting and depraved event that I've ever seen in my entire life.
It's straight up pedophilia.
Yeah, and it's like...
They're, like you said earlier, they're accelerationists.
I mean, where does it go from here?
They used to do drag queen story time, and they'd at least, like, bring out a book to pretend like it was an academic thing or pretend it was some sort of a learning experience.
They just removed that.
Now it's just drag queens for kids.
Now they're dancing, they're stripping, they're exchanging dollar bills, they're in clubs, they're saying it's not gonna lick itself.
How do we allow this to happen?
And why do you think it's happening so much in Texas?
I mean, this is the symptom of a dying society, as John Doyle would put it.
I mean, this, our society is gone, and that's what blew me the hell away, is that, you know, this is something you would expect to see in California.
You know, not here in Texas, but this was 25 minutes away from my lip.
So right as I saw this event, I mean, I couldn't not go and attend this thing.
But I mean, I think we got here because it was a slippery slope.
I mean, we started
You know, with gay marriage, and then it just kept going, and kept going, and kept going, and here we are now.
They want to touch your kids, and they're not saying they don't either.
I mean, they're on film doing it.
And they are!
It's like... And then, you know, some of them are getting aggressive afterwards because journalists are asking them questions like, hey, don't you think what you're doing here is inappropriate?
Don't you think what you're doing here is wrong?
And they run away and they get aggressive so they know it's wrong.
I mean, why would a grown adult show up to do a drag queen dance strip show for kids?
Well, the answer is pretty obvious why.
He's a damn pervert.
That's why.
Yeah, it's disgusting, Owen, and honestly, and one situation that really still got under my skin from that event, one thing that I'll never forget, is I was sitting at this gay nightclub, is what it was, and there's a child sitting to the left of me, and he has three moms, is what it appears to look like.
And there's a gay bartender behind the bar, and I overhear the conversation, and this kid replies to the gay bartender, and he says, no, I'm not gay.
And his mom interrupts him and says, yes he is, he's gay, but don't let him lie to you, he's lying.
And this kid, the look on his face, it said it all.
I mean, he completely shut down, he was not okay.
I watched him solve a Rubik's Cube three times in a row, just to unsolve it and do it again, and then he kept playing Nintendo DS.
He didn't even look at this drag show a single time.
And here his mom is, forcing him to be something that he isn't.
I mean, this is the highest level of child abuse and grooming, Owen.
No, that's an incredible story.
I don't think anybody, I never saw that or heard about that.
So it just shows the kids don't want anything to do with this.
You know, I noticed the same thing.
They had a Trans Kids Day.
Yeah, there's the video right there.
They had a Trans Kids Day in Austin that I went to as a counter to cover it.
And I noticed that there was something missing from the Support Trans Kids event, and that was kids!
It was all perverted men and gay men and gay women and fat hippo lesbians talking about how they want to mutilate children's genitals.
It was all adults!
They're forcing their kids into this.
What it is, is like you said, it's child abuse and it's leftist liberal parents getting away with child abuse.
And I guess that makes them feel good.
I guess that makes them feel powerful.
Oh yeah, well all it is, as you put it well, a lot of this is these single moms that want to be popular, they're liberal, and it's popular right now to have a trans kid.
So they're all saying, hey, you're trans, you're trans, you're trans, and they're forcing this ideology on their kid because it's popular, because it gets them a little bit of clout, it makes them feel better about their insecurities, about their gender dysphoria.
I mean, they are literally breeding a generation of mass shooters at this point.
These kids are not going to be okay.
These kids are being abused to the highest level.
They're being abused sexually, mentally.
I mean, these kids are not going to come out on top in society.
They're going to be the bottom of the barrel because of what they've been subjected to their entire life, and it's tragic.
Yeah, it breaks your heart.
It's really unbelievable that they get away with this stuff.
But until somebody stops them, they're going to keep doing it.
And I think that the lawmaker in Dallas did the right thing.
He made legislation to ban children from drag shows.
That is the right move.
Make Democrats defend this pedophilia.
Make Democrats publicly defend child abuse.
Let's make them do that.
We need more laws saying you can't take
Kids to strip clubs, we already knew that.
You can't take kids to drag shows or gay shows.
Make the Democrats defend this borderline pedophilia child abuse.
Final words, Taylor Hanson, where can people follow you?
Where can they get their documentary?
Where's all the great work you're doing?
Yeah, everyone can follow me at TaylorUSA on Twitter.
It is T-A-Y-L-E-R-U-S-A.
And all my updates regarding the documentary and any future work or debunking regarding January 6th, or pedophile catching, because we like to do that now, it'll all be posted there.
And one comment I'd like to make before we go is just thank God for Infowars, thank God for Owen Troyer.
You guys have been amazing ever since, you know, I was first introduced to you.
You guys had me on after January 6th.
You guys are the only source that tells the full truth on this topic.
Well, thank God for you too, brother.
Alright, this is your final segment with me.
Mike Adams is going to host the last hour.
Sadly, I'm due in court this afternoon.
That's just the life of a free speech advocate.
That's just the life of an American patriot.
Court, court, court, as I'm politically persecuted by demon-crats, but Mike Adams has a powerful hour coming up.
You're not going to want to miss it with key intel and information, always with Mike Adams.
Let's just take a look at some of this other news.
Satanists and drag queens coming to Coir d'Alene, Idaho.
Cor Delon, Idaho.
Sorry, it's a French thing.
I'm butchering it, but anyway.
Idaho for June 11th.
Family-friendly gay pride event.
Local pastors condemn the event.
It's in Idaho Tribune.
Literally satanists and drag queens and faggots are showing up to sexualize kids at this event, folks.
So that's June 11th in Idaho.
Coeur d'Alene.
Coeur d'Alene.
I'm not intentionally trying to mess this up.
Thank you.
Coeur d'Alene.
So if you're in the area and you want to stop these pedos from getting access to the kids or cover it,
Uh, jeez, man.
You know, I guess the good news is the Democrats are really taking the mask off now.
Everybody sees what evil they are.
The bad news is they're evil demons, and you know what evil demons like to do to you.
Torture you, murder you.
California lawmaker who relaxed punishments for sex offenders proposes mandatory Drag Queen 101 class for K-12 students.
North Carolina City cancels Drag Queen Story Hour, an event that has a big impact on kids because of backlash.
Yeah, folks, that's how you stop this pedophile stuff.
You tell them, we know what you're doing and we don't like it.
You're demons.
You're abusing children.
We'll arrest you if you abuse those kids.
That's how you stop it.
Arrest the child abusers.
They won't abuse kids anymore.
Report, UK NHS scrubs the word woman from ovarian cancer guidance to be more inclusive.
Yeah, my ovaries are feeling a little cancerous today.
Louisiana bans trans athletes from female sports teams.
Oh, you mean men?
Louisiana bans men from competing with women?
Probably a good move.
So, some heroes on the Tampa Bay Rays said, we're not doing gay pride crap.
We're Christians.
We believe in Jesus.
We believe in the Bible.
You're not going to force us into your satanic activity here.
And, well, let's just say ESPN was a little upset with that in clip 11.
Sarah Spain, how does that all come off to you?
Pride is about inclusion.
So you don't love them and you don't welcome them if you're not willing to wear the patch.
And calling it a lifestyle reveals to me that you've done not even a modicum of research or understanding on this topic.
Oh, it's not a lifestyle.
You're just promoting the lifestyle.
This is not just about baseball.
Don't you know that?
It's definitely not about baseball.
Also allows for people to be denied health care, jobs, apartments, children,
Prescriptions, all sorts of rights.
And so we have to stop tiptoeing around it because we're trying to protect people who are trying to be bigoted from asking for them to be exempt from it when the very people that they are bigoted against are suffering the consequences.
When you say trying to be bigoted... These are totalitarians, folks.
They're trying to use religious exemptions to affect the opportunities... Yeah, that's the thing that we do here.
...available resources... We have our own religion.
It's called freedom of religion.
And a patch on the jersey in this way?
In the case of sport, no.
In the case of sport, though, they're double-talking if they're saying you're welcome while also saying that we don't encourage or we disagree with it.
Especially when there are devout people of every single religion that also welcome... Oh really?
What about Muslims?
How do Muslims feel about gays?
How do they feel about gays?
Like in Qatar...
FIFA tells Qatar's anti-gay hotels they will cancel their World Cup contracts if they reject same-sex couples, so this thing is not going well in Qatar.
Yeah, Muslims don't do gay stuff, so you don't know what you're talking about.
But I'm glad the host there, I think is it Tony Reality?
I used to watch that show.
He didn't give that woman a point.
She got zero points for her arguments.
But, oh, you're religious?
Sorry, no exemptions for you.
Come on, guys.
I'm gay.
I stick my penis in other men's buttholes.
You should celebrate me.
You should celebrate the fact I put my penis in other men's buttholes.
Celebrate me for a week, dammit.
Mike Adams taking over.
InfoWars has made history.
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And one of the biggest tools we've had to circumvent and override the censors has been Patriot apparel, so we can identify each other, so we can spread the word, and so we can push people to websites like InfoWars.com so they can understand the globalist plan and how to stop it.
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I want to thank you all for your support.
All right.
Welcome, folks.
Mike Adams here for this hour, the third hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
We've got a fantastic guest coming up for you.
But just real quick, to follow up on what Owen just said there, I mean, yeah, things are getting pretty insane, but I've got a solution for all of this.
It's so simple.
ANZ Bank out of Australia and New Zealand, they just announced six weeks of paid leave.
Basically a vacation if you are a transgender.
And since there's no proof required to be transgender, it's simply a self-affirmation, then apparently anybody can apply for six weeks of paid vacation by simply stating that you're transgender.
But if the bank manager there or your boss at that bank says, well, we don't believe you, you don't look transgender, I've got the perfect solution for you.
You can say, let's say you're a man, like I am here.
You walk up to your boss, you say, hey, I'm a transgender.
I need six weeks paid vacation.
Says, uh, what do you mean?
Well, look, um, I'm a man who self-identifies as a woman, but that woman self-identifies as a man.
And so here I am, and I get double transgender leave.
I get 12 weeks of paid leave!
Thank you so much, ANZ Bank.
See, that's, folks, you gotta learn to play their game.
Since it's all fairy tales and delusions, anybody can make it up.
You can be trans anything, and I guess you can take advantage of the trans reparations.
That's my take on that.
Enough joking around.
Now we've got some serious topics coming up.
We've got a great guest for you, Alex Christoforou.
He reports every day about the situation in Russia and Ukraine, but he's located in Greece.
And I gotta say, I've been watching him for a couple of months now, and he's got the best analysis that I have seen out there.
I mean, it blows away mainstream media, blows away Fox News, in my opinion, blows away CNN, MSNBC, all that stuff.
He's intelligent, he's funny, he's really tied into what's going on, and this is the first time we've had him on the show.
I was scheduled to interview him later this week myself, but I reached out to him, he agreed to come on today.
So Alex, welcome to the show.
It's great to have you on.
Thank you very much, Mike.
It is great to be on.
I am honored to be on your program.
Thank you very, very much.
Well, thank you for joining us, and since this is your first time here on the InfoWars Show, I just want to give out your URL.
I think it's theduran.locals.com.
Is that the primary place people can reach you?
That is correct.
That's where we put all our content.
Okay, great.
The Duran.
Alright, now...
Uh, here's the thing.
You are doing extraordinary work.
I mean, it's not just a podcast.
I know you're kind of, you're filming yourself walking around these amazing areas.
Well, sometimes not so amazing.
Sometimes they're just like dirt parks.
Other times they're beautiful parks.
Other times you're dodging traffic in Greece and almost getting run over.
But you're walking around areas, even I think Cyprus one time, you're walking around but you're doing analysis during this.
Give people an overview of kind of who you are, what you're doing and why.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you in Greece talking about Ukraine?
Well, I'm of Greek Cypriot origin, though I was raised in the United States.
I spent much of my life in the U.S., so I have a love for America, I have a love for American politics, and I have a love for geopolitics and the politics that's happening around the world and how countries
We're good to go.
Just basically me and Alexander talking about geopolitics.
So we covered a lot of the election in 2016 and we covered a lot of what was going on with Trump and all the palace intrigue in and around Trump.
Russia gate, Ukraine gate.
All of that stuff that happened, which actually kind of led us to where we are today with Ukraine and Russia and all the things that were going on to remove Trump are very much connected to where we are today.
And then Alexander.
Well, we're still doing the channel together, but then we decided to do another channel with just Alexander and his geopolitical analysis.
Alexander Mercouris, you can find him on all the platforms.
And then I went off and did my channel with my analysis as well.
So we basically have three channels in our media operation.
Well, what's extraordinary, and I apologize if I'm just gushing too much here, but you know,
I mean, I'm the founder of Brighteon, and so I'm viewing, you know, thousands of different channels over time and looking for people who are talented and people who have really good analysis and just noticing who's doing what.
And I gotta say, you are at the very top of your game.
You're doing amazing analysis.
You are outperforming
Mainstream media, you're pointing out the contradictions in the policies of Western thought leaders, and you even introduce us to new characters like Ursula van der Kreize, who is a superstar of incoherent thought, by the way.
And it's, you know, you're really nailing it, and you're uncensored, but you're not mean.
You're funny!
I mean, you have a sense of humor, but it's also brilliant at the same time.
Very unusual combination, so, you know, kudos to you.
Well, thank you, Mike.
But to be quite honest, the decision that our leaders are making, these decisions that they're making before the war, during the war, and what's going to happen after the war, the decisions that they're making are funny, tragic.
You know, as a Greek, it's very tragic.
But in tragedy, there is humor.
And the decisions that we see coming out of the Biden White House, coming out of the European Union, it leaves us all scratching our head.
And then when you see the decisions being made by the Russians and how they are going about things, they're very pragmatic and they're very realistic and very measured.
And you just kind of sit there and say, what what what is going on?
Has the world turned upside down from where we were, say, in the in the 80s and 90s?
Has everything flipped?
And I just have a lot of material to work with, with regards to the comedy of what's going on in the West.
Well, and let's get right into some of that, because one of the things that you have pointed out, and I love the fact that you tend to record in the mornings in Greece, and so by the time, you know, by the time I wake up, often your video, I can watch it that day, and I've got like that morning's update from Greece, from your perspective, of what's happening in Ukraine and Russia.
So the timing is great, the fact that you're there.
But one of the key issues or themes that you've really uncovered is the fact that the West, especially Ukraine, is fighting an information war, whereas Russia is fighting a kinetic war.
And, you know, it's kind of like Russia's artillery versus Ukraine's bull bleepery.
I'm a self-bleeping InfoWars host, so I'm not going to say the word, but...
You know, artillery versus that.
You know, artillery explodes.
Like, artillery is another way to communicate.
And when you fire artillery and it blows up, it's kind of like saying, leave or die.
Like, leave this area or perish.
But Ukraine is just using all this information warfare to claim, oh, you know, 50 Russian generals were killed last night.
And you're like, where?
What are your thoughts?
Go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, I completely agree with you, but you know, it's really interesting because when you look at how
The Zelensky regime is approaching this conflict.
And obviously, I think we all understand that Zelensky is not really calling the shots.
He's being puppeted by various forces in Europe and in the White House, various neocon forces.
Many of these forces, once again, were the forces behind what we saw happening in Russiagate and Ukrainegate and all of these things that I'm sure you and the viewers are well aware of.
You know, you look at everything that they're doing, and it does kind of remind you as to how the Biden White House operates.
Everything is about optics.
Everything's PR and everything is spin.
And there's no real substance to what's going on, the decisions that they're making.
Real purpose or goal.
It's just pretty much a 24-hour news cycle.
So you have the the ghost of Kiev, which I believe Adam Kinzinger actually Retweeted what are you doing?
You actually retweeted that you have the the fight for Snake Island and
You have the Siege of Kiev, the Siege of Kharkov, the counter-offensive in Herzegovina.
Alex, we gotta go to break.
Sorry to cut you off here, but you're exactly right.
Those are great examples of total delusional fantasy that's been exposed as fantasy.
We'll be back with Alex Christoforou right after this break.
Stay with us on the InfoWars broadcast.
So I was saying in the previous segment where before the commercial break, where we have all these types of fictitious narratives being spun by the
By the Biden White House and the European Union.
And they're the ones that are... They're coaching Zelensky.
They're puppeteering Zelensky.
And what we have on the Russian side of things is the Russians just going about their business.
They're fighting... Well, they don't even call it a war, to be quite honest.
They continue to call it a special military operation.
Now, they have not declared war.
They have not categorized it as a war.
And they continue to go about their business in a very methodical, very calculated way.
And the way the Russians are going about what's happening in Ukraine is they are fighting the Ukraine military.
They're not fighting the Ukraine people.
They're not even
So much interested in in actually making big territorial gains for now.
Their goal is very much along the lines of of a Clauschowitz type of warfare, where it's fighting the military.
First, you you destroy the opponent's military, and then you you accomplish your political goals.
And that's how they're going about this war.
And it's very different.
We haven't seen something like this in the last
I don't even know, maybe the last 50 years we haven't seen a war being fought like this, with the artillery grinding down of the opponents.
Thank you for jumping in there.
If any guests can take over the segment, it's you.
Let me tell you, I blipped out on my side there, but I'm back.
But thanks for taking over.
And see, that's the whole thing I was talking about.
You could just jump in with the analysis of what's going on.
But one of the things I wanted to ask you in this segment, and you talked about this this morning in your podcast,
Was that there might be some possible ceasefire negotiation on the table, although I think Russia says it's just for show.
What's your take?
Is that a serious thing?
Could we see a ceasefire or not?
Are we way past that?
Look, I believe we're... I don't want to say we're way past that.
I don't have any information that'll let me into the minds of the Kremlin.
I don't know.
In my opinion, I believe that the Putin government, they're always going to keep the door open.
And they're always going to keep the door open for diplomacy.
Because for them, fighting this war is also about diplomacy.
I mentioned how Klausiewicz's military theory plays out for the Russians, and they follow that military theory very closely.
And Klausiewicz said that, you know, you fight a war for political means.
They go hand in hand.
And so I think the Russians will always engage in dialogue with Ukraine.
But the problem for the Russians is that who are they speaking to on the other end?
Can Zelensky call the shots?
Can he make decisions?
Are they willing to compromise and to meet the Russians towards their demands?
The Russians don't trust Zelensky anymore.
They don't trust the West anymore because all they've seen for the past eight years
are lies from the West.
And what they asked for before the war broke out, before the special military operation was launched, they asked for some very simple things.
For Ukraine to be neutral, and for the Minsk Accords to be implemented.
That's it.
But, you know, the West never did it.
And we got to remember, Germany and France, they signed the Minsk Accords eight years ago.
So they were obligated
Two, push Ukraine to implement that agreement.
It never happened.
So I think trust is gone, but the door is always open.
Well, Alex, I think what you're talking about is just a small example of a much larger problem involving the downfall of reason and rationality among Western civilization.
So, for example, when we here in America, when we try to interact with the federal government on anything, regulation, taxes, immigration, anything, it's like talking to insane people.
There's no rational response.
I mean, did you know the IRS here in the States, by the way, has entire floors of IRS buildings, entire floors stacked with unopened mail from two to three years ago.
They haven't sent out tax refunds to some people for two years, and they're paying hundreds of billions of dollars in penalties against the government.
On interest that they owe to people on their tax refunds.
So, you know, I'm not surprised that Putin can't really talk to the West because we can't either and we live here.
That's what's shocking about the situation.
Look at Biden's energy policy.
Look at where the U.S., look at where the U.K.
Look at where Europe is.
It didn't have to come to this.
The first thing Biden did, he got rid of the Keystone Pipeline.
And then they pushed this war.
And they really did push this war onto Russia.
Russia felt like its back was against the wall.
So they pushed this war.
And they come out with these shock and awe sanctions.
Which, at the end of the day, all it does is it damages the economies of the European Union and the United States.
That's all they've done!
They haven't gotten regime change in Russia.
They haven't destroyed the Putin economy.
They haven't weakened the ruble.
They haven't stopped Russia from exporting its gas and its oil and its commodities and its fertilizers and its wheat and all of these things.
They haven't accomplished any of that.
So don't you remember Biden during his State of the Union address?
What was that, like two months ago, where he said, we're going to turn the ruble into rubble?
Where's the ruble today?
Stronger than ever.
Record highs versus the dollar, yeah.
But you see, it's the same deception.
I mean, it's like when people go to the grocery store and they're paying 50% more for food, or they go to the gas pump and they're paying now very nearly $5 a gallon for gas on average, which is the highest all time, and it's probably going to $10 a gallon later this year.
All we get from the administration is the same kind of lies that Zelensky pushes in Ukraine.
You know, you get these absurd explanations like, oh, well, you know, if food is more scarce, maybe it's Joe Biden's miraculous American weight loss plan and we'll save money on health care costs or something.
It's like, what?
I mean, people are trying to eat.
And then they blame Putin for everything.
Remember inflation, for example?
Last year they said there's no inflation, then they said it's transitory inflation, then they said it's Putin's inflation, and then a few days ago the New York Times says inflation?
I thought you said there was no... You're not dealing with rational actors, this is the problem.
It's good!
I completely agree with you.
It didn't have to come to this.
It really did not have to come to this.
But there are forces at work that are making the decisions for the Biden White House and they are the same forces that are making the decisions in Ukraine and for Zelensky.
And these are going to be the same forces that are going to push us to another conflict.
China, perhaps.
Well, let's talk about that conflict after this break that's coming right up here, and I really appreciate you and your analysis.
It's Alex Christoforou, everybody, at theduran.locals.com.
We'll be right back after this break to talk about China and possibly a two-front war for America.
All right, welcome back, folks.
Mike Adams here.
We're continuing with our guest, Alex Christoforou, who is reporting from Greece on a daily basis, doing outstanding analysis.
Just a couple of quick comments, and we're going to go right back to you, Alex.
I just want to mention two important things.
Number one,
For those listening from the state of Texas, and I don't mean just the people, but also the government of Texas, I've got to urge you to prepare for the dollar collapse, the total collapse of the fiat currency, the dollar.
But states like Texas, by launching their own state currencies, or in our case, gold-backed currency, Texas can weather the storm and do extremely well as the United States of America
Falls apart.
I believe that's coming and in fact I'm going to ask Alex his thoughts on sort of where all this is headed as well.
Secondly, and you know this is not a paid plug or anything, but I just got this today from Ghost Gunner.
This is this block of aluminum.
That you can turn into an AR-15 lower receiver.
And I'm super thrilled because I've owned all the Ghost Gunners over the years, like the Ghost Gunner 2 and the 3.
And I've been waiting for this block of aluminum for months!
And, you know, this can be turned into basically a rifle.
And I'm going to do that process, and I wonder if Washington is going to try to ban aluminum blocks because, you know, they try to ban Russia from doing anything economically.
Will they ban aluminum from America and watch the economy collapse in their efforts to try to take away the ability for people to manufacture their own firearms for self-defense?
That'll be interesting, but you can also make lower receivers out of other things beyond aluminum, so I'm kind of wondering, and this is my first question to you, Alex, do you think the U.S.
will try to ban the entire table of elements?
Like, no copper, no aluminum, nothing from the table of elements, because it might be used to make a weapon.
Are we going to get that insane?
I would not be surprised.
I really would not.
I would say no, we're not going to get that insane, but
You know what, every day they shock me.
But you make an interesting point.
You see the moves of the Biden White House and what they've done, for example, confiscating the assets of Russian oligarchs.
Like other countries don't have oligarchs.
Every country has their billionaires and their oligarchs.
That's fine.
We accept that.
But, you know, they use this term, you know, confiscating the wealth of Russian oligarchs.
But, you know,
It is theft.
I'm not saying these guys are good or bad.
I'm not there to judge, but you just can't take people's property.
And I sit there and I wonder, okay, so now you're taking Abramovich's yachts and his planes and you're confiscating that stuff, or you're confiscating the foreign reserves of a country, a G20 country, what they did to Russia.
Unheard of.
Unheard of to confiscate the foreign reserves of a G20 country.
You're doing these things.
When are you going to come after me?
You know?
Your government there, the government of Greece, also under pressure from the U.S., I think it was last week, they rolled up onto Iranian, I believe it was Iranian oil tankers, and just open-seas piracy just started stealing all the oil.
It's like, is this our world now?
Yeah, I mean, maybe the American flag should be replaced with like the skull and crossbones, like the pirates of the high seas flag.
We're just gonna steal all your stuff if we can find it.
Is that what it's come to?
Is that his way to find oil now?
I mean, he's going to Saudi Arabia.
He was supposed to go to Saudi Arabia.
I don't know anymore.
He's going to Venezuela.
He's going to Iran.
By the way, the Iranians, after that ship was confiscated by Greece, they confiscated two Greek ships in retaliation.
So, I mean, is this what we're coming to?
Well, I mean, if Joe Biden put on an eyepatch and a funny hat and started going, HARDY HARD, I mean, no one would be surprised.
It was like, oh, that's just Biden.
You know, he's just doing his pirate motif right there.
You know, they had a hologram of the Queen of England in a royal carriage being dragged through the streets of London with, I mean, it was an actual hologram in the carriage.
Because it's all theater.
That was just a few days ago.
People were waving at the hologram.
And I'm just thinking, wow, the Queen in a carriage being dragged through the streets of London, she's the only actual dragged Queen who's a Queen.
And a hologram nonetheless.
I mean, this is how insane our world has become.
But I don't see any end to this.
Yeah, they're showing the video right now.
It's a hologram of the Queen waving.
And I'm just thinking, hey, if you have a hologram, have her do something more interesting in that carriage.
You know, she could be dancing or something in there doing backflips, you know, twerking.
Who knows?
I mean, use your imagination.
Why just have her wave?
But where do you think all this is going, Alex?
Well, you know, I think you've pretty much summed it up.
Nothing is real anymore, it seems.
Nothing is real.
It's all become
Truman Show movie is what it reminds me of.
There's no reality anymore, but there is going to be some reality that's going to be hitting the West very, very soon, including the country where I am.
And that's going to be the fuel hikes, the gas hikes, the inflation, the food, the increase in prices for food, energy shortages.
People are going to have to sit down and they're going to say, what do I do?
Do I pay my energy bill?
Do I fill up my car or do I buy a loaf of bread?
I mean, this is going to be real stuff that's going to hit us and it's going to come fast and it's going to really, really hurt.
And it's going to be historic because I don't think we've ever experienced these things.
I mean, I know it's coming to Europe.
I mean, it's almost already here.
You have the U.K.
saying that they have shortages of sunflower oil and this and that.
You had the United States, you had baby formula shortages.
I mean, you know, we're sitting here in Greece and we're thinking, how does the U.S.
have shortages of baby formulas?
It's like we're stunned.
But we're just at the beginning of this.
And this is going to be reality.
This is where reality crashes into fantasy.
Well, not only are we unable to feed our babies in America, apparently, with this processed infant formula, which is something, by the way, that even the most low-tech, isolated jungle tribe that you could find, you know, by hiking through wet terrain and the marshes, and you might find a tribe, they can feed their babies!
That we can't feed our babies in the most advanced, supposedly, nation in the world?
It's extraordinary, but here's my question to you on this.
You know, what about the local people that you talk to there in Greece?
Is there any kind of local realization of how bad it's going to be this coming winter when, you know, the energy shortages become a life and death issue?
You know, what are people saying there locally?
Oh, they're furious.
They're furious with the government and the polling is showing it.
The latest poll I saw was around 70-75% of the Greeks are very much opposed to the government and its policy towards Russia, specifically the sanctions.
I mean, you know, we've got the war, the special military operation, whatever you want to call it, the invasion, whatever you want to call it is one thing.
The sanctions, people are scratching their heads and they're saying after two years of lockdowns,
This is what you guys come up with at the European Union, sanctioning Russia, who supplies all the wheat, all the fertilizer, all the gas, all the oil, all the metals, every single commodity that we use to live our life, you're going to sanction them.
It is, I mean, shoot yourself in both feet and then just take a gun and just boom.
I mean, people are furious with it.
They're furious with our government and they want the government to reverse course.
That's great to hear, and I would think it's perhaps even worse in Germany, because Germany needs a lot more heating energy in the winter.
Germany has a huge industrial base that needs all the power derived from fossil fuels for the most part.
I know Germany has solar panels and so on, but that's only a small percentage of the power that's needed.
Climate cult that took over Western Europe and the United States and Canada over the last 10 years or so.
The climate cult has said, well, all fossil fuels are bad, we're going to shut them down and then good luck finding a replacement.
I mean, they never had a transition plan.
But Russia is more realistic.
I mean, Russia probably working on free energy tech that they're going to roll out.
They're going to go right from fossil fuels to free energy and not even worry about wind turbines.
What do you think?
Oh yeah, Russia's, you know, the Russians are very pragmatic.
They're a realist society and yeah, they're going to have their gas, they're going to have their oil, they're going to have their nuclear.
People forget that the Russians, you know, they do nuclear.
They build a lot of nuclear reactors.
They're building one in Turkey right now.
So, I mean, they're going to be okay.
China's going to be okay.
India's going to be okay.
Well, and Turkey, by the way, we're going to go to break again.
But when we come back, I want to ask you about Turkey and Erdogan, who has been a brilliant diplomat.
And to any of you listening in Turkey, we want to swap presidents with you, please.
We want Erdogan here in America because he actually knows what he's doing.
You can have Biden.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us.
Well, thank God for InfoWars.
Thank God for the perseverance of people like Alex Jones and Owen Schroer and Harrison and many others who are enduring this incredible lawfare attempt to try to silence them and take them offline and yet...
So far those attempts have failed and it's only made InfoWars stronger and more resilient because, see, I believe a day is coming in the not-too-distant future when America breaks apart.
I think we're going to see secession.
We're going to see probably new region states like maybe Texas or a greater Texas and other regions.
We're going to see probably part of California break away from the West Coast.
This is all coming and there's going to be a whole new infrastructure of media.
And that media will include some projects that, you know, Trump's team is working on, but also I think InfoWars is the spearhead of that.
Of course, you know, I'm doing my part to try to have platforms actually doing very well with that.
In fact, Alex is scheduled, Alex Christoforou here, our guest right now, I'm scheduled to interview him.
Again, later this week for a Brighteon interview, so we're going to be doing that.
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We don't have any of that anymore.
All that food's gone.
So Alex, bringing you back in, and thank you for joining me again today.
Your website is theduran.locals.com, at least that's where people can find you.
It's Alex Christopherou from Greece, but Alex, I gotta say,
I don't know if you keep in touch with family or friends in America, but here in Texas we are seeing massive inflation and we know this is the result of the de-platforming of Russia, money printing, but also the fact that then Russia cannot contribute to the exports of the world in terms of fertilizer and grain and commodities and so on.
So everything is going up.
We are getting punished and Putin is raking in the dough with record revenues.
It's incredible.
Yeah, I mean, I couldn't have summed it up better myself.
I mean, you had the lockdowns.
You had an economy that was going to return.
The U.S.
economy was going to roar back after the lockdowns.
It was going to be fine if Biden just did one thing.
That was nothing.
He didn't have to do anything.
But instead, they had to pump all those trillions into the economy because they thought they're going to supercharge things.
And I mean, who would have thought that if you pump trillions into the economy, you're going to overheat things and get inflation?
Who would have thought that?
I mean, then you have these sanctions against Russia.
Yeah, but what's incredible is, you know, I mean, I did a piece today about how the experts, the so-called experts, are wrong about almost everything.
Especially about monetary theory, or MMT as it's called.
I know you've covered that before, but they believe they can print endless money with no ill effects whatsoever.
But, you know, this is not just, I mean, you and I joke about it, Alex, because you have a great sense of humor, and I try to joke around too, but this is not really a joking matter in the sense that
This is the end coming.
I mean, if we don't change course, how does Western civilization function?
Because it's an empire of debt and lies.
And when that empire implodes, is there anything left to salvage?
What do you think?
Yeah, I mean, you know, I laugh, but, you know, I want to cry because it is sad to watch all of these things crumble in front of our eyes.
But, you know, I do believe that when all is said and done, the United States will find their way back.
Europe, I'm not so sure about, but the U.S.
is resilient.
It has the natural resources.
It just has to stop all of these foreign adventures and has to focus on America.
If they focus on America, and America first, Trump said it best, if they just
Implement the America First policy, then the United States will find their way back.
But if they continue to go down this route of trying to destroy the Constitution, trying to supercharge this green ideology and this de-industrialization, which they're implementing on Germany now, then you're looking at a disaster.
But I just hope it's not too late.
Europe, I'm not so confident about.
But I think the U.S.
has the political system and it has leaders who are in place that can turn the ship around.
It's not going to be easy, but I think it can happen.
Well, you make some really good points there.
I agree with you that the resilience of the American spirit is alive and well, and I guess one of the questions though is, will there ever be fair and free elections again?
Because we still haven't eliminated the rigged voting, the ballot stuffing, the problems with some of the machines and so on.
And we only have to look at another country, Venezuela.
To see a nation that had plenty of resources, lots of oil, lots of minerals, lots of ability to produce food, and yet, because of the corruption and the tyranny, Venezuela has all but collapsed over the last decade or so.
So, I mean, you're right, Alex.
Nations have to make a choice.
The thing is, you know, America made a choice in 2020.
We chose Trump.
We didn't choose Biden.
But it was stolen from us.
So, and I know in Greece, by the way, in the history of Greece, you know, Greece has gone through the same thing, actually still struggling in many ways.
You know, economic collapse, political corruption, just perhaps even worse than what we've seen in America, if that's even possible.
But nations have to choose to survive or they do not make it.
Your comments on that?
Yeah, I mean, you're exactly right.
What happened in 2020, and even before 2020, to me, Russiagate was the real tragedy.
What happened there took the United States down a very dangerous path.
And Americans are just going to have to find a way to
To reverse course, and it's not going to be easy.
But the American system, the Constitution, I believe is built in a way that will safeguard the United States and the future of its people.
And it's that Constitution that America has to
Neil has to look on, has to kneel on.
That is the document that's going to see the country through this hard time.
But what worries me are the forces that are trying to tear apart the Constitution.
That's what really worries me because it's going to be that document that is going to get the U.S.
out of this mess.
Europe doesn't have this document.
We don't have this thing.
The U.S.
has it, but you can't go about wanting to destroy it.
Because if you destroy the Constitution, then you have nothing.
So I think the U.S.
will make it through.
Lawmakers on the left in America, of course, are trying to systematically destroy the Constitution.
But I agree with you, as long as we honor it, that structure will save us.
We have the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, the entire Bill of Rights, and of course we have the Supreme Court with us as well.
But talk to us about China, the possibility of a war with China, maybe starting with a financial war or even a cyber war.
How do you think the United States might be threatened by China in the near future?
Well, I think that the Biden White House is looking for a way out of Ukraine.
I think they want an off-ramp.
I think they want a distraction.
They want to memory hole Ukraine because it's been one big, huge foreign policy mess for the Biden White House.
And I think there are some people in the Biden White House
Lincoln and Sullivan and these guys that actually believe a good destruction and a possible win could come from poking at China.
And I think they actually believe that.
So, you know, we we had sanctions against Chinese officials six months ago.
And, and to me, that's the first sign that we're heading towards the the sanctions escalator.
And when you get to the top of the sanctions escalator, you you come to one conclusion, which is conflict.
So you think that the United States might try to provoke a conflict with China, is what I hear you saying, is that right?
I believe there are people in the White House who honestly believe that they could win a conflict with China in order to make up for the big L that they're taking with Russia and Ukraine, and it is a big L.
Well, beware of initiating a land war with Russia, and also beware of a sea and air and cyber war with China, I would say.
Or a space war with China.
You keep poking the hornet's nest, you're going to get stung by these countries.
And the U.S.
military is not nearly as advanced as it used to be relative to these other nations like China, which has enormous economic might.
Perhaps America should learn to negotiate and coexist.
What an idea, huh?
Midterm elections are coming, and once again, I think the U.S.
can change course.
Okay, all right.
Well, Alex, I want to thank you for your thoughts and for joining us today.
It's alexchristopheru at theduran.locals.com.
I'm Mike Adams.
Thank you for watching today on InfoWars.com, the Alex Jones Show.
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Take care.
God bless you.
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I'm Pete Santilli, and I'm so honored to be hosting the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show on Infowars.com, band.video.
I welcome you.
Boy, there's a lot to talk about in a one-hour segment.
Of course, the Pete Santilli Show broadcasts for five hours a day, 8 a.m.
And 6 p.m.
Eastern at PeteLive.tv.
We cover all these topics that, you know, as I put it, the amount of information that's coming, not just at us in independent media.
Infowars Alex Jones.
I mean, it's just unimaginable the amount of documentation that he has before him each and every day.
It's almost physically impossible to get through it.
As I always put, it's like drinking from a fire hydrant, the amount of information we have.
But, you know, what we try to do is to distill it down and to, you know, to break it down to the most obvious, but then again, of course, highlight
The most absurd and obscene stuff that is coming at us.
The theme of this hour is going to be three things.
Three things.
Guns and gas.
And really, if you look at the offshoots to each one of those things, first and foremost, as it relates to God, we are in an epic, and I mean an epic battle between good and evil, a spiritual battle, and it can be applied to each one of those things that we're so concerned about.
Gasoline for instance.
Everybody's concerned about gasoline right now because we have not just the escalation of the price of gas that is being blamed by the establishment by this regime that is illegitimately seated on Vladimir Putin.
It has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin.
Joe Biden's first day in office was shutting down the Keystone Pipeline.
He didn't blame that on Vladimir Putin and all of his policies and actions since he has stolen the
The seat in the Oval Office had nothing to do with Vladimir Putin.
What's amazing is if you listen to them closely, the leftists brag about how some of them that drive like, what's her name, Stabenow from Michigan, was bragging on C-SPAN that she drives an electric car and passed three or four gas stations and wasn't impacted in any way, shape or form because she has an electric car.
You know, what do they say?
Let them eat cake.
Yes, of course.
All of us can afford a $60,000 Prius and, you know, $25,000, $30,000 in maintenance a year.
It's expensive.
And by the way, they're doing an excellent job increasing, of course, the price of electricity.
Where is that going to put us when we get our electric cars?
Ladies and gentlemen, as it relates to gas, we'll dig into this a little bit further.
We've got this short segment and then on the other side, we'll talk about
The price of gasoline is literally taxation without representation and an extraction of wealth.
Can you imagine what little savings we have is being extracted?
Every day now, the price of gasoline is escalating and we're headed towards $10 per barrel.
I'm sure California will hit that mark first.
I'll never forget, I'm now in Ohio, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
But my last fill up of my SUV was four dollars and something cents and that was about six, seven years ago.
So here we are back again, California leading the charge with the highest price of gasoline.
They'll probably hit ten dollars a gallon.
And I don't see it turning around.
Why do I believe that?
Because ladies and gentlemen, they're bragging about how it's going to be so helpful.
To saving the climate, saving the planet.
Of course, if everybody can abruptly shift from driving their vehicles and stop putting out carbon output.
No, ladies and gentlemen, this is not just an extraction of wealth.
But it is a transfer of wealth.
You see, the, you know, the oil tycoons that eat beef in Texas, they're, they're drilling their down home Americans.
They're typically on the ultra MAGA side of the political spectrum.
Well, the likes of people like Al Gore, and others, they want to benefit from that wealth and solar panels and brand new industries that they're going to create from this abrupt shift.
We will dig into this.
This theme is God
Guns and gas on Pete Santilli hosting the fourth hour so proudly.
Glad you're with us.
Stay tuned.
We'll be right back right after this short message.
And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Pete Santilli, host of the Pete Santilli Show.
And just to let you know, also a very proud longtime listener of the Alex Jones Show for decades, actually.
Alex Jones has been in the background of my life as I came awake.
I'm a former Fox News brainwashee.
Of course, after 9-11, I discovered, quote-unquote, 9-11 was an inside job.
We'll get to that as well.
We have to talk
About the January 6 hearings and it's amazing how this Liz Cheney behind the scenes Directly and indirectly Profited from the Iraq war in 9-11 Dick Cheney Halliburton so on and so forth.
We'll talk a little bit about that, but let's get to the theme of the day God
Really, really important.
Hopefully most important in everybody's priorities.
Guns are a hot topic.
We have to talk about that and how they get us to this point to where everybody is just so traumatized that they're, you know, that even regular sane people are going to be turning their guns in believing that by doing so it's going to stop school shootings.
We have some commentary on that, and we typically do, but I'll be speaking to that.
And then gasoline.
Back to gasoline.
Ladies and gentlemen, remember...
Joe Biden's first order of business when he came in, he shut down the Keystone Pipeline.
These are people that wanted to bring in, you know, the new green deal.
I call it the new green steel, of course.
But don't listen to the whole, you know, well, because of the circumstances that they manufactured, by the way, all these crises that they say are directly affecting the price of petroleum and gasoline.
They manufactured it!
They manufactured it.
So even by blaming Vladimir Putin for the war and the cause of the escalation of the price of oil, take a look at Joe Biden's poor relationship with the Saudis.
They won't even return his call because they understand and recognize that he can't even put in his
We're good to go.
And blame it on Vladimir Putin.
Well, why did you make Vladimir Putin, and I say you, this regime, Obama 2.0, why did you put
Vladimir Putin in a position where he's actually going to become extremely wealthy because guess what?
He's selling petroleum elsewhere and doing it outside of the petrodollar and making a lot of people extremely rich by causing the price of oil to skyrocket.
It's going to go upwards of $150 plus per barrel, which is destructive to the economy.
Is that the desired effect, the long-term desired effect?
Likely so.
I mean, I'm going to have to conspiracy theorize.
But you hear these leftists bragging.
About how the price of oil and gasoline is causing people to drive less and having a positive impact and also a positive impact in an attitude.
Because it's always about behavior modification, isn't it?
Everything that they do is behavior modification.
Even the trauma-based mind control by perpetrating false flags like 9-11 causing everybody to become so fearful that the boogeyman, CIA asset Osama Bin Laden is going to be attacking.
Our buildings.
That trauma-based mind control, of course, is how they change behavior.
They need to get you to comply.
They need to get you in a traumatic state, of course.
Uh, and then except I'll never forget the war when the war kicked off.
Well, actually, I'm going to say when Joe Biden continued through his overthrow of the Ukraine, he was involved in all of that.
It was a CIA overthrow.
Victoria Nuland.
Joe Biden was behind the scenes.
Hillary Clinton.
But when they kicked off the war in the Ukraine, everybody said, oh, we will gladly pay a couple of extra, you know, dollars for gasoline to help the Ukrainians, who are, I mean, these people are such knuckleheads at this point, saying that they're going to pay extra for gasoline so that they can arm the Ukrainians.
That's where, you know, we're going to start talking about guns.
We will, of course, recognize that these people don't even know who they're supporting when they're paying extra for gasoline to arm and pay for the war in the Ukraine.
They're ultimately supporting Nazis, Azov Nazis, that have been found out, that have been supportive of the regime.
Even Zelensky has helped promote.
Here we are with gasoline skyrocketing headed towards $150 a barrel, $10 per gallon coming out of California.
We're steaming towards that and it's all for the betterment of society.
It will happen and you will like it.
Unbelievable that even the media standing in front of these these big boards out in front of the gasoline station confused about how they're going to get to $10 per gallon because they don't have the extra digits on the sign.
Even those on the front lines of the mainstream media, those mainstream media reporters,
Are absolutely in shock at the price of gasoline.
And of course, here we are, blaming Vladimir Putin, supporting the Ukrainians.
Even the gay mafia has changed their rainbow flag to include the Ukrainian colors.
Oh, by the way, one special note on that.
This is how crazy these people are?
The LGBTQ plus A, 79, 3905, 8675, 309ers, adding the colors of the Ukrainian flag to the
We're good.
And these LGBTQ plus 8675309ers just doing what they're absolutely told to do to help support the narrative.
Can we sustain the price of a barrel of oil at $150?
I'm going to tell you this right now.
Economists will tell you.
And our economy is unraveling.
The price of gas increasing in the fashion that it is, and things happening so abruptly, will collapse the economy.
Because the economy, the global economy, cannot sustain itself, especially when you consider the petrodollar, the amount of consumption, especially out of countries like China and India and all these other industrialized countries.
That causes a shock to, it's an inflationary pressure that our economy can't take so abruptly.
Now, can we transition?
Well, I'm going to tell you, I've always been supportive of that.
My dad worked for Ford Motor Company in Green Island, New York.
And they were polluting the Hudson River like crazy.
They had to make certain changes.
Well, it takes time to make those adjustments.
Of course, the EPA wants to come in and say, you will, you know, you will make the adjustment or we will shut you, we will shut you down and we will fine you.
And you know what ended up happening?
That's exactly what happened.
The Green Island plant was the heater core factory for Ford Motor Company.
Ended up shutting down because they couldn't withstand the abrupt pressure to cease on their their pollution output And do so so quickly that they just packed up and they went to Mexico and then on to China What did that do ultimately that same exact manufacturing facility?
What did they do end up polluting?
Five times.
Ten times more.
So the number of pollutants as a result of our efforts to shut down these companies from destroying the environment resulted in more pollution to begin with.
But that's the leftist bureaucracy that comes in.
And they think that they know what's best.
That essentially they're going to
They're going to make such an abrupt, volatile change that it's going to have the exact opposite desired effect economically, even socially.
We now have a situation, you know, with these lockdowns.
People are even going, I say psychologically, it has an impact.
Their economic policies are awful.
They can't even manage a lemonade stand profitably for two weeks.
Ladies and gentlemen, oh, I want to mention something.
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I got two of them.
One, I'm going to put in a frame like they put here in our studio.
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And this is why I'm so honored and proud to be hosting the fourth hour in support of the mothership of the free flow of information, InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back right after this.
And ladies and gentlemen, welcome back on Pete Santilli.
Just in case you do not know, that's okay.
A very proud contributor to the Alex Jones Show, hosting the fourth hour.
I broadcast on my show, and you can find us at thepetesantillishow.com.
PeteLive.tv for our live streams.
I broadcast five hours a day.
Essentially supplementing all the great work because it's physically impossible for the great team at InfoWars.com to get all this work done, to analyze this, provide commentary, allow people to also engage in the conversation.
So I'm very proudly here in the fourth hour.
And come give us a visit, of course, on True Social.
I just set up on True Social.
A lot of free-flowing information going on there.
Anyways, let's get back to this economic impact of gasoline.
We've covered that.
These people ultimately have been working for many decades.
You hear the likes of the bartender AOC saying that she needed nine trillion dollars
Of course to affect change to save the planet.
It was going to be basically dying off.
We're all going to die, of course.
Back in 2020, we far surpassed that, you know, the same methodology.
With this trauma-based mind control, where they condition you to believe that we're all going to die, everybody contributes, don't worry about the cost of gasoline, we must go to the New Green Deal, because you're going to die.
They applied that same exact tactic.
Margaret Sanger did.
Uh, when she said we need to control the population, birth control, and of course, behind the scenes, her writing saying, uh, don't tell the blacks and the Irish that we want to, uh, basically kill them off because they're a drain on our society.
But ultimately, Margaret Sanger, what was she doing?
She was building what is now known as a multi-billion dollar Planned Parenthood business.
Planned Parenthood is a multi-billion dollar business that cannot be interfered with.
That's going to lead us to the next topic.
Well, we're going to finish off with the topic of God, but we're going to talk about guns.
But they have to traumatize us.
They have to say that the New Green Deal, that you must accept it, accept the $10 per gallon, accept the transition from fossil fuels to electricity, but it's ultimately an extraction of wealth.
Right now you are being taxed.
What little savings you have is coming out of your wallet and it's going to them.
I think?
Any money that you've saved as a result of doing that, especially when gasoline was just, when President Trump was in office, under $2 per gallon, that allows you some discretionary income, some savings, plus you're able to spend more money, it has a positive impact on the economy.
They can't have that.
They need to tax you without any representation, and of course extract your wealth from your savings, put it in their pocket, and then quadruple down
By shifting from this petrodollar and fossil fuel economy to their economy of solar panels, electric cars, and so on and so forth.
They want to be at the top of that food chain and take it away from the likes of people like T. Boone Pickens in Texas.
I'm using his name as an example of those beef-eating oil moguls.
So, do not be deceived.
It's taxation without representation.
This is not good for our economy.
It will literally break it.
This abrupt shift with the price of oil going to $150 will break our economy.
Our economy cannot sustain it.
It operates less than $100 per barrel.
So this is going to have a reverberating impact
Worse than a nuclear war, because at least a nuclear strike on a particular city in a limited capacity is only affecting a certain small area.
This oil crisis is affecting the entire global economy.
Alright, now guns.
Let's talk about guns.
We have to talk about the PSYOP that's being perpetrated here.
You know, Alex Jones, I was so...
I was so happy to hear him say after he gave it some analysis and he said that some, not some, all of these anomalies that we've seen, all the questions that were posed as a result of the Uvalde shooting, that he does not accept the narrative.
He said he was wrong.
He's, of course, in an active shooter situation.
He was giving credit to law enforcement because we're not anti-law enforcement.
As a matter of fact, that's probably the most disturbing
The thing about the Uvalde shooter is, how many law enforcement officials do you know, yourself, that would listen to gunshots, children getting shot inside of a school, and remain outside for 75 minutes?
First of all, who gave that stand down order?
Second of all, how many of those law enforcement officers were in on what we know to be
False flag operations.
All right now, are shootings actually happening?
Are they pre-programming shooters like the one in Buffalo?
I call him the 4chan shooter.
Sure, they indoctrinated him, conditioned him, and of course radicalized him for a two-year period.
A retired FBI agent was caught receiving information in advance of the shooting.
Do they create these active shooters?
What's the scenario behind that?
Let's let the active shooter run around inside the building for 75 minutes.
Somebody call a stand down order so we can maximize the carnage.
Why do they want to do that?
Because ultimately they need to get you into a traumatic state
Everyone is in a traumatic state.
Oh my goodness, the thought of your child being shot at school is a horrifying thought.
No doubt about it.
Get into the traumatized state, and then they say the way to stop the CIA, MKUltra, pre-programmed active shooter going into schools to suit the leftist gun-grabbing Maoist narrative is to disarm the law-abiding citizens.
Remember what I said about the Ukrainians?
A month ago, leftists were protesting in the streets to go send guns to the Ukraine.
Were they not?
A week ago, they were protesting in the streets to kill children with abortion.
And now they're protesting in the streets
For gun control to save children.
Is anybody confused?
Or for those of you that tune in to at the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars.com, Band.Video, you're wide awake to this stuff.
You're a hardened InfoWar veteran.
You know what they're doing.
You know what the script is.
I talked about Margaret Sanger and how she had to traumatize everybody to make them think, oh my goodness, we have to have birth control because of the population so far out of control, everyone's going to die soon.
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All right.
So, the gun topic, and it's a big one, and now this is a big jumbled mess.
I'm calling Uvalde a very sophisticated operation, even if it's a psychological operation, being perpetrated because, listen, let me show you something.
Who are the most dangerous people on the planet?
And of course, one child being shot by an active shooter is horrifying, okay?
But as to mass shootings, the dangers to the population, and getting 350 million people to surrender their guns, disarm all the law-abiding citizens who stand in defense of our country because there's one of us behind every blade of grass, of course.
That's what's kept our nation safe.
And not one shot has been fired as a result of doing that?
Who is more dangerous to our constitutional republic and society in general?
Is it the active shooter?
Or let me show you an illustration here.
Look, take a look at this graphic that I'm putting on the screen.
The number of people killed by gun violence.
Virginia Tech, 33.
Sandy Hook, 28.
I shouldn't even be saying Sandy Hook because I know how they want to attach that and demonize everybody that mentions what happened in Sandy Hook.
Uvalde, 22.
U of T, 18.
Columbine, 15.
Santa Fe High, 10.
Parkland, 17.
I don't
Yes, I'm very disappointed at those that were carrying badges and guns and didn't respond instinctually.
That is just the most perplexing thing to me.
But ultimately, this operation being perpetrated upon the American public to make everybody and convince them that you have an unelected person standing at a government podium at the White House
Matthew McConaughey telling all law-abiding citizens, you know, that we need to do red flag laws are absolutely ridiculous.
I say they're ridiculous.
Number one, they're unconstitutional.
I don't want the government determining the mental stability of any individual.
I want a qualified
We're good to go.
Matthew McConaughey saying all the right things, of course, that yes, we need to consider the mental health of individuals that are shooting kids.
Of course, we don't need new laws.
There are laws against crazy people carrying guns.
And of course, those crazy people are going to either shoot
Individuals in an elementary school?
Are they going to drive a bulldozer into their classroom?
Mentally ill people will use their weapon of choice.
It is insane to say that we need new laws above and beyond what we already have right now.
We already have laws to protect us from the insane people.
No, they don't run around with guns.
We don't need anything new above and beyond that.
Matthew McConaughey was not voted for by me.
What the heck is he doing standing at the podium?
Brainwashing the populace because we're all traumatized.
You're in a traumatized state, you're thinking, oh my goodness, I will do anything and everything to protect the children and make sure that this doesn't happen again.
And normal Americans in that traumatic state will listen to somebody who's literally made it a living his entire career promoting gun use in violent films in Hollywood.
And now here he is,
Using his acting skills as part of the psychological operation with the White House emblem behind him to convince all law-abiding, sane, stable individuals who own guns that they must give them up.
Ladies and gentlemen, these are Maoists!
Mao took the guns.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
These are Maoists that want to take the guns.
They cannot install their Marxism, their communism in the United States of America with a well-armed populace, and that's what this is all about.
Now we have gunmen, and here's the breaking news story that hit right before we came on air.
This is a would-be assassin, traveled, I think, from California all the way to Maryland
I don't
Active shooters going after Supreme Court justices.
Now remember, I spoke of Margaret Sanger.
I spoke of her psychological operation to convince everybody through trauma-based mind control that the planet, that we won't be able to sustain the population growth.
We have to use birth control, blah-biddy, blah-biddy, blah.
Get everybody scared.
Get them on
On birth control pills, stop the spread of the filthy virus called humanity through procreation, and of course build a multi-billion dollar Planned Parenthood that now with late-term abortions makes even more money if you consider the circumference of the baby's head.
This is a true story.
They make more money.
The reason why they want late-term abortions is they measure the circumference of the baby's head and that doubles the price.
And thereby the billions of dollars go up and up and up.
There is a lobby going on with Planned Parenthood.
It's a multi-billion dollar industry.
And of course you need to consider the fact that ultimately the people that are behind this effort are the likes of Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenicist she wanted to get rid of.
Not just
People of color, but also the Irish.
They were a drain on our society.
What do we do?
We kill them off.
We got Bill Gates, also a eugenicist.
He wants to kill off all the dumb people.
And all the old dumb people, of course, and dedicate those funds to education.
These are eugenicists.
They'll perpetrate psychological operations.
They cannot have well-armed populace that remains defensive, of course.
With the ownership of firearms, whatever firearms you need to defend our nation, even if you want a tank, shoot, let's start issuing nukes.
I'm just kidding, we don't want to do that, but our political adversary will stop at nothing.
I believe that there needs to be an equal and opposite force.
It is peace through strength, and the strength of our country is a well-armed populace.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Pete Santilli.
I'll be back with you right on the other side of this break.
We're going to talk about the God side of this equation right after this.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!
Listen, I've been talking about these are Maoists that are coming after us.
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They're part of an insurgency.
We're now going to be part of the counterinsurgency and the counteroffensive.
How do we do it?
We got globalist censorship.
We've got attacks upon Alex Jones at an all-time high in an effort to shut down who?
To shut down you!
To shut down the Second Amendment!
To have you tune in to MSNBC and Joe Scarborough saying we need to have all law-abiding citizens turn in their guns to save the children.
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All right.
This is the epic battle ladies and gentlemen.
You know deep in your soul, if you're listening to me right now, and by the way, I'm condensing everything that I'm talking about right now into a one-hour segment.
The fourth hour to help supplement, of course, in the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show on Band.Video and Infowars.com to condense this thing that we have in our souls.
We know what's happening.
We're not going to complain and say, oh, the mainstream media, they're telling lies.
Of course they are.
They're part of the psychological operation.
You can't say and start thinking that the PSYOPers are all of a sudden going to start changing their ways.
They're part of it.
They're CIA mockingbird media.
Go read the Communist Manifesto that was read into the Congressional Record in 1963-64, I think it was.
That entire record from Cleon Skousen's Naked Communist.
Outlined exactly what they were going to do, and this is back in the 60s.
It read it into the congressional record.
They're implementing this plan step by step by step, including the nuclear war aspects of it, getting us to disarm on the global scale to push us to the precipice.
We're good.
Crisis of being on the precipice of World War III.
Whether or not Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are knowledgeable or witting, there's still participants in this effort to de-arm the United States of America from nuclear weapons.
How do I know this?
Because they set out to do it and published it in the record.
The Communist Manifesto entered into the public record in the 60s.
We're actually living the final phases of that implementation plan.
This is the epic battle.
Who are these people?
Obviously, this entity.
Like, who is Satan?
Is he a guy that is red with horns and a pitchfork sitting on a satanic throne?
Or is it something much bigger than that?
Is it an evil spirit?
That exists that permeates all of those willing souls and godless souls and you get a whole bunch of people doing evil and Satan himself as a spirit entering into
The godless souls of these people that are participating in sex trafficking, that are participating in gun running, and gun grabbing, and human trafficking, and ritualistic sacrifice.
This is the ultimate spiritual battle that, yes, of course, the serpent himself is deceiving.
Mankind dating all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
This is the epic time right now.
And I say, when I say end time, if you see how fast the information is coming at us, the deception, they flat out lie to us.
Stop saying, oh my goodness, the mainstream media, they're not covering this.
No, they're not designed to do that.
They're designed to lie to you.
That's why we're sitting in independent media trying to deliver the truth.
This effort here with Roe v. Wade, and this ruling is coming down pretty quickly.
I was actually looking at the live chat feed.
We're expecting that this final ruling, I'll actually be shocked if they actually do what's right.
I will literally be shocked if they say it's a state's rights issue.
The federal government has no, we have no means to centrally control.
It's unconstitutional.
Roe v. Wade.
Although these leftists say that they have a God-given right to kill babies.
It's insanity.
It's been a God-given right for 50 years.
The Supreme Court may shockingly side with the US Constitution and say that it was unconstitutional right from its inception.
And yes, we've got, of course, these Utah County people.
This is a horrifying story that we don't have enough time to cover.
These are
Child sacrifice satanists that are also behind the effort to kill babies in the tens of millions.
A large portion of whom are, guess what?
Black babies, black American babies.
20 million black babies haven't been killed over that period of time that they say that they have a God-given right.
These Planned Parenthoods, strategically located in the inner city, where Margaret Sanger said that those people who are on the drugs that the CIA is shipping to are a drain on our society.
They have terrible schools in the inner city.
They don't have jobs.
They've got lots of drugs.
They're picking from the litter the most pretty subjects to enter into their child sex trafficking operations and those that are left behind.
Promiscuity and demoralization are promoting
Child pregnancy and minimizing childbirth is the way to do it.
And of course, profit off of it through Planned Parenthood.
These are satanic people.
Just absolutely horrifying to me.
It is horrifying to you.
We must push past this thing, recognize it for what it is.
This is the epic battle between good and evil.
We are on the side of good, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's stop criticizing.
You know, it's like saying, oh, Satan is lying constantly.
He needs to change his ways.
Fox News is not promoting 2000.
Of course they're not.
Satan is not going to do the work that we would expect him to do.
Guess where it's happening?
It's happening right here.
It's happening on the Alex Jones Show.
It's happening in independent media.
It's happening on the Pete Santilli Show.
Now, the Pete Santilli Show is not the center of the universe.
It actually started
In 2011, when Alex Jones says, I can't do this by myself, independent media that exists around InfoWars and out the Alex Jones Show that has sprouted up over the past several years has been to supplement this thing.
This is we the people.
Building independent media.
Sharing the truth.
And, you know what?
Now, let's just absolutely opt out of what they've got going on.
We will deliver the truth.
Do so securely, of course.
We're building an entire separate infrastructure on the internet.
We know what the Uvalde shooting was all about.
We understand the scripting in these operations.
It's a psychological operation, folks.
It is.
Everybody knows this.
It's in an effort to
To do this.
To do what the Maoists did.
In China, 65 million people died.
Russia, 25 million.
Cambodia, 2 million.
On the right side of this column here.
North Korea, 2 million.
The people that are behind this effort in this psychological operation to disarm law-abiding citizens are getting ready to kill.
Go listen to Larry Grathwald, who infiltrated the weather underground.
By the way, that's another breaking story.
To those that removed that satanic leftist Maoist George Soros supported DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco.
64% of the voters voted to have that leftist removed.
Let's go folks.
The system of electronic voting machines is broken.
Let's go into this next election knowing full well they're going to cheat.
Let's smash the algorithm by getting out there and voting.
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Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
It's been an honor.
Love you.
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