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Name: 20220529_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 29, 2022
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Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, is being controversially discussed on a network. The speaker talks about various news topics during a live transmission. They mention how Russians are winning in Ukraine and how corporate media tried to deny this fact for months but now it's admitted by Zelensky, Henry Kissinger, and even the Pope. The main topic of discussion is Biden preparing to act and activating old executive orders that can lead to a six-month dictatorship. These provisions were expanded in 2002 after 9/11, and even The New York Times and The Washington Post have acknowledged their activation. These powers were criticized when used by George W. Bush but are now being utilized by Biden, leading to concerns about the United States turning into a dictatorship. The speaker also addresses the economy's implosion and how conservative news sites now admit that Biden is an idiot and doesn't have any options left to fix the situation. The speaker argues that this situation is part of a forced transition towards a world government plan, which they believe is being implemented intentionally. They mention Greg Rees' report on how America can be taken back and suggest watching it for more information. The speaker also mentions their personal experience with an earache during the transmission but assures the audience that they will continue with the show. Finally, they discuss the establishment's attempts to blame humanity's problems on climate change and overpopulation while the real issue lies within the corrupt system itself. The speaker plans to cover these topics in more detail later in the broadcast. In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the propaganda he experienced in high school and college that made him realize America is under attack and facing authoritarianism. He explains how everything he talked about in his films has come true as predicted by Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, and other globalists. Jones mentions reports on the new world order takeover being as precise as GPS or a guided missile, with everything leading towards complete control of society. He emphasizes that these plans were put in place by the globalists for their own benefit, leaving no place for the average person in their vision for the future. Jones also refers to executive orders and plans for shadow government takeover and martial law, highlighting how establishment publications have been preparing for these scenarios. He cautions that these powers are legitimate but dangerous, not good for anyone. The discussion focuses on secret U.S. plans for apocalyptic scenarios where the president may activate wartime powers and suspend Congress for up to six months. The video talks about Redux, a company that produces signature reduction products for professionals to secure their devices from wireless threats, and a series of coins representing various historical events and symbols. The speaker then delves into the potential implementation of full-on martial law due to global financial collapse and how people can fight back against it. He discusses the 1776coin.com's 'come and take it free men bear arms' coin as a symbol of defiance, highlighting its historical significance in the Battle of Thermopylae and the Texan Revolution against Mexico. The speaker also mentions the Memorial Day Mega Sale on InfowarsStore.com with double Patriot points up to 60% off various products. The speaker discusses Henry Kissinger's suggestion that it is time to make a deal and give Russia part of Ukraine, pointing out the inconsistencies in messaging from Ukrainian TV which labelled him as a traitor. The Associated Press also reported on the arrests of women and men in their homes for expressing similar views. The speaker suggests that this indicates the globalists are losing control and they know it. He brings attention to recent developments, such as Zelensky signalling the possible fall of the Don Boss, a stunning shift in Washington Post's admission of catastrophic conditions collapsing morale of Ukraine frontline forces and Russia's gains in East Ukraine turning the tide of the war. The speaker claims that the global group of corporations is attempting to consolidate power and control, using crises such as COVID, monkeypox, and the financial collapse to achieve their goals. CNN warns against doing one's own research, claiming that it can lead to the spread of misinformation. They advocate for listening to authoritative sources and questioning information. However, critics argue that this stance is an attempt to control what people think and stifle free speech. They believe that individuals should be allowed to investigate topics on their own without being censored by mainstream media outlets like CNN. In this segment of the InfoWars show, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to globalism and conspiracy theories. He mentions that they have played some games before but also introduces new ones from the last day of a conference. He warns about censorship, arrests for speech, and the loss of freedom as part of a larger plan for the great reset. Jones believes that powerful people are trying to control the world and the future, leading to changes such as owning nothing and allowing computers to decide if people can leave their homes. He expresses his concern about these developments and refers to them as "biblical" and "totally satanic." Jones also shares an example of a church in Austin that has changed its preaching style, which he sees as proof that the new world order globalists have declared war on humanity. However, he remains optimistic and encourages resistance against these changes. He then discusses a video from Davos revealing building blocks for a green social credit score. This system aims to track individuals' carbon footprints through transportation and consumption habits. Jones criticizes this idea and accuses the globalists of hypocrisy, as they themselves do not follow their own guidelines. Furthermore, he talks about Bono and other celebrities who support the new world order, describing them as "uncool, evil, disgusting" for their involvement in scams like raising money for starving Africans but keeping most of it for themselves. Jones also promotes various products available at his online store, including sleep support formulas and supplements. The speaker praises X2 as the best atomic iodine product available, emphasizing its purity and effectiveness compared to other products on the market. They then mention a limited supply at a 25% discount for one more week before the price returns to full price. The speaker claims that sales will sell out within two weeks and encourages viewers to try it themselves at infowarstore.com. The speaker then discusses various topics, including social issues, global pandemics, and political events. They criticize those with pink, blue, or green hair for spreading propaganda, and they express disdain for international elites and their agendas. The speaker mentions a plan to coordinate international efforts to track and combat infectious diseases announced by the leaders of G7 nations and discusses the ongoing conflict in the African nation of Tigray. They also mention the European Union's prediction that 100 million people will try to flood Europe and express optimism about humanity waking up to the globalist agenda. The speaker ends the segment with a call to action for viewers to visit infowars.com, where they can listen to Sunday Live from 6 to 8 p.m. This video is an InfoWars broadcast where Alex Jones discusses his thoughts and opinions about the Uvalde shooting, the current state of the world, and various related topics. He speaks about how the world is experiencing a top-down vertical consolidation of the economy, and that people are resisting this by refusing to give up their guns or bow to the globalist system. Alex claims that COVID-19 was released as a biological weapon to hinder these people's resistance, and that the InfoWars community must expose this paradigm in order to win. He then introduces a new gold bar product that supports the Second American Revolution and promotes his website InfowarsTour.com for further information about it. He thanks his supporters for their financial contributions and encourages them to continue donating if they can. The video also discusses Lee Greenwood, who boycotted an NRA event and is criticized for siding with the left. Jones talks about a poll that shows 56% of respondents believe experimental vaccines are more dangerous for children than school shootings or intercity crime. He then shares a clip where a student points out that killers like the Uvalde shooter were not bullied, but rather they were bullies themselves, and had tendencies to hurt animals prior to their attacks. In conclusion, Alex Jones talks about anomalies in previous staged events like WMDs in Iraq, but he does not believe the Uvalde shooting was a false flag operation due to the lack of those same anomalies. He criticizes the police stand down and highlights that the police chief who was elected to the city council did not take immediate action during the incident. The speaker discusses bureaucracy as a significant issue and emphasizes the importance of protected speech under the First Amendment. He highlights the presence of anomalies in certain cases, such as the Buffalo event, and argues that false flags are real and should be investigated. He mentions various examples throughout history where false flags have occurred and encourages listeners to look into these events themselves. The speaker also promotes several products available on infowarstore.com, emphasizing their support for the info wars operation. He concludes by discussing the New World Order's agenda and its impact on society, urging people to be aware of their plans for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, and tyranny.

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There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
Reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this live Sunday, May 29th, 2022 transmission.
If you're a TV viewer, we were just showing you some images.
We'll show you some more of the puppet.
Biden, who is the placeholder for the third Obama unelected administration.
Grandstanding in Uvalde, Texas.
Calling for the American people to be armed in his surrogates calling.
for repeal of the Second Amendment.
That is just some of the news and information we're going to be covering on this live Sunday night broadcast.
I want to thank you all for tuning in.
I want to encourage all listeners to realize the way we override the censors is to share the articles, the videos, the live feeds, and to tell everyone you know about the local station that thanks to their great support of freedom that you're able to hear us on.
The Russians are winning in Ukraine.
The corporate media has tried to lie about that for months, but they are, and now it's being admitted by Zelensky and by Henry Kissinger and by the Pope a few weeks ago.
Big developments on that front.
I'm going to talk some about what Memorial Day really stands for and means.
Is something I came in and covered some yesterday in an emergency Saturday broadcast we did.
But I want to get more into detail in it tonight.
And that is Biden actually preparing to act and firing up old executive orders and provisions that go back to the 60s that were expanded in a very draconian, authoritarian way in 2002 after 9-11.
That would allow the president to basically suspend Congress and be a dictator for a period of six months at least.
And now even the Washington Post, the New York Times ran headlines about emergency powers being prepared to be activated in use for blackouts, cyber attacks, economic collapses.
In fact, it says in the executive orders that went unchallenged in 2001 and 2002 by George W. Bush, the corresponding laws to basically fund it
That it could turn this country into a permanent dictatorship.
Well, the left has come out when these powers were still there, and hated it that Trump had the powers, and kept warning that he was going to activate them any minute, and set up a dictatorship of the one-party state.
But instead, as usual, what they claim you're doing, or I'm doing, or Trump's doing, any populist, any Christian, any nationalist is doing,
Whatever they claim we're doing, they're actually doing.
So that's a big, big deal.
We have the documents, we have the reports, we have the background on it.
That's all coming up as well today.
We also have a lot of news on the designed implosion of the economy.
And even conservative news sites, not just ABC News or CNN,
Are saying, man, Biden's just an idiot.
He didn't know how to get fuel flowing, and he's running out of options to fix this.
Running out of options.
If I walk over there, there's a light switch on the wall, and if I turn the lights off, there's a master switch, it'll turn the lights off in here.
And they go, boy, we just don't know why they went off.
We just don't know why we don't have lights in here.
When he killed tens of thousands of drilling permits, shut down more than 2,000 pipelines, including the Keystone Pipeline that was completed and ready, would have lowered gas prices, believing what they were under Trump, much less them go up.
And then everything else they've done.
And so to sit there and act like this is incompetence is, again, the biggest fraud around, is why we're losing.
It is a designed world government plan, and they brag about it, saying it's part of a forced transition.
Stay with us.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, our amazing investigative journalist and reporter, Greg Reese, always knocks it out of the park.
But he put out a report yesterday, how we can take back America, that's only four minutes, 19 seconds long.
And we're going to air that, going out to break this segment.
Thank you for joining us on this May 19th, May 29th, excuse me, May 29th, Sunday edition.
I woke up with an earache this morning, and it's gotten progressively worse.
And if I would have known it was going to be hurting this bad, I'm not complaining.
Just thought I'd sound a little off today.
I would have had Owen come in and take over for me if I'd known that it would go to ice pick level pain the last hour.
But I ate some Advil right before I went live.
It should kick in in 30 minutes or so, and I'm going to drink some colloidal silver here in a minute, and we should be peachy king.
But that is what's going on.
I did some swimming in the creek yesterday with my daughter, and the water's gotten pretty hot.
I think I got some bad bacteria in there.
No big deal.
I put colloidal silver in the ear, just drank a little bit.
Took some Advil, and so everything should be a-okay.
But again, if I sound a little bit distracted, that's what's going on.
I haven't had an earache this bad since I was like four years old.
Not fine.
Moving on past that, what a world we live in right now.
What an incredible thing that's happening.
We see humanity waking up on one end of the spectrum.
And on the other end of the spectrum, we see the corrupt, out-of-control establishment, these big megacorporations and banks that are monopolies, going absolutely insane that they're losing their control, and that they know their financial system built on derivatives, built on Ponzi schemes, built on thousand-to-one leveraging of investments, is coming to an end.
And they want to have us accept that, oh, stuff's coming out of the jungles,
That's why you're getting sick.
And it's because you're bad and global warming has been caused by humans, supposedly, or climate change, that these new megaviruses are going to come out of the jungle and are going to depopulate you.
I have more clips on the news and their own minions at the Dabos Group.
Bill Gates last week saying,
It's your fault that these viruses are appearing, because there's too many people, and the Earth's warm, and that's why we have COVID-19.
Or that's why we have monkeypox.
When on record, on record, ladies and gentlemen, we know COVID-19 was man-made in the lab.
It's now been confirmed.
Congress has had hearings about it, but it gets almost no coverage.
And so we sit here with the corporate media telling us we deserve to die, the earth is mad at us, and it's producing these viruses to kill us, when it's 12 monkey crazy scientists that are doing it.
Just wild.
We're going to be getting into that coming up later in the hour.
I mentioned some of this on the Emergency Saturday Show I did yesterday, but I'm going to really drill into it here next segment.
Because there's not just a
We're good to go.
The emergency powers that Biden is activating and taking on to himself, something no president's done previously, real martial law powers being taken out of the vault and being fired up and readied, that is being designed to then link in to the international authoritarianism and the worldwide martial law being set up and prepared for the next lockdown using the fear of a virus and or
Blaming it on cyber attacks.
But first, here's Greg Reese's report.
In Davos, Switzerland, Klaus Schwab and his fellow wannabe tyrants have come out into the open as the arbiters of world government.
They are openly calling for world war and the end of national sovereignty.
And they openly acknowledge that they must move quickly to be victorious.
Many are celebrating the fact that the people of Sri Lanka are rising up against their corrupt politicians, burning their homes and destroying city property.
But this is nothing to celebrate.
This is exactly what the World Economic Forum is hoping for.
They want governments to be destroyed and the people to lose all faith in the nation-state.
Their plan is to starve the people into destroying their own governments so they can act as saviors.
It is important for Americans to realize that the current administration is not failing at all.
They are accomplishing exactly what they set out to do.
They did not steal the 2020 election to secure power.
They did it to destroy America and destabilize the entire system.
And they are rapidly succeeding.
The voices calling for violence are as ignorant and mad as they sound.
Violence towards who?
How will you organize?
And who are you going to fight?
Your brainwashed sheep neighbors?
That is exactly what the globalists want you to do.
And if your plan is to wait until they come to your door, then you'll just be a dangerous animal in a cave on someone else's private property.
But there are solutions.
For example, before passing in March of 2022, the great Jordan Maxwell's last project was to save America from global governance with America 21.
America 21's mission is to gut the system of globalist interference and reclaim all of America by 2025, so that we can rebuild our agriculture, production, and energy, and become a self-sufficient nation that serves the people.
America 21 is calling for a complete withdrawal from all treaties and influences of the United Nations and World Economic Forum.
Washington DC is just a symbol of our old corrupt federal government.
The New World leaders are living abroad, and the only way they can control us is through the compliance of our local governments.
According to America 21, your focus needs to be where you live, in your county and city.
Global governance ultimately depends on your county being taken over.
This is where you need to resist now.
This is how the United Nations and the globalists have been doing it, and it's the only way to properly reverse it.
America 21 has been having success in Montana, and they freely share their working model and support at America21Century.com, such as learning what language to look for in your local governments to detect UN initiatives and protocols being deployed by your local officials.
Keywords such as 2030, sustainable development, and carbon neutral.
Your local officials have to live with you, and in most cases will prefer to keep their jobs.
Our voting system may be broken, but our elected officials still work for us.
And if enough of us come together, we can put the pressure on them to renounce global governance and to serve the will of the people.
This is the law of the land.
It really is just that simple.
But we have to come together and get active.
Americans have a choice.
We can either take action to purge the system of corrupt politicians and their thugs, or we can stop complaining about them and be good slaves.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We are being brought into a state of absolute total tyranny by successive approximation, by increments.
If you look at where the state of human freedom is in the year 2022 versus the year 2000, the world is unrecognizable.
I was going off of the big think tanks and the Pentagon and foreign ministries of defense and what they said they were building and what the world would look like.
And there were many other scholars more informed than I was when I first got on here 28 years ago that predicted exactly
What has happened today?
I was never a member of the John Birch Society, but I read many of their books.
My father read them.
His father read them.
My mother's father read them.
My grandfather's both were highly informed.
And I just grew up hearing all this, and to me it was just adult table talk.
You know, while they're sitting there drinking coffee and I'm sitting there eating a piece of cake or something, visiting the grandparents.
And then as soon as I saw the propaganda in high school and in college and everywhere, I thought, wow, they're really right.
America's under attack.
This is authoritarianism.
I better choose this as my career path to fight it.
Because surely when Americans find out about this and others, they're not going to want to live in a cashless society, world government, where the family is outlawed, where they give you forced injections.
Everything I talked about and put in dozens of films and discussed on air thousands of times exactly has happened, again, not because I am the sharpest knife in the drawer.
But I can certainly recognize when I read books by Henry Kissinger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, and David Rockefeller, and John P. Holdren, and the list goes on and on, and then I see stuff they wrote about 40 years ago, 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, exactly being implemented as they said they would.
It's incredibly frustrating.
So I noticed on Friday and Saturday when we did reports on this, they got picked up on a bunch of different platforms and the left attacked and said, Jones is always saying we're going to have martial law.
Jones is always saying we're going to, yeah, have vaccine lockdowns.
And vaccine passports tied to carbon taxes and social credit scores.
That's all now been announced.
I have the videos.
I have the announcements.
Here it is.
Davos reveals building blocks for green social credit score to tax and track and control everywhere you go and what you do.
And they talk about locking you in your house with the metaverse and making you telecommute.
For the Earth.
Told you that was coming.
Have those articles with videos today.
So if you think Alex Jones was right before, get ready.
Alex Jones is really going to be right because I'm not right.
It's like a signpost when you're driving north from Austin up to Dallas on I-35, and it says Waco, 108 miles away.
And in 108 miles, you're in Waco!
And then it says Dallas, 97 miles away, when you get north of Waco.
And in 97 miles, just like clockwork, there's the Dallas city limits.
Right when your digital odometer says so.
Right when the Google Maps says so.
There it is.
And so again, that's my frustration.
This New World Order takeover is as precision as GPS.
It is as precision as a guided missile.
It is as precision as it gets as a surgeon.
So of course everything I talk about is going to come true.
Because it's their world.
They stole it.
They run it.
And they're telling us we are exempt.
We are non-essential.
We are exempt from the future.
We do not have a place in it.
And so, here's the big issue.
I really should go back to my earlier work harping on executive orders and plans for shadow government takeover and martial law and suspension of Congress and the states because they didn't put all those powers in there because they didn't want them.
They were just building towards the day when they would be able to implement those.
And so the training wheels on the little bicycle of tyranny in the last 28, 9 months
Longer than that now, almost 30 months.
The training wheels was the lockdowns, was the QR codes, was the vaccine passports in their own admissions.
All over the news now.
And the design breakdown of society.
And so when you see New York Times, Washington Post, and hundreds of other publications last week say, oh, Biden has a martial law powers to suspend Congress, and he's looking at those in case there's a war with Russia or other event, like a financial collapse or any other crisis, like hackers turning the power off.
Well, you know who wants to train you in the transition, but the old power systems don't work.
And who wants to get total control?
Who wants to bankrupt you so they can, again, dictate the terms of all of our surrender?
And so that's why all these establishment publications
I've been telling you, white supremacists are going to start shooting everybody.
There's going to be a civil war, black on white, white on black.
Oh, new viruses are going to kill you because you were bad and the jungles are hotter.
Not that they made weapons in a lab and released them.
And even the Brennan Center for Justice, one of the most respected out there with the Justice Department, presidential emergency action documents, presidential emergency action documents for executive orders, proclamations and messages to Congress that are prepared in anticipation of a range of emergency scenarios.
Here's Atlantic Monthly from two years ago.
The alarming scope of the President's emergency powers.
From seizing control of the internet to declaring martial law, President Trump may legally do all these extraordinary things.
The globalists put these powers in place that are illegitimate.
They got scared Trump might use them to get rid of them.
Trump didn't.
Many people, like myself and others, said it would be a trap if he did.
He was certainly thinking about it.
That came out in the news.
But they now are getting, oh, these powers are good now.
Not good for Trump, but good for us.
I don't think good for Trump.
I don't think good for the globalists.
I don't think good for anybody.
There's one independent on it.
It's all being laid out, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to go over it more in the next segment.
Gateway Pundit wrote about it, InfoWars wrote about it last week.
Documents reveal secret U.S.
plans for apocalyptic scenarios when President may activate wartime powers for national emergencies and suspend Congress for up to six months.
Here's MSN reporting on it.
Here's our reports on it.
Here's the New York Times.
Documents shed light on secret U.S.
plans for apocalyptic scenarios.
It's all there, ladies and gentlemen.
But the big issue is, you might have a TB dinner in the freezer, but when you get it out and you unwrap it, and you turn the oven on, and you stick that steak dinner with potatoes or whatever it is, into the oven, you're now going to eat it!
And that's the issue, is that they're firing this up everywhere and sending out signals that it's about to happen 163 days out from the election.
So we better have a discussion about what scenarios will the deep state execute or provocateur so the climate is right for them to pull this.
Because they know they politically lost.
Now they want to overturn the table.
We'll tell you what's coming next.
Stay with us.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, we are back.
I want to get more into the preparations for full-on martial law.
Everything else has been pretty easy to accept these conception ideas and now admit that
The Davos Group last week called for nations to all prepare new lockdowns and new forms of medical martial law ahead of the economic collapse that they have already engineered, but they need to pose as the saviors during that to get you to accept their new system, the global cashless programmable token that will be the social credit score, the carbon tax, and the system to absolutely dominate every facet of life and set up economies that are absolutely unfair, bankrupting almost everyone, where you're on a universal basic income so they can, again,
Dominate your life to an even greater degree, but here is
A great example of fighting back.
We designed this coin more than six months ago, made right here in America.
It was delivered last Monday.
We've already sold out of half the coins, so it's selling faster than the first two in the founding member series.
George Washington slaying the dragon, death to tyrants, the Tree of Liberty coin, and now the come and take it Freeman Bear Arms coin, Second Amendment coin.
Perfect timing with the attack on the Second Amendment right now.
Here's the one-minute ad.
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This third coin is minted into existence from .999 silver from right here in America.
Come and Take It may hold meaning for Americans from recent history, but it actually dates back to being used in 480 B.C.
in the Battle of Thermopylae as Milan Le Bay by Spartan King Leonidas.
It has since become a symbol of defiance here in America, along with the imagery of a black star and cannon, and the flag used by Texans during the state's revolution against Mexico.
Both sides of the coin depict these historical uses of the phrase, with one side having a rendition of a Spartan helmet and the inscription of Come and Take It,
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Well, this is sold for about three to a half to four times what the silver's worth because it's a historical memento of being involved in the fight and funding the tip of the spear.
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It's all there.
Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Thank you for keeping us on air.
All right, let me just get back to this.
We know these martial law provisions are there.
We know these powers to suspend Congress that are totally unconstitutional are there.
No president has ever dared use these.
Corporate media, establishment media,
Is saying the main enemy of the government, the American people, is white people and conservatives and those that question lockdowns and those that question open borders and those that question fraudulent elections.
And you add all the other propaganda that, oh, power outages are imminent, hackers are going to hit, EMPs are going to hit, nuclear war is about to happen.
You add all that together, it tells you that they're preparing and are postulating
That they may be able to actually pull this off and get away with it.
And why would a desperate globalist elite do this?
Because they're desperate.
The whole world's turning against them.
Everywhere they're being reversed in elections.
They had to steal the election here.
There's a global political awakening and realignment happening, not just a landslide.
And so
This is absolutely, ladies and gentlemen, a very serious danger.
And we should be asking ourselves, what is it we're going to do to stop this Leviathan, this spider, this hydra of tyranny, being able to pull this off?
We'll be discussing this throughout the weekday show, 11 a.m.
this week.
to 3 p.m.
On the InfoWars Network, I know that Harrison Smith's Weekly Morning is at 8 a.m.
The American Journal will be, I know that Owen Schroyer with The War Room will be discussing at 3 p.m.
He'll be hosting two hours a night, Sunday live from 6 to 8 p.m.
But we're able to get people looking at the World Government COVID Treaty.
This broadcast was essential.
In the last six months really exposing this and finally making it break into mainstream news.
You did that.
You spread the word.
You did a great job.
And we've got to be essential again in exposing.
Why are they trying to green light Biden using dictatorial powers?
Because he's just a puppet.
He'll get the blame.
But the establishment will be able to continue to destabilize the country and the world and keep power over people.
So they're preparing it.
They're massaging the public's mind and preparing the ground for it to happen.
We need to have a serious discussion about this, and Congress needs to talk about it.
Governors need to talk about it.
Pastors, corporate leaders, individuals, we all need to be discussing this and putting this front and center.
And remember, when you bring this up and say, hey, I'm concerned that you're out there saying Biden may do this and Biden's looking at doing this for, quote, even a financial emergency, they're going to say, how dare you question that?
But I just showed you, last segment, the Brennan Center, very respected, hooked into the Justice Department, laying out these powers and saying they're dangerous.
And then we have this stack of news.
Here's The Atlantic, again.
The alarming scope of the President's emergency powers.
From seizing control of the Internet, declaring martial law, President Trump may legally do all kinds of extraordinary things.
And the article goes through it, but just imagine the name Biden when you're hearing about Trump.
Documents reveal secret U.S.
plans for apocalyptic scenarios when the President may activate wartime powers for national security emergencies and even suspend Congress.
That's in this MSM article going back to 1970.
And boy, is it pertinent and important.
Today, here's the current latest article.
From a few days ago on May 26, the New York Times, the Washington Post, another big one as well.
So we've covered that information.
But I'm telling you, we're going to be drilling through the executive orders, we're going to be reading them, we're going to be covering them this week on the weekday show, and trying to set brush fires in the minds of men and women everywhere to have a serious discussion about this before they launch the pretext for it.
We should be debating and discussing and brainstorming and wargaming.
We're good to go.
The corporate media is spinning things and acting like the Russians have been losing, they've not been losing, and now they're finally admitting that.
What does that portend, ladies and gentlemen?
On the other side, this is a big, big deal.
And we also have major governments around the world saying, jail time for disinformation.
Stay with us.
In October of last year, months before the invasion, I predicted it.
How did I do that?
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I want to teach you how I'm able to predict it.
The globalists don't hide any of this.
When you know the signs, you know the future.
Ladies and gentlemen, here's the clip from October of last year, a full five months before the Russians launched the invasion.
But we're looking at a giant war in February right now.
Currently, that's the projections with the top people on the Earth who claim they're not with the New World Order Combine.
Is war in February.
And this is the type of time, like right before World War I, right before World War II, when everything kicks off.
And I hope that doesn't happen.
But currently,
That is the trajectory we're on, and there is a consensus on that.
Now, I didn't just have sources.
I could also see the pre-programming from Russia and from the West, what was going to happen.
And I could see it two weeks ago.
It wasn't hard to say.
When the Pope, who's a total New World Order globalist, came out and said, OK, NATO started the fight eight years ago.
They overthrew the elected president.
They've been attacking Russian-held areas on the eastern border of Ukraine with Russia.
This needs to stop.
And that means that the West pumped tens of billions of dollars of weapons in there, but US Special Forces and EU Special Forces directing attacks on the Russians, and they did kill probably 30-40,000 Russians is a low estimate, and the Russians aren't quitting, and the Russians it turns out, which is an old dirty move to do,
Put in their conscripts first to sap up the weapons and kill the enemy's best troops, and now the Russians are pouring their better troops in, and it is curtains for Zelensky and others.
That's why Zelensky came out and said, okay, I need to talk to Putin, we need to stop this, this needs to end now, because all those cities on the eastern border with Russia that were moving weapons in and that were ethically exterminating Russians, who are basically half the population of Ukraine,
The Russians are taking the key railways, the key ports, and it looks like they're going to take about 20% in a buffer zone along the southern border on the Black Sea, up around to the east with Russia, and then to the north with Belarus, and to have a zone, a buffer zone, so that
NATO and the West cannot continue to run this proxy war.
And so that's what Putin said when he invaded, he was doing.
He said it was a police action.
Russia believes they could never absorb all of Ukraine.
That would be like the Russians trying to absorb and take over the US.
People are going to fight back.
Just like we couldn't beat the Vietnamese, the Russians would lose.
But in areas that are 95% Russian,
And in key roads and key ports and key railways, the Russians are winning big time.
They've been winning the whole time, but at huge losses.
So, the question is, what's going to come out of this now?
Henry Kissinger came out on Thursday and said, it's time to make a deal.
It's time to give Russia part of Ukraine.
And then they get their messaging straight on Ukrainian TV and they call him a traitor and an enemy of the Ukrainians.
Because if you say that as a Ukrainian citizen who's either mixed Russian, Germanic, because that's what it is, Slavic-Germanic mix, or whether you're pure German or Germanic or whether you're pure Russian,
You get arrested.
And Associated Press is like, look, they're arresting women and men at their houses because they said we need a peace deal.
So now when Henry Kissinger says we need peace, we need to stop this, oh my gosh, he needs to be arrested too!
When it's Henry Kissinger, one of the top globalists.
They are losing.
They know they are losing.
And they don't know what to do.
Zelensky signals Donbass could soon fall.
Incredibly difficult Russian onslaught.
In stunning shift, Washington Post admits catastrophic conditions, collapsing morale of Ukraine frontline forces.
Here's the article.
Are Russians gains in Eastern Ukraine turning the tide of the war?
And they admit it is.
Ukrainian volunteer fighters in the East feel abandoned.
Ukraine needs to face reality and talk to Putin, Zelensky says.
Two days after, Kissinger says it.
So, that is a big, big deal.
And notice, it's like a light switch got flipped off two weeks ago.
Right when the Pope said that, I said, this is the end, folks.
They're getting ready to make a deal and give over part of Ukraine to the Russians.
Light switch is flipped.
And we go from COVID to Ukraine to monkeypox.
COVID to Ukraine to monkeypox.
And people aren't buying the monkeypox either.
So what are they going to do next?
Well, they're saying imminent cyber attacks, imminent power outages.
Because see, this is bigger than COVID or bigger than monkeypox or bigger than Ukraine, bigger than Russia, bigger than America, bigger than Mexico, bigger than Germany, bigger than Japan, bigger than Chile.
Bigger than South Africa, bigger than Zimbabwe.
It's a global group of corporations sitting back thinking what new scam, what new crisis can we run to consolidate power and control and bring in our world ID and cover up that it's us behind the financial collapse and the inflation.
So that's why this is so huge.
That's why we've got to really be thinking about it because none of this is working for the New World Order.
Putin came out with Lavrov, their foreign minister, today and said to the UN, the Western establishment is dead.
We've got the article right here.
Their people don't believe in them.
We don't want to dominate the world.
We want a new world order based on mutual working with other nations and based on not selling weapons but based on commerce.
And we want to have a debate at the UN.
They're asking the UN to have a debate about that on a New World Order.
Saying to the New World Order, the globalist system, you have basically lost.
We want to have a peace deal with you.
Now whether you believe that's going to happen or not,
What incredible developments that is in the Russian news and is in the UN news, but you go around the U.S.
news, zero, zero coverage of these massive debates and discussions that are happening.
Because they don't want a new world order of peace and justice and freedom.
They want a new world order of a cashless society, permanent collapse, world government, world... ID card.
And that leads me to this.
I'm a little bit behind.
I was going to hit Second Amendment when we start the next hour, but I'm going to do that at 15 after now.
In the first couple of segments of Hour One, I'm going to hit the rest of the story on this, because we've got these clips, so many of them, but some we haven't gotten to, from the last week's meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, of the World Economic Forum, now in public command of the UN.
The UN signed a treaty two weeks ago.
Saying, oh, we take orders, basically.
We've merged with the World Economic Forum, this shadowy mouthpiece of the Bilderberg Group.
So we've got those clips and so much more coming up on that front as well.
But like I said, we're going to be opening the phones up throughout the week on this.
We have a bunch of special guests on it.
This is a big deal.
But it has been announced for the World Economic Forum, the Global ID,
Based on Global Vaccine Passport.
And people are really asking all over Twitter.
I see it.
People send it to me like, Jones is one of them.
How did he know they would announce it with the social credit score through the vaccine passport, a carbon tax, and a universal basic income?
How the hell did he know that?
Because they've been writing books and white papers and saying it.
And over a year ago, the World Economic Forum put out promo videos saying, you'll pay a carbon tax to be on an airline.
You'll have to have a global ID to travel.
It'll be a vaccine passport.
It'll be a green carbon tax.
And there'll be a social credit score tied to your universal basic income to make sure you behave right.
They put out damn press releases!
And so I'd love to sit up here and go, I'm the great... Who was that character Johnny Carson had?
The great... The great Carnac.
And he would like hold up letters from listeners and guess what they were?
He would wear like a, you know, big purple turban on his head.
This is not Grant Karnak, and that's why I keep hammering that, that I want our governors and legislatures and general public to figure out who the globalists are, how do the real enemy identify them, and once people again know they're the ones causing most of the problems, that will really fix a lot of humanity's issues once we look at special corporate interest and how they're manipulating governments.
So that's all in our number two today that Owen Schroyer in one hour takes over.
He's going to cover Dimms exploiting the tragedy to distract from the economic collapse they've engineered under the Great Reset, the rage at the NRA convention, some of those incredible clips, and phone calls with Owen Schroyer.
And they only have six minutes of ads an hour.
Only local ads.
See, that's how radio and TV works.
And the old models were still on that.
They get half the ads.
Well, we just give the stations their ads on Sunday Live, and I'm planning to move that model soon on my own show so we have less ads every hour.
Regardless, hour number two straight ahead.
Please, folks, tune in now.
That's how we override the sensors.
That's how we achieve victory.
Stay with us.
Introducing Come and Take It, our third and final coin, a part of the Founding Member Collector Series.
This third coin is minted into existence from .999 silver from right here in America.
It's Alex Jones.
Little words that are hurting America's pandemic response.
What are they?
Do your own research!
Can we all stop saying, I need to do my own research?
Nobody who's saying that is getting in a lab and doing tests.
At best, you're reading other people's research.
And more likely, you're probably reading a tweet about a headline about a blog post about someone else's research.
That phrase, do your own research, is popping up a lot in conversations about coronavirus and about COVID vaccines.
But this go it alone approach, doing your own research, it seems so innocent, but it can have serious consequences.
In other words, CNN says, don't do your own research.
What are the roots of this phrase?
I feel like I used to hear it around QAnon craziness.
Well, today, the deer antler guy was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the Capitol riots.
The same phrase through your research is being peddled by some people who do have ill intent, who want to push you down certain paths, who want to, either for profit reasons or for geopolitical reasons, want to make sure that you are reading certain information as opposed to listening to authoritative sources.
So what should be an actually smart idea, especially in the U.S.
with such a lack of funding and media literacy and all of these issues, it can really actually help make things worse.
Yeah, it's a sneaky little phrase.
Here's the four words that are helping to spread vaccine misinformation.
Are you ready?
According to CNN, here they are.
Do your own research.
Do your own research.
Do your own research.
It's a sneaky little phrase.
That's right, folks.
CNN here to tell you, don't look into these things for yourself.
Don't do your own research.
Don't question anything.
Just listen and obey.
He could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.
And that is our job.
Once again, the media is clamoring to tell you to stop looking into stuff for yourself.
Do your own research.
Those four words are hurting the U.S.
pandemic response, CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said on Reliable Sources Sunday.
Brian Stelter visits school kids to teach them to spot misinformation.
He's telling them don't even trust satire, don't trust anything but CNN.
Reducing a liar's reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech.
In the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.
You've heard people say, you'll have to pry my guns from my cold, dead hands.
We have introduced an assault weapons ban.
I'm talking about a ban on assault rifles.
If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
We say no more!
I'm the guy that originally wrote the assault weapons ban that became law.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line, he says, I have an AR-15 and I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
Hell yes!
We're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.
Do you think Trump is responsible for what happened?
I said, well look, I mean obviously he didn't pull the trigger but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.
I'm incredibly saddened and it's very hard to think about this.
I'm tired of hearing people all they have to offer is thoughts and prayers.
In my faith, people say faith without works is dead.
So we will find a way.
But the reason we have a problem right now is we've let the corporate gun lobby frame this debate.
It is time that we have bold actions and a bold agenda.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the street.
And we have to get buybacks and get them out of their basements.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which, by the way, would have made a huge difference.
We can ban the weapons of war.
It's about ending the sales of assault weapons into our communities.
Those weapons of war were designed to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
They should belong on the battlefield and not in our communities.
But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
By the way, you can't own the following weapons, period.
They cannot be sold anymore.
Like, if you're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Rallying patriots worldwide for a pro-human future.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Remember, you are receiving information on this broadcast.
That if it gets out to the world, we'll defeat the criminals that run this global New World Order system, whose plan for us is nothing but total enslavement and certain death.
And the good news is, we've been on air for 28 years.
And the good news is, we've not been caught with our pants down completely.
We've not been caught totally flat-footed.
But now, if they think they can sell these crises, and if they can pose as the saviors of the crises that they've authored, they are going to drop the hammer on all of us.
If you think the last two and a half years of tyranny was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet in the last 30 months.
That was a dress rehearsal for what's going down right now.
And to watch last week, and play clips all week long during the weekday show, of corporate leaders announcing total censorship, world IDs, biomedical tyrannies, new lockdowns, forced inoculations.
I mean, that's not just martial law.
That's global martial law run by the UN and corporations taking over the nation states.
They're involved in a hostile corporate takeover.
I'm good.
The paradox of New York Times and Washington Post and CNN reports saying there is no global government, there is no carbon tax, there is no universal ID, there is no any of this when it's all being announced and implemented in places like Italy and Canada and in select areas here in the U.S.
I mean the chains have been forged.
And the chains are going on.
I just can't believe we're going to put up with this, and I don't believe we are.
Now the good news is, and I played this on the special Saturday show I did yesterday, so I'm not going to play it again now, but I have harped and harped and harped on this.
That if we don't get the good Senators and House members, and Legislatures and Governors we have, like the Santas and others,
To come out and say what we're up against is a global corporate takeover, where we're not essential, where they shut us down, where they consolidate control and censor us.
We have no hope.
But the good news is we're hearing Rand Paul and DeSantis and Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton and many others come out and really nail it.
This is a corporate, fascist, world government takeover using leftist ideology
With a bunch of tax-exempt corporations screwing everybody.
And so, bravo to the listeners.
Bravo to our affiliates and crew and everybody that got it done.
Yet again, we have pushed this boulder uphill to the top and rolled it down hill on the enemy.
We're not out of the woods yet, though they're lovely dark and deep.
We have miles to go before we sleep.
But, to quote the great poem, to paraphrase it,
But it just shows why you, the grassroots, are so important.
Because this is the dog wagging the tail.
Not the tail wagging the dog.
So here's some of these clips.
There's literally hundreds of these.
We already played some of them.
I want to play some again, but these are new ones from Friday, the last day of the conference.
And, you know, we're going to censor you.
We're going to arrest you for your speech.
We're going to get rid of freedom.
We're shutting off the fuel and oil to make you transition.
This is all by design for the Great Reset.
We control the world now.
We control the future.
Soon the transition to owning nothing will be here.
Soon a computer will tell you if you're even allowed to leave your house.
Soon you'll only work from home in the metaverse.
I mean, I have all the clips.
I have all the articles.
And it's just, for me, to go from this being in policy reports 25 years ago, to being real and happening.
And it's one thing to talk about something when it's academic, when it's theoretical, when it's an idea, but powerful people pushing it.
But to be living in them actually trying to eat the elephant.
They're not going to be able to eat the whole elephant.
They're not going to be able to eat half the elephant.
Even if we went along with this, this is not going to work.
But nevertheless, they're trying it.
And it's completely biblical.
It's totally satanic.
It's got Mark of the Beast written all over it.
And the good news is, again, I monitor stuff, just like you do.
Churches all over the country, big mega churches here in Austin.
I told you on Easter, my mom went to a friend's megachurch in North Austin.
They had 5,000 people inside, 10,000 outside on jumbotrons.
And my mom thought the preacher was Alex Jones.
World government, great reset, new world order, forced injection, grow gardens, get ready, humanity's gonna win, Margaret the Beast.
So I called that family friend I've known for decades.
Hell, I've known that family friend since she was like three years old, and I was six years old.
Our parents are friends.
I said, well, hey, thanks for taking my parents to that church.
Was your preacher like that a couple years ago?
She goes, no.
And that's just one little example.
So that's good news.
These new world order globalists have declared war on all of us.
And the good news is humanity says, well, all right.
I don't know how all this is going to end.
But you're saying I'm obsolete, you're saying I'm not essential, you're saying I'm supposed to roll over in a ditch and die?
I'm gonna study you, I'm gonna find out who you are, I'm gonna find out how you took over, and I'm gonna stop complying with it.
And I'm gonna win.
Because the children deserve it, and God demands it.
So let's get to a few of these clips.
This is, uh...
Davos reveals building blocks for green social credit score and then that segues into Albanian president talks about green or Alibaba president talks about green travel.
Here it is.
Developing through technology an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.
What does that mean?
Where are they traveling?
How are they traveling?
What are they eating?
What are they consuming on the platform?
So, Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker.
We call it Green Travel.
So we have within our business something called AMAP, which is a mapping, so think Google Maps or Waze, plus travel destination business.
And so what we're going to do is allow people to first calculate
So that's the social credit score training wheels.
Or the Davos Group admits they want to make it mandatory to pay the carbon taxes when you get on a bus or a train or do any of that.
Of course, they're all flying in on private jets.
None of them are following their own admissions.
And of course, it then sends you to the select groups they want to send you to, and it's a big scam.
Everything with these people is a fraud.
Bono is their patron saint.
And he's the guy they push as their cultural spokesperson, their cultural master, their omnibudsman.
He goes and raises, now over the years, over $10 billion to, quote, feed starving Africans.
And he keeps 99%.
That's called being a monster.
That's called being a sicko.
That's called being a psychopath.
That's called being the New World Order.
What a shameful organization.
But that's who these losers are.
Opportunistic frontmen for the new world order.
And we've got, when we come back, I'm going to get to the guns at the bottom of the hour.
What happened with Biden visiting Evaldee at the bottom of the hour.
But next segment, we're going to look at more of this.
And again, the big line that you're all about to die from viruses because of global warming, not them cooking up in labs.
We'll go to the Davos Group next.
Stay with us.
You're so close to victory.
You're so close to the next level.
We are so close.
Hide what you've got to hide.
And tell what you've got to tell.
So, Savannah Hernandez reporting for Rebel Media, Truth Social, and InfoWars.com.
Knocked it out of the park in the last week.
Can't wait till she gets back tomorrow.
In studio with us next week with so much.
They're in Switzerland.
They're in Geneva just witnessing the new world order uncloak and just admit its whole takeover plan in front of everybody.
Absolutely stunning.
Nobody can deny this is happening now.
No one can deny it's going on.
And again, their mantra.
Whether it's Tedros, or the WHO, or Bill Gates, or any other UN spokespersons, or mainstream media, they say everywhere, deadly viruses are coming because we've been bad, the Earth's too hot, it's gonna come out of the jungle and kill you.
And then it comes out of labs that they control, that they have the so-called vaccine for, that makes you even sicker and erases your immune system.
This is their play.
This is their operation.
But, oh, they're the doctors.
They're the UN.
They care about me.
No, they've broken the social contract.
They have taken your confidence in them and absolutely use it against you.
They are monsters.
So here is Savannah Hernandez interviews a woman attending Deimos, and what does she say?
What I've been warning about for decades.
Here it is.
I'm not a scientist so I'm not in a position to talk about vaccination but this is not going to be the last pandemic that we see.
We'll see more and more pandemics arising due to climate impacts and the emergence of new bacteria as a result of increased greenhouse gases and methane emissions that we just don't have immunity to.
So I think as a collective everyone's been talking about COVID but okay that's COVID and it's going to stay with us but
You know, this is just the start.
This is just the start, says a woman with pink hair.
And again, I don't care if you have blue hair, pink hair, green hair, but why do they all have pink, blue or green hair?
It's about being unnatural.
It's about being weird.
And then spouting off this propaganda.
Well, here I am in 1997 explaining what's going on.
I don't know.
You know when we have floods and rain and meteors might hit the earth?
What if a meteor hits the earth tomorrow and destroys a city?
Are they going to say this is because the people of earth have been bad?
That meteor just came from space?
It's very primitive control apparatus.
It's how chiefs and medicine doctors use to control and shaman would control the people.
Say, oh if you're not good the crops won't come.
Oh, the environment, if we're not good!
I don't want to eat a piece of meat that's got dioxins in it from plastics production.
I don't want them dumping nickel cadmium and heavy metal grignard reagents in the waters so my kids are deformed.
I don't want that.
I'm for the environment.
But these international corrupt people financing global population control, which is just nothing more but dictator's excuses to kill men, women, and children, and girls in slave labor camps in China making Nikes,
You call that good?
And all these Hollywood people that say they love you are the ones that speak out against slave labor?
Are the ones you find out later are the ones that own all the sweatshops making their clothes lines?
They're all hypocrites!
They're all hypocrites using you!
So here it is.
Global plan to fight infectious diseases sought.
I haven't read this yet, but... Washington, a new plan to coordinate
International efforts to track and combat infectious diseases will be announcing by the leaders of the G7 group of industrial nations at this weekend's summit in Denver.
White House aides said Monday!
And the combustion engine is the greatest threat to civilization!
Like Al Gore says in Earth and the Balance.
No, Mr. Gore!
The combustion engine is civilization!
And the combustion engine's getting cleaned up!
Because we're putting catalytic converters on the cars!
Just like we got the horses out of the streets a hundred years ago, and we don't have a horse manure problem anymore!
Humans move forward!
I know the bureaucrats don't want that.
You want us to stay down and lowly.
You don't want us to transcend, do you?
And of course you got clips from a couple years after that where I said they'll use a virus as a pretext to bring in lockdowns and total control, but you've already seen that.
Here is a clip from the African
Nation of Tigray, where they estimate 80% of the population is about to starve to death.
Here they are laying it out.
Since the start of the conflict 15 months ago, Ethiopian forces and their allies from Eritrea have taken part in the deliberate obstruction of aid coming into Tigray, as troops on the ground have taken part in the deliberate destruction of food items and farming equipments across the region.
In addition to the blockade on banking services and the withhold of state budget, the UN estimates that over 80% of the population in Tigray is food insecure and in need of urgent food assistance.
Now the president of Afar Regional State, Awal Arba, in an interview with the state media, EBC, has said that his forces are working to ensure no humanitarian aid will reach the people of Tigray.
In a parliamentary address earlier this week, Abiy Ahmed had said that his forces are working closely with the Afar state to ensure a common objective.
The Afar state is working closely with the state to ensure a common objective.
The Afar state is working closely with the state to ensure a common objective.
The government of Tigray had on multiple occasions issued a statement saying violence was being instigated by Afar regional forces and troops from Eritrea to hamper the delivery of much-needed aid into the region.
So the UN orders a two-year lockdown in Africa.
It wasn't just six months like other places.
Two years.
And they wonder why people are starving everywhere and they've got reasons for it and exacerbating issues.
When Africa collapses, which is now happening, that's part of the replacement migration the left doesn't want you talking about, even though it's a UN plan to collapse the third world and then have the UN organize and brainwash these giant third world populations to flood the West.
And now the EU is predicting 100 million people are going to try to flood Europe, and they're going to open the borders up, so they know exactly when they're doing it, exactly how they're doing it, over and over and over again.
We're going to go to break, and I want to come back and shift gears and talk about the tragedy in Yovaldi, and we now know exactly basically what happened there, and it is just outrageous.
Biden is down there grandstanding right now, but the good news is,
Humanity is waking up to this agenda and humanity understands how this is being done and who is behind it.
And once again, the people staging all this can't pose as the saviors.
I know I harp on that every hour.
It's game over.
But if we don't know who we're in a war with, if we don't understand that, we don't have a chance in hell.
All right, two more segments coming up, jam-packed.
The Delaware Troyer takes over with Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
at InfoWars.com, forward slash show and band dot video.
Again, I'm not complaining.
I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.
And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land.
Yeah, Link Greenwood gladly stands up if he can make money off patriots and Americans that love freedom.
But he boycotted the NRA event.
That he had signed up for, and so did the governor of Texas.
Virtue signaling, going along with the propaganda, going along with the left.
What are we going to do about that?
Because our biggest problem is neocons, our biggest problem is fake conservatives, and people that would dare blame gun owners for what a psychotic did.
A psychotic they knew had been planning things like this.
Look at some of these headlines.
A Supreme Court justice solution to gun violence is repeal the Second Amendment.
That's what they're pushing.
That's what they want.
That's Justice Stevens.
Senator Booker.
Americans love guns more than children.
No, we love the right to defend ourselves.
We don't want to live in the blue cities with ten times the crime rate of other areas.
That's what we don't want, Mr. Booker.
We had a big InfoWars poll with over 30,000 respondents.
The InfoWars poll asked the question,
What is more dangerous to our children?
School shootings?
Experimental vaccines?
Intercity crime?
And 56% said experimental vaccines.
I think people know what they're talking about.
We have a video of Kamala Harris saying an assault weapon is a weapon of war.
Well, so is a knife.
Kamala Harris demands a ban on all assault weapons.
Oh, but they didn't want your guns.
Incel Texas shooter made disturbing online threats to girls, hurt animals, was a devil worshiper, was not bullied, but was actually a bully.
We have a clip we're about to play.
Of a student making that point.
But it's always the same.
Someone into darkness, someone into the occult, dressing all in black.
I'm not saying you dress all in black, you're bad.
I'm saying statistically, in cells that hate women, hate children, hate girls, who are into darkness and shoot-em-up games, that is the modus operandi, or the M.O.
of these people.
Here it is.
As high school senior Ivan Arellano said when he received this message from his friend last night, it broke his heart.
He knew Leila Salazar, one of the children killed inside Robb Elementary.
Her older brother is Ivan's good friend.
Whenever we were young, she would like mess with us whenever we would all hang out together.
I feel bad for Nick.
Ivan also says he knew the gunman well and described him as a bully.
Salvador Ramos was a boy who was not bullied.
He would try to pick on people but fail and it would aggravate him.
I would like to get that out of the way.
He was not bullied.
He, prior, and I don't see this covered, and I'm gonna put this out there, he would hurt animals.
He was not a good person.
Ivan is hurting, and he wants his friend to know he is deeply sorry for his loss.
All of your friends love you, Nick, and like, we want you to be okay, and we're here for you.
Yeah, you think somebody
The ones that shoot elementary school students might be somebody that wants to hurt a local dog or cat.
And the reason we have guns is to protect ourselves from these people.
The establishment, again, they have the bodyguards, they have the guns, they have the private jets.
They don't want us to have even a small piece of what they've got.
And anybody that's guilted into giving up their freedom, anybody that's guilted into believing it's their fault for things like this, is insane.
And look, I've had a lot of callers and a lot of emails and a lot of people say to me, Jones, why aren't you saying this is a false flag?
Why aren't you saying this was staged?
When I saw Jesse Smollett, I said it was fake.
The WMDs in Iraq, I said was fake.
And there's been other things that I've questioned, is they had anomalies and we have a right to question.
That's a good thing.
It's the reason I'm saying I don't think this is a staged event.
It's not because the Democratic Party filed these lawsuits on me to get rid of the First Amendment and the whole San Diego thing.
It's because I don't see the same type of anomalies that made myself and other people ask questions before.
I see a police stand down.
And we now know that the local political officer who was the police chief of their independent school district
Has recently been elected to the City Council, a place where in two weeks he'll actually be sworn in.
He wasn't at the school.
He didn't know what was going on.
He just said, it's a hostage situation.
Stand down.
And the police followed their orders.
After 50 minutes of this, the Border Patrol agents that showed up said, we're not going to follow your orders anymore.
Their children were going in.
They should have done that immediately.
So again, bureaucracy, ladies and gentlemen, is the issue.
And it's what we're facing.
But it's completely fair.
And protected speech under the First Amendment.
That if you don't want to believe the official story, because we got lied to up front, and the governor admitted that, and the DPS admitted that, well then you have a right to see anomalies.
And there have been major anomalies in this case.
And I believe that's CNN making mistakes.
CNN has showed the same father, or two different fathers, for the same child.
And showed two different fathers and showed the same picture and the same name for a dead girl.
That's probably them putting the wrong name key up twice.
We make mistakes here, too.
Not defending CNN, but we just don't see some of the telltale signs of a false flag here.
That said, let's look at Buffalo two weeks ago.
We said, did he have feds provocateuring him?
Did he have handlers manipulating him?
He was autistic.
He was mentally ill.
He tried to shoot up a school before.
Wasn't ever put in a mental institution when he did that.
And now the feds, are they cleaning up loose ends?
Or is it some fed that was crazy talking to this guy?
Or is that made up too?
We don't know.
Retired federal agent regularly communicated with Buffalo Gunman in private Discord chatroom.
And the FBI is investigating that.
But let's look at a brief history just in a few minutes.
Even Wikipedia has a big, giant category of admitted declassified false flags by the Nazis, by the U.S.
government, by the Communists, and by other governments throughout history.
So false flags are a real thing.
They go on.
They happen.
And because we've been lied to so many times, and because this has happened before,
We don't just have a right, we have a duty to question, and to investigate, and to look at things.
So this has got a lot of different false flag events that happened.
The LaVon Affair, and so many others.
You need to go read this, and look this up for yourself.
The truth about false flags from Nazi Germany, the Vietnam War, from the Reichstag, the Gulf of Tonkin.
Very good.
Report from history.co.uk.
Bunch of examples.
Operation Northwoods staging bombings, airline shootdowns, and mass shootings as a pretext for war with Cuba and the Soviet Union.
United States, the false flag empire.
Big article on that out of the Independent Australia.
And so many other things you should look into.
And we will continue to look into all that.
The FBI staging the Governor Whitmer kidnapping.
That was a false flag.
And the list goes on and on.
The Pentagon said Russia would stage false flags as a pretext to invade Ukraine.
Looks like they did.
The point is, this is a real thing, and it's legitimate to question it and to look at it.
Anybody who doesn't want you to look at it are bad guys.
We'll be back in the final segment.
Stay with us.
Common sense are in.
Yes, there have been corrupt empires.
Yes, they manipulate.
Yes, there are secret societies.
Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history.
And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order, pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny.
We're human beings are absolutely worthless.
There's six and a quarter plus billion of us, and the globalists have said it many times, there's too many of us, we're causing a problem, we need to be cold at the tune of 80%.
It's amazing to talk about that, but it's the globalists, the UN, their own public statements, and they've convinced a lot of
Liberals and elitist conservatives and others, that by going along with this, that we're intelligent members of society.
It's the ultimate Malthus worldview.
It is this radical, virulent form of social Darwinism.
It's the excuse of tyrants.
And by creating open borders where there's no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources, by centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health.
And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system.
So that's from 20 years ago.
And you see it happening today.
How do we do that?
Because we know the plan.
Now I want to hit some of the economic news and the censorship news.
I want to hit in closing the prison plan that they're building and the endgame of it with the metaverse.
So that's coming up.
But let's look at what Biden's hoping to distract us from by blaming American gun owners for what a psycho did.
We all know it's good guys that stop bad guys with guns.
Good guys with guns that stop bad guys with guns.
It's not just a cliche.
It's true.
Biden's protected by guns, but he doesn't want you to be protected by anything.
CNBC record high Memorial Day gas prices are stinging consumers and impacting travel.
California are paying $7 a gallon on average.
Almost $5 a gallon across the United States.
And they admit, Biden said last week, this is part of the transition.
And they're doing it again.
Biden is running out of options to tame soaring gas prices.
What about turning the pipelines back on?
What about not banning all the drilling?
What about allowing the permits?
I mean, it's all... They're trying to shut down the main pipeline that's 50-something years old out of Canada for the Midwest.
They'll shut everything down.
If we're still like, oh, Biden doesn't have any options.
He doesn't know why it's happening.
The head of the Energy Department and Biden have all said it's on purpose.
And that's what's so frustrating.
Global food crisis may spread from grain to sugar.
Think so?
But don't worry.
Robots to pick up more work at busy factories.
They're busy.
Why don't we demand stuff be made by humans?
Because they're building a world where we're obsolete.
We need to build a world where we have a future.
Humans control their environment.
We're the only animal, in their own words, that is able to control its environment.
Why are we letting the globalists control our environment?
Will this fruit-picking robot transform agriculture?
Surging meat prices push consumer grillers to order pizza instead.
Next it's you'll eat bugs, they've told you.
1,000 more flights canceled Sunday, disrupting the holiday weekend.
Everybody I know is having trouble in business and in family travel.
It's all just a disheveled, collapsing, insane
The collapse of civilization.
And it goes on from there.
How are they going to get away with this post-industrial world?
Well, only if we're not aware of what's happening.
So this YouTuber and this Twitter individual, Young Huss, says, I endorse Alex Jones brainwashing.
Being sarcastic.
And here is the New York Times headline,
YouTube videos brainwashed my father.
Can I reprogram his feed?
Open articles about how we need to keep our family from researching and asking questions you don't want to ask questions.
In a cult, you do what you're told.
And here's some examples of that.
Turkey to jail people for spreading misinformation.
And who decides?
A group of government fact-checkers decide what's true and what's not.
And Fauci this week gave a speech at a university and said, I've never seen such lies, such disinfo.
We need to ban people that disagree with us.
But Fauci, if you think back, lied to us about the PCR test, about the vaccine working, about masks working.
But earlier said they didn't work, which they don't.
Lie after lie after lie.
And so where does the power structure want to take us?
What's their endgame?
Key articles at InfoWars.com from Reclaim the Net.
World Economic Forum wants kids to learn in the metaverse to curb climate change.
That's right.
Climate lockdowns.
You're locked in your house.
Under the social credit score, vaccine passport, you can't travel.
Played that earlier, them announcing it at Dabos, meeting in Geneva this week.
And they say, we're going to make you stay in your house, we're going to make you telecommute, we're going to make kids learn in the metaverse, and the World Economic Forum through Big Tech is going to control the messages you get in that false reality.
So I've seen these archetypal images of people wearing masks,
And VR goggles covering up all their senses.
They've got earbuds in their ear giving them a false reality.
They've got their visual senses and they've got their mouth covered up.
The symbol of a gag slave.
Guardian columnist George Mombiot says, farming should be abolished to stop climate change.
Not just cows, not just methane, but everything's got to be banned.
All, not just human society, but agrarian farming society.
And robots must grow all the food.
You must be prepared to be obsolete.
There's the article I just mentioned.
Metaverse announces the World Economic Forum will have a leadership role in the metaverse, says Facebook.
They will program this new reality that our children and others are to be forced into.
And we saw the images out of New York City and Tel Aviv, Israel, of children begging not to be injected with the COVID-19 gene therapy poison serum.
And they put VR goggles on them so they'd be in a false reality while they took the shot.
Covering up our senses, enslaving us, forcing us into this grid.
It's all disingenuous, it's all criminal.
And there's always going to be criminals, sociopaths, psychopaths, that are willing to do anything for power.
But they're really not to blame.
Mark Zuckerberg.
When we allow them to do this, when we stand down, we don't protect the children, when we don't say no, when we don't speak up, it becomes our problem.
All right, Owen Schroer is about to take over in two minutes.
We got a break.
Loaded for Bears, Sunday Night Live.
Dems exploiting the tragedy to distract from the economic collapse of their engineering.
The rage at the NRA convention in Houston.
Democrats calling for bombings, shooting attacks, and phone calls with Owen Schroer coming up separately.
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