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Name: 20220525_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 25, 2022
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In his monologue, Alex Jones discusses the recent mass shooting in America and argues that it is not just about guns but also evil minds. He criticizes those who advocate defunding police departments while still having private security guards. He promotes Alpha Power supplements and encourages donations to fund their operation during this critical time. He also highlights limited- edition t-shirts and other merchandise available at the InfoWars store for purchase before they sell out. The InfoWars store offers a range of products, including signal-blocking bags called "Redux". Listeners call in to share their thoughts on various topics, including products mentioned by Alex Jones.

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I'm stating the obvious here, but it is not the gun or the knife or the baseball bat that is killing these people.
It is the evil minds.
And so the headline today for the show is Alex Jones will exclusively reveal the organization and group behind this psychotic devil captured by darkness.
And the name is Satan.
That's the organization.
That's the group.
That's how this happens.
And it's hard for people to believe this type of stuff goes on.
But we have all these Democrat senators saying, only in America does this happen.
I have stacks of articles of over 150,000 killed in Mexico in just the last decade.
Most of them shot, tortured, you name it, where they have no guns for the citizens.
I have stacks of articles of higher crime rates and more people being shot and killed in Venezuela, and they have a total gun ban.
And they also have something else, like North Korea or Cuba, an authoritarian state that kills hundreds of thousands and millions in their prisons and in their dungeons.
So when you see the U.N.
with all those armed guards and the World Economic Forum with 5,000 police and 5,000 troops and helicopters and submachine guns and journalists being detained, being harassed, covering their Geneva, Switzerland World Government event, remember they have armed guards outside their rooms.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
The President of the United States, frail, confused, bitterly partisan, desecrating the memory of recently murdered children with tired talking points from the Democratic Party.
Dividing the country in a moment of deep pain rather than uniting.
His voice rising, amplified only as he repeats the talking points he repeated for over 35 years in the United States Senate.
Partisan politics being the only thing that animates him.
Unfit for leadership of this country.
Will Kane is a man we trust.
He often fills in on this show.
He's also the host of Fox & Friends Weekend.
Will Kane, what a moment this would have been if he had stopped a sentence in and said, we're going to pray for these families and let's let this marinate for a minute.
Let's stand respectfully before a tragedy.
And Joe Biden has lived tragedy, so he could say that with some credibility.
He moved immediately into some DNC rant off a cue card.
That's the president?
What a moment this almost was.
Was there a moment at the beginning of the speech it sounded like he might bring this country together.
Talking about the loss inside someone when they lose a child.
The hole that never will be filled.
Quoting scripture which is so important in this moment.
Tucker, because what we're suffering from culturally is a rot of spirituality, a loss of meaning.
And you're exactly right.
He turns and he turns and gets animated when it's time to cast blame, when it's time to point fingers, when it's time to be partisan.
You know, he can't point to a single law that would have stopped this shooter because he doesn't know what this shooter did yet, what gun he used.
He knows nothing about the details of this crime, and so therefore he knows not what law he could offer that would solve this crime.
Which reveals it was just simply partisanship.
I've been listening to you tonight, Tucker, and I do share this sentiment with you.
It's a true reflection of character, and not limited to the President of the United States, if your first instinct is to turn to partisanship.
If your first instinct is to blame those who disagree.
You know, I know you're probably familiar with this, Tucker.
David Foster Wallace gave an amazing speech once where he said, you don't get a choice of whether or not to worship, you get a choice as to what you worship.
In what we are seeing people worship politics.
And if that's the case, they'll sacrifice anything for their own righteousness, for their own narcissism, for their own partisanship.
I mean, to stand before the image of murdered children, and your first impulse is, I can be more powerful if only I leverage this in the right way.
That's what the President of the United States... I'm in shock.
Having seen the President of the United States call for, you know, more power for himself.
That's his answer?
Well, the only reason I'm not in shock, Tucker, is I was around and so were you when I saw Barack Obama stand on the graves of dead children as well.
And so this was somewhat anticipatory.
You could expect this would be what would happen.
And again, Tucker, I've been listening to you tonight and you've been asking some important questions.
For example, I heard you ask Judge Pirro earlier in the show, do we study these things?
Do we study these shooters?
How can we stop them in the future?
You know, in the 80s, we put together a behavioral science unit at the FBI to stop serial killers.
Now, these guys in these situations often kill themselves.
We can see what makes them tick.
We can do more.
We can put money into protecting schools.
We just gave $40 billion, Tucker, to Ukraine to protect and rebuild that country.
We can't afford to protect our schools.
We immediately put money into protecting schools from COVID.
By the way, much of it, which is not yet used, could be used to protecting schools.
There are things we can do, but the most important thing, Tucker, is figuring out what's going on culturally with this country.
We are callous, we are partisan, we are not spiritual, and we have lost meaning.
I hope we will not let politicians leverage our grief to make them more powerful for their aggrandizement.
It's really disgusting, if I can say.
Will Kane, I appreciate your coming on tonight.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you so much for joining us today.
I wanted to play that short clip from Tucker Carlson, because I didn't see it until this morning.
And that was what I intended to come in and say today.
This is spiritual rot.
And we know the identity of the organization and the group that directed this young man that got caught in the snare of evil.
And we're going to reveal the organization and group behind this attack in Uvalde, Texas, on the other side of this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today is going to be very important information.
Tell everybody about the local stations you're listening to, and please share the live links from InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Salvador Romas, or in Latin, the son of Rome.
More like the son of Satan.
Doesn't matter if they're Caucasian, doesn't matter if they're Hispanic.
It doesn't matter if they are black.
They all have that same look.
And they all follow the exact same M.O.
They all have the same criminology behind them.
His friends say that he began to self-harm several years ago, began to get into the occult, began to become a Satanist.
And if you ask what organization or group was behind this, or if he acted alone, he did not act alone.
The Bible talks about the mystery of iniquity, the mystery of evil, and how this evil force takes people over.
And if you pull up the image of the famous Night Stalker, Mr. Ramirez looks just like him.
Just like him in the eyes, all of it.
And the same look is in the eyes of Adam Lanza from Sandy Hook.
And the same look is in the eyes of Harris and Kleibold from Columbine.
And they're into darkness.
They're into black cloaks.
They're into Satanism.
They are into destroying innocence.
And so he killed his grandmother.
Mr. Romas, just like Adam Lanza killed his mother with the gun she'd gotten that he had illegally, and he went out to kill children, just like the left wants to abort the babies even after they're born and have passed laws in several states to do it.
Just like they want to give us all these poison shots and injections, Bill Gates says.
He wants to depopulate you, but he wants you to take these shots.
He wants to be forced, because he knows best.
This is easier than even putting 2 plus 2 together and saying it equals 4.
It is prima facie, meaning on its face, that there is an epidemic of psychotic mass shooters, because they didn't exist
Until what we saw with the tower shooting at UT back in the 1960s, with the Marine Corps sniper that they learned at the autopsy had half his brain was a tumor.
And then all he knew was the training as a top marksman in the Marine Corps and became basically a robot, a demonic robot.
And it's still extremely rare.
Only a few hundred people die in schools each year.
More than half of that is gangbangers shooting each other.
And when that happens, it doesn't even hit the news nationally.
And there are mass shootings every weekend where 5, 10, 15, 20 people get shot, get killed.
Hell, you saw what happened in Las Vegas, but when that got connected to Saudi Arabia...
You saw that disappear out of the news like flipping a light switch off.
Biggest mass shooting in U.S.
So I'm stating the obvious here, but it is not the gun or the knife or the baseball bat that is killing these people.
It is the evil minds.
And so the headline today for the show is Alex Jones will exclusively reveal the organization and group behind this psychotic devil.
Captured by darkness.
And the name is Satan.
That's the organization.
That's the group.
That's how this happens.
And it's hard for people to believe this type of stuff goes on.
But we have all these Democrat senators saying, only in America does this happen.
I have stacks of articles of over 150,000 killed in Mexico in just the last decade.
Most of them shot, tortured, you name it, where they have no guns for the citizens.
I have stacks of articles of higher crime rates, and more people being shot and killed in Venezuela, and they have a total gun ban.
And they also have something else, like North Korea, or Cuba, an authoritarian state that kills hundreds of thousands and millions in their prisons, and in their dungeons.
So when you see the U.N.
with all those armed guards and the World Economic Forum with 5,000 police and 5,000 troops and helicopters and submachine guns and journalists being detained, being harassed, covering their Geneva, Switzerland world government event, remember they have armed guards outside their rooms.
The press has reported on it that they have an armed guard at the front of each elevator, and at the exit by the stairs, and there are at least two guards on every floor, and then they have private guards that are with the Debo Scum, sleeping in the hotel rooms right next to them, sometimes in the same suite.
So they've got all the guns, all the weapons in the world.
It's not bad when the globalists have guns, it's only bad when you have guns.
And Mexico has never had a second amendment, and in the last 50 years they've eradicated civilian ownership of guns.
And Mexico also has a devil problem, a Satanism problem, just like we do.
And if you go look at the gangs who smuggle in the kids, they worship the Grim Reaper.
And they worship death and brutality.
A tiny minority, but still dominating and destroying an entire amazing nation.
And the same poison, the same sickness, that is in Mexico, and is in other countries around the world, is here in the United States.
You know, they kill us with fentanyl by the millions, they kill us with the poison shots by the millions, but they cover that all up.
And they focus in on this event and someone who reportedly killed his grandmother.
The police were looking for him.
The border patrol went after him.
He shot at him, went into the building and quickly killed 19 people, 19 children, two teachers in an unprecedented attack.
And it was a brave, lone Border Patrol agent that before the backup got there, and everybody put their body armor on and got suited up in their camo, who rushed in and got wounded, but killed this son of a bitch.
And son of a bitch is too kind of term for somebody like this, but you have to understand whether you are the Night Stalker or whether you are Mr. Ramos.
It is the same evil, whether they're Hispanic, whether they're black, whether they're white.
And so when a white supremacist goes into a black grocery store and kills 10 people, or when a Hispanic man goes in and kills a bunch of little children, mainly Hispanic children, it's satanic, ladies and gentlemen.
And you're going to see more of that in a society unraveling and going into chaos.
Higher crime, imploding borders, inflation, and what are the Democrats still pushing?
Defunding police departments between 50 and 100 percent while the city councils have private armed security guards.
They know exactly what they're doing.
And if he had done this in an elementary school,
In a leftist controlled area, he killed so many people so quickly, the police stopped him in minutes.
This brave, heroic Border Patrol agent.
That if that officer hadn't gone in there and killed this monster, he could have killed hundreds of children.
And the argument is, well, they can't have a weapon that dispatches people so fast.
You could go to a parade and run over hundreds of people.
Muslims have killed 60, 70, 80, 100 plus people in one swath in places like Germany and France.
You gonna ban the trucks?
They've had cases in Japan and China where one man kills over 30 children.
One case 36 a decade ago.
Another case 15 just last year with butcher knives.
Are you gonna take the butcher knives away?
No, ladies and gentlemen, the obvious answer is a good guy stopped the bad guy with a gun.
And those of us that would never harm a child, those of us that would never harm anybody that didn't attack us, we need to be armed, dammit!
And we need the teachers armed, and we need the principals armed, and if we got $40 billion to send money to Ukraine for money laundering, and $5 billion a month more, we've got the money.
To have armed police in the schools, and that is exactly what the Democrats are trying to stop.
They want the police out of the schools, and then they want to advertise for psychopathic demons the option, like on a menu, death by cop, suicide yourself, kill your grandma, kill your mom.
No, the big bonanza is, go shoot up an elementary school as they hype it.
Hype up Sandy Hook, all of it.
They know what they're doing.
I told you over and over and over again, hundreds of times in the last year and a half, that as we approach the midterms, now 167 days out, that satanic, demon-possessed sleeper cells would activate these portals to hell that Salvador Ramos is and was killed by a valiant
Border Patrol agent that didn't wait and charged right in.
And it's because of these type of demons, commanded and led by the globalist spiritually, that we have to stand up.
Historians will tell you, the founding fathers warned us, that if we are not a moral people, we cannot live in a free country.
And we are becoming more and more evil statistically, and you can see it everywhere.
I challenge anybody, no matter where you live in the United States, to go to a pro-abortion rally, and you have never seen such disgusting, hateful, scum, celebrating, we love to kill kids, we love Satan, pro-pedophile flags,
You've seen the Demon Possession.
You've seen the videos we've played.
We're not cherry-picking this, ladies and gentlemen.
You go point a camera at it, even if they don't know that you're against them, and they're flipping out and going nuts.
They are celebrating.
They are reveling in the blood of 65 million aborted children since Roe v. Wade in this country.
This is a spiritual blight.
And you add, as I told Piers Morgan so many years ago, I guess it was 2013, in studio with him, there had been a gang of Indian men that had raped a group of women with steel bars and killed some of them.
And I said to Piers Morgan, because Sandy Hook had just happened,
I said, you don't blame the crazy, the gun.
You need to be blaming the crazy people that are on the psychotropics.
And in almost every case, these mass shooters are into the occult.
They're into shoot-em-up video games.
They are into death.
And they want to hurt children.
And the most important part is they are on serotonin reuptake inhibitors that since the 1990s, because they had such a rash of deaths and mass murders, it says on the box of that entire class may cause you to commit mass murder, murder, suicide, megalomania, delusions of grandeur.
A few years ago, an Asian man with no criminal record was in a Walmart
Every time.
And shot and killed a cop that came over because the guy was walking around half naked and the guy was on a bunch of psychotropic drugs and alcohol.
The guy didn't know what he did.
He was out of his mind.
I'm not against shoot-em-up video games.
A normal person plays them, it just makes you a better marksman.
They're basically combat simulators.
The Pentagon invented them in the 70s.
But you give it to somebody who's self-harming, taking drugs, both prescription and illegal,
Who's isolated, who's been alone, and who's been bullied, like this individual reportedly was, it pushes them into wanting to become a friend of the darkness so they'll have power over other people.
And the FBI has a total profile on these individuals.
They know exactly who they are and how they operate, just like the white supremacist shooter was into shoot-em-up games, into the occult, hated people, was nihilistic.
It's a different flavor of the same thing.
And they knew he was planning it.
He said he was going to attack a school.
He said he was going to kill neighbors.
And the FBI and the state police knew.
And they could have taken his guns.
They could have put him in a mental institution.
But they didn't do it.
They let it happen again.
And listen, it's going to happen.
We've got seven and a half billion people on this planet.
And I just read footnotes in the New York Times a few years ago of, oh, an area in the Congo, and it had been set aside for a UN carbon sink so they could have a mine over here.
So they had, like, all this other land off-use for humans, including farming.
And so they went into ancestral lands.
People had been there for thousands of years but didn't have deeds, because they'd lived there forever.
Well, how do you own this land?
Well, my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers are all buried here, my grandmothers.
The UN goes in, and they just submit as a footnote, and just exterminates with machine guns and tanks and helicopters thousands of people in a tribe, and it's just a footnote how the UN slaughtered everybody.
They did the same thing in Burma.
It's mainstream news!
They killed over 20,000 of the natives because the UN was making room for a corporation to come in there.
So, they order lockdowns worldwide.
Which still were going for two years.
Finally ended in areas of Africa and Latin America and Asia.
Causing total collapse like you're seeing in places like Sri Lanka.
And 40 extra million people died.
There's no new numbers from the UN.
That's a seven, eight month old number.
That okay, in the two years of lockdown, 40 million extra starved to death.
That's more than, you know, double the normal 15 million a year.
40 million on top of 30 million that died over two years.
So instead of 30 million dying in two years on average of starvation, he had 40 million on that.
40 million dead people, but they don't eulogize them, they don't talk about them, they don't humanize them.
No, they just let the third world collapse and starve and then flood us.
So, you think about that.
India had lockdowns off and on for a year.
They estimate
Tens of millions died there but the government didn't report it from malnutrition, then you get a common cold and you die.
Lowers your immune system.
These are real numbers.
These are real things that happened.
These are real things that are unfolding.
And so when Biden gets up there and blames the Second Amendment and blames the Republican Party and blames gun owners, he knows he's a fraud and he's reading off a script.
And no one's there to counter him.
What about Mexico?
It's got a homicide rate triple ours.
Even our worst cities are better.
What about all these other countries where they're taking the guns?
Biden and the rest of his ilk get up there and they say this only happens in America.
Biden said it.
A bunch of other senators said it.
We got the clips.
We'll play them.
But I want to open the phones up for Texans and people in Uvalde specifically, go to the head of the line, and for law enforcement, particularly in Texas, but all over, you'll go to the head of the line.
I want to hear from you.
I want your view.
I want the people.
To be able to speak and be heard.
I'm going to go quickly to each person because I don't people sitting on hold.
Gotten better about going to your calls and moving quickly through them or quicker than we used to.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
We are talking about the spiritual decline.
Psychos targeting children, as above so below.
The globalists want to kill children.
Their satanic minions want to kill children.
And this is a spiritual war.
You agree with that?
How do we counter this?
You disagree?
And the Democrats are coming with a bunch of anti-terrorism bills that Schumer's introducing to take our guns.
That's massive news.
Now taking your calls on this Wednesday.
May 25th, 2022 transmission.
But did I not tell you that like flipping a light switch on, evil would activate?
Spiritual forces, principalities, and powers would make their move and unleash their sleeper cells of Satanists.
And now you see it happening.
What do you think the Nazis were?
What do you think the Communists are?
What do you think the French Revolution was?
This is satanic force being released to kill, steal, and destroy.
It's 100% real, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what they don't put on the news, is that almost all these people are devil worshippers!
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Alright, you go through background checks to get guns.
How about Prozac?
You know the number one- Oh, that's a big sponsor, isn't it?
Or that whole class of drugs.
Oh, whoa, gotta cut that off, don't ya?
Let me ask you a question.
Don't wanna talk about the U.S.
number one cause of death is suicide now because they give people suicide mass murder pills.
Your answer is get more money of a psychiatrist or psychologist to put more crazy people on drugs that make them kill people, Pierce.
Calm down.
Let's try and have a debate here.
Answer me this question.
I'm sick of the same old script here, bud.
It's fine, bud.
How many gun murders were there in America last year?
Do you know?
There were about 11,458, and about 74% of those were gang-related, gangbangers shooting each other.
You get 3,500 to 4,000.
How many people died from infections in hospitals?
Let me just ask you a second question.
That's right.
How many gun murders were there in Britain last year?
How many great white sharks?
How many gun murders?
Kill people every year, but they're scared to swim.
How many gun murders were there in Britain last year?
A very low amount.
I already went over those statistics.
How many?
Do you know?
There was only a few hundred.
No, no.
How many gun murders?
Actually, you did pull up the statistics.
Here, let me pull them out right here.
I figured you'd do that.
Gun murders in Britain last year.
UK Violent Crime, Capital of Europe, London Telegraph.
Oh, wait!
Here, let me give you more.
It's quite a simple question.
Well, that's the oldest... You're a very loud man.
No, no, that's the oldest paring mason tactic to ask me some little factoids.
I already said earlier, England has a lot lower gun crime rate because you took all the guns.
It's all a little factor.
But you've got hordes of people burning down cities and beating old women's brains out every day.
They arrest people in England, if they defend themselves, that's on record.
My God, you've got a total police state.
Everybody's fleeing that country because the old... You've had to flee here, bud.
Why don't you tell folks... Yeah, you fled here.
Why don't you go back and face the charges for the hacking scandal?
Answer this question.
How many... Why don't you get fired from the Daily Mirror for putting out fake stories?
You're a hatchet man of the New World Order.
You're a hatchet man.
And I want to say this right here.
You think you're a tough guy?
Have me back with a boxing ring in here, and I'll wear red, white, and blue, and you can wear your Jolly Roger.
Let's try again.
How many gun murders were there... Oh, you're gonna ban your fists now?
...in Britain last year?
How many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin?
I already went over those statistics.
Do you know the answer?
You said hundreds.
No, I don't.
It's very low.
You said hundreds.
It's actually 35.
Well, the point is you can... Against 11,000.
Do you understand the difference between 11,000 and 35?
England wants to ban knives now because tens of thousands are getting stabbed.
But do you understand the difference?
The knife doesn't kill people.
The gun doesn't kill people.
Listen, you understand, you're not going to pull on America's heart strings.
They know your script.
You're not going to get our guns.
By the way, you guys always say, we just want to take the semi-autos.
And all this other stuff on semi-autos aren't even, rifles aren't even used, but in a fraction of the crimes, you can pull those numbers up.
No, no, no, hold on.
Let me ask you one question.
Which weapon was predominantly used in the Aurora movie theater shooting?
M4 AR-15 variants.
So, it was a semi-automatic, it's all right.
Yes, again.
But statistically, it's very, very low.
Do you agree it was the single biggest shooting in the history of America, in terms of people hit by a shooter?
Do you know that?
No, I believe that there were others, some other shootings of about over 30.
No, no, this was the single biggest mass shooting.
There have been bombings of Wall Street.
Let me ask you a second question.
Listen, why can't the pilots have firearms?
We trust them to fly the planes.
You've had a lot to say.
No, my point is the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and you're not getting it.
Do you know which weapon was used in the Oregon shopping mall mass shooting recently?
I understand that people who are mentally ill on all the serotonin reuptake inhibitors who play these shoot-em-up games want to go out and do this.
Because there's criminals, I don't lose my rights, Pierce.
Because there's criminals, I don't lose my rights.
Just answer the question.
Do you know what the weapon use was?
Listen, let me ask you a question.
I've got the FBI statistics that the so-called semi-autos that you talk about... Let's take a break.
Let me come back.
Again, you're not going to get my guns.
When we come back, try and answer my questions.
Yeah, all you're gonna do is sit there and play little factoid questions.
Overall crime's gone up over 20%.
Alright folks, we are back live.
I thought we'd play some of that because I continued to bring up the fact that almost every shooter is into the occult and is on these serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
And yes, because the media always advertises it's an AR-15,
An M4, the loons all go out and follow.
It's a well-known thing in crime and a well-known thing in criminology called copycats.
This is not rocket science.
They know exactly what's going on.
They have the profiles of these people.
They have all the warning signs, and nothing's done.
And a couple of these events happen a year, and then when they get more than a couple, it boom, boom, boom, boom, boom starts popping up because the copycatting.
Other mentally ill, crazy people see what's happening, and it's absolutely confirmed in major studies.
Everybody knows this.
That when you give more news coverage to this, and you give more attention to these people, they do it more.
And I had the head producer, Scott, say to me last night, you know when we go cover this, it's going to add to the whole thing.
And I said, I know.
And it's a very important psychological equation I have to engage in to understand that we have to counter them trying to take our guns.
We have to counter the fact that it is an issue of the drugs, and the MO of these people, and the occultism, and the loss of goodness in this culture and society.
And so we're doing more good than we're doing harm.
But when the mainstream media and the puppet president come out and absolutely hype this up, and then beat the drum over and over again, and talk about Sandy Hook ten years later every single day on every channel, mentally ill people here,
Adam Lanza, AR-15, elementary school, elementary school, AR-15, and that's then how they activate.
He's being chased by police.
He just killed Grandma.
May already been going to that school.
We know he went to that school previously, and he runs in there to kill children.
A frothing, demonic, piranha-like creature.
Going directly after those innocent children.
And who else goes after innocent children?
Who wants to sexualize them and legalize pedophilia?
Who wants to abort as many of them as they can and now kill them after they're born?
Who wants to destroy their innocence?
The globalists, ladies and gentlemen.
They're the evil ones.
They set the precedent.
The fish rots from the head.
We're going to go to break here in about two minutes.
We're going to come back and talk to Doc, Rico, Daniel, Mike, and others.
We're specifically taking calls from people in Uvalde, people from Uvalde, and I'd like to get law enforcement to call in.
And we'll get right to your call as well when we come back and give us your quick snapshot take on this and make any points that you want to make.
We're going to walk through all of it today.
And take your calls, but also I'm going to be covering some next hour.
The latest on the Davos Group, now meeting in Geneva with world government being announced.
All the censorship.
George Soros saying the end of the world could happen over Ukraine while his policies push us towards that.
How the FBI HQ hamstrung the Alpha Bank investigation and tried to cover up the fact that Hillary made all this up.
To try to discredit and then impeach Trump, which they ended up doing on the whole Ukraine fraud, but he wasn't removed.
This is just such an incredible time to be alive.
We've also got big election primary news on what unfolded there.
Marjorie Taylor Greene overcomes haters, wins Republican primary.
More good news.
Herschel Walker is projected to win the GOP primary for Senate in Georgia.
Sarah Sanders crushes gubernatorial opponent in Arkansas' GOP primary.
More good news.
We're going to be looking at a lot of that coming up today as well, but I promise when we come out of this break, I'm going right to your phone calls right through the next hour.
We have a special guest in the third hour.
Infowars.com is there, an island, a beacon, a lighthouse of truth, but it can only shine when you promote it, so keep it up.
America and the world is in a crisis of the soul.
A crisis of the spirit.
A war for our very eternal existence.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls right now.
We have this terrible event.
Another devil worshipper.
Another person to shoot him up games.
Another person who killed his grandmother, reportedly, and then went and did this terrible thing.
And now we are all told we are collectively to blame for what this devil did.
But I want you to think for a moment.
Gun owners are not collectively to blame.
That Border Patrol agent that valiantly went in and stopped what was happening and got wounded himself.
Is it to blame?
He's the good guy.
And you're good.
You didn't do this.
But we are to blame for letting society become this demonic.
And I'm to blame too.
And let's just admit that.
And God's angry about it.
But you can't have the Democratic Party over here saying there's too many people, euthanize the old people, these are their policies, kill the unborn, kill babies after they're born, harvest their organs, sexualize the children, defund the police, allow all the open-air drug markets,
I think?
And tell us we're to blame, and we're not going to take it, and we're not going to be defeated by you, and you're not going to get our guns.
I'm going to go to your calls.
The next hour, Chuckie Schumer is introducing an anti-terror bill to go after the guns.
They're trying to issue a national gun registry, which they already have in place, but they want to be able to use now.
They've had it illegally operating.
That's come out in the news years ago.
Confirmed again this year.
It's unbelievable.
And they knew, and they stood down yet again.
And it made me think about, and we'll go to your calls, Parkland a few years ago.
David Hogg, all that.
It was reported by the young people, including two guests we had on that were enrolled at that school, and we reported this the day of the event and the day after.
We broke this.
And it made CNN so angry.
That the police stood there for at least 14 minutes standing there, and the video was later released, of them standing around the school while the shooting was going on inside.
A bunch of leftist cops that didn't care and that were not rushing in.
And that's disgusting.
So they want to take our guns and they want to sit there, these leftist controlled cities with leftist police, while our children are killed and while they don't do their job.
While they also want to take our guns.
Think about that.
The videos are being released of him now.
There was security there, they did exchange fire with him.
They got wounded.
It's unbelievable.
Let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
I appreciate you calling.
I appreciate you holding.
Doc is calling from Oklahoma, but is from Uvalde, where Matthew McConaughey is from.
Some other people I've hunted down there.
That's down, George Strait country down there.
And a lot of great people down there.
And it's very, very sad and our hearts go out to all of them.
Doc in Oklahoma.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you, brother.
What's your view on this?
Well, for one thing, I grew up out there.
I taught concealed handgun in that area for 10 years, probably.
There's a lot of people down there that have guns.
My first thought was, were some of my people involved in that?
And I still don't know.
I know I trained, I don't know, 1,500, 2,000 people around there.
I know a lot of people that are teachers there, and they should all be armed.
They should all be armed.
The greatest populations I thought were teachers, preachers, and doctors.
That's right.
There should be instant access pistol safes that you can open in two seconds so that young people can't get to the guns, they're secure.
There should be instant access pistol safes in every one of those classrooms.
And the teachers should be given training and and and basic defense and they should be put through the Active shooter police training that is you know only takes a few weekends to have the basic thing and it needs to be done Absolutely, and there's a secondary problem here Alex is With corona and everything that's gone on for the past two years there has been a
A creation of this mindset of distress.
And people are just beat down.
And what it's done is it's created an environment for Northwood-type events to create organically.
I mean, you can call them copycat events, but they have an organic environment now due to the mindset of people.
And there's nothing you can do about it, really.
That's right.
They don't need to mind control somebody in a CIA laboratory, which they declassified.
They did, to create mass shooters in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
That's all declassified.
Ewing Cameron, Jolion West, and others.
History Channel shows about that.
Look it up, folks.
Or Theodore Kaczynski was in a CIA MKUltra program.
The Unabomber.
That's L.A.
Came out in his court case.
They have created a whole environment with the culture where we're all in a giant mind control operation that they admitted they use Pentagon mind control to scare people of COVID.
And the same thing was done in England and Canada and Europe.
So it's a unified mass open air brainwashing camp.
That's exactly what it is.
All right, God bless you, Doc.
Thank you so much for calling in.
All right, I don't want to cut Matthew short.
We may have to hold him over.
says there's a special ed teacher worked with the student and it says he was special ed says he had a learning disability and speech impediment people made fun of that's what his friends are saying that they hadn't talked to him over a year because he got so demonic but let's go to Matthew in Texas Matthew if you are who you say you are this is a big break here on the show to be able to hear from you and and I believe you but please tell us the details
All right.
I'm a longtime listener, Alex.
This is really hard for me to digest, all this going on.
I've worked with students like that across the state.
You know, I've been employed in over 14 different districts, and I've seen this coming from one end to the other.
Whenever we, in my opinion, you know, and you're talking about an awesome group of people in Uvalde, Texas.
Great district, great people.
My heart breaks for them and for those kids.
You know, I've been a teacher for a long time.
And I just want to say that, you know, we work with these kids.
We know who they are, right?
And whenever we went into quarantine, and it happened all over this country, a lot of these kids
Went down a bad path and I think that's what we're seeing, right?
I want to be specific.
Did you work with this student or you worked with similar students and saw them fall out and then get swallowed up by the internet or what are you saying?
No, I interacted with him.
Please, please hold.
We got to go to break.
Will you hold for like five minutes so we can come to you when the full audience is here in the second hour?
All right, great.
Because some stations don't carry the first five minutes.
So I'm going to have you hold.
We'll come right back to you at six after.
Please don't hang up, Matthew.
You can tell this guy's for real.
By the way, I had to put him on hold because if we don't do this, we won't be here.
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All right, we have a man on the line from Texas who says that he was a special ed teacher and knew Salvador Ramos.
We're going to air a very important special report.
We're going to premiere here of Greg Reese.
The Truth About Monkeypox.
It's also at Bandot Video.
It's so important.
And we're going to come right back at 6 p.m.
We're going to go right to Matthew, Patty, Tom, Rico, and many, many others.
Danielle, Mike, we're getting to all of you.
But here's the report.
The main weapon being deployed against us by the would-be New World Order is sleight of hand, distraction, and fakery.
And we can see its effectiveness in the recent Johnny Depp trial.
Meaningless drivel to feed humanity while we are literally being killed by criminal gangs posing as governments.
And almost everybody takes a bite.
As a human being, one must always factor in the tendency to be fooled and focus on what we know.
And so, what do we know so far about monkeypox?
We know that after Bill Gates warned of an impending terrorist attack involving a synthetic smallpox in 2017, two new monkeypox vaccines were developed.
Both admittedly dangerous, known to cause infection, vaccine shedding, and death.
And both have been approved by the FDA.
And we know that they have been planning for a monkeypox outbreak, just as the Event 201 simulation war-gamed COVID-19 the year prior, or as Bill Gates calls it, germ-gamed.
In the spring of last year, the U.S.
held a monkeypox pandemic simulation exercise with the non-profit Nuclear Threat Initiative that predicted a monkeypox bio-attack in June of this year.
During that same time, the UK Ministry of Defence simulated a monkeypox outbreak, focusing on Russian disinfo.
And what do we know about monkeypox?
Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 within colonies of laboratory research monkeys who were being given the polio vaccine.
And according to the CDC, the only symptom that distinguishes monkeypox from smallpox is lymphadenopathy, swollen lymph nodes, which is also a smallpox vaccine side effect and is known to be a symptom of smallpox, as well as chickenpox.
Electron microscope visualization cannot prove a smallpox infection because all pox viruses are morphologically indistinguishable.
According to actual science, there is a strong argument that smallpox, monkeypox, chickenpox, and shingles are all the same thing.
And there is no actual proof that they are different.
We are simply expected to trust the CDC and their logical fallacies as so-called evidence.
And so in 1958, when virologists were likely seeing side effects on lab monkeys they were injecting with experimental vaccines, they called it monkeypox and claimed it was an ancient rare virus that they had just discovered, which coincidentally
Showed up in humans for the first time in 1970.
And by 1978, without any proof of its existence, scientific journals were already saying that vaccination is an effective preventative measure against monkeypox.
Just three months ago, the famous Wuhan lab, who allegedly created COVID-19, published a paper claiming they assembled a monkeypox virus genome, which will enable for successful PCR testing and potentially make it more contagious.
And so, just as the PCR tests were used to create false positives by misreading the flu, the common cold, and even fruit as COVID-19, they will now be used to create false positives for monkeypox.
Whether you are experiencing vaccine side effects, or common herpes, or even asymptomatic monkeypox.
And finally, we know that the media is the real virus.
And when the media puts out the fear, their followers will eagerly line up to get the new dangerous vaccines, and insist that you do the same.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All of his reports are groundbreaking, but that one is stunningly important, Sean.
They can just claim anything they want.
It's just monkey pox.
You create all this fear, and then give us a shot that actually gives it to us.
It's all documented.
We'll be right back.
At the end of the first hour, if you just joined us, we went to a caller.
We're opening the phones up for people specifically in Texas or Uvalde, or from those in the school, and the caller sounds very credible and very informed.
And violent actions and family violence, domestic violence of special ed students, particularly boys, during the last two years, with many of the schools closed for most of that time, and that people that were doing okay with loving folks around and protecting them from bullies and giving them confidence and giving them love,
That they were getting better, but now the statistics show us that it's producing more of these type people.
And I'm all for freedom of speech, and I'm all for the internet being wide open, wild, wild west.
But you have to know, and there's a lot of research now online into this,
But this guy and other people get in these really sick communities where people use psychology to manipulate young, handicapped individuals like this man who had a speech impediment, probably autistic, from what his friends were saying, and obviously the caller can fill us in on that, and I'll get more into the MO and the criminology of this, but it just fits the same pattern, just like Cruz at Parkland
And the police stood down there.
They didn't stand down here.
And Harris and Kleibold and so many others.
And then they kill their mother.
They kill their parents.
They kill their grandmother in the case of Ramos.
And I'm saying it two ways.
The media is not sure.
It's like Ramos, Ramos.
Or they're saying it two different ways, two different spellings.
And I'm sure soon we'll find out the actual spelling.
But instead of a R-A, it's an R-O.
This is just a canary in the coal mine of what's happening.
And the military, 25 suicides a day, double what it was 10 years ago, and getting worse.
Well, they don't kill their families, they just kill themselves.
What is happening to these men particularly?
And we do need a mental health solution to that.
And obviously, communities, not the federal government or the FBI or the National Guard like the Democrats want.
But local communities should really monitor, in a loving way, people like this, or they turn into the Adam Lanzas of the world.
And so I'm not against shooting up video games for normal people.
But for people that live in La La Land, it becomes their real reality, and that's the picture that's emerging.
So, Matthew, thanks for holding and staying over to tell us.
I'm going to try to now be silent for the rest of the segment and then go to callers in the next segment.
But just start wherever you'd like and tell us what you witnessed and what you saw.
Yes, sir.
To kind of preset this, I've got
I studied special education in graduate school in Texas.
I'll probably get demonized from that because now I'm an open and forward listener.
I've been that way a long time.
I haven't always agreed with everything you say, Alex, but I do respect you.
And so, long story short, those kids had hope, right?
Whenever the economy was good.
And you have to understand, people in New Valley don't have very much.
And what they do have, they're proud.
They're very warm people.
They're just good people.
And so basically what happens is when that pandemic starts, a lot of these kids that needed our direction and our structure lost it because they weren't there with us.
And there's a lot of good teachers out there that care.
And our school systems are crumbling.
And it's sad to watch.
Um, and that's, you know, it's really, it's hard for me to even talk about it because when you're really in it for those kids, it's, it's just a very difficult thing to accept something like this happens.
And I can only imagine what those teachers, some of them, a lot of them are friends of mine still in that district are feeling right now.
And so, you know, I'm, I'm a second amendment person.
Um, I served in the infantry.
Uh, I've lived in Texas my whole life.
I'm from that area.
I grew up with guns.
I was trained and taught.
You know, I went to hunter education when I was a kid and I was trained and taught to be responsible with them.
And then obviously, like, I went in the military and it became even more.
And so when you get out and I wanted to try to find something to do to make an impact, I chose being a special ed teacher.
And when I got into it, these young men,
Lose themselves in these video games and all the things that are going on in social media.
And it's hard to connect because teachers struggle with building relationships with kids.
It's even harder when you're in a situation like with a pandemic where people are not going to school and there's no continuity.
There's no predictability.
There's nothing there to be able to help people manage behavior.
And when you're off that long, those kids get in different cycles and that's what we're seeing all over the place.
So I saw him more asocial, Alex, to where somebody
A young person that has a social tendency, they're going to be more kind of by themselves.
They might be social, but they're going to be social with like a select group of students.
And so he was more just, to me, just removed from the situation, but he was still approachable.
And so, you know, especially at the end of the day, I would go out and I had students all over the place and I'm there like, like how I am.
There's a lot of proactive educators.
And I'll walk around and I just kind of get the temperature of what's going on around the kids because I want to know what's going on.
And I think that's one of the, on the side note, like one of the things you have to do in order to combat this, people have to learn how to communicate again and collaborate.
Because if I'd have been, you know, I'm not saying I would have made a difference, but like if I'd have, if I'd have been interacting with him, I've been away from the district for a couple of years.
And if I'd have been interacting with him or with
Kid that he had been around I would have been able to tell that something's off but everybody's radar should already be up because with all these kids coming back after being on lockdown for so long and and and there's been incidents that have been happening all over the place across the state not only involving guns but like if you look at what happened in New Braunfels High School where
Kids broke into the school and destroyed the interior of the school.
And I think what you're saying is key because they're now saying he drove around with friends and egged cars and shot people with BB guns.
And then you get in a worse and worse group and it goes from egging and BB guns to real guns.
I never shot people with BB guns, but I did on Halloween run around and, you know, throw eggs at people and then it escalated to, you know, throwing a pumpkin off of a bridge.
We're good to go.
And we know all the statistics, we know the facts, but this is the real world of years of not being at school, years of being cut off from people and good peer groups, sinking off into bad peer groups during all this.
I mean, they know this caused massive speech impediments in children, massive loss of learning.
I mean, this is just... And the globalists knew exactly what they were doing.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Alex.
I just want to say that, and you, Valby, because it's so close to the border,
They've got a drug corridor that connects Del Rio to San Antonio that they're constantly working.
There's federal law enforcement everywhere.
Border Patrol.
You name the agency, they're there.
And so the fact that he got where he got in that town and it just there's so much law enforcement that are moving around at any one time or they're going through there.
That's that that community, both the Hispanic and the Caucasian community in that area, everybody's armed.
And so like it's it's one of those situations where the from what I can see in the reports the attack unit from the Border Patrol just happened to be almost like right in that area and they responded before they even had backup which is a testament to how
Matthew, I agree with you.
Stay there.
I want you to have a minute or two to finish up and I promise Rico and Andrew and Danielle and Jason and Mike, Patty, I'm gonna get to you.
19 dead children in elementary school, two dead teachers, and a dead psycho who could have been saved with Christ.
All right, Matthew, I appreciate all the other callers holding.
I appreciate you holding.
Any other observations you'd like to make?
As a special ed teacher and an army veteran who did work with this young man that went into a very, very dark place and is now committed reportedly serious heinous crimes of the highest level.
Any other points you'd like to make?
I appreciate you calling in.
Yes, sir.
I would like to first of all say that as a country, we need to recalibrate our priorities to center around not only the mental health crisis, but we need to refund police in a way where they're treated.
And by the way, teachers and paraprofessionals, all those people that go out and sacrifice every day for barely anything, do it because they care for those kids.
And so it's hard to watch because people make a sacrifice to go out and do that every day.
And I feel bad for those parents.
Oh my gosh.
Do you have children, Matthew?
Yes, sir, I do.
Well, I've got four.
Tell me about yours because, I mean, I've got a five-year-old daughter and it just tears my guts out to just think about how somebody could sit there and just point-blank range, shoot little babies.
Well, it makes you, it heightens your awareness for one thing, because, you know, as an educator, you're constantly wanting to manage your clock and make sure that everybody around you is doing well.
And we've lost on a lot of that, and it makes me afraid for my two children, minor, within that range of age, that would be, you know, in elementary, one's in intermediate, but one's in early elementary.
And it's tough because we've got a looming teacher shortage, not only within the state but around the country and the mainstream media does not talk about it.
But we've got to, like I said, recalibrate our focus on making sure
I don't think so.
Without going through some sort of mental evaluation, you're barely developing.
Well, expanding on that, he's being described as autistic.
I know you can't diagnose somebody without a doctor, but was he on the spectrum in your opinion?
I can't, without violating his FERPA information, unfortunately, I don't want to comment on that, Alex, because he's still technically a student.
He was a student at the high school, he's a senior.
And so he's, even though he's 18, the law, like I'm not talking about... No, I totally understand.
In fact, I didn't think about that.
I understand.
You're right.
There's laws.
You can't, you can't do that.
Well, clearly, that's what the evidence is showing here.
And again, they, half the transgenders are autistic because they target them in the schools, the bad schools, not good schools like yours.
The leftist schools, they target them and confuse them.
And then almost all the shooters are as well.
Matthew, I'd like to invite you on the war room if you can come on or back tomorrow.
Please don't hang up.
We're gonna put you on hold and talk to you.
God bless you.
Alright, now I said I'd take a lot of calls and move quick, but then you get a call like that, I think everybody understands why for 30 minutes I've had that man on.
I'm going to go to some calls now.
I'm going to give each caller about two minutes because I don't want to make the rest of you hold.
I'm going to go in the order these calls have been received.
Let's talk to Rico in Texas.
Rico, what is your view on the future of America?
Yes, sir, I've got Bluetooth earphones on, so can you hear me good?
It's a little muffled, but go ahead.
Okay, well...
I do want to say that guns are not the problem here.
The problem with this situation is the culture of America.
The culture of America has taken over the minds of a lot of people.
And as time goes by, you're only going to see it getting worse and worse until the United States finally falls.
That's really all I can think about right now.
I agree that our trajectory is total collapse and world war because we forgot God.
You're absolutely right.
Yeah, like I said, man, right now is the time to get more guns if you can, because in a few years, probably in a few months, it's going to get worse.
Guns are going to get hard to find.
You're right.
I mean, it's preposterous to blame gun owners.
The fact that there are psychos out there is the reason we have guns.
It's the reason I got an armed guard 50 feet from me right there, highly trained.
And that's the reason there's more.
And we have to pay for that because we're a target.
And it is damn real.
It's just sick, and I forgive you, and I love you, and I appreciate you.
That last call, there's a lot of lost people like him.
He's probably very similar to this guy that just did this, and I forgive you, and I care about you.
Let's go ahead and take another caller here.
Let's talk to Danielle in Texas.
Danielle, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I don't know if you know, but yesterday, at the same time of that school shooting, the little county that I live in, in East Texas, Raines County, apprehended a student at our school with two handguns and a shotgun.
Well, I mean, look, if you advertise something everywhere, mentally ill people are going to do it.
So they just obsess on school shootings, they hype them up, and we know they come in clusters because copycats are coming, and that's a great point.
I would expect in the next week or two, we'll have another big mass shooting.
I mean, it's obvious what's going on here.
Yes, it's also a little disturbing that they're happening at the same time.
It makes me a little bit suspicious.
Well, I mean look, somebody probably groomed this guy, somebody probably programmed him, but we can't prove that.
We know Theodore Kaczynski was groomed by the CIA and controlled by the CIA.
That's mainstream news, just back of the paper.
So yeah, it goes on, it could be going on, but again, they don't need to do individual mind control now.
The culture is mind control.
And that's what's so upsetting about that last caller, Danielle, is he called in and made that point, if it's an evil culture, it's gonna get worse, and then he makes a sick comment.
You know, it's just sick.
Yeah, we have to pray for our society.
What else is on your mind, Danielle?
I'm just a happy homeschool mom today.
Boy, I gotta tell you, that's what my wife said, because, you know, we're thinking about a five-year-old daughter, private school or something, and we're just like, let's just keep her home.
It's time to stop letting other people teach our children.
The real thing is how to roof a roof, how to plant a garden, how to cook food, how to tie your shoelaces, how to be a good person.
Everything else doesn't matter.
The whole educational system is programmed for a system that's over, that's gone.
And so that's why they're engineering a post-traditional world.
Thank you.
We love you, Danielle.
I'm going to come right back and I'm going to take all these calls.
We're going to talk to Unity and others on the other side.
Stay with us.
What an incredible realization that we're the tip of the spear, the ragtag group that is InfoWars, this whole family of listeners.
I love you all.
And I mean that.
These globalists have such hate for us.
They want to depopulate us.
They want to bankrupt us.
They want to enslave us.
They want us hopeless.
But we have God and we have hope.
And like all other tyrants in history, we will overcome them.
Now, I'm going to go right back to your calls, but I wanted to say this.
Because later, once we go to these calls, I'm going to cover this.
Let's just remember that the UN said two years ago the lockdowns were going to put 278 million people, they estimated, on the verge of starvation, and an extra 20 million a year would die, and they nailed it, and that's accurate.
40 million people died.
I wake up at night and think about that, because let me tell you something, I'm God-fearing, and I've got a spirit, and it's connected to things, and... You know, I'm not going to tell the story.
It's just too intense, and I said I'd go to your calls, but I had a vision when I was three years old.
It's one of my earliest, most intense memories, and
It was starving African children that were just crying out for food and my parents heard me crying in my room in the middle of the night and they came in and my parents remember this and it was very intense.
It was a recurring dream after that and it was real what I was seeing.
And I didn't understand it all, obviously, when I was three years old, but it was a mission to not let what was coming even bigger happen.
And I remember spiritually feeling the Holy Spirit incredibly intense.
And like giving me an imprint of information that you're gonna you're gonna help mitigate this you're gonna help stop this this is your mission and I remember being given this total sorrow and the desperation of those children and it was it was the most intense thing that's ever happened to me in my life bar none nothing's ever been one-tenth as intense and it was it's a lot more complex than that and I try to never talked about it to even
Friends or family.
I mean, I guess a few times my parents I've talked about when I would cry.
I was like three years old.
And I hadn't seen TV shows about starving children.
I was just it was like super intense.
I was there with the children dying who were begging, begging for food and their parents didn't have it.
And then years later I was watching a PBS documentary, I think it was PBS, and it showed this father working all day tirelessly and he was super skinny and starving to death and his wife couldn't even produce enough milk.
And a couple of their kids had already died, and he was there saying, all I've got is these fruits, I'm sorry, like the two-year-old, and was crying, saying, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, please help me.
And it's, it's, it's, it's, I mean, we can't just go, oh, there's this third world population, they're useless, and let them die.
If we do that, we're supposed to save those people, but really save them, not weaponize them and bring them here and have them burn everything down.
If we don't lift those people up, not just in Africa, but everywhere, but the vision was Africa.
If we don't do that, God's going to damn us to hell.
I can tell you now that that is a fact.
And if we don't try to save people like Salvador Ramos, we don't have any hope.
And the left poses as the people trying to save people, when they're the actual ones manufacturing and producing this.
I'm going to shut up now.
It's a true story, and it's amazing.
Unity in Texas, welcome here on the air.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
I'm all right.
The evil's making its move, brother.
It is.
It is.
I just want to say, God bless everyone and you, Vality, and God bless all of us going through these times.
Another thing is, you know, should these teachers, should they be drug tested?
All teachers, the school board, should they be drug tested?
Number one.
Number two, are the liabilities in the doctor's labs?
Are they in the school board's labs?
Are they in the video game manufacturer's labs?
Should we have a mental health questionnaire for video games?
Should we lock these games up like we do the guns and have them transferred like guns?
Have an FFL, have a BGL, video game licensor?
We're going to have to do something to protect these children in these schools.
Stripped malls have
Armed guards walking around, looking at their phones, and nothing's going on.
That's right.
We've got armed guards guarding garbage restaurants and garbage jewelry shops.
The jewelry's not worth anything.
Our children are everything.
Well, it's areas of commerce that we're protecting and not areas of value, which is our children.
Any species that doesn't protect its young will become extinct.
Should we not have mag strips in the school rooms?
Bulletproof glass on the doors?
We have them in banks.
Something's got to be done.
That's a great point, because I don't like the police state, but it's not a police state when psychos are spiritually targeting our young to harden those facilities.
I go back to the manufacture of the drugs.
These kids shouldn't be on all this dope.
They shouldn't be.
These kids need to be eating clean, healthy diets.
We need to be supporting and cultivating that in our school districts.
I agree.
They ought to have a period every day, so they can have eight hours of it happening.
They should be growing giant gardens and there should be horticulture going on and agriculture going on at every single school in this country.
This stuff has been massaged out of our schools and other things that are nefarious have been allowed to come into our schools.
That caller that was talking so greatly about watching out and all these hard times and then wants to pop off that dumbass, that ridiculous remark at the end, that's the mental illness right there.
It's a great example of what we're dealing with.
Again, it's the pharmaceuticals, it's the drugs flooding into this country.
We have a southern border... You're right, it is the drugs, both illegal and legal, that are wrecking everything.
And I'm not perfect, you know, I don't use like any type of speed or cocaine, but, you know, I have...
Smoke marijuana some here and there and for somebody like me smoking it once a month when you're really tired or whatever and you know still racing it's one thing but it's not your grandma's pot and just even having it destroys our culture then you make it illegal that makes a giant prison complex it needs to be decriminalized but it needs to be policed and it needs to be limited and people need to be educated to stay the hell away from it because it is the drugs that are destroying us.
Yeah, HIPAA also is a joke.
It's nothing more than to keep everybody segmented and compartmentalized.
And I know there's some advantages of it, but think about it.
When you ask anyone, what's your health problems?
They gladly tell you everything under the sun that's wrong with them.
It's not a secret.
That's a tool.
It's a weaponized tool.
Thank you so much for the call, Unity.
Well said, sir.
Powerful caller.
We've got two minutes to break, but I'm going to go ahead and go to Tommy in Texas.
Go ahead, Tommy.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on.
Yes sir.
Hey, I just wanted to make a point.
Yesterday, with the aftermath of the shooting, social media was going crazy and of course you got these liberal representatives attacking all these Republican congressmen and representative senators and all that.
My question to you is, at what point do they have enough of being vilified for this situation?
Do they take it in their hands and go back on these liberals that are attacking them for being a baby killer?
Well, exactly.
They have no debate.
They want open air drug markets.
They want to abort babies after they're born.
They want drag queen story time.
They tell us there's so many people.
Oh, but then there's a mass shooting.
All the pro-life people, all the gun owners, we're to blame.
It's ridiculous.
It is.
And this may sound kind of demented, and I couldn't help but think of it.
If that shooter would have went into a nursery and shot babies, the left might have praised them.
Actually, if he'd have gone and shot, like, 20-something pregnant women, they'd have been like, damn, that's good, you know?
Yeah, they would have praised him as a hero, saying he was pro-choice.
And I know that's sickening, but we are at that point where that's... Exactly.
We don't value the weakest, and then when they're five years old, we value them.
That's sick.
And I don't understand how any of these liberals can stand up and say they're pro-choice and be upset over a Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade.
It is sick.
I agree.
That's the big issue I meant to make today.
Thank you so much, Tommy.
Great points.
Were the Republicans punching back?
During the break, I was looking through all these stacks that I prepared to cover on air today, but we're taking your calls because they're so informative and so thought-provoking.
But this stack right here is so key that we got a great guest joining us, but I pushed him back 15 minutes to the next hour.
So when I start the next hour, I'm going to hit this.
What happened to Venezuela after gun control and then Antifa member was allowed to shoot multiple people for no reason and given no jail time.
That's coming up the start of the next hour.
And I'm going to go back to your calls right now, but I've got to do this or we won't be on air.
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Okay, let's go ahead and go to Patty in Texas.
Patty, thanks for holding.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
I'm calling about the Uvalde shooting and I haven't seen anything on the news or on the internet about the dad.
Where's the dad?
Where in the heck is the dad in all this?
We know there wasn't a dad.
The drug addicted, according to press reports here, who knows how much this is true, but it's been reported on Main Street News, the drug addicted mother was being evicted by the grandmother because I guess she and her son were being
Well, no wonder this kid has had so many problems.
I mean, if he had mental problems or autistic or anything like that, and he doesn't have a nuclear family, a normal nuclear mom and dad family, that just, with the lockdown, that just
I can see how this all happened, but I'm seeing this everywhere where there's just no dad in these families, all over the place now.
And there's nobody to discipline them, there's nobody to teach them how to be a man, like Adam Lanza, it's always the same M.O.
Into devil worship, into wearing black, into shoot-em-up video games, into self-harming, single parent, yep, that's what, and we're not, and the left goes, don't attack single parents, we're not.
We know the statistics.
We know the numbers.
We know what's happening.
Well, with the lockdowns that are about to happen, because that's what's going to go on with the next election.
Like you said, it's only a hundred and some days away, and they're going to do everything they can with this monkey pox and whatever else Bill Gates is going to send our way.
We're looking at not just the lockdown, but with the oil shortage,
The fertilizer shortage and the food shortages that are going to hit us by next year or the year after that is going to be devastating to everybody, not just single parents, but everybody.
You're right.
This is the globalists, in their own words, destabilizing society to create anger and fear, to collapse it and bring in their new global social credit score.
Yes sir, can you hear me?
Yes, I had a couple points to make.
I just wanted to say prayers to the families of Yuvaldi, the victims.
It's really tragic what happened.
Well, that's it.
The state is the religion, and their religion is Satanism, and we see the wages of sin or death.
It's very simple.
You're absolutely right.
Well, thank you for taking my call.
That's all I wanted to say.
Oh, brother, what you said is totally true.
Sorry, go ahead.
I know you're talking about arming the teachers, and I'm real hesitant to do that nowadays, especially seeing the lids of TikTok accounts.
I'm hesitant to arm the teachers.
No, that's a good point.
There should be a screening process, and then they should be trained, and then so-called, they're not being discriminated against.
It can be like a rotating security detail where the principal decides who out of the teachers is going to be armed, but I think if you put
I agree with you.
I also think if Republicans want to go on the proactive, given that we've seen some of the cops in some of these shooting situations,
Say that again.
Your phone broke up, Andrew.
Say that again.
I was saying, we've seen, if the GOP wanted to be proactive about the situation, we've seen cops in some of these situations sit on their hands.
How about incentivizing private security companies, giving them tax breaks if they're providing security for schools?
Well, I'll tell you this.
In leftist cities, the police are horrible, lazy thugs.
And in more conservative areas, they're super hard-working, great people.
I mean, the police just have one of the roughest jobs.
Nothing but respect for them.
When they follow globalist orders to violate rights, they become bad guys.
But the globalists are targeting them to bully them and take them over.
They're not going to get rid of them.
They're just taking control of them.
But I do like private security forces because, statistically, they're even better because they can kick people out that don't have what it takes.
And so, yeah, I mean, I'm for a free market solution.
Private security forces, police, a mix of the two.
And armed citizens.
And then also, obviously, you're wearing black, you're into devil worship, you're into shoot-em-up games, you're starting fights with everybody.
You need to be closely looked at.
Thank you so much for your call, brother.
Let's jam in one more before we come back with another excerpt of that famous Piers Morgan interview, and we'll come back with the big news out of Venezuela.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Fort Worth, Texas.
Mike, welcome.
Alex, can you hear me?
I can.
Hey, God bless you, brother, for being the greatest truth teller of our time.
And, you know, I need to get your opinion on this, Alex.
I was talking to a friend of mine this morning.
Okay, yeah, you know, the kid worked at Wendy's, I'm sure if he saved enough money, it'd be a pretty penny to buy those guns and all that ammo.
I don't know, I'm not versed on this, you probably well more than me, but how does that kid get all that body armor?
Because it sounds like he was in a heck of a shootout with the cops and they couldn't take him down before he got in, before the special agent got in.
I would think that body armor would cost a ton of money, and I don't know how an 18-year-old would access all of that, and maybe you can expand on that.
No, I agree.
How is he pinning down and defeating multiple armed security people and well-trained border patrol?
I mean, the whole thing's very suspicious.
Absolutely Alex, and one other thing I'd like to say to that punk Steve Kerr who was down here in Dallas last night lecturing you and me and senators and all that.
This is the same communist punk Alex of the NBA that a couple years ago was arguing against putting police protection... He called him white supremacist and said pull all police from schools.
Yeah, he's a punk, Alex.
He's a communist punk, and so is all the NBA.
I just want to say, hey, thank you for opening our minds, Alex, for those of us that are willing to listen.
And God bless you, brother, for all that you do.
God bless you.
We appreciate you, Mike.
All right.
I'm going to air some of this Pierce Morgan thing in a little no man's land that some stations don't care a lot do.
And then we're going to come back with the facts.
They're letting Antifa out of jail with no prison time that shoot three people.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
I mean, it just it's absolutely insane.
We'll look at Venezuela and more.
And Jason, Bonnie and John, we'll get to all your calls today.
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You will not take my right.
You go through background checks to get guns.
How about Prozac?
You know the number one... Oh, that's a big sponsor, isn't it?
Or that whole class of drugs.
Let me ask you a question.
Oh, whoa, gotta cut that off, don't ya?
Don't wanna talk about...
number one cause of death is suicide now because they give people suicide mass murder pills.
The U.S.
Your answer is to give more money to the psychiatrists and psychologists to put more crazy people on drugs that make them kill people, Pierce.
Let's try and have a debate here.
What about Fast and Furious?
Why'd our government ship guns into Mexico?
To blame the Second Amendment?
A false flag?
To blame the Second Amendment?
Why are they building 7 down the street here in New York?
I get accused when I get you guys on of talking over you of being rude.
I'm trying to be civil.
You've got to try and answer some of the questions, right?
Here's my issue for you.
Why do people need, civilians, need an AR-15 type assault rifle?
They already said statistically they're using a very low amount of the crimes.
That's an FBI fact.
They've been using them the last three mass shootings.
I'll tell you why.
Because they advertise it in the media.
Anybody knows that if somebody jumps off the Empire State's building, they put cops up there the next day because copycats come to do it again.
The media hypes and hypes and hypes.
Don't just commit suicide.
Don't commit suicide by killing a bunch of kids.
And here's the gun to use, because it's the one the US Army uses.
Why do people need them?
They need them to protect us from the number one killer in history.
Government in the 20th century, a university study out of Hawaii killed 292 million people.
It's called Demoscide.
Google it, folks.
Do you believe everyone in America... Shoot everyone in America.
Therefore, have an AR-15 if they want one.
Statistically, where there's more guns, there's lower crime.
The highest crime is in Bloomberg, uh, you know, controlled areas.
But you have the most guns of any of the 23 richest countries in the world, and you have 21,000 guns a year.
Well, America was born on guns and whiskey.
It's true we're a violent society.
But statistically, knives kill three times more.
Have you seen the FBI numbers?
Knives, bats, rocks, kill, kill, kill many, many times more.
Alex, let's talk about the guns.
It's not the rock.
It's not the knife.
When a mother pops her kids up with a cleaver because she's on serotonin re- Alex, tell me why I'm wrong about the AR-15.
Why don't you want to get rid of the drugs?
Because they're half your sponsors?
Stick to the subject.
America's number one cause of unnatural death now is suicide.
Not automobile accident, not cancer, not- You accuse me of attacking the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
I want to get people off pills that the insert says would make you commit suicide and kill people!
Alex, Alex, Alex.
I want to blame the real culprit!
Suicide pills!
Mass murder pills!
First time anybody's ever heard this, by the way.
Highway checkpoints!
Look at Mexico.
Total gun ban for the citizens.
Highest crime rate in the world.
57,000 people dead the last five years.
Total gun ban for the citizens.
Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in Europe.
Your country has the highest.
Alex, we have 35 gun murders a year of 11,000.
People get their brains... It's the higher crime rate.
Violent crime is higher.
It's the brains.
It's people.
I'm trying to get inside your brains.
If you punched me right now, it'd be not your fist, but your brain that did it.
Let me get inside your brain.
I'm serious.
You have a very, very big platform.
You air, I think, on 63 networks.
No, no.
That Wikipedia is like 10 years old.
I'm on over 140 stations.
Millions of Americans hear you every day.
Over a million and a half visitors to InfoWars.com a day.
And I congratulate you on the audience.
We have the statistics posted right now.
Who do you believe was behind 9-11?
Oh, I absolutely know.
I have the police on CNN saying, get back, they're going to blow up 7.
I have BBC reporting.
Who do you believe was behind this?
I have the proof!
I heard them on CBS Radio.
Who, Alex?
They announced they blew up the towers on CBS Radio.
Who do you believe?
New Yorkers all saw it and heard it.
They blew up Building 7!
Alex, who do you believe was behind it?
The American government?
Criminal elements of the military-industrial complex.
The same ones that staged Gulf of Tonkin.
The same ones that staged Operation... The mass shootings of Operation Gladio.
Ooh, the CIA don't like this right now.
Alex, do you mean that President Bush and his administration were behind 9-11?
I mean that even mainstream news reported that the hijackers were ordered to be allowed into the United States.
Michael Springman, the head of the visa department, blew the whistle on that.
So the Bush administration was part of a conspiracy to murder thousands of Americans.
I can speak in this accent as well.
The government, Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag, Pierce, to bring in martial law in Germany, April 27th.
Governments have staged terror attacks throughout history or allowed terrorists to attack as a pretext to invade and enslave the population.
How many guns do you own?
How many guns do you own?
We're going deep down the Davos Group World Government rabbit hole, the monkey pox.
Next phase, the lockdowns with a special guest.
Next segment, I'm going to go to John, Jason and Bowtie here in just a minute.
But I wanted to hit this while we're talking about the tragic mass shooting in South Texas in Uvalde, the 19 dead children, two dead teachers.
There's so many examples of this.
It's like communism not working for the general public, but working for the elite.
Communism doesn't work for the people.
I don't need to put on exhibits of that, but they're trying to launch it again.
These are articles out of the BBC, out of all mainstream sources.
Going back a decade ago, Venezuela bans private gun ownership.
That's in June of 2012.
Crime rates then explode.
Here's the hill.
In the wake of a gun ban, Venezuela sees rising homicide rates.
Just a few years later, more than triples.
Gun control preceded the tyranny in Venezuela.
F-E-E dot org.
And then you have massive government gulags, torture, death, tanks running over the citizens after they take the guns.
Total devaluation of the currency, war against the people, that's the globalist authoritarian model.
How Venezuela's good citizens were disarmed is a lesson for us.
Absolutely is.
And now let's move to this, and I meant to have a photo of him, I forgot to tell you.
Actually, pull up the article, if we can, there's video of this.
I forgot to tell the crew it's my fault, but a lot of you have already seen the footage of, it happened all over the country, but Antifa blocking roads at Black Lives Matter protests they were running.
And then shooting at people.
And that's a different individual.
A man twice bailed out by Kamala Harris.
Back to fun gets arrested again.
I'm talking about this case right here.
No prison time for man who shot Aurora protesters while aiming at Jeep driving through the crowd on I-225.
The man who shot two people while aiming at a jeep that drove into a crowd of protesters, which is driving through them, on Interstate 225 in the summer of 2020, was sentenced Tuesday to 120 days in jail, followed by five months probation, but it's all time served.
Samuel Young, 24.
Can we pull this picture up?
Just type in this article, no prison time for man who shot Aurora protesters.
Samuel Young, 24.
Earlier this year, was convicted of seven felonies, two counts of second-degree assault, four counts of attempted manslaughter, and a single count of illegally discharging his gun after he fired five shots during a protest against police violence in Aurora in July 25th, 2030.
There he is.
So when a police officer accidentally shoots somebody or is being physically attacked and pulls their gun and shoots them, they go to prison.
But when this guy
He does all this and tries to kill somebody in a car and shoots other people, his own cohorts.
He's given no prison time.
And I've got an article, we'll go to your calls, we'll get to it at the end of the show today, where a Soros DA is prosecuting somebody with prison time for heckling him at a press conference.
So the communists will put you in jail for your speech.
Or for self-defense.
But when you shoot innocent people, it's a okay, mostly peaceful protest.
We already had callers bring up the Warriors Curb, backs Everett to remove police from Oakland schools, saying they're white supremacists.
Imagine being the police and just having some person like this say you're Hitler, and anybody that attacks you or shoots you or kills you is Captain America.
And then he comes out and calls for gun confiscation.
Last night, before the bodies of the poor dead children and teachers weren't even cold.
That, my friends, is cold.
That is sick.
But he's not as bad as the other NBA owner.
Who came out and said, so what if there's death camps in China?
What do I care about the Uyghurs?
They don't even rise to the level of my consciousness.
That is truly sick.
These are dangerous, dangerous people.
When we let them run society, we will be destroyed.
All right, let's go to the calls.
Let's talk to Jason in Texas.
Jason, you're on the air about the tragic shooting in Uvalde yesterday.
Oh yeah, well, we've seen this happen play out millions of times.
It's the first thing out of Democrats' mouths.
These celebrities, you know, gun control.
But yeah, like everyone's talking about it.
I've seen multiple police chases where they're chasing the suspect, he crashes the car, and they're right there with their guns drawn, you know?
But somehow this kid, you know, gets to walk around, just get out of the car occasionally,
Well, we don't have enough of the facts yet, but the mayor of Ubaldi has come out against Biden and his demonization of gun owners.
And, you know, you're in a shootout, you're in a chase, somebody jumps out of a car, runs into a school.
I mean, I don't know.
I mean, definitely stuff has been staged before, but
All I know is they use these type of events to demonize the general public, and that is a fraud.
That is wrong.
Of course.
They want our guns so the who can come in and all the UN and all these people and wipe us out like all these, control us like all these other countries.
We're the last damn country to be controlled.
That's right.
We're the country that said no to the lockdowns.
As bad as we are, we're better than other countries.
And that's why we're being targeted.
And they're using psychological warfare and just a sick society and Hollywood trash to do it.
Thank you so much.
Great points, Jason.
All right.
Bowtie in Texas.
Bowtie, you're on the air.
Hey, what's up, bud?
I just want to talk about
Love you.
Go ahead.
The church is a complete failure, man.
The church, man.
I can remember growing up and the pastor would come every weekend and invite us to church.
He went after the kids first.
Another thing, Alex, we gotta get the hell out of this virtual world.
This virtual world is blending into our third world, our 3D reality.
We've lost touch.
We've lost connection.
There's no more neighbors reaching out to each other.
Hell, I saw a couple neighbors having a crawfish, man.
They could only get three or four neighbors to come over and eat crawfish with them because they was all scared by the damn media.
That's right.
They don't want us talking to each other.
They want us directly plugged into their matrix.
Yeah, it's the Matrix, it's the web.
We're losing touch with 3D world, the physical, the touch, the love, we're losing all that.
And we're blending into this third world that is Satan's kingdom.
He created this world, that's his world.
God created this world, the 3D world for us to enjoy, but we're getting manipulated to enjoy the fruits of porn and spurt and
You know, you wonder why a radio sportscaster makes $30 million a year.
It's to pacify the men and make them a bunch of sissies.
I love you, Alex.
That's it, bub.
I'm out.
God bless you.
Beautifully said, Bowtie.
Amazing caller.
John in Texas.
Go ahead.
Last caller before we get our special guest.
Hi, Alex.
You know, something that somebody's not bringing up is the fact that the NRA is having their annual convention in Houston this weekend with a lot of Republican, uh, Texas Republicans are going to be there.
You don't think this was done to demonize the Texas Republicans and the NRA?
It's very suspicious timing.
And that gear that guy had, from what I understand, being interested in guns myself, that he had something like $3,500 worth of gear there, maybe more, depending on the quality of the guns.
How'd he get all that money working at Wendy's?
Yeah, and did he disappear at any time?
Was he off somewhere where a communist cell was training him to get him ready for this?
I mean, yeah, he might have been crazy, but he might have been a diehard legal, you know, fanatic.
John, I've been on there 28 years, and you haven't gotten through in years.
You've been calling for 20 years, haven't you?
I have since 19, shortly after the World Trade Center.
20 years.
20 plus years.
All right.
Well, God bless you, John.
What else do you want to add, brother?
Well, that's the only thing is that I'd like to hope that the police are going to do a thorough investigation, but what happened in the Las Vegas police swept everything under the carpet, you never know, you know.
Oh, I mean, everybody should be able to question this because there's been so many false flags, so many provocateur operations.
Again, the Unabomber was CIA, best declassified, MKUltra.
So it's reasonable to question it all, and it's our right to do it, and we should do it.
But I just think it's just mass brainwashing at this point.
John, thanks for getting through.
We love you.
All right.
Attorney Thomas Renz is at the tip of the spear when it comes to research and suing Big Pharma and trying to stop the next lockdown that's coming.
He'll be joining us to talk about Monkeypox, Wuhan lab, WHO treaty, new jab situation, WHO pushing for permanent lockdowns, and setting up COVID part two.
Stay with us.
You know, I got some stuff on the break tomorrow.
I'm going to stop here.
I'm not going to cover right now.
But there is just so much going on.
We have world government convening, announcing they're going to censor us, announcing new lockdowns, announcing they're going to forcefully inject us.
It's just fabulously evil.
And Thomas Renz is an experienced lawyer, and he has been fighting for several years against the tyranny, and has had a lot of successful lawsuits.
And he's here to talk about Monkeypox, Wuhan Lab, WHO treaty, new jab situation, WHO pushing for permanent lockdowns, building for COVID Part 2.
So that's all coming up right now, and he joins us.
What an amazing time to be alive.
Where should we start, Thomas?
Boy, I gotta tell you, Alex, there's so many bad things happening from so many bad people, it's hard to even know where to start.
I mean, I think that one of the things that we've got to understand is what's happening.
There's been a lot of stuff about this WHO treaty, this WHO amendment, and I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about it.
So a lot of people are talking about giving up sovereignty, and in some senses that's correct, but strictly as a lawyer, there's a little bit of a misunderstanding there, right?
So Biden, no matter how much he wants, and I do believe he wants, he can't override the Constitution.
So he can't entirely give away our sovereignty.
But they know that, right?
The bad guys, the people we're fighting, they know that they can't go directly up against the Constitution.
So they're doing something much more insidious that I think will have actually, I mean, I can't say worse consequences, but every bit as bad.
Alex, you know, I mean, you cover this stuff all the time.
You sue the government, they throw you out on standing.
Whether it was election, COVID, no matter where you go, if they can throw you out, they say you don't have standing, right?
So now imagine if there's a global administrative agency, a global Department of Health and Human Services, right?
The WHO.
And not only
You have a hard time suing our government, but our government then agrees to take authority from another bureaucracy that they're claiming is over their head.
To sue those guys is literally borderline impossible.
And what Biden is doing is he's going to use his power as the president and his diplomatic power given to him in the constitution to try and force who mandates who laws on the American people.
For all eternity.
That's what he's trying to do.
Meanwhile, Alex, and I think this is really where the rubber meets the road on this.
If you look at the amendments he's proposing, there's a ton of stuff in there about sharing information, giving who access to information.
Total violation of HIPAA.
I want you to elaborate on this, and you're totally right.
George Herbert Walker Bush signed on to the treaty in 1992 for Agenda 21, the first phase of this.
Congress didn't ratify, but the bureaucracies and then Clinton and Obama and Bush Jr.
implemented a lot of it.
And so you're right, it's not legally we're under the treaty, but the bureaucracy, our own government, is doing it.
So if we say, oh, it's a UN treaty, it has the authority, no, none of it's ratified.
But the real fight is in our own bureaucracy that implements it.
Right, and they're going to implement it.
It's multiple levels, right Alex?
So, you know, normally it's hard enough to sue.
Like, we're suing the Department of Health and Human Services.
That's a hard thing to do.
Well, you don't have standing.
We're sovereign.
We're immune.
You can't sue us, right?
But when you look at this, doing it this way, what they're doing is they're creating another bureaucracy.
And Biden's going to claim that he's got legal authority to follow the direction of this because he's got constitutional authority for international relations.
And so he's going to claim to have authority to follow what they're saying and then implement through his executive branches.
And it's going to make it just a whole nother level of things that are difficult to challenge.
And meanwhile,
Meanwhile, some of the stuff that nobody's going to challenge because they're not going to notice is super important.
So this ties in, I think, in my mind with a lot of what we're hearing.
You know, you and I talked not too long ago about, you know, Val Noah Harari and these globalists and the WEF and all this stuff that's happening, right?
Well, what do they want?
Well, you know, the guy's talking about, we need to be able to hack people.
We need for tracking to go under the skin.
They want data.
Well, we've got years worth of data that we're developing that we're pulling from our public health services.
That's why they claim they want data to monitor diseases and outbreaks.
We know the vaccines are killing us.
We know they're behind it all.
We know they engineered all of it.
And that's what's insane.
Yeah, we have the data.
We know what you criminals did.
Their surveillance data is to track and control us.
For the basis of the social credit score, the carbon tax, which as you know in the last few days in Switzerland, they've announced all this.
They've been totally public.
Why do you think they're coming out like this?
Well, I think that it's a lot like a psychopath, a serial killer, right?
I mean, you know, for some reason, serial killers always need to now tell me people they've killed and brag about it.
I don't know, you know, I mean, I don't fully understand the mind of a psychopath, but these people are psychotic.
Anybody who is... No, that's it.
It's the basic MO of a psychopath, especially a megalomaniac, Dr. Evil type, that they got to tell you what they're doing to you.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, they can't stop bragging about it.
I mean, you literally have an advisor to the head of the World Economic Forum telling you that he wants to enslave humanity by getting rid of free will, that it's an illusion.
He's telling you that he's... And they're going to take your free speech, and they're going to force inject you, and they own your bodies, and freedom is over.
These are all quotes we played yesterday.
I mean, they're saying it.
Listen, should we discount
The fact that a serial killer is telling you he's going to kill 100 people just because it sounds bizarre?
I mean, these guys are psychotic.
They're telling us what they're going to do, and they've got the power and money to do a lot of it.
Are we going to just say, you know, that's a conspiracy theory?
It sounds far out that Yuval Noah Harari is saying that he wants to hack humans, that free will's an illusion.
It sounds far out.
That couldn't be.
Well, I mean, listen.
He's advising Bill Gates, Schwab, all these guys.
They're sitting there listening.
They're telling you.
Well, then Schwab makes the statements about free will's over.
You'll own nothing.
You'll have nothing.
We're going to put chips in your body.
Hell, forget Harari.
Schwab says it all.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, so these guys are telling us what they're going to do, and yet we're debating over whether or not we should believe it because it sounds far out.
I agree it sounds far out.
Let's put them in a mental ward and decide whether or not they actually are.
Exactly, it's perfectly said.
And then they have corporate media say, no one wants world government, no one wants cyborgs, no one wants to put chips in you, no one wants to take free will, no one wants to make you take a shot, you can't leave your house until you take a shot.
Well, I mean, listen, we just had the announcement.
Pfizer said, you know, hey, you can swallow these chips and then we can track and it'll be perfect, you know, a perfect way to monitor people.
Can you imagine the compliance?
In fact, by the way, we're going to break.
Thomas Renz, Renz-Law.com.
We've got so much to cover.
Guys, get that head of Pfizer clip we played.
Monday or maybe Sunday.
Get that short 45 second clip ready when we come back from break.
But we'll come out of break and play that.
Unlike mainstream media, when we say something, we're going to show it to you.
Thomas Rinds is our guest.
So much to hit.
Monkey Pops and more.
Straight ahead.
The tip of the pro-human, pro-God, pro-family future.
We are the resistance.
You are our backers.
We are together.
So imagine the applications of that.
The insurance companies to know that the medicines that patients should take, they do take them.
It is fascinating what happens in this field.
Attorney Thomas Renz, our guest here on the Alex Jones Show.
And what he says is so key.
It's a declaration of war against all your rights, your money, your privacy, your body, your children, everything.
And they're just up there like it's totally normal on their big fancy stages, announcing the world government right now.
And Monkeypox, right on time, rolls out.
Thomas Renz, please continue.
So I want to put a bug in your ear, Alex.
I don't know if you've thought about this, right?
I haven't seen it anywhere else.
One of the key provisions of this amendment, or these amendments that they're proposing, was sharing of information.
Who people can come in and they can look at the information, we can share it with them, and so on and so forth.
You know, if you look at both China and these, you know, these globalists, they've all been talking about getting our data.
And I don't know if you remember this, Alex, but a number of months ago there were some stories came out about them selling the DNA data and the genetic data from the PCR test to China and to some of these other places.
Imagine, now that we have electronic medical records, thanks to Obamacare, and now that the government has all this data on us, imagine what happens when we just give all that data.
To these monsters at the Who, who are controlled by China, who are controlled by Big Pharma, they're controlled by, you know, these globalists.
So I think that's one that nobody's even going to notice.
Nobody's going to care.
Because these guys are going to come in.
It's not like Biden's going to make an announcement that he's sharing your genetic data.
That is sharing all your medical data.
He's just going to do it.
And so nobody's even going to notice.
And it's the same thing that we've seen with our privacy as it's been eroded by big tech.
Nobody really knows how much they have on us, but they're using everything they have on us to control us.
It's part of the surveillance state.
Now they're going to go in and take our personal medical information.
And that, I think, is one of the most dangerous aspects of this treaty.
That's key.
That's in the draft treaty.
You're right.
No one's talking about that.
They're not just claiming ownership of your body, but your data.
Well, and remember, Alex, we've got paperwork.
On historic work that's been done between China and Israel regarding genetic-specific diseases that target certain genetic signatures that are related to specific races, for example.
Race-specific bio-weapons.
Yeah, yeah, and all sorts of other things.
Here's the bottom line.
What are they going to do with it?
I can't prove that.
What I know is this.
If Klaus Schwab and China want my DNA data, I don't want them to have it.
It's just that simple.
I'll tell you the good news.
The clip's being pulled in right now.
We'll play it before the segment ends.
They're spending half their time at this Davos event.
We've got reporters there, Savannah Hernandez and others, reporting for Infowars.com.
They're obsessing.
We've got a sensor room.
They're after us.
They're vaccine critics.
Well, it's our bodies, and it's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy, and it doesn't work.
Well, listen, I mean, you saw, what's his name, the Pfizer guy say, listen, there's plenty of doses.
It's not a supply chain issue.
He says the Americans just don't want it.
They won't take it.
That's the truth.
That's true.
Oh yeah, Pfizer and Moderna have said it.
Let me back you up with that.
Here's the COVID headlines today.
Mass die-off, such a key article, and it's in the British government's omissions.
You were on a month ago talking about this, but now it's confirmed.
Close to 180,000 people died within 60 days of COVID-19 vaccine.
England's Statistic Office makes stunning admission.
Bob Shell, this video, it's on Enforce.com, CNN admits mRNA vaccine may be adversely affecting immunity.
They warned about it beforehand.
Moderna's CEO laments throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them.
That's what you just mentioned.
Alex, we reported in June of 2021
That there had been 45,000 deaths from the jab just within the Medicare-Medicaid database.
We reported that back then.
It made all sorts of headlines.
They've been covering this up.
They know what's going on.
They're acutely aware of how many people are dying.
The mRNA technology
It facilitates your body producing the spike protein, which is a pathogen.
We know that.
We also know that through a process called reverse transcription, this has the potential to make you a permanent GMO, a permanent genetically modified organism.
Does it happen to everybody?
How often does it happen?
We don't know.
The data's not there.
But is it happening?
Well, it certainly appears to be.
A good percentage of people have spike protein take over their body and take over their DNA.
Listen, Alex, once your body starts producing this, you're permanently producing a pathogen, or at least as long as this vaccine is impacting your body.
This pathogen is causing just absolutely unimaginable damage.
And you know, it's so many unintended adverse things.
Do you notice how they had the big thing about hepatitis in kids and then it disappeared immediately?
Well, let me tell you why it disappeared.
Hepatitis is listed as an adverse event of special interest in the Pfizer documents.
It's the Pfizer vaccine that was causing it.
And by the way, they said, oh, the only thing we can find is adrenovirus.
Well, guess what?
Adrenovirus, pneumonia, is also listed as an adverse event of special interest.
Then they said, well, maybe some of these kids might not have been vaxxed.
Well, guess what?
I've got the Cominarty approval letter from the FDA where Pfizer agreed to run a study that was based on, it's called, the study design was called
What was it?
Shedding and other issues related to gene therapy products.
It was something to that effect.
But they literally in the study title referenced that this was to study shedding in gene therapy products.
We'll talk about it next segment.
And we also have
With a vaccine.
But we knew that there is a very...
I think that's behind us.
Everything went okay and now I think we can move on.
I think we were both targets of the anti-vaccine movements and conspiracy people claiming that I had tripled.
I wonder what it is.
I think you got hundreds of thousands of clicks and so on.
I know you were also targeted.
I read one day that I was arrested by the FBI.
Yeah, same happened to me.
And there are pictures of me and the FBI officers.
I don't know how, but I never said it.
The surprising thing is that the same publication I found out because
So what they do is they put out the disinfo themselves.
They're mass murdering criminals.
And no, you're not the target.
You are the target.
A bunch of disconnected, generationally ultra-wealthy people have decided that they've taken the world over through fraud.
And that it belongs to them.
But it doesn't belong to them, and we're gonna fight back and we're gonna win.
Our enemies are out in the open, and they put out all this disinfo about themselves and point to that.
No, we have the facts that Klaus Schwab brags.
He's penetrated our governments, he's taken them over, and he doesn't care what the people say.
He's gonna rule us.
Well, he's not.
And he's been identified.
Just like mainstream media ignores the fact they have no ratings and no viewers, everybody hates them.
They just keep being funded by the big banks.
They don't give up, but they've already lost.
Thomas Renz is a powerful brain, a great lawyer, and fighting with so many lawsuits on so many fronts.
Let's hit these other points.
More on the monkey pox, the WHO pushing for permanent lockdowns.
That was announced.
They said, oh, we said we were wrong before, but now we want them again.
And building for COVID part two.
Give us your take on that.
Well, let me open up with one thing super important, Alex.
I want to respond to that last clip that you just played, because those two arrogant pieces of garbage that are out there telling us what they're going to do and laughing about their being in good company, I got a message for you guys.
I am a nobody from a little town in Ohio.
And me and a whole bunch of other nobodies from little places in the United States has stood up and we are at a much lower rate of vaccination than you ever thought we would be.
You thought you were going to take us over.
You didn't know.
We nobodies, we are the resistance.
We, the people, thanks to Alex Jones, we have a voice.
Thanks to people like that, we have a voice.
And let me tell you, you scumbags, I don't care if it takes the rest of my life.
I made a promise before God that I would do my best to fight this as long as he allowed me to do it, and I will continue yipping at your heels until I eat the ground out from under you and you are in jail, and I will laugh every day for the rest of my life while you're sitting there.
You're right.
They have told us we're nobodies.
They've told us we're going down.
No, they're going down.
Those arrogant pieces of garbage, they will be held accountable for the deaths that I have to look at every day in my email box, the pictures sent to me of loved ones who are dying.
You scumbags, you may think we're nothing, but I'll tell you what we are, is we are relentless and we've got God on our back.
You will go down.
As far as your other stuff, the monkey pox, let me tell you what.
So we've got, and I just put it on my sub stack, I just put out a sub stack today to get ready to talk to you.
We've got, they've done gain-of-function on monkeypox.
So monkeypox normally doesn't spread very easy, and I'm hoping it doesn't spread very easy here, but here's the thing.
They've got the exact same scenario happening with the monkeypox that they had with COVID.
They ran their simulations, they've been planning for it, they've been building up fear, all this nonsense.
So here's my question.
Is the monkey pox that's running around now, is this that natural monkey pox?
Or is this another gain-of-function oops release?
And we don't know that yet.
I'll tell you, it's hard saying what's going to happen because, you know, they ran their simulations.
We don't know.
They're doing everything just like COVID.
And so we got to ask.
The other thing we've got that's really a variable here is, you know, we know McCullough just published a great paper
On, you know, some of the impacts these COVID jabs.
The COVID jabs screw with your immune system.
And it's possible, not proven, but possible that the way that it affects your immune system may make people who are jabbed more susceptible to these monkeypox.
So even if it is the natural strain, does it spread faster?
And here's the thing, if this was natural, why is Joe Biden, why are all these people concerned about it?
Why are you running simulations?
If there's no real, you know, monkey pots, they discovered that in, I think, the 1950s.
It's been out forever.
Why all of a sudden do we care?
What's changed?
Well, everybody's been jabbed and you've been doing gain-of-function research.
So, do you care because you've been doing gain-of-function research and people have been jabbed?
Or, you know, is there something that we're missing?
There's no reason to make a deal out of a disease that old.
And there's no reason.
Our CDC has already bought probably billions of dollars worth of this garbage vaccine that probably has mRNA tech in it and all sorts of gene therapy garbage.
We don't know what's in there.
But if you trust pharma to produce anything that's legitimate, well, you know, I got a bridge for you to buy.
Well, that's right.
What they've done is they are making their mad scientist move right now.
They are claiming ownership of our data, of our bodies, of our speech, of our children, of our banks, of our currency, of our nations, of our borders, of our God.
This is a full spectrum takeover.
It absolutely is.
And, you know, the question is, is Monkeypox a false flag?
Is it just something they're talking about?
Or is this something, I mean, in light of... No, you're right.
They're following all the same previous propaganda of 27 months ago.
And I wrote about... Alex, you know what?
I just, the other day, I looked at the first case I filed.
And that case was, well, the first major case I filed on COVID.
I filed it beginning of September of 2020.
If you read the fact pattern in that case, you'd think I was a stinking prophet.
Because everything in there has been proven to be accurate and it's very slowly leaked out.
Oh, you know, this was correct.
Oh, that was correct.
You know, listen, it's not that they didn't know.
They just lied.
They lied through their teeth.
The media was complicit.
They covered this up.
The media could pull up the document that showed that they were defrauding the American public on the number of deaths related to COVID, which by the way, they still are.
You know, the media could pull this up.
We made it public.
We put it out there.
So here's what I'm getting at.
What you said is true.
They admit no one's buying it.
No one's taking it.
Everybody's turning against them.
So they bring monkeypox in to create more hysteria.
They they snuck attack like evil always does.
It always has a head start.
But in the end, humanity is catching up to them.
Yeah, we are.
We are.
But that's why, you know, that's why my ugly mug is on your show, right?
Because we've got to inform people.
We've got to get the word out.
You know, so the WHO has said they want these permanent lockdowns.
We know, Klaus Schwab, all these guys, they've talked about how do you destabilize the planet, how do you get the second industrial revolution, or fourth industrial revolution, or whatever.
I mean, what they need to do is keep people unstable, keep causing chaos, keep sowing strife.
And he says angrier world will destabilize the old system and force adoption of the new system.
I love your impression, by the way.
That's my favorite impression of Schwann.
That's a quote of him.
I mean, it's insane.
I know.
I know.
So what do they do?
Look at this.
They are attacking us, not just in COVID, but everywhere.
Look at what they're doing to our kids in schools.
They're screwing with their mental health in a way that they're never going to recover.
Look what they're doing to our military.
You know, they're poisoning them with these jabs and using it for social experimentation.
Look what they're doing, you know, with the elections.
Look what they're doing.
You show me one part of our society that's not under attack.
It's all about destabilization and the monkey pox
You know, if it's not the Monarchy Pops, we already know they're talking about the next new variant for COVID.
You know, there's going to be a next thing.
They're not giving this up.
And we either defeat this evil, or it will continue coming after us.
That's right.
They're getting us into a rhythm of lockdowns and surveillance and forced injection.
They're getting us into the new normal.
In their own words, we can't let them do that.
Well, and let's not overlook the Summer of Rage.
I did another sub stack, I talked about the Summer of Rage, and I think you've talked about this.
If you search abortion and Summer of Rage on Google, you get a whole list of, you know, the violence and all this, you know, they need George Floyd riots part two.
You know, a lot of those protesters were paid.
Antifa was paid.
These guys weren't protesters.
These were rioters.
These were professional disruptors.
They've got to continue fighting to destabilize our nation.
This is all part of the same plan to attack freedom and to attack our people.
Big, giant central banks with unlimited money to rebuild, but in their image, and just trying to force the collapse.
That's right.
All right.
Thomas Renz.
Great job.
Join us again very, very soon.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from the Kate Dally Show at KateDallyRadio.com.
How are you guys doing today?
As you can guess, I have a lot to talk about today in this hour.
I'm glad you're joining me for this hour because I want to talk about election fraud.
It seems to be put on the back burner while we have events going on in the nation.
But I also have some questions about those events too.
And the problem is that I was trying to construct a timeline for radio to try to explain to people what happened.
The only problem I'm running up against with what happened in Texas is the timeline.
And as horrific as those events sound, and you know, of course, all America is concerned about the families, what happened to these children, I have to say that the timeline is a little disconcerting.
Before we get to my two guests for election fraud, I just wanted to kind of give you an example of why I'm finding it really hard to construct a timeline.
At 1117, the school district put out a message that the school had an active shooter.
So at 1117, they put this message out and that everything was fine, except that they had had this event happening.
This was 1117.
Okay, it happened.
Then the authorities say that at 1132, 10 minutes later,
Okay, more than 10 minutes, more like 15 minutes later, the authorities say that the school shooter then entered the building, which I thought was really strange.
Because by the time a school district writes the message, you know, shooter in the building, then what's strange is that it would take a little bit to get there.
So I'm probably guessing maybe at around 1110, something like that.
Okay, so, I just wanted to mention that, 1132.
And then, of course, at 1143, they said that the school, the elementary school, tweeted out that the school had some shots and gunfire outside, but everyone inside the school was fine.
That the shooting was supposed to be happening then, for an hour and a half.
And a shootout was supposed to be happening at that point, when the elementary school sent that out.
A little strange.
A little strange.
So the timeline is very, very weird.
I might talk about that a little bit more inside the show, but it was just very strange.
And the timeline, for some reason, is not working out.
I don't know who was not talking to whom or what was happening here, but it just seemed a little strange.
My guest, my first guest for talking about election fraud, which we really do need to keep an eye on right now, is Sheriff Mack.
Sheriff Mack joins me, and Sheriff Mack is the president of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.
And welcome to the show, Sheriff Mack.
How are you?
Thank you so much, Kate.
It's great to be back with you, and it's great to be back on InfoWars.
Thank you for joining me.
It's an important matter that's being swept aside for today's media coverage, which today's media coverage is important, but so is election fraud.
And here is the situation.
We have a movie, 2000 Mules.
I've interviewed Catherine.
I've interviewed Dinesh.
And this movie is important.
It's a huge, huge tool.
And to understand what this fraud's all about.
We only have a minute till we go to break, but we are going to come back and talk about this for a moment.
And I just wanted to understand what the constitutional sheriffs are saying about this movie, this extraordinary piece of evidence about election fraud.
Well, I made the mistake of watching the movie, and I say mistake because now it puts a responsibility on us and every sheriff in the country, every peace officer, every state police agency.
The evidence now is stark and right in our face.
And I really didn't make this issue a top priority of the CSPOA.
But because of this movie, I now am doing exactly that.
All of our members are saying the same thing.
This evidence is too compelling to ignore.
We're going to come right back more with Sheriff Mack when we come back.
The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.
So glad to have Sheriff Mack on with me today in this hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
So happy to be spending this hour with you.
Such important topics, too, that seem to be swept by the wayside in America today that still need to be talked about.
And there still is a obvious, huge, massive concern for our voting system, which is
Truly what we should be feeling right now.
We have a whole system that has fallen apart and we need to do something about it.
My guest for this segment of the show is Richard Mack, Sheriff Richard Mack.
He also is the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, political activist.
He's known for a role in a successful lawsuit
We're good to go.
Behind voter fraud and it's a massive amount of evidence mules kind of like drug trafficking Which you're probably well familiar with being in Arizona How the mules for the election trafficking have certainly?
Have certainly been part of this massive amount of evidence.
Yes Yeah, it is and and you know, it's kind of funny.
I actually predicted before the election that
That the Democrats would do anything and everything, anything and everything, lie, cheat, steal, and murder.
And I'm not kidding.
I believe they have committed murder and I believe they would be willing to commit murder to make sure that they would not allow Donald Trump back in the White House.
In fact, they basically tried to assassinate his character for five years.
I'm not a big Trump fan.
When he makes mistakes, I point him out.
When he does something good, I point him out.
Comparatively speaking, with other presidents, especially compared to the one that's in there now, he was one of the best presidents in American history and far better than anything the Democrats have put in there in a long, long time, especially
The destruction, the destroyer of American liberty that's in there now.
But I predicted this.
I said that they would do anything and everything and that, and it's obvious that they did.
But, Kate, I did not see any evidence where we could start investigating.
I did not make it an issue of the CSPUA to get all the sheriffs in the country to start investigating this.
A couple of sheriffs and CSPUA sheriffs
Started some of their own investigations.
Sheriff Dar Leaf in Michigan has been doing this for two years.
He's been stonewalled at every corner that he turns.
However, now, D'Souza comes out with this movie.
People kept telling me to watch it.
I wasn't interested in watching it.
Finally, I said, okay, send it to me.
I'll watch it.
I watched it.
And I'm not saying that it's completely true.
Let's just go and arrest everybody.
No, I'm not saying that at all.
I'm saying that the evidence appears to be very compelling and that the sheriffs of this country, especially in metropolitan areas, the larger cities of America,
Phoenix, Maricopa County, Dallas, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, all of those and other cities, some not as big, some are quite smaller, but it's the major metropolitan areas.
It's the four largest counties in Arizona that should be conducting these.
And that appears on the movie.
This cannot be ignored.
This is the destruction.
If this is even a little bit true, then this is the destruction of the constitutional American Republic.
And I don't want that anymore.
And I don't want the fundamental change that Biden and Obama have promised us.
I want the fundamentals of American values to stay in place.
And I don't believe any sheriff can ignore this anymore.
A lot of them don't want to watch the movie.
Fox wants to ignore this movie.
Newsmax wants to ignore this movie.
I will not do that.
And I cannot do that as an American and as a constitutional sheriff.
I cannot do that.
So we issued a press release calling on all media and all citizens and all sheriffs to investigate the evidence
As it appears on 2000 Mules.
And maybe it didn't happen in your area.
But I bet some other forms of the vote harvesting and ballot harvesting and some of this fraud did happen in your areas.
But it's not going to be every single county.
There's 3,100 counties in America.
But this needs to be addressed.
And sheriffs, you have a moral and lawful obligation
To verify whether or not the information put out in this movie is false.
Or if it's true.
And then you have an obligation to put this before a competent prosecutor.
Or before a grand jury.
And let's put this issue to rest.
And let's investigate one of the biggest crimes the way it looks.
The allegation is this would be one of the biggest crimes and frauds ever perpetrated in the history of America, and the victim is the American people.
I just got chills when you were talking because I love that you are putting these sheriffs on high alert to say, look at this.
You cannot ignore it.
You can't divert your attention away.
You can't just simply say it doesn't exist.
It's on film.
And where the mules weren't doing it, the software took care of business.
So we have to have an investigation by every sheriff in this country, like you said, to rule it out or prove it.
But they should be doing something, and so far they haven't been doing much.
No, and I haven't either.
Until now.
Because there's real evidence.
And I've said it before, you know, if any of you have evidence of voter fraud, take it to your sheriff and ask him to do an investigation.
So a few sheriffs across the country have.
Sheriff Smaling in Wisconsin did an investigation on voter fraud from nursing homes because they were ballot harvesting with people who were not capable of voting and they got voted for.
And he saw the fraud, he gave the information of the evidence over to the Attorney General in Wisconsin, and that idiot, and I would say the most incompetent AG in the country, told the Sheriff, that's a pretty nice publicity stunt.
And he would not look at it, and he would not take it before a grand jury, and he failed to do his job, wittingly.
But I believe there's enough sheriffs in this country that have access to good prosecutors, to legitimate AGs, who will see this evidence and follow up with it, and let's, Kate, let's let the consequences fall where they may.
And let's do our jobs as lawmen in this country, and let's bring this thing to a close.
Whether it's yes or no, or thumbs up or thumbs down on the evidence, let's put it to rest.
But to ignore this is malfeasance of office, and it's almost treason.
You cannot ignore this evidence.
And if you refute it, great!
But let's get busy and let's come up with this.
And folks, we could use all the financial backing and we every this is what I want to make sure everybody understands.
Every citizen can become a member of the CSPOA.
Be a part of our posse.
Join the posse.
Join the citizen posse today.
Go to CSPOA.org and become a member and help us get this out there and get these investigations done.
Amen, Sheriff Mac, and put pressure on all of these sheriffs, and it's going to take the people en masse to do this.
Thank you so much for joining me.
Sheriff Mac, thank you.
The CSPOA.org.
Please join up.
Please help in this effort, in this countrywide effort to expose what a major fraud just happened and basically a coup on our country based on the evidence.
I'll be right back.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host, and we'll be talking a little bit more about election fraud.
Be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for this hour.
So glad you're joining me.
A big thank you to Sheriff Mack.
Isn't he terrific?
And calling on all sheriffs, and I love the conviction that he possesses in doing so.
I have interviewed Sheriff Dar Leaf and so many sheriffs across the country.
He was the one that commandeered the ballot machines in Michigan.
And I'm telling you, we have some wonderful sheriffs out there, but they really need to spread the word in looking into this fraud because we really need them to stand up and do their job.
Joining me right now are two gals from the state of Utah who have been going after the file request for the information on election fraud like no other.
And later in this broadcast, I'll get into the timeline of the events in the news as far as the Texas event.
But for right now, I'd really like to invite Sophie and Jen on.
These gals are called Two Red Pills for a reason, and they've been doing some wonderful work in the state of Utah to get through to the election fraud.
There's such a massive amount of it, it's been difficult to get these to get these file requests.
And so when we talk about citizens jumping into this and doing something about it, my hat, my biggest hat tip to these two ladies or these two moms, if you will, for doing something about it.
And I mean, spending a lot of time doing this.
Welcome to the program, Sophie and Jen.
We're great.
How are you?
Thanks for having us, Kate.
Tell us a little bit about how you guys got rolling on this because I want every average person in America to understand that they can absolutely do something.
You have made quite the waves in the state of Utah and across the country in teaching other people how to do this.
How did it start?
Well, it started kind of with the mask mandate.
We were not willing to let our children be subjects of tyrannical rule and a violation of their rights.
So we were able to overturn the Salt Lake County mandate for Utah, and that was huge because it actually
Made our governor be threatened with lawsuits and losing money, millions and millions of dollars because he had pre-signed an agreement through 2023 with our State Board of Education that he would keep our kids in masks.
As we did this, we started uncovering a lot of information on education.
And at the same time, we started uncovering a lot of information about elections and we were like, this is a problem.
We're not seeing a lot of results here.
We see a lot of people concerned, but we're going to take this into our own hands just to make sure it's getting exposed and preserved for the election day.
And then what happened?
You started putting in requests and they started blocking these requests even to the tune of charging you $100,000 for a request that was very simple and that was the information passed amongst themselves and the records that are public.
There are records and you guys went after this and then what happened?
Yeah, well, it was interesting because she charged me almost $100,000 from our county clerk asking for just a couple thousand emails about the machines themselves.
We have since learned through other public records that Sophie got, that are amazing, that these machines that they're trying to cover up were actually not certified by the EAC.
So we can understand their motive on why they're trying to hide this.
But yeah, I mean, they tried to charge $100,000.
It was illegal rates.
I proved it was illegal rates.
They had them drop the rates and ended up getting a hearing at the state records office that gave me the information for free because of the broadcast we do.
Their reaction to that was to turn around and sue me.
The county sued me along with the state records committee to prevent us from getting that information out.
And then what happened was you got a software engineer involved.
He started looking at the public records that were already made public and noticed 250,000 ballots here were, you know, over here in this section were switched from in-person to absentee.
And then all of a sudden, when people go straight party ticket, things weren't lining up.
They were voting for the governor, but not for Trump, and then all of the sudden, which is kind of rare, and then all of the sudden, within 24 hours after the election, the machines were sent down to, of all places, Maricopa County, which had, obviously and allegedly, some major fraud going on.
And so the machines were sent down there when we were supposed to keep them in possession for months.
And as I'm saying this, I'm wondering how many states have also had this happen.
You guys were looking into it for a particular state.
How many states have the same issue going on?
Oh, Kate, as we're looking at our public records, it is astonishing to see how this was a nationwide hit job on our elections.
We've got some public records for Georgia that shows that numerous times during the week of the November 3rd, 2020 elections, that different people or users tried to log into the election systems
Um, for different counties in Georgia and they were not allowed in, but there was alerts given out to the county clerks that these people that were not verified and were not supposed to be logging into their election systems were doing this.
And we have many, many accounts of this happening all through starting November 3rd and going in a couple of days.
So that's, that's pretty frightening to think people are logging in, uh, and we have evidence.
And even here in Utah, just in Salt Lake County, we've been told that well over 200 out of the 277 passwords in our machines are compromised.
That's a huge percentage.
It's unacceptable.
I mean, it's overwhelming how much evidence there actually is, and you really can't ignore it.
Like Sheriff Mack said, if sheriffs can ignore this, something is wrong with the sheriffs in America, and they're putting their heads in the sand, and they are not standing by the oath they took.
In fact, I noticed huge amounts of, just as soon as you guys started poking around,
A huge amount of op-eds written by the governor himself saying, oh the elections are perfect, don't look here, and even going as far as to say you're un-American if you try to examine any of this information.
I'm sorry, but that is so egregious.
I could not believe they were actually saying this to the people in the state.
How many other states, if people went poking around, would other governors say the same thing?
Don't you dare look here, that's un-American, if you try to look for fraud, which is readily available, right?
And Kate, what's interesting is when Sophie and I started doing our requests in December to to get the election data, we wanted to tie it up in court so that they couldn't destroy it at the 22 month window.
We knew they wouldn't give it to us, even though they should and had in the past.
But we were met immediately within an hour after one of my requests.
I had the lieutenant governor giving my private information to a reporter to do a hit piece on me.
I had men in suits in my doorstep the next day.
I had vehicles watching my home.
I think?
I think?
And we have our director, our former director of elections, who has also sent people to the Department of Homeland Security and FBI and Public Safety.
I mean, we have a very real thing going on here to hide this information.
We're going to come right back with two red pills from Utah.
They are actually getting the other states involved.
Other states involved to go over this information to check out their own election fraud in these different states.
I'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from the Kate Dally Show at katedallyradio.com.
My two guests are two red pills.
That's what they call themselves from Utah.
And let me just tell you, they are helping other states across the nation.
This is why I wanted to invite them on the show.
They're doing a heck of a job.
They're two moms.
This means two moms can do this, two citizens can do this, and they can.
When you get involved, it's interesting how you want to keep going because in this case, there was so much fraud.
There was so much fraud and so many strange things that they were finding out.
And I also wanted to direct everybody's attention to TrueTheVote.org.
I just interviewed Catherine and she is just phenomenal.
She's done a great job in talking about cell phone surveillance and being able to, well, it's in the movie 2000 Mules.
Everybody needs to see this movie so they can see the election fraud for themselves.
And we're not even talking the major software portion.
And the major software portion is one of the biggest portions of this too.
We have huge, huge problems in Dominion.
So go to truthofvote.org and be a part of requesting that your sheriff look into this.
Ladies, other things that you found that were really, really alarming?
Yeah, I'm glad you brought up 2000 Mules because Sophie and I with Representative Phil Lyman rented out the theater for the world premiere of that and we absolutely loved that movie and the data that they were coming up with.
One of the things that we thought was very interesting is that the non-profits that they're talking about in that movie are paid directly or can be paid directly by the Zuckerbugs.
That's the $420 million that is being funneled through two organizations called CTCL, the Center for Technology and Civic Life, and CEIR, which is the David Beckham group.
CTCL, David Becker, I'm sorry.
CTCL is Tiana Epps Johnson.
And so, I find it very interesting that millions, hundreds of millions of dollars is being funneled into these states.
And we have the documents and the records that ask these states and these counties, hey, for all of this money, which by the way, they never ever gave anybody less than what they asked for, with all this money that's coming through, do you want it sent to your county?
Do you want it sent to your state?
Or you can pick a non-profit organization and we'll send them the check directly.
And I was like, wow, I think that ties in so well with the 2000 mules.
And Sophie has found some incredible information about what they're doing with this money.
Yeah, it is astonishing to see these documents, these invoices, these grant applications.
When you start reading these public records, you realize that these third-party organizations that are usually leftist organizations, they were purchasing election equipment, including scanners, tabulators,
You name it, they were purchasing it for different counties.
There's even a county in Pennsylvania where the CTCL organization purchased 250,000 ballots for a county in Pennsylvania.
And so you realize that we are actually, who's running our elections?
These third-party organizations are running our elections.
And what's maddening is they use the scandemic
As the as the excuse to do all of these things in several of the invoices, there's there's money being put out by these third party organizations for different counties to recruit people.
And it's very interesting that they say, we need all of our marketing information and pamphlets.
We need them in Spanish.
We need them in Spanish.
We need to really go after the Spanish-speaking community.
And so, Jen and I have just been astonished by the things that are in these public records.
Proving, you know, everyone in our circle of influence believes there was fraud, right?
I mean, it's kind of, we're at the point where it's undeniable.
But to be able to actually see these people that
De-frauded our elections talking to each other and saying, hey, I'm going to purchase this DS-200 scanner tabulator for this county in Pennsylvania.
Which has a modem.
Yeah, that DS scanner has the modem in it, of course.
And was the one that was uncertified by the EAC.
That they had to go actually recant the false advertising to all these counties across the nation.
To just reach out to the most leftist organizations to recruit poll workers.
You know, the CTCL is like, hey, we got to put out the word to every single leftist other organization to come run our elections for us.
And we have just been shocked by the collusion, the corruption, the crimes, and the cover-up is even more disturbing than the collusion, the corruption, the crimes, because they have proven to us that they have things to hide.
And some of the wording that we've found in these documents is really particularly alarming, but it makes sense with what we know this big plan is.
These grant awards are repeatedly are using the phrase, how do we frame this around COVID?
In other words, this money, this millions of dollars that we're getting, how do we frame this?
And so when Sophie just mentioned the collusion and the corruption and the crimes and the cover up, that is just as big of a story as what actually happened is how it happened behind the scenes and who these players are and the fact that they intentionally and knowingly used COVID and admitted in writing that this was that the election hijacking was
Hidden by the COVID agenda.
And Kate, when you watch 2000 Mules and you realize most of this was perpetrated by or advanced or able to happen because of the ballot boxes, these third party organizations such as CTCL, they were so adamant
to install as many ballot boxes, and they purchased the ballot boxes for many of the counties that were given these grants.
They were so adamant that these ballot boxes were put in every single place they could be put in, and it was very interesting that they were very interested in putting these ballot boxes in, they would call them less privileged areas.
And so we see this continual drive and motivation to use, you know, it's very sad to use people that are either ignorant or uneducated as to what's going on for their master plan of stealing the election.
And we're being able to see this in these public records.
And what's amazing is Utah isn't even a swing state.
So can you imagine the amount of fraud in what would be considered one of the key states?
Because Utah wasn't one of them.
But yet look at all this fraud.
That's what so amazes me is the level to which the government will go to to hide emails here in the state of Utah.
Very, very key finding as far as how much fraud probably exists
In the key states which really need to be looked at.
You mentioned Georgia.
There are so many states right now that obviously need to be looked into.
Why aren't people looking into it?
Seems like both parties are kind of keeping it down.
They don't want anyone to look here.
You know what I mean?
They want to divert attention away for sure.
Maybe they don't want their own races looked at.
Well, Kate, honestly, in Pennsylvania, our documents, in our opinion, Pennsylvania was the hardest hit by these third-party leftist organizations.
What they did to Pennsylvania is unconscionable.
And if Doug Mastriano wants to
Well, and it's interesting that we were talking about even a state like Utah.
Well, you know what?
Utah, two counties in Utah, took the Zuckerbucks, Cache County and Utah County.
And so all of these states are like, hey, we're not swing states, we don't have to worry about this.
No, you actually do.
All of these counties across, you know, Texas, I mean, everywhere, these conservative states are taking the money and the documents show that
They have to spend it as they are told to spend it or else they have to pay it back.
So these people are part of this crime but they don't even know they're a part of it and it's really heartbreaking for these county clerks who think they're doing the right thing and have just been sold a sack of lies with this greatest crime of our lifetime in my opinion.
Thank you ladies.
Thank you so much for all the work you're doing.
Tell people how to get a hold of you real quick.
We're at TwoRedPillsChannel on Telegram, also on Rumble, and TwoRedPills.org website.
Thank you.
I'm Kate Daly.
I'll be right back.
I'm back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
Get those supplements.
We're going to be looking at so many shortages.
Now is the time to get those supplements and get a lot of them under your roof.
Alex is right about that.
These supplements are so important to your health, no matter what they drop on us.
You know, I want to talk for just a moment, and by the way, thank you to Two Red Pills on Telegram.
Really appreciate all the work they're doing in their own state, which means that you can do this work too.
You can be private citizens going after this information, the fire requests, from your offices of your lieutenant governors.
This is such an important step.
This, and of course with Sheriff Mack, leaning on the sheriffs.
The sheriffs have to do this, and so do the county commissioners in your areas.
We have 3,100 counties in America.
If the county commissioners voted in all of these counties to switch to handwritten ballots, hand-done ballots, we might have a chance.
We might have a chance in this country.
But it seems as though both parties, one party is extremely silent and the other party is actively destroying the country with their fraud.
The other party that's supposed to be defending all of us, not a word.
Just crickets.
It's all we hear.
So something has to be done.
You know, I'm sure they're counting their money and they're really excited about making a ton of money from pharma and everything else.
And throughout the last couple of years, it's been probably pretty amazing for all of these Congress people and senators, but they really do need to maybe, I don't know, say a peep about election fraud.
That would be refreshing, wouldn't it?
So, I'm having a little trouble with the timeline, and I wondered if you all could help me a little bit with this.
And of course, you can email me, Kate, at katedalleyradio.com.
I was trying to construct a timeline and I found it rather difficult and let me tell you why of the shooting because I know that everybody in America is obviously, you know, they're saddened and it's horrific and we're looking at the news and the whole nation, all the mass media seems to be turned toward this event.
I understand that.
So let's construct a little timeline.
Can we do that?
Because I'm having a little trouble doing it.
Let me share with you why.
So at 1117, the school district of Uvalde sent out a message that said, this was at 1117, this was before the authorities said the event took place.
And it said there's an active shooter at Robb Elementary.
Law enforcement is on site.
Your cooperation is needed at this time by not visiting the campus.
As soon as more information is gathered, it will be shared.
And it said the rest of the district is under secure status.
This was at 1117 a.m.
The problem is, is that all the reports say, the authorities say that this didn't happen until 1132.
So you have 1117 with a tweet saying that this shooter is out in the school, shooting the school up.
And by the time they would have even written that, the event would have occurred.
So that means before 1117, they weren't going to do it the second it happened, right?
It doesn't make sense.
But the district put out a tweet at 1117.
Then, the authorities came out and said everything happened at 11.32.
The only problem is, is that at 11.43 on Facebook, and they even time stamped it, 11.43, they even wrote 11.43,
The Rob Elementary came out and said, oh, we're in a lockdown because there were some possible gunfire or shots outside of the school in the area.
This was at 1143 when the event was supposed to be taking place.
And they said, you know, everything's fine.
We're all safe and secure in here.
We're all locked down in here.
No big deal.
No problem.
Just so you guys know, we're in a safe, secure place and it's okay.
But supposedly at that point, the gunman was shooting his way down the corridor.
So how could they have sent out this message at 1143?
Then at noon, 20 minutes after that, and by the way, the authority said this, the shooting back and forth with the border patrol agents, not really the cops, which again is very strange.
Why were border patrol there?
The border patrol agents were shooting back and forth with this guy for an hour and a half.
So in the middle of the shooting at around noon, right?
The shooting had just started, they said.
All of a sudden, all 600 children were sent to the Civic Center.
But I didn't see any aerial shots or any photography of any students really leaving the building in masses.
There were no buses to pick the kids up.
There was no, how do you leave in the middle of gunfire?
Not quite sure.
So I'd really appreciate all of your help in trying to figure out what
How this went down?
We all want to grieve for these families and we all want to understand what happened, of course, in the correct timeline.
It just seems really difficult to get that timeline.
At 144, they were obviously telling the parents, you know, it's about time you can come pick up your kids from the Civic Center.
There was a big whiteboard out in front of the Civic Center with all the names of the teachers and water bottles ready to hand out.
They sure got those in place quickly, so I was really glad that everyone attending had water.
Um, but I was also really perplexed at how quickly they dispersed the children.
I know when we had a threat of a shooting in my own community, they kept the kids till six o'clock at night inside another building far away, even though they had the suspect.
So that was kind of strange.
So they were dispersing children after two o'clock and they were telling parents they could come to the Civic Center.
Well, this also happened around noon when they let the parents know via tweet that they were shipping all the kids to the Civic Center, that they were there, and that they would be able to be picked up there.
Right in the middle of that whole hour and a half shooting.
It's very, very strange.
Then, of course, the authorities said that they had already picked up the... and he was in custody.
The kid was in custody, the 18-year-old.
Well, the problem was they also said that he died at the school in a shootout.
Which was it?
Was he in custody?
Or was he... I'm just trying to understand.
Or was he dead on the scene?
None of that ever really made sense.
Also, at 3.30, they let everybody know at the Memorial Hospital that most all the kids were fine.
They were alive, in fact.
Two had died, but they were alive.
But then,
By a half an hour later, all of them had died that were in the hospital.
And I just found that to be really, really strange.
I've just never seen so many people die in such a short time frame before.
So I would love to get more specifics on that, if you will.
The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that a school police officer exchanged gunfire with a suspected shooter, this came out today, who unleashed fatal gunfire at Robb Elementary.
But, and they said that somebody was injured in that and that he had barricaded himself in and dropped a bag of ammunition at the entrance of the school.
The only other problem is they still can't tell us whether it was a rifle or a handgun.
Sometimes when all the details are a little sketchy, it's always kind of strange for me to try to put together a timeline so that I can talk about it on the radio.
Well, this kid, pictures came out where this kid was more or less in trans clothing, and I don't see the media talking about him dressed as a girl.
But he also bought the gun right after his 18th birthday, just coincidentally.
And they also had a mugshot of him ready to go, although he never had a prior record.
He probably would have been denied the gun, maybe, had he had a prior record.
But they had a mugshot ready to go.
The assailant was also dead, and so we'll never be able to talk to him about the motive, but they did say that he clearly left some messages on social media.
It seems that that happens a lot.
The assailant is usually between the ages of 18 and 29.
They're a loner, and they put messages on social media right before they're going to go do something.
They hit Facebook right before they embark on doing something.
Also they had some testimonials of people who actually heard what the grandmother said as the boy shot his grandmother and then went to the school and they actually had details.
I'm not quite sure how they had so many details.
It was really strange.
So 1117, the school says an active shooter is already ongoing.
The authorities say it didn't happen until 1132.
And then at 1143, the elementary school says, oh, there might be some gunfire outside, but of course, everybody's safe in here and no problem.
Right smack in the middle of the shooting.
I did find that kind of strange.
And I wish I had some answers for very, very sketchy information and sketchy information offered up by the school district and the schools.
I know that they were having problems funding the hospital and I know they were having some problems with COVID dollars coming into the school as well.
Prior to this, as of January, they were getting paid a lot of money from COVID dollars.
So I just wanted to bring these things up.
I'm still looking for any footage of children running from the school like we saw in Columbine.
I haven't found any yet.
I haven't found, I'd like to see the footage where the kids were boarding the buses so that we can get a correct timeline.
That would be better in order to put this timeline together.
But I so appreciate you listening to some of the details I found pretty perplexing.
And we'll look into more, of course, as none of this has really made sense, especially the school involvement in giving us details.
So that's been really strange.
Anyway, I'm Kate Daly, your guest host for the Alex Jones Show, the Kate Daly Show.
You can go to katedalyradio.com.
And I do hope that we can find some answers.
Because it doesn't seem to be shaking out.
I mean, the details are sketchy.
So we hope for more details.
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