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Name: 20220527_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 27, 2022
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses the Uvalde school shooting, raising questions about the official narrative and criticizing law enforcement's response. He suggests that there is evidence of a cover-up and a "stand down" by officers. The speakers also express frustration with gun control policies and argue that people have a right to bear arms for self-defense. They introduce products related to health and safety, and encourage listeners to donate to support the website's operation during this critical time. In another segment, Ted Nugent discusses the Uvalde school shooting and criticizes law enforcement's response. The speakers also address the risks of nuclear war and emphasize the importance of self-defense, home schooling, and paying attention to current events in order to avoid any potential conflicts.

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You know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in?
You know where everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes in to?
And Joe Rogan?
Elon Musk?
You know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here!
Tomorrow's news.
today. It's Friday, May 27th.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Thank you for joining us on this live, teleprompter-free Friday edition.
We have Ted Nugent, who is fired up and really informative.
He called me this morning and I said, you gotta say this on air.
Rattling through the whole history of how they know about these shooters, the psychologists, the psychiatrists, the police.
And in every case, from the white supremacist a few weeks ago in Buffalo, to this new one, the tragic events in Uvalde, Texas.
It's unbelievable.
Now, I have been very judicious since Monday on not speculating, trying to get the facts, and to really look at what's going on.
And we know now that the official story has unraveled.
We now know that we have been lied to, and we now know that outrageous things happen, like the police going in and getting their own children, and I don't blame them, while keeping other people from getting in.
Women forcing their way through police lines to go get their children.
A total disaster.
And we have sources That are involved in the investigation.
It basically concurs with what Tim Inlow, school safety expert, he trains police around the state, said yesterday that once he got barricaded in and was shooting through the door and did hit one officer in the top of the head, they didn't know if he killed everybody.
They didn't know whether they were still alive.
They treated it as a hostage situation that turned into a giant bureaucratic event outside.
The issue is That this guy had been attacking people and shooting people with BB guns and talking about violence for years and nothing was done, and they were in a shootout with him for 12 minutes outside and waited for backup and waited for body armor.
And I'm not saying I'm the toughest guy around, but I mean, I've taken guns away from people two times, pulled them on me, and I've taken knives away from people and I just I'm not saying that the police are cowards nowadays, but they're so programmed to wait for orders, that more and more you see this type of crap.
And if I saw somebody going into school, and they were shooting at me and I had a gun, and I mean, I would attack them.
I mean, that's just who I am.
And, you know, it's easy to Monday morning quarterback this whole thing, but I would do it.
And I think most police officers will do it that I know.
I mean, most police I know are not wimps.
And they go out and they're in dangerous situations every day.
You see cops do incredibly heroic things all the time on video.
I mean, so what the hell's going on here?
Because the police I've known in my life aren't wimps.
And they actually want to go after bad guys.
And until about 25 years ago, the police charged in.
Now, sometimes hostages got killed and sometimes crazy things went on.
This is just insane.
Yeah, it's now coming out in the Washington Post, Evaldi parents were armed and ready to storm the school.
Yeah, those police are lucky that a civil war didn't start down there.
And I'm not calling for that, I'm just saying this is a tender box, and I've hunted down an Evaldi.
I know the folks down there, they're good, hard-working people, and basically everybody's got a gun.
So there's a lot of facts, a lot of pieces of the puzzle here.
And even Tucker Carlson came out last night and said, there's a cover-up.
But Biden's praising the police now.
That tells you something.
And so I think it was a false flag.
I think somebody secretly shot the kids and it wasn't him.
No, I don't think the evidence points towards that.
But a definite stand down in not apprehending him before and then letting him do this, and then having a 12-minute shootout with him and letting him go in the building, they should have stormed in after his ass.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Ted Nugent and his lovely wife.
Shemaine called me this morning.
We had a nice discussion about the situation in the world, to put it in a friendly way.
A very upset, very informative NRA board member.
And obviously icon of American freedom.
He's going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour and he was just laying out the history and reminding me of all these shooters that psychologists and psychiatrists knew were going to do it and police knew they were going to do it and nothing was done.
And then so many times it turns out there are FBI informants or globalist leftist connected groups that are hyping up these lunatics.
We know that's gone on.
And it's mainstream news today.
Buffalo News, Fox News, authorities investigating a retired federal agent knew of Buffalo mass shooting plans in advance and was reportedly communicating digitally, online, and the reports are encouraging.
That's the report, not confirmed.
But the FBI confirms they're investigating.
What in the hell?
Is a retired federal agent doing talking to the 18 year old autistic lunatic, not bashing autistic people's lunatics, but you know, autistic and they were saying and then out of his mind on top of it, the one there and kill those 10 innocent black people while they were buying groceries for their families.
So, I mean, there's that right there.
And now the same thing is emerging.
And I heard this three days ago from the internet researchers online, and I looked at it, and I thought, there's no way.
And now, yet again, weird fingerprints all over this thing.
Right on time for the election, I got the FBI's own statistics, suddenly, mass shootings and school shootings are exploding this year, up since the highest levels ever.
Magically, this year, going into the midterms.
Boy, we did predict that, didn't we?
So, I don't know what's going on, and we don't have all the answers, but we're being lied to, and something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
To quote Macbeth, Joe Biden praises police response in Uvalde's shooting, refuses to call for accountability.
And that, for me, is the cherry on top.
Sure, it'd be easy to rush in and bash the police.
It'd be easy to rush in, because it looks bad.
And I was not operating as an apologist yesterday.
I was trying to look at the angle of what do you do when somebody's barricaded in shooting through the door and you don't know they've killed the kids or not.
But you cannot get away from the 12-minute shootout outside and then him going in the door right in front of the police and they sat there and waited for backup.
What the hell did you do signing up for that job?
It'd be one thing if a gunman was going off in the woods running from you.
I'd say, wait for backup, don't get killed.
But they're going into school, you better get your ass in there.
Oh, wait, I gotta wait.
The procedures wait.
And I might shoot a kid and something might go wrong.
Well, you know what?
You're not gonna get in trouble for that.
Because there may be one kid you accidentally shot and five he's able to kill, but you save fourteen or whatever.
That's hypothetical.
So, we need to be training our men and women of law enforcement to charge in Not to sit around.
But that's what they do.
And that's the training more and more.
And it's disgusting.
I'm not bashing individual officers.
We don't know all their names or the details.
The FBI has the footage from inside the school.
God knows where that'll go to some black hole.
But this whole thing stinks to high heaven yet again.
Is it just complete incompetence or is it something else?
Well, we know what it is.
It's evil.
It's evil in the hearts of men and women.
So here's these headlines.
Joe Biden praises police response in Yuvaldi's shooting, refuses to call for accountability.
New details of police response to Yuvaldi's shooting paint an incredibly disturbing picture.
Tucker Carlson accuses Texas cops of BS, absolutely, and lies over why school shooter wasn't taken down until more than an hour after he began the slaughter.
Report, police got their own children out of the school while subduing other Uvalde parents.
Texas Rep.
Tony Gonzalez, who's been accurate in the past, says Uvalde Gumbin was arrested four years ago for threatening to shoot up a school.
We know there were arrests made.
We don't know, it's not confirmed that it was this individual.
But we do know this happened at the school previously.
Very suspicious.
Very serious area we need to investigate.
Texas DPS, Texas Rangers tell me that it's incorrect, says Bill Melligan of Fox LA.
There were two juveniles arrested on conspiracy charges from a shooting plot several years back, but the Evolji shooting was not involved in that incident and was not arrested.
Two teens arrested in MASH Casualty Plot 2018 targeted At Uvalde Middle School.
Now here's what we got from law enforcement sources.
LEOs were in the building within four minutes of responding and got into a shootout in the hallway before the shooter barricaded himself in an unlocked classroom.
The interior doors are hardened and needed to be breached with breaching tools.
The attempt to breach but was met with heavy gunfire which forced them to pull back.
The last thing you want to do is shoot through a door with people in it.
Took a BOR TAC team with a shield and key from the facility to make entry into the ballistic shield.
When they breached, they took heavy gun to fire and they killed the shooter.
And one of the Border Patrol agents got shot in the top of the head.
Or grazed in the top of the head.
So, there's a mix of different things happening here, but the folks that actually went in there, we praise them for their courage and what they did.
But by the time they got there, he'd already killed almost everybody in the classroom.
More heartbreak.
Husband of teacher killed in Uvalde school shooting suffers fatal heart attack.
Megan Merkel, the fake royal, visits Uvalde to lay roses at Texas School Shooting Memorial.
What an opportunistic pig!
Evaldi schools locked down at least 48 times this academic year.
It's all up on InfoWars.com.
Learn how one heroic mother saved her two children from an Evaldi school shooting, was subdued by police, released, ran around the back of the school, climbed the fence, went in and saved her children.
Put her in a uniform.
Here's photos of the bullet grazed head of the Hero Border Patrol agent who went on a suicide mission to kill the Evaldi shooter.
Which is what you signed up for.
So good job.
Another big article you're not going to see anywhere else.
They're not giving any coverage.
Armed woman thwarts potential mass shooting at Charleston apartment complex, police say.
Chuck Schumer just shot down a measure to help schools protect children that want armed teachers or principals or coaches.
So that's just some of the news and information we've got here today, but it is time to stop letting our schools be soft targets.
Washington Post falsely links AR-15s to Nazi Germany.
What the hell does that have to do with it?
CBS News reveals Beto's interruption of Uvalde press conference was orchestrated.
Are they going to tell us that birds fly in the sky next or that fish swim in the sea?
Of course it was staged.
And then here's the big one.
Uvalde's shooter fired gun for 12 minutes outside school before entering Texas, and this is what we're going to cover when we come back, Texas police lieutenant says cops were reluctant to engage government because they could have been shot.
This is what's truly disgusting.
And who goes up there from the state police spokesperson and makes a statement like that?
Even if it's true, it's just, it just is outrageous.
And I'm sure it is true.
So you're scared to get shot?
So there's kids getting killed?
Yeah, if some dude's in a cave who robbed a bank, and he's up there with high-powered rifles, let him sit there for a month until he starves and comes out.
Don't go in and get killed.
Over, you know, $20,000 he steals, hypothetically.
But when there's children in a school that you are sworn to protect, I don't care if the letter of the law says it's not your duty to, you have a duty as a man to go in there!
It's disgusting!
And I'm surprised that the armed citizens that almost stormed the building didn't attack the police.
And I'm glad they didn't.
But this is going too far.
We got a whole system that wants to disarm the people.
We got all the scumbag politicians with their own bodyguards.
And they want to tell us that we can't have guns to protect ourselves.
Then they take our tax money with property taxes and make our children go to public school.
Most people can't pay for private school.
Most people got to work two jobs.
They can't homeschool!
You send your children into one of these damn places to get killed, and the police sit there with their thumbs up their asses!
Excuse me.
All right, we're gonna come back with all of it in the stand-down video, and it just makes my blood boil.
Even thinking about the video, you're about to see.
Stay with us at fullwars.com.
All right, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this live Friday, May 27th transmission.
So, the DPS spokesperson, Lieutenant, who they should really replace, I mean, He's up there defending, oh police didn't go in during the shootout when it started because they might get shot.
And then once they're in the building, they didn't want to get shot.
I mean, we see these cases all the time where police are pinned down at some shooter's house.
They're shooting at the cops and then a citizen opens fire from their house and kills the bastard.
And just watching the domestication be bred into the police and everybody else.
Why are you wearing a uniform?
Why do you have a badge if you don't want to go into harm's way?
I mean, quite frankly, during crises like that, people, men get high as a kite.
You're looking for a fight.
I don't even know what these people's problem is.
I mean, I can guarantee you if there's a son of a bitch shooting at me and I'm a cop and he goes into school, I'm going in there to kill him or die trying.
And so it's easy to sit up here when we weren't the ones that are there and say it, but I know, and the parents wanted to go in with their guns, they wanted to go save their children, and they stopped them!
And it's this attitude that we can't protect ourselves, and that we can't have guns, and I'm tired of it!
Next segment, I'll play the whole clip so it's in context, but here is the DPS spokesperson saying they're afraid to get shot.
Here it is.
They do not know where the gunman is.
They are hearing gunshots.
They are receiving gunshots.
At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could have been shot.
They could have been killed.
And at that point, that gunman would have had the opportunity to kill other people inside that school.
And now, the kids are dead.
Again, they're overthinking all of this.
And I don't think that guy's a coward.
I'm sure the police that stood down in real life aren't cowards, but they're not going with their instincts.
They're not going, and I found that in people that can even be physically strong and can train in fighting all day long, but when they really get in a fight, they don't have the instincts to go for the jugular, and they hold back.
They don't turn it loose.
And politically, culturally, we gotta start turning it loose!
Getting in the left's face, not backing down, not submitting, and not being cowards.
That's how we've gotten in this position.
And how they send 50-something billion dollars to Ukraine now.
Hell, it's about 60 billion.
Just in the last six months.
Oh, but the police don't all have a ballistic shield in their trunk.
They're not even trained on it. So you really, it's just unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
And now they're turning the cops into bureaucrats all over the country.
God, as bad as some of the police are in Texas, they're even worse in leftist areas.
Not all of them, but it's just... I'm gonna stop right here.
And I'm just gonna lay out more information, but... What you need to know is they're trying to shut down the NRA convention in Houston this weekend.
They're trying to act like the NRA's criminal and they're bad.
A civil rights organization founded to train northerners how to shoot and arm blacks after the Civil War.
And we got a bunch of Republicans coming out.
I got a list of them here.
McConnell pushes gun control with Dems and 10 other House Republicans.
I mean, unbelievable.
And just like every time, they knew it.
They knew he was planning a mass shooting.
They knew he was mentally ill.
But we don't have mental institutions anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
Only you got a bunch of money.
You got good insurance or whatever.
They'll put you in a mental institution for no reason.
But if you don't, you're gonna be on the street.
Which is more the argument for us to be armed.
You know, we got armed guards here at the office we pay for.
They're great people.
And we gotta do it, because we're a target.
And when they walk around with firearms on their hips, and they got shotguns and AR-15s right there in their locker, we don't feel fearful, because these are good, normal people with backgrounds and training that have proven they're good people.
Why would we take their guns?
Why would we have the politicians?
Here's a great image for TV viewers, for radio listeners.
It's an image of the barbed wire and the fence they set up last year around the U.S.
Capitol with a U.S.
National Guardsman with a fully automatic M16.
And he's sitting there and it says nobody needs a gun to protect them except the politicians.
And another really good one.
Cain killed Abel with a rock.
The Lord didn't get rid of all the rocks.
He blamed Cain, not the rock.
We have a sin problem, not a gun problem.
Amen to that.
And I already showed this yesterday, but it's so powerful.
It's Biden.
Shows the U.S.
He says, oh, it's a gun-free zone.
But Ukraine is a free gun zone, where they ship them tens of thousands.
Of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles that they know are falling into the wrong hands and they don't give a damn because they'll use whatever crisis comes out of that for more power and more control.
All right, Ted Nugent is loaded for bear.
He's coming up.
Roger Stone that had 20-plus agents raid his house of machine guns in a CNN stunt for supposedly lying to Congress, which he didn't do.
Well, they didn't have the 20-something SWAT team people there, did they?
No, they had to politically persecute them.
They have thousands of FBI agents and thousands of U.S.
attorneys and assistant attorneys running around harassing January 6ers, many of which walked in peacefully, instead of the collapsing border, the child-smelling, all the rest of it.
Now, I'm going to go ahead and tell you about something very important.
We did not have this planned for this big Second Amendment event.
Are proud of the Second Amendment.
It's just an interesting, interesting parallel that's happening right now.
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Ted Nugent straight ahead.
1-776-COIN.COM or 888-253-3139.
Ted Nugent, straight ahead.
Here is the Texas State Police spokesperson saying that they didn't want to go in after the 12 minute shootout
because they didn't know where he was and they didn't want to get shot.
Here it is.
There was multiple officers that arrived on scene.
There was three officers that arrived that made entry at one of the entrances where the gunman actually made entrance to.
We had another four officers that made entry at the other entrance of the school.
So there was officers inside that school.
As they were taking gunfire, they were also calling in for reinforcement, backup, tactical teams, snipers.
additional personnel that could arrive to assist to not only with to with the
situation but also to assist in evacuating students and teachers. At
that time that's when a US Border Patrol tactical officer arrived also with a
Zavala County Sheriff's deputy as well as two additional Uvalde Police
Department officers were able to go into that classroom with a ballistic shield
as cover and of course we know that one of those officers an agent actually was
was shot was grazed on the top of the head but they were able to shoot and
kill the suspect and preserve any other life we know that there was other
injured children inside that classroom that they were able to save as well and
get them to and get to cover at that point it became a recovery process a
rescue operation trying to rescue the injured and also any other potential
children or teachers that were inside those classrooms. But don't current the
best practices lieutenant call for officers to disable a shooter as quickly
as possible regardless of how many officers are actually on site
The active shooter situation, you want to stop the killing.
You want to preserve life.
But also, one thing that, of course, the American people need to understand is that officers are making entry into this building.
They do not know where the gunman is.
They are hearing gunshots.
They are receiving gunshots.
At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could have been shot.
They could have been killed.
And at that point, that gunman would have the opportunity to kill other people inside that school.
So they were able to contain that gunman inside that classroom so that he was not able to go to any other portions of the school to commit any other killings.
Your colleague at the Department of Public Safety, Lieutenant, said the majority of the gunfire was actually done at the beginning.
So there it is in context.
But they were in a 12-minute shootout outside and watched him go into school.
You know, we're big supporters of the men and women in law enforcement, but when this kind of stuff goes on, I took a cross and said last night, we are being lied to about the whole thing and the fact that there was already a planned mass shooting a few years ago.
This guy was known.
Ted Nugent, I talked to him this morning, was really on fire.
I want to just give him an opportunity to just kind of repeat what he said to me this morning, and I appreciate him coming on air.
Ted Nugent.
Well, my pleasure, Alex.
Actually, it's not my pleasure.
I have to call upon deep, deep fortitude to even discuss this heart-wrenching topic right now.
The Nugent family is in solemn prayer for the victims and the entire Uvalde community, and quite honestly, America because this is a manifestation of a cultural deprivation and abandonment of that warrior spirit.
I'm not going to condemn any law enforcement.
I'm not going to come to any conclusions because the real horror that as critical thinkers, which is the number one battle cry of Americans, we the people should always be Critically thinking.
We should be suspicious of every authority.
We should be suspicious of everybody and every bit of information.
And as we can see right now, there's kind of a clusterwack going on where the information seems to be changing every few minutes.
So let me just give you an overview as a guitar player, but also a law enforcement agent who has to qualify every year for the last 39 years as Sheriff Deputy in Lake County, Michigan.
I've actually conducted federal raids and I haven't been fired upon so I can't speak honestly or accurately about the mindset of a warrior going in where rounds are being exchanged.
But I think we have to be extremely suspicious and extremely critical if we want to mitigate the circumstances.
Glaring circumstances and information and evidence to stop this from ever happening again.
And all the calls I've been getting today, Alex, in fact, for the last couple days are from SWAT commanders and SWAT guys.
I mean, dedicated warriors.
These guys are gung-ho.
And since Columbine, The training battle cry of law enforcement all across this country has been, get the hell in there!
Confront the shooter face-to-face, close-quarter combat, and neutralize them.
I gotta tell you, Alex...
Being a suspicious American, rightly so, in this horrible, horrible treachery of 2022 where Uncle Sam is clearly the enemy of America, and that breaks my heart to have to say that, but the executive, the legislative, the judicial branches, they are now one big gang.
against the American dream, against American families, they benefit invaders, they benefit communist countries before they benefit America.
So that's the anger and the atmosphere that I'm speaking from right now.
And not just as the Ted Nugent father, grandfather, entrepreneur, bandleader, guide, hunting husband, citizen I'm speaking on behalf of people who've been bombarding me going why the hell were they lingering outside the school and handcuffing parents and not charging into the fight and when I hear some law enforcement guy say well they were they were worried about getting shot Alex are you kidding me
That's the whole pledge, the whole oath that they take to charge in to save lives.
They're supposed to save innocent lives before they save their own lives.
And I know it's a Monday morning quarterback, armchair enthusiast speaking, but I know these guys.
You don't wait, you don't wait for backup.
There's a number of dynamics going on here and I think we've got to push with all of our might regarding the Uvalde incident There's all kinds of pre-information that we're discounting.
There's all kinds of evidence from the past that we seem to be ignoring and discounting.
We need to get to the bottom of this because you're my only goal.
A conscientious citizen of America's only goal.
What did we do wrong?
Let's not ever do anything wrong again.
Let's have quality control instead of scrambling for damage control.
The battle cry, Alex, by every law enforcement hero that I know is you don't wait for backup.
You get the hell in there and save children's lives.
Case closed!
Well that's right, and when we talked this morning, your wife and I, you were saying the same thing, that you're being besieged by law enforcement buddies of yours, that are SWAT team guys, everybody that goes in constantly, been shot at, you name it.
So they've done it, and they're saying this was wrong.
A lot of police are upset too.
And again, I side with you.
I have gone way out of my way, all the way back into the beatnik and hippies days, where they called cops pigs.
And I called the beatniks and the hippies pigs.
I've always stood shoulder to shoulder, spirit to spirit, quite honestly, badge to badge with the law enforcement heroes.
I've had to rely on these guys to cover my back, kicking down doors in Waco, Texas at
3 a.m., arresting murderers and rapists and child sex traffickers.
I know the adrenaline that these guys go through.
And again, I'm not a full-time SWAT guy, but I understand the adrenaline, I understand
the fear, and their number one goal is to get home to their family.
A law enforcement hero's number one goal is to get home to their family.
But when you have an active shooter in a school, the number one goal becomes save the children.
And I'm afraid he— We give them the benefit of the doubt.
Did they engage the shooter, and did they save potential increased casualties?
Okay, yes, and thank you for that.
But based on the squaloring from the parents who were on the scene, we're not getting all the honest information here, and we've got to demand honest information.
That's right, and I don't trust the FBI that's now gotten all the footage and is in control of it.
When we come back, Ted Nugent, I want to shift gears into the attack on the Second Amendment.
The bill's being introduced.
Ten Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, coming out for gun control.
Attacks on the NRA having their First Amendment meeting as a civil rights organization to defend our right to self-defense.
That's coming this weekend.
Trump is still going to come.
That's great.
We're going to talk about that and more.
What's the best site?
You've got so many.
We have a whole lot going on, and I appreciate all the people communicating with me on my spirit campfire.
We're starting a Real America's Voice next week, and I have a lot of people I communicate with on Facebook, and I thank them for that.
Well, we thank you, Ted Nugent.
Tireless Fighter, The Real Deal.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Ted Nugent's our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
So, Ted, I can tell, that's why I love you.
You're not just an amazing guitarist and a great American patriot.
You really care.
You've got skin in the game and you fight.
All the time, long before it was Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones or even Rush Limbaugh, my God, since the late 60s.
You have been out there and I'm just giving praise where it's due.
More Americans should emulate what you're doing.
You're really frustrated and angry.
I think this morning talking to you, I've never heard you more angry.
And I was using some expletive as well.
There's so much I want to hit here.
But what about the political attack, the move against the guns and the attack on the NRA convention in Houston this weekend?
Well, Alex, as you've known, I've always been in the vortex, the whirlwind of the freedom debate in the world of entertainment because they have to take the devil's advocacy point of view to debate me because I'm Michael the Archangel with Truth, Logic, Common Sense and all the evidence To support everything I stand for, everything I believe in, everything I say, the way I live.
Truth, logic, and common sense.
And typically a leftist interviewer will go, well let me play devil's advocate.
Well, to debate Ted Nugent, you're going to have to take the side of the devil.
Because I'm right and they're wrong.
And let's just put it in perspective in the debate of self-defense.
Thank God that there was a jury and a court and a judge that sided with the purity of self-defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse case up in Wisconsin.
Thank God we have an indicator that truth, logic, and common sense and the value of good life over evil life is not extinct.
It's not extinct, it's still alive and well, so let's take on the ultimate representative of the anti-self-defense, the devaluing of the sacred gift of life from God, Beto Punk-ass O'Rourke.
Let's just use that guy as the ultimate spokesman, him and Michael Moore.
How perfect is the debate when Beto Punk-ass O'Rourke... Surrounded by bodyguards, they want our guns.
But here's the point, and here's what I bring up on these interviews I do every day.
So do you think that Kalashnikovs are banned in Paris, France?
Do you think a citizen of France can get a gun?
Do you think the banning of guns by French citizens has done any good when actual Kalashnikovs, real AK-47s, machine guns, were used in Paris, France to attack a rock and roll concert?
How did that And in Waukesha, Wisconsin, how about an SUV mowing down innocent people?
How about in Florida, a guy in a semi-tractor trailer mowing down dozens and dozens of people?
As if it's about hardware!
As if it's about methodology!
It's about the spiritual cancer That have been fanning the flames here in America where God has been abandoned, discipline is now illegal, real parenting is considered a terrorist activity.
So yes, I'm very angry because I see my government turning on the people, where the media is just a guaranteed source of lies and hate, and that fact-checkers are absolute mindless, soulless, hating liars!
So we've seen the twisting of the American dream, where evil runs our country, where Walt Disney has turned into an arm of Satan, and where right is wrong, up is down, black is white, and good is evil.
So yes, I'm angry because I'm a father, and a grandfather, and a parent, and a landowner, and a hardworking American, and I represent the best of the best.
That's why the worst of the worst come after me.
Beto O'Rourke, debate me, you punk!
Michael Moore, debate me!
I'll even supply you a washcloth and soap and explain what soap is to Michael Moore.
Michael Moore is a demon!
Beto O'Rourke is a stone skateboarding hippie.
They represent the anti-gun side, which means they're against self-defense.
They're against God-given individual rights.
Debate me, you punks!
Come on the Alex Jones Show or the Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire and debate me.
I'll do to you what I did to Pierce Morgan and everybody else.
I'll crush you!
And you know the thing about it, Ted, is you're alive, I'm alive, my family's alive.
I get around in Memphis, they're like dead zombies.
That's why freedom is so amazing.
Statistically, it makes sense.
Financially, it makes sense.
Spiritually, but just the fire in your eyes.
It's exciting and it's true, and we're winning the Second Amendment debate.
Statistics all show we're winning the abortion debate.
We're winning.
That's why the left is so upset and is trying to overthrow everything and start a civil war because they know they've lost.
I know, I don't believe, that the pendulum is starting to swing back.
They're trying to hold that back.
You can't hold fate back, Ted Nugent.
Alex, let me emphasize it in the most glaringly obvious way.
Lee Greenwood, great, great patriot.
He abandoned the number one civil rights organization, the family grassroots civil rights organization of the NRA.
Because of a shooting in Uvalde, Lee Greenwood won't sing his patriotic music at the civil rights organization of the NRA?
That is a virtue-signaling crime.
Let's elaborate on that.
The country was founded when the Brits came to take the guns.
He knows that.
I love Lee Greenwood, and you bring that up.
Explain this.
He is abandoning the NRA event.
This is disgusting.
It's really this scourge, this spiritual suicide of political correctness.
What in God's name does a civil rights organization that stands up for self-defense and good over evil?
That's the National Rightful Association.
I know these members.
I got the highest votes ever, I think, for like 29 years on the board of directors because I'm an absolutist.
I get to keep and bear arms.
Not because a man gave me a license, But God gave me that right, and the Founding Fathers wrote it down shortly after Concord Bridge.
Lee Greenwood, what is wrong with you?
Don McLean, what is wrong with you?
Why would you abandon the performance of a civil rights organization because of a crime?
What to the good families of the National Rifle Association?
But to the tens of millions, hundreds of millions of good law-abiding gun-owning families in America, what do they have to do with some evil punk shooting children?
And I'll tell you what we have to do with them.
We stand against evil.
The NRA and Gun Owners of America, we stand against evil.
But Lee Greenwood and Don McLean has abandoned a civil rights organization that stands up for the sanctity of life and defending one's life.
For what reason?
I'd love to hear what Lee would say!
Why would you not join us?
Lee Greenwood has chosen a side.
They believe the Globals are going to take over.
They don't want to be censored and they've signed on.
It's disgusting that he's such a good person, his song's so great, that he has now decided to cower at this point and act like our right to defend ourselves and what we do individually.
Like you said, the Kenosha guy uses a car.
Is Lee Greenwood going to come out against cars or trucks or SUVs because somebody used an SUV for a crime?
It's preposterous!
And I hate to come off so angry, but I can't help it because I'm really angry.
Because political correctness is basically a mindless, soulless cult of denial.
And again, the National Rifle Association members are the best families in the world.
We stand on the side...
...side of law and order.
We stand on the side and fight and demand our right to self-defense because if good people cannot keep and bear arms to defend ourselves, then the evil, engineered, recidivistic monsters will do with us as they please Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, if you're unarmed and helpless, evil loves you because they're going to do what they damn well please.
And if you're unarmed and helpless, you're irresponsible because you're rolling out the red carpet for evil.
And our government and our court system guarantees you will walk the streets of America with evil, violent criminals because our court system has completely failed.
They try to defund the police and then they try to eliminate our right To keep and bear arms to defend ourselves.
That is the goal of the devil.
And we must crush the devil.
That's right.
The final piece is while they have private security paid for by taxpayers.
It's unbelievable.
Ted Nugent, I've known you for 20 years at least.
And I've been watching you for 40 and listened to you for longer.
But man, I've never seen you so focused on fire.
I think you realize, we all realize, we are entering the real crossroads right now historically.
Well, again, the reason my passion is so afire, Alex, is because I'm hearing from all the players.
I'm hearing from the law enforcement heroes who I revere.
These guys strap on their gear every day to serve and protect.
I know these people.
I talked to the sheriff down there in Lee County, Florida, Carmine, this morning.
I'm talking to them from all over the country.
I'm talking to parents.
I'm talking to citizens here in Central Texas that are going, Are our schools safe?
Do we have prepared, properly trained commandos in our schools?
Could this happen in my... So, yes, I'm passionate because I'm being flooded with righteous passion.
Stay there.
You want to protect people.
Ted Nugent, we're doing five more minutes.
If you want to come back Monday for a full hour, we love you.
We're coming back for five more minutes.
But we just got big news from Uvalde.
Huge news.
Huge news breaking.
Who ordered the stand down?
It's now confirmed a stand down was ordered.
All right, the press conference is live right now while Ted Nugent's on with us.
And we're grabbing the clip.
We'll have it next segment after he's gone.
Roger Stone joining us next segment.
But the Uvalde School District Chief of Police has admitted that they ordered the stand down They had the jurisdiction and told the state police, border patrol, and local police not to go in.
He just admitted it on TV.
They're getting the clip right now.
It's breaking all over the news right now.
Absolutely disgusting.
The police should have been like those parents that refused and went in, some of them, and saved their kids.
Ted Nugent, that's breaking now.
What's your view on this?
We knew there was a stand down.
Now it's confirmed.
This morning you asked me, Alex, I'm searching everywhere.
Was there a stand down?
We talked about that.
I said, I don't know yet.
Now they admitted, Ted, what you were saying.
Well, first of all, I have to establish that I'm not an observer.
I'm not a spectator in the American dream.
I'm a participant.
I hunt in Uvalde every year.
I know the Mayor Don.
I know those cops down there.
I know the sporting goods people.
I know the local barbecue people.
I know the local coffee shop people.
I have a real human connection with those people.
And you know, talk about Buffalo.
I know Buffalo.
I've been rocking and rolling in Buffalo since 1967.
I have dear, dear connections with Americans all across this country.
So when a tragedy strikes, it touches me very deeply and very personally.
What we're finding out is that the battle cry following Columbine and Parkland and Sandy Hook, in every instance, the training, because I train with these guys, the training is the sound of gunfire, go, go, go, go, go, get in there, get in there!
Because we're talking about sitting ducks, helpless, Innocent little boys and girls that have no sense of self-defense, no sense of survival.
They're basically still developing as human beings.
No idea.
I was at my five-year-old daughter's graduation from, she turned five last week, and I just was watching these little kids.
I couldn't imagine who would do this.
It's us as men that are supposed to protect them.
You know, I was on an anniversary jaunt with Mrs. Nugent, the queen of the forest, the greatest woman walking the earth.
And Shemaine and I were in a taxi cabin in Miami.
I'll make this real brief.
And we witnessed an altercation between a couple guys in a pickup and a small vehicle.
The guys in the pickup attacked the guy in the small vehicle in a rush hour there in Miami Beach.
And all of a sudden we saw a badge and a gun come out of the victim's pouch.
And the two guys were beating him to death.
I immediately got shemane behind the wheel of the taxi cab.
I cleared my gun and I charged into it.
Now, again, I'm not a hero.
I'm not a warrior.
I'm just a husband and a father who knows that when you see evil, you must attempt to neutralize the evil.
Because I had a gun, and because I'd been trained, my instincts kicked in, I could see these guys were prying the pistol out of the off-duty cop's hands, and the viciousness of their attack would have certainly escalated into murder!
I knew it!
But I didn't hesitate, as a goofy guitar player, I just charged into it, I whipped out my sheriff credentials, and with Detroit Venom coming out of my eyeballs, I neutralize the situation without having to discharge my weapon.
So I understand to some degree the threat and the danger and the adrenaline and the fear.
So I'm not speaking just as a spectator, I'm speaking as a participant who is tuned into self-defense to protect myself.
As a man in the arena, absolutely.
So I understand the hesitancy instinctively, but again since all the school shootings Alex, get the hell in there!
And if you haven't got a long gun, you're going to have to go in with your sidearm.
You're going to have to use the best tactics you can possibly employ.
But you need to confront the evil and neutralize it.
And if you get shot in the process, I'm sorry, that's the job description.
You've got to do it.
So I'm waiting to hear the final details.
I'm not condemning anybody, but I'm asking questions.
I'm considering alternative scenarios.
And until we find out what actually happened and where the failures were, we will have to experience this again.
If anybody hesitates to respond to red flag indicators, not the way red flag laws are written.
Thank you for coming on.
The show is here for you anytime.
God bless you, sir, and your great wife.
Thank you.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Two days ago, as you know, a mentally ill teenager called Salvador Ramos murdered 19 children and two teachers in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
The crime was so awful, so completely unimaginable and shocking, that it was about 24 hours before most people thought to ask exactly what had happened.
How was Ramos able to get inside the school?
Why did no one stop him as he methodically executed so many children over about an hour?
Where was law enforcement?
Those aren't just fair questions, though they are, they're essential questions.
If you want to prevent similar atrocities, you need details.
You've got to find out what exactly happened.
This is a well-known concept.
Every time a commercial airliner crashes in this country, federal investigators painstakingly recreate the final moments of the flight.
Not because they're ghoulish, they want to know what caused it.
And that's the main reason that air travel is so safe, after action reports work.
Yet somehow, our leaders rarely respond as rationally to violent crime.
Almost never.
A mass shooting is just too tempting a moment for them to demagogue.
The public is often grieving and in shock, so it's the perfect moment for the usual opportunists to leap forward and cast blame on their political opponents.
To seize all the power they can while the country is too traumatized to notice.
You almost never hear anyone in Washington ask, what happened?
Instead, it's always a race to see who can benefit politically.
This week was no different.
Within hours of Tuesday's massacre, Democrats in Congress announced they plan to clamp down on your ability to defend yourself with a firearm.
Why's that?
Well, apparently the Uvalde shooting was your fault, so you're going to pay the price.
The media applauded this, so Democrats went even farther.
Yesterday, they unveiled their plan to seize firearms from American citizens who have not been convicted of a crime, or even accused.
Now, under normal circumstances, it would be instantly obvious if that is unconstitutional.
In our system, you have to be convicted.
You can look at it from any perspective.
You can slice it and dice it however you want.
The situation unfolding in this country is dire.
And the world.
Collapsing borders.
But last night, I called Roger Stone.
He couldn't answer the phone, but he texted me back.
And I said, you know, you got raided by 20-plus SWAT team agents with CNN there over supposedly lying to Congress, which turned out to not be true.
But they don't have agents for the border, and they don't have agents for what happened at the school.
We know those are federal agents.
The point is...
They are absolutely politically targeting the American people.
And now we learned that the main FBI agent that arrested Roger Stone and perp walked him is in the Durham Sussman trial.
And it's coming out that he knew Russiagate was fake and admitted that and knew it was a fraud.
So what a what a confluence.
Alex, it's great to be back here.
in issues here. So I want to get Roger Stone's take first on the mass shooting and what's
coming out of it. And then this FBI agent that was part of the raid on his home. And
now the fact that he's in the hot seat, what a vindication.
Roger Stone, thank you so much for joining us.
Roger Stone, FBI Agent Alex, it's great to be back here.
You know, maybe I don't know, maybe I'm just sentimental going into this Memorial Day
weekend. But I can honestly say that the happiest time in my life was when I was doing a
daily show on InfoWars and where everything that is unfolding now in a DC.
courtroom, preceding my stunning arrest, which people are looking at right now, every single thing we said right here on InfoWars has turned out to be true.
The entire Russian collusion hoax was a fabrication that went all the way to Hillary Clinton.
She authorized it.
She knew about it.
And the real question, it seems to me, after the trial in D.C.
unleashes bombshell after bombshell is, why is Mr. Durham going for the low-hanging fruit?
In other words, Sussman, Michael Sussman, the Clinton attorney, appears to me to be a patsy.
A fall guy.
The sacrificial lamb.
Witness after witness after witness unloads on him.
Mark Elias, Robbie Mook.
They haven't called John Podesta yet, but they certainly should.
They have all confirmed this was a conspiracy.
They've all confirmed that Hillary Clinton personally approved it.
So the real question is, why hasn't Mr. Durham gone any higher up the totem pole?
And then, as you point out stunningly, the same FBI agent who orchestrated the raid on my home.
The same FBI agent who took me into custody, the same FBI agent who refused to move the handcuffs from behind my back when riding in the car to the front so that I could actually sit upright.
That guy knew as early as 2016, based on his testimony, that the Russian collusion hoax was bunk.
So he knew he had an innocent man.
Absolutely true.
And what's more interesting is he knew the Alfa Bank, the Russian bank accusation regarding Donald Trump was fabricated.
He knew that the Steele dossier and the CrowdStrikes report, the other two big pieces of evidence, fabricated evidence as it turns out, that Mueller and the Justice Department and the FBI depended on, all came from the same source.
Yet he willingly ran a $1.1 million dollar raid on my home.
And now we learn that he's under investigation because it appears that he fabricated evidence in both the case of George Papadopoulos In the case of Carter Page, two other Trump supporters who were prosecuted.
So what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
And it shows these fools that involve themselves in political anti-American prosecutions that they'll be thrown away later.
Well, you know, the sad part is it remains to be seen.
So FBI agent Curtis Heide, that's the guy we're talking about here, he admitted on the stand that he's under internal FBI investigation.
But what will be the fruits of that investigation?
In other words, my life was turned upside down.
I lost my show on InfoWars.
I had to give up my syndicated radio show.
I lost my home, my car, my savings, my freedom to travel, my freedom to speak.
As you know, as a kind of PTSD, a parting gift from Mueller and his thugs, my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which Through the grace of God and the healing power of Jesus Christ, she has survived.
But that was all a gift from these criminals.
And now their criminality is being openly exposed.
That right there on the screen is Agent Heidi right behind me.
He's the one who slapped the cuffs on me.
It's just incredible.
So obviously everybody knows you're not a Russian agent, and I'm not.
Everybody knows we're pro-America.
No one buys that.
Our audience is like, yeah, don't tell us you're not Russian.
We know.
We believe you.
We believe you're Americans.
I'm Roger Stone, Alex Jones.
We get it.
But what does it mean that it's confirmed Hillary ordered it, knew it was a fraud, that's all come out in court?
If they don't prosecute her now, this just discredits the FBI even more.
Yeah, well, first of all, we openly confess a love of Russian vodka and we make no bones about it.
And you and I have enjoyed some Russian vodka together.
And if that's a crime, well, then we're guilty.
But to be absolutely clear, I think that this demonstrates the entire politicization of our judicial system.
I mean, I had a corrupted judge who couldn't hide her hatred for Donald Trump, or for me, who went out of her mind when you covered the trial as if you had no right, Alex, to comment on it.
She attacked you from the bench.
She attacked Tucker Carlson from the bench.
She attacked anybody who questioned her insane, biased rulings.
I had a jury forewoman who in 2019 was attacking me on social media.
We'll take it up on the other side.
That's right.
Roger Stone here.
We'll talk about Trump and the midterms coming up in 165 days.
What these primaries signify.
Is it a win for America?
Is it a wash?
We'll get Roger Stone's take on all of that on the other side.
Please remember, listeners, we cannot do this fight without you.
When you share the local radio station, And when we're on, when you share the local TV station, when you share the links to Band.Video and InfoWars.com forward slash show, it changes the world.
And we're winning.
We're barely winning, but we're winning.
That's why we're in a fight right now.
And we need you to understand you are the power.
It's not like you're some side deal here.
You're everything.
The viewers of this broadcast are everything.
When you decide to stand up, nobody can stop you.
So tell everybody to tune in now to this broadcast and share it once it's archived.
While you were sleeping, they came and took it all away.
While you were sleeping They came and took it all away Roger Stone
Hershel Walker MTG so many others one one.
Some Trump candidates lost.
What do you make of the primaries that just happened?
What does that forebode for these critical midterms, 165 days out?
Well, let's remember that President Trump took JD Vance, who was in fourth place at the time of his endorsement, catapulted him to victory.
We're not certain about the outcome of Pennsylvania, but it appears that his preferred candidate, who was hardly the perfect profile as a MAGA candidate, came from nowhere to prevail there.
The President's track record is very strong.
I can tell you looking at sophisticated polling data in California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Louisiana, that 70 rough percent of the Republican voters are more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump.
The RINOs I think are on the run overall and I think he is going to continue to be strong.
I do need to say, however, That this entire January 6th narrative, a false narrative, is the only thing the Democrats really have in an effort to undermine Trump going into the 2022 elections.
In other words, they can't talk about gasoline prices.
They can't talk about the abundance in the supermarkets.
They can't talk about the strength of the dollar because Inflation, crippling inflation is destroying the buying power of the dollar and hurting American families.
They appear to me to have staged some kind of an event in Texas.
My heart goes out to those 19 children and the families of the two teachers who were killed.
But as Tucker Carlson points out, the more you look, the closer you look, you wonder how this could have happened.
And I don't agree with those who say, oh, we need to take away all guns.
That's the answer.
No, people cause crime.
Guns don't cause crime.
Alex, I'm just going to say this.
This morning, one of my attorneys was contacted by someone from CNN wanting us to comment on the fact, wanting to know whether we had heard that Alex Jones had now become a federal witness and would be testifying against others regarding January 6th.
Now, I know this is entirely false because I spoke to you, but that's the kind of game that they play here.
Alex Jones and Roger Stone did nothing wrong on January 6th, and anyone who makes any assertion, claim, or even implies otherwise, that's categorically false, and there's no evidence to back it up.
Well, Roger, let's elaborate on that.
Let's elaborate.
The oldest tactic in the book by corrupt prosecutors, whether it's here or other countries, is to call people saying Alex Jones, or whoever it is, is going to spill the beans on you.
So the article's been running for two weeks.
It's total BS.
The New York Times called my lawyer up and said, we hear the Fed's contacted you.
And he said, yeah.
And we said, give us immunity.
There's no information, no pre-planning, no attack on the Capitol.
But if you give us immunity so there's not a Martha Stewart situation where they claim we lied under oath because they can make whatever they want, then we might talk to you.
That turns into Jones is spilling the beans and is going to expose Ali Alexander and Roger Stone.
It's totally made up.
And then we called the Fed's advertising and said, we're not talking to you now.
That's it.
You obviously leaked that to the press.
We're done talking to you.
You know what really happened.
You had over a thousand undercover FBI's come out in the news.
They're there that day and you stood down while we tried to stop it.
That's exactly right.
But look, I couldn't help but take this opportunity to clear the air here.
I know Alex Jones.
I've known him since the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.
Not only has he done nothing wrong, but he's not testifying against anybody because there's nothing in our knowledge to testify against or about.
This is the oldest tactic in the book to try to get people to lie under oath to save their own skin.
I know of no crimes that were committed that day by my direct knowledge.
I was in touch with you throughout the day.
I know you don't either.
But if you see the stunning report from CNN in the next 24 hours, it's bunk, folks.
It's false.
Alex Jones is a patriot and not testifying against anybody because there's nothing to testify against.
Well, they called us a week ago.
We sent a message saying, this story is false.
There is no crimes to talk about.
We're not coming into the FBI.
I mean, we send them a message that's basically that.
So again, it's all lies.
So I guess, I didn't know about this.
We haven't talked.
We talked on text yesterday about the shooting.
I didn't know they contacted you.
So they're getting ready for some big story?
Well, it's very hard to say.
I mean, they got vehement denials from us because I know this not to be true.
But in the meantime, three people who work for me have now been subpoenaed to the January 6th Committee.
They don't know anything either.
I think they all asserted their Fifth Amendment rights, although I'm not even certain about that.
They consulted with their own attorneys, made their own decisions.
But this is a demented narrative that just because President Donald Trump exercised his First Amendment rights and the rest of us exercised our Fourth Amendment rights to gather peacefully in D.C.
that we are somehow in violation of the law.
Questioning the outcome of the election, or trying to convince the Electoral College, as Hillary did in 2016, to delay their certification until the results in some of the swing states could be more carefully examined for fraud, is seditious, treasonous.
Well, Roger, we know what's happening.
They've got the 2,000 mules, there's new Gateway Pundit video, same scams in Michigan, Pennsylvania.
They don't want us questioning when they try to steal it again.
And so we've gotten the calls.
Hell, I've already seen the articles in the last few weeks.
Jones is going to expose Trump.
Jones is going to... I didn't talk to Trump for over a year before this happened.
Trump didn't direct us.
It's all a lie.
So when people see Jones as a stool pigeon, Jones is going to expose it all.
It is 100% a fraud and a lie.
And burn in hell those that are saying it.
It is 100% cut and dry.
That's precisely why I wanted to bring it up and clear the air.
Yeah, I've had people calling me for like a month saying, "We didn't do anything wrong.
What are you calling the feds for?"
I'm not.
They've been wanting to meet with me.
We said we've done nothing.
We know nothing.
Give me immunity.
I'll talk to you, but there's no information.
That's not calling the feds when they are calling you.
Not only that, but their purposes are absolutely naked.
If we can get Jones under oath, and ask him whether he had a club sandwich, and whether he remembers whether it was mustard or mayonnaise, maybe we can twist something he says into a crime.
Look, I'm the poster child for this tactic, okay?
I testified before the Congress, I wasn't even subpoenaed, I went voluntarily.
Yeah, I made misstatements, but none of them were material or relevant or hit any underlying crime.
Nonetheless, I was charged.
I was put before a Soviet-style show trial, and they wanted to give me seven to nine years in prison.
For a misstatement that was irrelevant, that was innocuous.
And the guy who did it, it's right there over my shoulder, Curtis Heide, who took me into custody at a time that he knew that these were fabricated charges.
So that's why they want to interview Alex Jones.
That's why they want to interview Roger Stone.
Not because we know something, not because we did something wrong, but to try to twist this somehow into a process crime.
Roger, the listeners know that and are sick of hearing it, but they're running on this.
This is the big issue.
They're going to pull something else with January 6th.
They've got the hearings coming up next month.
We'll be covering it all live here with each other.
Love you, Roger.
What's the best website for folks to visit and find your, frankly speaking, show everything you're doing?
My new show, The Stone Zone, is available at frankspeech.com every weekday from 4 Central, 5 Eastern.
You can go to frankspeech.com on Lindell, too.
If you want to help me and my family in our epic struggle for freedom, you can go to stonedefensefund.com.
Thank you, Roger.
Great job.
Introducing come and take it our third and final coin a part of the founding member collector series This third coin is minted into existence from point nine nine nine silver from right here in America Come and take it may hold meaning for Americans from recent history But it actually dates back to being used in 480 BC in the Battle of Thermopylae as Milan le Bay by Spartan King Leonidas.
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Hurry before they're gone as there will only be 10,000 in existence.
All right, we held back three and a half days since Monday afternoon.
Four days, really, to bring you this information.
We wanted to be clear about what was happening and not jump the gun.
No pun intended.
We have that.
They now admit they stood down.
They were ordered to stand down.
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Second Amendment coin, planned six months ago, minted in the U.S.
less than a month ago, delivered this Monday, four days ago.
All of it, aligning.
Our job is to tell the truth.
And telling the truth is a hard thing.
You know, so many people lie because it's easy just to make stuff up.
I dedicate myself five, six hours a day.
I've wrecked my family doing this on top of the show, on top of everything.
And I'm not bitching.
I'm not a victim.
I'm not like, oh, aren't you lucky?
No, but you can't drag me away from this.
But I'm up at 2 a.m.
reading documents.
And once I get on air, there's not even time to hit it all, because I want to know the enemy.
I want to know what my enemy's doing.
I'm mad.
I'm beyond mad.
They're doing this to us, to you, to me.
I have a will to defeat them.
I've seen the systems of victory.
I know where we can go.
I've been inspired by God, just like you have.
So it's not my job to attack the police randomly to curry favor with the leftist media.
You know, if you go back to YouTube 20 years ago, when it first started 18 years ago, I didn't know why a video about the Federal Reserve or a video about world government or a video about GMO would get blocked and censored.
It would get shadow banned.
That wasn't just invented five years ago.
I learned to the process.
But when I did a video showing a bad cop doing something wrong, they would promote it, they wouldn't block it, it would get 10 million views, 5 million views, 20 million views.
Hell, Paul Watson had one with like 80 million views before they deleted it.
And that told me, wait a minute, there's social engineering.
Not the police are perfect, but they want to look at their shortcomings, their problems, so they can pressure them and take them over.
And now that's all admitted with a strong city initiative to have the UN take over the police.
So when I cover the shortcomings of the police and the problems, it's not to undermine the police.
But it's not to just be some brazen cheerleader.
Who's up there going, well, the left's attacking you.
So I'm going to leave you alone.
No, Biden has endorsed the police response in Uvalde.
Because there's a cover up and there's a stand down.
And we have all the videos now the crew did.
It's people in that control room.
They're not just running the cameras.
They're not just putting up guests.
They're not just finding articles.
They are when I say 30 minutes ago, I want you to get in that live press conference.
You know how hard that is to like find it and get it and get the clips?
They had it in 20 minutes.
This has been on my desk for 10 minutes.
They bust it.
It's just amazing because I know how the internet works.
They have the clips.
Of what really happened on Monday.
And the admissions, as the system knows it's coming out, and it is incredibly evil.
But the good news is, they admit they're wrong.
And that's Texas.
Because in some leftist place, they're never wrong, are they?
But with us, we're not perfect, but we admit we're wrong, because we're men.
And that's what's really important.
So we're going to come back in just a few minutes after this break, and the state police and others now know the BS didn't work.
And I'm not saying there was a cover-up, because it's not enough time didn't go on.
They didn't really cover things up, but they went with a certain spin, and now Biden's spinning it.
That they did a perfect job, and no they didn't.
And to save children of the future and other innocents that these demons try to kill, we've got to be honest about what happened here.
So, we've got the clips.
When we come back, they admit they ordered a stand down.
I don't know why the state police and local police listen to that damn police chief of the schools.
Because if anybody's a villain, if anybody's to blame, it's that decision that was made.
All right, so here's the headlines.
They're up on Infowars.com.
Shooter entered school through propped open door.
Had over 1,600 rounds.
That's a lot of ammo to carry.
Texas police lieutenant says cops were reluctant to engage gun because they could have been shot.
It's like, I can't rock climb, I might fall.
I can't have a child, they might die.
We'll just give up and roll over then.
So I got six of these clips.
Texas official, this is the big news.
The decision not to breach the classroom was made by the chief of police for the school district.
So you've got training where you listen and wait for the chief of police sitting at some restaurant or at his house or wherever with his thumb in his rear end?
This is evil, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the problem.
The decision not to breach the classroom was made by the chief of police for the school district.
He was contacted at the time that there was no more threat to the children and that they had time to organize.
Texas DPS say a girl inside one of the Evaldi Elementary School students centers where the gunman opened fire called 911 but no help came.
Texas DPS official Texas embraces and teaches The active shooter doctrine.
As long as there's kids, as long as there's someone that's firing, you go to the gun, you find them, you neutralize them.
But you didn't.
Play clip A, B, and C back to back.
The Chief of Police of Consolidated Independent School District.
He was convinced, and again, I want to go back and say, he was convinced at the time that there was no more threat to the children, and that the subject was barricaded, and that they had time to organize with the proper equipment to go in.
The subject had already hit three officers, and hit two officers, and I didn't answer the final question, a third, a Border Patrol agent was grazed as well, but no police officer was seriously injured.
And now I'd like to go over the 9-1-1 timeline.
So I warn you, it's not... It's better that I read it than you listen to it.
I call her identified.
California is not...
It's better that I read it than you listen to it.
I called her, identified, I'll not say her name, but she was in room 112, called on me.
The duration of the call was 1 minute and 23 seconds.
She identified herself, whispered, she's in room 112.
At 12-10, she called back.
In room 12, advised there were multiple dead.
At 1210, she called back.
In room 12, advisor, multiple dead.
1213, again, she called on the phone.
Again, at 12-16, she called back and said there were eight to nine students alive.
At 12-19, a 9-1-1 call was made, and another person in room 111 called.
I will not say her name.
She hung up when another student told her to hang up.
At 12-21, you could hear over the 9-1-1 call that three shots were fired.
At 12-36, 9-1-1 called.
It lasted for 21 seconds.
The initial caller called back.
Student, child, called back.
Was told to stay on the line and be very quiet.
She told 9-1-1 that he shot the door.
At approximately 1243 and 1247, she asked 911 to please send the police now.
At 1246, she said she could not, that she could hear the police next door.
At 1250, shots are fired.
They can be heard.
It was a 9-1-1 call.
At 1251, it's very loud and sounds like the officers are moving children out of the room.
At that time, the first call that called was outside before the call cuts off.
First of all, hey, Texas embraces and teaches, okay, the active shooter doctrine, the active shooter doctrine.
As long as there's kids, as long as there's someone's firing, you go to the gun, you find them, you neutralize them, period.
And there's only, you know, there's some nuances with going, transitioning to a barricaded subject, also transitioning to a hostage situation.
And of course, that the decision at the scene was that this is still a barricaded subject that did not go back to an active.
So as bad as this is, the state police are completely upset.
They feel guilty, unlike Biden, just loving it and using it to get the guns.
I mean, they know this is a fiasco.
But here's the most important clip.
Officials say a decision was made that this was a barricaded subject.
There was time to relay and retrieve the keys.
In a bit of hindsight, it was the wrong decision.
Visionaries at Club.
And if that's the case, why didn't they take action?
That's the question.
Again, I'll go back to the answer for right now.
It was considered.
The decision was made on the scene.
I wasn't there at the same point in time.
A decision was made that this was a barricaded subject situation.
There was time.
Retrieve the keys, and wait for a tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and take on the subject at that point.
That was the decision, that was the thought process at that particular point in time.
Sir, I just want to make one question.
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What's the point?
What There was 19, like I said, there was 19 officers in there.
In fact, there was plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done, with one exception, is that the incident commander inside believed they needed more equipment and more officers to do a tactical breach at that point.
That's why Bortak was requested on the scene as soon as they were there.
They executed a search, or at least a dynamic entry, and went in, and of course, that was not the quote.
That was not the quote from each other.
Hey, with the benefit of hindsight... Hey, with the benefit of... Hey, stand by, stand by.
Hey, stand by.
Hey, stand by.
I got it.
I got it.
the benefit of hindsight, hey, the benefit of, hey, stand by, stand by, hey, stand by,
hey, stand by, all right, I got it, I got it, okay, hey, from the benefit of hindsight
where I'm sitting now, the course is about the right decision and the wrong decision,
There's no excuse for that.
But again, I wasn't there, but I'm just telling you, from what we know, we believe there should have been an entry in that as soon as you can.
Hey, when there's an active shooter, the rules change.
It's no longer, okay, It's no longer a barricaded subject.
You don't have time.
You don't worry about matter of premise.
And by the way, Texas embraces active shooter training, active shooter certification, and that doctrine requires officers.
We don't care what agency you're from.
You don't have to have a leader on the scene.
Every officer lines up, stacks up, goes and finds where those rounds are being fired at, and keeps shooting until the subject is dead.
Well, as bad as all this is, I'm proud of Texas today.
You would never see a leftist admit they're wrong.
You would never see a globalist admit fault.
You just saw Steve McCraw, the head of the DPS, say, yeah, this should have gone better.
We made a mistake.
We're not perfect.
This happened.
We thought it was a hostage situation.
They should have just gone in and killed everybody inside.
The admission of being wrong is so key to make it better.
And it doesn't absolve what happened.
Nobody wants kids getting killed.
We're all pissed off.
But you just saw the head of the DPS in Texas admit this should have been done better.
We messed up.
This is wrong.
You will never see that from Joe Biden or Barack Obama or George Soros because they don't give a damn.
Those state police up there, you can see them are racked with guilt because they're not demons.
And the demons must have a great life, because they don't give a damn about anybody, and they ain't got to worry about nothing.
And the real issue is, he was known, he was planning it, and there was a system that let him do it.
That's not the state police, that's not the police.
And my job is not to defend the police.
When they're wrong, I'll attack them in a minute.
But you get in a situation like that, you've got to be there to know what happened.
And they just admitted it was wrong.
It was bad.
You don't only see that in other leftist areas.
You see that in places like Texas.
Texas ain't perfect, but you just saw some real truth.
Hour number three, straight ahead, big special guest.
I know Joe.
He is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith.
I know a lot of weed smokers.
And Corn Pop was a bad dude.
And he ran a bunch of bad boys.
So if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, and you ain't black.
And he listens.
He will tell the truth.
You're a damn liar, man.
That's not true.
And no one has ever said that.
No one has ever said that.
I see it on the TV.
You see it on the TV.
Civilization will be over when this is done.
I just want Trump out.
You know what I'm saying?
I just feel like his mouth gets us in trouble so much.
Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.
Why can't we just work with each other?
We can.
These white supremacists, Nazi sympathizers, carrying Nazi flags.
How dare you?
You're a lying dog-faced pony soldier.
God help us.
God, help us.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna, this is the last question I'll take.
I'm really gonna be in trouble.
Do you know that I stabbed my ass?
Oh my God.
Joe knows what it's like to struggle, which is why he gives his personal phone number
to kids overcoming a stutter of their own.
We're not gonna seek ex- excuse me.
We're under military attack.
We're under military attack.
We're under military.
Now Joe is not perfect.
And he'd be the first to tell you that.
We already have a nigger, Mary.
We don't need any more nigger big shots.
You are quite, you're a really dull class.
I don't feel no ways tired.
I want to walk away from this place so bad!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance, whatever you want me to do.
Oh, uh-oh, I'm in trouble.
If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.
You've heard people say, you'll have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands.
We have introduced an assault weapons ban.
I'm talking about a ban on assault rifles.
If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
We say no more!
I'm the guy that originally wrote the assault weapons ban that became law.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line, he says, I have an AR-15 and I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not going to allow it to be used against fellow Americans anymore.
Do you think Trump is responsible for what happened?
I said, well, look, I mean, obviously he didn't pull the trigger, but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.
I'm incredibly saddened.
and it is very hard to think about this.
I'm tired of hearing people, all they have to offer is thoughts and prayers.
In my faith, people say faith without works is dead.
So we will find a way.
But the reason we have a problem right now is we've let the corporate gun lobby frame this debate.
It is time that we have bold actions and a bold agenda.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the street.
And we have to get buybacks and get them out of their basements.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which, by the way, would have made a huge difference.
We can ban the weapons of war.
It's about ending the sales of assault weapons into our communities.
Those weapons of war were designed to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
They should belong on the battlefield and not in our communities.
But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
By the way, you can't own the following weapons, period.
They cannot be sold anymore.
Like, if you're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time, which, by the way, that's what people like me think.
Alright, she's one of the hardest guests to get on, out of all the prominent scientists.
Individuals exposing the whole COVID police state takeover and the new lockdown.
She's the tip of the spear.
Dr. Judy Migovitz worked with Fauci, blew the whistle on him.
They came after her.
There's been blockbuster films made about it.
I could cover her whole bio, but she's traveling the country right now, exposing what's happening.
The real drjudy.com.
And so much is happening.
Instead of me asking questions, she's the expert.
Blew us away.
Last year when she was here.
So thank you, Doctor, for joining us with all this other big news.
It's obscuring the next lockdowns, the next forced inoculations, monkeypox, everything.
Thank you so much for joining us.
You've got the floor.
Please take over.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate it.
I guess I was disturbed watching those commercials on the info, thinking about the bioweapons and the shots that You know, we all know untested, unsafe, have been injected into our, you know, literally poison.
And so we've been shooting our children, the COVID bioweapon that was weaponized to cause, you know, permanent injury or death in the most susceptible in our society who have been Who have been unwilling or unwitting participants in 40 years of their experimentation by Tony Fauci and companies.
And when I knew you had come on a week ago, I wanted to put a piece together, all your predictions.
They came true.
I mean, we are living through this now.
Yeah, it's it's unfortunate because, you know, we've we've been you know, we've been exposing this every every single talk I give.
Have always has always been based on published data.
I show you the facts and how the words are twisted in and how the words are used differently to lie to the public.
I mean, and this is my testimony.
There's my name is S not Z. So I'll let you go with that.
So it's really, it's disturbing that this bioweapon has killed 61,000 Millennials and that was Edward Daniels.
I apologize, we're going to fix your name key, but we know who you are well.
Dr. Judy, tell us what, as an expert, people that don't know, I couldn't do your bio properly, tell us who you are, what you went through, how you knew phalge, what you did.
Spend some time on yourself and then get into what you really think you're doing.
Well, I'm, you know, I have a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology, which I defended on November.
My thesis, I defended my thesis, which was HIV latency, that is silencing in monocytes, in a type of cell in the innate immune system.
And basically, if your If your cell biology, if your innate immunity is kept strong, what the thesis said was HIV will never cause AIDS.
So I defended that thesis one week after Magic Johnson declared that he tested Zero positive.
That means he had an antibody.
We didn't, you know, have PCR.
We had PCR, but, you know, Carey Mullis was still alive and knew you don't test for infectious viruses, particularly retroviruses as with 8% of our genome is retroviral.
And this was the basis of all my work.
Was this PhD thesis saying HIV doesn't have to cause disease if you keep your innate immune system healthy.
And my work progressed through the 90s where I was literally developing clones of cell lines in order to support growth of other viruses like Ebola and other strains of viruses to understand the molecular pathways of how they cause disease with the idea that you would attenuate those pathways and make them weaker.
But what actually Tony Fauci and the pharma copia the criminal farm the pharmacy that owns our country, the FDA, the CDC, what
they were actually doing was experimenting on the most vulnerable in our
society using these cell lines that were used to, I cultured Ebola's eye ear
I looked at Ebola Zaire strain versus Ebola Reston strain and showed in the mid-90s actually published and put a publication together in all of this all the way back and all of these and here the Ebola Reston strain from the bats is grown efficiently.
In the Vero E6 clone, it's a subclone, you clone by limiting dilution, how to make these cells, these viruses not kill the cells so that you can grow them and theoretically develop by understanding the mechanisms, natural product therapies or treatments.
And what that work showed throughout the three decades was, in fact, what Tony Fauci was doing was weaponizing these, was every cell line has been in our lab.
And so we I published, you know, I was I was arrested in 2011 when the discovery that I published in the journal Science in 2009 was shown to be a family of mouse-related viruses known as XMRVs, so murine leukemia virus-related retrovirus.
They literally cause cancer.
They literally were spread through the labs, through nosocomial, through the lab workers.
These were viruses and mouse viruses, monkey viruses that were being used in these cell lines to recombine.
And this is all the work of Barrick and everything.
So I was arrested in 2011.
For refusing to lie about the data, publish it a different way, interpret it a different way, and, you know, basically just defraud the public and keep the game going.
I was arrested without a warrant.
This is all the topic of the movie, Plandemic.
You can find it at PlandemicSeries.com.
And that was that original movie which came out May 4th of 2020 was supposed to be a promotional video of this book, which is Plague of Corruption.
So this book, which is Plague of Corruption, and in the slide said I sent you that we're touring the country over the last month or so and for the next few weeks, literally showing you You know, the proof.
So of this book, Plague of Corruption, I started writing with Kent Hechen Lively in 2014, when I realized our first book, which described every story about the XMRVs, the retroviruses, how Ian Lipkin, John Coffin, the medical mafia, Bob Silverman, Joe DeRisi, literally given awards.
Bob Silberwin was particularly crippling the virus, the part of our immune system called RNA cell, that is an enzyme that degrades RNA-DNA hybrids.
So messenger RNA that will be reverse transcribed back into DNA, which is what a retrovirus is.
It writes backwards MRNA into DNA and then inserts it into the DNA of your genome causing cancers.
Yes, so this is the cover slide of that talk and what Patrick Wood talks about is technocracy and basically the whole idea that in these books what we show is natural selection.
The other title, as you showed in the first slide, Yes, exactly.
So here's what came out right after fake science.
Well, fact-checking.
I'm not a virologist.
I'm a biochemist and a molecular biologist.
I have a PhD, which means I teach, I educate, I discover, and I solve problems.
So I had to change the way medicine was practiced.
and I'm not a chronic fatigue syndrome researcher.
All right, Dr. Judy Megovitz, stay right there.
We're going to come back and get into what's currently happening,
what's unfolding, and how we stop the next phase of the takeover.
Statham's, we'll be right back.
All right, Judy Megovitz is a author, filmmaker, but as you heard,
a scientist, and she's right at the center of Fauci and predicting over two years ago it would unfold.
Now it's here, the mass death, the heart attacks, the illnesses, the exploding cancer.
So you did a great job last segment laying out a lot of facts, but I'll try to give you the floor of this segment, so I'm not gonna interrupt you.
It's a nine-minute segment.
You take over the show right now and just talk to us like we're not microbiologists, talk to us like we're not scientists, and explain to us what's really happening.
Right, that is the difficult part.
So I show you the slide 39 of that slide deck.
So when we do these at the Crimes Against Humanity Tour, I show you every detail.
So basically what happened for 40 years Is Tony Fauci and the pharmaceutical industry were experimenting by way of untested manufactured synthetic recombinant vaccines.
Everything we know about what was in Plague of Corruption and then the the Plandemic Event 201 which was held in late 2019 when the book was supposed to be published.
Now, here we have, we had solutions for the autism, myalgic encephalomyelitis, psychosis, PTSD, all the cancers caused by the murine leukemia, the XMRVs, and that can be monkey, mouse, manufactured, because as we see in this slide, and then suramin, So what is Suramin?
So Suramin is a hundred-year-old drug that is in the same family of drugs as Ivermectin.
Yes, and so I show the slide and that review was published at the end of 2020.
But what nobody knows about is that drug was used by us.
I'm a drug developer, a natural products developer at the National Cancer Institute from 1980 until 2001.
When I moved to industry at Epigenics Pharmaceuticals.
So what our research showed over 20 years was it was the expression of the genes, not the presence of the genes and particularly in the retrovirus.
Keep it silent.
Don't let it wake up and it won't recombine and it won't be infectious, but you cannot inject.
Any of the manufactured viruses.
So every single vaccine on the schedule is a new biological, a new therapy.
They've never been tested.
They're manufactured.
They're recombinant.
And here in the key to everything is the envelope, the spike protein that nobody's talking about in SARS-CoV-2.
Was a monkey virus.
SARS-CoV-2 is a monkey virus made in, yeah, here it is right here in this slide.
So here they've been experimenting for 40 years and they publish a hundred years of medicinal chemistry.
It's a synthetic drug.
Well, I talked about it on purpose last year because I knew of the double-blind placebo-controlled study.
So, the target of this purinergic modulator, purines and pyrimidines make up the base pairs of your DNA.
The purines are A and G. Ivermectin and suramin are purinergic modulators.
They're absolutely vital 100-year-old and 40-year-old essential medicines as we know.
And here you see in this review, here are all the diseases and pathogens susceptible to suramin.
So you've got hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, enterovirus 71 is the new polio, if you will, that the polio vaccine is causing.
So Ebola, Zika, Dengue, look at all the cancers, look at down below, snakebite, arthritis.
So here you have COVID.
Oh, here you have COVID.
All the people who they've denied Ivermectin and Sermon, fabulous anti-cancer, they knew they were causing these diseases.
And I go to slide 41 on that slide show, 41 slides into it, and I'm showing you data which prove absolutely everything I'm saying.
Here is a 2011 paper October 2011, it was submitted to the Journal of Virology and it was published in January 2012.
Why is that significant?
because I was locked out of my lab, fired, all my data taken away from me,
engineered by Tony Fauci, who paid off my employers, the Whittemores,
who actually convicted felons for having Harry Reid illegally elected.
All of these stories are in our books.
They're not stories, they're fact.
Nobody's ever challenged one word of our book, which is why "Plandemic" says 100% censored.
So every time, so that paper from 2011 that I just showed you,
look at all of those sequences in paper 41.
It was submitted a month after I was fired and all the data out of my lab and all the samples, all the cell lines, all the evidence.
They thought they had locked down, but the last chapter of our book said we weren't criminal William Thompson.
We saved all the samples and look at 41.
This is chasing Lee.
Look at all the viruses.
Look at all the strains.
Look at all the retroviruses in the bottom left panel.
The retroviruses you see there on the very bottom.
Maloney, murine, leukemia virus.
There's also one called Mason, Pfizer, monkey virus.
Oh, that would be that pox virus.
So if you look at all of these and this is what they published in Journal of Virology thinking nobody could say in bat feces in a cave in China as if they came there but so then the very bottom of retroviruses how did a caprine arthritis And then it says other retroviruses.
That's a goat or a sheep virus.
How did this get?
And a Maloney-Murine is another mouse virus.
And then it says other retroviruses.
So if you go to the next slide.
So Dr. Mankiewicz, explain this to people.
They are putting zoological viruses in the vaccines.
And they're in the cell lines and they've been there all along.
If you look at the next slide, what you're going to see is the other retroviruses in the supplemental material that nobody ever reads in the papers.
So you don't know.
So they're showing you how did you get VP62, which is a lab infectious gain of function molecular clone made by Bob Silverman's lab.
Oh, the one who made it evade the immune system of black Native Americans, they know exactly what they're doing.
Look at all of the viruses.
She's saying this is a race-specific attack.
Well, it's race and gender, and that's why the first slide said favored species.
What Darwin is doing, this is, they are our God.
This is Patrick Wood's testimony in our and presentations in the Crimes Against Humanity,
that they're gods, so they know exactly as they've targeted the athletes, like Magic Johnson,
HIV is to AZT is to AIDS.
Yeah, here it is, the original paper, Origins of Species by Natural Selection
is what most people see, and nobody sees that second page, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle of
So they think they can change the code of our DNA, the one world order.
And this is the game to inject us with that cell line.
Every one of the viruses on 41 are in Vero E6.
are in the Vero Monkey kidney cell lines. We've been injecting his polio vaccines for 30 years.
And they've acknowledged this in every slide.
All right, Dr. Judy Mankiewicz, stay right there. We'll be right back.
All right. I hope listeners are listening very, very closely to Judy Mankiewicz, who is
a top scientist working directly with Fauci on record to expose the plan to implant cancer viruses.
But it's not just her opinion.
She didn't just witness it.
It's in the Rockefeller Foundation documents.
It's in the movie JFK they were trying to create cancer viruses and injectors because that was going on.
Jim Garrison, the District Attorney of New Orleans, found all that.
So, this is their big move.
What does the spike protein do?
What do we now expect to see?
She predicted it two years ago.
The mass death, record cancer, all of it.
What's coming next?
How is their plan going?
And how do we counter it?
She'll be giving us all the high-level analysis.
Everybody can go look up, but big picture, just as a citizen, as a human, of where this is, Doctor.
Yeah, the big picture of where this is, because that's what I was showing in the slides, they've been in these cell lines.
How did an infectious molecular clone, which is a gain-of-function virus, as every single vaccine manufactured today, not a single safety study done, double It's a low-blind, placebo-controlled study where they know that they're killing.
So what's happening right now, all those viruses are in all those vaccines, are in all those products.
You have the aborted fetal cell lines and you can see the dangers of using GMOs as your last talk just showed.
My first degree that I got in 1980 is a natural product chemist.
I make drugs out of plants, and this is what the government is stopping you from having minerals, vitamins, amino acids.
All people have to do right now is realize every single shot has had these sequences in them.
The infectious molecular clones, the gain-of-function synthetic manufactured viruses in every... And to be specific, it may be a tetanus shot, it may be a hepatitis shot, it may actually do that, but it's got all this as a payload.
There is no tetanus shot because it's DTAP and all of these things are manufactured and we've shown this in vaccine court.
We showed the injured.
We showed the contaminants, the red blood cells.
Slide number 44 shows you a 2017 paper.
Done by the Italians.
These are published studies showing you all the garbage in the shots.
So, COVID-19 is kill... Yeah, look at that!
It's not just the COVID bioweapon, the shot that was weaponized because the monkey virus they created in 2004.
I show you the publication of the tripartite, part HIV, part XMRV, that envelope that is called syncytin.
That is the component of snake venom.
Every animal, every human has syncytin.
So if you put another human in the aborted fetal cell line, a male and a female, that are in every vaccine, and we give every vaccine all at once, six things... Tell us, slow down.
Explain an immortal cell line to people.
They don't know what that means.
It means they live forever.
They grow in the lab.
I take a liquid like this, a vial.
This is what people don't understand.
And I grow it up in a fermenter.
And I do fermentation chemistry.
I add cow blood.
I add media.
I add horse blood.
I add pig blood.
I add bovine serum abument.
I add anti-mycotics, I add antibiotics, and I grow it in a fermenter, and then I isolate the whole thing, meaning, and purify it, filter away all the other animal proteins, and then make only the vaccine using the one virus.
But that's never been done.
That's what everybody thinks is in a vaccine.
No, every virus I showed you on that 2011 paper, along with synthetic viruses out of our laboratory, Have been in those cell lines since 1992.
I made those clones.
I did that work.
They injected that Ebola in 2014.
Tony Fauci sent it to Liberia under the direction of Obama in a vaccine program.
Killed 21,000 innocent people in Liberia.
And, literally, to cover up William Thompson's confession of the CDC fraud that was, you know, that he confessed to.
So, Dr. Mikovits, you are a leading expert.
You're so respected.
What is their endgame?
Why are they doing this?
How do they think they're going to get away with implanting everybody with cancer-causing programs?
The end game is to kill everybody they experimented on in that table.
Zika, Ebola.
They figured out everything they needed to do to hurt the Brazilians, to hurt the blacks, to hurt the, you know, all the various endemic viruses.
How to cause disease along with weaponizing.
So black folks are smart worldwide and not want to take a shot?
Absolutely, and we advised the Honorable Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Neunschwinder, advised the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on December 18, 2020, said, please don't give this to black people.
And he saw every slide that was in this projector.
I haven't used a new slide until their new publications in 2020 as they try to con you.
These slides came from presentations of Vaccine Court and down all the way on slide, I'm just going to show you one picture that everybody will appreciate.
What we have to do is never get another shot.
Do not take their poison.
They, Bayer Monsanto, look at picture number 64 and ask yourself, is that monkey pox?
This is a vaccine injury of a boy of Vietnamese, because it's not just blacks, it's Hispanics, it's Native Americans.
They know exactly what disease they're trying to cause.
And now COVID was murder them all with the shot.
Premeditated murder is what I'm charging them with.
I prove it through these four books, the literature.
And Dr. Bigowitz, I know that Dick Cheney in April of 2000 wrote "Rebuilding America's
Defenses for PMAG" and called for race-specific bioweapons, but I know plenty of white people
that have died after the shot and of COVID, but I have talked to a lot of other scientists,
they do say this is race-specific, so what's really going on?
Well, I mean, it's both.
Because our immune systems.
I'm a lab worker.
It's also misogynist.
It's against women.
Because what they can't do, the globalists, is hack our genome.
We are not our DNA.
We're our chromosomes.
And so if they keep injecting us as they've bypassed our innate immune response, that's what Gert VandenBosch is talking about.
But explain that.
We're already pre-programmed with the Constitution who we are.
They can only try to manipulate the feed to that.
They don't control what God made us.
Correct, and we are not our DNA, our codon.
97% of our RNA is never translated into proteins.
It's message, it's regulatory, it sends the fire trucks to the fire, as I like to say.
Your immune cells.
So why are they targeting brown people?
Because they've been experimenting on them for decades, like HIV-AIDS.
So athletes, Magic Johnson, that's why I show that.
He, my PhD thesis committee said, based on your thesis, will he or will he not die of AIDS?
And I said, he'll never get it, but he's got to change everything we were doing.
And this is where Mickey Willis said in that movie, my brother died of AZT.
And I said, don't you mean AIDS?
And this is 2019.
And I didn't know because I made these drugs.
And he was seropositive, antibody dependent enhancement.
So everybody who is infected and immune by their God-given immunity will die from the shots.
So all of the kids that have been mandated and injured by the vaccines, not just blacks, but they've targeted diabetes, all of the susceptible, the fat, the glyphosate poisoning, the lack of cannabis in our environment, one of the most potent detoxifying plants for Heavy metals in our soil, which we know all the aluminum in the... All right, Dr. Michalowicz, stay there.
You are on fire.
11-minute segment straight ahead.
I can't wait to hear what you have to say in closing.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Dr. Judy Michalowicz is our guest.
Head of Mike Adams taking over in the fourth hour.
And then Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Central, The War Room, today on the vaunted InfoWars.com.
All our great radio and TV affiliates, we're so thankful for you and all the great folks spreading the articles and the videos.
This interview that's live right now will be archived later to Band.Video.
You can't share that URL because of censorship, but the new URL that mirrors the site to share is TheInfoWar.tv.
So please share that and they'll ban that so you'll have a new URL.
Dr. Mankiewicz, big picture.
You've given us science, you've given us background, people can search anything you say and find it.
But big picture, how is their attack going?
How is their next push for new lockdowns, forced inoculations, with these cancer injections?
How is the program going for the new world order?
Right, so it's not.
So they got caught, they know it.
What most people now realize is don't get another shot.
I mean, no shot.
I just showed you they were all fired with.
Oh darn it, Pfizer admit nobody will take it.
And nobody ever took it in a bunch of countries.
Nobody's taking it.
They're having to throw it away.
No, but also never another vaccine.
Not a polio shot.
Not an MMR.
They've all been synthetic poisons.
Since that's why I showed you all those viruses.
They've been in those cell lines continuously growing in our lab for 50 years.
We've got them in freezers.
We grow them up.
I can prove Omicron was in humans, including me and my husband.
In 2010, we sero-converted and created antibodies.
So the real important endgame is they've got to get everybody injected because then the rest of your environment, your food and your particulates is poison.
And so this is why I talk about cerumen because it's a drug of Of Monsanto Bayer.
Talk about it.
What you're saying is, I'm not a scientist, is they've merged immortal cell line viruses with spike protein as the infectious delivery system?
They're creating the spike proteins in the cell lines.
They don't have to merge.
We've been doing this since the 60s.
These cell lines have been growing in our labs since the 60s.
So we've been experimenting Various viruses and seeing if you could add them and combine them.
So knowing what they do to humans and lab rats, what do you expect to happen to the public?
Because mainline insurance companies are seeing a 40% increase in death.
That's exactly what we expect in the heavily vaccinated.
But the way to solve the problem is never again get another shot or take their contaminated products of Bayer Monsanto.
No more GMO.
Not food.
Every shot is a genetically modified organism.
Every shot is gain of function.
Every shot is synthetic.
They've always been that way.
They've lied to us.
And look how healthy we are if we eat clean food.
So the last picture, the call to action is in slide 69, but just go to slide 70, because what we show you is when you walk away from them, In that little boy with the monkey pox, all we did was give him clean food and products like the Zelenko Z-Stack.
This was a slide I made in 2019.
I'm standing there trying to stop them from inoculating the vaccine-injured.
That's children who already have seizures.
And I'm on a street corner in Oxnard where they're forcing it on these children with the criminal bills of Newsom and Senator Pan.
We knew they were trying to kill our kids.
But the last, and all of these corrupt people, if that had happened, we would never have had COVID.
Every single piece of data I'm showing you, we had in 2014, and presented to the FBI, and presented to the Ninth Circuit Court, the Attorney General, and they did nothing except pay off the criminals, and that's what Tony Fauci did.
I totally agree.
Talk about Fauci, but you predicted it, it happened, it's on record, the research is there, but you said they're caught.
I agree.
The world's waking up to them.
What do you expect them to pull next?
Another bioweapon release they've cooked up in a lab?
The only way they can do that is by injecting it.
It's already in the lab.
So look at the last slide.
I don't care what they do next because it's in our control.
If we walk away, that's that same little boy.
All we gave them was clean food, similar to one of the products you just showed.
They've poisoned our food.
They've poisoned our animal.
They admit it.
Look at slide 68, when we were getting religious exemptions as under our Constitution.
Look at slide 68, the form that Bayer Monsanto sent to the people.
Oh, we understand you have a problem with us using aborted fetal cell lines in injections or in the purity of the body, your belief in the purity of the body.
Here's every product that you eat, that you take, that Bayer makes, and he said it's not exhaustive.
Aspirin, Benadryl, Maalox, they're all loaded with aborted fetal cell line, with syncytin, with the central peptide component.
of snake venom that humans have a natural God-given immune response to.
It's called human endogenous retrovirus W. It's the proof that God's immunity is all
you need.
They can't hack our chromosomes unless they inject it or we keep ingesting the poison.
They're poisoning our food, as you're saying.
All we have to do is turn away every human being.
I'm infected with all of these things.
I have Ebola.
I have everything.
I have antibodies to them.
I'm immune.
You never inject an AIDS patient with anything because you'll spread AIDS through his body and through his family's bodies.
And that's what the papers and that's what everything says here.
They knew they got the healthcare workers sick.
Nobody wears a mask.
It destroys your own immune system.
There's nothing about any of this that is safe, comfortable, or anybody else... Explain that.
Wearing a mask makes your body turn off its immune system.
Because you're hypoxic!
Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha is an on-off switch, a blowtorch on cancer.
Syncytin is a fusogenic peptide that fuses together cancer cells.
The XMRVs have a mouse syncytin.
Your own body says, that's not me, that's mouse.
Autoimmune diseases, we can't tell the difference between self and non-self.
You never inject anything on the first day of life because it dysregulates the expression of your disease.
That's right, why don't babies get sick for six months?
But you inject them, it destabilizes that.
And you never inject in pregnancy.
And everything here shows you how they've been trying to experiment by injecting pregnant women and injecting.
And so they finish their experiments.
They know from this shot that they got it.
So now it's kill everybody, call it COVID, Cremate them so you don't have the sequences and we can show you in this book, we can show you in these books, we have freezers full of the cell lines that we handed the FBI in 2014 and they did nothing except cover it up.
President Obama led the way to murder these people.
That's what the crimes against humanity are.
Fauci knows exactly what they're doing.
They're poisoning our food.
Every one of these shots is poison.
But if we all turn away and turn back to God, we don't believe in their God.
Our cult is not scientism.
We believe in our God.
Yes, we believe in the purity of the body.
And no, you're not ever touching me again.
And then they don't pull anything.
Monkeypox has been there since 2011.
I just showed you the slide.
In every polio vaccine, and most people are just fine.
Stop, people.
Just walk away and say no more.
This is our country, one nation under God, and we don't bow down to Fauci or any other one world order.
They cannot hack our genome unless you let them.
That's my rant.
Stop injecting.
Walk away.
Eat clean food.
Buy clean food.
Don't eat their glyphosate and their GMO and their poison, and they go down.
No more.
We're out of your game.
We're out of your economy.
You can't.
We're one nation under God.
And the Honorable Minister Farrakhan told his people, uh-uh.
And they didn't do it.
How many people are saved if we all stand up?
That's like Africa has the lowest COVID rate, like 1%, everybody else is 50.
Because they're not dumb, they didn't take it.
And they take these, they take ivermectin and serum and all the time prophylactically.
They're not horse pills.
If your doctors don't know that purines make up the base pairs of our DNA, that G proteins are hundreds of proteins that control sense of taste and smell.
HIV was to AZT was to AIDS.
The AZT killed the guys.
The XMRVs in the women that were coming... And Dr. Bogovic, you are on fire and you're totally right and you're angry and you should be.
How do people find your fine work?
The Real Dr. Judy.com.
Our websites are TheRealDrJudy.com.
You can get all of our books at PlaguedTheBook.com, at TheGreatAwakeningBook.com.
They're all there.
Not one word has ever been disproven.
Every reference is there.
They're not my opinion.
You're frustrated because I'm on a sinus like you, but this is all mainline.
What you're saying is all public.
Join us in the studio.
We'll fly you here.
Join us again on a routine basis.
Everybody can find your great site.
Dr. Judy Mikevich, thank you so much.
The real Dr. Judy.
Well, that was an incredible 50 minutes or so with Dr. Judy Mikevich.
We're going to archive it later in a video.
I hope you share it.
Because I don't just believe her.
I've seen the documents.
I've covered it all forever.
They isolated by the 20s cancer viruses, and they've been putting it in the shots since the 40s.
My grandmother got polio back in the 1950s from the second shot, and her doctor told her, oh sorry, the shot gave you polio.
And she was in a wheelchair and on crutches until she died at 92.
Wonderful woman, just a few years ago.
So that's how real all of this is.
And I'm just so thankful we're still on air to warn people.
And I'm so thankful you're sharing the videos and the articles to others because that's the whole reason we're doing this.
So thank you all for your support.
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We haven't had Steve Quayle in a while.
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head of the curve Tomorrow's news today, Mike Adams with one of the top patriots that predicted it all, Steve Quayle, straight ahead in 60 seconds.
Get ready and share those links.
The globalists are counting on you, not using the power you have.
All right, welcome folks, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger here, filling in for the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
What an amazing show, just amazing from the very first moment.
I've been listening to the entire show today, and I've got more to add to it, but just extraordinary.
I want to encourage you, of course, check out that new third silver coin, and based on what I think is going to happen just with the price of silver, by the way, the value of silver, Uh, those coins are going to be worth, in my opinion, far more than you pay for them, even... I mean, just, just the silver, the raw silver itself is going to be worth far...
Definitely check those out.
I do have Steve Quayle coming up here in just a couple of minutes.
I have a few other comments to offer first about the shooting in Uvalde and some very critical comments about that.
And because I've got some critical things to say here, I do want to just say up front that what I'm about to say, these are my own opinions, okay?
These are not positions of I'm not on the payroll.
I'm not an employee.
I have some opinions.
I'm very respectful of law enforcement in general, but there are some major failures that took place here that we have to talk about.
But first, the insane leftists who two weeks ago, or two or three weeks ago, whatever it was, they were in front of the Supreme Court Advocating for abortion.
They were chanting, essentially, you know, kill the babies, kill the babies, kill the babies.
And now, this weekend, in front of the NRA, they're going to be screaming, baby killers, baby killers, baby killers.
I mean, do they ever look at themselves?
If you want to look at who's killing babies and children in America, it is the left, it is the abortion factories, okay?
In fact, on the same day, That this Uvalde shooting took place.
And in no way am I trying to minimize that shooting.
It was a horrible tragedy.
Children died.
Teachers died.
It was horrific.
But on that very same day, do you realize there were far more children killed via abortion than died in that school?
That's right.
I mean, we're talking more than 10 times as many.
Depending on estimates, it could be more than 100 times as many children killed via the abortion centers in the United States alone compared to what happened in that school.
Again, not to minimize that, we must protect the children.
But we must protect all children, because all the lives of children matter, including the lives of unborn children.
Why does the left scream and cry about a shooting, but not the dismemberment of children in the womb, or as they're being born, or after they're born?
Think about that.
Now, couple of notes here, too.
We live in a nation now that cannot feed its babies and cannot protect its children.
This is the collapse of society.
How is it that we can't feed our babies?
Well, it's because of the FDA protectionism, the cartels over the infant formula, the lack of free market dynamics.
It's the corruption of the government.
And then, how is it that we can't protect our children in these schools?
Again, in my opinion, corruption.
And that's not... I don't assign that to every member of law enforcement.
I am pro-police.
I am pro-men and women in blue.
I am pro-veteran.
Sorry, I had a little too spicy of a smoothie going on there before the show.
I support the men and women in blue.
But when you have these failures that took place, it is inexplicable You have, uh, who's, who's the guy's name?
Lieutenant Chris Olivares, the Texas DPS spokesperson, on CNN, saying today, this morning I believe it was, they are hearing gunshots, they're receiving gunshots, at that point, if they proceeded any further, not knowing where the suspect was at, they could have been shot!
They could have been killed!
He's talking about law enforcement.
They could have been shot, they could have been killed, and at that point, That gunman would have had an opportunity to kill other people inside that school.
Well, Lieutenant Chris Olivares, I hope that you retract that statement, because if it is seriously your position that members of law enforcement should never enter a dangerous situation until it is secured by someone else, Why are they carrying a badge and a gun?
Why are they wearing the uniform?
Because by your logic, Lt.
Chris Olivares, firefighters should also say, I suppose, well we can't go into that burning building, we might get burned!
Or soldiers might say, well, we can't go onto that battlefield.
We might take artillery fire or something.
Is this really the position of law enforcement in Texas?
No less.
And this was my criticism.
Again, I'm pro-law enforcement.
And I'm a Texan.
And I love Texas.
And I love the fact that law enforcement works so hard to keep us safe.
And most of them, they do put themselves in harm's way.
But to say we couldn't follow that shooter into that school, we couldn't move to the sound of the gunfire because we might be shot?
Are you kidding me?
You outnumbered the kid.
You outnumbered him.
Have you ever heard of fire and maneuver?
It is inexplicable that this has happened.
So, what I want to do now, I want to bring on Steve Quayle and ask him for his reaction to this situation.
Now, Steve, first of all, are you with us?
Yes, Mike, I'm here.
Excellent, excellent.
Thank you for coming on.
You have predicted so much of what we're seeing now, even going back many years in your radio days and your books and your work and so on.
I really respect your work.
Now, you've got some new breaking information to share with us as well.
It's one of the reasons why I wanted to have you on.
What is your take on this?
How can we be hearing from police or law enforcement or DPS in Texas to say, well, we couldn't follow the gunfire because we could have been shot?
Well, I think it should be DBS, not DPS, okay?
Because this whole thing has got an ever-changing narrative.
In my opinion, again, I speak only for myself, not Alex, not InfoWars, but this is my personal opinion based on people that were immediately in contact with a mutual friend of ours, Mike.
That they heard that there were multiple shooters now listen there were over a hundred to a hundred and fifty officers there and I think that it's it's it's criminal that they're trying to justify their cowardice look a 19 and that kid shot for 12 minutes before he entered the building So they should not have a badge.
They should not have a gun.
And ladies and gentlemen, everything you're going to see is a false flag spinning of events.
And we need to really pray for the gentleman that had the balls and the guts to go in there when he did and take out Ramos.
Because I can tell you, Mike, these people that are involved Trying to save lives disappear, and I'm serious about that.
Now, two things that probably have just broken that most people don't understand, and I didn't know it until about an hour ago, courtesy of Justice Knight, Texas government texted a friend that he had shot his grandmother and was about to go shoot up a school.
That's from the New York Times.
And the thing is that's more provocative is that the safety officer had left a door open that The shooter had gone in through.
Ladies and gentlemen, this sounds like a mini version of the Capitol when everything was set up to allow this to happen and everything from a law enforcement standpoint was designed to just let it go on.
And I think my person, I think the blood, I think the blood of those little kids Those children are on the hands of those.
And you know, a friend of mine said this, you can't impart bravery.
So this is what I think is happening.
This is a direct underscoring of the point that people are losing faith, and rightly so, in a lot of law enforcement, because this is a perfect example.
Look, they go through training and they better know how to use a firearm.
But this thing has too many flaws.
Let me jump in here.
I really appreciate everything that you said as well and I got a lot more to cover with you.
I just want to clarify something that, you know, when you use the phrase false flag, I want to make sure, and I think you and I both agree on this, in no way are you saying that no one was shot or that no one died.
What you're saying is that this appears to have been a stand down order where law enforcement was ordered to stand down.
Is that correct?
Is that a clarification that makes sense?
Those children were murdered.
I think that this is going to be the escalation.
Now, isn't it interesting too, Mike, that this is what we were warned about that ISIS was going to do.
Remember the days that there was going to be, you know, shooters that would be taking out school children.
And again, when I say false flag, thank you for defining it.
But I'm talking about there are too many Subtleties and in-your-face issues that need to be answered.
And the main one is, and this is really critical, who gave the order to the sheriffs to stand down?
Now, there's multiple stories.
And the thing is, is that, ladies and gentlemen, I don't know the nature and makeup of Uvalde County, but I can tell you... We got to go to break.
I apologize for cutting you off.
We got to go to break.
Stay with us here, Steve.
We'll be right back after this break.
You're watching of the Alex Jones Show on Infowars.com.
We'll be right back.
You know, it's extraordinary, folks, and we're joined here by Steve Quayle.
This is going to be a very powerful hour, but it's extraordinary that we live in a world
where, as I said earlier, in the United States we can't seem to feed our babies, our infants,
and we can't protect our children, and we have police, at least some police.
I'm not badgering all police by any means, but some police who are afraid to do their
jobs because they might get shot.
Look, the good news is I've heard from a lot of my friends who are cops, who are retired
veterans, you know, some active duty and so on, and they all agree with me, and they say
this is unacceptable, this is not the way we've been trained.
This is not what we would have done in that situation.
We would not have stood down.
So I want to say, pro-law enforcement, every person I've heard from today, personally, Is also appalled at the situation, but to say that you can't go into a scene that you can't follow an active shooter because you might get shot.
Let me tell you.
You men in blue who said that you should turn in your badge, turn in your gun, take off that uniform because it's not a uniform for you, you're wearing a costume.
If you don't have the heart of a police officer or the heart of a SWAT team operator or the heart of someone to go into combat and chase down bad guys and follow the gunfire, To its origin, and take out that guy, which the U.S.
Border Patrol agent did.
He's got the heart of law enforcement that we need.
But these other cops, or patrols, whoever else it was standing around, you should resign.
And we should have an investigation.
I'm calling on Attorney General Paxton and Governor Abbott.
We must launch an investigation.
Was there a stand-down order?
Was there corruption?
Was somebody doing this on purpose to make the massacre worse?
Was somebody in the chain of command who's pulling for gun control?
There's a question.
This needs to be investigated because this is not the way law enforcement have been trained.
This is not the proper response, and at least I understand that, who is it?
McCraw, I believe, has his mistakes made.
So good on him for admitting it, but this is entirely unacceptable.
And one final comment, and then I'll go to Steve here.
You know, we're talking about monkeypox and animals and everything.
I gotta say, even monkeys will rush to save their children.
Even gorillas, even dogs will rush to save their children.
And that's what even, you know, good-hearted human beings will of course rush to save their children.
One of the moms rushed in there, grabbed her children, And got them out of there.
And we've heard, there's an MSN news story that says some of the cops went in and got their children out, but the parents were stopped from doing the same thing.
Let me tell you, this situation would have gone better if no cops had shown up at all, and if the armed citizens had actually taken matters into their own hands in this situation, this particular situation, it would have gone better.
Because the parents knew what to do and the cops were standing around holding their bleep.
Yeah, with their bleeps in their hands in the parking lot, okay?
So that's my take on that.
Steve Quayle, you heard me criticize very strongly law enforcement there for their mistakes.
What is your take on this and how can we do better?
Well, first of all, I think this is why the Second Amendment exists.
I think it's really critical, Mike, that people understand.
They think that calling the police in a crisis situation is going to save them.
by the presence of so many federal officers.
And by the way, there are eyewitness reports now of certain black cars that fit the typical
espionage scenario being there.
I believe this was totally an MK ultra, if you will.
And when I say false flag, I want the better term for that
is it was designed to kill children.
I want everybody to know something.
These people, a lot of them, we're not saying I can't point my fingers at anybody,
but it's interesting that the blood of innocent children usually precedes some really, really big event
that's gonna happen.
And the blood of the innocents.
This is what we're talking about.
We're talking about innocence of those children and the cowardice of the cops.
And I would say, and I would call for it, and I am calling for a full-scale investigation by an independent group of, group, three people, four people chosen for their expertise.
Because this is absolutely, how do I say that?
It is so world nerve wracking because the cowardice, but Mike, they were ordered to stand down, okay?
I know they were ordered to stand down.
I think they need to investigate the sheriff.
I think they need to know his political positions.
I think they need to know, is he a constitutional sheriff or not?
The information, I don't know, but the information I've been given is he's not.
The information I've been given is he wouldn't even join with the sheriffs in Texas.
Sheriff Scott, you've got some great, great sheriffs.
I'd move to Texas.
But the point is, is that...
When you see the headlight, and I'll just turn it right back to you, police slow to engage.
Slow, they did not engage.
And when they say police, what they're doing is they're mixing different organizations, and thank God for the Border Patrol, and you know, I'd give that guy a hug, and I'd also say, that guy should be sheriff.
Yeah, well said, Steve.
And I want to say, to those of you in law enforcement who are watching, especially if we're talking about you, those few who stood around and did not go in, this isn't just armchair quarterbacking.
I know Steve Quayle has a lot of experience with teams and firearms, and I myself, thousands of hours of training.
I've been trained by cops, by spec ops, by Navy SEALs.
I've done scenarios, tubular assaults, Clearing buildings of active shooters.
I've done hostage rescue scenarios with live firearms and also simunitions.
I've been shot by simunitions way too many times.
They hurt.
I've been carrying concealed weapons longer than some of you young law enforcement guys have ever been alive.
Okay, I'm older than I look.
This is not just armchair quarterbacking.
I know what it takes to engage a bad guy and go in and pull the trigger, if you have to, to save lives and put yourself in harm's way.
We're asking too much from law enforcement, are we, Steve?
I mean, isn't that their job when they sign the bottom line that I want to be a cop?
Aren't they also signing that I'm going to put myself in harm's way when necessary to save innocent lives?
Well, to protect and serve is basically the motto that law enforcement had pretty much, I would say, disincorporated.
But it changed dramatically.
And Mike, the thing is, look, anybody who I would want to see everybody's records qualifying on the range to, I'd want to see the background information because I believe this was a ritual sacrifice, a I want to make it clear.
I believe it was a ritual sacrifice.
I believe the CIA, let's call it like it is, MKUltra, the head of the CIA, made statements years ago that everything the American people will believe is a lie because their effectiveness has been indisputable.
Bill Casey.
So, I think that what people have got to see, this is an attack on the Second Amendment.
I'm on record that we are seeing, and I'm using this word historically and in context, we're seeing a revolution, we're seeing evil rewarded, we're seeing good murdered, and there's nobody coming to your rescue.
I'd encourage every woman, every man, every capable American citizen, Texas citizen, to learn how to handle a firearm, and not only to learn how to handle it, but take tactical classes because there's no one more I would say
this in that number one there's no guarantee the Constitution the Supreme Court
stated there's no guarantee and police are not required to go to your aid so
these guys there you said it Steve again I apologize for interrupting
Again, we're going to go to break, but you just said it.
The police aren't coming to save you, folks.
Even if they want to, they're being ordered to stand down.
Often, they're not given training.
They're not given the gear.
The police are not coming to save you.
You're going to have to be your own police.
Pro-Second Amendment.
We'll be back.
You know, it's really extraordinary, folks, when you think about this.
We have arrived at a moment in time here in America when not only is the left screaming that all police are bad and that they should be defunded, but then somehow in some sectors of law enforcement, again not all, but even in Texas, some group of law enforcement have lost the will to fight.
And I don't know what's happening, but I suspect it's something much bigger than funding.
I suspect it's something about the culture, I think it's part of the gender bender chemicals that are in the foods.
I think it's the plastics chemicals.
I think it's environmental.
Pollution, contamination, and I think it's cultural programming, and I think it's the fact that there have been so many attacks against police, and so many videos that are criticizing them for doing their jobs, that they are reluctant to do much of anything.
In a sense, police have become paralyzed.
So, you know, I mean, I'm criticizing them for not going in, but at the same time, they There's always, in their own minds, there's a risk of a backlash if they go in too hard, or too aggressively, because again, because the left is so... So, we're bringing back in Steve Quayle.
I forgot to mention your website, Steve.
It's stevequayle.com.
Great site.
Lots of headlines every day of the breaking news items.
I check it every morning when I wake up.
I'm always checking your website, Steve.
But, Steve, what do you think are the other factors contributing to all of this?
The downfall of the The manliness, if you will, even in law enforcement.
Well, I think you nailed it, Mike, with xenoestrogens.
You know, it used to be in the old days, water was in glass, and there really is the estrogenation of the American male.
Sperm counts are low.
Obviously, our ability to reproduce is becoming more and more negative, and that's going to be ensured, in my opinion, by the attack upon even infants.
Not just the formula, but everybody wanting to make sure that they can't reproduce.
So, what we're watching, and I want to make this clear, is a systematic extinction of the human race.
And these type of instances, Besmanov, one of the first Russian defectors, say they were going to do their best, i.e.
Russian intel, to turn the people against law enforcement, the law enforcement against people, and cause people to lose all respect for the intelligence agencies.
We just had 61 intelligence agents attest to the Steele dossier that was real, and every one of those guys was lying.
So there is no truth, in my opinion, in America any longer.
And, Mike, this is a good example, I'm sorry to say, a murderous example of them controlling the narrative to basically bring about, you know, when you control the narrative, you control the result.
It's gun, gun, gun control.
And the only thing, ladies and gentlemen, standing between the complete destruction of you as an American citizen Is your ability to defend yourself?
And I'm telling you point-blank, Mike, you and I know this.
Is that the will?
And I want to ask a question.
Does America have the will to live?
And I'm not sure, speaking, and everybody can say what they think, but where is the will?
Well, you're right on there, Steve.
I mean, where is our will to defend our own border?
Where is the will to feed our children, to just stand for basic common sense?
Now we see some good signs, some parents, a lot of backlash against the grooming indoctrination in our public schools, for example.
We see a lot of backlash against these gun control efforts, and frankly, if you could say there's a silver lining in this, one of them is the fact that I haven't seen any real Americans change their position on the Second Amendment.
If anything, they're doubling down now more than ever to say, we need the Second Amendment.
See, the cops can't help you!
The cops aren't coming!
They just proved it!
You dial 911 and you die!
You better have your Glock, you better have your rifle, you better have a realistic backpack or something, because the cops aren't coming to help you.
If not in Texas, then where?
And by the way, what do these cops claim that they're waiting for?
They say, oh, we can't rush.
Who are you waiting for to make that scene safe so that you can enter?
Are you waiting for Batman to come in and clear out the bad guy and then you can come in and do the paperwork?
Give me a break.
Steve, your thoughts?
Well, first of all, I think the whole thing is a reflection of the, if you will, the casual nature of death in America.
You talked about the children being aborted, the children, by the way, 1.2 million kids disappear, the entire bloodthirstiness, and I'm saying it, bloodlust, of this country is becoming more deadly and dangerous and just like the picture of Moloch and by the way it's interesting that Moloch the people the Canaanites would burn their children but we're seeing child sacrifice and I think that it's really interesting Mike because you can talk about spiritual warfare but one of the things that's really prominent
Is that Lucifer and his legions have been initiating human sacrifice.
So those 19 little, you know, little, those 19 young people, they just had their lives snuffed out.
And I say this, the narrative about who could have done it, it all falls flat because they didn't do what they could have done.
And people say to me, well, you know, you've never been in a gunfight, been in the middle of one between two, and I only had Thank God, but I mean, you know, you don't ever want to get in a crossfire.
And the thing turned out good.
But here's the thing.
The idea that someone's coming to help us is absolutely foreign to the pioneer spirit that made this country great.
And forget the word prepping.
Forget the word survivalist.
It's the pioneer spirit.
And what's everything's happening, Mike, is to destroy the spirit of the American male.
The emasculation of the American male.
And I think what's important that people understand, we're watching our own military be destroyed from within, in my opinion.
We're watching... Steve, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is something... I gotta ask you this.
You just hit it.
What happens to our military if we get into a war with Russia, or if our military gets into a war with China, or both of them at the same time?
Because now we've seen these stand-down orders and this, can I say, this lack of willingness to do their duty and place themselves in harm's way at the police level.
Is this going to happen in the military?
I mean, I don't want to question, I 100% support veterans and active duty military, but the leadership at the top of the Pentagon They seem to be sending out a message to say, like, it's bad to be a man.
It's bad to have courage.
It's bad to be strong.
And they're trying to sissify the ranks of the military.
I think they're going to fail, but that's what they're trying to do.
Go ahead.
Well, I think they pretty much succeeded.
Now, I salute, and I mean that.
I've had a veterans ministry for a long time, you know, 10 years at least, and helping vets and stuff.
I've been involved, but I want to say something, and this is critical for people to understand.
The U.S.
military is being destroyed from within, in my opinion.
You cannot inoculate with, forgive me, a questionable, non-scientific basis, a bunch of stuff shot under your body.
These men are willing to lay down their lives.
Navy SEALs and others are suing the government, and rightly so, in my opinion.
But you can't expect someone that's willing to, that's braver than brave, to lay down their life, and then tell them to go out and commit suicide, or vaccicide.
Again, we are an insane nation.
And when insanity grips a nation, Mike, this is all leading up to civil war.
It's the left that keeps saying civil war.
It's none of the quote, my ilk, you know, or our ilk.
So this is where they want.
They want civil war, but they want to disarm us.
And if people understood what the left has in the way of armament, they would have their mind blown.
Yeah, and you know, I think it was just last Friday I was hosting here as well with J.R.
Nyquist and I interviewed Dr. Yan Li-Mong.
They had the audio out of China.
There's war generals talking about how they're going to invade the United States.
Or at least it's assumed it's the United States because it's a massive... Well, what happens if the U.S.
is invaded?
I mean, what?
Are cops and soldiers going to say, well, it's not safe to fight back?
I mean, we might be struck by artillery.
You know, Mike, the Chinese White Papers are all on record, some of the most provocative statements.
The Chinese are on record saying they have no qualms about killing every man, woman, and child in the United States.
The guy in the White House has made the statement, we're going to go to war with Iran, we're going to go to war with China, we're going to go to war with Russia, and also, by the way, we'll throw North Korea in.
These guys don't play in that kind of insane ballpark.
They're going to, at some point, react.
Well, absolutely.
We're about to go to break again, and we've got one more segment with Steve Quayle on the other side, so stay with us, folks.
We're going to talk about Ukraine and Russia, and now the Washington Post admitting that the Ukrainian soldiers are collapsing in terms of morale and supplies.
What are the implications?
We'll have that when we return.
All right, final segment today with Steve Quayle.
Now, if you were going to write a Babylon Bee headline, He said, uh, active school shooter asks dozens of law enforcement to wait in the parking lot while he massacres innocent texas.
Uh, you would think that's crazy.
That would never happen.
That's not even satire.
That's, that's just a stupid idea.
Never happened.
Except it did happen.
I mean, the Babylon Bee can't even make this up.
I mean, not that he asked law enforcement to wait, but they waited.
And this is the problem here in America.
We're fed this never-ending cascade of lies about firearms and guns and police protection.
Look, the police aren't going to protect you.
If you don't have your own self-defense, you are vulnerable.
Well, your community is vulnerable.
Everybody in America who is legally able to do so should arm up right now, legally and lawfully, because the police are not coming to save you.
Now, we're joined by Steve Quayle from SteveQuayle.com.
I want to ask you, Steve, The Washington Post has now put out an article in...
Zero Hedge has covered it as well, an article saying that the Ukrainian soldiers are in a state of morale collapse and supply chain collapse because, well, Russia is grinding them away day by day, kilometer by kilometer, frankly, taking the Donbass region and more.
So, Steve, what are your thoughts on that?
It seems like the fairytale delusions that Ukraine is winning, that's beginning to collapse even in the Western press.
What are your thoughts?
Well, the whole thing is a bad video game episode because a lot of the images that came out of the Ukraine supposedly winning were from video games, literally.
So the idea is how does somebody who's the president of a nation like that become a billionaire?
And why are American citizens paying double their gas prices, food prices?
And listen, reality, we're up at least 25 to 30 percent.
And if you cut the short back, but here's the deal about Ukraine.
Ukraine basically has figured out how to work the West in my opinion and when you're looking at this battle you're looking at a situation where NATO the US and look this isn't bashing America First, but it is saying this, we were the ones that opened up the whole, we can use our nuclear weapons.
Even today they were giving, debating, they, the government, giving them what more?
We've given 51,000 Javelin, you know, shoulder fired or whatever, stand fired missiles.
That's the whole U.S.
We're watching, ladies and gentlemen, the 95 billion Afghanistan Who knows how many real billion.
It's depleting U.S.
So Mike, you asked the question, what happens when the Chinese invade?
Well, it's only the arms and the firearms and the arms of American citizens.
And, you know, I don't think people understand how close we are.
We're undergoing, in my opinion, a communist takeover and takedown, and the disarmament
of the American citizen will exacerbate the situation, and there's going to be more children.
God bless the children.
Please, parents, think twice about sending your kids to a volatile school.
You know, homeschool them.
Do anything, but don't make them the little sacrifices that these bloodthirsty people.
And Mike, again, I just got an email while we're on this podcast, broadcast, stating
that another guy said, "Look, I've seen the numbers, Steve.
This is a ritual sacrifice."
I sent it to you, by the way, so you could see it.
I agree.
Okay, all right.
So, Steve, so listen.
I'll take a look at that.
Back to Ukraine.
Let me ask this, Steve.
I'm sorry.
Let me ask this.
It looks like the European partners and you saw Henry Kissinger and you saw there from George Soros now freaked out about the possibility of Ukraine being lost.
Kissinger seems to be calling for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.
I wouldn't be surprised if in the next 30 days we see actually Ukraine's military carry out a coup against Zelensky and arrest him.
For the needless killing of Ukrainian soldiers who are being given the most horrific orders to just stand and die and not maneuver and not retreat.
Aren't we at really a possibility of the Ukrainian military collapsing, surrendering to Russia in the next one to two months, something like that?
What's your assessment?
Well, I think that could be a reasonable assumption, Mike, but then we've got to put in the whole provocation of wanting nuclear war.
George Soros wants a nuclear war.
There are others that want a nuclear war.
They really do want it.
All along, the whole U.S.
defense posture in NATO has been, well, Russia really won't use their nuclear weapons.
Here's the thing.
We've got a microcosm in Ukraine of a greater conflict that's going on behind the scenes.
And in my opinion, they may be overthrown or they could also be totally defeated.
And I'm not talking about an invasion.
When Poland, if Poland, and other, if you will, Western nations, at least border nations, go into the Ukraine, I think you're going to see Putin react a little differently and much more violently.
And again, you know, we have declared war on Russia.
Let's just call it facts.
We have declared war on Russia.
And we have, in essence, had China declare war on us, to quote it.
So we're at war, ladies and gentlemen.
This isn't a skirmish, Mike.
And I think that's what people are missing, is a bigger picture.
This is leading up to a false, well, a real World War III, but it'll be a false Armageddon scenario.
And then we're going to see stuff happen that we've never seen.
And I would say this, that please, people, pay attention.
Do your own homework.
You know, you can say, oh, those guys are crazy.
But when people start throwing, we're going to throw our nukes at you before you throw our nukes at us.
And by the way, you know, when you're dealing with effective throw weight, how many missiles and what the magnitude of the warheads are and etc.
Right now, the United States shouldn't be provoking a nuclear war, especially Russia and China, and then throw North Korea in too.
Well, exactly.
And you know, Russia's nuclear force is modern.
It is advanced.
America's nuclear weapons are outdated.
Some of them were built in the 1970s and 1980s.
Some of them are barely still operating with, you know, questionable functions.
And yet, Russia's got the world's best anti-air defense.
I think it's the SA-500.
Can even take out low-Earth orbit satellites.
Can take out hypersonic missiles.
Not that the U.S.
has even deployed any hypersonic missiles.
But Russia's got those too.
And then, finally, Russia's, what is it, the Sarmat?
The ICBM has, I think, 10 military vehicles, the MIRVs, and can also be affixed with hypersonic glide vehicles, HGVs, there.
And there's no defense in the West against that.
London doesn't have a defense, Paris doesn't have a defense, Berlin, Washington D.C.
doesn't have a defense.
Why are we trying to escalate into a world war when Russia can, you could say, you know, nuke the crap out of the entire, all the countries of Western civilization?
Why are we provoking that?
Are leaders just insane?
Are they criminals?
Go ahead.
It's the globalist desire for the extinction of the human race.
Remember, we all quote, we've seen the Georgia Guidestones, we've all quoted on talk radio for so many years, actually decades, but the bottom line is, Mike, they want a global nuclear war to decrease the world's population, bring it down to 500 million.
Well, whenever the Georgia Guidestones came out, people said maintain, you know, they were reading maintain the population 500 million.
But they never asked how you get rid of the 7.4 billion people.
Those are not quote the ravings of our ilk.
Those are the absolute facts.
And when you're dealing about the Poseidon nuclear torpedoes that are 100 megatons, you're talking about the hypersonic missiles that are 25 megatons.
How do I say this?
The denial in the Defense Department, by the way, the previous administration, prior to Trump, did everything they could to destroy the modernization of our nuclear arms.
Look, I'm just saying this, ladies and gentlemen, if you're going to throw the first punch, you better make sure you've got it in the right area and not forced behind it, because one of these days, very soon, this is bigger than just Russia and Ukraine, in my opinion.
You just mentioned a key phrase.
You said if you throw the first punch, you know, you better make sure it counts.
But if you look at classic game theory and mutually assured destruction theory and so on, it seems like the West is putting Russia in a situation where Russia is incentivized to throw the first punch, to actually launch a preemptive strike because Russia has the better offensive missiles and they have better defensive anti-ICBA.
This is allowing them to absorb a retaliatory strike.
So in classic game theory, America is making a horrendous mistake that could escalate this dramatically with catastrophic effects.
Final thoughts, Steve Quayle.
Final thoughts, America has no civil defense, Russia can pretty much consider, cover and put into their civil defense, fallout shelters, etc.
80% of their population.
Vladimir Putin has stated, if anything has taught, if history of war has taught him anything, they who fire first usually win.
It used to be mutual assured destruction, mad theory, that no one would use nuclear weapons.
When you can shield your population, you have very little to hold you back from taking out your enemies.
Well, thank you, Steve, for all of your thoughts and warnings today.
It's been an honor being able to talk with you here.
I know our time is short, but thank you so much, Steve.
Thank you, Mike.
Alright folks, this has been the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com and of course our guest was Steve Quayle from SteveQuayle.com.
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God bless America and pray for America.
Take care.
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It has since become a symbol of defiance here in America, along with the imagery of a black
star and cannon and the flag used by Texans during the state's revolution against Mexico.
Both sides of the coin depict these historical uses of the phrase, with one side having a rendition of a Spartan helmet and the inscription of Come and Take It, and the reverse side having a rendition of the cannon and the inscription Free Men Bear Arms.
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