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Name: 20220606_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 6, 2022
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Satanism is misrepresented as "pimps and hoes," where power dynamics dictate survival and reproduction. The ultimate goal is control through technocratic means. Alex Jones talks about various topics, including the media's focus on Queen Elizabeth II's reign, America's decline in health, and supports InfoWars. He introduces 'InfoWars Immune Support,' emphasizes free speech systems, and discusses globalists, gun control, a freedom festival in Kingston, and criticisms of Janet Yellen and Western politicians/media on Ukraine conflict.

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By and large, it's a cult.
I've got a whole stack of news on that today.
And it's the signpost that you're entering hell.
Hell, it's the signpost that you're in hell.
Now, we've got that going on.
And with it comes the economic degradation.
With it comes the inflation of the currency.
Everything that brought down the Roman Empire.
Everything that brought down Venezuela.
Everything that brought down Chile.
Everything that brought down Weimar Germany.
It's an exact path.
And we know the path we're going down.
And Weimar Germany brought us Hitler in World War II.
Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America.
The average citizen had more money 50 years ago than the average American citizen.
Same thing for Chile.
But they got bad governments that inflated their currency, and those elites, over the few decades it took to devalue the currency and buy up all the infrastructure for themselves, then permanently put the general public into a permanent clash of poor people.
That's called feudalism, and it's an economic warfare operation.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
There are many preconceived notions about what defines Satanism.
Some people will say that Satanists are just playing dress-up.
Some say they sacrifice children.
And others believe they have magical powers.
But the truth is much more simple.
Most people will agree that Satanism is the antithesis of Christianity.
So first we must define what Christianity is.
In a sentence, Christianity is the impulse to express brotherly love towards our fellow man.
Satanism does not have that impulse at all.
In the most simple terms, Satanism can be described with the pop culture phrase, pimps and hoes.
If these words upset you, good.
We are talking about the nature of evil.
And if it makes light of it, even better.
These animals are nothing to fear.
While the rich and powerful Satanists want you to believe they are witches and warlocks, they are nothing more than pimps and hoes, cannibals,
Eating off other people like predatory animals.
Completely devoid of the impulse for brotherly love.
Satanism is base-level animal tribalism.
An animal hierarchy comprised of the pimps at the top, the hoes they control, and the tricks they both exploit.
This is the law of the jungle, which has existed for millennia.
A survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog world, where the nice guys always finish last.
It is the patriarchy that the anti-Christians claim to oppose, which makes no sense, because we are only able to transcend this ruthlessness with the Christian impulse of brotherly love, where everyone is equally welcome.
There is much talk about a battle being waged between good and evil.
But this sort of simple black and white duality only exists in our mind.
In reality, what's going on is a balancing act between our spirit and our body.
While our spirit may be drawn to love and light, our body is an animal with innate animal instincts that cannot easily be suppressed.
And like every other species of animal,
The primary instincts are survival and reproduction.
So as far as mammals go, the female is the ultimate prize in the game of life.
A society built upon a Christian ethos of brotherly love is one that honors individual freedom.
And the way to satisfy our animal desires for survival with brotherly love is through marriage and raising a family with some degree of selflessness.
And without the Christian ethos of brotherly love, the Satanist simply sees women as the most valued commodity to be bought and sold for one's own selfish desire, pimps and hoes.
Whether it be in the poorest communities or at the top of the pyramid,
Satanism is all about control, and the ones at the top have invested everything into their technocratic pop culture media machine, which is their main method of pimping.
And they see the brainwashed masses as their hoes, because according to the laws of the jungle, they own them, which is why they resent the Christian ethos.
Because it is the only thing on earth that stands against them.
But the real problem with Satanism is that it keeps an individual from knowing God and discovering their true path.
Our free will allows us the choice to either transcend spiritually, which requires a personal relationship with God, or descend into the animal kingdom and forever remain a beast.
Which is what the pimps and hoes are ultimately selling, but we don't have to buy it.
Satanic influence has always been with us, and it is nothing to fear.
These Satanist pimps are not gods.
They are merely animals playing mind tricks and spinning lies.
Redemption is for everyone, and humanity has a choice.
We can either submit to the beast system and live like animals,
Or we can follow the Christian impulse for brotherly love and stand up against evil so that our children will know freedom.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's Monday, June 6, 2022.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, here on The Embattled.
InfoWars, radio slash TV, worldwide network, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, ATX.
All right.
Most people don't realize they're living through extremely historical events until it's already happened.
And I am not a doom and gloomer.
I have incredible optimism in humanity.
I believe in humanity's future.
I believe we'll colonize space.
I believe we will continue to unlock secrets of the universe.
God has prepared that for us.
And I believe in you.
And I believe in myself.
And I believe in my family.
And I, most importantly, know God's real.
And the science has shown that there are other dimensions more powerful, energetically, than our own, holding our dimension in place.
The higher dimensions are there, as the mathematical equations show.
And there are evil influences in the universe as well, not just the impetus of Genesis and life.
So let me just state this very calmly in a very controlled way.
We know from history, we know from the Bible, we know from every other ancient text as well, in every culture, that humanity goes through cycles of death and rebirth.
And everybody's seen the meme that says, hard times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.
Or you could reverse it.
Weak men make bad times.
Bad times make good men.
Good men make good times.
And good times make bad men.
That's a simple way to go over the cycle, but it is a known cycle that humans have behaved in this way over and over again.
And at the end of the cycle, what always happens?
People start cheating on their husbands and wives.
Then people start having sex with the same sex.
I'm not even judging people that do that as a person.
I'm just saying this is historical.
And then they come at her children and want to have sex with them, and I am 100% against that, and then they want to start sacrificing the children.
Well, we're here, ladies and gentlemen, and at a gay strip bar in Dallas this weekend, with a big neon sign saying it's not going to lick itself behind little children, and all sorts of other pornographic statements,
Children as young as three years old were brought in and paraded around like Roman standards that have been captured by the enemy by these sickos.
But what's really important is this isn't some bottom feeding organization that just climbed up out of the muck by itself.
It has the full corporate backing of the most powerful corporations and individuals on the planet other than people like Elon Musk.
And I haven't seen Peter Thiel pushing the stuff, but by and large, it's a cult.
I've got a whole stack of news on that today.
And it's the signpost that you're entering hell.
Hell, it's the signpost that you're in hell.
Now we've got that going on.
And with it comes the economic degradation.
With it comes the inflation of the currency.
Everything that brought down the Roman Empire.
Everything that brought down Venezuela.
Everything that brought down Chile.
Everything that brought down Weimar Germany.
It's an exact path.
And we know the path we're going down.
And Weimar Germany brought a settler in World War II.
Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America.
The average citizen had more money 50 years ago than the average American citizen.
Same thing for Chile.
But they got bad governments that inflated their currency, and those elites, over the few decades it took to devalue the currency and buy up all the infrastructure for themselves, then permanently put the general public into a permanent class of poor people.
That's called feudalism, and it's an economic warfare operation.
And I have a stack of financial news today where the billionaires of the planet,
Are all making record profits and on spending sprees, buying up infrastructure and intellectual property and art and everything else, while the general public during inflation pulls back.
It's a total consolidation of everything.
And then we've got parades of Biden administration officials telling us that Biden and the globalist policies of issuing tens of trillions of dollars in stimulus packages and
Other packages for COVID that they gave to themselves, money laundering, they're saying that has nothing to do with the current situation we're in.
The good news is, national polls show over 90% know it's the big banks and they know Biden's a puppet.
Because as much as I enjoy, at a bestial level, watching Biden squirm and he's figured out it's in the news that he's hated and doesn't like it, you delusional pedophile!
You bumbling idiot!
You were put there because you're a slug, and because you were dumb enough to take the job when they're gonna bring America down, so you and your stinking family will get the blame.
And I want you and your disgusting family to burn in hell.
But I don't want you to be the scapegoat for the real powers behind the throne that have implemented every stinking bit of this.
So that's where we are today, ladies and gentlemen.
And I can tell you that the average business person I know is on the verge of bankruptcy.
I can tell you with cost increases and inflation, we are barely in the black despite me begging and pleading, and I appreciate you coming through, but not everybody's got an amazing audience like we have or the special mission we have.
So I'm going to go over all this news when we come back, not to be gloom and doom,
But to be honest with everybody about how bad it is and how bad it's gonna get.
And we have to cover this or we're gonna all be caught flat-footed and that means myself included.
I've been so busy trying to stop this that I personally have exhausted my resources and I have not spent almost any time myself getting ready for what's about to go down.
My parents have and I appreciate them doing that.
But most people don't have property.
Most people don't have a trailer to live on.
Most people don't have solar power.
Most people don't have the little bit of things I've got.
And when the EBT guards will still issue the money in the future, but when it doesn't buy the products, and it doesn't buy the cigarettes, and the alcohol, and the baby formula isn't even on the shelves,
And in these urban food deserts, folks can't get their Twinkies and their Hot Pockets.
The cities are going to burn.
And this is all the IMF World Bank documents that came out in 2002.
It's in my book, Descent into Tyranny.
Greg Powell did a great job on BBC with the documents he got.
And they cynically have a hundred part plan.
And at the end, they cause food riots in third world countries and the collapse and then buy everything up for pennies on the dollar with the inflated currency that they control.
But they got to get you bankrupt and destitute before they can be positioned to actually carry that out.
And they talk about the documents that I harped on so much.
That now in the next few decades they would do it to Western industrialized nations and they bragged because it'll be good for the earth.
There was a New York Times article on Friday bragging saying the worldwide collapse is good for the earth and I read you quotes and showed you the videos yesterday where the Demos group is saying lockdowns and collapse are good.
They're using the lockdowns to accelerate the collapse.
Then they're going to turn around and blame the virus.
As the White House is already doing.
For the economic policies that accelerated the collapse of the third world, now the UN organizing those populations to flood us as a political weapon, as an economic and cultural weapon, and we now see it.
Not because it's down the street or 10 feet in front of us, it's on top of us, punching us in the nose.
And now it's pulling out a knife to stab us.
And so Congress still sits there twiddling their thumbs.
The Republican Party is so addled and so controlled.
Got a stack of news here where they're trying to help Biden pass a bunch of gun control.
Even though Biden has the lowest approval rating of any history, any president in history, the Republican instinct is to go along with this and stab us in the back.
It's all coming up today on this Monday, June 6th, 2022 broadcast.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Banned.video is an outpost of liberty and freedom and censored truth.
We'll be right back.
I want to thank the listeners again before I go back to this critical news for keeping us in the fight.
There's nothing I want to do more than beat the globalists and get them off our back.
There's nothing I want to do more than stay in this fight.
And I can't do that without you.
And that's why when you call in and thank me, I just say, stop it right there.
The fact that you're listening, the fact that you're calling, the fact that you're spreading the word, the fact that you're supporting us together in this fight is incredible.
I want to thank you.
And when I say that, I get chills.
Those aren't words.
I hate these devil worshiping pedophiles!
Every cell in my body wants to get them off our children!
And I can't do it without you, and you can't do it without me, and we can't do it without God.
But together, we can do anything that we will.
And the fact that they've accelerated their whole agenda right now, and it's all out in the open, and the mask is off, is because the devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows his time is short.
Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, 666.
Someone hit this economic news, this all ties together.
The most important work InfoWars has ever done is now here.
And I want to thank you for sponsoring us.
We don't have the Jordan Soros's of the world funding us.
We have people like you.
I've never had big donors.
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We really can't offer deals like this much longer.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Okay, let me just start going into it here.
Man, I tell you, the problem is I got too much nish.
Again, my frustration is if I don't drill into each one properly, I don't give it context in my view.
That doesn't help things, but at the same time, you just can't get to all of it.
So I'll just give you the headlines, a little bit of the news, and then give you my synopsis.
You can go read the articles yourself and decide if you think I'm right or what you think is going on.
I'm sure you'll have something to add to it.
We're going to open the phones up at the bottom of the next hour and take a ton of calls with a special guest and studio on the topic of the world economy and how to protect ourselves and what's going on.
So let me just do it this way.
Just do it this way.
Let me just read to you some of these headlines.
Social Security and Medicare are approaching insolvency, warns the trustees.
Pretty big deal.
Gas prices on the verge of doubling since Biden's first day in Oval Office.
Transportation Secretary, there's video of this, claims Biden's actions haven't contributed to gas price doubling.
Saudis raise oil prices more than expected amid Asia rebound.
Global oil prices jumps amid supply fears.
The market has exploded.
LNC charter rate soars as traders rush to secure tankers.
Poles told to forge for wood to heat their homes in Poland.
Inflation prompts White House to cut tariffs.
As if we had any already.
Inflation divide, the wealthy splurge, all the poorest pull back.
That's the Associated Press.
I'm going to cover that detail next segment.
Individual income tax payments on pace to reach record high, but the ultra-rich are paying almost no tax.
I pay 40% on the little bit of money I end up keeping.
And, but oh, I'm not the elite, you see, so.
Musk comes out and warns and seconds what Jamie Dimon of Goldman Sachs said.
A big storm's coming.
Buss says he has a bad feeling.
Uh, yeah.
Letting you know it's coming up.
And that ties into this ABC poll.
Biden badly underwater on all of the top issues.
With Biden's approval rating hitting record low, GOP works to hand Dems a win on gun control.
That's coming up next segment.
Democrat strategist says the economy will be number one issue in midterms, not abortion or guns.
Yeah, you don't need to be James Carville to know that.
So what are they obsessing on?
White supremacy that's as rare as a leprechaun actually carrying... I mean, it happens, but, you know, somebody saw a leprechaun once.
I mean, it's going on.
It's very rare.
It's like winning a lottery, but in a bad way.
But oh, they've hired a big TV producer, it's come out, and are secretly running the January 6th as a media production, as if I needed to be told that.
They run articles every day, completely whole hog, whole cloth, making up stuff where none of it's real.
Not just a lie, the whole thing's a lie, the whole thing's made out of lies, where none of it's true.
And I'm not going to even go over all the lies.
It's just, it's staggering.
But I mean, here's an example.
Last week, hundreds of publications, Reuters, AP, New York Times, Washington Post, basically hundreds that I saw, said, Jones thrown out of bankruptcy court by the Justice Department for being a criminal, and it's a huge victory for the Sandy Hook parents.
They dropped their lawsuits against Infowars and against our key real companies, saying they were fake.
And it's a devastating victory for the truth and everything.
They're still suing free speech systems and that's ongoing, but I'm not going to give you the inside baseball, but I'm going to leave it at that.
The point is, is that they're at the table right now.
And then you look at the news, oh Alex Jones and the Justice Department, they dropped their lawsuits against InfoWars and three other companies, InfoWars Health, and so we dropped the bankruptcy, total victory, and then they spin it that I'm a criminal and the DOJ made them drop it.
I help the blind to see.
I got no friends cause they read the papers.
They can't be seen with me.
And, um, all right, I want to hit all this economic news and the Second Amendment news and the Russia news, everything here in a moment, but I want to go back to this bankruptcy thing because, look, Alex Jones and being under leprous attack and George Soros funded law firms, everybody already knows that that's old news and I don't want to hear about it.
I know you don't want to hear about it.
But the illustration of how delusional the Democratic Party is
And how they're in control of all these attacks on us.
I told you a month ago, before it hit the news, that for the first time ever that these, and I've hired top bankruptcy lawyers in the state of Texas, respected people that have done, you know, like Texaco and, you know, top oil company stuff.
Big national cases.
Known, straight-laced, respected, absolutely impeccable records.
They've never heard of the Justice Department calling up and saying, you're not to give Alex Jones access to the courts.
They called the judges up.
They called the trustees up.
And said, Alex Jones doesn't get access to bankruptcy courts.
This comes from the President.
And then,
The Justice Department told the Sandy Hook Democrat lawyers, drop these cases against Jones.
These aren't real companies.
And then they dropped the lawsuits against Infowars and almost all our companies.
Now they can never go after me.
I mean, again, they just say I'm a villain.
They say I'm a fraud.
I went into bankruptcy to show them how much money I've got so that they will leave me alone and know that I don't have hardly any money.
They put all these lies on TV.
I've got hundreds of millions of dollars.
I don't have two million dollars myself.
The company was insolvent until donations came in.
We're still barely in the black.
And imagine the craziness of my lawyers saying, well don't talk about it yet because nobody's going to believe it, but the Justice Department just called up the former head bankruptcy judge in Austin that was one of the trustees.
Totally impartial.
That's how these things work.
A Democrat.
And told their lawyer, you are not to be involved with Jones.
And you are not to give him access to the courts.
They said, well, you have no standing to say that.
And they said, well, it's a policy decision from Biden.
Now imagine that.
And then I came on air and I said, I told my lawyer, I said, I don't care.
I'm going to talk about it.
I'm going to be very basic with the Justice Department, head of the National Trustee Office for federal bankruptcy over the whole country that never gets involved in any of this stuff, directly calling up people saying he doesn't get access to the courts.
And then, saying it's a fraud, the DOJ was then all over the news a month ago, you saw it, saying Jones has filed sinister fraud.
They didn't look at the bankruptcy, they didn't look at the books, it never even got to that point, they just said it's a fraud.
And then the Sandy Hook Democrat Party law firms
In Texas and Connecticut, they're all coordinated, drop their lawsuits against four of our key companies that makes up like 70% of InfoWars.
The InfoWars website, all of it.
I mean, is the InfoWars website a fraud?
Is it not part of our most important asset?
So again, these people are crazy.
I mean, that's all I'm telling you, folks, is they have decided we're Hitler.
They believe whatever they spew out of their mouths.
And what they are is like fiction writers, but they're crazy people.
Because if you've ever been around crazy people, they will really believe whatever it is they think.
Whatever it is pops into their brains.
And that is the mental illness of crazy people.
That is, that is the bizarreness of these.
And so, just understand folks, that's who runs the country.
That's who, I mean, we literally come to the table and go, here's everything.
You say we're already guilty without a jury trial.
Okay, we don't have a lot of extra money.
So under law, here.
Come, come look with the federal judges.
I'd go to jail if I lie about anything.
Come check everything and stop lying about us.
And they go, no, we don't want that.
One, a show trial.
Two in Texas.
And one in Connecticut starting this summer into the midterm.
And they even admit they've hired HBO and Netflix.
And we go to the hearings and the judges are putting makeup on and being mic'd up and they're all getting up there.
And they want three Johnny Depp style trials.
And that's all they care about.
So I don't think the Justice Department is stupid or crazy.
Maybe they are.
Maybe it's just they just don't care.
And they just want their show trials.
So that's the type of people that are in control of the nation.
And they're running it into the ground.
And now they've hired a former top network TV drama producer.
You know, people that produce
Cop shows and court shows to put on the January 6th event.
And then we see what the so-called witnesses told him.
We see the statements they put out.
The January 6th committee says, we've got Mark Meadows and Roger Stone and Alex Jones all coordinating.
Never talked to Mark Meadows.
Roger Stone never talked to Mark Meadows.
Roger Stone wasn't involved in any of the planning.
I was involved in planning a peaceful rallies, but the January 6th committee is going to have hearings.
Did Trump gave the orders?
And look, look, I know, you know, they lie, but I mean, folks, these people are out of their minds.
I don't
When I was younger, I hated the globalists, and I still hate them some, but I was driven mainly by hate, not by, partially by love, but hate was the majority of my drive.
And that's wrong, and I've learned how to not do that in the last few years.
I've grown up a lot.
But I really don't even hate these people.
They're pathetic.
They're nuts.
You feel sorry for them.
And you just wonder, like, what is it like to be them getting up on TV at press conferences and saying, we have nothing to do with inflation.
There's plenty of baby formula.
There is no inflation, they said last year.
Now, oh, inflation's good.
Oh, inflation's real.
It's Putin's fault.
And you just sit back and you watch them change their stance day to day, week after week, month after month, and they're just jokes!
They're a bunch of crazy freaks that we have let take control of our lives.
These people can't run their own lives.
Statistically, their children commit the most suicide.
They're in drug rehabs constantly.
I'm not people that are.
But they're just mental patients.
The WikiLeaks came out, and it was all these top Democrat strategists, the Podestas and others, with Hillary, doing Thelema, or Alistair Crowley magic.
Oh, my wife's really sick.
We're all going to get together, they say in the emails, and we're going to do a Thelema ritual.
They're following a loser, Alistair Crowley.
But you know who's really pathetic?
Because we step back and let these criminals run everything when they're devil worshipping?
I mean, do you...
I mean, really, at the end of the day, the people running things are devil worshipper pedophiles.
And now they're externalizing who they are to all of us, because they've been caught, and they're like, you know what?
We are pedophiles.
We are devil worshippers.
Get used to it.
By the way, you're going to eat bugs.
You're going to drink sewage.
You know what?
I got an idea.
How about you all go to prison?
How about that?
Get off our backs, you psychos!
You know, if you want to think about who the Democrats are,
They're all a bunch of Avenatis.
Just delusional, crazy crooks that can't even run their own lives.
Just running around trying to see who they can push around, who they can lie about.
They got the whole corporate media and big tech ganged up against the people and they thought long-term that would win?
They're a joke.
Alright, here's the deal.
We're gonna open their phones up on the economy.
I don't know.
Jones is a fraud.
Jones has filed a criminal bankruptcy.
Jones, never looking at one document, none of it ever even got entered in.
Never got to that point.
They're supposed to be a deliberative body.
They're supposed to get evidence.
They're supposed to actually know what they're talking about.
And then again, they smoke their own dope and drop all their challenges against our main companies, saying it's a fraud.
Because you see, they think I'm like them.
They think everything comes out of my mouth is a lie like them.
When everything I do is to strive to be as accurate as I can because I believe that's the currency people want is truth.
I don't want to hang around with people.
I don't want to listen to people.
I don't want to know people that I can't turn my back on.
I want to find people in my life that I know, if I call them at 3 a.m., will come to my aid, and I'll come to their aid.
I want to be around people that I know are good and decent, like my family!
But you see, these leftists are so divorced from God, they don't even know there's good people!
They literally think we're like them.
And guess what, losers?
We're not.
We're good.
And it doesn't matter how many lies you spew or what crap you put out.
The listeners, and there's millions and millions every day and millions more every week, they tune in here because they know they're getting their best shot at accurate analysis.
And when I'm wrong, I'll tell you, because I want you to know it.
Because I want to get better.
And that's really the difference.
These people just think up the biggest lies they can and think about how do they deceive people and how do they screw people.
I don't want to live in a world like that.
I have children.
You think I want to go around screwing people?
You don't think I don't know karma is real?
You reap what you sow?
Because I've done things unintentionally bad in my life.
And it came back on me.
I'm scared to do bad.
It's not like I want to do bad either.
I morally don't want to do bad.
But I'm scared to mess up.
And that's why we're so different from these people.
Is I'm scared I'm going to get pissed and bash somebody's brains out.
I know I have weaknesses.
I know I'm a lustful person.
I got to keep that under control.
And I know when I get under pressure, my mind will twist things sometimes and convince me that doing bad things is moral.
When I was younger, I couldn't control that and made a lot of mistakes.
I make far fewer now.
But the reason I'm talking about this journey I'm on, you're on, we're on
Is because it's a journey people serving evil need to understand why they're so unhappy.
And that doing more and more bad, telling bigger and bigger lies, is not going to help you in the future.
Don't you globalists, leftists, and minions of the system want truth?
Don't you hunger after it?
Don't you want to know the secrets of the universe?
That's truth.
Don't you want to really know who you are?
Don't you really want to be around good people you can trust?
Such a satisfying thing to have people I can trust.
You know, I've had great crews in the last 28 years.
Back 28 years ago, it was only two or three people.
Today, it's close to 100.
But I can tell you, I trust every member of this crew, and I know they're good souls, and that is such wealth.
To know that I've got people, like panning for gold all these years in this river, that we have got these nuggets of gold here of the Infowars operation.
And then I think about those nuggets of gold and I look out at you and I see seas of gold.
I just see incredible, honorable people.
I'm willing to go to prison.
I'm willing to be executed.
I'm willing to die.
I'm willing to be tortured because it's a blessing.
To meet you on the street, and I look into your eyes, you could be brown, you could be black, you could be pink.
I guess there are some white people.
A few white folks are actually white.
Most of us are pink.
Little geckos or something.
But the point is, is that when I see the fire in a black woman's eyes that loves liberty, or a white woman's eyes, or a brown man's eyes, I see God.
And it's like that line with Robert Duvall in the incredible nightmare film, based on the incredible book, The Road of Viggo Mortensen.
In this desolate world, 90 plus percent population reduction, total collapse of civilization.
They're having a campfire and Robert Duvall says, that boy of yours, that's God.
Not he's God, but that's God living in there.
That's the future.
That's the children.
That's everything good.
That's what we should be standing up for.
Great job of the crew finding that in five seconds.
Man, they're fast.
Maybe find that with audio and we'll play that clip if you can get it.
Let me know when you got it.
And so, when I see these hordes of empty wraiths, these ghosts, these zombies, these taken-over individuals, lusting after our children's innocence, lusting after their bodies, lusting after their energy, it's because they are so incredibly empty.
And they think, finally, if they can just corrupt children and their future and wreck them,
That then they would finally be fulfilled, and that's the lie of evil, is it gets control of you, it takes over your life, and then it demands more and more and more until you have nothing.
Imagine these drag queen pedo time events with big giant red neon letters if you're a radio listener and you don't see it.
Behind them saying it's not gonna lick itself.
And all the festooned posters in the debauchery bar of men doing all sorts of crazy stuff to each other.
And then they march a bunch of children in there.
Can you imagine?
You know, I've been to plenty of topless bars in my life.
I haven't been to one in a long time.
And still women are being exploited.
They're exploiting you and the whole thing's seedy.
But it's adults.
Adults can do that if they want.
And imagine if you were at a topless bar at midnight on a Friday night, and they marched a six-year-old girl or boy up on the stage, and people started throwing money at them.
You would flip out.
You'd call the police.
But when it's done at the sex bars with children in Dallas, Texas, and the children, we got video of it, are giving them money, offerings under this.
Not a damn thing said in the corporate media and it's sick and it's evil.
If I was at a topless bar, like Joe Rogan and I used to go to them all the time decades ago.
Not name-dropping, I just used to go with a lot.
He was in comedy clubs every month or so in Texas.
We'd hang out in Houston, Austin, you name it.
And I guarantee you, if I was in a topless bar, and I saw them march a five-year-old girl up on stage, and people start giving her money, I'd call the police, and I'd stand up and say, this is wrong, and if some bouncer got in my face, I'm not calling for violence.
I'm telling you what would happen.
That bouncer would get their jaw broken, just like that.
But you know, there's not bouncers at tapas bars that want to march five-year-old kids up on stage.
Hell, people on death row don't want that.
But this is done out in the open, in front of everybody, pissing on our children, and celebrating them like trophies that these sick, evil demons have captured, and it's wrong.
Even Bill Maher's come out against it.
Where's your line in the sand?
How far will you go?
If you think about where we are today, will we be in a year, two years, three years?
You know where.
Hell, open pedophilia is already being pushed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, everywhere.
Headlines like, take your kids to a gay parade.
The kink is good.
They're having sex in the street.
This is a pedophile cult that wants us to sell our soul.
Well guess what?
It ain't for sale!
FreeWorldOutlet.com is an amazing organization that we have
I don't know.
We're partnered with them, and things like DNA Force Plus that have been sold out at InfoWars store, it's available there.
Things like X-Tube being sold at full price, 40% off at FreeWorldOutlet.com and so much more.
Here's some of the others.
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And so many other specials you won't find anywhere else but FreeWorldOutlet.com.
FreeWorldOutlet.com and keep InfoWars in the air while getting great products.
This is all about Satanism, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's Satanism Demystified.
There are many preconceived notions about what defines Satanism.
Some people will say that Satanists are just playing dress-up.
Some say they sacrifice children.
And others believe they have magical powers.
But the truth is much more simple.
Most people will agree that Satanism is the antithesis of Christianity.
So first we must define what Christianity is.
In a sentence, Christianity is the impulse to express brotherly love towards our fellow man.
Satanism does not have that impulse at all.
In the most simple terms, Satanism can be described with the pop culture phrase, pimps and hoes.
If these words upset you, good.
We are talking about the nature of evil.
And if it makes light of it, even better.
These animals are nothing to fear.
While the rich and powerful Satanists want you to believe they are witches and warlocks, they are nothing more than pimps and hoes.
Cannibals, feeding off other people like predatory animals.
Completely devoid of the impulse for brotherly love, Satanism is base-level animal tribalism.
An animal hierarchy comprised of the pimps at the top, the hoes they control, and the tricks they both exploit.
This is the law of the jungle, which has existed for millennia.
A survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog world, where the nice guys always finish last.
It is the patriarchy that the anti-Christians claim to oppose, which makes no sense, because we are only able to transcend this ruthlessness with the Christian impulse of brotherly love, where everyone is equally welcome.
There is much talk about a battle being waged between good and evil.
But this sort of simple black and white duality only exists in our mind.
In reality, what's going on is a balancing act between our spirit and our body.
While our spirit may be drawn to love and light, our body is an animal with innate animal instincts that cannot easily be suppressed.
And like every other species of animal,
The primary instincts are survival and reproduction.
So as far as mammals go, the female is the ultimate prize in the game of life.
A society built upon a Christian ethos of brotherly love is one that honors individual freedom.
And the way to satisfy our animal desires for survival with brotherly love is through marriage and raising a family with some degree of selflessness.
And without the Christian ethos of brotherly love, the Satanist simply sees women as the most valued commodity to be bought and sold for one's own selfish desire.
Pimps and hoes.
Whether it be in the poorest communities or at the top of the pyramid, Satanism is all about control.
And the ones at the top have invested everything into their technocratic pop culture media machine.
Which is their main method of pimping.
And they see the brainwashed masses as their hoes.
Because according to the laws of the jungle, they own them.
Which is why they resent the Christian ethos.
Because it is the only thing on earth that stands against them.
But the real problem with Satanism is that it keeps an individual from knowing God and discovering their true path.
Our free will allows us the choice to either transcend spiritually, which requires a personal relationship with God, or descend into the animal kingdom and forever remain a beast, which is what the pimps and hoes are ultimately selling.
But we don't have to buy it.
Satanic influence has always been with us, and it is nothing to fear.
These satanist pimps are not gods.
They are merely animals playing mind tricks and spinning lies.
Redemption is for everyone and humanity has a choice.
We can either submit to the beast system and live like animals or we can follow the Christian impulse for brotherly love and stand up against evil so that our children will know freedom.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, we've got a surprise special guest in studio.
We're talking about the world economy and what's happening on Protect Yourself and More, bottom of the hour.
But let's continue getting into this news here.
So ABC poll Biden badly underwater on all of the top issues.
Inflation, gas prices, crime, gun violence, abortion, COVID-19.
But the biggest issue is the inflation and the idea that Biden isn't the figurehead.
The fact that the buck doesn't stop with him.
The idea with countless headlines every day that Biden doesn't know how to
Fix the inflation.
Biden doesn't know how to cut the gas prices.
When what does he want?
More trillion dollar, two trillion dollar, three trillion dollar extra spending packages.
He wants to forgive student loans.
He wants to raise taxes on corporations.
They've already written loopholes not to pay taxes.
So the small corporations that actually do pay taxes will then pass the prices on.
He says that will lower inflation.
In eighth grade economics class they'll teach you that will increase taxes, but when they ask his Treasury Secretary about it, when they ask the Commerce Secretary about it, they say, oh, we've not contributed any to that.
Those are quotes.
You're like, that's not true.
They're gaslighting.
And so James Carville comes out,
Democrat strategist, economy will be number one issue in midterms, not abortion or guns, which is totally true.
So why then are they spending all their time on the guns?
Because that's the globalist agenda and what the big money, when big tech gives money or others, it's known you don't get the money, not just for their industry, but unless you promote pedophilia,
Open borders, devaluing currency, carbon taxes, net zero, all of the agenda of the World Economic Forum.
And that's why we see Mitch McConnell and the rest of them vehemently supporting Biden and his six anti-gun bills.
With Biden's approval rating hitting record low, GOP works to hand Dems a win on gun control.
Information at Liberation.com, article on Infowars.com.
Joe Biden's approval rating is lower than every president of the modern era at this stage of the term.
But Republican senators are working to hand him a big win and sell out their base by teaming up with Democrats to pass gun control legislation.
And the article goes through all the different Republicans that are going along with this.
Pat Toomey on Face the Nation and the rest of them.
Mitch McConnell supporting the gun control measures.
These people are a plague on us and our families.
But what else are they doing?
I mentioned this earlier, but let's actually name names here.
Axios reports.
January 6th committee's secret advisor.
And they've got all the networks promoting, oh it's the biggest show on earth, bigger than PT Barnum, step right up ladies and gentlemen.
We're gonna show you incredible bombshell January 6th information proving Trump was commanding the attack on the Capitol.
And then now,
The press, even mainstream media is reporting, well, we've been given a preview, there's no proof.
Oh, you want proof?
The House January 6th Committee has turned to a renowned former network news executive to hone a mountain of explosive material into a captivating multimedia presentation for primetime hearing.
James Goldston, former president of ABC News,
He also produces TV shows and a master documentary storyteller who ran Good Morning America and Nightline, all with imploded ratings, has joined the committee as an unannounced advisor!
Oh my gosh!
You mean it's a Hollywood production.
Why it matters.
I'm told Goldston is busily producing Thursday's 8pm ET hearing as if it were a blockbuster investigative special.
So, their own advisors say, listen, they don't care about January 6th.
They know it's crazy people with guns.
The public doesn't want their guns taken.
They care about inflation, exploding energy prices that are part of that, the open borders, the crime waves.
And their answer is, but we're going to tell you that January 6th was just the ultimate example of evil ever seen on planet Earth.
And it goes on from there.
Gun violence results in at least 10 mass shootings over the weekend, Wall Street Journal reports.
But it's not getting a lot of coverage because almost every one of them was black gangs shooting black gangs.
And it's still terrible.
And I'm against it.
And I wish it wouldn't have happened.
But it's not that white supremacist.
That they were looking for.
Speaking of black-on-black, but this is Islamic-on-Christian, Nigeria is being invaded by Boko Haram.
Nigeria has tens of thousands of its mainly Christian citizens killed every year by Muslims coming out of the north, trying to take it over.
And so yesterday, there was at least 50 killed, including women and children, in a satanic massacre, the Sun calls it.
And I have Reuters and other articles saying, we don't know who did it.
There have been hundreds of mall and market and church shootings where the Islamists know it's all Christians.
I forget the exact demographics, but it's like 60% Christian, 30% animist, meaning nature worshippers, sun worshippers, and 10% Muslim.
It was like 5% a decade ago.
The Muslims are taking over.
And of course, the prime suspects in Kenya, or Nigeria, or wherever you are in Africa, is the Muslims.
Hell, in Sudan, it's a 15-year war.
The Muslims attacking the South, trying to kill all the Christians.
They even got bombers and tanks and missiles given to them by places like Saudi Arabia.
So, at least 50 people have been slaughtered in a satanic massacre by twisted gunmen dubbed bandits at a Nigerian church.
Yeah, bandits.
Women and children were among the victims of the gunman-opened fire on Worshippers Side and outside St.
Francis Catholic Church in the town of Owo.
And nowhere here do they ever say, hmm, wonder if it's the group that's done it over and over again.
And the media is so controlled, even if Boko Haram or other groups take credit, you're not going to see it in the news.
Meanwhile, I didn't get to this clip yesterday.
We're going to play it when we come back.
When I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
And when I made a mistake, I admit it.
And I've got egg all over my face.
Alex Jones is not always right.
And I'm ashamed of myself.
And I don't say that to like, Oh, look, he's ashamed of himself.
I mean, that's how I feel.
I need to admit that.
I am tired.
And I didn't want to get in the car and drive three hours to Uvalde.
And I just want to believe in Texas and I want to believe in police.
I want to believe in the system.
Because I know that that old system is not perfect, but it's under attack.
So I got up here on air and I regurgitated the official story.
And even after the evidence came out that it was a lie, I just lazily went along with it.
And now the jury's in.
And, uh, well, I'll tell you the rest on the other side.
I'll just, I'll be completely honest, because it's not just about me, it's about understanding the thought process that we're all having.
But, uh, the... Yuvaldi smells bad, guys.
And I'll just say it when we come back.
Stay with us.
I see the lens of the world through my own eyes, so do you.
The Bible says we all see through a rose colored darkly.
And so, no amount of intimidation, no amount of threats, no amount of attacks is going to make me change what I say and I do.
And so, two weeks ago, when the tragic event unfolded in Uvalde, Texas, with 19 children and two teachers killed.
There were publications everywhere saying, will Alex Jones say this is a false flag?
Will Alex Jones say this was staged?
Because Jones always says it's staged.
No, I don't always say it's staged.
When there's an hour stand down at Columbine, and they knew it was going to happen, and they stood down, I said it was suspicious.
And the children reported, the teenagers reported, multiple gunmen in the building.
And men that were adults doing it.
We've covered that.
Greg Reese did a great report on it last week.
And then you look at the stand down in Broward County a few years ago.
Tragic event.
What happened there?
And they knew the guy was a shooter.
They knew he was planning it.
They called him school shooter.
They stood down for at least 12-14 minutes outside when they knew he was running around shooting people.
And the list goes on and on.
We have the Buffalo white supremacist shooter.
Turns out was in constant communication with a former federal agent.
That obviously leads to provocateuring.
Leans towards that.
So just because I've been sued by the Democratic Party for questioning mass shootings isn't the reason I came out two weeks ago on Tuesday after it happened and said, well, the police say that they chased him in there and engaged him and a hero border patrol agent killed him within 12 minutes.
And then, well, he was barricaded inside there and we're not sure.
It was 45 minutes, and then it was 60 minutes, and then it was 70 minutes.
Now it's 75 minutes that they stood outside, the state police, local police, all of them, and held the families back, and they lied about it for a week, and finally the head of the DPS went down there and said, I was misled.
And the governor said he was misled.
And then I said, okay, it looks like we were lied to.
But I should have gotten in a car, and I should have gone down there, three hours away, and I should have interviewed people like I used to do.
I didn't not do it because I've been sued for asking questions.
I still said Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace were staged, and we still think something's stage-sad.
But I still kind of just stayed out of it because it's such a toxic situation.
And if it happens again like this, we won't be like that.
So I subconsciously backed off of this because it's so painful.
I mean, who wants to be around something like that and the grieving parents and others?
And so we dropped the ball.
We gave the police the benefit of the doubt because it's Texas and the police have been under attack and I want to believe in the police.
But the head police chief of the school district there is in hiding.
He was already elected to the city council.
He won't talk to the press.
He won't talk to the state police or Texas Rangers.
He won't talk to the feds and
Who knows what happened?
Because it turns out there weren't police in there for an hour.
It turns out they weren't outside the barricaded door.
They now say none of that was true.
On what planet do we live, for 70 plus minutes, hundreds of police stand around, sitting on their hands, that's a nice way of saying it, with their thumbs in their rear ends, doing nothing because the head
The top of the school district said so, who it turns out wasn't in radio communication, and who it turns out wasn't even on the scene.
That's dereliction of duty.
That is serious.
And I want him indicted for negligence.
And I want him indicted for fraud.
And I want everybody else that lied in trouble.
Because if we don't keep the police accountable, we're in a police state.
That doesn't mean when the left goes after them for no reason, we back them.
But this is shameful, and this is disgusting.
And quite frankly, who the hell knows what happened?
I'm really suspicious now of this police chief, and I'm really suspicious of the whole thing, and the timing, and the midterms, and all of it, and you got the white supremacist with the feds, and all of it, and that's being covered up.
Is the average cop bad?
No, they followed orders and stood there, but these moms had better instincts.
And the off-duty cops went and got their own kids.
So here's this powerful woman, who I really want to get on the show.
In fact, I want to send Christy Lee down there to interview her or others.
Uvalde mom who saved kids from school shootings says police threatened her.
This is, uh, Angela Gomez.
This woman is who the police chief should be.
I am so ashamed.
Of Texas.
I'm ashamed that I bought their BS.
And I'm pissed.
Now, I don't know what went on down there.
But for all we know, it could be MKUltra.
For all we know.
My God, yet again, man.
Just like the Whitmer case I thought was staged, turned out it was all fake!
We need to find out what the hell's going on.
This guy told six friends he was gonna shoot the school up.
The police were told and were not given a warrant to go after him.
Why are the police following orders?
It's following orders at a time like this and the cops tasing fathers and mothers.
It's disgusting!
And the police aided and abetted that murderer by protecting him while he killed those people!
Here she is.
Arrest you because you're being very uncooperative.
I said, well, you're going to have to arrest me because I'm going in there and I'm telling you right now, I don't see none of y'all in there.
Y'all are standing with snipers and y'all are far away.
If y'all don't go in there, I'm going in there.
He immediately put me in cuffs.
She says after Uvalde police officers told marshals to uncuff Gomez, she ran towards a school.
As soon as they uncuffed me, I jumped that first gate fence.
And once I jumped it, I went to my son's class.
And then I knocked on the door and I remember the teacher saying, um, I'm like, hey, they're already, they're already, um, bulge cutting the fence to get me.
She's like, you think we have time to get out?
I said, you'll have time.
I'm going to run for my other son.
Once she was assured her son was okay, Gomez ran to get her other child, encountering more officers who tried to stop her.
So I start yelling and I'm being a cooperative and I'm like, well y'all aren't doing sh**.
What are y'all doing?
Y'all ain't doing sh**.
Y'all need to be in here.
Somebody give me a vest.
Give me a vest.
I started paying attention to how far the shots were being so that I knew the shooter was all the way still by my first son's class.
So when I went to my second son's door, the teacher didn't want to open the door for me.
So that's when they started escorting me out.
And as I see that they're opening my son's door, I go run for my son and I get him.
With both of her kids out safe, Gomez still can't shake the thought of those who didn't make it.
While you were inside the school, did you see officers inside the school?
There was not one officer inside the school when I ran to my second son's class.
There was not one officer.
And you were hearing gunshots, so you knew that it was an active shooter.
You could hear the gunshots.
It was still active.
The gunshots were still active.
They were not in there.
There was no one in there.
If anything, when I pulled up, my car was closer to the school than where the snipers and everybody that was laying on the ground were.
When you heard that it took law enforcement 75 minutes before they went in and stopped the shooter, what was your thinking, having been inside the school yourself?
I was just thinking that they could have saved many more lives.
I don't know.
They could have gone into that classroom and maybe two or three would have been gone, but they could have saved a whole, a whole more, the whole class.
They could have done something.
Gone through the window, sniped them through the window.
I mean,
Something but nothing was being done if anything they were being more aggressive on us parents That were willing to go in there and like I told one of the officers I don't need you to protect me get away from me I don't need your protection if anything I need you to go in there with me to go protect my kids and If anything they were being more aggressive on us They're more pertain on keeping us back than getting into that school.
So this woman followed her god-given instincts.
She's a good mother and The police followed the criminal orders of that police chief who needs to be in handcuffs right now
Hey, I want him arrested now.
Arrest that son of a bitch right now!
Right now!
No more of this crap!
I bitched out Florida for standing out for 14 minutes.
Texas stands down for over 70.
Do you wanna take a life?
Do you wanna cross that line?
Because it's a long way back from hell.
It wasn't until this Friday night that I hit a wall.
I was supposed to be finishing my nightly newsletter that I mentioned...
Do you like your new body?
I love it!
Your operation's blown!
This is my biggest bugger right here.
Oh my gosh.
Come on over here.
I'm scared.
Come on over here.
No, you flipped me off.
Come on, sour.
No, no, no.
Come on.
You're not an intellectual.
You're a fake and a fraud.
Has she gone or is she here?
Kathleen Kennedy's employment status is queer.
Live coverage of the world burning.
This is the Info War with Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us today.
Your call special guest coming up right now.
What's happening?
What are you over the UK?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm just some some limey.
But you're extremely handsome.
Sweet love is just having fun here on air.
And it's good to have a balance.
But at the same time, the world's a very serious place.
The way to reach new people is comedy, and that's what we're doing here today.
Serious stuff's coming up right now.
I love this show!
Friday Night Tights!
Here they come, and the crowd cannot wait!
Oh, they're riding in tight!
I apologize, there's a problem, please wait!
You know, I love stuff like that.
And I love going on comedy shows.
I love having a lot of fun with people.
And that's actually what I want to do.
That's who I am.
But we got serious issues to cover in this very serious world.
So I asked one of the smartest lawyers I know, Tyler Bennett, to fly out here from Los Angeles to this big six-story, you know, compound and to take your calls today for the next hour.
And 22 minutes we have left with him ahead of the next guest host that takes over, Gerald Celente, in the fourth hour.
And we're going to open the phones up specifically for all of you that have economic and tax questions.
And the reason I hyped this so much is it's a total 360 win.
And anything that's a win for everybody is where I live.
Alex Jones lives in the 360 win.
If it helps me and it helps you and it helps everybody,
That's the Genesis factor.
That's where I'm at.
That's what God gave us.
We're supposed to do stuff that helps ourselves and helps others.
And if we've got to get hurt ourselves to help others, well, we do it.
But that's if we have to.
We want the 360 win.
We don't want to be martyrs here.
If we need to, we'll do it.
We want the non-zero sum game.
And so I asked him to fly here a few weeks ago.
He was too busy because he's got so many companies and so many big things and a big trust company they run.
But he got here and he's here actually to advise us on taxes and things.
That's why he brought some of his great crew today.
They're meeting just a few offices over from us.
But Tyler Bennett, great tax lawyer, great guy.
American Tax Solutions, jonestaxrelief.com.
Takes you right to where it's the same site, but we get sponsorship from the number of people that go there.
Just do a consultation, folks.
You're crazy if you don't.
We'll put the toll-free number on screen as well.
But we're going to take calls.
Starting next hour, for a full hour, your tax questions, and believe me, whether you are a busboy, or whether you are a millionaire, whether you own a car dealership, you're a farmer, whether you're an auto mechanic, or whether you're a teacher, it doesn't matter.
The system has all these loopholes for themselves that are totally legal that they don't want you to know about.
So I'll give the number out as we go to break, coming up here in a few minutes.
But Tyler Bennett, you've also got a bunch of notes here you knocked out of the park today on American Journal with Harrison Smith.
Well, thanks.
Great to be back, Alex, and in studio here in the wonderful state of Texas.
And you know what it's all about is inflation, OK?
Because there's taxes, but then you're getting taxed again on inflation.
And if you are not the fat cats at the top,
And you don't have the proper representation, dollars per donuts, you're paying more than you absolutely need to in taxes, which, according to the IRS Bill of Rights, it's your right to pay the least amount as legally possible using all legal avenues available, right?
And in this system that we exist in right now, it's akin to taxation without representation because you don't know what the tax laws are, and even the IRS has admitted
They're people that collect against you in the state.
They don't know what the tax laws are either.
They just go off of the mail.
I want to be clear right here.
There's three or four groups, but there's globalists that pay no taxes and they own the system.
There's people that know the loopholes for the nouveau riche and the general public that can mitigate it 90%.
Then there's people that just are chumps and go along and get ripped off.
And then there's people that believe a bunch of, hey, I don't have to pay this, it's all a fraud, and you might be okay, you might get your legs broken, and I'm not bashing if you do that.
For me, this is the safest, clearest way to mitigate it and not get put in prison.
So when we talk about those three groups, the group on top, it's a club.
Absolutely, Alex.
You and me and all your listeners, we're never going to be part of their club.
But the thing is, is that specific group of corporations and people, Facebook, Apple, they are the oil companies now.
They're posting record profits this year.
And the reason is because
Inflation does not affect them in the same way it does you and me.
For you and me, we go to the gas pump and we pay more for the same gallon of gas because our dollar is worth less.
The corporations and the people on top of the pyramid, they just charge more and make more money.
And I'm going to explain that when we come back.
Because like Biden's ass.
Oh, let's increase corporation taxes.
They'll just pass it on.
They pass that on directly to the consumer, just as they are doing with inflation right now.
All right, Tyler Bennett, stay there, and I got articles from the Associated Press and others to back you up.
This is what they don't want you to know, and the thrill of my life is teaching people the hat trick, teaching them the magician's trick, because I want to empower you, because I believe in you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You may not get what you're after to learn about the secrets of the universe until the day you die.
But you can certainly learn the secrets year to year, how they change the tax code to screw you, and the CPAs and the lawyers are always five years behind, but not Tyler Bennett.
Cut and dry.
Cut the chase.
Save you so much money right now on hundreds of different services and fronts where they save you money and they just get part of the savings you get at jonestaxrelief.com, which takes you to American Tax Solutions.
Now, I've had a lot of callers and a lot of emails saying, hey, I want to ask Tyler Bennett questions on air.
They can call you at your Vegas offices, your offices in LA, and other offices.
They can get answers.
But they want you to answer questions.
And next hour...
We're going to probably take 20 phone calls, so get ready, we're going to go to you, have your question, he's ready to answer it.
The toll-free number is 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX.
On the economy, on taxes, on corporations, on trust, you want real stuff that the establishment uses, not BS, not vapor in the air, not
Some of the patriot-ness info out there that'll get your ass put in prison, but real information on how to work within the system and not go to prison and save most your money, especially with this inflation going on.
And let's put on screen, because I've got it here in my folder, but...
Let's put it on screen.
The website is jonestaxrelief.com, and then there's also a toll-free number, which I do not have memorized.
Here it is, 833-900-4285.
There it is, 833-900-4285, jonestaxrelief.com, 833-900-4285.
Tyler Bennett, those calls are getting racked up and loaded up right now to ask you questions, but you got a lot of notes there, brother.
Take it away.
Alright Alex, so as we were saying right before the commercial break, those top 25 people, if you will, made $400 billion last year, okay?
And collectively, they paid $13.4 billion in taxes.
Now, if you do the math, that's less than 5%.
And the reason why that's infuriating is you, me, and your audience
I don't know.
We're good to go.
is a piece of paper that is, you know, signed by an attorney.
Contract power.
And that's what these people make utilizations of that the middle class doesn't.
It's because of a lack of education generally.
You know, I never learned in high school how to do taxes, entity, any sort of financial literacy at all.
That's by design.
It is by design because they want to keep their club
Just exactly that.
You're not part of the cabal, so you can pay more in taxes.
That's what George Carlin says.
It's a big club and you ain't in it.
That's exactly right.
Brilliant, man.
But this lets us crash the club.
So what they do, what the globalists do, is they're right here.
Their assets are right here, and they put the most amount of entities, trusts, corporations, literally pieces of paper, in between them.
And they act like it's all super secret, but really it's all right there for anybody.
It is actually right there for anybody in the tax code, but I've told people this before, if you ever can't sleep at night and you're up, take a read of just a few pages of the tax code.
You'll be out in minutes, because it's written to be horribly boring and hard to understand, and that is, again, by design.
Every line sources some other document.
So, the, well let me just say, income, one word, that definition is 60 pages of the tax code.
So, there you go.
Not to mention the regulations and... But you eat, drink and sleep, I call you at 2am and you answer, you eat, drink and sleep to some of your other lawyers and CPAs, you guys are on the cutting edge, because again, they change it every year or two so the general public doesn't get it, you're with the new thing.
So the truth is, this is very easy, but you're going to have to change it every year.
Exactly, and that's where good intending tax firms fall behind, because they're not up to date on the tax changes every year, every few years, right?
You know, if you've got crypto, ask yourself, can your accountant spell Ethereum?
If not, you probably have it wrong.
I called you two, but I called like four others.
They're like, how do they know you got millions of donations?
They don't even know what blockchain is.
Telling them what it is.
You know, your average tax firm and, you know, no, not talking any crap.
They are risk adverse and they do not want you to have an audit or them to get audited because that's going to hurt them.
But you get protected by having a law firm like yours behind you.
Yeah, so what they do... You guys write a letter, you certify it.
They overcompensate, and in the essence, you lose money.
Deductions you could have had because they don't want to be an advocate for you, they just want to... And that's the reason I get you on, because this is just so solution-based, and it's all right there.
Yeah, listen, it's in the taxpayer bill of rights not to pay a dime more than you owe.
And so, listen, we'll take the IRS to court if they want us to.
Well, just off record, I don't want to say the name of the firm, but I believe you.
I know you're great.
That's why you're a sponsor.
But months ago, when this all started happening, donations of crypto, I went to one of the other big firms at Stone.
I said, here's the plan I've been given.
They said, yeah, that's a dead-on plan.
But we recommend it.
It's just dead-on.
I mean, listen.
But other lawyers, they're like, I'm not being mean, they just, they're in the old world.
They're like dinosaurs.
That's what I was saying before.
So, I mean, these people went to college and stuff since they think, you know what, the law's not going to change that much and I can just continue going forward.
Well, you can, but you're going to end up paying the IRS more than you need to because the laws, the munitia changes every year and we have to be up to date on that.
Like, for example, the $650 filing requirement for Etsy, eBay, that kind of thing.
That's a direct attack on the middle class.
Anything like $600 or more, Biden wants reported.
Talk about that.
So there's this concept called the tax gap.
That is the difference between the amount of money that the United States spends and the amount of money that it generates in tax revenue.
Now, if we were just to tax the globalists half a percent more, the entire tax gap would close.
But instead, of course, because we're not part of their cabal, they said, hey, let's tax good old mom and pop who made a thousand dollars selling who they said were not essential.
They're at war with the middle class.
Right, they are.
They want the middle class to be depleting of their savings accounts and be completely relying upon the government for everything.
Well Schwab admits that.
Here's a few headlines.
Inflation divide.
The wealthy splurge, the poorest pull back.
They're using all their fiat currency to buy everything up.
Wall Street Journal.
Individual income tax payments on pace to reach record level.
So the globalists pay almost nothing, 1% on average, but the average person is paying record level.
That's not fair.
And it's all in the code.
And one of the main reasons for that is individuals, you and me, we have a graduated tax code.
That means as inflation makes more money available, we are going to pay more of that as a percentage.
So bottom line, to survive during this inflation attack, people better use the establishment's loopholes now or they're done.
Corporations and trust is the name of the game.
So this is survival, folks.
That's why I'm all about solutions.
I'm all about victory.
It's why we're doing this with a hardcore law firm that just cuts right to chase.
American Tax Solutions.
Jonestaxrelief.com takes you right there.
You are insane.
If you don't call them, they do a nondisclosure deal, and then they look at your information, and they give you an assessment.
That's right.
It's all attorney-client privilege, so you can tell us whatever.
But listen, we've been talking about the future, tax planning.
If the IRS is already after you, they're threatening phone calls, they're coming to your house, we take care of that as well.
We can get you protected and stop them and the state from violating your rights immediately.
Hundreds of services at jonestaxrelief.com.
We'll put the toll-free number on screen.
We're going to come back and we're going to take your phone calls.
Susan, Josh, Josh, Josiah,
Bill, David, Kathy, Tina, Valerie, Kelly, Angela.
A lot of women callers.
Usually about one woman caller per five males.
Half of those are women callers.
We're going to go right to your phone calls.
But first, when we come back, George Carlin clip.
It's a big club and you ain't in it.
And then right to your calls with Tyler Bennett of JonesTaxRelief.com.
That's just our sponsorship link to American Tax Solutions.
You are insane.
If you don't get the assessment, you don't do it.
We're all about solutions.
We want our listeners to be prepared and ready and to prosper under enemy attack, not just survive.
Toll-free number will be on screen as well.
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Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners.
The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls!
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now, they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club, and you ain't in it.
You said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage, I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
That's right.
And everything we cover here is giving you the secrets of how they're screwing you because we are not with the globalists.
We are with the people.
We are with our children.
Tyler Bennett, we're going to break here in a few minutes.
We're going to come back with calls, but other key points.
Well, I just want to say that, you know, that George Carlin clip is so salient because 25, 30 years ago, he's saying they're going to come after your Social Security.
Well, they've already done that, right?
And if you make more than $25,000 on top of your Social Security, they're going to tax it 50%.
And the more you make, they'll start taxing more and more of your Social Security.
It's absurd and ridiculous that you paid into the system and they're going to tax you for it.
So give us a call.
We can help out with people on a W-2, 1099, whatever.
You're paying too much to the government.
Stop it.
And they're maneuvering us where we play by their games, we're going to go bankrupt.
And be insolvent where they want to control us.
That's why everybody has to do this.
That's absolutely correct, Alex, because we all know that the grand scheme of the plan here is to divest the middle class from all its wealth so they will not be able to combat, they won't be in a financial position, this is why they're coming after your guns too, so that you can't combat what happens and you'll be forced to comply and you'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, and you'll be happy.
And you're about in the next hour to lay all that out with phone calls.
Tyler Bennett.
Jonestaxrelief.com takes you right to American Tax Solutions.
That way we get the sponsorship.
They know you came from us.
There's also a toll-free number, 833-900-4285.
You are insane.
You are letting them screw you over.
If you don't use the law they actually wrote.
We're good to go.
Go to jonestaxrelief.com or 833-900-4285.
The most important call you can make financially during this inflation, this economic attack is 833-900-4285 or jonestaxrelief.com.
I am so passionate about this because I am sick of them using their fraudulent system against the people. 833.
900-4285 or jonestaxrelief.com.
We'll be right back with Tyler Bennett and your phone calls on the other side.
I tell you, when we archive this at Banned Out Video today, take this little segment and put it on the front because you knocked it out of the park and so did George Carlin.
Stay with us, your phone calls, talking to a real tax expert and lawyer straight ahead in 60 seconds.
We'll be right back.
Tell everybody you know, tune in and share this knowledge.
You talk about a revolutionary act.
Our country started over.
No taxation or representation in the attempt to take the guns.
And here we are, yet again, living through that cycle.
This Monday, June 6, 2022 broadcast.
Tyler Bennett, lawyer, the owner and the head of American Tax Solutions, JonesTaxRelief.com.
We're about to go to the phone calls, my friend.
Answer tax questions.
I'm excited.
Let's spend a few minutes before we do that about the services at jonestaxrelief.com, powered by American Tax Solutions, because there's so many.
I've got a big list here, but you guys can do so much.
It's not just a tax season situation.
It's not.
And there is a multitude of services we provide, but in order to make it easy to understand, there is pretty much three areas in the tax world, okay?
There is the present, that's doing your tax return this year.
There is the future, which is making sure you pay the least amount of taxes possible through entities, corporations, trusts, and whatnot.
And there's the past, which means you're already in a hole and you can't afford to pay what they claim you owe and you need protection.
So you've got bookkeeping, you've got business consulting, you've got business entity selection, you've got estate and trust preparation, you've got financial statements, you've got IRS representation, payroll services, retirement planning, sales tax services, tax preparation and planning, tax levies, liens release.
What was that key?
Wage garnishment release, end penalties and interest.
Oh, that's key.
Tax negotiation settlement, reduce IRS tax fee, resolve back taxes, IRS audit defense, payroll tax negotiation, and more at jonestaxrelief.com.
All right, let's go to the phone calls here.
In the order that these amazing calls have been received, let's talk to Susan in California.
Susan, you're on the air with Tyler Bennett.
Alex, God bless you and God bless you, Tyler.
Thank you.
I am a small business owner.
I have an LLC acting as a partnership.
I have worked for one year to get a trademark.
I have trademarks.
They're telling me if I convert to an S-Corp or a C-Corp, I may lose my trademark.
Do you guys handle that?
We do.
So let me ask you a question, Susan.
Most of you are in a multi-member LLC if you're being treated as a partnership?
No, it's a producing partner.
I work in Los Angeles.
It's a production company.
It's you have to deal with both your taxes and your partner's taxes and that's why you're telling me right now you want to get into a corporate setup because that prevents any kind of overpayment of tax.
She needs a reorganization.
That's exactly what she needs but she's concerned about the trademark being able to go to the new company and we can help with that.
That's a federal level.
See, corporations, partnerships, all entities exist on a state level.
However, copyright's a federal issue.
And so, we just need to talk to the right people and get it going.
Because yes,
Once the ownership of that trademark is distinguished, because the partnership is half you, half the production company, that's the wrinkle right now.
And that's why I would tell anybody who wants to be a partner, go into business with a partner, don't be a partnership, be a corporation straight off the bat.
That way you have an equal amount of stock, or however you want to decide it, and the IRS isn't going to tell you how much you have to pay in taxes.
You're going to decide that.
And I'm a proud member of the Cut Pays the Stumble.
You've got it.
That's right.
That's right.
Keep it up.
So generally, you don't want to be in partnerships.
What do you just call it?
Is it a contract agreement?
Well, so a partnership is a common law entity, Alex.
So if you are just, if me and you decide, hey, let's go into business right now, but we don't actually create any legal documents,
We're going to be considered a partnership on the state level, and the federal level is just going to disregard that and tax us both individually on our 1040s.
And so, because of that, if you have a partner that, let's say, took more in distributions or took less in distributions, it doesn't matter.
At the end of the day, you're going to get taxed.
The point is, she sends you her info, you can give her a quick assessment.
Absolutely, Susan.
So, I got people standing by right now.
We can give you absolutely a consultation and get you in touch.
And notice, Susan, he right away did everything we were talking about.
God bless you, we love you.
Alright, let's talk to Josh in Texas.
Josh, go ahead, sir.
Yeah, first of all, my dad, who worked for himself, he successfully and legally approved himself to never pay an income tax.
Because there is no law that says an American in the private sector or business has to file a 1040.
Oh yeah, there are a lot of people that end up never even paying anything.
Tyler, I see you nodding.
I'm sorry, keep going, Josh.
Well, also, under the article 6209, it also says that the IRS is a British monarch collection agency, so why are we telling people that they should file a 1040 when we should be telling people that they shouldn't pay income tax at all when the law doesn't even exist?
Well, here's the deal, Josh.
I foreshadowed this earlier.
You have the globalists that pay no tax and run the system.
They have the loopholes they've written for all their minions.
We're talking about how, within the system, to do that.
Some people decide not to do it.
But I can tell you, you got a bunch of employees, you're on a big operation, they're going to come after you.
You're like, well, they're a fraud.
Yeah, and they got federal grand juries that'll indict you and put you in jail.
And so we're being completely honest that it's all a fraud.
The 16th Amendment's a fraud.
We don't believe in any of it.
We're talking about the other path of mitigating it massively, or you can go the way you've gone.
So I'm not debating what you're saying.
Yes, you are correct, Josh.
There are many inconsistencies from the 16th Amendment onward that
You could say invalidate your obligation to pay taxes.
However, all of these issues have already been litigated by, guess who?
The IRS in their favor.
And these specific arguments are called tax protester arguments.
If you assert this,
And don't pay your taxes, you're going to get hit with a penalty and a fine.
Is it right?
No, but listen, like Alex said, we have to exist in the world that we live in because we're not globalists, okay?
And so, let me tell you, if you want to sue the government because you don't believe that the tax you paid is right, the proper venue to do it is to pay the tax and then sue the government.
You may actually win.
The Crypto Tezos guys won that way.
They paid the tax and then sued the government.
Do not not pay your taxes because you don't believe... Well, here's the deal.
Some people can fly under the radar and never do it.
Illegal aliens don't do it.
All I'm saying is I'm not going to give advice out on air on how you should never pay any of these taxes.
Of course they're a fraud.
All we're saying is here's the way the elites don't not pay it and use the British common law magistrate, governor, general, crown argument.
They just write the loopholes and don't do it.
So if your thing was the best, they'd be using it.
They don't use that.
And the reason is if you type in IRS frivolous arguments into Google right now,
That's right.
The thing you just mentioned, that both of them will show up because the IRS has already litigated it.
I would never scare my audience.
You can go to Mexico, buy a car with a Mexican plate, get a Mexican ID and say you're Juan Sanchez.
And you might actually live your life pretty good if you just run a restaurant or mow yards or whatever and never pay taxes.
If that's what you want to do, do it.
I'm not giving you that advice.
I'm talking about people that are raped by the CPAs, raped by the lawyers.
Who are going to go along with the system, well, no, there's these loopholes for you.
We're giving people that option.
We're giving options here, sir.
You understand?
Yeah, I do.
But I just think, you know, we all know in the Constitution that income tax is a third form of taxation and completely unapportioned and unconstitutional.
And they make you waive your rights to Fifth Amendment violations and Fourth Amendment violations and all that.
I get all that.
You understand what we're doing is a separate thing from the whole Patriot movement and what they say.
And a lot of the stuff they say is true, but most people end up getting in a lot of trouble doing that.
Yes, I agree with the Patriot Movement's view on taxes, but I exist in this world.
We're not of the globalist class.
We're not of the IRS's class.
They are City Hall and they make the rules.
We're trying to show you the tricks the elites use.
Again, the elites do not use Patriot arguments.
Of course...
Of course the New World Order and all the system and it's all a fraud.
We're not debating that.
We're saying how does the establishment avoid it where they don't go to jail?
Yes, we're saying we agree with you.
We're not creating our own new system.
They write the law to get out of it.
Absolutely correct.
So we know that the law has been written.
It's like a video game that has a cheat sheet code.
We're giving you the damn cheat sheet code, folks.
And you can always not play the game, but you're here.
Thank you, sir.
And I knew we'd get those calls.
I'm not mad at Josh.
Very legitimate.
That's why we're with Tyler Bennett and American Tax Solutions.
They get all of that.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, taking your calls with Tyler Bennett on the loopholes the system used to protect yourself and your family and save a ton of money.
Now, I want to be totally clear to that last caller.
I'm glad he called.
And I'm not poo-pooing or putting down what he said, but I want to explain something.
You can pull up the articles that Jeff Bezos last year made something like $40 million in memory serves, and he paid zero tax.
Elon Musk, because he's not part of the establishment now, I'm not saying he's perfect, he had to pay $16 million.
That was still a small amount of his profit.
Google pays less than 1% a year.
They don't use, oh, the British Crown controls America, and these UCC filings and all this.
Or you can be a schmuck and do everything they say and follow along with it.
Or you can just go rogue, which I kind of admire people that are doing that.
I mean, the system's rogue.
It's broken the social contract.
It's totally out of control.
The border's completely collapsed.
They're shipping fentanyl in.
They got pedophile drag queen story time.
I'm not judging you.
We're here talking about what the establishment does to protect themselves, because they're not using the patriot model.
Tyler Bennett.
I agree, because look, I don't want to give any of my money more than I have to the government that's doing things that I disagree with, right?
But the tax loopholes that were put in place that we use, that the globalists use, are
They put in place and exist that you must know where they are.
These types of the IRS is not a legitimate organization of the U.S.
government or they can't tax me for this reason, that reason.
Those are what's called tax protester arguments.
And I would say that's a red herring that the IRS put in the code because they want you to make those assertions so that then they can come back and penalize you 100 percent penalty for making what's known as a... That's right.
They don't want you to know the information we're laying out here, folks.
And you've got to remember, there's a 1 out of 200 chance every year of being audited.
That's just the reality of the situation.
So a lot of people do crazy things and get away with it for some time, but eventually the dice will roll.
That's right.
I don't need that in my life.
Like Tony Montana says, I'm not going to kill this guy and his daughters.
He doesn't need that in his life.
I'm not going to steer you into BS or like certain people saying, oh, we got the voting machine proof probably back in August.
Sure, that was popular while they were saying it, but it wasn't real.
I'm in the long haul here, folks.
I'm not here to screw you over.
I would rather die than give you bad advice.
And it's true, because just like making money, right?
It's a quick, quick money to be made, it's gone just like that.
But if you build a business, and every day you put in your toil, the sweat of your brow, that's money that you're going to build up and build up and build up.
And so, these tax arguments are like that.
Sure, you might be able to get out of it for one or two years before they audit you, and then you pay it all back.
But let's just build the ship correctly the first way, so you're paying the least amount.
Yeah, they don't want people knowing the tricks they use.
That's right.
And I'm just trying to get Patriots to realize this, and I'm not knocking them for what they've done.
If they can be not part of the system, we're power to them.
I mean, if you can go off the grid and do that...
More power to you.
As a tax professional, I cannot legally advise that you do that.
But I will make sure you're paying the least amount of tax.
Well, it's like the mafia comes and says, well, burn down your grocery store if you don't hire our cousin and pass money.
Yeah, it's right to stand up against them, but is that the battle you're choosing?
Right, exactly.
And the way we choose to fight that battle is we will give to Caesar what is Caesar's, but not one penny more, because we disagree with... And they've written the loopholes where you pay almost nothing.
All right, next up here.
Let's move quick to these calls now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Josh in Florida.
Josh, welcome.
Hey, how are we doing?
Great, great info.
This information is probably the most powerful.
For that last caller, that was like
Strongman argument.
We live in the real world and people like that are dangerous.
You could tell with his feminine crackling voice the only fight he's ever fought was in a chat room.
But anyway, let me preface, I've been a single member LLC since 2016 and I'm in e-commerce as well.
I have my own screen printing business.
I sell on Etsy, Amazon, Shopify.
Alex, I'd love to do some fulfillment.
If you need some weight, lift it off your shoulders.
But anyway, first couple years was good.
Now everything is getting harder and harder with profits.
I also have IT security certifications and
I'm thinking about starting a consulting company.
So I have an LLC.
Now if I start another entity, how would I absorb the LLC?
What's the best way?
Do you want to finish your question?
Yeah, so I was just saying, I have a single member LLC now in e-commerce.
I'm thinking about switching to IT consulting, starting a new firm, but I still want it all to be under one umbrella, and I'd like to know
The name of the game here is because you can have, listen, when you have multiple different business ventures, that's where LLCs come into play because you can have it all umbrella into your parent company, which I would suggest having a C corporation.
That way it's off your personal taxes altogether, pays a separate tax code.
If the business, heaven forbid, fails, it's not going to be your personal debt, either the tax debt or whatever other
You just take the profit and pay tax on that, but it's a separate thing.
This is something that the elite do all the time.
The top five Fortune 500 companies, they routinely load up a corporation with debt and then just sink it, because that's it.
A corporation is a separate taxpayer in the United States, and the tax debt that it owes, the C Corp, is not yours as an individual.
So Josh needs to call you.
That's exactly right.
And for as many different business ventures as you have, a separate LLC for each one.
It's for liability purposes.
See, when I started studying tax law, I realized half of tax law is about paying the least amount to the government.
The other half is protecting your assets from anybody, your creditors, the IRS.
Well, that's like in this bankruptcy, the sewers go.
Why do you have another corporation runs the supplements?
Because we went and got an FDA lawyer.
That's what they said to do.
Yeah, exactly.
Because at the end of the day, if it's a rainy day for one of your corporations, one of your LLCs, every other single one is still in operation.
And again, the globalists set this up where they can win, and then we lose.
Everything is about shutting us down.
Everything is about making us not essential.
If we just know their playbook and their tricks, they can't beat us.
That's exactly right, and that's what we'll do for you.
Give me a call.
God bless you, sir.
Great points, Josh.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We're going to do 15 minutes the next hour, so it's a one-day school with that.
I want to be able to take a lot of calls from Joshua and from Bill and from Kathy and from Tina and from Valerie and from Flex and from Jeremiah and from Tim and so many others.
Toll-free number to join us, ladies and gentlemen, is 877-789-2539.
Nothing is more frustrating, folks, than knowing they've written the code for themselves, like George Carlin said, and we're not using it!
It's insane!
We'll be right back.
You need to learn this.
This is so powerful.
It's why I'm harping on it.
Tyler Bennett's our guest.
Stay with us.
All right, Tyler Bennett of American Tax Reliefs here.
Great sponsor of ours, jonestaxrelief.com.
We give the credit for it there.
We appreciate you.
And I want to explain to listeners, we did that call earlier.
Yeah, the system's a fraud.
We're talking about what the insiders are doing, how people are protecting themselves, and we're taking your phone calls.
That's the path we're discussing here.
There's other paths.
That's great.
That's up to you.
We're talking about the real world here.
Let's talk to Joshua in Georgia.
You're on the air with Tyler Bennett.
Go ahead.
Hey, good morning, gentlemen.
Alex, God bless you for doing this phone session, man.
We're desperate.
Real quick, my question is, my fiancée for the 2019 tax year, it was under investigation to make sure she's who she is, right?
So she got the paperwork, made the
Made the phone call, and everything was good to go.
Never, ever got a check in the IRS, like, where's my check thing?
Until this day, for a whole year now, I've sat under investigation.
That's it.
Alright, so what it sounds like, now let me ask you a preliminary question.
Does she have a social security number or is it an ITIN?
Yeah, it's a Social Security number.
Okay, so if that's the case, she's a full-blown taxpayer of the United States.
There's no reason those years should still be under investigation.
What's happening is, they call it investigation.
This is a long-term audit that's happening.
And so, you need audit protection.
We just need to call that revenue officer who's in charge of the case and for some reason hasn't pushed it off his desk.
Because he's got a stick up his butt.
But we'll figure out what that is and solve the problem.
Because, I mean, especially if you don't owe any money, you know, and it's an identity issue, that needs to be nipped.
It should have been nipped two years ago.
Give me a call and we'll fix it.
Joshua, your audio got really low.
Talk into your phone.
Oh, no, no.
My phone's going dead.
It beeped.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, she got her taxes for this year back, and she was told by, you know, one of those little box of deals that, oh, well, you ought to be getting your last year's check then, too, if this one came through.
Well, that's another thing.
They admit the IRS is way behind.
It's a mess.
The IRS is way behind.
Where I would caution you to take care of this sooner rather than later is, there is no statute of limitations on money you owe to the IRS, right?
If you don't file.
If you file, it starts.
However, if the IRS owes you money, it's a three short year window.
And we're already talking about 19 and 20, so we've got to get on this before, you know... That's right, they hold money thinking you don't know to take it.
They're criminals.
Once it gets passed,
Right now, it's 2018, so we've got a few more months to get 19 and 20 before 19 will be passed, the statute of limitations, and even if she's owed back money, they do not have to give it to her and will not.
Joshua, thank you, and God bless you.
Alright, Bill in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Bill.
So I was wondering what the possibility of, if you're a W-2, claiming exempt, and then paying the bill at the end of the year, and holding your money aside.
Okay, so Bill, great question because...
As you know, you file one, you file zero, they're taking your taxes out of your check every year.
And if you're getting a refund, you're giving an interest-free loan to the government for the entire year.
Now if you're good with your money, and you can pay taxes at the end of the year, I absolutely recommend you go exempt.
Don't let them have a dollar more than they need to.
It's better off in your pocket where you can invest it, than in theirs where it's sitting dormant.
Or sent to you crying.
Or sent to Ukraine, exactly!
So instead, keep that money, and then at the end of the year, yes, you are going to have a tax bill, but this is where, you know, if you've got a side hustle, or any other type of Schedule C deductions, you can write off against your W-2 income, you may not owe what they're saying in the first place.
So, yes, last time I was on a W-2, several years ago, I was exempt because, same reason, I was like, I'm responsible enough to manage my own money, I know I owe taxes at the end of the year,
But I'm going to invest that money and make more money so that when I pay my taxes, it wasn't just an interest free loan.
Anything else, Bill?
Yeah, I mean, it's that the whole process is so it's just not efficient.
So that makes that makes sense for everyone to me.
You know, you have a bill and and you know, if maybe if some other folks are thinking, oh, maybe I'm not as responsible, just look at how much taxes they're taking out.
Right now.
And put that in a savings account.
You know, if you have the money.
If you put it in a savings account, even, you'll have more money than if the IRS gave it back to you.
And if anybody's wondering how to do this, you're already on a W-2, just go to your HR department and submit a new W-4 and write exempt on the line.
Now, remember, you will owe those taxes at the end of the year, but as long as you're financially responsible, that shouldn't be an issue.
All right, Bill, thank you.
Kathy in Texas, thanks for holding.
Thanks for having me, guys, and thank you so much for having Mr. Bennett on.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Yeah, Joshua brought up another question I had, but my first question for you, if you don't mind, I called your office, the number, last week.
And I got a response right away, and then the guy who answered the phone answered lots of questions, and it was really good information and things that I needed to know.
The rub came when he gave me
The charge, I said, yes, that sounds like a nice fee.
That sounds reasonable for what you're going to do.
And I said, where can I send you a cashier's check?
And he said, oh, just give me the bank account you want to use.
I just met you on the phone, guy.
Like what?
I'm not going to hand over my bank account.
I mean, well, that's fine.
And then the next day I got a text message from another person with a different phone number.
Hey, this is so-and-so with Tax Group.
You had reached out to our firm a while back.
I know I promised to get back with you, so I just reviewed your case again and came up with a more efficient, affordable way to resolve your tax issues.
I believe it's in your best interest to call me right away.
And it's like, who is that?
Well, I don't know who specifically that was.
I have 120 people who... But that shows you guys are on the job.
That's the thing is, Kathy, when we, with the information presented to us... You guys cut to the chase.
On one phone call, we have so much of the picture.
Once we have a little bit more, then we're able to, you know, tailor it bespoke to you.
And that's what we're trying to do here.
Well, the first guy gave me the name of the person who was supposed to be going to handle my account, and then this email is from someone completely different.
And so it's like, wait a minute, it's worded like a spam.
You need time to rework it.
I mean, listen, that's because they're getting it done.
Normal tax firms and stuff would take months and months of jacking around.
They look right at it, they make a certification, move forward.
Yeah, and I'll tell you what, Kathy, is we got your number here.
I'll take down your number and make sure your case is personally handled by me.
You have nothing to worry about.
Get her name and number right now.
We'll do that.
Thank you so much, Kathy.
You had one other point, though.
The caller brought up, you had another question?
He brought up a three-year window on the rebate.
Or returns.
They haven't paid us for the last two years.
They owe us $12,000.
So we need to get on that now.
So, okay.
Well, then I can pay you out of that.
Well, you're going to have the head of the company calling you.
We're going to give them the number right now.
Thank you.
They're going to write it down.
You'll be getting a call from me, Kathy.
Don't hang up on Kathy.
Get her number.
All right.
Tina in Connecticut.
You're on the air with Tyler Bennett.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thank you for taking my call.
You are the daddy of information and I appreciate you and I'm so glad to have you in our corner.
Thank you.
Hey, I'm a senior citizen.
I'm 60 years old.
I have minimal money in my 401k and with the talk about the economic hurricane and cyber attacks coming soon, I want to know how to take my money out and because I want to buy just silver and gold without getting hit heavily tax-wise.
Right, okay.
Are you, you're over 59 and a half?
That's 66.
We do that may be of interest to you is we can liquidate that account and then after we decide how much you owe in taxes negotiate with the IRS and the state on that tax bill because you are a senior citizen and it's kind of against public policy for them to take
Everything you have.
And so that would be our argument.
It's called effective tax administration.
Tina, don't hang up.
Tyler, explain this to her.
I want to hear this as well.
And Valerie, Brian, Jeremiah, Tim, Bruce, stay with us.
The devil went down to Georgia.
He was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a box.
He was way behind.
He's willing to make a deal.
The great Charlie Daniels, big listener, gets the show.
Now in heaven.
Boy, let me tell you what.
But I'm a fiddle player, too.
I'll make a bet with you.
I bet a fiddle of gold against your souls I think I'm better than you.
Tyler Bennett's our guest here.
American Tax Solutions powered by jonestaxrelief.com.
And we are taking your phone calls right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Tina, you had a question about Senior Citizen 401k and the money.
Go ahead, Tyler Bennett, you had more to say.
Tina, so what we were speaking on before the break is effective tax administration.
Because you are a senior citizen, you want to pull out your retirement account.
And because you don't believe in the market and et cetera, et cetera, you want to put it in gold, right?
Get it.
So we have this concept called in the tax code called effective tax administration.
It's a fancy three-letter word that just means fairness or equity in the eyes of law which means it would be unfair to collect taxes
In the amount that they're trying to collect against you.
And so what I, I have to look, you know, I have to take a look at your entire situation, but from what you told me, I would say let's liquidate this 401k and then negotiate those taxes with the IRS.
Because just like the devil went down to Georgia Song said, the devil's in a bind and he's willing to make a deal, the IRS is also behind and they'll make a deal, especially with someone like you.
That's perfectly said.
Does that answer your question, Tina?
It does, and I'll give him a call.
Thanks so much, Tyler.
I appreciate it.
Alright, let's take another caller from Canada.
Thank you.
I don't know if you're an expert on their tax law, but it's the Inland Revenue Corporation or whatever.
Valerie in Canada.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Yeah, in Canada it's the CRA.
I don't have a tax question, it's more of an economic comment.
Tyler can take a bit of a breather and all the Americans with
Tax questions can always check out jonestaxrelease.com.
But Tina's call was really interesting because it brought up so much of the way in which the Western world's been governed is based on signifiers.
She's officially a senior, therefore the government's going to look on her as needing help.
You got the right letter on your birth certificate, all of a sudden people are like, well, you've got to biologically do that.
And I'd love to debate that with you later, Alex, but that's not the time.
That and basic income.
There's something I want to tweak you to called the last credit premium.
There's a cultural economist, I don't know if you're both familiar with Tyler Cohen, but he talks about in the United States, if you go and get a four-year university degree, 70% of the increase in income that happens over having just your high school comes from that last course, that last credit.
That is absolutely true.
Two and a half percent of the work.
In Canada, it's worse.
We have people with some college earn less than people with no college.
And if you look at who got this bioweapon that identifies as a vaccine, it was people who were getting the economic rent
From that last credit premium.
It was people with bachelor's degrees, it was people with master's, people with PhDs who the system can't really hold down and bottle up their genius.
They weren't taking it.
People who've been pushed out of the system and don't have credentials like myself, they weren't taking it in the same numbers.
And so much of that last credit premium feeds into the lack of dynamism we're seeing in our economy.
Canada's got two-thirds the productivity of the United States.
Japan has two-thirds of productivity of France, because in Japan it's high schoolers who are killing themselves over a college entrance exam that determines their whole economic life.
And we don't pay enough attention to how much the incentive of, I have a piece of paper that makes all the other people go, well, you must know what you're talking about.
Well, very sophisticated what you're saying.
That is 100% correct.
Thank you, Valerie.
And it's, I mean, we've heard other economists say this as well, which is, if you're not planning on getting a higher level degree, actually, what are you doing in college?
You're just wasting your money.
But I'm not saying don't go to college.
If you've got it up there, you're absolutely right.
Whatever you have to do to get that pigskin, that's the difference between literally
I don't
In this country, school's not free, you have to pay for it, so you better have a plan to, you know, not only complete it, but do something that's going to make you money.
That's right, the biggest scam is education.
I don't think it's always bad, but on average it's one of the worst bets out there.
Jeremiah in Virginia, you're on the air, go ahead.
Uh, hey, how y'all doing?
I got a question, sir.
It's actually two questions and a comment towards Alex.
Non-profit organization.
My wife and I are in the process of, we're actually done all the paperwork, everything.
We hired a company to do all the paperwork for us.
Now we're in Virginia and we're actually just waiting on it to get approved.
A 501c3?
The reason why we wanted to do it was mainly I'm a veteran and we wanted to help veterans like I was in a certain situation.
So we don't want them to be in that situation that I was in.
The other reason why I wanted to do it as well because I did go to school for business.
I want to use my college degree.
And so, you know, hey, like you said, it's not cheap.
That's right.
What are the kind of loopholes?
Because I did research, a lot of research, into non-profit organizations and looking at, think about it, Ronald McDonald House, Bill and Melinda Gates, you even, Alex talked about it.
Oh, that's how they label their money.
That's right.
They keep that money, and look at YouTube, how we said, I think Alex and Owen Schwartz said, you know, how they paid half a percent onto it.
Yeah, exactly.
There are loopholes into it.
I'm not trying to say I'm trying to get rich overnight.
No, no, no.
You need to keep your money.
They use taxes to destroy little people.
Little people need to not pay taxes.
So, Tyler?
So, you know, there's basically two levels of not-for-profits in this country.
There's 501c3, which you're applying for, which is way easier to get than the other one, which is called a 508 faith-based organization.
If you're able to do that,
Not only do you not pay anything in taxes, but the government can't even ask you how many assets you have.
Now, when you're a 501c3, you have to fill out a form called a 990 every year that shows how much money you did make, how many assets you do control.
It's not taxable, but the IRS still has, you know, their hands in what they know about you, and they're going to know everything that you're doing.
And the reason that's important is because
Believe me, as noted, there's lots of these organizations out there and not all of them are kosher.
And that's how the IRS gets you from the self-reporting requirements of the 501c3.
Depending on what you're doing with veterans, if it's faith-based or anything like that, I would recommend looking into a 508 corporation because
Or excuse me, entity, because they don't have even any filing requirements, no disclosure requirements, like a church, right?
If a church receives money, it does not need to tell the government how much it received if it's an FBO.
Because of the First Amendment.
That's exactly right.
But if you're a 501c3 not-for-profit, you absolutely have to report everything you have, even if you're not paying taxes on it.
And believe me, the government's going to keep tabs on you.
All right, brother.
Thank you, Jeremiah.
Let's cram in one more call before we go to break.
Tim in Ohio, go ahead Tim.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Hey Tyler, when a word is given a definition in law, it cannot be expanded from the definition given in the law, correct?
I am sorry, can you repeat that one more time?
When a definition is given in the law, can it be expanded from the definition given in the law?
So the first, IRC 1 is the definition of income.
And it started out as a paragraph about a half a page long.
I was just telling Alex earlier, it's 60 pages long now.
One definition.
The legal definitions are constantly evolving, both on the IRS trying to collect as much money as possible, being as they are the world's largest collection agency, and also from the loopholes that the lobbyists and the lobby groups are putting into the tax code every year.
Yeah, so I was thinking, the only place you really have to go is levies and restraints, and it's defined in the code.
Who is allowed to have levies made upon them, and it is an employee, officer, or an elected official of the United States.
Or, you know, and it goes on, but they can't levy anybody that's not one of those people.
So, I had a buddy that had his bank account levied, and when they sent that levy, they left out that subsection A that tells them who they're allowed to make a levy on, and the bank took their money.
Hold on, hold on.
Thank you.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Welcome back.
Into hour number four in 15 minutes.
Gerald Sollete takes over.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, with the head of American Tax Solutions, Tyler Bennett, with us at jonestaxrelief.com.
And we're not debating whether the IRS is a fraud.
We're not debating whether it's all a scam.
We're talking about the loopholes the elites use to almost pay no taxes at jonestaxrelief.com.
Tyler Bennett, let's go back to the phone calls.
Who's up next here?
Let's talk to Brian in Oklahoma.
Brian, you're on the air.
The Tax and Legal Playbook by Mark Kohler talks about the trifecta, where there's a revocable living trust with assets and liabilities.
And I think the premise of my question was, how does an earned income employee with a W-2 turn that into a 1099 or a Schedule C
Uh, through their liabilities of their side hustles.
Okay, so that's exactly what you mentioned at the end, right?
So your W-2 income is tied to your personal social security number and there's nothing you can do about it except have that side hustle or contribute to your 401k, what it may be.
The side hustle is the best one because you're making money on the side doing that and if you lose money, that's when you can write off your W-2 income.
That is the best way to do it in relation to your trust question.
A living revocable trust is still revocable, right?
Which means it's a flow-through.
So, in order to have asset protection with a trust, it needs to be irrevocable.
That way, the trustee can leverage control over your assets.
Because even if you have money, it's not considered income to you.
Until you have control over it.
And so that's what those types of trusts do, is they levy that control into the trustee's arms, who, you know, for a fee, is working for you.
She puts the money in a trust and the salvage it with a letter.
But it has to be irrevocable.
If you have a revocable trust, it's a flow-through back to you.
And then they have the A-B trust that even adds more layers of
Adding additional protection and privacy.
Right, so an AB trust, otherwise known as a marital trust, that becomes irrevocable upon the passing of one of the spouses, which then at that point absolutely protects all your property.
But the purpose that a living trust is revocable is because that's the only way to avoid probate, is to make sure you keep putting all your assets into it.
And probate is the state's last laugh.
If you have a trust, a living trust... I don't want to go there.
Yeah, exactly.
If you have a trust when you pass, you will not go to probate.
That is the only way not to go to probate.
A will is not going to help.
The point is, you need to call Tyler Bennett and his great crew and the hundreds of lawyers and CPAs they have, so they can see the documents and then make a determination.
If you want to go with them, that's fine.
But the point is, the system doesn't want you knowing about this.
Jonestaxrelief.com, 833-900-4285, 833-900-4285 or jonestaxrelief.com.
You need to learn about this.
I need to learn about this.
We all need to know what the globalists know and protect ourselves.
Absolutely correct.
We're going to get a break in a moment, but just, it's great taking these calls.
I hope you'll come on my show, Owen's show, Harrison Smith's show, at least once a week per show, and ask your questions, because this is really what they don't want us to know.
This is their big chink in the armor.
I would love to, and passing the education that they don't want you to have is my passion, and that makes me very happy, and I would love to do that.
And again, if they call, it's so quick with you guys.
You cut right to the chase with the documents.
We heard a lady, very sweet earlier, she's like, they called me one day and then another guy called me the next.
Well, aren't you glad?
I mean, like, they're on it.
And I will call her personally now, because that's how I run my business, is we're about you, we're about saving you money, we're about you keeping your money and not giving it to the government.
And loving it and coming back over and over again.
I hate to use an analogy because that was a woman calling, but you want a woman to have a good time so she comes back.
Absolutely correct.
Because that's what Americans do now.
They're always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling, the illusion of security.
What we have now is a completely neurotic population obsessed with security and safety and crime and drugs and cleanliness and hygiene and germs.
There's another thing.
Where did this sudden fear of germs come from in this country?
Have you noticed this?
The media, constantly running stories about all the latest infections, Salmonella, E. coli, Hantavirus, bird flu, and Americans, they panic easily, so now everybody's running around, scrubbing this and spraying that, and overcooking their food, and repeatedly washing their hands, trying to avoid all contact with germs.
It's ridiculous, and it goes to ridiculous lengths.
Fear of germs, why, these f***ing p***ies!
Where's your sense of adventure?
Take a f***ing chance, will you?
Besides, what do you think you have an immune system for?
It's for killing germs!
But it needs practice.
It needs germs to practice on.
So, so listen.
So listen.
If you kill all the germs around you and live a completely sterile life, then when germs do come along, you're not going to be prepared.
And never mind ordinary germs, what are you going to do when some super virus comes along that turns your vital organs into liquid sh**?
I'll tell you what you're going to do, you're going to get sick, you're going to die, and you're going to deserve it because you're f***ing weak and you got a f***ing weak immune system.
Let me tell you a true story about immunization, okay?
When I was a little boy in New York City in the 1940s, we swam in the Hudson River.
And it was filled with raw sewage.
We swam in raw sewage.
You know, to cool off.
And at that time, the big fear was polio.
Thousands of kids died from polio every year.
But you know something?
In my neighborhood, no one ever got polio.
No one.
You know why?
Because we swam in raw sewage.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are giving yourself a major disadvantage in life if you don't go to jonestaxrelief.com.
It's such a no-brainer.
The system's written all these loopholes.
They don't want you to know about every year.
They change every 16, 18, 20 months.
Tyler Bennett's here, American Tax Solutions and Powers, Jones Tax Relief.
Hey Alex, Tyler, how you doing?
Great, how are you?
Great, great.
Hey, I just wanted to say, Alex, first of all, I want to thank the crew.
Those guys are awesome, and I don't think they deserve thanks.
So, I just want to reach out to your crew.
Say that again, what did you say?
I just said I wanted to thank the crew.
Oh, the crew's badass.
Yes, they are.
And I just want to give them a thanks.
I don't think they get enough thanks, and I just want to make sure I recognized them and told them that.
My question, Tyler, is my wife, she had a work injury, and she was on disability for a while, and God bless her soul, she went back to school, she got her degree, she went back to work.
When we first went back to work, we said, hey, you know, do you need to stop paying her?
And they're like, oh, she's making this.
She can still collect and make.
And the first year that we did taxes, they're like, oh, you shouldn't have been collecting any money.
And you owe us $25,000.
Well, OK.
So those disability, was it SSDI?
Do you know?
So just like Social Security, SSDI falls under the same category where it's technically not taxable until you start making other income in addition to that.
And the $25,000 limit is based on your single or married filing status, whatever the minimum you can get in additional income before your Social Security becomes at least in part taxable.
And this includes disability.
And so basically, if you...
Make more than $25,000.
That's when it becomes taxable.
And the crazy thing about this is that's a number that was put into place in 1990.
Yeah, where's the inflation?
And that's one of the things in the tax code that is not indexed for inflation at all.
And that $25,000 has been the same since 1997.
Well, if you do the math, that's probably worth closer to $100,000 today.
But it has never changed.
And that is the reason why that happened to you.
It sounds like they're attaching penalties and interest on top of that.
I can definitely give you some help with that.
Give me a call.
Yeah, I mean, for example, they're like, you know, they won't even tell us.
They won't even give us a running tally.
They're just sending us money and we won't even... They're violating your rights because you don't have an advocate in your corner to stand up to the bullies and figuratively punch them right in the face.
And that's what you guys do?
American Tax Relief, jonestaxrelief.com.
All right, thank you so much, sir.
Gordon in Canada, welcome.
You're on the air, and then Justin.
Hello Alex, long time listener, first time caller.
I'd like to ask Tyler, if he knows of a company in Canada that does what he does, or if he doesn't, how can I find one that I can trust?
That's a great question with different laws in Canada and places.
Do you know anybody up there?
I don't know anybody up there, but if you give me about six months, and that may not be enough time, I am actually in the process of hiring some people to deal with the CRA because I am getting an influx of callers from Canada since we've been doing the Infowars thing.
You know, Justin Trudeau up there, it's the first frickin' fascist state in America, so God bless you for being up there and dealing with it, but that is something that, as of right now, I do not have the ability to do.
Within six months we will, because the CRA is worse than the IRS.
That's fantastic.
Please announce or have Alex announce when that comes about because I want to know about it.
I love it.
You notice Tyler says he doesn't know yet.
He's getting ready for that.
Thank you, Gordon.
Alright, last caller before Gerald Celente takes over.
Let's talk to Justin in Florida.
Justin, you're on the air.
Hey, thank y'all for everything that y'all do first, but my issue right now is not this last tax return, but the tax return beforehand.
My former employer put the wrong Social Security number on my W-2.
I see.
Well, I've still been fighting the IRS over that.
I've already submitted all the documentation that they've required.
We got this year's tax return, but still not even last year's or the stimulus.
Should I keep pressing them or just wait for them to do their thing?
See, you can keep pressing them and that's what they would tell you to do, but we're talking about a payment from 2019 and if you were listening to me before, if we get another year goes by and you haven't received that payment, the IRS is no longer obligated to give it to you due to the statute of limitations.
They're trying to keep the money.
So they are trying to keep the money, and they're using the fact that they're backed up, and the fact that, oh, there might be a mistake with the Social Security number, as a guise to basically just keep money.
At the end of the day, you have to remember, the IRS is a collection agency.
At the end of the month, they look at how much money they collected.
They don't want to give anything away.
However, you are fully entitled to that money in 2019, and if you can't get through to anybody, I certainly can, and we will help you out, because you've got to get that money back before
Because they know you might sue them.
Just like insurance companies.
All right, Justin, thank you so much.
JonesTaxRelief.com, the toll-free number.
We'll put it on screen.
You need to know what the establishment knows.
This is why we've got them on here, because it keeps us on air to promote freedom, and it's great for you, it's great for us.
60-second closing comment.
Tell her about it.
Remember, especially if you don't agree with how the government's spending its money, make sure you're giving them the least amount as legally possible.
And sure, you can go off the grid as we discussed about before, but there are ramifications with that.
There are legal ways to make sure you're paying the least amount of possible, and that's what all the globalists and elitists out there are doing.
You can do it, too.
The only reason you have it now is you didn't know.
Well, I know.
Come aboard my club.
We'll never be a part of their club, but you can be a part of our club.
That's right.
Tyler Bennett, great job.
Thanks for coming to town.
And he's actually here to give us tax advice or work on that with the whole team we've got here right now.
Gerald Cilente of Trends Research.
Gerald Cilente, the great trends forecaster, takes over right now on the other side of this break.
Please stay with us.
The Noah Schroeder in T-minus 45 minutes with The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, Infowars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
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You know, I cover the world with the Trends Journal magazine.
And every day, one of the first sites I go to is InfoWars.
And I go all over the world.
I go to the Global Times of China.
I go to the Japanese Times.
I go to Fars News Agency over there in Iran.
I go to IRNA, another Iranian.
I go to Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Haaretz.
I want to get all the information I can.
To see what in the world is going on, what it means, what's next, so that we can give the Trends Journal subscribers the information that they need to prepare, prevail, and prosper in these times ahead.
And InfoWars, as I said, is one of the first sites I go to.
And it's very important to support them.
Because I spend also $5 a day to read the Wall Street Journal.
Five dollars.
UK celebrates Queen Elizabeth's second seven decade on throne.
Who cares?
What do I care?
Seven decades on the throne.
Oh, the nobility.
Oh, well, we are.
We're just vassals.
We're nobodies.
Do you know this nobility?
When they sit on the toilet, they don't even have toilets because they're way above us.
They know nothing happens to them.
Nope, nope, nope.
Never sneeze, never cough, never do anything.
They are the nobility.
Why am I hearing this crap?
What the hell are you trying to shove down my throat?
The nobility!
Oh yeah, the nobility!
Those wonderful people from the UK!
And you could put an FU in there too and throw a C any place you want.
The sun never sets on the British Empire.
Oh, that nobility chain!
That wonderful nobility chain!
Sun never sets on the British Empire!
We'll go all over the world!
But Silenti, lower your voice and be proper.
Like the English, they always speak so properly as they murder people all over the world.
Hey, you like it over there in India, huh?
Any idea what?
Couple hundred years or so.
Oh yeah!
Oh there.
Let's kill him.
He wants freedom.
How dare he?
How dare he?
Oh yeah, that place called Myanmar?
That used to be called Burma?
The murderous, murderous, slimy... English!
Hey, and America now could join the club because that vein is still going there about murdering people all over the world.
Oh, you got that little clown over there.
You got Boris Johnson.
Yeah, Boris Johnson.
Yeah, that was a great artist.
Anthony Frieda, who does those magnificent covers for the Trends Journal.
If I said, Anthony, I want you to make me a picture of the clown that's running the UK now, Boris Johnson.
He couldn't come up with a better clown than that.
And it's real life.
Oh, and they're sending more weapons over to Russia.
Oh, oh, and Clown Johnson said, we're going to do everything we can to help you win.
What am I mean?
What am I shoving down this garbage down my throat?
What do I care of the Queen?
There he is.
All right.
Boris Johnson, a clown of a little arrogant jerk off over there in the UK.
And then you pick up the Wall Street Journal the next day.
Sandberg set to exit meta post in fall.
Top story.
Top story.
What do I care?
What do I care about this?
What do I care?
Oh, why, Silenti, calm down and be proper like the English.
Or better yet, being that you're an American, you could play half American like
Barack Obama!
And he was always folks, folks, folking us all the time.
I want that guy Gaddafi out of there!
I want that guy Assad out of there, so be proper like him!
What do I care about this garbage that they're shoving down our throat?
It's a garbage can!
It's a garbage can!
The mainstream media is a garbage can!
I got a great buddy.
He's all upset every day.
Well, yeah, well, I watched the news.
They said this about the... I said, why are you watching this?
Will you stop it?
You're an intelligent person.
And it's like going to McDonald's to eat every day.
You want to eat junk food, blow up and blimp out.
Watch junk news.
Blow your brains out.
And dumbed down.
Could you see what's going on over here?
Here we go.
America, America.
Most obese country in the world.
Again, if I get elected, I want a fat tax.
The more you weigh, the more you pay.
I don't want to pay for this.
I don't want to pay.
You're driving up all the health care costs.
How about natural healing?
Hey, have you or Gary known?
Hey, how about Mercola?
No, no, no, no.
We got to ban them.
Can't have them around.
Not a word about natural healing as they sold us the COVID war.
And again, you get these great products on InfoWars that can help heal you.
And this is the time to get in the best shape you can, spiritually, emotionally, or physically.
So do what you can with these products.
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One after another.
And you know my favorite.
Super male vitality.
Gotta get that, gotta get that vitality going.
Because look at the clowns that run on this show.
Drop a boogie, not an ounce of jive.
Tight cats and tight kittens.
So you got these great, great products and they got a InfoWars store super summer sale that you don't want to miss.
40% off, 50% off.
One deal after another.
This is the time to get in shape the best way you can.
By the way, you know, when I went on the air before I got here, rather, I looked at the markets.
The Dow was down.
This morning was up 300 points.
Where's it going?
What's next?
What to do?
When we come back, we're going to talk a lot about that.
There's a lot going on.
Never in my life have I seen anything like this.
I'm very sad about the state of what's happened to this country.
From ragtime to swing.
To rock and roll, R&B, to Motown, and now it's No Town.
One bad rap with one bad attitude.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And as that cover of the Trends Journal shows, ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power.
I just was talking about, you know, these covers.
About the Queen's, you know, holiday over here, you know.
One newspaper after another, all the news.
This is from the Jerusalem Post on June 4th.
Whether or not you're in the UK, an expatriate Brit, or just someone who loved the Crown,
They have the crown in italics.
The crown.
Oh yeah, dressed up in these, uh, Halloween costumes.
And all these guys with all these little metals on them.
Oh, how nice it is they got these metals.
Well, I bent over and got that metal, and I kneeled down and got that metal, and I bent... What are you?
What are you doing with this?
It's a Halloween costume!
What am I, six years old?
Oh, no, Celente.
They are the royalty.
You are just a serf, a worker in a global plantation of Slavelandia.
Who love the crown, it's clear.
You ready?
That the world can't get enough of the royal family.
Whether it's the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William.
Yeah, Prince!
Yeah, boy!
Yeah, boy!
Prince, I gotta pick it up and put it in a plastic bag.
Oh, oh, I forgot.
The prince doesn't do that.
Look at, look at these costumes that they wear.
Aren't they royal?
Look at this crap!
How can anybody with a brain bigger than a pea swallow this garbage?
Look at him!
Look at him!
And they send people to go get killed?
Look at him!
Hey, little costumes.
Anyway... Yep.
It's larger-than-life aura that seemed to surround the monarchy, which, no matter how tarnished, still shines brightly.
My God, but you paid you to write this crap!
Here's what the story's about.
There he is.
Hey, Prince!
Yeah, boy!
Everyone, hey, how'd you get that gold, uh, that gold little thing there?
No, no, which one's that thing with the, the bird with those two things hanging down?
And that little, uh, emblem you got down there, huh?
Oh, I love that red with the, with the blue stripe.
Oh, how elegant!
Hey, Halloween costume!
Look at this guy!
Look at this!
Here's what they do to you.
Get this in your head, everybody.
We're nothing but peons!
The authorities are in charge!
You've got California, Gavin Newsom over there, another arrogant daddy's boy telling you what to do.
It's one country after another.
One state after another.
They do this so you are nothing.
You're presidents, you're prime ministers!
Hey, roll out the red carpet!
I won't walk on regular ground!
How dare you!
I want that red carpet!
Red carpet.
They get the red carpet treatment as they steal our money.
These clowns never work a day in their lives.
Just like your senators and congressmen.
Just like your state senators and mayors.
This is the authoritarian message to put in your brain to brainwash you because you're nothing.
You're not nobility.
Well, I was born in the Bronx!
I'm just a... I'm a nobody!
It's brainwashing.
Brainwashing to the fullest extent.
Leaving Humanity, great book by Joe Duran, one of our writers.
It's all part of it.
It's been going on forever.
It's a freak show.
Anyway, enough of the freaks.
Speaking of which, Biden makes fervent plea to stricter gun laws.
How much more carnage are we willing to accept?
Oh, how much more carnage?
Hey, that little boy Blinken!
Another daddy's boy!
Oh, he's in a royalty club!
Oh, you little Blinkens in a royalty club!
I went to Dalton!
I went to Harvard!
My daddy!
My daddy!
Oh, my daddy!
Look at all the weapons you're sending over there!
Look at all the weapons!
Mass murder!
What are you talking about?
What are you gonna control?
Gun control?
Anybody who wants to get a gun can get a gun.
Just like you lowlife pieces of garbage!
You put all those, oh, three strikes, you're out.
Oh, you remember that one, Biden?
Hey, man, smoking a joint.
Lock him up.
Lock him up.
Three strikes, you're out.
Oh, but now we're going to legalize it because we're a bunch of morons and only one stupid guy did it back in the 1930s.
But if we legalize it, we legalize nature.
We legalize nature because we're the authorities.
We can do anything we want.
We can get a lot of tax money.
I got all the pot I ever wanted in my life, legal, illegal.
When I used to.
Same thing with guns.
You want to get one, you can get one.
All this is going to do is rob us of our rights.
Seeking clues why gunman is so young.
Most recent suspects were under 21 years of age.
And last year, overdoses reached
The highest level.
It's one after another.
These kids are mentally ill.
And it's part of society.
Again, look what this country used to look like.
Now it looks like crap.
Look at the way people dress.
Look what they look like.
No, you don't need your mother to raise you.
Put the kid in a, in a, set him up for the stranger after three weeks in, in a, in daycare.
It'll all, it'll be fine.
It'll be just like your mother.
I'll give them, you know, I ran away from kindergarten at four and a half years old, crossed the Boston Post Road in the Bronx.
They took me out of school.
Now they have me all shot up with drugs.
How many of these kids are on antidepressants?
Look at their family background.
What are you talking about gun control?
I want gun control!
Gun control, not one military weapon brought outside the United States.
Every military weapon only in the United States.
I launched Occupy Peace.
No foreign entanglements.
Bring on the troops.
Close down the borders and secure them with the troops.
Put them to work.
Rebuilding our rotted infrastructure.
If you want a war, let the people vote.
And by the way, yep, on July 23rd, July 23rd, put this on your calendar, I'm having a Freedom Festival up here in Kingston.
On the four corners of Freedom.
The only place in the United States with pre-Revolutionary War stone buildings on each corner, and I own three of them.
We have a huge garden behind the Franz Roggenhaus, the 1950s, 1750s Franz Roggenhaus.
And Judge Napolitano is going to be one of the speakers.
And I'm bringing in some hot, happy music to get you feeling good, to lift the spirit.
To put back some of the joy and beauty that they sucked out of our lives.
These little people, these little clowns.
Who's your favorite?
Oh, I hate the Democrats.
I love the Republicans.
Oh, I love Lindsey Graham.
Now, there's a guy for you, maybe, yes.
Oh, no, Mitch McConnell.
I'm a Democrat.
Nancy Pelosi's for me.
No, no, no, no.
Diane Nassau-Feinstein, Lilo Chukichi-Yuma.
This is a rally for freedom.
It's a festival.
Put it on your calendar.
July 23rd.
Four Corners of Freedom in Kingston.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Keep the truth alive.
Because they're robbing it from us.
It's a freak show.
It's a freak show.
What's your favorite freak channel?
Cartoon News Network?
Oh no, that's CNN.
Anyway, going back to the markets.
They're flat now, up a little bit.
Last week, the U.S.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, quote, again, we wrote about this in the Trends Journal for months, over a year.
Back in April of last year, she said that inflation would only go up about 3% and that it was temporary.
And then it became transitory.
And then it became transgender-tory because we have to be proper.
There she is.
Marona Mee.
We're the same age.
I hope I don't look as bad as her.
Oh, but she's the Treasury Secretary.
If only a woman was in charge.
As I say, men, women, black, white, green, yellow, save it, man.
Race, creed, color, good and bad comes in all of them.
She could win.
She was talking to Mouse Blitzer.
On CNN, a wolf blitzer.
You're a wolf!
Here, boy!
Here, boy!
Here, boy!
What a wolf!
My own amigo.
Miss Fatsheraboot.
Anyway, she said, I think I was wrong, then, about the path that inflation would take.
Hey, katsum, what do you mean you think you were
Why, how dare you say that?
You're wrong!
I'm the Treasury Secretary, and before that, I was the, uh, head of the Federal Reserve.
Yeah, the banksters.
The banksters.
All right?
You got the head bankster now ahead of our Treasury Secretary, who's running the government.
Grow up!
Grow up!
The banksters are in charge.
Yeah, the ones that put Jesus Christ up on the cross three days later after he drove him out of the temple.
Hey, Jamie Dimon, was your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather there?
Look at him.
Our Treasury Secretary.
I think I was wrong.
We said in the Trends Journal inflation is real.
You'll look at oil now, $120 a barrel for Brent crude, and it's going to go higher.
It's gonna go high because things are breaking out in the Middle East between Israel and Iran.
Israeli president who's having trouble staying in power said he may has the right to stop Iran's nuclear development.
As we have about a couple of hundred nuclear weapons, but they can't have any.
We, the banksters are in control.
They're rigging the markets.
They got the Plunge Protection Team in there.
There's no reality to it.
And if you want to know more about it, go to Gerald Celente, C-E-L-E-N-T, or Trends Journal on YouTube, and look at the latest interview I did with Gregory Manorino.
Get ready for a massive market crash.
And we're doing everything we can.
To help you prepare for it.
Again, it's... The masses are delusional.
Knowledge is power.
And again, you're getting that from going in forwards.
The people they have on, the fella they had on talking about taxes and... Again, the federal... the Feds!
That guy, may he rot in hell, Woodrow Wilson, is sending us into World War I, that we had no business being in.
Then, giving us the Federal Reserve and income tax.
We didn't have income tax until 1913, 1914.
It was a 1%, now it's 20%.
Alright, it's a gangster gang.
Woodrow Wilson.
Woodrow rotten hell.
Speaking of which, Zelensky, the comedian who played a comedian on TV and became the comedian president of Ukraine, said that Ukraine is beginning to push for, quote, peace, but with benefits for Russia.
This is out just now.
Zelensky said that the Western politicians and the media are beginning to push Ukraine.
Oh, UK will give Ukraine rocket system, well that's another one.
Ukraine's, this is on, this is on Friday, Ukraine's Zelensky vows on 100th day of Russian invasion that victory will be ours.
Wanna bet?
How much you wanna bet?
UK and Zelensky said that, um,
He will do what he has to do.
That... The West has sent even more potent weapons to Ukraine and piled on even more stringent sanctions with the European Union.
Also on Friday.
Formally adopting a ban on most Russian oil imports.
And who is it hurting?
We, the little people of Slavlandia.
One after another here.
Then U.S.
Cyber Chief admits to attacks against Russia in Ukraine.
This is last Wednesday on Sky News.
This guy, NASA Director General Paul Nakasone said, we've conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum, offensive, defensive, and information operations that the U.S.
is conducting
Offensive hacking operations in support of Ukraine.
The United States is at war.
And it's a losing war.
I said from the very beginning that Ukraine would lose this war.
You've heard me say it many times.
If Napoleon couldn't pull it off in his march to Moscow in 1812 with 420,000
Poor guys that believed is garbage.
420,000 left Poland to attack Moscow came back with 10,000.
Adolf Hitler, Operation Barbarossa killed 25 million Russians.
Russians were the first to defeat the Germans before the Americans.
And now you're hearing
Ukraine won't be able to win against Russia and the U.S.
must persuade Kiev to negotiate with Moscow to end conflict.
You, DeSantis, who oversaw NATO and arms control policy during the Reagan administration, has insisted.
Exactly what I had said from the beginning.
And again, one of our Trends Journal covers before it happened.
When it happened, negotiate for peace or rest in peace.
They're gonna have to negotiate for peace.
It would have been better to negotiate for peace before the war started.
Let's make a deal.
And now you're losing.
What's going on in Ukraine is none of my business.
Again, wrote about it in detail in the Trends Journal.
Back in 2014, when the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych.
I'm an American.
My country is a thing.
No more sweet land of liberty.
And I can't sing because I just gotta have a bad rap.
I'm fighting for freedom.
I'm anti-authoritarian.
I'm anti-nobility.
You could shove your nobility up your you-know-what.
Don't you tell me you're noble and you're better than me!
All men are created equal.
Oh, and women.
And all things are connected like the blood which unites us all.
To Chief Seattle.
There you go, there's the cover.
We are in the fight for our lives.
Let freedom ring.
You have no idea how really heartbroken I am about what's going on.
I'm a visionary and I see the future.
And I watch this country collapse in front of me.
Elegance, style, grace.
From ragtime to swing.
Rock and roll to R&B to Motown to No Town.
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FreeWorldOutlet.com and thank you so much for your support.
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