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Name: 20220601_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 1, 2022
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A month and a half ago, I got a very exciting phone call.
It was from Mike Tyson.
I mean, I grew up watching those incredible matches, and then I saw his evolution into somebody who really is very intelligent and thought-provoking.
I've learned a lot from Mike Tyson.
I'm a big fan.
So I traveled out to California, did his podcast, also got a short interview myself.
It was incredible.
He said, man, this is one of the best interviews ever.
I got told not to have you on, but I've overridden it and it's going to air.
Well, a month and a half passed.
I talked to Mike last week on FaceTime.
He said, Hey, we're pushing forward.
It's going to air.
And then a day later, I got a call from his assistant, Troy, who's a great guy as well.
And he said, listen, we pushed hard.
We fought hard, but we don't own the show.
We have a contract and they're not going to air it.
I hope that Mike
And I hope that his team can really stand up against what's happening because this is really, really dangerous for all Americans' basic free speech.
Look, it's one thing if Alex Jones is banned off YouTube, but it's another thing to say that Mike Tyson can't interview me.
The interview was powerful, it was loving, it was really incredible.
And we also took mushrooms live on air.
So, it's wild!
Here is my interview with Tyson with excerpts of the censored interview.
You'll only find it right here at Bann.Video.
So here it is.
I hope you enjoy.
He was the most amazing thing you had ever seen.
He was this blur in the ring that just came in and destroyed anything.
He's just a bully.
That's all he wants.
And it worked!
He was like the human Pitbull.
Against Mike Tyson, who is described as 5'11", looks closer to 5'10", because of the squarishness of his build.
He disposed of Hector Mercedes inside a single round.
And the question that most of the ringsiders are asking is, can he do the same thing again?
I'm not from here.
I'm from the dirt, hard-boiled, segregated ghettos.
His life was very, very sad.
Very poor kid, lived in Brownsville, really rough neighborhood.
He stopped going to school around age seven.
You got into robbing people when you were seven.
You really had no supervision.
Mike Tyson was sent to the Tryon Youth Correctional Facility in upstate New York after growing up as a mugger and predator on the streets of Brooklyn.
Well, Tyson was a tough young mugger.
I got in some trouble, and I went away to this, um, formatory upstate New York, and then I met a gentleman named Bobby Stewart, who was a boxer.
Tyson told Stewart that he wanted to learn how to box.
This heavy metal sound that you hear is Mike Tyson about to make his way in, I believe.
The sound is deafening here in the arena, so I won't try to yell over it.
All I can say is,
The heavyweight champion is about to make his appearance in the ring.
Everything that Tyson does is intimidating.
There he is.
He comes out.
He doesn't wear a coat in.
He's worked up a full sweat.
I want to tell you, the electricity in this crowd is awesome!
And now, ladies and gentlemen, once and for all, let's get ready to rumble!
There he goes!
I don't think he'll get up from this!
Mike Spinks is laying flat on his back!
It's all over!
Mike Tyson has won it!
Spinks almost fell back through!
A dramatic first round knockout for Mike Tyson!
Good to see you Mike.
What's up Mike?
Good to see you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
I will.
This is my biggest bucket list right here.
The iCard.
I'm going to be able to burger them up like in my first book, man.
This is as good as it gets.
I'm a bigger maverick than you, man.
We're going to break the internet.
This is it.
Where should I sit, sir?
We rolling?
This is some new shit, huh?
This is some new shit, huh?
Wow, here we are.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Tyson, the maverick, legend of the American success story.
Thank you very much, sir.
It was great just being on your show.
I don't know, maybe are you hiding something?
I don't see it.
I don't see it.
You got your opinions like I have mine, but I don't see it.
It's been a misrepresentation, just like they've done to you.
I mean, none of us are perfect, but they take the bad moments and they blow them up, and then that's what they make of them.
I thought I was coming to talk to a tip-down from the KKK.
By the way they talk, I told them I had some of my fat ham.
I'm just kidding, boy.
There's no love in the house.
Yeah, I'm the opposite of KKK.
So here we are, Mike.
I tell you, you are just, it seems like you're in your prime right now.
It's funny that you say that.
I feel, I ain't feel positive, but it's a good positive feeling about life.
Everybody I know talks about Mike Tyson, his energy, he's so positive, he's so happy, but then you say amazing things.
I mean, it's true.
I mean, in our Hour Plus Podcast, you did with, where I was on with you, it was amazing.
Thank you very much.
I can ask some of those same questions here.
Before I ever got to it, are there aliens?
You were already bringing up, we are the aliens.
Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
I think our teachers are time.
And the more we dig, the deeper we become and the more we find.
You know, the more we dig, the more we find out about ourselves.
We find out maybe
Maybe life started in Turkey 9,000 years ago, other than Africa.
We found the city under Turkey that's 9,000 years old.
So how does that debate with Africa being a civilization?
I don't know.
I don't know.
No, I agree.
I mean, look how much the media lies to us.
Imagine how much history lies.
Yeah, history is a lie that we agreed to be true.
So are you optimistic about the future of humanity?
Big time.
Most of the great scholars, the great leaders, when they died, they believed that life was going to go down with them.
And life is going to die.
That's their ego.
Life prospers after everything.
Even at its worst, it prospers.
Life prospers in slavery.
Life is going to always prosper and become more and more powerful.
This world is not going nowhere.
I agree, because there's a theory of entropy in science, saying everything's breaking down, but life is actually expanding.
That's what I believe.
So, I believe.
So, in your years on earth, what do you think the ultimate secret is?
I guess you kind of said it at the start of our talk.
I wrote a few notes while you were speaking earlier, but that being born is dying, but dying is being born.
Obviously, we're in the process of dying, because once you're born, the process begins.
We can't stop from dying, and it's so beautiful, because as time goes on, and the process of dying goes on, there's so many beautiful moments.
Then dying becomes, you know, it's not even that important anymore.
Like you're sitting with Mike Tyson and sharing his tobacco with him.
Thank you, sir.
That is a magic moment.
Great tobacco, magic tobacco.
Thank you, sir.
So tell me, are you married?
I am.
Tell me, what's your family, did they worry?
I have worries about that.
What's your view on what's currently happening with the Russia situation?
I think it started out as a war for finance and so many of us got involved because of the humanity of it and it became a war of humanity.
So many people got involved, so many countries got involved.
Russia's really losing from public opinion perspective.
And that's worse than being hit with a nuclear bomb, so to speak.
At least you're dead when you're hit with a nuclear bomb.
You've got to live with this crap.
So how does Mike Tyson, you know, we saw Dennis Robin almost in the Korean War that's been going on for 60 years, and it kind of has ended, thanks to him.
Could you go over there, maybe, and broker a peace deal between Putin and Zelensky?
I'm going to look at it like this.
People are not going to like this.
If sometimes I see a hawk and he grabs a, it's not a pigeon, but it's like a robin, he grabs a bird and I can stop him from killing that bird.
But once I stop him from killing that bird, then he dies.
His baby dies.
So who am I saving?
How am I right?
That's how I tell my kids.
Who's the wrong person?
How are you right if you saved that bird right now?
Now he's going to die.
His baby's going to die.
Something's going to die.
I think that's the real knowledge, is thinking multi-steps ahead.
Not only looking on one level.
No, because that's what we're born to do.
This is all born to happen.
Everything that's happening right now is ordained by God.
Anything we do, we're interfering.
We're the only problem people.
Everything else is perfect.
Yes, it does.
We're like fungus and stuff.
Oh no!
I got that fight or flight feeling again and I'm flighting!
Sorry sir!
Come on, come on!
F*** it!
Excuse me, fight or flight coming through!
Excuse me, fight or flight is on its way!
Excuse me man, fight or flight!
Yes, sir.
This new invention of ours is called... Ears.
Now he's just bringing it out.
No, this is going to sell better.
I'm going to buy it right now.
Let me do it.
Let me do it.
Let me do it.
You got to get these now.
Mike, I mean, like I said, grown up.
We're good to go!
I just follow the spirit of fighting.
And the spirit of fighting puts you in so many different arenas.
It's the spirit, because that's what fighting is.
It's our spirit.
It's nothing physical.
Nothing physical.
It's the spirit that keeps us alive, that keeps us fighting.
So does something click, or do you just boom, you're in the zone?
That's what I'm born to do.
I have to be.
So what do you think, what is your current fight?
With me.
With me and my behavior, my addictions, what I call addictions, but there's usually my selfishness.
So when I'm selfish about something, I usually say that's my addiction, I have an addiction, I have a problem.
But it's not my problem, it's my selfishness that's born with me and it'll never go anywhere.
But it's my dark side, so I use so many other names to disguise it.
When I was younger, I had some anger issues.
Nothing, obviously, like your volcanic, which you used to, you know, for good, overall.
But how have you learned to control the instinct to want to attack?
Because you obviously have the killer instinct.
A lot of loss in life.
You know, time teaches you.
Time breaks your spirit.
Time, it humanitaries you and it also softens you.
What about hallucinogens?
How do those fit in?
How would you describe those three things?
I would be a junkie right now.
Probably would cause some dreadful disease right now.
And this just woke me up.
It raised me to my highest potential.
Trying to reach that.
So it connected you to your real higher self?
Yes, absolutely.
How would you describe Mushrooms vs. Toad vs. DMT?
Mushroom, Ayahuasca, all that other stuff.
That's a party medicine.
I used to want to call it a drug, but that's just a party medicine.
You take the toad, and it's a little long.
You take the toad, boom, you go sleep scar right away, and he's telling you shit.
So anyway, there's no hesitation, you don't gotta wait 30 minutes, boom, right away.
By the way, blows your mind.
I'm scared I haven't done it.
It is scary, but by doing it you gain so much courage.
What did you, I would be honored if you'd tell us, because I've seen you talk about this a few times, you haven't really said, boom, straight to God, but describe for me, just visual or however you can, what the toad did to you, or what's it like?
You sit down, he takes this fine
First, he busts from the pus from the toad.
He puts it on the mirror.
It gets hard.
He makes fine sand.
He puts it in this crack-looking pipe.
You smoke it, hold your breath, and when you let it go, your soul goes here, your body goes there, and you go on a journey.
Now what did you say?
All your demons, your experience, everything that you're afraid to tell somebody because you know they will have an opinion about you and not be your friend no more.
If you have the feeling that everybody knows all your troubles, all your dirt, and you're just naked.
You know, you're just living your life, not allowing.
It's just, I can't articulate it.
Trans, no, you did it perfectly.
So it's transcendent.
Yeah, it's just letting you know this is who you are, deal with this.
You have that feeling.
You don't see anybody, but you have that feeling that all the dirt, all your dark side you would never want anybody to know about you is over.
You have that feeling of freedom like that.
And it's really... You call it completion.
Almost like just beyond satisfaction?
No, because I did it around 60 times, and every time I do it, I go to a different domain.
Well... Yeah, it's not like... Different domain?
Yeah, it's not going, hey, this drug, I'm gonna get... It's not like, hey, I'm ready for this drug, I did it so many times, I can handle it.
It takes you somewhere else.
Oh, you're like, fuck!
There's people screaming, crying during the process.
It's not one of those quiet drugs.
There's some people that just go... One time, a lady took it, and she's going...
He held that note for like a minute.
I did a great job there.
Yeah, oh God.
Well, I'm scared to take it.
I was too, but the best thing that ever happened to me.
I was a junkie, fooling around to death, making all this money.
Well, that's what the study shows.
It helps people stop drug addiction.
Yeah, it stopped me.
How do you know it's the real toad, though?
How do you know it's the real toad?
It works.
I have shamans.
Because obviously we're talking about it, so it reminds me to watch the same one.
Let me explain.
The shaman is...
He's pretty much like the guru, the teacher of the Toads and the message of what the Toad is from and the whole history of the Toad.
That's amazing.
Well, who knows?
Maybe I should come back out here sometime and we should do the Toad.
Listen, I believe your career will just blow up if you did the Toad.
Well, it certainly seemed to boost you, yeah.
Yeah, you can say things you thought your mind never had no kind of process of saying.
Oh my gosh.
Do you have any toad on you right now?
No, I haven't.
I'll get some tomorrow if you stay over.
Oh my goodness, this is insane.
And if all the conservers are watching, what do you think fluoride does to the water?
It lowers your mind.
It does?
Oh yeah, that's why they do it.
That's why you gotta filter it.
So, hey, you're already on drugs.
You're already on fluoride.
We're talking about what they don't want you to know.
The toad in the Sonora Desert has the venom in it.
You smoke it.
Once I try it, boom!
Everything is moving so fast.
When I fell out, the only thing I was conscious of was that I was out.
My brain was still functioning, my thoughts, I could still talk to myself, I could hear my mind.
And I would say, I f***ed up.
And I killed myself.
Because you killed the air?
I'm dying.
It was just really mind-blowing.
Spiritual in nature though, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Really, my whole life totally changed.
It sounds like a movie script, but it's really the real deal.
At that moment, you're talking about, like, you come to and you are altered.
You are altered and it's safe.
I don't know.
I wake up, I'm happy, I'm laughing, smiling.
I think, what the f***?
It happened, yeah.
I had no idea.
So, sex, cocaine, championship belt, those weren't happiness?
Nothing, no.
It lasts forever, but it was only 15 minutes.
I think he started pretty well getting fucked.
That's how you start when you're bored and you're dying.
Not when Biden got in office?
I'm going to agree with her, I'm not going to get censored.
I'm being sarcastic, sorry.
I know.
My wife and them, they want me to be Mr. Fuckin' Uncle Trump.
Hey guys, this is beautiful.
I mean, yo, it's funny you say that.
The Taliban came back when Biden came.
They're back in power right now.
Is that a first loss for America?
I don't know.
Listen, they let the Taliban come back.
They give them power.
Listen, how come all the drug dealers and gang members have chilled out?
Because the government chilled them out.
Oh, shit.
When they want to chill the Taliban out, they chilled them out.
You think these little guys with their guns and their little
You're right, they were used to start a war with the Russians.
They were used to take our rights away here in America, while the CIA ships the drugs out.
And now they're like, oh here's all the weapons, 80 billion dollars, buy them, it's all an accident.
You know you're here.
You know it's Mike.
Mike knows what he's talking about.
I ain't got shit.
He got me insane out of his face.
Yo, does China got pins back?
From all your recent... Hell yeah, you know they do.
I think we worried about Putin and this Chinese guy.
Why he didn't do anything when Trump was in power?
Because Trump was threatening... Biden told Putin, go ahead and invade.
Just set them up and Putin took the bait.
Yeah, under Trump wasn't doing that.
See, I didn't even know that.
Let's remember, we're the big boys on the campus.
Sometimes the news went that we're picking on people and people are picking on us.
And they got, no, we're the big boys.
If somebody's picking on us, it's because we're interested in their opinions.
Other than that, nobody can do anything with us.
We talking like we carry big, big, big fucking guns.
And why do you hate Nancy Pelosi so much, man?
Because I want dinner.
I bet she's hot.
I want to have oral sex with her neck.
I want to lick... This guy hates you.
You hate her, man.
I'm dreaming of licking her butt.
She's already been shitting on me for a long time.
Are you mad that she believes in sending money?
She's actually my mother.
No, no, no, no, no.
I mean, Nancy Pelosi's just a, you know what planet she's on?
She's just a front person, so I mean, that's like a crypt keeper.
So, I mean, she's like a label on something.
You remember the crypt, the guy in the crypt?
The next episode will be really scary.
I'm gonna be traumatized.
No, you're not!
What if we said it ain't true?
Hello, she's my mother and I'll lick your ass!
Wow, I appreciate your time.
Let's talk about one of our mutual friends, Joe Rogan.
What do you make of all the attempts to cancel him?
I think it's only made him bigger.
What do you think about that?
I just think, um... Wow, I just think some people are so... I'm not gonna say blasphemous, but you're so...
They feel as if, I don't want to hear that.
How dare him say that when it's not even directed towards you.
People want to fight other battles that don't even concern them.
You know, I don't know if that's the root of the world, but everybody wants to fight.
That's what this country is all about.
We have to fight something.
If we can't fight something, we fight ourselves.
We kill ourselves with drugs.
And that's just the state of our country.
It's been born on that physical altercation.
Yeah, and so they see Joe getting big, so they decide to make him a villain.
Yeah, listen, um, this country must have invented jealousy.
This country, yeah.
Why is America the most successful, but also the best, but also the most evil?
Seems like a paradox, like it's all going on.
Because, um, the reason why America's so successful was because of the yin and the yang, the balance.
If this was, uh,
A perfect world?
If we lived in a perfect world with all the food and all the money that we could even handle, we would peel off in groups, we'd kill each other, rape each other, and then we'd stop mating, and then we'd all die out.
That's what a perfect world would do.
Can you imagine?
It'd happen to everything in the world, we'd wind up dying.
But in a world with struggle, there's life and there's flourish.
Listen, this is why I never wanted to believe this,
My study in life, which is none, that the pecking order that God made is perfect.
People need to be at the bottom and see that they can rise to the top.
And the top can fall to the bottom?
You know what's a good one?
The closest distance from a Rolls Royce to the gutter is one step.
It's one step, boom, you're back in the gutter.
So you seem like really empowered and happy.
I don't know anything about empowered, but I'm just, I'm enjoying this life and looking forward to death as well.
Well, you talk about looking forward to death, Mike.
We don't want you to leave this plane anytime soon, but... It has nothing to do with what you want or what people want.
I understand.
I'm saying, you're right.
So, you say you're looking forward to death?
Oh, absolutely, yes.
Yes, for what I believe death is, when I die, I believe that's when I really begin to live.
I really believe that.
But you're not going to check out anytime soon?
Well, I'm not personal, but I don't claim to life.
If I want to go somewhere, I'm going to go somewhere.
I'm not going to have any guns.
If somebody's going to try to rob me, they have to just kill me.
I'm not going through all that plea and take my money and all that crap.
It's just, this is how I live my life.
I'd like to believe it's free, but it's not an attempt to be free.
I've got to tell you, Mike Tyson, like the biggest philosopher in the world right now in the year 2022.
What other philosophers or thinkers do you admire?
Carl Jung is really awesome.
And even though people think this is stupid, Nietzsche is really awesome.
For me, my psychic, he's awesome.
Well, Mike Tyson, thank you so much for spending time with us.
You're really enjoying podcasting.
Hey, listen, I never wanted to do this at first because I have this weird voice, right?
And it became so successful.
I did something and I got like 1.4 billion likes and I guess... You got way more now, yeah.
Yeah, but I guess I'm a goddamn television personality.
I don't know what the hell I am, but it's working.
It's working.
No, but what you're saying is good and helping people.
Most of the other stuff is a bunch of toxic crap, so you gotta feel good.
I miss, like sometimes when my wife gets a homeless person, and he's probably a little buzzed out, and he's just so happy.
He doesn't have to know what it is, he's just so happy.
Picks up his bag, he takes his food sign, folds it up, and he goes to get a dinner.
That bugs me, I like that.
That's what I like.
I like to see that.
He's like, some guy like a New York guy, you give him some money, he's still out there.
I said, yo man, get off the corner, man.
You got 50 bucks.
Get off the corner.
That's my relationship with homeless people.
Now I hear you.
Are you glad the lockdowns are over?
The COVID stuff?
I never knew it was.
Well, you know, the whole COVID-19 lockdowns, masks.
What'd you think of it?
I don't know.
I don't know if it's politically correct for me to say because people have died from it.
You can say whatever you want on this show.
I know it's a vital disease where people die, but me, myself personally, I've been around thousands of people.
I've been in the same bus.
I've been to Santa.
And this year, all this year, a couple of times.
I've been in the same bus twice this year.
I've been around a bunch of people hugging and kissing, eating with people.
We don't have masks and I'm okay.
I'm not saying that.
I believe in COVID because it's killed some people.
Oh, me too.
I got it.
I believe in it.
But if I don't have COVID now, I don't think I could ever catch COVID.
I was so congested and saying goodbyes to so many people and loving and hugging so many people and not saying I don't have it.
But you're the Uber mention.
That's why you never got sick.
Oh, thank God.
You're right here, man.
Uber mention.
That's right.
That's why I just want to say.
No, no.
So why do you think you never got it and everybody else didn't?
I don't know, but this is what I also know, too.
A person that has a disease can die from it psychologically faster than he could physically.
I really know that, yeah.
So we need to have up- I mean, I could even believe some people could even, um, what is that, um, project themselves and get themselves sick by worrying so much.
Yeah, that happens.
Make themselves believe that they have COVID and they actually get it.
Worry themselves to death.
That's what, what was the guy's name?
No, Confucius.
Buddha that was trying to suffer.
That's why he became Buddha, because he couldn't handle why people were suffering.
And he said, there's no such thing as suffering.
God never created suffering.
So he decided that it's self-suffering that we suffer from, more than suffering.
Because suffering doesn't exist.
Only when we suffer ourselves.
So you've got a lot of different stuff going on.
Where do we find everything, Mike Tyson?
I don't know.
Where the hell did they find her?
Mike Tyson.com.
Mike Tyson.com.
I try my best not to get involved with this shit because it's just crazy.
Why I got to worry about Mike Tyson.com and how many likes I got?
That's bullshit.
I got it.
You're turned loose.
You know, Joe Rogan, we're mutual friends.
He's the same way now.
He goes, I don't even look at the numbers anymore.
I don't look at the numbers.
I just have fun doing it.
Oh, man.
I used to think... What kind of culture is that?
Cancel culture.
That's not nothing but communist, man.
If he's bad, we all don't like him.
And if you like him, you're bad, too.
That's just communism.
Mike Tyson, thank you.
Everybody knows that I am the biggest fan of Hot Boxing.
Thank you, thank you.
Who knows this guy, this legend right here.
And we have the new Mike Bites that I gotta say are amazing.
Very nutritious and I really enjoyed taking one.
And I enjoyed spending time with you.
I thought I was coming to meet the head of the KKK at first when you were talking about this guy.
This guy is a beautiful brother.
Well, what made you go ahead and do it?
They said don't talk to me.
Well, because they said that about me, so I understand how that is.
And it's all good now.
Yes, I know you're a human being.
I know you love people.
I know people love you, so you can't be bad.
Yes, sir.
If someone loves you, you can't be bad.
If somebody loves you, you can't be bad.
That's right.
Thank you, sir.
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