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Name: 20220526_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 26, 2022
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"The Infowars show discusses various issues including monkeypox, gun control laws, school shootings, mental health, and security measures. They argue against deception by the "would-be New World Order". The show promotes its products that help protect privacy and fund their news organization at infowarstore.com. The Uvaldi shooting incident is covered, with focus on the perpetrator's background and politicians' responses. They advocate for arming teachers and improving school security measures to prevent future tragedies. Better training and equipment for law enforcement officers are suggested as necessary to handle active shooter situations effectively. Concerns about the security measures in place to prevent mass shootings are raised. Institutionalizing mentally ill people again is suggested as a way to address mass shootings and prevent them from occurring. The discussion also touches on how media advertising of school shootings may be influencing some individuals to commit these crimes."

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The media first reported, it wasn't even the state police or local police or war patrol saying this, but the media said, oh, you know, he ran off in the ditch being chased, shot the police, ran into the school, started shooting people.
No, he went to school, barricaded himself behind an armored door that he was able to get them to open up and get into, or it wasn't locked, to then lock that so that the police didn't know what was going on inside, and so
It went on for almost an hour of him barricaded inside.
Then it's just coming out now.
He started executing the people inside.
Now that's here and there in the news.
They're admitting that's the case.
But the big push is, see, we got to federalize the police or the police are bad.
And they stood down.
This was not like Parkland.
This was not like Columbine, where they did stand down on record when they knew it was a shooter actively going, but none of them wanted to be shot.
None of them wanted to accidentally shoot a child and have liability in this nanny state.
That's terrible, and now we've had decades of this happening several times a year, and it's emblematic of how the system says the citizens shouldn't be able to be armed, and then the police don't have a responsibility to protect you.
They're there to enforce the law, but they should try, and then they get to blame when it's an evil person out of control, and we have an evil problem.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
The main weapon being deployed against us by the would-be New World Order is sleight of hand, distraction, and fakery.
And we can see its effectiveness in the recent Johnny Depp trial.
Meaningless drivel to feed humanity while we are literally being killed by criminal gangs posing as governments.
And almost everybody takes a bite.
As a human being, one must always factor in the tendency to be fooled and focus on what we know.
And so, what do we know so far about monkeypox?
We know that after Bill Gates warned of an impending terrorist attack involving a synthetic smallpox in 2017, two new monkeypox vaccines were developed.
Both admittedly dangerous, known to cause infection, vaccine shedding, and death.
And both have been approved by the FDA.
And we know that they have been planning for a monkeypox outbreak, just as the Event 201 simulation war-gamed COVID-19 the year prior, or as Bill Gates calls it, germ-gamed.
In the spring of last year, the U.S.
held a monkeypox pandemic simulation exercise with the non-profit Nuclear Threat Initiative that predicted a monkeypox bio-attack in June of this year.
During that same time, the UK Ministry of Defence simulated a monkeypox outbreak, focusing on Russian disinfo.
And what do we know about monkeypox?
Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 within colonies of laboratory research monkeys who were being given the polio vaccine.
And according to the CDC, the only symptom that distinguishes monkey pox from smallpox is lymphadenopathy, swollen lymph nodes, which is also a smallpox vaccine side effect and is known to be a symptom of smallpox, as well as chicken pox.
Electron microscope visualization cannot prove a smallpox infection because all pox viruses are morphologically indistinguishable.
According to actual science, there is a strong argument that smallpox, monkeypox, chickenpox, and shingles are all the same thing.
And there is no actual proof that they are different.
We are simply expected to trust the CDC and their logical fallacies as so-called evidence.
And so, in 1958, when virologists were likely seeing side effects on lab monkeys they were injecting with experimental vaccines, they called it monkeypox and claimed it was an ancient rare virus that they had just discovered, which, coincidentally,
Showed up in humans for the first time in 1970.
And by 1978, without any proof of its existence, scientific journals were already saying that vaccination is an effective preventative measure against monkeypox.
Just three months ago, the famous Wuhan lab, who allegedly created COVID-19, published a paper claiming they assembled a monkeypox virus genome, which will enable for successful PCR testing and potentially make it more contagious.
And so, just as the PCR tests were used to create false positives by misreading the flu, the common cold, and even fruit as COVID-19, they will now be used to create false positives for monkeypox.
Whether you are experiencing vaccine side effects, or common herpes, or even asymptomatic monkeypox.
And finally, we know that the media is the real virus.
And when the media puts out the fear, their followers will eagerly line up to get the new dangerous vaccines, and insist that you do the same.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith sitting in momentarily for Alex Jones.
He had a family engagement that he's
Doing right now so he'll be in within the hour the bottom of the hour maybe 30 or 45 minutes but I'm just gonna cover some of the news here in the meantime but he is on his way and he's got some stuff to say about some of the news came out yesterday some of what we've learned about the Uvalde shooter and the actual shooting
As it took place and as it went down and how the police acted, incredibly troubling video coming out showing the parents desperately trying to get the police to go in and save their children as the sound of gunshots rings out from within the building and the police are holding these people back, actually taking their tasers out and threatening the parents of children with tasers and pinning them on the ground as the shooter rampages inside.
Crazy stuff.
Now, I'm the host of the American Journal, our morning show here on InfoWars, so I spent quite a while going through this footage and breaking it down and talking about some of what we can conclude from what we're learning all throughout the program today.
So I won't spend too much time on that, because I know Alex is going to cover that quite a bit as well.
But fortunately for us, there is no shortage of horrific news on a daily basis.
So we'll be talking about a little bit of other stuff here.
And we'll leave it to Alex Jones to break down exactly what is to be learned from the inaction by the police yesterday.
And I actually had some supporters on Twitter contact me and saying, don't fall into the anti-police
Uh, messaging of how this is being reported.
It's only contributing to the Defund the Police program.
It's the exact opposite as far as I see it.
The Defund the Police program means two things.
It means privatizing the police.
Those who can pay for it will still have protection.
Those who cannot afford it will be left on their own and without any defense whatsoever.
And federalizing the police.
That's the other issue.
Is that you get rid of the local police departments and that allows you to justify the creation of federal police departments.
And in my interpretation of what happened in Uvalde, that was the issue.
Is that the local police were waiting around for the federal police
To come in and provide oversight and give them instructions.
It turns out the person that actually killed the shooter, the Border Patrol agent, was acting without orders.
He just went in on his own.
He refused to wait for instructions and just took it upon himself to go in and save God knows how many children by putting down the shooter.
After, of course, 19 had already been killed.
I mean, it's.
I guess it's a testament to the modern American world where
The news of 19 children being slaughtered by a single gunman isn't the worst case scenario.
Like, showing up to a school and finding out that your 10-year-old child has been killed you would think would be the worst thing you could possibly imagine.
That's only because it boggles the mind and defies imagination to imagine showing up to a school where your 10-year-old is alive just to be held outside of it by the police while the murder takes place inside.
That, somehow, is even more horrific.
The news just gets worse and worse and worse.
It's incredibly troubling.
But again, I'll leave that up to Alex Jones to do the deep dive.
I don't know.
It used to be the type of thing where only InfoWars would report on things like this.
We'd be the only ones that cared about it.
You know, it'd be all secret and we'd have to go in and figure out what was really going on.
Now they're establishing world government.
Times have changed.
They're very open and proud of that, about that.
The world elites are now gathered in Davos and Geneva in a joint or parallel World Health Organization and World Economic Forum meetings where they are
Quite openly describing the methods and means by which they will control the entire global population in a technocratic control grid that uses financial levers and digital currency controlled by a central bank to dictate what you deserve to do.
Who you deserve to go interact with, how far you're able to travel, what you're able to buy and eat, all of this will be very minutely controlled by people flying private jets and eating big steak dinners every night because they're worth it, because they've earned it, because they're doing so much to fight back against climate change.
They can have a little extra carbon to help them along the way.
It's a complete and total scam.
World government is their espoused desire, and now they're laying down the mechanisms by which they will achieve that goal.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
It's just a conspiracy.
Although, back in the day, they would have had to hide this.
And this is the really amazing thing about the globalists.
This is their great achievement over the last several years.
They have somehow
We've been able to trick the people of the world, and in particular the American people, into thinking that what they're up to in their secret little conclaves is somehow for the benefit of them, for the benefit of the citizens.
It's really amazing.
There used to be a time where you said, yeah, all these elites get together and they plot what they're going to do and they plan together and they coordinate in unelected, supranational, corporate-controlled
And you're told, that's crazy, that's insane, that doesn't happen.
Now you're told it does happen.
They do do this.
They do get together.
They are planning world events.
They are plotting how to enslave the Earth.
It's just, it's for, it's for your own good.
It's because they love you so much.
It's really, you want to talk about sleight of hand, like that Gregg Reese report.
This is something else entirely.
Something else entirely.
And of course, one of the things, one of their main mechanisms of control is censorship, is control of information.
It is an information war.
I don't know if you've heard of this yet, but it's an info war we're engaged in.
And of course, they're still pursuing the disinformation governance board.
I don't know if you caught this, but we reported on it on the day that it was announced that Nina Jenkiewicz was retiring from the Disinformation Board, and Disinformation Governance Board is no more!
We did it!
We got rid of the Governance Board!
But of course, we actually listened to what the White House was saying and read what their reports were, and it was like, no, this isn't going anywhere.
It hasn't gone anywhere.
They literally said, standing in front of the press room in the White House,
I said, the work will continue behind the scenes.
It'll just be less public.
There's too much backlash with all of the public knowing what we're doing.
So we'll continue to do it in secret.
That's how we respond to anger and outrage when it's discovered what we're involved in.
And of course, they turned it over from Nina Jankiewicz to, you know, the guy that wrote the Patriot Act, Chertov.
Michael Chertoff is his name.
He looks like a vampire, and he acts like one too.
And now he's in charge of the Disinformation Governance Board.
And with the latest action by Big Tech, we see what the real point of all of this censorship is.
This is not going to be news to the InfoWars audience, but it has nothing to do with misinformation or disinformation.
It has to do with information.
It has to do with stopping you from discovering, certainly from speaking back against, what the deep state is up to.
And the latest proof of this can be found at InfoWars.
The title of the article is YouTube censors tape of Obama officials from 2014 planning a Ukrainian coup after eight years.
It's not disinformation, it's not misinformation, it is in fact a verbatim recording of Victoria Nuland, who at the time was the Undersecretary of State, coordinating and picking and choosing who would rule Ukraine.
Completely destroying the concept of Ukraine as some sort of independent democracy, when you have the elites of America
I mean, just quite literally.
I'm trying to say the word literally, but I mean, they're literally picking and choosing who's going to rule Ukraine.
It's Victoria Nuland saying, no, not him.
No, not him.
Yeah, he's on our side.
Well, we'll put him in charge and we'll have these guys operate.
And this guy will go do this, like just like chess pieces on a board maneuvering for their own aims and in pursuit of their own goals.
That's what's been removed from YouTube.
Not disinformation, not misinformation, but real
Honest to God, recordings of the United States manipulating the politics of Ukraine long before Russia ever intervened.
So if you think censorship was bad before, it's only getting worse, folks, and it's all about hiding the crimes of the deep state.
We'll be back on the other side with a little bit more.
Alright, welcome back.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones.
Alex is in the building and he will be joining us very shortly.
He'll be likely in the desk at the start of the next segment, so fear not.
He is going to come and really break down the new information that is still being revealed about what happened in Uvalde yesterday.
He's got some breaking news when it comes to what exactly happened behind the scenes and why it took so long for police to actually
Go in and get the shooter while meanwhile you had parents actually discussing and considering bum-rushing the police line just to get past them and go try to do something themselves.
Cannot imagine.
I cannot imagine the frustration.
Honestly, it just boggles your mind and the video coming out about this is just some of the most horrific stuff I've ever seen in my entire life.
I can't even explain.
Hopefully you just get it, you understand what it would be like as a parent to know that your child is in a school with a shooter and yet a cop is holding a taser pointed at you, demanding that you not do anything about it.
Absolutely unbelievable.
But I gotta say, just as a quick aside,
I am blown away every time I walk into this studio.
I do American Journal from the smaller studio that's right next door, right through that wall.
And, you know, our crew works incredibly hard to bring the graphics and to calibrate the cameras and the microphones.
I mean, the behind the scenes stuff that has to take place to put on a show every single day here.
And we do three live shows with a full crew, with the jib operators, with the brand new graphics and music for every single episode.
Every time
You know, I'm done with my show, and I finish up and leave the crew still there.
And they'll be there for hours, tweaking stuff, getting stuff just right, making sure they're smoothing over any, you know, little hiccups that might occur during the show.
And it's amazing.
And that's just in my little humble American Journal studio.
But then I walk in here and, I mean, it's like stepping onto the control, um,
Stepping into the control room of a battleship or something.
It really is impressive, and it really does show what we've been able to accomplish despite the attacks continually leveled against us, despite the demonization that we go through.
The American viewers and the InfoWars audience has come through for us time and time again, and we hope that we just repay that loyalty to you by giving you what you expect, which is the unvarnished reality of the world that we're in, as ugly and as
We're good.
Really come through for us and pulled us through some very difficult times, but there are going to be even more difficult times ahead.
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Why not shop with the good guys and help to support
This totally unique and all-important media outlet as we continue to contradict the lies of the mainstream media and fight back against the tyranny of the deep state and the global control being imposed upon us now.
And again, you've got Beto O'Rourke making an absolute fool of himself.
You've got Barack Obama making sure that, you know, we don't get too distracted by the current tragedy that the Democrats are exploiting.
He's making sure we don't forget the previous tragedy that they exploited.
You know, the George Floyd killing.
The George Floyd killing that led to the Black Lives Matter riots that killed dozens and left billions of dollars of structures ruined in their wake, and then imposed the defund the police movement.
Imagine being a Democrat right now.
How do you do it, folks?
How do you justify supporting policies that time and time again, without exception, just leave a wake of death?
Across the country, parents are putting their children to bed, reading stories, singing lullabies.
There's Barack Obama.
In the back of their minds, they're worried about what might happen tomorrow when they drop their kids off at school or take them to a grocery store or any other public space.
Yeah, how'd that happen, Barack?
Didn't used to be like that, did it?
Is it because we're just so much more conservative now?
Oh, we just got so much more nationalistic and conservative.
Now things are so much worse.
Or is it because we have been on a process of liberalization in which our every foundational
Societal construction is being ripped out by the roots, by the Democrats.
You know, when Republicans talk about, we want to get to the root of the problem, you know, I always say that these mass shootings, they're like a skin lesion, right?
They're a scab on your skin that really is a symptom of a cancer that's eating you out from the inside.
So you can put a band-aid on the skin legion, but it's not solving the cancer that's killing you.
It's just the visible part of something, a much deeper and destructive issue at the heart of things.
It's just a symptom.
So when Republicans talk about that, what we're talking about is what's at the heart of this violence is the chaos, the madness, the hopelessness, the division, the hatred that's continually pumped into our country, the lack of support by family.
The shooter in Uvalde.
Single mother who wasn't around and was addicted to drugs.
He's being supported by his grandmother.
He has no family, no support system.
And that's the case for so many kids in America these days.
They're ripe to be turned into a mass killer or something.
And what's the democratic solution?
Well, we'll put psychiatrists in schools.
Oh, is that going to solve it?
We'll have social workers.
No, social workers can't make up, they cannot compete with, you know, a loving household with a support system and a family and, you know, faith in God and...
You know, belief that life is worth living.
You can't mandate these things without the government having these things.
So that's what we mean when we say we need to get to the heart of the issue and find out what's really behind all this violence.
When the Democrats talk about what's at the heart of the issue, what's the cause of all this, their solution is get rid of the Bill of Rights.
They've identified the real problem with America and it's these gosh darn God-given rights we enjoy.
If we get rid of those, everything will be great.
All right, welcome back folks.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones.
Alex is in the building.
He will be in studio next segment.
So this will be the final segment with myself.
And boys, there's just an infinite amount of stuff to talk about here.
Zelensky calls for total help as Russia advances in Ukraine's east.
It's like total war, but it sounds nicer, I guess.
But of course, the big topic
Of today's, the new information we're finding out about this shooting that happened in Uvalde, and the failure of the police, or at least, something happened.
There was some sort of little mix-up, where the police ended up attacking the parents of the children, rather than the murderer shooting them.
And as more details are coming out, we see the absolute rage these parents are feeling, and it is completely and totally justified.
Here is the video.
We came to show you the audio because it's just a lot of curse words and a lot of screaming, as you can imagine.
And again, Alex Jones is going to break this down in very fine detail, but I'll just say that last night, I was lying in bed at about 11 o'clock.
I live in South Austin, pretty safe neighborhood.
Not too bad.
But suddenly, the night was lit up with a sound of gunfire.
It's a rare thing in my neighborhood, but there it was.
It sort of sounded like fireworks at first, but after a few more rounds you go, oh no, that's definitely gunfire.
And of course I get out my little police scanner app and start listening in, and sure enough somebody's called in and reported gunfire in my area.
The problem is that Austin is sort of a far left city, and we've defunded our police.
And now, if you call 911 in Austin, you're likely to be put on hold.
That's been the outcome of the Defund the Police movement.
And of course, what was my reaction to hearing gunshots near my house?
I grabbed my gun, of course.
What a comfort it is, knowing that when there's madmen and criminals running around heavily armed and doing God knows what, that I don't have to sit and be a useless victim
Noddle with my unarmed family as the police take their sweet time to show up.
I mean, that's the police in this country these days, especially in a place like Austin.
They're not going to prevent crime.
Yeah, this may have actually been it.
Man killed by police after trading gunfire with officers in southeast Austin.
Yeah, they were, uh, it went on for about an hour.
It was pretty crazy.
I'm not sure if this was, uh, actually it was this last night at around midnight.
Cause that's when it happened to me.
But again,
Think about what the leftists are promoting.
Think about what the Democrats, the world they're setting up.
They want to disarm you, but they also want to get rid of the police.
The Border Patrol killed this Uvalde shooter.
Do you think they're going to celebrate the Border Patrol and advocate for them?
They're trying to get rid of them as well.
They want you helpless.
They want you completely disarmed and available for abuse.
Because guess what they're planning on doing?
I mean, can you imagine what 2020 or 2021 would have looked like if the American people had been totally disarmed?
I'd probably be sitting in a quarantine camp right now, if I was lucky, if I'd survived it.
There's a classic meme going around, going, when the government is trying to take your guns after 243 years, it's because they're about to do something that you would want to shoot them for.
And you know, we're human beings.
The tragedy as it unfolds in Uvalde, it's like, you know, just to put yourself in those parents' positions, what wouldn't you do, right?
What wouldn't I do?
I would, you know, if we could prevent little children from being killed, I'd give up my guns.
Here's the problem.
Here's the little issue with that.
My government is pretty open about wanting to kill me.
They're not super shy about wanting to put me in a camp
And stick a needle in my arm.
So tell you what, while our government is still engaged in openly despising me, and wanting to tyrannize me and my family, and wanting to throw us in a camp, and wanting to inflict medical experimentation on us, I'm gonna go ahead and keep my gun.
So until you stop being tyrannical psychopaths, I'm gonna keep my guns.
Once you stop trying to do things that
Are gonna make me want to defend myself, then I'd be willing to talk and come to the table.
But for now, unfortunately, the government's in a position where they're not super shy about wanting to put me in a camp and or just eliminate me.
So I'll keep my guns for now.
Thanks guys.
And I would love to just, just once, I would love for Democrats to have to actually explain
The results of their policies, because it's without exception.
I can't think of a single leftist government policy that has not completely and totally backfired, like not even just didn't work.
That would be one thing.
It'd be one thing if you said, oh, well, you know, there's a lot of, uh, you know, there's a lot of black Americans dying and we don't like it.
So we're going to.
You know, put these measures forward.
Well, we spent a bunch of money and the murder rate's the same.
Like, that would be understandable.
Darn it.
It's like, well, you tried and you failed.
Nothing happened.
No, no.
In this case, they get everything they want.
We defund the police.
2,500 extra murders in a single year.
Just of black Americans.
Like, I'm just not counting the white Americans in that number.
Add the white Americans, it's even higher.
So just thousands of extra murders.
So it's not even like, oh, we tried, nothing happened.
No, you tried and made everything exponentially worse.
And it happens time after time after time.
And again, maybe if it happened all at once, the emotional impact would be there.
Maybe it's just because it's stretched over a year, 10 murders a day, you know, it's hard to really wrap your mind around that.
Maybe if we could see
In just clear and concise understanding.
Maybe if those 2,500 people were murdered all at once, we would have the emotional reaction that's appropriate.
We understand, you know, the consequences when it's 19 children dying.
That's horrific and unimaginable and, you know, we feel it.
We get it.
But when a hundred times that number dies over the course of a year as a direct consequence of leftist policies, I guess it just doesn't have that oomph, doesn't have that impact.
But of course it's the same thing time and time again.
Over and over and over and over.
The leftists get what they want, they enact their policies, it makes everything worse, and then of course they blame Republicans.
Such a simple trick they pull.
Simple little routine they carry out.
Cause a problem.
Create a crisis.
Use that crisis to create the fear and panic in the people.
Put forward a supposed solution to the problem.
The solution actually has nothing to do with the problem.
It just funnels a bunch of money into their pocket or expands their programs.
The problem just gets worse.
And then they blame Republicans.
I mean, it happened with baby formula shortage, right?
Their policies.
Cause a baby formula shortage.
Their lockdown destroys the supply chain.
Their FDA goes and forcibly shuts down the baby manufacturer, the baby formula manufacturing plant.
And then they put forward a bill that's provide babies with formula.
You look in the text of the bill, it's paying for salaries of people in the FDA who are the ones that actually shut down the baby formula in the first place.
It would do nothing to get baby formula to anybody.
Wouldn't help anybody at all.
So Republicans go, we're not going to vote on this just because it has a nice title of the bill.
The bill doesn't actually solve anything.
But with an uninformed populace, the Democrats then can go out and say, it's your fault for not voting for our bill.
You're the ones that caused this.
Such a simple little deceit that the Democrats are engaged in.
And of course, it's almost most apparent when it comes to Black Lives Matter and crime.
Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter so much, we destroyed 3,000 of them in a single year.
More than normal.
Direct result of Democratic policies.
And by the way, I don't know if anybody tried to go to an academy or a gun store in 2020, but my god, it was like a bonanza.
It was like Beatlemania, but for guns.
You couldn't get ammo, you couldn't get guns, people were waiting in line around the corner.
I mean, if the gun lobby was smart, they'd be sponsoring defund the police.
They'd be pouring money into leftist causes.
Because what inspires people to buy guns is not the NRA or the gun lobby, you Democrat idiots.
It's uncertainty and a lack of safety in this country.
It's that people feel like they're not being protected, they're gonna have to defend themselves, and the Democrats are letting out tens of thousands of criminals onto the street and then defunding the police.
Yeah, we're gonna want to have guns.
So again, more leftist policies contributing 100% to what they blame Republicans for.
Alright, Alex Jones joins us on the other side.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here.
And this tragic situation in Uvalde, Texas is a window into all the problems, not just facing America, but the world on so many fronts.
Thank you for joining us on this Thursday, May 26, 2022 broadcast.
My four-year-old daughter that just turned five just graduated from her little Christian preschool into kindergarten.
And so I went to that.
And got over here as quickly as I could today, but obviously family is so paramount.
Sitting there watching those little two, three, four year olds graduating and singing pretty little songs, Christian songs, was tearing my guts out to think about how innocent and good they are, and that children not much older were executed by this psychotic.
Now, we have a correction to make, and when we get things wrong, we want to make corrections.
We don't get things wrong on purpose.
I want to be very, very clear that we're not also blaming the police.
We have a lot of inside information that's also been confirmed.
And we have Tim Inlow, who is a police trainer all over Central Texas, and who actually is the main trainer for some of the larger cities.
And their schools and police departments and courthouses.
He's also the head of our security, but he works almost every weekend and takes off many times during the week as part of his contract with us to continue on with his other separate work.
So he specifically has a lot of sources, a lot of intel.
And what I was already hearing this morning was that the police thought it was a hostage situation because he wasn't shooting people.
He went and held a class hostage.
And then when they started trying to bust in to stop it, he killed the kids.
And so, everybody's saying, oh, the police are out there tackling people, they're tasering people.
It's a horrible image, and you're a parent, you want to get in to save your children, and it probably would have been better just to rush in, but then you could have got a bunch of kids shot in that process.
It's a hostage situation.
And it's the killer's fault that this happened.
Now, certainly we saw stand-downs in Columbine.
We saw stand-downs in places like
Parkland a few years ago, those were confirmed, where they just sat there, they knew the guy was already shooting, they knew it was one person, they sat there, in the case of Columbine, for almost an hour, like 56 minutes is the number that came out in court, in Parkland, Florida, with David Hogg and all the rest of it, and Cruz, the crazed shooter, they had all the prior knowledge, he was known as School Shooter as his nickname, he was always threatening it, he was kicked out of school at the time,
I don't know.
Crashed it, ran into the school, first he shot at people at a funeral home, crossed the street, then he ran out of the school, and then within minutes, this Border Patrol agent went in and killed him and got wounded.
That's not what happened.
It is the Border Patrol agent that was going to the school first and was outside the door and made the decision when he heard the shooting start to get through, but the door's designed to not let shooters get in, so it was a big steel barricaded door.
So he had to then find a panic teacher while the shooting's going on, and while bullets are coming through the door at him, this is coming out, to get the damn door open.
So, very easy to blame the police, and when the police are bad, we'll tell you about it, obviously.
You can call in if you want, we'll hear your views on this.
But the left is using this for more defund the police, more federalize the police.
And when you talk about the feds, I mean, for the shortcomings of local police, my God, the feds are 10 times worse.
I'm not saying all feds are bad, but you know the track record.
Fast and Furious, Waco, Ruby Ridge, so much corruption, so many lies.
So the media got it wrong and that's going to happen to the fog of these things breaking and said, oh, the police went in right away and, you know, he was shooting right away.
It's insane.
And so we followed what they said.
That was wrong.
We have corrected that.
But now everybody's going down the path with these dramatic videos we've been showing.
Let me tell you, if my five, six year old son or daughter was in there, I mean...
I mean, the police wouldn't be stopping me going in there.
And I'm not trying to act like a tough guy.
I understand why the parents are trying to go in.
And the police are in a terrible situation because they're following orders.
They don't know what's going on exactly.
There's police inside.
I think it's a hostage situation.
But this garbage went on.
We're now learning for an hour.
And then he started executing the children and the two teachers that had been in the classroom.
So that's what's going on.
And the details are coming out.
The Democratic Party is seizing on this and not even getting into the real issues.
And so we're going to continue to try to give you the best, most accurate information we can.
Now, again, Tim Inlow did not want to come on yesterday.
And he did not want to come on Monday night because he didn't have enough information.
He's ready to come on at 1230, bottom of the hour, in about 40 minutes from now to break it all down for you.
And he's on the phone right now calling his contacts.
He's obviously got contacts everywhere to specifically vet the information.
But we know that's what happened.
We just don't know the details.
He'll have exclusive information in 40 minutes here.
On the Infowars radio TV network, over 350 radio stations, over 100 TV and cable stations.
We're free to air, everybody.
No contracts, just pick the show up.
And we appreciate everybody that's picking up the transmission.
Now, a lot of other stuff's going on, obviously, with the new lockdowns they're pushing, the monkeypox fear-mongering.
And finally, a lot of leaders, not just here but around the world, are getting it.
So going through my stack today, I ran across six or seven articles where people are saying, you know, if there's new lockdowns, it's going to kill tens of millions more people.
We can't allow this.
And cutting off the fossil fuels is going to kill hundreds of millions over the next decade, if not billions.
That society collapses, but still, even the news gets it wrong, like, oh, the left just has bad policies, they don't know what they're doing.
Or Mao Zedong had bad policies that killed 80 million Chinese, he didn't know what he was doing.
Or Stalin and Lenin had bad policies, they didn't know what they were doing that killed 20 million plus people.
No, they're doing it on purpose to take over society in their own admissions.
Here's one of the headlines, leftists are about to kill millions of people right before our eyes.
That is a very important stat, because we need to remember
All the murder and death and war and open borders and human smuggling and everything that's going on while the media takes a horrible tragedy like this and blows it up to make the biggest thing in the world.
And if this guy executed one six-year-old, it'd be the worst thing in the world.
Because whether it's one person or a million, the problem isn't guns, and we all know that if you're being logical.
It's spiritual.
It is that we have evil.
It is that someone would go hold
A classroom full of elementary students hostage and shoot them in the head, shoot them in the chest, shoot them up, kill them.
That you could do that up close.
Because it's, you know, hard statistically to kill your enemy that's trying to kill you up close.
Even hardened troops have trouble doing that sometimes.
But imagine the type of demonic energy that it takes to execute 19 little children and two teachers.
That's why we have guns, ladies and gentlemen.
So, we're going to go over it all next hour.
We're going to play the different clips and we're going to get to the bottom of what happened.
We know he now barricaded in.
We now know his hostage situation.
And if a hostage taker starts killing hostages and they're behind a barricaded door, then you really can't second guess the police.
All you can do is study what happened and then understand, well, how do you deal with it if someone gets in and then uses the hardened doors to keep the police out?
You see, everything's a double-edged sword.
And so that's why this really has to be looked at from every angle.
That's why I've said the answer.
Is arming the teachers.
Doing a psychological profile, seeing who wants to be part of the program, and arming the teachers.
But at the end of the day, there was a security person in the building.
These demons are targeting schools.
It's still extremely rare, but it doesn't matter.
It's a horrible thing.
And we shouldn't be sending $40 billion.
Hell, that's just the latest money.
They want $5 billion a month now.
It's already over $55 billion in the last just five, six months they've given them.
Tens of billions before that to overthrow the government eight years ago, and now $5 billion a month is what Zelensky is arrogantly demanding while we don't have baby formula on the shelves and while gas prices and other commodities are exploding.
It's all coming up today.
Separately, I have some big announcements we're going to be making today.
Some exciting announcements, but I'm going to get to it at the start, like six after next hour.
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We'll be right back with hour number two.
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All right, here's the deal.
I'm going to air some clips of Beto O'Rourke crashing the press conference, the mayor of Ubaldi responding, Ted Cruz knocking it out of the park.
That's what we need to see more of in the face of some leftist guy from the UK demonizing America and more.
And then when we start the next segment, six after, we go into overdrive intel.
With our inside sources at the bottom of the hour, what really happened and the latest information on the tragedy in Uvalde.
We have a major school safety training officer that runs training programs for courthouses, schools, you name it, in major cities, who's going to be joining us in studio at the bottom of the hour in 30 minutes.
We'll have open phones after that and a lot of news today.
But here's a few of the clips I just mentioned. 2916.
And at this time, I will pass the mic to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Sit down.
You're out of line and an embarrassment.
Sit down.
I don't want to play this.
Sir, you're out of line.
Sir, you're out of line.
Sir, you're out of line.
Please leave this auditorium.
I can't believe you're a sick son of a bitch that would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.
It's on assholes like you.
Why don't you get out of here?
They want to have that discussion, but that event today was not the place or the time to come in there and attack the governor or anybody else there.
He wants to have that discussion, have it outside somewhere or something, but not in that building.
We're trying to get the people there.
This community is broken right now.
No community should have to go through what we've gone through in this community.
And for a person to come in there and start that crap, I have no respect for that stuff.
And the haters that hate, that send me the emails and the texts, to hell with you too.
I'm just telling you.
But I don't care if you're a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent.
We're American people.
We're trying to come together as a community.
And to do what you did today, that press conference was wrong.
I'm sorry, but it was wrong.
Is this the moment to reform gun laws?
You know, it's easy to go to politics.
But it's important.
It's at the heart of the issue.
I get that that's where the media likes to go.
No, it's not.
It's where many of the people we've talked to here like to go.
The proposals from Democrats and the media, inevitably, when some violent psychopath murders people,
A violent psychopath who's able to get a weapon so easily.
18-year-old with two AR-15s.
If you want to stop violent crime, the proposals the Democrats have, none of them would have stopped this.
But why does this only happen in your country?
I really think that's what many people around the world just, they cannot fathom.
Why only in America?
Why is this American exceptionalism so awful?
You know, I'm sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful.
I think this aspect of it... You've got your political agenda.
God love you.
Senator, it's not.
I just want to understand why you do not think that guns are the problem.
Why is this just an American problem?
Well, it is just an American problem, sir.
Mr. Cruz, why is America the only country that faces this kind of mass shooting?
You know what?
You can't answer that.
You can't answer that, can you, sir?
You can't answer that.
Why is this country... Why is it that people come from all over the world to America because it's the freest, most prosperous, safest country on Earth?
It may be the freest, it may be the most... Why are our kids dying in...
I don't know y'all.
We're taking care of it.
Well, the puppet-in-chief, Joe Biden, Barack Obama's third administration placeholder, has come out and said the Second Amendment is not absolute.
And they tell us free speech isn't absolute, and now they're trying to get rid of all free speech, and they've admitted, Beto O'Rourke, all of them, that hell yes, we'll take your semi-automatic rifles, we'll take all your semi-autos, including handguns, so that we can't protect ourselves.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, the big scandal right now
Isn't just the poor 19 children and two teachers that died.
It's that the media first reported wasn't even the
State police or local police or Border Patrol saying this, but the media said, oh, you know, he ran off in a ditch being chased, shot the police, ran into the school, started shooting people.
No, he went in the school, barricaded himself behind an armored door that he was able to get them to open up and get into, or it wasn't locked, to then lock that so that the police didn't know what was going on inside, and so
It went on for almost an hour, of him barricaded inside.
Then, this is coming out now, he started executing the people inside.
Now that's, here and there in the news, they're admitting that's the case, but the big push is, see we gotta federalize the police, or the police are bad, and they stood down.
This was not like Parkland, this was not like Columbine, where they did stand down on record, when they knew it was a shooter, actively going, but none of them wanted to be shot, none of them wanted to accidentally shoot a child and have liability, in this nanny state.
That's terrible, and now we've had decades of this happening several times a year, and it's emblematic of how the system says the citizens shouldn't be able to be armed, and then the police don't have a responsibility to protect you.
They're there to enforce the law, but they should try, and then they get the blame when it's an evil person out of control, and we have an evil problem.
I have a stack of news.
And executed them, the drug cartels.
That's happening every day or so, and it hardly ever even makes the back of the paper, and it certainly doesn't make the U.S.
Just like thousands of shootings a year in Chicago, over a thousand deaths a year in Chicago, hundreds of deaths in places like Dallas, black-on-black crime, it's terrible.
95% of it black-on-black.
Gang-related and zero national coverage of it or how the police and citizens are battling it.
And then the cops make a mistake.
Somebody's out of their mind on multiple drugs.
They die of a heart attack.
Comes out the corner report, but we don't care.
Three billion dollars of property and dozens are killed.
And then candidate Biden and then candidate Harris said it's a good thing.
While they try to defund the police.
So we've got Tim Inlow, who is a safety school head trainer, and he trains big schools right here in Central Texas, and courthouses, police departments, churches, you name it.
He's very respected.
And he trains people almost every week.
He's also our security head here.
He is going to be in studio with us, and he has contacts in law enforcement and is getting more details right now of exactly what went on inside of that building.
When the police do bad things, we're all over them.
When Soros gets district attorneys appointed and police chiefs that are globalists, we expose them.
I mean, I see cases where they won't prosecute armed robbers and killers.
You see that all the time.
There was a school shooting last year up in Fort Worth.
Guy shot three people.
Black guy.
He was out the next morning from jail.
They've had cases in downtown Austin where they spray crowds with bullets and they let him out of jail the next day.
The Antifa shooter that shot two people and tried to shoot a guy in a car driving down the street.
They let him out of jail.
No prison time.
I mean, think about the crime exploding because of the direct policies these people have engaged in, or the thousands killed on the border, and the severed heads, and the hearts cut out, and all of it, and these people shake their fingers at us while they have all these Secret Service and bodyguards in places like Minneapolis, St.
Paul, where they disband, hat the police, and then do multi-million dollar contracts for the City Council to have 24-hour private guards at the City Council and their homes?
It's like the globalists flying into Davos and flying into this World Government Summit in Geneva on hundreds of jet airplanes and getting $60 million, mainly U.S.
taxpayer money to pay for it, and then telling you you shouldn't have a car or air conditioner and that you shouldn't have children.
It's unbelievable.
They have armed bodyguards.
They have security.
They have intelligence.
They have surveillance.
They have our taxpayer dollars paying for it, and it's out of control.
So that's bottom of the hour.
In about 20 minutes, Tim is going to be in studio with us to lay out what we know and the best facts we've got.
This will be exclusive information, just like the special ed teacher for the reported shooter on with us yesterday.
This is going to be extremely informative, and we'll cut through what's really going on.
Could the police do a better job?
Should we learn from this?
But just to say that, oh, they kept people from going to save their kids, now we know it was a hostage situation and that was what was going on.
But if more comes out and information changes, we will definitely let you know.
All right.
We have a lot of other news on the economy, a lot of other news on global starvation, the latest on monkeypox, baby formula running out not just here but all over the Western world, and more shortages coming as the supply chain breaks down.
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We'll be back.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back on this Thursday, May 26, 2022 transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
It is so important to realize that they have announced their World Government Treaty.
They've now released some segments of the draft.
It does give veto power of the UN over national sovereignty.
Biden publicly wanted that, or his controllers did.
And they have announced that they're in a transition of taking us off fossil fuels that experts estimate will kill over a million people in the next decade.
There's news articles about the hundreds of millions that will die very quickly over that.
You don't just have baby formula shortages in the third world when they do stuff like this.
You have mass death.
And then you have collapse and huge amounts of refugees.
So we're talking about 21 people dead and it's horrible.
And we wish we could stop evil.
But that's the conundrum of life on Earth is there's free will.
There's good people and there's bad people.
And most good people are asleep, so they let the bad people run rampant.
And that's what history shows.
We've had one of the securest, safest nations ever.
People want to come here because of the opportunity.
And compared to many other nations, we have a low crime rate.
Some of our cities have some of the worst crime in the world, and that's where the people are disarmed.
And I know the listeners all understand this.
But you've got to be vocal and you've got to be active right now because they're coming after your First Amendment saying he got radicalized online just like the white supremacist a couple weeks ago in Buffalo.
And so they're blaming all of our speech for this.
He's got the sources, he's got the intel, and he's going to be in studio with us coming up next segment.
We'll play some clips coming into that segment of Biden coming after the Second Amendment meant to O'Rourke and others, the announcements that have been made.
They're also merging this new anti-terrorism bill, saying white people are the main terror threat all over the news, members of Congress are, and trying to tie what happened at these different shootings to just being white in general.
And it's just absolutely
And people should be upset that you're being blamed for what somebody does that's the same color as you.
It's amazing.
Even though this guy wasn't, quote, white.
He was Hispanic, but looks like a white guy to me.
And the point is, is that this guilt by association situation is just unbelievable when it's Democrat policies that we know, on record,
Because the massive crime and death and shootings in the streets and they, they know it.
They're in a process of dismantling the once free world because they don't want an example of freedom anywhere in the world to anybody else.
They don't want that American benchmark.
Are we perfect?
Absolutely not.
Are we heads above other countries on average?
Unless you live in Luxembourg or Switzerland.
And I couldn't afford to live in Switzerland.
I mean, I couldn't afford to live in Luxembourg.
I'm not a rich man, but I'm upper middle class.
The average person could not live in a place like that.
And of course, Switzerland, the citizens have to be armed by law, and they have the lowest crime rate in the world.
So where the elites live, the public is armed.
In fact, every mile or so, they have armored fortresses in the sides of hills and mountains
And the citizens have keys to it, and it's full of rocket launchers and machine guns that they have to check out on each year and prove they know how to use.
How do they trust the Swiss to have rocket launchers and machine guns and small artillery?
Well, Switzerland's been neutral for 400 years and never gets invaded as the richest country in the world per capita because of that.
So really, the American example of 1776, they quoted the
Swiss cantons, their states, and their rules.
And they also quoted some of the Dutch laws.
The Dutch, going back over 500 years ago, because of pirate raids on their incredible shipping facilities, the second largest in the world at the time, they began to arm what they called the Night Watch.
And they would get the local men as a militia to be armed.
And up until that point, the general public could not be armed anywhere.
Only the nobles and the knights to control the serfs.
But if you go to Switzerland, and if you go to the Netherlands, the Dutch, that's where our Second Amendment comes from.
Also, some of that is in the Magna Carta and British common law.
But the examples of it come from the Dutch, and come from the Swiss, and we owe them for that.
We're good.
Florida, we got the clip coming up as well, who said, let Biden ban our guns and you'll see what the Second Amendment's for.
That is how the war started.
Taxation on representation and then people being put in puppet courts and then they tried to take the guns.
And I understand everybody's really angry right now.
We have a right to revolution under the Declaration of Independence that just points out our rights that God gave us.
But we really, I'm not putting this rep down, I understand what he's saying, but I really think at this point,
We need to really cool our rhetoric.
And I'm somebody that's had very strong rhetoric as well.
You try to take our guns, 1776 will commence again.
And it will, if they do this.
But we need to be working politically and culturally to stop this.
Because the globalists, if we have that type of rhetoric right now, will stage an event, or provocateur an event, and blame it on patriots.
And then try to make the whole revolution about going after gun owners.
And if the globalists are dumb enough to do that, then it's going to happen.
It's like at Bunker Hill, Lexington, Concord, when 1776 started.
You had the captain of the militia.
He said, we don't want a war here.
We don't want it to start.
Don't fire first.
Let's try to fix this peacefully, but we're not turning our guns in.
And it's called the shot heard around the world.
And most historians believe the British fired first, but this won't be good for the feds trying to enforce it.
You'll be like the Redcoats.
And it won't be good for the citizens.
The globalists want to destabilize the world and they want to kick off a violent revolution.
We do not want to have to go to that.
We need to work as hard as we can.
We are politically winning to the point they have to steal elections.
With dead people and illegal alien names and out-of-staters on record, 2,000 mules proves it.
But the Democrats said there'll be a red mirage and then we'll win with mail-in ballots.
They said what they would do.
So they're discredited.
They've already lost.
All they can hope is to have a civil war in this country to cover up
What they've done with the economy and the rest of it.
And instead, we're going to expose the UN.
We're going to expose the WEF.
We're going to expose Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.
We're going to expose the secret network set up by Obama and others to censor the American people through NATO funding that goes to Ukraine and comes back here and everything that's now hitting the news that we told you about five years ago, six years ago, ten years ago.
We're going to do this together.
We're going to get an open debate about what's happening, and we're going to use the First Amendment to beat these people, and we're going to use the Second Amendment to defend ourselves from criminals, lawlessness, you name it.
And if they try to take the guns en masse and take people to camps, then the civil war will begin, and that'll be off the races.
But I am doing everything in my power to stop that and call for calm.
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
It's 11.59 at Radio Free America, and this is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
John has a long mustache.
It's 12 o'clock, Americans, another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
But they took a lot of people away.
People that they thought were gonna make trouble for them.
People that had guns or things they wanted, they just took them away.
Re-education camps, that's what they call it.
So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents.
Or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need the kind of camps that you all run.
I mean, really.
All persons of Japanese descent were required to register.
Now they were taken to racetracks and fairgrounds where the army almost overnight had built assembly centers.
I'm a sovereign citizen.
I refuse to recognize you guys.
What kind of a situation in the U.S.
would you see that happening?
I mean, we've got a lot of constitutionalists, a lot of people that stockpile weapons.
Plus you have a lot of people that are coming out of the military that have the ability and the knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.
These people are radicalized and they don't support the United States and they're disloyal to the United States.
It's our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community.
That's what we're doing here, and let's not kid about it.
We're building a domestic army because the government is afraid of its own citizens.
Put your gun down, really?
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Are you some kind of a constitutionalist?
So these people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not.
They're nothing more than domestic terrorists.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I don't know y'all.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see this tragic scene for radio listeners.
We'll be describing it for all of you.
But we're here to get the facts on what happened Monday afternoon in Uvalde, Texas.
I wanted to get my friend, who's a school safety trainer for the police, but also does it for courthouses, you name it, Tim Inlow, in on Monday and Tuesday.
But he said he wanted to get more facts.
At first, the media said that a
State police were chasing him with a border patrol and then he crashed the vehicle, ran into school, started shooting people.
That's not the case.
He went in and barricaded himself in a classroom, behind an armored door, was holding hostages.
That's confirmed, but it's not being pushed in the news.
You have to dig to find that.
And they're just saying the police just stood down.
And now Biden's demonizing the police and others are.
We saw them stand down at Parkland a few years ago.
We saw them do that, of course, 20-something years ago at Columbine, now 23 years ago.
And we can always learn a lot from this, but it's not the police fault.
It's evil people's fault.
And it's not the gun's fault.
It's psychos fault.
And just like the white supremacist, he said he was gonna shoot up a school.
He said he was gonna attack people.
He'd been red flagged, nothing was done.
So Tim Inlow is here with us to talk about this and he can give you what his sources are telling him and what is known.
And so again, if the police do something bad, we will be the first to tell you.
Police aren't perfect.
Everything needs to be up to scrutiny, including us.
That keeps us on our toes and helps us be better people.
But changing this onto the police, away from the psycho, is garbage in my view.
So Tim, take over wherever you'd like to start with the information you have and what happened here.
Well, first of all, I'd like to say that we're still in the very, very early stages of the investigation, right?
So there's new facts coming out literally every hour, every day, right?
So, but what we're hearing right now is just as you alluded to at the intro, and that is that
It now appears that some kind of contact was made with the shooter by law enforcement before he went into the school, and then somehow he managed to enter the school, enter a classroom, and then potentially lock that door or somehow barricade that door to where law enforcement couldn't immediately go in after him.
I don't think so.
Thank you.
Because again, they're hardening the facilities to keep these crazy people, these demon terrorists out, but then they can actually use that hardening once they're in to keep the police out.
That's exactly right.
And unfortunately, I think what we're probably going to see and what I'm hearing is that at least the very initial officers that were on scene, that they probably did not have the breaching equipment that they needed to immediately breach that door.
That's right.
They had to find a teacher with a key while he's shooting reportedly through the door.
And so obviously that's problematic, right?
We're going to have to look at and you know, there's already and you've covered it for the last few days, right?
There's all these outcries about, oh, we need to do something gun control.
The usual drivel that we hear from the left when this happens.
But what we're really dealing with here is not taking things away.
What we need to do is give more.
And for example, the law enforcement, they need more equipment.
Every law enforcement officer should have a breaching tool in his car.
Well, either battering ram or some kind of pry bar, something that they can breach doors with, right?
And with that, obviously, those officers are going to have to be trained, right?
What about what the military uses, like the Delta Force, where they use a shotgun that fires out
Right, and law enforcement have had breaching rounds for a long time.
However, you've got to keep in mind that that's not always going to be effective, okay?
You have to look at, was it an inward opening door?
Was it an outward opening door?
All those kind of things are going to come into play with what kind of breaching equipment is going to be effective.
And again, that takes training.
Training that the average patrol officer right now still does not usually get.
Let's think about, we'll come back and go through all this, Tim, and your expertise on it, which is great to have you here, and I appreciate you being here.
Imagine the police have to go in and then see all these dead kids.
They're not the villains, they're there trying to protect us, and obviously these police in Texas we know wanted to go in, and a Border Patrol guy did finally kill this crazy animal, but just the media changing the subject of the police is not good.
Yeah, and that's ridiculous, right?
I mean, this guy took a grazing round, a BORTAC officer took a grazing round to the head, had to get stitches in the top of his head, right?
He was lucky to be alive, and he still apparently managed to put the suspect down.
This is not, again, this is not law enforcement's fault, per se, in any way, shape, or form.
However, it's been now 23 years, I believe, since Columbine, right?
If 19 kids and two teachers are being killed in a school 23 years after Columbine, then we still have to make some changes.
And those changes are, again, related to better training, better equipment, and maybe tactics.
I don't know.
But we're going to have to take a hard look at this.
We're going to go to break, Tim Inlow here with us.
What are some of the other issues you want to walk people through?
Can you talk about training for people, what the police are being taught?
Yeah, I mean, you know, when I went through the train-to-trainer course at the Alert Center, which is the center here in Texas that teaches active shooter tactics for law enforcement,
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have the footage of at least 14 minutes after they knew that there was a shooter inside of Parkland High School in Florida a few years ago.
Cruz, the shooter.
And they didn't go in.
They definitely stood down.
And that's terrible.
And it happened for almost an hour at Columbine.
And the answer is we can't expect police to always be there and protect us.
It's not their job to protect us.
They try to.
Their job in the Constitution is to enforce the law, you know, arrest people, take them to jails, and for the court system and the juries.
So we don't know all the details, but it is confirmed by the state police, by the local police and border patrol that he was in a barricaded position.
We're good to go.
Crime rate with guns than us or Mexico.
They had a massacre that I've got here in the stack.
We'll be getting to, but you know, Tim, you're a humble guy, but you've been in the Army, the Marines, Blackwater, a bunch of other agencies.
You've been a police officer in Austin and you train all the time, major police departments on this.
And next hour we get some of the actual training that goes on, but we'll get back into the latest info we have.
And I'm not hearing some.
I don't
And it obviously hits you in the guts.
Some of your children just had a graduation yesterday.
My five-year-old daughter just turned five on Cinco de Mayo.
She just had her graduation today.
You look at this, you just can't imagine somebody doing this and executing children.
And again, let's not forget, that's who did this.
And you can't expect a plumber to come to your house and fix the pipe in an hour.
Imagine police showing up and they don't even know what's going on.
And they're told there's a guy barricaded in with children.
Then that process happens.
The image of them tasering people and arresting people trying to break in.
I don't blame those parents either.
This is a mess.
But it's the evil guy that caused this.
But just getting into training or getting into any points you want to make, Tim, because you know I'll just take over here, about as a real professional expert that's seen war zones, you name it, trains police for this type of stuff, what your best understanding is and just other points you'd like to impart to folks.
Well, again, I think the biggest thing I'm seeing, and I didn't tell you this before the show, but I actually wrote my kid's superintendent yesterday, right?
Because he issued an email about the shooting and everything, and, you know, it was the standard, oh, you know, we're so sorry about what happened, our hearts go out, and then he mentioned an increased police presence possibly at the school for the next few days.
Well, their idea of an increased police presence was an officer pretty much in plain clothes with just a pistol that was inside the school kind of walking around, right?
And again, this goes to equipment and it goes to mindset.
What I'm constantly seeing still is that we're afraid in this country for an officer to be walking around with an assault rifle in a school.
Because it freaks, you know, they think it's going to freak parents out.
Well we know statistically that'll scare the perps away that no, these are places that a death by cop, go die like a devil, kill a bunch of kids, be famous, they just advertise like a neon sign, this is the place to come.
Right, that's exactly right.
And listen, I think, you know, again, we don't have all the facts, we don't know
I'm good.
Now, the important thing to remember here is this, right?
A gunfight, what I like to always tell people, if somebody has a knife, I'm gonna try to bring a gun to that fight, right?
I'm not gonna try to fight a guy with a knife.
If he has a knife, I'm gonna bring a gun.
If he has a handgun, I wanna have a rifle.
And so forth.
So putting police officers in with just a handgun and expecting them to come out winning against guys with assault rifles, it's not that it can't be done.
It can be done if those officers are trained properly.
However... And if they have an STI staccato that shoots as good as an AR-15 at 100 yards.
But it definitely makes the job harder, right?
It definitely makes the job harder.
They're not a sponsor, they should be.
We both have those guns.
We can shoot small targets at like 50 to 100 yards, those all day long.
Yeah, there's a lot of handguns out there today that are very accurate.
But again, when you're talking about a round that goes 900 feet per second versus a round that goes, you know, 2600 feet per second.
Body armor is going to stop a 9mm.
Right, exactly, right.
So there's all these different reports again that some officers may have shot at him, but he still made it into the school.
And again... What's the best thing for him to have then?
What would be the best firearm?
Well, again, I think for school security, I think these officers need to have AR-15s.
And not locked away in some locker somewhere, but they need to have them on their person.
And they're big boys, they can carry them around on their back.
And I think that should be standard.
And more importantly, first of all, not all schools have, still don't have, school resource officers or police officers stationed at the schools.
It's time that changes.
Every school in America needs to have an armed, trained security officer or police officer.
I went to a little tiny private Christian school my daughter goes to, and for the first time ever they had an armed security guard out there.
That's right.
And again, in this day and age... Do you believe we have to protect our children from these demons?
It's a shame.
But look, this is nothing new, right?
You look at Israel.
Israel has had armed guards at their schools for decades.
They've had jihadis targeting schools for 30 years.
And they learned early on that the best way to deter them is to have someone with an assault rifle standing in front of that school or on that school property.
And nobody makes a big deal about it when the teacher's got an Uzi in her desk.
And they never have teachers telling the kids with the Uzi.
Yeah, and again, in this country we want to make excuses, but what we don't want to do is make sure that our teachers, our police officers have the proper training and have the proper equipment to deal with these kinds of situations.
Isn't this the reason to have the Second Amendment?
That society is degrading and degenerating and producing...
Absolutely, yeah.
And again, if you look at, you know, the Bortak officer that shot, that reportedly anyway, shot the guy.
From what I'm reading, he was off-duty.
He was off-duty when this happened.
He heard the call on the radio, he geared up, and he made a straight beeline for that school to see if he could help out, right?
And that's good because while they were sitting outside thinking it might, you know, be a hot situation, he was the guy reportedly going, the guy was barricaded, shooting at him through the door.
There is an issue
Well, I think if you're going into school with a gun, out with it openly, menacing, you seem to be killed.
Well, and again, you know, every state has laws for citizens and for police as far as how to deal when deadly force is authorized, right?
But again, I think the empirical data now is such that no one goes into a school brandishing an AR-15 with good intentions, okay?
And I think we need to realize that, and the police need to be trained to respond to that.
And again, we don't know yet if this is going to be a training issue, whether or not they were waiting because they didn't hear gunshots immediately, or whether the suspects started shooting and they couldn't get in.
We don't know.
That's right.
So all the second-guessing of the facts are in by the left and others.
It's just disgusting opportunism.
That's exactly right, right?
But again, I will just say this.
23 years after Columbine, there is absolutely no reason why 19 children and 2 teachers should still be getting killed before the suspect is taken out.
In almost every case, they are already threatening to attack and people are warning.
This guy was reportedly running around doing all sorts of mischief, violence, shooting people with BB guns.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
Right, and again, I don't know if the reports are accurate, but I've heard even self-mutilation, cutting his face, being aggressive toward female staff where he worked briefly, things like that.
These are all warning signs, and again, it goes back to people have to speak up, right?
If you have a suspicion about someone, if someone really seems off, there's nothing wrong with speaking out and saying, hey, somebody needs to check this guy out.
I'm not saying this is staged.
I don't believe it was staged.
I'm just saying we're going into the midterms and now all this is starting to happen.
It's just demonic.
Like what?
It's weird.
Well, and the other thing I would caution is that one of the things we always see after large attacks like this is copycats, right?
So I think law enforcement needs to be prepared.
I think civilians should be very aware of their surroundings.
Everybody should be on alert.
That's exactly right.
You need to be paying attention.
You know, when I walked, when I dropped my kid off at school again, you know, I was checking out every single thing that I could, you know, because again, it's not uncommon for people to see this, other mentally ill people to see this and want to make a name for it.
And that's it.
There's always been mentally ill people, but the media hyping school shootings that I got major studies here in the stack today, 100% causal connection to when there is an event, more events come.
And when the media hypes it forever, they're like hoping it happens again.
And that's exactly right, because for them it's ratings.
It's ratings, it's coverage, right?
So it's a shame that it's that way, but... Tim, Tim, stay there.
Let's talk about some of the security at schools and how you think it can be improved in hour number three.
Stay with us.
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If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.
You've heard people say, you'll have to pry my guns from my cold dead hands.
We have introduced an assault weapons ban.
I'm talking about a ban on assault rifles.
If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
We say no more!
I'm the guy that originally wrote the assault weapons ban that became law.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line, he says, I have an AR-15 and I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
Hell yes!
We're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not going to allow it to be used against fellow Americans anymore.
Do you think Trump is responsible for what happened?
I said, well, look, I mean, obviously he didn't pull the trigger, but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.
I'm incredibly saddened.
It is very hard to think about this.
I'm tired of hearing people all they have to offer is thoughts and prayers.
In my faith, people say faith without works is dead.
So we will find a way.
But the reason we have a problem right now is we've let the corporate gun lobby frame this debate.
It is time that we have bold actions and a bold agenda.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the street.
And we have to get buybacks and get them out of their basements.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which by the way would have made a huge difference.
We can ban the weapons of war.
It's about ending the sales of assault weapons into our communities.
Those weapons of war were designed to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
They should belong on the battlefield and not in our communities.
But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
By the way, you can't own the following weapons, period.
They cannot be sold anymore.
Like, if you're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time.
Which, by the way, that's what people like me think you're gonna do.
So that's who these people are.
They've all got armed guards, but they don't want you to have a right to a Second Amendment, even though statistically, guns stop crime dozens.
More than dozens.
20, 30, 40 percent times more than they're used in crime.
It's just insane.
Just like when an Islamist just uses a truck to run somebody over.
Tim Inlow is a school safety training expert for the police.
He also trains police for courthouse security, you name it.
There is a timeline.
The state police on Monday laid out a timeline.
And now that timeline, the LA Times and others have looked into it.
They're saying it's accurate.
And other news agencies are reporting it.
Tim Inlow, why don't you go over the timeline of what we know now that indeed he did barricade himself in.
So the latest report which was posted about an hour ago says that at 11.32am he did exchange gunfire or gunfire was exchanged outside the school and then he managed to get into school and then the latest report says at around 11.43am he's reported killed.
So we're looking at probably around 11 minutes from the time he was shooting or there was gunfire outside the school until reports are in that he's been put down.
And again, we don't know if those reports are 100% accurate, but it certainly gives a more definitive timeline than what we've had so far.
And unfortunately, 11 minutes is a long time.
It is a long time, but so we'll have to learn more as this unfolds.
And in this day and age, I don't understand why schools aren't making sure throughout the day that all their doors are properly secured.
Alex, I have a refrigerator at home.
If I leave that door open on the refrigerator for more than 10 seconds, it starts beeping.
So you would think, and that's a refrigerator, so you would think at schools there should be some kind of little alarm system on the doors where if the doors accidentally left ajar, left open, that a small alarm sounds, right, so that the teachers know.
Well, I mean, why not do what's at my house?
Why not have a fence with a gate, and then whoever's authorized to have even that first level of entry has it.
Because almost every time it's not a parent, it's not a teacher, it's not somebody that works there, it's somebody from outside.
What about the simple thing of a fence around the schools?
As you pointed out, they can harden the actual school with all the portable buildings and all the trailers they put up.
That doesn't work.
And that's the other thing, right?
We have so many portable buildings now at schools because schools don't have the funds to build hard building or they don't have the space or whatever the case may be.
But yeah, I do agree that any barriers that you can emplace are going to help.
So I think it is time to maybe think about some kind of fencing around school properties and things like that to help people, you know, keep these properties secure.
But here's the biggest issue for me.
They kill their mother, they kill their grandmother, they're into Satanism, they're into the occult, they're into self-harming, they always wear all black.
It's always the same M.O.
Like Cruz in Florida, at Parkland, for several years he was kicked out.
They called him a school shooter, he was always threatening to do it.
He was kicked out at the time.
So, the white supremacist in Buffalo, he was threatened to attack the school, they'd come and visit him.
The same thing with
Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook, the CIA and FBI had come visiting for hacking, and they knew all this, and he got a gun illegally.
It's like, I mean, it's a certain type of whacked-out, in-cell person that does this.
I agree and I think that's another issue that needs to be looked at is that of profiling and by profiling I mean you know you have somebody who obviously has mental health issues what tools are we going to give to law enforcement to make sure that they can properly screen and assess that person to determine whether or not they pose a threat and and that may take maybe mental health professionals now working within the police department
That may take more training for the police officers.
I don't know.
But the mental health crisis in this country is going to guarantee that we're going to continue to see shootings and mass murder like this.
And look at the individuals that did this.
I mean, these are obvious psychotics.
And look, there were abuses in the mental institutions in the U.S., no doubt.
But after the one who flies over the cuckoo's nest in the 70s, they just got rid of them.
And so you see them all over the street corners everywhere.
Yeah, we don't institutionalize mentally ill people anymore.
And that's one of the problems that we're having.
But more importantly, even, you know, the whole selling idea on that was, oh, we're going to do community based treatment.
But there is no treatment.
There's no follow up.
That's right.
Because crazy people get guns and do things we're not at fault.
Especially when almost every time the red flags are all there and nothing's done.
That's exactly right.
Put that back on screen.
Six of the most famous mass shooters.
Well, there's a dozen or more of them.
I mean, look at them.
And if you look in their eyes... Look at them.
I mean, my God, you wouldn't let that person cook you a hamburger.
I mean, these people, I mean, look at them.
They're demons.
Yeah, and again, screening and proper assessment, threat assessment of these individuals is something that is seriously lacking.
They're suicidal, drug addict, crazy people, end of the occult, and every time shoot-em-up games.
And every time I point out, people go, well, don't be against video games, I play that.
You're not a psycho, you can play a shoot-em-up game.
You can play a military game.
It's the MO, it's the criminology, it's the psychology.
I mean, we have an absolute profile on these people.
I've never seen a profile so clear and clear-cut, Tim.
And again, you know, apparently this guy was contacting people, sending pictures out of his weapons to people who didn't even know him, right?
Like on Facebook and things like that.
Like, oh, you know, sending pictures of his AR-15s he had just purchased and things like that.
And again, while posting a picture in and of itself is not a threat of any kind, right?
But when some person you've never
We're good to go.
It's all the missed signs along the way and nobody is focusing on that and nobody is working on how to properly assess these signs in the future to prevent these kind of tragedies.
Hell yes, we're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not gonna allow it to be used against fellow Americans anymore.
Hell yes, we're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
And we must ask, when in God's name will we do what needs to be done to, if not completely stop, fundamentally change the amount of the carnage that goes on in this country?
To state the obvious,
And Cory and a lot of other people here, I'm sick and tired.
I'm just sick and tired of what's going on and continues to go on.
I spent my career as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and as Vice President working for common sense gun reforms.
As I said, as a Senator and a Vice President.
While they clearly will not prevent every tragedy,
We know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact on the Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment is not absolute.
When it was passed, you couldn't own a, you couldn't own a cannon.
Yeah, you could.
Tim Inlow is a veteran, a patriot, is an American, is a Texan.
What's your response to that?
Yeah, it's absolutely hogwash.
The Second Amendment makes no restrictions, actually.
It just says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
That could be nuclear weapons, but we're not saying that.
Yeah, exactly.
And again, every single time there's a shooting in this country, we see the dishonest politicians come out and use it as an opportunity, whether it's Beto or Biden or whoever.
And again, what we don't see them do is saying, hey,
Give us the after-action report from the police, and hey police, what made your job harder when you ran into this incident, and what can we do to help you to make sure that in the future you have an easier time dealing with this kind of situation?
That's what we don't see from the politicians.
They just say it's a problem that can't be fixed until we take all your guns.
But I've got stacks of articles here.
New massacres just as big in Mexico where the citizens can't own guns.
And you know somebody just during the break sent me a slide and it showed
That difference between the shootings where there was an armed good guy present who acted versus where people called 9-1-1 and waited for police to respond.
And in every single one, the difference in the amount of carnage is like unbelievable, right?
How many churches?
There was one even in South Texas a few years ago.
That's right.
That one is on there.
That one is on that slide.
Send it to me.
I'll send it to the guys.
We'll show it.
So, again, this is what we're dealing with, right?
This dishonest discourse by the politicians.
Well, there's also this idea, while you're sending that, that the world's got to be perfect with 7.5 billion people when, yeah, there's places where they don't have any gun crime, but the government kills millions of people every time.
Venezuela, the citizens can't own guns, but the government's murdering millions of people.
It's all on record.
So, yeah, there was no gun crime in Communist China when Mao killed 100 million people.
So there's like a dozen shootings on this slide, right?
Where someone who was armed, a good guy was armed and present.
I just sent it to them.
And you know, the most, the most people that were shot in a situation like this were nine.
Now you go to where there was no person armed, a good guy present, armed, and who acted, and they waited to call 911.
And now the biggest number like was the Pulse nightclub.
So you're looking at 102 people shot.
We're good to go.
46, 43, 46 again, right?
And on the other side, when there was somebody, a good guy, that was armed and acted, now the highest number is 9, but then it immediately drops down to 4, 5, 2, 1, and 1, right?
Like, it's just, there's a huge difference there.
So, again, this is just dishonest discourse by Biden and them.
We know that good guys with guns have and continue to save lives.
And this is not an ass-kissing exercise of the police.
When the police do wrong things, we're all over them.
And you see leftist jurisdictions like areas in Canada where they're banning free speech or things in Europe.
We're against that.
But in America, our police compared to other places are good.
And there's a battle over who controls them.
And if conservatives abandon the police and don't put in our input, the left, with all their bullying and federalization, are going to win.
So that's why we can't just knee-jerk reaction, just go with the left attacking the police.
No, I agree 100%, right?
But there is a difference because of bureaucracy and command and control.
In the days of the UT Tower shooting, a cop and a janitor went up and killed a guy.
And they didn't wait, they went up and did it.
There is some type of bureaucracy, but I get it.
It's a big, giant school.
I go to big schools sometimes to give a speech.
It takes me 20 minutes to find where I'm at.
Imagine you just show up at a school, you've been there before, you've done drills, you do training there, but still it's training where the guy's in this hall, he does that, but then you don't even know where he's at.
And like I said, equipment is key, and that's why I'm a big proponent of... Tell us about this shield over here.
You know, we have a bullet-resistant shield there, right, that stops rifle rounds.
Again, we, you know, we don't have all the facts yet, but... And you do drills, and a lot of cops can't even properly use it.
Well, and they don't have them, right?
Or they weren't trained on them.
I did a sheriff's department not too long ago.
They had two shields in their courthouse, and when I asked for a show of hands how many people had actually gone to a shield operator course,
I don't
Like the Roman Army did, that's why they were so good.
Yeah, it has to be never-ending, because again, the bad guys always change their tactics, they learn from watching the previous bad guy, and then they try to add on whatever he did, and they try to sit there, and we continue to see that, so law enforcement has to keep up as well.
Let's show some of these images from the New York Post.
Well, again, the issue isn't guns.
It's not the police not being perfect, though we can improve them, and we will.
We're going to look at the surveillance footage.
You can't wait.
I mean, I don't want to see it, but we need to learn what actually happens with surveillance footage.
But the state police, as you said on Monday, put out a statement that's now basically being confirmed to be pretty much accurate.
And so the answer is don't be a target, folks.
Don't be weak.
Get a concealed carry.
Learn how to use a firearm.
And just understand that big public schools are the target.
And so many public schools have good people running them.
A lot of them have leftists running them.
I think for me the answer is, if you can afford it, get your children out of big schools.
Yeah, I mean, again, it seems like funding is always an issue, right?
They don't want to fund.
But there's ways around that, right?
Like, for example... People will volunteer to be part of the train.
That's exactly right.
And you have reserve police officers, reserve deputies, reserve constables.
There are people on all.
That's exactly.
They're not even being paid.
They volunteer their time to go in.
And they would love to sit there and make a difference at a school if you give them the opportunity to.
All right, Tim Inlow, thank you.
As the days unfold, give us more intel because I have a bad feeling we're going to see more of this with 166 days out from the election.
It's just like clockwork.
It starts happening.
Who knows why it's happening?
We're going to try to figure it out.
I got a bunch of news, other issues to hit.
The latest on the Davos meeting.
You know, it's funny, it's like I find it really interesting that people think that like spreading and discussing.
Realities and how we heal from our country's wounds and spreading hate when really what it is is like they don't want to be reminded of the hate that exists.
And if we aren't willing to confront it, it's just going to keep growing.
Talking about it is not feeding it.
It's not inciting it.
White supremacy is a fact.
It's not just a fact.
You look at
FBI statistics, which under-report hate crimes, police statistics, which also under... Total lies!
Even all the institutions that under-report hate crimes still has white supremacist groups as by far, by far, the leading driver of domestic terrorism in the United States.
And that's with all the generosity that they get from under-reporting.
It's not even close.
It's like the bar of white supremacist violence is like this, and then it's like all the other categories are like that.
Show us this graph.
So it's not inciting anything to talk about that.
There's no what-ifs here.
There's no like, what about Antifa here?
She gets to be on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.
You don't.
So she can lie her ass off?
I can't.
Alright, shut it down.
Let's do it anymore.
So, this is all over the news that white supremism is an epidemic.
It's everywhere.
Some horrible person they claim is a white supremacist killed 10 black people a few weeks ago.
There's seven and a half billion people on the earth.
They're starving tens of millions of deaths with all the lockdowns.
And they've got the nerve to sit there now with anti-terrorism bills, using the shooting in Uvalde, saying we need to go after the white people, they're terrorists, when white people have one of the lowest crime rates out there.
It's unbelievable.
All right, I want to hit a bunch of other news to get to some key clips here ahead of the guest hosts taking over in the fourth hour.
I just want to say this.
They have to totally silence us to be able to get away with their gaslighting.
They have to not let the people communicate so they can sell absolute total bull like you just heard.
I don't care what color you are, if you got red blood, you love God, I love you.
We're together in this fight on this planet for the future of our children.
And they have done everything in their George Soros New World Order power to silence us, but because of you, we are still on air and I salute you for that.
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All right, I meant to get to calls today.
We got a special guest in for over an hour.
We got another special guest coming up next hour.
I got a lot of news to cover in the meantime.
Katie and I are set to take over.
Always covers the key documents.
Stuff the globalists don't want you to know.
But here's the bottom line.
Newtonian physics show us and the
Unified Field Theory of Max Planck, codified by Albert Einstein, shows us, but we don't need to see it in the numbers, we know it in life, that for every action there's an opposite reaction, an equal reaction, an opposite and equal reaction.
And so the New World Order needs to know that.
And they know that.
The harder they hit us, the stronger we get if we don't give up.
And that's been happening behind the scenes, and the system's pissed.
But I knew this would happen.
But I have a moral duty to not play into their system.
Hell, I got a bunch of tricks I can play on them.
I know their operation better than they do.
I've got the Ring of Mordor, if I wanted the Ring.
But I will not use evil to defeat evil, because it will turn into evil in the end.
I will only use good against these people.
That's what this comes down to.
So I got a bunch of stacks of news I haven't gotten to here, and I want to cover them.
But I mentioned the coin earlier that's going to sell out in the next six, seven, eight days.
And since we made this promo video that I've forgotten to play, we might as well air it, then I'll hit the news.
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If we're able to even carry on, but I'd say about a 9% chance.
You don't care.
You want to keep us in the fight.
We appreciate you.
I made a lot of preparation for this show today at home and here, and I haven't covered one tenth of it, but let's try to go ahead and go through it here today.
Here's the headlines, ladies and gentlemen.
Onlookers urge police to charge into Texas school.
Does look like the response was slow and badly coordinated, but he was barricaded inside, so it's a little of both sides are right about that.
Witnesses, police refuse to enter school.
As Yuvaldi Shooter rampaged, subdued parents begged them to act.
The Do Something crowd does nothing.
Joe Biden, we played the clip earlier during remarks on Texas mass shooting.
The Second Amendment is not an absolute, but your tyranny is.
We played the clips earlier.
Be honest.
The Dems want you to repeal the Second Amendment.
Alleged Uvalde gunman had violent tendencies before opening fire at school.
They knew he was planning it, but nothing was done, as usual.
Horrifying moment, Mexican drug cartel, there's video of this by the way, pulls mourners from a wake, a funeral line, and lines them up against a wall and shoots them, killing up to 17.
You're not going to hear much about that, because that's a country where they've disarmed the people, though some still have guns illegally, to defend themselves, God bless them.
So there you go.
Florida House Rep Randy Fine tells Biden, try to take our guns and you'll learn why the 2nd Amendment was written.
Firearm stocks soar over fears of new gun control.
Just gonna make the 2nd Amendment more powerful.
Barack Obama uses Texas shooting to memorialize George Floyd.
Says you shouldn't be so focused on this.
What about George Floyd?
To create more racial division.
Schumer scuttles votes on gun control bills to save his long weekend.
He doesn't even have the votes to get them passed.
Bill Barr explains the only thing that will prevent school shootings, hardening of the schools.
Tim Scott blasts Biden's divisive executive order on police reform.
That's just some of the articles we've got in the stack today.
But so many articles about massive exploding crime, shootings, stabbings, muggings, and the media covering it up.
Studies show the media is inspiring copycat shootings includes mass killings.
And it goes on.
Oh, but look at this article.
Outrage as the NRA to gather in Houston just days after Texas school massacre.
How dare them exercise their First Amendment?
How dare them sit up there and talk about the right to self-defense?
How dare Trump come speak?
How dare them?
How dare you, the gun owners, that are all to blame collectively for what's happened, meet together?
You are murderers!
You went in that school and you killed those 19 children they're saying.
Even though you own an automobile, and when a Muslim extremist ran over a bunch of folks in New York a few years ago, screaming Allah Akbar, and the media covered it up, were you blamed?
No, because, like, I'm blamed because somebody used a truck to kill people?
NRA meeting likely to be met with protest after school shooting.
GOP Senator Bill Cassidy signals he'll support gun control.
And a good question being asked by Red State.
Could SSRI antidepressants be one of the causes behind mass shootings?
Could gasoline in an engine be the reason it starts?
It's on the insert that it leads to that.
Ted Cruz isn't perfect, but man, I wish he was on our side all the way.
He just tore into this leftist saying, why is America the only place mass shootings happen?
That's not even true.
I just showed you mass shootings other places.
Higher crime statistics.
But he said, people are coming here for a reason.
We trust individuals don't guns.
We don't blame individuals for what other individuals do.
Trump has confirmed he will attend the NRA convention in Houston on Friday, but attendees won't be able to bring their guns.
Because they'll let a crazy in and do it.
And it just goes on from there.
We've got the Red Pope Francis, the Jesuit King, joins Democrats in calling for gun control, but he is protected by the Swiss Guard and armed guards.
And that's just some of the news.
In that stack.
Now, we're going to come back, I'll do a couple segments, the Jade Iris will take over.
But I'm not done yet.
And we are going to look at all of it.
Because you want to talk about what the real death is?
We got it right here.
Leftists are about killing millions of people.
They're doing it right before our eyes.
And we've got a lot of other key information we're going to be covering here today.
And remember,
The propaganda would not be necessary if resistance was futile, as the famous unattributed saying says.
It's true.
They're so close to losing.
The battle is so intense that if you think giving up is going to make your life better, you're crazy.
I know our audience isn't like that, but for new listeners, if you think making jokes about this or you think giving up is the way to go, you're out of your mind.
The only way is to be informed and involved and strong.
And that's what we're doing here, because it's all part of You Live, You Learn.
We'll be right back with hour number four.
Myself, Jay Dyer, and so much more.
NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com, Band.Video.
Stay with us.
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We've got news of the World Economic Forum coming up with myself and Jay in our next segment.
Big news!
But first, the great Rob Dew here at InfoWars has put together a new compilation of the leftist and the globalist declaring their war on your right to self-defense.
We'll post this later to Band.Video.
Here it is.
We'll be right back, covering the DeVos Group.
As a nation, we have to ask, when in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?
When in God's name
We do, we all know, and our gut needs to be done.
Now is the time, like literally right now.
What are we doing?
Enough is enough.
Why are you here?
I'm incredibly saddened, and it's very hard to think about this.
We have to act.
To nickel and dime this, I don't know if that's going to do it.
I think that we need some really drastic action here.
And don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage.
Who will say on this network or any other network in the next few days, it's time to repeal the Second Amendment?
Oh, you can't say that.
Well, why not?
Why not?
Why are we willing to live with this carnage?
Why do we keep letting this happen?
Wearing God's name is our backbone.
But I'm here on this floor to beg, to literally get down on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues.
If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
We have to have the courage to take action.
We have introduced an assault weapons ban.
I'm talking about a ban on assault rifles.
And understand the nexus between what makes for reasonable and sensible public policy.
Find a path forward here.
Work with us
To find a way to pass laws that make this less likely.
Look, I support all gun control legislation.
Not sensible gun control.
We don't need the sensible stuff.
We need the hardcore stuff that's going to protect ourselves and our children.
Do you want a solution?
Stop selling AR-15s in the state of Texas.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture line.
Do you want a solution?
He says, I have an AR-15.
And I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not gonna allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.
It'll happen again next week.
There is no way to stop.
Next week's mass murder.
Now is the time to stop the next shooting.
It's time for those who obstruct or delay or block the common sense gun laws.
We need to let you know that we will not forget
I do have thoughts and prayers, and those thoughts and prayers are to remove as many Republicans as many people who support this evil policy this coming November.
I'm tired of hearing people all they have to offer is thoughts and prayers.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
The reason we have a problem right now is we've let the corporate gun lobby frame this debate.
It is time that we have bold actions and a bold agenda.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the street.
And we have to get buybacks and get them out of their basements.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which, by the way, would have made a huge difference.
We can ban the weapons of war.
It's about ending the sales of assault weapons into our communities.
Those weapons of war were designed to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
They should belong on the battlefield and not in our communities.
But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
By the way, you can't own the following weapons, period.
They cannot be sold anymore.
Like, if you're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time.
Which, by the way, that's what people like me think you're gonna do.
Kanye, Conway 20, bringing us in from the 1960s.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Jay Dyer is one of the top experts reading the globalist's own documents and books.
He's about to take over here in just a few minutes.
And then in 54 minutes, Owen Schroyer and the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
And obviously, you got Harrison Smith, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Central, American Journal, doing an excellent job.
I got the sum of the news, and I don't want to say we're distracted with this mass shooting, but we got world government unfolding.
And the policies of that world government are going to kill billions of people, not hundreds of millions.
And finally, folks, you're starting to get it.
Here's a town hall article.
Leftists are about to kill millions of people right before our eyes.
And it shows the statistics and the numbers of what cutting fossil fuels off will do.
And they know what they're doing.
The globalists know for agenda 20 and now agenda 21 exactly what will happen.
So incredibly important.
We have footage out of Shanghai of starving crowds of people running around begging for food under ongoing lockdowns.
Soviet era's deadliest economist killed millions with his terrible science.
But it wasn't terrible science.
It was a plan to starve
I don't know.
Very important.
And they're back-pushing Trump saying he hates Mexicans and that Mexicans are bad.
There's no video.
He didn't say it.
You should be pissed at the corporate media that are the ones saying it.
He said you had good people that were conservatives covering Charlottesville, you had good people on the left, and you had bad people on both sides.
pending home sales plunge the weakest since 2014.
It goes on and on, what they're doing to our economy, the exploding inflation.
This is economic war against the people of planet Earth.
Jay Dyer, author, researcher, talk show host, really smart guys about to take over.
Fellas, for my listeners, we're not sponsored by George Soros.
We're not sponsored by the New World Order.
We're standing up for our rights and your rights together.
And we're the tip of the spear, and I thank you for your support.
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Memorial Day Mega Special has arrived.
Thank you, Alex.
Glad to be here.
It's always an honor to host the 4th Hour.
Today I'm going to talk about the
We're good.
Aptly titled because it tells you exactly what's going on.
Sort of an eyes wide shut type of title that says, well, we're just going to do this conspiracy out in the open and it'll be like a gaslighting psyop and nobody will care or figure it out because we'll put it out there in the open.
That way it won't be a conspiracy.
Now you wrote this book in 1928 and the subtitle of the book is Blueprints for World Revolution.
So keep in mind that
This is co-opting the idea of the liberal revolutionary tradition into the technocratic world order.
We know that HG Wells was a crucial key propagandist connected to the Fabian Society, connected to the Royal Society.
He kind of played that liberal side of the elite power structure in the British Empire as opposed to the more so-called right-wing side.
Really, they were both wings of the same bird.
And he begins his book by saying that we are expecting chaos and flux in the coming years.
So this is, remember, written prior to World War II.
He also wrote a book, Shape of Things to Come, written prior to World War II, which pretty much predicts all the elements of World War II.
He was off by a few years, I think, because he actually gave a year when he thought the world wars would happen.
And he says that what we're going to expect in the next coming years is chaos and disaster.
He was definitely right about that because he was working with the people who essentially planned the two world wars of the 20th century.
That is the power elite of the British Empire, the Anglo-American establishment, the Atlanticist power bloc.
He begins his book by saying that we know from evolutionary theory that all that exists is matter and flux, pure materialism, pure flux.
Again, keep in mind what we just see the World Economic Forum luminaries say.
You are all matter in motion.
You have no soul.
You have no free will.
We're going to stamp all of that out.
Again, 100% in line with the game plan of the technocrats 100 years ago.
No different.
So basically, we're almost 100 years anniversary of this infamous book, The Open Conspiracy, and it begins by saying after that with in terms of.
The discussion of materialism, he says that population growth is just going nuts.
That's going to be the main problem of the future.
And he says that we're going to analyze the power of capitalism, monopoly capitalism.
He's talking about not classic free market capitalism, but the dynastic control of the banking and industrial elite, monopoly capitalism.
He says that we're going to have to realize that the power structure that is the monopoly capitalist will have to act
To stop a couple big problems in the world.
What are the two things, the two sort of firewalls identified by HG Wells that have to be gotten rid of to destroy population growth?
Well, he's very candid about it.
He says that the family, number one, got to get rid of nuclear families, got to get rid of extended families.
Number two, nation states.
He says patriotism is the first thing that has to die.
You can't have people defending their history, their tradition, their heritage, their family.
That's got to go away for a technocratic one world order to come into place.
He says that we'll use slogans like change and progress to promote and advance the idea that the family and the nation state are inherently bad, inherently evil.
They are retrograde.
They are for rubes.
They are for rednecks.
That's for idiots.
Only people who are sophisticated, city dwellers, these kinds of people, right?
We all know that city dwelling, cosmopolitan, rootless consumerism is the only way to be progressive, the only way to be forward thinking.
He says that when we inculcate this, he says that will be the true revolutionary idea by which we will go under the cloak of liberalism, leftism, progressivism.
This opening conspiracy, he says, will bring great chaos and flux in terms of these world wars, in terms of the coming years.
And he says, but out of the ashes of the chaos will be born this new order.
Again, what was the title of his other book very similar to this one?
The New World Order.
He says that out of the Cold War.
He even talks about the post-Soviet state emerging as a utopian era that will be modeled on a capitalist-communist synthesis.
He even says the Soviet state's a great idea.
It's Bolshevik.
We love it.
It's going to model for the world order.
Don't go anywhere.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Don't leave.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were covering H.G.
Wells' book, The Open Conspiracy, and his blueprint of revolution for global government.
And he has said that he loved the five-year plan of Stalin and the implementation of phases of these scientific techniques and processes for toppling and restructuring government into a solidified, unified world state.
Then he goes on to say that we have to understand where we've come from, how we got here.
And he says that the advancements of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment gave us Darwinism and other such philosophies which allow us to reform everything that we think about man, man's relationship to other men, the state, society, education.
History, philosophy, all of these things, and religion, importantly.
These just have to be re-thunk.
We have to revise, we have to revolutionize every area of life.
There's nothing that can stay permanent and the same or anything that we can pass on because you see everything is in flux.
This is a consistent refrain from other revolutionaries like Mao, like Lenin, Trotsky.
Many of them talked about perpetual revolution.
The revolution never ends.
It's always ongoing because for them, pure matter is all that exists.
Just material, physical existence, that's all there is.
And it's always in flux because we're just atoms in motion, molecules in motion.
And thus to harness that process is to steer history in a dialectical fashion towards the synthesis of the unification of all areas of life and all areas of thought.
He says that our first enemy that we have to think about, and after we have these great world wars, he says, what he says will come.
He says that World War I happened and that moved us towards
A global government, he says, but we're going to need more giant world wars to really grasp the need for a centralized global authority to prevent the world wars, you see.
You see the logic of this.
We'll inculcate chaos and then give the solution.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Admitting, essentially, that they're the ones that engineered those wars.
Dr. Carol Quigley, in his famous book, Tragedy and Hope, says the exact same thing.
This power structure that we're talking about right here engineered those world wars
To bring about a long-term goal of a global managerial technocratic government.
He says that there are things that we have to eliminate.
One of the things that has to be eliminated, as we said with the family and the nation-state, is the notion of conservatism.
Any idea of conservatism, he says, is problematic because it gives the impression that there are truths that can be passed on and handed down from one generation to the next.
That we don't need to scrap all of history.
It's something H.G.
Welsus has to be gotten away with.
No, we do need to scrap history, Welsus.
History cannot give us truths that we pass on because everything is matter in motion.
Everything is perpetual flux.
That is the metaphysical doctrine of the revolutionary faith.
You have to understand that revolutionary philosophy is predicated on a kind of magical, sort of mystical view that matter is in motion at all times.
There's nothing permanent, nothing true.
Nothing's true.
Everything is relative.
Everything is in motion.
Everything is evolving.
He says that we've got to target, first and foremost, education.
Education has to be completely revamped.
And to do this, we have to get rid of anything, again, that relates to history and tradition.
That's all bad.
That's all gone inherently.
Religions, he says, have to be taken over and they have to evolve to reflect the attitude of the new world order, of the technocratic scientific elite.
He says that we will have to seek some kind of amorphous, generic, universal cause that we can say is kind of an unknown god behind all the world religions.
But he says that all the established religions must become means and methods of promoting a social gospel.
So here you have, all the way back in 1928, H.G.
Wells in the fifth chapter, way ahead of anybody else, promoting the idea of liberation theology, the idea of a social gospel.
Nothing to do with anything biblical or any of that.
It's all about fitting the religion into the overall geopolitical strategy of a one world order.
He says that the sacrifice of the individual and religion
Will be nothing to do with giving your life to God, Jesus, or anything like that.
He says it will be turned into sacrifice for the world socialist order.
So religion will still exist.
You will still be asked to give up your life, bear your cross daily, but for the socialist world government, you see.
Now, keep in mind, yes, he was a Marxist socialist.
But he's not the typical Marxist-Socialist who thinks that you've got to destroy the capitalists and you've got to destroy everything relating to the means of production and the proletariat has to take over.
He didn't have that attitude.
He was a much more sophisticated Marxist-Socialist.
In fact, he would make fun of the other Marxist-Socialists and say that, don't you guys understand that it's the monopoly capitalists that are going to build the infrastructure that we will take over to enforce the global socialist corporate order.
He says that there's a lot of steps that we're going to have to take to get to this end goal.
He says that we're going to have to realize that there is no afterlife.
None of that matters.
All we have to do is focus on building a technocratic utopia in this world.
He says that we're going to have to understand the principles of shutting down growth and austerity.
And he says that religions can be a tool for this, right?
You can promote through religions, fake religions, made-up cults and religions.
The example being the climate scam.
Oh, you're bad because you have property.
You're bad because you drive a car.
You're evil because you're, you know, taking up too much carbon when that's the basis of life on the planet.
And basically, H.G.
Wells, way ahead of the Club of Rome, is preferring promoting this scam back in 1928.
Says, we'll just convince everybody that they're guilty.
For using up too much carbon.
For putting out too much carbon, using up too much oxygen, too many resources.
He says that this will be achieved if we can get full-spectrum dominance.
When we obtain full-spectrum dominance, he says the phoenix from the ashes will emerge as what he calls the quote new world order.
He says that a lot of things though will you will have to die on the way.
It's unfortunate but things like
Countless millions of people, or perhaps even billions, he says, will have to die.
But it's not a big deal because, unfortunately, the world is far overpopulated, he says, and the global conflicts and wars that are coming, he says, will be, hopefully, he says, a great contributor to mass depopulation efforts.
So he says, but
It's not that they're dying in vain, they're actually all dying for a good end, namely the erection of the global technocratic state, whittling the population down to at least, hopefully, he thinks, like others, 80-90%.
He says that maybe we can continue with religion, but he says really the key thing will be to convert whatever religions exist into a front for
I'm not sure.
So the number one goal of the fake religion that will be erected of the scientism cult will be to cull the population.
That's all the religion exists to do is to promote the world government, promote people giving up their life and their future and basically accepting sterility and or euthanasia for the global cult or for the technocracy.
That's it.
But notice that he does say it's a cult.
He says that our inner core, the inner elite, the inner party that Orwell talked about, they won't actually believe this or be subject to it.
There will be an outer fake religion that they will have, that they will promote to the masses, convincing them to accept austerity, giving up private property and so forth.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis.
We are working our way through the very important admissions from the elite text by H.G.
Wells, the open conspiracy.
What are we to do with our lives?
Well, you may not know what to do with your life.
Maybe you're looking for a purpose driven life.
Wells has a purpose for you.
And in fact, his purpose is you can just die for the New World Order.
Just lay down, euthanize yourself, sterilize yourself at the least.
And maybe you'll have a cause to die for.
Now, in this very important chapter about scientific world commonwealth that he's talking about erecting, that's the chapters about the scientific world government, he says, first thing we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to curtail breeding.
We're gonna have to have total control of who breeds, when they breed, how much they breed,
Everything about breeding is controlled.
He says that we will even control all of the pleasure impulses to the extent that in the future, basically nobody will be able to have kids.
That's more or less what he goes with.
And he says that all you idiot Marxists out there, you ideological driven Marxists, he says that you guys don't even understand that it's really the monopoly capitalists that are going to lead the way
To erect the society that will make everybody a consumable or dispensable unit, the quantification principle.
He says, so just let the monopoly capitalist erect the global government.
He says, and then all we have to do is take it over when they build it.
He says, this will ultimately be the means of population control.
He seems to also have a foresight into predicting what we might call smart cities, right?
He says that we'll have these kinds of corporate cities in the future.
There'll be, you know, AI runs space cities.
He says that we'll have a central world economy.
It will be completely and totally centrally planned.
So, anything that you ever heard about the problems of central planning, HG Wells doesn't believe that at all, right?
Any of the critiques that you hear about the Federal Reserve, no, no, no.
All of that needs to be all the more enforced according to Wells.
We need a complete tracking, tracing, credit-based system.
He basically anticipates a kind of social credit system a hundred years ago.
A hundred years ago.
He then goes on to say that this will be a managerial technocratic society.
Remember last week's discussion when we were talking about the Miles Copeland CIA operative history?
His whole account of what he was up to in first Syria and then Egypt and all his dealings with Nasser and what he was trying to put in place there in Egypt.
If you remember that, that was intended to erect
An industrialized Egypt that would one day reduce drastically its population.
And he said, ultimately, this was concerned with the goal of putting in place a managerial society.
And if you remember, Miles Copeland said, if you want to understand what we're up to in these countries, he says, go read who?
CFR, Bertrand Russell and James Burnham, the managerial society.
Well, what do you know?
We're good to go.
By the way, I just did a whole talk about this just covering these clips over on my Rockfin channel.
Go to my YouTube channel.
I've been covering for the last several years the Davos World Economic Forum.
So, in fact, I dug up one of my old videos from five years ago covering World Economic Forum in Davos and their speeches back then and what they were planning.
I was talking five years ago specifically saying the World Economic Forum will roll this kind of stuff out and we need to pay attention to them.
I just posted that video.
Go watch it.
H. U. L. says that conservatism and conservative movements are really the only thing we have to worry about because they're the only ones, he says, that will potentially figure out what we are up to.
Imagine that!
There's not a conspiracy.
Oh, but wait, there is.
But if you talk about it, you're a bigot.
Oh, but if you don't like it, you're bad, because it does exist, even though it didn't exist, what, like, last year?
But yeah, it exists, but you're bad if you disagree with it.
But I thought it didn't exist.
No, it exists, but it's good.
Oh, okay.
That's called gaslighting.
By the way, this is really important.
I forgot about this part.
He says, in the Scientific World Commonwealth chapter, he says that when we have this in place, he says, you won't go where you want to go.
He says that every bit of your movement will be controlled.
You're going to be a lockdown.
Your movement will be on lockdown.
What were the last two years about?
Training is prepping us.
That we can't go where we want to go.
Our movements have to be on lockdown.
We have to have government passes and passports and Gavi, you know, vaccine stamps and whatnot.
We got to get Bill Gates's tramp stamped to travel to another country, right?
Well, I'm not going to be Bill Gates's tramp.
So you're not going to tramp stamp me with some stupid ID that Bill Gates has cooked up.
But H.G.
Wells said 100 years ago that this would be the plan, that they would roll this out.
Socialized World Banking, he says, will create a Central Bank Bureau of Intelligence.
That's bankers running the intelligence, telling you where you can and can't go?
Well, that sounds like social, that sounds like tracking and tracing in terms of everything that COVID was about, doesn't it?
He says, then you have to understand that your private property will be done away with.
Oh, what did Klaus just say in the last five years over and over and over?
You will have nothing and you will be happy.
You'll own nothing, you'll be happy.
Wells said it a hundred years ago.
Do you see it's a coordinated plan?
It's the same plan.
And it's not a bunch of communists in Moscow.
It's the top wealthiest people in the West that run this.
They're the same people behind this guy.
Remember, monopoly capitalists, billionaires, zillionaires, not always, but typically, they love communism.
They love it.
Because it's a trick, a technique, to steal, especially middle class people's wealth, or upper class people, or the wealthy that are not the top 0.001%.
Communism, socialism are techniques, scientific strategies and techniques to destroy societies, consolidate their wealth, and transfer it offshore.
To specific interests that are involved in that inner core of promoting socialism and communism.
And even many communists and socialists over the years have come to understand and realize that.
Your private property will be done away with, he says, in the technocratic state.
And he says that this is the essence of the New World Order.
Now, at this time, Marxism was still a hot topic.
People were still really into the idea of world revolution and classical, you could say, what's called classic Marxism.
And H.G.
Wells, just like Bertrand Russell and all of his Royal Society cohorts, says that there's a great experiment going on right now.
It's called the Russian Revolution.
It is a scientific experiment in scientific technocratic governance.
Are you familiar with Dostoevsky's novel called Demons?
Did you know that in that novel, Dostoevsky predicted
The socialist communist revolutionaries and their mass death and chaos.
There's a character who's the socialist demon, demonically possessed individual in the book, uh, who says that the revolution will come about on the top of a mountain of a hundred million skulls.
And that was written years before, right?
The Bolshevik revolution.
Now, how did Dostoevsky know this?
Well, I think that he kind of had a, you can almost say, a quasi-prophetic inspiration, right, to understand and to warn people what was coming.
And we see the arts oftentimes warning people.
What did I just cover recently here on The Fourth Hour?
Lewis's Space Trilogy, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Those are prophetic warnings.
And if you get really deep into the parallels between those two trilogies, you know that there's intentional messages, there's intentional things put in there.
Where we were being warned.
In fact, I just dug up the other day that Tolkien himself was trained by British intelligence in cryptography.
That was something that was declassified not too long ago.
The London Telegraph has a whole paper on that, a whole write-up on that.
What that shows us is that, no, you see, that's why Tolkien understood what was really going on.
No, he really understood the big geopolitical plan.
He was really putting that stuff into his novels, especially the Silmarillion, too.
Because all of that is about an allegory of the Christian system and the final battle, right?
Battling the great beast system, the Eye of Sauron.
That's what Tolkien was writing about, and that's what C.S.
Lewis was writing about.
And they knew what these people were up to.
That's who they're writing about, these people.
Don't you understand that?
They understood from within the system, just like George Orwell did, Eric Blair, what the socialists and the technocrats really have planned.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Jay's analysis, we are working our way through the infamous globalist text that just lays it all out in actually a pretty short number of pages.
It's about 150 pages.
So if you want an easy, quick, to the point read, I highly recommend reading.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, people who are just uneducated on this and don't really know what's going on.
They don't realize that, you know, if you were to be in an international relations program and in a college at the graduate PhD level, you would be exposed to a lot of these writings.
You'll be exposed to Kissinger.
You'll be exposed to Brzezinski's writings.
And all of this would be really, really pretty easy to find, pretty accessible.
And nowadays with the internet, I mean, it should be even more easy to verify.
It should take about five minutes to find out if this is really a book by H.G.
Wells and who H.G.
Wells was, right?
Just do a little bit of Googling.
You could easily find this out, right?
So we're kind of at a point where it's inexcusable, I think, to be ignorant of this.
We're reaching that point where it's like, if people aren't awake by now, they're probably not going to wake up, right?
But we do have a significant portion of the population awake.
So never give up.
Always continue to try.
But back to H.G.
Wells, you know, he was, I was talking about Tolkien and Lewis, and if you remember, both of them were familiar with H.G.
I think Lewis would sometimes go to kind of a writer's circle, not necessarily the Inklings, but there was a separate circle of writers and people that he was familiar with.
A lot of the Cambridge and Oxford elite in those decades knew of each other.
They knew of Huxley and Lewis knew of H.G.
Of course, they had diametrically opposed worldviews, as did Tolkien and Wells.
But keep in mind that people like Wells, people like Bertrand Russell, people like the Huxleys, those are who Lewis and Tolkien are thinking about.
And so they knew about books like this.
They knew that these books were publicly out there, being published, stating openly what they planned to do.
And so the next time you're talking to a skeptic, and they say, well, I don't believe in any of this conspiracy crap.
That's all made up.
Are you familiar with C.S.
Are you aware that he talks about all the same stuff?
Have you heard of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?
That's actually about this.
That's actually about this.
Did you know that?
By the way, nice little L saying I there on the cover.
Maybe that helps kind of put this into perspective.
Wells goes on to say that we are at war with tradition.
Main thing we got to fight is tradition.
He said, if you want to
You want to prove that?
He says, look at, look at flags.
He says, flags are made up.
Therefore countries are made up.
Well, that's kind of a fallacy because if flags are made up, then the British Empire is made up, which is what he was a propagandist for.
So I'm curious if he actually thought that the British, he actually probably would say that too, right?
He would say, well, I don't really believe in the empire that, uh, that, that employs me and uses me for this technocratic, uh, end game, but.
Eventually, it will give way to the perfect technocratic order.
By the way, if the New World Order came up with a flag, wouldn't that mean that the New World Order's flag is also fake?
I mean, you see how easy it is to kind of refute these ideas that if everything's just made up and everything's relative, by the way, then his whole system is made up and relative.
Why would we accept socialism if nothing's true?
I mean, he's saying that there's not really anything true.
Everything's just constantly evolving.
Well, isn't it also the case then that that's evolving, that that's not objectively true?
But you'll notice that they're never really concerned with being consistent.
They're mainly propagandists.
Remember that H.G.
Wells was a, he was the Edward Bernays of his time.
He was the great propagandist of his day and got it down to a scientific technique.
That's why he wrote so much science fiction.
Now, every now and then he would also write these kind of nonfiction books saying, here's the real plan.
But if you go read my fiction books, those are all propaganda to seed the ideas, right?
War of the Worlds, what's that about?
Well, that's not really about aliens.
I mean, it is, but it's really about the alien threat, the fear of global catastrophes and global war.
We've got to have science to save us.
We've got to have a scientific world government controlling body that will save us from the calamities of mankind.
He says, we're going to have to have phases.
He says, let me give you the phases.
He says, the first thing we'll do is we'll roll out more and more and more class warfare.
Now, remember, he's writing this back in sort of the heyday of Marxism back in the 1920s.
And he says that we're going to roll out class warfare because if we can convince everybody that class warfare is the easiest path to world government,
By unifying everybody against these global threats, right?
So, for example, he would say that, like we saw with War of the Worlds, these global threats can destroy the human race.
The idea of unbridled capitalism will destroy the human race.
This is his argument.
This, he says, will be a trick to convince people of world socialism as the only possible solution out of world collapse and catastrophe.
He says, this will give us a oligarchical global government.
Remember, this is what we find in Brave New World, where you have 10 world socialist dictators.
If I remember, it's been many years since I read Brave New World, but the main socialist dictator character is Mustafa Mahmud, and he's one of the 10 world socialist controllers.
So they have 10 of these over these big regions, and they represent a kind of oligarchical controlling technocratic elite class.
And he says that these oligarchs
I think?
All of the world wars, all of the economic chaos and collapse.
What do the World Economic Forum people say?
You have too much.
There is too much resources, too much people using the resources.
Unbridled capitalism is the problem.
We will take over.
You see, so when they take over, they will give you the solution to the problem that they admit they've engineered. 1917.
Bolshevik Revolution, according to HG Wells, he says, was key.
He says that the Bolshevik Revolution is the model for the global illuminate confirm revolution to bring in the technocratic world order.
He says, if you want to know some of the key things that we did along the way and what we'll have to do in the future, he says, first of all, is we're going to have to bring about total mechanization of all of society.
Total mechanization.
He says we'll have to control all energy and resources, all flows of capital, all flows of people.
He says women will be out of the house.
They will become professionals.
He says when we have done that, we will achieve Plato's Republic model.
And eventually we'll have to do away with the workers and the builders.
We won't need them anymore after total mechanization.
So you see how everybody's being used, right?
Everybody in every strata of society, every area of society, education, religion, everybody is a tool being used by this plot.
Because eventually we will end the labor class.
We won't need the workers, essential workers.
We won't need them anymore.
We will end the labor class because mechanization will replace the need for the workers.
Thus, global capitalism, monopoly capitalism, will build the infrastructure of the global world order.
It will then flip after a time of chaos, collapse, and destruction.
Probably what we're going through now, I don't know.
Could be another 10, 20 years.
This is their plan.
So then it will be the new order of the ages, modeled after Bolshevism, Sovietism,
And Western capitalism combined into a great synthesis.
He says that we can look at things like the Bolsheviks, he says, destroying the whole peasant working class.
He says that that's something that could be used in the model and models of the future when we bring this in, when we convert the New World Order into a total technocratic order.
He says in the future, the government will own you.
You won't have individual liberties and rights.
You'll be completely owned by the central state.
And he says that we will put in place basically a bunch of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists and sociologists, right?
People like Skinner and Pavlov.
He says they will be the ones that really decide who lives, who dies, what your neuroses are.
You'll be under a kind of psychological dictatorship of the sociologists.
Doesn't it sound like a nightmare?
But isn't that what we've been told with the whole CUFID narrative?
You need to listen to the experts.
You need to listen to the medical experts, the PSYOPs experts.
They know better than you.
And he says that we'll also create a new Bible.
He says there'll be a new rewritten Bible for this world socialist religion.
A new Bible, he says on page 108.
Now, there's a lot more in this book.
I went through most of it, but if you want to see more of that, you can go to my website.
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Everybody out there watching right now has had the apps and the phone companies and the big tech companies track your data, create a dossier, and sell it to hundreds, if not thousands, of different organizations.
And they use this data to collectively screw over not just the people of America, but the people of the world.
Now we've sold more than 10 different brands of Faraday cages.
But a couple years ago I said, listen, I want high quality.
Made in America systems that the military uses that are also very, very affordable.
So we set out to find out who has the main contracts to supply the Pentagon, the FBI, and others.
We finally made contact over a year ago.
We put it in order more than six months ago, and they came in, ladies and gentlemen.
We have 12 different sizes of high-quality Faraday cages for iPads, laptops, cell phones, big cell phones, little cell phones.
They've even got huge bags you can put multiple desktops in that are 100% impenetrable so that different organizations and groups and contact tracers cannot penetrate into your device
And steal your data and create a map of your life and how to take you down.
This is so critical and going into the future.
Everybody is going to be involved in this.
In fact, it's one of the fastest growing industries out there.
We have high quality systems for every different type of device at InfoWarStore.com under our new private label that we've done with this great company titled Redux.
So get your Redux Faraday cages at InfoWarStore.com and protect your privacy and your life while you fund the InfoWar.